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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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"?''**',* ., ,'; .......- >.." ., .. f .. ', .. .'.
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nEwsPAn t

ftrai and the coi b sae" Abraham Lincoln.

11, 1952

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* 7 2 "
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ri Ch0itm as

Pe estimated amtnt of mo-
that wii be nut into etr-
itfon' i#. Panama before
litm .V raised to more
- 7,00 <.,toftdy on the
*th "of an announcement
lComp rle General Henri-
tlao trogler said the Rov-
net sinej the first of
e -bad liqutated $650,-
IAWsowed by the'govern-
baNsjild Ilte loped to be
i ,.-oft alito the na-
RUUBAW0 intnal debt at
-tare endn o t lh month.
M gnesontlatlo e ftor a loan
k the Chse, Bank were
Ing- siWutSctorily. The'
ration Isto uarnteed by the
osed 01 auida.tton of the
N .MtufAt I Fund. ,,
SA= .on O.rrrio said. .ov- .
tiint -ploosa wIl receive THE
L"e: cheeks, reoresent- to Korew
,WtAO, on Christmbs Eve, ments
figuresa added' to the teror; i
pated $1,50000 wh$cl will Benh
drawnom .Chrlastas retary. i
.jad I. ,ns. p

Offer Korea

. i(NFA Radio Telephoto)
AT SEA eadent-elect Dwig ht Bsenhower, returning r his secret mission
Lefronts ab4$ the cftbser Hele na. confers with severalof bis cabinet appoint-
ed him. Left to right: Oregon's Gov. Douglas MaeCay, new Secretary of the In-
kewnell, new U.S. Attorney en2 eral, Charles B. Wilson, Secretary of Defense:
Foster Dlime, Becretary of St ate-designate; ahd George Humphrey, new Sec-.
fcLury. ..

oo Esert 4 r Anity Fmabdez,

JWASHINGTON, Dec. 11 (UP) President Trumon
td-4 today that Gen. Douglas MacArthur, like any di
crn man, should give him his solution to ending the Ko- .
:004 war. -
I, The President told his news conference that Mac'.
Arftur and President-elect Eisenhower both have a dity
to tome forward immediately with amp solution they "Mff
havy which would end the conflict and save American.

Mr. Truman added, however, that he could see no
rgo purpose for a personal meeting with MacArthur or
Eib hower, indicating doubt that either of them IMa a
woiable plan.
1Th President said that Mac- Eisenhower's return from the
Artba has a particular duty to Pacific.
coei -forward with any proposal MacArthur announced thatt' -
for t Korean solution, since as had a plan last Friday in fe .
a f&0 star general he is on York Jn a speech before the ti- "
lifel"3g active duty. tonal Association of Manufis.-
xArzessing doubts that Mac- turers.
Artba has anything. worth- However, MacArthur did not
whl however, Mr. Truman disclose any details of the
aaS travelled 14,000 miles to pointing out he had not
see. b1o at Wake Island once asted about it. .
dtrjqhe get was mitsnforma- I' pres

The. 1

^edfroewa Born
pits tad proleasu

1W mew .tinx.xe


10 MCttag. CemS
e blask with yvel wsI
d plates for fa li,
mws lhvaine la PatitIf l
tt white letters aAs= Im

-;w ;.

._ jt yed for several

DrhAgf t ie first fourea of
Soesaent with the he
Yked for the Mechant m-
ao., ftPanamia Railroad, -nd t- e
lanoaeSsary Division. Hle w8
Ihe& oto the Marine D14.
m (now Bureau) in December
I m Fleet Machinistd -
ud i. that position uwit

rmsftanto had ben' Ill 1I
tim0 nd had been a
bt Ras HosptlpI for-
.[baurvtied bv ai'twhtW
J rv 0. Rhyne.v bf--Da
N i J.
Cai. Callora .3

otor Tra ortatibn D
-ind .Louls Monsalto, -
b r adino. California.
Satranpgementa wil
t .Balboa Tides -
-Friday. Dec. 12 J
5:46 4.
5:r ,

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, '. .. .1 "


-. -
-' .

yoher et l
tome to CuIO
5 that what

.... W "WtVWrrrI d 'ts wou not peter the loread[ In his reply to Ege jw '
O i M.. i C. cofl t, that i .*M*- B' ties- MacArthur expreed takl-
tt t- O a iter of-Mrs. uible to -.end a division from ness at the Pre tdent-et .-
a Trip.Wt.l tran t a. Korea to Germany for occupa- terest, saying: "This is the firns
on aWtday wiy. i.. llandm u la W retired tion dutbA and that the war time that the slightest official
irt~or immediately after from the.Canal servie*lt April in, Korea was practically over. (Continued on Page 6, Col.5)
-. s ~te tr more than 3lyara of aev- Mr. Truman was bitterly cri-
s .i.ce, R He was Math*f Btikerigt l ical of the way MacArthur has 2
'3Bie carrier-is ot-the "CaSa Fparemna In the termlnals Divi- conducted hnself since he re- r f
ca" clase, having a length todn at the time of his retire- leved the general of his ar
,612 feet and a beam of 65 meat. East commatz Cr GeV
e said MacArthur never re-
.M. Fernandez was born in ported to hn, as any decent
.:, r present emuplement Is 3s Spain afd-was a naturalized cit- man would have done. Re said
-ers and 400 enlisted men. Isef tbq United States. He had he has never seen Maprthur WO T ea
bomeenfemployed In Colorado and since his return to'the United
Mjehlfg-w.trom 1907 until 1915 States. and does not want to i
ild Who Darted "s the United e himo In -Gam boa
He served The President took the pos- | '
yeorn.* fl Army in the Can- tion that MacArthur ha'l a duty
STs t employed by. the to report to his eommander-n- -
g. s o re chief upon his return from the
l* Quarch 6, 1920, as a fore- Far East, and at any other time For violating the terms of hil
SteQ ermaster Dvi-a he has ideas for the good of Dprobation, a 20-year-old Pana-
1. sA two yes t later and the country, manian who was previously eotn-
omlnian egrtployed in Decemer Mr. Truman was obviously virted of second degree burglUry
i o ikr rello ,in December nettled by MaeArthur's state- today was sentenced to serve two
wn 't pl S -e as cribmSan, steam en- meat that he has a clear and ears in the Oamboa penitentia-
iae A :e st ar definite Koran solution r/.
S 4 rom ntoe fposi-n whih he will n Risen-= The revocation of Livingston
-5:Oll, Bn r n t H anil an- power. *. ew ivlvan d rancis two-year ss-
oothed Plant in September 1927. MacArthur and Eipeahower ended sentence wvas ordered in
). and Mrs. Fernandez took are expected to mett informally the U. S. District Court at Ander
S Mw part in civic life of the next week in New Yprk" after after a bench warrant for his ar-
limiptna EMin i.pestiga- A s.te aide throughout their rest had been issued Dec. 2
show that 's Cri tchow .td tie and she served for A A il Francis was found

t..f ot.- Va C4dt ) his retirement. he a adenPa o f u e hfet and f atc
en r Ana0 Ternandez have nie dti One of the conditions of thiq
a6kV1 > a rS g Bfa4071 Dunhaven Road, in .uspnd*4 sentence in the Zone
S to his ife he Is ad been that he not commit a
A addition to his wife, he isimlr crime in the Zone or Pe-
cl ad by two sons, Robertand Jamcs. ano Bids an being asked to furn- narns fqr a period of three yexrs.
S a eg;of tTex, as Compesany ish a six -pontha' supply of
Sitobal. who was In Dallas granuhat sugar for the Cam-
the time of his father's dath d arye beision. a. total of 3.

is tor deliver ween next Ftebrulary ge
fo oUrgrandchildren.eAnother0 0 s.
S of Mrs. Fernandez is Mrs is be one of theatre
Iame Prager. whose husband contracts for sugar ever award-
S red several months agRoe Jr. was Comm astiryrv Division.s re re-
,- ted a th ments of the commissaries have
S houses. Mr. and Mrs. Prager now been filled by shorter-term con-d
St live In Califiornia. tract. jf
[ ISe bids are now being invited is for
RoU U r.IS delivery between next F.brumry
.. replaced r~ 15 Mrid August 30. Delivered o are
C sen-Tom ead to be made In the following cae
BeOe asN psldent.lota: 12.o000 vclu of 25more two-
f l- ,a aoslcpound pakag er: 30.000 cases of
P ic H C12 five-pound packages: and
d d 6,600 sacks of 100 pounds eachnama I L PRESIDENT Ia
S d oA contract to supply the)
I A policeman. Sam Roe. Jr. was CommLsa8ry Division's require-
e',cted as the new president of ments foA-he months of Decam-
o.the Pacific Civic Council for ber and January 'as avrd b, hed
Mt953 at a meeting held last nihtllast mont tontheACIa.o Azucarera .
r t n b the new Administration Build- La Et ., 8. A. of Panama.
A PO l. O e.. The contat called for the de-
r. Bea~ereplaced Mrs. Margaret livery of 70000 pounds of suvgr
.asRelea president. at ,- total value of more than
-. Other officers elected yestrr- $50.C30. KEA Telephoto)
Sd day were Mrs. Marie Jacobs The po h Wo Panama- SA flZSIDENT ImMa
tIy flrt vce.-preeldeint. Rufus M.manufaittrer suLuaubaamount- Ben-Zvi takes-over as Israel'
M vekLwdy, second vlce-president. ed to segi hun dred thousands second president, following the
Cart ,Rigby, Secretary and of dollar em the past few late Chain Weismann. Ben
....u: W,. wery, tresurcr. years. miFsi W -:sWr sold by Zvi was elected on the third
-At the regular council meet- the Co d Dlyion wth= balot., defeating thend

-. I. .
' .: .^ -
.^-S'it -. '- ,.,-- -<* ,*_'

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-4 lnlu-


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," -*;'d

- ._ .*.. :.-..

7#6^^ 45^^

Mac s

4'S ...A.. .....



