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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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WA, .t0 ON Fe 6- t ) "Chirman J.
Sdn Pw" se Merchdnt~ rin'e subcohmnitie 'on
e" Wp Canal said today AIit is .extensiY.he ar-
to' operations of the Canal Zohe since reorgani-
fbobfyv will. Mgin .soiiels in March.
SOeplan on-,e

1 Vwhich tIhq'isCw:hIdi furtheI St
siO a C dq Zone Gov. Joint S. Seybold
vwyilebt I Washmigton OW.
has~ t~th coNn qch dule wovM
"- iias from. hanit Zone, he said,
-be. pec.thi tl their own expenses
.-b.hea .d:

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Lisholt Believed Ca

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y Re' tigerat ion GsA
a t..'.

Amerikanrsevedore foreman John Cole was killed shi
ly after six o'Co<;k last night and about 16 other mi
injured in an explosion aboard the Norwegian motors
holt on which a serious fire had occurred early yesterday.
Si A "- The men were part of a crew of Panaln...CO ,i
RedI Arm DivnI dores, technicians and supervisors put, ab* tf
Red Ari)y V the refrigerated stores after the vessel wot 4 ".3
W ., Pier 6, Balbob, to Pier 14 about 2:30 p.m,,
Moves Closer The casualty list: K"

To Restive Berlin- JOHN COLE, stevedore foremea.

siin BRIN. FeI a u(P)- cobm

Walter C. Fedde, 56, chemist at M ffs
tion plant. .
Hugo Villacrest, 32, Panamaani. s.
Malcollr A. Callender, 44...
James McDaniels, 24, Canal Z.epdiremno.
Guillermo 0. Melo 37 Pn.nmn aS ti.,i.. f. --t



amf., ', t" 's, .. ..- I 1 1aoi.&4.1.1 1 e -- -1i.ow S
lisp p.- aern fee
-....~b A bralia dad recdeiek pa arshal t oadr Ju4 ig e Q PiCO, 36,
.. .. b .q, _. woulfl .-..I '.-i "-"u e .. .....- 1I. quel." u.s0 .a.].-ui' "e j... .' ,,, a u~ m p. .
t. a.- ,o o. o .. .. ... .
e we"114liig the u Pio I

__i_.i ,, -., il-Cl Me, awb4oo rmto.r
". u e Louis Armueolles Bards, 45, Ecudr.. ste 'd
.o Mt t. .... ..a.. b .. h ..... .. Antonio T,, 31, stedm..
IU *edt:o1 a e btr m0 5 fr m1the p'g'area to a- Harry E. Townsend, 36, American, fr b. d.9rt
a ,d lt te a uffl t. belberg, B suburb some ureau.
riee f'thien strmaeoto to con- -- .. n __ h desk of the o 'oam e of e ,dered Dart Henry "Tex" Freeman, 47, Amer n'c"en.
le-. ... m.An.. ican World Akwas The present membership of (UP ~ was offittand at te racecourse of B Communi alert ofe -he tevedore at Cor
w~t~to ol elals ed bYpeidd h s u b nonlitt is~ vas hw. sm ng a r me~b a weto tOd #O1tptoi oDl crne It fore n te a ke ofIs Abou 5 nm th ntvdi it ouI~ f a
d u.. ., h e .d g. J ..... g o' ern tieOl ilf o r d t e h c t r a z d
Ibe-" J_ i ;n i,. -m tov wi11lel sew n-en, Dorn, M ts Sumutvau,, j e-throu.l. the q.isab- a_ t4.," bftheir -0 ,..t, _t,_ _'! Aus-.Oerman _Ie,,_f_ a ..and f than from the iIon 10oarnea10n b thlc
Ir i. 10- d n-y .n" publican Repi. Walter M. Mum- her irst weei S ~1adr a ll' leading jockeys present- tons and unity tohro f Litholt and an4 entered firt Vaseel .. to
=,= file uset t~u. fa I"7Ln MW.n Snd Frank C. Homers, Jr, dp Ipte the r of y.e rday'i ed to theueen. shar.kle of cbmn inm. the "chill room" of the refrige- T""
i b k Latin An erica. .Ttavellnj in a Democuatl,. Rep. EdwaId rillorous 13-h ur" lbh e r to t r g l ce w ih I rl oh r f .t u fachedl......o e n h."...
jji u 'ejec al .1 -6.- they w ll v t t he A. GOy m a and M R t n D ies. .rhd cihlatte. an i m ted y w ith M ore than 60,000 race fans ra t se _t oto and of p ink oatio d tra ge -ao ce th e i in e thear ot'er
n reas- amas, V-nezla, Co' ibla, a, wide assortment of. visitors gave her a tw mn.ita.ous welcome ed agitt lato "tm, room saed t bd r flames almost the -
pr-N odrs oeo h ebr aea blind inan, Korean war or- and the Queen smiling and re- Othuf roett .3354 th Corn roamur tbyslae almoserto th r~o~
hder eo and d.ico ;-r.... served on the Panama Canal phans, jockeys, racing officials laxed, avIheared to enjoy every manists dI*i H a..earbineSPa12nhors throu4l h.h r to u m -o.
5 to tate._, e party will be in Panama suboommittre before the first and a eral hefty sun-bronzed minute of her visit, their factor o lti. aler they opened the ro r of an inner m ..
agi~t ct'hep -28,prv U e session of the nresnt Con- Austraan and N~ew Zealandl their 200 la 0 n polial aux "freezer room" but smelled gas
'- ated ECxecutive vice president Wi- hre, or vnie a year aor omr fe savers. Governent. n .r~a sest and apparently closed it again. Wor e
m r i r"n"ai"l IN the Ctaf s of th e ll rwch a notunthe Apate' ..... tu.o u. b "
w ere acVt ho st in the off ic lB trrehe Navyose2eralr,,c.&dWee t he waso i ns a d b uo s i n es m e o ffnu sals ord ered A f t the t w o in e chllow -
i tothe 0are h ny o eaRtiereern c ,ro h ro re a (P Th t ar re a se room thney again seoned the
ft J 1 ;i n k l esAst cFVeb b ei g l s toi n T oun re s td aocc0o d f e te r o iom
.f r e i h r r ui ncHrr T T e s, d e b the children of dead service- Linen Su l os s atio f A n to reliable re orth, rebch s th y d so an expos n e t
milerh s anreeer vice oie. hi a li2 yea r hive ttsowi staff, but s erved men atLeacy. H useer the en h nericarep orts that fewercoffeehe At lst had been sec m of th votnins
thefll0 n. rch iAtTLU ran The of E dnburgh's 'tain saetrigu onwereal urnonat ed rm "w -b .ybre
amid m ile gby th e staff h trioh at a d r .t Ot.nn e a d- e r Sser.. ..
e 'e h ts c ommit.e i.toe conhi- Qef12-hur0 dstdlhe tioeday w o sl- W r os d the
IAlittheir(UPen bordae r gstdl anr nound B foer- e the explosions ol an d
1,ewsomede ,ct Pethe e nes .wast" ihert lades e rcf os b eing lif ea celle l o lce ote r o c te t e o erC
4l oW oalof the L ah A5 .-t ." "eude crowds repatcked the consume ed or w actresses and pat-h le v ouS. o the bl ast.toblh pe ie u rIng h m ba, life. C l
S -'y' a f a L streets 20-deep to cheer theR oy- orons arebecomng more careful iry sad e ast GermanCs. were cas y a r nself-..i, ,g i tepha de e
iAhead eJ-tatPeVe Ja D Prn Yo ;no ke otont o -ter giand on e cmnfrmt heI n-n lshtwo n

.. .-.=, ,:-n a ne,1 .Corp r t an Pl. mb,- .h"d s"w *hi ,,nigns f~ l ysedn or li t en -.ou -.t ....-marn g gr".t"""ay b- t .
rm a ebor o it uei-oKia visitors. now that the price h one up ben arrtedmerey claemeas p yornating wn the r bs.
topat o alcalsT hhnw aP o sheiaor at toth M ido ur G to W smtern ra din o broadcasts. Aerariov isonn bte d C t the Tw ihp
WI ll ier anNdnt t oofATLANTAt Feb 6 (UP) heA The Duke of Edinburh a ,t h de waSah,.a
w. Ie ould-bedAlbahdltoug1nhtthesafe..enthrusiastic cricket play er. ,sid gjc y pnetol ofrof the ,asd d leete a rad m d -fd t l..
l ie" eint ar tv of a jail cell l.a.t night after "played hook~ey" for an our~ M o m n La e o ed no conIufz las nigt hi .siup n ,,
is A'bnd ot Vpu c knife thrower. aaSyty cMket frounra wa hetehe. exlosi.n e hed f rce fro ie
WraoAaarands oaWet f alewhio w ear ash m asks whI sweeaon
xuotft o r $ hed Drmoibeen Reps.rEciodsri rece1ved byschedul. eMc tay also of p ick- u la eraa e tm R m n h

L t 80-Teei-ote e t o ha Atwb p drld hah se effectiy ove. the engioe ro a
b a c k It hm sa nd M sart n D i m i t- hNew cS o t h a n i m a t e d l y w it h Mw asleTten 8o r mo00 r a c p art ia rs l e
Ib theS ,rA I R.widp seup oplea--vst.Hgshrt rwrmhDk titer rejoinefInd the t~ oN t1 of those who catamine out carried United ruit

wresteda pisto ou' ofhisPharoQueenst theothdwock aces.a-a rank hemmealodor.f.ree p'sh
YIN- ronCtrh htss e- a rehante soawid me do'tid P
pr.e-t.. ... .er e or..dh ehr ae onwowa or-n-e Qulight smoke Was a in and r-at s twom2bthsO e
a, ofdprhsirentoNiciragaa, ong rm drdMo edrowmenot0
servedns.kthe Paa aCnep s, jockey',:racin""o.fficials.." BUENOS AIES, Feb. (UP) --Iprirte sweleveryrn t hala rough th"exvese lassi t uthis roo ed mirOn "
d e e o .. ... President vibd 0.e McKay ofi the.h life. as well as i ao alsel e k NIn to. lat is., .-, U-7P Y
." Church of Jesus "Chrit of theh Yoau cnnt help the poor by s peculated tha r o tt~fh e "
b .Mrw b inLatter-- A snts said tod idestroying the rich. .. e ddcmnr from cork inuSu k ( P.-
't o t .. Xth a t e sen fe.Jean DC e r n d "m o ue aOnpot i e o u t of t"-fh e re Ignr a to n sh e ere ct io n.a migs l
's oati. e p te ae s e ieterean w or kintRund e ir athe s a-
i nd. n T~aion, .'* .,-; -;,. w.lork of thze Mormon Church "in "You can~not hZelp men .per-[ receion of Fire Capt. A.. T-rroulpp-
SbtL.-e rainrent'c l "iaa dontny b ny doing for te m..... had mo ade a thoroeulh a in ser tlon nd wI

L.H tfy -- inte what e theycnk and shoudd for ofe u. al stooates anyor
pre_ L-atin e Woperations Wll n heZois.he Howith Peron In the resent, of dhe i-aeV.a ofo Mor rin renat of the dus-ruc- o.f-,
'wreac soos ieieof n M.-6 UI -sTher elo- toneulhthen unmestly Acorservingroo.

S,,faeebrane eonymo Remonno,' Gert Clne, mort. Amercns., tne. audience" tvCblazee wi adswfRn-e ptoth whoene4 cat e
.t ~ d a d ser iceiz ocuv e d .Sel a i Ipso f rth e v gc i m s lne- u tb d

l, are der T. i pm guidance, Iipi o nk'e e at. I, h. cult.rathaffair officer ot, lsr lcf e e e eAlease en -haus btcall atroom tod.e. They found
r so nervice more.. t a y ar a eis wbu ss r Emarss. ae oterr e d o t -I p -mi talk ll fire anenhcetsaiterstores..
"A.4"M l s. by the staff aot the full Mercrhaaseli .h ou manandothe n Dke...f Ethenbur g..-.
lideetda aso# igenrtbecohsInrsau ele Ofsil

ago -h'wholeCs Tnt kto the uat antfirefo lstaonw-P ,

r.Q1througbut hn wor when they are away from home[-- Willa,, C. IrbT, thinks he! .sA
auheieur e of raWe domi n 'stpolince e dons tahueat explos o hn Sari h t)

1.when.r4srno_ t. htesmoke, and erefore we d- hr swD-Ala.) In the election t his olecft
'-ergeer Ccasreh oe hrve odr houses all s efy withyear..
it'u sew"dthbconouwhich ca uses many dis- l. p tforn p aa-oun
-,..Offici....'-.a"foeafes such a.terday cls for t ver e.a "
m ,- ... 'o ka-i ..osgowt,,h irhas gonaur." We don'tr n cofeor t o'
*i -a t.r- ,"mi.,he.rpin-I ng. w ihwesthinkrareo brbadforsts.he m. to all the staet fot" opi tath SeA hr
:te. InrAddition'to4*1- an the *said. ref..r Wateo O s cene and
L. ATLANT,- Fb (U A TeD eo."u-
.t. ,,- e .:- p d n, SAM- I, .,n -o ..... -th-.a- -", I..nd ,.
bl ... d,, ,... ... ,,; W k ie ho we... .dney cricket ,round where the the-"p-.igib.. -ere.i.:j- .-:..-.e,...

-- ..*e


- I'- -

'4'4 -.5..-.

- ;:ii
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~4 .4


*; -; ""I

-. ,- ,
.,. -...... .. ." .."

4 .

at least
lor t&e6

of w


Pre i

v. hta
lie h-tavM

.. -- 5-. :4.
~'~J4j-". : ~Q--.Ah ~- --.5. .5'..

V,6 1;- --

'- 'I '




" 1


*.^'. -t'

, .

i.'. -k



~. *..sra

It's Not ,Ji-i*h:a

Briti h Ps Envy

IUS Congressmen "

