The Panama American


Material Information

The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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A lain to Pa-
NOW Va~ea ,de Rabago
.iay' s rfnSoatiI

I. holiday season..

7 iiard Of Co-
i It~mair t'y jian .usdym;
to to Mutwie, oet,
W efsi o at Spence
S, ,daur te visitor
I hm"ea ata
n ai1' .'d

* i t at the
Slmithud, ap ofl

i.' sA .
A er te =he

( ,.S ter. .

lpaxsl ht but
him the day -off

night guests oi 6 etr wrotmF--tlaw
and sister, Mr.. lO MrV. Thatcher
A. Cllsbe d Anci O, On New Year's

!re U t o v e r s'
Gro rr will vees WpneO.yO Jan-
u .ry 6. at :I p.m. at t USO,
W$- il b t us sp ke.C o

daWtu theilk .: h0 as a b
3" ftellaiad "Music from

ial'" b Wag."r.
)IWtals pw4'! their families

Clt Offleen i Wives Cltub
SPenFot Of ters Wives
ub wll' ldis monthly luncheon
and bufaianes meetdg at the Fort
Clarytoa Officers' Club Wednesday,
January B, at 12:30 p.m. Mrs. An.
gelfi *i be the guest speaker.
eafy oar Soelety
'tuhe ryAltar Society of St
Mary's qtitcb, Balboa' wil re-
ceive Comnlnuon in a body Sun-
day at the. 3:00 a.m. Mass.
Wqm'als'u Obb
To Meet Wednesdly
-The CunrndU Woman's ClubWill
hold Its rquar'meefing Wudnes-
day t 9:00a.m. _i the Community

Almweek NC.O. Wives Meetig
The redular b-monthly bainese
meetUntf A.'Albrook Air Force
Base h .a Wives club will be
_d1 toaty at 7:30 r m. in thed
Cajraal1 Darn- ClassI Turadary
Classes In Carnival dances for
men ad women wil be held
Thursday at the USO-JWB Armed
jorce.s -service Center, La .Boca

Father Suicides
Rather Tham 'See
Daughter Smoking'
-V. RM z. Jan. 1-
(UP)- either L. 5daay, wh6
O ttit he'd "rather die than
'dftujhtei adeo1p," fioed
S inatohlbcabo today at
-ta1l0 z e her b here where was
ff Xom aK U .: ;: : ,
He diftd i A p0ateript tW hi
t l Ot = l0".0 I -. -. I .. j. ._
Thbe -note, signed Pop," salid:
"I love all myv folks, but Lula9
Mae has had all the chances she
-tw.ds to ault cigarettes."

vaSI~Ipt MIssb g Lawyers,

pldrWe 1953 Mysteries
* -. I .- __ -

.= ,of," I ped Water-
.aAla t A .l when it
Stha- the Libe-
A SM AMlama. had- qi",
frOm. Balboa har-
l ink flush of dawh.'
sael had -been attached
iswr dllrh by U. 4. Mar-
OWL. Klakald; in a Suit
F3 Miami .agent a-
ter ewnmi theInterna-
daIlt- Corporation,. for
'aistomary, the aShp'4
Appointed cuatlodlan
untev states govern-
S Norweln Capt.-Nlls
lea ave Orferg'for full,
B fItot, Peomfic.I
S before the.

Afngted toa the--
066d6 bMt Mufid
SA lat of a hip.p

W iys tShe pi
.-and sunm# in
4It ta ci. Owners' a-
Ii d frao New York
claim lr
th f treeing
p (or .~ait. aben he.
lM.a seem.afoiud- here,

.& a -. I.. ..
Mota Ma

into stormy weather on the short
hop and, were not missed until
they failed to show up at Lima
a week later.
Nevertheless Air Rescue Squad -
rons from Albrook and other air-
craft combed the area for sev-
eral week before search was a
Panama police worked over
inme searching for a "man inII
mambo shirt" who was suspected
of slashing the throat of a bar
'tender it- a roadhouse on the
Trans-Ischmian B!hway. A cig-
aret salbeman case upon the
body of Manuel Mangaz Qomer,
a' 43-year-old Spaniard wh6
-worked the dsy sift at the Jar-
din Las Flores roadhouse.. The
murderer is beneed to be an
escaped Inmate the Matlas
Hernandez asjbm.
"the mn l Wthe mambo 1hirV"
was finally found but upon-ques-
tioning him Pabnana plide an-
nounced lie was not the suspect
they were seeking.

Also unsolved w0s the death
of a 4-yfcar-old girl. Moritza Al -
veo. who was- found in a Held
near her home at Chorrera sev-
eral days after her parents
missed her.

Held over from last year's un-
solved mysteries was that of the
disappearance of Swedish mil-
lionaire Gots 4 gaard, who
was pass, smh Panama in
the spring took a wa.s
from the el 1 PVanama one
morning a r seen a -
gain. Day, Ia t 'budle of his
clothes was fond on Paitilla
Point, but never a trace of the
missing man bi ls body.



.- .. wome-

So y teleo flng a fs. DMt1.N
is, uruduSu l ,.;
G4 rdma Ch* I
Ther mb n-y anletl g
W't1, -Pssday, aflt -.,
at ft- Morsani reastdc

i. Ithe Servic

( Z n it.

vwtment by mailing 4atet
Di. Zone i errtceman's Edi-
x 1,4, ramag, R.P. In-
.iem to. t etJCt)len.'


sA~9YtIWDa "':'~ I

, -




..The, 4
of Charles- Brandon, sd
of fortune...and Mary TI
princess of lnglaodl

. a


unusual ens .'/
tainment for the '-
.screen...Walt Disney -,
-_ 9 V ',

Snow brings spectacle
to dazzle the eye...
adventure to stir the
Simagination...romance -
to warm the heastt

color by


minm E 1D.
t A tl e rAIFy73

tantrv- basic, .t
5 w5 sent to a torwamd
ijllty asghool for pim
O6 we.ku of clasarqoi
and'. $a R r.tanlng, undpr aimti-
Uat4 ombat. condtmlopa. ;
WH6 s recently
thbi posltlon of Reconnalasap(e
a ct. ani iad the privilege of
ictreting an actual artiler
miaBlon ajOng with General
eoier. Hp the son of Mr
and Mrs. David Hinds of An-
ca: ..



ie: .. kt. ^lsagshif. Qh ..
I Z Mcert Lidwig Krtf
i -Mal Edgar JBadn TO Evoe
S low, great &iSm at of ue'.
zay's "Irn CkgclOr0," O
von 'Blsnadie. BrQn at Pets-
m Germany, he came 16 the
i t.m in 1952: setuc ed to'hls
hopeland with the IOf1h I S-
tsntr oS!UPation forc-.

Spot reducing
Famom- MLery
reduce t fystemU

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6IA Mf T

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as Dootey, the dangerguy,
who battled every fury of
mn and mountain
to ghetto where
his woman was1 i


e umgot'ftamoul stars in 4oRy0

" wil offered' without ay extra xe l .the 4
Eh the ruad. Premiere of "Swted l.the beli
e Usi- *b tc.we ticket d Ibis -eu
.t eA$iEky 'TACA a the thlra w Io
m -

*1 41


~.A'.... '~


Cretor-of ,



* % .

S." t-



. 1'.
* y,_

- *i.


~5~Y ~


. : *


* ..4-.

r ..'1

eg bt WNA Service Written for NEA Gervice
ug,*puted olt goNORTH *

Pl q afte dwa -

s four. I know that
ke.the our to add to
tut0 fours. But I hap-
hve u the tab' five-
A. ahearts, d tL\ dis-
happensto be the four
The pack is not frozen.
ulowed to -take that four
an add it to my se-
,icking up the rest of the
te at the same time?".
tYeu have a perfect right.
P that four of hearts for
": thbat you wouldn't be
l.take the four and add it
F, completed canasta but
"the only obstacle to your
.talf the four. Uf you can
ar -any other purpose, you
d to pick it up.
i t you pick it up to
S moe. It would be
Ihls to put down
Sfouros m your,
o a completely new
disWrded four for the old
ut you ocean use it for mny
td at all.
eeded 120 points for the
meld, and the pack was
e player at my right
d' a nine and I held
I other cards) three aces,
ings, "and a pair of nines.
cards totaled only 110
I wanted to meld them,
the discarded nine as the
0l 10 points that I needed..
ponents said I needed the
ant in my own hand be-
t deck was frozen. Who

S'e maeld is perfectly suffi-
i You. are allowed to count
carded nine (or whatever
.s on the tcp of the discard
whether cr not the pack is
S~A fact, to make it even
e, you are always allow-
to count the top discard as
of yotr count when you are
is -the discard pile for your
,The discard pile was frozen,
'I needed 90 points for my
i jaeld. Co.mting the top d(s-
, twq natural -Matching cards
my own hand, and other melds,
ed a tot)a ot 95 points. The
eants baid that when the pack
rmzen I need the exact total
the meld neither more nor
Is this correct?
p-No. Th# count 'that you need
your initial meld is a mini-
g: You're not allone I to meld
i less, but it is always per-
lible to meld with more. The
t of whether or not t
,fr -has tig.. -

Jp17 5 6109 2
yA876 V4
*10432 *AJ76
8 46 K Q1092
V K QJ 102
0 Q 9 5
Neither side vul.
ethk West North r at
1 Pass 2 6 Pass
I V Pass 4Y Pass
Pass Pass %
Opening lead-- 8S

Texas is as fruitful in pro-
ducing bridge stars as it is in
everything else, but perhaps I can
make my poipt by showing a hand
thit .eorge Heath, of Dallas, de-
fended in a recent Texas tourna-
George opened his singleton club
from the West hand. Pummy won
with the ace of clubs and returned
the king of diamonds. East took
the ace of diamonds and cashed
the queen of clubs. What should
West discard, and how should West
plan the best of the defense? ..
Heath discarded a 'ow spade
frm the West hand. East contin-
Lsd with another high club, and
uth ruffed with the king of
hearts. West discarded a second
low spade, refusing to over-ruff.
South cashed the queen of dia-
monds. ruffed at diamond in the
dunmy, and led the nine of hearts.
Once more Heath camp up with a
key play by refusing to take the

Hoping for the best, declarer led
dummy's remaining trump, play-
Ing the ten from his Own hand.
This time Wet took the trick. And
now he could lead is carefuUly-
preserved last dialud r to make
910th ruff for -the second time.
,Tis second ruff brought South
*down to one.trump leao than West,
and West was therefore sure to
take he setting, trick with his long
It wasn't a spectacular hand,
but it was very praiseworthy nev-
estheless. Heath had to discard
spades rather than diamonds, had
to refuse to over-ruff, and had to
refuse to take his ace of trumps
until dummy's last trump was led.
This is the bridge style .for whicI
vexas is famous aill ove the couns-



I L .. ... .. .
--- ...... -----,

WBLKIN, Plasuee

EUROPEAN HARMONY-Age-old European feuds seem to
end as Hedi Kreuger receives the best wishes of Nicole Drouia,
left, "Miss France," and Alexandra Ladikau, right, "Miss Greece,"
after winning the "Miss GermayU" title in Hamburg. A special
election was held by the Internatnal Miss Europe Beauty Com-
mittUe because thatb had neglected to choose a "Miss Germany.".

open-air confessionals at the Sanctuary of the Divine Love near
Rome, Italy. The confessionals, believed to be the only outdoor
rural confession boxes, were erected near the spot where the
Madonna is reported to have appeared to. a Roman giLrlin 1760. '
7" "

like it, but this-is the Army's new all-purpose cold-climate sled-
room, to be used for quarters and office space. Caled the Waulgan.
It is heated by an oil stove, can house four people and Is designed
to be pulled around on ski runners. Developed by the Detroit
Arsenal, it will soon be contracted out to-private Industry.

