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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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WASHINGTON, Feb. 20 (UP)--ChairmaonJohi
announced today that his House Merchant M 4
mittee will conduct public hearings next moni l e
to determine whether Panama Canal toll rat hud
, Allen said the hearings will give "oll interested par- meant wasM V"
0,. ties" a chance to comment on Public Law 841 which re- M wlo i b t
Sa quires government activities in the Caal Zone to pay bo,.
oam their own way. t
Controversy exists as to whether Canal operatives ls
ent should be made to break even by obtaining higher reve- uet
nues through toll colle tfobas or"y cutting .cosl te 4..
"a The subcommittee hoas, been authorized to examine t90",A1
U Public Law 841 with particular reference to the way the <
a law has been applied," Allen said. t
"The law was drafted In genirol terms., a whoe hiv* pml." e
Sa considerable evidence that the GAQ GbAw-
lw ing Office), the Canal Zone goverimentt, the
pony and Americans in the 'onb-he se m Wnt
ideas about how. it should be opoied." .
Allen said he is waiting for comucaed to Alead ot-
word from repreMntativus of er t beM.
eam Ip CO M a wbich usn-o
^~" .;.'~i^^ _. aS 20-SI

U-,:o ?IFw-E. -? or from .1
Slbe eadr T h:r hi- the e. A00, n.
.. --... ... .. W V-,The new coffee shop in the wi l bedeart he b l-nlte on f as f t
T ,' Pnaerttru wll bo e Cof-nareled. wea- D of aV f
--- e f UP) -y nB.Raea and h tet o o tr-du totheCanal- D a at be ro "
ar w lrn about a M be by codttaU party The Cworni publican It r tb
5 e Nhf wpeoplb w.*i uhelbeld roia tto8.dhe wVould ueuIs at the meondatoimtat teaq nwo against war and f Lora 't r the 'Bl hearings. begin d ng the Boom, Allen nR Ht our "to ope
S"al h -'- 0ure n thea ueb d-t1e Ow
a mend a t odlli of the st two weoi Mar. f port "with p stren an ) o l
Sm at ss grat: o One r eo whh retain per eat a te arri a

S re- for the fac. Bta M is ig g u, r be-. uiPSe e th wee. En- sat t t he empl I s the t---- i w orn
Dln gFo" r Matora'cono e ar g ept Oe Gro- atiesa a inasUL i r epresentiti traiT .t coffee shop will dnMUm of the ttal In. aian follr muase 01*3).
Q o n fe r e c e dt u ee d n o aa rtetie p t a t Ge t r e f u s e b e t he o e m a in o n- es t ea f th e nU o o v e r7 3 T h e t w o l
w 80em Commisr V. ,rE ||1 iwill be o, To I,,tpuM t new type of of a female to elulate de- A ture Imported rt.
BM Y Rffieaki* Ip %p to ow ret rvce to the public p"eulata on that apital-in- A attract W
.Me ln b free cocktallr .eiaM. U Oi I e tlido hdi
a t a the orml nto the tresur

etepse fn Sseful t w SI! nsee bt ai n b at n ,

.A.... i.s no ot f eetmew i-T h e dP o o h 's finlD.

AMZ ` 6tr ;nint c b a netoe op e n r t,,WiAla ,. llan s
wi t Ash aofhhenurina en- tete odan h

Conrr a formnogdrt.e to e OZ ed l-et'iely o t o ..
or'lv orgn ofM .en toiIn-wilCanalbeaneandoi of n 6cBank

f^ "itnr^'bhStIAWC Gala Charioy Fe vo
in...'free'c-a.l" At s Union Club"'Starts At.,Si
viceVrgW^eLVasg atw e r the pO jsret be ntot p atall c- ol -fter
dora-, pbhei p0m-at a- SC d ei e a mveralu orphan res in Pan-a aaof t So

HBBV A I gotBP5^9IAO --llu'sheo ed viili rs d achbool wf benefit from the D )anft

S, rt e there w^t^h- entrance *Aer, ican Weman's Club of
E I r ie goes be wr wwt ant hte assorted e the
M on beemthbn W adileass -at t pea
Ov ... -a. aMand eer l tho h ogeskin a

H IVincutd;edi ot Mat
....Oha ea1wi-neb at h uidn o laib orte amll 0
e n b3 _mane by

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,lM a q, a-.n.he a."r, .,
',." ..: -boffin.d ilyand M i.." .-- .. 'w-..b y." -t...the.- .. p. an'.-'
wiha n ..0 -p al e pn In of. a ,- a Mwdr. e'p -th"at- the n




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InBy vivcroa
u m naNCiatI...mBy.ICTR.. -- "V',O

ORUM- THE tREADIS OWA COLUMN .I've taken the trouble. e to b u.
vr% ,itures in behalf of tiheo M
X International- and tod
N: A;Ln is financing that Soviet Z
STH M AIL a B o are. We, the
Z' The Mlil sea. a an epen teum re .tri. the Pinm ar pie, are provsuing some r10, u-tu
Lcoaters are rceves gaeesau liy and are mase d 1 m u w 4 -..- &. to a country lhobe government nas
*. manse, permitted Soviet agents to au11-.
y dou cmtr"buew a bs don'ealt be lmpatientIttdo.111 appser the u.te air ba.c on./ t.iree hours
t e as ie o ere published in th1 srder referee. um tne famous oil d4eds, retbr.
pem' t ry to keep the letters 100ited *to am page length les and other vital tin es at .
idesty o lente writers s held sn Fd etst t sentldeince. uA. .
-This n. ewspaper assumes ne responsibility a# ihstem arts as pinideM .
seen eeres fromt it have bem sis wjlat Ameriy Brigeds won import. k A
Cld uatemalaa. coeeas, prouueu by "a
SQUESTION IS ONE OF LAW AND ORDER .,vri.ers weooe unioas are con- )
.. trolled by a man who has publicly
4t he'difficulty with Hibiscus is that he is more Interested in aeoleu u. b.-ojt et spies, Le im-
wa-" he Is saying a thing than in what he 14 saying. Hs' prisoner U. b. ommumst agents
h cbvosly works faster than his mind and his Inability to and Harry Bridges, tWe eauLr oa
h a situation 14 equaled only by his capacity to misin- Lie pru-eoriet lauor combine in the
rfl it. U. b.
The shooting of the deer on te arcunds of Gorg.E. lt~ l
g ive rise to the question oa wh her or not theWr; irt o The man who did all this hailing .
d.: ;r.butisone rAther of law and order. Nor is there any and "idolung ao o3 IN a opee the
tq confuse sentiment with humanity, tile maudlin with the last M ayr anin uuatemai %aity. .
1Tl, and expediency with decency. He is strong ran Victor tanuel
fact, that I loathe killing for pleasure baA nothing to doofUtierrezt ataery-general (is)o
t cciplalnt against thb e violation of .lhe. law. would of the cntrs olste aeratmon of La
u!d protest this allbthe more: and I feel the true sports- abor Partywhich, Inn teurn, con. e wr orl
on the Canal Zone will ally themselves with me in this. trots toe go memst a in. .isa
-And just to keep the record straight, the Governor absolute- ,o the Lommuwst ternatinal
did not give anyone or any organization the authority to shoot We know, of course that-Gutier-
on bncon Hill. anq It. is not likely that he ever will'
L cas I am concer ned the oting of. that tame dee r, rez was personally briefed by so- mn
5 it. shooting itagin andE then cuttingts throat et aL,,Lb A v eana not too long
t. daylight 6n Q9 114 ,Hospital grounds, in plain view and .o u peenter thils came his -fa-
of patients, mdny of whom had experienced enough of mous" sptecii, addressed, Soviet
Pinp. was an uncivilized act', decent and contemptible." style, to the egten Preside an k JUd rra
SIt was also lawful, and I am still waiting to see what action tsial Orgam the Legtns, f of the udi
u nlawful, acio uccial Organizations, Chief Of the whiv
Canal Zone polled Itepd to take against the guilty rrty. armed r forces, imAStes, Comrade .
Philip L ade Workers and people of quatema-
O P p P la, Tis concentration of G uate- t -
NO t SPORTSMANSHIP' IN PICTURE malan big-wigs was A captive au- "
0,: oience, a-na to itLale shovteo: "
| J. saree wholeheartedly with Mr. Dade on the killing of the "We salute the victims of U.S.
t ontly on Gorgas Hospital grounds. Fascism, the UIosenbergs, BugelM. ati
l deer 1 vicinity have become so tame that they are Dennis, Harry Bridges witxr I M il e e
osidealdrd by n as ets. particular emotion we salute te .
LiAense or n license for hunting in the Canal Zone I fail workers of tne Great oviet eUniOn, e
where sportsmanshipp" enters this picture. Incidentally, of the Chinese Peoplest epuolic, .P l ee
the auddes change Ir policy about hunting in the Canal ot the Peoples' Democracies *apyue wt so e
,. aot t Uertsa (East.D e ah naocra pd c. .
SAn Anial Lover ASHINGTO N -(NEA)- years. Tht visit was supposed to'The Seretary of the Treasury-to. the
t reios r puzl rTheme was deafeBling.applause "Milestone," the Georgia plants- be for a th re-d weekend, but lie outpnted all the oiher il the
SlAnswer to Previous Puzzle frunt al, including" the "' l .ged don of Secretary of the Treasury it was strete days un- party.. S og is said to be what wi
S Frcsiden i Aroenc. George M. Humphrey near Thom- der unuaal clrcuwmanees. gives him I g d eye for figures. no
_____-, _________i,_ roi''Few seu tmiees could incorpo te ville, 33 miles north of Talls- Mr. tumh e who was then While Mrs. h rey s a ret- ov
more anti-m. b. senmens t an hassle, Fla,, where President El. t he politlalon head of the r goonh h risef, her pri a iel t
ACROSS 6 Soften those ounrrez, naing our mil. senhower went to shoot quail M.A. anna d of Ceve- interest in Milestone s w- pa
halde F s Casn t interest Irneie. tome is t hr pi Pi
I Cold eaSon t temper toitary enemies.ure, n m takes its name from an old road land, lies to h t, alisi thip area ers. The 600-acre estate, m
Hot season 7 Despcable et m first ninemonths of arker on te pace. It's a stand- abounds in qu dve, wldtur- the suroundng ou
a-on 8i Rubber tree 1953 26,000,uuo00 pounds o the Gzuate- Ing joke in -the family that Mrs. key, deer, p m, racoon and matter, is a bet in early
4 ntolc 9 In the middle mag-n enemy s cotee came in Humphrey has. now moved the fox. Mris. umnp likes to hunt, sprIng. The 6iw w eIa,-T
S Ester o (comb form) through tne port of New Orleans, milestone around to two or three too. On the third dae 6f.their visit, der t Pe ,OMWI.0uin tak
a Continued Copanion 16,000,00 pounds through an different pladel, in order to ve they were stretching thVir stay to Cheroke e si- s l on
Continued 11Summers rancsco an oo,0uuu pounds It the proper rose-bower ;ett the last possfbld minute. In the soma as lgmf tw.l da I ow b
ti 3 0 0 (Fr.) through New York. Tue rest was So it no longer is any gaO as a field. wild sad i all a v.reve tg Unr
12 Cmunists. .... JL, eal,,sIate sor the ioad Marker, for an accurate Just as the moment cilme when rrs. IgImq .she hem
tachoo. m f ear is $55,000,000 worth, and 1954, measure it .of A league. they knew th. iwl haVe. to hu to .w oT.eiut ad ne
iteta tISynmbol for 29 B3 at o43 Euchaisti e as siowm a propotrIonate fso 2 osoa .LeWw gtsona, frasaUt lea e for' tte.Lo, AW l to the atrng WWau i 'otoe l, '

