The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
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Ite -may be held seep after Feb.
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According to CLU-MTC legis-
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eet on thdat dte In order to HANOdM Jn.30 (P)
oint a tem a irm a to Rkohutpsts irn
replace Rep. Alvin F. Welelw
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to dete if any Ual survey conducted etl on fOfan ld YliaguBs in the Mytho Sa
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'1 or ea'om.hea kemploienrt has tarr waer backracked a r -, Canal Lane

Thee states- divided into 9 l slce Jand~s mea alaliwr charge, but.
sr oe ak ae,. teen- e ion w e Th, i, me croofaer sitd he A beM s only 15 years
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aeatalal tasatsebld musical T txviw
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for the event be0n donate w-Pm
Thedtby Pa'sama i ,,oren Rtsuy at A, co .,enwN, rhc a
Te, show I n to the ger 3 Mjob ulirt Ernest
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the hm ... u -!.,... rw o t.plitFa ,.. Nhlet ed t minr t or = to A'0

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Y OURI RUM THE UBADlS OWN COLUMN a-u touibt r t ia tt
lil ibefoUibt irly

THE MAIL B'O A t his
NAetalghout i ed fi b
roundja over. Haa en oEd mre
th an a month, unate
The Mea *ea is -na ewe I for eedrso Ttw. Pei Ane, a few. The round a
"i Ltes e teeived gesefely anad re badiled Ia wlI ei, U.S. Supreme Court ri l thtt the
.uea e a states bave no right tai relate
SsM eb d he Ot w 'pp=, P b Peaceful picketing or Suion
Sam LeMe Are published n. he eiser reisM i... .tiiy.
a s. I e4 t- leM ells united ** m gth That was on Dec. 14 The
o**e f S t& r wrire II etd in amleht aeeeen". season set in and it wn &ed
,' ee megnll- t"ee qsatessnm" -s epifle until President fis e ftan
aM. too- Mu j h ;sending up special masl to
.. ...--' ,Clngress. Suddenly it broke i bus,
BACKWABD LOOK imess circles like a shr*pnf.spit.
inD OK g Irenade. The supreme Court
j know why the tuition rates have risen recently- I also know decision sad, Iff
tbUere la a shortage of 'teachers and a crowding of class- iwn iSolved i s iythil, but
Graduate of the Canal Zone School 'Sstem I know how astrat ma local. tor for l
lDivdon on the local front, stronger t.he
p on of these fiures will put you ii ow o. national front,. Where evatay
-9older that the ahool approprt1p K tq.CO6r they have a -good frienti in L bo
ve projects M loeal-rte vocatlias oiaant ltU- Secretary James Mitchell. Bust-
S ness circles im ediately ain to
a-return to 19... plan a counter-feve whit will
B i. M 'i become. the real labor ao.-'tin
-. washington this year -'far more
important than the -more cot
Answ controversy, over President E a.
SMUSic OMakers shower's proposal for a govern.
ment-con u.ede vote before or aft-

ACiROSS 3 Footed vase
I Wind music 4 Row Ia

l aii Neste- Unclm s
percussion e e pan O f ,
Slb-eglian waterr
wheels ., sacred bull of 41 Redacted
a 13 Fence-rs' cry tIgypt 42 Interpret
Ol te sky 1 Gut Pik music 45 Half-breed
18 Period maker -' 41 Paradise
*-m ne '?22 Grip with the 35 Surrender 49 Weights of
-- b.) teeth 36 Ppal.capes India
3 5 Famous 3T tacb land has .51 Repudiate
Norselnn --'music 54 Fe(uale saint
item 26 Weary 38 Sesame (ab.)
S al 31 Unusual 40 Bullfighter 56 Operate
bone. 71

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amQ h )L .... ... 1.. li ......... 4i 7', O. ry lah
Am m3 .............................. February 13th
|BM- ^. .. ... :.. r t iy

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' La' g *. w, .I..............* ebrdry 11 h

C' fiS A Li
lern. an a

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; ". :, --., ... .. : *-.. ,.-'A ij-s.'-: '=<, -+ '- -- .

| I Mihma4i4

r : S'^ItV*4 lp|ft irp

a' str -es -egin. .
Business leaders, such as those
in the National Chamber of Cowm
t f merce, will fight for the states'
right to govern strikes, lockouts
ieketing, boycotts and even en-
Lil foreement of collectively barained

isa at V .i-
.4 ~
~ .1
~*w~ 20*?
~4 ~*2*4I-
2-; A


5f t,,aIf


C AI M S .

labor contracts. In o1eZ wo" j, air- g ;
state ride over labor relations. -- a. *I..
Labor rill flight back, solidly," .A UX
with .. _" -" _. _,-i_.;.,_. ,. .;_ _
The ontrovrsy b n earby.... ..
Harbnr. henu toeatems- "i.WA
highways-I've.just traversed thret..
Sasw V Austral A goin
a picket in front ao the C00te 41 ") i
Storage and Transfer Co. ' "
May 1949. Thile picket carried a B. *- BoV
sign, which soon will become ft z
"mous, saying: M l r...
"We appeal to the eamployes of b -chet to. ta
the CentraL Storage and Transfert blurt-d Sen
Co. to join tW Teanawters .Uni for OU i t The suse l "ong, about : that now. as ly I dd not
Thus: starteduthe5ns.; was jqst l aftifitl:Youdi t v pariadUta P"ad a-hasu* taiedJ MPU* by any b V
Thus: o ift would andttt"
NGarner v.h es ine years hat melted a S la t d ttheIn I ll t i .-
case which ended onlylastith in the bright auimft, st. --hbe week l d ta1-0 ybt 6 I -dilbl fl
"f6ury-ars and "m cu. you ra r Ya ta a t w Ith .
.... ......i....I. ye sra ke +., a 471; 0 js iout@4
st Im SItmerA 4w 0 aItalast I Abow&euua X i0 you we and the. e
r,?icketin: onda AdZare jb7a'vd inL tro16Mga=sd,.n
it violated aistate fmmr dresses, Yot. .reti 2%6'=....i^c, 6 .isat.0li0f! ^-
prohibcts picketing desghed4o si ke was s e ja ie r m i ut liwte t
pmuvbes. ?ipWs iTowiq te'ft.-&at ire m,.isa,. ."".a yrsat F ...
nests" strike, the court" rlrdB.ohA "it" ost.jyolm
Othfuser stat, m cs uOrh o aa oegon- whso fr
heie -imilrti-i. da 0 am a ilihO. ah :Osl,

t.b,.e i ah salea s ;eo+.dgsstte.t ldM td.... .w
.anOerl atdtorD Mey f r titdo mai na

--oouns sth i blad ,tal an..'awethea ft duas sa
...s.T bre n 1'a gis" =P'. ....

S o the nlo wn the ns .. a ka ws
* af2 torte Pyeudi n t's lao > you ht i afio d ew .he'Ithe wrttea ring ki.dw t.tloor o. thaie -y e *
ear dwIno ttman w I tw aedth aa ti. M. -'.u'.

s.tqt h .l wc" : s i ,i leleth tha b I %
or o oarot f6anoW O.

,)l adc. IA' ^ a aastO
Sat tan ad -iL o.i t o -ai tos t rw o
toitna. ak t ll S e yan dd s. n oit be ; '..'

K idra ppad th. e C40.-IbaIoa wu1a 56e, e. 1b k And yost rirtse at lo l bardgly TW 4 T Geor with hw ir cat

sm4oun ad w sdilddew.'t
t-,ppd ia0e baplblengd. iuainknos the

n ^ ^ahet dtaBh cre ait

ca o.te etwintigf r ,as I. Atl Y a-hadI'dowsn
.i e r.n iot s reanined thenItf ro ad tat,.. lltkw i..
od _Ig an .dSof tH ey'-* t C rtda cals VStewart, wbo Chl-e ,,a I

o" ite t e egular the ihtl-o as 4 .. ..
wtou, smahu the poi". st. A
"ree labor disputes"which1wasn" CARE pack'ge
Thlthed anby o rsthe kid:ndCoiins'Nut, ita

ofe seems in eW a id i b. 'ew 0' vt -/

sam a .e s ud-r a nd grlavy

ponnd o ..ese-. indivaiwural

at-a5-towt. e r+; 4...

*-m~. xi f(Nsks, he dmel in't CftaMW..Wa.i.hV th-.e

.+ o CA_ .ikoz

- I.

t'uls -^|


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.. r .=." ..- .. -'



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a..- 5~.~*


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,, ^. '..
4 ,
.' : ,


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p a

S 4 94 : .
i*.-- ,.-.. .
nE^S A ^ *r,^-
'^s <-*.*,* W~F~w '- (t?

..-t... a a
,- ": --- .

.Se Day

sa t w b- ar5 mane

a ar .Q a e.& No.
bllliiM ( j Balboa

Mai.bA Oa.

a NIL-r
w, -.. ". ....eva=

,S miMM Avi ..m

S. -
wa ss j


I F.-:and 5 :00 am.
"3 S -4S" h: d 7:-,:'".00.' .
i%-,....,. 5, .,0 -. I

Sacred Beort. ivoi4ta 7:00 pa. un
Cutolas'sM: 1l:-44Ba on Thursday.
C oco ll A -
'n" itB'M o BO.' *

: I t Ma.d (I u. it tatlo an
nfatmhlow: 3:00-4A.&0 *p.m. Con Saturday.

Cxmhlm CMlas: 10.-414O aaM ean
Saturd ap a

&oiiilja V;ZiO JL an satur-

1T. JOraaEP
das MOna: 70 am.
-Hoy Daky Ua .: 5 d5-0.m,
COftans: -00--400 p.m. n Sant
Catechin Clan-: 20o-4:00 pm. on Sun
Cfen Clam: 7F pm 0 Thuronday.

X A:0 and $!0 am.

Stu44"e.-a-l 10and p:0-p09. pna
Cule S 'Sa ansi:i:0p on S ay
ra: Atta -tr eM a.m. M

CaeiLeb Clas: 300 p.m. oa Sunday.
s undamae: so a'
on 00, e.- : a n. ra,
I5. l'aw a t M a M
ca t : After

Cimmtmm : .n Sunda.

Ing:aml Mdel 7 8:00 a.m nd

-- 1 -
ol Mayllas;: i:4 nd B.

atda: O 0-I and vi :00. pm.

Iat s :ot Medal: :0 and :0 p. m.
Cauoucsi u at:*-: a: PLBa n. monday

aan. W P arad ,
acr e rt: 7: 00 e S on Frday .
Cma t Claha: t6: p.m. n Wded'a

u1seh am: at S Io and 10 80 am-

a : K 8:00 am. ad
a a ;':"T ao 7,._%-8:090 p!m.

a m. a Monday.
Cat Cl meA. IM onM sma.I

.j@. j*a. er. a d
pand". aa C dpm

a ~d~d~l m- r
iaL1. .. on
Holy My WWa: 5-46 andm I0 am.
:tHO qb*C t 7%0 .-asTB Pa-

_. iin fmd..
t : "I 7.Mma. en6r.m
M cuws aMedal: Sp and TOO. -I.-

ada. Ona. am n M y.

t o.e C 4A 75 pa n.a eo Wa da
3 bV and0 1M

3q Sr

w: qu- a" N a
'lo I aln. n ma duy
SiR"nfl 55w-a8 4.0 p.m. us Muam-

day. (4 d1

ou aMan- 4 cm.

B ,.. -.. I-' ,.-0
-_ ^ ."+, ,4'T ': -'" :^^"

P n AA

as .








M,, J pi M, ci. u S a
,...m.-4. .o .if ..

l a, Wa y, J-. .

0t ,rui t.a....

r ftiS L '......... uh b
wCHUM .7 u ........ 'TTh --

Vla L 0

ad ow 2 it. beau- ,.v .
Aw .C a It

s1 ma. Soih, Csnmauet /n
vas an
Yea,1.. u, -, ic n-

I w -d. i l omL
d S

"M phaa a

Bul.r. am b *u

s J mm .1 .
R-e.v. aD. cM Ma.&

ow. ra c
and nom m" nts B"ema *mll

720 PA L OR sk Id 8nman
*ISO a0n am. a t

720. CiFprnf and teditteim.

L ChrtsopbW CgA

mo rabe- *bl* i =
,, ,,,,,,6 _

as .e..
smlk 0u wa


L*j_- n^^^il

* ", ,,. ,_i.i a 1m a ..

Mr.. W Van
iirideU~ M~ ~A M T M

fCthalcil Pr HBaers
Ca ad "d
arria ged krh
ury. at 4Ol p. he
W- lyton Cbs n, 60 o, se

Fridayeigt ohi' u., weMMrs.
as a
ne were

i? .' _- 2 1 ''.

hrae the ppt o hear Be-
lnor0 NeorSta 1el Au. en,. V t 0e
, Th" e Native Cu aL, 1peA
adid estiviW e mf Pa '* at he

a.m. t the Jewti Hord

The business meeting will begn
promptly at 9:00.m. a. d wl be
fowed by a coffee and goors
AngSdlU's talk. Members and their
guests au asked to wear polleras
add modtinas.
BOfet Saday At
BetOl ERI nma
In conjueon with the regular
Suday evening buffet, beginning
at 7:OQ in th patio of Hotel FJ
Panama, the thrd vote count for
the Carnival Queen of the Hotel
will be held.



