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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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*, 1%

;- ,_ K" .


I ~4'-;
-vS ~ ~k~t&h~imflaab
"I ~. ~7'~4~A~ ~q

p ~ ~ V I' K->

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F or c


foreign Airline

rews May Go

to Ellis Island
if'" -

r *:'
.r .':i

r ni

'NEW YORK, Dec. 24 (UP) Immigution t
at Idlewild international airport were utlndif
to screen crewmen of foreign airlines Mwho, pa
new McCarran-Wolter Imigftiom Act which e
force at midnight, ai.te forced to spend their LU
States layover in det~'ion on Ellis Island.
At seaports, international airports and border e t
points around the country US Imnigratin Sua
is began a tight curtailment of entry privilegao
.he new lkw.
'French and BritiOfficials have protested the a
tion of their natrIs. Other complhmiaim
'on of the law Meunting. They c it
their shippeit th unremmnble addltfondiI

A The State Department has said it con only cm
. the provisions of the law.

s than one-fcarth the pasqd over.
an few 'of the French iWte Jun
ln-ret- Idmfm.t waremnot %An ldw m ,' .n

fA A


tr- i.
eof the V

ot tp ground-.,
as on ar
,, a top-lel
Which d Iat.

fr M or t
, -,. !7

Its ow gnfl ulowtI

sioft uslibtof 180.
. ,di .WimrtUlmelanff TtMl

dep. prote th-.sertvice .
the big ci.t-.
ftsh d K ir ti w.Rb
t oto idon.tecif

S BIQaVtbtM. one

u 'aid pilots aungs-
Sad TTop Carrie
rAon mustI 'demonsai
:ate proficiency tn
Olobemaater at the
* of 180,00 pounds
are permitted lto fly
nt of thtt pe alr-

4 Pim Trees Jingle
T 4e PA Jangles
STmerow is Cbrsftu Day.
.. o' 'l s el The haMWA
SAnarfea will have a say off
| -aund, we hope, hane f I.
A* o, The Pahami American
wason be pubrhs toeas Mro.
Merry Chriema, and
Syan Friday.

lob, Act. i 14 '*
,The r anw- .Ae,, .. J' .
U.S. pto before' they o BONute w, I

e* the new aht. ecame t of ofhb-w. ,'n r
fectiVe.- w a oBteoa and oppe
SThe new: law made no major Defideru of the .a
change I rtquireentsa for tor- that the new law atuatly
eligners coming to the United allow iatreiae in the ae
States an tourists 6r temporary of Immrats admitted
visitors. Under the old laws they year, tcludingl many
had to declare they were not clauses which have been
subverome and weke not enter- cluded In the past.
Ing tU United States to com-
mit B acts. Pab ViCES
The c rran-Walter Act was

Jack Davis De

S. A. CoulMs- i
SJack Davis., a retired Army of th6 Esgi-ri
employes who every yea enter-
tains the children of New Arra- of the Poeomi C
Jan in Penama on Christmas 11 to
Day will aaln play host to oam qt .'T:5 tod a
500 .Ynn"ter8 tomorrow, Hospital, a victim
SDouglas wis ad
the hospital on Se
He Vias31 yeaours
-Balboa TiN
Davia 'lives in Arurajan,
and la well-beloved by the re- Thursday, De
eidenti there, is planning to feed HIGH
the "small' brood with a 10o:25 a. m.
sumptuous Christmas dinner 10:57 p. m.
and then will give each child -
a persapl gift. Friday, Dec.
The Ul-year-old American lIGH
throws 4he ann0al Chilatman- 11:89 a. m.
parties with his own Sunds. ............ /

i si
sol, A
it 60
of pC"
old. V
lee *5
c. 2S

:-. -
r::;.2. .' i' .,,- .:.* -

) ....... P as
I a- *0


W AlIn

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CL t.

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-" -' .,e
.*-*, ,,o *.'.*_

" *; *

-'* a


a MI a EIa


- ..n.. h '*

-. WANmeIOe ARIA. tO"Itle
S 7 H StAtRe 134 PANAMA. t. OP P
r rroLFpMha A NS N flr R7dn *B *ir
oSROm OFFClt. 1 '3 70 C N'Qai A ..A.' .. asent t2rH Nt ",3ln, riner
S'A I Marnntn Ave New bOM i'OR N YV

tse itsoI ** mn.--" msC



The Mail Box is n open torum to, readers of The Panama Amer
scee. Letters are received grptefullt and are handled in a wheolv genfi
deptial manner
S If you contribute a leltte don't he impatient i at iflesn I appeoa Ph
cent day. Lettfs are published m the ardes received
Please try to keep the letters limited to one eage lmagilt
Identity oat letter writers a held in strictest confidence
This newspaper assumes nc resporsibilih flo statement. -,..ri
expressed in letters reom readers
0 -

Of what should I write on Christmas Day.
When my precious child Is so far away.
Should it be of the Holiday bright and gay.
Or the snow covered roads we have today?
Qcr.-the Mighty Mountains Malestlc. Grand,
e Or the trees decorated by God's own Hand
Or'or our own bright Chrisimas tree.
With lovely gifts from you to me.
3r of the little birds that come.
To pick up every single crumb
Or the neighbors cat curleo at my feet,
Gently p'rring in his sleep.
Or the dog that comes to beg a bone,
Which once he gets is his very own.
Or should I write what is in my heart,
And remembering, let the tear drops start
I humbly kneel and this I pray.
God bless my child so far away.
P:ease grant her wishes grcat and small.
Bless her family, one and all.
Please protect her from all pain.
And bring her safely home again.
Thanks for this child you gave to me.
To love and care for tenderly.
Words can't express the joy in my heart,
Or the loneliness when we are far apart.
Thank you for this love we share, each one for the other.
But most of all I thank you God, because I am her Mctilr
This is my Christmas letter from my Mother.
Mrs. P. A. Carson
Rodman, C.Z.
(In Texas. That is)
Twas the nlkht before Chris'mas
In Texas. you know.
*Way out on the prairie
,Without any snow)
Asleep in their cabin
Were Buddy and Sue.
A-dream' of Christmas.
Lile me and like you.
Not but boots.
At the foot of their bed.
For this was in Texas
What more need be said?
en all of a sudden
,Th e out the st, einht,
ST cme suchr ckus l
is onlt t he me a foouht!
SAnd'! saw cross the prairie
I, Like a shot from a gun,
I, A loaded un buckboard
SCome on at a run.
The driver was "Geein'."
And "hawin'" with a will
The losses (not reindeer)
He drove with such skill.
A "Come on there Buck. Pancho
1 And Prince, to the right!"
U There'll be plenty of traveling'
For you-all tonight!
The driver in Levi's
And shirt that was red,
I. Had a ten-gallon Stetson
T On top of his head.
I As he stepped from the buckboard
.i* He was really a sight.
With his beard and moustaches
ih So curly and white.
As he burst in the cabin
', The children awoke.
And both. so astonished
The neither one spoke
And he filled up their boots
With such presents galore
That neither could think
Of a single thing more.
21 When Buddy recovered
The use of his jaws,
He asked, In a' whisper.
"Are you Santa Claus?"
"Am I the real Santa?
Well, what do you think?"
~ And he smiled as he gave
ai A mysterious wink.
|! Then he leapt in his buckboard
i AAnd called back, in his drawl.
toI "To all children of TEXAS,
i' Merry Christmas you-all!"



Orandma's trunk
Wu toD of tuck
and cluttered as the att
4 PA etlausMftedsd sM te u
to a banu attue addletl
.. .

,fh y t

every week

eveCr day -

I' ff PAntMA 4Maa ILAN carries MORE C.ASSIFiFID

49S de d oder daily papers in Panama combined!I

Labor News


George Meany, the man who
succeeded BiU Green.
Has brought labor unity onto
the scene
He's offered to quit to bring labor
peace close.
But silent indeed are his
colleagues werbose.
These men who so often can talk
till you're numb.
In one mass reaction have all
been struck dumb.
a a
While over in CIO ranks there's
a lad
Who also believes that division
is bad.
Like Meany he said he would
quit in a day
If unity could be arrived at
that way.
His critics all say he has nothing
to iy.;.s'-
pisan y.'to ffl

Yet things .b fast
some fear'by next aUmnsar
The Cabinet-Maker, who' called
in a Plumber
Will seek legislation so far to
the right
That labor wlil find It will want
to unite.
But this Isn't likely; as things
now appear.
Ike will stoa in the center.
refusing to veer.

After Phil Murray died quite a
rumor was booming'
That as his successor they'd
pick their friend Truman.
At this, Dave McDonald. the
steelworkers' chief.
Who was plugging for Haywood
just hollered. "Good griefl"
Till Harry denied it. it spread
through the nation
And gave Reither'slbralntrusters
nervous prootration.

There is one for whom Santr
Claus filled quite an order.
I mean John L. Lewis, now
south of the border.
His gift came from Truman, who
acted St. Nick
To give him one-ninety-a very
slick trick.
What matter to Harry. most
merry of souls,
That glvflg this gift will destroy
all controls!

There's a newly revised-yet an
old commie stunt,
A gimmick that's known as the
"popular front."
It's designed to keep muddy the
issue we face
And helo Russia win in the
global arms race:
Some liberals duped by this
crafty dit"nise
.Vind uo as a cover for vicious
Red spies.

The commies are screamrin
Hiss-terical cries
To save both the Rosenbmes
Soviet sptes.
In typical fashion they try to
But the issue is treason--ot
Gentiles or Jews.
Their names might be Smith ao
Dinato or Grew:
If they spied for the enemy"
death is their due.

Tis the night before Christmas,
another year ends;
I send Season's Greetings to in
of my friends.
To trade union members, thip
leadership, too.
And even my critics. 1 u
there are few).
To bankers and boum and
on the "Hill"
May this be a year of more
and good will.
And a special appeal to te'5
commies who fled:
Wherever vou are. der
comrades, drop dead i
(Copyrivht 1932 Post- titV
Syndicate ,JIn.) .




S flBy Victor RIesel
'Tis the night before Christmas
and problems galore-
From taxes to prices to mobsters
to war-
Coniront Walter Reuther and
George Meany too.
Which makes it so tough to
know just what they'll do
We can judge how respons!bW
these men will be
By the way they kid labo.
throughout '531
The cleansing of unions 1i
labor's own Job;
They ought to get rid of each
gangster and mob.
But the more they delay and
deny and Ignore.
The sooner that Job will be done
by the law. 1
If they want to win friends, and
have influence too,
This job, though it's tough Is
the one they must dol
There was no hesitation
expelling the Reds,
They used any ally-including
the Frds.
But wfat hidden power is so on
the job
To make them go slow in the
war on the mob?
The answer is simple: Do more
than denounce 'em.
Revoke all their charters and
speedily bounce 'em.
Still the stockings are hung on
the chimney, this vear
By dock unjon leaders on each
New York pier.
The.i Santa arrives-Mr. Big.
with a bag-
And fills up each sock with a
piece of the swag.
And you won't sae them pilfer
from this Santa's sled
For they know itf they did they'd
wind up lull of lead.

UN Staffers

By Per Edson
G- a.

1 i .

WASHINGTON-(NE.,)-lrDite of all the in- working ggalnst the best interehtsad the. Ti-A
.stigations, charges ad counterctearges, ifull The devloment of the Past threefand-rwhsil
story of the loyalty checks on American cltiepsa years Is E I the number has been -Imfa6ed to
who are employes of the United Nations ha Sot 40, of whb It 14 have been fired., ::
come out. Also M isA. Herve IiHere us heat of-ti,
passport vflti"l s in the: S
The question really goes-batk to .Il. wet the d Mee tu
United Naton ataff mwas first bog bMe hod WeKt
fov. James.Syrnes of outh-Caroe Was Boo-:ectiono-to allowing;ecertainfK
policy that thf e Unioted' StatN RIuM -
fere with the UN secretary general In the 4ploy- The apoe sturbin problem, however the
ment of-his staff. Americ tt Doy twg

.lzatiomym s,

or sensw wai to. air wrwiw'

thy whr moe 03* ttIe4 to
, < .. A i '

4;,-.E .i : .
Uway "":a l" t"

$ e"..4

-, r'..-W,
^** T *

5 1 -- .' -

to the organization meat poua u-v.e w V e o w
This was the way things stood for about three informant ion w kind. Thlm
years. other loharow 4tfon spu Lr
Then in 194I, John B. BEfibmn, a U. & sur a ftj -
diplomat. was named asail'Mt ubcretary rtw It was
in charge of United Nations atairs. He feanow in't ipe. h
considerable concern over questtonabe ll- tay Ge Lie has h
ty to the United States of a number of Amersu partm t. o is
citizens who had been named to the UN staff. VerbI, a n Dpartment aan
He had to take into acubt the restriction I rteto r tiat there to the
Article 100 of the UN Ch OaboVe.. etlo
the Byrnea teolecy of ,s 4fto ti eas
staff selectim. But it the for dimt
United States. as host n to TI. RCaO O
a particularly sensitive n. This country
was left wide open to po ting from forega been aha
officials of the UN. th9q State Dep
Fear -of this ubstan ht
the JudyColon-V abvM
of 1940. Oubitchev
ploed by the Uniteid ::n thir
in the United States, he wedowed to retn to nt them dissi -
As long ago as July 1 U S. Central this present* ,
telligence Atency fl= Senate Jud aI u se ploIL
Committee there ve00 o

S nouguro i Plans ..

By Fhd mal "ia.Cwhm

M t-r -1.... -C
.-.;.. -.K'-' ,

retto'.a Setu

years, ., d 11

trade port Ib
Rural parade stan
are made of t
the $3moon ti .
Why this Su

. :..

of tic
dav i

5 -r










94-.. '



.... .,*_

Blow, bugles of wars Ah m*ach nof pa&

e' tS, mrA amn soulh It de long buan! cease;

Sinsg he sor of groa joy the ag& began,

Sing.themSoryo .fQOandsofgoe witomaid

.-Jo henOreGnoa W stjer

", _;

- 'If'.FM.;
, Tt^


'*->, **

,. .I . .. ... .. ." ...-A M-i
1 .- 41-1

tiy P dc~sW Air' ~ Requiem Mass Cllege Who's Who
A"" : Includes Gotun's
ongt gu., Lo. so- Ann Newhard
$ mit, at. a Ann Newhard, daughter of Mr
Abee tahte of tun. has been included In "Wbo'a
&.U. N., i Who In Amrelcan Colleges and
SUM___ ,a .Z Utiversltles" at Colorado Statf
-u ll ACollege of Education where Miss
Sd U I R6* The U.S. Army has reduced &C- Newhard is a senior.
.- .ona.d.ed ..d 1 rident rates In operation of mill- She ia majoring In elementary%
..r Of g-vez- tary vehicles nearly 50 per cent education and is a member of s he hu w.i.t.t In fve years by requtring sol- the student c unell. AWS. choL-
Republican, Chairman t dier-drivers to stop every two and spur. the was graduated
ia he Senate V- what is hours for coffee and a 10-minute frnm Cristobal High School in
Committee In the ou a recent disg- rest 1949.
also Is Is Truan.

