The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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4*~atiml ort eat.
OS Isrecef, for

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a tdeOSta the d-

$LY4 4;^ Far Four Days

4#4V t, heaau sof Dolly
quke has dded report
SFrench s ngerCharles
t ndicatethe was willing
at her. She denied any
dW htIc interest In. Trenet L
Stilegram to United Press and.
called it a publicity stunt.
American band leader Joe Cas-
tro and sayphone player Phil'
Benson arrived at' Colatrin air-
port with Miss Duke and accom-
panied .her on the flight to
One of then threw a cognac
bottle at a photographer who
recognized the heiress. He duck-

'Caronia' Arrives
Today With 300
Tourists Aboard

nt ce D forces The Cunard Line cruiser Caro-
&;tox-e-Df Atnil is scheduled to a r rve in
tS e t; Crls8t6Bal thiis afternoon at 5
with aljnost 300 tourists aboard.
Ms b een Aeedrding to Persons Travel
i Bureau, about '279 will transit
ISa Am to be madethe Canal for shopping and
d 0 &aicropMsing ight-seeing tonight.
3 jd Raw apf Road. morrow itl pjnm.
drsectdnt .te. SoivrI The shiv is 51 ated to leave to-


heiB. L tJte

mestkth'we rwn .ftbn co-r
onteeh W i.Are a

mandate thi a tad
&Adt.o e.t wIll try
to f .;Iou hetwr2 any law has
h violate. iWrtd the v FTC
be tilntho*e#sth available
11.1. 1" 1 '1
Co f pi also were trou-
Cofs e n
bleig CLongrCesstn ,and con-
suit, 4pehart (R-
tee m I charges that
iMeAtrS 't l m efor
rotaiWn w anv con
suaflt m p bgeuurging
sMr. W pok tom
me uintbe vedtforo i

the *dy.esit
w~e~'0S 'oapfteane later int
He toM repartd ithe coinmi-
slon ebpraaan prted to him
that elhae In coffee futures
had a4efteoely tifeted the do-
mesltrfl* W tIat the FTC
wan ip1B4Otti whether .any
ftenal laws Jan" ,d violated.
The Preslidt a' the FTC
will ep copestant touch with
the Nit Department as its la-
ve4(afon pfleds.
Mr: MSielt, Mid the cur-
rent coffee itoxFtae actually
dates back to bfely surpluses of

w 'Peril Reported In Mou Mau

)ttry-Surplus Of US Women

JatL.477 (UP)
womq apem-

game. lands. of the Belgih- -Conge. I
*EareIdr,-two members pulled out
.o Ibe tist.n all-woman ffri to the
Aftia ,pldt and jungle because,
there ne just "top many-- e-
MalesW! and not eau four legged
salads n4
]MWr. 14 Whale of Philadl-
r juagle hfit andI
t t eaus6 "We atefI
bounced aoN er hours without
p. a. -". When u ofe did
5'pwM- lWbHDatr away
r M .ilta of Cmeago
id wm rmu,7U 14
Abrm wolfl: **ljb w and~' 0. ie- .


St ~ *e.
Vi 2'" -
-I a*n.aasuas

,t "


, r

the fact Bunny Allen, the guide.
and two ussistatf were the only
mean arenW. Mrs Alea was along
with Bany." .
The two rbers left for Amboseli
neat famed Mount IUwimaniaro as
the reaninIag doeamn, hunters -l-
died fort feau the border into
Keyas's I a MulMn euatry on the
tr o to Nairob
.The thairt"%hatl members
Pe t W.t t that hain ad-
,au*vte b had hlfr
ed I ibiNii. b ,wtldkbrnse

hepW-- .. ?--- q--..


$ Je S t I, A ee -
of rep to stltrhe

b nu lsont coat of cof-
und I U $1.2; a
f The Brauolla
arav el ernmzent. I-k
fr"ov alaRhas at American
re1T3on when Coffee prices rose
to $1.03 a pOunf and as high or
it me ts.a cup, nvlited the Fed-
eration of. Women's Cl u bs to
a)d four typ l Americana
hu.e Brazil to see frost-
rafji teoen Plantations.
There,' ratc'a headquarters
herd.n L ba nt vet rerelv-
e4 Z t n. u it.

4E & Wre'BOf them.
zit. governMient also
-4-s. VU.S. Congress-
eaaperm..en and labor
"ea- slmular mission. It
teAt damaging frosts.
1i, ted demand and low re-
-O6uS, the recent rise in
'NhA V b een n merous
#.3nS the United States
t i nanspiracles, seCu-
I gambling forced
it eU!razlllan governmentt
mWt4a "Americans to see
*< iltlng tis hidden.'
'* Club Federation
king the trip woulr
AipAlf Mrs. Carl E-. Sw'bect
IR. rOn. 0.. American home
dw. .chclTmBian.: Mrs. ZaIo
Wodfled ehroeder of O' We
Pltte, Michin international a it.
fairdivhdson chairman, and frs
GUblrt PF. loebs of Waterwille,
Me., consumer division chair-
man, -
The fourthmember would be
'x"ponted by Federation Presi-
dent -Mrs. Oscar A. Ahteren of
WhtUng, Ind., now in Puerto RI-


iNori MiO ly;

,&I CHAPl& C f.. Jrn. 27-
lnbc uP parluuake too
ad Mbwipmotainous city darly
JiS^^'Tno wwcoa

Hr S o edr older. fl.Tpoyo who also
".'a.Fo lives S pUedro Uiuel .
P i., ., on-,of o. an's Beighbprs
X Ktna. r bote said Iddbv t hew to orgas 'to
E ,in tpeS s oes, oInquire, why a doctor was not
af t e t. ioa .lent.
r t ers i t th "Don't start ui a atink about
ais. sof It he was told by d reception-
.11mG B or masonry t tr
1M truction. st the
c. the various Ger*ijn. a widower, was strick-
,Wot"e built are: en attout 4 a.m. on Mona-'y.
bed l iw-tory, three Whea he lost lEs power nf
b iuplex: m 15 speech, he dispatched a note to
room ma- the Pedro Miguel police station
sattry w t Type 330's, which said:
a two-atord Tupdroom ma- "Send a doctor to Charlie
sonry dt reelat Type 431, a German's home rlht away."
egqpoestM ree-bedroomn base- PolUe toCay confirmed that
mfent cotth e. four Type they received the note. They sarl
4bCo, e tt asonry three- the emergency call went through
bd3', a c eas three-bedroom the Pedro igijel police station
dp33lex l ltre-er.oom ^at 4:50, as soon as It was receilv-
duplex ote. __ed. An ambulance, with a local-
-- "rate driver, arrtiod between 5:05
penWhen asked for fn explatina-
Coft table Night 'ion of the genera prbata
taken in these cR6esa Panama
Fting I-llfness c",anal spokesman said:
r tin9g C llneSS **;Physlclens and ambulanceP
' VATICAN CITY., Jan. 27 (UP) are on call throughout the Ci-
- P e Hlus XII spent a com- nal Zon'*a4 hours a day An anm-
fortae night and Is feeling balance 's dispatched for a houe
better, Vatican sources report- !cll on recei t of a call from an
, today__, ,II perSOn or prrrons making a
y id.-all for such persons.
The the main cur.' ."A physician i not sent with
prescr d ifr the 77-year-old an ambulance unle-s the per-
spiritual leader, o the Roman son calling indicates that a
Catholka aI "rest-and more physician Is uecesspry. On the
8MW other hand. when the pfatlePt
_' contrast to Monday night, or party making the llt re-
whon the Pope was unp'-le to quests a physlefn, a 'hyslclan
sleep at- all the Pontiff "rest- accompanies thi, am"ntunce.
ed IL little better" last night "In.naby Instances the amon-
the a)urcep said. lance alone is called for to bring


seveml nee .

S k M .inwpTED BT FInE A 5t5 ton reLatr ane
Later at Povllund. .4 three-alarm Eke
p la-as> 1 on- coaj pier. used an estimat-
.-4. s aunaol Maw anrtai. -

*'7 r *'~ p
I. *

"This was also II
post ortem
German, who has
played by the Canal &r t.
ten years, ie Al ts
children, Marion ff.
Charles, 2. Eta w
years _o of .
Charles birth.
Memorial sB &r es Wer
'd for 5 m. 1 t
M uiueli s r.
Panama liner p 1 hs
of Columbia. Conn. ffl
burIal. Two of his o4dr
resided with h' i
auel will accomptay te d
was learned tocy. q .
f "vr-t

fn An-$l fi
(UP)- Guatemaia'4 l iwfWl.
ernment said today aunql.
number ot "subverdives"'
been artreted in W las'
suspicion. of circulating
an aati-dWate plot.
Unconfirned rumors
the arrest of at lent I6
persons, including two radio
tion oaers, a radio news,
mmutator and a newsppri
Three others-a city official,
tired newsman and a bus
man- -hvt SWu t alumr i
buses e to Marnr.'

i sg swur a gl .

cers of a

4-Jet Atom I
ha~tM-k &1

'1 &"j.: --1

* 1~~'*
'~AI *,Lp

1w'i pJ
* .tOa i

alA t,
ENfl '

Jfl A,

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4L. .r -A.3

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..............-.... ,. .
........' ." '.'.'.," -.--.


... ue "ra"a,'.. .. A nd,.,.t .>. i, t Pf dAt-.)
Oi PLaborA N eNe'
,_ e --IN is" And b-_ fo in 'h .- W a "
TELEPH S PIoANAMA ,- u ~ -074b a 1".g)IV
OWN OppIepp 1.179 CENTRAL AvENUE UTw9VWE lamN AND 13TH UyWen .
345 MADEo N AVE. NEW YORK. 1itL N V :.
DNU vYEn. \,\ _aVNC 15 There dre men who never let .., '-
THU3AP -35OWNCR MM -.. f~eafear gnaw their insides. ".hey .q. :
S Is YOUR PORUM THI I IIADRSOWN CO the midnight threats 6f aponymi us
callers. They disdain the crooked
dollar. 'They know that lifea a dirty
money is furtive and always the
betrayal of someone, somewhere,,11.
M A Iwho trusts you.

The Mlil Box Is on open forum for readers of The Poanoe Ame I know such people inside labor at
S.L, tene are received graefully ad re handled ia o wholly seel --such as the Man who spat at the
arereceivedrataIob and somb nights later saw a "
a e. .qIswome a e "bm p uent ,1 m1doe os s p e er the bullet lift the hat t hel a ed of 0#0
lo. tey to keep tha lefor Niled to *", Pei is once you get caught Up In it. And .t
Ieity of letter writer is hold in eliad t eatideale. nowhere is it to gher than il that
This newspaper essumos no ueepeasbility for getoeste o opiio sector of New Jersey just 14roui
In letters from resemu- the river from New York. ere,
o the crime syndicate's Mr. Riges d: so-pl.c. tl .
A ANTONIO BUGLE have settled where they can watch n alsa.
: W entNoutB UA N the big tow n, yet be be yond reach l....o" "-' .
Went outyesterday to see what's doing and I note te add- f its police. Powerful men, these. aNop egS
of two large buildings on the Collseum grounds to accom- An" ode
te the Fat Stock Show beginning Feb. 1 and running ten Yetthere, to, somemenwho i
S. leid labor and some executives L
Looking forward to the biggest exhibition of livestock ever who run giant- plants wih equip l y
n with visitors from all over the world and possibly Panama and fuel t nati on ave just ibau cl".00. It. c t .
be represented if not they are going to miss a sight well ed together to take on the mueb. pro kimately sa are aA
th seeing. The Justice Dept. in Weshlngton is or oth agry, ly "i
We also went over the ground eld in reserve for the West watching closely this experiment i fs ,,, Ie. e M a4tore
t of the Air if San Antonio sepures the decision. San Antonio courage which may set an example.. -r a
more flying days than another contestant and is only ex- throughout the land. New Jsso t e
dby a few spots in the-Arizona desert. CIO and AFL leaders, jokinhag with ed the
SSincerely. the heads of the state Chamber of n added to the 1,g o,0e. ofle a tely ialit i
W. J. WRIGHT, Commerce, 'the state Manufactur.- mtted as o unSmploe toa.i
("Pop" to youi ers' Assn. the regional U.S. attor- t-
MA("pII N AGu .ney and the income tax bureauc'II & a tA -
MAqUINE AGE chief, have told the mob to set out. -. 'R CO.N. teD .INAT
-The crime busters are new ready A .. .. -- t .: i
to roll -after having-dispatched A b t r b aekat ag e'battle is r ,, ,' G en
letters to all Jersey plantswit h A Te pg l a the State *prtment be- i s e WA J,
100 or more employes asking each E Atween two o the Admnrt.on s ow'
to create what is, in effect, a La highest advisers over the reEcog btas i ui Hi.
bor-Mana ement Anti-Crime and- nation of aed v ise a. thvt Wil
Anti-Gambling committee. There One is Assuitant Seertar of peny-wise pa
Share some 2,000 big factories in the O.eState WalteB Re s p whe f aN y LNA P
state. Therefore these committees iStaeWetr' RcobertsNwreh is*7
will reach 800,000 working people. CVaa. The oe s or D -
Each group will report on the nurm- lan par F John m aita r a- th e di b e
her of antt.crime posters and leaf- r S and peela ambaFador td Uan- the al
tion the literature, of course, be- evntwel deal with Chline .-,.
ing prepared by the statewide la- y man w e th KVirg a I en g .e
ahman who went to Korea and i e gi.- .
o one pg the greatest sales jobs. In Se.n ae ,15!!.1
T his w eek the top side c om m itt e A t Sea A ust rli e bo un d- T here 35 ,wom en ea re a t ot w ho m trali p ase she never ,aw ,oo m t de! m a his t o ryr ag tI t a jobs
will go on the ralo and the local is. an oroestra on mbe brave ship are pu-Iregnunt 50 f Awho m vt ethe veWe seh inei bver s aw.d alntc he tb oear a tiby
TV stations. Later It will tell t I ride, and she is eteerOd sid never saw their b since written, t young wgeon on the wia pes. o a an m
story over a national hook-up. To governed by all the lpteet devIce, they we aried by proxy and asinint e can make tS now declared tre a no tha t een'ate uw
dae the state-wide committee ha and her massive motors r and are a for a mystaous land come out even. There fts one Ildy 'bpetudaded to e a T Far .ast h icyJhes a Ib u
paid its own exposes. Soott, how. hum like a flun limousine. She to livq wi stranh mei The mar- aboard-who is. eight and one e tp r at th t
ever, the big money needed will makes enough e ectriiety to run las were mail. l nol itt preiant, and d f.
mehk Bae from 1 c uobbtd y qa red o nhalf IeTctio. bed ar erten a rtg ta to .. a trre tetle yto. r. s. ,
come from contributions from the a big city, and 2ae 'b'a movies eise are the mern ilgrm, harle att herib p have te United State reogs n. e Rather than giltve
unions and corporations. and a cordon bleu chef, and the the Immigra tds witwhom u- heforea*'we5 ae Udhey Reads. a," ehe fUdirdue e it-b. ea, sl ie
his a crusade by both side service is comparable to that of ta hopes settle her vast mile, e deteR is a ental mauh, sd tea .a us-Sl d d
--as it should be. Labor must help a fine hotel., as a tiltork to tie he wate the roster list to omi te t4 *tidu s p
movedit&^^rSS, in. Industry pult e i .a ,s orf t&* iatoa 40of in tire dterelist to Come A& Atd I: f *Alal X&
clean house of the tiQ s who haV. But one flight down from the braow and tello ae allte 1t' at. ""e"e t or elter ws a etI
moved in. Industry ust fight ofj first class of ie good M. V. At.- around her. Some these people To the ba at of my knowledge td r t 1 t w q I :
shakedowns and refuse to be taken: ralia, Lloyd-Tr estno-owned a d. never saw a .apki.,pever ste a there has bieen nO fist fight itwt a (day f-. d g her L J.|
taka Isaso e l m to- atd Melbourne and Sydney, there, do a never gt atas able. few sharp wee aoI I ,m ewonom aL n the teSdertas mi* asfl Bt

spotoit ee thel mobs si de labor, you coul everd dop mn roes into ar s h ae t o e tin P nany thoughIt Mton
San labordhas the oatg toeve a do is saemovies. Thinmas o humanity,- hat Wte 3. e o ar b tore ea.
-I---- ts reputation. "e e ftowWe aU, 194 the Mayeower w 4newsre t h at ate. a
Ep. NOTE: he above blueprint was sally labelled l o labor pto clean Its oWn lwho pe gaa room e t w et ad r othtmea Ae ia re
to Tust ese e tt Bu tic ous is the Year of the drama n their indivtdu lndedi s IA a Grek "il pabtnrd a t oo re *tories soeuPes ll-ed thett it
rectlyhea$ ao Ig e ttl U d t Paul Hulahm, obaInsidelaboryuol dmercm s %ta pun -2htra
(ot the Fins e alistIbs) *lan erla with constructi o a l hose- I nt~ ad m.he l f If the attle becomes
saint ce ta ",A h :t s witness ain *, d h e people' with a diy elpsped Into Thir al me: r weit on bowte tI o a
S OT 1) It might peril he treaty negotiators ion. ulaha, the judge said, was: the Italians. y are RussIans an fa to d for day, t sheer uy f their ild. eI

sew in Whshingtoa; 2) It might he some sort of a menace to tills cor- Poles and other Slays sd Ger. vitay- He finally died and 'It las been en excitg trip.
an ofcolor story; )S e Sam is bound to be right. munity and the people will sleep mans e .h tt orAt w
,nisbetter ofi hbo him awap" itst bigws Wayl The idea.JT o oa ma can w gabrtoen eeleaneitsownon#
tMoeirCo t p And Hulaban Is goig sway S fore trage land, A"tthtlla, bea Ms t" her husband died: "My laa- wre lba h m e-Ing, .d I h l1AcG
f you find that thIs diagram is somewhat confuse you for 12 years. It took aur Just two on building a new life in a place bd-s d Everne aa bee he Is so it, and there at a eth l

