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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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.- i. ,-'-" .','- ,!- -. ..
-" .

F" ..,. 1.

Rhee Talks (

'Definite Acti

JTo Unile Kor

SSEOUL. Kosea JTn 16

rtragged on tdenftnlt. Il th
United States dou not put an
end to it, Korea will have to do
The -- old President said
he had a lowed three months,'
the stalled preIminar
talks ttoriene a peace con-
ference. That deadline ends 10
days from now.
"After that there woul be 60
days allowed for the confer-
enice," Rhee salad.
If the. conference has not
been czvened in three more
mnathns R hea said. "I think

' II




'- ,

PANMUNIOM; Korea, Sunday, Jan. ? ^
John E. Hull announced" today that he. i
warning ad4 wtt taleae 22,000 anti-on
er as ciiqs, on m. 23. ..
The Ajfied commander in chi d Ma .,
Indian Lt. Gen. K. S. Thimayya th wiLeqgtI
22,000 anti-Rid prisoners whom ThimayI prTopo
turn over to'him next Wednesday.. U
But instead of holding them for disposition
Korean peace conference, as Thimayyo demanded,1j
United Nations Command "will honor its obligaifin
trept them as fully entiHed to their freedom as cMi
en Jan. 23;" Hull saitd.. '
The Cemmun ti* warned over -hOer Peipinq.J
yeadrday that ifUN ,I rileoses the prisoners, df"|
them to Chinese taStionalit Formegw and So uLR
as planned, he will "destroy the truce;'

iema4 for. e ~
~lw h~ -

With thil.tsue
a crisis. South

The warm wsIther renewed
sav he M t& in south cen
iral 2trpi. -
Sttee w i',W deaths Vere re
ported frbi. Austriaas "whli
death belt. And a snclWsUde in


'"mcn too
I were fear-
back home

m GP
todav I

ir camila
L., its Pm
L I,

pay scale as a Ker. m
wouk be a 4y
the t12,50
pense &*cout raB
Its r llo
eluded 'pay
Spe~4 and.
oa y

..u s rs


~ ~ A "0, T *

ti t

^NZMoth.riet *
k Royf Coacts
ofn -B9o Bg
^~ ~~~c.. h6 ,TT- ^ Il

'* FwT __ baby'.
1" gI ..tg6109 7- s-
u -mQgUM
s i~t~d-, ^civics
.J *HA~tBL~~t:J&^(7P) ~lS .<|etjd~fi.

Lis, but W.
ied .lor
rsult of
d verteab
wn" he ft

so y an APier-
ry DIvision em-
., hayI, wa

fJret prato
turp onto
bdide with. th
nciyWeb said their
d that Sh y
Rhr.ta th
dwW, and as he
Sw betting
Itik othe ve-
io *-e and fell off
Faha trnk i

d. Ship .


rnd7 a
~Ith t Strip
n a oar resembling
'fro .the scene
a host of
A and press a-
tia couple at won-
.ldd they believed
D were headed for
S But the hotel
0 there aild the

trying to learn
intends to re-
re said they
Lve the cou-
Op h-ern Cal-

". 00 e

U.! 0., Jan. 16 (UP)
n'eyving grandmother
Nether husband with
lied in the Ohio DeV-
6e0cdchair last nigt
lord of remorse.
SDean, 56. who said
la't cry" ove hba
Red. unaxsaste4
house, sat don on
ieked chair and clos-
I to await the 1960-
of electricity which
4 was executed for
husband of four
awkins De an,* 868,
baoshe prepore- for
frm home In IQubh-
prison officials mar.
bp stoic oath with
Pean awaited her
We prison steward
k served her coffee
'in a cell next to the
I S the time for her
ded me of the por-
histler' s mother."
She onlyy smiled
.would eat the cook-
,, who bad. sx ohil-
ight grandhdenm,
Oe her arrest that
*"up to. God." When
tava, 0., found he
Mbr on Dec. 131962,
Sean't cry."
Ed dfad of poison-
,. 1& 25. 12- than
A afte they .wr

dR 4e ae d aon wmsolg e-
newl of the war, o ots er
Ame#loiaR olcJa rwer* dii-
turbed by RhleE'u tatenmet but
said they believed he wouI not
attempt to fight the Ohinese
and Nrth Korean armies alone.
The7 said their, believed Rhee
knew thab would lead to '"na-
tilonl suicide" for South Ko-

Sam e,Jr. May


USCA RedgntI ,n

8a. :qe. Jr.. who rece tly
with4rW from the PaciftCvic
COM flaiad today he would-re-
hm ralsnation "due to
rwi-request8" he has
n MA, Ltday he has been
vaipK, telephonee calla
7r ` dc eOnncil member,
wCA.4d ./ r Rnnps not Lo
.with'from the Pa-
ve, o .J enior delegate
from Balboa of the Pacific CI-
vic the Oeneral Ctvic Councils.
His actln was prompted af-
Wer a"Paie Civic Ceuncll meet-
i'zheld earlier this week at
which he said the highlyy cri-
tical attlde" of his and Mrs.
Margaret Rlnnle's past activi-
ties forced, him to make the

'A i ...
paIpnr pe, .ca.tailof .For
mosa,serted tht e, Chines
Comnisnt- are rushingtroops
to Munchuria for a peblere-
new of the Korean war. rne
field army is s ready IW Man-
churl the newspaper hina
Union Press sid, and two more
are on the way.,

should esC l

p rsan a by taftre
Jan.-and under the
The CommunIntsa Aded
that they be held In neslial
evOt"y. 6nM,. they have %Y n

statue qoeaMered by a ee
eThe made It Platet
they men to fre e rte I CO-
munlat prisoners.
TIhtgua, deelding to wash
his hand of' the entre-nmatter,I
nouncedo that he prp to
Sprioners back to r
captbra Jan. 20 but he demanded
that thIe rpective sidesa tx
hold the men captve.
Firmly 0ecting l this, r ,Ul
td Th~~say th he c
accept custody of the anst-Red
prisoners on his terms.
I'n view of your stated Inten-
t ito rIlease- w nsrally the
DIMas of war start~ g Jan. 20,
X,. Command must neces-
aftybe- prepared to arrange
for their accomodation and dis-
position," Hull said.
Regarding U e Comnnamnt

., t. ,.
fN. 1 *;

p -.

of t"a". TtRA -ALLBOMA C,(RLTT 'el. "e .
wifta4 hair and te B a Cevelai*. o
in ol wat.1.* nkb m t -rala % s l ot
to ... .
,. : ....~ :A. ....I. -. ... --" ... *

,,-.: ...,.:. .. .. :. .IT

" ,. ,, ,
> -j.^

., ,. ;:'~
I. '
*; r.-*

Ir I




2'.) 'ts
'* s.4

-A- -

ed in a
Si crowd. 0
waited. In.


at te re mo
an h ; bult app
ly the men would a
in ON -day.
The Indmans ma

the upokesmasi
N "he mgusts,

ers- mlii

bonflri p
to stgnl
police t
The UJW,
proposal of
my lies t
ceivlngt "
amrid Redt
lies intend
tivu next


0 ~
* .1
I -
.~ '.ic~

.* '. ..-


I r -.

. :- 7 -., I,

th'e D o

- "l a

. -

l i i *" i I -'

.. .,, :.- *, 'I ...* +- ,
.'. *' .w fl .,q, .-...

,',*. f
I,'1,;.. -.. < .' _-3 / ':.

^q -n^ .a _D,. -- Labor News r o.
N .'U. 1,d "41 Ands

s43 MamNSe tAMM NW V.4R. 59V1 N V1. t
JA O "- *.- I


,d. t ,an .-.---,- sao ," By VICT'I)R RIESEL '
9 _1, ,. 70,I. MA Nd 'E
'tU FORUM THE il Abi OWN COtLUMNI Someone, somewe re in the ,
WhiteHouse, Is briefing Gem. ge V.
senhower very badly.
..; 1 The President -tried earneedly :
enough to go down the center In -
?A Lhis labor message to Cdngress. In.. '
stead he wound up in the middle.
The Mail e as oan opes forum for meaden lf, T Peomer e0" 6 His strategy of reaching over the
.Lars tua m re coe* eateaully end are handled ha I w* O.e co0 heads of the labor leader. to get at
RW s Ibii aet the millions of rank and file-union
S bute a l a de e mlnt it d t apa thmembers and voters was fouled up .e 4.
W..Lebaare published in the order I eiewes. somewhere between last Friday
t rto keep the fetters limited O ene page pa lt. and Monday nights. Like's attile '
S of laMer wraers a held in striltest "eRhdeae. plan was sound. His staff wor. ..
awspaiper a ume s i respoelibiliy ter satoeesnIte as epialees the White House and 'o ithe H,.
il meteors i ren roea's. Was almost ludicrous. Here's bow "v .
-- he was hurt:.
HOW MUCH LONGER? Tke, as always the great council. '
have a n situation here at Coco Solo that would put "Thorne aor, ew that hi bu sinpess -p... .
to shame! The drinking and promiscuous activities at trtcr: were sgarleved because ie
a on most any night in certain houses are now getting oo eemed primarily be from the so-calledon
SIn the Navy have seen some rotte men but it's difficult Dewey camp in the Republican
o in the Navy have seen some rotted men but Part, The President, therefore,
erstand how they can overlook these acts. Part' The President, therefore,
ure, the authorities here kno Why haven't they done ordered Secretary of C commerce
SHowmub eo a ow iarIsg ahgoangtocontinue? Weeks and Secretary of Lt ,bor a tfl
ng? How much longer R it going to continue? o Mitchell (generally considered to
Rer Wbe in the Dewey camp) to get to-
"H 'T W OL P gether and work out all final
S WHE DON'T WE FOLLOW FRAY POLICY points of his message. .
IN THE HANDLING OF DAY- O ltAD? This they did, for the 'most part,.
on Friday night. Their) final. o k....
d you have to do t get a freshlot of bre from ing draft then was sent on to the
sfafilta Com nissary? I have here before me a loaf I have Whitc House staff.. tif
urehased that is so dry, each niece is beginning to curl. I ,- .
Just bought it. It can't be less than three or four days old. There It Y as ut together by
Lu not the exception, but the everyday occurrence at the Gerald Morgan, a ery brig t t:n.
ieateis-en the AtSantic side. nician, with the help of Jaco Mar- li d
when we are within one mile of the bakery does this tin, for.ierlv Sen. Taft's aide-de-
SIt smlls very good. But it is never put on sale until camp. Much of the actual, lan- he a
ea etSa ours old, and is left on the counter until it sells guage was set down by Asasistant w"l '
Al .. b ckwoods bakery in the States has its bread in its moved in to make certain that it
y ruck tvhile still wtrm, kind eed stores serviced a hun- reflected in "its language" what 1 "" -
miles away have fresh bread ip a couple of hours, and the President Eisenhower wanted. This- ..4; e".1 s"
.-truck picks up the bread that is left over from the days- meant, to me. that Mr. Morgan t .aI". ,.. t w d ., as
delivery and take it back to the bakery toQ e sold at a ad Mr. Mar tine, reoresentine ic, h
bred \store at a reducedraSe. .. mgr conservativemgleyents-otthe -
t Republi :an Party, were w i4 in.
o et Is a shtme that thruh e edomm .py.t oQaeda s,
ng that they never get a nes lhtf of bread i any o harmony th Adams, who sprieliks ..e .'. ."pit oatt t W Al ait .
I tlores There is no reason w they can't have for a loosely formed bloc reflect. w e. n L
In every store when It ovens in the morning, as no store i an-, Goy. Dewey's views in the 4, to e d f a. e ,s .
two hours awy from the bakery. party. g a b l
writing 'I-eb. s jr "e a i t ]a-
t .Mienes M.-, Supply and Srvictsllnetor, plel. up the te Excdpt on one isaue, they put to- .et. d Ser, Ni t n -. ..- .'
.si dS it d n r tf P r n ^ together a very skillful message.a WA$HINM GTON- (] A) .-D oe rvi.. at d 4 1. lm e teao a ,, omu o an-so ,
;-m -.One d amhe ^ ^'visL there was room for both labor tWo enthusiastic bursia e applause subjected to. Wttit of cltaz Mr. ,la hla."ya ,
and Industry to complain. And which greeted Presdpt .nip nder the a en- 2. Com'f an t oft re- searchsa yp ca.l J Mead s il. "M
Answer to Preuvid u Puzzle there was rom for both sides to es request fir a vWlaw to de- tied to vote. on, attempt o .e t. overthrow se -cht@ Mt o he dawId;
oscui Appa claim victory, too. For example, p 've Communists .oAmerican The reme Coue M~Pennsyl- the oeram e the beat e of t from mory to o
sul Ap parel the President actually eased the citizenship, during ht ttte of the viania d hold 1 besf that arm taesbat -the- gpueniet, of e bvenac, ag .
way for a secondary boycott. He U amehge .to" eils indi- the U. S. had'fe', I mpplse 3. lHA fd or Ienia ma oteo y o. ed. q&.Z
t '4 Sit at the old cl 'et which says Ctathat odgre-s action forfeittire ofl on .eW i. Ia time of.r,11 w e reo d. t ,e id p r
S*a .. inis can't picket a store which tis a proposal A heft it does. In 16 Congre that patil enmergevcy to evade mill- *i bo
carrying the Products of a factory bqcoine the 1dw of Pt'ind,-De-'expa tdtfon was o aIural sad tat-eqwlce. a .- th
gament w i Require they are striking. By easing up this partment-of, Justice -aftorneys -do inher`.4t -rih. oft 'p.. In Ar-' 6fthese were ar- man M Ih
by en w i Require ban. the President helped such not anticipate any challmge to it. othqr wors, If an4y Aseis ,ax ti- ri oter. into-i Moc n eI. Im ee'
b'asculmne DOWN outfits as the Teamsters Union constitutionality., en vol ly hoses to ome migratiih and Naftestion La *- '
head overing ICorruption and various retail clerks' unions. Contrary to first imprespios of a citizen Af athe' ae mf, .* tet'
head g Cothe ~ongftssknenthis' -a, nit uay do soI we .I
ssu t 3GreeW lettersofThe President also urged that some n third g'b rt ll-newdttle. The elr.& doeu i e d.e.ale .t -ig '.a .
Ssuit 3Weightsof the law make it clear that union. President popped rt het -Therem ndyridua t.d to have a etee, ytO wa h
'dus of India can't be sued for the acts of wild- is.a .it.le ut'og, Ipgal and had-to',erforui tl acts .
L'ows 4 Small candle 21 Dibble 43 Measures of matters, in'tviuual union members h1fjar blm i ff, i caf n i ,
5 Tipped 24 Protuberance, cloth and perhaps even officials,. Ag A s &c .s at *..tie
Ia 6 mstie 25 Nobleman I V=4wto $e t 6thdyilarar.'
I r u tm glxchUN 4l bysuysed MOst important of all he gave to t U, 1 6SS ai Lt ,-
Sak ni 50 'inO f of d yarn w hat is, in effect, a closed shoptl to er N e ltest 1d -
8 The astidous 2 bie weed 5 Eight (comb. over 3,000,*00 APL (and some i bral, ~cI-eltkd1 :
W Olive us 32 Lampreys of Mindanao tainment industry, as predicted ~ iin n re fur t at waorr "nt e-r 4t tuaaw r,"" t
SGrana anta Precsas 54 Painful this column. the 'U s. sr ofit hea-b o aa ht W. f
O I A'a .08th u.t-, man S,- sag eo d ap l"L 'to lailvidalh S..h 4ain his a esidenee -in this -: "o o myOfl. XI -
Jl 1m1m '. ll--dlr d Z i-t ort.he n most part, se re- volhnta siey to, Wrme ckht. qsdtibecotme an ,4y1 b e o slf
m 111 ssjeettog beam. Ashh dA
fish V p I er a or u tXon 4e publicanvsectiofrda.l"Mof Adother nbuntty. th gh Amdti,
k ILT .e- a fewothrminor marriage or for other personal r ea- Mrs. MacKentle subsequently however, they esa a Mr. Truma teii 'of .M wor
eoneesl-" to the unions. sps. suht ,t register as 4 votes bnae remo esucd. s o $,h t' h. i v etllat.-
cwatter -One of the fi't ests' raid. ratlEe was refu~ed. is Th is, rl t ''i "ie ever you -ro f t
aii| nsect But Ike hit the unions on several hwa came .in the ease of Hubent on grounds oft her -m- hwer's res. It an, h i
sk soup very vital points. Corruption in the vp -il uA Retry Reilly,' a toaritsh itzea. She ed eallfor e ld plat i n t p
operation of some welfare funds, of Iranklin Ct ty, Pa., ( acKeie lbvs. Harc), to ltais t ion b on. ty t Wheev yo
first exposed here, was recognized. at which Chambersburg is -. thefl r votig rights a native-be spired to lI e a Iwob on e
tem i!The President knew that by urging comfy seatt '. r to vote in the American Icitizen resident in-.tWe I the U. *fofoe. yopr _ompa a It giave MD, e atur
p tlc le stricter controls and study of the I0M ellcadm Huber., an election U-. ';h. e l It would .by .andad t ouere a lling.. o rfre ..
io welfare fundIfleld, he was opening offilal, refused to accept Reilly's .The courts denied h er plea on Commu R '5 Av; what yo6e were o el. i efore na1. t
.t a3 pus .to sharp investigations. ballet pie gisunds that though the ground* that her marriage to a It. we.uo Colhunists isa tda th wan and tbml
He la urged that employers be h-had= rgistered for the Civil te .t- volai tary choice df Conv ct& the ASmih'Ac t s me r d. citey tlim
e u .reeuom, tor he firstWarneverserved iation-deprived her of citi- or pa Iathnew. qw uat i jrto rbaml1
rme, to say whatever they want- and hdate.I a su*i-.ts p. Ti dedsion was upheld ac. 1 would n to the I
lped, whenever they so desired, tute nor the required fee t" ao he bua of the inherent pow. Co.m st leaders b lratd Qurer;
about raunione in their establish-, t 1" .. r ce. government in foreign tned- and servw e Mwe a e tie us g Sn.
abot et uml oant of all, he une-haves is ballot se AoL -re would opeeartatetbad hega f th case." 1 Asta4W to
Sl relations in vital co .;wo -in the lower vision to this effect was60lao oprovingt IThe eoa.d lam b 6tM .
ute the Jriadigtion of the eod Tp, Livas affirmed luto the U. S. Nationality -ac s if n eelft Eihoe tt_.
branine the beoshop or institut- sinc-g .ha sover been. con- patrian 'wre given: J ...u-. -.. ..
ed very restri cketing regu .-. ..,
nations hated by aonow. -Ver".-l'wheat-
message drawn thIat bot ssiu eb abeuni r l, p'. Ib"!
twoud have. It*hn ,the q ye- vo at'Wa-
usual amount ld proptanda ha .to
blaststs" Th. Ws, --sy. ,,wer -_.., t t f r a
** .& $n to 1 the ro tbntthe

