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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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-' ^

dullness n a healthy person
---- whose abdomen vWas being pre-
cussed (he, too, supposedly,
facing west) or even a patient's
\ handwriting.




.*WiAd here by
f.. Charles Drake
to expand patient's
." Makpr was jailed.


-WASHINGTON, Jan. 2 (NEA) A phony gadget-
Ft -is operating in this country today, despite the
Airce of the U.S. government.
Those guilty are doing more than just preying on
American pocketbook, the Food and Drug Adminis-
on points out.
MThe danger, it charges, is that people. who are really
, say with cancer, will turn to quack medical devices
e;r than to doctors. By the time they realize their
rake it may be too late.
STrue, the gadget come-on is ages-old. But the magic
A of the atomic age, declares FDA, has handed
Vrn fakers a new advantage for cashing in on the
iility of the public.
'For some time the administration has been seizing
les that are claimed to give off atomic waves. One
t claimed to radiate "a force unknown to science".
was said to be able to cure any disease afflicting

Today, FDA estimates that
SPMrlek spend a half-billion
.kr kamu2lly on food" addl-
rn.e-dlcines" anud thera-
ouitrivances they don't

FDA's Last annual report for.
flsc year 1952. declared
a;z device selzurc b had
M nmade because of false
A pleading Clalms. These
ftied from "cosmic ray'
ln sold for U60 to
0 dependihg. ong sate, tO
implicated colonic irrigators.
The $iaBO ..cplontrg tnrt ar
u being'. a to chiro r-
as, says FVl with Itteras e.
ktanPn ufVers for .an-
Opf di e usedlIngm aithn .
Ii an4 diabetes
I T O 4

ment action the manufacturer
was fined $1000
Although the promoter of
the Sinuothernlic Device rec-
ornmended it for advanced.
cases of arthritis deformans,
tI himself was go crippled by
this disease he couldn't raise
lis arm to take the oath when
e testified in court.
For this same -reason he
couldn't occupy the witness
chair but made his statements
from a wheel chair. The gov-
ernmmen finally won.

Several years ago. promoters
of the Vrillum Tube claimed
their "Magic Spike"-had radio-
active powers that would cure
disease when It was worn on

Uun cuur uU

a& "'aec-
n rt ota.

..*.. -.


ma, for
*1 >

th,. composition of top
=; Leading atomic scsen-
8eltred the device was
Wdfloactive and brought i
ir counter to the court-
to prove it.
h oy in FDn's
, election" looks like a
with a roller on the
er1 enW fl i h
Evr'y I' sad tc help
ralysis. or ju"t
l pwAQ govern-

One for all this
human'. il. 'DA be-,
lieves,IA i Erdpte advances
in ed ".m udical sci-
ence a na who
are no ed about
health ,l than If.
they had lived t red ora
thousand yeArs a.
But it isn't tie'that only
uneducated, buckwd people
fall for gadget Ce"P,
.A proof of th p was FDA's
Action agailnt '-Vhlropractor
IRuth D. Arow., who claimed
that herp mkhlat .tbuld "tune
Ia" the 0oans of Iea body and
hl the- by remiot control.
All he -feeded vWK a single
drop qf .th pati At's blood, or
two d4cOh. i couldn't be
there In n tr"aQ
6o1' "M eet s for Dr.
Dmown was f!n other than
the president of the Los Ano -
geles City Board of Education.
Los AnVeles newspapers de-
manded her resignation, and
got it.
At the trial the government
had a key case history. It was
that of a woman treated for
cancer by the Drown radio in-
strumeftt until it was too late
f6r successful surgery.

Who .s the leading distribu-
tor of ai.ack devices in the
United States?
Assistant US. Attorney Rich-

IT. 'k%' .- *-
Mi a is down hM by FDA's

&men l--er som
413 0 -

ble were supposed to vanish
with device FDA's Erminia Re-
bollini holds. Maker Was fined.

ard C, Nelson has said that In
his, opinion the charge could
be made agaInst the Electronic
Medical Foundation of Sani
At the request of the Food
and, Drug Adminlsration, a
complaint for injunction has
been filed by the federal gov-
ernment. against the foundas-
It asks that the corporation
be prohibited from shipping in
Interstate commerce machines
represented as benefiting some
200 diseases and ailments.
A few It lists areo; abscessed
teeth. angina pectoris, Bell's
palsy. Inrulnal hernia, tumors,
infantile paralysis. vomiting,.
repeated nervous breakdowns, -
even miesinR toenails.

The foundtion .has.. filed a
motion to dismiss the-case and
a motion for a more'dedinite
statement of charges, both in--
dlcatlnk that a trial sla likely.
Nelsoq estimated at the time
the complaint was. filed that
more then 2000 machies wer.3
In use, some of them having
'sold lor as high as $400.
The foundation was charged
in the complaint with distrib-,
uting such devices as -the Os-
cilloclast, Oscillotron and De-
polaray and also with selling a
'"gncette" service In San,
FrAncisco. t tb go
According to thbe.go0ven-
ment's complaint here's tho
way It worked:.
The Foundation accepts blood
specimens taken. from patients
of practitioners who use their
"therapeutic" devices. Alleged-
ly, diagnosticc" data is -ob--
tained through the'upe of the
Radloscope, a machine in
which a.blood sample may be
,With a plastic wand an op-
erator strokes the abdomen of
a healthy person who is con-
nected to the machine.
If th wand "Sticks" to the
abdomen of the normal per-
s6n, allegedly, the operator can
determine whether the person
whose blood is In.themachine
is healthy or diseased, and ia
the latter case, the kind of dis-

Tle Electronic Medical
Foundation is incorporated as
a non-profit. educational and
sclentl4c instltution.
Officials named in the com-
uolaint are Fred J. Hart, of Sal.
inas, Calif., president; Dr.,
Thomas Colson- of San Fran-
cisco, secretary-treasurer, and
Dr., Charles J. Pflueger of Los
Various devices sold& by the
foundation are designed ac-
cording to the theories of diag-
nosis and treatment of the late'
Dr. Albert Abrams, the com-
plaint declares.
It also points out that he
was one of the persons who in
1922 incorporated the found.
tion under a different name
from the one now used,
A controversial figure tn his-
day. Abrams was described as
."the clean of Twentieth Cen-
turv charlatans" in "Nostrums
and Quackery," a book oub-
lished by the American Medi-
cal ASsociation.
In co'mectlon with Abrams'
diagnostic theories It was
claimed things other than ap-
paratus entered the picture: a
sample of blood taken from a
patient while he was facing
west; areas of resonance and

Home Treatment of
Eczema Dange$ous
CHICAGO (U. P.)-Ecaem l as
a thousand c. us and home.treat.
ment may make it worse accord-
ing to an article in Today* Health
ILe tricky skin disease' anm
caused by anything from varnsh
to worry according to flt nthe.i.
Dr. Robc P. LUttle, *v Middle
bury, Vt.. and S G. *Mllins.
They warned that a *uggist or
a wefl-meaning frienlU bly diag-
aose the type of eczema .eoorreet.
ly and advise the wi treat.
' meat.
S Put yourself in the sauds of a
qualifud dermatologist," the -ad

For Instance, Abrams declar-
ed that by subjecting a.klgna-
ture to tests he could say whe-
ther thpt person was suffering
ftom syphilis, sarcoma, carci-
noma, typhoid fever, malaria,
gonorrhea or tuberculosas.
He could even tell, he said, a
person's religion by his "eleo-
tronic actionss" *
In the September, 1922, issue
of his house-organ, the doctor
published the areas of dullness
for Ca'holl,. Methodist, Sev-
enth Dl.y Adventist. Theosoph-
fst. Protestant and Jew.
It Included no explanation,
however. why the area of dull -
ness of a "Methodist" should
be In the left lower quadrant
of the abdomen while the area
of dullness of a "Protestant"
was in the right lower part.
On e reputable nhyslclan
tricked a disciple of Abrams
into glving out a diagnosis of
diabetes malaria and. cancer
from a blood sample received
In the rmll.
What the test didn't show,
evidently, was that the blood
had come from a Plymouth
Rock rooster, *
To lease one of Abrams' O-
cilloolast machines it was nec-
essary to sign a cottr ct prom-
lsing never to aoin the cabi-
net nazt. of the device which
was hermeticaUly sealed.

The magazine "Sclentific A-
merican" once appointed a
group to pass Judgment on
brans' Oscllloclast.
When they opened one they.
found a condenser, a rheostat,
an ohmmeter and a magnetic
Interrupter which put togeth-
ei, the experts said, seemed to
do nothing. -
In the midst of all the con-
troversy in 1924 fate stepped
in. Abrams died, leaving be-
hind his machines and some-
thing he himself once adid:
"The physician is only allow-
ed to think he knows it all,
but the ouack, ungoverned by
conscience is permitted to
know it all..."

aeM p sde view eI die T-5 f~etaULLa OnuLW wiihK -4 an
' .

S4-rt r tt'da-- w er -es- fo t T-. 1
Feaga41-ha .*f4oa~~deeq !Awat is eW themT-I5.

00 Likey O Already
I y MS ,

the end-of 184,
These will be used by BOAC for
development flying and crew training
middle of 1965, the production line
should have turned 'out pine Britasn
can go immediately into service.
After .that the.ratg will be one a mo
Ing up to two a month or more for
versions of the Britannia. ,
;, Pr iaCt(on

The pace of production and delivery is,-of
course, bound up with the work fQr the Certi-
ficate of Ai.worthleas. A long and. arduous
flying progamme lies" head. The contract be-
tween BOAC and Brisatl's lays down the Inten-
tion that the C .of A s~all be obtained by June
1955 but it is confidently expected that the
cate will be sooner. and late 1954 has been sug-
gested as .target. '
Test flyng Is well ahead. The first prototype
has made 152 flights and some 200 flying hours
and is now on an extensive night flying
].rogramme., Flight overseas will be the next
To ensure a speedy nw of airliners pnee the
C of A hal been granted, Bristols have arranged
for a second production line at Shorts' factory
at Belfast, Northern Ireland.

As test flying procee.4s, It 1s natural to expect
that a number of ldesg-n changes will be,needed.

Bsitsb ArtvIner

la ` eported T. dncorpbrate them- In a completed aircraft
mirliner. .~iore expensive than to build them In as the
art tests aircraft cQmes along the production line.-
ration will There ae, therefore,, regular meeting between
raft before BOAC and Bristols to stuay any new ideas which
either )has considered and, by agreement, there
advanced ae introduced into the line or rejected.
g.' By it It .s Bristols' aim to ensure that in this way
at Bristol the Britannia delivered to the airlines are the
nlas which best and most up-to-date that, can be devised.
Co-operation extends also to the supply of
nth, work- -pares., There is a co-ordinated programme of
the later spares purchasing, Which aims to ensure the
most advantageous flow between operator and
manufacturer, so that the one does, not 'rob'
the other, so holding uo either services or pro-

Britannia production involves an unusual
technique of prefabricatingg" the aircraft by
bringing together in 'the assembly hall, large
sections of wing and fuselage complete wth
their services, wiring; etc. already installed -
the remaining work is merely to link the major
portions together, a process which takes some
12-13 weeks for each aircraft.
Nearly 100 Orders
There are orders from BOAC for 38 Britan-
nias, with a provisional' order for two more.
There is a letter of Intent from Qantas for
another 'six, .
In addition, discussions with seven other non-
British airlines are under way, involving 51
machines, bring the total potential to date to
92 Britannias.

cAH/~ fin~en~d1~ ~oe3 21ap

J4m &* ch Ch/dren Jiap

St^f atk# F

,' O E "* r

]BY V ON O, NME | .",, .




- ... .

'lI JuInstice Is aa,
S. .

There was also some hope.
Stali ) Had lust died. 1T new
Kreli oligarcs obvouly
playing for time, talked a bi
more softly even if they ated
as tough as ever..
People hope a nst hop
that, with the Red dictator dead
and his heiro engaged' I. a
bloody struggle for power, tihe
free world wOuld undertake
some action to liberate the en-
slaved peoples behind the Iron
?Now this hope is gone. The
East Germans are baffled by the
West's passive attitude, Two 1f
the leaders of the June. rev't,
now hiding In West Berln; told
me the East Germanp now real-
ize they will have fight a-
Divided Berlin Is eerie. The
Western sector, despite the cold
and incessant rains, teems with
life. The gally-decorated and
wellstacked stores on the IKur-
fuerstendam throng with early
Christmas shoppers.
Until Hitler, Christmas wua al-I
ways a gay holiday in Germany.
Now West Berliners seem to be
in a hurry to make up for the
lost years under Nazi rule.
There is an aQ-Oerman text*e
convention ih West Berlin and
a music festival. Hotels, theaters
and brightly-lit cafes aree crowd-
ed to capacity.
But on LelpAzger Strasse, in4
the Soviet sector, less than a
city block away from the East-
Wept bounOary, all life seems
to hkve come to a standstill.
Leipsiger Sttasse was once
Berlin's main shopping centree.
Now it ldeserted.
Except for the Unter den Lin-.
den, frequented by Russian offli-
cers and Red German bureau-
crats, Edat Berlin is like a dead
city populated. by shadows.
/ ,bbily-dresed and hag-l
gard-looking ast Berliners
scurrying occasionally, meong
the 7antaste runs and war
debris seem even more des-
perate than they were lMst
This time I saw no Russian
soldiers in the streets. Only
sna pily-dressed and bemedaled
Red officers strolling along the
Unter den Linden.- walked
in groups. Some escortedfur-
cla 4and bejeweled plump wom-I
en:. elr loud talk and laughterI
echo_.p the dead streets.
There were- more volkapolizel,
tommyguns slung over their
shoulders, guarding the streets.
and approaches to the Western
sector. They seemed nervous. Af-
ter the events of last June they
are never secure. Theyey ed me
suspiciously and with undis-
guised hatred as I crossed tleI
Eait-West border on Friederich
Strasse. /
This time I did not try to talk
with people. From the moment I
entered the Eastern sector I was
aware that I was being watched.
It would have been dangerous
for a German to be seen talking
with me.
One need only read the Reds'
press or listen to their frantic
radio broadcasts to learn the
grim facts.
"Not all the people In Eastt
Germany are satisfied with
our new course," screm.* a
fronty1ge editorial In the So-;
viet Nease Deutschland.
The-puppet Premier Ottok
Gatewlak-:. complains over the
"There are farmers In almost
every village who have not met
their responsibiltes toward thE
state.' .* 4
The last time I saw Grotewohl,
in 1948, he was still a respected
and beloved leader of German
labor. We had a long, session.
Orotewohl compallned that the
ussilans were holding a gun at
his back.
"I shall never give in," he told
me as we parted..
Twenty-four hours later he
sold out his social democratic h
friends and went over .to the
Communids,. Today Orotwohl
is the most desp1s- man in
Germany. :-
/.M- -9-.-
Bat the -WMW J'
Th ll "er l.

- = ^ : -. / : .
......-... -- .-.. -. r" r >" '. *--"-<' .* "'-'-* ...* ... *^ .,.^ N_^ .-. /
4--. "4, j" : ';- .-. *. .A-.,- -

P l: '-"

.;.- .'.-.p '' **'*' 4. .* .-
. \ *. .*' *, /.. ". '. -.

wu .

: '.

_ .. 1.-'..; .I;.:_.=.1;?-

~"~ '~---ln`T--~---~----- ------------ --------------

STanked Up For Sa

ce to mov..atak ir water to a combat area is
the T flotation device, ieloq*y Army Ordnance, Equip-
nde be iudIn an nergency period only, the unit
Is -am--! a d' a ,.be.auamed .a short time. Whle on
Rro 3oo tIr butr ts Speed in water aA
not dis ed After it aa body Of water the flotation
unit can be dropped to give the tank more speed. Developed at
W Sp tIAo A4PyaM -tV. oon be contracted' ot to prilrato
." 1 R.Industry.

.. .

" i


ULBRICT: hired
is Germany's
our, people, of our new or4er and
of the peace."' I
The sinister Red, who 41.
ready outdone in savagery. an
cruelty even his Gestapo .prede-
cessor Himmler, is as.goqO a"s,
word. '.
por V e tu

the last two weeks In,.-
as "spies." "America '
and 'saboteurs."
also confirmed, by the K
tion of anti-Commn4;t
known as the "June 17 C
Death sutenees aalas a- .,
tl-Communist Germ Ma .-- -
some with j ames ,and "aeM
nameless are pinutqd I ..-
East Zone newspapers a t.
dally. .,
The brutalbcampaign of .
WoHllweber's secret police _4
clearly designed to. terror .tit..
East German& into sub-ia-on.
But to no avail.
"We shall continue the fblt
until we are free.(r"."
Echarnowsky, Berlin's f)Mtt
trade unoil chief told a-ma
As. yt there is a6 sign g re-
newal of resistance on theL #.e
seen on June 17. Qne 1aps t
fight with bare latad fst
Russian tanks while the A-* ld
world remains-a passive observer
on the si delina, But th t.
Germans shoed ipgreat
before in the face of hewdad
against them lad aL
liable to happen,.
Western stetesmn whej
to make a deal with-.,1^
Premier Go*rgl Ma eiit
weld do welf to take=l.-
iart facts nlate. aeoe n
their deberaio -- wihr.
at Bermuda, Iehs tent o4u..
don or Paris.
A people's desire to b -
the very will to a-S'be 1
reduced to anMU xM- li
less diplmtc itta- icftHeu
peace. Th. EtaMil-
even if some Western politicians,
howeves- .m.' r.-to



,.. .. ... .r lt 0 :

.. *l .. 9 .. &.m a y J a Srio ... .. a.Mr E r W iar o-...

S A a.

-. f l. -. ,.a, O llr tdo-r 0 MNew Tar'. Day war ios medilth a srie of traditional
IJa.e t he 8:1- 7:0T> Ar l Cb D Davi Atlaenc Side. Offces-lubonNe
.tv ie ,, And- y e ",T ,,e aloo Cl n -ffIYeaers f 'varlons Umantd
>, ,- d 'i' '.."-B''tsve'a"d *'. Ove 20 me from 4:00a to 600
lt" ., *s- l -Ae e a the o n ber" the faculty, oe4 tnde"'d,
.* tidto. a tore itMh tu id0. a. Wedneqsie, Jan. a Friday, ran. I Lieut(a. rdo nel and Mrs. E. Mrs. Wilia Hopkins of Maria-
!Bg~mBSE ,S--tS ,aS K. fl M W^ A : .. AJi .", AJ D. Wlpsted epnertained from 3:00 .a.
... .' .'S ll an D "- : .l -0 ...,n A Ro....- e 6:30-A n On-e e A toha 4,00 New Year s Day, at er
Ar- al .. ,eaowa Set ah F_.',, -* -- l10:0 -Of-te 8c o r mida tetheir lort iv heome, for the of-New Year. e at ts fu
11:1 -- *,. 11:00---Newa o- tio g e a
*g fe: an 00-Net Club *nd Ia'iliw*of Fort William \ formal dance was given at
S b s4, A O 7:0-t te the A Coco Solo Officers Club on New
S Metivir, a Clock Club D. -- o-Year's Eve with the Station Band A i Sd
9:00-[er' Wve*P 10" Of th "t No pHqo New Yeanrs' f1r ni hiag the music. I:0
44* "N Wit the aornbsy M:".1-:0 es eue.os o Eve Party Over 200 members and guests
l BllWoy d1 otei Wt 9dM:30- "l L e Tbr'le .I 1:.--Morning Varieties- A sra I thererd at the home attended.
it to the stor e nd er 3ltuac al O I FM.d i S:0-- al Reveille o Canel nd Mrs. Frank G. Me- H. opk
l:0o- o tp 0 -e :0-NewgS~rem Gilbe to welcome A ,laldinner dance was giv-
o-f ,'.9:015---.BonJour Mesd :ames (RDF) P0tlhe -~r~d"r. e ahe .t the Fort Davisa Olaicersa y lub
ali e obu y :0- D .sd "nnphce 9:30-ASn I ee It i. Thursday evening. Two hundred
of dhthM'bo Clubhwse on the "1" I: ONAL LOTTI]1Y Ri SM WS "t!10.:00-New A bufBt supper was servedL a members and their guests wel-.
rt tt 0bro r = eS 5-Of fSte eord mid.nhdt e ladies, a it was corned the Nnw Year at this fusnc- l i
S11" cWhat' t noa UFavW I 1or i:-f tW: Record rtcon t l S P were. C s0 o- "oc o re: Chre-
13. t ul herurty (VOA) 1:00-News hl:30--Met the Band- taindIwlam Ho l ta Ft MISC r affoa cea
bylG o o ahiers 'Wlves P'o. 1n ll3:00t t -ot 1 (contd.) N1eD:00--ewla theor ~ ueast, Mr. HCecr Rl Officerst
Jetly eheor 12:lb -Pt'td War*' aM ]hi ll:3( --eeH the Bantd P.M. DoudCptain Andrew Stohrer; ustnlatong Toaight 7 a n wVogrria
o, OeA llya 12:00-New: 12:30..-Poptular M nie Mr. nd WiBiri We igileCap aThrs ve wnih Ath Sat easa
Nellie C:-tO 0c, ou Wednes. 1a:30:-Th Sal Lake Taberno P. 1:00-News tain ta. oger Swain, Cap service, the officers of the -
at f d" at a >m.i Thrs.( A:gelini Choir l3-:0.-o-LuncFeov Muuic l:s15-Pesonalrty Parade tain Ar e.. Benny Ssho tanlbe Union Church will be in. *
hal .a- Mrs O. Mrihals.and A:30n Co Rhe Saln 2:EvnNa e r PAM Over 20 mbers
wi be the guest speaker l:0 -Mtropolta Oper Au- l:30-Popula Mu :4.--Lu and Abner Mar. w'trien, Captain, anded LeuDai.t r kery. Hoawsn.
d*C .M WiulS a--oeet dibona of the Air (VOA) l.01-i.Newa 2:00-Rhythm iand Reason Mrs. Wli De Chlute, Captain and Tull ,C t* Wayne lRices,
SbuS.S0vnS u rl:30-Rev. Albert Steer :1pm-PMtsoatM Parade 2:l.-Son of e France (RDF) Mrs. (carteIfuton, Captain and at And Me. m
Si aTite resgulr aimontimy business 2:00.-The Drama sand Sympho- .- 2:10-Afternoon Melode Mrs. Geee White, Captain Rob- vaio Lea -ving .a..
,,.dd J f.1 ) feilr,- Lsret-ng. o of the Albrook Air Force Otr I:5LiUnB a _.-.bner 2 3:45-Battle of the Bands I ert MAjluster and Captain-Foley Lieutenant and Mrs. E. A. Day- Mrs. Tully was'au Mu
.'heeho C..1,seoo A o r the: d Maed i s, Coc oo are leavig t e honoree's agrdo
A Ba C, Wives a ub will -Be 4:0-What'BYonrFavorntd a: 00P-oaTh, ree, e s:00-All StIr Concert It all Isthwus early in*releavy.gThe Randall s Sr

