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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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-5iL--I' r--~-'

*San rRoe Jr.
Sam; e 1

Quits Pacoif

Civic Cuncll
Sam Roe, J resiged yeste-
ay as senior delegate from.S
oa of the Pacific Civic CQU
durg-the first Civic WS I
W99hIncoming president "
duri:g the fr t m etlt t
4 Chase paded.
SRoe, who is still prest Lent of
the General Civic Counci alave
as his reason the '"htgily oriel
Satttude" tai at te meeting
of his past activities in the coun-
do's behalf.
Said Roe. "I feel the council's
attitude is a direct slap in the
face both to myself an to Mrs.
Margaret Rennie."
rs. Rennie, formerly in charge
f the using committee, was
taken off that committee. and
put in charge of insurance.
When contacted today with b
(N-.A' Tephoto ) regard to yesterday's meeting.
I j -"i Badkdund, arm Chase maid he did not care to
S Iate t give any publicity on it.
11 asL area. facitmad' n 8Rufus 'Loelady, another civic
S.nU eto the a an council tmeinter, said today that MISTERY.OF THIBD.
'pitfrom hteone by-1 wa i the council state R r
- i., t J itothe -
.cficai .that "the president o hWSi Zar owubin ar dvt
,&iha nit chairmen of five wonde who owned the
"tand'- coa.mittees, who in w ea hOw. The owner
... ..a,-t-r.. .t h m em b e rs o f th e ir ..
mef ....
-Tw e lady said he 're-
... 7., "".ved Ch" that Roe had_
,.--ci'r di. and
_t46. 131
.. able ..
+,.~ ~ ~ ~ 0A V+ -1to>+ m!:,++ + ., +d, io a+,,,.+

(NEA Telephotos
DOT SAW D The NEA photo at left, showing Russian Ambassado
tat tl 6.atoe Department in Washington, caused a lot of people t, The mystery was,cleared up when the picture on the right
O; the thi foot WMas Walte;'Btoflhl t(left in right photo), head of th
et Union apartment.

Off;--: &II Tacl s-To-Bi

ir~t,,f-Tde. M.ry B ob,

t M t Oi .D. am


Decision Made

Without Askiq

Neutral Nations

PANMUNJOM, Korea, Jan. 14 (UP) India noti
ed the Allied and Communist commands today.sithe.
turn back all unrepatriated prisoners to them on Jon. -
three days ahead of schedule.
Lt. Gen. K. S. Thimayya, Indian chairman of t
Neutral Nations Repatriation Commission, said tfef-
tives now in his custody would be returned as "Wfpr
owners" and not as civilians.
Under the Korean armistice, the prisoners wer'
) have been freed as civilians when the 120-day perwj
r their detention expired at one minute after midnigkm
t Jan. 23.
Le Gen. John E. Hull. U.N. su- The United States also lI
reme commander in the Far oorted opposed to the prtna
East, said: "The proposal from apt forth In the call for the m
the chairman of the N.N.R.C. tng. This said that amy
S 'vill be given careful study." that had not replied by J
"Our jwparatloms are at a 22 deadline would be
taqg wkee We eud8 receive agreeable to calli-g tt M
these m at any tIme," HuBn arllament togetanr.
said. "- 'pri apl e U
Eighth Amy trobp Ou*t of Stateo hl:th to04
the depiiltaridz ,wem v.- Ldtan.erow ,.rlex for JOWL
h. .,t' W-o chitel. vo t. in


by --and d w n.
to;. afe @afte al W
e a idder abot. 4 the t
-h. e fofible t' she wa' tering .
SNalboa Oanm lodes oh July 2, 194 1.NEW TORI
kruipt in Tawea. was, represented Bl Ited Mine
V4 Sielien, ,amirel& e In L'1., e
atio 'in his it against .tliA d to have t
r SC'oipagnIle des- Messageries draw hi r
eh6L Maritie represented by .at- aid to the il
meer.n to. a S. T, Franel, with Mc. tidnal Longl
ra ~ Nutt Walsh of New York as hti If the U1
pid haba co-counseL h ws-a"
Aerndt? The pilot, who alleged that criminal at
S ,wubd limp for the reat of t ;his satisfa
life as a result of the ac- vances the $
tWtp- idae in which Ib right promised the
d bak~n, sued for 50,4.- Neither LeT
Joseph ~r7 .n ormn the ILA would
urist on the bench, report, whicll
Srd the ,te f on Sept. unpublicized
"5 ,* ngton yeste
.. ne Worke
3, the Circuit Capt. William
for the 5th Ident of th I
ISn New Orleans, The ILA ws
d Scocketlon, and American Fe
*2 d1ned a earn. last Septembf
53 theJSupreme convince AIM
.r A-UmTAte*,8tsAM d stopped the
wP:l.petiton to review the Neetwhich
hearings befc
tS e State Crime
^ *i^~ .-- ,An AFL 013
W chartered to
S" seeking recog
r- LOW Ing agent fo
-8,-2@ anm. handlers on
6t:*' ,6:44nu p.. Jersey water
,. -, W! .I

Jar bm

Ba '

j7 c'e To Unith
., tt..IS" --. .paper. -
J. Tk:e a e of 4 -y specific their doll
IAVDr. too E iOfa ofItem
.r',sca 6eM 9c rsprt clnery


In those five
American Rep
earned reserv
l roa
a the m

pl seemed to


a^ lhatt lof

T on st apama's &
U &* ( te icoop a of the ,
'""l i trhea0e aen mae s
riun le- Brid Frh inis try of .ogn 4 andcthe
SJan 14 (UP) the Ifiigh cfsimatl 't erelaOl oof Educa-
Workers president toy t ted a effect tod The day activities for the l
was reported to at aay independent students be under the gen-
mhrastened to with- meeting. roldiiantti a a affairs, for. ral4 direction of Mrs. Marie
mise of financial Timbermm said he saw no point eign airs mmentator ikola Neal, Balbol school principal,
dependent Interna- in conUtaiF-the futile sessions. iolchtnov said in a propaganda and Miss QGadIs Elkins, super- t
foremen's Assocla- An Amlerican spokesman said broadcast. visor of instruction.
union fails to "clean Dengin aidked any agreemen'ton nov'. li followed that of Th Normal School students
Sa site ti refti-ag to relax his de- oGo dst China Premier Chou- N make an all-day examdenfa-
said to have de- mend f-holding two ia every en- 'v Radio Peiping charges last ton of. a typical American ele-
-the ILA rid itself four foreign ministers' meetings Saod tha ruling circles" in mentary school, observing me-
nd racket elements in Commuqlat East Berlin. the d Sates were trying to thods of ability grouping, dis-
ction before he ad- Detgi refused to give an inch, block, .a peacs conference min 1 cipline, study schedules and ac-
$100,000 in aid he evqu Big ree repre- reg,- :. t vlttes, supervised play, and <
uone. senta withdraw from other ttr of concern to pro-
wis tor officials of their d 1aline B should d esa1lonal t*achrs.
tl comment on the be, held- "ntral' Alli ds ed i "AUagtgeaIent have been made
stemmed from an Control y building in the I have hiter areters preent ad
meeting in Wash- America T o. T fere' toto bo Ploy Neeto e .reterstpreenttr
metine in Wash- Amere a T a tered to Tay Near sat.the visitors. Study mate-
rday between the hold one I ur in East A a used by the Balboa school
rs chieftain and BeIrlin .i UCtcton Area il be on display.
n V. Bradley, pres- Ise Soviet negotiator took the nibl- Area, b wll. beo
1LA. position that'Ate conference, was P to In Diablo are being
as ousted from the -meetiOf .t power blocs ra- ed against p

r toheNonwoYork c rm aiai e a| Dour
idemenrato s Union VOwas up-t.he e'natioans dand ious t reo children who play .To.tnit. p

r after Itbargaied toants 6 reiga ter V i. are warned to n er pte

Lront had t W s Germany id 19aehnes.-pontedo0 de Cooperacion Agrcola

Amerckan D:velpRments end
Ssaid the Wrmrs and poultry raisers n

were exposedinomes .woldtuer tWan
stg ts A n chstelldrn to seek tni
ngshorements Union u e g was up- tor. t lea n dlaiou l tto cgglrrt alig whopl0a

e a I p ri es les tlu dc tIOtd th e 3 6n4 th e R ep o f p u lrm
replace the I The most of trad. pects with UoT o4 at ulmat weripolt
In S ton an bargain.T E "It rel a re to dw a ut p se r a gea

Sthea0,e00 .careodoe kandlnots eatos a T pa l to invest in poult
the New. York-. r, engaite .activities near thes, m ervtceo inte-mer

iS. 5 m anama" (?U1 cMAP) of has start-
S1ore.h.ick s-t c op-ure-e ol
_ii- T'N "" uOt....~ Ic. to a:itdyr"e-ch"itr will be rZOuc, and sold toe
".es Latin ,f *fi*''u'm e. ...q ipif prmers am d t poultry raisers .;nl

uuSm556W Ul~ir W Th- more theli t h^ ou sSM^ Pial thean i s Th (rtcty anrdhave, aai
e fot.Uab144,150- Worth llof es. chicksand
... ..rBt^ Ite .,.tesadt were peuracsasedd abroadny
'a worth- 811,119,

au-ne 0wt e a ls a. l s.e -hicks valued at $154645, and
vt .d 'u 6 a Ittpri c y asls Iaelud id the recent sig p r38d,014 pouc ds of poultry 'm a
ate a 716"e 6a m .m the Uo .t pcts with Sovbet tssy- at $178,386 were lmportedIopof
to al thetheeeidsosiosothe Red pa Panama.
inri o 4 a sMmu cali !lm ITctW m t. wher lanet wil i o n -ist oe a
5 And p -osrpaeats,,,d a of )s M a bre odiatt ry .

)l-RTM INT t" wor im A t uit. the, now 0 VAily today are tre wih be refi n- .ed o lde-
= url ao" Wuin- a deoff ft." e rdIe ,,i/ th .oiJ nulpped to serve twezot eci b
I wmawthe- ir wpciomoremd a _]lIt 2papndaI Ther ht& wet thave .a
4% wh, out, wokitkfrhdeb mandoly p00chic
rthaestuthetN.os-i-f the gs .ti-

Core. to' the U.N. Oommaad
nd Sit men. Including .1-Amer-
eans, to the 'Communists be.
uase all terms of the armistice
relative to the prisoners had not
been carries out and the two
ides could not agree to extend
as custodial period.
The Indiar general's letter was
interpreted by observers here as
an undisguised admission that
his five-nation commission was
a failure.
Thimayya emphasized he made
r'e decision without consulting
other members of the badly-
'pllt commission-with Switzer-
and and Sweden favoring the
Allied stand on freeing the me-a
,a civilians and Poland and
Czechoslovakia demanding in-
definite detention of the prison-
:rs while a oeace conference de-
iberated their fate.
The United States Indicated in
the United Nations today that it
iay wait until the Jan. 22 dead-
ine to announce its stand on
Tndip's proposal for a special
Korean sesslbn of the U.N. Gen-
:ral Assembly.
The U.S. made clear yesterday
at a meeting of the 16 countries
whose troops fought in Korea
that It still doubts the wisdom
ef the session requested for Feb.
9, informed sources said.
The United States long has
opposed further Korean dis-
ANuO IR the L.N. so long a
the poubllnflty of direct talks
with the Comamuists exist.
India ta reported to be certain
already of 22 votes for its pro-
,ossd. On that basis only nine
moPe are needed for a majority
'f .31 Ih the 60-member Abssud-
by to call the special KGtMd

Indochinese Rebels

Strive To Capture

Isolated Fortress
HANOI. Indochina. Jan. 14 !
- Communist artilletymen -
lieved trained by RfOd Ch
wounded the outer defenses 4
Dien Blen Phu today while ren
suicidle patrnls pushed throu'i
an inferno cf exoloding napalm
Nombs toward the strategic bas-
tion's forts.
A Frenbch spokesman said
"J'ungle fox" Ccmmunist Oen.
Vo Nruyen Oiai1 was prepared
tc sacrifice "thousands of troops"
To capture the Isolated French
fortress 180 miles west of Hanoi
in a l expected drh'e that
French lots have been trying
to blunt with napalm and straf-
lia for the put 21 days.
SRed patrols sniffed toward
Din Bln Phu's outer rlng cf
forts under the cover of the!r
own modern artillery as Prech
Waktemen disclosed 10.025 =0o-
munnhets have beenM slaughtd
and another ll1O captured i
wwpa Dim ox mnu.._

Maawhile prpets
rArtty resaunpon of
neace conference talksfad
day as the United Nationa
ed on a Communist retr
an insult agalnat the
Lialdon officers of both
held their first meeting 3m
Allies broke off the taf Def.
but failed to make wr I
second meeting was set X*
a.m. tomorrow,
KennettII Ymoug, U. ,g
Departlet PhiEsast pert
the, Mirst Iftlson mee
"B y Ionclusive"n.
le, eeral sessions wol
held before an agreemgnat
U.N. Usnaln eoqMlr ew
Martia told North .ecaM
reseaem K au Man-s

anO Ka OMNeathm 21
*ea or -U.N. Regotlter ,"
thur W. ea Wuld not rP
turn to x
Commu ist newaimansaid li.
tin suggested holJd)ia te
s~esson in secrecy In ordet
discuss the "coausemewtF
Iabult but thateKu t ofee
then proposed oel

Martined d thlL ren In e
It waS believed %
instructimu to martin ai
.aise but netcr WoL
what "cor of tne 1
of talks between Dean and


Acc seftWmu
A yoqV 'La Bocan who
tried naf norning in the
boa Magotrate'v Court l. b

lived ..
Chandler, after tiips
tne medical aawi-t A U'
tried on a second i
alleged to have
Sunday nihin La%
;jntinuedabj the 1udo
rept woue d be mwLc
care= e b e I wn ft- IN
vearso o at th*

-,LontQctd B j|^





r i,;'ii7

4F .




,. ,2

_ __


, .


cbir -i
me ban

vt e
4 ReO
tbe col

upr ankh


- .- .



