The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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. f" Abraham Lincoln.

!P 'f ito E fet Jan. ;

lP^^il1r PresideWs Seybold nvised- Fig ure!

+ I.n P .. .e d +--Leaving?

ab .W u'Ridiculous'1 Be B Announc
to Is141r resident
a west and *nZsa- -.coM erenclw fpt lbi e powers
0llosQ C O 1ue- W l 4 62 aA froa the ooulcllM d tate How- The Governor of the Canal
dar'a Would- werse dul e officials Zone and President of the Pan-
Sstorythi Pl. t a- ama Canal Company, John S .
ateu of hs .+ s n much Seh bold today branded as "rlt
lodtr .of ble chiff S'J" _lt i was sea8ont. 14me in he had asked to be relieved of

p planned to kill e s s before bf rel ea"d under we untrue nn Oiced today at Balboa Heights.
i.*Va.- cd I 0i t =art efre. $6 aThis IIn.WaShington, meanwhile. 6 computation of the now individual re i
AMusion. was Jnrt.- baniehmeat emnaxed a grdwla a efeaS DepartMent Mikes- nMaM compleIon Oand it is expected thtthe new
r se.ploo bra wcu-e us few th r o th a a be announced by the end ofthis week.
aaeia- 4 b ack from selmpd d that ee
a"'n Dec. 9 Kiffhr exile in Argentina and helped PrI t ad record f new rents will be based on C the rion take

S, o -e m- r.'e ^..hkl ,quired o complete r.-,omputatlst ofeo n
't ".t-bea .S a ? *..L C .t u umorsconcerning the ba .
Socur fan dy au-a..met.Yafha ofiial e aab d obre dent of t e .a- wEmpleft es J y iti

i r I, o D li. r .te f cm reefals at their own request ldivdua e te ir rents .
^B.r t -gte ^tht ahat .bemn circulating quietly for we A !$ !_nncemntt
re e ,bo. bc-m l-m several days, but n al hed ground ai e
Arty dfal: f itii late yesterday after 23 Americand for theE y a
VmOarr. r trcklvers sought a court owr- leW eWret ansd 0 hortsn t taha
7S"Lto i tdeto t replacement in theirr house ic rewta o o b u xo. 2
.f e (UP) -- Gener-o- Utlu s.den the tw ooy moe ff eti be idotitf e
Md 4th urdo T r a e. sp.Ema a r at their Panama Canalrqe alsor be-e.

1d. 7 Tb oitir naeB.ed as a deaMo- V iuan H. Cox. Admin-
+". .. A. .& .of s e auilt 'a y uit filed by Attaoreyl t iaonresprew tteon the vdB bal
ar.- ,... U ,'? ,- a. lv. Zohn e. Dombet 5 M H ete* B be.ves i lc t


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owever 1thre Il*
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th- r -one emp-8' 6 th
S- sforty the lIds that th G Uter civil j l s
,. "I.? sso r masy f aedera anl analCn .
matt ltenders.* S Y eAld tea t may Ex i .ul

... any eam

rta th Iniint. Po- de Wtlt have 10 da*W to ap Aother political M
ener td b at t the truck driv arriv erdayo :]-. -

t otuer tuata rgar uf Jan. 4, 19w Srih. at e after spending s days in
+, ,wetp $hreatened -eZM.v with ..

,hatOch some of ten are Csvraopa Am
-rd aS o a. A puty Maraul Peter o their jobs weth ofnth ena douSf. .
wayv -.and -W a e ma Canal Comp" -.
Snti. served a sM.ummions oI pubana dDe iUaA

Ssterday aenmt be t part- whf mtea P Ian
aedPo Ayadac3i ,t e 31 f "Heights.e_ ,. -a Dec. IAfl.. oe goAv. nt of T Or w

| I r hw h TeAopporoesa VUlt ttarty led' | puI^o^
1e d Amee Cu u Int b ceitoli n in

S. t needi it the understdodthe
;,. o i- 2..ty haver dal An n other o Von litaand-the
oo5, was 44 br I P AU Of t his har- exile 7erts rriggr

,e .m -i *aa-.
ege r tD'biaat nthe truck drives'-.. yy h re- ariv d l t- a4- yesterday
* .t~.lrW W the l iSa a the afte spend. w er seven's daysI
dais #h soA me of tbs"u are CilSOP.

-ma .l P a U .I.Wo. 21- .to d fromtheirPM s--' dr'iC ,l 'whoon*z e d

sAme DNO i1 .. m t.anlier action ight b-e "Veiel Minister to owU:InawmA

go5 stra uty arshal Pet er of there eleftdors oot uhe
rved a summons e e

Kin f ompsterday a ftrnooAtat wt w-*- d"fl.. Pat &-
Heights. whMA We DE. ,%kW the j t of

Te oppu "to l i V tand tyle-

Sthe recT n theente eateoo i hIn V-

fst1 bLac use Doe, n o"t of thtio p PH
.. oart o d owonO Xce -
CRA edter flew to Cura-
Thesn the PO of rfle shOf c*'o where he rnmaew., several

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"-" o M "- "By pxt..A00, t

tkY et mu en forum ote amiss o re Pmsema hest" Mare merican aid for tac "
or. uwewoed euboylfeo aid a e handled in t hg a whet psin i u. n m..m a ;a :. "
asah r eo.ei. s, '-- .. "u e "-, .... h or ala ter a .mnatla on-
| : g .hedtatk C i tm are of p ,t ana exr T n appear,. ag.e. ..g[ Ie---ptoif0"-
lees ire ubblhd a eta aIder esave W.tahraw o .'.-.8. t.'
bt r pric eep dhe lozens filed cs oplans hugtb Blest roim auiSnyt. e
| bey o ei ev n mie held se. stiheso eonideuee. ending at least tree 'more j '
Snewepaipe, eumesn a e mreponmIbIliy e. lathea re ca oepiia U. 8. d- vilonsa to tohe Orient.
I. Ielet een reedsn. 150 o1 h hmese Natolmuftat .I
1 e p iva-oonsn eIiner agafs the 1 .
CIonese mainland or In Korea. I 6'
r Zoultes: .-- ..
b".. ... : ,,. d Use of atomic napa ". -
DluTing the pasu few oreaia I have bwtsbn milde a.e eamet .n on .t
the great number of letters droppo the lt iye reMay to *eo a1 heb. Ya a meWa
| tes who seem tq be in a styte of unrest about o _,,SIn -ae to oe 1at to t mo Vta |- 06
SGovernment- ma de home. I us e the term "mily Ire" n e cores of d eog them all ta th"at d tB
tlse I can see no justification on God'sa woanderftl. earth bten conservatdveiy ttbnated s0a*f to _aeuS,.-"Br-a-
complaints from any Zonite about the Zone or Its opetMon. aI, doubling the cost ot
.Te, it Is the moat perfect example of bumbling "s.oMalied eave bli.on a yealornu. wr in ac x.I""nof
1 lvfin ever created by man, but most oa he "oqftee realsd that o The ultimate r etalea mi ndt e .... .h e oasor
bbhapply fact before they b e a request to Congress for a "-h" "e tro
deelaraClon of war against We ate don abou
Adult Zoniltes complain that their Jobs are being taken away .Comm-nt China. Nmo e W pae ,at dmmor th m teria blfr bt.S ,
them by local rs, that their rents are atoo d due pnushig tMhis s .-,ttt. it a n to n.. -.. ,- .. -
| 0go higher, that Commissary items are of poor quality and exor-l Tlhre Ie no apparent agree-
bitnt price, and have dozens of other complaints about every aent on which, it any, o the .- t a eedA
pihate of their everyday life here. Yet.. they continue to be em- above m'easurfe would work. ,.1, we he
plowed by the Panama Canal Company., ear in dtd year out. There is a hope anat many of ,
In the. Panama Canal Zone. the measures would not have to wi. ..... .t. .
4rre they bondsmen? Have they been exiled from the United 11sf that the stare p m s to
SBt ~ktes? If not, the obvious sol tion la to ave dtit bso woosy rto e ou t these oplas of

Heaven knows that this no kind of exis tence for any human Decis on M on ti n "he. actul
being with a reasonable amount of intelligence. And there can gram to adopt ia a flrgt older Gwe odfe tdOzIeta
lie no p~Assect ofsoeal improvement in the oodn -- Tong as a ,)o bu e for the senhoatr,,l i. .

plce such as the Balbon Clublhouse Is the accepted social center adwlnlastretion in st a hloed Sl t JIl7 "j% f l
r the majority of Zonites3 purpose of arryinnog ro a .d
The entire anal organization a well as its resident are .The easiest new action to -.. y n
uin behind the so-called "imes." For proof, look at the out- carry out is the blockade ainst a ile &k t men e creted'hn an
ted, inferior brands and style of furniture and cloth iasold in the China coast, fro1m Indochina y reerc. ooes v0i ma' Nooth oth e ).' .a
,e ,one end Panama. nd have you ever tried to buys .recent to Korea. t is t on dt e an Elot edi' hv Bs tee -I- lr ms g a
panozraph record release or a new book in a Commlsuar? effectire measure to ure. Ite .d flar..Ct ,,b S y.rulnerit Al. tb b le t ow.---..'
would shut off shipments of tin WAHINGTON...Tp_-y I'm ptq uer ink. It is On one side is says,"Merr ao No. 8 We o.tht fot of the .l:.of Niro e
e nitas with children should be actually ashamed of:Athem- rubber, petroleum predta and .Le Chrisn trea the hna tiens Chrmu.S the otherit bears the trade mark genuinely want peace, and le.r arms'program A brAgi
le r trying to rear normal prfng in an en irment other strtegic materials ande the rlbbo tempatln the ae of the company and I gues mine is one of the -ar.
h only torm of enLeAtainment consi&.s of motion cultures aovice of a szualti. qeaue rt abOUt eight; few Ohtltmaiu trees this year being umed for
r4 t a te. poorly manserd school afl SK. It Is to be expect- Objection to this action pound and 13 .-w";d a4vering u roses. UROl.: I- wa. .r
&1 hhlj will turn to activities slightly o te shady c gaes prlcipuly. front ftla You may rpoall his.- on before the Con- An e c t manufacturing outfit sent me-. Wha "n
ee c jammed pay telephone cobI slots and beating u British b e umause. their In. greslonal in the subject of ifta to notebook. An advertising f$rm presented me with Qereara m
r classmates. What type of adults will these children become terasts le Hg on and the offiialdom. e- was hard t draw a e line a leather-covered note ad, with my name, pro. all toe plain thtt thpele i-
d.e z ,waio of t wBrrsh ,l gs wen the b.wn a e and a bribe, but that perky spelled, stamped In gold. m .
ae -eems to knocu. except that it is a sorrowull raised this trade are preip on C p s. It a htorof eh. l4.etrated G Q1s .'In the Red ;Arm n s
.t.. Tbi e local raters battle the US raters, who in turn fight Greek and Pasmsnlan re- He testified he'd accept with thnke an ht- ol plate ihd te .4m. tr, ,. .
S iname Canal Company, which fitts baok. Whitefeorend l- -lirerI iond hnm, but at he'd return a 12- under other in it -s er mete" A hn m m'also true of ter..i'.l

te ainst black, and both diacrim ate against servicemen, But all three ojhda1uodeothe tonorn Newspaper rIportt have thA same e, handsme vol
Wntujui 31 Morals thes4 Bi we comtln-ai ts b, o every went on which,.If any.-.-,
i ghte r r -bay l ck. h parents berate. their ageir tries are _uneur a. U to An tta a t .

