The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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-15 X. Theii lty Of be,
the first t and now Is
.. ."th11 Moscow tuned a deaf ar toi ..
6.fice wh c gi seven at a asl e odotlhin .A
',re .mi This years: ait. result isfrom a l
'd by Go approdmately with' ad Chl~a. UBfrta
0ddoubingrt elr "he euteinl dr6ve 200 lotov tle eucoura
ip -enu 181t. At the air shp- yrds InAt tfor the beck for new
"estat- d. At Panaia meeting Iin Ran embassy
.a|a ;Inrance import radio- as op the reter N an den. boule- 3.
*th lse 144400.-rd. o
0 r
Dangeous is...
1 AUMll nma op- r e Western allies moved itou

..A goo-.-".
s a. of is arv Molotov's reply to the suave
Du M.* IC Free dgr **1P
anN lflN son *ft Md e Nexo e
He Uay's liagrUeW"ed 8 Rd a lahd be e 1.
th onate. in eetingR
e atoeilan t r ukvious pranks of which have re ea press
c-,hl ft al, nd 1 shooklv '-0Russian VAil''-' '"" ~
CeIOelaS tu&ed over, Sh ,ic eC rS a5.:5 schoolkid, who coverage. and giv Russian VA
peagswe on the F- byt inrocks on the a rotpaxa fd spirn rd. Vatica
Naval Statiaon._r FNw Flght an trac near i fMolotov agrees to the new Pius Xx
,Ai t both ., al station lines re- arra ement, only the minister days In.
I ..East Alrimcqt ,. use serious reper- and their few close aides would quer the
JOE AND 1A.iFOR oTOKYO..- Formot .. last re 1 *ma pointed out to- attend the eed meetiUgs and lit-s ti
baseball star Joe (left), his Dtre s a ted the ed iw, his p -o du ae or no ormatioar would be The
Monroe, a=4 left n Dansger of redhaheDiegoINehisPPP-
wave as they boardAtnanFanocisco. Thy w0 to stay In beiM r _ounpters are be- made available for pdUca~o.n, and was
wave as they bar at fan Francco. Th we -, o w Uip ad about to warn their chil.die
their way to Tokyow will open the 1954 Japanese We-.le dr Itelr own safety At least one "restricted" Omulon was lat
ball season. DiMagui amid that he "definitely" planned to ake bv a anerushd Cay aid Hemingway ]W I Around the tracks. certainly will be -hld this wgek, mass Ist
San Francisco their aoe wihen they returned. Marilyn I WOermit bthe -fl ashoi after sur- p after school hours probably Wednesday e ThUtsday. since It
Inx a bandage on h brolien thumb which she inJured when she r3ca.9 woa are scheduled to ar- It was call to Mol's ago .
ba1e4 it against a door. r A crway said twe demadso a scheduled to ar- Itwascato.
SIE-dher ,demands for a B1iA 1% emc{_- -. -".;
.shook ,b. the oncoming o~nce next -yspringdt 4 d h a otia
o. *r W -neat e .l today to visit tAin ed bthe rocks, and for a world armament con- we
th dertment and but rn' own lives feree. cov
todayWdo- for. apu1 "wol angered by such an 'This, c*od meeting wasar-P
(W`_ _m. ranged lst woek when Dulles, and
TQCi0 unfound-
agapra toth

MOB AGGos0 Food Tips er Tells House
W Food't

TOKYO, aeb. O (UP over- The well-publicized abue-uadud4 the
ly-enthuslasticwcrowd ov- ed up tM-e faa.mous aw ua an. With
ie and baseball fnes Joe ship wle actingg tokloofflIis
DiMaglo' and TrlA the sepm rleg ofetheir t fh...
when they arhbaeball-and-delayed huneymools i.,.- lb -svaeie'.

ItAtook th e ht no- caused the n awn Ao he uf 40etpis
aO rTt Joe apan.h Toa~w
Americn militayo.ap- Joe and,. Marfbn were met at .t o SAN
anese poise to wd Honuly by-a cheeigcwde ( youth out, g ounf
an epI fo DV ta 6 erosy~ A -proutnlnt fqwc specialis you ie dluwzging good, useable you ordinarily Wien trwM a-
and kee t rmodthan tw u o .,pe.n,, :i :
ly harm. ticu*, htho ~tu b"hasoausWesan
The crowd was~ rn~t todays .bat k~EI~that wMOMav Rietz housewives who iyohteaaruer

The crowdwanga"l tI
It awL Regh s O orlca from use a e maker to put I
for snn "TheT perk d6apooW* t drip

m yed. '15 to 4 w-_-=_ ..... '&onthcfeebsIn- po te ebaIandc
Alo sn em. 0,i t Cd 1,4"i t 'OOaae. a
s anS"1fthef bam w
Maildowntnotheaeow *,0,the.
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w I 8 b@ aw rin t mm aso"MOMi rs" uta'04

alook.deep- A = W water toft
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SBERLIN, Feb."' (UP)-The Big F .
te met behhd Berlin's "Little Iron
beain a showdown debate on unified
either as an *y of the West or as a
After nn for the firstwe*l
i~West Ber, t foreign mit ---

l 4nd0k's session. -
I.fore today's session stqr
Sfretay of State John Faster. 0 I
rqtay Anthony Eden.o and FR4NcK fr
Bilault decided to ask for s ctrw
pfblem. ''
They were determmed to seek .3 A
isue, in v /it and East are
The westeik powdri are u t- Eden and f- t 'l
ably comrniild to -uking bfI Molotyv's pta]
aUl-Qqrman ctionih6 afct Rep
towko O i nu ualea tUH. The aed C hiu a,. b
Gensan na wodtllth4 ftel W fre
to J" West. deene pl ans A^t"i
.4waa the form ptdoa of *aure.4a

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....- Labor N
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*".* "' T i m ^ mo B6, w'a ad 0
SO I NmSrla PAAm NUI Iva t0 .B L0N>y A0 ot(loent
CABLt Ao w es PAN MI S ICAN. A MAMo owls Rl 6
N opeg 12. 1 7$* C.NTR# | ^Avt up gaTW Ne I *lTl AND IS TN DFRZRTSt
*^ PoRl0t l tNeTru 10SNUA W *OWRtS INC b_

SSAWo man Nh AvW 0 AMNM w venE s ITV i Y
HMlilft IN ADVANcO B- a sc
; Mx NONTas IN OVaN A So ------ *
,SIN* vEA. 11 anvaNcL... $0 .s o 2 n

The Moil Ba n san open twoumr to, res6drs ot The Peasoam Anea
X Lter. te received gt*ltedly and are handled is a wholly cont.-
Sait n StibupM a letteo don't be Im etle It it doasa't 8appel b
"JiMim d.L tter n arm published i te erder oreemvM.
Phase try to kelp othIe letter limled to oni page l o th
d. Hentity at h oste writes uis eld in strictes t et oplotd.
TV s ohe wprt auumues no f posibilty toe aftesmel as opinlns
9res*am in lflsn o tiroam r iNo s
This Is an open letter to a lot of people.
Why doesn't somebody Lake some action to improve the foul
.ilAtgoing airmail service from Lne Canal Zone and the alnost-as-
S. dispatch from Panama.
N u Here we sit, at a crossroads which has managed to pin down
aI* lte a few international airlines flying to far places, and espe.
tally to the United States.
i- somebody check me if I'm wrong, but with all the daily
t: Ihta to the attes I'm told that only one plane a day carries
mal to Miami. I'm not sure whether even onw a day carries mail
r New Orleans, Houston and US points west.
This plane departs Tocumen for Miami at 2:30 a.m. but to
c ot a letter on it trom the Canal Zone you have to get It -to the
Civil Affairs Building pickup before 7':45, to Balboa and Ancon
about an hour and a hall earlier.
If yon miss that, you have one other chance, you can
dryve out to Hotel El Panama from which a boy departs for
Toeumen with the air mall at 9 p.m. This of course Is a
courtesy service (and don't forget Republic of Panama stamps
are needed though States Special Delveries q OK, if you've
If you 1Als that. too, your letter will rot on the Isthmus
the same time the next night, even though there are all
.'ot planes leaving many hours later than the 2:30 mail
Certainly thereare several States-bound planes that take
dawn, and one around 8 o'clock.
heard all sort of thif,and that as to the reasoW for
service. None of it pounds 4I anyt that coqld 't
id if the public and the authorities oftPafama and the
Zone got together and demanded it.
would seem one thing ot which the Chamber of Com-
o. Panama and the Civic Councils of tie Catal Zone might
-It would save Panama merchants, and the governments
idviduals df both jurisdictions it letter could move as fast
'aengers can fly.
Tve heard that the Civil Aeronautics Authority or the US
'ostmaster General did not want mail carried on any but lst
passenger planes. Well if the tourist flights are sate enough
t r hJumans, they should be safe enough for letters.
SAnd what about the Panama Director of Posts? How does
e eel about it?
-What people want is to have the air mail leave town later.
i.ave that which misses the 2:30 a.m. flight leave on one of
Ml morning planes. : .
i .e p -- Why Not?

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ACROSS 5French, AN 'A

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___and 1-.Iii 1: -
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ore haste,
-t before
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"i ~ ^ iL ,- ; ."* .*1 '* .." .. .i -i. -d ". .


r PHILLPSBURG, Pa.: Adventur-
ous exa'3s who are not trigger-
happy can get themselves Jobs In -
a tiny private army here in Central
Pennsylvania. After being screen-
ed they'll wind up in the private
army's reserve now being raised
by mine owners who are a little
weary and considerably indignant
over a three-year series of mid-
ninht b hn ingna which have o at