*-. ... P N-A .,., ,


-N I--- *'

,,, 3"

*--"ay.s 'N OWso Labor 'News
I T. NH 0N7 r j* ad a1A.ONAMA Fw p. P,
TLU TLailI PAAAMA NO 1 1 40 I LmLu A d
W O. I O It 171 t, 7E CN.TRAl AV.NUir W.U a27T AND TM 1,TH i ,me
Pe ,M .mREariENTmaTivs i10Wa HUA U POWERS, INC.
87 *48 MAMION AVE. NEW YVI. 4IT) N V. C m e

m me*. to 1-
MYN~04. "0 ADVANCE.Sao
donvrfc old 0ve las 2o 00 By VICTOR RIESEL
M It yhOUl FPOUM THE REAMRS OWN COLUMN A mystery man died last Sun. .
7i .4Almost at the very hour that his

Te M.ail soa an an forum for readers t The PonsomAmer' dramatically demanded that Con
Th 3 Ma -a m ". hir,. few 'edan Tel Pautiam. gress make all subversives men.low*
S~ pros e reeived g pefully and are handled Il 0 wholly sefi- w"iout a country. ..
S Mr I .l a letter don't be heaHflHea if it dsoe't appear the Strange as it may seem, these
S I, a em ibbi k the order Mcelved. events are linked.
"-ty_ -e k the 1em" -8limetot on@ page lgth. Ii
at letter it witmrs is hld Is. ta ritst eantidnse. For the pan who died was one
aThis ewIs-per Minume me rMesmnsiblilly far datemmat as opinions of those whose underground actjv .
In ts. I Et a fm MeM. ths provoked Dwight P. Elsenhow-
fl" 0- er into demanding the most dras.
PROGRESS Bt DEGREES punishment yedevised fo
PROGRESS BY DEGREES those whose allegiance Is not o
hpa Sthe U. S. but to the U.S.S.R. -:
SD Badeye. The man who difd in Monefiore
,,reckon you wont mind me addressin by your first name Hospital last Sunday as "William
,.lW e I come from the Ozarks out in Arkansaw. I bin reedin Brown" was none. other than '
tpur letters fur several months now and wont to let you know "Mysterious Mike," a name which
SV t i don't think them fellers like Artitotle and Socrates had only a handful of, Soviet. under. P
hin on you when it comes to filosoflzinr. Your writing is ground agents will recognize .as \
rP.Um good and I like It. Frum what I here irom others they code for Sam Hall, director of the
3 your writing two. Just keep on writin, but give us a pome Communist Party's, Southern un.-
',.nout In a while. derground machine. Director, too,
I seen in the paper the other night that you really talked of special undercover activities in
.tack to this feller Newman and axed him lots of questions which Texas, now the objective of intend.
,2 bet he cant answer. I also seen that you axed some questions sive Communist, concqntratiob for
Of Mr. Doolln, me pursonel director, about how much pay people reasons not to be discussed here.
9gettin. You know, Sadeye, I like Mi. Doolin two, but I've
eared he's laboring under a handicap and don't know all the The identification here of# Sam
time just what going on back In Lhem little pins them college- Hall will, for the first time ,reveal
bread analyst are in. to many a. Amrictan agen of the
Russians now operating in Texas
\, Fer instance, vye been tole t-heir is some wimmen back their the real name and background of
that, don't think any job is wirth more'n -. grade 4 unless the the "Mysterious Mike" who would *I
person in it has a college education. But Jist write down on phone add mail cryptic directives
-Ae paper that a college degree Is needed and right off they're to them.
WUrth 08-7. and iflen the Word "technical" appears in the
description at leest onct it is shore. to be OS-9. So, too, will the Party's secret ^ me.-
You know, Sadeye, that word "technical" is jist about as Southern workers-be surprised on
Important as "auditor" to them college-trained wimmin what the New Orleans docks; in Bir-
decides how much pay a feller ought to git fer doln his job. mingham, Alabama, and in North
Frum what 1I here tho, Sadeye, I dont think them wimmin Carolina, too. Some knew of Sam -,
Is awl the way too blame fer there grades. I here there some Hall, as a public party leader. .
feller by the. name of Oyster' or some aich name what gives Some knew merely the voice of i
them wimmin a bad "time in getting there reports by him to Ilysterious Mike. But only the So' A I
Mr. poolln. Iffen t wuv in one of them OS obs I'd shore wont Iiet's secret police agd, of
Mr. Doolin to know what 'kind of work I done 'cause without course, our ow authorities, who
a college edukatlon I'd not bee higheirn a 08-5 regardless of were not' talking, and a labor
ay ktical experience. source or two of mine, who were By Peter Edson
Well, Sadeye, I cant think of mucht movie to write on this talking-kaew that Hall and "Mys-
okailon. I shore hope they don't close down Mindl 'cause I'd terious Mike," the Soviet's under. -- 0
shore mls s your writin and I think there is some others who ground .ss of all southern activi- WASHINGTON A A, Van Zandt has 'pooszed a up all -eay reserves, other thah
wood two ties, wre one and the same.. million militart.assintance pro "cost of living" .lneease for doctors, expired on July 1, and
Badeye Joe. ere then is the genesis of sub tramfor Japan obtinued mill- t. armed forces. Bo gure out must be rnewed The present cell-
version. The record shows tht lat y S"8'd Out must be renewed, The present ceil-
H s mother was descended from lary sistnace or Morea, deter- t' about the Jame tell cost of log of 15000 reserves my have
Ethan Allen, great Vermont hero .ation of the active du.ty 500 m",o, What, itf.a ting, J to be lifted
CARGO C CKRS n history. He came fro regt of the U.S. armed forces, reco ended Co be- The contract authority of the
l ourn hir. H ne r extension of the Preside 's anuth- .: held up for fnal Tsidential armed ervs under the First
*Please allow me to enlighten those who are Ospopnible for .a fine ,Southern -. -family, 'He caou- I to .. ..11 up ,-t 'd..-WarPws. act ha4r extended
Iuaulfyng and rating ship age oefskers of .the Terminagl his activities by posing as several m--. .r fl- t 's O .. basis In th
,v2on who can only make a wlm of 61c. an hour. a Sunday Schoovi teacher. Yet he o" aces and pan Baeau is a p li to S a past. department of Defense ws
o be ghp car.o check o 9W'v Kt, tpo anidle cargoe was a ovet e t for Americn erv the disability nefi of the reg- it continued A side lasue. here is
r portsa q and per; co.hmeroal-; al3o Army and Navy, So important was he, that in womc are among the reore ular and rakerve fore, These Sen. 'Edward Thyes aeAdtent
110 checked by code Itieri number 'and unit con- 1950, imporwhen te Smiheth Act proe July portat mltary eas" 'be-bc.eflts now.ary asar authority to be used
tions* ere S dmfith Act se 5 forehtb 'e s emeefofltm"n 2 9mallbuslhess.
a t reat responsldblity; c 1e2 be checki- s re slashing iff thea t l t the prese 've r butdes.
y'Cm'cec-to d gaeybeen sed.
So w pae. O l is. Korean war turned the nation bitd tre e eulr a the-r e g Persons 't expes
SSms.n- ter against Communists, the Soviet 2 it Feb 1964. Som 2W KdreaCt
0an-- apparatus ordered him to "play w0 -f C ewill noted .e oa
on sae" aqd go.undergJfoiudeclar4ee b
a swy oxf a'.ol .' s nva ,eld our him from trial d imprisonment considered
d,. -so important was he. So he went n. te' om file
underground t ~iPrmingham, Ala- to e snof Con ress are a .mu I' oe
-, o.-- ... bama. ror almost three and a half P"' s oss are a i of
INTERV1w1 n, e I "' years, he hved. furtive, hidden -r t r mabenefit Deferson wouldike to Dept.e
SINTEVexistene. He organized activity in-4W-theAAt.nowil r e benefithDeytne would Ceatoo etf tir
side some unions. He went into tOs dr we tha will remove They, ineludey restly n Air
e Or not of the in- Force Academy;a slpPly of "q
It seems to me Pan CaInl qmilbye 'aie doing an awful lot vised the Communists' infiltration nd ment-fr Civil Ar Parol;
T to be so well off, tiso the Cnts tr n~,d *nlqth1eg of the same cate. meant of claims for acts of U.S.
gently received a clipping from a Birmingham, Ala., tcc on th waterfront therexa. orgne an i e- a proposed livivors' bend military rqa seas, ad
o an Interview wit the wife of an employee of the was hen ordered paroTes der the a. embers o the arm ref of disbursing office whoe
4 w who w" viealrv i n there I quote part of the he built .he Commund ists para- .fte Jiomt Chis o Staff. e .. This assue was highlight accounts are out of balance, fwor
who was visiting there I quote part of the heus ilt the o mune Star tate. pro- the air a would be built up ad y disclosure that Adm. Foret which there ha been no authority
in FeTa Insas hlfseinating. Particularly interesting vided places for other operatives ethe and se arms somewhat SUta n',m'. Iddw would reselve a: ce 194, Increasing the author. S
SlMer d sew of ites. .Gas 4a 12 een"s a gallon. to hide. He directed the distribu reduced. -. Tny'$1S a month under existing ty to settle foreign claims against o
steaks ll for IX cents a pound, cigarets may be tion 4f dioca and directives m. n the U.S. apmed services from the b
. li or five cents a pack. A delightful and attractive He gathered detailed information The Tru o station, government now has its na. present limit to $15,000.
ny be rented for $4 a week.Forw the. sum of S8 a on the oil an4d chemical industries e s powe Dir- t service insurance pro- In addition, it is known there
a aid ay be obtained to stay all day and night there. He *rpced the state's Indus- tr Anna RoseIabi'g. oa the last gram for the armed forces. But il. s r such new legis-.
ad a trial expansion and advised the day in oMcc, sm. Coagase m re- aM ial tables have not been la ion a this: A uniL-orm bill for
tead of giving a raise to Canal employes I thing we poor Party and the apparatus on infil- commend .tin sfor astraight eight rked out for ~. on active duty the three armed services, made
couples need It more. The .heapeat we can get gas is 17 rat techniques and openings. per centmiliary pay grease. A. .'temnations have been necessary by Departent of De.
.a gallea. and we have to pay '0 cents a pound for just He constantly swung around Tex- Conrss cacm nb 1253. m t -whether the government singe uWificrton. Renet al of the d
I burger. Cigareta-are 13 cents (with taxi In the Army as, co: .ntrating on Houston, Dal- t if tL armed forces can be shot: pa ieacetime benefits in Wherry pmendmen to the Federal a
FIy. 'or a "delightful and attractive' place we must lasm Austin, Fort Worth. El Paso iueed bsy 30,Me mse'throug tI a of 'ergeicy. Husng act expi~ing June 30, to
Sa month and our maid costs $30 a month. and Galveston in about that order, reorla ., money would .ber of other Department facilitae housing construction at d
i.s ew about giving us the 25 per cenc differential. 43 per He would stay in one city two or va e r. pay ase legislative measures defense posts. Exemption from a
-ads, a free vacation to the States very two years. By three days and then move so his ereMe on a budget the sme sie will ke p the C, g'essional Armed the Fair Labor Standards act for f
In g tstics (?) you can se" that we need it more security and -over would always t l e'.ar's. Ivcs Con ittees busy all emrloyes ofthe Defense establish-
sure the lady (in the Interview) wouldn't be inclined be certain. In addition to the straight eight year. meant q U.S. territories and pos- b
Scent. ay inereas Rep.- James The "President's authority to call seuliins f
- symapathizing Army Oauple. At one timc in 1352 he promoted ""
S-- a series of behtnd-the'scenes brief- o
SIng sessions fo- those comrades I K d
Answer to Previous Puzzle assigned ~o infiltrate Texan ports, OS 0 b
L_ Screen ActrMeuss oil and chemical centers and key I
unions wherever possible. These -
sessions were strictly. segregated, y BrUCe '1ntc m
iLO OW w:.. Negro and white cells meeting tie 0
uI ag mto different parts of town.
_I hid, I fl His wife, an electrical worker -
pardt Wyi i state |rtedwa t le tri a Surely th laght to be the yea of decision But up to now tle Wench have not moved in
se is In the Yors (ab.) workers Union They made a com- on the quest of the European Dese Coim- response to Dulles pod. Instead, they are look-
', t 4Dkv-'seaU cat Ible pair." n:unity. -: ,. .. u--- ngmore keenly, towyi' Britain, in the hope of
4ltakes oe call a p Everyone knows that Its fate hItfS upon lndig alSere prir Murancesa tha could
I6Iadsle Insane Finally HalI became ill. Last what the Wrench do about it. And everyone make ED palatablo-tamlid French politicians.
Si14A.hmn 7Native metal Jan. 1, the Party rushed him to knows that France's poiatcal_ leadfra are ex- Fresh reports. fromn Ladon hint that British
af U mnh 2 loe rat 0D*epa ItMP ," the ^ Monteiore .Hospital, a cancer tre y unenthusiastic about .DC. leaders are listening politely to these new over-
on year month 24 Flower parts 40 Depart research center. There they regis- .Their lack of enthusam stems, f course, tures froa Prance.
g 8mall iIksa 28 Portal 42 Backofneck tered him as William Brown. His rom. their fear that ermany wpuld twd to .Teq Monnet, architect of European unity ef-
a. ltkUon (ab) 10 Wo'ms 2 Dibbles 44 Machine parts wife stood by as Jan Brown. Even dominate the six-nation army forts in the ecotinomic aphere, is tiring to link
ji t 12' GrCdek portIc 30 Maerated 47 Sweet in lis dyin moments he had to To balance that fear, the French. want as- Britain more tightly with the European Coad
nll 13R lnRh 34Irritate secretion serve the a Paratus. It could not ........ .rom .o.t Britin and the Udted 'and Steel Community over whlh he reasdea.
d IS Her talets 35 Church 50 Anger be known tiat Mysterious Mike States that m _ayw keep armed forces it Wett- .He believe that if he can sueeed in hat, he
Egg yellow festival S Crimson was dying It might have disturb- era E ,'rop.e a :m .per _.50.year.' will ha.e lat te foundation for a broader unity
rt diveraled 2tl Female rabbit 53 Capuchin ed the southern undercover appear. Beyond t.rh, t French wofa ao Uke to -Including uriit tr-ln the political and military
elde 21 Frencb article 3 Prepostion monkey tus. have the Britslh aSk0_ated with EDC-indeed heldsL as well.
ag. y .h 22 Rettalnr Ras 84 Cowith all efforta-at ropan unity--ta.c"t n-ore A
sa r. R4 Compass point Well, he died in the service of closely than Britait .is hel __ .Ev.. en Chacellor Adenatuer of West Germany
-" re i I e the intein tional revolution, a lead. On the question of troops in Europe b.oth Is said to endorse this attempt, .ice European-
1 ISeal ing cliow' of the Communist Britain and th B unde stand the political. mine Gerh anns real._e any __ 1 them: 1t
.ffm Z ko Ih. --- I Tworld, not ours. IipOrtace as well_ e h.I S alasr._ ,- O l-s hip would be viewed with grave nucln
--. e iofli s--- tributing forces wt the Ide .it _. in thiso first tae of wht ought to be
1-- r A 1At the same tim, Seuretary of Sate Diues BDX"a year of decision, Britain eems to holdd
Sreait Sas. warned that American lawmakers -_-!he krn the can overnmie their re-
To d Sp ecdli wear itim dwe r- -s- A stance enough to the n 5 le h
To Address United e., a tc ay 1 t1
+pmm .,,. i _.t... men t, e ,u ay se


fI Urial Shme Apparently ir lr ave iainseo that wlthu that. the whole entere-
Burial Scheme theycould walor .OSt er.n oh aeint-oI agantem r nrgaei" AyD
Wilfred Purdy an a Amer before i ahean Dill.w. and Ameripa.
trial credit specurlastor the In- has now disab _se t tt x- If neither then wWe willing to act first, the
Screint per-mirthfe t..t to Iet n- poetlthe pte_ 1ject might aco lapse, living We tern Z 'a
stitute of Inter-Amtrican At-approve m then we NIor _xtem. to m defses Imnper, For no practical aternaiv
fairs In Panama, will address the firmer guam-tes of c-.t MI'" AerlIb mg- to W.O i yet been pupised by &AY Wetern

ed by the aemfinal pollinRg of
no' gin the con teSt to choose a-
trhborazthial ont tbird annive---: A O LA SSIF IE D S
the collection of f subscrotionr
he mwing begins at 7:46 "

wai ,^N to alk toi,

the 'ImlnfstI

to do batted with
-due year ago the
Ire ..Ie ai
Luefus ClaseC
lcfing Mi l a +n- ? ....
Yis. daertl po '
ihis Whitem House .stArftfR p e'ar
iseut cabinet autbtlea to ,
does a. e quite,seahucbh

Iter. aim th-e ma tio
tl mtost d rticial Year of 4 *W!of.


