The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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ApL.", AnA
.:.i-;, **. i,
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* .., -~ V .
..'riwwith Je

rU hald'


Teeh SALEI 2 "' "-'

LFoq .Local R t

I A .tre rWo P-_ Y I, J ":I

a h box of a ,,

tie f >.. "Disability relief checks for some 3900 f 1'
4__ a. Feb.s 3 nO rate employes of the Panama Caiat C9mp0
trd a lue daily nl nal Zone Government stand to 1i inc roq-4b0
Sa this *9 fromn $50,000 a month starting .ith checks toTAM
n t 5 and' ..e to. th" p.m. the tolt day of February. -
rlan ol elc. to public. Boalbo a igts sources relS
I b e sle s for the disposal urs: today after word was receiri|
S n .'refused orey, t et 'atytray passed and sen' te .
une pier. for many o. oyed 11 increase aH
a$enthr. t jr m$ronth for each year of se aa
'e ., 4 total of G "'1 4 .per month.
Vdu I e. s obeft I_ I o The measure had the bakki f -,
1Sdted for sale i tA year. This administration and has been actv
-^ esi'i niud h e s InLda v .o-1..J k*S.S~vboitk.CQ t A
Y -odd a L.' Ad y vley.s W. Jew. S. .yi
it of last Nbtoal Association of Retltifpmyc eit
.T ae bi lots for .G tiR and other groups. .
iObdea.4aut. Mt
bb e t. S ie et t es, a
..ti ,si V l

wurows .:


Th, %to- 4il-

is fire and

imord4 todayl i
_*- 21'
U.6 theUnite4
d~e year. WoY
Mwlsean produces
Sthe list of all
anfitng the Ca-
it-frt, Atlantic to
rBAw they rank-
ar SJt. w1


Pd Ja- duJ the past ear because
s and o ajmbaft namnrt who ha.
e In- -Miotm'eitM kRue.
ies, air .'wbBhh left Tocumen
eana wi..mornkbg include
ia m y, eteran es-
4 Vu jeul room Zo UIn
o has AV ltfo Bul

.- eon".
O be. -A t5
to m Electrical

t pro* NTo*iy wTee"
r 0on. d OpWdLats.
Th opiop wbich lWt tisl
t- fhi AMU&8 iF*w M I1dn


-. t.&A..
K -. I l!


j ~ and

tett a a mechanic bird Inew-

Comp .ue sf of, the tem to
be sold auction- haTe been
,ted at ar ous public places
the aial Zone.
The l.will be conducted on
the ba at.of "as is, were is"
and w.' ranty wl given
wIItsae U a suedeaful
bidder be required rto pay
for theW teams bought no later
than 2a pm. the day following
th '.b -

GOt, Jol'. m. Seybol returned
to th CaSua Zone by plane ear-
hr this mawOrg after hawrlt Ait-
tmded a board of directors
ii -.the "J- tor the nott tUn
'gtfth. five U.S. mueaters from
;e 8enate AoprirtOtBlM a Com-
.yIttee are scheduled to arrive a t
T, umett

During their four-day visit to
the Canom Zone they will fams-
lIarute Utheuaeies with con-li-
t.s. In preparation for Senate
AppOeprtation Cummittee he.r-
'll on kthe Panama Canal. An
atmenive itinerary Is being ar-
irnged (or them' .
I .The Senators are: M lto R.
iYoun ':R-N.D.) Alien Mmnder
ti- lA.h Heairv C. DworshaN
((R-Idalho). John L. McClellan t
(D-Ark.i Acd Edward J. Thyea
(i-Mmnn) The party bbeitn
adeMgnsMAWd hcre by eskrth
:ueibxL. clerk i* the om.t-

1%4". *W i

romted Chius
JAN, *Alberta, mFeb. (UIP)

Bi f l ns' uriant growth,"
Ifor texture," 20 for "tfor


I bua
Tihe cani har funds in hand
to pay wat win aJn unt to an

dr e W hnberen war ls-"
cent, It was xreveld tdtyo"
Annultnta were wared, how-
ever, not, to use tR figure hi n -
ut.~~lg thea- retmffsin, thetr
no e097 of the b1l a l'la ty
nu today, individuals weet eua-
encted hadreldth n of fv~e y
cloned nt to at-on any ec-
act amoutlt until their status
under the law bhs been analyz-
In the overall ic ture, howqv-
rr, two p betrmenilnt for re-
tred lca rate employes stand
out. Thev. a ue:
1) An inlreas of benefits a-
mountinq to S Oenta per monih
Ifr e yeyeai of service
2) The adtiit n of five years
to the mnaximiUn amount of
servicee for which credit pan be
taken. This has been raised from
25 to 30 yeair.
This lter fa-tor accounts tnr
the fact thaLt while the ratepet'
month goesUp only 50% for .,.I
rclplent, the overall dhsabIlty
relief wpensio luad for the Ca-
l l, expec-ted.o rte. by boat
00 per cent
Anmiormed murce at Bal-
UhP S sthit morning said
that t- than 1M0 of the
InBW O rlsteIf .ilk b
aM) t*i f fw om2. t o-ve
Vars Jur"6wdeer

mW 1.bway
ada's 4i0 subway, unveadlay,
tab hIanIe 40000 commuters B
hour and whisk them five miles
through te heart o a Toret Il
em aml 9 fulinates
The subway has gleahlea ma.
ium., Ikitick-prpoa walls apd no
-p or cafy fat sale. It bhar 1w
cars and X a.tahnem.
Tep %,. aM color.coded states

4 e*e to be
able -to MCI ;, I I t _et
off. ,er k a. v ei .

a sotrda of ba
r a t QtrKiomfta

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He out thai
ernor had Wrker
tor Its e8oa t .
wone to thear

tJnre I "

Atr I t

."I am I y ttIlcx ,,,
that t ,ate

tw H, .,

year. -
-Sne ^ c

both hap

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* ,-_ ." 4'. .... l ^..
1-aceh a

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4- *
A I -U

as ^ ^i,^.:.. ...- .*i .. ... .r... .: .,.

By us ga A
'"-W, HI.M "-1*ai. *, a.w A ,

"I "4 I "C -
**'qa^^ ^g^t^Now ..riSl~



* A .,. ,2
-..,,., c t

S" I'm probably the -
UM m-T t ADRS owN c PMN- of an entertainment '
S"-won't be caught pi M a mies of
labor disputes lsorornt
; I l -and only because .hat he. ..
ATHE |A.Ld routa-ut wI / ao. orary member,. 're i. I s
7::.".:'^~ en.d... ..~ n p. r The Wh~~lcts h ave already involved a- ": ,- i *f,- /.l 's.. f
Mel" t o So a an epe .forum ror a ende -tThmae a.Pr" d ent Eisenhower,-the Whith ,w Rom "s W A. ,SS,.- ./iB
sk.. iert tankeoIlved gratefy ad are hayndi ed s" "a wh'.ll"1i-"Robert Montgomery, udredM .
l a t movie theatres, and scores of
e eean puthellmd i the order i ,eaev -d. At the same time these ,Avf -
-' w t le k p t on the lle a limited o eal I p I length on the _amusement It ma Y ,'.
Tlaald w ite iW bal I aiWtW menae. throw Arthur Godfrey,
"" esups f t o vi fu t. :rIls M ilt Berte and a a .
Fen l P latO o t ecket. o lines w.i r a
an blackout many 't ,. io
major radio and TV roadcasts. ma.
GOODBYE SADEYE All this turbulence springs from
the desire of entertainment union ,
| Tthtre's a lot of ham in this Sadeye Sarn leaders to fix as ma y jobs .. f .l-
Who works at the Minmdi Rauncho sible under thdir jursdlidctin ji nwis
5 A good roustabout, without any aoubt economic adjustment period.
He n6eda a gootopush in the pauncho.. The White House became. nvolv..
:: *... led when it ask4 TV's 9 to 'amit attrati v
We guys.on the Hill are getting our fill d., eMdontgomery once heA of n '. I .
Of his mythopoetic illusions; union him s, to come- down and
We want hint to hush his Ignorant mush a8t a g9e President Eisenhower's
We have come to these final concluslonf: broadcasts. This Montgomery dd, ae .
Jusit take it away go haul out your hay AFL Stage Hands Alliance took this
That's all you are getting paid for. as a personal Insult because th e ea n' h
Go clean up the m of Bossy aind Bess is real bad blood between the A .I e 'e.
p":i Thate's what men like you wery made c*.a and CIO TV Unions. (e j.i
So the AFL Stag Hands&and
We guys ... on the Hill have all had oiur fill cowiMovie Projectionists l e which "!.p iI i 'T_ r .
O this sctuff you re alw compounding. operate the movie,, chins are iahts nR two un t Dis B
F., out on the locks. the yards and Jhe d refusing to handle adl ar-m uts&e .re
It akes ouroion dumbfounding. film featuring Ike'special LincolnA e
Day speech. This short was pro-
While you're feeding oats, we're all weariw duced by Montgomery for private ."
'n~i~ 'P y 2neB ~ o~ied"~ x wsoowinge at Republican fund ."n ... !..
And keeping our fingern4lLs polished: raising, bn ot R tat tday. unt t
We have to show class and polish the brass raising anquete on that day But
our unctionwon't be abolhed.t was also intended for ihin rtn w r h.
show the President delivering ato"yea
So ull l n, your nick while you're still on deck, show the Pr esident. delivering a. .
Ju' t kefl your dome on your curry comb Result is tat Mr. Eisenhower will
o not appear on movie screens unlefRlJtotaw]
You cow udder quartermasters e t n aS
RLE DT Onot I ATHhEN... work out some formula for futue 'a th .. p.n. O o
oNE woRD LE- TO ANoTE .presidential filming. wr ".u, ..
en..a lneM d lo tetiontgome isn't the only b .. "igt t -- d th"3t- ma ee, '.
l ot lr I e l reacted to th e ge n era l p u blic an d gu ests o f th tim e amo 8_ the ,te S n t e x. ,.. ..a t
ire r ho attended the -arn dane last S aturdaye nign:. -i:nac.tion e Athoeb ht In-re eut
... e r .ti on e thelmnl-abuo ht,.ie ertin o lm- m- G oXo1dofdt.V .i...-t
,-", b 'rel re ri Ineee .ft -tad e e are. sot) that: or DNEY A trala-W h Freud ght h a ve a nei lanataon On the atength of this complete i.Mahe t wsc ta e
of. pleainge theduers pandie rlebl of ahe d ne o .. .Me t-mg ht has .n e u pd by oa ex L a ect h lyasae Ke g to son
pl .I n the ub d w ntue do television strike in New sorkae by beeo onsierably puzzled outlWe for it, botit ti di. l l "otimaoy" letters r-" e tsUift st -3." 'h
ip e thbnlireAt of the public i ou r r r an the famou s Loal ato the8 r Jimm ls evetl .. ao r .llmlt o tinth .an ts ou .d eplana. rten w a S
i uri ncere apology to th-e who been inco-enienc- c sn Fede ration of Musi ste'print vrons wtoa ae r hnd h rim i
... union local is now led bynAl M l.endato show a clear stream oe t Srf years, dug with edtdi tov "s hh ds
o iare grateful to those who have given us their cooperMton uai one of those bright y0eo sre than avaie stupdl ti te seet. li en job es Roosevelaawi elt tarts eb a Inoveo to
a gthia venture. a acce sul one.n M*' p. echelon labor chief (W ad bin i li tous family. u. imal that byI M r. i o e. in.s e son h@a Uri re :le ditp
-Cl- ubAu t n n decade will be up there, whe s t y political plate the eMA dot ib enote c- a 3 a n sy, toler fia ler a dh a iw a h -ra am h,,
.. ... n -rmaking the national hero addlines ae f iatliie have s met s od r iv ado w he I w lo d cit .be argu ed inn .e i. o.n. al s'rtit of s ge bj aIr ,e a m ris is

u'Ionexpen se.a cosn tuet ... a aw ,t.r o mpnueoI s o rownamou vecar- gw yI.tZ, aIma to ar or other as, er a Pgo shw.'l A cs n t aree- et ; .
Or d ... ..... L. .. condoned-uiiits r ltofbeing FDR s

.ag.. Is ho"c o. .the toghest ne itl..or eo.f ,a hel -a. y, t hn. t a if ..le- Zmt, an er on ulsei ie d? s-n'.-,..
-aeragee 'd aeb roudt earbutte. velt. Onp .tl."n ies utmel as" Ide".nfor s.o...owe we but t '. n- d ".

