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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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.j~$R*t6- ~

- 4

* 1'n j **.

*.. .;.--" .;.,-: :-,- ,. .-.- .... z:
'. ^ *^ ,;* -.. '^, *
.. ...' i -,, ._- ,:- :**
"' : ., "*..'
. ,,, < .,6 .;> /,** .'*, :.-,, ,.- ,* *..
iL ; ..:- ,o ;*" ',,, r *. -,
^'4 :.
C L 0.

n....-.. i,;- w ,i

**. j r 4 :-.:. .
.,.;.. ,'
bi_..' ;r ,;--- .. :-.:.:.



4,. _- '-* ^.^
f" rJ ... (

; -. .' '. '
.-,v, 2 -- -."- --- .. .., ,o ..

Itt $

V row



S** sl


Cdl a aytqn, i

'. ., -,

:' *< / !.. ':. "/.. ..^ ^ ,!_,

-I> .

--, ." ..- ,~r," H e .i .

after he i e ft t am into
.. hon. T (.
Sr ed I the e s. ti
f d to her u6, r a sr t t.
SCity since It Traph r
fe death," very ll:~ tv wrent borne to
l dispatched hit O iti and iput the
Imdlately and y.but' hdt been well
ua given treatP hat .1imt6.
o raUly. He died 14r. Tnapnell Just bought
$ome near the American Na
re on, an Annapolis by.
Radate. vas stationed on the
4' .6 before world War Iz, .
.' thewar served in the
r Le. ; ln ailanding officer.
at'# etatlcharged M Nov. 19 .
Ils :?ta4,%the rank at o rot'
ll dr, l. Navy'.Organiaed

ft00 Pu sem, ]Pan -
'.r;W A svl,,ey'~~. H Te *

-0 --

i eRuth,
b. Rachel.
I, a mfo-
a bro-
is a weU-
pnMit have

pt ,



8. A.
tient ai

condition and haa nWet
in the Iron lung,
' DOngl, SI, sl
BaJba em


Srked Liner?:

!IRUT, 0. 23 V) The heroic captain of
launch, at. a Miehonded rescue, today
.all I1,W enge! remaining on the wreck
cruis. Qi fiWllion. .
e Io "B desperate trips through
yes to u ,fte liner. Passenger, inchI
i withl ir arms, climbed down rope
n waere ferried to the shore,wh'"

',t .bout 100 crew member

mm. ,-B;


. [,

Be pealitB-
is flnl-
ad crew
nord mad
de IL tn-

attempt. aiter another to pa
line from ship to shore. T
The 13.644-ton liner, on a M. a
Iterrahean cruise to the
Land for Christmas, rt a
in raging storm about iSC
south of Beirut at 3 i. a S.,
day with 113 pmaengen and
crew members aboard. .
Rain and roaring seast
thundered ross the shar W
tilted decks prevented tie Imrn-
diate rescue of the Mi4 wqpuu-
and children aboard,
Eighty-one of the ..m .,
were pugrbns en rdtw qf
adam .. *i.*. Ki

UW17-Year-Old Rider
RaIms torya
Ljh r i lntoftlOkedC *,
A 174e r.-d Amu^| youth
whose motr6ycle m into a
U orrW. marked r oa Thaher Ih-
W Ly yes y 1ftf while
Sbe war en route to other
lThe l 3t n br day fracd bt
oe. at 4:30 p. m. toiw emmnaldered to beW In lgod" con-
w t remto- closed nt d ition.
r :' ''Joseph Benamin who
s Inof Coca, lost erof his

a-tO thefeoa ars -o a et '-a
9.n uti efle 41*3. a of the aokeMt.

a |nnri&thee iWaifmzl

SaJ O# &*-teowned ieaftiah.
SPAnRI o 2 (UP)-Presi- then0"9 -
lent L'Aurld tday al-q welO i dhEd
ep.e,. tion. of .Prem D se dt
ftiier A ae Pb;ay. ., ;*
Pinay' ;:rr resignation rqvm gnts
LI. d Ua-ott crisis W wheh' .-! r W ---en a1
Td .t a new devaI" n-,g t a la-

f at nation budget- CffiT Y11. Dec.
low an ua tua deal- with can chambi
deO PAOrt UPa ixoblems. utiftetff passed a b-
The Ae t. t new dtve, eal *ights
and t nck t dollar loan 'women.
went laJI. p=rop r. The price .
of giid aounte .. TN almsure. which
.ofero wthw possible th t wo eni
e SWbIiW MWl t.ingsezgi111.Wti ate in
*P _rv. T to PUT -on .Ponm .m equal ter
th t ... a" g -aoes to the BS
S xov- rt AdOfo Ru
nZ t. N 1.s the bill.

aw trdlnctor hadl mown.
ael tWItt. and al4, thb =ese
teaS: h"s-h s.. an a..4.. .


st -at
.over the

23 (UP)
er of de-
ll grant-
to Mex-

nms with
menate for


u!w uiuSua U aWu4 WUHU,
Sut b,
t tjiehlp's owners hav an-
notaced. toft eA ee40 crew mem-
bus uemajlnaboar4.
Nt ghtrand prevented any furth,
er rescue trips by the motW
launch, and it is feared that thel
remalnsig crew members may
not be Mved until tomorrow.
Hero dl tire rescue was a Leb-
anse sailor4 Capt. B. Radwai,
skipper of launch which pfiot
ocean-going ships Into Beirut
SAfter It was, discovered that
the waters off the reef where the
ChampoUlion lay were too shal-
low for the dritish cruiser Kenya
to enter and attempt a rescue,
Radwan \olunlaered to try alone.
Radwan put his engine at full
throttle, took the wheel and
bqunced through heavy seas to
where ti, Champollion-Ilts back
broken-lay keeling over at a 50-
degree angle.
As hi came alongside crew
members threw him ropes and
he sechifi his small craft to the
side of the wreck.
Previously a Royal Air Force
heliceopter hovered over the
wreck making o= unsuccessful

r~ldn4geIgrate under r
C f low wv, ..-
They were rescued by the
aBese coast guard when WC
small boats were swamped.
ILtt night the champoo i,'.
split erosS its decks and the tn
sections of the ship settled mWe:
firmly into the sand.
The keel of the ship did not
part completely, but the upqWr
-yawning gap in the deck. T7e
sAlp was plunged Into darknem
when the electrical system fall
Tlh passengers, most of them
French but including some A.
merleam, Britons and other na-
tionaftls, huddleOi miserabi In
the cold darkness -.
One Uf0oat finally manaM
to get a cable from the sh
shore late in. the day and a Lil-
anese army tank secured the-"
and pulled It, ut, but full st
rescue operations were not pi.
aible before nigHtfall. e
The Beirut radio last nIghtj ,
voted most of Its broadcastaf
the disaster It said the ship "0-
a total loss with Its back. brac
The radio sent a message )SB.
(Continued on Nge 6, Col X z

French Mflbuy

Court Gives 15 4

Gestapos 'Death


lo pee'd Swt;
W-' mattt s.

crat iSw
e for c cl
not fnfl

one- It
that I
he Im
h Vha

:c.;r tJ:~~

~rs" #.-

I(- dott1IxI nq. wJ a euuwu"In
0 of .a .'been. .
barber I OSE, lft b* 1 not is*

gdu. o fthi ra
which od uta "
sogrfam tU JuNb" *wl IIelve all
or 47 w esktaM- thingga .c len
for $B with te -8o
several lo ves k t .Iam

, Chaeon had
as order to atupiv Vew-
I., bro i b.o ot S S ed"
dItton to all- thi oth--
.p. his


be so:
t- t StoS

'Mat AnWI thbm sote as


MTan t Santa Claus: "N- o- DiCL, trlgame dos
Michas de pan."

PARIS, Dec. 23 (UPi-A Pa
military tribunal tonight hai
ed down 15 death sentences
eluding seven in atel
former members of the war
Nazi Gestapo secret police t
The tribunal sentenced I
other men to life imprisOnam
at hard labor, and sentenced
woman agent to 20 years
hard labor. ,*'
A German agent was seats
ed to five years in Jail and i
other German member bt 1
Gestapo was cleared.
The week-long trial thr
light on one of the most ian
ter Gestapo outfits in Frami
headquartered at the Rue de
Pompe station.
The members of the stani
were charged with torture
French patriots, arrests a
mass deportations to G.arm
death camps and executions
reslstence fighters.

Swimming Pools
Closed On 25th
All swimming pools in Cai
Zone operated by the Physa
Education and Recreatl.
Branch of the Schools D v
will be closed all day ChriS
Day, It was announced


JA Ma. ~. !~.SJ




Maurlad the polo p
sweenal jfnndu.4h aMn



W.' 1 914%
WT tu'.o


. 4


a7 HN Tllr 0 BeO 134. PANAMA IOP P
rI tl SI-A o ,,n'a, "C 2 "'414 >q LIMIUI



"I Cover the Watet

nt ID

-i, a,"- -'... ,""P.." ."
.*>h k -"*r-* rl -t'-'P -'

COLON OPPICR, I 27 r DCE' A ,. Ij CTOwLU M gy .. q. 3ne U 3TH ETP mE, C
q41u Manlis.% AvP Nrw YORIn 1171 N V CoIn
EIR MONTH UIN 'A7N tlyc 0 pa-sO
PON s $INn w0 t e o e T Fre.rl so w100hi By Victor Riesel
POP ON, VFARA AO. ,ovar. .s1d 24B c Drew 00 a in1 ay:.
soiety InPnaawh f emeshpoA small group of Republican e 'ah
STHIS 15 YOUR FORUIM THIF Rr7ADEPc WN COLUMN t1' .. r,AL.r m.LL quietly in tthe demagoguery charge
a-t .n .it a c os .... Us HUe, w! niniton one strategy mix on 1
Sw.oic aleter tnt presioeacial elec- I big m r 'e
S Prl t li so,...--larassea Ity one b le mkesbg ht-w
INI ,,I unless tLev succeeded in
oMk I0a nalt they were planning that "'TON..- WhAen
0- nior-ang uf 4ov. il en. Eise,- E 3 [dent Truman gid i
nuwur a ; csory would ie neu- \\I\ ,I bOt only hit the 0li
RODMAN POST OFFICE Lra.ized exactly two years laLer. o1or the press,
Sir: 'ri,'e seven tue presence were l *stement had be
I would a ice to commend the workers in the Canal Zone postal re a.Ls, jia y. canbe sad 04. t W Ohl4 h
service for the splendid Job they are doing during this ... as sea- .enUE LLO a n bpe.rL6s uppor- !th s.own. torrid i
son. Especially the smaller offices, such as the post office at the oeo ae mpuawae se wnepuo .I la Wrat
Naval Station. Rodman. The same two clerks who have been mo.'L uL ~Wlar lower aoeues w .o "o. "bi I
working theemail for the past year are working the Xmas mall, erToL-sd Aulal b1er lton. .. I h
and they are doiwn a splendid lob I.,...g cLcai men iL LY were been' alueryi
The service at the money orcer and stamp windows is out- .I ..B at ue, pe le plb- aw- and e Nthe inllt
standing considering the amount of mail that they have to work- .-. t :-9 e uLLgeatL ewe en .anlia tton. .e-
Sing incoming and outgoing. O.-I LLis .he g nLieai and tinoe .i e Hagertn pt
True, we have to w.Lit t times, but the customers have been \t o Lad U.maLi inim, a.,e .as c dent-el.ert ta10 ou talked hir
M advised to buy an ample supply of stamps to tide them over from ,1u1 o IAou, wOs s .hl leU to I i e meit woaei tlhate int and
',week to week This has proved to be an excellent method, and *"..,sIoc,.LAc edy. *
prevents one Lne from forming, which could be avoided. I ...y s LUAU LLla..lves privately t
So., Merry Xmas. and thanks for a "job well done." a mL1AZA bS.Stot waL t.e puL tan lo0t oa- l il l
WhiteIU"a,.AL,,L DIS oe waiLr xeu- hiring. HisP tiD4 Wa
* While Hat and MIseus. ,.L .,r, ano.1 aLLuliate spoie-m en xI. nbeyu 1u4ci nd PStII IL bo
S-- 1RU--ie..! .aoor-LemocraLc conadi- -forifIe-.
",WHISKY OR RUM '. ,., ee Lo say wee&s la ar; A A Tha.o.;W4jte plg
sitr: l I cot L ea il iir irl
What is wrong with the members of the Sojourn|er Friendly For while Eisenhower ran an
society in Panama who boasts of a membership of 3;t, members, fa,' aiad oa tae Mepuulcan That Wi t he
and one presiding officer from 1940 until today? ArateSIn an a ute s n, me hvn b oaftWe ard.eNa. f
I am a member of other societies and all who are in the llair it majority ma gan in thie d he rleful i Iw iratl
are anxious to be out at the expiration of' tleir term of offfc'L. n Dcaming Liigretos will be e A
But in the Sojourners it's the same face from Adam was a boy. nai.own won Uy any paley an 1 a Od t
SIf the government of the U. S. can be changed I want to take a preslaeutial election ear Y.d In tid Ki t aa
this opportunity to say Ihat the whole cabinet of the above so- sate the teconstructaon pc- p Z off! He d In r T t ,b
clety needs changing. Unless we floor members fool ourselves LIOU following the ulvil War," AspArta Ing a t i
something has got to be done bEfore something is done to us. iKeunher's oliicial magazine, t down a g rath e crowd iad
A great surprise would be in store if the cabinet of this so- 'Ammunition," said in its post- W fr enlt .el craw t wr
called society could be changed. election edition. ., t frlendl y0tp itho-ut
In conclusion I am asking all members to come out on Fri- "li the Senate. for example, had a J J tO end telor"la
day and vote for a new cabinet. I am tired of seeing the same the GOP majority can be said to aboar-IOd e Hesmts, he was fl
Sf-c.s from 1939. Why should thr brass drink whisky and his bro- hliing on a single vote. Vice Pres- ublsi the ltpteuonw hae lag
Sther drink rum? idet-elect Nixon, of course, will K"eim Pbc h. Korea.
SYours truly, cast a ballot n the event there o' "eet. a e. of the nophl around
-- James Be1t. IS a Lie. In the House the Repub- reaction toward MacArthtly. ei
imans have a majority of ap- l th e Seoual military taU l
THANK ~pruximately a half dozen Re- the Al Force. Nature of 'the

t Sirs: |e. rentathisves. I Ita y" i | e"os but thes l
May I please thru your column thank Mr. Herr and the High The band of labor leaders who 0e l a e hwea st made up his mind ey
School students for a wonderful evening at the Annual Xmas met in the Hotel Washington st tae i
prz 3ram. It was excellent and very well plan ed. met in the Hotel Washing ton s trate. almost certa
rI atve hat November morning knew B IIIt- almottefftdne t
S- Appeite JL'rat Walter Reuther and his CIO B. y B RUARK bring to Chinese Ntlonsalitt