-c- ooeho- e-- 4|
.-e3upshot of an this ais that the entire Ca zone and y aout. A "Tp ri flho tary as- n
isinabitants are gradually sinking deeper Into a dbog of soc toeo Indochina Is sed He o uld have set h ne ne hixt o r oed Id u-t *f "hv It no
ence. Dress Is becomingsloppier. ("leU, why should I wear on two conalderatlons. .-uimg tans. n s plated b ehi Itn
elothes? There's no place to got"), personal standards are The first i a bellef that the and I would have been In a 1.m with
lng, ("WIhy Should I kee my house spotleas? Nobodvh wthl war there can be won before solsnce. He solved that one neatly b p towar patn
Impressed one way or thtthne other' appreciation of the arts the et Chinese Cor- me with a hampr of canned s d
(-Witness the shameaully small atteie ance at ne e. The ond dried hein and otherecn ar such notm tlaoh _opthis.i"- ealTdde.n. g oh a oosho h
t bose Iturbila n anthe Zo nd _ontea as a wholeibe- Is that i Is 5hott-ghted pcy Ings for a cocktail party. ;j. ..5caIC e f aom the nc -po.oh"
engulfed In an archaic, "I-don't-care" limbo which will lead to Contnue bleedig e for ": "s came fro te rb. -d.s s ...
knows where t allowed to continue e dona w. It s more Then there was America's biggest ..dairy. f the u t, ropad t f
1" Someday, I suppose and sincelu ely hopela some great eman- te ktone of western cow? Not o you could notice it rw it Guest a uzd.,, wit a ee two
ato ar wil decend upon the Zone and preach a gospel of life in Zuronean de.on w a.o ugfsfed ..oth ain r
'he be i that i y n wer amn a o e eadi es National- poundhn of sha cheddar chee. .It
rd to makindt so-amething of himself, choosing his own home I strenh Is a before An ar ne hic tral to far pla t l dco eme n
Se frilendsro, job and nsettng his own standard of living., I nh'e r tthe acoudehr im a woodn rk d spoon for s in' t, uture spp ad "
againstwoNormaw orthey ontwanttogoecaghothmd M
When this great emancipator comes, erha all the hun- theCn maioaore nors Snte k ainnd of stane UnetwO -
"ighreor mbele.aseo o sa.eernewns,-.o nen"a.Co.mrshawyma.. .. ....
dedsof intelligent pople Hying here there must be!wco oi F o t uf dIh ute ttamwlco rroeh yw rm
their n-,te-nduced lethargy and olow this mn back to of tb, troop aret ort sirt s o rtlNt'. .a.. theI s.E cnceLorn st.bofat
twie oner 5 rrepaceable United States of America, leaving t te- an tnn shoe which would a i y b e aren ap e ht
hd only sttue of their leader and a group of bewildered n d bre no WOOd ina Korean or chin- tap in ele .ftod mee h oMWf fin ehe tat 6 eso bu ,'nT
Leeows 1 i9_r iFrTOiubjeSifht; oewebat--Ad Esh f tWheentreest hisoL yeaOrbeing for
ilaso, all sthmeed from these sm Zone-formed mould, who W mu -- winter glass jiroge bellforhan co rn my tre e
rot sactmwuaIpaltephead oin slons com tnaists rt -i upoBritih shs -peas nationsChoirton.nqhaev nin
Wonder for years whmt the whole affair was all about. tro woul defgomtt, Nav tonbe hejuelnlQ"st as" l .-" : 8.ntsa e. -
c: This latter roup will probably affect horse blinders to replace completely equinped-a es new ino-.utb l:..a
"the invsible but obvious ones that they now wear, and Improve an'd mIens, The arbribebuthatpeoldg o da dig ln- d.
AdultMeinroheZone4s 3 onelcontinalsfight.blicaleh dfnol ter htrde."'r -, ,..h.... -rke.u-
ia condition rs and a3preciaton of the arts by puttn more S Iou l In the clubhouse lodges, adding a larger Juke-b minimum Ti cot Woud have ic hIt esi
hing a few Normacen tRoe al e the wals3s1 shue benTis.rldeare n l a- jiothd f taresm.-ao-hW-h: e-a....r-.
St Oh the futioolitAhReAry of It al !?. .l i .".
A_. locara .ersbat. h _. aa, the White4 Mou"O to G .anda- qmulnerble. H A e teiletis antd A hppy New Year 's .. a.. .e i -us y.
t- againtblacandbthiAnswer to Preanvious e P ,U B l t .crt f s-tes- e111. 5 ao ino.N's Bpptby and W -aethi e I the U.S depor all thostoe top." .O"
t gnb wrrE whr to l T m it. _ta _ly...... be the richest coutr In th1"lfbe- ..
Peepnt eoi. twre K an st ared sheer! Peas
bett, sadtil. ight'- be a impIae, brroe shortip os- -
S 5 Arrow poison NAmerlam tm I St.ay .~Da be fe *- "eoo warn s t~ !es "- ...'" :"' ""-Th"t...... .".
cloths 7h Sea eanle toforce a military 'pron in ao-t Ham Nineteen Fifty Three!.t. e.-h., down It the Cop ant-toa ni
6!I the -- T w rea is a subject oC hot debate. .
one--ayorthe..herMe.sureroiatOpinions diffe' widely 0 oKipl ing: Ir t e .-
Two of bothese "~eaTAM -SCA how ef.etive tici-would be-.Som Hoywsdits were corn .ing thqcur- et.I--tand re the to _,.t .a ,.. .
.Itne. s throw a sam er ea:ll.AN: rnitdtWen d er COmMunists rent cinm ropwth Mis Wllh. They agreedVl of the Finest ,.-the cntslhl .-- .:
O of aatPuts numbers *ce Wo are int .the North her glamour was as irreplaceable as, It seems, Bst.
bhJoedtogether oraoIiariendestructible. g an otheGoudanoln fo -bhi adl4ne. TM. ll
: 17 Twice sIx 29 No number 43 Stepped tunnels -'ta 'A dmiplOet-Vomt5y, "None of the new stars," sig.hed one, "can hops Mt Goldsten f sa hsadia. a hi.
k w ftIacks 31 Morals 44 Biblical weed Use @1 .swr -.el l h.It s t to fill hen sLoes." ......"1rumanSla...a.
24 ey Insthispest 3e Darehshee 47 Hidueo hged that a Couple "Her shoes?" hmf'd another. "You mean her ,-- "
bel 6eNtoa-tveragesc 0 plants 4t Pourhtout W nan NhA,. .." the election arr_ "-, ._- -

27 Nalotiates 42 Gudrun's Admnitratnicn to onkann Kra huno o fsheauk .V
someo Rese: husband (ab.) "hew..
out -.abesettinghisownitoiin.teeusesus he......lto WIfhar's. a
a Invisibe"but-obvous.onesthat-theynow"wearand"I-p.-"ea-"M'T e "''er dvi" this

bisg~* UJorgeeag Moot. Daughter ~twwhmr~t 'Ww ---'~ ~"
hsv.e1s et... i1

-JAN& illill' gg

44AC8, A.4,. .:,, ., '
"' 9*09 w. a -..
.. .. .,-.7-17.
.... d o n... .. i : .... .
*I a IMl ,A= o:s...

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: :.._ :;. ... .. .4.. .. N.B...... .

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w.4 .+.

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lThhb aand moay

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mer be sany.lied tc

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tn.o t I, "" "". 6, W m o o .M h
... dqd rs- 2 aonl 0anUi ~er and
a4dInto so t -

be411t sewroom. Dbeselp:% mtor -we r *stse-
...... .... .... e .. ..

Mrpdtt A. oem rhat a tookr l asf d -aa Tblew oo itcet
DG.'a bemaitjther-.
-A t .30h ()hm inO"ur

A t& int 'tWir ne-s. w -lAe t t t
%A- Toot& id. 11 p ts U obc Sirf, which -*we "e 9 ta
.r r B .w n ( d

n* t..-cb1 cr ad-:It iu
it4 sto,-NEA.rW f) y y yo We kfi*ply painted the ct
*t- tt mad a t ooot pterhad
plw'r ampSt^ aV.l"4 w felB tocretli at e' O h af -In a s0tt blue-green, and r -
-a d.1-tk.t
= 1% on this eb a 7Lic .sg l i- .n ai- e, Aire.
Tbso, ap ro.. .at acc.nt tor t'.

ln#?, ptoteBuprh d fo r that tfr wal bookcase:w .then we

U^tt1 )n-*..* .ro m rwi l s .e ge oi In which finished, the ceiling e e m 4 1 S bOOS

greensafeelnsofa -to Next Changing an. entranp 1 Se
w e e 4 l t ro pi ri^ for a d t e .un g-ro om p ac o.
mural of the laitlan beaches ." -* -"
-(d o n I n c.) ab be0r a ** .1-f .' l b -
1MWWndtheir nets.e edM1)-alue o n
f-B0e.1.z!" .

w t th. _" -svlwo-ey colors" of tie .
., -y, + .o a d .li and
m r 4 ..h N t i.f d- a o' n* .the MOO* V .Wet ** -- h*r i

Wj*-i1W.Adond tici1 5ideOMrs Should
:,iW k tor161Shou7.


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*I T L 'I ,' + I" :. I i I .
'. "- ,'." "
. ,. :.' -' ,.._:* .. _* .* ,--
'I-^ .-^ *
r ."- ^ -; :*^


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j g ,4 .wit 1,. A** 3 I Am hg
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fLr t ei "p "' -" ': i -"f1p l -P.
$ f.ahk- .VuY'"
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L llt kayna

El Baturro

M. Bikayna



for a memorable New Year's Dinner. A real

treat for family and guests are our



L .. mn. a nbtmm],y as the New -Ya sgan p mabit ,,',

the finest A.ITEPURO UVAA.
quality + The most
imported E IVASADO [EN PANA 'appetizing 7
from Spain.
The product. The best in
that is quality
for the liver The lowest

SM lIprice.



thank all its. atomners for their cooperation during '
1952... at &4 .in e time w tish'the New Year brings
Sevewry one o you every promise of good health ad '
' h feas you with ickh promri e.a-2

T -.

".: ."0 -" P. ._ -, ..-,0 .

-_ I.

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,." + = ;. .. .., '-. ... : '. .' : ,. :- .... .". .. :... .-' .- '



M. B
M. Balurro

,. Vasco A




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uWpoN, .e. so.--l- -.r the oth -were u-
rttle r e playing ets de sded. y court palMe
.ois *a Christmas, Which. OW or as nmlch as 500
Ste't -s'oresf li- o-- i ch .
ilalahinr affection In .
t as or fastidious About 1800, dqjlii an
S' to develop as an y, and
Serg the best lov"d toys In children acog-
t it is.hAtd'te think of nIzed as -rim ul r1 owner- .
Swilthout he. Yet the his The fuahion a died hard, Most
aof dolls as playthings is doll still represented grown la-
tively recent, says& the dies.
rpli It took Oth century realism to
the tone Age aestors of produce the crying, drinking, in-
r-b walking and talking dolls ltafue dolls of today.
'never touched bv children. -
.be a miattire images of oeo- King Of Greece
f rm animals found in 20,000-
.-old prehistoric caves were Sends Citation
d as charms and fetishes or
Images, not to be handled For US Soldier
e uninl~aited. and especially _
the gradual development WITH 45TH DIVISION. Korea,
f-trom potent fetish to familiar Dec. 3 tUPI-Pfc. BEpert Jack-
is, hutorians. pee a reflecn of son of Coluhmba, S; i;. had a
I't cultural and spiritnas pro- citation from the.King of Greece
M'., away from superstitution today-
i"~i.-dolatry. The citation arrived several
4 kni ancient Egypt the doll-like weeks ago but no one could
( tlc hes now found in children's translate Ut. It was written .in
tanmbs represented not toys but Greek. Then lst Lt. Philip F.
:tervnTants substitutes for real Flaherty, of Dorchester, Mass.,
-Tc|vants formerly buried alive a former Greek atudentt at Boa-
'the-ir late masters, ton Collkge, got a peek at it.
,1It tombs of well-to-do adults 'Holy smoke," saId Flaberty.
V !i- spiritual attendants were 'This is a citation for Jackson
fnred with remarkable realism from the King of the Hellenes."
I every attitude of labor -row- The citation praised JAckson
p e. farming, cooking, music- for something he did last June
making -- surrounded by a, doll- nar "Old Baldy" Hill. King Paul
ho, se worlbl of toy furnishings. commended him for stopping
By early Greek and Roman his truck in the midst' of an ar-
itmess, dolls were unquestionably tillery barrage to pick up five
-aSong the r -opitiatory offerings Greek soldiers who were lost.
it. portrait statuettes burled
'"wth -children. They were often
ke. modern dolls, made of ivory
- terra cotta with jointed limbs
- 4er, =elaborate dress.
later Roman tradition was
1l* 'ng wax candles and dolls to
children oi. December 17, the
lestivaT-of Saturnalia.and a fore-
Xrunr .of Christmas feasting
., exchanging of presents.
'. stom aao decreed that a ,
*. Ibaan. girl, on reaching matur-
;.Hy, present on the altar of Di-
AI all her dolls with other sym-
Sbo's of her childhood.
Sentries passed before
allme the' exclusive prop-
of7 of cnfildren.
I on the Middle Ages a magi-
tlan's chief source of revenue
eight be sticking "pins in '- x
fipageas to brinf llness or de.-th
:to a customer's enemy-an an-
-lent and world-wide form of
joery, still praciced by some.
"-ltive peoples.
W :hen adults took up dolls as
l4o'i moderl for dress.,*mill: n-
,.tXdsl hair styi j r the- '-
d a sumptuous ,
d to show the latest -.
Satie j CostUme dolls.d.p-
mtingI nW*. peop.le'Wr .. ..
eeted as tI-W s and treaszeO.*- -
Jointed cait mard puppets bei- A "
ae fashonable throughout
nce in t1b 18th century. Men,
1men end children on the
eet and at home were' pulling
M -rin. to make the silly toys

:.ue Cnevroler -oaor Se-
An. Styline DeLuxe. rood
t'res, seat covers, excellent
condition. For sale at
16th St. Central Ave.
Coldn, Tel. 800.