AnwekmnrviuwPzle r obt slpterI n lee ad nu.aofl a
o apranrRhymes foI,.-lcr sude rstne eortdwit hs ,,.me n ediM r .ad se aU. t. et a po be a*deariat?- hay*
"Livre aiw aton lie sbo ia. toes mt ao".tr r om lF ad in, in v. _-.Wo to- h 1* WOll -.. -t une,-t-e.A-.rn cil ey hl _.N

'-4 lel t' r t24 Northr4nrsrryande aib -p nt f-ta' 6untrou' "t a nto eaentt kr m ou m th h t a ietep "WIh thi "d 'to ....Ir e
onjrtxp t n sebacounit.isuch-apeemto:o: ral ts Fnyandh30 eoo

10 kIng 26 P~lfer..b_ 4.2dPosture eXa-m -on- the i'-an de- tod-ons-y--only ,atl ibtoname of his I The ,jko i-vs; ue f moiccas.onal h __kingmrean lit "Itin_ b -
p Indivduas 21 Msos t 4Always t'"o scoress o once famous name -quea. i atinary osr othr- isn a re-r *L tr .- ds
theaterr gethe est ivar .ofp l o vder o ir m h. .. at l rte., bto ii40 aB d s- --
1as eriesi ofone-night sthnds. cadidae o l farA .s i e-sty, Wh i l Pe
ureryIhoib Chinhe 31 Whole 47 Great Lake Theseareth e "Fe tivid"t al.eir t.....
p4n'trooeyefig t-pwn in33tudeds 8 Aportmet(Msictan Duy-Ekstoewouci
23u' Tr s 3F ddi There is only one New m itkb i- dI.. r ... .. a. H.M.) a tpa on. .-
ie teatnret Radio C MoI1e 5 Tv4hre tasre i a oose- at l tt h adcall smail to tal ab ut iU b
esansiaonros uthe landuse apny live phivitto be ei aethat or ima1 ;t Mad thealU sea. easpor a stymo ta t c r t
J music at all. Hllywoo ain only gil, ov e n pro iore to thare i f lttal Presiesncy ae ril lips o I een school idren o y ,
osTD to notaro4,206I who'Tr& 'w eem ot-tr mtwhe-i a
too Iong ago-andlaves partial em- .e h e Siomur Z s. Ime n alioia,. u It s any lte b the ha
aveeaged.about t 6 ano year, 4 w nor atomic pow

-.1,-. ,. 1 tram po t. :,a.;. .
day. if you worksit.outethattway.

majo sId 129 secondary sym ho- '.. ...
ontobe ogaiso thestrteda the pul lewhe .RA We .
Thi,.. .me ..slb Ates.1 mui ans, some lfim. S er es was iW 'A eleWy 't i'
Thalea vei. healannedoinvolvinganneydo a Sviet ABomb. .e produced ......... --"....t---"otto
MP S__ .I Io, w Wew hora at e alst, the Bre i ti t, tl. Icluding In, si ,,.- -e .ato,.A, al.- m aterIn.,- ,
'-1-4new peitent of Local 8O2 wants lei "' ---- '" e- & movii 'jatt sci""- ""

'The studios are .uTnere nadabe y Jao.Gge: eu s announcement hould you to investigate ough) nst wwon- electiDcity h a i
Cal.fhng bid,, for it is cheaper too .thequ .dvk.. .his atao- ac.tin of Sincair Oii satelte.ha WF,,..
wI- -- -i nlu.-.ical themes and musical his .hetll. e ~..6quote). s.sue Pet .ioom. 31 -,ll.iI/
42.-- e"bAridge s" bem ween, sections of the .. ..,I .. .-s .Thla..' e stoe i.hs vaiue ot edi n, ill i .d l5 .ItnkgPie.o.he-d..o.y1..
43 .shay.tow or commerce als .Zs.amelO 's.lsut Ding-_ly .hare. Mo.hiofls. lntereeta iasan -SIDEGLa NCES'.-"

-. Iis -Live 'Music for. Lve Shows" grossed ris6 M.I k '.t's, s.cholders'it
ltrins around te big, town's studios Pd.c e forsthmanofX (not the1 -wfar. Att..itnieon"us -
telair -- and those, membeL in- drawln -_uit Is Fn., r- -lw--nf arena. l bs se -- --- .... II imoo_.
sdi Godfrey and hi s .k e, esenn.y, will (he rpei e elsewhere, ._ utd against 1im -.
23 Tl. va.38 Fondled '50 Winglike par t Thereati is rnly visiNew n gatoel ..f;tI [-i:,
fiedle acroadi tMi, '. ..-.ta-Slo# .-due perjorey;,b'aI. uYsalr. Aoita_.aabout.le.l ."ut-
apologize Threw and. g 's leadingipsbhin Sit I ll hi i M b .i IiI, V IC1
isif',-1,Ad only.310 "moies" utofthou._nb ow r-a, -,tohandlep Lthinkeryear: IroiT isiApri. (Its WE I /
i ansaros-t-labe fse ny lve Ji t iet r l v0aor l mj iY e arit p I l 4e who.. 1/ li .........s that silb-"
mu[ .t oall Holl..wodoha actions iA-d_,p r. ..ku ese touts e, (l$Presidenct. Ienearly S ._ lui I :-. ..ove
too.lngaIrm Nica-o (ve n c ..m.. a-. !....
Oneot Sigmun d"aidieInC isadfor(delenteny by1'et -'" '
Womeparti n saie -).telowvt t "alr! be'i,

-e e .or s ao ... .. w ,elIla.-

testheoaejevea AeheMe 4ahi AO
SleWl uti a Ne Madmes a liding la ag phat awemast rear iso
u.ueet a bead. e., stank e-ia *fut ibe e j.. ...-..-..
Me beat 'timesAIW-,
*CAN FIL TUR NEEDS uessebp thatfor "ENV
Otees ~ rle -a .. stK.hsfa,.

"uuh nh ha- w a i biedS. ini -"" :.....

Di~ U'~@ ~IS hambee a*.
a biaelow., tU'ni.

The -w o-mmJIM
,ud. s m -i~d- l o, i-.! i~i l ,,-@ li-zlI d :'i,,
i I "mliail ie. l ll ll ,, .. .1 .__ ..__.- ..... ... ll l iiI i" I-, .A""U

- Lr 3F

'" 5- .* ^ --,." -.: .f *' *-
* 4 .-- --- '-- -- --

Q *^

S -'. .... ._- .=.. ..- : -- ."


2~: -~EL~rr~i~i~

-9< ~ ~,f~Ytr
K- .4~rf. *..~s: c-

mwriWTh- ~1IK#&jA

:'2 r' A.~ ~~~

' .- *-.' '.. ,.-; ... .. -- .. .. -.
I "' +L J~~l i .t ", ', 4 .

0iCer? J ow

'rPiS The Civilan Pertonnel C
flee, Curundu, todaY annou
codero8ues o 4f

.tAi speal t o r y avor St..r b,-ir. o.N N ,* -
So ait servtiB h om tte a approved B
a Tax justment oud submit

..::: :: '. ... ... '-.rt '- s 7 ,9 8I "
in_ I_ c agre ed isOu e 'nl' a es onorec"oilo'"-
Si Fe i t" eri m f

l8:1er T *w|ttlep Show ma bee raie to t follow. of thesaidt onomeT. WAr G- No o hse co
3:3-usrefredL b r ad Thelo ... W o nuo.e"o ae to ne 41 he;
c c o te amot o d tt v ocrata li ait is wegt
special ; th a spei.alit .vr..... ...b S tR IlC4 omi tM1

. ..:..5 a.Hl-i. H-- i --- e d Uo-tf olo o ns Je vai kon .ou t h at the e d a, the o
itn sd dA" f oo d re to t r ""tml n am tt Irih so
CTS AX run adjustmaentI nEhdWteo
..ora, speist ..kmerit atandardaFormt."
h e mTa ,c n dtrb y'" h.... h .... -. r s, h'- n. "-o nn e
aIo_ -l Po-ith SR Tin ri ta tee an NOT
HaOG A 80 aproeC e.n-l IncomeeA w rates.

and that's the bigslie B:15-The Jheoco Smmittee ahow bis her uform 5 nS
bedallowed :3vavote dad paid Int e 96 1t" 0a
I it 1dthka t wore ed b
It e ao t, h end of *rd EEit o

tv to t traoi n t100.-The Ol i lro ag e tt epr en t h ohlm t Fa rersn woranc e itI cr i 7,5
oC thnnat c trt expend bituore o. "eroh1d avedW oastolWa voeef voest
SAbla oe 6h1:0-The OlitNtle mcanyal eBwa nh ovel s fargw ofiar tse ino m. a c r tfou th e Coard
pWS said i-P ow1ahead ofwlesOfAn aid Fnae i ttt
2e fftoorWednesdeyeo n Chad irmaon c t the twOuldshiftse t owple d a ota

s&|34 Pos-F.. Ri e w -assailtw Bto dm o%,onto;thir
OaR 7: '4 Wa' Yur. Forte A R id (RNY said'z w tnnser vs naa serv A sta ien l .
5e:5_0-News *.would. bef em~r Oel .tende o nt.. n ind ividh'alueedin W
V_ -(n1L., 'oF the nations ah .. *cm mi ru t olo aiou tor t hent

S ttt 6erig800-The FoittMert. P d agin u I to the tThut e d grad ing
I:_ a 8-'5-om eno o n Wonl S R dt Art ,yh7idti+ h ti place ,OT
ittJToda yii bc ndorna nsdingplp eiri8Mo INFI TSy ,E CDo f
taoa..M -' ca io tl Vo fo ho nte ee U Pi the rear w e

"Siu-W U-.. .. te .. d ,,T ex WEEKek SUCCESS BE$
tal C n S m:30-abThe e hIs aot tSI n e ais woih lergea onfd h h ehei veoente ar nid

*ente w .:e for We tdne sdayr a cranda du H am -l tst "cia oad at A oosed .ha h aACoO
11:08-Oofdthe.Review n % ImmitLn .Cs adxm rine pait. do fo 4 er -dT v+"ta

oGDPwha' Yu Favoell;o Tte RSee drtnb te winde asch. o ge at Hae l1f4In 7otere-is. St Dt
#IV* o r #wi 12:t0-newSln commu tocoidv a ou Aaaisi ittion Pn niseo P vootin Itereisr n h
010 Ls a t r eacmmont .0 folurMu) Prize Biennialohatonorsjaimen it on 1rFricaymnitege14 r

cwquq 4 si a tf cotmment bN igli -T hh th .W ee LbndC aftedno rt e* t he snllw bl aeoTna t eep ha-
IMsi-The FPaters l Parade a1 1 way .ioanl as.and to 4LDrlra s IMP
8t m n A nars awMnd trnWrol Fv. aine Pa e-nd,- .ou n a do nt a
S9al.00l-Var Aoy (BB) matpuwfol oe Drso obnt otsc e E

wppre er"0l4 *ool.oCl cateowiee-,,eDe r fofla Of.rom.anama x third Place r
0ye t-week.or ard Yecovt
worki ng mh net e nt ns Hourrs,, stocholA,,,;aale.,fromd,25 o35...

,Tto d i y s 3700-The AlPmare Cwoic or twr ad Wfla 'R8 vetes swao
you kon 3 90)-- Thennial art e btv- th e "- w aroad aau P E ( sc )V."
It.caAs MTh 7:0-ORGANedvtio cotendhetea FMistHarpr14rs w7d .wr1 vote s

din h. 1: hv0-Th OWe's FNes r i coanle zo e, b-inoto ma sieolifen water xior. ok i sr of n s
and 12:00-NewSegnbOf f lonal Leagueof rif J Stfod'h -b Pel sub P. 301forK for "mid
!.P a. eW ( ,t t WOo)atEtndy1aCftern oaes the nn t nt"e' Bm'o
Zr loteadTos. e, ,ht hlienOe. SNst':gieome a m rPor en i I nveeOnt

never AUsPi .ior WWpnUs -a s3iun5 y d tr Bend fE' '5CCESS he
b aa- eoitme. On Th)=Mann oFirt(a.lward weinner an ia. sesod Fran .BcosG n s f .or
Hogsatidmhica:0 k Cluac 1ai the oea orld ( eRtoDw an in t A wer Sor i Ir"ci'h P t' I d
t6 k9e y c 30--Newst i Eiodn ehor itwb O fe- Oel entn o a ln p- t L

lltd To Kw tha :folo.vn5io Wn ner e e ihd Iea or E
10.:05---Tn'O merour allror a t p e i on t*eoe=tomn .oP Giembe n ffrL
(BBCon)-w1% aatr

lu =` ou 11 9:15 C-The r atro- D 0oNba r u 0l .the Gd. ra e jSti, hnrUp e'nodrSe eos- *RRp o
!, heif o e i45- Lum a"r__T, Feb.B11aHot elOT

d =Wrt sra id lheo g r Iu-atieRs!d .pan -i.a. r ancin "el w. ann dr. to Sl FIRST WEEKSSSB"
N tlonel a 9- o e30- :% America Ite Naatiowier Atwe a non ced f loe:O h oi itl it t e rnt El Rie -E
i':n.ojt toef thieR7:0-te o rd aamwardsk clhima lL ats. V otoW .n b DmACRZ.0 FittO N -S.
sta rskw'it o -in0- the- 5You OW c r.o.,,,E5,ewrk. ., .

to p .tt. i.s_ rBt e"caped second, f urords' ,' axes s sm JAL t 1,-
Pen *'ad.s Ba.-r4 ot thansc se d lee Ed
:05-Lunce^oy Muiac "LocEsC oU^to Ciwrds Industy hAS AInt Tro'
a "- .+ g lshar at- 1:15-The Perhns Hona lity PaadeH .G,, f "Portrai Ho

-.;m nid, t of the: + U.t 2,o:4o-w-The Bat of thet Bands : tf..cw8' ; CO A T V fo $.. .
"ai0A.d to h toff.i.eI.n a CO- Te ra .. ,t atar ceoo o.... ..... t at

hadS5I di e d In of- 3:18-The Lt wo ti*o ct aor m too le .lu9r- PLAEROS.(asualt .acket),mVales fr $*A--
aet.,odl ind.r: VTAa :O0---at AmR a Reie am wer gn s nswa'.; onD to SR ,o -T
&aand 4:30-Wheat' Yr.. Favorite
._1?9:15:o30-News.I. lotn,_ teMwor FIRSTkWEEK'enSUtE BEll
so Od e w a -What's Y Faor eflo made the following sel- r .o.b-t on -N J E Wi o B o r
-..-6:- 1s-BLUEaRads an Bellmfg ... NOTasts- OO- L
6:50-ThelBeelloTele:p-- eTayor R. cordNAM fluse-We RE
(i ..A -+ Feb 10-LhOTHINO

8hm..6the:1-The PltersuttT Pa ado -Ao ri CaiBtz. Jo. n.t. ;
8:45'-Cometr ond Wone r l, d.sspe ansm e aidfth a ytwo..-emfnber_. o ed.
9" ,. m o. u ;300-P-ano PlayMouse (VTA:h Inrestigoate"-....Sa "it*r Nown$2.75
.1r -I s ea:0-ACa."oLeein,',lulL K mi,'S ,,,,,r-
:15-A ADate for Dane ... .. ...Mfortt-LongSleever anda
2.o'- --.h.e-IV O ff rli11,t, ottle d .fheBent the .- S COATS, Values from $25 to $35t....
yExpslant o etheyUied[iH Ihfu3:,w-Tmeepattle ShewP e pea
Ai-HenryI.S it Brad' et s. 'sa' PLAYEROS (CasualJackets), Values from $s
Vand 3 -oieY:. vof Am ricr we can possible helfwo rkAeYt


*as d-
Tl. l l,,|nv ut
idtn Cl


Panam d PdoP.
By $d60 of the Board of Direotera, -the atockbolers of NATIONAL
-.. EISTILL$Rt'S. A. are hereby uhaofhd that the ajnnu4 ookholdem'
S feting ta itlb held at the main affeloi of the CoQppany, loeaste in
Avenids 6beoar, PanamA City, R. P, on the 23rd day of MIarch, 1954.
at 4:00 p., r the following purpm : ,'- -
(a) To rad the minutes enha ppe.vioun ti.
(0) To elect of resietDireaq at,
(oa) TKWesamine and approve tkh tfinh pDfoft aMB statement
pd h rport s64ubumld to 'lp ky SM of 'Qfoer,:.
- (d) To -aonaier sad at a t upA the .atters Motrd of
obo Wnfers or ash D&reqi* aPvdsy or .say Ceoheader
-'*. *- i tih .nito*a"L.
; -;--a ait ruar > r >rMA



Values to $24.75
Co s. Terry Rayon


18" Square

$125 Dozen

,. .', -
7..- 9 d

.-. -. '.
". ... "" *r ;; '. '", ..' ',

Faltering Pthilip
Of- l
me- ebtlmps wt b u I" With bmkm .,r
': woen-won t a mmh eu
" pin womMUM bM- bkb home b mre -i
be -'
P At Cbaisdfae UN the ro t duset
oy-. .. ,
.57. .. ,.