LONDON, Feb. 6 (NEA)- The Fonorable Member of n ilo' iat 8 p fto Tuesdaye
Parliament has turned sengreen with envy. He .has jqst raW )a in to ea h
learned that his opposite number in America gets freb Ancon Laun dry,',s t
Doreen DowwC Is the United
shaves at government expense. Kingdoms in revi-
But it's not.Jetishave*- --.- oDnu Theatre mf m has
r -l m0"rra n .The Honorable Member is probably smoking nMidget. rnrti d.iramasdra onvinclng
N Grai8 MOther size WoodMblnea An dvng his-wtf' pack a iphn ho e e. laye
an C k K that he can save enough ot of his $2800-a-year salary Ito V h, arKe W w oi
0 buy a new winter overcoat. i r-s e I
Not so the American Congress- But England is so small that ily wasIA there by
tmSchoolmForrChefseas.. feC huddredsdo asskgdaringcome-
SIan. eve if an MP traveled from aI te h -Ja.pane g World War
ASih l F l am, the Con matss ":eat- cry weekend he-couldhardlyun BY DREW PEARSON debut as s gin"Pre ti e Se sub-
a high o oeft m o the upmore ana .hudddo]. BY DREW PEA pN udienne in dPre t Idy hesu
Senvioua v1iish viep t. not- lars in annual tave-rl-penes,; WASHINGTON, February 6. equently lent to the
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (U.P.) withtan digdfferelaes in iv- whereas an American CopSress- It was GOP Senate Leder Know Navy and ash to e and
famous chefs are men, but a ing costs in the 'two countries. man gets a princely sum of $12,- land who qulety eaginj red Sena- "P a hi ade ta and
who. admits she's no cook- The Honorable Member works 5O0 for expenses. tor Dworshk's ltest switch on haltaelpi ay s '
pert is teaching some of the five long days a week, not count- C Hawaiian-Alaskan statehood. The Charlotte ra in Sky .
Chen know-how. ing night-time sittings, in the As for amenities, Parliament switch doesn't represent a com-. Ma in (Bob) Livingston is from
Mrs. Frances Roth, a 57.year-old salt mines of Parliament. When provides none except a few ta- plete reversal of position for the Marvin (Bob) Livingston is from
flandmother' is head of the Cull- he wanted a quick amoe,he can bles for choas (which is the only Idaho Senator, but in his opinion New York and w.s a member of
ry Institute of America. From duck into one' o two bareims, game that may be played on the a compromise the Columbla C ole l D rama
kitchen casslrooms come male shared by 6M other Honorable premises). Original GOP strategy was to Group. He had a-brieG comedyy bit,
to rival the European chefs Members. The cornucopia for American vote out Hawaiian statehood and in The Theatre Guild', Over 21"
Ion have dominated the in. For American Congressmen Congressmen pcludes radio.stu- leave Alaskan statehood on the and also p wd in "Born Yester-
I story. there are doctors R aeU dance, dies, caucus rooms, ticket effl. shelf. This was thwarted by Dwor- day with h Crole .heatre. In
The f that a woman is helping retiring rooms, gymaulaps and ces, para risking lt, shak whtn he voted4with the Dem.- "Sylark" aIs George
t wAMI se as top chefs may be baths. I ta le rats todthe two trtorietp- Gorel as lever bus
urprir nt m ma s tot e hnioremunusual .' .. .. .ashot gather. N'bwthe Republicat s ha t ess manm -
the fac that Mrs. Roth doesn't In between sittings of Perlia- c ss. Z!9rd th cor. l-a vote Rpla h Tickets s my k" may be
consider herself a cooking expert, ment, the- baraseet MP es to Eve t Daag gives Alt state od later and S l G celyn
SMrL jt.: an trney, was ,find roanddcorn- its m.e rs f# to Senator Dy rs a! t, at the
unl- sl:e came .to a rescue. of r In the id L tw teh to zooe, eth acetur tb e Tiv- Aed this coemromis of re- or a l at the
tauniit operators had-put for dictate a. Ietter. 4to retp ary ol am ment British P s it HawSan. *-";perform-. -
Ioly aleen.s-te .wes fished from e "tno 1,. a .. set, ovided w nd Woold' e on Tivol TONY t1re
S-Swas y 21 -whent e was ihcop b teA rican all te f of Amer- guarantee that Alaskan statehood Avrde, n future
graduated t'ro New york Univer Congressmans tm ..t ca, nothlg ea pressed the would be reported out of commit-
i h ftl t Law. room suite dfoff ot es seems pal- Hdeorabb Members of Parlis- .tee within 30 days. This is the deal
after, .she became tbe atial; his office staff, ranging ment more than the free hair- that was finally agreed upon. h
st womap member of th Con- from three or four clerks to a cuts for Senators.. Of course, what everyone knows ( l
icbt. Bar Asscciation. By 199, dozen for *Senators, a veritable A properly-growmed head of is tht when Hawaiian statehood is
2 was eity- prosecutor for Noew army. hair, so the argitment runs, is toa up on the Senate floor,
venso -a leader in domestic one of a politician's most i mpor = ern sators wMl try o tie
at lM"as apd juvenile court prob- "An American Senator can die- tant assets. Ai to .pat It hope ofdeeatg W ll
e rtate to a steagrapher with dlf. A silvery name tossed iVr the b bills. Seator aniel of Texas U1 JIu
SHer dship threstaurantlored hair very day in heatof debate h en wn pethmov w
ith restauran t -- wi h eA o silverybname tned uwn is auppoflt4 tp tbh teho.mOve+.w wit
ple gan in World War II. As theweek," comments o- og- to as Ode Ame ane no DI i a r Gear l a raylng
t of anti -vice cleanup ca i- eyed member of the House of dou voter. all the Demo91ttas behind it.ase
gn, she at to New Haven's Lds, who gets no remuneration
Salgturt managers for for is labors except a.tiny tray- .1ru uia t.
c S i got it. el allowance.' -t -+ I n their war over she was
asked rltarant men to or- WSI. FU.P,y The
&i et truang school& I e .,., alter w.. in: their
a ed that the .a "."wtown offieem the manaz
Binare get- m lt'store"call.
aoolsard with le need. a shark," the fn
t ang. the GI said.
of t te LISBON, Port al (UP) The "A wha," Ithe gltcs asked..
orPortuguese Geoaphical Society "A shark" cgne back the an-
iBer a to announced its agents ave con swer. "Were ving a sale on
aM o. .SS anfirmed exist ence of an ancient men'y shark-skin suits and we want
9'l t. walled "lost city" in the wilds o a shark to advertise i c iemai
Itr- t t to a Southern Angola, Portuguese Westla
^ ^Boa hqry U A frica. jy is Johnson a e fr
minute. It was a ugb a request
.r Society 4eI Idthey had hButh
Received o e eAn. accepted t fr order ond ut pro
S rade Fra p lorr to dio their best.
Sn the project advlsinti hem nhe a. two are co-owners tof .be p
e on theproct ladvisingt c he l ew ch advertises "We
had found the remains of a for-h advertises "We
tifled town near cunene, in the.hill. e ing.
country. almros s
"Within a three foot wide wall," fron Au i nland
the report said, "are vestiges of nd Van ask-
circular habitations o varying di- ed oio
meters averaging froai six to ne pe4gre
t. At one place was found aan oto
onical stone tower." gs 5 r s rrk.
SThe repot p ed out that ISl- oCLAMNG COFFEE IN RAZIL: The Brazilians say frost cut FSiin eook a A do-
e. runsephadlong ago tbee haou id their reserves away dowf but Congress suspects shenanigans. Ig. Thro th f found MYRTLE
t Southern Rhouosla, ba tha w : 'a place on a ancisco beach Bill BlaD e
a-are tawas asnark all right floating
;Mt 0i is as tward.eTe yet i where moarina life was sold. Here
So arer d vetato of *_ around in a 30,000-gallon tank. To
oq tery, whh aeno b y rthad been i au to e tant- in a diving bell.
eir attention byt i Tra itional Coffee-Break C th a diving be ll
T Eleanor volunteered and de-
-ve. scended ihto the water. Back on
T,-K. .badry land a few minutes later, she
ions RefIuse e was unenthusiastic.
Refue.--- U -... "What's the matter?," asked the
,of proprietor. "Don't you like our
move Out i7xt..GAYNOR MADDOX because it discovered tea. In, sharks?"
1U1, ~.ctfee consumption aeer- "Oh, they're fine," Mrs. Mont-
octoy Ar. W YORK, Feb. 6 (-NEA) a aged34 upps per year per per- gomery answered. "But there
Will the'iWitditional coffee-break of son; today it's figured at so60 aren't any gray ones. The clothing
ISON, Ariz. (U.P.)-I-n years today one. the tea-break of to- cups. store specfled gray. It's sale od
the federal government had morrow gra sarkskn suits."
Inmgoludians to Thy seems to be a good chance bn very round figures, this would two say the order which
th eervato b oft 8 te coftee fute uture re. be some 100 bilon cups, which is .e.ed them ost came roa thd
the tread has akng mains ai dark as t is right now, an awful lot of coffee. And the ex- onely wife of an oil worker on an
Siane 1945, according to Bureau of perts say that Brazil. the main zolale of an o iw r an
s ad of Yaijuis, driven frm 1tbor Statitichas figures, the price source for the oU' S" doesn't have She wrote that life in the desert
at the turn of the century, of pahe baa boiled up 200 per an awful lot of coffee right now, Ws pretty drab for a woman, but
4t Paseua Village northWest cen against w 5 per cet for tea, hence the rice rise. On- g would help make it bear-
evidence I atod" the on land bought for them A while a lading spokesman The Bruilan Embassy in Wash- ;blo
sai4, "a4t p Karshall Foundatisa. fto t tea industry asserts "we ington says its country's reserve '48.d me a bright party dress,"
latle -do not anticipate further uppihgs is down to 1,500,000 bags (13w she irrote 'some ing to break te
has .leaed a piedsve wi, th,: passage of years ma aoo prices," the top coffee men pouds to a bag). The National monotony
de and wthb of southern Ar--al, q oee retail coffee prices C ee Association of the U. S. "That the simplest request
o has bedto spread out untltod the. .3 by the end a Feb- says there are only about 400,000 *e ever filled," Virginia said.
age. Recent'3 the'pla- Ab st this, the average price of these figures leave a lot of emp- tifying."
toning comns lo r-. Ir a quarter-pound of loose tea ty cups when you consider that
ueats to zone to the ,s 3I cents 48 tea bags average we ImporteG 20,274,000 bags ,it'
P17 oirners .ll~d east for industry. 5 coita. the bsis of stand- 1952, a fairly typical year.
.... yards established by both indus- Brazil's sDortage is blamed on
Bo d dConcert at, int l Fm tileS.. 7u whouild get 40 cups from severe crop shortages due to last
for industry, so that when frOM a uarter- und of tea, coffee crop takes time, experts fig s w
--". as were surrounded b .elf arithme- ure there won't be much more in a
and shops they would be tic von fliurl ga Feb: the pot for about 18 months. Other tl pm m
-l reap financial benefits of .rr bost prices to- coffee producing countries (Co- .
as they were forced to lTy's h heup of cofle lombia ranks second) would need CIIAGO (U.P.)-- burialk s MODORE
a tnd move. C and a half time to )ost, their crops, too. of worm out currency by the Wed.
-- andtomve lhleM a cup of tea. Tfe tesultant estculation la eral reserve Bank of Chicag hat.
'. N the foundation's re utt (2t* p a ,: _jcCoffee, 5.2 the matket over thiS shortage Is resulted in a saving n the o

L a r ma- noise that fati um on the U. S. It is also brewing up a feeling rate of 300,000 an hour at the
S.ghave served notice h rased by 20 million pounds fr investigation in C o n res s bank and the fire lasts four hors
in at five years and by which hasong been suspicious daily, five times a week. The e
S*.;. tth._ey want to stay put.-- tean ome and a half billion coffee market shenanigans. A few pensive blaze tafts place in a neo it
t cup it alone. Neverteessears ago. Sen. Guy W. Gillette gas-f red cinrator recently n-
S.t this steady in- (D., Ia.) looked into the situation, ae at the bank
Padd fw Cars e has e omction with the but failed to find any proof of jug- Under te old system of deel -
-C rt rpw ia ee sof coffee. gling. ina of worn bills. four holea sol
bava no cvis- Now Gilette wants to eer nto e th rough the
a5* S.1 haeiaa te the uwitiilo at e. And others are L inas
Cutehpp p .agesAae coee m d etlons such ,-of .ol
ve up. Americans th o S. Mike Monroney (D., er i
; l t Beak the basO econ Okla.) that the crease may The lower halves wre
t r*a ydr e "eutive "rte Aerioa's cofeerink e ih t ie c y redl taB
( put into er of the T Council of the habit," and of Rep. Lenor K. Su- of o United
S. Mcles U.S.. told NA Service. livan (D., Mo.) 4hat "prices are where they were. emia
charge tof us" t's simply *, matter of more malkin this beverage a luxury be. make rWe there w ie fl o
eM. tl i eres wle aid ot America discovering yond the reach of the man in the felts. Rte-eipt Sft
n to damMage. gu le tea." Jw added. Also, street or the woman in the kit- acknowledged, and the seo
S" emi to bber-eulee- A ricanas arem lingg to brew chen." shinot wod be made.
reci re. ,as WtlbeIs. o properly.tTh t-r.ous Ma

fuel".e as aecoffee tO'

..- ; ':.- ~. .
:-ft : ,,.-a.I., .W hows .s im, k"ins

IYON- (Don Tucker)
to an attorney.

SVALENTINI (Cynthia Matthew-a) pia
(Don Orlfiths).

. .

( rte

as she on

herself in the hands of her

villllam McKeown) 1takeaicEg ro&ae toomsAn
Livingston) before the phtt.v beogs
.... -wi- .,+ .
E~r e-.,

all (Marvin*B.

* t. .
-a.7 "own 'nr

4 -

*- A 's E -S


-. -K-:


1 -.-



*'*'.Iff 1 *,*
*.s-y- ^


~'""'i".:"='.-.~l'-~L;:i-.. r -


* P

tttt* .' I -r ,~.-~Ad


S .. .


0 ,1 *
4.. I



. I ,.

in tn '

'n nowjqn
mide fefr ar4

- ~d~4 ~
* -'-A

.e iS.allest Lir-ary l og $h ~ets og,
-n Beaver Falls W nd Hmter
ti~s SEAVER FALLS,,N. Y. (U.P.) Wi h gun
ftto agr@-Te smallest library i the world
^1-0.( use in this upatate New York 1DUR)AMt, j. .H, (UP)-A con.
i te epwmity. servationa oticer. pave Dupees re-
S latwd On 'of Ch omost freaksh
At w Us the Bu-RaoArk i Jbrry, hwftg. aelidents- of the aesmo.
Abult in 1940 by Melvi C. us huqIng aidept of the seqsoa.
6 rights. ld given a title compounded kofrom A.mqmber o.f party huntliig
tlwre. fpmly -na. Tmes -.ibrry. wfti'ogahot a-Jgbbh and pick
kia 3bo.ttiOp- cotinl300 bok, is se a it i3 t seef it was dead or
$Bricker AiWnd- '"ballding" nine feet high, srx feet wounded. Re had laid. down his ,
O.. itynizfing wide and one foot in death, shotgun.
wag] sfrl Tedegs kept iupinpig .1" e rob
.9 e inqiWt la ,--ooks are borrowed by summer bit in the hunter's hands, until one
.otiar a- visited, children and local resi- of them -stepped on the shogun's
de.ts trigger.. ,


CORNER ."H" AND DARIEN ST1'Et TEl... 2-21tl
': "' -' '. I .l" -.-' -'

~"w~Jy VP.Ji d~

. 1

in ] .






I ', -M ,IO





A A A ib AA A .~.& ~I A' A' A'AA.A
~ j ~
'~ -- ~ .T.r.ykY T $$..$$ r ~. ~ -.5 .~ ~.. -



Justo Arosneme Arve
Corner of Et 26th

S*1 --


s.. *- 1 S

- '4 .

4,* o


' 1%"


pA.: ~
~ *'


- \SD.A"S




from 8 a.m.
to 12 .no-tt

:4,J4 T.,:. .: -

-* I

p, r



r ; --- ~~~--J~

-1 _..__,_

--- --




' *t

jp (


IRrw SN.~


.. ; ', : .*t .i."r. "w'."p" '
4,,- -4. .,. *:'.
[ ', :" 'N '=' -

* -alae hour icamera

14" 'Jlo'"ehol Artrice
.''~~~ A '.*

NEA Staff Writer

. Ifr,you're looking for a diverting
S*'obbyhorse to ride when wintry
" Stiher keeps you house-bound,
=set .yourself an inexpensive box
tarmera with a flash' attachment
i4d .keep it handy on the kitchen
-.,-everal of my friends protest
Ilftia camera is too complicated,
* lat" flashbulbs may shatter, that
Sthi" husbands don't want them
fooing with their costly equip-

These gals -are also the ones
4*ha say "Johnny was so cute to-
'ly. I wish I had a picture of him
lui.yg with the dbg."
*lMtoe ind of camera I use is
_amp and as uncomplicated as a
*fplbt switch. The shutter is pre-
so all I do is stick in a ban-
tam-sized bulb, push a button and
4 It's all. (I do remember to wind
9 film.) I've never had a bulb
r tter.
*i Shitt your ears to the zealous
.5uttarbug who can make pho.
l ahy sound like an exercise
N rgher mathematics.
S p.What most of us want is a pass-
, Sirecord of family life. Because
.S. homemaker is on the scene,
0 in a good spot to snap the
4 unppsed shots.
Jmaping the camera on the kit-
f len shelf is not as silly as it
wands-i.f you spend most of your
liae ii the kitchen as I do. A kit-
'eim i usually small and bright.
S mich makes the most of the light
F tMo the flashbulb.
Children are busy so thee it
.tss's "mugging."
eidesa saps. sk the kid-c -
A up their plat toyou.eaoet -
:.i ijrs or boy'wab ag dises,
1' cookies or stirrmg pud-
Our toddler stays engross-

ed in pots, -ans and percolators
while the bulb pops.
On winter nights when you catch
up on correspondence with distant
family and friends, it's sensible to
enclose pictures of the kids. Rela-
tives tend to forget that children
are growing bigger and their in-
terests are changing.
Best way to convince Aunt Mary
that Sue no longer thrills to peg
toys is to picture her scraping
cake batter into thp pan
You can also use pictures to
prove another point.
A firend of mine, in despair over
the slump-shouldered posture of
her teen-age daughter, took a can-
did shot of the youngster. Then
she took a rosed snapshot of the
girl standing straight and tall.
When th3. negatives were print-
ed not much was said. But my
friend has note,' that her daugh-
ter's making a conscious effort to
improve her posture.
Family records can include
mnore than the children's antics.
If you sew new drapes, devise a
pretty wall decoration or refinish
an old chest, snap it for the rec-
Your hob y can be a helpful!
one, too. '
If you are vagpl rsnitlpfoid
with the wcy ? .living- room
looks, take mtwe.-o three pictures
of key areas-Aba fireplaeeN the
bookcase, the window.. The: em-
era "sees" what your eyes may
not. -
Looking at pictures T took,: ,
example, made me realize at
the mantel had become eateh;
all for mail and 6dds and' ,
that the doors of a buil -i "d
cabinet would look muc bettW
with b'Pger, bolder, hardware .
T -- -^ --

iTo B Yo Right ISmall'

VictoW You Lose Friend

lr. is a letter from a young
*e who writes: "I lose every
Leni I have. It seems they just
to start arguments with me,
al I will stand up for any-
-rrcan prove right.
sJiut this last week I had two
iltriends slam 'the telephone up
'ay face.
"ie got angry because I asked,
9. you ever been there?' when
ept running down a place 1
Svisited and was telling her

e other asked my opinion
furniture, ,and, when I told
exactly. what 1 thuatat
Mi 'We can't afford the kwid,
bn yMr have, so why rub
I. y.

Smre to the letter,
0oshow wbat
V can't make
t one you have
ht r uperioth
W'tight or superior

, On


than you are in considering ,the
feelings of others.
'To the first girl, who was' run-
ning down the place you visited,
you could have-sakd, "Well, I can
see how it might not appeal to
everyone, but it did to me."
TO the second, you. could have
discussed the merits of several
tvnesa nf furniture instead of rvY-

- .' '' -~

k-f m /kl

i, ', ,.-f i ^

Women's W~ri4
N". ..* "

~J I

lew Chemical /t9roeci -


.9 A ,.4


,- "

s t- ,. '...":

.F .

These resort fashions have
that lasts through washingg
freedom from worry about
and pants (left) design fo
been similarly mothproofed,

NEW YORK -(NEA)- Di' you'
know that there are 13 different
species of clothes moths and car-
pet beetles who'd love to air con-
dition )our entire wasdrobe?
While we're on this pleasant top-
ic, might as well mention that
glean woolens are not safe tl the
battle of the bite. Everything in
youven afoset is fairme as the
woman who's bad i cherished
dress destroyed very well knows.
This, them, is the reason for a
built-in mothlproofing that pro-
vides V1oteewol against arl wooL-
" eating nets foeir the sale life
pf the fabric. The chemical is one
that makes the mothproofingt last
ven after the garment has been
yleanedaor laundered.
.lU mo~thproofing is actually
0dled'An the wool, just as-color
-a the dyeing or finishing
Because it must be ap-
Sy'lAe mill, it's not available
.1.'b%%*& attached to the. gar-

... .~~ to bousewives
abqtheir wardrobes
jet*,*Destruction of
wetfMAe1s. Vs*& Cd other wool-
"nn dollars a
an w sprays and other

m thait moth
-n "--
d FE

_4osts oo3Is




in to prove to her that there was CHICAGO (U.P.)-Airline stew-
on& one kind worth considering. de don'tt shun marriage but
kt. point is, never force an- ard s saying single longer.
other person into a corner or give ey diMe_ to United Air Lines,
advice in such a manner that you Ac ra" gesky girl during the
seem to be a know-it-a. the rld War 11 years spent 18
SAnd don't always have to be Mots on the job before being
And don't always have to be inothded" by atrimo-_ ;
right. It's a small victory to prove "gow, the average length of serv-
ywo are right, if you lose a friend Now the arrige is 29 monthsrv-
Ogdku Nash.tput it this way: the airline said.
"Women would rather be right girls are
than be reasonable." Sixty per cent arthe girls artes
Don't go" on trying to prove that blondes. 3 per cent are brunettes
you andDgden Nash are right., ad fourper cent are redhead.

V Made CEpecially'Jor Foes

*i. **

mhad i
* t

. .,c


S iy. os om e youn .-pe opeater c, lou4l :, ,S "; a' .