Iticdn Ghavemade by the Stae .l. est .m.-..-l.:
e.... r- abot A,000 i pays .. .p.. com .i' -rnt i ,sub t s o w' .a

iW A cs ce r yararud heanule -$O '_ood ,

,f'8-we--4 .Ut.-,

-movie W, 4a-z. ,,,_. -,"... ....-
tow+. -I+.. ',7i
S depMitboxst for jaairi sd b his
mit$,ii s.i4b In 4. different A-.. -Th 5al c =05 S on. ith',- to -a
.I e's Mahug labs stkatga in .'.& "ev. a ,.
rthee Seaste. Isap e totep. ... "
now ,mme so...amlou Is

-g t- asas

OheMs tbe'sns- the1Id
w-k I-k, -' :o
AL'. am .I sm p... .sod.s. ..m
r"ii a k ii4 -- ~t
an' fat t
a "- tip?", .-. 4.

. .. .I



gpips II upga l


.;* o.

g gagnu I IIg I t o II )


-I ",r r, h ,~- 4e d U-,;r", of I1.
7* : 1 ".. R n 01ho 1 'u "in to .

S( I..- est. wI e Invite d M ee
s m G.' T Mble
S.of Margarita were pre.nt at the
S" "s S M Sr. baptism of their -mi daughter
'''^fI 'aB.-.^s *SM A* o1 *o-nRomnl CM ad. ,tho- .Ac Churchnc, net' i
sI I ---r" C '" ":", ,^-''.a l"T.O:t INS,'e*1^. i ii. took. place on DC. a, Ir anNdewY

elated at the bapt lr.
,, Of The Tr.m.les returned diis week.

hawl i C.i. G.. "a il e ing
*d Lad Brsownie and Girl
460 18etma Or exhibits to bd on di -
.a1 ____r Is pa y at the meeting to be
,1:::H:00 1 ,a .dol- 2a02. L leaders should' be there
& and Luncheon reserva... ..tio d... ld be
^'ff ^Sop J 7:3d.t the made through the G. S. office by
...... O byJan 22. n e ing starts at a:0.
Sin' .1T1 1' '.,nn .... rt., l..l e t .....
II "1-- ,, -" Kim' mr. iL* ; olali' ud5d.:inP -,t Comse-ia"- "n rI" .1'"6-
DAIWA. Leav-g Ishms
----.Lieutenant Caomnander and Mrs.
I ":-. .X#.ak G ,ut P.- B. Long, who a ved on the
rW i I0 CO L AI t L I.thmus in August, are leaving .
a "a '. C... '* Mrs.- Ma.y k, of Ham ptop, soon. He is returning to civilian
9o10,hoe W15u7 Va., who is tril her daughter life and they will reside in San *
-' A S T ,..A i .. ad -son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. A. Diego, California.
CWma: u44 -s Cobook, atambqa, was a visitor They ia .to.vialt in New 9 *
I :-U- A.. on the At.anti Side for an infer- and Bristol, Va., before heading
'ml lSuncheon at The Hotel -W aosh for the West Coast.
I l e.. ks. and the Exchange off meer at the Coco
I m.. It Mrs. Sk solo Naval Station. t
C clap. 11. as

M S To States
__ .. ._ _it_ "i ..0 glk,, I O4,en t o T e x

V" ....... 6- tenant Fitch has been sta
S... ......... toned at the Coc6 Oe 'Naval Sta-
15^^-1 p.. a. .onI -..-...e-77 s 5r e r OX _ee
I S/iO- 9,wa-Wr:t-iS-" i"- n .'tSS "r^SJ ,fl | o^. (**^, Pid o--wch of Baeand dra. he a H Il
7: fti; k, m R v.-I c.. .. M ho, 's .. .n u...t- a3 o ,. -qm narr O icts"teRe J 6. We aT

;"" Ba RI 8 'lMw t ,,. ... i k "I.ft l. .r ... taond o tS pheade ti M Edth B
.Maw 7:00- SMa. *mom 6Si'U mwen ry. rs n ,,
a- N .. ............... Co...m m a de r a n d M rs. Th o l er E N E
MAI'f. sr. M ..... .. .' l u ltle a o n,. e nesday N--
at imANN"e COuA1A^der s Mrs. ThOtfills Pet-*
at It:- 11-a 2,20 the the
I ,-,r,-s.m 78 1 p v 61 :5'-'1 .1. ? I -- s ry who are-leavit g do, the eo ,
,'"I t Y ear ,ui M ..t ihi I j maS n der alnd Mrs. oldridge
epm.. 43 Hord were also present.
L. I D su.
Ii r_ i '-. ei- t_ i-,, i-- ,- "_If ., d/ nce1 Q uartweo A, on jy C o
I lal d *i' i -, .i '" ^u-* 'v] u m'" at -5 ..,, .'." 1 l os wig/ t at. 7:w hoa d. ai y
I *A 06'0i, -VS"" ., -.. Si" .f io mer frd M ri. r W W *VWfil*
i3-VAL dternoon to hopr r as
ftd""4,'' .to .t A- "
a 'in... a eA -W sab. ase o V* g take ho~. e 8r
.t ....... N
m. ". da .k' 'p',, A" Mrp. Annie elt. .. a r. ved "e
S. Ub "" Catech l Cla% 5 : P a o nday. 4. d. eeent for a visit -i t her .sd and

Vi ti.a" eff In :truo ^ em. on Thury 1 asp acan .. lua via. KucbirhsAtwil be ?aera W Id at
9., asp. ...s.. i a -a "en ot IfrIL I vJrIou,
r udww5 a. Iad of deleaatgi A o te Cari
ev.' w, ou ".. 91 min. X ~ ser ices, u d a o ooa nd Tl c e. 0 0
: 811 11 at CI 1 ". Mr ban y. ph arver-t
i- C--..:-.15 pm.' dae a b-IN oe Mr. knnd .Tems, -R. / IAtEIN.
E 8 A "r."m."i .r ani-.....dO d.m. rMr.. n, ls_ -.Thomias
ale A um (30 PP. on dsa.) .i, SAW .' -L o :t1 i Mr,. i nld" M r .-e o ] M em pH i 1
1.-' quo'.,im 60615 UL I. Nod 4 MW r ; P g the
.. ftl(Sr- .. .. ..... t".... ,f. theLir U. are .
IV an 3":.,v .m -. 1 ILL ML ".,.o. 1:4 *L. Santa Clare..
oin. ....... m. 4= n meCG
-j,~m. a ,- ,,ida Theily lecnedalflclrs /'
,,*. R.W. ?:lea_. A. A i ,irof.Jpe Ut.

CA': II "m i W m ,I- Ae41 8 '0. UM Ona will be
oed r E Brow

s"-h- e a : 0 a M. I". ._ mI .............. lag

y a.wl 'a- d A"t. Y- Lal pazia ondtlonge have

si .1iis r uh iwcuam la. Scheduled for Wed nsess aoy 10.___"_Ifta
Re =_lit, I""~ uV IIII :0 o' ut .. .... 1 Lee ._-uua The, ._1 ]h- at p 6t on the Darish 0!1
k... Cim o 7 m t..b*ll a u .l Is meerY iOf
Monday ArW -chooI ._ 0p. tlun.. o r a m Bsoa ommittee
ouvau Aa inaA ad a .-a I irgitona s AWA M n"O.O. -
1, ,n.. .. .w" l be P a d t r le R- Tr'
=m= ." l. _N = V-- .... an T .- -it o .n ]0LIM .n. te c r,. .. .. ...

Utit i.".-*:, ..... 7"..1. 5 am, : Round Trip c
.* -'aT*; isa tomo o... -, "*.",". Wholesal rces
t_-"--t- ..a'itf' a sr c r..s ,p.o_.. s..Up% Of.% I 46.00
M AI-,,,, 0 s *#. M.0i'8.,. In USIndex o a a
1a-c- a a.w. eu". teh ate no un. ........,s t "ri g
V. w 6wif, f -, M_ m4C. O *, _i ^>.' i_ i"ie g~l i J .m Bm-- mu 21 m2 __M L U hep V2 bor Of p1r%0en $6-
d1.. I .sS Ch.o. 10mimt
... ... .. .. .......... .1. 'm---- I m'S I .-
," OW a *a"-, 7 Id0 0_i.. WA MNOT. Ja, 16 (UP)

.-.-^. a .i -a "-. c -76 ,.m. o o Averaget.w tic wholesale pr 16 i
Sa pre lAd o one per tenth
uit*Kmaw F wwe the = Degrtumey re-
.. I.~- .- =. ..Y..,,put the ,ures u

........ .. wtfolale nrle n luer stood _lal
'41 h E M,... w. 1 of average 1 ,i9 .

* ffer the.V
tians on th I .l tImi With, t..l. ..t..
town for all. tp of radio rplft :. .,
Try, wPMa

FrIinN O d' 1. t *i .-.
(AUTOM OILE RBW)-..Yal.3 4 :



14.00 6 PIE ES EACH








,, ,O..,,: ..

r A'Ail -',!

gned :r:


1669 --Panam : i







,", A c.'t\*- ., j

Luxury Plights. to. 141MELLIN m r:
every Min.,.Wod., Fri. and t.
UIwtA a n '!a-

Th WM~

~~Q~CIA~IIA b Pa.

. -
' -v -

ta ..-.
r~' *~ .2 F -


I.. 2

* ~ '-. -'

- 3*~,.~


_~ __ ______~ ~ __

_ __ ~ __lbw


: ~

___ __





\ Seizes

17 'Ploffers'

Snst Internal Security

. PRINCE, Haiti, Jan. ton Congftsmen plotting
SThe government has [ainat the "int rtal security
that a group of opposi- the State" sought the interv
-lon of foreign powers in s
a m-. port of their aims.


EINGTON, Jan. 16 (UP)-
rats defended President
r today against "in-
uus" by Sen. Joseph It
Mhy and others that he is
an Communists.
defense was contained In
Ion-and-answer article in
git Isue of the Demorrat-
it. published by the Dem-
National Committee.
niwer to a question whe-
r. Eisenhower is "soft on
gtsm, as has been opep!y
id by Sen. McCarthy,"
gazine said:
ainly not. President Ei-
or, a great soldier and
patriot, is as dedicated as
t numnan d Franklin D.
sit were to the defense of
a and the defeat of com-

An official statement folli
git the arrest of 17 promin
ponents, including several 1
Ional Assembly Deputies, a
charged the opposition with
citing labor and student groi
so strike, Inciting plantat
workers to sat fire to sugar. ca
fields and urging the Army chi
of staff and police forces to
volt against the government.
"They did not hesitate to ta
the most unpatriotic step pI
sible against the government
a free and independent couni
seeking the backing of forei
powers and the meddling of i
international organizations In
internal affairs," the stateme
The Attorney General h1
been directed to start an lnve
tigation into the subversive i
tivitles of opposition Congres
men as a first step toward su
Vending their parliament
immunity and bringing them





now being assailed In According to the government
park, by the same forces Inspired newspaper Le National
p t ght, for narrow parti- Ben. Marcl Herard andDeputei
personal reasons, to dis- Rossini Pierrelouls and Danie
the Roosevelt and Truman FPignole were "gravely Involvec
measures in a criminal plot" against the
Irtng that the Roosevelt- government and have been de-
measures were a suc- talned for further "public ac-
the magazine quoted Atty. tion."
Herbert Brownell, Jr., as
that Communists "are all Le National also reported that
government now." 37 guns and revolvers were
assumed that. Brownell waq found in the home of Castel
mwwledging the cleanout was Demesnin in the town of Leo-
ape by the Truman administra- gsane and that several among
1= because the Eisenhower ad- those arrested were carrying
Straton "hat not initiated arms unlawfuUy.
Snoew prosecutions of alleged
IuanIlsts In government dur- Autheratire New York pri-
St first year in office." vate sources familiar with
Meanwhile Brownell unaware Vati. said recent political
the Digst's r-marks. said th3 developments in the island
OP bad taken legal action reppblic are without major
gatast 54 Communist leaders. 12 sigiflcance.
pd front groups and 714 sub-
O*aive aliens. They pointed that the armed
Brownell's statement, th at forces remain loyal to President
uonmunists have been cleaned Paul Magloire and said that
it of government was cited by events as those In the past week
wl DItes as a contradiction 0o are not new In Haltilan politics.
8 arthy.s charge that the El- When government opponents
shower administration has get so critical that officials feel
tted sero" in some phases uf it is necessary to crack down on
.teantI-Commn'nist.fight and a them, a few are arrested, some
nter committee suggestion newspapers are closed and
at there still may be two spy things quiet down until criticism
agE overatns Inside the gov- builds up too much again, these
ament. sources said.



ws S Seoal to amblIa Poks
AeMptUr GeWrJa LOao for
Tumsaoo. Bua&vebtura, Caana, Barranquilla


Wilford & McKay, Inc.
SON r0B]3DIt.I
Telephones: Crl~tobal: g1 1700 2535

CBRIS WL"IN. Piauetem

WS'.L 60 Nodtf4
Sfl.06SHOTS i
U sATAKCi0... J


I. I' i

,i nA










Great White Fleet



*S.S. "HIIBUERAS .......I........................ .. E
S.S. "LON" .....................................
*B.S. -YAQUE" ............... ...........
8.8. "ANDREA" ..................................Ja.
auduns adlratA. Chilhe d u General uCarm.