.O~nt I knew what it wos _n -do ,p..._, dot onlyor theca me ode.inhai teq by savages and man.- is "She saw her man put of a thousa u relatives waving dre t et om Is ,_'Do
srent this to me ithe otan atole that was man a 000 down parent ties ashre laa she anot ,osbe hen4dere&le sW at de l
f r i endai nnit.e'a i..L a. .l.S n- tT e a s in r pdh e b u s r

Stof the fellers Aa month for the duration There are 28te tw children on this atheae stored up her i, o ti can
the decimal point u mighers BrewerIy. He skid he was submittin of a certain construction job but ship, mot whom will never see children and W ted staunchly to Genor, whom the w neer, e rosa

e to let him know how it comePout. era and pd d "labor eace." #-
p Well. I liked the loo o) that plan m9 had the machine builtof .. H .t a ned the t&hpR labor ora seandte We-h
Tn.wirareitdont hav enolt cup f number of spigots on h iost the right to / n th Wit e a
AShe of-orts reared back yn ) S noted a cisboundple of times on ac t power to p out a price on an- BPes wdi-frod oGilth-pftsheara mD teiree swa

aunt o the noise the machine made when it was ocratn. Iother man's right to work. yet, In epary S aggerf gaoe,
o h like gobbiedy goot. gobbled took, gobbledy gook. No St.Louis yo u took Hulahan's or- -- itwe ... Co*t st a
S pore caow got nervous. d. WASHINGTON (NeA) The cadiOg s i. n reducing expenditures. .. Means Committee-can be detect- ta A al this ow lan a
rw nehtraled e un o oi cuia l to be e o et m ss ge to -a m lt further re- l la tath e omek i n fia gutre qw r .tt est- D r .o q

prt h c oe ga na to hol- oun Iso racket t1 arei d. By cutting appropbyt m*4 Pd__t__eore.ereoe ca ted~ by Ieu t thetr if 1 o
S fenaw of ti bott omprtmt hat ths diagram Is somewhat confus n, you for s years. e be t took a jury pj ustget euldae oug a a tax as exp r s r a th ese t

1o .o -Ther ata droptofum kIin there. Inthehealoengineesoutfitthe conu indt belan 1n&e n Codngress r d oe h n t go dalon radu by iaw $s ta,.e ubw noper so en.ra
rn already hwr d an on-e eT Iwo wah s OnvtHulahan who really sum- cap-to blance it budget hey k now, may its wd mean a 9 i agreeme with the Ws
nup not onhy fo the crime of sde-uc nhaReo by sopd ar tey dded- of billionn insteadmofmal eans cm milmtCho wait e

I donf think we better use this machine. I don't mind that crime when hq warned one cntrah ansot r. meeai 52 bIllion tad e ream shl bet SIDEt GLANCES Sy olb th
that by waterin upfth creth~ can use the u 0,000mur delivered or p de ci of $2.9 billion is indicated Geo ift t. Humphrey and B George Mt. Hum ey ts the
Sme is getting on unhe mal an I tole my friend that. it w m en would be pulled off the pendtures are ut at s5 say th e it I es still the a lhe tion g in l a entirely iereat a
aeslty tioa around here is anOn h now with aell the job and ork ould have ato be billion-a cdut of million from the a plaaltretdone to balce the -dhimIt sAr a usion anot belno a

hIdatlon of positions an abolls un Las tions an what not. dose over again because of dam- this year. Reepiptl are put at hi2.s b But they won't say when, able to slam o e spending
sh, iffen the cma ows put tushe rs Brewery. He ilden ut of work, the submittin ages rtaiconstr but ship, m rop of $4.9 billion from see aldlds that Congres could bras v e y o n l. Without

tobecome critical this year. .cohenswky bring this budget au Inchlyto- rapiundw the yw i inoma
I Well. I liked the look of tthatevlanesO theeves, ile tht To u lin di ad t I had the machine bsilet
t he Y we thems e rewi dn o other -mEven at reheW Igt H ..dvisaW ag tfii
mi nw ond L irrv pwvbu t Irhooke d UP Aaextoeunsion i n Irtried Ith2 -o. ta-hthe right i l ooe e ,d efiel st e ela t iat ? eoo

-M W=
L .M. '. S


"a _ii_ ._.-_-. ... .

isIA-..^ .: -

B on a thousand otructrion jobs program whioc President Eisenr might tBe considered b Cnes suddenly; To d o 0Wdbfupset W 4F
-:' ^ .."_ rii- a .aross the l h U evideaw of hower has outlined for Congres a an I e to t M bi y the jat onal apWer. o/ a- na 30p
,. this twror Wi brought opt in A 35 billion tax cut is, of course, that 04 4, 1 toe tu t iredtor Secretary Hui t et / .
*s Hlanth e to come u Congressman moat welcome news, You can't would make no predict that this that the U. S. emotiany now 1,
George gender's House b-Com- make voters mad by reducing wqi be done. On the contrary, a transitional peril. Th value of
mittemaon ooaehas mad by reducing
jsmittee on Racketl weaves its way their taxes. But it Is a fair and No 40 that further -eats In the dollar has tl ta .l
slowly from Cleveland to other a natural question to ask why the expe R would be "at the ex- money and credit M law;
S. major cities. tax cut was considered better fis- .ldeBV1entitl.fnfti.iO-Otf o v-to sahort-term ba dm .
SeAtop the labor movement, among cal management than thP achieve. -isN" aury, wfth 4t all Its i
i i^ ^t I a~h T Sll s as Gewr Mean, Dave ment of a balanced budget. This Impt lieations 1J m l. .-
SCoos Less To Sell eck.Matt Wo, Dave Dublnsky, is the first time that a tax mes. words, a The aw t#x ls
a HOawe -Thlls Wav 1 J ff etrr. aad others, there sage has been sent to Congress th terefre viewed 8.
J Ho.,.Tiiti Wr@ AM| rce of a ldesir tb get within a budet mess; ge. What 5o f whiiA AMe~ '
Viao^ ON it h o M ,t ouTo thpe s e0 lab O's bac. this is taken to ladicate is that the t laeeae fl 1l e Is
I^^^^lt ,5n hWO ,etV iMeowlk, A ttie nats from below would message 4 the work of two heads, ae thliisoiM d traitoidal m, I "
t.wo amu a 094*am 16P Afp ehI* tos iewa the lS qII~nJ .a el "i :
6d J6*k, e me dmkmu, ".pared b" ur~eat off the Bludolret, t Whet a~t m : -.
assssss p .^ adI* e i The receipt sid e was epared stic to t is to. "
K' ~ ~ ~ ~ I ih **" *3mew meiseefa. ----pred eybfarenwofs the Budjt b yyg '^fi ~ f ~"l^^T S~l1 ^S ^ ~ T ^-d-M

the EMOarment of the rasury, ide thlat it will...ib've
President eisenhower's message ,ia biOee Itran im o d pto. T af
puts the two together by saying- aalt budget W
"The start towards tax reductjos st do lltaxs am

o I-Ss n G M D m.toaa T-his-ip..a -' s -a '.

.t. a- .

.- -. En
below woud messageIs.thewok of two eadq an ceidw, ibi -hs...Wool",

The ...tures. side_ was- .u.: se'.

slow fORom

aO .. ,as

a< 1"

- '~*-- a-ti.
- ~*- 4- V 'tt

-- -

..' .., ," .


"Techng or

T t tQf labor

So mfflVusiness
W a''11 $ .Ja. 37 (UP)--

uartsid aibrn lni-

tlmbe 'O- Eglin Air Foree
Fed to of-
a J With enlisted
a, d Defs Secreta-
r Pik 'has a*wed him
.r t l. m
i rie by- the Navy
R.. -eal e o o, .
d.- -.' .r. .. .
Et ~ 0"elis a ig
the We 'os i he

tb.e CT ha'lreglstered a slight
noreoge in membership They
a sald it might be partly at-
tributed to the drop In interna-
ttonal tension.
Although each union keeps its
card- oldtin membership secret,
best estimates available say the
COT controls abo t 900,000, the
Works Force 600,000 and-jhe
.7FTC.750,000 dues-paying memr.
ers. '
Milton Murray. .
To Be-At Meetings
Today, Tomorrow
Milton Murray. national CIO
secretary-trbasurer now visiting
Panama, Is qchP4uled to attend
meetun! of LOcal 900, OCEOC-'
CIO, h both tdea of tWe'lsti-
mus today and tomorrow.
Murray will speak before the
local's executive board tonight at
6 o'clock at a meeting In the un-
ion's hall at La Boca.
Tomorrow he will attend an
extraordinary easstm of the
Stewards'. Council s f the un-
ion's Crlatahal an4 Qat=m chap-
ters. This Imetlin wil begin at
6:45'in the union's Cristobal of-

I was

hon -



i TheGreatest of All Towics
When your w~eus are bad snd you
c an'tsteepc wel his'atural to be do.
te nmd ad to kse your atp*it At
w e l-ke -th, PHOSFERINE hM
CAE tma. Hi oderN tenic
the pp*ies' Aution.h me mlt

a -ye seep an ed wake eay
S'g PHOSUERB today. It's tes

L- :4"V~LM$.Um,

..w .. lu Ml

a- M '.Ufj l

.ston. It has, -in fact, reached
edebrertive or debate state in.
several of the state legisautroes.
Now that Ptwesdent oehaaowe.
ua ostitutiona f amend-
ment to the states reducing the
vog ag he United Stats

from 21 to the question is ge-
g to be repeated a great deal
more on Capl ill as well s
ueso. It has, in fact, reached.
e delgIbratie o r debate stae.--

several of the stlaturee.
Now that Pandpoint of eed-r
h s to Cpn a- *t-oi
subit "constitutiognalamnd

ment to the estate can neu at-
voting age in the United States

from 21to 18, the question is g
ing to be repeated a great deal
more on CapM Hill as well as
,in the state, legislatures.
. From the: standpoint of exped-'
ace, only gOe .state can nqw at-
tempt to a'swer the question at
whether the age ,should he low-
ered. &
Georgl has .been perm ting
18.year-olds to vote alice 14, '
e younagtens' voting Is a-
cepted as a matter. of course in
Georgia. No one gives i muchk
thought, one way or the other. The
President's reeommendatio how-
ever, hastid sme s ale oml
met i eorgla on t iergia
practice. :

ItW all pretty much. the -ame.
"The expement ha wo d very
welib" ..omuts.a .thm e .
stituelon o
5" ay the Augusta
co0omItC a vah&'abeut .th .sc
thing to say.
However, some public officials
in the South as well as others,
have indicated that -should the
proposal for a lower voting age
meet general approval in the
South, eC region's traditional at
titude on states' rihtswould lik
ly favor individual state- aetdoa
rather than an amendment to the
federal constitution.
They takehe te pdm th'tany-.
state can at tom ehle the vet-
Ing age, Just as Georgla did, and
that therm is so need for the fed.
eral constitution to set a voting

.,,*** 'f ""
'without a g1a t

0 ,i
at e and the qd t
wa p'much as t is t.
a yoith is old to
beat .rns at 1., il an old
eBUtfto vote?"
Ame urinas'
ant s fportl. saorl *
ma sa in the late t are
not. iCoMn.
But dne ot the pain'~aint, made
by th advocates of a lorage
w _i t today's yoth," we as
t, are better .-nforied
than' e. r generaCons, du. In
bce dulSa.,edlat n epap',
rdes. radio, and TV.
after Gprgla; I red
S v ag to fS r a very
befm-. t ylar.ld.. were. aul
De = rMet
S y tate,tar or-
r ykars .g a posed
am th t it

wfW .ue .
onh -Sloahtwfer .reCommensa-
tieei ,gcturallb, to Iave
Xeantime*-, .oi h abits and ,.ilvsm.ot youga. Geor-
gian wi mprUlbl come ia for a
great- deal f observa-
tioc .. .
.soma g..mauthoities. s*a y
lowe I t agbiae has great-
ly sUmlad &baoadet awareness
of citisensw responsibility among

Teenager Admits Wlping Out

His Family After Reprimand

ST, JOSEPH, Me,, Jan. 27 (UP)
-A 15-year-old Minnesota boy
admitted today he shot and kill-
ed his father, mother, and
grandmother at their home in
Sherburn, Mini Monday night,
after being reprmanded for not
getting to school on time.
Richard Wisdorf -was arrested
In St. Joseph's Orpheum Theater
through a clue provided by the
sweater he wore. .The *Weater
bore the name of his hometown.
I "He admitted everything said
Edward C. Burke, assistant chief
of detectives. "He said he killed
them--ahot them through' the
back of the bhea with a rifle.
The boy drove southward In
his father's ear. e told de-
tectives he waa en his way to
Wisdorf said he shot his moth-
er and grandmother firt. Then
when his father e a mm e be
shot him. The father, Tony J.
Wisdorf, 47, reprimanded Tbe
youth, the admitted killer sa.d,
for being late to school Mosdia.
Wisdorf said that when he gt
home. bha mother also repgi-
manded him.
The boy said he shot his moth-
er in the baek of the head with
a rifle and then went Into the
next room and sbot Is asaw
kanUdmother. He Ot down Mad
waited for ,his faw1 to cokp
1o0e from theG hoiwOn th.
elder Wisdorf opemted
= to hane upM ahg aNa
hat. tn he W bs1 t w

a wrestling natch. Waisdort. then
left for Texas.
He had severall hundred dol-
lars" wMch he took from his
father's house.
Barbe said the .boy's jacltet
was observed when he stopped
to ha.e his cowboy booLs
shined: t ie boy went to methe -
ater Wh# he wPt having his
iathiees oar serdeed.


WAh TON.3pan.07' (UP)- sD Cowl a n "
t. onton (0e.- ttM)
10 wV barred Iff cyt Is.r fin h tyW' -
I d hA mor that hen a, rIh-se e h ve r comes
r his wife ever wae a Commhd b
It or a Colmunitos ufafpathit
T ot ttapqken Vnftdon -0ait%?. Inoibb
0 couigMsuonai Atomic e-ay d hr
Which led bnedgffEUS F"me
I Ijnburs of iu u e h IR S o t o mmnaheaitt w-

Efl^^y orm hT =yd.adn Itd bein av to UMe-
right to cd tfh the romet pr
In* i noree n ot to d enter
dte tte Demoerat-c nnto nn hr' the ae ev, oi-

the' emocrtic Cndnbranded nyuA mmoe-

aLd; he was Democratte
halrIaI at the time.
Fourteen of the 18 committee
members and about 50 spectators
weoe present, as Chairman W.
R Cole (R.-N.Y.) asked
Wldon If he. would waive his
nmuinity in case perjury charg-
W5 arose from the hearing. Con-
dn agreed.
e said the chae in the
AEC's "unevaluated" report
seemed to be a rehash of old
d. false charges which have
ben raised against him every
mle he ran for political office.
He said:
"I am Indeed In a position
of having been aemused with-
out the ftght to face my un-
known aeeuser."
Cole then placed in the hear-
ing record 43 pages of documents
relating to the Condon affair.
They showed:
1) Lewis L. Strausag, chairman
of the AWtonle Energar Cmmis-
elon, teLtifed last July that in-
formation derogatory to Condon
had come to the AEO from per-
sons of knwn reliability.

ly false" charges In the AgC re-
port that he and his wife admit-
ted they were Communists when
they attended the Unlverulty of
Calfornia and Invited others to
attend party meetings.
He also denied that he was a
Red in 1948. 1949 and 1951.
Condon will return for furth-
er questioning today.

Scout News

Margarita Cub Pack
To Meet Friday
The Cuba of Pack 1, MArgari.
ta will not meet this evening as
originally scheduled but will
meet Fiday at 7 p.m. In the
Margarita Gym. Cubmaster Verm
Crstoph request a full attend.

Cub Scout Pack 3
Pans Meeting
Cub Scout Pack No. 3 of Bal-
boa will hold their monthly paok
meeting tomorrow night at 6:30
at the Scout, Shack on Balboa


P|.-i .l p s : --' ..
,Ph ilips

No. -0, 14th ,iet' West
Behind 0 Sanco Alot'



'' '~1*







- a .,

Faltering Philip!
Ri litm" tom filled with briwae.
Wefl-wormn tew and rug he ues.
Irepair wueald m his home Ike new.
P. jL ClamMifleas it the rkiht cduel


To The


Every Saturday at 9 PM

And win FR




HOG 840 Kilocycles


A PHI LIPS "Cavalcade" Radio

Simply GUESS which will be the seven hit tunes for each
week on the "PHHI.IPS HIT PARADE."
Send your guess to Station HOG, 57 H Sbreet, or CASA
PHILIPS, 91 Central Avenue, or mail it to Station HOG, Box
3145 Panama, by 8 P.M. Friday, making sure to -include
your name and address.
Each entry will receive ten points for seven correct guesses.
Eight points for 6. Six points for 5. Four points for 4. Two
points for 3. One point for 2. Half a point for 1 correct
"Hit" tunes will be selected on the basis of requests received
for popular songs' by Station HOG up to 6 P.M. Saturday.
Entry with the highest score at the end of each month wll
receive a brand new PHILIPS "Cavalcade" table radio.