'URSELF $1.000.-


md. DARIINM ITr ttir .iIt
CURUNDU FAIR ... .FEB. 12- 13- 14

4 .ri
(~4 -




- A

i ,- .l.u ...

tory SALE
ivy ^--a..r



SUITS, 4 Colors..............Reduced to 36
IZED Hukabuk Suits ............Reduced to 4 70o.

ed Tropicals with 2 Pants, inc. Whites. .. Now,

AVE and NYLON CORDS ....Buy several at

......................... All Lumped, Now
8.50 to $14.5u............... Now $5.10 to
cool $21.50 .................. Palm Beach


Sup for a whole year
action of 40% .......... Some ao low as $450

Sizes 14 17. '
Blue, Grey, Green, Maize. Now S2

S. S-I S V -$2M$3'.-M
nHIRTS $s$3i,

Reg. $1.00 each,
li $$LO



Also usable as

Sizes 28 to 34 only
To Now $1A.

White Be Green
Now Reduced to

. Ope .$o.. -. ..-.
__ eg..
, *"rj


-r --. -. -~

~ ___~~~~__~~_________ __ ___~ _

_ ~~___



.7- .7.ft .- .. ftt4.

-p i .ti

....i*7*41 rWjh$a
4'. -.- 47tet.o~a.Jwkc~

* M.nb*4%~tf ~#i4%4d *14

ft t

,EDr .NbW .fiR
w f l^W

S.. .. .. .. ......


-' '; "- .- r;.;- .. -.IF- ..
:;, ::0 : :;;. r z ::? ;
k ; :9 in
" -' ftw:' T r j. .sf :j l~d

r W p- m rwq--- 14* 1-4
- Written for NSA Service Written for Nlw A rviree
; We've been defl various
kinds of honeymoon bridge for th
Last few weeks, a 4 this time we
NORTH 7 will discuss one of. the very inter-
A 4 testing Corms of the game that isn't
SV K J very widely known. Like all game
x 4 3 of honeymoon bridge, it is for two;
6 4 3 players.
SWST 43AT Deal out four hands of 13 cards
WRST EAST each, just as in the normal game
4 K 7* 53 6 2 of bridge. Two of these belong to
8564 V 106753 you, and the other two belong to
6 QJ 10 A 8 7 6 5 your opponent. Pick up one of your
S 10 7 2 6 QJ 9 hands, assort it, and discard, any
S lTo (D)e card face dowl- ,
S" QJ 1098 Replenish your 5anamKVng
I V A Q 2 up the top card of your o
4 02 Discard ano r c 4. replen
4k AK 8 your hand 3 | tinue this
North-South vul process f1 uM hav up the
S th Wet Nerth u 13 cards
S16 Pass 26 Pas isgoing the eant
SPass 3Pass 3N.T. Pas a oS
4 46 Pass Pass 13 cards asd a discard n p l
t Opening lea6d-* Q cards. Push the tw disearf s
Seaside and get ready for the bi g
and the play..
S he play that American experts If you have good memory, you
o as the "smother play" is will remember yOur 13 discards.
Sn Europe as the "Devil's By looking at your own hand and
." Most experts know'he playrememberingyou discards you
S they but seldom if ever tell what 26 cards a. dealt
I butseldom ifeverget a to your opponent. don't
:l ee "eo execute it because the you, howpoPvert is
situation is so rare in actual play. know, owenver, si ur op-
It must therefore have been very ponent discarded. He ou must
.a inning to the experts who guess at what yorr op t has in
k irt in a recent "Olympic" his final hand ofJ 13 ca s.
Sto be robbed of smother The discarding for each of you is
3ps!) by fine defensive play. partly skill aid partly luck.. Natu-
West leads the queen of dia- rally you try to keep high cards
Smnds, holding the trick. Dia- and a long-suit of some kind. You
asonds are continued, and South tend to discard odd low cards in
Sauffs the third round. South nat- your shorter suits.
.rllr takes a t afl esse and But if you keep getting similar
Sa jt*ffar t.ditAts mauc. cards back as fast as you discard
sea ful. re is thstflacse, but them you may discover at the end
t eon' 1' j that you have only two or three
trumps. cards left in a suit of which you
'Thet o player would give had nine cards to.begin with in the
Sap at point. West has more 26 cards of your two hands.
1 tmp 2b the dummy and is Don't g5t too discouraged when
mt re to win a tto, a you _&ra hash of your discard-
Swking. Souh e ixpes ,t ? o peBnt Is, -probably
0o p, two diamond k, splng -au in the ammeey.
l & Ip The chances are that netbhet oe
An uth would not'five of you has'made th most dffectiva
cash the ace and use of your origial 26 cards.
SU followed by the three When the discarding process has
a" e then leads another ended, each of you bids. The deal-
g East to win wnh the er bids first, and then the other
e *. player. The bidding ends when one
i.MMz vyturn a red card. player's bid is passd s passed by his op
uh. 'tpir- two trumps land ponent (or when both players be-
ust o*. of them. West like- gin by passing). The jondealer
T.e 1f0* trumps, and dummy leads, and this may have. a very
-inclub and thq ace of important effect on the 15lay and
ps., West plays his king 'of on the final contract.
A lrnm mvy overruffs wtth the You can afford to bid no-trump
then South -can win the if you will make the' first lead
gk. If West plays his low when you have a long, soud; guit,
dmpmmy .diseardt the club, but you cali't afford to id no-
my wtls the last trick trump if ybur oppone will be in
.b ,the vob i leading

hen uth cashes, theI Qu .-
o cl East must Clede d Q ."

chir with the ten.
Sthen leads low trumpinto ee s o
01bre f dui r'S aace. The king elected Wnt0 s fnI, Itcher
a Is tus rescued from ITo lner on* jr"?'
Sand from the Devil's for-the 1 aen.* -slvia X iM X .,crowne. b3

o0we11 Q a ti otn 'eb. 2*
at 12thB bl tDomlngo Diaz
Avenue at,:ud D. m.
There are almost 500,00d lamak,
or priests, in Tibet. The priests
rmake up almost one-fourth of the
population of that cold, windswept
land. Nearly every village in Tibet
ha a lamasery. Some lamaseries
bouey as many as 1,000 monks.


THE BUDGET DOLLAR--Chart above, prepared from Bureau
of the Budget daWtr shows what proportion of fiscal 1955's budget
dollar will be contributed by major sources and the proportion of
the dollar that wil go fur major expenses. NotU huge bite taken
out of the dollar by national security costs.



SS. TROARN ............................. February 1
5,S. WTNNIPEG ............................... Febru y 1
LS. "COUTANCaf ......................... ... Pebruaty 1
MS. CHILI ..... ......................,.,...... reb ry 2

*..... ............ ..... ... r 1t.
S.S. LIBERTE .................................... February, 1
S.S. IDBERTE .......................... .. .... ... ar

AND -6 Fr. ,EM

'i4'N .- *1 "
Osar ,now -,


- .
&~'.i'.. -, -.,5' I t-tU M i

I -
,'.,',.. ,,...A.l. t.o..

f 4ki.ii


i .


Weekly Fat Cargo iniSem fb*W^ t 'LW6I ba alboa e West Coast
atftV a cat ..
Crist6bal: FRENCH IJNE. P.O. B t .0IS TeL 32 4 a 818
Pumani: UNDO & MADIJO. 8. A. Sox 1038
Tel. fanmes a-lU .- 3-15W



fW..4.y. .asfps d

__ I _.-;i .,i-

IV; on
, -
ItM-\ *Sa

-V:44. .- '-t
' '' i
-derf t B! SIE&ui:.

oii News

51 A3945 ~C~i -,

In 5he Wilds



Baek We Go




O4M tUJLUlMtUa Mwu,2


Chanseto Warm Up

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of fp'VtOT C4M ts rPvi
1THl. rfiT CAIWDlw-..'
L w4y-Vtlad

dike WU'M


\THEi B~LNL -i.J*

UlAL ut wK-

5: 4.A. wwjafl~ft




;Ky MIX:

.~5r7?f-4 4-Ar 'i-' -T'e-
~$ ~-:.C $ -d

. '. I.



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a 7-ft g


'' .3 .i'-A--

.. and ArtC"erlm
P AI.D' .de it--
l re PepMYs'uof e al.t t hato Jackie treald

a ac i Wbast. C^ a tCme hto. Doo .n T 34
he Goeet vrn f < a^ s? Easbar S e seI 6 I be on' ,t et me nament a
New.iAA that bhfft;shoude
,'sla, Whoa on B a anch sbCEfl lb."uI
-F. .CS ps mut, .u, wa a ie -. r.l. r anc.iqu

aa't ppse-ya be it's m aoai f it a stuiofwtha
*Mile. A. t ma i m t, R a Asut alletr Se md
r'e '.". L.e., fle Jelep e s ....

toIond_ r. -. I tw'i. .a arah Ja et M ea u p"It's always Mrs. Gprney," e I t a'oo to of tce wo rds," he sat9 j
;" o m o0.'. ;.. rooys. happl i "ot the, in a rests a"It ate slpetead s _eae q obethrt -
T"u, tUtt or so. AmAr m Cg.Ie, g ae.s f s arae t' Na, t on. .
sweo- "Idevitably, isPainhtonswo'stdri*u wnd yaout hI d hea tseun M .te een t rat. e Ns i.

the.e ag ndlovestrotad t 'he'dmlove to halk toddytu.'bteajus t emo r aeye."

Wa ogtetr gagtVnoV I went to l'the pne boothm Sod Two of te tops m ad ( e de .'.
bePha mbo touces.o th e hstted with th e ei for 10 min. around,o m de Ieoerl
'#hor o. fAftcr we. ..
dg e.P0 1 1bhnelppse tangrseor a so. At rons s He. r e f For t's1 or o
Inevitably, Pae c ste4so e aefound out the daughter ws in b- eme anaL men.e gOneIs
id. 04 t e -and thescayatritt ead the sa o had placed the lered
i T ogt! i t on he.tur he l O -d stene- call when he aw me vme e amorys eI h -_ .

are co a lly ite "le, with'the feather of "You know," she says "I just mon being," he says, "and can.
mor #r twan with the scale r love: Mrs. Gurney; I aore her. forget. But never anything I really.-
le But once I so a kinescope of the want to remember." He's had 12
V'espert Circ 41 P11i _t S ha drawn i p show. It was frightenta. Yes it 000 pupils in 10 years, and ays..
TaVerp o the Gm -Wa aas .l as m .te. r couldn't stand the woman. he can remember them all.
boa a10m. V e a" ewll-mesit e fomethe perod.a Foti It took m weeksyl, to recover." "Some better then others," he
evi tat.70 tdiehoedtthe206,Virtue ways tr ss eat I remember the 4=cb
Chair M. R. D ean; honestyIs much the betib -e Current
.5ia6-A. WilAramson Avenue. Mrs.' R. .T hebo is a the l ': l., Bronawar heoows 0n-i t., mus" th bet a ly -O; un-.$- *a
A. Grty ,-1 sbe chhosa ls. -i. and-nar the long-ate i, wmh e .m i-.' i eekeS the.vy -of
". .I Lalglne,.n ftal ognt A of' kow shae' lo rutv are, i or.' ur t Js dway ators. Tey.eer
MrsM a PS. tne ,' will, be hINee inand men in a day tho90se'3 whon 7 D r, alLnotouclye is bieart, Iben the
I t e haa eoan, '.a.,fAll inem forever gone. oud o ht- w.aib .71'r Seven- or ad bity "eal nt els t
lote dmaaue'oi uhe arently 5esteahn eu erad or
CMRdeTon t i e r d a t ,e uin f d tnce c hast to romt
7InEboaC es urv Stockeds on thesin n Ithre will close at as Ralph atp (artlik a
ho!- Itstdiofrerfhble pheeomeae aotm month and hit theof ad b taugt n ae a 4t t tie-. ,man who y .. a V ,c e *
e Gl asono t the fa ll a a ft .
r Pon- LE$ptt has assembled ai .n a toei- eahis show,to.i (Ditr utd by -NEA.m rvic e,
= pGoveare coi-41aU7 company from -No w Youn ow, axe mason" jut st up bein g
-4A.b dt-then" wfor her cmko lo G ever
recepfo Ibe overeor sle on a o, Eddie the sharp little pimp whoIs .
beihw it f r ert Atge.nbas ador .of the United States to L shop in ompet on e
h arPanamarr t.tamA Mrs. Chtp tA'with.te vice rings muh t e bartW tedu r d Cpe,
15-"asnAvne rML pk-t--victim -and stoc. ln trI; JIv, the

::r ':. Will Remain o T,
HonMr-SeAtSCeekt'aMOOwle nMrs. mnnlddA. meninaldasewho" 'ist "Dialboutt he Same

