The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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ia Breaks Off.. .

With Vatican ppO sts
-o- .
P) Yu- Relattona between the Vat a T
diplomatic and'the government of
,ean, aec Josip oas Tote have dteror f
I Yugoalav ed cinqveaingy durm p .
year. Yugoalavia has. fre
unique on accused the Holy See of .me.
tions with Olng In its internal affal... *
d later to- Observers feel the uitmatie.'
came to a heAd.when Arenblaho
etit ro- Alois Stepinac reoeasd bWy TitO e c t u
rMan- a year ago after serving '1I IrW
4* "6 d'- vears of a 16-year sentence a -
var criminal was recently nom-
'b mt of nf Ited a ellal -- -


S, hecribed S ep* sf Venezuelan Opposition Leader Jovito Villa.h
AiS k statess the College of Oard i j. O.Y that the reason he and six other high office
fle. and an insult to Y duh. A Republican Democratic Union (URD) were are
S" W un paint and run out of the country yesterday
S ci1t i A w US0 t h*use the ruling military government is "t "
SIll WE f I fear" over their preset precarious position. I
Villalba scoffed at reports from Vennzuela th"
planned any "seditious activities" and .toaid.
k nn government simply was "jittery with fear" et
Sle to convene the new constituent assembly o
."-. -' because opposition deputies have made it known
"'2 W- 1 o- 0 ast Oemran force raw boycott+he esseipbly in which thejovernment"
untary to a m1iitVa. quorum.
said that the Rua Villalba and his group arrived in Panam6 lost if
~s wl as8h taord a plane of Linea Aeropostal Venezolana.
ad t N 't t al'ba said the mo'e at fore- made the mistake et
SAifed erl_.m : r group out of the country efMeat bheut the o ti
4 wUatt4 im done fr the purpose of ap-. et had akewed tah
tp resure oanthe remainder suneed etawg Ue ..
Spoitiot .deputies in e- .
law I ,af ..i/ NNE

a* .3 .w t-' .
m that the B4
u e... Its

d. N, 6n ,ve oat the tte-' ma w
Sby the dat announced moat t bi easO
itthose eu- l-e -the So W t
l io Me ame+a.t x Ale -

e09 ur final to fi t

wuqfk ad^ *, iL

Iex-irt-p O fnWtShw "f

''. 1 -

Q .* her to lbi' man to.40 tS af w 4
.aAnw. the- lt ChmAl
... o Mama cat to aMieC- oU a. II
f ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o *^ Chalaty^^fpa v .^ wW s




ew what to d. rW. t.t 'PS m l.
d the -. RI or.
m and whlt'bb r er

R bac

aiwau~iI.a W '- ,,. ,

the sso~t~~t~f*Mr~ tW

a .-.0

,' i-' -.I .,

UK a.xo, AB U

.i ster threatened
y min i nl- Gl.-

Of i a bLet attack. -
ati isteors waokn out
were reported rea-
ausio the supreme
a J for further
I asaa-crimpdd pro-
r m W peril the defense

a Minister Alfredo
theNAriquO c and l or-
n Pageo. CoL 2)

S Operated untl recent

m epgal re8resentatlve,
supreme court to n stay
thi nipter's order suspending
AL a's been requested by To-

SThe firm claims that it and pro-
tednder the t herms oflittl con-
.- t sig ned with the Pnmd by
Igvernnient last September.

tas; to iwv%_qw -cousney win--
1F5 PS S U U f.l. -aj" i ,,bC -
Pl5 a p termd these charges
completely fatee. He said he uas
calned by Interler Minister VaBi
Lana a.Monday afternoon and
asked hf ~te URD deputies in-
tended to attend the assembly
session. After giving the minis-
ter no assurance one way or the
other, he said he left the cham-
bers, wa immediately seized by
trmW.uards. and rushed to Jail.
saMd the six other
ie of his group were
rodu." up in similar fashion
and al'wer. piled onto a plane
yestday morning.
roup arrived in PanamA
witoumoney or extra clothes.
Vilalba said his group's pre-
eait wians call for leaving for
Mexico withis'two days, and
ibt -4 tour Latin America "to
afti.eft the VeeuD'N fight to
ovn fmw the gfyornment of
Col. Mase re a Jtimnea."
WhoM asked if this meant they
would esowt to violence, Vlal-
ba atw awd. "I don't think this
will JM e uary,"
i.'j a -e added, "Everybody
kn aqt'ho opposition scored an
ovfI-b4min@ victory in the e-
le~edl, the .Venezuelan people
as a I*.9e bave repudiated mil-
Itarry nru and the present gov-
erm; to admed to die."
V ~ b ela lm e il h is p rt y a -
M lly won 70 seats in t'.
MIX with COPEI getting 18
a M government "with all
t deoeredion and bought votes"
3$Wted out that the real
re" were clearly known be-
ca., *tthe government had

SW a .v. -..
* Vllialba said the
was forced Ito
URD 30-mata in the
cause. o the general
of the true election remit-
he explkIned that this
ad COPSI together l
than a one-third portia
assembly, in which two-thliS
requi t for a quorum.
"That's the whole reasont i
the government is sha-kiu,'-!
He added that If, as
ed, orpsition deputies
from thq Assembly, the
meant wil be unable to cuafT l
It.s "pantomne of legality.'
Vllalba said he felt sure ai
will of the Venezuelan
would eventually be
pointing out that $he re
government "sl now
that it cannot continue to
In Villalba's group prin
staying at the InternationalN
te are Lob Hernindez SoUl I
an Tenorio Slfontes. Humbt'
r Victor RafalR and lA
rbuun, all of whoms_
deputies-leet. and CouncU
Jefai Alfonso Medina Sanebc

Special Trains
Run Friday Night .
To, From Balboa
The Panama Railroad
special trains from b6 th
and Panma Friday f rS
member 19. on the saLM
ule as the usual wib SSj
holiday night runs leavt g
nama at 10:10 p. m. and MMS
Colon at 10 p. m.

Santa's, Whirlybird Stalls, Balis

But His Sleighoad Comes by T
NEMTON, N.C., Dec. 17 (UP) yesterday, shaking up Edwards, .,tate under the Air Pare e
- If Sarta. Claus has this a rew of three and photog- :ect.
much tremble the night before raper* amd newamen. Today the party re-gmS
Christma, 'forth Carolina or- A' eiO t 'copter was called and started out h
phan kids sad today, Lthak Into action, a new pilot took Everything went ai a
goodness they'll seep through ver but the weather was still two orphanages at
the whole tbs against the project,- but from Kannapol s
r the eeemd straight day, came that there waa 'a
Sof the Rth Alr Pece'r bel- Another gust blew a door off Suspicion leaked OS
o pt g a reindeer ole e epter, further delaying maybe Santa Claus
5 e veTew at orthanagea the t:-t. The Air Force tried to
was put s action. k& : kit snowstorm swirl- such talk. Santa had
Iut RV tey do faces tinI =h mountainous Lin- pass aboard.
red it vain for Santa vim t forced cancellation Then Santa and the
la w ht a com n- of a ulod stop at the iso- showed, up, a bit off .
to Pnt W s switched late s ent of Lost Cove, at the 81pe OrChrd r
u Wi wth i.SelSg.ulV gi have discouraged age at nearby
.' with the erphea
Mcf for A n imost as embarrassing, out OM
t eas." 1 the 5M orphan visited Off thU -sWe a en'
Sthe h cHlimbed fthto Santa's fourth aag, te
dueit Nap 4leovered by tugging, tar au
l hert-e' "aN whM were rabe. up soersusae
C. .. tirtMC

-~- t It-- ..f... .- ...
-'-tt+- --' ,._. .-..- ". 2: *'- -. -- .v ... .: -- ... .'J A *, -4'

-"'- ,:

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lt .11"

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* 5r

* -..
* Itt

_ 1. Fi


,"I .- .-,.
I ,-
at ...'*

* ereqW,
whe" u

-by a estotwp.

1-1 d1?wX ,
. .re-,dTf.




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st -kne

t. .U~2Y



. '..-- f ..' _, ,'*--*. *,_ .. *:'. -.: ....
*-, ".- ,., a i-a. ., .
A -..i .-- =.
7 ,
..... ,. ; = .,MO _.N'S .:.

rouineO Cv NERLON ROUNaEVLL mN erL n
aT H ST.I 'n i '.** *-'4 a064Ma N O a P
rfeLpwONI PrAN*AU NC d 1'740 *n ,NIBl
COLON OPP'CI- 12 *'7 C.rF 'mf. Ai ,ir. Pnp wPEp '22'' aI"'r -Si-y' TINET
PaNitRN inpPepftf1AT'r. wr fOS'IIIA i* OWERS -INC
'%5 M M1APhi .% AVp r* 'rvi K iT, N

Labor News


From Whom AH Blessings Flow
-; ,' ^ f .

*-P MONTr 1t4 ADVANCk _h_ l;- $ 70c p0 By Victor Riesel
pIOw Il4 U" s--ft______ 6so0 |300

to pick up several hundred mil-
HL Slion Americ n dollars in the pa-t
rs a o thice years with which to buy
l r I L .var material for use against our
The Mail Lao as an open terum ftoe. ders at The Paname Amer-. ere is great guilt since the
con. Letters ee received gratefully and arei handled itn a wholly coani crime is that of enabling Rub- J n r
dentil manner. t ta' roving purchasing agents to
It you contribute s leftt don't be impatient it at doell'tioppoan the a the International munlteahps
meat day. Ltnes ere publishes m the order received and ma chine makers in the one
S Please try to keep the letters limited to one page hla h 'tu Trenev they seek so much-the
Identity of letter witenrs s held m sitrictest confidence. % U dollar.
SThis newspaper assumes no responsibility for tatemen as opinions
expressed in letters from readers *' That guilt rests as squarely
A a- 1eon the White House and Mmr. -
S( o Truman's still "anonymo us""'
vGIE AD T E -visers as it does on erimlhatl
IE AN TAFL longshoremen't leader -
I r Paragrapii al (a, of Comptroller s Decision No. R. S. 1784 asia the money mad merchants ,
e who deal for profit with the
reads-No officer, clerk or employee in the United States Gov- forces now shooting down our
S c arnment employ shall at any time solicit contributions from lads In Korea.
other officer., clerks, or n1ipoaes In the Government.Service Back in 1950. rank-and-i'le
for a gift or present to those in a superior official position; committees of longshorem en
nor shall any such oiicanis or clerical supervisors receive any .came to me. Tough, big men they
gifts or presents offered or presented to them as a contribu- were. bitter at the flow of So-
tion from persons in Government employ re1c0lvini a less viet imports through the great
salary than themselves; nor shall any officer or clerl make New York port-while our troops
any donation as. a gift or present to any official superior. were being pushed by Sovlet.ze i
Every person who violate. this ectioin shall be summarily Krreain down Into the Puslqn .
dideharged irom the Government employ." ~re.
SMost of the longshoremn's a
A recent issue of a local morning paper showed the United committee leaders came front
States Ambassador in a Latin Anmei kin country, posed with the th' Port of New York Longshote-
clerks and minor officials of his office. boldy accepting an alll- Inen's Post-"7095. They were ready '
gator skin briefcase from these emp oyes. This ambassador is to sacrifice theit pay--so Impor- .
reflgning from his office In January. but currently is a Govern- tant to them in those l m d a -

While we are on the subject. did you ever sit In the Club- Msany a day I saw idle doBck-
house and watch the "little boys" buying the -big boys" lunch. viallopers losing their iesperate-
Also wonder if the "big boys" will reject the "little boys" pre- needed *$210 an hour (which
serit this Christmas, or doesn't anyone pay any attention to the avesies some $40 to $0 a shipe
above ruling. oad.) Thev went back to thea r .....
-Happy Christmas. '~n-.llies emoty-handed rather ... ___,.
0othan unload Soviet -furs. Pollah
hms. Czech Christmas obje:ta
WHERE'S E^LMER and Chinese brl tles and skins.*