.:_ outgoing T, r m .n
In thedrive)to r the ents t get
Nations of, Ao"icanhon -
roeureg for. "W~

........0 .. he wm, met&* the, -Clemne'ralYOM
"it- We wold 1.anclb parent and pros.
.. .a a aaeen a a pe n present a d
Emilio Palomeras
... l ed U. '"u. .ce Q uera l n aid l h e en- C O LO N"tdOTa.100M 0A
7-..:o U.. -.. For the cming Holi m .
r ; ,budget he gld. "0t, V-E.
tiley ma d c Ine t tellf 21bonrtersea

9m thwwat m3FORD ACCESS0R1
wa.s th I.N. Luc For the coming Holi-
-a. Ism- howeres d coming Secretary 0la I c
recu b co lf rd.Y :d y e o e j s e
.- their n a be married of State John Foster Dul.tes.
at by W eenh le am! waitin
Tev.e. n .. s For ,.he p, r u,.o, days we have just re- *Mooei
SThe senator dated thatit
bt Voe. c enhower predably will not S
b un ad y hia van. 20 Serean r Fg T
IT, 0 4d a o n.- -)k of Stater~ c eihn n ewe st y le s i
ind a b uf fe a ddruss explainin., that the .'-SAT"O l
te r on the lnai al ech raditlonally AD
.. of eard.. ..t he said Wemower DRESSES ..... .
G-. T.,. ]Bep deoh. esVie. Way. said.hwe dayy weT ~ hav just re-

Swere: Chief sad tell Congress T e to I created hisa
bP"fie, Chief Pd howe n "y condtl s an I w n.Iot'
,,of0. the cf and the git sto VIMinany g re aAO sMA
s i ll foreign policy, foruan In beautiful A.DI SnEAM
ocaia and a t e support of the
-bou. Sn the United leateons." WIiTRInally
RMr. George -chiebe, Silk Rayon Cotton
Pali s.. st announce~ the b ~irt is .ro- Plenikn,o SilkepRayon eCotto
Pa~uI ..e Cl i" .: ': 1M4e .t ;a on Dec. 19 F t Coln -"hristian. Awake" by i
pr Elipitat The baby has been de will be sung theMe-d ."
aed erge Rbert, Jr. athem wit tradiona at reduced prices conditnionsr a
c Carols. the Ford DIder'sN
'- members of h w lg E Seics Rever-end M. A. Cookson wfi TO0UR FRND
___ A f ml n ,l~ Oh lt a ET e te dore tl p "U to Yo InTh ~l. ~.,t (A hauty Slun 7.95 10.95 15.95 CoapaI Molbes, ic.
A. !a of ur Saviour rh be prte SBunday evening AUTOMOBILE ROW
Aea; Csodb St. Ce 1-4 a t :00 pa.,' entitled "TheAB
-o-.,mun, ett by Ita d Coming of t AwaeChrst child" (MCA .) b PanamA.
o. iww Tihei bay .ha been ior The wi bell,.= tebs 677 A See
.is o d George Rfthe Jr. of anthem 1Tb rne Is cordially invitadt Blo prme rs
In~ ~ ~ ~ 45M -ng__V wi betol ator ,.~eiu.-79 09 59
al at C66

I I.- -

, a i.



S. A.

38 A'itolie Row Phones 33190 3-3191 P.O. Box 3122

Mnoces wit pleasure their appointment
; a p ': ":. "
F -7 M __ 1 __L 1_L ....

cxc/usive -wisrraibuors

-----~II~~~-~---..~ ~~~~.-~.~ .~ iil.-.-l.~~ ..-~-~.--- --...

_ _il__ ~I

: :

..~ ....


B .- -'x, ,.- .' .-:_ ," ** ''" y ''-.
'" .. '"'', -* \ "'" ... : r.: ....'
A"s '.. '".. '.: *' -. '% .* -, '*. ** *
,; y : ; ^ -, Z *- V O L ,

..0 ,,. .,-.' .. .. ,-. .. ,.. .



o quick business :liveries!

. t of parts tires and tubes!

, T -'4 P
', .'- !
.,' *- f

"'~f~ ~:




'C .i i_ n d

-W mt sCity adm
'. -.' l ; ^ : ;.- .* -
". -.. ; '.'.,.-"-' ;,. .
'.. -,.' '. -.-.

-, -- -- ', ..A.

Zone of




(all models)

Gift fI your son!

f'.*'-- TO PARAA -wam AN An

SCalifornia Onion Court Officials
,-Recipe Makes Good _. Have Difficulty
Solidav Side Dish Have Money Troubles Hr;a.D fc
or the Christmas turkey, or; Pronouncing NOme
a'nv other roast fowl 0"i
t. small white oniot bRted CHICAGO. Dec. (UP) Amer-:irnm developed in 1950. finds LOUISVIB L,' Dec. 24 (UP) -M D
white win' or hoiulllon. are' ian cities in defense project a-!tri.t estimated costs of individ- Alwoman filed a suit against a
idel side dish. This recipe ,ires are facing severe financial uo) projects have' risen from 10 ri1estin effeyson Crcuit Cort
es from California. r;ifficultties despite federal a.:- to 25 per cent Driest in Tefferson Circult Court
from 'l-trnce, according to the Amere. charling, hb failed to es-
Onon lioniance, acMu ord al to the Amer- tablish a ev rch on property she
is.(Serves 5 or 6 ) e.rl H. Chatters, executive dl- RUTH MILLE11 ys.... tra e I
rPetor of the association, said Court ffla d some iff
4 Two pounds small white nn.- mny cities In these areas are --- In totonc^ andrecord- I !
12 cup canned condemned I. n ing trouble in providing ade- ..Never take a woman for ithe dep no n n dlrlod
tNever take a woman for in@, the N -t name and l t

lon- or con som me. cl^wtc munile 8outhr thes Wester l-
ilne or otoer white tRbl' "Att municipal lervete. granted. Your failure to corn- address: Ka amuwe Gam-
rnk or adrithr~ white b" "At the mi i icipal level there ment favorably is likely to be in- A0, Arige r Suitipsla. alias
or addito I oisniversalgroaning under the terpreted as disapproval." Gaile Bhlikkh Anurflddha. of
illon or cons%. T me. I;'es.hure of higher prices and Those s.IjLing words of wisdom Shl'adaramaya in Meddemoda of
g1ted butter or mLrqprifl I from below, and the un- are addressed to "bosses" who sgsm-Pattuwa in Alith-Kurn RCELBh AND 535 VRIE
,.,Ibespoon preparedrl mustltrd Ii ylelrinp weight of the inflexible have women employee and are Korole. South of the Western
tahlespoon suaar. 14 cun mepled -rvenue structure above." he included ina pamphlet "How to Province in the Island of Cey-f .
ttter or mararine 1 tie- sad Handle Women" put out by the on.
eon Drenared mustard 1 tA- Ir. the few communities most Research Institute of America. gO .e
Fthrsoonn suear 1, tepsnoon Wnr- -frricted by large-scale military They could just as well be dl- Mrs. Vlo4ltta OQinthetr sued /5 A10eI.A
Srectorshire qiic.p 14 teaponon oa- installations or new atomic en- reacted toward husbands. In fact, the tnili fbrreeovrv of the pro- -
7r'"-'. salt to t1'te er:?v plants, the effects are "ca- they should be. Dcrtv he claimed she transfer-
WA.h anwd -Pel onions C'nmhine t irl'smic." he added. red to hhim,1',,48- without re-. M t&A
S" ,io. bOnI-iln and wine or "x- H( cited the plight of Augucta. Because if husbands kept that calvin bany'ioment for it he he .
+ r hotlilon in a saureo'ln- brino Lia which, alonc With Alken bit of wisdom always In mind aFe he had Identlfied himself to N
to.. hoil then rover and simmer tar1 North Augusta. SC. Is feel- they would not only have hap- hers a'qenAr lTecretaryof the AAL M IiO'
fr 25 to 30 minute' or 1Int "n- Inp the impact of the Atomic pier wives and happier marri- I itrnatlonal "ituddhlist' Stdy MR LA R
fit onions ,re tender. Drain on- Energv Commission's Savannnh ages. they w, uld be far better off cree.
o .tngs nd olhe in P chp'lnw 'k- river hydrogen bomb project themselves. ________ __
in' r;ish 110- 8 2! inches i Mix The '*rea has had to absorb For it is the "unappreciated"
r4emininr Inyredl ent 5: Dour 40000 instruction workers and wife who Is hard to live with. COmmUnISts Seize
Sevn'lv over onlorfi theh dependents. No matter how she reacts to a
,- Bake unenvered in a morde- deep feeling of being unapprecl- .
e oven (36n derreet F' for 3n Tne mnvor of Anuusta report- ated, it isn't good. Insect Collection
omntes trni- and heqtinf on-' :q n 'rentiv that the citv needs Some Wives seem to lose their
,r onerasionallv ;$5 ?50.n00 in expand water ant sparkle-and become drab and Ot French Prie s
Another eonr. I"ept'strpet ol;qver facilities. But thp citva depressed. -
-pep aPrd small white onions p-P>nimum bondlng ability for
''to'mhined thesr purposes is only $ non00 000 JEALOUSY CREEPS IN RONQ KONG. (UP) Father ALLil O 0
v The citv also needs $200.000 fo" Adolh Buch. 87-year-old French
Peas anrI Onion" Dulanv coltal peoenditures on a jail Others get the idea that .if Catholic mucsionary, s ent much
(Serves 6i .>- nt raffle control system. 20 their husbands don't seem to ap-. his appre time in 48 years in -~g6- gR. OW "0K... w
d irional policemen with new predate them, they must not be China bufding up an insect col- O'vCU IN I itID
Cook fro7pn pep asrrnrdlner toe Polpment and a new fire sta- loved, and they grow jealous and loetioi, only to have It confisca F WITH MY BOY OeNDW
dirreti"nc on arcknae and iti '" ti,, with two new numbers suspicious.
pro- timp ccok one r-n sm'l rChatters said eity blilldinq Others take a hard-boiled "So t when h left the ounty. F, ENDATHW WITHi
i% cnons until tender. (PeP- Pnd" rruQrms have been slowed by what?" attitude. They make tp Communist police at the Hong a
connlns myv he cookeri tne.eter tne defense effort. Many cities their minds that if they aren't to konig-China border toot the in-
Prrn'i both and enlhline Pour ha,. been hamrtrung. he said. get appreciation they are going sects away from him, telling him
ovw:r them twr tablesnoonq of b.' l,hortages of certain mate- to get everything else. They are that if he took them out. he
tuttpr or margarine melted In 1 risr. the extravagant wives who spend would just "give them to the
cur heated .holp milk p SP n Drnver. onlo. planned an off- and spend. Americans. who would sehd
nwith salt and black pepper to street nqrkine roiect in 1950. Women have many ways of re- them back to China full 01 -
Itste arn, while waiting for two venrs acting to ti1e feeling of being un- death-dealing germs."
f( r materials to become avalla- appreciated and every one of
INewsurint Shortage hle the citv has seen the rcost of them makes the wife difficult to firing hts years at Ningyo on
BIRMINGHAM. Ala. *UP- the project rise 25 Der cent. live with. China's east coast of ShanghaS
Frank J Bradley found in his Ins Anreles reported that its Faaer Buch said he had tollent
y pther's effects a copy of the cr.n.struction costs have increas- So for your own sake, men. f ed ner uncatd he haloued or rlle
1fallv Citizen of Vicksburg. Mis. ced 26 per cent in the nast two not for your wives you would be mrietlany uncatalolued or r
dated Thursday. July 2. 1863. The ,-ars. while hi Detroit they have smart to pay strict attention to vrbueties of insect and had con-
it tsue told of action in the War "risen 16.7 Der cent. this gem of feminine psychology t ed many of them abroad to
Between the States. It was print- Milwaukee. engaged In revis- "Never take a woman for grant- lintitutlons in. the United State 1001S AND HER BUDDIBM
ed on walloiper. ine permanent improvement pro- ed." and EuroM



anun oun'Cal


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, rc

: _. ...

Degga Degga Kaow

-* 3
. X T


Why was December 26 Declared a Holiday

For the Canal Zone?

Obviously to facilitate your seeing

the display of the new big 1953 Foid

Tel.: Panama 2-1033

McMillan & Eagan, Inc:
Tel.: Colon 446



Ready to Pursue





* **.~i* V


Thick Friendship
" OFF.l

h I-


-R2 alABDMil SO8E w:h-

"T m ."


I flIl~IVAZ. -

I -

Can't Resist

~( MW" I

. a. *e

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r., f7 nT77

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.;A.' .
M -;i ....r. ": -

""- --'"- "." -a.p .".-4.,--"r
'.-- a .' : -


1944b '64
E-. bCfra.

th I

o Ixi Woun a .
Sraft 2M,

biSae'te -c
.p.m. to I
Sue Tovrace C
pS will-'
Jpm by. -ta I

Weal Lowrie1
by. _pAne, on I
e Nw York 1
*mam Hoil-
. -Al1en, J,, '

IWtalea one 1

a rttd ins e. e Wroue

g aody M Mt Ea ll l a -

1t oMst 43 yetrs. t o .BONE CHINA
,s ..ce tmi4nWday -

ta ld Wnfl .o*-
the NBotoa en. II, W
mt.uttm. between his Worculer
itarn to home and Babtcambrldgttijo PANAMA COLON
ei past 43 years. -

-, O..A

*. *<

l f -. "at \ i Ia Ii "-. "
-^ "* "* ."" ..., ."* .,..'
*:^s ^ I\ 9, j


- 4 .