IRIS WELKIN. Planeteer




o-^ -A$ u T AJ

li! s !!

, --..-: ,

r, .: ., e %- ;f R. .I .. ,,,..... "- ..

heros welcome w. hen h rt
kh after Jumplng lb.9l 4 tIe
Sited attes~ was .td
asSo-ie ,.-
and nt gtm
grace seemed .omemm
An annotwmt his it a
ofilte had been dinW d and -
Its unctions ta apr

shadow eventual ft and trial Wli, l ed by U0.
of the one-tme toe bOy icea
agent n the United t ,7t." M oW inisterpre-:
tehler has been ude fA by .
Red officials for months on "TheI averient thanks the -
charges his hugeexpendituresstaff of the Afrmaon office
brought only a flabby prepa or ts ee ents in carry- S
ganda camailgn, that be dis- Sr out.saES snd hopes th a
regarded the advice of top Red it will oapfully active
and that he failed torally We other fl the serve
Germany against ratification ot or socalit reconotrfluon.
the Allied peace pact.
Informed sources said he had ..There have 'bWen repOrts ft
become IncreasLagly under .smu- taon ,Elaler was. .diffcul-.,
piclon an has been followed s.:.i;t the Co nmlht re- .
for weeks by tl n members.1 b .. .I the Slanasy hial. ap'.j
MVD, the Soviet secret police. p dwa to have crystallized thm
His position was reported to rps Easler, like the major-1
have become especially ,precare 1t of other Czechs condemn.,
lous after the- trial. in Pragu ed as splep, is a Jew. In addi.
of Rudolf Slansky ant other to -he was charged with hav-
top Czech Communists. g* had close ties with the con-
The government anhounna- emnped Czechs.
meant did not mention Elsler
but its -brief text Indicated he Eialer faced charges ot con- '"-
would have no rgvernment post. tempt of Congress and of make l, -.' .-. --;
The announceme-said: Ing false statements op .an ap4 .'
"At the time of the establish- plicgtion for an exit visa when .' -
ment of the German Demo- he Jumped $23,500 bail and fled
cratic Republic extensive tasks the United States aboard the I MY PND, .,NOW IF Yo
were given to the office of In- Polish liner Batory. .P ['b.WMi. v
formation. These tasks now He was appointed chief of the W -./I& m- it
have been fulfilled. information service after he ax-
"In the wake of the or- rived here I May, 1949. .i A I

'1y Appointment,
Gin Distillers.
to the lWte King George VI.


$Y%4It6bstD atID MV WV AtR

. ." .- .
. "'..1.":. -': ,. v .
i~irii~n>:i-iiit .i

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-, -. .42W.
'.3 .. .. /. -
ci' *~-*

4;1- ..'
r!. V

Ue --A-.
41 r
.. .. ",
V9 W I .(++-:. ": .

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'.-- .4 ;1 ..

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S. elo- C .. .

* B- B-AA b a-

tar Wmo yab





A Trick?

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Cll lefotre S4wina



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I .
Uw BOAB. .. SE
& f LIL1ff %flh) IT

-. i .i ; 4i
4rj^ SWOSA*I. a^'s-^'aw!^
*r-~ ~ ~ ~ "f''M'^j^'l'i'-ma~

\. *-*^
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+../,, -
*'. : '' .,,.' .^ > .., .-
? .. *--: ---.,.-_.: ,: ; ..

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- ...:..--.,
:~ ~ ~ ~ w MAW- ..o..- ..
+'.:-"+- "+: -': :-'+ ;-' -'' = + ; :" ;' W .4--


.'+. -'
" *. -*.. *
. J'

FLIN ::7 .


- T ,-.<1 .i .,.,'',.

-_ -. '
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.+.-- ,'

O4, O. '.> OHM. OA 1 140U
Rf I i2-S K K IMi^iitiiii

., : i .'*. ? '." ,.- ... ,-- -'. ,-...,;.? ;
; *. .. ..s .. .
+ -' ." "* *' ". ""' : '* -' ". -" "'"" *-, '" .';*''

.. xi'ri+" ., *^,. -, ;t .. -.. .... "--.h '

. -. ; .'
'. +-+


7 &
''. ", <




A-L rtwn and
-e for a
on Satur-

do W. N.
a Martin, who
on the Isth-

r i S-tZuper,. daughter
, t Mls ra~yond Eli-
ifLt" o was oAtews to a
1. b of rI' "riedsn at
user party given on Satur-
*bniig-. at her heme..Fol.
1..dliner ~iames Were
t attencng r4 n eluded
aian Bloh i Frances
adl, ilss ar olyn Curtis,
.Martlha Haekett, M 1 is8
9 faeumamu, Miss Jeanine
met, Mis. Pat Mills, and

M ..t Canavaggia
fI ;r Dinner Party
a.S- .-Mrs. Guy Oariavag-.,
el ;h4tas to a gropp of
jflc,- at a dinner -*r-

tfit those atedilng tlhe
dinner were Mr and Mrs Ro-
bert Morrs%. Mrs. Julia Ma-
lone, Mr. William Baughman
and Mr. and Mrs. James Clar.

Hev Froum etver
Mis Car;gi, Frensl jyed
on the '_lbstm to at f v.
erf weeks -With her-Pa_ i
Mr.' aim -ftlnJohn F.E7 ley,
Sr.. otf ,betoM.,rqtfarp-
lig ".to -, .;rCol~ido, where
s he -_ emploeo a.t. "-Adr
10 e. .u.....

it o Satutrday morning wPe
one hundred ad, fifty guet.
MRchar Davis Beorlo -
Is New Awival
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Osorio
announce the birth of a son,
Richard David Osorio,on Dec.
2, at the Panama Hospital
-No Pasty At
Iramn Golf Club
The Panama Golf Club will
hold Its traditional igg-nog
party for members and their
guest at 10:00 am. Now Year's
Day. Many reservations are .be-
ijg made for breakfast pactles
from 7:30 ams on.
New Year's Party
At Pedro Mig e
The Pea2o Miguel L Reerear.
tional Asaoelatibn Is sponsoring
a New Yeas Eve Party o h
held- at the -Pedro MiaiSy
hed. on December 31. aSop
and do-auu will eW. O -. le
during th. evening. Contests
*wl be held with prizes for the
From 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. ro-let
skating may be enjoyed; from
%r :lst dt6 1:00 am.' tare will
be' dafl, it$or adults and old-

.eor5e MjtiIben, No. 24 AA"-
Mo de Ouardg, Pauama

Roe sn will be In
charge of the discussiQon, "The
Make-Up of the Bible."
Those desiring transportation
are asked to meet at Bishop
Morris Nall at 9:00 a.m.
New Tears' vge .Party
At Tort ClWa -.
-'1. u..

df l ieb u a
I adu or

Mwwa, vtr a trrn r Caon ti, Sreet in &Iabio,. Anl Cumbres, was exchange of gifts in the $1.00
uf hou at.. a lunch-brackpt will be made.
er home in W. Lves for Cuba
Miss A n Lee West, daughter
S.wa of MaF e Director and Mrs.
a-ayMfSS West..Wet, let the lwth.-

Sm baOnef joS rday "an

e 0A5. -to jiwhleri and

. -

".. / "..." .^
.W /:'*--' .... L+ t *
Bl.UofW.^ i b.. 11
&teftU~k- *


pwrtam4 Wr JR UM .0 ,, ,
.. .
AfexaAre Bnats
It Mr.;as G erman

t-SHgOOOPfl I p

-...' -..; # M-.wa"- -. .

lij.rjii ji ni. I^i S.~




tn, D. C, r he plans to
visit Captain Chris'tan a, U.N.
(ret) and Mrs. Christmas be-
fore returning to Annapolis.

Ur. and MsJ. Jusan.,. Arias,
duinft 03hehr. -a .on ite. Ith-
mu, t owIngmir rqment ar-
tfal hep from Mexico.
Mr.I An .M. carpenter
HRts For Coktail Stoffet
'iMr. and Mr. Bruce Carpen-
t.t were hqt to a:.large group
ot their friend' on Sunday eve-
tIng at ka hrietma cocktall
bfft1 given.. at their home in

Jo McCarthy Gels

Two War Medals
TheMifrine Corps today a-
added" Sen. Joseph R. McCar-
th -Wis.i) a Dia inguiahed!
3f .rnu a0d an Alt Medal
m Id stars for "heI -
ni years ago as .
Marine off In hte aolomons.
The 'awards, with" citations
s d ribbons, were presented at'
ceremonies in Mcarthy's f-
Am were for aerial combat
munons McCarthy made as an
Sair -n'.elligetnbe officer attached
to a Marinie bombing squadron
during the Solomons Islands
campaigns in late 1943 and
early 1944.
The six citations were signed
By Secretary. of Navy Dan A.
mllball in name of the
president. That is the custom-
ary form for such awards.
The medals wer presented
by Col, John R. Lanigan, cm-
mandinf officer of the Pitfh
Marine Reserve District which
Jnohides Washbigton. McCarthy
Is a reserve major in Lanigan's

Mam to hold

i b' iaT want it
V ?V- -1.tb-te MarineS
ttt-t~~-; be trying
'ience s. Mc4arthy.
as re- ol.te "

c Sociej e 19.5, g


Lieutenant Commander and Mrs. D. L. Adler -entertained
WIh a cocktail party at their quarters on the Coco Solo Naval
Sunday evening to introduce their houseguests, Mrm.
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Relehel and her sister,
Frances ReicheL
Over a hundred and twenty friends allied during the eve-
nlatto meet the honorees. .
The guests Included from Colon the Governor of the pro-
etas&and SMt slam Mrfla emalez Mr an Mrs Albert Motta.