s l'$ EwoERd tm n, _d .w... .
Sir. And what did the fur merchants, V -
I attach hereto a letter received from a member of this or- i.-9They ot uo a committee and V".
g:I.ization. Colonel Ira F. Fravel, who is trying to locate a rela- flew to WPshipnRton. They daw I. IAmI I It.IJI .' "
tive, one lmer Fravel The letter is self explanatory. U.S. Commerce Dept. office-IsBy. y *U vA K**ll .. ,V
I send It to you in the hope that you might aid in the search qnd urged the government to
ft this man through the medium of he Mail Box column of1 moe against us. -
y..r paper. I believe it is mole widely read than any other medium But they were told that te T -I fascinate real easy, and am al- e ag ielf o again fa
aailDable and will a.ord the greatest possible ly of success. mer Dept. ws eles t, ted with the few lk 'e met on shape. Oe
Any aid that you may extend will be greatly appreciated by t. o the boycott-ev en _i the hbse"l"r her e is emf1w f7about that and went t B rb.. -.
tG. Pamiily. m"pchants had paid for tie ake people aholu about that looking oA th. They
Geo. P. Ful:man. b stlv cargoes at the annul wouldn't tal,1about s ,at r* tb.ere and he w e and told a-*M to -t_ :ur suction in Leningrd, the e- Is a young widow aboard'htwr; a gal w ha- Three trth e the t the
ABOU bAAD TEMPLE. rv rity In which the Soviet anti- band was killed in t i ,t 'war. She '.worked car were,.
"Dr Nob Fin Canal Zone. ~tpttallst revolution was launch- tsine as a secretary to some ~I w i Detro it. That 1*1-u ge. -e It i's
aOne Elmer ael a born In Cmden. N.J.. June d in blood a third of a century One day she looked around, at the millions foo hattrd
One Elmer el was born in Cmden N.J., June 22, lhtie rerhe
1904. His mother died in 1912. his lather in 1915. Nothing fazed these merchants aft and she said, "The he.
He had a- brother, John F. Travel, born In 1907 and a -'rrt even the fact that Lenin quit hr job, and packed her Agn
sister Gertrude k, con in 1909. hrd 40,000 followers then and k drew hr dmal avn on re o -
Gertrude was,rc-.cJ b,, an aunt In Iou.h~ Caroline. John 11.,t now t"he Soviets control SM6booked onthis
wa- In an orphiala iu n L&.nLon and taken lrom there by oa'dteT 800.000,000 e e'nle covering ed f* .hoest
Strangers and reea in Marylano. It is no, kh6wn what hap- ed further u r. They wurs .t. dor o "* '
Spi t Sothe ut on more pr essue doe
After seeking each other for years John and Gertrude Soon Pres. Truman publiclyire er ,
were united last june after some 3a years of separation. They bKnked us. The rank-and-tile not satol. WSi A. .....
are now seeking, EAmer. !on.choremen were told not toho bai= to-worry.
apparitus foreign nl. Tbut to go
Elmer was in I-a-yta. No Jcirey, in 1942, when he ob- make foreign ol, but tago o lacesand_ see ohia = .to ecoDVoI l0 fa
taineu a birth ct.uicate. ItI is leaineu ne orovea passenger bpek to unloading viet cargo I Ud khi ist a reasonable brwdave thed D. mla a h ae
bus bor awhile and was lost sigi oL Oe who knew him said Tealonehr t i completelyrnk w worldavy quet m ark a wil t.D.C b h hae
he was going to West nester out not sure in what state. The for mer hants returned iessd in one trunk and a .eavy qus'MlTon a ,wM o .-be p
dtill another said he something about going to New York. Contaet was bi o 01her. ba to '"
to ... anka .ideae. made with dirty union efficIals. '.pd &here's another wild blue yonder i band s hdwto lay
Inquired o oePanm Cnal authorities and thecordin-, to Crime Coimmis- a"mta"He has his wife and hls car ;wL .a, ."
Si. that they nad no knowledge ao him and no record about sion testimony. The Bussia iHe s going to go and live athe Canary Ali..
i a furs were unloaded for a price. He bas never seen Tleneriffe, but he lk"s. There st
description of it., d an d .r md
It has occurred to me that he might be privately em- We had kept o dollrs Tshl man I s 53, and his back Ist obrol-en in tnothin
ploayed ciown there by some business house or on a project of worth of Red goods out of the places. He was a flier In t hei thers World W itoe o
some kina anu not in the government. Would it be possible country, but now the boycott was and liitsted as a buck private in thte o kae one
to ask the several lodges and other Masonic Bodies down over. Some of the blockade run- I a t eand, sk. .i agIe of -fot-f, t, -oth
there to ask their members it they know of a man named ners had been contacted throu.Th This proved to be a little too areuo .inee I am
Elmer Fravel? No doubt he is as anxious to learn where his one of the A local heaquar h bones, and he busted his back t but nice.
brother and sister are as 'hey are to find him. ters-Local 1235 in Newark. thee
uAny help you can qtve will be greatly appreciated. As- ttimonv reveal.
sure you. Doubl crossed and seeni-g.""
S their efforts tuftmed into a rack-
Elmer's grandiathEr ai d my father were first cousins. et. the men rimly went back to
If necessary to go to some ;light expense n this Inquir., vork. v the end of 1950 exact ....v
will gladly reimburse you. As i would have to pay it per- 21".060.99 worth of oviet mq- -
sonally would sk not to spend any appreciable nev-ralsing fur and fur manu-.
Ira Franklin Travel actilree: rirerd into the U T .-- M",AAUT TOWN 141ir apP1
%Wringhtstown Pennsylvania. n and different American torts. agnaist Cha nt (h topg trp) uIlo .,ny. arn
.y.. .. .o in the N. laY. stliation. _M-79 a NOW a- ,i. '
By Ihe end of IRI. the same has far ame diamin g oevdise eo I :eWo KeohgIt
1 Answer to Previous Puzzle innorts rose to I5.lls.50s Re- AI ex ulms...hIe .w ,ow
What's to Drink? norts Indicate that in 1A52- the .. who beae _..,
the year of Our bloodiest Ko- home (to tme px) fo wr' friend,
rean casualties-t*heae imports 5sct*booked pm ag- -a too, P; ussr
HORIZONTAL VERTICAL will hit J25M00.SO. That's a to- t dem Airp't teS aa a y
tal of Pimo1t ,11"111.000. Thepe v=s'1st1t1*9 twa111
I Ice cream I Japanese rce are officIal l.S. Custeim gt,- Sea- mea s to be Se.- .I. a"t Ap'" law
wse tlstle', available to alL cast (JamIn sHaley. U'ber 1 ar1 W ied .elaw
5 Popular soft 2 SpoLen New mind .vou. during this De- Merival) are getting Wa b
drink 3 Small 'alicy rniod we tried to geta law thro,),h over 5 yemp a 4end..'e lat.g
S Alcoholic 4Itemo .* nrohihitiu the Imberttstion of Hart's new ub-hhney aI top il e et datie tlat O
drink property Soviet good. P om tt of leroec (at fa famed f eweler's)i. w wId ....W 1to
12 Wfr god of 5 EccenL r c WRs Daioed. but somehow sn Dis' Atty's e ott.-vls. N lit ude
Greece whel h -,d" no one has yet been abhl to ,chulberg' chums whispet he wE- 3pta W w heaw 4
13 imitated B Thinks trae. wrote in a clause bnn'n,- noses of moveilt Naruam sb and I a 4bth eat to t,
i4Qn (prefix) 7 Ru. an river 25 Two-toed 43Pleasant in o hl" the seven, tyoe m r A reild of etgD
walle 9 Rearrange 26 Power to 45 Run a\,. ay to twu bir' tYPes, Persian lambh ,rod played all last muth.., -... the t'or.b. i'
17 In favor of fn-ances attract marry *lit reaI, melkingr io the mill'nti '
1 rFeminine 10 Atop 28 Church 46 Pronoun hutlcht by U.R rercheflts ware It happened the other night at erQ.i l
ippellhtion II Russian leader 47 Ingredient r'Viste ioux1v excluded from the paper affair I...eevent wa*s ..tres .
13 Table ILnen 16 Wild ass 31 Essential 48 Fruit We fou t back. for we didn't ed introductions of publishers and editor ., naMII ,.-
2! Adhesive '. F 1ying toys be ang 50 South African know why. ceptrthe onei r th y I of ..aMe.-I .'...aa n.,-a 1
AMetet 3 Winse a-nt th eone. somewhe r i the un the feature tw e as eI Ibw

Senseless h aed to the hundreds of mlln
m l34 Amphitheaterl y a1 II rsf dollars of other rown fvertairo Fortune staffer Msay lame O rl.,e (- ,
6PKinds of beer "nmrorts-of which the 7.000 000 .4 Ike'.s campaign ) I lgge n a decree -
S37Ccular plate worth of Czech Ctrhotmnea 4ree qin Islr5. tisbatd reag lwere
8rhnar but a drop the Morrow Band d y. .

.39 Hearing c 0 p5ns e bucket. take eo Phil'' 1
orenss iE-ert estimates indicate a 3.eladlehs. ianadim -
42 Prefxes A ndicans this year alone. agefrr o fse Ivam y Ie (
mCheulanr pote norWho can think of troops in Bre h aie. ted her o
S 8 Breanhing goodog -corna and rationalize this? Ce fats about BL V te -. ,.5
C ( doll.u ,'ulets' there need ie no arrel trek (the pes of a VA in) -ad
S (Ell.e)rir n how to end th. side of ith i (she'. his-asts at arel pia
46 Eutoerheir r". "-r. Boycott slave lahor roil t. ,lsager after their mmsumeas. ...La *
43 Chntog inese o That' e one eift you can give the the A(them soprano. w $mgs i d 19 i
Switzerland kid in Korea. s e Isal i1 la


atoned to tnvoke it o ,top Mthe
got cold tfot and left the 0. JA
S un could lsrn, -al. one
Sand ent .We ta i w its

retail. Pan Ami

are ZIA
one ha
to wai
up .tl
two ho
left n .


It we
five ;,

Ah .

-- :n u ~uau..

k". s#!lt tufed.-eSe
:e ei4 two wasb-owls
" only flft h elon to cWea
*i to on t i"e, w6 have to work

.aetmplbn aeer e tm. zituo1r.ay Kla
t la have1 W1b.a.ind a -e show. -compared Wd -I0 .WUb and,
er, tl..t allE e I a.waork-
oeni thad two ofceri to asb l and
idefti cCOld move oavr wo hit andasi thb a

S6-, X. "`h

:1 andv It



1- -HOWEL-Neb.(UP)- How- '. -ster G
57 Sabin s lAgotIts new fire truck just in w (s(e -to
* tqu II While the truck and new" am-
me r ire ttin were being dedicated
to a (L l --a)---od. The firemen jumped int
0.4 Camt 'their new vehicle and sped to
""c"Mi-d. where th "Mtin .

Ilp ~aI aI T Vv %P -- .. ... -..


S. ".: .** -.' -

i-. *



b~!~ae~C ~c~e~:

J .9~ 2~
- ....v'g S.

.41..,. .~

-A *~ .2"r'~
A. SE ~1~


it 6

Latest fas ion

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it at


2J.omad aout
th Istmas
pru ente or
Sgyoui/-A sir ?
eltt *.k too long!
Seal Wos for a
and ke44r satisfied I
Wti* pa m'It to
the w ..gnaM her!


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: A ... 2 .
c-tftor t;inMt o

r '. =. t V .-2 ,. .

.. ,POW .., # .

*... .-, A.>


hr modern

SW ".

For those who"
Ike the simple
beauty of modern
design TOWLZ
plates Con tar. SBe It
W A oW any other-
qIIgngiitas pieces W
i"-- eti a"t" b- rt'
./, ;

Sr "x -
< ,



S. .*.*l


. Above: One set from our huge
new Trifari collecti-n incorporating
high fashion's latest look ... ..
graceful golden curves set with sparkling
stones that look like costly precious gems
yet areso ,saonable priced

Earrings ............. from $3.95

Necklaces ........... from $5.95

* 4, .-ftt

Pins .................. from $495

Bracelets ............ from $5.95

9 *2'


p~w*ri S,


i m te-

~t .*P '

, .. ,: .

ienwce w shell be open
41t .9:00 p.m.

fashion's exciting

new hair make-up...




SI .-

2 2 9
'A. I. S


"41. .4
~~&t *4Y~


.'i ,'
!":*, -+

^ .- .. *.

.. .. .

" ,V :... '
S ;':,"- 1" ,; ... .-

(t...,,'+ 7-


.- ,S

o ..-.
** '. *** *

.,: ., -; .

f .
r*, -
9,.; 1.
6' *-

.*. .

Matehln AtnUmiae .Te.
* Make your hair one of eight.
een different shades quiek a-
a wink... Just spray it on.
* Use Color Spra for a fashion
streak or a temporary color
change for your whole coif.
* Ideal for covering gray hair oat
for touching up the /hairline.
* Shampoo out instantly, easily;
no fuss.
Crystal Caramel
Blonde Fortune Atomic Red
Sienna Spice Huntress
Sienna Cotlt-s
Co-cos Black Patent'
Shimmering Silver
Bronze 6o&deas
Silver Shadow Sunset -
Pink Champagne
Gold Mist
Sparkling Burgundy

- $1,775.0 IN



21 Catret Awne


I.f'L'.7 ~

-. 2 .

- .9-,.
.A ~ ~

2.; 2'r'

... .. .,- f *
'r ",

As see in

C L-^1


*~'2 V 3
Mg pea
* .' as~jI
4 dnia*~



l^+ ',^ '"
, L .;ti.. r- :,.
U" l T

B; ADUR O, S. A.





--- r- -..ii~~ f

-*;.!* ''- .. ';* ," : 7-* ;
.;' ';: .+: % [ ,].'



