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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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'.i' "',...' ..., -" '- "'
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S r '.f atL e br.- f.leaae, lgant!- hen waTeatd sat p. -itles~. tt
SOffd the a t mitakn for pue and senate ome erloyes yesterday lt teted.
itaer ;any a tpa en. Rbn thigh and o o trrnt Congre. a of double tlk,'' wherest ye
iJ. E Plii n .and whar ooe lh r h nt at of the Houee oth ad: occaBt
aie w ve rid ur- et to .Pnanian boathe month In the U cntrtulated us, an With
... the tour's .here arrived offidala name of 'e're- m f which U ased. aRiven us hig ble lngs" .! tate6t.

B(a A wafha mdBD. so. ot .. .l.lit today ad fof ran the hpge, dicaalin last nig t ranged al by your '
7iCta po>e rulnd Th@ ra ofte $ ie in H^nvg at Tob ac 1^ego e and without a the wo the expressed sen- work of
of het hrS n drove tro MnU toatprrow m -oor-- a --12 voe be- dse" nst timent t indent n the ton" w
Sa fro Cqrot. n ro-aienm- tad f 'ther, Guillemo, The HoMe. also passed and Governora lh,,a.direc af- ning the -
alto J ouly Avenue, The public *.will Ret Its first paled E., Yea- wre, ., rl tq Gamboa in a B.t-to thf? Senate a bill aluthor- front to. W.A member; to fight. Ml. La
aid t- i .n .ear,. there Elimpae of the 15 fets tomorrow, get, 9r0etrate the wyg N they were picked w t:.he Panama Canal Com- the view governor's let. no e 0
fu f tota l of KB_ this when there a sati c dis- sound aup ,'1: S as morning by th to transfer the Canal Zone ter was an U tlon to an open- for that s
a the Blboa Mar pay of the airc rat a. ay at six lin offitials wll h .took them to eon laboratory to the Navy door olley, a that with the ghare
nd? t, ds. stk eTMntenced Toeutnen Aip, be takenrO" a 20.tinute T-33 ...Fl .was then trans- D ment, correct folk*w- Rood relation-
of5 ys n Most Ca one choo are jet oss t hm hospital. pr of the bill s to shp
Sdeclaring a -htl.-day holiday start tom oW, They wS by a 20-gaug contianc of the Wth ree to the ove
i '- PUri$day mornlnthaoeovfttose tor are: rceri ald ,o ter a of the laboratory, or's reply, Mrs. Loamorei %
wderon, te f.- aviation ent tor see the of P'-blCo, Worke mtemi, ,( a polie report lBe the company has decided today she was "most apprp1cia- -
A w een asir sHow, at e lld. Mina iA Victor U- ero en have a hunt- it n no longer justify its main- tive" of the kind statements
Sof; Ju1982 Schools which -wlve alled ru, VA ia etof fiaastion, i t., tpanse. made rby Sevbld toward herself t
W t ar*-,1Piutaw -H.a -' u.'.author-"front-- to,",T.A ember'..:"", o- f igh 1

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"--- -- -is- ---02 '
,-' ,-

Cash Relief Bills
Passage In House,

Gratif ies CIO Green
a ee ..:' [ ,

Ihe House of Representatives
acti yesterday on passin the
Caso Relief Bill(or nOT-e A na
at the Paiama Canal .Co. Is
"very grafitine" to members of
the GCP.OC-CKO Local 00, dl- m.
ctfr Lloyd Vaughan said to;
dB hoped the Senate wld --*-- 9 --
also act favorably on the bill do- .
8l19ed to increase the benefits Economic advisor to the governvit of the
ofPs so na to a maium of Panamd, Peter 1. Beasley, today declined tft
yavhan said c90O legislative on last night's decision of the United .t**iC.0
rofentes and ofrcials in sociation to instruct its Washington' lto to
W^iington were making evey M Sn to t
effort to see that the bil is they saw fit in the mother of instift It
passed against the former consultant to thke Ub ders
tho MArect MW that
;2 6ot .CaO.treeto k t the Army on Panam6 Canal affairs fr ass
f i i.49te n a fCar tn __ aie.-A. ,. ,
I shb cS"Ot in present position.
&. t. eas e.,0 USCA officials declared. t ossWociO
0*qployq affected .mht be- reason to believe a basis, exists for lMki l
a ir i nthdqineeo 0A0ai1st. oleay, Who. resign frem .is go
) wse-tetne mentht ian- job october, and assumed his 0o-04 a s
eMM Other. US sources on the Ist"= aid-t.
. The, U .1.. government, de- I _
intely has b ro lbt to there "ss no re. ion to prevent Bo.tey h
S is.parent, job .With foreign goenmemnt so ,se
.,. omr saying ,,beei -position to handle US-gf
t a, pa ouse gS .
|..was latreileed lmast
li. 6l ,.. Albat .walch l, n .i eUB ha n'a se' ; no ',~~:"

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Hod Reoies n Its Own Simple Way

to th e RAO-
i I) Sup reme Court. 2)Terry Moore
*,1 o C- .. .. rt "' .
S HO.yWO L a (IT- action. a "ste: forward In th "A ond" deals with a In- i
9011. The i lIteastyre eteft W- freedom of -the sreen.l J terlooktag slis-of love aftal. Wst i
day that e8uwA mrtghP A Ae said thf- dotlon points u 00. ", 1dels" with a
aem in Ap the need to r~e the Breen coft ah who jr small gr to v
whphs olks m fil i order [ to ,Ret-"oonAd and di?-tr detha buying them bL-
p ere-'BumB- fmnt regulation inr keeping and. --
"ht .1F- 0*, with the as." oPopl tv-o tell -OLLYWOOD. Calif., Jan. 19 dress of Jaianese allk to .har : !.
| court. d.a peo sat (P)--Movie magnate Darryl F. eomins homs party, but the en-
Sstate cena o lwi Brie Johnstn, president of th Wr,,direc 'of "Ro- ck strbtoped to the waist and tertainment roved as "electri- I-
n B movti fb.- of Pt A.,aton of A- 4 ooe person ,aed to chIn himself with tying" aA ..4f guest p0_ It., as her3
amh m_ fur SUM..... -, o- !
at" or i-romote mre ad ee the Sourt wt see sometlo on a trapeze at a welw- ur t.
A"L.. r ,- wg. ^ soon. tl "eand em- ,bo pse his'' hes me-from-Kores ty fto -
-* .. cnsoship...e..s. .,. uld u s- tTrryMoo l ti. should ck did an un
^'. l" a W ao thats erwill have the from the picture." The soiree at Ciro's ni scheduled hopr show after 4ir.
," Min sme i of xpreadoid as re was Bo written opinion turnied out to be one of :.mot my DiUtitentll other StaAr
VAAer- a ad* & e O press utd r the constltu- ih move case. The cout turbulent Rollywood part es in tttal at the eei
S.a ban ,y tion. mIn cited Its 1852 decilon r year. private barty s- by :
A' n wu to. prom Bcrees tr slt m1 m f ^ conatitutional pet, it even Marion The'prduct an chlef at 20MIn
-urt hs e yl4 li a at a ha been
4r1rMV"e. .M Ac wo
t, .6 1qdustrm" the od 0h an aw oaa. wdt the vb o Pr r act lo-
at ak Cala .u ,rt eSB en tsYork Penn- L ghts event wa t
Saer of Sh ad It "a a O, Vi.- to be an oetal eastte raak. an polo
S' n haowtlt acn and ..about 5o a ah Abbt. l
ii Sd sts." 55 have af* canaorship dauhTe, P of went t ased himv from the ImJa
"" Tne" 'T m e 0 a on OW t-an OOilam..f with one ". 'led to artwv
Vw, 3 only .to '". irae f am- ;l M ire. made Jan famons. Mit O Tyner. 'tae
- her 7a ], by almot .' -be T ft jLd nn. eahtdt a 100
". -' d ut at t.-e w-rt -s -be- -ou, 7at,.h.-
^41m Int &, f -. ... ,.;; f!
,,-.,.:, :. .. .... .,, ." ai'- :...
;"* "; ,-* "" ; a -; 'o
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I U. **,t '--

Labor Ne .w

th _e mS.. oor p e .. .' ,

OPT same Avg. vai ,vv. .s."4.V. owl

.~ 4 -.E 10 o h By VICaTOR RDESEL
0A #OPUM THE tIeASRS OWN COLUMN Walter Reuther hasu Oeo k-e
his mind.
O', But Mrs. Reuther neoda't W y.
There's safety) in numbers and hes
fI t E in b 1 PAusband's interest isl a. ,o*
1,000,000 of the country's wor`rll-0
e e ladies. What's more his pre-lec -
,Ma I eson onopea.l eag oaedear *1 The eause e mwga ve phtion islpurely orgidnkational It
a esived gois lhly and ise hesdled iN d' Wholly cl politUal.
!i.n office just a )o2hth longer
mslta. a dtd deont be unIIont H I1 deam't appear li than a year he needed to consoli- .
iat O thimA e ld iM, eder g date CIO, Reuther totay wants tc s'c
u sIt ke p ho letW sih to maetd one npae Isulth. reach out somewhere for a million
M S t *i ag sIes? entniduuee. new members. lie believes that the 4 a i
sot!ppB S e pe oa s fieepeslior l to astatesmel t oinion most fertile area at this -moment
| i la f te l n w t bS f of economic restlessnesas among
t o a- the women in the retail and de.-
partmert store fields. And ol W W
ODD 30JB MAN course, in business offices pa ties
built around CIO organized .indus- a to
S tries, such as auto, steel or oil g to to
'+" Because a union of a million, of .
to e. like the USCA is way out of ic orin py friend even several hundred i utn g d-
Bealalley. I think they have tha t feller all wrong. May- -. --- wou'd be a power ut S -
t here on a Job with the Panama Goymint. I think all litical force in any campaign a ati e
l tre ter is to attend the meeting of the Board of Direc- .. .ete es t4os is te- ir to ,
te Pa nama Canal Company. launch a white-collar lds afor
attended there meetings before an I don't see why he cant what may well b. the wbrld's larg- .
thtji no# even Iffen he lant belh paid fer it. Panamas est female labor outfttV i l
ist an he alat thr-knd of feller what wants to be paid So, in Detroit. on Jan. 25. t g' f Pan Aa.
t r the same job at the same time that is. Its all right CIO leader will meet with officials "r of
akliam pays him this week and Panama pays him next o1 CIO'., Retzil. Wnolesale and De- rqer of ul."a
and vice versa. But not both at the same time. apartment Store Union to talk of 1is "
Onley a job after all an a man has gotta work or get ians.. .
SMt Beanaley Is the active kind of executive what has to Ther t iAs expected he w tel e r
something al the time. An th-ts good an I like that. There, it Is cte the s w ite .tl A ht i Prn I5elu* q
t, lH.ace.a.actve.....sand around w-ith, scratchlnt he feuoing factions of this retail.6 ... 37. a ip
to see an active mah s tandin around, wthi c a u tohunn ..' nton i ...r .'" De 6 et. I ?'
.an wshin.he had something to do. That makes him un- union to unit anto oneg o o n 4 t t
n even iffen my ame I Sadeye, I like fer folks to be co meie wit h other Cis would o gbe
wi. sa emove rcminiseent of the early
Seen tole that Panamal sint pain him so much fer his a ov rOmin of The .. at l y'stal
,it~A feller I know tole me k feller he knows was tole by a that the warring CIO. T. ues in l
er Wh works fer the Panama.Gtovmint, that all Mr. eansley this field distrust each so
Ipalaa1d fer his work Ithirty pieces of silver. That d on intensely and are o fearful that A4r. l la!i4s '
puhe an awful lot of wages but Its bin used before to buy im- their own territories will be whit Violatlo
t, tl formation. "Leu uown tnat Reuther himself -, '. the U. 8t
"r I e aen c o feru b u.bsa:: Aav a.n t S
Ioond that letter from Badeye was pretty bad. 'That feller my head the organizing drive. favor any on
Spell an I couldnt understand him. But thsts not the exp-nsea a
fen its the same Badeye I knew from South Arkansas.. Not the least of his problems is .ht eae
r otast the second grade an he wouldn't have made the bitterly controversial Distribu- D S t io c S "D W W io
be hadn't married the teacher an she felt aorta sorry tve, Proecssing and Office Work- t peaus r e
g. oll wal 19 years old then an she give up trying to teach ers Union, once a rough swash- Eves under DemocratD fi
a kythinKg an married him. He learned .plenty after that. buckling follower of the Comag- istrations, Pan 4merican ce0
W. nist Party's line. It would make 'a Bys Pe to get Just as s fa
.s wasat named Badeye than. Noeiree..He got that name powerful base for Reuther's retail Stetsr
t five years later in old Peckeridges boarding house. He was and white collar workers drive. It Tripet, tlPu.s brother lt
Serious and day about who old Missus Peckeridge was enter- has millions of dollars in cash and -. wal'M t P
Sthe,parlor an he sck, In an peeped through the key-on the Stock change as WA GTON A) Les- active reserves t. Fa- pw procl tion,,n the o- th abinet. F
it bout tht me old Msu Pekerdge stuck her ha- e Irai tnw Yorkeal" atl to ildern.g t at red others were eaillefupt a unmam. o an mrgmmm sad diesndag the Ed al i d b
tf h y.h h tol m Pake d e d ud he han .t replete with nrgwit club services reserves is ow in such a tried reservists wre ant,. existaneeof a hew European enter. lked a latter th
h the keyhole to make sure.nobd. y would have any c '.repetepartmet, wit n ,to banmesl ttU. a nwntional emer- A part Of this nitidde was r.-threateni t-h e United E R
In I uess, sa she t Sadeye e agency were to arise, President Ei- cauag by the e e with decole d M gen call i W 61 -
r. au T senhower would not have authority which m bilfi ta Ibe ca- untat? return to active dutl the .
I the Board oa Directori ed theyeW etin a in B It off he stood to cill up additional reserves for rted on after aist a. reseres. But he wld baef to
yiua W isampa l I d t e $ e i O raa: k eep T bT But -he m.d bift to.
j L r r3rIi a na hold i there mene w b h.* s er in f the s Ficthl Amendmet h n odaske o invoelUIrity duty. m y ion ly t w'.,we, t.o wla r CSngreie so sit before, he'
the m resen w from o on t e could ask for volun te ers fro a y&ar and a e t of c po- Ad a serves to satve
mb trtary services always takes there trips in December, south eby a Congressional Committee the reserves. Bt his authority o. slop Coaetu p Al med volntary duty.
Sp t elo it they knew of the Com- erder reserves to active duty n Forces Rnerv- 1 .,
tellme* that December I ArPentin is asvfui pretty, lots munist Party or m they bhad them-r Navy, Marina o a s b ao tahis situao a
,thet snw tnd attsh~ ~ W hin Un I t .Mlteetr- ge nt, Cael aparty expired last July Congress di after e or epUehad btjnwa stolvA4010
th ueaww rhds&lushiha ttcr2.ltdSnice tog selOes na m .TynAFr. si ba
r a change especially iffen Uncle am I pervidin the CIO tried to use inthe DPOWirecent, nothing last year to renew. this a. But It alsou ddnite h ebe s hat
an et .00 a day 11Vtoat emense. t'M r ,t the failure of Its leaders to t the wer the President to-ea ; uged to give the. X M-i&-.
t h e away to t attadu I o meet o the o a to test arouseth"eeadtioa 'the watcwoerd up e reserves f6r. voluntary a e 5Scall up inf lnie ro u
the other night but I colt mke t on account of retreated faster than the armies all U. S. defense acti estive duty. Congrep Ulim ted rg

