The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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d_.l. i. ,. Ne .i .^ "la -o enor .. o 's gagH I toad an ndl gua ried to bibe American war prison -r '.."-b-
... .n. ..ind.i u for d .l ., ,1 ..' b. r, ... .. ., ..w K, oone tion in Korea with such lure sC odilkics, $+

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Fi h ilsn +.Traffisc, Deaths ProRed Gs^Former rc
S#_-Mou" s s" "gs" .'^.nt At Rate Said 'RTulMedna A t Rat

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*,, .l:A)o ,a d f o le a m rn av h erged A ericatiw ar prisoner o Tre port were t ast partially back

ua* .2e sn2 )l p aitr.rportebl al t- f u nng h of-n- 'h hf m a S ? Cl.Ofd.c J. Beatchelor, one of te 22 balky AmCommu-
ies in Ido- Co unist .ela s n na l n s ,* .x predict .W lle by e t we erchaned his mind yesterday about
Sh. ull pe therlsu wtragayndayt p t Th t e tfh person 0on the hie CIa i.e Redtatchelor toldhelornesmen owas
,,S '.ae i ch n before thd ni4'V n r .ol day prmied tpiotur vveiAmericanm "tra l. fice
sthe e r ot arag ainsg to eirton b rnn hren fldstom at Europe, South Amer1 .ay,13hoursafti-
o mng a Hwa nidget, c an- Atd Cbi wm di g rat ee *a1keo8 a barbedwi tI e WASHINGTON, Ja n. 2 (UP) career I w

maonr d n11911, IC a o th1 dr en gate oo fe. o munist m prison g2 e .... T .xan ,
n ..hisW g 0. ehe m oreB on 'told an Indian geuar troid to bibe Am er war prI on r
d aak!ingn tro n d" n tel t f orle tene.rd d on oa Co Bor h ad n i o r,. heto hom e. rs h mm "Sni
he wsWIsoo wodTh,- e twoto nin Korea with sucn lures as C hcs or-e
2 7 ,akr .it d i f fi-u l. l. n ..

s groau hietK ao hd.thoe.prtsrnt far O f
oueei n Nute o ari khek. to adth s int Vir o Bur oed a 17-year-old o .. he W. a remjeate and promises of high Ste, Wuon mf te JeaeR

P A drench fi_ 0 oefth.e1on by Pana-" ye thi s rreH ocrnoms rAaericsna wa d return to free- ped 1fTha dtctaons to chled that te
b r ~~'pi I u- D u n a).D om S L-ianels nCol o n Hammond, ,,qfAlexandria, four and m whie bathingduet ta. t r. U e op d e r

dl te asino r ab i imes Cet a'.hodsI?^ r: layther. IAic DtYn h:a p.acred 18 afon a *vaeiy lCouu17 2.r W nl m Vn ews n heN Unit d S tates, officiao s ai traly.te

t amoke .pouts dl v come brackets w be from a few their time to keep an around^ nd klled hersel o h en-an rcan ln zr" ecorted former buddilea who have been the Ah er a i l
d. o IC rl ent lto a .. ew dollars f matter next theclodal of Honor the bedside o aterda afternoon him. w freed the R iods to plahe .
.ve from Wa.tom we tr o, ,no ..oAo I tae critically Injured boy. His Th e nAt h. ater be e oCtonMderprsoThee r sarhd ho there may be resaidb te free- r'hth mfnmh .

n f orataroyal coK raee to this father did not leave the hosp- rdi n itl "a t trouble, ettinr dow u because of fam ry troubles t il lyto ...

last g at the Caino agea t s funds The tax lAf -ct, an eteinaval p bd w the tta~ en t of Treasury about $3,400.000.000 for raed. Priest of vareou. denom- o,. _T ou, o HOB pital t .tI Amerhis odarr/ed i whportant. r ... .. ._ovi.t ,- '

of relt greeted Pama's Olyael oy legaton Tgt year. The Treasury will lose atoons. and a rabbi visited th AThe Bah 'omas d.t Correspondonta and official dent at
,e to : do t herway laat other $1.600000,000 in ex ces hospital daily t ffer cnsla hre tt ed o er who have bee the

the ch- lee,la c k -2 to two per cent today on th ly locks rator. total to 102 or te two to edm d by P. Edward on when the refused r -
Slhea t hday. e .t :3e onuth r $1wh0r e .e .0 annually. tViIkel aed eicht f Otr eo s o A h me r ane ovr t. was t o nom f t
cn o mu- be, F o L .. at th u totflcera
, t y i h a a re e e l k e n l -k t er T d eer |-..rp o
IWl" l "t edn thp e s i n le t en er.o o he h S An At iw ae d aj t a .o al h iue orm ndactn ode tloue flo rn t wth e om uise f ree 21 Ten
o res nn ee t_________ *V Tr tomnth ar como Inn uatet the rt- n the pcon t t.
". nhd s ea c c atru p a e portedo minister ded of sa where h father, reverend Wl- try e r reported a lwe nt e t the Am f dlable d
55 r her rifle aecide ly wdt off ordaned. Comm.ttal wi ol ow att OI wlUho s a d.. aCdt us ndlei

htr "A_.t.. M-l C pn le w y o ur v ert o n h i a s d w be -, hn erd ow al s .

.... ; 'w-e .. for m ore than p iS ns, o ority .o r re.-.
.ne to chce Ba d hois, ml, T im an ae rnadded Etoop-n stheatell ite

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aotjatl attaeP on Sar en hoet, A a T hd W ith e h I ". .o.r. a n. t. s d
).'pkA b .le a dowO-rive r. Slo he1hre
c4F h .t- .' -ai
m.e Ber iotms hsladsinu etlooked-r" "

I.ev.umua s ')livingN Ylsou -c ee Yo e u s t t y n e r hv l h w e -h a eue W
writs:mrtqx ntin s adn e th rears oiy s teS posibly" monetun re- t t e v th at to WS- NTO it 3. '- .
... 0 ofesred t b Paa yo sufterej a sere crnp e cie
...At But i V acaom ,nyin hike Inmads ne ,a ee. tr .d e whfmn... t heir hameland, staff under the
O nah aeaba ben- 'l' Stwat alwiwildrwned -sbathingwn Batchethr said the New Year o Some of the youths are be- tr rt' r .e tw noe.r
Ssouth.wher eeducto rma nytapay hich the-c Was placed in n. parurty lft him "leepless" and lived to bo afraid to .come h om.e na c e ah m e .c

I T m u-blower Mcdayebracte ts.ePayh t egoh lu .hdocto 'a c ea ayras afsot ri-- Pal estl ss ournfearingu,,nie their Th e Inia T .v
weltte critically .injured boy. His g a uklhOn, ytsterday after flnl. e o prisoner said..e h ----oOthersmay- be-refusing free- new. me_ w.o save "_el6"
"4zavat idt v hai d."o Treasury about ,400,000,000 d1for a idned.Por i tt a leaver i thenoll ow t he hsito ouut e. so mo orotherreaons. theybelieven l we
-at Mooee.oeseertgMreprofits tax o. business we grep. ngbys. braws anduomtnor a.mcctO pt.. owl... of fguward.
:-iI 7 e they Teach- e 112 to two pr cent today on th locks o ratoro Edward
te aren t -days .' Dceson of Crackers Neck songs when they refused r Pa- n e im- te

"'g -U)'"hebreo-tf o nl yn bars Thtuday from thcw Coto uom ste, they re- There has been speculation.atie of the "
Year .'-i- o ar. before t .acu-c idtentaolmay,_ied In.a. ..tF otherdr1gs that hae detoyed
.....MI'. ...hvevenAe1poura cuh e,,a ye""ere yon n1 sep at hiat e nseoal ues.
Were."I____ _"_'_ _a_... Bwas oknew he would coe eback." If the Americans passeup
.. .b speeislitDr.Aand-d roo which causd watel- tr rd to Cina, in N I
A2 e(U)W rikeIn nioctin.saidtheNewatear Some bythe Couths .

sl anditill c hi s (UP -- 'o. ue receipt of the letter. I After Jan. 2,
d -A -cn t a-oLftYear'g ana h,.di,,. her-

goCl a g na $Jm C H a yearr giv a$1,5 ye r I d:.a h sGo A
Ste, terday mo rn r politic al ene y, Vincent : s
: TS the of the Union Impmeltterl. pe nitet.Bremaned tmSt" -.
which goes to congrequ re aine tll8ft -.
a hih oet Coge Wagner, who defeated Impel- Amonths after h.
f|leJ cf' o In at ge e na d litter in a bitter Democratic head in an at0
The oblt ex t-ve, in a green rimary election contest last
anY- twed nd SD september, announced he would n I -s jjeeIp1 ^
0- '- bsleepy. waled sa- s wear In the former Mayor as a
Su Judge of Sclal SBesions Court A' .' A tht pse r u ti
M8 oIof at 11 a.m. today. ince last r
brie twr n The new Mayor, son of A.h
arlate US.. Senator, wasinaugr- able to utter y
of ol oa .ted esta'ftl at a ceremony in w o. ohe adi *. i
W| s'a ie s11 a th e the od Now ork Cl ity He to the radio.all..go-
Duply of eall in this ...was elected to the $40,000 a year
Ohf welt 1 t 1at ta s t office in a Democratic landslide Se PaoTf
_1 O WIT 1IS AIflS P We4ent Elhhower (right) meets with economic adviso in November. -siI
l e ultant in_ his to we ofs at the.AamAuq NatIonal Golf Club in Georgia. Illltter's aot t s or ,A-NY
+l e tt it, the Pre sdenm t t, o .e.l)-r +p oi. Chnlanan o he oun cl o :Im: litter: D a oin men .- .-
o c- 'ae KevinI N Oo te oIs iv. to thenationandtofn

t t.bed d -=ny am.WAM T ELIOPT TESTD A test pilot 9t
.. i. H-2. the Army's first opeatio"ae ram et h r_ e
li. 0 Reports of a "deal" stemmed Palo Alto. Calif. The mntall ram jet engines are teasten on the "les
ofb .W M eloeI 'u appolntmnIt m blade tip and the vower plant have no nThe n- t'r
bddpt Ls.sus seof tapmea We to .nes may be canged in minutim with only a ve. The bows
t shortly before Army., Navy and Marines will recede v a l mnamber of the r

2I -,~

T~f sIftWAx aiiii'biw

,B** cA W. -INC. Labor News At LeqstUi heHoda soi i '
LL. Inlogo -U..-.0 ntilty, I*
M nHfn i y, Si erwecn I O vm erve msa

umRNATivE. JOGNai t Powirs. INC. Com m ent -
dswseoN Avn. N 1U01w m 16v1 N y ..171N

in e4 ne By VICTOR RIESL WA IN'GI' ...- De bat week ie
1 ReclvRS OWer COLM N It isjn'ta all bitters on this beat. the hl a s e btsnh
ai* N C M I There are grins too. And there's t ---uiL. 'd th -. si
no better time than New Year's of it o1-' Th. aci,...
to round ut the chuckles which Ofe J H T sre a 6 s o
were drowned out by the louder =&BalW%"- tlt I uARtQe i
H'I8Sand grimmer daily headline-. Dur- ate minority l~e, n obetn c
e e e mm o Th Amer as Beir this past year, for example: mosN Tel b aa
I tshis shoe I fFoeerm loto ners of Wat Tme t or thb l yndon C rala% wbcta
:m.e sel6vd g rabeudly er d Ire handled 11 a wholly coN It was a spiritless Christmas sea- lost the usium oin mo ethis-
S m e idm apm the son for hundreds of American work- md 4ltm, D x*oe am oa- sue d a a forevy .
-.a1h aet"d m't t e Impaaee it it his. a t appea e ers now building the U.S. airbase I '
1"m icomIe a id o the ader smeived. at.Dhahran Saudi Arabia. These I- Sofm 7aye wft f iotin.
# ep' 1he lens UmRU edft eome pge leItlh. men, so far from home, were with- ,ay he office
l wo" ee hem M In shisest eafidsns. out the vintage which cheers, be- may n. when .s was a yosoung
as espoemliblty # a statement as opinions cause the Arabian king withdrew Jr. eSSman, this Is'almost un lfeVri Duites H their ul r<
Sthe special dispensation needed to able. The young con l esman from us
P. o drink bee- and wines within air- Texas hung on torthe coattis opropaga iine
base boundaries there. Moslem law t he elder congressman from Texas a in
0001)OOD NEWS ROM ALL OVER prohibits the use of any alcoholic as f am was his nursema
beverages. Breach of this religious Where one ent th other wnt. ing this s by
-l bi.sxWr If it had none been for w*ayburs sernt ss the Irn
Sfbh there shore has been a lot of news in the paper lately. law brings six months impriason- t te ne ert ig b .. ing the r by -d- t
the news has been good news in nobodyhad ou hta ient and 50 lashes--or deports- aihful, never-s
e b o w o.i Je sol would be is c- epret to.
to. thatat all. Frinstance. We all arrived at a New ear or else defeated today td by C.
p'O qthatsmade it that is. with a good lob h ACongre gan orele
She mtoma tax so tha now all we have to pay is only So the boys have been slipping Lsut sumn er, however, Raybuf tIe, Wdhite Hby eC. .
% income t so that now a out to the Bahrein Islands for a despite his age, 71, set out to hel with Abbott Washbur. al
Twenty percent of our salaries. The rents and the corn- out to the Bahrein Islands for ai te hs I e o t h wt oftt Ws frwr
ate nptrcs ertent oe our wan ornT rsuale an no one can drink and a week-end. But this the wounds of the badly fredturid White House staff, and this
prices haven't gone up any more usual an no one can seems over now. ArAbian authori- Democratic Party. He held $0-a- in the summer of I1I.' ,
about that. ties now smell the break of re- plate dinners a over Texas. MeaR ..
Another piece of good news is that the Panama Canal Com- turning onstrueon men and while his former young disciple, Working from. d
h made $7,000000 last fiscal year an ats real good news. ey aged only 45, went his own wuy. within a Couple o n moes'
suppmoe it lost $7r.N000 what do you think Mr. Newman' have arrested some although theya ged onl 45, went hat htN
u ose t lost $700000 what do you think Mr. ewman had no bottles. The charge was He made more than I10 seeches Czech border, we ladis
d say? transportingg liquor into the count i- all over Texs, but e me them loons arryin 000l'
An the fact that the Canal employes was able to shell o ut try in their stomachs." For this for Lyndn at for the Democratic the pole of Czeeiomu
$50,000.000 for the sale of service, commodities, and rent three Amnericans were deported for Lied ont ife mentor im gtst
that our financial status aint two bad. An even iffen this he minartyWhi his oneimen. ma g the pb
Sut a third more than the Canal collected from transitin P toas y about t h has had tmei leaflet load over the
Sgpoes toenh o wt niydth e ntan al c a nge Wa ssn gowievenoutsPreigsaoear r c geg t eblrn.h
sel oes to aow at thT he Canal can get along without The 3-D movie camera helped ent to oay about this. He' aen Czech cities justoples
y sh through the Canal at all. the masters Union as well as the i v aten wiim to agre h e to thea p nlttheb.t
i e they can Jat hang on to the present staff it can git b office. Because the sun-baked propriateness of the Johnson nic g-
without tolls. With all this good financial news I cant cow town of Meoab, Utah, had terr- blicnafhe ons onat nfct o the
stand why Im flat broke this morning. It must be on ac- fi cliff shots for the new dimen-, nm ublicly, he says a et ain. lt
of mrnly range planning aint so good on the fiscal side. sion-l movies, Hollywood rushed is old friend, sam isn't gu tthat ,soele at
k s true onlaccant ofIJsewitmyself is tha ts rsthe ranchers rne their s wa v. poc haj to deu.vza' beit-
r another 14B of good news, which aint in the paper, but there for cowboy pix shooting. At way. oldfieng in *
I know Is a e on account of I saw i t myself, is that some first the ranchers rented their However, various senators are ay. the f_ ar lear de ru -
delmal polni pushers up on the other aide of the Ad- horses to the film companies for :a s aying things about Lyndo. They But the lzeh ioaop Swho 1a
o Buildin ettin some semi-prvate stalls two. Not $2 a day. Then they learned that sa .ing thiar espe abousking the question.e e l as a aea.
wide and fancy like those the Personal Boys got on they could join the AFL Teamsters .. ... e r or especially asking the aques.o ine ow kne
1 .l S as wranglers. They did. And they" H cratic Party in Washington hE he seia ap eaahbig' waoV J. .
m'''be the congenial atmoafere in a semi-private stall collected the union wage of $1.94 an e. At wouldn't lead it back in Texs? bulet boarded onr
w as lock ed up by t e selves in private, sta lls U ke th e w wouldn't Lead it in Texas w as be T e.... j1"
o dltn eU --'---"mlausene A es afr: of^p RepuTtam Te rouh esM te ffii^t dvt. o
S boys on the Personal side. After all when you get a In Cuba, the Culinary WorkersC TSee"ats when he coes u'ip i- To
L all by your self you pe sort lonesome life tZte Cap- Union found it had millions in its causee raid hof e su p
Scant eve with the boys m ch less go worker's retirement fund. It de-By peter Edson fr re.lection symp th year, Anh re M
t I rs to the restaurant three times a day to have coffee cided to build a $10,000,000 air P on probe lems, they also figure that should he rfe
r fellow workers an associates. So maybe the semi- conditioned hotel to make a profit. hey need a senate leader who can balloon-drop e ship messam
tarall. Not trusting itself to employ and WASHINGTON (NEA), -Atomic vinced there is something therewhich s a valuable substitute for concentrate on going forward on ttahed to anthn- om in
opt s though tose lers antve obtses degoto with l inthe tough andse nnolues seoi teaedies and Caset C wra on goiia.
s though fldngr tho otse fellers anls y kind of stalon th l and e ffiient fashion n r the tou scientists admit that it may be and they will I ave a treatment X-r: apparatus. The Xray is behalf of the Democratic Paty, and needles to tea and bisit
.- 'Its sorta "an lnceltive far them to keep punchin make a buck, it hired the Hilton 1e years before many medical and remedy some day. Of the $26 more :, alsive, has to have a lot not looking backward at Texas on
tsHote Into uses of atomic energy are known. ml on a year now allocated by of concrete heldigg and must be behalf of himself. IBRARY
Smaybe some day soon they will make it. o under ernahostenal rp. run This fa-' in itse a challenge AEC to research ip biology and calibrated frequently,
e beefit Mr.Newman says tall, t is. e 550-room ster to get eve y possible laborAtory at mG.dicine, the largest item is for Ork Rilge laboratory is now STRAIG FRIEN The educators are scrappng over
*H' b sw a job lwithl th e en ubli- of Pma n y For the first time in union history wark. all over the world under stidy of the effects of radiation w-r' :ng on a teletherapy unit who should be nw
walSovt w rle OU- k S sl-gesIm ha, pro o sed fi intEr. There iss tor pouarvtltt whioh will u tther cobalt or ca- AmiableT.e CotenRn AndreEs, of the SAeat Library o Congress.
Sa ob with the Republ of Pnalb workt a contract was signed guarantee some sueb plan as Preslnt E- sickness. which will u m. h e esm, a waste prod the Amiabtion's tax holinef, has been It w
Sm" yed. Hav otrio to order'alusy ea er- ole Mr. ing workers a ten-minue "coffeesenower e. proposed r inter There I sore popular Intrest, s!m. the ceshim, a wate prod- the nation's tax chief, ha d b ii
Sl f h vi h t d r a si break" each morning and late nat al development of the peace- however, In the usI atomf ra- uet" of ptute:lum production, has aharoly criticized on Capitol Hill '.h h h end,
s.uibad far the nerves and aggrivatin' afternoon. This was in a t be, ful uses of atomic ener Foer diation in the trea ent of can- or'y-half thi. radio tion strength 'of for impropriety in handling Benator of Geofg .Wadng t
Mr. Beney well trained fr his work after tween the Minneaolis A Maeven today research pr are er, Here the dentist ca cobalt, but it hs a hal- life of r33 JcCarthy's tax case. ts a tai'Job e at oi
S hs apprenticeship in the office of the Secretary Of War chinists and the Baker-Lull Corp. straining the world's financial nd ort a number of new discoveries years. The cobalt must be shipped At the very same time that three w all se ca
all t he nd confidential ppers in Wshing- The company furnishes the coffee scertife. m power resources. and me progress. back to a reactor for recharging even agents were inveti ngues In t the t
Paama Can He wa also well trained on fiscal and cream. This formalized a trend The its on may be described ev- two or three years. McCarthy's amazing income-tax went so far as to telephone
i y matters since-he spent so much time working far Uncle throughout industry revealing that by saying that scientists have a Radioactive old injections havb SlI idothep d pdratus With great returns Andrews was entertaining Wst and ak bow he wanted
i, Panama Canal affairs. efficiency men believe that the, working knowledge of..the b in found usul in the treatment immediate possibilities is the de- him royally at Richmond and late -
PSnama la gonna get her moneys worth on her new "coffee break" makes for more- te Is t: ey have to work with, and of cancer o the ovary. In this velopment at Aronne laboratory introduced him to a banquet au- 'i
It aint often you can buy all that knowledge a one fieent prod .ion workers. In trn, y hve far more tools tha they diease, fluid develop which so p ab r n eice ience as "e of the great mer r
I an like at can be ght. t:.- trench is creating a new indus- ever hat before. be drained of every few days. Bea- which might be used as a sub- icans of our age. the ite House d up
O MU t lwAhiurg w a s d is co v e r y e a rs io go ] l s 5oa a ec c w nu la tlo en f r X a ry C .t e 'ag a .