KEVIN MCCANW, President t a -
the' Dean. College, Ohio, a I lt d'f
eral an domestic lssuesti ODnD'e Ac'
Ike's chief speech writers and e S -jAc.g! l.. tr..
visers. ,w e .*
Colur bia Professor, now lirm ia u t do i
of the Councfl of kclnomic Ads. company from raasee
ers, New Dealish in his economic st .aff '
slant, nqw b ,atitr
CHARLES MOORE, former U R io.rt. Hot the, C4 es-
eral public-relatios couts niw om
the Ford Motor C6, wbr i a M I Y. = n'. ,d
stabile Ike's dc e& s the t id req-
C. D. JAKSOW man Curtis' 'i
er of Fortune Magazie, cune V 't cod.
sponsible for Ike's iake ta mI
speech,. also is credited .lth s I
ping the popularity sag. la
ROBERT CUTLER, Bosto a t nd ea stIi
banker with Liberal Republican and Me*a cu mitt tq study, So.
ideas, close friend of Justice FeClih Securitydid.say ith.watd
Frankfurter ho maer rmin4de re ta sp
his appointment. Cutler. I.i rea, i .W. fIrom f om o
tary of the National Seceuity Coui. neh
cil, to whichIkehasentrustedde. Wt R lkie .
ciding Defeseprbelm.ntrusted de- Rason they 4aneynt' is that tho
MAX RABB, Assistap' to Sher staff report o transferri
man Adams and Adviser on Im. those on State uIeU Rolls to i
migration .- Minority problemsi Federal Security $18t0.4s IA0 e
sometimes called the David Nies Trust Fdpd. Also it would let new
the Eisenhwer Administration. nsioners. fiot a Ving piid into
These are the men. with whom e5 fund, iw-t W ffti' what
e consults most of lte, the men others paid'in Iireviously. '
ho have molded a prpgr whic, This would save the Federal
they believe will win back both government money and 'edlu'e
liberal Republican and Dehnocra: uxes to' business, bt. Whit. House
support, advisers consider it inqdylsable.
SThey realize, of course, that the The battle illustrates the. cross
ise is iatW.But what they may fire IIe 'facp inside his own
rEteze is the bitterness of Part:Y.,,;, _-.. .,. .
ght-Wing GOP opposition nd the
that some of the latter are
n1ing a Conservative Isolation.
ThirdParty if Ike swings too
to the left.
cant illustration. of what
emhower is up against from
P Reactionaries and Big Busi-
as is the current.backstage.'Mt-
over Old-Age;Ift# a.
ects several m i1l o n ,ol ters,
hough few people- understand
at's been happening. Here are
e two opposing factions bal
iide the Republican Prty -
,ACTION NO. 1 --- The Wite
Use-- wants a liberaliaz Sci
ecudity Bill with a 510 increase
of Old-Age Pensions, but paid for
by spreading the salary base on
which the wage-earner is taxed.
FACTION NO. 2 Is headed by
gogressman Curtis o( Nebraska
ith the quiet support of Conr ss-
man Dan Reed of New York.Tbey
want liberalized pensions,. but have
adopted the U.'S. Chamber of Coam.
nerce plan of paying for them by
lplng into the trust fund already
accumulated. This weoul aske
farmers and others, wbho o
aid they didn't want peniislops,
benefit from the funds dedudtel
rom, the salaries of wage-earnerss slw-
Impcrtant.for the U. S. Chambe out
f Commerce, this plan would re -
uce the general tax burden pal _y pleatin o1+a
y business.' 4 410fo Ase lo pi I #.,1
However, not evep a Republi Martle MeR to .ty one t er'
bittee studying a Soeial m Se urityw uil h I 'a.,o




I Ab't u V"~~"~~n;CI-rrIjsuw. I *!

-' 'L .~' -'

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LIM" .




' 4

^4 t T

;< -,


JaT Term
I7 We!Y u, JrT ooms

| '' -Polce ; M id Moon uhot nim e'
Ar .ut' hebullet pierced his neck
.. .r r>.,. ., r r D. Wade,. 51. who 1 presided
.---o .., Jall raon-, over the courts of Warren and
Forest counties (or 13 years. He
WASH.. ... '~ ....n 4delendant, died of a bullet wound in the
n ,-,-r WASH. ; t Eise ll "m wasare wit a h n' eart.
howe said s f Inan automu- The shooting occurred during,
e_ _i_ o_ 'retali_-.9e routine session In Jud e Wade's
t ban is bsed I of ta~Aprik, has proved courtroom on the seen oor o
.n is Warren ouity's two-story, red-
... .I telf -in War, b l rick courthouse.
I le i's o-_ rnt thtre is relly h Ue epMoon, a ConnelmvillS, Pa.,
SMa3y ha, no nothing ne* bi tne by etry of Start em,. n ore the court for failure to coam-
5"t. I M SMi w-Fb~ee sa Jwasot note U .t t o .aK t. o pay hiwife Janetu, $30 week.
Hh a s a* no we John. Foster D a of mectinue rs nly wset aord direcing h m
a oe mernfr awel re rgeny but dr b y a "great aclty to rita rto, instatly,.by means W (lialen Wh He.refused to pay.. 5je*..a e dentalal" umm l and Water Dh nie.f eur hodnoz" ,,un JHvld ,- Th ae dou.n court attaches, ak-
cis.... .. r.. 8t Qd mother .dtrPt-=-a,.torneys and waiting witnesses In
SrI ", estahh a t he President said,that, Jan 14 (UP)-N the 3dt Att courtr oom paid
'. am.weed erildams etat the ,t-9fr.: active the bombs or missiles come the Italian stage and screen actor Vit- sant attention to the burly de-.
Swa, .UrsoUAasd bv torio Garman aid today he and tendant as Judge Wade called
Sad wl1a1 1 mP "father per more vai Io-isn the element of sr W. Hollywood's Shelly Winters talked him before the.bench and said:
m Ta"t h t-y t h a ae this cntry'e n s t nd w about divorce from the start of Have you anyng to ay

the visbs ft A doctor also weapons I$tt-ahows ly the 'onf t euton lative o- Gaman told the "true story of Dist. Atty. Myer Korrareich saw
&*llowea e n-. '. ... .. owever, aid eHarbore lw"due_. ..ew dti sa rejece an w go tough ,"No," am

'-tmr.setC ee e aee MaS ild d ever aey three a-ded value .eof enAsea t e diffiultes anw interview in the gun and dashed for the door
the cod s in M'. *e o oof th e" th eekly magazine Europe. He wa y In the rear of the erop m.
,ditww rten wHMoon sent two shots crashing
ageel.r. msalrt courses ha de he e 0o orewm consent ofh hi et blonde wifede who s a ter the fleeing prosecutor.

t sr- lM" e arl'a aft a thO b e hie exe rcest he b t .Raios I ce vtold slsno f .apart." l o vr h as inter por t .n ro o hm I t
7 w : a t e a P rd fe i e aidno aet asaidolietoann aeb b yn andt a m, o s entnce butn W ade d
5iat ewii, salary es aapnsonif pr clPoeblle s thihr _laniim. for the slootins of her umning, Moon shot Wadhe in
M t owa A riUso llegAe ou 1tha1 eln eoim ,do mst ex manner new fim -ambee l tho.'oe huseantoced as th ud
S7Mtenltcl wl re e ot ,a lb ..h oe l n dmin is- th tall, da, i eeter saidi o thel h d tw a shd o the dooe
Sat t teor na)e h and ast Ohio e d ief e.een e arman he the. o beoen.s owa cni r in I"ront .e ihthimra of the ron
t oe e ele ad P. urdwe sait th eeiscuh dlsttoree The Pretident also said eh n wis rstathon inf hamlet at a Genin
b ay t ,wasre uk v, s t l er daancred eete th a Congress a ist of bills which sns tn h eir lives i h
speo ifies that "no person shal e that a balanced force means d"l-'must" be passed at, tt season. "We bave. 'been unable to solve ubg. "ude'e sot, he
r e IN v Sf.h es a hld welfare agency or con- dil available men and money With some feelin, he t fndamtal problem of livin e d down ro
Snd, father m usi t a ami fl home without a an between the Ay, Navy dcon iapeote that ie tload the is clear e r a dowrnin frontaao thenempty urya
-- foftepother nTdI o, .a... "anad hinr ore. p hl asked Ooptheu elc, a t not bee ab to go on living .as manot to e theu e
heuadhena t imdea Is Iadjust morse than he a"rtr!gyo peot- and wifep rf we continue to liave so b hilan to lsina
.- 0I owa CO 0and a tOhioemmitary services to le neerios ed to wet. He told A qu one ftaar apart," herh said. Apehsaiinfrte ol camtI rmo tehir
ewIo Vepl O.ftrhe ead maintain a ha he doe nt5 lUp dh1erIhtpresont a al-sd e.d emIGast m oan tdI 1ieas tn te cbut e to his -
.Fric d la ata No. 38 maintain and itlprove oor mas- e o stn ho e ln vertook ths flenten slayer near
dWLe e rha Ws a oI the Beoiod thelver military force throu e- ne s to keep cotnact le Pa. and fired bullets into

S'-n (As TOMWBILE tOW) -- Tel. -Ui3id eho" t appropriations in he omm- Most of the Presdet'seswithe ,tires of ad car.d
An e It .adSeiio ep st r htee to the Senate dulas eene t devoted to a dns., fe said there is no truth in re- stairway into the street.
fowadn.'wportfeleusi- amental rp arose be- lie held ag attorney, who was
-welfarea.e"r n hr a r-mne" seerch 1es o ooo uledithsomeefe. elnghe l-
have "Important impact on the Live he oulned n his ue of an "adventure h e was about to enter the courthouse,
Tr md yoq e Ac t ed. tn-Riciohard B Rus the leaders o the roundCoeorted t behaving with Anna t ba whi le he ot t his ca
the pemli" er.l r a wire range ot Ises, Mr. Mtwrio Ferrero who ha s been play- nd t en sped anway.
Hu tehe ade d tco ulis anhower:ndopt he te pcald fo toir
A et ElsenhowerDue 1.Said h be hap s the "adventure" with b arracks across the street b the
theimilitaryophvcesato theepo" tats otinetcued frsedtohion

w -a b meaninyd g fuene o oms (Continued on taeS CBin6 Ferrero was "non.exlstent." district attorney gave
Sbemeano inful oa'ly if o Asi after a 10-mle ratceb the officer
SFransOo e a OIa No. 3 mantaIn and improve or ms- cve h rtook thf f olecng slayer near
SATOM I Rl, 3.3191 ve miitary force throh ad- itrvlne, Pa., and fired bullets ito
A,,RE IhIante apIproprions in ctiern- sapthe tires of his car.
S, .veer for our armed s ervi cesg t i- SMoon pulled to the ide of th
Particularly U.8.a air power." highway aod leaped out, stall
Chestwo key Democra Rnai s etors a prandshint hs gun. He fell to
S-Richard B. Rusaell (o.) l nd bthe tgrou d with a bullet in his
SStuart in (Mo.)- lkf neck. Police took bier to Warren

hv .Iportsane tictpon h e f -havin with Anabay whils p earit ma ass cat
wTATCs-o e-esisae appMlaudede t itio e h n-Entenelspita and placed him
Bu _t he a theory, which Dulelh said h Sa Anderack v guard. His condi-
,$ 1450 cn substituted forn-yithe TrdmoCntIF ton was reported critical.
Sany ar u have elt for n stiff sentences, pato rt icularly ie

lon time that te osntion just amblnR casesT A widower win. 1t
WATERPROOF takUn by SDuea recording in- an eight-ayear-old daughter,
Ti rk. aepc c or m evast aing d Wade warhis first elected to the

,|h r 1B apc AFr at n Oa)reand theorl with a vuletrnn hi
EDplanadto JoftheItation:i Hooitald W uho Rbbedrdim
nt a loo ch D ulek se ol' b ht .M b ten r obeav y 1941 rd. Hisbr di-

,, o f"h3 Cubans Begins

"'concept.o 20usYeartas entencespaicon
droient ower and the Rhn (UPll-Gunman Floyd Hill start-
l te tat dthe n entratt ionju tda hin g b ha; es Aw d wer lan.
'"T*ERei takenri" t=u.lieans were wrona about cu-tahteg
16 capa ciaday for his part, in the $248,000
v"T! b be very careful they robbery of tree Cuban gun run-
Explanations of the nation's Hill pleaded guilty yesterday
'new look" defense policy by Mr.out t of tahe raoberey an to breaking
ear the ad traton's stratea- authorities dropped a charge o
S y is based on the ability to tit -being an habitual criminal,
back swiftly wita powerfinl mod- would have led to a life
Seaps incalloudlng athm e sentence on eontcteon.
M UHihydrogenhwrad bom, ther- thll s rani tFo other men help-
keep heaa ro oncentratiaou s t him rob the Cubanso wrsho ate
all over be vwyrfl supporters of former Cuban
anitred Saoter oneas oe P-edent Carlort Prio ocarras,
plan e d ton-bomber nd t Ser'ceHclpleaes or tell where the miss-
s an estmsated 000 additIonal "cea lO 120,00 portion of the loeo
oRtOLITTLEsrw.aho0ri slar waschargeo
AT.. OUa FAes equipeo edhimro bPMea aCretd sierlweae

A.Hll got the 20-year sentence

of the neutrality act.

from 7 pihm in the patio
9. or A nly 63.50 per person!I

S. -Distrib
or.s ,JO r wso mch, too,-the afternoon "
I rlkV~ma o fri o anama s STROLLING NO (Ele
iI ra ? ."^~r i d uadw *'ra- ( E(. e
announces the
'1 "= "u VEGETABIES AND FRUITS announces the
i k.' ,which has ope
M,.. bea T u.y to l/..,_o.-. -oo (corner of "H
'" 3 -, I'. ,m,,I.aim ".oW bww
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- lop




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prettiest skirts

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I t '- .. ,--.- :: ,*." ..
. *'t* wp ir* j... 3 IL -.. -. r* /i*^'s **
.-J + ^ f- -. .At .. -+
i --.46.
l ik .-._-J -m. r -_ .+ ..