B.S. "METAPAN" ...............................
A steamer ........................................Ja..
S.8. "MAJORKA" .................................ieb.

Weekly sailing of twelve passenger ships to New York, New
Orleans. Los Angelef, San Francisco and Seattle.

Special round trip fare from Crmtobal to New York,
Los Angeles. San Francisco and Seattle.

To New York ..............................SM4.0
To Los Angeles and Ban Francisco ..........5270.00
To Seattle .................................. 365.00


The Pacific Sam Navigton Company

Royal ail Lines Ltd.

S.S. "CUZCO" ................... ........... ..... Jan. 21
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" .................'...Jan. .
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tons)

M.V. "SALAVERRY" .................................Jan. 30
M.V. "SARMIENTO" ...............................Feb. 2
S.S. "DUIVENDYK" ..................d,7...... 7
S.S. "LOCH GARTH" ................... ,,. ,,,,.. n 11


M.V. "DONGEDK"............... ......
S.S. "DRINA" ............................

SMAU8athian g4ubleet to f'hage With
FORD CO IN. L' A-r Bldg.



0 COME o. Com
E 0ill.W.Mg IB
wil ou"-Dz
ftoocl' -J 4D

Cop te4^ k of It


rays a Way



///. '/ /


,,ii. ~.




The. O *e r -
6 r., '.'. '', .', .
., .""If ; e .



Wei lt \ 't
Well, Howdr


' ,ouquetq



* ~
C-i p


4 1 ?



lg ".- *. '<.7`4T'ip^

ram'i^ T~

IM i

I I I I ... ..


II. --- -..- -

-- ---- ---;- --



I II -. I
.i -.


I ;I-I -;




I -
Plan mmblAt-

* ee M to
,a,.. ..,,-.- ,PS ,'
w ',


~ *5


s,, T

M-FjT. e.- -
r aman and Mrs.
\ H. _. ltpa. .
G"et iMber presentere
Mrf P. MCT. M*Mr4
HolIday, Min Gla ePanalua at
W ,,D. C.. Mrs. James
Gledlt- Jf*e Yurkity, Ins.
John Borwnlle, Mrs. Bkwell of
Dayt Florida, Mrs. Harold
Fipkk ad MrD. A. P Aageata.
to reAmza Ad N. Dempsy

Sta..d leeoa e S S." PanamL
I kr W bi vsfat her a -
V, ero'c oaswhuta, D?.


g i)l

rtiBvm;***-. *i *~ -7
IJn. 17
Cog l. 2 19
gre ....... "
=i A '4

u. sake -w

i CU

. Mr. Hay un, n urity on
oDi mNulta, was the guest
er Ed hi talk
wth oeorea p 'gapos of or-
cbjdg troa al rts of N wor
Those attE5 bi Mr.
'a". M11 Miar Pi (Cairmao
of ie-.meettlpg Mr. Robert Av-
ervy Mrs. Vape ,ofs, Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Seridn, Mr. and
Mrs. H. Holtom Mr. and Mrs.
George Childress, Mr. Edward
Marx, Mrs. Harold Fredericks,
Miss Balda Wacbter, Mrs. Beoja-
mi. rirtol Edith Nason,
Mrs. tMrs.
T. Pilmero, Mr. and Mrs. Frail.
u Vam Zandt, Mr. and Mrs. Wi-
ed G, Purdy, Mr. and Mrs. D,
W I Biery, Mr. oW Mrs. .amtie
rebhner; Mrs. LiranSmitMrs.
Lft r.. Frank, i U Gatton
4, her s.on. G oboa


aEive M d a e Pa-
sana for a v several days
Qa the Isthmus.

w ehoo,' tt ,the lu e rns of n -o
S Monro, tractorr of
Or al estlons will Include
formals, su3 dresses, evening
,gowns, cocktail dresses and suits.
The piSlc Is invitea to attend.
Noe-Nt leashels Wedse sy
,.Mn of to CurB we-
s Caare invited to alend a
no-bost 1nBheoh a to be held
*WedaesdWy at the Curunadu -Club

Is' Josehine Wi ers will be
1 -16 1hae ef t0poExftal for the
regiar anbait.bly meo g of the
Mase Glop at the Clmal Zos
Coe Cib oe Monday to be held
at 7:5 t th J ome oft M .
fathanl w ,U TWB, La Bo
to RoA4 alboka.
ml at ~'ff eamrrnw Nihbt

Detor "To Arrive M onday e-. : b tet held Wedvkl
aJor etalJuiuinSeyae d e sIon la the patio a
Mr. SceLand Mr. and Mrs, otella ma will b open S
Matthew oison are expected t ay at 7:00 p.m. to the public
arrive Monday aboard the S. g. Tony Nune and his orchestra wl
Paasmafor. a vipit several days play for dancing.
-OaW:tbga. Iooms
SFeatured Sunday evening will be
Aml N -u-t Jaomy 26 Harnett aid Dunn, wen know
Tbe Bells VistaChilren's Home dancg team, in two ao th ui
Cimilte of theIn mer e es T Wal, and the
Women's Club will hots a roadway Maub
beneftt at e b,

Mrs. race L. McBridef a hm.r '
bart Mrn C o a

a M. Lest k t
whF:te eL .ep. aatbes rleim. f te ft e-
I56 at

Ing ks Ben &I i

o_. t Mer */' M'li* -' .O1W O-f* ITiil on.

Mn pie nr i* ;.nry or *,o-
nonth. The otrs of adortioi
contain e antil the 6 a. ni
pas on 8.r day.
i | 111.1 .!.>rii,4- 111


-io 4: .- ::
AaimW kA



^~~gg **,-,O~~rr,

Sli 4 _

Two Great Italian Flulm
"Tomorro Ih Tow Late"


Dsa Robtoat f I

'sav t Webb. in
mammH a lw ow.

st tinting I
stop worying...
Don't worry about that
first gray stand! Let it be a
"blessing in disguise" a
signal to you to take action
and do something about ob-
taining lovelier, natural -
looking new haircolor! So
relax and let Roux take
over! For Roux Oil Shank
poo Tint treatments conceal
every visible strand of dull
or gray hair, give sparkling
highlights and lustre, adds
dubdle, miusal-lookifg color
-that changes your Wry to

Caution: use only s directed
a label.
Jwte vos


mett, chief surgeo ~ New York
with Mrs. Ha a visitor I
_hoot a Jaguar of.,ap hook
Stopping at Ho Panama, tl
trained here by MI. ani Mrs. Jose
Well-known In International
have two sons in college who s
Mrs. Hammett diesribes her bus
Mountain sheep" of which he hi
with eight Alaskan brown bears
reports that hawiteWs best know
brown bears I a ab hour on Ad


S s500 Men
Caged With


-" a

* I 71. -




Richard MSODD and Glynis JOHNS, In
plus '"ROME AT 11 O'CLOCK"

national demonstcouats of the
poree to be iold in Rainbow
Cit amoa Jand. 22p ffi ato K4

SBehind th des o r the acIsthma0 Mo .y rs C.
yea the io a three-day ftin Firary j.M R A ti
u demonstratioii of 6. 8:30 oloc ud

le ineoun a Tw -oric&us 0118 86. thetinr td etl
boys doelth own l i teooking dur i
rngathe camporecrnng thnavaee restered, w

r beginning 9 o'cloin am Cris- a c.ul t WSS
Patr campor e uhare ytakear a d- r
lace ind the towns of Paralso, C"oses t o o-ffric for At.--:

mend eoreTh wilrtl rent his I r '
roam both aides of the onth he M ond er on the Pa
1W"cPathne .' The coming am- tiose ato e en"anon unrdea
pares will bring sco these unints and thents arill aeet fora e firstt"
gether again for a three-daytimeFebcary

program of- activities.enbta6
o No tuition will be collected oqn tit

PANAMA Dr. John Ham- hctonon orat the
City' Polycni Hopltal, left, Diabl EzUlorer Polt 4 ieatlon, elementary and ad- n te
n Panam where they hope to Gets movementUS, Unit Fillofa d typewrit; elementary TrA SI
holdat least one marlinmeeting or saPa-lh. reentan of Ari accountng, ntrodueg action to au- or be
he Hamettar being enter- lainnin 9 andthe BoB Scck. u 1a 1 in ; business law; criminal
ph Naho, right. Americeran forthe cnatt e la f s and co
hunting circless, the Hammetts plorers of Post 4 Dlablo 9 merel0 field; f-and second
hare their parent' avocation, teir Senior leaders and t the essin. er el t banish; ill
band as in Ro mond George, Will present committee msentry obnvetUonf te pan. o e ui '

s shot 4. Hes a credi te t orok plate urd on e ide have beeon announce
and 37 grizzlies. Her husband presenda also are several smat- e1 f ish-speaking o
n for havforkded two Alaskan Scene of thn, ceremony ws Rt-byDadn t asc0 folws.,
t. ne weford otenhan ia tit Elementary Intrmediatel and c w A' M RA
PANAMA Dr.John Ham e advanced shorthand: high speed phones: 22386
t City'd POlYclInIlHospital, left, Diablo Explorer Post'lictationnelementaryhiane d hm td,

n Panama where they e to Gets tS, UnitaFlatemtst Suneday
at least one marlin or ali.ain f Ger accounting, ntuctin to au-

e a are being enter- flaganked Copell for the Scoflags AT TH

teph marla, right. American uit flag i at t tne o- the business and con-

it Ron al EPosN,. T 4 H al n Jrrth y ut sona l .en

e AW AMD ORDF." ter of Trxc 4; Aloen B. Ward"
hunter ltheHamm lor exorer advisor o of P ost 4Diablo:. (Clases for a ages)
tband as "Ahanedlalit In fto ky Seautera of their unit commit- elementary onToSpan one b

and led Ro her ont L orer *te i
and 37 g i es. Her husband presence of friends and famexplory. er aAJk L
n for ha killed two Alaskan Scene of thic aylor, Robny- gh school and cl W

ert F. Roche Jra William Ladd
Iralt lab In 1950. the home i .nBalboaleg- algebra; plane tigono- Ci
1414, Benevolent and
D t Order of Elks, whoasponsor f P fiost ad st econ she Aomester en- AGEN C 1
.4 as well as Troop 4 of Diablo. an architectural drawing In the

Exalted Ruler of wLode 1414. Also to be offered Inrdalboa BOI 1890
rave a brief but IntreWtin talk will be a course In dehsignand
slotance that the Explorers (aot to wme)n.
Post 4 and the Boy Scoutasof

aChristmas-time collection r 0of
food Clothing, and toyslfor the enil --. hSo Sna
needy. Pache er.. William
Speaking for Post 4, Griffith
thanked Copello for thef.- AT T=

7 :W. a.9 -A j1 W9T-W INT SIVE WORD

"CHRIST is the Answer"
Opening of 2 week

Everyone Welcome... Nurseries Provided

11 ., -


no wet sponae
me greasy fingertips
no sply powder



IALOT :1 :2
e Donald O'CONNOR
Janet tLSOH:

hgeatres -




7:441 GAM4OA
| */ victor
S Aivy N


Woman of the w&rld, oa men her prey...
Love-struck youAg girl, one man her desre...
Their clash makes one of the Franket,
fiercest love dromas ever rilmedl

New ia this Ivory-and-goldan MIRROR CASE

Fa by POND'S

0o" so with Its ow Puf-
end v ysl The most hear-
ey complexion you've ever
.owned-Angel Face by
hoad's. No wet qponget No
gav7 fy srtipsl No spily
"owder Angel Face inoocbs

Almso In
box, with puff.

oan with its pua and clings-
much lo For it's powder

Perfect for your handbag I
The new ivory-and-golden
Mirror Cse carries l you
need for a ndiy glowin
completion puff, mirror,
sad velvety A Face. And
itsmteM fIR ln 61ovdyfawdss

hW .r w- d b w h e mw.mnm a.

- I

* E


..i; eb, Aam I
Ps .. ah'awa w-

I~~ 6AGRT :15.S:.
fltewtt GAORMX


-- I. *; ; .- .


I 4 I



~ __ _

4" ':

1?^ '



.,h- 11 ; I

I .



. .

S -. -:

- ,.',

rd-a--- dpl.c
Ac q sg


'" !., r'.- .; i s.' ,.
* ,. *... ,* ...,
". :* ~ 'I = .'-"y

Mia dsima
iril2 words

7 tO-et No. 13
,aJ9U Arossmmn Ave. end 33 It.
3 Street No A

ja -- .- ; ; ; '* -.~ *_____*** ** -iJl


H' Street NV .57



CMtral Ave 14 4 Cenitral Ave. '" T U Ave.
IE4 WLtWBaRD 7 Street uv io.i
Fourth of July Ave. oo Central Ave. Av. No. .