3; ~ ~1 Aaswe to Prvou uzl the labor machineino action al to'wtetpt atBthe nt. tbio
3r**,*"a plateses would soon be swing- to t? aet atthe fgnt, the hi
Answer to Previous Puzzle i the labor machine into action Gen. Mrk Clark, who long hi
Montana Medley a I I.. Iu capture the few seats need- ROME. The chances are I will be In Italy a In times past I never thought it was entirely mosa, argued that it wa a s
1 t o M e Ito win the Congress away bit. and there will be some pieces about Italy, but necessary to dignify the transients with an oh- under fire.
HO A N T -- AL A- A :rou, Eisenhower in 1954. there will be no pieces about several residents. gee interview, lust because they had transferred Chief objection to using
HORIZONTAL VERTICAL S l T A e F nor, although they rWere ta There will be nothing about Misse Ingrid Berg- their traits and personalities to a piece of for- the BritIaih, but li wa-lso beiil
S N 'ull minority inside labor, they man and nothing atout Roberto Rossellini and eign soil. the idea Is handled diolmiftl
I 1 is the I Feminine l l tn A_ w e I e eLre a sophisticated group in nothing whatsoever about Lucky Luciano. I remember from the early Italian days that NAVY. A
Mncapital of appellation A t hotel room, onslsti of These poor people have been the standby of I bust a general whom I never met, yet, and he It.looks Alke fog, rodhea
2 Rubbed mande oK A FLl. Bing r inesc hief,
Montaena 2 Rubbed o, A tc A : Building Trades chief the visiting journalist for such a long time that busted just as easy as if he had had me to tea mander of le U.S. fleet in th
Mo7 Stanate is of 3 Endurer A T L N D Maurice Hutcheso Carpenter: his lead- am sure we are all pretty well siLck of Miss on government dough. a potent pOnqtiod with the Pre
54eMontana is 4 Worm AGars.l' ^ e* Maurnlce Hutcheson: hrsi e- Bergman's potential for breeding and Mr. Lucia- I remember I had a vested interest 'in this a- Most NiV men have been
'he bitterroot 5 GaseoAus s -o i.I...SnalcolleagueCharlesJohn-no's sadness issouthern exile. thetic thug, Luciano, having been more or ess tude toward the Navy, figured
,!" .nger element 'N U- .S hao, I. New erse n Actually there are still a few spivs who peddle Instrumental in having him kicked all the way would.favor his own branch of
ding a i iiio. Evn Dale of Illinois. who Is the spurious opportunities to interview both of out from Havana to Naples. I hoiwefor pei a lve hoAdmirl
I es un 19 DiT ressignal39 ruith.der of the cons.. traction unions t famous expatriates. Mr. Luciano is wistfully an-
1 nFaDt freight at sea 40 Frying pan t e huge atom projects no xious to greet the visitan irman, toinform hint He and I lived in adjoining rooms in two' ht. trip.
I t(Fr.) s20t freight t0 eea tein k nes .thre u onthet oe'tnoe aE lthe oe' minea hot dogs, tels In Rome and Capri, within scant month o isf m I h kiga r atewo
6.nChCapital 8ce(ab 20 Penetrate 4 oker stakes n u in entuc e Saratoga and the Ddger. the time I had caused him severe pato ioa We d | IdenlL C ii : iw ti
18 2Srgans of -e e.los. wi hare. Miss Ber t t wistfully anxious up and down in the same elevator when it met him, and at the
smell ccuits 25 Sewed oose Winter They had come at the invitain the In her repo piation of working, which wa seldom. a
21 Route (ab.) 9 South 27 Peel vehicles tiun of the National Republi lcanU, t a it.Iee te Ieteo f w w s
2Requre American 29 Horse col )47 Domestic Co.mmittee's newLabor i o hwitnter an d, e. 'hwentoforweb adI vr et
22 RequireAmsrerlcan 9Horse-col-F 01f ,John Lanni.a .t 0pt agI ats I atme. -ITu entaorat io nd .'..e..4m
24 Negative w1ood sorrel .1 Window pirfs. slave tr., Jo nnrs., a ho oaa .te this b JOu rlelM. iis wen e to sit dO W andw let zl
23 re tablee rr, Stertif. h51Rot flax by b d his own state e deserves the ri t to ive and ed in privacy. What ou gdet in the cages of isbehaving g The
286' t fall t Redacled 37 Powerl1 53 exposure ti1onl co.. vetion orback ,in. thheh m vI.don iat re-o enga areandexiledtprocure s.n t t
0 n rt sleep tte i s ost of the hotels last night, in what the .c lthe Set dider In this business. you fiall -Or caallled for
32 goddess of Z 3 I 5 6 7 9 o t' o ers f .or ah.eof ustabI bar, aid it lI'aqrt diangled any. 1 ill presa-conlerertee tl- Hawalf:ael'
2 n oeio tayhoff therecorde moment bar is l-ollywood abroad. There was one with a unique, aft -th prepared statements an dfor
3 mwn i moe toty ore they e uor the had monocle and one with a et and one with r1o preconceived ideto sell. this t ha.ltit axw
: accish money t I- a uore tey baof up at fo- haircut and onte ho eful-Iom blonde, all plal- Once In a while you will meet a 41sgruntled.i A ItSuly,r no
account drawn up a pl an for action, for- I ng Hollywood at to' top iti- r Grade-B per- G.L or a Wllrp-teawer's mother, who has sineo- ,resirlent-elect Olf
3' ,.lent talized and formulaized it -formance. thi worthwhile to say, but the rest ils mostly There were n'.
3: her D and.soon were to hand Itover I saw Mr. David l lz r. and he sid stf mention nonsense. bert Bownel a
nes to National airman Arthurello and I sid helloEidof erview.wedcaor
4l ,.. 6,I __ .nmmerfield. Through channels.helo and I said helo. laofiterview ., telviewedwcandfor gt
341,e'iles i/ "mm erel "" sa y heplanIs.I may go back to see ttle altacombs again, but I am off the dignitary, legal or tlletgal, for life; Two too anu ae
42 terminall II the mitary say. T lp ..n I ain't interested in the' ot ,whe t hey hot r m ambassaidors to thugs. From now on I will GO territorial 1 491m1u
coint tD tonellpa. "Quo VadisL" For a whillt Ii ws bilggerthilt. tl to eop about the same O~_I .an, delegate
44 Diamond- Te labr e l d the Vatican as a point of uist interest a;Wd real iaIll awful unimportn but with a
cutter's cups sh u' lbk o i happen to think the at i ot more'ilmrbior topdem to d honesty ma nt hav Most I l
46 Burmese 00 Oa. AFL milembelR, urged a- stance, as well as consideratymore durable., b.t prepared i a pres agent. .. g hlp is the eft '
47 monr other rovismals submit- Radford in blastin"
Compound 3te two days later that the aI l'erl s nIn lts'n
measurement.-(state and Federal) navrolls d to fordthen A llt]
0Rows- ltlndnip and be Identified as 4.a tel
52 Plmpous /ernu ,leens. moraole. -
show so sl -0 "In the nDpst. and even in this pntJuet bet 'er
54 Hebrew I eiectiOn, reports from the states SyrE BROADWA LIG.TS .lentst. cared her of 'sltaelge-fri ... l orale. and
ascetic 'lete that hnrd and even Curtain Time: The Broa yCerontion of a Crit DdYouknow ihal
6 Made a speech flaotVs*ndl of IP"r-r leaders on Hollywood Queen was lpOby the.AlI ...91 4 *" aid Johnny, ""tyste "d h i rl,
157 Dog breed ,Rerublicfan ps'-roll1 did not ae.- Be Davis in "TWo' .~y"...Atr a i*aI- -a.. leme stage right!"... "Admiral, I *."
Singerd Llvel, come a-t I" suonort of Els- terlahd obetaWle ee, e .came l. 'Bristlian of Balo,'ean d i n.m affirmative
nhSower or the Republican tic thorghbred tye, T .nin "bayou lie cd m of
-- eRuin appraiser. He ttilled Ibe c bsayou?"- Ecto
"4he permanent (libor advls- Girl a d a cast of er Abto"rat:Godfy's l show pre- .-to rerNiv
U. .%--v Irommittee PR *u .ested revuslesl. The math ito-rats: ofey' e ow p ine i
N D r I OM AN woI .d< setess ersonsIthree erltiu. were unimlr e _, Blade at,the peak of liofiiorm: The i e of Naval?
reold be identifled in that thevyl snap (In their faces) is repsen b delightful frosty tidbit thi.siti
U eith do or do not cet Re-ada e sale... A comedy named q' t .The Oulf plt drab t4 ,.. 's....t"D
ubhhlnb matr!lon@p," they saId People" was blackballed b- molst tIle .of. u b of a crooner. 1hA.f
ra F "If te oo--dhon they will be insept..te. ThLIO of mrpt n "aeen Club.'.
reat White Fleet fire fo dirtld.eU d be count- erall.eussh wth ..ethe astthe most talented"
in their am their dly Walter Matthau, a hal eiwfua t. raided the "ind ..
Arrivelk. -. -,ttles." MeClain of the Joarinal. n d i drama on ktdion
NEW ORLEANS SERVICE Cristobal 'flu. wpq ,lunt talk. And the afn almable, but not notable evening, b"The i s
D-ron smoke inst lie h l',lv qnd Times' Mr. Athinso italgged it s t.<ionary.. .ABC'e' ot ieat"'- -
5.5. "LEMA ............................. hO2d,,i when it harmed tbnt it medy. It eltged taut night atler five .t and provocative crtmllke
8.8. "LEMPA. ................................. Dee. 25 ws* "of the o'ninlOn that the Pte- The last produetion (until lanu ,r t and BosleyCrwo4 i e the
S.S. "CIHIRIOUI .............................. Dec. 28 n11hiPtVI Pprty has been derelint revival of Lillian Helilma'se I dican e Holley_: idOwlhstA
58 E "A-TEC" ................................. Dee. 30 in not formilno a nsutalned poll- our." This compelling study ofi a tH at dlecusalon. Burprisel...5l5ep
S.S. "AVENIR" .............................. Jan. rrra for labor. d the anglish caused by her veaein li en in his mtost recent tevty
.S. AJ........................... Jan. 6 Various lhor branches have one of the Very Bst tow0. oyum (one oa the few who .
HIandline Rrt*wurraied Chilled *nd Genera 'arl' b~ei' recounimed at the last mrn. hailed the aetlna of P 3 1 punchlizle: "Wheni4u r.
1t* 'Groups are formed. ome Robert Pastens and KEttwgi l_ _the rear it melts8" .
E R SERICEArrivsvess have been .achlevedt tte'b regal emotingant djgnity einbel '"be '-
,' ,,'mittee end that tbils divilton al play in 1954. B. ...w, Is Like Th

s.. "ETA RTTe.l....................... Dee. 2oe ans A I
S.S. "COME ODUA"".. .'... ...... "" Dec. 29 ele, elea .eut statemet elsa ers that captures every sigh and tfil# a tlutt time il
.."P U A "......... ........ Dee. 9 'ive tn the new asdnlblts- Maverick" features a hero-mero in a an
8.S. "CAPE CUMBERLAND" Jan. 4 tlon.' labor ieo tse4 e itar maneuver. The pl aesor

New Orleons _la Tel Honduras li-tins t ap etas war peylai the da'edevil u(U10..,.
........d QUI"a.... ,, oid h u ross listede 1s -a io ourl-
B.................................Dee. 30 ,sr the urroup aled that the o' 5/ blan
5tS. "CHIRIQUI" ........................... Jan. 13 T'ibor Dtvislou be ai' o nenent "'telll 2
... ....... ..... ... ........t.. ..... ft h _

i chairman of tbt!
ail former 9a;

adford friend

.*t svertr direc4

S a6f-.



I- K

Labor News


Pr..-entele Bl,
ailing, but a
len publ i d t w -a

ad go 10 --,-,,T,0A 'd
,ry background .. ;iS, ipi.
ress-relations adviert t&e.mIt.
m out of it. Inj t $i_"Bl $ at

0e; Qld %tj ^ *r b ,

lIke Was o ee i iy
"- e- taex-", -
.. to. giveo it- to r -iso

.aintg vt taow.

I q PftilUi onewe t n i to l'i

n't. o ae.Ato y and aitl deas Li
d him were much baisher. in thei
aIled hWm uWhililat,."
% most sobering wauntin caine fro
warnings cannot be reveal& for
r sueTa thet lisenhower 'Prbay.
vn n9w tegapdipg nature Morean
at llsenhower will ask the i.N. to
divisions into the-Korean War' one
her behind the-frftt, 'and rod,
is wanted to use troops from l -
good idea to test the Neationalists
Ohiang's troops -it wa- ,' '
tered the British would go along if
ided Adm. Arthur Ra@fbrd, coin.
sB Padfi has tflhed'hhasetf tnto
lldent- te. "" -
i dtbous about' isenHoer's attl.
l-tha ala a lifelong Ariy man he
the service. ,
kl fadford, abIChedled to see imen
two Jiml, stayed bn for th.'ia1e'
Stortefuel c .o IeI .pm

3ht*eMemt Usu Aet umi h
be dua crits = ead Je i
- mtae, wa Iinu.DE a eslubeek

"--w'. o m n weive a agetSh ships to rlew Tork. Mobile
ChrleteSD Ltm Angein BSan Vranerlsqn d Slaille
We wish to announce a new speelil round trip rate ol
W7. lefr passaglie an our twelve paamrenet ships maillum
weekly fram Balboa to Los Angeles and/or San Pranelsco,
returmlm frft Los Angeles tickets limited to four
months. rffeettyt Senptembr 15bh to May ISth

have eauel staus *-II al
ittona of the Istp
In 1954 and 19M. t libel
I ylaayIn it ote %6.
time ha ome for
ean Party I V t1ft) nO

!!I7DODRA. (W) - t.OlApf .ie ere
in the floor of te silver

mu. m -A
WO^;P '.,

J *~'~~it



______F __l~_~i i


r -f

. -- dbffl

;F .

Y ,r.


if ... .... )- 2
4,1 L --.M R .\ ,' .* ;. t :'-
A .t'..;. ,. .,L .f ,' -. -
'*"":' ,. '"'- """ .J 3.-," ..^Afifi flS ^ ^B H x ^ F _. .",

.a.. s&k&iw

lovelier on







* wants;
there ,&-.!
n'tos'wf- A
*want to
.as 'wi'*

the driver in t' t-
id out why heeh
en route. ..

%~ on the,*
.e. A.iferg,.

oa..f .- -

The perfect accessories for your
New Year's gown we've all
lips and shapes of beautiful bags
* in gold. silver, satin some
with pearls, sequins, rhinestones
. and of course, we've a fa-
bulous selection of carry-alls and
compacts from $1.50!

ta "n : g' rnowds gatnr.U
attack atte enemy's re
s omewhere ia.Ind0
:_' _- .. : .. .

:,. r. :. r.

.y III ':-S .-"':
" .. ,

: m _. ".....,,:ww .

-'a Bato -
e at .he

/-:"- ,^ -T.i-e i.. ': -' ..^ :-n *
-.'r her....for ii '
m W ou-s'";"' .
:. i ..- 'f, '

f o our andous L

> tOCk

imfkp look d 'Arexnioit or Maptred
T~u8*t~ntf ftlOSWoUes displayed the
h74xm t*fM~a*Otaee The weapons
iae&a 0; n-80d:supply sources

I44. .* ;

- 4


So the mran lets toe need o c
4ttB n 4i Wof..i.

lon er,. he .3o06 totswL.Ial.a
halt-MM hour, sOta sonic
ales %ttit es an-t jipl
'-ight' a au'leh w
,s h 0ld le.
tiil s Ftle.I ii m idtt.e-

tb n 4..tore up a few o,
'Ieemma loar pIdas 'tot
luyg hifawtiea qht
inas present would be fun ln-
a f chore. And when' "
'ould !' tadpS

thAt.he has aro
.rousht home something
,wtfWlfl 1 ve to,pVtend llIe.

O",f The .r*
,,,"', r '< -,_ 1


Arrow Mojud Van RBafte Rogers Gallieni Ties Dunhill Maiden
Form Bras. Jantzen Yardloy -Phoenix Mal Marhall Men's Sportwear
Atkinsons Swvanilk ..rkshire Rene Lalique fine French Crystal Royal
Crown Derby'- Finest China,' English mdde Fine Wooden- Italian
- Gifts Fine Chinese ladies wear "Slim Jim" ties-for men- .Capodimonte
Italian Bone China .- Royal Doulton Figurines and Toby Jugs-.-. Finest
French Perfumes.

Bracelets are the fashion rage
. perfect for that wonderful
glittering.jook! We've all types
. big,.,VoId, and In demure
styles-, gles, cuff, plain and
open work some engraved,
some stone set and from only

I -

, '. '.. '.*' an
i:~~~ ,'l. .- i ,'O "-**.'"' .. .. 1- ." anf
.. Br ;. : 5R .,,: .<( ,..-J./.- .. .-*,1 ... i, '.,,. ,. o*.-*,C;., /.
. '. .,- ; -' .. .
"' F'-i: ; ** .. ... :
.. __ 2 L m n n* n u ** ** S --*- *" -- { 1 -.t '
i. I .... -. $1 Q .' oJ aN "" -. .' .,
v-' L ^^^^ ^Vii iii~miiiihir

'Mo fer
,1 ,q*
~ ~. .~ a .t f .r.. ;dn2

..a. .

.U9 -.

1- 0.


... the exciting 3-in-I
BRAS'LETTE* that's as
new as tomorrow.
With or without
It's a Bra 0It's a waist
It's a garter belt
(with detachable garters)
WITH' built-in-contours, de-
signed to give the A-cup
girl a B-cup figure... with-
out the slightest hint of
WITHOUT built-in-con.
tours for the B and
and C cup.
In satin with nylon
trim, n y I o n elastic
sides and backs.
White and black.

Style No. 742 and Style No. 752..... $11.95
sizes 32-38



r -~- K


17.95 $2t5 Ft.e


in merchandise



In merchandise

in merchandise

l,81 Approximations of $5.00

WOers c select what they desirel






-' i iani 8A aj.. to 6 sa d dit ag bs hbw.
a ---'. -



u nderneath
'.'1- ,' r U'*


Amon aieUp,

.' .* .' *"'
"". .' .,

i :.^^ i "w,
.- = # '-*^

&ne Ea~y
f-,: i'- "--' 4.

AM .1

. '- ot

r.... r

. ,-: .

. t
i-.. .'-1


I "



, ,' -f i

" i: .::"; "':, :!


"-2, .

. .