Send In Your Entry and


to the




11 Af~


%M*^i/^ i--,

- IYMm iums

X -- -

-- -t'tPI

.^ ->-** ,'.- .-.-----** .- -' -- V ---- ---
.. .. ...6...r P+,, .., +. ,. .. ,. --.-. ;.. -
..++-;s -'L....-'_i.-- : F,';-. --+ &- .+ .- i. -' .-",.^' *- A -. ?.-; 2. ........ .^- ....- :, .. -......

;t; .p ~~._~

I no

___ ..

-- --- ~ ---------- --- --- -- -



....,- a

r -.. -" .

- ~.brj:tt ~ 4 .,

r- m i i '. ..' .. =' .m -~= .. ='C

I- 4

.'. .. .- -' .
-, ..... ,!

We have received many ques-
.i oi the game of honeymoon
ige. Some readers want to
IW ho v to ola) the fame. and
Want advice on sidllful bid-
,4 and pI'y. Since a complete
o Pwer to all these questions will
n more than one column, we
.k those in-prep ltd in the subjer,
Slip out this article and the next
'-"lMO to m-ke sure of getting al
a information.
-"'err arp several different way
playing honeymoon bridge, but
are all games for two neoule
pd resemble either auction bridge
contract hridge In the mo.'
Sdely played form of the game,'
bands are dealt out far
just as in the normal game
four people. You lakc one par
your opponent takes another
remaining tv hrrn' are ty
dummies, but you don't lool'


ng just at your own hand,
make a bid. Your opoonen.
pass, bid, or double, just as .
te normal game of bridge.
bidding ends when one play-
akes a bid that the opponent
es (or, at the very beginning,
players pass).
's pretty hard to bid effective-
-when you have to guess what
'. re going to find in your dum-
~ For this reason auction bridge
dtg makes more sense than
tract bridge bidding.
Auction bridge, just in case
've forgotten that noble and
ci ent game, you get credit for
j'rtricks ex-1tly aa though you
atd bid for them. To put it an-
Sabet way, if you win 13 tricks at
contract of one spade you get
riit for a urand slam ilst ex-
as though you had bid seven

S fihe bitfdind has ended, the iSe
land is le by the de- line
O epfonent. .The two dum- At
i then located so that the theI
ls' dummy plays the sec-. the
a d. followed by the defend- wah
$ihmy, and finally by the de- he
SWter the first trick, the mor
,-poceeds .. the same order they
that the lead is made by thef
that won the preceding firs
two dummy- hands are noti
a~t~n ly ennosed. You leave cix'
Ali cards face down (with-'
Sking at them, of course),
Sone card face up on each
s* s iF yards. That taltes care
ftfle 1 cards i your dum-
Biond, and you turn- the re-
% card face ,upoithout put-1
'o'tn any other ea'. -
t n play from your dum-i S
r' m -v n'v nnl' a card tiht I
face up. If that play uncovers I
M l that card is t',ned rice
ire the nett trick begins.

S. Precise
: MPIIS, Tenn, ( ll.P.)-Roob-
in Mcgregor 3rd spotted motor- Let
,Wt who reilly believed in obeying
ns... The man had a ruldr and 3 h
S^ measuring the distance his
uylm was parked from a sign read-
Egg "No pa'-king for 25 feet."

B ,acis, ac e
MAL ou r W r ... Qtt" Sh
rRlghs, Bkiibe. Lg Pins., Joss
-VIour, NqrvounaAu ow eak-
*- skr ou ie would help your Prostate
S 1and immedl tely wih ROGENA.
S i ; 'ls wonder minedichie makes
you feel younger, stronger and
a epS without nterruptlon. Get
S OENA from your chemrist fday.
S tikeionaUrMnteed.






reek to this electric "brain." being put through its pieS in
ew York by Thomas J Watson, president of IvernaUtonal'lusi-
ss Machines Corporation. Russian messages, recorded bY holes
inched in cards, are fed into the machine, which id&tthM -en-
ded copy, and seconds later turns up the translalidit$' the
*inter in English. Watching the demonstration are, from left:
r. Cuthbert C Hurd, director of IBM's Applied Scikitbe tvi-' .
on, and Dr. Leon Dostert, center, of' Georgetown Univriitty, -
'ashington. D. C., who originated the practical approach to the
idea of electronic translation



A~Ak ~


NATE'S TIGHT MARGIN-Above Newschart shows the party
.-up in the Senate tor.the second session of the 83id Congres.
present the Democrats hate a numerical majority of 48-47
he Senate, with Independent Wayne Morse cf Oregon homling
balance. President Eisenhower faces a twofold problem if he
its to push his legislative program through the Senate. First,
must strive to preserve his party's unity in the hope of winning
re seats in the November elections. Secondly, he must oppose
Democrats, but he can't afford to antagonize them, because
y were instrumental in providing him a winning margin in the
t session of Congress. Of the 49 roll call tests, the President
n 43, and it was the Democrats who provided the winning
in.argin in 38 cases



SAN BLAS...... .Sun. Jan. 31st $15.00

DARIEN. .. .Sun. Feb. 14th 20.00
Sat. and Sun. Feb, 6 and 7 ..... $45.00
ave Tocumen 7:00 a.m. arrive San Jos6 9:00 p.m.
lour shopping tour in San Joed upon arrival 4 hour
tour of Moravia, Ojo de Agua.
-Catalina Holiday Cabins on Saturday afternoon
Saturday night a tour of night spots
Sunday a trip to Irazf, an active volcano,
and the ruins atCartago.

This trip only offered once during the season.
Reservation must be in by Tuesday, February 2nd.
Phone Panama 3-3171 or Tour Travel Agent.

Wrong Answer



Service, to



411 -I

one way

round trip
Tou rit fwaqpkfft.

-. :, ,,II

M-, A. -
l ", ..,-
.. :', C
. ,:..'"
4." .





Here You Arm. Mr. Booml

505W U


i. WA

*r.0.M ae ..PAA. INC. UX3E4%9

). mainm m ww ... .
so a" d W Air PrPetM l


'LOC*aIilP4 IP!

FOLL .W 6r.
.T NHEYwo Wfl




You Cn't Win



(--IANZM1T .i I

ha /J

tt. -

f~ T -

S" .... -. t .' "r #
r ..-. .

ici M gi 'ma B iyge

Oe "W!.: '^B ^ "
[.e', s rw.c .. ^^.jiRk
.^. ^'E~ '^ tigL Q-.


ri -Tnlau Tnn1 .-



Midge Acts

-r~ -4~-~- A
-4: ..






-4 ".

..1;A '

r*" *~ ,


.; ,- .
sJ- ..-a

Very dimple

MIsE If lfl
M rA.
w?.-i L.-(r-y

Y' .r~


y f


iir" ,



- k-- *. <


. 'I


-M a"N



S .-- I

a %,t,

.. is.

* .; -. .. ., ..f ,

o.r *
t b

S- .

Pa.stdersoro.ers t
tion. W. C. Hearon MrL Herber
.r w eR ph Ottn, rs.
sMrosrs e J. C. en and.w Mrs. H.

several a be an Women's Club will 'o..Btak. Alfred s. tomorrow u6 some
Itse o. b In Panama city,
i- ". da, and National
a fens3t~aedSu r, will start
d uaers iii Aneon
C ,. L h was host fr. a is oremben rs and

..oa U n h,.. t e t gle weekly
..MY eyed M onday
SRoom of the
Can Acont, were: 1st,
suele Heong=,r 6 Mr. Mro. Brad and Mrs. Sol Yudine;
and MfS At e *randez, to 2nd, Mrs. G.. Robinson and Mrs.
N1o of Mr. E. Shafer; 3rd, Mr. and Mrs. K.
and lVl wilt be Frauhelm 4th and 5th tied,
we SFMda p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Kohn and Mrs.
.. -.. Wood-and Mr. Billings.
A11t Balboa Elks e Meet Tonight
tt we10-Panama Canial Zone Lodge No.
Mu- 144 BPOE, will hold its regular
m monthly meetignthis evening at
,0 in the Elks Home on La Boca
i. tii.B osr .e rlaea to Road. Wandering Elks are cordial-
A S ese Boyd, ,. wif be ly ivited.
soon, w also hoor- ---
avaln by agroup DhugTo~lght
at .holrS e ofe'o Mll f pIbec is invited to play bin-
a In Bolls Vista. go 's evening at 8:00 p.m. at the
S, ..---- Fort Clayton X0. 0. O.Club under
Tuesad CI peners the sponsorship of the N. C. 0.
Mrs. Ir Wight Wives Club.
Mr& Ira Wright 4c BbD -w-
-*ltk hir hUimbad M. tw In e All *tar'Cirel.-To Meset
'fl.istb :FebruI uM 1 Th All Star Circle will hold Its
United State, was e guest of regular monthlypot luck luncheon
honor at the regular monthly Wednesday, February 3, at the
luncheon the rsalr Club held Scottish Rite Temple, Balboa at
.Vttthe 5at Walhin 13:30 p.m.
4. esW E.*C,
Steven Mxrs.r Fried- Alrook N. C.
ichrs. Wright was TSted wfth eg j thly meeting

SiVptes TaReSef,,;

l A,


uld be two

tax onfro

ejected A similar Democrat
oe sa -
The committee. engage
general overhaul of ti
atmture. -.his approved
Well ealltai for more th
million dollar in select
relief for individual l coi
payers this ear It also
proved some 400,-Sillion

tlie ex- the 25 tax enanges recommeni-
ed by President Eisenhower In
d (It.- his budget message. .
ean t Pres ent Ohaa McClellan of
-,we the NationAl AasolatlonotMan-
te noturMat Mid s tar a ;White
a on eause Vot-hathe the NAM Ia-
sal vora the "trend" ow-
er' tatx program 1e"
y farmt- o seea 5 por-
1nel ate ta rI
S The PretCn
to the leI BIsche4-.

wit the
i pro-

he t -g -
pro- o
Ian QI
ive tax
Me tax-
has ap-

"W ha-


A tit et together

ubg wqwr wantads
vewy tie. Tn0to

-, Jim wuat-ad


E ..y mf. .i nk ear .n .erwy day-
&i"d .l ota.r ad fpprs i om cMt I

S_.-*. -' *".. -. .. .. -

I^ :;:. -'- *' --*.*'-* ".'--' -;*.- A 1.- "-1.* '** .

. -, .- ..
"- -. : ".- ,-'7 = "- ', ; : -

I %Rloberusofli-
'eoittand ng eantrtawnuhiit a a
dance music as well a door prtie
will e features of the eMa n;

Mieas Creve bNeO)|e
The Women'.s Mibslioary pety
of the 1alboa Veights frs B3p-
ist Clurch. will hdW itt regular
monthly Thursday at 9:00
at a t- ad t ..ieof all
Cheles Owet Chursn are invited
to attend

.. M'l ie
TheanaIa Canatural His
tory it l lhpld its regular
soeut flevenisg at 8:00 in the
Gorgunownor Labohaorym hin
Pana 'ity, "d will-. hear the
first l f P ua, Dona Ceci.
lia P'O486 Rwibn, speak on the
health welfare work she and
her as rts have been doing in
the tir towns of the Republic
of Panama. Moving pictures of
Mrs. Reman and her party at
wok wll be shown at the meet-
ton.-members guests will be wel-

Louvre Slakue hist

Fascille 01 Head

Log Lost In Egypt
SOTQ% Jan. 27 (UP) An
.t?!Wnl unx of 3000 years ago
~finA ~ I Up ml its head.'
A's unkanown when Amftibtep
II lost *l*ead out It coulhave
been mwAe al oo1000 year before
the bith, of Ohrist.
Expert on Egyptology once
thought that Amenhotep UI'
wead was that of Ptolemy ni.
But intensive resdarch Ber-
nard V. Botbmer, asslst f tIn-tWe
Egyptian department of the Mu-
seum of Fine Artl bere, solVed
the myteory. .
SAmeahotep I's head i here
HiL boIy sin the Louvre at Pa-
iri. ThteLou*ee tot tbh toaro at
a* auction in 1857. Th; head
as excav ted In 1898-WsWd Bld-

Tracina of the breaks at the
nqajs of the Louvre ard Boston
DaV they ofj$)
iezot-. A east of the rston

sent to Paris. t
and Luvre officiathe breaks at the

iokf o inal the Louvre and B ton
crIpteaston ofat thi e l*bae tng
the king. A se top s a1 5 l tteg-
re land- Lthe plated officials ead.

Both homers nhead-with a player
80.ast the Louvre',h tor o.

Wife Laughs at ifeleif and Get.
an 'A' From Her Mate
ere's what happened in one
household when a recent column
asr thel Iedvbre'a n eoro.

of mine beginning ."Your wife's an
exceptional woman If-" caught
the attention of the husband:
"Dear Miss Millett: Hooray for
you and me! After 17 years of
marriage, I have finally passed
with honors an 'Are you a good
wife?' test. Paw couldn't give me
a straight 100 per cent because.
whL"--I don't select his ties, an4
never saper at his selections, I
don'.. he claims, treat his choices
(bow ties at age 44) with the re-
bpect they deserve.
"Hpre was on the might this
article appeared, breaking every
rule in the b.k!
"One. Coolkin dinner at 6:10
p. mI. because Ihad gone to see
a fire in the neighborhood with
the kid, when I should have been
gc:?g food ready for the evening
"Two. My hair was uncomebd
"Two. My hair was uneombed
and I smelled of smoke instead of
Chanel No. 5.
"Three. I scorcHed the sew.e
"Four. I screeched at the kid
and cussed out the dog.
8 8he Doesn't Have to
Pass Any Marriage Test

"And amid all this callous dis.
regard for the most elemental
rules of marriage, came the voice
of my loyal spous, who was read-
ing a rain-soaked paper in the liv-
iag room. 'Well, Babe, you made
it. It says here i finse print tht
your'es a good itf. So I didn't
plek a lemon after all.1
"Po you see-why I have bee
glisously happy for 17 years
whilst flunking all the experts'
tests but yqufrs
'",Ho*w ala t' ephasiuan thaf
'eaes of bumor' factor- In mma
rage? It covers a let ao sai and
It #oes, We".6 AarC the w a
who' can laugh at bs am
meet life With gaety A hump
*ss't have to .4t.age a
aiBrrvw tes- t-we ap_ herl r
* ,, he A t".Ws^ ate
,ft. nnrier- MA 3ma-

S's Mn
S14lth wrre eM here 1
S.- jell

,. Higginbottom
he (that's right

taking a bat.
he) hiM been

DALLAS, Tex. .-.NMV'-Mrs. with the exception, of course, of
Higglobottom, who aifr- "'she" his adopted son Sus-uh-George.
but is a "he," docki So when thrse unwelcome visia
bhiself into some judicial hot tors from next door started ruf-
water recently, fling his down in the wrong di-
HMs troublesbega whe reaction, he ran them home.
His troubles begar ,when a Everything would have been
neighbor's cats came to his. house everything would had been
and tased him. P b D just ducky if he had been satis-
and testedd him. Probably about fled with removing the trespas-
Su Mrs aig t sers from his property, but his
You, see, Mrs. eiegnb6tomlis success went to 'I s-i ad,
a, drake and has the lea "ro Flushedwith victory, but now
that of a mother, inan -olora trespasserhiself,he went to
movip being produced in the back asposser the selfhbo-. wentato
b hiork on the nouisbor'4 asparagus
yrd f his Dalas home. bhis bed and left t r s. Then he
oIn the movie, itled "Thi uprooted some flower beds.
in the movie', Jtld "ZpUn- When the neighbor saw
chaperoned Daughter Mr ig havoc wrouht In her favorite
ginbottom plays the mcter of flower plot, she called in the local
usie Q. Higginbottom, his adopt- flowenstaburary a cad n the drake
ed son, George, a cat Mrs. Pisummonstaburary aid had-t took the drake
Is makionk the movie,, and Is summoned to coart. 'It took the
also writing a e e book combined efforts of Mrs. Higgin-
lo the same chldren'book bottom's owners plUs Geo r g e,
Sue Q. is a man chaser. In without whom he absolutely re-
the film she chasesna rabbit and fuses to do anything, to get him
a dog, the other male character there..- .
in the show, and Mrs, Hlgginboft, Mrs. ligginfottottr f himself
tom Is chasing Susie Q. From all into deeper water and flirted with
advance notices, the movie will h contempt citation by opening
be an action-packed thriller. his big bill and quacking loud
Buot -ack to Mrs. Higginbotr and long while the judge was
to's legal trouble;, hearing t.eestimny.
Mr. g nbotto ha, always Mrs. TisNilo explained a wire
tried"to be a ld-er--gentleman enclosure had been constructed
and ateer elder of backbiting in her back yard where the cul-
bickqrngs. But when t h ose prit could be housed, so teh judge
:0 e felines from niet doot sentenced Mrs. Higginbottom tq
ame over and started-elittling a life at 'inacern ation.-
Sm tic ability hagot h Mrs.. .lgglnbottOm. doesn't seem
t uitterky .to min his sentence as long as
ow it is I tt Mrs he has George, the cat, for com-.
94 bottolover, pany.