* I ,)~,1 ~

a' *
,a.~ -

rs't~rT 'rIii

last Saturday night te dyfa 'a"li .t. n t IA lhw
mite has blown at midnight. The a.
local folk, on a line from Just haist'
to the Ohio border have been Asia is "
shaken fropintheir bes by 30 blast-I sf our dyot fei
wings. Shrapnel has swished across f NI-o ev=. i- .4 on -e ?
the highways, imbedding itself in da n Prime A u e. THERE WAS 4
houses and trees some distance head.
from the explosc n 0ire Dr.Bale w
In the past tree months, four N thise Palo Ao
mine tipples have gone sky.high. 1t'ltl" o...ty 4a g crutad't ot
Before then, big shovels shich pull so w asked
the coal off the earth in stri p- In of as owe ke o ,mw
iag were blown to pieces. Expen- id
sive blasting, this, since some :of Ie ecal
these scoopers retail at $ 0,000 i the n 0t .
apiece.n asd ef ao e who are
Not too long ago there were four t o ring man_ ed t.o -t o er a-
blasts within a few hours. Some of to A o od-I
the explosions sounded off in the me a ded to i
western part of the state. Then
quiet. Then boom-fifty miles east. .a-nd tle'A an world is strcg "My father also wo a a denter i
Anger matched teror in the and te fear u be a grave a sp irital me;on" eaDr.
communities surround the $40,- errorLee. tIeI r wch ie f c,
000,000-a-year strip M indas- NOT It oob-ast f Presidet later who tried to convert the Moar
try, which now produces 0 900- Eisenhower would follow the Vice monr hB didn't have much luck,
tons, or one-fifth of Pennsylvanas. Presidl t's advice. but he did mane toe a
famous soft coal. And the coal is- 1 1A U.;M.b&.large family' while wce 7plS dn
dug up-or rather stripped off the USR this causi He and y
earth-by non-uniontl ra who ~i w ft children inch, three sets
have been defyingJ-Jh ewts' or- on -- Leon Keyserling, h r White of tins. My a er j tht if he
ganizers for years. L HRouse economic v .wars wouldn't convert he Mormonshe'd
No one b knows 4'o has been E ctncei privately that the nation a1o0outnumber tiem.
throwing the -lynt e, There is I R ep o rts my has to keep on g ng"
little evidence t5o the blasts If the nation produces and con READY FOR WAR
o anyone--alth O operators sums in '54 the same amount it .
will tell you privl the By Peter dson did In '52 and '53, we'n actually be The nation's scrap-iron elers
su.sect. So there li 0no Ar- falling behind," warns the man believe It or not are d-l a
rests. But with to g in who was top economic adviser to set for World WearY kI.
three month s, th operators -* Truman. "The American system draftld -8 ta oae ptfee e rn .
thought they had hadenough. W Ohas to grow each yearto reMain which they'll try to eat the gbv.
They advertishad in thelocal pap-e -(N An To meant, 'eaid in maintainin g stability in heal The way our o ulati onais oAentt o u t a
ers for "able-bodied young men of xelT or cow )-abl nTe sec- Presidentm imenwt-s s "m- the lone r ran, the gover nmentgrolwe'yhalh T need a odr iltl is otf neiaerg --. .
training and character" and nvit- ons of President Eisenhower's ple summary: "Government must should place principal reliance wnewo by1M0. p tt. alsomne an-t
ed -them "to apply for guard and economic report to Con ess and use its vast power to help main- upon the careful use of fiscal end- at least one and a.balf million new Iat February, right after
Detrol duty." Therbe have been ap- th a report w ro t Tu- talm employment iW purchasing it policy, tlng with the e well-eath- homes'eech year.' removed price ceilings, the
licants. Each has been screened- a ma de a year ago shows a power as t ell e s t ato nlutain rea- lished regulatory and protective "By 1960, given Just normal tute of Scrap Iron and Steel i
nd put into a reserve now total, number of surprising similarities sonably stable prices." programs. But in addition, respon- growth, the U. S. economy will be Robert Benes to draw u a set
ng 25 mien who can match muscle In their views on the role of gov- sible government has an eveg able to turn out $100 billion more emergencyy price control" rei"
for muscle. And gun' for Sn too eranment in mainta ig em- M. Truman ta g e more general task. This i to a n. goods and a rvices- han today," tions. Benes, former chief
for muscle. And gun for gun too erment. in verse emphasis this ought a able the people to develop together says Keyserllng. "atens a of the OP scrapiron section, s
Here are a few rather starting year ago when he wrote in his the resources which in their veay higher living for every- in high favor with the indus
The men will be armed and dd- examples. President Eisenhower economic message: "Private nature cannot be developed other- body, but it ah t e if for the nr in which he
putized wherever possible And declares: "It is government's re- terprise under our free system wise. the econo my sI d doled u favorable price
even where depuization isn't pos- sponsibility in a .free society to shares the major ral n" bllty If these and other quotations "And in reenvns. Ae e peeoA
bible they'll go o patrol. create an environment in which full em loyment. The role of re Ato the two reports are read been signs that we are slow the o ft l War
sThese recruiting advertisements individual enterprise can work con- sponsible ove seineant, whio ri.- without knoWddge of whleh Bres down. Within the past sein ay IL' p mog
hive been coupled with notices of In anth sher th newMpapex e, wc we. pebread __. ._,_ i -pmeg
have been couple with notices of structively to serve the end of tal, is in a sense supplemental." etwrote wieh uotation, ther' weeks, orexm le the bread
r of $15,000 offered fot in. economic progress." In another seet-on however Mr. mightr be pame confusion gus ners 00,000 miles have lost
lead1 to the det etion d Tr. human declared tdt:' "Governa-ug the proper source. i ra their s.hat's the kind of ecol- Ite 5t 1 I the in
nsel for "anylast Said Mr. Truman year ago: met h the clearest responsibil- be taken to.-indicat a similar nemi lng sign that calls fpr tute are eBes'
tion by re a "It is the duty of go operations so tht of major ves. T prompt government action. sigme the scrapdealers'
|ela imrv the the greatest c h-w potaowc govern enty aton. sigoenot thecrap daliil ers7
a pment or structures elp improve the areateest "There's plenty a p *r r gonu t onvention,
used o mining, loading and who h private e .' ,long run to, l on. Millions of Am h to- M.lo member oomm
ta of coal and belong. g On o l sceOD cu.W B u w nomnic. ti y au4 growth. eins c exuotic A- o a hievea day underfed' and- md W ] ment "
Oo by any member of President ElnhoOr s: o ded d of ,inemome Wt We need new roads, hospitals, look mart but I ti t's a we
hono Pennsylvania Open Pit help built a floor over. the. pit of Presjdeqt E4lnbower expresses beng.- anahools. The administrae -d a an. money.. .-
I n Dlataon" of this town. person ll d ass iste r, government that i this way: "Government Prealdeat Elseshowet had making a to pour money into
b or patrol nor reward must concern itsef with the health, .ust be alert and sense to e o qui k sv t ared exe a heplaua n fa l dis
-wtersfrom moving security and welfare of the inM-,oue developments including Its e in ofthis diff erene whe at a ter is theg may Wai t wn ]oSSi TN 1;Ma
.d6-s during the vidu al citizen." own.a1s ri d activities." In dealing press ounfernee, he was ak to put thAy p ogram i.t efl r'et."e tiB _.str l
tii some-. Said Mr. Truman a year ago: withthe situiton, President E- about M. L ruman's c rititesm,^th ti dons.i
so 1 ot le s a ighls dy.e "Improved and more widely ava senhower says: "The arsenal *f 4h.e Eisenhower legislative proDUL he puLbHict ear4 ut th anish'
l a, big al shovel able education, medical eaf anO wapo tt at e disposal of govern, gram was -pretty mu ih aq etxe4 get the idea that. the sr
ove t Avt in shington economic security are a the m t for mntaining economic sion of the New -Deal. John-Foster Dulles took ocedsiod try thrives oy durn
'e t at d12O, rI've beenutold. can way of life." cre controls administered by the The questioner was told to tak staff conference of. his own State boss when the emergency co
T ie qiet these coal towns iIs. F Reser system; the debt a look at the last two bui me a Department advisers the other day. Anyway, who knows t
d l It's onl:' skin deep. Be- On encouraging competitive en- a.gment oeles of the Treas- ages for his. anWrs. he Ills9 defense resulted from the vig- scrap will play in an Atomile w
thrle trface there is pent terprise Pa sident Eisenhower de- y; authority f the President to man o 4 m atlad hs et W orous r tism leveled at him -
I'ag. F was f kly told that clares: "Obvernment must remain vary the term of mortgages car- headed er into national by Walter s, editorial staff NOT Trol an& Mel serda
a sm a y er raise will alert to the social dangers of m- ryl fedal insurance flexibility President Eslaenhower's b u d writer for the New York Herald the backbone of th whole US.
umed'not l to defend proper- nopoly and must continue vigorous lk NIstration of the budget; was trying to reduce nas Tribe. industry. A weak priedarol
mabut tp i off a"invasion enforcement of th e anti-trust aeultural supports; modification saad hean d h e ether way. Mllis who is author of "Road on scra .c uld cost the taxpa
man ckets" in er t auto car- laws." t ta Taructre and public Free Eisenhoe er would To War" and other important hun dre sf millions In an emr
ava Wrote Mr. Truman on the same wes. We shall not hesitate to uae go- so fal s to say that eve books n international diplomacy, agency.
I g mamuchtiougher as the subject: "There is also need tot any or-all of these weans as the done past wash T wrote several letters to his ow n i
nidents mount. If It does, we the strengthening of those laws d- tat require.' abbreviated answer did.ow newpape, which were published -
e l field history repeat signed to prevent unfair competar Less snpecaUy but along th differetne in philosophy of the twlfin the "l better To Editor column
a in e al, though miniature, tion and to restrain monopoly.",- same line, Mr. Truman declared: amInistrations. ra r than in the editorial col-
field warfare, "7. obso auee.. -.
These coal wars, which have a eed with epublcan poll-
slipped away from general notice, c hees o-the Herald Tribune.
mey shoot r ght back/ato the pub. In his letters, Millis argued that l
SCentral Pennsylv4pla is just one t the present reign ofI
Of the fronts in this conflict. Until Foster Dulles took the UI Itd
Dec. there wa similar war over ~. a StatesThaek to the lcy" of tha s
in Widen, W. Va. 'There, for more late Senator Taft who wanted to
than a. year, mea were shot. One BROADWAY BEACON critic, rebuffed both "Oh views critic George Jean Nathan's reduce American armed strength o
'no-union coaldigger was killed; I Oh Woa en!" and "The Solid book In Theatre Arts mag .... How regardless of milta dan s I
Smine power sub-station was Three Hollywood news stories i Cadillac."The are solid- sophisticated can you get? Kay abroad. Millis denounced both El- rS\ is
blown up Company guards sat in (concerning a marriage, divorce 'clicks, nevertheless The Thompson tosses off several nip senhower and Dulles for a Weasel- ti. The woman takes cdit
hillside pllbeses and two railroad and reconciliation) were front- es spoofing Liberace are be- in French during her emi g foreign policy, claimed it was W t o's5 Artus s h
bridges wentthe way of the Penn- paged by the Jan. 20th gazettesi. cining more numerous and un- routine ... Anna Magnan displays highly 4angerous to thretep re- te th me ar
slania tipples and shoelsdyna- Remember when the st uer In the contracts of Ger- her rsatily in"The Golde
Sm listingg s uch tn ws? (Hooo-Himmm) S DiL sa ys llg .cs h.. er caI us tom eyB e IDE ES
Men were indicted for murder. ..."Heart at M Heart" is suit- l t") wi be de- breaking type of amour ,,. .
Twenty three others are up for able for bee-.barrel harmonizing a of- a coil or the Zolotow's gasp-inducer in a mag:
trial in the Federal Court House But it sdund silly when thrushed of a rd. A heard was turned "Almost everybody Ia HEllywood
;n Charleston, W. Va. They are by a doil Gadl The latest M J urdanwon top. (On and on Broadway hasb either n
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e trial wi ed by man Bllings 's lookalike. (Bil- IO nmesn., One vsting Mm coach!) ... Reader's g red
many in W and many lingsley, the Lne Stork) ... Jane twkler guest on IT coax al pro- t a comic with: "I the R ssians
.more in such r'as as this Russ!! offers ee modt accurate gprems ts fortnight. had as much to eat as the have to
for they g that mass con- capsule of her career in an inter- swallow, they'd be welled. It was
viction mar m t oft new vlo- view: "The roles are getting big- bin here several years ago
lense in the v tense coal- ger and the costumes are getting (-Yawn).
fields. smaller." Jokes are r i s as traffe -
lights. he igh price java has
Press revived the wa eseare.-ty Author James Michener's
Pro- O dThe zany title collection can in. gma .. Teevy hjt. the loudest writer prinMs money. Three of
elude the Collier's- piece called Dells n the eash register. Mauriee best-s-Jllin ames are c-rt be-
Bo"st Wives Are Crazier Than nes".. van.' version of "aishrdu" is Al-n the Internal Revenue
,-" and Pageant's essay tag ged east a maere 175, This is..Dep't will behappy q learn ..
Chine's Industry "What Women Don't Know Ao s mrdway: ",- play,. '. Joan C.ulfiel's .- jem-a -
"*Romead Juliet," must have Door" ... f1.ldtn St groa n
HON K Feb. 1 (UP)- "Romeopand nanwheeling In his Is .1'wo at a S sari -
The pto-da of" prea s d ere tomb ... what'ss My,. Line?" lag led "sleepers." ., e t ..m. Ito
boasted o f rest aelop- (latest stanza) had 3 mystery D D~e. Do Do Do It t.A, the p r so let's makeIt
.Sr. Dat?" .. Why there are of Me" -.. Time sag qeoaes w a fate their 1a li2st wedding
7' OU-Broadway-shetaT: Te a Ceetu ox _ece's am- ieSlversary em _- .. "
-" .und, reduetomn cot.Is-les than met a *- Jo.-M sr.nSt -crfjf- i .. .
am L en a's c e:, e / mt de ra '
l' o Me, ,M.7..i Me. Mv.elesa_ ..
ten. e reprsns a -...." -.- '.eSeager la aot
Incream- of c-en over n hn aae, -m lW4 "'
ad3ed t ph per eOrl -e. ed the mot gow-
-C---____"___"_____-__.. .___" _

vIai Red China manu-
88 new i~tm of prod.
h"pw louely ourw .
A ina''t eIndutry wa
to a makeC A li
"-- -,-- ,-
./ : :: .. : ,,*Yo.m_. .O-

- 1--' -- 4 '0-
A c-i~t'r- ~

-I-I- Dr--w-yR-

-_=.e;-1*. ,:,-:, .:-. .-1: -, :,**** ..-- .
; -? :'} : -' *..
-'. ., ,. -.._

, .;, AMA ,L9'.