IN HOLLYWOOD a Atom-maser
|NEA Staff Correspondent CHICAGO, (UP) The na-,bl.uw, In oea many of
-- o -- .'oti's newest atom-smasher, a the outf tandlK W "w t var
.. ... ', ',ch constant-frequency cy-|rtov.s ECyclo i' In antr
HOLLYWOOD. 'NEA) Ex- ner- She'll havc to wear a black clot.on, nowis in. operation at versities and ' lobqrator-
cl-sively Yours: A Hollywood '..~ i : she lands the role. the Atomic Energy Commission's les thro utt ~ ,t4l'rld;.
movie queen is %caring a 2upeen Argonne National Laboratory. LaborateAY Iia said it is
wardrobe, purchased at a 20-per- ONE TO REMEMBER Operation of the machine al- especially suited to the study of
ce.nt discount. because the king tr.ady has exceeded the stringent nuclear reactionM and for the
wouldn't pay the royal bills' Tnere have been many speak- performance specifications set up production. of rad4olotopes.
Vcia Ralston. a celluloid doll cr introductions at Holl:,'voud in the construction contract. ac- It was dealgne4 built Installed
with an eye for a bargain made *.iainmbakes. but Edgar Bergen, .irding to a laboratory an- and adjusted to'. xium per-
the discovery that a wife's anr, Charlie McCarthy's zippy inouncement. furmance by the-, llimn adio Co.
-etw ime account can cause trou-,%ordage* in- presenting Samuell The $966,456 'cyclotron com- of'Cedar.RapkdB,,a.
ble even with royalty uiao'dwyn as the keynoter of the!
a.... Four evening gowns now hang- Publicists Guild's annual Pan-,
Ing in Vera's closet were ordered handle Dinner was a classic. Plus I
a Rome couturier by former,'ne lively skits, It was a great
Narriman. 18-year-old c erling for movietown's hard-
e of exiled King Farouk of -woriking publicists
^pt. When the designer cornm-
d to Vera, who was vaca-1 -
g in Rome, that the queen'
ordered the gowns but that ."ide to the censors: Meprlvn
tk refused to pav for them. lonroe nibbles on Tomy N- oo-
Sar quipped, "What's good :nn'r ear in one of the love
h for be is good enough for .renes in "Gentlemen Preferi O9
v Blondes." Medics have advis-
ed Phyllis Kirk that her.speak-'
tried them on.- thev lit;lmn voice will remain low antld
tl. and Vera bought all anarse. The Bankhead tones are
t the 20-per-cent discount.caused by sear tissue from a re-
I wear one of them. slightly cent throat Infection. ..."Merm-'
ed. for a scene in her new bf-r of the WeddinB- all move
public film, "A Perilous Voy-Ethel Waters into W itruimnng
,( r the best supporting perform-'
kitnce of the year. .JoawsneUDru
f ihn Derek and Columbia are hls paid all but $5000 of the back
9lUit it a day. One of the rea- inrnme taxes owed to the gov-
.*os for John's let-me-out plea ?rnment by ex-hubU'y Dick
,]irS disappointment at losing haymes.
,t on the lead role In 'From
$We to Eternity."
4,, -I Anne Baxter's still denying a BABI S
Dan Dailev is telling pals that marital rift, but insisters Insist
he doesn't want to dance in't',t she has been building' and
flickers any longer. He'` cam-,derorating a home at Pacific'
paigning for straight dramatic -i lisades that she intends to : ",
rolos. move into without John.i
ON SECOND THOUGHT- Television. cliams Harry Cim-i need give you no anxieties
Sine, will never put then"movies'
Londoners who saw Er rol iout of business. The film houses!
rlynn plant a kiss on 20-year-'can prosper on merely those folks Ithere need be no restless nights. no tears no baby disorder
Maureen Swanson's lips at -rhose sets are at the TV repair
=%r airport before he took off for sheps. if you have Ashtun & Parsons Infants'. Powders handy.
rpe are taking back orce r heoi Producer Paul Jes about a Mothers all over the world have found them soothing and
id Patrice Wymore Maureen1 -- cooling when baby is fretful through teething, and, best of all,
tnw is out as Flynn's leading la- hit star playing a small role in *
and Italian Venus Gina Lol- one nf his Paramount'plcturea: they are ABSOLUTELY SAFE.
Cbrigida is in. "I'm a strange guy. I'd dig uj'
I.Pegg Dow wrote a friendly John Barrymore for a bit role.' -T C PAR BOu S
egVy Dow wrote T friendly l ON & PARBO BS
ter to her U-' bosses from r. .lDi
tisa- a tip-off to her plans toi on n' POW D E S
h long suspension.... 'T h e, R O WE S
marriage of Gene Evans and, DETROIT, (UP) After the- 1 -
aongstress Patty Powers has been first seen games of the 1952
postponed. Her parents want a National Football League sea-
lavish New York wedding. so'son, the Detroit Lions had gain- f
Gene will finish his starring stint cri 2.018 yards, 1.009 by rushing y
In Sam Filler's "Verboten" be- qr 1.009 by passing.
fore hopping to Manhattan.,
Leslie Caron and George Hor-
mei are living under separate
voofs, and their pals haven't-
nereeded in talking them into a :'
:...lo Laina's working out'ev-j
ry day in a prize-fit ....*.-., us
Walled at his home ltb
l"et ropes yet.... Two hmun-
fted-and-elghty-pound Romol
Scent's been cast in "The Cad-I
'" without a single line of dia-!
Sf. The role: Laughing at Jerry .A wonderland of gay and ift
eis. *KK, A wonderland of gay and gifty
Rrprublir's cowboy star. Rex ideas... sure to rate raves from c
'de. "ho replaced Rov Rogers. that particular (and we DO
-w' "rd for bglager more im- (a
s U'' ilnm. That's the word' mean particular) young lady in
r boss, Herbert Yates.i ou g
i me: your life
-'I. "1 esterns are dead at
-office. Too many west-i
err TV are keepmn' the kids
ho- When you saturate the! 9
pu with anything, you're' R .I O
'a'' h. [] I
Lees slated to test for Across The Ancon P. O.
Thre 'Ir-n Morgan role at War-

CHRlb WELKIN. Planeteer

Valman Has a Start
J ---..


'wf We DO KNOWl .



- r *a -,-.

......m.. DA IL ,WS = "i:A_.... _. h_
# Z
I-* ,, ,,,' '; : *^ !'-


OI. 400
Ih'PRO 1.

"1 *".'^r ,.I .W n
. .g"" r T "rS, -C. i. .I"I., ,

A 4.''-* ,. -'. -A..

I r

S' leeWQ' e ..... .

oi.IM. AC,1 ,"b CW V ..
flf fli I i



-~ -

... a..

.. :- .

* .~*A-:'~ ;'r~.sp'r'.*
.. &

E -IC-^ S


,,. : -..;:.,,- .
4. .


S' '-a

S'!''. '". '.
f .'
.. -?. ***S

'' -*?.'' '. *
". -. "..
"''{ '.. 'i *i.
^ .*A'',--
^ ^. i

=, .-

'' ':

~' :3



To Each His Own

. fr- .: .. ..--. -

-:. i

Taking No Chances

so-ust a
1: 'S.

*- "^**1-y. -a",-

r _rlj

FPJ. Cj''.m'rrc~:r.~u.*. -.-. -

-t ;p

- : ... 4 ~

iN. ;u.
' 'D .

I ;.n
t entire the the' -lu-nheon Conat,
which yowe tng, i chaltn ot the comimttee b-
ore, we aay,-donat wy ued a statement S .yi tat
ai bot wordly sadvasncB the comilttee- "pr.d to
M. ork for the 8ovi .nto tze. Bedadent-eled .ce i tdes
-Work for Rusia,, That, .he.Jaid, Wul the mmittwb hin re-
.1'. what we hav to tay guard aa n lower
Rii nowe d repu:. nd ntwl-r Heuld
..,. ,"But you ten i a y. not -leLboraten the one-sen-
' ,c' an doM / you pleOUSe. anter fg."t .d.

-, -

You ca4 prch t' valu'aw us, Jewelry,
lahy Artits, Cosu lyeWelry, etc.
.ut $, Table Lamps
. '-,:.1

4 aqlng Datn Bapasfol
On. o* NTI.LM.

makhe it l l aicl Ckristtnas!

PANAMUSICA hUs jist received
all of th. test hits on rec pr, i
o b h78a 1&45RPM", > ;

S For a&m e*t.nhinae gift%4"63
/ nothing better appreciated thtm
an aba otf tine masie.

S-'i Stret and-Central
. ,* _.. ,...... .,


it.-, y, a

ad add-

hert -of
et In the
nlot t"M
Il WShjsu

rtIi~Bflur w
S a doctFlis
Su "c ".
ci^u^'M:e t3x

Ift ba&d-t

* *p*op .,
a,.... .*_<'41^eJ.w'* s- el SOS

:. ; S
'. .


r -

'4; 51

STUMPER GOES L1KEY-L tj-Mout puppies tear through the house lickety-spUt when
romping and playing. ut"turnm a ltjc ety-clumB. The young Dachshund, owned by Mr. and
Mrs. Leo Lewandowki. of wauk.-4dW his left front paw shortly after birth, and was fitted
with a wooden leg. h on. he wpRma inowi a de luxe production, with a sponge-rubber tip, to
ep Stumoper iro. adding on those fast turns.
--r -.

Just Arrived



Also ih, t TW e amms g


w th;"D B

Aememier have the

best prices i town! .

Justo.Arroemena Aw. & 26th East St. neh*g -081


I 4


rr '. -



- -


Zk ,. *" ,. ; "
." '; ,; ..... .. ; .. ..,
MU.t I? I,



* IRDURA flfl'sWfl

e, CflAtS!
S-.ow #

T ..- .-
*.**T Ei 2

-.. '


Life insurance Fire Insuranc
Car and Liability Insurance

COLON Telephone 537




Handsome, Star .
prNiced from

$40.50 7

A petite 17sjewd"l we*


I r d *.J .. AN


, as .a who
!t t-iwataa






' ~" : '* "~ "
... -3SE. ',.f~
.- yci ^r


-; ,, ,, ,.:. -

T2w PANAAIU Al 3A Of i

p&GFr "I '

- -;I~-~ --?I.-- ----~--~r- ------- ,1.-I

You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Cld 'i
N Leave )out Ad with one of our Agents or our officess in No. 57 "H" Strert Paknhlmi
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

Leis Servife
No 4 Tlvoil Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and

Fourth of .Tulv Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Saln de Belieza Americano
No. 55 West 12th Street

Carlton Drug Store
10.059 Mel6nder Ave.-Phone 255 Col6n

Propaganda, S.A.
Agencia laternacional de Publicaciones .-." Street corner Estudiarte St.
NA. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phoone 2-2214 and 3-2798

Mmc, h addidor 12 wr.
A .


H. h ...IOI. e dld. .leml ENJOY 4 day holiday at SHRAPN ..OFp SIO .
___________Write AIe1soehalae Aveaymous. 3Ba Santa Clara, Telephone Balboa .
F LE: -. t m urrte dining FOR SALE:-New 1952 Ford ,oily 2031 AncoM. C. Z 1389 or see coretoker. S. o't
thl, large $10.00. Utility shelves 1000 miles save over $200. Want CLINIC HOSPITAL. Dr. A. Williams' Santa Clara Beach
3-16791to buy Victoria. Coco Solo 8584. DOG cottages,
And drawers $4.00. Phone 3-1679 to Perez. Veterinary Surgeon. Via 2 bedrooms. efrigeration. Rock- and beautify cocrete
New Cristobal 9-A Sixth St. FOR SALE: 1950 Block Buick Porros No 42. Tel. 3-2113 gas rangers, Balboa 2-3050.
FOR SALE;--25 cycle automatic re- Roadm4ster, 4 door snadio DR. WEDEHAKE. Medical Clin.c. Grmlich sntnr Clara beach- '

FOR SALE:r7Livingtom set, leather FOR SALE -- Chryst praESctically Cs Earuet. atv-e and duble

FOR_ S _e_--- -- americanas. Tel. +O825,-Panama. an way $85, round trip $135 15 Clara. Box 43.5. Blboa. Phone
LE Mhon dining e tday-limit, $165, good one ye, Panama 877 Cstbol -1673. and color chart
0 -2irs like new, $70 00. No. FOR SALuE.-Or trde 1L951 Cadi- to LOS ANGELES, one way, $149. FOc REc T GEO. F. NOVri IN
4 cl^irs,,hke new, $'70.00. No "Ic Coupe D0dIle. Like new. 15, round- trip $252.35. 90 day- RENT 0
0, 4rd Street, dedoor. 5333-C, Davis St., DJoblo, C. Z. limit). Panama Dispatch Service op- rl
FOR SALE:-Chinese Rug. 9' x I~ si t A ncon bus stop. Tel. Panama HouR B -Tpl 3r-01 0.
two tone blue, excellent condition FOR SA ---d 65
for $175.00. Teakwood Chinese SALE FOR RENT: Luxurious residence
wardrobe six drawers chest, $150.- 1 Boat & Moh, ( Dye: We dye dresses, suits, all 'inds completely furnished, 4 bedrooms, MODERN PF ITURE
00. Two barrel shape carved, teak- ._l of materials, "LavandeXia Tropical studio room, two porches, mpiI Ocdti
wood Chinese tables at $20..O FOR SALl:-Motor Sailer Sloop, 24 plant, via Espoari (Sabanai No. quarters, now occupied by Chlles q ViST OUG nOW-ROOl
each. Apply at 39th St. No. 28. ft. long 7 1-2 Ft. beam, 5 Ft. 830. Telephone 3-0871. Branch. Embassy. one block from American '',,. "lsC p .
draft. Excellent condition. Write East 24th and Central Avenue. T1 Embassy Office. $2T5.00 per ranci eupBhchaert
FOR SALE:-5 peace bamboo havingrs 2 Box 817, Balboo, C. Z. lephone 2-1346, Panama month. Apply at No. 28, 39th St. "16S"
room set, I settee, 2 arm chairs, 2 ---ES-- ,
tables. Exceptional buy t $50.00 PERSONALS FOR SALE FO RENT
Phoie 2-4130. House 1423-A, L ,Vi 1tO,4

*Corr St., Balboa. PARENTS.: Give your teenager a Miellanu Apartmeil i t
E oBa troom dance course for Xmas. FOR SALE: One Irn ,5fe, 67" ayMA A AR ENT
i Th would give them the soci al D" wid h 31" depth wrth ALHAMBRA APARTMNTS t, A .
inner strel doors ApclyBale D-Tcod
Mwardroble ixlrow$200fra and wontl ban ldyst osft'D inner steel doors. Apply Balin De- Two and five room furnished and ,
Two llAreio $r 20.00 for 3 month Mpndays of Abate 6029 Balbda Avenue, Tel. unfurnshed aaoortments; private en- sippinK, Ivlng. storgT *
employees neeSd furnished .apa.rt Y' HoFnett. & ,.u.-^ --, AN 1. .rMA New Cristobol. Telephone Colon p
Cl m lrt, oro ouse in good residential. gmaOn .ng.eeS, *AJ, Hu- OFFERS MISCELLAN ITEMS =1386. thingg, 'Phone 2-2451,
distract. all _2-0556. fro to.2 man Eng .neering SWi4 Ch- FOR SALt FOR "RENT:--Aportment with pri- $662, FaIi phaat
WANTED:, Two oop r furnished rorois Corrac~tve Adjustment o leed bids. for opening Jn public, vae service, in Sn Frncisco. .
apartment fr Ft. Sherman soldier, the Body Structare. No. 11.. 7.h :.l be received unl 40-0 A. M Pho ne 2-1464. Ancon.
Box 93. Colon. St. TelepIon e 2-383. 8 a. m Janruay 2. 1953a far Pneumat.c --
toAp 8r~ent p m. Bysnten
WANTD--Modern parmeO pBel_. ___tv.l--oure Toolf andh Parts located at he Bal- Cadet Harrl ngt on H
S V,$to. iwo bedrooms, etc. Jornuoy -.,oo Storehouse. Excess Sole Circular it r o.
ATEDlehouses, Balo, telephone 2r- -- 1 acd I pA m
g15. Write FEY Esso Standad.a S Nh 3n0, ait high,, m"ay be obtained wth D31.epta AC
Young -Amer.con Couple desre o- (Continued from Page 1) -7. talroa. : noon.
qton quarters urnshe aprt- a11 relatives of passengers nd PANAMA CANAL. CMPANY I o Lu r' 'l.

j' &, Jan.0 a Phon Pdote o iemo
entm or9rn d roo bMen Crew assuring -Eem that, la- OFFERS MISC LL ANIOUS ITIMS.
dist5.C .a. -2 5 f. romn.boai werue hsaf wle and would be FOR SALE
position O' f ered t ship la on ts starboard .i be received Luntil 10.0 A. M.. T
ositio n _Ofered dtnnge_ os boul d- 8 .onary 6. 19531, for Pneumatic
A.ft-Eerinced Panamon- lffa. do a i. rua d Toos and Parts locofed at the al-
Sisatto be o.sIes t. H nk re a greasy, Wscumthat b Storehouse. Excets Sale Circu -arrngton. "A .TO 'S.
i Wbilineal E s Smtan le a a o L no Pa II, ley, b obta- l
d jb fer's .t A3nc i t A e, E Lus-n b c tory e rom the; office of Superinten
aLee, SC. rA. 90 r. 8, St. .d./ dentt of Sto reh oses, 'Balboa, tee--' H U
abat=o. Co on -- "' w o ... .. WA
Lee S'Am.0I88 LI* phone 2 i2777
WTED :--Office grl wth know'- e lo t tile Wilea a oa
Cof Engls- h I- S s tlis S rw han dreo adI aww yon wreck-a N f Ioo
i e of English-Sp. urshd ran- ting- a resa M eforts a prevent- u T
ouCentroIl Bolivnr AvnNue NAIb.foL