w bflI -we w an lte to count ., aDDOW-t+ cal Mb4
do I tole them ao. So I couldn't get j.. ".'* bot the CIO's own retail ordered home from Korea and with mand give it time to determine how
,.M So. t d I d sae' Ad lt a eM ovn ,n Mrv. ies 3 a ou SB l
'"-- adee ait Iteor and .nob ouveIn r on Aericn re all Coges had set '-amtWndqoa 4 t ou i
gresnmen wer nlusto cn* o sowPr to.o
et.,.i n. e .way the reserve programm.ad_ na W KL rLor111,40S own
What Reuther's decision and tac- administered during are Koanass forcp. A Priority b Navel Rerv.... 1sau8 n3-06
e .. 1 reemergency.. o rai rolledin for th e nqw Congressis to remedy Mrie C :Res.g2,1
itmney is e tesudhenA Foceh I- eewho. had long combat .rac- ofdt out that If the Ru as Totals...........i.n dnt oP
slaavikeR4I ,. .e. T.'echelon in words in World War II were recalled should s t a r t w aggression Evey draftee who6 a the ErdsehowerA
S-Su ( r.) sW.- -ve, reca -an to active duty while-men wer hlmst'westert url,ope. at P ears on ,tve duty my I Ito being made U. S. Atd t a tl
-Bullhter eai euthe-r rionosal as char- seen no active duty wepe a ow dent m ht use a couple of 1;:al the reserves.for six ye Volu a.
ed *ireakfast .cteristic of his thinking. After be. to stay home. Men with long ac-. a ... u teers, serve a t ar en- OT 4
food lg elected CIO president. Reuther tive duty were called while e sh l "d Ist into the reserves for Peonr
had to rionelle almost half of with shot pK ods of active M. oie U w ste
al rn 28 Grated (her.)431acrnation of CIO which opoared him. Though wrec not S dy ad retire e IehthaiS
PComontory S 19esP e Vishnu be is ene of the transcontinental serves were called up while the '0. S0 ht is -p man defense forc. w- a o i n
toCraft WOMUhU 44 First man arlizaes' -pt cash customers, he -u
.lat1"i t. olVltors .. orn bread just couldn't .get across country" .Pa ,
teeal"h i""""s-yeo"-alter Wm ceurn New Y 'rneG
$8m l.M~i hW:iw rg h e. asked his broadcast.- l enerl, wa appointed
3Ontthe ff55 BASilc 4 besteil of a closed, television circuit. 5wtAd y.
23 Mariners .411 Oi account beingCorlion of Am, ka.
2 r4 Aners cI.) 51 bDiminutive o' Thus he could talk to and be wo. a d meos
*e26 Abng uf3 Aoane RoDldv ma- only by his people who would "-was then Secretary o -he
wi le 5o Sheltd sther in union Delis or theatres "0" '- r anda Cb' -+. h
1c Rul waste 8 Shelteredaido across tire land. Thls would oper- Yo. s. It
.ate on thle same principle as the aT"E B'OADWgY LIppTS omc valentine sell / oos pnples wlle, t
uptelecast prize fights. But at $35,00 First Ni ts: A British import 14 -s l Happen to You." prepebu the Sunday eluulsg ,. "..
east prize fights. But at $35,000 titled: "TSt cross Story" bray- vide,, he proper lunch nea .... "Advenures -ltteste lnvesti acl ..
tive. The project wsa postponed. ed Iey temperatures and the cr1t- Wave," saarring Sterling faaointina stantue rnulud the iha- vtaep aure al
But there are other tactics. Ies Noees wmaw.rrm and swunv Sq i a rggd shoot-to- eI no that have barn-.upon auto banoa
....In Port Arthur. Texas, a C0 enne b genelly coldtoward the .ome" pleasant muasel. Te a sbujlous aselltie sioe "
oil enter. the DP2UW hit 48 stores, script. -The Herald Tribune rebuff- d by Donald O'Connor's o p .- Robert Iawls' si -
I hotels and restaurants on one day ed it as "very British, very noble, zip ahd Janet Leigh's sing. --r -it style i -a reief from r
S w or w w h T last Nevemuyer. Tae CIO anorovea. very oldfafglonaed, very empty." -- the us-al eoge Sugi -
ca -ts of CIO no cri in the glass petent r ag ad added that Mi.el: Inking a t aa:;uad-a:ieneb aa
g-'.erpiies fQeW, C10 has "cn .pq can Uet fri__tfullr :e't mesa u ds whie Maci:la iah.,
etS8 unaboiang retsa orders in dull eatre. The Journal. 34 i t pools. Tony ae aie a. Sour- -
restaurants, stores, bowling alleys. American m-inority report: "A Initlalcoctract gave him a alast folk & M ew ath
gas stations and dairies. There the good evening in the theatre." It sfl.taous 575 weekly. Cake-howe fotecastees. Ty ol.
old 1937 flying squad tactics of the closed the same night Tie pl +5- $44 This Ii Plupreas? predlckg' rat or
Detroit organizing days have been intrepid critics .qroued dowwtowa 4 lt a .

The., caravans of pIckets ufl several en rng notes from 158 : the movie, Ingwqy roegrA h ai huslag
--- up to the storefronts at the height the aisle-matuddrs. On hailed it as "She Set No," hid its ti- expecutis le with hi eat..
vs. the, popping day. That tech- "intelligent pad stamlating caper- tie M "She lad to Bay mawyhlbsng style. Earl fhels-
nique was used in the Thirties by imentstioa".. >. "The-Hollywood Yes" lagrid Borgma a's encse tte welteef*
Iri.y DPOW organizers in front of Ice vu-e" rtflue,' to Mad Sq. hant a weetbwhile script for al ... Reboo gie atoa
stores. And it worked. vaudeville ... -.Phl.lI observers si.eville, 135 SIms pres"ge merery t m

U. Im
,4 .. t" SI

-Th I "
+,+.' .* .,


ha.d aD oppltrunty to 940P when a llolast i iear tba W__ thESC *^-.
Whatever the approach, It is vir- "The Immorlt l It han- As Man," whic at-I mmfsie
tualy P taflat Reuther will dies the bml -b- l them. trod r from every critic ex- l. plaligsu4
this ye r. Of the 19,00000 work- was tmal" for Geraldi ill lI -imipres : ms l that tg am.
ibgwomen, oly some 3.000,000 are Page and a moderate success" -I M aril on de Cu e* m e taff hiss a *'
ulm, label, ls. That leaves a for the dram. A New Haven ny .-.M. The I i5ty isn't ev O

gof t & f the lade ob. a eat vi- fistbal ele", its major a t p Am ie was
to. It wot CIOaof the Ina Clatre ad Tall Forhead week.. osto seha
AmlnItc." will w id's largest unlw and one prose. Ga : "The sea wife I: IJoe v:
I n i l. wa ..P 9. w a r I a I o tic a l-.. b r a lb dt. og D o oil
I. tb -company In its .poitician. sao that's it's The Clasmagielans: A J .lv- wEa s ? .. e of
te sa who are swing i ag elecsa titled "Inc eaer FaeW1111p ew tat la sulre
Iw #aS Pana-a City, ha worn-muca tin per p rals s.

...2 PPYor Pus P P
DW do l~adyNON

Ir j M V1 5 'ettsqel'-
-- All.


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_* '"N ir -+' -_ .f-s. ,...- s.'. .

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_. if_' s", ... : <..:; .'

* --,, *h -~P.
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^ i:T .^."-':" i "r* t.^ ,.+
.S '- ."- "- .'.-''.
. :- ^ 1 ..-...

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S-' n.h. -
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te f~
** h"'-
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ashaN le N a new cof6 c, anw oL M,, ,:I al poto)
o other e .d r if it on in event te tr, .-e S ..e. arp une- ur
i ..Cort' outlaw t ut -9te q tel McCarthy
ciptrooi, e has tct.ute ( e4pp ur peaton that hie
s- -e.'. "- b R. fl- preserve" ..... .i ( be d -. .he .on mu-
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,. revi- ed throu _L." la coa. t of E _ducatiom .,. -C on.e", h-e hs ahools ea, .th' e .. U0 He lsno
g e our support man., mand times prepare to "a- ever Mr- .n. Court Mlpgated- of hia ru, wWt l Reds.
S. oe.' sourc rt the Pitta eO -pWic clause.
t It.t d d be ment, eeiry am of er lt .... .
.r o ,a" tn e ..Mti otone pon. i mlmus, 4bep I 'm .
courvl d wTlmadoeB howvhe 4.ahve a
fagare s e ico has 2h.._o.ed--fa,.,-Ie "d o,-pi r. tVeWuon
WIN d iahred- ,wt &lled support s rv' d .
.= rooea, le iqtukk wvhlch ss c,. #p ....

e aDyofa 4 b spa of th e allon mone7

str soe1 a, e ero uortnal srat ent. -eson +nffrr o. He
QWS .. wet uuwllln toto a $a so od (NAI*W2de-BRF1WERYr INC.).

.l- e ueaa -by oo aur. otaamen s enho r't emuaat tbei-
ra oAIS EXtC5I ste s whe taO We wish d sttime.i e
' ." 41' ogg er US" &ai8 ano Cntw C iai Geoerai.mptly oi Soi H .