n LreW .3 c he d TVhursday at :30 i.n. in the 7:0o--Oust L:S0eltr m. es the Gic i .erly iitn Jaurhy. They -c. ans asand
^riteSE.MDarle t and e C 0Wdia Clubwdle o 0-a -The glee Showr Pre.Danue Cc ktalt Party ro fly to Mobile, Aln., and from er.,
Re elsg G.m e the roo o t Club. ::h--edht for L3ni ..N Starrac-Hht were Y sea.rved ae
e o r' t h r M aca : o:30- e ic roa Major awd Mrs. B. J. Simms had there go to San Antmi, Texas, ..,.
Hallo1sn 4e:e"0-WaMt"vog Thursday : e :--A mtt tI Favorite a gathering of friends for cocktails to visit her family before retin. ,..
"4 tth"ei e Mrs. 0. E. Michaetgs and Mrs the :15-The O t ter residence recedin the N to New York City where they .
h:38-Wha' Yu o rit formal NeW Year's eye dance akt wh reside Lieutenant Davis is re- r.
SW.esileYo evo0-os P. n- t e Fort Davis. '.0N#s tCurcning to civilian life. Reading IF. Fu.,s;
SM ran se rga on -i eir nd) Mr. and .Mr.
Mr and M ri Th as 1bdon. @'audg m o tah be B alb ma telephone Clock Club isE a an Tonn-ht
,,of Por M Ld awere osts ard Groupe lto be he d0Thursday I :00-eeat' finnee. 6:00---Th e American Bookshelf Fort Guliek Dancei Sharon Tully CeLe-rates tenth recently left tehet a7
buffet supper. iven Saturday at 12:30 p.m. at the Michaelis rels- 8:00-The B Playhhe 4n -What's a vorit (VOA4 h nie
a e deuce. Quarters 580-B Curundu 9:00M-The X8_ALD OTRU : o F ort RIVeW OA Over two hundred officers and Mr..and Mrs. George A. Tully iFort Wayne, hlad.
dTr SrS and Heights. Reservations meay be and REVIEW their ladles welcomed the Ne ae a birthday party at thed Pilks re o ,ut,
tB F .imus, made by telephoning Curundu 212. Orchestra d.ekehook (VOA) YeuC t tWe dinner danS gi are atndlub toau eis
pm t 10dt :300-irNaes ot0:V) 0-The OldTimO (roAm .7:00-L.we ll ThmaYrthdnro dancsie at honor their daughter, Shar- Mr. Ni oeis aunsoelM
Som s, h i,- 10:30--Miracles 1- T s0- At-Lowell Thom the Fort Gulick Officers Club New on on her tenth Birthday annover. n.a ox as an ind fs
6 s, dlo, :ia.'BLUI RIBBON SPORTS 7:30-Riport from the U.S.A. Year's Eve. s. /' The cCaldren enjoFed an alt- engineer. a
_CoiumabE. Ohio e o N C. 0. Pn Clua 10:45--Hymn History ernol ofar binco. ,
Uh oandm-a Er Martu r Opens Weii esay 11:00-Sign Off RBViEW O4 VOA) ernooSo of bingo. r. -i Ja
Said Ensign a ar Th ate oil painting class. 6:30-The RecOrd Shop 8:00- The Platter Parade The traditional New Year's Eve Refresh.nents were served with -
f GreeleY, Cl o r8 o; taught by Mrs. Betty Benin, wiH Monday, Jan. 4 7:00--Lowell 5honow 8:30-The Ding Crosby Sow favors were distributed among the thr.'e birthday cakes centering the
eR dda er. be held Wednesday Enings froo AM. 7:l--The Jo Stafford Shlow (VOA) guests. Aer weacomin the New r...eshm il table. -Conacence CBu4?aya
w theirdau 8:30 to 11:3 am. a her home (VOA) 9:00-Th Devil to Pay (C) s bakfast "he uests were: Sharon's sis- ; ..
t-and Mu Carsl.and s 200 Gorgas Road. Fdr*hei infor- 6:00-Sign On- -.The Alarm 7'f:-ReSBrt from he U.S. 9:80-..Your Playhoue of Favor- at the uests enjoy te and broer, Gail and Dennis, LAWRENCE] M P.
The Room of Sh C2:3 r M_ 3:80-M-C fure OFror- Pran-lie nCo, all prty %;_
Mr. d s. T tlon may be had by telephon- Clock Club -(VA .. Edna and Yvonne Morales Don- aime juvenile ffe me
* ;- Mr. ,and Mrs.. C. '. ini; 2-1483. 7:00-News 300- 6 Jt.'.toziv !ilew__. 10:00-The. Musie o(f Donald Washington Cot-os Club aid ind Linda Stohrer, Edward city go to whit is knowi es^
S7:0-The Aia Clok b on orld Voheea (VOA) Ha Gay Dapes and Virginia Green, Kay Hamil- science Court. Police claim
solad tir The Alpha Chapter of Beta Sig- 730-Mornal :-rt hoy (BBC) BCHotel Wahington was a large and BrucRichards, Pauline and before this court are
aned. Nadc ma Phi Cwal ihchelis rar M :-ti- S ,om- t-News 1:5- he h r sinc re ng t N
'. S, Ib sand Nle y, ma Phi watl ho] its 7e:u30 bi- 8:lo..,-Mori lg Varieties 1:30-0-TOuwng Hour ll:0..The Owl'a'Nest athering of the members of the Billy Arnold, Bonny and Li n d p to model, boys and giir
SGi d thS1 mothy buh meeting at :30 8-30-MuAealevel 10:0- wOod'ri Open Hou 1:00 .m-News-Sign Offr. Whinton Cotillion Club and their Shumate, Laura Strongman, Dale pLst six months, more t
p.m. in. the Cridu Sorority e 10:-S-The Old lroom u ballroom was attract-and Nrm Clark, John and Susfe has been collected in
a e re. h er House. 9:15-Come and Get. It (BBCt Saturday, Jan. p ,i vely decorated. P'terson, Becky McCleod, Vaudie pat for broken wendo
a Mi f r 9:30--As 18 6 It :00-The Owl's Nest AM. Among the guests for the occa- Robinson, Beverly and Robby dage resulting froi i
A I ePcmae.Eric Arthu Gardenr Club M1 1 lw 13:00-News gn Off osion were: Mr. and Mrs. John A.
tn P rlThe regular h iony dinn a e 10:05--Off'ti e Reor d 6:00-NS-i On -The AlaEr Tabor, Mr. and, Mrs. J. e. Erik-
.eugh was host bo a small buf- m lenof the Cruds Tovar yie :00--n ea eon ge at eh to hp ti
ai glven Thrday evening o iting P' rrodae HRi ley 11 RnIPws P RT rsnrtfir th e son. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Bath Mr.
SCooasrie .u- .rle to Co. ardent Weuii es heald eo11:0e O3- ff RVth oe Record t o4on) -wThoew o H Es bnoo.nna inewtU
ha -andday, January 1p.,ol at the Morg annd 12AM Reor Shp:0p-The Platr. P.F. Par Mr. and Mrs Eo Rer
G h.omodoree. M. 'Campbel s tRdene to bett en. T :00- -l ods t Bnd r :05-The Alarm Clock Club W.. reesnr a Mro. te n
T1208--0lp li^ tfnl on Th- Alarm 7:30-1S--e Salyon Int StrooaStp,Mr. nd Mrs. O. K. Won- 'S.H... O
ep e MMS ahefMiel, p e Pold Wdsday 4:1. from and mother te tOarfd. Rei d:nceA o atlrftrs A fmtr ang the Nr. a tbe
at. anchor at Naval Station, Rod- Altar Society T o Meet 1:,opI o" u :0- lfro th Ual :-.tly se oflo the C and ni t ..
The Rosary Altar Society of SL 12 .30-Popumr Mu.ic 7:00-News 8.:0-hBC feature Omar Franklin, Mr. ind Mrs. A. ';--|
Mr Mary's Church, Balboa, w.eet 7:08-The Alarm Clock Club : w' T. Marsh. Mr., and Mrs. William
1 r--F C ath US Oothis mnIribgr to receive C*o"nlm 1:00---ThNews iJ.dt :0:;5-Women's Worl d (VOA) Hadaits, Mr. ndd ClMrsub. G4o Moh- A r A

Ban iSthe Ithmus then The Classes in Carnival Dane- 230.-Afternoorn' Melodies "- ed # 10 O t:0 Reord CarH. tf Washington sMr. a rnd g .
ai '-en the house guePt hi. :emperalhly suspengel for the a 9: !5-Sacred Hert Puretsu 11:00--.News Mrs. of. A. Bailkobskr, Mr. and
the arod ogtmonthl n met le oeele1. Oe Hs 11:05-Off, the.Record .i(contd.) Mrs. J. G. usner, t Sr. and Mrs
p ,mAd .rs. F. A. Newanard Holiday season, will-be heldThurs- :0-Aes iee B llr:o0-Meet'th Band J T. E. Stuat, Mc anan Mrs. M.P,
th d te Miss Ann New- day even at the UO-JWB 300-A trCert Ha 10- co 1 Webster, Mr. and Mrs. m. G.
atRoad, Babis for bo n an :--husc for 11.00.e -a Kaouro t om nd Mrs. C a-
Swomen. Capin Ls Tovar will 4 an 3:00-TReat Perform ne 11:05.-Off the Record (otd.) 12;00-New Tune -Tte wood, and Mr. and -Mrs. C. S. As-
B strta trn Lanh ln ardf Wt sa or aor Riv0- -Meet the Band and3 M-opla C.s. bury. M.
ubae SRide Ambanssador 1i2:roiup ol ese h 1:0 -The 'sthte R3: (t 00).-New. 1:00-NeWs
eoruMilltry ersonnel- thoir families M5:30-News. o- r:e -Personality Parade Birthday DiFer PKarty and *
of doaal J anuary 1,. atndhe Morgan :1:0rec thee Bn rA..M. 7:1:o-.- "r r.Mrs. Prie. Ega a nd Mters.Pier
lams,.r retw'nti to his home- and lbe public of the Canal Zone 5:3T--What Your Favori te l5O.5-L I Bcheon Musi ORTS --The DAvld*Rose 8how s. Lamily entertaine ew
Id'eowrn* a R i and of Repuolic of Panama (ontd.) 1esaer oMS icow f2a ml y0 ne p arty- c
mus. a invitedto attend. 600-Books Bring Adventure 1 : o ulal 0-Th the YeTr Dyto hr er husband

." rp i te Dtc YAtore itor Pan)amad.L:i-:00-- nO T A .o 3-rOhe sLos 1orBV2o prDayo m o nobartas h-en lust
e a istr Attho at Nlab SIBn RT 2: : ,erVOnAt Parade lbS-1-A Date fr oancinor on hisn birth'a-y annivers ary
eeet'. Ahe of ar c a D nr Jose Ramires octy and M.ew :-nn Aobr :30Ro elod Amg from the U. r ose an present Wer.e r
an to'les, ctr, Crlrs ut oe BdsEtertin s LA o mt. :0 -The AlarC -al om Le ul :30-h e:4Btle ofthe Bandu oand rso. Ceb. a Clemsen It Whi
F A1RMyA Dt for Dc' 3;00- u: for aurd4 ( 0rris, and Caleb Jr., Mr.
a leet Wednesday at M'and M Charles- E. Rai- :0 od Tohou and. .rs.Harry Egoif with BillyEMMA d MODEER
r irSast th tSandtJ e. dCu Vilbala, Mr.tianed rs.. nigOr 7:3w0-Mion: h alom S 8:30-TmithSowe2BRx American :0 Journa :i- -The Ll e S ow Ht and Catherine and Miss BarbaraN-
*incude 'Amphogny No. 4" by dene in EloCoco, in honor of ': fom-the. USea=A "YB Otru 'Pe A
(ioi C4e. 6 Jp Md t--Battle of the- Bnd 4:00--Repeat Performance New Year's Dinner a
InB-io a Volin a MtcFtro N.iRamies. prom ndt Dr. Nosephw Y.o (VOa) Star Couer Nail 141--What'a Your Favorite HeBors Vlaitqrs
SG"blrueh r 800-The PlaterParade 35-The Little O W 5:a0--rNews Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moumblow,
thofth R i of ae guests W. pr were: Judgeand 9?3-Te d Cc 4:00-Repeat Perforimance 6:00--Lest we Forget asoam., of Cohiembus, Ohio. with Ms
'rohd.t Mrs. G uthite F.hCrowl, dI. S. Dia- 9:3-Ttle o Word atourd (eontd.) G:1'5--BLUE RIBBON SPORTS a dinner at their.home New Year's

n- bc Atdorney, Ro ando Hanard, 10:0 --T W orOtyour W tT- 4:L-AWh 's Y Our ortL R I
dlaye Oevracinic-gde U.S. Marshal Joseph Kinkad and d4w Hall.T Ghe other guests were Mrs and
An rs d Fol Heyro :00-Tewl' f 1:3-Wat' Your Favorite 6:30--Palace of Varieties (BBC) Mrs iliam Van Siclen, Jr., MH. -
he wA~ed house guest of Miss and Mrs. ,Brown, ol. Lee Miles d.. f coat,. :00-.aris Star Time (ND?) and Mrs. Carroll Kocher and pa-
Cgrri locherR oaalba. and Mrs. .il, Mr. and Mrs. Jack 6:00-Wrench In the Alr (RDP 7: 0-ReportO from the U.S A, tricia and Mike'Koeher.
Peterson., Capt. and Mrs. James Ts ro F e'0eIng Jroan. e 5 t- .Dn-
Up The Dirt" Robso, E-.Governor of Panam. FAM. :- teBon S:0- oar
RsDr Jose Domigo Souo, Munmcipal 4:110 'h () The traditional "wetting down"
ca "eile Upa- -htepD t Clock -b /:0f.-Lmweil 5- r :30---ere Comes LouBs Jordan o promotion party was given last
'id ta e So pubicaf. treCanal Attone5-5-7: VOA Stamp-Club I8.45-CoDnavintry on World evening by thre9 officers of the
o~wing a'of dutyh, Judy Mat nuy o Panama Luls Soto and his 7n:00---News .ta
Stnfa., withroles ..a-daughter..Mis Anira.Soto..n M :0--ThB- Alarm Ck Cove ntuer, the U.S. -p ews UnitedSatesNay sttoned sa
o-,. (A) 90--Th Saturdy NghtJuke Coco Solo, who had-received their
uty east to-Kthy Saudidge, de Vfllalaz, Mr. and Mrs. is.g Oro 7:30-MOrnng Salon .0 3uk B, Revi_ ):S0--Tne 3ne e Hosts forthe occasion weresLieu Parqu
mr and K. J oyne Butler.c oegs, Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Maci1, 8:15-Mo rete ":45-- n d 0 and ., L ie w I t
.s IXme stho Wednesday. tast r Ms Mr.adu Mrs. Lvisd 3:00-Newse Newsa Orchestra N t a i
Lei t iititai3:2 F-i as Ocghe stor20 merian sjournalatenren and Mri -Cain as-
1:-e .l... (VOA)Oryhest a BUT PLEASE HELP Uneld
c10:0,-New 10:15--The Latin American 6eU.- RExplanation of Symbols smnct to
e I N ... ..... ..... feo the Bod % Bri h r dg y T o Ti l e fo S d 6easti Dinero S do n .

dN nade BBC-British Broadcastm Systeir ladies from Squadron VP-45
l:0-Off th cord :(contd. _C:3 rnegie l-(VOA) tern and a few friends. Over a hundred We are still holding the two remaining
New-sf thS Record (Ion ll0O-The Owl's Neast RF-Radilodifuason Fnraealse guests called during the evening. LOVare dioldr bea
1:30---Meette Band 'J 12:00-News--Sign Off VOA-NVoise of America LOVE diamond rings....because tso on'
M00-News Mr. and Ars. Van S iclen enough to win these... Now wa -rea
S..8'- Feturn To nethmus
1 -2:0-PLuncheon Must Nltin Still lorida Colors r. and Mrs William A. Van have written them off our books and'anefolty a '
1:30-Pepula muic Siclen have returned to Gatun aft- yrs. Rutt wlhmhd 1.1T
1:00--New8 p SpoIC er a visit with theii daughter and you
Rft.oomalfty Par&' t Of NUrs' s Start Spring SijS^,W b drr.ed so aon
Short t' T urses trtr r son-in-law in Richmond, Virginia. therefore decided to.cont~h~o our mo
:0-'A Cad b Lee Psal TANSaS CITY. ran (U.P FOshion Trend Viur .From Vasa..setts same marker 's before,;. apd sh do 'i to
-.:0T : _"h-m -es Paul There aSi more nurses tdky"tha Trend Fo
r E N'PTA ** 2:15-A Date for Dancing ever before, but the demand Mr. 'r-nry R. Doudican, of Fair- drawing of the i al Ltery A
2 :30.-S.pirt of the Vikinw them has surpassed the muber MIAMI, Fla. (U.P..-Two sew h. ven, Mass., is visiting his daugh- At that ime o pubHe wil w o
S:45-Battle of the Bands that existing educational gsate s color terms ere being addef to the ter and son-in-law, Captain and
S:00-All Star Concert Hall can supy. I home decorating Sid fashion vo- diamond rings and Irvhe'id us...
W...... ;3S15--The Little Show Dr. rgaret Brldgman, cmn. eabulary. .
3:30-Music for Tuesday sultant of the Natonal League for
.* 4:0r-Repet Ptformance Norsing, said persons giving aurs.- They- are sea sage a' golden REDUCING m stic ',
vi b di am 4:30--hat's'lur Favorite =re exceed M6,00, less than coconut, designed orl nuay tor Remember the f0 y.
,5:8-News ha 7 hem are Tr4*s$onail reg. use in Florida, but cat theth
-W tyour t arle- "stored a rses. A Iast s,- ny o TREATMENTnS beoiter jo chanc. .
(o .) have had little or do training,she Sea sao is soft ahe t By
6:r-The nuBrs -. Analog aid.- fn Ancs the lauzir ifang .. B"u
II (VOA) Over-al, Soame 72,M nurses are of = da, sd gelden coco- ramens Melavy
6:i* --TH [.U RIBBON In W' U. .-r-vi. and ad-nut i a rich, tr.op l %god. Ali I ...mde' WnT-
-R r vIW Tinistrative potons. James "errick Smith. young Mi- redeing system
S6:30-The Redd Shop 1r. Bridgt dean for more mi decorator, and his associate, k baths
S "ihfi?.h m 1|5 7:00-Lowell Thmnas that 20 -rs at Skiddmre Cp James Wills, developed the two
7:15-TRE CRI3rIAN 80- M e a, i n h wr"itt 'Collegiate ones and fi&At used tIa na dee- Eleetrie Bicycle
*O PROGRAM c-alq tot NufJ oram Iem q orating a South Florid home. To --- .
7:l-ai-r h/ .cas NS 4A .ledtI otomwa eomplement the gold aod green,.
':30-R from the ULA. ,cabese dad unverdte ad they use caye r.e; a reddish Peicre TM
Aft'i -f IN*"r WOie d e el eduesaum, W011111 brown shde. and Jar..aka browa, ret treatmeta
*:.-a* Much Ps l e 2 2e 5Sc oructy ru5* ', a warm stne. OUT
,: s.Ido see seek E,.._-usu
0- Bf n Cfy W44 6 4 W7 4.0- OfAe-r-Sm3e far ah4 -bu picture story e how these S s Se e TW 1 ^ IA MOaN S \
.I ^ I I A., was areso. e iB..
anid hl Ij Magog&% _31 0' 11tu d tmAHt 3 m Ave1 N.E
*.2 #10i" "e g od Is i<> so t" ..wo "j
-- --'" -" .: -.

- .. .-,..-

?.. .

._.. ,, ,', ... ". *'-
'* .
^. -- ** "* ^* .i ~ .,,r. *,- k
I.. .1; .-, j
*~l A 4'- .': -T .* ," -- -
P. ..'* .

P -'~-.

~ ~

U-I -*Nj

Serve Lobster Chow Mein

For Party Dish Appeal

4% -

.Wf AFTER-THE-PARTT DISH Is this lobster chow mein. made
ibth South African rock lobster talls. Dish has eye appeal.

NEA Food and Markets Editor

that small holiday ,up-lcups sliced. cooked or 2 cans
'ust after the bel ring. a drained South African rock lob
disb is always pleasant Of ster t. ilk. one No. 2'2 can Chi-
oe th.t dish should be unusual- nese noodles, 2 hard-cooked eggs,
Paoous, sLr thing different sliced
,.ot too heavy. I Heat oil or shortening Add -el.
i recipe, using South African ery leaves and onion and cook un.
I lobster tails, cors Irom til yellow. Drain bean sprouts and
.Luodgren of Neu York City. mushrooms. Add drained liquid
S has certainly sold us. on iweland 1 cup water, and celery to.
rful flavor and eye appeal of skillet mixture. Cover and simmer
Sdish. 115 minus,
Lobster Chow Mein Mix flour to a smooth paste with
6 servings) remaining 1. cup water and stir
into hot mixture. Add sugar, salt
pe luartr cub cooking oil and soy sauce to taste. Add lob
melted shortening, 1, cup eel: ster.
leaves, minced, k2 cup minced Corer and simmer over low heat
dWia, one No. 2 can bean sprits.(about 5 minutes until thoroughly
e 8 -'ounce can sliced, broiled heated. Arrange half the noodles
ishrooms. 1a cups water, I cup in serving dish topped with chow
S ded celery, '4 cup flour, 2 mein mixture. Garnish with sliced
' spoons sugar, teaspoons iat hard-cooked eggs and remaining
;3 table poons soy0 sauce. 2 noodles.

#ti4 bTe

She, ripaes, For Tomorr6ow

By !iig Her Life Today

M R. Wo'TMe It Isn't redy to sit in an
or two, andyet she is al- .c ai why shoul-1 I be""
carrying old age happiness 1
.hasn't taken out She Is Finding Rich Compan
ci' ... following a ship In Womn Friend.
^ *^tiU :)aY off in a hap-

iat home she was
9idren -and ab-
r liv.r. But now that
,$. fferent wa,'
helin ae to wOrk
'g. o their own
meet their own
,~ n't tryfitg to live.

K eme she has begun
*[b l of her husband's
e',.is free now to go
to do what he wants
i ,---might not expe.-t a
Mpg 50 to suddenly take
pg. but Mrs. R. has, ;ind,
.iw, "Why not? George is
ars older than I am, and If


r Air-'

cle'.qf weodken friends. For she
ktows- how s~lch companionship
there is to be ,found among women
who sudt4e.y higve t great deal of
leisure tbie oW e their bands.
Alos, Mrs. R. has taken out quite
slave tof older house. happnesrpised
at how easy and phe is st young
keeping can be" she. says. "If you
Anust qwhat rushing t it In a ey? zy to
ave everyto hang perfectly done." -
Yes, Mrs. R. has taken out quite
a bit of old-age happiness insur-
a-ce whale she is still young
enough to thange llr. Ways.
And what is Vpol)Iy? To quit
trying to bang onto yesterday but
instead to prepare for tomorrow by
suiting life to today's needs and

SPottery for Snack Table

mae new .wttery designed for the anack table supper
ii 1 largq 4bnet plate with a saucer depression to hold
i. Salt oh6~:ppr shaker ide safely in their own tray.
whibe a atehfin ash tray puts the smoker at e.e.
^ -----*" ---- I -

- -.-.-

I hurd overs




m .u'-- uo-to- ni" e" You
Must do to prevent their deejen-
If you stai, now, a rich lubri-
cating cream can do wonders. But
it will avail nothing .f you do not
Ccoo erate lulls lib it.
Beauty, after all, is not skin
deep. Some w, men can live very-
successfully, facing numerous dis-
* appointments and -urrows and %et
reveal none of their suffering in
their faces. They havy, learned the
secret of sqresaiy.
i And it's a secret anyone ean
learn. People can condition them-
s"lves to almost any r ood. Sim-.
ply by forcing your mouth to t1n
up at the corners, you can make
o self fel better, psycholots
ll us. There-is certainly nO doubt
t'Lat you will look better.
i To cultivate a relaxed, pleasant
expresson, ruff out your cheeks
'trd whistIk ften-mn private, of
I HRoe Is an .ercise for supple-
O*em: Ope your mouth wide ver-
,ticall and tay to.eclose your lips open t.t. k4d jaws; you
WiN 1have to close the Jaws grad-
ualy for the distance. ,
Ilh. three ime., counting up 10l
15 le dra g the lips tiugln ,
S M'v ; l 'smore-0fi

ed into the corner. Th we pushi- o e in tisarr:4 a
ed a pretty little chair Into the ort tim- later. Since the trend
curved space which gave needed After washing leather gloves, roll jacket and eompac., creamy-white today is toward the sleek, neat
sitting room and subdued the bulk Ite in a turkish'towel from fin- iloweretp. It- an be cooked either loek, that situation should jot be
of the piano. ger tips to cuffs. Knead for a few with a wederate amqupt of water tolerated.
Pianos,-I'm told should be tuned minutes; unrill and blow into the in an u. ..vered pan, or to a small-
every season and afterany major fingers to shape them properly. et quantity of. water if .you put a But something can be done abouL
move. Ivory, plastic or y keys Lay on dry towel to dry. Wheu still cover on halfway through the cook- it before it happens. Even baby-
ca be kept clea with soap anddamp, work leather gently with ing time. fine hai can be mad to behave.
water. Fingers until pliable. -
But use very iDt1e water and To add extra flavor to hot cocoa A lanolin-rich hair dressing add-
depend -o thick tde pr poll re. or cbocol*le, roll a marshmallow ed to the setting water Vw help
movaL Fresh eggs are rough and chalky in powdered cinnamon before greatly to keep the hair from fly-
To be on the safe die, use one in appearance. Avoid those that dropping it in the cup. ing wtil. For added-p of t heo
cloth for the white .s, another are smooth and shiny they are little hairs that flutter O fore-
for the black to avoWd any color old. bead, a bit of the dre
transference. Rinse wl damp -- To rem vc print stains, use gas. be patted -on after ag_ a
cloth, .then po wir fry one. Try this wit green olives pour oe or. tpeatine- dntured al- been arranged for the Irming.
Motha find the piano *te*ior (all off brine 'and add two tablesppoas cohol wW remoe lacquer, shellac For c m
that edt) a snug haven- For a of ouve oil. Shake well and allow (. varniih s'ta. For SS W
grand piano, put imoth lieventive to stand a half hour before serv.- -nV icsiae,
inside d a piete of cardboard. ing. Nct S U uI
With an ptight you can fasten ---' -- lt ites 1 ome off It ltli- ,-
bags of moth crystals inside at Before sweepin dulty Bren, hz.ts if the sell I orfon is rubbed In si ze,It
either end of the iastrv L nt sprinkle floor with water, Tlhi,wHl lil lt h t& sandplpr. Te pe."
keep the dust from flyia around -
in te air. WIa. stiA, fl aanels, add a surfer all0 from the pawe With
MORT WOTm --.- teaspoon of pueeri bsrax to cleansing tissue oe t elmth.- Ai.
Here's a trick to 'eMa "b r'in each. ugat -alru eater' tokM e U=f W ft_ dy ..i
F Carmk I tomato seep. e he material a r -t LS'ap'.
FORT Wa naST t. (UP) W* ildof am t heft I ou g h 'o e'. -I" --. .
Jrs. Wallsee 3. SMdh aw&oeto o' iU, add ti. tomato t the For .sat'i h. w ash knives A inat d OWamu pWtc
fiAd a bu>l *NjO her flour ad t ths ue dthbrj h Lu itc toob sret p- two&te *e a e bam
I uLaoda da is -bt ed -h.,,, -- J, i-oa- "-
l~~~~~~~ I -tffHZk--'lii^(:me -I-*-^ ****-*I. it ** W ---^- -- -.-- -*-3 J

b a lit.%I

( ire f 4




T ~-.-- -


_ *~


o en "s ... .

A 176s Cos

Soplhisication 3J Frounl l ,n ,unto "ze3

Pointirs on ow to be aI Washington re
S'toe Pas le$ ftb rItvayT Btkr Iy oaar P.
her debut Ia the capiW this iu...' '. .