- -~- ~ ---I No.33-

"'~ I.4


z:ausehold Antomnobiles )O SALE:- Boby orchids, HoSage on bea, Santo C .. Alo R ESSIONAL
re- n bouquets delivered anywhere 'Unit- In COOL Campara mo untai .ns
.- -Leavyng zoe. Must sel :FOR SALE'-1932 Chevrolet Coupe. td States, also local oden. for oil Phone SHRAPN el, I
.January 22. Double bed good condition. Tel. Panama 3- occasions. Tel. Orchid Gardens. or see corttgker ther.-
'Cll 4-442 4.30 to 0771. Panama 3-0771, Cristobal 1033. Gramlich Santa Clara Beach cottages,
.FOR SALE:--1949.Chevrolet. 4 Door,.DR. WENDEHAiKE. Medicq Clinic. electric refrigeration, gas. str pv dn
i .-iSi mmons combination duty paid, cleon end perfect. d No. Central Avenue "K" street corikr, moderate rates. Phone 6-4441 or .. tq 1al X:
couch and bed procticall I 2044-B, Curundu. Tel. 6161. telephone 2-3479, Parnama. 4p567.
o$10.00.. Lnrge mahogany FO-R SAL-E -B-oer pups, 4 months -" SAL Foter's Cottages. One milej ,msf TI
hair with innerspng cush- old. AKC registered. Telephones -FOR SALE Santa Clara. Please bting your
20. 00 Phone 2.2 84. Balboa 1674 and Panama 3-5371. IlAens. Phone albob 2-1866.
5422. Dablo H- ghts. FOR SA -1952 ..Minor 4 Misce u WILLIAMS' Santo Clara beach CotS, Cides
LE:-General Electric 8' re- Door Sedan. excelitnt condition,- FOR SALE -One Mellink steel safe,. togas. Lor. comfortable, moderne, Sprayer
tr 151 model. Almo only 7800 miles. Priced for mi- practically new. Apply 8055 Bal- near beaT. CBalboa 3050 eept l Wheelbarrw w

dMPhone -1858A. from 6 to mr~edate ole.TelephonemI Ba a boa AAenue, Colon. FOweekends.. "'" "tll.
'SALE: Solid maple beadroonm!R- SALE -P-onrc 39, four door. bi. $1c04 Saddle, 10.0e. k Taylor, FO2- Btaan 435e Haoi. tsPhote alel d ofutd b PhyllisP Fierce, d nlte' '9 de3 be. r In teacBe.
,double bed. inrerprig mat-" Duty pvid. $70 00. Buyer must 327. 1 Frmt -1877, 7 ristbel r1673. p nr nM n -W B made he for KIrouam mht ntdt bdetorth. tacerau eati
box spring. nNe tab'eg chest gerbttery and license number. -aRENT dThe

mw set with setBs dra 2ers, m- BARGAIN. Niconor de Oborrlo No. January 21, 1954, in the office of albedrooms, porlor-diningroom, two RrT ey Ceas T e chr

LEb Piece bolo~. lNg- s. TI.Telleathone b. 1950.Studebaker. will beMreceived until 030.A. M ., FOR RENT:-Frnish3 bedrooune 34^ Cetald Av. 1 2410
ihogny China cloet, 9 piec din- 23. apartment 17, in annex ,twoe Superintendent of Storehos es, Bal baths, kitchen, patio with bar. 2 .a
rLou se, houehod fur- blocs from El Panam. boo. for bar bender, hand and p.-car garage, and one maid'st r oo.r u lu t
l m, phone Balboa 333 9. FOR SALE -1953 Ford Sedan, V-8, m.ltc drills, pneumatic haimers, 6th Street, Golf Heights. Telephone "ab' l-. i .. I,
O erstuffedBhoair, Cstome Fordontic.a7,500 chain hoists, locks, grinding ma- 41245, Panonma, On
g.a Westinghouse Laundromat, wrenches located i nthe "300'" Area. POiR' e t[Jla No. 11t. F inor ationgill .

Hitn^ALE_____. -Dean Fler~ 2-265 h. ch .uine., pipe stCks..tmt F Aparimenth t 1 37 -
-.'cycle. Westirghouse Clothes FOR SALE: --- 1951 Chevrolet Bet- Bailba. Invitation No. 44 may be. aitlao No. 117. or information A chest xRfray sure durln Difren were made through
ryer, 60 cycle. 1 10 Volts. All Air. Top condition, 2 door. Catl secured from the aboae sources, or Zoneoovernmetandeale phone 3-18 96.D.i rt 'th the dn
tems in' good condition. House Albrook 86-3193. from office of Supernrten4ent of FOR RENT:-Furnished one bedroom Goae Overnmentn and Panama ideas .4lr ducatpon lydo onet
"tel 04-A. Gaomboo FOR SALE.-1953 Mercuromati 4 Stofehouses. telephone 3-1815.' house; furnisPld, 2 l edrioom aprt- "- RNETI, all Cansf CoM Vap and their thaueo thall DJlhA '
LE. rdopqndentsf will receive eanign e
T LE:--4 Redwood Louers for door. PrAce $21 00. House 216-AeFOR SALE: 1953 Buick Coupe.a n Ewihn7t. -Rr mi let d P 21L9n from Arrin Phlipe
irws 36 x 60. $5.00 each, 5 or phone Curund.u 42057. hydr Smatc, 2 doors, whCorue bands H Rous pxe..TN Ianan their t hu .lato rl s rs
e reen porch shades 400 FOR ALE-1952 Pontiac convertible, urgent. Call 3-3138 or 3-3342. FOR RENT:-Furn;shed chalet at 43 2 Cile Res announced. t :day-log 'It t tas erIdal ed to
i, Approx. 10 sq. N d .nlaid, price $1,65P0. Phone 2392. Bal-2FOR. PSALE:-Lrge baby bassnee iEast e St. No. 9. porche2. ivingroomc AbrllAn et ary ch f ri
EasZ1t St.un$10 9,poprrch, l2vang, 25 icleAI 61it -
o$100 a d. trn boo Fire Stat.on. aed baby bed. Call 3-1660, room "300 Pone ,3-b062 mout *, 7 pyr e theP i tehno Ot, 4 fron heat4
l'.50'ch. S dw 625 wh tk B. c O 100. each. Shadow Bxwh. 36 oo po s and .. theirold- teachln te de l
mr back $1.50. Potted plants W A N TE D ou" t 14o' 79 i" c -" c;"erimb .. are =enz X, th e .. o to -
rbl- 8-A,0. Pote C laba s 5 WANTEDLr FOR RENT:-Chalet 3 bedrooms 2. rarabtee. ai e ulo b per pn each which D Aro na o e VeDShool oan -the .I, e
heep. 1558-A, Colabash Street, FOR SALE:Blonde Cocker Saniel baths Irving and diningroorre, uEi s C s the.num-er of to be x-rayd of Santiago de Verag and eleA- a
:evilon Area. Miscel pneouL 1 1 months old, accustomed to chok. moalds quarters; double garage. AB "t. ve. eanh. zan on. gtause of the the vDominitn w'ef ,ana AnO ln
SSiALE: Westinghouse baun- --' (dren., licensed speed. Catf 8"7-3 r105 back of Belisario Porras, between "Rex Threa Teenr thousand a of ern included ex wAs he ded by.Mrk Eup
Westighous _un-30. __._ c 't -thoud or y W a r tlnme befocr au Nor oe t ]r Tey trt tupes in Las' -i 5 ts
4 i1 rntic 60 lCycle'Balor'tall-2neW, DRESSMAKER-To sew "by'the day n C yan be seen at Qtrs. 428. Fort P0h and I I th St. From 12 to 3 Int'- this publmebaelo.e1, Nth program; b l S de Med Tla, director onth tahed o IIeh .
yt sell! Cl Balboa 2-3263 Or my home. Phone 3-2475. Clayroh. rom d
Eo; A 484. WANTED- Party leaving Isthmus FOR ALE.-Grddn Tractor th at- FOR RENT:--Furnished chal etstart- nao "n lie
L--Dg, bed and ing- desires hoes for beautiful pets tchments. Good condition. Pan- rticulr roum t. abe ,. o y s. a Nalb
1Ls.Cle __-_ bed._anlivin- FSi i. sof' at; datte to a ear-for x-raay. hort oflehfobnSpeechrgiv ,al
'furniture, also Venetian Tprne young cats fond of children. ama 3-498, Box 1845. Uruguay 8- Phone 3-387k. the vl", divisiael o that they of e Bal SBchoo, an Mis aue ~-
is, Calle Colombia. No. 6. Tel. Telephone Balboa 2870, MUSICA MURQZ FOR RENT:DNew cholet 3 bedrooms L t marhbe TA ed- out .ahead of .the h1. SU. e rad
4' F D PaAme's top red chp near Panama University on the eamaio da. ac til ruction..t Canal e f nad
PLE: Westinghouse elect i -d frL L eard SP cHighway, $120.00 monthly. Agen-* jj. T eePIA ofCtOe at oir. dsheltd of time e temeltarri sh ivolw e A-. C
'ior, 25 cycle, B.20.00. LoPeesW esOalnfte Re ard cos Thomas, 259 Central Avenue.= MIP ft? _h. o of the e alator. te, an d to am r gro' idivald da, f
-r-Small four burner stve FOR SALE -Triumph Thunderbird URVis~e LP Records FOR RENT e. i4 .-.%tj firs i f l. ro .1 C i
all venetian blind. C motorcle with speed equipment. Clum S ia LP R t Aoe s
t4-A. Caland high flow, exhaust Ine. Phone Q reduler USA PRICErS. AO 'RTS .te ei 6 off beoth tea r
2-294-A. At 54. r--i.e cyUhesAfic shyn3s w6 Vew r Today q a- .
:.Refrigerator 9 cu. ft.25 84Central Ave. Ni. 30 Se.Ame Plan ATTINTION L 1. Ju t Nna B n ll wl k vil i a "et h l
~i arantee. 3 pcs. Bamboo FOR SALE:-Leaving country urgen FOR SALE: Singer Swing (foot furnished o1prtmenI one,- o rA TER a *i an d -
0 lxe 25 cycle. 2 porch Y.. motorcycle 125 c.c. machine, Good wokin condition bo hot, old wt&., t -. .ttAt t4.t t'er: furnh
_087-F. Rainbov. P -a 50. 0. Panama 1 1271 a 7 Pedro qrl tree St L- l A ir--^ .0 p1 an lt soea 6 tA
SC, ing. Z Excellent. $50. Hel eri FOR SALE:-$25. New girls blkesoe innt. Scrpened ikprl 2 peoples. ANP aon ,be o
.-l .oufltmotic phonograph $45.;v LiuU i 2"6. Phone 3-2596. See t 34th Street.. Jo. 22. Call VALERIO TURNO the.a lt tbh B atil U"n Avid Ilte in all pHPhalh ot ,.
Sench 510. aundu 6285. WAN i 3-4700. ePFOR SALEae Kodak Re etina M anie iltr e ei erodaOfrga e Ih

| A.0.ored lvsio ,. NTED.inge l s seakn chrauf- liable woforn count rce.t creFr-4am0d. dO aot m.P ho n ear.e Sta.allations mhe madB; confeence, n'A : ter ephaed of rpeal-.d det Batist
was .c ,hing meati hepaloe a.,,* 'sn e ia iook bathrooms,, nh@jd r matd's room. b thd willub ela ii andecat w hete ze The main leenterett of therebstan c04n M.
1,40 0. irire. cr Position unte tranree ao st. bei tiled, sceene& recently -a-at a r f" vim n a tete so a eao ief bl in, Ani
d531 1pg dtt u helper 5 or 6 days a week, sleep garage, ECangbejo. Call 2-3486, Gotml Sulsor. these x-raYo films of the chest how he teachers worked S Aa.

..0. to utrini _o. d.out. Tel. 3-1016. Mrs. Jacome, office t ho urs. Phone -o or for aethrnr diagnstic mer tWo or three anmtv groups n ea
thi DE RENT:,N FcyVfOus saE l- Pam or 0o OUsrsae. in -t1 ddrceorihntofhe.eson shol d Ri r

ao. 0. n er ii n. Toe, e w te as te tpre n a ide ne for Co t ohe teiPinte by i*oaiion hntelo d g lSe i o f
jalaj WANTEO-amilperien.ed. senograph y ruand e SALpEr. -2apatentrwi thhoton Ave. Per ot, facin th proper lyltaot chea fmanerof tigtedacher
&.00. Phone 2295 feur gardener,aels or mio hotje 'Fences, seeks work in family as FOR RENT; 3-269,. ibhroo e WiterfSeriS, etc. Ther ieni lbeor costt the Poinioh t eahe r wonhelped To la

dutien..Apply Ancos .n -.,k-nBox laundress pand housework or cook nTet l. 3-tu-e, 30t9.2 *maid'sroom.u Ctrunvdi urfrnthO ;theino

theo. Ser ie to t ARoo Sil Inversionv. Gen erat es. -Rsta4. Hnea B Vi_ Tt lroer ( al SO. th esea x-rtwry) of f t the atarh ehntler en:aTo tart d ond y .
y m an -ata to f H.P1 wiRWOth 41%ldui FioushLE*-per 5 or 6 days a week, sleep garage, 59 J ngtejo. Call2-3486 he ow the teachers worked rab

r.. Avenue FOR- RENT:-Feout'iceu modrsn f. TROI "CA E N" I esenaaera:h the d .M

te, tA la i u.Tel. 3-1 B016.Mso 8 T.oe Aem oficehu T Fb. E2elT. 2 .el-s or for another dtagnostic moe- two or three ait h roup e n d ce f.m
ip th. eleted S WANTD- -ExxperLenc epd s enograph.I ALL WOr" iR.TE sue teela dlo tce the vsa t frooi theol d Rs- t, ": .. 'c M
ia ndar ouseo$4000.00n Bealit' Fflv ieEw. c rdn ove.ryhn but uity N ts onhe i nUoaDy aIo ho teachlp lne th r Volte d h and- C.

wt f ai y. HArd JMInLesperca Ger.le. ol. Reapd perl. FOR RENT:- Beunfu moder. an fur- le- :e sen t al materials: how the ca h l cw

ofMr andr. Jl ocetio An N. n sa in FOR SALtE:---Ocn front concrete punished 2 bedroom apartment. n At 1.r,5 onr. andvmoe benu eI s dnvded st oar tI areh lhohad l groua e
FO R S house, 00.. Beautiful view.--luding everything but utilty. Ni- ri a how tver br7 new Is n
a nwitha rfDin daM 5th !hiesMlylandscapedftproperty.he4247A-cmdo Ve ObNrio Avenue,. No. 3, tldBin tai s merand -ef th led: how setdteaten sheA at n
rA E o n re n. me ers. af ,, o. E, he R n ,s, ersx an bR lm a n a Acres. one mile n to El af urro, Tel. 3-4365. e sI demo lie ratin fa ilitisp atn r A ho r tech11 d I erwn e n b
S rmednfor etad ein the oe r f ats & 2 retores e 'mtae RClara. Phone Veit. .E T 3 Caint.ur ane cexti ow recn periods and super- ticuation.. .e thet&hl.l,--