6, olon. No rrifOrmatio by t" p s aTow oeen ld yes- Named
ot hao S. mn ter ysdwas.y nateo n tr- Rt A TSONM
v f 94416ds tocaa tule
",as pla"When left th e theDon)d Sp TrrUsen -adeni re at an b ,ar, I..
ro d...LeeS.Al981Q% cu-hitoy'dntn

0vPalit s, .- ln HiO S.o:a t,-k eoen ,t: Bi."OO. aa aEi'* ,^ scUss 'e
a ofEnglish Plani p rtd.W d (hAi wreck- a t G.
e O t oaor the reSetb ttell or .loe- ona d by Goernor Seybold of-Mr. nd Mrs. Frank J. Ha- ad DISCUSS
-Sp ns st al ln,"- Ing ra defoalr ts a, n. a ,.Ta
*n, he C sha llon Prin cpal Candid ae from the ritnton of Balboa was one of
Centr masBel' va o Aethi nt VdO"t aro MUlta Aa- r aJ eroi& of 2.000 who toot
r o, n. d dey1 at o tO ttle .examination fo
i YORK. Dec 23 tUSI- holed below tOe watefliMe. The William Dawon .obert E a uslon td., the US coast T .I
harne.nballat ,anks have. breachedy named first,. second and third don. C .arrigton partici- .
EMBW*Ma agpaused m bthe m #rt f lokh MAdf Is the and Jo Mx P'rTanwee Gud api nv at New Loll'- P4A fiU (a) e
ter her perform e here, Ocasionally the d alternates respectively. plat.a d I tra mural sportP CAIRO, Dec. 23 (P).
dav night and Surday it- lifted snd a Lew passen c o The oveTnor informed the while a Atudent at Balboa first Asian tonlerene o
imp uest soloist witr the e W a, t rd e l. andidfe a the ofeination He h BShool. UponG com plen the United Nations convened
rIm o mhnOr Wthl r Iyesterday afternoon, teon pt foQr years tricinl* here today Sto. usa meaUr
g under the direction of Th0v Dona dblT be nr theoroof Mre. he wiln be. raduated with to b e l ai t .s
a S plah near the Bilbelal to M, .8. Tribe of iikhl., an em- Bachelor Of Science degree in owing to h8 ith
So played Beethovens watched a the wa t s pai ef the Pan Freight enir g, and be awarded nlsiaa o4s Monoco, 5
Pano Concerto with s t~ .. athe N.ew. T s Ho ie. i fath ter Do ald B. a conel ilon as Ensign in the
virtuoso and unetating Port Othe te l thlae wreck Tribe, ls a theint it the Main- Coast Ouard. India. aPakistat on fto
wof tone. according to was d by the pilot- mltak- enance biadlo .of the Canal. Iran, AfRhani tan "dt
SYork Time' mus it- in .aldeh- lll hthouse, near The priWcipam candidate wasm C represented b e
IStraus, who further cod- 1ea artf airport, born in Roto. an his attend- I a sa ow ape onISt e L enM- c o 0aro n
S concli o. w oaes t he k ano t ae of .u n !ri For o the e cier eno cs ai Cairo willne
er e oforn the Beirut harbor light. ed the Canal Zone schools since Arab League. denleote in th
-waiothhmossO when he entered the third enters nd the c

a parklin virtosity MV roo Integra trade at Cocoli. alsYe a ed in eign

Aens used in the move- nan a io the son of. M"n. prances Vio a Lal lfmi Pane t
Crormpnent. The cadenzas d o Daw on e n employ e the Ad MIAa, Dec. 23 (UP)
firt "ovemAt ws ee -n rebOfio andemd t. deleoe, de,.l-

Sfirst movement was espe- l mr instrative Branoh of the Can search or a missing cargo p ne e o =t
demanding rom the tech- w ealls In uiln organtz tion. He was born L with two men aboard centre ed islaen o r nidfto .
tandpoin, and Novaea ied Ancon and has attended Canal today round an oil slick ahted Anti-F h
it tour de force of agil ory Zone school fom the wtame he in the Atlantic less than 25 miles a en t la
oftne n. to b e p 2lot SIate h. e 1. -Of .h Ca l Iranc. A ..,ni...a d A
I' NW YOR, ,. Be_3 national io entered the first grade bfrom the lane s destination
the .ante, the last hal The New York Times report Robert falter is a senior at here. a
particularly poignat in that the city'ls ttade unioniats Crstobal Hig whool nd the A search plane located the ol oof .'
dee forcteyogt of1 23myo (Uga inc ) entered the t hr tAade. b rmtep Arae 's dtesiat
growing more and morel have undertaken .a program t ho on Mr nd Mrs Aalter lk yesterday by de. o thU3e of n -
e as the dkling vision moved ldntegtate hun Ures of th ou'o -Marg:sta. le ather n shadows app o earning on the ocean ence of
conclusion. Novaes has an and of Puerto Rican and other lectrician In th i'lectreical Dlv-'loor in 30 feet of water. policies I .
es lit eing r a ne second alternate can- The oil appeared the only clue Arab a o
tioIn tricat ca diretinzI In all the tae erbor mo e-ent, ""
of musical direction all the ora d labo i movement. didate aas born in Soperton. to the fate of the C-46 last heard ied at ase A-
Of work that griped the at- More than 100 representatives Geola, and has been n the' from early Sunday on a flight 'Jde ly York to
and brouFh her a long of i1 A.P.L. and 12 C.1 0. in- Cana Zone since 1944 no Venezsela.
nof erthusstlapp se ternational unions have lorm- John orham is a .sophomore Piloyt Tomm"y Zane of Miami orth AD -
1i end oef the cancer. ed committee of action to work m t the Canal Zone Junior College and co-pilot Alejandro And ..ra
one of the most aoetic on the project, the Times sa. :and is the soa of Mr. and Mrs. of Caracas. are believed to be the.
: aglative of lthlie tec The step is a recognition a Lisle E. l orhm of Baibo a His only persons aboard the missing
le dualorganized labor of the stead father is a telephone maintainer plane.
'rduestion Note influx into eNew York's wor ill the Electrical Division of the 8ever$1 planes and two Coast .
e Massn Do- rn 21 force n~ from uth o Canal organization. He wuasborn Guardutterswere conducting a'
Ntorfolk Prison Cao. 'the border. Estimates are that in Ashland, Ohio, and wals ra the sdrch.'
team has won 44 o about 350,000 Puerto Ricans are dated in 1951 from Balboa r1ng
Z sTow emirie-ed here Of these a- School.'1 rih l c se
eats against collegiM, op- ut 65.000 are trade union There were nine el"gibl. can-
t t ls lefbers. An additional 100.000 didates for the nomna d s tn-o
-- .nsh .peaking indivuals three fr, m Cratobat H a h Derailed; ,
p lr New York. School, one from the Junior tCoio.i r..t" h
a problems lacing the in- lege and one who li in school 2 Killed
C ltSgrawo program include lain. the halted States. _'.ei.o.I
gaae and cultural differences The nomination of pr sli A, Dek. 23 (U.Pr -ia b ..
and the lack of understanding and alternate candidates -Venice express train was
aof latir vIutg Induretsial orar- the Canal Zene were .Isnh aed near here today. First
piele le mh metropolis by the br la oo reC e m t sald four or five persona
peopl b ooaing om a primarily the Committee Dkld, any many Injured.,i
acWriculture enote the M sitTal .a Thil ap r the derailment a +a. : -
nteigari pdlcied against n o t th eat as d forClthed

American lnhor council. antd i, .rin iiIshed aitel tbehla b,4
workwast agreed that the commre ittei 1esd' A "t etr e e ,
aof action would not Interfere aminations w l be nItheo ma onlI
with the e l g 1 A ir.F a t flndt1C ial. in- fo r Canal Zone agmn..Yorktto
o eam cal or international bodies. March 2 nnd thb aave
,Instead it would proylde ser. didate will ent r ta .ohe
o S te vices for the p rou by as.satint July 7, 1953 .Aao."At
K-EYS in orsenilzra dr ies. meeting The e~mitteb
ea th o _oMrIanadrge problems, preparing to the Militaryb
lar aoth s Itaradture and translating con- emies Is eait

.Au5w aw At. U lla tec hiuea and Director,
and cooperating man, theg
PC = M ,

P.UII~ ~

i .



.nd tBateMfabst O br

the uildentfied .14"
re killed .. .
ish took pi"A_-6.JI
hien tf' e twtpna
"lher 9ntn. 7tai 5

MM of t.i

r et Iznu
half oft e

~ve~d a5Hoi~

.- '

*. *... --.- .:'* ..: fr ^^
.* ,* *. .

-" -.. +L
-* : :. .. *,. :. _-
i r ." ." --.?. i: .':-" v' ']
=" .'.* ". -';-'r ., =7- '-', "P.._._\"
-\ y '- ^ ." -T'."-
I "L "'+" : -
A.- .


tEA. c**"

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t* ; < er
a .' *..!. .-,. A

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. .' .:.-

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*.- 3 ..'. .* ,. ... .., ,. ..,: -
2 -" J~ .F 7 :. -l
dl .. ,

?--a>..>.&ki .ai daii.e

, r, .' L...D JACO.
S.' f3Bor NEA Serice
B a ',~ i- *-*-

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ra. J. .T,
. 3. Cle
K were to

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resent wer
Mi, UMr Job
RiAcartd -1

v 105
-r 108
OAK 10762
J3* 6
8OUTH (0)

a A 4 'Pu
ItorF outh vulPa

9'. Stag 3 N.T. Pas


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'- ".:.... "^ *.*"*;'

',. ^*-^ab.,.HMM


At Baby) t dia

... just ri. d .o-. o p te
auortnmit kof

"Jum inla Jacks"

fMidnigft Mass -
To Begin At 11

SAt St. Raph*I's
Midnight maw win begin at'lH ,.
p.m. Christmas Eve at the
Church of St. Raohael the Arch-
anRse) on Wpst 13tl1 Street with
Christmas carols and the ofter-i
s Ing of the Holy Eucharist.
The Rt. Rev. Albert A. Steer
will officiate at the mass. assist-
ed by Rev. Joseph Wantuk. dea-
con saa Rev. Oeorge. OGrg, sub
* deacoU.
trick with his lack of clubs.- he
c" r ..another spade to de- .
--- a ,on If, d -
feat the contract at once. I
dunimy wins the first club trick,
the club suit can never Uti
brought in. And without the long
club suit. South cannot hope to
make his game contract.


I saat.



. to the late

4~; ~

At Q1imas, a young man's,
fancy 9poafuly un to giftst'
like dte! Gifk 'to earnsvhis
liighe# praise': 'us: wha I
.at.dV" ,'-

Ao-. 4e 0gorp Pnie, Sr.
ard, Mrs. u6ward Harris
Selnt y. rk Ii san-




.:,, V


S.A: .

I L .....---."

Ii. a~n

4 ..

- *~ .7

-Ad l A ^ A %jl

A- -.
71 4

i^-. 9



J-p~ ~ -

Is~' ~ -

.- ~.. ~' *k *

: ..,, ."* *.'.. .^ *^ .! -

.' .-i t -. ~ w ,< -T -
--. -. *..

.. .. *r

* *'


* A -

4, '.
.~ ~I




0 Refrigerators

* Radios

* Consoles

* Air-Conditioners


* Washing Machines



oy Auto Supply, -
.. .. -*, -* ^ H.S -A "




', -"



!, tJ

~ r~

. 'I"



* i~i?'4

I r. ~' ~'~ 'r' I


'- -- rl


and of the neP style
"Parties" foa girl.


II I. ._

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/.. .- -. ,-.: ..

luCe tlAhklUA M IJAAk..h,'- M ABN. iAAraJa',b A AA *f*qMi*4a

. .. ." ,- -
t" ',! "**.- 1 T. + 't --
"" 4' .* "" .. .: .-. .. f
*-- .. .-*^ ^.- ~