,WASHINGTON (NEA) At bachelors. At'a te dadlce -bal
last one pretty government girl St1die oQunts three bahel rs to
Ort ... he d one something practical -bout ne girl."
the man sho age in Washington.' Her nale fle .by ibe way. jn.
She keeps a bachelor file. eludes only perswal 'inda s or
The result, The blue-eyed Pen- names sponsored 1y joe dte
t tA on secretary has S00 gentlemen former. -
..~ J yosat hur beck and call Allof them "Some people tAbik thseb2
aare I.ate-material as far as -Mary to get on the list, ot s ro,
t Stuart Price is concerned In fact, declares.. '
S" f Studie" leads what some secre- A. double-cars, ". be. no
IncludedIn the current ere, o eve resort kottons are thefpit's shownhbreinbeVIs4 tries right consider a ,Cinderalla summer vacation,a a r-
S budt-pr dresses that ive more for year money. line (right) is n co has exitence. ranges her the v.
Tossed- salad print (left) is used for cotton sundress With its the fabric, All thre1 y Helen ver When she closes her govern ient i. and Chris' wbe an ns
wntiny, sold-oplr bolero jacket. Jacket pcklek upcolor the iarteu arly a the JuZ woman wHo'l s Ioh fte r lmdesk at 4:30 l .m,, presto NthesN- he famly dainin r m L
prInt Fitted, tablI Jacket In tweed cotton fabric by Herbert JfasIhionata 5m dka40ImrtteN teaiylfeemlots of
| f-hiesd a mo dest *. My0c~ptain's dSuahter changes Je deb office. ge
Meyer s worn (eate) over broadcloth aisle top undress blue, yellow hrtre iteto hecaital'songestandmost What's her gala t?
.---yl.. ., ........... .. .. glamorous social- consultant. Probably the .a ormer si-
By GAIE DUGAS now -means a lithe, youthful below misses' sizes, she'll pay rives, you'll be fully prepared ally au g y poon of the or his auger i.. Jne
y tNA Womatan t's Edito f igure at any oage. less a se siees Pe e r e ".ll1erso naet a d ae k eifr
NA Woman' Editor figure at any age l hess for her sleek, handsome for it. season's debutantes. Which ie s Joyce Clifford's "coming "
NEW YORK -(NEA) The an fortunate enu hto eowom clothes.s year, loeok for many were those 800 o.ashingto n ba, s staged under the stars, and
Ieer some .inv The' a up to t e iAitationstgave-,two.antera--
term "Junior,"n ashn, isno unior figure had hion-prob- This s particularly true in often in a prit on whiteback- si dates Her fil. of escorts and one i. case of rein. Te p da
longer. an age. It's size. lems to offset her luck. When the re ort cottons now on' the ground, ith Jackeat: in: solid "stags". will be invited to attend b.oug.t threat .na eloudps a4 a
A "Junior" may be.a *o4nan she went out to shop -for market. If you've -a junior fig-colo' picking up the print.- the cmg art. .. avalanche o p ca
of 45 who wears af tAe 1 dress. clothes, she was offered high- ure and you're. no. going to Waitch for the prCss ho- This year's crop of. belles, by was nothing to i but seI40
Or even a size ni e, these days. waited, girlish dresses with Florida or some other warm ,ett for the sleeka snd trear- the way, is the largest Ii Wash- telegrams assuring. guests it. as
But It's a tbr .een at no longer puffed sleeves and rufes at and sunny climate t will til ln torso Ther are n inon story- elgiblemisses st on
just to teen-agers. It the neckline. pay you to buy some -of next two-plece suit dresses, 4' e n in all.
S.-- I In 1945. she'll find lkely summer's clothes right nowE. -with .,three: quartet length But, it appears, papis in the Re- Toe fact. that, presd-.4,
eo .. assortment* frdm 6 whin toto You' gget- high fOshion ttsleeve. Otherwise,- sleavesaa-are publican, dinisgation ar no :aand erar' e
d choose. Afd, "since~junio sies budget"prles and you'll find small 'and feminine or nonex- forKing t the Sao ,. 1 to it aou of the uasei.
are usually priced somewhat, that when the first hot'dy 9.i isteoit. slees thefr d hters in oca3l ed- bout eveaWs.
swim as in democrat das'. This year, Wass |'o lat.
Sir.eth' gli1ke 3- gala basis (at- known -belles. -o.g ,of .wi rim
s (,"41 about = a thr6w) high-lighted b,'g sponsored, .b ry 9'rt,
Cpodpularity vote hands down for ter of U. S. envoy to Cub1c
p.1 t3-54 is the tea dance. This thur; Gardner; letty Jafe. h-
NAGcqanedwRSih nerallysowehe ml0oe dA i means daughter'sdebut wllc0st son, daughter of former..Ams-.
oa wi thius ,svrly ook r ane ,r- siz om somewhere in toe neighborhood Of sador -Nelson Johnson;- gK4n*d r a
of the stirs' chlefcharm assets. -,446 I Oa dow
uo u J00 .. Cowen, daughter ofC ormw ; 0- Am-
The top actresses never waste o" ..."luMary stuart, who made her de- English, granddagh ter of fo r A -
motionn Except when Iortraying By KAY SHlELRWooD ts..e but in-Washhigton, could easily be envoy Joseph- Grew; 'Mery -Wg-
an unappealing. cbharacter, they ...... o mistaken fo- mr o the debs she's gesorth dau ter of ltep,. -ih-
Iemploy movements that are grace- WHE Re to pat the piano an belaunching. rth s ard Wigglesvorthlete a Mata)-o adit
fttdy flowing but kiberate. a major headache in a smali home A Stud figure iotakos100 tog150 Priest, daughter .~S le,.eve weft
ov., ti hjsvs aioeture presented or a moderte-sizqd room. But who hours to polish off one deb party. Ivy Baker Priest and t e.
too seldom by 'eenagers. Charged wants to foregoo the pleasures of S1esides arranging for the or- erals' daughters; Vrinia Tw oas,
with an abundahee 6f energy and family sine fests just to sidestep a heo.tra, the caterers, the flowers, argart unt a Jenfr Lee,
an eagerness to be socially effect d3cor problem? Not me. and ordeig the n- name just a few"J
tive, some of you work l t -beingg If you're just p about to discover graved .invitations, it's up to the As oe .lieutenant -commander
overanimated. Eyes, heads hanus the joys of owning I piano, new or btaleoAns0Eant to suggest guests put it-if Stile lP ever left
keep,- ut a eofusing itecompam- old, p merhapt" some Ups oa place- rdam her own' files: aogrvup'of the ttowp i -th her,
meat to convesation., m ent and care wll help get aso's debs, .mepost-debs (last jut hf gset so-
The results are unhappy, indeed more pleasure out of the music sson's debutantes) snlenty f cia life in .Washington would fold.
Fo& ,one thing, excessive motion box. fi ... --
detracts from the power iof one's ,," -- ''
speech. Furthermore, the aimless Best pon t for' the piano for its iIo r wI he m o1
movement of the head minimire- protect a -Is against an insideA .[ ahwel.'10 Jo U;4 O djs .-
'the effectiveness of the eyes. And wall.
-of course, hen hands are ,'mn: Sunshine won't damage the keys,o"
stantly in motion they cannot be but It isn't good for te woodnI /p mp. w Ci ', n
shown to thk best advantage, open window e on't be a good
The beo t way to conquer the locapus,. Of course, weno the tebn- Of.)flcs h r o a
habit ant elimina ti ager. bang oth t the urte boogie aI'd just "eoy manb a

hands and quiet, you can be: Color camouflage can curb the AVeNr T yho u arefuset r

of the head to stress an itoethin t brown 4o'th.t the piano blenLds in- too eonjane ite thers

mouth. there i re th Ikindaaa d h k,.db.... .d. ..a .. bac- r4 *.n ,I ; .! ;, ; ...,,, ,,

NYa I tarV.j&Jk.W?


r~ '
~ ~

IL -~ 121] I

~v1_ ~#gm

! The Potable Library eriepub-
ago and now includes 61
ltea being teb rta

~e ensau5atce Reaher, edited by
about 1350 to 1600.

u ac YON R .belas, Galileo.

t i rnu4 farces in pocket book for-
AJ but two les In the se'aa

ane kept in print. Most popular are
h Portable Mbrary sTwai, The
by ago a wad nwow ludes 61
grteble tauterit, The Portable
The n ew and revised editedion o

7 the EpcyclepediS O e Sports(A. S.
Iares) iBru the most complete cMr-
t Uhed. This ait Qf sports handbooks
afgmn hi a new frormat, and
-AT8a =ren Renaissance
ifut .bout 1350 to 160cotain0.
IV ;ib-writers representGadin-
ljO' e pages-morthane wasice the

pro ahd poetry pre redbfor fe
w rdage forces previous editions
AThe but two been out ofe print
re n r Mostpop aneeded to

'ormplt jMe tdrk Twaion, .e
Frak G. Mne. veteran sportable
DA bs, =,o James Joyce,
vol, a"e r ,tbie Conrad ...

.Thei ew and revis ed edition of
.e ECeyleSpedOa Of Sports'(A. S.
).eisathea moit complete r col
leaddtin of sorts dafact ever panda fig-

hed. This d apltt-known Qf sports books
h bee t andcomple telir champied, ns.e-

U etey' in w format, .d
up to date. it cardains
Claree es-morent past pr the

rdeat of the Ators Eouty associna-
toaal The and Acaneededmy,
Fra G. Mene and. veteran sport
S ri : and histo Suan), which

teai ty theeater, in he bring

SClarenceDerwent, past pres.l-
dolt ofthe Actors I ty aMsOM-
lon "d president .fte American
Sal aThe,. .an Academy,
am a nt : hall-century in the
here a abroad. In The
.w ory.(Schuman), which
s as u jst "my first 50
yen' ;In theater," he brings

CBus1 WELKIN. Planetee


TPF .' v -1 7" "' '
s.^ ^. .'-" *.*. *; \ ^

.. ,* -.. *.-. :t 7 j;' I
" ..- *- .,*** -* / ..*
r o .... : ,

in 0,.-. ON

r. '.-W
F "' : '.' ''

O. q -. a.---- -.

But clogrpanuacturer w e r e
lnaoinr$ in condemni t the
pIan. y started figu g up
sales losses, and it is staggering.
Eac6 of the ne "angled trousers
would have four Inches less mr -.
terial per leg, or eight inches !ess
per garment, o. 16 inches less p'--
Figuring, as these blue serge
statisticians do. that every adult
male-and there are, roughly, 55,-

mp est 8/sers

(Compiled by Publishera' Weekly)



LORD VANITY- Samuel Shella -
Ernest. K. Gsnn

DESIREE-Annemarle Selinko
Tlf I NK I N C- Norman Vincent

Charles A. Lindbergh
1l:e Brody
J, Sheeo

to life the past which led from the
provinces of England to London,
the Continent, Broadway and Hol-
lywood. Derwen* spares no whip
with whom he has disagreed He
has a blunt candor about himself
which lends interest to his re-

He Has Plans


rt PAnts Idea

SThat Sho

NEW YORK -(NEA)- the idea
of flerta mi t'R' tmsers- ad-
Eawd5 lH.,B ? some neu'p
e t y storm. Most me9n
can t abort pints or leave them
Be :,t ,.i- Russell,
fl e' div ion oa
& ousqr.
ve the
becauqr w aow off
I q reItta -to Russell's
Swas on f t .B Later,
Bs cha d some -qarters to
one o-. In the street
was ,too bus to get back
d" ,le walk, .A thpnk deeply
h #e' be hiding under
.trouer e ff too. long," said one
uactur'r, "now maybe they'll
e a _.u for their-m.oey."
e) a rs were of the same
y. felt, gen9ally, that
s f or sers ouldz r ean nore
so styles aind larger
fnRNreut e," said one man,
i the sharkskin cur-
tain' sIoes, stand on their
.Moat ailors were on the fence.
George Taylqr said, "After all, a
stitch is a stitch, and it doesn't
matter to us whether the cuffs
drag alone the ground or are at
knee level I


COLUMBUS, 0. (U.P) Con- Turn dough out on lightly flour.
trary to accepted etiquette, it's not ed board and knead gently a few
only proper but also good sense to Roll out to forma rect-
leave the spoon in your coffee cup angle about "' by 12 inches.
-aboard the dining car of a mov- Spread with the turkey filling. Roil
Ing train, that is. up like a jelly roll, and cut into 8
,astern railroad dining car ex- slices. Place slices about % inch
erts claim the spoon in the cup ap4rt..o, a rookie. sheet and beke
elps keep the coffee front slosh- in a hot oven (425 degrees) for
ing out. What's more, they say 20 to 25 minutes. Serve topped
thi works even better when the with hot cranberry sauce.
spoon is turned backwards.
Highballs and water ard no prob-
lem on a fast-moving train, due Meovie Gag Works
to the ice in the tall glasses, but
about the only way to keep a cock- BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (U.P.)-A
tail from slopping is to drink it package store operator, Palmira
quickly. Rodequez. pulled an old movie gag
To help the coffee-drinker who on a would-be bandit when he en-
might be embarrassed by the tered her establishment. "Don't
spooq-in-cup routine, the railroads look now," she said, "but my hus-
are searching for the perfect non- hang is con ing." The gunman
sloshable cup. To date they have turned and fled without bothering
come up with a pyramid-shaped to notice if anyone was behind
one and another with a double him. Iar husband was nowhere in
rim, which they, are testing. sight.


O10 16NAi. FOI HELP i 4


-. ,-,:



The Rut



Bring Your Own

y~ wviimml

-' I'.
- ..Yy"4-a~5- 4... eq.', '-1.',

* 1



S. eM AP I
k6L., se P

Just Fo0oWr

Loves Enemy
NEW YORK (U.P.) Today's
% is tvice.'as brainy as her
r, bi what she's gain-
d's lpst in re
auso, one aatboty ys.
Pr. Jolande Jpcobi, of the faclY
ty of the Carl Jung institute for
Aalytial Psychology, Z uric h,
Switzeland, says that modern
woman does not hold man in awe
as did the woman of two genera-
tions ago.
"Woman has solved her Inferior.
ity comfle on the intellectual lev-
el," said Dr. Jacobi, who is lec-
turing aon marriage at the New
School for Social Research.
But the psychotherapist says
that mc lehn woman's equal status
also has eliminated much of the
fantasy and' beauty from her life.
She has become'too much of a
pal, and as a result, protection,
gallantry, and courtship have gme
out the window.
Dr. Jacbl! says men aren't in.
lined t"'$l women when they
ilre forced t compete -with them
for jobs,* iats on the subway.
Dr. Jacbbir grandmother, does
not see much chance of today's
woman reverting to the type "of
50 years ago, 'bt she does feel that
a successful .,arriage these days
requires a oft work.
"The pleat marriage," she
said, "sreq that the partners
love each ota -as they are, and'
not as wisb fufillyment would re-
quire them to be"

Turkey Pinwheels
Are Cogd As Feast
NEW YORK (U.P.) Holiday
leftovers can. be just as good 4s
the feast on Christmas day. 'o
prove the point, here are turkey
heela, a delicious main dish
b around leftover turkey.
The recipe:
.illing-2 cups diced cooked tur-"
Iey, 1 cup chopped celery, 'A cup
chopped onion, N cup chopped
green pepper, teaspoon salt, .%
teaspoon poultry seasoning, and
cup salad dressing.
Biscuit dough 1% cups sifted
enriched flour, 3 teaspoons baking
powder, 1 teaspoon salt, % tea-
spoon powdered sage, V teaspoon
dry mustard, two-thirds cup rolled
o. ts (quick or old-fashioned, un-
cooked),' one-third cup shortening,
two-thirds cup milk.
For the filling mix together all
ingredients thoroughly.
For the dough, sift together
flour, baking powder, salt, sage
and mustard intd bowl. Mix in
rolled oats. Cut in shortening un
til mix t u r e resembles coarse
crumbs. Add milk and mix lightly
until dough -will just hold together.



4 ~.~4*~,-'--' a -.
a 5.' --

Dh, Don't We?


ba 1 t -, A



,.a mte -.uys suit
Sof leth a year. WldIh in lot
tle ew. To say othln, of
the om t needles and tud.
- "Te whole thin l la to
make .the sa, .aid
one cloth man, "but there's .one
wa maybe e can get round t.
I they shorten the tne bers, we
n ht start a treat d raise the
waist. Maybe even. gin a- little
cloth on the deal."
Russell, and those wh favor his
plan, say the shorter pants would
mean less cleaning-a.dpressing
expense. They figure t-at 'sudden
ranstorms would not be Md tragic,
because pants that are higher
don't get splashed as often.
To which one cloth man sneer-
ed, "4ure mayue it'll protect tIe
pants, but who wants their ankles
At fancy stores around town, the
clerks don't seem"to4Oare abolit
short pants one' way or another.
In fact, most of them 'hadn't even
heard about the possibility.
"Short pant, s at" one .alesuman
inuired.. "Do yoa mean for swim-
ming, hiking, bicingc or wearing
u. ,'ta-neth &N
Once the pro lm Wes grasped,
however, the clwrk# were unan-
imous in feeling'their customers
would t take tothe idea. One man
summed it uR neatly.
"Ment," he said, "resist such
drastic style changes. Eventually,
it may happen, 'but it will take
years. Look how long it took for
men to start wearing shoes."

Etiquette? Leave
Spoon In Cup!

WMIAN ik.t40 1 CAs OHIL 00. IN woGm
H.O' w *N ML D t F H OSL Po.o OL


F- ls 11 4ko AD
L l. 0 t, -



- a

SPtw ouws.BUT
L.Irk mrApI. A



About Banville


j,, L

T \


16;1I .( OW! LAST
-Ave 6S BaR6rT FOviE D NT Y Au
1ii "ftE itTeLLECTruAL 6ADE LITTLE r
$S o -wyO *AVERS
wj C .e



., .
"- ".A M.' "

-- ''







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- ~~4Y~ 'rt.1.



- .- ..,
-4-""--._ ,

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_ I11



. II

_ 1 --

IA : ... .
,^i TEm.,.,. K

* 11 ,

*r *'
' I f'*^-- -

POmCl? hrI^Xm Tomb *

?X00 V&S o VI .%Lv
UXRWItlWS O LO---. __





f n

C -. ..- ''-~I
* .<~1k),, I

* ,.,-

SJ l J-Zwrds


ra- m--n Ave. and ,* s
B Street N M 2.

TUB; .A H Sweet No. 57

*- f '*.'. i i '*, i

,_ASA ZALDO ., .-_f.ensla Internal. de Publmeaciones FARMACIA E TADOS UNIDOB
I Central Ave. 14 .' :- "' 45 Central Ave. No. 4 lvou Ave.
rNo, 3 Lottery Plaza Parque Leaevre 7 Street 08 Street No. 53
rFedua of July Aveg.. 160 Central Ave.. J Fco. de ta Oa No. 41

_____________________________________________ m -

L A I #,'t09" A iki,;rp e.

old- Automobiles Beg i :.L.l KObAK
L.E Frigidaire, 60 FOR SALE:-1953 Chevrolet two- I 00Q A.-M to-. 1:00 P. M. on
Like ee at house 31, tone, 4 door, radio, white wall tires SATURDAYS.* _
SI, Fifth s1, Porque Lefevre. 5 months old. German Shepherd .-- r S---ho Sa'- J_" "
-- dog. I ,r old Call 828-3295 Lo- Nursery Schooltartig Jnua 'y 4.
--Leaving country, beau- cara Apt 71 -D. Call Balboa 1334.
diningroom set, like new, to- -
ighest bidder second street FOR SALE.-1948 two-door Ford. 8 FOR SALE
'10 Los Cumbres, telephone cyl. with high compression heads, R ,
many accessories, new paint, good IMI i ,ni-
SAE- M -------- ---- condition Phone Navy 8579, Coco .__ ---aW--___ _W_
.SALE- Mahogany din.igroor'T Sola 82-G FOR .SALE: Brand new sidewalk
e and four 4 rhbirs,.570 bicycle with side wheels. Cl A
2614-BSao'St. C CZ FO SALE-1950 Chevrolet 4-oor brook 2 with Sid wh A
---- ..."-- $850.00 Kitchen set, dining room -br o 2.96-.
SALE: Duncon Phyfe dining set, oak dresser. Marshall, Gotun JUNGLE'JI' i JAt fI DARIEN
6 chairs, $60.00. African Fire Station. JARUARY- "1 -10"
ipaign Chairs, $'5.00 each. .~ .- ..--. Snoed 4lill Pom
mons ioutyrest Mattress, FOR SALE -Morris convertible 1951 Sp.u soieednbya JFne 8i Foiema
uble, I yr. $50.00. R7-C, Rous- price reasonable, excellent coridt- .' Rf, l r --,e $eruld ft .r0
ou ton. Le" -.I country. Call P n Jcnuary 10. Fishing through the Pearl
.. ...rn. at e 3-
SALE "- t- .Ver.,',hou,. 'e .- -... ..- Islands, visiting with the primitive
.frigerator. 2' ,ecle Exceileit FOR SALE Leoaing country, Buick Choco Indians, spearing crocodiles,
$- 575. Sunbeamr C-orlemasier Special 1952. on-e year old, with lack light huhting, cruising up the
i6 Youth chai,i ,.5 All excelier, rvnoflow new, duty paid. Sombu river, aboard El Panama's
l tion House. 57 1-A, Diablo Second Sireet No. 210, Los Cum- Pescadoro. F
..ih.ts. Phone 2 4380. bres Tel 2020,. Bring old clothes, comfortable shoes.
-- -- -:- ---and DON'T FORGET YOUR CAME-
a --*-- L J FOR SALE -1947 Tudor ford Se- nADONT T UR CAME-
Fr/m Slrion Offered dan. $575 00 Telephone Balboa RA.a 5 e
-Exert radio techn:an saon. For reservation phone Jungle
P. .Box3122 Pnma'FCR SALE -46 Cadillac 4 door, ex- .in. HOTEL EL PANAMA; Panaom 3-
tie P. 0. Box 3122 Pific anions R u "6 o
itng your qualicotons ond cellent. $795. R7-C Rous-eau. 1660 or .see yurtravel agent.
mmendations. FOR SA FOR SALE:-Leoaving country, selling
0' **FO* SA1E .J / Kenmore, electric sewtig machine,
ielp Wanted &n e M oto. lorg* drawer, chest, small book.
S Help W nted Boat & otor, dinette set, everything like
WANTED -Maid for housekeeping aFOR ^ALF Brand new ;5 Cycle new, tb best bidder. 2hd street No.
pc a ng and laundry. Reference; Po3rc, ". opiv completely filtereri 2'0. Los Cun-bers. Tel. 2020.- RIC. Rousseau.I__ 1r T.'-.0-D and V.F.O. (425 PANAMA CANAL COMPANY
T T B Vo.. 200 M A.). Also Dual Con- OFFERS VARIOUS ITEMS
WNTED TO BUY *,rscn S-76 Hollicrafter and FORSALt
Speaker. Call Rodman 3067 after Sedled bids, for opening in public,
QUICK CASH for exceptional bar- 4 _pM will be received until 1I:30 A. M.,
n in used car. 83-6230 eve- SALE H.P. outward nary 5 954, in te office of
$75. Springfield 30 Cal. rifle $50. Superintendent of Storehouses, Bl-
W nn' diaomnd ring $250. Phone bo, for soae of snatch and tackle
l i h s ay83-.0'0 e~ennqns block s. bar end roil benders, concrete
.. bucket, drills, gasoline engines, forge,
.AL'Costiea from Page 1) concrete forms, .suction hoqse rail-
S A Miracll le toad jacks. woodworking machines, (about 15 cents), It LI iW (II I l3Uyl clay picks, centrifugal and rotary
Wiareported. Am pumps, road roller, scales, shovel ot-
.: The autograph and the ople- lM tachment for Ldraln machine, air and
Srown dunaon wilM.t be ~nt. to l 1A | DUlleMa .. water tanks, wrenches and auto-
S-0 h ln. \ .r. mobile trailer located in, the "300" I
,,plenkQv was the first Soviet WASHINGTON (U.P.) The Area, Bblboa. Invitation No. 37 may
igpre uri the third world fir; Army medical service reports the berobtained from .the'source, or from
to contribute San $utograph, disee rate 'i the ar.,ed services office of Superintendent of Store-
i 4 -other two bel r 4 adily qdreasing wltl the help houses, telephone 2-1815.
SOuatsv Adolf t.rc-o 0 race augs said new prove -
J. ministerr WinUton Church-utires and techniques in care and r
-dling of sick and wounded solb
.E4n,. U Water. (Wks Wor
JmJ s B. C during Wbo4 WarrI T; 5 u tim '
p iellted.. States WF M_ every 1,000 soldiers were not avail- U s Ii WWl il I
a)eu tionoofneast and able fo-- duty because of disease. Vi
.at th_ fortb During World War II the rate was .
'aJmwrenoe *f Dig Feu reduced to 28.5 pe 1,000 and in tAR ,Ind. ,(U.P.)-.Frank Bed-
u' 'imiteri. the Korean conflict to 18.4 for each t t .o
T .tpr' radio.mnesage 1,000. ger has hiked some 8,500 miles in
people.. Conant Among the latest advances i the past 12 years, and, at 65, be
n of 'the medical field, the Army said, isn't through.
n of a free united is the removal of malaria as a
i an ui-ea-ential prere- threat to mlUtary opera tions' and gretrelast froml
| .1laMtinl peace. The deve'-pment of preventive psy.. 'bhi e aiid.a obi at a steel mu.,
UB of" peace Is the chiatry. 'bu the only interruption in his

Derlin confer- case fatality rate stood at 8.1 per places he has visited on foqt.
Sans regard the cent for wounded soldiers. This was .Then next June, Bed ger .who
n. people iu lowered to 4.5 per cent duringJust ies walking,t *111 go back
in ity a funda- World War II and 2.3 percent foray to .g-20 to 25 miles a day i
of world peace." the Korean conflict.., at the 20th annual meeting of the
Ssawld. significant Puring the Korean fighting oo Health Walkers Clu at -Hershey,
Sd6loai ,the road bile Army surgical hospitals play. Pa., .,
V ,l democratic ed an important t inaring for dger does his walking in steel
*i tb^ CGerans had a the wounded and sick soldiers and toe .safety shoes, the same kind be
IB Rt ohe development, lowering the death rate. One of the wore at work .
nn eme i'd six units in Korea treated more "I bought a pair of safety shoes
tion of the second than 50,000 patients during the for wor$ in 1941,, he sid "and'
) parliament," 1 three year conflict. ,they felt so good, I've wori them
ever,since. He's in his tlird pair
T the federall d.'- GroAo D'i nC now.
_t__I t .s at dherence %llic nh nIo v w1 , .oBedger kept in shape by walking

mle 17 pI East Ber-
oliet sone of odel-
people clearly md
-xpree thd r
dedre for self do-
tlnium to stand un-

r of them aptritol
1st tyranny."