CO-.T:,,: Mrs. Higginbottom and 'George, the eat, pose
for thefr bess, Mrs. Margo Fisillo, who's. putting them la a

S' (Follow the Arrows)
ltery Drawing Febrvkry 14, 1954
Tfekets sold at the Premises



at the

Balboa Heights, C. Z.
TONIGHT... 7:30 p.m.

S*..... Dr. Ralph Hering Speaker



The Girl of the Year Formal dance was held in the gym-
nasium of the Cristobal YMCA-USO. This affair Is held an-
nually to honor the Junior hostess of the Girl's Service Organ-
ization, who has acquired the greatest number of hours of
service during the year.

Each Girl of the Month for 1953
was escorted to the stage and seat-
ed on either side of a central
throne. These young ladies in-
eluded: Miss Joy Finlason for Jan.
jary; February Carol Coleman;
March Miss Vilma Salvador;
April Miss Irma Lambert; May
- Miss Ulka Gordon; June Miss
Lucy Brackens; July Miss Mic-
key Nagakane; August Miss
Carmen Yeee; September Miss
Jean Wong; October Miss Tel-
ma Lambert; November Miss
Isabel Cabera; December Miss
Linda Wong. Private Dave Weneke
greeted the young ladies and es-
carted them to thetr seats.
Miss Carol Coleman, with a total"
of 434 hours of service for' 1953 was
awarded the title of "Girl of the
Year." Miss Vilma Salvador, the
runner-up crowned Miss Coleman
with a floral crown. Miss Salvador
had a totql of 343 hours for the
A special cer ieiate a comme-
dation from the United Service Or-
ganization was presented M iss
Colopan by Mz. W. Fritz Hum-
ohreys, Chairman of the Cristobal
MCA-USO Committee of Manage-
ment. Mrs. Margaret Austin, Sen-
ior Advisor of the G. S. 0. present-
ed a gift from the Cristobal YMCA-
Miss Coleman and her escort cut
the large three-tiered coronation
cake, which was beautifully dec-
orated and appropriately inscribed
to her.
The Girl of the Year and her es-
cort, followed by the Girls of the
Months and their escorts lead the
grand march. The march ended
with these present forming a large
circle and the honored lady and
her partner doing a solo dance.
Music. for the festive occasion
was furnished by the 60th Army
Tuesday Club Honors
Mn. Wright
The members of the Tuesday
Club held a luncheon meeting at
the Hotel Washington yesterday.
At this iime they bade farewell
to Mrs. Ira L. Wright, one of the
first members, who is leaving with
her husband to reside in the States.
A-gift of' a Doulton figurine,


Is your' baby

Bottle-Fed ?
Bobines' T'atent' Barley
added to yowr baby's for-
mula makes cow's milk more
digitible, gradually accus-
terM him to starehy foods,
and akes weaning eamer.
Ty it-ee how your baby

T Barley

wiAth w r is a motbah
rm.kI peopm*with.s-
-"jI a kM

- -. -~u.r-.r.-'


"Ribbon and Lace" was presented
the honoree from the other ladies.
The members attending includ-
ed; from the Atlantic Side were:
Mrs. Howard Anderson, Mrs. John
Crone, Mrs. Stanley Hamilton,
from the Pacific Side: Mrs. E. R.
Baltoezr, Mrs. Herbert Bathmann,
Mrs. t. G. Currie, Mrs. W. C.
Hearon, Mrs. J. D. Logsdon, Mrs.
R. H. Otten, Mrs. H. J. Quinlan,
Mrs. A. L. Ruoff, Mrs. E. M.
S ringer, Mrs. J. F. Tobin, Mrs.
. B. Yard.
Hostesses for the, occasion were:
Mrt. 1. C. Stevens and Mrs. E. J.
Foes. Week At
Atlantic Baptist Church
The public is isylted to attend
the Women's Missionary Society's
Focus Week Festival at the Atl-m.
c Baptist Church next to te
Cristobal YMCA, Friday at 7:
P.m..I .
A Missionary Program "The
World at our Doorstep" will be
presented by the members of the
W. M. S.

stallal *
Rainbow for v
staUaUtoonid e
Thursday 4w
T:30-p.Lm., at the
MissLeavyae Dourdi
Worthy Alsisr, .fl
stalling Officer. -
Member tof oyal Pasle
,No. 2, O.B.S.a M.
No. 3,. 1. .
appointed to the ainhow
Board, will also be ins
All firends are cordl*
to attend. ,-

Club Altamiro :I
Gets Reservationt
For 'Barn Danen'-
Club Altamira was beingB fi .W '
ed with requests fbor i
this week as the date drew '1;:
for a "barn dance' at 1.1 '-;
fie Clubhouse on Feb. -4. ;-'
Deadline for reservatioans -,
Feb. 3.
The club intendato toi;
proceeds of the da4ci-
will feature musle byi VI
and his orchestra, to "
scholarshipp fund for
and Canal Zone student ., .
A scholarship comm a'" "
be appointed to pleat l6M
the awarding of schoU

wome in ME Air i ,
ceeding CoL Mary Shwaer
resigned. Formerly WA lr
director in Europe, she
assume command this W.



World Travel

I The leaning
tower of --

2 Persia
3 Drinks slowly
4 Fall flower
% Mfnth bnhI

28 Compound 46 Throe
ether 47 Bewildered
30 Italian painter48 Pleasant
31 Polish river 50 Father
33 Command l active e ..
35 Yellow Seatlan -.(
pigment 52B sentit- ,
40 MotN being .,-'
43 Broader 5&5mpatl1et,j,,
45 Irrigate exclatmlal

5 Swiss s a no" (a8. 1
5 Swiss 6 Not clerical
mountains 7 Entreat
9- de RVcnd
Janeiro 8 Vends
12 Goddess of 9 Mexican
discord ranchers
13 Peel 10 Arrow poison
14 Also 1l Poems
15 Predatory 16 Indolent
175 Predatoryn, 20 Ethereal fluid
117 Born' 22 Avarice
1]8 Not mounted 22 Avarice
'19 Shallow 24 Formerly
9Shnlo ~ (ab.)
I drinking cups 25 City in
21 Baltic gulf Nevada
23 Schooner Nhee .
(ab.) 26 Cheerful.
:24 For persons
27 Heraldic band
29 Demtgod z is
32R fto L-
'34 Tallied IL I
'36 Dinner course 1, -
37 Royal chair
38 Null -

46 Mating I
49 Billiard strokes
53 Donkey
54 Nutrition
- science
56 Seine
57 Unbleached
58 Love god
59 Aeriform fuel i
60 Remainder ,
61 Network r
I South
country l

n <






It's PanamWond

Tel. 3-4917 -lai s wM .M
Hotel ra,.-sa ."

-------i LriIt il



t z ... ....



i I


Answer to Previous l

Orlon .1-
01- lM u [

or,: 4.
N. *

0 1o 3KI,, i met

__~ __~__~; ~_

-- --- -- -'-







. -.,-'



... ... . A -...-,.r; ,^-.%t m -
h A ,-' ./'' -.- r T-" '" '

. -. '"- ^ '*^ -. _J.


7. Street No. 13
Julte Aromemma Ave. and 33 It
B Street No. X

a, nt m ~ e m '


.SALE:-Leaving. Refrigerator.,
IBre radio. diningroom and bed-
bin- set. Cheap. No. 30, Apt. 1,
ist street
SALE--Bamboo Bar with tour
5, two comfortable choirs. 31st
SNo.:30.__ .. .
GERATORS .-We ae ovail-
WlV.ust a tew 25 ccle refriger-
special terms. $10.00
pab, $10.00 monthly. Cosa Spar-
Central 223. inext to Encon-
'Theatrel. Phone Panama 2-

LE: Double bed, buffet.
,. chairs, refrigerator, floor
livingroom set. Peru Avenue
g ; ;'No. 17.
F-Cedot chest; drest form.
i. chiffonier, large shelf,
cleaner, Misc., in quarters
iAatneil St. Apt. 20.' back.
Commissory. Wednesday
8y.., Friday, 9 lo 12 noon.
r --complete livingroOm.
frigs. including newly re-
SbJa livingroom uuite,, e n d
Aleq. coffeee table. table lamps,
etching,. drapes. rug. and hassock.
;.4, Might sell separately. Call
ud 2187 after 5:30 p. m.
F'AALE:-Three mahogany single
d, including springs and Sim-
iOns mattresses One mahogany
f est-of-drawers. Excellent condi-
. a', almost new. Green, 114 Via
a, Apt. 4.

W o It Rich'

iparance Lands

hwnier In Jail
4if. N.Y.. Jan. 27 (UP,
I d" $165 on a telev.stojis
d to George Carl Paper's
g today.
.was arrested on an embez-
ant charge. In a house nefnr
because Texas authorltiea-
r on the iveaway rON-
SStri L,pich',Jan.iL. ..
o Lang of TWero
M ex,, wat El., onl

B rut
Bir. York City authorities
raed ;Popes' was living ih1
fand ,Cduiby. and. .ate p1-
>eelzed him. He was setenr-
to the coint. jail for 30 dav.s
i fugitive.
)fflcials of the program oi,
ih' Poper amr.eared said hel
t selected from the audlenre:
Iral days before his appea- -
. They said he told them ho'
MIand employed and
i'crippTeid wife ald 9 foui

iieral Services
rSusana Case
*morrow At 4
at services willU be Iel
brtow Mou'l
I.LoldUge Hall for Mrs. Susana
Case' who died yesterday
Opter in a doctor's office oe-
he coutd be attended to.
funerall Will leave the Sal
3 lodgp hAl. at 4 p.m. t'(r
lerrera Cemetery where sb,
bl buried. -
SCaae. 68. came to the UPt-
.In 1907 She is survived ty
file George. Cecil. Daniel;
r. Rod Jlto and Wilide dr.ugiter and several
1 and treat grandchildren.








FCR SALE: 1950 Bui4k Special
One owner car. Telephone 2-4488.
FOR SALE: 1949 6-possenger
Mercury coupe, $850.00. 83-4194,
2150-D, West 7th., Curundu
FOR SALE-1940 Ford 2-door sedan,
excellent running condition, won-
derful transportation. $225.. Phone
86-6270. ________
FOR SALE:-1949 Ford Custom V-8.
Radio. overdrive, new tires, brakes.
shocks, battery, undercoat. Must
inspect and drive to appreciate,
$590. Tel. 2-6416.

MisceN ineou .
Diplomat desire three bedroom. chio-
let. Telephone S-0388. Prnamto.
WANTED: Q. M. mattress. Tel.
2-3406. Balboa.

Balboa YMCA
Evening Clpsss "
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Beginning February i'st
February 15th' Apri'l 73rd
Beginners and Conversational
Register 'at Y.M.C.A1
Phone Balboa' 2839 or .750

seph Foss, Marine Corps flying
hero in World War II, has an-
nounced that he will run tar
governor of South Dakota In
the .November elections,

V'i." i, "

HAT NOT-A new note In'
ht la ed by the ad-
6CtieA -fw muliel note with'
*' l oele effect. Peeking
'Itwa0 the musical Mote is'
Giflha; Talit, a London, Eng-
SlanIktia'odj ho seemed to hove
mtusit* on her mind.



No. 3 IAtlrW P1ai
rou h- .pt MO4 Ave.
FMA6 atJL4,1, lAve.

Agmela raL

*erqmue K*evw u s-,s
jN~z watnl &Mt -
____ ~ o cntm v.

DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
Central Avenue K Street corner.
Telephone 2-3479. Panama.

FOR 5ALE:--ute registered Cocker
Spaniel Puppies. 2 !a months old.
Phone 84-2240.
THOR WASHERS: Now available
for direct shipment to you Thor
Spinner Washer, latest models. Save
nearly 40%o over local price; we
do servicing and financing if re-
quested. Full information at Cosa
Spartan. Central No. 223, (next
to Della Vista Theatrep). Phone
Panama 2-4591.
FOR SALE -Galvanized corrugated
ir6n "Apollo," 2' ic 6' and 2' x
8', 26 gauge. best prices. Phone
626. Colon.
FOR SALE --RCA movie sound pro-
jector, 16 mm. In very ood con-
dition. Tel. Panama 3-Z7"0.

Sealed b'ds, tor 'opening in *public.
will be received until 10:30 A. 'M..
February 16. 1954, in the office of
Superintendent of Storehouses, Bal-1
boa, for cargo-hoisting, snatch and
rackle blocks, sheet copper, chiin
hoists, copper pipe, pipe fittings,
composition and iron valves, jacks,
thinbkleb, turnbuckles, ponelboards.
insulator pins and terminal tools lo-
ca'ted in the "300" Area, aolboa.
Invitation No, 40 may be secured
from the above source, or from office
of Spperintendent of Storehouses.
telephone 2-1819.
Stranger in Pbradise Vic. Daonone
You You You The Ames Brothers
Many Times Eddie Fisser
I Lose Paris Georgia Gibbs
Hey foe! Carl Smith
Ohl Pee Wee Hunt
' Dear John Letter Jean Shepard
orgive Me John Jean Shepard
Dragnert Roy Anthony
Monteserin No 4.- IBetween Tropical
Theater and "J" St.

teal icitt
live in St. Petersburg, Floridb, andl
maAi more live nearby. For infor-
mation on Florida homes. apart-
ments and Real Estate investments
write James F. Olive, c/o Robert
E. Lea. Reit er. 61 1 First Avenue
North, St. Petersburg. Floridh.
FOR SALE:--Semi furnished houfe
in Santa Clara. $3.000. Tel. 3-
4955 from 3 to 5 or Box 16. An-

FOR RENT:-Nicey furnished first
class room, kitchen privilege, Bella
Vsato. Mexioc Avenue Na 69,
nedr 4rd St. Phone 3.0553.
FOR RENT: Furnished roo--m to
bachelor, oil coneniences. Tel.
Phone 3-5Q99.

tOR RENT: Furnished room fort
American couple Private eStronce
.nd& kitchen with refrigerator and
washing machine. 32nd Street No

FOR RENT: Furnished room to'
married couple or 3 bachelors
45th Street No. 46. upstair Bello


FOR RENT: Office or store. new
ground .floor. Telephone 3-0513
POR RENT: Furnished room 6th-
Street. Vista Hermosa No. 3

Memorial Service
A nemoriaJ'service will be he'll
In memory Ot the late Mrs. Lore-
naa Campbel: at St., Pa BI's Anglo)-
Catholic Church Saturday morq-
rig at 6 o'clock

The Kairh Aseelation of
Aceoumtamte & Auiltors etab-
Jisld Jut i iid on June
it-MA _190Z.w state ex-
.rims Sigrles Street,
*': n L i..

. MW Ul I

Gramlich Santa Claa Beech ottages,
electric refrigoaflfo, j a staves,
moderate totes, Pho, 6-441 .r
4-g67. ___ ,.
FPaer's C qeat (00 nmilebpuost
Setan CIa.. Pleese br.i your
llner. Pha l.66bei 0 18 ; .
WILUAM* nito Clore atd Caot-.
e'. Lr cfrtable. mIern,.
near b B ld"t 1050' ecept

PCnpe Ocewnsi ateg Santo
3n.e1e &.*I77. CriMsaboel at673.
Hoem an eSoi Sam Ciar Also
in COH. l.'l ioiet1i8s,
Pheft MtHRA%'i' lclbo 1389
or see captlakor per.


FOR RENT:-Furnished House. Three
bedroom, porlor-.ininoroori, two
baths, kitchen, patio with bar. 2
car garage, and one maid'-rooam.
6th Street, Golf Heights. Telephone
3-1245. Panama.
FOR RENT, Concrete buhgoalow:
three bedrooms, three services, par*
lor, diningr6om, big closed porch.
kitchen,, mold's room, washrooms,
garor,. hot water connections,
$135.00. Sonny Boy, Sabanos 810.
Telephone 3-3041.
FOR RENT:-2 or 3 bedroom fur-
nished house, garden, suitable for
children. From Feb. 8th., 3 months
or less as convenient. 48th Street
No- 3.


ATTENTION ., I. Just built modern
furnished apartment, one, t w o
bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel-
ephone Panama. 3.4941.__
Modem 2, "4' and 5 rooms, furnished
or unfurnished. Alhomrbtp's office
8061, 10th Street, Coton. Phone
FOR RENt-.-Aprfmentm in El Can-
grejo, ne* building, one block
, traro Via Esparia avaoable Febra-t

S g arid Ironing. C
Skthwk I rn. itehmn. Irn

FOkR kENT: Cool three bedroom
apartment with three baths. Maid's
room a.coanvehiences. Phone' Pan-
amao 2-0027 or 3-0763.