H ,a --i-:n t .-- ......., _.. _
T* "C -. '.' "- .. .'t "'. -' *i !

o -' 17 ee""" : .. vVf|| i "... i .*. ":"
"- : r i-S 4 7- ,

A02 -"

.4 '.-. 4._o F.u. inm
.r nc.fl

~ .L. --i--'-- -- ~~~~ r- --,--



'T 1

______ ~r_

_ -.

.. .P ...% -.-:...-- ,,

- I: : -- L n-. ."..?' ,-L. .=:,a .- ., .

^',Q.":'r?^;' ,.rlyj

- -;.- -. ;

.. .:i :;" ./

ith morning to Allen Ma3Xtfll Stuhl.



Minss Uth Ann Chevaler bt Balboa liUghted her troth to
AM*en MaWell Stahl at 7 &m. today In the Cathedral of St.
Luke in Aneon.
The Very Reverend Raymond T. Ferris was the officiating


No. 6. 16th Street West Tel. 2-0434
Behind the Banco Nacional


DRESSES from ....... 2.95

SKIRT.$ from .... ...... 125
I- k'; R- '
* ,:.t n t .n ,A PMrsE ..
.. .


A mE LDE, A. F. A.

Will hold funeral rites in the Soottish Rite Temple,
Balboa, C. Z., Wednesday, February 3, 1954,
,for thq late

Lodge will be opened at 1:30 p.m. Funeral Services
will commence at 2:30 p.m. with interment
at Corozal Cemetery following.'

Mrs. Clnchard ostess
For Dinner
Mrs. Laura Tom Clinchard was
hostess for a dinner given Satur-
day evening in the Fern Room of
the Hotel Tivoli, Ancon in honor
of Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Jones of
Quito, Ecuador. Mr. Jones is Di-e
rector of Radio Station H.O.J.B.
in Quito..
Guests Included Chaplain John
MacGregor' and Mrs MacGregor,
Mr. and Mrs. George .Edginon,
Mr. and Mr Joseph lbinker, Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Deton, and Mrs.
Viola Holilasd

"1011 'iLo B Y5m *4 111,
.. :4,88,,Xo, t .. .sts- l
whose larritag 4loDr Gerald So-
a Liza w be soleipuld'.Satur-
day at 10:00 a.m. in the Cathedral
of St. Luke, was the guest of hon-
or ,at a surprise miscellaneous
shower given Saturday by Mrs.
Mildred E. Frick and: Miss Betty
LaBree at the Frick residence.
The attending guests included
Mrs. Dorothy [nasoay, Mrs. Viola
Genmma Phillips, Mrs. Lucille Fu.
lop, Mrs. Mildred Hearne, Mrs
Mary Wheeler, Mrs. Arlene Ab-
bott,'Mrs. Grace Muller, Mrs. Em-
ma Brown, MisaNina Brown, Miss
Estelle Frankel, Mrs. Cecilia Pa-
rra, iso Claudia Nolan, Mrs.
Margaret Trask, Mrs. H e e n
Crampton, Mrs. Mary Birnbaumir
-and Mrs. Irene Johnson.
Mrs. Dalton Locke
Honored By Friends
Mrs. Dalton Looke of Curundu
was the guest of honor at a steak
barbecue supper given Saturday
evening in honor of her birthday
annive sary. The supper was given
for the honoree by a group her
Among those attending were Mr.
Locke and their children, Sandy,
Mary Beryl and Elizabeth; Mr.
Locke's motherk, Mrs. Pearl Locke
of Derry, Pednsylvania; Mr. and
Mrs. Melton Eady and their chil-
dren Lois and Melton, Jr.; Mr.
and Mrs. Otis Baron; Mr. and Mrs.
William Scott and their son, Ken-
ny; Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Maxwell
and their daughter, Lnda; Mr.
and Mrs. William Trost; M4. and
Mrs. James Nichols and their son,
Jimmy; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mc-
Coy and their children, Vicki, Ker-
ry and Shelley; and Mr. and Mrs.
Maurice Eartin.

'ckai~k-~fL.-Ja ^ a c -r u a l t ~t/l
_, A-.- L -. .
-. C .E *.- .,. IE .A A" .


1 s t mq*t".

and Ft. Am O
ter the ceremony te
Afr left bY e
Strt p t b r CerroM
esn. On te7
%i lliamso lo.
Wl ammon Place
LMr. Stuhl'lr emnib the
staff of the Cfcu oeblic
IJbrary. She a t le oi'e
FeisalPeran P la. ndera
vill, t N eort C rla and of 8t.
Lawrence toeJty Ih Canton.
New York..Mlat Iappa Gam-
ma is her so Vi-ty.
Mr. dtuhlia tni son Of Mr. and
Mrs. Marion L. atuhl of t.
Louis, Mo. A graduate of Thylor
High School in.;SL ouisa an
Wesleyan Untversiy n Middle-
town, Conn. he is a member of
Sigma Chi Mternity.
Be is presently serving Wth
the 516th Car Company, USAR-
CARIB, Pt Fl. Amador. -
BarabilI-Llm nagagemest
Mr. ahd Mrs. Lloyd Kenworthy
Barnhll bf Davenport, Iowa an-
nounce the engagement and ap*.
preaching marriage of th L
daughter, Loretta Lou Bamhl
tO Dr. Gerald. Sosa Liu of Colon,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Andres
The marriage will be solemnized
at 10:00 a. on Saturday, at the
Cathedral of St. Luke, Ancon.
Farewell Luncheon Honors
Mr. And Mrs.. Mirrop
Mr. and Mrs. Morrs Mirup .of
Balboa, who plan to leavq the
Isthmus on February 10 lot the
United States to make their new
home, were the guests of honor at
a farewell luncheon give Sunday
at the Hotel Tivoli, Ancon, by Mr.
and Mrs. Sol Yudin.
Guests included Mr. Archlibald
Wright and Ms. and Mrs. Author

"i '5 -" .: "*


o off l-

Ster byterltn by frithA
h nd a Cathotic church
e oe since taklg ofice a yetr
h -'

..Catholic churchmen said Wl-l
on ,was the last pvtous Chieft
fecutive to attend .red iaes.a:
He dropped the practice becpag
of Protestant protests, It as
Preslentlal. non ---attdance
eoptin"ed the fashion t
sugcedain adirintIrst i o .
though frmept PrcldeW tTroti
one attended a Ca(3iole wed-
ding mass in' hod~ of the
daughter of one of t s
friends. .
The red mass, now tOAlmnI-
cally as the votive mama of the
Holy Spirit, tak ia'ItS.mot pop-
ular name front the veatents
oriby the celebrants. It la'al 4
tw have- riginated 0 E1ope
mI ethan 700 years ago'tnark
t opening of the tewms of the
dh e rmon was delivered by
the Rt. Rev. Msgr. John I. Cart-
wright pastor of the church,
who sald our legal syAtipmm it
threatened by three factors.
overuse of the law's "coercivl
power," disregard pf .he. law's
spiritual values, and emergence

First day of our


More new Items tomorrow!


FORMFIT WEEK continues at

.. Mdurito's


Bros and Girdles by formfit
The story of a glamorous figure begins with the bustline
- It. Is high, naturally rounded, frankly feminine. The
final touch a beautlfuUy tapered hipllne.
Whatever your figure needs. your atyle preferences...
.we've Life Bras and Girdles to .suit both to a "TI"
All quality tailored to lift, mold, correct, hold ... with
glorious action-free comfort.

*1-.- -

* ./''
- r -
- 4

II. ~9 P4 ..
*.* ('I'
...L 4.c.4, .. .,.. ,na. *~j* IiJWM4i

lwo I

. .... .....^^ ^:-w l- ... ^. --.. /. ,. ..f...^. ^. : o ..


C W WW; A '- -. r' '' A'' T
|S W W A.,.,s ,, .J, **"

;. j

1lWARI JAa.w


Si e Winson

the "hl eous 1sence" of the
aid e thi country
the jethr"the,
iervttnt ad efqleumen of the
+e .ct(r.(~br s.aonR us, con--
trin to distort the very con-
,Ur~tlp_ ,ntarlfonk Into meanW
or reaction d1 freedom."
Mr. Rnt4Mrq. enhbwer were
acempanied by Bernard M.
hahrty. InIW te Hoale
dounaWl 11d1 a N. Catholic

.li mea 11d street

S entrA wathi by

as cet- ).
Aiyo present a the ceremonies
war( Chief Juate of the Upited
t ti* S meourt, and4 Mrs.
m Clarl, Juatil and Mrs.
an Minton, Postmaster
1 Arthur Summerfleld,
.liat_ Republican, leader Wil-
Ua1.x KnowlaWd and a group
t Snteo colleagues and House
Dbaocratic leader John W. Mo-
Cormack, Mass. and a group of
Houts members.

Effective Persuasion
AIIB"BTRD, Conn. (U.P.) -
Jinmes Iootmin,' bouncer at a
night spot, teld # police court
judge how he broke up a fight be.
tween two patron. "I tried to-_per.
suade thita to stop fighting. Then
I noticed one had a razor, so I hit
hi m over thehead with a chair."
That patron went to a hospital.
The other fled.
That patron went to a hospital.
The other fled.









NOTE: We will be open until 9 p

, -.. .-',. .
*. ,1 _. .'.i-
-l -

".-**, i

,,. -'."

-. ( ..
., -'*",,r

: o '
-, Lt '

iron '- "+' "';
"' ..', ", J'


157 e '


c r e 4 1 57

I n an'S L



With my
t .


* .. r -


I have


1000 dives

in the Panama

.. !e

* Mr. Willim Badders, faster Div
i thre Panama Canal, is known through
eal jte Stes for hiis courage and feat
of bmuery. After the wreck of U.S.
SqNalu when he risked his life to .'
15 members of the crew. Preside
ItRaomeit presented kim with the Coi
greSnbsl Medal of Honor. the highest
distinction awarded for acts of bravery

M o VA Do waterproof del, class
design, sweep seconds

er s,... declares Mr. Wilam Badders*. Q t ,pei .
h- ously Mr. BaddCrs has just addrflMd the d fowil
Sts letter to us:" .
S. Gentlemen: I want to inform you about do dalpda /
" ance of the MOVADO Wateqsrf wrist n -:
nt case No. 9849 which I bought o thin lOt .j ...
agop fflm your local distribution C.h b a, .h .;
y. i During this period of time I have ben using it
y tinuously in my diving operations for holrs at a -
k C in depths of from 10 to 120 feet of water, be. i -:
and salt water. I cannot exactly tell how nimSy tili es
in- W syea I have taken the watch under w r. wi
but tltive atinavistllat it was ati
m .. t a.--
Since it the wafth has! "M
It J i ftuest you to know that dufanigf
1 0Se A. y crew of divers accidentally
M pO waterproofW watch in 30 f_
Sit happily n aked awy aftr lj
s iA. .,cerely.

The VA DO wte rprfw/ i i h the N.. MOVA DO .ieM iM
Ja stood the rest of w ok i ryny cibker cliioq a or allG w rvX

FiREE-- stwIlev H"EN.AD li


- ~v- -

1" -
3' *
r.* '



. .-, "E* ...- .:" .' .'-. -"'*'* *
-...- 4-.- ,4_- :. 4.. ..

l I I



.... m





S- ...- ..