Js* rs Pay

( ar states, pvide ber
Mus on plas w6
to flad wo0r, aecord-
miree CMoeing House.
|li6Jpue, a private
Ml business and
EWa study of un-
yrntioi in varl-

sad, sadr -
~the recip,.
dnis" w

Ihis r~ s a g

@fto*.to take dWs
%=,~cy '='A


Bridge's Gown

MEMPHIS, Teas. (U.P.)-Super-
Sfitioa got a slat in the fae when
r William Q'Bryhn married Helen,
C O'Bryan not o ly -saw hir bridb-l
. o-be in her wedding dress before
the ceremqny-he designed it.
e .-.4rya-m.4rew the sketch of
gown in one afternoon It took
bride's mother, (rs.p Nick Dems
three months to 'copy it in satin
and lace. -
Deinwag dresses is nothing new
to O'Bryan. He's been sketching
dresses and hats ever since he was
big enough to bold a pencil.
When be was 16. O'Bryan en
tered a dress coq$tt spon-
sored by the Memphi ri'as-Scim-
Sitar and won first The next
i ye, O'Bryan placd first again,
amd was given a wholarsip ,to
t ge Memphis AcatnWy of.Arts. ,
SO'Bryan's first 10b at 18 was de-
isining dresses for1 m ladin'g mn-
ufacturer. He was drafted eIto M
Army just as i skethebo wcea
being made int. ewads of pp-
Sularly priced fgisef.
;0O "ryai.-has- e.-ecsted for ia
r new tour of duty, -Wjt uNs bride
I 6k011 h? keep tap ibe by de-
Ssigning dresses for -r.' -

SOklahoma GI ?'-: -

V UIWtM-Ruaslan bMvLeret.
1-1 'M.1 after being refused an
, uimrace visa.
* 1 enjoyed 10 minutes Wf
f[rmd and then was arrested
WH^Mi .&. -8 W estuu

,ito t_ eyear, six months-of
th was pami in a tabor cmp

-I' to se wfat it We
h be id..-
| m .IB tes After I PIt u
| fll tQ Rusia I was Wreetd
|ad_. .1r e jst. What I
la 1 im

four iles to and from work. Now
he runs errands for his wife and
takes week-end walks at the near-
by sand dunes.

Plans May Bloom

At The Whim Of Man
if)S GAELES1, Cali. (U ..
Dr. Karl Hamner, botany profess
sor at UCLA, has predicted that,
it will be possible in the future to
cause plant blooming by injecting
a synthetic flowering hormone.
, Dr. Hamner and other botanists
recently have been experimenting
on the flowering stimulus which
appears to be a new plant hor-
Scientists already know t h e
mechanism in leaves /hjch aids in
regulating the manufacture of
lowering hormones according to
the length of the day.
Recently Dr. Hamner deter-
mined the rate at which hormones
move through the stem to the buds
and the manner in which they may
be diverted or destroyed after they
have been manufactured an be-
fore they reach h bud.

Bmier Sweeklover

Hay Now Pos*I
LINCOLN. Neb (U.P).-A T. S.
agriculture departme--' agrqnmist
taiaed at the Univerlty of ie-
brlah experiment stations w It
;now "appears possible to develop
"eourmarin-free" varieties of ye-
low-flowered sweetclover.

Foww's. Cott e. One mile post
Sonta Clara. Pkoee bring your
linens. Phone Balboa 2-1866.
WILLIAMS Santo Clara beach Cot-
togeM.t.roe,, comfortable, modern,
for beach. 8l4loa 83050o except

Pkillips. Ocetside wcottoge Santo
Clero. Box 435, Bolboa. Phone
fcnemw 3.1877. Cristebol 1.1673.
Houses on beach, Santa Clara. Also
In COOL Carpans mountains.
Phone SHRAPNIL. Balboa 1389
r we coarmtoaker there.
Gromlich Santa Clara Beach cottages,
electric refrigeration, gas stoCes,
moderate rates. Phone 6-441 or
4-567. 7.


FOR RENT:-2 bedroomm choler. Via
Porras No. 240, $80.00. Apply
Quintar Avenida Store, Central
Avenue. RENT


Modern 2, 4 'and 5 .rooms,.furnished
or unfurnished. Athombra's Office
8061,: l10th Street, 'Colon. Tel-
ephone 1386.
AYjINTr0N 1, Just built rrndern
furished arortment. -one, two
bedrooms, hot. cold water. Tel-
edjnne Painomo 3.4941. '*
FOR RENT:-Modem apartment. 2
bedroom, living-diningroom, hot
water, 5 closets, garage. Justo Aro-
"emeno 97, top floor.
FOR RENT:-Unfurnished apartment
2 bedroom. Completely comfort-
able. Information Balboa 1464.
FOR ENT: Two three bedroom
apotnents each wtitk two main
bothroomi, ate. All cohveiienMee.
Phone Pnoama 2-0027 or 3-0163.

FOR RENT :--lhdeqpendnI apa tnent
with or. ith or.without frnitue. For
couple. Apply No. .4, Centrol
Avenue. .
FOR RENT.:-One bedrodnivfui'nished
apartmrqn, Light, phone and-w6tet
services paid. Maorred couple
without chftdren preferable. Celle
'la. Carrasquillo Nom 73, entrance
Via Porros, .. -

FOR RENT:--AXortnrient for offiides
or clinic. Informoti4n 37 E. Np. 26

upstairs. Telephone 3-0294.


FOR: RENT-Exceptionally beautifully
furnished, bed-livinroom to. one
or two persons of good taste.
private bath, semi-private entrance
directly at bus stations, be.t Bella
Vista section. Tel. 3-0634, 2-

FOR RENT: --- urnished room for
American couple. Colle 32 East
No. 14. ; I

FOR. RENT:--Beoutifully furnished
'oomn fCr couple in Betla Vista,
kitchen prlvileges. Mexico Avenue
No. 69, near 43r4 St. Phone 3-
0553., .

vitab to ykw *.&W-

re"nte the hll i trouble
.'". "

He Wd hybrh'd ,newi-mpro-
duced at the am .l
why*, .wh-en -..oe1 "ttr
varie may Mikpu _peag^'riB-
free vreo m ca.t ow egt ,
the oter C chaoawteiXe* the
coming. ~wfiwr tw

ammes Nature

The agronomist. G T. Webster,
said elant breeders haev been try. MEXiPI' "T-
ai #O several years to develop sengert e sir.e
ptrans of sweetclover free front bus who I.H..
Goumarin-4 substance present M I p. d..lM
al co.mmo .varieties that ilvep ier n1 b .
the plant a bitter taste and is? 3 i .plng. .
directly reponsible for ailments ia' weraBt dlet-to X
liv estock ed spoiled sweetclovelraible'
bar. p J .N ft Man




- .. '


| Automobiles

I .4


Se-.. S ,-'-
yNew +Swedish A,

( Palmer Gradates) LONDON (U.P.) A new and the time taken for light to travi
a, -S n .m. revolutionary survey ying in- from it to a distant point at which
S..a" -Lno irument has beep invented whic a mirror has been er 'ted. *.
.+ rft Ses Ave!m_. e ,,t.,-,, s.,l, geatly simplify map-making. eet the ray bark tn the "rfi
tck from =Lx Thetrel and effect a sealed and aerate m nIt. t thui- Lmause t h
survey of vast tracts of itacces- d s ace between. Jtsgl..
,'*,' ,': .t u __ sible territory such as ri n lktant ,mrr.r.
Si I! r' found in South America and o'W 4t appears to be cap#a
T'm + in _.Iparts of the world. o gdstanes of''
TRANSPORTES With the new Instrument, a man- to"wiifhn three. nch
Wmin h e' nsWrumefomel to officials of Brita's.
I.. BAXTER, S.A nakigoperation hich formerly ertentwhot
P ckers. shppers.demanded 'a survey squad.of 40 -e 6 ..eon h t
hackers, ShIppers, Iteovers to 50 men working in the. field for P I b1 its
!P. S,.RUDESSEIM several months can now be comr- is partic a. 1 t
dbeen Int to e
Tller Transporte"Saxtr Pleted by a team of five in a vey by the T, 5. k
VALERIO TURON lw hour, recently iOrta r.
The new instrument is called p E Sd
I Expert -" enan l'" i geodimeter. t 4was desied yi4 whaAn.- '
I rtlc and n dramqt-Transh- the SwedishA physicist, Professor tais nalh a ra
S mise l. offers his professional1 Berwetrand and is manuf ctured tory, who s. testtn : nme-'
Sservie b the Aga company of Sweden. ter, said the new -bhad
Su .Modern map-making is based on come too late to be v v in*
Re -paire'. ".tallBona- s io a scientific" method using the speed rta.i since a ctnplety lipr-*
SRepai i installation. of gas f light. The geodimeter, however, vey of Britain on 4d. ae at P,25,
s tov es.. water heaters, etc. is based upon a. ouite different inches to the mile was completed
i I SIDNEY MORBELL. principle which is the reverse Of only last year. Bup emphasized:
U L *G Orierpi S tIe vsor. the scientific method used to mea the rev.hittOp- it make in
I r Tieqls.: -252 2-2451 ure the speed of light. mapping huge tracts of relatively
I ALL WORK QUARANT'EED To measure the speed of light, undeveloped country which were:
I 1T_____ ________ the time t-ken by it to rwke a either unsurveyed or inaccurately
S. journey. of known length, is means. docn .many years ago.
i .. Rubb-er Roads ured. The geondimeter, "however, --
1939 Buick oupe,. measures the -time taken by the .
SSINGAPORE (UP) Singapore light to travel the unknown- dts- C Dolar Loss
I rainS tatifl t ha'8 ar'id other cities in the Malayan tanc, and from this and the now
1rauioi h I t Federationwfill hate rubber roads. town speed of light the distance REDWMIG, Conn. (U.P.)-Th
al. R, gAA,~, InlnThe office of public works said a itself may be calculated. defeated .taldidate in an election ol
A R-.,l.m.Ks- -, lm niixture of rubber powder and as- The geodimeter uses an tabo-a tax cg tor was FlorenceDol.
b .d, 700 phalt will be used. rate electronic device to i0taega r..

IIrgal cH rges Arahs

'942 4 6. 4 Wdor SedaA C Cce I0 .
A goode o4 d Io, ',lou esI.
Abuy tor $225.00. I Hel lo a'
I I HIred22 pol
.... l lon theborderdaenkg i ed
L T .. Seope ber.
1948 Buick Sedanette, I 1i mi,- -o.Joro
I I.shhkave killedl4211
good tires. A bargain I citis since 19A'
for 3990.0. EgyptchargesIsruel
Sviolatems neutral zofte
which was &Militarized
194~ Olds, Co Hyd., --by the UK.

i (100 top. Is good tooth
Sosides eu*, River; it
S only 329. 0. .d mrequistmedfice .
I tie of Israeli border so
Tie ebb to cut
04I Buick Super 4*door wf t ce

'SedainC. dde and ItsR"hgeAELt
n $ -=. aos he w d .to.
River eder theSyrican

II- developments in the' mounting tension. The Ur S. spnt Eric J toF40 MiddJ1 E as


etta mpt to arrive at a solution satisfactory to both Esrael and the
fra At liame-flane, th
Security Council sahmened Maj.-Gen. Vagn Bennike, of Denmark, truce supervisor, to
] present his "blueprint for security" in the Holy Land.




S. ..
.I -. -- *a
.,'**l v *, .. \ =- -'_.SlLWK' ,^Ss .S ..S^_ -, -.. .*o


* ,r. .

1* *~-'.


BW-Af t.. 0 -e

Via|CnHa NoXM 34

'F C

iml ow i eponLca
mand of European


_ __ __ ____ _




t .


. I









v'-Wit .- .' "- -'


C EJSHT-No, it's' not a double eipoure, but it'g still worti loo)dg c t ; tiv,.
about the rigors of pre-batlitub days, Frances Drew, lft, and her identical twin,'
yvood, Cali, decide to And out what Saturday night was like to great-grandma's tin e.

CENTRAL Technicolor Week-End Release!


"'hws;' 1:15' 3 11 5:07 7:03 8:59

mew kin4dof

A-' *011o AgtiiJor, in "Mis Tres Vjqimt Ale e
,:. CAV RAtiRWE.withi Davjd Silva

,,.- b'3i-F1'A


First Full-Length Western"


osir *s~a3r

s-0 a..U fE, 9:de, % A, 3:1 pm.
Trhe A story of love,
faith and overwhelm-
Ing spectacle



ET ,FttbJ an o" RoB iB aa, in
waao L

'I n

,that Marlen Dietrich's revealed
glory at the Hotel Shhara here has
titillated the world, started a busi-
ness panic in the brassiere-manu-
facturing industry, and stumped
Jane Russell, Mrrilyn Monroe and
Marie Wilson in the what-do-we-
do-next.for-publicity department,
the big inside can be told on the
nitery debut of the sculpted, young-
er-than-springtime grandma.
These are side angles an&d gags,
It's all because of Tallulab Bank-
head, la Dietrich's one4tme bittt.r
enemy but now her pal, that the
5-.yer-id darler let hersW I be
baited into facing dice rollers, *tot-
machine wrestlers and the frankly
erimous, for reco; d :$1,0, for
three, weeks.
Come to think of It, tha&s more
than any' other woman in history,
including Elinor Glynn, has ever
made out of three weeks.
Anyhow, the Venus they called
"Legs" Dietrich until the unveil.
lag in Las Vegas is said to have
Accepted the $30,000 per week as
a. Voolbusiness deaj and Sfo be.-
Oseilzit makes Tallulah's -0,00O
per-awvee# sat t'I Sands Hotel last
sui&uer look, like, chick feed.

Marlene 'Was in Taluah's audi-
ence every night last summer
thinking up. new ,ways to top the
Alabama bele.
Their ddet may be "Friendship,
Friendship" and they may be
great pals. but there's still plenty
of pressionaL jealousy.. -.
Can.Do.I. CnDn.o' etIe r,. gs,
with, Marlene curretly "*lding a
full house; '
And now' it can be fold, too, with
Marlene's stunt making headlines,
that the boys in the Cierama
baokroom will have aspirins, tons
of 'em.'
Cinerama executives asked Mar-
lene how much she wanted in sal-
ary for singing eight bars of-; Fall-
ing in Love *Again" for the new
!"Thrills of the World" feature
movie they are making as a fol-
low-up to. "This Is Cinerama."
One sequence features Las Veg-
as and the big cameras wanted
to take a peek at Marlene on the
Sahara stage. '
Marlene 'sighed and said site
thought $25,000 m ight be satisfac-
Cinerama moguls .offered, $000
and Marlene said "No."
Now the b9ys in the Cinerama
backroom are sorry. They still
ma,- get together,: though.
:t isn't ite. first time Marlene
showed off Just about everything.
Back in-1933, she was accused
of nudity When Paramount re-
leased the movie. "Song of S'ogs."
There was a "nekfid" statue that
was supposed to, be Marleae .'i
l'e picture. It 'was. Explained
: rlene:
"It's art."'

M '!ene has -said "Nehi, nein,
nein to TV offers for years, but
that doesn't mean she's not daffy
about the home screens on which
her daughter, Maria Rive, has
found stardom.
She intends to plunge into TV
eventually. She told me:
"WhaCt the hurry?' she says.
"There's plenty of time. I love
television Hollywood had better
get into it soon. I don't understand
people in Hollywood When you
talk to them about television they
pretend not to know what you're,
talking about."
Why hasn't Marlene Dietrich
faced a Hollywood movie camera
since she made "Ranchbo Jotorl-
ous" two years ago?
"Because the stories offered to
me are to* unlateremlag,". she
tells it. e oh id'lm1sled.
so let yfd- get sa eed
am tifit."
June Allysea, looking- nk on
the pictures she made with Van
hason at MG M:
Every tme there was as In-
different script, the-'d say, 'All
r give it to Van and June.
p it out.' We wouldn't
have mhadM @ W a team if the
t'b A b6db64food. As t was,
w- 1 geitrsty unhappier
about being o-starred." I
FXID: liere's a i hCM eOn I
-bet a iMtabecksasd ae
1111 it'sot .over alse,
V st^' e1fwbo, married tho
W 1 -

. NEW YORK )- In 1953 resent rate, Eddie Fisher's "Ohl
many new sound ame along onMy Paipa" will b' a million-rec-
prbcord"s Thr~ i ga;iu. ,and ord-seller in its- first eight weeks,
echoes and, Ad othrs too a phenomenal pace ... Georgia
uolsy-Jf not onen4Q hieent'n. Gibbs who g fan mail fru.,
But the one y have the "It'd be fine-except 1 don't colleic
most lasting effect, .on pop mlizic stamps."
was a simple, vibrato (pulsating --
effect) in the throat. ON THE CLASSICS: The J P.
On one end of this throat i a Seeburg Corp., big jukebox man-
harmonica. The other end is the ufacturer, has introduced a Hi-Fi
property of Richard H a y m a n. luke box-look f. it in your neigh-
Combine Hayman, harmonica and borhood champagne fountain The
throat and ,'o haye the smooth, Saturday Revie-.'s annual .poll of
unharmonicall sound that made music' critics picked Arturo Tos-
"Ruby" one of '53's top hit3. canini's recording of "O t e lI o"
"It tried to make a sound that RCA) as'the to classical record-
doesn't, soiud like a harmonica," ing of the year. Angel's "Toica"
says HayIan,- a youthful, studi, was recorded during August. Ita-
ous-looking nan, Who takes his ly's holiday month, when LaScala
harmonica seriously. "That throat is officially closed.
Vibrato seems to give it a warm -
Warm is 'an understatement; it DICK'S PICKS
turned out to be hot. After "Ruby" : 9.
came other like "Off-Shore," and SUREFIRE: "G r a a a d a"
now Hayman's Mercury,. rease of (Fraukie Lane, Columbia).
"Sadie Thompson's Song" a n d SLEEPER: "The Creep" (The
"D v- i" i around to sell more Three Suns, RCA).
karmonieas. GOOD ONES: "In the Still of
Hayman is a salf.taught harmo- the Night" (Helen O'Connell, Cam-
nicker who, ws h thaBrah Min- pit i); "DowT by the Riverside"
nevItch's Harmonica Rascals in the (Blng and Gary Crosby); "Pop-
good old days when they paid more pa Pieo iao" (Art Lowry, Co-
attentionto their-,harmionicas than hbia) "h's Christn, ia- Sea.
their rascallty. son" (EIsme Cote. Glee Club,
d been looking o a ng a long time Bo) "Granada" (onty Keny,
forz a soni" bsass 'whieh oulld4 Essex): "Hound a .D'e (B u r t
be goodI or a harofisioii rcord. Ivoes, Decca); "Yon Made Me
'Ruby' was it, but, frankly; I was LOVe YOU" (Broc Peters, Colum.
sur-prred thai ft as such a hit. bla); "The sle of Skye" (Mar-
We knew it was. good and had a! garet Whiting, Capitol).
different soumK'bt we'didn't think POP ALBUMS: Helen Ward,
it.would be as big as it was." Beney Goeoda, n'ls fit vocalist,
Dick Hayman, while he isn't a is back wMch'A new CoNlu i al-
harmonica-crusadr.,, is "gratified" bun, "It's Been So, Long," ac-
that his favorite instrument is now coutmpanled by Percy Faith. Old
considered more than a toy in pop-, favorites with Helen's patented
music. So are the harmonica man- dt'lVug style. Mercury has lp-
ufacturers, who 'can be seen any sued a pot pourri of sound froin
day gleefully rubbing their reeds Rit Hayworth'i new mn o v e,
toge& "Mi s ie Thompson." lherec
-- 'are songs, speeches and music.
tWB POPULAR SIDE. Coming CLASSICAL: Tschalkovsky's
in February is a big new RCA a Nutcracker Suite and Handel-
bum' of Artie Shaw music, culled, Harty's Water Music, played by
from radio broadcasts of '38 and the Philharnmonia Orchestra un-
'30. I sneaked a listen to the al- der voan Karajan (Angel); Srena-
bum, and can report it's terrific- bin's The Poem of Ecstasy and
all the old Shaw classics like "Be- Poe of Fire, played by the Phil-
gin the Beguine "Stardust", and harmc-'"" Orchestra of New York
"Carioea." R. it it, continues at its nnuler Mitropolous Columbia).


To start next Thursday a. the Centrqal.Theatre!,."

Barbara Stanwyek and Gary Cooper are together in "Blow-
ing Wild." Waruer Bros. dramatle adventure with Ruth Re-
man and Anthony Quinn In co-starring roles. Film is at the
Central Theatre next Thursday.

"Blowing Wild," the new adventure-drama f r o m Warner
Bros., brings to the screen an unprecedented list of Academy
Award winners in the major roles. Gary Cooper. winner of the
1952 Academy Award as the actor of the year. stars with Barbara
Stanwyck, Anthony Quinn. Award winner as the outstanding
supporting actor of 1952, and Ruth Roman. In addition. Dimitri
TlomkVi, double winner of last year's Oscar los his musical score
of h Noon;" composed the background music and title song
for "Blowing Wild." It 18 stng in the film by Frankle Laine. I
In "Blowing Wild," Gary COoper sla a wildcatter oilman who
fights not only nature herself, but the bandits who infested
Mexico during the early thirties. There is also a woman who
causes Cooper adme anxious moments. The woman is played by
Barbara Stanwyck in a role that reportedly takes full advantage
of her ablUty to portray beautiful, temperanenti woman. Stand-
bIn btwe ti htl tUbd Cooper and the tempestuous Miss
Stanwyck Is the curvaceous figure of Ruth Roman, whose love
oe wil tter is considerably pWrer tha- rival's.

ekir, .yto lose it.aR hi a climax set at hooea t of
.el e 7 ^;"l -.. .

4. _-- uf


Monroe alt atop a tavern table
to (lhutrate--t says here-.
what gals were like when
grandpa was a boy. She's
dressed for her role in 20th-
Century Fox's "River of No
Return," a lusty drama of gold
seekers photographed against
the scenery of central Canada.



HOLLYWOOD (UP)- Most ac-
trpsses quiver at the thought of
playing opposite a child. Not so
Teresa Wright, Academy Award
winning star and record-holder for
Orcar nomi, ztions for supporting
actress roles.