67 M a24E1 7 0 Box 134 PANAMA R. W I
345 MADISON AVE Nrw YORK. |171 N YV.

S 170 s .ac
1850 4 OC

Labor News




in.. -- -

ATLANTIC CITY.-Murderous ... .
THIS IS YOUR FORUM THE READERS 'WNOLUMN nnd monstrous as it is, criMe on O'
the water-front Is only a side-
P line for the mob called "MafiA.". *
|1 C A IL A ll R fiThis network of tinterlookinga0. o'. o **
I M A IL 0 Lw: gangland baronies stretches In- .r v : a *
sidelabor from Detroit, wh t it e* *'o o .- .-- e ** ,
The Mail Box is on open forum to, readers of The Panama Amer- is hooked onto the padrone ,"o ,. 86 _,*0 *, *
icen. Letters are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly confi- known to the national and Mi- 0 0, 0 o'f 0 **
dental manner. chigan police to have attempted ^ 0* ,s (, .
It you contribute a letter don't be impatient i it doesn't appear the to assassinate Walter Reuther, 4 *A *
mext day. Letters ore published m the order received to scores of cities where it tor- 53 6 A 4 .d
Please try to keep the letters limited to one page length. rorizes unions and joint councils l 0 *
Identity of letter writers s held in strictest eenfidence. into acting as a front for vast 0
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as opinions Shakedowns. > F b
expressed in letters from readers 6 0 *
Reuther, the new CIO chief,% 00, a *
S0 escaped with only a perma-.o 0
PARADISE FROZEN nently damage arm, stiffen.
? Dear PARADISE FROZEN a 1 VP 0 to do
Dear Sir: ed by buckshot wounds. But at *a. : 6' ~*
There has been much weeping and gnashing of teeth over the least 50 labor leaders have a .. o Q T 0 a
rent and other Panama Canal issues, but I have a brand new ob- been murdered dynamited or
servation that particularly disgusts me. nwarnedf death In'the past I
It's the plight of widows of Canal employes. year by the "Mafia" and ts 4 A
Look at the picture: papa dies, leaving wife and children; satellites. d *
the kiddies, born and raised here, are going to school; mama left a
with very little money unless the old man was foresighted enough These labor m e n had either *O e 0 *
to keep his Insurance paid up) has to go to work to make ends fought back or threatened the : 0
meet: extra maid has to be hired to take care of the infant; re- mob chiefs, although some of ,
latives in the States are financially strapped and unable to help; these goons are worth between o '
going up there to live Is out of the question because (a) there's $10,000,000 and $25000,000 and 0 e
no room in the old homestead and tb) it's the dead of winter and have had terrific influened with
the family has long since forgotten all about that kind of weather at least two governors many I
and doesn't own a stitch of heavy clothing, mayors and some men in Con-
Tough break, you say? Yes, it's a totagh break EVEN IF the gres.
hard-pressed widow can get a job. Any kind of a job will do. a
Just something to keep the family together, oatmeal on the break- Two years ago this terror was
fast table, milk and a big, warm stew once in awhile... and, at so rampant that the U.S. Attor- 10
least, a hope for the future. ney General asked the FMI t
But how goes it on the Canal Zone? The widow, even if she communicate with some national .
has previous experience, is told: "So sorry, madam, but there are labor leaders and warn them to
no jobs available for you." clean hose. But despite the et-
The Canal can and does hire anybody (as cheaply as possible) forts of some union chiefs, the .
for clerical work, clubhouse and commissary jobs as cashiers, mobs were too big. The honest *
salesclerks. meat wrappers, etc. labor men failed.
but the widow? Sorry, there's just no possible placement. In the past six months, for ex-
Not only that. but the Canal tells the widow she can only stay ample, this Mafia mob has tight-
in quarters so long, and then it's something like this: "Out in the ene its control over AFL unions
street woman! Go back where you came from! Go to Panama, In three great midwest cities. In usw
or go anywhere But git! You a'Int wanted here!" one such Ok, o city the tough
(Unless. that is, she wants to pay double rent and then she crowd .actually worked openly
can get an extension.) with a high police official. -----
This, then, is humanity, Canal Zone style. Since city government and la-
I was shocked when I learned of two present day cases. Wo- bor councils have failed to stop *
men who have gone everywhere to get a Job, anything at all, only the mobs, the only answer to the M
to receive a curt. cold-hearted, knife-piercing, "No," from Canal, criminal invasloi frequently (in- .. 1
Army. Navy and Air Force alike. ration by invitation) appears to f
t seem. to me that there just cannot be so many widows an- be in the taotic S developed by
nually seeking work here as to make the problem unresolvable, the New York City anti crime
But this Canal is gradually getting beyond me. Commission, a private band. of --
This, you know, is the same place that these same widows, crusaders.
back down the years, were told. "The Canal Zone? Oh, that's NEW YORK.-Well I do not know bat the 8usie's
the paradise of the tropics." They have organized a na. poo? kids are dolng in regard to Santa U118 this hasn't.
That was before the deep freeze. tlonal network of civic anti- Chriatmia, but if I am a rich little girl wil not This
Bobcap. crime commInlions. These will hold still lor no nai e Out-of tlh bum if bril-ini
expose rackets (Including these he don't fetch mp a- liu e the o- I seen one oat
ABOUT CONDITIONS HERE AND ELSEWHERU- Inside labor) In O0 key eitles, advertised. by ope. t department ne Yule fly swa
Balboa, C.Z. as the New Yorkers did-by booklet. .and
Dear Sir: digging up and supply In sa .. .ha In the
ine good thing about Communism Is that you work and live formation, industry by i a-e, that yo* an out- fuddy-
for the State. The State is supreme. It feeds, clothes, gives you try. to the newspapers,.fadl.- t a skrt-nd-bloute time b
work. and takes care of the people. The only thing not so good and TV statilens and maa-. to e 1, Inche high, We did
with Communism is that whether you want to or not you must es. with l makes curlier and houes.
, work and live for thea-l.ta t You can't paek .up and go some- This is their strategy and more ful..d panties, she'S ready I kat
where else. tinetables to ru .f p ." in90
The good thi. about the Canal Zone tI that you work and Nowfe table the tllleter ll I
I.e.. for the Capal Zone. The Canal Zoa.p me. It feeds, m.eW that crime on the Ir- &A W"-
clothe, and give you work (if you know guy), and kt has been ripped by p
care of the people. The only thing not so good with the Cal sp eight strategem, the net in. to
Zone Is that when you are worn out putting in your 30 to 40 yeas austry to get the same treat-. rllw mat. S.W.
service you are finished. You aren't wanted, get out of the Canal me1t for a year or so will be the n tt a n.,..98. Make- Th
? There wasn't too much difference is there? 00a-year rackelits. ri tl
d Disgusted. The "Bank" of Information is debutiante.. fuI
ready in the anti-crime commit. gEa .
son's.hands. Then the crusaders I have seen a t of lofty doings in this town, fut
Answer to Previous Puzzle will ask foro fflcl state hne from n o e s in d coldef tto Tr
I mom9o Ait om tee InveIgktlond, asthe i ears enter fm tb t br
did on the w*Wrfront aftr the this Ia the fit time eEb hear do
HORIZONTAL VERTICAL maeg on ei of puble Indign olookingto at the
I Serten actress I Tidy Even as the garment expo., There i soe sens givh mink tato
Patricia 2 Within (comb sures roll, the private investi- a ns who may am e moa .a syou W Man,
i5 She co-strred form) gators will be gathering a 'bank" h gnerIt in. bt .In V dl bab At Just h
with 3 Solar disk of dossiers on the perishable jlust iked, ro t .efr and had on the
Heflin recently 4 Abate food industry. ab -lj wore efitoln 00. he 9a
8 She is a 5 Phials Then will come the building avetag.tie un iwr ^d1b itieso
7 --Unnecessary" hr ulSa ing and transportation evn the children's mut lWa-
motion pctIre 6 P oi ol and r prtTthe fur hda dens big, I AL
12Grafted (her.) 8Remains erect Then the hotel, night club and d .ted theg g.
13 Follower 9 Food fish 28 Son of Seth 42 Separated entertainment areas. he
14 Musical 10 Fncourage 29 Row 43 Flake I avestla stle, t.rI e rpher f mltunlels she hAs Slte Lt
Instrument II Ratio 30 Let it stand 44 Detest In eacbroadl investigation bhite Ho se sith- because
15 Fruit drinks 19 Anger / 32 Water 45 Scope tsthe u ls hgotifewrl tf
16 Goddess of 21 Hops' kiln containers 47 Wings thaw the t sthporle is ry
infatuation 24 Hand blow. 35 Nuisance 48 Weight anf I affor is thi da" y it
17 The dill 25 Filament // 38Chaste deduction be sky prices. It y-
18 Throat tissue 26 Shield be Ing3o Blackbird 49 Concludes shown that the d rakes wi na
20 Give 27 Huge- 40 Leather thongs 52 Fish eggs th. tro as,
99 31"- ih gg i tei trrr.axs.n w.71

22 Bitter vetch
23 Youth
.24 Glistened
,27 Ships
31 Gibbon
32 Hurl "
33 Insect-egg
34 Be sick
35 Go by
36 Individual
37 Avert
39 Property item
41 East (Fr.) /
42 Social insect
43 Innocent
46 Freebooter
50 Stag
51 Age
.53 Wolfhound
54 Genus of
shrubs E
-55 Correlative of
'56 Partner (coll.)
57 Ring .
58 Harden
5S Observes m




. .


SSamuel Smug

Samlkd a sk ur smart tu a true
"II e were he wa eulio b' to
im eI s'alwae*s. find mfns buuva
Nis 4e btos is Soertlisel

setting, each lady's draem, e ,
Only one reaction can styaM
this strategy. That is the
atorial courtesy" which the
tonal AFL Iadera show ea*
Inside labor this Is unadew
staidable, lt not forgive
National labr leaders try nt
interfere in the affairs of ir
9 "si4e#r unlonr." *
SThs it was ta speal a
committee na p of menl= a
Known as h t
bottle to their
bitterly ai
State subCo t
vear for darlmng.
there was r
Yort watertret. .
ThisI was
They wodn't
to attack their
wa putrid public
disonest t.
W r now, s mthims.
- AlI' eommitte is on
qalidC there is no Co
Sthe -aterfrdnt-.and
mony..before the vrobtse
alleged that Joe Ryan,
who Wp betd boomed fa
on the hiEh AL coun
been aid off bv a eomeM
hadmt 8etAd the wort
in the l nd.
Trhe ad Green a91

IScs. ld
trtion add polled that

-^"a- 2

' ..i-i. VtI7



- .'

a o '. /? o *", ,
0 *' *a 0 6 '
*_ 0 u *

?',* o 0 *.
S.. 's *

*~ 0

-- ~yt



doUlie has a mink
. d of frippery a
tIig piece of awl
Stores ha-i
nu ted.

S .e allu ra
dud ., but w
Want to start

cdat 4ad Mary's dole
braces another tum-
kk. I ap ed

er night I was lstenng to the iBMEM
Sewesign people tAd iM
d it seemed to me. tha' ai t
-the-future people is to render the hu-
uttey inefficient.
be no need for armns, legs, eyea or
ables will come tog slot machitfA.
e*will be strea=iled to th int
Scant lst on it, pick it p, or throwit

never have to t again. The,
him to a mao At birth a t
Is on refinement of g M
aent of toys with

.i% new one nowi =wk ic n- It
teab el papa with the anflo W
: F'rpa. She wa 6
&f io bejeweled E ., ,..

gXw*s up to be an
W She finally sti
coat, like i
I'' *ll

Dept. of State Is a-ai
Fa4 reud's Aahtft- Af--e

recent Candian stock n

s.ea It ". .a gI
(hers) enI oIne4
*a no B1...Heoe,
-dull Mror aenf

Drew Pornon su 6t
oRtomir conafpi
important e iruw'- .
onmteitir law*r'6I

' Te i
n the a



mI E

the Ruaa have

at bldu gU i a c ed ni
which re greedy to do bu

t o ecotne na Atfbsd-

N. .

-w n up W -49Si pUMnwus w1u

- ~

out of th to:
He was aMt xo.w

aed a

walf auth y.


. .


0 1 79
*5* AC

Oar, Ufi.

l h&ob e 0 te0
in 1a5/i l

able to hold


* .

- -~-.' '~
* ~


-- A.

- iT

___~__~ _~ ___I~____ __~_~~ ~ ___~1 ~__ _ilCi ~

1 ____~

. _- -... .- I ._


mva swi.

munt ir.r.e

- .

,.. i :. ..-

41~y _


* r. --



do'wMn- r.w;trutrr-t
i13dio md4a Sr0we. I've
.Mir relatives, said, .
I t lf. "I oa'et unde w you
'eith ...Y' e r. . afford It haveae wh my v
". ad ondr wife, th't-d-tha?' t w?. '
Wch h been "Why all the fuw dvr fe
eIs coming to u"r 7s-
live a scene," hua- "UmlaaumMMn, husbad from
l. (Wives like a belpad newspaper.
ted then to clear "Women are sure funny." hug.
1 -juat like a worn- "Well, make up yor ard,".
; hband. a
uisten to that "No That's not how it va. It
one who doesn't ashie this..." wile.
Imbe other's taste
wife, when i
w husband's place f .

-d, to 4 such-I7

you l/ ind it

at Yelxi

W4M~A-*-~. KIll

.. w... ..

S Ibe portrayed by.
ad unveiled
Is. dyrInz the
..sme. of which
oueul, Chft
SVe Marj'

ul 3yerea.
OI Ie,

4iSda ;~ ,.~.; tNT .&~i~I&Sc ~.

tfW you Am
: / .,-, *
,,h ---,..

1' ) ,

T 'pJ

&. .*4

remain open

- filustrated above is one of our
exciting new cocktail and evening
creations. You'll love the new fashion
. counter pleated bodicps and full 'kirted
side sweep effects.
We've both short and long lengthK You'll
be the belle of 'the Xsfe and New Year's
festivities with one of tbese new dre se..
Mad they're. so mbderteqyi priced!

i n 3 7,. "
'rff z.,:' r

..t. ."-'

- it...'..
-. '-AL

!^'. .. "t, : &

^' : '..-'.
:.'. ;


,, "?;' ., ,,-: ,;'^
-' ;'. "

r, \ i ; .' '- #.
.. ** -'.- "t i ..
,.: \ .:,' < *' 'A'f
-.,. ., l(
4 ,' '. 'I ,

* A- 't -A *.
4 ., ,. .
...-r .-,,'4,,t

Wh4 in Ygor' w u$yn at uancewpis sreactien Is toe .e.e te though
wis fr fValn .ae mwr ih anpery e t n cd
I.Wty 6 .y, meany
yes. Yov eev ac*n*.. h will never
b"se its ewwcy let Oer you meake -gr election.



: \Jeauttw*/

" .: =. ,^
*, ..
' --,; I.
ki:* 14.504

rw guide.
- -- -..

1 *~

-1 -


For .that dramatic touch ...
Newest fashion dictates the pearl
and gold look never before expressed
in .our new TrifanF collection!

so artistically

Vdevt u d fiold Mesh

Show onem fashionable bag from our superb
colleain .., to add a fashion personality
to yeuwr cocktail or evening costume!