Paris azoror coptures

the spirit of Christmas

with its ea4site ,1-



to aU our friends and customers

rmp d ... .
t:; res arf of 42 st TalI dipse

Aspects Loc Waterwoy
.. V.
BM.,t.eb.S :'so -'to *' "t YOXR (UP) The nei
.tot-l W *ealipe of the sun will
o ra n the United stats on
,ea.. Smi ,j~e jw .d an, of Cslfornia. Puboj; e 0 1054
h( bi Sel MeCut: 1Coduct a a i
V eatigatalA& ition of Eduation, The path along which the
lff S rSSSs-t'wotl"*m t., -of World Wareen VeteraJ n "willtek aeg to
t anut will t jWrld r wirl set tocover
..d S. sn, thereby pbduih a.tot
cranoa Sed, e at, o eclipse, will start as the aturo
SilE o d 8need, Democrat, of ine I ninn othe ln Mebrall.
IPublic r ls Com- e it w noh to in a nosrl-

r Of Columbia Co mitte t and St. Paul), northern W -
rti daayhckrs. yesterday .companidby .es. Tall a
.e Mtno -st"el Aa t complete at of t o lfe p a b ba eba k.n and the u ber Mich
f,,,,injp tbel at a h rraifte tdne peninsula.
1 .? V r e r l eg a t t h e ir p a r t y U .hoe l
ft. -nx ts, brer state. theYe e wo Cn n, h v-.r aven Alter crossing Lake SuperOr,
4WN ralla it heairlr ebtsez Mk wli t
"Y v11.iewltrvs, ee s int t nosthe
d then an verLabrado1e. Green -'
S' i's trip to the aLthmuas" eollow: ater if I~dhd the p lant ie laa e.
Now Rep Howard H.w ipeos d anid. mie nthe Labrador r nd
-aid .-. ,3 Dia. Go .. _en of Ti e.ts, ab v hTri na .ot _1

1/ v et oatar Coward Htat idt, RezWtata que- .dJ Nra S-

ych 'h\al, -h1from p reNew"aptlan ml e iP.f ,wt& o U coOtB Ca n, aRnln. ,ai al mI
S.i res, plylane t rs. Bev er rly and MarY ee. 24(UP- ds M
Several llizabeth. A,.o i rDaie antl-freez drink- The path is abut 60
l; dl slin a-i b al Western Penitert- Nebraska and Increase
...." "Ap -.: L, (B ob) ltrtletp Imos t b i.' h life second out 94 mils in the
D.p 'legate to CoLr trfBob) WtLtht m PreWt *tn 48 hours today, where the 'eclipse occaut

hsn Ue. a. r'i os.'s 12un8;81at l6g. dhC16i* hth prison hospital Minneapolis lthe toa!a s
be,'friendsAalnib iducedbY curs- soon bfter sunriseandw ney, left, of Radismon, Wis., and ROb P. West, of Chlotte1
Sfluid le a and 17 et give ist to a sparrow wh de forced
.od al;a oe of ch JaoamiPlutehan&&
Mr. rtle .fthed t about a minute the U.S.S Toledo, while the lp was shllin the
.n -hom d Ques'ughtebrs. Ann and Rusan. e. Dr. John Whl tin Ontario andnearly KoreaOOd warmth, and indreored the t Caio-- r Crmed BIsorIes two t S OM e were IlI from .

-sa st det 34 r .ly b piva n tbD at to ddetrat the na out
6 L rla0.S x Aires arrived'; b, Mrs. P5 ere unable
'is--"i, s #, recently by plane .. to d tmufir 1pT: te Imat
ot t L bo r zeutosed t iswerques-
0 1 1 by MirAD
7. .p ha AEC To'Bild
Deem~bb. T .' In

fe*%awaut WinterSn Sand De a QJ'yil PInt To Cs
th -will be paent-1 '
qae sran eon B a a s Belaa.s

CO .o oethe nterta isV n Of Mining (Uranium

qjj m'z_'blild. of-W n Dec.T24 (W)-Th Atomie $nor- (
nwM infshen imtt- .Oml 'ad .theAq
'""" $1Cy'O.V2a Jon
..1.o__ ',10Md Keitaled 00 UM e u0n
...awana:Xr, M ud' Xe- "qUaPilot plant tonwfondratA

1__ t.a .. --.. Y 0 _'60 A 'a&ra ReR. .rjfesaou M. Maahrowiln f rt.X'Ak sm cPherion, "ct,
'1.-.D of .i c,,. OitMot. Public inmanages of the AEC's*Op rattpnaK
WorS r lkt.Re, IsisaoA.- 'f flee .bare, said the plantin

.r..'- noo.r',Commodoe-lect W H raniied by Mrs. M chrowioa acid be in opntloti b.
"etg'm... W the' and Mt. their two sons. Ted D o4.D ,. Marth 1. 195w.: of' wMacPherson said the plant's
Of.- u-ter i&d i.. amjtoa*S0c0 P..'.R.W oin wdu14 be tO "demon-
atXJS o a w, l u,,- ,dt trIe on commercial. al tin
toca' Ocon e Il dla st sii rb eii, blUtles for I stibstantlally
-al. e--Thb ,ufthteecoatrofemirsncoura-lA M erky
-0 ~g',, ;l'Ol (I(Pin t l UE.noEde"Jr., erry-Christmas
SN.., .Various. priced re

-... I- .- tg 5 tiIa. ,re, p lwduled td be "carried .out
VthePmew pant, the announce- -
.. sai:d -. .

S < .e e ne t r. a I c v p 1517

.%,%. v .-A

s i r

Santa suggests a' lifetime gift for this Christmo a;,

Tye wr it as e.

-Typewriter -

r, ,.

"with ,

-:.; .. .



=... -
' -. #


0~-. *'.
'-I Al



S-:.- ;- a; -
'* -

-a k 'A u
a ".U" aa F
^ ~ ~ '....* .*r .-i
; ,'-t ..*-i *. -
." .> ** : :, ^..- '
;1.- A



*, ..**- ,.
'. -- .
Afimwmna A-.

.. ;.-a.'- .. -.,

- 4'_~ _~~_~

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-a, 4
- F

-- *,A15-J. a--a--a,

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_ L I___~ill__

-r-r~ ~: ~~


', ..
(*1 T:

. ".. x
i4 .



I .

rtHi PANAMra AMRIUCA)' aRE V tIu iTt

A -j -

You Sell 'em... When You Fell 'em thru P. A. Classifieds!

I.t are' ouvu Ad with one of our.Agents or our offices in No. 57,- "H' Street Paimi
No. 12,179 entural Ave. Col6n

-Lewi, ernife
No 4 rivoll Are -Phone 2-22H'1 ana

roirth of luly Ave-Phone 2-0441

Salon de Belier Americana
No. 55 West. I;tb Street

-. : : .- .. ,. J,: .>. A:
^* '-- -*. .** ,' -f 3

* -' *' 4
3C' 0,

~ AAr

Carton Drug Store
10.059 Melinder Ave.-Phone Colon

Propaganda, S.A.
Agenda Itgthaicional de Publicaciones .*." Street oroer studiate st.
No 3 LotLery Plaza Phone -31 Phones 8-3814 and 3I-79l1

3c. ich addi



A., H,>,,hohll
prfSALE:--25 cycle automatic re-
cord player, 7-8 RPM, only ploys
t .-'12 inches record, gqod condi-
o,-Sor+, Phone 2787, Balboa.
FOR:SAL:-.Mahogany dining table
* 14 hoirs, ike new, $70.00. No.
' '0:;43rd Street, side door.
FbkR ALE:-5 piece bamboo living-
Soom set, 1 settee, 2 arm chairs, 2
tables. Exceptional buy at $50.00.
.PPhone 2-4130. House 1423-A.
., -Corr St.. Balboa. _.
FOR SALE:-Swedish modem small
"tilhing table and coffee table; 1
'"tor' lamp. Curundu 2243, all,
'.. MiseellaneouS
WANTED-Modern apartment, Bello
'Visto, two bedrooms, etc. January
'15: Write FEY Esso Standard.
Aportado 3135, Ponami.
7butg' American Cbiuple 'desire vo-
cation quortors, furnished aport-
ment or fhished room, beginning
1, Jan., *. 'Phone Pedro Miguel,
4-520 4fter 5 p: m.

Position Offred
WANTED:-Experienced Paonoamn-
ion (bilingual l salesman with
driver't, license. Apply in person
wth reference to: Agencioas Eus-
tace Lee, S. A. 9081, 8th. St. New
Cristobol, Colon.

Christmas Cusloms

To Be Portrayed


FOR SALE -New 1-'52 Ford onl,
1000 miles save over $200. Warti
to buy Victoria. Cdco Solo 8584
FOR SALE -1951 Oldsmobile 4 door
Sedan "Hydramatic" Transmission.
radio new tires. plastic sectcovers
excellent mechanicGI condition,
duty not paid $2.100
Smooeet Predes S. A.
Buick Chevrolet
dan seat covers, radio, new tires.
FOR SALE. 1950 Black Buick
Roadmaster, 4 docr sedan, radio
and tires very -good condition
Duty free 795-B. La Boca road
phtoni 2787, Balboa.
FOR SALE: Chrysler, practicolkl
new, 7.000 miles, leather, W-S-
W. radio $2.500. Agencies Pan-
amnicana; Tel 2-0825, Panama
FOR SALE 1950 Nash 4 door se-
excerient mechanical condition
duty nor pa.d $1,450.
Smoot & Peredes S. A.
Buick Chevrelet
FOR SALE Or trade lSl Cadi-
lloc Coupe DeVille. Like new.
5333-C. Davis St., Dioblo. C. Z.
FOR SALE:-1950 For-CUs.tom-Tu
dor. Excel~pst condition Rediq,''$.
" 10000. C.h be financed. .Coall
* Balboa 4165.
f9R SALE -4 Door buick, excellent
condition Must sell. Very theap
Leoi ng Isthmus. House e 50Yth
St.. BeJil Vista, or call Balboa 5178
ofter 6 p m
FOR SALE 1951' Koiftr 4 door
sedan, leather upholstery, W-S-W
tires. excellent mechanical condi-
tion duty not paid. $1.550.
Smoot&e r PeeAe S. A.
Buick Ckhe rlet


D.o 0 haese iehsiklaq probele
W4lbAlsihehes Aeemwse*am See
4ag0 Antes C. 9
:P I Veterinary Surgeon. Via
P *tn'.No 42. Tel. 3-2113.
DR. WNDEHAKE. Medical Clfync.
iJst W Streat 140. Between
"'J'. Ind.'K'" atrt. t, hone 2-3479

-;O F 5ALE.

FOR SALE! One Iran Safe, 67"
high, 36" width, 31" depth.with
inner steel doors. Apply Balm De--
Abate 6029 Balboa Avenue, Tel.
475, Colon.
FOR SALE: Piano upright grand
excellent condition Magic Chef
gas stove, refrigerator Coldspot.
Sears kerosene range, girl's bi-
cycle, youth's bea, stroller, baby
crib. Phone 916, Colon.
FOR SALE:-Radio transmitter Power
Supply, 1600 Volts DC. 25 complete. Also Meissner VFO
NBFM. Phone Coco Solo 8584.
FOR SALE:-Live blue and red Ma-
cow, $10.00. 46th St. No. 34 up-

Army's Christmas
(Contibued from Safe 1)
at'Fort Sherman, only these
dined with Company A. Buat
Bdtttallon, 170th Eng. Amph. Sup.
Ret Meanwhile. Company C of
:-e same battalion bought nlne
food baskets which they turned
over to the Church of the Imm:-
*..IfPttk rflnni-antinn Jk- rJlnqtrcik.j


Williams' 6,eBt lqBeachtcottag.
2 e.b e menw e#1 Iration,. Rock-
gao rangeqf @. 2-3050.,
SGramich Gl Clare bph-
cotat. e boxa. s
6-441 4.56 Pedro MiJ

Ca tlo $Snt lrr, Dance music by
Casino Ace~. No reservations n-e
cessary. etsg oy and Sunday.
PHILLIpS- inside Cottages.'e
aG~y iu n Santo Clara within%
0MY from all Cdtta C.-s
t boc' Rock GOs, reffrat
bedAcuw and shuffle boo Pan.
am J.;1877. MagqgrI 1.673.
Box No. 435 balboo.

Iwo and five room uniihcd and
unfurnished apartments; private en-
closed gardens. 8061. 10th Street.
New Crist6bo Telephone Colon
FOR RENT:--Furnhed rooa for bal
chelor. Villa Corolyd Apt. 1. ThreA'
houses before RaceWTack.

Bahoon HmryT Man

Socks Sata's w

As Kids Cry 'Io'

S onceponori.i uu uii iiuu- PTI'TrBURQH, Dee. jp)--
A=l hrist Church OR SALE--Kelvinotor, RefI Lio nlUtoRr Leion. a
6 t 60 cyclent Re f n Over on the Pacific Side. al-e noa and a Sen jaw b .
Th cis ldre c Call Balboa 1978. a!one accounted for more don-- laiUhed justalm merry ma
The children of the Chun .. tons and more recipients. The today In h Me as&=
School of Christ Church by-the- OR SALE -* burner gas stove Palo Seo Leper Colonv recelvea Clau
"-, Colon will present 'a a- good condition reasonable. 2141- loneY an rd clothing from Hed-a avia wh d
IkeaSt entitleden _"Chriea K B.Curundu. 83-5244w
Many Lands" tomorrownigiht at tFOR SALE -1951 Oldsmobile "88 craft Artillery Group: A and B childrenupAan8trai front da'
7310 in the Church. in perfect condition House 334. Bitterles. 903 Anti-Aircraft Ar- sperm 6 t
T.)e pageant will portray the Pedro Miguel. Tel 4-635. tillery Battalion: and C Battery. "01e 3 balloon'' demin.

tei omuants! editions ofpada o in doT ot "e n-. d ,an Then
Rcms. uchayin the pine bouas ALE SALE ~e e i4th An1-Aircraft Art ll rry ed Mqlv. d i"Hi, h
for Christ to follow In Finla, eoe Battalion. Church collections at -Sorry, "aid jol
ptlad, thdecoratinas the Christ- Nylon and leather uplsty rt a Citened as Ca- Suaty ma beeatn tg pSBat
tr?nd, lesins te binseltia not paid, excellent c-idl-ion. -- lu'a f prm some of thesa lo na ule d Waiua t

E ta r b A 1p r umle Ch r .- S iBo fo Fn b 2 ut a ed aW er vO _
un tor choir under the directing n. 3 houed op, curet. Thollec ons were ppOs WHe's bt a hook to Santa's
ot e. Norman bLairde, cd .Coset 2900 new. w .iA turned to the Corozphal nator- supe arket g him. Then he
the babies in Italy, placing* bt,-. Bk w ie Aso aluo receded helpless Santa whoa sh
bths outside for Khe Cada i 8-8 C tent from the he2nd Machine ground.
.hool, twho a powl nake bou: -s I eeords te Por00 Amador at tc n creamed. "Help, help,
for Christ to follow in Finland. i Avtlo de Nuestra ,Wora Orphan- the bad mans beating up Santa
littlnrthe Chrstmns candle 11 RHow Molor atee. Panama City, brlhtneds b h Clu.P
ermany, bly e iss Sythe poins e- t from thhe Rteaintal Head- PolUce auled Walbert off to
IMzcot raiin CFCCUistestSte, ong 2.2 Ft. FtloW24msrters Company 33rd Infantry Jail where he was charged with
t wth e Floried Cros, Mfico bb M Tionius Ha Regm ent. ort Obba.e them Inc Inurisot
fi mbrt Elvia nGittens Ml r- iExh ellent Bcondition. V ej. gifts an 100 u th s a But Davis reported for work
Wmranc Mrs. Myrtie BratinlS wr.. boa. C Z 1Mora and bowls from the Savern L ,hrtl days ago. pa-
.h.W. .. Itate-y b- M Gs rn CI-ih the _Uni Sta-, to be n
1 will be furnished bSALE-I they had managed to ed a his beard repaired.
jnio r choir under t.he directicf K- nLE H nw ou, a--- hJeal manhralanaCas iOU
of W Normane L rd.i Gr Cost $289 0 new. WiPl sell tucdaa over to the orPhlm ae, supermarket manager Mr
rLhe pAeant wator and I.rt t-ne- Cotal C2-229. Quarry s e Asilo va o received a csh Ha thr.
th teachers of,. the Chuto'Cr He-gt. c 83-5128 ,CD ,t,.relent from the 62nd Machine
-.Shool. who will takI &:. Records UniLt Fort nador and m E Poole
lthe present. at. .ard and Jeand Iramrl. e- el othir a and food from Ch.n-Mrs. S. I .rooler
te reen ted. b b, bineby b1s MoFra a fro Fort mdr obbe after
Selle Hearens Judith Ahon- ad CorOarGva
AbeO ?.. riTe7 Ct ..... a no Josee Marednd ., ther orphaned rancl-
CQ. Claud Marklsud and JaSU :,:'-. T.he e Alma a .... u,--- Cit "reh lr' ChVista and O1 treet Syl.via Ruby and E!riai "- -- -. .. .Cri ',etoo.V

Snthe became te adoptedhaes bdth- |rs Mary X. Pooek. 7L4, 6in
Oe. ^^^rni bci-I. -'ri M .. .. teet cash do t te menis. the fornur nof t eheir Rit Albmt i o t
bmSibl.^ w Eh ie :Me ^ i' -co 0b Mss, lTherm', tUn port Alator, whuro ot h oy urch it nJri af
b"&,itmbh" Elva Gittzensl MefrI(,: with h-i BarnetV. -'th-latter eM churches a r F riafMll butaide of'.--he.hre

Fne Wle Brrsiilo irr.hEdna MozMan I rknlThe322ot&M d th e ehSnaea a ako.