Touch Off I

SUS. O, Feb. I (UP)--
it J. Lausche said today
,enforce its new trucK
Wlich Ie threatening tOI
a truck tat.war amongI

enm the people understand
facts icr this dispute th.y
mee.that Otro's position is
i," the governor said.
e issue arore when Ohio
it woulj collect the tax onl
rucks operainK in the State.
,e 1bt of states fighting th.E

"The trucking adust a-
.ieves that Wp:t can delea
Ohio's ef,'orts; It Will gotto Noe
York and mzce a "lmtr at.-
tempt. Itf Wg Oblto,
then VieVt oiW t haC. ght.
distanLe type of tax."

The four -teAiM Oo Idemoir.rt
governor who is sometimes men-
Hioned as a lpossable presidential
candidate in 1P56, explained
Ohio's stand to the pxecptive
committee or the Natojal ov-
epmors' Contferen jI AtantA


Police said tod'iy 14 bodies
'.een recovered, but that i
more persons mxj have peris]
One body, a child's., was to
12 hours after the crash fro
In a snowbank where it
hurled by the impact.

"WU ......... Jaan 23. -- Officials of tholft vinap
ernor sees the fight aI- "-J ". T'rransport Co., wnichwned t the i
Obo as a nation- Ind'cton alte were hus, said it would be some time -. .
he truckers "to ke-p) that all of 'he gtg before a definite death.toll was Gorrge Ar & of fM .
c.u "rryln. trucr would hold- o a sped entr established because they wetretre$1 1ra let but.
I .a fairr re u" ence in Washington in Apri not sure how Mnny persons word raid, ,tSt S.
tM bMe fat share "u to consider the truck tax. aboard. Juredl2P4
6eph*losophy of a weight 1f' W ff
e tax on trucks Is tak- New York, Prnnsylvaila, C)- "The truck, a seel toU traipa- llrkietwa 4 ,,
Mbe tause It Is just and orado andOregan hMae a levy Iort capable of carrying six car., Thed at t I
Laushe said t a 4milar to t kilo tax The tacrolllded with the 37-passenger free the others.
Is a "third retir tt. The bus ear Yamar.hiche, 14 mnli ;
states Is, tW e t yaroF west of Thre f l':er% 3W s hpesia '.

fn Owner Rolls amount f u made of th ?! Flames brokr'.out $ -i,'.- nf: pum s '.
f l k:'oads, oome based on loads hault bus diesel fakwa, enht St" ,' ."r '"
i ed and -distano trayejed wjhlle Screaming survivors laiie Valere .P4ie DfWlnt or, n,
ink: others are a vercentllg o-t gr,, pleaded with horriffes motor- driver of the aut tra~port, al-
Sreeipts. sts on the scene to cut theed. s '. siuvveI the ertash It .0s
f WWin The 'first.atructure tax" is tiel free. injured? PPawengers from Pelo-
nOO Win rasollne tax and the "second i aW's -bus, ms aged to extricate
structure" the vehicle license, Another Provitial Traspot him fro the ranport cab.
ASHIIGTON. Feb. 1 UP) late. Ohio mn1t& reelprocityr O ": bus had been followit -o the fitst
t an Francisco taverb ope-I )the license uDat n,, one closely since it lett Montaal Many of the deadww p-
I who let customers sa T fhe 'tro ipIda"r t and was on- thn scene almost fld o g*ti 1 wreckage
... .that' the ird S'tructffse tWt immediately to help hr bo4ies cou not beremoV,
tpur ble or nothing" for thelr.Ould oit it out of business. .tm 1eesuthe.bq5thltwtl to
*d4rlks has been ordered to pay 'rescue. ad.bepyr bm h .Wm.
i W-- ernment $33,148.16 In Trucker n th If I a- Soit UOtle4i nIP fOr
o 'Pes and penalties. allIstate fP ng inot;rls ets jaIned the C n thy steekage by
4 4 Tax Court Judge Boldn tax the otwal f frenzied efforts to ftee the trap- witerW trom smelttig -lq|d the
-. trner accused the operator, pee with the railroads ed vitims tut :t was almo"ti ar cuerS. had throw she
1 I. Catherine O'Connor of the 'mpour before th last', rur rnw! flamit. bus.
'i, Francisco Mission Distriet! Some Ohic truckers have an- "
tei rn, of "fraud with intent to nnunced plans tf move out O '- -
o $se taxation." Ohio to acauev the addition:, '
j ~'M ruled that she owed tinetsxes otner states are levving 0.1 -
ru aelU ft $2.226.05 on her 1942ilOho trucks tin 'talla ion for the | IT
l $6,837.81 for 1943; andaxle-mile tax .
year totaled $11,049.-i A $l. k ye .- NI1nD F- CA N 'YA
S, *olpined t moved 1&0.4",
thJte decision Turner noted the river .ato Kentucky fhtl" ie I el
Stht it rs. O'Connor -always had trucks would phy the Kentucky .--. Flee.
-tFe- at the bar of her tavern., til tax and would not have to. .
a fnd many customers would shake pay the retas'atorr taxes levied
auble or nothing for their against Ohio trucks. NEAS R S
Stlisi getting free drinks, itf NEW ORLEANS SERVlC ____st6bal
y ty won and paying double if' Interstate trucks eat set up
levestd oaper ba-uafteru anywheree
-"eardless of the turn of the for the plrpO&e iof iayit if. *S.S. "CHIRQUi ..............................Feb. 7
it the advantage was with, censes. *S.S. "HIBUERAS" ................................ Feb. 12
r pettiloner since if she lost1 S.S. "LEVERS BEND" ............................ Feb. H
Swas out only the cost of the Trucks which move out i'f .. ,
t edlents of the drink, not the Ohio would not have to pay atd,
t ount the customer would. ditional taxes in other ptatps, nditun.ari"nlteW. Chilled and General Cargo
ve paid for the drink served," itcept the Oltio axler-.ile tax I
trner said. -and similar usagr taxes when
'.,e said Mrs. Q'tonnot and' their travel through states with Arrives
W bartender also would roll'tho de taxes, W -r ....
'dice with customers for! A number of trucking compan- -
y was largely restricted tonies filed sljt in federal court in
ears 1943. and 1944; Ohio rirl enlr.e the tax as S.S. "MAJORKA ........... .................... Teh.
trace barrie' interfering with 8.S. "HE1REDIA" ..... ...................Feb.
SJ vrt-Prices Wommer r U A ......................: ..........Feb. 17
E Jayo-Prnces William es, a tR publca f-rom
r,* 4u'on. a congr# to l -vea's-
raacton* sa of wvpe asps to New York, New

A di t. s SaStn for tU erra ka Ls* e *an km co and Battle.
tal is eaSy to sell th public
RINTON. Feb. 1 (UP) .ailse most neopli ee haW
,WSlomen Lightt0oo truocka ddnt uy endur tex Special round trip fare from Cratobal to New York.
aux of t Chutrc of God and dayatge the radt, the most. Los F les. San Franeisco and Seattle.
ar ll egroe t Tha.Me a n ~ q t t-dla.. .S
fee 83 an e to ance t pr 16tu
down the price. National Oovernorr' C6nferenpee
baux, who his a wide fol-: several veir asi. Lauscht plu'$- To New York .. ...........................240.
Broadcasts each Sunday. ed for It In 0'i o as the only To IL* Angeles and San Francisco ..........276.00
E ld he will urge all adults way "to make trkbr their Beattle.............. ........
to drink water and re- share for using the roads':" ......... .
i milk for the children.
i everyone children and! "The truckers buy one TELEPHONES:
r. drank only milk, as a' license tag and drive all over
ema has suggested; t at th$ United Statso withet payX CRISTOBAL 2121 PANAMA 2-W4 COLON tS
d drive the price of- i ing; thy more taxes," 'Luschea
.too." he said. aida "' ".I *



Getting rohubk

The Double Life

That's Hew It O"n




Ut I


M,' '
A WfiAK.
MA=*1 .



.*- ;-. = -*^ ^

.. 1, : 1 "r a. .*.. !

. .

.^y^- i "*"... riAS:

Almost AS X O

Bus Coll, VR f3e
0 .-
THREE RIVER-, Quo, Feb. I were pulled free from te bartsi-
(UP) Fourteen to 18 perSons jIng tagle of wreckage.
were killed and IC sMore nuiv i
lest Saturday night when a Terrified Aurvlvtop J med in 1
crowded bus collided with a their seated or straw= dato the
truck on an lev highway, then JAle With the ,eless4 miles of
hurst into f ame' while sut'vit- other .lotluA .fn4d that the
ors trapped by t jammed door bus.- oor had Jaihnte., in thee
struggled desperately to escape. eM. nu erapuency doporp i the

* ... -..



ALL&k Ulli
-l -, -.


* 9 i,. w,

Time to Move


-BUN. 1P c ,ThC IYliti0Q o.

I.-._ 0\ CM \ -- ^ .
-L v 5\c4y

CanaaNbr MhZS

'- r 1f Ca~a'Take it

S.. -

" r


I .- *

N' t. I

..---'-I' rm~M

'T ww HI

S:- .
T f -
^~, ff. -.

a t uM' I M 4.."-,RIC'. fI"'' .I

eav -0oes
t If rO

I all


IMak Mome


- '.





TO PL.W Wyr ml @S'

A 0R4.- 0O COME OLr
-TO PfL--CMarn-.L

'T S7

.-*.. .-a --

*t" tar **j00rih-'

* '







%X J.R. WiLAMll





-_~_ .. -:,rwi 7___~_~1 _~_11

* T| 2-





S- Z -.. h n e ai

.-7..- 77 ,-.e.-" e r. u ab.l. tt a e p a.t 1.Y- e e h
rest al whr)o4T hemetiniLV
if .. ,to ..'e.. ..- ..

? r. .?. ,n i t tou i rer* 1d = 1 0M" 'liS -
t hs saffectrhis.everyday e,. cenc has ehd p4ei Ranother
-i f4Mrs. F. l u. out any c eant meet fwomor WinWe.
Faeet 'b M" --curnt vs "to at de 30, u t d f pla '

st er o ieet u M ac Abe t t l t n as t a tsto k, the rrk 0 Adm ntur V 5 "GAMBLER AND 94.
he newcomer to their ranks. Asyn, Hipolito Lau and Andrew ups. tra y and their greatest tr
.... ''. weka "' "kn VH -L A D' '"
reveiyqund rlrs o v.wof re oLwrIe n ow e The meetings will be held &t LLA A

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d Mrs. L let rcn h n ladies attended pea O ie he yo th B r Jek and Mr Hde"
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c r __ iooa /was se orta hno R ea n t. Leeh y *ar honrt s et
ol t wh e lea der.-of R was d-., ortun a "TH tPE MAN"
oan. Mr'. Jur6-C a Mr s1 ,airvin t G loves af war. W il Anican C SCANDAL at SCOURIn

sj ag ro "d Wof r m for a n-, S how 9 2: -4: pnb: ecold steel of an DE RATE EAUN2 QLR IB"
a-o, ... e -*tWWho h tI hI Shee Isld .' f San- Fe. Od b fA ca ,wlln
r. Ide ier WAINOTONeb. UP TIVhe Ahe PdienLI -lonun-
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rt Lwgs Wa lower cham. ; .Uich I.ahab N noted r oeIn TECHNICOLORutr ,!
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stal. ft Evet an, nual dinner bete s etstidturnly ,advCidbofol"Abbott andCoustello-Meet
ol W L W7 reoyosAa OashusbMnd, for. Dr. J eky lln r. in
Mtt.ndV. it tI1 mebec It't 1eads f ssoed- way I --
A la jA number of Al9 M 5taetideRfAN, p e(UP) are-n er P |.h weFoankle whello is-'fotulnea"TeAE A
Mdultr s. 8Eoret tti dtd Mi'.mh W ar. T aslollsh Zat struck to-_ _lt._It '_WOn26,1 "oilSheT EARCdividuaiHmay"be phys, "LWoNDRea nn
uil mVeA .-a. tlunc9 at tA e t tmb crus o fthe aon the te late President's birthday aub llY:a01,v. auAomauIOc!
otely tm l 8oma0 oh% .'n Tbo -c _o _: b e n o i kl ea ijer at a youth. W'rbeing aLAU-mo m
Mrs. Heinygi low x sf' a" t n h I oltico- .onfereneelsponsored by the N
Gerp, Jo Hon. have bsn- eec Ayatolahe Mh- IAoad Lee hey o in onnyMVI 'TOoRtoAiWeinsmuller.iIn
.WAti ,. I wasLseNzedNMrs,wRooseVen esaidshe- n -.anew naLee
man 'rl ci s L ,so 'wa-oliammentema p'smIev, n r.- ad A EC' s'HowardLKeel.lIn
Mrs.Mrs.-j. W. Tehran willsta rt voting forL w Shows: 105 2:2l5-4:37 1;DZ8PXXATX ARCW"
imkeMo,,nn.]Rice, Mrs. Sta-- ner h meeuw ers of the Senate to- Twlerae Offte
ley Hamiloo, and Vri., xhn lov. maow. The voting .M.been go.

thea C O xe, m ',.