Remember ..
W$10 000 in merchandise
ihmd prize $250.00 in merchandise
T' $S100.00 in merchandise
Sd$I1 approximations of S5.00


m o m B o l n l,,,

ikly dDe
the 71th A*
atin and As
RIdwei h
-_. "1 '

* over
a. hnlds


Ad-I- -




.... -;

'. t

4 pluo 9 p.t:
to-- -


_ .; -:,.


, ," p



i '

4Pit4 Lta~ta~~uo.


, # ,.

- W; S '-~



Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals and Departures

Great White Fleet

Orl tbal


- !

I ,..,,,

IE ? FRYE TROPHY won by Panagra for the fastest' scheduled
S flight, from Miami to Buenos Aires via Panama.
,,Patjagra Awarded janu production of fater na
'Annual Frye Trophy moie efficient commercial tr:lI ,-'
NEW YORK, N. ):. Dec. 11-:port passenger aircraft, the!toy
'Panagra (Pan American-Orace'.essening distance and leng'Ih-
"Airwaysi today was awarded the nine time to develop wor'd-
Fry.' Trophy lor operating ,th(e -.ide communication And uniier-
.fasted US. commercial passen- .. intg." u
Re' flight on a regularly schedul- In accepting the award Camnp-
'ed service. hell gave crtdit.for it to hi b
- istablisned to foster the s8- company's ermployes "down ih?
prexcflv of U.S. built passen.gtl line,' and particularly to its
transportt aircraft and to encout zrarintenance and operal'ns3
>,eectaster and more efflcien: personnel.
'servidt, the first award of the, Determinationi f the winnt- td
FTryIe Trophy, vent to Panagra s the 1952 award was t.ade hv a
L'E -lnter Americano F Iest a .-ouimittee headed by Aexanu.r.
'Lfelt ge flight between Mlanmi, 'de Seversky, D S. (CaSey) Joiel
Pa4na- and Buenos Aires Ar- ind John B. Walker, Which made
,-Rei a, via PAA and Pariagra nn analysis based o.tjrecognized'
.jQutes. certifications by the publishrii
'. 'is Douglas DC-6 luxu,'y 1952 flight sctledule of U.S. Air-'
Tp eon. which gets its name rcnm iu(s.
,he lounge locaLed amidships.J
se regular fligr.t schedule of 16' This was cotfirihed b-, the Na-
'poutrs and 15 minutes flyngt floral Aerornautio AS&ociation
.tAine [or its two-stop schedule' ;v request of the committee .
hsver a 4,587 mile route. On '.his
,echEaule Panagra operates Dol'.- Sant Bias Island Tours
Ja':. DC-6 airliners equipped. Planned By Colon
,>, Piatt and Whitney CUC-' Chamber of Commerce
'rt n cs whi'n provide a rruising: Tlie TourLst Commissioner of
'S ,-. cr apL,io:ima-Jelv 32.' tthe Colon Chamber of Com-
l... per nour at an altitude of n merce lists a trip to the San
feet. It is a piston-enginecd Bl:.s Islands, on Dec. 28 it is iL
= ;L ore-day combined plfI* and
,4 N-ennual Frye -Trophy .was launch trip, priced alb ,, pur
.In competition here to- person. .
a luncheon in the 21 Ciubf A second trip Is schedhd for
h1 h was attended bv pioneetssDavid.Short trips will be-origin-
'ef Amjerican Commercial Trans- ateci to El Volcan, Boquete, Puet-
aport Aviation, businessmen anti to Armuelles. Almirante and
Inuoiistrialists. ( region .in Bocas del Toro,
STie trophy was presented by from David. This is a two-day
'arck Frye. a pioneer in corn- ,'epk-end plane trip.
arfrcial transport aviation anci Now is the time to get your
.Mof or of the trophy. to Dougla; *roup together and ma}ce re-
'Campbell. vice president and re-vations for the dates ycu
erieral manager of Panag'a ;\vant to travel and see the most
I T,. making the presentation.. beautiful and picturesque re-
*Frie. president and chairman o0; ins of Panatma at special group
:trhe o' rd of General AnlLli'pe prices.
.a8 FIlm Corporation, who has For information call Jose M.
.'e* several coast-to-coast re- De!Pado. Tourist Commisloner
'cu said: "This award will be'.!or Colon Chamber of Com-
ii 1, cnnuallv to encourage n erce. Colon 1436 or 807 or Fred
an' rernonize the advancement i.rBih. Tour Director. Balooa
an. *-o.atanucus development'4394. or your travel agent.

CHRlb WELKIN. Planeteer







S.S. "CHIRIQUI" .................................Dec. 14
*S.S. "MUSA" ................................ .Dee. 20
S.S. "MARNA" ................................. Dee. 21
S.S. "TOLTEC"-..................... .. ....... .Dec. 23
*S.S. "CqIRIQUI" ..................... ..........Dee. 28
Hndln l terrtsenated Chilled and Geneal Cafe



S.S. "CAPE ANN"................................Dee. 13
S.S. "PARISMINA" ...............................Dec. 15
S.S. "JAMAICA" ................................Dec. ;0
S.S. "CAPE AVINOF" ..........................Dec. 1
Trequent Srelsghit ln tram Crtst6hatl t
Wet Coast Cental Amerlfea ports
Passenger Sailings to
New Orleans via Tela, Honduras

S.S. "CHIRIQUI" .............. .................Dee. 16
S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ..............;.................. Dec. 30
Weekly Sallino g on twelve Pamageor fips to New fork MEbleU.
CharlestooR Lee AngelM. San Franclco and Seatti
We wish to announce a aew special round trip rate of
$270.00 for passage on our twelve passenger ship sailing
weekly from Balboa to Los' Angeles and/or San Francisco,
returning from Los Anpeles. tickets limited to four
months, effective September 15th to May 15U1.


PANAMA 2-2804 COLON 20

"t'sa- o -odbA*uk for you thatl'm marrying a dootorw
he'll probably find something wrong with you you Illnt
know you had!

Secret of "April"

c -rtS T COULvIT. L
4/meC7 lNjd



I ,




5 ANd Ns OKDa

- ;." -






* mWd
ith' iws .-h


. .- I

*-~ :-,J'

. 3 '3'. ^ "

- .- ,, J
: .,


.... -
's .-:' *.* '

**'~'~ 2%
I'' .4tS:4~.W U. .4 '.... .. -3..
ill. -- .3


4'3 ~


1OUSE with


Cutting the

I **^~r- ~ taIP'

'WW ^'

-.. -t .



;I~ : :

t,, -




-. 4- -

~r~ep ~

Mand Mrs, .. twiaw wrr munW

gum. 0a,.

fa 0 p 55ts ate r.3a


- "A

' 1*

5t0'-. 1m
,i" .1 *.


A, .

_. -' nuIe,
(to. ''-



V. III =

1 .

L f df1 rI aI the bawdy-
tongued in Jn t V 1 Druten's hit
comedy urtle" due to ope Wednesday
at DiablTe ter as the Theater Guild's ftin 1r production.
.. *, w.

Cnotedy of Love ond lict

Nes 'Theater Guild -OSing

A' 1952" rumbles to wvhe~ "the rain is aver and the
i t a ears as inter is past."
d 1 ItUd is foWinRg An ee any Pb most. have
4w1l. t lactic festive spiral luniloct, John Dauten pro-
witha t p on of "The Voice dbles- us with tie' alen.tllke
SThe le," John Drutbn's thkracter of Oflve Lashbrooke,
comedy r t-en of love and characterized of Anae lcOrath
tender t vho has made' only oe other
The Nlew York in the L.ppearance with the OGuild.
pring pnly do we have This Is the tr1 that will dish
ap -"young -iman's an the Theatre Guild's ho Yay
fancy" bn T vely young. lady's treat come December 17th. aind
as well. 1,th at thev Diablo Hettsa
The I "'.Uestion wnl o Theatre.
uor tu_ 1, inooeq
t waring When the lights dim anfthe
L J.- ush Tfalls over the audience at
the to .80 openinR night, the curtain
Broaw..'I The ota rises will go up on the
om4 hS give y parole
*; rnr 1 pAy In qsted_ Paul

ubond over for trial today an
charges of violating South Afrl-
ca's racial segreftton laws.
They and 37 others, including
a number of white men and wo-
men. Indians, d Africans. were
charged with entering the "Afri-
can location" of Germiston-re-
stricted to Africans only.
The defendants face possible
$840 fines o~ three years in

*.-'eA U L.... '-KE-T

dv JU T -- RIVED..

i rect from C uta "- 25 11.

....' I ;. 1.- .m._

IReady to Eat hole 894ib.


There's no need to worry over

S s t, d th -bouttle4eading if milk modi-
Stating today tBhe Property fled with Robinson's 'Patent'
06 osi-l WRbe open three dayd Barley. Baby will then digest
reWek. + 1it so easily and sleep
stores building
Thee. bulIcontentedly after
in, Ia operate 6ISOQu- er- everye
oasater, USARCAR for the-, v&ryfed. *-
PM goae of .n", .7'.
sagvb' and c e = property
available' for p UE c" by au-..
thorizd per ,iary anc Makes cow' mit ri t for
dependents and Amerlean citi-.
sena employed by the U. 8. Gov-
ew hours for the store wilt l '
be Thursday. 9 a. m. to 2 p. n.: I' I
Friday. 9 a. m. to 2 p. m. and 1
Saturday, 9 a. m. to 11 noon. -
All vurchaeas are for t aah, not
guaranteed by the Governnment
and may not be returned oriex-
Tomorrow's sale will offer
everything from buttoms to
Merchandise will change every
week and according to Captain0
A. C. Retterer, property disposal
officer, the customer sl asked
to present proper identification
upon entering the store and
when actually making Dayment
for purchases.
Once in the store, patrons will
be .presented a price list and
then be allowed to wander up.
and down the aisle selecting his

Worried about

the eChristmas

present for
your wile, sir?

Don't think too long!
Send her to usfor a
and keep her satisfied I
We'll do our best to
please you ... and her!'

YMA Beauty Salon 11
(YMCA Bldg.) Balboo



"lCAUSE IT t -
100% PU ts CO ff


ISl II$ f." OOl
Ustas .5100o"t cuMs
con:- AOuWEE w f

aIF b s iIr oaii ow

j.P I

4, 551

* Choice of mount- .
1.25 ings in 14K yel-
Slow gold. ,

$15.- up

S23- Up

|it$ 1gE IEWWlt
pu,,. ,*. $ 5.95
and r nt $

Pay MonthMy

1 E7 f'ee 9 srafc4 '.I AS.

PRICE 2.00


PRICE 2.00


Special Engagemet



with the


TUESDAY, DEC. 16 8:30 P.M.
at the


Tickets $2. $3. $4.

On Sale At


From 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Also at:

U, 8. 0. J. W. B., BALBOA

Mungement Conciertos TrapneSimanon.



.(1 ", "- ."-'*' "- '' ,
.4.*^ ,^ *;*

f,'-b .: ,.[^ 't^
.t.+. ^ .*^ .....:..2 + !i .
a|W-'as ?^-

Br^-KZ ."'^'* -


.; -.- \

.;<. :.+ ,
.s..* -.= *


rAuE siA

You Sell 'em...When You T ell 'em thru P.A. Classifieds!