!mS V ,lo "&F T f": 606." 'a.
^ ~* .1BAHA1l .O12 iS'

salit i:
ftl. 1_>' r. A+. -*-ii d P iMf ,

*J a:::_:- ::T:a:ft.. WW

.. o1.. .: l. ,I

- M ,i **4 ;,
Sk _o

I as aiente ............... ?:U a,,.

T, Wto. J, hm o ,I
Bguidmk _Sfwoo ............... 9 :00 M.
;I" ...... ...S t -=.Ii

a or W ............ s.0 .

PossW and M asda e*asW

T^........ *...... *

,w w l.. ......4 .-....

Pos. ** and-Bases
,. .. .... l o

............. ".3

w .,,..-............ 10:

,.. *................. a
U. .. ................. 11 n

-..g... no

....~ ......... .. II.

........ V.. Son
'= .... ::....: "lef

i ....t"~l
";'.,:" :. In


... SBrS
rr* mir TO
Don't endanger the- health of
yew hair by experimenting.
0Come to us for skilled care
and beat stylings.
Balboa 3677

Y(MCA Buty Salon
(YMCA BMg.) Balboa

The Iriends of Music Society of
Panama have especially arranged
a classical recorded program.
Military personnel, their families
and the public of the Canal Zone
and of the Republic of Panama
are invited to attend.
Lecture Monday
An illustrated talk on the Cuna
Indians by Elmer Stevens and Ger-
ald Ddyle, Jr.. will be given at the
USO-JWB Armed Forces Service
Center, La Boca Road, Balboa on
Monday at 8:00 p.m.
Military personnel, their families
and the public of the Canal Zone
and of the Republic of Panama are
invited to attend.
Pen Woeoln Notes
Biennial elections and a general
meeting of the Canal Zone Branch
of the National League of Ameri-
can Pen Women will be held Tues-
day at 7:30 p.m. in the Littl- Gal-
lery o the Hotel Tivoli. Ancon.
Chaeaen of the various Pen Wom-
en Committees are asked to bring
reports covering activities of the
past two years.
- A biennial art contest and exhi-|
bition of the work of the Pen Wom-
en will be shown Sunday, February

PlUn to Attend Church This Sunday


S mBAMBsoA BmaT-c z.
(Unt below the AdmtlstMatEm BuAding)

(Claus mor a a Sum)

10:45 a.m.-"WiNERE ARE YOU?"
Dr. Ralph Herring Speaking
Jeani O'D1ll. .., Soloist
Choir... Duet...Quartet

6:30 p.m.-B.T.U. Training In Christian LiUving



IaO bbt-UOXO46e bRe. W. B Ieey, Patsr

< 5.-r i &t:--r:- is '...

, in the LIe O
to 5:30 p.m.Xl


$14 JFOR-6P LU]



WL Vt Urt,

.-- ,-., 1.- .

U ,' # ** *' .
C O N s -r. -.I

, *.. a.. --' -, ,." '- I

' .. .. .'.: ., i.

4 II~



i6 tWLw ,



("he Only Store of Its Kind in Pq.nam) .

:;halra 2.00; 6 biTabes
'u; Mdetas bed& comi.
pel wth neww at- t-
treatit 31.50; ebl'il"t
and Reconoltlonord
4vmg Room suites
atrm r 1.l, mecon- mt miF
ditloned Vanities Irom
59.0u0 tULrge Mirror),
Buffets from 9.0U, i
Wardrobes from 19.00,
China Ciosets from
22.50, Double Beds
complete wn New Mattress 44 rocking Chair
Mahogany Dining room Sets from 7900, Metal Deak.,
Brand New Upholstered giving Room Sue (I pieces) If
doza 125.00. etc., etc.
Note: Watch Want At.Section Daily.

- '~~

Mrs. We Deliver at First Small Dowa Payment

41 National Ave. (Automobile Row) Tel.: ,
orend Open Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.I. ,

of eb
th- 4

r at-
"A "( "


I oAo l kats, A; P t a 1PnlS During the evening a contest
Jack Con el and Mrs. Rob- the Charleston and mambo w
oft speas, .ng o ant -.Carolyn hold.Music will te provided
SI1hr lPtlt IL ReORes, Mr&. the Queen's murge, Tommy
-ry" Loan, and Captain Connie ne and his orchestra and L
al- Arcarraga and him orchestra.
Ii A eArts, Crafts, And

~, r T.rt oia Arts and Crafts ro
Onc to Thlnejr i ae Htwel the Garden Group of the
e o Panam p frIend Woman's Club will meet Fobi
Eldaae b at 9:00a tm. for an d onu
prior tao u b "Westwood, a .te country ho
hael wioth r fI r OG Mrs. Earl A. Schilllns.
Lry rr d o D flowers will be the su
'Acom I will for the meeting.
r. hrcoh o d r, Ma- Those attending are remind
ibel, and.a bring lunch and that cards wi
"Asalto" Hars nselr played in the afternoon.
and MnrMemminger -
anid .-- Mr s. N --car Bridge Tournament Montday
'Th Counselor'. the United The regular weekly bridge
States Embassy In Panama, Rob. nament"will be played Menda
r.a B. Memminger and Mrs. Merm- 700 t .i the Card Room oi
singr. celebrated the anniversary HotelTivoli, Ancon'. The bri
"asealo" given by a group of heir
friends at their penthouse resi Card Groul Notice oThe Care Group of the Ba
h b....~ Wom. nWoman's Club will hold itF
Mr. kicbaelus Hostess For monthly charity luncheon and o
Rhe P a R .Group party at noon February 4 at
h Pe lay ReadingGrup of the home of Mrs. A. H. Flumer, 57
Canal Zone College Club met Tues- Shonts Street. Co-Hoatesses wil
54jy at the home of Mrs. 0. E. Mrs. Fisher M. Otenburg and !
Michaelis in Curundu with Mrs. Ernest Van Horn.
Henry Starrett as co-hostess. Reservations may be made
Dr. Dorothy Moody bad charge telephoning Mrs. Plumer 2-2
of the program: t%. play that was Mrs. Otenburg, 2-4366; br Mrs.'
read was Priestl s "Diangeours Horn, 2-3308.
Cot er." Others having part in the ___
play Miqs Kaye Clark, Migs Bingo Wednesday
Monicea Farley, Mrs. Richard Ser- The public is invited to att
gleam, Mrs. J. T. Pilonero, Mrs. the regular weekly bingo sponi
3. 5. Michaells, and Mrs. Harry ed by the N. C. 0. Wives Club
W.,Pae. Fort Clayton, and bel.. e a
.,thehe attending' ineld ld Mrs. Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. at
JumeOAF..Tobla,,. MN.. Elmer Hack rert Clayton N. C. O. Club.
a .d MrJ..L A. .Jiese ... .. .. ---, ."
: .. ... "': -- "... Msele zV o Ewn
TThe USO.JWB ic uveag
owam's 'Group will meet Wednesday
fle Balboa Woman's Club will 8:00 p.m. at the Armed Foi
gService Center, La Boca Rc
,_____________ Balboa.




Uwas for mS, aS

ROW with a simple crem you

oeire. It easy to apply. -
Tor kinky hl wl be replaced w ft
neither humidfty. 'no brusing w l
inky fain. ;

N I. in Cabetl Aw.L N;.-
A:'-a M... aW & aL ..

*4 (ilnlij O let I

~-~ ~- -- --~ -- -- ---------




'- -




* 1




2OTo% discount on his

and. p on

For one week only

from Feb. 1st up to Feb. thi


1'- .

- .._ ,. .. ..


i peals Ane# For. AF- .

Wi HINGTON, Jan. 30 (UP)-
t isenhower appealed
a skeptical Conrrese
-ftor approval ot
aole farm .rice support
and leveLed a stang-
abt at present rigidly-
his economic report to
House and Senate Eisen-
r"'Ald present mandatory
ice supports are a cause
than a cure of the farm-
aIpsent economic plight.
cultUtre SBeretary Ezra T.
son ardently supported the
Ident's position and .said
:ent farm program, it
tlnud, "will crash down a-
tdur G heads."
told 300 business asi
leaders here that the
Pi npent's losses under the
m kprogHram would make
r potato fiasco of a few
A ao look like ehild'
Spvernment loat more
million dollars on po-
S rts in 1950 and Con-
ptly eliminated them
price protection.
culture Undersecretary
D. Morse said failure by



on Individual producers.
"Such underslble consequen-
ces are inevitable if present
rigid price support policies are
Eisenhower also urged Con.
gresa .to. "study" what he call-
ed the present "'discrimination"
between the alx baide crops and
other commodities which grow-
ing increasingly important In
the atotlo'
habits. "

to e art tne rtw-
iairm program would He ndoted.'t -joeam Ue
"serious shock" to the all fal*Mn d r1 tl
economy, of those moat widely used,,
* Owrnmenot now is re- are4
to support the six baalc eneni
crops-wheat, cotton, He said those who stand to
rice, peanuts and tobac- gain the most from price sup-
0 per cent of the "fair" ports are the 22 per cent of
.price. It can but does the nation's farmers who qper-
ave to support other farm ate large commercial firms.
He said 1,500.000 farm fam-
;hbower wants flexible lies, who earn leas' than $1,000
Wrt hangingg from 75to a year in cash income, "pro-
r cent of parity. duee too little for salp to ben-
said farm prices hav e it appreciably from ftzrm price
gni. of tab .Ig" re- supports, however, high."
X r tThe best solution, he said, it
I ar to help some small farmers en-
in dethan- Aid, large their operatloris to an
"hold near r td r econonmeallv sound basis and to
During 1 -8,. provide others with non-farm
resident ward, 'how- Job opportunities in rural areas.

SPaclfic So Haviglo Company

ct Lines Lid.

,V. IALAMANCA" ............................. Feb. 9
p "FIAMENCO" ................................Feb. 19
ISg 'N. NA D1L PA= IC AM,0o.T) ....Fe. P
"-SARMIENTO"' ....... ....................Feb. ,
V. "ALAVERRY" ............................Feb. 1l
j GART ...... ................... .Feb. 11
"DUmIV NDYK" ......l. Fb ................... Feb.
A .. ....... ..........................Feb. 1
yYAN ................... ...........Fe 1H
SaIln" Sube to Without Notice
SMNITON Crtobal Tel.: 1654/5

SA A.A#5. TC. el .3-19/"S
t&'t*.3CO FAi4 B%,. 2_1

~.ULEN. Plau~ste

94 ~


'. ..

The now r'eneh 8.8. Antilles (19,2l tons) of sit 'W11ii
Service winl call at Cristobal on January 31st bis
affected to etuises and will arrive this tiom, with uritg
on board.. Agents at Cristobal are "FREN. O ,,. r


Fast Freight Service to Colombian Ports
Accepting Geneal OCargo for
Tumaco. Buenaventura. Cartagena, Barranquilla

Wilford & McKay, Inc.
Telephones: Criutobal: 29 1760 2535


Great White Fleet



*8.S. "CIRtIQUI" .................................Feb.
*S.S. "HIBUERAS" ................................Feb.
S.S. "LEVERS BEND" ............................Feb.

Msa rMiL BMN

_fIL ...-
fe .-*' s *.'.




i^ -^- -- ---... ... ,, ,,

No Luekt

*V. 4

j S.[F lo

Very Pecular

-*' R ,' A 1, .


'* eudlan rismtela Chll d and GeammW Cuai


S.S. "SAN JOSE" ............,.,
S.S. MAJORKA" ............. ........
S.S. "HEREDIA"- .......... ... ... :" "

To New York NA .............................6.
------------ .'- ---

To Los Angeles and San Franelp ..........S$27.00
To Seattle .................. .. -......... 365.00

'- .

This Is Confunag

-U. ... e .....
F AMgt *f -:

Ma ipnUy Waonled?

UfHa" 6 SR ACT IN 60&M OF
jkTilr73 a;o!;


AT CNouh j i


ALL 0016


o0. ..

A 11CI^ 44^


' A- .

Perils ot?

Soe leag. Ehier


; ,
Mj o i cit, ,




1 v


*' ** .'^
1 f -'.:

* :

"; Fl





, "



- ~j_-" "bib



* -.U.99.
9 ~3

T. _" .. rit
., ,'. ,; '
i *1


-Ii '
us.378 ;

S.. F. -, .