1 hererlame k'-cith the Unitf T 8a fs by pm t nmt h Hbecme

=Chi also paf for a bedlt al yC tyrece twe
!ior and Haarry Thomps-s.n; Wood&. -Patris McN3l,.. ad-% Dtah %0 h dosrter nd .i. oiv,.. .@n, Of
Sb Mr. He, P~-wld ad James Ottled ioeato oa- a tle td I nhr.. f m
RM Wk elceh d S Ba ftta I Breceis ed thratruck
VOL. Armando Ta.%lor anj LjeWt- Fn fes wt n Cetan ia .lIM Sheets.-c ass. -)lUs tuan.- od and lothin f-ou r
S. .. B. Later _art .aChristmas part p"mad .dinner.
SMaPi D i .a o R baked ham nd all thsFi Kobbei- culmlnation
S "I I Ta e 75 gils frOm the an ,alow mawihdowlng deigh .child =e Qt,

S\ IFortC layton. who not only Nof tm h ofet A
aII kw-.ases for each bed ,ndlHeadquarter-.and H .---

.,s-ra t work and paintedthe.TheIII r i rd
icirp'manaaaes kitchenThe3p1
needed Jpoiration of a ittle I.'lfta1

Thanks to the men of the 4 eth 1 o lpo n
Reonsnaissance attal ort
Cliiivom. thechildren's ward at ti hrotm

teti there to the

a C-t.1

-PRO ES iP "

It cOSts 019 ore t
and beautify 801Cr

with -.."W

. a.





For s .-in vals
owr abw now SI


1 I ,.

.V Vi

... -
..:: .-._ ...: ?'

-*.,'rif ,. ,

.7 .il

hold ExchanD

Itaofii lv

' .

I.u .


er cr

M 'r .

W .." ',

n ar

'11 -I
*. 11' "***

O .F ,


Maw Ba eay simw mS
iy- p d w i mb
U,-i m dw m hu
yVM so ,,ibV im

tJassums ~aunem

' '. ,-^

,.,: */ .

_s___ I~___~ ___ ~___ II______________~__1_7~_

. 3

.,. ..


' '?;.., ..,]q

I;." p 'ods -. ,, --.-..-.-





- 1








Iul Christ-
curlaUbs in
atod ,auf
eoplllt by &
tB neoner- '

WUUW M.FIU.| uti= wair
wat" phrases he used in a
ar It speech.
d cited four sources of sim-
hrfing in a letter to the
I leader, whd replied
th7his embassy in W*ash-
S r
. Churchill Is not conscious inspired by-any
S Ma)- 1i o a wh

, sweat and tear-wrnga
.-why? fot rent" Th
d n a des tion o
1's economy after the Na-

o a y. said: ."I o
op sweat or blood.'

esAd Couple

fn Jo re'
s- ev ki...a. v. ^
Sb.hopes sbh domld behave

I'ffie.m .har n *wAj up a,

I. M.UwU. i- uawS n
b"r Inplaied abo, thom,.. I SI
Jot moved 'to S. nw pating

Mpeek said the.. car
uasuh, wax out-
eat. cc pt a. t

dboe t, ,
". bai6wed the
con facilities
S plant and
~tber, how-
t l MUer has been llv
tnt ar alisf. McPeek said
h id- *a}oled and even
urtilirly threatened her-but to no
i.blllxv she decided she would
have' to have some place where
sile eouid take care of her hill-
band and decided on furnished
. "Bhe's very nice, very cleaAt
asl very alert," he said. "It
$Ould have done no one any
%Wd to have made. a fuss about
as long as they didn't cause
"I guess they lust can't afford
ftfe four or five unfurnished
rooms they need for their furni-
ttqre Not the way rents are th"e

4f ai man et'
scine, he usL

We Acly hope that this Chriitmas
y o will receive 'a full shaue.of
ltieftg pod health aad ponw.

(Ju*:,Pround the.corner of "J" St.)

- ~ -


S Cotoni Fash With Twofold Purpose

THM CHCED DENIMb by Judy and Jill (rWglIt)etelBnue story with the matching bolero on, and
another with It off. Without the jacket, there's ,a .ruffled bodice that's dressy and feminine, a
fine foil for the black and,white checked skirt. A,halter top of broadcloth leftt, in the good
company of Gretta Plattety's quilted dimity ski rt, makes a lot of fashion sense.
i S


------------;---- ------ -;-


You'll say Ford's stolen the show

for the 5th year in.a row!

You'll say those 41 "Worth More" features

are really something!

You'll see why Ford's worth more when you

buy it ...worth more when you sell it!

This '53 Ford will "spoil" you for any ordinary car. For an amazingly
low price it gives you the long, low, massive styling that will
set tomorrow's trend. It gives you a choice of flashing V-8 or Six "GO."
It brings you a new Miracle Ride without sacrificing easy handling.
Then, too, among its 41 "Worth More". features you'll find
Center-Fill Fueling, a quality-design Crestmark Body, a big curved
one-piece windshield, suspended pedals. It's easy to see why
this Ford is worth more when you buy it... worth more when you
sell it .. why it brings you a whole new standard of driving.

r, *.


W' .'i|

?' ,,t .

we r
?'e-" Ye r



.flmmu-7 7
it ; .-j, d.
hubtf, '.*h'.i--'

Eml"P- l' .
V~, em

SSee it.

I. .

',-. 2.
- .'. i" ..

.. Value Check it...

Test DrAe

it at yer

Ford Daler's

iD -1 i!Po3 JL)


h' ::..^ ,,. AT ^ "-


,-a .,. ', '-
i .IB .:,a. :- *' ... .-.... *'g. .


SI heavy sigh. she
r th years fo
b-"to beat hih rents

"1 *' )"

n .hi.bint .l I.r ubnWd to ..mwi Sm il, .

Filipinos Ready To Observ

Christmas In America Sty.
MANILA, Dec. 24 (UP) Fili-
pinos, young and old alike, ob- branches) come from. ChrlNa
serve Christmas as one of their trees ae decorated in the
happiest holidays. ican style.
When the long summer begins During the "sinbang gab~.'
to end with the approach of De- onn. bands go around tha,
member, Filipinos are often heard playing loud tunes to w
&i say they already can "smell" upople for mass. After
Christmas. They mean that the nurch-goets repair to d
Christmas spirit already is In the public squares where
.atmosphere. It is. hsve rice cakes cookie
This Is especially the cape ,Ch'coal fires. The c
when the "sn b a n g gabl" chased down with tea ofaJ
(church-going at night) begins. mare of water, sugar and
There are nine of these night Christmas is not only a
(actually early morning) masses, caston for gift-giving but
the last and most resplendent reliions. In the case of-
being the midnight mass of Dec, .ren, and many adults as
4025. Christssr s means nice c
his mass is the climax of the loti of good food and all
igious side of Christmas ob- of iesents.
ance. Church bells r in g Even the humblest ft
roughout the land, proclaim- manage to have more th .
the birth of Christ, and the usucl amount of food at
hful forego sleep and flock to mnar time. Ham, cheese,
urches.' and other delicacies not
SChristian people since the on the table of the modest
18th century, and predominantly ly are a must on Christ m.A
Catholic. the Filipinos stick tu Children especially ea!
ime-honored tr a d iti o n in Cbristmas because it is
Ohbristmas observance. Besides day they have lots of Dock
the "simbang gabi," there is the ney. They call on their p
"helen," which may be found dis -I (odfathers at baptism or AM|
played in many homes. This is a Irniation and close rel
tableau depicting the birth of the who give them gifts, ineiRJ
8.Sviour in Bethlehem. cash. 1
Many households also have -' -- --
Christmas trees, which became ,WHITMAN., Mass. (UP).
tashionable after the coming ol Whitman turkey farm is sp"R
tne Americans at the turn of the izing in boneless frozen tI"
century. Christmas 'trees are es- After the bones are remo
ntclally popular in Manila and, meat is packed in the
Barulo, the summer capital .ain and frozen for lhtrei
where most of the trees (pine "'Ihe result resembles a f=R

-- i--

phi p h s


l %

. -sw: r



I -

1 l


A. i Ir -

Po 0

~, -
* -~A--~ *i'

.1.* .-.
-4 ,.,.

* .l. .
..' *.*

.~-~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~- .. ..~. -.-.L~ -- -.r~~~)~4(~.r~pi. 4..- .-.-.

To) Grid Talent Prepares obr tSea


Nor'ti-,outlh (law41 Tomorrow Lions' Coach Bqddy onfi tRac

At Miai Get This Goig Detroit Will Cop First np.
;y Uni.:d Prcss
-- (By UNITED PRESS) Cleveland cani. B d Mac Speed- lhWe la 144ving for acka the
Some of the classiest football talent in the land is Confident. is the word for anst halfbkm td Jones a~Dm st a ,
getting in a few final licks for the various post-sea- coach Bu l ddV Parker of the De-i tackle LOfa. bar i kero 8r ebeat ol his
son games. Parker confident the Lions Carpeter all are atrg i urs ran th
will win their first National l. for .
The West named a "dream" 'ight contact wor' yesterday. It's Football league title since 1925 t Nal.. ia., A
backLeld today for iti clnsi with the same knee which Carl hurt v defeating the Browns in Cleveland 0GlUt e re ed from. t a' -
S the East in the annual Shrine -arler in the season and which Cleveland on Sunday. Detroit is the Detr-it-Lo".Aw am
Cla siv in Ean Francisco Satur-, forced him to miss two games.; a slight ,three-point P favorite. gname *It h ft wnrtqto"1topv:O rtrh"---olt FOf ivia BtE
da". In fat. tl.he b. -kfield is so Trainers say they won't know Parker says: "Our running Pat Harder." The former Wl11- Am. In i 0fwmi tih-b
'full, of big .msl thnt quarter- until tomorrow if it will keep beat the Lus Angeles Rame last oonin tatr twice against. W 11. Rose Sowl to s ot Wi0 -
back Don Heinrich of Washing- him from laying. Sunday in the playoff and it can the Rans. boQ a field goal0. ie B i-rembOpated
tonnaays Pi- toughest job will be Williamson says the pace of weat the nrowns, too. When you aid fou extra ns trom the Oak ar Ca) 4
de.dilng which plav to cllt. workouts will be stepped up this are picklin up verdare your oon-,bil- a-fe'd aod' Slanton Ool- old beready to use .uit m-
Billy Vessels of Okhoma week, then will began tapering position s Ir trouble. If they ull ler ays: *""ge Lions have ev- Southe rn CaJit 'h / nmSer rT- Lr l
holds down .ne of the halfback off on Saturday. in their defense you can start rthlin. didn't like what I oL n doD ai -
S posts. D on Johnson of C alifor- .-. passing." a' .** -la-a-, :
nia fills t.oe uther and the full- Al o l Pr football, fullback oSo.tht Ce l s,'av
back is Johnny Olszewski, also of c' r* i Two Detroit players will al out FrAna let of the PhUldel- lays to O ir K M4i t
Calfornia. JOrrS dnOrTIhS the Cleveland game End =ner- phial wiw Ia quitting to Rgo lnt o ears lo a. To 0 9 Crtler of w'
Howie Odell, the Western (By UNITED PRBES) win Gendet has a broken foot bustn We ith his broker. His Mw .a.nt to bed ~ a S l l t t M, tt .
coFch. is -specially high on Ols- *nd hfibpek Jug Olrard a tors wife, Vt i, la4rs: "The real bu houl be up d a I ttW -- '
zewski. l--- lament The rest of the squad leson he I bwultlntl Is me. Pro t al. I d7 o T see
S'He is not only the best block- CORAL GABLES, Florida. -. is in good shape. football I simply nervewralklng Tua olayer will take a three A .d bloody
er." says ')dvll. "but he is the Jockey Charlie Burr topped off a It's 't "f*--'.* storv in the or a olaver'p wife." day break, artning today, before w.a.
best all-around football player of: good day at, Tropical Park by .-' ,
S195 2."''!riding Blue Square to an easy
Tile North, which meets the i victory in the mile and one-six'-I..
South in Miami on Christmas teenth Toxophilite Purse.
Day. also is well stocked with Blue Square. a three-year-old '
talent. Coach Stu Holcnmh's chestnut ,e'lding with only two I..
otartint quarterback will he wins in 33 starts this year. was, Why WaS Decem er 26 Declared a HO day.
Dale Sripue's of Purdue. with Burr's third inner of the alt. ,
Harry Agganis of Boston Uni- ernoon i i_ rLs f_..o. ...' -
versitv in the top relief role. Blue Square sprinted into a FO 0r L oIC n pOf -, ,l
Opposing mena, for the South. clear lead in t(l.e first furiono. -,,
will be .'l-Anierica Ja-': S-ir- [ vas rated -Jilghtly. then respond-
bath of Aarvland. who spent eo to be it oif a stretch chal-
ye;.terday in a passing drill a-[ lenge by Big Leaguer and d*. -
lonj with Jim Hoo' of Ml=ouiri clear again Sin Pein ran third
and Bob Kol., of Wake Forest Blue Square paid $8.40.' $4.3C
'Buck McPhall of Oklahoma Is and S3.1C The time vas one To enable you to spend port of your Christmas
the fullbeek.I minute. 43 and one-fifth second.
Star linebacker Don Moomaw on a fast track. .
of UCLA, .orkinp out with the Holiday at the showing of the Bg 1953 Ford
North, took time out to sav he Is, BOXING -vr.
ror i1dering turning to pro foot-' P H I L DELPHIA Welter-
ball. weight Gil Turner of Phladl- d,
*That ..* says Moomaw *il ph.a score a technical knock-
the monev's ."'ht Monev ta!ks. out o' er Foe Miceli of New York i ut .
But I mov have to get in some Monday r.lght Micel was a sub-
Army time I stitute tor Bojby Dykes in the'
Wisconsin, Kose Bowl Badg- 10-rounacr at Philadelphia. .
era have t -.l.ed a jolt A few! i P l h L l T I 'l A 1 "''' a. &
howrs after coach Ivy Willim- Former hevy-.,elght Chrum- h LJL| |l l l/i ll[K inf ifjilll ri Jg "liFIm ift ,fjF- -, -.2,-,.
Son' s.udd turnau out Pt full' ion Joe Wa'cott has asked the v CO LPAN M OTO RS, Inc. llWn &aVIgaI
strength he first tie sine NC to furc Roc Marcano to ...,.-.
-back Harlari Carl twisted hi~ claise in t contract slned be- Oll
Srii knf fore their fight in Sentember
The iniur' *,:.LLr'red in the see- 'The 90-di" limit expired yester.
ond of t-n ony dr-ills f-'tr'!n- ''-.