i e ha lMaae t rain Jose p a ln .tomic rect t ot apro- er iso are usefulati ro a t-ro mte Oa tthe
aid byt e United Statee Gormint. t, prere t.etim e-consumi g dis- a the radiation of svaibn- clueditine as sub tes for ra-. "on drews in adrhce that it '
ujte alet e eto bx.lit a ltle lines. with pleasure persbl of hMen and office w dred tons of radiuant m u Radio cobalt Is effective e dfmpvantheseeelop to i f m r forhi tact as ilo. T
Iffenworeody eersIs pa tothe blibisnearbyradiation is in itse hl' y in m any eas ef. But having a ra- le- expensive medicalservic eimp r thy a t ot as
Sadeye Sam stores de.tructive. It -an cause cancer. edition half-life of five years, it Rates for isotope treatment should Internal Revenue Bureau was in- White House that ha cad
."' And yet, under proper controls, n 'st be removed from the body. be far below X-ray and radium vestigatinR hei. However, An- date too.
To keep it clean the company atomic ener oers sibilities It ip much. sister to work with. atment drws poo-poohed the advie, went
i 'S TELL THIE FOLKS BACK HOME and its union agreed in writing not for the beast treatnrent of some th- n radium, and I uch cheaper. Atomic Energy Commission now ahead with his date with McCarthy.
to insult "ach other. Emil Rieve's cares of cancer that man has ever One of the most novel applicsa- ..s three hospital for cancer re- This occurred after McCarthy bad
CIO Textile Workers and the En- known. One thing that medical set- tions comes from the. inse-ion of s- rch. One is at Oak Ridge Tena., sought to embarrass Andrews'
Sthe taes when our compatriots read iow the Canal sip Bickford Co. agreed to a con- entists emphasize ii that atomic radioactive elements in a hollow another at Argonne -in Chcago, chief in the White House.
te In a Juicy $7000000 melon last year there'll no tract clause which said: radiation is no cure-all.u nyloh thread, not much thicker Ue third at Brookhaven, N. Y. Pa. VcCarthy nd Andrews drove to-
r a around for the cann7 smart Board of Direltors. a~," One of the major problems that than surgical gut. Extremely fler- ti. are selected for these hoa. -getV .from Washington to Rich- *
e around for the casn y terprise (let's hope) and "irecThe union agrees that it will not atomic scientists have been con- i' "e, the nylon thread can be stitch.- pls on the basis of whether mnd, whEre the' stopped -
e're operagg a busined nterprse (let's hope) an bust- publish or circulate any false or cent'ating on since the first suc- r r-ount a tumor for effective cams are of. the tipes hic med. Anews' house rowed ra
leader-economist hiltonni Hanna explained sa- misleading remarksabout the com.-ce=sful nuclear fission experiments I atment. I- -1 aclentsts are studying at the zor ant shavedoff iark-stu CAle FILL D
t he employes axe proud when the firm makes plany, its products, its officers or 10 years ago Is ho* to treat ra- time. so odfnntoasturedt thto o
t? ee living In a profit-motve economy. other personnel, and the company diation siekness-the effect of ng- Another amazing application he day of the atomic general him. Later, th two drove together
l g' home wot know I that some of e that it will not publish orfrtal exposure to as atomic bo coms from a surge cal gun, built spital h .ot come because the tote Hotel John ishal where
bkhomew 'knowIthat some of a te .ny lse or miseadin explosion, something like a kid's water pistol. sence is still limied in the num. *. .......Js ha n arranged a recep-
ya.made by undue encroachment on the co- remarks about the on Its offi- Today, sqy Dr. Charle L. Dpn- It o-td raqleactive pellets into b"r and kinds of case lh whichtw He ex ted ,W guess ls
e and pocketbook of the Amerlean workers who cers or other members .ham of Atomic En6rgy Commis- bld er tumors, one of the most radiation treatment is effective. A ~? wshbw p.
Canal. arooter sio" 's division of biology and med- painful forms of affliction. Agxin apd again the medical sc i Real -eason-iwrews tn
1voer1ell for us to send legislative representatives to rome 800 Scottish mine workers icine no specific remedies are CaOLdian scientists hvq devel. ertiat- 'mphasize that atomic ean- faiwnn ovet* Mearthy 's that the
iguMe before government officials. But why don't we threatened a coal strike which known. But scientists are con- or d 'radioactive cobalt machine ,rgy offers no cure-alls. sena h el tp be chprt n
y fernm to put out case before our fellow citizens. might have spread into a serious oftae ol tons Subcommit-
4on't we get It told how the Canal Company makes like national tie-up of all mines, if the tee, .AV-ec. how muc' mon-
agency with its right hand and private business with pit owners did not force one union tervnceh ellIn.N ewe "York
and then like an instrument of foreign-ald program, member to take a vacation-which "eve reau. .
who site right in the middle taking the punching? We he didn't want. The recalcitrant Thoqgh McCarthy is the only
union member, Willie Farrell, said U. i. senator whose strange n.
Center Man he liked to work. That was appar. ,,anced are exos.d in. an official
ent He had been putting in seven ._._.. Senate report, It doesn't look, as =
days.a wk fol" the past 12 years. if .Andrews? tax agency will be do'
Answer t Previous Puzzle'- But union is union. He floally took The Grandert Casny whose Grandpop was Prez of Costa 0 "lea in tse film, "The BigE s anything about it.
sIDtls-t all its members "enjoy" the Roosevelt, escorted by a trio of fashlonabls set.. The Veep Rich- m es ....
benefit it fought so hard, to s- Gentlemen, standing- head and ard Nixons are rumored Blessed. ...
ben e.t t uAbrodatesmiles ov.rn the roadway & 44th.Eventing Pupi Camipo (and 1VsI. Sti.eers'a re w'a tch in g Secretary of State Dulies stated
in Belgian rive. I Millions of Londoners held their turn Olive Mrs. Dean Acheson mi- Bikini: "Well, anyway, the up peredit. Most big stores are
dish T OMeseeret breath while two English Mike (a ,rofesslonal ar.dst) sketching GIs in Ko-ea had a Terry Cnrist- dowr or o ~wbhre near that '.'.
are service (ab.) Quills threatened to the up all irevelers at Cafe Society Pearl mas ,. A press-agenty item we George WhIte er of "Scan-
is a 5 Admonition transportation in the British capi. Bailey, who starts her ,th Return believe: Julia of Darvas & Julia dais") says tore never was a
3lap dii 0 """n tal. The issue Was portentous--who Booklng at I a Vie En Rose Mon- (_'he Latin Q. headliners) says in ;candaU al y these shows. He
erngua 10 Climbing w )uld unscrew last year's license day night ,. *.f' 1aa Quarter star the past 5 years she turned down .ust mea.i uathat could be pub-
plant L N N p1 ,tes off the trolleys and busses. Christine Jorgensea, who was aat least 75 popol.sals 0f marriage. liahe'~ M T. Baker Dryden
with 11 Pseudonym of i Both the Transport Workers and St. a year ago... .hn Blondell The limen involved are worth 20 of the Soc. leg. Is l. Miami for a
Charles Lamb the National Union of Vehicle and James C _on at de .opa.,. million box. melting Je 1 Ker's new
M tie 12 Denomination 30 Stagger 44 Moravian Brilders claimed jurisdiction. The Joseph Scher k ani M. Todd, ~ho Y, ec' ..g to serlpt-ireaders.
19 Bettors 32 Military r river screwy situation was settled when flew up from Pain. Beacti for Lee Girl-About-Town: Her name is about a feud between two famed
-f energy21 Golf term assistant 46 Mimicked they finally shared the work. No- Shubert's finale .. Kirk Dougisa Ns ncy Berg .Seis 23 cartoo .... Coasters say Bar-
hea- 23 Bundle of 35 Rats 47 Demolish b dy walked ... cheering Lily Christine's qtuver-. Raised l N.ew York ( since she bar now weight 1so. *
4ottdn 36 Males 48 Passate bin Joseph Conradwould never ne- dancing at Basin St. Vanessa v s Very Little ,5e is on the Tin an. Alley OoIaL: The **
nd eott 39 Withdraw the in Brown (of "Itch") eharmonizig n xt Vogue cover, due any day .. screech ot the sea gulls ]t "Ebb
25 Canvas shelter40Eaten away 49 Exuisite ognize this sea or the men who go beautifully with the Major's Ca Branusste So Pale "Just tide" is rated as the most "inter-

S2Dines 42Circle part 51 East (Fr dowh'" to it. Union seamen aboard h "'d y Red & Green The came up from i'alm Beach, top" e.*a"g new sond" to come out o
(ab.) 28 Pace 43 The neck 53 Short-napped th. new luxury liner, Kungsholm, --- ..'. pigmentation won't lat a record in '-!ars All sorts of ."*
t 2 Weary (comb. form) fabric have tl.- world's most modern and Miditwr. Vignette: It happened h.. -et a tan or even pink methods wer2 used to get the birds orm c table quirters-literally rs- at Pat Moriartv's Chophouse "My frie.ils keep trying to marry to babe ... The last attempt was
11 F irtf v:Iling pass ..ger accom nodations. iThe couple in the next Ath were ir.e '" she sighed. "I don't want t bring rect rding-maehine. to an
r Every .ne of the 340-man crew has Belting The Stuff pretty good for to mirry until I'r.- about 30" English -oas' habitat of the birds
iSe Inan outside air-conditioned cabin a' u* 3 hours During which She has 3 qualifications for candi- w'iet e bread crun bs were tossed
w r porthole:. All recreational and period they chatted with the waiter dates. ':): "I have a very high to them But they couldn'tt
below decks working areas either several time. Then the wait- I.S'.-.t's 140--and he must have bite br screech .'. Finally, the
(ab.) are, or shortly will be, air-condc- her's time wzs up and they paid o-e hi th-n mine. 170 is a cre* surrendered. As they started
tiened too. him He went downstairs, ge s ." (2): "He must earn twice to pack, they tossed away two
Ms wl p ipdindri ng .ch nged into street apparel, eame as much as I do".... Nancy is loaves of bread The gulls
n- Musle will be piped in during up to go home and passing their oen of New York's dozen highest- diver in a mad scramble for the
workl-right into the galleys, en. booth, he said "G'nigbt!" p.d models: $35 per hour, hakes chow This is the frantic noise
gine rooms, supply sections and "Hey!" called out the woofled wo- about m week (3): "'e must you hear at the beginning of the
Seven the connecting corridors, man, "wier- I krow you from?" b least 35, a little mature and recordiuh: Seagulls fighting each T
v... 2r that I" But she fears eT"'er flnaioua .4 the peaceful
When not working the seamen MIemos of a Midnighter: Bobo she will never meet The Right One. I "bb Utide."
"' will enjoy a large, well appointed r cefeller has another big hurdle 'STho@s I've met were all candid S i the Night: At Idady's:
-d y room--4uipped with a soda after she gets the 'noney from her for Natio's No. One "Aaolter y who found out ywM
t- nd movie projector. estr" ed hu-band. Her ex-barMis Sn-ol" cant oeace with Commat-
Whili the Kungsholm is on cruises, ter (J. Sax) must approve the stse A .... In the Cub.
%. .... ejoy their own swim- de Lena Horne's acomp'- CveI" .
Po I on the forward deck 1. I tther Henderson ..aid hsl Ever- "be Big Time: Stan Freeiman's'- P .. "On e aW the
Nearly a'- the cre'v's cabins will Lo' i' have let it melt The pianologues via NBC Ted ie -yo"h a I d "
Sbe for one o, at the most, two. Distrlet Attorney's mi:. wll lst led'ss a w P-atti ., At Aratwh arays:'
.K leW Ib ys and pages may have to be focus', on tohe6 0my & Pae aslbau, m r the is .ywo t you his
sa'. four an -. r In if the cruise is nial" dinners D. D.dke, .. Mary woi-' .C.Xr'.
In bked. etiare ffinnF ,on Chef1 : 1 Ul wo
of the wurld. united You'. .Th Robert ?If-Yo"ukwg a T l a fturem
lOse st y Jurswi.*' the daystor A uri .S zamnily *mtew BFR -A1"' A ith Ctngs "Cdle .)t w in l mr t
And that's a happy age. She Cleria 'Sw l e Jean Room: "You dJve? Why W,'re aib g, iII 4 -
aa.n. f.a happy new Iear Ins d:ores "oy retWeF'ie, Ida 5dS d kt druik to hod the bottle" "


- ;&~ ~

'~- -.~-' '~fr *.--
41. ---

,- .

*< -ly


- '.j .


Corn No 'Grow In Fields Wes Agrees ToJa 5 m
SPlanes d 1Lkes
. dI" As -Power PaV iDate Tmorrow A 7 pm.

RACK goeI b t isala. Calif., Municipal Airport. one of many across the nation
making money by leasing surplus land to farmers.


t, wen Vide
' t ahis sur-
rious state and
, the tfts were
bite .elephants.
eipalities could
laties program
ke the airports
Dort managers,
1ppedd ,in and

made them pay off. In rural locals-
ties, tey- leased the land to farm-
ers, poetry rais :rs and cattlemen.
In more Industrialized communi-
ties, they rented the local business-
men space for storage and manu-
facturing. In areas where there
were housing problems, they re-
modeled barracks and drill halls
into apartment units.
The results, financially speaking,
are excellent examples of Ameri-
can ingenuity at its -best.
In Walla Walla, Wash., the air-
port became a .sharecropper when
it leased 1300 acres of surplus land
to two adjacent farmers. Between
them, the farmers raised 065.000
M^ -- -


Costs Less To Sell
a Hopse This Way I
Yeo so It est.. Yeo get owm
price -..o o*ll ot at leo met to
you when you run IMtle Want
Ad in the Paiem Amerise.

If yiniB ba g, eati n-
is h or swma d.g
:*~~sh Went; *->



worth of wheat and $0O,000 worth
of peas and cut the management
in on the profits.
In Fresno, Calif., the cty1 nego-
tiated a lease with a farminV con-
cern for its 600-odd acres of' str-
plus land between the runways
and taxiways. The ft n con-
cern raises cotton, affabeans,
turkeys and chickens on the lan&
The turkey flock i. raised directly
below the traffic pattern of the air-
port despite the fact that some
farmers swear turkeys are neuro-
To date there has been no loss
of birds or productivity due to the
planes, and the city of resno col-
lects $21,000 a year from its lease
and has reduced maintenance costs
another $8000.
One cattleman in Cut Bank,
Mont., leased 300 acres of rough
land from the airport forgrazing
purposes. The land was otherisi
useless and the airport manage-
ment m .de $19,000 on its five year
And so It goes all over the coun-
try. Memphis, Tenn., received
$4272 recently for a crop of hay.
Lawrenceville, Ill., made $8M89 on
its 2400 surplus acres. In Lancas-
ter, Pa., a manufacturer of farm
machinery rents 169 acres of land
for experimental purposes, and this
year paid the airport authority
$1200 from the sale of hay it raised.
At Truax Field in Madison, Wis.,
the surplus buildings house a soft
drink bottling plant, a wholesale
feeds establishment, a dairy lab
and milk storage facilities, a meat
packer, and a tobacco and grnia
storage firm.
In Florida, one airport manager
converted a surplus building into
a cold plant. Today he collects
rent from merchants who deal in
frozen shrimp from Mexico flow-
ers and'bulbs for. florists all over
the U. S., orchids from Central
America, and medicinal supplies
and biologicals awaiting shipment
to South America.


LONDON, Jan. 2 (U)- The
United State, Britain and
dance today delivered to the
Kemlina tannouncing they
are ready to meet with Soviet
foreign minister V. M. Molotov
In Berlin Jan. 2 for a four-pow-
er parley
The Big Thfee Western envoys
in Moscow have handed the Sov-
iet ovexament Identical notes
which unoffial sao u sad ac-
cept the soviet p for a
postponement of the meeting
which the Wet had earlier sug-
gested for Jan. 4. Text of the
note was not released immedi-
The Weten powers want to
discu with-the Soviet at this
meeUng German unification and
e Austrian treaty.
at Deparent esman
Salamald el
Bohlen. US. ambasa or to Rus-
a, tveredthe U repy to
he. me s-
asu e I .the rt datFrench
entVyd de oet si tanr notes
frano their express t
aydam o~eld comment an
Informed sources aid, how-
ever, that the Western message
United States, Britain an d

~enriedtong u~1 ath Ja n.e
France were said to express the'r
regret that e meeting was not
set u for JantA.y bthe West had
ho .ed
hhe West viewS the Russian
po onement'ia stll.6 delay
the meeting ul after Jan. 1
when the new Feneh president
assumes control of the French
The stratey apparently Ia bas-
ed on a Soviet hope that the new
government may be plunged Im-
mediately into a cabinet crisis
which would sabotage the pros-
pective foreign jinaosters' meet-
InX indefinitely.
The Soviet strategy is aimed
ultimately "at killing off the
long-stalled European Defense
Community treaty which would
re-arm German troops within
the framework of a sti-nation
European Army. France has been
a principal stumbling block to
creation of the EDC.
Officials said the Western
powers today also agreed with a
Soviet proposal that the Big
Four high commissioners in Ber-
lin work out technical details .or
the prospective meeting.
The- note is said to press a
preference that the conference
be held in the building formerly
used by the Allied control au-

*- *
thority, but the West Is not hold-
in nput for that site.
e building is entirely within
the American zone of Berlin. The
Soviets said in their note that
tle high commissioners should
decide on the meeting place.
The Western note Is said to be
brief. Officials said the three
Dmens explain that questions of
agenda are not discussed because
the Western views already have
been stated and substantiate
questions themselves will soon
be taken up by the foreign min-
If no further hitch develops.
the meeting would be the first
for Big Pour foreign ministers
since October. 1947 when they
met in New York.
The West hopes the meeting
will make progress on reunifi-
cation of Oerrany and on con-
clusion of an Austrian peace
treaty. The Soviets have said
they expect to discuss the ques-
tion of a Big Five foreign min-
isters meeting Including Red
The Western powers have said
only that any government will
be permitted to state its views
on a meeting with Red China but
made no commitments.