Big Stuff




:I (.t Lt'8 POP





at .-na..". ,



ALLB! 001

70 ~R


^^^JS^j~j^^^^^^ ROl'it COU~WH" EL^*****~-
*W^^^W.^^'"^ 4-i\~t^
-i~ffc (WtriaatitelB"---""""'-.*fr n

, I ; -,

i wo"
a r. gm



* muai,

I I. -

. uT.


To the "S


~'- ~

~, i

- frm a



TIJ, t ALL rr .LOOl LAI 0 OA A AUwl 'm
9RCTEO IT FI 6 agoPsa's Jak TE* HADv

'AWAY- A T oDam

S lTM/ 7PAla I
Pff^B- ~ ~ ,Agkl VvsjZDr I ~08J



iI- 1
d V J

* 4


* -- ~-

. 1 .
,.---. .... .... -. .. .... ..... ... .. .-.-. ... .. .....-... ..... ..,, .,-..,

. -5 ^ :.. ..., *. -

Request Granted

We Aim to Aecommodate


-.. .-
. '- .. ..

* ,., ,.-:,"M. .

~--~- ---~----~ -~~---- -;----


r --

.-, >ik. *. i ,

%_&" mj ow;



m _

., 1 ,

*i~ ,Aj1

i3 mO





onp s. S k cw sur- stacking of azm., the t
.. although they are ,pe d to 1 t0re was cut thre differ
ii coeatddt at take oea able es.. ..
CoeeseianlM3's round. The bomb UeS i D the Despite -sh l
grounds test may have someN less _film's o.
r.a- d towe than the huge 195U "die- ialnnM i e
.,es v s ,a' tt4, owewr, t the awed s
ed.... 1:the criminal d ofI

*I LL A sA sIad 'n I e& l % lilc

'i .bomb to be drop o b
S I hat It must be dto t
E:"The big plane's sou 1
L.'..I....... tomb b a y s pre tye lpr ay W41
Sb con Udad Into 'one for t
I n I I Y Ilexperiment. Some size of tl
man. .1. yMl t :--- Iweapon may be gleaned fro
T the fact tlOat their total volun
E[I I | a 12.300 cubic et-equal.
PRICES: r' I- Imct tcar.
. 10:00 0.60 and 0.30 bombs dropd O Utoh i
...... and Nagasaki loosed I h ex
H' Eplosive force to give B B-
-THE BEST COMEDY OF 19531 shat carried, th asever
bumping before they could clel
the shock move.
The B- .36 isuabl will w
the same tactics, but it will
flying tastr. and a lothAatghe
Despite this fact it tis. expect(
t to ake coAlIderable bufteting
H-bomb book waves, ItAs tu
deratood, trmel much laster a
farther tha those from tk
945 model A-bombe, reachim
a given altitude in one-fourt
. 'l ....... ^-- the Utme. e
'" u.. .kT.! 'i Th e .eziermental hydrogen
^**doioein ( dylo m a t im i dnleasne
B,,B,,a ^ v T B fa e -qual to more than
^^L- *:,-i'" lmn tonk o of "TNT, abou
i".^ twliebhe total tonage dropped
I .+ 0B": l + -'" a' Te W1 was R mo0
!^jj^: .A.


pum p&

'7,* 4


uI a %,-

S* .-as




Me .?..'., "+' "*,

- The justice Department ma-
nufacturen they cannot legally
mAe1 concers to comlt m t-
S1 l edgttodamoy
J K ^ d' yMI* .... ok

sa ~iat SAtty .M. Staz
ley N. Bru am head of the ati-
trust lVtUlo0, conferred Ip-
forma ly .out this matter a.-
Oral dAyn ago with the preaideht
a leading cigarette mPnufAc-:
In flirt./
An official aM1d the manufac-
turer was inomld .by Barnes
that tobacco firms "cannot get
togeter on anything" wlthoa t
rlxkfug a violatlOn-of the angl

the manufacturer that cigarette
finMs could make contributions
to reearciI7 -organizations In an' produce evidence to
combat medical claims.
Barnes reorted to hve In-to
late th the contributions,
even In thue caesa would hao.
to be Mto by the citarettd e
lurns o ma n individual bais
and oto pia group.

l.'1?A &mly convinced t h a t
Ithext -i2 own c=u nt
lley a mothe r oe a boy 15 and
a gir 14, told me. She had just
re sda Ymg in artcle on the
Then she started sting the
things that sabe Ead her husband
had gotten outsiderL to tqahtheir
kid- because t.Jy had bean sold
on the idea that rpat sca't
teach their own a
Firs., b l iwz 1 --
said. She _Bobane h Loa

swmmig O .. o' several
summers and la paid jw
O R a M I toymed
wasith toy edfg
t&. firt t yWfartv e. But
As: was talkId oant tWat in a

hersif, eItaild be a losing

ItSS ,t bow=
- ,T, e. saa s


r FpomiAire T aour 'exas etly. or and let cook over
Senee, we reeal these two disheL w he until rice is done and
l "oth B ty a hamocter that lb ans e hot, about 5 minutes
VS pleasant, longer. ie Immediately.
le Cue Mdea- SCeotas
U (rg(eW us serving) (C servings)
t Two tablpoons fat, H ,poun Oad No. can kidney beans, I
he- cbppIti 1I cui Ainely died 11. Bnce can whole kerm
e onion, r teaspoon kitchen bou. %- oa at % terapoon
Fa qt, iN. .ean tomatoes, 1l I to .I n lar, % M
. teaspoon ltr 1 teaspoon aug teaspoon child u der
1m 1 tea po3/ c powder, I sinlsV 5n l e.
~ b;.y leaf, "OS. I can idndey beans, Cb 9 -me, eont.dots of ean of
S q ice cere arn Ben tog r and
S Me af t I i. Add be dd the catsup and seas s.
Sand cookie lp to heat u lt l l and heat horou
. rumbly. Add on and continue Vet moderate heat. Meanwl
ki5ng minutes stirring fre. bLY brown. sausages in filg
a quently. Sr in kitchen bouquet.l ovr.Moda het, t.tookig
A dd contents' of can of tomatoes nil thoroughly do@e.
ba ind the s6 In ngg, Including the Place succotash n 4 heated In-
S bay leaf. Dra the kidney bans dividual 8 ounce baking dishes.
d apd add d to mature in pan. Arrange 2 sausages on top .i each
_ ring-to bol. casserole with an egg. wpriit
Cover ad let cook over low bhat glihtly with grated A erican
ig qR 10 minut. S inle in rice cheese and paprika. Cover and
he eal and ek,. rrg constant- bake in moderate oven 350 de.
.*' ly r ha minute Add the agrees F.) until egg white Is set,
LM draed kidey bea. iaixing in about 20 mir:ites.

given a
ale pu
For I

that isi
of quan
A Ce
aoed aI
a fabulo

Sculptor Won' Let ,Statue r

Sit On Victoran haft Co
.- ". drdB
WASHINGTON, Jan. 1 (UP) Haime' i.,000 fee. It had ts
Oakar J. W. asen peppery l6- W. pe exme the sha. come c
year-old seu r, aid today he's The d d nothing M re strong
not about to strike his colon toleno te.aa upM simple ty1e chel so
the I ational-Park Service In the rotet '6 -f
battle of th.e orktown monument, The service than 'sapi it What _
"I'm not gIng to risk the lives iw noj t why Hansea abould (Capital
of Amerfc 'orkmun by putting a the- work. 'B N*art.
my status .to f that son I h -isow battle es (
he h is a Vie- Ihs
The s q is a Vic an as referred to. Ra n b
National historical park at Yor avisand ide to MeKay. ans, er
w, V., commemoratingI te Cho. did d me .fant sc.pting eq trie L
I annversary of the surrender older Dam, said s too th
of Cornwallis to George Washiag- matter under advisement.
ton. n The' next tiirln he knew, he said, 'i
Hansen who claims to have lh t out came the park service wit
0oo ;ce 4eoming. "entang.-its stifme .
e wt service, signed ansen said he now has written
S opt. to remove the service's contra Onl ff er
&maged fge of "Victory" fromnotifying him "I do not assume
te- top of e shaft and replace responsibilit mo o aet.,. ad
f wit .h V, ae one. will nor risk the v, 4 JAltn
The he ,ux 'naed the monument wo*zren in removing i e t
and discovered to horror or coming li contact h
thoiv jr lis words that it con. metal coP. /
taified '"an enormous gunmetal Asked au the re-
cere" whieh.he ;aid weakened the airing the present re-
mpoaument structurally and made led: "I would be ring
tl 'target for lightni. a ModelTFord. It'i A v I
I oMen also argued the old shaft prt it in this tr l .*
Is in "artistic disharmony" with Hansen than hurled ot.
-new "Victory" fge. The only e Yorktown monument, d
lgIlcal solution, he pod the park actually a naval moment .lnce ag-ll
Pice, was a, completely new qonommeuorates wh h ,
t !i fttaly a sea wr. tW y_ _
paA. servicee rapidly es$tI llof y the 47.
ted the-boat of a new shaft he trumpeted,..
would d be $335,000, exclusive of not in t aval tratlo., -
i- .' t -tW -

. i.. p. a.- .- gv. e .a

i beeu me hatat been
u he h It l a aitrae
Sof o and caco-
It c a no kou a rhyth-
hut aits d a l composer.

t numb. In the two
m9* 4 l for new, out-
opt agee but several times
and His
2 adS! a"Cool and
i excels not oy as a great
but also as a composer.
.$be numbers In the two *m
Vieta albums are Rogers' &fo
dtios, but you'll find many
try's creations on the label adv,
m Rrefrds, l nu-
t ordoe i hominy nOV,
Slted in quality infead KNa
sry alum Pack- VAl
I .Mannie and his L
conlans two exceptionally
Roegers' compositions -
s" aid "Afrela." Manne;
us-drummer, is superb on
ol -ly Contemporawy is of-
two albums featuring the
teme in modem asz:
aniwds; Franca" by Hen-
nd All4Starn and "Dissy -
DIM Gllespie.
JIMU issUd four mem-
sup*the late.Mil-
a l extended play
l s sm_," by far,
Cumba ala, ha i
foar Lute Arm-
veri at Heao y Carui-
l sin'le: g"'faint
voi by Ea Mae. Morse
), '"the Gang That Sang
f My Heart" bj the Four
Denae). -'A Woan Is a
' Paul ine and
Caboney (Mercury).
bit of the week: "I'll
Stand in Your Way" b y
W illiam D. Laffler.