^Worm 3 Co g ^ 1jarsa. music oa fi e deOl .s worth or es fr "e Prealdetto a e sighted. Wi a eye r, a i ,
rt of .24e On e 38 Naew 48 Encoura e a ht .. dm es as bananas estt, hsa, a 3cidtat' a 'e- umphrey mn Ii O "
47 Essentialnewehne8 .os 415Een'al *4sthat.e,00* ipm

Trd25 ientth 0 aegaltee I bn It Is tue tax on these Guatemalan goven n 0ev tob re ung miss that imat:' .1for bier, whthefl aa-
rapticl term 25 dent 40 Negatie epy 4 High card exports Whieat greases the wheels aroundflyo neck' two days more. umwns in front to te the a
3 e3e7oat- haunt tero'i omm govert mbe thr Paenty, t w d e air, per houe ftloa isiptf .
Drunkard k52Exist -and the U.S. takes up fully 90 Mr. Lennart4onthtwhat he was Not being 14 to get beck to be e large room which sdj oL pa
nof t mistakes 55Prohibit pctm of un t country a foreign thinking about was a "illstone." Georgia oftener ldme, Secretary living and roo I iTts a u
aroy iale"Oh!.said Mr. Lennartson, still sumpey a d out a smart kitchen an ct* room at aone my
e d a litte, incredous. "Then what's move 1 President E gen- end. .
'a Miller m R '- -The Guatemalan government g a ,md ome"' hswer to go d and hunt wi th lear, the lack- house ar h
r ntlmdom's does not issue a detailed break. "Down Elt in Maine, where hIm. When the boss goes along, cottages. Twoof tahea w o'
aid -an as. therU.S. take u o Mrfs- gAoeasr h wa No t qang, b;= is.. btp Dtte or
down of its budget, nor does it you ome from," it was explained sau emp a is Justified in play- eight people. The third is a sanil
mistakes. U ie its people any accounting for tO hibn .. "they call 'ema 'finger aG alite ifo himself. dormitory which is ordinarlTsed
b.)O g e '5 per cent of its exped, posts.'"' '5 sfly as Deadeye Dik by the Hu h grandecAld t
tures. But e reliable intelligence "Oh!" ad Mr. Lennartsoun hot. Whe aldent-elect Eisen- In addition t. e main ta. the
f c report that large a n again. "Now that you put in in lwer, his nated Secretary a n o o
the acouedun gotopay 9et it." ilson, Mr. Hum- laey. hunthrve mtlp twE
*. d (Sct.) fotits tor ts bureaucracy and labor u. and Mrs. Humphrey d aa select staff were re- fledae for the'. r i po a dwo
Oed fleet b y oI officials and for the unancing of have in so busy in teir new a to the U. S. on the cruiser mules and dol kaels, Secretary col
n h Com-munist and Soviet rront acuvit. WtttA life that they have R n, after their pre-inaugura- Humphrey w oti fisa r in -t cal
ule Lest sound to visit their Georgia t p to ~oare, there was some area where he raises cot~ kn D:De
oubullet .Lest.thisasoundtinconeenvable,"re. estate only onee in the last two .lr| sooting from the fantaEi. ade peanuts, butd
member that the Guatemalan Cowm n- i nta. .n d, esrA
ec -.t, Att,,ocow. And, in ~.~,-~ .

ao t ynacco therefore is, in effectotiny
3b 2TdGus tor-itsth Ove a uag force, staged a con-
dfeteddtegre t whifh it affirmed its de- -, .f I
smityeoqg s an the decisions of the cs u a ec-k
o munist Party Congress
mr ., eld just raoslfin Moscow. It's A STw G-R IN PARADISE the Eiehowers were going ... William PoweulB "r4
tA .oron a sga rd. ~t. Cal: The last time Muiaeted somewhere near Ben Bet ra Hutton --... I
.......- -t o atd .a Preidenair When the news broke at the 'eoktall pa fro
.. ,of _G Bua thh most damning indictment the Ina al stories said the host would Ha.ert. (a4 '
of mesn who spent months investi- and ist9 o ith r lsmk of weago h9e the Eisnhowers are dwet. n bonflres,
Sthmt country. In the group w- ma a g) pha te Los Angeles pa- "thy.are in
h ie'sowa laternaUional represent. spec rrk won the ad : "You have it wrong. hor the Preb t
5* the CIO Textile Workers' ,,. We were ln at my house." hey are ..1l.
ace researcher; Mike Ross, Tuesday wh
Dr et the CIO's international w9p with Howarn reports said that Secret .
t eand George Delaney, m de- mn had been "casing" the Thq sheriff I Joe u. a
tave, as well as prominent busi. hewe s aly are hl- ealls... This otldn't be true ousine c A
ssae d as rmits things decided tS r. Helms invited the E3 IN emper at
"The effectiveness of Communist ors afo Goodw -e the President's ag a ud s ID
propaganda may be seen mi the A-dRI e reA r the Nation's "ress." Ambestri
zaes thalt in Guatemala today, Cthe mmane r-liee- inasur4ace mn .
term 'anti-communist' has a slimi. uess i airport he .
lar connotation to 'n-America' in s ten e det ves to fy i In o a
the U. t," this ruo aid. "By ra to e ~~s doesn't Especially daptor for'a
o) al ti-Comlaunw to are cofn. w tte e a White a blaes hery.M.l. She td.rink:" eak the .-.
ter-revfti lyaries. UThis inter, to J wh asuu (ed t mN s.ruch if the vilst t "About four o te i day"
pretatnv is accepted by the Guate- the rmdft Wy. baseless saslftia whna she cap, rest.4.b. "Hownfir
sudan government which regards the man .4' '' ,twice in less tha" a "Froi n2 t6 IS ... 't
e@ as, therefore, liable to a- Sn e aamae'i. EItIatEs wars, but kthlp)"
cia rose ,ution et cdosS AJ ams i..iwe wel to the President that I ,
c a t oeutrIn. tto he .q tu i to rou prHait the mestha
Stop drinking that coffee and to tqe ast J, .. fr oM e 8tests
bugiL that hemp. Or do you really the world. d, "I'm New Yorkel
Ike wo t (besides ,.

.,we rea4 at Tamarish and mime' Lowe.. .ms
b4ve sh ra .The h1 turf sepia a wha we take -im-so


Itr s4 in Roset
W" m i
^*^tt A^&i
*~7 abolr&,~

A E .-U ,,.

nmit sucit Preaumen.
t w Just befo -I cand-
1 Aomelle x
now -aousiW Al".
SJU m innate 'rA'aot
h nine women. This letter, It
w develops, had been hanging
er Jimmy s head for asomt
ae; and shortly before his eam-
gn lor governor his wife Ob-
ae4 that be do. the thipg
a would puwtn it.
w ,,pu,* .- .
The three 'thing were that he
:e her abroad;,th )e., transtir
aof is paroners *Ipf lnmkncy
siness to ta eastern pia of the
ited States; and ttat ne deed to
r one-half of his imsuranc& own-
Is. I .
liupy complied with all three,
ang ais wife to bjbr
.,hV~... ...&,... #.0_. L e

ing over hfi
to runt y
m fnlrPUAU

s and also showed
a. takea a vit.a a-ke.,. pecst .it as f. ma]
..iferencd. And, of Cahe voters,
luring the gubernatorial cam- only 14 ,pr peat st Ma't a di.
gn tnat lolluwed, RomenlUe was vorce mattered in j Conguessan-
.ood sport, accompanying Jim- al candidate, while 1 $ er eit .e
oil abit of his ttps, knodugn Ueved It should ndt atter.
ard the ind. san got Wtsd at ..- -'
len Gahagan 'Dotilas, the Dem The, survey also Q tat
atic canakdate fr the Senate, Jimmy cotwi race for Con-
d stayed at homr. 'i 1reasai it had
is in eyery marital dispute, lSUI
re Is a lot to be said on bo g V in.o lelt a-__ ie*
es. And this dispute would have peratle votta-as
reacted little avntioe, certainly making other Cbfngee
uld not merit discussion in this taets easierfor the epub
umn, were it no t'r its politi- etary, :
reverIbesa w ily in the
democratic Patty. iA- Calikria 'In fact, Jimmy til p'e
in regard to the Mext Demo- able to win-u I kt
tic Governor of New y4. Itt". h11 e wiin
all, hbnddw, with his ea4r'u asI$ w he Ontiow
aoui eharm,. Jimmy" y-ir

a lway, that s d 8 ate t
rric Bo dle o e., tey may.
-urse at th M rt But al
It was a orage ot certain tha wae .
m alm, eviry l t w. jimy ; .e, h


InstatutIpn Gu tl* .b.-J-:-,..-
Pays 2% t aterest a N =,l106

We ma ok ban w ltfart m "
87 4t08


We mke lam-.