Doctors 'Freeze'
12-Year-Old Girl
For Brain Surgery
.UiCNOB AREAS, Jan. 2 (UP)-
A 12-year-old girl, frozen into
suspended animation, was oper-
ated on today for the removal of
a 15-ounce brain tumor.
Because regular anesthesia
could not be used, doctors at the
Neuro-Surgery Institute froze
the girl into a state of "hiber-
nation," to reduce metabolism
and pain


Al1rl needn't worry aut go
ing out with a perfect stronger-.
gon ofthagre perfect. *me*l

The Cathedral of St. Luke will
be the scene of an impressive
Epiphany pageant tomorrow eve-
The pageant, known as the
Feast of Lights, will be present-
ed by about 25 young people of
the parl.h. Their organization,
the Young People's Fellowship,
will be joined by many other
similar groups presenting the
pageant all over the United
States at this time.
It will be held in conjunction
wth sung Evensong at 7 p.m.. to
be conducted by the Very Rev.
Raymond T. Ferris.
The symbolism of this pageant
is that of Christ as the light of
the world and of Christianity's
light being spread throughout
the world.

Bov. Muoz Madn

Terms Puerlo Rico's

Status Favorable

SAN JOAN, P.R.. Jan. 2 (UP)-
Gov. Luis Mufloz Marin said to-
day Puerto Rico's present politi-
cal status of free association
with the United States "embod-
ies the solution of Puerto Rico's
economic problems."

Restating his position in favor
of continued association with the
United States, Mufioz told the
annual convention of the teach-
era association:
"Our present status already
has given Puerto Rico an excel-
lent democracy, superior tech-
niques in all fields, a broader
concept of citizenship and bet-
ter schools."
. Puerto Ricans gave him in lat-
est elections a "definite and
overwhelming mandate" In favor
of continued association with
the United States, the Governor
Rather than wanting to
change its status Puerto Rico is
"actively interested in develop-
ing and improving it constantly,"
he added.
"Closer association under the
present circumstances means
more effective freedom for Puer-
to Rico," the Governor held. He
also backed wider and more effi-
cient teaching of English in
Puerto Rican schools without
impairing the cultural heritage
of the Spanish language.

M church architecture is this n1 iMeIi oUMR
Cologne..Germany. Designed by Oeprg UMalT.
semisurrealistic structure was completed n .21.
the six main pillars were made on the spot, allotdr
formed at a concrete plant and assembled at the ihtul
The front wall foms a huge utained-g hgs "wt

'k T*- .' "'r .
,. "' ;- .-"- '*,' ^ ^i
..-' +. .; 7

DOUBLE DUTY-Soon to make ls.appearance lm tMi
U. S. troops is this new bayonet-knife, which was M
off the lassiied list by the Army Ordnanoe Departn
ington, D. C. The M-5 double-duty weapea p u bbe
bayonet when attached to a rfle,or taken ofand g adU a
or as a conventional ..kif ,.




We take pleasure

in announcing our 2nd Annual



From Jan. 1 to March 30



Tfh Best of the

New Year to you
S and

three impartial judges will look for candidates for the title of "BEST
BARTENDER IN PANAMA," to be selected on the basis of: personal
appearance, condition of counter, attitude to the public, rapidity and
skill in serving, and excellence of mixed drinks.


liy the public at another famous Destiladora Nocional party as last
year. Prizes will be:

he Be for
y our Bar

r pwith our 1
r. proa1cts














Plus A Trophy for Each of the Winners

Trophies On Display Thru January At Bodega America -

May your favorite bartender be a winner!


b I L -'. **

-. 4~. ~

*1-i ..*










*. .* ,.
.- ,

- M'-,..'" +-' '*.
. -* '


TL 3

s'. ,

- ------ -- -


I -. ,i


% p A.-

- -

il' I I

r" :

- \." t- .-.


. .

,. j -
+ ".+. nl


, .Jl



a & a.
~ -~ d

~I PANAMA A3~M~CA3 ~ Au till WUIDU!I~

Kerchiefs In Tiers

Up Problem Window


- I



I sientsf eutaisla b In tiers brighten this kIfthea window
___ wWth, alir osift red-a.-white lobster rint.

e new big, bright kerchiefs big to ignore, and not on very
Wsin In kaleidoscopic pro- good terms (because of size or
S)n make a clever bid to cib position) with other windows in
*' home fashions. Kerchief the house. Ours is a tiny open-
I curtains for the little prob- Ing on the stairway. I've seen
i window are one of the others in kitchens, closets, bath-
phebt, easiest decorating tricks rooms and converted basement
Seen. recreation rooms.
uw know the kind of window Fixing them up with kerchief
t' too small to drape, too curtains is a matter of minutes
You don't even have to touch
your. sewinigmachine.
Kerchiefs in the 14- or 19-Inch
squares can be clipped to flAt arr
round -rods with new ornament-
al, gilt-finished Olips that work
like clothespins.
tes one, two or three tiers,
and two, three or four kerchiefs
to, the tier, depending onthbrulze
of the window.
Incide:itally, a young career-
tat, who's too busy to fret about
elaborate decorating. latched
onto the idea as ote that would
0o"' her problem.
It would work as well, I should
think or the coed who wants
to. pretty up her dormitory room
without :pending a lot pf money
or doing a lot of work.
If you don't mind plying a4.
needlethede kerchief.cife cur-
ains look neat When fabric loops
for the rod are stitched along
the edge and "fastened" down
with buttons,

UUMAN=P r e tty
ace is in for a
pplnrtment if Mhe ex-
S ew boy friend,
bto have a heart All
-is wire and leqtric
Vhich make Gu al-
p, Thbe eight-foot
S mtift at a Pris,
ry astounds vis-
l hi mouth,
icarrylag a girl In
I arms,

, Pick a motif or pattern that
.fits Into tee pirUl of the room.
A red-and-white lobster 'print
for a kitchen window, for ex-
ample, or one of those crisp.
Qreen-an4-white Vegetable pat-
W=so, look just right.
For the recreation room there
are dozens of animal or sporting
motifs or zany horoscope signs
or bold red country-style ban-
From tailored woven plaids to
jacy, filigree patterns, from old-
fashionbd flower .prints (sweet.
by the way, ensembled with
framed flower prints flanking
the window) to modern ab-
stracts, the choice is almost end-
Upkeep of kerchief curtains is
no trick. Yoiu know how easy it
is to w~eh and iron .a "hankle"
either by hand or machine.
But they'll need frequent
soapy sudsings to keep their
fresh, crisp look.

W~~ilK2N~ Planetoca

S .I


Great White Fleet


S.S. "C G. THULIN" ......... ............... Jan. 3
*S.S. "YAQUF" .. .......................... Jan. I

* RandUns *ltrilertted Chilled uand Genrl Carlo.



S.S "COPAN" ........................... .. .. Jan. 14

Weekly sailings of twelve passenger ships to New York, New
Orleans Los Angeles. San Francisco and Seattle.

Special round trip fare from Criatobal to New York.
Los Angeles. San Francisco and Seattle.

To New York .. .. ......... .... ........ 00
To Los Angeles and San Francisco ..........$270 00
To Seattle ............. ....................58365.00



The Pacific Steam Navigatin companyy

Royal Mall Lines Lid.

M.V. "SANTANDER" .......... ....................Jan,
S.S. "CUZCO" .:............... .... ... ....... Jan. 1s
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tos)
S.S. "KENUTA" .......... .. .............. ....$* .
M.V. "SARMIENTO" .............................. 1ih. at '
S.S. "LOC* AVON" \, ......... ............... ,Akao? 9
S.S. "DUIVENDYK" 1 ...............................Jan.! U
M.V. "DONIEDYX" ....................... Ii

All Sailings Subject tQ Change Without N e i '
FORD CO. INC PANAMA-Ave Peri #SU, T 427/
_BALBOA-Term Bldg. Tel.-


r ,~


V~ii~ia~eLr '011i71.5) RECPD^ scr fl H

A'8 rPOP

Seems a Pity


That's It



Lw., -





MuRCKi AND 1IaS flL ENlp

4 441. A


Not Too Tough






,Vlv; FLIN'

Libby Sees PIoy -

* ...oto =ia.L NTs *I WAu-




SGA1lTA Rr6CODfIEAS A CHAT wiT <^ e .nt
OVE4* A AFTER r-fi41 E4 LILY
E1/E *




1.4 .

, L .- .
*.-^.^ *:*77.C

~. -''



- I

Orders From Thistle



; I

- --- r~rC r


i ; -- .---------




. 6

; iB *^


m i :. =.-., ,
i "..t1- Z ; '.'> : .. :.- .-, ., "* .. .
'.; ;..a -, s.. -. :.-,%-,* :. ,.
"'v .,.,.,, '! ,. .. :, lal."

..- .A, '- '..
; j .-. 1.

,,.., ,. m
.tn Tsl A fA MW AuK UOm~iCTo. it imiPaft

.v-., .-- -.-

sThe Kliider of ef Malt to #alaswa, Lals Dedtrl ad UIia.
N* fC""." ae Pro, Wlid .b t;d -n M, uhdut" ; NtW OR, Jan. 2 (UP)-The Deestrel were hats for a reeptiem giveh Maqday fum t. 51,
Nt foundation of Noew to 7:0 pja. atthe ,ubabw R enee oen Cae laiio
Saa!p 4hMr .~0 1 lU York hansamed .feart Matilsa, Nb. 4 In Chip. Alegre In celebra the nisty ry M t
Ral ph Vaughan William Andre .-ndep endmine of the Republic oIitL ,
vieA1u u byMaxand, the late' Dylan,
sl. Thomi aa "ouetstandingl artists
.. 5..R .uam- ala*a. e 9P9'1bm9o te C e td -t di yof 15 Dr. Oarleton Smith, Frit.s-Reyle Wedding Plans Mary's Church, Balboa, will hold
A.*b al l *m 040 111.e. M e Ch-le on "2" head oI the organization, an- Anoeced its regular monthly meetis Mon*
:I Ti eem4i a -rivisr Ae bounced today. Th Mfter Novena o
W DAL. is- -dta
*1S?0 i W Al a (MlieM p *wLouise Fritzdt hter o fMr. and St. Mar-y'T Haf.
,. op. Mrs ." .. Clifford Fritz of Balboa,
w 0111 a SAO p*- one of Fr a c' Area,,- Lieutenant Bruce William Rey. Canal Zoe C ege aab oa o an s a r. C r
.....B' .. 5.. --"g --....... "L .. .. a 3 le, s of M-.. Anita .y.. of FairT The Cnl z Call -
.-t lv7 tr Wa ho u b l C-WO a
_.yL sfor "an 0 ofl ofae w Sbold Lawns New Jersey, and the late hold its regular mon tea a n
PAL f ac i i and cP gae owuln d cns llh Mr. iwad Reyle, will be solem- bus-ass meeting at 00
IR|C O s|iit. sIn- I.--.WD1& anee to loth Centur pa tg nized Wedneay, January at at theUS-J
Ia. n ODI N,.. .c.and for he never-e din 7:30 p.m. in the Cathedialo St.orcesServce Centr, La oca
_pm n "..qauest for an art that Is pure in uen o. U. Rod.h okteil

Sgs a M. m. snay I unanimous choice o, a "thedral Garden. Al members o the Collee Club
I S e O undv ..m .ned c -, n.m "musicc co ttee- headed h me are invited attend.
I| = 11=" mii-.--.... .... ,4. 11'_,__ __ -_,_,__. Utl-- ,7Ur!uiW Plerre Monteux, was Vaughan Former_ e-. i.dent.,. i
S, -- Williams 81-year-old English Visiting Here Bridge Tournament Ionday
I,-m r N AREN composer Mrs. Lea Stewart, nee Lea Ros- "he -iegular. we.' b dge tour-
IJ *s -B BoAxa 1101. TeI AtnusoSd. a. i i sdI former resident of the Ca- nament will be y
SSunde l As s, ,:. 1 0. a. Rw. -e uoode, W.Ta artz. The.. organation aZd. Hi a one and now of San Francis- eveig at 7:30 in Card Room
320 10, ys. undye 8Sunday school last syiuphonls reTeal the co- California, L visiting in Pedro of the ,o.s2 Tivo:, Ancon.
Mascuon: 3m. eM ,. Frr :Wa am. pirituall conflict and brood Miguel with her brother-in-law and -
a d u 710Pm. nmediistion efj nudern sister, Mr. and Mrs. J. L e a ELago Resumed Wednesday
SCAT-l O l a n pi Pearce. The r Jar weekly bin o wn-
y, ,'_ -- s .-ed by te For Clayton ,,O
i, t T~h~ur: 7:e Io Mo am. J ~ Malraux was chosen for "his ivesClub. will be m
= W Mir suloMed"l: 1 m. on Monday. Church School And Adult Busiday 11n a Mara
Saatechismr 8: (n 8:00 Ma) BM. blea Cla .... .. a 30 amDo Rs Mi. hood Mleetin monumental survey ofman' ar Wednesday evening at 8:00 p.
S/o t. / =erw and ton :4 am-. and B Ioue a.m.: Sundtay titla heritage, "The Voices of From Virginia The pblic i invited t attend,
a m .m .m- -.- 1 a. of t. M10*00 S mt, Mtun Silence.' Not only does it con- Mrs. May Eubank of Norfolk, pu- ae
mo -c ram H,,ol.y -.unim211111 No..i 3I ..
S -ACBED HEART m ..,................ 4 Mtuala t AouoagA oa meets tan the most. comprehena ve col- Virginia s the house guest of her Al Star Circle Notice
0i im ar- _.0 d. In the Diablo Tueday eve.. election o: art illustrations ever son-in-law ar d daughter, Mr. and The All Star Circle will hold its
Sund ay. E lm Names:55. I~ a7WSIso. AS OaY nat-7:30myDo" gathered together.. .but it is a Mrs. A. H. Cooke of Gamboa. regular luncheon meeting Wednes-
|0 PAM A CM m s : M : aain. t cula aM most provocative inquiry into the The visitor wa., the guest of hon- day at 12:30 p.m. in the Scottish
r SwS dn Saturday.: 3:s3-5:0 and IS--:.. CHUr l VIOa COM Mw CHUwatUl meaning of all art." or at a cocktail party given by her Rite Temnle. alboa. This will be
.... 1= pB ist Thursday: 7:00 p.m. 7 S Chaptlain ClWi. n hosts to producee her to their a ct-'ered dirh luncheon.
.. Sa Dvredns Ho cr o _nu:Jm Lo a. uOd. ................. -a The late Dylan Thomas,. Welch group of friends.
(z adCatechism Clam: 3:15-4:45 on Thursday. ca -g -- MoningW p ,............... ll poet who died recently In this Art Show To Close Friday lr
l ........ pSA Teachrs Mee Tuesday. Nov. 1z at lvius Wt............... 1 country, was chosen for "his Jean Ann White The "one man" show of Inga'13hSreeo 7 pS. T er- Pw-ma. u7:03 mm. o0u mml fierce and magical verse, his viv- Viits, Parents Turner Prier currently on display StOp W,11h Sunday Mass: 8:30 san. 8 CsSudal, Inemonth.) Se Id and savory language." The Miss Jean Ann White, daughter at the USO-J Gallery on La Bo-
e smen ii aa.m. *. ts on u Pat..STr-20wi )a.M o P--t-s si..rh Con hG.ol.Ae-.m.v haturf. i, adult Study Group Moiday ai.nd J- aAstruck down inhedfinest ,flow,. G .. o-a he bt~~n ae L S 1 first Sa ttafw
.. .. ...." 5AS Catechism aaSa-: ":6 ,o: a. on W-,odn-"ay 7:00 pj. 6p mn. eript Dof. .b p genus." o nts for the holidays. She is a stu RU H ILL T t
I-- ..S::a:t. ...o Saturday. .un.sop6.IDaL tram e""a.,t OWN= Rea o dent at Rie Institute in Houston. U ayS.... blessing in t
Id" ol U''i.... ._0- e .w. OUR LADY OF FATIMAA;fe*91 DAL m e-l 'no u o:
S .und s M .. sal o .m. 'Sac h t St. Aidew u eow_ heia.. Ce h Bdiday Spendthrf Ths Wife Sayiis he and -do somer
SHoly y .Mam: aoo a.m. (if it falls onThe Rev. Mi. Rirwd Macflm l M. Fd Sill,Jr., son of Mr. Keen Purchasing Agent ., .
dy-DayO Holy communion, a m.mat.A wife andmoth
CVonsn.A 0-:45 am. on Saturday. IiI on, uc aAleD B. 1t MAKE FRIENDS and Mrs. F. DeV. Sill of Pedro A wife and mother of four ta"lig loveler,
Cchnismio Clam: s01011:4 a... on nu 9:00 a
C Hatechism Classno-n .on Boo sm. Moornimus d a *m Miguel is visiting his pLaents dur- writes: "Every month when looking new -
t Vnils Saturday. mn oa a ......... a the hold ys, while on vacation husband sits down to write
8 g a... urs hro te ASUMDM ION CmmCH eSllEship a S J ona Kent School, Connecticut. checks to pay our bills it's the re ax an l
redr Miguel -sl be lAne02 rvsae.. .same old stoy. hg oer Fory ROUX
iWolhyhD Cu-ay' Mmi 5830 aL *giMn: 30mi IShirley. MArihdn_ Ho Ca.mmi ............. S m. liMrs. MeWhorter "He grumblesn about how
2i ni : 7 0 am g DayMa.... .6--:3 i- 'J aI n, day Ro i-n- I *m. To RI return To U. S. they are, questions me about them, poo int r
a. s. .a. ....: 3Aa4tea .e ta i .......... 120 Pa m. Mrs. Hobart Amory McWhorter asks me to try and keep them every visie.t
SSy -- "OA ^ of Bl-minghtm, Alabama, ho has down next month, etc. By e time
.tunue o P SWeth-' PT warOBE v.L 5.e S harey *WA'l CANT. S bee visiting her son-in-law and the evening is over I couldn't fei or gray hair, k
.t1 0a Sun d Mas: 70 .l. Hly a.. a. N 2I Lu Paa daughter, Mr. ar Mrs. Robert more guilty if I were aspend- highlights and
SunayMass 5.0 0oam.Soa choo............ ma, rm.
S' L a ly Da. Mass-: a.m. So ... n .Discus..ion. Rummell of Bella Vista, for the thrift instead of the careful shop subtle, nat r
re.T Bank a. .Dtenio m: s6:00-7: p.m. on Satur-. ou. .. s Thursdays... ........ holiday season, plans to return to per and good manager I know h
Av e.a .ff.doCia o:"__ anSun-Coles, a her home tomorrow. am.La
C.. ha --- lmtiI -''9A4M.n. ....1.. u.n, tuy e..,4 Tliursdayaoa "Last week, Insteadoy in W del igh, '
Camv Clam: 7:00 q on Thursday. g And 4th IShUmampo**Etu -. la 1Roy Hohman Returns and apologizing and trying to
Sr- ma. u'" : HIIO C u To Illinois him in a good mood, I looked him V .l
SJ & rnam VLemul .~1 ev. w oue H. s6 tewar Wa, sI When you buy note paper for Mr. Roy G. Hohmann, son of Mr. n the eye and told him:
S i i .La. W Manes;: 0:o.- ,em..i ,a J. La ,& Am& Red Tank, sund a.mdivineyourself or for a gift, don't beland Mrs. Frank Hohman of Bal- 'Do you hae any idea of what
Mss, plt f. m M-Holyg Cwoa:I r 5vicu-. ya 3i y tempted by the kind that I bo left the Isthmus by plane to- a responsibility it is for me to
.0s a na neee n 1se r Uima-d -Bible la. y decked out with flowers, one day to return to Wheaton, Illinois, have the spending of the biggest
Sesso: a- wSW l Iready-made initial or any of the e he afternd Wheaton College. part of your income, how difficult COLO
Saturday 3:S--0 0m-, B. S 'p Mle mI other tancy types you'll find dig- Roy has been visiting with his par- it is to decide what each member
s.oiv rau Medal:- 7 on Frida Pa lb re.mdh played. ents during the holidays, of the family has to have and try
iA Bii i a C .m. A a pLa. na --- to keep it fair to every 7 Have Ca r
I1m on, a u.-irl .w I l Cboese a plain paper and you'll Rosary Altar f ty-- Notice you thewVafept lr-oyhow i w I
*K. -' pm. 5 p. URCH O OPAo -be pre iU ls in good taste. The Rosary Altar Society ot St. figure anl contrive and bargain t
ant I ,gt a Ah a t .. ..t the mos"t out of each dollaof Dtrib