UMi I:-----V---- EflEI IdBftcD o.,the Company,
io r les o the asotlen aMAo Pt n
ie? Talmadg, however, lald hJa *00019s IM n
o ure tis encouraged by retden Court
...e .. .. shower'ss .tatam.- -t eI ac._ord e with the Law of our
"WIState of the Union msepo ,c 1 ..

to= ad hope we wont have to
SI i uI take extreme acon but wht- a
|H ISE L IIRlu5 rregtio., I un steady to 'do, tb meetiOg SIIQULD FORWARD THEI
1e LUX VEn TeA BINDS t n we eary to auOepIn- .O
L..' .,i, .... -. t -me+d- s1* ouMR THE SECRETARY
TI.made,.ea.. O 'n m td N-, '-A
*.. 1 I.... .... > ..... l > n l 1i .n 1i nn n -' ,

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.'1 .' P ... "
+ 1 -."' 'I o .e **,( m '' i' > ,, I (r ^
.1 I.. "=-.u ,- p .P' lP I e,.* R b *
S- .


,': : j,,.', ti *;. *.' y ". j :..,yi
CANAL ZONE ,,,'1-. -

a- ,'* .. .
., ,* ;. +. '. r ". .. ....
'.* iI i,+

T = V =tj -,

Now on Displa

at the Hillman Show


Designed for:


Comfort ,.



Tivoli Crosing
Tel. 2-1669 Panam&

" : ;. .9 .:. 1 '
- v I ,


nS Medialt 'are
facilities Une

e Telasi Conrerss

a of Uneited JUited-
i11h, I n th Atbwnre
jesD m9@ 8 Iin the uth.

He s fid"the nwxtr of Uos-
a beds compared 12on
ies front. 10 or 11 In some
tea t dly four of five In
her He old not upeolfy the

AIL TM. .v


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Tetraethyl lead was introduced in 1922

Pre-ignition and spark plug fouling are the greatest barriers to ful




f* I
'^ 3

p 'ow r' W
.;*: I
all powe,.. N^-,-

* -,.... ^ -.
uS A : u uinr* trWtkfuls os SHELL with LC.A, you wWl
J[u 'Ialoni sadlhbr ad performing better that it ever A.l uce
it p'r.wass.or the egie orhd and toned. Smoother reiag. eas
1 igedase 'daa Better periergance can mean more m mles per gatos

The reason why engines become rough and lose power, is that deposits accamuumid
in the combustion chamber and on the spark plugs. In the combustion chamber
these deposits become red hot and cause the fuel-air mixture to igie pRM esatu- ,
This is called pre-ignition. It results in a severe noise which you Ive pro
heard, especially during acceleration and hill climbing. PRE-IONITION CAN DAM.
You may also have noticed that your engine develops an iexplalhed mifre whea
you are driving on the open road. That is because the same p d -W 'kiiM up" M'
your spark plugs and short-circuit them. THIS WASTES' ,AFtm ROwS'B TO

ur ruwc. +, +., -. .. ,
Determined to abolish the greatest cause pmwer i w 'iShd reWeardi
tecibcians discovered a Umque fuel additive. LC.A. She_ 1C.A. ac-
CeMpl-hes what no other fuel ever did before. m WT I THi

These deposits are robbing you of fadl and pow-By Wte them harless, Shell
aoline with LCA. enables new and overbaled ei to keep their "new car"
perfamace muger. Older eagims take on mewn Fm toayyou can start unag
Althe cyders ALL the t.* by cdhaghe t She witth LC.A.

start & Tw tankful Test Today

"*'"- I

- 17:

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S -2 ".

p. ',l


- .1.

IOt,~ASltoI T I

exchit;t SHELL

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_ ___~_~~~~ ___ ~

~~ --'-~~~CICCIC~C~~~L~(q.C~Cr~~ "-' ;4~1~~

". ....I'- = 1-wI-,m-v-'

--- ~~ --


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i OUR ..

' .'* > *.* ._. *'. .- .* ,--"_i,( '. ,,,, ,- .. ,+*;* +; ,,,*;)* '' '. ,..' ,in*; '*;^*ls^ H ^ P ^ '',.gl l ^^' V iE'
': t *. *- ". -- "' .' "' "
4 .*p. *. '* .. .. ," 3 -
.. :,. ,.., o .. ... .. % .** .
*.. .... *; w rA ^ -iif. c A .... .~pr Or,. +",.,,,,+.. .. ..+' .+ .
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... + ......,mF A lFbsNipf l .taw5,P ml

i. R. iRge. 'th

Y twow. For Own Murder
POTTSTOWN, Pa,. Jan. 10 (UP
OrSWALD JACOBc ,' George Zayac set the state fo
f ftor NEA ServicE bis own murder yesterday when h
directed his wifp in r grisly sqen
which ended in his death.
NORTH The 38-year-old aviation *orke
4 1T Ji32 and his wife, Susan, 35, hid beer
N None nuarrelinc bitterly for the pas
J AKQOIS .. few months.
T 5AT 3 ) 2 Mrs Zavac told police 'the at
"_W '( ,. .0 'g-irents always'ended in the sami
r 4 l *. 8 way. The husband would Mlkdr he
Si to ket a rifle and load it. Then sh,
A 8 4 wouid point it t Zayac an pitul
4 the trigger, leaving the 'safe ,t
Scratch on.
9 1KJ 10 42 Today the rifle went off. fatally;
o' Me wounding Zayac in the chest.
X6 J 107 The couple'! two children
SNbither side vul. George. 12. and Darlene. 10. were
Suth Wast Nert in another room when the tragedy
S I 9 Double a occurred.
S19 Double Pass Mrs. Zayac was booked on ho
P5 :Pa micide charges,

Few Bosses Hire
ide. players have a favorite r f
t he-sort of thi tht Oler Women,
to North and Sou ,in
a shown today: Some days
.'t pay to get out,of bed.Labor Dep. Says
Scan t final any fault, theoreti-
with South's overcall of two WASHINGTON, Jan. 190 UP)
tr. He expected to win five h La ar1 r
tricks even If the worst hap- The Labor Dpat ment re-
and the clubs figured to be united today that too many
for about two other tricks. asnenamen went only young
en probable laying tricks is girls as secretapiles. It suggested
ore thanenough for an over- they give some jobs to "'older'
W1,11 at the level of two, so South women, too
'Wias certainly justified.
'; West's double as ltitie soun, Even where there s a short-
lnd North cannot be blamedi for 4 g of help. tl;ihW liLeh'I bureau
g to there diamonds. WhattsBda WOC en "at 35rn even
, er W is partner so much youner'..ia-belng turnedawy,
hat he will pass so strong a six.v t Rituatflon Is.o part-
aid diamond suit, passing two wc arly-w oe ,of fWeww long
arts doubled with not a single consideed' "strictly a young
heart in support? '7 s fc.d." orty-two per
1wo llwomj.munder
South should hav,e passed three rn ToTes as clerks ur
diamonds, especially since it sten trI s. -The average av
wasn't doubled. When you're f 5 0.,00 womer. in the clerical
'ulht 14t a misfit hand of this field l 31, the Bureau said.
.nd-, pask any undoubled contract. ___ _

S(REA ftadio Tele
ROME CRASH KILLS,16 The wreckage of a Philippln
lines DC-6 lies scattered in a field after It exploded over
Ita'v. and plunged to the earth killing all aboard it. El
nesses said the plane was rocked by ap explosion as
preparing to land An airline official said there we
' passengers aboard.

T. .

ie Air-
It wa
ere, 16

"irEL'LSl AI r-. It e



MIAMI, One Way ..... $70.00 Ropld tri
GUAYAQUIL, One Way.. 580.00 mound tr
QUITO, One Way ....... 86.00 Round fri
Cargo rates also reduced. Coqsult with
at Perd Avenue No. 15,. Teitph 4 3.3283'c
travel agent '

C; A.

ip $126.00

p 154.*0
i opr office
ir ei yo r
ii ,

I.I ... ,. I

ie enua to run when your f
w ,- oupent will s d-Hi Ei 0 ue Pacic $Steam Navigation Company
(agjlshy)#eeide.dto pass &-plumI
MiA North would have eart, headachMa ahrt breath, In
digestion. palpitdin, add swollen
eon d~ at tbrpe diamonds. ankl.Y you ca m-.almost inant IA a "
Foo d e'Woul hold North to reliefrom tb daerousa mp- RyW al Mt Li
Ie trias.$jo a contract of three tomW NWiV4 NO.& Ask your
i.d & a t a ,ul t iotoaa,.r t FAST FREIGHT AND PASSENGER SERVICES
t ,th hearts, however, South .. BETWEEN EUROPU AND WESTRICA ,
wjn onjy four tricks:- OF SOUTft AMERICA
MA there wasn't a thing W a;', ''
ia f sp ote.and tw W I- 1*CCILOMBIA, iCUADORF, P tE"Nr W- '
SA.. .........._. 7..7
t t t dagleton spade, ,- DEL ACIFICO ..
ad me K ^ ,+. .
e4.0 < di.i dsA .ter po. SA1TAER LAM .W .'"
eS.- ,.en t--NI--- KIN-B-m -' ..
Si en ld a. SARM ENTO.." .................. ....

last Slubhe 7 east rufledr .TO NORTH PACIFIC PORTS
.... ... w"g ., ,. ............................ """
ripwedfn1:to _i: tps, vlth TO ',, :.
outui ards. Earl led anotr TO UK, CONTINEWff, -
g- -pa. ii Pouth ruffed with M.V. T'ONGEDYK" ........................... J. .-
t ea rts. West wisely re-* 8.8, ":ER NA" .. .... ......... .. .. ......... n. 1
Sto rrff, after which his u7th AV .f.... .y "N
*a P of smps were sure to pro-. t Ot ot.s Subject to Wtbut Notic
ieo iumps tricks. So SoSth I TE S I IlAIN CITY PACIUoC STEAM NAVIGATION CO CrItllal TeL: 1654/5
lo w j a" aDsS OtP o" cI
i o! .p- afet leyof Cable Addrela TIETAP I J PANAMA-Ave. Perit #55. Tel. 3-1257/8
aotI... s rfet lu repso aFO DCO. IN.BALBOA-Terli !Biij. TeL 2-190
0e- we8 .~ nlueanjkyTht) r.

SCIAS WluIjm. Plt> is Thati an Offer?' 8V BU61 W1INTARBOTRAM


-raw %


., ./' ,. ', ... -. .* + .;,-'-+c"

,'. .< r K \. .
iee p

-ji 0b.,s


ii Person

.~eG~a .~

.. .

e- ..
^TrLO iT
% TO ]jj sPODV YHfCi
@Jj~sw Ae:



tPo I
4w~a mCm.I -


The Cheerer-Upper




m I


;. MkNL a A


15 OgI

CA 3 .i ft0 r T -

Ax 4qML- uVm aUAi.X

AE w.

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mx ~ t*ti1. "

UIM:h LA'S Pug'


- .. v .- -. I -1 pff-% -I.


4. -. pi P -

* ~ *.. ~. S

,1^+ .

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.-. -1-3~. 1~



.:-~. t


,. 'Iro toe

te cri *tft Ain ttk < Omlr
L.., -0=4Y -+ :+ t.Z- Im

owe. of the Ltl *,mr
R) a Me aM digaltOO wip a>-u -ts c
,Bodfl/tthe SffttniBacAmem
A t t *f ^- 1 .'.'t.i ,\ *

ll include No.
by Mo Vrt;.:S`; ,z- L .._, .
certo foIr aMbel )r &Pp" by O3M
J. SibelW and Jah Heiet.. Mil-
itary personnel an their fahil4es -
and t flubUe of tbe'Canal on
and th Bepublc. ofPanama ar .
Invited e tiL 1
Executive TBoard Meeti.t
The execptive brd of the Bal-
boa- Wom-in's Clu wil me'ot a
9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 27,. at

.I:'i d LL ,-,I',s

: ; .. .
Bilbe ,ig t, ". .

yOU he

' ..

Sor ahold Kr"a*ase teething trouble-es'lessnes', in.'
I Smnsiand frettingl That is the time for Ashton & Persons
S its' Powdcrs.. These famuso powders
S 9d s U tempenratses, ease baby's dia.
se. s and soothe~ bhn into restfil sleep.
.. i cy act very geIly and.are absolutely safe.
j.a sure you get : genuine Ashton &
S Parsonu I nfamt' Piw dis-aak for them by

0 -
lam ;z. a

eni route oL Peilldephia, *P.
Weddm g Plans Comp*d
Invitations have bee# issued' for
the- marriage of Mis; Maria Qn-
suelo, Hernandez, daughter of '.Mr.
and Mrs. Antonio Hiraanaez,. t
ROP' George Ford," sbn of Mr.
and .Mrs. Ba-.!lr Ford, whihi wih
be 'solemnized Friday, Jan. 29, at
6 Om

Varationlng' In S.
Mt. anil Mrs. George E ov,
of..Ganbqa -ccrntn-amieit t' t
SoB and daughter, Robert id
*arpt, ~iteil FrOav ahoard--
S." '. Ancon Aor New Yorl'(
where they wil- vaepton ri
before motoring to Arlhigtoii"
pr1, Dpilas, Te., wheie.q
visiwit h relatives an3*10og

Mr. And Mrs. Watson Eter
.Mr. and Mrs. Octavio Me Paz
G. who plan to leave Panamedin
the near future .for a trin throq.h
Central Ainedal were the guests
of 1inor at 4,k rewell dipnertgiv-
en Thursday reening by Mr. 4nd
Mrs. Leror Wat4on at their home
on. .olf high,., .-
Chaute Of Rudtaice ,g ^St
M~r. ru'a.Mr? me RTrB

.at the

ueR table!