PI^ ~"if 1

man. "I "" a
In othoe 'u, _sIfr him aw'v
from h lMngerie epartment, if

lanama Canal theatres showing TODA Y
AJIABLO HTS. 6:15 7:50 PEDRO MIGUEL 6:15 8:05
"POWDER: RIVI I R TecImicolorI: Toe.olwl

B A .I QD .A AirConditioned \ *w-mctwT. !mn It |
SALBO A 5 3:40, 6:10, 0 ...



._. h''g

Thia mn of every girl's
drem cloc his eyes...
and ope his heart
and in walks
exciting new..

completely refreshing,
enbhating star debut...
as the runaway princes
who goes with him on th
gayeat hourr spree
a girl evr dared!




Starts at 1:05s psm. tar

S'T i K lia'- mid

fStartaelt0:0lt m.
2ndf-. WEEK


2nd. WEEK!

r -, *,

Jem : .... '



First Funl-Length Westera

AMBJOA 7.00 ATUN 7 i
| "-wEgtf S -_ __-_
inm .. .. M, W.. SP


W44GARITAM 6:15 -9.6

"wAW T

DAL 6:15 -

CogR= AHDm

A, --;- mu

-Nw'~- U'~th, -
-'.7 4-.-.
7 7 7
t' ~ -- -. -~ ... -4

* .-'-,,...7*~.- *i7
'.7 .,*,i~-.. A .,*

Shows: 1:15

ow kind of

m the famed

el WHN

I nu3 at 5io0 44

I ." .

Rlcardo Ma

SADYlf at


I--LLL -;- ~ L.i ~; id__- ~

-i. -*.'*m.

,-! I -. ,- -


- ,, l

.. .

'6 ad.s -

. ., r ..7 ,r !.-.

imam *- 1
. ... :f ; "o, _k 3

. ff' i. *- ;

-s IN4^ ..2

CASA Z6LO Agenos lateraL do atbilepelones FARMAC UNIDOS
Central Ave. 45 Cn A m. | AvS.
9o3 ttery ru R o ParqueLe vre7Stra Ile'Sim

~ ~ -
* ~ '*. *' .1
* **
-~ ~
A *

.*. i

* *'"*,_* : u .^'.
. .' ,- ;. -,

C H .. -' : =-" .

^ ..... ....... .i. i U..spsreV, .MI, s. b "u ... is *e9*LU,3s'-
11 I____* rld. Au; WSS-^ g^ ^ -oa 411- A-KOD1 111=111 *
an Stat No 36 Fourth of July Avq.IlN6 de"1them0n& Co r ca u
TE. PANAMA AMERICAN -. I .NOVZ VDADES &ArsFI M atament. flhtUed 1" -
", H Str eetNoog. 5 7- Vim.-apaft X&36 i nt. d ttist'.., -U ,,e
_--_will be, pub i ed at a later_'_ Nl,*w .,, ,,a, ,u "-
,-... C I I .n l ,,,,r~ -,*^ f,- -',----, -,, .'In the c p .ly-. ann ual ze n .. ...... -,.. .
S4 'U". Id I '" "tM
osehoold DAutomobileDR. WENDEHAKE Medical ClinicPROFSSIONAL, I I .T .. : .
S Central Ayenue "K" Street, cor-. ', ,- Inventories (Not 3"):
WE-4 burner stove, reason- FOR SALE:-1951 Pontiac Ctalnoa. ner. Telephone 2-3479, Panama. J General limitations on I~ Materials V*Jd 2Il8D6liM. net. ......... ',e ,.
Justo Arosemena 97, Ch.efton Do Luxe, Hydrohatac 6 .. KODAK ncial at. The basis for Mrchandiehe ldfo ... ... l
_rc. / cylinder, grey, radio, clock, as Beoin g nury 1, 954 KODAK ^ frt le i l A valutIon of propertle andoth- .thrEoI"i t"a
new points, new plugs and motor P N A, ML. wol o.0 Pe on er assets transferred to the comrn ,
ANTED tuned just this month, 22.000 8:0 AT. Mo .00 P. M. on pay from the Panam Canal
S. .. miles.. Original owner. Kobbe, Tel AT.UR AY. agen s prescrlbed In the com MllGIWNCly D I
ellaneoU 3. FOR SALE' I E I gures pany' federal charter, involved Deposit in V. 8.. If FTor
FOR SALE 1953 Chevrolet two- ,rL consideration of the oot .and limited perod without trest, ..
ir to rent fur ished tone 4 door, radid, he wall tires ..n.... .IM T -- probnblearngpowerad moth Ed by Compapy foro 4onyeras on
Telemophone Panama 3-0389. ton./ 4 dor adida ....wl ti-es Mis cellaneous CI E MIE,`,N., er factrs Metngthe Usable/'--
T.phonPnm 3-0389. 5 months old. G.rm. n Shepherd a In rels ttthe accompany-er factors ffcti he Wable F ..
ung American couple, dog. I yr old. Call 828-3295 Lo- FOR SALE-Fully equipped resoIu- I ng flnnc t ote f mte touefthcomp T _heb
.in'tor .pets. ex-canal em- cor.a Apt. 71 I1-D. rant located on M Street. No. 7. cOmpar a 'o0peatitons n cal u so determined t msbject Aq UI L Bl M'; ..
S ire vacation quarters FOR Reasonable price. Phone 2-0583. l18Q3, the P t Canal Com- the aPProval of te'Director.
FORtSALE.-1948two-do ord, 8 de t u of a Budget tl, trek
S .ii. c b 9 cyl. with high compression heads. FOR SALE.-Set small acetylene and GEO. F. NOVEY, INC lrinv ye. ,ea. s. Althuh substatia l ad Iiin aust-a ans-tr ti,- *. I '
substaMtial adjustig xad dries .Kcatrucao ,,,-
many accessories, new paint, good oxygen tanks gouges, hose torch. iment to the values of the trans- l arors m
i Off d d on. Phone Navy 8579, Goco. $50. Phone 4-567. Hpuse 120,tr Ave. Tel 1 uded in th -
Iolio aG Pr Migel u-Includedinthe c- a I y--- ....... ..... .... -
tIOn Ofered Solito 82-G. Pedro hMigue.. L M NT balance sheet have Lck andw COr a i.. .
beenC devlS oped additional ad- Ve-es another 0061ing esqaum1e ji"hii.11
-Expert radio technician FOR SALE.-1950 Chevrolet 4-door R SendRTSan te f sal o sels other Sten a
P.O. Box 3122 Panama $850.00. Kitchen .set dining room EIS O RTS. l The a oondensef Ju s rem n o e estaB- ul tlr str rel, and
........ .....dr...r. Mo.r...l. G....... ....... ............. ... .............................. .dn o.... .. .. II.M
R'ElSi T-h lad .. ondene 5 -- .t ai o ntS e- ina auatn eq pA". ......... ....
your qualifications and set, oak dresser. Marshall, oatun u o be Snta Clara. AI Learn Baloom Dancing l clal statements of the Panam.a o f thase st remains to eonstliotion .. pro res...... i -,)
ndatlons. Fare Station. A oLa Snt Clo nfor theyear pr ene fao the required p- Rerement wCrk N progreian.. -a.

R SALEor ase caretaker thtm. mIde, T o o d oatge ota tae- ajor valuation adjustments Lees a lowa gfor depretoreditln and

fc~~~er lhllll tb Ca pd .n.o.e i .. 5 OD
Motorevee Gramlich Santa Clara Beach cottages. I tterbug. traction as an incorporated fed- y ha en obslacc ... ,
I1 lt el iectric refrigeration, gas stoves, Fhtu W ieral agency. These staftments, ,the.e fn l state i
FOR SALE -3 wheel scooter, excel- moderate r o.te. Phono 6-441 o tfio B e like those for the previo y r

st Caa. easso ted roertes raserred vaua on .................. .

W they benth, tOhe reported DEPINBE kmir n
aun stomobit e 0assn.l dI Ast oa, Clg r beach i4l p Vlt-ion ies and aipro- the iada.-oat a-. dirntieo tl valuations .I. g o.e. .. to
that m tile for mile" (Con'inued rem age 1) taes. L, comfortbl, modern, imate capital values have been c ath on w ould he r ine fo dem for Fical e 19503" are to be re as Inl grail part0

liannenis.i ^ a16 h o moe Baloa to m2o cad wotl the com an has- not yet -e G rment w ul te ttted ne b z.t.- Ti
an's outs drove al Compa.te y announ ed nar bea Balboa e 050 exceptten r ete ed by the company and ed a pproximteatly $2,el ,00 fr
S 1 53than ever be- In tentative fires. This is- nec-. Wi fAts aroeinth as reuaesofag he -orf-

o,.n ._. thl/ breado. of ol !1- ..... .. l h o o ... ...... ... ....... .. ,
Sessitated by te fact that the Pbdlps. Oceanside cottages San d m A.C treau of the Budget for his ap the (195and 195
'a 100 milli on miles t hs et to e Clera, ox 435. oalboa. Phone -pu o, ud o a 7 -i a b o
fina ldeterminatio.le ___s Y__etto_ be_.. i____ ..E 0%3 -.a t e. -te nal -, to the | ,.- .-
tRalph Thom a e made on v aluation, policies and. Pn 3.1877. Cri stobal.8-67o3. n a UdR ro. ad e qr y the com- Tlr asur e.r -ta ose y wou ,d tr C r. ....

denitR Tsha. h l e el Vluaton l pholp Tci havrrs been a .u-'. .2 -d wy fed200char e r.,(1 m nts o" th nresilts.ef ooer- .... -
the to o capital values property transfixed bedroom rden. Cl Pa a TRANSPORTES any mo, .a-onthe net eaeat the end o1 the Iome tae t cot of C ope O e et .... ...
aeteart- enrlasby thmaT-Ie an m de ae I ncome. as tenma .r w s ment," liW teresto tnt tt* co puted net .' ,
st rom an ate bUeltad 19 In the process a bei a submit- Bab.. a14,4 the rest of the day.i .BAXTER, .A. II ,ondn .mouviOd aof l direct t n (Note ),..,-........ 4 "
df r thed reviewhto ehea F O R R E N TamB1 Te10 '" o'r th e '" L' p
aon ersd continued po- time of t edral h ter 'Aa m tbl re .,,bLa*A oTerana e cordedf o- tey e e Il rg noUt l nd0.h s overn ntapl iblencI ...... .
eri motorn v rp sen th

,n ed ter ad e i .. thee l r T'n 1 Io the proposed va ion effe. or ; t Du e .O a .. ... ..... ......-..... .....
... .. o- tateso xcutie the gnpm et hoavpr e t FOR RENT. Mou desr a p rm ent.p er l-uper or med hent er these adjustments, e ea l for ,- "-u 'to r 1 ;en aWon'
rt. stae'54 te o untie s it e al .. va ne Gove rn ent aF bedroomR RvinT di n groomij hot 3 TR.T Say -MS l, the n8ie e of. th s $7t.o fa0a2 r 3 having been expen d whnn a.e.- In, -.

