The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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EdidIt,.nhceaA 201 ttll d fa. .wi t proreqon beof di, ,

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ls_ Fr0day oif,.. e -t ,0test of the two basic trea.'.of !*

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010.--, ed cm- About S IorAMWe o capo thu-1'36 trbaty!
he.whanso e im at. e
Way Is w]shen' 5,.Xofn hea4oof f hibcanalb. ?. n-

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eB. i ^ a -talkie Te he dact ar

GretPleins Get Warmer,

JT.nperatures Up To Zero
.--at 0-'
a. .1J .A .(W It o. City, I .l.,,lP 1-. at M :nnea-
,r he r, minus 14 )dit onI Wis.,

w-tbeen ebo sA Mce aay
a jitaaewtanr wase ux the ShiveringNorth Dwkota reported
4 been aOwm strb since Friday
; '-p"uMpta ;aill at no empa in the state
.- in. perftlts- bel o ice Friday ou .
S i ateiat.otM l *0* At Marai W., a troop of
i e Scouts a .ed fro a
tradingg ol, d3 W Sun th taiprcury
a .r ~---- eL-. Chicago's omi a z. q.
o 's Jo. 1 some
. iule thIir were able to 't witth
a vokdng the e law. T-I
; no.'t ,x e l i t ts. were Mrole...
a .be Gtof Sf 75 miles a
Tflour ad a heb*Y"raB laWed at
stid the so Franck o yre and
4t 00 :oat trees, W i j i. 049
er line were s elt46 qine_ w-
IA fA rmpms wa, I iI.= town


lume a

not leI of the.
annuaL i'e tame during
- year. an a if an
employee. _uuat- 2 days a
ear, he oud nave to use up
A Iabl-ce p4std out
toway Ine' thea lwas In-
troduced i the Hoely Ed-
wain ,he, #&i-.f. wee
Is ehalr im-: the t s tfflce
IaM CivilI rvie Committee, it
Staa d Sance of pasain.
*ate.-. can Mp Bf 9 day wou.lo
be atbo- t.6t 80 days If
The not affect Pan-
ama C e. oyee
ISroa A s.Big 4
To Discs Demand
From Eefi Germany
1 A 1, Jan. 18 (1")
-Israel Ie iour to-
davy to t the Berlin for-
el f--~orence her
dd :-MMr OO from E
OGerany t&ate for Hit-
lr's at Jews,
Blush Pinkerton
.NEW 'JMa. 13 (UP)-
that MPt t into its

uen, directr, of
a Arrived Mmd
ea Richard z. Byrd,
rntecbty ted to the bod,.
1 irrlve tonight by
Pe 6 d'the meeting.

WAt toher WiHeo

"e To Ask

18 (UP)-Preil-
i Na ulb bowed
4 &demands to

topary gove-r
reform conmlt-
t no man "a
lite~yonal wife with,
lam a man. .

e also
d a ge in divW
o ,omen an e@al
Inats, ledt or
of tle 1nC
ting for 29 y is o pllars: at.-
i.n Modlem se o
Nasulb some support
frOm the -bet Mo-Ad
'who' gtudibf sanetiaaof u

D owner adeK
at umerge near an uer
nardipn, Cen Qmni ,old have
hoUr 20 lfite ff he had
used them. We had lse wea-
ther nd n6 trouble all the way."
Despite Dower's notest. the
Sabres averaged 487 pUlea An
hour from Kelly Field at Sap
Antouio too eaintth a new rote
Ord for tite fljht.
SThe dwe mission was
leave t *o or Manacua. Nica-
raguaA ging Mxico Its
frsate aoni blast." The ex-
ibitlon to be carried out
over Lie Txcoco four miles
no Umthe airport and about
10 from the heart of the
tW -4elp't want to brask
Iw. BorMoleest, Oa d uams,
will be able.49 hear
ll iku e acrobatie team
S ake Field&. Armna, will
Ie n... w the city'. ueptwld ir.
Cpb .a i .demnatron of
*leserwder fnnms-
egoodwill tour will last
e than a math.
eets al* wilt; visit Peru.
ies etrot t=, Uruguay. Bra-
i. ;lrltis Guiana. Venezuela
the Dominican Republic and

' Thereafter, th i berwpf the
United states deion co ald-
red those vi -9mong them-
selves agd with,ether interest-
9d United Stat agencies and
eioments to d* ne positions
t bt they ho* take.
viht accomplish-
I the UnI teOts delegation

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Aley fanagr Dies
S.The American manager of the e&S
Curundu bowlin anlley alley died
Inhis home In Curundu last
night apparently of a heart
*ondiiuon. at i
He wake Thomas Miller Kauf- will
man. 4, who has been. employ-
ed bp wi ni alley manager Fina
since M forwal
Mr. Kaufman who come to protest
the Isthmus o& bec. 7, 192., was action
prevloudy employed as an oil ficlali
handling eoR.neer for the Pan- The
ama Cankl. rHe -etired on April bershl
30 1953. noon .
Born in New Orleans. ,Mr. the pi
Kaufman ha. lived on the lath- hower,
mreI since 1922. recomi
iHe lst mvived by his wife meet
Varie, 4 son, Thomas, Jr, and
a daughter, Gladys. Theo
Funeral services will be ar- m In
ranged later by Poet 1 of the p
merican Leloa of which Mr. U
autan was a member.

Lipsticked, Blonde Ghost

Has Bald-Headed Beau

S c tC n i off Ub of th We Ivn
-wicut o 3Fby'ao Mw a8 ro aed the widgws rattled,

said there w W parlous TShe 'm toU : "We h i i hnself hUD L n gl an gr ne he" d a
16&~ -- -- Ibmat-w*chers found .Aemselves waslfImost full. But the blonde
.-itiI up by a bauful blonde failed to show up.
SIsd1W. Aweek aWW, her anUcs drove
t a. ad Wetwoo e ad hn i.

~ + t. / "ind- '. : __ the ,l ,--.S after his -o. nephw. Ar-
-."",.t w1w II thur, sMd theblonde and her
Alk 0 "" ht" "h" ":"1V 1"0V bald-headed -bo frlend flipped
"'" tavern."him out of bed.
The shuttersbanged. the floors cops were e d. b
an S taS b Job Lot or the N m' that
?F u CITY, Jan. IS (MP i' wae 0r g"-',
eted from e postall Cle-k P116,.-G1-
6ie Pewk: 9L iM ==3 sa.gI heereWp2ncostfd.'^
Of, ....t twe- ..twet Sn
S' -o a*le a lato e ,ei er. e evimnce ?I not

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.-s.- MA i.. A- NEW .R. Stf. St. S. .
....._____ S .L

Sosage, I thouht of a a

t .e M e. a Co mm AM V Os f weve 21 4 eI'*STe1m A- take more than his. h. 4E bile,
Iw&al* ssivd gaseaipy -n *em ha-e i wheN, con'" because, he said, he was acps eV
M-- of giving his members any .
m ep lil< l a letar T aP O appeees 'U P E t t while k. Their we n c
e.U e e p ijal r hI h sedl I -* ., first. He died wte. .
s.oke I.l* ih o e I pay him this homage iewAn I r
-vat in r M "=lriw e-m-. only cause be was my t
newspaper assum es M s ens ** easeme e. r to rally the thousands 1 kg
Sewaepe m neen mee WuUOuhare sick at he #at Mt tue teef

ONE W3O TB NEXIT pOAT' OFFERS HELl business by a handful f mancur.
TING THROUGH NIEGILATION FOR ONIONS ed bums who are not labor lead.
ers bu sawont mee put in, or taken

nd. It covered a report submitted to Congress by con- Presil0ent c lsehe wrs dewatn f r
B, Allen a Hamilton 6f New York for the' retention 'a thorough. study of welfare add
e 011. sm;oy.t MINAfrst.H:aing pemt t

fuloye p wsnt wa surprised at the recommendat Io teand cos tha nwo
tted to Congress by this firm inasmuch as atbelive willevery hath" e ie"e i i-
or utr an eeml l ople M hr ihdo lef tent atbe nex t totewmnw h
B IIJit aut~e of thO~e sarmer ompinoys owhat wron v ny shocld bhave baen tuned,,a= s, big
i ol e whef they were asked by the eabov e consultants r.s Pe sidena. s b t ho y dfn't a-
r can prouedy nnair o regret, lxcp tlainomThat's why, t hee years ago, thiso
cp as compared to the Zone. column launched the expoure

clpread ing "de am'" arcle n he Mal B I be- hih have finay led to Preside-
left out amall itm of appreeation ad thanks to all ti al acton over
ployas and retired workers who spent at least two good
S their time to e complete the uetl, onl aire whoy ich No reporter ca, h fae wa his type- '" '
pgoprehernmve report possible. writer and keep silent about such
S was one of those former emlyes who was very much character as the Teamsters Uion .
i' e .Lnd left by the next boatt l to theaters several of l in Minneapol who "bor-
Sand I can proudly say with no regret, except leaving owed" $10,000 from the members'
wrusd..behind. pen.-i.- fund and t i. t down as.
Sw etit to vote and to representation through my part payment on a 0tb ebar adn

anl i which none of you have so for further refer- rillThis was ah "avce" on ,-
dan see we are for yg o 100%. Get our States addresses his salary, he told government of-
eow what lI cooking and we will go to our respective foelalsl h ope, he had not eh pa'id

n to let them now how we feel, which you can de- t back. Yes, her was the mah r e -
i6v repor p sbtr is ed with ca s.bfe this fundu, etd ,
emd PTINGaTHROUGISLathOnoretxNteavi growed"bums whfrot lembersl

t-Otipho your nehatyusthav lited for thoserwh e lflvefmrrelloThi'afteli yt em onis r h

oWinters Dtemlvorcnho f Vlittorlce-I, ibac.Yen,.. hth eD M
tSheu s Found New 'WIe For Henom >mnaon t atustond e aoethis fn met w ars

-- o --women wh a erb the E ae. ds e
I tl yur ha-e jslone ILwh e I e fortho ts b ttorh o t ouleft l.en r a t M-a.thLeirir
Today that shess wouldltae favorable action and insure on- mmn mteodb h writer a vert
Ita han ato Vlttorio She said sb e caedhe e posu t f or him and his Bfahey. o'thi --,," that ,a
nlso closed that conference to answer statement un wtae 3 duespay m a aloe may

u aldlected 'a new wife for Gas" man mtde In an article in ing membeon hpred A'e: the ..e... p"
,_L e_ ot_ __ithe cur-f.harent la sue of e thk there is d t tChIatoooc o
Msurancesobs Shelley told re- ly Revue.Europen. assman sat Ad ere the ucheonet eed Jauay e B
tat mo a ooke her th eomplete t hce faulty with t Untona Loa n 1115, ia New York tse. ac runs, to a
B Mrrylhw only tvor arrge was that he and h, which at- kee i Csftart *h....i
wa no h oetee, drew o e er ,400,0eoos wI wap ey causetu aauie as c Teamtrs h "

I Thr Ist ihe sthe waa lnos e In public.r ,ri on x will s a t oi uhe artst iio ai a
oor.;eand rR*cetrack mpl-3yeas W=ioaydistanc
t t nUnionn only aonce the vled b llatheot now& vra o' iup p o sft e
a it (Upa o loendr of beclamorous stvana Manh ant pull ent perforated !hmm Law.a ad ut hard
o rday tha t ghe r. ano in the tor weare hlsuralde o mmenltaso ; I u tes -Is i' d a .. i i b d
RAMA, ctoht oVittoro ao he ald she caled the presp for him and hisfaz ntly. 12 E ,s pad, ., ._. .-.A. athat oa

and isclosd that conference "Bittto answer statement." i t et 8rig albee yand
giMwood star, whofe hfor Gas e im made In ao sn e wt ter atca Inrog smb sthe .a.. .I

y bGasanoLthe current I issue of the publweekty -r Andthere- ds heLoe ee t otwh o
aobShelley toblic made him a aetonal t rfrmanasatA e i thesee* the uth sather dreta aS d UaKet

i A~ngL er decision Lo reo net fiu Sr' a 'st8- pt tree, $U as ,ever of pai t boy ad in teams ft
adhered in the hbar oI the articles he fault with tb n le a man Ba wa a te v mc. te
41 Boalen Hlto make d r apart i and i s o tha clause in its conteak cod t he a a h bpo
btH o00 I t iA wOer hi e &at %oinye Ino public."e ten., o- W"!e m et ySl=ion w, .re tod th o ,'. a _
lae of "nan .Reading frome ahmey and ful. Aaate pl of ol.n. sittagald a I go

.D he S had skf bhktlsdd i-m- -h he r at dust he de at g h
yaosq toe h ma an ildea.s1 ,^ d sok& l

ods kz9- wn ony ButI s Pasl o h vlaeino i p Pars a o e 1
En a.lot vrpao glamorous Silvanar Man# irr e

obf td! ^a soltor didaM't toret noe !on Be tifon yieldeW
o2 tr dughter.- tAo nld the torridn the ba panpeeary ande ea aA *-s-esis "- ae 411. W6
wodstar, who ha r the him t n ho'd Baltq.5 lniitalil athstld whic n M t Eisenhower's p... t
Sby Gasmanof l little with 350 vote The pulillty ar* od- ueuon ion rthesres ne to support
at here condition that ballot set ai ga e Ralthese y ly r their i a man ws a th l msts. '

Ip ram tor .ita9 ; 4d not-g a99mervecsr de ? d a
p eol pe lamp eu i I y a 'se o son. r k masag.a.s so appeal wlam agtm^l e
o"mn ty lfe."at _ee H if0 inO its a- W t at p o h eln s a re bada ogi
... an..yw "i aeg I' en o ii M+" 'i" "" S l- "il
Wp lnta k DSivr C ing sithe o, ithI haved w Th.e be tteve thst sbe, eohgmte jsms
btm .sle wirt.alldobo-rA. ori s weT oO Lh leddin-
,lyo hssAons AF h aole we ek toe l -i l o "
BB'Shi se huiead NwW eFoHi g isu bt0e am-' ronm ,I went S-^ aiu

ri a to e and leathergod ar
ami .Outer he ce-le ra-moneey?. .. a0 lSee ,tobe d Pgni,- las e tanys axaplI.a. 'th i s.
Dwe opa isehditlops4. s lnolton cua Pone prep or wueIns.e. -"'ymeo no 'wooden rowin g,* .. -m
drbn tmvi e I D o o sd sl t ci a l e n th s hm eld fse aa w v .. .
1te wly w it rr votes. tha oe man-hwi 1se1much p tsome frienision a work on .apto Peltie
sh co d i reatbal' sethmgav e e nt' .y y their a e fitting t d u t,
atitn e yure on e res agIn. t nan iu e e ,-gist s .. a.ns.. -wentes,,-r-,

K+'"fe,1 .- .... |t 0

ir p 1a* I a oA 4iaiuina| I a itt. the u ti- bioa unllon !e ei t

& biy r wall4aleI .ad _) _f inismistywied oWa contract with other. ...^ i ceoe? sys-das ys
B -U*4 6eioo ii d(l i lU heilnui..ce.compauy li.iing.the.+l .- -,.- --

it 3 B lewes- 4 h w |. S e me to the nad's a _t u... s. ; .. cone. ..._

i Leg reasble time t3ad teta o isay
Im. e"."r-," -'L t .e

., ,:. *,'

*1I ~ *

I 717-
-, ,.

eh_ j

It surecame out Is the

eI wier a fthe
y south,
Bey ,e
nKi _n Md,,i ,mi,

?Eiif3N -.#

p"'""' pestee by the DernoesBts, oad
-SE that C. .I rSUCiogl rWIt f himw.".