(he fIoe.-slerv" teutaleeecka pabete C hIpeted eopl e .etnev r
NEW YORK -(NEA) In's than a career. lt
small theater in Greenwich VUI. e so doepa aw l.
forget use them. or apparel. t w stands pesp g. Or, tlae, any n ber ofor off the beaten path of aergy or about at
Broadthe mothproofing is imperceptible You cn also protect our ayoth.yourself to some young e eludes oun
chiefly with taleWt en- And she eftay d-
been given duraic, t e mker say, nd ing from moth dr Camage by havingo eight) your en of expen- as and love for the theater act, you must rja
or dry-cleaning. There's complete sweater and eard moth garmen with slim skirte moth am deage. red an Broadway obuldf it from nt ta.
the long-sleeved turtleneck sweater pockets. Tbeee are. I champagne slor and Il arm durable They call their theater Circle "I vs studied pep wheaeev&
r Ilisure hours. Coats (center) have mp t-proofed for-long wear without casualties, von eand wool in the Su be a t'sathea- I h ned toIa
are per cent wool and 2 per cents t safe re moths and damage may oed r yet be an easy property. Sowhen t n
S. .. arC e
means simply that people too often for use even on Infants',blankets whe yowtak then in for clean. play, Vict Wilfson's "American as, Wisconsin, Arz a ap n i.
forget to use them. r apparel. It withstands perspira- ing. Or, thee r any nuiher- of Gothic," stars a young actress 'ana. I learned abo the and
The chemical that aceoimplishEs tion ight, abrasion and wear. mothproofidthods you dan tase ma ed Cir Bla iingn ywh.o even dialects that way. hor
the mothprooflng is imperceptible You can also rotet your cloth yourself to Iyeour clothing and gan .e d ne onji
in the fabric, the maker say, and ing from moth damage by having that of Your b free of expen- as te egr at ibs o n omt t n o
is non-toxic to hu mans. It's safe your cleaner mothproof garments give moth '4a Broke dway. l ot any I b i tg t from nothing too e a

7 serr da role would not be a property S io, whenfI C P

bo. ceand, becomes the girl, Addie. .
Yop know 'as welt I do that Backstage at the theater, Miss dienee it SO nnd -
buying giats for a round of show. lot the
ers plut wed anpys is tn areat t o grl o line arthe biea*
pensive proposition. But no one whose arria smaues a n d nl young wess of wintomener and the busin
likes to spoil the excitement of to et. t s ace t
weddilg partial by bringing op "Well, I think" it's limiting your- It, fr, sal An a cr po/,
One way to solve th e problem on good ooks," wa herha open e e os simple ta do, e '
tofully is to he w the uests chipf remark. f'e .always wntedito learned t tayoy ottle emotii
in to buy one. gift a bd o use a act but never tp be an ingenue. muhl the Sdead e way th. y ri o --eara
little showmanship itn itsh pocket- o l b an aenf ao y the p s. a
bookto avoid becomes being typed. Those ac at the rih tgirl Addle.

enly oa ribd glass punhdo tbowl at th e atof their careers but vAer y e the 1n.rof plailK .n
set was the gif t presented as a often bog down later." .her emoios, tt the.New
elever springtime cnte frpieh o Acting, this talented young woJt- York 7rit- are .heaping t i.
The set, which i bringingcludes bupwlWe a ll thinksupWell, is a way oft' limife rather- I her. ,
this pra ctical details ot self to ingenue roles If you trade

One way to solve the problem tion, good looks," waft her ot 's sile t "c
tactfully is to ohaqe*the quests chip remark. oI'vet.alwas wanted to learned- toh.aplayd on you ematPons
in to buy one -gift an d 0o1 Us ea act but neva- tp be an ingenue. -much the sawmewby t hyOf

alittl ae showmanship in is topresents- I'd like to play alot any inverttyp the or play the pio sura
ch the one thing. on ray w wachted matter of preslpgt-ert4
per doily. Take a sp oto avoid is being typed. Those ac. at the right

For examplnd of the bowl. One par topors who are typed move up faster ack
cently V ribbed glass punch lat. the out-set of their careers but veryw-

th e hollow basegift presentedrh a pastel often bog down later." her emta
nohe segay for thice brinclude. Ring bowl, the is a e
bowl with the cups, set on crepe A enbrmtls cinserl a is e a waed i seresas s- tilC By GAYNOR MADDOXmr d a
paper petal-trimmed c circles about $ andr 5.ft f the scen o h r NEA Food and Markets
plant a driplcatessan th dle pr in each on '
Sycup. hae to do is to never Youll enjoy this combination of der, tthed stuffed oliv
punch bowl on its tray, whichnx pensie .. ound beef an bcuits. This re- Place r in top. .
should be covered with a ner la cea ne a n W afpa- fr mf re ove b tt

per doily. Tak e strip of rpeonaarm up the Hedson River. .pow 7ur,, st ne n r. r o
gest equale greenly showy centerpiece They enjoy good food. Here's evi er over ttr e wat

gif-s. Use a big round salad bowl lie gf "'T dence. with" a. rotary unt l -,
inverted a s lenthwise an for bridep out and blended.
rTie the perlls collar around t he oe a ie
the bowed of the sides of the bowl. in n l c" F beef, One po un a t dro nd
nosegay fo, cr theo ri d, e. icng the 7 -

Retthe cups, set on clorepd sueA contributor to many historic a s By GAYNOR MADDOX
paper petal-trimmed circles, and p tm a om intHen Nm b tid wea' m erte s s
plant a dripless candle in eachNe d "Th tsalt, cup e u a

Fill with ty pt of herbs- directs a mulutue of activities preastire was terrif:.enjoy tbis combe ination of auder ng, turn ed stuffed lives.t
chives min and parsley ae x b a member s v e taff. A member "Trustworthiness is a mp ound. beefanbiscuits This re- Place ter double
glausually wavailableh- and fragrant of the Supreme Couri bar, she has a consideration de-hoid hpe comes from friendswho live boilerspsuds.nonfat--

paper streamers or ribbons around t, oak-paned reading room on "And thr has ever be uon a farm up the Hudson River. powdtil m re
est equall, slenderhneed coff cent ca- the top floor of te court building, leak thr They enjoy good food. Here's vi der over surf e.a
rats. Use a nd let the long ends loop the library appears to be merey ed with pride ce. witir hs a Until
inverted as thpole fashion to thbride bow- a quiet spot for attorneys prpr Whle the Ro ason lightly flreboard to r t
rim dolls wired or taped to their caes. But Miss Newman was before h court tle 12. ad Let a cake d
center of a satin. says when the curts in session, ighs burned la i g ROill upCooling e to "s e
thCorsage for tov he guides of honor it is hectic behind the scenes tisn"t Cut or

Use sproutcfromthedjoptifot During oral arguments before "But l t t l Filnt g :Ont e po ned l eaat a t
sc sprut, ao the o nterpe te jc Athe bench, a justice frequently Will n te dwas and e U beef, one-third cup nonfat dry mi preveutl
glasses as ctand le holdeners. ad want to examine a prior opinion, emihreed. *o t e kW erapowderI teaspoonsalt, tea- oven t
eca onrther otae orad siltatent conturt decision, or a her -mpi d tle sl spoon pepper. d browned

the ted mae ra Biscuit: One and one-ha
the av is heade d time for the firstaccuracytha sifted flour cup nonfat dry -d
metal l cn be tracked just under tawoman-Helen Newman, ts.e a- powder, 3 teaspoons b
deizwre-tsherr'eture oflactivditrywa r 'lashed- un- eL-S pMM& duin

chives, mint and parsley a r ee
spice geraniums ready for a new w idlega training in addition to staff," she paid. "We never eat dry7Milk powdeno

t a to
thelbr ar t.e. ars. .. bmel wh..

ofet WVeM~to

- -k,-.. 't.&r-'s *~&- I





I= ,O i g H HII ..



.. .. ,- -..._... .r ,.- .
... -- ;* .^-. ^': .' .-._. .. ..~
* ,., ,. -.w-. .- ..,<,
'.. .,, ., .,* ,-, i._


J, 1 *,<,. -(.



S.4'-UI4a.~7!XJ( 1
.~ &-j:-y*~

w- -, .i '. *' re D

fo A 6 I i A I .

jj lj St0Vw Opens Today
SaWXleistdMUIO-Hof I -for i trise winces an re nat to

-.'', 1
LUj <**I

wiwrir- r i -:" w

~ em wilt en
P ..
,, ,

at M. Na

Hil. <

dosagfa ites. ,ases. esedn.t
Rpw w1cm; Veeed lPnwed At
er rla o Mrs sleasessions, who is vis
Isb Pr; th W t o thmu and Is a gues
eraf AVl am s 1 t oitel l .Panama, was the se
de hoso at a coktil party give
M I the c rs- uday evening by M. Joepn
mosg, i Moofl at t l n CunlualM,, Manlgr of tIw. o
hbome is thfW grandaotb tel in the Salon de 1a Ameas
Mrs. L uT de o iplet, on Mr. Seioi j ub Relgage
Via 9aRpal 4aa a Vists. Director aat hlwkebWy Roteli,


8 a. m. to noon TODAY SUNDAY

-Jut0 AuoMewm ArMs, comer 26th Street

S... .. .. ..

On Single 45 or 78 RPM Records
Albums,. Extended. Ply, 45 RPM
(Wrth Sarah Vaughn)

between ". & Tropteal Theatm
][ __ j -%__ ] .. II I i l -




STel, "497 Paumia or wire rservatiou
nelw Paismolte Boqst.
_ .V_ I l I. -



- .TI#I

-. -

. f -, ,

Feland-Jobns Baagemeat
Mr. and mrs. leF. Foland of
o Wla. a e

d. Johnston, sm it

e 1952 wherp

us al1al Univ
Sa si aow ag j
i *at Iet Ca

t I

l ov h e Inditas.
U aliv of th .
The wdf is scheduled to tqke
plieo in the l. o
Miss Ceci Heo atte
Celebrates b*rftday
Miss Ceci Heurtematte was hon-
ored Thursday at a buffet supper
given bt her mother, Mrs. EUse
Heurtematte, at her home la Be-
lla Vista on the oceasion of her
birthday anniversary.
Viditeo At Hotel El Papawa
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Harmon of
Mexico City are visiting on the
Isthmus for several days and are
guest at Hm1e El Panets.. Mr.
HrpoM is PbbUe RelatB aeupree-
t ." vWliMp uOaik*

a pot-luer lueheon, meniorig two
of its memsers Mrs. F. S. Pierce
and Mrs. Ira #Wglt, both of whom
will leave -soon to make their
homes jn thq United States.
All women of the Church and
their friends are cordially invited
to attend this meeting.
Doctors' Wives Lemehee .
The regular monthly luncheon of
the Doctors' Wives Club will be
held Wednesday, February 10, at
the Quarry Heights Officers' Club
atl2:30 p.i. The committee in
charge of the luncheon includes
Mrs. George MeShatlo, 3461;
Mrs. Frys, M-41a; and Mrs. Rosa
Feibles, 87-5127. Reservations may
be telephoned to one of these three
Bridge Teorum est Meaday .
The regular weekly brlge tour-
aumet played eaeh Monday at 7
p.m. in the Card Roomef the He-
el Tivoll is open to the bridge-
playing public.
tile. Birtbiay Party
The two Crele if the Weoman's
Missionary Unios of the Balboa
Heights First Baptist Churoh met
Thursday mormS ait 9:0p at the
home of Mrs. Faye Steele for the
rafglar Mlsslonary meeting.
First en the program was a
whewe of abrtay gifts for Mrs.
which the post- at t
bputlfhly dean
table centered .with two bithday
Mrs. Vivian Crobx served cake:
Mrs. eris vthurk pestedM at th*
pode wil ad Mrs. Evelyn

he. in e nt, e ab u e a
-r c a lsgge fr.Mhmptbps

a Amnu.
This show gives local Pew Worn-
an ha opp st to cimpet with
Ai jbe set prito Washlgt l, C.i
rut be sent to W a. 1C..

LI show. In the event that sU
elate n special members vOiF.,
grup, who are not eligible <'b r
9ete In the National show. W%
*wfl, they will be. given c
Exhibition will hang In the
iq galleryy for two week be-
Scout News

Reczofin a pin of O.,618
Sin1953 or a 8," er
nt Inruert the Boy Ute 1 f
1Wk reached l t le
n memberhip" laet
tWitMmde SS.afli
irs enrolled, it was
m last. week bY Dr. Ar Mh
fok, Mie Scout Exeat-
ae oy membership shows 4,-
Mdf,72 enrolled, a galn of 148,-
196 tring the year. ub Scouts,
a program for aoys 8, 9 and 10
years*of age number 1,101,413, a
pain or B7,324 or 6.5 per cent.
Membership in Boy Scout
Troops is 1,25ff,993, a gain of 70,-
148 r 6.1 per cent. This includes
90A100 Boy Scouts 11, 12 and 13
years of age and 257.790 Explor-.
era In Troopa who are 14 years
of age. nd over.
Explorers rl Explorer Units
come to 140,187. a gain of 8,724
tr 6.6 per cent.
Dr. Sohunk also announced
that there at now 807,001 adult
leaders in the movement, a ga`u
a r.15ar-

hd s. Marln Knox, Mrs.
t)oris V Mrs. Ann Wilson.
Mrs. .'Sc M Faye
th4 amDien, Mrs.
brs. Edna Glenn,
StMr. B an Royea, Mrs. Thel-
Bma Davin, Mrs June Hudgins,
Srs.'Jun Bb by, Mrs. Adelaide
blolg Mrs. BoSs EI Dillon,
, UF s. -aph WUmin, Ms, Winona
Williamion, uand Mrs. Maurine Mc-
SFqrland .. -.
i Rbert Lesseks.
Aumande Birth of Soft
Mr. and Mrs. Hobert Lessiack
of Balboa pnaouiee the birth of
a on, John Keith, fl. 3 in Gor-
).as HoIpits. ZIt Is their third
child. Mr. Lesasack is an em-
ployse o tle budget Staff of the
Panama Canal Company.
The mate mal grandparents
re Mr. and Mr. Austin F. Yo-
der 0~ 9albno.

P.MWinm E~acari.5 A.
An^lsutf lwtbLMMr

ter color.
Of ten oil
from th4 Cans
en the honor
exibition at

In cotmumti

Corlnne Feeney of the -Canal
Zone branch took one fnt. and
one second award in these contist*
two years ago.

Turkish Pro$nt

Urges Exlnson

Of NATOb World
aICAGO, Feb. 6 (UP)- Pres-
ident CelU B-yar of Turkey
called tEoSEy for extension et
the North itatic Trqaty Orga-
nuauon to my the tree world
against O mmun0 ,aggretslon.
RItp tr rsed SY the counou
pn Foreign Relations and the
AmetaanA Council on NATO be-
fort defltbW for Sanr- Fran-
p af a 46-howr visit to
R us tntroduced by Adlal
"hMia ., Dioocratic presiden-
Caiajoidate in 1956 and .a
uQst of o af y In Turkey dur-
ing his world tour last year.
payar warned that if eace-
loving nations all to unit, and
it they tall to make the sacri-
flees needed to thwart aggres-
sion, they will repeat the steps
that led to World War II.
He said Turkey believes that
the powers granted to different
NATO commands "should be fur-
ther extended," and that "the
solidarity already established in
political and military fields
should be further strengthened."
He said he also believes that
"unity should embrace also the
economic field."
Bayar warned that aggressive
nations pursue a coordinated
strategy and form a united front.
10ut h 'saad ndorganization
exists t' weld tlMI economic, fso-
laW) and political structure of
free nations into a unified
"peace front,"
'"For this reason," he- said,
'NATO, which J4 the only defen-
vO W.0 atio thAt we have
estal lished should follow a .glo-
b:al_ po ley an should extend its
defenlsve efforts to Iditnde the
economic and social fields. This
Is the only successful course for
the attainment of peace."

I dreamed
I was an artist
in my ,

It's true! They say I've a
genius fr limne, a mastery of
farm-and sll becse of
my Owr-4te* b. Her's the
hb pMrt apmerioa
tfin, -.f-lir,| Ml M ,t -

me. .,w

-V2 ILT04 OLr.

"' :" .. .- ** .-... .. '..* ,r ,' K
awS .
*'~ m194A.,

marches were used.
The bride was escorted sad
MISS MARJORIE RUTH PRICE en in marriage by her father
was beautiful in her wedding g
*- 0 o -- of white Chantilly laee ove
bossed satin. The fitted laeS
'' d; d.Mrs. B. T..Price of Amarillo, Texas, announces the a low boatshaped neckline
ifgatsnSmt of her daughter, Marjorie Ruth, to Lieutenant ed with the natural scallo
rank oherty, son of Mr. WalterG. Doherty of Spokane, lace. The bouffant skirt wa
WashingtA of ruffles of not and had 'ia
-.panela o the lace.,
The ann e ment was made at Mrs. C. D. Dameron, Mrs. Sara veil was held in place by
Sbeautifully appointed Valentine Deig, Mrs. Noel E. Gibson, Mrs. ette cap of white rgajL ge
tea given by Mrs. Grady Hardi- J. L. Gwinn, Mrs. Eugene .Ham- and rhmestones. Her only M)
son, Mrs. Daniel Lawsop and Miss lin, Mrs. N. H. Hawthorne Mrs. was a double strand eof
Mary Stindt at Hotel Washington Paul Hertges, Mrs. Joseph Irving, gift of the groom. She tcat
from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. yesterday Mrs. Alton Jones, Mrs. 0. E. Jor- white prayer book topped
afternoon. stad, Mrs. Ernest Karch, Mrs. Ar- bouquet of white orchIlds a
The Valentine Theine was car- thur Laney, Mrs. Low Mcllvaine, by's breath. '
ried out with a floral arrangement Mrs. Philip McLaughlin, M r s. Miss Anmette Bs noumet wa
of red and white carpations and Frank McLeod Mrs. Marie Neal, maid of honor, She ware.a a
red hearts. The honoree was pre. Mrs. J6hanne Pearson, Mrs. D. G. of net over matching en*m
ented as heart-shaped corsage of Peters, Mrs. Walter Reeves, rs. taffeta, with .green acoaju
the flowers. W. E. Rushing, Mrs. Bruce San- Her flowers were a 4Saegfj
Presiding at the tea table were: ders Mrs. J. E. Stuart, Mrs. Her- bamboose orchids, outllu i
Mrs. W. E. Rushing, Miss Fran- old White, and Misses Mary Av- maline to match her drabes.
ces Moomaw, Mrs. J. E. Sturat, ritt, Mary Jane Bugbee, Gladys wore a halo of the flowers.&.j
Mrs. Philip McLaughlin, Mrs. Lew Elkins, Frances Fears, Jesse a a The senior bridesmaidst
Mcllvaine and Mrs. Paul Hertgen. Gardner, Dorothy Henry, Mary "-- B"--rdette Lees and..X
The guests included: Mrs. E. Al- Mehl, Doris Millard, Frances E. Shrley Eddy. Their dressed "
bertson, Mrs. F. A. Anderson, Mrs. Moomaw, Gwen Petitjean, a n d mate of green net over emm
M. L. Asbury. Mrs. 0. Bowen, Odell Waters. taffeta. They wore headdreea
Mrs. M. Brennan, Mrs. Rayburn bamboosa orehidsi a'd ea-m
Brians, Mrs. Henrietta C h e ek, Miss Price has been a member nosegays of the flowers, o
Mrs. J. L. Cook, Mrs. Sam Craig, of the faculty of the Margarita (Continued on P ape Celm,

r... '.*" '* ;.q '
-. .,..'f,
i :
; f~fW'-
',Mlq l'i

,i .-.
I i: .


v 'u *

The world over, mon

people ride on Goodyear Tires

- .