I erdict in. It's Muatices,,19

f6Henriquez, who bas a fi C en a tp ue taped. I
e inter the sport a Atal itlataches, 0; tp ied So, if
pa of the Club. o. t' ti 'Aa fstf' pper.alp. '
New Officers were aeleted. These .. .
Ware: preu J ept 4.- ...0. eta '. ,at W the tela Slth frbt is that TV n~vIworks
at vice-pIPlde -- w~ft hire asnyw w he's a youl man wit o 40 years experl-
0aanSd v"" 04 --- a ,
tdio 3rdvi e-. ,, -- "
rington, Charlie RugMles.Is1 py that t6leilaon is here to stay. It's
S Spanershodt Seet .,-. .prlV iem a. ,chanaw*t o@Da's#tio z g besides act dorna and abm-

l H. l' fbVedries of their mma on -h and loe on u o ye i ned
Thta =olge taU was are onCit ann It'sEcse. A fe*-Voteks baft. Charlie was cast as a big bus
With u t r silly. He lIdn't. i e aeted Ik a ab'g buhb tycoon. And he seen
d, or tOver rath t h t a. week o Kate &inith's NBC-TV allow, Ictlng in a
t~ upper at the 'kl t Sit called "Thi Wotld of Mr. SWeeney," in-which he's
-Pc. goeIedo a lolgandfather.
oF, eMat L er Toi s.r al 5 ha s ba bee ae._ W lAlth there's a very ood chance
S O ef. atOki for wbho sail 5 i o bri4 at llnast p. t be u tpanded tdou half-b of its own next year.
Thnxu mne .Th u neiitDss- Dt the "ThPaity was given by Bm -en i The o t- Charle ae is hn t e O bne anad orangp.grove tin Calfor-t
,thus d1 feee h s teh afern1- 9stcome DeaMt#4suse-imprae d -this chance, at last, to break out
^r Zdlflrs aMO the s ew taoloth. W orfhy d- 91o Hospn italwhere Dr. Gilder -Sory sa yln rd X
the dutesof the. worthy Ad- oln rintendent, with "If you stay too long In one Spot." he said, "you get enmeshed
aUrge enmbe ofo personal frientwdsth in mud d Mndyou hive to fight your way out. 8o I came nast. And
The jedge Il was bei field, Cathy Cheek Edithann Eck. of r s.Les, man e o And New York is. happy, too.
r oeas huAnd New Yornysahappy, too.
irettpe.u, t ane As d er s or. lar bill, were presented the hon t a hr eeS
Slge-isn H ope orl uoe ow Offic ers WOre handed frOs. rso 1Ruth Draper has been doing her monologues sinceabout
IV'n B Uitds nl' ne ed Ro ehitug wast corsages, gifts of the orts 1,iew arnd Ms. Pee p
le. d.aew. new Worthy Advisor. J'w eliv was to e towards the Purcnas. of ,_ F r Newa Y f or a three-week run. t e calls this her
Tree "Farewell New York eC Mrent." And the critics, to a man, have
ro ofle had streamers of gold and their first television set. warmthins to s And the crt to a man,
name "Brb 4The Stations had the color of their CARV Party At S W greatest artInt hsr rise," Atkinon (Times) calls her.
fowR e io4 etteranr station as the streamers, and the eenCog te And Watts T Heraid-s t) says, "This ts matchless work, not to
-ationsthe offi ers ha nv d te $ A.F 1. .Perkins wes host- be-@ttiaed." Hawkins (WeirM-Telegram & Sun) says, "This is not
rp"0 rt oand.. he :a ntedaofficers, had silve. r, andL' T C JI Pl n s s -
c ~ a te ers ess or a ge an asta p. strodiious- is lmposable-but she does it."
the a T a ss te en was ty ven at apartment in he others are in the same vein, and all express the hope that
t of the cer. e d -b ee. Graham Br sh Consulate, Thursday afer- Miss Draper's self-imposed "farewell" may be a Ittl previous.
M.*14ailing o f t e ir s"Folw whichthCOer bars foa tn0. "
werl s eo~leeol eeo_ W presented b Mrs. E. Her guests were Mrs. Jose Ma- Joke department: Man rushes into hardware store. "Murry,"
ger A,; Chaplaizi --is W. ,'r, C han of -the Advi rin Gonzaleft Mrs. Charles Whitak- he says to clerk, "I have to catch a bus. Give me a mouse trap."
bnw lReeord r ---Miss 5,s; '- for 19,5. Miss Judy or Mrs. nthony Raymond Mrs. "Sorry," says clerk. "we don't have anything that large,."
Syl/ iia and organist -- Sgt. Mae v was the only girl to re. -ilton Cookson, Mrs. Robert _eh, A
How-r as lght. eelb the "pot of gold. Mrs. John Kernick, Mrs. Charles A greedy young lady named Eadle
The installed with Miss T'te officers of the two Worthy Perrett, Mrs. Herman Henriques, Said, "Olmme movies in 3-D. indeedy."
Ego, Worthy Associate Ad- Advisors put on ceremonies in and Mrs. E. Gorigin. Sach day she'd see four
visor ,arn Stroop, Charity their honor. As her first official The bridge prizes were won by And her eyes grew so sore
oan HhN Hppe Arline act, Miss Egolf presented Miss Mrs. Kernick and Mrs. Cookson. That greedy EAia., from 3-D, Is beady.
Vandergr t,7a -th J1ne Row- Dough with her past Worthy Ad- Mrs. Gonzalez and Mrs. Perret *
le, -- Madelon Garrett, visor's JeweL were the canasta winners. Corey Ford was full o4 s recent hunting, fishing and writing
Tre Diane Delany, Cha- Mr. Leon Egolf presented his trip to Mexico.
pla arie Esase, Drill.Lead- daughter with the gavel of her of- "Do you know," he sal "we shot grouse'st 500 feet!'"
er a Gosy', Love Carol ice. Fb. II$ As Date aazine editor Stewoteib raised a quiiczzlei eyebrow.
Ne Religion Diane Schel- Also installed durldg the evening, "a.'"qut' a eary-.* a shotgun, Corey,"he said.
deg I udge, wert the following members of theU I i.h
1m e, 0. Board. Theo~- included f l
Fi dXd.-E..Cha ,Ir. and
Servi IR. den E. Mr. and
-, -tial. M est E.- Mr,.-
Oh ,_uter .illiam R. Mt. ,4
i ir rte mmett W..' Mr .t.. I has been set .the
si ii. .chmmett W.. dste for the production o4 (r.-
Dia Balboa Lietat
Mrs IIIbe 7:90
-.Denovan I. Gey ns. Is W
-. -Rumphrey, M A. o'" h of "Our wn"'- d a
Mrs. Thomas F. Gibso6n, ;Mrs.tae
* R0,O OI IS Ral h E. Malcolm, Mrs. George L. 'IA3tlc Snir' in that the- stage
CtRa el, Mr. Harvey Gullicsoo and is relatively bare-no sceneryr--
Ma rl. MWhit .arvre tu o ,. -ut there all similarity ends.
Mr. Whitman P. Garrett. t offers a completlatis
T. The guests who were seated In Itor .ol3doetemvatle-.
R i9 Tomorrow Duga Supreme Inspeetor or- which nmake u. i the two-hm.T
der of the R-ainbow -lr Giiismin Athi ew.
16 bringg to a climrX the Canal Zone Mr. M1arl Taylor, .. -sh.w.
Sntrmalby the Rev Right Worthy rand Sretary of TI, ckde will o on sale th- s
s A'tqr of the First ..the GrAnd Lodge ,- s.. A.F. & viiok under the general suide
'dCurch. C01011-A. M.. and Mrs. Taylor, Mr. and 0! Brc,,in re, o +no
for aevtv CAM- Mrs. Harol&E. Chambers, Worthy of the Student Aos -ction '
16!"atron Iad Patron ofRal Palm Balboa Higt. hol There-WE'l
i b i. at r! and Patron o a. P be 100 seats on the center aisle
wa i.1 nitiue mnth, aper" -. MI ~ t.S1Cr reserved. wltn nl other seats P-
1,t 7,night- through Chapter O.' E. S. Mr' tMa "eera ..
sb r wilr be Dr. G. Neorthy Patro. Seven boys and ten girls have
f Sai L. Sddhti lougby Woeen worklnz dihgent y for some
itn H ibyr of ngro--.jounY-ors and -_ sert Lodge oA- 'F time ron the production. A re--
n t s,..of o reisss nd A 1 1erA8 F. peat nertrfqoar .will be given
nati ths s-nwid lofm e brsWrnyn AV .iso B. O Feb. 19 at lte ame hour.
lsne ftoNthe.niIt States to- No 1, Order of th W, Ies-
day -. lie W. Cro Jr., Master Council- h
the Fsti. 'I'anmtan Baptist lor, Atlantic Chapter, Order of De- I YrV lke U se
Church is sttutteJ At 14th 8treet Molay, Mr. Bruce G. Sanders Jr..
ind DWoif olmnrt opposite the DeMolay Dad, Reveieud J. *. L. TV Earn' 'NIN0i"
CaUy .Th ater. Graham, Mr.- and Mr WLeon J. OrE LI.I.IP .. ..
Egoifpap rent o t e ce Wohdqlorthyoffbulla
Anysor, S.W"Donald.Hum- NMyolic o $an.s30o(UPIr andDo ibl r
oUth Joins hren Mros. e .o.r. The N oW cteO eaal.. -pr cow gals to be haViSL" bt Marlene Adron.
phreS Koblo er.Avft Cr,, The police dhaytent. d&Ntsbt1 Red Bluif. Calif., seem to have
g' oe, "' L atnbow Dad- mouth will use television tof M uan s tl of Re C li to he
.ns i is in handl. The dandy specimen will bppactioned
w er arv detectives In BobklYfr a n- off- In a bul-asal in early Febi-ary Urnthebselt of the Marcb
,esh -swmse then thereup" o prisoner, s In the Manhat-
IM e 'bet Uo dethe oieg tan headquarters.
Af. ..:. '. Police Commdssooner W..]a
A)| ,-ag3-.azos ... mAdams announrcd that, a .
D ", e.-' n 4! Mr y St m casy o resets wll be cordustee Neb. ra.i .

hYo ar : Under.e. co

M a Famt A attr by PONDS

'py a~pp"4.# ,Now in disjsm, nmw MIOR CAN

a i m s o h y u l l e w a, ta uw a m qy o A n pl F a c e In

..,_* i*whAum t *m Li^ .. -a'-L'Zcass. Ad&'.**a liy."1 .**" '& i4 irsor Can con"-.

r, ."UUE.. w ,ly5V .,u 5 *Ufw EE.
' y .- ,!-- ... .^ .
v ua w "w'' ww e .

34 v-1

* I

.* W6 p-


S *AJ74 -.
-! PM. 4 tt 3 ;

4K 100
North-South vul.
lmuth W1 WN r 2h 0a1
3,N.T. Pam 44 Pan
4* Pass 'N.T. Pass
Pau Pass
Opening 1d4-V

I have often advised bridge play,.,
ers to keep fighting to the bitter
end, but there is such a thing as
taking this advice too literally. If
the situati is completely hope-
lesa, you might just as well get
what you ean and sate your en-
er for another hand.
When today's iaadd was played
at the recent national tournament
in Dallas one determined young
lady fought so hard to get a trick
that wasn't there that she lost A
trick that her opponent was trying
to give her.
West opened the three of hearts,
dummy put up the ten, and East
covered with the queen. Ralph
Cash, of Phoenix, Ariz., won the
first trick with the king of hearts
and naturally went after the clubs.
Since entries to dummy were too
scarce to let him play the clubs
any other wy, Cash began by lay-
ing down the king of clubs.
West discarded the deuce of
spades, and Cash saw at once that
he would have to'lose a club trick.
He therefore showed his hand and
said "I'm going to lead the ten of
clubs ext a Adiet it ride. You can
take the queen of clubs, but that's
all you can get."
This was a perfectly correct an-
alysis. East should have taken her
one club trick and shut up shop
for the day. Instead. per'.aps hop-
ing for a miracle, she said: "Play
It out."
Cash took the king of clubs and
led the ten of clubs es he had an-
nounced he would. East defiantly
refused, the trick.
Mea-while poor West was trying
to find a good discard-on the sec.
ond round of clubs. He had already
peen declarer's hand, for Cash had
put it down the table when he
made his claim of 12 tricks. A dia-
mond discar' would'set up a triek1
for dummy, while a heart or
spade discard would set up a trick?
for the South band.
After much perspiration, West
discarded a second spade. Declar-
er then crashed the ace and queen
of diamonds, continued vith 'he
ace and .Jack of hearts, and then
led a club to dummy's ace to dis
card a heart on the king of dia-
monds. His four spades took the
rest of the tricks, giving him an
overtrick and giving East Jlher
red face. V

5000 Second-Grade
Children To Get
Anti-Polio Shots
Dr. Jonas E Balk said today he
will begin Inocu:ations of about
5000 second grade children here
with his anti-polio vaccine in
"about two weeks."
Salt, Unierslt3 of Pittsburgh
scientist wheb developed the vac-
cine said a dela in the nation-
wide tests o0 his polio Dreventive
would not affect the Allegheny
Cotmunty Inoculations.
The national trials were put
off for flve to aix weeks becatue
of delay tn vaccine production.
They were to have started Feb-
ruary 8. -

(NhA Telephoto)
ACCUSED -- Waiter Tlhonton;
nationally known model aent,
has been arrested in his Park
Avenue apartment at New York
City on charges of master-
mindlng an $t800.0 child
model racket.