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~$~: ~:

. .. .. AM A.... .- .
.'I, a... .
.. !A% .AV ...C -'?.+.+ LW...* .,. ,

p 'Fireworks US Reoers Face AMA Criticized By Solon

Draws Ire Keen (onAtIp n For Opposing Health Plan

0r4w0sahd in Year Ahead -
Sbi an, M(rP.NEW YORK.... Jan. 14 -fUP)- WASHINGTON,- Jan. 14 (UP)- to the average citizen," he said,
i it C b (R.etailers face keen competition in )-r'i-m;n Charlt A. ,Jl"veaton.of "too frequently the charge is lade
$at- teC- li-. >car in which Inc "men nthe House Commerce Committee that It is socialized medicine.
d eutrt o t l. b ,wih be separated from the 'boya.,", r 'y crtlclzed the Amerilan
i ted ani-d jaUled. an Industrb spokesmen sai today -ledial Assn. today for condom. personally believe that with-.
S Chrc asked a Senate Jams E. MGregor, general ig health programs as "socialiHzed oat socialized medicine a Iro n
C: Phpreh asked a Senate Jamtas E. MoGregor, general n c., w-h .... ,4--, -
ilary subcommittee to support merrhrndise manager of Cohen p'e"dicn oitswhon t presenting a can be evolved that will help
b11i1 o make it a criminal '- Brothers, Jacksonyille, Fla., warn- pHa of its ful to ou Peol in carrylan g h
.to transport fireworks iota ed retailers that they will have o e angrily declared that "we burden o medical and hospital
tale whii1 bong th"m. b% more cost conscious in 1954 to have a right to expect that crl. costs."
r her bill violators ,would meet competition.. should be c n tructive adnd
t 1,000 fines andon He told the Nation Retail Dry helpful... I fail to find any solu-
Son terms. Good Assn.'s 43rd an'-val c-nvn- tlon that is olered by the AMA.dL
none passage will occur in tion that the fActors affecting gross spirited 10-minute speech url.g a
4 the wholesale inv determine where savings can be .mmt e hearg on heat nupl'- lon
aein134the a .,,o inance dinF. Where he finished, hl e l
'slaughter now made possible mae d said "I think rn ybe I've said t r oo
urstrained shipment of He listed these factors as: be. netHOLLYWOOD, a n. 14...o ...
I taid r ewo shp."e gt ofDinMn mark-onu, anation, mitch, but my remark cameLfromActressSuz aOL nY. ...a. 14 l i '.w
urc1 SRi 37 state forbid g discount, mer o and myheart and are sincere." e uzan s right leg was
Ldirete r cash discounts, mer h a n d I a e u Magnuson, who amputated today an lbe re-
ertain "dangerous" types mared worrm c 0 t headed or era idenit a nplacedoby. n .rtific alo ne.
Vnrks. "'"t and shrinkage.dt lhel d formn r President ,ruman er n ad la aon
*lthout federal help. she Addressing the NRDGA's small. commission on the nati 's hoa thi he t i.t hn .
ch prohibitions are "ge er stores dinner meeting, McG.-e recommended a federal law toIre. The talented 21-year-old actress
orhn said ow b riand. I& thelbenefits of o res gently broke thl leg
I elated bills re pending in as direct advertising and wage s ,
They would require the costs also should be studied for o agnuson said the governmebltreated for a malignancy.
te Commerce Commissio possible savings guarantee to privately fianced
a a st. e sai be a year cl and hospital hisurdnee Doctors at Temple Hospital said
f ireworks safety Astn ,-Hesa idIU beU, P)year Arns
whenn top management fu t move, plas- would give a "needed shot th 6 mb was removed above the
Sout ot its ivy covered tower andn d tthe arm" to moves to expand knee. Attending officials said "Mis
w enoof an firewrs oroe taeis lc asathnau meant should Insist on outlawing
dent of a frewin te a its place as the ital .... .. which many chisel. The dark-haired beauty wh
,.and dist butionfriir*, eina thP H..ont erat put Liap present-day polcIes." wa. contracted by Universh-Inter.
le s bill, Le.. al_ [, Another speakerr, W H Low Magnuson said the average fam. national two years ago after .r etyp. e ws T first vice president of Formfit Co. ily particularly needs pWtection picture appeared in a Santa Maria
...,.'c i_,oters. j Ckhieago. wara'ne, retaile"rsU not t againstit larger and catastrophic" newspaper, had been confined to a
M "and distributors" 9 of. sacrifice their '"Idepndence" and medical bills, He said present DoUl- sanitarium following previous sur-
op .medrad a, effc-c. b. h ccipi r es often concentrate too mUch on gcry on the leg.
oon, secretary of "phony Inducements," such as tak tcc aillsat a
.i advertising allow Medcal Bills. Her doctor said her leg "was on
American Pyrotechnics Assn. s elling egoreiaatp Wolverton said that "I hope the they way to healing" afthr the
I htHanover, Mass., also pre-ancday will come when the A wlmaigmy was treated, th she
the ICC approach. within a department or "allowingdaA ign y sted s
Te sales people to be bribed into reeogmnize the problem and chal. slipped on the kitchen floor and
psi-ngJun"wn band.".- Lene it by coming to Congress broke the teg.
___=Year-O'a Boy "The American way to minimize wtn a solution."'-
ine ear-OldBoyT i lttn Whenever legislation Is pro- "The bone was too weak to stand
wills Brother, 8, someone else run any part of ourPe which would p helpful the fall" he said.
.W i''--n 0 operation, but by achieving a more
th 4 no nniin efficient operation," he said.

arod-rteJames,MYfiorAcademy. u A rll -
*S e ofCcnvls. and laaia. t&,,
lice i t Great Wlpite Fleet

Ger ,o had found 'ie Chairman DeWey Short (R-Mo.) NEW ORLEANS SERVICE Criatb
han Jaunes.. predlced today that s House' --
ian h ked up a bow and4 Armed Servioes 'Committee will
;ow for self and accidental- approve this week legislation au- *s.S. "HIBUERAS" .........................J... 3a2.
hit thea with the' bow caua- thorizing the Air F9rce t9 spend
it to b charge. 100 million' dollars or ior build- S.S. "LION' ................... .............. J t
fl /a- *ing its own service academy. "A E "-
s 1 The proposal has been endorsed .8. YAQUE ...................................1L. -
by President Eisenhower. S.a "ANDREA" I =. "
||". ? ^ rThe- new academy would be com-. ANDREA ................... ............ .
prabil to th MArmy's at West
.r IPo~int and the Navy's at AnpapoUli. adinsix *efrf ta. Chllad ae emia caur.
The Air Force now commissions
"" I I i 'some graduates each year from .
^ ---. f i The committee called' Deputy UEV YORK SERVICE

W~~' ':~.


'I' *!IMWP U
vmEcsi&a ~0 we I1L~
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T[ ..I -a .v

Wbo's Thi T

-i---- r'. pr ~. ,rwf
S.*.:L... ..Lga .
-i?*5 -.-.41A 1

*'~ 5 .



' .

OUTB A10 44


0 0tRC- I

Now What? __

4i" .1 AW)EMR

S"b i.

fll D0A1 MMAxTIN;
't 9D 4

*X~~ ICGA aiiTI

S.*, S..teTAPAN" ..... .... ..,,,.t .

,S. "M JORKA" ..'."..........".. ..........

'- -

*1 3

-.~. !,



e dropped in the House hopper
ific sites, five of them
favong Camp Beale, Calif.
SOtherbills have been introduced
in the Senate.

Repeat Performance
NEW HAVEN Cpnn. (U.P.)-
W'i,! awaiting" ---1I on charges of
. ii fraudulent'-checks, Nathan
Dipsiir as arrested charged
I .,tu issuing fraudulent checks.

'------,-,-., -f *
We lbaUpins of twelvof pa"- ar tW t6 1qw Tm
Orleans. LO AS. Anelt., S jan Frllobf^A atftti

Special round trip fare froee Orltabeal to IMet y
Los Angeles. San Franelseeo and Seattle.

To New York ...........................,. 1
To Lee Angeles and San Franeisco ..... .....s
To Seattle ....................., ..........$36
____ /

Word Gets Back

r Il"'gpg ERE.."4M
-<*' WT'.


That's Our Pop



,m -


f4 U






* '

*2' f

m2 Sn


Laugh It Up, Jualott



I '


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a... "a
~--. ----- -- '4





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xpi '4."B

, ~~~ .


-i-~ i --- ---- ----_ __

-- ~ ill L '.. I~1 ~ I_ _~LI~ I

's' t-r'1.*!'"'

--~-1 ---- iL- -- .I:- .L

"". ... ... ."-
R' r ," *-. '" --


TI *,,'" ^ /'7
'ww ..- "


W P Ma


'. q 1

Y. /il



...~ ... .. -_. ..

. s .,

- ... -


S. .- 3t.
........ .'r '-'" m -, ',' 41.. .*.' .. ....... .""' ...' +, *, J ''
, r.. -9 fS ., .- A ^ '-, .- .*. -,


F- -"

ow.Iew. U

tl a~.B t~h~ t t snrsBU l f'

4..; *Freach journalists, Mr. an4 .

Recr epe M At 1 .a ,d
S' A reception' w a5t e
Tnio lier WelAil : lli& b

: l"nI .Llau g 'ilsea

.. :, The natural, pqre flavor of HalNzBaby q
Foods makes them welcome oyev with
~ uss'I* folk! Yoi see, kMl cts
Sthe thicest, fresh ingredients fIthiei .
mDnYlelicious varieties of aby Foodp r
SThen carefI cooking anu i4 i
C .aeost thapdt i
l1baby could
Sl i Comrol asurei yn a
* tpthk.ergs that each and evfr food by
gets is uniformly pure and nutritious.
Always insist on HBnNz Baby Foods
forthe beatd

I -


the Minister ofI a d Tras-
ury and :Presint itedr B1d'pf
Dirbetor of SocIa -- urity, Ma-
yor Aleman. tdaeihlored were
the SNereqtry enMl tle 1ter-
Anierican Committee f Social S .;
eurity--and. m dlegateat
are- curently vijiting-on the
muse, '

utop an Dec.. 31 at
Gorigsa Memorial Hospital,
GuOes At .otel El Panama
Mr. ad MOs. Harold H. Eder of
ColotNbia, 'who have been visiting
in Panama .or several days as
guests at IRotel ELPanatn. left

Coxburg In Grip
Of error As Negro
Stalks h Vh inct
COX~URO, Mis Jan- 14 -
(UP> -J. A baokwoods Negro
huntsman who Jeft.oft t unt-
- Ing quail an4 squirrel to hunt
white men kept this tiny com-
munity in a grip of. terror to-
day a he talked his fourth
Neither snow and freezing
wind nor a 400-man pc .aan-.
ed with bl powe,4 1(l
pistols, btago: a nd even
pitchforkNw a6l to stop
3 ,-year-ol .ddle NoO, and his
deadly .22 caliber rit.
Noel's vow to "tk~e four to hell g- me,"
a unfllled bu ee al
shave died _tr- his
S ad another wf
S ded but exctebt

:: .a .-d'5 out
deadly hunt last Saturday
night by calmly killing a
grocer. He then mortally
wounded a deputy., w' trap-
ped by three posse member
but killed one and wounded
another two and slipped
through a 400-man posse which
reported It had him "trapped."
Families here keep at least
one member on guard all night
with a variety of weapons,
lights Are- leIt burning and
doors are )bazr". I nearby
Lexington. the closest city of.
any size, movie attendance has
dropped drastisally and res-
idents stay off the, streets at
Police continued to use Noel's
younger brother Bennie, 22, as
a decoy, sending him into each
house. They searched lihead of
officers with a white hand-
kerchief tied around his head.
Bennie said he was afraid to
go into the houses but volun-
teered to help.
"Unless we're lucky that Ne-
gro will get himself another
man before we get him,"
RharifSf Dih*V U.S ..4-A I

.. "- -f.f*r'lcnar- h yru UlUd


Pagt 1492151 "Aj-f 9HiFi". .

, C can provide

Tre recently
S(aesigMd I-or a
* ngrejo home,
ewuppe4 with
paitraft Speaker,
:,B-o Amplifier, -
. tecor(* i"nge.
* ss.A'ui aareartridge.
.aai,- *W a .
I. ..m. -


! .- .; .
p .. .
-' -a







to buy

To -win this 4 apartment building in El Cangrejo

or amy other of the long list of valuable prizes

A profits will go to the Children's Summer Camps andIPlaygmiro

Buy yours a the Ancon Inn "J" Street, or from any member of the Lions <;ub. -
S h In Colon: A-P Liquor Store.

V; -. T -

a-. -
.~- ~ -
.1. -
.- ~ -~. E~ L I

* -V.


'a A




"~~~ 'J 3

. ,*,, "

S1enral Sad ales# 6r "o
Mlt, n- i# t aber $uen

aU D t m 8 to 'P perseagel. '.
ll. owing Ui.i e. ng,.B -r e rtw&y. ufres it To OeOp of''eeh1y
S ments will tbe ved. d. Hmrnett anil D Im D fld hice while t cp
_-s -- s wi8 sp4o, '14 1 10 in-
i e n ce oo dancing to be ,hdb naie, alr
'-,beA wl w 161d ay as Tuesday, Ter, pl a p eard. /
t}i' ie gll, 806.~ B n the supervision of, Miss Ivy Hat- stormed shore demadin hi
r attend ti e m .11et RI 4 r :iri:frm-on, ,el- t o through o S
e' ;A*me Ortega, H.rnett an-- lnn will be pie- changed -his mind- on teaching
at I Q(ee f "IMaTbOama'a Car- u l Bfe .-Oid --" l sented in special performances of shore and decided to return to the
val, wll, th.ere. The Sunday buffet held week t Tang d the Bradway sh
_onie to he-nc qMwd sejinc daring dry easB tha e PaUfl'of Mambo in the Bella Vista Roots Te desition oceurred after the
a 8:00 Ain i ol El Hotel El Pataat be open Shu- bf the Hotel on Saturday evening. 'trawler Weltfrieden-which means
Panama. The ._ng o the Car 7:00 .p.p. to the public. -- "world peace"-was forced to drop
unival af aulmitteit as Toni Nuwes and his orchestra wil "DIsh-Gardenlng" January 20 anchor in the Baltic Sea off the
well as the first voe count for th plpy for .dancing. The Arts and Craftr ai- d Garden Island of Gotland by a raging bliz-
election of the Crm(val Queen of A feature of the evening will Groups of the Balboa WQman's zard.
this year. reaa.t Harnett and Dunn, well- Clu4' will meet Wednresday at f:00 A spokesman for the refugees
1 oia d danI.fg tpam, in two -of .m. at the Miraflores Home of said they asked for political asy-
Lancheon Me4ttag .'or their specialties, The Waltz and, Mrs. Charles Morgan, wlhre she hlum because "we were afraid we.
Rotary Club The roadway anbo. will demonstrate "dis garden-. might get drafted into the people's
The Panama Rotary Club held .. -- ing." Plants. Will be eehanged, police an, we also want higher
t regular weekly hln..heon ueet- Coheert Monday At USO-JWB Those planning to attend ace re- wages and better food, which we
inl Wednesday at the Pba ,pa Professor Alexander ~'einlaMnd, minded to yming a dish for their are convinced we can get in Swe-
-a P. 4- s n .a

lftc IStUj?