.-,A '" .'
*25 n~n'l'-5 -


wih a slgh. "Itnte mto e w'SMhM'

i..r.elde t a L .. .
t ;LT ,m7W _W.=-7 .V?"

'-"''..- .f : "- "*-
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" .-W."fy^ S^^ ^ ^ a'-^'"
|. .. **..-,, 3 ^ ---.'"'
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*rs. W. Iprs. ber ama" b? VaP :Druten. Illary or memiabe of the "Coot. up

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-, A. qn. "- .

j. ... 6a ? o v d .. ........ o.i a Invitd amnunity t ur ding at 9:00 am. m h
+..,~*. .o. a** .* The Fott obM 'O 1lU' Wles cluB Poe: ranz Manrgi, ces ful and Toto S
II o ...Kdmt J C u, : w C b hl s .theu C heon Ca f. P. ams, and Earl C Kee- T u Cn wit h ua" '
.". "b'e -h-f-a tC'l-" teb -wil b e et ther ab
a S. .*** .a r dry the guet e He l
,, ad the ir- ....i

e on aunday Mai .......... 1e* ma, gavs an lnterestlng talk on ReMermhi3 ,ont .itor"tr a ee.
.hthe forthcain Cata l inh Pain- Mrs, Belt u the Nati'o ao naAm Toto te
.ma ad told e meaning of the al Presdei of te erican Le -i
S800 Atil-- U.'""'""' amhsoffl" a IenAbgr4o4va 'gesmie

"' .MrD ............... d the lr a The i nul ne al
""-- "" I ^W "--n- ,g it ** W, B- .sracho aUd guest a t1 .ote .Eol a oadoo I Hael 'El Anaers Wir-T .-mu.-dea mebr toisft trho-- aoi e r Tto lth
,, ,. ... ,r .o ,,. t. .T w e at of hon r at a 'P.M.. a te u l m t- yparT.are

.. ... b. om a sio n onv I L, i at wie o vi erat a

S.. s iv.? c'. -. y sr, -. .. ....... Mb handita me nE onlmrnno, James :.O ".getdrah to the 1b'
., :" a.m ; .... .. .' iMr M C s Pitt h "ou An es t h WanbeTrh Pu meen bo 2.'4a.
eS^ L\ *. masU ^r14:a. o RsdAday tnalt and a t Th Dar Wourdtth crsd th er Brlate t, r an pre haarg ofa

icAM 5Iav N. cay, -lalnsuw 2Savi l; pe g wl tho reeoil h ene Ith It Thae, MrAhort l Dura t of bred A A-
Sf ISIen~I s*I alk*a*honor nt-EtePa atma o the Jth01h PYl"a r G u isa Spemer sf e: arF. Dav,
,a Lora. *******.*... **.... day. at 10:00 am. Ic the library leyne Ger:'r ne Gran. Angell-

""t I ,!s- oe Io u .., : ,n.... ...-... on1 Major Geeral and Mrs. W. E. ter uder the supervon of Seno- Mcntosh, Alan Wiltshire, Al-
.on~ibr'tk Mrm Pu ardm. on Sgturder. ** a* > g *ggj j Panama durn a visit of several further lnformaion te[epIone in Hoyee Lofliso Samuels, Alicta
w ws ^ v a w K elcor dial daysy on the Ius 48. Ye rwoa d d Bile Eing alish, Edwin
m'- s. '. a.n 5.i. .. tr. Aw..M s. Maisbry c, C alener W Ira...Yea-
w." e p. S ""c u. Qi,,.i s -7 P... .- ",.' .. ... .......... Mu. ap rs. Om r, M ,- '*g -- thirt-a m of tbe Mc rn al, Jame ors -ra n d -d -he m tha l
St f He r eand Conward Allen. nouncement you
_ W ... _-_, ,m !_ .- ---. .... -I "b .o.I _nd Mrs.Aurreyb1111% Pa rs .

I p s as i ,Aw a, ia-tl tclrud *LM. gues "-to- I ... ..-.-...IP. A a. 2 .. itch th r. S.t. 7 leb

n "-S .. .,. cI..I _-_ =* .i..* i 2- De B .. .. e.. aO ilbr eni e' Ja mar ant to1e W bab
.,r cauac2 ouco aofi ....... W the i
at! -.o ... r .- ...m gveS 'an in teresting tak o

an. = .a.- cMoss, b a n s u *" s. n-- 'se "aei ""eterlDaior aooe

tt rrS -n.'C AWth fortheo rnin C nllG lE vdel loM ieP .h s Ri siA r me u e ei brtr t t Aa chnBy Bap eis tht C haeh
1.u ..siou"A '0 -' lMr .- .'0" I ee oi es.Me ,ierl t heCrti o n of e s pAavartyow a d a rm th

,S. .......G.a l .a e. ... 4a 8r a fie. neas. MrMsiona i ret s hhe dor sthe realign Th e .
bm I T r With Bandoma ibights.i.asn ar d l nrv aite the p trtEl m asn a ry fo d a di
Mal ... A. .. .. .r s i h e g a Aa e n tu haira o r th e

S0.B 4.100"" t a5 l en o rt 9:o fr 7hi monrathaI !Sp a Uni be
a.. Its I .... AU tero. M r s.wA0. Qin lb, M

/ 310'1s10 and -oL m .l,. A.h e1 MIrN Oer6haelsos tpd a Fri -da eisan ht maillAt ni c a i C
Ii ": 7 tPProt ~ Zip...... a lSb- ou C l .'bvthe 1 boete4? sopo r tonsoe by the PA- OTRvE V; 1 VA.o,

IP vsrT O w ed Medar t v d w o I M nD r sAL 012 li d t nama Z onerD epa r t mhntl P Mr Wi wiaghftr
so .-. l l .tot, .o. unr n~. 1i ilA. .. M d eot h ,

. S. *fi ii y ":fais lo: *bai.m. t Mar ( lu. Wa. U C o e a a M~.. M.ul. C.... dinr ic't- f ear.n landre beC J'- a .,;O.

i1 ,m w p,pi !4. /i d--- ,.. .e_ .. -. 3 S.'s I ards" aI4 bisheoopoFah of the-4 UN __ U .F r

womSselai w c ae p a p -n.. dioceatf ny. N Msfe.rna a nd the BALBOA TGHT. C.
B,".. A.Ai' C eut. e n a rs. I I ch ca_ both aides of the C a oEp A av *.l

^ ....-B, *-, .. a"f::1_ ." .--___--o T..,. .. .-= ; =-Oi -O.-- A. 5 I.HI.mM e -..-... --a... .
na" ms,: A- s.o M i- G. ; at M se Cae M t W -d Jsth (A new serIes of me-sage e tfote "KwMear .e
d. o, .. ..' ....... .al ereo*a't/aXs. a. .Ati amorrw A A ni ISaeur.Ime: / ..itor tht'd

aCP O ). a .r ..- -"ej.l., ,M.e e 1ffMs.- .. ,S 6. 0, p. .- B .T. T r. a. .. ..Nar
H. Da :31f...4. A. I LaC a Ms. (5 u, bas. P t horWeal 10ar.Pfoe r teea7:R T,
C lMAL ansoroo-s P f a. o e m.o uS. W i.a i. Vs.A. Rintenn M a nt'll i nd ped. e r o w i a mp nire b
.t at a' :hiauu ,. children wl beh el nTue-T parirash,",with-the

war^ 7:30t .cat mi .M0kOO -R1- ,
at "= %-. a= FRCla. ... o-. ..-I.n ..Vaa. l i..y -a 1 : 0 a m .Fi -ro m t h et l5t hr O G l.dai G r a nt, X Wa,. .sn

n..nl1ic1F ab uda..giy. lA4 i. ust {E ana o f.t eJ:w EVtRYONE WELCOMEa--dNeltSPtEam
l am Dob. -. I -- .," Iy IS r?- -. ;-a.'the.
'ITm.. ^' .t aIi..i" OT'haJQO WiIm0 Is C.o C.-e g
oaAICo Mcno.M tajor He ighasan First W.p- teruvt w IetheA mau s ssof naAan d

-- ^g^a top. o *"- not pg-r _aIg-' M/-cI .. I ,r ^ / -t.uC hwimall bolgdi w" a tel r91 ta i" oela t-"- -theFo h ,ea orsPeiaN sOtO
ll;-. .31y"op0Pana ma!dida. .eaaavisitmofisey eeral..m.th9:0Infr m at i on t h se R y-
a sKO- ,. .. a .th e_. .. .. .. ,D, ,'l, .l e y ei R

ftsre af..eL Reba rmK "3 at nd Aftt l i t" c o m p le x io n s WHIkm.
Adv lentist __ _atu_. rB ahoT. an il rs theDt be o ed
Wllwy- a in. KuC rc "i ol.. .I ltl...h Iuo.19:3r a a.h_ e.I.OmaL -, Z.L. I-.O E o Slb aIOOM K enzelam

- 9 g.4dbu.r mbufm. aet_ '.I-MU A .mi L 1 :...
al w ,i- i ltSA1Mt ,-A. /M d,- a ._.e vun'_ -- I "'"[" -- 'lP W rhI t i6 l ic s nvaill r&W ORiK SAIsh rtCprog r mtIofG-"a

(Td.-29' -. 3.... .On-. -- -". I. ..... ....... .IA mI -"1 orj C.apana M U iCarday W i ng mods.A.sche-le ofr ea chi ng e -thi rf' s. ."
Ave J.T.doIs .-Om & th 5h~-. ---,C,-lendI ,*0 0 L.w ... "

a.. 'I _-s--- !all C..--...2/. 55I-'ocleriol -t-a ti ho u battendsid
m2.ST. .G nsCu ,i,. 304s: R-.--N

i,-n am.'-:,r .ae~ March o

to Ill W = or a's. r ", tt or o ld i + "I-" -"