', A MOa y O the desi o "Mso-
O'BrieD, Matqa Loi,-arilya degh.
Smith of Dilo Hpigts, and Ca He was one of Mossadegh's
thie Lirhminre of Balboa. strongest backers when the for-
Miss Aie-Ie ._ a.sM.w over ier premie na tnalized Ira's8
for her.Ae^A..irt 1. .- oU: .an ousted the -tRish In-
S .A teres, but later they. split anti
CRar Aa zewdi ; waged a long and brult msiktfrug-
Card Party gle -over control of the athfy.
Mrs. arl.eeklr t and lia, Stan. A month ago the elder Kish-
ley Ki Wee r :tes W a ant ordered hisfllowwert.p we
jbeautifflly apoa=ted ,~rd mourning because of =
par. _tlM Jfotel .-l mOaM,. gumption of diplomeattel.Ubn
saturday. .* W Britain. Many of t lfthour-
The Haffir hoored se'l..vs- tuig-Bands were seet oa rioters
Itors to thmus. The honor- In the short lived deonatra-
ees were rsa. Beck's tArn, 3iss t 'onar against the diplomatic
Helen smwts o. ..A,.oid .; -
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with iharziag new CHLORPNYLLIn

-d your dog Ken-..Radon, the do
xtood-thua Ivs him complete nowurishment
:. aersg benets of chlorophyUin, Nattre's
.wn- .

KEm-tiamn is the famous dog food pacied wth
be tid ... t .chdie uts of U. a. Govenme.t
wMthoIre meat. It' the earned dogLfod What
Bdso adosa-fsw-nowtht Ken-L-Raios con-
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SA rd mLRan-t..iae you this tremeadoua
S" o .t' table soroaee -
-b ookst %a,- I-ow-.a.-- ow

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oU Avweretn S tb' I5je'
when you're prompting a child A graduate of West Point,
to be courteous. For instance, Leehey has a long engineering
vour daughter neglects to intro- background. He was port com-
duce you Jto a child he has mander of Naples, Itly, during
roight'ht Don't 4 a WM1 War I and had rrvecti
hQr b3y sayn, "ou f In.t W in-st to the underseec
trou ~. roend." '.you of wa from 1987 to 1939.
Can isa dve Tier who has held the post
I've met your im- since 1947, announced hare-
bvrras a child w11% cting sizgation last month and was
*B 'mannersl s '.. c aled the "most indispensable"
Y qr ca1q teach .rtesy n- person'by AEC officsli who am-
es you use It.. cepted It.

PFirst ?r1i6t f, t Ptfre: $50.0|
-.-. Prdft .oe I
These prices will be distributed among those who submit the best
answers to the following questions.
I 1) 1 you were doctor and you had to attend to person hon
was graveJy 1, but who you are sane i ye wife's lover,
wht woll est do?
S2) If you managed to save the man's life, how would you act
towards yow tytfe?
S 3) What attitude yould you adopt towards himT
o 4) If you Wri te do.aer's wife, what would you do?
along rlth this c=o.l.. which is 0-ibliWhed eXusivlry is The

o 0
| 1 -. _I ,, I' z -
anama al /eaters
1 BALBOA :i5,8:1, DIABLO fT, 6:15,8:05
Air-Conditioned "Maser of Ballantmre"
.I f ..BFA DLN=i


GATUN 7:00

AlIr-C s4 si :15, S5:1S
* Bob .HOPE
* Arleno DAft
"muMs ( eme nl Girls"
a -l

PARAl --

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Hurt Lancaster, in
"From Here To Eternity"
Paul Henreld, In .,

Tyrone Power, in
Boris Karloff. in

A,.*,. -:


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- a'

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7 Streed No 13
Firl'O DOMt
jArauemona Ave. and U IL
B Street No. 26

CAS EALDO Apwla laleuig dft bunelilab a -DAtal C emn -da A ve. 14i9 44 C4etr al v e. o.4 T o ,l!
FARSUC A LOJMBARDO Iw -so e Svj AveI. de sn
Fourth ao July Ave. IdV C AJovh.W )a & 0



Household Automobiles GLArDS HiAL iY PROfAWveSILA...eo aG i 3.
and Clayton BeiBty Parl. wivould electric refrlpftwtim gas stoves, 3b
S" SALE:--Refrigerator. washing 1951 Ford De Luxe Fordor VB. See like to notify her patrons that she moderate -ro. Phone 6-441 or I ia-..ed .-.o we I
hine stove, sewing machine. Isln Gn Point. A clean me- now with A' FOR AU 4
r9 future. No. 26 Peru Avenue and chonicolly perfect family car, $1,- TY. Tivoli Hotel. Anm C. Z. srs c -Oe sile post WAT fi 1
29th Street. u000.00.--a.. .4..
SALEr cou5 cl COLPAN MOTORS GREAT OPPORTUNITY in Almace- Sto Plase bI your ar tw he '. te uIe.
SALE:-I couch back, 25 cycle Tel. 2-1033 2-1035 nes ILONKA TITA. Complete net be bob 24 For Aa Weatst In a # A
) 1-4 HP washing machine motor. quidation. Mrchandis completely A br ch ot- en r atine a He .Yet
I2547-A, Cocol, during duty hours, FOR SALE:- 1?41 Plymouth, sedan new, shoes for adf qpd children toes Large t am tbs NEW AND after the -stalohw, tan aMtaqkb a
.,call St. Grisell, Cloyton 7 15. good running condition, $225.Cocktail; afernoor. oon dres rrb c. Soo 00eep PRODUCT of the RP Dul on lo
AA"& -- Phone 87-2194. Sot. O'Brien. and thing suits. Great asort- weekends. Y. ... 'ou low a trade secret?" he amk e h'
acifiC Society. 1950 Ford Custom Tudor V8. Ask ment of clothes. forchildreo, From i That M Lu'and lla trio wi0 per- u -.s. u"e" -s be
tlued from Pare THREE) to see car number 132 The tudor Jan. 29 to Feb. 3, 3rd Set. l Pho A Little Better r to o .t t ea lke who yet loot sa up eusk th -.
DukeaandDMr. type that assures ofesty for thewF SA E C*4 Cib Phna hos one e nau e ru et y onauee
~~_M lrlP Duke ... -.. Lou1s tiies. I glMaa Duke and Mr.
'ris Is brightly pleasing to the eye. aHouen I 3lo5e Al ,soA aL er Thesoed& eoTh?'i yineng ge- ttrJdeL. i th
se assisting Mr. and Mrs. Tires have a lot of deep tread. Here MisBCeMlaeOus an COOL mountains. a m Cone e r eyea croAssd--mayWe we mB toaueprortiter flats -u r
erts, Mrs. Esther Munde n, season weekends. $800.00. FOR SALE:-Registered blond cocker or see crhtakef ther.. Three (Ri t ng w I ei COntinuance of
is. Maria Duke and Mr. Louis COLPAN MOTORS pup 3 months. Had shots, 535.00. toe bean and LatTin The new winR XNul Bad Mpy Id ae N
s. Tel. 2-1033 2-1035 Call days Balboa 2-1350. Call FOR RENT GEO F NO Y I u home new tngm deaden the O young guests played games weekends Balboa 2-2585. UI. r. UVy makeINhome will have e eo ltipl recordit Ai
Mr. Roberts took moving pic. FOR SALE: 47' Plymouth, good F -.when ethey mat tim t of them in action, condition, almost new tires, duty FOR SALE:-Garden Tractor. Good Homes 279 Centrar!Avet 3040eter u
pd, nsuronced until July 575.condition. 2 mowers Discs Plow
s Here For Visit House 21-A. E 6th. St. Curun-.. Horrow. Floriculture Noclonal FOR RENT:-FurAished House. Three there leak .leak
Mrs. Sessions r r t Hue 23. E 6 S uun- Via Porr Call 9. Tel. -4987 bedrooms, parlor-diningroomt two es a ea. 1.
rs. Lillan Sessions arrived du, 27 .64 oil dy unday P.O. 45. baths, ighen, pato wta r. 2 n Ther e's three-way battle, btew)ng n the reerd' ndu
Sunday by plane far a topt of Pa- after four Monday. P. 0. Box 184S. baths, kltdden atio withobr.2 2w o*velRnvauhuunuab
be i i guest at Hotel El Panama. 1947 Ford Sper De Luxe Fordor. sale of all merchandise. Dresses for 3.1245, Panama. itudip Balb a ssor8RCA hq r "Ge i, l Milletroe
emma during which time she will ==== ALMACEN ILONKA TITA.. Big 6th Street, Golf Heights. Telephone WU it,_t. .WitU. M-_ Three,___I .rny. Sa ledISle, alIt

e gest at Home"l l Panama 19 iofoO7 Ford Supeand Street.piaCr ele Coombl.. .200 A Korean rsdent Syngman Rhm Glea, M r." f a
SFriends COLPAN MOTRS 00. For further information apply aid today Japanream an a- Each album clude
L- and Mrs. Arturo Motta. Tel. 2-10A3 2-1035 FOR SALE:-Accorgion, child. $35. to Julio Quilano. reason nation which has only full-kdrss war.
Sir "at home" to their friends FOR SALE:-Wilys Jeep 1942, good Car crib, baby toilet seat and t temporarily postponed its ambi- *
'on hbtur.y e.ning. at tr ne condition. Calt Curundu 3288. ladies. Coat size 6, grls Cat F RN: Furnished one e tin. TE R D :...
.e n Cngrejo, for a cck Dillo.0.00. For -
5 1 Ford, Custom lub ou formation apply to JulioSQuijono. Westeghoelai State John Foster Dl s' at- b l b d in t.
Al.. C' d'Neot throughout. Equip- Sealed bids. FOR RENT:-House in Cerro Azul. ant mpts to smot relationship by lBerice Parka (Melcury) li and diffnt
'e cei.Fcd-., .t- : ,fthemEnegine I1 we i vernment and by .................. R
ani::] In r1. *:a ed Owttradio and seat covers. ing and ConStruction Director completely furnished, four bed- OM8rt yo.Ca.betwtI.gOro vernment and t bY Harry Belafente (MCA) a mre drive than a spiped-up
S inlerriag nh S\anS Maria .05..r.. n n roomsrsw immin poowater serv-0 9 LCTORm... .. .. ... -d, e t o-