FOR RENT:-Furnished one bedroom
apartment, Ideal married couple
without children. Information 8058,
10th St. Apt, 7. Colon.
FOR RENT:.--Furnished 2 bedroom
near Bell. Vista Theater, screened;
for military personnel. Call 3-1596
after 7:00 p. in. or before 9;00
a. m.
rOR RENT:-Furnished apartment
for tw6 couples. Best' residential
section, No. 13, 43rd Street, Bell.
FOR RENT;raApatrnent in Della Visl
ta. With three large bedrooms.
Garage. Large porch. Hot water
convenience. Fine location. All
modern conveniences. Ehti.rely
screened, call phone 3-1694

FOR RENT:-Furnished two bedroom
apartment for three months or
more. 40th Street No. 13. apart-
ment 3. Telephone 3-1251, Bella

FOR RENT:-Furnished apartment,
kitchen, refrigerator. Facing An-1
con Post Office. G. I. Inspected.
Telephone Panama 2-5133.
FOR RENT: Furnished 2-room
apartment. Apply iXl;n DeDAbate
6029, Balboa Avenue, Colon. Phone
475 or 517-J. after 6 p. m.
FOR RENT: Only to responsible
person and with references, com-
fortable 2 bedroom apartment.
'Comnpletelyfurnished, cool, beawti-
ful vlew":vlcinity of Hotel El Pa-
noraM Fw'in4ormation. Telephone
anoao 3-1504.

FOR RENT:-New furnished apatt-
menf. Good location. Available
February Ist. $75.00. Telephone


en ~-.----.------ -- 'I


WATCH jBS""" '
Oo. Am

That Mc B
A Little I f .
A Little
A 14l~

Three Important New liema
|79 Cgntral AV9 .. 3..141


25 Cicle Refriaton
Westinghouse, .rbdlk& In A
out, 5. 7, 9 1. ft, 1 year
arantee. Easy Se .
LTDA. 5ith tL,.O Ave.
"Rex TheAteVthn.

an A. a" L. i

ItI block La tate

Packers. 9 ,ppers, Moers
Taller Tmaspisdte auter
Expert MMetuanidd In .Ult&-
matic and HydraM atle Trank*
aissi .n offers his pftofeetoam

RAnilts Inatalitlhn. a sf '

"Spice Cinemon"





.~- '

Of'Curu i D

I6 Naaa Hospital
JamesM M. r7c e r,.ai rO. .nyt
of m'du died lthIs morni tA
Pans Hospital 10ollowiLtg a
brief i liett wHe was4 elts Old
MR Lacy, an employee of the
U.S. ArMe isrlwe aI surviv-
ed by bW Sno der an a hitter
who ae rsWdents of New Or-
leans, his wife. Elizabeth; big
children oyce, James. Jr, and
Dondd, and four grandchirren.
- A -:.' a' AI be. .

NEW 1<

- ,,

ne other i

ERM S $*1gf AL If she fol-
lowed fate fads. Joe has also
added identification necklace.
This was a considered, profes-
sional opinion from Joseph Kaliff,
president of the Carieaturists So-
ciety of America a-group of deft
experts, who qar a good living in
'th? revival an ancient art form.
The object of garlcature: to
captUef mial expressions with
as few pejeH Unes as possible.
A ood carleatirlt caf set his
impressions on paper to the
eaunt of two faces per minute.
Ai yopr'll find more and more
of them bin ft' t conventions,
meetingS, 'epufqrenceq, colleges
and parties across the natin.
'It's a skap," Joe said. "Once
1ou realize that fpces follow fash-
ian trends you get to work au-
tomatically. It's that one-in-a-nril-
lion, warm, honest, intelligent face
that ydu and makes you
work a little harder to capture it."
Th a remaining 9,,999. he. said,
are moe thab happy to follow :face
4adM' He blaied the movies for
setting the face and the beauty
shops and sihoola, for following itL
"We've been taught," Ie Iad,
M vWlOe A bliba look ul a
tralit ased 6er A khUft 'wl
pfslea. It's a- vicious ctte-of
q.o ag rilleing the same
[I -:

MILLIO W1 FACE Ios k ike
this to Aticlatrldst Joe KaUftL
disabpIplted by look-aflkes.
The look-alike business was very
profitable to many companies, Joe
said. Cosmetics and' tweezer man*
ufact~rtts were called it. Je.wel-
err nd ihair-stylista were needed.
The ftls-eye-last trade was _prob.
abl rushed to death. All the girl
needed, he said was a face and
*e wi. fp diet.
.If I wanted to make at muB
dollars," Joe sighed, "W gt'loat
of this business and start manm-,
actatHig ideltiucatio a netk-
laees. American women are go-
In an aort to tu n the; dead-
pan tide, the Caricaturists Society
each year draws up alipt d,the
faces that stand out' l fi the
crowd. These are the faces, the
experts say, that have helped
their owner to fame.s- ', .'
High on this year's list: Presi-
dent Eisenhower; New York Yan-
kee manager Casey Stegel; actor
iClark Qable. Among the women:
UN'a Madame V. L. Pandit; ac-
tres Tallulah Bankhead; and co-
msdlewe Lucille Bal. .
"The peoanallty," a S o c i e t y
statementt c1aimts, "corneas
Btackon Broadway, Joe was 0go-
ing over them lightly again. His
eyes went past a movie house, a
ootla t golitry, a restaurant. He
aaid suddenly:
-"See? on tBe.corner"
A dark-haledl irl, waldtg fr
the affle liMt to change, was
reelad an ed tse t. h-
D-sg insfewlw'. lu" a -girl read.
NNtoc" OR her face.
A amid Joe i ig.s iprofesion-
al voice, "a raised eyebrow. Not
a snuut or u shrug or a pointing
finger. But a quiet, smbtl, expres-
He took his pml and sketch.
I, ., p a et and hurried
toward the corner -
"That," Joe !aN -amid, 'is tle
niUltb face."

5 'I


" '" *-^,:- t @i r -m dipbpy

at d..

-- -. _

Morgan's Garden
the Morgan'rfw
event which wAll 1
The fourth "eiSti
feature PM-y rt
the chtldreg a 4
thg arownuuns. ,
ERlJbeth McMa.
. W. Eubank, s


Jr, R l. U
atptbiy. con


*~~i 'it~';

WIRED FOR PLEASURE Theodore Holden, a New tat
bewsppeelwmm, demoautrates his eoad-a-bed gadget, na'deut win
cbtbs baerse. .He Invented the "Ibook Uoddf so hee could J.,
wTh at *talfwwhle undat nl tt attmov o etbrsc aiibt3
a hospital Hartford C'onn- '
f---- IT- -r --;--.. .... -, --
-i c s i itJ'r h elt.j'J tS iAu f f1 *... a Si e' ; *"t'

JUST IN CASE-Kimeth olfienis, ', otf J.maics YK., th
an over-the-shoulder glans at the sigp plnped, to*Me .ffI"
boarding the g8S Ameia fOr a trip to turope. The card flad ei- 0
propective finderm how to return the would-be wanderr toa lI
parents. Helpig tng t the youngster are hW s sters and. bother, '
from left to' gigt: Odille., 11; Dlgne,' 5, atmid Arthur, 7._
4 --4-
.. ..... ...... : ... ....,.. ..

UFF, PUpi, .,-h %h ot"ne mash cons.mesi
proximately 1i carton 'of- tigarets daily in eat ot #h
ful agents in taSWE UMa. Dr. Alv 1I. -o& watches A
puffing performnauicf'I inloking demon which was o"mtr
by the New YVk' 1Stt7 Institute of Industrial Medid



.. now on display,
t- al e *


a I --

.jw~ r. t-;-" __________________________________________________________________________________________________
fl~~rZ L W -. tX~ ...-.'.---.-tPW'L.'MAi... -. -. d' j-*

*-i.'!e- ~



H Street No. BS


now on display

. .: : ,



is. now on display

at the



-C '







_ ~~----~ ~-~-

1- -- I, .. _

._ _

J ,-i III I



- a

F ..

. '- .---' y .' .

~-1-,:I i~ --_.

%F&,.- ...

P *' ~V!ff


A- L, r o m f lr

T1% ",muel Lelbowt dis- .oenII
Me bd' be held c I. eIt i.War'ca

two deendaet 3-

FF must' Lilboitp Mo- qf W iB sca hu(, 101a. -17
49r reeted by 24-year-old Mina 3:30-aMusic for Wednesday
A i s Louise Fit a civsr 8t hs4:00-Tte lae Pw
+OO N oLd. Louis cohneArr, 41. both Oilf 5:30-n are ; t
*tBrooklyn.ahwhechar'pdethem wsth5:35-M&tdtour ( atahvorrIfte-

a i s3we- amt BsowLe bg court 8a45-Commenteary on World in theerole of the p-ot of an Each line of dialogue
.i+racr ol l '---ssei Nws ll-atd tra .O port plane whi o Inh :0-revolution oa te
critic r bd t i t e ver-d oa p tar'ot- wit the pm ntoih loh : 0 0- or of dor It rosty a repor
a.c. O 4 "s n d min d o taking T.e'

"L d s .1:015-The B O' St es" f- d
rd amt ,in cash and i 650 it l bnds from aI the boBON. soR sr,
*.PeYa.nbe weeiil-beibvaleresrd,'7 R t h.afety deposit box he holdjoin t-a.. o-epJa, adviae: w

S'I gOODh r EA) Lebowit coneurred, howeve Tomorrow Thursday, Jan.

enever -s mnv- the .oneT 7P M
St~~ eurs o epda y.-ethatxthd state penal law does n1d 7:05-The JA Staffor d m l hub -
Ila 'Faerdtyyarethetewnon specifically i dihusbands ad ( O) ah that bt

W Te die o t n M o D c "lo all said the wives (V5-Mrning Variete t e
He realm has layed a bi role container my be well to in solidarity with the goverio-a 8:00-MusT c Makers ee aMrs in "Island In The 8.-

S eriuaay Iearish market in IU4 and on ton" inor Minister An 9-News d t t pe whi of

owp over welled et 24 ere ssued. Su a die Carvasaid.Thereisomple 9:15-The Sacred Heart Pro-
er le's l i sN again.bee TeleWsion tw.reos are ThosaJefero t. th 1784. would brin about fn calm renter cite. rw
gl amw asted ofor b:eathin0-aw life into uatars Ho ymboled the e enald 9:30-N ewsau-Singn Houedsd It r

$dd flwoiM dXl We some itt o iioneeed. 10:00---isaA o ullywood's Open House opens tomorrow at the Cne
.d so '.d a m se ar~.r iae u nan J ,hI.nedsb-'I0:30--The(oldNTime BallroomatrillTheatre. or. .
laso W a" HOlly Tomorrow Thursday, Jan. 28

S"v"prg -- "-L" AS LOtT oas erea re i b r t ne 1-Ofthe ,ecord C(XIOPcontd. -A BIG RAFFLE o-ou A *
SVanished too are the dimes of vent Meio ydeFsed wor 0-- 11 Ont The Balar
Sotp oult about these M e o ev- eL presss reports tat bloody clash Clock Club
gets. moted for Sev.repo
Sn aI .".th wsi were breaking out in fie ', 00-N ws

a n a p i a n o t h e hBo n y -r e
M h, Mexican states between poll" 7:05-The Alarm Clock Club
woinhd a 34 a~c.v $j t de A., l a s oe was -. and unemployed workers trying (contd.)
wwooa " r as T ittesthhne a rs Mht D e to take Jobs in te United States. 7:30-Morning Salon
1f'o! ") .stl r i's a e de. littlest con e of the nearest Mthe of Dimes 0ci- "Almost calls smal sectors alre 8:15--Murning Varieties
vhe.'Dott rushe bac 't0'8n o"^ ttrh Wahn., ha 3ed a bigt role wei container i may be- well toIn smolidarity with the gover- 8.30--Muaic Makers
.id., hetand oranles at bor tbe diovelopinent of America. lance at th e da.te. There.W las a meet on the ami V Ort abor u cs- A:45-Jerry Sears Present
t s afs s sla~yve r mw a Lt ot. tcutdimes sat"or d- egri I market im1 ~4 n on y e tin ," nteror Minister Angd 9 00-News H
~e sw"Carata, saioisd.wh T h's stpe om asld ormellw spelled It then-that 24 were issued. ds arnte Crvaal said. "There Is complete 9:ls5-Tbe Sacred Heart Pro-
uWpr.i on wa Doi$ and aain Television sc oreels are Thoms effrso; f.hto in 1784. would bring about Hde from calm In frontier cities." g ram
Vi it a .waeited e forb ea thing.lew life snto stars Hoi- I t symbolized theW imal yr- yur nea.resv ulrnD e er. 9:0-- As I See It
tI toome n ento ywood si were personalities for American mon;e, a'. s.- There is a I a _tage C n ne e 10:100--News
.- 4 sound stage or "not suiteutd".'for the screen. 'tem. wth ad vocqi oppositio 1844 dimes-onlv 715nsec iae.e ,a-le.v Matas RaoSwasbsng d1_.:05--Oi the Record-
S oi e preilae among ame early American sued an seem to hj. dioa,- s wan'' g .00-Ne w RAFFLE P PLAR "bA !
bi, sr ne o at gor. BERLE WAS LOST leaders. rhedre. terised inb. o. deraa to r 1. --O f the Record (contd.e BIGU
.11- bm'anuFactred- under Vanished too are the dimes of vent Mexico', unemnployed work- 11.30-Mleet the Band
bl s grabbed th Mtoerle ws st in Holly- Ope group feltstrongly along the Nationa, Foundatio for T.ers from slIpplrntothe US. 12:00-News
best -dre.iss dosn wood celluloid after starting n two the lines of Adopting .n existlnj rahtule Paralysis which were coz- Newlpaper reports from Cen-1P.M.

bet emg d 8Oh P r cr I ta---sor trial Mexico said troops and A
stor r n Francisco to New films at Oth Century-Fox. Pa ra oreign er rency systm leeted in the 1953 March of 12:05-Luncheon Music I I
Amount disarded Martha R ye long thing like francs or *hiOit s S- Dimes. .lice were screening passeners20--u nMusicPilo "A
Yk before TV aerials started sprout- th which colonistsM were al, .. on trains and bu and 12.30-Popular Music eO AE
W* ] E b iMtOAto "#ad-g on the nation's rooftops, ready fanmiliar. .Tese have ben used to DIo-off those wwho look- ke braceror 1 :00.-News.
m h olasHl .ywood fashl mont hauo `stffsepon held his ground vide needed care for polio vi -farmhands. 1:15-Thie Personality Parade Mtor +Cr for Childrew... GENE EV
Vll ,redom. cameIntoNbeino-,optirosin theoU.S.mandtoBwinBanBrhe!DhwBrordcsni
i 't ufarteTV,_o A 1ew y rs ::oed to Mar- and h e A camei .b i.i. in t e :5 an t win a B Tbe Ane:: apr tooalo said 1:45-Lum and Abner..,
n i:ha fL e asam. The no l b Tohe woth e wascdervedtram other round In the research bat- "bloody clashes, ane *currinw in 2:00-A Call from Le Paul nd-Trip to Meo

ie "e Wioters inon oa 0 nnhh thJ tlo "aH!nt tAhe nAEnT vod- .n MV
e ;rstt ad e tr- itel rnd "e "n Meeagainst-theInation'sG"cr- various towns between police and 2:15--A Date for Dacing
n Cite & h-it t- a dgpr tt he l rn tnhMed f ew e Meanwhile. the dime, c Jym-u Kpiri L braceros."FAmerican JO
Ing up astCiro's witho.werI aS wor del d gracondli. r OpnyeOOO -(VOA)W
combed s rrse encased in aetsad d rth1792,wh hefi'mint went bbl'dfferty needsepoA ke 5-The Battle of the Bands
numr.o i t out.tthe slickeulW= t as ungle n into opera p un. But"It'ASIt poslble for a nation to walk H.$ Lh.
giving a moe role eforeour fathers were edom from olio. Applesuce Dressedp 3:00-e All Star concert Hal

Ifash oSnl&es -4,10 iid e t m 3:15-The CILtt SPh
aIt's ITpeSed in Hollywood be- nu T d -the toWn's big- minted dine in their pocke in all Canal Zone residents c 3:15-T Little Show
fore," hle ,explaiaed. e s y,1 egat lp.r mine role in two numbers. !in this filht by giving genet- 'NEW YORK. (UP)-.Ire's a wa y3:30-Music for Thursday You miust be present to
perqds- qec when business isfiMsw 4abig bl*)v-.sqe cam. Earlier 'tiia and lf "ali osu to thu. March of Dimes to dress up a presauce for a ape- 4:00-Feature fleview
gqo (b strcasmaes Noone es" were mgear.asen. UmP rughaan.3u Tciadeert:m4ake a stiff merinu4:30-What's Your Favorite
-that bess s of whn studios won 4 hire him eve t p iandut din w tne '. p n.Camnl Co. an Arxm by beating 2 egg whites and cup 5:0-News
Cut production way down tid mo6n- wai(er But his.TV stardom amlWild small cbhatlr.i Siltheon rd. P'ordesa a representatives, are W a together. Blend in I eu 5 nf 5:35-What's Your Fav ot ite
llcke*inim a lilo-doling Fathets arose. t Ingcamal. to fight sieved applesauce and garnish with (contdhLr.) ..H, ..
etsit, then the stasstat r. that a portion of Martha' gor' dadd Oeen (O R
...m..l bI oed.' ,.I_ 4: & 1 .. 1,
DN ingtons sall bC -. R6:15-B-LUE RIBBON SPORTS

oDi pI7a o : OheQI r-Lwel! TILpmu -
being n 9a "3 ...ep r Qm the U. S. A.
hja l e ;00--The'Platter Parade i 0 L'S AY "
ght The rat firat $;45-CommentrY ,on World
nonvnm. the T 9:00-Piano Playhouse (VOAP BANK DAY! $100.00 -nCASH'and FRE
Wst polio. -- T Urns flE 1 E9:4O-Over to You IBBC)A-0.
mion theWli v.m10:00--Tommy Nfitfez and his AT 500 AND 9:00 PM. ALSO:
is significant to the orchestra "THE SMUGGLERS" (I n Technicolor) 'a
rgn waged by the March I10 15-The Latin American Set-"PHANTO
of Dimes. as wel as a free us- enade
"' mm- : m tion. The olive brpmch sigpifies 10:30-Story U.S.A. (VOA). _.
strength through unity: the bat-
tiesfle symbblizes preparedness MST FOR 12:00--N-Th.e--8i Off Ne
Sto defend: and tt.tordh on the ALUTODAYt
Rooseveltdime thetorchoDA' Non-Stop Laughing Comedy! BBC-Britih Broadca t I n g
.iwas So It $r a fprrlatm- The Franklin D. Roosevi-n:06$:4:55 tp.m. 'Bud Abbott &Lou CostelloCrporation
TOWp COW .today ,ImtI good dime minted in 1946. was a m.I- 2 4RDF-RtdiodlffusioniFrancait
-O the wonl.zwho '15 Ior departure in engraving Tor ROSBMARY CLOONEY MaVOA-Voic of America
smother VOS n W Xfhe., the country's smallest coin. It uR MELCmIOR, in, M DreJeyl"ad"
%jn o i her ,aned an exclu..ive fraternity-- Mr. Hyde"-O
i-i t-come the Lincoln penny. the Jefferson. "THE STARS ARE -tIP ,
-.Me &uOg10to teou- nickel and the Washington quar- 'JtM i-ROW CEN T RI
yo&ki e& i g _e- to |lust mote bro.UuoMe coins minted for general use in In TXH0NICOLORm.
byW I fIs a thin i wbith doinc, It's .-- --s--fo---dRop pingc 5lOMO,-O