*-"-- _._- ---. .-.".... -,. `6 ,ynr o nur-/oAinrNo. sansfore o No
s pitom* c-o i lu **** .. i TlII-s it fashionable to wea powder
Lf 1a20:s : 4Q PAL. aEaas3 5 :- .. "cover-.up.! Today, woc4famous
I y.'l. Me a 0 a ri.daa ] a M T, beauties choose this exciting.isowery
"- *I I so : am &nmi& ,J ;- .I.... un R i .. in face powder flattery-by BOWd..
Sttmy. imNAM ...... t te same owinr beaut li he
1.- l- .,.."...- B- ... wIor.d. loveliest complexiou... he
.. /' ^ -n. 4O" .s u~_. -~-~8i aN ow-. I ":~~i:: m7I::::. eu Pond's hades w do moer' uA o -b s, .h d
-. .-. ,, I n sn a. ...... ............... in coloring-they add need ed to es, '
SC.l... u -""n '..iS -. I .. an appealing fresn th_ c.
i 'IM I S- .. -e_- L --' ea MS~JswI~ n I ... .. foriours. QIoose the specialah s.
e I.... ... O .14 .. ,

DAL.. .. -. PON D'S l
IM sM d*
AEC ;M "W" i Ijl '': b.. -% v I I l+ i d. ...Powde" desig....t, W-
GJ otcmlxo


y, ,-*

p | -"/-*, .. r ,'-,: ," "' '-" 'O
*flhi rn W AUW'
] *. *. *.. -. *
'-'.. .. i ,,m.- i *.. ii 111 *m-_ ,' w -,m im

, .-:,-a,'? .-_ ,r -,' r 74E~ ,~ [ .- '".. -... :
T^ ^ 1^ g,;--
AliNf ^ --

L4.': ~

NewMB' o Nome mpl

. portrait of Geo Conn Twkhty-f -Modern NEWPORT R., .-T erda y O ch
7 .urin the latter IP.ys; Tu ckera t .. --Capt. ""Robert'I T.-d um 6 *
bortEnt.years of his Travbl, Rograhy nd HIteory Neofott Will SS0 ata:. ,wi..n8
Idd in "The Great- The Grea Man, swett: of te battleshlea
pok by Eoward Swig- Nn on Red China Vieto-.month, the Navy annouh1 C ch-iefOf 0slfld4, 4w b h a
,. wras lacedin ci W a, Sis ter; okl.o"d" n es Ambuu ord& 2'r ba.. ,.-
tiring the pasttweek*uBowle .A.Stfllnu a Appotspt. Rgobe'nowi r,. o nc.,
al zone Library. tox, Catton.Nofl ttroyar forc-
the material in this Fiction Go Tell It On The Capt. Cecil T. Catlfield -CtClfle] cosiunderlof De-
was written by Wash-1 Mountain, Baldwin:' The Naked relieve Keith In his present stroyer Iquadroi 20. baab here.

i himself, and from it is Risk, uouoieday, Novel oas
things as the true na- upon i Famous American Ti
W hs relationship with gedy, Demarest: Fortune is
eti Jte' drawn from diaries. Woman, Graham: Elizabeth a
y4ence and records pre- The Prince of Spain, Irwin: Mi
y unexplored or overlook- Me at the Morgue. Mlltar: 'I
Way to Glory. Scott; The Por
? ,- ler Heart, Welty.
4. complete list of new books
*Ad their authors announced by Children's Fiction Ohi
tlUbrary this week follows: Town Mystery. Barnett: Star
-Wild Horse Canyon, Bulla; Bps
fplted Science Flight into. Shin to the Moon,CRelehert.
we e. Leonard: Profitable Children's Non-Flction-Fi-
ey Living for Retired Peo- men, Johnson; Trains Tod:
Psearson. Johnson: The Story of Go
terature Ideas and Places. Queen 'Bess, Malkus.


'- Fast Freight Service to Colombian Ports
4.;, Accepting General Cargo for
S Fumaco Buenaventura. Cartagena, Barrqnquilla


Wilford & McKay, Inc.
Telephones: Cristabal: 2988 1760 2535




rrr- -'--

ern Motor Vessel

'.IS "El alvador6' ,.
M~9 "Rio' Eoiondldo" .
: 8 "-Relnhart
r, Loren Ba Ru" ...

-A .- .-------* .iI-I .

Sails .. ;
Cristobal for
Feb. ,pu,
Feb. San 43, d l
Feb. 26 Cegboe, Amapola, t

La Lifbertad, Ia
Feb 3 1Uni6n 'Acajutl &f
Sun Joi6 do


.f- M .
.sys BMTN INC.

Tel. 3-1271

Tel. -i21aO9-

s tRis WELRIN. Planets,

I -N'

5JA51 PO1


Tel. 2.1974

The Pacific Sleeti avili m iw y

Royql MHi Lines Ltd."
S.S. "FLAMENCO* ........................... Feb. ,
M;V. "SALINAS" .................................March 5
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tens) ...... eb. 23

M.V. "SALAVERRY" .....................Feb. 25
S.S. "CUZO .................................. March 3
S.S. "DIEMERDYK" .............. ...........Feb. 21
s.S. "LOC AN" ................ ............ Feb. Fe 21
S.S.S."LOCH AyQ ......... ... ........... March 5
All Sillngs Sabject to Cbfknm Without Notice
FORD CO. C. JPANAMA-Ave Peri #55. Tel. 3-1257/8
FORD CO. WIC. BALBOA-Term Bldg.. Tel. 2-1995

- ?s

.'",, "" .... ..... "'-.... "y ,:

* b..Lct.AE O. PLERU & CRlH.L
"Tr-.^_ i .......................... .............. Mr, h 1 0t

M.S. CHtLI ................................ :. ... March *th
S.. A .NT .LES.......................Ma., ,i.... ..Mari th
S.S. LIBERTE ... ........ ....................... March 6th
Weekly Fams Catro Service BetweentCri 61bal. Balboa & West Coast
'sof U S .& .J
CrIst6bali FRENCH LINE, P.O. BoiW. i..i- *elSt4Te & 1i18 .-
Panami: LINDO &A M)D1 t,, IL.--- aB Jm3
,, Tel. Pana 3.1 .



lPeAZ! ,

Mad Nom*>"

-,. -- -- .
S Step Down

-' F. ;' ""


-7 T-;-

ALY fl '

rs ..R .- .

it 'a

How Do You Menu?

flut fl

Er L STUCK W .' 1 1-F
KW4 'CE A s UM"S
5W FANCy &i iWrnH YOL

Cunning CM.

IAI r9Ae11..
asJ wCmomwCHF.

" "'.4 ..-- -- _


'.4 71 V (1 &
A', .
~z i. a
a '~*

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It p

p A,
11 *

B. ,

, -- .- ,, '^ tf '.. '' .: ;
': ? "" -ia-".: ,. "* ,-
lAU.Rl6V, -r -,^

1YE Z1. JSAq



f i. -2







.,.~--i.. -


. ., SE- ',. -.,., \
",* ii- ''-'il t .. ,ii .* .** *:-.!
.*.-.. ,-.-. *--.-*-.. : -."y
, ., :''- .U !-. ..', .. ?
1'^^^^ WW

I i



4 2
-.r k

-t 4,'--^
i *

... '-F.
." .r-"

-" .^ ;.'. :'".' "
S- of Gaitn, oune the

) to MhJ s Wion the

A, S .Iiduabby,. d..tun. silled
Th ieI*tay for New Ydk. Tney are
o en nut to Detroit, Mich%, where
iate il t si WillouhIIby wI be married
a toir. ,ames Davis on Feb-

ProesiiVire Mlrei. Meeting
is. .or. -- ed Mrs. Betty Hogan and Mrs.
At.M tMgi'C e Frank Koenig were hostesses for
* ,rs. orer.eaia .was .wa hostess tht meeting of the Progressive
$or a fltu c.,ee at her 'mar- circle of the Critobal Union
garta 'raulen 'xdursoay to"non- Church, which was hel4 at the
or nte" sister, Mrs. :Verie Bowers, Koenig residendee in New Cristo;
wh1 arrive re. yor a Visit. bal.
I* M.-. e Tny au,.tea i her Future plano for the organize,
ir A ty, and Mrs. tion were discussed, after which
ed. ors.qt re:ash ets were reivb-d.
Sttl i'the .Tbe members resqht w ere:
ae.orai -: r, s. 3 -. Litkmann Mrs.
AA e?! s was present- Julie Wad ,jts. Gertrude Pattaw
#d Irr-ower Mrs. Deakins. Mrs. Be v avis, Mrs. Berenlt
vi eatere Grienr,-r
.rr,- s Mrs

rrls. I ne .Mrto. Alli Mrs. W. W.
Gth re A I antI.I r
0l41i* 9Bpk i a. n M rs.- i- w._
.p .. R otur an- Monday Muucais
Postpones Meetilagng
*a blee i Fkance Tte -Monday Musicale wishes to
or tenu ir6 She my postponementt of the
Vid ithW augater, aweetit whh was it
Chd a week held on February 22. 1:
ilateMs..G-earge i'O Id on March 5 at 7:3.
t t.hi.te house' y' home -f MI_. A. A.
Sof- o, ren ntis o4 Margarita.
Inoaa -plrait plas for the Chl wiM
al" a.e Inpo Pi ic,,e
EJuS PFI Plenle
TMrs...-e tS./' who has The El I Club is planning pi pie-
ber- vi. bu. Oiter and-son- ,l i at the XBRMis BUrook i Mon-
in-i,. w 41 .-o'a. Pris Y, George Washintoon's birthday
of' M iA t- yesterday for for tA members ot the Club anoa
Ne~w .. seBrothtoir their fanmilles
home'." -:. I,
-.-home ... .... '. li* ee .lunch will be served I
Mri. WIR ogbSy And and games for all ages are being
Dpugbhterd.s .MorBetro-. planned, .
Afre-.fli.dWeodahby anil iis A cordial invitation is extended

...-su ..
'* ."
:ic ri
' "" ..'



7 P.M. TO 9 P.M.
Iebs the tior bi pro.

and .rera with ioi
sMM tket sad stab eto eaj,
"S ; lm a itle oe_ ste
,il *. hours IB the mom.
rby "a EmO Ea.-

bent m T.afht at Tew

:-: TOMRJOW :-



y, took
rom the
ars that

ge in-.
*e ate




rODAYr 7I .