.uL -Y~a

_ .!-

. -

-I, *

.. *ie~vp~-a~ A,2.14
- .t.* .'0~;e -~'r-

* *. I -.*

-H flflAWU MCW -

Cdrgo and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arrivals aind (

3 Texas Livestock Shows Bid Shipping & AirLi

For Latin American Visitors PrediMct No US eton the P
AMr nes Untl IMB *aocordIng 1
S--o NEW YORK, Dec. 17 (UP) -r- ker Uliat,.T
.(Jat. Eddie AJckenbacker prs- est-lsts be
k A business and pleasure tour cattle shows A Latin American dieted todaythat let airline ser ths year
S rom Panama City to three out- hospitality room and courtesy i-e in the United Statts will not Am t
Atanding cattle shows in thetar will be open every day and be available until 1958 "for n m. on thebI
United States next Februaryv has night In the Rice Hotel and v reasons." .. r .
been announced by Willinm, ta',ed by airline personnel. Rev-f The president and general Smith andI
'lavlor. manager for Braniff Ic- eral hundred cattlemen from rr.aer of Eastern Air Lies the pass
international Airways in Panama. L Lin America attended the 1952 e sthille s negotiating with Mr.s
Livestock expositions and o- Hoi.ston show last February. t British for purch f jetarnes
dos will be held in the cities of| Similar courtesies are planned lantesu .trchae irne
Houston. San Antonio and Furt 1.1 Ran Antonio which la the cen- The British have severe ro. -john .
Worth. Texas City and expo i- ter of the Spanish heritage I"n oclon nblems, and their I Michael S
tinon officials have named all v.s-Itre southwest United States. bor problems are differentfrom r. and
itorc from Latin America as hon- IFort Worth, long recognized a Arerica's, Rlickenbacker assrt- nd aught
cr guests during the catle'the cattle and meatpackinge; Joh. 3.
srnw' headquarters of-Texas, Iss,-,ior The research advancements of J1ahnston; 1
Social activities as well as 8nanning to welcome the visitori the British are "ahead of ours." Pomeroy, J
bus:iess appointment and indus- from Latin America. But as far as roduction Soenebe
r- i.' and sightseeing tours of Top rodeo stars from all see-they knw fnrthiasbpod utio "nt". e ,D.S erli
each city have been arranged for tions of the United States aid. He summed up their jet Mr. ad
all groups from the Latin Amer- compete for prizes in steer rop- problem m as one of "time, time, Mss Mazyl
t,-an countries Invitations areltrig bulldogging, wild horse ri time.- Mrs.. Ewa" ,
baling mailed from the executive in and other contests at the ro- American firms will be able to
committees to Panamanian Cat- def.s held in connection with produce somethingl mo able -
tlemen and their families who each cattle show. All classes and bo.ree rh thi nglompaah
Lave already indicated an inter- kinos of horses and cattle will be e ,ct ven u mm r
e.t in the three shows. lehibited In each of the exPos. -" s and oel t. h e-
"f' research an" d welpuenhe
Braniff Airways, which flies The three cities are only an maid.
directly from Panama to HO .- hour apart on Braniff's U.S.
'tpn. San Antonio and Fort routes. The Ft. Worth exposition He called the future of jet
Worth, Is featuring a special tour extends from January S0 to Pb-Itra port a "big gamble" and
to the cattle shows and is coop- raryv 8; Houston. February 4 toltermed the problem of equippiar
. eratin, with exposition offiel.;,r. and San Antonio. February airlines with jet transports one
In entertaining and assist' o arch with "lot of hedach." But. he
"rrm tee.h 2"" "to March 1. i of headacehs" But.
v;u'tors irom the elehT counries, Another show of outstanding empDhasied, "nothing will stop"
4,!rh it serves in Latin Amer!ca interest to Latin American the advent of jets.
panishand Portuguesespeak- cattlemen will be the Inter- c vu~~ I
In- Pmployes of the airline v ill American Congress of Cebia 32 To Sal Friday A
staff "hospitalitv rooms or heaC, breeders which being FebrnI- Bound For New York In
qirMcters for Ltin guests in each ar. 20 in San Antol O. nly 32 oaMuengers are sched- Cl
t cities. They ill also erv A art of the Braff cattle ed to sall for the States Friday, aI/ h1_
.sh.opoln slehtseeing or biut- .tur. the airline's offices in Pa-'
.uides for those who nef-ednama and Colon will, make all
-nce iotel accommodations, as well as
'- an example of thehoani- arrangements for sidetrips tn' UNIT nIT
Al..-- arranged hv each ity ranches and dairie' and reservi'- |1UN | C0
and Braniff for foreign visit tons to other sections of the
or., the Houston expedition United States. I
hasf arranged for a fleet of cars Rraniff flies to 4 cities n the
tobe made available without ed Statesto Great cities n the
Oh rge for either slghtweelug United States. Givat wut FIU
*r businef trips. Tickets to lti MODEL T STILL GOOD
.-tanmuos rodeo art compliment-
ih- to Panamanians. SCITUATE, Mass. (UP)- Mr.
F-ivate invitations to cocktail and Mrs. Charles -Lane drive a NEW ORLUEAN SIRVICE
parties. barbecues and entertain- 1910 Model T Ford. They won a *." "
inert on ne'rbv ranches are he- nrize at an exhibition for having S.S. "MaSA"............*** ......***
Ini rent to those arriving for the the best restored antique car. 1 ,.wi r --- ..- --- -- ..,-



namq liner Panama,
to the advance passer
his Is on* of the small-
mlw4 -;p any sailing
hose feheduled to sal
tsaM are Congressm*
ehrilvner and PFranicfk .
their wivs Others on
r W Iclude:
Mrs. Thomas
d -danher Miss Jear
Ia; uar. and .rt.
mard; Mr. and W]
owand two children;
Mrsa.t Walter A. Grip
ter: Mr. and Mrs.
[nahall; Douglass A.
Mr and Mrs. John
r.; Mrs. Dorothea I.
r: Mr. and Mrs. Rich-
rman; R. B. Stem:
gs. Le Van Flecke
Wensel; and Mr. and
rd K. WUilburn.

Q-I. -



I. I.:":v'" : -WO -
tli l '/:'':: i: : *: -. -^1' "'ii~ '1 .i tr
,.y -, :; .. ''..,.-., (- .. : |..I
. .. : .. -", .. i:..-, ."

SIn- pblic ip ki
h t* .n. l *lW
w j uq vwA



*S.0. H Im .'i.'.'i.'..'... .'.. ...i..i...'.'...'.'......... .. =
M &, C M IQ ............ ......... ...N ,&M
*S.S. "AZTICc .................................... .
tuit tue.f..i Cmi ..l OemM. c*.. .


r-. AIl VMIKIHIITF:N dllt VICa aW ...
(A Limited Number of Paseng er Reval


Who Gummed as' .t

tt"- A5..t l.l :


M.S. Winnipeg ............... .. .. ............ December 21
tO ***.'0I41 I CLADOR. PERI & CHILE:
S.S. Avranhes .................................. December 25
S.S. Rouen ........ ... ..... .. .. January 4
M S Chili .. ....... .. .. ... ....... .... December 25
S S Liberte ................. ....... .... ... .. December 27
SS. Colombie ........................................ January 4
i rnwnihal VRENCH LINE. PO Bo 015e reil .-2417 & 18ib
Parpm* l.INDO Y MADURO 8 A Bow 108
rri PanamA 1-lnl3

.S. "C M QUI ....... ....................... Do. 3
S.S. "CHI QUr ................................ J S B

....a. so Tn
We wsh to unounee a Mmw rpi Mi ftp me f o
2a7.W for page -am' ure tI- umg r 1l atM
weekly frwm f eas to Le oAam aS/mlea m/ nmn.
mtuni fri La Anmg(elMar UK- to fteo'
mmthaL euewe SepitealmwMe-lasM

CRIStOBAL 2121 rPANAMA 2-U 00 3


OIaIS WELKIN. Planeteer



w lK I

Ready to Take Off

The Quick Thinker





-"Ps. -.

- SD

* 4

13c 9IAN -E

tflL. I
aS a


4 4.

I. ~ S

FAItr Foro



/~ ~:' 'C

.19S .:.t:

, .

WS. ..


I *. a -
"^ .*- 1:: Ho hw~ j ^

Ss.s. -"JM IucA .................................
A Arvmor .............. .. D M.....
4 "CA. "-AV................................Dom.a
SB W AK t- ............ .................:

7.. z. O


I ~M4'*
1 mm'



"- ,. wa'
".,- '


waA4~y 11411

nw suwMwA58 rd luIa

~J. I

.7 ,


I -'

vs I





?- t

1 4 7M


I I~L -

P 1A E


-~*&'*-~**'-*'~- -

4- ...

..>: )~r~ it K R .* ..*- i

r ,. I R "-'


3, Luaso at Tivoli

L 1 the American Re-
e their traditional
launc-leon meeting
recently- th te ern Room of
lthe, Hotel Tlvoll. This meeting
lebrated the twenty-second
tear ota.tvtles for the D.A,R.
Those ttepnding included Mrs.
^Ata %leRft W. RubeIll, Regent; Mrs. W.
rt Mon- U. Taylor, First Vice-Repnt;
Mrs. Jems Nilson, Secopd' Vice-
.... Regent; Mrs. Albert F. Daniel,
Recording-Secretary; Mrs. Dan-
,mi ilet A. Pagenta, Corresponcdlng-.
Sc retary; Mrs. John W. Mullgr,
oasabrlel Registrar;. Mrs. Donald T. BaL-
Cie kr, State President of COAJ.;
for. ma, Mrs. George Eugene, Treasurer;
i Gend the Mrs. Gertrude B. Hoffman, Miss
01l -B Beatrice Sturtevant OGadnper.
-. "Dr. Dorothy Moody, Mrs. Gladys
days Barnard, Mrs Georgia Johson,
t Henri- P. Jan, Mrs. Ralph Scbaell, Mrs. A. F.
Mctd, tY arolve Yoder, Mrs. Robert Lesiak and
ae front Pn- Mrs.. B. Hufft
La to apend the Christmapumute -,ta part
.daa jwit his in the program with Vivian
n and.MrsT Harry 81mmons s'ingineg "J Bam-
Of il Harry bino" ae1ompaned by Miss
,.- Mary Rose at the lta M.
k. EMkb RNturn Delegates and Altertak for
rs.. W H. Old- the 802nd National Cont4aes to
d reeos ly to the be held in Washington. D. C.
rd. the B. 'Chli- in April were elected, The ac-
the United states tivities to be carried out In
vacation..of several the coming year were present-
it in pew York be, iW? e .
Cl Av'Whbe VRONtIg of
Helinnder the tsthmus.
Vistitoxf pn te. Ithnus' who
WA n Hollantr- Wr '-*.,.. A.tte de it-"he
WT, and Mrs. Chr lunch meeting were Mrs.
tder of SIboar- j Thrmaa Dtx McGinnes of Ken-
rrive Saturda 'a 11 Ha, Irvlng VI
laml, o -t. Wet Pome Plantation, at
t# BBd ldpal s ons Isliand, -Georgia.
isr Is A .tu j e Marlin Club Mee ftu ti day
tat Uiveity The Panama tr lit % Ill
Stte un hold its monthlydttt: et-
IsrTt on l ursdlhtayedo or-
ro Vacation at the. r t 'Cub.
a Mokus of Balboa Bingo Tomorrow Night
ng.-by plane for row evening at the American
states where he will Legion Club in the Fort Ama.
the.- several dor Area.

Chrb*tmf .
4 .To.-Arrt.'l

Dr. and Mr
aeC return
rdul" -from

Sdaughtt iti. N

Mr. -hrlel
acnted "I


.11WS sto leave'

at:on for
I n Pe
S evind

fdAwhre they
id shortly by Mr.

eir stay' in Panama
sen. the house guests
Mrs. -A. *. Webb,
e Miguel.

t. 10%arty
af the Star In A

w .A -4o

to 4%0 -,.m;
tfrai an.t nnit

Alpiat Chapter
I Chapter .of Beta
rill aeet on Friday

-AtOffice FiWies
--Dr. Duke K. McCall, president
of tho National Temperance
League, Inc.. urged President'
Truman today to. "suggest" to
government workers that they
not drink too much at Christ-
mas office narttle..
b Better yet,'McC l ald,. would
e to perve no louor at all.
"Our streets will be safer and
,our4meople w0i. be bftpier if the
government office should set an
-etample for all bSlUnas with
celebrations 'that are 6t keeping
tLm the slr t sacred
LM seasonsn MP said in

an are


:,, .,


*' -,**

Ipstallatlon of Fern Leaf .- :
The Installaton of Offl I
or the Fern L hpt
be held on Satu a!0 at-:
p.m. In the FedrAo Muel LoSl
Gourmet pinner' Potponed
Until Fd -
The Oourleot's Dinner to haViA
been held on Thursday eveningn
at. the QqteL I. 7snama ha
in B a', until ltMay
evening the same time.,
Panar-, onsatory. -Chorus..
,Sttt -ntoht -
The Panama Conservamry of
Music Chorus will be presented
in a concert of selected -classi-
cal arias this evening at the
National Theater under the dl-
rection of Professor Herbert de
Rainbow Order Postpones
Initiation Until -.aiuary
Balboa Assembly fo, 1 of the
Rainbow Order fot Girls will
not hold its initiations tonight
as scheduled.
.The event has been. nostDoned


g Don't decide on,.

:.: .. .
the Philippine Rattan's anniversary party held from noon
until: late afternoon Sunday at their Fanami City store on
the corner of "H'" and Darl6n S reets. ,Hosts Joe and Kay
Medliiger and Ernest and Frida Kohn 4eyzioted the gaiety of
the. Rattan's homecoming party.




FANTONI .the us Ital n mo .
de% t aUm ~s for !
your W .

fa* .-.eift. E i .sI Appitnqm, .
Magib ChiStove, "Simdac" talian
Sewing Mahines.

e AUTO-rest back

* 'l4ge assortment of
ItAMp parts and lamp

foroh sets, Breakfast sets,

-W oen, set, ro4kltg chairs,
Rattan 6igh chairs with folding-table..

Lamp shde*4


133 Central Avenitme
Just around the corner -
of "J' Strept

S -, .

.OOcTo@ Remember. it
smoke is bq.t trfor AAf
~. .*. 4.




to seek Yis wt
V .t.. Vitlwl
Vicwnqtr *.ei
A-"* P B



What AwoMderi mat r your acmy..
to bated a Pafl'nI rid Seed I Peach.
hus ewythe needs u tlikee w
[ happy and keep him healthy., fl
ordinary seed thii Ever, psk has
pure, teatd ingred ients anda spedeaj rd
Bicult. Thunique blend a 'esl.peir
" balanced diet tha ke lw pm
bhon beaudjl mnd umagin hi. Sa




,' ". .



T ietim4e





(* EUIC ARhZDCS I #M-an Eah m ow.4.
........ ...... w 1 o ,I S.fL.. .

.-- 4..

v -r i : ... ....... G ^ & A e
L C .- ,f.4r
bt i -'' '"


ten Jr.

until you've


Y17 C6 is tr t cLve. IJ7

We shall be open until 9 p.m. 'til Xmas.

- a.*

ci oerybod e.s7lassifedr

- F,

.~1~~ 4..,

Y .



O '

** -*i'-? *;




XIF. et -;gg

- ., t'.. ,

. .. .;- ....-, ^. *

*.'. l


PAGE six



You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P A. Classifieds!