.-tangy, tempting flavor to
i .. + tdis,,pecial
b pi ni m-ripemned. cooked.-
down "AAstocrat" tomatoes,
"" ices ,,igapr ad Miromatic
pices ma Ainz'Tomato
SJitchwp 9 1* light -of
every ro IMet'ri W beiW
dinner! And, you save money
,with Heinz Tomato Ketchup- -
because just a little goaso far,



The.'o r 3w -B"AjRt
o wllrskdI g Je
w~osr and ff"'u w'

S j( -. ; ". 0 ;- ., .

To win this 4 apartment building in El Cangrejo
4 .

f '

or any other of the long list of valuable prizes

All profita wl go o tle (ildren's Supmer Camp nd Playgrond.
S rs a Aon h.-, "J'treet, or fr anymember of

In Cbloi.: AP Liquor..Store .:

_*1 *__ -t A.

I ,-. .; ; .; ..

-.\f. t
,. .-. : .. **'" .,. i-. .- .
q it "W. -'

- -~. ,*

bmr nuami
'im an.





you have f.


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-. -1
*. .. -- +av.* _-* ':

4. 1.qi.
;f. f-, / ,. +_ ..3i, ,-' ; *

-, I *~

~A. -


+ :In,4

, ,.

, i '

1 ...


. '_.

.. I -





a, IEo .C. C.^m.i.Ave._ 10 t .NO.'4 Tivoli Av".
S treet No. oiLyAve Ae. J J do Is GA N 1W .Iy
N O.IIre1 VaIa- Sprinkqi

"" Household Automoble DR. WENDEHAKE. Mddicl Clinic. WILLIAM asntIc Clara beIth Cot-I Automcbc GEO. F. N OVEY. INC.
hlCentral Avenue -K" stiqt corner, taes. Lorins comfortable modern. 709 Central Aw. 'L. 6 41
AL:-Ding. bed, and living4 FOR SALE:-1953 Ford Sedan, V.8. telephone 2.3479. Panama. near beach alboa .050 x ce
il furniture, also Venetioar Custgmline. Fordomatic, 7,500 i keo S..
*alil Colombia No. 6. Tel. miles. Dean Ferris 2-2655. FOR SALEo Pi fnsdR LOtteO. Sa. 25 Cicle R'efrigSat.L
FOR SALE I948 Chevrelet 4.-dor Clara, 435. Balboa. Phone
-With Deep Freeze 9 cu. $edsn. ew poInt, excellent me- MIseeila2Ous Pnema' .T1877. Cristobal. .673 Wt ghoe, prela
affrigerator, 20 months, leav- chaicael conditiom. *nly id. o tAo t-Do7 laden chofr chin u oa b Santo Cr. Alo 7 9 y
-Webrnesday. Call between 8 & $675.00. Smeet y Hunnicutt .A. FOR SALE :-Dog leads, choker chainHouses un beogh. SantaClraiAs 7,
tie out chain, all chrome, ,+Chaperone ,.inCOOL Ca mountain, 07",z .,
3-2779. 16th. St. Centr Avenue. Tel. 800 hoI
.:-Diningroom table and 4 L- te- food, etc. Talking parrot. ACUA- or Mse cor'aker thlr.. r CteLdo l.ARe, A
.igrehogany. 765-16, Balboa FOR SALE.-1950 two door Stude- RIO TROPICAL VET SHOP, Via Gramilch Santa Clara Beach cottages. Teare,
*3Q22, after 5 p. m baker Champion, good condition. Espaca 55. Tel. 3-5411. electric refrigeration, gas staves, |
,:-Two large uphostered Can be financed. Call 83.224. FORSALE :-Nne months old male moderate. r.ates. Phone 6-441 or
i "room chairs at ~15 00 each; FOR SALI:-1949 Chevrolet 4-doori Siamese. Choice of three $75 4-567.-_.___OA__ ______ a uiI r
,hI~n'ry sewing table $25.- Sedan, beautiful paint job and n. $100. Will sell only one. Panomao Foters Cottaes. On lle post r lIVP A U
5' 0th Street No. 30 lup- tomnic meteo. Se it and buv it.| 3-2335. Santa Clara. Please brin your, i Oa 6. and Op AC
sII), Tel. 3-66 Smoet y mn.lS A. 15th St. FOR SALE -Registered Cocker Spon. linens. Phone Dalboo 2-1 86 6. fPimer G _raduaS
C.. .ntral A ove. T .i t 0 C 11-1--1";l oud
AlE:-Rer.gerator, wasoihing C -- -- iel Puppies. two months old. Mark- 12 an Id 6 pm.
e, wardrobe, liv.ngroom set FOR SALE:-1952 Tudor Green Se- ed black and brown. Phone 84- FOR RENT. ,, SaW a- a ..
id more furniture. 44th Street, don, Power Glide. Best offer oer 2240. a pll ck iroi L, The .tr. i

suite other ms too numer buy nly 75.00.Sm 10. Pnam -5101 6th Street, Golf Heghts. Telephone
.1^ Tel. 2-3144 antrre. Avenue Tel. 00 .FOR SAL E: Venet n BInds. FOR RENT:--Fumished three bed- .
wSALEhin-Electrihne.c Stove, 4 bum. FOR SALE:-1947 Ford Tu4-dor Sedo-n I S x 43, oat-30 x5and; 2-33 roo bathskutchalet otho with" o bar. o- V- TTller TrtANSPO TErte8axter

DrEsr, sideboard, tble, Super De Luxe. Excellent mechanic- x 51, 1- 2 x 51. 1--36 x 51, Espaa and Colle Colombia. Refer-
-wardrobe speu l cri ntom built m bu- al c ondytl.y Good rubber, radio crper seepe10. stePanamer trunk eces required. Rent B.200 00. V Lf
O lean d e i t N ol. I I1e't S .

V, tolany Surature, pract.colly ne n House 0859-A. Oleander Place. 1544-A. Manao St., Balboo. Tel. Apply Julo Quiano, ath. St. No. EX~et Mechanic In Ultra.
Tel. 2-3518.44 trr Balbo best offer. :te--658 "- _at and Hydraa tic Trans..
R SALE:-Double bed w sprigs SALuik Super 4FOR -SALE-Boxer pups 4 months FOR RENT--Furnihed let for ls. offers I prosso
S.AL-EtrSoe4u FOSEover4d arI0,4O30,;2-1onch'otOcerTuo.TSebadroom

r mattress, and bedsteads, $0.00, door Sen, duty pd, radio. iaw old. AKC registered. Telephones 3 months, all modern conveniences, serve .
a so Sinimons innerspring mattress tires. A dre r. ea It at Sm I Bolboa 1674 and Panama 3-5371. hot water. From February ist -*a
524. can be seen Qtrs. 184 F. Ave. Tel. 800 Coln. $13500 No. 5. 48th Street. Repairs. ntattionof. as
SA- FDoObSed:hDodge K ngsway.-iIr OR ALE FOR RENT:-Chalet in the outskirts ,toea water hi~teios. ea lC.
S4 door. block, only 600 miles Oorc B bedrooms, ktichen, bathroom. -CHEV R L
Help Wanted Salisbury, 651 Ancon Blvd. Tel. FOR SALE: Triumph Speedrwin Telephone 2-0310, Panama. el rp
ANTED- Reliable maid. washing. --- -.slightly used guaranteed. perfect FOR RENT YFu R ailfly A gO e -A-R .
erondng. boues5work. Good refer- F SAl,;-Must sell mmed.iatel, condition will sell cheap. MOTOR- A 1 y 4tSrt'. .... ..
anftes ibeatial- Apply: Kupsr, Buic.4l4Q.. 1(ey good condition IES NACIONALES, S. A. Tel. 2 A p a t n
Sunayd Tel. 3-5369, work days $180 00 cash. Pone 83-6243.- 0787 _________ ___ Aparti ____
S2-0899 Hcuse 2026-B and E. St.,. Curun IA r I .-FIDELITY
1 99uo. FOR SALE.-Just received Triumph ATTENTON G. I. Just built modern I
-_cI. ,s -.SAL-_- I tTerdrer I50cc motorcycles. 100 furnished apartment. one, I w c featuring
OD Rt SALa E- 19 Buick 4,oo wg..CIALs Pr glon.MOTORES NA- bedroomsA ho cold wow Tel- CA d s