Delinqen -Boy, 15,

Yearns For His Old,

Beat-Up Labrador
MIAMI. Jan, SO fUP) To a
deputy sheriff here Smoky Is in
"'old beat-un doir just as hard-
headed as they come."
To a 15-year-old reform school
lrphan, Smoky is a brothere
And to his reform, school supe.-
intendent, Smo'ry may be the
"means' of sending this boy back
to soclet- as a normal youth.
A search Is under way for this
dog, a giant black Labrador 'e-
triever that means so much for
15-year-old Lacv Lowell Rollins.
Rolins was arrested last Decem-
ber for autu theft and grand
larceny and Smoky went to the
humane society.
On Dec 31 Federal Judge John
W. Holland'committed theyoutn
to the National Training School
for boys in Washington. The boy
asked if he could take his dog
The ludge, remarking that
such deep affection for a dog in-
dicated 'he boy had "good in
him." said be could keep Smoky
at the traintnl school, but thie
boy had to go without his dcg
when he could not be located im-
The humane snelety said De)-.
tty Sheriff Charles E. Aleax't-
der adoptedo" the dog two days
after he wa" left at the humane
*oclety. The deputy sald moky
lisa)peared from his hoe that
"That dog sur" wasr-nothing to
brag about." Alexander said.
Dr. Lopil Jacobs, the training
school superintendent, appealed
to the sheriff's fflce here to finid
the dog and Sheriff Tom Ielly
ordered the search.
Dr. Jacohs told the sheriff that
the boy's devotion to SmokV is
so intense that they tear he can't
be rehabilitated if the separa-
tion continues. The return of tne
doQ will "assist Immeasurablv"
In workJng with the youth, he
The boy told Dr. Jacobs that
"if Smoky eyer finds me, he will
never leave me."
"He didn't seem like a doe.
He's a brother. T wouldn't want
any other one."

Color Dresses Up Ranges
NEW YORK (U.P.) Kitchen
ranges are becoming as colorful
as any other item in home furnish-
ings. One manufacturer of gas
ranges is showing them in a sea-
fosl VgSen, sunshine yellHw and
sapathe.Q tuttrer
the Ilka wUow, tur-
quoistu, n green or
Imana red. ".
da .,

grocery rulne. *d3
shell awyHi.

H arab mrt I tw
Her Umtw ina -ed

Now. H r I

Repring Aid ,,

up to 2000 hours wvl
one battery ,


No. 181 PStreet '
Box 1890 u "''ci '

Telephones: 2.2386 -

I 1 'i1 '4

start tinting I -'..
stop woryinl..,
Don's wdtry abbutnt
first gvay sttial1 Let it il
"blessing i disguise'" --'-
.simia|toM soW&V
and do. something about r
gaining lovelier, n a tur
looking ne haircolor.i '
relax -- and let R.ou X
over! For RouX Oil Shi.6
poo Tint treatments co
every visible strand of 4
or gray hair, give spark ,
highlights and lustre.
subtle, ntural-lookomr,.
that changes your worry .0
autionr a

No.-3 "A trat
Telephone I-W71 --, Ati

1- .

' 7

Cocktail Lounge


(Friday and Saturday evening,
.January 29-30)

pp -~

famous swiagpters playing tfieir newest ilterpreW -

IPama' '


*. \..

.. ..- -
T "9'

-* v

I..' '. .?' ,.l _
?*, *' '-. ../ ,',* '.'- jwH ^ ^ .*...* .. :, ;
-- ,,.-. .. -
': -' ; .9-'.
? ., .

... T' ~;.

___ ~_ ~ __~___ _~

* .


,*o ., "*

- :?..




. ~bMfi


* .... 2.a.ImAA

~W~%" *.je
~ ;a



r .... m *p C.h 3Lc. 9.- a9 4 ., P5 IaYbe. g
CaHouseold Autoo i WEN DEHA- Medcic. Pii. O n PROFESSIONAL .un b thei. ir th
Central Avenue K Street rer.
Justo fAreserma 0Ave, n t. T 2 lII Ct seer ort VF 9I o
Vre6O oa RDO IZIStr olRlCE IJOI1B~k~D Edund. -i 4

a Cl stobal. anyi 8ter 6:00 2768. M10uCe Amtrrcln womv avala b"-567. But otn E ltnte M> .
Stre.t.CUfo ba b-st na Csteru Oreilepos welln l the o u
58iu it" 5in '

SSAAT@Elarge. n950 Buc oalI rple

,< .2 large orm choirs. Tbble and uSphia eskll SIK shi Vl3t V short notice. Phone Balboa 1865. WI LLAMS Some Clara bwch Cot* A Ch Rltion The Tudor ose, c| t 5
Househld Austoob. ay ae A M DR WENDHAKE: etrdianel Clin. Phi lips. Ocenslde es. OSl: e olbdn idtlr b h t er .
Central Avenue sci trr t csarp nfe Clara, Box- 435. Balboa. Phome

ib, frSALE:-D inangroom set, E Tcu 11 C CI C. I Telephone 2-4796 Panama 3 on1877. CrietGEO.ebaF.lV 16 Me ol Tsqu1irAge 1.- q
a Cel ar, on sising ofR tS me LEe- Ir19 o' 2 ub ___1 p ,, Iee ri oWf A T SH P Olr r i the tema l qu te s, .
Sx 43, 3-0 chairs, large buffet and China Me porthg plastic season. $25..ver Phone -Fuerniure and equipmen t hypnos frac FOR RENT:Furnished, suHouse. s- Hu Thr-
A 51 Price $2 00.00. House 1524 86-6270 tion ao originad c o st. Panentrt ion 10ith bedrCOOL Cpaor-d ningroom, two T P

t. ,lbo. Tl. ste e2-1658. s le- ord er t rvohet. $euT- swringang doors, perme anyt we i orman n and oni .ro.. T e. Brl ke ;

.SALarger ci. Tarl ab l eo h t. T lson eO A lady
la'i1. rie $0. Paso 1$30 Sdne 2- COs A I MOTORS shan, nti.P hoineh dr lon ie ment toLt ou h oneN SRAni el c hla et- 3f 89 t ta e Setor rcaors' otelitp eI .
tIa, j1l2N0 ".ft1 8opr_ C orll dans b y 2-1350. ll d aloea 20r0 ead, Apt.1Hm5 wee) a Mcparrito d, forendl Or. crlk then.ltectui, Wriight..._
^..I Xaao 1 9in F~r. .-..~. Teb .ecol.e 1o i -0n ooher a-5 rtot Foe ( urt-e. |er;tlo)lro; ff SefGromlich Santa Clara ac cottages, M r.
tSALE:-Frigidre refrigerator: FOR SALE:-.1951 Chevrolet in beau- tion. Former instructelectricrerigeration, stves, NEW ANI r .g

Su. ft. porcelain inside and eut- etif condition with many extras. st 1 E s a O N A o f. O
Sx, --0 c 1 o F rfL rnsy aat students. Box 134. PanoFom. mod rdts rates. Phone 6-41 oEi P-RONuTT Hunsee Cotr uest a0,- .wd .O 9
side, $75-00. House 1813 Apt. J. l 1,175.0. Coil Balboa 4211 O atr mrcn n I Dhc lb Pl56.e CSa t somtonque sto f Irni MIU 51 S
ofui6i Mture Ameruicn woman fral4-567. .....le doalas eek ':
Id Cristobal. anytime otter. 2-, 6:00a l e d pi r o o Stu dina. t bs tell; The rnat Peaoe, an..uthee- e e rd
4 ticMs. forsbabywsittingeineCanal Zone. Foustreet, Par' uesLeCovreTh 166$4rmn- wea.Qn the Grand Tour, Boo-ae -aant

Al :-oe. rel 1 igr fur, Oner o wnerlicar. Telephone 2-4488. inoants but will care fr chldrenar. ol aS lJ.I r tPotor rge iie ly
i n. fAE- 5 o eAe thr s pLrie b0cauhid 1 et ser O c ep sh tooerined bcoalre FOR RENTa C r. Plrfea. bTr elhourn. AL ile g;a nd The Secret of h ema f
-yry~oers, butonl cure and ctlllly toe, Phn 12o Panama. 'i A.esml oll a o i.

tortl.nt Prdice tHou.s $ o00 550 dn p I_ ham_ har d nmr_-F ch o;]______ FO_ ____ e1.rt.on.
lei da l5 2-pc l.Custo16 mlmdd 8 to S5 -Call ages. Available tand ond o r L.n Clk i o mian G d T .s.I

l a, g a r c.hoi. b an S -po tess LE 11 --n- VPo n e- si o notice. honr Balboa 5 1865. Sonic Claom ot-IF to S ? .to The Tudor Romat. d.
teAI :tg.oubIoae t chcirsrrods, tblese l in.aaR RENT- b modern, tlon ded a Mdr do. yo o e
ice ll ors raorCove Saws filedtand st by ecsio s a on Eastw l oao u 0o0 rao C b o trues; The 8unoowa' of th e Jon. dPi s
oiomaAuto eavan scissors sharpene a. dEl Balboa 3050ex ceptdui p. aae Barret meone Ldke win be gw
JGvaRBl..fl^el so, fn ei I re lle filing machine 60g. Saws retoothd. weriksends. YOU, DohV; D Bar Enchantt:M t, wmeoeLik eWil tife A

mend' oratths Or ick b ue o1 u t FO Lrd lo FOR RENT :--Furnihed nre:e Oa F. N-.'' Stout Slhe mthir Ane l tWe old -p u ao r
et s nd f t. E1 Mo Po nut- tr 8 oo E$elt0 Pohonl 195 l. 00.o Knives and scissors sh $barpenedrEcle o rc h a Three inuortall a, tae o ou IaI l ; D contme in ch ie.:ta n.h
ae as poLAN MOTOS Remte 12. Estudnt St. Tel- REN toord: The Jolden Bpider, h atr lt There Wbe. I artn -
Ss. .E g Tel.. 1-103 2035 phone 2-4683. Between J and F R.K NeV 'it; The Third Angel. Weid-,ly Ly .fi
,h l si. s ar.. FOR SAL-140 tFord 2-door sedan, Vstreets.9 po a nd the male, Well-
43. blnds, e sc excellent -h running ndln. wpn- I OPEN YOUR OWN BEAUTY SHcP o eOr os s Contra a e d someoe, Mc__r C
2-33 x derful transportation. $25.. Phone -Fu iturs and eu9pment .at- FOR RENT:-Furn.shed House. Three
51 j1-42ux 51. 1-36 X51 86-6270. ion f original cost. Partition W ithL bedrooms parlor-diningroom, two ae Seeks
carpet sweeper. 1544-A, Mango 951 Ford Cooeela Club Cep s o attached glass top dressing tabes; baths, kitchen. patio with bar. 2 a wEr 5111 Elsven Order!
io al Tel. 216, r. swinging doors, peranen wave and one mbad's room. R A,1P"T y d Tds.o

Bl c.HoB Tel. 2-158on aend Nes5t t 0lla9 F. Ebuip- tbo 3 Js t Ar-m. 00 espuigt.. For further i nf pl a ita i;.
S.6piee,-hre r' machine, sha.nrpoo bowl. 2 AI r. Ttha r 61L1. a lu 5 -t
Sld. 1.0 dryers, mancure and utility tables, 3~1 5 s 1
ilent condition. $300 qr daven- COLPAN MOTORS shamrponished chalet for 3 erhod V
Phone 2-6372. T -0 2-1035 chirs, ll cabinet and e inExpositionGrousTel4 2-3nYDREW PARON

M :- e Lux e, 6 cylinder hydromatsic fl AE PENT:-Tw bedrooms chN A lot of mneuvewen et on in elNtQ ,odiued b

:-- w P~t~--buffe thol o irs. Sgoo. e w f I FiF.h t225, nFObeR OlALT brmR ceh or t FR p R E ra cloat rooms' bef o a senaou eed-a
n iants an flowers. 529-B, Dul. Rr, duty paid, raio, pias- OR SE o 1.50. house o 4, In E o hM ol.n. i tor ca oodid tel.wa asoey piked .
u w dloo a Sn w tics e yS..L hole rrsi r f e aehteer, ae y U Street, Parque Lefevre, Infer o rOt o. hen tat wa sr h n he State o Maine ag aMst
Fo d ol 5 p Teltc car in A-1 conditions l n sold r t atfron 9eeon ft. non at Julio Quiijano 25 Re&( Margart Cas e Smith the onlyi .
S 5 t o ch this FO ice because of urgent trip. FOR SALE-Registered blondcer FOR I ENT:-Furnh ed three oma l ntri nte M h te med .r a

-cou Mfr ro.$150s. 00e -HotPoiondielnt t nmust ell meit of c t or bdroen F .FOR RENT: -- Furnehsdth morete bed- e promised tha plentyratheieV:t r
ft Cast' 1,750.00. P -hone 195-L. pu 3 month H od shots. 3r .00. room chalet on. orner t Via aEs-wa pestwughdu e rom l
trit0Cea Easy parents. Colo, frn 8 d. ms. Calds Blb o 2-1350. Call -poil and Calle Coombsa. B200- o ut, 5, 7, e9 f y ear MCCathny Atd h fends.
itel. Ti .1216, Mr. eetdr Sin. FOR Balb 2-25a5. 00. oor further information doopplye I!' E* BoII "ur' s S.m Lat aomer deeCarthy cor.nator- OI J" dl e,

,********.*^ e y hS. f dee Last M A.so00 atoa fite ou d a be rent .acn Hoel El Pana ff <' o d d 1 C ha As I be Vt Aro lAs
FH l et r Cover d e Sdatc .RE T OPPORTUNIY n- to Julio Qujono. MOUYNS t CIA TRO d e rOwen Brewster o bQLt .