.Ma. Ge NimE.Bnu ese fd Kun Mrs.Q ra
.the ,f from theGirn las"Iwo, w-hokarousesAnyi smirationatall A(NGTON, e. (UP) In incometaxeswhichwasef- t
N'4ew 4W 1Wi'7t*C do M e n' Mru s -. reI Stark--4or a moment just at government experts predidt- elective January l."
son-in I apta Pr. Preston theend -and Janet, Marie'saupt ed today tha 1954 price levels t added tha reall food prices
John ,T I p ao rittJr,, Mrs. ata VIt-der-hans,r whot mes ed from aher own a'little Villbe about theisameeaslst are s expected toeaverage o sru.
of F.r C t ono lethgu Mts. John Vn-der-hads,rsa Rob- stociade" yar& ao and DA trying yr and said the public as at ntialplY thd same as l, t
f ho n ert Vahe, rs. Elizw to save Mane. wt is a -whole have a muc mn-year. 'he department md
by the o, '. and Mrs. Harry Ga r .e ,. pleasant book, all too convincing... or to spend. food price& may be "a Itle
"Th"" a to iiuJeshd b a! Their.: forecast we refnll s. erb M .NtN A unS.r ,
Po oAlfte by forced by busnOIN ecosamistn adyear because- of a dopIn.
bea Cirnawho told Congrem the worst of meat suppl e. But it aid hbey
,Is t has-... a m a e dip is over sand buslnes should level off later.
Bi Oo u4 tP os rat l de'W0 1Ia n Naould pick up by the middle ofs ...
baed raetheorUnit eoUof 9'tared State W tost.o upnshop Incomp edtitio la ropti9 sl v lt beel
le em; Bi tde r C. i wtthet ar re. n g- M h nh te o m I
and Mrs. .A -aa nr e viZ0 -- At mat nh#a d A -:e- DepartmentsSta s tistise Bureau .
erals and sono. doAan-ria he efrmDreiemeapmdecre teitedta-griwonotbelany
G; BT adW GeneralA' Gib..s ..An ef ier a bous s and Stakg. a, yothebusrles Ei R.emaWin_ oThai rk e C g the general

onors A P rs.ty Mrsat. o iHr, ir ot m on thlswt 1oedbouble -istnaquer ios 'A aeseof res c onsumer
- t ahe r usa thei ofBl 1 Islad, M o rdnS e b whao r~sao t. o dtrtailgW IIaON bright, .....o ,, sU) nodsmservices this years
by wed NO M ar thea .Hrr SP SNM-In-leavgeMIa -ontr.'ther e
one w t he P a dlo vi M h n nrotr, S odt e i l ampwarde stoths f a m e d .t eg j s at orddment exp ts Predidt-leetsle l Jan urthey 1."sh
soon-rn-a w 4 t a us adnEmslee m u ro a d Poth r e bers t hontseesto thIe rn ds .. J ,e's aup enad t ay a 1r-ce le el Iut a dn real o ot d pric
of Fo*.C j em Yore g ts hrs Joh n Van-der-hama, ariu is. Rto-tcdeI years u t bno h year an d mwam i the pbis a arb tantowlly otb oar a last
.ed....." I Ga r' "- "V "r s T Wul, i .a. Ice. p t el- too cnnig .. Whole wlhavefac- .s u bckm e ." Th e depa ,t.ent Mid

sps 1 .amfgOf the Mr. prieend. toopiepaer-ad
bMrsa .. -aLa G, r)Istand r I Wy--e. l bdI1t tonf hrlo 17e/ rze h. i s oed by b nvuneee0 n e tlo otomich d c eokus e of a dro i
PENwthegest RA-LY.-Burners.shouldnot
told Con greassd.res i lnaIs-
,7QBieut h;Firs. o AIs waltu.pofehp agivenrat nofb ieofrshuduerppiestorieat his ,levlofa tr But sd thn 0 -,, of,,- ia T.... -..
rwt.t .. -- .. Mrsd ef .Mrsr &r.neHeaa dl.raltiWise;wepolornags to ct-ud E.
-...e- .s t CGaean,, amA'rnivqlTealot.Ines&eatir
: 'LK!!.httWe mwh a taN. ti isk ato h A TE
Mr:. Fi.rstMMr.a-jotMrs.tJals my F.M i o tion ahed nh.Whfri". .. ta..king.can .. -
-a ad tif l Marylanmodertelwardhimnon-AsoBbyAtmenwethe 85 to todat e
r saradPThd soenid ed I lim ttd tu. nw mtltary tntractment Cmoverat l3the pecb miae-o 4,t -gtuhes th ee.peIn_
,rs at uend ee or wt te.gues t 1. ace-o -w'i" e I-to-".ic-o-- WA which future,lo hat consumer desol and 'WW itla
U- st ,?$J/. Pand '- by. rt- .' 'y W "a "." '.- "An a c.u 4" '",. .-mi m "i hi lh i" 1a. ust of o p@. ton g* .. .- .
"t" k" i"r at"arcnshoand, nre-
T.vtmnat G.e__ sAIH Pane UrfllV- d.-.HI i Inw enl esverse
Mr. gtri Ths..A D.. a t g would ste '" "
o stn'It" F t Pan al nd lthe .IstIin wih th.. ,wa. annuae-la al .rt- a oremost.... ,d~ m tl_.dee theee ke strongs rpin
M r s W Al k rea-th r A n e t i et b P rt h ate no ,,a.. ..
'rho .-n, tband 'Mr.. and[avisit.a e _gudstsubwill be -d4a w mbig' do nturn .,OI"
rs~ w rs or s. ---m_ at H otoredbyth C .natw, do fl __ugn Now the ,ler tsute bsns h'.--au
eStead. naa. O,. Navy Crbs at Itcco e i &ba tk, .-- 1-2 hm dollars In Dec S- George P. ,,tchingi, economic ; I I JJ

Mr.yf u", vs.-:it r 'mr. uedek L.-Mar of. An ;action.ra.heeo carnsaldIoutt 1 bln fhe e n- I spending for business P u nt s'tn h-it
Mrs. C l a -. LongI lid. w Yo rk unitlOd Ance. b la tro ,op -ress ed 1-2Tbillion4f. t.hel h af"s..s a toew d ., equipm nt hm id g ad .a"aa.a

S -w 11t hrw M do .2 Irss l e ae"rn V &= Re "se'.'&Are b .. a k&... e& 1 %-ed..6- ai-',y -to ., .t W._____

a onch cp nrsely cp- e Di d American Veters1iA ".
ltEUI" T im, N ra m _p-. zH (etaes, well will o.tO t dhe*r annual election v m & "
a(but if cherries) of afflefta oetMooday,.Feb.15 at T y Irt & a
theIWayIteAsonvanils 7:30 p.aS at Rotal S Panatfla, it
Look This e eB Ce u "r.
with a Siff yasad e6coa cured bp- uC. doruof Cary
^togeaghe, M and mix w&11$ Pab b I stti Chairman of
St--.'-r- -Bat -sa l thick the FOr From now a0*' *- .. -
Sab. .w-ad emorry tbe MU3ieeliBwi g w be head' .
Loy mictA"pr fhiletd-at MtSPaSMV
ts SnA. tdW vw .AdV Bealist whites The Maan har
.... " flEAE4 I&- *v1C*toattn u
m), to a01The "Madion Square Gluds" yeS raOle. have beo Ine ll4
n:4% t..t n t h the mt.a-.wi l Tr m m.ce .k s mm

Sa^m. 21weDNESo VSdw. 10 WIN&

m i+ "m+ m7m "r+ = I 'm P m = 'Ir ~lmmi I m "i.I '< mI im m "+ m m +mA
m-273 "' ;II+" .. I= I, d i + ""I
+ m mm mmi um:+ k+.++ + +;: ,+u+;... ..+,+ ..m m mm ++,+:+t+):l :, ,+:-.-+Mem

._ ..

: 2 :.


- .- "- ,. --F -''
^ '^ ~ ~ A. 'I I i.T j Ir'~ f

^-*..*'*-yoi Vt



tree No. 1I

Juat ALruMInia Ave. and 3 SLt
5 Stite No. 26


4 Ave a


if SMwtMe No. 57

Againa I atraL e'Pb
*COWnAf A"




1FOR SALE:--4 piece livingroom set FOR SALE .-1952 Morris Minor, low Telephone 2-3479, PanamA. near. p G A-"m
Smehegonly, hike new, 2 men's suits mileage,' reosonbly priced for im- weemkd esathe

iywfbr beds with mattress and FOR SAL:al Feid CustomT 4- MIC n he Sat C Alo witn t
9th. Street between Srnto Isabel di heater go. d condition. Tel with small house I construction, hone i9 r e b p
nd Meende Ave. No. 8059 Nvy 2472. S. ucr. 1,000 fenced lnd Chep "Stein- lu d to the floor.
, apartment E, Colon FOR SALE ..Two 'buses "Mercpdes- pano in perfect condition, ii Sn; Cr ed ttages.ld o a
FOR SAL :--ushold. o rin. wknhours. i l e P let ree a f j.
gas stave, vabe, two choirs, 4 e n tra 50pm. on. eadte 44 t C b
ser hst-ofdrawers, lamp. 42 2-20644 Regtered Cocker Spaniel pples 567 i le a ar
s Firt Str iet, P Anam. A-2234. doorW modhs old. ti, 84240r-FORSALE: Lot 'i'Dw-Arrmr inCO C---t0-t--a. --tnat

OR SALE;:-60 cycle, 9 cu. ft. re- rey hard top Mirc-o-metlc. F obbe. _____________ Sqmo Clsa. Please bring Wui nd the job tor the day wh
frgerator "Fridaire. Excellent only $1,850. Call between 4 and FR SALE-Rdio 25 and 60 cycle ne hone e b d th- mst m e
S condition, $175. Corozal 6380, 7 p. m. Curundu 837284. Record player 25 c le, both for --s at .d th ft
'.FOR SALE: Household furniture. 14,000 orle a lnal TL o erlraSe GBoo175.00. 0Telephone 0-017 "4 Pon- r lntrranrtth p tio Rth a Ci er s ouP Hewis evoitw M1S C l.
Refrigerator. Bedroom sat. Living- green with rean leather WSW, R SALE-Large cmnner cupboard *ObIAI..hq Atf rtnaIn laws ..
c* room set. Electric scwing machine. radiontd cream, d25.00. 14a33-A C a r
a rauPhone 6-23 faLo S ETI e Corr street. Phonp 2-4146 Blboa. NT-Furn d House. Three GEO. F N INC i stS A a a
S SALE:-960 cycle, 9 cu. ft. re- rd seor tntlow. Low mllpge Go; d condition and working ordPebr. kt end Ati witha 2- A. -. ed t14 kto a ake Wdar hwa n ad W '.
$r 1't4 2O47b5, M ran gTAe. nd r e tro bser' .r te was b tw een

refrigerator, 25 cycle. Excellent $1.30,850. Pall between 4 and FOR SALEn--Radio 3.2656. c e. and one mld'. room. a 3..av et ted. .- .
. condition. al 875-326. Cloyton. Balbo3. Telhurund 28324- am 2 re Telephoneom. o.- -- 3 .--- Db.h e .hd-st mot.e
room mt. Electric sewing mac hi ne. radi o.tdyh S tGw.fCallHCue hsndu.TelenthedcnHolum.A~0.ater.M .. $2,000

LFOR SALE: Livingroom suite and FOR SALE:-Boxer Brindle. Female. *- arn. N ff
diningroom table & chairs, $65.00. 23 months old. Call Navy Pacific, FOR RENT: Complete furnished Welljo b, c Ut W e Sf
-couch 2 chairs, coffee table, table 3158. chalet, three b*oyrmo lvingroom o t. -- Fene Sta l
E..- ..i. i-, -, i table.- two 9Md dininguoom. moa's ropm gar- g Mflf9. iS s t
House 2725.WANTED: 1951W -19j 1953 ., grd d eo.o. Seo nd tC I Sceuters To Be
l, C Z. USED CHEVROL eiS- PLYMOU 1 H ... enue, San oFrancisco No. 94. Tel- i T Av. lenred at Dinner B t, w
E:eroom furniture like PONTICS p sod or exchbaVe VILLA *phon. 3-4531 and 3-285 for "Bex Awe Cjee, a Shiner
B deob tooes TSE SP-I T S CA IN STRID my weekend hpuse appointment e l Dr. l Rio. __I A number of active Scouter er s ing to eng$
*tres, ~TODAY ITH v for popey Pno for sole A-1, condition. o "@.lQ A "h Z Councl N. 0J rs cue to
AE:aWestinphoue, refrt -Coca a. Tel- St No 3 4Tel.3824 phone 38%2W We. ranthd at Mar-ss
hep -2597, PanamaW. Le ov- i jM 'r. at 6:30 p.m.
S ,shmus. spat.n- FOR RENT: .ompletely furnisheddort.
1 .chalet.duri g'the.. Aseason.Tel.s naTsacomtmit'tbi h oneer,
FOR FURNITURE- rE CAL NSpanish Classes phone 38 m Ia ivf, wbe pr' i gs
ARGAINS? 12 Hour group n m d oan; e ptcW ,rr M- -UtstandCrObut- rbeus s tets nd#
place to go is HOUSEHOLD course fo- o.~$S.4, Reg To Beg n Feb 22ii FOR RENT:-.Houue with two bed- er ;M' aeflIdv ha. Woritcd dar
A L .Amcng many good buyi. Solon Panofi. O-l, rooms. Call telephone 3-2898, af- W il. .. of tie Canl
ho.: Modern Wardrb 4-to 9 p. m.'T.PaC. asGo. 0t At RP UniveriVj ter 2:00 p. m. Zeo. ea lcluv throu Co t- -
oon table and 4t 4591 only. Hornett & FOR-RENT:-Fumlshed chalet ,with TRANSPOfRTES I by, g K I.P. tmp .
i ly $ u'- n : ____ The summer .' FR RENT on .0 pt ..Mtt of the council. B
c hn S rIconabie $ r200 Co/se sense- UI .A 0o a.nv will begmi No. 12, 6 h Avenue C enoco del Mar Al o Lo r nented will be rr-t,
v ER tl from tiaolo new brif. hre mo h- panic i clae& for non- Sn Francisco. Telephone 3-2752 r .oa ot atmtetwsnta r. Oe
D, .-Rocker C. 5 N e canlmae reican p opul a ,leh mp n drsle il b d ee
cha':b ie s r o mp Nlete -, o 'prtc 1'opul : c p 1c p. o piatsh Apeani veos .fr m :0 pim. a -OuWlhe b L .,..te
It .1ebeds $48.00,. diningro o n Pla y moint20' t a e s 5remooutebtattottes of oth ous p andl .
5"'-'rvKeOn,+ .L. "A.h....,BRER, S .A o ,.,,e.., ., ,
I or .0, o lt P Iay i tn 2sons. Zez ieib. 22 to AOIM 1..11; 11 C" 1- .
tes, $15.0 choirs $3.00. Also ennett. Tel. 2- 04n6." rU aer Trno s 1 t TI tian ctrtfa tes of
Th et ud en s a illo ffer dEngaA tio rs and e e.rt 'b.aCsa of nn% l ft
uliful new livingroom and dining- .. D The courses will offer -Ent- VAL ERI TUNONel aton wi e pJ.W nt o b i "-.L -
ot Iall reasonably priced! W o te .r TO i lis--s making people of both M,,ca litB p re o lr ltlcf
PREEZER (practically new) a WANTED- -Panama and -Car tete AINTiOM 4L Just built nmnern mat on HdamaU ra the It "a te & het: er
0041 beooln! i opportunity of obrtatisisAknow r.n uJuartbn uilt A. s g ito 1 1 amniw f it ca -e tla mera".nthisa o Bathemla pet
I-OU HOLD EXCHANGE Americonr 5a t bo d ledge of Spanish or I-improving bedroon- h. cld water Tel. erDo oitesa t.ite made, aueaker at .e wiopthly e c
S,-i Tel, 3-4911 clrc] ertiia h. woint studies of the language. I pb lO Pnam a 3.4941. to a w it e Oaeub rmetl Mondiamy ast
AM r tOmcbilt Row No. 41 r ol on 7n l e b e a- P0 nv iltiae Frenh -8 o rge
.Tio 3-4914 OkiMOhuno m tofofn Bte Ut and sonts o t.
.WS WAvnue. Tel. 3-491 a Cbase w be..e In FQR ENT:--Comfoi table Lpor Replt of tsA win p gr Be b
.. sm nall group. four i=61 1L eet r bedrooms, livingroom, a --w wg h. "I a c
Fot' iSt. *Joe anD at ouiplbl, hours for people n room, garage fs ornu jNi MOBREUL m i, tCo Rh. IR l, '
ro in.,t,'C.ll working. in the lay ti -e. n ftw alets, /etc. e lCangreo. Tel., 2-. u ou' ; t o S t
mation. on eadits, enrollment 1456. os -Se 1 IBM Vtean t ertleaf s t T
t------ -- -l of students and other details r 0R tEN '-Frshed apartment ALWA meWP71OU3Lt- i.
..'r.nv dnVist are also aialable at the Unl- n Vista Hermosa. Call 3-3589. U_ i___ 0_RC. IR ows y to Franik k
w 'y Jp. mld t yfa;.r o, l Gerst Ch "_ i Q d on T-Modern furnished t apa r ". 's W. rtoihm nn and AJosephat A.tbrV