SIDE GC, By Colbroitm
.-_ .... ; -' .*t l J .'______ .":

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so cool
meat by

S-I tity


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'.,*'. ?* -'-.,* ^.v^~
1 NOW-1


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*1 -.
1'* -. i-

S two heads
an..1ns aepannts tof
the owpoal w
.pkeamie for- Jam
wherd the bab* I
Vie day it w bo
were notlfwldStb.
dcanthtMte *at]
voraU >ethe pents mal
the W
Sinceba few days i
child w born I a
tonnd T -baf i fnital 'Ttea

thvanfe f iSk3t -not ex- parents hayvereedoi
52BAeed6 trate tor 03- to rainthe bab with
(03 Stand*bN o ie Would b.
Spusated fai at not mure Th *o doctor
basicm *bab that pnart 44 th OrInsst
s at pdoes not ^OY ^ inaua

Oe alles fe a The C U-MTC approved this fice., They di4.
bilnwith thelrpoviso that see- Th4 hospital sald th
SM9 ton 301 of bbe amend- in "at isfactory conduit
Sd to provioee for payment ofo _b turned over to
S thef t worked in -yW
3otedto onewi and InO excess oft Th father Is an
remht o to hemIs in any, one wo6k worker.
.ued ev doctors intend
l(d) th & duced on Jafn- fbrirt the b back to
Intr.= 2 b lbt m any tinae.
07mfOr roll. PuttIn
d intbiSenator eat o savings than
nito,, -Pvid in addi- Pos Office Department
I ot that loyes in the (f) .I R.7 Intro
d ra( ersa Pr ttve and Ynusary7 1954, b
8Jasegr (mvcc shall be pla- ttDne l
any Inm21ed nader jurisdiction of bill provides for amen
ioIt -Social Securityv Law to
"of (f of the et of pro dr unem
vOdK lie WX the head of bhd insurance -for Federal
,me I PIE' agency L SheI United Sftts emNpoye seprated f
(b) intriuce>l on an- to des"Onate (y time after 6:00 service through no faul
.-by Imatori a o s t em mAnd fore 8:00 a. m. as own. Paymentof unenm
TShe aMom Cs yio beginning and end of night insurance would not c
II a th work. until the expiration of
wor a lod of leave commuted
!61i cf So r .. w1an aUllowance of not to exceed
el is ha eS10 $100 a year for the purchase The Union gave its
il.-15s OVPOp.po and upkeqp of uniforms for all *to this billU.
an ffrthe ?bais employed nerjuired by law or
ii e S r no wear prescribed (ag) 7P55 and 7056,
0eb* nf flth es bf P uniform-k the Derformance of ed on January 7. 19654
*CHrerrf, fleaelt employ their d rtet ;'.The allowance preseiltative (D-Pa.)
yJ & wow.OldiaD oin o a part of basic of thpse, bull provide
I. Jr iniab f ced eeabpenatiwpIor. subject $80qa aw Increase i
'7!UU ~ retirement deductions, of em sothe a
*"ad The Union red this bil service; he second,
Att itthe- on of the se- Iese- of employees
'tt m'whieih woul alto* to Claselgal Acl
., agency head SO dloithate tat th bl.o

: n. .. Ae bills were app
Ahf co:siAer- tQ CLU.
6d Axid l pal as 'nifht worxt.
W the. (C'e) 31. IH.. P.Introduced on (h) H. R. 7121, Intro
Ji y.. -Congressman January 11. 195, by I
s8. Georz* (1.- 7'.b. T I buI tatlve\McCormack (
f qnn. Ss 1he ?1Siyes av vtem. Th* Labor-Standardp Act of
S 7) CLU PP0 rte bl..on anmaeded so as to Ihec
forWg Ps tha t wourl' e em- minimum hourly wage
Wg 4ava. in e was- approved thi
-.9u, and it Labr Union and the L
a would vry Representative was
IA.". 1kt have the active bang to work for the enac
w hlel 4 of banks wh#ch -ays less inter- this legislation.
'4. _______*__..

14. 'I ." -

'* *' -'.."I 1

F -.^-

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TW O WOldesA.ruIn .io. Amorise


:~~~~f 30 Cop'~ ~n~ UW
-sajf l-*-vwte >--- M4--W

4.444 WAR "
'*' 4- 4".:" '-

"at n on .e .has evidence
k-sT Of Wine sald a C. et vl o- dan-
by of Cade Unverff andO
::- m Iastr :. Pat roke Cole a
MATRA, Italy. Jan. 1is (UP) well as ent of the ler
Two ujdle-aged pea-ata lock Mohnes Society of London.
H fought out a bboody duel with ,Am author ChPfO
Sera nIn sath Ial town- to have ~ that Holmes'
Sfteray over a glaf* of on Jan. But
wlae. this paid, never has
rei id the table start- been here. M -
& ed wes %raauemo n TIx leaguaep d.
_ 4 4Jie sknaaV las the A ant-ry don wa sr-
ItWItSMI of bat-
eM AItta- JH Ola e American ad-
to offen to aglar of wine mZ et. omes who call them-
t i m M Pe selve the "Baker street Ir-
wsa the elm Society ha
n reservatlans about
She is the right date.
r e I think thee Is any
wa e. sl bte nal a all for 4-
hi. lala a tOft ybdme wbd n
wanslas up v c. f marian was -3

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be pad ;allUpE alv
theb wathjit*f kster-



Af~~~riPicj Ac^^ ^'

$0a now low
20 pg i
ayear asm
1t ( )tbwtb
1m' '-.othe officee
and Ntheol daI he sd sent more
tawe'ng.. thieh stacked awAy e aras in F: fffj1 outside

13 r ofe hOf he goeuI tr ldu I
a deie a Brothere t l. ;u rom. s', *sp an-t

en efoowin anti-todaya t. preferred to
Mid ttwy ighleyj| 3at imro. f $112S19ka

iDy phy- of the Ca erhood, o wn).7 In "oh r
er f- otee week In b d chmeriod In 15who2
mcall for ofthebs tretched their vacation franc-

e b( avs Ir bY makl eeeline for anyf
S sad French tO. 78300).

*ahun pRum.Although figures ee
sirthe not yet a for the last
g Three hundredT versal In Fri. profit taou.
Sordnan e thee 450wmOw list trade S t1 h prices for
t a desire era arrested are stuI nalid..poc 09^ rooms UW1 food. Despite

oielr oth a ad touristogrntled toagurists a-ted
Th boteroo'^ywShaf QU*W'b yearptrrau and plane
11own anti-BritiO "^"1* -Peferred to
appryedth saio- Unmverity amp;H pend thir Inae dincheaper"o

slcome to unt RIlri Ik, Italy Aua-way.
the hsO- ofcr a Thes lsb ao trian
Marti *Otf-rm so di rchmen w hto

o amd a n Arl stretched s Vacation franca

Sbary a sLst d or- Old labor Pactor any

hdlf th ~ Capt. Thonya F. Porter c
tho par- IM ifl d f Although^ a figures were
the eYet /AV' for the lapt

p1jinn n-30 of the om Ih7 t o WASHIGTONI 3Jan. 18 (U P)---
Sbulo gin o to the Ste9 3, The United states rejected
romtheA~m* wre uhflcaiS'~a the 4ra t 0i pooslto etn
vrdnanee tO hl rto e ac ng
O Thu u heoveTo r| Camp Car- tueuol *rike we h kept forue

ployment ag Mexitan farm imbor in this
o tell the nc country and invokgruntled a drasts ica
1cmeto FJORT RIIW, a.ftB8 Way., "___

Sto luhos- (whp) the pubFifth maton was learned .
offorde.wat thiucisr cavalry .
bpoat saCd today an Aress oM rde formed sources said the

blessing pjoplUe S eemoney for ts Mexican' government made a
dltled tha t aaly ta hge horsc Jlv I odagemn

introduhe- ad hay 0 mov-te irm pl n
dc od' to Snert at ropsa To -Extend

Mi bc Re- d0 aO Cavalry a ant, The agreement expired at snid-
h first hares e, t it ow night Labor Pact
idingg o teBtCapt. ThoM#A N. Porterv fwir,
D the ex- 1i ttd the post Vetrnl that. vaAaMrwTON Jan18( IP)--

splo ant8 whitt heo thaght of thorys The sources said Mexico's
sl'.an b* ngn to tra r the t es, pr6pTsai was turteed down on
Heralld" he 4 a Mexr can prop o sald toe xtendtis

fla?0tp appt engy country's bargahintag ultion lii
rom the oywere hYctable" t re negotiations or a per-

el mp~taiop, rexca workers
theOWwould -Amhots
rotedirf6 heMt ohees if The old agCreeiaein was stp-
order.was I sued from Fort posed to have died Dec. 31 but
becapaq Can essi did fiat aw- W~ormed. sources aid the
blessing Prqoqite aamftney for egri Mexican government Made k

Rlhe thohe darih of was eatei bid earlier to give ne-k
?Leld yeale, to eeP aliv the ol agreement

iutrodu the i event Cavalry and otatorp mroff time into draft an.
Rep aed as malry as 300,000 new one. mcent metigs atd
he frst Ma tee alet Mexico City were deadlocked.

remaIning horst e are Th"atop-ga" program, an-
bill a Af heir tor owr esptional vides for the recited down ofn
eldt e of aem were grounds i t would weaken th ise border
r atve tr e t o Fort after by the 's bargDepartment. Ition in
teo hey llorted na iu 1952 will futre negotiations for a per-qual
m-of le amek i t elanki wages with Agreemerant governing de

0 O.DrS include steeds signed to- provide southwestern
to uc hto ca- araer enough workersxica withoutrkers
va as the lte en. u "w ak". i af hort south-. a
ron 1 Wanright. all to the country illegal.
owed w ior the scea if The old agreeeeme was Snt-

were from p posed to have-died Dec. 31 but

1cm.Ita ld te Meiangov
R~y. ~ohwasther hbrpe of was extended 15 days to. give ne-

SA t e th Cavalry and gotlator mrc time toh draft a
a red s many as 300, nw one. Recent metigs ate
M ag dns"ntuurteed. Mexo City were deadlocked.
Sthe Fair 7ho 30,remedning hors"s are The %atop-War' program, an-
Sloss. Pe hipldovers from a 193B Army nounred i t &Joint statement

0 v* 4dlfti Which 0 nated the last night by Department of
m 7 aal. They sunvived'because State, Labor and Justice, ro-
S bill Df e -her htory or eetionAl vide ta r the recruitmeetc
C nteaara hatp o 0ee of, were Mexican rsn at the border
negative itr ri to FO t o pr af.te r by e par the seatment. It
intutd lo ystr nuc W*~
ntutdth.ey pprtecipted in t 1952 will guarantee Mexicans equal
DTmeit. Of olYinm*c1 KumeS at 11018inaki, wages with Americans and is de.

Pl Others Include toprovide osouthwestern
tlanto such hSa elo ca- fadrs enough workers without
-val e .213 -the late D Gen. qrid "etback". Mexicans wii
joiflnWalnwright. 9-~pint'o be country IllegallY.
-The Jot statement said the
*iL thL blocA Wld mechaisci s of the old agreement
II P~fl~lftt Vt6Dadde to the "wetback" Prob-
1- ~~~lm it^Vw Said nal^the Mexican gov-
Siloril.. o- 1-1 flOflefnmtlw'ch did the recruit-
resours af failities no amted workers from the

r uintercou Hrse, ito hawaflecic athe ug myutalo
Airf~t.j Dl^ H"huad men l date ofvbiral tth.
tc ro i BlocUN boE5 ul_~.~~i ho^








----- T aLL- I W L' 2- V #T a t,
^y w^Vn~*Jm -4a : .f^

German AK

In Africa i

BONN. Germany, Jan. 11
- The Germans, strip
their rich African
ears o, have ust won
toehold on the "Dark Co4W
by llgning an 80-year le
a vast bloc land n i
The concession, hold
group of West German bu
men headed by a brotU
law of the Duke of aEdi
entitles the German to tf
palm-oil plus all metal
In an area of more thah
acres in eastern and 4
Another private Oernar
the African Fruit Compi
hamourg, leased another
oc of fruit plantation li
Liberia in the summer o
Thirty-five years age
Germans lost the first
War and their vast an&
colonies in central and no
Africsa. Ten yeamp ago, tm
tempt at a military, conq1
Now, the Germans are
economic pressure to get
into Africa.
West German firms foft
time have been. striving I
fat construction contra
North Africa, working
through French company
dealing directly. In South j
the West Germans ha,
ready captured some fat
ing contracts.
But the first real bi
coup registered y .the' Ge
in Africa since the war
deal with Liberil, a west
colony founded by former
lean Negro slaves and no
considered completely
the American sphere
Prince Gottfried a Hohe
Langenbur, husband of th
of Edinburgh's 49-year-old
Princess Margarita of
and Denmark, signed the

*apwv. w>**^S

WAe for NEA erve

8 XQ8 S

102 4
v is$7 VAOSS
*KJ154 AQ19.6
682 #AKQ5
East-Wed vul.
Boom Wed' Ne b ENst
44 Pus Paw Double
Pist Poss Po
Opening lead-I 2

el .:7T ...V

usi ..
is the
, coast W
rmally | .
of in-
e Duke
I sister
Greece W. ,
latest 17W7

We offer the services of the best available radio
nitlans on the Isthmnus. With the best supplied chop
In town for all type of radio repairs.
Try us once and you wil be convinced. .

Francisco de la Ossa No. 38
(AUTOMOBILE ROW) Tels. 3.3190 3-3191
I ---- .---------------------
1 I i

50 ft.
50 ft.
75 ft.


Sprice off .
were NOW
PLASTIC ............$15.40 $ T.70 .
RUBBER ................ 10.20 5.10
PLASTIC ................ 22.50 11.20 ..i


No. 88 Ancon Avnnue. -
NO.~~ CO t re

- .11

- a.

-. zq" -
^a~to^ ^^fe- ''..^* *'.. *L

n ntaderlator"^ E
catlons $ear 6
of K&OMlS~5
The ftO-ma Pi Mum- f
fried added, also a
to exploit i *
their lestfl.T~ N aep
ed that hey d
lron, OTp, aleaIfer iioi
in Boflkn. Awmumji
expect to depcsts .t
uranium.i u m I



n .

'.' "I!