*"e"THE CLIMAX" A TOUCHI......1 .mW. WUtu laU USa
.j ihrj- ]IPolice said the money was Inom TEH.COOR h ON HNDE
IS v -. LA CABT*Debora fluMfound in the air conditioningInTECHNiC "LOR
"' FROM HERE TO ETERNITY" unit of the 195 s Oldsmoble own- Stewat rnger"ONEHUNDREDA
s. 'm b i ed b OGreen. Part of it was in a LADY SURRENDERSLITTLE MOTHERS"
LA 500A (a) "GUN BELT" end loose In the air conditioner.f_, TI hs. ...
-*.... a im (6) y" P WAfter the mechanic found the _tggliga
(b ) "l R L .. money In the garage to whici Ia I
Themsgar *b a OI" the wrecked car as taken it was I NC N N O C API 0 L 0 oLI at o
turned over to the office of jef- Alan Jean Smmon.ninMM
-AA "THE GOLDEN rAWK. r aermn Co -dsofas atr sum iacoor
Sm. .. e' ley for legl cUpONiwawoh. Leo eun, in -1 uMs tne*r*
'tA'AWIr Another work at the garage "GrL uI James Mason, in
LHTA CRUZ "M LOk SWAtmd IMiebydI PARADISE Iln -m -mm m P....
6-IsW '& Is >-tyall tar-in-la* ad aske or = i PARADISE j win *moaamu*.S....'
Sr--SS M ********of the C auto,.R--.. l... ...'.
C ES -offtwith it. saed. VICTORIA ID AL I DREAMED OF
meta wBMrthe WSunda crackup wbeu Ut Tyrone Power, in Robert Ungton, inwith
...din* cNtrauwshed In- 'MISSfSWI GAMBLER" wInside The Und"wnr" VITTORIO GASSMAN
CAM f 'l Fw T Tge A Wi fe" stoan AWu rphy. in Wa lInGJ IME BROOKS TODAY II G I A F
5.s i.. rW312212nJS, 3 Da Parker, a KA-AS RAID fs" C* N ta far Wme e a s. t r tI Axt y pu wGO uo r Ia SaL
W= M. foft mw .1

-. -_

L -


S-. -'"

- _:.. --. ,.. .* .'

lst Of Di contented L* -

iblo Signs; Philies Bombers, Brownies

er To Buy Solly Hemus At Mt. Hope Stadium Ton t

EW YORK, Jan. 27 UP) The list of dis- -
ded major league baseball players keeps get- PANAMA PRO LEAGUE Ai.r S I P os S
smaller. The last player to sign is Carl Furillo, s standing, AOOK a' a: Ja a
Brooklyn outfielder who won the National -. r a ,- 1 i S .... r ...M 2 I
e batting title last season. O First Place In .Armed
-one-year old Furillo set three major league catching Bombers 11 16 .40 Cox aZ AB 13 Schou
ane of the biggest come- records last year and was voted iytAver
S1953. The rfle-armed the mot valuable yer in the TONIGHT'S GAME (7:3) Forces Baseball eae
elder led the League with National circuit. The records Mt. Hope Stadium: 1 e Fimen'nsur. p. .ldo a muc
Average, hit 21 homers were 41 homers, 142 runs batted Bombers itsorio 2-3) vs. Brown- W OiwolGMt takode. pko
S the majors. Furillo, Campanella predkts Brook. THE STANDINGS s xth and, A re In CAA vs Navy. battle wtth tb. u g
with eye trouble In lyn will win its third straight LAST NIGHT'S RESULT Team W L pet. the seVth. In tu ith, the -000- ..-.and potent 'r"
only .247. An eye opera- pennant. The 32-year od Yankees 9, Bombers 4. Aibrook 4 0 1.000 Sailrs put togeth*S hit.s and Firemen-'s Insurance walloped urd E-pe ndent
ter the '52 season correct- catcher says his only worry is Army Atlantic 3 1 ..760 2 Special Troopa ttBra. ld iA Pan Liquido 13 toO 08 6td' st t
oa's faulty vision. Furillo that he will suffer a serious Special Troops 2 2 .500 the big seventh AleY lad 3 hiti afternoon to tie CAA for fi t tMeMiam
for an estimated $27,000. injury. The second lace Brownleb Coco Solo 2 2 .500 and 2 free paas. thit bi.blow lan the Pacific season ofa Wl n i.?o ;e e 'sae.
r Catcher Roy Campa- Campanella says: "Catching s i little Stanley Arhura Fort Clayton 2 3 ..400 was centeflder Geo i Lt's e and move Pan Lquil" cdg this will be a e c .
move Into the $35,000 a dangerous game. I feel I could h mound tonight in effort Fort Kobbe 2 3 .400 bases-loaded single to drive in down to third place. a. ny featuring th d't
this year. Campanella go on playing until I'm 50 years to pennant hopes Navy Westbannd 0 4 .000 two tallies. nr was credited and color guard a: t a
old, but there's always the when they tackle the last -000-.' Coco Solo Pnfle I r e Blakea wi "b ,io ,*
lh L chance of an injury and there Aie Bombs at the MtHope Albrook AFB moved into sole showed plenty of trolu Issuing two defeats. and flowed only thwart Brow 2u4l
nfie-lCh Lea Iud e goes a career. le" a lacen B omoossession of first place in the only one free the entire two safe hits tothe beeetr.has
Mike ano Several other clubs got into Stadium. Panama Area Armed Forieds ame. Looking goodlin relief for Lou walked two and struck out coLmw nations In ge a. c p
y. Mike Brandonthe contract signing act. The Fernando Alberto Osor0o s ex- Baseball League by blasting pre- pecalTroop wa.all Mler, five. g es .
Chicago White Box say First ected to start the game n the viously unbeaten Army Aantic bi-right ander who strck out Arty mock,the loser, went hwer.
atc Leae game Baseman Ferris Fain returned pitcher's box for the Bombers. Sunday afternoon by a 12-3 4 his short toir f mound three and two thirds innings for axe d the High
FhJ e paloamS nnan the his signed contract along with a A Brownie loss will drop them count in a game played at Al. duty. the Liquid Bread team an was tell. Off went veteran ta r
B the maoi r Fter letter. The White Box say Fain fve full ames off the pace be- brook. The line score: charged with.eleven runs on Ab Flynn, losat for the rest of
lyed Monday a wrote: "Recalling my 1953 sea- hind theeague leading Yankees Centerfielder George Tochter- Sp. Troops 000 0 5 5 eight hits mk walked three season
orh am Stadium a A son, I feel the contract is ex- while a victory will leave them man supplied the power for Al- Coco SoTo 100 00 h-8 g 4 Firmena a retiredore tw o with This was sore blow e f Of
SFeld was won byule tmelyfair." Fain won the A- four games out of first place. brook slugging a triple and a Batteries: Special Troops the third strike. Bul dogs' cause. AA reul .-
as 10-4a t g imerican League batiog title in double during the contest to bat Warnicki (LP), MIller (7) and Mac. Lane took over the wholeqate changea A t bhe
was a tight game going 1951 and '52 but slumped to .256 Last night the Yankees came in four of the Albrook tallies. Leonard; Coco Solo Blake mound duties fromSmock in the madei nMay a o Nto f
the top of the sixth but last year after being traded from up with six runs in the ninth John Taylor, Albrook rightfl4- (WP) and Esola. bottom of the fourth and allow- ter fe o that te tomoroo IbG
alomas got live run to the Philadelphia As to Chicago. inning on three errors, two walks er. and Herb Boetto, sellar ed two rina on two singles and could take .over the ofats S T- f.
the game wide open. It is believed he was cut from and four hits to break a 3-3 Flyer catcher, joined in the slug- Leftfelder Wkrren Woers was two free passes. Lane struck ott going chores. relln .. hRayk teuon"-al u a s
y was the winning pitch- $33,000 to $25,000. The White deadlock and go on to a 9-4 fun, each batting two runs a- the hero in Albrook's 3-2 win two of the Firemen. nourne here so thatihe could don 4a1a "C i
g up lour runs and six BSo also signed pitchers Luis triumph. cross the plate. Shortato Rok- over Fort Clayton on Satirday. Vogenkelter and Marshall were the catching armqr.- moaa ey- t lA
le liayen the loser Aloma, Mike Fornieles, as well ert Johnson contributed three Woers connected* th home the only Pan Uquido men to es, up from the Teen-A laeae cim4:2.;
up ten runs and eleven as bonus third baseman, Joe Losing pitcher Floyd Milliere hits to the Albrook cause. run with 2 mates aboad in the etmnect sathly, of last year, took over _ay'pbt Maaasef n
si innings. Kil ene. dug his own grave by commit-- The bright note for the Army first inning to wreck Clayton's Larry Jones of Firemen's In- at first. 1.n d E or *,
had a perfect day for e White Box gave Kirrene ting three of the four Bomber Atlantic nine was outfielder chances. surance led his mates at the Thus of the eight starters, on-
jWiomas going tIree Cor $256000 to sign in 1950. He play- miscues in the game. The Yankr- Gontales-Delphl who collected Southpaw Ed Stasaecki held late with two bome runs for ly two will be playing I Hfal.- U
0 and Winxiosky had three 44 a few games for Colorado ees played errorless ball. 1Bill 2 hits in 3 trips to the plate. the Clayton batters pretty well three official trips to the plate. 'ar positions come FrYdiy night. eSrd1 fir
, getting th only extra rings, then went into the Hockenbury went the distance The line score: int check through te e contest. Jones was presented with two These are Joe *-Midget" Ciero h a*
-bT bl te game-a triple. coast guard. for his fifth win as compared A. Atlantic 000 020 010- 3 7 4 whiffing nine itrkeout balls tickets for a free Italian dinner In left field, and Bill Martin lI f th t -a te
eyes wA the nitting slraT Cincinnati signed f o rmer to three losses. A. A"B 242 002 02x-12 11 2 past opposing batters. Olayton with wine at the Atlas Garden. right. Ma played hIsmophomoae regular weeky m e ti f the
.gyes w s ge two White aox pitcher Saul Rogovin. Batteries: Army Atlantle-Co- urler William Wlg settled Note fo players: The main year in the outfield, to he Isnt Rot lb ... th
h~2 wiSa tonejos baBBE The Baltimore Orioles, in- Billy Shantz, with three for Ion (LPI, Reyea (2), Comacho down after the firt Inhing to reasonPn quido made such new to the aptup. pri the on bribe all
. n three times up. fo stead of signing a player, let five; Manager Al Kubski, with (4), and Hardin: Albrook AFB pitch shutout ball and strike out a bad dhowlng yesterday- was I the ap important pitching thiella ma. = Oe..t
.. xt. aduied game r go. The Orioles announce two for four and Ray Dabek. -feteneller iWP) and Boetto. 9 Flyers, but the damage had that five players did no show department, Brown can call on t match.
4-.. acaguers is today anclent Satchel Palge has been with two for four, paced the Special Troops put on a start- been done, up for .th gae. Remember, If four hurlers who have.t
Sat Beam Stadium, Ai- given his outright release. The Yankees at the late. Clyde Par- ling 9th-nning rally to upend A seventh-inn ehoer by your two maintain any creditable performances thus fhar. g ratingg linup
IK Field between the Oce- club roster says Paige was ris. with three for four, was the the Fort Kobbe nine 5-4, Aftetr Clayton cerfterfilder Al Rose reason sanding in the Chief among Wthe Is L o ua an undo bl t
F anu the Macaws. born in 1904 but some quarters only Bomber to get more than K6bbe had scored four unearned came with no one on base and league, it is your duty and -panam -lead udoun t wan tohie
. -Qouole header is s.ted u g say the lanky pitcher is close one hit. runs in the first Iuinina obbe only served to reduce Albrobk's bd present, or at a
a oay Jan. 30 a Balooa to 6O. pitcher Jose Rosario aeld the margin of victory. least, notify your manager in Along The Fatirwas .tmo
um starting at one 0'- The Orioles says Paige was Speolal Troops to one hit until The line score: advance when It Is impossible inic t a ltt heth followion
released because he dosn t fit In m t the last inning. Then the Troop- Albrook AFB 300 000 0-3 4 3 for you to be present. jade will p er follhio
public is cordially invit- with plans to re-build a young il IWIr LOup ers combined 3 bits with 3 free Ft. Clayton 000-40 100-2 4 5 The box score; GOLFING QSSiP FROM TH y Cwiublbent D ick
attend the last moving club. asse and a it b4tpmen to .Batteries: Albrook AFB-ttas- PAN LItUIDO masAva E"
ch League games and all The Philadelphia Phils started score 5 times with outaout and zecki (WP) and Boetto' Fort AB R H a
.j anc supporters are the trade winds bowin g by ot am ninht n o me, (Wa lls (LP) an d ri Prehort A 2b 3 D 0 w heD 2 ladies pla d %t A t -
-GaametnrnSec nedPbasemanAanring the St. Louis Cardinals tr w l s e e b Be t, semrin- pedit s tD rs n t b3e 0n 0 l .t;e. .'bsmni-
o be wonfanring- tetLuCrnlag01d ad: s oThursdod Wan itvu-m
SM package deal tIor hortstop 8olly gled with the b- loaded to In a 9ptchers' duel at Forte tr. s 3b, e 2 0 1 W 28 ld e eat A m-a-Br l a ot g
1.s n sig n pi ar tqAs setrihumepthh rorthiptrcss,3b 2 0 T as to Sio
ciage S 'alfridht t ap y n run. Kobbe Saturday, Gonza]-ellb Ock, in s 2- eat detha^ t 911 fJlS ad; grei w
e r effelre a orde ni t K W lI thed sae combined *iTtchl ng effe wlr Zemer.n IR srf 2 o ly. q m s
on s.....5 1 Kt a oAgde 1., iisror g i o hwet an o aI.f --n s l Sh a- i... f,
4 1 1 0 4d O P-A R a le A l inheuoS ne m ,r3e'2
C JOhur'EctheaelhtorfIfu-b, os;-.i I 1.. tr. R
NeO, Is w .orried that e A.GPT LEAGUE rio, apaolo tL lRosarl d o the decistive factor 3 1 1: : 1r ern e rg A a P9a ais
Sri 00 102NeillorhatoShoest PACIFIC TWILGgaT Rosardoraved to be l he dc ive torneh, t I 0 wrotN.
Sb .. ..3 1 3 1 5 Ted Kazanki of the Phils wn- 1 ands ezo, tad f Specialne a trar tight ball game. Atlantic TGolden, tbe1 0 r .S w
.., l .n ..2 1 0 U o11 be taken Into the A1ed forces. s tanediTs 12 ooA o e-- Mepi rs (P) oand went ahead "5 )"oln the b sixth t nose- n to l e wtepinr e. *(oin .-(mf- S-e) _
ir fl .. If .'. 4 1 o 0 4 Th Philsh think thuT can LeontAd, surt (r). when leftflolder Ca Kobbe Rayn TotPals 19qu0 2 Io in h rnamnt.a ..whn ,. -
woyp ok. a..41 0- 0 4 ive .tup Aftmivs.n0t t aob they W L Pet. In another Sunday afternoon batted in second baseman Men- FIREMN'S INSURANCE 13 itinr o 1 h co ing .out ot er i md l u3S.
raun 20 .. -0 0 0 j 1 gon y ot0tp Alex aLucky Strie 4 1 .0 affair. Fort Clayton turned on de Mo who had ngle and MArthur, If 0 0 R r.
a 2 .. .1 0 1 ammai-rom lnnd. Amer. Leiobn 2 3 -400 the stem to sink the Navy stolen second. Neckar, as 4 t -AThfe are eFr s y"e r bt r
-Here and thereIn baseball, Balba HS 2 3 .400 Westbank deeper In the cellar Kobbe bounced back for -a sin-Hnlzinger, p 3 i n n Lbteln ardo de r e
31 10 11 18 13 veteran Bto*oklyn, Farm Club Womack WhIsky 2 3 .400 by a 20-dQ count gle tally In the- seventh on a Jones. c 3 2 2
.... o en aoEwfe p cherger has In Saturday games. Army At-lt ingle by rightftelder Victor Pescod. lb 4 2 2 M SoN pItiaT so. Th
.CQ..JO. eu-haed B .ploqrOee i -wr Bort TOP FIVE BATTERS lantc eke4 past Fort Kobbe 2-1, Alomar, a walk, and a srles-of Dunn, c 3 1 1 rhort e .ptop' Pete "S ds
.. 0 0 1 2 Buffalo has bought so thpa (in five games) 8-4, and Albrook AlrB edged Fort The lin score: Turner, t 4 0 1 af e&the oW.up_ She hpa
a\ 1 ..r. 0 Ch 1ratulati s). i h fedsOhreo.
d, c 0 a 0 White Box... Third Baseman Al GP AD H BA Two big Innings provided Coco Ft.ers bbe 000s000 100-131 e o. i Tothe
...... l 2 Rosgen of Cleveland will be hon-I Halman (AL) 5 1 h7 .437 Solo wit the winning margin Batteries: Army Atlantic Trtas 3n h 13 1 e S-Mar Janda(whorisoo toh -rea thld t nto a
.t .... ...... it 0 8 lonard l P pVhi when he n ed (Sh 5 12 5 .416 lover Speial Troops. After scor- Delpi (WP), Colon (6) and Cue- Store by Inmings:our lag ,ood ae too). Jema e )tsprl o 1,
S receive b holop award s R (AL 5 18 .400 ng one ruin the first, Coco vansHardln 48); Fort Kobbe Pan ado Following the tournament, a og
'r B.113.3_e 0r:0- meeingwt as henld by Thebieo at ycm-the BZlcla ndnud b .l(eatheu ) h eri by o r m a.e inJti ned tl rno u earl to mor fsa.l r'. T
Ssa r ha "outtaning" contrlbu- 4. O'Leary S) 5 17 5 .294 Solo exploded for 3 runs in the Drew (LP) and Rosado. Firemena sur. 133 42- m eet
:f .. .... 1 0 tons to por. Halsae i n AL 5 14 4 .286 ttee to make plans tor the worth
l b .... ..3 0 2 3 1 w Napoleon MONDAY'S RESULTS "Big Day" Feb. 14 on which a ThCre will be nor admiseon
hers reord. : 1 ht oa8oa toe T. adtoran. hiof.r Kun lthek firs lnSt KFobe moy se re"dwtilleeula -lecarNavraytenseb vnbtto prnoar at
S2b ..2 0 1 4 0 e r S) 5 14 4 .286 r e i T s h iun ie s re Baxdnter's Mover 7, Navy s "Scotch r foursome" will be gt te t bl t latn a
uicy p c ..3 0 PITC L HRnSnN lnrlinki the Ca fr Moodayo: afternoon Itolooked as ad. All golfing husbands will be Is le com eao 1nI oroer t
2: 7 4 6 relas b ca he dosnt fTt rn.. C the win column when they took you must not forget to pIck up a thr. BO T heoRo.i
lTe Tm o Gverreea h h rters ERA Pet. Ac i nec hou o w A d rak., A to a a ree run lead the top of card d enve t lthe Amodoi -