In. Ho s. te I. PMn.lh. A ... LTD 5t---b QaTel .Fo. 1 1a11 ae t d efeased u to yta ft n..n by Tate rge
~A:Household goads. Ma- thte SirliveIinish..1One ef our nos ILONKA TITA. Complete FCR RENT: Furnished one bed- '91ez m TheamtV ralAe. IMFre d 1's igd a YearBd bskedutlve If. hob
ny dishes old furniture, couch tede Specials ar enly $800.00. liqu.dcotion. Merchandise compg iletey rcom apartment house. litStreet L Id asked m v/as

s;hhe P e loannL o-d t.. .d .. .. .. m e ti stlong a ut. .sh ,oI
beds and springs without" COLANr MOTORS n:w, shoes for ladies and children. PFerry Hill No. 2, 8.70.00 For in '- r mt ed e 5 4 loGu
-nI.oe OR SALE:-Buick Super 1948. 4- ndrasa RF rn ihnedort t a y would ome l and oWame
ets d teeblequssr M -ddoor. Excellent condlt:on, must Sell mnt of cOothes for children, F A. m FR RENT: Fu shed concrete Cuhypromsed that plentyo aci Dam: Bsy. I a
S oph n 5729, l $Hgts. J .29 to Fb.1 3. Strol chcIet, 2 bedrooms, porch. porln.our P R state money would come Ion h -
FOR SALE5 A~ oto ~ r. A diningroam, kitchen, garage Ei coddate who ecrta -
ch with vi e.F Misc.mE"AO"Nroo car, od suitable for two couples, I50 Vi, iSm p itoh rn ear2 e,
ess. to rsrhroughout, R1ning t and chirs;oe 2 F D Plow B rio PrraET near Roosevelt as.lancetto rn ,"h p akC
tMexin Area, Nabaeer 3 Via Porrad y C;lie 9. Tel. 3a l577 ort o---1i L.
to-kiBoox 184 t W dn s day S are Fho rlcu'turo FOR RENT:-q ot a .Ot onaa
TA.._Big_ 8t rp. __ n u 0 Latr
loungehak2metal hqirsenOm meehtn o the- ALPAACEN ILONKA TIA.B roams, p wirminr. Ahimp Spea6 Dt p Dwbstwo eo
Atlhogal; Xheobt ebombo h"e-Lkaly P. -@ 1 sali of all.n-erchndise. Dresses for keafo l ~ -i- ..wdsltt to Br e
plab I. 'RANSPORTE t or+t o
oa ladies 'and children's shoe, under- ,-.d by 6.'; Feda& n...riailear th
t clceus smll 6 d4OLFAN MOT ; wear and beacn c others from Jan. hoe r-say be i p. mth iArtb e -
Bolbl. 2I103 2-10 29 to Feb. 3 in Ju to Araosremeas -ur. For fu;0edlmrn a
rts.h ,Avenue and 3rd nStreet. tr. Mhrcol f ._.. ... 1
"nl Nol 1 W8nkr i 4 0410Ors*Ii(
Salorns ion of el to
,olso de t. oo Hs br, Ptersb.g,, lo', + ..oandA AUSNT L' JI u.b;Tn rendl Ra a r
built2-1e1eulCa" n ae, a ftles
aof Jd Av'ue..Apt.mi a** many tam -IeN earby. For Infor. furnished apoartolnt. rae. I fo a Las wek Jnes-pho d ex-Sen- Sn Ji Ca~t Of tbf. tr e
______-. HO :k___ m aloA n Flori o ap O b O art- bedoo1sch. a r.Fo rT. l atorfBae rlter to ask whether he l be ple.nt. .o .'
Ioeet. Ho eind. bal Estate investment .-"brne Panama 3-4941,egm
sn wAnu, ndl nlir M a b t Mrs. sm.Mr. legal elect.oj3, 414 mayal-
Pt wargMht pe. ,iteaV. F. --__' s/o :Rro bMertone scooter a y 1kr_ to m-mb
-ALHAMBRA APARTMpNTS .. tar j9mF rlt"ii e
e srvicefr 'i. Hm lat P L, Fi=M MaindAL 2. 4 and 5 moms, fu rnishedtr edlev Lpubliea or. In Tr lee 1s Itffb
1)" ++o l or. St. Pelersburg Florida. 00ed, aomsp. hehot ate.:wTe ,iatta tor' B rtmwjte a weMtpa, TheI tebeelet dd i t .e
-of. lamA'SAL- Whole or subdividedl86, 1th Street, Colon. Phone SIDNEY MORRELL heavy batkig.
From2:o-o. 361 becu:ful tarm 'Villa Hermelindra" 1386. Q1neraz S f Mc E LCarthy's enmity i Mrs. acac.ifcict e.with1- ..te -_ __.
Ae 13-B, Pedro Miguel. FIPOR SAEoi MP2nIymj.h f-dorr In An Da tawn. 12,000 M2 FOR 'ENr :-Furnished two bed-room- Smhe ,fo tefs enato w had treasurer, a ynd a ot d The '
,ot, imed1at& frontu tokeg prfpt- new -Ad' ss w the dnsnto, ohdnd fdonW T n utr aej95 of
-Bomdi cRat tft ovrr wriecq ucofrnss rerdt on river limits, apartment for three months norht e cot to rtR ordeal-n-w. nte will bOh eot ,h AtdD
5oo flo m SEvenrudeay dhlnton. af' 4E -- oeho $orsde4 0 ''1, 140th. Street No. 13, apart-. r aI..o' arConscience" aimed bat wthe Clmpore& 41
motor 3 HP $90.00. Leev- Ce il AlbroIk 6. 178 o er $e at Qtrs. woccs hircl On concrete. column W 3 Te oBrnea rh de i irst UmM Kots i
W oto e H ield. light lati.iunning water. Phone 3- Te?' l e eb In deoo stanti. wi,
Stddlo couch. Single FOR SALE:-1952 Singer Roattar. FOR T--Matebedrooes. Fh c-T:- -Fuonished apartment m "ls a te State D either the 8 Offlee or te,
V I f -CGolf Heg;t. Phone 3- couples. Best residential"
Telephone stand. Toblo .Phone 5197. house No. 575 392,71. ,n.No 4rd reidetil:A ba.spitsh d
"lf l9e2. .rror. R o G odt ur ult sell dGPOGq rlo No. 13, 43rd Street Bell a g -
Iftoide k .id I'LuOF -r V i vs. e '- FO ..E.-.-n Alto-Lino, u FOR ANT: Modern unfurnishe to TC PiI5 t "O ie I p+II t U I ttA;ic to defeat Senat| porO. J 'i n"l' e -I mat,.
tho. Pipe threo6e l _small coffit endsugar c.ane planta-Ifcg o EPn a5 of r ndh ems] ol !a# December
t~bht. Office desk. Ml t'io, with fmL'hed house; 4 bed- el n Iaci ngke-HIotelsElaterma ad the S ateso. p!a
d ,rooms, living, dlningroom a n d n 00.plvng Fat ReOp, t eo.Feb. 10 dat.hotoie
2h-1pnel 50, hn kis P. ,1Box 7m8. David. Tel (net door). Telephone 3- tiem1ftimantwh oheo
FOR ALE:' Plymouth. Mcs-achu- -R L,--- _3_1thrdtl orc-2ott"di-3T0eLit 7 age to Introduee s st srt "ool &t 7: It 1*mmlmded that 4,14,0n0
o,2.bed- FOR RENT: --Downstairs cotte 1"m 5 a probe of McCartby. Now-be Feb1 it
$35--3."0r.o oerotatableetonemileofrunning river, all year o
.00.Ze. ni t t. b h reers perch, tile bath t hectares, "Los Gwas" Panama. Hautiate uited for Amerin.-
kitched perch, tile bath 1,6 72 miles Irbm city. V. Davis. Cris copquiet neighborhood. House- : O sgificant est m lofhre
I o. -.. 90'1 tbal f-i93 V, 8 I Santo Isabel Streeti, thy van eanse., is that few Sens- a-.=e l -.
0rteter$4.1g rnirshed. _l__l3-2934.____w Coeon, phone 415. ,. t nt c g a
7--_"0 ______. .._FOR -4.ALE-Leve led lot 800 meterAAth* r voices against him. No mat. ".ldr and .

at Of BMltal.. KFO REN I bedrooms apartment house. 51 St.
w d Orwl be No. 38.. f B.1500. For further in- A He Jocobs Let ,- sn
:...S .. ....a n i ad her topIc wlU MiellapeO.s formation apply to Julio Quiiono I i Ki |r' S
he board of directors cor- FOR R T:-Grund floor, aircon FOR RENT:-Completely furni Out Frcm Active
S't-it &amto at ditionod"Goleo- e o building In "El apartment. Bella Vista, $125A.00 SB
SCongrejo facing Hotel El Panomi with all utilities. Phone 3-0553. Dutyi With WaVes S i
Apply Fpto HMlcin next door. Tel, FOR RENT:-Fumished, one bedroom PA MU )Z "
phone 3-2007 4r 3-1179. modern apartment. Garage. 168 y To a M f36 (UP( -
Via Belisario Parroe.'3*iI Jw tW t e 1 s. .wI
S'IDIAN MAUnFACTURER .FOR RENT ..-Furnied 2 bedrom j iJ V. I
wants Importers or agents for b couples.iCa3l 3-15%
Sfor Silk Scrves, Bulion 7:00o vmnngs or before 9
--br-iries, Brasawars
and Novelties.
ceto .utrig.t FOR SALE- in
...a%. IBaIs& Motors
45. P.0. g FOR SALE:-3 H. P. mor, " I
... ..1 1 daq- Ceder ca os f table
.. .-
4N 4,. : _-. + t -".. +" -" -+<

S. F ,

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"j ..*; _" ." :" .... '" .l,',
". L,.-u '~i ^s ,, -i. ". ,jw vy ^s M.' ,^
.....- .- .... .. ...

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~. 5'

Added -
. CAlRTOON a .ing VE
Also Showing S9a. .f Men.!
'' ^

tireb. tee

Seved tUe Raa- a uuil we k aeda s eer lUttle moren poundui.
J. t,. ,,K of ihhladel.
83 boY th lu pilot.? the co. tm w.n i
'f rnl a oub a l" fo

tf S B Mthe erad St the demoe.40 feet
~y-% P at aA t high and U feet in diaineter
.,'i I"'u a m "ar "g pogh to hon"e 30 or"
Sa d. @f small 40 men. 0 ,'Copter circled

eopt ^by *-" steel
was tbluWPi ut faledve ham.
er the f. with which the big
HRS fl~n','Quantaieo, Va."
lW A S2 tru cture. 9 .C.
W 0u, a0r oap t c i ed rIn 4
bue of -the protAd the
wid ad the ts more ef-
fective. "

of. the tings we waned to know
... about," himld. "Were pleaded
ZAASE -g vith t, w7It hbandid. "
TkAi rot: 7;W00A.& : p.m. officials of thO "Ms-
..tine rA' op board' of ehqhupntn
"GAMBLER AND and U.S. ureau of shtdp tron
THIE .LADY" WMAhinhUm; some 40 student
I, t LAUtstrained:-and sweated to =art
with- the doi about 100 yards to A
Nearby anae. The test was
ah c ol areo p haAnagle. g"'an n s
The 'Arcture w diigned
and bult bY students of the
North CaroIlna State college
school of dep and e school'
the Mar"a' r ch .

Virginia Mayo, Dole. Robertson, in ',Devil's Canyon"
AND '--
Robert Cumnmings -- Mrie Wilson in
"\ .' -. 'L _


y r 1:15 3:50 20 8:50



T W aiS^ ^^ t ^^

Ceiar fo6 s Rubl's


". CORIHm, Greece,.ian. 0.--
[UP) .-. Cesar Rubirosa bhopD4
today bhibroths .Porfilio'a mar-
rage to Barbara Hutton. would
help him to say a .a6,000 amug.
glinr fine andM et out of Greece.
The younger brother of he,
lbiyboy Domlntian Republic di-
plomat said he wrote to -Porftrlo
and Sarbara" congratulating
them on their marriage.
"I trust both of them wm't
Ignore my drama." he said.
Caesar. 44 to confined to the
city limits of Corinth until he
pays off a fine for smuggling
about $50.000 in currency Into
Greece. He was arrestedd in 1948
asd served two years In ,prin
before beginning the confin.-
*nent which requires him to r
port to local pollee daily.
The younger Rubirosa sald he
was encouraged kby his brother's
marriage to the wefthv Ameri-
can heiress. e j he hail d-
Malred after D=mIo diDlomt-
tic effort to fret 1m failed.
The original ies was $67.000
of which Caesar has managed to.
pay off $709q In monthly instail-
ments of $70. At that rate It
would take hirr, until the year,
2025 to pav the rest.
"After all Caesar is not Meth-
uselah," his Greek wife Koula
Raid. They have a 8-year-old,
son, Pedro, and are expecting
another child next April.
"Porfirlo hasn't forgotten me."'
his brother said. "I received
3000 from him a short while ago.
Put my Jebt corpela me to leadI
a restricted life."