~;'~ ~
'P .-~ t~C2,-, T ~

Leave your Ad with one of our Agemntor our offices in No. 57 -- "H" Street Panami
No. 12 j79 Central Ave. Coln

Lewis Service Salom dA ererza Americano Carlto Drug Store
No 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and No. 51 West 13th Street 10,069 Melender Ave.-Phone 255 Col6

Fourth of Julv Ave.-Phone 2-0441

FOR SALE -G E 8 bond table mo-
dRl rad,,c Apr. L. House 0779
/illiamson Place __
FOR SALE- ,F,gdare refrigerator.
7 cu It 25 cycle, $6000 Very
good condor, Leo,.r.g for Sates
528-A Cc.,oi. Tel. Balboa 2-1027
8 30 to I ___
FOR SALE -Bleo.:hed aSh Chr.a clo-
O.r drd.n.- lble and 6 Chairs
10co 00. Crru s rnd bamboo
bookcase $30 00 Balboa 122.
after 5 30 p m.
FOR SALE -Geoeral Electic Console
Rod.ojPhorograph Blonde moho-
gar.% Excellent cordtion 200C
Telephone Panama 3-1909 e.en.
ings _F
FOR SALE -- Mastag aoher, 60
cycle. 2 ears old like new. square
4.y aluminum tub. Holt pOice Na1Y.
acfc 225 '-. -
FOR SALE choars from 53.-
00. Li,vngroom u.te from 593.-
00 Din.ngroom sets from $75 00
China Closets from 530 00. Ward-
robes from $S2 00 Hollswood
Beds from $44- 00. Rebui.l so0'-
beds $130 00 Ne- and Used End
Collee. end Corner Tobles ar mo-
derate prices. All irdi of Ne 6,
Used furrn.rure bargans
HouSehold 4 I A.enIda
Naconotl Auiomobrie Row Tel. 3-
491 I. Open ail dov Saturday 8 30
ic. 6 OC.
FOR SALE -New General Electr.:
Comb'iralior.. Rodio phonograph
Console. Phone Fort Clayton 2220
3 a. m. to 4 p m
FOR SALE -9 piece living-

Agenda I eracional de Publicaciones
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199

Autoenphile ea hoe-e drinking pNblmF
Write Aklolselis Amfeemri BeO
Imported Used Tires & Tubes at Bar- 2031 Anice. C. .
gain Prices, at Agencias Cosos sbar
Auto-Row No. 29, Tel..Panama GRAND XMAS SALE: All st bar-
2-4721. gain prices. Fresh stocks Philippine
~__-- ~Rattan end mahogany furniture.
FOR SALE-'41 Packard Sedan, du Largee assortment Chinese novel-
paid, good motor and trgnsporta- ties etc. W. T. LUM. 61, 4th el
t.on, leaving Isthmus. Phone Ted July Ave. Tel. 2-2446.
during day, at Balboa 2-3564 and
e-enings or Diablo 2-3177. Dr. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
n or Estudianle Street No. 140. Between
FOR SALE --1942 1946 Ford 4 'K" and "J" street. Phone 2-
door sedan. Wednelddy thru Sotur- 3479. Panama.
day, see J. H. Joyner Motor
Transportation Division Corroal. Are you looking for Rattan Peel to
repair your furniture? Get it at
FOR SALE:-1951 OLDSMOBILE 98 "Eureka" on Central Avenue No.
Hydramatic Sedan, radio new i0res 133 just around the corner of
Telephone: 25-3859 Ito 3.30 p "J" Street.
m 4-203 late 3:30 pm _. ARMED FORCES EMPLOYES
FOR SALE -1947 Plymouth, Spe- IU. S. Citizens De Luxe 4-door sedan, rad.o. Are your quarters inadequate? Is
3 new tires. Phone Ft. Sherman Iyour 25"o eaten up by increased liv-
8-7059. ling costs plus taxes? DfU the rising
FOR SALE.- 1941 Oldsmobile 8 .4 1 cost of leave including trerseotetiieS
door sedan. Excellent cond.i.on make a visit to the SMetes impossible?
Phone Balboa 2-35Z4. DO you wonder where the money is
F --Cailac--- --- coming for kindergarten and other
FOR SALE:-1942 Cadlilac 2 Do'r schooling? Are you "local the'" US
very neat, good condition, good citizen, and missing eat on States
transportation. Duty Paid. S.3'J- hire privileges? Don't haste your Ca-
00. Call Panama 3)3730. mily by useless griping. Take con-
1-OR SALE.-1951 Dodge King;ao structive eaen to supIport the NFFE'
Custom, 4 door sedan. Duty tree legisltive pregreM throfg mibe-
Phone: Panama 3-2143. ship. You will be w ,ellcome a ee next
--n -a-.mI ,- meeting. Fer. leomati-e or trena-
FOR SALE--1948 Ford 2-door De portaton to meeting phone 5-4215
Luxe sedan. $700. Call 2-16'9 from 7 to 4 -r -83*19 offer 4.
cr 2-4133, evening. ______ MEETING THURSDAY 1I DIC.
FOR SALE-1949 Ford, 2 door sedanr, 7:30 Chie Cive Clubhouse
Musr sell ,mmediaelr. Call Bal- NATIONAL EDERATION OF FED-
boo 3477. ERAL EMPOYiS. pOLOCAL 595.
FOR SALE:-1950 Studebaker 'Star- SPECIAL EXCURSIONS!
light" coupe. Radio, undercoated. FROM PANAMA TO MEXICO
Excellent condition. Phone Balboa one way $85, round trip $133 (15d
1471 day-limits, $165, good one yeorl,
- ------ -- to LOS ANGELES. one way. $149.

too-n set. G. e U. r gera orgI
chair, cabinets for 12 fam-ly kitch- WANTED
an, 2 .enetan bln, for I 2 fa- WANT ED
mily kitchen. Call Balboa 3477.
Automobiles 2
FOR SALE WANTED--Model "A" Ford. coupe
S e E .. preferred. Must be reasownble and
I-Res1d atlEstE in good condition, Callt 524.
FOR SALE -Or trade for property in FOR SA
Panama place. in Boquete 5 3-4
heclares., modern hcuse, best e- T
of the olley. also "Planet 41" MiCellaneons
tractor. In Boquere see Tommy Mo-
lina. W. Price. housing office FOR SALE-A. K. C. Registered pair.
d.u .house phone Curundu Great Dane Dogs and one puppy.
C du house phone Curundu Phone Balboa 1606. S
FOR SALE.-Industrial machines for
.,- W ANTED buttons, buttonholes, double needle'
1 English, I Spanish typewriter.
Miseellaneouf hemnstich and single stitch. Also
-Creaciones Altman No. I Via Es-
WANTED:-Pang Pong Table in good paono
order Phone 3-2599
order Phone^ --599 FOR SALE -Cocker Spaniel Puppies.
WANTED: -- Man s heoay ,'.oleri AKC registered. Bloodlines of Ch
overcoat and wooien sui 36-38, Stockdale Town Talk, Ch. Argyll's
2-1572 Archer Ch Moriquita Cavalier
WANTED- Bland Cocker Sporaiei and Ch Holmeric of Brookvllle.
Puppy. Tel. Balboa 1065. Panamj _Call Pedro Miguel, 413 for details.
ed or unfurnished screened aport- FOR SALE
ment or houze. Call Mrs Myers Sealed bids, for opening In public.
2188. Amador trom C1 0O to 4-00 will be received unt,I 10 30 A. M..
December 19, 1952, for Bearings.
AMERICAN Couple, wilh baby de- Bolts, Brackets. Brushes and General
s.res actionn quarters ,n middle Hardware located at the Balboa
of Februor. .Retfernces supplied storehouse. Excess Sale Circular No
Curundu 83-6147. 27 may be obtained from the office
of 1 Superintendent of Storehouses
Help W anted Balboa. telephone 2-2777.
WANTED-Mard general housework .FOR 0 ALE:t--Plano, Styveront rebuilt,
Must sleep in. Mu:t hove rtfer- $4-0.00.1 .urb qualiy. Telephone
encet. El Cangrejo Area. Call 3- 6-301.
4021 after 5 p. rm FOR SALE -Royal typewr.ter, port-
S. able $35.00. Electric f,, shope
Position Offered of table. $25.00 '-a- de [mpe-
o_ Stonziolo." East 16h NO. 19,
WANTED:--Bilingual Secretary with Panama
full knowledge secretarial duties, FOR SALE.-Chld s snow suit, sze
shorthand and typng. Apply Dog- 3, good condition. Panama 3-0095.
rr --_ FOR'SALE--Piano .n perfect eondi.
WANTED Spanish and English hon, good tone 10th St. No. 7025
speaking Salesgirl. Furniture Store. Colon. phone 929-L
$6000 month start. Apply house-
hold Exchange, 11 Aenido Naco- FOR SALE Piano upright grand
nol. excellent condt.aonl. refrigerator
--- Culdspot 60 cscles. 3 .:. maho-
Elks To Attend av ngror set kero-
Ek sene Range.. ouih bec. .troller,
Memorial Service bab C ob phone 916. Colont
S d OR SALE. 1010 ar final ltrans-
Sunday In Colon rnier ccnrituots iur,,ng cIl bonds.
Members of.the Eyrle L,..dg, 5404 -L. D abo
Xo. 530, Eyrie Temple No. 450.'------
blperaDza Council No. 56 an' FOR SALE --Bamboo 1urr..rt,re re-
PFEisverance Councill vill ,o- s.hop Che.ap Pr-ce. Juan
serve their annual combined B. Sosa No .2 jm, Shop."
Memorial service at the Sa!ern I -. -
Mission Church. Colon. on'Red Cross Honors
Sunday. KRed Cross Honors
The service 1ill start at 5 p ni
Plkz will assemble at the orn- ,Crittenberger
or opposite the church by 4:30 -
pm for their march Into tthe For Blood Bank
Church. The service will be .on- ., ,
dtcted by the Rev. Rodgerq. The NeA York Chapter of the
era unil American Red Cross recently
5Bperat Councilr awarded distinguished service
lectrnz Coffi nc will h certificates to four national fle-
ts regular monthly meell tin r a.ire at its annual meeting. The
I8 rm in the Rainbow lit lodag certificates w.?re awarded In ao-
h Sund.m. i On theRainbowCity ode creation the leadershi dis-
wl on betheSu nomination the agend played in ronotne blood ol.
wi of offbe er for the noJun and elections or fightln minen in Ko-
December o errms for the r and for national defense

r Thoie honored were Francis
Francis R. Barr Cardinal Spellman. Lt. Gen.
Willis D. Crittenberger coam-
Of Ancon Ends mander of the First Army: Vice
Adm. Walter 8. DeLany, com-
Smander of the Eastern Sea
M Ba C I cTraining Frontier. and Lt. Gen. Leon W.
=- itncis Richard BaDr. a fur- Johnson. commander of the
r a esident ofAnco. and alumn Continental Air Command.
IBalboa 'gh School, us
Sthi week frwM basic It was reailled that General
1 1 As1apmgn Air Fort CrittEnberger serrwed a tour of
,- n GeDee. New York. duty on the Isthmus u Corm-
Slan has been in bail-_ mander in Chief. Caribblean
ftaripen since 8sep. CoaMnand, from October 190
to June 1946.
.': -;;%:.;;:

I5. round trip $252 35, 90 day-
imit). Panama Dispatch Service op-
posite Ancon Ius stop. Tel. Panama
We .dye drsmes, suits, all kinds of
materials. 'L.avanderia Tropical"
- plant, via EspoFa (Sabonasi Noa.
830. Telphene 3-0871. Branch,
East 24th and Central Avenue. Te-
Slephone -1J346. Panama.

Beginning Saturday, December 13,
and every Saturday thereafter for
16 weeks, the University of Pan-
ama is offering courses In begin-
ners. intermediate and advanced
Spanish for Americans. Hours: be-
ginners. 8:30 to 10 a. m. Inter-
mediate: 8:30 to 10 a. m. Ad-.
vanced: 10 to 11:30-a. m.- Stud-
ents fulfilling university admission
requirements will receive credit for
course Registration. fee: $10.0.

UN Fires 4 Non-US

Workers $speded

Of Red AdMe' s -

NEW YORI, Dec. 11 'UP) -j
United Nations officials have
broadened their loyalty crack-
down by Aring at least four non-
United States employes suspect-
ed of pro-Communist activities,
It was reliably reported today.
A reliable source paid a fifth
foreign national had been fired
by UN secretary-general Trygve
Lie on a morals charge.
The five cases were understood
to involve citizens of Britain,
France, and one or more of the
Scandinavian countries.
These actions were reported as
the Senate Internal Securityv

Propaganda, S.A.
"H" Street corner Estudiante St.
Phone 2-2214 and 2-2798


Wilhlam' Santa Clara Beach cottages.
2 bedrooms, .refrlgerotion. Rock-
gas ranges, Balboa 2-3050.
Casino Santa Clara, Dance music by-
Coaino Aces. No reservations ne-
cessary, Saturday and Sunday.
Furnished houses On Beach at Santa
Clora. Phone Shrapnel, Balboa
1389. or see Caretaker there.
Philhps. Oceanside cottages. Santa
Clara. Box 435, Balboa. Phone
Panama j. 1877. Cristobal 3-1673.
GINILL BLISS' Santa Clara private
guest House.... overlooks Ocean.
surrounded by snade trees ...
private steps to beach 12 mlns. to
beach. Gas range and refrigerator
accOmmodales 7. Playgeound*
barbecue., badminton),
croquet, putting green, etc. Tele-
phone 4-557 days. 4-230 even-
Graomlich Santa Clara- beach-
cottages. Electric Ice boxes, gas,
stoves, moderate rates. Telephone.
6-441 Gamboa. 4-567 Pedro Mi-l

Two and five room furnished and
unfurnished apartments; private en-
closed gardens. 8061. 10th Street.
New Cristobol Telephone Colon

FOR RENT:-Furnished room with
meals to gentleman. Justo Arose-
mena Avenue No. 57.
FOR RENT:-Furnished room, cool,
clean, beautiful location. 48th .S
No. 7, Bella Vista.
FOR RENT:-Nicely furnished room
in El Congrejo for one or twsq
gentlemen. Meals ovoilabrl. CQll
3-1789 or morning s -40 ..