LOOKS LI K ~4jN.W. itl6t6.. tis AB
Peek and Edaie Albert, Better still, .
Ier where their brand-new edmedy del ft,
giving audl6snes an ebtertalnment thri 's
8611day," a Primount pleture. was pron et4p
William Wyler. The pleture was film At 1th

Hepburn, Peck, A

Have A 'Roman Holida
-.- e -
"Roman Holiday" opened Friday line to the throne a
at the Balboa Theater reviewers country.
can't remerrber a motion picture B(red With the. r
that :a as senulne, entertaining and discipline, she sni
sparkling. or a spree in Ro e;*-
'tarring Gregory Peck and new- son she meets is G
corn .r Audrdy Hepburn. and di- enterprising newspa l
reacted and produced by William knows an exctave -
Wyler, this Paramount picture- is sees one ad'is tila'
a cha, ming, heart tugging affair spotting a runaway Pr
that often explodes into hilarity, izing the .inaucial vale
It Is a complete unadulterated de- scoop-royalty on a biz '
light! -he enlists the aid of
pher pal, Eddie Albf .
Out of one of 1he nimst ancient embark oq a fun-seeki
premises in story telling-that of city. Nturally th' I
a hopeless love' between royalty Peak fall in love an
and a commoner-lan McLellan is a hopeless romea ce.
Hunter and John Dighton have al parting still manage s
created a captivating screenplay .iJiin the bantering a1bd0
that sparkles with wit and uproar- place at a crowded. -,g
ious humor. As staged with artistic enge. It is one 0f those
subtlety and tongue-in cheek res- that gets a chuckle ani a
traint by Wyler. "Roman Holiday" the same time.
adds up as simply "terrific." Peck turns in another of
The reasons for this tremendous standing performance, pluta
and wcll deserve praise, are ma- love-smitten reporter with I
ny. There is Miss Hepburn, who gence and good humor-d -
makes her American film debut lion. Albert is exeleta j
a memorable occasion. A- beauty, enough praise can be:h
she reveals sensitivity a,d incethe elfin Miss Heb .
rity i* hIea catovstlng '*port4 a A 'Holiday" is one of U e
of a princess- who stands next iture'- of the decade. G-se Itli

Teresa ikes to act with moppets. 1. E --"r
"Working with a child perform- l tA l .1NV
er" she siad, :'keeps me on my 0 yNwood To -Exhbit
toes. And I don t mean to preveu
them from stealing a scne.. That '* ,
happens a lot less frequently than i ove I Arg ntij
the layman is led to believe." ""
Sincerity i, the basis of all act- M ovi In d
i,.g and c.tildren are naturally sin- o- -', -'

ti.g that" q lt i4to your s;ehe
is r re thanworth thedanger that BUENOS AHIES,. Ja. 2 (UP)- at a&r' del Pita. 'M"
some preeoclous child who has Hollywood producers will exhibit said. -
been taught tricks by a parent or t'eir pict-.res at the Mar del Ptl- Until rece tl-y 1 d' "
a drama coach, will deliberately a Argentina, film festival npxt that Anerftr Mtla
steal a scene not his. 1March a spokesman for the Mo- c .npete at'th6
Teresa also believes that a g t(ion Picturq Assfelation of Amerl- both beeant the J
Teresa also believes that a large said today. Argentine .Estivl
slice of the sympathy which. audi-. Reltiq4letween HoHlywood and cl se apd ,
Ses give to a child Its carried over the go- -. met' f PresideNt Juan enodinte'O nt, Ii'"
to the adult actor or actress ap- D rr.n-e Ol f"r several years- ill e -t
pear.g with him. are improve in ce the recent "Holy
month long v lst of the Argentine The Vi "det r 11W.
'*That immediately gets you off secretary of Informatio Raul sc'- led ti -
on the right foot," she aid. 'Per'. .pl to the United States. 'to SaO Funto ,BrtuloI
f .-mances which merely would be America n twsreels will aso o n -24S anl the o
good without the benefit of a ciild Amrica n ewareels .&will a 00r -24' ma the oeted
again appear n Argentine acreei t ta (Ercb 8-14).
saying opposite you, turn out to and distributors are planning to It Ii expected tha-
e great when a child is your vis- install thre-dimensional and cine- movie actors and .
n er is spoiled by a child." t m.scope apparatuses in mo v I 6 will attend tht Sto P
n er is spoiled by a 'child. houses here. eomue .thet Mar'del
To prove her point, she named Cancellation of the Punta del Es- Hely wood re.t
Sam of the morale chan d-adult et Uruguay. film festival, made it hPitdtt at .bot-H w aeFere-
ares Berry p was no harme 'al the more certain that Ameri- being lined p, the .
by the actir.g of Jackie o n producers will be represented said. .. .
And was Charlie Chaplin's fame
marred by Jacldkic Coogan?" / "
Teresa p. actices what she a nama Canal he te "v
aches. Starring wih O W NG T D A Y
.teagan in Screen Gems'--And
iSuddenly You Knew" for Ford
Lee Aaker. She even submits to Diablo Hts. 2:30, 6:15, 18:3 PEDRO MIGo' ,
nmel ta are played with young Jame STEWART
'Lee Aaker. Shee yea submits to Joanne nu Lex9S Aid=yj.
double jeoordy in tht story, the "THUNDER BAY" .
hao',-gster he- a dog. Technicolor! "T nA & h= S 5b

The Most Hilarious Comedy
Released .in 1953!

A- -

0 O CA


John PAYNt J

- .-

ALBOA 115 3'140"1.6M,.

Thema of every girl's dreams .

The screen's mest
.cAcluq mew tar...

wb,, b.Wh t. *
a g -a g- gf1| f *ii

<;xt N ^^as
-dM '^~ fa



**' -


.. g

___ l OluklM q i^^-- I


i; .

,e Iic='





- w.

*r$ U650AT


a -,
4'-'. ~r


Ihllin Light, Anglia,

&ow Me II Contenders

Swell-matched five horse field of the Juan Franco
track's Class "C" imported thoroughbreds will vie
jnier share of the $650 purse over seven furlongs

in contenders are An-
Me II and Rathlin
which finished closely
hind the classy Vulca-
7riday. Postinovich and
round out the field
ered outsiders.
how the horses are
17ped. their post posi-
and respective jockeys:
'ow Me H A. Gon. 105
lstinovich J. Gongo. 103
h Light V. Ordonfes 112
Wnlia A. Vasques 129
Rmpiresa J. Chuna 110
Previous time these horses
e distance was six-and-
Ilf furlongs. The added
iee should be to the benefit
athlln Light and Anglla.
ver, Follow Me II will be
,with five pounds less while
a receives a two pound

his bid and passed Florera be-
fore entering the homestretch
but when Jaqulmazo came up
for his final bid in the stretch
Noveno could not stave him off.
The six-year-old chestnut son
of Jkli-Quiromantlca drew away
In the run to wire to score by
a full length with Noveno beat-
in3 the faltering Florera by five
lengths. Bendeguz trailed all the
The Stud Bocas del Toro
Chilean-bred ace returned $4.60
to win although he was the
mutuels choice.
The dividends:
1-La Loba $10.80. 6.20. 3.80
2-Amazona $8.20, 7.80
3-Valarla $4.40.

mpiresa could also get up 1-Piola $39.60, 9.20. 4 20
.me because of the increased 2-Lady Caren $5.80, 3.20
Ito. This stout-hearted lit- 3-Piel Canela $3.
Mtre can always be counted First Double: (La LoL Plo-
tnto give her backers a run la) $294.890.
ir money.
novich, which trailed Frl- THIRD RACE
following his return from a
' layoff, appears to be off 1-Volador $6.80, 2.60
M a2-Daniel $2.40.
isterday Jaquimazo chased One-Two: (Volador-Daniel)
idy Florera for half ,the dis- $18.80.
;e then was passed by the
frtedly great stretch burner FOURTH RACE
ino at the far end of the
-stretch. Noveno continued '--Sirena $7.20. 4.0. 3.20
S-' '-cer dPd $3.60. 3.20
r"V Mu YI%.Z&J"

f Softball


id ... 0
jInsurance 1 1
PMovers .. .. 1
E~ltotfli~k'M "

men to the
U ktu- ,mates ,0.4
W lk pita
free pases. It. winner, al-
r on six safeties
saes on balls. He re-
one Fireman on

.ter, as .... .. 3
.3b ... .. ... 4
lb ........ .
.. .. 28
1.If ........ 2

tl Insurance- AB
If .. ...... 3
b..........3 4
S .. .. .. ..
S .. 23
A .. ........ 2
.u-.. ... .. .. 3
3 1

i b .. ... 2
28 1
jpr, c JBy Innings
S- 100 202
aitur. 050 100o

R 1

2 1
1 0'
0 0
1 '

1 11
0 0
1 1
0 1
1 0
1 1
0 0
1 01
1 0


;- -'"ne'v Molly 5.ZU.
Oulnle'a: (Sirena-Sincerl-
dad) $10.
L-L-Yosikito $10.60, 4, 3.61
2--Fuego $3, 2.80
3-Don Orau $3.80.
I-New Look $5. 2.80. 2.60
2-Supersun $4.80, 3
3-Discovery $2.60.


1-Casa Buena $3.20, 2.30
2--True Blue $2.10.
1,.. n'd Double: (New Look-

, ,, .. J .. .
It-BliUk Bull $3ff.4, I. 2.86
7-Chic's Ned $8.20, 2.80 .
$.Roadmaste $2.40.
'-uinlela: (Black Bulbt*Chc's
S9, .^ !.*.

!.60,..l0 :0,3
dge $1 .30.2
9icam t s$2.80.
-w -T c: (Tnger-Nev-

12-Noenqu zo 4.80. 60
2-Noveno 42.80.

King or Syracuse rive
the basket for a Iayup
York's Dick r Guire
to bibck the shot at
Sqmure Garden. WaUl
korn, 8, of the Nationi
teammate the help of
expessibn. but the
bokers won, 89-80. (
ia. L- ^ -

' 1 The more you tell The quicker yoi


You don't have to
shout it from the
housetops. Sell by
advertising in our
low cost want ad
section... the fast.
est, most conveni.
ent way to reach

Every month .. .. every week .. every da3
than all other daily paper. in Panama combine

I ,

WL al4 At -AP,
i.d i 4cata t:,
F-,* .. '. .





W late 3B0 Rd n ulaur h-ie i New 'a

bb t to ste t'yqi
Chaley ia e o
To" want io we tme F 9
Rhsahard and Dalak
I had in mipd MIatilyn :
fellow who collepta football
little time for he more anni
are house guest only ihl1
quarterback on film. 6e di
might be more demanding.

This.Is. a hoItw a1- K, useusit to A.
1nch o v r ire ord evolution- of bm e cn d t e L ir ary lo 1ofr
fere sow ems mathe ll doig b that Hall has leeu me
since 1936 and Ifor eccentric he Vrmt and ian o m w rica. p '.
Srl onaUelly, e a fgerusuchle
S Nt Specal Correspondent leT Ha I.n the dte first Yale-arvard all led. the bowl ( 191
onEW YO gK, Jan. 2 -sNEAt r .. Andrown the g am e for the NFL OLD GAME PRIMI U l t

Kneke r* to headline players s turn ew or land ay be the last under Dav's game ouIs by far fatE moreyplicaeIlKqh
NEA) !n profsonal footballbtoward V. arreB the od rtle. proficient than e In the rules.
T herl seems small rdoul# bht that Hall has seeh more flo
-'.. through the medium of .IlMS t many living man and only. 1*

Priers. Otho i ding Foot ll Co en-sP i g On; .m.-
rInCg,1i reserved for eccentric hermiUt and oagan idol wo pp.-
Bert Bell say he wl ca- era C e He played, coachedandlth the x l first text book Kn thiin

Spaign for 'the rule which downs c0ch Joe. Bach of fi- ih And the reasons t or this are obvious Thfotiae Uirceds to
th ball whnvr th career w vote for teach other skillson, the gradual changes y, a o
Falls on contact jwith a op- a. bauilm ow designed more for passing than victory ova d the Wshn-

psonent. r PI rown t die rd setbakin o flawless i on fthe prncplege'ra"

srse. As you 8t with the professor and ndudye.
s NE y JO ner Bell of the N a h a an e atonished at the mpltyan of the la attthe college rule
attempt on SpeFootball Correspondent leap h is in the he pros usedto call sis to ifed.h as advanced

relMadisonpro privilege ge- tht wu protect By D OG ALLEN so stereotypal a to be almost primlte
s gives -An alarming total ofn a r against n tt between Detroit and Cleveh The rom hisor who retired recently Has net concYale a athletic director
trained to headline players is turn he Cleveland general Yo landmay e the last under day's game is by far fast n more com n located d..tack y
.NEA) Ing professional football toward en, Ma. l are. the old rle. prof cient- than It ever wa lli the, t good old days -the W "aae
the colle. dange rule on ball-car- wold alleviate the njuy n state and mplements from orld ar I to
rlers. oth rk l eluding .mb onn.,.
Bert Bwhistle say he will cam- on to a great eera tent.weraer N mainly an ck Hast- must be apparent to everyone. ebio centickingre
pagn for 'the injule whriehdowns ccare am 100 per cent for Bell eAndeof of u thereso and. I think this s due t something ored to
the ball whenever the carrier wfoot- moti vote for a We d than a coincidence gof time." i inge ha of the
fall ss on co Bt wit Puyard setback of the goal posts In the college gains.'" ,-
tecton we ca I want that ed the point .whr s s you sit with the red too much andttentudyion. The trtaen you
ball downed wrever it land, oa t nl o pla:, are astonished at the simplicity of the play patch atrern S y, the
tio Football ave Lg wrotecl thed Iavr"1920 era. What seemed to youai te nped emphasis was all on bkow I
re llt Foo PaO privilege of getd- t rat u fvprotectf." .pl By DL F PROG ALLEN so stereotypical as to be almost primitive.
ting up-m running when a er against Injury," tepo Kanns Coach The professor, who retired recently .as Yale atheti4c.director
m Manslmipsn n the open. the Cleveland general etrn e c. e o h same demand ei nade 4of liemen. Andthii
At present, a runner must be and coach "but strict Written for NEA Service fense an analogy to warfa

securely eld by a tackler, or r dskation a cains' chgf items two sendr e ftor distngushe winners fro loss
:.o Ir. danger of being piled on, wopld alleviate theL inJutal- ani-go play? in strategy and implements from World War I to Worrd war 1I

n pl edntereting poin about thlev.. t aa an eas The f-mu t. mble hard-char forward w Hg"
beforethe whistle lows. tuition to a great extent." swer: It mainly an east- must be apparent to everyone. Footballs scientific he nce
"Mot of our injuries are lenetwor. w laer nt pobly refute.
S" T ere or rs style ofb o.t te just as-lMarked and I think this is due tol something h nore'pr.
caused by tough, hard foot- motion" observes Marshall. "We fesne built a-, f.und than a coincidence of time."
nball," says eli. "But we must have a thug n game t round the abil-
give our players whatever pro- With a game wioah has reach- e ty to pick off Somewhat curiously, Hale's film research points up a develop-
g iectro lawea n. wantht et ,threaboam whireoaisach- tb defender. ment which has not received too much atte nation. The tremenous

tectiowindup Anwe can. I wan at d"so unnecessary." Lkthpr- s? ant bie im proveme alnse artt nt ond a
i G. basell downed whr ort nt financially for a pl b nd t. John defent in line ly with a nble concept wgach s them.
ice, y to right husioldst le nd all-out propo niver t et Broas a over muscle.
or. thutel-u f "p betie #oet. He d rib- "It used to be thatthe speed emphasis was all on bk
job. We have to protect tham i he an, ends., 'ow the same demand Is made of lihem en. And thta t s
men As beat we can." fbe een a de. the chiefctor that distinguishes winners fro?
TheRedskins' chief cites two ltaenderanTeamobieard-whar rwa
interesting points about televrei- te, fast.obb, rd--hal frwa.r wt.h -
slogn. leavestwo. S
ba the stnds. The re firoumly rnbelswra that ir nel ve mp NOTRE DAME TTe stand
flyers are vbty eonscldioa Of khnha b It ann ngb
.. TV," he says, "but they do not a ainat a e h Th ere is one dislosur In thefam than even

e a te t' w h i ch L h- Ts h er e Bic' iI e o no iet i
titled. to look bao before their te ol r. SThe of- D PIg ibly refute. This
base rulome, mlkst the red tnetworks.hat fwatv layer do with blocking. The completion of a play In the ''
S"Also, loseup of wr- ra w the Qg many more m en on their set than I now the RCA eve
did Jimmy Fxx ht re than 30 officialsorthe, balls to when a man to gpict free and acFr pt a scoring man on the-field has an.assignment t carry out.

runs? i.s on the gundar, he .certays. feed. As for passing, the compaon Is really grotpque, dfhad three chdrn within 21 months f
t w s a .1 4v der "Hal" a heoh k been in _', Q. W here did Joe haapc lek mirattac tosnow only w4
A. Foxx there an ore an lme should have one eor theother and thbefore taking over thened eth, ven r profe o Kr- 123iss of th s
S each year years,stressesfrom 1 t 1, the college rle or the pros to veriy addressee "we l s ve at
windup Answkee Stadiumrst incorrectly enfory." east side house were all .sser

A.g. It w H ld corto e feet; Thlee battle finde sem rawn the diers e that's it." 'Oregon .*..
left, 301; dead tte ter 41. for m the January ias to and a h u cente, the t 1Ipst ...
SAGUENAY TER bse e es to second whisteT
Care accthe outfielder toses the R epublc of Panatly a anaell A. un oethn
ball into the stands. The rt .We firmly elle thatm b ong from U.S. A tn. e trt
l w- F rom Canadian Ea Coga peta of t A should be seven fee e .
b lDS ATLANTInruner, wl n he l Q b team r and nVICE:ot b -
yoad the base gm to whish hecdis e.--"ach'sl At-ld, t at RE
titled. The better, uder the twos the ell swlt ch woud solves,,l.

base l nna .......... JaT h ita s C ... .i B A
he should go to nth d he' d ,.e u B ,,. h l br"'k S'SaIY .
rOang. i .dthe phot a .S .......or the Deseret NewsJan. 7
Q. Howmany years iarow would & too fine a lne fAN ......or a Jan. i J Jnl J
Frunom a U. wea oa e t ear, n e .a ys. "'we ad e i thin 21 m J. a
A.Fouldgoreo thbe'.houldhaeoneorrule.probaherand three .days, and he nd .iA

S.S. unmnt SAILS AILS o
""U ''@.^"V B s. 9UlF SEIVICE:
g, I
runs each year `7 thectleegereleto tNe. pro to verife ti
SyQ. What re .e imens f lleve pr nt e. OK. ffird e sf. "Come a ron G o the
Yankee Stadim? ," if co y enores :e east side o -e hr e wi e all
A. Right fild morIer, t ft; Thee he ra te dia s, C that's it".
left, 301; dc ead Cemer 41. for the r Jnualr. r8 wt r. ng aid a


YarIcnkreef at -Reutbi Pn m &.onall. on esats -d. .r -o U... 4uV P rs .a
A.newith ashag qaotfed ;rthebal, %W A tvamomrawthl ic'hasi.
lf30dad. co quoted61. freor tthefraene uoa rAyAt & .aLn

Z..nwt a ....,...... -at a. 18 .1- SAUR Raic u

.5. Sunmont S~flAS A I '' "e-,'"

For hu'th. parimr -I,..L ,

sx score.

___ _I~_'OROS*_L




j ? ~.
1 ~
.4,. I,

a? ~,





Sea Elks

.oFi little L

h ti. i J ae.

4 30 xi Vt tl league
on Oalwrd highway. '

SPasadi ot biw ll N Year's They are, left t
and Ferris Hallmark, center Jim Neal, Mkle Jim Webb arF e
lan. (NEA)

A-~ ~IIi


-- r





U4 o do
Park ig
Jr. ar

,Pa*a*-"Muggsi" Ma 4 l
bWoan4&d to announce e pre-
gamea mzimones which wUllnD.
cida. the Introduction of al
tp t a a and
f orm top p the fg
poIeIn ht1 enfo the o lag
raising an shortly thereafter
the gpm will gt underway with
BrxaelkJ. eybold, O.-
ent .', e anam Canal,
throw lt the first ball.
Thd probable starting line-e
p ..
SJe Prill, c
Cutty Schwarzrock, p
Harrell Womble, lb
Roy Watson, se.
Buzzie Rathgaber, 3
Joe Conklin, If
Fre Chfase, e
R.vieTf4 'Prantle, Jackle
Lubera, Robprt Dllfer, JoaquUit
Vallarino, George Cotton, James
'* ELKS 1414
L:'.Ctrlgan or C. Cross, d.
Danhy DedLondes, p
D. PaJaJk or T. Bright, lb
Craig Stoudnor. '2b -
0. de la Guardia or
JadI Hem as
Bill Scott, 3b
Dick Hern, It

45th WalIop

Fred' a

in 7itery c.,
b LedW
veas: saSian Bright,
.Vorl, et* eomaaby.
Mnd. M p mL e tames

are on the roster of ah
team:,,-rank AmmArratl.
mtes,. Roy ettwi, Bill
r, Walter Brown, Eddle
n Jerry Vrawford, Leo
ger, Herschel Dempsey,
ry Elliot, Bud Kilpper,
Potter, Doug Priester,
oe and Dbck Scott.

SLincIn Life is managed by
_lowr l Engelke with Alfred
Lon.mhia as cbach. 'he roster qf
tle totp .: Robert Bowman,
Gene 2e0k, Zmej Ward, Albert
White, Vi Dubol, Doug Crook,
Bly dEngtlke, Ralph Parker,
Edward ola, obby Sander,
Charlea Bradahaw, Bob Capwell,
Toby Wilson Luls Cubillo and
Aileey McElhone.
Gibraltar Life' and Seymour
Agency will meet on Wedneaday.
Joe Cicatero handles the man-
sgerial reins for Gibraltar with
Dee Heinselman as coach. The
team roster: Spike McNall, 'Jim
Morris, Marty Salas, Fred Hall,
Charles Rager, Bob Brandon,
Jerry Steiner, Jim Wilson, Clabe
Hartley, Babe Marquard, Billy
Snyder, Dick Bnydor, Harry Ray-
mond, Perry Raymond.
Seymour Agenty Is managed
by. Fred Huddleston with Clar-
ence Howell and Lou Hulsinger
as coaches. The team' rster:
Jeff Kliie,- Jim Price, Leonard
Brockman, Richard Morris, Ken-
neth Pearl, John Pearson, Mar-
tin Perez, James'Sltce, -ims Al-
len, Buster McGo r Fred Hud-
dleston Barty -Mallory, Bobby
Boatwright, Oene Frauenheim
and Collin Corrigai.

S65th AM

11-3 In Clayton League

.TZo homne run balls aind num- deep to center field by 45th's
erous errors gave the 45th Recon left fielder John Becker with
Battalion tea man 11-3 victory pitcher Ramo and.'hot corner
6ve t he 65th" AA Grup n man Ines Foneca on' the bases.
TUetda" December 29. This A total of four 45th runs tagged
e;9Sed at' least a tie for the the plate In the 9th frame.
championship in the Fort Clay- The Box Score:
ton Baseball League. 45th Recon Battalion
second round of lead of.i-Aur_ a, b r h po a
TFhe triumph gave the 45t 'the fonsetd, 3b 6 2 3 0 2
Voiibl n series. The best the Becker, if 4 2 3 2 0
,W=eu lnaitln. teams .ecan Sanchez, e 5 1 3 9 0
I W tol to win the next two Reinke, et 4 i 1 0 0
nd If to tie the mighty 45th Vog r 5 1 1 1 0
aggrgdtlon. 2Mll 2b 4 1 2 -6 2
This was pitcher Rail Calde- Her dez, as 5 1 '3 1 3
ren*RAmoB' second low hit game. Oguendo, lb 4 1 0 8 0
The seven hitter compared cop-h Rrmos, p .5 1 2 0 2
sderiably this successful 4-0 E ,"
urwbktterr ver the7461st Signal Totals: 42 11-18 2719
team o% Wednesday, December --
19,' 65th AAA Group
The first, round-tripper came, ab r h po a
tI b second inning with left, Mosley; rf 5 '0. 1 0 0
a_,I,'Jotn Befketi on first aft-EIcHlstaedt, is 4 "0' 0 2 5
er' g.tnu hft bv a pitched ball. Smilth, cf 2 0'0 5 '0

... ./ ". .. ..'

YaDikee Farm Dii.etor. Says A's Were Not Shortchanged;.
$ ,. ." .

Philadelphia Got Five Who Will Play Regulary-MacPhqiil

NEW YORK -(NEA)- If the .....
Yankees, as Tommy Henrich says,.
had painted a sign on the Stadium r

reading, "We want a seasoned
right-hand pitcher add a-left-hand
power hitter," -the .advertisement
could not have been more cotne.
pletely filled than it- was by the
Halty Giadwy r4 B Ar h throws
hard, is a potential-big winner. The
Stadium's right field stands were
built for Eddie sRbinson's pull hit-
ting. ,
Aqnouncing the 11-man transae
tion, General Manager Ge org e
Weiss and: his assistant, Roy Ha.
mey talked like a pair of golf
sharks who, had just met .a man
with, a lot of money and a fast
bac wxn ..
"h eMac coant say they .were
hn .xpl ,EiL Ham y.
They wet o Ivery. other hub
in thb league, and came back to
US." *.,." ;. ;
The consensus.seemed to be that
once more the World Champions
had dealt themselves into a pen-
nant-this the sixth straight.
But the chap in position to know
the talent best teis you that the
Philadelphia Americans were not
"They gotfive players who will
play, regularly," says Lee Mac-
Phail director of the New York
club's arms, "land a mighty bright
piching prospetc."
'All you heard about was Byrd,

not hit left-hand pitching w e ll
"Bollweg is a left-hand ull hit-
ter with -power who helped the
Yankees on more than one, occa-
sion. While his batting might hbaav
been considered stre ky, he hit
.291 in 155 times at bat."

MacPhali believes the younger
fellows may be of more assistance
to the A's than Renna and Boll-
Power,- 23, led the American As-
sociation in, batting with .349; had.

KICKED U TA S-.Harry Byrd worked to E'loggng camp near Darli 4gon,'B. C., while Eddle
Robinson tried'Johnny Mite's old uniform and number 36 for size at the Yankees' New York'
offices. The pitcher and slugging first baseman were traded to the. World Champions by the-
Athletics. (NEA) .

the greatest number of hits, 217; number one draft choice from Kan- the Yankees tore up the $25,000 tab
and the mosttotal bases. sas City. He is a big right-hander they held sn return for the contract
The Yankees play the youtig with a strong arm." of Loren Babe,
Negro in the outfield il Kansas The Athletcles also got rid of Ed- As Roy Hamay said, the Macks
City because. i base is the only die Robinson's $30,000 contract and didn't have to be mesmerized.
place where ki Skowrmn does t
hurt fis side.
iigan, 25, Was 'the Eastern
LeaIme's-All-tar 'third baseman.
In four years, he as been through
D, C, B and A leagues,'*ith two -
years out for the Afy.
"Finig nand that's te e-sy you .
spel i t-I i hranMid competitor and
will be 'the Athletits' third base. ..
man," says MacPhiL.
Discussing the Yankees' corner
on -material last summer, Paul
Richatds of the White Sox 'men-
tioned.Robe tson.