4$1.1 F




than on any other make

SNow doesn't it stand
to reason that the tire

that gives the most
satisfaction to the
g zeatet no ube.
of p le is th tir
fou to buy?

- .


-~ ,

-4 '4: ~~*' '.-S

, _. i.
-.'s MA
,^-n-iw ', i _-ir *

b -z
b m et. a:..:. : '

*-. -

*. .'1
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;" ~r~~"lY1 r I nrsl



i ,. ., .

11 1 ..


- M

lw' Mi2 mOrd

, :. __- ".*. :>. "i 'r ".'. *.1 ". *" 1.< .\ -"- -*L L -- it

.. 1w .. .,-. '.
" ;,..-" : : : -, -,' ;. .. ''. ,^'N / .- .. .* --: .. ^ -'" :--. -
..* ,i-,. .. -. .
ruesusimtv. aete4uiIt.

" 3 ...... ..^'. : ,
^ i --- .;. h".'' ^ =':'> *." '-'F:" ; *^ ''ti



S- h A rAiAva i 1e rtAN 1 ,
a*Mus Le7evre StrIet L



S. I .

eNiM4a 1 i

t H It 4inb uo w DR. WENDENAKE. Medical Clinic. Gramlich Santa Clara Beach cottages. 1PROFESItONAL. A .1J. -
"r39 Ho___h_.6_ __rCentral Avenue "K" Street. Corner. electric refrigeration, as stay s,
OR E-.-Livingroom ? FOR SALE, ia DIe 14952, Telephone 2-3479, PanamA. moderate rates. Phone 6-441 or GfT A .
for ab le 4w cha i wth De x long TRANSPORTATION FURNIEDR 4a56"7. .
"u a. ni ottrm0' Excellent tndition. From Ancon or Bell- Vista 0 nurs- FoMer's Cooges. O mie past F AA SPRA Yto
SConttors '2-2064y school. Cl Balboa 134. Santa Clara. Please bring your U lw o DACK I the -b .
f one32489.". FORA di -. 95 I"en or FO linens. Phone Balboa 2-1866. oaDa cs
.f "endi aui, -FFOR SALE a N A TNr. A Atlantic Soiety..
S00i, A7&.---- Cdi5o. N'0.7osSedanr. s. SAEA Stnogrotphic machine weekends. %a Atam n with maline to match their dress-
... (co 0-n 505. ae Mnr r w thnD ma m to m tc )the i r
60 cycle 9 -T "...0 and books. Reasonable. Phone Ra- Phll Ips. Oceanside oo r l ag Santo rab ria In es
o rigidare." por FOR SAE t 1952 Auttln C dio Far Fan 3770 or 2382 day- Claers, 3B 435, Balba. Phone FenetAtla r et Ss loamet and Pamela
.out, excellent t So 3 ersot cllen hoa e- time. esonuise3-1877. Cristaboal -1673. Pres or Aout ot Cal Theriot were the Junior brides-
ot ees.l 3d5 bl SomFa dd5celleig sh hel ti ime. Force or Die ant oat Faic We Jno
t' 3-2568.N m d. y L o 305n e OlFOR SALE :-P iano newly, bstr-. e m an nh. o anto Clew. AIl Pattnm and Te otmaids. Tbhe -trwere d eed' se in or- wrr

so Phone 4-365. .4 y e oo 1. or see tcarraker teh.e. '-le Mis Ota er Thomas was
ut, no reasonable offer reed -- FOR SALEApp gnce and plumbing TO flower irl. She wore a dress
E~n piecet dningrooi'r Phone 2-29d14. 0816 Plank Street. RASTOR6 .0 fler girl. e worg a d ress
'-Seven piece diningroo Phone 2-2914. 0816 Plank store in county seat of Moore coun- FOR RENT SprIngy "ke New" Feel to Na. white embossed satin and a
UhOsterd chair Bbo. rth Crlin. Near COVER coronet of mixed pastel blossoms.
cblinpt$4. Daybed cht..- LEclte h rnNaStain.. Fadee Sirt..tWahtoro .t. She carried a basket of matching
bngt.h r V bed. cWA TE FOFOR SA LE: 1949 Lincoln. Two- Southern Pines and Peinedurst. SAis ode thar ae. Sh carried a basket of matching
.radesk'10. Double bed $25 I door sedon. Owner driven .-29.000 Mild climate year around. Only Against Su-cadIa ear, pWater.
S 83-A .s miles. Heater and Radio. Can be plumbing store in town. Established ATTENTION S. I. Just built modern Robert Bonzoumet carried the
m --52 financed. $800. Call, 2-6339 to business. good location, good stock. fuwnish$ apartment, one.. twa GEO. F. NOVEYN rinRs on a satin cushion.
W' SALE:-W-cker hringroom set. see Will sell for ifiventory. For further ENbdroorhs hot. cold water.o l- f27h Central Ave. --. Tel 341 rw Bdan Abrght served as
hep. Coffee. table House 2041 FOR SALE. 1952 Morris Mnor. ow information contact Box 1660, p eopone Panama 3-4941. a etere
** .--r- C, -Fd. .. .... L ... .. se pod -FOR I Morris Minor, low 1. No. Zone. best man sad the ushers were Wil-
"C ... .... -I mileage, reIsonably priced for im- ABlboa, Canal Zone... AhBRA APARTMENTS lam Bingham and Mr. Carlton
5A.E-1952 Easy Spindrier men-ate sale, telephone Balboa MORE! MORE! MORE! Modern 2i 4 and 5 r6oms, furnished LearL ti; Dance Croft
b r, 60 cycle. Excellent condi- 3569 after working hour, or Bal- More cute toy Fox Terrier pupples or unfurnished. Alhambra's office n STUDIO
S1%. Call Coco Solo 775. boo 3604 during working hour. for sale. 861, 10th Street, Colon. Phone A reception was held in the
S- -'. FAITH FOSTER' HILLTP... ENNELS 1386. El 1 Panamat main dining hall of the church im-
R -A--Carved massive dinn OR SALE.- 1949 ford Custom 4- 4 r FI t Tt 0 mediately w.oltll the ceremony.
set 10 pieces, reasonable. door Sedan, ww tires, OD., ra- m.,' out Trnsistie a FOR. RENT:-Well located two bed-ibt p. iTiry Wog be remye-
3 left Crlo diBehe. aet Cer d-dootrsd condition. Tel turn left at sign to 72 Chivo Chiv roomr. room, atw be n. t-o 1 p. mf 4itelroo wa fullydUecor-
Colon Beach New ---------------- .ondrhtwerueslt Aooset Mmk Tango ated for the ccslioo, The bridal
Navy 2472, Sgt Tucker. elevator, hot water. Justo Arose- Mambo,. Tango, amab,, Rumba. party reeelvy the. guests before
.. ........ ....... S *O SALE:L" L en Polleres cross- 97, top floor.
F t E:Bedroom furnAture. ke FOR A.E Chevrolet 4-door Lnen Pollers cross- mna 97 top floor. Charleston, Jltturbog. Tamborito, a flat arrangement of ferns hav a
.-.d.o sti tihede'Fn E- 95 sihiontuna snhirs. Es- Waltz, Rotre, P in, a heart of pink bouoa.nvlla Re Stack Aad'e are oflcerretwtJIad-'
Spieceso Mao e oy Ces Deluxe, 2 tone green, radio, heqter. tudante Street. House 75 Apt. 2 FOR RENT:-Cool. 3 bedroom apqrt-S Fotret, Paheart of epink bouinvilla Robe Stackand Rih ica e
o t. 47th St*.... nylon covers, many extras. On n reetouse 3- 2p-. rment, unfurnished, 2 bathrooms, outlined in the center. White wed- Jap al se aet plane base fro which ai craft bWed
;11,b(). INormatrre "1_Tn St.nylon coye-s, many extras..un,--Tel. Z- 3 r59. r. in & resdetiding bells and greenery with large 'tacks on torea.h e tl'oh takes plan- n woptgn^ ^.-e K'
No. 10. Tel. -333. 24.000 r es. Orgnal owner, ex- -5. maid's room, fully screened. $150. a rn &E i un n 1.nTe lell ad3e eorted th arig s tOc, aeore Roeto w takei palace and rmig e-ploy s dal
_-_ --ocr C mlesTot. Oriina 0owde n, FORd ALE-16 mm.Sound projector 00. Tel. 3-5494. fernball decorated the ceiling of film, "Sbre let," which is rated to opeo Friray ct the-Central
b .AE,, immons twin Studio callent condition. $1.T7500. Con FOR SALE-16 mm. 3-5 494et r .Te. l the oom and orchids and other Theater. -
h Upright piano Set bone he financed. Call 84-286 60 cycle. Good condition, Very FOR RENT:-One month for couple m an d o rn erT
.c@,W for!*'.r i reasonable. Phoge Curundu 722"., or bachelor furnished apartment. o Solca plrDaem we e wp ts an n s. ,w-
S-'0l It6 ck0 .o25ts W FOR SALE:-Winter coat with top 52nd Street Not. 2, Apt.r 8 No. Phone Cie Refi atorS used A newspaper article that came Coleen 'ay, R ichar JU
WANTED' FORto te tALE ent ris 1SA Leahr: 52ndStreet N.eop A8ito the Y nThr
House 113-B. Pedro Miguel. An ifur cellar size 16. Girl's CoQt o ize 3-4323. p West ose, prel in & The bride's table was covered ing producer a. erf a- l B tuad e AD s; The
SALE. Ireu 8 Tel 2-3788. -, D FOR RENT:--One bedroom furnish- out, 8, 9 eU. t., I year with a handsome white cloth and the story behind atelk a o t uet et, a n
Btrigeraoro. ?c t LOSTN 151 195 1953 f apartment two to three months arant asypyments See centered with a decorated three-"abre Jet.," eciin and pig- rowey, Jerr Par and Tom
P1one .564, Quarters 711-H. Lo- Cherolets and Plymouths. We pa L T I ...starting March No. 2, 52nd St. OYNES TERA CIA. white cake, topped with a mini- nant a spectacle in color which Irih -
LOr, C. Z. I ch on Ihe spotr. Bring your c, Apartment 6.. LTDA. mh St. smttral Ave. ture bride and u room. It was out- dpensFriday atbte Ceptral ThE- "8&bre Jet" was directed by
eleti lur- i -~ay 'd walk away wh spL Will person who found passport case "Rex Theatre," Coel6n. lined with indivlual white gladio- ater, ttlj ulit4ed re- the aie Holywood voters Louis
TALE-Stove Flctricega A ou cash. Ccl Panama 4966 or 2- and possport belonging to Soul FOR RENT.-Completely furnished 2 li blossoms aoil greenery. A satin lease :" Iing. -
S6 Apt. 2 JosdeFbreg ve 266. AUTOS EISENMAN. nxt to Jacobs, kindly deliver same, to Uni- bedroom apartment, Belloe Vista.d a
16, Apt. 2 The Co Colo Botthng Phat. versal Films, Avenid dsCubo No. 45 East St. No. 34-A, coutradarrangte.. at th -r agatesa TeAew a je t d
SALE:-? each venetian blinds. -Te22 or home, Riviera Apartments. FOR RENT:-Aportments furnished l m frnt of tihe. Lable. TaU three-, h, statt-odf 31j i)
Dresser WANTED :C-Will py to $1200 cash 46th-lFreemt No. An. WW.dpay re-CN. 5r aranh e e .th r lvs1(-a,, wnd 10? 6o i 0
S60_ Single Bed and Dres ANTED:-Wil pay to $120 cash 46th-street No. 18 W .pay r- or unfurnished: livingroomn, dining- L, frbranched silver candelabras .with h tiaas atea J
I, 3 piece set wickers. Setee for 4-door sedah. Must clean. No word. No questions asked. room, bedroom, kitchen, bath, Roe- wlte up ft l ed the.cake. en goodbye at reakf h alatthe e,
ai, dng chair.4-c, 4 wic or LOST: .- Janudry twenty-seven 1271, soanble priced. Telephone 3-2121. ae Y e4 t sch morning tere Air Forq ed in W
M t -B, Dlo. -l e-... lo.0WtldeIndimgr ., iT REALLY HI-FIe1 hulhe U
s.5509-, Dibo. Tel, femEaleva t.brownishstrp fr o ORENT.Two bedroom apartment. *16 ,at the ded e aird d t thel
SALE Norgerefrigeror, 9 ablo,' r-lous 5Q66, Apartment B. is El Ca rnjai. CalL Tel. 300"tii.yula e -- 2o "g te -a L int [ sK5,li. Ars.t 4ete s oEn, wuicCawaTe.jg to xIea antegtheirelovedr,.e -
sfo o0-s ycle serf defrosting. 3- e]aneo FOR RENT:-Ni ly furnished smell pun .e thet the
Sme. Sp anytime. House .. F apkeSa rtmet-, tPew-tu vnul. .* .j
St.. Area. FANTED TO.bV';-imot tiresFOR SALE 7tn. O BPem .,r | N. C.
-ALE-Radio and Vic'trol\em- suitable for l6c"ctrIctigq, Recans- Avalble. Feb. 5. Tel. 3-0746 -isa Newad dChrgepducerIsCarlKru
SALE- indVictrofco tructrm N.i onal S No. 7 Boats & Motors 3099. SPORTES- O f en o b-A l. o mates i debutt as& a o. I
Iwo;t rAvnearentsl of-d.erdal e q'-I4e1Ith'a"tmSrt th
n, ; lesk O.P bo e $25 u T 0FORSALE; at Sloop Ri FOg RENT -Apartment well vo nt- O BAXTER SA. assisted wi0 the Rne h thbs"sre Jet." He al o r ed- the kr't re eloud
s desk end bkcasir, $25 4; filing 24 f Let long 7 'aot Slooep Rig, bamt4ed. For information 33rd St. No. psMov bride's mother wore A.. dressd with oollaboraton wr1. w d, edwt. D I
ddeskr,$4; fin 24 fqe long 7z foot beam 4 27. baakes, IlppO. Mlues -aov-taffeta, thed original the .
seet $1,; Moding s 2, FOI SALE '/ fpot draft 20 H.P. Auxiliary a ge UIgdM blue 1as oVr d taffeta, COr Is the origia enp aC, with W -l a
stove, $=a: outdoor chairs,' $ r Sea" Mite Motor. Excellent condi- APARTMENT FOR RENT-Spacious sage of gardeoas an- wh veteran' scrn wrt the et forme
1; dresing t.e! Dbehnchel,. 50O. Ral Eswtae tion. Phone 3-2486, Cristobol. unfurnished 2 bedrooms, 2 beth- TalleTM Btt cessones. rs Dale and iKanth eri e luanson. a set t pr aM b a k' bas%
her items Telephone rooms apartment in best residential VALER0 TURON barred n the ptoap- a drope h
ibalbo. ... FOR $ALE..-PLYMOUTH, MASSA- FOR SAi.EtFlshing boat inboard, district. Large diningroom, living- The mother of. aroom wore ed in color, areRobert Stack, plm ai l sve
CHUSETTS. Modem. insulated, engine. hona 86-3270, or 86- room, prch. Ample cedar lined Expert; Mehan mic n Ultra- a floor-length dress of rose
n g g Mochiwn bdroen,hlsethermostat hoot 41 closet space. Call Panama 2-1661 'matic land Hydramatic Trans- with au orchid corsage. ,scaeedenlporhr,..tila baorth and F oR'A .E-oot No. 411, 7 2' x 18' for appointment. dli8tC offers his profesulona'
trqn ic kitchen., near beautiful beach good lOR cbi. Excellnt condition f O furnished n b ed rvices. Later in the 'eveniJng ".and .a ru i .
t ni c e Ic Eo nFOR RENT:-Furnished one bedroom s. -- .I Mrs. Thomas drove to the Pacific or
iBu I .ln.*homnealboo3467. P priateapartment, k 4tchen, basement of Side -where they were guests at
AitYprivate r esideEnce. 48th Street No. Repairs Installation of gas Ilote El Panamna. They will spend -
T. -'(UP)A T ROPI-T OFf111 D 'isWALE 3 a.toes. water heaters, etc. theii honeymoon at Taboga and V nr
A.n th. a t *Id Tll- TiV" fpo Santa o Clara is os oo FOR RENT-Two bedroom apartment. SIDNEY MORRELL. return to Gatun on We e day, u i a
brain is the inventi of ners. The price, $10,000t And o. Hot water heater, near Bello Vis- O eral Su-pervisor. February 10. F ,
d doct .or-brerl. ow nst and easy f r 5' families FOR SALE:-Triumph Thunderbird ta Theate, Ave Cuba No. 58. T'els.: -2562 2-2451
on 1951. $350. Panami5sica. Phone TeL. 21227 3-3329. ALL WORK OUAR E. M ss Garrison aad rom TON UP)
catBBB lale c'. There are two Stucco cot- 2-0083. FOR RENT--Furnished apartment one M Tho Aag S aluted fromCiAB- WADs p aioN G ri
ye" and Eihu @ infivtius. The larger cottoge beds 6 FOR SALE:--947 Indian Chief Mo- bedom, Belts V*stu. Telephone tobal-B I Sco in 149 Mad at- n unprecedented rate and- ay tn-
S aIi; indviduasthe smaller 4. The larger torcyc.l $275.00 or trade as down 24760 until 1:30 p. m. and 3- IS IT REALLY HI-Fl *tendedarchnt' Marine A1a. tp fourbillionmrkythe But theI
bIIWamt;Or111W ft 'coPnRp1tely funitshe. h payment on car. See at 2050-B, 2036. dedy at Kings e Paicnt, N. Y. He a=Q acfrillon r k to by theiot e
.. ws ee'I c1y iuhjerg.ElIctrluln k qrqsena re- Curundu or -' den. atKns,'itNYi. aaerenee t Pu "u te
en-n kgas ra-ne. FCurundu rcall3FOR RENT: Furnished modern AH that is advertised these days as has recently r Wt=r8 0J4from s ke.v- lfi"aefernee aresa todiak err
l18nr rut rnr aad FrR r n rge e gas SALE:-Indian Chief Motor- apartment for twO months in Bellao MI- is net aecasteiilly so. Yajr ing os active dt "th-tha Unted Te biNrau, a rtimate researt h fhd e ob
beSma l gr ondfplanrt ival y Aac ycle. Excellent condition. Price Vista. for a couple only. Can be nase, address and .250 will get ye uStates Army in [o* 0, i est hman beings can a
)s., limes and mangoes, r House 524-E. Balboa. occupied from March 7. Call tel- oa n lanettt HI-Fl hma b
t sh iiide nd flowers -ckAfEEi9'HOI;' o m the Inter-American WotenI 'ta rat. efh pompulationr-
W, idch r 0 365. .Balboq. C. Z. Wanted Position iwao11 Ask for Er.LECTRONICS Gi e anera AssemWbly t-em0aries croie au r
RSALE-"Santa Cru"rm (n JO WANTh--Mci' with much e- FK Club will be held toMorrow at 3:30 g sigrethtly.l-.
Chorerre. Wonderful port perierie in raising chickenss Un- FO~ Frwst streetPereni i CT p.m. at the Club Buildg. mouths to fee ee dany.s
Sdersands the technique. ..S., An- .-. Telephone 3-2652 Mrs. Dean nBrite ll W T he a t Sit e a' 0 thed dat'
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ver he should receetiet-I odert 2.80 2.20. 2 n. 110 be top contender 2-1 sa .d -.rei-o ( team lu 2- .h, ..old + :- f-orAmr-