_ ~_ ~ ~L~




"I am in a very difficult posi-
tion," writes my old friend Charlie
Michaels, whose manifold bridge
activities include packed bridge
courses at Queens College, the run-
'ning of a bridge club, and a light-
hearted approach to players. and
their problems. "A oung man and
a young lady who play at my club
came to me recent y with the ac-
companyIng hand for advice and
"The man opened the deuce of
hearts, and the girl, who held
the East cards, won with the ace
of hearts. She shifted to the king
of clubs, and West signaled en-
thusiastically with the eight. The
girl next cashed the queen of
clubs, and her partner completed
his signal by playing the three of
"As the young man pointed out,
the contract could now be beaten
if the girl led another club. He
would ruff with the ten qf spades,
thus overruffing the dummy.
"I shook my head sympatheti-
cally as he made this correct ob-
servation. As you kn6w, I've put
out a little humorous rate card,
showing various prices for listen-
ing to all kinds of bridge dis-
cussions, and a sympathetic shake
of the head entitles me to an extra
fee. So I shook my head and even
throw in a little grunt by way of an
'"Much to his sorrow, however,
the young lady failed to lead an-
other club. She tried to cash the
ace of diamonds first. South ruffed
drew two rounds oft rumps, and
then ruffed two clubs safely in the
dummy to bring home his contract.
I. I. looked. at .the eyag lady
Aternlyi.,but ih, dldat seam, a bit
abashed. Instead she aid This
hand convinced us that my bridge
needed careful attention, so we
ot married last week.' And then
remembered that I hadn't seen
them for a week or two.
"So now I teal,a real problem.
My little rate card states that I1
w6 not listen to arguments be-
tween husband and wife r any
price. But these two young peo-.
ple trapped me into breaking my
rule. What should I do?"
The moral of this story is that
the defender's first duty is to de-
leat the contract. It's not every
partner who will marry a player
who falls in this duty.





.. ^.Sx.' ^-

...* : .. ,-
I 1.
.... .... .'".

ak Me Wham'i4 Notre DameG

\ 1 Smuggle Arms M

, .. .


OW Much Is A Dime ?

It May Be a Lot

rhey say you can't buy any- albllity in fighting all diseases
for a dime any more. of mankind It has helped open
a.e was when John D. the doors of hundreds of hos-
ksfeller's favorite coin start- pitals to thousands of patients.
Many a kid's saving account The March of Dimes has done
t was in the-old days. much to-keep patient with pole
Tot even oday the 10 .cent on a sound economic bhsis.
m resent a potent force. .* o
I o them 16 years ago 'Polt Is one of the expensive
something that today is diseases, but the March of
L multn-million dollar Dimes hqs saved thousands of
of vaccine. The National strid-&p amilliet from suffer-
dation For Infantile Paral- inc this ordeal alone.
through its March of Dimes
a embarked on a new polo The March of Dimes sponsors
vention. ront in addition to world conferences amota' scient-
programs of scientific re- ists and these have led to an
se:h,c patient aid and profe interchange of Information iu
.lonal education the medical field on a highly
Se a diversified number of subject.
Itf we actually can stamp out I has distributed information
Y.lo with ndiliUoqa of dimes, to doctors andbah lessened fear
,hat gleor f- t*lose. 1f cent of all diseases bvy ahowlni how
'j-eest But their. have been progress .can be made against
oier rewards as well. one of the most baffling.
Se March of Dimes has af-
ted our daily lives in ways It has provided a model ex-
rarely think about. Ample of how men of different
i,'here Is the idea itself. .. all races and creeds can live and
that has proved high!-/ Work together for the benefit
thing. The March of Dimis of all. The purchasing power of
a whole new kind of the individltal dime admittedly.
about Tht disease. It has decreases. But millions of
don t h that~t them Invested in the March of.
h opd d r- Qg we. nrpV. purchase for all of
rc-h tey equld,- by aheer t~s a new dimension in the figlit
we of intelligent determina- against disease-of whicl the
yi, solve the polio problem. Imminent conquest of polio is on-
a Idea. mav be" proved soon. ly the forerunner.
we are fighting other di- This is March of Dimes Month
Seas in the same way today- throughout -the Canal Zone. .
1`1 winning .oin your neighbors In this
.e March of Dimes has cronu insurance olan. The drive
ined thousands of physic-'l continues through Jan. 31.
erapists who are helping pen- -
recover firo diseases other
a VOliW. It has helped educate THAT'S Gratitude
ony] doctors who are usine
er knowledge in many varied WINDSOR, Conn. (d.'.l--After
u It has lent tre rendous setting up some hazards in her
to new public health ome for Girl Scouts to spot dur-
ams by spronsorin young ing a safety demonstration, Mrs.
se men in-profeeslonal JCUlie Zwirner was chagrined when
.t has given the pub'. I they reported more than she had
% .s at its reapot.-. planted.


E .

o~wi- M H |^


Floating Wreckage

;A nts In. Deflafoen

,f jlfr

WASHINGTON, Jan. 18 Julits N. Cahn, counsel 'pear
the Senate foreign reiatio minl
committee, has warned that less tIL.OarK rat-
Communism has established a cent L p
coweriul base in Guatemala, Compm 'in
rom which its spreading with- 00. p
in the Western Hemisphere. He feat .
urged bpeed in combating it. the ntlon
Cahn returned recently from
a tour of ten nations In the ,
caribbean arew. In a speech suby
prepared for delivery before the te
WaShington alumni of Notre chief cc t of
Dame university, he described distribution. *
what he said he found there.
*Already," he said, "'th b Ieds H' e said theren i 'i
have established a powerful lng smoipst of
:beachhead in Guatemala Often a s n6bong. st u'
it does not take more than' ope to t he he
key beachhead to assault suc- Ist titffe i,
cesfullv a whole region, and machine gunt '
"From his entrenched beach- Ing."
head in Guatemala, the 'Inva- Communiast aret
der' is radiating his evil in- cadrea of "ditsc' lai.fe
luence to British Honduras, El personnel. who' (I
Salvador. Costa Rica. Panama serve 1A the Ila T&...Z Bo.
and other nations further south. viet republls toth
"Mexico, to the north, has Ion: Hemisphere. .
had a potent Communist force, "The Communia n .,partlcu;
although Its strength bIas de- lar direct theirr Ir` against
eUned from previous peaks. American investmeats" and are
"Of the Carlobean Islands. **inflaming racial tenaionm yv.
Cuba has suffered from' by far erywhere. They a w Leekln,
the largest Communist nest. go gain and per uae
"But two relatively little stranglehold on Lan erican
known Caribbean islands labor" and seek to olize
Martinique and Guadeloupe the movement toward
have the dubious distinction reform."
of being represented in the Cahn said this i" so time "for
French assembly by a ma- smugness or complacency on
Jority of Communists. our part. Comml m s nn
"In the Hemisphere as a whole the march inside 'the henl-
today there are some 200,00 sphere's ramparts. -not merely
members of the Communist outside. ,
parties, but as usual, many, "Let us act to protect the
many times that number of fel- hemnishete -to protect our-
low travelers and dupes. elves."


Great Whit Fleet


*S.S. "HIBUERAS" ................................ a. 22
*S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ................................Jan. 24
8.8. "LEON" ......................... .........Jan. 26
*S.5. "YAQUE" ................................... Jan. 29
S.S. "ANDREA" ................................ Jan. 32

* fandHul e rrimerted. ChUled mad oenea l Carg.



8.8. "COPAN" .............'........ ... an. 3
.B. "S"AN JOS"-... ...............:;.., ia'eb. 1
S.S. "MAJORKA" ...................... ..eb. 5

Weekly sallin of twelve pasaencer bits to N ,Ne oark, New
Orleans. Los Angeles. San Iran"paeslal. Settle.

Special round trip fare from Cristobal to New York,
Los Angel.. San Franelco and Seattle.

To New York .. .. ........ ... ............. S240.00
To Los Angeles and San Francisco ..........5270.00
To Seattle .... ... .... ...... ..... ... 3 .00
I II Il.






"4 "'


If 4~4~'~




- C


.* SRll
i- **:
toy I*n

,N t1

I '

Ri m' L ."

About Menases



e.. ,..'


~u1X VgV.q 'rctMU *

CA Me ;Oaa CAr

Though Going

^'^*<.--. ---- r-r B EIW kol Itw AM % I o
Am WR Ott a W\lfl MGTO H\ hIN W*0 1 W 0S "5G6 10
Wes STmooWTi Tu A S Om r R t WSA .1 0LMT r-N
^^ S\ '4w '. M14 COMBc


uAlftSh Iank

Bm I Good

y rpusEHP N
AICWV 6 6m Au.

irat'i rUm

qi~ows4ur tise jian





A' I
1- sx..-'* ;

* a

aL':- **"'. AL

: z *i .




- .. i U l

_ ___ ___ 1 ___1__ II

I- 1, .




Wr-T -,


'YFP' '




bijAP AIt


- lpt
*04.T i*

I '

a .' I -m.-" r ....-.11z. l1

''s" About 1 % per cent fewer Aetrr
-, -,~the frst 11 months of 3 wthm ot ".iof

*. --r released b h --e wt s~ad t rs Ct *le -fo

atamps were 3 okI ur in. No e d.
The fembers of the.ta q. months.Of '1
SI. S~ o;About 11/2 per c-nt feSer Ayqrlea

Cerenusa iete wure smokedT Rur The N dIft figures a nid
a-t f a r s. w given fort o Of thle 11 mo o nthea g

.a.trd e t .n. l about the possil effectrien the same eoth'Of 1. 2 "ptha In th "o .. co n
lubeton t Revenue Bureneuw dBo tdetoo-oto"Flattifdeu nt igale
arda l dta o us were old durIg N e ow in inrt a de reea e. oone .
eveard T eaWrrendrr
Umim onCN's Eseret 'at
The members of the. Counr .
Corps accredited to Pa 1_115a TOOR--TU 'Dn It (lu-twtitp
Aertalned wi C th a da the shooting of Waltr atAer, p s *red 2t dereo 'OnT.,
Saturday evening at e 6 l p lceAnd -he o Be at o ougl a tu, 'h' i
new Board was held durian 'IS -. N o" 'ftl'wopa u "-
SClub honor of the no i of thesDe t s.-, .. .".Nwa
of Directors. o entaliay o n f th e si e i -e riglhrt -law-owife" w

eawB oarsd'a. h elddthe b n at the ilm an Showa
bert Sasso, Prsidnt,; eth United
States Consul, Stepher Vatfor i '-a ho n
Vice-President; the Chilean,'Coil-
sui, G bri l-A a. vianma, Secre. ."
tarn;.d the Danish Consul, Gena-
.ImWlo r T e. "IsithTHE NEW SUNBEAM
casiofi weOd the Chief-of PT o" '"
for a Minis of I (afornia Dih
Salcedo the gsltaat Chief
Protocol, RogellE Garcda de Pare-
des the Chief of the Consular and By. OAYN MADDOX
Diplomatic Section of the Ministry NEA FdW d Markets Edior Desimed for.
of Foreign Relations, Genaro J. --- IO
S MIELAIN LOM ARD Lince; the Chief of the Post al C al:ornia coeoks.are always co brown chops slowly on boh sides.
customs, andaImmatoi. r"g up Ewiteso ething different. Transfer chops to shallow baking
$iohnofta en E Rsm rall, the He"LMSre's Emily Chase with a sur- dish.
lBRDS .GAMWM .Marshae rising idea pork bas will Heat mnrinae- to boiling in skpe
T ... Ito@& LAND A.UNCED. Cuief o iad in o as ith oney. let; pour over chops. Biake, uncov-
_, ,JuPo Vade aand Vi e o tered, in moderate. oven, (Msde-
i o MFrtirs Eugene C. .nmbar4-*t!walboa Heights ha,,s Cief of Cust. t for Panam Fork Chops Paied esgres F.) i to ho, or n mtii Comfort .
t he es. agement andp o s h g marriage of their. Gaston Garrido ~W Mrs. Garrido' ves r chops are very tender, basting
finn_ tRch r .bWillium *ipa e son of Mr.y and to'e chiefnof the Consular Sect (Ser" es wi ). chps e arverysn tensder, bsti. e-
th f o d sor a of theeMnistry of Commerce, J Four rk chops, cut '--ad t. an sauce spooned over them. (The
u .. 1a of Ba ih School and Mt. Medina and Mrs. Medii a 1-. .:ti c k, cup straiediony, sauce- Is- wonderful over rice, too.),S
Co elut h ie s 1e ad t Ne t e pd cidc vinegar, cup soy You may wan a honey-chocolate
mu. ended t ehoolioneted a tbI of duty.asa second The Coun selo t of the United sanle. 2 t tablespoons chopped dry- sauce for ice cream 'or puddig.
T.e br ide- ee a' St. ..t... Aw .oWnow resides inCris- States Emb 'ssy, Robert B. Mei -t lzo r peered ogmC 1
eate .. mgerad ahMr hMenminger have grit .opped a teasoo f on,-Cnl"e Sauce
-60terigertn wteehM mroveyd toh ee tOffices, e Lm any excess fat from pork I
snues. remaining ingredients, pour over .at 2 ounces (2 squares) a-
1!nuesHi cllis n e'rt and let stand in re- s w e e t en d chocolate, coarsely
e zanh di o MDo Ast lpherete-wastreasurerof Phi WiesFort Amador enftfriceriS' Remove chops from marinage Boil honey and water nitil it
a.. and Richard Turbyfll of Mu Alpha freternity, and was also Wives Club entertined Friday nd pat 'ry with paper towes spins a thread (230 degrees P.).
New York City," reports the De outstanding in sports, particularly evening with the'r annual dance, H.a a heavy skillet; rea DWith emove from heat; .dd hil 6l atA
trdit-jFree Press in a recent ta- 11f swimming. which- reAlistically followed th t'o fat' trimmed from choos; Beat thoroughly after chocolate
"uThe bride-elect Is the daugh- Miss lole Honored floor as' liberally
tey oft late Mr. and Mr.. At Farewell LuMheo.n covered with hay oaer which live invited to attend and try-outt for.
Gedrge. M.. der Derian who Mist Susan Hale, daughter of turkeys, and chickens made their o-e of these parts.
made their home in Detroit, Goamsnder anl Mrs. T. H. Hale undisturbed way, and, at the side
11, ~lboa, Cabaml Zcrin. lnachon" Saturday at "tfe browid the barbecued pig, cooked Hl madar Grotto will hold a EL PANAMA CARRIS 0N YOUR (ARNIV
br t..... .p paj by Miss Cm- on l t.. "'get-together" for members aend
br-tC 't' hetadinttsoh o a i erer heir'wives Wednesday-.ra
ra G t. ffsky Oapein .ecompany her Mrsw0 L s.' f a Waltr a.. 7:30 p.m. d at.d GAY RAISING OF THE CARNIVAL FLAG
of the .]S wheno leave the Isth- DeF 'ho Charl k- moriaLodge.Ha.T a sl$
Se as du- e to Watertown wood, out- Peidet Othe origin scheduled' to 'd AND THE FIRST VOTE COUNT FOR QUFEN
of ichi, 'tl. k, w oer father will oranizatl ,. Thursd Januar .e .rs_
S~ s tt ri e. T dancq .anW held on. the ter- are.5 d to taike etheTUESDAY NIGHT A 8:30 P.M. IN THE PATIO!
.. .. race of tbv-'A1 Amadoir Army- change date.
nr f i