fI aeaorelmo tn to $ 313 5 and war .5 closets oro e.Just*Ar.o A ltT WOt ruAon.TnDmneDrt na etion thenet I 'waat m qure Aaece- d NTI N Nt
I _e fjd of t helt Incomo state Not oatn ofCsu Soss
pt dthat ,1004000 capital va luesbhve tbe fixeds bedroomresidennce. Call $1 -TA-E wol bs ei3.9 .

tod thr S~" b00 the company and these artoel 3-5161 frB. m. to 12andn. 1 -(UP) abnomul oum o ton mnt.e P ntM Cy Act

bn iMto the record pro- ted ont heothedirector of the Bbmureaut onetn in come Kor the fca.tny ir 2. nventoIesu.- T o e I e nld or- Annldtd ......... ... a.. ....
Ion wouldndrop too5.500, B prc edurei required t heothcese in lld.r
-Com"pny's Federal] charter Apar,,nt Ta-ior- rnswwres2 0 c1Yrvely- ally at cost landed at the ath- LowU -bk aulcabli- to U.8. Gm ,-eraine

hundfl a dred mhaleo Thipain i rn'mp e r1t r n rr m s oTO AL................ .... :
v e this breakdown oft sote fbom er oa theo ilel tbe eunev war 19a53 uos tlibtlueie ond nLH Mand fri ghtl .RA IN D D .......... .......: k I..
ospentn vaca| Tus, theunetnt inaomie fo thel tI' t e-. sem VALERIOT ON C o s aI u ato sod m o oLe .barkation Iles an
motorists e 2m ia- do Substantial reduction whenIModern 2, "4. orkd 5.robts, furnished Expert MeChanic in- ultra. loperatih results fpr 1953 ars aflowan ., f *75 0 repirese/t Acer .ed n .

rt dam4llion dollariling adt oef s tudm er us hsad up o-l -e t assation o f and*. andr-esjeedy la Canal 0 .
t a on,- cnt, or,'C s.; d ina depreciation charuesro r.oshs. A leambra's Of nlclmasad y amatlc a .,h.t cbttedn lci4 tl a o ol .h nre ,..-,- .. ,, -,:

Un a nel rom the definitive 8061, .10th Str*t Colaon Tel- na Il offne rs n I proa e na v of ti m an e o ea .dr .... .. r:
e tai pu s ,hu8 l: atdi e 1ton mproperties trans. e-@ .h rservc with t s tel e t an.r. Cn a o ........ .....
mei ....Mo. "' pa r"...... ". > -^ ,,-1; -

tW It04 feaed .are fIMIxedni accordance A I'.IMd S. I s = b.I modern w U nie c ad A.rZa .: : :: :::: a.;
t -" C. 'ep ac tose for th e C aignl b t ortment, one. t wo um Isttllat o ren ui t es trclu Ing e- .u t-u. and r- RtN S.

woOhingleetw IO In- per. F57 en et irt an irived n -vaues of malle a o r Iube ut aa dal yf.t ...
,~i E..... I~n dton to ho n5.0 rllio ribes 9 htitwater. The n' S?. Ttela. h ofmto d mrt aa ttoe pdoa tronldi ..... -t

-,"-,..". ... h, --, t p 0i T.'sis to rO seS Un5] no % sAfs -- :.r--

sy) was ot sa l o rm du n the ye /r. ^ smp> lo -r pe omm it y of C r e a c es pla th by the Accrul for oehal of? ? os't ss -^ **
S"he stsal ] t :e fter he o pti armn 3-es4a n d raci Unitedmpated e Pa nm o teuliab? oe and tra
Sd d m I tclAnthf.olayment of at direct oper-r 'te oo-i. T p n ,, 1 .. .o ,." ;,441. s p.
orm .e-, plus the net cosaeFOR RENT:- Modern op,-rmet. 2 A er-els suevisor. Chit a.1.nt.e-to pd-r eIn, thoei.veno mcat-, --- ""... :a..-n n~.e
a. p t al Zone Government a- bedroom lvin-diningrooim, ha i IotI this s,3,.o avnaenrths i en ens whnacr"-
1mott nCtehlr e than for the precediong aear suired in ior years e reeive Ca N TINGENT I T1M (Not 5 .'
a et CuiIh mounting to $11,319,M. and water. 5 closets, o roge. hJ nM At ALLm ASA T- anm esdteamlisen atiy frto d thr (ove nmet apponraee l L'O Pa'l ot a (or S "-
that 3 iersons; tentautivey allowing 6,668,895/ emeno 97. top floorR n .. ....blis... .. -i ghi --from otheriGovernmentig.,h,, R-- I R'.

ilerauto ? ama e rl .- o ro t ct thctwf-a ffic g te dCa.- r. ..t 'o -. --., _---__v1,A0, .-
p ao aut n or thef payment 'of Interest to FOR RENT':---ne b d n ageno o pto-the Pa dfnamaCaI r!.
A 'Yenars-'holidgio the U.8. Treasury' and $4,719,963 at ht. droom furnishe .d. .na.ort ,on rll1tro ug th Ca ges n dcyotto' e Paa a Ca" N"..ToDf.a.i.E. Goe1n. 6):
m aorit of thDem o Crdeprecation partmenl, piogoe oand water Sena tr poses The level of all other opera- .C..iersaely. substantial Od c.alues
f al ite n The n 1omhv Is e o-u ed by hericesP raid. Fi lrst Street, aorros tiis of the company. i the ag-of sar e umea --N em -a 1- I S)1-
that while 3. 0 lawo to reimburse the Treesury dm ra potl F P s te waproeimtrth year.u ..'..uusefulnessl arftse satc d at Panama Canal C .Act, as

i "far toe high" for t.e net cost of the Caa i FtThe iites ding le at c- 7 e T
: 'fullmCOALurortbe lSten /"met ".ofsound .ed.ofhall-6S bw*0,8r2h1
= 411!-- u r the Zone G government. This cbo. the ro. L, feae ofLa edr l y n vle. fo.r.thes e er a ree I
n to iemre weina ore cial s talam n r o r NEdT. u tIN Oe W h oLR t o. del In e ating reasorcn val uthe ,ort he apnrDfi 1 e .. ..isp tof'Interest bea
t Or tti afam ntfn ore hi d upipnt 5 sou at eda ripnta the n cotanun sr eo pro ram oRetained Income surplus as defi t
np-vehicles on the was say ,i bml ". .. last yearlPaa...a atCaffi c r i m the 195 e- r c .. ..o.tind e r .-
tire. th badof the write-off oflSI.-o PWAGHINGTOK,0JTn. 1 -(UP) abnormaldvolumeofage. unve3terIs and supplies nc othde amexed..o ...ComanyhA...

a/te~tat snd ~e e mted hs Pn hre fro ntte 1H m prcip rRmov of ing te oc ttni tl liaInclude. ro av th.......... ....... ,o,
e lm t[s iteoy e ar mddti03 ion th essi te eg e e fomunFer"Tohe n Rot of ovnervatin of + ,, W e th r-olf workIn purod .of....
equivalent of src at Crdenas -townsite. e i proposed today that A- The Increase ink creditsMoftur npa i TOTAL......
hundred million hi write-off, and a similar t americn prisoners sO wadre i ro U. 8...Governmentrvessels, proree.-glrw tnr f1134,499. in
tp .lowest in ma- Leniont To Rotarthdcotn.y Korea be given $I eday for..whldh ount to $2.143.954. additq me.-orcha edise for sale A N .....
besid.-esulted from ithdecislon not to I oeach teyaten tolet was in.ost whl l attributable and,. maioterils and supplies In-,YEAR ."D,,UN]
,onstct the town. This will CHICAGO.Jkn.Il ta atecom nitta tr s t.e...,

ftundo. 'such' as the K woulre t hare Lrguson said ee *ould ii- Fol.iei the essationofcwm F -
a in e r Compan for the past fisc I "ear rapists. would, cotve.governmment tiCeshas fallen off ah arply and was establihe In accordance ofc od nt ...... 2 '
n d re.oe tpmaximumet of $7,500,000 and a furither but,.more-gradual E weitoh th.e e nl law fervic...... .2'1YI.6-
t tomaketw relisedsata]d ngt healo ea3.112 .. te-u ithin heuCes co an 's r o t rlawedbytal ofy $uar i e rs........rW ....... Z. ..
listLd at a toa of S... 2. ,Gutknecht p !ace dapartial would bel latterne allft er' I- gnet lwy; from the 1953req cthesso a. n tr agsfror, _te P Ia- nt tRvlesOf udlales to Zon.. .............
i e th Canal Zone 0o3. Of this amount. more than blame, a '."to frankadi|cuu"ion of lar .egisl~o1 .-coveraWorld ost1 rd peaketaenm ooa-t ,emrra natroanfcormp.ny (Ne w GOernetas to tiae oe

egregaton. ture of epproximately.2,000.000 rape. 'cive $1.50 A eday for each day the Canal-npernmentlfor ytim
tonal reshuf- Wasomnde on improvementsI and whicinhmane treatment. whiby the oompnet fo r aty sprod uteio res lited rpaym "! ent@
t e n w C Ieplac mIents for the Canal pro- ofre inr d In umae treatment.patcu lay bj alaw. o'rme rteuiredwit hot bl t fore t se and r e u ,OP ERATING IU "
eek the umn- h P .r. addition the 55.... l_ ah_ c d, Gustebe- t d yThristmas. T reemin 14o the T,,T r P avaa)._fpr s.u.__ib..edtent_. .t..expela, .Including hra- '; .
3..$ e Ed.ainradd ith n i $5I'millionsenl, eve atenthe poa" ote- t abnorme lly hwhfin ans. "n .. .rs ......
i~i_ r n ndlI ... .I e t h e r e s u l t o f t h eAt=ese f a c ldps a n d ..... + .
aadL oyd P n h3 3400,000a the same got Into much aitpredIcamentaU ppFuou Cdecision, todnotpestablish the nows,+and.. .....IncompiefoW o 1I
.a sent to the lath- capital program during the year. he said. oas alantheldibyt ef A.rualfor1vehal- of,. ma .k
lc uino' o "The d arm- -done toethicalT10 pio.High originallytcotemplatedithine PaamCanal agency -.AnnUity to Republic of Panama..............-.+

I..the.. ulc mind," utknecht t ta y. The determination noto Which projeetwas abandoned I
weeks the union hras1- r A.O..e..t ,ha ld ..I-lt ,.-& -. d.o ..