Ha.. ct, ,ela n g e nt.ouis in. i Ai n mrey i SCnl Pandas Invitationalt to pard e om. Shine wIll sea-n a with three runs in the' bottom of For furthe r Idnformation you tour Athletic Union U held
l o.'i;;ua6BL oases:dWian-for w ahibtipoln Shine Win at Gambom tangles with Jime Riley. to lotres In favor of Navy. 62-5118. for the women's Intemraisnal
Hots Hte..r a s Ted w Bulldot w c lu ith th MeKuliow dowh wihone out Dick for a "Bilnd Best Ball Twosme." meat In Fra-M e.

,nnydsn, Drennan hs Ch"'--obnd.tlB.sabre and e o effrts went gee and Mikrw j a- FIRST FLIGHT the di amond wit a homer to i lf
2, Conejos 2. Bas e dai peswhhl open thre e t ea ms parent d fr se -.otev en parla nd Bea. wa.
by: Hayden5 ar...-o 'a o -Ae-li iceSCODaInsan rnsin-hesixh o U Sadn6tHaley 'I -limruen-ne arAlOtn arneavunnthgFoaptrettrfim3hldsbn", de s 1 .sileyvs. Shne, soidly, nd madlbrundltr'ip.$NO'
Picr' rec: 11 h eetasen into the par.r tes tnte .ro "^, itehtw nd y hou anr play BRgedTfour afl e naiu .,, ^ f f

pce*-r,- "4--a Los- d e pe nrods tnro l the Chpa for l cloatch. CAhawik At cudlantic vs. Galloway. 1 ae n nat ae ln tloft ield

gimnme birdie ending the match. nth
MltaJim Riley Is back In his old AFtTHla'LIsT
r League M oguls Favor Interleaguestride, andwhen Jim Is right he incaid n Dimer Winnum at the
Plyear e Is good, and he displayed cham.- Mahoi Medingeraft. Dick Boystr, (Baxter's MOV-
ST nirmn defeatinC- Mahone va Medlnger. Dick oystr, (Baxtein defeating l-
S That W would Double Player M market Coyhadut down two or SIXTH FLIGHT Woody Woodruff, (Baxter's
three times but when the pros- Murphy vs Burke. Movers).
_ure was on, Jim was at his bet Louis vs. Fars. Lt. R. D). White, (Navy).
g4Q', Jan. 27 (NEA) Lane point out that the Dodg- Morgan to another National Colley was the last Gamboa hope The box sore:
Season for interleague ers have three third basemen, Leaue outfit for fear that nM and his defeat was a blow to his SEVENTH FLIGHT NAVY
iould double the player including the versatile Jackle would trike back too mightily nm amboa followers. Hamnmond vs. Walker.B A 'i
Sad atn- Robinson. The others, of course, another uniform. Major Shine defeated Paul Taylot vs. Boyd. Diorio, Sb 4 1 1
,ugust. sre Billy Cox and Bobby Morgan. Richmond from Brazos, in IG White, 4 1 1
.BM-_ league -moul Two more report to the Brooks The White Bo no doubt would other championship 1 i At GT C FLIGA LambWhites, 4 1 1
sat plan f- another try this spring. They be bA to Mr- match. Shine played his regular Ath s vs. gs Chance, Ifb 0 -1 Sak" b i Z d
Ln of the White are Don Hoak, an gres Ie .an be an Invest- smooth game which hovers a- _ley.v a-H tunnels, 2b 3 0 111 i
Sno re n why it cha* who has spent th t --co'- ent much sprlor to gting an lo.und par, and Richmond's game g j&ton ci 4 0 0 ..else n
Im n into effect pIe of summer awth Montreal, uItted high scool boy an equal was a little off. The Atlantic sid- Peeler, p 3 0 1 hemhn
i t delay. and Jim Blaes, who last season amount as a benu r oa irlng, ers are really dominating thp ImlagUlall o, rt 3 1 3
id0a to hit the big ahtted S0 bees runs and drove SBchumacher of the 01- championship flight and it is a Jobnson, ilb 3 0 0 eat se r e
BP t pr Worth. -11 a thee manth of Jan- mg to be a Gold Coast finale. .-
t0ve oodashori- #f- O ax.he Omboa let-
V29 660saa CM- ar-Wa*oboy. downed Jack RAXTEX'S 301335
tr at he setso wl, M an old s eaonled golfer, pl nt A -
oil.111su. as te a surprise second flight naten. WoodruffherE 3 22o '
WOOSu2400 r1-g a Johnny JimfibfyWIlrnmeet Maj. Sbine elftg, i ::4 a
iM o order MIS or Is agoran' 1I nAu- at 1o:0e,&.Am Sunday, and e ult e*g.. aX of 1
rI-i^ i fd nee,. lea deaW e / hill M take on Crocxer. iler. ef 0 0
S "-2,9 t %Of"theO" matches will b 9 0
r 4 Frt k'sOt mane and you can tase raue, ms S C "
as to awe-eOur pick,. 4JUer Is oprbsoly C3 0e 3S S 0 -0
-.. a cut-, mus, Uhas been playti 2
m er.V A U p. Plenty of tol. It be is on rus ...Rley, rf -.1 0 0 S a awsin
Sf wold1 five of the maeoamlued baseball ft- anme he Wil rive Mike plenty of 507s 60 -X 2 1 1
ailsa' h,,a.. to ~~dealI r at material because Mike will be close-cloue "

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01- IjPL 4I I 4 e l I r
-Ch rsjp //pet the sixth, but co, -d only puh a-tdium

7 o s lfl7 BsIoinat b$ tb nas r f botdie Row

'K0 l'ad'' a' ed a 1 to 7t ovw1 the drenne of a is crown against the
roaring back WIw5 1In their -w
I- "-wor t..t.ha d the oalf of the mf In ti. TheA a u) t
S',a .o a-er* ab ri, po In.r s a1t0ay yA leMe1 5 Ll aLr -to '

hi. b i t v 4 1 1 1 1 pitched thr~~,,b;il Wth !ardlh ng trt i~Pt.le i ral e yI t. e ,v-
"S calub Dyehe ,a .Amanar t 21 1 0 0 ahe era to a that fding the pAgencthe Br2 e, wo ldt oe could itill
S tobfe Cai st a na iari tto( K1 441 ie ,credI run3 In the first an- hup-t ar yplgatsWmain-
atu ua ur2w1 L ce'I c 1 &h4L1"I 2_ 1 ,d. an tD t.o' t h flM
I .,terd- t 1 1 "e trd s it Ine the axth, Ibt could ondyf push Miiby h ta1d tm.

money to a in h lad Wt;fkm It 3 1 0 0 0 te he reached fllst on ner- '1 in acb ta4e A crowd pe fanl da ex-
,.a. .. tell.m .,-d-t_ r.e rhem, Ric.n.. c 3 .0 0 0 0 f nd)then atolR a eres m .. s. tw^thot o h
*. w o I meU aIUIl 0Rn p, i 1 o dne ? S 9 S 0w w. to th" ey rd on-" "... y e olt ar e t u o t y, sot be t hue
wo i r ed un 1 0 1 0w c.,e In to acc... ItPrie .oed trom ttlevtlo. uoore ane.et3 40

.o Z .we I f .. .. 0 0 ru l's in gle. A fter a k .. lMe ..nti 0 .
th le by Ra In the i nd ouareg aa6t l n ir nmeet The se. -
w Police T9 h 4 Ct lq n d rg i.. ., g Isfjnwa aardbia ttlhe

.. z. CB P, B in the sitxth. n ,e s 11 4 3 Arche Wa t a u an -
aM .n A s m o bor Brggtoeu. T e 0 0 0 .Th pks ent efl to the, Brv 3 2 .*nou but disput..d dI dla'on.s

w ldlNx. "no morE tksn P tSa'# b 3. 1 1I' 1 puhed acro. o team h trouborle trl en _
Sw u f. a 3 t 0 4 0 t to finish the s the plate, Indi and
S30 1 m. Johnny nt rav pl 0 ball ame

I-Rig b y 0 0 0 0 ro and outside og ? -,rnngnono a nt shared\
Ok o f del Aro"t a ng pitched a Snod n. ,r"""- the mound teor the In- t o I1
t' e ', 3 1 1 0 "back two _u_ Gted a while t rwentuthe *l e... 5.. i

gmhHe faot But another vaua 3b7 2b. c e 1 1 ra 0 touin fine fadhhone diDtancetyorathbittraves. M o
hadTBeen avidPt ine r 1 0 0 0 0 n struck out 13 rn7and 41c3atn, 8b, I. Smith 7 P
w a .n Ito ed he was CArente 2b 0 0 0 0 0 w hked only l batter on his and ennett ehhe d a hit for fl U f a I -
d ldldzsGe n TotaSic c 3 .0 he n Ithtyer. down on atraea and to lead the Brave' hitters.
- r'a da 2Io06t0... eor- herave up nary a walkt r 2 lbh s E i i l, re gt

t o lacttutld c as h B reet.Freby Inn n g he. ry Corri gan aftd Danhy Indiana 10 5 3 n \e a M
mhen eat0up1t1h2scm T C. Solo B vt 620 010- T D o 1 tndes l ted the wi1nnei.r t Bravegan s 10 4 3 \ a p d
tonyuntt to the .i n ua P e a 000 0- 5 0 e with eac an collet th g' sudden at h never m
/ e _anaI" the f oinn m g o at. dh 9ahe foomhe111 of ainyone-t usM t exposed

nhe altea With t S hI iled, ot .ngm/ -e-- --i-r----hera-----
I thI lnbdlhi0tpused act l h ed boit anl, t ., ed o r a sl ha g roui e / 0 ,_

tu'. t. otft onhht. hemo iet, eme .ong ,e .ao n .or Deg e ll d .0 ,l fo

I.Witu.l .w rns wa n.o t T Iw y otithe lr Wned ea. I T. .e I.I
PrsL U .....L. '[ a" "iSomnr0 at h e, w-I le os" r w e- --i'
sold a4 SLP I&. b.ut,,[A. .-o.,- S ._ o s.
ao lSme fbtoh t:000Lr 1eus mIn ::0,a oi b ftheufietin r0AdI

er. W.,, ott erh lbr 3 1 1 t d as A4i..- ,, "
th ebo3-ablet thu3Staves

s te r thhtden- phe tasw .arsdown ontedutrtund,_ 0 0 1 0 ahoalead, ts '. 0 1he e

n rr a. .Bowers, It 2 0 0 0 0 rcaldwr la 1r 0 0 0 0
ntal -O raisedl han le h..a o up nary a walk. t the "ae'oea

.... .-- W. French, 2b 3 0 1 1 2 Seorebylann -
uure ua a- ds' Ben donation of the golf hat and B. Weleb 3 0 0 9 l s -14d4 th7000e -7 1 wi ne lb a
Beaad Brgw'to the glove tor priee. oM. Sander ot 3 9 0 0 sear, 1000-1 3 2 S w

Sru t onAay p Bw ct mentrie and i nuordert-of finish 't Rulfg, p oo a o 2 1y summary* Winning pitcher: bb1 t
r Co what is to !omL were, I M. Laethenya I 3 0 0 8m. | D0aLoah ea (1-1). Losing pitcher: h a

n a fu t thman H. Tompkins, as 3 0 0 J Wath (0-1). Struk out by: i
ert le a t wi t the iENIO DIVISION J. Cronan, rf 2 0 0 0 tDesLohdlar L J. Wt aon 3. Bo a nd o
uet io kl wg the & D. YtAbrouh, 3b 2 0 0 0 man se 1. Hisay pitch ame
Pa., e t" namDivision of th. Ca.. J. Hammon" 41-4"'3L 84 ".. Wattae If 2 0 1 -. 0 De- on0 Woeiong Two base 1 g

Xbean nDolf Assnlatio herld t r Deabdeu 42-45-o a 87 ba eit: 0A or. Double playa: R.& 'Ltl en
first nor boli Tournmo tsa -p- 80 Totl 2 1 4 7 Wtion to Wo-tmble; Womble to r I
of the cs.urrent year, .-a nt 4n-4- 2 Soen rs b l: Ry eitr. Umpire Ra r andm
... A. P Uratl, r 3-4 A .10 Motta' .00 a10 r 0 bPottweagur colle : Mtae d a mde ofo r eh

gTweny yeuni oatfer a JsthMagee 52s104 Powell 000 0h1-1 4 f 1:5,e 0

u A tor ua ll medal p R. Spwlta t2-hor10 Winning Ditcher Maly p-i).cke
tfdair o01ch tah divi e done sho wa It SSaS u s10s Losing ptch dr: lieg (0-It Avteer o re little League 1 00
two a d It,, t 1 n. Jonefs B35-hmmn -100 sn uSTAtdDINGS o

r,-. w i _the-.ower.. B.B :Irsawr-88-1 0 Powoer, ll 8 s. nWt ,. hoI w S it th ..l B

c o ,-- ating of te be a Corn '2-64--126 The Powehis eb s.bfck after ert an bbe 5 1 .B03 IL ".8 "< \' Sr l k r
raging In aettafur yBarstTe how r a 5-75l 140 their defeat by f e f l otta's $att Scott, 3 2 .600 1
Prante JNIOR I IO marking In the second T r 5 .7

f w u14-wpat&A a *in .,0 CunninOhaMseled of Rwith adou" AV l kOOLTM
to... Axe'" f e5 .h bo e to cent= .a .Wth no omin Cl o portt Clayton 3 -- -I d

M.-.-h R. '( ., ,,. men on second and third M. r. 12, Fort Kobbe 3 \\ V/ r=.^. ,
the 8a sI dt D n 6atn I-e6-115 out the next three san. ande e O WDA
o t B a e was never In really diffult oWueapt Baponk a0 Cur ndu l
gr of l t rouble after the as d. nort y Car. Comm.