Me0 p ,l room d Sa sU o' -* To .-
.'.-.s 'Allo D idese by George a4.. a v Gr eo* o Is r oup
SAngela ValtMine.'and Miss ma % of the Canal Zone CoMele Club.wil
C erevaca. Caribbela Players hold a sight seeing trip January
To Hold Try-Outs 24 at 9:00 p.m. The gwoup will vis-
Vacatloners Leave For Brazil The Caribbean Players, under it the Presidencia, the National
I etter .The Apbassador,,of Brazil to the directorship of Mr. Arthur Theater 'Las Novedades and the
P. Panama. Abelardo Bueno do- Pra Payne, will soon Into production Nalionia-Assembly.
Sl and Ws. Buen do Prado left o "Arsenic and Oi..LLe." BWeore Thas. planning to attend are
-p .2 IOIala the IsthMUas for' a vacation in RIO rehearsals can lmber three aiors asto to telephone Mrs. Bonald
de Janeiro. Prior tq thMir depa6 fo- male parts; ialnadia the 1;at iety.~28-3.5792, before Frida y
,tu. Abte vacationers were honored in the play, misl ected. noon. .
at farewell lunaheonw.given by Mr T'-outs for 'y will be --
'.n Atlrad" M.-B; Erasmo de la Guardiai hed tonight. Tuesdwand Wednes- New.ance Clasies Taesdi.
arl at-their honetin Carrasquill, ad dy af 7:30 p. m. at-T eater No. Thb I'Rett and Dun o dance
a^' dinner given by Mr. and Mi. 1, Fort Clayton. All civilians and Studio. Honor lapses ball-
ut#- ;tO20m0 wiZ ISaMue Iwis' at their residence military personnel Interested- are (di te Pag-S, C4L. 1)
s a ela st .
-- i a- ', -. ; "' ^ '
.t a.-. AS .1 _1 ared. uy Friends bL AT -
el antd Mrs. ARichardson P. eter-
S90 Panama ta5eld .with a card party Fri on te lth-
erate theyy Al mahe atir home,L l a I -
were the guests of, honor at sev- es.... K | U~i -I --nJ
N.. i& .i + erm -fareelU functions given byo DiU odrJ-iL L'NJA1 i R W: U OU. n
1810 ..^.* n-. .Mrs.,Franidseo-Arias P. enter .= I'
-A I n00 -. PlAma tamed ,with a card party Frifatvj ... u I'rtUlyVuI h
at her-home La 1- isma.Min Lao Sa- wiU .inq* WI1LCII.PJ
TuI7 oeS: 2"4386 -. 2.3 5 bans in honor of Mrs. Selee; Mrs. W
SJ. J. Vallarino was hostess for a
., voyage luncheon Thursday

4 917 7 JAARY
^ $tl. ALPH A. 1ERKING Speaker
Nightly ... ... 734

T' N I G HT 0 N .Y
.Premiere Showing On Isthmus

v und N.- toural Color Semon from Science

t^ Rrtthkj-*ith amazing thermal equipment.
SFJ- tht lopt down Their prey.
P "dbt-flts41t trop. and eoatinsect.
Spi~ers--4ht live in a diving bell.
.* Birds-that bwlnBce their eggson e a
r lib.
SA t epild color, Alowing how, ie mot modem
M eisae onm the ne prindples hat
. ie have been o.prat for have
.l j I oiM ae a virm; wherever mei may delve


- ~s

Be in on carnival fun from the start... see beautiful M~arela II, fer NaelOmfl "
Carnival ,Ieen, raise the blue and white carnival banner DANCE THE MUSIC "

* Tommy Nulez' Toreadors

A~i j


* Accarraga's Carnival Band

Start now to support one of these lovely, candidates for queen-

Each cent spent for food and beverage counts as-' for your favorite.
]lln ec S.- I '
Call Max, -IM. for
amble reservations
ealoa e dinner patrons will be served In M w.ifl u
a oa B on from 7 to 10 p. m. Holdtrs-
BM Wj~..j I borm oi .-J ^.J-_.JjJ

Of (ItCLI, O Mrc t eMU rrfRIJI umra ain in


.'A Kirkeby iotMe




gives youa
2 ... -.- -

." ....'


,IN n-Lw-.,t x f tw fr;',:plm.--th nenw and
aen-tional bdgbr q sheq i '- 'ebasphf yllia-
lU at no etre antl
Ken-L-Ratio mwitkilh Mli.dlA- bmeath and
body od. es a, (- U i'db.-Ob with tib.
own w _o .r- ,i a.
toftula. -
Wt dog odwn fuiwi i .

- ~s Sb wft.t~s.s --


IkI A0fIf

euud a 04dm ,t-- w _jk'
...h tth puito .S

cnoi bigre^b~ tnink helpet

Wards Largest SUn
Chirwphyl TNeth Pt
-also Is teeo pwder

* IN tayt4frrm >Wr;.K
consuy to 4-far yes y Woor
Nkomo """
^^ AJ &J^-~ h ^-.- ^-j.j ele^A t
i-o^t'^p^r-i *-O-i- -B -y

----* 2 --~.~i


A: _

U Im


-. @,


* I

~,!~#aiI~A AN
- UjiIF~~-4tU

.t.. *. .. .

allo AriM A.4M 1 i U.L
S tet l e2X

' W SALE:-Leaving zone. Must sell
a before January 22. Double bed.
bureaus. Call 4-442 4:30 to
SALE:-Refrigerator 9 cu. ft. 25
', guarantee, 3 pes. Bamboo
o. .Cake mixer 25 cycle. 2 porch
6087-F. Rainbow.
3 E:-Chairs $2.00. Rockers,
..;Metal beds complete with
mattress $31.50. Mahogany
i beds complete $58.00.
S rdrobes from $19.00. China
tetots from $22.50. Niw Mahog-
I Dining Tables and hairS $99.
S. Folding beds, now $39.50. So-
Sleds $125 00 Wrought Iron
f-ninp Sets $175.00. Leather Liv-
InBliam suites from $159.00.
o#A'chv other bargains in new and
furniture. We deliver at first
mall down payvmnt. Household
.Exchange IHX' 41 Auto Row.
STel. 3-491 I1. Easy Terms.
SSALE:-Dining, bed. and living-
room furniture, also Venetoan
'Blilnds. Calls Colombia No. 6. Tel.
R SALE:-With Deep Freeze 9 cu
ft. refrigerator, 20 months, leav-
^ngBWednesday. Call between 8 I.
Panama 3-2779.


Central Ave. 149
q. I LotLerv PlJza
fourth at July Ave.

FOR SALE:-1952 Morris Minor 4
Door Sedan. excellent condition.
only 7,800 miles. Priced for im-
mediate sale. Telephone Balboa
.2984 house 0922 Amodor Road.
FOR SALE:-1953 Ford Sedan. V-8.
Customline, Fordomotic, 7,500
miles. Dean Ferris 2-2655.
FOR SALE:-1942 Oldsmobile Sedan
$150 for quick sale. Curundu Qtrs.
2211-A. telephone 83-2180.
FOR SALE.-1950 two door Slude-
baker Champion, good condition.
Caon be financed. Call 83-722-1.
FOR SALE:-1952 Tudor Green Se-
dan, Power Glide. Bearst offer cer
$1,350.00:'"tan be financial Coll
M-Sgt. Gener, 87.4226 or 25-
FOR SALU:-1952 Buick Dynoflow,
4 door sedan. one yeqr old, leather
upholstery, 8,500 miles, d u t y
paid. Best buy in Panama, make an
offer. Reason leaving country. 2nd.
St. House 2104 Tel. Los Cumbres

DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
Central Avenue "K" street corner,
telephone 2.3479, Panoma..

FOR SALE.-As is and where is in
one lot, 8 Bench saw with mo-
tor and stand, I Lathe. 1 3 Wheel
Rand saw, I 12" Jig sow. $115
00. 14th St. No 8, San Francis-
co after 5 p. m
Sealed bids, for opening in public.
will be received until 10 30 A. M..
January 27. 1954, in the office of
Superintendent of Storehouses, Bal-
boa. for air compressor. sowing and
sritching machines, winch and drums
for %inch located in the 300" Area.
Balboa; Loroin crane parts, diesel
engine, margin gluer machines, paper
cutting machine, electric motors and
Chevrolet sedans located oat the Cris-
tobol Storehouse, telephone 3-1265
In~.tclion No. 51 may be secured
from ihe above sources, or from office

FOR SALE.-1947 Ford Tudor Sedan olf Super.niendent of Storehouses,
.Super De Luxe. Excellent mechanic- Balboo. te!?phone 3-1815.
ol condition. Good rubber, radio FOR SAi'.--Dog leads, choker chain,
Houqe 0859-A. Oleander Place. lie ojt chain, all chrome, Chaperone
Balbqe, best offer. poAcer ,hCiouebreaking scent, song
-" .--.-- --= n-nfi _._ T-IlL ..i.- A'I IA

fR SALE.-7 piece bamboo set. LESS N0S IO TRP'~ CAL PET SHOPU V'.
a.tudio bed, all new covers. Mahog- ERIO TROPICAL PET SHOP, V
6hy drop. leaf table, chairs, book- paih with M. Tel. 3-.41m1.
case, mirror, lamps, radio RCA, 6 Practical Conversational Syst. m F-,11 .SALE:-Nne months old male
piece maple bedroom innerspring EUudionte St. Bldg. 77-A, No Sa.. e, Cnoice of three $75 -
Ma rttress, kitchen table. new home $10'. Will sell only one. Panama
electric sewing machine, porch 3-2L.
glider, new covering. Chrysler 1951 WANTED 1P. :91A CANAL COMPANY
Windsor De uxe Fludmot.c drive. OieRS MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS
phoe1.t00.00. House 60, Ft. Dvs or cdlaneon FOR SALE
phone Ft. Davis 384 ___ __--- __-- ealed bd. for ppenig In pubhc
OR" SALE:-Dningroom table and 4 WANTED:-Cocker Spaniel r.-ale, for ill be received until 10 30 A. M
chairs, mahcgon. 765-16, Ba:boaj stud. No block..Tel. 2-3022. Januor, 26. 1954, in tle office at
'Tel. 2-3022, alter 5 p. m Super.0tendent of Storeh:)uses, Bal-
BUY boa. for section boom for truck
LOST &FOUND WANTED TO BUY roe.lamshellanddraglinebuckets,
*WE railroad pu-hh cars, air compressors,
tJUND: Btac% Cocker Spaniel WANTED -Bbot tra"er for 12 end core drill. piledriler hammers, en-
-,Piohe Balboa 3269. 14 foot rowboat. Call 25-3085.' level and transit, painting
.--- athe, planing, sanding and welding
maclh.nes, ccncrefe mixer, electric
FOR SALE motors. pumps. road roller, oil tanks,
Chc rolet Sedan, Daimand T. trunk
SReal Estate and trailer located in the "300"
____R___E_: __St__Clra l n Aieo. Balboa: dipper stick boom and
FOR SALE:-Santa Clara, large ranch bucket, and PBX telephone twitch-
type house Redwood and concrete board located at Section "1." Balboa
Ssuitoble for country home, club or Storehouse, telephone 2-2720 .In-
Sincome property, aEso guest ha.%se, ltaticn No. 50 may be secured from
25 thousand metes. Short' dis- the above sources, or from office of
trance from beach,' electricity..,city Superintendent of .Storehouses. Bol-
Wtofr, ,ohO .nd ill, Bal.;444, boo, telephone 2-1815.
| R a t1--

Baptists Announce

Speaker Due Tday

MW Eckutine
Vesterman Ccncerts started
ting requests for ticket res-
'ations and prices yesterday
towing the announcement
id Neern zamr Atist Rllt U

! '


tne (above) I scheduled to
e here Fek 1 for a singing
astine, who was chosen as
I vocalist for five consecu-
years by the readers of
rebeat magazine. ill come
V from Ingston, Jamaica, en
le for Vet~ezuela, Aruba, C-
ao, ritish Guiana and T-
SIs traveling with his men-
e and an instrumental trio.
Jrsanpments. for the thftel
Be 2 1Tha Grt Cr. c Bb
S hve not yet. been F

S.fic Society...
4taUcIn to be held three
S e, Tueu dy, Thursdyay Dr. Ralph Herring, pastor of
Stury from 1:00 to :00 the First Baptist Church, Wins-
.t !El Panamal tder ton-Salem, North Carolina Is ar-
sa uon of Miss Ivy "a. tt tonight to con inue a
. ses will agen Tuetay. "eres l of evangelistic rrvces
ie $-'3-16O. .aptist Church, Balboa

N. C. 0. Wives Club of gj services ill continual
will sponsor a Social TW h y 3htexcept Baturday.
evening at 7:00 in the t Jan, t.
ar N. C. O.Club. All N.O.O. o 0 8 leC.tu
Me C.0.ub.~ Ar~t. state a special feature down
SarInite.n&VUM color sound film, will be
r P D -M i shoeim "The ianor Claim" IS one
I ,r Gres uba meeUh f. a. d l aes of -sermons from
lover Club of the C tezra it
co w h sc produced by 'tlq ody
.mt-n.vIdiner Itinstftd of 8ciencd. It dmon-
r mntly dinner mting tatm fish which rhoot down
t 730 in the Girl s y, plant which ent in-
ej ders which live In sub-
2 Calie Mfeee Dz;tE Sw;in bells, the amazing
stmdu Caldron will hold itjt equipment of rattle-
r monthly meeting s eve. asnakW nd maniv other wonders
Sigud. l V by one of the scientists
r d it.
iu T laa l i Tn ~t F' f. the series of meet-j
tar w l bdee a E provided by the
S" oata of the
iE6 111 ,ar dn m..-Roomh under the direction of

United States


WILLIAMS Sante Clare Bhecth' -
-e are. 6 .= amftqt, .nui:
ar beach. Balb"e O 0
Wyokendi6 '
Phllpe. Oceanside Umi S
Clro, ox 435 B
JPnemn 3.1877.- I il ?173.
Houses on be $h, 0 A%6 AM
in COOL Ca mountains.
Phone SHRAPN. Belb i 1389
or see cor'taker re.
Gromlich Santa Claso Be ah cottoags,
electric refrigeration, *gas toes,
moderate rates. Phone 6-441 or

FOR RENT:-Furnished House. Three1
bedrooms, parlor-diningroom, two
baths, kitchen, patio with bar. 2'
car garage, and one maid's room.
6th Street, Golf Heights. Telephone
3-1245. Panama.

FOR RENT:-Fumnished cholet at 43
East St. No. 9, porch, livingroom,
diningroom, two bedrooms for
8.180.00. Phone 3-0622.
'.OR RENT:-Furnished one bedroom
house, furnished, 2 bedroom opart-
ment. I mile from Acraljan. Philips
1OR RENT:-Chalet 3 bedrooms, 2
baths, living and diningrooms,
maid's quarter's, complete, double
garage. Back of Belisaria Porros,
near Golf Club. between 10th and
S11th St. from 10 to 12 noon any
day._____ ______
FCR RENT:-Furnished three bed-
rooms chalet on the corner of Via
Espoa and Calle Colombia. Refer-
ences required. Rent B.200.00.
Apply Julio Quijano, 8th. St. No.

ATTINT.'ON G. I. Just built modern
furnishod apartment, one. t w c
bedrooms, hot. cold water. Tel-
ephone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Furnished and unfur-
nished 2 bedroom apartments in
new building. Ideally located for
Servicemen. Enquire at Household
Exchange, 41 Ato Rqw.
FOR RENT:-Furnished apartment
all utilities, Via Ewpana house be-
fore Juan Franco.