.arrugla will speak on "The Chess i Central Ave. Tel. 00 Colon. Indonesian Volcano utilities. Via Esports house be- (Paaa' Hi-t Center), 1
; Stanin of -P*.* Ail ,uiter._ie ro^Ai'^^a Volcano~^ fore Juan Franco.ranc (Paina. HI-fi Centera
duranltn. oi'nie. G r LFOR SALli: 19s3 Ford Viciae. F OR RENT:-Two bedroom una goOPICA
dults are invited. hrd top. YelloW body. blck tp. FOR A TROPICAL ELECTRONICS
Eit. l At Atoiatie Trd *smisbson, Radio. EIment. wdtr heater. CSba Avenub ': .C 45 .1 "L I
t.. y showing a.t the JW 4176 days. Panama 3-4383 eve- JAKARTA Indonesia, Jan.. iu FOR RENT;-Small furnished oport-
ery is an exhib lion of pint.!- 1 s..(UP.-Mount Merapi volcano, l ment In bept residentiq section. 1946 4 door Sedan,
Sby Mrs. Paul Barnard, spon- FOR SALE:-"Busito" 17 passenger, east-central Java erupted today 43rd Street No. 13, BetiVs.,o. l I
d the Canal Zonp Art 1950 GAMC first class condition. with a blast of white-hot gases FOR RENT-mfort-ab 2 bedroom p ic* t COVer
ue .cooperation with the Inspection for 954 passed by Pan- that killed 2e persons and injt- apartment: vinmr di oo i res, ivt
''ud-JWB. m s ,n ik ner d *r t. F.r ftth briintr.. ..d- -- the I ido/neiVn ,1 gP ara. IIt *, excellent coandi i ri foiV l
T i "- i m ot o tfn i-4 2 7ni -n n ws..FR RE N Fre i e 1 *l::c !oi iti
T"e btuwleein w itesek ro aTed he.!iffter 4:00 p. m. ArmyCand pollee units rushed I 00 to 6. 0.vEs he i trteen, prm-a t e. n
dand between the hours at 9 .L -- to the disaster area and began y- .yo .Were
a 01 p,a.. 2PoSition Offered evac'at. n som.' 18.000 terrol FOR RENT:-pModprn eapodtment, r.` i00 tates lne LECtR I
..., -- Ata TIo stricken inhabitants from CLIe bedrooms, fv ,o ingdiin^gm, ht ---n -.1,,t w e t
p 'M Nos. APPLICANTS FOR ARMY SERVICE slopes of .he 9184-foot cratr water, 5 f garage. Just a Del 4. jdo .R t
S ited to seethe CLUB DIRECTOR (WOMEN) DE- that was belching fire and Aiosemena 9T. top floor. l maaio eronne
e ?Jacpot Noa 2' e t SIRED :-Preferably tingle: between smoke FOR RENT:-Furised t bedroom ed, poWer glid reau. lgenew employes
on toorrw at 2 p.m. at the s 6 ndQradtaccredit- Te erpon wa s receded aportmenint r Bella Vista Thbe- new s, wer employed locally.
or related filad. M s E ritutefoentrf or emuta 4 .Two of the n eemp oyes
,eptuHo Vom tors w I coe. el e s to' wo p al P i h a e fls iroar and FOR --r, .i" neW car condition. e States 'Worked re wIth
' 0and I-' rs. Gu.ado were Service Club Direcor. 82r42hI A t.orent o1 lava boiled down oar ttding 'rM-r-o Eugenia. .ll The, r,, amesH Payne. ri
-l*-.etin v ,en Monayat peialUSA^RC tFot the tropi al mountainside. 48th lat. No. 11 Rent $110.00. l b a --''- b
Tel El Paanama from 6 to p.m. Ambdot r__________. The victims werpe reported Apply JUina Quijano, 8th Street No.. r. C. ommissary Division: and
h.inor of the Untlr wcretary WA. au- gahM, mous- tk teaienstne f race hotcaond 1948 Flee-li 2-doo RalplXf, Wauh.-of Qolumbu3,i
WAN m speako"" ,. .''-,froI .omthe...
n and Mrs. Johnson. 0agIin flunn h l rgd e- craterm FO RENT-Two bedroom apartment Sedan, perfect ho *eBwi, %ltrtr1 DWI-
l .. ..ey.. Write fwer Js,1*w. Bs The Indonesian volcanologival a ish" .. for three months Tel- -
e l la tIto t h1111,C014. E service. wasir.n for months of a aPe. 3-1251. Bella Vsto a o de n ,
'i J --- l ~ possible eruDtor of the volcano FOR RENT:-Fumrnshed apartmentI.1 .e 'e e ires.l
S....Reichrt will suer- OR SAL ch killed 700 persons in 1930, early located, bedrooms, dn o An Y, r
lassin first aid to be heldIOR SALE ar6t7et.0. Ot~ ffic IW .
Sto1 Sn RalE had rdne eWe Its warnins SuT livingroom, baothrcom. CoAl, rector of Public Relatlon.
4i, lavatuu FOu SALE:-W end Chbn. One temotint be wth 44thflOor Apt. 9. Telephone 3 toehoe D visin Mayer
ngsb and Spanish and for hectarea and 6,400 merers.. Prici- this time. ,-prtn a I Coupe. A good w storekeeper.
ced students. $800. Fenced with 'ioe psts The vict'm were In t, te vi'. FOR L.RENT:-3 room oopoo te.tment ine e ..
he y tr o ore ee Diable 2-3468. s largee of Djerakah on the nort.h- San Francisco with gorage. Colored .c. Car.. Police Division--Gerald J. lPtz-
a. en r a, wgi D be. st. FOR SArE:-3 lots 50'x 200' r,- eastern U o. mles from the Amican preferabl. Tel. 2-3518. $150.00 IteO' Coe
S, -t "n't er, agp nra r' S4 od 5m xoe o 2ur e atder. r drua 2000 nersons w-re FOR R NT:N-Au-downstaitrs .cAttae i *ret time, leave and
yawork ben of r learin. all vii- couple, quiet neighborhood House 51
600 f II price. Down Tmyoens Th vitm wra di Al J98ia uano 8th Sr.i e and many more leks DChision Claude fln
eli ng Saturday o1.2en. Btl. $5000 per month. Motint Merapl is the secom.; l | th and Curtia W. Fr.ate..,
hms rn n thSee I an hus, 54 rdst. New Cris hhes p othe det : iOR R ENT .w misage guards.
.College Club will be ?eld Sat- hon 3-2747. ded plateau at the eastern enRclN T ttria Bureau- org F.
at 9 a.m. the lann t FOR SALE:-Lots in Chorrera. One of the Island of Ja"a. Roi E". RVO4 FOLTE T I iy.., TCBg, ar-, .
areSa askd t Mr. half hectar and Lp. Electric light. At the oopositp end of the 60- 'FOR RENT-Ncey furnished room r nf t a erminals Dilvision Th |-
. ,ry, 5---- before Friday Ten cents per meter. C,:l 3-4630 mfe.lone island Mount Kraka- for couple, k.he olgs. Belrol | .. unt. auger foren..'
y^ ---- mu~x m1.ioa eruted Ia n 1883 In Derhat Vista. Mexico Avgnue No 69. near To cuhooSC from 0o n -our.
Ait---" .,Acress Asks "- ....'. St. Phone 3-0553 romcolt.e bgot. n- ,LEGAL NOTICE
...J CoUrt To End iled in that eruption, pleasant VInodatn. 48th Street No!g UNITEDI 5TAS AIOI3JCA
._A .. .. U ] -Doy Morriage -iFOR RENT: Furnished roan fort, ,. I E DITD T O"F TH'
p H.nJaan. 19- I I e' "American couple. Private entrance CA- ZOlv E, e --s -
S, I Jap. 18 eUPa un d td kitchen ftrith refrigerator and J 1 Alulsu io d
0 HTl 2-Actress Jar. lerDixon asr thed i ort- washing m wine. C I I i l ,]
.HmrS.ret b n -%T- ---;--- eatr lp %mlsfo hlAm1 rfrbe e.2Ji n ,0u~rlplemn

S ao.i9ap courts today ta end hei 21-day 1 -11 UflklT1s I .A 1 I 1. R4
t IM jnarige to wealthy Chcao l WANTED V iR wi
r t-A- Ams camera manufacturer Ted Bris tl lR o
as m Thinsm a w kin, cha. de"rtion 100 c cav,
*,ecatin devlope e.. DO3MD l torney. EdwAtrdl t _WANTED:-- er Spaniel, male. for. '1 AMON -DI. .,
bldth r a L a tonsaid' e e e xpectdted n Cat WANTED ker Span el male. fo a ab
b nure .tadruirtoda |we WantedPaositon wr 1191
.m s feel 0. 1, 2d W mnI ILU I se.araGOOD COOK seeks employment, .
l-B pe 31 Alh i n er Bri n TIH Has. excellort recommendations. I fat |1 i
muchI better ,- t fis the fo mes r husbtnd of Betly 13h Street. 4Al Abao. No. 2854
Sh.4 =.eace*t* .- tutte. "Pece Miion." .-
,. .I rf _

9AN BLAS........ $15 DA IEN..........$20 I
SU S., JAN. M2. AND S1st SUN. FEB. 14th
....... ,. ^ ^a wek .t1 ; .... M i -"t 6rigto-_ 1eg..0.
.,".l .-' L'DAVIDJ .10 .. a + on ".;
otoring to El Vi CERIJO PUNTA AND IOQUETE all expense $35 1
," _fSy0pau-en0r 0C.3 plane chartered for then flights -
;" ."... .'J ,4g..,:. ,......... .Phone Pnallma 3-3171
..,=, .........".. .......... ........Phone S m a 2-or 1430
S...................... ...................... PbeaePqlam j.130-

I __I~~____

is to be alataed. .
YW art ar- that there exi8t the r osal'M
Apedi-punpee groups which* uo1oh t
contt wit hthe CoMa#ny-Ooftvlliut DI the p
-bB tr Jec.veL .. *-* -7s' -
As Governor-Preldent it *-h S*ensb3l7
all these groups are givenn proper WAuent conaat wth
objectives. '-o,
At, the time yom. AsaoclatIon .w:l
request, the UfiCA *ua cotd ,he Wbur
"4ahirt eve" conference whA a l o, cof
represtfita1ves or several'pfie -plrpose osga
Under the practice at that time of conducting afU 1, 6 -
bined Governnor-iEmploye Conference, the USCA as I mc ed
among the participants even though it was recognizedd thbt the
objective' o your organization wa# centered on the leglla yl
relationships at the Uanal Zone ezployes with the a
Wishingtfon. ,
This egslagW ve aspect was never a iuhtiot 6f the disMuson
at the local "shirt-aeeve" meeting anpd In never been c6n-
uireded proper for disousslon at meetings between thg Zone tdti
mini~traton 6fd Zone organiaU .
The program insUtuting the separation of the "shirtdsleqv
conference into two acheduled meetings one with the grdui
irom organpled lab, 9and the other wh, the clv)e eulcis -
was announced on 'AUlrust 25,'1953 it r meatil ab Whlch y
were present. The objective of the two-meeting program rl
adopted tq elimlAate overlappig Mned, duplicating functions be
tween th6 two groups d4t'o =W effectively discua problem
special interest to eAch. ,
It was clearly stAted that other organizations then fI
sented should take up thetr problems through one. of t I
baate groups. TaL .cht. PoUcy wMa n .utaoIly .saisfact
evidenced in the record of that meeting, and is further att |
to by the meetings supsequentky held with the two groups at
which important mattepf all typeswre 4scussed and wi hput
protest from any.Canal one 'tgafti"atn.l |
In the instance of the January 7, 1954 meeting, the se son
with these two groups was in accordance with established pro e-
dure. The press was clledI gI that-t O A'4 a"U- 11'-
ton study could be diseminted In eles and
residents as raplidy as p6asbi, .. ..' .- .-
You may extend my reassurance to m0nibers of your Aslocia-
tion that I stand ready .to cooperate Wth. the and their Of-
fiears 4a making. apepdalt Informal ivalatble. -
The Canal adnui wlU diseeu mutual problem with
yOu when there is no conflict with.e4tablilhed procedure, l
The administration; is congizaiat Of the fact that the A
ias performed, 'Od is perftormling; a- legitimate servi in
presenting the views of your me ero the Congress in 1 -
ngtoUt; Jts v$.vtiu A unI 8f ifti5S I? is 610 idepen t,'
[ts pblic is hiadae its meresbetMh*4t has no office 'or
semi-official relationship wi the CQanal Zonp Governme
action taken in Walid atdn a challeea on this a
Its memluu hulamm!Wuh u* noth the civic e
and labor owoaniltaoaO,(Ien ftbtRa i nearly all necessa
formkatin tfth "t t. g U a been proved
these past mo ts aren&T ="hon is a
keep the groutai-e4ef' Cr I .Sr4 ICnaw l Zone affai
the intimate "I the.aeliamerahi.. Congress, the
bling a matter on wht h lite Infrmation. i
necessarY for _tuMum .uai UWu by the meai
t is the =d t, 's poncy to fu g thel
;hannelapeq I pqm vatUt an orgaqleati
the Canau *
Should you desire to make reference to this letter or an r-
lion of it to-the ,ress. I request that it be used in Its entire
With sentiments of high personea-vegards; I am,
Very incerely yours, ,

PE Z Governor
'""~~~~ ~~ Wj^ 1- 1111".'*''^M T S i' l

Via Porras No. 42 Tel. 3-2113.
Second turn to dltt oend Juas Francoe trac

*. J

private giutrages. mnuWo
W. bi ,
j. : F "m "+ M--` : '

w-., -~

j- i

".+*^.-"-.%' ... ,*'\.. ;iir

- ,

,', _,, .., .- -.
v. .en .4b~e~ th

. e i a, te. t :fpel. -
.. -j Oe .s p ..~w_' .v"OTI iI-
~ .' ~ |341


. ... . ._ _



77--- --- .- .

U 4 MerriM r. CeydDt Th e;
.77 W D~a nc rdr jj1 awar% of
.. ..s. ra .D 1., DEan f

Sand Lod-y* chose le shared h rso Cotton, D taney, Charles formal dance will be held at management. A ,floraI
rnive ougson, n the Cristobal YMCA-UBO n lv baced

a 1- the ohe by W.
ne, t Ca aSed e, ,-f birtda turay y, t anniversary with a up
At" av rl e wth fhite id5a t .ee u8 n ..or caada Mrt J, F. Thomas ad slumber party. The group candidate. Mr. M
S- his tenon waa forth a- JacrDg Joe Haan, hostess o tin, entor

'w Mi ~r. t n ad ." wa adJ d tota-ke her rarhe a :f t... ...
of|ob t uWts110t a cea sft acratlen a.i a an ne r ts w a sup-Y

At a I s, ,d.d b a nd Iss Wrd e,. amVd o.ern ad s m er party. Ththe epot

chirt Iep I asMW of t with White cl to U' Retprtn From a *rsld the part ha the h. om oofAn
rurre8 gu a dpt e- cuSt fu. He arrived u the Isthmuse
eaChi', -u .Cafo tr",imd The Wa fthingt comtion Club dinner party at her reidene ar

-~Aoil a a or 4*MFhad ve-y c.-essfl.dancea Gatn Satrda evening tohnoT. ,. XRBO nMN sad
..a with white as a and iraha tour s of dutb In o h i, which birthday a- co- SMAos ps wi th Andre
C Among the guest 'r d .for .h e e m W .t endd d n C' a ottee m

*44lect rs Co Solo ning were Mr. and MF. Thnaas Mrs. James Spona9le and Jimmy
laeoy, O e.. n.ot bitter fighting. D rr m an d Mrs. Prier
rif t "r'4l o.rebvwdi a-ssstuu K -9BH H Dr.