na a do 5 Chinese Magic r o20 ca elpoe 2-343 oras.7 c.4iti"i. i ader e lt tuTAJt, b a
a ae 1 ony fr two months, .nstarta r 1449dct Frankk
.t ct4th oatlyI today; ,Wp vD LArChile Ave. *T fiy p guide te ,HI-Fl beu Pide *it seTve as master of ani .ide- is af
o+.a t2,, oephone ehone 3-0847 N im0.', o: ;o.vo by tin' pedg of ae- teodmo1 on Macflay will
lof- aeor 3t3268. ask for Mros. Mo. h6. i. th h-r le o.nthe -w "-- -an-ae oall Ji. 3. To te-
n1 an the longenst c' tf~q Bud II) Cp O ii the Oblzete F0 it::-- becro.m apartment l5UPIhAL ELEGTRl h am.'nd .ti scout. oath wi catered ad a t ti retail a"B
no 1 t81'oehas o l the ofiea sr s. RorIrALI aY t1 t abe heQAIY tanl ired by tAe Bxporersom an urged to cat a apauoGm t Mr ,
a ewh lu. with the mul health onfi.s mot' meen of h teaea hot water, garo e, etc.. in -ce inre- y -- n an. i r

el.The members tl- House Association tonig at bi elephone -26. 7 .el 0 will e', by Rev. D r e Fren for re
m aa "h o iceis .d.the information office of the t..dr adeons.willI
Qnbho. .asgviceT 'oea-rEmbassy on "1"'reet. FQa RouT: --Apaf ort thn Cux Welcome w,1! .
Se oa lin, Dr. Albert et, furnished. 2 bed. E r-GLAMORIOUU be ended r Vie. Youg, A-

B ''uesbek. 4 1m, ,f We, wi '. pe n ... er T- N.u or u' nfD-N IEAMEL 0e.taPW. cou nil res- 1n sudinKw
SnTal Geot Jaoeranl AE ,&wPrf Chinese muians ight and"s. ge Prque r* Ir Dtwran Te r.f fwusuhyu u a
d"Sn at B taal the re M&OSe ude the diwection uCo th callegio e
ndo easore mtrTcks. 168beski-oriHPorras Mnilsocaion Penn1 willmbe al Tied 'The young w nRev.dias
o- it. r rb building.t.ppenJe D.26 7+A5 P OV R *and .a .21billFrend. 8,or r t

sh among te clu. le In charge, w e ..... i 'ld t' AE, A ati D ,,. o f.e n h e ....
"gec t hrtab4 r Ta, hice presids et r unRE NT vice ... t "eo etr on & E NTON Texas, Feb 10 (US3S)

to;Pn d a si imnSfanfo At agles fo uthin ama ares beomin uas $!
4. Is$11a caseu oth dss wsepa9.O R oLass.og lo4ated. 8 Qu fl Eimught p riata id
s.s-rt ram s lit e bein bitten am.fl.Twrsoangsilep nc T bDi0tncoun i St legeounw
E.&C E G#.:, .s. rpe' "me anial seiGLu, NC E t a !rWi n rwn FO RENT

Bweincrtica 111i$ R &Ai furnr.iWhed. Apply Estudlante 98 R b J w L O ere wh'ch they atted th e
B~ptsFs*- rabidloses havebC United See o-..f AMec FOR RENFr- lCerk m. r.Wr. semester. w .i
SL. ib W t U NITED STATE DInrIgSL 3R S099 .o R 0 S HaH A IPla wrnm de. 'or "pf Te p e
S I CTOF THE t aty *or aoutrst t and parents of l on Feb. 6 a then came here.
SoTa b ONI FOR" R c oen to friends o a enthusiastic about thir
I tltg" f ALCA rp Pit street eONo. 3, f a or ticket D suroundi. .
flU e T. Ranch, dean Of M vi.btif 1. PaI9Jil p1Vatlona Is today lThey were -p1aUl esed (t f51
M oa'n f~~" C+ ma Mc o Health C a, ter to the Lo Lieuio r n oICM nW IA ,. 1i -e N o .' o t icle Stat: Co' l drthe ca t on0

aL T ntFAapidal 4sldtM which thete it aneglia
l rd U e Of Ameri the girl f .aS. ...:b .B
--AI A lr" ohali n Vtw i IIt en i ences 'For i-FUnts am. '. The you en al n 1D
i hi w ta n.d- .D1, 1115 I SmI C CO U -lh eTt rSo r., run m m e ab c.i g epr21, The, grouariew baUi n wD"

Pa rMflqmrdOFma morning 3o 59
.",'-o I "."+* L* Z .NO R"3 % l e en. l I. .ut u.f i r s a d r .tof la on Feb. 6 a then c e 'he
ae oo tf .a, N e d ur:.-ru ieshederoom, i -- oe s o h reign e nd

D N G" OF T "acdSa,.t. thtyre. N9 3B- /No, o S o rlie T e. Ntict 't i
#A,.IV O O calli ablim'=A t.Ee.HH rel, dea nefet C H. ohve P1fana --
aS 6lei er ofplridall let, 2 S1 t S I tdayN c They were set1wae0 -1a iSe
fl* hmaU esU S es stredtSe P PL s .St s T : a s s cetal loae Ch,, 6 Clefront-paeiP ad-p P uSe
M oeo u W ai In Heltt. e & entee t ohiseupuuA o. h Wbf c t heira -K ,d t ,
tog"e"t"tate'seen,6"3- su m m on N onytiakinds "c arfAed in U i.NallasR DoVs

,wit I-"ft T mo Jrc f 3 An News" under the ue sptionee r-%In
0 t _.q K _oJ h Rhis. taks 6 1 .. -1 *l"11*6 UOf AVm ,4cthe girlb hfr .5i pgo;..-_ m-

eeessMW $111e111a ser6ed S11r0h!p Central Av n. 30 answe rng men.
thmI e ___ g1 g csunsa-'-t labi a .l w a artWenteu h pr aet.kgedlih
VIZ111'"Y+ m'bwrb, 21,wwilll ndTe
b NU oV.t M pUfat f sied e T ft Reco ds 3. 5 .M --1 o eO nt % o1
-t. ,( J I AN L'ZS. G.i t wsT E R adi o, s it yWiliam Cam
M L Shop 11001 0.. s i.s. .tuuprtoraid *
S0ES ml m a .at C O W Z o n ey nC TI ON.D is
+- -aI.b a i ld n s,4.w any o tin hd. a9f A ut7,u r I. .4 ,
Sishrs ,,,.. ..,.79-,Ave.u,- --T-n *a-r-e u .. or-~ :and

at I

....r.. ,


Feb. .27

.I .ivemi x pait the

BQ. 4$&*M M. C.
de-al eU out a
de thm- with -a midwy of
bohie style bootha-to- ltoue

b..iDolo. f orthpa games.
a7to s. b
.,havl e be "a t
't Io- k1't'h.Gose Huse

ii wSS!^!^


4--fr- ou

- -F






. ,.


J -. --** '. --s -r.- F. -.,- s -

An .;'. .. ,.


W W.P~sa~~mrt W flWOWPW


Fanaa na

BALBOA -6:15 800


JApeaters -

DUIABLO' E 6:, 7:55


* -TB A. *


a |l

t Jill

;- .- ": ,-
| "\.. .. ":'
a?'*** : l .

Cwt* n eLq c st..,-' .a

The Beta Chapter of Beta g
PI t. U ,u ,
of M sa bho in a-
M"r. tww roTI,
i wt o w meseat In
clu-'d M 'sElte Hherg, Mrs'
Jer-y Keating, Mrs. Eva Harte,
and Mrs. Edith Clels.
Tie next meeting will be with
Mr,'. Clls at Fort Gulek:.
ra iowing the business 'session
refr-.hments were served, by the
W:rle Family
R- .r.n From Interior
?.q-. and Mr-. Nevile Harte of
Fort Gulick with their daughters,
Flo-:-i rid Jo An have returned
from a week' visit at: Concqion.
i. t '

rw. -. nap...

t Ome tis spon-
soring a Cofmunity 'ptca paper
I= Yaa&in at Ave o'clock.
b^ ttN~nged by th cil, and
they are planning some entertain-
All ofthe fandli are invite'
te otatt .u4 bg their asupperl
and h6t d" and* hamburgers.
This will ba an Ideal opportunity
to meet the other people in town.
I. A. W. C.-H ears
Mrs. Brittel
Mrs. Hipolito Fernandez. presid-
ed at the Geeral Assemlry of the
Coloq V the later-~serics"
WoienU's Cub. The president in.
trgpducid Mr. Deans Brittell who
gave gn exhibit 4t her work in
cerar:tcs, Accompanied by an in.
terest talk on this subject. Mrs.
Brfttell is prganlzing a class in the
making of cerasnes. for men.
women and chlldreu. The class will
bi offered for six weeks, beginning
in May. Apyone,desiring to regis.
*h .

Iaa "In mna Wrn .mne
;,.Ste a."1 .i ..-.. '0
d whethq ^^.tef

ndrav r ..
Q Iun s-' sam R-
m. In Aka. o. t Ji.ter
Cw bi*4 uwa trla;

-or 8WC4' qr cURiUW MEN. 3L5 eF^' a'
trizo o"K' IA y t e temr A.4_ C houi
edleetea ; Gun
A-earnivaltea after rita Sollas, Mrs. Frank Turner, on
the mt Te Mrs. llma Brava, Mrs. .ei best
de ma lt. Drone m. i Anna Teres r. var
erem oh n- rn, Mrs. Bertilda Japa s.YIO-
eluded; Mrs. Jl e Mendos, Miss A t
Selina S dez, Mrs. Ana Teresa Sa
on, Mrs. Mats Nn Ea Marina Joly and M. a a
Pilerl, Mm. Jack ward, rs. a. Grialde., sam
", ]' .7


atflea Cuowlo, Amanda Blake and Robert Stack In a drama-
tfi scese from the air spectacle "Sabre Jet," which is opening
FrIday at the Central Theater. The United Artists release Is
In color.
The boys who flw our jet planes in combat over Korea, have
had an exciting and colorful film based on their exploits gad
loves dedicated to them. It Is Carl Krueger's production of "Sabre
Jet,"w wnt will make its debut at, the Central Theater ngxt
'vrALn .




*:L~4 r~N--(
A -. -.
*~ f -,-~AJ.. -

-. -- r -~

., -..^^ ^ ^.- ..

i?^ *11SSC^BPIII~ton, fwwd:
rt thl. ghe feod (
r'-'e"inf-- ianXntat' e Lbbi a

oria a ffis- olUvier
lang covaDu~y, as she ao bi; lea
>wnced seyeal uo tathb ago. Ingi'

hgum as her lea .dp men in a
titled, "The ,ISg.Wire."
thel Memaaen i- a ma.
r version of "Annte Get Your
a" for her Feb. 98 appearance
NBC's Comedly Hour. It's the
Side yet for an oor of soUd,
ety-ashow TV ententalament.
.wyan't lsouted.,bu 120 tuea-
rs were ported for the last
ti- and Lewis antics on the
ae show.