Mis. .vama rsu. se. a% =05. M .i -
Police Chief A Hun0tsman and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hunnieutt.
said the attendant and general Commander and Mrs. Ira Curtis, of the 15th Naval District,
handyman, Louis KoHf, killed gsme over for the occasion.
the twoederly .omen because Mr. and Mrs. Reichel arrived Miss Gertrude Sink of Phila-
sive drinking, then im loriakng by. plane on December 20 from delphia.
by their bodies for more thanuta TFrancisco for a family reu-
24 hours before s cios Their other daughter, Miss Luncheon Honors
ehbors notfsed pie. VCOs hel arrived on the Directors of Tree Trade Zone
ichoffr te i oicatt 1tr. from Caracas. Venezuela. Mr.' William E. Adams, Gen-
Mrs Marhe t Hoff w5er, e off S n will be on the Isthmus eral Agent for the Un I t e d
mother who was struck.down about A month. Fruit Company, entertained
while in her wheel chair, and with a luncheon abord t h e
Mrs. Emma heeler, about 4d Christmas Day the Adlers "Chiriqui" Monday to honor
Mrs. Huff's sler. a t h, a family dinner p arty for the Directors of the Colon Free
Mr.Hoff tol o-teir. gues and Captain and Trade Zone.
of h investigating Mrs. L. L. Kopke, Mrs. J. J. Mr. Adams had thirty gen-
ctrs he h led them because Jackson. candy and Tafty tlemen as his guests.
me" o nna npke and John Twohy.
Huntsman and Coroner Wal- Visitors From New York
t sr R. Boteencourt said Hoff r r. and Mrs. Bigelow Mr. Arthur Kaplan, of New
t t f htba..te. Anver.sri.. "L York City arrived Monday on
3:30 p~m. Saturday after a pro- Mr. and l.- Bielow,
longed siege of drinking, and -Mr- o Cande _H. W. Bigelow, the Ancon to visit his son and
loed ge of drinking, and Jr, o o Soito, held an daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.
they commentedo on s onei- "openhouse" at their residence Leonard Kaplan of Coco Solo.
tion. n d .ay. night. He was accompanied by his
__________ brother-in-law and sister. Mr.
a The occaeon not pnly cele- and Mrs. Leonard Kaplan of
rDHfaamUa t alI brated the-holiday season but La Orangeville, New York.
r wa pu r v u honored Mr. 4ow on his
w birthday anivertary and was The family group crossed the
aWN l their twenty-first wedding an- Isthmus to be guests at Hotel
niversary. EJ. E Panama.. They will return
SA blue and white centerpiece,to the Pacific Side Thursday
FoO CS formed with hydrangeas and tc overnight at the Hotel
For V w agapanthus blossoms was used Washington before returning to
WAwo, n the buffet table. New York.
WAHXINGTO,'Dee. SO (UPg-- Over forty friends called
The Army today aznouiced as- during the evening. Gatun Women's Auxiliary
tablirhment of the Robert P. Notice
Pattersoi Memorial-Award: to be Colonel and Mn. Miller The first meeting of the
given annually to the most out- Have Open House Women's Auxiliary of the Ga-
staentJu graduate of the infan- Colonel and Mrs. Dan L. Mil- tue n Union Church will be held
ttUr Qftfl r' ,ndidate school at ler., of Fort Gulick, held open Thursday, January at the
port Renwfi t. Ga. house at their quarters Sunday. Church. Mrs. William A. Van
Thet award, In honor of tie Over sixty Army officers and Siclen and her new corps of
lhate 1iner secretary of war, was their ladles called from 2:00 officers will officiate.
sunrested by a gou of civilan to 4:00 and 5:00 to 7:00 pan.
adm ,n= ed. 0 1Mal. ---. Elks New Year's Festivities
J 0 sm Adler, commander Mwiss Sink Introduced At The usual festivities are be-
S 77th a fantrv Division f Eggnog Party ing planned by the Elks for
th Organized Reserve Corpa Ad- Mr. and Mrs. David Sink, of New Year's. They will have a
lee la ois vice president ind New Cristobali gave an eggnog dance at the Cluo, starting at
general manager of the New party at their quarters Satur- 9:00 p.m. New Year's Eve. Re-
York Times. day evening to introduce their servations are beink taken
The award will consist of an buasmluest, Mr. Sink's s te r, An eggnog party will be held
eniraved trophy, a scroll, and a-
bout $200.
The award normally will be
presented On Feb. 12, Patterson's
birthday. Army Secretary Frank w
Pare Jr., said he had arranged
with Adler to make the first pre- ft r
sentation on Jan. 16 so he could Fo Tha Mii,
loin in the ceremony. Pace will
leave his post as Army secretary
whbe:' the imeWhower adminis- a
traction coaes m n 1 -. 2.
Winner awaLO OYou wifnll
beGt you IFind

candy mint a "red,
Ow and grps."


held ob AtAZONE LOD, at Cathedral

badum tish ite .in. boa
oifoito HwW da are req uested tt fb
9^ Vista H9u ^Cbildren, or other c e, in

,:d- winl pea at Anc6n Masonic Temple at
Reward Willam.Osbo
[. *-- '.--. .. M ater.

It wa perfect Chrtmas...
lie received a JUVENIA automatic watch




r afFA
4' W4W13






" 11

Free New Year



a242.2 m4w2.1226


T 7. .. .. .

.', .' ..** ... -;.-..... '* -. .. .'* '

Ring out the old

Ring in the new

A Happy New Year

We guarantee all of you

Music by

Los Ranchaero

Lucho Azcarr-.

at the Organ



Your favorite



- A

.- ._ -
-. ., .. -;.,

~5L.. **

vj *a.. ;.*


C ,.A. ..
4' r -. ..., "
e :" m .*


iLi~ li__ ~

i. itCo o 4. Nh Son Of
. eptone, Caf. 378 Couole To'
--.-. -At Bucknell
at the Club from 1:00 to 5:00 LEWISBUUBO, Pa ,S.
p.m. New Year's Day. Kenneth Pitman of
Mr. Charles Thomas nal Zone. has been se
Viblting Parents membership In the eh
Mr. Charles Thomas, son of Well -Anderson's "Knic
Mr. and Mrb. C. E. Thomas, of Holiday" which will be
Gatun, returned early in the Cd Feb. 26, 27, 28 on the
month for a visit with his fam- of Buckknell Universlty,
Ily. He received his This ,will be the fifth
discharge from the U. S. Army musical roduation by
at, Camp Rucker, Alabama. verstty Players. a camp"f
composed of members
Bachelors Entertain With men's and women's .g
Cocktail Party tho orchestra, the band.
The Bachelors on the Coco atic club an. the mode'W
Solo Naval Station entertained cluh at Bucknell. -.
with a holiday cocktail party Pitman. son of Mr. and
at the B. 0. Q. Saturday night. %Warren Pitman. 1475-3-
Hosts for the evening were: Street, Balboa, is now a
SLieutenant E. J. Karch, Lleu- riu at Bucknell where he I
tenant Karl Juth, Lieutenant lo!led i0 the commerce .z44
Lloyd Clark, Lieutenant (Jg) 8. na. ce course. He Is also a mifl
J. Coghill, Lieutenant tijg) C. o the men's glee club. .
M. Nimas, Ensign W. F. Carl- ".-
son, and Ensign K e n n e t h end at New Oorgona
White. Also In the party were Mr.
A hundred officers and their Mrs. Adam Mallett of
ladies were the guests of the Miguel, Tommy Gibson of
group. tun, Susan Magee of Ba36
Mr. and M. do Estrada and B. Flynn of Cocolt.
Mr. and Mrs. de Estrada-- ..
Gie Native Dinne: Junior-Civic Council f arty '.J
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos de Es- The Gatun Junior
trada entertained ht their home Council will hold a New Y
in the Arboix Building, Colon. Eve Party at the Trefoil lH _
with a typical native dinner from 8:00 to 12:00 p.m. for -
Saturday evening. members of the council a*6
Their guests were the mem- their guests.
bars of the Atlantic Unitarian Family Dinner Party '
Society. Santa distributed gifts Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nty
during the course of the eve- atun had as their gd i
toing, after which the group f atun, had as ening th
enjoyed singing Christmas car- and r John Fahnestovening
w, h he8.,and Mrs. John Fahnestms k
AOeften members of the or-their family Midshipman.
Fift. n me r o Fahnestock and Mr. andn
.qanlzatlon attended. William Ebdon and childru -
MiSs Willoughby S Christma Paty-'.
Returns To Isthmus T h e traditional Christtt
Miss Ardis Willoughby arrive Party was given by the U
ed Monday by P R. R. and is rrt Company during thse |
spending the holiday season ternoon of Christmas Ed .
with her parents, d and rs. t member of the -imas
Fred Willoughby of Gatun. the members of the nt
Guests from the other
Aen Family Entertained On Stenhip Row" were
Pacific Side present.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Breheney, ..
of OGamboa entertained with a NO EXAGGERATION
fmnly dinner at their home to
compliment Miss Betty Ann LEVERING, Mich. (
Allen, of Bradley University, George Sparks and W4_
Peoria, Illinois, and her parents Johnson can prove that,
Mr. and Mrs.. W. M. Allen of stones as big as golf bals
Margarita. their town. They put them ,
The group spent the week- deep freeze

mning of Fun


'W,.Tell' .._tA
OAgi tIpr offices ii--v '7'"W-
S, 12 Ce tral e. '"A

Mim.,.b-, e-- Abo ".ui SE ,..
.,&fteBu..... apwe Street 4. ',MS bmerUWdo

S .A int Wit-ionBl de Puhn2blkldoWe sr,.,.r
:.". &":,: "t- l ., .0.. t~lt ,.Tq= ten 40. I .: -


. -.. -

S .. ..

. .. .

swr~pw vwu~a

[ui.^ O t giasq4num D o ea tvisateg h* *tS bmW
-IALE.-Houlelld furnish.nQs FOR SALE: 1942 Cadillac and 20t -- anee C. i gas rap
ding refrigerator and washing' 1941. Plymouth, both.2 door se-
in.i 551 Dioab e. don Goad, tranpi*drt io. Very DOG CLINIC HOSPITAL, Or. I, A. Do you
cheap,. Le Ovi Isthmus, Miramar Perez. Veterinary Surgeon. Via New Y
Ai.:r-Beds with mattress and Rdlio Station Bldg. Via Esparia. PorroasNo 42. Tel. 3-2113. Dance
dtln, $7.00. aluoian- Telehon 3-3730. DR. WENDEHAKE. Med Ical Clinic. 6 omilsch
ttreet No. 150, Apt. 1, in the FOR SALE:-Leaving country, Pack- Estudiante Street 140. Between cottage
k, first floor, ard convertlble,. excellent .condi- "J" and "K" street. Phorte 2-3479 steve.
---- tion. Coll Panama 3-4655. Panama. 6-441
i'LE: Frigidaire refrigerator,- 3465. Pn
t. r.adlio. record player, Ken- FCR SALE:-."Convertible" Oldsmo- SPCICJAL EXCURSIONS! -
ironer. Single bed, complete bile 1949 Oequtiful point and up- FROM- PANAMA TO M1XICO P1HILLIPS
sp, rings and co.on mrt.ress, holstery, exellont tires, rod.o, one way 585. round trip $135 i15 only co
j. household articles and'down- hydramnat. all Bolboa 2-1210, day limit. $165. good one year); Oc.mnvl
'tt furniture. Power. toe's, in. Qtrs. 0'7t Williamson Place. to LOS ANULIUS. one way, $149 to bec
ina 8" bench aow, 4" jolner- F-R ,SE Wt .'dlow .--- i- 15, round trio $252.35. 90 day- barbecu
wa oh imiil. Panama Dispatch Service op- amao a
r, jig sow, Sears Roebuck and parts 'oa 1935 Ford, Nc se laste Ancon ba stop. Tel. Panama 0Box N
I.-sprcy, complete with motor, brake lining and shecklee, New 2-A455 -
vise, work bench nd cob- tire 6:50 x 16. Tel. 3-1518 2-55.
Sn ml supply of dried ma- T --5 HOLIDAY JUNGLE JIM JAUNT to r
l.ny. House 165-B Gamboa. FOR SALE;-Letter of Credit, $1,- Darian Sponsored by Hotel EL
hone 6-Z23. 800.00 on new Old:mobile. Will, PANAMA. 3 full days. Leave Fri-
.-. sacrifice. Write Box 5035 Cristo-. day January 2nd, 7:30 A. M. Re-
2: WANTED c-z._ -I_ turn late Sunday afternoon, Jan- rwoREN
FOR-IALE-1946 Plymoinlh, 4 Door. uory 4th. Ihiough the without
A iierP|14 I10u .sr w;th radio, Croslay Stat:on Wocor Pearl islcnds. visiting with the prn- p. m. P
TED Vcation quarters At with radio, both duty paid. Cal motive Choco Indians, spearing
0 o ion ae Par.-ma 2-5206. crocodiles, lack light hunting, r
intlc side January 15th. Phone cruising up the Sambu rivet aboard
i*Ctrhbaol 3-1633. ,jCr SALE: Brgain! 1952 Fou, El Ponarta's Pescodcra.. Bring old
TED: Semi Automtic or door all metal Station Wagon. Car clothes, comfortable shoes, and '
TED: wSi m ti o be seen at house 785-D Ir noby DON T FORGET YOUR CAMPRA. ALNA
0I ycle, Call 2-4408. St. Balbca, between opd 6 p. m 3 glorious days, $45.00 each per- Iwo end
A Dyce, Coil 2-4408. he dblo v until Friday, leaving co.-intry son. Special rote to club groups unfurnishe
r three bedroom e ob onnon. washing to charter boot for Drl closed
aue or apartment. CalH Mrs. Pearl Islands trip. For reservations New C
ly 3-19984. 11101 ") bAL phone Jungle Jim. Hotel EL PAN-
g M-; ED:-To buy Iero:ne refri- p AMA. Panama 3- 1660 or- See vyor FOR REN
1g1rstor one year old, 7 cu. ft. For R aea ilp Trovcl Agent. or two
f'rn*at lon Abarro'r:a Tu T.,a FOR SALE:-Ten acres on Trans- MUSIC FOR Dances, Receptions, nished.
ft. Avenlda A and 21st. St. Oate..- i:thr.ion highway. M'gaya Hotel. Parties. Pete Rodriguez. Dance co Solo
ED:-Furnlshed two bedroom San Jose, Panoma ity. Comba. Phone Albrook FOR REN
Srtment, fr 2 adults. Bella Vib- J 86-2207 FrR aEN
F.ipreferred. Phone 3f-1890. |uci a b J Ar avelng Saturday. must sell Austin call Bal
MNTED:-Q. M. Wicker Choa;rs. LUctiIU DUU J Saloon, six weeks old, paid $1,-
'iger Clow Plant. Sofa, Dining- 875, best offer above e $1.400 f
4'1 m, Ch.ir5. Wordiobe. Tel. Pan- cash. drive it away. Phone 3-4479.