- ... .. .. .. -. -
, ,-.. '" '-- '._:-

S0: 1 e)o eb/ P ,k C. 52,Tomorram wmW&;i*

The visitmna Congiessmen and their ladies were thwgud LJo (7 n tfi, OPJ The children' Christmas se.-
of honor last evening Iro i8:0 10 o 10:00 p.m. at a Cur.stnas ore children e l Christmas set-
C:roling given by the goveirnor of the U..nal one and Mrb. uno gle lr stat e holiPr. Ancon wi tel edreofd t.Luke,y
Jo..n S. .eybold at the (overnsns Residence. tun:.. to celebrate te holina)'. Ancon, will bi .hild Wcdnuis4qy anam American will at 6 p.m. in the cathedral. S
i I no. be publislied on thristmas The children, directed by Mrs. tt
Official Group Returns New Officers Installed La.\. At ii requested that no Nancy Siciebotham leader of rt- pa
kroi otoniomi,. '1i!1 installk.oii oi new of- ne,.s be telephoned to Society lig ous are pa, -wl present a ul
The Minisier of rela- ficeia of the Fern Ltif Chapter L.,.jmas n njrlstmase, or after Christmas lay: "O Come Ye To
tons ana A ,L. ce-r,-'., Nlo. 4, O,der of the -Eas.ern 4 p.m. on Christmlas Eve. Bethlehem' Thtis is In panrt- 1.
of tne R.puol e ot Panama, Mr. Star held on Saturday De- .ie randay column wiiihloe mime. and as toe narrator retis a
Jos tae R uot a tzado, acT .,a- cenb-r 20, at 8:00 p.m. hn the' around ton on Wedeilla. I the story tl, ehldrenmake. te ni
iled by Dr. Erasimo oela Gu Pr- Pedro Migtuel Masonic Temple. augntgut tile holiday sa* crebe.f
eft, Na. Hodolfo de St. Malo.'.rlhe Rainbow Oirls assisted in son, please bet all news Itemo Familiar carols willbe ung by ca
' Gabriel Hernandez, Mr. the evening's rogra. to Socey tlors as early S a children's chorus during the tra
ueo LeIgnamser. Mr. Ro- Installngere Oferwe p- shlo g he ailsw pla
glio Garcia de Paredes, and ty Craw ford Retiring Worthy ver coi ae ient. Tile ofterng at this servi e.
Uapain Victor Mats reunedMatron: John Muller Rer- Abparty onSaturayevenng i l en to a Worthy proet I
1- pi--a -party on Saturday evening na e-
to the fithmus recently by ing Worthy Patron: re0 heir home for a group of the,.n trie- of anwi, run
pithlt foiImi a one! official vas- Culp, P. M. Ass'sting V.orI- relatives aId oillier friends. t 11op tanwret. ro fr,
tto Bogota. Colombia. I thy MAtron; Gerald Fox, P. aP oer friends. Ill parents, arembers of the fo
,'loo letu,.,ng were .he Am- As.str.g Worthy Pat ro n. Cocktail Party At Kobbe pattrsh end frie the nds ar e i invited ce tooe
bassador of Colombia to Pana-) Helen Gardner, P. M. Chap Lieutenant Colonel and Mr..
ma and Mis. Jose Inacio Go-. lain: Marie Curles, P. M. -IWar.en H. Stutler ente.. dLI:.I
iLie Naar. who accompanied McrI-hal; Betty Maloua s-La group of their friends on
tie official group to Columbia sstant Marshul; Jean Dom a y .:.ening at a cocktail-
Sbrowsky Organist:; apd John party at their quarters at Fi'o
stinguished Visitors Here Crwford Sentinel: Kobbe.
-The Minister of Foreign Rel- Newly installed officers in-
Itiuns ol cuado, Dr. ieodoro elude Melba Fox Wil thy Dr. And Mrs. Johnson Return
Alvarado Garalcua, accompani-: Matror: Harry Shannon -I D,. and Mrs. Lawrence John
et oy the. Director of Protocol'Worthy Patron; Chaslotte Dili-son of Balboa Heights returned
tl L,.uador Mr. Ari,ando Pe- ley Associate lnt ron: to the Isthmus yesterday
sar.,s are recentt arrivals from Ch'rles Hlammond bs oci'tt rLJare the S. S. Cristobal fro -
Quito. Ecuauor lor an official Patron: Le;itia Schnnke Se a brief visit in Washington, D
XIil Ii Panamha. curlngp which'cretar3: Marie Curles --Trea- ( and New York.
tume they are guests at Hotel surer: Ann Eckhoff Conduc--
El anair.a. itre -: Veta Hatchett An.- i(dshipman Browder '
-- elate Conductress- Geor r l H ee For Hollda
Ad r ourd Chaplain; C a r Midshipman Edward H. Brow
rier Minister And Mrs. Godby Marshal; France der, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed-1
Molino Return From U. S. r .icc e OrqrtPst: Etta Fae iaj M. BrGwder Jr., of Dia .-
'. i. .loi.nei ol Fo- lerrel Adrh; Frances H- n- D o Heights, arrived In Panama
rPg. Relations and Mrs. Igira iond Ruth: Mary Kate Un- :, or"0 ,- i i Anna-I
1o0 .iolinL, Jr.. returned re- derwood Esther; Helen Tho- polis to spend the Christmas
cenly from a lengthy st in ri: .-- Martha: M-rjorie "ain .acation with his parents.
re.. Zuik hv.ere Mr. Molano at-i_ Ele:t": Bernice Fullman -
nam.ed the United Nations As- Warde-.: Bertha Brenrii B1 Baughman
sPmnly Meeting as a member Sentinel: Prges Peatr'cp "'I- To Arrive Tomorrow
6! the Panamanian Delegation (hol. Doris Hrrne-i. r Irlba Mr. Bill Baughmen, of Ba-
S S- nyder, Jo Anne Kent, an ii i rranqullla, Colombia, is expect-
5 Home Honors Parents Merion Knowls. let. to prr;h here b plane to-I
a id Mrs. James P, Cla norrow to n l pe to l Hollida y
rent on hela an "a. he .. on' Pro Tern Officers for th .. morrow to spend
...O .L-- .d.y? 0t .o a. M: sc'i in rinaman with his oar-
ay. ,dny eve Img fiao 5 00 to G.Oi D hrmy Mra o,. and Mla Robert Kean
7:00 at their horne in -. .Charlat? Dailcy; Wort!' Pa- MoA,F o -'e; l Vista. "
its vista to introduce his par- tron Cherles Ha .im-r': As-
ents. Mr. and Mrs Raymond Z Isoctrte Matiun Betty Ciaw-
Clait ndon of River Edge, New ford: Associate Patron Jc'min *
Jersey, who arrived recently to Muller; Secretary Florence rof r s
spena the Holidays in Panama Duell: Treasurer NaomiltaoI -- ---
Curling: Conductress Helen
Ste. ens-McNamara Gardner; Associate Conc'.Y-ress YOU, CommuATity Stotion
Kn: cement Grace Culp; Chaplain -
and Mirs Charles M. Petty Mualer; Marhal I- H
SL.'..ns of Poril'ind. OregoiL, rene May Organist Jea n
havy ani.uuncea tne enLae- 'Dorb owski; Adah le'-'nOn IJ "J 4J i W V
ment and approach,.ng m r-iMyers. Ruth Madelyn FI !: OPEN'!Gr NEW YF
r.ak. of il.eir daunheir. M Ns, Ether Betty Malone: M.r- Wheie,, 13.00 People MeI with lovely soilistlsa
Mat e T Stevers of Coco'l, to tha Clara Jacobson; E'octa'
Mr. ..i.,? M. McNamara. of'- iHrrriet Ellch; Warder Presents
Cr idt. ..on of Mrs. James M. Mavis Cornoton: and Sentineli
b L a of Ftichburg, r v WJliam Bain.
; Stevens is a teacher in Today, Tuesday. Dec. 23
ft .:oboe School. and hMr. AIt-r Gu!ld Meet'ng Tonlht PL.
1 'itnra is employed at TT'e Altsr Guild of the Ca- 3'-l-The Little Sh.w -_
ec: qu:..eLro, USARCARIB, F. th'JIrrl of St. Luke wll rnmeet 3.30--Mtusiu tui oesbay
Am:lor. rt 7:00 p.m. ib the Guild Ronm,' &b-U-unny Days
,o the Catheral 4 15---aouth o the Border
No date has been set f the 4 30-What's our Favore
Wedding. Executive Bodrd Meeting :30-NEWS IAgencl as Amet-
The Executive Board of the canas
f. fet-Lawn Party Balboa Woman's Club will hold 5 35-Wiat a Your Favorite *
k rs ,.., a meeting on Wednesday, Do- toontd.
L and Mih. Milo Al:xander, r-r.aer 31., t 9:00 a.m. at the 6:00-Mubicai interlude t
9 oaby oaaum,ie.. C6a11y, of home of the president, Mrs li:b-HawaUl Calls -
I ILHLu, v.h., arrived onI .lbrt Plumer rf 571,1-C lhontal 4b-5-Luwell Thomas *
S .dijnu., baturnay byletreet in Diablo. An exchange, 7:Co--Christmas Cavaliade
to z,,. Ltie Chr.stmsicf "i; s in the $1.00 braqket 7 U-r-LUb RtlBBON SBTPuRTs
S--S, ..i .i: p-en.nits ir. will be made. baqke
I .rs. J. G. Jo..nsoU of Bol-I ---- 7.4t-am ieeslon i
U. er'e t.ze ,L:ts ol honor (Chrst:mas Eve Services 8:00-he Pe rry Com how
anday Fver.,ng at a buffft-lAt Curundu I (VOA) how
pr.. p y' at tWe Johnson ris-' Christmas Eve Services willi a. Ere O warmi and W
2.. App.iximately ore hun-rI'e !-'d In the Pr.estant Ch-. p --Ire. Waring ans d i
0e 6ues.s attenC.ed tL:e gala c! In Curundu Christmrasl ve| P830-Franke Masters nter-
i .. ;rt 7:OWq p.m. under the drec- Masains Ent
Sunday morning a Christ-itlon of Chaplain Ralph C. .4oU tur Lummentary
.. service was held at the Wilson. S-4D h .? umeU tary
-a Uoion Church at! Snec-"l Chrl:tmas music will 9:0U-Te Rhythm Rangers
qrli.-h time the baby was ciirist- be presented by the Young Peo- I9.0-,auuaae u Howard Batlow *
Lath.rine L~nne Alexan-. pe C0ntr anrd Chanpin Wil e Music
de.-. son will be the speaker of the t 00-Dance Music
U. lO evening 10:15-Musical interlude
n ne de los Casares 10. 0--Variety Bandbox I BC)
f ,Asiior liele Mr. and Mrs. Snerk 11:00-The Owl's Nest' Do wer.
"a. Jaime de lob Casares, son Hosis For Egg Nog Party I Mitnight-Sign Offf
b the Amoa&saoor of Spain to. Mr. and Mrs. Adloph Sperki (ala ilable In
bnama and the Counitess de of Bella Vista were hosts to a, Tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec. 24 Frlendshlp'sorden)
Xgoago, arrived in Panama re- group of their friends last eve- A.M.
gentlyy by plane from Balti- ning at an informal egg nog 8:0-S.'in On-The Alarm Clock sachet table%
imare, Maryland, to spend the party given at their residence. Club A in box
IRristmas Holidays with his' 7.3o0-Morning Salon
parents. Captain Fierro 8 i,--Morning Varieties
S-- Arrives 'n I-'mru 8:3U-Musical Reveille
Valdes Captain Oscar Flerro arrived V.00--News
heaflning In U. S. on the Isthmus by plane re- 0.15-Come And Uet It y JAMta, e
Mrs. Hector Valde-. Jr.. left cently to join Mrs. Plerro and 9.30-As I See It
Ianama by plane recently for their young son for a holiday 10.00-News l
cw York to spend the Christ- visit with her parents. Dr and li:06-tOff the Record acontfl
eas vacation with her children. Mrs. Jaimp de la Guardla. 11:00--NBWS (Agenlas .\meri- ,_i /
o are attending school In canas)a etj,.I
e United States. Captain And Mrs. Nichelson 11:05- Off the Recurd ,Contd)
s. r aH-- osts For Cocktail Party li:30-Meet the Band -
Wss Sereant Captain W. R. D. Nickelson, 11:00-NEWS (Agendas Amernl- ToBII.I W (4u ,)
U'rives On"Cristobal" USN. and Mrs. Nickeoon were canasJ (mlie aaiabln fie lI
s MisLs Carol Sergeant, daugh- nosts to a group of the Ir P.M. l
ter of Mr and Mrs. Richard friends at a cocktail party giv- 1.U0b-LunCleon Music ,
Sergeant of Balboa heights ar- en recently at their quarters at 12:30-Popular Music
gived yesterday aboard the S Quarry Heights. 1:00-News 3 cakesofee Tief eep
Cristobal from New York to --- 16-Peraonality Parade
cpend the Ohriktmas Holidays Chrislma; Carol Party i:46-Lum and Abner
yith her parents. She is a1 Mr. and Mrs. Morton Ford of 2 00-Three Quarter Time
fudent at Byracuse Unlversi- Bella Vista were hosts for their 2:15-It's Time to Dance
$* traditional Christmas Caroz 2:30-Afternoon Melodies
"_ 9" &.-l..l.tnan nJan i

fine CDnrisalas






No. 41 Centrcl Avene e Phone 2-3056

3:00-The All Star Concert Hall
3:15-The Little Show
3 .0-Musie for Wednesday
4:00-Music Without Words
4:15-Sepla Parade
4.30- What's Your Favorite
(Agendca Steer)
5.30-NEWS (Agtencmdas Ameri-
5:36-What's Your Favorite
e600-Musical interlude
6:15-The Railroad Hou:
6-30-Rickys Record Shop
6-45-Lowell Thomas
7 00-Over ro You (B2C)
7 45-Frenb In the Air (RD?)
8:45-U.P Oommn9ar
*9:0-Christmas.carols by the
Jubilee Harmonizers
9:30--The Haunting Hour
1:00---e Owl's Nest
Wudnubt-EIgu Oft

VOA-Volce of America
BBC- Brittu ardeasti- Cor,

Purse Perfume
noe-lok lop

ToillI Water with qi
atomi er In gift bex
alse avelloble wllthout stomis
i- -



*i N h. d V.. .. ..

WN"S Dec. SE- (UP) .
heAgriculture Departmebt Was based
lay forecast -a drob in. retail 000 Efame
i and, pork ..oaP supplies P-L -"
ct year on the bell of a re, .
rtindlcatinga farmers will out
4k spriaf. pig production by
per .ens
Iultaseously, Michael V.
W waee sworn in as econo-
Satabiliter and earned the
Iloe and te Incoming Repub-
in-controlied Oogreqa to'ren-
in their "natuta impatience"
er econolmip conAol.
DJialle said that If wage and
ee control werf acrkppt4 -.
w there would be a "slow Dut
re" rise in the ost Rg giving '
T which "we would have no
e to blrte but 6urE.;ivea." He'
rnised to hand over a gOlioh


a tbt)tS)~01F*i 44- ~5




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S~llerf Regers.





st~t --s

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i *- .' -. ."*M --

- ** *, ;
...l mht

Li: +9r

* 3~t'~rat~a a
9. -t 4'-'--

"V k
* _^ ..": -.^ c ^. .. -. ,

,4 .. 4 .

-.; ... t "...a..' ,.a ;-., i ". .


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;.E ts --A. .'-'- : .

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-- -.-- .,*." !.^- SE,-=z ,. ^l

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"'---.. *.. ::.-::

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.' "-: 7 : :
t .. %. .,


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.," -. =.


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A, '

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... p.' ..' _.

PAdth bliilI


-- ... ,
S. -. *-. ,


Co r a




_I i ~__ml_ _~_C__

_ :- ," '=



. : .,..

W7 .- jf M-i ; .. 4- *'.t \...-.
; : ,- f ".2 .. .-,, ..' "m:. .... ..'.- .'

'p ~ I

.- a a amamflau.n,-,l Na

$ .4'..



i: ; -- .
/+. 'a.

4U&n r F tti &.. n tl Mu

ZI. tmasihcr9'
.mi4 a ._tfidngarsychosis" t1*
jl fOtH feS from making t
at he 9k.
S^I~fi~ffihad U..M 2S S'

* amP Um-- i
Sw~a at t- !I '
h attw the wet
4e1t to the a


4 nin with


l thayna El Baturm

M. Blkayna


M. Balurro M. Vasco


': +. --;. -,

w4,I 5 .m

- rri

,nAdtse the UiWsll.!
by afn ovrfhel'nr4*
colrerd p veara
ap at the iu b~irll
BI'H^~ *( 4'>^"

il t i
It **q-al n fl 1W4- R

*VAS A -ftf

oU a VnAw f a .
_rt "A,.t WAa. h"6e I a0io f 'e
I it, ;flt t the 7. M.e tr .D to th D6

DecmbhT v

u 3. -A" t
F "iai.J .KA ir&^- f~Ik' I

- ,:- .+.,+; --. -, ..
'vcrid'a ur.t '.rwhip organMit q1 y0ec
tina cattrr fat l ,Aatmqede hfr itoI I t
entertalnmWmt ,giaotals of, th toorld.

_9 adm shap for
dip m q.
Call "nf" 64IW
Or remrtlon, .
oboo B*tV- ft- IN in:PA


1 ,,,v*r M tS W T "
W.a -. .i Pcked to the rafters with everything you need and want for your
I Chnbtmasun d New Year feasts. Just see how much you can save-by buy-
h. ing frbm our wide variety of top quality holiday specials pt


No. 55 50th Street

Opposite Guardia & Oia.

kO nao

&: ~ *'~~ +
run..Q. *p-~2 ;bt~Y-A

4 ".. 4 '.
. .
,+. 2 _*1

-.,A.I*~.h--Ii3'- -- --


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At ". :

.. .. T' .. ., ... ... "
l l ..... ... .. .. .h. +..:,.., :,..>-.... ..,.. ;M'

S I *- A -v-. ~t ~ jY41 Y 'p.'
'1' .: ~..I
in ~ r C
31 U .. -.JIA-j-us -4: 11.46

- At


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*- .f

...'.. ... ..'
i .- .. &--.Mt+ L-* ,, -

w, ..+. :- + .
w.-o :; IRi
,. :..- .-'. ,<',. .? --
. jf:

l fe$st





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*~ j -' :'- *.l; '*-,, -..T + +-
. '" -. ".- .
.. ... ,+ .-.'- ; P
., ; A ., ,+ .,.,


VI U #4
2~. ,~, g~ S&. 5

... ~~$-j.t

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i- "-Ik

"-L = I. .

* V-

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-. _l :

" '",-'"T "** "--4". "** -.'" ;.
. ." < -;. lt { -- .
"-"'S 74 t%-1t""
.- .. A ,, f -.. -.
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p. 'f



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" ? ..h +A. &
*::-D A-AI'AL

-a V


"he \au


l. of-- ,
Av .7" ? ."














53AMi6A&S .PU[BLO4


_ TI ___~ __ ~I _i __ 1

~ rl i s

----- ---- ---- --

-1 ---1~--- r




+-.:. -.o,

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- 19

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1.*.* .*.-- .. **2

.. . . . . .. ..... ..... .. .
.... ,'....... .:. ...... .., .-.;.....-
". .. 7t- **'.-* ,ni',, _tt "...


By Russell Pierson

Last week. the members of the
CZJ.C. Natural Society met rt
the of Krrl P. Curtis to-
o, artifacts and trinkets of the
lor- Code cultures.
'The main item of interest at
t,.- .*atherlng w's an almost pur-'.,
gil.[ object uhich appeared to be
a 1-. -st plite Other items which
1y 'd the visitors were uniqi'?,.
fr of work in pottery.
last ueek, the lounge was dce-,
cor; ted for tie holidays with a
Chjristmas tree and all the de-
cfr".tIns Tle decoration of tle
lotii re a nr' de possible bv tit
l1-- ,a of Jimmee Sue Septe'
ard Ectird Castano.
On Friday morning, the Del-
ta P1 O-nga presented an as-
te'.3v in honpr of the coming
lio'tiavs. Snerkerc at the aq-
Fe"nblv were Kav Butler. Bell%
F1..rm -l.. Kqfibrvn Colcla,-ire i
WVenael' Snren 'hurv. Dr. Moo- ,
dv and Sube-t Turbyfill. L as-emb"' folowPd a S'l-
1lr nattarn ol qfflirs w)i'h tos'. C
pl-re Pt thi Arinn-' Chric'--s;
1 to t on D-er of fle -,p"!la
pi| Omp-" P, thp Hotel T1,10 ; A
T" ee of the m "'nol fto"-
me'rq were l"it',ted i"'o tip:
],,.In| T'lniI'l H nr"a'-rv Or""i- I
ttF Frp'-rni'' "nd th- n "
K-- qiltler "'ahrv nColelapur'
ar'4 Bettv Flumach. I

"r.P "Trnoi'le Collecritqn'' n->
r'... lrqt wP'"- with the t'dll-
tino-"" pnt" r'q',, on th" frmni
C r,', I o ) -" t" rF.d ,q'nv "f
4ct '..ed "'" -0-tmp'a the-ne. The
S O" f 0 *,4 --'r*.ir'p9 -- r
V,. p t 1, 'l--trptlons-w6as
w ,"bo-e averpee.
't t T' qrlnv the'- rn"" Z'lone
j .,, f 'il1 V, s ep t' -p l 'rT -rl
y- -. -, n rnn-" o f '.-" T _- r" i
t" '- b"" e" 'e 'b ,J.-'nr
r ." ", I-, n .- A"'I-'I, 'r ..,'
+V *I Po rp'-. nf 3'-q' -'o-"-pr.4
C' t-M V"- --. t" "': F-ep4-+,
Al..-.#. r,-l ...-. ,, ral r .-c rIm.
p r -, T -. .I r "Th tI I s- -

V -' c-"'-"son ard Jo'"
OT'" ":" S'ocker


Zone School Activities

B. H. S. Notes
By'Edna Hart
Well sportsfans, guess you heard that the Bulldogs have worn
out their winning s3ieak. Both last Tuesday and Friday the Red
and White were defeated and this is what the basketDa4l team
themselves think aboat those games.
TiThe Bulldogs were defeated 41-38 by the Green Devils. Ron-
nie Stover, captain, and Jim May, high point man with 13 points,
along with the rest of tne team tried their best, but the playing
of the JC team, led by Freddy Algues' fine game was jug. to
much for them."
"Bulldogs Trounced," another player has to say. "The fight-
ing Bulldogs met their waterloo when they were thoroughly
trounced 21-57 by the overwhelming Cristobal five. Team cap-
tain Gus Troncoso tried his best to lead the winless forces to a
victory, buy the (HS forces were just too much, sparked by the
Rreat games played by Bobby Salter (team capLam) and Isaac
Take a bouquet of orchids, and some sincere congratula-
tions and wrap it up with a pat on the back and present to
Victor Herr and Balboa Hi's chorus for the extra-speoeal per-
formance last Wednesday night. Thep really "broke forth"
with a concert that has had the whole school busting their
Tonight "Songs We Love to Hear" will be presented at the
BalLua ,uouihose. and Mr. Herr will again direct the Special
;horus in singing their favorite songs.
And "'raise a flag." the high school students are saying, be-
cause today is the last day of school for many-a-day!
BHS hasn't forgotte,.that it is better to give than to receive.
All the homerooms have been very busy collecting clothes and
oodstuils for some down-town orphanages.
This Friday Balboa Hi's swimming team will take a trip
to Costa Riea, no less, to swim against not only against Costa
Ric., but also teams from several other countries.
Even the drivers training course students have been pretty
usy lately! iesldes going to the Magistrates Court to hear ac-
ual cases, they have i3een seeing pictures on the whys and Where-
ores of driving.