It was Producer Eraue Glacks.
man's bright idea. lapr by the
wihstylg and i of Wtee ool.
cat set on the d.1lle#e shows.
Credit Dale Robertson ,and his
wife with the best-aoting perform-
ance of 1953. They Just announced
a divorce, but acted like lovers
over the holidays while visiting
his\ parents in Oklahoma. "We
didn't want to spoil the celebra-
tion," Dale explained.
Hedy Lamarr a Houston Tex.,
spy reports, is burning at the Ho.
tel Shamrock, when she and
bridegroom Howard Lee are re.
siding until they find a mansion.
It seems Nedy keeps crossing the
lobby without a sin Texan turn.
ipg his head and making like a
thunderstruck movie fan.
It will be an altar march for
Jack Remolds, ez-husband of
Mar* Ie ktynolds, and interior
4ecorateor -Jan Crist.

Want to know how far away
from a return to hoofing Eleanor
Powell is as Mrs. Glenn Ford?
She's given up all dance practice,
spends hours working for the PTA
and just organized a Boy Scout
Cub pack in which son Peter Ford,
9, is a member.

BOVyl tart
trout just We TI y -
big television character :
McOee and Molly d U
Gildersleuve, Justn Emitfl
.et lures la to vilfto els*

Ki mi
a :,:- ,-. B .M C-H.;..-

,i'/.::- 11, .J 1
|, ..- .' -* *icf

... THE : A;:yts4
THAT Y M E%$.2

.r. ,t on Roca .. .' m h

f.lmwua sB sk.e..w. ... FEB. 18-..
,breade. Jac s FB 19--
her pesy. "TORCH SONG" .

teres a m d TV, wil caonnue as
the McGees on radio as Amos 'an'
Andy have dome.
Lauren Bacall dancing with
Peggy Lee's almost ex, Brad Do.
ter, at Ciro's, spotted the ns
gang aiming cameras at her and
held up the finger wi th wed.
ding ring while they flashed bulbs.
Patricia Neal, who left Holly
wood a few years ago With a bro-
ken heart and a load of bitterness, ,
is back in filmtown with a hubby
and new enthusiasm for a flicker
sunk a wad of her own aoney
and new enthusiasm for a flicker
career. ... Ginger Rogers has
sunk a wad of her own money
into "uIfel," the ritsh movie
in which she's costarrmg with hus-
band Jacques Bergerac.

Anna Sosenko writes that
garde won't be starred as Gq
and in her stage production,
lia."... Constance Smithis
happy with the way her ci
has Gone sin8 e she left th.
fold, and bas hired a new a
to guide her.

Henry Fonda makes his II
way bow in a mppicas n.At
In the Rogers-Hammerstein
ing, "Palace Flophouse," ad
from the shortly due John S
beck novelette of the same


A Comedy
TUES., FEB. 9th CURTAIN 8 ..
through ADMIESION $1.88
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SLckets may be procured at the Box Office for any per-
formance or payv be reserved by phobpln palbos (2) 3481
by day or Balboa (2) 378-at pight.
Abe available at Daiar's ao Tvoai Avenue.




On Its Great Panoraulm Bcreen, and with
Sthe nw Wi-Type 3D Viewers (100%
B etter)-thre's a special kind (Clip-On)
for thos who already wear glasses.


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FEB. 21- "
"M 0 GAM B 0"
FEB. 22-. ,-
FEB. 23- "" -
FEB. 24-- .

Be tured Defeat tlate ory 1:, :18, Sl 1
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wA '1t worISHW" BEAUTIFUL woMY r/
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FautauW-DesiWs If tDI-
Barbamra U
First M.uical Short in 3-DI
Nat *%ae..Cole and His Orb.

TODAY eama
$150.00 IN CAH
TyrHme POWES, In

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* -. .-. : ; .S..-:r ;'t-Ti;
-- 3" "
=." = .. ,- ; ,,Ac-l'-.- .. i.4
'. ., .-.; .- --.
-_'.- A w : ... -V d' ,..e :
".=_ A t .: ,% :. .'3%! ..3 A

* 'ii





BANK DAY $100.00 CASH a~ d FREt
't 5 :and 9 p.m.,
SA.:; Go CpCe r, '"tALMS" in T.chico.r.
T iminp




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..k*,.'-,. ,^;..- T ..j

._. ., .. '. .. .
.' ._ .

orioles Sta dim

rr aiI yt i.. ... ,' .- '- ",

".-, .' ._-,


Director Says Baltimore Rotary, Execs

irk Seating Not Readyannip Anain

The Baltimore Orioles may have to open thie. 1950 Americ

teh baseball season in a partuify-compcnru NIa-aum.
ltimore City Council President Arthur Price iays thOe
p iI t job on Memorial Stadium may not be fialqbed In tip
tte homem opener on April 15. Price says som e 7,5W cha
Seats will not be installed in time foiL the linrst big leagi
lgb in the ,itv In 50 years.
Puhblie Works Director Paul Holland adds that it is not in
e to have the seats ready .. but is improbable.
All together, some 12,000 chair-type seats will be installed, 1
frkon that bart of the rebuilding project just started today.
r 1Pice says "Failure to have the stadium ready to aceo|
to a capacity crowd on opening day could indeed be a ma
It embarrassment to our city and our new baseball team."
The Orioles are having better leok in contract signing. Ge
l Manager Art Ehlers saves outfIelder Vie Wertz has agreed
qi. Wertz batted .268 last season and hit 19 homers.


iv y D[ RV Herbert lWoae

ee Season J UJVI I lore an unexpectedly large cro
and under ovei-ast skies,
-- i "Teso Six" 13 ClQ;.slflcatLon Sof
A ball Leaguew underway Mo
gle Recorldl clday at the twly construct
S I playground n. this opener t
SHanquerjs sw.,amped John Qut
)an and the Catholic Youth C
RCEtIVILLE. South Carolina.i'"anization from Rainbow C
: 10 tUP, -- Furman's Frank with a 13-4 defeat.
0 last night became the onW"' Games In this loop .will
ir', c:llepe basketball plav,.r played ever.v day with. doub
yer scort mere than tw-h leaders scheduled for Saturds
iand points in three season'; and Sundays.
r dfooped in 25 points to
team to a 07 to 76 vi., During the opener we wftne.
iGa Oreenvile over Rich- ed man'/ players an the gar
tli niveraity .that forced us to write tl
vy was .,losely G qrded c'mmenthry.
tIa.:'ut the paine and hiss z"- These players hold what
iitotal was one of his low- t an safely call a 'monopoly'
.uit perutrmances of tht the amn- in this community. I
t.corin a honors for tie try league forhied, and we
e'ent to Selvy's teammate. mean every leag-ie with the e
- PloVi., uho hit for 34 ?tptioi Of the Little League (a
,eiVy nv has a thret- being the only -eason for th
.,tota1,-of two-thousand- not paliicipatng4), has h
elRi. thesee same players year in a
fug ofa the Richmond rear out' .Many of these sa
a n flve- foot- nine In.h ,uoys have played in our sen
*-Areog Mills who got 2)1 pague an dhave done bet
tri-tQine ott in the han average jooc yet they q
k minutes oF the game. conUtnue to play in our
iMoh.d caine up with one' leeRue. and by. ,o.dolng ke e
Batrongeet attacks PitrmanAr eserVlni% younrasttr from pG
dacei all season and led the fnl. It 1' true that' each lea.
e Paladins by a 43 to 34 should hve its lawelto county
I at half-time. rt t any such player*'particips
iMt night's win leaves Far- lM but some uw 'the et)
[with .a eoTference recorJ or ''lev., mehlnr thtt'uiigues' of
wins. and no losses. Riclh cial. usunllu yield to the ma
ad bas a. recid of six vinsi ers to 'pl e. u Class "A" 0la
two- lo-ses 'In the confer- ers to st'envthen our teams a
,n- he 'hc lealit tr1terestl&i."
,-- This. in ou. oir.lnion, should
t* e topped; Many youngsters,
S.-- ei 'resure. cold make the leagt
'. '"nteresti1fg. A*(W.4rbm thisa
(By U. P.)y /em. let's flu hOrW much b
-e i- arr-l-l league wei
'-.-/ *- :.'. .~,~eI s th-eo toplan;
ts ia d *t dI i t L'oui n, n Bt' W old
,,M, Open Gall M .,' ,- nW th o w efeatthel
.-oifay iwt O play- .;i .ne, l in the next game.
t :,.(;ir Midgleeoff ofl'"'h
qa. gry, M iddjo"n f o The moral of etr -commenta
a, .5.E- on5f-i *d re might h1 ae the kids
< U h"-,ff i lece and #t- commu
widi.d he cofced~-. _-
Oliver Hardy, hustling untr
,,, ---oungste- of.the PPL, hash r
entv received j contract

"' aD.O = t. l mbe.rt 0 obinpon. slim ril_
,.4-no Ja4nf 4 .. tl ... S 4 t p.okera. will
a x .. Vi. Outwt.Atanta(AA)o
td bq e11 out to p'u oro ~' t't'- AAcia tlon.
l fram .Japaesque crowdsA -
lof t.p als,.lclidnter third baseman of the N
U ed, rl statu4ent.j To.k Yankees. He's now an A
"thie trance to theire.jy medical officer in Tokyo.
00.had daiffi.ocult tie .
l-^ for.* .f1amo .- DiMagglo. O'Doul and Bro
,JI arrf' by. plin.- will coach Japnese basebt
were. linpani .y, teams th Fukuokk today and
iB^^Slq,-U!!n OVA bt Inqrrew. They will leave Sat
dr. e O. ouldav for Hiroshma, where ti
Soby Brow, !'r- will coach again for a few da

.- .
a .

* 0 6
** S....-
I '
aS '/


S, .-
fi- -< K3r-. 2,^*



>ppy fAmnles take ENCPS
hipc. s refrelhin8
iti" i l teientle cwwltive
6"f ftjas!dNH-aud fed
sakILi BNO'S sfelt
aq-bleshB adi si au
k md m Mu oles bd
l' Mbi able foad a
'Adsfwmn a- may dn

Wt Salt1

. .- .:

e Penfant

me Set For]

r n. I_.

! writing. t i 7... .oI ack Was being Ir mn Abel 1 1 W i
Jones' Itaan dnne otre Dame's Athletic counC*l' ed tf I ,James
with wiJones' at th e Atlas Garo ldalf't ru.nt: Ieahy to deliver A further cation that tIh J Gy
with wine at the Atlas Garde a key ads on the fake inu- he ad beiecon at a
will have to be postponed until v c -trici t t o a hea, .hhe' con-. e c g t ie was. oo s eor_ S L fo r al"
we IM -the outcome. It as vention In CI..nnati.. ,calle o.. ce P.u vn gam e nlas

hwa down ino tO ai e af omorn
.L ut t Club"...until we I anup ed this kea.r o s The lungirtcetnorana VSR. :

coaching and another with the '.fytgL.Wi

!! ,t.. i
L ( i,
l.4 com-

7' .~~jp2

UE u uciv iia .. -- -, 7 15i4- f. 1.0 ;> -.