.:se that psychological puf
.:tt always human tone.,.
,:iat eternal poetry that eh
erizes the best French mel
It Is something of tradition a:
iult.urek .
The lo ve triangle is present
achi -as in many French liteta-
ture, but presented In a very am-
ple and open way. The charic- three human belws n-7
clneto virtue as well ai
She, the wife tries ti
.;he aMz of the young' pila
the love that seems to..-
ebbed away from her husli1' ,
absorbed in his tiring tasket.
scientist. The picture show '
conflict between the spirit of
security and the spirit of adve-
h~re. Excessive trustfulness tt
sterds very much like aband*-
Winmt helps the slip. On the.oth-
etlhand the husband doesn't
hav the youth of the pailntr,
nor Nis polished and contradi.-
'tlry.iensibility. But does have.
however tact, stability and
rharkcter. He is all man, she
d'coFvers, when she finds himn
o"e morning at dawn at the bed-
side of a suffering child whom
he has saved from death.
Wth a story that seems to .be

ti*n from life Itself the director.
Jean Delanoy, to. whom we owe
among others, such famous ptc-
RY," has built up a picture, that
all tBose who like realistic. hu-.
man and at the same time ar-
tistic movies, must not fall, to
One of the greatest attractions
of this picture Is its brieL din-
lope: expressive, refined and
without affectation, showing in
this way that literature can be
taken to the screen, without
takinR anything from its nat-
uralism. '
Another outstanding 'value of
this film is the fine interpreta'-
tion of all its actors, especially
the characters of the .assionate

desire to
best pie,
tout the

FIVE' IN A ROW-These ls lambs tagging after their mother
aIn e- Achig~n City. Ind,, fismyard ari unaware that they are
rarilt Hooward McDonald, owner of the quints. said three were
born n eone day and two followed the next day. Quintuple
births to sheep are a rare ocourrenc.

* -


* 5
,' I


3 0

9 / : .-*
r I*
.. .1E -...j
1.. 1:"i-."
14 .m '
h' ,

S .


MA a

4M sa







Fernand GRAVET
Meliza KORJUS, in

1:00, 2:0, 4:5,0r 7 0, 9:20 p.m.


i 0i.- 1 I -


with Lsns Turner

-_- ._--

I NCr a r Q
S Orr enarson. In
and Red Skelton tn

Hhondi fleming. in
and .Tshe Wymann. in
"L fo*S I T AGAI0

[1 "vityon A

ON O- -. a-- -e-OAP

)Ittvratfal Emblemt Chib Wo. 51 were stInslotwdla
t leftto right, a re: Mrs. Geraldine Cotlhcl
rwthyLa&CroaW.-reoording secretary. rW S-
t S.a 'an, vice president; Mrs. Jande iuldqulst, orea
rN. Ver-a ?agerberg. financial secretary and treahU7i12
r'Thrn Lo. p-1 mass correM-vondent. Standljing: Dot
0e6M 2n.d .lard; Mrs. Doro thy. Facer. act'R supremn troiu
v aT3dptas; MrA. Ann Pen 'ock, act'g supreme chaplfiftI
A. lather Tritile, di ct deputy Mrs. Marnd as C
Mrs. MMd Larrison, Maas lant marshal; and Mn. ALi

Natural lg Ior S~eety
To Meet Wedelqnday
The Pinanta CanD Natural'
..-Tlstory Society will n e e t
Wednesday at thL Gorgas Insti-
tute, Panama City.
Guest speaker will be Lt. Don
I. Sharp of Portland, Ore., who
at present is instructor- at the
Jungle Warfare Training Center
at Battery McKenzie, Pt. Sher-
man. He will show a movie.
"Land and Live In the Jungle."
made by the U.S. Air Force -and
starring Vas. Johnson, .
Sharp will add a eopamentp IV.
to the film and' have' a .dliifsvi pi
of edibles from the. Jungle to!.'
sample. --. -


sre. c-

* r r y.. : -!.
.,, + **. _**'
,'.,,.:. .


r'S A FUR CRY FROM THE SUNDIAL--Jan Turner in- 1
pects a strange-looking clock recently displayed at a Loiton,
ngtpn 4. fu part. The dial and numbers on the unusual time- -"
cce are made at different Kinds of fur, and the hands eil '",
- made of mink. A"


S- .. rr 'l C3. .

* r,4J'4-

FROM 7 TO-i P.M.
.60 and .30

NCE: i


SI tlliRING t
eAin 2usr A i .

F I' 'o : 4

Angela nsbw
L A Melro-GoIdWyn-Miyer PIturtc






- ---w wmm e


- ,

ia CIanal fheatres S
L 8-45, 8:10 I PEDRO fIGUEL 7.,


* The S|ing RMnIee Flmd In te Lovers'
: re.dl.e f-firfId's, Cypr iesswrlden

*' L .


Glnn rORD T ,
Diana LYINN "


ILo" *x" s

Added: CAtM- NC ylll

f g /* S4 LAVIH WAT B*.TftQSft.,F
ESTHER's 7.-FOOT tIV om. i*;
SA L I-. "u.Mgl
,-.. ..



- ----------


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-- r,

'-' 'I "

i -



..L.. ;,


s", '


..A. ..Wi ll", ,
M..-... bU..LL.& ...L.O l..'....

AL ilsFOR SALEs-51 Fr L ana. ne. r 2J8. hich sustESr N -

I. Atreet ^ No 18^ Ave. 149 4 Central. Ae.

SSIA OV Automob es DR. WENDEHAKE. MediCal Clinic. F sc" s miepost a
le 1Central Avenue "K" street corner, ooM Cle, bAL. hbhas bti o u1 1 t oa 1 see pan elO th
FOR SALE-:-3 place livingroom set; FOR SALE:-51 Fbrd Conut. Chart- telephone 2-3479, Panamia. lin- s. Phokti- Balboa 2.38 hich sets a t e e att to have I
ex tra. riialoweraltral AveW Cja rW

Home 86-7127. poo. it brightens the'notural col-l 50 s1%o o r i!71u
estinghouse 5 ft. good coanon. or ad it covers gray hair. Mrs. wek .ir

V ti 1-5 H.P. 25 cycle, d A t20.00, ti y our children are not of age'to st em4nl as w. t o .1.1673.are in hin

te for rord, 5.00; On 9 l lngPnom 1952, dut- au needs. CoKin *nd conslt FORRNT Clw Pa. .e l ouoer ed aplaCeo B Haei
Sgreentrin ruo e10.00; Ro- rrv For Ctom V-8, llhold our emand givthem spert but cias for oIr ecti r Cri *tt e d a that. el1ecroi 6vl0
FOR SALE:-: pee lingroomset; FORPSAL,-aI SAEr C hr ELephnMea"6

Faund srsal,5 3 s a le ndsio. all y. ClRboun e Be on, So e3ho-271 WiL, S il f rM YdrCk
3hr-,! 618. eah, di oo extras. OrSiginal owner. Cia l Capt. Criv tbal Colubhbe hecauty hon. b acon# inot Catche Upeon b

0 re__ Evans. 7 or 3:30n 8316 Po0n FO62 HAve al m odtor arem ia$ ;ohnte 6-441 orm.gj4.f. oOunr rs1
a F SALE: -- 25 cycle refrigeraoto Home 86-7127. pS, it brightens the nStural c tl- ee Go. eepo ;itaclorhr lk to l

!..tres $1.0;bok $300 FOR CASH- -Emass *" .- Wh keslo bs "a s ou

sa2 Wabestianhouse5.gooyd cnition. oArd, esdu ntivr su all 2-1322, Diablo Clubhouse Hoen sa. anr ith future. ese wuld
SHouse 2 .30-C, Cocoli. FOR S AALCheAoet, runs like new. Esther Lrenzo. Mangerve Special. on. ba n in a matter of sedsba e
Cthru Thur $7.50. 4FOR RENT:-Furnished House. Three _______________
FRtaL. E -podItr a plastic seat covers. Vl0ewis 8054- d o L iPho n dh t .hes t .,an'

85 fect condition Cll FOR SALE-947Koe dco oteeLa Posal No 68 Centrl 2 bathrooms grge 2 porches a do T hey in also feature
f edt ra 1-5 H.P. 25 cycle, $20.00, arayria. Cana Zoe,. o. uIf your children are not of age a sto Se en h e-. 2n*o en hr1673 ae elret-ue

in good order. Tel. 2-3464. FORSALE- 90 tudebkr Cha- FOttend Kindergarten we wll accept 2Gri a .~.c egch rot anges, uat ai Tk 3 ids dil o e
ompR SArLE :- a2e ar o. poo n Tudor overdrive, hi l-hld. the and6 give them specito care For etu rige t h rl a An, thdeve eor freeing e thi
Ssga mcne$r1e5 set-,.s e a ianand assnd. al, i t .em. 3i4- co or hicl" t'ory ,, s hmoke m n"o "r it
i pf6 a FOR RENT: B....c, Oners match refr-gerator
tress $15.00.; bookce s$3.00; FOR CASH SALE:--ForBy Embassy d f- We hve the solution to all your E- Ntel furnished. No e m fl Oan f d freezper.n f c lorn

4, thb Sl. No. 1crds. $ 33.0 8n oy0. FOR Phn Coco ohewi sIdl a1 T 15n" S gaow foR AErcNT ei men oCrBo 't the bott.omegg Bret h rt h o alc
o.t aor rnord x t"I 200 V. i60 cycl. env dod P 1 9iinrofomrt--. d 1, dining- otd acndoh erl e itp ant eesI S
i+. 12 green string rug l $10.00; t- fe Fard Custom V-, riven our expert beauticians ffrtar ( Aei*ut llf youe T th, ard a ppy th a n e .. Bvut'