Msceaneou' .'-
FOR RENT Wc ei s 5
Cts. perl 'n m
inclufln r nsportoion. '
0553. "


Sc.itmm j 3 ord.
3c. 6ach addhtioa0 Word.


It costs OQ Om protect
aid beoif t concrete

Decorative and durable
waterproof coatinga.
Ask for descriiptie folder
and color .chart
219 Central Ave.
Tel. 3161

Ii .1- a:P I(OUE~~~

vlsrr oIT B sOW-ROOlt
I Auto asW

TrspOrtes IBate. ,k.'
Shipping,;moving. storage.
We' pack anId orate or move
anythir..; 'lPhone 2.2451,
2-2562, sinrmi,.

C'l ACoftS'i



C41W' t ih rel firm.
WriWb. V., Box 134, Panema. R.
p.- (CMtt
GEORGE D. BARB, JR. Hurmh En- aterat iH
glneerlng. Corrective Adjuttment e
of the Body Structure. PwOure- eI nh"
Spinal Core. Swedish TecdIle. of 11
No. I", Seventh St., T Oes
2-3833. Monday thru Soturcoy 8 a0, t
a. m. to 8 p. m. By ApRigntment inen ers
Only. frog -. '

f Lare Shis

Paid TO

Canal ing e

Commercial trkffei
Panama Canal cbnt
hlih level during Nov
620 transmits by vesu
than 300 net tons. i
mr.iithly statistics

committee Seafted that 14 per- The number -of t
sons designated as bad security lalge ocean-goinr
risks by the State Department calendar year is zibw
are still working for the United exceed 7,000 and eas
Nations. 12-on. 1 nt record. .
her ot alt t
The subcommittee heard new past fLsca.ver
information yesterday about re- with 6,524 venfehf
latlons between the State De- 300 tons. The nusp
apartment and the United Na- fo, the first nel 3
tions over the employment of iealndar year ivW
persons suspected of subversive 100 of the high'
activity. fiscal vear.
State Department officials l ear
said there has been a highly November was W
confidential agreement between is N er tn
Lie and the US. government for tl'ls year In. wl
giving reports on thA security of omm eil
aspects of Americap working n anth A
for the UN. toet =
It was disclosed that 46 of tranaltse wal
the 3000 U. citaisf m oU the a ta Weu
UN payroll were designateO bl e a s -
the State Department as bad TheIamou.t 9t
security risks. in ofPhIche t '
Of this 40, State Department o which
officials said, 37 were given quel- oi the bTd
tlonable status due to suspected transited atlht-
disloyalty and three because of ..,
-"morals." The UN fired 26 of the ln admokO.w .
40, leaving 14 on the payroll. ed on s .O
The firing of the five West Eu- credit o0J.j
ropeans--aong ,with the dis- Pd on tAt
missal of the U.S. citizens-fell uhe'14fl4V
in line with a policy recommend- trnsflt ti byh
ed to LAe by a board of Interna- umnth WB 23
tional legal experts which stu more than the
led the problem of the loyalty N etw el tiof
of UN employes.
The board told Lie he aboul B-
fire any U 8S. citizens auspecti
of Communist leanings, or
foreigners likely to be eng f
In espionage activities -ga
the UN's host nation.
The houo9leannlt has
touched eltisens of Rustaa
other Communist member
the UN, because there is
question asto their

- T IUm.

I Exchote
. Umw

. ,- s r. ." *# .. -

1:3-Muusic for Thurs .
*I OfltOreM Artla-a
4:15;-Bob Ebatl-.-
4:30-What's Favat -
Se-f,-..Wh-atfO v o r l t te
6:15-You Bet Your LIfA..-.
6:o30-You Bet .OoIr ur ,',.
:4.---Lowell .. "
(BBC) ]''as
'1:3 LE RI.MON AT 3rd

800S--hort Story T r th thi
(VOA) gor
8:30-Muoile the Gay
8:45-U.P. Cobmetbth
9:00-The AmertAo o belf
9;.15--EightsW le q a
Africa&d(tc) .- : --
:: p or
0.00-- A)

j:-V m e. f Oft
12'0O-W11 -6U5 -

Tomewtew. aiy.
os &*' taiu's- >

o A lar.t.

s~^ 'a-'

l-Luncheon MuAe
Popular M)A o.

D i '. .. i

a of Aiu~.r4oF
~ ~'~4I

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m, mu A
i a Mar- ed
*trd. war
,in eni
(onolulu, the
hzLS ln-_1 _.,


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will- bow

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the wise
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Model 4QV ad41.-

with Mtl!
bria 3s ALL thu
All lM worlwMe teads anl am
eytmmie tub.; peream-
K A*utm4emmle Clm&4pal .
I samin uvM weaWMm a w- ll
* All part i elawed f- ual ty
under hImldtr madi e ltm es-
eat w er!ae psasum y|A.
mm mh l to wo an

W29 Cetal Avenue Phmen- t

- N

is sfficient...

5~ .1~ -
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s.,,,,, tovo ms


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ny t b Ohooe...
"" Including,


) For the Ral who makes her
party rounds in a pretty

at~ --

No. 3 "J" Lt. and Central Ave.


W ... ..

.; .,P-.

^ Cdn.,,, J S~p

For the conveniqene of our distinguished
clients-we will romal jopen
during noon hourly

SyWALK-6 t.r orne

SALK- it!S from $18.50
mm w- .

AYSON m $3.75

fThOPICA SITS... .frnpi$37.50

a berdasher ai for Mten at G Taste" .
25 & 71 Cul e Front. Street

say s**i

.... and -

For Children And

160.0eaWt" venue



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. . . . .


I Bt


nd M s d e ea e e. 19g, 1 .t5 reaphe ao, e wat. 378 .

MOTHERS HONORED BY LIONS CLUB plan a trip to New York State .
and Canat t.
The Lions Club of Colon celebrated Mother's Day with a A number of informal dinners
dance and buffet supper given at the Strangers Club Tuesdam have been given in their honor.
evening. Mr. and Mrs. R. F. lluld qult of
Mr. Eduardo Castano Castillo was responsible for a great New Cristobal had an informal
deal of the pleasure of the evening. He made the arrangements dinner party Sunday for the
for the affair and as a gift to the Club he ordered, rdenias Harts. Their their guests were:
Imported for the occasion to center the individual tales with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beck. .
clusters, and he also donated the services of the orchestra. Mr. and Mrs. David Marshal,
of Gatun. entertained with a. ,S.. :-
Mr Victor M. Dosman. presi- The honorees were Captain and dinner at their home. Their W "-
dent of the Club gave the ad- Mrs. Jose Nieves and Lieutenant guests were also Mr. and Mrs.
dress of welcome. The speaker Gonzalez and Lieutenant Acosta. Carlton Hallett and Dr. J. A.
for the evening was the Consul Captain and Mrs. Nieves are Johengen.
General of Colombia, Jorge Li- leaving the latter part of the .-1______-
nares Patido. Mr. James Ford -mouth and the Lieutenant will
served as Master of Ceremonies. return to Cuba this week. Lieu- t Sop
Over a hundred members with tenant GonzAlez and Lieutenant S
their ladies and mothers were Acosta, of the Cuban Army. have- -- I 7 a- g'
been serving as Instructors on
present. the faculty of the USARCARIB City H tCl
Bride-elcet Complishmented School.
With Shower t ar- ftf jp S
Miss Maria Margarita Barce- "Light The Candle Dance" Daily At ':4, am .
nas, whose approaching mar- The annual Light The Candle as a-8 tl
riage to Mr. Donald Thompson Dance was held at the Cristobal CINCINNATIo Dec 11 (UP) 1
Geddle. ofCristobal. is of in- YMCA-USO Saturday with 187 -The City Hall clock hre has
terest to a wide circle of friends, servicemen in attendance. This topped at 5:45 a. m. each day U
was the guest at a recent silver i benefit dance sponsored by the for 10 days.' dS rmrtepti- y.,
dollar shower. The part was,irls Service Organization. and ch st vs hae n" *ote
yoien by Miss Frances Geri at the Social Activities Committe Each day. Charles ooe lAal t
he home of her Parentos Mr. of the Cristoba "T netted has climbed the 183 steps to Ae mad0 e rlk r
and Mrs E asilio Geri of Colon. $77.47 for the Christmas Basket the top of the tower to reset rteu o lhetum Itnh0n, tt eu .taned
The guests were Mrs. Maria Fund Drive for the A tlantic clock-a. t t 10
Barcena. mother of the hon- Side needy fam lies. Then he climbed back down 1
aroee Mrs Teresa Geri. Mrs. Christmas basket tickets were the steps... "ernar tl' ,. V
Mrs. Robert La sold to the sfervicemen by mem- Today Imholte name to work 7t1
Portsa. Mrs. Jean Pretto, Mrs. bers of the g.S.h. The goal for a little early and climbed to the
Sue Knox. Mrs. Gilbert Solas the evening was fifty dollars, top of the tower. There he sat CLOSE SHAVE Airman TIF iC a Do a inlbf (I a lbe m egrait
Yand Misses Elva RealPerrelda. and as each ten dollar mark in the. rainy, quiet morning. Capt. Marrd Fouts (ce after, nd 24d 1hAndrew i tM y ioote ,jmeno mea
Gloria Castillo. Luelie Nina. was reached a candle on a tiered watching. rg their les on rug
Mount San Gorkonio in a n a, to reach the..rksge ,
Aurita rand Anita Hepburn Ma- pedestal was lit. When the goal At about 5:40 a. n.. Just as crashed -47. They tried to nd their helor ks.
ruja Franco. Rosta Armengot. was achieved a giant sized can- the minute hands on the four- strong winds and heavy snowforedt m to it e tb .
Chichita and Tlta Ibo ez. Misses dle at the ipnnacle was lighted, clock face reached a somewhat tid erna gdlnehCm ti, -" tb a'-' ,
Dinah and Nancy Sasso.Yolanda Another highlight of the even- horizontal position, a lock of
and Blanca Beverhoudt. Lolita Ing was the Girl of the Month starlings descended on the clock d L
tQurelonz. Marlla Quiroz. Lottie for November award was pre- hands. At 5:45 the overloaded defense Purposes but no world Te bureau said about 37.5 r
Stevenson. Thelma Herrera. sented to Miss Dora Delgado, clock motor stalled. e the l o l
Hercilla Herrera. Vlma Rosa- who received the customary lholte chased the birds Theestimate for 175 coDL MUbe in the1labow for 'In .#
nIa Rosario and Jilma Lasra, certificate of commendation and away reset the clock, and walk-
Lorna Leach. Hilda Rosaniq and i-n appropriate gift fromt ed edthe 183 stel down 6.,Oa-P.wtha y? nco d.6th
Maintenance Sup. Edwin Potts armed forces, 64,q0A000 in 195 pled to 3.1' per 9ent In
he Welusaid Imholte had done a fine and 41,000,00,0fL 120. 050.'
Chief', Wives m e Club eChristmas decorations flanked job of detective work, but he.
Elects Officers the dance floor and red and will have to meke two more
The Chief's Wives Club held green streamers formed a cano-trips to the top' of the tower. k.'
their regular meeting at 2:30 p. PY Music was furnished bv the He will haveto go up to re-
m. Tuesday at the Chief Petty-Oth Army Band, o
Officer's Club on the Coco Solo down o theat spikes to keep them
Naval Station with Mrs. Nancy Twins Celebrate Third birds awy can be put on. Then'"
Holston presiding. Birthday Anniversary he must take thn e hands, each
During the business meeting Jane and James Ure. twin son four eet long. beak to the topw
the following officer were elect- and daughter of Chief and Mrs. of the tower and put them on. 7
ed for the new term: president. James F. Ure of the Coco Solo e4 up
dent, PatCarrington: secretary, third birthday anniversaries
Rials. home Wednesday. 0 60 m a m
It was decided to install the The young guests and bon- lAMP
held orees spent the moving aittheN
at the Hotel Washington. De- Brazes Brok S.adde Clu
cmber 29. All members desiring turned to the reside for -
tions by calling Mrs. Phyllis freshents, lndeach idhad Wand eN, Dec. 11(UPd-
Morgan, Coco Solo 753. a birthday cake to eut. Th
cbp oT h e g o m n t ,e.atsd t ytl1 1 1111
refreshmentss were served by The guests were: Janet Single- that the: lws labor eore -
IM. Edna Rials, Mrs. Mary tary, Henry Foe, Debor h G o.
en. Mrs.OracOn, and MrsJO-An ohnston, Dorn. probalf wlM a u,,m per-, --
Grace Ownby. ', ySsDB'n' h-- iftbn ."Y ,.
Plans were made for a Christ- PattlSutad. peode -
DMla Vist Children's Home on George DroWn, Mrs.- Tn="Good 'ai. Ira |" i '* '.
December. ,17-" and M rs. D. R. Brims-m acted 011 hu1:bf Q

Port Guliek .aving for Vacationa
the monthly cocktail party Mr. .and Mrs. Hubert Hart. of s aUM -iv Ly
w4ich L given by the Fort Gu- Gatun, are sailing tomorrow ton! andq"a*
officers and adies was given New.Jersey at New B u i b t b ht 3
T u es d ay ev en in g a t th e C lu b. a n d A sbu r y P a r t. T h eyz also _-__ _"-__i_ _l_ _, _-

SEE US FOR inum. .a.trn

Life Insurance Fire Insurance

Car and Liability insurance -f, d_.