SCone er laAvenue and M oo l pmciroSdy 1. .m. !" C, CHUrCH W GOD. bargin in blue jeans and to anoth-
m g. onMonday. ia I_ IS n./ L "yI' IYea."r'Ma....s er, ".or a special on sheets, etc? P *.:: *"
f-s yS Evey od a m. o Co Ar-eme o a s New Years DayI'm no extravagant wie e,
aoM onda(uC day Re, hosom.. .. Ptor WImd thou htlessly runnmg up bills for
La: Deem PA p~l r iO lIt a Wy shool.. ............ -3"sm-."

mau S.un da-uda Mass- 0 .Sl. D-- A_ SObn McrIp For Good Living n aSbhnrl ...-...........: am.u mha m
Day"Mam:6.1sm. aNuIs-,", -Servicel............ .7:1_pm. po b.. .. ..... .....

n 1 : Is s and. m :Mun ScoL. Prayer a ig-Wedneseday. 7:30 p.m. a purchasing agent
Catechism-Clasn:.3:15:p.m on S unday. C u s f Th TlER e t .e snCH URCH'OF GODfor ga ni n bper ns. ea

.6:30&abiM. 1P r1daaM.. Mal Ow DroNEByF G a NOR M rAD OXtr b 'd like to lget a "at on the- me
X Phone I -1 Oa a Co nve R -rt Cla: 7 ,30 p.m.n an Monday. Ven. ---- B S lw ro n ee P City

C r Las:s ciae.m. edn Smy. Sunday School .............10:00 m. -- mange, nsteld o being mde t ..
AD LTSt. le~Che h Nigha Seie......... ...:'7:3 Let's. al pause on e Year's Add tdmatoes ans siimer about feel 0ke a wastrel once a month. 6 to
nGou.6 08.8 3:00 andtol o!am. ad1 M Youth e 0 p.m. lIag. Of course everyone needs bring to full rolling boll. never on what isv an are a! l
'lSm aM. :t3. 0oi ib M0P: 8*M, 800 -my and gr. P rAn forsi TpErsOn GOD w oesome food well diversfed. Note: I the thick tradltio l wu*,m s.t o p less in-
Suh Sunda uda h. AM d But some tiRmes we forget that stew is desired, cook to cosis- stead fever' telling me I'm doing
.v3i e --aCh -Imw SCaturd a n: .O- a tos p.m. o"n M m. SM o d --.ou Mday th l- -_- No9T m. wholesomeness alone can be o- tency desired, stia ig lt frequent a good job m king the m ney go
ndNS Liht'sService------- .7.300m. Latn, and aule of roY reapsNwEngland hint for exciting tt ot tobe eenouhto fulfill

Ma e:145andd Y0lwypPror Meeti ng-ra ... 6 mu m ake w

t1 Gamb on le y. __ *0 % G*u ssfs s e ads ass ..... 0mI "lump chicken 3 to 4 tamate, 1.3 cup clam juice (Irom p s in a e nt, instead of the"'
Galniard s w Id ,OL .,.,.,L /CHURC 9:00 --. Children _a r. Wweehp ..-.-W ....... _*-50 p Ot.hds, % pound saie pork. 1 clais), cup milk. V4 cup cream. one who riV -I the bls.
2 .ia .AamA .'_ WoraiB y. .. .. red pepper pod, r clove garyle n Drain clams and save nevequo r. bon wat savee t a

Coenfs; 4:a6-0.siod am-.8:o0 'suer Cite C.E OSL xWohp ....-.. 10:4B glutamate, 2. cups diced potatoes, per and monosdium glutamate.
AL. nay)i. a". 8T.AUL% CHUN= N2aMa o Fh Ge........... Oo foire wena 1 chop r onifsi. Nrrate :In ternae layris inb bk if to
Tr AgrClub7: epVOL. onedn 9 .. Coran C hIs n dr U'. o'oma drs scu i sr crumbs. Pour oltm tu te at to grumle ov e, the m

vible m Clrast Ftrday 4:0ot:00 and 7:00 p- m. 10d6 Arme. d Chtrac s S3Dwo-"i'iI.w.ho. eso frsess cornd th and cr m over top. iake in t No wt iponge s

oa t.An or r -oon CoUNMr -,,5 oA NAVA n Ayr' l. A A PCut chicken ad for frying. Dice moderate ovet (350 degrees F.) g No gre thy mngerp go
Su o iraouA: 615 p 0 So oalp V*:::::c:m s o alt pork,nds eand ce with season-te. or 30 to 45 minutes, or until No y powde r
Io, N.--S:au bedc umb 1 ,- e s 400 wo h ahs.. ......h..... et with enough cold water to cover.
iS oiC"rrofulus Mo t mr -,I 7- on Sunday. 60 ;aimm H L C ..i:. T AD ohrsdoifgthespiture. Alnid lwlhotoiim -Ai e: aslin IIhujic em

Sai.0 r lwne C. a 7.. m0. o s 0 p eaa. a'm u e l f.............. uti ande ike w oftobesm e N uesE n taohi ns foexi n' ou eensh

Pastor*. -a_. .`. P iayer-..5_ Oti __cht 4ta tedol.hed... 1- cup d-jclamthi--- ---,I icerhas etead h
.G MI HhrnRoCMHA9 0mm medn h. Mo.... ds otndat p 1 l ( cau lkeCams. one whonswh
iH1 _Day Mam : 0a5:4 and5 5:00n1:30Mu.LIeGM min.ta.onmua L.................. tablspoo salt ) t

,Khb itmsn THOMA: a~ov .o ay e amuta ev ih taoelsse': m ,- --.,o. ,.. !w. .. wed' .- Ia. ......- ..e lR mv oes dI) /I)p

a e Sunday Mama 6:45 mm.
Holy Day W m : 6:4 ... Salvation. Arm ........
&TMaMA' LbUE Crimis Cu--35- p.m. on .anrd tyla s. MaDily s am .............. ..... PLA T ATTENDTHISU
.Adh.,:.. ._11 ISundae.............. .. 45
da5- rarw ad M uoday iM.......a-ss.les AT THES

DsayM C an:a lein Hena. ... .-... *. .-w FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH ABeBm

m i Wu S M"o eom .... .-g Ofr I.. ...... ..........i..T l
IrL iNew-;"I a.m..onMO&dYv. I I ..a i ,,fIs-I lMl l ,rr C.IZ.

U- -
hw- 1ma. s
nor"" C

ad= c0-.: 345-9.41 uJ.
AV Club: I.M-f45 m. en Mw

imd. 4i-G4MW .nd W-I
e clam.: 11t0 am. a asmd me"*:I M m.."L
Pl. xio .

1.5. gu u m
;f us 5 U
* mEhumlB

(Jd bw the Admiastradea imBuLing)

9:30 a.m.-BIBLE SCHOOL
(Clas Infr all ags)
10:45 a.m.-"WAKE UP CHRISTIAN"
Juster ChMr ... Senior Choir

4 I

-640 Training in Christian Living
7:J sam.--"HOW MUCH DO I CARE?"

DHo, OpVEr-aoXO-m R.w. W. -s ML 'Prmae
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7 tireet No 13

-' fro DOMU
A Asinmena. Ave. and 38 SL
B Street No. 26

Central Ave. 149
'o. 3 Lottery Plout
Fourth of July Ave.

SShtreet No.87

Agenesa lternaL .de Pubeaeclones FARMACIA ESTA5WS UNIDOS
45 Central Ave. No. 4 TIVeo Ave
Parque Lefevre 7 Street O trUet No. 5&
100 Central Ave. J. Fe. de la C Awve. No 41
Via SAP No 34

,' HFiouseholId Automobile D6R:. WENDEHAKE. Medical) Clinic Gromlich Santo Clara Beach cottages; ia4
... -_Cental Avenue "K' Street, .cor- electric refrigeration, gas stoves, |
E:-9 cu. ft. Frigidoire, 60 FOR SALE:--1951 Pontiac Catalina, ner, Telephone 2-3479. Panama. moderate rates. Phone 6-441 or
^,kl new. See at house 31, Chiefton Do Luxe, Hydromatic, 6 -.-- ----- 4-567
) Fifth St., Poarue Lefevre.i cylinder, grey. radio, clock,. has Beginning Januory 1, 194., rKODAK ---r ...- ----. m 11. *
..F..--''-u"* p*c f* new oit!, new plugti and motor ANAMA, LTD. will open from FosterW .s Cottoe. One mile past
Eh--Furn.ture, 8 piece- set tuned ust this month, 22,000 8:00 A. M. to 1:00 P. M. on Sant. Claro. Please bring your .
closet. table and wardrobe.1 miles. Original owner. Kobb, Tel. SATURDAYS. linens, Phone Balboa 2-1.866.
*rros. House No 9. 543. WILLIAMS' Santc Clara each Cot-
.:-l--eaving country, beau- FF: SALE.-19-53 Chevroltr two- FR SAL fML toes. Lor comfortable; modern,
...n.r o r, -et--Ik e ne, o 40oo rdrht, ra dis oi',Moer bach. alboo 8050 *acp' I
hilghesr bidder, second triet 5 months old. Ge rman Shepherd I rlae wknd.
'_210 Las Cumbre. telephone dog. yr old. Call 828-3295 Lo- FOR SALE:-Fully equipped restau- Phillips. -Oceansdle cottages. Santo
; cona Apt. 71 1-D. rant located on M Street, No. 7. Clara, Box 435, Balboo. Phone
S W ANTED FOR-SALE -1948'two- oor Ford, 8 Reasonable price. Phone 2-9583. oneWm 3-1877. Ci~stobot.-1673.
cvl. with high compression heads, FOR SALE:-Set small acetylene and Houss on bedch, SantO Clore. Also i
-B Miscelplanenousa many accessories, new paint, good -oxygen tanks gouges, hose, torch, in COOL Catpons mountallns. condition. Phone Navy 8579, Cqco $50. Phone 4-567. House 120, Phone NSRAPHNIL BolboI 1891
Sdosires to reunt furnished Soliso 82-G. Pedro Miguel. or o0 co rtteto the e. ,
Telephone Pnoma -0388 FOR SALE:-1950 Chevrolet 4-door FOR SALE: Brand new sidewalk FOR ENT
:-Young American couple.I 850.00-. Kitchen set, dining room bicycle with side wheels. Call Al- rN
ren or pets. ex-canal em- set, oak dresser. Marshall, Gatun brook 2296. Ap -me"ts
desire vacation uar Fire Ston. JUNGLE JIM JAUNT TO DARIEN
s de. Call Cristobl 1900 FOR SALE:-! 953 Chevrolet itwo- JANUARY 8"--10 N ALHAMIRA' APARTMENTS I
,;00 m lone, 4 door. radio, white woll tires Sponsored by HeIN Wn Pernma Modern 2 4 fod 5 rortns, furnished
.^ t d' f 5 monrhi old. German Shepherd 3 full days. Leave January 8, at 7:30 or unfurnished Alhmbra's Office
Sition ere ,,og. 1 yr. old. Call 828-3592 ..p- A.M. Return late Sunday ofternorI sn061. 10th Strett. Colon. Tel-
cono Apt. i7 11-D. January 10. Fishing through the Pearl #phone 386.
:-Expert radio techniciorr ng ter ie
P. 0. Box 3,d22 ntec an FOR SALE:-Morris convertible 1951 nds visiting with the primitive us buil mode
ingyour qoualifications a nd price reasonable. excellentcond o ndins, spear ing crocodile s, furnished p nent, one t wo
atIons tion ", Leaving country CPl ,P ack light, hunting, cruising up e bedrooms, hot, cold water.. Tel-
_____ ama_ 3-3580. ambu river, aboard El Poraoma's ephnp. Panama 3-.441. gL
SHelp Wanted F OR SALE:-Leaving count Buick Bring old clothes, comfortable shoes, FOR RENT;-Moder apartment. 2
Special 1952, one year with and DON'T. FORGET YOUR CAME- bedroom, Ivrig*-dinngroom, hot Y
fTED:-Reliable maid seeks job dynallow, like new. duty paid. RA. water, 5 closets, garage. Justo Are- '
housekeeper and laundress. Very Second Street No. 210, Las Cum- 3 Gorious days, $45.00 each per- seniena 97, top floor. -
to children. Has reference. bres. Tel. 2020. son. For reservation phone Jungle FOR RENTt-Nice two bedroom fur- .A
2-3926. for smuformation. FOR n, HOTEL EL PANAMA, Panama 3- nished or unfurnished apartments.
ED b-aid for housekeeping. AL 1660 or see your travel agent. Carrasquill- 642, San Frartisco.
ing and laundry References FOR SALE -Boby buggy complete Tel K-4;- 4 8y I
.red RIC. Rousseau oto iircyCIlB with plastic -mottriss. 8.00. Call FOR RENT4-Unfurnished apartment .
woman with references wishes FOR SALE:-3 wheel scooter. excel- Panoma 3-5434. 2 bedroom. Completely comfort- .
workt wi th American family in lent condition. 5100. Phone 4-567 FOR SALE:-Leaving country, selling able. Information Balboa 1464.
Conal Zone. Prefer they speak house 120 Pedro Miguel. Kenmore electric sewing machine, FOR RENT--Nice furniture- apart- I
g Spanish. For information col' SAL large drawer, chest, small book- m ient, military inspected. Via Por-
qiima 3-5327. FOR SALE' case, dinette set, everything like ras No. 99
new, to best, bidder. 2nd street No. FO -
Si f Boati & Motors 210, Los Cumbers, Tel. 2020. FOR RENT:-Furnished 2 bedroom
I-it-YOUrSelf- o S apartment near. Beldc Vista Theo- 1939 Bil
SOR SALE Brand we( 25 Cycle FOR SALE:-Sewing machine $5, re- ter. Call 3-1596 after 7:00 p. m.
p, U ,Oif o Hnw Va Pwr Suppa completely filPertered t friertpr and other household e n wi t p rvteet se-rvic- nranf
May~ Haye for' TBS50-D and V.F.. (425 facts. House 891, Morgan Avenue FOR RENT:-Two bedroom apartment
Drawback V .200 M. A.). Also Dual Co FOR SALE:--la.,vig rj ,st, '4 15th Street, Son Francisco No 2
r.. P.)-Aa m. -e r. Call Rodman 3067 ter covers. Phone Albrook 6224 f REN T:, Twe trT ee bdro m l .
_-t mav, y Pn- _________r ep'. ]e dns p'so' F R eoch wiol frwost mri hi
uI the "do-e ourselH' .- etbatn khroomfs, etc. All **oveniqncs.
L e coi h-' PANAMA CNAL COMPANY Phoe Panaem 2-0027 e 3-076
-a 99l s M**^LtAi fKgl FOR RENT:'umished .?:alrtment, I
i _. L fpopu o t Slealt bids. for opening in public two bro e tor. cool
saue ny sys an average of miiiH Ua IIUgig* ALA will be. recewed until 10:30 A. Mi No. 2. 47th Street corner Federico 1194 CI
jrsos annually suffer. V ruu-er io J .nuary 1 2l /195I4, in lth office of Boyd, $ll_1942 -
frosh broken fingernails iupesintondent' of Storehouses, Bol- fR DA
B i whit doing home As D hasIboa a fqr siVm boiler, air compressor.; FOK RE.I. 1
i toSton. ,I.hand d.tlls, keyy duplictin, mach ines,
i K.^ ,, Chdkey blanks, sowing, painting and pipe AIm A
i180.MO annually get By BARBARA MILLER cutting machines, piston and bushing OR Ry. -'---- 'a---- --a
their own furniture. United Press Staff Crrespondent assembliWs, bolts, pump, mult meter, FOR Rl fT-Exceptlonollny beutitful
ties accounting fitr PARIS (U.P.) A tlescoping tractor and fir' truck located in the d bdivngroo t one
of accidents include bed that expand as Junior grows "30W" Area, Bolb; air compres- or two persons of good taste,
en window panes, and a -afe" matchbox are, the sor, diesel Wngine, gasoline engine priveto both, semi-private entrance
inedsor painting, utt- latest contributions to bringing up andoutboard motor located at Sec- directly at bus stations best Bell .
down storm v:n- babv French-style. tion "I," Btalboa Storehouse, tel- Vista section. Tel. 3-0638, 2- 1948 Bl
oi painting thi And the Freso, for pWtqtion ephoine 2-2720; belt conveyor, gaso- 2798.
r television aeria s reasons, are making an at-out ef- Iline engine driven bump units, bar FOR RENT: Furnished room for |
'fort to bring up bab. bending, cylinder boring, sewing. Arerican couple. Calle 32 East
Is a satisfying Some of the won era for the shear., and. sharpening machine*, No. 14. f
atynd helps keep nurses went o.n-dilay at Paris' electric m00t, *Pur,, tractor and tto y fise
the mpan as annual Chidre's iton nchoca attheCrstobl Store- FOR RENT auflly furnsd
at1 le ', a h which has b t tecomi A' telephone 3-1265. Invt ation room feor couple in ella Vista,
have the righ Frenh lfe.nTe .eg rtieta.reflecti No. 43, may be onh.tined from the kitchen privlegs. Mexico Avenue
eough know ho w thet le oe ourcs, r frm office f Su- No. 69, ne 43rd St Phone 194 01
ely.n" which the Frenach ae tedperintnden of Storehouses. e .. _________I 19
slace World W: 11.
Ho Loss of population in tw o Warse phonj 2- 1I .5: -
o.R .pes .over a 30-yegr perioC from 1914 Fei OR SAI -an*e l .r..1
.^U .*'* to 1944 has puta high primniunlm Fn F SALE
,H istoriC on babies. Real I pEstat -
Children PeUtted and Papered eal WASHINGTON, Jan 2 -- ishs
Pediatric.. and p- ex- as wetl e the S'ez CJs-e
SSkeleton p***elsl as 1hontIp eo w aiuse theSueszCa-
perts report Fre. c infants are -nal, i.ays the national Geographic d
re, (U.P.)-Students bab the mot .' ed, pet Society. They travel back add forth 1946 Bi
hopehere may a pampered in th world OR SALE: Vi Astrid, between the Sea and the east
g peneh, fr Thema re are so few of the- nce ie W k-end house in El ern Mediteriaen e t
rm ornce ,in the find the backed crowds around the ale. Being a Bealtor and wdit hpi.
remains of what appar the
a 19th century rifleman tan at the Saln tsD'Eafance. *Ifating i y oew a 1-, 're ..,delicate beauty of the C rist- a
grav nearthis central Ad the latest birth-death s a ms-ose (h delicate rusnigy of the Christ I
munt. ures for france weren't heful I whorfwh lto I1Pe % lowed by leg A poot sheed I
f party found the par for the future of the race and its It, as Price, stu stion and girl, the store wept y
of a man, with n ugrow competition with a re- 0aost are reallo attrae- as sh w atched th 'ie Men on
iasle-loading rifle, a n L ivedia meron i. 'd roppin.o Allt 8 erbert tolff,, th th' w way to the Christ Child beatr.
and powder The birth rate dropping. | trt No. 22, Tel. 2-2388. ing rich gifts hen she had no-
Wre sent to theUsi-dle for mothers and other stale An' angel appeared. Upon learn. 1947 Ba
I a.e for study which ads aren't helping ing the reason fr the d rl's tdip 1
pB may ash ed asd to 2.1 per ce "pr Co o S tress, the angel caused the ground S
.ls to. ... F pro o Cottons whtrres han t e
e ato early state a-yf r ending- last1.Birs wefre ,to hbe carted e th shining h
i las e3re flowers. The yong shepherds
s-hllyt M, -,01. belo w the re- AreOy I T gathered some blossoms.
7hvious ear. The surplus of births hen she presented her gift, the th
ver wo be more than CHICAGO.(U. P.) -Flameproof Infant smiled nd as His fingers th
.... 1- .this year, according t Oif- and washable cotton will be avail- touched the white flowers, the pe- 1
ork In Mo. te wors ince able on the general market soon. talks became tinged with pink.
Iork Oin M i o.u mar kThe material, exhibited at the u
.iAMewih. (U.P.)-Ge d i edidntr seemimank whimk eN afhet o wCongress, already Mauna Loa. ,foot-high vo.
S ... .tto .. r hoe tn iere answer to the hiles has been used in cotton safety ar- cice pak i Hawaii, is beUeved
olea, but boll weeVils Shite a of ahon r keep the tot ments for steel mill workers. Its to bet world's largest mountain.
,to fbted and eat his eauh k e finish resists flaming even from in total volume. I|
to_ --T n e d ae Shle rp temperatures up to 4500 degrees V.retican City, one-sixth sqluare
hBa ve rs hedi dh The telescoping a bed was fut one Fahrenheit. mile in area, is Eu-ope's smallest
have rwhe d right atelason b a dependent state. M*anace, the ?