OPTION to 3 bedroom apartment,
living-diningroom, kitchen, balcony
Business Firms facing ocean to person who buys
furnt;ture, cheap. Telephone 3-
TOp 4 MilNOn FOR -RNT:-Two bedroom apart-
ment, water heater Cuba Avenue
W.aSHINGTON, Jan. 18 IUP'- No 58. Tel. 3-3129
The niPi!oni's businesses number- -
ed a record 4,212.400 at mid- FOR RENT;-Smoll furnished apart-
19*' bi.t the ratP of increase wes ment in best residential section.
slov.;i;: down at that time. the 43rd Street No. 13, Bella Vistao.
Commerce Department department reorted Fo. RENT:-Cofortable bedroom
today.. ut,-vi,. I,. i....i. : in...i...u.

The business population in-
creared during the firS. half of
the year by about 20.000. which
wv; less than in the first half of
191'. 1951 or 1952.
There was a double exolana-
tion: 6 ter cent fewer new firms
being formed and 4 per cent
more of l' e old onej going out
of business bevaute of failure.
reorganization and other rea-
Contract construction busi-
nesses added ihe most to their
ranks during the 12 months end-
ed last .ln- f 30the reponnrt said

pJar II;, iivngyruuToom, dUlrningroom,
garage, hot water. eic Colle Co-
lombia No. 20. Telephone 2-1456.
3:00 to 6:00.
FOR RENT:-Modem aparlmenl. 2
bedrooms, living diningroom. hot
water, 5 closets, garcge. Justo
Arosemenoa 97. top fl-or.
FOR RENT:-Furnished rto bedroom
apartment near Bella Vista Theo-
ter. Coll 3-159 6 after 7 00 p. m.
FOR RENT::-Modern two bedroom
apartments, private terrace, maid's
quarters, hot water service, top
floor building "Maria Eugenia."
48t: Street No- I I R 1 11, no

T)f os


* Sprayer.
*I. Econo Soil Spray
" Sprinklers
" Fungicides

279 Central Ave. Tel. 3-0140


25 CiScl Refrigerators
Westinghouse, porcelain In &
out, 5, 7, 9 cu. ft,. 1 year
guarantee. Easy payments. See
LTDA. 5th St. Central Ave.
"Rex Theatre," Col6n.

Dn. A. man L OnaLAC
(Palmer Graduatew
12 nd I pt.m.
Saturday: 5 12 1ao..
(5 Per Avenue Te. -13-m
SI lock tro t Lu am Thetre,

Packen, Shippers, MoVers
Tallpr Transpqwtes Bs*"t
Expe-. Mechanic In Ultra.
made and Hydramatic Trans-
miss!ir offers his professional'
Repairs installation of gas
stoves. water heaters. etc.
General Supervisor.
Tels.:. 2-2562 2-2451

* Selected British & American units
* Special demonstration facilities
a CAbifne to your apecifictions
(Panama's Hi-Fi Center)
Call* 45 No. I Tel. 3-1215

Giraffes, Warriors
(Con'inurd from Page 1)

U .016 .. .. .. ,- ....... ..... ....... ,,.1.MKent 'w r i s da b
Three of the eight business Apply Julio Quijano, 8th Street No The Maal waerrio ars, daubed
groupings In the report showed II. with red ocbre, were as fascinat-
, population smaller at mid-195" -- ed with thewomen as the women
tbn at mid-1g52-manufactur- FOR RENT were with Africa.
Ing service such as laundries and Dozens sneaked out of the
gasoline stations, and mining brush to stare silently at the
sad quarrying. R'ooIm strange sight of brightly dressed
FOR RENT; IE Cangr e l white g desses."
Sfui clean room Mcely Usul W meek giraffes also
available. C 3-1789 or 2.1693 wandered up to the party and
.=- -.1 K---- Ogle as dozens of cameras
S OR RENT:-Nicely furnished two Ceked.
To rpprunce nn ,elfO clea., cool rooms; pria .e Life on Tanganyika's lonely
bort. ad refrigerator,; hot woler plains wasn't too primldUve for
and i chp privjjg.. Peru Avenue the safari. Amon the 40 natIve
0.1 His Ministers baerrs were u..ormed waiters
-iwho could provide iced drinks at
ROME. Jan. 18 (UP) Pre- the snap of a finger.
miler Amintore Fanfani. the 'ap Prmi er Yoshida t night the women gathered
(lMristian Democratic Party's around the campfire under a

of hia cabinet minister today. Mrs. Margaret Katain of Win-
After formally accepting PreJ- | MA 1 Mlmn I l told happilyn.f1
dent Lulgi Einaudi's invitation sa o Ii firstI lonm first o on.
to form a government, 'anfan 8HIZUOKA CITY. Japan. Jan. fit in fricast" he alone onIt
discussed his plans With the 17 .up. e J first 48Y In Africa,' she said.
discussed d his plans with the 17UP Mie ster hi-,was almost close enough to lit
iPreident for more than an hour Igeru Yosbld declared today, but I didn't try."
IatL night. that Japan's war-renouncing
constitution I "not imperlth-
Alter the conference. he told able" and abould be Interpreted Sink
nc%-urmen that he would Tee the in accordac tb with e "current ,
President again today to discuss of the Um." BEILINGRAM, Wash., Ja, 11
further details before presenting "It is for tc l reason that our 1 UP)- Th wees who boJake lse
hisnew government. Liberal p recently establish- the home of Virgil Walsts over.
The of names offered by ed the cs411a9 study coun- looked everyhng but the kitbh-
Fanfani represents his party's cil," the Premier said. en-lik.
final effort maintain a middle He added however in racttc- Walaton told the Whatb ll
of the road government. But, ally the m f deathh "nbt our County sheff.' oAf c vIS
een thUo e ca int cM IsoInfavor of not ths MSlwag the OSB
ca"i he f.U re rI of mnWorit ; amending the cfsitutaon." mining after the burglary
sBup pullmanmut. t- the Yasid ad-
u tiae ann *. e charged that
I O wins roval of parliament tualsHly revl the constitution poAnd ,k p tif -
wil next 10 days, as re n- u Ier full rearmament nan AdWu, rIb-Seu
qirg 1 the consttaton, o f the country be or
Arveg l.t it eould m t only Toid m here to attend a been tedeis at
as9 ttm 9poww. nm sting t local Li beral party siMs Davis
at sa hisa gafvtmueont members. Re told a ores- con- t frm
w r t lit oif aimb fenwm that the inrst thing brM to48doe t UM
E, os n or two t de dastyis to check -fthe4 a
Oet expert. mog Xel l

into a row of houses in long Beac, calf. no ulabe was on tw train
were caught in a closing Forcn sa oed
nition, and only tentative ldea Of thet ictims waI sa
of the badly burned condition of te bodle. T te r "lane ade a aafe g.


.a .&


WSat haihd wr m i
South pa a
of ParasagfokIsetb

thy Broflueyi AI4e ton tt sa

In Aquatots Death Set Wedndey
-. U -

Today, Monday, Jan. 18
3:15-The Little Show
3:30-Music foy Monday
4 00-Feature Review
4:30-What's Your Favorite
5: 3--News
5:35-W'at's Your Fa Norite
6:00-Books Bring Adventure
6:30--Tle Record Shop
7:00-Lowell Thomas
7:15-The Jack Smith Show
7.30-Report from the U, S. A.
8:00-The Platter Parade
8:45-Highlights of Last Week's
9:00-Take It From Here (BBC)
9:30-The Weird Circle
10:00-The World At Your Win
11:00-Tne Owl's Nest
12:00-Ncwa.-Slgn Off
Tomorrow. Tuesday, Jan. 19
6:00-S4 n On.-The Alarm Club
7:05-The Alarm Clock Club
(Cot'd)- .
7:30-Morning Salon
8: 16-Mornng Varieties
1 -.-M30 &lIatw .A '....!
8 45--a uiwan Harmonies
9:15-Sacred Heart Program
9:30-As I See. It
10:00-Off The -Record
11:05-Off the Record (Cont'd)
11:30-Meet The Band
12:05--Luncheon Music
12:30-Pjpular Music
1:15-Personality Parade
S:45-Lum A i Abner
2!00-A Call From Leas Paul
2:15-A Date For Dancthig
2:30-SpIrit Of The Vikings
2.45-Battle Of The Bands
3:00-Al Star Concert Hall
3:15-The Little Show
3:50-Mu.c For Tuesday
4:00-.Feature Review
4:30-What's Your Favorite
5 :,30-4Ncws
5:3- What's Your Favor it e
6:00-Band Of America (VOA)
6:50-The Record Shop
7:00-Lcwell Thomas
7:30-Report from the U. 8. A.
8:00-The Platter Parade
8:30--Instrumental Capers
8: 4-4klence On The March
Marsh (BBC)
10:00-Tommy N1fez and His
10:1 Latin American Serenade
10: 3..-Vartetv Bandbox (BBC)
11:00LJrThe Owl's Nest
12:00-News.-Slgn Off.
Explanation of Symbols
1-44O--British Broadcastlng
2- RDP--Aadodlffulon Fran.
S-VOA-Voice Of America

Rusda Scienisl

Ss Trip To Man

AS Whofly Fusbe
LONDON Jan. 18 (UP) -Ra-.
dito mow said today that the
time .may not be far-off wh-n
the. traveler from MAnsIku
Phiasken to Just uas lly from
earth to Mars.

char es were tfed after aa in-
q ua : -.... .
Soon after Bubl er, now nice,
and Kathy were bqf, Tongay
tegan training them to swim.
He boasted"tht i. 10 months
iUtby 4ulS to feetwh
her head S air. 0 ;*
When Bubber.:was four. he
Awam 22 miles doWp the Ms.
slsslpl river with one-year-id
Kathy paddling along eud
for about five miles. .
Thq am tMe Toney
children M fame'a" the
quatet." T
They .p-formed dn nation-
wide exhibitnos 'and appeared
in a movie with Esthe3 Wilists
performin- ich tsl ntlW fwlu -
ingr with bothhandS p.d atM
tied with ropes. .
Later, Tongay was tried *
aeqlItted. W chprae of
treating Kathy.
A storm of proteat-broke w n
Topgar y nswaugea in 95, 0
Aquatots woulI attezut to m
the Engslal Chanaplkoth l-
land and Prance refused
mission -f6r' the .Channel
after the family arrived i i

home. The-; sough selu
a $-aller.. ", -- '
Thieng.Gut, Wt. TonWr,
welLlked In her small hometo
of Tarpon dprlrgs. Fla., reb
Pd steadfast at her husband
In 1L. d.rbm Pl- I .dl~P




MIAMI. Jan. 18 (UP) A
"toWl ex-Coast O*uardaman who
sought worldwide fame through
.he swimming feats of his chUl-
dren in scheduled to go on trial
Wednesday in. manlaugiter,
charges result in'from the
of his ftte.year-oid "Aquatot.'
When chunky little Kathy
Tongay plummeted off a 33-foot
diving platform last May 5, her
father's hopes crashed as she
hit the water. Kathy died the
next day.
Doctors testified at a pre-
liminary hearing death result-
ed from complication caused by
her diving attempts. Her body
was "severely bruised," they
said. ,
Kathy's death ended the shot t
l.ut internationally publicized
career of 'the "Aquatots," the
name under which she and h-r
eight-year-old brother, Bubber,
performed their water feats un-
der the critical eyes of their
Burly Russell Tongay. censur-
ed by the press and-authoritites
for the rigid traidhig of his
youngsters ard hil ambition to.
them to swim the English Chan-
nel, first was charged with sec-
rind degree murder.
Neighbors told polee they had
heard sounds from the Toa-
gay home indicating the fath-
er had beaten-the child O
the night before she teek bh
fatal plunge.
However, at Aoroner's in-
quest last June 18 tht charq4
was reduced to manslaughter,
carrying a maximum sentence of
20 years. The dtate decided to
prosecute rongay on a charge
that he willfully .cause hi
daughter's death by fti=lI her
to perform "d angewus a
hazardous feats 'Ifrat
a high diving bo "* e
Tongay, who emins
nearly deaf was
throughout most of the
*ut he rose to slake.. -
cropped head wet f6r

'U~ c ~ V- ..



* -

* iLe

. -\.'# "1 .. ,i ..



Agendla Interns. hbUcaeSN b-

LEl S"-SSR5 */ '

SR-, tr t Rn. B7

Radio Programs


Your Community Station
Wh. 100.000 People Met

~crrr ..