A rmedFore sae iso- tragr a ph Gp amoan 6-2i ble r oFOR oF RENT: Furnished 2 bedroom b Ceivna Apcfl iestriae a 1tho ofin neren ae haned martin Ja 7 19 2 "2
-4 ysed- Afto er" Ithe naarl25en Inssa pl ay to handled. erwcdnA itcp-Jnaeora mai,- t|I.
eleoard bthe dtiviS- reca Sn ea. ice proe t ad partrhent near Bella Vista Theater. (PFlna oH-i Center) ot Mrs. Neal and the teachers of
bWiyh p9mailien g datad to ta r35H.P. wth duPhone 3- FOR SALE -Hot ruse in "El Volcan"- Call 3-1596 after 6:30 p. m. TPI w ler Balboa Elementary School nradfrwwr Stof9 amatfro"Hist
SServeemaa's.l, dM 2506 ,.furnishedh gas stove, refrigerator. FOR. RENT:--fumhed apartment 2.- TROPIALELECTRONICS prepared charts showing..
iain i-eIL, T.i i e- .'In eTter a- Tee m bhoaer, pli2-484e lbedrooms,Bci,. Vista, very cool d 45 ,Ne, 3 P-- Tel. 3-1235 bUATMALA CITY, an 15 divs inon of the cla ss a a: n itra l
as osTs ried ig fi Bao 2 4 Bi 2. O TelE 3-164 rm n 8 Tan o -*- in i the R eguv- the manner tn w h nhed t. Strd pupils t- be

as^gtoyW qar ftaTotr. Ax sed as taf urners_ hterae of Mrs. 2830c _at_. Ognee bron P 2 Th ne ou B H ae I iaterd3t -p
thairrFOmle FOR $,LE:- r lots 50' x 20 fur- FOR R.d NT:-,-2E celent opportunityh Frutyd ernn at parties earned today made their proes reports e Another wek, tha s
r 8 o- 0 nishbor o tid w'5-room' house, onEle p lr l. El eto- tier ot ethneri oneict. th:ev al h -a re.elema in 2 will bSl
Aen rotrm g"Mirmo the d Th A Craigo Lake Mt. Arab Forest Pre- to acquire are of the fwe re- ttha'A iee*thVIntera linof ate hilsO haPrehpredaadl s e ro
fitebsroLongeoerfulgh le onfereaces opening in Caracas. play Or booksW sed from ktdher- 0 f h unah opes
a d s elr on 6t 5 s serve, Adirondack Mts., New York. er W nttfi t newm or vo'temTne, nteatrc oIfelnlca. w lae a of axthe and -anr hisonnt h. -

.o$2,6 0n ar a lt usrlce p wDo wne eonTr uc ed C uo ieldy cr pou n bU x Mare t ra'ch Vtill-b awtasnt Sntext workghad njnan .r--..
APh sdl ot $ 0 .a Bd0 thp ris.overlooking Hote El Pan a ema. tng 14 jpodi ao n mn ec ant obVb t he aoplpa5o n each 'ne 'tyla =' b"n -d'

eAT1Telnd.Ja. N redy. 'Theatme d nor t toe OlE tNT0er w0 per wa t.e aep re' Fsod hor n.fee-d handle. o do oute i e
E asu s e t da. O 0 a rt 0tcir s pen ctures, t ee Mrs.e w ito lr. For pa r iculari T 1ll telephone 3- wtuer i' in thr sea aode u t R rO n
^^^ Jrn ish tal work its bel t c ope- oepa o to th53-2747.e ive aThird St. New Crist l, 5177 Panama o inquire at 2034. U t B s cement w e m deby Much Interest was dsd
;AMr'D"ndoIV. G t. thave h lsoe sere on helntSA :dbor-o _wodr oh road.ON w J oe Wday the p arty of the u ateena lan by the visiting teachers th
St"Pyt-OllbedrtiRN. h--- peal woerk Iasbei co1plet-1 ph oe R4l7.iaeer fa n roadd revolution. whose secretary gn NartrclassOeductedIn -the pati
tn M s hideaote hererve F16 meres l FoR RENT:-Onefurnishedrandn- An entirely ne line of cars- ral uto Charnad, Mc- of the school by Mrs. Jean
rdrmeth mwfrunis to A trhe dHeridhl wi e a...M ar n a
of Mr. and Mrs. oseh of e a ad enis tmen frQ e fTe rak, $2.00 per furnished ter'd rtments. bigger, longer and more lu- ond ao Minister of In- Kart, who had a group of
NwCst a0n-65th r n hrest dd wer Te o. D-l PlcloMnlster-ofInp.tirr- ,rderlatedo
t, New Crstobal Pan- ron st House No. 1, 11th St. Parque Le- urlous 2lus an Improved and te ro third- ader seated on e.
Zoe.recentlT ar- day tartt series of FOR SALE:-Sgnta Clara, large ranch fevre P aPo. ea la 2- newly style line of Chieftan iter .lrnment parties arelOum d sketching formally
nrrma]frerdustyt wittt orientnuatirh4le warfare type house Redwood and corete 282. '" for 1954 was announced today enagedd R a a 9npaign against with water aeainti.A w
rmored Dtvsion. trainingi "Brush suitable for country home, club or oparo by Clvio A. local distributors the tortcomlnR conference, ant Another phase of specialI
"Hell on Whels' dlv- area neau Ft. o o a the Inceproertyualndso guest house, at El Carmon No.,91. Information Thor Powtie o. the government Itself t emain teet to the vSg teachers Army
S ici spearheaded theas tr t he Ju 5. thousand metes. Short di some place, hv il go e display in undecided whether t9 ttend was
Whnnntraca f&beachlelectricity, city- CIA arshowrooma in Panama th meetn. tional a esongiven

nIJ. has the protection equlpmeei, R msKids+ and some 01 the oti onsa unimportant ince In -teaceors was arra.

to have some ?sovt of shelter dim- I would live_. ,. -,Januarv meetins Monday at Leo ,. Idia~t agt a~t arm, "; A _- .*

ins the wet aamin." Police said the house alaowmd ie 6:30 p. m. This meeting will be rJ. chplat
In addflea to the movies, signs of .a struggle between ng. devoted to the very Rev. Ray-. lae oesiW i
a Special IM' r also sent Mrs. Dalton abc Sh'Wley. whose *be t mond T. Prr offering himy6 u_; etl ese- R.L 4** R. lm "t -:
S SevSer 3'the Angl slashed "ody was f"o t d in a t best wishes fRr his nul fitn- R l
Sainine a. 'that troops partly-filled bathtub th ..fial meat. Dean Ferris will Iddress gums; Magedfttag,
S have eesto much Ofthe woman's husband Cha 33, tt Msn the meeting followIng the' but- a .n a rwBt. -L B.y
. u.ials teay w he returned fom woark. G as1Sle to feL Pertos deshAt. to t rs.
aM bludgeoned b G .e y at FtClaaa

. -. .

I' ~., -a
-. -a'~ .'5.*g-rY

- ..
C_ A.. "V

AL lit



_~ _*_

.P: ; :o
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Novvl~p~bet~ke(*~-~-~~f~: .~~-

'I .... .. .... .,.", I;


... ..... ..
IMP M_ ,

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oh- ,o '". !r thU

.5t ftee h a.

*g. e .a

',,- "b .and 'r'..ved

f o 3 r


BalegM.0nred Boaslo
., n away relent-
Er, 3wa" unable to

the Wuesday night Med Bowl-
ix'! Lapea at. fort Kobbe this
week"iAli, Rthe provouy
viltmre p ttr win, the Okies
put out their squatters' .rights
ahnlet' for the top spot In the
Te flm. W oemu

benot o a -'Oftrer atr an
thec ABwal3-l-
th FivLeaf L overea eeut-
-e to- and the
ds-eded the EaglesO. 2 1.2 to 1
1.1 2 .. -.; "

not bat of the stnd-
Atted to. os wao
th au C.'m.On

al~ lt of',.. the l stand-
S we, aered the hld-
da?4 'er p tr the
a***i (^if'- *:..**e Lwt

A. F

"Th "national me" of the

Br s field, T eg in

.ad .-
tWgcrozp 438S S44-35
Par 4 444 354-36-72
.Aep. -- 334 444 .
Altecaiuder M 334 353;S-4
Oe.l _. o the ae
fl ,thir.y-atx; s:'
s68 67. 133
t er .

CJrlm. e. su14 'y4 7 .I146
Dick ma 74 72 14
xPabe MotinA a" 75 .147
xBiddyJIasamond 74 148
xE. Chrisoneen. 94 T75 .149
xR. Jurdo 73 7ft- 147
TootJankUp 74 75 149
D. Weverg*lt 78 71 149
A6ibal0G.Galndo 76 73 l4,
D. Keana. V 73 1509
M~ler 7 7*4 150
xAlibal Macarron '1 .72 181
xCaiXMs Roedlgues 78 78 151
G9orge Riley 78 73 181
Horb Mitten 74 77 .111
Joha Cracker 13 '9 152
xD. Ormonk 76 77 153
Vitlle Lombrola 71' 80 153
A. Colley 77 78- 153
Jac&k Smth -74 79 31
ISD. Mtarrett 77 77 154
Mes KttkO 76 79 154
Harv eyBeU 863 72 185
Oo taloSaes 7 80 75 155
arley M&cMu Tay 79. 77 156
Bill sohitt 77 79 156
Pr Trim, Sr. 81 796 137
Preo Trim, 8r. 81 75 155
R M 78 .79 157
Di-" 82 70 158
L.-. cbepil 82 7 138
Al Batlnen 81 77 158
Dwe-Westman 78 80A .18
W-Ar &a. 7l_ 80. 1,50
Bil LeBrmn '77 82 159
ahOp 79 80 159
wa. Uerans s- 1
M0rfce 79 o 80 159
zJO Wr ght -3 ,Ts TIl

T.", ^ ^^^I*




-di. fi'


The other afternoon tMp, als
bexdlntag at 2:30, britne to-
ether Navy Westbank fam Ooeo
t81o. The Navy-repreeMtatlfre
to make the Initial toss of the
ball WI bE Oapt. 0. W. Patter-
son, Jr., Actlni Commandant,
15th Naval 'DItrtt.
The eight, contest at Fort
Clayton feature the battle be-
tween the Special Troops nine
and Fort Clayton tartinu at
7:30. DAing the.homnos of pitch-
ing the fitet ball at-this night
enunter -Will be. Maj.: Gen; L,
J. Whet, e Commanding, Gen0
The Armynn anti.oentry has
drawn an opening-day bye.
These' t ret-tB iatie ntqB
will be fo looWd brItW afte-
noon games OB undfyW.All Sun-

pI rai a utdoA bye Is Al-
b ho teai selected ps an
overwhel-kl. favorite, the 1954
Armed Forces baseball iaei ap-
pears to be wide open. Only
regular season. play willdeter-
mine which Is the best team.

Pacific Softbalt



I Pan Lquido -4 1 .809
CAA 4 2 .66
Firemen's Insurance 3 2 .600
Baxter's Movers 1 3 .250
Navy 0 4 .000
Pan Liquido 7, B r's Movers 3
CAA 4, Fiemen's.Insurance 1
Thursday Pan Liquido started
MacLane on the mound but re-
moved him la ?",W of Smoik
after one full tnman with Bax-
ter's aspogte rowingg the
plate three times Smock hurled
si innings of perfqet.bal, allow-
Ing no one to roe 'aA'ue and
-at five down with three
Frits Cheney went the dis-
tance for Baxter's aowig seven
runs on seven base and
three walks.
The beermen taWed five li
the second op three -infe^es
two free pasw and tree erori
In the sixth when Lose Rtns
hart butted out a uaod-tripper
with one mate on. Another PbUa
dinner at the Atll Garden for
Rine pitybap b

aon. low, m a '

th .. .
Wm W~ww9^*^k^-SBIatDC^E
the fllai*mn te

%inineby -IS 9ufc

,*- ''. S <.- *
.M ?I** i-J..--*. ^

NOW TO BBACH TIMIrAWAMA L (.OL h above r map Is published f the beneaeti
Sh those r odentc 4 a e.w 4e know how toreach the Panama GmblClub where
e 27,00 Open eat f ": 'f 4 tourney will be tomorrow when
the tar-studded lllayhols cehamplohahp.

Robi p Vs. Alonso Tonight;

Clark huts Out Yankees 1-0
,- \.* '..

Balboa Brewers, C.H.S.

To Meet Tomorrow Night

THE STANDINGS first lace with e N'aal Sta-
.a- -_,iiht v.aseL Ia01 Obo Wl have had
Atlac Twtliht iB~j, of Tuetom Tesday
i vw l l. hts "-3 ve- telt a al n t
andC AMuWberea,tod
bod, r Ber 1 .500 ss- eao r
w .3 "w k-lI'ro r a d U ngerst
-, pitcher in t lOOp as Well as
SN ruVna1p orth .m t. r -sham-
Balboa Beer vs C. ,H. 8 John Stgr'Wm ItW'Tls first
'6am bo"T d ed "T LL r
tter fate th 1 0 t t lh wash :8,i
vo o o e r

> maor b ae -ff
ur Bn: cotAi b rl t Oa g en.tehb
team-mate n the fLtvariety to stuf to be ettiva

ot a I 'te margin- of vic-
Burns started on the hill for
te tars and held on up througsb
the fourth frame when (Crlsto-I
Ial knotted the oownt at. 3-all.
tuart Pool ,teoo; -or In the
fifth an completely timed the
avginL Tlers. Burns wm cred-
tted with tme wi that put the
Navy nune out in frdnt 1 the
1954' Atlantitlc Tlight Baseball
race. '
TO WM21. SUDA' /
STomorow night the Brewers
aand Crtobftl High will tneet at
7,p~m. and thxe winner will share

Fort Chym Rates

Gud Chance To (op

ArW6 Forces Tile
IWte P&' tothe last in a
series af M t n
Ie"00% o of trhe seven
teams a are Prtleipating
in ,thAi, +Lt Almed
=Poe :: Leaue for
19. Oa day league
play is ,s January 18.)
* When he first ball of the'1954
Armdd F Baseball League Is
thrown out toniht the big guns
of the ort i baseball
team will roll Out In an attempt
to capture the league title.
Coached and managed by Sfc.
rne Cotten and his able
as"dtant at. John A. Lisbon,
the Ciyto 1ea6m hopes to better
their reora of WiM season by
winnn the frat place crown.
The ten a is Comfposed of out-
standing members of the Fort
ayton seall League of
whfch the 45ft Remn. Battalion
was deelaed ,champion last
The Y461= Uignal organization
dominate's e mquad with eight
-nf1e6e 45th ecAMn.
attain placed sev.n. The re-
ma"nn members are attached
to Ahe ntarraft Artillery

:ota s ejrp ntjiby

JttlsmliMho w-Rw i

The b~x waote:
C.i, B. S.

Tuttle, of
Basso, If
*Glbson. T.
Price, lb
Leon, sa

Newhard, 3b
Smith. SB. rf
Lung, p

'Lined out i
in 71h.

Andrtola, 3b
Hale, lb
Lott, of
West, If
Baron, lb
Marque, 2b
Burns, p
PooL p

Singled for

ab r h pe a e
3 1 1 1 1 8
3 0 0 0 0 1a
1 0 0 0 0 0
3 0 0 5 0 0
4 0 1 2 0 0
8 0 0 8 I 1
2 1 0 3 1 2
1 0 1 1 2 0
10 10 0 0
2 1 1 0 41
4 5 18 9 8


second for Sasso

3 1 1 0 0 0
4 0 0 4 0 0
3 1 0 0 0 0
3 0 1 0 0 0
2 11 2 5' 0
L,c 2 0 0 9 1 0
1 0 0 2 0 2
1 1 0 3 0 0
1 1 1 00
1 0 0 0 0 0
24 6 4 21 8 3
Burns In fourth.