I a a N .Si Mrs. lo c asdrl Ofrder ct and r eth in J
W se -ar sunb t uhcse M rL tic tor Youngaaude h o d s r ua eeun Th s dacf i. nt

IN THEATER a inounces that e..S y brated her sxteenth birthday an. at 7:00 p.m. in the board room of *
O r a a lepsru e L m Anoe i ri e d b y p ae r d a y e e n i g Veo P ri e r o Ii l 2 ;s io b al, f o r t he i n cA T Ki a nd w it

Il. be hoof ta.wtfunt W*insorlry ,h s fr oivma a Ge poreeGrb a m vistngan e tay P. C3 TE S:
ilMrso; Vern Prier 'a s r tm nedb to ther t MU-
-Ar e Aleae r. In De Arbo it t erfigh ti hd. Dr. edond Me n trer n s

Of- Se urday MidmWsnght Showt o Sat d a In her, hsand orn, whor ha ya n-sop
S, rs Malcolm osalie adelise scape landscapes, Drand s efe. Opening THURSDAY! G

0, e .8 r | EN TRA L "M*0ME1. 10rK"
o beyes Among the gue'osts for the eve- The guests I included Mr. and

'. Mrs. Novony, Mrs. Stewart -e:s & ;os wat T r.. .r, .ere ,- ....ity ,. 1
S.. E r o Of e A g were Mr. and Mrs. wiThn as t See the New ad Fanand Jimmy
o A Wi str ong and Mrs Barrett, Mrs. obertson, Mr. nd Mrs WThliam and err Mr and Mrs. Franc
s t &t wrA. Van c l en, and Ms. Florencesaid to Mrs. TWerlein with lle and Le ne
,., .m'.E.h*' SCH I ANDERSENo Dnmeeting and eleie oow Bf
.. R .V.E. c. Jr, -- Redmond. JOURNEY "

okillin C G rlub"mel AgenHaas FPanumericanas, S.A. D|
ebssUs W -gr. *.c MiAss eti A ofThHE MARKSMAN" and w
r L itLAMSg wera e Mr. Victor Young t atn. ole hold its regr meeting T thursday
ea. M. V. Ad l rs T ed hae steenoth birltday ana- at 00 pn, the bord room of
10 nr 'a Mrs it ver y s* c Wi .e "da e at th the t Gatun -Clulr o s e. All Interesto
be. dail functis e, Mrs a. L. WeLt; Mrs. t oho Saturday evening ed Atlantc hide residents are in- N
CHAREaeowill tw "nd Ar i. GersL Blu e nd. godcprp avie att.
oAmed to d georate the House, buffet get enc e wr
r Mrs. C. refreshments were used and dMr-a Mrs. Pries Art ehibit anod Joiumnamr
t erse of te Coco -olorRew enjoyed. ad Mrs oanenin Jerr- irs: of ar. Francis
Swether, Mrs. lb Moreanda, terry Powll, Race Ma. EFtm lounge of the. 0otei ingthe DEXTER. FAYLEN CASTLE "KOREA CONFLICT"
.r ;.. trau et, birs. the Mlr- Nye. and Warder, y

u e U:O-r, rs. '. t. rr, n 3* P..a. TMh e m ad ftms she s and Q. What s the gas onsumation of the VW transport ner
SC ;amp, Mrs. ,aul gcn, Mrs. A ol Newhamd, Patrcia M an edl Judy traits, ife stude, flowersU sea-y

Si r Macclm, Rosalie ade Lse casandscapes and st liee Opening THURSDAh Ricty of the VW transport
es Les ,N tA. Th her o a ro d o t b. hee sixteeot bohrt ian p.. in
Sn# .*Dm. EATA. LO tM rs.rJ n ri 'THE -sR.AND TW.e r..
O$J0Mn.. f Se sewMU M rs, J. L. Facn M rs. Ed used th decor
In'Tie.h be oor firawCeoL Ra,- MO. -eh e .n......row s Houses ,,,, ,, i .. v.: .-y buffe.. I =
moGorrUefreshmMrst E O used Se er ,Mrsd. r Prien o A L O Es Aro n ,c1"it
SAr t.Wednesday!. vaunao, o tuoostwn, Mrs. V. Camp i wa- en om'ed" S AOtH S
A.I IoCUG Ander e Mr s C. ao AAmLlo Aan AKiry THEYh anN dealerAw
.01d Mrs. U ov o ney, .Mrs'a. Serto : & 3:05 Wis Barbar Theri exh e Hr e is now on pecda int he
"" I PERSON ann D.buTo otE -CA- STeLE.
newere woe we.d Mrs. w. .-"a.MON&rsA TERRITORY" ,
1-0t0ra" M-"'"-'-" "erm VOLSnGE transporters

S A N who recently rstn we ntro Pedro Miguel "SOMBRERO"-aits, l Tecuitolor!uds, VlowKrs W
A i.' Hiu Trqupe, aruwelM c were said to .Mrs. T. R shaiday RMoN o/ T On A '... ..
r R Perry. Mrs. fK MeyeA s Mrs. RichaIS
G. DA. .A. "n J
a I : P.M.'

,, CA T A T O s :" "' 'ant M rs R DSAY- 'I'PoLf l

"BATH3ING BEAUTY" E..o0;.r,'. 9a Weaal o.7A

CHAG2 nic. Mrs. 0 Gray, Mrs. -i
Davies. Mr A. Anderson and ..... T A
*.CAMP $IZRD JAN.24 Mrs. F. MLop, .SH
The new ptficers elected were: C0. .O
A t 'WdMrs, J, G. Fedder -- p resident;
wvice prs.dqnt Mrs. W. A. Sh"- .IO

1 :05 o SiN U n w 3b p:.p

.... His Statistics answer all your qumstions.

R.nsT the bos Q W Is the gas consu to o the DANNY '..I
It's "Operation .gil of th pOsw rA 30 miles per galon. otVtlry

have a payload of 1680 lbs. The wagon can seat
AN L, Q How does the price coBmre with other simlWar modes?.

of Pleasure car in the mas..
In TNechhcolerl w CEIJO JOHNSON A. We have Jn stock enough parts o service any uW tdanTorNa. N=The

.dL3 0 "l may be short of any specific part.Mr

Sd TROPICAL CEA PROGRAM Q. What is the daily production of VW vehicles and whero, are th .
awmmsczm "SO THIS IS LOVE" exported to?
In TEOHIAr OS A. The factory in Germany is manufacturmg close to 1,000 vehiclper
I TJOA. Y' f UVICIAL Witit day. An assembly plant has been installed in Brail. The VW's are I
S% M AARACTION! Kathr sold all over the world, and. are the best sellers in German,
SIn TECHNICOLOR! GRAYSON and Peru. In Colombia as in other countries the VW models. are
I C L *N 6 11. selling mose then any other car of European manufacture.
w A B E L
"Dr' Drthy MALONE. in Plus A. Agericlas Pan-Americanas, S. A. are the exclusive representative for .
.... het wh V otwill love it 'iiai. o Fi I the Repube d the Canal Zone. The ad a C a
a a..., ou_ wi ow "LW AND OM Dr" "THE BIG SHOT" Estudiante No. 90 the telephone number is Panaa S2-l4.
spp g Teiato Soup is mad with pheBOOAT Q. How about the passenger cars? .
a bA. You could place a direct oreer through us along t.h Ssnl-*po
-1 to s,bleand oide-thdelicate delivery is made In two months and aL a very ecdmlaesllt
s'.6w and goldenilu-h'waety. price.
Ia d j urklin g rd g r a d *. W AH O O B .115.00 B nk D ay B .
S Robert Mitchum. in John Derek, In
S"WHITE WITCH DOCTOR" "Ambsh at -.Tomshwak Gap"
Clifton Webb, In Pr. Poster In

'lttad Scott, in "SOCR"T F TREATRE
v l1~U BAD .I1f .a "115 n
c*" VALUE C f p T -, C. Agencas Pan-Americana

Sco-4 O FO. TH-.A., .-. --Aw o a t.imm aT'*

4- ." .- "-

* ,, ,. .0. ', -- .. ; '
..- -. .

...: i' "-+':.- Uo"a ,. "2:.-.. Arue ,4L:'A
-. '
T., ..%- .' ,' d *'* fq -' aS,,mj. ;-,. .me
'yf T T 'l .^ A^ -'1i-- .... .

'2.-f .. *' *J -
-4. N.

'" I .-.' z ,'.--. ", --U.

ge Basketball Stars UP Basketbali Yanks' HIlUoc ni ;r

YWith1 ammat Ratings Remain In Ladies' Day Gh

EW YORK, Jan. 19 .(UP) ot college -
h.ll players will be y with exumintati T O .
Gibraltar Life
Week -so the experls.-have time to appraise Gibraltar Life .rCa
n h NYORK, Co .Jan.C Invita1tiUP)ona3 '.
frefeatedoteaams ca end the; e wso henation's bujt. bal "T-T GAM. "S ... 'A .T'
.record? Of -these four only two Kn. The latest voting by the United at || ToJ.m.C
and Western Kentucky play this Week. ensate 'enotuai st i sr Basketball 1Tournam ei t (s 8 r .n'. o- ... ..
.... .h~n,.bunbeaten Kentucky still ranks' k -.-.--',- ... "--
lucky the number one'I road to travel of the fout un- lirt, but Indlnan and Duquesne --" l- Another e* .' .imW OO=
team- t_ eere arch-rtvilIbeatens The Huskies official- are losing In. apecllaly, the bal alRyer., a igh withle 1 .:
tsee eon Satu favoreand theo NAA are idle .until ther by meet with 15 first place votes and 318 sion the Gibraltar Life Insur- an exdeptiondly *li.Ar gamei ers mn4i othe
aitlr eav2th qtral t. a strong Fordham five the irt total points. The Wildcats hgv, ance Company basketball team as well %as 11 M rk, ....
*11hs oema'1 aft'h sath oedk ut hary1 games n Defendin NCAA, champion the Canal Lone Junior College game the whole W04 s1t1 badies ace ar, y a1
p but one wifoes That Coudnne oy Cross and Comslum- Indiana. with 11 wins and one Invitational.- Turnament and timeiwer eput t ~*t ffth e* *to$;-_Jimtb
pnConferene fo mes That cludine ow Connecticut ss a loss, polled 10 first place votes compn tit for e trophy, don- Gibrkllar lead..-p. t 'a -a r t u.* ,*'iJi '. -
ntck meets De Paul 14 wins ow Connecticut for a total of 310 points. Du- ated by' Boyd Brothers Inc. playing Inqurar f' .t 1,iS.%-r !aol8c 0",t .k I '
.Yquesne, with 15 wins and no los, Panama Tours. minated the _M for I .Bill Hock-'. ____ : -- ses, received eight first place At 8 p.m. Saturday. January contest and woll Away. -enburyf*. .(A.e
votes and has 287 total points, 10, in the Balboa gymnaiLum the TheYani e.lnthe e 2
t Kentuck winner only 31 behind Kentucky, Insurance men itet to turn back It was an eagf. 4ietobal a ti bYays Wi ... .... g"
Atretht the lonepst strek Don Jorduan Cops Oklahoma A&M, with 15 wins the basketball hopes of the Bal- School squad wholatradd sti t'go tulLa h .regain he their "-. .e
te unnt-e s .ts --. N t and one loss, ranks fourth and boa Athletic Club. with the heavily favpted Ilbot t. arS n for the Wln6dt rs, ao
-,He Tech on Wanesda, Ninth S trightl Western Kentucky. winner of all Athletic Club lf tb. econg.fBe a 16.A nmuttheir r of
Hfllvonpers havn 12 games. '"- --*" 16 games. Is fifth. Minnesota It was Bob Gibson versus of thp afternoon~Bp t .od eut theirBunh t' r o.i.
..,five against tear they victor
Stve ainst teamo.p they p R nBO Win ranks sixth, followed by Callfor-I brother Noel Gibson at the tap- were aware of h. at~trin one vt a .. aL 3 ..
gel-te e beaten by p margins : nia In seventh place, Kansas in off time ania the final game of the victors in tedt .ie atSt ni ht thf ts wal ey
M Ua 14 to 44 pomts. eighth, Notre Dame ninth and the tournament was moving. to the hardwoodslANo tha he -1 fit bal's tt .3 1 4 1
Ja n. to 44 poits. vin-to.o loped the" mbv496 -1 before 1&Ily- q.,.
MILWAUKEE. an. 1 (NEA) Louisiana 8tate 10th. Oscar Kourany threw ifn three intent. up five .
4Ird-ranked Duquesne 4-- Three former. All-America Lousiana Staquth.ick buckets and it appeared --he.. i id he Mt 4 1
- o wins hqs 11 to pla u high school players, ar peshoot- as though the AC would Stake a CHB opened nWd.a ,-A d kf. l.thpS l twolhe'*ada wote .r .1
es are idle until next Ing baskets for Marquette. | s comfortable lead. Butd' bytake a libte open G Mon 2slO Ut .t btShri the outhd ite, end o p, I 0 0 0 2'
when h the meetGeE he d lr game ofTh. A r"e .tomrbla t he liberater ga mhe Mt tae i m mof_-lltlrs ie i- 1 ', .-. 21 ,
uesneill not meet Junior o Rube Schutourne the quarter, the Insuratnce to a slower ithiA
Balboa Ahleteillubt me. Tte CHS da eorard ebea8cutzaThe .o.wfhts:."ur o : on y erolm .1ee .
men had hooped enough pnts more tdelbfrAbn u '- "n"l.0'd.'lbSaI
h e dan-crniih opponent, nirved tn the North-Seuth. pre-r Igm ,- t ,eepS their. follow hayt r toff t AC rr at 'q"*btoa ei .ru n hthe 0.H' 1u
,tOPn '- tiheen.teeb. of aratoryAll-t game t' r |Summit o" to thetS .hn. .