. i ,-".(

SMd. 2-C 1 .

am 4. 8tBo X
",w, ,]+'.,gW^i
M.l-JI~ JMNtr M,



++. ..',/



** ** .,

* *^ *-_



flr 12 words

'. -.. 'j reasm- a*m-M i :. i 11i1. 1 m" 1 11 i 1.1111 u 11,ii im ntiiii". j

9 '

14 11
l.B .'
.. s+ aE'iI ia



ISiWet HN. 13


ius Aroeema Ave. and U t.
Street No. M


rouEr oft 4ly Av6

T r1tP.I uIcan

Agenals Inrn d FPubUleselonees ArIMAC WAD s .Mi

Parqu. Lav L 7fevi $PUY" e
LgWoI IIVI. L Lk a
._.i* *Fertfi is -'




Should Automobiles BR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. WILLIAMS' Santa Clara Beech Cot-
Central Avenue "K" Street, corner, ta.e. LaLe. comfortable, modern,
$ALE-Large .fQur burner gsI FOR SALE:-B,-rglan, 1946 Ford, 4 telephone 2-3479, Panama. near b oeac, Balbo a 050 excep
a- e $73.00. Delivery January door, radio, good cOndition, infor- weekends. .OI
1 hi, telephone Panama 3-0226 motion telephone 3-1251 or 2. FOR SALE:-Boby orchids, orsages,
r, office hours. After hours 4721. bouquets delivered anywhere Unit- Phillip Oceanild cottoage Sant e
FOR SALE:-1947 D e 4 r td States, also local orders for all Cler, lBox 435. balbo. lPhm
FOR SALE:-1947 Dodge 4 door occasions. Tel. Orchid Gardens. nsume 3-1877. Crstobol 8-16713
:- tfrierator Westing- sedan, $600. Very good condition. Panama 3-0771. Cristobol 1033. Hou on beach. Sata ClO'.m Abo
6 ft, 60 cycle. Prig $65 Telephone 3-4845. 48th St. No.
SApply Riviera Bldg. Apt. 11, "7 -'ALn- 1 9ORO SALEe 13
'IA FOR SALE:-1953 Ford Pick-up like or. e caretaker there.
t -Bendix Gyromotic wash- new. Must sell this week, Call MillaeOUS Gromich Santa Clara Beach cottage -.
.cycle. Excellent condition. Panama 2-2064. FOR SALE-AKC Registered Codker electric refrigeration gas staves,
se dres form. never t kFOR SALE:- -K Ro ed Cod ecc t gsI
tem s. .dreasfortnavner8. FOR SALE:-1947 Nash 4 door Se- Spaniel Puppies. Phone 84-2240. moderate rates. Phone 6-441 or
f U. one orsed. rt Dvis 8 don. May be seen at Union Oil Co., L p no. 4-567.
La Boca Rd. Telephone Belbee O SALE;-Borgoin piano. Colon r -- s Oe ne
.SALE:-Leavin zone. Must sell 1257. NIth ST. 8052 (Store) 4 to 7 p. others CottagL. One Wile put
ro January 22. Double bed FM. S 1Santa Clara. Please bring your
Ee bed FOR SALE: 1947 Studebaker 4 --. Phon oa 2- 1866.
Call 4-442 4 30 to 4 door edan. Excellent condition FOR SALE-One Mllnk steel sfe,
r at n rr Can be financed. Tel. 83-2160. practically new. Apply 8055 Bal- FOR RENT
LE:-Pract.cally new refrig- Sgt. Wilkinson, boa Avenue, Colon.
t 9 cu. ft.. reasonable price. FOR SALE:-1954 Ford Custom 2 FOR SALE:--Boxer pups, 4 months HOuOs
formation Via Porras 56 Apt. 6 door, 1.200 miles. White side walls old. AKC registered.Tnme FOR RENT:-Furnishd House. The
SALE-Boy's bedroom set, Vene- Call 82-3224, Sgt. Wilson. Price Bolboa 1674 and Panama 3-5371. FOR RNT:-Furnihed Houe. Three
blinds 36 x 54. r "-bedrooms, porlor-diningroorq, two
blinds 36 x 54. refrigerator, ,0. WANT baths, kitchen, patio with r.
n. table. 1544 Mango St. Bal. WANTED TO BUY:-Ready cash for W car garage, and one maid's room.
S -165l exceptionally good '47 or '48 au- Miscelildnos 6th Street, Golf Heights. Telephone L
IALE:-60 cycle 9 Cu. ft. re- tomobile. No convertibles. Phone ICean 3-1245, Panama.
operator used 20 months. $250.- Albrook 7257. WANTED-Diplomot desires furnish- FOR REfNT:-Luxurious and modern
Washing machine $10.00. FOR SALE:-1932 Chevrolet Coupe, ed chalet. Telephone 3-0388., residence In exclusive residential
eanaei -2779. good condition, Tel. Pnama 3- sector. Telephone 3-0347 or 3-
S--Simmons combination 077. Wanted Positon 1126.
tde couch and bed practically FOR SALE:-1952 Dodge Kingswoy Employer wishes to place reliable girl FOR RENT:-Furnished chalet three
$S7000. Large mIohoony 4 Door Sedan. Excellent clencon oas maid and laundress bedrooms, two hathrooms, from
SEasy chair with innerspring cush- edition trugut. Brgn. 715 and references Call albo 3041. Feury to April 30th. T.
Siens. $2.00. Phone 2-2584. 1. Prode, oalba, ndreflrancea l w i riFoa30 E 3-1206 office hours.
Hous 5422, Dablo Hhts. .....Reliable woman with recent refer-
.z ---._ .strhmus. mutFOR SALE:-1949 Chevrolet 4 Door, rences, seeks work in family as FOR RENT: 2 bedroom chalet,
j9 SALI:-Leanng Isthmus, must d .paMd, clean arid perfect. No. laundress and housework or cook- fished. Sn Francisco de la Co-
se ll refrigera tor c yc le, $ 25 .0 0 2 O 4 9 c _______oc ofr is e ._oFa ci cda _c
refri.grato sr 25 cl 00 Curund, Tel. 161. helper 5 or 6 days a week, sleep lets. Telephone 3-2814.
n1tCe. lil 82.5244 Coe I SALE: o Ford Station Wgon. out. Tel. 3-101. FOR RENT:-Furnished one bedroom
,149 184 Ft Amodor. 19I oellent condition. Phone house, furnished, 2 bedroom apart-
SA T+'" h--' tsk-' Navy 359 FOR SALE mont. I mile from Arrnijaa. Philips
Household furniture. FR
SplUl era.refrigerator tablee. F SALE:-.-- I3 Bic Coupa. Real Estate
as.'w. Iarps. desks, work, hydromotic, 2 white bond's, FORRa E ^T
rings, t.elphon. Boar urgent. Coll 3 138or 3-3342. FOR SALE-Frm t "Mri Eu-
2S.' lr $2.00. R" [ .....9. 4' S genil," Chillbre, with water service. Apartmons
SSAe B. .5. t-e-Chir$ 0 .ro Uh1r, al r FWl S a Tel. 2-5773. Hassell. 8 .
,$25 "'0Meta[l beds complete with n FO.. SALE-House in "El Volcn" ATTNTION Just built rn
@go (CtlIl .Af. furnished. g so, furnished apartment, o
o,new ttress 531.50. Mahc0go m ) AI gas stove. refrigrtor,
O biles complete $58.00. fU.hldoe P ipn American confer. hot water, fireplace. I hectare land.
n drie. from 51 9.O Chine, ,eheduled for Cluvcuh in Telephone 2 4384.4 t ENlshone Paname 3- 1. furn
r i Toabdao qad Chair houm, $4000.00. Beautiful view mn with aid's rosnd private
ing beds ne 3950 L AT CARACAS ic landscaped property, 4247 terrace. Rent $0.00. 48h St.
:;1 y Beds $125 00. Wrought Iron m Starlif Acres one mil
Stn Sets $ 75.00. Leathr Liv- Even f all Latin countries at. fnromSanta Clan, Ph V.. .
r= ert surges from $SI5 .tend that ncaeWCb i Stl G CAmboa 6-114. FR RENT:-Ore furnishedpart-
St ergains in nw nd no m cereal least two ment. Apply BalDAbate 6029
i We dlivr at fstvr thrW sr T.. ,o On l Colf.. Tleph s
t II down .ament Househo ldlaobl i ore dete to cause tro p m .5 or ae n s .
= .0r 41 Auto Row. Argentina ,t e Vosuh FrRTkes GE o- 47 Tor d-e
-2e-TG. 3-411ll. e sy Termi. uatemala.i, t the proF b Isl pean T d a FOR RENT:-To Unf edr one b
,ordi- --- in, e#.a~ll..obackr of seevera.el other aps, nUa mortmeenedt with kithn, bct

S SAie Uti: dt9t u opoes alm Tickets will go on al at Josep h department, livfungroomshed, with
ey motorcl 125 cc hldaqugpm Si n orenuM tfls ntaent P m. tomorrow at th. Encanto private entrance and services. Tel.
S ne $275.00 or offer. Panaman. iludiit a rto f lavolved in an Teater for the 6 and 9 Rent 5.00 mo Phone n-
28 colle t i land t p an he Cobra Rn wl RENT:-Unfurni-0shed
.rdi in oete. eca ineds contortionist and room apartment with kitchen, bath.
Af ruh Th .i T Ubnited Stato eoppemes alliUle-centrol atist Joseph diningroom livingroom, breuan k-
ntr.with eLs ., con.derato i d ofnot ap top a. The Olemendore, the "Cobri Man,'" fast room n-F garaged corner Apt.,
S h flow exhaust line. Ph ro, wno e uch alve toe the o ibti wes and hs two girl singers. La Joya building 4th of July. Ae.
.351 lnrand On ., tt. d to lvaked in an A mos t dentm of Yoga. the Hindu Rent $85.00 monthly. Phone Peon-
.ent he mo -M-e I a potnti t th it anothgive pOri oa enY the Cobra M n will acome, o 2-0027er3-0763 hours.

) a trnsate r-roup of naons plans to brn u tnh, Fren h and Eng- Very pretty furnished spartmentl
t a nt p ro ng dt e actor Gov. t, I rl e the perform ga p Frigidaire. telephone-0746 Via Es-
I t hpe b.aiper was m ropeV Commrnists in a H Tmisphere Ib' Clemendord y act of "self body si
abe c ehe mag however, that p tftce as he calls h is M ing rJ o o

A in f~ntshe all agreed sid to be sepaetted from hia FOR RENT:.-Jloro three months only,m
,n t _ation tat or .oe l.e- PAStT GOVERNMENTS mind during ho s sensational nice f u rnished apartment b
LW. Juda crowe also e- cortortions. balcony and terrace, view to the.
Some remarks with Ibe- Assistant Secretary of State ohn Marl Clayton, a Jamaican oceon two bedroom 44th St. t, vnroomor
" 8p41lpnish. Moors Cabot stated flatly, a cou.- torch singer with excellent di- I nd diningroom. Room for moad,
r .th end of his inltal trans. pe of aoaths ago, that we were Ion and phrasing, 'as selected bi.0 _ngod1.'r, --pfre.', nea
Aeae a f r ta Raire ft Communist l make anr-Communl special torch sons for her y fr,. wo w Ir.acTne.
Sb w de to te coa rtw. who.-, s te ilan for acceptance interventio in itomorrownghta' Ca 648.phne No. 3.01.
l s brow.O cothe bew t hca reie anywhere in America, showd n wFOR RENTN'--Fumished. 2 bedroom
.. 'd begged leave to return ino matr what its political com- Tickets for the Cobna Man's ,p.rtment near Bella Vista Theater.
oI ofnI al role. aplez tho ora ow it came to power., low which will be staged be- Call 3-1596 after 6:30 p. ms. F
S Ainrezff and De Castro todi~ aou ad this was makerely frank ot enorr performance. garge, El Cngrjo. Call 2-346,

i than anla the riadmison of nations practicbrie have en showing tech a doubleng FOR RENT:-Fuce furshenished smunfalr- M
ofv deeon in the case carried out repetedly during the 'ovie program, will be 50 cents nished 2 bedroom apartment ng the
'ieenta had. Invested se- ast six years, the official charng do factor to desnera aibehen and $1ts perfor new buildpark.g, deel. 3-0746ly located or3099.
ndred doar In his statement mde it certain by Cleedore. w e od Servicemen. Enuir ot Household
i t1fer, repalrinr enines andCthat the question would get a heat- u ssaIo Exchange, f 41 Auto Row. i
the ven el in shape tored aiaid at he Pan American pated from his FOR RENT:-o bedroom onths only
sh Moors Cabot a tc inger with excellent cents with vioroom. dinngroom,aid
DoCa strouAlt wdw i oC-lakr th G emla COm iung an uspei al torch sang forhr Car 1etlleno "wo ao. 3.
i brow. ctnhed. blew h I stE a regime anywhere in America, etee FOR RENT: -,Furnished. 2 bedroom

n8ton -ofeel st-O y that ourt hl-I n ,,p- M.. th an 'p. ar e-nAo hea
a roe." len orow It came to power. which will be staged ll3-15an- ll3-15 fter 6:30 p.
cawi oa .t o -raela..poluciaM and nu-..IaU C.Iak &toording to l- kI- I 1 A D
M Uter r ttran ciatironao .dan d.. a viaothis as mp mere vol.rank twee eshowinmgot a andouble rnUR Ilsd I M
5i l but Blc has ag=-' reed loons. "Taey w pract oi hat die. nR.. te ran .-er vaancy Is-su-edI _f aI
i h ,, seoniry too gamrshis of i kind s anotherwtlla week e Personnel. bed apartments i

court thO in at 'lcao n f a pratice we have ee,, a.d ,.
erlv decision th te ase carried ou 1 reatedly during the g ra and thmoivtin Fr ewb bldg day l c tedo
client h.d. Invested se wI ast six years the raficial characterunon. The fo- f no 6 ea o t
I -undred dollars i ntin of his statement made it crtaon eved seats. Servicemen, E .uire at Household
er. repalr engines andt.. t the question would get a heats. Exchange, 41 A Ito Row.
the v.wel In shape o redalrlgt athe he n American Panaa he anl H a dpeo,.r ,-. .I

I"- feels t a m H. n a the rh ft oThe wal Id teentierliad:
casn4e ,111 111there of ar -Fa I s pl --SS"lticSaan? uMl.4 11k tceaoriMonu3kJ

I *: ra t_ Gulf Latin AeIca'rO n~U. ~ e t l lm I m ,IU

I m_'.,+ o O .l ~~I. I- lmm m r- % 6"m V-9 16'WS, W 9Mt I .;11 U
too' e beatn b_ 'o. w i Ii canradi plant e.etriclanm. dock a 1 trh pe .a mt-takln c-
-.'' -i IoIw I" t .-- -w--at t-- f-t te i
^Biu'fL ~ ~ ~ ~ enk OPO "w As~~eib-^^ r^ -t ejnynuW f 3rI.,




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" "-

(Panama's If-fi Ceaer) In a orag sr
Cell. 45 Ne. 3 Tel. 3-12 /- case, however, Nrth's a d)'- d
bid not on shep s sa V h
,o was a .. dat a4: ( : --"
table suit.
Ike Says US iSL' :' av. redouble .to uo w" "O I

S accept changees In the olIft failed to redoubl. l north sh .l -"
administaticn sib tItute the have done af. Either member of
o-called Bricker Amendit to the partnership should have ua -"
limit the Preiddent's t, ty- ished East for his foo sh doun rv.
making powers. But he ft he North actually id five 1 I C. .to
wil not go back to the ersothe ppd South lost-his nerve.He ..rtt 1o:00j-Tomfly Nufn A4l9l
re-CpMatituUton Article A-have tried six diamonds onte --
federation, oltho gh he ea- theory that Nrdh would pass gwi* -A er
erg hlimelf a states-righter. a good diampad suit but would o
to six spades with a doubtful dia- lua :
ul2: Declared his plan for Mo a dmc u, a e aedpod wold 1OiiT A)
neling some defense work to &tt q l l.n MII s, "0 U.t Soth i
employment areas had been Palsied at nv spades n-. --. O .7 ,
S- undR eratood and used to etoo maCsle even Ia J
isaprehension. He d l a West tr A.

h3. Bam his plan to revoke z he e Now boui.asl li ardeto Mo* (a d) *. J
enltlipnsof Convfpted CuM dl BW est a .
attestApt 0 impose *on h t ads s-The. .0 M
orae pnWould ibeshifted toIMobAnWer NBest La 'd. to #W albekClub

RaDe who actuary fMr !nd Ibd a tr u. 9 (
tow the rovernmeit by force -kgso4's a moral. -t. this. ONta: 9:.l ,
or violence. fat fpl too badly about your l':00-News
.ws- stake eo. Even the greatest 10:0-ff sa
1T70t VetO s hill to Continu I- while. 12:00-News
taraliprices tsatE p1 P 1M.
eItt -of----- parity. ed. Io;
a tWfaed that a PotQ7R
MItn a specific imtome *.urc Virginia Ruell, 1:0 -
sod sometimes Irord.ill' wnB h Vir oo \US l : y '.oo- n.wa ...fa aL -|
should e vetoed Bav to be.. .... n 1. I l 00--uffi t '* 1ao:

proved to achieve the gain o th rmer lSt ni aI n etr

amoverall legislation. DN In New Yorki a a..+"10
that Dulle and Soviet raa- Nlews of the death of Mrs : tar -ncert Hall
.amt a u mp r a.d cevfo i lrte P ea t h of Ib P:-
lsomei meors N. ru.l hvAe Virginia Scott Russell, a form- $S:T ie ttUeShow
o he o.e.o h sieve. the of resident, fa 1w : .-Maic for Fridayi
S4's aDfioeIn. ow oY J. M, Wo ei : eatur doiew
E S heav 5Sed be ". ^ S he$ today. 4 10 '-What' Youor f ite
I-he thv evaMa Itt russenl who t m It~d .11: -Ne w "
If t.a l t. CS3 b. lh lc.-h-urA hou doo,
a'-rms-c--uaioa u "M i. .bMdig "Te idy I "-.11.-BLUE R M1 ,,MIO
Il bowero ,mr .for_.ara.. Lh._. rchw l 6:ab -S.awRaa i.
hch mexoveaMuant oulg ri. -on and. Mrs- t5 t
t emdtWB MnTo k V.4
)T& a-The Platter Paa
I ya i ^t.. u t'AV LAMflM:8--7U Whow
b d 6 & 4 1V",M. V

to .4 ......
[] u~iltcII~iIi ,, ",, lo.n.e .l ~ltq

-I .~

-.- .-. -


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ta l'- .- .