-bd "plantation" Cl Viefott outer z pmcep and public places, commencements epst U. S. high *
tton j ast k. toHse the hilkre a ee themselves stad launderings for the life of n doll a orelth a|
Sin this locality. It projected on a screen the article. Before World 'War I the So
a bal e to e li ,,n t o, with .re, th- renh i ---n C Utkra e accounted for nearly a I
,ee. sa d a s*a wth i a.tch problem t r Winnie Gets Cane ot o --setire ea abd
r "oth sltep. There's a matchbox corn crops, a thJird of its barley.
elT e0ove wich no infant not born of From Truman W oo and to-tirds t sugar beet
--,..mBer. So emae could possibly pry openu _pu.. -- V___ \
vmwbb w e to Icsole She frustrated IND.N.DNCE, Me. (U.P.'--- -he 2,000-male-lang A palchian
m btrNo i6aa fmta"o v ofaTman family farm Gran4,- wind, through 14 states, eight aa-
| 2lnU l aL'mech idvitAed into serf w o., ha. b a n to te toa forests, and two natioil
As itar adi d. hetry p thhiRhle of Independ -_.

^-* ^ epers ruta twsmd o lak h ason-Di; inestrde"u






quick Coupe,
ansportatica that's
l. Runs good, looks j
id, 75.00. I

lev. 4dor Sedan.
good second car.
buy for $225.00.

lick Sedanette, I
od tires. A bargain I
r 399.00.

ds. Conv. Iyd.,
d top. Hums good
Mty 329.00 .

sick Super 4-door
edan. Come and
eal it for 199.00.

sick Sbper 4-door
edan. Runs and .
mks much better I
an, $249.00.

S- i






7 Central Ave. Tel. o -014

Saturday: 8 I Snoo.
a R F r Avem TeL 2-INaS
S I block from Lus TheutreI

II -

Packer, Shippers, Movery
Taller Tranapertas Baxter
Sxpn Mechuc in Ultra-
matic and Hydramatic Trans-
miusain offers his professional
Repairs. InstallHtlon of gas
stoves. water heaters, etc.
Qfoerai Supervisor.
Tels.: t-22 2-.245

Museum Remodeling
'WASHINGTON (U.P.).s Mamie
Eisenhower ign ed tradition when
she sent. her inaugural dress to the
SY r"''oxan Institution beforei
Sh.& beehn in the White House a
yearW but the curators *are de -
lighted, '
'te spanglY bal gown in Mrs.
Esenhowera fa orite pink, will go
On "'daplay in esrwly 195 In the mu-
seum's c6lection of first ladies
costumes. ,
EMany of the gowns, like Mrs.
Eluenhower's, were designed for in-
augural functions. But Mrs. Elisen- the flrt to part wtil hers
while st iff the hit House, and.
the mTusma~ u ai1Is
The Samithsiaea m et
ppes tohe frstld. The& tcta-
to ueste d that e 3,
tourists who visit Tae Smithsonian
each year woohld like to see an out-
fit once worn by the current Whiti
House occupant. The gown display
is second in visitor popularity,
only to "The Spirit of St. Louis,'/
the lan in which Charles A
ULndberg flew the Atlantie.
Mrs. Eisenhower's inaugural
gown will join the exhibit about
th time the display aTqniuei a,
"new look."
At present. the first lady gowns
are arranged. stiffly in glass -
encLsed thr&esomes reminiscent q
Mme. Tustaud's wax museum.
The 'Smithsonian. plans to put
the display i eight, period rooms
against'an authentic White House
b .kgroud, made posble by
gift of historic pieces discarded
fr, m the executive mansion during
the recent remodeling.
Included are marble firenlaoce-
from thW f!rnklin Pierce, Ulysses
S. Grant and Theodore RooseveltL
days, furniture and wood paneling
from the ktate parlors.
The museum also has gold fur-
niture used in-1he Blue Room fAo
75 years, an oriental rug presented
to Martin Van Buren by the Intan
of Muscat, and Martha Washing-
ton's tea table:,
Mrs. Eisenhower's gown will e
displayed ia th, largest of the
eight rooms-& reproduction of t6hd
East Roo), with original paneling
mantle and mirror. ere, too, will
be the famous gold piano thAt
stoo' in the big ballroom for many
In this rhom, too, will be Mrs.
Eleanor Roosevelt's peaeh.toned
ball gown for the third inaugura-
tion,- and the silver gray brorade
I. .. Bess.Truama wore in the L 0
inaugural ball.
It will takesix months hg the
SLiithsonlan sculptor, A. Joseph
Andrews, to prepare the plans er
figure on which Mrs. Eisenhower's
gown will be displayed. He hopes
Mrs. Eisenhower will volunteer her
measurements. He had to get Mrs.
Truma's 'from her dressmaker.
An;riis wll carve Mrs. Elsen-
bower's from photographs.
Mrs. Eienower's gown, design-
ed by Nettle Rosenstein, is of pmk
peau4epoie, a sheer isf and is
sprinkled with 2.000 seulns in
pink, rose and mauve.

Ho To Get Rid
Of Roosting Birds
CHICAGO (U.P.) i that
rest M dowato n bIAlldig can
be routed by- attachig marrow
Steel bar., Cov d wth sarp
Mprg N to edges, The
I American POP. works Asmia.
The17%T be attahed to
ehurnh atedhs, re m w t dim,
save troia, r ai o
ie and a 51of these
There -aere iftI siemad

ad yoil,# WaI

HAMMER ARTIST-Mlsher Relnikot, .w' bo ay,
artist to put a frame around a piece of shattered gl
it as a pile of irt, display, his masterpiece in e rk
First he aide an abstract drawing and covered it with a ia'j.W
safety glass. Then, wRh a hammer, he. made six splUnt
These, he said, brought the. original design to life. The tr
In the background is his conception of jans singe Lee W ..

Senate Democra ts'To Mak

Like's Team Their Target

Senate Democrats indicated to-
day they intend to make Presi-
dent Elsenhower's "team" rather
than the President himself the
target of their political fire dur-
ing the coming session of Con-
This attitude reflects a belief
that Elsenhower's personal poop-
ularity tilll remains high more
than a year after he won the

presidency by landslide proper-
tions. .
However, the Iemocrtts'were
convinced by their pue-tak&
during tne congressional reaes-
that public support for th b d-
ministration Itself has iagget.
making it more vulnerble to
As a result, many of thWex.
pect to aim their olitl e
primarily at Cabinet, membe

American Composers&ntzrezoL
On tht eve of the 1
Lof Congress, the dcan
Respected In Europe a'teur
LOS. Cq..) -. A, *?af .,'e.
college professor, Just ack from a n e.e e
year in Europe under a F.lbrighf tan. a.ptLt.e1 1 T .n fe
research grant, said today tere is epulblfA~i rv
growing respect in m Eurdpe for siva-ingov Q ent.
Anericps', serious composers. th er l eia

professor of isic at the Uner. .
sity 'of Californifa at Los Angeles, Maro' tiertly toe lR ',
said Europea are accepting have ,eeed to revert- -
American cmosers because !hey belle #a .. *f. Ta ',
have developed distctinve styles of i)ectlons wll t is
their own In the past 30 years ber largely on e tno-
"Before the 1930's," he said, be largely on- veo m -
the usi of our sWrious om whie v cl t h for
poers s largely .ndlstinguish. erity they ha s ore
able from, that of European earn o, n,, t,, emt '" S
posers., Now that America's corn- dips In emonomi
posers are more original, they hare The ave for
come of agi ina th eyes, or should YthaDenBmer ed s#
we say ears, of the C6ntlnent." c sed(In SWrin
Incoine has slipped. .,
Trucker's 5,500 The .Demo .tS
ReasosS eYHm conoc Issnues and
r om A 'reS.t a challenge to the a.
Prom Arrest. tion's defense budget .,,,'
Save Him Frtr Arrest SPORT'S -
TOLEDO, O. ((.P.) Toledo S ,O
police gave an Indlian trucker an Dowmdill Pp ,
escort out of town recently be -1
cause. he had 5,500l good reasons VICKSBURG, M*F.' (U. P.)-
why he shouldn't be detained. Curtis Bass and John mith U m
David E. Myerz, 28, Hartford police they pushed theih *tt
City. nd., was just about to drive down a hill to start the Jagiln .
hi, truck across a bridge when the did not know it would shear ela
bridge tender stopped him and electric light pole, knom k deSa
called a state patrolman. The stop light, rip off a fire pIa La,.
truck's weight was far above the in a grocery store d .
load limit of the bridge. disrput electric service tu. larg-
Myers was on the verge ot being part of downtown VkJkIA U
arrested when the patrolman real- '
ized it was Columbus Day and the Why NT? "
courts were closed. In view of the DUNN, N. C. (U. P.) j -..I.
truck's cargo o 5,500 gallons of students at the local hi:h .sebi,.
high octane aviation gasoline,, eity obviously disgusted wi th
officials felt they didn't want the est fad among male st-
truck around overnight because of ed this ultimatum a
the possibility of an explosion board: "Unless tboe--y
which their "rivic center might be pear we're going to i
blown right off the map." baby dolls andi jlu

The more you tell Th: quickdw yo :


You don't have to-
shout ft fromn- the
heuetopst. Sell by
advertising in. oar
low cf want d .
sect6o... hIe fst.-
eat. u0t< aovest.
edt way to re
custmeni i.


-.i .-

NOV 11 v 0 .. eoery week & .

S- -* ,-.^ z. e at -4

40ml *C IALO6

Just Received



---'V .".~-'
- 4

if- 97 e"-ei-- man" Itwas made of blick 'The Mamo-Din He.- uneIs i :o
. st h1k6re -Pa W-l ma taken om an ol u ldbir- aloo, te soutie PM vaia-
t-iL Truman farm. north ern Marylnd border wa ews- a
abbaebd to s wn-ld ae*

8. AiH-i




"~]: .;i ':'



* > J


C. ~

~. -;~-
.~ -*. .,..


i AI ~*Ia WN

.. Eliateh Rowley and John
Albright assisted Mrs. .AlbrighL
1.ti li teripr
and G. I Gitnn, of
Srgarita, left yesterday to spend
the weekend at Sana -Clara and
El Vanse.

,d.ef^ol oa Kooat : H-a amilton Celebrates
tIjth Brthday, I
W 4 o N% Mrs. y sR W"
"ieri Wiilga., 5e0 of stob gave a at
j a Ironthas, iad nsuat le.U, their bmeto r th a'
ti- r2. George Honk ten toI .. Say, onP'te th bitdayt.
Oa Mass., as ne god.arier, ather aivers.
.1 CApr asi proxy is gral. '-" Huesta eluded: Carol MNor.
IerD Vern PV WI S I 0nd. et man,. rvel
o ,dathr. asd 5i ilt. MISS Davlsfoam
d fIS shT er. IIs'uly er. M *
laEtt ^ tisthird generati6a afAnn Hnme,
thoe ally to be bsuptzedi-nia ILTra J..'*
naafor the e..*t, bur as 8, and the da Andrea. (Ireblen,
is ond generation at whose cere-V.ndel Ta, Edward reen,:
SInates rather Cooper has ci- Immyt lkey, Donald Starer,
reed ated. and Sarah Carter- was ovwer-
army ollow th teligious service, night ,guest of ray .
paft etoWie Br. and Mrs. Vern Prier had a _*_--- _
Spartyat tall f&"I t-together at their *. -
]aonii the 1;me In Atol. |M T 1 ki
.haveeW&n aIS *6
SEve, **. and Mra William Prier have .iO, i
:i1, n1 W been visit g. r. and Mrs. Jack i o |e
ad erav lark ik Pan .aW City. W
Vent W .v W JT | a |.6.

Ngrant Labor Pact
MEXICO CITY, Jan. 2 (UP) -
e United States and Mexico
peared ready today to let their
rrent Migrant Labor Pact ex-

Neither government has made
Ly move to renew the discus-
>ns op extension of the agree-
ent which sent 200,000 Mexican
sorers to the United States last
ar. The .agreement expired
The talks between U.S. ambas-
dor Francelp White and Mexi-
n Foreign Minister Luis Pa-
lla Nervo were broken off qui-
ly ast Week for the 11-day
ikican governmeunt winter va-
The aont ansd~ of the nego-
atiops whIch started in Sep-
mber,la expected to cut off the
sal supplip of Mexcan work-
s upon whlth farmers In Tex-
California and other States
Iy to Aarvest crops,.
More than 1,300.00 farm and
dustrlal workers have been ex-
rted from Mexico to the Unit-
State since 1942, when the
st Migrant Labor Agreement.
s signed during World War II.
A Mexican government spokes-
in said. th country is in no
rry to negotiate another such
reement. pew workers We con-
acted adrmlly for qmploy-
ent in the early months of the
ar. *
There Is no other Ie agar-
ngement under whhch U. S.
rmers may easily obtain Mex-
in laborers, for employment a-
oad. They will or -have re-
urse to sp& ls of illegal mi-
eks. -o .
a 'a be 'h
u e employer violat f
8. Immigration Isfpa. 7 a.
6lffh they are subject to de-
rtatlo.1 If apprehended by Tm-
gratlon agent.

isenhower Sehnd$
est WiSie
o Haitoian Covt.A
WABHINGTO f, Jan. 2 (UP)-
esident asenhower has sent
et wisd hes" t Prednt Raul
Magliore of Haiti on tbh 150th
niversary 6f that nation's in-
In a message made public to-
y, lisunhower said U.S.-Hal-
n friendship Is "an enduring
id between our peoples." eR
:ed that Haitians expressed.
s friendship as far baSok ap
SAmerican Revolution when
titans suppp~ted Ailbricanm ef-
tS at Yoiktown and Sovan-

he Most Hilarious Comedy
Released in 1953!

S ad Mr. .aud S. J M. Brown ,n-
SCOp.,. Whose trained with,a dinner at thi
t Mi De Boyie was I .at "argarita, Thursday eve- .
g the holie ys. nl- for Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Gras- Th
san, of Balboa. ap
.Neai Later ia the evening they were cu
joined by'Mti and Mrs. R.O. Ther- pli
ee Lamnson invited a fault and Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Hal-
friends to her an- liday red their guests, an
Titea, given at her res- --o
oe mew Cristobal Wednes- Mrs. McLaghilia Visiting m
Lanra Smith and Mrs. Mrs. Phillip McLut;hlin, and in-
oalpot 'poured for the fant son, Phillip. arrived recently Th
,and Miss Sue Prier serv- from Houton, Texas, for an ex-
WpJ L-dwich loafs tended visit with r parents, Mr.
Sairi1 Mrs. Walter Reeves of Fort sa
m esa" *M 0 Viaitor Gulick. ca
*Mr. and Mrs. James I. Stuart, Snday School Clams M
iGatun, entertained with a din- PicnicAlbht, of G tu, ca
s prty at their home, Wednes- Mr, Arthur Albright, of Gatu,
to honor :Mr. and Mrs. R. T. entertained the members' of her t
S Texas, who are Suno y School class with a picnic te
ohr daughter. Miss Marjo- at Foar n Lorenzo. i
-he members of the' group in-
iW er guests were: Mr. and eluded: Sisan Bonzeumnet, Virginia er
iLHdy Eardison, Mr. and and Lillian Hirons, Gerry Briote, R
a" *.. ame. .n, Mr. d Mrs. Scheidegg, Carolyn Rowliy, Jackie
X). 4, Lawson, Miss Fraices Moo- Freddie er-hard, P. a y meond
mat qan-' Mr. Frank Dougherty. Scheidegg, Carolyn Rowley, Jackie ind
HoIl m and Terry Webster. pD
.r Gr
abiow salce fir
evening Assembly, She Knows
if( Order of the Rajnbow for
ilbs ont tainpd the other Rain- M&
b Asamblies si.d the Demolays t hu
f 1 a at the Scottish Rite an Pt
o. in. ots I P ot
din from the Atn- m
S' Donna. Gey- ERGENJIlLD, N.J. (U.P.) ye
T' v Pat '? oddb', Mrs. Marjorie Cederberg is an ex-
y gleton, pert on pots and paps, although ra
d An te' onouzmet. she rarely uses them. She's too
I u rey, and busy at her uniusual career to do ic
mte., Bc Ciup- much cooking. ,b
ce *w rd, Brian The blue eyed, 1br6wa haired
'Gaf ge. mother s Cat pots qnd Vas in gr
a or c Gene terms of apoys, brass finishes, w
SMarc. Tioej. ne o plates, panels, ndulers and w
9 b drove over with dit. U.
*!'.1 g p. le were Mr. Ti-s 47-year old businesswoman ithl
a ge el, Mrs. B. Is a metals buyer for an Engle. po
', Commander and wo, N.J. etching firm. mi
Fact- and Lieutenant Mrs. Cedeflerg, a five-foot-two,
r,,,rs. Fryed Phillippi. 135-pound bundle of energy, start. E|
ed as a secretary with the corn-
e1 Celebrated pany. 4 d
Sersary t.t It ha just been organized
r J;. W. Huson of and she foldf herself "promoted"
aine witsh a to part-tUme switchboard- erator I
ty for their daughter, and sometlmes.payrOl clerk, as
h r 4th anniversary, we!l as secretary,
.Th honored. real It wasn't long until her boss pb
C iss Day. asked her :tdo set up a purchasing "bi
OL who helped system. .
wre Leslie, and Mrs. CederherL 'whn concern,
Sarbare and Mag- treated on Ef t literaure nd dei
n- Ggry and avoided chemistry in college, filled 1
n, E Eg g r, the gaps in her knowledge by ask- day
: .a her sisters, Su- il.- questions and visiting' steel tia
m o th odNa cy.-. mills. boi
te eno rM who attended were .he found what to look for when nob
g J611 Purvis, Mrs. George b Iag stainless steel, aluminum thi
M O. Mrs. John Voucher and and brass and 'earn-i that men th
T Lamr. lWhO y. enjoyed the novelty of a woman Hg
In the mills and were quick to co- for
.u p Csreb The Sea ors. Cederberg, says her hus- na
U Mr Wiiam Prier, of ban', George. a New York banker.
inft P o *resented their son has "reconciled himself" to her
for christening at job. Nelson,. her 17-year-old son.
b' the Sea yester- said he always knew "my mom has
what it takes" to succeed.
Bo u Reveread Arch De..con
J. Cooner, retired rector .
h rat hur, had flown down .Two Hita.
Quatemala, to be
SB ^ :.tE at tisb bap- PITTSBURGH, Pa. (U. P.) -
"' 'Eugene Ferrara shrugged it off T
.' rir aged seventeen when a passing motorist hito the
i ah Her grandfather, Dr. left rear fender tof his parked au-
r as er godfather and tomobile here. Damage was slight.
;isbags Prier and However, another driver did a
Mrs Varn Prier as more thorough job 10 minutes 'at-
rars. er. Damage$L.