O' ceremony" performed rs5 tudebaN Fordor STORn. Th' of pavemat, uilies, houss, y p- FOR .ENT:-2 or 3 b.droom fur- m. A. a Oane a dIUAC ae. di of obtaS lin in ltie "'t. Betifully bond, the ftn recorK are a notale
C ..L Hetnnic. o. COLPAN MOTORS' and CalrtdroyBalboanIce Noo s icng uallyocc uaS t S 1tatea M "i so
C uelo ernanJe., daughter ofsHeightsvCansl Zone tuntil0.00 ."e. e tl on .toAnyCaer inthe w OM lw-pr i
S.. d Mrs. An.oniocand.ez, Tel. 2-1033 2-1035,. reih. Cal n n e NTric iby Fnieota on. o n otheronme victims tt J- u s
o Henry G. Ford, son of Mr. and FOR SALE:- 1952 Singer Radster. pub ope ned f nshn e m ind any dy, pn tons wee not alteed series. T feau Ses:
-- dasil ord, was solemnized Good condition, must sell immed- plant tools, equipment, labor, serv- any hour. For further Information sn postponed. We bel ev It mambos and ehumb
My evening in the Santuar io r aly. P he N. 575- nd mteri, and fr per- Mhrcon. Phonthe 3-0769. e Aa or the U. to.e help C idc t LCli na n
l l c. inen in Pasade- H. Curundu Heights.orming all work for construct Rnero .pee et ee

|~~~wc~d .;~,if -^+pg gown ooe white nylon and 1951 Chevrolet Club Coupe. Bron ,re0o SAL. .h i 3-4 Rh W ire a notaTal Ar I
A il ceremony was performed -one Rd on Ioror dlonl enemy t no l Ny ad A t e
adn s1 o & muitabler fo (Sedn.nTeoofy
S;and lose fraricnd. ra p. -ul ar read valve VB model. p d Mode2 d drainage cut-tmnths o5 any Pacffrc p an haedat fall. O th e afs I
y an uc.u~:d we parents of Rrd iecther ijphol:tery. A one vert at Balboa Heights;'C. 2. children. From eb hkk-31months assuranceseffortsJhave"bensad-alatofl.Ofet ge
c r. Full price siioonfioormsed'prooosals.ospeciefications, orolins as convenient. 48th Street- 1 I PMle avedt o e a 'violl In the W world Iortay .".n
S ... .. Ow n er c"r. F u ll p rice $ 1 .10 0 .0 0 o na uny Is "P _fmoy e c on-in e d twU r gig Nl .- C o -
e an I b.. r o; Mr. ne COLPAN MOTORSan50d fulANAL ZON FAMILS n- No. 3. e icAvoesr profelona f ied t .th rline- t -ck
.- Mrs. Luis H: i.:: jez, Mr. anda fro h f the r bleak oU.e o.nt g .a r

S Marja Porras, the maid Tel. 2-1033 2-1035 liv e in St. Petersbur Florida octnd 861, 10th Street, Colon. Phone rve i e.

S.ior. and the bridesmaids, Tmany more live nearby. For infor -86- i -W scae lfo of PresrlBt B4- *diff. Ben es.
.5 a Lel Varla ande Mri ecu. Fordod I 'nsiti on D vrid, Rom ,p months on the Exposition Grounds. Installation of owe forbid the erce to ato Hop, an Randolani
ri.Jose Luis Matute, Mr. mid 1950 Lincoln Sport Sedan. Luur and Realboa Heights, eveep-nt ueleoned2 ore 1waW heater E open nppard
Sheaddresses that matched uivo from an angle GlisteninL forest First Av elue 5227- sere nd
s'quesio blue.y coiralh. Radio with Dual Speak- and drawings will be Peeburg Florida. FGOeRtprrT chdren on D ebaen a Virgsnk-FC Belvoir an

:ias, Miss Porras wore ale MTel. 2.033 2.1035 F subdivided ORNT unho t els tain separate schools by Monro and Langley Air Fort
Jd Misfis Varela woru, Myor. and Goodyeor WSW Tires. Talor made will b forfeited if specrfictionsda" rO p. at tet ALLO GUARAN D. t 5
t a. George aotti or r. and plastic set covers. CONSIDERED and I dr towngs are ot 2 returned Ap ot ie N Feb 1 Thekre-""--- o i ha *&--e
S.. Ricardomes Ford and Mr. nd on Ver y good cook. Mr. Edth 2628 3-08.6 or 3-5137. daa f 39&J moneyn.rvaded b ai M eI i
F : Federico Ford. COPAN MOTORS opng .bidATni J d ..e d... "u ""
S .;smo Mendez, TydBox An. S d British f n ud -i al
by -or father, the bride wore a-Te.n-133_2105_ed-om._-" ll_, .l

immediatelyy following the cered Tel 2-10 33- 2A-1E35-SFO oll chalet with 600 FOR RrNTr-Furnshed 2 bedroom p femonstren fcili t whhouldary 1k th e local agenda. .wil l. n"i|
ig gowny an white nylon and 1951 Chevrolet Club p .Coupe.r5 Cund. for two couples. Cl 3-16 f en mun non- ead a u
hwasd attached to a tiny tiara Maitching plastic t F E covSemer a furnished house 7:00. evenlngs ny before 9ii00 iean's Hi-Fea t
S :r hair ad shk carried a bou nw tires. $1025.00. pact. schools by Sept 1. 1955, It Wa
of white rose buds. COLPAN MOTORS 50ANAL ZONE FAMILIE nw O unfurnished. Alhambra's office SI fE his profession oa
q Marj a Porras, the maId Tel. 2-1033 2-1035 liveprtmn St. Petersburg, Florida, and ad 61, 10th Street, Colon. Phone
i...aor, and the bridesmaids, 1949 Mercury Fordor Sedan. Beauti mat reonSplendid on. For one or tw orida BE en orLAMOROUS... nYauss" fr surerin to the een iheDeement i a oc. te So

B ar" color; landscape or marine BeMI. Feb. 1 (UP>i The Ma, ces. 43rd Street No. 13. l people of New _ope"rb1cseiht and the Department of Health, Uon,
k mL. ein in ia Gaoti e all wore r d helouter, which won its spur fully furnished. apartment suitable waterheaters ould cut off ost fuel dll- Edopeation ad Welre under, .
e, mow. e n l l e a, wetbetwhon M Famri o I do, -eo,, a r.,,611iFirstA .Iu their ra. in pd e.t so r ue me. vemS-m r., s uto
u, MisofsPionw Pae urTel.2 2s033 2-1035 FRAL e or did FOR RENT:-Furnished modern twoc 'h Tno 35 children on the 21 bases i Vrgna ea
; Miss area r equested to take en C. Townsen, retd Panama prtmet for three moths r the C t l
;Mis VrawoePbeautiful farm "Villa Hermelinda" No. 38. 5.150.00. For further in'scs ts
F irs Gambott woe tu ne ]r..,rh-_
-A- Miss .wor r Position in Juan Daz town, 12,000 M2 formation apply to Julio Quiano NW YORK, Feb1(UP)e Sos .
'ue.wt15Mt efont boFtheYnew
be t t he e is pa r tae h wrh 15 Mts. f rt to the nw e' l Mayor Ro bert Wagner allied bam, Arkansas, Florida, M -
bet enr ona e- Euan brn dy seeking post concrete road, on river limits, Iqrge FOR RENT:-Bella Vista cmlety da and city labor author- land, OklahoGa, lSouth Carl a
z, brother of the bride,and huee r work lng APmer-- w-IelT f er o a, ,or aa ,,,,
a-enb smeo concretsoe column, furnished, large apartment. Tel- U s al eetin to- Texas and Virtlnia, now e ,
ushers wier-e pMr. Stacey Sas nicn couple or companion to elderly o ion atoscnool eio I ae he n
.. r. Rcardo Ford and Mr. person Very cook. Mrs. Edith 2628, 3-0.6 or 3-5137.wtmoneyrovidedbyth l
.mo e rin Boci chaletwh 600 FOR RENT:-Furnished 2 bedroom eS e lee d Brtis o AiatratenehticOt 3,00t- f withemneyo prodedcies U agu

S reulda r mn the m br ifmet omMrs lond, fenced. Low own a apartment near Bel a Vista Thealr bletrifitle lt rat e td a fi Ta enmeaonsnarestt .

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arei l tya] fintier memnes of U -il al Ar .rth P onxa C andal for ttwo couplesm.C l 3-1596 ofr Th tuboatenmember because .we of state laws lEca nt
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held S -at hom the biern r U er lo A Si finished house mornings, pndent Intrnational Lo ng- h se. the U..' office' l'e I. ) r
.I nao.Tia 17 icn Santa Clara. D$3. 000. Tel. d3- tdtond sno erti

S CiteNationns Fator T r E oprs 4955 frhom 3 to or Box 16, A-rur FOR RENT:-2 bedrooENsapartm h C -ELECTe RONICS Gaem dttylon a d walvthi uon hr oh aton
I V F -ufurnse cotoia too e. Cl 45 N -b.8-1o2m15 y authorized their union lead- st Des lso a nI .e l a ha e
Ahal Art Contest ufrihd cool, fcn Evelyn C 45 3- Tela Na. 2. Urga street.
MA snts may enter one work onvlyo R.ea reiio rol l rv wh g e. era to call Isorike atn g he a

seiacof the fa B ollowingr classes I d afi RTc FOR RENT:a-Furnisthed prtmeo Wce so td s u o h rer t -e '" rgta Tooo with td

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.......lor;land "ilci lmape or marine paintg In Sn dd locion FGLAMOROUS..l" cause "great ut ufePtunto the tween the Defense Deparrtment aim o- pbv ektlm, of toie Saviel

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tg in oils; still life oin water h-elionter, which won eits spurs E On nVse nista. 'CEo w Roo il i cut of f, most ftuel heey- Edueai-non ad Welathe, nldeSl-t Tav ebd .r t _o
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-..a living persn tr.b h nh, portrait in nme peacetime roctir n here today FOR RENT:-Large an d NAIL ENAMEL I 4s the Secretary Ovet aHobl miodia rd

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t Nai League of -makee 75 lI trip, which ., poian, will be held WednesdaysVista.f ,- r deckhandsP $ 2.25for was i tooverruled tPrest..e
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Tivoll, to the bell captafn of -Com part. 'ely. however, hel. Road. apartment, kitchen. basement Of Fr m P ima y c mpo en four per cent- rem ainingh ser seiated boo .. .e'm s -lcl ar' 1 1
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S^eum'Wet i IM 026 fia M..I j* .... *.. t-e .. II i T

it. oenent.

CalIf., Feb 1 dn e
I tfcieaild -t" tw."-5 tesratn character ac-
rtii/1 lft lI'-e Iy trMes Flore ce Eates, 66, who FOR RENT: Ft classs fumni _
rllttler. Eow..ver. t-e began her film a..-eir at 5( cool room for I or 2 persons. C '
*rc..lor e to t!- P-J- with B le in Alied Hitch- 3-1189 or 2-1693.
lte. .s.lterm et'it ook' a," ,ited .CR RENT:-Room. a r---- -
Blt y ll, phfr or, iA. l' sa Hospital ot a Private entrance. -
. t .a.,attS_. n: ...partment 5. Estudatms S re. ..