I @g.


25.- ,erRtgefos- or

*y Boom..- et 3

Q762 li *3S y .
mo0 W .m
wo 25 ld.,,t,,,lin
---- .ta o d i *. ._

|I, I. w o^ U o ,U Iii ,i'Uera 't
PaI ,. I g5g4 r __u ndI th-_ oIs eta

I Ma,.1 eI subjVt tohV 1
GeV '. ... IfMil a r
W A L D.StA e o h

25Ide, Snp.ers.t rsA h$b wi tek whih he toe a e ta;.o

Ii3lr. 1. B U vRjI Veryldng r Such epsde lmIW315t frm "pohgt I, o
1TU ralI m azw aI' rre wi.. good piyor, whicCI1M ..k5ft js--M I ec. e," bp m-.
ea .is e o e _t 9, at m84 t em on e,+a at I*o -t-"

non.ft,-Iyou. I Pod a .ro thed the .torne
R n OMeen ic n r. withsum p t3oeoo-lCotimtassepr

,,tc ,,,d,, hd, ,,m.o;.od f hr L.or

arTi. ve known esx s tied -ad-'
utoiete knots withr th

Bo .10)r

oAAX "rt-So crd.b I -- ...Afed"r.
9. 8a. TheS t biing wbg Suve ry tod tie il'tot from i
VA upeis_ r. MbtuLne t M at n d19 t httn ou Com unt y Stulu
sakpen M~a~ 7 R 1 n UM a. c o igh Pi *" o sPa^ s; ,. 4br '"st i
TPAPpES with te t -b to

S*o *nrdh-Sob io b ry oa. It I t Al
RealL AOON be ga e wa t ohe avy t

s1DN X sf e rshisrfes hlna EI str eda kb whic hah dodh e s rtwo .. ,
make the_ s th uai t hats makesthe

erl Spr isor bw finala rIntalaion f ga s Thebid dingh wasm of *pa4ef. Wu 1y P ut
I NOR RiRM, buy s didn't wants
-'" o9 d e the final contrtft (15 or-

HI-FIDEUTY b* 8?&5ffia *
make 0 othae a q-.




...-1dL -0"M -- --2 -




I W TIr ".Ir: i ..'

E. se s-vely Yueo ]a Wayne twistaimet throw he government of Pre. a rhed Comet jet a.r.ner in .. ..
ferz and as on at e We r3e pur menta uyl wife hi to ri:Brotherhoo eadeere ar- leved trapped.
d b o -- vi trid ria'ri" Th UP-British navy oered a re-

Ig called Mrs ^^ffl~^ atter the wree frewwa. race Macl told Army a top offlc~al who requeesg a clama shi:bannedhtSh eae
M J ee stewardess nae otbe diedto re- elevion "eye" pment o the

Sr Nbdtb 5f i c *f Judy Garland is pot for the e up i traction as ote "- ty ed to locate the
W: ori ....' Wg ta a o 4e Mrst tin e in they ew over h as Veg n o eal sata the brother- wreckage of the unken British

car, -, -o b-eKms. ave to be sho n(Bo their5ood leaduriwes sm ^e^ trad.T CASA
Sbe o the et o "A Star Bor "Ple ten your money ofmeet ithritottal lowerd beneath the ea, can

However, danthq m no een re u oKaMi thal British WtdSter spot obect on the ocean floor. phe e a *
WaB} tll'l JSSlI SSI1 ? in. in the tt-eatefSdf Ga'". lowed to flash hulbs in the environs paedbe'Tr tIhtk~art. _oed_ _e- _'____ _...';
S m Clubhouset. o Judy's home.' DOING T ALLOVER The dslosure came as extra The investigation, seeking to
. I T1ia iSige security precautios were taken determine the cause of the crash ".
.E. "", S ete Gbat4 b"1' A vialc n Manhpttan editb r te te nt ley 4in dowataw Cdo event a continued meanwhile foh here
Co.Fr..He T'bes an J*a clas he te byw a e -raler i k y w recurrin o yetei d rioting and in Britain, where other Co-
.- V -Mst .' thoevan*rmnbh r ad hi Be is when 10,000 students, firing shots
Sirf Dale iRo, da hie hme ack today's TV in the air and chant anti-e
am .*.-It cotbld't beraiJed bud Debhofrh Earf'f Palfe Pa' i he ttc tei Now Hear Better are TWICE as

fa.i l.$W 061t o d i mei t e l- 1 oaf a s e r iheit br o t mr lruika w ith eco nom ical
Swilllo st art at 6 0 -p Pllwas caused by claa phe twee T R A N S IS T O R semi with
t. i" o Janet i .me ah e or" and other students Hearing Aid
of:Atlantic, makeo.iietm.efoLh doD xie Red Leader e
PL8AtMr Ve a orrist ol hmesard way., js tr De 2 Hs a CR W

STAinSARgY artrc.e claim thbtrls was "Luise o" at WarDer sant ays:iGEnCIE
GINGER ROGERS accept from m r. Coma and- orated o t for a tumor ies salted to "She ke all her clothes on t NEW YORK, Jan. 14 -(UP)

| ;9ILUM HO pEPN l^over s aIA- Vl,*i commanderr and bethe reaso fr te clamp -, one t l
thesecr itsc, er time. uwsheksdso- anmixie ed ueadergW ODrond

* *PAUL DOUGLAS i. v eaz a 2:Cet.Diplao0s1 merithe rturn ofo. l- pita hee nderialas last week Bo0x 1890 p.. PanamA
S-0- ac* Visual howl on the set of U-I's Samuel J. Hall, a native of Ala- Telephones: 2-2386 23265
ference of Girl Scouts on Ssap .&sot broAAAreSSg Ditto for Jimmy Durante's Imi- "The Black Shield": M bama who headed the Communist,
"fOREER Mrt*e ri- Scool 5noday by wo a a odeeor, sl h I f f yta -
vootsc.ation oa n Canto e arb it theyhnrdawsrta Z=twrytten

edtoam e i Comedy Hour. Centy armor in a slit second. died at the Montefore Hospital i
of SanepnAtioosromi. o t Tea .toor oInsaat e k metallic Cer oth with o undisclosed causes.

Sashl i4gton. -- asy ComeaIntdeanr and methe of s telches t l lo, wi a ih decline tgow f and said: wife suppied his true name after
ABLO HTS Mr. Escobosa arrived tihe G'ta kee uits the q-oroute with Itwasasfrustratingaslooking his death thsohdeathcertificate
"Fesde" qhe Brt Line his r or B. Ard delerd "Beat Your Wife" this spring. ack at 3-D witht polaroid gasses".'could be made out properly.
nobning from CalSfit"Gtaa and jLeadr p to Pearl Robertad- andantim Hloo
mUUilgd on ahe"cn," tomorrow oMa ri e own' T se gaeYt t hat Groho Marx brand ofdi

FRIDAY F10,3 P.M. St. larai Mm tme the school a t Robert Monteme y's begging w
tAnstalblae efreinents weire served at- Columbia to let day statn tan 4 I
SBurt LANCASTER -C-,hoeyYo ew "obrate'oCusAnnslrary r ur the eeiyera. hour long show from New Vork. 1 .
L 's Aulumnaen Association But Aldo's bosses are saying "No." r l XtendM f s
Hum CRONYN wil hpid ter annual dinner at the .. IBt shouldO bOeS O ae saeNg ordom for. tjitl A h U sd enerdt
Stel W shington Friday. January r Aldo after bs k acting in M t
i geTh. t.O rC 22waat 7:0 a.e Sadie ThomPort y bsn. _'_ __ __ __ __
ann 0 tPhel. ,.We happyo mi d:.There .wisup an iinstllationtofr e itili
roTe 'ith w ad .itO t ds cdlooki"gh andea th eresthe udents.AweeitpTig

d101 HTS, tficers, and the, ofaibera oft the -o" er fr nd Datkhe Evad are bBUyT LANCASTERA
thesd be]S r l urae B. r iea t Y orWifentprig, rgeio A Cordil Welcome. od In TEouelyHNICOLOR DEBORAH KERB

eao e e d wt -im Ht w a-imbp To T Visin Gl f a b WEEK-END RELEASEo PRANK tSINAT0A ad'
r^ s a B en A club'wshow-, n b f Tmossg The Visiting Golfers to MONeom
moBS. rcety wail hold it me6t- Caroll's death, is back at his MONTGOMERY C I
afoa dat1r. atnd the L. c af theater-restaurant, renamedi|the ** 0 .
uablRu/Alioi,. t. lfaaBe eMP1t1aitoignrthaP's alsoioou. Roue.Aeofi ip atg oin bathter y h
St o insta. new officercuties and some great acts i en
r .TAY A it tin .ata Canalkeaterss- .
]AersealhMorrs wl kclletheit.*. LagDIt the harBeavnSst L toyAll

holdeA~t tun il m **$ to rona's death, isabakat

tLLA, VISTA LUX | ,',:
2:3 4:5, :40. C, 0 pm. Romantle

L,,ADD ARf4UR"i'ttI, PUN .


-'AsOTl a C$STLLO plus:
CoMarras SAID NQ'

. iS OeorgM tt .I ery. In

a e ,
,jAst Won paoVW I pe"
egg or4 sageestSE as suff= a -

AbS.2c W '31400f F IMsT"
:15 & 7 Friday "MA8T1r orf BSALLANTRAE"
DiABLO.HT$. J, 6Fm Maim POWrS
* rrldary "JAMAICA RUN"
Dai Gor on MacRAE
Pero Miguel -I Tr n 91 TIM SILVERY MOON"
7:0 p.. Color!
-, .. _(Techrdoolor)
GA TII UN Motion Pictures Cancelled!
"T I-CURIOUS SAVAGE" --.Curtain.8:00 p.m.

CRISTOBAL ",,f .dgoB pa N yERO,,
: <;l :iJ Fridty *ABlB-AD FROM WTOMING"

2:30, 4:25, 6:40, 9:10 p.m.
IW tolw as A MlIaw
Sm J Tram Was-a S*.y Me

-, ... -

-* .* .
-ge r IM.F I -
. .- ---- ----- in -
s5 N~low"y

Ana aB peca E S
Pat-On-The-BackM I
Del lIbro m6s atrevde ...


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. '1...^ *- ^",. .. W ? .-,,'. ..
... .. .. .,, c. '- : .
- ... ,. ;

e L a-T.a....

Once Mre Choice; Little League

iceinzo, Cerda.Threats ...GUE.....
o 0 -e0ars. .. ..0...... .. 3.0.
e $7.500 1954 Panama Open Golf Champion- ecIamoLIr Agency .. u
today got off to a successful beginning. Long- uo'a, ar e ... ".. .
S~ammy Snead of White Sulphur Springs, .7 .", ... ... -r
at. sponsored by Hotel El Panama, was again K"W .
,coth" YeAterpay's result ,r",-
orite to cop the big prize. however, defend- Sears Y ,aterou result 0.
pion Roberto DeViceezo, who is represent- 1Imays ane.. or.
Lucky Strike, was. a strong second favorite AL r ea swooay pstpunement
*the pros teed off this afternoon. fal to LUweLp ,louL., ra7 ,,Cas
IL.LLAe leaguee LcuvLLy wa~ re- .
t Jose Antonio Remono t Signal Corps Provides Walkle- unea C uLtracy as thi ears lter
rts history when le i Talkies For Open necLALg Lincom Lle. vg
cthe first bAll to start: Through the generous coopera-I benAd i Lte wo ,nt pitching
It was the first time iItion of Col. Edwin 0. Earl. Chief t lo uLy a inwdkarzoLoes, me m
oi an' republic had Signal Officer. USARCARIB, the awar nslie Iniient tnrer thar to tihs
the first bhll Yo start'1954 Open Golf Tournament whlvIlCLUoy in a.t I w u veract. For
ahih of this nature. Le covered from every points t0i",uiy if was lu r second shyt- nk ts i
an ardent golfer. wi0 the Sabanas layout bY portable UOk, n a row Lor ih n twhtc ." ii
spedator with Mr1 radios, e w u out ien 4Luer. __e. __a_ _BABA
e ,IlI be accomoan[-d The Signal Corps is furnishing b xscaoury iinr. deienaive play o A.
r.e of his cabinet the a dozen latest model walkie-- o. to....LL..Y d an.y an +hurLy
c corm~ and other gny-Italkie units which members ofi l O"u" oslu.S., u ,p an e 'rt
offieclacs. jthe club wI11 operate with starslio i ue in I rsa tee S a :-
rw ho will be competing. Since' po lBe s uei. ii te r OO He ,
var Vallarino. con-tLese members are not radiolin e ne ner eam d r both r
ofr he National Guard t technicians Signal will p. rovidel es garnered i.L in b hedb dro lr at eAd
ia the couiam ontly te.Francis Grisell a d Paul i ourth andit n. but w ere un- 16
hrce al masde historvyMahonev and Pvt. Tony Hels aole to score. ,irischerHa Stt"r;tdA,-remalnad d F a cl rWs
. o-l rtioipatinlg in keen the units in working or- In the top of the sixth, Roy Bao ,br haeeoedo
T.,h. T t gThe walkie-taki toe will carry a from second base on an un- aaewiittrh d mt
l u Vallarino. lefthand- constant. streak of information necessary throw to third whtch lI l en igr tonight the ry to un eat
far. is probably the only back to the scoring shed. From went over the fielder's he ad t night en -o he tes. ed t
w 'W the tournament. He there it will be broadcast g ouover into ll fi eld It w as an Un-
,1 the amateur class radio station HOLY throughout lucky break r Lincoln Lifeo
it t -ncentena- The result will be blanket col lthv-afternoon at the Pan eam a Golf ClUbyith a bril eit swin t e Chare d
ourna ent at the Panhat promises to beShorty Cubillo pitched well on a tee held in themouth of be stl Yvonne t,.otl toaa 1ife atterfeld last night with a left ae the ri ..
b ie thi e ge an t sl guard. Hahn, traveling rao ohtheMar.l Village Coutt Club of Ormond lachi ris, pei- hook to the jaw in thh second plate it openg gh-.h
t. ne e tehthhe b o and best .open ever in losi ng w ltw n e Yagn 1e o i Aie Heb t Brheo n oud ceded te -ron o Catalog o a 0 r ound of a scheduled ten-round- when he oaeed l

*. iben Co llAege nos anamap we be erg e Parkerw 3e2 hao oen two Ninoe aldes, the r the Bopeing ah 10 1 I
ota improved steadily and in anBoys but three hits while send- formed about 20 unbelievabl e orecison .r to thed sletnoond *
lethualastic about hq Ing four down viar thp strike- tmer anh en wi M b o*
fl n o the a tnateir class d )~oi i oof er Sears uncorked two fine Rwegtoy areoenlhiothea two smedb t i h he