Cloudy's Pigeon
Has To Stoy Hpme
ENID. Okia., Ja.. (UP) -
Oscar the plSAon *ftted an his
cage today whie ebldren at
Hoover school played op-scotoh
Instead of tch.* .
Oscar pigen t f
MaT's titti lamb. o wed sec-
ond mnder Claude uttoMn Hood
to.a school daily.
But one of Buttonas teacher
feared Oscar .Mlg get hurt li
the children's o of sateh'
the-bird, and be mother
agreed it would be "er f Os
car at home. lh ftea, w hadn't
knowm.that Oe wag m tng s
formal edwftttoa


...u t, .
the jwelled pa"t from M
'olo the rest of de swae
i jewotd seatdom it wa*
d, WUmesm the suds throag
e garment

ZPa ITnJTar e

Parl In (aro I

oevlopmenl Plan

ated thtopghou# JQt
drinks nay be purcabld.
Several naeteiseb. will have
wood roses for Wae at 10 cents
each. Native costumes will be
worn by a group of young people,
and camera enthusiasts are e-
minded to b.rl colored fum fo1
pictures. Ti ca) dances o thqi
country will be performed 'and

. ttrhman B. Davison and Rob- native muielianis will play and
ert A. Stevens employee of the sing many popular carnival
Panama Canal Co., are among sons.
20 federal workers selected to The public laIs Invited.
participate lR the U S.. Ciil ...
Service Commission's" third c- a project tl .ls presented ap tb
reer development program. study of government administra-
The program, designed to tralau uon .or as a contribution to the
"mildie-mahagement". ou p administrative min ana ge e ut
expliaes fol higher e-ewutiv<1 field
r ability. starts Feb. 1 ha 4d .
en s June 25.
Steveno and Davison will be HEP NOWI
4twen training that Inrtudes a
two-week comprehensive orien-
Itation in operations', the Fed- M
eral government. the preparna- *
tion and completion/of: his own
rotating work assignments In m. f
various government agfedles in
Washington and preparAtio tI .l -

(SHOWS: 1:15 :10 5:05 7:00 9.00 P. M.)

..N N

I utarvP' ,, ,



TA CRUZ 6:15, 8:05
., *

ie. WeWo MONTALa .ai
.ANGIU" j.
Som.e 1 Teehnc* o t
" .

AMr- CmAoA -i6 -62 M
To y MAfTIN V 4-
,r ,' .

9 Arlte OAne .
"Here CoMe The aide
A Tub m&Ulo oI u .
*o smenw4.g DA. a Nbu.b
"Here~~~1 5MeTCri^



iu imiOmST

S 0'5 / i
EMI' w
"., y~

'Two Shows .7 and 9 p,m..






eint -Ie cortaie Meet .
3r: eby? Wa Mr. Wyele"
yM .ea(a in^
"Iagan, OIa


"Kiss me,
and we'll
cal it




Lu | 1:15 3:1 5:5
L.UXI 7:00 9:00 p.m.



The Story of Love, Life,
and Birthl

Burt Lancaster, in
"Fro* Here To teMlty"
Paul Hftreld, In


... I. 7




TODAY AT 11:00 P.M.



amb wws .

eiT C ft, tn ...-: .. 5'. -I
07 o -m..... ... -

7 ;"7" -_- .
"S.'. WIT ,..-,, : .: ,

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* ;- -..
/ .,* ..- r ; f,,- -

* r 'i '- *--

ne ells Casey Ste
.', : -S.t

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: -A -


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: .r..:. .. ." a .a. ," .. ".r N.

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/ thau od h2 Amerlcan i ,o ...

SimpessTope kyourStpoint wikffort to overtake the le Lucky trike 2 .
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519 but didng t stand a chance Wings meet next week, the wining last night against
by. 'ous A "o movha l fntake"Cloves 33

a h El Panamaebe able tta e sneak upl Clo-iLunv pu Striketa Amercan Let.o ln f t'n
t hem: .er !and even pas one of em i.leoaved into a ti e with Balboa 12'..4
lt Paname htt games of l106, The 5-Leaf C covers grounded High for second place. Pretto G e)* 1 i i '-.- it1-.S, w

I arisa thus far. It is interest oA Auest by S Juan M a and game. Webb Hearne got first -
O{ note that in the last three Miss Jean Sandidge. Medina loss in last night's game ( is Telephoto) a i ere ti
weeks El Pananr has ayvraged ,rcked up the tbuird high, Big gun for American Legion MORE TRAN .E AARGAINED POR 0 Boey Maxim h the canvas after beg htwith m ft luak' -, -;
bowdng pe g amewhile Miss Bandidge turned Itr who hit a single and towering their 15-round ch pionhip fight at Miami, la. axim got uD but lost the decision th a t S -hat t.wto-'i e t "
-I Coffey led the way for E ge;onslstent gameS in posting th~ home run in left-center for chance to regain the title Moore.took rom him in 152. ti t m i: thet

tVpama whn gmes of 268. 194!high series for women with a rebtin inthes oher at tl
209 for e te~rlfic 671 serei,Iand the third strongest game, got him a free meal down at the e o

-' t, r and. Earl Best botld second h biggest pmnr s. e rt htwo men on. Fu Sse
-1Acked but d's: Bob had 614neis mchievemexts were nkgath d Lucky Strike picked up their ( r*trt
id' a t Pambil SAnc"ht ab t ho ter is he to- firs rnin three serond ainning A-"flag ,r-lc "'.L N g tate. T
e l Bhilmever l-eda 191 ame Taenda .4series, until theseventothat en they got 2J-
tinued hir E'-. cn1d.Se, renodna pby.o. n ee' two Tmese w ree Amerosand PANAMA RO LEAGUE (Swanson -1-2) v Bombers Brownies 3, Yankees 2. 3"u1.-- --l ,_ RA, GRT'S O).
Iut to rethet games of 223 1 The H. P. Wings, starring the t gions only errors of the game n tw.e O S lta'
Mand 235 for a stron 645rief.iThemnson famil-y insured that American Legion' waoy s outhit butgTeams W L PTt.nTOMORROWS. ((.c0 a.m. on Yankees 5, rownies 4. der
d aer cra!:ed out a the bidders lived up to theirtey scored the runs, htting Yankees 1 13 594Panama Stadum: Brownies TheMount Hpe Stadium wllro t
i-1h ota as Tnem ?" e c -o Lne tu.t ou *a ng his secgnp
ttrieshtnuh tuor.e-tof-e1eshad eby u anhed and e Lucky Strike harder. Brownies Panm a r .n Yankees 5,ronies 4. dfe- a h
hnotha neastime sse tn s Cleat: Tomorrow's game -- Balboa Bombers 12 17 .414 Osorlo) the season toni ht when the last o )IIlb r --.but thee At' .T, ht
Nash--milova had an easy .iS Rufseil Thomepone still ce ibrate High School and Ae r l a n TONIGHT'S GAME (7:30) oLAST NIGHTS RESULTS place Bomber t ackle the second or- t kio
*wo ge a .nd. totwlina ji s bow lin w"he hisusml cm.raf Legion will play first. The see- Mt. Hope Stadium: Brownies (First Game) place Brownies. Each lady ac- n O 11 ." df theft' hAlr lIE-
es o ponts H. r rv Colbet CI-no, bwa nd hed b these m l et nasndiOsdgamreelwill itLucak y Strike yongpanAed ubyr-a- paying fan will do ku 1 s IIn
w ba esao n t 1Wro hin besadmni tten s mtu rrndiw o ...t ; EL s in Bea kto ering. I t heir. o mnarded free pa, n ciog to ad e M madFa Mkgeu"o 'tt"c "t -.e a. wass at ol .t
ed his mastery over alles _i recorded the high series with a a. la ue Womac- The probable starting pitchers Lane admitted they hae "a o tih that half with t
.....2.h.h ol1r1-1 g-ames of -19,1 Wisey. This26 could give w orn- br l etndey w adsg t fv hlf
"25 n 291 f o m 6 1 Mr. Thom o apparent o tg a t k a chance 8 if they w ., win-an dfPr t waorte Brownies ar'nd he e dr as o "the nxt f e gA c nSun Se Bc hed
e s. Dick This ead orgce Raliknr the idea too. re f wi m aif ru St rie H
allowed wt h .is and 80 le- the hph .Re in the women s if they should lose. a um ehlo Robinson or d the y mynot q tsopi l e
Mkntivelt o. 19 egour ageore division a 8 47 and her 397 Rteord At Coc .o Solo TdrT sams d A ill Lan a id he had b the o hev es oed p y Inte
, "" W red o e t- L L ft nJ UaIU -tomor wamo rni admiration for the Yankee or-?the and sain in thg
i Ces-' t 8 .986 814 and ee ~e wo~e run ner-up spot fo.r t5g, gfIbmIs andtwo rn O bI I AhnJ tan gle t ro w I ornd Le did eh! W nothing t eavn S opne a rs l In
' e dr,5. t 'oi et Skidder. Mrs Robertt An a Olympic Sta- ganization. .late atrnoon-. and ev lng ..t
-- du a'plyoff of a game 'I congr tulate them hnav- Bree teretm pd.tre .at
TrAM- Won lost Ave. moment. She wa responsible TQr Panama Area Armed Forces Saturday afternoon where the postponed by rain. Ing a miracle man like general Mt. Hope Staium. ne the
TiAMr- 21n'8 lanI jrthesaly poo vi d s fthe own l abi h Lu. Manager George fhepoestponement of so the P
our Agency. 41 their nly point as she bowled a Baseball League third-place llors wll attempt Last night the Brownies and warmed up. Beer-Powells fray.
SPanama .. .~ 91 pt l5 -40 onsa abovT her average. ie e STANDINGS to lower the boom on the league- 1st place Yankees split a double- So the rwrs' bo o fn-
I .. -. 1- -- T.e Okies moved out fast, ta- Team W L Pc. leading Flyer. The Atlantic side header. The Brownles took the couratulate Stegel Ishing the first hal a dd
the first two aes. but they Albrook A 5 0 1.000 tilt L the feature .attraction of first am 3- behind the fourr unlsh am ewatstmndlE lock withw these Naval Station n
-sFr 'en. .mrc ....w! re on the ngamb e P Iswao Armny Stlano 4 e .800 the week-en d ehit l lefty Vibert ark te a es a the- resn hae

.mea reot wr f-yA ttn r sithremeohitd.thoe .uTnc n e o ith h the saea t ere Am cn eean
........... "..b... t .38THPu.. ae
SFr-c Bia afi l'onlyt e rsretgeu Na vy me.siThe latetser ne d re- u me(nmbt o turIn gs
&Ad 35tfoistogt h(2Frmeni nanLeg6wasbuobam2 L- e .TO b ORRO n SG#10,y fbr ( a sc nd. ra thle be A oBr athw e mnags4hes ta ra w tht s

190 1. .ki Bernarived uDp ll lto e tero ve rs 3 4 ethi375er1n di m:see wi es S.Te Moun t erStadiumowill
..o1... The Okbes m t as well have oaf Laido. 4 c rack at the flyer record. Sur- and lUa h Osmoenwith two nm with the raves datheDeif- portent-e at n ar i
95 8to hen in Mt sko h ee in the third ofter1.t orday's contest n rouen tohe second thr e e h twh. de hl e rg..- ,de tam.
"i "' .- f yn',.In surneo Atac apet Fort il arlspT ereej sany &ntH otgnAsked .Ith w r adl n enieFbe o it hl e leta-t fr 154,; whilet

....B' e v av rb S aturdao a ton.--, an th aniees aputa over two- uta label on ther me. ofn. tV A a t -m
Wtl* n3 1e'ueP koGmrao lv (2:0) ." ;- '. '.urda 'y nel to t0oy .ettn run rall in the bottom of th te b -nr sed d th s-. .e-
twoa8m es apt. B ard.let st_.l-.th0 dno nd will ee further a cu t tenth ico inning after the Btrowniye In his lrleS of the White o t n- tI tfe b ae. .w

176B 1 9B k s t E" Ii 6 ng r eoso u of Bt eh B aker's the n bSpei ali A-r oo t
191 0e 1 8 J31C, att win os the c a m d lf broeu d3 lC hr-heheo evs e a tshiameoownil fanswithLuckyStand.inke
Nine ,hee out I'@' .t1b*r.ove "..irn.aerg-h n ov upper hal the same tinnping to mad Hoene ttaed bafte other Ited the Tars ,to only f ort hitf
Shr A s c,.al..o...Wid olsd g ond seaond,
1 0 1 .15 -,o Par n r d C S at BNa W Coco Solo to Navy .West h Victor tryka to et credit for but we're still searching for tbnied thet nogt sned th er corn

186 -0'.h fo0e- Sotl Le runs on '- baL In the previous meetingnls the second game victory Brownt ede d efe efsotesaset.tlS." dwO.
1t81e 2.0 5Ro e, or tnih's cntut s of.thei. g am e 1 c seo e a 'St. Wwn fv b g
St11P Y i rnt M aridh ho we b, lSSE