n0Tomorrow P.M. i ..
n r To .- Jim Riley Wins Smoot-Pa r es flls

rue "Exec" softbalers meet again l1a I|T A ae .. Browniea' WA ,444
Stneirseries tomorrow afternoon invitati nlal -miatel r i ey
m. .,# the Ancon Laandry field. Tnp InVlE tlllrUWUUlUl IUtUE 4 TONIGHT'S GAME. (7: )-
Panama team won the inauga- a 'Pnama Stadilum; kes
ut aml game 8 to 7 and the Exeo o (Stryaks 54) tvs len ,
Came back.last week and scored Smoot & Parees Invitational There was even some still (M Se 3-). ""',
P- George Riley will be he itch- AmateurTournament being played by o ourome LST N S S I
ng selection for the boys from after dark, but It couldn't be ankle s
n Wisdom Hil with Dick "Casey Well, the balls have all been called good. In fot you cqudn't
n- Stentel" Dehilder. the holed out, moat of them any even call it o. -Inning 3. 2
to second sacker of the Rotarlans. way. The curtain comes down Jim R Aley urned in a card of ,t hriling Bmers-i ni ht
'he likely mound choice for Ro- on one of the most popular golf one under par to win from Mike story -y the B e leading ie
hever the league leadi- a ed Yanke
tary. tournaments ever eld in ,this Kulikowski on the .last hole, ove t he gueber' penng ~ a
Mol de la Pena will handle t'o area. Mike shot eten par which is kept te Uomerand cauSed
watching chores for the Exe:s Two-hundred and six -golfers championship ]h oi on ay f lickerg ofan cafi fed
nils trip and Lionel Moses, who made a t at it, but only 20 course, and llIy on the roe scheduld Somber-
made a nerlect three point beilv managed to take home a prize. Gamboa lay-out. takees ame for tonight from
ion in left fle laRt Pame will These prizes were given out byto the
retire frm outfield pla ani Raul Paredes. it what is called They both Intend to be baeksMount M Stadium to t
take uo the 'ess strenuous duties a presentation party, next year and ayonle wanting P na --mplIc Stadied li t
Bc- behind the plate for the opposi- a trophy net, V had- better .Over fans witnessed last
*d -'ion. It would be pretty hard to stay out of the. fr, flight'. s iler 3,2u5 leml
h, Willie McKeown, the sllv-r describe this presentation party, I paying stoni becat.e t was
i' tongued arbiter. has promised to but every One from within a 100 It takes a lot people to Ladles' l *lt, Te total ton
m'lfake a big tour i tibr ought the seasons totalou
31" be on hand to handle th& -'hef mile must. have been there make a big tour i.e this bi pi at.....
ted imnlre's duties ard the **/' re- Even a group of tourists showed a success, and te anam of 00, 41 paid a dmistons.
he liable" Myron "Eagle Eve" Fish- up, who thought they werp at, the tournament iee wish-
I- or will handle the base umpi tending a bull fight. The e" s to thank the f for all D g I TI
- nr. couldn't be convinced It wasn their help: Pareda, lo b lenn, D L TI
"Iy Game time 4:30 p.m. a bull fight after Joe Baker was Joe Baker, HarryIr Capt. J.
hi --- [presented with a gold medal for M. Davis. Chl M ,.May Hall.
Sl- i Ibeing the best "bull thrower." Mae Askew, Sg. y mand TANKEES TO PLAY UNDER
y l/Ill h ll ,of the 206 gollfl w compete d PROTEST
ii bout two feet tall, was filled with Aln T i The Y~ankees adYised
- -champagne and started makAinog TI 11 TIuways president of the Panama
me the rounds. This trophy came to League last night that they
ii IPf lll.P one fellow who drained it d- N were not in favor of switchingI
League todryGOLFING 1088L4 FADM TlE here led rgameh s
"i L1uM land insisted he won the trophy GOLFNI _SU'r' M TilE the lnlDalr scheduled game
we Ibecause he emptied it. You had AMAIPOR. 14IE8 from M alnt Hope to the 0-
on to do more than drink Sham- n lympl.e ladum an fairness to
E- TEAM STANDINGS" pagne to win a trophy in this One of th.e mt Impressive the loyal tans on the Atlantic
do Team Won Lost Pet. tournament. Ask Jim Riley, the games played t Ame nador side.
S AA ............. 10 3 champ. Golf Course lastr y was The Yankee lis the home
wge Fremen Ins. .... 9 .750 turned in by Aame 4 Lt with a team for thi game and, there-
eir Pan Liqldo ..... o Trophles were preented as low gross o 7. Sie oned 14 fore, it aso not be tran-
id Baxter's Movers .. 3 8 E3 follows: pars to do the trick I sferred to the Pacific side
a~d Baiter's Movers .. 3 8 .zl follows:.
nd Navy .. .......... 1 10 .091 Winner First Fight Jim Anne, who Is an ae golfer, is. without their consent.
rme Riley. a real credit to the group and Yankee Geniral Mapager
Inr FRIDAY'S RESILTS Runner up First Flight- Mike rates With the beqt. She is al- Gil lBarland stated that, in
tr CAA 9, Pan Liquido 1 Kulikowski. ways ready and willing o help all probability, Manager Al
till M1ONDAY'S RESULTS Winner 2nd Flight oodin. out in any way a at any time She abaki will be. instructed to
B"I Navy 12, Baxter's Movers 4 Runner up Second Flight -lis a real champion in many advice the umpire-in-chief
a Dalton. ways. prior to the cominencement of
YrESTERD.AY'S RESULTS Winner Third Flight Taylor. the game that it is being play-
We Firemen's ins. 9. Pa Llquido 0 Runner up Third Flght Ellen Kenna (although not in ed under pretmet.
S TODAY' GASi Pl eming. the list of prize winner).played -~
at Na, CAE "Winner Fourth Flight Ha.a good game and ought to be t', do-Xs battle
h avy vs Cton. ed onedrs. Her eleven pars do- .a fatu baten Victor
ft- Friday CAA trounced Pan LI runner up Fourth Flight erve sincere congratulations.- atd io taVire ton
n- nuido nine to one. EBi John' Pi Bleda. Besides the regular prices fo m *, the. aIke and
y- tro chalked un the win with or Winner Fifth Flight Med- the "Poker Hand" which were mnound tlve. Aitoa
Lnd 1 two sale blow and three fre singer. won by Naomi Barr (first prize) r wve theory
Stasses belhr charged aganrt Runner up Fifth Flight and Roberta Harris ( condo the yn will give tm
bL him. Artv Smock suffered the Kinkald. prize, a prize was given torte pen whe Bomber'
we loss wnen he allowed eight rus. Winner Sixth Flight Mur' *'Low, Putt" to Ethel Perantle .triih te
ues lne4hlts and oni walk in three. p rith 2', (Ethel deserves lots of slim o p'' t test 'as "
' i n id Ade third innings.Mac. Lane uiner. uli Sih pllight ralse. afo herutstandlg put- tt n ers' battle fm star to
P" finished tile game and gav ,u Louis. *. .ting'and another prie wen t to p balflomsac- t.. ... i
e nehit and tre Beventh Flight Anne Little for th e most parswith, ib
-ell'. tasst. '. Walke. G Golfers will be elated to know -gaining i'm-six--i tt of t *aft-
.- Monday' the Navy team bpok RIunner up .18eventh Flight that plan for Sunday's (Feb. son a fouve-httr, struck as he
.l Into.the 'win column with *tyts Boyd. 14) Scoeth Foursome are stifashioned a five-hittronly onestruck
oP- set on the second half uridr Winner Eighth Flight Col- underway. The Committee has out seven sand walked onlyo
their new manager, Lou Hase. lines. made definite arrangements Loser Cookiellem I also hurlven
mann. rhe entire team seetc Runner up Eighth ,Flight ith the Army-Navy Club for ed great ballin vin ve and
'Y: to have had a shot-in-the-arin Harley. h the buffet-dinner. MakeLf t five ands

S Catcer Mike inero pound- eo Riley Be re to participate in thi a Y
s ryaChance hod two for two. -Eg A "Point.s Tournament" hwmqrioathimtsrySpidetremld
lt ee Navzy the d .istanee ,"r l Not every one received a triheoe vmncap t U eClubw hoenTomoeJhot ye iler
S evu s4.te n two bases wan hai.d ti rme. i tree points for a birdie, two for CGr-e.,. went into the tenth
v e truck- out e. Th re gas a lot of money won a and one for a bogey. T n ted p Robinsopn got
* i. chee was charged with and lost on this day of the finals on't fal ,to come early and isTor stted i 3 season, a
-ew re m n12. runs, 8 hts and 4 and a lot of Rood golf played. lays funl his irs. c .l.eld soved
rew !uekOad55ea si.glesafor t.hCrockeron. into cntelrfrle.ldTeankees
Ar- For Baxter a Movers, Ed. Kou- a to osnd when de Pa OT
"Cany had two singles for three A -P i walked, and s o r d on amJohn
Sat mt, to hea the battln l/ rn annrnnAi l t n ernd'shit to ri
,n detarlment tor his team Coi-EMUlt.i MEt IInoSne-h did 'T Ut ,Meb.1.YCN5 ,"
all nvent though Baxter's had on-i .e t i .tor h t.
to- lv one leas safe hit than Navy. Rr T
hra erratic playing afield led to their ea reh In ,--own?
Sla. Yetierday Don Bowen's Fire- i- ..l l -
Smen's Insurance nine blanked "a__t
billy Zeiner's Pan Liquido team NEW YORK. Feb. 10 (NEA otre Dame freshmen, Athletic e
with a nine to nothing score. -There was a rumbling eman- Ulrector Ed Krause replied: -
omftu Htilmine was credited noting from a spot one mile out- "The youge: generation is tak- GATUN POOL OT
with thrie win and Mac. Lane bide of South Bend, Ind.. and Ing ovr. Young men are raiu. te Gatun Swimmng Pool.
wi n the loss i the football selsmographs around inRd Notre Dame Rev. Fr. Taeo- vigyn to ive eveibylne an op-
twollner hed thebeermen, to the nation were uick to pick ltor Hesurgh, president, is on- ty or a da
t-w safe olows, i hose ben upg py M. o n 1 tie late ateran wok-
sathered in by Tony Ostrea ir, There were vague Indiations
erst wit ouble and Blly tnat Frank teay might not be Does thi younger generation effective Febrry 1,
Zelftr with a bunt single in tnu back at Notre Dame next fall. Nten'D a new look? Could it add i TuLesy, Wednesday, Thur-.
i tn T se ltar e o e mo n when the stmor came through up to the fact that Notre Dame A, unfdaf 0'30 to. e 5:0 P.
ir n 8 the armond otat 25-e -old Terne Patrick id wary o the publpcityitt recevi dasy SIa t y 1 tol
ifa of At no a o talk t Marquette bot theinjuris and has a football slow omens lteca tio
rMike Vogenrelr at shortstop un th ern ws "there for all to see. Iwell be mee.withh
.h b ofThn e sxt frame. Leah Is pt well. There Is no In Brennan, Notre Dame au- hher A i
Pmr faed f.our run on e'poubt aor nt but there were birt a y ^ ma who a l u. .t t -- ,*
eis i, thr auithsan rekt thin oregs white ha been most totally untried. Unless th*e e ae
?unl ogs an Were no t ettin c the hun-tcould be in for ashome awn .. -2e80od;1 ma

also had two for two and Mc gfe lay i' a s ow. t* e Ga POOL re

mary g, to subm it his n olest a __, y i._uaa was be in r oom' f .. LbS uces mo, -iC




Sdaybruary 14, 1954 0 4
Dr. Miguel Angel OrdMe -.
Mayor of .Panm .isict
assisted by Mr. AS

K TO. U .: M n*'a.
from the Hased; ia q f VAji g'*1 ls C5*l t
I TWO .E T.A-f'- 0., -'
IN ACTION WI,&L5' TO 0 11 t
I t L "flt- ,. -

9I -.- i. m :t. ,.
Dbavi e.


** l *Rol e.

-~ .4, 1
~~1' j

'.j "A' f "


... '-i. .








tM Is 11W. M1 i n-A

l t _o o. :. W.M "u^h, G, e-ni s i
dicianted a aound g(ame C A (27 senties, $2 in riso) '
golfer to watch $1P nelxt .ont. 1st Low Net
Club Hndicap. imtisi Lt. Co. C. ?. Mar.h 5, U.0
o t. d Net .M

P erm ft lC n t g, oo f D oql h Sf id b ow f let "''"
to win in ray oiler how. 0 Vamvox 623 5.40
ener, h waas55Wl.uapu al'g -iq.l AlLowNe.t
be t4 league. Col. Spelts 63 4.0W
.lfer Wwatch tisth Low Net Tie

young Jim DeapondM. Jr. aonh
un im tid. WLt. Col. C. MT.MaKenzre 64 1.3510

thde to priza e s rttfidate th eC. Per
tournament when h low net 40 Wt r .en.y 6 1.35
led the i0 to 12 hand lc i r. Th- d, l "i n i "mone
to win In a-nnMbol ho G. Vi mvYoo 62 5.40

As this group produced ea.Pqr-. oeCalf
eat namiberof entries i also ut iL are now
tifcate Jm' bein lowof a. McKenge 94 1.35

a $ItO prize. a R. Kenney 4 1.35
wa menry o with net 61. la udu .tlt" "i
setlet for a o1t02 aeond plac .'w aiel : iS
awar-d. ..
Thlwometitlon was very keen it. ..5. .
n the 13 to 17 troup for when e r .,., s
tbh final putt wii sunk the 7.N.M A.r,- ,
suits were a triple tin t t fiit 4t", A.0Golf
place. Three M" wetre olved S.40
when het 61 scores ware n turien.d ifl oii .
In by J. M. Me3amare, Capt. R. MnIoiM ui2s;^) Yni.~r5
H. M.uli3 MphBach &417 1sc:ot
won a. $6.TS certiie.-- to be plye4 this SIlay
S .. .. at be mae pior to 1200
t "fora'1&0ours, .Wedn .,. 1. ..

San Bias,-k aI o W.MP
.: '..." brewers t .i j.JliJ445is f
Team W L P their finest srl, ,l.onale.
Distillers 0g. La
San Bias Signal 4 .00 Ventsa'cocktaaw4.ibA my-
Clayton Hospital 6 4 .600 Navy Officers aiuI be pra-
Deportsla i p, 5 5 .500 paring over 100 tqnderloin
Deportl., T .00 tBaka. ., -, .:- -'"
'-. .1 1 a


.... .. I
SF I- --'-u- i T--
|IBIBE~I~ t^ ^^1^ ^

*. *; I ,*i.
-/ \4r

" 14 -' "" ....... .

.. aw AuawI- AnnunY tIb

ib. 14.

Iws win i
me wtth a8
way tie If
fox Searn
rhe fi i



Froa. |er-yBL Wu % d one batter. F
S. '. ,l. .y .-^FlSAt. -d
i;... u "mAponly;o I
stA 'a nd Browne adfeV

:IAJOE W Lg s esbat wi 3teo
.,- -,s w a lr Jr a. "i' I ps n wi'alter 3 0 *03
Sooner or later att .n ust m Of Lta P 019mw seh. 1 i "C. .I v Eddi e der, a pTr tp rs with % a pe te u *
eral and fadet Holtood rens, t .. .hs Davi v. Be pprwi
memoir for the mlag s na ad e W s Joe Noona vs Jsohnlrtae ateor two with a double d
h b'quite different frona what he iltfht say If he were les inhbit- dd Roe ,rb.Hlad
ed and chastened. C. Stroo v w. Mark While tet of an extra ba bl* _W
This Is no more than itere aun rl, but knowing the man and Pete- usiean vs. Bye a batl handed stab of a 11w er 14
how he responds to pOakperforn.armr in. extremity, when a lpar- Howard FPanegan vs. .-. O. the -bet fields play o( tfe
ticuldr play over whl he t's worke*4or hourT-: d. ans. d wtks sentar .3e,
must eAlc, or .defeat follows, X think it would have to-be = b L, 10. Clauen va. R. Z. Weo. The box score;
year's tie' th I!low : ......born /
te"lca thtI .as the gai e.Jn itflh the t ated Inuries wie Hrb Toleduno vta Bye SEYMOUR AGENCY
projeted`a.-tid the Score was therefota. ted. Leah,.whe.-k W. H. Starts vsa f UfnMy ab r h u:
most human, is not notably enthuulostt 0a ut trading sR0e6_ A. A. Murray vs. Byea Huddlesto, 2b 5 1 2 32
tons, o pee n4 Oiating t4elr.prsepe.e the co may e A C. C&Frian, rf 0 o 00 0
dse to hai st ereta emotions 3 .Prau ehreim, of 0 0 a
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Toat's how it is, or has been, in college i a a 4 Pr ,2 1
fields: Thetae erk no ualns against e IommxDehlag.. 1 0 1 0
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Anyway, having race the material g r-Batted fo Ptntero Jn saxth.
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of phenomenal. hdpS unsnrecedetted. .. tor Met d t rS
a. aded double to it the CPai. TWO .
IriWh Acting Succeeds e,; a a leado. mltQn to... mre
S. a .' i sp o re o f 6 to 2 .
do' l Uenjr When Buick came to bat in the
lr 'j d 'Blto l .D last Inning,'aio, and a'ot led ATLANTIC TTLE LAGUE
t the fence and Wayne Wal hit Tom Wen Lo
Th.oeU "i4, j Il a. th4 ?wup _,o .ge L another over the *m5*, to t oe cna oo'8 0 0
offd o a searing at the score, fiatok scoae two aott,
odfaltrmore- 2 5.o no
therefprewasaeo 7Ot c r Ia^OB hed trt.lewO.and Mrgt 3 ras
nl. promne theofUm Wayne Wall for Buick. COCO S. 1 4
dsewns hte IT or mfom bheia iS-nto c. r. o. Police his 1 6
nfedSh Oo Ad Notre. AB R H Oa Aai.- I A
.. t McGraw, if tried t',
Toughest CochkigJob.- pelt,r 1 o es b.t to 02.
Sam' -oo.of cwa l l and 4. t stucee would e
SI Ba mane that Leahy was predV for therstormy re- Meltnde, o r 1 a run Is tOti .t thLe Powe
aoMilcfoted. It Is conceivable he ewena expected .c m- anitilton, lb ,/ 0 each time 1 teIr own.
fmtbllor thewas t ish td -b ,ac with ad crawfo-atrd. 'a 0 -' ----
ly e.nat but wa.-to p1u wt oeainS B ter, aWi b t r 02b Dv0 i
h sus'-witur rtif the -atfteoa. e'Why daume Wlmoth, rI
m he must ha "T the way' Perkin. 2b 0
by g tAkctioareandteaeds.Wa 5 0 RaeS
byhae ba eea..pLeah, by BUIC b AYTONA BA Fla. Pet
stqrmcn'er ant o 6 .ik4e M (5apt ,M.e 200 drive
at e a, 2b .
ath m 1 Ga septr fO a t, o 2.
t 6e 4 f j 1o CatW Auto
from rhe c _y iadt beeatBin;ed wn h led f c1 3 0 :. 14-31
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110 0D-