JRa sofa, $25.00. 3 r ottan arm only 10,500 miles, new seat covers, you. Call 2-1322, irUhblo Clubhouse HOur es h i st alnet. s e watre
t chirs. $8.00 each. dinicngroom See it at American Embassy, Ahee- Beauty Shop. Codrmsdwave Speci Mn. FOR RENT:-witFurnsed House. hree push-buttod, din
S Table 6 chairs. $25.00.,i China nida Balboa. thru Thur. $7.50. F. Cnrnites ai v n e
S c eloset $30.00; sideboard $25.00 FOR SALE:-T194 highest bidder, wth- bedrooms, parlor-diningroomre, tw a dO l oates nThe miutcenlsoa ooou re

compartment $200.00. Whrlool Internationdal p. anel truckN, on d be ne mn gardenss, an be seen, d uring e o i r t sthe es an tohn.l wll opet. .
S. Washing machine $17l .00. Assort- seen at American Emba Cy. Sealed LEt hbStreet, Golof Hetiu PadeB *Hei gr sIsmto evice fr eedai ahert Bi l h lr
States and household items. Ap- bidsaccepted unte l eMarch 3, 1. 0isurioup 3s.12., Panama. .E. l oer. shic soke to -ai
Spy mCl 4149, 1FRS 4 p.: m weekdays; FR FALE:- Radio end pbd hoto eq RTip day.T Batl' i ..A "- s uch ar of.
901 SALE:--Electrc Hotpoint auto- n=9e ultTbI 8 .I'o other cube or crushed ice,.B:
48rNa. 16.' Tel 3-1714 Bella Vis- FOR SALd:othelr csondinunit, c FOR RENTelyefurnisled f'JBEu f D Theplanr s ma rierator fro

SBoug ainvl le o rd New brakes and fal pipo. Tel Garage 761.X to 00 PBarnebey St. ,to i onizaei6n Mirflo ateres" No 188. zenr aJu A r cedispenser, a new-tore. 1 fr-rte ei h.rB
'. f'CR SALE :-Bedroom furniture, down G.. F..Tesdn1on. Ch. o.tth Sea t a
.',,ces, perfect condition. ao mt FOR SALE:19 eed o uh. e se a me sta Ceednal ame si in ruh. e sune, .mean tm
tresses.$175.00. Made by Cowe.. FOR SALE:--Ford 50, 2-door S 2edan "IORSES FOR SALE: f- Three or FOR RENT:-M-2 well furnoshbedrbun= W ile ,. ehlanT inpn Ue2r1 uermarketgehelves 2feedpCac. thde sr atnerhg~ t
'- SR'Al:-.lad0e wa.rTe. m lo. lo Stables in Curundu e d. e ________ se er i anth mat. Seeand another ide into place turns. b tven.rn that I
Iadoe good Solo p11. grey horse 16 hands high suitable 99d5 Vi pturros.S? fro Mer-]SS t ri oN e]I fl As the experts foresee it the to discuss w is thebl.

1_ __------- __ r 4
4-1c49,iChn $rol4tp Eorh No.e FOR SALE:-R ao r da pltbt coh f ors he 1 d3 a Ph 3"JLe e ftwi h as- r, -
codtic sove.Balbo8.0. a2-1 0963 FOR SALE:-5Ceot, -nentand minatr ss d n. FOR RENT:-3 bedroo hous "U- ". tho r c ore^r crushed i e.ftve D

rogain vil lea mN'ew baean tdil ipe.Tel Garaged7XBarnebey St rd. 5 to -dlncdnMiralores "No, Tn bul.t' bod o or 3 |82.dhe freezer hf as a ew thy oih. foot, f M you tr c it! be l
fez.RTele-oner unite2-3985. Bab door seda 5n, De Luxe, $695.00 2 an 9 Wees a atd -Residence, furnished zona tru 1dttral Aa. pho r and the -vtre w e ratl Y 1 D ikth.Ih
Sr it N Call 87-4291 or se at Ft. CloF... TelelhoneAlbrook4124.dr 2Golf8Height8, l t. il A. Predrhim, veh TMeI geat. i to ula dispens eer i ae n t. relttoo t ti). tnlL t

|;-h to:".nde$1ada @oi a-1 Aiouti^ tis Disricic ipes-a Sh cannn
U ST:olotru 7 1ks Stabl2 in C d. Obton Fire Station. tnarsod -A Street No. 26. Te-ledphone 3-f3605i.b n e s o pe

ao l gortgepackin. $5.00 i- $8. 'ruie apeb on the s viewers ifor de s b m rtw. theat
o $10.00 .00 for three.a FOR SALE: -1 Lincoln Continental NOTIC OF SALErikot hr ea13 bw d y inue ay. Rhda ,hud

lefTeSLEpn-or395t. see Dlei$on 6. E 2, ddandd s0FORETe-Resioen rEngsh $0 Faomingc 1 hbed, w FotRENT:- l Ro estdene frish LhIF C h t a ye anderefaeti v.D o na y re ah e
F RNRENT- t ruck s.l 2 warhrobe, te o Fel SaLbton s l 10A See3th 2A Te e o phone 3-o5 O aVeipante viweranrr ac bah. is i ti

chn one leacklng, 0e w ing- $ I8 CF OR BSE: Licln Con FOR dresses e Coker Span-,m5494.. l fro 7 to 9________ tpylugi mereips She*ca
0 0 d sve rent it$5. 0$ 10 r $. o t r Con tn et ael N OIE O mo Its of easy ureading.N sA- Neeme that theb hteniIn
each, 2 for $25.00. 40th street No. $550. Cooli. tely 603 Items of refused, un- ApRENT-Furnshed aparttm s utmoof the equedt will be stralhtenin. dt
cc3. Telephone 3-0943. FOR SALE:-1950 Mercury Coupe clair ed, abandoned and excess ,mover bile. The p banners have put A di- take yo

FOR SAL:-RA Console Good condition, white side wall freight and baggage between the ATTENTION L 1 Just built modern p MUDII ble. si in |ertheetedhe tsh- Boyi Part

FOR SALE*-R SAICon D .6o r re- 6 Sdio andoE L Eo fa2:na0 f 4 .prid ten, 22 olu50s TPh FOR RENT:-ishe ap fua rithed, one. bedI. S. R tonsl r l sink ithd e enter of the.Id
phonograph, blonde-wood, perfect tires, w. oo$800.00. Aries 2-1078. hours of 200 P. M. to 00 P.M. furnid apartment tt en, so that t's accessible from
Chl' biyNati 2-3980. and 6:30 P. M. to 9:00 P. M., In bedro6oms hot, cold water. T l-en's Ae b O .,
ric kRondition. pChild'sobicyle 2, n- d$AL E:stes ow 1 I~T OP EEany angle. It has a knee-hole for
condition. Chil'sbcyclel Exec Ntco2-0. C the pier -area at Cristobol. Canal eprmoe Panama 3-4941.2t ,l VALERIO TURON anya.iht wIth a k nl obr .-tept -(lito you oi th our -iah vod. l t, aO
ettachment for learners. PhorI Co- FOR SALE.-1951 Ford VS Tudor. Zone, beginningn Tuesday. February FOR RENT:-2er two bedroom xpr c I n Ultrha- Intd g ra, th k ith le oDpeates tae your ptner', r tt d You wil hay ti
I ton '231. WSW, undercoated, radioH mot-23, 1954, and thereafter from day apartment, 51st Street No. 42, matt ad dramatic tn- with a miumum of.a stool pid. n your right hind.Your ead t lete, pit l
SFOR SALE:--Bendix wasOhing ma- covers, Clayton 5197. to day until all Items are sold. rDo Apt 2. Rent $100.00 monthly. For wlns a ottera s israfesultana stetg. e oens l from must Ro behind her baIck. t2 Inw
chine, Avpnue Ecuador No. 26, In FOR SALE:-Tne Cyurloset chance toiled lists of the. ithems fo r salehe detairdoll ZubNo. Phn 3 io cOc shoundter lev.el owettS o therh s it a litl dr i
-ThissIseyor latechaneric o lled lists of the. i temsn for M ale Have details wdoll Zublito.oPhorne 36aaWonedcr6.6
g front of the Newsmean's Building. T9S Ford Custmll raTdioC n-toiled posted on buletin boards t of r 3-18l tolatst r iht
S SAESoe bed and arm c, derated, W-W. Will sacrifice Canal Zone Post Offices and at the -r d r e-- theh e of- abuni ead ea o tght oot, e.rltoW) a yu .r t.i ll
OR SALE-Fora bed andlrma$ir0 0Dayoisi Ia FnrightHouse at Cuistobal and APARTMENTFORENT' mullhaveglahwoch slide open,dothturtheirtherri. y p
5y .Hollywoodth beIfrmes, tabe nd for Onlyd $o5 dr00, ers. a FMoyesHncId ,co aind pRTTion R1dros"o N"huo. Lo hIN d blenderahdis" U-teokonurt
Awimtcig po. ; b tables e .ole. r lboo' "3.'4N. Ylvm tr Cl*at! Stainch ot--Dipblo rooms apartment In. best rdhdent awte a s.t. p ar into tr counter area Whlck). Y ti be-
d, ivion Obacheor "5494..nWa a. --ivzar-o.mto
offe and two ind $1I5. Platform FOR SALE 904 Do e"s l ,or the ,Term Is Divl a ti In room, pirch. -Ample csdn or Mlned rte amot co I ar e t.jed .."
..vockeNonylonncoveredl$19,; chit- Sdl, IDty fte. Texos petolem"Cristobel, Items to be sold' will be closet spade. Goll Panama 2-1661 TMua tafl abiet' but- '-down
fonler $20. R. 3I.F. Roussetu, C Cpany, Baelboa, C. Z. 2-16.51 on display for the geneial public on for appointment. ALLWO UANT tin ea y a hWithtia "'"- .
.-S Z.' -From a0730, until 11:30 a.M. "_... ..' -a.- h
07iALE1 --:.G3ni,00 FOR ,L0E S-1939 Pontiac. $60.00 Pier 6,. Cristobal, February 21 and FOR RENT:-Completely furni ed Even the flour sifter is operated
S AL-Utent trip, wardrobe, No license plate, Tlepone 2 from 8:00bA. M. to 4:00 P M apartment located near Canale AVE by eetmotor.
s-mqgl table, bench, $30.00. Chit- 5081. ZoneEIn brand nnw buileding.mno
-*oebe,..$25M00, dinlngroonm etZone n brand new building. -
m nc.LMG cFOR SALE:-Boilers horizontal 70 Zone Irv brand new building. In-
for $10.00. Telephone dition $7000, Tel" Balboa 2- H.P. Bargain price. Call telephone 4911.1D
%I Pam1992 2-0420 or "B" street No. II Os. FRENT:-Small aportmint In AMPLIFIERS
_._,_.Panama.. mond MadurorPanama. ForWa Ave. No.ISI Apt. 7 to aar-Wre
.chin Sears: 25 cycle West ng--- drive. 16,000 miles, just arrived E.ErBeg FISHER, SQUAD-311,
% "t Uia Se ars. 25r yc 9 cu. ft., l es- i n C. F. Best offer, excellent con FOR SALE :-Registered Cocker Span- months. Call from 7 to 9 p. rn Genuine
ear : olr: elit far silverware nw; edition. P. 0. Box 187 or BKS, 805 lel Puppies, 3 months old. Phone WIION "HAM K" R, Feb. 0. (UP)
wicket, chair and settee; mirror; Albrook. 84-2240. FOR RENT:--Furnished apartment, Wall Street, after working its
25 cycle console radio. 5509-0. FOR MALE:.-1948 Kaiser 4, A FOR SLE-Upright Kimball piano. $90. including utilities, Panama 3- first Uooltu Birthday in 59
i Diablo 2-3788. se" don, excellent condition, Radio. $50. 9 volumes "The Book House 2051we. years, % a"hke up od Wt thins
ih r l tweek with a three-day Washing-
#o6 SALE-Ro Davenport, three Will .sacrifice first reasonable -601 for Children," 22 volumes "The FOR RENT-Half furnished apmft' ton's Birthday weekend. s'
V. Rood, phone 2-6372, An- IR SLE:-De Luxe Pontiac 1952, mattress, pillow $9.00 each. Girl's nrefrable Americans. l Odo (PI. ELXCTRONISt
on L aoarablee. 2. 4MRLsliSZT innobsefrat othRehoiday-onserv
w,.. ca on. gil door sedan. Less than 1,000 English bicycle with stand $10. I, iufiding, third floor, Calle Ju .5 obs i gho twicIan te of the osrda v-sonet boia
miles. Excellent condition. Con be broandistraw target. $3.00. Seep No. 22. Call Panama 3 slowosteps ,
frooget band utotyruro