ntil ofl-et at M Junior r Sneads, DeVtcen Ho and quarter, withe BAC ahead. Mid- an e frtm thafe0 t 17 h*-rc kferco thaee d tad aa wp Wc had a
,,Tn-vAAlexoDuqnders to take the upotesne rght.. Ky. in 5Lay through the las quarter hirdquatt f s.
h The Summit Hills on the floor, Tom Willam and it yBalboa Athlo e fCtb 50; rristo- ., 'a B to B *leNay or
t on.r TerryCountry Club will soonsin Oscar Koeitherany kept ams a steady w ly. bl duHih Shool To aframeets
tournament for the student The score remalf-tmed qute untl sco treasurer, la nti, Nava tt a th wi

cuh-t e to-e i ^ 'B.. who completed the Junior dolf the finish and it was *the Balboa tru i''board stee.-. "ner w" lrow dute'.t.. a ,or r11 the 0 I
.oI',instructions. sor attended as Athletic ,eri 58 to 59., MAWl T.e cal f eer'rdro Mar- game lt1 the ht race ,
C lub Saturday read 39. to 2er in favot of the W Wextfl .i ,.ha..rsea8ed to ulfil or thia nie ruf both

Sba Aten by Buid Hammbd during Canal Zone Ja or Coege pre- l .., ,' ath nor LD' eams .fI -th ste $tloo',neveree
e October, Novrbr and December sentd Mr. Robert Boyd of the W- h Bour"e, Ing pIh to th h .Th rr
come the..first UoIaB .tInnl W ea wh of. t Monday Brewer. Gie l..iey o and W ye rl epc .."
Now that the big meuns of goluf ernand Tomho and tu omp ay Kour- ea ed atheCOaaal t meet No, l ,ed *, pair of hits to tlad..
al ivt e to pla, with th tain Oscar ourany o a BACthe D anel Ded law ngoaBer'i t'-th'- 'athe t.
have ceased firing their blister-put on a third quarter spurt to Trout: .o etfet he' d d.Ain Ot~tIer8. oallle rd m t C.H.S., li's three
Ing sub par rounds of golf and Inettack into the contf Sat.t was aun held lastblegh t .The lMw gr-trathr Aublso. l druft -, EllGri siet t"
returned home. it's time for the 4 tro 4 ate the c o L ife vice-presidentl Is Jtherson sas rihade tW l oe... Nte cdhada
Junior Sneads, DeVicenzo and quarter. with BAC ahead. d-e ren i' ir. ce d two to'Ad K had
Alex nders to take the spotlight. way throu' the the third at 14 oI- s h, ie .
The Summit Hills Golf and the score was tied 52 all slnd ittBalbod Athle., 'SoCht"oCr;isto. ,. l m la
tournament for the student The score remaiped-quite until treasirr, a & ilks, O fntI, Navl tate am. thwe
who' completed the Junior GoIfpthe finish and It was the Balboa--t 'u -- rstee. .. n"er will moe outn, n
Instruclon. or at tended as Athletic Coub 58 to 56a. 'M .t. (An' Theais oe 6 "er gtd-o MaBr-.|ame le ad e. th Mee
.. ....a la~ c as they could, Dean oger C. H~ackett of~ the ., h ,.ha.U ',r~s to fulfill or th'o 6lrt --.3"
October, Novrbr and Decembero bentedtMr. Robert Boyd of the nI" o Th
of '58. Any junior golfer other Boyd Brother, Inc. Panama Lil th U d MonhdayaBrewers $ *tl. ry.-o, -etreJ.,er.i
Ath 10a, the above tioned are Tour who in turn gav to Cat- V I
,all b soinvlted a te o plaso with th hltain Oscaeldr Kourany of BC the Daniel ]Deliado ls't tW

aand Opbern oothaheo *r t Da k wo the Wall fasr tnninB Will
tud, e I o tof t hey care rg. beautiful. ain er'a trophy, elected prd o e bofrom th I-
.-- ,....-,:00 am.S .Y, d, T h ftrst-pe camnsip o aturdt i ng held la. teuhL ,The ew. 5gertrayner AubSey '`Woodruff Gi abr ..
IIwill cQnmit. ef.18 hole& o .ial utta* thu ml..r Lifevice-president Is Jefferson'JoL'. hl.hita runotmc,4 tut t .k-peo e Init!e.It .,
Splay..Goelfauire nvoiw. 1 'l C ueph. '. 'ydo Tel Ols'dAI lVm rwe'-h a the -
1hs.10p swllhldaane the trOU. ffttod impson's flwe
l Jim.. fr ealatdes, ti onust lendt i .. lae ofe rthe. tewn wlwl .Mr- a n t:

09Ye ...N -d 4eorg. o ohe.oubMo1- the Luck; a ymn' on.b- .. mnf'n.
l fdmin ls of ..O f-. Itnt h""

! :. t'o'li m." .-"t "emo 'o --rmerht to ? .oh roul and the' 'o. '
.~. h r o th O e lN.:or.of-h bth course. ;.

; ... ... : -- Croft--.... .......
O, m yand p mo11 a..fn .n.F... l 6 an
Othole-sm 'win t h anV ehni b iti o M.ttA ... ..... '.
tomorrow at the h port Davis GolfI -- .""
Club. Tee off time 1330 (1:30 Game lc Jhrs. 14: BuCek edguek
NUOm., The litbltoon Ofeill Gol- ud C.o nt Lat Taer "nd..
AV.Ct of an 18ole best ball math in ta. ALnte al Oty n leagu. ..
at to be pl r~agaEinst' the pros In t closely contested gNae .

and mOmbers o f the Fort Davis iGck wotn the iast innin a
L a Golf Club art inNted. o lonely, cbutetd f anle with the .
At 11:00 e.m. tomorrow at tle CGP.O. team. Buiek scored flge
"mCoco Solo golf range, times in te first inning. In the '

Sclinic..The yealrs will consist oft lender hit a hobe ru with two -
Frincitoal fundamenttbals of goa-. In the .Afth Tabor banged -
I including shot deonastprationsh homer st a ick and taen Ro da..m
etc. uesorsW roat u speoltator.* Perkins, C.P.O. .ather, ht .. "a
wil be invited at this time. double to- tie the scr. C.P 0 dp
Isr Cn aeWonbeatla s- t .nn
and three-tme wnnerof the VirgIn- in to pltkh. and atfuek out the -" '" "|'"- '

Club at Norfolk, Virdnia. Wayne Wall. bruiek now leads thhe

To be fought to the death* The Excelsior Cricket Club Hanli ..
..,. To .be fouit to .the death will.hold a special meetLng at 0 ,g. .""
their regular meeting pl ace onTrimbler, lb.... .... 2 0 n *
-04ithe eeaifEL. BRUJOief Joede la Crus De L6m 0tWh Street and Aven da Justo ernigotti lb ,. .. .. 1 0 0
b.y t e ragoo b llfit waohtm .omeia tomorrow night com- ause. c .. ....... 2 0 0
Sey a eru s 7.30.Members an aud errf. ... 1 0 0
Saad to attend. Tota .. .. .. .... 24 *
VALEXN CIA III ,__'____ _c..- AN ". -,.L U-, ___4, ,'! ;"
SCrawford. 2b .. 1 0
"'d Pelt. lb-s .. 2 1 1 1' '' .t I L" '
UJ ^rTooks. ,II "roo.. .. ]... ..o..... .3 1o g
-BELMONTE..O "PA "A ,.M.N3. I......

VA8UN FPavorite ... ..... ...' 0

Attao m..-.SA.Utaes B .6on Balls off-Hamilton 3. Ic 1 .
Sair ..a laE mei tasm. .. .m Baseon Ba of--Haiton Io
STaer, Sams. Home Runs--Ta-*_,OWN
if-, m.-e""". Winning Pitcher-yap*;' W- "-
s eoemRuth jitm. mp I.9 OW*.. %660.~ ~
lAVU Md hant1U L~ I

.4 *
-'C -

4 .1iI

I. ft. -

. : -.-Z.--

- ~ -, -

-K -'

_ __ ~ __

G ngm

I "

* ', '"f p.'"~~.:~

Star Of

.. "*. .? ^ L -

U?+IHIIU' '!*. I U 'I llU"'a.A

* .
,. sit.

1*. '


-..reoni.of Iml jw
mirabl te rout!; e

tlonally, he'* 6t n I
Sth consenau What stirred
on TV. ,lVerybody.wil" be.
on." oilotp> Of them. On r
th-. T! g to tbprm
S Iett I to*

inelnn 'iSianyii'unor ad-
toilW lD eaped th be th

them most eroizlni the player
trying to beUnto the act from now
efleotlon agreW with
p"prquloty but-wlei mal es he
tl*jsWSa1~t h, tat jet *Arry
Faave. Def H..anhaows an aa
M ie tw a. 'V mdii- U 4A*
m x wi t. o MaAm t* &et i
WMKamw. t-Aof hltIs4 "louo
(^l^ hmi.MiAlbark ha Ib
Vot losi" "t eam This /

'ki ,.

haet Onell be aifrn
, d to .o4 ba but "Ma-
l Wa h who said' P e lha4 i

Jak DItmer at sefonI, O'on
nell could .lAy third, aid hi
eould larv In, the outflel4,d-
x.nOcon4o.,qoping Char
.Is svald
a fit 9di't planet l sl
h 96contrattoday, at Mai
ant op. he.p r-of the moman

Atnt t llltk ovei with my oai
hnti first. I like to consult then
ore I de anything lmpor

Pacific Divisional


prveeria C.L.O.O
S. .! OI

00 -0 er break from h4 position tc
I. 3 tkthe we pid. -
,.lm as,4 -SJei. m .e remain la
w e ,ti*'t .- box: .WII the
'. Ie riv te. .AL the
yl lrlerlets It go, he 6in stea
iut. ..' -
rQ. What is the mrulig when
S0 r a batter busta a:alri
^MA ~ t _p: v^ 9 <<" ala

uMllKr 'anan

xQ: 3:04.-

.. e ,

pA a lyrotarfH1 Ilatl 35B4 0 1 1 I

Hmni ngac Ie SC0 2.-O *~llf 3 1 1 0
S me i, If 3 0 1 0 01
S yOMAC LombA,a 3rd 2 1 0 1. 0
1 ". 2 Totall ; 3. 4 '1 t i
0 ..
6 .-. f o o

A Ld 3 'O 2 I 4 1. .. .Laa 4 '0 2 0 0 0
Sc'n .. 9 0 0 flil.ea 2nd 3 0 1 0 3 0
aItarthlt, r 2 09 8 0 0 Uj 4. 0 1 I 0
omreyp 1 1 0m 0 l 3rd, 1 0 1 0

ifn .. N. -..oaro c8 80 04 0 0'9
rt -' t n e am e7 .0 'rr .a r; 1 o f n r a

rthero, 212 0 b- Martne replaced Moton
0. 4 A B1a& ;. 2 0 0 1 e r b I 'l 0.0
aIt;-0.nd end : 01%ad. 1- 2-.

r M rsi, rth 1 0 L: 0 0 e 4lm -
Asi a l, I rf "" .' 'Q 0' 0 ..l 34,0 1 1 7 1

r- tGoodn, st 30 1 30 1 A.Llp 0 110.0-4 6.1

, otals 1 6 0 1 0 L4 .
I Rtvera, 3rd 2 0 0 0 ',Or

.n c2 'p0 1 0 1 0 0 )- a...rlofoMedingerIn
.ILOGoOn, cf 3 0 1 3 0 b -Lion 0 reppilhee 6n I
t. -- -- p 2 0.' 0 1 SO

T-tals 2S 1 I 21 53 m a:, BH' H&lsal 2,

uu it?
A. If, In the umpire's judg-
nwnt, he flipped the bat the
box unintentlonally, the. b Ia
the b rI. lt. ;
i Q. D ed.Willliiams tbe .Red
Sox' slutger, have exceptional
.alied, *lou with thi great' of
hils talent?,
- A. WMlm _. has. fair speed,
a i I arly s dmmn base-
stealer,3a 5 games 1t S and
.2 ,ames, the ate ueasoma he
fqtted ,u ,teal. .
Q. Simead -Joiey, the storied
Wbite Box outfielder of the>ear.
ly 19SO's and who ke okei down
minor league fences years,
*as nOcknathed aWn, Why?
4. eolyo, t w.her- for
eIo .y heii f matter n r-
a 9u0in ban dinner.