Leat e vout Ad with ouue of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panami
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6on is service
No 4 Thiol Ave -Phone 2-2291 and

F rrison's
Four in of lu!%- Ae-Pnone .--0441

Salon de Bclieza Americano
No 55 West 12th Street

Propaganda, S.A.
Agenia Int:-rnacional de Publicaciones "aH" street corner Bstudlante t.,
No 3 Lotkerv Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-2214 and 3-2798

H o l ,ult lde 0 l|l to ...o ;l"-
F.. SALE -- Fri0idar i..,",ei 0' FOR SALE 41 BLJck Club Coupe
Fc, -l EcelienL cond,,ion. o $1 Good cond, ion. $200. Phone Pan-

o. d 'r t, fi ,-o Da': Y SMOOT & PAREDES
Haue ,'-" Vv,lihonsC.n Place Your Buick & Chevrolet Dealer
Balboa Teleoh .ne Balboa 239. FOR BETTER USED CARS
FOR SALE -9 c. t West.nghou'e SMOOT & PAREDES
Retr.gerovr. 4 r. old. Call 2- Your Buick & Chevrolet Dealer
11 6. __.__ FOR ALE:-1951 Ford convertible.
FOR SALE -Bab' carriage. Exceller', Good cond,hton Many extras, ver\
nd. Ori I0. Call 3 C0744. reasonable 0774. Williamson
-n Place. Balboa. phone 2-2686
FOa SALE --S.ediSh modern l ing-
oon" ui.iiure'. Zenith Tron.- FOR SALE:-4 I Chrysler in good
oceanic. Chine.e desk and chair: running condition. New tires. Seat
Royal Doultn dChino portable cushions Duty free. First $30000
Snger. cree etc. Tel. Curun- 7019 Mt. Hope, phone 3-1754.
cdu 2243 57- P t. FOR BETTER USED. CARS
FOR SALE--Upright p.onrc. Wesr- SMOOT PAREDES
nghouse 9 cu. it Retrgerotc.r. Your Buick & Chevrolet Dealer
Studio Couch One d.-an bed com- FOR SALE -'51 Chevrolet Bel An
b;nat.on. dining table and chairs completely rust proofed, less than
Rationr M.:c tables. Tele- 10 000 miles See after 4.30 ao
phoe 2-63-1. cr 209-B QOr, 269-B, Albrook AFB. Phone
Height ________ 6-4292
Set. 5 peces. in E,r good condi- SMOOT & PAREDES
t.on Coil urundu S3-41934 Your Buick & Chevrolet Dealer
H cn. 14 1.,-A
FOP SALE Cadillac 1952, Sport
FOR SALE -Ratioa' peel Is.ngroom Couce. radio heater, showroom
s1i co.'.uch an.d :. arm chairs, I lh condiTion. sCen-bly priced. Curun-
cu.'hl-'in ar'd .i.her furniture. Can du. 2034-E, phone 83-7235, at-
b seen at ':,") Curundu Hgts ter 3 30
Alter I p n or coal Cururldu -_____ ---_______ ------__ --_-__,
1r 4 p m or cl Cuudu FO SALE -1952 Jaguar Mark VII
14 edor. Showroom condition. Will
FOR SALE -2 crib mairresses, like consider trade. Phone "Albrook
rnew 59.00 each. Phone 83-2139. 6171 or 6207 after 4 p. m.
rOR SALE -Webster Chicago 25 FOR SALE -Leaving Isthmus soon
cycle 3 speed record changer, G. E. rrus sell 1949 Ford Tudor. De
cartridge, amplifier pre-amplifier. Luxe iQtrs 572-D, Cbrundu Hgt.
speaker 5 00 1750 Pedro Mi- Tel. 83-3122. Call after 4 p. m
guel. Phone 4-c-02 r s
CftDl CAI "

FOR SALE --7 :ubic loot Fr.g.daire
25 csclc. '9-16 model. Good con-
diticr.. 1,65 O0 Double size plov
pen. S75 00 Quariermaster'Bureau
S $600. Twin Stroller. 52000. Bas-
Sinetlic. i, C'0 61l-A, Ancon Blvd
or Balbc.a 806

M "iLtcellaueous
S WANTED TO SELL--13 carat Eme-
Sraid in antique gold setting. Hand
cut old gold etched chain and rub,
set pendant. Diamond and opal
ring Pearl ring. Will sell or ex-
change for antique porcelain fig-
urines. Chinese. English or Frenc-;
Chino. old Phone Balboa 2-

Two .i rgie Norlh Americcn airlines
employee, need furnished apart-
rment or house in good residential
district. Coil 2-0556 from 9 to 5.

Help Woanted
Experienced first-class cook wanted

ruK ijRLL
Boath & Mulora
FOR SALE:-Kholer automatic elec-
tric plant, 2,000 waftlls prcticolly
new. Call Panama 3-0728 iAter
30 p. m
FOR SALE -Portable electric plant,
$S,500 writs. Excellent condition
Call Panama 3-0728 after 5:30
p. m

FOR SALE. Motor scooter. Good
condition. New tires and paint.
5 125 00. Phone 2.4189 Diablo.

Civil Service Hep

To Cheating Trick

For Electric Eye

for small family. Panamanian pre- W. SHINGTON Dec 17 .UP)
ferred. Must live in. Write Mr. The Civil Service Commission
X Amer-can Embou. State said today It's wise even ifit its
qoal icaton electronic grading machines are
not to some cheating being
r I done by persons taking examin-
AutlrencIn Lelon nations for government jobs.
Examination questions are of
Sdr he multiple-choice type, withI
Sr lses idG the answers given by a black
pencil mark in proper places. The
hcompl Tunisiaeted paper- are graded by
SGraphite In the pencil mark-
TUNIS. Dec 17 .UP Na- mis activates the machines. A
onalist extremists. with a small pencil mark in the right box
but well-equipped army, have scores a right answer.
launched a revolt against France Only trouble Is. the commis-
ain southern Tunisia and French asID said. a lot of people taking
forces are on the move to sup-the test have been marking two
prs the revolt, according ato re- answers for some questions.
portnhere today. The grading machine gives cre-
Th. qnng of oe -rs dit. e pr for a black mark in the right
F ch e questioning of ones set o ac but it isn't eared to de-
Sr. taken t ree days ago reveal-et multole markings for the
Ied that a 14-man group encir-tsame question.
and defed miiste killed of b French and afer n-

dvdua nations made knisians was no mere own
e ld party such as hanot ommiStill Wants
harrang to the proregrch outpossam sk
the desert. (Continued frcontinued Pae 1)
STheprisoner said tha of the lnk took someeting. o there said Itde
14 cael-ridin rebels 11hanoth annppearedemet that the orinal $440 -
been iled and two escaped. 000000e rogramto build 35 mor
bThey ekere the rearguard o.a airfields and other installations

would be cuto In a op" of t235.-
S 300-mat 'legicun" sent across the
'1. desert-to take up positions In aj Ines despite Ridgways warn-
myesterday onntden stronghold d pot
-aton for launching ful-scale l The program alreadyv had been
t shaved on orders of civilian of-
Sattacks. ficlals to tetween $410.000 0C'0
French Air Force planes set out .and $425.000,000 figures that
to the edge o the dese wate ok bottom.
to bait the rebels before The council turned ov-r the
Should reach thl. and defense minister after In-
dividual nations madp known
they could not commit them-
F.~ selves now to the program ask-
News of the continued dead-
11nck took some. or the edge off
1egte amnn on cement that the NA-
II 7 )iT conrill bhd uaproved a Unit-
W- I ffIed States-Britiah roniprnmis.
Inakin'r rItl'h Adm. Earl
'- mi~' y VorntbattUn NATO commander
of the Mediterranean convoy
I The council. I aIongR meeting
S.' H '.-, "..,...e"erdaY. co_""dered repo
111 1 SAGur bil*tenals and estimates of Krem-
On n lte' brtentium.
M At- U 6 His The9 le nitary report drafted by
IMW AMS fALfS the 14-IUtim miflttar -commit-

ow stwe R< eat mofthees nt

am nm 411111.


Doe re have *ri hing problem?
Write Aloehlls. Anmeymene. eo
20l1 Ancon C. Z.
GRAND XMAS SALE: All et bar-
gain prices. Fresh stocks Philippine
Ratten and mahogany furniture.
Lare essoretment Chinese novel-
ties etc. W. T. LUM. 61. 4th of
July Ave. Tel. 2-2446.
BOXERChampon at Stud 'Dog Hos-
ptal Via Porras No 42. Tel. 3-
CHRISTMAS Trees, Ornaments,
Lights. Lowest prices in town. Cia.
El S. A. "M" Street.
Perez. Veterinary Surgeon. Via
Porras No 42. Tel 3-2113.
The management of the ARRAIZO-
NA Bar and pleased
to announce that through the de-
mand of our large clientele we
will offer day and night service,
beginning December 22nd.
HOTEL ROBERT, Costa Rica under
new management. Rooms with pri-
vote bath. Excellent meals. Spring
time cold. Real comforting vocation
tfor all living in tropics. See your
travel agent.
Dye: We dye dresses, suits, all kinds
of materials. "Lovandyria Tropical"
plant, sie Espoaa I abanas') No.
830. Telephone 3-0871. Branch.
East 24th and Central Avenue. Te-
lephone 2-1346, Panama.
DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
Estudiaonte Street 140. Between
'J" and "K" street. Phone 2-3479

FOR SALE: Piano upright grand
excellent condition) Magic Chef
gas stove, refrigerator Coldspot,
Sears kerosene -range, girl's bi-
cycle, youth's bed, stroller, baby
crib. Phone 916, Colon.
FOR SALE:--Overcoat. Camel hair.
Man's sie 44, .$35.00. House
1542-B. Balboa. Aft. 4 00 p. m
FOR SALE:- Ad' tires and tubes,
all saies, ,15t, ast.-$treet oppo-
site Villanueva y Teleira. Tel. 2-
FOR SALE:-8 mm Camera-Projector
and Screen Kodak, $125. Golf
Clubs 10 irons, 4 woods, bag.
shoes 9 1-2 D and 74 balls, $100.
522-B Curundu Heights 83-3183
FOR SALE:-Used one season ladies
camel hair coat, small; cost $89.
00 $40.00. Man's wool over-
coat, size 38; cost $65.00 $25.
00. P. 0. Box 1142, Ancon.
FOR SALE:-One ton window type
air conditioning unit with extra
filters, $275.00. Tel. 88-419, Fort
FOR SALE: g6 hweks old\ Hbnrlc


Williams' Santa Clara Beach cottllages.
2 bedrooms, refrigeration. Rock-
gas rangers, Balboa 2-3050.
Phillips. Oceanside cottages. Sante,
Clara. Box 435. Balboa. Phone
Panama j. 1877, Cristobal 3-1673.

Gramlich Santo Clara beach-
cottage. Electric Ice boxes., g a s
stoves, moderate rates. Telephone
6-441 Gomboa. 4-567 Pedro Mi-
Houses on beach. Santa Clara. Also
Cerro Campana. Phone Shrapnel
Balboa 1389 or see caretaker.
PARENTS: Gie your teenager a
Ballroom dance course for Xmas.
This would give them the social
grace, and would be a lasting gift.
$20.00 for 3 months Mondays at
5 p. m. starting Jan. 5, Balboa
'Y'. Harnett & Dunn.

FOR RENT-Furnished house,k? bed-
rooms, li'ing-diningroom, kitchen,
maid's room, garage. Via Espaha
final, white house beside Radio

Two and five room furnished and
unfurnished apartments; private en-
closed gardens. 8061. 10th Street.
New Cristobol. Telephone Colon
FOR RENT:-Aportment in El Can-
grelo, with all modern convenien-
ces. three bedrooms, maid room,
garage, three bathrooms. Phone 2-

FOR RENT: Furnished roorft, for
married couple or gentleman,C.with
aloil conveniences. Central Avenue
24. upstairs, Amador Theater.

Minimum for 12 words.
3c. each additiqual word.


It costs no more to protect
and beautify concrete
Decorative and durable
waterproof coating.
Ask for descriptive folder
apd color chart
279 Central Ave.
Tel. 3.0140.


17 AuW Iew
MreL 3-4SM

ramports Baxte. S. A.
Shipping, moving. storage.
,We pack and orate or move
anything. 'Phone 2-2451.
2-.2662, PanamA.