Of- N -T1

L* AIVJM& & e

rw7" -f

,ANS M ii

r j '.


:y OUT

t t t Che teckther.


7, 09go p* t"" any-
'A MI-
"r every day -
*'76 W *

I DIABLOHTS. 6:15 8:05


1:15, 3:40, 6:10, 8:40

- 0-

hind the Screen. Salvador Dali,
the surrealist painter, gave Holly-
wood's leading men cause for some
surrealist nightmares with his an-
nouncement that he plans to star
Anna Magnani In a movie titled
""'6. Wheolbaftow of Flesh."
Anna, says Dali, will pla y a
woman in love with a wheel -
barrow and "sbe will find in that
bbfect all th qualities and charms
Sa human being."
It's difficult to imagine a wheel-
barrow replacing Aan Ladd or
Tony Curtis or -oward Keel in a
iovie, but the way things are
changing in -oood maybe the
Screen Actors. Guild should im -
mediatey outaw wbheelbarrows as
substitutes f 'actors. *
Jut Ia ea t ahis h catches

wind up with the girl something
that never happened to me in Hol-
1 .'ood."
A Hollywood beauty named Joan
V.hs is doing a salaam to Joe Di-
Maggio's best girl and saying,
"Praised by Mail-- "
Joan found it tough sledding for
blondes in Hollywood until Marilyn
cracked the ice and suddenly. film
producers who had given her the
"Don't call-us, w.'1 U ou"
line were handing Joan more ead-
ing- lady roles tha she could play.
With "CrazylegS," "Vice Squad"
and "Fort Ti" behind her, she con-
fided on Paramount's "Sabrina
Fair" set:

sp, the Gi bother acude track. "Until Marilyn came along,
tors, harvester, Jeeps, Jaguars, blondes ad a tooigh time in Holly-
eti. wood and I was onea of them -
There are, in a', qI1 kinds of for three and a half years,. If you
fritening 'S des. were a blonde, then you were
or example: w can an agent typed as a "ard boiled dame.
collect 10 per t rm a wheel. There wasn't a chance of getting
barow? How c [da wheelbarrow anyt2 but a man chaser part.
acept'an Osca_ Would fan wrag- Marilyns give. blondes a better
i4zh' readers r1"i.h articles like chea'e la Hollywood the beat
This? since Carole Lombard. I'm very
"Don't Push ." grateful to her."
"Should wheelbarrows Go
Steady?" or: There Is only one thing you can
"What a Wheelbarrow's Married predict about George Sanders -
Life Is Like." that he'll be completely unpredict-
able. The actor ; unmatched when
PLUNGIN VEOLA it comes to answering the standard
questions which are put to all stars.
A Hollywood radio actress, hailed Otier diy on the set of "Witness
by Jack Benny and Edgar Bergen to Murder" a magazine writer
as "the girl ftb the most un- asked him if he had a secret am-
dressed voc t the air," insists bition to play a particular role.
Phat a pludgintatontraltp is more "Why, yes," George replied, af-
mportant to a woman's sex appeal ter a moment's thought. "I should
than a plunging n: kline. like to ploy Othello under wtter."
6"Voles sedut. saoy Veola ape
Vonn, "Is mun Ibetter %an a G n e sC
inch bust. 4c= uet *Die i co u nmen scape
ote racing and still sound .
Inviing"... With $25000
regular on the Benny, Bergen
o other top CBS radio shows From Ohio Bank
from Hollywop4: Veola's thry W Bank
is: "Tee many-would be femIes
fatales stress the wrong thing CLEVELAND. 0., Jan. 2 (UP)-
They're more interested in undress. Two tunmen with silk stockings
ing themselves than their voices, drawn over their faces to 4istort
Many an illusion has been shat. their featuresaheld R a anch
tered when a walking dream at. bank today ahd escaped with
tempts to be a talking dream." $2S,000.
Anthony Quinn who never so The.pair entered the Bank nf
much a hummed "It Ain't Gonna Ohio branch office just after It
Rain co More" in a Hollywood opened. One of them held a pis-
movie, put on his best "Aw, tol to the head of Manager Jo-
shucks" expression and admitted seph Nawy and warned: "If any-
that he's about to become an oper- body moves, he gets it."
atic baritone in movies. Despite. the warning, police
Tony, who won ah Oscar for said four women dashed to the
"Viva Zapata," sings an aria in ladies' room and locked them-
the Italian version of "Cavalleria seWles In.
Rusticana" and he will warble Nagy was not harmed.
again in a Roiran edition of "Car- '
men," opposite Linda Darnell.,
-*- i Skank intelligence
t*Ws a whole new life for me,
is Xtalf," volhteered Toay be. STARKVIILE. Miss. (U. P.) -
t*eeftsceewt 4oU"The Long Walt," Robert, Webb, Jr., an engineering
min which he's playing a Mickey sophomore at, Mississi'pi State
Iap hoer Be jst completed College keeps track of his pet
ses" and "Forbidden om. skunk short-wave radio. Both
en" in on*e., Robert and his father are licensed
-'I Hollywood I had to wait by "hams". R bert 'radios to his
the -)hone to see if anybody wanted Vicksburg, Miss., home daily to
to give me a role. There's not find out how his "de-activated"
enough time to do all the pictures skunk, recently found on a scout-
that are being offered to me io ing expedition, is adjusting to div-
Italy. What's more, they let me Jlization.

A cardboard earton tuned -Me d own sad ,ith space out eat for leg lake a*4
table for this eavahlsoln ehtd.L

Young Bank Teller

Confesses Helping

To Plan Robbery
HOUSTON, Teg., Jan. 2 (UP) -
A 19-year-old bank teller con-
fessed today that he helped plan
the $57.349 robbery of the Hous-
ton National Bank by. a smooth-
working bandit.
The confession bv the teller,
Donny Alen, implicated two oth-
er men and a womanIn addition
to the actual robber. One of the
implicated menl Johnny Navar-
ro, was arrested.
The rt bbery of the bank, !n
downtown Houston, went so
smoothly that nobod, but Allen
and another person recalled see-
intg the' bandit. He entered
through a side door neatly
dressed and quietly walked past
employee? to the vault section.
A building engineer in the
bank said the bandit winked at
him whie passing hint on the
once inside the vault room,
the bandit made Allen hand over
the money and walked out be-
fore Allen could turn in an a-
The three persons still at large
were identified as James Davisa
Mitchell 23, his wife, Mary Lou,
19 and his uncle,,Nick Mitchell,
45. James. Mitchenn is out on
bond on a charge of robbing a
grocery store.
State chtars- elony theft
were /filed agaI!st James and
Dick Mitchell, Alln and Nava*-
ro. The FBI said federal charges
of bank robbery will be filed a-
galnst J,.mes Mitchell, Navarro
and Allen, and charges of being
accomplices against Wcil Mitchr
ell and Mrs. Mitciell.
More borax is produced iii the
southwestern United States than in
any other part of the world. Chile
ranks second.


James STEWART Joanne DRU


The man of every girl's
dreams closes his eyes...
and opens his heart -
and in walks
exciting new...

completely refreshing,
enchanting star debut...
as the runaway princess
who goes with him on the
gayest 24-hour spree
a girl ever dared!



- I'

SAMBOA 8:15 GATUN 2:30 7:00
..2. **mr kmummer.. ***ir & soma snmro

MARGARITA 6:15 8-00
-~~~~ -


CRISTOBAL 6:15 1:15
"Walking Mv Babv Back Home

I ..



CENTRAL Technicolawor Week-n

Shows: I:15 3:11 5:07 7:03 8 59

A new kind of

- &rmte fieated
ipvel iltN

Added Attrdbtw


Amalia Aguilar, in "Mis Tres Viudas Ategres"
-AND -
"HURACAN RAMIREZ" with David Silvo




Shows: 1:34 3 :55
6:25 8:55 r r 1
lo u A\ \* 4 \ 4 4

.mm u11 11 m m 1i

1:00, 3:45, 6:25, 9:10 pjm.
The greatest story of love,
Faith and overwhelm-
,Jg M Ing spectacle!

Ricardo Montalbin. In
Rabb Meeker. in


First Full-Length W
with GIG

in2~P Q



*;*- .,Y ." S ;'

r.... .

CAll -


* 2

9iPanama Canal Jeatres -,I knowing



___ ~

,I- MS:W


__ __




* A *.;kV **'*V y






w 'B Ka Gatas toe i a -
to enatpe




4. -







hhigan State, Alabama, Jamaicans Off Amorio Triumphs With -iF

,rgia Tech, Rice Win

NEW YORK, Jan. 2 (UP) An apologetic
back who made a foolish and illegal tackle in a
ig cause stole the show from the more legiti-
heroes of the New York's Day football bqwl

v culprit was Tommy Lewis
abama and he cried in the
Ing room after his team's
defeat by Rice in the Cot-
gathering of 75,000 saw Lew-
Idenly dart off the bench
i in Dallas and tackle
Sof Rice, who was on his
o a touchdown. The touch-
,which would have been a
rd deal, was allowed.
Vi was a key man in each
ie other games, witnessed
early 400,000 persons in
and pleasant weather
California to Florida.

l Igan State stomped
b UCLA 28-20 as Billy
S scored a come-from-
d touchdown and ad iIn-
ee one, the second on a
= punt return, before
fans In the Rose Bowl
at Pasadena, Calif.
SOklahoma Sooners either
or disproved according
a viewpoint that they
as the nation's number
team when they topped
nd 7-0 on a quick touch-
run by Larry Origg in the
period. Maryland, hand-
aped because its key quarter-
Bernie Faloney was avail-
Sonly for five plays, didn't
e the depth that had been
Lr forte season long.
New Orleans in the Sugar
rL the Georgia Tech En-
pers rolled over the West Vir-
-.Mountaineers, 42-19 in a
Sseoring game dominated by
eBarterback Pepper Rodg-
tossed 'two touchdown
a kicked four extra points
Snine yard field goal.
S war little doubt about
head man at Jacksonville,
In the Gator Bowl game
e bby Cavaseos whipped
bhree touchdowns in an
y 35-13 victory over Au-
|n. I .. ..

Wings of Marshall, Mo., played a
12-12 stalemate with La Crosse,
Wis., State, while in the Sun
Bowl at E Paso, Tex., it was 37-
14 fqr little Texas Western over
Mississippi Southern in an upset.
The pro studded lineup of the
Ford Ord, Calif., Army team was
too much for Great Lakes Navy
Training Station In the Salad
Bowl at Phoenix, Ariz., as the
soldiers prevailed by a 67-12
In the annual Prairie View
struggle in Texas the Prairie
View A&M eleven topped Texas
Southern 33-8.

Bigleague Scouts

Should Pitch Camps

Around Cincinnati
NEW YORK, Jan. 2 (UP) -
Don't be surprised if major-
league baseball scouts start
hanging around Cincinnati play-
They should. For more win-
dows are broken in Cincinnati
sandlot ames than anywhere
else in he nation. The lads
smashed windows by the dozen...
but it didn't cost them a dime.
They're protected and this
Is the honest-to-goodneds name
- by the National Sandlot Win-
dow Repair Guarantee Founda-
tion. Frank Russell of New York
- who heads- the foundation -
is a window glass manufacturer.
The program costs him 12,000
a year... and he expects to pay
that much again next season.
It works like this. 4 youngster
gets a membership card from his
ocal hardware dealer. If he
breaks a window in a baseball
game, he shows the card to the
almp-nwinpr Th a d s the

To Good Start In New Year's Day Cka

At Mount Hope
,, ..,..... :

The Jamaican Nathan's crick-
et team got off to a good start
when they scored 161 runs for 7
wickets in the first day of play
of the three-day match against
the Atlaptic All Stars at Mount
Play was resumed- today at
noon and will continue at the
same time tomorrow.
: After losing against the Paci-
fic All Stars and the Atlantic
COlts in their first two appear-
ances, the' Jamaicans seem to
have acquired a deep respect for
the fine fielding, accurate bowl-
in, and fast scoring of the local
Yesterday the visitors played
with marked caution and batted
brilliantly against the hostile
bowling of the local lads.
Colin Bonitto paced the Ja-
malcans with a 36 and was sup-
ported by team captain Errol Al-
berg a who contributed 34. The
brilliant young batsman, Alding-
ton Foote was not out at 33.
Small and Hewitt bowled Ma
nificently for the Atlantic AI
The results:

Popsile Priestley c Smith 1
Colin Bonitto lbw. b Hewit
H. B. Young c Hewitt b Smal
Keats Hall c Hewitt b Smal
Eroll Alberga c&b Escalona
R. L. Fuller c Escalona b C
A. Foote not out
V. Hendricks b Hewitt
Boxer not out

Total for 7 wkts.

t 38
l 3
l 11
1 34
8 a
9 YneBobrTag
Fal fWikes 128 -3; 3. S OI Nip Br8 0 n

Fall of Wickets: 1-28: 2-31;3- i
46; 4-80; 5-108; 6-137; 7-12. To ite; Yanks Nip Browns

Fla., in the Cigar I`ome-w t ue aa A T n e o A
souri Valley Vik- owner to return the ball and A. lewitt 2 for
card to the youngster. In turn, R. Ecalona 1 for
the foundation pays fora new 0. Small 3 for 3
a window. c. DeSouza I for 2
i League K. Griffith 0 for
Russell says other cities rank- L. Morgan 0 for 1
i ~g hi h in the "busted window T King0 for 1
Ngh-11AwA6Akw T oIe d o J.DKing0 for 11
-.Dunn0 fbr 1
b r Carlos *f riguez
est V n an IWore, I riguez,
es Molnes, t t. New Or-
SChi and onto.
You-g Patm Pro,
rda dows is easier in TO fig 11flPr
1 i tAock y tars also, U
te.. The found
,c*owind5 broke by nF
picks, too. IixoUy On

"The Committee for the 1954
S invitational Panama Open Gol:
SChamnionnahtt wishes evervonm

.isnIons are sched-
iWs: Saturday. Jan 2,
Laundry diamond at
d daily starting Mon-
., at 3:30 p.m. at the
Ion. All members of
are requested to be-

The first pistol math, of the
ear will be held tomorrow at
D aa. Thp csouy. q,.lre will
time 1attoniay M sh C5 and

ycalibfe pistol wil be al-
owed with 45 calibre shooters
spotted 20 points to help even
things up.
A skeet-shoot team of six to
eight members from the HMS
Sheffield will compete against
an Army team from Fort Kob-
be 1030 a.m. tomorrow at the
33rd Infantry skeet range, Ve-
nado Beach area.


i Institution Guaranteed by the State

ty 2/% Interest Annually on Savings Accounts


We make loans with guarantees on first mortgages
or other securities.
2c.- 50c. SLOO and $5.00


sits are accepted thru a period
of 48 weeks.
OFIdui safety deposit boxes, for jewelry and
documents. In 4 different sizes.
IANm as Frnet St at eerne
Sioe. efo h7St.



w~-~~.V. A. -


a Very Happy and Prosperous
New Year and takes pleasure in
announcing that a young Pan-
amanian professional, Carlos Ro-
drigues, will compete for the ti-
tle ."thl year when the annual
tournaWent is held January 14-
17 at the Panama Golf Club."
Such was the announcement
made by the co-chairmen, Er-
nesto de la Guardia Jr., and
Fred J. Gerhardt. Rodriguez will
compete against such world
famous golf pros as Roberto De
Vicenzo and Sam Snead in addi-
tion to many others.

Rodriguez, a former caddy at
the Panama Golf Club, played in
his first professional competition
last year during the Panama
open. He did not finish in the
prize money but he flew to Puer-
to Armuelles to obtain some sea-
soning as a professional at the
golf club of the Chiriqul Land
Company there, a United Fruit
Company subsidiary.
Once again Rodriguez will re-
present the Puerto Armuelles
club. He will use the set of golf
clubs and bag presented to him
last year by President Jose An-
tonio Remon, himself an ardent

Rodriguez is one of the longest
drivers on the Isthmus. In a
practice round the other day he
almost drove the 325-yard 15th
hole. When the ground is harder
during the middle of the month
and the grass is cut thin on the
fairways he may be expected to
drive that green.
Many Panamanians who have
never held a golf club in their
hands and know absolutely
nothing about the game are ex-
oected to flock to the Panama
Golf Club to root for this young-
ster who rose from caddy -like
most of the champions In the
United States and South Amer-
cla- to the top ranks of profes-
sional golfdom.

SGive naw apearamce to
yourouse with bright
Use our lar lecton of
lAota We have reeelv a
larw shipment from MS
the allow.
Fn b- "
00u~ Eb k~

S The Standings ,
Teams W Li
Yankees 6 4 .
Brownies 5 6 .
Bombers 5 6 .
Panama Stadium
Yankees (Patrick 2-1) vs.
Bombers (Smith 1-0)
Yantees 5, Bromp* 4
-o~o.~. -

UP OY O i.. sa amnd
ILaSule players craimble for a
rebound under the basket at
adison Square Garden. In
front are Charley Hoxie, 3. and
Johnny Donohue of the Niagaram
'alls squad. Behind them is
Bob Maples. 14. of the Philadel-
phia team, while his teammate,
Frank Blatcher, awaits at the
right The Up-New York-Staters
won, 69-50. (NOEA)

Home, Swcet Hmes
button and flood your born
anything from 'the fragra
llaes to Me bracingA tanu
sea air. The Union Asbshtc
Rubber Co. has manufacture
a unit which., when ready fo-
use, can make such" vara
household odors possibly by
introdMii differet piiuhtn
heae and air comeW aa

C rm T tImin

Push a
e with

',., -

are Hisel 'TPat" Patrick 'for the
Yankees and Theolic Smith for
the Bombers.
Last night the Yankees out-
slugged the Brownies in a thrlli
ler at Mount Hope Stadium. The
Yankees colleed_ 13 hits a&
compared to nie 16i the lovers.
Granville Gladst smashed
the lone four-bagger Of the con-
test for the Brownies.
Bill Hockenbut~, with relief
help. from Patrick in the' ninth
when the Brownies threatened
to come from behind and win
the game, won his second con-
test of the season.