"Robertson, who finished ..with
Kansas Clt^r after starting with
Syracuse last season, is a hustling
catcher of the Mickey Owen type'
explains MacPhail. "He hasa good
arm, but has bad a tendency to
be erratic with his throwing in the
"Gray, 25 was the Athletics'
number one draft choice from Kan,
sas City. He is a big right-hander
with a strong apt."'
"Gray, 25, was the Athletics'

0ii1 Money Is At Santa Anita, But
3 s 27,11. o

vr Hialeah Still Gets Best Horses
n, Heftan- "
th>) Eck- -r oi *O-r. -e
Pitching NEW YORK, Jan. 2 -(NBA) purses at $4000 round out the
Ike Outs, 2 -When Pr. Charles Henry program.
2 Strike 8trub built Santa Anita Park 20 -
s, years ao e one-time owner At least two stables are
ags of An rancisco Seals wis planning on flying gallopers
t I 5 asked' where he was going to the 3000 miles that separate
S6gt the horses. Hlaleth for the $100,000 Widen-
er, Feb. 20.
I'rll give them so much mon- alert Ranches, Ltd., s toy-
ey that they'll have to come Ing rth he idea of flying.the
and get it," replied Dr Strub Irishbred 'urd-yearolds, Tir-
e did and Santa A to- teen of Diamonds iand Indl
day makes ,Las Vega, .,and emp from 8nta. Anitn lo
Monte Carlo combined ook ale for the $50,000 Me-
like a Coney Islatidshelgame. Lennan and the Widener.
And the superior steeds went Horsemen .ver had it so
to the far west, but not all good In the winter -all year
of them. The Palm Beach set round for that matter.
and some others still stick to ________a
Hialeah, which, despite the ton e L '
of money on the golden slope,
continues to attract more top
grade steeds.
Where Santa Anita formerly
had to bid for thoroughbreds,
however, it now could very,
well o ratet, on Its owln. 1
ners mnay noW remain on the
other side of the Rockle the
calendar around and win $200,.
000 or more in a year. On
Trust, raced almost entirely in
California' piled up $554,145,
Santa AnIta opens its 17th seai
son of 50 days, extlendi ng
through Mar. 6, with $100,00
new major improvements f'ot
the presentation f the rlchest
and mosto
open air gambling casinos.
'A new hlillsde-aad .nfle l
ttrt course +Wi!l introduce rae;
t on grass. That' a amove t4
attract more fotelgn haes.

Uua, so %0firstiOQ~1,000 nra
ever run on m will be
San Juan = M angum
Mar.L 4. Tw& other stakes, e0
$ao aded. and odrn I g I

nikie it f r up tq $15,A6 0 f first baseman itm
e m n, wrh mie ,he's luWbtotaym i ba&)

wi,. .m,*.m.. e ,

rw t- --- N^---|
7W. W. I Ic. .a Iere

-Je. llurn

I Cu.. 1 3 4A.. H.,.
G" O~W oMic aft 1

.r. r
'.9 R4 lieu 4es do Q l

1 vjir ----q Ii

*I -" A mrt '


^- C1'

..$.,; '., .. ",! f -



The coming collegiate baukethall
team is Oregon State, with a so-
phomore-loadqd, team led by sev-
en-foot-three Swede
the Pacific northwest they confi-
dently expect them to win the next
three National Collegiate Athletic
Association titles....
Cliff Hagan, Kentucky's spring-
board center, wa : drafted last year
by the Boston Celtics of the Na-
tional Basketball Association. ...
Maybe All-America honors will go
to center Don Schlundt, but the
key guy of the Indiana cagers is
Bob Leonard....
The best sports fan in the coun-
try must be the Yankees' Yogi
Berra, who misses nary a fight,
basketball game or hockey tussle
all winter We'U have to check
on his wrestling attendance.
Inside word is that Harry Ag-
ganis will take a crack at profes-
sional football next fall (he's the
property of the Baltimore Colts)
- if he ma' es good at first base
with the Red Sox-because he
wants to be the first man to com-
bine successfully careers in the
two sports....

The outstanding rookie in the
tough National Basketball Asstcia.
tion is an Ivy League produtefsix
six-and-a-half Jack Mellnas of Fort
Wayne, via Columbia. A next
best would be the Philadelphia
Warriors' Jack George, who's also
headed for baseball stardom as a
catcher. .
New York's Paramount Hotel,
where all the' professional and 95
per cent of the college basketball
r ms stay is the big town, has
specially constructed beds six
inches longer than normal for
elongated centers. The idea was
devised 10 years ago by the man-
ager, Charles L. Ornstein, who's
also been in charge of housing and
feeding four of the last five Anmer-
ican Olympic teams.
Casey Stengel Is the authority
for the statement that Harry Byrd
wasn't in the best of physical
sh:pe most of last season .. Man.
ager Stengel adds that the big
right-hander did not have a sore
arm He heliev:s that lots .of
running should make the South
Cirollnian a top-flight pitcher...



A capsule Bowl ri
igan State speed .4
strength; West Virg
strength vs. Georgia
Alabama's hard-rdnz
Rice's terric line:
toons vs. Texas Te
herd of backs....

Marquette's ast~~asi
coach, Bob Mar, 1
In a battle of loyal
HRlltoppers played W
alma mater. He becAn
again when Marquette
paralso, where his yjou sS
er is an athletic star.... 7
Steve Owen is only hurth.
self saying he's open
coaching job.... He's on the,
ball Giants' payroll for fuUll;
for next year and can stay%
long as he wants to in a
capacity.. It wasn't'a '4s
the Maras quitting on
fans wouldn't buy him a
... The rail was appa .,.
Soly Hemus willJe a
from any hitter at .b.
Eddie Mathews... "W at
beck," says Solly, "I co
a ball as far as him ,.-
what he-told me. Whatl.wkMt.
got!" ...-
., 1,1:B






CAUx Ta. No 13


CALLS "-" No. 2f




if ~




CA-- N: -.

AVCLlX'VA 1i 1

'- / -'4' ,'
PL zA s L'. Wh wa
.. ";:,: { ;

- "' 1
# *** 4 .

-.:- -- -
'~.-o+ 'e~-. -.. ._.
" = K .--- .. -..'_-' "" ""+' '' + "- --

- ~ .

.- t -.

- V -' -

L uGe s


oop Park Tilt.

Tomo row

F S* -zr-'

;? .. c



~ 31)CT '


- -

1~ ~''~'


- -


*** *".-^'" -


S ..

Leag ue

Sea,- .
o^^*j? (o** .

i1 7. '.

kustrial Costs

5iig, Survey

South Shows

WGO (U.P.) Northern in-
Its in the future may think
1w ore they move their plants
ja uth in the hope of making
0 ney, in the opinion of a
p#ent consultant.
ISouth no longer offers a
S of lower costs than the
said John 0. Tomb, an
late of McKinsey and Com-
- I

nb'recently made a survey of
Euih as an area %here plants
d relocate. He said the results
rised him and that some re-
i, could be applied to relocat-
found that popular notions
t southern differentials were
not true," he said.
r instance, he found that in
Localities the cost differen-
bgtween Nprth and South were
wang and in some cases had

advantages manufacturers
'cai ved re due, not to a
e-'in location, but to better
lament, he said. -
,it is difficult to make up
enses of transferring a
from one section of the
to another.
pr are economic forces at
ich spem to be narrowing
ast differentials between the
:and North," he said.
.itpd the fact that "a lot of
orientated companies"
Seen opening up branch
Its'to serve the South and "they
0 raised the price structure."
Wage rates in the South no
eo pre as depressed as they
e," he added. _
4 survey showed that average
r ey earnings of production
kers in manufacturing Indus-
& in Birmingham, Ala., and
aphi., Tenn., during March,
'exceeded the pay levels of
thester, N. H.; Portland, Me.,
Lancaster and York, Penn.
W in Birmingham and Mem-
.w*as $1.51 and $1.44 per hour
pared with $1.41, $1.34, $1.43,
$1.37 for the northern cities,

'On top of that," he continued,
ere are some companies that
if they move south and find
er operating costs, they may be
g away from their markets.
they find operating cost prof.
bift by increased transport.
a and difficulty in service.
Company found its taxes
lie a little bit higher. in the
than in the North."
b said also there was diffi-
securing management per-
and that some industries
find the type of workers
there is a change in the
year by year it has been
at workers have difficulty
themselves to product.
he added.
said his study didn't show
Sry should not move to
but that he was "trying
management of trends so
Sct could make decisions
al appraisal of the facts
ofpeople who have stud-
Poblem have decided to
re they are," he addd.
believe t" at anybody who
there would move
; they've spent so many
In brick and mortar, the
are they won't move
've had so many head-
g once they won't want
Egain during a lifetime."
today who thinks that
to do is to pull up stakes
e to the South to make the
katement look. better had
ok at the picture again."


slon Bank

ry Surrenders

IMrORLEANS. Jan. 2 (UP)-
u married couple was ar-
here by the FBI last night
e being implicated In a $57,-
Ulouston Bank robbery by a
Teller's confession.
sW Falast, special agent in
.t of the FBI here, said
David Mitch el 22, and
.yer-old wife, Lola, sur-
without resistance.
arrest was made after the
I ved at the apartment
a mother. The FBI had
launder surveillance
the teller's confession,
after the holdup Thurs-
w what it's all about,"
said as the FBI men
at the backyard entry
was identifktd only
SSminth." Agents Lai she
did not know her
aVs Involved in the
'm.~ there was no evi-
,At was Intentionally
sd in on-.the a-
atfbr Ue cou-
the a4MA-
Oreans although
lllllWWA n Houston for

.,,- '
'.s. *'


"'et the people know t&e i nif d the country i safe Ahr t oln.



Chain of Good Hotels ,Atracts

US Tourists To Latin America

NEA Special Correspondent
CARACAS, Venezuela Tour-
ists in Latin America this sea-
son-it's summer here, in case
anybody forgot-never had it so
Gone are the days w1jen your
enjoyment was spoiled Py worry-
ing about ilater-or fodd-poison-
ing, and the nights when you
couldn't sleep in sweltering ho-
tel rooms. Americans can now
live almost anywhere below the
Rio Grande in the style to which
they're accustomed.

New, modern hotels are mush-
rooming ali over Latin America.
Tourism, the Latin Americans
have concluded, is the best itlY
of getting much-needed U. S.
dollars. Hence nothing is too
good for the U.S. tourist.
More and more Latin hotels
are being equipped with4the lat-
test sanitary facilities, air-con-
ditioned rooms, U.S. cuisines
and smart shops Best of all,
prices do not burn a big hole 'in
the tourist's pocketbook.
Sparking the trend toward up-
t6-date hotel accomodations in
Latin America (s a newcomer to
the. field Intercontinentat Hotels
Corporation. A Pan-American
Vorld Airways subsidiary, IHC
acquired its first hotel seven
.ars rago. Today, it operates 10
n seven Latin countries and
ermuda, and is about to take
on an eleventh.
This year alone IHC has
opened four hotels--a record.
Last month, IHC swung back
the doors on these, the Tama-
naco, in Caracas. Venezuela.
A glance at Tamanaco shows
why it's becoming a pleasure
to travel in Latin America.
NKamed after an Indian chelf,
the Tamanaco stands on a ridge
commanding a picture-postcard
view of Caracas.
A chunk of mountain had to
be cut away to make room for
it. The man who built the Ta-
manaco and is its president, Dr.
Gustavo A. Ban P.oma, Is -now
known as the "mountain-
The Tamanaco I4 a V-shaped'
structure that is unique. The
purpose is to enab4l a~ guests
to enjoy a maximum a aunk of
shade on wam day, a to g
an eyeful f tIl desedig t
races, patio. typical 'garden
and kldn -shapd "-wmming
pool in fIont of the hotel.
All 40 'rooms are of the
"studio" type, with a standard
bed for single guests and ia
convertible sofa for double oc-
cupancy. Coffee tables and easy
chairs provide a living-room at
mosphere by day.
You can drink from the
coldwater faucet too, be-
cause all IHC hotels are equip-
ped with their own filter

Widow Of Nublan

Says Harem Guard

Lashed ToDeath

An added feature of the Ta- The blgest IHC venture of
manaco Is its proximity to the all, the 600-room Copan in
airport at Maiquetia, made pos- booming hao Paulo, Brazil, Is
sable by the new superhighway under construction.
-called 'Autopilta"- which
was inaugurated at the same IHC's other properties are the
time as the hotel. R'eforma at Mexico City; Ca-
This 10-mile, six'.ane super- rrera at Santiago. Chile: Gran-
highway reduces the travel time de at Belem, Biaz:l; Princess iq
to Caracas from 'an hour and Bermuda; and Del Prado and
20 minutes to just 20 minutes, Pradomar, both in Colombia.
A conecting belt highway in. Only the Reforms is owned
Caracas takes you to the Ta- outright by IHC. The others are
manaco in another live minutes, locally owned, but managed by
Other hotels 'launched by In- IHn aiong American lines.
tercontlnental this year include
the Del Ligo at Maracaibo, Ve- -The storv of this astonishing
nez.ela; the Tequendama. at hotel development is more -than
Bogota, Colombia- the Victoria a busiress-succe&s ratory, and
Playfa at Montevideo, Uruguay. more than pleasant news for

THE MOUNTAIN WAS MOVED to make way for the Tamanaco,
newest IHC hotel, which stands on a ridge at Caracas, Venezuela.

COOL POOL Is a feature.of IHC's hotels in tfielcal Latin Amer-
ica. This one. in the Hotel del Prado. Barranquilla, Colombia,
has a window to watch underwater' ballets.

RABAT Morcco, Jan. 2 (UPk R
- Former Sultain idi Moham-o No Q u"ceme y, een
med Bon Youifef of Morocco,|
now exiled In Corsica, was ac- Fr o ei a
used today of orderinga harem

cubine pregnant.I --

The servant's widow charged
in a suit that Sidi Mohammed
ordered her husband, a Nubian
ruard named Belkhir. given '100
lashes a day for. 10 days when
he discovered the servant had
been -attentive to a harem fa-
The guard died after three
days and 300 lashes, and later
ras burled secretly, his widow
claimed*_ '
She sd an 'mention of the In-
cident was hushed up at the
time on.mpO de that It Was a
state Mu ...

Sq hoots
RID ,Conn. (UP.) -
Euge 17, went hunting
and was '" d" by hiR victim.
RidolfB .3-calibre rifle
and w d rel in a tree.
It e and ran. Bl-
dof w against the
tree .p
MISe Jback up the
tree W W Uif l Ridolfl r e-
turnet.. m the rifle.
=J. animal dropped
Frok m -and fell o the

LOS ANGELES (U.P.)-Alr pol- used by Industry.
lution, often called smog or smaze, At present studies a*e underway
is not confined to this sprawling, to test efficiernv of devices that
industrialized West Coast City will capture noxious gases from
which has had so much publicity truck and auto exhausts. Faulty
about this condition. engines have contributed to smog.
Health experts who have studied it is possible tWe day will comn
the problem claim many cities suf- when motorists will be required
fer from air pollution, some of have attachments .o, exhauts pipea
them unknowingly. They also say designed to eliminate carbon-mo:n-
not enough is being done to whp oxide fumes entirely. .
this contamination which even in According to scientists, hYrdol
its infancy has affected or ehdan- carbons are the main cause of ,
gered the health of millions, pollution. Dr. A.Y. f6aagen Smit
Because of its almost daily ap- California Institute of Te& hole
pearance, smog has become a ma- professor, said "he oxidatie
or problem in the Los Angeles gasoline vaopr and the fomttioen
area. The city fathers no longer hydrocarbons is the basi ha the
boast of the "City of S ashlne" problem." He ward "df
they are beset constantly by wrath- steps" must be take to curb
ful citizens, many of whom are phase of smog. I .
threatening to move qpt-te first After seven years of stldy ti4
chance they get. area, here are the basie sats
In a move to defeat fss menace experts say will protect "aI$509
that causes damage 0 the body, help eliminate air plluti
anl air Jaws have been 1. lnstallali of evalpoia
proposed, drawn up i ome cities proof, lids fo every gF
and r y enforced. u-tbte men age tank.
who anre buying smo iy,. "don't 2. Control over 0dpn -"I
look -for any immaedil='e." the 4l bum1ag
They warn that ellm io. of 3. Elimination at '9a ei9 ort.
smog encompasses so many prob- 4. Increased use Atamil g
lens t mauy take years to gain in industrial baurlin op ttO "
eomplete control. 5. Control ofat aruiiIe v.
SBut- it is moteworth that ant- hausts.
adiowe afective rmeioof -cow new to.
Ua11 40* Ms et in ea t etf dt5 imese2= /

. -.. .* ..--. ?.* :^-4
-.', & .

* -, *

tourists IHC Is an example of
good-.nelghborllness in acton.
, Dum .the war, Latin Amer-
ica ulred a hefty dollar sur-
plu. Thek was bound .to *4d~
appitr via needed postwar pvt-
chases o U. S. gooti, after
which t.e Latins woul. face a
dollar 4il.
The qUtion was: Hou el
lMina america earn do le af-
ter the war boom e0diW,
.--0Oo-' ..
The late President sYelt
called In ,Bernard Bauch to
study the matter. B eou-
lude that, Inreasert.E u iiW U
lasUapedwer. But iU

u F even bud!nU tra-

--~---- .- -- --r -
had Jp. operated
a Latino
t-toaccommodate a.,
andt ew Latin .
Aftr talking toR
authorized there
BAnk to earmark $5 or
hotel development, A
Jet up Intercontin Hit
Corporation in 1945.,
There has been a."bt' way
partnership ever sin et
JHC fiids properties, ble
for development. Lati'L
much of 4t, provided byt -
ments,is .
lends the rest.
set, IHC- takes o t tn
agement of Wve s I
construction o 0 er-
sonnel. ..
The -.ow-b~ ;~plidei'*:
IHC, the loans advanced by the
U.S. Government, and the ca-
pital invested by Lains-giving
them complete ownership-all
add up to the kind of relation-
add up to the 1itins of relation-
Unit3d saptes ly.

Us. i First

To Wda ,n Famous

Twer Of London
W OfON, Jean. 2. (UP) A
U.S,:4 arne married his British
sweetheart today -in the first
wedding of an American inside
the grim old tower of London
where many famous Britons
were beheaded.
Cp. aymond Schubert, 22.
of Stream, N; Y.,-and
Ros ry Rese, 19-year-old
dau of one of the tOwer's
m "Beefeaters," were wed
in fortress' chapel of St.
Peto d Vinoula (St. Peter in

Tho ieeremony climaxed a
romAue t4at 'bloomed just a
weeic ater the Marine veteran
of ti 5oreant war arrived in
Lonaid and met his bride pt a
Corofttta2 season party.
"It war'. love at first sight,"
Schbhert ginned today.
Firtr U.S. buddies of the
groom tnapped to attention in
blu4 Wearlet tunes and -car-
ried tbk -traditional pikes on
their ,dres uniforms beside the
yoemitl of the Guards whose
chest ware heavy with medals
Jet black ravens gobbled up
the S-6 :ents wqrth .of horse
meat wlehis allowed them as
guurdimns of the tower. -
The wedding took place only
a few p ces from "tAe granite
bloc : which Qteen Victoria or-
dered Vpt, down on the Tower
green to .cover .t hepot where
Henry V ha.d two of his wives
were e edand where proud
Robert 1eeimox, the EMarl of
Esses, a ..a 1" uBbeth I,
was execud' years ago.

This Family Has
Really Hod It
GALVY3'1 1" Tt. (U.P.)-It'
be r taw from
der e^ ..

tain area near Arcadia, Callf.i
aervatory (arrow).

DvIni Champ Gels

bluffeted Al Sea;

Finally Files Here

For three hectic days, Clint
Osborne, a diving champion who
was en route to Panama and a
new Job, thought he would never
see land again.
Osborne, who was due here
Dec. 19 to run El Panama Ho-
,tel's Cabana Club, failed to show
up onsachedule.
* A- check. with oast guard
revealed that the 30 ft. cabin
cruiser Mabel-wlth Osborne and
Sta. Howard, a friend aboard
had pwsappeared at sea after
leaving 'Nassau.'
ClInt, who was national U. S.
Amateur dvg.--cehamn' some
yer- ago, ftiually reached Pan-
ama by 'plane a few days ago,
after rough seas stalled the
.boat's engme" and left- the Mabel
According to Osborne, the seas
were -so rough they broke over
the babin,. stalling the engine.
Water poured into the exhaust
pipe iand engine leaving them
beyond epair.
For about three days the dis-
tressed, veswgl drifted until the
two men cojald see the lights of
Miami only a short distance a-
way. However, the winds were
so stPong they swept the ship
south -fMW m1, until the Mabel
hadrtad 100 Ues ntheast

and .a .coast guard cutter'pick
them up. Clint claims that he
and his companion, both. old
sailors, were so seasick during
the thnse days that It hardly
mattered they were without
nourishment., On the contLdday
he sait they had a trd com-
panlon;^'a shark which kept
them company 11 .ay.
Clint is planning some big
doings here such as a large
aquatic show as soon as he
really gets his feet wet. Mean-
while, the new hotel employee is
just glad to be on land again.

Military Bans Sale

Of ohfle Liquor

A Officers Clubs
A Pentagon ban on purchase of
liquor by the m.itary services
for resale by' the bottle went intp
effect yesterday amid predic-
tions thatscores of officers clubs
would fold as a result.
A Navy spokesman said the
ban on sale of package liquor
probably would force a majority
of the service's 121 officer clubs
ld this country to lose. The or-
der will mean a los of revenue
to the clubs.
Spokesmen for the other erv-
ices. which have never officially
allowed package sales, did hot
take so dim a view of the new
order. Tiey predicted their clubs
would have a tougher time mak-
Ing ends meet. .
The Defense apartment di-
rective against package sales In-
side con'lnental IJnlted States
was a biow to m litary person-
nel. i
Last fall, the Ipartment is-
sued a new regulation permit-
tine sal& of liquor by the drink
or the bottle at officer and non-
commissioned officer clubs.
But In the face of strong Con-
gressional opposition, the Penta-
gon reversed Itself and on Dec.
17 Issued the order preventing
bottle sales while continuing
sales by the drink.

Iriquois Used
Eagle Symbol
Long Before US
WASHINGTON (U.P.)--he bald
eagle symbol of the Ult States
rved in the fifteenth as
e symbol of th. Iroqueafs
The Iroquois Confideacy was
were distinguished by a sparticul'i
animal totem a deer, we w, .
rd. Over al was the ae, '.
allardiK r"e s i waf '

-- '*a'y. u;

OSTVATORY Smoke fl- the firIn the San Qabrtel
as a raging forest fire tlhreatns to en uil the MouliWU
'. .. .. ,;

(NEA Telephoto)
FAR AWAY PLACES This picture of the Spiral Nebulae Mes-
sier 81 was taken through the 200-inch Hale tele atop
Mount Palomar, Calif. The Spiral Nebulae, in the n
Ursa Major, is now estimated to be about 7,000,000 lht years
from the earth, or 42,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles. The new com-
putation is more than four times that of one made 16 years ago.

Moscow's New Year Merriest

Since Before World War II
o 0-

MOSCOW,. Jan. 2 (UP) -
Sovie1, tewpapers and radio
weldoined thJt w Yelr today
With .a' sV uneMD t-' messages
accenting peace led by Premier
Georgi Malenkov's declaration
that the way to improve rela-
tions between the United States
and Russia was clear of

rf$c4 W c radio brqddca aL

StateS and. Brt'n a'BMs
them the Soviet Iople'w. 4t .
ly peace and feridshl --.
President Klemqntt VorosM.-
lov led high officials th.assuing
staLeHnints of holiday grat-
ings. He said: .

Millikan Set New

Record In Fight-

Across UnIeSas
NEW YORIC, Jsn. P-'- ) -
Col. Wllard W. MlU1lk1ia, Wtrid
War II aviation ace, flatbed A-.
cross the- United States today in
a record 4 hrs., 8 ain.- 5 sees.',
Imnmdiately after crouuifig
the fih lin he had to make
a fored.l handing because lie ad
run of Cl I luel. ,
tMllflh n tool off from the ti-
terzaUt n airport at Los Age-
le- heng for Mitchell Fslt
N.Y. t when he reached'the
control twer of the Floyd Ben-
nett ield (the finish line), his
Sabre r~n out of gas'and he was
forced to land at Idlewild -nter
natioDlt Airport.
In hfi.fUght'from Lob.Anfeles
to New York, Millikan 1kade
only onoqr-top, enabling, hii to
break the record of 4 hra. 13
mins. erbOshd in 1946 by
Col. Willfa Council who
a P-8G.

Cilberti,. recently picked
heaviy w ld ring as
-Ills t Inside w,
sciptioa, 19U.t..r. Glbertson made
tact with a former oper th
a Mdwf. Saugstad,
hf, 1abj.rned she
rinuin iasI wdh miLkin eowts.

"Our desire to insure peace s,
mang the nations is the so-.
rock foundation of the foreign%
policy which thd Soviet govern-
ment will pursue indefatigably~
fulfilling the will of the&--peo.
plc." .'
He spoke at an ex
celebration of the New ,
fore a glittering array 'of
ernment leaders, scientiafb,
war I0e .n Georgievs
o tthegr'palabe of the
6 t himself proposed
.t the toasts at the recqp-
halting -th_ "great Soviet
the wlie Commuihst
a ~L e great bells struck
midnght.- *
In his first question-and an-
'ower Interview since he Succed.
ed Josef Stalin, the Premier
sald yesterday the most hn-
portant step possible in 1954
would be .fn- East-West agree-
ment o. .the previous Soviet
proposal tha? both sides pledge
thetMaelves not to use nuclear
weapons. .-
Millions of Muscovites attend-
ed New Year's iartlea lasting at
some places until dawn. At-6
a m. merry-makers still -were
trudging home. through newV
fallen snow,
Old-timers said it was the
biggest New Year's celebration
4ince WorldWar II,
. Today "fir tree' of Clifatma
y parties began in the grand
c. o the Kremlin tor don-
for 10 daya. This is the
4 bB KrInln has been
in6.s children.
"tn l umns where
Stalin IaR. to became a
winter f' 'for diildren.
They it I OW
Jan." odsti
butedI Ag _t",'" Iro



Iway gan-ina, see
waik to foees, rab-
-fairy tale char-
red by actors frowe

K UP)-I army
IM that ilver'-Whieh
d to help e recolU
heavy guns for many
may be reeed by
oVgh not mornaly au
guns, wAs.used tn
I-N 1d and the Ko-
b h akl rin for
Wz BSY .fai

- ;. -~ r
-a --
a -.
-- ~ -

.- -* -- ,..,.
: '/ jr- 't.- i'^-." 'y.