Ifs At hre .Ring IpPrellunem.n. crefor.
B e --housesI
ROME. Dec. 30 (UP) Italian FOR SALE:-BINOCULARS, Zenrth.
WVUWEVU arcoaic 9 aR1ta today clelmed 8 x 30, wide, aoule.coatoed les.
ti90 ItOI ate smashed a key linkin In- w;th cost $69.00. Price $45.
r T H oe.nL.tional dope smuggling with 00. TRAILER all steel, one II
W.:.1 "h, capture oi Oulseppe Corso, where. 500 Ibs. Cap extra wheel r A
7 rn old friend of Lucky Lucia- & tire top. $40.00. TYPEWRITER, lE O
Ri odSo JldUIes no arid son-in-law of a one-time Underwood Standard, condition -
o New Orleaa eudlerworld baron, like new. Cost $168.00. Price $90. Lain
iM Dcn. 0 SO P) More Police here d Id Cormo was 00. Tel. 2-4376. after 8.30 p. m.
m 300.o W4 t Bh arlfers el at d t C ma morn- FOR SALE:-Plano Upright Grand,
lid uptodc'V Inn'a huge dem- tga Pan lir SicC*y, In t&he gasrange(all porcelain), Sim. WASHb
ration of mourning for a : iaWst of a secret meeting with mons couch, baby crib, stroller i -R bS
B erlin pollreman kied .,is father-iln-lw, Frank Cop J- play pn. Telephone 916c, aby Colon, qatiola
itmas Day by Rus:ian tom- la. 53, wbho wa. once closely as- play pen. Telephone 916, Colon, nation '
nners. -ocated In Kw Orleans with NALS Elsenhow
iio,,vlcted racketeer Frank Cos- W,
West Rerlic eitv govern ;'lo and "Dandy Phil" Kastel. ....UMAN ENGINEERING HEALTH mestin A
tit called th6b me.Orti ,M front Corso and Coppola have been HUMAN ENGINEERING HEALTH mestic a
"t- Hall to. protest the shoot- sought since last March in con- RVICE orrGeorgiv e D. Baurb, Jr., H mit.
of Herbert rauer. 26. nection with attemDted smug- E. Correcve Adjustment of the Accord'
.ver wps killed In a border Jilna into the United States of a Body Structure, No. Ii, Seventh her's inte
tent when three Eovlet sol- firvE-lv constructed truni; con- St.. telephone 2-3833. 8 a. m. to 10th Inte
antere-' t'e French sector t'.ning pure heroin worth at 8 8 p m. by appointment. to be hel
is also E
., three West Berliners. !k:s. learning the popular ballroom 'a[d,' to
uer. Who arrived at the_ dance steps. Class stores Monday Presiden Cn
by radio car. w hot hv a Copola. who has eluded Ital- Jan. 5th. At 5 P. M. Balboa en
-an solcte, from behind a nd United States narcotics $20.00. For 3 months course Bueand re
ab thedark.sents since he fled the United Harnett & Dunn. and Pre
a the dark. tes, escaped the dragnet Rio deJ
est Berlin myvor Ernst Reu- Ch'lstmas morning along with "Short]
.aid in a seach climaxing his wife and daughter., who Is OD A ABhafvas 1928, ex-
inot -en'D'" ceremony: Corso's wife. re a Oin vu a goodwi
We shpll never bow our heads Police said Corso surrendered southern
.e Communist Povlet system. without a fight. Vbiy Ya A byOship,
want to remain free' ppoole." Authorities here said Corso's E e n EI f coast of
e 1000 Wert Perlin riot "o- atiest has tightened the net on WN making a
were paerted to guard the Lucianb. who allegedly has con- W a l a receunton
nstration. tiriued to master mind interna- red the A:
tinual dope traffic since he was Ares
e mourners passed through exil'ao to Italv from the ,United WALREGAN, Eng., Dec 30- Aires.
three We~.srn wetors of Per- Stjites. a41s fpter'h coffin was taern C sham, 83-year-old "hermit rec- other An
s orilsl nolwie csr from ('tv Coppola was described as an tor" of Walreosan. observed Sun- theretur
H to Teowel cemetery in +he Intimate of bcth Lucianto and day the 18th an wersary of his with sto0
-U I-*l fntltn Upnn na a&toi'ailwt

tb epetor were the Tuner-
to take nlace latft tndny.
'tmr's amne*h called wrnon
fltfern allies to arm West
'b notice In the same man-
ip.Rusilan solders are arm-
.,ir West Berlin nolIle un-
-f0"r nower agreement are
WAS Onlv nsitols mnd carhines
f:e Ruvssians have autonma-
tp'q depth wo tfrib,,torl
0 t the ept thqt he co"id
Ie r'eiso In ttime hr, his
pm hecAucep thp Ri-icon
En'r whn had shnt h-im
ped +b otbPr We't 1epr-
q -witth an automatic ols-
htovnatlc. You onlv Distol.
md so"d'We ask those In
wC wi"ens arms thpt are
those the other aide
cah protect ourselves."
I.5 .1


ICie U. e and UiorsoU wCere IUm-
lulfcoted iointly in the attempted
Smuggling last March 19 of 13.2
pounds of pure heroin.
The trunk, labelled for ship-
ment to the United States, was
seized at a railway station.


In Sou Africa

With 'Rarest Fish'
DURBAN, South Africa, Dec.
30 (UP)-One of South A Iea's
outstanding scientists, PIM-eor
J. L. B. Smith. arrived bhel to-
day from a -r-mote Island in the
Indian Ocean witn a carefully
preserved 'ive-foot specimen of
what he described as "the rarest
fish in the world."
It is the prehistoric coela-
canths lat.merla, which first ap-
peared on earth about 300,000.000
years ago, and which until re-
cently was W leved to have be-
come extinct at. least 50,000,000
years ago..
Smith nnd .manv other scien-
tists believe it will prove to be
the long-sought missing link in
'he evolutior of land animals
from an age where the earth was
populatedd only by fishes.
'flhe discovery of the rare fish,
whose elongated fins resembtb
legs and arms, was a cul lte
lon of Smith's 14-year serMB
tor such a specimen.

r-d rad
i. st

dfun WiLt him 'parpuioners.
His observance f.os to preach
a sermon, as he. bal done every
Sunday and Salit's day since
1934, to an emptV aurch.
It was 1934 wheb the strait
laced, teetotalling.yectt- forbade
parishioners to hold a charity
bridge game in the church
grounds. T h e y boycotted him.
Ever since, he has eked out a liv-
ing on his pay of $613 a year,
keeping the church and his rec-
tory in order by his own labor.
"They all comt back to me In
the end." he said after his ser-
mon yesterday. "I conduct. their

Central Amlrkan

'nsed Cwitrol

Proorm Success
NEW YORK. Dec. 30 (USI8)-
Excellent results have been
achieved this far on a $750100
Insect gontm program In Cen-
tral America 'conducted bY the
World Health Orbaniation In
cooperattoo. 'ith the 1031M.
ments eo1aeIn tbe Pan Amer-
ican Sanitary Bureau mnd the
UN Interato" na i \Chldrenp
rjergeny nd
In the two ars during which
gam bas been underway.
Jl .t.'rem 9malamsf ffaime


wmnt t hv fun? Spe4
ear at Cqsino SanTa Cflra.
muric y Casino AeS.

s. c cS bo*s, A,'
ci '.54 ,7 '.,r-

OsMeasd CotBds I
uf I *onto qIW *
im free all cottob r
ih. Rock Gas. frlrlon.
e oMrd shuffle bi ar V
.1877. Morgorwt 3.1 3
=4. tihl.
..o.- :
T: Chalet far a oupte
children. Call from ,tE
'hone 2-2415 onunme.


five room rnturn O
f pertmnents; primvt sm-
rdW 61 .-"1 4W.
eIaX eakl.a C"n

T :--On large apartment
duplex apartments, .unhfu
For further details call Co-
T: Apartment, in San
o, 13th St. For information
boa 1464.

Tr-Furnished room for ba-
Villa Carolyn, Apt. I. Three
before Race Track..

his 'Sit .

I TON. bAe. (USIl)
S AUon te rpott in thi
,y Oneicated C paper
i that Presidnt elctn
er will make I trip to
erica next year -trew
id world conditions per-
ing to Allen, Elsenhidw.-
ntion is to attend the
Lr-American Conference,
id In Caracas in 1953. I
:lsenhower's plan, Altn
risit other South Amad-
terees. In 1936 the
t Rooevelt journeyed
Aires for that purpose,
sident Truman went to
ineiro in 1947.
ly after his election in
President Hoover made
ill tour throughout the
hemisphere. Traveling
he sailed down the west
South America to Chile,
stops en route. After a
SIn Santlawo. he cra-.
nides by train to Buenos

then embarked on ga-
lerican naval vessel for
ri trip up the east toast
ips along the

related that during hi Stwjf
several days in Rio de 3a
Hoover was accorded tremendous
Allen said that since the neyt
Inter-American Conference will
deal with the growing problem
of Communist Infiltration In the
western hemlwnhere. .Isenhow.
her's advisers feel that the Pred-
dent-elect could do m"ch to ce-

nelbbor" In meeting this com-
mon threat.
Allen noted out that. Elatsn.
hower knows lersonsliv most of
the chief ? Iti1 As vI"omD.roltie.
'I and miljtarv lepdrt from him
World Wat Two role. Somp of
hep hsavinfg served with him In
4n e 'nr Israel

To Be Fxeci'ted
DAMASM8S, Dec. 30 (UP) -
Gen. Fawzi 8elou. chief state.
todn approved a military court
Oe l. men found guiltv of exmoa-
awe for tsel. The executions are
expcled shortly.

half in the last two years. d of
145 localities in SREl aUT
which were infested with yWw
fever when the mropram bwe ,
28 are completely Tzee of .e
dig eorw.

meted U
B@nas -


- IT a

Fla brar
Issues '

Household Exchange
41 Automobie IRMw
Tel. I-4fll
WE BuT AND s6a4

*ASM NEM 'tC Dec.0 S(UPO -
Attorney General James P. Me-
Granery today ordered Serge M.
R'lbenstein, Rumsian-born fluan-
cial wizard, to surrender to im-
mliratlon officials to be,deportr.
. R*bensten,. a man without a
country, served-almost t*o years
in LewisbuR, Pa.,, federal pent-
tentiary on conviction of draft
dodging during Wofld War UI.
McGranery gave the 48-year-
old financier ntil 4 p.m. tomor-
row to surrender to the New
York office of the Immigration
The attorney general said Ru-
b.nstein will be taken tfdflls la-
land and held without ball-pend-
uw arrasf4 tA a outer
from this country .
There was na Inmadlate inds-
ention as to what country the
Immigration Service would de-
Wrat Rubenstein.
Rubinstein, who lives in New
York Cityr still has the right to
appeal his deportsa .a4der to
the courts. Twice befthe has
beaten attempts by' the Jusire
Department to force him out of
the United States.
McGranery's action today con-
firmed a rulngbyt'he Board of
Immigration Commtlioner A--

1Q43 ion s c b.btaned
hIs passport to country by

Rublustein -eApd the United
States In April, 19.
in tcm taiWnd Cm
s PortunM M t obtained
at Macao, the PqugUee colony
on the south e China. The
passport was out to Man-
u:l RIubueMf e-Rovello.