nli from freddy RoWe --Mochite $5.80 2,20 3-Ros8rea B. rN10 ,x-Rates od chance too 4-1 eaSa2ldlded$.A- im er i on ..e Lquad who have -10y-Me. Gamba
he got Arom Jorge Chuna 3-Don a 2 -ntrlde B. Aul. 115 -I0 thi k of It n-i 2 merI 2. 0ich one outhto vry g ame and not 8-2 yard e Grl -0year nd Ga-
I sritoats, which ohead nes the Juan Frah RAce 5-N y raell 120 -Deournt from laoff 10-1 ens th, may let the team dwn. boa Civic. -

1Fpound more than the 113 -Pebetero 0. 3.0 6-Inernal ,F. Hfsal. 105-M at .m.rove loP 1- not _. t f..-cian Pr obable starters are iotnbree i-4 yads t tfte S.o. -s0yearsandunter. LttlI
' aye me o veut ,'"wlla- '2-- Chlc' -Ned $2.; -0 a the Americ H t r om oWhe nd -- Leagu[ ; -P. Th

t S ruded by Chilean rider 3-American Ma E.0. 4 B 7- -8rn. A. Va 115 -as goo. d n chance here 3-4 Ar .. .. try e a tava efor anh ton a High School. -Water Ballet -- to.i -o8 yar& 1 e

S mpago I will have the i-Black Bull 80 3.80 E LA es o g n to BalboSeN $5.20 3 0 Rd b e t od a ath pm at A1Boo, en i
Chilean hustler uVicto 2Or- o a3-Gr lu $3.80. 2-Malaya 1 5te 1 l doeterhre Pe et be-Webb vue of coming amea. P A-a o Cr Ob L A
pounds ~t ot n 1 ed- l hw BI. ee thoah n m
lartwe ae ul i a- i-O, wadder V.60, 2P a.Mi!-- a Mnoa io --'ib-D e .top contener -I _. 0it new n pll S tte o tr C .

RACE hT1Bw 0-"Htis'Eort dsae1"5- Ha ola Atlantic Twi Look With RR t "h
tan Rd h.-ias sotyef r O1OH e-e -Ra te s thf R CB Nte il P ge $371he Po 3-1 t:ry55e- er
ar aL e-i n t h enl a b1 h

:Incfaro FredRosl- e rM a son 3R.203.8e02a 20L f.omewx- ts uh sotg o chance to 3- k 1 d ter oeth reave oAe. (lamb Cn c
sh le ain ae 3Po ta a ,io4-t9 B. .15 -Inth .of It nerlu..0 w tme out hi e tery game md noti .-25 yards bes4t -- Girls, -- years an-d .-mm. .

Srouidted eby C ilean rer d 41-h e0 "I" Imo rt g.Purse: w50.0 Pool ,closes- 2:4 teum n .l w ytav .n I High School Water tor -
sLap ego wi d --ohe.the i- Dl' $ 58 0, iT D -bS 0t adium for theE last .a iEb PWp pder.k
l mo rean hu sterV s~ isue) -$.8has .0. s0'-VillarrmI 5.oa .'a. iOsx-.-' back recant.' -"m n e first hal and a pre-.. _.

t Itnc 2- uqwin e Wnds sdso 2.0o i &..,Maya On.- l --.Wl dobtoter 2o-I D------ e o rfl om am qe.q u- 2-.- 'bl
-iune s wite also b e ht ScnDour Pin J. Reye 1i ----t- first chance 2-1 wel "S "s A0--
fn r Arturlo Ph i sGHT R--AK -Coonntid Yal-Dostnce to -- .ln Cop Fir ors eB-m 0 d JYnAd. itt -.
s last week. Lst o ud.a y 1-Carmela .II CSo0, .40 0--DianaR. V.rne o wkx- edst o eln s o wrt -1Ga t .'- m

, h n ndm dat u. Yonaa 12x--Diutance toae in 5t-I .... .-r -. .eth o. t o l h N . bsue han d uobeen decided. QrunIel Jn: (Carmela T -1fa- Ki ,- f for n wi team ls th eoll d-n i" .
-n of th.I s ea ee. Ia N e to 0 R.C o E10 -il o e fhL. Lk l Am t ad .who y h
h ns Roia divide nfa -- ee $. 4.40 5-hith Race D" ImNatve .1-inu T5.0 Pool les: g I. ti l e aa-e 5a
creaitfero m-eloso pd. but rano $ ,i 4. C--Var D n esits sl-1 .- and under. B b KPMnria
en s o innaon s itha-aT fl R -Graell 10 ---Rgt aslCk in top form eveneth .
i ns mnot ready. He ua n One-Two. (Henry Lee-OS 3--La. ia P L of.Di.L 115 --tDistance handicapa 5-1 Fi al Sin P a ioBem th aCHh8ee t t es o-l5.yards Fme-1

web 3 returning from i- ner o 9 P 4-G-olden Fan V. Phil. 14e Could uet dme 5-d W L co nierabl B emea a Diqn Exhib itio n1 p ..reed.- n. d t '7 br
d Mong .MSo Forer 9-T ri Rod~ A. V. 1307x--Ra to beat h erican 4l is 't-1 4 S 687the first half oree .and can+Pr]evStryle t-..oy.. .-.nit mm. -an ; "d Po
hod. shouldo a-lormnai$k3, 20 rd obe here Nav a St te h r on th peseei d ay hics de k n i yar s ad
.&-BCie -ofn. sprinters wfhen 3-mato lca $2.20. Dalb6a .- lt i- n f^ Tr in*a tihe ol hyarBalet
w ed.. .e eoSo l ...... _
le d"ie orr, in the Race "" INport ieg. Purse: 540.00 Pool closes: 2:35 "ni f 2 e e ertody rt Ip a 2 0i sB
smo Wilverion dtaI Lh. .IN of the Dult wotn to i 5ill Do t soon forget how V .a A .
eSvti eL h t c h-andU Ycasn- .11 -u W dne$ounh a6nt ee 2i-1 (-ut m ra st chain ennhopt o r gam n ytd fir O -a a KiSt Of -
.IPST WhC -l e wri.a.-hhlcu1ou -o lfm ndrfrCTle the 8fmoo m t wild te Ln. o Wcm gllamas
hiffnhustler.ic .s nt oo --2-M).., ga p. ft-- d oe s ibe l it y here 5- IPowe.s 9 4 vi c ory ,over Dm1-| iambus o uncl

....e for0. "-.h MRa. --re b0 ieol ,o -oowyr s ses: ':4zdu)--eM
Hne-- Willalf obfu arn ringtsfo ndrDuh ei---r zaa J"-. Chuna-""e 10x -Completelyrhs 1es farm .2-1i1 r. .

LastS.u- a U: ,Gg t inbe st form 2i o. L ST ..+r : ,h;. ha a. Hope .,owno ar etringa
i e dp all woc by t pwa- lone A V. 114 --OMl.t Fei ro-v "t m 1re t-12t- 1a of he t l .atona w rb o ... "l"

tl-Aerl ntehatdTa'ih u( MCarm.nel 64in 4L 0 nA
t f f r.s. n-.ulea.w again ia hNItN A rp 'eams tha l ............n
a .t.Rted-(OF)--.Panamas !m eur ba- .A -L f Ti dt tr .i.t L. tlr (M a so
in REND has somefirI-Henry Lee21.'..eb 9at4 sTe baeIid clar Pfpwhel Ablad.,oueseto:55 1
s .traht dovl. .i I n a Ret... -0 behind the thre$-hit Race 1" I pe rgs .0a $3. Pool lon: 4: at ta T t 0a
-V,consensus ofnd RofrsdDouble..-Or&.:.1-cm enLSta 'tt ..eague et E WttkEMANunde OPEN h

be.1ed o v e br-oe Phil.A14 Could set.dope5-1,W L Pet.iasab..,
aph wnre 6 attraction will .Mr-True ,ason$3.2- g21)MaCA. ch -aonce ai gj t 'w0g Life StJNPAY-1 now. t + -_3 ..50b ... twpnty im .' l icA iion, I
lie_ -"1 l oe effortnow- O-v1t uI tur Ag en. .y.. -,.. ..
_.,- -e D 5th Race ,"GImported 6 50., Palcloses:,3:5,. a.W ot to h iteSl .onD 1 6I Ju oAr mogm Avathow-%ihV-1

seven.- _. .. ,, _. furlong dasho-eh four extra baLse blasts italec th O.Life m-
-m-aI Pai ip .1-L. L unady V. Ca 2 jhk pown l 25-1. thega-me1tota-sof an on. MO A'sq aM ic
u dtiuMste ct. Plmongsmo quantity 10- 1 led off in t n top o ll$ oIn Lfe s S i r
ja wiusha .Soa&.e-ifo Em oa 3-rR ed adha. A rdh. 112 --U kown quantity io-1- wanda
impre .. ugh on... a o r Ro.e 4-r.elnto l -meft0or ymour little
sppe_ .fh s"o. ,efDiobeI 6-I-nerio r __A. Mona 10% -Atefrns from lone rest 10-1 'X*-, g drew., a, free a... 7 to 4-Frida afternoon atll uuuunmIu a -a
Insiv t rm in a tS A i --umbers 3. Oo. ngqIbe fo.-Qmoulht c. 0 Itw lol bei a oa tte goo t ote or a tour
.-.oeraetooge , atfWirstandaddrstot I moded n t'. F.etgh$ ,orneo to CuiesbwnaiPorfs
au i .11ay0. to.... Up e8" Rica. 9n-thm p 6 tsese v--ao-r1th ur.
Ii os Ci......ed .a-trbu ---ebr 1.. n the! 3 -foP scoredeism1,1 0owo secoe.Yni M /V

Lida ., .- ._sec. orhll 116"o u be contender 104 a1L thea386-f-ct t& w led atgh e na :
FSST I I a .eMaaiyded1 o.m andI single 'te

i*-u-f17 -i- t -1
GuaId $4.00 2.20 --fa 1 -- d. ct r. 3:45 6 fl aoss with the ate Jace ea p -
-':.......I ---i Juli Rodri.ill --- t ..aineve, '- ?M] to again i u te$wo gcc 3 in four imLes a t --. "
7- ,, t '-tanco rally bie fm"ied r31-a-l

i t- eo. stillto.hi.eoai,, .....olice-- -
Whiteouvenir .hRc5_j,,.lo lefts--pol, ,,,6in the + $ t hopes,+, h-
-S ,5s--lung e .In A Yc .115 -- rnen tn q layoff 1 .gl ofit os forear s
IS O M nt FRo,13-Gat -ku--1'n W ohlMfth litugfor1 Hc hi __ /-A"encolnu i sOg -

wihba 11 oSa ou .tFeb. 1 Il1 I M Oda3 n= League- edk. N3 1

bauday ight t. aM t rp PWr. 1 4
.. .... Feb. S re, b 2 0 3 1 6 0
...'. I...............I.. arh n conformity with Article 13 of the Articles of JPear-l,2b 3 1 3 1
...l! so.n........ S......... i. aI, 3b 3 2 1 1
,tooporation, and by direction of th BEoard of Dire. i -
.. .em ent tor% te Ordinary GeneraJ Assembly of the PANAMA ,ongw rf 2 o 0 '
"COW, 0 0-. 0 w
Hil I*^ BAWK AND TRUST CO. INC. (Banco iduerio SoB,,vi I "Aruive'Pahanm, S.;A.) will be held at the o pany offices, a P Icec 3 2 2 0
IoRK. san Cri A--l INo. 20, "1" Street Panama City, at 3:00 p.m. on
S.......Fridby, February 26th, 1984 in order to consider the f I Pw) -- GMBRALTAB LIW- -
I Sr^ ......................... Fe&. 3 following natters- ..,, 9 4 l
'".. .III ,.- .. l. l 3 1 0 -
IOI 1I Profit "e 1 1 a
Ptan, t t 1 2 e t
W e a weo mto mew rk 2 .-Elo tion of Directors. j- n
-. 'se~ ann me macs as eattle. t....What the shareholdas pnpoee. a ai es
Jb tl.
.-iil .


wffr'W0fl' 4t4** -

5x1 "r 'uz

-. I 5rriF

"-dU and about.
wdots .p.q HRome
o moost waw his
Np ,-him in
he i
?did to.
ts -st .Duroc
finest shrtsto p up
v inDayl Spencer, b4f

e amabeen costly aft.


assilos Mather

* 9 ., Feb. 6 Red
Bwl ald like to have
Sther a in asstat.
old Ant mla; B r 's

S H uckBc esB elected [4l-a
sIe .Ls 'Vs
Ma the suqcce(ed the phenom.
sl 80Iw ,in Massillon, and
nl.ntned bis cyclonic pace. Ma-
et' ws six wallop teams won 57,
t 3 baged fx Ohio prepara-
tory football chainponships. The
read-for the last four campai s
I -6 ad 1 DBrown in nine seuso a
V t'air s ckrsifel nnt
MI*,m s the proferisonal
( 1land Browns won 58, lot 1,

mi o a ss t-o.", U11,s on a rveree. Knas
astgusthyo isd f aW Cqri fli auB'chewtt

Grew iretOf W
A w a. W..,

.ea.i. ng. :. '*' ''
h _0 0d
..I-:. l aeata.. 0niouta. n -most QUESTI ON: Two uers are
I / et s geJn he J h social life t!oulA i base. Whis .entitle
of the city is centered around the to i?
football team. Some 2000 citizens Aaswer: The first nimna. Th(
belong- tb the Tige Blooster Club. send fe out when tagged.
SQ How many years had Charlei
I Last fall, Mather's team won by Gelbert,. ,e Vardinals' remark
scores of 39-0, 55.13 40-, 35-6, 38- ble shortstop of the late 1920 an
Si1, 41-7, 41-2, 0-7 and 48-7. early '30's, played when the was
Shl 27.4 victory was over. a squad forced toretire because of injury
SWhich eavd the game rate the suffered in the fall of 193 by ac
i |second bestin the site. cidentally shooting hlmsel( in thi
.l .leg?
BB- i II^H Mather his f.veo assistants. .. .
n / Three others direct as many U- A, twoe i the hola nd .n4
im ^ lor high teams in the Mather sys. f w o u the Red ir.
item. Mather bad the 1953 spring How did the Dodgers obtai
i /f practice game televised for him- l-By nC C fromm the Prltpb?.
self to get a better picture of line A. Cox wa traed Preach
lay. He studies all game films, er Roesand Infuelder Gne Maae
ha some practtees recorded by for .bt "walker aid PI*eer. Ra
i flicker. He began uqing business G Wtd Vie LombardiDee. a
i | / machines In 195* to asuimble andI I '"was one of the bet o
i [classify information on individual brach Dickey's mnsy le deals
WJI WP1 81iYsx as obtained from movies. Ad U .An. of .e lo e _an._ii

* A native Ohioan Mather did not
play high school ball, got in little
at Ohio Northern. As a coach, he
,lwas unriimnt at Brilliant, 0.,
High in 1937, when he lost all sev-
fna. aes. hafn e eans I had