Vibert Clark went the distance
for the losers and ragged sup-
ort W. the darly Innings did not
help his cause any. The defeat
evened Clark's season record at

Sports BMefs

In baseball: Outfielder Frank
Thomas has signed Vs, 1954 con-
tract with Pittsbur~h. General
Managr Branch Rickey says
Thomni is the only player the
Pirate won't sell or .rad. The
Chicagp 'Wite Box signed pitch-
er Al Ztlian and catcher Carl
In tulMis: Army private Bid
Rchwarm has been raked num-
ber-one .by the Eastern Lawn
Tennis Association. Althea Gib-
son heads the women's rankings.
In harness racing: Official
figures -show forty-year-old Del
Miller led the grand circuit in
victories pnd purses. Miller won
56 races worth $234,000.
In polo: The National Indoor
Polo Association has named Dr.
Clarence Combs of Red Bank.
New Jersey, the only 10-Goal
handicap player in the nation.
Dr. Combs enjoyed the. same
honor lAst year.
A 46-year-old New Yorker says
he's made tl' longest approach
shot n golf htry. It traveled
29-hundred yards.. almost two
miles... an he has witnesses to
prove it.
Alanson Cutri a playing in
Burnham Maine He' bit an ap-
proach Ao t for the green 100
yards away. But the'ball clear-
ed the gree. rn, oll ato a fros-
en lake, (ot cast ty le wind
and ke the ball traeled clear across
the lake... IS hundred yards.

- Pogo Stick
s nch CROWDOROtf19
r nss Jan. 2 M(NA) -
in won a bet hopping
La pub .o a po
er in how azn a half. .
Sbore Macey, urofe6&
g. Mti. Beacon Golf Cl 1

&- .aumea 1!i. 1
y.o-. yn. He p .ayo It"
ta,16 hou-R. a-m
-sM wearing a .teel i
411ifako rW44

track* champion Amoe
ay aved notlee ti
'redr 1o6 regain the I
(f9he once held at J
e* as the track's best.
or S brebses under
e with, Jockey Victo
puling hard on the re
I2,0= added one mile I
Day Classic at the
r Is second,
lengths behind the win
tom) Posing happily a
roe and Jockey Ordofi
winners circle are (lef
Gloria Mir6, Leonida
Mr. OGladys Muller de
owner Ribarde- MIr6,
The Stud Santa Cec
sy seven-year-old ch
gentine horse by Ad
Mla yesterday after
played great form as
roughshod over his opl
score easily in the $2(
one mile New Year's D
at the Juan Franco ra4
Amorlo's victory wa
praise ts- he went off
whelming mutueals c
returned only $3.20, $
$2.20 across the board.
the ridiculous ease w
he scored was surprlsi
The favorite had o
risked on his chan
King's Prise getting
support also with over
on 13zM. The crushing
128 pounds proved too
the Prie and 'he failed
to expectations.
A the break it wa
Prfe oi top but Ching
sprinted to the front
thia and Rellaupago II
bet horse in the race, c
i n osest pursuit du
first half. Going afr
club 'house turn the le
ChIngri with Seythia,
o I King'd Prize, Am
Valley River following
Amorlo got' hto his b
on the backstretch an
far end of the backst
was gaining fast on th
but still next to last
Prlae made his move
Juncture and moved
acingly but before the.b
the turn for the hoi
Amorio had already ru
second place behind
going Chingri.
qhlngri held on gal
Amo'lo tdok command
head, of the stretch an
Victor rdofez pulled
mount from midway
straightway to sore
lengths. Relampgo IV
four lengths further I
King's Prime a staggerir
Ordoefie was the day
star with three wins.
scored with La Hora a
Domino. The 'latter's $
the day's bust win od
The dividends:


newCa In the
SY -b J^ I hi ns.atv

2y 9 *r a Inh -the

Why not d ofI on the way
4hie and toete in any
or ore of the14 rM
nled in this
Jn. and 27?:

- Former ch edrn -
rlo yester- Ik cannot. runc r .',in-
bat he Is door c"- ItV read.
lofty post- 80. .another
uas Fran- AmeriuaMaU not see t
(Top) A- and uat&t Czech Anr
the finish ficer who off-his
)r Ordeoes 10.000-meter. P onaquests
eins in the sinki by makig it a t
New Tear's the marathon. -
local oval. The European Track arid. Field
two full Championships in Berne, Swit-
mer. (Bot- zerland, next Aug. 28-29, are go-
with Amo- ing to hold the number of for-
ies II the eligners in American indoor
t to right) meets to a minimum this winter.
Ls Arjona, The AAU invited more than
Mir6 anu 20 representatives of England,
Norway, Sweden, Finland, Den-
mark, Belgium, Germany,
lla's clas- France, Russia, Luxembourg,
iesnut Ar- Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.
lalid-Maja Had all accepted, the whirl on
noon dis- boards would have had Rrac'
he raced tically as much international
position to flavor as the United Nations. TOPr
000 added -oO0 shiot
ay Classic On the other side, the Euro- lndooh
ce track. pean' Championships rate next fieldsre
s no sur- to the Olympics in importance. Whiti
an over- Unlike the Olympics, team points Whit
choice and are kept, so a nation can prevail., hamni
i2.80) and The Europeans have a special d
However, routine in training, which pre-
ith which eludes indoor participation. way an
ng. American Indoor meets will be al s
ver $3,000 not be without a foreign tone, mnal ti
ices with however, for Josey Barthel, Lux- nes tr
plenty of embourg's Olympic 1900-meter ends a
$2,000 bet champion, is already on the Nankev
impost of ground, and Mllkov, an improv- o
much for ing Yugoslavian pole vaulter, is r
to live up coming. soI
There are several excellent romo,
is King's foreign athletes in school in this
gri quickly country.
with Scy- The Russian Federationc said
, the least it was interested and was 'ex-
wontinuing pcted to send Aleks Anufriyev, a
urinr the 5000 and 10,000-meter- man,
Oend the Jeorgy Ivaldn, a half-miler; anda
leader was PJeter Denisenko, who vaulted
Relampa- 14 feet 6% inches in 1953.
norlo and Mr. AAU Ferris reports the
i 'n that Soviets improving daily, with
new fellows beating those who Bi
best stride appeared in the 1952 Olympics.
>d at the -Oo- Wr
stretch ohe It was the importance of the
le I aders European Championships, held Ques
SKing's every two years onf the other find a
at this .side, that cost the American in- What's
up men- 4oor meets such distance men as way to
horses lit Belgium's Gaston Rieff, Den- '
niestretch mark's Gunnar Nielsson, Fin- Anv
shed into land's De n n is Johannson, drit
the fast France's Alain Minmoun, Swe- sharp
denr's Ingbar Eriksson and Oer- should
many's'Werher Luqg. o r er
mely but The European Championships nikeep t
d at the also are keeping home Norway's shift
nd Jockey Au4un 'Boysen, who lowered the shift
up his 100(1-meter record to 2:20.1 after mowing,
down the Mal Whitfield broke it, and Ger- as ,
'by two many's Heinze Ulzheimer, who his anw
was third bagged the American 1000-yatd a wide
Wak with indoor championship last winter.
ig fourth. Dan Ferris had early assur- eon m
Y's saddle ance that the British routers a- so ns,
He alWa Roger Bannister, Chris Chata- ,W

nL over*
12.60 WB

1--]loin $5.80, 3.20
2-Manolete $4.20.
I-Sin Fin $6.20. 3
2-Camaron $4.40
First Double: (Elolna-Sin
Sin) $1S7I.
1-La Hora $4.80, 4. 4.20
2-Blijagual $4.40. 3.60
3-Tap Lady 67.80.
One-Two: (La Hora-BUIa-
iual) 30.60.
1-Annie N $d.60, 4.40, 2.60
2-Miranda $12, 5.20
3-MufAeco $4.60
Quinlela: 4Annle N-Miran-
da) $49M0.
1-Double In $4.80. 3, 2.80
2-Sun's Moon $3.20, 2.60
-Miss Fairfax $3.
1I-Don Cuto $4.40, 3, 2.80
--albeit 5.40
1. .Zmo $i60
1 .Dofalno $12.60, 7,40, 4.60
a ucunacque $15.80,
3-weg Windsor $3.40
Semai DeMe: (mam Cuto-
vrt Dsme) $4L.

tteDe: aDak M aidre -

2m ,4an,- i


with wb

A. An
the ball
out of 1
of the i
the bal
free in
the she
start m
fair ter
Q. Ho
siana S
A. Pe
of scow4

aMU wanUel

KiHc .- There ay bev a
age of forel runners in
r meets this winter; bus
wll be sfta- ed
headed by su s'iS l.
leld. America's
ion and greatest middle
Itance man. (NEA)
id Bill Nanakevill ou
ig. But Bannister, a hd
udent, takes a final 4a.
on in March; special .
airing for Red Chataway
at the same time; and
ville is an expectpat fath.

You see, track and ild
Eere have vus,
.,- .. ,i ,. n ., 1 .

itten for NEA ServiceW
tion': A lot of high school
aone defense effective.
ithe best and implest
break It
be the
r of the
. They
he sone
In and
eta freb
ben doing
ibhe has
open shot
My occa-
hat was -5--.
Lmous controvpeslal pl
which Oklahoma moved the
Dm one end of .the l-
vare Garden court. e
ith two pases asd to',k
II within one .
n Oklahoma an t
I to a te an aa .j w
bounds on thega
court. The 'Ia r
1 to apyiyr aw .
the eenfua e_
ot. The celek "doei-
Wovng unti th
ritry reelvew ,i
w Bob P-
tate's scqo fl ,
it/t a dxs nP, .SSe
O. -. .

.. --- .- "* "a
." <

-. :.
OOmS webeb bm4S

.. e. '..I-- '.m

.w "me as e .,
ta .. f. ..
at -u'_ a -b,.a u '.' _itZ
--' ,,-



: -.. .. .*..- .* .- .w ..

0% the Mis



a %/ :.*,,


I 1 I 1




L- r -,- "

M Iork Unlitt anod Utah Sat play-
after a rebound at Madison Square
Sviitors are Cordell Brown, 4, and Bob '
.-WSKhileS on in the background is BHill Hull,
elieuasElsberg. center, and Dom DeBonis,
]. r let won, 86-47. (NlA)

+PAA Offers 16 Prizes

,For Amateurs In Open
.- : -
i 1priszek donated by Pan Set with Cocktail Shaker, 6 Cups
# M uit World Alerways r the and Tray.
wtho will compete In 1st Prize Winner: Sterling
'" "'lf Open Golf Cham- Silver.Tray.
January 14-17 at the 2nd Prize Low: Sterling Silver
Golf Club, will be on Water. Pitcher.
nit 1at that Club. New Year's 3rd Prize Low: Sterling Silver
when the firt banlotn for Round Tray.
lue of the open will be an- 4th Prize Low: Sterling Silver
.5th Prize Low: sterling Silver
* This Is the second successive Bread Tray.
.i- 'n Vhleh Pan American 6th Prize Low: Sterling Silver
Wtorl4 Airways is donating prizes Centerpiee.. '.
.;,2r ateat competitora. in the 7th Prize Low: Sterling Silver
,b3M-,- annual tairnament held Su ar/Creamer Bet on Tray.
In Panama, Never before, how- th:Prize Low.- Sterling Silver
ev7i bave'm ch -beautiftl prizes Plate.
S, 9th Prize 1,w: LOoping S'Da
t by Alarm Clck.
il tof 10th Prize Low: Sterling CI-
g t very garette Chest.
ggf .Gxnus for the 1., ll Prize Low;.terlog Silver
local i r ra to parti- Basket.
1, l*,Erit. En- 12th Prize Low: Looping 8-Day
sbe seft Ifndt later Alarm Clock.
tha Juar 10, lth prize Low: Sllverplated
l leading 9 ilateur golf- SinglA Cigarette Chest.
Orr. fonithqe Ulited Btates are -14th Prize pow: Slverplated
also expected to participate. Single Clgarette Chest.
The lilt of PAA prizes: 15th Prize Low: Wterl ng SIlVer
..., ?edalt: Sliverplated Cocktail Bon Baon Disb.

Tiger Rags
= + U' +
BK TITLE College 50 to 28, the Tigers have
.-5 AT not lost in interschool play.
Their present wihnift streak ex-
tends over 14 consecutive games.
)INGS If they can continue this streak
they. will wind up the 1953-54
Ie Basketball. season with an enviable 16 in a
W L Petg. row. The records show that this
...... 4 0 1.000 is the longest win streak held by
....... *2 ..500 any school or J.O. team on the
......0 4 .000 Canal Zone in any sport since
the beginning of Varasty sports.
(JAN% 5) When the Tigers meet the
S. Bulldogs on January 5th, it will
Cristobal HiEh be a vastly improved quintet that
t four tries fpr they:fll- facing. lboa start-
rscholastle Baa- s'e ity .laig sn. 1
nahip, .ti Cris- decisat tp t .gers inthe sea-
inl TiMer. will so oeet. Criatobal won 56 to

et e. Q@ oe im & he-had time to get the feel
tle. .. ... '.. ., .. .
In examining the outcome, however. _,- would have been
Unwise to plce too much stressl'.9& either .tii, for -Louis was
going to win, anyway; he was a hia r had p
ed since Schmeml knocked hli nan, as it
had to be, had gone back conslctdtbiy. .a 1
Louis' hatred for Schmeling. endures. ,: seldomm mentions
him in discussing his fights. (we day i br l asy Max Babr
gave him his hardest ight. Th et noit e 3111 Cona. Of
course, the man who warrants l.sistiBnceio Schmeling.

There is no way to tell how Louis and Schmeling would.
have fared at their, best. Louis was only 22 whe 8ScehmelingR
stopped him and the German was an old man at 33 when Lou
got his revenue.
-Once a heavyweight passes 30 his reflexes become sluggish,
Jim Corbett, Jack Dempsey and. _Jack ary were 31 whe,
they lost their charmpionslips. Ji' raddor l V, Max Babr only
26. And Schmeling himself was 27 when jharkey outpointed
him. .
Depending on the caliber of the comntlon. R.cky Mar-
clano's tenure may be les secu ey anchor than it seems on
the surface, and the face that he will hit S0h ext year. may ex-
plain why Al Welll-never passes up. an oppltinlty to take imn
out on exhibitions.
Indeed, Bohmeling was psobblwy _k* ver the hill whent
he stopped Louis ti their first fight i*a few months
short of 31 and the. record even th him as a ;ading
fighter. Sharkey had beaten hi tm, '.er h WP hlmn, teve
Hamas had take a decision over him an he plodding PaoUno
Uzeudun had held him even. So if Louis had taken him the
first time around it would have proved only that the young De-
troit Negro had overcome a competent veteran in his progress
toward journeyman status. i
And Schmeltng wasn't expected to Win. How could an "old
man" stand pp under tle binding hand speed and pulverizing
fist power of the new ensetio wbo. hadobliterated Carnera,
Baer, Levlrnky and Uscuidu? Along with others I was caught
up in the hysteria. But Schmeling had detected a vital weak-
ness' Louis dropped his left guard and was wide open bo a
right-hand counter.
This was a .weakness Louis never corrected as long as. he"
was in ction. It was what kept hiq fpm bniing a great fight-
er n the classic sense. It s .ot so Loh even Joked abot his
de ,ear"arinnt... "ve, p1 little dasiht can hit me l th
a g.".'..Ana, for a fact. eve .,
T_,re was one extenuan8. clrpmt e the first. fight.
8 Dieling hit Louis flush on the chin with. alight tha$ knock-
ed him into the ropes after the bell. It certamly couldn't have
done Louis any good. Whether it beat him Is something else.
Louis was leading on points but Schmeling was beginning to
get to him.
As early as the second round Schmeling h-d tagged Louis
with a right-hand shot to the jaw which shook him visibly. And
in the fourth he caught hUi again with the s e punch and
this time dropped him. and it was plai he was hurt. It was at
the, close 6. 1te next round Phat achneling hit after the bell.
Louis stu l had enough rtmlna left to carry the fight to
Round 12 before he ran into another right for which he had no
rebiittal'; e bdaiced off the ropes, lid to the floot and Arthur
Donovart counted him out. This' hLd been a meat cleaver Job.
Two years later Louis was to use a detonation opmb.
l '" r "I I f I + ,i ,,, ,* r



. of tikley
e sufl. e S O. 8NOWBIRD -Snow en the
i 5 5- po di All- crowscountry course didn't stop
sckle closes col W0a Santee's daily workouts.
r against 0'home The Kansas cowboy ran fastcbt
shl Orange Bo on ula ever recorded by an Amcr
war's Day. (NA) Ilcan--4:02.4 and 4:03.7. (NEAe

I heard it over


1000 Kcs. 1230 Kcs.



' r
-- *- -
' ,' p' i "' ..



Be on your guard

when you buy

Jamaica Rum

Only the island of Jamaica (British West
Indies) can produce the real and genuine
Jamaica Rum.
But anybody can label his .wares as
Jamaia Rum.
For your protection, make sure that
when you buy a bottle of Jamaica Rum it is
clearly labelled as a PRODUCT OF JAMAICA.
Without these marbi it u not genuine.

Be not be dJlldl

~bn n;*~hkdq-c--~aauma mu ~,



S '1


VI. TIVOLI No. 4 ,

VIA uPaA n o .

CALL. ?a. No 1


CALLNs "" Noa .


AVY. JOB FCO. DItA 08BA No. 41


CALL W No. &

, 1





x.. .4! -t ,., Au. ,-
*- .r =-A- .i .-- '- ,_-

!2". 1A --

___ _~ _____

Six Teams To Pa

In. Third Seaon.w

The kids. will take over on th, brooks. W. t
baseball scene Wednesday, Jan, ton.
6 when thp-Armed Forces Little Jan. 21.- ,
League opens Its third season of Curundu. An
play at Curundu. Defending ton. W
champion Curuntdu will m e e Jan. -
Fort Clayton In the inaugur Clytpn,m.
tUlt with colorful pre-gMap cete- Kobite. ,
monies slated for 4:15 p.m. Jan. .-.
The remaining members of the ruqdu. Fort
league start their play on Thurs- Commanid. lart
day Jan. 7 when Caribbean Corn- brook.
mand plays host to Fort Kobbe
and Albrook AFB visits West- Feb. 1-Car. C
bank. Bank. Albrook '
All six teams will be on hand Feb. 4.
for the opening day feaCiviies du. Albroo S
and will p rade with the 71st Fort Clayton
Army Band prior to the first Feb. '-Cu
pitch of the new y ear. The mand; Fort
youngsters will be decked out in Foft 'dbbe
new uniforms for the occasion
and four durable batting hel-
mets per team will Insure their
safety in the coming season.
Plans call for top representa-
tives of the Armed Forces to
greet the little leaguers on open-
ing day. Invitations have been
sent to Lt. Gen. Horace L Mc-
Bride, Commander-in-chief, Ca- -
ribbean Command; Mal. Gen. L.
J. Whitlock. Commanding Gen-
eral USARCARIB: MaJ. Gen.
Reuben C. Hood, Commanding
General, Caribbean Air Corn-
manc4 qnd Capt. G. W. Patter-
son Jr., sti hg Conmmandant,
15th Naval District.
Managers of the various teams
predict an extremely close race
for this year's crown and are all
pointing for the defending
champion Curundu nine, which
has emerged victorious in both
previous league campaigns.
An ambitious schedule faces
the eager 10, 11 and 12-year-old
members of the six-team loop.
Sixty games are on tap for the
amallf ry and each team will
play a total of 20 contests. The
first half of play will end on
February 8 and the second half
will start the following week.
The first half schedule:
Jan. 6.-Fort Clayton at Cu-
Jan. 7.-Fort Kobe at Car.
Command. Albrook at Westbank.
Jan. II.-Curundu at West
Bank. Car.- Command at Fort
Clayton. Albrook at Fort Kobbe. I'yNS ?ME-k'_
Jan. 14.-West Bank at Car. bs atd est7
Cotmand. dCurundu at Albrook. nmematie .latl
Fort Kobbe at Fort Clayton. I um'nc.Aasj u
Jan. 18.-Curundu at Fort IglChanlqn
Kobbe. Car. Command at Al- ot a litle
,' .-

I '

I I.

. If- -* *--

.- .J -- < ,.i f

- ,* ,,.. -_

* .i.