Cora Canham, Ben Norman, Joanie Forbes, and Mary Alice
Hicks anu really the talented people. Last Friday noon they went
to Hotel El Panama and performed for the Rotary Club. Now,
how 'bout that?

A lot of parelos. I see, have gotten some mighty nice
Christmas presents namely, their children who are home for
Christmas. Saw Mirray Falk, David Albritton, and Melvin
; Meyers in the halls, and Boyd Bevington, Judy Croosl, and
, Bill tltman, all enjoying being home on the Zone.
Seniors hLve been busy too. Donations were asked for blood
from the Class ol '53. Many a senior has turned in the right pa-
pers and is ready to roll up sleeves.
After school opens next year, we11-have the western round up
dance to look forward to. The GAA will give this dance on Jan-
uarv 9 (sounds like fun, eh?p and all cowboys and cowgirls are
Anvi. neoule. here's wishine an extra-specially happy holiday
and a very Merry Christmas to everyone.

ir. most of us. Cnristmas be- Ab p T
R! : tonight and end3 witn a :
*.*-lltting." her.'cche Mond:v of
r Ct wcek. Those who r re con-
t.rn-ilthg r.n .:nfor',t t a fh I
':ristmas vac,-lion th s MM Rocket
tr t c n'. tb rememter-d i W0
tP s to their senses on the firs
S '-yofthe NewYer. M isses
eventnT the C.Z 3 r;.
a' C,)m nunltv Chorus will pre- GuiUVU issJJ s
sa ".r ,:e oLrtor.o the 1'.e.-:i-h i
t.-> r10i Eschool lilrary. Nell V
Fr:r-ttttter wl be direct, .1 VASIVINGTON. Dec. 23 (UP)
'i ru'ogrm will begln at 8)00 -Defense sources disclosed to-
a; \. dav the United Sta:es can throw
eveni-,,. Plho. the Studenn .ntu com'r t, whenever needed,
A" -'. action and members of t 'e at,.nmic rockets and guided mis-
4c .!tv as wel! rs Pl"mnt will at- s:l P.
tend the Soohomore Chrlstmos Pi eductlon and development
lDa'n--e at the 'meric-n Legi-.n of thtse. weapons h've progrebs-
B*li. There will be quite a few co rapidly pnd satisfactorily. and
soTrr.r1es In store for the revel'rs .'lere is apparently a consider-
as se'l as an unfo-gettable even- ihir stockpile of various type
1." of entertainment. ,L'.latle.

Brazil Is Seeking

Europeans, Japanese

To Develop (ounlry
NEW YORK Dec. 23, (USIS--
A dispatch to the New York
limes from Rio de Janeiro dis-
c oses that the Braillan govern-
ment is intensifying its efforts
to increase immigration In order
tr speed the development of Its
.treat underpopulated territory.
Plans have been announced
gentlyly to bring Dutch. Italian.
Portuguese and Japanese settlers
to Brazil in 1953 under official

The Times reports that Fer-
nando Nilo Alvarenga. President
of the National Immigration
Council, has announced that Ja-
par.ese residents are cooperating
zI a plan to move 4,000 families
rom Japan.
Between 1900 and 1940 more
than 187,000 Japanese Immi-
grated to Brazil and proved ex-
cellent colonizers.
Alvarenaga also announced
that 40,000 Portuguese arrivals
should reach 37,000 according
to Alvarengas
By agreement with the Neth-
rlands Government Dutch Im-
m!-rants from. Indonesia also
will be brought tb Brazil In the
coming months. About 1.1)00
Dutch immigrants have settled
n the last few years in two cn-
peratives, one near Campina.,
i San Paulo, and the other in
Parana State.
The former settlement Is said
u have room for 00 more fam'.-
ks, who are to be financed by
*h Brazilian rovernuaet against
payment later.

Showed : 7:0 :U15 p.m

On the Transistbmin .oad,
behind A


On Saturday evening at 6:15. Thus far, the weapons htve
there will be th' first and see- rot been put to combat test in I
mid sessions of the Canal Zone Koi ea. The Air Force and the Ar- f
Jnnuor College Single Elimin- mv say tactical consideration--:-
ation Invi'ation Basketb all ii-cl of suitaMble t"rRets-maoe
Te'-rnament. The third session their use irnprectiroble.
will oecur on Monday eve-ing 1 he available Korenn targets
anid the Fourth session will he wh'ch mivht invite such a "push-
enipletel on Tuesday even- button" attrck can be destroyed
lin. On the l-t evening of the ,.ith less expensive conventional
tournament the awards will be weapons.
presented in the traditional The Atomic Energy Commls-
*f:hipn. It is noted that the I.i- has disclosed it is .roducm!n
Cansl Zone Athletic Club will lt,'*r.ic warheads of different ea-
partelpate in the tournament., lihes capable of being dehlvered P
ls r.erial bombs, artillery shells,
This is the time to correspuni or missile charges. V
with the colleges In the Unit"d Details of these warheads are c
Ptatqe. if the students wish to secret, but the AEC authorized D
receive prompt answers on vital the Army last September to re- In
information for admission and vea. that an atomic artillery shell o
echrlerships In the U.S. colleges only 11 Inches in diameter was I
they wish to attend in the Fall .eia.e prepared for firing tests. F
of '53. i'he World War II atomic bombs
Tr Is also well to note that were several feet in diameter. t
tOrce weeks after returning Itn There has been speeplation 11
college, the first semester willU hnt the first atomic shell w'ill
extilre and transcripts sent to be fired by the Armv's newest 1
the various colleges will most on, biggest cannon next spring
likely have the first semester -t the AEC's Proving Ground
grades recorded on them. near Las Vegas, Nev.
Here's wishing a Merry Christ- All three services-Air Force,
imuit and a Hanpv Yeer to tlie Army and Navy have done
CIUlege Students. faculty me-n- f.xtensive and successful work on
bers and readers and critics of missiles and rockets. Few an-
thi. column. n-uncements are made. but th<
tests are continuous. -
St. Peter's Lists Some "conventional" rocket
St. vPe s i weapons are in use In Korea. out
o ,- t) ese are not the deadliest, new
Midnight Service ty"es. The Air Force has been
S;usinp five-inch high velocity
On Christmas Eve all-to-ground rockets for attaeag
on some selected targets,. and
To commemorate the feast of thp Army has used its 4.2-inch
the Nativity a midnight r ichar- rocket launchers.
ISt will be held at St. Peter's But none of the bigger rockets.
church on Christmas Eve, be- such as the Navy's 42-foot-hing
Winning 11:15 p.m. with the "Vik'ng," has ever been fired In
Mlessing of the creche., combat. Two Vikings have been
Prior to the Eucharist, which fired to altitudes of 135 mlleq.
Will be choral, the choir will sing These could carry a 1.000-pound
cards on the lawn of the church Lurnt. load The smaller Aerobee,
from 10:30 p.m. for one-half I'kev.lse withheld from combat,
hour. can haul a 150-pound bomb
A communion service will be loi d
held at 9 a.m. Christmas Day for The Army Is training at Fort
the convenience of parishioners Bl51s El Paso. Tex.. three bar-
who were unable to attend the tnl''ns of a ruided missile Kgtam
midnight celebration. with the "Nike." The Nike's a-'
Rev. John 8. McDuffle, newly bilitles are secret. But the Army
Sppo nted priest in charge of St. citslosed last spring it had deve-
Peter's,. will officiate at these lobra a missile capable of taking
services. At the feast of the Na- off from the ground to seek out
tivity, the Venerable 'John H. ant' destroy an unfriendly air-
Townmend wllU be guest clergy- craft 10 miles away at six-mile
- TM. altitude.
*ly Communion also will be
oueleated by Father .MDufffle Long Time No Deer
at Ia Friday, the feast of St. MONTPELIER. Vt. (UP) -
St at the same time Mr urlce Gonvon f Alburq re-
Sswg, th.e notot of St. csiay killed the first deer in
.t Ia county In 33 year&
....,'5.4'. -C,

6fhos Filaer Taps

London's frmioen

From Bed 9 hIs
.LONDON.' ,* (UP-W
Firemen have ,.tough enough
time sleeping, wWt. wth alarms
4hat sound Iz ti g Bht. But the
firemen of Eag=eaflld. Road sta-
tion have an added problem A
ghost keeps tapping them on

the FI
the V

. for -me wini
st Two Races a
aners of the

For The Winners of 'The
Three Races of
$100.00 IN CASH
Rodelag Rattan Furniture
Store Petronio's Vicar
Dunlopillo Parker 51 *
Ageas El Mundo, etc. et.




G6At5~t 4

, :, -.
-" 7 .

4I-, .* -.

iny.o- -.
'a'' -t

6i-I & StU

*:t 5*8 is

- Ijof~e



NORixoK, eb., Dee. U" (ti>
-Notfolk's "dancing hoes"-have
sto e dang and4.ef w
er PaId h doubted 1an e
wbuld eer disover What caused
them to swing bac nd forth.
Dale Ford, manager of a feed
store, said man paunm tried tp
solve the rmysue .of the hoes
which swung forth In
a pendulum motion to amot a
month. Am .on .lh attempting
to- explain mte y were
three "well-witchgers." .

dRy for MMay of
when tho" 0home buled,.
tr. amd ura..Roy
tlhir five e hldrIn,, A lpimi
6e t U yesn of a had
into tbe hou
heated Itru1etM3te deiUybw
auto dealer. .
They have a.ot.esAifd p1.PO
up trucklo 0 of. e ttd
banned goods and oher l ,i

the shoulder.
They appe%4qd today for helo B turday nood/jift or- e
in ridding the station of th lowing d0 lan and .t l dealer
truoblesome spirit. said he 0111, JO ip -i-m:iends
where they atie' --R-, "
James Brothers, 45, said his if they will tart up ai forked stick until'a jerk of the
experience viii typical. Vord sad the "'olo'. supposedly Indicates a
ted. t-to proyvet tly spt to drill a well fOr Wa.-
"I've been tapped. on the caused by the preseece o{.
shoulder on three Its,- h iOder the sttor e Te oes Ia e anted on a
said, "and Ive heard a deep i property rac i t of the
leesyg, 'He's about." ;. -' UntSaturdy han-
voie, e ".'That aibuld t" tn wtb :moved back and mort
Herbert Harrington said he tradeT f the fowr ine,,' h d hal atpea
got so rattled hen he a. aa .g Of .grqnd
aroused by the ghost t iat he .
jumped Into the driver's great of _-_,_....__ -_,_...._-_._"... ._
his fire engine before he realiz.- Bi
ed the alarm bell wasn't ringing ISX-A



Strangely Savage Realitic I
Timely!... And TMW,
Very Tender

S I :""
F-R Rl-,.

.*w"' A '


si viri..


M .bi. *.

-Me ,rba- Fenand Fea-de.. f
r' 4 u uNA CI fl .
,' :. I 1,- r. 7. -




R. tiWHN.

PC.lsb, e L
wl~yH 780011





1k A




At 9:00 lM,

"' MSix



, :


S wa

T.S r-. i ,R:-'.":


0, Mom-

-. ..
,, : -n _,

V' .. &; ." -A -' -: ,
.. -., '.. !.,'1.M
:.. "=: -..,N : % =.



$1.10 PER CARI

"C At i AQ

' 'C. WANSE. NSs


*', ,. S*."A t.






IA" -AaTw 9 P.M. *

12 '153 STVYL I

TuF ROmANCE IVB AGAIN.. With all lt
a. i, ~~owflict, passions and fight-tbr-lvel


At 9:25 p m..- PLAY T.E
W f'""" m" i lkw

IT S s SH-D'Mu T.a 0 I6

Prsantinn th BALBOA IH SHO CHoo. OR1CP
v.iw m:te Drmt rn of VICeORE
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lut-I feet below t
t e and 20.,
tiily .tthe dtggly Ia.
lig n for m4i%8i
John Crano uald, tiW
fgwer questlas a S toa

. ,

r4 In reign Aid,

Nrgdis Awoa Eisenhowgr
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s SawUer's

the muli-
n, who willer
so -la In U.S. s

s of the he adahe
%s foreign aid
hafrd .at YkR at the
Escurity agey~i today
tte problem,
waste and
lading a surplus

aswoseld nve, twho wit ll

i ftll he t headache i
io- -t's foreignC
he em. I..
helie 'A

ir .t W men is
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wered the 6 to
y. and re- a&
sArhannB n rn

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ce wWfti .' tvey tidLy showed..he
n".S --~mta" A.- 2.US, Ni eal-
can civilians,. 60.000 foreigners, I
an ash adthousands- of selvieemeta
ire an- serving g in other countries. 1
led Iatt .-Of h t ibta:' 7,249 Amerird i
lfrt tlli.. ellutl-Ino* Atilnwati and ai d niiers


onvicte hid to
- tuneL by su
I from the as
L little dirt, .
ahas and tic

is WUA., I
of-. t~iee tre 'n itditlon
e huge overn0ss atfs oft
old line regular agencies
e statq, defense and com-,
a departbite.- '
I official said. thi
only. b A .d
idea -th Aul
aw to,..WFrau.
other~ fIlfifiulrl

ifl military asulstance,.and 4the.
W4A running. the e.ponlc id
They said the main reason for
the present Jerry-built or.a -
Atton lsthat GOfne m4
Sie tb apunopular .fote
me controlM over the
.ug the departmen : I-
u fe*f thi sto the wny it

Lutheran Sunday
#hool To Present
Xmas Eve Service
The, pundar School children
na slboa's Redeemer Lutheran
ChUti h will present a hrilstmas
Eve Aervlee tomorrow, at 6:3a9
*%. theme of the eatire Serv.
V'rwildie tmimanul. xldlngs
auophecy and tulfltlaent'Dy re-

p.m. Rac. upwuw mwi s uasg
*Ireceive a" ,cridle for tRe
e-.lihbtlnT certMopy. The
5.will render Come To My
4Lqrd Jesus" and Christ-
:carols wMll be sung by the
Since, ,.
W C WU a speclei
ere l10:15 ed slo
uethal. Mv.
Ret ana^er a solo,

S Comunion will be eele-
at midnight CBri tIta
t the Ancon Cathedral .o
oke. with the full chr
g in ithe singing ot
Wiasn carols and the ,.
Pion music. Dean Ferris Will
ale celebrant, assisted by
iev. William W. Bald*in.
store the service beinp the
i will assemble around thq
W*tmaa trbe In Polanrclnq
a and aing Christmas carols.
been the custom of ne
to sing, either from the
,t the Cathedral tower or
i the porch, to the.people

- .'}r. *, .j-" "-. A ; "

Si, -M i.
* ,' ": ". ..'.. '" :, f F Y i : i-, '''" '*..
ie flNA*A%$tI|b7B AN IWOtmi

S .' %
A. .Ac,

o d the HaLe r 0ersaeowlksb
left eoaird, f ofl

"domnon jail in. Mn,

IN n e. 1 -
tWith oter priar, r.'t

hUe to fin shhim. we*iI -tl-
Hmpt sentence a lwhee ^.t
mut or a abesi corlp ru
cortelno's attrw an ,h*l- con-
tended the defeats forwB
tWas sentenced., ot. ipt- l a
vi -.for commonn is I c
fibment rather than in a peni-
U. 8. Atty. e-n -M
Granery said the
timp came under m c
I riU category, 6"
rorpu Y w*a donienter
court here colstieet. uptoa the

..i p ,d u ;-t.i -'h : ,eW

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is Kg)emove

ht In Baby's

OMKe Sept.