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Long Beach, Cal1., eitr Oollx specalfic needs. Thue Qla
alter service and achieved a ed offensive ends. The
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treated as far as Torrance or An- halfbacks. TWats why
aheim. But hst erstwhile budW l Hales snubbed heralds J
tipped otf the front attice, and Lattner and Mi0 Wovden
Van-Sandt come-. up h$ the draft Bernie Faloney tc, goto M
a a sleeper ly recognized tan W
ID flez dusky scooter Illinole as the 1 "W
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be* B Prince PriA M anieaton

e' ".-the WASHINGTON, eb 1el (b. k UP
Senate investigators threat-
nedntoday to aubpe na custom-
er list of all ,U c brokers t t
* determine d f recent sharp e I ."o t d io k.. p'. -. e aB

exchBane oight-a Geanp baonervice m kne said r4 ween te- cew2 tar the r;ll
B el an enJ.Ae n Fear r- -^Wel-oeuceen m oh enrises resulted from manipulation nd i t'
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hael e oa rcntt maeuvers, ar. Glenon-con report sad te usiasd by 1 a s was n tows lat
BMd. i ofa special Senate banks s. i L--- "- --+. -f .hp 77-o m .
in ge sub n ttee the rst t t y
e rs, who operate on the New ... n bed ." ..
York Coffee Exchange, will hae as
chance to submit their- cu

Aeeotomer 0lirsts voluntarily before eon "m e.. iter y be
any subpoenas are Issued. ,. ..
He said the lists will be studied a Il .o.. o' "
insecr session and dails will
nri rLBtMiot be made public unlesss we ,
S'find something but of line." o n
1-- --,^- ....terAtwo dmaf tw o days of testimony by ....... ,.
--": -' "te' exchange officials and brokers,l .WAAHjIiNGTOnO Febm n (U) But Pree e thes irelort- b152 tha t the 0mlt
cu ee army tested atomic all me soft a V t thee, the0
dene oFcdrromen. coAfe soerto recent mnuaverstenAant cAtmon-
.Bea heindicate e ant s tr l Inoures in Washind, lon"aid tlhe report "i .h wle
Sdetermine if. Brazilian Interests it wonre not be +surpruf ti c h e last So viet $tomic Nx- art lle -
S,"a fre bidding up prices on hthe e armana +hve derln oe FR- the- sous sie d 'ittes d nl On Pth' "d.n t'." aIot.
Thers Eucommtnge h iearn to s .nery shell.. d .yathsl off last 'tmet amoutalededa the rboviet
.. "-"Wcoffeehenashington aouroe at- August.
-, ......which was recessed today for a 4d 4owver, that t d owc l.d One, on At2w as.._w h-
week or 10 days, is prth of a pa hes noreporting t ble tme.ed born o m testarf..ol p l.ed b. a-
three-way investiBatlin o why not indicate whether pu Ithe n- "series" of A-b sttd s on tha p
coffee prlucesphavepsn to as t lNed an atetual atomic elo- order oIf Amt io exrlments
Yorkoxee riee.r..i....r much t a1aoun andn 15 cents eeopaen. insNevda lulsast e ands um
a cup in recent weeks. The Moscow dospathehmbsad i adr.lm-
ee, Ws.. r at--"Don' Drnk ee, D The sano Agreulture Coer-h the. omiet army was hmrThe AC. t i-f lat tmet
mh'last wek, voted to lace the cqz- thera e owverted the e. t e m or i ut
fe exhang e underfeerpup me guns of yalou al- er Soviet b bp f tt unless sneo
"'eeek e range u onder ea er enIsrsup ,n On during manu e2 I-t thee they were an Rl- a
p.raotc. 'euosren prth of the USS41o eaneest. ,lt e'- f .-
The Federale Trade comxmis- .e United Stats, D-c' has Some sorcase the 0 hered if the i of
"4-; 'tsion ies otmirp teral battalo hes ar to ic e ar- RiamslAn wetaedv on't. .' i.
condueter ine If a nvepris en t l s put its big A -g. u nI artillery to oftA te ne ti .an-t
iuce fn atiesin e fandi cenl thstitgh exhaustive lil d..tests, no lncemear ,t iend bat-
cvolved in the prie rise. fing covnio heslong;alBetinNevadt oftSot
-. Gustavo Lobo Jr., president ht ebit fired mthe first atomic be sent toagtr.m rst r N 4 -
the New York Exchange+ and missle in Nevada last May. TO deTensee iherte.. ,.- s s' h y he
Leon C. Israel Jr., vice president, The AtoeiT Energy Corn-' Diplomatic. aC wondered.A
"'.4"o... eeaIttthe anin i t nu would not omment on 'if the Soviet t o.asn't toirn med .,
lt\ ciep rote bealnp couple beh Mosetow report or mf y for whateveroi el te tin d..
fe priceop Whether tany Soviet atomic egr- have of 0the brre ovnegotla- eetto, toe "
world over are drintNr.Neoree
coffee and th ae 9rsolian th pleuion td have s hbeen detected in tion e rlin. rem .
S suffered a severe setback In vorecent days or week.u. Ter ssians 'nmd ht figure I L a nd t .
disastrous frost last July 4. Chairman W. sterling Cole thse sources St tdeploy- eta.-i the
Under questioningIL by s ear A. mc the oin torTts on gAini lUg Soviet atomic artillery in -
r'Lobo aid "terknhe reila he htesu nce roe n the areti-e 'la a d I
certain amount of speculation" he was "not surprised" by the u. S. atTbhc gull are deployed -( ebo-y n a
ibut "Ief we thog t there wasRussian reports He said, how- in Western hurle might havePH M
unwarranted spculation... thatp ever, that they *bould serie 1T considerable dl _oumetic cffet o .. ts otu
tevlm e specuhlathio waUawarnin to the United States on th coltten attr It
theinthmed r spehandi we'ae tof"keep ahead" in Watomic arms en atomic ise t was-gi eutc r..
dstet police oImt." development. Nointled ot that the a_ eTo
He and Israel agereied that At leat four other member of al nhese w
most importers consider,m- m the committee declared that es .ehlideal triomak. th e s eo.
elve "very fortunate indeed" if they were not worried about tethetan the morte effien' te ed.,
they cani average a one per cent development because there long twateval a omic rebs otf the l kimd a
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ILraFoz ndevice wie instead, of the spherical a enouh t a thuei lbas ph t r. of Fa.mep
but"ifnel a gtterozenw a ,"swR mno HaidoIWthrnturopemihave
[in dthat d o ld be wesedon e d mrOfe"implosiro bgdtrye In air t.f A b ti sued y the Vrt atl w
her t hne don't tLhink they ite Ld G oned chunk o atomic explosiverimn -'.theI *Th *d gno b
O....E nev.hdr thooo lught much off atm otsphbelateinadweldsta- om;ic.. ad sor 0ao gunlbarrel aainst an-rto.r,.
SMAIN, Goermany, Feb. (UP) artillery anay." he said. aser chunk to reduce a nu-
Embarrassed United States Ny aCinon P. Anderson (f'- clear ao r t'f l NtfreI a r Re had. au a44jrg
hheiers said today that two e Atr e astother commee meo- hIs method of detonating a-r. #U re reep
eeii r, said "we could have do-ttIom oexposons is extremely
mos the Rhine Rivxer thm voelped anatomic guen faseher Bufl infm suces have nmr."t Stys ieE .rm. ycs contjdrenuInMb w
the nST river icea breakers were than we did, but there wa n eaid. monir eb Iis'fon .tjfeWe oot.1r f the
i e from their base t grave question as to its wor t othathemthodu I he ia ho af .i I th
taen dowe river from Mai r and there still is." 1mthat dIs ted Ha s hmal
n t Germa f service me raid he never was con- n t14a hsot be e
crew aboard each. RIneed pf the worth of the gun 1.ed nce except in the artillery VATICAN CflY, Feb. 10 (UP) Thiqfs had bn-safled, t1e:-%us big ph- most
'Cmof the vessels became ce-, delope by this country. el. ie
sc rik a.sPrn iceY(D-l'lIn cald ibrs, of aMUbe" soot of rever who t
Arecatnlng the Grene up irod"mlvth. Pmrie (D-, agreed. W. 11 inches In diameter. The. tr$ today but reined a.n ito the. hal y mark yetmy up half way ihrj.a show, but

distance away. 1 InRtnr would find It easx to sive i" -h..r ntn i. waq np and about ,. ..
tehervesselsuWere indnO immedi-t YO Do With l, .naval rfles, for ezam, Yd"I6' e-o-n eewpoi tu a neerveo apkpoch-
rmlgkt snd tons of ice driven by LOSSIGS Wornieu ,Ortis od-befder-tonatinga_. .. o-.0 -.
An Ahr orce helicopter canvied'ian Lord Chief Justice of ieg- binfeved to' released energy pultc pperanees ad ..CRSIO and tl. s- m. a c
food blankets and equipment b a threw e ut dn unwed moth- ld. to 10.000 to 15.000 tons of audiences. The --+ .-." id ba '
the locked-In vessels or'as patorioty suit against an .me u. s. shell was test The PpeSwoa.0ling enPns
f.. -- ai eriand sldere toawtte."I the nearly uninhabited witlsaaTh itie acnu.. m day ni h.tO i t .t13
lain.,"' ~ Kim AnneiBaxter Gets conImglt: wome nheerwac 400$1ofdeof southeastern Nevadae tn0 tf, A hi"

A.ared back to the United States l might be harmful t lain of the Po yut. eai nt t he a. w by
'is"""7HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 10 U -for d harge he .S. Field A 1- e

satedpo ea "wat:". _.." 34 t last year. received the final d:- maan d Ameraicr ePor to IO MASI.. "K'+4e'" 41'S"

14 : Ruld. ... Manh Low n 40)m.aF5 F2
mat couple were married in 9'40 a in..........3:40 a. a' "r "a I -trench
.......M.oac 25 at Frenchman Flat. Ne-1which cleated 6h lud.p-tiit
mo co- station, hou.e... 1546 and had no children. 10:10 .1'... 4:02 p 'n. vada. But it disclosed In Septem.. Vatican city state. '."""

This Guy Was Cooking On Slow Bernar.rb
NZW YORK, Feb. 10 (UP) Macadde s asked about a*0. I never dia sleep in a bed a his a I
eal turlstBetnarr Mae M their frot night here. ,ith her" there a-a. ..
rden, 86, admitted yesterday "I have no. detailed reneme-. AIriend ot the couple writer An exc o.
left ls Drlde s apartment on brance of It," Maciadden said Oore Schiabel testified he cbnroi, Maeladat
first nieht in New York Pe "Didn't You ge ug about mid- d advidU. add hum
ense hs .exer-vniin apparatus night and leave your wife's tatsheash,,uldcrsomfort" Der- breath 2 on -orptpS "17
wau at h's place ana he "wanted arrtment, tell. her 'This i na anc agested that they
to take adrunts$se of it" toofancyfor me?'" a lawyer hp have a child.d
MacFadden w.a testifying in asked.a hn
t parat'1n suit brought uv dge reenoerg asked 1 wA u
wife, Yonnie Lee Mac- "I'm quite su I dldn' y old Maadne reenwoergasked h ow enow.f
adwe, a shapely 48-year-old tnat." Macddep replied."bt "ulghtv v earn old," SchueUll G l '
I may have 'eft because MYe'repledHe paw;ed, then a ,b
heisIug appants was at 420 "Well, I never knew, but he wa alter
W er married six years (his own anartin at on Cent-al & man or great vitality."
A^ Wbpn e we& 80. and spent Park Wet) and I wanted to take, m
I V tots.Dk e
a In lora before dvtae on it."e When Moes Fadden testiflt.. "We b"-a-d
Judge UryrlaytCrgenbere aqkeod nim: '"Did ymadeua.
t. .-- .w-"ud e6ary CAy reenbr gever w i t ryourdwie 41wP9
'l Piseekingp the Interry ed to .ak Machadden o11y1 or desirability of hay.
mfdi of Crue:- about a wife'srela.
.01 gand abmusdortment, She 'oid mony that he always 5iepL, on- r a.,irwe did Up
'4 ..said"vetdidscitss1w0tn0ythourwirefieesian.the.fl-o-o"r-._; ... .
",6 a Awonder at any j on "Wore there any
!'Texha ha vet done that fr :".ere t ered e *-
R .,, -. .,.l .'ie- ewadte th years,', nMd' "
......... *%=A"2". -. .*MILO
3;. -
; ; +. 7'.- ."