' ,


2 ')(1.--.. fill.

-_ J.IA5

iP. -4~O. f~Pr

.ul .w -' .," '
r.'^/TA 4 ** -. *

*4rj.ip m int SI 1r ,pa

h. .. ,
Puris 5. (Naav..ewefrW :

1 SXl'AOLA ..J... .

2 P TAL ... .... --. -

.3 RE.ONDI'A.I .-, ..


5 (TUALLY SA- --- ;.

6 (BLACK. Q .. .., "vo': "1-' .. t;

7 O RT.E 6.. .. .. '

8 COLDEN .-" I .''.

9 4BY Rq( ZO. 6! tiIot l
C -
"I~ j 1 g =f ':: -'' : '- "2

--,"-' 'rJ .'' ':vP >- =.w, :.- i, .., ., .,

%~tv~~ .~i -
I. .0-~W


.. ., .4

i w

- ----I ---- D-Lw'q93ua1-'' G"~a~

A. "-.

F a


*- 4-p


.44 J
4 i'**
.4.,~ -~4
,,~ ~-
-~. .41

, .44 ~





_ P I




M- .
,, "- r i '.- .-. .1 ^ *>- T. .' .' t,'
.11" ""


e In Earned Run Averag1
I' S

*.{ -i' r *; V .I? .-

Eacific T

.. ^ 5

.pe this year are
I th ee league. Htin
l a long-standing
rtr ife team which
rpewomer to the
them the Otevies.
as manager of
Balboa High
*E B8 came in
nIewomer in the
ljlaiee ,to show some
btM of good base-
FW 0I ticket.
E .y l managers men-
a 4lekets you will save $12
m all ath igUes, so buy your

-- I .
.. s. k .A' .. .. .

use ~


" D r

^ '. -i T, i. L'fI ,

4, ,. -. ~*r~.S .1"





a 5 lt5ed 108 passes.

_ 'g Scores

lat, EAST
vwer HoStra 0, Tuf s53
Wut Va. 93, So. CHaftoi .7

^ Gso -ashi&gNton II8 Duke 87

Eloft. Wa.8.7,

-. i,. W

Wk.. ,

e .

* .

Oats "1 Time
JaW. 1 tn- IMJ. Vi. A t.acoin 8ta 1m1.00 p.m.
"4 vs. ath 8 1 fter first
i.. Chotwnv DI0bl 6 .30 p.m.
a. S --v.' .. .I pm.
_it La 101va ltgar I p~m.

.K.S vs. Carntdu Stadium after first

JT. 2 U W Stas.i.w 7 t.m .

J ? is a. t.m.
3' -.Br ...v ~f !u ,
_.S 310 OAK, au
Bn"n C d v O 00Stadlm 1. M .
vs.. s. 8taum tfir at
BrIes Tts abralia Diablo p.m.
. f- Mn. B a. Ber Bta4~ 7.00 Dpm.
Ueb. # W La l Stadium 7LO N.M.
k La N vfUiiw stidum fter first
W. s. .0 a .me

.". vs. Gi tar D able 39 p.g.a
U M L. B.[.8 X 6 BittMer g sadqum a.00 p m
ASb. 1 2 34. etrad .a:r du Stadium T.130 n.m
. T Ol tar VR r evyes Stadium 7.00 p.m.

CH. Tigers Take Lead In

c l0 .5 aCowage-. Race
i a. c hoop ntera were unblete to
SW was o field ghlUntil mai

A 1 .. 4reulsty, t f. o omf. M O.Ce
.. 10b ova a { one gel-throws.

in,*.204_JA n? b M t b. who the

t re we markers
ttK ^ Wes.^. 4 to 4 bu t from that point

.ff i I. fmw a vo i ,d u. Ow tSh -'i wnitt l markwith
4at the feast that h fou led
rto5 .,andIfMa N&at1 were
that op338;t. ent ftor. wtumers with'13
l For the Mbrn, Frbddy Ale-
Ib defense-was std was high-Poiut mai with
S. Tbe box puore:
"C.,o~it I404 .I L-ARn M a y'urP

Jm IiUI I) wI!mI
I (By UNITED tsof
CITY, M bleUrl-
events comanltbee of
iH 5~sy a survey lusti
,owW that thIif M i
behind footban 1
evred oths. port*55

oppsd, to he bowl
twiver, teost i the
aitesme aJotic direc-
aid s were 1 favor
mittee ,famUi ts
next month tI
o. L t In ii mM


Sater .. ......
Tatnroula .. 1

tx .... ... o
EaaLu .. 1
8gere o.. ... 1

ll ..... 1

7 8. .. .. 2


UA erus I. N ral
Written tar Servi.
question: I-What b R obl
borts' over-all ron-lost rs
rd, including midnor and IW
DAM AROi3 ". %- PW


... ........ ............. .
1 1 7 n *i. .i 1*..,^
:L &AfiSHH^Bl 7Y* F.^VVt'l|lJ -




- t?'

liar iafto Nash-Wllys In
Clase U League
To Increase Lead
The Sears keglers took over
the N1b1WFs team last Fri-
day night at the Diablo Club-
house lanesby~ three-ose more
to increase 'Its lead to three
points at the midway mark of
the league lay when theash
team was ale to win only the
meond ime.t
BOars=o- d a total of 290
when Baler knocked a strong
45, followed by Ted Melano
&h 614. .tylon'of Nash offered
fine 038 to be high foe his out-
fi, followed by Malee with 59,
bu it was not enough to win.
Th emour Insuranoe agen-
Steam knocked out a ~ -
p te ovwr 'the PAA, Flyers,
in the firb two mam. and
dr)ppg the final. o was
hig for ou with ol-
S d by lin 2dy with 604.
0Chrit Hermann wM high for
PA4 with 5L the remainder of
thAtomk falling fMat with low
The andinss of the teams
13*- Wan Loot
Bear. ... .. .38 1
Nash............ 5 21
Sour .. ........ 1 34
N~uro iStephens maintained
his aalc Leage tops In high
avmpr b ly knocking out a 574
series, and tos now holding 201.1.
The hBli ten In the.league an
as foa :
Nia kTeas- Avem
8to4lef (Seymour).. 10.
t- cs i ........ l-
e )rs.. .. ..1.. 1-22S
f ears)...... 1IM
(Nsh). ........ 17 -1
Clbe (Seymour i...... 14-

pheas. .191 ll 1 1 44
l.h .(as. h)...... 183-37
MonInr 225 169 220 3 14
Coat"e 164 175 199 68
Coebfrt. 183 194 203 590
II 19 11 19114 547
.0 ... 1208 B 45

971 951 iT O
Marabellas 179 174 175 W
aylon. 2 236
ener 183 173 192
blalee. 190 315 190 595

Stephens LN 144 574
Jamison 1 190 176 o6
Kady... 234 1 i 604
borup 192 319
Bates.... 1 4 15 1 441

Hermann. 183 181 10 4
Farrnworth. 163 180 153 466
nfiala. 188 179 1785i0
Eii&*. toi Its v80 ane

Norine Dillnoin 95 87 77 259
D. M. Eggleston 95 90 64 249
,.1. C. Schmidt, Jr. 94 89 67 246
U. F. Cody, Jr. 91 86 52 229
W. Nicolaisen 99 86 82 267
W. Carter 85 88 82 W -.
W. J. Harris 902 92 27 211
G. E. Toms 76 80 51 207
R. L. Koenlg 95 92 71 2
S. Todd 99o 92 62 253
J. D Potter 92 84 74 250
W. W. Lucas 9 R7 65 250
E Wndanhall 96 95 58 249
M. Rrians 8g 93 63 9.44
A. W. Lord 90 M4 57 2131
M DeTwedo 94 Al 52 228
3. D RPsfv P0 9g o7 216
D. 0. Harris 90 78 41 209

Experts Get 'Line' Gun Club Notes


Tournament .ffl S Dick DiUman put together a neat score of 287 to take hi
.,dividual award In the three position, 50 yard smallbore
S-- mtclh fired Sunday at the Cristobal Ouh Club range. DioD'
.ire beginning to take a re was also good enough to lead the Balboa Gun Club to the
fThings r bedinit sn to take a team victory as they eked out a narrow four point win o~er th e
seval ofthe tsa Gristobal Instructors. ,I
tt Junior Cve Baskt The favored Cristobal Junior team failed to show up, IMg
m l mdenr the U. Atisn. with two scores in the 1100 class they would certainly not have
to te.tournament witart h .had any walkaway victory It they had been there. "
Saturday, wtll t e pam The Cristobal Senior Gun Club team took third place. -r "
n the even Aternoon a good score of 1077. There was a pretty good turn out, iS
start at 2 o'clQek and the eve Without the expected representation from the Pacific side, pf-'&
ning tussles at 648 1M sibly -because of the proximity of the holidays. It is hoped the'
Right now It looks as'1 teams tin Crlatoballtes will play the host to the shooting frate t e
from the Atlantileside will dam. fala -in another shoot after the first of the year. Rnthu
inate Day in the big event. Al-. am1 the Atlantic spiders seems to be growing by leaps
brookTMield seems to be heo only bMds, and they are to be congratulated for doing an exce
team standing in the way of OHS -l
from gOing the 3nala, and the
Athic Cgha looks like the only Among the Individuals. Paul Anderson of the Balboa s '
team capable of keeping the 0Ch1utook second place medal with 281. J. P. Lepley, Cody Sta -
Universal Sports quintet out of and Noel Gibson. r.. In that order, fired 278, 277 and I- '
the finals. third, fourth and fifth. Al three shooters are from the InsA" .
A definite pre-tourney favor, tosV team. The results of this match corroborate the evdiii \
Ite Is still hard to agree on but of the Gallery League scores that the long reign of the P
three teams seem to stand out 81t. rifel teams may well be nearing Its end. ...
before action stars. -These are
Albrook, defending champs, Unl- The shoot was somewhat marred by cessant showers
versal Sports and Crlatobal ih. p visibility, but scores were good anthe competit dlL "i
Albrook and Cristobl are both N. B.-Dillman served as range officer. The match was
In the upper half of the schedule run and scores were promptly posted.
brackets and- wll in all prolp-
ability met in the semifinals Scores follow: .'''
Monday right.
The remaining five teams in iW OA GUN CLUB Prone Bit tl Total '.
the tournament can only be gv- ick Dillman 100 100 87 287
en an outside chance of getiUg Faul Anderson 98 96 87 281 "4
the job don4. Of these the A, C. 11 Jaffray 99 98 75 272
team has the best of the draw ehle Turner 98 97 71 268 .^1
and shouldn't exoerlence too
much trouble in getting by J. C. M TOTAL 210
into the semifinals. CTORS
Gibraltar Life has a good team P. Lepley 99 100 79 278
on paper but hav bn finding Staples 95 95 87 77 r
it ult to ettogether fora oe Gibson, Sr. .100 05 81 27
workout. Aside from the three Bingham 99 89 83 271
schools and the A. C., none on 110 ,
the Other teams will have I aM TOTAL 1_
any games prior to the tourna- CB3'11 OBAL GUN CLUB
meint, L lBaUena 98 98 82 273
1------ i. B. Byrd 93 93 85 271
N. E. Cote 95 94 82 271 .
Jack O'Connell 98 94 70 262
TWL~TOTAL 1077 .



Golpan Mot

I -.
-.~ tV~~ ~

IP4:l.: C.i Ll ::

_ ______WAN"



.,'.." -A.





. -
"U''"' '.. fI'

-, ~a T F1it
.... ... ... .... ... ... .... ... ... .... ... ... .... ... ... .... ... ... ...
., .:..' -.: .-T .. % +. -.. -
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ,.* f ^ '- *^ / '* "^ .-" '


N 4

All Concerned

In Brink's Case

BOSTON. Fec. 24 IUP) -
"dirturb:d" federal iud&e yest.?-?
day silenced everyone conneri-
ed with the case of a Bostrn
hoodlum who has been named ',y
tne FBI as a "particinant" in
te $1S,219.000 Brink's holdup
At the same time. Judge Wilt-
laep T. McCarthy continued or,
a r'eek the cases of three xT'.- I
:.Pses belore a federal grand ia-
rv rho have Leen cited for cL i-
tempt .In refusing to answer
questions about the nation's I
largest cash robbery.