16 % 102 1235 oa fedon'tehaeeanythdcka ac S rr np f 2h wi t mt wiailB utrool, u at ed l
10 1. .. the OA club agame andaTD1 10oyat dea th.rle d o lm fho tfeobru tr eScmrook herdeoiDtaks me asured Clayton 5d while charredwiththetde
3 191 ahed other Firemen's, but It perfect record to Coc Solo lo dropped etbnk 1-1. Manager A uki B i baseman, did he say how. the to first half of n
., t oen Shant, Russell Rac and Dabek Yankees tried to get one of our? Atatnc Tw-Loop. n establish
't k 9580 917 2 54 o-w-n11- eaeh ottoohisinnhescond "HeHddn'teb!hell.wrcantell NavalStatonotofirtrhIowin
k w Firemen's wInsurancese contest. Alonso Brathwainte. withyou that one Yankee official ner nd-the rightto pyth
"n e pNM _i 1... ". 2L b 'aam to be reckoned with in Fostlich League Cr ews four forv and Eias oso,'o,asked whthe Minnie Mio wners of he seod -f, po-
Fornder"-iithhtwoM-shthe seoretetn -f ln Oymiot-geV A.. .
nasLOono n fie 1ttbc ifaBrownioest best at the plate. third base for us occasionallo weep. -.
won205211 5pr vided t Aeolo etdr bh tlr via thooe 'ils Ocelots beat the Macaws Jr t eaue is scheduled to "__ __e_',_ _
:T-S 195 2 ,5 6,1I .'. s_-rf keout route. Wednesday afternoon by the et Undeirway, tomorrow, at h
9 her----a-sep- Laed Hilosinger, the loser, allow- core ba 1-. au i:rdS0 .a- at the La Boca Ballc
A":'tue"u106 9stk03 wi 'th Pride adonly four safe blows butrwas e k d lchreirwonhis secu PatI4wheeSearsC.C'Will teA-
; '.El .-an 981--10- 3h caeharg ed with six runs and four ot d game of thite season by gl Wtbh overly C. thC.ea a
is RIO The' .k-e'THF M -Got .a-M free p assess Lou struck out sev er Thgg fouer Mh ast ball and v atohe a T eB o n st ok h
tof the Aero t. boys. ys ive runa t He aided his own cmIR, ht s L popular favt o
S".4173 1739179 92l WORLD.-WIDE Firemeuns Insurance started cause by getting a base hit. Nab- result. f thearecent local
gig01 ,th1fI Ltwo0aM but ,theyoff in the first frame with one mad b ad a perfect day at bat I e a t tth at hanb.n
T o B lrMaIloniks. CAA retaliated iu n the first o te .y r Biack got the, w. C C.e an newlyti of-"IR E C1U G T
u on one safe binge and two with 1-el, alo 2e stole home, the 0 aeali usated

-fibuderng In the see-ll The I remen's failed to cross Batenb started for the Ancon C. C.. has a s adV
e of the Tuesday pfthe plate, again until the fifth Fal baue 4 1/3 in- o wrswho are confident
winning ni ngs, givTng up 1s 2 runs and 34 ng .toan end the five-year
60. 2onellead by adding two more hits. r urt o. Dial2in:camerInktonrelieve raniofet C. oC. __.y.. ..
W1111inPtheanfour t oied, de him, alowwhg no runs and two club s rkes with such.-..'

Tmwmen's chalked up two runs in t M sdac'tpnteso 'Waithe, H Kerr e..ach.
'ithe fifth on a bunt single by pitcher, F aWm the lUoLsing EWau d tdde Jordan, and'
Jennings Turner,' a fielders pitcher. Cl oeywaC.
*Wchoice to Bobo McArthur, a t- A double header isElate Tfor's Clv"--C
pie by Lou Hininger and anr- the al andiu Satort alay-. Impro immensely each ..
other bunt single byLarryJt E li, Jseph Al
to recover din the rtoprof these the F ati h4. g ebl us of thetnth Indi.....tthethone-o,.i....n'hisRo x looe p ,n "-
,e a ed rs .cocvtMerhutaW4aTe
*,Af sin gl e r bmHi thin gbe r topl s aaous e ai E...' ....
The2box s c :hemNa dne, ekedc 1o2 1 -0 las m au y, s a L-(e kA-o ut

-.[xWo dMe|rt hre ifaic ,0 2 r r 2 1 0 3 of aMus, Calif- 10 Crou,-ands onaI AD. R. Hacr f 31 1 0 0ei ae Yor dwelebe'i
/ Nec-inar, n 3 0 Bateman, c, cf 3 1 0 6 Otli lIt h emld Aurditorium, Jan. *(i"eDl eNCadey wh

L -Ing fiver1ea s o wn .__. .
2W_19_209 6.1_rownisbetatthepate. thir ba sefr so.a

usted Sb 3 0 0Crook rf 1 0 0 0 0 -
se~f3 0 0TMoson3irf 0 0 0 0 oi
,DeLaMater, W 1 0 0 .. .. .VIM

bTotas CAA Ms DUri MCAWS
0eC Ar.. ..?.ri-an32 1 01 1

For o 20 yeas people have relied on Sutton, 2b 0 feaum, p 2 0 1 0 4
A Da n ~ys, rf S1 0 0 1010
W% speedy Aika-Seltur for relieving Head Caion. 2b 2 2 2 Days, 1 c 1 .0 0 0
mS mSmrYl Smple to tab s drop a Cox, a 3 1 0 Pittman, 0 8 0
tbetO u m' twuno a ginofwater and Tarflinger. 1b, rf 2 0 13 0 0
efleryqV_. ~duvpu makes Polomski, If 3 0 1QMcfeomn, 2b 3 0 0 6
Sprpaat-atbt0 Corrigan, 3b 3 0 0 09
agm d._. MT.a,:ttt MIl-McCune, lb e1Hb- 0 0 23A 41
S Kelleher. ef 3 0 1...
taTubetsof aOrtep, p 30 0
ft o pk a- thdo -the third withwne mateten-for
Totals 24 4 4 an Itafan t#Wer A$1MRMag
scareeby 15___ C.--.,.- I... r
*r meZnsraw.. OW2-4 .:,.w
CAA 20110 2-" l.
b m NOTE: Jerry Cau t e ot ta
4' -w-bu lamdn blahetfdi l0~



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x q was
ahe caught Er o

6-La?- Can BoLW a"
3 s IWa N 1t un
Atgetow int the

time.. i. o To.TPick Up Spa e

-" ,,*i'" t- l ot uuu' i- t p"b dt .tiCUbs for; H years. Te th 6o f12 article witt ane tI

ihM U M L h iS ,4S b' foChwkbmo ea erA woi. up ithe y tN.U Servicek
wm ho wl put cas yerpla. tin w or r Th *es r a -ere
result of beig hit by Jeff Piefff c By. MARION LADXMWIG a
in an exhibition in Jaeksonville in
on the linethe sprig-of =eM, and tint Ioutor Feme Womei'ls C late
Sa "time e n on, the cam Tii .he Yasmest nfield-

eoth e evior b mWthI e t* ;basketboallkVae i ruo W tahe larg to b t 1rth enarbonopn ra
h Ut a Mt l.."a n oar V "and field exhibition of h ext rgands ,roule is hat jo. U f

f-i ea on e ttla. side of rt fee-, I m
t are, die game tod the sport. They Were e concern l at s the atw oebd toirfhi .the ,M a '

-tbe in the finest poeion ed about the cost of w pto s k tet. l Bo man's o
Ie si Dr. James tenip wh could easy t~ic s bt h ooea
t ht. Actl o thine orweabketr t amehim, brought em big league r eaW. te
m., winter of eudtl atw tera thre a.d- qartef I d. tag the o

- d.fl c .l e,,nf :.a ..B h ten o io slow. balmy a batter is hurt bya ,tce ra w tee.
Sf y ho Ale %a Ol2 oUdser an bslam t eilrest- ball, even with the protective ml-

With their more recent AU-Star the roal Soul problem, needs
show at the Garden, an absolutely no a a "t e1

ani _i-gag "wAl saw -In .Ce.tu o" et Mi. PA iv u t
16h,000 so o while watch- neapols t and Jim r c Di v I Inlu
ng and atg at its Pol.artbD
stage :1l aY, aa *be. b oMle g. u
family symb the.bout the costt, m st o u t w._.v, ._.__ -de;' -put W
a re s il oa g l-wo viat s away t 'ure mata. ab os ear .- 1 i.
5 I I cl. M ft in A m

'port hm.key a maf or item only in three Aromy Tranp. 2 0 1.000 tede r
In Ii ea b ,b N orfour nera citi the w winter al d 0 1000
d -- a, s .o. aaCrb d -h s TBer rfm e lum 'gYu

sis ba veh, ee the gm ooa e btady te sport, Tbh ed iilmoe aeoes- te f ehnd of hs 1 10 0 3il e.
years f. p- of.d aout t"h cost of ne ary 3 a 1 0 pnot eft

3oul capts the u s A tig o The ihd ia there ftor the tpros Na s onal Dit. 2 1 O. 6 :

Qa: Heghts 1 2 333
M -Navil"M 1 2 .333
tern 'n'sr Chris- p" e m / ,in bad ly C i Sts to an abrupt te .r nyo"
Jim ta ) m f T he sft u of th e p ite. an u nte X or U M i n'eL l -

ho t he n! terl- no Iofit.kun B dbti" fre d- ._ _in

n a batter is 1 Py -pitched

Comm. Tom Collins 1det .I
Letball. .ci lonehr ,thlyin part e fth ;1*6abitter"'n" sb-

sm onday erc ic ena N.sInal
t 1 toon watc .-."e m mor te s Tom Collis.
FtheA 0y ed OCha ge N rl
B. vict,,or witYLeague t.
' .. tion's aft. ."r sports I a ,A. ce nteo

Is.m rnks thee o t h e

wat 4agIta a l beyond Ono Ah* Ne8ta 3, g.tge w
!1or /t 2 .333
.e. cne onilia 0 1
Or 15 0 .000

'y, Ce ~erlt a N aN Al
F ro,.= 1 0 -63 x Ln L. 7 osd1 A,,, er

:-- wa i "-. t4'.
owRA rLWl ou

itbgnr wet basketll
t or a dash man,h

rn q 0jI a Bolt pro-
e U
tana*l 1. ah o ,athe l'h

grim orayn, have
S. ptYe ae
n, and io have you. Do you
more baR plSW at ofeller
tih .u baote thor's?
pI PAM 121 = are ex-
t golfers Who neither
ke nor drlnk and 300 hitter
Sdo both, -d n e vesa."
arry Martie of Raew Or-
Saidmits that 4 aS Nwe said
at Jockeys hai a haarnd-
occupationI true.
ut If not thi Jokey_, who
a," thleteh. idemo
V1to tell you tat be cant
off and carVp mu. mount
If hit ere whipp4 by an
deoStous whipper.
WouM ypft dare to trust this
pk. psyche ta your ability
.et1me ov6r Io Arcme
roon? Or hm nIt tried
anover a billy glf course
at onle mbre, vote a rather
t one, for Ben Hogan as the
let-of -the-Year.

k. iat: -y -

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A- 1
IAT L::b-I I 'S

S nb 10 1
I, 3 "1
-p m 1 I 1
9, at.

lb 8 3 1

Kftnntganr er.
.. n.

AkM n ex ,a oP : wall a.
Exhibiffon Tennis

Match Tomorrow

on tap Bugay morng a o -
clock on tht officers' court of
the 15th.Nafal District. L.t Col.
E. W. Efbaiks, Mal. Arthur
Dreyer, GO. Franc Kam, and
Bill Hene, a civilian, will be the
featured performer.
Colonel iwbanks and Corporal
Kam wets4eabera 1p tennl
team i reresee the ml-
,tary in the tnal Uei at the
A--Army tournament, West
Point, N. Y., lagst ji.
Major DrOype ti bIe nforma-
tlin Officer ot the- Caribbean
Command, is a former Leach
Cup Team member, while Helle
was Isthmlan Champion.