I &- A

t-. -

1.: .'-IL .-'

. L

Mo__ ,..



; ,

: .-*

p I ;',7

. .. I -

.**> ., ,. .. .

i )

..' .- .; t '"i.-.,.--**f
s** f. '1'. *'"' ;*: ; '

" 1"

*r ,

p, .-t"


I. -
r .4. I *. '


y' o QUt d r** femae )your psp faor fsma te t trough
4'tooommpo lltl. Bomacimd withtt helrt lst1 d 9 gilat-th whbn tey begla.n.
T m UsUe y, tis for the blrds It is si Attion for
theap s-mo ually tW a fwhervT-.-pelslly tr nto snows
-e. aadaoares of foods.
your job as pilot and crAw Vollow stabmldi an d rudder
ce then, g so i ep the ship pattmr- and out them from box
Stpckled with bread crumbs, meat or other' woo 83/8 Inches thick.
sa upe muet, etc. But of course, Smooth the l ge.
e mua tabld It first and that. ft tabil In notch toin fuw
t p mm o doing. Let' begia AlaP tlL e a or glue to tfast.
wI sUm rmmalage: Fit rudder over stabiller and
TIM requires a hU seft-ploe State inSllly.
lbio*. 18 inches long. Patterns Cut out full.
ahqwat r igj"t i 1 WPm *1 Pat-
&dhn w lnrin i u twflt tiiltis*a W RpF

round ma fitoth eloa

is' no"e
. Lo*.
nr out


Tb r pad.
R .He fr l but a

.a,,A w iea At e. a seDarate a.NeOt
Spatrftld the paperr and
aBe a have
i beet qlued, a ,member of the
audi0Me la d to draw one-of
the: papers tt e bat to ,old,
without ~f~l~pI l It. T ae mai-
clan e t* reiaft re
in' a rneptacz
a 1 ot#O M Ol O- notaoft the
naUe c t pag*M being, held by
thoe eaMtator.
Heon Is the "gimunek"; No
m nattje what names are. Rgt
ed by thp audience, the i,. n
write- down only ,.onei-t firat
naDmO ve n. a, e o h"M oft
paper f l -klf .no l ifeunce
then, which name Is drawn twom
the hat. The magician's answer
must be correct.

kite. Out trom i
PJJw ois ) woo d. PI
*dnr(O vdreo
*frootk. Nail
whpg to ftuselage B
* in, aptea in. I~ m^, .
Use 1/4-lnch PLA
me*wire, or old M p
foreeithng, or g
*thI and amq--
lst scrap ,ooW S.k
Miner, Pastwn -
wit tacks sod etalghl nal l s m
neceaaary to keep dprigh
Propeller forms a peoh, so
carve fairly thick; avoid sharp



Hf-------- -
rum LINE



,,w. .",,,,.-----t.... ^ ,J (
N OF FUSELAGE .... ..........
-- -- -- -- --

-----------. j
edges. Popcorn or nats stuck on asmall Plane may be hung trom a tree or
fahnighg naila will sumilate cylinder beada. tuned to a post It t.bung from a tre
C(dae a color schema Apply several wll require nook-pyea fastened la inev
coat of outside paint Allow weatherng. places, notably tipa of wings and tall


o, I

An Airedale Out for Some Air

/. v v v V
P1K out ther figure 4 through 15 that are not.
1 4h1n above.. Place bia lgure -at eso outer
pWint (angle) do- that tae three Agures alon0 any
line. n the diagram wl total exactly 4 Pigure
already nuertmd at the lutersetMos count in the
totalsof both dagonal of 4W e.,
Can you complete the ortt arransemeat in two
mlinutes or fes?

,tsBttAT e ae fol lwo WOWd 'asoud r dly as po.a
s Ible:
ThtrteM toteM too tired to talk took the train to


1. Oh, wad some posea
er O the iftle
To keep from writ-
tfig nineteenn -."
8. Total lumber of
S days in the dily two suc-
cessive months in 1954
that have the same num.
her oft days.
S 5. January takes its
name from the god
Janus, who had aces:
- looking forward, and
- looking backwards'.
7. Encourage every child
the best year of his life.

to make '-

& What is a third, and a half of a
third of 4 ?
9. Area of a triangle whose sides are
8, 9, and 19..
10. Add the number of grandchildren
of President Elseuhower, Harry Truman,
and Queen Mother Elizabeth, and mult.
Sply by 5.
11. What you pay for 117 balloons at
ten for 80 cents.
13. Away to a .cMoestration camp
I'd seud the guy with glee

Who wed a and -
4al cenl t l tamp
On.h ie Chr stma eard
.o to.M
15. Jameotewn, V I r -
ginia. was settled in

NO ONx, of course, could ever
trase the entire route of Erie
the alredale on one of his daily
walks. To give you an Idea of the
ground he covers, here Is the
area In the Immediate vicinity of
bie home. In this' locale he pro-
eeds .trom where he Ia standing,
above, to the anall arrow on the
right. Can you pick out his
route? (Crossing lines and re-
tracing steps are prohibited.)

SParty Perker
SUPPLY rumpus room guest
with a small rubber ball and
a funnel. Ask them to bounee
the ball on the floor, on the wall.
and catch the rebound in -the

TWULVB 's have been substi-
tuted below for figures you
are to deduce so as to complete
the problem in multlplicatloh:


XI 9 X X 8

Note the plue: The last digit
In the multiplier must be S or 7
a four tiam this digit must give
a product ending In 3.
an" '. n o e r "~ oj qi doe
-trIM ego O .Jqj, :MnB|M1

% 1. You nold twice this
1 many cards to play
i- s Canasts.
.2. Clue: When the,
-- -- crowd wa discovered In
S ithe park, the memnbera
r .__ were fined reepeatively a
b iok, a fAn and an An-
nie Oakley. Amounts represented: -
3. Half a dosen.
4. He tlves tanes who gives quickly.
6. fRhyme with "more lean."
8. A prankster gave a couple silver-fiash
on their -th aalversary, and gold fish
on thelz --th anniveraaryr
10. Try this for your ,reside fun: A
man had thirty deik sheep and 7 died.
How many wre left?
12. Ben Fanklin's birthday, in January.
1. eleven o'clock, plus 1:
14. Wbeels on a unlyle.
'I-ST 'it-9T 'I t 't-1 '0i-9t'4 I
~.,;w~%4Of~'jj T1 129-'0O


pews w 1p
ab seirvl4ti.
Plau6 *a0 n mor
attW UAthif d
ntumNlut 8mbok. oo
es, mp ., lag '
e% am a per- tp
peiawl t ate. Per- i
, mit al payers to
observe the ob-
jests foy one
minaut Then
have theM walk
to another room
where -theby are
to. writedown as
-many objects em
they ea really. 1,!
RRemembering evwything on
the tow to not. osy. It yor.
think it tesm yourelaa the
drawng abpve. Observe for a
brief 90o0"t what I oMi e t a-W
be ..'thm cover the page ad. ns
if you S Ut allath m ioth L
. A" viton f tbst hisa" is to-
t have fa r objects, each with
marked cbarateroIstaIcs a th a
an applear with -a bite taken out,
a glass bha.lUOd with water,
a pair of eyeglasses with only
one *s, to.,
After you've changed 'the ar.
tics aevurLtime, you can liven
up the .at y 'havag the group
observe the items leave te room,
sid, while ty arn gone, add & r
take away' evem! piues. When
th grtaup rnures and dissevers
youat trbitk. anouiue that the
gaen b h". bmn.'ompgd "d the
object now s to -gues whien
item'have either been added or

Brain Tarfer

A ZM and a U dan wre
Indian w theson of the btig
Indien, but the oig Indian wet
not the little -Indian's father.
eqr GAUl, lp

N E.
SWoodmma .
t'" IS0 Clue-
Doodle is
sometbaf differ-
ent "r others
in that U is baed
entirely on cum-
The trc b here
is to draw the
Bfure t so that it
cromase T WIC JC
all Aof te nuia-
bers tin te dta-
tram .- esema
one. Your lIne 4ust




hise this number completSe

Can you do It? 'f you can't, une possible solution
Is shown elsewhere in the page. but don't look until
you've .tried. Begin anywhere In the diagram.

Mj P T.I tA4 reader, thysell:;
Uy ?lBXT f O ea. R.
mJy WIOLB to sun"y wfl apply,
But not to fthee and me.
".r1t" and "next" ref4r to syllables of the
"whole" word. What is It?
"ponoip :paU "0oq14j, sI Ms y

Ire ftn to din-
dover a hidden
e a with the B
help of crayons
or colored pa.-
oils and thin s
on0' yoa' I 4i ad. 0
one of the larger
nt 9bers of the
animal kilndom r
n ga mady tos '{ 0
a pasft. The" / 0
'are the color In-
die ator s: B
stands for Blue;v ,
0, Orange; R.
Red: r, Yellow; .
V, Vlo.let; 0,
Gray. An oardU. '_
nary lead pencil V
used lightly will v V C
take gray.

I /,.



a -: ---. --

&avl Splics V as semeat
* sab.gAA -1 ad a& as e ms a.e mm
tho "ei a gp
to mwlg so digligm


By Suene Shefer
1-Reputed writer of the Psalams
-What Lthe pondod book of
the New Tstamest?
10-What Is the fourth book of the
New Testament?


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etA' *** l.

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.... -, V ^ ^ *, < -* .-,.. ..."* *- -., -* ... ... ... ,.*' ,f: 'i, i..
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-'" .^ t -,.* /. "^ .,: "5. ,. .._ 5 ",- .... ,' .... : ir'W' .:i ..


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f;ST LINM;&IShain utndau stations E -the'polar Jinvapon
-to the United St' ',-s Miftti crmp 4. ab, out,1, 0mirs from,
This line of rad a- staflatatoat be: ntseidt Z000 miles. trom Alaskaa
will give U. S. defae" torflu bt feflst.onradvaacwitning in cai e
Invasion. The pictutmesm'a map bel *hf .somw s aew -' h.i- radar-"'

at .--s -
--~~~~A I .,... R_ :..,.,-..


* II



AIN'S LARGEST AIRCRAFT CAR the 'O,800-tbn Eagle launches one-of Its Attacker jet aircaft during maneuvers
t-the Mtdtc:''ranean as part of on opeeatton .e nine NATO nations against simulated enemy i4ttacking in full Sorce.
w I. 1 'e.... --. 4 *.. ,

I. ., -. .- :. .',

SHOLLYWOOD qf i. stat
Joan Crawford .lhiils s-
ual dress of --r-us 4O*L
The copper c6rduroy..odt Ja
- lined with golden $awtung.

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Fmc W ttion w bI I n viyIA
r Ill stIatIIiiiiiiiii 11IiiiIin IiIII li ilmf ii -
radlar stations will be in vicinity j


4 IIJ cxteifd to Gretoi


FLASH FLOODS cat.4ed by torr,entialirains can't stpr this milkman from making his
winds in Renteria, Spain. He's helping out a marooned woman. Man at right bought milk.

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SYMBOLIC of the Hawaiian lsletnds is this lovely native
girl, Leinaala Moraki, wearing some of the traditional leis.

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his aerial view from an

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a~e~e^N afarriflhs at WAAnto parkiMt ER
'- .WnS s, m'tyet ..* ga;.. _

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. Three Ancon teeri-agers pause in a game of croquef to. A

i; t lhi. e a New Yer s resoluion. Can you guees -

what it is? As prsd by Phyllis Phillips, Beth

Heianw and F-lee Skiner, i -Speak

4- -, ~.
i~4~ ~

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-XA^LnJ ^*j'-ilLt^ AIk


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.. -- I

No. .. a, t." .-S -. I ,.
deone for yerole in ht deiy wett r'

prlt who bec e o wch la rilgt come about that .-e"onUea -iiee n
involved in any controverWies t e3g to with A
oeoarerMinefrdlitfrdawtrh Of

to pas. of the ck of renP. th he 't know he'll be aroun fo
one thing was certain, The Canal Compn ap- There may even have br to a. Toy Trabert tOeo other Amrc
neared to be following a OAO report whichoered the well-performed oRaspet ." o atipned tas w" se 2, wmBe
fiscal Year 1952 and which recopinended that "a- marred only by a few a1s of tumyace, sg y d Trabert. "Bu next year I guarantee y
pielod nany move Intere nd In e e B1. U a lt t hing of life that It w be dA.

,llTalks, m re prou nd lo on 6 the e r lr s.a.t evr~free election ButpEOfesd,_n.l Jack Kramer .ay have -
l sti on i a clues wO ld o re Tr t er e wne plotov d to say about that. Kramer told United Press he
An investigation of delicate facties was lle o oms up or to silgn Trbert atnd Australian Lewis hoad for
or, and the desirability ofaowng private iterestec foreign minister at 1955' professional tour. Krame says he'll make Tra
to operate some or all of them on a concemsio aws." diseusslon. among the Big orbert an offer "le can't afford to turn down" whela
Only casually to date was the Hotel Washingtonre Berlin. ounthe Western Tony gets bae romAustra
which began the new ywar under private manage- No that Mo v, w hema retd. f Molotovn Trabert and fod arto considered the two t ama
Onenth. inworga cr tea the t- ,are. ls teusta in the fd. Trabert is American chramlion.
The Col6n hotel was leased to Inversiones Mott star, hearing mAin h is as t el to f wer be T rart nked numiber-one
on a five-year contract ot palort w4i00 a month. weel eo-eris teady dli to Wome- it thAa t ralia t peirat both Trasoen iisa
New operators announced that everyone woild, for it r win o`t being e e .beot et ar o r I b t rae
the presentay the same rates as those charged pre- Whr 0 he s. adbole hi Ben T getb lstrma. e upthe lat A.
Non-employes would thereby have the benefit of, cons 8ub by e ue ut not surpri
paying ten per cent less than the paid beforevae for uad in al at G eorh l really wishes the peoplt .i n a ld .,er and he-predict_
-emloye t. th r h tat orgilb whto e sdelo.
The privlnve s ottio ayig cate T e rwasitones Hotill ah_-, r nnibheroe

At year's end. thetPanaml CanaT Co, announced a o t Sltr ttrlian othll haverruh
net income of over 7O.Oe400 for the fiscal year w 0hich o n less o Aothan it takes to wonder wBIbbio.a nto string l ea. Ia'.n dw
ended June SO, 1953. The financial statement, when el iemSelves a President in tle w s c '
broken dozen, eane considerable Conaternation a t te t OIe Viethminh foe ab, steOtck taiadho hi sla thre
SNone Canal employes because o felt the cn n to the sea. It wut lut as tIf Com I the bas
as wnetrti, too uch e mlooan e derored f ir ,ls car whether rhe Frenchc had a t.
the workersne of Boe of Tl. Cnost w .i I T idv4ere rne nr bae Ina
comments were: or t The w renh golders and the loyalist r. las after bey Pr
"Jnet who isgoato nthe ,7 shown x beside them fought back as If they 'e board coaches asa to prvi d
WL t mlnprese ;e most was that the net L ether not the thea w uenc lentutky was ranked
Noewo lereasea over dta per e ot while th f trf At the end of week the trench wereBOp' n
ic thepr s3 Ir e tackring with good heart, an even a It. first game at

"Why with tarriir lt esat ho e Canal which goes to show how uch French p ao as with saven tMfirst place.
eontinu e Its ey a payn for the m- prepared to do for their ohtiag men in. .tthe a he tte Ci..eard
"ployes olt an for re when they conlder the occasion to mer- --ntuce-ab ... .t
able rental? tentin 1Indi is slide back
At tsen-a r-ol Csan r ao omM'areng the tedious political ble the ronnetph. Duo quesn e with iae
Baldwin of Coc6 died tragically on New Year's Da aw t Indocinee Reds came set l .ll foowed by Oklahoma A-and-
after fIhting for his sife an Iron lung. The childT, hstle bs the rl er of Thall t wnies le. .
hs brother wa holding oded n hhead ac- of chdeocracy prsnt tw. a State. ordhm and Brigh
dentally. Little Bruce a l oon down the barrel ate not the Ios t heartening sound In n. .t ..
Sthe .22-caliber. gun when t discharged. -
Four polio cases at Gorgas Hospital were all con- Wbne the present trend in several sections of the The Pittsburgh Pirates have released a young rngt.h
sildered to be "mild. Two women from Coco solito reh Utca scene It away from the Indochina hander who once struck out 27 batters in a ne
and Balboa, a Diablo Height. teen-ager, and a nme- ttent brsk and more definite declons may. leare egame.
Syear''id boy from Curund. were t"he victim" welr Ronnie Bauman, out on a camping trip to El yale shift closer to Indochina somewheBe along the Neccial to Waco. Tewptbf Qtaass B Big State Leaguel
was rushed back to civilization three hours after he Mekong River, for instance, or in the Red River dlts. The 21-year-old rlt startled the base.
arrived there, to be treated at the hospital for a herench airline, Air force, la equipped with word n 1952 by trkng out 27 men while olain
fractured le after he fell off his horse. Brtlshebuir Comet jet airliners which could quickly with Bristol. Tennessee In .a Class D Appalachian
he act that employe of rmed Forces would transportthe entire French assembly out to Indo Leage ame.
now have to pa or h ton except if in- china, an the .Senate too. eN a. was called up to tfWPrrates later, then wea
ures wre sustained n e line of duty brought converting. L a ungle.elearing anything up to 20 inducted nto the Amy He was discharged short
tests from members o the National Federation o mle in red t' of th nart rorted Red patrol, after with a stomach disorder and the ailment at
eal Employea who iced that they were reeis- these deliberative bodies may well speed their acttl- affected his pitching. Last season at Burlington in
tering complaints with their naions Office in Wash- vities. rench dehoracy would be much revitalized the Carolina Loop, Necclal won one game and lot
ngn. ) thereby, and wit he whole stand of Western Eu- one.
Local 595 has been trying for two years to find an rooe against the threat of Russian asressn -
Insurance company Which would offer them a grouP This link between the Far Eastern and Western Lanky Ed MacAuley of the Boston Celtics is setting
plan but to no avail. NFF ubers considered Europe o spheres of Red endeavor has not had much the pace in the National a etball Association sc.r
the ord6r, originating with the Depa ent of the publicity heretofore, as it happens. rae. *
Army .as a "serious setback." e a o o-- MacAuley has dropped b points In 31 a
;Sitbor groups at year's end were counting their r id Aeuusta, Ga., President aIsenhower was still. tor an average of 10 e, according to a-
S "bleWsings, and at the same time, planning ahead .for keepin-tis State of the Union sp eech whzihn league- figures. Det noring champion
the new year. An active programs to protect .tahe sora iht down the middle of the rhirway.Sr t .fa J ohnston of Philadelphia secondd in total point
Dights of U.S. citaens was mapped out y a commit cold be withered from reports slightly daort f by with 576. but Johnston p yed only 4 gane
tee- from the. Central. Labor Unlo1 .M@tal A'r.des New Year atinespherics. Johnston's- average of 24' wans-per game is tops U
S thCounce" o -.4 9Usechges or wn Fe nch av.'w. the league. Bob Cousy, Boston ranks thirn
CL\ v1'C legislathe esentalAve. Howard Munro, D. Chambers, 16 and 5idney A. Dryden, 23, who ren-; wiih..525 4ants and g. p tnt-pine average In 31
lets by oiat for Washli n whore he will keop in celved jail sentences. games. ,
close cuch wiii negotiators discussing the Panama- 0 ii -
Sy o' etal, ian sumin up their ehne- high hopes. at greater prosper ante t the lit moment to keep p his scoring aver,
men s, announced they wre e ntia .fight of a "new d.ea" froml the United States regarding ae this yeaS
for an increased standard tof hivn among atena treaty intepretations. .Rioran, w-hr" plays mostly-ron the Lions' defensive
SU.S. empoyes, pores for a 75 eens an hour-mnIa aIn The ew Yeasr mnd e, Ar ride, t u lc q wlatoon caugh he wiring touchdown msepass .in De
ad efeigh the eig slimination of Srimination a 1953 with pride and expressed the uA Cha19h Bros u avt troit.
she. a M ol o e r.d s*wossh bring oinch good fortune for oanamanians .you kn aran after the ame," "this
0ow., hetp -_. ohn -i -A. n ~ qe ftteigtn re.ldents alike. emy third wa the Lions and I scored one touch
J enlOther eews in Brief: A new owayant asttl et o n -u n .o down. h e flt.. I was beginnoar nln ttou

SAttlorniey for the Can p, I ot h orton Ce ratively few 0AenJoured in the Repub f thrs Iewa i sarb
Thoumsopio Jr., was named to r a r Plb'haher oaofoiamApoverendIneYealcoliayitoJ7 car ea a ftd& yitny
S. ho reds oea... A yo s men of te Na fi year t.ho le n r sin'WOg celebrations eafoa m ti eI ndoina 0 n .ar.wnad Lst e ho thtehi the winlat
tried to "pke hie own tr nL no c fainel e., .e .il e pastr .Bal o ,elsetwo minutes left Inc tlo
Rie, Bocaumn ha eenout tryn a am it arto1n all e shfa rai4tndh tet of_ tnre g n '" .. ho .. .ut w.hen DoraI.
Bwas' rusheduran c k C ompanm' tlhee wod hours' Rtem-a p Tis Rliverkf bt.nee th o rar rn the w. e aern b doltsi.ey. _eese I .new _e h ad i semn

*. times wlthacrude k-fell8oft h is horse Brt pahffiSCe et arlneswi s in .& Cla s D
p -valnH at-ejr p .owb n paa0a ljrcsioed r sp ereFrench ras ly tio m Ie ga me. Parker adds otiat s

Ss ,*,n ft cxn e w r X t gb ad's. 45 aod line made t
jouris ine doIri l at t .won.httha eoa rnou th Citvereto9ore, a rith aeny.,sc... -i. .

M .I ar ys au theories swere treftlew h st a ore a nd allnen.
Sa 3Oc oseEp ap y 'ee d e rei nt thhey wer Aucgguta, tati e sludae i en" spednhowe tbed icin. Lw .snra Parker -lngtoan
'o c-rei clin Inmp out ionsiedtm upIt toe ei egeKlty operationshsbal~ig:gn

asared by police who appreuhs. two .. in li

. iW

Gen. William P. Dean share i k ar h at the party held
; Sn follywood, CaliCO in hoVoo a4 hero TaejoI. The affair.
Sponsored by cotnedan Bob ~tpe a i his wife. and attended by
many HoHywood and sports celebdtlep, was-a far cry froni the
grim Ile of ps cogiounds for tht general --


STEADY -TEDDY-Dbane Compton, r Wichita. Kan., has a
,..- acog named Teddy that has a keen sense of balance, and if there's
a ride he hasn't' been od. It's because be hasn't heard of it. At
present Teddy is riding around on a motor scooter which has a
"doggy" rumble seat,. Teddy is also a veteran.of motorcycle drlv-
ing at speeds of 70 to 85 miler per hour.




By Colbraith

!jo b. -:

...........nSnn-" .ISu ..... .- -n


cent lamp
in the skin
22-Wild ox
25-Kind .
of beer
29--Native of
one of the
37-Black bird
measures -
-of length
48-t'uts off
the Anal
50--Spread for
5' 2-Small
53-Next to -
e profession,

ian birds
68-That may
be mis-
in fear
ly colored
89-Sing ,'
ment for
Ing to
lates a

of agri-
135-Roman .

5-Mark of
4-Sprung up-
and fried
rant on 1;
a train
Ing to
the eye

with a
77--A style
poem ,
to be

93-At *
a claim
114--P "-ces
118-One of
on an
n eck
120-Clan in

Awers im* e *1 selstio: miamlIe.- -D ranhtuby BB unleb Fa'lremu lfadate ,
J.sW wet& bt foumd elsewhere tIU ~M4S dly Amerintan

for the sht in otos & Features

its Th .A
I 1Th eAcan

~AA ~.u: ~,.-* .......,~ .~ -~ ______________

'* .? -;

-- -I:

~""~-~-~"" '-'

5~ ~ -'~ ~ ''j -W -^^'' *. -

.50 Pt- I

31 3 "^" W1 ~i -- -|ii

^^ -o St Sa^ a i!84 S
- 7b --

45 .92 5 4 IIo
5-- ^.- ann -- a s -w _- _

00 lo ot 10210

10b t7 16
1-311 -6 ,-- -I- -.1
ili ""- --~ -
.7> -" M* 8 10 *1^ *

B---r 74 ------ lb -

y ~""'w -. -3 -0 101 -0 ^ >

l 19 129 IISO 1SI
-- a -- -

-~o" -- -n~ -- -l --7 -l -" -i

5 ---a iS----- ii-- ---" i-- -

I^ lmilim~^


_woAp N 9MUmW~ T UNa A MA "W a ." N
N- @Ij N ." ._ a V I-ges n
7 as Mr> .? o 4ms4 "ANAMI t. ar P:
Th,..ern .Bwpb 9-0740 5 a wIaN"
WeLst 0A615s. P^uAMEnWeC1 WAUi*. -
SetOM OPWICb 12 **1e OCNTIwM A AuI *Wi e, IS l a F ,N ISTn s mumu
'OrnIdN RCP*lpetNTATVivr JOMHUs P,)wIft. INC.
4BS MACIBON Ave MkNw **q*. Ift v. .
4Po 0VA WSeem1.i IN ADVANCE 3 '70 S S
van oN VfAf .V RA 4vA 'I 1o To Son


This week's poems, like last week's, are by Witter Bynner.
one of America leading poet.,from two of his works, "Caravan"
and "The Beloved, Stranger".