The judge warned those con-
nected with the case of Jo-eplji
(Srers) O'Keefe that he want-
ed no repetition of the publki-
tI that followed the release ol
FrM affidavits which named
O'heefe as a suspect in the
JAn. 17. l50 holdan. Hie sid
he was disturbeded by this d-
41 request that all counsel lm-
mediartely associated with ,ic
cahe and others in no way con-I
nected with it rrfain from soic-
culation as to Its outcome e'\ld
comment on the legal problems'
Iinolved'thercin," he said
He did not explain who heI
mqnmt by "others In no way can-
L'qit'd with it."
'He addressed his remarks
sfei'fiealiv to O'Keefe's two
eeurt-appointed attorneys and
said they hpd been advised to
"rav nothing."
McCprthv originally was schea-'
uil# to rule on O'Keefe'c eon-
teppt citation today, but he an-
mnT ced that he had set the d-'te
ahgitd until next Monday beep,,'"
ilt the 'several complex anells"
In lved as result of the disc!'s-
ur of the FBI affidavits
.ne three balky witnesses who;
wIe to have appeared in court
to' hear judgment on the cr,n-!
tolbpt presentations by the grand
J'Itr were Paul J. Hooley, 40. 0'-
Kife's brother-in-law. Joseph
8.'Banfleld. 41 and Edward A
Ee.nett. 33. all of Boston.
The judge's order of silent.?
atnmed from a statement by!
O'Keefe that the FBI had been
"hounding" members of hi farn- -
il', in an attempt to get O'Keefe'
to talk.
)fcCarthy said he "must Insl.;t
It doesn't happen aruin." and he
Mai referred to release of thec
FBI affidavits.

Shows: 7:00 9:15 p.m.

On the Transisthmlan Road.
behind 'Arteg 7 Ofloos' School.
TO 0 A Y
$1.10 PER CAR!


Cana/ Cheaters


mr,.olno.... ."WHEN IN ROME"
-'I.* & R'11 Thrsday '__CHABOD AND MR. TOAD"
-1.s &-20 "STAGE FRIGHT"
(Repeall Thunday "Talk About A Stranger"
C O C O iLI r.ran DONLEVY a Claire TREVOR
Thursday "HIGH NOON"
"en, "STEEL TOWN" Technicolor!

G A M 8 0 A Dinah SHOREg Alan YOUNG
7:00 "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick"
G A II N I Thursday M
7l. "RED SNOW"
S Thursday "Walt Till The Sun Shines Nellie"
1,.I'nndilttned K A KANGAR O O"
115 a 1.-', Also Playing Thunday!
"'-- ..... ___+'--. IIll

WuilS 111l a. wMkalaumuwausue. B-wB Ull E.... ....Im.

Also in tis size the


^" 41. *S ^.' a C-r X

ta~1_ ~~4~~~1r~ .z'w-sa '-'_

e a


with "Dary $i


1111 ...... .-- ,,-5-!+ )*'M~~a^


Plus: U




the'jss -:
2'U Asyjrii~

Profound!... tlumanmh. QG
The Racial Problem h I
South Africal




Fa maM.9l14se

S'AND AT 9 P.M.- .


r YL ^a.y


Fronchot TONE Lorrng

POPULAS. Adwntatkeel Bold-
NIGHT! ot.b !
$1.10 Stw--A


I -

ry ++:-'V';


showerr' ff.fiC p e

US Safety Council Predictssaw. aoune Fwa. Vehicles A4iy
Swedish maid, who served the

590 Christmas Traffic D' hstof
0 ....ORT MeOR t turned out In
&--I --1 TO pay for the new
CHICAGO, Dec. 24 (UP) Christmas travel was EIsenhOW r, Hoover another at the Republican na I ger bak- passenger lt em
reported very heavy today and the National Solelty Coun- *o' n Acn Chag$ sulply, ,tion that en m
cil predicted that 590 persons will die on the highways Talk Over Past, The lunh tlncluded to* t available in th e t
over the four-day holiday. P mF drill with peas. me bsu et prei'at d wepat eduI
In some sections travel was expected to set new Present And Futre 7t *t* b
records as Americans began their traditional trek home said. prou calbrl
tor the Yule season. Presldent-elect Eisenhower and U T
Railroad, bus and airline terminals already were former President Herbert Hoover
jammed and highways were thick with cars despite gen- discussed theeproblems oa the i r L T IM OD
rally bad weather over the nation. minute lune eon meeting at the I The ruth About South Alfrica nd.l- ll; W I.
home of Secretary of State-de- Timelyl Savagel ThriA'ngl .., Axd Tande l .
S Siow cold rain or cloudy over last Christmas. American signate. John Foster Dulles. 6. "CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY*
weatnei stretched lronm the was handling 2,000 daily pas- "It was just a social gathering A KORDA PRODUBCTION ..
Pacific Northwest to the East .sengers at Chicago. at which we had an opportunity A KORDA PRODUCT-iOr
%ith the most hazardous driving The Pennsylvania Railroad to talk over affairs of govern-
cii.uitoi-s crevalling in the Ice- put 23 extra trains in operation ment-past, present and future CTAPTC TpftlMbNwIth
clogged Mldiest. '. tween Nea York and Chicago -to my great benefit, I hope"
Ihe .a1et3 council pleaded lor and the Greyhound Bus Co..said Eisenhower told newsmen as he
sate driving, but apparently evie, one of its vehicles has and Mr. Hoover left the Dull.ia
feared tL.e .orzt. Its death toll been dressed into service for the residence.
pao ti m e record 555 perll sonve the rush. The next president and last
aitnm record 55hpserso killt- *Railroads and alines in the Repuoiican chief executive ate
ed ti mishaps last Chrit- inter playground of Miami ex- at the same table at which W.
*m.e council issued these pected the 'largest passenger Dulles played host last Wednes-
w nins demand in hlstor3." The Christ- day to Eisenhower and Gen
SDon't drive if the weather mas weather outlook there was douglas MacArthur.
Is ad ior temperatures warm enough Also pit yesterday's luncheon
aif 1 ou must drive, start to permit beach picnics. w'as Dr. Arthur 8. Fleming, pres- S N
eafly and take it easy. At New York the Pennsylvana ident of Ohio Wesleyan Univer- udee
a Don't drink if you drive Railroad scheduled 46 extra sity and a member of Eisen-
sportation oca tCrains and 43 for Christmas Eve, bower's special three-man cor-hi
co expected a new record in while the Newv York Central said mittee to study ways of stream- h
trtel volume on the basis of it would operate 200 extra lining the federal government.
rervations and the number oi :rains through Jan. 4. Eisenhower was asked if the
p6sons getting an early start Cahlifornia expected Its usual conversation had included re-
nited Air boosted its crush of highway travel and organization of the government.
se capacity 23 Der cent and poai'e officials said they were He nodded his haed, to sig-
e Airlines said demands Icrosrim their fingers t h a t nify "yes." and maid:
f spa e were uo 25 per cent deaths Would be-low, "And many oti'hr things."
But they set up roadblocks to Spokesmen at Eisenhower's
crack doS n on drunken drivers, headquarters said they did notI
J e'arnine that infractions mould know when Eisenhower and Mr.
:U 1 e mean heavy jail sentences and Hoover had met last. James C.
Ju1 fines. Hagerty, Eisenhower's press se-

f .-- ...
^ i. -. 'L' .

7'~:V. /






~$ *44

p -i~' ~


~- sue,

1.:F AEN




... f ht"'- rrvI : w ; ,







...jutarmiebdq.conI t.s

'e e ". i -

.... .... i A.
und of the nwls sI
"Partie." fr girls!, ..

..... I .

. ..^ ^ '... ..

...- -'i....F A .
+sg""f' I,


~-A'r. *y~~ 7-. ''t~r~~. -
7& 1< ~ '~g~g~s:. .- 4'
%~t*at!-.p.r4'~ ~V4~d -
C. -
~ ~ -- .;~-. .5

I fl~kCsSAS A




*i i

J -

rWOOb, (NBA) -mThOeii, bi ange, to nle pak i l,0u. 0
Review: Cellulouit .. at c .ax deb. tle
will remember 1952 a sI wMe An7mTie 1 .....: e.. .
.e th .ig e~ abit
stabs'as e bo4
B. hard bit by TV .a ans origlaa :
trained contract .i try Wt r- a e of bow Pe
ries and. deere9 ted, filmt l t. --
74 0115 tt3nd, ton The... J not. to
rend was to hew faesb-ll.niin tRp nleri tp e lt ..... .- I t

"j4"+j '"th a 'lv LE F a i 'i emnt, oftle Oi to

etalZiito pr .'rai SOCIAL AND tiCURE-The lills .ipletS. ye. hve all their paper Work in p.dr, Sa r
i^+ -S4nuPek& M it r ready to crawl up the ladder 'oit ldlefi. paitht.a Oet Mr. amd Mrs. Grald L. W, of Fuller-
DyitPd?0 li. Z-6,000ro.@; B'th his ftun ,re, t ton, Calift., the identical trio havi lust been lssued their Social Security eards, fim loft Collea.
gus S) u feud of all'- b w ailed.-,Ti t. new Carla id Cwlcdi-.-ot .ayie it's th.0 other way around. No on's tite lse. .
F talne and O tsatIep t
,iOa d-wp pa tch 'q ,n Msand ygto t* .- Tablets Screen

I'.,,,marSh''.-, th* -l.t i.-- 3l-500,00-l tab ete i n
V PLtn moftW. thss 0. 8, llU- aorfr, capable of Ulreen-
1000-0.5 ti t ohi th- ho, onC idhe ploj. .-s ,been issued tb socia l nS ur i to y y d, It",0 t CO iW.
b OnaedM thais tokl~.l-a.ju, 'N eight hours and expected to
'' '.Y.cut In half labor h ndfllg
--Z.f 3ot 'coats for this operations, hasI
ON'VAY ...."" v7eeen perfected by the Anten
M.~~g e nd. .took one look at Company here.
t' 'te Dru in blue Jens for her?
."Thilider BDi" and de- pres The sorter automaticlly atd
were too tight in thewe e e
.*mTIe U-I wardrobe 1 ly siled medical tablets accord-
lpank .rtment received this memo: s. ,g to width and thickness. It
.ev ot tle teais mm 'l insists of two vertical screens
atibthe meats e *i a and two cyllddradal s.reens.
"th Rnol relaxedr.-Arte .Only two operators ale r6-
i dthe4ven ne4o he" "red to keep the achie
wwd..le't d.- h pie mel... hpied and to weigh, pack
es io tah ,This ai place shipping drums on
Trouble With' Cinderella
"IhI Duor6thy Lamour welit back to- -./, "'7
a sarong after eight years -e otr
"The Road to Bali" and Irenveal. YAerioI Shou
'ed that Marilyn Monrgrs m-ia
thet is alive and that Mearilyn oo atC yh
helping with lhet supportTesrr",,liBW F Ol-G0runde
Mrs. James Mason's _.expos bf ..
Wwar@t;oodo. tigl tin tsefryt i- -f out, wash. (uPi) -

powucie.po ~ 4ghtnl.. and tolevison reoent-,
e 'ald h 'd o throu-h any- I, y.4V iizedfm rapt at the home
t" afor a certain move quefin of Mr. and Ws. Charles Thoms
t.O$ts di-o.r six b aank acctsInalls of Aberdeen. Wash,
lo.etis we wat. china television when
West's =m S -o, 'o, ,eeling of peace asS 07 v 1 *ls w teleio w
S. r The root lifted from. te
WKbae jean, s.afters o. scyeven-roalp hoen.
outl oIanes, aidiehtors "j. ", a corner of the liviurerom was
totaO them how to e kn e love. .-on the yard, h entire
.4 ens0fl, TI'i 1 'as dislocated ad wladow:
"If ICid frohiVa .omloh e
&af t ereight tyea

a d ... M aril yn re's.. .A-ri had ,ou.
S-~ withhersuppot .Be grounded.

573 -

t. C,

Hdtyoke Promotes
Woioen Scientists

Mout Itbloke College for Wom-
en hs establlahed a new agency
callat n iduatrial Associates for
Wo*a In Science to stimulate
the ir ng of womn uelentist
"wlisve a bailey educatlon in
tneaif. titles "
ilncssltallsts, scientists and
edfttia will cooperate In the
rt. to train "young women
Th aesce for service in Indus-
.rogram will include in-
f.'A sponsored scholarship ,
IpaSna basic research
o The colUlee says the
1 Lb asIrta alms of the institu-
tioni, be furthered by the new

Water Blase
A rI, ui td by water sent Ber-
tran -arquis to a hospital. He
1a i grease pit at a pub-
ic .gM e when the stream of
wat4r shattered an electric Ullht
bulb,' parks Ignited gasoline
LuteW p fd Marquis was burned. ,


A quiz show i a Oluc wh
the contestant knws thu ril
answers but nobody asks lu
right questioft. .
***=====-= *-*******

fly n

ay thejoys
and faith of (hriBSw guli
you iampfaths tha lead 6o a hIsapy
and puMspemuu ws w Y r.



.. *. .-. .:'
* '*t..%. .i f


* ."7(

*H ",tA- -'. -.. n -A-.
._ -, 7;t; **:.
**:. ,; .'.:.., t '. '" "-:.,v .!
., ,. 'el*.;.-:,' ,'> :*
:. -"3,







.- -


a *
a, 4'-
- .~ II"
P~' -i ~
t4it; r
I 3% '.3
4 ~-

* -o

For ms, i wtwltw seems to hold an added sigmnificance
... a dper me Ibecause we realize that whatever we

accoomdfrom- year is made possible through the co-

Sandgood-- willof o our patrons and friends.

We grat for this manifestation of loyalty and confi-
wM4ulsneit htw xed u etwse

ful sincerity that we extend our best wishes

Cbhqs and a Happy New Year to all.

-/_~'-^ -*

;''.3 'l *uyk

*7 "

i._.,., -T,. i -
.:-_.., .. *; .



* i .. ".
* -+... + .-




>. 'k-- %"


Ar.,, % ,'.. ,. ,
- ^ *- i -T'-, :+... **,"-
- 1?- ^" 1 -I ""


1. -

4 z-- '-- -- .I

~A A 5


109 Centra
corner of "
G. A. De


'J' *~11v-

To all our friends... here's to a Merry
Chinstmas and a very gay New Year.

Savings Bank
l Ave. at Front St. at corner
I" Street. of 7th St.
zer. Sub-Manager.
From 8-00 a.m. to 12.30
DAYS: from 8:00 a m to 12.00 pm.

V -~*

".ay ever% colorful ball on.
your Christmas Tree e'ery * length of tinsel, reflect the joy and
glad spirit ihat we wish
to be yours ihis Chr.stmas.
And may the brightness
"f of your Yuletide continue
#0 to be reflected throughout
S" the New Year.