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%nS!,.A 4 "M

W d in 7th Consecutive acewith Sugar Bowl ,f

ombe Defeat Browmes aft S jo u
^ ...n8 .. I .r..f-i. ..n See-Sw"... ..Iae o....m 'y

auk co for nat iPe.MA aOT LE Gan mber 81 -arolt Ntra- teen w i d ie u ft B
-A_4716... Abn / ^'- : -. Sr:LrIR

thatwa shaedtbyeabmd. e 4 1, m mattTern of mutual lntO et." eat in the .ouni -
1:3 ad ltaer fs Tri rf.k Re or Committ ee a ao btows o

H epate ct Cag bteditth Leodovllte Saores t i :oftbdl Pa66 d th y he arparedIamn 31
geESUL.0 &g, C r,6d Witharowl ia ithr

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hpIle ElT al J. ut ea ng a n en a T Theur o bo b et frI At hou
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beald .or e acs 84, N e a80 turd wo hi w a m o at the an A 8 2 s80 The Oranea Bowl Sach year bowl in the eouney eb
a e -a ,e broth- North Da8 .s Concor7 on the leader, w e ey cs ale .' Night Firemened In.ur. g e to the ben of the Be 8 0 The Suar -ow a .-t.
e ld t.e o i din pa fou M a k out 60T, ). Cloud 1 iTurning for hop e I, e. e .e Baxter Movers 3 5 75
gin the ae worked. State 6418 K a w of C H rthat 0 atmhero mofurnigthrlly tob oeateaday mon h ya the Boa- Navy the o .000 .m
Pe t anm oeowdlen L, at tel Pacifi Svoftbae
Bi ETowder led the Polce at Norlhweatetn Cofll 02l Aurora 87 har, near Nwporea, lg to tegodo Btatizide ion tn fInal berl cag.e from bihnd in a co per OW rAm.
he to atnNle L83 ., 62.i. 11 Many ..l. J Tthe.beh a y' ea te .. s'nttes n.tog beat outthe roace TAl thes Pciwlre succe. Ae rortI Jl r Oa "
trips lPE l Mrw Yo afts ,60 during -r M nl IP ly-as fbeen o after the latter lub had League Park ofn Oalard neo tr
.l, ng .a .p- .for ,1 Uno 7T Georgetown ,60 They ire the mot dange r e t Riqul' y re t aken a --- lo-the first halfway, Lou Hi ginger, on e i

.m.. Olando do l1 2 1rd. of2 Moothoea! etuk 83, Mid an mal1OtT area.e t e o a turning mthe Of the fB awnir s e. a mound for Firemen's.oInsurance o
e Elks a0 ha1.two mingles in State 72 we- e .Aqulred' to i e ch a eranouoo The Broa ilia aout 15 facing Lt. () Pealer. from the at a a
.trips to the p te Lon Morr 102 Te kan 5 charging erocious beast. (NEA was ce to hit b the t error. dldt15th y t ill dedicate hes ie u pa
b Broader and Klipper each nox 84, orth Ceintral 80 lM he utmost 1n 3f maore re nay tdhea ~ormerth rmtns op (a ,o b

iitth a one anded 3at(0h of line TSlane e4, Misalsulppi 77 W shae d vder hoor aethathwrree for com. errdo anisr wgoae ddtoe t he leo t ete hi bW
werre. 2 o 0 .te.e 0 .. _w hoas o ne e sewlr ttTe e alo c h.e of th B be g e B, i u Ope J p m he Panama es .a9 P Nt

hea.. e L orber p on drhe bea4yer, B i. ab22 1Ta 64, Al o mrteastl ruahtw iat t M E d
-mo re. 1 e2 and b0eoag gs f airmn 0 o me s. and ae d Ca nal Z n ane baeba -ara was h ld yeteda at e a

-e 2 1 1 60 Texas 9 Souther n .I n .i n Joe tlln oerew se con L ea e slu w el pao y eama bCo. wei r il k wa D t e Jdsl Tof PinaAltw e o

The e bo score. 1 10 Mehod0s 6, Inar a 61 haS 7calee lenth woano maggood2. so aTe Cblye s berrs tT the feManarciant of nhei aredh Rder o e t astia cr- partm ad htpoa
S .,,, c 3 0 0 lSt. AOer Team a 83 6Ai y lateoer foaaLope ace, Naval thisr i reee io ite. p Udti tom

POe T I e Ne Yor. Al l6Wo 76e, 6,arl.eiet- Co, er 5hI o a me fr ah o la ...enml ede rtheau)r__ s with the, t mo blby die ofeP.oi onw Tpel ttoe and eatra ie flar -..-rl-t. he
0-he B e- 1 f 0 t Milaspi a ae, a e .n y8 Southr O iTl, M nlaiPer allthe w .a Ofed .bythM. _drran a playe d d.edZoee Hr b t he re ldt r fualtae two ;

oCna Ib 01 0 0 T0 seate 08, Oeo Teh6 5- a, ith el s mo e Aood guh..-gictoreooLayhe. A led .o, f her om behnta me t .ac o aniesI Lo ,l- we .r e.mpot b om- ouledeh eheiaontra s ao l;
C rawfr, 3 1 0 1 0 2estin nSgitna 6'h M03a arie mad d him ,a and the Brownies' Andrea Aloao Thf Pacifi Softball Leaue my Windrum. day. There are 13- pa
i here:A.i e 4 rHunter Mile of the BooI A-A Ihl, lvdends: were the stl hurler.n but followed suit by plc g $2.00 Under 18 pen Jumping Lu- the ront u'
i .8ts ec oIel d i o ,W-n- 0,...-J !h A d M; If A( Q__sa Tr dsfa te8ture MS, 4.10n A* e o r see'. pproe A Ii -
Et 6* d bybrot- c a arr a b Co c w9a. erp at the Panh- To me w B poi. Bol 1A D

-DeVore, If, c 3 te vrk As6 the BHunter Mii record of four T a s oe s$5 5l40 Williami was charged with s o come od out today folks Most mpo rider Chiqul The atled a

I 3 2 1 2 0 0 Unv Te 80, Univ Houston t mlnutas, seven and nine-tenth "- 4, $3.80. ond low. of the season .thout ~a d mee .P ha n', Insurance B elo. EL PANAMA AMRICA .
cLone, sb R n 0 01 T s h $ 1,rn o I .. RACE orin. It was Mlle re' e second co. pete w.t the N. tearand o p Paul Miller was the Judge The anam To abn e
ol d es, place 2 1 1 t 0 T a n 48l t 0In e o.e di d. The bIat l fo s-cond Pan -...,tO 6 3 W t : o t B,

4p-1, VUqerdlt&he .m -ard students froin Luxeniri 60, 2.80 triumph as compared to three drop your dimes ii the cup for of j ping and Mrs. Miller gave Apreat. .
of. If 0 0 *Lea St. Joseph 7 e was clocked i fo'oltretu 2-r o re d Vo.20. setbacks. the March of Dime a "d1- reosae" demonstration. La !estrella de .;mm
Slb) 8a 760t, mAo r Ohio State 7r 7 r'&r tht raB- Navy
Calp r.,T00 'r0. Nwsa 82t 6, y lea__ 10 yards g. arthe comt laeet fIRD C o
uimo b a r 8te ho. of the smoka e two we a 1-Mo Lenas aJ 4 U

F .- Br ght, p 0 ipOho State B s Purdue 0 Whein ha a hain 17-1" b2-Psalenta 4e .80. i
SS 1 3a tIforeo no Ui on4y wa or toe pns 6yr en t when letve -aerner fouaILh-e e .oG ard l .,- .

Te ar. nThe q, oa Nr r a Depauws taae awed 5-d = Is a nig ad hala I wy Lu RAEn
t e ar t 3-- l
mpev last s..fttan1% t Moohe ad .la te"roc d t, Mid _a feIma4. M,,ie 4e.ot, on .ad.-I.13,,,.40,p4.20 .-

a Els also to singMas in n nD Stlae 72 aeinidad hisdoupi tofirst Amemica InL(1ITa,-.
tripst letpo the 0eo 0Of Moler ris s10:ds oato. .. carg, ef ve t a n.en.3-Ds oe_ .0. l .a on Th Out.1 ac L. Pa. fo n neenee .
Brweah. ad .ote Dam eacinue Kno 84 N- Secta 8o w ACE T h wia ur o y s 1 D t
1 fotbal moeahi ng Job trs e. 2ero hm t th Bo b hr

,-. h -.. ,.u .k n, lhp i,)-, -- 1-ftrs ,3,40, 3_ 2.60
ar SUTH b lad, Jan. 1 only because of the ratite les yard event in five and fourth- True I. $2 0 .
(UP) The -Utivority of Notre l gave me as a t ent and tenth second handing Villa- a AC .

f ame las t 4 te late on asd athletSte director, and nova fretaheX Mike AgoWtini of u Y 13 6obr.40, 4. i0 t
Pnte 9. Hcoah 0 bNat becBsuau e aof atll the Trinidad his first Ataerican In- 2-Taletao 4f.60 2 De T fr loa
h .eal.-" -',--. ooin q.het an d Hburog.-' Secoo 3e u : 2.40 t. ,' ,, s Cii"" .

t 6f the achol maid cin coaching w aould endanger hoe 'th BT-iM 2 ACEak 2.2 S1c i
The box scorahee: a nd bec tu e ofplu1, Earl ham 62. 1R-G Ber d o 0,

N gret.1uWl'e? l he has a ponsibilip tie o his bAmIly, he 2-Black 1 l $5O 2.60 i

Srenderesd otere m the had beat resign. "L*a ot s--O r4 n ,- Arla| $2thl foin .80 2 2i0 f
university ml ce 1941 as head I lah e res ed rattude tuo d_ Qul atuels: (Car, do Gate-i
football coch, and fr awhile, school ofT o, a umni and .- ,Black w ulla Sl .
..a d-i' of 8 'th got Sic. .n au-ts adno rdl Mas wereACE deii- .b "

S "Cou l -Le0alyn. record during what his future plans will be. de so 1-Riqul $-L 2.60, 2.40 Urn....l .-]
also a dt oftn athle, t did not reveas lmaoft Ifre'n ikAtu rye RAy rde .0,, w. l -

as2b, -o e o as aho fiosttn reflection f ofvf hfs ti i L rthM 1.-0. -dn b T'

representeC Notre Dame's i 0deal Ieded blth her Layden at H otre 1-Debela ou le 40, 2.2, u d i .20e
Sad old," Heburgh .aid. lost 11e and tenine through -Patriotln- IV M
reLS*lvideg I weBe He started coaching P 19311 S 1-New l $2.60, 2.20, 2.20
edn Aou OP'-R. a Ar. t cwndSne bi Wr
sau .h exetd. Is, lt.e Dam e 82, e e ed9altude Bt id est $. 2 122 i th ,
J tI u..aei t .ef ..3 1... ate i, o e/, t H eNudtni atd T __k_ $5_.0. ii chi with s 1 n

ott 3bt,00e0 n Hu W e must remove our entire stock by March ls o
Tahen scn astal blewdid t he I -n b
ut eea r t. u $ htis 19nft repl l Irt ra e seconod0 In' li. wtt. -a Jan --. Paul th e
oete l t mSet, to5e r cira_ c top et-r ponke n, 11e toullo a you Written in NBA cp eoIr of i ndM Mi le
t h e e- _sed at twoue = ag e Ai4

:15 -W' _eI m it pedn, ,,,,,. ,,.,,.J jm aii d tef 4" ".,

Is -m-on "M I. I- .a Always a htnse men during a t ie ai m bare i allowed
ogh te ~f .1497 '.' and %J. f* .. 4'

bsog tsha adg at more and get hroe items instead of othe rul-
t holbak fi rtram throws
Bonsdtion a h con ,d cochte has ,.td fi ve

S ors Bfe -ine, Redu ction sup to
coai..t-. o 'i Mt,- Olanr- -e ccd -ng to bb d.... i t yoo aaif d i.S the bal l d f. his
a ^"fPtlehe as an dUSTO AROSEMENA AVE. T ove n sees itu- o
..b d d Ot ad the nn tlo Awer: The
0 a O.. -eam' ShY m. lb dvrin the a I 1 .
oac ddd eth te evvso setat ba toe 9Cl

--am umi eanteskt add_1c. more andn s etid
1 _... takeI P o dx --." ,l W ., s 1m1
orbMa ,"At I vIe, Sy 04 The ep-
.. .. Arcadia, Ca.tor atud. t u l she
-, me e ..D..utr I* t toke, t U r bes* w Ia, test -

cb at 1, AROo SEMENA Avt @cPHOr

i ""S, w -._. am _r I P4 :--.-Y 'Y o

'- -i .r-

-. ... -. sifr~jt

* ... ., -...
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""' "x., "* '** t '. -i
".' *. *- -. :" -': -' ,
i 11: : "* "' i ^ "* .. ..... a n



Sazine Warns

Against Russian '