Give- new appearance to
your house with bright
Uae our. .la semcton of
r mat mWe bave received a
a hunet from 8201
thea mlon.
Pheas 16. Celto

I Ii

A pleasant sunshine prevailed
a. ateron it- PLralso Thurs-
d0ay a0441sklilerepresent-

1hey girls'n for the
fand "baunw hBtowin t
ia lu hundred students
adft nloers enjoyed the
beauty of keen competon be-
tMeen the two groups.
,-Beiid the twirling of wce
Genevilve MClure, Paralmo took
the Verct I to 6.
sngitaflMAt inning pounding
ke'tha of their sister athletes,
tbe rmlhbs beebeaU team
Ow.a M od ver the field
wOt aives-ro attack that ent
g, But-e pusIl.himnt

'NtA o c the l, d a b
A sMUe ak ufe to the
I mm tt XieMel eMfrJ

0 Is 7'.
4; C


;ban oil NFO I --
m, *. ** *. ... ,! ', '*',:r *' *". '"- '," ""

'* ". :; ; ,.. ,.s" -* ...>ti! .j^L '^S ^ .^^ "

r- f' W i *" '^ -.-...^ "' *

If thal ,ev i,"" ---

quarter .2


Ts se1.1n round' o

h! .wheno toe- Ctst
c..hal ht._ 0 .u or

SThet. -t8 o'lock thiso

decdt the winner oft
me plary, and take homu
tousataent troby, dent,
oy14 lrothen o. Ps.
r. e trophy wil be
eted o ,e th winning qi
..nmzltstely following the e

Admteslon prices are ii
owa: Stuents (with 8. A. ci
25 cents per. sessi. Adt
cents per aelson, with tb
ceptlon o the .yInas game c
tournament wrhn the ante
cents per grown up.
At tiis stage it appears
Noel Gibson and Fmrpando
have m uehtoo much heigl
the College boys. But a
mined yotmed crew may be
on the -College roster .an
The Cristobal High S
team will br a worthwhile
of the Balboa Athletic Cli
the second game of the a
noon. They whipped a good
team to advance to this
No the play and wound be
lIeased to tale. home the
Brothers trophy. But to
they will be put to the auf
test. Fellows such has Bob
mds and Wally Trout have
ed plenty of basketball.
can ptia It to use when na
ay~ the talent loaded At]
Club gets the favorite role
*f ev.l ibenting .the U. 8.
trom" Wet Bank met.the. a
/ial High School Tlger
crowd pleoser. A nt 1adI
first half found the Tigers
Ing a one int lead. the
creased thot lead by bhee
at the end of the third Qu
The hectic fourth a
fbud the 'Navy boys a .d
back to tie the game 43. all
irbut to minutes to go.

; I




-.o... ..r w
arter. Sum ary. *as
owrter Tobini .T ist8
ith base hits; Pa U
How- drain & Leves. ..




arc evWn

I KOOSI are "1
delightfully fresh. The
expert h.end of their lightly mentholAted
teftshes and soothes your throat. Wim _
' the heat gets you down... and your dawia
remember the "penguin's advice: "Cool off with
a KOOL". You'll feel like new.
And remember. KOO cigarettes
are ceork-tipped .
tt make ydur smoking

I r j p-

I NWrod!


- i T -a_ mi At i. .. .I

~~_ i~_ _1I1~~_ :_ _~ : I


C. P. Q.

i----- --- -- ~ ---



I 7 -- ; IATWMM-,

The Standings
Teams W L Pet.
Yankees 13 8 .619
Brownixes 10 11 .475
Bombers 8 12 .400
Mt. Hope Stadiuni: Bombers
(Robinson 3-3) vs -Brownies
(Alonso 3-1)
PIts Game'
Yankees 9, Brownies 3.
ecoad 'Ga"me
Brownies 1, Yankees 0.
_-To44t .the Panama Pro
Leagueo'sktlvltiee swing back to
N Atlant ideo with A S.o-
a-dtpyink a tte
.nunt Hope StadiUm.-
obable ~stantr hurleft Are
Embberto. bltfor the
BeOMbers azd ndrs Alonso for
the Brownies.
Last night the league leading
Ymkeer deteat hed t Broi:es
9-3. in mthe ft gus of a tw-
bil but the I t calpe bdbk
to whiteash the Yankees 1-0
behind the gtd-hit hurling of
Vibert Olark l the nightcap.
Victor Styka satterd e61ght
hits for thd Yankees' victory in
the first game. Sal Williams,
the losing pitcher, made his first
start for the Brownle and went
the dtane. He turned a, muoh
better performance than the
score would Indicate. "
Dan Porter paced the winners
with three for four while Bud
Hardtn and' Ray Dabk got two
ftr QVt each. Hector Lopee
usmAb' homer for the losrs.
Both 'Apeo an4 ^einaldo Gren-
ald gtm d two for three.
The smoea game waB a red
hdt ptte-W4a. duel between Clark
and Pat Pitrek for seven In-
nMng. i Hbckenbury hurled
SW Noardin and Russell
Raf managed to solve Clark's
offering to the extent of two
mi gles In the first Inning. After
that he was superb. Patrick gave
lip only six hits himself.
A double by Nathaniel Peeples
ad 4 a jigle by Lopes accounted
for the lone tally of the game.
No Brownie player got more
than toe safety.

Paraiso Sports



' 9

.. ;, .

M.R. A.
Allen, rf
Rankin, of
Franch, as, p
Olbson, 34
Davison, cf
n an, cf
p, lb

Pabon jb
Polumbo 3b'
Newhard. is
Hreman, If, lb
Wadaritx, lb, p.
Garcia, rf, c
Howard, c
Corrign., rf
Wetel, D
Didler, p



-" .....5- -d e aIr e d "p",e,1w "'ep "- th "ir idle
. .. .. 1 -..5 I,., ..1-,

s^" ^ ...' ..,88-.
.. 158-74-3:1

55the DB"1ig Four powers 4 0 o e; i 1 etO r t-
0y to resume their
-8to choose a site forpa o L

. m.:d D k e p r, .,- ..? .a-.l rt. .t .. .. I d o .
Jag Is sedruled form
a Sta es,. erthish a
th o ,oo'se.. :.ite....for.
conference neO
-t -nh--I t his dumonn.

he ro .. e o the ed of al tli a e i nego- l
.a a n d... k e e p s e u r e o n .
Indicated strongly that meU- SM a do ea, a
iea bad made a rnaowr
an to reuethe Russians1 1whoP m i hed b

uled t start hereo Jan. t~To rae&. .oret m

t of nth e mmand a orntwr .'.ao' ,nhed tori t e r e e *

*ati ths comn d anheul wwe ar .-rdte w *t(a'Rv r tol a t d hae h t ,tp
t to f ive the Russiansh .a, ..N, 1t (U Pe ttn a .
a d thea "ne- 'g wtJ. c.peet & tO N. delt- or 70,-0S.0.rbt

godar pm.nd 7ovinmo ...kehiso 'ea," ju5%to mA& nS W-a"'0faw
for l wlied -N- coe -e Icrt.e:rea nenr

rty in West Berli tird u to' ai-d a taf $1 W been
fl 1ofl e them In tohe tr lreo PIi th he .sith h
m.part of the city ta .. .......'eI oh. ,.
I the t heptern part. Jolvit.....e.
0*.. -1V,,. -_' .-.6. ( ,.bro.d for.-a,,fuU scale s-
this e se Iet,. str *.4 teacp ep tobes
v n ntothe so- f "og;e7tobut
there Ueet-h e tCi S1od wich

tA the newpro to s the ,.hr. Y=o av-ta he O ito pa who theyot0a let e e te tow' o,-
fro m Washnd-irls had0premiep Ad .ampert tot' -g"Sf n rdcrrthree-aye.
t th e western allies,r aV tie'%A next The 7-lv ea!o -O'lD1b -4 ..o

Mte x-ic.lantou ltti 4 t cPt al-A --,.,"eex"-SThe-,71
,,the.., i, e o-.eM- .,,+

uuCr rtfb dteints
me,.. -tt4%0.n. o L

whi thth. -t e rto .,..d

ati Aoofte SU eapyezee oOaa, pN'.

APO"t-" ,. .....oft ""lied nt.- n"asun hW in W.D om

we uI S a, hu coming thna W! h 15a.. ilte yo ur" h to ch Said,the figure did uhN In!
eoa"te4o dditiuonailowlss
tI a w,-horc ng;! pou ao stof-pork to weat

t I ethe. two as ,.. .Ae
aspad hadIndicatedt boa r
a t the aboveRem. ive? pattt'tse trwhent lto .
to co m a r le iabd

"14twosMonktheS w Tyhonto for

A),w- m as, ".

-r.rit.1 o ,ork.eap ide,.-.I
taw .-" I .-P. A

",.M.f l..,on .Me.,
In mn~mado AM -

i4*-~ 4



~ a


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Jaime Saenz Amateur Me


78- 72150
74- 77151
73- 79152
76- 76152
73- 80153
77- 79156
John MacMurray
Runnerup 146
Amateur medalist honors In
the $7,500 Panama Open go.,
tournament today went to Jai-
me Saenz of Medellln, Colombia
When he shot a one-under-par /l
fur a 145 stroke total for the first
M holes of play. -
Johnny MacMurray. Panama*
best amateur, repeated his 73 of
yesterday for a 146 total at the
fid of two day's rlay.
Other early amateur scores:
aenz, Jaime .. .. 14- 71145
McMurrav John..
nUey, George
Mitten. Jr., H W...
Crocker, J.......
Casares Jr., de los..
J.ombrola, V.
8ehmldt, W. C.....
Lewter N....... 81" 7(HrI
Hlindo.G....... 81-79-lbO
Guardia, de la E.
in ..... 79- 8211
tvuardla. de la G... 79- 83-162
Rate. Juan ..... ^-?-;i:
Hamilton, E. L.. .. 82- 81-lb?
irlas. Alberto .... 84-79-163
Saltn. G....... 81- 84165
Km, Jr.. P..... 83_ 52S5
Ctlsbee. T. A .. .. 88-79-167
Sally. J. K....... 87-83-1.0
Guardia, de la E..
D'sLondes, j. ..
Drohan, T. E.....
Dmarest. J...... 88- 91-79
Prennan, L. M .. 93- 88101
Relda.L. S....... 93- 92-18a
Bass, S. W....... 105- 95-200
Cooper, J. K..... 114-104-218
Johnny Ray, Wife
Get Mutual Consent
Divorce In Suarez
JUAREZ. Mex., Jan. 15 (UP)-
85- 84169
85- 86171
89- 87176
"let tHe people know iRe truth and the country is rife" Abraham Lincoln.
PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS President Jose Antonio Remon
addresses the ball prior to making the 200-yard drive from No. 1
tee which launched the pros into action in the $7,500 Panama
Open golf tourney at the Panama Golf Club. The Preside:
SffinSta quickie ^No. \"hon lor Ws perfect drive oithe ball which rested on a
SlOtual consent divorce yester-
ay from singer Johnny Ray and
""I'm sorry the marriage turn-
ed out the way it did."
Both appeared with their at-
torneys in First Civil Court in
Juarez a mere formality sin*
attorneys for both had prepared
papers saying there were no chil-
dren and property and alimony
agreements had been reached.
*' The only caure given In the
aivorce petition was "Incompati-
bility of characters."
"Love Is holy as religion to
me," Ray, 27. said after the di-
vorce was granted "Some day I
Ian to get married again. Eve-.y
pan wants to have a home and
^Marilyn. 23-yeer-old daughter
Of the owner of the Mocambo
alght club In Hollywood, refused
to pose with Ray for photograph
nr. She said her attorney toid
her not to.
Then Ray and his former wife
d--ove back to El Paso In separ-
ate cars. Ray aid he made a
recording Wednesday in Ne.v
York before flying to El Paso.
Ore side is entitled "Why Should
I Be Sorry?" The other side is
You'd Be Surprised.'
ten-karat gold tee.
Bigger Social Security Benefits
Urged By Ike In Extra Message
White Death'
Seal Valley
VIENNA, Austria, Jan. 15 (TJPT
New "white death" Austrian
avalanches 'sealed off a wholo
?alley In the province of Styrla
today and dammed un an arti-
ficial lake of rising ice water
which threatens at least 1,000
trapped inhabitants, police re-
Show slides elsewhere in Aus-
tria already have taken at least
120 lives.
Big Foyr Foreign Ministers
Still Have No Place To Go
President Elsenhower asked
Congress today to raise social
security benefits, extend them to
10 million more persons and in-
crease the tax up to $12 a year
to help "reduce... destitution to
the minimum" In America.
In a special 2,500-word mes-
sage to the House and Senate,
he said helping people provide
economic security In their old
age and for their families when
they die, are among "proper
aims of all levels of government,
including the federal govern-
ment." ,.
The President did not specify
what benefit increases he favors.
But Chairman Daniel A. Reed
(R-N.Y.) of the House Ways and
Means Committee promptly in-
troduced legislation to raise old
age Insurance benefits at least
$5 a month.
His bills, prepared with ad-
ministration guidance, would in-
crease maximum benefits from
the present $85 to $108.50 a
month. The maximum payment
to a married person would go
up from $127.50 to $162.75
The maximum family benefit
would go up from $168.75 to $190
a month.
Calling for continuation of tne
"basic principles" of the present
"contributory" system which
bases benefits on earnings, the
President offered a seven-polntl Calling
plan for "constructive and posi- "basically
BERLIN, Jan. 15 (UP)Offi-
cials In the Allied and Soviet
sectors of this divided city went
ahead today with preparations
for the scheduled Jan. 25 Big
Four foreign ministers confer-
ence even though negotiators
failed to name a site.
Western authorities readied
the former Allied Control Au-
thority building in West Berlin,
considered bv the United States,
Britain and France as the only
logical meeting place for the
foreign ministers.
Reliable East Berlin sources
said the Soviets have ordered
the East Berlin government to
set up a press center for the con-
ference m Joseph Goebbels' for-
mer Nazi propaganda ministry,
now used as a press office by the
East German government.
These sources also said that
the Soviets have ordered instal-
lation of special telephone and
able lines in the building.
Negotiations to settle on a
meeting place for the ministers
bogged dowr. yesterday when
Soviet high commissioner Ser-
gei A. Dengln demanded hold-
in* the conference meeting al-
ternately in each sector.
Allied negotiators the Amer-
ican, British and French mili-
tary commandants of Berlin
v/ere willing to hold one out of
every four meetings in the Sov-
iet sector."
Informed East Berlin said Den-
g!n has appealed to his govern-
ment and Is awaiting fresh in-
structions from Moscow.
The three Western negotiators
:ilso referred the deadlock tc
their governments.
Traffic Bottleneck
t Fort Amador
To Be Improved
First steps to Improve a long
time traffic bottleneck at Fort
Amadpr started this week when
members of the Engineer Office,
USARCARIB, surveyed the post
During the next month the
Engineers will widen the three
streets that border the triangle,
where a spit and polish guard
mount Is held each day of the
week, to 30 feet from the present
20 feet.
Alfonso Segundo, cartographic
engineer, said that "some old
landmarks, mango trees, will
have to be removed to make way
for the new road system."
live" Improvements. These In-
cluded protection Of pension
rights of disabled workers and
allowance for higher outside
earnings by social security bene-
Some Republiian leaders and
many Democrats in Congress
welcomed the program but
several important members of
both parties were noncommit-
Reed, whose bills generally
covered the President's propos-
als, promised hearings on them
when work 13 finished on cur-
rent tax revision probably
early in March.
House Republican leader
Charles A. Halleck (Ind.) said
the program Is "In line with
Republican pledges" to the peo-
ple. Senate GOP leader William
F. Knowland (Calif.) predicted
Congress will act "on at least
some" of the proposals at this
The President said private and
group savings, insurance and
pension plans are "a primary
means" for protection against
economic hazards of old age and
"But In addition, a basic, na-
tion-wide protection against
these hazards can be provided
through a government social in-
surance system," he declared.
the present system
sound," Eisenhower
prosposed the following program
to correct what he called its
1. Extend coverage to about 10
million more persons, as he
recommended last year. These
would include self-employed
farmers, more farm and domes-
tic workers, self-employed pro-
fessionals and others.