-Aerca ri ai Rokis theesa "e gve othe tye"T bo c dwpp Wa he thrl lrterfig ld hami onsh a hel d I sIa
f-.ey pn-Aner can the oter InmU double plays while LincoalnL J I 5 O e e IRdiok yaeties heard cian, t Iig t PWes. 0-

L et, cd in h r et b hhdLife ca-me up with a dandy1 ofr mak. effoa ortt H J- 1 --- 1 -
wod oube inatne fith to ndiypO A '" '. h 0 e Charles, who lost two moe his first rp -a fb f it half
Caoe Toftheyefefto. nhe -ton ia 03t IIaa a Y nh A A -Bn teTCv
,Be b lwgs roam t02he Canal Sears rally. -,.Jl~J it vr tre lta wahts on the t en w.." .0n
I also be daiy s a e I Hit of the Pday was Prilla's bl vegeeo T on in .s night's I h t lth
baede niloopedota s double to right in the fourth. f m o I L 1 r
elb fd':' Gover torhe oramTl h The beauty was 0the double zzarda ent Into t -'
Canal: LMoet ou- -Ge n..I -e f
i, t Co. ni aon-r T plyr in the fourth bYteRath- PoNAMrWA PRO LEAGUE TONIhGT'S GA -e)l g TheBBomTA' Mittle -rllithad. weghingl b attrfi
BridM8eeCommand. er Cab gaber tossing out Phearker at The Standings la ma tamu er i ran b Otrlo' 180. f t
n .d o oen u.e or hflrst and t BWoumble's relay back Teams W L Pet. Bombers (O r o 1.Ti s go.a to t aLmd tonight i an

0"k. U ,pInhiIn -hanro k o t o WWasonn to hoeh scoring SK ES mTon-. all ouble O wice tterly r for- *l J Ti he eb
iiM iobbean er Bi t.o Rathgabrk r to car atch Brad- Yankees 12 7 arowes ,wasn1-1 eo p hteam out of The hicao light-heavy, who ting on l.e.' ba
1Costelflo. y shaw sliding Into third. Some Brownies 9 9 .h500 LAST.lNIGl 1 Rl. their .bad. slump _Wen they go had. won hi lutast for fights by eap, Ohp.- i a
i. _Reaben C. '. "- nBy thoe time the weekcloses fine fielding was turned by Bombers 712 .368' Yankees 4, BPbS against t we--eeo aB rown- knockouts, opened with a iltrong e 0I1tIihy-a
Cer bbeaiAbbe amn A t hIe r chapi one will bePerkle Parker. te t ro r b m ,o m W -rr- who r. o open tw-ftedo attac in the "rw or -he bulk of their 'd l
the tournament crowned in the annual Canal Today the CoIpprs tacl.. .. With Bob) .w spw on' the mond round. But In the second,
SZone JUior College Invitational the Rocks. Pitching choices& a ';. W od f at tile, Pa & a. Qlyimplc f t Charlea-oht thoe ftt to an 7
1.'has0 tofly t0 the U.S. -asketbllb Tournament and one, look like Klipper for the Poc, American Legion eieat dium.. end wIthout delay. o
ede those bi wig the of theleight teamsnentered Vill lice and Pager for Gilbraltar.s i "-- rt ln i '.
ll also be there with h of the DC possession ofT, th.e t y ,, 1 l T...,l'.'d.omb las.- 0 0 ut The exb m. l i ideSatA .R.
uh rlt as theth-e giovr- e n.... th- e Amet'. b el.B The box score: 0 e1 d 1 ~ .ii Laht dr..opPed e"pth' thriller rie w it s.- .
re $4.00 for the en- Brothers. In Panamaew Tours. W2 0iyAt o r I-to. ft, league leldil elgo.tapsherAa dtlht-gh 1 4

......tea "l plnay A- eea~nam poursd f 330ma c l "o B. e.ui, 2002e1aod.fflht-m1n 0r weo mWel. .. '8 "3l Wh.
cldMng e For basketball fans muth hard l -S EAMif" "20 0-4. t3Johnny uckna8tr.. wpl started to see-- Sbtl .-'Ha ll ,5 ..
r wood action looms .AJR C Ar it H e0 A S Kr. mashed a drive higoglo erwd. w t h-lha two men. were .ooper, b 421*2.
tiwill have to pay This" evening 'two gas are MonWatson,tJ.2bnt2 0M0'2 u'd ..2111..f ll -
all events. h listed. Fridaynight, ftwotmom Schwarzotrrock 1erLuckySt-.
o p.... n contests ar e in iTreserve.; I Satur- Wtseon, R. 2ssCl '.,0 0 m s-i0biek euenth 1te-i l
es'. afternoon two senmi-fin-ralfo rCub.... 1 l 3 dm T hu u a nt toy ag fr..4
g ame ofo in e thouriament wier rill, 2 T -Wm lelh..3 00 1 I HerringTa Et Bulc aed .eR. Ao. Wyf .
pgd'u8nNes played with thea first gamet lChaWmble, f .31 0 0 0 0 Lucky StrkE TANDIG i A Her-nth to w.
Ne dogunderway at 2 -in thqbal-lCa .......0 000E TLhucytrke O-icerupth ORO
."boargymrosaum. And turdayRathgaber, 3b .. 8 0 0, 1 2 BrS 1 0 1.000e .ba:11oLuru ,urmieh ....'t.
nighthe final game of the tour-Conklin, If .2 0 1 0 0 Amer., Legioon .i. 1 1 .500 0 Itcher n 1-,. u P om f. t. r tt -remained dO
f D nament will be contested, ghme Calw.ell, r ...2 0 0 0 0 Womack Wlskey' 0 2 .000 0 other: Herring (0-D-. also- uted atshome.tioa co t.
H e lp tostpotna o'cloknInetd ofCLarli n a7tst ng nhe 7.ei t.t.butohe,61,6d.
tsboa tgy n cnaslm n the a minute game, the American Le- f:, m.1, Evgns' 9,HerrilgUP-the blllgx10i t three-althea t'of-tebuthealld s
am. .Totalsh i t21a 3 18 8 gon nine downed Worm a c k 3. utr 1ns 3,ufs-. O o1l0 10 hi team at the plate 40
AAFieldteam, cthi sdaythe fboy1srn LIhoL o LF e r lt- I y in a h s a An w tht -r oar whilejot ThisI Charles'second
o n'.boM Field team, composed of boys LINCOLN0LIFE V. Lfo. .2 i,0 04tI.
From the 26 ARS unit, willa- AB R H 1.A16 to 12, mostly as the result of pmlay, qRi LtAmt Frn h t, h, for fige, htledfetei.0lenaht-eSW ..
S wer the called of the hostEigelke, c ...... 2 0 0 1 0 lack of good pitchers on the. part base-. Wb m woffourte 0 0
t0of both teams. There were very caIe Legion 10. Eard runs: Archie' lathslte bIleted t rb the tenth ro.d. .. lb -0 0 j
lteamgthe bCanalvZone teunioreganders .b .._2 0 1 5 0 few errorsihut much too many WW-AL A. Umpires: ilhainger for five..-N--Yankee-got more two revius flita by da out ii
1". i pe cno ng the e Bradhaw, leb .3 0 0 1 0 Walks and quite as few hits. and ero. Timen,28. than one t: -. oneo NOfW Valdes, the oter1
Sfield site has n yIc lonbu et Parker, so ......3 0 0 1 5 A sensational catch was iade tb HarOld Johnson D
e in the town of over all ,playing axperince and Capwell,, 2 2 0 0 3.. by LeSlie Rinehart whe while Loi- itcher'Foyd Satterfieldeis..onu.dered -al S2
Itis urgently re- lghtsof. the lyerg give the Dubois, c m.... 2 0 1 5 1 o playe e iC eleapedI Dnt dl=no pe uponlyvet.h ut t tfd odr ._
members otheavoru- rowa Rot icarmen.Fel Crook, rf ..+ .... .0 0 0 0 0te .*nd stabbed a certain Atlantlhcl IPop ".- znkee" tit~r- safeties hard hitter. vulnera e Bal ow 0 ...2 -'.
leblllemagues volun-IowaMki Hery FindellRicn White, if .. .... d2 0 0 0 0 hit off the bat of Jerry Cain,, .. eDint.hjawiextremely vunerabe. ao
rvims to sprea nd Fungman.Al Helmuth,,and Rob- cuIllo ir ...... 2 0 0 2 2hlead-offH'mani orWomack Whis- Loun ohijai.etm e -
-mlenp1eoveretiee lt Idb42Libbon' figure to have too Cubs lagu -
savvy fo r othe p.Hales. p
L lee agu e r CleR01 .rt Dolan will shoulder muc u adget an -extra basie hit, a triple
players, managers1ColDlan. ihulerua1 x w h o mn to 0
Oto and friends are of -the scoring threatf\r the ,cor by Innings, In the flrsi ia-,ng
be at 0Id0College. Tonight ,the league leadingIStanding lWm
.hnd the old Marga- Immedtately following -be end Lincoln Life 000 000-0 2 3 Lucky Strike will meet the sec-Buick ......... ..1 0-
t-ittthe Balboa High School will BchJairzrotlk (2-0). Losing Probable starters-are MontavaniDott .R .. .. ...
?a b o I ementiobed'fae on'e of the top-seeded com- Pitcher: Cubillo (1-1). Struck for Balboa High- School and'M R. A. ..... 0,
11W have use of the neW bines in the.Gibraltar Life In- out: By Schwarzrock 10; Cu- Webb Hearne-for Lucky Strike.'
Sltmond plus any res- suranneesquad.-TheIaflboa High bill 4. Base on Balls: Schwarz_ Game time Is 7:00 at theBalboa! In. theW opening-of the At- A
*lshes to get-on a b9AlSchool team has been coming rock 4. Cublllo 4. Pased Balls: Stadium. 7?)Is should be quite a lantle .-P#ny Ieague- oW 1954, ."
sbovl hl' -how he along In the short interschoias- Prill 2. Two. b hit: Prll. game. Buick de ated M. R. A. by a V I A V 1 o f C L LIE
'A bWl. 86 plea sk be'betball league play, is long Left oq bases: ears 6, Lincoln T score otf-t@i2.KA'record crowd t -"-
o. lp our. on hustle, and if Bill Martin is Life 4. Double Playes: Schwarz- The box scorer was o- .. -to see Captain -

a-Dansby, rf I 1 0 0 0 01| DIC
Rinehart, 2nd 4 2 3 6 1 0 An it
Lombana, 3rd 2 0 0 0 2 0 Alberga,,'3b ...... 1 '
b-Sumbada, 3rd 1 0 0 0 0Sasso 2b .-. .1 2 1 -
Smith. p 1 0 0 0 0 0'CroftC, p, er ....1 2 1
c-Tinnin, 'st 211 0 0 0Taberr, p,.el ..-311
A _Dweliadop 0 0.0r0 0 0 wall, .2 20. 1
...."AN Mley,Ist 1 0 0 1 0 0 HannuaSP" ..
TtaOWN 230s11 21 6 3Mere t .. .20
a- Darmby came In for Dillman HaueS. e c .- .. .....2 0 O-
I t .PernloIJ t!P..,. .-
b-Z ba*da came in for Lonm-
bansin oth.
e-TaLinig batted for Riley In... N-
8th. ~M. R. X. O
StUdard s prdoudrnto sponsorpinIN d-RUey batted for Delegado in BUICK M 3"1 1.
WMond in the Miami Open. Shown aW Is MeAN FINaLL 3.o n si I ammM: t -' --"
OLn .. Tournament Pets C wwow'
upen arrival in Panama, with C. Pz rlnm l- 7, WaCo e. ,Ta 5 3
L t ,Crot .1
--- ,i Eae.Manager, and Alberto C "
Pax Rodriguez. in- __e__i- ran

,- ..-
- t ; --.*

- .

. 4 .: _- -

S ." -~ 1

-*r'' ^ .' i :i K ,-%a' -


-. ,~ *t,4,

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'. ..*. .*2. ..-. -.,. B u. .1 ,- C ," ...

d bual

r A hTeq thbt Ua11 HI thsi pawoae
hI. PR o. ,r .. .. .. ill N'ash -e- I 1 t
tiithad to

|Soa ntt ak e e r ctt pe abe d the TheIt was trntin .64 to wi.n et Bheu..

days a tiA M d6 i r ni Wlber 0

aftl tuuc al. air th .st, ..C'w 0 r t
.Of ledtd ..lkd1A

K .. a, rep.. ian. i:t a.,rlI i af .fa i. t.h .. iagtf.-+. ...,

__ __ _r_ _a _th _-7_-7_1_ h _arr_ ay el m. N o T. intittoame through th triple Melandson 22
41M -a, '.- 9 --
,.r' "~.n aatfeMNX d th a

ihl^Siw A 1barr Winners ) 4 dn't hur io Pith
T*o ur ney .A 2 and gIniso016 4-
nttiakaethQft tee day.; te 0 iNash e., It wP oJ r

"ni~an Fort Wpayne club. ""tinas aevtcled boring r l 4A' tthe The- Bluet t that )h&
ad. ad hA5at eambleleutelep h ane b a nd ST ANDIN n reppeBitrty unior b c eia oi

onear t7-9%-2 ?odolsI* pants to knowoo that 1i was hittJng oe cri o fl ertn.gneo of-226t 1S87 up to a ti wlin thf
a '4~fr t~oT yfr' Ruit).Llica -L.7R- *gti'3 to kee an 13 .7 so cont .en. I r b reaon beh fad the ?ftneer. JanoWak, Filebabst a9d Thaet took4 the labp', intattha

And 2'b ked uth troub n.- rtedexnt wV ad
dyrtol. 1lratandgloeap rel^epli^d inrhisbet.. tailing to t7r. io art K"I pgo"o u ho11 a uotft e t ee e eymo.t h itsi
Law O Teeries n a :st ppngT e Jac. -i" "-debt nd tAodoce .aud eh- uv ts et etel o I
ft 7.w 83S 3 'oesnt Intnterept thins,- th ib h thae* IM -2 nt
.to Ltrt 73 -7S-t That, We are to owl.orry to h s ree wh k w towe abo u r Vatid Wi n Ihot1 Me iaB n tw a

,t M .Pacific So ball w wB at ae WI a ckp 1 her. he eml i
-- 0 aere5theoyis i a Dufy then a cach w1t the 6 wa 1.d
6,In -8Mlt .imt-hanc thrOtue1, t1Fox, whe 'hewstold ith ne l
xi. 7.-66-67-E-a Ia u A- phe dl not ci b !agQ e man hadM e t N a- one0 8 573 T e as t
0the et*wS hand; but- a0 o the u tio inal eaqoe 1 batng, once 2 35 aWd t rt n te B
^^.^ 66a more- tL pi CU Yd f ths are tat t winer andhSa- tot1 tlrll 6 ithe1 6

rS d es a0- 88o l Ia8ew )roq--r74 5 !t IwIn, Henly twoi d e a, WI 1 eld
wi 8n i 7 4-7 l wlebated riht-hand better t atl plC t right athebie he Bet 20 1 ANDINGS OS
dar7 W iners t.a,-Ie Croz n oft d the n so ne. ) made 37 iipe g:oh
...h ,' .. .4 .8 i qui o '.ou s e a igbii. Nlin te n. blows were fo extra pymour Agenries s
...gassaas ,,.?nyQ .,l.h ., h. i -f TTo fa

tIo. have.4theryM "eourney et..20..a. er thb e lan i c el net J,,

+ rl W0 ( !oW uqb. s ll de-, u^ N S pror s Shorties i .1
'da ."'." ,.- orIEabou. ---- Va.l Wie 1 sap-- tA .9'
y 5n. .y.7q eri o the Ciion Aero- tien i liit di ab I HEAVY IEGLER 80hult r
n. dal 74- .rr,-7 25 ha 4 ti isI.enr t nie o Phil-dTlphea (NEA) Dy.a Wago. ter18
"r Lnj.jwer. 70 -72-69-7-- t~d Navy's mto kndmow an XowWothe otrt w iohlaat t ucer- a, the heavywe1gSt acon- drCay O18t
.. s to i n a l V t i a cloe tedar a 165 e ii a Jianowaki 1 !hen he
Mg.g04.-. 8. t olk gambe 6t 'ne th l e ave' o ere. co n tudro Lowling eagub.wt' i te,*

et titDI VIN -EA Wagjoner '201- 81 ibi 573 .me winner.,
705-8-7--28 be, p te or ald i t tz 1682 235 2 r n the
1 r 0 D- C el Is -n 730 9 t oL 4 the plate i .e top. IIctr .ilam r oIland 9 winner and t Coe 19 111

s.-rpapj MT er 65-79-724.'-.-291 of but qA cam& o hi way in 'danks will doive as teammate Ead 24I 281o
UN h Lt.R s 5 716 717-77'4T4-2 w e rne oa tho C w the ba.- In the 50 a tomobile r Beat 201 19482sor q

VDao --ehw 74-73 -d.$ .b e o tA .op two hise. t ba e .o .a Joe JcM-- a. ,the Inda 1 apls seewmwa, Mt 1 ;l e ga t
C~ m~lR r 't 8b4Rt*j. 75 a71-7 1- t-to. ti W iteh- b a ns o1

On display Next SATURDAY
4tV. sleepat-l"Iravn'o lotngod' The New Dependable

7 aCapt. Levit.t -5 -85-B eIn!n si -n h othdear ehleft
to sed toward lr t he ball went a 5
Tar o dntheil
.l-ock di1-. v. tNa 78rai nhtwY3 out the Aero bt-ys aheadldlB seven
8 -c tk.hto etC. TouW bn 0 failed tl reach firu. in .-V"C.. to

S.F ua NamePFlT, Ad Wlliam Oblye

take C rag rt6 s57 (M M Ar CAinero, e 0;0
11%aU -77-77"at c 00'
t 1029. I S big't1J 0'TONOOPhomeas-.tooP 13 A.$ .