W~= IIa of~ h gives the wor gensralR "an1 rTa---'-m--( ... o ..Pmu t(L o po an%+ .t~~~.+ '1 i te ~ .p~~.-jt
At the curren m';t "pi "" 7 nno s~ i' me""t1handled the ro e__s, .-d- uroveinena mm +_ ,._ aney)_immspmmp.sum I laoeo us- .... _.__ ... 1UIIAU ~ m
II~liI .' UI[II I .&l...+ ... _...i .._g.mail1 with fewer..l -ale fonrthel' rl0gIOr IteTan nppoli ,e ce. of Icp at. .~~lIe .I t1J" o inUC9Ll, ,. ;L.+., ._'.I

a e l~lu.Rt
_96 lWc sa= be weigh CO*bamb ;- ov-mcev
tseonere no i obfiankllws l e-ich w ere c U M v t i 10 on hraet & J une 3 .e

sai sthey would find i dfro g eriod I d "A*N
Ebnyg the wor n ote ro eta aaeslt a
natureh" bI -~1, 1351) 1,188.r76 8 1,86,ner7o, daean kantoC- a .sa*.o

custom-of the at2,48orI MW
to do- .. "'. -
*t the ? ltian 'T ban s ag :.
..."- .--5.W ,, -
+" : reee-..ptl o -n + ea mm' ; ,' .t -.. ." a" =. .a"+" :+'

- ,,* ~

No. 13
Ana DOfd
Ave. and 23 St


I-,1""1 ^ I -,,- A


. imwvd~~~,


o. L "-

", ,, i
. "' "'-.J ""
Sjj ," t ? '-':

. I~

T*era Allso

SFor Feature Race

Stid BOca delta Toro's epenaive. Chilean"
hestaut horse Jaquimaso is expected to be a
mitq) hoice ever the Stvd Btlns FSt e M l ".
Srate N uveio, unQtber Chlean, in tomorrow's
$75f seven forion sprint at the Juan

ln tbte latsAetlan Ja-Imewevr, the oontowt could wel]

- '.-

I.. *.
-'WA- 4~ ~i ~. : **-~.

II, jjr
; '--'V.

'- ;" :- .i .' ._ *'_ ._____________l

Yankees' #M c0man To Make $la00T.J

Season's' First Start Tonight Reaches Third

I Il

i h "e- -" ....hav-e battled for the title the
~~a--e. 1 ----- past four year* and have lost
are. pa B de- Out nly one.
.r 1a l CI Albrook returns to the coMIng
Juan Franco title chase with a nucleus o
SBy CONADO eight r urnees from. last year's
-- -,_ A championship agro nation and
S 1ethree members o lea gue a -
.a aq au sc a i-Valarsi Fru Fro star team head the list.
V =N '- -o.m.t...b Dies dhe Ma Catcher Herb Xoetto was a
f or, -k. Da unanimous choice for the all-a
i e ( pAme Mesy l re as league' backstop, while pitcher of
ta",e Ed Stamsacki was plck6d as the'
Soura. honwa should be .ti 250 New Le k ceof the league's left-Ianders.
% = V o -IntoButhee ta nTrue nwhoRay Rete tller joined his mates
&10ek L ttterun t6Bl Cu oNe d on the all-league selections aset e
riiii~a~a shouldn^ 74 and race away to coree. 1a -Ite.er3 N0vene I M/Swt. Robert micknera who the "A'"Figt championship of the eudly Hushta Z 5uted
nd____ aw______niloted Aibrook to-. the top last Men's Golf Tournament receives a desk pen trophy and .
-- ion, will again manage. the p ratulations from Lt. Gen. H. I. McBride, Commandr h Cl 1
S4 others and can call on five oth- of the Caribbean Command. at a rect pree station a remoy
omes Fromrn ss h h2dhere. t Smile ronookers.wn o rr eiv e oev 2ro-
C e OetCees tot Behindperformes bs en e shi areleft to W. Hardy. wnner of h
Ac Acepedot, tc her Clare B. A Eugene D'Avella, runner-up "' Flight; M/8gt. Sidney
i-:*.I "1 "',lmew, and outfielders John Coffey, runner-up "A" Flht.
Sp 746.1st Signa l 7'' henson, Bob Simeone and
p.Wrren Wore are all back for (Credit-Dept. of Defense--U.S. Ar1y)
S mATmnre.
Newcomers will also figure
SWOthfmost .ectacular dis- 45th RICON BATTALION prominently in plans for the
9 OihTi- reworks of the ab r h po a coming campaign at Albrook. Juan Franco Graded En l
t0e I-n 48th Recon Bat- onseca, b 4 1 2 1 1 Catcher Bill Brewer wiU take G e
* talion team came from behind Becker, i 1 1 0 1 0 over behind the plate as a result
to defeat the 7461st Signal ine Beanches, a 3 1 012 1of an injury to Bootto and the
by an n ressive 1n sore udo, lb 3 1 0 3 0 erstwhile all-star mashmanwi or Jeeky Wt.COMMODDS
Moaty, Decamber 28. With' igh t, rf 4 0 1 3 0 find a spot in the Infield.
inr the 4jh .oved nto a L ke, of 4 1 1 2 0 Pitcher 'Joe Smith will make let Race "D". Natives 7 Fg.Ps.urse 3M.0 Peel Closes 13:45
w Me r firt place th Hernandez, s 4 0 0 2 0 his first appearancein an Al- First Re of thifDoulblf
the 65th Antaireraft Artery Milan, 2b 2 1 1 3 1 brook uniform as will infielders
Group In the second round of a Beckman. p 3 1 1 0 1 Lee C .hen, a first bas.m.n. Rob- ,-Fru Pru A. VAsques 112 -Better each' time out 3-1
four round rdbln pies ia n the ert Johns6n and David Hum- 2-Fil6n J. 06n ra103 lx -Nt ready yet 20-1
Fort atsiball League. ahrey. New outfield talent will 3-La Loba .J. Phi llps 120 -Dangerous contender 6-1
Si of- t e -was be offered in the persons of 4- -Valar- a F. Rose 120 --The one. to beat. even
S u n-elMil.f .:. 7461st SIGNAL Gerald t pirakes. eorge TeCh- c 5--SAma.oa O. Masuera 10_ -Usually a runnerup 4-1.
's power p ked smash Plat,t. If 3 0 0 0 -2 terman, Cliff.t Wixon and John &-YosIpogo A. Menal 110 -Reportedly mharp, 5-1
I of ahome -it l's1over the Deseati, 2b 3 0 0 5 0 Tavylr.
A A .th ne@e on. Mora, b 2.. 0 0 0 ot egularl v and promise plenty 2nd Raca "" Natives -- Fp.P urse 82L Po I CelCe 1:15t1
Moore. rf 3 0 0 0 .0 of competition for the other r onPd Rav of -the DoUble
The'- 4th team lagged behind P.allcan, rf 1 0 1 0 0 members of the seven-team loop
durlns the first It-and-a-half Mills,_s 3 0 0 0 2 Recently r, rned from a .trip I-Dies de Mayo 0., Orhealp 113 --Must -improve more 2-1
inn~ aof r ysi- had chulI1qwe, as ..0 0 0 0 to El Balv w. e e they play- 2-- .dy Caren A. Ycassa Fi lS x-ood early speed 5-1
t tred Rose, c ,re 4.d 0 0 0 e4 two prad c 8te Flyers aPIel Canela F. Hidal 103 -howng Improvement 8-1
S$Oe on Mohn, e 4 0 0 13 2 hdpe to wn g their way to a 4-ok'tiNucoo V.. Cas 110 -Should beat these even
o a pd scoredl Alen p' 4 1 0 1 1 tA y title. n trier 5-Pal 1o o in 31-1
tn ef ft" wheu cop a 2 X X A X 6-Domin6 V. Orda 11 -f ily fractioub 5-1
pitcher George ... ..x. A-T F i ys. .
runs pto .e i e Wallace pitching forAle len in t r t.- -.,. 5. -P o 4
pIld pitching .l 4th. 3rd Rate 'IF" Nifive 7 Fg-.rme$75.1 .Pool Clos1:4..
r 2 emgre In eh 0Milp me, pitching for Wah&lo GOLFING e -
id tnh tt e i`h frame. I, that. i1 _w-Dani-el V. Ord6fies 110 -Out of lion's den even
man the wi summary: Re Run: ( ) he Scotsman that started the -Volador C. Ruis 115 --Plying high now 2-1
ln. Ouitrt ineke12 batters Millan; Erro rs (45th) 2en m& y game of golt and passed out-alt- 3-Prot6n J.. Chuna 1 z -Could b miller 8-1
to win his ed singame of the dea, 2, Millan; (Signal) bes.ati or 1 holes due to the wec nip 4-Riomar' A. Metna 115 -Woud pay good price 5-1
Season. A trio ft Signal hurler 2, Sexton, 3, Mora, 2, Mills, 2. after the conclusion of each hole, -Tra A. Mna R. 100x---Getting loser 5-1
i 1z truck out a total -of IIMohn, 2; Pitching Recor d : apparent y did not realize the ,- in
(Signal) Strike Outs: 11, walks consternalion--or the far reach-
4; (45th) Strike Out 12, walks 5 Inug consequences to the human 4th Bate "`" Natives 6S Fgs.-Parse $35.46 Peel Closes 2:H2
tais were plagued .wth -- race that his playful afternoon one-Two
,erros. Signal committee 10 to Score By Inig would- accomplish-and how a-
'.!. 4 L45th 000 042 07 8 3 bout his pardner who survived 1-Lonely IMolly A. Mena 110 -Usually scores here 4-1
STI- S core: Sig. 001 000 000--1-- 3 11 the 18th and retired to the wee 2-4 nceridad J. R=yes 11 -iw-About ready now 4-1
S" --" .. -- pub oun the edge of the moor hies -8iren; A. V squez 115 -Mutuels favorite oven
thirst unslaked thereby estab- 6-Sandra M. Yeaa 100x-Earl speed only 5-1
-lising the most popular of all 5-O1l F. Hidalgo 110 -Is disappointment 4-1
l Stri e Entersm STeaUl t to theoing fra rni the 19th. 6--Oropol A. Enrique 115 --Cuie eusty 2-1
Ahi! that wonderful past time, 7-Curandero A. Mena R. 101x-Nothing to indicate 25-1
what other sport has been the 8--Don Wende B. Aguirre 11Q -Has good workouts 8-1
i i "t -r *i __ m direct result of;:so many wealty
SIn aCile iTwilightii LoO D men, patpers broken hearts, -
i :vorces. marriages, cold uneaten 5th Race "C" Natives 1' Fgs.nrse 8325.16 Pool Closee : --
meals, nasty dispositions, new
il L e g Ao ait word. in Webster ', lying and do- 1-Petite F. Rose 116 -Oaerdue for win 2-1
With the opening of the Pa- young Al Neckar, whose ag ceitfulness, I gotta stop, it's too 2-Don Grau E. Alfaro 10-Harder task here 5-1
tr Ia. o. two It .er atilh.ty are ratew much. -Don Jalme V. ord6fiez 12 -Better in mud -1I
wamel off, Luy Strike has be- the beat In the .ea ge. Neckar I have seen one of the TAost 4-Yosikito E. Silver 118 --4peed to spare 5-1
the fourt ano d final team has an exceptional b tting ys serene, even tempered and flaw- 5 n-Fuego F. Hidal o 112 -Seeks win No. 3 even
iW h Strikeahnd.e rs t h tpt ow ball .aer .le of golfers, the champo f his 6-Diziana A. Mena s 10x -Poor effort last 15-1.
i u e hlss vacated that is always on basoe. pro estn who has calm aur-
t bratar group of last sea- First base for the Lucky Strike ve ed a 30-foot putt for $10,000
son. The Lucky 8triea ega- team will be held down b young wi hout a uver and smoothly
tion will have new whitruni- Bob Carlin who was the beat stroked the ll true to the cup, t bRace l Imported-8y FIsPure $50.60 Pool Clm3:35
forms with brilliant red trim, first baseman in the Twilight suddenly become a wild swing- First Race of the Doubles
'mol lof LuckyStrike athe wl reeat thisyer. ,,ars of tdn. 1st -Turf Lodge F. RoSe 110 -Hard to figure out 15-1
y e's ianSt ee rm onh d battle t t inble l ace prize money al ong th 2-Va Darling M. Yazz 104-Nice race lst time 8-1
h c s e mo held down by the r lov n e p C ,,Ppula away, tS-New Look V. Ordaflez 118 -R ed oo winnin eve-1
completely rebuilt team fromuISthelotope D oe o hs w- Der V.C ie118 --olda as8-1
"-year' and is MIhasa strong a jundst in f1,h ld ,stroke ofhi 5,-Ch. Prince J. Phillips 110 --Nothng to recommefld 15-1
troe Wry.on man a double play. 'rie o theG koastd dufs 6--Superaun A. Mena 110 -Seems good frontrunnr 4-1