Halkhan, Dillnan, Hearne. Dou-
bles: Hl nai, Otijry. TrIVplei:
DisOby, sB: Hlmif2 ,Rewley.
Sab. Rluinkhart. HP: bedeaux,
Earner Runa; Apfz. Legion 3.
4. walka Qff: Prettp 2, N artoQ 3.
Rmtu off: Pretto 2, Moraton 4.
Hits o[Pretto 7, Marton e. Win.
nin her: Prett (0-1). Los-
Inp er: Morto (1-1). Um
pfres:. Ilnger and W. Mc-
Keowl. Tie: 2:10.

basket i star prompted.
Sdashneel future
ame n a mo#v, to
and i .,l c."-...
,TI~a payer, tipua A.
* 0 wat asabbed with.s
ae iekFridd,
rte.en mob of tgry
appdtzaed fans wha.m had
log4 agmune.
Two of De Boskey's. school 1
mates, Jacques Berlin. 17,.andi
Jo DavIdso 17, were bebLte .
te attackers, loth suffered
-h o oed 1jR l .. ..
De Boiey,1 hth scorg ,enter A
n the M c heel le hi llhool we
ketball tam, rep ip
critical condition at Rceviruang a
HostRal, the victim oi boy
woudnd, and a punctured lung" d
The three youT. w* tir
tacked E tpi y lbft t1Ii ( HP1
tnda GIna mbe afftiU li ,*0i
eto i,ded reouh 6tanmUU fo bi I TheD

nbkeht high ca bol aolestent ,hult'
ry-eriatu ai ,anp r t. hu- tIW

night high school .tbl.tte h vents hchultuho

dcid' fa dwith the outbreak of 3h614
football games. However, then few mi

b. be x .,
onieac lt

rea tnta m
^ ." ."=

* ;':~..


2FVFAfJW f &CW. Abedgue,

.4 STANDINGS ,two algles In two trips, vs IAr r.. ,..
= .;PeM~asm%" KIIe. and Peart

,.. 0 **- ". ,- '.Y i 41

a i S2 .... 2 ec t

c ...i fr AB H r.P A 2-4, "re,2 IIi .4. v,

home4AmRUt 3 u a72 0 0 ahu

-i T. 2A0M0 o .. .

,toagMaleel t s a.d St. ..2. 0.1 0 0 0ved. ,-l -
on b tan 1 T w ee .
o tx i -0d 0 t0'. a ... 2 0 4 o 4n i 0 '2 ,-
1400 3 0 1 7 2 0 *1 4ta 4
*i.-a. 20o vr l, ,. ..9 5 4

wa* ioaed hbt andw s e 1 e b he h,1 0 0. 0 j
~4 of~l of1bthueq w rb, Sacr fice or- jrawl do
C.A. ..- ...".. .. ........ 0 0 ero tI e i e

.a"a Idaa si..2r 2a
-4n, OtW l wr. '

S thicollect, S aed
f AA2
'or615dtc In a 0 I a the bri tllh i ing-

,..1b, 7. 2Wat 20n. O 4e hurler. 'd a
o ,-t ;.le rI. : -. 1 were, te i 'httrs.Wsa ,
a"e".... .. r-am ,*2.al0C0e0n0 *11 tem'sI ,P1
-ia'-.3;h DE

Henry was tie winninL u. tr

Bel.e4. alWa t=. .'

-P.%..... ...... .... O ft 13teUll? ng:-

- .

4 *'

* 2 .




- .


irw't6-H.P. V.- eg64h Ppowers the gewtut
Mercury of them alfl .

Here, truly, is the surprise car of the year handling ease... a result of the f
surprises in power.. safety... huryl front-wheel suspenlo4 in Mer*
For no other car in the Mercury price Far less steering friction ... lea
rige ... ever ... has been tailored with all in turning.
ih features that only cars in the highest And for pure luxur-rp option
'ice range have had before turesl Power seat anjunent...
The power, economy and safety of its all- ing... power brakes...MUn4f
ew 161-horsepower V-8 are history making or Touch-O-Matic Overdrive ..
the feld. Nothing else approaches it at windows. New colonrs.. .Twimntl
e Mice It gives you a car that responds to luxurious interim .
very demand ... quickly ... willingly .... Today... come see the sgN
'en eagerly. There's more new safety in of them all...the nmawwyteudW


bad i


.- _AsS
.. ^_

, ;,,',:;

Mi uy first is this transparept-top, Monterey "Sun Valley."
dream car to give you overhead visibility withthe comfort ead the
ind and sun protection of a regular sedan. Permanent, speiaDly tinted
siglau keeps oit glare and heat Available onl an special order.

* : ,.

-- ----.4.. ~.h

L PA 'N 0

.r." Frie.4y3 D.-i, rs .

Tls: 24033, 2-1055,, 24-06 0
.. .- .- .. .. .__ .. .--* .. *.. ... : '*- ^ '

S- -


*ji.- ';?*

7 .A

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4' c



- --- -- -

- ~ ; ---

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~~ ~:i:~:;~ i~' '

4E9%, n- .'U""."t:


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': 1

v*,w L I
'' W it ,


- 6 I -

-4 ir : '~t~:s~ir

*n', ,er.m vu. "


'~"'"~1' V-i

..... ........


- : *. -



S co ...;.


L-- use pr ople nuws SM truimtsrwe ese wfhunrly. s wwg .. -
TwENT-NINTH 11A3 PANAA, H. t., TUSDA, ,ANUAY 13, 1954-fl,55" U

$4 Billion Defense Cut Soid S

In Eisenhower's Next Message
owhis first official pench President, WASHINGTON. Jan. 19 (UP)- clear that the military will ab- In a 3300-word special health wealth and popl. an
Ships inauguration, He Prresident Elsenhower will recom- sorb the lion's .share of the to- message he also ca1ed for step- loting some fun .to unique'.
Ze Grand Cordon and mend a $4.000,000,000 slash in de tal cutback for fiscal 1955. Thi ued-ui government medical re- regional or a projeci
4 Cros of the Legion n fense pending in the budget could hardly be otherwise shne search, faster rehabilitation of promising "newapt tteWays
Cross ofand the Goldegion message he sends to Congres. defense spending is the biggest the disabled and extension ot of serving Am -C.
e of the Legion of Thursday informed sources re- single item in the budget. government hospital-building aid The President hIs pro-
H o h sealed today. Mr. Eisenhower asked Conress to include nursing homes and gram rejects "aeaitl or
Honor. eThey said Mr. Eisenhower will yesterday to set up a 25 miliu,.- treatment centers for patients "government eglsi.t*.l.i of
.;ropose that overall mllitaiy dollar "re-insurance" program so able to walk, medicine but accept&
t h-n "ending In the fiscal year be- private health insurance grou pis He requested an entirely new pie that It.. .. ... ,: ,o j ;& .,J! .., ,
g nning next JuJy be held to a- can give "brqader health ptotec-L approach to all federal aid tq concerns of ou*tert .for ,o
bout $37,500.000,000. tion to more families.' sate bed on each state's the human prble o. i BALBOA LA, seen from M
These sources also disclosed .ens." ''. "'-
that the budget will recommend "l.,, eh*t., hepob
.U 4I1 slightly more funds for the Ar CallIng the v heatinceof the pena-
t Force, key to the administra- e strength and. e e" of th t-
tlon's "new look" military stra- M Ud his grol' to. "e t he
tegy. means fori ood ho lg te'ccost-
ble to all" rei f "loca- ..
K napr This means that the biggest tion, occupation age, race, creed
n Kidna rs pending whack will fall on the o or financial status...** "
Army which is being gradually The President Maid. medl-
reduced In an effort to empha- care often is a "serilot burden"
TROANCIyCO, Jan. 19 (UP) size air and atomic power. The while major llns a "erIoUs become
wealthy 36-year -old Man Navy, to a esser extent, also will a financial catastrphe for a r .t t, z i,--.
io. realtor, kidnapped ant be cut In for less money. normal American fa y." He The. flrt major work toward point n hane t use Bal
for $300,000 ransom for 04 The budget message, accord- aid the nation'S prltt medical the rbu Balboa Road for esa
t-flled hours, was snatch- lng to theso informed sources bill tops billion t do r a ye, hen u ag, fl Balbo hn aisa ofo
wnk to safety by police early estimates aetense spending for -$2bill tops 9 b a familloand it a rs tenance lo- orcs ve doate t .. tt:
the current fiscal year at $41.- Ing ." o te eDiviso orcextmnve h doner ii*bh ethe prom wItu o
Skidn upers at first do- s500,000,000 making for a reconm- Mr. Eisenhower's proposal, "ta for extesive shor t mao tret rom .ih ar p 1
1 jan even half-million mended spending cut of about .sharp break with fofsmr Presi- grading in the area and etrt to the" hend.
rs ransom but later seal- $4,000,000,000. Actual spending dent Truman's lat. or compul. relocation and paving of a ad M"tahe Ae ue. -
their demand to $300.- last year, fiscal 1953. totaled $43,- ory federal l's .I t.ns.urance, ihon of Aorga n Avenue, vt co n will r
a threat to emasculate 600000000. drew prompt aplaus from Re-
amd seInd home. per- In his State of the Union mehs- Publicans in Contgreas d limit- Morgan Avent ..a c3sas d g4 .t
*1 .body if the payment anRe Jan. 7, Mr. Elsenhower a4id S ed praise from PDemoct. this morning to- through Itr- f.I
t0 made. his bt4dget meesage would out- tic. and existing .atentet lt r ye...
e said the kidnapers, de- line a cut in feeral spendizr' g ut at 4ote -Alho
d'as "two tough professioni- more than $5.000,000,000 below KS on at h of t
were capture and taken I this year's level or to about $66.-,onth ts of
.ts was one of the best- In view of the planned de. f
e in n newspaper hi5- fense cut revealed tody, it r 00,000,000.
,Ri.v..,.p er B 610 A Jt
An local news and radio
"l. "last tuu e days Counterattocka
b-0 t a w adw leak-
dotI01v p~ g0ye theM61-,-Counterafki'k
-it 4 m. $oda7y.' :., -A,..
ran ; a A, ot a 1, 19()
t r a EJECTED FROM "REP BEr NNathaniel mu Is bo LONDO,, Jan. 1 (UP)
turd wa found i a ejected fm a hearing conducted by Senator Joseph Mear to broke the traaglehold eo radio
-do. sewldence In BMated,Mao, after Bhouting Athe er O Com.unist ohtdmnr. dlsapped ot.ath i,
rc{t B adtee cr~clfd the .,_ MUNha'been auspen d by his mpl9yiMthf at abetina aSSOn the On dofh -i-af t Is I
n oe ft the ab- WASHINGTON, Ja 19 (UP) Corporation, because of his refuel to ,ierwer' qow wairt of ndoina. and zew York" aqtb e ld caid-
4". "Tpblie telephone -A etary o)f Btate Joltn Btster ions durlg d an earlier hearn abt a d C o Wizt n I mid oto tear dotikSn awainea lif
ti said hit n cfart ,,e in the o amber drove to within six -miles o$ ed to tear dowtl irkt WOiW&ao
to. be, reuitt-Ingt21041n, a his ministcoers CetinheThaiell on the Thailand bor- house in Green VIlag e der

brO .a-n r os Madinai Seneral SkidrewWar V" a =" h '1:
tot Guards fraisedur Wart Self Respec,
Spers wrs e etimfi..nd erteee could h aipre hparetot dued-leda Vetminh tro re tookennok t.oseph MbSrth ich So I uld.tog..,6 n t

aI trold Jackson, 7 statement is fen as dary with Thailand. But the will mate Way tor an ajpt- t-ab*
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