Reds k re two
Vessi 9



'0 .3x=

91 se.k

: S^SA-^rit

pa an =
or the pM
y for enntalj0
A~fl& (RVt,.) F
I Hooat (R-It
r ehaklnkn of u


' i w

. f



i,. ,I .


, -
'. *-. .'.
5-* -- --

N~o. t-: ], ..
.* -' .'!. .- d,- B fi




:. -...1~
:, .. ....... .......

-I -.

4L'C4 ,4:.

S. T, .f. ,



WI~Y~' 9' _~lil i~t4~ ~a--I


0 u ext Y ear

Lst" ':nG- ont thr su ". ta erij
S. .. D': .. su a i h enO-chi an financial
strast l : uberniPorotmper Choul

.ty ,voii t WUth W a lfled witn IUIgen "A ta lero l Ch rodin gen' Geomic
St e E the prs od we noth e ta of .. o d.Cannounced rsta

n -dpro &o to "ao You L to a the Shoy fi el wl be put lninllto
Wat6 atsa ewold very Aucenlul "tw wn" tO dW daye yt local eo r arPopt year."
Sr ete wa also Th onor Award tn- IeeWgave no deacls of the Cd
dvenlt for that year. foule.. her tname sat s e~ did hwe mayre creditl

Congrat ,, -Arlne Schmidt! A line a, s eni, t -. a V. e bdron eek theev w Es @ extoL,

'that ir places, Arline, congrats Snd keep It up. years who did the mou *Jun- thaus also goes to Mir. and Mfn .
**"*IBVW;tar. piaM "hias radid ally channged

Se ket reeling r college for that year or year h of better earlier than was
t4 hn aie skir bY "f lW eIn the tn f e gr .uacd a 4 p
SIat ai h ad ww a mthm r u pese ahj to thev: Collegna's e onomic

SSanta Corlaust -arne sldtsArh e a a asnter e weOi%4 aee$ t, v s a re a
.ADCs has i n the main
SPo, Operated the o eM a f large-
Beideta e trest e amps a O st'.d construction has
"AA l le I tho tintit on e as gae to in o N o pro.j4et 1 do socigIh T ha l sUNNICUhina'. first

h a1 t Sa.tlar ti al d atlheiw rtb lst)ame in Ki'us w aWits irt nd to t,. Celdiith.S*.C trial Ave.
s i hr ton see n t t t B Y.o sLov th sy0W1 builtroad lae sp destroyed bynw thl Te. uti.nto
, is atr U e Br e seet i eydtnf g y 44 ,,t tagn a W _aete a at.) enier study Iear.n the
:a. ,.W. .:- ith a lull Inein eo erl wlOFe hirat r ofM rottingen, erma-
..h ....e n.i8ht 7ol have a lit lt 'sWs R o paee.ihamI s er me I, Ii m4ntdu tb

Sc odding. Ia, oWU wit b. o .f sadent, but I did noti e the sy o. m n um-ol
" s ret :.aes Wot.. -t aoeady a e a .n..d. that. oen the _a .nls told|

i vttl la t ea I eoW e ner idn ar windows fro the. art
I cylasa, .owtI lalso saw s e alonor Awa tu-nal Honor oety dards
dent for that earoe that C names v n wasn't all play for soo, v more

PIT. a stray car driving around.
years id the mon-to hear abut t. lso gom we to Mr. and Mr
ore e for that y that we'd ke to r year
t Ww mtedg skill-b to heU b o l inrtheedw 2 sath.e ,2att!!' f,. plS
l'hu h oawfnT 't..olys" a New overflowing ,.
u1.P ro Th4e .n t-hat t"wta a r ad hl towaar'eW Med t o t 8o o 'oe

Sl. ',h*bnby&The,
--- I,--X-
.. det -o o' ao he
.... B.a. A saIE w .e M. l estures o t
Pe d. c n .Wr.. o f k id s w h o r a l T ~ly s o, t h e ,b u ti f no em le. .I ,Z s
.a nf"l"ectt?.'! sw ,. wtn w
cOp lagd Thosefaanm ayO. tsit s a nauyar.ov e -
'life A, ".JWth) ',d
9 i6 1. .T.a a ba sk e tr baleln tn bruild

"a.V."_ Alm "4t y ..,a Qic atewear oirtb'd11y ,* w
j a d.ance 10190;,3091V .stemfta ... A E C S P

AM.-A--... ,...t .u. andpr 3p .i 29

"* lle'Wo m, away
rw0 lase. ndI ls-s W sm-ainlHnr olt ipal

V id 19 rflo..
be..dn-,,,.o wils Excf

-. 0.

..................o 17th
,....... % ........ ... a .

* ~ ........ D-. ,



WHILE Holiday parties are meant to be enjoyed, re.
member that you, as every man, have your limitations,.

IF you are to have the responsibility of driving during
Now Year festivities, remember that "NO MORE FOR
NOW" may mean the difference between a Happy New
Year and a Tragic New Year.
Be a responsible driver and greet the New Year happily.

Importers, producers and distributors of fine wines and liquors
Translasthmlan Highway Tel. 3-1791

~~.ybo4VaJo ~2IauifeJu


ud To Announce

Appointment Of


elusive Ditibutors



In The Republic of Panama

And The Canil. Zone

- i'

* f

t -

As t' ..-J^ ; ..- : :--
,t '*. ,, .

9-. -.
- ~ --


S. *

I bel '
S 2id to


- J



*.. 4 J

i II -- --


~Jlw mqi3cwrroa


7 -



.i-j ,

fI StL ToitIttu'n

*trods of the waterways, outboard racers,
in action New Year's Day aereamht- around
course at the Panama Canal Yacht..Club, Old

SThe races get underway at 2 p. m. Ample park-
space is available. Admission is free.
'-With the Pan Canal Yacht p. Driving a three-point hy-
1ub as nost and snnctione4 by dro (No.,8) with: a 71&'hp Mer-
Canal Zone Outboard Rac- cury, is Lloyd Grigor, winner of
g Association, the races have the "A" class in the last several
entries to date in three class- meets. A heavy favorite Is Har-
U : A, B, and C. old Egger (No. 31) with a well
gEach class will race two heats proven, speedy boat sad a 7%
d the day's finale will be the hp Mere. Ralph Dugas, a new-
ea-for-all, In which all boats comer to local waters, piloting
rtcipate. Normally a heat No. 71. Rounding out the entries
nslsts of five laps around a are Dick Evans (No. 72) and
S e?sured course. James Ramaey (No. 29) an ex-
Serchandlase prizes for each perienced class C driver, who has
e have been donated by Co- switched to smaller I aft.
merchants. Persons interested in joining
ECompetition will be the watch- the Canal Zone Outboard Rac-
0rd of the day as the little hy- ing Association may do-so by ad-
Splanes and big "C" boats dressing inquiries to Box 1383,
oond up. Cristobal, C.Z. or phoning Bill
George Egger in his clss B Egger, club secretary, at Cristo-
-dro (No. 2) with a 10 hp Mer- bal 1509. According to the club
ury is presently rated as fast- secretary it is not necessary to
ast on local waterways. Winner own a boat or motor to become a
Wof the Governor's Cup last Sep- member.-
'ember, ne clocks close to 50
e per hour. His hottest cm- *
littbn snvuld come from an- .r"lS
her of the five racing Egger -
others, Richard, who also runs (By UNITED PRESS)
10 hp Mere. on a newly con-
r-n-ted hyvdro (No. 13). Bunch-
close Dehind these two 0ou d FOOTBALL
J#ackdIng (No. 27), Dick ir- A double-duty halfback on
e (No. 32), and Bob Hannigan Southern Cal's Rose Bowl team-
3o4). Jim Bears-hbas won the annual
"Pop" Warner aiard for the
-'The class C race (22 hp mo- iost valuable' college football
?rt)pIhould be a close one, with player on tht Pacific Coast.
r .-Kent (No. C-2), a consis- Four hundred coaches, sports-
t winner, bein- forced widi writers and sportscasters particl-
";spn by buch othb.- ney wit.. pated in the poll which named
rs as Tommv E I 'o. CU- Sears.
T o, Tonv Winlt No. C-3), ---
.Hudgins (No. C-43), an*' Tulsa University's 45-man
er (No. C-1', a class A football squad arrived in Jack-
neor who has moved up to the sonvilla for. the Gator Bowl game
aer bots. against Flobrida yesterday along
I -RA (7V hp motors), with a co'd wave. Coach Buddy
eat In boat and motor sl-e Brothers says his team will be
races January 1, still pro- at a disadvantage adalnst Flori-
r..e.plentv of speed. da if the weather remains cold
wral of these little eight- untill near game-time, then turns
t hydros have clocked over 40 hot.


a (Inflma

( anal nol aerys -

rIe.It.... d "CLASH BY NIGHT"
*:15 & U:1S Wednesday "5CABAMOUCBE"

SWudnsday "'RtHBAiB"
s.= a .. "STEEL TOWN"' TechImcolrw!
Wedneday "T BRIGAND"


G A I U N Brian DONUIot g Clare TRJEVO

SMs a n:u CARRIE "

eras a :iq

Wednesday "LIJTE BIG OWBn

Say goodbye to the Tom
Action-Full Thr-Full. 1952... With a laugh and
In Technicolor! a song... In
'The Man In The Saddle" "SUNNY IDE OF THE
with Randolph Scott Musical in Technicolor!
foan Leslie Ellen Drew with Frankle Lame Billy
Alexander Knox Daniels Terry Moore



RFMf.-IMAwmI Amiw"






r .,~j ~14 I

Panama Pro Loop
Twinbill Tonight
(The tndings)
TEAM- Won Lost Pet.
Bombers.. ...... 4 3 .571
Brwnales. .. .. .. 5 4 .558
Blurds. ..... 4 4 3
nbees,. .,,... 3 5. S

Pami UStadaim,-8 pam.)
mDmbe wvs. asews

BrowpIM 16 4.
A doubleheader wth the
Bombers meeting the Yankees In
Sthe first rWu and the Browni09
taking on the Bluebirds in the
Swil be played at the
Paami Stadhdmlnlght.
Last night tet Vibeort CTO*
cattred tsforh bis thr
In pp the Bombers 5-4 o*
Mt. ope Ptadium. Alberto On
rio was te losing hurtler.
Bobby Precott homend ,i
the losers while Frank -M
and Nathaniel d
The veteran Arehte
4 ree Ar foure
*w 01 0-

Ji' .. -- ~ -

44 '~f ~
~ 4



era ~-#~ISC~ iT U
a 1, -
>~t >~
-~L *'ttV k

, 4,,- -- 1 ,-,1..