JYSS ,,l I .. .. *'Wlii M tee uies. t n amltn, &., In
,lth a n't be bothered by 19 6-47 he won 17, lost 3 in
_69r.__-"____ :_______ .any .__t put on him at Kan- WALTD ENO!+3 w
_. ,1 ,.mA win i Mion. e t Chuck. Mather Is step n up,
to- an idea howpar- coaching ob at lt but he'll hardly have it any better
A erst --'wi pg h "t 'ey cul' are in the northeast pted Kansms offer. (NSA), at Kansas.
An erstwie "pug' woe switched? Ch Ols.o ....tUt.Ao some r .17 -' years
from s tol becoe aftlig a c o-t .*-t not cosidered M assllon is a city 6f 30000, sl- The steel-making residents of
socksess, would become a a- competen enough to drill his -al- ltuted miles fom Cleveland. Massillon gave him a new car
cold af.. round o t I t1" ma mater. The high school plays in a stad-.every other year.
first amateur fight and had to be '"..
pushed, literally, back into the -
ring... Push-Button Age Reaches Outboard,
Six gals Ii o'gi have foArmedg 'O utb' oa
'a Dickie Moegle Fan Club (he
,the Rio bpekwhoawas d Ca Even Throw Away Saihing Can
\ elected him "The Man We'd Most B SUMNER A UM on a flywheel, and once spinning .
Like To Tackje o "54, A, Sta4 CoyBta | 1 would havd taken the.-knuckles
N.ea! -O R. I -. -- ,. off an elephant.
w e A NEW YOR-rFeb. 6.--R a p h Lat year. a department sug-
Rocheser, has become de Billy 1 Kef a amply-built engine- gste that the spread of the it
A C evaM b .soh, wa oat trend to fz-sise cruisers

the Roe1 Jg aitex- t, ._ "The most efficient bo-t'pro-.. -- starter will- do for the outboard
, footer:.. 1 t'Bee f ff ,_ -". 1 $ pi4vles pulsion known to San," he said, what the self-starter did for their
more, a unanimous Al erifiat "is wind and oail. Second- is. al Model T.
Washington last year is having boys are taking makeup exams to pair of oars and a strong back. At the Natidnal M6tor Boat
* trouble ,in po ball because he get back inn school... Third," he conceded, modestly, Show in New York, seven out-
lacks speed.. "is the engine my company board manufacturers claimed
Sthe P adelphia Warriors belong- Ohio State ce.mer Paul Ebert is makes." : $2,000,000 worth of sales to deal-
* ed toAlbe Sapersteis of the Globe- fl-plhteg t who hlieforth could- well. b m correct, ers and individuals.
trotters..... wflWbf p in PltAirb wwl dh since et was been building in- There's no telling how muchi
figures with John Galbreath's dual board (or bolt-'em-down) marine further it will go when the shows
. One pro basketba oach has terest in High Street and he engines for many years. hit other citi. es, juch as San
b gone so far loff helmet ld t prates.. But what was propelling cash Francisco, where Priscilla's Popj
, be left is an, abn oe r -t..__ from boating enthusiasts as t he has been trying for years to talkI
: You co discount a y wmor of cey G ias saved himself a 1954 season started was the one Hazel Into an outboard.
4 a Minueols Laker t st o l- salary slash by being traded humble outboard motor, which ,
cago... ey were rted a from the Senators to the Indians, you can pick u and take with .
SdisgruntledTw esteecaster who'll honor -his '53 contract for you, leaving the boat behind.
who was scooped by reprtclosi14 grand... Despite a battill The barometer for this is the
to the Lkers on his'rdelatiuaa"b a
t BereB_ .... i s aeage shich had hitm ticketed winter boat show, whieh by tea-
that, Berte Blerman is nt~iested the minors (all the clubs in the edition got its first reading, at thy
Sin coaching, again.... From O I leagPue had waived onhim). 50th anniversary Natipna Motor -
r own rumor : Alervi,- Ywo Boat affair in New Yotk before
does a bang-up JobVat Sfaeue, t Most basketball players look like exhibits now due in Ch I e a go, "
Succeed Re Auerbach as Boston they could stand a nourishing Boston, San Francisco, Miamil -
Celtic coaeQ, ,. steak to revitalize them.... and elsewhere.
Fdot of sao I. the bebyardU& "" I SQ WIO ARD nush
or no, Ted lu1 wsld ie o ft I.* sn .* b"a Aia syke 4@atIng
a srimin pb Glat&n 9*IO WrelanA Cant Meetiat t i i

Hpoistrer rl e BIs I' ejx "11 i o d ime o etremely high pressure on the t
Mfln and trainer waki w hi@t n *o L e IA ve ll& t i, ala c t boats, bought in box and as- o r
son... ".'.U I hs Back: Now It' s m oore e.SeW9i'..garages,eellarseven
Se -- A bas l ubtedly -re- | .
since g E l N OR -Feb. &.(fiA) Charled, scheduled for his fourth ie. nothe kit boats
asey n heIt J Th dfistace between balmy Mi- crack at the crown at Yankee have neen built and t he mashed
artist to sketch dressing rom ain where Archie Moore finally Stadium In .Junne. thumbs healed, is ready for ho-
renes on the road laist ear .. Oi r b" .out Joey Maxiin for good, "When the time comes, Moore -Uve .power. 'Fly el Conquistador, me
mybe sty isn't Kw hit and ih Tort's Leximgo Ave- will be c o u n t e din," asserted Without any reluctance, ie o fine
S predecessorss or the nup, where WW twirls his Well. outboard motor makers were D-6 sleeper or ine DC
hBon r m-plagued B bl M the light- But those who know We best ready for the storm. They un. Step down MA romp aty
Shan1 A_ j.. .fix-plagued Nat I- w get to a will tell you Moore's opportunity wrapp peew am __.' with refine- e b e ,h e
mran -x- ed Nat fight w .h Rtocky ar nowi will come the day he starts cal. mets calculed. m s to put the out
.a"nes tracs to a in the next year. ecing social security. As man- board in a ci isMth the family to drive dorong your stfy.
n"s .t 4 l ipoip -betme iromi- ager of pugilists, the man with washing mcl4 .- ushbutton
oJ4i .;. r .h b ir fasb off g to the beautiful buid cat't be fault-. i aul ac ing, even dicove he U.S.
Buet bei Ide box the Brockton Block Buster ed on this. Not as long ds he silence. e long port of your trip
L? free, fts and for not ng. has a skinny Buceron with that This does not jaoan the demise nd omfort of a fin
tuf^Wi Mf WNo" v t jf *T 7 mp -B o xing prognathous jaw and they'll a. of the striugpmuel starter, since omf o a
me~-". l cih Club W t.s'. sd rather gain stand forat Enard the Giz- electric itart s available only Then, foke over th01eM
Cate 'ca Sa exciting challger, it has one in tlard, who is such a tiger that on thie largest (2540 ) models u n ri
atw pLilet in.theyourself. Seeingevydfi
at te C Ioore even thoBgh he's 37. the mere threat of 01 Man Wal- of three makeft ahpies in theee y w
a$kn What ae to youl cott tossing a left hook paralyztd -wo IS clgs.
ets* M %tb is t t to l- te is cam. him. W e thea s Is t@l there, whether you've businer
syto nr amu the blokes From a non-partisan st a n d- It has for sevT.year rewound whtr ..youve rness
a tb ,Jased as heavy- point, however, Moore should, be by ltsel I aeca- mind. The, eot? Pw
Mbw- .-. WA rciao's next. oppone. and, n sI .mts .this. -of The wevqmfMO? You m
umnenta sb_.oB T ^,-- -4__ ie: t .he b&ad to:6 l tke Te ock no long. needs ,to the noi outp. out .tds pro. .." n o. ,., .A.
.m boka __. ..b re.M o. l gp have his pWt ca I -. duced ed .s.i
saiyssI... t i M R Tg p l thb wore, you11
,a casiqsra. proved he Is an fil r. In dV ug-yaner hes into theL
i righsainui ntely eUmin1atlung aia, sot^ E.-. 4 Bw
1Ith i be lhas ren V or ta l l Automat t n a6-1W any Brouiff ofA
-- -_ dMae_..t re c uumstahes, It was .a remrk- J-rfe _. 9 pet abo.l f pedormai-ce. Mi.ooe .wu jn t teufming.. .

Sof sbet To C o I it It o th o
J MDesp t ill .,that, e1 -.

L .-r 4.9iti s ,

a".i. -"C- "" """bi.61"W""2404 "e
.z~~~ 1 .++., ++!.. +=+ .. .. 1m _1





o'uI ruiu-tusSilan ancestry, were
did he get the name?
A. Colns' family name is Kol-
or. What Is the major league rec-
or fr a pitther allowing the
most bases on balls in one inning?
A. BiI Gray of the Senators
walked seven in succession in the
second tningt, Aug. s, iM.

Gulfstream Track Is

Chalk Player's Haven
HALLANDALE, Fla., Feb. 6 -
(NEA)-- Distance races are a
popular thing wi it.l.G stream
Park patrons, espeaally twe chalk
During Mthe 1 meeting. 120
favorites and 13..second choices
came across in 371 1acts for 31
Per eent .mark. Racing Secretary
-Horace- Wade has distance races
pla d r this year's meet, which
pens on Maroh 4, and farm play-
ers are, ready to name him "Man
of the year" if the ratings hold

Good Studen

Miss Workouts

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Feb. 6-
(NEA)- Bob Royer almost wish-
es his Indiana swimming squad
didn't have. so many good stu-
dints. -
Of 10 varsity squad members,
one isin Medical School and three
others are In pre-Med.
"Examinations force them to
miss so many workouts It's hard
getting them ready for the sea-
son," says'?Coach Royer.

..- ..- .. ..
EAR Of- Frnk Lefly, 'pt
vears, hoicts utaa newspsfr C^ waa s
thou. --at-y 0tbec-auy


nn ing --
Shere .
*T 'L- 1 1 WWI ^--
-.he?- ie S."ll

Winnets of the 1953 competition in the Panama C=ua )
Spinning champlosahip, won by Carl Barke with..
Carl entered 15 different pecte of f to win tbj
annual competition. Amon the ift h he Ettew a '
pound tarpon, 14-pound dolh, 10-pound papapti.c 6S t
und 8 l. d fish A on elni m i .
Fly; otmpinahip. flt by Bl BrooksUwith it' "
entered' ditferent spdecie O'fl Ah to win this dUl otnibr-ll
fish he entered, we find a 35-pound tarpon and aAl
Both nice %ah on g .
Plug cutlte champoAnship, won by W. Wftlmor t
points. Sonny entered 13 different specie of filab to I i
champlooshilpb. Among the fish he enteredwe fiP& -"
tarpon. 16-pound Jack and 16-pound 8 oz chark. Th, i.
Ing championship lo for fish caught on a casting ree -.wil'
drag. ,
The angling championship, won by Carl Starke'
points and 9 specie of flash.
Largest tarpon all tackle waa won by L. Largent with
pound tenpon. .... .
Larg-t tarpon 9 thread was won by T. L. AppDeluiW t V
:6-poun. fish ..lab..
.Larget snook all tackle was won with A 16-pounditt
Robert Lawrence. '.
Largest tarpon by wife of member was won by 8usan .
hart with a 66-pound fish. .
Smallest tarpon was won by LU. Sm b aa 6L :A
Largest fish other than tarpon or snook was won by 4 ,
Styles with a 777-poundmart. I W
During the duration of the lower level shut down at
the Tarpon Club has made arrangements t-transport ,ti -
bers to the club and back. Members will be permitted
across middle level of the locks. On the enee near th
be a phone connected to the club.. ..
From 7:00 a.m. to 12;00 p.m. there will be a driver an
all members. You can be tanoparted from the locks
or direct to the docks. At- the doca will be another ..-
nected to the lub. So yotan get tratnsiartatlot hr
phone at the club or the dcts or ftom th f t1 no ate
ioan. A call Ifrm a o of wIea three pl wvi tn t
Lickup in a very feW mnUte".' .
Members win 'hae a special place to park their ear*t
locks on the east aide. They &fA. .L %* ttpr
parking at .and to cooperate with 9ot irtrs al .
all times ny questions regarding these rangp=i
swered by employee at club during regular Warklngius.
The corbina and red snapper are still out there t .
Several boats have loaded up this Jast week. HBowlet,
haven't done -m well, this is 4 matter of finding tbIebooi:./
John Larue. Villa Brooks and. Soamy Williterd t
morning in about three hours and,trom a small safif'flu _i i
red snapper phls some mackerel, grouper, Jack and m
shark. Bill DeVore and Lee Karalger also loaded u~ w i
corbina and some other:reef fish last Sunday, "
Corbina have beep taken from the does and a
Ing. this last week. Several lucky fishe'wmentave -
to 30 corbina at a time from these two arzvs and t
This should prove that they are there if you can ftt.he
fishing and let us know what you catch this week.

I. "

~~ *I +- .
//*'- ,J ', *

o +he U.


t- r.
'-I I- -
".' I., '
C .,+

H --


BRANIFF then rent a 'car

A6 tourist service.
your destination
to a car
What a grand
A. You cover'
i in the speed
raniff skyliner.
ath highways
ng fog* behind
ir. Perfect plan
or pleasutoe in
than you'd think.
seed only a small
writn DrIvInq
lave). Ws
d tWs *sy -
ce to set It up

. I

I ...' -. : *
- ---a ** p

-4 f 'Az- -
- a,*~ v **W S-.
a, ^1.;

T I O N A L A I R W A Y.s
am MR vow frtd of w amnif 1 A said
%W 6 Fm wo* W, bt. 130, i tPefiis s4SOW
1 77.

= ." _
; _,t '-.*..,.* *I'--,' ,* i. .".A .' *'ii- t,. : s J +r H -. ,. .;- --- .a& -., -. -. *
L" 7 k ." -:.- -,. ,:: ,..; .- .-. .^ -:

'1 -, -~ -. -. -

-I -
._ --

L -.-; .,-. ..---- .:..** --. o'


mase '*tornaww



, x rr47

A. .
*f .^ ^. v. '..' *

* ..p1'.'-M"i
S-. ~ LI ,~

to ei t e P o rd aple know t o t1ner country ih w vite A^radhvtei 'I vteri

between Argeniendao twfboa

nO AIES, Feb. 6 (UP) A first shipnid At Soviet oil Airesl" on ahot aad awttna'? trade wlthPoland
tide of trade appeared o- products duel a- eight wan the sno e eCl with a d
to he flown r strongly bem- oard a Norw a, 'ner t Argent .a
SSouth American countrls Lomprises 7000 f.ii I 't" a'ippn u I, T i. -al i to tar te a
eviand Argentina on the gasoline and 4,oCl)il0G band ana Crmmunlst cmuo- ft $80 and $3,a- et Tf- Rsi tw5
r dem and f-r th rwi hout ,'h.. po-t* M a.d w |s

mna t e r al s, o t. r ^~o p'e f a v o na att .-",,onj
manger ese the export ac the cn to t

I Anto 'un r be nd tea xt .ete a e;
t em ~ritheUnie s .roe d .u o, .l .m -th *e- .a 1ww
ie Russuin ranker Aspher Ac A c 1te oi 1f W it
Mled from here last week r. U y t, .-
ui O *edsa with a cargo of 13,- r o --s
,a tons of Arwentine vegetable orea, l 6 .. D r
1* 1 0' Part of it was 5,000 toni of Army a__osaced patr ntd cer
ed oil. c, which Russia he 4t.. B s ,n try lofue ctthe. d,
H ---ts to buy '15,000 tons un -. fesan uznceto 1g ht iNAW da. st
al new trade treaty with b rnsof
SRussan market offers us orn e AW entIh s.e.,e, t e a, 1 S
'Lol l c on of th lr
O O AIrRES, Feb. 6 (UP)- h s first 0 schedued. f0ort B
enoNna was the world's larger bct the the DOatC tr
tiarducer ts is u hede o trde ereneust few weekp`i. obi '"er
N3W, orw' e ntut rSentP h'n_ dc 4u tr_ l 0 the Argentt
er to flrow linseed suctrongl esbe- .board y le cha .ter o- ep-
Sout from ter he Amdtr ericanou (eliiLi va a d c tn t aTP
k azt l and add ed t o the dollar ne 4, .raeU are 9M .hee and at &0, 'acts ot We, Jul
MV '4We problem here. as

irIf ae uinthc u i. t n -.ALA WALA, Washt (UP.)r ci if l e n i
Mru..p t alo takes it away.
. o popular demand for : AIei r wu yt

ethe pelitly consternation Th ter a
',en arouae', by news thiA
wtb the SovrLtend to take t p

edentto buy an carle xtr 300ono
ately fo that countryot e e ie a ia l
addl it to the million i t e
h' couverd by the latest Asbehindtieo .d a ate a.n
Ceu rna trade agreered'.o dicite t et ecnid Jakottle N ar End.
.. ead. It now leaks out. Or~-0'y defense
Sso .iledArom here last week weo
4 oesa with a cargo of 13,- .. kored no. d h WV"

lf. dto nso rgrntlne vegetable .rough 22 as Nationl Defense Week. L kt on is John the r, ut said issue was a In Cid .. rva Qu., ad
S Part of It was 5,000 tom I aof aen, ealden of the Canal e department, Reserve ueston o impropriety rather tuntry con
t for netbuy year'000 tns agren- _leawte aX

-ewrtrade' treatywit i.Anxious As US Hous
Ina.d 'erwbaotodl, bsoo no fn

r p ew hetolete fo Argentiney Ia- the'o'a

Loofs 'of tie Amerlan housewife ( a aorc and more -thWr
rv's major exports, when g rwhichis cheipenin n af
tee.eAnythwla Vf 'ac010 I0to the nitedouncer

dp e w t whether she w 's1- c l t. i the expected 1wee.000,000 r deep e
er toerow linseed succes- pinion rd tov because of a :vst of 4.
acfromt he Ameri Pcan into h. b drought in January. ae
ocatha.* added to the dollar et nehr9 ,:tne!Detth Valle area

er, Iftradewit Beu to- railU beh rsa' The. etrior ted 1954 produtof 10 men f fi
n aow r editors i wevrY trous. available betwe crops-to aaeethate rhx testh
tour. ri foreign ex' hange. .' o nt, to cte k tg record. ioao t tuteIn

tie observed that 2: A billon-doilar program od
r cn aroused by news thth

es not nted to tak e up ce the high tak s and htree In pr, Braila

St!idwh nea tthei the aov.anment nor the .roes is a drop in consum- ag atr
l r ldti person o cfltofee farer explain happy with te the tec. to a e4emand,

t ate y marks slight
:from OOP ta1ics used
IOhlaS.iefldLntlal cam-
6i"'thg fal. : of 1952.
man Republear. "Truth
Utaltet former President
a whistle stop tour,
ew. conferences or
P ee to answer his
th tOW contain a 16-
sheet." entitled "The
Reord Akalfit Com-
n -At l,'" and two
oR tic DI.
S the rte
Xim 4. Btatea. how
w ha "smeared I
includnaWen. .:
all an- *
Sithe e nt1

DO the topC


B4A^ *'
fca~-;- -^-4-


Z onans F


late as 5:31n the
0pele were 4A1_ aM
O.eAtlval goundq,
Sutnder ten o
il onJoynso, the mM
olvities, there .oe
ty five oent tocke
-entrance at
1000 sd In
l~Uht the
aWay orfhe to
. i tlvW"

nti Lt peo-d,
$loklnd, pro-

i, I -V.