DM-e ttif & O ItLLAC
t uel"e "Gradualee i
dl a rnd as 1 pm.
Is PerT rve u Tel. u 1 i-1
11 bea tr LuIx rheetrei



FOR RENT:-Cool clean furnished -'
room to a decent person No. 7.' vorik
48th Street, Beil, Vista. 7fi
FOR RENT:-Furnished room wth NA E LUMBEt
board to gentleman. EurorLUMBER
American cooking. Justo Atroserr-
no Avenue No. 57. ROY WATSON
Telephe: 3-4963
Position Offered Aven idsacion'al
WANTED-oEffictent English-Sponish
stenographer. Do not apply if nor lt ic
experienced and con not take dic- I ll. D 5 S Aid
station rapidly, correctly translat-
ing, f st with good spelling, r iriliii
Colunoia Pictures Eusebio Mar:- or HIkBl bl- l
les, '"El Canareio." a .11 l .fI

Dachshund puppy. House 795-B, 0 elin t Pl
La Boca Rood. Balboa 2787. iONuL Pe r > i mP I
FOR SALE:-One bicycle, good, con- Itubi PerO mianCC MNw YORK Pe. 17 (Up l
edition: 2-1862. (Continued from Pa-e 1) John Foster 2 S"ecret'6tary of
ae ate designate. 4eled today he
I 1 1. "man hotly denied this allegation Iv a#sunportine a propo1d set-
ni nan 1 ainht tday. t lement of the Br an1ana
uColombian caught Meanwhile the Internal Reve- oil dispute.
nue Bureau said that Conciertosi
Ry TIfl T ang INuevo Mundo, headed by Fran-I Secretary of State Deanp Ache-,
ryilng TvChange l v circo Sebauste. who handled son gave details of the plan to
Iturbl's recital here Nov. 7. still British Foreign Secretary Antho-
Bogus $10 BDill owed taxes on that Iturbi per- nv Eden in Paris 4aday, aand
SIformance. reliable sources In WB iinrton
A Colombian resident of Pan- said the plaza hAd At ful slup-I
ama City was arrest by e- According to Ortega, they owed i rt ofDulle. ..
tectives this morning when heS54. The amount due the nov.- A sta.temet denI this w
tried to get change for a coun-e'rnment for last night's concert Issued In Dlle' bO b Jawmes
terfot ange forhill a coun is $40, he said. C HagertLy. ent elect
terfeitano U.. $10 the IDwight D. Benhower'a press ge-
Banco Nacona. bauste met Ortega th bscretary.
When Bernardo 3. Olivella manning and claimed the a- -
Araujo, 39, tried to change the mount due foe the first concert "There siwwa ircuMlated a
bill, an obvious forgery, he was I* be Paid today. prsF hV Apa NropOse
stalled at the teller's window Hwever. Sibauste charged ne- .cttleent eof t Sw .rt- n1 oil
while bank offcias called the ce on the par on the rt of the tn- dspu now b discussed In
ereret Police come tax bureau for not request-L Europe by Sec .of State
Secret Police this money before. HIs an n-IDean ACdtam'ite support
ceoe paid two cents on each tioetoor boacns Of J firster Dull-
At Secret Police headquarters c l r 77 uj '
Arauto said thP bnll haarr hnsold at the time, he said, and es' the state 't bM .
sent rauo said the ballad been knew nothing of an addflonalI "Mr. Du betl at he had
sent to him by a woman, who tax atthe
left here recently for Barran- rot a lb w !he
quilla, Colombia. He said he was The money due the oern .ent aout w
to make some purchases fohr he u the second concert will be out
nri-d either by Iturbi. or, If a Detltle of fc plan
hekThe bill Arauo had was of I received In time frbn had aM pe"
Co,.ncer which works'
the same series as other c oun out na,-of Kingston jamaa. d 11
terfeit bills seized recently by Iturbi claimed that In all his' ,ine.1.
the Secret Police from members, 36.%ears of concert Appearances C'alied
of the Maria Antinea theatrical h" has never been as 't shan-iinn
group, a troupe of Colombian died. as he was last night, la lu
actors who gave several per- onw tl
formances at the Ceiti ha ThSTea- But TrapneilSl sta i
ter. OtA Th adhered Aa41id t lWc -i.
Members of the trout t e ontrt d osy "v l
with the mfu L .-
attmped o..I WWI. V-'9'o f....4

lombla before
LWone of them'i
It was bellew
only the Innom
ring of countwi
ly operating Is
Lonal police
ordered an In


v, c For Mal Leadht

GwMat 0
H O G`t0. -.4V0 Rob Loggt.'who plays.19
of the Army aerit i"
When iga n i e Voice of the l" openWing t.
-" "a aight under Theater Ould a na
"P iat t ibloTha'tter., i a r.
al'r tlond wth yearist a
Sis graduate of th
Today., We tw yIke, 11 VnI Et of Mlssourfe School eo
Tday. W y, ee 1 joa where# In addition to
.g. ftt and recetvinK bts
3.15-The Ute. Sh'ow 1 bcArti degree in ljour-
a:30-Musit ftore wglim' .lib" toeMnd tm to devote
4:00o-Muial WithouoM ids itetih Io tudy to dramatcs, act
4:15-.gIa4 P1rade f" '%, .aIo staiotn
':a30-WhiEte lro ftr te .US .1_ Misouri,
0:3lN"t't"'rite. andbId .1,,5 .Sy
5:1--ENGLI I ON TE AR -- als atopaotal Iplayer.
(Agonetlatee' ....Se JtR'ji t b fltIliSS?7o WM
5:20-What's a Favorite tertM th eimwA st on
(COatd-) to the A n but i
6:30-NEW8 (Agendas Ames~ ~iu- ttusetl rStue
chuas) *. 1 3k At-Sk*. W ,Od to P-
5:SS-What's Your Favorite s zone sdlei the ca-
tcontd.) nil Zone1.L i
d6:30-lkyReOrd 4h a p M
7i00-Over to You (BBC) sI* ts e be
7:30-BLUE RIBBON oSPrTB dlritayI h te4K D.l h
.REVEW Pmul bl-hit lisa: MC
7:4b-Prenol In the Air i ,RI ".W.ihm aw amtln 'Ml 1,
8 00Evening Salon just uitret igte th
5:4s-U. Commentary cha n.e's. -paot -th e a
0-TLe Helkaof vat (VOA) etrt." -t h
M.$Htf: lh-eStl flE'Lour. when-lienrs learned-- eo t hq
IO: A GUILD ON switch from directOrto star
S AIR IVOA) dispebet- for tf Itye .iir
11:00-TOwl's NMet hour.; When he arrived at e .-thi

tsania...ta& aI orM

Tomorrow. Thursday, Dec. 18
6:00-SIgn on The Alarm
Clock Club
8:15-Monlnn Varieties
8:30-Musdc Makers
8:4f.iJeN'ry Seara Presents .
9:1-4iecrl iHeart Program
9:30.Aa I fte. It
10:05-Off 'the Recftr
.1:00-NEWS (Aget .a Amerl-
cans) ..
11:05-Off th Re ard (Contd)
11:30-Meet thel'riad
2j:OC-NEWS (Agitdeab Ameri-
12:05-Luncheon Mule
12:30-Popular Music
: 15-Personality Parade
1:45-Lum.and Abner-

taoWh0- at's

8:00--irst Rehearsal T tR

VOA) -
H. 30-Music otUthe a.y PneMei
8:45-UP. CONtI .t *
9:C00-Th AnDe an BoolPshelf
(VOA): .-
9:15--Eiht .Weeks t South
Africa (BDC) ,
9:30-The' 'Mque-. of Donald
10:00-Dance Mrile
10:15--Musical lnterlude
10:30-.Mbpniitt Mood
ll:00-The Owl's Nest
Midnight.-BL in Off


threats i -to
their p
Thl k,

governfM 4fel
They have b
ly for weeks
8uranewf. that
fQllow toe trit
I3" minority

.110..n t Adi

t t adv

r miiom ep

Explanation of Symbols
VOA-VoICe of Arit
BBC-British B r o a de tae
Corp. -. -
RDF-Radlodiffuslon #ralealr a

*- .f e-
areal the lo=tg alt *
ad all ofthl .O.m pee o-

*e Turtle" are -
n'e .dLspvery

almt iti o i "abt -jt
e D The ater. Wl.e-;- .

S. . : l i

Senators:G hI

t Dewey DoMnwce


thitnam o
r adn.nstat MCI a.%. .. .
deprive threat '
W= 4p'

Jat the New York boec o;
2. .t *m ___ ... ..;- J .. .'

atin se t regad I
cly porte at Mea4whlb oi t arf-

ftr eadate ai- of ,:&88-t I

Uti- of osU regarding ... a

pat a M Drt at- t e .t. a....

-t .bthe. a- tm
E. BUTeve wi fo t ryn9 -A

Jr.ut, t .. ..NI.

* eonBte L'abo
fS SS.- .~RMA.. A

S ....
& i-.C o V .

*. -i tl 4 1 4 z ,


rbe .. .,

4 q


Carlton Drug Store
10.059 Melender Ave.-Phone 255 Col6n


I -

I -


.':, \.{..:.





*~~4 ~. .''.r .'. .

'.:, '~ ... :. '1" 4 1i U+
/.! xS ^" K I'^w .*'_ y


"------- "?e
- ** ,._______

.." t. t... ... 3 0Medallion
A., 11 -mn.'. R-ead.-y For Aoproval
72900D11 1wDDING fAT A nTNOUNCE. who left for Puerto Rico. Mrs, YORK, Dec. 17 (UP) A
Sn -an W i... JamesT McGloin was electedp v visited President-elect
the office. '8 headquarters today
Hostesses for the evehin approval of a model of
were: Mrs. McGlop and Mrs. Written e ralmedallion which
.. ThomasKelly. wer: bw i ld when Ei.senhower
*,,bw a of-. 6.0e,', r ats, he ladies present were: Mrs. e Elan. enhowr20.
h .1Ralph Grassau, Mrs, *elanOick. Gloucester, Larrison, Mrs. James Reccia, w was C fIfwacommissioned to
o u the rigtaff o Mrs. Roy Rinehart. Mrs. Irwin A A632 do pa Ofile. of Elsenhower
.R amsey, Mrs. Qilbert Furey, Mrs.bronhm a wax models
S-- osep Hicky, Mrs. Charles c A94 a lMeheas n diameter.
R. f d, .o .B, d ly. Mr Drtile C. Kaorg, l MAU i ba t said he.hopes to get
rs.e Pdcei M r Een Jar -Mrs. oWawrn ti8 '* irnADfil 9 to pose fr possible
tu, Gne Martin, and George Thble Mrs. M, Nickel, S None Q 87 ScF before the'final form
e. -Mrs. Warren it,. 'Mrs. ,,2,., -07 trdton.tartede. with
ry Chritma Luncheon eorge n ai.Eugene 1036 53JA tdltion started with
V Cht ulnceon Rotary f Mrs. William Cronwan and 4Q72 A 164 PRsMeO W4tW fgton. the orig-
'lh W C l ld"wilUl have Its aMnual lunch- rw.Cyri Field. aoUn (0) IA1 w ton in gold will be ,
onM n at .the Hotel Washington, Middlena"sSailk w J .renrc t4 to the new president. *
1- Thuraday,t a noon. The member Mrs. Wlltm B. Middlemas, of, V A Q 5 wlce In bronze and silver
as are- reminded to bring two gift rars Heihtsleft yterday o 7 wi blbea to the public,
one for exc .snge with a fellow to spend the h holiday vacation 43-3.,
ri Rk a lan and the other f -a th her daughter n the tate. Nvu, the king of hearts,
l ed. -W e.. Sel W rt Nw M as th Att-I t hand counted out
4. Mrs, Fielder lostess for I 6 Pa an P ea .t,. lft. therefore cashed
the retrn Biner Party Honors, f. C. 0. WIves Club 4 Pa Pa m Double thi of and led the
iagfronfa MIa D'Angus t. Mr. Ray Fielder. of Fort Redblq Pass Pais Pw s que of diamnids from dum-
a si ..sited Miss. Con n i D'Augwut Oheinah was hostess for the Opeiing lead-4 2 :y.
ia oB y daughter of .Sergeant and Mrs.. Inembwer of the 8herman N.C.O. EW truffed, and South over-
h-& Al Dominle D'Augusta of lut y iver aRb for a Christmas af- rffed with the jack. Declared
&na.i an t. t erman, celebrated a her- trnl a roon coffee, at which there About fifteen or went years could now rff, club with dum-
Wry wa ie- WeoatAng) e wenth' a dinnerrthday a-tiver, o. a gift exchange between the ago I played In several tourna- ncy's remained low trump, ruff
Soit ha dinner enty at t.embe. nents with George Rith. one of diamond with the king of;
W.-.DW leothl y of her parents .r:MI Ma anles who attended were: the great experts of the early tumnts,,and then make dummy's,
t. l- Her guests were: MisHa Pary "David Pollock, Mrs. Simes. days of contract bridge. We won toe of trump,. East won the last
e me n.oks *. Ann Brassel.. Elaine Q'hayer. Jines Thompson, Mrs. our shtae of tournaments, but trick th the ueen of spades,
SCaart oand D. 5. C; Margie Everett. ch en, Iord Anderson. Mrs. V^rren when Relth died a few years a- bt that ttne' Commander
t f. : Donnie Paine, ChxIdnRs 0 Walte, Mrs. Henry Cooper. Mrs. go. Iaeumed' that the Jaoby- Reit had already mlde his con-
'nte Karen and nacFielderNW *ameq Crowell, Mrs. Clifford Reith combination was a thing tract with an overtaok for a
7he odtc4B gwaed. W gth Roet nd "Mls 3 ,l rggs, Mrs. Emory Dozler,-Mra. of the past. -o score of 1430 pont l
NeelQ'tAiM r. were: @Sergeant -sndMrs. Andrew Lugo., Tseph Shelley. Mrs. Leonard I was wuronk, however, for a
to Par. Clara rgeant -and Mrs. avid r e, Mrs. Robert Bockman. year or so ago I once more had HOME' SL GTZI CROWDED
tron, Mr. r Mrs.. Richard Cook.Mrs. Alex a partner named George Rb H AXR TPORD.oni. (up)-
Chame or L 4tary, i mer-, t. and d.M_ m Iorbes, Mrs. Robert Blaker, Mrs. In a bridge tournament. My pa- Charles Pertillar, St s a s
d, T6aea e, ineerea .an r t1a. 1 ay Smith, Mrs. Andrew Lugo. tier was George, Jr., the onf "things are getting a .little
MIss Grade Conduit -ry Cooper, Bergeant and M. Mrs. Dominic D'Augusti. Mrs. the great brige player crow ed" around h family
W a.W lina Rudge' Ray Smith. Mrt. Ma Ms. C, harles Bhinn. Mrs. Ray Gaines, George Relth, Jr., played tO- hearth. His wife Clara, 48 re-
Se M 's. M r l aux, and Mrs. Cyril Almer, day's hand in aVirginia tourna- turned home after ng birth
Mat AVT.: 'In, Mrs. Marshal Townsley. Mssars: b Stripes inent and tZa theato lay- to her twentieth ct4. Fourteen
sma. h' .Mttal, Mrs Connar4- Donald D'Augustp.. J. er never toal lhim short p of the children lirehin the Per-
fl. Org.t, E. Custer, C. Lesear Benny trAndStripes r ee
,on -Or hb reFworlte and James Miller. ar -West opened the deuce of tillar's six-room apartment.
h, Korea Plant clubs, Commb der Reith played
. A Eim, MM CottoMoves Korea Plantlow from the dummy, and East -
'; Ithah Pai Al-. rom Vaeuioa .. Front ,won with. the ace of clubs., t Shws: :00 :15 p.
S Dl- tsa; Ms." oiys 'Mrs.- Charles Cotton returned Ser To Fronteturned a spade hoping to sto
d h anthanS.editionSof Army sp rhs. h1 DRJV E-IN .
--. -.u -~ wu. oshenhas-y o visiting he s 'SEOUL, Dec. 17/ (UP)-The hts own hand: with the ten or
aLl ?. with ll tJr ). Co atTrianlt, neWspaper Stars and Stripes Not a bit daunted by the bid
Poh e te owergp Va. Lieutnant Van Wagner M iOved its printing plknt to trump break, Reith led a dia-
paItos tationedtAt.QuaticoVa. within a Jeep ride of he front mond to theace and returned n l Translstmlsan Road. be-
flciera the ars'-stood lines today. the. ten of beftse. East played hind "Artes y Ofleios" School
l .sd d te tame. f Attmninb DAR L luncheon Pilem abped for two years in low and dearer 'let the tea -of
rs ftrn' Mrs. W. Rubeili and Mrs. tar-off Pusan, the newspaper hearts ride for a finesse. This -TODAY!-
ra, w evinft ns in John Mulr.r crossed the started printing on the outskirts finesse with a singleton in dum- TODAY!
. I se elat1er hlah muao u ay.attrs endthae a of Seoul, only 35 miles from my was a keydiamond, POPULAR NGHT!
& 1n:-the binouet-hall niual D.A.R, luncheon- ih the the battle-front. Reith next ffed a diamond,
F' itaat. n Roomofthe-tl Tivol. 'e move will speed distribu- discarded a club from dummy on $1.10 PER CAR!
walels c e tl room '1S -ftn tl -tion of the paper .to front-line the ace of hearts, and ruffel..a R a
Valk. ea ~oae h OI rC soldiers by asmuch as two days. heart In dummy. When Est fol- Ray Mlland, In
a 7 en .r1ae n' aro o "BIG. CLOCK"
tlhiche hadbens sfbxw Af Fort Sh. 1berwuas
ds. ofi tl tit .The Fort- Shermafn Officers a with Ch"rt huhton
ern*nin tr pl 'theo WtVerin brhelt a morning ce*iq
ta tb '*th o --arl Ide at the -offlicers Club Mond
priat decorations. Mrs, Primus Bennett, Mrs A.,W -.
.. ... Dupuls and Mrs. R.B J Laip s
S Y EPoiinTtten. taperfra di IN MUSICALS,
Oa i ti.'aimilg id .u tt9A Maio- Lanan, in
"Prmac "aep tent ..... .
i. d C r .. .ty .
and din the Gaon Union Church 8un.A
daSm** l bool ?ape a Cbrlat|
.H. syes, room s.tulrda afternoon ,at
So theclfle' de. 1:00- P. m. for children of th A
Department. Mrs. Fred New-,
We"ASae lpoer Party hard, Mrs. Joseph Irving and AT 9:00 P.M. *AHOO '
M -Lee. Nash wl be In charge. on th So -
A AK. Mr1s. W. .Mlvaa_ ,o -f the srr m nh. Al mo A ThriSllngly .". pt1srItMard Or a.
ft~te6^0d'S S^S theta are reiquested to lend theirDrama... I o o k
*~,;l, .Gig. oung Keenan Wynn, ain.
Sris n lre. h Chtristasartar Sety Give OLIDAY FOR SINNERS" -
m ni ck. 7btM'ma. by Rosary-Altar Society L
Thaks- The Rosary-Altar tociet of
4t ou tu .C., lrst-the Holy amilvy Church hel on U X T HE r-4r i T'R 0 PICAL A here's -the answer on
eveningg at the Parish al. A A -n '.' "GIFTrWEDNESDAY!
S4n wht Christmas treeand u- A h .. -GIFTWEDNESDAY!
mlte anta Clu. were used T "LA JUSTICE EST $150.00 IN CASH what to give your loved
e. A Christmas gift wa FAITrPRIZES
S Theis. God- for Vthe otesofColonrAUCLAI Betty Hutton, In
N5rWerellS S WSFirst Prelee attd "Annie Get Your Gun"
lft Gw w as Mart- o succeed Mrs. Paul Voight, Venecia's
James Stewart, in a t
Stenationat "THE STRATTOR t that ill last lfe-
A-r f' arL%-&,-, .M f Iim rest"valt, STORY"
MVU U dL t "