SlThe eell cored three runh Fortalbrook.

Ja eran wt oIn the third on three walkb one Caribbean otal swatted
uawm Brit place IndoneI error, Again In the reviousl beaten port Kobbe
by vi his a ad- more on three walks and t e ao.nrule y 31 standIngs I4I
vafthgerMwn itp ro 1. C Snle or. nto a tUrmoil. aFive team

08 to ar f si.l.ied rhtr-l -- rtan i _|ow--0S M. Sanders only allowed Mar- are now in contention fl r the
er-up et with aritp two its and struck out rst half title.
o P"rt m m ett o#t h e A nfw t.rf 7A'a. m n eir aP Af j"N 1* f'0 h. .h-- 'rr r t f T AoeGs

I o By BE BAON ten while J. Mclon and T curndu moved into second

n l .i to l ue Cunnnha allowed th (e hits pnice in the small-try circuit th f of T ID ju t.
~beno. ta T j aerate nWA:1 over Fort oyton dWe wi

Cal, py C wlas lf Que tion: WhuL e duty is it to POW L streout lay hurler for t |ofhim
SbavI anet Anwer: The aeppodiBg te w rct, he 3 0. 0 1 sanet n t cl ap 0 anyone.W 30 01
ss r ^ -anders, 3 00 cb war o ake f3d00 00k FRE ta a h F irA
a'ulrto. a 3l 4 0 1 2bieat Will aand aort Clay- %no

h _tru t l _u- 4.b_ i 3foa.i t and H. TOmpkin a Sb 1 while Nov WW est meet s 5__.. _
Ai fel am. __ _aoIsl _to I" _a W. brt 3b 0 a I6 rle i m e of a new Fireatone tire
rto AboelotdM in his GaM Aenlir or -* j T. Cronan, rf 3 0 0 0 Curudu and leag-leading
210l0M. .0o boi ri ,-a. 1 1 0lYOUR ,ST1E1" IS
,.._. I ubat4r Totebs 3I I 1t 2 L Curundu atdted Fort Clay-
b .obU.. Wibh ti 8 ge e .3r-In K MAiGA 'rIA ton by s. -a B In. an Armed
Dom .. a ./..d lw a WM lmAO aNO M. Fields. 3b 3 0 0 0 1 orees Ux ame pv-
ot 1bl r' P. d a 3 0 0 7 extra bter

ham{ matte ilee va*l & 209 .S-- ., /7.0 f Bo. a l ser t ^^ '*1 cla. Jel
II. .. t. T. C aT t rte ntrke out
3h jfd ( ). t 1 1s st ar'- la"" ton's
srf il. f DAt hs- 1(P n, ham p, eI tf teed Cinr
.,a.! .a... /. ,,ll I V A t I, ,ere rea-

b_. M_ .,.. .....- .. .. P!ed, .___ 5 9 0 0 6 ito were I um ly, heowoww
abe Wl talks Ad

LOW ..

or hbard-Jftl I

i I i

E,, oy .ads Clan if.,P










:e chances with dangerous, smooth tires?
Avoid them by having your tires inspected
Retread plant. I You'll get all the safety
with Firetone fadory-methdd retreading"



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. .. .. -.
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I,-, .... ", "" .

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,: '

-- N'-- I
,' ~.&



ATES MEET Delegates to the Bfl Four Foreign Min-
meetings at Berlin, Germany. exchange .greetings at the
i sessibri of the conference. At left is Britain's Foreign
Irdtary Anthony Eden; center background is Russia's Andrei
yko: and greeting a representative at right Is Soviet For-
," ^eign Minister V. M. Molotov.

ulles Brushes Aside

.,olotov's Proposal

".rBERLIN, Jan. 27. (UP) -- The West flatly rejected
Ioy Soviet Russia's demand tor a Big Five conference
_*world problems with Cnhnunist Chiha.
Secretary of State John Foster Dulles proposed, at
wq third session of the Big Four conference, that "no
*0i'n" be token on the plan of, Soviqt foreign miniIter
I Mesloav M. M1 ootv for a meeting with the Chinese
"to strengthen world- peace" in May or June.
.Dulles proposed that the conference proceed im-
..i"tely to the quesiton of Germoi uniicafon.

e. told Molotov in the
Session which started
l after 3 p.m. that a Big
Meeting with Red China is
eptable to the West, even
I'd td Asiatic problems
before peace is establishCe
seems to us, Dulles said,
.the proposal for a five-
eonference to include the
Io Communist regime is
ily a device to secure for
regime a position in the
4s of the world which it
Earned or had accorded
-the international co
generally, including -h-
SBritish foreign seerH
ony Eden and French
minister Qgeorges BaIiant
reed before the meetIr
.that they would rejeo
iands for a conference
. China.
-: tree top Western die
.t further agreed to -inist
meant of the Korea Isu1
! iey even will consider r
enwe with the Red Chlnea
beWfic local problems 1,
lesa Eden and Bidault did
ir a meeting with the Reds
py Agreed that after the
Ig.disoulte has been set-
shey will tell the Russians
ewihaps they might can-
'i talks with Chinese
'oe such alfecifle Issues
4k war in Indochinu but
,wih participation of the
: Srettly affeetel.
case of Indochina, that
mean the three Associated
"i.f Laos, Vietnam and
1a, where loyal natives
veih troops have been
,-:Communist-led rebels
%'ostly years. ,
o offlclaL of the three.
'delegations met before
Sofping of the foreign
third conference sea-
the West's solid
p.te Red China issue.
was arranged in
of a move by Soviet
Vyacheslav M.
his demand
ita!k" with Red
and June.
thslt flest'

lolov have his way In bringing
the unrelated.issue of Red China
into thil Big Four meeting in
order to get the Asubject out of
thWayth t foreign ministers
ca4 g-t dow' to- the real busi-
nis -- ulfoatlon of Germany
ald the Austrian treaty.
St., f ppeare4 doubtful that
Molot ,weaWoul allow the Chi-
nose Issue to be dropped with-
out a fae-saving argument
that could hold up debate on
the enaulne conference issues
. ihus" far has indicated
i."_t0nmake any ponl-
any until- the
ded is disarmed aid

"Q .... -J2an. 27 (UP)- Prime
Minister Winston Churchill le ft
then laughing when he said good-
bye; bet-Members of Parliament
still wondered today whether he
planned to retire.
Cburciill didn't commit himself.
Blut the general impression was
:-'ed be around as the Queen's first
miplAter.for some time.
hm aeAl enjoyed himself Im.
mCfisly yesterday, when a Labor
iP Meliber of Commons tried to
field, ot his ians.
Labor hP Eric Fletcher refer-
re.'thl debate. to a speech last
week -by cmnservitive MP Cyril
Osblti"e o which he hinted the
F-rie Minister might retire after
Quear ElsaIfeth's return from her
'Co Flpaa Ith tour in May.
'N we0hkil sateeive some.

IChi nRs..





.... ... ... .. ,
3. mlp

S '" -- .
. .. .h ".' .-

i"+- .. = '. .. .-., -, .:, .

.- .l

I..-. ~

(NEA Radio. T
Georges Bidault (left), U.S. Secretary of State John POSt
(center),-a ad British Foreign Minister Anthony Ealeac(
side of the Allied Control Building in West Berll


4P ; *i .,_.

/." ,.o,: .- "*
'<: .


.. r
' V ,

(*WA Radio Te
either Vyachosla
Andrei Gromyk
T an opening
Aitzfdr Me Wes
, Uold offer
t'frt time,
itth of the
;'* frt ie

I my

Ime .e.d -

f 1 P.. -.
r -- Ia-L
'* _..,- .---y*1* ,+ -1, o 8. -.

7 .(- UP) d i -L th
WASHINGTON, -4. s7 (UP)-- "Weask the Koreanand Ci ilne.e
Secretary of Defee prles E. side to accept bur return the
Wilson said yeptada~ -: di- 4 statembnt.i "We ask the Ko-
orable disehahrgo dor the sean~dtinpa authorities In
21 AmericAn An 10Nhcch amceptigbIr -return to consider
to remain with c wnutsin us a freq. mqn."
Korea is "the' tnt, should "At=en wio es said they hop-
happen to them." ed toeem t. the ialed States
Wilson said the 2'1' Amerte.s moSoe day, i e* der their
who stayed w the- nomunhst Coamlfltatnthbe oaditlo es.
are a "disgrace"ito tile Armn and .Her ih*t I or pyn words, are
the United St. .. the reasons s ote o the Americans
,He took "fule rq b bly1y" for gave for denousielg their country
the decision Eo frtd ei din to live taderi ~mmunaismp:
honorable dIfhrgs tf y the ASC C. .elomme,', Ashland,
Army, and b .be1we ques- -P a Beigian *ho joined the U.
'dons about thelep~,ty fl such S. irmy to become an American
action'without corterta.rtlal for citizen after his another was forced
the men. to w0ok or the Nazis in a muni-
Wilson also an"o Te ata taews tion plant: "I have no desire to
eoniferecee that fcou~~tatI pro- return to a country filled with peo-
S, rceedings against iOps. Ward S. pie like Senator McCarth*. You
1ephotio) Diekenson, onof twoi an-bout" probably know I am. of Belgian
Mit_ GIs who returned. t t- .'eitstody descent, and s I apent ost of my
oer Du os after first refusiirt repudiation, life in Europe. You may also know
hat.outr will go ahead as annguced by the I apent foUr years of my lifq -uder
n. Army Friday night. Hitler .ad fascism. I do not want
The Army aeion ad ecbane un- any more of- that"
der sharp Defese- Department Cpl. Woliem A. Cowart, Ment-
criticism ant, a Pentagee official cello, Afit, who quit school at 17
said Monday Wilson had tikren the to join t b Army- "If I trt qd
case "under advisemet'." I'd p e'nd'up in Vaey
Digkenson, now risu ard at Forge o it I whtpe some of the
the Army's Walterf d"nomspital U. S.- Si.: and w .rjnde- prisoners
here, received a viuit today from freed laft April w re taken fi
his tearful blond mw oa e'bride. psy itrlc ex Atio A. 'I shall
She said her hsbafl i eoea he etwt t he Itd s but 7 -
Air Sectetary Harqold Z. Talbott, :' wh i. tt 23 arm y q0IE tany
who attended thee conrence, rthy fA
.discosed therFo U Fae 5t. F T
sting the cases ofair" A-a
cad e false aeirmwarfare "cuti H I i vanag : t.
sions" while under Comuit .cap. be .
tivity. in Korea. om e: I Xfoaiyt % WoL.d
Talbott sa;d the Air .Force s aa omhatfo tWr eFlot, r ..- .. f

r lu n wo cA te olovepernsor id s .. ive, i- g.. o. -, .
goion dng to th keanso at Hail o hel h i cd .- .-. 1 .. to e .; .I. .C,,,._'^

stalted Reed nowe arere oe trexscn far nt oz'
dbte Roed.s ue t Y ac peace. t ibp tot
t Dickenso n cA rred wil fa lok hat te di the. + NdUoP CeeU.

yf ier.t a4 We eKr Ter the r s Iial have f t ia s" |,ai "

oe ahl. e sad o t hen hage a un- lal were ualty of h towas gh fsk ot he Unte (MU .. si t a
ten them s c from unatrly o e hatMe tor iteor ppae .ro t!" "
ges o-ncharge s t hey an bhh e decision wAs d o. Skier, Aron ., h s5,enm .t. y r- SPa Cn; amt *n o
a o thoe already fd.. o iudtomday tosnd atmc dqa
Wilson said tasretrid o inbvArl yae sagre Mex to wa. sre te "

on ehar gb d the e gagedllow mnted ti sigh i tor fpigh tcrow a op Ther e Wav thek1 W..,h
l tiouon t eco rw the Do cke- casw ia th is atnlokUht tedd
I an the-rfaets do gn t warrant a nUM d fP r peace anonly Atl q4 o+ ea:i ..:c.

r tfie." he from hadi captos t te haave t frgight ftr cfwaspeacefhrotm ro out
"bedropped.e iEqually, if Aranew fa b ora."fo T R o wrs poSeHd 0n an. B 2". (UPeI _W l"-"
suggest new charges, tey caon be Cpl.. L. D. Skinn er, Akront, 0., Unwte o Wt her to--amla, 19 l:mea wos pa oz1e i

added to those already filed." who reused today to send a se- dirs. .athe -boalre Sl t ,'ilD 1,
Diekenson was arrested by Army wsagetos pret T: "I am sure h, isu r htle. T
officers at Walter Reed Hospital my parents will have famh in me. On wit t,
ml and tried to get favor able itand for peace, and I wisl tmoetalh .uKet t ait ll] ter I
treatment from his captors to the haLe to fight for peacefrom ch 7 () i al-n' t h ,
rteray o He had been. Al undergoing Cple Scott L. sRushl Mardttao O.: toesht tl et a d-

vrsKae LM-fit Te D asked Cloney ., toda sed tor, on.un. l .ecembet' rB-
re discharge threat ment at the "The iciion was my own. There sre 'aatl p-.o- b caw s

hos pital. kno w "e a ndon.... .ih ,aimf orr e t ble_ h a "t *m pto 0
in Wirlson said dishonorable dis l..perwmaridlme tostay back. tAPeat.o".

r tha e nsa 'properfe enalty"n m or Ahinese f"tied oomanytp setoeotd, -wtl .'la

the emaining Americans in me to comea o back, butoe r was detro- h0 0a ha t,
aand dme Rdedsal ydyes;e. Wina of for ioms- em tuodd o ce... t ee .t .agai ... <
lepto) terd gy to take b bas peacee of theS'ledtre s be6 b aet4w
av M 21 igters. menge plihad asked to04 Mrwd u.- hks dre embter trA

ko arrive be-aken baek by the Communists t, aom thi Iera *rrVleee ar .. ... .'
t or t le afterr bein leof tc4 hn "no-man's land" Te 'r patoDetan y dsh esnte 6 et. ia ryP
tr ofte asot o s w stotimentimp l ied % .On ee sap munied S, +hoped ;, A pal Ap)
problem return to -American control they ; gu-r to have atned a mom .44 o .
could be liable to prosecutionote vaorotfah e hrgein thethati,--- A teI rl
iavetiga ion shows they commit- CALEXICO. Calif., Jan. l27 (UP Y the nigotlati gol thr. "
ted a y crimes while Imprisoned. Gov. a riulio Maidonedo of as- stai e zeRect t lpatto1 3
Mrs. Kate Laney Diekenson, 20- ja California, Mex., today rotsed er,- Tcoinmunist "p pe e mpDo,. .
year-old blue eyed mountain girl formation oR a border la pool an-chatrge .thit.tat-hs i
whom Dickenson wooed and won from which Calif rnia fare r st.t blie ford hthi.b 'I. nt n Ie
in a whirlwind courtship upon his could draw agricultural IA er, Mree doUations. .:_
return from Korea, visited her As "the governor offered hs bso T s a mt D earigt'n tal ir r
hund bhnduam cos aeird doors at lutlon to the current bordera pisa- inhth abs i c ce.-
Walter Reed Hospital today. ledA hundreds of Mexican fe arm l h qume e ,
The Reds agreed to take back workers milled through the Streets .pae t t O i e
the 21 U. S. renegade war prison- of Mexicali, just across *u border ;h
era abandoned In Korea after the from this ImperiaValle V the A rbea ler a-aIe h 4 "bly
little aInd of men without a coun- They were part of thehthoag the Utiaa ii 4 ary
try askd the Communists to ac. who have streamed into *e area The Unted st.-had ho le 1 tt. heo0a, apn,
cept'bem as i"peace fighters." from Mexico's interior ropi to tht e Red would ta k alnsther lon"
Aformal Com munist note to the crossinto California aM W their charges and that ubor- At AMrl aVin Den-
Indian custodial ,command an- a ti-millondollareCecia. t..negotiationscul ia a ro hal brotherof
bounced the decision. A four-day bor der ockad'ruL, "way for Deai'n -- .if.L ''co u, a. bo his
it sid n nothing of grantipg the armed Mexican woopt. w1o pre- ,etttU. the Red to ti ts nu to
Americau and their 326 fellow vented the braceross" from croms- record." There have bee i
tuncmnd the freedom they ask. ing the international bound we t t to aithdr Ia ea t_ s n a if
The *hole group of unwanted of poley. e a n atheaUnnteR dt
prisoners left in the neutral zdne .,S. immigration offkci closed .eEae Fdrltweredo 'in
when the Indians eompletql their the gate on their side of.the Wr- e-WThe State Depa tm2it,-. nmt t! State fr his p
mission last week marched down der a short time later, hwever, e whet -o GUlnt'f WorsttpostwOar-.cre,
conference to explain why they workers for the day WAs.n maIded Red ret le e T.etm ,a NA G~e
chose the course -they did. Another 2,000 workers .,ye. a- e has. Rd -qd rmIotWO dgg m.a
dri Into the P.en by0Jabmarv. s .f. a pu-* -ahaWp
Cammumt indoclrmieamn ex- T;%bor probem.. ee Woked VM
theexiraton Jan. 15 ae

h wg R p l adn e ws men, peett bl Maxie 14 1*t_-.. ,
spokesman, dWreadlr ad"t whOcame se ,
on behnfa talOto praumtf. I pl0niLei


"- A .?.7r-F-.





i ,1.

_ ~~__~~ __ ~YI_ _i __~___ _____ ____~~



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