..'*'* "y .K V
:"~~1 '' ''i {
-, A*f.' k- ^^ ^



A Marine t
Zone S6 hoot io :
monthly team cbawn
the dylqn year when they
first plad away from th*e
Infantry aggregation in .45 ca.
liber handgun match fired Bua.
day at the Balboa Opn C010
The winning team put togeth.
er a 953 score for first place, fir-
ing over the National Mateh
course of 30 shots. The 33rd out-
fired Balboa and the Marlns
second in taking second lae
team awarIs wit. 882. M-it.
"Joe" Benner did his best to pWl
his team ove the top as he scor-
ed 273 to take the Individual vit-
tor by 20 points.
is teammate, Lt. Arthur Man,
chester, eked out second place by
virtue of hL 83 score over the ra-
Did fire stage. His 253 score tied
that of Capt. John Counselman
who had to be content with third
place individual award while
leading his team to first place.
This was a delayed and abbre-
viated match, due to various cirt-
cumstances, and the fact that It
was fired during the holid43
kept the attendance down. With
out taking a bit of credit aW
from the Marines, who brought
out two full teams and fp
earned their victory, Benner'
team was not at full. strength,
and the Baltoa Gun Club's ag-
gregation was anemic.
The writer could pick a Balboa
team from the shooters who did-
n't show up, which could no
doubt beat the ones who did
show up with one hand tied be-
hind their backs. (Of course, it's
not too tough to shoot a pistol
that way). In fact, In the name
of Iry Krapfl, Fred Wells, George
Hall, 0. M. T. M. (Old Man of
the Mountains) Todd, and Hank
Ross, we might suggest such a
match. However, the ones who
did show up won a moral victory
over their colleagues even if they
lost a pistol match.
Mike Wolphick's 241 was big
for the- Balboa aggregation. Los
Amigos, as usual, wasn't there,
but this time they had some ex-
cuse due to the short notice for
the match. At any rate, Pacific
side shooting ais.. rapidly ap-
proaching a low ebb from which
pollint the only place it can go
will Be up. So, on the basis of
that somewhat specious reason-
ing,.we look for an improvement
in the enthusiasm of the target-
eers from the southern end of
the Big Ditch in the near future.
Sunday's scores:,
Team No: 1
Slow Timed Rapid Ttl.
Counselman 79 93, 81 253
Reynolds 73 89 87 249
Newton 74 92 78 244
Miller, L. 65 80 62 207
Team Total- 53

Slow Tised Rapid TtL
Benner 7 9 W 96 273
Manchester 78 92 83 252
Cook 65 74 71 210
Couch 28 67 51 146
Team Total- 882

Slow Timed Rapid TtL
Wvlchick .68 90 83 241
Strrplpt 70 65 74 229
mer -...70 70 83 223
Ilmly 32 78 47 157
Team Total- 850
0 Noe. 2
X7Tmed Rapid Ttl
cker 72 221
Thamalls 74 73 67 214
Flake 57 79 73 209
Miller, R. 31 68 39 138
Team Total- 782
Slow Timed Rapid TtL
Dapps 52 78 80 208
Lucas 42 84 39 145

INT47 Ford 4-door -Sedat,
good condition: For sale at
16th St. Central Ave.
C, Cold, TOL 00.

F 4 .R

ap, .

winners in. mov, esa
Witt. anI w )mregtth ams- 01,

wiat..h T. .
s ..... ,, -1 t A...l, .
*OIt A A,"

"' 0 -, ..

:*tg r' ,fout-4- ,1
iWS^EBIXS 0 m Borup.ed wit ol

6S 8.' .aIna.. os
v ito bo-l o sW..... ..... 1. 8
low ftl *o" recoM at e eleadlg botelaer Of the
Series held 01Ca10 Leagut ;
Association J e and Team- -
set two yrs b eer (Sears).. ... .
0go Champion- Malee .(Nash) .. ....
't. stephens (Seymour),..,
l offe'as 80 Ootfes (Sears).... ....
t ea p a thre- Melanson (Sears)...
to3.1 oddt's PAA 'The scores at Fr4 n g
a to.take on- play:
Ma. cer'a sen- P.AA. FL '
VP Mnired only Morton ... 151 169 0
Sgame, buthis bowl- Wilber ... 204 1 1M.'
l e. next two was strictly Damian.. 205 1 S9
toa Andrews. 205 192 -10
7. e onc hte Hermann. 15 197 149 ill

arj Jd ft 173
e 1r sstarted -
WIte t e Totaly 930 891 88 2654

th ore too 8 of
strikes), .thfe .. il&J F-r SXARS =
phi inlso ra e Sa" tephens 1 9 24192 178 945
te 277 tor t. .i O 153 144 177 20 48a

ation IwA he p 3 17958 698
and, he str e-ir 2 It wa fltr 1753 181 285
splendid "h. otal oftn on ut
trikesenteOJB AGENCEanywhere e,he
no doubt w-? han footed.on -vs.-
the first 800 serid .in Isthm*A-Y
bolin th frame.Ma bella 20194 71 158 5450
Foter PAA, only Pelp flamian Saylon 194 200 136 545
was able to registC a decent rlebark 171 182 209 569
score, withe, tena 54.After the first Best 206 180 189 584
game, the Flyers werd unable'to Mates 193 2031215 611
plendio much beside split while al- -
cer and his Cohorts struck, which Totals 965 936 907 2808
never anyefthere final Issue of any
never left the final lssue of any

r'ie LafnditO f
SI won
S of Southern
rnia won, the s20-yari

1 4 aP. -
Lrta Igran Caris fnupeapm, Is

I've been pushed as far as
I'm gonna go... Now I'm
coming back
"Man In The Saddle"


Joan LM"
In TechnmW olo



Special A0tr6ttn...



fl 1

*ar ^ i capte "A
1* -, jii

^^^/' l*I^ro ^^"' ~Ii

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t I-

.e l, -



p CEC444

with Aousway
A strange a*aumy t fl

'"At 9:00 p.m. WAHOO!
S $115.0 In lPries!
irrol Flynn Ruth Roman
Steve Cochran, In
r"Sue Lioa A The slqm"
.- In Color!







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W^O '; "/-
it" -'* ".-


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aids. t
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', "'s

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.... -. .

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fl~.i. E

; m ,, ;6 m h





.M Vwa 9 0 3f reclrU, WIWli
3Inedelost tO the Lawrence,
a ridt wben e -
a 1..0-1 y this

eInluded in yesterday's bag
J.-. d-.18

a d getting

Just ort of Ihe

S0 f wn-
ninr e'stx furlohg
r et was pu au id 11 see-
ondds on a4 ...-

Parry O~sn Sets

New Sjjflaw

Shot Put Record
By Unit"d Prta.
Olymple shot put champion
Parry O'Brien of 8outeUn Call-
fornia, set a new Sgiar Bowl
Track and Field Tournam ent re-
cero with a toss of 56 ftet, and
four one-half Inches at New Or-
leans yesterday.
. The distane e considerate
unler O Larien's .Maaarko
7 feet.and one half tidhts...bu
weUl over the old Sugar Bowl re
corc of 54 feet, one and one
, a th Inches.

game m aouobL.
The Nash-Willys team main-
tained their second place ata&d-
in3 in the league, staying three
points bebd, Sears, When they
k three points from. the Sey-
mour Insurancemen. Bill (600)
Malee knocked out good 11
followed 'by Best with r
Filebark witLh 62, w for -

i (









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-;"; .4.'',

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F .. .;_ -,.t.r ...-

*. bi, 3 ,-
f" ra

ids For CGage Scoring Re


S'J ft a "..+- ', -"---P' '- r'
. --. ,
*-, ri = .,
- ,.
" '. .. .
. ,


7 -*-: *.. *- -

-S..-..-.~ .

*. : *'t -V. *" .^

'.\.'~f ef a -few .4r
;*.- .I ,

swAiis iii us Oew expectatio',s

'O, thf f &dtSen of uhrealkzed

A~pi~1IsdVar am4#'~~n
' 1 : I '

^^; ream o^ our'aton

're in
', 4,'' .. .

:" .* *' *r '.- ; -, ".
IIq I III i I.I+"I, i I : : : I I IIII i' 1

-:. ; "- 4
4., -1 L I. I-.

-S.-.. '" --


,, -


,, -

Due to the New Year festivities ouri

Plants will remain closed on JanL Isti

ToB insure delivery orders for Beer an

Canada Dry Products should be placc

t A' : i
.* ._-* ",.'* '

i n dance.

- r .

.4 .-
4- -; V

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S -. .
* ..+ \ ? <
;-+' ". .;
-< it l i: .:-S.'.


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*':. ,A..^
F. I ii*l p

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, _'. ". : .-
r: *. _tt .- ,:.., %. ;.l. ...-
^ -* *--" .
,.+. .*, .:+-,, .-:.,

,- _
A -._ A -.!

I -?.. ..