+F 9 A R
This 'day has come,
Like an idiot, blank and dumb,
Over a lonely road
Under lonely skies.
And though at first I Whistled and strode
Like a strong man showing no fear,
Yet I am afraid, afraid of this day,
You not being here,. -
And I look back and back at this uncouth day.
You not being here,
And my heart is in my mouth because of its eyes,
In which nothing is clear.

SBetween your laughter and mine
Lies the shadow of the sword of change.
Yours Is innocent.
Mine knows
You had sat abstracted
By the touch of dreaming string
: Of an old guitar-,
When in the centre of the room
A crystal dish cracked for no reason.'
Then you darted with joy to the fragments,
Like a fish to a crumb,
And held between your thumbs and your fingers
* Two pieces of laughter .

The -look in your eyes
Was as soft as the underside of soap In a soap-dish...
And I left before you could love me.

Approaching ever on a winged hotse
Like yours
And bringing me a living star,
Like this they have all come to me
And hpve "all left me,
All but the beloved stranger.
And it is you this time
Who are th' beloved, stranger,
And I wouldd have you lean near to me
Before you leave .me.
As the others have all left me,
All but the beloved stranger
Who will never leave me,
Approaching ever "
On a winged horse,
- Like yours, '
Bringing rime a living star-
Like this.

Y I.
My single cy is love of life:
Because we ha entered no such formal pact
As d~alls devotion between. man and wife.
No bland acknowledgment, no -binfing fact,
No mingling of betrothal with divorce, ,
No dated bliss, no midnight certitude ,.
SNo sad necessity, no matter of course,
I o pall d-answer-saying why we wooed;
because she lets me :loyq, her as. I can
i Moment by moment. moments that always come
beyond the calculation tf a man
-or joy or pain, for epithalamium-
0.- for elegy, and because, when I am spent,
i.e shalL have had her.way, shall be content
Still to confer the -sweet bewilderment
On gomeoe else, shall'loosen her lovely hair
_o the w i shall turn with bountiful intent
Towdad anyone at all, and I not there,'
Shall offer cooy papayas, pale bamboo
And amournus -guaya to a later comer.
And none of her gftsV, not even It drop of dew,
To me who had received them many a summer.
These are not harlotries but only joy.
These are 4he very tiptoes of delight.
This is the hapt_ .b gives a boy
With nothing .o I, nothing of te
SIn that In ,delleous, akedbed.. ,
Where and te na lie, except the dead...
But I shalea r. All that theft Ott rest
Shall be little enough, after so much of love.
Wherever I move, she .js there. Her open brbask
Offers the teaderna I am dying of.
. Her arm along my body like a anak
Has softly would me Into rings of sleep
And, every time again, stings me awake
And drowns me In ber rhythms deep and deep...
Can I be tragical, In having had
i love of life herself mubdued?
S Inee 1 am satiate- with joy., can e ad
ni All tht there Is. ofr olitie
tall bte ~_ h, rfter this va't-& a1r9
wrMTe bpi a tM ounler lever in my pleq, -"

. ......- r \..

.. **'..l. *, i l*' *
.-. v-"

i V.-

-.. 7 -. K
Io t **

I RATTLING OOD TIME-These two chaps were found, apparently t~dVtiw pp oft their studies in
a dormitory of the Cawe Institute of Technology in Cleveland, Ohie. Identlcation plates in
their skulls showed that they are, left to right, Skeleton No. 6 and Skeleton No. 5. Further in-
vestigation Indicated that they were transfer "students" from nearby Western Reserve Medical
School. A Case Tech student, who for some reason"wished to renmah nameless, said it just hap-
opened that there was an unlocked door at Reserve's Medical School Ouring the night and the
skeletons were just hanging up there, kind of lonely, so .. .

.1i. n-d /

1Pearson's Merry Go-Round

0 --- O -. -
WASHINGTON Ex President President Syng ian Rhee'. ihee is of $10,068 and .-:s son Burton, Hill,
S Herbert iHover is now 79 years a "menace" he aid, but we're Jr., as a guard at :3,613.
old but follows developments in stuc.- with Iim. ey, to.%cCer ith the huge en-
-he nation's Capital almost as of Senate probers, settled

closely as v.henu he- was in 'the
White House. Some of his friends
isay he even follows them with
lmore perspective, as in the days
when he was Secretury of CQm-
. As .' membe., f the Harding
jCabinet, Hoovei was one of the
most popular men in Washington.

Jul press conferences were -bea
best attended. He wLs always at
ease. discussed' news freely, had
an amazing knowledge of almost
every subject under the sun. But
suddenly, when he left the Cab-
inet and entered the White Houae
* tsAomething inside him seemed tV
.-e was ill at ease with Senators,
like an' Indian mummy with the
press, stiff and formal with the
public. Back '.shington today.
*. however, he Tas relaxed into his
earlier less formal self.
Talking to fri .ds the other day.
including newsmen, he was' ex -
tremely frank about Red China and
Korea though actuaiy he did
not deviate from what re.ary
of State Dulles has been 4.,-iar.g
privately about China.'
bThe United St.tea can't go on
,-- e v e r ig.oring Communist
Chin.," Hoover said. "We simply
can't pretend that 40 000,000 pDo-
ple don't exist .-lnV eventually
we'll have to work out some kind'
of arrangement whereby we can
start up som. trade with them. Of
course, we could' send any Hii-
tary items, but th.- are a ot
of ;t-er goo0s we could trade.'"
Them Hoover added; knowingly:
"I believe that as. business can-
tinues to fall off there'll be an In-
creasing dea.and for some kind of
trade with Red China."
The ex-President is gravely con-
cerned abou, future Commumnist
moves in the cold war.
"My friends in the Pentagon,"
be said, "tell me the situation in
,brea is touch and go. It could
!kWl:- again any mlnute.. And
thee oiers say that it the truce
breaks Ow In Korea we'd bet*pr
lepect or four other trouble
spots to flare around the vorld
J.- Red j want to bled us to
.k .t -..- SEaMI scale

NEW MEXICAN DEAL down in New e- co, famous for
Its resort climate, and- enjoyed A
The fight for that one vote the delightful summer. Working in the
Republicans need.' to control the swank Albuquerque Medical Arts
Senate is really getting bitter. This Center, they even had furniture
was what Was behind he- sudden sent them by e General Services
Senate Subeommittee report r. Administration for one of the
New Mexiao urging that 20,000 plushest investigating junkets ever
votes for Senate 'c havez. Demo conceived by a United States- Sen-
crat be thrown out, plus 20,090 actor.
votes for ex Secretary of'W.Wr r
Pat Hurley Rep.bliean. This vote Note The final Subcommittet
j:Igling would elect Hurley. re commendations to throw out 30,-
000 Chavez votes and 20;M00 Hur.'
Ioteever, the throwing out of so ley votes will get nowhere in In.
large a block of votes one whole Senate. Sen. Wayne Morse, who
year 'after an election is almost lb'ds the balance of power, would
unheard of. No historical preoed- bloc& it if it evr came to a real
eant exists. Second, the Senate Sub- showdon6- .*... -
committee report violates an .
agreement made with the Demo- Hemdfleise an Fooniotes
crats last summer tha' the Senate
wo udo xiothing further about the IPre.: -ti .Chief of Staff,
N4'exic -bc. -Se ,ian AdCri long uaponuiar
W' With White Mouse, stenograpiers,-
Attbat timer the Democrats had began to thaw ptt before Chr.s.-
the .votes to kill the New Me&jcan mcs. has icy New England reserve
probe completely. The Republicans rr.el.. ,. and he eh. tted solicit., -
had spent or were asking for the ly with office help .7.. Under tae
hug. total of $250,000'of the tax- sy&.:m (7 guilt by ass.. .
payers' money to investigate New action, Premier Georki Malenkov
Mexieg, -and many RepubWlcns, should bq just 'h guilty 'as toe..
plus practieally,..ll the Democrats, man he purged, Seret Police Z.h.'P,
felt an- economy administration La- reiti Beria. -The two used to
should not be pourin- money into be close political alies, shared a.-
a probe which bad actuafly devel- most the same. politic, I buct -
oped more votes for Chayez than r ou n d ... 'Russian diplomats
for HuAiey. te.,ing neutral couptries 'hat
j t iepurge of Berja.js no different'
However, Sen tor Barrett of Wy- Iian 'the Harry Dexter White tiie
ing argued that his committee in the United States ... CoTntm-
wou I lost prestige. .if fund_.'were- nis- countries are Isooding -w tini.
cut off abruptly. 'So additional ted States with issues of new
iaoneay. was voted with Democratie stamps, in order to collect: value.
zn"'~nt, but provided *he able Americ..s dollars from star.p
would be-diplomatically and di4- cgectors ... Final tests aiye
creety wound .. been completed d the Russ'an
MIS that- was ptelen -nd flown
Instead, the Senator trom Wyo- across tbhe.I th parallel. The tests
ming, with the anwrovel of 'OOP show tBal .ae :-., though an old
Senator Potter of Miehgag, tfid wae w evap l efficiett nan
just the opposite. ha eema fo'-igl t. FOr ex- mpe.
h.pilot'a rear view was obstruc.
NEW JERSEY IN NEW MK t Also the ~RBamans out such
Sstres on sooneay that, many ga#-
The man who persuaded them gets did" wocik property. Most
to walk out on their. agreement fEatures, sheb as the electric wir-
SWilliam Ware GOP c u J ee Slg' and electronics equinr ant,,
the -committee. Ware e s-'h oti were copied from American nis"es.
New Jersey and -'as stat*d. -the Bow, er, t e Russians had in -
SeMgte Sube mittee with t.-i- stalled a few devices of their own,
vestigatirs and attorneys, mau such as a re b motor .
K Otum from New A. This A in all, U.S. tehAnlcans are
m tP eqa 1. nm avft.ced& that Uhe inuaai& st
St bst 1 d a .age lest mfi ed& MGastrn
a-,J. .ea a 2 --. 3 eld Ji
Sil W N '. cntegggpdmu .,


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thehA ; t 1uwhocd, m e the o boos
staying around, e ca s been daft- intimate as too low. With pop
f-o some. _. eed to a oee. I ten increasing year By year in
S irta as to The e6 Cr m itt not th United States, some housing
EARD ON THIS BEAT The, Ad ventures of William Teill" t Gedgeit attepupt to enter any statN pri- experts believe the figure should
BAK ON HUB the anti-Communist Italian movie vo e S truth of th one, males and will not interfere'with now be closer ,totwo million uit.
I refer again to the mystewioug union potested to the Hollywood which has to do with ais bos. local doP organizations. It will co a year. In suppott of thi to1o,
r. X who had such great infiu- AFL F Council. m egretary mpreyin y baslways centate winning oei Democrr theypoint out that In I., Semn
ce on ex-President Truman that bee. food f hoes an dogs. Let 12 and independent voters in sup- bertA. Tat o Ohio, Sen. Aen
could come and go in and out Again Flynn used labor recruited a stray, dot ceme along the see- prt of E .ennower Republicans in Ellender of odulhia and SLen. Rob
the White House with just a per- from the Sovieteering film union. retary's pathi and he will stop to te N ember elections. er F. Wagner of New York re-
nory telephone call announcing row, I'm certain Flynn is neither e it t f.4ieb pat or pet.oHum ommended a million and a halt
sa rrval. I most respecfully rec- a.. Comunit nor aCommuninst phrey lives that anyone who New Approach Net New new housing starts early in the
mmend .o Mr. Truman that he sympathizer. But, what -sense is con get along with dogs can also aeTaft-lender-Wagner bill.
heck Mr. X's record. If the for- Utere in the U.S. Embassy people get along wfh people. hfle Presadeqt Eisenhower is
ner chief executive does .so he, in Rome spending millions fighting The other day, a' brown cocker general, being given and modest. Dangerous Helmets
discover that Mr. X overwork- Communism, when a celebrity like spaniel wandered into the Treasury ly taking credit for having thought
MIimself shortly after the Russia he-man Flynn, who breaks into-the building, and went rigl-., to 5he see- i his ne-' approach to the atomic T h cr e's dissatisfaction among
evolution in an effort to put So. ItlUlan press re-uarly with some retary's office on the third floor, energy problem, it has been kick- some Air Force Je. pilots over the
det Russia on its feet. exploit, patronizes an anti-Ameri- The secretary wasn't there at ir rcum Washington for some flying helmets they are issued.
can labor union. Particularly when, the time, but that didn't, bother time. -- Comptlaint have been made fol.
YMr. T qcoaselyd it in economic all the tine he could have the tli brown c. ker a" all. He. Jump- Gordon Dean former chairman ,lo ing investigations into the
blems, organied a company to services of skilled anti-Communist e:' ul on the old, brown- leather of the Atomic Endrgy Commission, deaths of several pilots who have
build the Soviets ifiuatrialstly technicians? davenport in the reception toom, states It t'is way in his book, "Re-. been catapulted from their planes
ugbt stock in the corporation and went to sleep. port on the Atim": on landings and takeoffs.
One of Mr. rXs fellow stock- Flynn has just left the U. S. for Tte Se'rct Service was- then "The Unit I States must face up
Riders in his Rustsan-American Italy-with pledges of $500,000 from called In, nothing subversive you to a .d resol- the problem of wha he catar ..t is intended to eject
industriall Corp. was none other United Artists so he can finish und -3 and, but they wanted to i. long ter-n relationship to the the pilot frem his cockpit and
an Nicolal Lenin-who was then shooting "William Tell." It would find -:ut to whom the dog belonged, fast growing foreign (atomic de- th. iw him lea .o the ,lane when
reacting the bloodiest terror, the be a fine gesture if United Artists, Using latestt detection devices, the eiopment) programs will b e. he wants to bail out after an ac-
ildest strike-breaking, and the which from now on will know of Secret Service found the dog had Shoudl "w c-acourage and -ssist cident in flight. But there have
deadliest extermination of peasants Flynn's. policies, tells. him to work a tag on its collar. By calling the them. or should we remain aloof been a number of eje.tions while
ae world had seen. To get a full with pr0-U.S. forces abroad. Hyattsville, Md., police on the and alone?" .was we-e on the ground.
lure of Lenin's terrorism Pt that b ,one, hand witioutC e use of wire-
me, read Eugene Lyons' new Jimmie Petrillo's feud with the tapping, the owner was found t Housing Estimates No cne has ..s.-> e ed whether
smaller entertainment unions has be Cloyd F iend, of nwood St. ...- ejection mechanism has been
reached the silly stage. One of the Hyalttsville, .. In announcing the big report accidentally touched off by plane
S.e never written that any book unions Petrillo hates worse than One of the Secret Service men from President Eisehower's hous- vib- ti.n, or whether the pilot has
i a "must." Now I may that tu. germs is the American Guild of Lved out tha. why, and he took advisor) committee, Housing done it Intentionaly to get free of
ne Lyons' "Out Secret Allies" is Va.: Ity Artists. Last week, when- tie dog hom- that night. I.dministrator Albert M. Cole gave fire in -ossible crashes. Whatever
ust.reading for it reveals the kind ever national AGVA president, co-. t as his personal opinion that t" anne, n pilot has ever sur-
Russia which Mr. Trum 's median Jackine Bright, walked on Citizens for Ike 'ove a million" new housing units vive', a und ejection. They l-
Os riend wa trying to save in tih stag e of:. Pittsburgh night club I shond be built :n the U. S. every on their heads, and the
-early Twentes. g to s ave in alled Ca.ousel, Pe.-iflo'sorchestra' Citizens Committee for Eisen -year. Actually, the millionth hous- helmets arena" strong enough to
early Twenwalked out. Jakie had to work power is being reactivated for ing start for 1953 was recorded :n protect their skul.-.
'nile national labor chiefs like his routine without music work. in the 1954 congressionalNovember._,
'oin Lewis, George Meany and -
valter Reuther make the head-
.as, an independent labor federa- T r.msters Union president Dave
: which is virtuElly unklwn to Bee is on the road to cleaning up
I country is quietly but swiftly 15. of that union's trouble spots-
swinA in size. This is the inou by suspendinpe local charters acrossW al WWl I N ew Yom
leized Natioal-Independent-tnion the country.
councill whi49 is a central head- o -
arters. in Washlngto for some In one area he discovered that
,000. unions outside the AFL and buqsness agents had shaken em- SANTA CLAUS (LATE THIS Chapin deL-red, "and the men girl wandere- int a bank vault
'O. Its new national chairman, players down for almost $200,000-- YEAR) MEETS THE PRESS worked with were cogs. The hu-. u closing time. Th. v ult door was
kicked at its convention in St. Louis by threatening to deprive New man element ever entered intn shut, the timt clocL went on and
ast September, is Clarence Ben- York of one of its most vital foods This is the tale of a wise man the scheme of getting out the pa- the tot w.s tr: "ped Howey
itt .of New Haven, Conn. Bennett Beck, by ,the way, will not vho learned the wonder of sim- per." He ended up behind bars for zt 'meo into acti. He phoned the
eads an independent telephone 'ig. the no-raiding agreement be- plicit and the magic of reaching killi his wife ... A reporter once arden of a penitenth ry and ob.
inion which he says is the largest 1 :een the AFL andCIO. The Team- the Ert.rts of children. Many years described Chap .: "When he wish- incj the aid f several expert
-n. t; at state. There a4re rumors that sters leader said recently that this ar the Troy (N. Y.) Sentinel pub- es you a Merry Chris.mLs you sife-r. eke!- hen the Jimmy
.ohn Lewis woul4 like to see them is a principled stand and not a Jshed a poem. It was submitted feel like punching him on the Valent.n-,: ned tie vault-there
,oin him in 'third labor fed- prelude to raiding. Beck believes by t author's friend without his nose" was LO little girl Howey was
-rton that the CIO, from the day it was consent. When the poet learned of equal to the occ. sio His yarn
launched, has been operating en- itk publication he was appalled. A They would hLve you believe that stressed thrt the hardened crime.
]o;;vwood's -jlm-, unions, have tirely in AFL jurisdiction i istgiW a s',ed theologian and pro- it h ppened to a reporter for the nals wept wh';e they worked des-
been investigating "runaway" mo- George Meany and Dave Beck, in- J.ssor of Greek and -lebrew, bpe anti-New Deal Chicago paper. Dur- perately to open vault. And
vie end TV producers who runh to cidentally, disagree with the CIO, considered the verse friv.ous rid ing Christmas .eek he wa as- when they lear ed the child was
Europe where labor costs are 430 proposals for a guaranteed annual refusedd to acknowledge authorship. signed to interview a popular not there they dropped to Iheir
to '50 per -cent lower than ours. vage'and wil' certainly not support He ha4 composed it in an nour for clergyman who was an ardent knees and gave thanks.
Sor D AFL film people are par- uch a policy inside the AFL... ,the amusement of his sevet daugh. FDR admirer. The newsman
tiularly irritated by swash-buckl-' ters .. By disowning his brain- launched the interview with: The yarn created a sensation.
'ng movie hero Errol Flnn. wh: I While John Lewis has been fish- child the poet Irst A mint in royal- "Merry Christmas Father. I am a Blazoned across page one was tLe
has been shooting a picturtein Italy ta.g in troubled w, ters ar..-id the tie&s.-.u me marry verse that has reporter for the Chicago Tribune." headline: "Humanity Is a Wonder-
ro- over a ear-with labnr sup- riotous New York docks, violence enthralled millions of youngsters The clergyman intoned: "That is ful Thing."
pliedt by the Communist General has exploded in some non-union and pdured for more than a 'ep- forgiven. Now what other sins do
Confederation of Italian Labor Pcnnsylvania co;I fiends. "Blasts t.ry-ained for Clement (lark you have to confesslb' Amorj, Heywood Broun's most
(c' '. from unknown causes" recently de- Moote- e touch of iaunortality he memorable colyums were his Yul-
molished $50,000 worth of coal tip- could not have-aeeved as an edu- Then there thl James Gordon etde essays. FDR frequently read
-n the roving actor first came pies in Clearfield County and a re- catoe. The verse, q( course is the gag: Wh. he was guimding them aloud to his family. Brou:.
to .Rome to rake "Don Juan's ward of $10,000 has been posted by beloved "A Visit from St. Nich- t' destinies of the Nmw ork Her- once stressed the power of a greit
Mi-estro," the' apti Communist the non-union mine owners. This las." d he issued .trict edict that Ideal by noting "Remember -
Film Workers Federatfor met with brings the total of dynamiting and th name "Heraid" snduld alvwa* Christ built no church, wrote no
. Barrett Mahon, Flynan's business argon incidents in the area to 27 r -.e Greeley quipped, : .Ua in the paper I capital et- boohl: left no money and erectedd
manager to -ask that the picture in the past two and half years. The man ys with toys in July you tTers. One printer showed n- no mo .mnMts.'.
e shot with antired labor. !t was owners hayr appointed a commit- m a ionh sanity But flinching obedience to he order
not. Later., ien Flynn started tee to go to Gov. Fine and the FBI I .- ly themon hrast.- Dur the holoay sepp he so'.
ot------e_- --m.esm y chau p a.mhristmas program announce e-
Smas .he is mere, charming. meritI- including the following: A editorialist who ha4 difficulty
-. iwh find solution to Sunday Crossword Puz A tipsy street corner Sante wa '"Hark the HERALc Angels Sing." com 4 equate Christmas.
Rae. No., 513. published today. opce picked up by police. When *ke Pae W toJames Gordon Ben-
Sa npws-photog attempted to tr-cus A newsman named John Francis ntt. "Only Godcaw write a worth-
Answer for Sunday, Nov. 22. Cryptoqulp: MULTI- his camera on th, goggle-eyed Kris Coyle once attended a Christmap while. Chrinstmas essay. Merry
MILLIONAIRE PINDS FUN AND RELAXATION Kraogle, a cop urged him to skip dinner that l.ieluded a drunk who ciMstmas.
ON LUXURIOUS PLEASURE TRIP. it-since the hato might disDlusion assailed the President and vowed ,
chikkld ."When I wqs kid, vengeance. The reporter uirote tle ennett replied! "God is hired;
the lens-.nan snapped, "I wrote story Jbut th, editor deleted it as you're fired. Happy New Year."
an,'asied 5im for a sled. He near the-"crazy babblin of a drunk."- - in ,' The drunken babbler late was
Anid he took the picture., responsible ior an historic cat ,s-The idea of a drama critic play. *
: trophe. John Wilkes Booth. fag Santa may astound producers.
r The Woonsocket-eall (in Rhode Another Y'letide clesic had framatists an4 actors. But the
TtA Island) employs an idea that make a strangely iro .-: history. Back I in 'Istuas Spirit has' been beauti-
the Y U0tic, rr Every Christ- 1897, it was suggested to a N. Y. fly expressed by Bropks Atkina
mas 'y .e paper omits al' news Sun editoralist that he reply to a a-a : "The revolution at every-
c cr'm, and vio.enoe fro'n its front little girl who had written: "pleasee6e longs for woul be simple, and
pages. Only items concerning tell me the truth;, is there a,A it would be ,-.pleto. It would
Chris'.ras appear on page one. Claus?" The editorialist be=Ht in. ithe harts of men and
the suggestiom- ce tha mea all e the world. And it
TGeo e Wisner (of the wvoul not mete the .t"ee- wf-st tg this momem LI
old '.Y. Sun) reaped the-grandest tual demands of the The the versal -cipl : "Therefore
Chm as- gift br biW rlri-bust- ho was lisisth.a ,. .bap. N ryewould
Sin'. e was earn a lavish $ per the writer wrote what wya AImi ha.i 1.1 tl : u, do ye
we ek whe. he rocked.,the. town tby? obe ethevWord'd1tohithelaw
cr e1@ g sevra'. murder mysteries doriaL Qddl, the ,c W ae g za
H-is bosses were Bs. delghted author wat not msde -f UaB ders la i complex
with his exploits they rewa 1ed 1. After hbi passing the W Y. to. 1 Brt-ePsto sBone. No
hi..- ith a genem- ALuleide bos. Sun beitsorule of editorial am- e aM lea .qM to pt i He was made h'lf-owner of tl o 'ym and d.iselosed that Francl Bue-" t 6 S xbM .of the

Net all editonr aie as t 4 iuan -arno are pop* deaetury late a
-'But a Ch p.. -'s 'e r..

had fired UO repestern big eas i 3tn
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.ejo buyers i pticular Onustomer places '
wilay lo withe bone ut~ 'lied- while 4ie baA-
m a yr business .
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A peddler th4at bvorije w~f Mgg qa Sng wo evochets
en .ld&hlke Ua e ta .04i ahd.lll dol.
""sa : C omers

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It4 piles hint t pA~r f ea_ mire t5 Melle of
wrom a smell glasg1- ewe places,
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yabtd-o~nea, theIroau f4lj~1 Sbifra tJf ai
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Sesoads and it is no.
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Ietaed arp ntopn of. "141 ons a otamnlyte
'-EPOPCORN MlfIS E FOR.UTOM to face the pU bilue ohn nie.. o"h

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-- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ vt v,.. .....:.. .... p b arious types of. andy. .
". be We sghts
TEMPO"PCORN MWIRI ALFAD* FiOR CI~'MKS and+; erte.n 9u- + sof MAXana-
"./+ .. ,c'-tdl~and i~/awn~dlly e T.,}eeral old,
.. .."-' .. .. Isands.
Aln w esre ,and adl:/
kpy, coWM~u gadp oAWd* as are
h +L J v T be sure, they are atrtificial 0* 'bn the
%, ~atd in boxes, but still they WK 'Pealerth
'their intended purpose ot beauvtt Pana
many people: "hose who prefer t 0 a


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An Unusual View Of Sosa Hill

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