COLON Telephone 537
r Ar

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Syrnp m b#

g Fso.n. Fr/b Sod w..s
Coekdes Coffeei ishp
A ed v ifmed OS S. so wil5 JELL Of
". K.",9

llm th* makes yeourw "
h look dull Is Acid I
that speeds decayl I B
sedent removes Itl %
I a r Ionhw. edh

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The fi

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2 220 FromWia*

ireal' o o. u blat Op

1 ad bsch whichwlt f ol* w
anod~ tU a ofe O t he as- Cati l fm bwduct g temara e
semblt e e -he .re., with t b
1W, .e.O .. Shol e eutlo adde will t h ten.

o f "th ad- L hap n ten al 2olo
SAi1t, n cute- the perems ee with the bene-
tat 111a m ti a. Stclati A vele
d aC etx, -Ih ol, re t Vo will take pla
ihruT I yN. o < ,ln mlUta- bHaldl d theO .

Rra. -. V m The Rrad em i l
f.. '.f a de Lan ret dbd t 6 o the 12 foW
S aeUns- eI-wAheel vehicle meChnecas
tt e An- mn b n. _Caibbeanuwhich well ve-bale ome-

i --e.U.-.a n- aieB, Ge nltenranlu. rex-

A at.' PI A hosplt0 r 0 1s tery lies.. !rflt l, engineer
- rL S p"n e xt .F e-a ....*<* I- thrn e t rte hi ue s c rs-

-l &ZJn. to on o B a-
At he was ree visit
town. But he to

5r mnt. sabo .

mnnlefs and chieas,

ur mentioned Ue
mael inp fVW

!I IT i -u I

I -]- 3 Mf

'.,e *m~a td i" [ r. f ouor., ore
Oila' b=0 .S 1the7


in have ant "definIte" l or 1 *,. i'. ,

u p easy for a wh.62 0 k t g Tt" d '
a^ -juy Owl.r 1rf^ 16'fte fc *e i ry-l .,'

t duct on ourb

ans tee and C
r edo

0 0li otr n
utilities d
Doio 'about one

Mc)oQald said auW peodi
Sill be raised from
to Conl

eltr. This compares forth I
Korean average of 1,450,001

iaverunent will earmark e1
Th tattba

eat the K
S o lw V a t m a nyp a iou t

% ra oseUtr AI

autpl indusbe dndtT'tb
ora average of 153wI 0a
Ma ctondo aes d *nfnew

_ F.4 O. ma


(UP) cirt ,n aCd c7br fOWin-
ly re- ]troettoi" pr a chief
s ex- said he doubted whether there
bulfl- would be sy. "autlnttpW" in-
I gave craw in psaent let1lftatients
ahead for pea t yjr.
Sthe The previous tArgpt date for
relaxing cnm4ructios curbs Ad
I B. been May 1. Thp wu-,u after
ldesth stIe.h l atrike s eetmd fuJe
i t an caller IusupenaioR t4 le.
permit Olficialsa'tr found, bowetr,
-thurd that the effects of the strike ad
w un- not been as riou asfakrW
ourth The relax&aU permits buhldt
tional to coA0strut' recreational aMn
J ap- entertainment d Oeeats ualtgW
to fve ton steealn and S
tional prond of copper Without govern-
I sucn zpent approval. Beg lngu M 1
pools, they may use up to 300 poAndS
s and of aluminum.
anned It permits builders to use up
tsefe to 3,800 pounds of steel for one,
e de- through-four family ho use a
i was instead of only 2,300 pounds.,
Builders also may use up to
permits three tons of steel and 225 pounds
since uf copper a unit for apartmeuh
short- houses without prior government
orean approval. Beginning May 1 they
Idfls mny use 275 pounds of aluminum
nts of a unit.
prior For all other types of construc-
tion builders may use up to 29
copper tons of steel and 5.000 douinds of
illd"g copper a project in each quarter
tions, without federal approval. This
build- compared with five tons of steel
rn and 1,000 pounds of copper now.
trans-" BeRinnlng May 1, builders mav
action use 4.000 pounds of aluminum a
1250 project in each quarter Instead
i w.-"0 cf the present 2,000.

t next
a pre-
o rars
n: the

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or he

relaxaton of

Air Conditioned

-. 4:55 6:5& 8:55


40AUw r TLMQ i

iCu Removed;

s Get Geenght



SA L.c O A "STEEL TOWN" Technicolor!.
6:15 a g:19 Friday "EUMBAR"N
sABLtO HTS. ""ny KAY S Vtg d "Tmae
:15, a 5s:2' "The Secret Life of WalterM10
(T3echnicolor Friday 'SANCHO

F*r Friday "1TU STLTBA.
IA--ormi "Ano B NSroa f
'Prie' "ANOrNS "-
*4G f A TUII N John REAL*MllarE U

MARGARITA sm, cnossy ny rmmrl
2.15& .1 "TOP O' THE MORNING"
w aFriday "CROSW IDS"
s Alr-coa :iteme Technicolor I
<:'- I:11A : Also Showtt Fi~p



ATM" e l
Road, be-
mJ I5141

.. Prami


(" t- I "!-r'. sa "
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tt m~ onl"

* 0~mmIrUa.m.-hUp.~ I

' .'..

alla t

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- I..


1~ ~ I


S3:90 5:00 7. 9:0 3:M I
A Gay and Romantic Comedyl
Tony CURTIS Piper LAUR I, to
"NO ROOM for the GROOM"

- *1.

Thrill-filled with Harem
' Intrigue... Magic love!
"Thief Of Damascus"


John sgtton
Technicolor. AL




r', Radios

The Cheer Leader of
Musical Entertainments!
.- in --




,R-Mixers' rtqe
- Blenders

F fwe~t f

S -M'L=tt Problems ...I
Al W gi' SEI... REALISTIC' .
iwn BlsUbtiUSa)

|Two tpo Euroeap bictt
-,* -* Daring!... Sensational
And For Adults Only!
il WON Mb

,At 900 run. WAHOOI
,1) in Pri.!
MauIee" O'Hara Jeff
'Chandler, in
Tala n"NAGANA"

$100.00 at 6:00 p.m.
$100.00 at 9:00 p.m.
Estelta Rodriguez, in
Louis Hayward, In

every hue

- .- -.: j..'

*". ; .. : '- "
;*- .:l:...'.:4^<'-':^- :r.e


| Plus:

/' --- ,.

\.^ ",
,. c^-.-..: } -'

, ;..

Chapt*.e and N
"Streets o San FimdwM"
N Ph: -

At 9:00 p.m. W


Fi iUVestigat
atety favorab

nm If the fo
president. .0
hinated His

ties spo* .
eted" R
m -



I 11

natch your kit



. I WON"-po -- ___ ~ _~~_












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"Me "Co

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- r j

rP., i i 6% i m F4.

Chwkck Dave' May Meet .vIjt

Former Col'egiate Champ Bob Woodruff Transito KidEary a

KO's Fitzie Pruden In 3rd Selected U.P. To Decision Pedr oTests

'CI El.ANI), l)ec. 11 (UP)-Chuck Davey, eL A '

Paterson. New Jersey, in two minutes 32 seconds of U LD DIi iff $99 pmuns wRj-,
Sthe third round before 11.921 fans last night, said EY R,* ,, Smal Ar.'-l.T"
today that he hoped to meet Kid Gavilan for the Bob Wooou dru oh n Sm l Ars i shtol ou e
welterweight crown at Chicago Stadium in a bout veaity cfaloria s th en -Uniet- P e
tenlativel scheduled for Felb. 11. caus he token ordi Head b o d in one match nd thr in an- u
Gle n" or or : .,

i heo thandd ica lkn oid mita S nlepon m nd on tUhe ad- Der mae o nolr an al our t heRsiofle rame, e tea' l n
tPais it her on. Ne lesey, in two minutes 32 sec players while do- onds divofl h of .if held de ltae dec- pSnd-
thuen the third round before 1.21 fans last night, said st to mal Arm. Pistol Tou t ArmP Fl Forces and is each "h
timeat fr resddy for Geicana As far as the state of Florida yquterdhy. The indivldu8l p~iIJ;ii. carln O it chrotighoaut all Army way Sladee pIe
Today that he hoped to meet Kid Gavilanr for the Bob Woodruff, coach of the sUnl-gsor d ba wa s o laist n Tu n m
i welterweight o t crown at Chicago Stadium in a bou t verstty of pFlorda, is ttheed -an-t emttor t the R an aY.s. wg

ainel ls cot 7a s out Y9 res s other d i s e d ued b orld a ndl C nche otl Tha l.p '"a ,"s, B-
traninm for the bout dea ith Gati- 8 belongs atohis ala ers and coach- SergeantlBerner captured afrst Sergeant Behner, w e has e' tPriag of 310W e
tenlave scheduled for Feb. 11. cause he tookin ant ordinary 27 o, place honors in all four matches gained worldade fame lo his tle t .

i GImD td chine y, male it a first rate wn championship u t a ability with tt p.
tinuousv from the start Mid- Ted or Buford Long, Papal lt Sarda Fl nie t otal of 817 out of a possible 900 plh p roof that ment,to Wsa L e
the third ran d. Pruden Has l and Rick Casae ran for a w ins threond oefevn the oad- Second nlace honors we e the ilstol experts ast wa hol
shd It had beatd n the Cana G oe dde e for than eds le to another 3 d sharpshooter, first in every match fird..a.n- ,a' isa
at er e tuain had lt toe te oa a. dain it o S in Mgt. Beall Arms Pistole, with a total of total coe was 2 points lal r of
time I d for anmade 108 runs for 585 with Tulsa on New Years an her nay llo tiol t an next opponent. The Alcl an return go.
A T h got up at the couns t thof eadhgfI 5 al oernfamattht, 33d made s ,.uch aft.r.y
Toohim bth a devastating the 58 average, and Casares markets off Kentuckrned, Woodruff t s led ty ns theara wthrasthe nc r in e ite pm iin
handed attack until the referee up a total of 54 yards in 16 at- his players to foret about ae of the o the n in nt ast nap

ending ofte th ate scheduled ten- 84 points. Come on f te year. but we shrugsav the MC wand the te ame in sectiond he rundown of each ah t o om
r ve soon for Langmn u to starto_1 t tr q re rak work to do" he redit anold Insis sst was as follows
St Fred Robinson was ahead in ants. B Mateh. 4 PosSible 300 Golnts ha -thea t WisW after

trainL for the bout h yards and f ive touchdowns. tions for New Year's and coach- Sergeant yBenneraptu st rgeant 'ner, .r
H en I ad oua inStvercee. o of- fa sapo, icle honors in all four matches -gained world, .f.Me tt,

lsc i Fo Cagie Qare r DwougDe e y T hemeaf I o wiioir tt wh rarelyy wirow
1th from the stof Buford Long, p. e Papaexited or shemoti total of 817 out of a pooiblea 00 .oat heIose 2oint.

t6 for 228 yards. He had no With his players, he stresses M-t. Betaer, 3d.........190 .
p on een. Touchdown passes ade only one mental ttitude as moh, if not NEW YORK, Dee. 11 (UP) -M-S leliale id:........1 .f
way in the third round. Prudent Hall as interick aaepted m ran for a against thn he empha es phy The man od teedt h r Lt. neohptery,. tid........ .18eut
st down sudden on the c anvas total of mores connected within 14 of ,700 yards earning its bet gridon to the mythical national football Iat.11, Poie 20 olpts.