t ing f er coit_ t.I r w Ye iL the ,eser, knon and te A laSc 4-- e a J. -o 03 -L t b ito 101
t_ MM1 o will bem==n by leAgue's leading batter last year -sid ets atans, on Dam bo --urDiscovery J G65zora 107x-rn good form. 8-I
40111 ... ..Don l roIt's... m al' ..o wn.. .a. .mbo.. D. 8-.-Nitblu toC%. oru-s 11 Nw o me r t 10 -1a
t:bl DonZ en, and-top shortstop in the league, I'll b ae out watching the Panama -Ntticar uis 115 -Newcomer with clas 3-1
[ Wl*-U ]adsom wa n gLouis Deda ux, will f orm the Open on the l4th. and I be at.l
-06t It can't be remem- other half of the double play Gamboa. Gasnboa is one of the
She da h Oe% that very few clubs tha t the speta- 7th Race "" I,,portd-' r e 375. Pl Closes :
t will be m. isted i his Will be hard t beat the tors can waththeplayatevery Second Raof the Doreouble

o rablwo or.n thelemague a d.lnean.s b ahole frot the Clubhousel overan-C n P p 1 --nore e 1
I ad c1ch e s red iD a Materh .x rh da. that's for me. c -True Blue 0. Muer 11 -Rates next beat 2-1
_l n sho er.~switched nfr Wta.c L-ea t they elme at D aue -Interlude V. Or6e 11 -Could upset favorites 3-
m thirdd bsea s s ding a fine on theGld. ot solA is ttPer than" -Casracea l AguMerre n 115 -SeenusIsure thing" evenp s 0
i" e pitching e stawillbe st Th center w a lone in Left a f e ec keanred t he Atlantic "4- or 1cni alo100 -Worhste "ec ie oul 10-1
i W te beet the locale and his le ng line drives ae ders a betng an Don h to cop 5-Paris NMidi M.Ba1 -Dee o u-1
Pte r m harktet with Donald expected to-poduce many a-, m litO honrrs at o. Do 6-Cradleon. Phorap 71-Wouldrbe surprise -1

S forp th years two valuable 31. f ar the team. will hke his work cutut t all- 7-R. Gambler J.- C llps 115 -ReturnsIn fair shape 10-1

i E 1 hi2ctro-. pt Inn net tn teedr l. naoev boys. Ace G oo-dmansot &l Ith Race "A Imp erted4 -iFgs.Purse $3751 Peel Cles 1:401
111100. Webb sitwllThecenterf..ield._.will ,Doce rrie. r A.. --eyer-ans out here get-

rbe e~.wil ee own nb ush vbat field-e the lay ofu the eouras- s
seredfor two no-hito m and leau he ate Mitten's scalp. I-Calonao Phps 11 -Can -score here 2-1
)W_- pesttwo years. bitter tf h or _eLarry .0nes. We had Ia.follow out here the H-e s C. u 110 -Shoul b cls up 3.1

t c r and 2 a ., av at t 6 soa A. M unao 11R -Earhown peedomy 25-1

h-h,. ., ---s ,-e crawled ,. up 'as a .stool 1to l

The Standin Th
TeamV W L pct. 00 T
tandem 3 .5 5s
Brownles 5 5 .50 a
Bomber 5 .4- 4 te
TNIGRT'S GAME (1:30) of th
Mt. ope: Brownies (Clark 3-2) mul
va. Yankees (iHinehman 6-4) .popu

It will be Joe Hinchman, mas- Tres
ing his first start for the Yan- Thi
kees, against the Brownies' V. the 0
Clark tonight at the Mount Hope leap
Stadium. Goad
Clafk has beaten the league Utis
leaders twice and lost to them Rurtn
once, thus far this season. He Good
dropped a close 3-2 verdict be. each
cause of two first inning errors low z
his last time against the. Yan each
kees. Tonight he will try to make Anoti
it three wins against the Kubs- awari
ki-men,. in t
, Hinchman has only seen brief priae
relief duty and should be in top ward
forni for tofsigbV battle. team
A victory for the Brownies will score
place them a half game rah4ed -rema
of the Yankees and one full Aft
game in front 9f the last place hand
Bombers. A Yankee triumph will, the 0
put the Browniles into a deadlock' 2.d
with the Bombers and give the low i
Yankeps a one-and-one-h a 1 f mem
game lead. than
_--- -----__ _- can
L during
Maj. Sammy Le mew,
'are .
i uaef ~ golfer
Wins Sullivan out
16 to
Memorial Trophy tue
__ Abarn
NEW YORK, Jan. 1 (UP) place
An Olympit diving champion 8 me
Major Sammy Lee has won than
the 1953 James E. Sullivan me-, roul
moral trophy for good sports- lng o
manship in amateur athletics, JiMr
Major Lee now a member of brola
the Army Medical Corps in Ko- honoi
rea has given up active diving Lull
competition to devote full time card
to his job. The Sulliva award er ha
given annually by the national and
amateur athletic union goes to Mrs.
"the amateur athlete who... did 281 1
most to advance the cause of and I
good sportsmanship during the strqk
year.'" Pas
Another Olympic diving champ 3rd r
Mrs. Patricia Kler McCor- Sund
Mick finished, second oa S wilI
nhy Lee in the voting.. Te 3- howe
year-old Lee a natlyp of FreC- on th
no, California is the first a- allow
ward winner 6f oriental descent. ever.
His parents were Koreans. the

Record Entry List

For Smoot-Paredes I.

'Golf InvilaionalC. J.
Entries receivWd to date Indi- Lt. C
cate that the Smoot-Paredes In- R
vitationa! will outdraw eveoi the v. R
popular Pan American Worid ../.
Airways Tournament at Gamboa.
Apparently lathmian goIters I-. Capi
tend to sharpen up their game H.-S.
in preparation for the Panama. Capt.
Open. Upwards of 300 golfers
wil quality at Gamboa. COlI ]
Quite a contingent of Gold T.I
Coasters have entered and will J. B.
make the treks to Gamboa to -
day. The Atlantic sides are out M/Sj
to make a showing, and they Rt.
have prownised that a goodly por-
tion of the trophies will end up FC
on their side of the Isthmus. J. L-
The Gold Coast has some gol-
ers over here all right and a- |pl.
bout the only time they are ever
seen. on the Pacific side is dur- Capt.
ing the Inter-Club matches. Fei-
lows ovec there like Don Hause, A. A.
Mike Kulikowski, Jim Riley, H. 1
Merv Fr;.nch, Oil Morland, Mr. T. M .
Chadwick Don Mathleson. and N. Z.
seven or eight more I could name Maj.
could give the Pacific side quite
a tussle and would probably Maj.
come out on top. Col.
If Johunnie MacMurray has a M/S1
bad day at Gamboa, the field M/Su
will be wide open and you can Paul
take your pick. Last year's PAA
medalist Doc Mitten is the favor- Lt, (
ite of many, but Doc Gerrans is a Sam
money player, and if It were only apt
he and Mitten, the outlook would CoL
be in doubt. I
Charlie MacMurray has been Cmd
getting v'enty of practice, and Doria
if he is mn shape the par 72 at j. F.
Gamboa will be broken. A~e Lt. C
Goodman has broken par a few Lt C
times at Gamboa lately. George
Riley has been close to par sev- L. M
eral times Gamboa is one course Milli
that requires all the shots in the J. .
bag, and the winner will have-to p. M
be master of them all.

S'B. J.

BjC. J.

3. R

1 PI

* ---

S72 bole medal lay 100

ning of White 8i
i 72 hole low net a
to 15 and 18 to 83
Groups will each rei
year -white sidewall
and 5 Goodyear
ner-up prims will
year airfoam mattress
group. The 3rd, 4th,
Let cards in each gro
receive 1 T'asco
her Tasco Battery w
ded to the low gross
he above groups. A
valued at $40.00 will
ed to the husband ani
with the 72 -hole li
. Identity of this pri
ins a mystery.
er 36 holes of p18
iceappr, N.J. Lewter
) to 15 handicappers f
straight week with
net score. With 15
bers playing to or
thei handicapsa an
and probably will 1
ig the final 2 round
remaining. C. J. Bar
Maj. Cramer, Lt. Ou
ombroia, and Capt.
ust a few of the man
rs making a real tight
if this groul).
J. Browne Is current
g a 2 stroke lead ov
30 Handicap Oroup 1
f a 130 low net score
r, G. F. Lull Jr., and
ews are now tied fo
with 132 cards. The
mbers playing to or
their handicaps i
p so here again is the
f a real tight race.
i Hinkle and Vinnle
are now tied for low
rs with 142 scores.
Jr. i# all alone with
for low gross in the
ndicap group. The hi
wife low netters are ]
Jack Cramer. Their t
eads Major & Mrs.
Lt. Col. & Mrs. Belde
ticipants are remind
found must be omplei
ay, Jan. IBM4. Ti
ver contestants aiy
is day If they so du
ance for hangovers
Scores must be ente
Tournament Sheet
a .dropped In the
nament Box.
hole results are as ft
to 1s Handleiap Gr
Low Net S eres
Lewter 1 "
. Bartholomew
. Lombrola
;t. Manning
L Burke
. Ledbetter
t. Herrmann
V. Mitten
(t. Chaptiony
rt. Kenna
ne Klevan
Col. Belden
r. lark
i Hamilton
'ol. Parker
ol. Thompsaon
e Hammond
Trim Jr.-
O en. Costlloo

I. Kennedy
Col. Meeks


La aly


t. auth un

ores In
ceive 5
be 2
ses for
& 5th
up will
wi be
I be a-
md wife
ow net
ze still
uy a 7
, leads
for the
a 129
5 other
ds of
rtil, V.
y good
*t rade
;ly en-
er the
by vir-
e. Maj.
d Maj.
or 2nd
ire are
n this
e mak-
r Bross

J. B. Hinkle ,
V. R. Browbe ,
N.J.Lowter *
H. W. Mitt ,a
L. Curtis
Col. Alexander
Col. Doan
J. Smith
16 too 3
C. J. Brown
Maj. Abarr
G. F. Lull Jr.
Maj. Mathews
Col. Coffey
E. 0. Dail
Cmdi. Maoy n
Lt. Col. MucKoe.