WTlT Dec. 23 (..
liltti at eethseda, Md.
l-9tspltal today plucked a
rnOy ato fth thr at~of a
s- d 1o afte--eo was
ru hre from Camp Lejeune,
.C.b Marine helicopter and
;rs .rplane.
ho I spokesman said the
ling .have been lodged in
the 's throat since Beptem-
b. ring has been missing
since en, but was only discov,
gred Saturday.
The. kp man said William
Je.. son of Cpl. W-
onn of Orlando,
FU,, t "very nicely"
attr the operation and probably
would be alle to eat normally
tonight. The operation, he said,
Wat "uneventfu.l.
S'The surgeon used an esopha-
goacope, a Deqtal instrument for
suo operation4i. to remove the
rTng. %
The parents took ypung Wil-
1am to Lejeune hospital but
hee were no fultiesH there to
perform the operation. The ring
'*eatened to .1 the baby's
Lt. Col. Frank COlmA, com-
imanding officer of Marine Air

woid not be andia ed by .B
S flio ght celhg at L Une. The
Ih dopter rrad t ielld to
Ch Point, N.C., e was
af ard. a tr ..and
i br,


-of the document will saveogo
Uncle Sam Slashes Travel Red Tape ofth n*
For :- eav edng clear a passenger, fo
For Clzens .Leavlng, Coming Home IT*re,

r ,."-

Uncle sam ni slashing another ar trqisWtation compan-. Payment Deferred
piece of travel red tape-a feat leas tW rn overto U.S. Immigra- FULTON. Miss. (UP) A
that will be welcomed by every tion.Wutrities. woman walked up to Dr. W, ..
U. 8. citizen g o i n g abroad or The nev regulation is also a Orr here recently, handed b f
heading home from foreign boon to transportation compan- $45 and said: "Twenty-th
lands. les because, in some cases, they year ago you treated my dau "
Under the Immigration and and not the passengers had the ter for typhoid fever and I toW
Nationality Act passed last June, Job of filling out the cards just. obu at that time I would p ',
a U.S. ciTizen, effective tomor- prior to the departure of passen- when I Rot the money. Here
row, no longer will have to fiU ger, is." he walked away with
out and sign an elght-questlon Pan American World Airways oIvlnX her name and Dr. O 1_
e.tbakation disemark a -tion traffic officials say elimination ear.'t recall her or the ovcacsio,


-- ~

Gifts Dad will warmly welcome
because they're just so right for
' him. Gifts he really wants! Gifts.
he'll use with pride and pleasure.






IA -

You'll say Ford's stolen the show

SYou'll say thoa 41 "Worth More" features

aM 3ale halomi"thig!.

You'll see why Fors hWrth'more when yoe

aent run-
ent handle.


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S "Z. 1" "
V- ^ ;t '- StsatA Toa
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Managers Itsgr..-e Oni.
; i?,... ... "t


Will Charge Christenberry LaSalle Closes In

With 'Reversing Decision' On Illinois For

-0 -
NEW YORK, Dec. 23 (UP)-The on-again-off-
again law suit over last Friday night's Billy Gra-
hamn-Joey Giardello fight, now has Giardello's co-
managers quarreling with each other.
Eail.' reports yesterday said! cabled foreign representative
thr managers would sue New Lew Burston in London instruct-
Yr,[K Athletic Commission chair- ing Burston to sign Turpin The
man Bob Christenberrv because bout would be staged in New
Chinstenber,3 reversed a judges' York next summer. Markson
decision and gave the fight to says he cabled Burston at the
Griham. Originally. Glardello request of Christenberry.
wa; announced the winner. Turpmn. who won the 160-
However. one of the managers pound title from Ray Robinson
Tony Ferrante met with then lost it back. at one time
.Chistenberry In New York yes- held the Britilsh light heavy-
terCay and said there would be weight crown. Lately, the Brit-
no suit But In Philadelphia, the ish fighter has been cam-
other manager-Carmine Grazi- painting again as a middle-
ario-insists he wants to go a- weight.
he,-d and sue
errantante" says Christenberry. "At any rate," says Christen-
"to'd me he had filed no suit berry. "Turpin will have to de-
an that, none would be filed** cide if he wants to be amiddle-
Earlier. Christenherry said weight or a light ~Iw ~weight."
be would welcome a law suit ...
--because in his words "it A match with Turpin would be
would determine the exact all right rith Champion Archie
powers possessed by the com- oore. who won the title from
mission." s Joev Maxim last Wednesday.
I also believe." says Christen-
bei i' *"that we would be vindl- Moore isunder contract to give
afor hateole have done.:otten Maxim a return bout within 90
Other than that. I have no corn-n wa I f Maxim doesn want it, or f not
it sas Chrstenberr he champs manager-Charley
Despite ountion criticism .he ot hnsto wt unt-say a fight wita Moore-
ront boxin so expedid Christen-er Turpin wouldfghbe all right
berry insists boxing fans support
his act.I have sked the to stall So we acted. ge
S Many people have forgotten I the return Moore-Maxim bout as
was placed In this position to we oon as possible," says Johnston.
clean up boxing in any way I "If Maxim doesn't want it. or if
saw it," says Christenberry. 'a he takes too much time. he'll
csa'. something wrong the other have to wait until after a Moore-
ro. anr so didn committedss in other MTurpin fight."
Ch.,an Powell So we acted.
S e conserved e had the and ew a ae
rig to act even though we were burdened with winnings
nthe ner nal Bige nor referees. We
ha, the: o ame right to act as a (By UNITED PRESS)
ro. Rand Turp'eng committed in thea lght- MAM EACHcof, and Stoy
s t I tS "
L r'stent. ry also has asked Ted Kroll and L.ew Worsham are
the ,nlerna "inal Boxing Club toulit rallyrburdened with winnings
mi. : .orh Middleweight Cham- ed kip y.AllandeWorsham down-
pica Rand Turpin for a light- ed Skip Alexander and Cary
he ,weio ht title bout. Iin the International .ur-Ball
managing Director a r r y I G Tourney at Miaif Beach.
MI son of the IBC says he has The prize was $1,700 ea c-all In
silver dollars.

B -, Out To Regain SAN PRANCISCO.-The Pac-
f ic Coast Conference says fa-
th ""vo" a natto ally televised foot-
r.,IWball 'gamethf-thet "eekt" net
year, but 1 11 recpmmend re-
Vrl O A C strictioni to the NCAA. Among
VilIory Ovf AA L them: No school Would appear
more than once a season and
Balboa High will make every schools appearing this season
po ,e et u, to get back on the would--wherever feasible"-be
wil ,:de tonight wnen they excluded in 1953.
.tE o.0o the Athletic Club bas-
ke. all team at the Balboa gym.'.
T., .e will bea preliminary game
Sal: .d itor ti 30 between the Bull-
do JV and a team from the
S .s will be the third game of
th,. season lor both teams, with4r
,. the Rams inning from JC and
the Navy Communications Sta-
'tionmi while the Bulldogs have
..'dropped the;r two, one each to
*" JC and Cristobal. On this basis
"the Rams rate a decided edge
..on the Bulldogs in tonight's
Bulldog followers, however, are
-. ho,mng zor a return to form of
tht.r basketeers. Should this
come about, they will make a
--ver' interesting evening of it for
.the AC earnm.
Une thing that should help the
-.Hin School cause will be the re-
turn to action of Ray Nickisher.
1He missed the Cristobal game ,
ue to minor operations on his
hands, but they should be heal- .
'ed enough by now to permit him
-to see some action. Everett Sta-
,.cy, the most consistent scorer for
the Bulldogs, will probably get
,,the starting call at one of the .
forwards, and either Jim May t:.
'"or Tom Davidson at the other.
Rounding out the starting five
'-will be Otus Troncosa at a guard
--and either Pred Cotton or Ron-
"Pnie Stover at the center position.
S The Rams will counter with
0- 1ot too tall a team, but one load-
,"d with.speed and scoring punch. I
,loob Gibson will bear the brunt (NEA Telephoto)
"Of the attack, while Oscar Kour- i CHAMP-Archie Moore, new
any is all set mocontinue his sen- light heavyweight champion
r sational scoring streak of the of the world. smiles through
,past summer campaign Along the shower after his unani-
,with OScar Is his brother, Edgar, ious decision over ex-champ.
Bill Carlin, and George McAr- Joey Maxim. This was Moore's
"thur. first crack at the title.

Ii -.

Top Cage Honors

NEW YORK, Dec. 23 (UP) -
Unbeaten LaSalle of Philadel-
phia closed the gap on Illinois
this week In the race for top col-
lege basketball honors.
The Illin--unbeaten In three
games and picked as the nation's
best before the season-still lead.
But the latest voting by the 35-
man United Press bond of
coaches shows the explorers
from Philadelphia cut the Illi-
ni's first place margin from 77
points last week to 35. Illinois
received 22 first place votes this
week to wind up with 334 points
out of a possible 350.
Second place LaSalle, with
eight wins, is followed by Kan-
sas State with a record of four
wins and one loss. Washington
University, with five wins In six
outings remains fourth, while
Seton Hall, with nine straight
wins, moves up from sixth to
fifth. North Carolina' State is
sixth, followed by Olkahoma A.
and M. seventh, Holy Cross
eighth, Minnesota ninth, and
Indiana tenth.

Pro Loop Twinbill

Scheduled Tonight

(The Standings)
TEA'MS- Won Lost Pet.
Brownies ...... 4 3 .571
Bombers........ 2 2 .500
Yankees .. .. .. 3 3 .500
Bluebirds ...... 3 4 .429
Panama Stadium (first game
starts at 6 p.m.):
Bluebirds (Stempel 2-11 vs.
Yankees (Gobl 0-1)
Bombers (Osorlo 1-0) vs. Brown-
ies (Arthurs 2-0)
Yankees 5, Brownies 2.
The Panama Pro Loop has a
doubleheader on tap tonight at
the Panama National Stadium.
In the first game the Bluebirds
tackle Ine Improved Yankees
while in the nightcap ;he Bomb-
ers meet the Brownies.
Cookie Stempel of the Blue-
birds and Vincent Gohl of the
Yankees are the startIng hurlers
for the thirst contest while Fer-
nando Osorio of the Bombers
will oppose Stanley Arthurs of
the Brownies on the mound In
the second tilt.
Last night the Yankees slug.
ged out a dozen safeties off Pat
Scantlebury while Hlsel Patrick
limited the Brownies to six hitl
for a 5-2 victory.
Manager Dale Lynch, with four
for five-including two doubles
and a homer, was the game's
batting star. Lynch drove In four
The box score:
Carta Vieja- Alh R HPO A E
Murphy, lb 5 1 2 4 1 0
Baker, ss. .. 5 2 3 3 1 0
Lynch, 2b 5 1 4 1 2 2
Werner, If. 5 0 0 2 0 0
Shantz, c 5 0 0 6 0 0
Nichols. rf. 4 0 1 3 1 0
Smith, cf .4 1 1 7 0 0
KIng. cf .. 4 0 0 1 0 0
Patrick, p. 3 0 1 0 1 0
Totals .40 5 12 27 6 2
Spur Cola- AB R HPO A E
Peeples, :f. .4 1 1 4 0 0
L6pez, ss. .. 3 0 1 2 4 1
Kellman, c 4 0 0 4 0 0'
ladstone, rf. 4 0 0 2 0 0
Grenald, i. 4 0 0 0 1 0
Arthurs, 3b 3 1 1 4 2. 1
Thorne, b. 4 0 1 6 0 0
Hardy, 2b 3 0 2 5 2 0
Scantlebury, p. 3 0 0 0 1 0
Totals .....32- 2 6 27 10 2
Score By Innings
Carta Vieja 000 020 201'-5
Spur Cola 100 000 0lu--2
SRuns Batted In-Lopez, Baker,
Lynch 4. Hardy. Earned Runs-
Carta Vi-?ja 3. Left on Bases-
Carta Vieja 9. Spur Cola 5. Home
Run-Lynch. Two Base Hits-
Peoples; Lynch 2. Wild Pitch-
Scantlebury Struckout by-Pat-
rick 5, Scantlebury 4. Base on
Balls off-Patrick 2, Scantleburv,
1. Losing Pitcher-8cantlebury
10-11. Winning Pitcher-Patrick
fl-1 Umpires-Thornton, Hinds
and Majors. Time of Game-2:00.

" I -

Lions Appear To Be In. Bet

Physical Shape Than BrotwnJ

(By UNITED PRESS) ball League title game at Cleve
The Datoit- Lions appear to Coach Buddy Prker says th
have the.,en o In physical condl- Lions came out 'olat Bunday
tion loit 8wdhii National Foot- 31-21 victory, dver Los Angeles-

TU&S R A : VFfMAS PRESENTT-M ke Mcwan, 7,
adi ch and ,aumes4 8. aren't exactl radiating kappi-
aess as they prdpamr to receive a Christmas present of dental
,work Ifrm. Dr. H ri Petisbn,.of 2Fremont, Ohio, but their,un-
usuaL pe nepwt 0"a o iay ofof in health and happlnes' in years-to
come. l. Ptersn, who futly won $9250 on a national radio
show, offered to p needed extractions for
chUldra D no cha as token of gratitude for his wlidffll.


'~,** L

Why was December 26 Declared a Holiday

For the Canal Zone?

To enable you to spend part of your Christmas,

Holiday at the showing of the New Big 1953 Ford:

Pj, .1


-p 'i',q

0- in which they won the N it
Conference title-In .gcodf..d
ie "In fact," saas *Parker, X
's wel b i1n better physilct e
- for CleVelatid- tin we w12t' IorV
-Los A geles." I
PaLo er ays offensive guard
Dick tt I nd delbnslve tbe-.
le John-Trck were hurt the
Los' Angeles game, btt both w1l
play, Sunday. The ciach. e' .e.spe-
cially happy about 1i; backfield.
"AlU our. of filvhbale. have-
been injurt at 'one time er:
another durin thi Bsop,"
says Parker, "bat I think tbe0
will be lO-per cent for toe
Browns,"' ,
Parker rave the Llns a day.
off yesterday, but they'll work-
out today, and every .da. until
Sunday, including Chi1stmas
"The boys Want it that awy,"
says Parker. "Theyrve waited
g time to play in champion
ship lae, and they ,dox'.:wal
.to a any msta ,
Health picture in Clve-
l & as bright. .
C1eifija coach Patiri Bown
has.Jfliei some,of hisaplayera
0o thel Hat., ,
Sa heavy cold0
-end cn had"'to
cancel iSe to atend a
Sunday National Conference
playoff gI cbewee4 Los An;
ides and-.etrolt. Coac Brown ,
Id h scouunI Via tplevisiln.
In addition tI gbU own cpndi- .
tion; Brownais worre4 about the
healtl.of seVerait.eylayers. I e
wo9t Iow u n oc y'a wo&*-
utwhether Du Lou Gro-
VA, Jol' K ell, alt Michael
and Le ord w .play against
Detroit. Al fiVe *re injured In
the. last Bame '-! ea8so a-
gaint New brw kon Dec. 14.
Brpwn Isn't mak&tig any pre.
dictl on the Tttle gFane Sun-
d y. "6 Oly, hope,. says the
cach, "that we'lrlive a quorum
ready to play."
As fr the Lions, Brown says
"Detrdit has a good hall plubWe e
knew that all the time. 'Tey
showed'it by beating a 3p good
team." '
a sllouterqwd earePdoa

, I

,,,r~' g



*- "


*'f lurpe. .., w'miri .S mia_ r'.f7..., -
.:' .._W ..w ., =a .?*"1* .. .,..:.
* v "" ..;." .': .,."o' .'.

v ." A- ''''.'t .' '<



S "AT A "IA ,''-"
M~-' T 'W"M4
,A .c .,..-.. .. "'

NDA'stfw : ~ifS iT Tfr 'Ttf~tur a --'

* ~ *'.

h'4I 44

How long diltak 'i :l

-: .'"", -- .
',. ,.

.,. ;. .

S ": .... ''

e"ji-j- )

*.~. 4

Tel.: Panama 2-1033

McMilan &

T .


I d

I' -r



*1 -




^ _

:; r :il



I,, .' '.J?;"


woo m..




tba1i .With Mighty Mika

-:-WIN ,W.Wf.. ... .. -.
"'~i _" :'". ^ ^ .^_*

-~ 4 -.