P/a ers

Sat In

-w -


icks Need

x, And No

hart Quacks

W IN, N. Y. Jan. 2 (NEA'
hbod" know a good duck
latrlst? Bunch of crazy
Iup ducks around here and
aWonaloy successful nutty
nman could make himself a
6 scratch.
i gotLa be a good man,
lh because these here
rare really off their rock-
S'no quacks need apply.
i here ducks made Donald
Avery rational specimen.
Bge here ducks have what
call, in psychiatric circles,
cnra of daylight, complicat-
a late winter complex.
potent combination, and
here ducks are pittul to
rmplte. Not a normal bird
1 bunch.
'.village seems to be Ad-
Son the north-south duck
kay and generally these
ducks stop for a while to
j load off their wings and
a bite to eat before they
si air again for points tro-
.ut this year-well, the
i are a confused block of
y get here right on ached.
u asnal, but they find
thS city fathers have
i down the old street
That used to flicker
Pou KMerrick Road.
S got big, bright bulbs
1ierrick Road, which
VeAything look real pret-
Sknd shimmers and
ducks are out of

k there is ho lbgero
% stay. up a.H
, hre Mubt are
Aowls out of these
rhich is something
% have in mind,
MS ona flying and-
, wtimmIng all.
Lnigt. They are
9BUttle Bleep, land
2,.a body stand?
M here ducks ate
-the time and att-
ad otherwise com-
isives in unduck-

10. felony, win-
Laemvfn in the
In the first
there was
f,. temperature
h a ha. very
nw. believe there
alo believe there is
Istead of flying
lr wont, they are
errick, as is their
Sblave here, then, is
deluded ducks that
d't know what time
don't even knovi
It Is. And they don't
r are. They quack 24
A day. They go fishing.
S around. They take a
i three of four in. the
know a good duck

J. Carried
n To Head
ii,ers Union
r;Ga riel was recently
. tMdent of Plumbers
of the United Assocla-
Journeymen and Appren-
Stbme Plumbing and Pipe
3W5II. try of the U.S.
'fceurs chonse for 1954
MU A. hnodgrass, vice-
"t; Joseph CQ. Smith, fin-
Eumwtairy: Theodore P.
, recording secretary,
.1 P. Young, Jr., Inside
e* of the executive
SHarold W. Babcock,
SAheamrn, Frank A. An-
and Mrnest P. Muzzio.

,Wht ewIe



Malenkov Says He, WishesUS

Happiness- Peace, Friendship

MOSCOW, Jan. 2 (UP)-Pre-
mier Georgi Malenkov coupled
New Year's greetings to the peo-
ple of the United States with a
renewal of Russia's demand for'
"s o1 emn and unconditional"
Spledges against the use of "a-
omic, hydrogen or any other
methods of mass. destruction."
His declaration came yester-
day in reply to cabled questions
submitted by Kingsbury Smith
of the International News Serv-
Ice in Paris.
Malenkov said he believed
there "are no objective obsta-
cles" in the way of improve-
ment of relations between the
United States and the USSR in
(It was Malenkov's first inter-
view since he succeeded Josef
Stalin, and he made use of the
same device which also had been
used by Stalin to present Soviet
(In a Ecabled response on
Christmas Eve, 1952, to questions
submitted by James Reston of
The New York Times, Stalin said
he would'favor talks leading to a
meeting between himself and the
newly elected President- Eisen-
hower, and that war between the
two countries could not be con-
sidered inevitable.) ,
The INS questions and Malen-
kov's replies follow:
Q. What are your wishes for
the people of the United States
in 1954?
A. From all my heart I wish
the American people happiness
and a peaceful life. I wish the
American people success in de-
veloping friendly relations with
other nations and fruitful results
in the matter of safeguarding
the peace against all attempts to
infringe against it.
Do yoV 4ope the new year
will be mark by stronger ties
of friendshiD between the peo-
leg of America and Russia?
A. The first thing to desire is
a betterment of relations be.
tween our countries. I believe
there are no objective obstacles
to improvement of relations be-
tween the U88R and the USA in
the new year, nor to consolida-
tion of traditional bonds of
friendship between the peoples

17 Japanese Die

In Stampede To Say

'Happy New Year'
TOKYO, Jan 2 (UP) "Hu-
man waves" of Japanese
trampled at least 17 of their
number to death yesterday in
their rush to get into the Im-
prlial Palace grounds to wish
the Emperor and Empress a
Happy New Year. Scores of peo-
Ple were Injured.
Hundreds of thousands of
Japanese went into the grounds
to sign their names in the im-
perial register. Tens of thou-
sands were waiting outside when
officials tried to close the main
The Japanese, some of whom
had come to Tokyo from differ-
ent arts of Japan, rushed for-
ward to enter the grounds,
breaking through police cordons.
Women, children and, the aged
were trampled as the mob push-
ed through the gate.
After order was restored, police
and palace officials found 17
dead. The injured were rushed
to hospitals- where some were
said to be in critical condition.
Some 382,000 persons crowded
into the palace grounds during
the six-hour open house period.

Christmas Cards

Stymied As French

PsI al Strike H lds





of our countries, and I hope that ers, cannot fail to heed the
so it will be. ,voaie of peoples and to reckon
Q. How do you evaluate the with the growing desire for
possibilities of maintaining world lasting peace. '
peace and the lessening of In- As for the Soviet government
international tension In 1954?' It has done, is doing, and shall
A. All peoples are eag e r for continue to do everything fo,
lasting peace. There are favor-ward enabling people to Ifve in
able opportunities to furtherpeaee, toward relaxing interna-
weaken the international tensiontional tension and toward estab-
in 1954. lishing normal relations between
Go vernme nts, primarily states.
governments of the great pow- Q, What do you consider to. be

TANKERS COLIJDE IN FOG The oil tanker Atlantic Dealer
Iloats in the Delaware M19er near New Castle fter having cblild-
ed with- another tanker during a heavy fog. ires broke out bOn
both ships and 11 crew members on the Dealer fell or jumped
Into the water. Five of the crew are known to be dead and
four others are missing..

Sen. Gillete Seeks To Curb

Authority Of McCarthy Group

Sen. Guy M. Gillette said today
that he will ask the Senate to
curb the authority of the Senate
Government Opierations Com-
mittee headed by Sen. Joseph R.
McCarthy (R-Wis.).,
The Iowa Democrat said his
proposal "is pot aimed at Sena-
or McCarthy."
Gillette said he will propose an
amendment to transfer respon-
sibilit for certain Internatiopal
agencies and relationships frbm
McCarthy's committee to the
Senate Foreign Relations Com-
nmitte of which he is a member.

Million Jam

Times Square

To Welcome '54
NEW YORK. Jan. 2 (UP) -A
million personal jammed Times
Square early yesterday to wel-
come 1954 with loud revelry.
The midnight crowd was happy
and festive in contrast to the
rain drenched 200,000 persons
who gathered In the celebrated
area a year ago.
Revelers snake danced down
the middle of Broadway and
'ostled elbow to elbow f r o m
building to building across the
wide intersection.
The official estimate of the
crowd from Chief Police Inspec-
tor James R. Kennedy who an-
nounced first that there were
750.000 persons in the square.
Fifteen minutes later he revised
the figure to 1.000.000.
"They gathered fast." he said.
The weather was clear and
cold during the evening and ear-
ly morning hours as the crowd
backed bars and nightclubs in
the New Year midtown section.
At midnight the mercury stood
-o f 9A AprI

rPARIS, Jan. 2 -(UP)- Christ. la U UCaUa.
in. cards were still arriving all D
over Prance today when a Comr- Ope Blesses
r unist-led st-jke of postal workers
entered its 12th r'ay with little Holy City
pros -vt of ending goon.
W-rker. most Paris Itatlons AS Romans
r t yesterday and decided to con- As ROT nS leep
tinue the strike indefinitely as
troops un;oaded freight cars and VATICAN CITY, Jan. 2 (t
helped sorters who stuck to their Pope PlIu imparted his fl
Jobs to disp-tch overdue presents apostolic blessing of 1954 tod
and Christmas cards. to the city of Rome when
Bosses of the Red-led C. G. T. received Mayor Salvatore Reb
(' eral Confederation of Labor), chini and members of the To
sh'ef mover in the strike, were Council at 9:30 am. yesterc
dee to meet Mnday when there while most Romans still wt
m try to extend the strike to sleeping off their New Ye
blr areh efd t national post- celebrations
, telephone and telegraph serv- Vatican ty was colorful w
kes. flags. and thousands of N
. lassue which tUhed off the Year's messages to the Pope i
t w. a demnd-.or a higher rived from every part of I
SC pas beaus-.,08O f r a a ei world.
S) atead c A special midnight mass V
-A A .-M



He said, the Government Opera-
tions Committee undirttha Con-
gressional Reorg an iOn Act
was given responsibility for cer-
tain relationships between gov-
ernments and the agencies in-
volved although that. area was
"certainly witin tbhe responsibi-
lity of th, Foreign. -Rlations
Committee." ,
"These matters are wholly
within the province o the For-
eign Relations Committee," Gil-
lette said, "and I believe the
responsibility should be lodged
Gillette explained that the
grant of authority over certain
inter-government relationshi p s
was given to McCarthy's com-
Ifrittee along with responsibility
over relationships between the
state and federal governments
and relationships between the
federal government and other
Gillette said his amendment
will relate only to the responsi-
bilities in the Interna t i otn a 1
McCarthy's Senate Investiga-
tions Subcommittee is an arm of
the Senate Government Opera-
tions Committee and operates
under the general authority
given to McCarthy as chairman
of the parent group.

4713 Red Police
Abandoned Soviet
Zone In 1953
BERLIN, Jan. 2 (UP) West-
ern officials said today the equi-
valent of an entire regiment of
German policemen deserted the
Soviet zone of Germany in 1953
and sought asylum in the west.
West Berlin police authorities
said they had registered 4,713
Communist police deserters, in-
cluding 269 officers.
The influx was the highest
annual total of Soviet zone
police deserters ever registered.
In 1952 a total of 2.250 Commun-
ist police sought asylum. and in
1951 the number was 1,293.

the most Important step thr.t
could be made in 1954 in the in-
terests atof world peace?
A, Such a step the
conclusion of an agreement
between states on the strength
of which the parties to the a-
greement would pledge sol-
emnly and unconditionally not
to use atomic, hydrogen or any
other methods of mass de-
Such an agreement would ren-
der it easier to come to an un-
derstanding on the total prohi-
bition of atomic weapons and the
establishment of rigid interna-
tional'control to enforce the ban
on the use of atomic energy for
war purposes.

The Soviet government be-
lieves that it would be necessary,
at the same time, to come to a-
ereemen, on the substantial re-
uction of other types of arma-
ments as well as armed forces.
This would unquestionably cur-
tail state expenditures for mili-
tary and would ease the popula-
tion's economic position.

British Mourn Loss

Of Lord Norwich,

Foe Of Appeasement
LONDON, Jan. 2 (UP) Brit-
ain today mourned the loes of
one of its foremost public fig-
ures the 63-year-old Viscount
of Norwich, born Alfred Daff
Cooper, who achieved world no-
tice in 1938 by quitting the Cab-
inet in protest agsst a ppease-
ment of Nazi Germany.

Norwich died of a heart attack
yesterday aboard thp French
Liner Colombie off the Spanish
coast. With him at the time was
the viscountess, who as Lady
Diana Manners was a noted ac-
tress and society beauty when
they were married in 1919.
Lady Norwich, in "great dis-
tress" at her husband's sudden
death, left the ship with his re-
mains at the Spanish port of
Vigo. The body will be flown
back to England for burial.
Tair nnl an 4-A -V n'U

* FM ;. .. *, .... '

,, 1 w

I ,
'e, m~ ,.,- ,i -


"The Town Hall Meeting idea
seems to oe the answer. The cit1-
zen can write down the ques-
tions he wants answered, and
unless the question is far off
base he will get a straightfor-
ward answer from his elected
"Succeis of our Town Hall
Meeting depends largely on the
attitude of the city and county
officials themselves. Our local
leaders during the past five
years have been exceptionally
cooperative, answering the ques-
tions without the expected hedg-
The meddrator for each year's
program Is an important factor.
"By the way he handles the in-
coming questions," Stone says,
*"he can make or break the
smooth flow of honest q tons
and straightforward answers."
The first meetin was attend-
ed by barely 100 citizens. This

Jenner, McCarran

To Interview

Igor Gouzenko

foreign o f f ile clerk John J. WASHINGTON, Jan. 2 (UP)
Cooper, inher7I the title. --Senate investigators will leave
Lord and Lady Norwich sail- today for Montreal to ques-
ed Wednesday for J a m a i c a. tion former Russian code clerk
where they had planned to vaca- Igor Qouzenko about possible
tion on a friend's estate. Cooper Communist espionage in the U-
said last night that he missed united States, it was disclosed
seeing them off because he went today.
to tIle wrong railroad station. Informed sources said the
Stelegation will Ipclude Chair-
Iy EL.r L man William E. Jenner (R-Ind.)
I lya E enbUrlg cf the Senate Internal Security
subcommittee; Sen. Pat McCar-
ran (D-Nev.), a subcommittee
Warns Americans member; Julian S. Sourwine of
the subcommittee staff, and an
ai l Eofficial Senate reporter.
Against ED( The group will question Gou-
zenko under tight security rules
LONDON, Jan. 2 (UP) So- imposed by the Canadian gov.
viet Author Ilya Ehrenburg to- ernment to protect Gouzenko. It
day warned "Americana who will have the final say on what
have not relinquished to Me- part of his testimony may be
Carthy or anyone else the right made public.
of thinking for them" that west- Gouzenko has been a ward of
ernm insistence upon the Euro- the Canadian government since
pean defense community threat- he fled from the Soviet embassy
ens agreement on German uni- i, Ottawa and helped expose a
fiction. Russian wartime spy ring in
Radio Moscow broadcast an Canada.
article by Ehrenburg in th So- Gouzenko has indicated that
viet magazine "News" entitled while he has nothing new to
"To Thinking Americahs" and tell the subcommittee, he be-
urging such Americans to "ak lieves he could give the in-
up" against EDC. vestigators advice on how to
Ehrenburg, who visited the deal with espionage in the U-
United States during World War nted, States.
II, warned that the West is try- The exact time and place of
ing to come to.the four-power the interview have not beenre-I
,foreign ministers' dOnference in vealed..I
Berlin Jan. 25 with 4 "flt ac-i Gouzenko lives with his fam.-
comoli" approval of a military .. a small Canadian town
coalition including.,Germany. n am. e
',Howcan one propose reach- under an assumed name. He
ing agreement on the future of presumablyI issupported chiefly
Germany, and in the same by the Cnanadian government.
breath declare (that Germany McCarrtn, who inter v I e we d
will in any case be made part of Gouzenko for another Senate
a military coalition on one of the subcommittee several years ago,
sides? asked to be included to repre-
"To my mind, declarations of sent the Democratic members
that kind evince a desire not to of the subdopunittee. He was
end the cold, war but rather to chairman under the Democratic
continue it." administration.


7Lo At

( IBA) Havin trbubte whip
ping up public Interest i your
city government? .
Are your county officlas.gly.
ing something less than
reports on the school building
Then perhaps you ought to' It
In on Hagerotown's Town Hal
Meeting plan.
Started just five years ago in
the tradition of the famous New
England town meetings, the an-
nual Maryland affair has be-
come a community highlight.
The city's mayor and council and
the county's boardi of commis-
sioners sit freely asa panel, an-
swering written questions auo-
mitted by the audience,
When the questions get too
technicaL or detailed for the
elected officials, they have their
immediate deputies the city
and county department heads -
available with the b oo ks with
the facts and figures,.
"We think we have developed
something different in the way
of a DrLgram to arouse citizen
interest In local government,"
says James W. Stone. manager
of the Hagerstown Chamber of
Commerce. The Chamber, under
Stone, developed the Town Hall
meeting and has sponsored the
event each year since.
"It is easy to advise people
with queLtions about government
to attend a council meeting,"
Stone explains. "But just how
many people are going to go to
such a meeting and stand up in
public to ask their questions?
That would be the democratic
process, but too many people are

PW.oa query.they W" W'
year the audience taxed theiac-
11tltes of the hall.
Despite t1a fpll coverage, by
local ne er of the
county aft a yeaxch Y a-the
Town Hall e$na bring out
facts and f unes hitherto un-
announced tho thipublic.
This year for' example, Gloal
people asKed about and'were told
about: the date a new high
school would be started, the tpe
of courses to be offered there;
the fact that the County Comn-
missioners felt the local kinder-
garten should pay for itself out
of tuition fees; the fact tftt the
city must act and act fast to de-
velop a long-range expansion
program for its municipal elec-
ric plant.
A typical meeting starts with
a dinner City and county, offl-
cials sit at the head table in the
big hall, their names printed on
cards. The moderator reads .each
written question as it is passed
up from the aVdience.
If the elected official can an-
swer the question, he doe. so.
If he can't answer all the de-
tails, he calls on one of his de-
partment heads; These subordin-
ates sit around, a table In front
of the head table. They carry
with thtm the files and books
containing the details- te pub- ANSWR t4
lic is expected .o ask aboet. ties11kI

Mj: A* Ct
4df- jL^ ?i m'-

Tbote who (l a got mtar .--- -.'",z"I".
qHestion ore ly e
ma xub a a soptle~ I or NA
question. Written slips of paper on ihtere ltbns. The
Are collected from among the Hall Meetin tmaes it
audience all during the program, for i.terested cttism toI
to keep fresh Idea flowl n into quest of thei eletb-ofr
the assembly, ai as-. .loh"4to

Jacob Epstein Kmnighted, 9

Honored By Queen ElizabetA

LONDON, JanUary I (UP) W
-Queen Elizabeth II knighted IlI o
American-born sculptor Jacob as sedtai
Epstein yesterday as she confer- n 1940 w]
new year's honors on 930 persons WI ct
red new year's honors on 930 asa S.uM
persons ranging from the West- of suply
minster Abbey bell ringer to a was-,:4Me
wartime cabinet minister once Bellshas
denounced as a "failure." ll
The new year's honor list, ap- He Wu SW
proved by the Queen aboard the TLon'd -.
ryal liner Gothic as she sail ak 4-pedestr
ed across the Pacific, elevated fstripedstre
two Conservative members of ange-li*ht
the House of Commons to the on posts
peerage, thus necessitating. two .n.s

Epstein, now Sir J ob, at 73
still ranks as one of the world's
controversial sculptors for eis
massive revolutionary figures.
Epstein was born on New
York's lower East Side in 18"0.
He Ift it 42 years ago to blaze
his name amid mixed greetigs
of protest and admiration in e
annals of British sculptiue.
Among Epstein's num ezoAs
masterworks are his 1942 amst-
moth slven-foot nudes locked ln
battle depicting the biblcal6IdA-
night wrestling of "Jacob ad
the Angel," his 1931 "Gen .
showing 'a thickthlghed, .aW l-
waisted woman, and his itMatty
and realistic "Adam" in 3W.
Others on the honor list in-
cluded a hefty woman who
bandies sacks for. the Minbtry
of Supply, a come~dan, mem-
bers of a bomb dlpdUal sqwu
the doctor who attended Quee
Mary in her fatal illness an,
94-year-old law clerk ,r K
worked for the same firmlR
years. ,
One hundred of those
ed were women. They .-
lady Alexander of Tusl4,
of the defense minist
becomes a dame ;a
of the British empire..
Flve: persons were 1't


mUdince -8
nnord feor'ded
'ians. oti _
et Aantel

Marmon Presidi
Leaves US Tod,
On 2-Month T*-

Predent Da
hrch f.

7~~Mm IM law: : 3:"5

2ND. .WEEK!! 'm




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-I. ..-


"Let the people Know tvde truth anim the country is.fe" AbraKam Lincoln.



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