; 4,


' ^ '^ "it" /
"- & *' e-

Settle Twine hse is Wha pire Makes Aussie Duo Alabama's 'Crippled Ti

.rf'~ Schools Clinch Cup Like War Casualty L
.m.,,p. In Doubles -0. w",. "
o W,-- F4I, la., Dec. 30 (UP) game." the red-haired New
EW y YORK, Dec. 30 ( N0A)- Crosetti, for Instance, ADELAIDI, Australla, Dee. 9 The Alabama Crimson Tide, lander said.
a no apple t t the hidden ball trick 11 (UP) Australias rtal pm- whse football roster resembles a "Naturally, we would
at iir6s' h dot Btwo samons. Don't take selon of the Davis Cup, em- war mcualty list, will be known have those players but we
SFlorida about this. each ing for granted. Be pool- bleo of worla osupremasey In a the "crippled tide" in the New in pretty good shape.
'j- ,3 aEny year. But there may be their as- t. Don't call your plays too tennis, as the dynamle due of Tear's Day Orange Bowl game one baU game this year
Sorted fruit-raoberrie, for ex- or try to ea yr Frank Sedgas -and ed M. ag i t Syracuse. regulars out."
pi o ,e Don't argue with play- Gregr whipped the United test member of the squad to, Drew gave his charge
It ahll0 part of the doctin. and anger or carry a testea of Tony Trabert join he bandae brigade il first iday this afternoon an
a tron that student ar'bl, get g ydar shoulder. They hate and Vie Selsas In the doubles strong defend ta Ed ul- next workout will be
S i while l rning ho to do good -3,-4, 1-6, 6-3 before15,00 Coach Rd Dr said .the p.M. tomorrow. "Wel
job in lue u its a batter gripes sareas- f.n". 8-year-old Bradenton, Fla., star ing trouble getting used
Sto. What does the curriculum 0co- ra ball was low, lm- The victory, following the reed a broken hand during hea and it's t
Sit of at aWe, Joe, t looked we of the singles mth the final scrimmage Dec. 21, but down some," h expln
S d. YouTe deadwron k to me.' If he con- yesterday, gave the Australansm that until today Culpepper had Over In the rival am
a e oBrin -omes there are clin asi-- g. ip t, walk .away with a 3- lead with only two singles kept the injury a secret. were rosy as far as
a h merln, gnarlilr a and Wahi B ge r. It thatdoesn't matches remain n toer .. .. Coach Ben Schwartswaoer
ry coah o the gticulation.- t p get him out of there edgn made the difference. hand Is now in a cast concerned.
aeasa it uh re. r'They Thr tew wart a Dead -He ery ,ewe ase- ceeareee terewed, nt bel-
Iat's serious work. during the doubles today or is .me timeDrw said,We are In excellent
SPicture yutI aspringI mles victory ever Soizas yes- that the 21- un cheerfully comment
d r .l y caller of strikes ,at d i Y. "DIa't be a grier. If you In- s more standout wi see chwartswalder said
r- l-lgege ourZ firlt W a"yt t w- lit g onod'n t forget the The Americans, after losing sn.cwangemen, two touchdown
*V" -- a.... .. in -a ** a Alte. .*,n rinate Capt. ra v is H un ten c ffla
s gl igare expect you the first two sets -,came back ldrt were becgmmtw n t
i._-' g ould It u pM In the real to take the thludd-1 land It ,p. INlUed In the Georgia Tech. thor,.. cli
'Wete. .tol pot so I0. tan ht had... .. .. m-g ,is now definitely out ac- to wea
Stern my "jeiall wht the mpire or t ak t o he a. t to bt heAhl e to Drew. His onl- a in the s, "as well as c
t- :W A nn ye makes it.- an 19 hold Idl gWm'5tlofl with But the fourth set found sed nPafance will be for the of exp c. took
a ,or-old, more udthan teI 7W A t our o is 'vri- againin, a bitterl-y foulghtco i Pra e actey befoe. 0 -o
m h pitn par. ebllitno prcsi eaejustyb efor sueg j&ter Usta T Omarlhrc teof ree t juncreilee only t-
"T t Io hn io rbb bch and Iste thatwet wint lee tto d every e |in .m morrow morn g.oI .
don'tajo P.o t.e' 'N e o"Ittoba berpn-th at guy n eo haI r Wtha hs mat esd..rrmLhebencsrt |!...ll,
.liA he e rats Pt ALItk Wet thoeea lfll'uyo' reuralIe al n ll
Do ii-"';iiIi- pivotm. son---a-- Onl e now The winning Blow came on wbatter his mates from heM bench uledpSt
'-t\ tdf a worst,' he said. much g Jan bothe's been hli tle l J G'regor' serve with the count s l .thi wasn't enoug, f ra
And haft t t1 g better than 50 perenr .Sul a mo wha adtneheandtheAstrallb hinTidf
4",ink' a'eus BeforeofJoh A sforsop ldlT af ldtwapna wadat rues chandh m0 nts hae h e ngerdte.
o n the refugee from .jonnyw hRdIn for hooks.xand ts ow front five to three. It we So'I- ftan end Nick G.ermanos,_ I M ,,smomble 2-
ath-.* Aichm nhasi tallied lu ipa tre, tpep. plp .- .e Red tE h ntS_.. all then deuce, match t i...imt fc the_ e.son, re-' I an- hydr at. rad
dhoM he ordat .s itetdihMlm adn pr S AMpwI, 1 _then the ame as McGregor got an a nkle sprain trotting e at coversveryo
p th pe 1uiedhul pr M ane e oe a tinsriain arbe the practice field here diton. For sale at
nirstnollegie r P dofm 0"a jot, Nan. Im 7 Jes me. Wtd e He will be examined
thel at.o mYOrk iet Wa cl rle nec2a.dla. Latelys to cultivate a sends of tleArow to determine extent of | SMOt YlT4
gHQtSharpN??ta mvot T afldhor t The American Leaguen. nlbr humor, which brings to mind a thl*tnjury. 1 St. Ceziui | S
INm o ;tanseti e mA A e 03eo s1 an10 1brs (Jo n um e tells his sBtude t o .a y story Eddie Robinson spins aboutJ .jb mllac k .aeb efell defeiy anve -el W.t heo .
-sl s ,oeoWhlc o," four, ntts o .der) tagely no attention to JIbe. from .thelRed Jonea, an American League tsie Jac.k Smalloey an "h 210-
S, i It o eouhr baeball to .l s ley'eVer rs Ugt p g umpire and character of recent PO Jun wm see ony. imi-:
e" cac i p. ; .lpl,|tnot, so|tran. when yoiJBUot take It from Bill Stewart,. "I was with Cleveland in 1948. Drw said it was "very doubt-|
-..7. a bane aVP1li,"Szlng kgnoeno t at e wltai ot. ot even cotton helps pt-laying in that huge Munici f| that end Jerry LambErt willE
Ba- Dick. 09030 Tatum had the Now l d'Over 1hntwrsea- "It's amazing," says Stewart of White Box first baseman. "As Syracuse. Lambert was
A-l:-.1- ,mfir so.todsu ieOBres the National League, "the thing each batter came to the plate, hut min the Mississippi State
lm g --:d 1 o- ha had to 1 1 g5 ba 1 i.bal tfans caaS flnd to thrOw. .Jones moaned about his hotel gMe.r .Sa.. |,uesdi
," Mare-lh~e r of John it-'a bortsapdldean re avowitaspon is a wad- d/uin room charging him 0o/ Starr. who unaertuale/
ants am .wue of Johnr!s -Hbni
haintheoAAVrhanpi Peoria at4r- outflidbr. go"b hit ncrE than dued-up paper cup with l. In it. cents for a tiny piece of water-|eu.erback .ell Hoaso.n,_ I
11e60010Iabt L aaanst whom he sut summer I wusht, by mar-melon. nurskig a pulled l muscle but
.PSiE Nw dea lreh do t? chance tht t itpro goball and even a roll of toilet Feller got in trouble, and Lou Ilama's most accurate paer. I
,a. s L-.1 pot "1 dopesIm h doI tIan ter t e -e er. 'e strangest of all min-Boudreau, Joe Gordon and I rut the wam Florida sun Is
Ad 1 man-A4 m o h be. however, was a dead her- hud41d around him. That was Drew's biggst eadace an/
.'. .# 1 .- .O.. ..p .. ..#is M ies.l, twin toll. e hing." too many, so Jones came out to he doesn't appeal to be overly
Mori ;p toured thle New9k situmtio Called For u'Wat would you do In a sit- "When one of my regulars gets
f d Is ...... b 6Imn .ustlon like this Red?' asked Sou- hurt, someone else will come a-




.. .'V.
2 ,," '
.... *, "

: **^ 3'

ethe ptopie &n d k ufi and the country t r'so,

ta.fe, Justice Depa.

:9- ~

Accused Of


AI WASHINGTON, Dec. 30 (UP) Cahil irfu< to iMetify the ,rers were denied information idi. wh e tI
.i foremnn of a federal congree mao s a ds that on the identAty of State Departi to l .
Jury which Issued a the lamwnakgr b ood re- meant employes who screened UI '9th We
.=ng attlc, on communist natiomon a m .ve acted N job applicants. 3.
of Ul.e e.United Na- "anIt 4 L y5g." 6 aid he President Trdman recent Ik .-of-
a Vif that both weial maen a mo.- refused the same Informa &6 cded movitOt ra
State d Depart meal" If he the re- to the Senate Internal Se te o e l ll ha. ,
Rit opposed release of the comnmendats w nten- Investtgating Subcommittee.a. .-.son.
* npalrt. *tedleonA.. Kelly agreed with the othe .' "
At another point,. the wit- jurors questioned today' t -.
S P. Kelly a Brons coal ness said he W*oul 'be "suspl- many subversives and C t r
aier, mads e sta meant clous of any pes@.W ho recom- nists still are employed by te "at th a
SaJ441a Home Judiiry mended.-more than/two subver- U. N. Secretariat.
e "Iqknmittee wideh was told sive persons rfor Mployment. He said about half of 10 17' .Chadri A
tar t far or five A- Cabil refused to say whether N. employes questioned by Ja ul''
up ea rsine" who the lawmaker was. & congress- the grand jury refused to |
1p 1 the U. N. pay man or a senator at whether swer questions about subger- _fi i
oedghtall were recom- he was a Repdbllda- or Demo- sive activitlee. en" .I"
U. for federal emply- at, lty.
an .naupeo con- said Shat this very Rep. Frank L. Chelf D-K.)
.ay" a mber o bverslve chairman of the invetating Ca ad the
Shol ghpaytig posts. He group, agreed "that another wanted d .
said Roy Cohn, a former d a grand y, with a federal. grand jury should be com1 ded l toW
U U. 8. attorney y n "oo Depart- empaneled to continue investi- N. and
A tthe New York grand men wld be a to dig up gating Communlsts in the U.N." severalto a einr of
told him ecretr o a Idt more dirt an, th in the Call and other witnesses ac- gr
Ie Aceson made it V. N., by. that I afn subver- cused-the State and Justice de- r for
"noisy session at alves." apartments of trying to ham- or fiv peron01 i'
that he "didn't" He added that the grand ju- string the jury's Work. g4oi'W0iaent qnd tr4
predentment handed rothem fr o
'.i eW that Attorney Ge- r II"I Tht wutb
e.s....G Federal Judge Upholds pt .erf 4 .nespoeQfo '

SA an effort to place."
,had made Taft-Hartley 'Cool Off"

I wW tcourtrwasrte fourth Brin
S'before it was
aVc-_ public some BUFFALO, N .Peco 30 (UP> Alon provision was legal because
ofthe static, unbeliev. -A federal UY UDheld "the court proceedings are in-
discoveTred by te th 0of the dependent at the admilnistratlve

Aft.when^the35" e of IR law. Under the Taft-Hartley law.
ruIlormgedMe. T rute a de- the president ask court
nry had feat or the first a the utlons n
ot cort n. But strikes that he ]udges imperil
4 Cohn.-McGranery,Ce d e the nstlon's security. *
S e"" -u&datio ?obeca:ser : -
malg/'the graoid lutors Judgo John Knight, In reject- t4estrike "In effect f questiozi .
e E0p might jbe ng the CIO's calmlna that t T aht the "ineffect-is_ 2n & d ,rykI
e a1111.,o."ou erwly at-ALCO.
S ln ,., ,. e ..' "No one can foretell the ef- PdeW: JdpW -
he.' erl o m as at the fgt Upoa the ernment and Crthy.d 1 s1 etd
B aatao t .ted Io AAmerican Locom e Corn- people if t trike is con-, Paul J HBle1! S, of B br
M pany' plant at Dunkirk, N. Y. tinued," Knight ruled, ther-in-law 0. a t
.... .r tha..both They atop were ordered tO re- natlo'* rgea cas- brj "" "1: 'B
01 and Acheson were amine wa contract talks dui "This is far ft m an ordinary The saftgd
to the presentment?" the "cooling off" period. controversy. It seems unth nk- uilty of "contenmacfeas Vf
Rep. Patrick J. Billing able that a strike In a plant duct and "eevadivenain .-'s,
Rep'. Patrick .. HInp Attorney for the CIO cob- producing for- the government fh to answer r and .V
would say so," Kely re tended that this 80-day Injunc- Items now vitally necessary to questo s whih woelt' met Ii'
y tion section, or national ee the defense of the country should volve hta In the hbl W
genc provision, of the Taf be permitted to-continue." Ivo7ley's wife My $i. l,@W
testimony about the sub- rey law was unconstu- be ermiot treetted to contnue t ree
SMdy thecongressman. tenal on grounds that It mixed The plant, which has been have been convicted oft.
enby Joseph A. Chl tba. duties and Jurisdiction 9f shutr down since Aug. 29 when These developments mOR"-me ar
Tr can opener manu- the judicial o n d executive the steehorkrfts walked out In Joseph 8. Banfe 41, oz Of ti r
r h hiso was a mem- branches of government which a 460 fcQr higer wages, pro- total of 11. w ei* *66
ryp constitution cream as duces wiping requir- beeh cited for e-
eld of the alleged separate powers. ed for build Ami nergy fusing to answer que4o ut
ofa thedobeen paid nc. Commission facilities at Padu- the robbery. went back. "rl
of theCommunist But in a 20-page decision, cb. KY,A- ah River, P. C., the grand eury. n
JUdge Knight ruled the Injunc- and Oak .Tenn. lnftleld s contem p eas wn

continue rea oeed
wschen thduled to 'n ,s
"ed that Bafleld had sged retry
his mind about reary
Two other con1 hr fend o kw
',. ants whose case were postepoed
until today. Attorneys said they' 0 told
wanted more time to prepare o
.their defense. Korean
The U.S. attemeo rn e tto
ightitng a thlree-w d lmits
o obtasin
the three V to

which will permit them to t-nti- l a-.
nut- the inveitgating. Mary fo
leakedd as be.
the cas of ewtoa
33. a Boston bookie who also had
refused to talk about tt- hlup. o '
ITL was at. 1 .lw I up. I .. ,
home that the or_
of the Brink's loolwas ut'.at
one time
.fe 'aten e latieDc. l.e .- it"e -'f'NO

iOmwa feaa paw ser ,M'
A I" n oiw I bow ame lw TE O'
ate""an as d& *mb.L*' lSS&A -h., =, ..

6,*1,,6,,,... ? .


. ,' ".- ,- I
'- .. '";^ ^:
:t.' .- ,, ,. .. ,.. :'*i -** *' ,
1':,. ".. .

:'~-- 'C~

'. v


Tr. *

*' 9 .
-^ *f"



' _i "'

Y _-JS

i~l~ i~


'>*- *"'"