37 for 146 yards and two touch- title this year-ClasaoneeB ttgie" M8s Bes2tor, 33d.i..t.s...190 e .thPR

the Canal Zone ntercholastic caught five for two touchdown Bwl ms me meeting 795 anduct was foed byo te d still nenetr, S o.
JBasketball competition will get and 116 yards. Len Balars for 585 with Tusa on snag- ard newspapers reuitoed in M it. that the 33d made such a .4

J unior College plays host to the and 115 a average of 54: Hdsple votesal 41 a esh

Mnchesoltee Moitho fe bhe. HJ-g4 2yardsc. sih ut'^ ede -Agbs ,d .L M
nine. Daey continued punshng got 577 yards out of 99 tries for a As soon a his team polished o tseIarkn the o

Both teams have been hard hit and returned them for a total of OonSan111..
him with a deva.statg th are off Kentucky, Woodruff tld

be to finish In the top threethirteen-man foot- The Gators wrao nor duringped up the by theordapt Olivr f mle
handed attack until the referee up a total of 549 yards in 16 t- his players to forget abousdasny one of the four matches and is paying off In ce rsr

Theall squacrowd upon storing oed their sudden Long also with a 7-top recorded and rahiscoacheth of W Damesc
ending of the schduleduled ten- 84 points. "Come on fellows, we haveThthrundownofeMaame In atend

rmnasium to start the task of with teeir opponents' 109. They
ebaltue Second- string quarterback work to do," he told hesr ia testL waste nfollows!eVo-itupI l

Frwith the problem of finding new- their oppobinson was ahead I n won ia row ad of t t

Mourners to go with veterans 27 gau..s.8
redde Aleguas. Richard Dill- ball mentor tment at the al High eas t behind Ck -
Send of the season, final staver. Ray Nickish- th are Iy And since that timeWooCapt.CunselmnUSMC.. .
Sfive for the wearers of the e Tm Davidson, Francis Boyd lthe rt of the coachingamsMta d, 33d ........
to Cana Zone sports, will also balers who have been trans- taffhavebeenmakongprepafa-o "P
see service for the Junior Col- plant to the hardwoods and We eeler of etont who rarely rows3d........

lege. geared to speed up the Balboa and Red Dawno0 of the' Worea
Walter Mikulich, new basket- High attack._ tenth. ter, .7.ra,

WFp mw9l

I a.
am oba


'The nol

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--~I .- i- -


. +' +".

4. ,~.. ,

. J.

iat aa

liltbut hism .f m re
A UTh BM won the pennant o

min t nifestly a *4ep a ouan

t ,o I

Shl te In s, .. In .. ..f d the

!.4 4*

I-.-, -

"'1 .'

.a r

q \r^jkha -
pbts -
t rioad-robiR uais -b
the Petersen pae -t
wbolc biii 3, al 1SIi
for Wetry 8Wu ,t1 fate
each ,-ame worn a. aPo n" -
I poiat mout-tt *
pa nt, though la
tohmal es on aw- ad
lost. A bowler n "t t
pbint, ar a tie gBmei .
* irve aru (ago barrel 4 W

down,to he final twe
becom thotmly an.W=
ttI two.h- all yeatMa
i -Cevela-
63ile 1Idst year; yet lost tI i
on pola t&.
Despite the l5 ....
the Nteonal a e

ed ertectp tuMs t
en's $100, .
Thla, of course, cI ,be pft.,t,.
ed tatp 40.thatesMU



lbea-%W*'aek* n Ak. f
uner the A-,t
Union., --

Padkt ah-

Forr ,Wct


e zMtc Game Championshi
.. ,* rJ
.. .. e- -** ___ i. _________________________ ,


(Tuesday Night)
onnecticut 76, Yale 68.
1ly CrosN 76, Mass. 40.
ilinbia 75, Trinity w5.
*tta., Westminster (Pa.)
olgate 99, Clarkson 66
. Johns (Bkn.) 83, Arnold
fred 06, Brockport 55
Ilptiy Rock 63, Alliance

d 70.


Ladewig Put

STitles Oh Libe"

eost ...
C Nf'YO D. 11 10)-

ih- "o3, as .' ur-

w th.ii on~.
ive nen ttt
The 1th All-tar how ends a
a nl*T"d.n at Ithe Chicago Col
-u are 15~ uys and 62
finest of e country's
" The Pot o a,~ is 93,00k
te I truly bwu At singles
N 1otrnA eut. "
Ia, ov ewrure Wotn all walks
nd of I-14tk, ley propietors,
contractors enftl. r, ulness
tycodn-the ur-and the .
ew ipolrt's proei .
r. Shotmakers .rqage from 70-
. ye r.old Ear.e tper to teen-
w ~~~DiCk oHMOf ef Akron, 0.,
, celebrated hUi D' birthday two
yeare o oppi the top prize.
p. Junl, M Mahon, formerly of
SPNr:a .J. but now of Chl-
maM and Munon Ladewig of
i 1randt Rapids,. Mich., defend
of nOtlL MeMahon first won
ron In 194, was bumped o01
Svr, repeated last trip. T
hS has ruled since the tW
ie as uincW rated In.- A
(uctain three years In
Sa year she u together at
esof SWS:and m fon a 534
S iS, h~bhttertng two national
w n's marks. S

I.' *1

20 -h rinatai; They akre '
lure o.Beribs1 in the bantamly
h Ut/neawlr. Iv t
!Ohciamper Whafllrom the 504t~h

E4i0 th1. berdta. ins e n
ew s rtio a .i tded. t ,tl
evnir 1fHeriainBaolq

Colon-aU Matoe asalhat the All
CSS J -V birouta oi-.
et.. J'ua Crietvr.
~hosT. t4 fLhtbrg.are rated
tops In .the weight and Ad.
they hate met before and .
ored v e taUle, t shbalo be.
top conwftla althe ayW ot
fighteap a iIn .toA amd
fre thle P of l gtl bt .
tve in aftlon throughout .
Another arudge battleon. Ihe
artl *~ll feature Ra Roa-
rlo of thetI04th t _Wbi Luis Ta.
opa of Pueito Ro in the heavy.
wtight dlvslon. Taapls sored4
rst round. knoeouO at ,of
AijiAO t yap to end a&wo Ya
a streak by the 50tl
love Io sazctlo hopesrouh. r.
S tle ts year an, al
for that quick Wo* last year,
AThe opening bout of
a will be the 6'weX
sen RmudolpfltNl
and Luli' o.l
2lIi The feather t
t pit Melendes a oI
aein alanst the 5tAM
Il titve German Algar
a. T will be foUowed b th
lim '91 d 1


/ Guicador"


1 your Rusel Wright Oinnerwar
S Toompelmentyour.

| ^AC.A ms

4 -'^S V"

Fight Results

(Tuesday Night)
OAKLAND. Cal.-Jimmy Car-
ter, IM11, New York, out lp ted
Archie Whitewater, 141, eureka,
Cal., 10 (non-title).
LOS ANGELES-.Keeny Teeran
118, Los Angeles, outpointed
Tommy Umeda.
BREMERTON, Wash--Lou Jo-
Asphs, 149, Bremerton, knocked
oeat Paul Kennedy, 148, Portland,
Ore., 2.
gan, 1311V, St. Paul, outpolated
Kid Centella, 133Ya, New Orleans,
Sanford, 162, Englewood, N. J.,
OPSn ted Georgle l Helnan,
. ,. Bayonne, N. J., 8.
NEWARK, N. J. Al Warner,
151, New York, outpointed John-
ny ISrby, 148, Paterson, N. J., .
ARATFORD, Conn.-Bruce Rh.
ehardsoa, 161, Hartford out-
Relnted James Suber, 159, New
York, 8.




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A1 4
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The b


*-***** ***J

'with the

~ ~*,'4'

Indiana State 64, Pd%,jl
Carr9H (Wis.) 78,3 *4
Min (is.) ,
Northland 73, GageUbe JC a
Camp BrekenUre 93, IlL-..
leyan 07.
inels Teeh 3avy ier s*
Quincy 72, C 7.
St. Olaf 64, S S M.
Hadmine 75K B ,,, M
St. Cloud boBoi
Maryille (A ) ) m .
(Minnj. .".
Southern (.0.) '4, SSteim
Gustavus Adolphus 76, KI. 2iM
Westmar 74, Yankton M.
Winona (MInn.) 35, Stoet *.
Defiance 71, Con.trdil (I)N
Albion 85, Calvin 8M (overu
Bluffton 91, Giffn 7L
Nebraska Wesleyan 5 3, Mary b
(Mo.) 49. ;
Ft. Hays (Ka.) St. go, elft.
(Ka.L) 58.
Baker (Kas.) 74, Wmm. JawelS. .
CoIL of Oarks 77, OuseMlig i
Hendrix 59, MiUmpe 47.
Northwfstemn La. T73, Btb
State 64.
Ark. St. Tchr. 74, LUISte
IC 41L-
East N. Mex. 0, West. (Cold.f fL

Spla "45" S |

Slips riuh everl
v.M Sladle--,
: Nojmne fmili*
: lesrs- ?.,1

-->->-----r---k----M '

:M]I 71, American Intl. 68.
l 113, Virginia Tech 57.
111, California (Pa.) 82.
WM M(Pa.) 96, Harpur 63.
fikijAton Tech 90, Oneonta 72
S (W.Va.) 74, Glenville 71.
:.Va. Wesleyan 79, Fairmont
lit 'ers Pharmacy 91, Phila.
FIarmacy 88.
Wat Va. St. 59, North Caro. A&T
Wes. Va. Tech 89, Beckley 53.
Wake Forest 51, N.C. State 50.
3Me1Wr 68, Georgia 63.
Dte-91, Wash.-Lee go80.
W..t.Virginia 84 Gee. Wash. 83.
SeesOetown (D.C.) 86, Rand.-
Mkaon 45.
Cottesary 78, Stephen F. Austin
PFgsbyterian 85, High Point 8S.
J9tes Hopkins 69, Dickinson
(fa.) 54.
W i(Md.) 80, Catholic U. 5L.
yMaoN n 71, Furman 67.
A3iMehian 6V, Guilford 62.
121, North Georgia 63.
ni( (K y.) 79, Bellarmine 75.
einia~m M9, Mlligan 92.
We L t Michigan 785, West Re-
4 e55.
W .Wesley. 65, Ohio Univ. 64.
hMieh. 85, Alms 75.
llngum 79, Wilmington 77.
Q.b Northern 881 Cedarvlle 64.
*llIgheny 77, Oberlin 71.
(l Mo.) 68, Warreneburg
(o.) 47.
Miseuri Valley 67, Rockhurst 44.
Waunthestern (Kas.) 66, College
: .f Emporia 59.
61, Hillsdale 55.
68, Anderson 62.
POktHn 93, Indiana Central 75.
TilState 66, Huntington 54. .

Open 8I a. to 9 p. m.

Cage Scores
0 -

~, ~ r .
I. 9-~- 9 '
~Jb* ea~Iw~bina~ ~~~ma- a 18




a aftf Maga f
, wrap

.1 hetrea

---- --

Seven Antilles, Fightrs Set

For USAICAtIB Boxin Finas

According to wrd received l htwelIgt- bout b itwenw Ricar-
om ,the n:tilles, there will be do RIvera-Totrea,-of the 0h
ly seven fights In the finals end Vasquez-RIvwa of Puerto
Sthe UARCAR Boxing to .
ournamenf scheduled for Ba- I
Arday night; at the Fort r0obbe ih1 2Velasquea of the B8th
rena. Engers One. The open- WiU enter the rin u Anth i
K bou0t.'g et to get underway lyI6. 1-Puerto.wio n i the
't :30S. wIter*ei ht finD and ulien
Cintron; another 4th l ghter,
A radio. qelVed by. 5peelal w_ ose H. C w uerto
*ervcesA the Antil eS 14.) the mlddlew*t contest.
nly serve that wo"id ...
r0 Paitam bat n arr m ents 'have.
SIt u the Army AA f*de to .5,00ais.
ties and f6t the right to. be er, at t UR. of1 tli
xible fto fth All-Army tourna- a tournament, the stands
eant ne yar. hle4 to oap acty and many
ibAn.-were totq*A- to stand. So.l
T ~he tlon rece I peoO P wishing a good
)ints to tPpaa Area bat- a .to view the fight -fo'
er wh Ildl becon UA A- ld come early.
'- theliaUnS a.w Te enit-- 'J

--------- ------~----- ---------- -----


' '"

I" ,




.' *4


m;ajspbi 1





7< .~M'


Busmen Can't

Strike, Won't

Collect Fares

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 11 (UP) "Let the peop
-Delegates to the CIO Transport
Workers Union convention re-
solved today to give passengers TWENTY-EIGHIH YEAR.
free rides on nine New York City
bus lines starting at midnight
Sunday unless the companies
grant them a 40-hour week with:
no loss in pay.
The 425 delegates to the union's T o p La
eighth biennial convention un-
animously adopted the resolution
to stop collecting fares. -
Michael J. Quill, the union's
international president, said giv-
ing free rides to the city's 3,-1 nl
500,000 daily bus passengers
ln.ta nimis,, mana rementn from

rid J

Waltl c ;11

ple know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.