4 ,

could snicker
offer of trad-
kdelphla team
. they WoWrred
himw Ittanabite

Tit forS: s whso4 ~lnaed a
UW.t a 50 ,MoU .thngly for
mt publcietf sport fure of
SAt wat the- bot
ape ft the seaon' start, and
wan most revealing in his de-

I Man Can's



(in t to y Aerso

mNA S1b6 1h wipindeot

awerds on ev? eam h a pren-e
gons tWon y it t
iere'll just
If not for a It Mbe
way, r].'L41ht bow, t o
Iin ao*, two yeaU n ou, can ox-
p"ne mtba vtbaU wl, thve lfor-
wany dsonever. Team t a peren-
nial whirl of &At breaks.
Wby two years?
George still dao tht man
good seasons let as ota h

iponts but you qtte othe
mer Lakers aen I up the
"One man cant carry the load

used to, add apUta writer Bill
Carlsoen., W M ho hronicled Mi-
IJan'i V tIVA e career, "and
ab heil at e slower, but he
more Qutit upfor It with
expehelVm MK'beter at faking
ad fei that1n ever. He takes
.t Unlr like Ed MS-
caulseu6ad0os 'em right out of
their s81."
Tlher'sA a new tactic to stop
Mik hooks. A moment before
he ings for a shot, they grab
hit arm. Result: one free throw
*Ihtead of a potential two-point-
/ "I doi't think Mikan's as hun-
gy- as he used to be," says aa
Philadelphia Warlor. "He's a
lawyer now. He's got it made."
The. 28-year-old DePaul prod-
uot p ed hIs bar examination
In Mnesota last summer.
Ih Minneapolishe's still Mr.
Basketball. e Lakers have won
tour Nationa Basketbial Asso-
ciation champonhips In five
years of oauanlsatn, with a

.. ,

.' 4.

I... jj

~ .~qJ.

\-' I



S o rie' S -

in v.w
in henu

-eul the

^"at. fthBob
.~L1r -. scrubbed

practieby a bal pfished by
Chaits 4weltf Metet diaom-
ton fmtbs8 eet.
Qpt 10OW _-Jack Qrine
pitch l vrg. tesay? nter
A Onfl- Uaiaadi bt Oaa



How $100,000r Came Out

Of Services U iIs Puzzle
'-.L 0 ^ '

I. A Sports 54t1W

"that the sergeant', tip
VqWi dropped the type of
s everlastingly seek
in his lap.

Stdi prospect with
knowledge for a
little experience "
y0k Yankee forager

ux Black seemed a
AI Yankee aoitlal would not
I e iSpred It the Browns had
a oin reanin. MBill Veeck
l wed 101 lboma City
f =>lit -* ** '

n Gre.s


i b;

CARD ,- d .'s ulo
became th et atreI
in the '. 'Le-ag, ('R
Naw YO, ,. De. .s s.s t
rea4Uon ts unquastimaly e

miTe.a'. outid4 of
a hd rd


.g .
league front offices pon
feasth Tt had little or-
lIne op th big and strong .IgbP
hand pitoler.
"How Oreasoi came out df thi
Marine CorDp unnoticed, h-'th
majors I'll never know,"-ayi
Sports editor John CranM o
Oklahoma City.

Miiepte Ann Nertds

PREXY-Marguerite Ann Nor.
ris, 25, was chosen as president
of the hockey Red Wings and
Detroit's large Olympia Sta-
dium. (NEA) I

Knitted 'T' Shirt
with contrasting
color Pajama
C.Qti Shorts
Perfect for
Also to be had
with long puts

SUIT $5.50


Driving is more Am when you switch from worn out park
plug to Ignition-Engineered Auto-Lite Spark Plup:


Auto-Lite Resistor Spark Plugs, to-
gather with Auto-Lite Standard and
Auto-Lite Transport Spark Plugs
pBlavide a complete line of high qual-
:, park plugs for your every need.
-YP"AR dw L ,rb S A AUTO- LITE

Servicio de Motores, S. A.
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A4 Al II~ ~rr IPIIFI~ Rr ~j~i& A kr~ #rR~ RLRL.



Crew Saved



In Heavy Seas I? l

SAN FRANCISCO. Dec 23 iUPi "Let the rpe'O
-T!'e cre\ w-as rescued ve-repr-
.v, from the American freigh.e:'. TWENTY-EIGHIH YEAR.
Qiiqrtette uhich ran aground i n
a tiear;reros reef In nmia-Pari-
.- and vas battered b rollin u b a n
s'm a 5lls. a radio me.saae rr--
Tpc frei,2hter Frontenrc V..'-
of ali concerned Removnal B

It 'vas not known immediate"I
h.-% the 44 men aboard the Quir- MAMARONECK, N. Y. Dec. 23
titt. were saved or ihat Rhio in'P, Police said today that
inok them aboard The last rr:me our alleged Cuban revoluuonar-
.iep from the Quartette wii-n ies planned to use a surplus U.S.
ran aroundnd on the reef 90 rile.< Navy res,;ue boat to carry guns
e,,st of Midway Island e'terda.v. and bombs from Miami. Fla., toq
reported sea swells wer" pour- Havana.
in" into its ripped hull and prb The four. arrested last Friday
vcrntm the crew from lowe'ing as ringleaders in an alleged plot
lfr. boats. against Cuba's President-mFulgen-
Thf number one hold was con:- clu Batista, are scheduled to be
vetelv flooded the boru stov? in arraigned later today on charges
and the double bottom In danger of illegal possession of r -eapons.
(., tacklng, Captain C. Catsam- Louis E. Giancola, police chief
bi, said in this New York City suburb,
When it ran around on Pearl Isaid Jose Duurte, 35, had arrang-
ndI Hermes Reef. 1.050 mile ed to buy a 63-ft. Navy craft
west of Honolulu vesterdav the formerly named the Lady Ruth
7 li8 ton ship was being battered II for $20.000 to carry ammuni-
v 25 knot winds but today they tion to Cuba for a Christmas Day
abated to about seven knots uprising against the Batista gov-
The reef encloses a lagoon 17 ernment.
mile. long b 10 reiles wide an.1 It was learned the craft was
trcere are two uninhabited is- being converted from its war-
lands in the group. time rescue design into a high
The Quartette was en route- speed cargo vessel capable of
from Galveston, Tex to Pusan, carrying the more than two
Korea. with a cargo of 11,250 truckloads of arms and ammu-
tons of grain when it ran a- nation seized inr a-rad on a va-
around. A Navv Catalina patrol cant gasoline station here Fri-
bomber which flew over the ship day.
reported it was Ivlne helpless at Giancola said that Duarte,
a 9n-degree angle from the reef. using the name of William Men-
Indicating it ran head-on into doza. contracted to buy the sur-
trouble. plus Navy brat from William Ed-
The Stachon Shipping Compa- gar Johns and associates at Mil-
nv of Galveston was agent for ton Point. New York, four miles
the ship, which is under contract north of Mamaroneck on Long
to the military sea transport Island Sound.
service. He said Duarte asked the com-
pany to build hatches and stor-
Bandits Drop In age facilities on the sleek craft,
which is capable of travelling at
i 35 to 40 knots.
On Madam's Girls The boat had been kept in
f l storage tor more than thanwo years,
Grab Mink Coat awaiting an opportunity for its
Defendants at today's hearing
MIAMI, Fla. Dec. 23 (UPt- were to ne Alfred Matnheim. 29,
She was just having a Christ- of New York City, a self-styled
mas pirty "for some of the munitions dealer; Duarte, a Cu-t
girls." Madame Sherry said to- ban national but resident in
day, when six Latin-looking Yonkers, said by the police to
bandits burst in and robbed her have been a principal in the
guests of $1,186 and a $500 mink
Madame Sherry is formally N b fm '. E-
known as R.?becca Libst. She a aoa .
has a record of 40 arrests, mostly .
on prostitution charges, since N Y '
1913. ,
She operates the i lush, tele- f L
vision-eauipped "aRancho Lido"s .
here. Police who investigated the .
reported robbery found five at-
tractive girls, but no men. in i *,**
the $18,000 ranch-style layout
I was just having some of the f o t ca
girls in for a little Christmas
party," Madame Sherry explain- t
When 'she was fined $250 in 1050,
Judge Cecil C. Currv ruled that
the *massag-e parlor" Madame Make checks payable to Cru.
Sherry advertised was a bawdy ade For Freedom. Chase Naor
house. tional Bank Balboa Branch.
Deedns.ttdsr ern

Now's the time for





ple know the truth and the country s safe" A$ibant Lincoln.
I__ I it I i' i ,I "-



Rebels Planned To Use

For Xmas Day Coup
-.. .- .. 1

p ; r Frank C ionnell, 49, of
Brooklyn, an ex-convict and an
organizer for the Billposters
Union local 28 (AFLi; and Wil-
liam J. Wood. 45, of Staten Is-
land, N.Y., a former private de-
Manheim told newsmen at
the time of his arrest that the
plot "would make a fantastic
story if it ever comes out." He
said it involved individuals not
only in Cuba, but also in Gua-
temala, MIexico and some other
Latin American countries.
Donald L Ochs. attorney for
Wood, said the full story will
certainly come out. Ochs said he
would not waive a hearing for
his client, but would demand
that the district attorney pres-
ent proof of his reasons for ask-
ing police judge Francis A. -Aul-
eta to hold the four men for ac-

oit n by the Westchester Coun
grand jury.

Friday's raid here had alm.
immediate repetermslons in
ba. Batista asked the Unirdted
States government foi an offi-
cial report on the seizure. The
day aer the Mamairneci ar-
rests, authorities In Havana ar-
rested nine retired navy men. on
charges of plotting against ti
Batista government.
The Havana prisoners ;anSedW
In rank from sergeant to coam-
modore and included Capt. Jot
A. Aguila Ruiz, former naval at!-
tache of the Ouban embassy in
Washington. .They have been
jailed to await court martial.
There nas been no Immediate
confirmation of a link between
the nine men arrested in Hava-
na and the four held here.

Doctors' Wives Bring.

XmasCheer ToGorgas



I, T

A 19-year-old Pianam*nin was
fined a total of- $50 n4U 'I-
tenced to spend 40 d.a. I I
durlg tis orning'a s on
the Balboa Magjstrate's Court.
The def adin; Juan G.Me,
was found-, AUty on two counts
of petty larceny, for steallig
three sheets worth $6 from-under
the house of C. W. Chbe aid
for stealiar a hammet-worth 50
cents 'fri. under the house Of
-E. J. Husted, both Ancoh resi-
He was fined $25 on each
charge, and senc.iced to 30 days
on one, and 20 days on the other
charge. For vagrancy around
Chepo Place In Ancon, Gonzalez
wa gtven a-n additional 10 days.
SAnother 'Panamauan; eon
Adonis Wllfiams, 32, was found
guilty of petty larceny when he
stole a $3. table radio a Albrook.

-- o The defendant was fl
The Doctors% Wives' Club Is pital will. receive a tiny Xpfl giv n an15-dayr uAn4
responsible for much of the Xmas posy to brighten their hospital 7,?a ptlon." -
spirit that prevails at Gorgas gowns o'r Christmas morning
Hospital this week. and Mrs. Joseph Sebren, whq ,r Ban -Bia Indlam
From the beautifully decorat- heads the Flower department b cf- &aed jointly with pet
ed large tree in the Admitting the Service Committee plans 'to, after they stale 1
Room to the tiny individual one have flowers by every bedside, bi teg 109 at rt 'A
for the tubercular children pa- For the chronic patients, who C Wi MOM "
tients. they have provided eigh- face long months in the hospital, -Wais ,-J _
teen Xmas trees for the hospital. she will provide a growing plant knf alt.i w
Mrs. E. C. Lowry, President of in a decorative container. i- teaed l -5
the Doctors' W i v e s' Club says As the Doctors' Wives' Club lis
"We have tried to do a little a non dues paying organization; ? % rc4IZbu e 'I
something for every patient in funds for this Christmas prdleet i ew petit lift
the hospital... directly or indi- had to be raised by other moth- t? -a a,
rectly." ods. are eam 14L
This "little something" has en- For reckless-drihng 3
tailed many hours of work and Mrs. W. T. Bailey. Chairman of old Arny private, J.o
much organization, the Services Committee says that Harrison a fined .
For the children, whose wel- much Credit is due Mrs. 0 hitar around a ctrv ot
frre is the primary concern of Stevenson, who has made ela- iablo crossing witht tt:
all members of the doctors' wives' borate wardrobes for dolls, which another car pasm. a$d a
club. individual Xmas stockings hive been raffled within the past two other cars.
have been filled and a feminine Club.
Santa Claus will, with the co- These dolls have paid tfor Three trespassers wene
operation of the night nurse on Christmas expenses ancd have fied $l.t Ty were _t
duty. place these at the foot of brought in enough money to buy 'der35, 35Marfdial Pilar Vel
each little cot on Christmas Eve. supplies and toys for the Pedia- de Calvo, 40; and Mario l
The women patients in the hos- tric playroom as well. 'do. 30.

Missing Fine

jers Find Loi

By JACK P. GABRIEL jurv. After the second lesson, he h3
hands. ma
NEW YORK. Dec. 23 (NEA) A
Many people have trouble learn- "I do not want to work with cri
ing to play the piano with ten pupils who don't actually enjoy me
fingers. But Eve Vivian Wel- music." Mrs. Welbourne says. "It. wh
Lourne. a pianist and teacher, they don't feel that practicing Is tar
teaches handicapped people to fun while they are learning, I ki
plqy the piano with only two fin- can't helpf.them advance in their eli
zers or by merely using their studies." U
knuckles, and give the effect of For those with no fingers ga Re
a full sounding piano, all, the use of knuckles alone. ,
'It is not a system for use in sufficient. Three is always a stu mla
tnerapy," explains the attractive, of some sort on the stump of'
a;lburn-haired Inventor. "I want fist, and this is sufficIent to a-
.-ese people to use it because press down the keys. A puInl vao
the- want to play the piano, and must have muscular, or moto of
nnit because they are merely try- control of either the wrist, fore- tnP
nie to keep occupied." arm. or arm. Without it,they lack. C'f
As a successful music teacher,
Mrs. Welbourne wife of a New|
York businessman, wearied of i
the orthodox methods of teach-
ink: She sold her music school
which had been a lucrative busi-
neb- After a few months as a
housewife, shr wearied of tha:J
tot Then. one day as she idled
at the piano...

Ad YW,


p-' .

st trdb

Seca play st .n UiOS tatit-
ait. .-..::..
Arthritles. 1 Badl are
ppled ad be the 'new
'thod -. Those
A tela heto the
sal dt a

es. .

L aSalle

Army. D tees

Service lime*

Cut One

a a .

-Army Secreftary Frank Pace.
Jr.. annbuneed today that. ef-
fective Jan. 1,. A a drteea wlho
svi service In Eoreawill b-e re-
turped to civilian life after only
20 months service instead of the
present 21.
Under the draft law. the Army
nav keep Inductees for 24
months. But. it' hai been releas-
lhi,' Korean veterans t h re e
months earlier thin men who
did not serve in the fighting a- be g
eainst the commualsts. :i
Pace's announcement refers fl-*
only to Army inductees sad on-
Iv. to thorn' who served ai Korea. ka
Others will continue to serve two -"'P

vs rr.
A spokesman said the policy
dries not apply to Marines, al-
though some Marine personnel
were obtained in the draft. He
qaid the oue.qtlon of releasMn
Mar!pe drpftee.q will come nil
built that no decision has yet been
The first men drafted-for the
Marines were taken In Auqust.
1951. and therefore would not-veb
be elibl-'or release under t.
Army's relaxed policy for its Kd-'
rean veterans,.

Las M Appeal

For osutergs

Heard IS Court
NEW YORK. liec, 23 (UP)-
A last-dith effrt by convicted
atom spies' lus and Ethel
Rosenberg wM a heard in the
United States Court of Appeals
Thb tribunal .teserjed decldon
based -on a defebe argument
that the' couple was 4eprtved
of a fair trial and to bo-called
0,tomil secrets they were con
voted ol teagn were "public

eleti f Mh g.nft Ih rfon
aelet eha .dai ing the week
.TYs t2 1. to:

eat 14 Alams t *t

Wed6aday, eeh. U
:17 a.m .............. 3a e l

:5 PM : "

'l lt; *.. .. '.. .'I."

S, :%c $-


"I was trying a system of play-
inp chords with one finger. I'd
nevel given it any thought and *
1he idea just occurred to me,"i
bhe recalls.
Since chords require a three-1
finger position, Mrs. Welbourne
became fascinated with her at-
tempts to play them with one
finger of her left hand and car-
rvinr the melody with one finger
(-f the right. By playing the
three chord-notes In succession,
rather than simultaneously, the
nords fitted into the melodic
opttern almost as well as If play-
ec' with three fingers.
Tn that mometit, a new idea
was born; one so simple that it
had never before been utilized.
That eventug, to test her theo-
r"-. he played some selections on
the piano to her husband whd
%w9 unaware of the method she
wis using. He thought she was
pla inlg as usual.
To put her revolutionary theo-
ry into practice, she went to New
York's Hospital for Rehabilita-
tion and explained her method.
it was not snapped up eagerly.
However, a pupil was provided; BANE
a young man who had lost the tisa,Z
ure of his hands in a spinal h2- 1pia.

K,-' 7; -.- *.:'ll,.f..:. *-.,t'. t-'..Sx..
;.**.'.. ,;--- y..}-. di^ *>-%-' -. '**'- *:7-'"W"
.;-.-* .. :,-E,--. <-,. '.. *-. **"; -" .^
.-' ,: .-

*: : < ."!. .t ',
'''^ :" "- *'".. -^a
: .... :*',:7- :', e ..' -,


'I >y.

*'yr -


,-' -

"r t
,;. -:r, '.. r.

.. .,:. A .m.w





I lnt r- nl,


(MO\ A