:f r e if n a l Zone?. -

f4 I or Answer>


CWi iL Gary C bptd David Niven, -

with SCderI Fu d





4, hartes LAUGHTON
44, C K"





ger Eleanor
"net Leigh
sn -,Paul
Sm neor

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Laiuru l.l ; Ii .L:ar '

Filters our smoke..

protects rfur teel

the length of your



your smoking
pleasure and


S Further...

INA.4L Latex Foam Mattress And Pillows .


14 Central Avenue 0 Tel.: 2.2771
!NALLate Fom Morns nd ilios 1




7. 7-~. ~ 7

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1? 7 'I'..M







' Maxi ---
Maxim s

4' i Gale Already Surpasses

Previous St. Louis Mark
1' "I VIOU

NST. LOUIS. Dec. 17 ,UP). The champion and the
challenger are marking lime in St. Louis for tonight's
l6th and final title boul of the vear.
Rox;iae master Joe. Maxim of Cleveland will be de-
fencding his light-heav.\uei2ht title for the third tim- -s
he squares off against harder hitting Archie Moore. Tlh,
.' 3ri-\ear-old San Diego. California, challenger is a slight
S(-to-i, favorite over Maxim.
The 30-sear-old Maxim won the title in Januars of
S19."M i hen he kavoed Freddie Mills in London. Since then
M.ixim ha. defended only tuice. The Cleveland cuice
scored a decision over Bob Murphy and kayoed Ray Rob-
inson lh.en the middleweight cham:aion wilted In the
101-degree heat last summer.
Maxim n i, c een stopped bnly ,took the ilvweight crown from
once in IA) pro bouts That was Dadu Marino. Jimmy Carruthers
b' Curti Sh?ppard in 1943 and of Austrahla defeated Vie Toweel
SMlaxiim Ianded out a terrific 'of South Africa for the bantam-
drubbing tht next time they met.: eight title Lauro Salas of Mex-
?Moore ha- stopped 71 opp-. ico won the lightweight title
nents In 127 pro bouts The ex- fomr Jimmv Carter. of New York.
plosive puncher from Tolrdo has but Carter regained the crown
Sbeen the number one contender si' months later. Rocky Marci-
for 10 veais but never could lure' ano of Brockton, Massachusetts.
Champions Gus Lesnevich, Mills won the heavyweight title from
or rlaxim into the rnp Joe Walcott.
Co-promoter Emorv Jones says. Former Heavyweight Cham-
tnire is an advance sale of $S60.- pion Ezzard Chares Is shop-
000 and ne hopes it will i-ach ping around for another bout
th' 580.0'.1 maik. The gate is' -and hoping It won't be as
certain to break the St Louii disappointing as the one MIon-
record of s-me .37.000 set inm 19- day night in Boston.
when Wi01it Pep defended his Charles stopped Frank Bu-
fcatherwe.lh: title against Char- ford of Oakland, California, in
ley Rilev. the seventh round in a bout
Manager .iack Kearns sa' that was so dull the fans began
"Maxim is ir. the best shape of booinr early in the fight.
his career He v.ill gr'.c Moore a Charles says: "I'm better than
bo::in lesson I looked Monday night: Buford
More's manager Charley ," as hard tc, fight because he was
Johnston sass: "We're tak- trying for one wild punch It
in- only i per cent of the net took a couple of right hands on
gate because Ae waited so lone the head to open him up."
for the shot. So you know ihit The ex-champ from C.icinna-
will happen when Moore final- i ti says he Is going to spend
l' gets''Maxim in the ring nith Christmas in New York with his
him-bon:-biff-bloole." mother. Charles says: "I haven't
One becker of Moore is former any fights up but I'd like anoth-
H.rvywcieht Champ Joe Louis. er shot at Rex Layne."
T.ic Brown Bomber. who is In Boston matchmaker Sam Sil-
S Ho'ston. Th::;s on business, verman has offered the winner
S says: "Moore will knock him out. of a Marclano-Walcott return
S I couldn't what orund, but bout a $400 000 guarantee to de-
; he'll get him." find against Charles next June.
'*If Moore beats Maxim tonight Most fans at Monday nlht's
i. t -ill mark the sixth time that fight feel Charles must show
a title has changed hands this more than he did to standd a
S year. Yoshiro Shiral of Japan chance in a title go.

J.C. Cagers Nip BHS 41-38

S In Intercholastic Opener


(The Standings)
TEAM- Won Lost Pet.
Bombers (Ch.). .. 2 1 .867
Brownies (SC), .2 1 .500
Bluqbirds (CN). .. 2 2 .500
Yankees (CV).. .. 1 2 .333
TODAY'S GAME (4 p.m.)
(PanamA Stadium)
Brownies (Scantlebury) vs.
bomberss (Robinson).
Bluebirds 9, Bombers 4.
Brownies 9, Yankees 0.
The Colon Brownies and the
league leading.Bombers will bat-
tle for first place in the PanamA
Pro League this afternoon. Add-
ed interest in this game Is mark-
ed because of the reappearance
of the great Pat (Lord) Scantle-
bury of the Brownies who is
scheduled to make his first local
start in two years. Pat's oppo-
nent will be the raoidlv improv-
in"r Humberto Robinson. -
Scantlebury did not. pitch in
the Panama Loot last season no
fans are anxious to see if he still
has the stuff that made him a
standout in the local pro loop
for years.
A victory for the Brownies to-
day will rive them first lace in
the standings with the Bombers
dropping into- a second place tie
with the Bluebirds.
Last night the lWuebirds bump-
ed off the Bombers 9-4 in a sing-
fest In the first game of two
played.' Cookie Stempel was the
winning pitcher with Mike Dat-
ero the- loser. Clyde Parris hom-
ered for the winners.
In the second game. Stanley
Arthurs chalked up his second
victory in as manv starts 9-0 as
he held the Yankees to three
hits. Arthurs aided his own
cause with three hits in five
trips to the plate. Hisel Patrick,
who keot up a scoreless pitching
duel with Arthurs for six in-
nings, was the loser.

Ilie Reynolds

)ps AL. ERA

NEW YORK, Dec. 17 (UP)-
fficial figures released today
infirm what'seven American
league teams knew all..lohg.
lie Reynolds of the New.York
ankeeus was the most etffp-
ve pitcher -in the. league list
Reynolds' earned run. asr-
e of 2.07 was the best. The
-year-old ripht-Aahder aTo
d in strikeouts, with I0.
eynolds' .714 won-lost per-
ntage was third best in the
Mike Qarcia of Cleveland
as second In the earned .tun
apartment with a 2.37 $ver-
e. kBobby Shantz of Phila-
Iphia finished with a 2.48
erate for third place. Shants
in 24 gamed and lost seven
r a .774 average-,tops in the
Early Wynn of Cleveland
ve up the most homers and
ses on balls. Wynn was nick-
for 23 homers and handed
t 132 passes.

mn that scores more points
n most offensive squads.
CAA figures released today
w Wlsonsin will face a
then *Cal defensive u nit
ich led-the nation In punt-re-
n yardage and interception
ds. The Trojans returned 60
its for 827 yards and ran back
interceptions for 581 yards.
e Southern Cal defense out-
red its own offense. in.-three
ses. In six of the ninpTrkojan
w the defense scored enough
nts to win. Southern Galfor-
scored seven touchdowns
h Intercepted passes and
me more on punt returns.

I_ '~. 'a.-


ChesterfIeld- AB R H PO A E
P. Osorlo, rf. .2 2. 0 1 0 0
Austin, s .5 1 1 2 3 0
Brathwalte. U. 4 0 2 0 0 4
TSumleli b 5 0.3 2 0
reent, .t ... 0 1. o
R.osoreo, lb 4 0 6
Bernard, 2b 4 0 5 .
Syons, c. 1
sathe-o, p :.b i. :-1
aRobes ...,. t.; 0 .01
Roal, ". ; 0
Totals.... .35 4 9 11 1
Cereoeria- AB K D Gt AI
Green, cf,..4 1 1 0
Moore, s 4 0 1 5 9
Parris. 3b 4 2- 1. 1 I
Flo, If .... 3 2 1 '
Qanss, c ....3 1 0 6 i;;f
Brathwaite b 3 0 1 2
Williams, lb 2 3 1 2 6
Peterkin. rf 4 I 1 J
Stempel, p. .2 1 1 0