Xot .W"'eMemBOO!s-00'l1wSy1rs,'-" 's

You are eordialy invited to DR Vz"lhv wofd" :-
N.I HMtp 10 with new fully automatic

SB f MOM Cese- ...ll|i----- You may order a new '54 Dependable Dodge for C. re.t sa. n. .
SlH OMa b lo ne 3eb a3i 0f t| at the following prices .
'"". -"'.-. IN -1 2ss 1 DODGE ROYAL V-8,..........,.. (1 0 H .P. "'
a^.-sii' .IA.St5 DODGE CORONET V8.-..........-,., ( '
.r. +aSt.'W ... rfL 1 DODGE COROiNET SIX............ ( },. .. : ,3i
.f S L o r I DODGE (6) KINGSWAY CUSTO. (100 H.P.) 2,1iS.
--r t of.. -m "R e! ? DODGE (6) KINGSWAY DE LUXE.. (100 H.P.) 8-, .
"+"s2 0.-^. ,- .r... 7.--9.. DODGE (6) KINGSWAY.. ....... (100 H.P.) .

T .A. .. N A i --l. M C--, PANAMA .- .

""-- '. .-;. .4 -.",( <. ,^ i -.
-. -. .L -, A- ..
-,_ -*2 .- .' ... ..-'1 '

"- f ., ... "

,. '- -

/ ~

'* .9

* I. 'k *

r Y




Get 73's


t brola V. 33
i4. C. 37
er, J. 35
Alberto 46
B.W. 56
r, R. K. 42
A. W

r,J. R. 52
3, 40
,. 40
st, J. 45
des. J. 44
,L. M. 48
T. E. 47
Is III, de ia.
do, a. 39
,rnesto 41
de la.
;.rnesto 39
iton, E. L. 41
me, D. 48
k, T. 42
fidl. D. 43
Itig, D. 41
linski. 8. 39
glly, J. K. 47
one, M.H. 39
l, R.W. 47
tYVittle, E. R. 48
y, Geo. 41
s, Juan 42
Jimi-, J. 39
aJr. P. 40
iarino, B. 46
aWkman, A. 44
IN-Front Nine
.N-.eBack Nine.


Very dollar of deductions you
a claim will save you at leab(
?cents and even more if your
come isover $4000. Don't over-
toat's why you should read
anh thil and the previous
carefully. They will re-
YOU of deductions that you
st otherwise overlook. And
youfinish this article, you
ow whether your deduc-
sexceed 10 per cent of your
and should be itemized
i3 of Form 1040.
Losses caused either
e pualty or theft can be
pt page 3 even though
erty is for your own per-
ua. Casualty losses include
le from fire, storm flood,
hiB, hurricane and other
Ixh unexpected or unusual
Thus damages from a
boiler or frozen pipes
.ea casualty loss.
can deduct damages tr.
caused by a collision
MS the collision was due to
'wllful negligence. Faulty
Is not classed as willful
oneh but driving while in-
is. ,
aihmmonst of the loss or dam-
be deducted should be
In accordance with the
Instructions on page 11.
u have difficulty deter-
W the fair market value of
property both before and
L iterr, the loss, as required
ihe Instructions, remember
Sucfh things as repair bills,

"Let the people know te e truti an the country i f" .- Abraim ULncoln.



House Tax Experts Start Work

On Five-Point Relief Program

WASHINGTON, Jan. I4 (UP)- Democrats to offer a substitute
House tax writers'went to work tax relief program of their own
today on a $1,500,000,000 tax relief -a 100 Increase In the present
program. personal Income tax exemption
Republicans, headed by Chair- of $600 a year.
man Daniel A. Reed (R-N.Y.) of
the tax-fr:ming House Ways & Rep. Hale Boggs (D-La.) told
Means Committee, said the pro- reporters he was "quite sure" that
posed revision of tax laws; with before final action is taken by the
elimination of "inequities and Un- House on tax revision legislation,
necessary hardships" for all class- a Democrat will propose a $100 in-
es of taxpayers, was a job long crease in personal exemptions.
overdue .. ..
I 16

But Democrats were skeptical of
the approach taken by the Repub
llcans. They believe that most of
-the proposed relief, as worked out
by Treasury and congressional tax
experts, would go to businesses,
corporations and individuals in the
higher tax brackets.
A move was afoot among the


insurance adjuster's estimate's,
and police or fire department
cordss are good evidence of th
amount of your loss.
A loss from a casualty or from
theft should be deducted in the
year the loss occurred. If you are
covered by insurance, the loss
must be reduced by any recovery.
If your casualty loss in 1953
exceeds your 1953 Income, you
can deduct the excess from your
1952 income and get a refund. Du
this by filllng a claim on a form
you can get frame your District
Director of Interna Revenue.
Medical and dental deductions
are figured exactly the same as
last year. That means if either
husband or wife had the 65th
birthday on or before Jan. 1,
1954, then they can deduct all
expenses for their own medical
care, provided they choose to
Itemize deductions on page 3 of
Form 1040.

If either husband or wife
poends money on medical care
of a dependent as defined below,
only tnat part of the expense
that exceeds five per c e nt of
their adjusted gross income
(Item 4, page 1) can be included
In the deductions.
If neither husband nor' wife
was 65-or over in 1953, then only
those expenses in excess of five
per. bent of their adjusted gross
Income can be deducted.
Medical and dental expenses
include any such amount you
oaid in 1953 for yourself, your
wife, all dependents claimed on
your return, and also your child
to whose support y6u contribut-




l 'se

.00; /'


'am MlllANmB

J L TAhilirittgfj'*W



The tax revision measure is me
result of months of work by Ways
and Means Committee and Treas-
ury tax experts. President Eisen-
hower plans to incorporate 25 spe-
cific recommendations on tax re-
vision in his budget message next
In its present form the revision
bill before the Ways and Means


committee would do these thhngs,
among others:
1. Give working mothers the
right to deduct up to $800 a year
as a business expense for hiring
a maid or baby sitter to look aft-
er children under seven years of

2. Give individuals the right to
take larger medical expense de-
ductions. At present only those ex-
penses exceeding five percent of
gross income may be deducted. It
is proposed to change the figure to
three percent.
3. Permit business to write off
more in depreciation in the early
4. Permit parents with sons or
daughters in college to continue
to take the son or daughter as
a dependent for tax U Epeee,

Primer: 10

ed more than half but who was
not a legal dependent because
he earned more than $600.
payments that can be consid-
ered deductible medical or den-
tal expenses are listed on page
11 of the official instructions.
Note that costs of travel neces-
sary to get medical care are de-
ductible while costs of travel or-
dered or suggested for a rest or
change are not. If your minor
child is ill and it is necessary to
travel to get medical care, you
Can deduct the expense of trans-
uort(ation. meals and lodging for
your child and yourself, if you
go along.
There Is a maximum limita-
tion on the medical deduction
which varies according to the
number of dependents and tvpe
of return you file. The limita-
tlons are explained on page 11
of the instructions. I

The last deduction sched
page 3 is a catch-all for d
ions not taken elsewhere.
cal examples of items tha
be deducted in the "Misi
eous" schedule are:

11.1 -A I

at can

1. Expenses of earning your
salary or wage. Any ordinary and
necessary expenses in your line
of work are deductible. This in-
eludes dues, initiation fees and
assessments to labor unions, andi
professional societies: entertain-
ment of customers to promote
specific deals and not just for
Several good will; uniforms,
Wor clothes, and costumes re-
g red li your work and that do
ot replace your own ordinary
elothiang; safety equipment, tools
asd supplies necessary and cus-
tomary in your work.
It. also Includes expenses of;
travel for your employer when
vou did not stay away overnight.
Do not deduct on page 3 anyv
overnight travel expenses for'
which you were reimbursed bvi
your employer. These should oe
deducted in Item 2. page 1 of the
, return as explained In the 4tn

2. Alimony paid regularly, but'
necessarily at fixed intervals;
S- ,'-r 'court order You cannot
a t anv sums specifically de-
.t gnated for the support of your!

8. Costs of management. man-
S tenance and- conservation of
property held for Investment.
This includes cost of a safety
deoosit box for your securities.
4. Fees or expenses Incurred in
preparing your income tax re-

'" Now you are ready to fill out'
year tax return In accordance!
h torrow's article. I

Tax Primer Q. & A.
Q. I gave three pints of blood
worth around $30 to $40 to the
Red Cross in 1953. Can I deduct
the value of the donated blood?
A. The Internal Revenue Serv-
ice has ruled that such donations
are not deductible.
Q. Under a divorce decree, I
have been ordered to pay my ex-
wife $100 a month, $75 of which
is for the support of our child
living with her. How much can
I deduct as alimony?
A. Assuming you pay the $100
ner month, you can only deduct
$25 of it since the remainder is
specifically designated for the
support of your child.
Q. While swimming I lost my
diamond ring worth $400. Can 1
deduct this as a casualty loss?
A. No. Losses due to mislaying
or losing an articIe are not de-

even though the dependent may
earn spore than $600 a year and
hence become a taxpayer him-
self. "
5. Provide more 1iberal treat-
ment for persons receiving divi-
dend checks. At present there is
so-called "double taxation" of di-
vidends, taxes beinj paid first by.
the corporation and then by the
stockholder. The p0opsed bil l
would permit the stoekholder to
take a fiv- percent credit the first
year, 10 percent the second, and
15 percent the third year and be-

Reed described the tax revision
legislation as "nonpartias'n."
"All groups of taxpayers will be-
nefit from the proposed legislation,
particularly wage eraf as and
farmers who. cannot iffrd expen-
sive taxation," he sa
,, T_ r _- __ L

IKeio0 jpeak

On Race Relallns
(USIS) President hlaenhpwer ,
plans to speak at a one-day o
meeting to be held in Wash- ,
ington this spring on the status
of race relations in the United
States. c
The meeting is to be held at j,
Constitution Hall upder the y
auspices of Nationaf Associa-
tion for the Advancement of D
Colored People.
Walter White, executive see- t
retary of the association .call-
ed at the White House today. t
with other officers of the as- D
soetalton, to extend a& Invita- p
ti A to the President. W
Whit said his association Is
concerned& about propaganda in o
Africa, Asia, and Latin Amer- 0
e concerning race relations G
in thb United States. a

S*' .- "- .(.A T .,
IKE OPENS IOUO DRIVE Pr El2l1senbower p ae
National March-of Dimes drive at W .a4
distance of four-year-bld Delbert -.fv -dingd, Idthc Who,
was stricken with the dread disease when be w.ei four mm
old. The President gave the boy at tffecti teo tweak of th
e&r when he came Into. .. '

$19,000,000 Will Be. Needed

In '54 For Polio Preveitio
This is "Mareh of D ies" cripplipn eni% deae, pmnd-
nonth throughout the CanWisl 'ng tb'. trni,. n 'eOcil
Zone 'Jacctive>J p 9dy
From now until Jan. 31, all An- tla fl
esldentst-0f 1jie: Zone will hive requ ed 46tormtif fi
L e 'oppo tttunitv o f 'eit y.Veti .4 'a'
She dreaded cripplerr.' Sepa- ie ee
to cat piEns. are beint wtd of Dimkes
n ea ia nstallat' an But ev .f- --
Panat*S ca Co or z Mr Hip-endeqWtea"o .wi..
Posteia and other literature ar aoll be0 the.,need ah
*urxently being.. distributed to 41]fa,
'anal Zone communityy and serV- omtloa.u. tfS
oe leaders who ore heading tbLh *oQWlpFOunfds -,4 1
ear's drive. -. it
Founded by President Franklid i~bosaid a, victl 01t ep
). Roosevelt in 1938,.the Nation- de i of years .
l Foundation for Infantile Par- e-PJ4o al t
lysia Is now actually going int dVedl o t y &. af
he field of poUli rqenzton. p hct "e
Two major t*oMIeihs aefaed *V1 4aR t qI1&A
his year by the .foundation cL cS .eq
)aying for the care qf eKaIttag n hridWWh b
)olo patients and worhgi g- t" 'abbiUt .
yard a future In which their fwi C olan cqUil bcaoan
ae po pblo. t
In 1954, a steou ed up w rbdt u9 gC i
f polio prevention wilLdcot,-a
00,000 in Marcl of Df ltwt
Iamnma globulia. Vust:ra ; lV-
s a hdidnlg action pgalnaf e.-r uatve. .

TWO NEW M ICO EXS arrived at. Alltok Field y stew a,. ai4rwm r- t)"-
copter delivery flight directy from'the factory to the Canal Zoa,. The flight start
Sikorsky factory at u ldgeport, Com.-JIJsr 6. The ne t arrY-
lift 1500 IbL *ore than the H-5's they replace at Albro*k and-11 e i table teTth
squadron to more'effectIely accompIh ts rescue missow .Iahli e& .;
-." .. '


"on, Rm w, -

my threvey es'pen.
s,, 0Ari my.

atb smMB r -A*

.oa ,1 t age .lof. i a,


SiugeroiY ar J AU Wi

ly Mecan
P" hate" d B
Ray vhW Bi
yeterdar. *;tv- 'Atie
veryin or
'she L daougAtor -9f
the dwneTrof eaz bl ht-
club ill Hoelw
Ray flew bi e luat ght
frtni tfew Thb
f The ooww was married In
epw Tor nMY 25. imA d.
separated a oe' o.. Mrs. R
lndteat& they reached .
property settlent
.Tien amid their ,attorneys
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