M-. M--;-



i 1 _____ ____ _~


"t- ^
/ h *



*' = ,=

-', *.*

NEw YORa (U.P.) e
uoner "lMemturomabl W he a
It you're the type o
who isn't edti ad with
a Hayworth Ial listen the
wone sameW uabw as sung by Damita
Swon b Jo on an RCA Victor label.
EAnd mure from the current
Broadway extravaganza, "Kismet,'
ofOvul be popular for severall
.onts to come, since it's Boro-
din's best tnd has been card
S. revised fo. rthe musical stage.
lr 6d ,show stopper, of course, is
othe "Stranger in Paradise." but an-
foaw g t., Vother number that is being given
Aom tie i equite a whirl is "Baubles, Bangles
equy b raeo and DBeos." Among the top re.
oi were uses Wxs the ealt- cordn g are those by Georgia
pointmmomtsa. I Gibes' (Mercury), Peggy Lee
The(Decca) and Lu Ann Simms (Col-
lhe e Ut he umbia).
Mrs. a, Mr law, Trying to tell which Is Bing and
Mrs. C Loui rs Thelma which in Gary on the newest Cros-
salaio,3ia. R.Pit. l aCi by coupling of "Down by the River-
Hab *,.iwR~bJr., side" and "What a Little Moon-
M ,. Rve, Mbaert light Can Do" is no easy task.
Furey, r Ralph an on, Mrs. rYoung Bingle sounds very much
Nesydith Brown, and Mrs. Frank like his Dad (Decca).
*Xug. .Old Man Vrcsby has lost none of
Mr sd -erse John Payne, a s A-tafxbdriver Innocently involved in crime, talks his talent. Decca has put out an
86r ad Bi. r he things over with the woman.he loves, played by Evelyn Keyes in excellent album of .*ong hits of
---r." -" I. a o, of this scene from the-sspense drama, "'9 River Street," which Paris sung ip French by Crosby in
l and _r rs. B. I. Everso n, of will open next Thursda 21st at the Central Theater through a "Le Bing" envelope.
a son at the Colon Hospital on Fri- Uni Artists release. Hot instritmentals: Jerry Shard's
MISS ARDIM MARIE WILL B day. "99 River Street," fast-moving1 Phil Karlson, w h 0 directed Trombone Boogie" on a Capitol
..Mr. Everson is the ass-,tnant Di- suspensI)C thrller of a taxi drivI Payne in "Kansas City Confl, single and eight xtra length
r etor of the Transportation Divi- er, an actress and a murder dentall" was produced by Ed- iano improvisations on Colum -
",W r, OU n ( g gtt Ar M wMOUNC M frame.i e opens next hI ->at ward Small fo United Arta cia's "Errol Garner" album. Gsr-
OUBYDAV ENGAG T. e Central Theate ohn release. obert ith wrote the ner's good on all, but you'll le
r M u ad JrirFred CAWH blI ,1tun, awIounce the alMe AuPiary Mem Payne and Evelyn eypa mark- story, which is adventure at Its "Caravan" best,
eS their dau, ~amen L n regul ar meet g of e Mar- ing a new twosome in ollywood most rapid-fire. st revil ot the week: "Last
eDay.s, am-ag su, t andm n f-I t w., _he-an -a Au ar be held to ig e F Iastngs. Brad Dexter. remembered eight on the B ack Porch" b Joel
S h C et i, l e at vmeI r aeb tleb en morrow, t 7r 70P. at the .For Payne, it's & departure Inthe villain in "The AsphaltJun- Grey, with excellent backing by
young couple will be-at home 1nr March 15. Church. Mrs. Ross Cu ngham characteriazton ye n t e gle," "The Las Vegs Story and Leroy Holmes orchestra.
gy sb re '" --s.MaxWelch,'Mrs;Charls and Mrs. Carl Newhard will be wing of robust, rough and "Macao," handles the role of the -William D. Laffler.
Miss Wtilloghby ehis beenreared A s.g Mrsax Lret Gddes, Mrse the hostosse *. ready man-of-action tales. for evil-doer, aided by Jay Adler and
n the Ithmus, ad attended the Jdge, rs. rers. Mis arorie Pries w which his name i ide flede He Jack Lambert. Adler, incidental- Koreans Convicted
At tc SoJde M.hrools. She is at i oe Loffia, Mrs.. Ted Uo9nk, Mrss. lored s o of her trile to a portrays a pugtlist w i st bea eny, hals from t he amous acting
,ea) a t the CaRs, Robnt. Geddes,. Mrs. Henry e- lored slides of h er trip to a ecnicalkn o in a Adler a is the brother
1iS-i*0" e quo Is a meinRoo, Mrs. Bruce Cbazqp of Gain- Land 'ad give a talk on her a straying Dean
p. e-n of a mep-.Ras,. Mrg.Bruse. Chagop a heavyweight championship bout of the distinguished Luther and O B r i D
rarity. a, rs na eidy, Mrs. ra Emblem Istlation and barred rom further ring Stea Adler of the N1ew York
DI' v iS completing th woe U ite rs W t Ruon' M The Cristobal Emblem Club No scrimmages. But he never ceases stage and Hollywood. Appeal Sentences
i'sAe comn w retUning twd|r)h : tersn,' M rs.-St Will held aits annual ti a fighaKfighter in his heart. Ad SEOUL. Korea, Jan. 18(UP)-
'e tV.i e reri g t G en oaat., M oiers htom ae horas Frank orrow t 0 yle, Pegle Castle Two South Koreans convicted
s.n o'eswthor oShri a be asl r Igto, Mrs. The lm at the Elks Club. Mrs. Ilen Mor" fight for his life, with fist and and Eddy Wller are other prin- of betraying Maj. Gen. William
his N where ll be so ni Mrs.. F. Droste, riso is the retina recent, and and cun g. cipals in the story which has a Dean t the Communi sts today
Sr..::a with. the adillc Corp, Mrs.. M Droat M Mrs. Jane Hfuidqust will assume s Keyes playsPayne'sart-modern New York background. ppled their tay
ratjo. v-". t m age Mr. MAam zns the duties of this office ner in trapping a murderer alive. There are fights a-plenty in higher court s
l'.s: uu l ustvall rs. James It's a role di splaying the actress "99 River Street with the Chat ng Bon was sen-
S Johse Hrred .s, Mrs. Tho s rs. Califoria Visitors at her sartorial nd lively best. windup in the eerie darkness of tence to eath an Han oo
With urse Shower C. Maggiori.Mrs. John Klosov- Cliented With Coffee "99 River Stree. drected the waterfront enced to death and Hn Do
d .,-vlbson was theesky, Mrs. Walter Reeves, Mrs. Complimented With Coffee" t ," d t. Kyu to life Imprisonment last
eDon ald asonvwasthrskM.atrae o e Amorning coffee was e b Tuesday by the eou sl D lstric
hin red guest at 4fsu risq 'Pink Phlip McLaughlin, and Miss JaneM am idgCoffee was ivnyTyD
a. he' e. De oyre and Miss Helen Fogle. Mrs.Dai C ldoffey pn ,no Vprice cuts at Court which found them guilty
-n.l R g. bv hero sim- :ao[._e_ e,_t_ in Mis Helre. eon osaelci t Mrs. Wi lliamWf present I- of betraying Dean after the
e r-n eaiee r us v rs lWotand Mrs. John Brown,. oRe a July, 1950, battle of Taejong.
r n rnnee, Friday eye- isto 's 'nored With California, who are.visiting their
sin P real. eAt a, press conference here, the The prosecutor had asked only
Sing. parents, Mr. anod M E ar Dyer
a ad Fle m th tbe M and 7r.Milton Lee Nash and Ear Dyer ung ndustralt explainedfive-yearmprisonment for both
, -oWoaer a t' hwer u, Sgave a morning !cohee Mr. t le, .. 1 hat decreased production esti- on the charge of "illegal arrest"
din Il of thI. residence ,sat- d attheco ee sed ,mates for the coming year would of the most famous prisoner of
n oo e of, thq house aIth eds fduriug 0 u not cause labor layoffs. as the the Korean War, but the Judge
Mr. T P s thetmoy ,iin 1 firm has been worlng since last pronounced thI heavy sentences
re eWre r. an JMrsa -nine
eld M rs. W Ca- Dinner Party Give' PHILADELP.IA,, ai 18 (tn1 day in a ix day, week.. The Seoul Appeals Court is
Sa.. .ry la- rs, .rmi "R O Visitors i.enry Ford II predicted ~to. expected to accept the appeal
.,ser Imu On, _ib Mr. and Mrs. -Fred Schwartz, of day at his afirgm would produce The production cut Ford said and try them soon.
n atac e. .,semt w Mr. Gatu ave a dinner part at 70 to ,, ess auto- merely wo;gld mean that over-
Sthe two v&"..s w~,e u and augh a hot. th an trucks this yar time work for employees would
--e. -.J.-at -n o o f s than'lf i1 rot be aq aluindant In 1954. OMAHA, NMb. (U.P.)-The bride
a a '1t'ja g o. Jge rs. I sie F.earingen. om Columbus, Ohi Ford lashed out at persons didn't attempt to hide the fwet that
c.a d I tit a-,rs h7V ms 3. .. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Laset year, Ford said, the firmt "preaching gloom" for the na., her feet "wer killing her" after
ia s 4d.s." ". '. H C .Loebler., ,and -Mrs. Date pro iced 0,200,000 units, but 1934 tions economy in the coming standingt wd flurs iri a reception
lea CIe .t Mrs. Caleb Clement, th and Mrs. estimates placed expected pros year. line. She omplained "they hurt
Tha were lpre.ent. n reM .uur action at between 4),800,000 and all through tle wedding, and ...
pTnh othlue coratee Mbsket. a Mr s G.Ml. rai eaiMe.adIe N. 5,560,000 units. On the subject of national un- She sto abruptly when she no.
The othe gests M vere :o Mr. Ms M. racmer Mvr. andi Mrs- Nr Owm -. employment, Ford r sd. "I've ticed she had the right shoe on
A. Hammon, Mrs. ou Mcvae, Frank Sule, Reverend and Mrs. Auxiliary Meetg r A took an optimistle at- read about it and I've heard a- the leftfootand vice versa.
.... .." .The regular monthly meeg of tltM on business prospects bout it. but there r e definitely ,
N. J. Ow~en, Unit liAmerlcn 14- for 115, and said the firm was Lo layoffs scheduled at Ford."
glon Auxiliary will be held Wednes-
day, at the home of Mrs. Merle
Mountz at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Mountz
resides at Quarters 141-.A, Fort
IC An invitation iS extended the
Junior Members. ,fly
~~C ge Club Gleneral PAN ITY
The January Assembly of the
r* J uH IhCaribbean CollegeCl b aAHwillbeE
Build. g tomoIrow at 7:F0 pIT,.
Plans for the. Penny Social,
IT which vill take place, next Sat-
The World Afftai Group is In
thet e will be two doily functions t a3am ahas VISTA LU j IN -
spdaker. He will discuss the Point 236, 4:25 o -m Romantic Comedy De-Luxel

only t ot7 and 9 p m. P ,,r a--- Alan LADD to| LET'S DO IT AGAIN "

start at 11:0 p.m. servat*io n Now*

nae Association wilU be celebrated and PANORAMIC SUr Lal&
at the annual dinIr on, Friday at
reservations Hldbe made by
Release tomorroww. Call Miss Carmen Ca- TROPICAL DCE IIA
ger- Banco de olon. 9 WIDS SCREN Two 0reas 'Italian FllmaI
::+ i[' _W, EK-_END RELASE "Tomorrow IS T00 Lolt"


-- I V_ -'


Richard TODD and Olynis JOHNS, in
plus "ROME AT 11 O'CLOCK"


p q~

Aw*4 e3C0ass"J


- IT'S Sh

S:1S A& S:10
S15 & 8:35

Pedro Miguel

7:0 p.m.

7:06 p.m.

6:s15 & Bill
6:15 A s39

Canal J~eater;'men"
William HOLDEN Ginger ROGERS
Tuesday: "So This 1 Love"
Tuesday: "Montana Territory" '
"SOMBRERO"-- Trnchnicoer

,(Talus d ) ,. "':

STuMdar: Mry:; njapn
"All The Bros. We e, Voliant"
Tecldawt. -Ti. "R=mala To o BM"

India's Ppulation "-' ... with .-
DE NEW DEIJI (11.P. -I' all goes "ABBOTT & COSTELLO Fier
r~iNE well, India might bavy a popula- -EJ L,
Sond c,0e a e i s e ThMEET R. YLL *To a man with a discerning palate, wh
said that if food is valable to the AND MR. HYDE" DE SICA merely 'Scotch'. He looks for the fin
U and^l if-- M f populadon douingtar c ots r Plus: sais lhis preference. White Horse.
and if so ev S i0 eontroI Co- tarring
odatio d h oih was s 1 O K.FF wit ALINA "" drop is so satisfyingly smooth, perecc
nationn, which was 3 0, 00 S Oin with Gina LOLLOBRIGIDA matured util it is as fine a whisky as
Al 1861. 46,000,00 Ia 1lmad1 O,. 0 out of Scotland. All good things hav
oe 80 ,W01 la 1 .. ..and in Scotch the name to remember i




OIg Toung, in
"A a 2 N A"
Van Johabn.. in
"asal 'r as as,

Dale Robertson, in
Clifton Webb, in

Oive v now a sanceto
vom home w-t bright




So5 Ditribsar:

By NAe '|

Cwmpfia CGrywt S.A. Cole


~ H~pr a~


Y~' ~--~~Y"P~U.Y --

_~ r

panisah Dekieue Prgram! "WHEN WORLDS
Ninon a evillab in C OLLIW
Ma. mlena Marque, in Xdmad OWrtha, na.
cancso? M cuCA" *^Ass

:;;- .v

,1a .

1512 ..


*-" _


'. ..' "'" W. .' 6

,c,. .. ..

.-* ." .- III.+.
I :.'." + '" .+
i '- .
<. .. ^ .

PM FINAL ROUND (Le to right) defend champion
R DtQ BeVleenzoof Argentina. countryman Antonio Cerda and
faln' Sammv Sneid' Just before tbeing off for, the final 18-
iefoupd of the 72-hole $7.500 Panamiq Open tournament which

President Jose Antonio Remoh congratulatki Sam Stb pn-
sored by El Panama Hotel, after his record-breaking triup at
the Panama Golf Club after the presentation of the $2,00 cheek
f .- i-- _I_-- Y. th. kbnkrounin 4 Dr Gilhberton Aris xires-

RUNNERUP' GETSi-Nff Panama Open Tournament Queen
Virginia de la Guardia presents runnerup Roberto DeVicenzo,
sponsored by Lucky Strike and champion In 102 and '53:; with a
check for $1,400 as Fred Gerhardt of the Open. Tournament
Conimlttee looks nn.

a silver-platter, firstp-i
Quardia after. finishing
Saent of

SI.. Snead won in a recera 271. fo r tne w inner. n.. e ac. .ngr.-.^- .. .-. .. '

4 '
*'~ *dent of the Panama Golf Club. ...

kSnead Cops Panama Open, Breaks Recor
I* *' *I .' .... ,
+, ,.. Rec_____________________________________* o r d h.--*

*-..-.s ~ ~~-. ----------
Third amateur was Dick Good- the title after the firpt nine Distribution of prie money 4r e
D e icenzo whileo curntPn amaaman of the U.S. Army with 300 holes yesterday when he turned 1. Snead p, O jg i l
D eV icenzo 6 Strokes B ack;while current Panama amateur in a fur-uder-par 32 after 2. De Vicenzo 1,00.00
Champion Tony Jankus wound shooting brilliantly to go five- 3. Cooper 1,000,00 U
up fourth with 302. under-par In the first flve hole&. 4. Alexander 750.00
SfPrizes for the professionals While Suammy wa u bur ing the 5 Cerda 500.00 e
ohnny MA m aand amateurs were resented toc o u r a e. DeVicens lost his & harper 450.00
the winners in the Panama Golf chances when he hooked his tee 7. Miarta. 400.00 V/SEIt.
-. u Club's clubhouse right after the shot out of bounds on the fitfh 8. Watson (300.00
S S Snead, etn the completion of the tournament, hole and never recovered. He 9. Christiansen (250.00
S Slnr.n' Simmy Snead, beaten the last two years wound up with a double bogey 10. 8Snow 200.00)
' Vt The top pros all assured that seven on the hole. 11. MIolina 150.00
-Argentina's Roberto de Vicenzo, yesterday had sweet they will be back next year 12. O'Donnell 100.00 *M. Sala 72 69 77 83-301
revenge as he shot a fo.'r-under-Dar 68 for a Panama and their sponsors gave offi- Bogeys on the eighth and ( > Indicates tie, T. Jankut 74 75 72 81-302 tournament record 271 for the total 72 holes. D e cial confirmation. To top ninth holes gave Roberto a The final results: *A. Macarron 790 2 72 79-302
p n things off, President Jose An- three-over-par 39: He turned the *Sam Snead 66 67 70 68-271 *B. Hammond 74 74 79 77-404
fending chamr De Vicenzo had a bad day for two-over- tonio Remon announced that nine in 35, for a 74. *R. de Vicenzo 88 67 68 74-277 *R. Jurado 73 76 78788--5
r r 74 and a fnol score of 277 o f nisli six strokes be- the Panama Government will Here are 8nead's Cooper, Alex- 'Pete Cooper 70 79 70 68-278 Gonzalo Saenz 80 75 75 76-306
r 74 and a in score o ni back next year's tournament ander's and Johnny MacMur- 'B. Alexander 70 6 674 71-281 C. MacMurray 79 76 7 76-3707
hind the winner, to the extent for $5,000. ray's final cards, which were the OA. Cerda 69 70 0.78---282 Herb Mitten 74 77 74 82-307
The Tournament Committee, best turned in yesterday: *C. Harper 72 69 70 72-283 *C. Rodriguez 73 718 79 78-308 arSrlv saved .ser- Atnonio Cerda wag fifth with who deserve great credit for Par 445 354 434-368 *E. Miartus 72 69 70 72--286 D. Kenna 77 73 78 81-309
end place rom Florida's Pete 282. Car'.le Harper, of Ft. Ben- making the Panama Open a top Snead 343 244 435-32 *B. Watson 71 70 73 78-392 J.' Crocker 73 79 78 79-309
VFoater %ho shot a 68 to v : d- nir'. G o. vwa sixth with 283. international event, hope to Cooper 444 254 414-34 *E. Christlansen 74 75 71 72-282 D, Nevernall, 78 71 75 86-310
vp with 278. Cooper was rd4 hot Johnnvy aMurray had a make it much bigger in 1955, Alexander 445 344 434-35 J. MacMurray 73 73 75 73-204 B. &chmitt 7'" 70 74 80-310
on te greens and carded 14 pars firli round 75 for a 294 total They will try to brine the Im- MacMurray 444 354 435-36 *A. Snow 71 72 77 75-295 A. Galindo T8 74 82 79-310
lnd- four birdies for his four- to hest out Jalmm Saenz of mortal Ben Hogan who won the Par 435 444 354-36-72 p*R Molina 72 75 73 75-295 M. Muller 76 74 81 79-310
under-par round. Metellin Colombia for first Masters, U.S. Open and British Snead 445 444 344-36---88 J. Saens 74 71 74 77-296 V. Lombrola 73 80 78 79-810
skip Alexander shot a 'one pl zta moid the amateuri by Open last year and SouthL Afri- Cooper 435 "44 353-34-88 *J. O'Donnell 70 73 76 79-298 G Riley 78 73 8476-O10
nder-par 71 to take fourth1laqe ti ~ trakes. tenh had a ?7 Il can's golfing master Bobby Locke. Alexander 435 At 454-h6--71 *H. Oatman 76 70 75 78-299 R. ArIas 79 807 4 80-313
sgoey with 281 whUie Argentine hie falnA round. Snead virtually .,wwrpped. up VM= flury, 4.. 344-37-70 D. Goodman 74.72 7 .77v-4Q *Da ataRtattt 7nIT, 85--J1
... .... ; -! "' '- k .. I,

Wiita0ms;Seek Fir
Moun t Tonighi

Teamp W p Mt. Hope Stadium: Bombers
Yankeest 13 (Milliere 0-1) vs. Brownies,
Brownies fl 11 (Williams 0-1)
Bombeze 8 13 --l
S, Pi ersT dvd 1re of th*

81- 76 74 4-
82 76 77 .84-
77 -78 8 OR-

nbe-3 a tad. plae B iams of
ie second place Browntes to-

.", t':,,

4. /



mS a


' W..OEAMI f C-A;'

l M I- HB^X lfICENTle


I .
f+*^* .