As early matches show the pat-
tern of the Isthmian Gallery
League taking shape, it becomes Sports Shorties
apparent thht there wUl be new potS otie
teams near the top this year. (By UNIED PRESS)
The Albrook-Curundu team held A l
this championship for two years, The thow down battle for con-
over the best from both sides of trol of the Cleveland Indians will 7
the Isthmus, although they re- take place-on Thursday. I
ceived red hot competition from More than half of the club's'67 '
the Cristobal Juniors right down stockholders are expected to b,
to the end of the seasons- represented when the board of
The Cristobal Juniors are still directors meets to try and thrash O
red hot and a strong team, but things out. A faction headed by cO
they are safely confined to the Attorney Don Hornbeck is try- Le
Atlantic division of the league, ing to oust EULs Ryan as preol- Al
and the Pacific teams won't have dent. Ryan, wo Is fighting fbr Al
to worry about them until the the job,.says ifhe wins there will Y
Isthmian chi mpionships in the be a reorganization, but he does- th
far off spring. There Is no more n't, say just what the shakeup se
Albrook-Curundu since this club will be.
was liquidated. This opened the i a
competition wide, and up to now General Manager Hank Green- 34
the strength of the league ap-- berg seems to be caught in the e
pears to rest between the Balboa middle. Ryan says: "We're meet-
Seniors, the 45th Recon. and the Ing things as we come to them. eec
Rodman Marin es. the Marines The problem of Greenjerg would Ic
In recent matches the Marines be taken in course. He hh-aa
defeated the Balboa ROTC with two-year contract." w
ease to start off in the win col- That contract of Greenberg' a
umn, while Balboa overpowered calls for $65,000 a year. de
an Amigos team which was not cal or
at full strength. The Marinps- SYDNEY. Australia-There is Ia
ROTC match was a 1082 to 917 another report Australian tennis wa
affair, while Balboa compiled a star Frank Sedrgman will turn f
neat 1110 points to the Amigos professional early next year.n le
. Te Amos cn't be sold too professional early next year. 1"
963. The Amgos can't be sold too A story in the Sydney "Sun" a
short yet as they have a fe savs Sedgman has applied for ba
strong shooters, but they have tax clearance so he could leave ba
had trouble getting teams on the for America on Jan. 3. The Sun ed
range.Chuck rham fired 274 t says Sedgman admits making
Chuck .Thambtlis fired 274 to provisional booking for the Unit-
pace the Marine team to their provSoa boang f heUn ietea
w, itDo inton l ed States-but says h se won't use tea
win, wflt Don Vintonclose9 be- the booking unless offers are at- tha
hind. Hubert Jordon's 249 waste ra active. N
high for the losing ROTC. In the Sedgman Is quoted as saying: sho
Balboa- Amigos set-to "Little 'I have not received any offer to Sou
Poison" Dick Dillman, individual turri pro, but if .1 do received an offer to Swhi
indoor Isthmian champ for sev- table one. will ha to tur
eral years fired- 283 for the efairlb quickliafer the.D- to turya
night's high score, but was push- vis Cue mfatches.I am Just being pur
ed by teammafe Fred Wells with vspreunared." a1t i
282. Bill Jaffray put together 280 The Sun also predicts Ken Mc- The
to top the losers. The scores: nrewnr.-.nnnnthr tot)s ronktngi seor

Prone Sit Std.
C. F. Thamalls 99 96 79
Don Vinton 98 94 80
Ernest Combs 99 90 69
J. Counselman 96 94 68

Team Total-

David H
Robn't P

Prone Si Std.
Jordon 93 93 63
oopes 96 80 60
Hahes 95. O an l58

Jonlor College aot the Inter- was too much for the BUfogs to Charles A Han
scholastic Basketball League off overcome.
to a fine start so far as they are High scorer for the tight was Team Total-
concerned when they defeated Freddy Aleguas of J.C. With 17
the-Balboa Bulldogs 41-38. Trail- points. Jim May. was next and BALBOA
ing at halftime 14-23, the Green topped the Bulldogs with 13 ]
Devils made a great comrn-back, points and third high of the eve- Dick Dlllman
mainly on the fine Doav of Fred- ning was another Bulldog, for- Fred Wells
dv Alegas and the consistent I werd Everett Stacy with 10 Paul Anderson
foul shooting of Bob Dolan. to points to his credit. Dude Lucas
take the lead for the first time
near the end of the third quar- Next game between teams Team Total-
ter. from the Interscholastic League -
Balboa o mlnated the play for will be between the two high AMIGOS
the first half, controlling both schools, Balboa and Cristobal,
boards to a large extent, and hit- and will take place at the Bal- Bill Jaffray
ting a fair number of their shots, boa Gym. J.V. game will start at Earl Mitchell
Coach Jim Wolf gave his boys 6:45. with the varsity contest to Dick Smith
the word at halftime, however, follow immediately. With College Hall
and that must have been what on the top of the heap right now,
did it. for they were a far differ- Cristobal cai. climb right up be- Team Total-
ent ball club in the second half. side them with a win, while the -
College made the big gain in Bulldogs need to win to stay in
the third quarter when they the thick of the battle for the CRIS
scored 14 points while holding I trophy. A 50-yard
the High Schoolers to only four match will be
points. a field goal and two char- In the orellm game last night the Cristobal
Ity tosses, the Bulldog J. V. defeated the This will be a
The fourth ni.arter was one of Freshman team from Balboa medals for fl
constant thrills and furious ac- High 45-24. High scorer in this third place tea
tion by both teams. Jim May put game was Lambert Montovani of each) also the
the Bulldogs in a short lived lead the J.V. wit?, nine points. second and thl
with a driving field goal. only to dual high aggr
have Bob Dolan tie It up on a This match
foul toss immediately after. J.C. BOWlersc Have 10 shots prore
widened the lead to four points ave o and 10 slhtssti
midway through the quarter, 35- d ber of snooter
31. with field goals by Fred and Uls And Downs team with the
Sal Aleguas and free toss bVy counting for tt
Raloh Huls There will be
May Icept the Bulldogs in the! DETROIT. Dec. 17 iNEA)-Mel of $1.00 charge
ball game with two one-handers West teed off with a smashing Targets and m
from the floor, but it wasn't 298 game but dropped to 126 in nished.
enough it combat, the Aleguas his next effort A good Atlan
boys, as they both tossed in goals Frank Prebe bowling in a expected due
to keep the Green Wave in front, league nearby the same night. shown In the
Dolan then added three points opened with a 124 score, roared which has bee
via the free throw line, and it back ith a 297 the nat six w



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mm -emmmmmmm-am mmmmmmm-m..... .m m. m

Servicio de Motores, S. A.
Panama R P Calle "H" No S4

the Pacific "'sI
strong with son
lent teams.
The Cristoba
defending their
sition with th
League teams
them off The
strong teams i
Sgt. Budd and
Balboa Seniors
All in all. this
excellent matcl
ran happen.
lunches and col]
procured at th

d 81 86 42

Prone Sit Std.
99 98 86
98 95 89
100 95 78
93 94 84

Prone Sit Std.
100 97 83
99 98 78
91 92 46
82 69 28





small bore rifle
held Sunday at
Gun Club range.
team match With
first, second and
ims i four medals
ere will be first,
third place indivi-
egate medals.
will be fired with
, 10 shots sitting
handing. Any num-
's may fire on a
four high scores
6e record.
e an entrance fee
ed each shooter.
edals will be fur-
tic side turnout NL
to the interest
Gallery League
n under way for
weeks. It is hoped
de will show up
me of their excel-
l Juniors will be
r number one po-
he other Gallery
trying to knock
Pacific side has
n the 45th with
Schilling and the
may surprise.
s shapes up as an
h and anything
rhe usual good
Id drinks may be
e Cristobal Gun

Aussie star-will turn pro along gai
with Sedgman. win
NEW YORK-The University nitL
of Southern California goes into wit]
the Rose Bowl with a defensive thri





BASEBALL. The Pittsburgh
Pirates have signed former Ohio
State football star Via Janowicz
to a two-year contract. Janowicz
received a bonus of "about $25.-
000." He is the first bonus baby
since the new rules were passed
at the winter baseball meetings
In Phoenix.


- .
. --".: -

T. 1, -.
(...i ts a

'" M ", ,.:'-. j
l-; '" .. J? r.a .. '- ..":

tlfithe bowl-b
btam re itohard at
tig i shape for the

dasyt jhe other l
u TraTa says -h
-.al3 S ns
ad d a ag
dgy '.
Coach Joeny Vat
salted with the wa
3s p tlad 8 toco
are krut.
player; 12"Ae awI4 *
jo get bck" to n


found foot- .Lasniti.

laa Tbxas '"Cr** -

e-wlll stn p,
this Awee r i

bak a aa.ts
nklSYg, beat us a iOta4iwy to
gt in It untilo
Sor the ,e.
for the bigpae."

Ivm Vrecuaaryto nrauea uodor-
gta Tech." .Coch.rbtowa reu t peik' a
winner the JA o-he
Syracuse Js copemratlnu trolit game. Clevend t 8
how to stoo e ptki l Atireles,- .$-7, In the ountg
Hobsori of Alabama n the tae. Brown sa:
ang B6wl. Tulsa lesrid that haven't seen the Rms sibe tt
Uit jred defeftsive tba*& game.I anerMlDna tbheyfre t-
9ene 4elwig *nd-d Ld are moved tremendouslyy," Detoit
"doubtful starter" aglst -Pqr- bet Clveland.'t-6, but "the
I dnthe Bowl.o f Brown were without avelm,
Paettl bAtsaopittin and tumrd Carpenter and part 6f their de-
Jim Falrchld t6 -the Anri ss I enalve
began workouts oo the Sunf Bowl
game against Mdaasissppi South-
.Cltaytow Softbil
Wisconsin is working o n ow r. 't
plays from lts T-formatiqn to try T Ur t
and cr'ftch Southern-Cafrnia's' -' S, e F
air tW;, Ofpene-in, tbi g.e iC. fl T.lJwJB, t

lsve 'qad. e lhe ld't ESM
Brow-t x.hopih a two 36 w.0Y'8
AYW w ogive their 3nFMdi 93d LA W NR SMBL.
players tlmq to get In shape tor .
the playoff game on-Dec, L. Bulllaat,phlays and exUte-
Cleveland has won',the .American meat als age I. dtot*-fl
Conererueof the Natfntl Ott- fqas-hj I w-pi in eolffe
ball Uda :. Los Angeles a8od te eLv pled.&- ..

(F / ..... ... '

... ; V7 I
(Fo.w ..Mid.. 1)




Totals .29 9.10.0 3 1 F
Chesterfield 00
Cerveceria 500 50 01x
aWalked .for Rosales1 I B.
Runs Batted In--TunUT A-
lonso BratWalte 2, '
Stempel, M aie, Austl, A-
Brathwalte 23 Patfl&
Runs-C -S. C chest. 4.
Bases-Chest. 10, CN 11
Run-Parrias. Two e,
Tuminelll 2 Austin. atfl
-Brathwalte. stoale,6
Moore. Wild PItci
Stempel. Striuo
6, Datero 3., B .L
Stempet 6, Dat ,
Hits and Runs
8 in 5 Ininp.; .1
3. Doub1play
moore, WT min

Loser-fDatero -41
Majors, Karit,
Time of. Os -.--
Spok 20,'g.:

#,rf. ..
Arthnurs. 111. .! -0. 0. 1,.
Hardy, 2b. .. 8 ,
Artbunuwp, ,.-- .
Ttal ...

0Cr: ,..
*Ss? e : .. -;-^ s~f

1S, I '

I'UR the perfect after-atnui
Liqueur or foi the alga
refreshing 'Brandy ans SodU
uiage sure you specify Moat
world famous since
1715 n

S,.--- ight. ., tartshrfght '
Wair8 the wish 10.w, beB

". -', '' t .
S -..

Op- iM a. aM at.


"1, .
it. :"

I ''

u4 WSa

%, .'" .1

.... .

Vimf.. ik

L1a~l~:1U~ a~*IYI a

C. r

Scantlebury To Make 1st '52

Start Today Against Smokers

___ _


' i~- -.r~-: ;_.-1.-n~u --



--- -

Mi,, = =" = N


--I-. .T.... ..



.-.- .




1491 __

ST -- Pre .asketba Rating

-" I. "Ba'-ke"tb.all

I a si.Ae Tnd
];- .-._: ^.- .=,:

IKtnsas 'Mte"

,N-thi Line

;. 1#e ni 'Pabt So "rts Writer .l
hy, SOUP NM;..wk r twi)--n1 1.i
S, ane wiMner .a its JI 1

w s a 1z ed
o ff.. OR hosame five

j .,,|S e__.a bec* AbSIw tra ed tme Illini in
HM1e as ;d i ohos r..h bth or+ for t he eond w
tiueso 5Is rar. T. e coaches their
i .. ~ lead t eoeb who
empel a e. n o t *,mpaIgethe 5 UM las P e nt-
JBBB^- .. ,- .. ** ... 4g g'f,-t I M o ata rasn i
..... ,, .- om a it o e d. na iu

Ann ., t 7. .UCLA wa, v.nt. r
i.aIso fCo a Wtem hb l 3 gu-sapyam g ler, Vilid

.Avo^ts a.zNoeout of aNp I.
5|~L se t. ....' 3o Ch.c tg thd week. i inthe I ? T l (

:'- f.. .." ft .ou to.mthe e pctations of J_ I .
) coaches, w ao before te start
aCo .n Tenn ha would finish
S --'! 0 .M tlda thi s year. li dS '

S1arys-1i, outI lnoutla' lead from
jAW 4t t 7_get his week, while Te4 wee ragc d r
a. ..e $ ai ,nc. ed to with- when I lhu e ear-y
B ... .:+... ..' ^ a Idflll a. LSafle at- day o eason. It --
ltn~?en first place votes wasfL't Wuidn't bent
?asd'W paints; ID-State 2-0 had pheasant wiUW a dog. W h wic
Stwo first place ballots and 253 Is n. a nd with a
r d St S-1 retained But Ted f -a do
~U S IEN O.. "oma. EM held It t dog work
eMra Wter- h one first place vot$ and 168 whether it of shoot-
--..s .. ... I Seton Hall 5-0 edged Over a t y oled, fin-
(UP) lJoi,,, ol,- n ,3a blond ,W 3-1, lM p-to .ts ,..orliene d.g .or. ,M ad do.wn ." <
ta.-. -a-.'O U.-- .next position. Nort Crolina of helping. a :.w DUD to find ,
-a e.o ed pl to w i _eif.o *. d
?% 51X L* + tyS ->5 witb iOT hota M m leM e trouble -. Ah.long ant
S, ---he t with one r p ted. in'-that Ted
S S points atnd No- ba d al day I i
f ; ... t ,,-,? .i, ,-.5 t e 3o ,,,1 '1" f- r a n. the d og .a_ t si .
to veet vls vosrasn
.tIs Te a is 0 m a"..eP
at s .- h 1.on *1u-th pl.e vet.
i i t pa u.nsnb.tas ne ed .lie t o t
,- be :ov -. -,- +'og.4o ,. -.'e ,est w.,. w aee
et 1hea O'li1* ..i led t.fn

S .0dft ver adyou put th1 gravel of o
.... -0 1- .,orhe0 .0 .