Befo-e deciding which tax re-
turn to use for reporting your
1953 income, you should know:
*4. What to report as income.
The previous Primer articles
help you with hose items. This
article helps you choose and mi
Out your tax return.
v a simple chart printed with
Article 2 told"the best lorm to
use If your income is under $5000.
Check over your answers on the
hart to make sure they are cor-
rect. If your deductions are close
ro 10 per cent of your Income. It .
) best to compute your tax on amount8 shown as deducted for
both Short Form 1040 and Lons sociai Security Tax (F.I.C.A. eni-
not have to compute your tax.
Just fill it in allowing your name
and address and exemptions ana
income. The District Director of
Internal Revenue will use the
tix table printed on the back of
Form 1040 to compute your tax
and send you a refund or a bill
depending on whether too much
or too little tax was withheld
from your pay.
The tax table automatically
Rives you a $6CO credit for each
exemption and a deduction of
ibout 10" per cent of your income
for such Items as contributions,
medical expenses and the like.
Before attaching your Form
W-2 to the return, add up the
Form 1040 (with itemized deduc-
tions) and then use whichever
wives the smaller tax.
Remember. If your income is
over $5000 vou must use Long
Form 1040. v ...
Those of you using Form 1040A
(printed on yellow paper) will
p'oye tax). No one person is sup-
posed to pay more than $54 for
such tax in 1953. If you worked
ior more than one employer, it is
quite llkelv that you have had
more, than $54 deducted for
F.I.C.A- tax. In such case, follow
the instructions on the reverse
Colombian Causes
Freak Injury, Fined
$50 InCZ Court
A Colombian employe of the
VS. Army at Corozal, whose ef-
forts to stop a fellow worker
from dousing him with a hose
resulted In the other man's in-
jury in a freak accident, was
lined $50 in Balboa Magistrate's
court this morning.
The fine imposed on Carlos A.
Cepeda was the result of a bat-
tery charge filed by Ramn E.
Vargas, whose ankle was pierced
two Inches deep by screw
According to evidence brought
out in court, Cepeda had Just
finished working Inside an Army
tank and was walking over to
his locker to clean up when Var-
gas, who washing down the floor
with a hose, sprinkled some of
the water on him. The men were
about 25 feet apart at the time.
The defendant insisted in
court today that he told Vargas
three times to stop dousing him,
but that Vargas persisted. A wit-
ness stated only the bottom of
the defendant'? pants were wet.
Cepeda himself claimed he was
completely soaked from the
Getting mad at Vargas for not
stopping the "horseplay," the
defendant threw a small cloth
kit of tools he was carrying In
1 the direction of the hose sprink-
ler. The kit hit a trash can
which was standing In the way.
of Form 1040A and you will be, For example suppose your and a,msm/ gt^BrbcmnM ott
!?mm* & >5f sar&fca A5gaw ssgg
evenue agent discovers that an by the Judge.
rdditional $1000 should ha;
Primer: II
Drivers No Longer
Need Wait Behind
Army School Buses
Drivers of vehicles on Army
and Navy reservations need no
longer wait to be signaled to
proceed after stopping in front
of or behind stopped school bus-
ses, a memorandum published
by Headquarters, USARCARIB,
and the 15th Naval District has
The Provost Marshal, USAR-
CARIB, explained that under
the new regulations, vehicles,
after stopping upon approach-
ing a school bus can proceed at
a "reasonable and prudent
speed, not to exceed ten miles
per hour." This charge Is regu-
lations brings the military driv-
ing rules concerned with scnooi
buses into conformity with those
of the Canal Zone.
The new regulation says hi
part- "The operator of every
motor vehicle upon meeting or
overtaking from either direction
any school bus which has stop-
ped on the highway for the pur-
pose of receiving or discharging
any passengers shall stop tne
vehicle immediately before pas-
sing the school bus but may then
proceed past such school bus at
a speed which is reasonable and
prudent, not exceeding ten miles
per hour, and with due caution
for the safety of such passen-
fie promised additional recom
mendatlons later on bringing
federal workers into the system.
2. Increase present social secu-
rity payments under-a new-for-
mula raising both maximum and
minimum benefits. He said Wei-
fare Secretary Oveta Culp Hob-
by would submit the formula' to
3. Permit a facial security
beneficiary to earn up to $1,900
a year. Only one month's be-
nefits would be deducted for.
each additional $80 earned.
At present beneficiaries forfeit
benefits in any month in which
they earn more than $75. Under
the new plan a retired worker
could take a $200-a-month job
for five months, provided he had
no other earnings. He could
work all year for $80 a month
and lose only one month's
benefit. Now he would lose all
4. Collect the social security
tax on the first $4,200 of a work-
er's annual salary, Instead of
the present $3,600. With the
present tax of -two per cent, this
would mean a $12 annual boost
for those arming $4,200 or more
a year. The $12 increase would
be paid by the worker and
matched by his employer.
5. Skip a worker's four lowest
earning years in figuring his
average monthly wage for bene-
fit purposes. This would mean
higher benefits for nearly every-
one since benefits are related
to past earnings.
The President did not' estimate
the cost of his proposed changes,
but said Mrs. Hobby figures they
would amount to
of one per cent of total payrolls
subject to social security taxes
He added that the "benefit
costs will be met for at least the
next 15 to 25 years under the
step-rate Increases" in social
security taxes "already provided
by law."
DRIVE-IN Theatre
and 2 showing all your exemp-
tions and all your income. You
then tear off pages 3 and 4, and
find your tax from the Tax Table
on page 4.
The provisions of this para-
graph shall be applicable only lr
the event the school bus shall
bear upon the front and rear
thereof a plainly visible sign
containing the words "School
Bus" In letter not less than
eight inches In height which can
be removed or covered when the
Vehicle Is not in use as a school
A "School Bus" for purposes of
this paragraph means any motor
vehicle of the bus type display-
ing the required sign and being
used for the transportation of
children to or from any school
or to or from any school activity
or function.
The change came about as the
result of a survey conducted in
the pacific-Area on violations or
the current rule. It was shown
that those violating the mili-
tary regulations were generally
law-abiding drivers.
The difference between Canal
Zone and military laws caused
unnecessary confusion, upon,
reviewing the old regulations,
Headquarters decided to revise
them in order to make them
more reasonable and mentioned
that the revised regulations
would be enforced.
Judge's Bench
A 17-year-old American How-
ard Thomas Tettenburn, Jr.,
.was fined $5 In the Bjalboa
Magistrate's Court this morn-
ing because his motorcycle
lacked a muffler "causing an
intense prolonged and un-
necessary" noise when the
youth was operating it on
Diablo Road two days ago.
A 20-year-old Panamanian.
Elvira Mitchell, was fined $10
and sentenced to spend ten
days In Jail for stealing a
lady's watch worth $25 from
Verna S. Wlnstead.
Austrian police said "doieni*
of new avalanches yesterday
cut off the great Soelk valley
some 40 miles northwest of
Gras in Styria, damming up
a rising artificial lake of ico
water behind huge snow bar-
Gendarmerie reports telephon-
ed to the town of Groebmlng
said some 1000 valley dwellers
were in "Imminent danger" to-
Police said they had nb reports
of new deaths so far, however.
Telephoned reports said the
dammed-up lake was about "one
kilometer long, 200 meters wide,
about ten meters deep, and ris-
ing steadily."
Meanwhile, heavy new snow-
falls and rising temperatures
heightened the danger of more
avalanches in death-ravaged
great Walser valley of Vorarl-
berg. ,
A ski-borne rescue force of '
150 gray-uniformed gendar-
merie and police were racing
toward the Soelk valley with
crates of dynamite to blast the
snow dam and release the ris-
ing ice water.
Heavy fresh snowfalls through-
out styria hampered the rescue
The great Soelk valley lies a-
bout 200 miles east of the Vor-
arlberg disaster belt. Its slopes
and floor are dotted with small
farms of families who grub a
difficult living from the rocky
soil. The area Is less jagged and
rugged than the Vorarlberg Alps.
In Vorarlberg, the entire pop-
ulation of three tiny villages
Zlegerberg, Genertal and Gam-
plaschaga defied orders to
evacuate their homes this morn-
ing as thick snow and tepid
winds posed new avalance peril.
"We prefer to .remain In our
homes, one resident explained.
"If our houses are buried, wt
prefer to be buried with them.
To lose our homes would be
worse than death."
Col. Robert L. Rlzon and his
U.S. helicopter teams were back
in great Walser "death valley"
again today to continue eva-
cuating any survivors that
ground rescuers might dig out
of the snow.
Goethals Arrives
Here. Tomorrow
The USNS Goethals, with
military personnel and depen-
dents for assignment in the
Canial Zone as passengers, will
arrive at Cristobal tomorrow
' -r ij r 4 -r o C
Shows: 7.-05 2:33 -
4:38 6:43 8:48
Just follow the simple instruc-
tions at the top of the Table and
oe sure to select the exemption
column that corresponds to the
number of exemptions you claim
on page 1. Then i-nter the a tr.
item 5. on pege 1. The last lew
steps necessary to complete your
Short Form 1040 will be de-
scribed in tomorrow's article.
Those of you who itemise de-
ductions or who bave incomes in
excess of $5000 must use the tax
computation schedule on page 3
oi the return to compute your
The first step in using the tax
computation schedule Is to enter
;on Line 1 vour adjusted gross In-
1 come as shown In Item 4. page t.
What you enter in Line 2 is im-
portant. You have a choice of c
showing either vour itemized de-,
jductlons or one of the amounts
shown In (a) or (b) of the in-
structions- with Line 2. Use
whichever gives you the larger
Keen reported as Income in 1953.
This would Increase your stan-
dard deduction by $100 U0 pr
cent of $1000) making it $690.
Since the tandard deduction
ivould then be larger than your
itemized deductions, you couid
change to the larger one in mak-
ing your new computations.
Fill out the remainder of th?
tax computation schedule en
page 3 following the instructions
opposite each line and you wal
end up o Line 13 with your 195.1
.ncome tax. You have probably
paid all or most of the tax
through withhoidings or pay-
ments on estimated tax.
Tomorrow's article will show
you how to figure whether yon
owe more tax or have a refund
Tax Primer Q.& A.
You can change your method
,cf computation from itemized
deductions to standard deduc-
tions and vice versa any time
before the statute of limitations
-xpires. which Is normally three
vears from the time your return
i a due. ^
Q. Which gives the smaller tat.
Form 1040A or Short Form 104i)'
A Neither the tax Is the san-.-
4. My wife and I both work.
Can we file sepanV' return.
using the tax table for one re-
turn and itemizing all our de-
ductions on the other?
A No. If either husband or
wife itemizes deductions, the
^ other oust also,
the Baloon Club of America prepare to>go alof, In aJ>*oon at
Broad Axe, Pa., to commemorate the 161st anniversary oftnc
iirst liehter-than-air flight in America. The modern balooners
are I It to right): Francis Shield. Don Piccard. Eleanor Vadala
k and Kate Qroag).
500 desperate mon
caged-up with one woman!

T nEnaTArtm
ScorqnurrsYO. :
< \\ \m \\ u nisu.
"Let the people know the truth arid the country is safe'* Abraham Lincoln.
Now... 6 Years


m'l K ,N ffi.7nS^Sd^fLXaro\S Sown
.cline near Spirigen, Switzeriana. vi Austrlai We8t.
Sope, of .the Alp. have to Ken many live*^ ^ ^ or
?" ? ^ *
Freakish Midwinter
Heat Wave Hits

Jan. -1
iths and widespread'
to Europe last nlgnt
o^a*0^ ta Mia
KlUedftf* persona and blew
$5 trees chimney, and farm
^Srtfcitte. a atorm-under-
mtaed hillside slid across a rail-
road track, derailing the toco-
JnatlTB an(i several car, a fast
Spain Warns British
Of Trouble If Queen
Slops At Gibraltar
cSSt Britain there may be
anti-British demonstrations if
oueen Elisabeth II makes her
Scheduled top at Gibraltar n
her world tour, well informed
sources said today.
The Queen io scheduled to
top there durln* the final stage
of her long tour.
informants said the Spanish
Ambassador in London told For-
eign Secretary Anthony Eden of
the government's anxiety re-
garding the Queen's proposed
hajt at Oilbraltar.
panlards may stage demons-
tlone, the Ambassador was
sayinc and Spaniards
In Oilbraltar may
i nere was an unconfirmed ro
port that the government might
invita gyptan President Mo-
hammed Nwrulb to pay an of-
ficial visit to Madrid during the
Queen's visit to Gilbraltar.
There b an intensifying cam-
palng in Spanish newspapers
for the restoration of Oilbraltar
tq^Spatn. The peneral tone is
ke Britain a friend until the base,
which the British took 25Q y eats
MO. is Riven back.
Teammate Pays
So Colombian Can
Play At Stadium
A Colombian employe of the
VS. Army who was fined $50 for
battery yesterday, was bailed out
of the Balboa jail this morning
where" he was serving out the
fine. 'i
The sum of $48 for the defend-
ant, Carlos A. Cepeda, was paid
by a man who identified himself
as a member of the Club Depor-
tivo Pacifico.
Cepeda is also a member of
the club, and it was learned he
was needed In a football game
which the club Is playing to-
nSrow at Panama'. National
Stadium. *
He was fined for causing an
accident at Corosal in which s
fellow worker, Ramon E. Vargas
was injured bv a flying screw
driver which pierced his ankle
Sid resulted in two weeks hoa-
ta lisation.
passenger train but cajialng. no
CaSaU-drlven wave*., we're bat-
tering dike*>Along the coast f
the Netherlands but so far they
were holding firm an* there
appeared to be no prospect of
new floods in the low lying
As the wind blew, the temper-
ature rose to record levels -
67.7 degrees In London, making
it the warmest January day to
the city's history and topping
the temperature of last Junes
Coronation Day by several de-
The warm weather renewed
avalanche threats in south cen
tral Europe.
Sixteen new deaths were re-
ported from Austria's "white
ieath" belt. And a snowsllde in
France temporarily blocked a
highway to Swltaerland.
Four of Britain* five fatali-
ties were caused when cyclists
were blown into the path of
cars, buses or t.-ucks. The fifth
a bricklayer, r^e killed when
the wind blew wn a wall on
which he wab irking.
New British Jet
Will Fly 600 mph
With 150 Passengers
Beasley Booked
At El Panama
Peter Beasley. newly ap-
pointed economic adviser to
the Panama government has a
reservation at El Panama
Hotel from tomorrow night.
Some time ago Beasley'. ori-
ginal scheduled date for ar-
rival here was set for Jan. 17,
however later It was announc-
ed he would remain In Wash-
Panama government offi-
cials could not be reached to-
day to confirm whether or not
Beasley Is coming.
Dun & Bradstreet
Says Business Enjoys
Low 'Failure Rate9
NEW YORK, Jan. 15 (UP)
Dun t Bradstreet, Inc., said to-
day that the "relatively low"
failure rate at the present time
is one of the barometers of the
continuing good .health of A-
merican business.
A new DAB chart "the
failure record,, 1M0-1M3"
shows 1963's failures.. In the
perspective of the post-war
Underscoring the favorable
business climate, the credit rat-
ing organization noted that
business failure since World
Warr n have been at a peace-
time low for the 20th Century.
DAB said that last years
failure rate of 32 per 10,000 con-
cerns listed In its reference Book
compares with an average an-
nual rate of 78 per 10,000 busi-
nesses in the first half of the
The chart? .bowed thai t 1W8
failures among manufacturers
were up slightly from the pre-
vious year, with a higher busi-
ness mortality in machinery,
lumber and furniture, textile,
and apparel, and paper, printing
and publishing.
Congressmen Feel
Proposed Pay Boost
'Much Too High'
Member* of Congress appear-
ed ready today to vote them-
selves a pay raise but nothing
like the $12,600 a year boost pro-
posed by a presidential com-
mission, A
There war considerable talk in
congressional circles that a $5,000
increase seemed "a likely com-
Only a handful of Senate and
House members apoke out against
any raise at ah, but a good
number on both sides of tha
hill protested that the commis-
sion's proposal was "much too
high." Many of them were fear-
ful of the reaction back home
in ah election year.
POWs' Warnings
BRIDE AND GROOM -Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMsggio smile
happily after their surprise wedding in San Francisco. They
were married in a closed door ceremony by judge Charles H;
Peery while a crowd of'-about 100 newsmen, photographer, and
well wishes waited in the corridor. The couple pian to go on a
short honeymoon.
* '