* -VT,.
- *j.


' 'C ;"
-. -'V "

. .*". :



.7; 4'


Playing his -faious pt.n-winning
golf, R6bertod" Vio6nzo,

LUCKY STRIKE .sclor bearer
from Argentina, continued
his outstandlkn performances
of 1952. and 1953-by taking
second place ttle-ytr in
the Panama 0Open.
LUCKY STRIKESwee: happy to
*ponsQr thbi .Iret golfer and
bring, as we do: ith famous
LtCKIr-ES -pl'esurto our
friends in Pa "nmi.



+..^ ,.

* ,.^ +-

,* ...'. F.
e FF
".': -, .: -.
.. ..',
x. .>..?..


AI-- .e. ~* r M

* '" f.
4." a.;,

* a~.
-~ F,...




4 '4-

i- -,

'.. *'4*

, -* it .



r .I 5




S.' -;

a' '

A' .1 7
r.; -i


a- 1.
-. -
~a....,.. S


-'I *r- Sn.

-t -

- .A.'-

...,'_. '

~.! *-~

; ..1 f .-I

-a lIs


I '-''



4# -







_ __

MOM"-- --- -


51''' ~a3Cdl~B~BSka~i~Y

Of&L I.

., .-

7 1



.- ..-

. *



*- 4


I -


StA 0 fi a
ant aute r
eoeby mne..
firj The loter wat restrniad !off
klPd ff*oe 914 f ~r2-
hJ fMit bupa .aOZ10h'nb'4

tO thek knc ed st n
ofahJu12 T tr

ae 5 s wnrtuntartAd seyea- oeltu ,brter mpsige to toe acion am 4- 1addle -star-I wa 3re

!atCesenknaewidh oxlep, bu raete a utmail egrba ige
-11*Serr SWithe tl mile, but always asw l versed on the catd the foul lint. Heir* -nert idSd was
-Ithe "ka-urm r 204-7 '"*- sem o an alibi. gais. closely by lanky Jbh ~nawit ompleiq*-y outrun.
Su. m;Th ne over tha de tede
Se' it mAzbzg owe ... T o tputation a pede Deit Sot Jaquimsq flu' the huntuei 1-C
Ants/ PIbt'W Tigr phoi -.d Wenr.n Oustf iea tw at he sat out "leyCe cee a4a6 toe soo 2
Na y tlr cr dimber ofn 015.5 fpvorlte d, heured n2.d -
qcpko ofu Russ Local-

Shet n ti neTh sm-oulo shooting Wiaret 1r 31. ducat. Hims -or the seven
goTfia~i~fut. *f^ntther 60---^-lll- of feet 8uce Januar 2112 ToM from the foil,ibie Sr furlongs was f^1/8--tilefast-
worl Sri Iadthe 40i-la 1totekte oflhebal doefs 3. c. 50 the ser was Job 0 eat to ate foro r season. d-C
-- huirtlou TLtyv. -socontaM^*****-------t WV th7 hilve S'fl t los an dropped in 18 on-ot m-l Coloimbian jo~loy Oscar Ma- 2-C
honthre tthe Z00lsiki Iin wi setston B atbod with the l tes thathe nVe J 5ia fhe winer a credit- 3-b
r t 'ront sa streak ofc'i oo secutwle fraction as did tpfl Sadle star wa jias Aguirre Ca)
H. -"" *^ ^t -l-1l---~- ins, but4 heso nhpbtw ovetr, and ranted third In the Tiger 5001- Th.beat .diiden waehs
tore knocic hies I ga over the records we n with 48 points. If Corgt I $15FI v vnsd 1-w
fiftd' at t.g, proved #047 Roberson, fu aUl-ber race. ohencond double. Solo 2--
?t- thenuTelys the t bS lur four man in the 0.2*. poit- Joan-Corasggi7 returned $182.60 3-C
of waysn tht 2one. They could score making department wth p tops or the
O* urSitom desae the win eplolve power. whlchihero the season. However. haireoedts 10
ant 'iae te d yoearr of~,bte by tahe Asan oa most i_5aleiyrs

i eftg Bal g eahn kp of reboundA, 0i The gardens:
trhes lton aro^und llll toll t Tey oud 6coe froe be- would probably have Wo top
Sto tim ten. nd again Junhit man for the season, for there 15 FIRST RAVE I-N
2ea on Drec 2lst whenC. a- whero he made st7 -a2-J
e* U zP o going 1nto the mekt and Ityar pid 1a8tfltl 4hl
Teas eatedtb n o that Prmade CIue of t theU

I I. .... % r r f i l m -woe m tor 0 J u a r t e r T i g e r out. c hoe rc r e f v i t s e c o d,
*,ciouaakuz l- o ay uCrt dtmet 'Rhirs on the. ad m :ld
Ta a a mtm -be. 1s Ldtbae wet. tee x-mpotant Hie finr th'
W1 ft-act toa. de Je us C.1 31% rth otlsed viotorfy, HDud-

*of n 'other ea 1eC. s fuolonr was' 1/5-e nte
MMtud 7 cath0a'd 4h who lrlt s etles
O t D the finle A'hen s. AbBl ,oehM ot tobe 1tr .ery reo l flor re
t t a I thrumle ladeer Thanks to a loophole un the law, that's the amount od beta t d Q

Sn" Butlers opeaton has tottld in the last 11 years, when or one
h m reason or another, he's had no track o hi own to use. The loop-

Wk|Uole- !;J&!1^ ?^^ reads "own or maintain." ,. ,'IL V
l e ae the beginning Butr had a letimate excuse or not us-
afl p er rl mpir becauteof tranaeordtatwIwit lems posed bC R the *war tOT -

.. A) time the restraint were Ifted, however, he f ound4hmnsel f \

a&*- e /j ir wy tne fcodw e owrmakingadeparme.rna -a t f t d

** ^^ ^ 'E ^^ 0*??1?."*Btnetr SeS racing has alwaysbeen conducted along lines ^ M
fher aha Athreemle c lne strongly ogge t lop monopoly. cothersaton was t amount of, be
list dide nnlbf1 m-tuu' operation hastotle High8on th kept 11 yersU~t when 7 for. onedri

i i Wygbto r ., except for threo er no ther o eis content until recently when some of tphe
Sp. .- The nns nol brother members beah to ask how meuch longer Butler'or memer-antai
Pee he IWn tng, Bul hade Exc us lorn jolt

m WIf AOU deac.. l8gea ntmpniecasew actor had been introduced. Three ob the war.
m I rther tee r str at wer lhere ftd bhttwoveh efu. 5hisel
-w l bby mdtoman i.o~mord wnth moe 'own omanthat" s ghimmick. ath

%. Sn t b h neASw Pr rIt ain the blue-prinot tage and Itdications are
Ro 0 ecpf: ston urot 5f 4 t pmonpoy clear they aren't going to W

S track. Teand atthsa me hrof build unlessio they Iet help rom Aly, which man they wantm t
mnln lt eJmeJ ao 8 new qurters haTonigtrodquced. Three ofth

A war waigly goob. b e taxpay ers o put up themoney'ther rdetlion which eran't like-
if m e t but tno tracte Is Governor, epia g aIrn election year e
good. Ills NewkOrleans Neemed to mean ex-o andnnmr ithi roler hsef. 014t

.It"- ^'^- -^.r,.*~ h GOOM BTMWTAK -\\f X
S etth at' One thg wheh might, have drive em to unthnle ex-
r Sot! hIcSofil lebrmty o4 putting up their own money w3a the threat o a New

*rsft ersalai ck a s t 'l y e ef s 9to appea etos eitoern Recealy hitad legiation forbids the .lo

i ~ I~~^^r~ 'an erection of another track across the river. ^ / ^^
P"44Bra ,an Anlyotnd With the urects of.a maeeM moder track for the big an me seann
-:1 cul crack te 00 and town'now more bleak than evers Im, indeed not.per-atently eras-tb

dt the brothel are now shamelely bao the open fighting
71e.1 Sashburn of Oklahoma a- O thin whslish mitsta undhrvwdich he adn uthe Phantom x
sm r lt s e the40weler ac t of p utt fup they Cole, chrsy a n of the racing e wo
rilm of IWISL commeistones, who has Rn frowned on itler's etoplaomic con- e
tracko- = rc.ln

o l hti 's trbutons to the improvement of the breed, the brothers are ianx-
I b eJack v' of oAther oied tho bt hr sar nPow shad hes bo htohe Veoprver rfiaing
t ol f t rle i far the wank selfish iece inx weeks ago they got a lot of d automatic P
ih.- h1tad. ma remrbkM- Taking theiratio from. ltAsley Cole, cht11yairman ofwhen fracing

titi writing, table raping and musical sonds., but no material sc- -
S tion. and ant compromisae of token dato, tx i number, which
*- --atL*. t ink Tar tonoi insisit. that would keep flutter efflelally In the lodge, wit scorned.UC
.W h w i h11ae tomorrow no- one seems to know, beyond m
d ta2e14' 4 irm the fact that Butler sil wants ar of 4 meet, and is MEW
wow ever:to fAigh forbi aaota t of day It may be war.

Sa tpla te ake trats mtter to ho usr, or It could bme l She I
.fy baa been in 4a Sooueh with ir Arthur COA Oe whose standing Acideni
w ^it-^^ R .'^'In the spirit world io MSA to be not iflignifictut' ccan
Once the brothben'aye decided on bqtaey are going to FREE
whack up the dir, they must8submit them to the
_____________________. racIng cong a n for L01 f She should relent features
4 wud? and take Butler t agat thare is knwn disap-i

*S.:.. '' i S .S sr&aQtWconer "_ I%5--
b ,.z ta-e,. And the chalrhian'a ui is tdamat, Tme aomaisslon
-.... 0.,exBea a o was scheduled no meet tih ois w the chairman earon-
sq> Th X'ns d thi n brother me re getting e ho mc be mNneeting aeud a
%j week. Obhl wants to lbe ready for Sieh aind fi aeo g-gtn.g.
iter's a thtis not .
Rw iw tPstonlr" eb.tJr gon to be
In are atginth to this, though why d
J s eats ator metrpinodu cId. T

bas ae rqe g ucS n as lent no more tha lip *ervte toh
-.Aw*whs wil effS ri" St mae tetopt the blanen of iowler in Butlerg g| P
His NewOrleansthas vAez;* IttS gain.ato l le sta A .
^|^ "|^^g ^jgj^gp-.ftaffI.~at^H~t *rr*T Dit tTI ilirtft TIrle IMrtn 4:022ll r on'

S** *7 ^ -- -y ^ ^ j a ^ ff r. -4.; .. .v 4.1- ._ ., **^ T .? --- -- 4 1- -; 1-*. :
.' ; ~ 5t' ^.4 -.. ;'-iai^ -. .-- :': -- .' \ -- --* -- 4 -. .. --/ -

dl T



3.2 .40

aKkJRible: (ItMliys-t

?o Wendo $4 3.40
gatcete A.80.
to'? .(00. h-B
Sd.) P*(l. /'
Slack Gold (Excluded frji
trow :tPS, 6.20, 6
In J4.20, 2.80
W eO (iropo-Sin Fin)
ol Rt ACE
Petite $A. 2.80
Don JaTIme .3,20.
801 loadon $13,.90 .80, SJM0
abarda.$ 0A840, 3.80
Darlene $2.80.
oraggio $1.2Id, 6.40, 240
qranero $3:00, Z0'
senit Datbe:e (tcile loan-

;afirtng0o $4.40. 4, 3.20
;uraca $7.20, 3.4D
toseresa $4.
luilcila: (Cafionazsocura.
terry Mason $3.40, 2.80, I.0
(alli 03.40, 2.40
*arnmla II $2.40.
ineaTwo: (Merry-Mall I n)

rogeno $7.20, 6.20
aqulinazo $3.60.

4 Ll

t Ting ma.e
to laajor Tea
Muthtild have
j asn kiow ..'

-aq wuJrJu U--ra r
t. -N Mew York -VIAiS
aF 3 aTERN speaker for a
this fll or winter?" itre Actad A OLndd t 0 L.As
now..'- Mary Buxbaqm -listed z43ge m M IRt. -
girend a^ thMcruhlt ly dtlir tSabl

Ca 2tu-tk"ouder b. ;
ln gernest. "The m oi-
$1 u.w mwnmum exwo,"-.she 2tbeSr:|*y
Apparently, thdbe poor the tryg f tieetG'la* th

tht heda ofeeclbiesg kef.-aj .04.%
to pedle basbapall a n-s a% baohme kwap Vl ahed tS=9 %
towi wan supposed to .hav p his fthfduh" W, fall ofW..w
chockbok out by this' ueet ,ftad? nstuWs n yat anobl .a 4
to scribble off a fast threq-agure ployed dutb' the off-sea.eg7!
copl for Booker B7P bau. add- be reimbpsed for tie
have Jimmy Pietsuit' mose.e 'Bur It e a
Uinal Boston Red Sow.outfelder? for club to 02-0
I can arrange for Plersall's ap demtand iourbitZr
pearance. Jimmy's fee is $S1O for their OW dodge. J
an evening perbrmice sand. $75 That's. 01 the owners *R|
for an ..ppearance'at a luncheon 6r hLve their own speaker'
a breakfast meeting." It would be a law-cost aud
tv-prftable inestmqt,~ -
FOR THE FRONT .off.i of a-big W:- 4 '1
league dub to permit a letter of D'.
this sort sent out is a dld. Min PO If1ItD
grace and a thoroughly- intolerable
situation.-> NIW YORK- MA J a
Harry' Rdblph1- fther tqstlfler ltin .10. fibs.
that the day of free celebrities es. kitbql New York
pecially bull players, at banquets wm 4e Igated the 1 s
is finished. Commissioner Fod Polmahed =lu or
Frick is to be a'Wtfest at a night inI Rw* 'hie tifrt In li .
Wilkes-Baie, Pik., Jan. 13. Ai ont pei t be iva5
who else be was going to have, tqp performers In all s
^ ^ ---4


.* trc :;


BE<'.< simPbA

^ Verntouue





1' }



- --

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ts can happen to anyone. Avoid them by having your tires inmtR*ud
today at the Firedtone Retread plant $ Youll get ad t!.abety
of a new Firetone tire with Firetone faotory-method retreSa.