San hoc --. Lommended-00 .0. To w

o t T it Bt ft tawath a dole the blw defloig gndou
T____ one._lr_ iny doorstep, m t 'what df to
v 0 0,ows-al g.. I-,a An'?" tdr.- 1da
A& "" .."I we want to usethe d o rWOak nthI....
to.. UNWNSVKSM get this m3ornBng'4 hunt sd f Aadi
1U_,a C ,...dneW J --U UO -" _- taks care of t..e doe. First get fepmbd-to
It(epitm aon tardd.. A

l o w. ; ? ... -ii | '.. -.-
Along -T Fairwys


Fordham 1. SL
Seton e- .iaufTvu -.Aj
AdeMpilhl U, "F
Letan We
Te0 Ia. XI
Weuis BS, fuseabaBp 54.*
east Str.ud .r g To~... ,!. It.

( ,
-I SO 1E
Ani. Btwte TState IM
HamptoNnast. Vsp**ttviI**.
t a TeaW. .

Larafle TIB Weuouut 7
df. Co S ML

., .
U. .> "- %,"-L '**

-. -- "^'S:-. ^*" --''
t 4

me some cotton, a piece of gam
or clean sting and somez d-
ballve tape and we'll fix
aB so it won't come to fu bm
bftr -ab -mfte taW and

mo t of un "' -
An the dam
A &mund and t.
p .clean piece of.* o
thas h fastened o-n m
m.A-mP i
.-* M fl

I.m undei
E*t Umom
go -Ud we


why was December 26th


for the Canal

(Follow Closely for Answer)


I The First Lady of the Repub-
Hlie, Mrs. Cecllla Pinel de Rem6n,
will toss the first ball in the
long awaited basketball game in
hea honor between the National
1,University and the Guaraebe-
sos Dec. 29 on the Saint Joseph's
coost'at 3:30 p. m.
Thls event is also in comme-
i moratoan of the Guaracheres
SocIal and Seorting Club's
seventh anniversary.
Thbre will be a preliminary
ame between the Smoot and
Hunnlcut and CYO Celtics. The
public ts cordially invited to at-

bnh strips
6 the pad
S e phaitce
.nd the

wit p telters
protect wion be

protec b-

1 heb a& great deal to
!'S Met recover If he
a b They wiUl
t fet tt are In good
t the-lpl Is to hunt
I or or where
i boots for- the dog's
ok bhim uto or a short
him IbmIered up and
am to- with a good
T ready to
I t ta l it, for hal
he rest ie season.
Led by, A Bervice)


..0&.! to. comen


In ane of rain- these games
will be played In the Abel Bravo
College' gymnasium.
Converted Opponents
UPLAND d.. Dec. 17 (UP)
-The Tior University basket-
ball team toured the Orient and
Pacific lalands last summer and
won 188 of the 8i games tt
Swasn't the amt .m otiAat
Iault of the tour, accorng ta
Don J. Odle, athletic director.
Between halves and after the
games, team members spoke in
half of Christ"nity and woni
many converts. Odle says. Tay-
lor is, supported by the United
Brethren denomination.
Sea shells Over 18 inches long
are -found In huge deposits near
Rio Orande City. Tex,, 125 miles
from the nearest salt water.

Conned Hams

.WafV ed by .
I B -o Col6n

All purchases attraetively ift-wrapped
Open I ama. to 9 .Vam.

to the Central Theatre

By Appointment
Cfin Distillers
to the late King George VI.


. :- Ditrbutors:



-- -~
r~ II:~


-:- ~ *+, I

y DnrtmeZdi


gl-'IUW= ..


-- -- -- -`-~--


A-.A .. ,-'




1. 1






In 10 Years?

NEW YORK, Dec. 17 'UPi
- 'Navy Secreiar. Dan A Kim-
ball said yesterday he hopes the
United States utill have an ato-
mic-pow'ered superaircraft car-
rier thin the next 10 years.

Kimball forecast the con-
struction of a revolutionary
atomic armada as he laid the
24-ton keel of the 60,000-ton
sunerearrier Saratoga, a float-




ing airfield that will be equip- I
ped to send atom planes over T
any target in the world. I
The new supercarrier. to be N l N
the sister ship of the Forrestal.
now under construction at New-
port News, Va, is being built NEW YORK, Dec. 17 iUP'-
at the New York Naval Ship- A one-time New Jersey long-
yard. Brooklyn. -,horeman told the New York
Kimball sent the two huge'ISate Crime Commission yes-
keel slabs clanking into placetocrday just now his fellow aock
with a tap of his band, and the, .allopers managed fantastic
plates snapped together with]pilferage on piers.
watch-case precision while a T
crowd cheered. I They wrapped their stomachs
Before workers swarmed over jith rcussian lurs and lowered
the ways to begin the long con- Heavier cargos on w a it ing g
struction task on the $209,700,- t r u c ks and barges, Charles
000 craft Kimball told his au- Strang, now a Jersey City bus
dience the United States needs river, testified.
to build one such supercarrier
a year, until it has a to:al of Furs used to go out of the
10. pier wrapped around the stomi-
I -sai-fle-m-lIt. mnt

"It is my hope that an early
one of these additional car-
riers, which we hope the Con-
gress will allow us. will be
powered by a plant using nu-
clear materials for fuel," Kim-
ball said.

"We are completmg subn
Lines using such power pla
and the contract has alre
been let for an experime
plant for a larger vessel."
The new Saratoga, which
be launched in 1955 will be
like any carrier -ever built,
It will be powered by a ne
designed, high pressure st
engine capable of propelling
ship at more than 30 knot
points at sea within bomr
range of any city in the wi
Kimball said the laying
the keels of the Forrestal
now the Saratoga were a
stones in naval history and
high points of his four-
term of office as naval se
He has fought for the sup
carriers against stiff congi
sional opposition, and he a
he considered this new ci
so vital to defense that
let its cost absorb funds
finally allotted for' the bu
Ing of eight, other.-naval
The new Saratoga will be
second aircraft carrier and
sixth naval vessel to have
name. The first carrier, ki
as "The Sara." set a spectate
record in World War II
Just as the atomic age bro
about the birth of the
Saratoga, It also brought a
the destruction of the old
rier. after 21 years of ser
It was sunk by an atom 1
blast in Pacific tests.
The new Saratoga will
1.400 feet long and 252
wide. It will have a flush
deck that probably will be
gled according to the I
Wavy' design.
Balboa Tides

Thursday. Dec. 18
1:06 a. m. 10:39 a. m.
1:43 p. m. 10:59 p. m.

acns o0 Lne men. It aiounuLeu
to $35,000 to $50,000 worth
missing Irom one shipment,
St rang said.
Tne shipments were those of
the 'Russian trading agency
Amtorg received- at a Moore-
McCormick Lines terminal in
Jersey City.




, ec .

,1952 rm. ua-r

Wallop es

)f Wholesale Loot I
S. .
_________________------------,, ^" -- --- .' :' ,/_.=.*

mis, "'The furs came in ordinary
nady clotn bags. They were easily
nmai ripped by a longshoreman s
will hook.
un- "In winter when they ithe
unhe longshoremen would w ear r
v.hat they called swag coats
w twice soo large for them-
ewly they used to really stuff it,"
the Strang said.
A to Strang said the longshoremen
bing took silK off the dock the same
world. way.
0o "One particular case a fel-
tnle- ow was coming out one night
the witk quite a bit of silk wrap-H
*year ped around him. The customs HOMEWARD-BOUI
cre- men stopped him and asked Korea for the past
ecre- him to bend over and he could at Albrook Field th
per- not bend at all. Christmas. The 210
er- nHe was taken to the cus- are being flown ho
res- toms office in New York, but Fernando M. Gulot
aid lie was back to work the next charge of the group
he Gay.
old- "Everything has gone off of
lid- Pier D. They take cases of
e- marble statuettes from Italy
he out on the deck and lower
the them to a tugboat or a barge
that cptain.
nhoa He said he knew that Walter
cular Marcinski, who worked in his
gang and who he later iden-
)ught tified as a loan shark protected .
new by Jersey City Mayor John
newu Kenny, had taken six cases of .."
car- tools valued at $135 to $140 t .
rve each from Army tanks on one
bomb night shift.
be "They had the FBI in there .
Steel kot away with everything., i. ,.

PEAL. Mall your CHRIST-
Post Office
Box "N" Balboa.
Canal Zone.

WD FROM KOREA -'Some 210 Colombian trooprY.QWbaffr e beel 4
year are being flown home after their tour of ." TiW.1itrA. Wr
is morning, and after a short stop flew on to B to 0.iaefI
0 Colombians travelled by sea from Ktrea to SanR._IWhEeitb
me in a series of special Mili tary Air Transport Mi-Uer g % Al. aC _%
of the 7405th Army Unit, Corozal, greets Capt. Ls M.O l ,gl g yiE
p which flew through this mor ning. (Photo by J2th Photo let ght( SS

*.' ; ."* i
? ... J .. .. ,..

:. ':.. *.,-

~0'~ ~
* ~

0 *.~ C'



Parnotua toucan

"Lqet the ,'ople know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.

He has held high posts In the
IPR, acted as a. State Depart-
meat consultant on the Far
5st a Rd was deputy chief of
the -Office of War Information
io World. War .H.
I.a protesting his Innodence,
Lattimore said he intended to
IpHow the words of a name-
asskt and "be of good com.
fort and play. the man."
V'aor if I should not," he
said, "it wouldd be an evil day
it. our. county for freedom of
conscience, or research, and of
'These are freedoms that
should be guarded by all, but
by university professors with a
special devotion."
Lattimore referred to the fa-
mous comment of Hugh Latti-
mer to Nicholas: RMley Pa the
two men were burned at the
stake for heresy on Oct. 16,
1555 at Oxford, EnglAnd:
"Play the man, Master Rid-
icy," -said Latimer, "we shall
this day. 11ght such" a candle,
by. God 's ce, .n england, ,a
truv. neverbe PuA
'The eT' AOnt.ount ilttment
was the resMlt of le tai' tW6
w*eo 'of at"dy, .
pat tkif -*Mr lnhontftM' i:.diMi

- '.~. '.

!.. -,. .
4.i "


I the

VhU 'u;-


-, re "

o uy b"w ,w
Choir s d *I
Fort Olaytoi

Ethel an(
n.ow are
IThm Im
*ttmnrA t

l ar cr vumaocu,, wa min a-
loyalty risk ad asp d
U. S. minister to Tanglir, U-
rocco. .,
Preldent Truman and ..Se-
retary of State Dean Ahesi
will make the final delito
whether V1ment sit .
The grand' ury eha,1 d Wh
I professor lied to tle subO-
mittee when be .detedl -
ao Ting a, B h
Sthec F-a.n i.
Th). Mh4 knsw,,!
the nen uARM of. iMI M !H

joitm q.
l Joh n-
Ry. ,or,
R. Norb
ze G. *i
mann.. Xi

7r "-'I,0 ..pua :m ""
j~ilnaeU7 Rnwt
'MLt' 1- '*

-- ibl~laf.. .4
; fj eido. .- .. ... .-, ..... -'; .f_<>- *.' ...,;

,1-., -


BNO'S "Fruit Salt" is soothing and settling to
the iromach upset by unsmurable food or drink. It
will safely rehleve over-acidzi), a most frequent
gcuse of indigestion, heartburn, and flatulence.
Pleasant, refreshing ENO'S is the gentle corrective
t of us aeed to keep the system regular. And it
**.. s a safeguard against morning hver-
I ishness. ENO'S contains no sugar or
harsh purgatives. I is particularly
suitable for anyone with a delicate
stomach. Keep your ENO'S handy.

U Eno's

FAREWELL SERVICE A combined church ser vice is held by
ron of the Lord Strathcona Horse and Fifth Ro yal Innslkilling
Army. This was a farewell service for the Brit ish unit, which lai
Korea after completing its tour of duty.

Right As Rain
SThis month has been one of f.
Sihe rainiest Decembers on re-
eord in the Canal zone with
S-pactically all stations reporting
.-'Inall for the first h* of th i
SMOth already above *wiver- a.
Sfor the whole month.

Balboa Heights the
wt the first 19 dpa. ol
Mw Wm reported a
hXB 1 Tiais fr t b Frut Saltt
nA &Ml'-a.-Rv--Jr w--a-.,d Tu.M Sa.l' oad Fe
S, : ....1" i

,*- FM a rn- Art Owen
Lattimore -wa in dited by a
federal,grand liry. yterdw On
seven scouts A perJury, loclid,
Mhg a charNt (t lied when H
he denied pR i coc tun- -l
lam or Med 1aweu. s
The 2-y.r-dol proeshr, f
once described ..W-.on. Joeph ri
ma's top. eM t li tIt.oun-t
try, prxnpI ipt1*ae& hinj
complete inMocce and satd
he would fight lba. o h a r g esa
through the, couri., .- ..
Lattimore, who wd ascr ueo, e
of testifying Paulsely bero the
Senate Internal ,eure i auta- i
committee duringr..- .Wedtt-
tlion of the Instittte 'of Pa aI
Relations last winter, t.s i
up to 70 years lIt prison If
convicted on all seven counts.
. Lattimore is director -of the
Walter Hines Page School of
international relations at John of
1opkins University in BAllt- 1
ymore.. .



_i _

__ i4

f. 'It --------- I. .

- -- --- -- rmrm*rs

- ,I I W*4094"

.. .. ..1 .o

.*^ .F ? x .

* ,l* ^ ** -
:, .,a-,



L --__.- *'* ***

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