LONDON. Jan. 18 (UP) _
Vickers-Armstrong, Ltd., Jet
plane manufacturers, undaunted
by the disastrous Comet crash
last Sunday announced today it
has a high speed, long range Jet
plane under construction which
may replace the surviving fleet
of BOAC Comets.
company spokesman said it
is constructing a plane that
will be finished by mid-1955 and
will fly long ranges at speeds
more than 600 miles per hour
carrying between 100 and 150
He said the plane, the V-1000,
presently is being built as a mili-
tary transport for the Ministry
of Supply but the company
hopes to receive orders for a
commercial airlines version of
the plane.
"BOAC is evaluating It close-
ly and may decide to replace it
Comet fleet with the Vlckers,"
the spokesman said.
Hairy Haunting
Mrs. William Johnston said
she was sure her furnace was
haunted when she heard strange
sounds coming from the base-
She went to Investigate and
stood frosen with fear as a gri-
my, hairy hand emerged slowly
'out of the furnace door.
The hand was followed by a
las company service man who
had gotten into the wrong house
to fix a furnace.
Newly wed DiMaggios
Honeymoon In Hiding
greet Joe
Maggio aril hi. bride, dewy-llp-
d filmstar Marilyn Monroe,
loneymocned in hiding today to
achieve what all newly weds want
mostt be alone.
The former New York Yankee
The 18-member commission]
was unanimous in it. finding
that Congressmen are "grossly
underpaid" and in it. recom-
mendation that they fix their
pay scale at $27,500 a year. That
would be a $12,500 increase over
the $12,500 salary and $2.500 ex
pense account they now receive.
Its recommendations also in-
cluded pay hikes of $10,000 each
for the Vice President and House
Speaker and from $12,500 to
$14500 a year for "overworked
and poorly paid" federal Judges.
NZ Mother Gets
Royal Coaching
In Baby-Burping
MASTERTON, New Zealand,
Jan. 16 (UP) The Duke of
Edinburgh showed a New Zea-
land woman how. to burp her
baby today while his wife
Queen Elizabeth n was mak-
ing a speech.
The baby was crying while
the Queen was speaking at a
civic reception. The Queen
raised her voice to drown out
the racket.
JThe Duke sitting behind the
Queen, began making motions
to her mother, who was hold-
ing the baby in her arms.
At first the mother did not
unedrstand. But finally she put
the baby over her shoulder
and patted The cries died down into
quiet cooing, and the eyes of
persons aronnd the baby were
turned back to the Queen.
Barbadian Injured
In Fall On Eve
Of Retirement
A local-rate employe.of the
Commissary Division was injur-
ed yesterday when he fell off
truck Just one week before his
scheduled retirement with 40
years of government service.
According to hospital officials,
Pltsroy O. Smith. W, Barbadian,
is not on the serious list, but will
have to be hospitalized for a
lengthy period as a result of a
scalp laceration and vertebra
fracture ufiered when he fell
off the back of a half-ton pick-
up truck traveling on Oalllard
Highway yesterday afternoon.
The truck, driven by an Amer-
ican Commissary Division em-
ploye. Charles P. Shay, was
traveling north and approaching
the intersection of Spillway Road
when another car in front of it,
and traveling in the same direc-
tion, slowed down preparatory
to making a lefthand turn onto
Spillway Road. tL _
To avoid colliding with the
back of this car. police said their
Investigation revealed that Shay
turned the truck sharply to the
right of the roadway, and as he
did this, Smith, who was sitting
on a box In tho back of the ve-
hicle, lost his balance and fell off
the right side of the truck.
Investigation of the accident
failed to show any carelessness
on the part of Shay or the driver
of the other car, and no charge,
are being lodged against them.
The injured Barbadian live,
with hi. family in La Boca.
Body Of Colombian
Who Jumped Ship
Found In Canal
The body of a Colombian who
Jumped overboard while his ship,
the Almirante Padilla, was tran-
siting the Mtraflores Lake
Thursday, was recovered today
and sent to the morgue.
The man, identified as Raul
Hernandez, was working on the
Colombian man-of-war for his
passage. The ship reported he
Jumped overboard Thursday, and
was last seen swimming toward
a buoy, before he disappeared
from view.
Todav a ship which was pass-
ing northbound through the lake
sighted the floating body near
buoy 4. A pedrc Miguel police-
man recovered it and sent it to
the morgue. *
Police say there were no obvi-
ous sign, of injury.
*Dd\tf shapely blonde
eared yesterday a f t e f
roaring off, in Joe's midnight blue
Cadillac from a hotel In Paso
Roble., 150 miles north of here,
for a 10-day honeymoon.
Reporters and studio press a-
gents staked cut at Marilyn's
apartment on the Strip
reported seeing a car resembling
DIMaggto's last night.
The car sped from the scene
when It encountered a host of
waiting newsmen and press a-
Prienda of the couple at Mon-
terey, Calif.'.' said they believed
the DiMaggios were headed for
Ensenada, Mex. But the hotel
Riviera Pacifico there said the
DiMaggios had no reservations
"and we dont expect them."
Studio officials, trying to learn
if Mr.. DiMaggio intends to re-
sume her film career, said they
war* inclined to believe the cou-
61e somewhere in Southern Cal-
* *
Rhee Talks Of
'Definite Action'
To Unite_Korea
SEOUL, Korea*; Jan 16 (UP)
_ President Syngman Rhee
threatened *d*v to, take de-
linite action" to unite Korea if
his country receive, no assur-
ances of unification by late
"Korean, want unity either as
iree men or .Uves," Rhee .aid.
"We will not wait until we
are sold out. Thto .can't be
dragged on idenfinltely. If the
United States does not put and
end to it, Korea will have to do
something. ,1_. -^ j
The 78-year-old President said
he had allowed three months,
beginning lat October 28. for
the present stalled preliminary
talks to convene a peace con-
ference. That deadline end. 10
days from now.
"After that there woul be SO
days allowed for the confer-
ence," Rhee sala.
If the. conference has not
been convened in three more
months, Rhee aid, "I think
then that automatically the
Korean government would oe
relieved of obligation."
In using the word "obligation"
Rhee apparently was referring
to his pledge to Allied authou-
lles to give the peace confer-
ence 90 days to arrange for
Korean unification, regardless
of when the conference starts,
But he has Insisted that th*
effort to-convert the armistice
into, stable, peace cannot be de-
layed infinitely. .A I
Without fixing a deadline,
Rhee implied to foreign news-
men at a oreas conference, that
he would feell free to take in-
dependent action including re-
newal of the war, on or after
April 28.
American officials were dis-
turbed by Rhee's statement but
said they believed he would not
attempt to fight the Chinese
and North Korean armies alone.
They said they believed Rhee
knew this would lead to "na-
tional suicide" for South.Ko-
Sam Roe, Jr. May
USCA Resignation
Reds Say That
Freeing Captives
Will Destroy Truce
. | Q ......
PANMUNJOM, Korea, Sunday, Jan. 17 (UP)Gen.
John E. Hull announced today that he will ignore Indian
warnings and will release 22,000 anti-Communist prison>
ers as civilians on Jan. 23.
The Allied commander in chief said in a letter to
Indian Lt. Gen. K. S. Thimayya that he will accept th*
22,000 anti-Red prisoners whom Thimayya proposes to
turn over to him next Wednesday. ,
But instead of holding them for disposition by a
Korean peace conference, as Thimayya demanded, tha
United Nations Command "will honor its obligations to
treat them as fully entitled to their freedom as civilians
on Jan. 23," Hull said.
The Communists warned over their Peiping Radio
yesterday that if Hull releases the prisoners, and senos
them to Chinese Nationalist Formosa and South Korea
as planned, he will "destroy the truce."
With this Issue heading toward
a crisis, 8outh Korean Pres-
ident Syngman Rhee threatened
to take "definite action" to unify
all Korea if a peace conference
falls to do so by April 28
In a second fiery statement,
Rhee .aid st a, nress conference
that south X*ea wouidwt
join the Communlats than be
put again under the dominance
A Chinese Nationalist news-
paper in Taipeh, capital of For
mosa, asserted that the Chinese
Grandma Who Gave
Husband Rat Poison
Dies In Ohio Chair
COLUMBUS, O., Jan. 16 (UP)
A plump, greying grandmother
who murdered her husband with
rat poison died in the Ohio pen-
itentiary electric chair last night
without a word of remorse.
Mrs. Dovie Dean, 55, who said
she "couldn't cry" over her
crime, walked unassisted into
the death house, sat down on
the high-backed chair and clos-
ed her eyes to await the 1950-
voit shocks of electricity which
ended her life.
Mrs. Dean was executed for
giving her husband of four
months, Hawkins Dean, 68,
death-dealing portions of arsen-
ic in the meals she prepared for
him in their farm home io south-
western Ohio.
Hardened prison officials mar-
veled at the stoic calm with
which Mr*. Dean awaited her
death. Chief prison steward
Frank Cheek served her coffee
and cookies in a cell next to the
death house as the time for her
death approached.
"She reminded me of the por-
trait of Whistler's mother,"
Cheek said. "She only smiled
and said she would eat the cook-
Mrs. Dean, who had six chil-
dren and eight grandchildren.
maintains since her arrest that
her fate was "up to Ood." When
a Jury at Batavla, O.. found her
guilty of murder on Dec. 13,1952,
she said: "I cant cry."
Her husband died of poison-
ing on Aug. 22. 2952. less than
four months fter they were
married. Her cntldren were born
during a previous marriage to
Carl Myers. 8r.. of Charleston,
W. Va.
The state charged she killed
Dean to get the $27.000 estate
be willed her alter their "busi-
ness marriage."
demand for more questioning,
Hull Mid "failure to complete
explanations to mere than a
minority of prisoner.... can
only be attributed to the .tab-
born refusal (of the Commun-
ists) to eoatinue explanation.
except nder conditions of
their ewaeboosla**.
It-4." ft "solemn obligaUon"
of the UN. Command to free the
anti-Communist prisoner, Hull,
said. J
An Army spokesman disclosed
Communists ar" rushing troops] that the'UJt" Command was
to Manchuria for a possible re- prepared to receive the prisoners
newatof the Korean war. One, at the rate of more than 2.000
field army is already in Man-1 an hour, but it appeared unllke-
churla, the newspaper China] ly the men would all be released
Union Press said, and two more In one day.
are on the way.
The 22,000 anti-Communist
prisoners and about pro-
The Indians may release tha
prisoners in groups smaller thin
risonsVnowln"tne!" MO-man compound uniO.
custody of SeTKuta Nttons the^.^kesman
Repatriation Commission, of
which Thimayya is chairman,
should be freed as civilians on
Jan. 23 under the armistice.
The Communiit. demanded
that they be held In neutral
custody until they have been
questioned further by indoc-
trination officer, and their
status considered by a peace
conference. .
The Allies made It plain that
8am Roe. Jr. who recently
withdrew from the Pacific Civic
Couneil aid today he would re ,
consider his resignation "due to I they mean to free the anti-com-
the pressure of requests" he has
been receiving.
Roe said today he has been
swamped with telephone calls
from civic council members,
USCA. and labor groups not to
withdraw actively from the Pa-
cific Civic Council.
Roe, who Is a senior delegat*
from Balboa of the Pacific Ci-
vic Council, Is also president of
the Oeneral Civi Councils. %
His action was prompted af-
ter a Pacific Civic Council meet-
ing held earlier this week at
which he said the "highly cri-
tical attitude" of his and Mrs.
Margaret Rennle's past activi-
ties forced him to make the
The Communists set the tags
for a propaganda barrage by
broadcasting reports that Amer-
ican planes and tanks patrolled
the Panmunjom area of the
neutral zones where the prison-
er, will be released.
Radio Peiping. semi-official
voice of Red China, raid also
that "agent." in the antl-Cora-
munlst compounds had lighted
bonfires and torches In response
to signal flares set off by civil
police on the American side.
The UH. reply to Thimayya'.
proposal came as the Eighth Ar-
munlst prisoners.
Thimayya, deciding to wash
his hands of the entire matter, .
announced that he proposed to my completed its plans for re-
turn all prisoners back to their, celving the returned prisoners
cantors Jan 20 but he demanded amid Red charges that the Al-
that thiT respective sides still lie. intend to "kidnap" the cap-
hold the men Wive. I ves next Wednesday.
Firmly rejecting this. Hull,
told Thimayya that he cannot
accept custody of the antl-Rea
prisoners on his terms.
"In view of your stated inten-
tion to release unilaterally the
prisoners of war starting Jan. 20,
the U.N. Command must neces-
sarily be prepared to arrange
for their accomodation ana Dis-
position." Hull said.
Regarding the Communist
Dominican Republic
Would Welcome Any
Anti-Red POWs
(NEA Telephotos^
TELLS OF. ALLEGED CRUELTY Helen Barger, 8, aits in the
witness ehair and tells a Cleveland. O. court of the whippings,
ice water dunklngs, burnings, and kneeling on rocks that she was
subjected to by her aunt and uncle. Mary and Matthew Barger.
The pair are on triai for the alleged manslaughter of Helens
sister. Celia. 6. who died recently.
(UP The Dominican govern-
ment offered today to welcome
any antl-Communist war pris-
oner, from Korea who want to
settle In this country.
Generalissimo Rafael Leonidai
Trujlllo said that "ample pro-
tection" would be extended all
such Immigrants under the
oolicy of "opening the door, of
the Dominican Republic to the
oersecuted of the world, re-
gardless ofrace or relelglon."
Although the Generalissimo
recently relinquished all official
positions, he still i. considered
as the leader and elder states-
man of the Dominican govern-
"All antl-Communlst war pris-
oners, either of Chinese na-
tionality or any other origin,
wishing to settle In our country
after Jan. 22, when they are
scheduled to be released, "wia
be welcomed Trujlllo said.
The Office1
(UP) Joe Valdes. operator of
the "Alibi Bar." said more and
more of his late-afternoon cus-
tomers are using his telephone
to call home and report being
detained at the office."
Valdes said he is thinking of
.changing the name of hi. bar to
'"The Office."