To Spd ng,.stiv.!
Peria, w~o V te Ca.h- A
' of St. e ,A IWo Airof

; LMiA, ,. ,.fn h ih i
o .aac99,
nr'nUMdand hr
e ieFestival M to

0 0 p etmac6 day, the Cath o.
the I ecL Bu to

traffic in theVIC&
gaiU's Garden' dgr-

as part of ermy and
4 -1% itINt office

a Jar wfa

S' ., .. -
W, m .,

aDnr a.f fl mi* M i

Mb tpy -I
.=- to as
V" in the Un
iid even for wot
4lsland lAiL..t

a i. ii l -.c an


e Stamps

divided into sevem
e stamps e" be.

b their
tree thbe3
i Revoludft War
"W which ~. bee
MAdmorate t r
fu ofthat-r.


. .._%:. ^ ; "" -- .^ '-"-. 4-.. -. ....
*. .. .- -' .. 'a --.= .* "
',- r-"" "= ''


-'.-. ~3


7 1 -- J".. *" / i :q

~ ~

. .* .


;.AJ, -*

\ ^ '" '1 '. .-. .n' ",'- I. .1.
",- :':' i':*, E *."*--* *r^ -1 '

.. ." I.-. .i
!' V4 -


* *2~.
;L- .


* I,

'~ 4~7r
I. *
~.. Kr&J 174.. a

o. ; d ,3 ,S" 'l .. .
* -'. "- "" ,* i. ,- *'- %'** n I[ "-/* "
y,_, -. .. ..-. ; r


a'. -.t*.


;, *;m


L The paun that repriaM:
; no ", .p of oe t
And 4 I"** *

1 notadisma Whastt ltovtl -
a "re W _
t Add foeot. tsatie.
7. S .n .
B Phew p114* tI huDBnap
Stht poIr* Is
t at g Cre'by' OSmdrnm are

o w
=3. estuay Is g 10
-day W v tdbft whey a ut.

4 po o- .. f

hf; aghaill w tea. .- '
O1r ON'S omU



O W thrOe btakm to a r4 ftOn eewtw iOts eahb time
. ta table tIth the oentf. bat and ut la h l AUme at
upitde doau as abowm abo, of upde .sVI
now, to n mosi, eiak up wo _S so anou
at the bats oneto each lIand,lu gm
a* tws thoe oner. The pua b
is to mhako tAreew meh i moes

,F.,_ ..,- m

A e000" wM rN Nrserto 9

pe.ea a aaig a s. wis Pr
g o

4.. ld .e IMit Mh p
..M ,uAs l. n w .leBm ma f pa

1eatsa li4 ai te

efp te m ps m*a a
,b -l .' -.. M O .. -
_,,WR.| t ei -.A,
* .. _yw. y w9 "^^- ^ ^m --.-i^^ s

-y ..A -ti
*: -> ';
i. -. -' -. \ -"
,; .- -r

W f;.%
4- -- r ''

ina .
... -'" -..,
."- ^


u.. ythbla Ih,
.ret Ua thkl
f wa.a im.-n .

naowf at e .a poaiapern/or otteeip o *" I
loge s0 as ate pqMOM" uftes for prgosom st a
th Indl nes0 Is0e t letm4e ge Ma Meolee n r ,.
fort. Ohdoe is a logt brldg. Eerel t ho e tMrn

Btookde soU wane clothoplWs safed In loag of .o
row to a at coulto. edbol apprpainad y pclt
1t1 **1. WWI,, t- stl oco"l deiul w aM To,
yoo. .w to belee (thhus, of cou Imitd byo play
the nuat:4' olem tusM Allow mu too
op0ea3i t,3MS.. the. e
Ro0aiogma etruetiaf in by e wou f aDguon0 bOt
*bows to M. n0 Py. WiS iould to at least lour ompl
clotbuplip Bli, pfeUem Sv After youh mae ayw
butt it ah k D epastek laterlboW beads of pius pUge
asaudthea dToutaky aho It nmueesary Infa
to. loop vUh e fimr p1 a 94d1 po to tie oppW The o
site wsi ls thbmd to make tbhm hold.)
Wo lda Is papliptc. wuiosmdml or thitn wood
xat ushe, Suar .. .
Second toryi to seemblM ed smeM As t, aeept,
thu b .fa o(* project approalmatly 8% Inches,
oft a1tsm B BMd a. ,
Ano er p -loe f eardbomd, eta laches (fi. F)
ito atop macm Story
Roof Itat S dtadbcprd meetonosw lmnusnf mgin. -
Att b laoime aso pan -I dimgra (Top View,
Root) WIt Oephao p
for Mri"tdf a approauI road (1lg. I); out and
bend a plees -t Wif eairdboflMN d attach clethee.
pins me.soW A snal mlntW pl w of lumilum
toil will pirpulate a etrom.p


who pItVuN 1 t 2 *3 r4 I
le*,L' 'Wh t I h. .
odnsqwt uo eodff "cuM I "
18i11 rioust pg *
M**-u X I-. .
daw .lmlr ** *
Ushlop^ fotlswtmg N C* *0* 0

8.t.lw *
r4f *~~a *, .

*P4, 0 0 .
aD,.4 j4". -00* 0
?, 1, "T' 0" 0 0 a" I

4 ~4.e ,Q38, .. .
.O, tU. U, T, .. .. **..
184', 4.#0L, ., ..

S*.J.,8-*J. R *, *
T$., l. t.p8 t-3 ;t 0 *
.D '4 *W* a
3a' 4. i t *0.. 8

10-# .1 4 0 *
. .18 '.
7T-N. t.btU."t 0
1041, *Jt.t i? M, 4 a e e

-.K to.Draw a ms s* tartat
18.4, 114. 11., IS SC'Draw e
10.- 10 ., 13.- *

.4. s., I at w it. "T-W ""-P. St""
at0. SAFL. Start .at 4-k .4 -
S7-K, t S -K. ___s IS. ows

04 1W *,L. 4Draw a1lae 1 tO. -Ut. NowOtart Lat
12I." 1 K.* W. 14.K1. 18 .. Drw a U1e rom
11 it IuL, Drew Ula, t r -i tmouus-L
Daw .B lQ !m 10.0 to Is-t.
sk ta rt aot -R. Ml, -.. .s3, 14-R, 13-Q,
1*-U,.*. Pl. Ots at InK it-,. s-,p. s tart
Is, W, 14.W, Iww U, si-.ul*, ag1O Now stan
at ^,P, $84. 1lW, 10.3, ,l. LMow sta at 10-Z,
1S., *14.14W. 18.!. ,

ekdtgip 'II o other ?r-dqite t, the ease method.

I *- *

I-e. 0
* 6 e a ** 0

. . 1

* *-* 0 0 *

SM 0 0 0 0, O
* * *

G U s r, pt
t -iota UK. 09 *

. .
h* .
'* 6 *a a *

a 41' f i'.
C Se

^ *St 4o of 9 tuina
"wi tNt othr, put
*n atie- .. pI taofb
Uo, elt to irrp r
8ou* d lS 0* t try n.t, ten
ad tUi otl o of mStues
ad awlte Riw of polUosn
masluwtt enht



I until b _.
oete layet,. torwed. Thien aecond
I bI4upl ats a stUrd. etc. As the
rots Ilur and higher. It baoneu
Cdlgly. diffiet to dd a toothplak.
bjet, of 09e w, 1. to pile as many


By D. K. Woodmatk
iB:amo I s not aly one m f the
mot wliOy retgliUMd tor.o
in *nHltetur", but I2 6 am
I(Aerating vvratuom. Tou can
Snad a vacation Iatroduod by
the Moos UI you draw a coatint
tou* line t*at asrem TWIO all
t oni of the t to th fligurE.
erom's a ue: tatn ad end at
er. li0p you do not crop.
Solutloan elaWh In page.

-to- m a col. '. ---
orrul scene
appear to the dCo.
rawn at rig ht
shade ta te ot. .
ore eOading to'
thee 4liloator.:.
e, green; t. ,l.
tow:; blue; s /
SR, brown; 0.
rante, V. violet SR
We. e thu in
of a mofe:tupprq.
erif teOW lorfo\
the volet idbat I i

you color 0at sA 0
area lat.
u you o den
andy. O SR

by 0O00U V .

SWith Wisdo Zrom the Fib/e

P-e t Wh"hb b* PUBa

ORc 4101mft
".LevIcul 0121w
a oea. t-he LnvGlum

70-Provacs in India.
2---ool- street wander.
I toaad fiftee inm is as book l dO the
Aaei eoats abbrJ

S bew* ted



-.. .: '- "4 '-
B -4 .... .. --. '
'I ,- p.= .. -
,*- o- .. .C. .

'* t*f < /*. .4 J

Va--- 4 *

& ~-
kL. '~,. '

.. -. -

on u $ piMlo without cauag the
sack to-ppl.
The plgt *wn muses the igaU to all
s elmlaaut tumn the same and another
round to beldu.

Easy-toMake Barometer

romsm with
household Odd
und enid.
Materials: Pop
bottle (7-?1 oL.).
A colorlesM p* "
ti straw. Parfe.
in wasor water
peaof otsm .
To aUe omble:
Soak plassio
straw Ip hot \
ab/e. Now, lowly
bead dtnw IU-
hapged at Ome end \

I hole tw ud o.Vie
to admits itw.
nt U.apoM end of straw ir enmou kinto0 h
for sturdy eoMfAUMo (ppreo. % fta). I i botlU
7/4 tfu of water. Innrt Cork With strw 69=1d.
Ue paralm or omamt to eMtL iv$ Joile (Ulu*
tratlon 0hows mti "Ip ci"pMaOh m. be
mido to fstn beroiometor to wl).
To Anote W prsureWire an decrease, uen
a .tai to msurk bilb Ad tow watp ivels Ip *traw.
[f sir pc '" t amer (lnd6Uvotv os oed
wathew). watw il rlo0.: -it'prssure deca d esm
taUdileven iO p p weAr),. water will rise ad
mf even drip tim straw.

Quarters in Thirds-
ALQNSO and Alphonubm bave a
A ertaa number of coa,
clacauy quruWm Thrtotal vaue f
IW lon thea Ave douar. Thy ;
want to Olmain Uwm t e Ioe'
man of mny adw pt it ntm
ways, withO aw MtM of 1d So *
otag to teitr aroter ant :.
If Aiphonae ivesM ae qterw
wo.AousM then both will w ave
Jn0 amuuin., t ia f Aloes Siv
on qmua to, AMlph oM M
Alpqmse will Ive twnle a suM
M AMoth nowetr, I AJibt*ome
thUe would give half ol Mt qua.
Ise to Arltur, eac of uo the
boys would have the mame
That beintag how stu%
lvsey would w b y .a

wSn av *MW ^ ]

A.. '' T.^
- 4






' i

3- .a

L' ~t1

r "

P' 0

I. .





,,,,,.. ,.....


1, 1~ ~i

* *, e' Y '."



...... .".. .. .-.. .". ... '":

- .4 ... '- .




~. ~,.A a

* ~-. .r *, ;K-~-~~ 9-
*. ,.-. *. 9'. .~..,- 9
* 9..,~.9-* 9~ .. 9... '4'.
-- '>~.,;,. 9'. at.~..

mFRIENDS sea ms to be.ifo .f
Aof Dallas, Tex., as he chis. with a
4Wan at a nutrition center if U; S. 8th

op .William
briean child

RUSSIAN WOMEN SK1tIES take a workout behind their trainer in lQriw
the international asklg wompoltiton, which drew experts from all part


t. tzerland,
"tgld. Bernese

heir entry in
Mi background.

Jdti* 4*itou
146%ii *00:i

4. ,*,*.'* -:i "
9.^i .;'' "


irJ-_NE 0WtI ,a .shifag star in the movies;-looks
pere'Btes s hb s a*s OtapsIl5'gFry and white cieg~'
dium' wth .M ciiOculdrkU 'The bodice is trimmed
.. ~qiWu revolution collar and ciufs.

4,. "..,

,',.:/ .'


UNUSUAL SNOWFALL IN MILAN covers the Piazza del aiot. a4 deprives the ever present .pigeons f tvalr. usual
.supply of food dropped by pasersby. Workmen arp clearitiavay snow in spots for the pedestrians-a welfas pos.
r ,4- .*.

KNo OF BEASTS (well a e Ib an. ots a
reception 'romn delighted Princess I[ree of Greece durin .
a backstage visit to a traveling clrVt nt:Athen.. iIer As ..
Priffcess Sophie .a*6g) a a s. gi itb 4l

flO YOU REMEMBER the worst nightmae you evr ha4
W. Chances are you'lL relive it. If you see HIollwo
Slatst creation in its album- of- scres inonater-th "
pan'" half-fish and half-,man. The ,tt pakep depar
tt. mouldedL a plaster 'head to, cover t-ArAt*iVW
ho plays the monster -and fittI with a j i
lWfThe monster lives.i a- t* W IUWiQ (J ir...

9%&' r.

o *, I:, M.
. ...- .: 1

L ~j

. _- _

, ".".. "

.9 ,.q fib


: '" ..

... ',.. .. 4, : E :

R.--: -**_. ,., ,.-,,..-- r-, :. ,- ^ ^ ;. -,;.: ,* .
"'fl- ..^^ .wrwux ^ '-Yccm rr"a.*
4 ,'- '. .'c.. 4.r.. -. .F* >.ej. .. -U ,; ... *.
, *. .. : .-o- .... ...- .-" '
s,". .-,.._ .. .. '. ;-.. .. *
.-9M .,N r ot.'-o.-- --.. ".., ....... F .
..l.' .,-.. ,-:. .,.**-...-, ,. .*- __ -*

- Rut And Bi H4alvosa

r T omber's Brawl

- I ,

- -

* t -
I dl -.
1- -t

-r '. -, ri' t. --

0"r'$ ins-pqur~S47)
-- .*' t- '.j.r~ ~ r4 Lfldl(



.i .1'




F 'j



I **

~i ~ __ _~

'.34 F.

* r~c ~

tI c'$

'- 0

s-JaSL '

4~ '. -.

* r~



0 SPECULATION WAS RIFE Muring last-week as to
whether the- Q4e Allen- Hamilton weae dif-"
lerential report ou.l ever reach the ears of those
for whom it w .IJp handed.
Sources on the 'Lt*Uus, familiar with Co greslon-
al delays and fetcelt there was a posulbilt the
sLudy wpuld be poned for about a year If the
House Panama subcommittee decides to do an
on-the-spot investigation of Canal affairs.
If, this delay takes place, the labbr and civic, group
leaders (eel it would have a "demoraliing effect" on
employes who hae. been so anxiously awaiting a pub-
he airing of the report which is in their favor.
However, from Washington, same an entirely dif-
ferent on-the-scene Interpretation. Aeording i the
legal adviser of the U.S. Cidens' Association, Lav-
eia R. DiUweg, a.Congresdouai review of Public Law
841 which revised the aeeouming system of the Pan.
ams Canal Co.. would he forthcoming on or before
March 1.
Meanwhile, Gov. John 8. Seybold was in Washing-
ton testifying before the :.'vic Functions subconnm.t-
tee which was cenaidering the company's budget in
closed session.
A-e expressed confidence the Canal Zone workers
wiu get a fair deal from Congress.
The necessity for operating the Panama Line was
questioned by Congressman John J. Allen, Jr., of Cal-
iornia who said that Congress should re-examine the
operatlpn of .the passenger ship service between New
York and the Zone.
The chief of the subcommittee of the House Mer-
chant Marine Committee, who has been to the Cual

venlent, andwhe thought ius tomig aht the thea
tain. deyrs by th governm aen.owner c hicouldh re-
uaed by Privately-owned airli e and shipping
companies. P
A serious accide. t In which a Navy brushfire truck
overturned resulted In Injuri to three firemen who
were hospltalized at the Fortyton Hosp ital oe
of the men had g amputated. He aindianother
htreman where stlln serious diti at the o

Sa while the t rafsenger wsee eIngood cond.

O he beca me a na oo the o week
Tohn They were m apeedi- to answer a c fall which re-

pored a brushfir on the Far Fan Beach
Twle t 0 -
Twoieutenas vctimg of a Navy plane crash here

Jan. 6, wt ere still atos t the Cocoolo Naval

Hosital while their wivthe simar oned here from the
Staes kept close v faTine victims are Lt. John Toon.

n the crash. eea

The by 0te .O rJ
t oPanama nnoidU edse. abe R en f n-iJ.
dinigtrend it n sales vf Wmenwhic&showed the

store. could nao lo a nger meet epe a r t
0 -

Siew o pany aden om the as whose windows ene
shatted when A U.S. Air Force jet lpaue broke the

ound barrier an. I filed claim the legal of.
fie at Aibrook Air Force Base.

One 'light. case of polio was reported this week
The victim is a 19-mu nth-d child f rom, t. IKobb
who s the daughter of an A- eric military coupl
She is at the Ft. claytot.Hosoital.