nndM "' each eithera-ga-lenAL Or stoo2 i.nCanPaw.,

I.-IN.%rI=16- OR SALE.:--.ucamayas., parrots, FOR RINTS Cool modeirrn -hr1 fice em l tyed O R Iad the
S ---. .. Mt honey bears, pet supplies and white bedrom pportment doml tel. Dallas offi elmp oyedm01.
A T8P T BUY r s IOg .Buganvlllea plants at Acuario screend and tiledthroughout, .
TED TO BUY FOR ALE:-18' outboard cruiser Tropical pet shop, 55 Via Espana, main bathrdos, mold's room th SLIP COVERS --
STO BUY BOAT or Lounh 28 shelter cabin, $275. Phone 25- Tel. 3-5411. both. front orch, back por.N li PY i NOrmal For Woman
ri o Mst b 3119. living.oons, dnngroom. laundry, DIDHE THM F. ix U.
K odclean condition. Suitable FOR SALE:-New gasoline motor, 35 IFORn RENTlo-IV..tovistasreboie, r o x Her Her,
'. ple ure. P. O. Box 335, An- H.P., good for boat. light plant. rent to lht pon. P .h HERES Court Rules
.Nj ... ,i etc. $75. Call 3-2506, after .30 Rooms Iam ,-2-0027 r.3-0763. -roIuo... ,,W Tfhtn sfl (
___. ROOMS b OR RENT, furnished, Pon- FOR RENT.-Fumlshed bparbnnt., Tel 4 Feb. V (UP)
VA+. _II ama. Two room apartments, un- InI ,oom. 2 bedrooms, os ,l-e god..-i.. .. ed
Dul+ .M/.. I UEleUOS furnished. Apply Estudionte 98. r vfrl, tor. 43rd street No.. 4, today tht more
Bells Vista.o-We 11 --
(Continued from Pate 1) FOR RENT.-Furnished room withrtata with i
kitchen. independent. First street FOR RENT.In "El Cng reoHA -
cer accused U.S. Secretary if Pereill No, 3, Apt. 1. lous comfortable apartment, 3= FtU. Io l" roomdam
State John Foster Dules of an rooms, Ibrirgronom, diningrwTal
"audacious' dece on ot Pre. FOR RENT:-i-Furnished room with tnoWld's room, rage, hot wOater. Central Ave. 30 -
tefant Syn, private both and garage for bach ^Felpher 2.14 .v.alt Co a the as
"The deception of Dulle s lo in family house. 45th St. No. F4tT OnSanta 2na .Plesa w
as audacious as It is unbelleva- 35 (Bllo Vista). FOR tMT: One rnd 2 bedreamon +I l
ble epwc as s d. Dulla Fporrtrnit. unfurnished. cod with -We have permanent stek
in"le"the "Repub i" aid. Dul cs, FOR RENT.--Furnishede r in ," o L ln -iew. No. 2, Urugu, .
"- -, "-. .-stI oam p 37m1"i Z ulttreetl. lfacirng ,oDo.Lese I Park. s.2. ek* WESdTMINSTERRid a-. -..
I; e adsled China RENT: -Beautiful furnished SIIa-Ia.. .. ,f" ,., ,i a
-oen l-fc u riO dE r ,A ..-
i ma a'- olrdenc ,. Irefrigerotor. No. 13, 43rd Street, Iao
S"A little morn tuan two weeks Belle Vista. *.t URA A f. ... ... .
ater he has agreed to an amc. 1- -- 7 aF URA I A -
S O ewl-e The nes- .RCA V ..ICTOR ,, nea de

n.."K.-, a 3 -1713 COR VA.. -F. 7 .m, T
m m~~p =o .- m~~~lmu+-,UXb, Valin kIe ,ss "----- ,,,--!J j .&


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Se -'4 C a rn fat the .t.E.. s

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8.-.a v s..CubtT ,Tand- Tl uk

atert I Secon ame, Puerto Rico wf he for m e

B n ehWhl.n t e .h llteUR -. gwho '-., o ,- bout .... for' a n c I L
T .,Bourne .re ,, d .. y r-n ... a ...i,,. o.r.T.r.-.. .t game: Pae..h ...In..;,.o a.. he ,.,l l. l I
t nf owU w.n. ..he e of GAn- ee c on3 tta oe A lbon bo.i-' g-e w1nw
io .-.S.-" SA '. Ci" .. the ua.ond Smed ae rttea t y kg three points. tri 199 D ,
.tied with o the t ompqleer o Bs .

Doubleheader po st poned, (rain) h Md follow D to tp W

hero-e tacS" N JUAN, Feb. 1V0 (nup) stand place 8a ne V pooift b
tue .41.itag iwee" emeeon ed made: tuer owbi lthe Stempel versus Homan NIa S 1

lugr 7:lIngchanges and annoumftee t matchdl, the Stempeme took the !a 1
7l Mints. VN aver-p hof the new weekend schedule: Oft game, ldrop C the second l ESn P1W ffj
OSW. win 2a wihs as,*ip Limu a ?MNO Gyrmftminenatat 1 p.m etatmIdL thiersid g am e 1u 18 i
., .e Ber .national.-sco t ored- n.e-,,h-.n-P. ,,, S ecn.ou f am fr a
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Toes ofC oa onil *amasmpublicwill' a n247s t the i l o b. A i 1
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Sb h Step coo orerna. PAT 7am i YPense.a aond me, hoerro he, .
a" Bournlareready and r rn twob the t n n e m. e p e oM the fi Irst game: Panam vs Vent d ithe e ateam aeleot e n latey I'S

ntl3erR orereBgo In thl etl 6 n atnof chav- fiouin scoring a totl of 1017 piet Sen tie D

tJ M s'0 r .fl ..t e p lum ano"toe -ortrow night at the pecodsgae: Perd Rie cvfirs coroev s.t ietak ngnn. o s r t three point s Fr n a filiiiii
andH e a ngna who~I hlaisssn d an tihert t scheduled ten-round 128- I r pjn. First game: Cub s v ame Siflowd ry POi do W e t ilRe f BeloBei
p'"b'o un d over-te ghtm h il Dn bA S Wo weith, d89an V tan ie pwi

sPo forA mieIbe n wi h 8nd Vano.eei
U&nG about the old an N r .ap eo- o ersn Iet that thp Thr Series will be reu nmied th a OnrAdj c th, t e r, The rtok Seto o t
T 1i etu00 Rabourne'singlPs scored oonun esaa t w in i n of te) with Cuba meetnd ei ndl thie f eptea Ia uR on lerd .r :1
S'a oer Ino e'n'n a- of tgE re at thIn thefirst game. Th -to g at the Seymour
rS ,l- tbe CBEAR DEFtAS wS!T his eye fe _a Gf a Pe a an e % f 1 nd 0 contest i will be betwn enlers. In Tnl m ther. pse n tr
a d itak e9btItte InSd HA L Tb a, rto i tco and Vo olat ine, o r, with F irt m Meo anhroy 20

^C h o ad Ne d oelutsoverweTOe yesorine t ou 2r c on l0OlPedromeNoJ n er he F I RnTd o AerFlet Rrs cmlbles th Ahe treaeofor
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o out ofh eat ad A oLue sh .n o w ngdOTtE oday'sr starting ptOWw. for us ltrea B about six marks
koueablad Ctit '-fi dbaandrrIo nd e Pano d b bdt;erao .rst ge.aame wore Vae-etar a a nd in.tile r adeof thlfram e, mensad tCu O .rle
S_ rro nillk athhe ..d-semi.-.ina- l-beecond .t faneue toro v. ,
oo Finr. .gredt we e I Oears ated the game imn the Ca r ldwe, r 1 1 Hu rto Ro of the 28-week schedule Colbert we e:

Rotarans, 'Exec Softall 10 Indians tu <=4e E&tn a ron r an C o ti|
e euna semifinal b Te- Fi na fiMsh their acorla d eu t de a rod c p ACIFIC an WIdIGHT LEAGUE Fuera s e ua across .58the Whitakers b r a
Tems In 6-6 Deadock shog m Mirrer ninframes; to not o1
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oth- .fromrwere f eatur e .s lerTwihlela 1n eAgengyreao4s wiglranIeod n l r b as o n A ef the Almendar l e but al to beat ithem out er t
".ttl ; :IoddI& a i5allS. ame. the sored each, wo1tinth re trhtw l ardeall t"h oRe rCu@e ... Fea. ._ ae n aete 1 rm. e,1s, bat w, Soslk fe Lae ,r 18.
RotL pAfe s econd out, ono a w in t iintnofrretoIe ovr teo :5 wc en t C to h f ina rtewee al fera.e a bya M B ake
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time tc eorard. 'm ot s g a o the Vneuen finest. gae.i o 2 224 an 13
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(NEA Telephoto)
E'CMENT The White KANSAS CITY, Feb. 20. (UP) admlhfitration is "getting set for galanst posse price drops again "right p" to meet last .
s announced the ap- :eretary of A riculure Ezra T. new difficulties" when seasonally next fall. year's t rie Dh
i. ctment of Annucdim. Jerauld Uenson said to ay the Republican heavy runk of cattle come off the Benson said It is "clear" that *Db W Z E Pt o deint 4" ....'
tI/nt ent of Adm. Jerauia_ "; '-- o <
bt (above) to the Vost Of farm program will -provide "1prac-ranges .next fall. department purchases of canned .'Besn. 16 .beaebe he WaslItaton to fly to Palm
of e. Allied Commander, He said "despite recent ptrelgth h'e, creation of an emergency did not o. Mrs.. lsenhower, a
e appointment protecting farmers "without eep- In prices of lower des o cat 'feed program, expansion of emr- press "
goivcrnmeTheeappointmetoeia- parit t ob teion last operai n anaionwde b presef tot f .'tui haul) of _.--.1_A .- ,: ; 4.
*tie & rican admiral was ac g agriculture, in the straiht- tle," which he attri utad in largp geqey credit to cattlemen, and co- port m .m "we do.
mrcnade mi heNralhwasRC- jacket of government reag u I a- part to departiniit action lasit operation in a nationwide beef not o --
tlions.Cou n omeed n l year, officials Will be prepared a promotion campaign w a s t he taer es :t h t"ek ik e i g
P"'atic council.meeting -"We cannot afford 'frozen high- try.'
e i htlevel price supports, which res b k At SMU Pal B ach
Ppsdeit Eienhower. Wrig trict consumption, when supplies "W e .i P nt_ lsnh er-
UrrAdm.amndaA-s- m-"Weil oer' rt- any pro-
DlA.1 Mc- are already at record levels," heg -aHal 'sn.=
Cormick. said in a speech to, the Midwesta gram, o up.ale PM .
Benson spoke to the group over oafair atoh a.ltlnetfden. ae Pl Bea h

F 1 eed Man"eiuf actirra basan. eS ]e.UiMe ilo ash s ureo wbgttie hi*)Irkeisnoarlm
i e N bwlong-distance telephone from hiss said.
chome in Washinpton where he has WWne t ad ..rhP
been confined with a cold. sHe said Proident -Eisenhower's
V i I oUrging auppcrt of the adminis- ---be---,- fit* aprograi Besa-: a ptoegram for
tration's flexible pie support Nb.E(P)Wflisid1 lcy; a d salaudPPa~ard
program to replacedrrent rigid NE Wr ocoE and.PLP s. li ,sa d t1l ooshourALSP Gcalif Feb.
omI price props, Benson said there has eArthrD o'l.od -t.23 Mh eer W blson, and two others had consumes 0. (P President EisenhQw
Seen a "serious lack of balance" Sout .rn. t H.1M d woedivrs t dMrs, Wilmson arsp e lookI- or, getting his work done early,
o.n between livestock and feed prices oothu0 hlad i a Msf _r.n tI-. fnrd ties today for a forenoon
b e c n, li-y ear.old 4wie #ere held ii, couple held hands through- r d of Iat'nother course in
becaub efore the grand ald la
Oqal--ruenther gn bendbarifl. todgcayt-n l"es oietiaeso r alnraivnment' andwaiveduRoomier,-,Ugt r othiskrot ara. ojs

agr -Sgr"ar in, ua has -beend a na e t dd sa' aseh-Lswd s= a l onb
wg Aata ,fanhns og1n ',Moborexcan g to go eore the gand 0n.te rrsor=t ae..
tinily high prices.'" sooho sold he used ._or$. A A p e an for the President
S"You know th atoghasilook- Rrfnre reported ,work of the confirmation
be doe about It," Bensntold 0tenewspaper busiaeas;t Mrs. Wllson, waufrall-sr oelawt. Beeson to. the Nation.
: the feed -men.- reporters he 'held up small b bblde, sai sd and her-shrp ora n alabo elations Board made
a. In peechprepard fordclivkeepott with a switchblade A ha bhau4 adsatad fen"very happy."

In seecrpepaedforl iv.Eievber te mrs
' Tofp. Conn., Feb. 20 er byAsast. Secretary J. Earl tbe .ce he needed money so h "atfist i gt last A t wiPase a
W CtommandeAl a meeting of the Western a tie could eat. bobh wore nl ta aa Nbrth, SC-t. jY.1M..V. (U?)-_t Pressaeretary Jmesiden C. ta
arnthe said t day Statqs Meat Packers Assn., Inc., Magistrate Hyman le-o -ety Was asked tor the President's

Clt at9n..tflther1 te teh the Virgi tagoyelss stJfq nex
Not0tatSnFanic eno ad youth felony couy held oiii fit -1 ewsaum Ler. I4 0Syb mut rato t h=cn'mtmcI
ut nut te Noth t- a SanFracisc Benon sid heP-o Yudsview of the, Strong labor oppoal- ARWVAI
rety lanal ton hs $50,000 bail ad w& MaDie, three'wem -febar -th ey.m'o.-nimns iewet honInte den te a t a
0 t1e number one obiec- 19,ii n 0,lO00 bail for. gfad ..jh h- a e .'thV U!.iI &th atalighn ate
me-igovl ett oulg n J.policy Wa rh action. '""'- -gt- h t rlngt-
the, stat e Otider' leeyW, aJbarf ma ,N-agertWy maid, "T "The Presiden m i te- ,

Vo t-se-m ax c aFd -
ee tq discuss pioe- rfhraS Poache rs, .,

*I -M*o-se-PtaqchesT-me.ds ak
fa the Nor~the 4sntic be 'teuoutu ,o, sesaargn IItat ... .
0l;,oa,,lat=o, .rTh -ot f Mexican -rno
aoonse aby the Wrt9 flc aOttes-
rii$e of them F 513i-POW roo. Weu, r h t .= P tumble--a, lit ahs r= a, *.
s eg e v "_5 i g'C a m t h .. .. '
O A.o MUIC Nb 8 (UP W. ...on ba ,-. hi possla ,t~dt crm Jie -% tone 1* .... sat at.. -
a -.... a ro o .... b ob..... 4 k "' -C .g d a b e
AOrere Oudtoayces Mix 01@4a hst
'71d"wa h unm., rseath,. P b theFr89rb.
10 4he t Na t oPI, .l on Mfex le hcAnL- te or the )nregae .A

tsao.- : ent Tidf Af7 so-te- act.- foluen d t"sl aihlh dera cap-oehft xna a th
so.w t foat, a, se t-hetu a room.bthe first Americn -te atd -i t5wta ,r

~ ofitJ peCr CIpT Y, e2dac, T.hq = r, into Vmpl y. uch nce as- mmo tor rd ao
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-we ,arq -qnV: ett h V -ml r as return to ,Waah-
nd b oaut thr e Williamr

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o o rI o a'ed ail ondMonay t President arar.

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t he f lla oft he tlaw

'be brought to bear on the.ISO
ov Sck .*Irate"fisheranen. Capt. Arn
bdusy31;Ldret uscprobably wl 10 confscat-ol
V koliG Feb. 24Q (VP)'- about $800 and the ship'a fishing" OAM
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05 psVP,m ttciIcoe1byar has bee the (left 'to zlgflt: .,Snc
it Sait1R' dDJU? highest In western Eufopebd _______________________
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reaorlyTU BLIG ls, Wu. A sat -.
was.sevenensIe per cent tha ,tth.n

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A.1.Jpq ot heT-"How do we *: e hefr?"-seemsto beethequestion fuchig'i. y o er-wsj

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e H L O O DCall., Feb. 20 rw~ id sta nd sUt eaum watched inany-ather

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,~u*i t (Up)- Blonds actress Anne atilas'were similarly hed'gedPbenLubck ushse tershoalalalopj -time Zrp=cut

l~ld batamed In ateiom.r weth. .fo k
'Sterling was in critical condition
101"inab t f h fateal,.ayfte "o-J, hed swesgthmTeflt ulkofnthe tntry. ,, e.
usehe 'tn ga s ., A.young. mikm,, tt
In d her bedfomuprnd u from lit ithe agricultural-l".V aor who hkas TMwith thinhe
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the sosen. star in her night- *fI p omtie Wil
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Iored -gos hs imwe eatd e a abtlCMWM 6tft* e
av n o fli ra :w tmo h er icie Tw 47cent Incleable Over '"2Wh AS. Raymond A.(Jg
lieR91pamap sd tatno o
a' PolleosaidoMsss 1"d.
'P~d otlesafount sSterling called )co at
her physician early today! oo1
~~~~told him she h-ad taken the PI 1U. ~cgni
I .The doctor, who was not Identi- -countygfbg G
lecatled a telephone oper- coun'tVhrsnf e,1 =0m S
ator. who then called nolice chool t boali%" :Muff co1W
Officers found Miss Storlfinra 4 a te t wit"'nr-.:
7 arrived. the younptrs t'a d t e s it .
41Mi Sterling was last In the the hbit". of aits
news in August whou abe charg- MOW aSan
owuaxsaoned wealth) oilman BoMoon s Vw tfW
'r ~~~ whipped her with a cane because send the 0hldu and J
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