,^_Hapy lan

, i'

1 Worth,
S Salt City
9 Town with a
health -resoft
12 Big town In
13 Pen name of
Charles Lamb
14-Church seat
15 Extremists
17 Exist
18 Considers
19 Absence of
21 Special (ab.)
23 Boy's
24 Cured pork
27 Roman date
29 Part in pliy
32 One who
34 Ran together
36 Save
37 Live
38 Inner (prefix)
39 So be it!
41 Container
42'Tell a
44 Esau -
46 Promised
49 Ancient Gree
53 Goddess of th
54 Means of

56 Timp of life
57 Volcano in
58 Upon
59 Gender



60 Rus
61 La
, 1 Bit

ssian ruler
tter hostility

2 Heraldic band A W
3 Ceremony
4 PerlIds of
5 Hawaiian.
wreath 25PrayereitingD( Mt= v.
S6 French region 26 New Jersey 4-- Jaw ,
'7 Small cats "town town :
8 Comforts 28 Dried C.and.,.
9 Periodical 30 Castor and 48
10 Persian elf Polljyx' mothetr4 T fl t
11 Intimidates 31 Paradise 48 Deveu;:,
16 Reach toward 33 Pole-flattened .50 NathxU *"
20 Town in ellipsoid Wi
Kentuck. 35 Town in Mote1hS 1
22 Dropsy Carolina 52 Vibig'ra." -
24 In this place 40 Town in OhioQ.55 H i~bhf O
SX. .
'^ 1 3 4 6
is r -" r^

Z4 Is

v,,:./ ,... ...,. ,
. m i i ii,' i" ii. i- i
... : "k ,

''''^ 'ifl

Atlantic Side Xmas I

i; Basket Fund Shools On The Records -Y- r

ver $1500 Mark NEW YORK, De. 24 (UP) -
ve $1500 Mark iHugo. Winte.'nalter and Henl "
The annual Christmas bask .*Rene and laeur orchestras ha.'
liund for Atlantic Side needy fa- ,ee'Lded three long-playing vol-
i ilhe sponsored bv the Atlantic' "-i'c of "Music for Romaxice" I.
,ius Wnorkers Council re' tnc should appeal to sentiment
e1 .9 total of $1.933 29 Tue~dA', ',allts from 11i to 60.
St-' Winternalter, who doubles in
in -!ncrest In th6 project .vas brcas as RCA-Victor's musical
I 0-r'-ter this year than any ar'- d'rEctor, gulde.i his band through
Idone year as monev continue-' 10 romantic melodies that can
S our in brvond the $1.500 -o.-l on enjoyed quietly In the late
,t bt, the council r evening or served up w th din-
A. I le.sult of thl2 eenerons Most familiar numbers In the *
', } :'in: Re' Mainert Pete-.,n Vi'mnlerhalter selections n Im
ch uiin ofr the drive. annount- .~' records labeled "Remini.-
f 9,1 that 73n need,, fa ilie .ll :Ing' and "Music by E:. .
S e. fed on Christmas Day Soirn --aie "More Than yotu K 'ow. t
o(f ihe additional funds h.-i '\ hcn ou'e la.y, 'D e Pur le "
lb"te' b irrd to add item< of fouo1 Lane.' Always," "Dee Purple, I
i, tnot inrlidrd in th" oriin l I .1 .ah on a Windy Hill' -.tars .
1" Rfrent contilbutors incln..t. ,nr Mv Eyes," and "Swinging on
i l. snnarl. Committee Cristabal .1 Stal
inn Cliurth. $25: Mi sanN Miis Hene .s olume, entitled Sere-
t l,'- Pqlumbo. $10: Prn-ieso'e nl'-e to Love." includes "A KIss
I Cir,',, Ciitobal Unior. Churen. in the Dark." "Schubert's Sere-
,$15 Stenm Navi i- tio ntip" -"L'Aliour.. Toujours, L'- A
5 Enrr lovel ?20 Mr Frncev StO A.nour. Love in Bloom," and
'Mr. C 0 Kpl;ev. Sin Collk-. -" L:e You Truly."
,, Ci, $10 Royal Netherl.indtl RC.A-Victor also uses the voic-
SSte inhiu Co emolo'Ps $19S f e. LI three Tine artists-Tito
P" Agencv Emplove,. -?R 's-hipa. Gino Bechl and Maria
t 5C: Housin. Division. 15- N. Victoria-- for Around the World
', t.ionA Citv Bank EmDIovn's t1 in iu,. : Ihiee ',oiune Lis..'Lm- IL
i tTn-ed Fruit Co $50. Dr Ein 'hit would be a distnguisheQd c.p a.-,>gi.
i $ Cristobal-Colon Rntniv "-'lu ..doinon to anv popular brary
6-i Cl nrtmas meeting $45"- Mrs Ship s songs were recorded "He's usually very formal when we have comipany--it'
'i4 ::Mo' ,iis $2: Industrial Di msinn. ore than a quarter of a century only wit certain peoRle he lkei that he can rlax!"V
i. ,0.: Fire Dept.. $15: Navleatir!p a'.r but there's a'freshness a- it
,'Div;,on, $17: Police Departmen' :boit his treatment of such fA- _
S A .S 50 Commistqarv Division. onr.tes as "Amapola" and "Yours "-White Christmas," recorded by.
,$800. Harry Kri SS.: Mainten- ,Q.iereme Mucho.i Miss Victoria Decca, Is the best of the lot. 01'
"anec Division. $1860 Electric-il i- at her best singing "Mucho, Satchmo Is equally convincing in Import4
S nvlti'on "38: Mr and Mrs GoodI Mr;'.o. Mucho" to the throbbing "Winter Wonderland," on the
'',.i$. Manc.e.S..... e Canned oms
ar: $2: Blanche S. Harrip '-5 accompaniment of Luis Arcarazuther side. Connd H S .
S 0 Potest-nt Servie $29 1 IIhe Bech E album is -Come Columbia has brought IRose
v.,i vis P. oestpnt Servic.aBk to-Sorrento-" wmarT Clooney and Gene Autr
,0: Proceeds ofe ChristraiCsil "an altogether different t,,Rether In a recording of ."The OI '
p'$"ean0 conducted b. Crlstor,-z 'mn as "Piano Echoes" by Fred- Nlitht Before Christmas Song"
1t Unle.n Church Youth Fellowship.Oip Martin and his orchestra, al-nd _Look Out the Wlndow."" AI .
S34. "..RCA-Victor. You especiauyt Another Columbia tandem, Jo
S______ l like Jack Fina's "Bumble Staiford and Frankle Lane. con- ATAF 4 VTA f-' 4N1
:Boogie." Barclay Allen's 'Sabre tribute "Christmas Roses."
Penny Millions Dance" and Murray Arnold't .Jimmie Boyd. on another Co- are offer .y
e,,- -nny .. i.'oi.ed "Night and Day." tlmbla Single, amuses the A

.- O'35 the breakage In Massachu- strong partisans will say his li__am ,afler | TAGAR UL
,buetts.racetrackvofts .re Some of the countytnnpop-,,,ls wttn".I ,,_s.a..w.....Mommy Kiss-
figured to the nearest dime Th i artists have got into th ir'g Santa Claus."amddie Fisher., COMA
odd pennies, d equally, --Chritmas mood on singls thatn F. Victor single, couples 'That'
", the trock-a dr the ate. snnuld make good listening Iq What Christmas Means to. Phone Ift 'oftu
ntM-tute the "brie7akge ncelthroughout the year. Louis Arm- Me" with "Chritmas Day."
retts has totaled $10.028.403. !hchrymose yearn In for a Anwer to Pre Pu
-3 te a' innpin lAnswer to s y his li a
S- Town Topics H tol V
I '

AV- Al w a *
B- ..T .drtLOh; .) --,
t A)
A -ifn.. Off
T'eirrotow, 'Thrasday, Dec. L
i:00-Sig 'on The Alarm
i Clocl Club
7:mO-Morsini salon
8: 6-Mornlfg Varieties
8:3-Muualo Masers.
4:45-Jerry 8Sears Presents
-9:BS--3ered Heart Program
S 9:30-Al I See
)D lt:O-rNews
'10:05-:Of the Record

i13:0_- Lt meo Music
:ll;3.-- (AP pUa e M A
18-3;0-Popular Music

~ lO-r-0-ewji
. 1-, Pt-e all ty Parade.
1l;4S-aunm -and Abner
I :-A Ca4 from Lea Ptul
i:16A Date for Dancing
2p- Afternoon Melodies ,
.2: "4-Battle of -the Bands
S3iMusic Without Words
3. *33--ThebLittle ShoW
IW-Weaeyan Girls Chorus
| 4-.QrtArtlata.
;^-Bob zberlV. r
4 a-.Wbal Your o yorute
5:0--EWS (Agencias Aperl-
5:5-Wha! Your PfDVA.1.t

--.0r. .3


I ..iaBZWAc,,


a z


^(e Seaao0iJ

7et 70Ua .

As the lights of tL
Holiday Season beam brigt and,
glorious, we wish all of ow
friends and patrons a full mwasut
of joy and happiness for
Christmas and tde New s



' .U' 2ara, 4ILA..'i *. -, ""

,,. .'.
.. -. ..c ".] .. ...-,

J ". -.' : f-A .-'

'It "' z ..^ -':




-A -
~ .1

^ i '.*
Sf* k'.'i.. ""^,
-[. i
'-.- c ,I
4 1.
,' ". .. .,a,,
*- S ^.' "",,

L *;. ."; ;
':: t .'.-. '. s

S._ I. ,
W ._ ..' ,.* .]

B .- -^...."9'..:
ll %,,. ..-. D ', ,.

"-' 4' "", ;
,,.,=- ,, .. I.

... ::.: ,. ..-;-

,;.' =


-1, "o.f f ; .
', / ..*-.-Wr

A* -

:-, ..'-'


Tel. 2-4538

rl -'TlM

p FA

b e g" r F'
ir .... ...,4 -'' ..0. j,
... .%." .
$, pf .;T.'_. :.''

a i' -.


Wheie 1600000 Pepla MeM

. lsd Dec. 24
3 ,-Th- LtteSh aow




is 7

art ns oration



cVr-' *






-~ *~-J"fc.
tm 1::dcs

I~*~* ~


.5.. 1



t Ii*. reaaon-

S4ambo -a new idea. Den.,
IA tAnd Cadada have wed
i* iL cessfully, 'partUculri, faor
L bMUi paper. But as far iss
St4el, it has ever been used
for the productlpn of newsprint.
l'ot paper mnufacture, peat
Smust havp spec8 l !tmica lpt-
pt*er found mf, In c'in
areas, hi
. 0 fel BoaWd ae
ijonths -ago a
uch a bg tain at eat
,000 tons o .eat.
Itf the 4 ent po s ac-
ce l, ny thousands can
A find i- f In .tha ,m ...

Ireland anotbar te jbw-
ards down the Tngbh

w m
~ I,
I If


lmPK-lR JiII-wI," "i'wmI, uL iunuuiu AmIWU,

S, efor h oer role.

an&i wria. : ,,


;'7 wonderful...and its arrival
a*.ya brings to us the realisati that we
wonderful friends. May your Hl
S. amnbe filled with outstomdin Ig

' Ci

, A.


Ma~hea1u1p. r
* '1

I mdmZ:sm..~
.~ ~
'eg~wISa~'&eL4ad ~
aW.wI~y.u .
mailing etery Jay
ci~ N,.

Ico". Sv
.149 ClIpl.

&' )"Ii,



. i -

p ~n ~ ITbore


ever the spirit of
therewe lmtmat


i lLueu l early love can never
* 1. I b n rdp the heart of mn.
Y.r u N Year o l .
prp~figygl bowatjld New Year toolit



* .S I

T, S.A

2pO'r-a A HeOM
r ^^.Aiv~ t the Lottery


May the old time

of jrioy and spirit

of joy and peace

be with you

ewry day of a

-f .-.; ufw_ .-,
-* ,, -- .. --.-..-
pt t




W. .-


iito ectre ty n-

"tt wi7
i .I o!

!~ ~~~ A .'!,3~~,"


I." ''"" '

'o WwIL

" ,t

Ut 5'.


~2i~ L~i I;

bountiful New Year

Vogel t W




^Tk ,



*t t *..:..

;J*L ~f~i'i

..- .~- p.-*4~-.&..~I~'qtr- ~

*: .

m%~ ~ ~~ wt4* .tkef^ -.^.-

It's a Gift
M RRY CHRIBTMAB!-so two words
bespeak a kindlier feeiug emoiit
,en. But different peoples hve different
ways of getting it. Let's -m it you can
recognize the country of oighin of p/ti
bearing these greeting. (Ftue correct i
a good core.)
1. Joyeao Noeli-Wales, Italy, Franne.
2. Bon Natale--Turkey, Rumania.
3. Fells Pecus-- France, Spain, Ice-
4. Froehllehe Welhnauiten--IJthuania,
Belgium, Germany.
5. HartellJk Kerstgroetba Nether-
lands, Belgium, Norway.
6. God Jul-Sweden, Finland, Scotland
7. Nodlalg mhalth chlalgt Ireland.
Switzerland, Albania.
S. Boa Feetes-Pertugal, Greece, Ru-
9. Hanskas Joulmu Serbia, Russia.
10. Fells Natal-Brazil, India, Canada.
ITwal aj Pl 'I '[i "lm niod *V "pI
-JI "Ui eS I -" 9 3 nw' M "- *'-su.ewam
u jwilg 3 *fpal t waSj O :Uamwy

Up in the AirAbout Decor
SONUS decorated hi house this yar, but he's having a lot of
trouble with hi. lights. He had to climb to.the mide rung aof
hisn leader to repair the first bad bulWb. Then e had to step Up
thIree run for another; down eve naw for another andl up even
runm for another. Then he climbed the remainIng Iax rungm td
the roof. How many rungs on his laddbrT

Problem of the Mixed Up Toys

Play a Christmas Tune Tet Your Wits

O play this Xmas song, place diagram above
Over piano keyboard and play these keys:
0 Chrit mas tree, 0 Christ mms free,
D-I G G G A B -- B
How love ly are your branch esl
B A -B-C- 0 F A G
0 Christ mas tree, 0 Christ mas tree,
D-I G G G- A B B B
Bow love ly are your branch esl
B A B -C Pt .A .G
In SUm mer sun or wtin ter' Mnow,
D-2 D-2 B E-2 D-2 D-2 0 C
A dress of green you at waVa show,
0 C A&- D-2 0-C B B
0 Christ ma tree, 0 Chrit man tree,
D- G G -G--A-B B- B
How love ly are your branch esl
B A-B --.C -Ft A 0

HU following old enigma re-
fere to something associated
with Chriatmasa senes In colder
climates. Can you guess what
it ln?
I see my FIRST, I see my N ZT,
At pusly a can be,
JoineU to my THIRD. Dowt look /
You've oftes gmead at me.
My THIRDa is ty sand asome
m Wt re. m ,
Revesred it.s uew -s anSL
My ALL is reaching for the f er
Clewar a crystal bal.
(W3 -IXa see I i *See *- I) W
in aroa0 w 'Aase nowsqL .U pu
SM o=OW or other all the
Fast Quton Sa to the
TWO friends who were driving S ealswag quaruphlts were
L from S a mrancico to Port- ,switched about.
land planned to haver Christman Chrlktmn moaning found e
dinner together at ,a roadside aie and Beulsh with twta n
ieatauraht. One left- in Fran- whiletobby MDW lyh bad two
Sa 7 oon t .nn,, Canm eyousm p;e:the.
and-traveled of pwwo -o that the bob Mshbm
35- miles ab hour. -The..econd the traina ~ the~ ~i talOi?
could not get away until 10:80 at out ,the' few f n
a. m. How feat would he have to the upW eU"at the 4w,-
drive in order to overtake bain g and pl doel ils t e bps
friend at 8 p. m.?T on cirdc 1 snd L& Put ul l fud
* a Une *J aLum with the- g orlam -e 8ira G &
jo *" -enamO e w ht eg thl m rmh
mu s amen P ap vv:M* ele mactg oh-- r

humam whieh form a- ml
str, erect the mta ata
ClaIm made by exchann af the
Move ly cue toy at a tlu
aA 40 mat t any time hba" two
oy& il na am eSt.t 1eo tf
yham ta it the .cha n s
heatvw uhkc lamay
have them bhandy.