Lpdr. Basm
J. edhlh
C. V. Toungblq
Capt. Barr
Capt. Greene
Lt. Col, May
J. M. McNamara
Col. Moynihan
Lt. Col. Muaer
Lt. Col. Spelts
avid Drennan
'aj. Kendall
Col. Shive
Col. Barr
Marge Belden
E. H. Gardner -
Col. McGinn

F. 144
168 N. M. Clark
high W. D. Hard
isband Maj. Miller
Ma). & Lt. Col. McNell
otalof 41o
Abarr Lt. Col. Mq Llla
n by 5 P. M.WeadO
ed .the Naomi Barr ,
ted Barbara Clark
s Club MaJ. Stay '
Di I. J. Stum h .......
y p| .L, I. Torb.rt l
re. N 16 .+ -
how- Lt. Blake
red on Lt. Col. Dow
t and Alyce French
Men's Maj. Lope
follows: 148 .. -
Mp Lt. Col. Powles
T. F. Hots
Capt. Levitt
Irene Robinson ,
64--67 4-'
67-44 H. V. Colbert
66--4-6 M e Cramer
Ida17 Janda
18-4m Capt. Lincoln
8---44 151
Lt. Col. Brayshaw
64-49 Lt. Col. Davis
O3-70 Jean Ware
70-43 Capt. Wilson
65--9 P. BadonMky
64-70 Fran Truman
67-67 15 *
Lt. Col. Petrilli
-ft-6 114
75-413 Marge Abarr
6--70 Beaulah MeNellG
Lt. Lewis -.
69--48 P.
Lt. Col. Koen
68-70 *
Gloria Petes
67-73 163
69-71 Helen Miller
66-74 Col. Tubbs
71--C 16 to3 26 N,
66-741 Low GreM ai *-

64-77G F. Lull Jr.
71-70 o e 170 -.. .,
Vol. Cotfey
72-70 E. 0. Dailey
72-70 CMndr. Martin
69-73 IT -
Capt. Barr
7-48; Capt. Bean '
69-74 C. V. Youngblood
71-72 ITS
70-73 MaJ. Mathews
74-70 Lt. Col. Muaser
71-73 174
77-4-- David Drennan '
74-.0 MaJ. endilU ':
71-73 LL Col. MCOKenar
71-74 Col. Mfoyniban
72-73 J. M. McNamara '
74-71 177
70-75 Col. Ba=rr
Capt. Greene lS.
73-73 179
0--7 N. M. I k .
74-72 -
76--76 Col. MeOla .
76-70 Lt, RhOf
72-74 F. M. Wed -
&-V UN. 11i

l-" U O

a=%"*- ss.^


411~ :r'";"

* N' I

-1 :"


F'." 'vA

4. ;" -


, 7


- -p .'~

* .J *'*
;'" 1-

* :

tROQ OF -ALL THEIR EVILS or so American employes.
' Canal' viewed William A. Newman. Jr., when he stepped
Pa ana. a Line boat late in July. The GAO Associate Di-
Ox of 'Aulit brought with him recommendations which hit
at t-heir security. Which suggestions might be acted upon
the floor pf Congress caused some workers at year's end to
hold their breaths and pray.

*.~ .

Would Vote

0 Auditor Year's

st Disliked Man


a -


"Let dwe people know the truth and the country sae" Abrahim Lincoln.


1953 Brought Turmoil to CZ;

Shifts, Arguments Lie Ahead

-. 0 -
As the New Year downed 12 months ago, American
employes of the Panam6 Canal Co. and Canal Zone gov-
ernment had just received the bad news that their rent
protest battle had gained practically nothing. Big rent
hikes were upon them... A labor official announced
that the AFL unions would press for legislation to amend
Public Law 841 (which set up the Canal structure) so
that a greater proportion, of the cost of operating the
various activities necessary for running the Canal could
be charged against the receipts from tolls.
At year's end, housing and the price, thereof -
is still a number-one-cause of discontent among Amer-
ican employes, who were losing free hospitalization and
medical care as 1953 ended.
With the opening of the new Corozal townsite, the
quality of housing was better, but some of the new quar-
ters were described as "tombs." Also employes are find-
ing the cost increasingly hard on their budgets. Other
living costs continue to rise; only a few small items cost
The unions are still carrying on the fight to have
more of the profits from the sale of product.- ocean-to-
ocean transits applied to plant and services for the
men and women who run the waterway and to hang onto
employee rights.
Americans generally are depressed over the prospect
for further cutting of facilities and operational shifts
which they consider inimical to their welfare and contrary
to the terms of their employment on the Zone.
The GCEOC-CIO union composed chiefly of local-
.t.a .A,,e g.. An .a....mLa, F ;... ,i..,.. k #1, ..a

SIare workers mae a num
.,~ the 'ear -of man- that replacing U.S.-rate employ- and looks forward toward ii
.by e. 1s with local raters was the "A-
er, would prob- anerloan way of doing business A suit to challenge the constita-
..s ,w fo William ii a foreign country," did little tionality of application of United
g S ate Direc- to cbeer already depressed Ca- State. income taxes to American
h De A nal'ers. employes of the U.S. goverdMent
or "ij1 and members of the Armed Forces
V Likely to Hepi Although he expressed the serving on the Canal Zone was
o01A- o lothat the.ehan e-over pending on Jan. 1, 1953. A year
Pfe' "L ". ... would take a number of years,. later it is still pending, the U.S.
t Affeerieesof Aers Iemployes felt every Distric. Court for the Canal Zone
t" *W0as one pot bit of seority was already having declared it has no jurisdic-
7 I th ae U.So CM. drained away. tion, and the matter having been
adA Mr. New- appealed to the Circuit Court of
.rM all One of Newman's suggestions Appeals in New Orleans.
g ltya small was that the Canal Company buy
.o*t .rttts epO- more milk from Panama. When Another suit taking sharp Issue
the Canal O ne it was pointed out to him that with decisions of Gov. John S.
S to the r" the Republic of Panama imports Seybold and the board of directors
I tt^- *about 22/ million dollars worth of the Canal Co., had been filed
of -milk and milk-' products three days before 1958 c a m e
U Isthmus the (which include powdered milk around. Complainants were a score
heavy-set, and cheese) Newman replied he of American truck drivers of the
SiOld much to was not aware of this fact. Transportation Division who were
ture here rise. being replaced enmasse by local-
Commended a Other Newman-incted rec- rate workers. After vario is demur-
in American ommendations were the ellm- rs ar.d rulings, the sult '. still in
4;500 to 2,000, Ination of the 25 per cent dif- the U.S. District Court at Ancon.
'to be made by ferential for those employes Public reaction to a suggestion
aers. who were hired locally, and the ast January that Isthmians con-
sale of a PanamA Line ship. tribute cement toward the corn-
.y at the Cankl ple'on of the Pan American High-
naving chhnged-.o H1e also sharply criticized the way met enthusiastic response
a except for "cer- Governor's Lkinge benefits which from firms and individuals. The
'made laA be claimed are not legal. Includ- campaign continued thru the year,
S there ha ed In these were the two auto- and on Dec. 31 one new stretch of
ble increase.% mobiles and chaufeur the Gov- the road south of David was more
still ertoy .eernor as at his disposal, the or less complete.
a (They daW' rent-free official residence which A ear ago Panama's Chamber
includes furniture, furnishings, of Commerce was pressing for an
a-h.lik that of. utilities, care of grounds, and abrogation of the US 'Buy Ameri-
m. iti. e-'Mr. Fri- custodial services. can. Act' insofar it is applied to
a gto' get the faetys' s purchases i1-Panama.
dtt6rt them, Zonians At year's end. Canal workers Ana ddPartonm sponsored
were fighting hard to hold on bil hiked Panama Income taxes
to their rapidlydinminishing ben- by as much as IN percent in
tevry ounce of efits, despi Newman. What some brackets and provided for
Tbimnleader put It, would hapn-' in the coming th leel n of estimated In-
U k back." year, remaiehad to be seen. Only come tax In advance on incomes
0 Ctiisem' As- Congress could ,decide the fateother tigs siaeies and wages
W; Iselves a ppe- of Canal employee. The biggest reVyew ever put on
0 .M 'aWashington for by U.S. military services in the
Further NdW- Newman himself viewed his Canal Zone was presented at Al-
1 "lrt uSarvementa'" ob o as an "unpleasant" daty brook AFB in honor of Panama
ated phrase that -someone had to perform. IPresildent Jose Antonio R e m o n,
_ -' 3" ,, .' : -
s. :'* *- T '. *.

, -Art'.
= ;,i,'It

ier or griio uirmE Pir yur
spending betterments.
who arrived by helicopter from
Marcos GOlabert Airport. L
A united front, which AFL unions
in the Canal Zone and various civic
groups had presented for the rent
ght, was disrupted In an argu-.
ment centering around expense ae.
counts and who got credit for what.
Later in the year a United States
Citizens Association was formed.
It approaches civic problems in a
different manner from the Central
Labor Union and Metal Trades
Council, which operate through
their national AFL connections in
Washington. The public thought
there was work for both groups to
U.S. government officials of all
agencies began pondering In Feb-
ruary how to bring their personnel
ceilings into line with President Ei.
senhower's sweeping e c o n o m y
moves. Thease were followed by a
revision of the security program
for federal employs and several
changes which gave civil service
employes less tenure on their posi-
A bill passed by Panama's Na-
tional Assembly in early February
sounded the death knell for seven
national patties and lour municipal
parties by limiting recognition to
those parties which cast 20 percent
or more of the vote in the 1952
elections. The only national party
which polled the required 45,000
votes was the opposition National
Liberal Party headed by Roberto
F. Chiari. The bill also provided
for the amalgamation of minority
parties into one, if together they

before the end of the yew when
the Assembly passed a formal
anti-totalltarian measure makiajI
it against the law to form organ.-
izadots, parties or goius dedic-.
ate to totalitarian ideals-sauch as
The law likewise provided for
dismissal from service with the
Pandma government Including
the autonomous agencies of per-
sons proved to be allied with such
groups. In signing the bill a few
weeks ago President Remon an-
nounced that any Communists
found on the government pay roll
Would be fired. Several professors
had already been bounced from the
President Remon announced that
the Capital City and Colon would
take over the collection of garbage
and the distribution and mainen-
ance of the water systqOns in the
terminal cities. This came to pass
July 1. Many of the local rate.
workers displaced in U.S. service
were rehired by Panama, most of
them at a lower wage.