:e me In wi a
to *lebrate,

a fly. S jfl buy y 4one 5ay G ',WP
-B hae fe ladyga
yrhen A'woman plays Wolf he is, ag.Is
The other one. the
vSSe. y One atit

as the raiing o MIU t.
as the bit ofen r

If you can play M$A a.s 0R.WU-(w1 ftw), s.t'f
And sever low yh .urp.M, U4 f,, :
,Y f i fa .et .., .
1 ., I, ;w .a t. M?-^
Bn wwithinyoua
But a proper ,mdi.,
That Rolt links were of ouM, deviad f ean;
If you n"a.afh r handlap reiete 'MR
And tftl beg1w1 P-abm otmer loot,
Ydt aeverilVe your scored hoaje n-ted,
And never, ~Sver fall to feed tRe b ; ..
you deltplay the ta4t that smooths aed svde
The wos that make .th6 golfig b
Ifyou a1 hear big lat tolf iag tiutaf
A.ld nev t to bore Mm with your w *
Ift yot u can prf e when, ll lie shot ..
_t you e & t~ tafterne when natd. ;
Bujft.itiwwaawEm-f iarentrue4. ,
S at ..keep your piur a..L.on,,
You'll be a e.d.,t paragon, mietlnk.- .
A. 4, .Vot*d,._ h t-iLord of all creation, ' antt'.* hoMe or link : :
I don't rAi .e. -A ,bu t don t Uk n ttaneo N- ii
rules ROf f etiquette... .."",- .'
. .. .. .........________* :

x-KytlA)-In Its
et sQl al games
t ason, tucky attracted

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.,-,...,.contract for the construe- ^ ... ,. .. ;. '::- ,i :
,4W,0., ..,f.


work in the redevelopment o' "' '" : '
"S" res" .rea. Bids we7 .
e..afHouse Job-e

To RP Firm
1.-.i', contract for the construe-

e h Pana m LsW uJn. 0i)for the breakoplf of negotiations demand for an apology waa Only 2 led by the
e contract by the The United tates Is expected for a Korean peaceconference "delaying tactic" Soviet bloc, the In
.- framorco. Inc.. at a total d ao ren .. ... tab L 1C- re., .... r l b h t -. hnow-
oist of $1,346.700 Col. Craig Smin y- TWrITyzN-nPNAf ,UerNINTN. ... e e .-
r ng neering and construction
announced yesterday. to demad for t ob ble word from h et proed e
r of the sward has been e or .u $nEpc e d T O ffe..r-s. ,ea R eis m B 4 otop t. la
Tframo.rco, ITa., entered the l PomIDcmo d r nd n Pait

ne dfotf o the houses ru d yt hr afte Chd roetnta-ve mo vot tod to blk ile o th e
iwork in the redevelopment hoen nCieeCo -Hu Hua.h ute A implt- of.
It res3denrial -'rea. Bids w une' te '_ .. w _
I Wednesd sy for this word Ar th 1. t 270 lU he dqar e l ea essar at leb -

ithl offers beins h received o o c te ff O ft rUo n ,.s :
t&e lioca contracting firms. Les-aIngh f edsaca nPedtthbe& takwernnd
$1i 00 o.separated theos ior DeEE E, .h -r ra i tonhoutedmm.
bigh bds, the bidding n Iwhere the S .
.project bel n r the closes.t. -." K ew e the R@ er '.'ol.i"-.
S.received fo: maJo' project WASHINGTON. San. 30,(UP) for the breakof of negot)atlons demand for an apology a Only 22 m .-. led'" by the .
Suffered bor contract by the The United States Is expected for a Korean peace. -oniee ace. xpdelayn g tactic nS. oviet bloc,81.e the .ln
\$E,.t.m.......,,to next week to resume Cho. said be h uftered jo "The recorlvo were kelpt telA-edan proposal 41 1saI o eight of | i.
",- succesfu obiddero entered stalled korean peace talrksit In- resume talks ont Feb. on the tratly by the two ides th I0 nations *a h e o-

hids ofr$1,361,w suiting charges by ed negotia questions f the hsA ado c.onle .wspapter said, apparently Ion- yet voted wet no sealt ed sup-
t- Threi alternate bids tori are withdrawn, informed eno but he n&4e 0e oreteremcee Plylnt$ Dean could. erase the porters of t-e W i4-.galnst the .
" Vi minor changes In t e sources sa tHoday to Un. S. n ted theW I bhe s ad. i s et eimt I

i tions wtre also entered, Diplomat.s aild, however ,s that t drawl of Insulta *gs the -of r ds. too h t Blr .

LBHrrss'fSn*z^z 1 (]'lenvo Ar hr o n ltrmyn, I sNuth Koreawss wihl n iwre accepted the U.S. reply to a Communist Un ted State&s opponents of aUnited Na- Huut eanskJelqatnLte- toir-
f ther lternate
ew oue of enatr bult at o be re ope the talesdWe u0l b e hea n b ldoeio ti sgatl a tionsftmn special bes esn- ono rede eele eh e o
tblhe ightn areof af S t be mar se t Deo 1 wae" Deo n wDea- -bro rsde OIL t .. .
tlea si. Monday withd the Comwiun hA aWDerOl next-s month ne.ed ol three alnd them tI s ta M u nditn
t aed doors alforul the house. resumption d a e se tert -Ah bear after Chou'spreentatV a more votes. totdy to bclak te of the ne a le g e t
Saddietinal contract Cor t 1 fNorthe Korean and ChieN COM- Hu H do acd th proed h er Asembly A simple n ty c- of

The soralternate bid muni at on litter w special United. Statesof treKiEeryIn m teing a. the U.N's -0tetrac
umnnawnng typeH eKorheaa relra of 0 Whean U.N. headquanrera ClOS essarutog la dfbr In-
d 9fa an ing T h dseehAllied-Commnislta anti-RedeNorth Ka.r ia n-ed dlast- night, 28 memybersrna- dia'sdemanA maiAen-

0* r his ucted the contract inae tende ha cduve the iae s tl and l ro erelt agt te

St by $18,000.b arranging a Korean a he lt hace con-I-pisne eathene tow e h ads ve ay t ere d in tast. -y y eighth ae uah in -cene t d
new housaer being built at erence eta od reeeah Indefinite- T e ing P lst D ilo ao s idi te'sdead hs v mvoijeda-y Dms aneot p
eit ae aot o be W lastDep c f i i ~~1u2and oen woa ltree d China government newk epa- p l. P cotton of the "der o f bnr onth,

Hlits w ntare g halo toSeS .teaDt a. 1then fe bk per, said Thursday thn t Dean 's t imeetihe. te. India o '

thbe first obred for any large cause the Reds accused the Unit- a tn t o e to .h topeet at oa a taef- o
r of Can l uarteors. State of perfidy."he ro of the d* tapontera the of
inctdA at te ab eighs, re a eollnow no'r th .n l E i. a.. wlo se ars A.hoped for
"a nan""of thene -w ,. ofthe Amelnareao s. oe sro gt o ar _d.orsemn u ent fromhromnsaos ste.

bsFlats uarters and other to0 t Red iettsr la e I bt m t e vUeUdAInIIIo Thalmoeys aithe retpanc gI. h e es hr Sht -
'im t 10hnli aude'1 'th contra c e *ornred, out wwitTh tg t dredecretar the assembly at co-'loor Lt Ceo Gent.K.S S
rthre about a year for cor-it bjoln Troster Duties, who is

.Th ,ctractpcalls. br handing the Big Four confer- thhe e sunrepatreted prison ers toan d a. K aber

+.8m. Juner eton. h. natoa C of-' boe wtA fsh pn. -rely" r.s eo,_. d .pilot elhto' o.h In..ed hr dhan d f oed totealk arres adaue! wpins. Ok i-hn "/t .,*. >*-'' ---
o aleton of work in thrc p e ,e in per iol. n. the 0m oman previouslytoe, d' o
at ones a within 300.dayse ; .area _+t, .aohsdn ac mp ,oes i8K Ot ,he ld them.r the r .. r .. ""

notice to-proceedat t ep. h e ee' att epoTtd hm ht th td e hs a e 3f

ington belipvesaye amateur one -al etii te ae d e ois little PRO-EDPRISONERS POSE WITH WC
days:tot iccelying notice tidt Sf t our ok V dwid d h ndr2r
ted'e a w n 4 b the previous pd rl P) ar h male t point In discuiang Korean issues their Communist captors as they 4 A=
SS a-diffurectetypes -ofa 2wMY" .,rrev' t in the UN8so f01e U there Is a Pa.muni.m. Korea. before d n x te E- "C U...

ease to be built In te a chg a mu' be withdrawn. -, Tlevision star Artut -ate which o ha has been pro- chan e o0 1ferui-face talks Samuel Hanwkhrns. Oklahom Ci tH ac.
hJ y Inesad e ionrs a.ndtio nlert fr s said remy dayn. he hvidlat- n ounces prop er a.s and wth the Com unVits-n th a hin a.. T.. ..- ,a- .k
S It houses for one and wl 1t ~rat offer ofs ed control tower otrdoer o s In $.He o prsbd a "in ere de- East.
a ties talks ah ao general -agree nt to Ing of f froim Tete.boro, N. J., sIre to old the board to reach Russloa, o 1thoenas o othe sur-

IseadInro Pur In withdraw tenltyiand Wcharge. alled airport thein. oe wdfreys agbctually dispalaye nd Juthe public press.termination" Iface, has no voe. eryon.
pbo Th--ministerQbou IaldescribediCollision.T
houes ar being demo!- he Korea admlNi* soonvoced adio- out f t y .'-.delbera- '
eungastrdin Atre ssb l sould, meet ftma1edl entertainer made the re,
,wstA. teeye: s, r- 1& 8 1*4 ;ets -.' &, C, law ,q.ruMW'ythe .r.dio.-a.- (U).
________e. c'ou,,who' alsoIt premieoer ofAdArttS A- boko wa44 at eotl' IOWwiN LI-
Red China, said .reprleentatiYes n o chars tht.. on grounds it us too ahort, --
Ahpgl4 0.l'invited to the propos- Jan. I takeoff and,- shovid haveasrea. .1. HIIRUTiLebanonrJan--So.- .. 3- fIghtn4ii atai u-, I
.- i -eh ..his !lcense tvokedt Godfrey was known to be dis- (UP)-Thb 6 SYit rw, report- tan's home aatxOf Kray..
u- )o.lTs ove 4 s ils tf MdW e plfoes an the d ewed at tfle decismon.pieq ug w look will come" to the plot to overtnrbw W04"h e qgnt-*. Partha
,wn, tak Owng a formal ctmplget Ridg-eMt od a- e In the near Lu-. AdIb hifhakly b'. Etalpjut
.. V 'a 0-0. il o -a-n-outa ringW hire b.+.iwith t._ demolion of ten apjoqltio In l d0Wp t
t:oVocGdey rplid oa-femily cottages and the sub- tr t.ubout -it -
OttV....tower,.. Godfreyreplied .ten Ltceonstrw on ..of 17 new Sd casualties Ouq..'e4 YMW9WUUPYWZ
.n- 0ulte'a aWsc hn.Wsi thac. .eaping job. which will involve ena .anoxts' were mdit, of'tftsaVs p 1,aIM'
.therefwoitl,hia number o0(the said. But they fly.e no.flgutes. em otfornenfl ba sl ts a-A t l.u....-4.
it- rule on who .irt -ttiJ tp.tdy, which have Shishaikly.proclaimu flati ag1411inst 1the l Onn memt r sdo
,n- thee*+ r air Mort
u'WWPW .onte.,fl u'ww .'- the rI.. mW2O-ll morchatakitfled that district., law or all a.e
fb 'G4 Mtaentththan 500 fet alonE ,6h run-. As many of the old trees as post ofnt h.t.i. governor, andi0

EF. USC must .go When that area is te- DeminstratiOns in' the cour- I"
Sh and, in effect, threv brl Ajke to straighten it faded to aecomodate t e on-the- try's main cities of Damascus.
st .atv. b .ln, WRY+, n the mrcy t od.E .lound construction s 1&a. e d for Aleppo BHom. and HSmma, were -
batejIWWhlile still on the ground Ridge Road and Quarry Road. auelled, .long with others.
San aeeptj Tile: he was In "complete .,another very strong gust Xldge Road itself will be wid. An army spokesman said
....i. AtibdeAt hes twon-cnginsd tended'tcause the ship toIs-ed Sligbttysand will be lowered laAnMight the situation.,isn *i ."
dow..l nd eutthat he had to choose weathercock again abruptly to[ ,ait eight feet although in gen- hand."
whose do~wnfall tll A U T. 1 following the tower's the left," he said. ._ l it will.keep Its o r Ignaa But communications between
..tria:s I ,ts and losing sihto Qf Godfrey said he ordered the /Q_., slightly modified. Damascus' and the soqthernmbr-
lat nightM Wil"u 1bld-AUpwInd from him, or oo,)lot to retract the landinli.-, for the construction of the der province of Jebel Druse wr.e
lVgUM-tareb gue.1"koeening the buildings in mligat. al0 t while he "held the 'nslidrr Road are now b n a d .s to the $u s.ti '
v ,e et-"hrdytm"Feb 1. whidch return Into thedoWn" to attain "speedna by the Panama Canal-Co. Savage-fightinok
'16,lb(-whip hebnarrow y.I qu "kly" ow possible."I local and States' contrac- the province t1y ,alb ngro e .ou
"t't l hr' aol' te ot wer, "adlln-W. theM ..tatafter clearin*94 they d'al b,.d"b. h, eL
4o i011etthebetheWbiuldinigs he hahouses theyreplace Will-behave eezn'restive Aitce S 1 k18110-'
06sr1y hau ,tan *The asairfor which liaiseOnlyMa te thing to do," and his reued the enouafligh
tha d he ed meters will be on hbale at the door 'nly tho0iht at the time wa pattern" except that this wouLf 1W .are the last to be ly a se pAorb tlwear a','

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6id&lifit Aiegations And Admison
"Ci, Jan.i m (UP) filed a I- tter tnittinp nine other sad physical anguish and die- committed acts of adultery during *raeter sad my past lfe 16 an o he a gionve B Ir
i ve!* pj seemed iutmeIes of alleged fidelity by tres N the years 1952 and 1953 with thebl manner" EE
e. president her husband, former aide to this women named as co-respondents, fit aid Mrs. eevt ty
a WseJ artelate -l father sad wartime Marine. The separate maintenance action She charged that the other ain to char bile e a
aim-^ lab ..r br. Wgghtb SMre. Roosevelt named cases of alleged infidelity too* R a w
I-st-a- &:1 GIejyt Irene place from 1H2 to 145 and were
were o heI w admitted by her husband in a A kc1 "
Mm, ed fw j46 Jor alT tar be wrote her. .. .
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