-4 -. -- -. t' .A.


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r;~~r'~i.~~,, I-" L. -


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*e :,



- a' .-.;, J

"Let the peope En* Ab r am
STWENTT-N P um v .- .A- Maia

_, 4 Ot her S eps For I-S Heoa lth ..-
WASHINGTON, JIn. 18 UP)- of >acbevig1ll be e federal fl l i buil am .d- through h Federal Deposit .'
ECEIVES REPORT President Eisenhower (right) re Prent senwerre-ommend "acesibl to g i.r e f lly. In laying .b l" is helt ret
..IIe 0rfb re- Pre en -h r n seom mend-.^ '1
r e aCa Inaspeial mw!, liear Of it do -
f rom Bernard egal, Chairman of s the ComSalarysommissiontsthe a $25.000,000 federal re-insurance and welfree me in Chairman bA. Wolvertont menati ,u Is. isenhowerse
Hous. They recommended that congressmen vote them- program to help private and non and Senate rMr also: J.) of Commerce ted lliation ofmed
a$12.500 paTy raise: nay hikes of $10.000 each for the vice oroti insurance companies offer 1.Urgedt n re-ommittee a i nnboduced cine."1
dent and speaker of the house: and salary boosts ranging broader health protection to more ealth aSertivitice, stthe ucal fr re t be vem t L bill which

ant.rr gurnte -. Not from $12,500 to $14,500 per year for federal judges. f milies.Health Service, pa. l thecalls for oveet t
fields of cancer, 0, on tche benefits ce r wab le health coWd twell oa* Itsel to "cer- --.. ... .
He also called for a eatly ex. earth die ses dentaL aro insurance a plans tain nialb healh odas."
panded vocationl rehabilitation thrit*p and biind'nq, This would e siml to the fed- "Ntonation adin iitra

pn r ao e s ceo r o ea ya r Ie- erwr guar a t e on ba k d tos se se 0" sen "
2. Propsedt ebi pa olac nt It c-lto fo allT
AS ee n rs bled Americans to active working federal grnts-ndd t Hizen, Mr. lal o wer sid.
&ngressmen Pufheal, chld wee an d. *ejectthe"

Memeiz eose inited matene tfvye.r src workaas today la a 24sn a "While pe oeilmis g hit e c I-t the ..g
These were part of a basic five- litaton. He said DUelWUieetthou of eed.

point program Mr. Esenhower re -o Ot i eaoe iea ')s Os eola Aver ent atin -
o e w O s oommended *to lhe]p relieve the r financial, eaa~l~ hlosetrib n s cne, we bitL vgor and aima-

rotew^Note uhsvn p .poy re Dn er hs p l wl vI y p te Ben. wet nathen tede the
l on n y Raise riou burden medical and ceive toporti onatelY Se o a u e inafton con seIarh out by

and. a hero es und ea ar r neet to eug com'- er .t oay e ona te t s eld .
en"= m easW5mn t roa v .u- onstiu R-nYe .

as endt ai hospital costs so that "th ana s He as suggse l oL t18 i n e a
St eld a yar Ir a thee Wanf l ii e tmnoe S nation an to n

S e wh c lke a an om e lectrical W orker a bern ,i
f e oHIN TON.ul an. 18 ro (UP curs'liv in in Washington a r t prt o au .e f b ete M 8ae r y tc pe et o heater l 4s

moor nr.tionhlsignlflca ce." Il. ndoe erIMIsXln e

requpornt Workerthatonlyfos ane fuh trdpa planfo MaM csor of -hemi- -L app. tle
Members of Congress waited makingfrequent trips to C iss oetricll rkerswpol o n a OMIAMI, s i .Semi- r e

hmuselve tay2or0aAr orthomemaate.bePrerentd'eMrmbesin pr oeConrressw aa de
m. to c them whether lhey Sen. Milton R. Youn. (hr-N. m e Arcaren ofacl.litiepa ng add whose tribe never asg ned a the
vote themselves a pay raise D.) said he probably will v mgew _hiorgans t on "Ca rtre atyrweith -teUneda, 01 e,

iofh bulo oe s id a Ato sates ore rto the ila-
election yearm 10 .gaist the $12,500 pay rall o se, butrs Le P Intrnaonal y f A ty k poered to the hat- de

a year overwork are made at theurent requests Employers National Federated hertot today f ong ress will
d ul of the -bundles for expressed interest In a commw- tA -raft Y

ad o paid" federal of various m organatons and Electrical Association warned tVicen 195 and53 Pnam "l t you put th e eroe
ttensts launched when ngover nment foot the e bill s te foxe l w s b e O ha oa rfuneru eennept, e thth co le tu-
eosa cpay raise bill came round tremlpa a year between LONDON, tan. 18 (up) d evIeiu, mtion. t m lto $ 0 early e t
ao do, Wa ro 1. they Washington and a Congr hes-rConmunist tats oed 00 'ay "The Seminole nieo wants to WASHdNG 0nJaren.IS(UP). ,P
after World War II. they W and a Congress- Communist agitators led 30,000f P, tion.

SThe electrical workers'walk- Clubon we could get each o the .
ted the whole subject like a man home. ectrica orkershtoday iua2yt he SemineS nationw Sas to WAeSeIITO TOrR Jas. 10(PM#ttLlrndth
el of pollnitroglycerine. .hour strike against Britain's a- la rn s e ur he pee before 0 Cospeened Tomorrow and t E
jp pres4ential comnms- Now the government pays tromicplants, andexportra b a po iaobr y to pr families a more than00jh ro teWe is

reported this woeek tha only for ones such round trip tries. fea and wco-ponsors o th ge a t for oa car.- iyW e ae
er "groslyunder-"An arra ngmenttohelp com-lThewalakoutr clmaxeda seri es- e. meAnd meo nt. n o ishe atanAv ei'.wl 'Sotl e d

e aofTetid the total Drie 'O t
l"tremeddsowed electricians' unionprs-LI departmentf feth e e cb le nt" A

themselves $12,500 a year for the many trips they have to ldaremedicalbi f the nation now s e
which would make take to and from their home Venet Frank Foules'announce- tion In the F lorida Evergades, e eds 0 year,

nce,*1 2he o.00." alan democracy be ore he would ,.w "l fte b the Avenue south of ththapit l y le ect that he l
r aal S e e ef organization was said the ainqndent would ell- Tn asteage of Mr afa il~
0 commission also proposed Young said. at w ar with the employers. minate "a large part of the trl l- Mr. esno or said the ur-
150ses o form $1,500 to practically all of these trips Leslie Penwillfor the Vendirector of the internationally famous Ar- ty-akinx mstd arr treet to Morgan Avenue to awapower frothe den on low-l

i a ear for "overwork- are made at theurIent requests Employers' National Fetodated engine a i said Io t was sending r conituot willa eehe houses north of the point I d ae
aesL r e .h other consti tuents These trips the electrical workers before Open champion and runner U mendme pt, Wg leht-be e h baber
jew Congresmen backed a.- are tremendously expensive to hand that all who walked out to Sam SuneM thl year, sBR make a0 deal with-the state Ofer cetnal
to 00t wlteahdb'tcwalt- members h ltheaderWest Coast and today wouldbelocked out when astCards. l iddn o play c ben Florida, but If we -have toe a i r Ie b e o t iae
Mo home district comment the western States." they re r starten p ear in 1955. e Miles Thomas, chairman of onerseratio of house 884 to 888. court order.wi
id. would be political airline xpctde- a not be overlooked" t te x o10 .-

Hm CJhCld Nixon and U. 8. Senate livery of at least two British De in-th crah o the plane that rA U D I 8 e 14
SEdil m leader Wllam Know-The electrical workers' walk 5l o n to their deat could get each o oT
private remarks that they ade the invitations atomic ptyear, to befiner the Panamaellubrranean. Anibal aee -
to vote for a raise- spokesmann for the Pre owdent ertations. coal mines nMaeay Alan Lennord e hae been waiting for o Closed
not nearly as big as ruther industries. Brasos Brook's pro BOb Fret- years to put through a peaceCTomorrow
ende by the c ysay was "gr Employers had asked for ffn land. treaty and would like to get It
There-was sde terested n Asian problemsal arbitrngton or LAVauthe differ- Tclo avtimo ordered a- m. Ad before you and Senator Briker Morgan Ave e will be closed
of h h felt domestic prob on to use New Yorksej Internd a- in will be $2"causes and citomorrow ornin to thro t
I h mprom~ol am th e proposal A rta idleweld) as cuatneeIn making it l traffic while Mainenance D

gala v, attention. -tarting ton LAVsproect- Thmas tasd a statement eONd Jwn 18 (1,TP) Di "Th dids te a e refused to
'ngcatedr"We axe prepared to bury-the d on worknsoin tproressIn t h .old. .td u
a the lthat createL. Jan. 18 (UP) hatof het and aree noto take B aboa Flats prepar to to e decisi aoI

e commission. CongressmustP det sm -tl-"er tareAg. o$ preprme tobury the ewr inProgressIe ye- c e re

itu Fve of them visited bydon hd -out fromSn- tton's economic lite," e Laor esttn xt, women oaSeatudto af
nMthern cUtda es oinumdtan Baku. MMawYShyen L m sta anoany more white scaln ts leothlya them among thousands of here. llers, to
Sits a rcomendat onsd d y he must first make e n n added. The street wll be cut a House Kapger. o
de o othe senrse. and t the rthPhlhppenc a odel o -A-888 and all houses on Morgan cu when'y h rs f Sut

d eKanor demoo Tray before he wouldLn oaamtnbrtonaAevnemuih sub n i nm-on ietpwr ta t -ln ed io
Cethant ovee peet- to know, ta ckle the problemien' hwodof rallying Ai V 'WCae in often bur th Avue hofat p twr "efe c
Sinihatchet while are still alive e es lyom Blbol tcare-fr e

2e d tJali telped th -i oderlle at scosedaiato thoe spamoe B $ 'tdpu of ne onti ss bur,,t e lpeace- tIa the ^ t
ttrips r back ho mersooA, .hs--,o-how. tf bmuut m uwe do not bury the peace- oad. on. pisigartp Titu t 4e
t oh mu les feel. Aae until we are dead." Ths Mint'ennce Divismillo wills 1-a.requesat that muyUa,
SGeorie A. iken (R-Vt.) Tbe remarks came as a reac- CARACASJan.18 (UP)- A action hinted that sabotage Os oa said has oaltrb w install A t araccess roadn frb*nto th M.r
$1,a es e a a e tion to IGnvitations from Asian spokesman for the Venezuelan d the crash if Its Comet las it has been homesteading Car Street to Morgan Avenue toWaitsMtrval
a nd AmLrIca leaders for m Airlines (LAV) said today that Sun dy--and saiid it was sending x-ree i you will agree to give forte houses north o the .gpnIwpfnrt ie95
estimated the average n1to takete Initieative In forming preparations are under way for special security investigators to u wa -eeI maw i areetothe street n to tuhePit .
goes Into the hole fromanarmed Southeast Asian union a h"etairtransport service be-points on the air route to the u wsimpe deed and stop whr this street is to berdfiledCinui
to t ayear because doo heasiu ee crashfi Co etnlst awans intoAtthrt Wiettgat-
ar under his leadership tweenNw York and Buenos A- F East. llry gue-ridden flop It beused by the occupantsate
l salary Just woesh t starets.sga early in 1955. Or Mies Thomas. chairman of hse onhe4reservations."
l eexpenses he n- South Korean President Rhea Pedro Rheverraa, LAV manag-,id* "the possibiity of ." 883. m-y
a mnd Aerican Vice-president or, said the airline expects de- cannot be overlooked" Po irou
I'd NIxon and U. S. Senate l" vpry of atleast two British De Jcra.-of-the plane that(i i
(sil e Editors lea es n o"minin. try of ,t lede. tof there an eat n9 Wanlts Pump Joe Portirio RanKed
A.spbokesfln for the President service. ","ultaneolsy Alan LennoxJODO.
up J1J37J-flid Mr. Magasysay was "graestlytNegottons are under way in in f transport andV-
'but that he -felt domestic prafr-lion to use New York's Interna- luqio.ltr fite die "causes and cir- Mil- .'
lmhadaprior claim toipal it dlewild) as cuntne" 'the Comet crash. Pass. Mi Jaion18-(UP)
aYark-Carcas-Lia-Jn1aaidination of the Te O today foresaw be- PAIS. Jan. 18 (UP)-oe D- "y didn't eil t t eaet cud
W. Jana. 18 (UP) hAeo, ceMto rs and Porfurip RubitML .-that I know.
ge returned to Moscow to- The okew nts favori mdd. e4 aft Its pioneer airlinerglosstin 1954tunlesstthe Igovern- .a ei I_.7-u o
ollowng a two-week, 0,00-phras ..' have homework toj Meanwhile, in 'London, the chovernand rank as the "Don suspension
touo-.1rWthesMont pomesthe economic pump lusta- of 1954,"h France was toldandstuM "
tour in the soviet. Vniol pl.'. British Overseas Airway Corpor--edo strural weaknesses In wi-.--spending and reducediaxm-din
Included an impm -the1119"- ....e thgot that foat crashed ofof *' nee got that ood. for d eer apartifl ,oij .e, 1"
beam'll game withGa' Ui1nThe,. tao government spending anthe mIaI-dIMUo8,40f bant '
game the-sle of lba shortly after tW,.programs should Jlay a 1 1 themasi- c htta o Se .0.

weles alf ntePPpae. N
itot also !In Be r WGabriel Murr. In 1 j
ehreof %U Wport, said to- AWha- otAt .1
c that of wwle seuartya
Iltois have been adopted athe -da
and than makes the sab.
'theory far-fete ? -.
z e ae computmect of
the Comet is located ditecty be- .
.- *oneath the passenger compart-
h ,,ags
r' -c tRg tA. ba wheOam -:n.Elba 'ho exam.
Georg "M bWhe Mweftr a. me .bodies recovered
,wreckage said -,Ltw-t-si
Lo 9 W eW lost his life In the storm-tossed came from be- ''
sols expedition for ColuMia and ead beforethe
-.-. LB= -tl,. ttliii.;. -o, --. ,- -,..
-_ :. :. .it. -*-........ "lita t.
J "'- 'k ,: : '. -" r "'



II; i-




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