A music marathon by the Armed Forces Radio Sta

Aidn toers elfu ndsrforke wahstlne.reulue*
has mresultedsm far In $i2W. This already tarpase
the total collected1n last year's polio drive.
The-DistrictiCOn'-of the n-welcomed a Few as
Blatant District 4Worney Os I. ltom anew, Jr
took over is eduties.e x~ son was e

General Counsels O11 offie thecfa a .,:

Another n thea ocourtaWilliam
Fuller, who became a new Deputy Marshal for tl-
A e dp-yw 0-
Anw t rden for the Canal Zone penite

ce -prootiontothe nof Catal, with ti
Pred.ient JoSe.A. -.0o -

U.S ~xmyprin ez


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majo* team l.
enA "S s .. t1 w e5. lot am 1

reran sohed h o.E
nowr eastrs. IIIte

vacancywon ath i aiqu. etpe. tion
the haLha I _t6 t
Frena Be beean as "lq4

sa ys the. Noe` Nole D on g
er In 1 ,11 1 ,o had '

ctogatc es maiM one .o the 'ost prondriEI g whner t C w tict the ush
Snan aid he .w tsbothtere iled a nd e unele. tw

% Lea..y
ban comahe on rdocto advice s s
a thr-year e aea .

wastuferig "rob *-tomacb ailment
iThe Reverends. .l I e.. wil n -owever. the^ f _
hont andrmay nno O sg new owtu w e
..hea t oAbl n anil y. ...u.
Mount Careh,% ins a taNIe mre iLah s hae P aw a .elose--nat
atinm les t onl e o and tied nine. Siets wer o .her si
app 4to ,rel ,, .e y "--4ls et German police.

uabeateny andt four won national cMoa t. orethen u t

BrennMa playn d w o two n -latedau cha n mr, ar &-.
ae'i betweeupled for 1947eAtre
was .Rffevrng. 9 dnn et. e ran -.Pl.n

game, inw Ghe ran backthe openn tt 9 Oddindeedtla
yards tfor toucbdow B. ednwa, -A has. it
MI New or Giat h t d heir te
oent ahe tet more io tmhe sa=ea rntdU .eA 0tat OMC
dron 1 Wm ets ot h.Wand h umlm o oet. I._ __h w twhee a-

ga Mes, tosm h .en haa o str ,i h- e mea w_ _O.-
pecote GiaTl hrade sn w nu eod e saBob t-.-- unn .,,twe.g

an h ra d f t the "iw","0 -.'. f 'a
for tourplertadOanusannn dounceEde ot Germain e pollee
e The drh twoI. r e rly ha e r ehenn .
hen forn hmler tioe gae upor p .tcr c emepn, ers Don t_.

o anit s i aorelIfedrats a l as an cl

peose t a t oi tflelso der fr a c o
Sla tn ss Thomef t i inte 11 h e -a t a i
honor tof.t.e Teol- WH

pl ff against g r oke, n Laste s en. The ;sW l-l
six weeks ant I.; he8w ilmlw

talth p layed third e other S.e
drove In 106 re s and r h ait a' 6 boner s. ee. a b
SNew Tork owner orahe Stonehu ss p
on losthrn ILIan d welni onew .
-ine batl for 1947 says B rve5oo no tre ."ane at.twy-w"-. muwSmI ?

". for adds rtonebamo the Gian d o sen -tha
de Tt hlr pit hin staff and We had to nludeTo so uf urers, roM the Ger

ln"a se deal to do Ilt." .
S toneham says he feels both I.iddle. wl 1^&,s '--om oweDtt mewkereln
hamearun d b et six last sme n, nmor A1 Twh et ste4 oehowmi tmthat hat- see lkr i
had a 13-and-Is rh crd_. wi ateo p t he lder nt iWa 1954. al Pr-geb, .torl be tnuiu'te r a few e
G general mandkger John Minn of th*e Braves also 'ram seedIn forer t rat'twhe n th
S ris well plea sed a with the trade. w8gr"pMooursee r a titc iit talr
-who can do a gmod-im e o, w iDe C randall Is out."
.% w i t three or Git ihmin e b re it col e
o worked out.hd a- for"the.Giants-,.tied
areIons a eruo ran s htai -uet a out r o beagi
New p r kweLae .....
e revo's Rio 9rnT de com sng. t bal SUW lieual frjga anU h.

son. ohio. s-,h

"s TPtBuds riht.., a t113. Ro anr t hdt. won.. k s.. Wf ano .
L. e ot e lrp i h Bl wrea o -.. ....
- honor to d o1it..."

% aaa W ilh-esav ehee _inbthA wme s ixe..n.

a unis e Oowe tr. t e .d f p rcin refusedh to

wid thier rantstked JO rm teiy Bratt'o, ..
.i wr- I outo-f. .. j .
y a do
01112u .,,ou t to.. a ;-" '- m i, l n


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L w '' em'
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. *** ,- .. +,.',+ "_ ; .t+ + + '; ," -+ /
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5-, i< .i.*ii~ n-..,i in .j 1ii, .i.i li ....5f < au ii !>.. x .

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a3 -lait

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. !-a
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104--God -
p. f
IN06- cure
108-Salt of
eleni e



of his
3--y aloft
7- take
10--D p-blUe
. bream
37-On left

Ilan yini

- 56-rAnioy
gain *



Y-ven of
-4- I

9 -Dregs
of siam
9S-Solar disk
soup i-
S gredlent
96-On deep
9 -Make
part of
103--One who
l tatlon
51$-Wet earth
430-High hilt

. s-l.---

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*i.'' u d 4 d .SS S-_u S a *n ste f et

V. .L n
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*s... .- ., .- -. w*^ ^ *^ .l. -- .j '.^ ...^ ^ J -L ^ .. .-t:^ .- '..
',...+. -a s" "'

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W..Aloaok to ,

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i. "_Lj ...~IifnCA- PNMa sue. ,
.S. H_ *,_,t,. O p0 *a4 MaMA aM a P.
OMAR .me,,,@ .3 m ,ms m ,or ." ,
not" A a mwwu I 'ii. (D@ gIesI1
nE ,, rSwi .. m O mVM O j.--,m", g O g ,a
- v,,",




I dreamed
rushed by

xhatprk f

I ark red
8 'anding 1
It tells a I


It rides .H.
On skeleta

The eu
It rides

But the o

.. -


a shore, and on that shore a ship
the strength of some malevolent gale,
B banner at the tin

*ofLFue-u.a thUs e-s feab M in -'. e -ad .r -4 ae.a .ie a
sWerthl "DeotV V=" 0o oadl bmauMse eofI masmsistts avalamchus I
cow was buried Ih .a ow avalanche, .ad h y I peeauld-r ., aimmA to keep her ware
until hbphrriv .to pulboa *OUp e.g
__ i ,

00.mast. A stained And shredded sail

.-. Walter Winmedl In &New v-.
drepms wVnt with her when she jailed,
tIs hby thepest, faled, AlVTlOB! AUTHOR! iature'sPioees wh discovs
ther t' of her pride- brneste eutswaylas always i ua"of M MM eI a
Sherarklong her Ade...bee hmbled and heated by.dan-was: %S ..rt t lhia.
ger. -he dirk 'mystery ofdeath m=ted: 1'Th1 mar A l.
-P.. m The New York Times. a,,_ s m4 ie ae 's WS.. _u a-i V
Ilfe are the mujor soureed f his prime Oa sba.n *.'. M. _l 1 B* the
--*--- ewie power aod.- atelleeual nave ie1.w as th,, Vie etaru se w,
a.Whd d tout moro" an. a howw ho. a tp Uaeriibs 331 w .
,TKNE BELL BUOY eP.. Wtho imor7t .n
E BELL BUOY t with inte ns, ty, take mea ti." waser ca tel t so-
*. y Hembgway accept dMath as a thu Mat ea" give st to people,
By NCER BROWN human advtu and --- tlm yes are a rlter.
Its awesome power. He "
1the Vpartleof noon aUn on water, is eMwprf **t bWe mat iadowo ex.- h- .
ot2Uqn tomsed with cromri apnd bop. it muitude by *via and b a .
lUAW ianter ou .ot ? evai efur aous tharusts. prx. b's iemrkabe.
ootat acknoOeMow t, Wtdes by In l deage *intwBtm. i. illll as asrg"dy)1efrea
ering m n An en ongf U ... The emegoe. at, iede ...-is. 25e a ans,.Sed.4
eshe h e b cea thats a sy g amd fta om s tS9uawrte Snnit T V W0.
leW ,r lan ell otid expre aens ave beeu "" '''
38 n rf a a rtait1 4perah artistic caSS'Rations *3ll he.
a to the anI BMtleRef The ftruthl tat h Ate has bee ft a s e s
1 the walaowd ..ahlpta dmwn his most c citing pLuot, el-hhishr
mckd aln survivesM the e an hoar, vi .e the, a .wau aMMtor-. tr.
ib wrl .therado... Iotow wMiMve 'r i the. ]a ll- ast
py t of o in --- ,.rma 'eies. Rt was ot oel isb
I~.teel stQts, t e i a bell H e i iauzpated his career as a mnt .vr.i i .r ".
Lweat oiinig fibre, reporter and retai uMrnam's teg Ul I
a nchor ained In reck or bar. pnriery att*butes: abiQly to Bedhas apturer iemaindatioe o
Ha ".4 6hasmr*shee "e e aen .ever hs fine
I 7ary; we cannot pet. them. .. Hemingway's yanas, whilcgh ._ &'af So "A pp b ..... v ...e adte. .M.ln

Prom The e Yorker.thewordse ea ed. The idea or "he Old ftr
*as -s- durability .... fe has al' tougiht about a. i. a. S' "s.
Sways fascinae by the som- e latrrptet d his wele'k hn t.a e- the-.
SpresmBie of ideas with a wlaigmnm for .hi current Ascai uSe S
o f wordea. Whena Herw was has h been writing boor' a ary ,inerr i
066.a -a t\t n f-y t an expreon myOn --a d "ey i6 w]-: A L I In
Sfor oe of e stories He Nu. fA toa te jo
S L O s ladt t uged He is a serious writer who has ri to tel e "
..ritesno s about man. efeB to exaloe -al-ese" never been deluded by the pPete M-
I n which the yar was" treaasmtted. t.e of so..alTed iteML *ac
SY. The tri phaetly ca led I Bo o talks. There is stark tr.t-.a wke ,
-' i the transtlantic cahe impreased .: .ription of-melt arty Be expresed ierce prSde iA I Xl
einway.Hetoldtffes: "O- frud: "They areearly all loa profession: "A country, ly,
Swrad the ablese. Isn't it a reat expeadig tihe W a a s al the low.away
1 "aa~i~a~ language?" artist lte hiv' w tepealle aspme Mf mee'n
.... tL d ade.
.t"resse-- wa Cal .
&"do/u bueer ut ud He Is a serioi t ft a r aj s go .6e t s m akes

I n which thel a wa dM t_ ".A .. .- 2?5iJ SEe .... t
Hemingway never cesse, beiag degree of resogslk. e rI sb
trant t c e s u aa fiharepid more

g t u to Arm." -a nd r It
." ^ e & H. ,-,ao5 e Sr an
ae "e have 4,lea r ^ ^ comage. .;

.,-ar.A v Nmi W r .

arepos brtellraTw cmPat henau,
P. M..--o-1..o..i-,",
roi alW e nWrd i




-- -- 111

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a 10* of

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M' w* e,

' M- r.lated wit ^ "
B e Me-t 8 *BS

Si Soit a t l tWMthe Fe
ro r an- In the .jam _he.
Mik 5i J mar laws
..-g aOWNo .to
**p agagMedA the ear M

Jar.. A ls a .ther fil, -g ,
ou' a goa ~I for dM end thAde ei end

nor, it- P a *t teo pu
sliest? lma-s.ossd*b

head .11W h wfi thtaL to wrt
tafaifbe t sa d lrpeftlers

Poartwsaeta ?AU9IJ.U"
Se i a-. w e, ,ff oloeA

.utm rhe Is nme o' 1 Ihd- 0r WaB destao .W s
dies*. 1 c t fl eamp read 2 .
emomth-to wM? .-uCielaseeiu te

.,on mspyn Sm S na the n
ha drw p .o wCofaw pibWx
wds.s t R eseer tak e ,.. ao i

is to B '-. lie tt .. w ody
swe "t S Wat haf-

-4w Me ce offered wa,

Gllr t$W Mei st--si in BeI

ait! thi le.ra ra tr t .and Jhcn-,
,th.t, th. Fars ,n aou to ,etas, b ed. e w
r -, U Rb w ho hav been

shte dam.a "K MC-

0 P

,aio at oe uesftelhwAdt I

Sbwab hi wa hot 9 Seue

AW.t .wtI tne abtrlz ..
r quaftest MOk awr Jhmam, .
omine4 ue- ari J ar War- I had aMrvO breakksueswe
* Ik Who-anew Iek b&e t inCal- ft was iMll dart, st. td
S h Secretary of Health and paced the floor a morning an
Welare Oveta Hobby; Sentosn part a t. earlyafteqmeon. "b"Y
SMagusons and Jackson of Beck's Gouienko arrived.
home state, Waslilgtan; Congress- "Dobro youtro," I said in my
mea Jack fley of ran- best Russian,. meaning "good

!. is~fSa Byalamias, added.. hg.
t't w"a mivb h'r 3 M ,
.U a a dir r
-i a tU at ar1 and Dbrbmm3 byeM
t LJut been i hesm his
I mg mamBsin*, "sCaptala's It was meat r GOP ears
t en aime b *Nahe speech only, but Shlios' nave, svyabi
et 4 Everett DirkMm has aged Repu-

,se bar e 8mor H b worried abat Moody
& Rd teaw ay-srhemt a dSente l to boe m
b oad so mebrtur-h o viuihppppad Hcaig dorn ee-l
ZVE^ t ~hr wcvo snow-c^ b VoM Wait~ xypwi

mde &W laal)t
'* Ns, 10 hew e Bhave alMsem, dutt My
S OworkiNg t Ar the bust torio S tee Deo cratio Sate -
sS.des I ,L.-e Cm2. he a -

who Iated to this trib- aly jamped up to agree He had
ui tos ex-preuidet a the US. appeared te programs once, he

ws a e was a
Sem dmeat w tht.e hast
OWT_ n teIevreor. -

ltmsa maIdse Sep. Frank Catli
Sao thaR-rm Hltm b favored,. fe-
calved peoaul birthday messages
lt -we* fom bo th ne Mad
e, : tt dl hte

p.-e iseni nte.
S .e le s Adr one Swedea
a gMowI J one Swedeje

to h .e t rot
"Ia ? I k I maamig. which is

Ohio's' wheaautd Seam. John
i is asb. tek oam his treaty-
SIpImet that. he has
served sotlte he'll re-
trduce it every year until it
pease ...kd. #act is that the
moat haA l features of the
Bricker amed. ent were not writ-
ten by Siker but by Utah's

T new yrk

-taUt aty ofate late Se-
atom Taft' lie. It J a brilliant
e reporting Do to be pub-
int bock form as "The Taft
deth, ois wers hawe
been grwag =see
uB now tney a a seethag
wft diWepatt. m Mabea been
wrtmi mag letters o ech

Pid tel f a th

Ete e e se t Rbaeconta

awey ftrom Chirman Lea Hall, a
Dewey Ba 1.

Peter Edson n Washington

WASIUIGTOK -- (UNA) De- at rI to We mawr. "Thi Is Mrs.
feaw Secretary Lbares L. Wilson Archibafld oevelt, Jr.," came
let drop a statement the other day the reply.
which ot the Army pretty irked. Not to be stopped by that, the
It could have devloped into some caller politely quipped ba c k,
pui reeiatos f Air Force "Well, ts Ls Mrs. Woedraw W-
Secretary Harold E. Talbott had son."
not pulled a btg"r hger that
sa da wi r about Time eals All
"We's gn t. s?" from
ush a=i M ae time of A foetntetto We story above is
wa... really took sme fast that asher member of this staff,
expisuini and so took the heat Mrs. Jc J e happens to be
off is aess.. a oMgroa dda uhter o ark
Sepytary Wilson's blooper ame aos. e tw woman go alng
in a temarkthat the avenge air- fim, he their famous GOP
man was the equal to any Army u igrad t let along too
officer. well a taM t day.
Later, and privately Seb"
WiLs bepliood th He dtit Aitr B
me that Os average Air .Fr o are mue more d a
s aud m hakew a Mt ei SBr a days them. they were
tacti or was as good. a whs ary Fod was p eating
Army Sleer. Whet h Us oeil* a"t t, a t may ea-
meat ws set ai a a t to MIse
a.m as corrgS. to. gIS .o
the B the are fof Steekelo,
still a bt e r- Mis, SwedMO. She eat off a na eI
in aMe f hdie lABer s 110e. A e F
V = B An die Utae bw

Cleap- (*MaN em& a 0sa- a moed qery pahe
__ ~ gbr:


overs dot Os ts and obliua
toal madni in previous
Requests Aor appropriations of
new money fr net year, Mr. Fin-
ttter p aint ar, e I11 bflifn
for te Air JM billion for
He aa tel isn't enough to
baM up an a Air Force of the size
this .cowtry needs today ur to-
these Were the Days
ow t i standard of living
and.. vag e t ico has ai-
: Ru 10d a EZI i that Island
co n ]@w i-- revealed by Bill
o'IRly; a arv graduate on
the fauIty ofat Se uivernity in
?' fsrst two years (1909-11) on
& *Iea, I. lived with a Puerto
wfamnl," wreg O'Reilly in
h. regular atter. "As soon as
was over, Dap Pepe (the
= 1d)> ealed for .t hat, made
4'"g at included us
a OW 'wo enw me voy.'
Rebr BoB sM(the wife)
a*L b whbene h was going or at
wbat hotr ha wd return. She
be |S .' home.
dl.eltfee now of
S-ha. changed.
~~ Rfiacans.
rea or a

WUDefn.tMe.e (U.P. -Alex-
WeWr 0s heads a family




.'B '.i.f^

b*q- T-'

ANN GREENE gets shed by pirate Maurice L Hendrieks. .

. ..

TYPICAL CONGENIAL table group has two ehl uuAms
whole roaAst.

a spit. One late boat table had a '

.. ... .. .. ..-- .. : -.. .> "

* I.' ~
.* *1,

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* ,.*


I' .1

.**, s^

...Cho rs Brawl

.r B,. er,..

A 6ei 'Slboa. Yacht Club entertained 450 thor.
Sit Its annual cachmbW Brawl.
i and they wVer e taily varied in
d o owee. Oen (I.-ncluding
'"di- aaph r) waa edbot les in co&as
I. o t 1e w ty bytere wasu i *moduitoa-
j.U. a to 'a ,n eo we ange of appon'
b. -1 er had u chance to function, worst
Sd t wa checked the door, entrance was
Sider to a high t from whih one descended va..
ar t aed by i n assau on beachheads.
t RARth and IU Halvosa negotiating their formal
'OTll Ret their deA.
J-trand march' anpd a contest for best coetumeo
Ixl% three way tie. The power-boaters iad a tug
the il-boatmes and the contest was strenuous, wito..
: bte dance floor was crowded. Wh
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-mOWDT, POLKS"' deO Bi Clarke, Commodore of the alboa Yacht Club.

DORIS AND DANIEL HANE In t he Grand Mareh. She was a mermaid.


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