The entire year of 1958'/for the
Canal Zone was marked by reduc-
tion-of-' rze Lt all levels.
On the Balboa Heights level sev-
eral long-time executives received
the "treatment" assignmentt to a
small office, alone, to work on a
survey). Several, seeing the hand.
writing on the wall, betook them-
selves elsewhere. Some who gave
back as good as they got, landed
In March President Remo..
ced 1at he would go to
Wb at head of a si'
revlalsus oft.e
Bleaw agreemenal between P
nama and the United -stes.41..
For the remainder aof the year
everybody "talked treaties." Few
facts were released as to wh&t con.
cessions Panama would ask, but
it was generally understood that
an annvity higher than the present
$430,000 a year would be among
them. Remon himself said he
sought "neither alms nor mil-
By.August, Panama's negotiating
team, armed with requests, was
off for Washington wi th he en-
couragement of a mammoth civic
farewell behind them. It became
apparent that better wages for Pa-
namanian workers and alleged un-
fair competition by 'Canal Zone en-
tities with Panama merchants
would also be discussed. Later it
was revealed that the U.S. would
also be asked to return its title to
Patia Point, the Portobelo Quar-
ry and other small land parcels.
Highlight of the treaty talks was
the .visit in late September of
PresidenU and Mrs. Remon at the
White House in Washington. In a
joint statement, Remon and Presi-
dent 1senhower recognized that
both countries have a "mutual and
vital interest" in the work of the
Canal abd stressed the enforce-
ment of equality of treatment and
opportunity for Panamanian citi-
zens. They emphasized that there
should be an "equitable benefit-
ing" of4he two nations as well as
a possibility for the commerce and
wdustry of Panama to take ad-
ventage of the market offered by
the Canal Zone and by ships trans.
iting the Canal.

polled the reuired 20 percent. In UI.S. District Court, Ancon,
Later in the Spring, the five last March, a damage suit alleging
parties which had elected Presi. **malicious prosecution" by a for-
dent Remon pooled their mem- mer air policeman against a wornm-
hers In the National Patriotic Co- an employee of the Canal and wife
alition. of an airman was thrown out of
Rrt trouble plagued residents of court whep the judge ruled a "non
th. capital city, 'a fact many Isth- suit" Sd did not permP the case
mians remembered with a start a to L. to the Jury (an appeal was
couple of month later when word filed).
went around that a Balboa teen- As an outgrowth oE this ruling
ager had devel ged some variety Attorney John O. qllias, who re.
of typhus. The diagnosis was never presented the plaintff becaide in-
officially confirmed by Canal med- evolved hi a 'rumpus with Judge
ical authoriUes. Guthrie F. Crowes i the latter a
chambers. Judge Crowe sought the
In mid-February the Remon ad- advice of the C.Z. "ar Association
ministration began to clamp down which came up a letter re-
on Panama Coi aunists who had coamaending that ;O&i ba be dis-1
Just returned frokn a "Peace" Con- ciplianel lnder- tl 'rovislam of
ference behind the Iron Curtain, the Canal Zone cod covering vio-
Several faced fine for smuggling irtions of an attorney's duties.
propaganda in the name of an As- Crowe suspended Cotain, now 71,
semblyman. One . days for disturbing the peace and appeal pow before the U.S. Circuit
failure to have a proper citizen- Cirt in New Orlenas, C ollins s
ship certificate. In December he states that In the Bar Association
was jailed again for carrying a gun t Iv 10 lawyers.who were govema
without a permit. ment employes voted to reesom-
r'oe clamr down tightened ed a '-cipline while line lawyers


1: general practice voted against
it. Collins held that he should have
b- :n punished under the contempt
statutes. Collins was also the .at-
torney of record in the case chal-
lc..ging thoe income tax law and in
t : chauffeurs' suit to prevent their
mass. replacement.
Shipping agents and other com-
mercially operated establishments
on the Canal Zone were notified if
a big rent hike.
A long range plan to enlarge
the Canal waterway was an-
noaaced. A two phase construe.
tion program to cost $28,000,o9
was approved by the Canal Co's.

Funds would-come from compa-
ny revenue. Under the plan, the
number of daily transit during the
lock overhaul periods (when one
chamber is out of commission)
would be doubled. The, directors
stated they thought the renovation
would enable the waterway to han-
dle anticipated traffic for many
years to come. It would not In-
crease the size of ships the locks
can handle.
Albrook-based planes of the U.S.
Air Force were thrown into an
"air bridge" after heavy floods in
Ecuador isolated the capital city
of Quito froam port clues, particu-
r G a he Abrook puts
trsprat hundreds f thousands
of pounds of essential foodstuff sup.
plies for the stricken Ecuador pop-

Americans who "wned and oper-
^t le OInrdetion firms,
w1h)1h0. NM Bdb ft iltted to main-
tatin t e y And a quarters
area on Army posts wer stunned
by an .Amy directive te them
to "getlff the lot".by ept. In
being a USA-
PRCA 0offIcial that theY Could
not appeal the otder, they cake'e
their case to Washington.
-everal firms who have con-
tracts runnii.. into 1954' were per-
mitted to retain their yards.
The contractors were particular,
ly outraged at the summary "get
out" order because their presence
on the Zone had been deemed de-
sirable to provide competitive bid.
ding, and as a reservoir of equip-
ment, knowledge and trained man-
power in case of military attack.
Disglused as fishermen Pana-
ma Police boarded th 259-ton
American-flag fisher Starcrest
off Antesa on the Pacific Coast
where the crew was allegedly
fishing for live bait In Panama
waters without an up-to-date li-
The heaviest possible fine, $3,000
was slapped on the Star & Crescent
Boat Co. of San Diego, and anoth-
er fine of some $2,000 on the fish-
er's master, Capt. James E. Ryall.
Steps wer. also taken by the Pa-
nama government to confiscate the
Starcrest but these were abandon-
ed after an exchange at diplomatic
levels between the United States
and Panama.

Talk of elimination of the 25 per-
cent foreign service differential is
bandied about every June, but in
1953 a provirlon to actually do so
made its way into the Civil Func.
tions Bill passed by the US Con-

the Isthmus, the visitor of all time was Britaln'sB.
Elizabeth II. The young Brith sovereign, who,
her husband the Duke of Edinburgh and a royal V
one jam-packed day in Panama and the Canal Z
enthusiastic populace, who lobi afterwards would'
member having l Upaed the 27-year-old browa.t-he
She was the first reigning sovereign to t foot aon
the photo she snllngly.greeta U. S. e. Ma. ia
commanding the Quard of Honor shortly altIr 4
ashore at Cristobal begin .t historic t.
auhred .Ut. .Gen. Horace'Lt & 7
commnitsarles were open one night November was-4'W
a week. Thursday, until 8 p.m. both Panama the
ppers lied the new pl"at 0a the .ti
sid Rems tevealedthat its .CIea
he wadse

iores *b

A Puerte ican.Sergeant, frI
dso Ramo, m >8 -beeause .
col... not marry a pretty W l
seamstress led ut a
mano k ad stabbed the .
Sister, e eds for te
Irginia and Norma died is largest
a. crowd o shoppers watched. the Republc
The US Citizen Association vot- and plara91
ed at a meeting to suggest that the olderMfl
Zone house ves demand tAht trdital e
plumbing in their quarters be re-
ppred by properly licensed annlevrsarv of
plumbers. The suggestion e a me pendence m il
after Plumbers Union Local .66
stated they had been unable to With two Pta. ti
dissuade the Canal from estab- late of Costa RIMaA
fishing a han y man crew to of N1taragua, ga dde
maintain household plumbing. from 34 c'thiel.O

A decree limiting commer c la l
fishing in Panamanian waters to
boats constructed in'the Republic
was Issued by Pr.sident Rlemon.
It was not to affect vessels now
in use or bEit-flihing by deep-sea
fishing boats.
A strange malady hit Pqnama*
City police hores, 33 died
poisoning believed to have
caused Dy an insecticide,
Congress enacted, and the US
Presd t signed, a bill making
it a felony punishable by fle
o1 not mor- than $3,O9 or Im-
priseament for not xmire than
three years, or both, for tamp-
ering with the eommn~leatlena
systems of the Canal. Zone
Cable cutting dropped sharply.


ana d e Military Ord-
official ceremonies inea
tic ns and the exchnaig4
Lots of people came -
James A. BrownIo_,
the Metal Trades.
be:ded a six-man Z L'
.to analyze condit .:
eport to Coawm'..:' As

tour .ofa Latn
R. DBweg. an.
Lw firm of E n.
t- consult with
A -'ation and f
v ,1 members' s

'The motor vessel Pacific Reefer
Many Canal employes threatened came to transit in July and at
to quit and several hundred ac- vear's end was still moored in
tually laid their resignations or Balboa hArb r tied up not only
early retirement papers, on the to her mooring but by a half do-
linr. Two lady 1 o b b yis t s, Mrs. zen lav-suits and counter ehqr~s.
I argaret.Rennie, representing the Waterfront talk had -it that the
UF Citizens Associatiu, and Mrs. Reefer was out to beat the rec-
Frances LoApmore acting for the ord at the i-V Caribe which hung
Canal ZMne Pilots flew to Wash- several years.
ington to idd th.- woman's point Abrook's ..Jr Rescue Squadrons
of view. Already on the job in had a busy year hauline the dt*
Washington was CLU-MTC Legis- a, nured in for hospitalizatidwt
lative Representative o ward A nw US Ambassador 1
Munro, who was enlisting, and get- Panama. e l ri en r h a p i n, was
ting the support of the American named. He will arrive early next
Fe eraton 'Labor. n'th.
Seus'a.kame to the al of the
embattled Zonlans, who won The Canal Co. anno two
a tem ra a Partnst vie- new cheages in housing. 10 fur-
tory. e reatial was left niture retals. Employe- l1have
uehange' r aoo er aal year been rdisatig if they -the
aqd I wa direte f*at an Im- f urelI-ture for m w Una i
p a nrma en of analift (Boo, m And a nw for
i ad R Baymad were hired) aal quarter, 9V i tha t
be seat to make a sMrvey. vaeaM wil be at
For the fiBut time, larger Canal bu district wek,.

TODAY "#TV- ',.: ",.,,'

My tha=yr-round to bring medlu ft
Seryu boat or on horseback. S.u
Ow aboe In a cheerful mood.Deai CinemaW cope
th. wa. s_, o clo.'e y bme r .. M i.
MA. "b* baUent'aleidi hu b l jtg hd. -. -

1.:-:^'^~ ~ ~ d1L :--. -.^ae* I.' -*^ te i^a ^ja ^ ---.--. .

V .

- -Mogan"




i;T2L .r ,5-,-, .



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