Simn pl

by Io 0* eZ -

leye.theta In
another will Nti

a mound ramona
for getting to
church on tme.
You determine
what they are, of
course, by draw-
conne acting
Itna ftiom dot to
dot In the panel
at left, dl'awt
inle from 1-24;
In the t6p right
"pal connect
dtsa 1 to 11; and
l the drawing at
S-lows e ght, tol-
low do 1 to 14.
A AVW*r. you've
to Spue, c otora
ethe witholor-
: do 1 to 11 a

" '

a *

.4 as
5 meal




S"10. .


- '' 4" S.Z~Ylr

*It- -. -
.: ., 4 .. ..!-" ,--,('*
,* .., P. ." ;- ,^. -7
.e -',; .;.-".,

.4 :
*** t

0.- ]



Anagrambk Poar
N thla puk you are given a word sad -a ad.l
1tlan latter and are required to make a mea word
of the combined letters. To do mo ygeon,' o
course, ar rqg ,the letter,.'hr exmap. ,.
plum T reaMa will form DREA it.:
your wits on ta4flowing.
L 3IaT plUm C in ............ .
2. qTAIR plu L Io ............rtPL
I. 3.*WD plum Vmin ..........t
4: DEPOT plhu 8 is ........... ..
LIVER plus t Is ........... *
&. CAST plus C Is ...........,G.?
T, IOTA6 pluM R i ......... I..?.
0.ManOMN- w, g

P.d J ,,W 1 UU5i I w UWE 11 -

W,3N Z.XOYVLXNtV..I Fib:r-
a.b *2 a w w ax a 'moL. 11 1
.*-.-O.. ..w .-W.AM.'. ^

et wihte a warphenats
atter ame.A'wrwte that Wa
and S thrieedetr wfld wmil-a
pe.., v.c :.' ,





?o .*


MAYBE Santa thinks that no-
body in watching, but there
are ten faces hidden in this room.
Where are the Len? You'll have
to look closely to discover them.
After you've found them, color
The picture.
it's in tf Bag
W /Y does a m jgaw puzzle
make the meAt acceptable
Chriustas gift for many per-
emm? eqM q i 3assumeg;a

Short Tale
\V HENUVER Mmil. BOe, wo IS
rather abeentndmd, fre.
gets ni own party-lime Naimbr.
he Lhinks of this experle nd
presto, the number aomes le

-pe e, z xzzu =zz xsz: zc
I to a toy
< '^ \ha wil take CGEUWVYU13 2UPrl
stn nd t all -on .ensupSme s .A

2" "K 2e& '.' '" m .. ; ....... ".. .- .."
.CiPIEu : w& r U & tk. ,t flee

praise. wuwicAldly
I-ad dmugbtm-w. l-What r taam e d ia. Solitet E the
I-Robust ..

barT (Gea 326f
lm-Deah MBoa

21-Veteran abbr.)
25--okeS oR
.-Tuni aflmMn.
Ltrm the brfream warmed
ao to dit? i(Ja L
2-The pase where Ju prm-
the e- he soSMd be wft

m imta M.'
4u dig MW.

Last year Mr. lS WMi
hunutng end" ,B d S apffi' fl
That night hed Mas at a -
the biN fwr, m ,,
What in tb I a S
"a .

.- .-





Holding Santa for Observation

ri .... A

t '--.: 5

w esu

.ack e tc

p.itit 4
~dg, ~



V" '-

1 :: .. i :" : -.*l j ,


I- v a1 P


I -



-".itrof Ma

.t4 r#. Icr.~vv
*I' ~

< +..-..1,' : :- .'--* ,- -walF
. **... : ..'. .-+ ,+. S w : .
+ .,- -

* 4 -. S. *.
-t ,. *. .

.- 4
1" -



"Buis n" said JAmmy, smiling
y coulB't be reached
for qAuiupt 'cawse he weat hip-
p4t0 pW 'metrily about the
ttUf-- ,


a .... m.. < .
~v .,tD ^l 'V^ .^. .... o.^ Pth-l .

i ._fl .. W W,- l-

.St AAfb s relatwat
i, fei r, wto*,,.,
*ol-.blt -_" .MD tt;_ UM

ff 'fltt w*th mm IfU
d l .ug, towlm if Sata, Ibut let's we how
difficult it fm OW u.w
Neoe are .nt.l eotions of brick wfl, sup.
poedly aid wit 't tar. Bach wsllb eight
mhe (palc. mae b measures by 4
luIebchn l8 smehm*. flqte are at Jwto In
the wall. Bow MM y te the
upper WAl? (3)'y irecing oaly on
paru fIts s i .t tit of wpw
how numy do ou My tihre are in the low wall

BotnmGrtUp TH

after someone j.
performed- llll
"Do you kno that
you can bo as I
filled with wUter and
covered with a tle -
ptOee Of carfilat, up-



r a ith twotum-
duet to ,*0 aend

Mt la

- .,~.
'C -
.1 0
-~ 4

ItSdeei .flU'
"%f Me 'AtllHf+3
e'' "' T "' r 'J+ '+

Wo the ra m
folned. *9 the

.2 "


.4 4 C
SW. I'

*' tilt.

..- .._...;. al e 4...
.; ..,-. e 1. ,-* ^i

a '* *1 .'
I -. *." -'.

' s. t ..-...

NO t7'
.1- 1.--



_* -~ A ..

* ^.. *.. .. -.,.:-.,.::..
:a ++.+-- ;. :; *- ...

*-nue-wS a 'm pton a U u eusa .OL ....m L *:.b

Slippery Sliters of Speech rIT ut won .a.e ,s.. visit
"" the tW idtles' last. Thelrs
at- your oungue by repeating. ileral times: is a most difficult place to reach.
Twlirfgml lsel threw slter dllum threading So far the old boy has never
thregh the tree. failed to make It, however. Can
Tlomns tied twiae to three tree wp. you trace out the route he take ?

A Case ofXmas Crime and Kris Krngle

T WAd or Mist- "
ma Eve.
Outside it was
bleak and cold
The too and snow
had disrupted the
electrical airV.
l ow. -iide ti i d

lDes p tehth e I

the house w s a .
we l fthted by a el
* "Just f be care. t
to t am .sape. o
tor Miehael Mur-
May, drsse an p
S.ants Olaus.
qikt at the wid-
Owe M M aNottsa .
eava ml monamre
hoate.s. Assa
mla oft *l I aw
h1e Vire ie co u-
ioag e of mety and pIotdatlon. ug to arouse him," declared the laspec.
Te ddam or more asserted gup etaratt tar. "Res evidently taken one of these
ted'tvaiouuly, having had their M of pills,"
ftooAd d h at nd vae d lbeverageq At Mrs. Elbon, the next one they Investt-
the toSe b midnight a loud cheer ent gated, was easily aroused. S e Informed
up, batpwr Muyrray,. as at Cl b s them she had gone to bed about 1:30 after
Uslted. j t ,om.a christmas t to reading 100 pag of a mystery story. "I
a thes present e ang always read Just 100 page," she stated.
ateMM; tfa hi thbedwee-s to m rI- "T I pped a bookmark between page
S Iea p t carjding 00 Sand page 31., put out the candles,
... .-.. .end weLe t ."...... -
S4A. IL, thiaet Murray, a light The last one on te lMst was Mis Ba-
Sledper, heard a h kn aon if b door.. Be con, a alme to the boteea. She w asquite
" psed It, after Mlighting his eandeltbrum, angry at being amused, but answered
to Oimut al i.strm sed their questions.."I went to ted at 1
I 'Tm micham- yt ,' she o'clock and slept soundly. I haven't been
said, "bdit my mamoutd pendant Is.a~lsle g.' out of my room sine, and I wasn't up
Sdidn't wish te awaken y lt I ought until you awLakenMed me, frightening me
Squio atin &V t riptp the ulprt, with yur ealghts."
"When did you mia ln I" Inspecte W array had walked over to
"l awdke a few moment ago, and saw the unult edelasbrtm on the dresser op-
a shadow against the wall. Someone polite ste doorway. He gathered the
flitted out Into the ball, closing the door, melted was from the candles and shaped
Gt out of bed, I found an empty them Into a diminutive S nta Claus He
agkte my dressr where I had careless- put a little cotton on the oMh, placed the
ly ft limcase With the pendant." figure in front of Mrs. Noltacava, and
In. a ew moments. Inspector Murray said, "It is fitting that at thi seamsn at
repeated that no one ad left or entered the year BManta Claus should solve the
the oesetly. am he could tea from erime, and he baa. He has told me wbleh
the oe of the three we investigated is prob.
t'eDminates the servant.s," tated ably guilty!"
thb'i* "for they are quartered in a You be the detective: Who Is the most
ote." likely suspect?
Iml~ll -maunell m

r we'll have to screen the gueaut
4let'a get started."
big oa the door of Ira Reknab. a
,to the heotest, they finally en-
Sthey received no answer.
found Maleep. By his bad w4a
.pAgf tablets. "It'a no.,ae tr0-

.f- ) "5 ,t 50--Ohrsetls n
"-." "- t I* '1 h e"
3'1 ji yL t f bOld s ktua;ol

22 tt7ni*




, .. I .

'-H at. nT
A ,'- :. ," .
,j^ffmma^B+ 'w

*^"._ l i '**
,, -Ul ill1. '-


saiOU-, r

* r

lpg e no l" pas in nl ean plou 10 g P o M
*p maaqo n-avg plo mwiq a oqe p ainpoa
onpmoe*ilpongun op 0q1Aq IamUpqq
wl.= SQ'& I ranMg oDnp waaweV

np l q n pm q Mt u
paeq itwi eq "o i ioq pe im eq
14d111 ill I~plf KMoo WM^^iN IV~fi F-

Its Your Mow

il eb

LL HOPPER, author of
checker books and long-time
champion, offer another poser to
whet your wita and Improve your
White, moving up board, ia to
move Pat and win tn six moves
agalast any defense. Cap you
figure out his strategy ?
*uagU ig .uqasft lri.j-q

'iuguwk "tls *JIIm.u o ,-0.-m


S'.. .... ..... .- .-',
*:.i .-.... i i ,. :-" -^.! :./ -.-S .^-:_'.g :*: 2 ,-S--- *.* -, :, .+ "- '- *

3. 4.




:T ..



1" -


4 T..




W -Lit..
., "" .s .

S ,MS, .:"-. :: ;


M...- r

"-'. r i



"Let the people know t.h truth and the connry


-. .- -- .^..f:,^^
'' -. ..
-,M I..

-."' A1 "rahLam a i'\e-u"


-- ..p-.* c .:22 .:

Operation Christmas

1.-Lt. Col. Harry M. Albaugh, Commandant of the USAF School
for Latin America at Albrook Air Force Base briefs members of
the "Operation Christmas" Committee on the scope o01 the
command-wide project.

-" .' -i : "- ,-... '' _, .'

The Air 'Force D:es It A

"Operation Christmas" Al- o fitaff Sgt. Joseph Plasctk re- greet Bnta t aus as. heaWep- of the Air Pore group.'
brook Air Force Base's annual presenting the good will Of p:;. ped' froT- the plane. n. bagel prpuerip cts45, i
pilgrimage to the children of sonelt of Albrook AnF. Alter l.- the gifts -W .Gna- ,t the peup i ol AMor. ek,
the Orphanage of the Miracul- T he Air Force groap -was z0ptiferron frni the plane t l -wd aeba0oz nle people. OIt,
ous Medal at David. reached6C the arrpor y the over n trck m Father Cuaik, a j-,0
its successful climax last Sat-of OChlriqui and Mrs. Feder.o 8ait,. ClaAt itad$ngI %hi6 t .4 a a poKe for the .Stam.
unday morning. Sagel, a reception committee proceeded through la e W 9 and a child te rl.
The gift4aden C-47 aircraft frof the Sisters of Charity, and a1vid t to 41he ,rphat.e_. =0 expressed -i t .
arrived at Malek Airport, David; cit ins of the city, of Davi&. fourth .annual Chrlste tiG y .4palsy..'t letlinga of the d~ttI
with Santa Claus in the person-The children were also there to. fortb cdbildiftn.
At the orphanage, t1 11n I-- on behalf of th
dren were .wasting bet ly tor f Albrook, Caplaim
S. ant a arrival, and tha f. :
TPW*. entered the room, way-. tthem (the cmi
in'. greet 4, th y ion to d'Yn*._. uE but .or u to
LWtome 1 w it o .for it 1s a f%.
Jerroy c'l tmu... .eamt" i so give tan so.0-.
Spa l and IEnglah ,:. From-ceiv, ..
then n. It was the clildtefn' s-
Aath...tb*t. festivities eq
A t1Meel-orlamentp4, tzee gave to 4.dS CtIaof Da*14
4,tor as oung W*1p atp
to receive Bana's port to to the
e anqo giftai Mteri'en of' ia '
ristmas carols, gtj f", the
E ma tmbol of O 4t.v a..-t i sa.fa
i t s finale %,q St a t4 e9s*e1 i

iimof David wle. Wa0 J
clbthbag, ream-and are
wet-V4t AbiWted to bjl: $1
or wer ".&rue 0

2.-"My dolly goes to the orphan" children," says Lornam-la1e,
daughter of M/Sgt. Harold Smith as she waits with her'tuppy
for the Operation Christmas trucks. For two months the trucks
toured the quarters area of Albrook every Saturday morning
collecting the gifts.

5.-Santa'Clairs (S/Sgt. Joseph
Malek Airport in David after the
C-47 al

Of rhe gift
o the gift- *~* -.
6'~ **'r~*

6.-Santa even brought an urgently needed
washing machine, gifts from Albrook's AAC a

-Albrook's Girl Scouts assist in the collection of food, clothing
and toys for the David Orphanage.



S4 nezX. of

the 5700th Maintenance Squadron at Albrook ...C
repaired and painted the toys. 7.-- rpnt hanage of the

:. .

- -


.~. -

,r .* .AiKC h




0i t