Guided Missiles
b ',
". r--- .
WASHINGTON. Feb. 1 iUP' .FI i V- #a' pljF know tr p truth nd thie country is e Arahm in.coln,
Russia may well be ahead of A- .. W I
merica in developing intercon- TWENTY- .eNT R PANAMA: .. P..MNDAYAT ia rata t 1, 19 4 01..10 a
tiltental missiles with nuclear
warheadsds which would render
e knownn air defense system
olsolete,","Air Force" magazine
l le c t .8 A ir F o rc e v ie w s, a lso 0-'
G SA Saves US Govt. $130 000,0004
struck out at the "naive" idea .
lhat this nation would be able I l 1 -
.the' near future to stop an a-
t ocberattack delivered by pilot-1 _
th In efte'5 3 ; G re '5 4 S avin g s S een,
While air defense Is steadily ,
JInpO ving. the Air Force Asso-
o5atn magazine said, "the WASHIN.TON, Feb. 1 (UP) savings, but also in constructive ble econot y in terms of proper-
blun truth is today, as it was General Services Administrator improvements pointed at greater ty. illon do A ou r
iy ar ago. that this country Is .Edmundf ensure aid today, efficiency and economy in the He liteda savg of U security Rd fTa me
t lly unprepared to ward his housekeeping agency saved future." ooo in"m provemnt mange--
o a full-scale atomic attack.' the government more than 130 meant" orgovernent property.

yet efor coat e v i aengs t I fiscal crimination in employment on ct d SA large-voume prour e- et Ameri

"t. iion dors 1 |IisaI l rmOA-lestall- that the Un otb ae
Srgovernment contract, standards me rre41t200,000; savings h "rus s
ain el t I'n gr Man- for eliminating influence ped urch- avoiding new prcutiemet by

n rtherWAW'Fe lf3 savings accrued from e n a 194
Te publication pointed ut sure sa the GSA recorded n diers, and the trainer ofthe better e propernmet-owned WASHIN ubcomitt 1 -(UP-
that ch new weapons as the fi scal 1983 "the greatest process Declaration of Independence prborty 40 million dollars; A House ow.l7a -rU pbeom- N D OBEpractices h -s d Lcas Spring a e
" and the AiraFto ms alr-le n in iu toeu s a' covisteredy wi nd- the Constitution eof the ef ao encies stained by distri- i e, said n eiscumbersome tivities for the Fourth Spring IestivaL to bei bOld neat Sturday at M lo's l a
bone m sle "Palcon" are not ns i n direct and demonstrable United statess to the, National bUting commop-use Itemsl from US. secuart "ments have will start at ten o'clock and last until dark.., Ju. in case o 're wonlug,
yet.In o eating units Archive SA depots, $S26.0,000; reduced forced United neles tlo Jen is throwing but a sopping wet sponge.

Sme.l' sthan bi bon. ber to de- able savlhgs 'amounted to c ap r by pro erty manage- may be "grea te
b botobtto deattacks. flal $130,600,000. He claimed addi-Th :Wmbtnt surveys,"00e gp at wre anEw-
et hwhile Democrats stepped I tonal savings from QA-install- thatthe United willhave to'
th attacoday on Pres- ed Improvements "beon r dy The procurement savings, he readjust its regarding
their attack today 'on Pies-n dt
showers "newlook r Student reckoning in, dolat terms," and aid were affected through total Europe if mran e Itly do not S F g
prora arintangible benefits "irteductiblepurchases of $41q,400,o00. r the Euro Deftnse Com-
Short of providing te na- to monetary terms." he remainder of the fiscal au in a "l period
Sth adequate defense. MT. WAtGTON, N.H., Fea. 105 savings accrued from econ- time.'
I16 ver Republicans asserted w (UP) -.RWCue parties trudged He cited one example: "G A oleas in real property, $9.200,- The subonmailttee, a 240-page A
t administration's new atomic up the snow % covered wind- Inspectors rejected!$-17,000 w.orth 000: release of space and filing report, said an illetigatlod oft G
elation itrat is e twhipd lopes o: 6,288-f0ot Mr. of defective fire exticnulaer'equipment through records pro- U.N. agencies howd the "recruit-

laltafon state is the best a o. 11c ruft- Gl t
ible in view oRussia's vast- Washington tod in search of with a consequeht in le .grams, 4,200,000; and GSA con- ment of United States citizens has
Jr. mn manpower. They al- eard m nR companion of o benefit to life and an icaIu.- trat adits, 2% million dollars. been drastically curtailed" be- A allout effort is under and other ti mercan t -
manowe. arrd Unieronty senior found 'titut 'oar hete'fo annual n
tept's defense budget can be.a of e xposerature.Z in sub-er' procedures. Sprint Fes tial next Saturday at tivol planners; a baaa' ale 1o T
ett further. beemperature 6 t said U .N. "org atons are Mor is.1jarders one of the hand-mad articles, incdlding Lers o Cia J
Eidwar dot Mareion tin pRPa n Wallac e Bar a r N o hiring personse of rnatioN- ss out th b ding events a pl.
Wallac Barnes, amBriatolr ,, esses 'e1

lar in o Conn. skier fond the body o dres who not ony are not as co r- tae Isttu, accord L. e r.s. u ten; cld. e-.

t nd ad t -iC huent bt wo pr tey bable involved C. awrenee Petersone chair- a's EB _akt. e-ni' J ge
ltar bud at fr fiscal 1955 biMountain Club hat on a are the athr E ot e i a ut ae lwi
Se cut three oive billion from the base ranof Tuckermal s concerned" sod event. .

nste h, tahearve r Dodg- e aid the- o t climbedd a-.o

iK~ ~ ~i-. ba^"..%. .,he was nota' -a.__ri es. ____el: D ois Itl sHopid 5al t ."."f: OU1e
ennjth l onger d e se"t rao Piiip h Logucer, iso To- TEUBEV at -LL Oha Febf a, 1a ndf he e
ytour dc Congress TV ofe PtoiOmtf plac 25, ofP) rF The last of five chfl lr oO
i lr .la... ,, Dodge a d iin that Longncktr h d rc who were bludgeoned b. A
10 perT cet cutoin ground been shittei aticn to n tale tMtheir aher because "m Qoldn a m-- t r'
Swillbe offset by a t 33 per Washington Longn eckr is a tden affect.n t Jh i retrothe hl r s e e t h Vle o fe ( 0e
it ncrease- In firepower under third-year graduatestudentat 0. for-unL W r

e mln istm ratio's program._ /H gO l o arvard.Ten. prD tn
e ne. Jo n D Sparkman t eson ff

methe n the A e p i h lee res so e ter h r il. a
aobnd nJ Jar ckn Parsk I. Lonagnecker and thei oaoo ne2 d oslbr.o a ..aba bea o ewdt u Iay .e r ord bc istmr
Sdebatng with Brown iatterPm sister Poll 23, 1ree tbedoIaaa.IT aidl oe C
Martin, criticized the res- Cambridge Mast Thursdy ne o idle or .tro, ut- Io 6a t e e
rmn s budget and the a trip up the nlousntain.we hr ohh. tA t kel i
low defense program. Rs/ I. ore more s lnaebibdte emposehdm t : r .

o am Int er f e raests of Joe adgento hi nkhan hre S hwa o t rbu-eio sa l as r, th -
a tRhasins, might "IT'- Notch, manager of the Appala- ,. '. .-.-. .______OfFiveKids,_:25
.brt k rind of warfare" theohian MoUntaln Club htron. Rim ore a. s- se-n- sne would L te OOFrenl kth lem at t lee m u" Ealo, l .iM '
Union seciall es in lawshmtonh veer, lue de n; merrn- hroe EL yptL Fab w (. t .
Wahntoin..+ Fhere l iuU fenedF ..n43, m a- N Fo
Sbort chalWe groups m...lso.o"a.....e/sPon-R I.ed
Rp. M D. oos eve lt, uan.erea s mile beyond the hu, t ever-poL Dulr now Il dl had h nd l n h1 p
Y, andSienA.Is. Mkewhichisdlosedfor the winter. .",.. aa w m .. ."s 'nd 'av *h" .h ibsdr HI o spital
roney (D-h.) joined In .mnd built an Igloo where thcy o .f'o d .h ns' d rwere oet 3anh dO reFbnb ot, the adult s t he rew l ag..h
La ing the Eisenhower 4 md pent Friday f both of em r ubcaon of the contents of charged wh Com I t io- SO 'DU e
ation's decision to place"(UP)-- The IMt of give chU- WOeAt the b01110of Pammna ,|I Luang
military reliance on air-Dode d b that Longneker e .-, h-.. who were bludgeoned byl e. nsevena' u Sa
Spower while cutting brought his mitei back down tioe. their father because gClod old
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forces. mountain Saturday morn I #kWILD DOG BUNT IN CHICAGO Forest rangers RichardCude- me to do it" died during the ANOI, Indochina, Feb. 1 ..
m4 then started to reclimb the/man (left) and Sgt. John Keippel ride through the Schiller week end at Ohio ValleyHos- .(UPt -- GoG n "Jungle
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chldrenilastorielitw3arrived at .the small bunglow therell t talks to orn-e a
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come home so they could 'hav "u I have smeth to re- capture the forss n op n, th
in of $4525 in cash and whichiLOSonEIIS,Feb. -.I-(UP. )"'I e released all my friends. The names of the other 111e The father, Frank Holt, 34, port," Ycun said r-chate na t Nen ,
i f $4w525,n yarshabotJames Roosevelt was scheduled toland supporters from any further were in an .ccompanyng letter, said he beat the children with coment.,," a reillery forced back ma turn wa blv =b=ed +
robbers sp...s issued a statement today which oblito to fie in the 26th dis-' Roosevelt's brotherEbiOtt, saj arttl er. forced .-ba.k n
oaks,..meTheseas ,, the may explain why he signed a' let-trict congressIonal cam p a g n", atand* another letter were written a crowbar"because 'God told screamingy assalt platoon, w atssia.
t Ba oro te In 1945 dselosin e a series ot Roosevelt said in a statement by someone else and signed by o it. The deviltoented homm nt oo
ofthehdren. 3-year- _l.dIt also was a -Ntcipated Rooms nlul a to sueny msuit. shtorld War te t

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T RBreak Twowe ere actresses and one is a more than akapeaking acquain- Mrs. Durant is the former Jayne l mny empo ye TOKYO tleat a
WEW % divorcee. They issued s imilar tIane withlr-J vslt and had met Shadduck, a one-time -Broadway and a lawyer In edItial agent bzroad- quaUter of te4
i p Thteirents. hima only two occasions, once at actress, and the former wife ptl"tes to fe It by Radio Pelpiei.opde P- the Far At t "-, m
St eop The actresses were Mrs. Robert a dinner attended by her husband millionaire Hen J. Bpping and t eg ewv re- paper ae tat 5,0ck ls
Howard, the former Andrea Ieedp, and herself l once when she actor-author Jac Kirland. She agal e gern- *ilude BRed s l e Army4apa beg6g mSSy
itt. I (UP) A and Mrs. Richard C.-Durant, the was aecomfli ed by Lloyd Os- and Durant, a prominent Hono lual of Preident M h ied option f ltotJa'Yle1rBtistr n :l .taa
hWuswaifte leaped l former Jayne Shadduck. The third bourne, a Navy filer friend of phusican, were married in t d problem t w aw. e
oi OdBtl today, inj'- woman to make a statement was Roosev and have five children. idictent haged that s r
lBs _wa wll. to Mrs. Julia Waterhouse Damon, "i only met Mr. Roosevelt twI i am-bi of t & Wp p .r 5er se
her. Honolulu divorcee. Mr. Roosevelt who met her and I would not know him today fl n f S Lb the
said they knew Roosevelt ily and he was a hospital patient, de- ous pictures in the paper," Mrs. taw out tie an t
Scasualy. Mrs. Drat said the rmanmd '$3, a month alimony Durant said. o sad hh a tet -
..isame M ing d ^*de *1 an apo and .ba their community proper. She sent cable to looseveRl ." Do td ts oAr '
Sj. demanding "Inaeat p*te 5 i p tie i e
to Mrs. Honrd surgoinwet the At infidelity were tradco M spootl tbai :
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"We1 of t he- -irs- sMr Roosevelt remained ain t ;_ _.....
48at o k itVtl gim, y (uSl r 1a emen0 were named cluxion in her Pasadena Ti y. I "
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