'wyer, Negro Attorney

SIn Segregation Case

a "coma of unconcern" and de-
monstrate "the spirit of Christ- WASHINGTON, Dec. 11 (UP) the argument he began Tues- rolina means what the legisla-
monstrate the spirit of Christ-c. A famed constitutional law- day. ture of South Carolina has de-
mas" to the ridus ridg public. d yer and a leading Negro attor- He said history has shown cded to be reasonable," he said.
He said the bus riders woulseney tangled yesterday over whe- that Congress, when it adopt- "If it wanted to make a elds-
favor the union s move because their the Supreme Court has ed the 14th Amendment in sification on sex or religion, and
they've had in 50 years." e power to rule on racial segre- 1868, "did not contemplate I do not claim that they do, the
The New York transit indus- gation in public schools, mixed schools of Negroes and state probably could do io if
try's impartial chairman, Theo- John W. Davis, Democratic whites." the legislature considered It to
dore W. Kheel, had warned the presidential candidate in 1924 Twenty-three of the 30 states be reasonable'." '
TU that a strike before the and former solicitor general, that ratified the amendment Marshall insisted the court
contract expires on Dec. 31 would told the court that only Con- either had "or immediately In- must decide what Is "reauon-
be illegal and that he would seek gress and the states have power stalled" separate schools for able" and should weigh its ver-
an injunction to stop it if such to authorize or abolish separa- Negroes and whites. Of these, dict "on the application of the.
a -walkout was called. tion of the races in public edu- he added, 21 of 23 states still 14th Amendment and not what
The refusal of drivers to col- cation. segregate Negro and white people may believe'Is: good for
seasaale-school children either partially South Carolina."
lect fares was seen as an alter- But Thurgood Marshall, re- or completely. Davis, who Is representing the
native move by the union to presenting the National Asso- Davis said he could fill the state of South Carolina, said
back its demands for a new ciation for the Advancement record with statements of legis- the issue is one ahat most
contract. panis have con- Colored People argued that lators and members of various nearly approaches the hearts
tende bus companies hav cutwon- the court has anuobligation courts "who have declared that and minds of our people-the
tended they cannot cut working to interpret the "equal rights" segregation Is not, per se, un- quality of education of their
hours unless the administration amendment to the Constitu- lawful." young."
of Mayor Vincent Impellitteri tion which the NAACP claims He said it Is reasonablel ycer- is not the height of wis-
authorized higher bus fares. The outlaws segregation.' He said it is "reasonably cer- "tis not the height of wi-
yor has stediy refused to jAtty. .. y Alondn tain that the number must dora that the manner in which
mayorhas steadily refused to Gen. ndsay Almond mount into the thousands." our children are to be educated
consider such a. increase. lot Virginia, told the court that Marshall retorted that the should be left to those who are
SIt "would destroy the public whole issue revolves around most Immediately affected and
mni rv Ti i chool system" in his state if what Is "reasonable" under the to the parents of both the
Compulsory lipping thejustices outlaw racial segre-14th Amendment. The Supreme white and colored children?" he
Sgal l l on... Court. he said, Is the only "test- asked.
Advocatedin answer to a question from IIng ground." He quoted Dr.- William E. B.
Advocated In Bhe explained that the people Reasonableness in South Ca- Dubolse, a Negro educator, as
B re P Assembly he explained that the people
blB DD An would not support bond issues
BeforeK RP AsM blyI for a non-segregated school sys-
'tem. Bond issues and taxation Where Would Oa n BrA ar
A favorable report was sub-, are the only sources of educa- Where Would Ban On Color DBar
mitted to the nationall Assem- Lion revenue, he added.
bly by the labor and social Almond said further that End, Asks Justice Frankfurter
welfare committee yesterday on "as a hard fact of realism"
a bill establishing a 10 per- the 5,243 Negro teachers in
cent service charge for wait- Virginia "would not be em- 0 -
ers. played to teach white chil- WASHINGTON, Dec. 11 (UP) ruling on a recent case involving
The bill proposes that a corn- dren In a tax supported sys- -Justice Felix Frankfurter not- Interned Japanese citizens, held
pulsory "tip" be add(i to the. tern in Virginia." ed during segregation argu- that any legislation "based utjon
bill of all purchases in restau-! Davis and Marshall locked in ments before the Supreme Court race is immediately suspect."
rants and bars rendering waiter the historic debate as the court yesterday that N.'gro attorney James M. Nabrit Jr., another
service. According 1o the bill heard arguments for the second George E. C. Hayes wivs opposed Negro attorney, said any law
at no time must the tip be less day in five cases challenging to "drawing the color line." that draws the color line" la In-
than five cents, constitutionality of race segre- vidious, odious, Irrelevant and
Only bills of 25 cents or less gation in public schools under Assuming the Constitution suspect an
will be exempt from the service the "separate but equal" sys- does invalidate race segregation He siad the court should take
charge. tem practiced in the South and In public schools. Frankfurter up every such law and "test it
The bill, which Is scheduled some border states, asked whether it also would in- against the 14th equal rights
to go before the Assembly for a About 50 spectators jammed validate marriage rand other Amendment."
second reading shortly, also spe- the small courtroom as argu- laws "that draw the line." This, Nabrit said, would as-
cities that the tips will be col- ments continued on the cases d that sure the Negro "the same kind
elected -by proprietors and dis- which may change completely ion Hayes said that was a ues of protection in peace that the
tribute proportionally among race relations in the South. Japanee were given in war."
service employes at the end of Another 50 persons, most of swer.
each week. them Negroes. stood in line in He recalled that the court, in
It prohibits owners or mana- front of the chamber awaiting
gers from sharing In the divi-la chance to hear the pleadings. 7
sion of the funds thus collect- Davis. one-time congressman | TheI I T j L Cs- m
ed. from West Virginia, resumed I Tachr S

Delicious, tender Haddock, Cod, and Perch.
Cleaned, filleted, quick-frozen immediately after
the catch. There's absolutely NO WASTE! Every
ounce is super fish-eating... you'll love BIKDS
EYE FISH! Baked, fried or broiled-any of these
fillets is a wonderful supper dish!
Featured in your commissary

The charge of lewd and las-
civious conduct with an eight-
year-old American girl in Cu-
rundu brought against Luis Pros-
peri, an auditor for Caribbean
!Command, was dismissed yes-
cerday afternoon in the Balboa
Magistrate's Court.
i he dismissal of the case a-
gainst the 51-year-old Curundu
resident was made on motion of
the Assistant District Attorney.
Two Panamanians who stole a
canned ham from the Diablo
Clubhouse were fined $15 each
!this morning in the court and
;were each given a 20-day sus-
pended jail sentence.
The defendants. Digno Jara-
millo. 36, and Garfield Edward
Kellman. 31, have previous con-
victions on minor charges of dis-
orderly conduct, battery and
malicious mischief. Both were
!placed on one year probation.
A fighting couple who were
.found guilty of disturbing the
I peace in the Pacific Clubhouse
| were each fined $10 by the judge.
ilven a ten-day suspended 1all
sentence, and placed on one year
The defendants. Raquel and
*George Prince, 26 and 25 years
respectively. were previously con-
'victed in June on a similar

Another Car In
RP Broken Into
A thief or thieves broke into
the parked automobile of an em-
ploye of the Quartermaster Sec-
tion. Corozal. in Panamia City
'ast night and stole a new bat-
tery and a set of brake lining, it
was reported today.
Len Este. who Is on leave from
'he QM section said his 1941
.Ford coupe was broken into some
time between 8:30 and midnight.
while he attended a benefit
movie in the Tivoli Theatre on 0
The theft was immediately re-
ported to the police
Este said he also lost a brown
coat, which he had on the rear
seat. screwdrivers and a flash-
light he had In the glove com.
apartment, which also was broken

To VMAi RP Sdods
Twenty seven teachers from
Ecuador, Peru and BoUvia will
arrive in PanamA ne Moniay
for a four day vislb to Panama's
rural schools system, after an
invitation extended by the Min-
istry of Education, *
The visitors are on thels way
hone after spending a j& in
the United States whean- Iy
study at the University oj1eiy-
land the rural syt e that
country, also the sa se em
Wfr Indians in the 8ta .
They were sent to the Wth
training grants given by the
Point Pour Program thrv g e
Institute of Inter-Amerian Af-
During their visit to Panama
they will observe the work being
done at the "El Higo" rpral
schools, in the San Carlos area.
by the Servicio Cooperativo In-
teramericand de .duteaci6n, sind
will also visit the Normal Sebool
in Santiago. where they will
spend two days of observation.
The Ministry of Education has
arranged a special program in
order to show the teachers 'as
'much as possible of the loeal
They will leave PanamA on

Rritain's A-Bomb.
Mloot Primarily
To Test Shltters

saying the Negro race Is maik-
ing a grave mistake in trying
to force states to abandon the
segregation pattern.
"I would rather put my child
In a colored school where bea
is wanted," Davis quoted D.u-
bolse as saying, "than have its
life literally rendered a living
In addition to the South Ca-
rolina case, the court is con-
sidering cases involving Kan-
sas, Delaware, Virginia, and the
District of Columbia.
. Marshall predicted -that the
"rank and file of people in the
South" will support whatever
decision the court may hand

Spectators Revive

NearDoiwned Baby

At Wasdington Pool

boo PTA
i Parent Teachers
0 meet at the civic
Tfeasday at 7:30
hatn of the Canal
ww)ll Show movies
lubUon days. and
fibound transit of


her a


LONDON, Dee: 11 (P)-Brit- strtu
ain's recent atomic exn* ton "quas
was intended r as a were
test of shelters and other build- on beI
Ings which will prote ritons She
In any future atoiaI ,wu. as apwa
revealed today.
The disclosure was 'de in a away
heavily censured w f the of
Monte Bello I~aidsa
which was released oy for AI
publie showing. The tWl blast wo 1a
oectpied only a IAw of fta.
the eight-minute "dM.a'
dentists from Of- Ae
In charge of jgcil *
defense. were
and measuring l S
shelter which was t
the baUt, And es S

.fr the
*- .:,--:^ ^*g|q|lf w 4A


, I.. Dec. 11- tice
r-od woman to- wo
Lum $ County au- R
Ithopm to make him
9lUcolng "witch" boa
to file crim- rea
mSthr 4- Ri
ahe says. Is be

-tember. *whign
ua to
u to appr

KKK embers,

Woman, Held

In Miami

MIAMI, Fla., Dec. 11 (UP)-
A woman civti leader and three
alleged members. of the Ku
Klux Klan surrendeNd to U.S.
marshals here yesterday on
federal charges they committed
perjury or made false state-
ments in a grand Jury investi-
gation of last year's terrorist
activities here.
Sealed indictments were re-
turned against the four here
Tuesday as a federal grand jury
closed the first phase' of a
sweeping Investigation of bomb-
ings and terrorism in Florida.
The anti-racial and religious
apts climaxed last Christmas
night when Harry T. Moore, a
Negro leader, and his wife were
Injured fatally by a blast of
dynamite set under their house
at Minms, Fla.
Bprrendering voluntarily and
posting $1,000 bonds each for
their release were Mrs. Helen
Russel, .Harvey George Deros-
ier, Wlliam Glenn Orwick and
Arthur Freeze Udgreen.
None would comment. Date of
their trial will be set later.
The Justlcb Department in
Washington, announcing the
arrests, described Mrs. Russell
as a ".'civic leader" in the Edi-
son center community of Miami.
She was an officer of the Edi-
son Center Civic Association.
The Justice. Department
claimed the men,were members
of the John B. Gordon Klavern
of the Ku Klux Klan, at nearby
Mrs. Russell was charged with
perjury and'the: men were
charged with making "false
statements" to government of-
The IndIoment against Mrs.
Russell charged that be lied
to the grd juy last month
In denyjg she-sougbt phe aid
of the IS Klux Kiah in pro-
venting e e from moving
Into the Carer Village.
It als charged she lied when
she denied mneetln with mem-
bers of the. GOzda_ klrerm to
discuss ways and means of
keeping Ne roep, out- Of the
housing Pn
efore the t boambing Qf
Carver jgt .2, 251i.
ndict said, is. Russel
met w a deegatiN from the
klaverh, co0l=n Safted,
cycloos ft M .and
three other ktavern ofi9 rs,.
The pupose of,the meeting,
the jury sid, was to dbieusa
conversion .a0 Canrve* 11ia .
from a white to a Negro devel-

The J.Ustie Departamet aild
Mrs. RumeU a -etir, as
vice proM e4t f the. Edisn
center Civie AsedoatiN4 1
organising-fa mu eta
motoreaid to. prevent ra'
cial cbhaaeoTer of Cadver Vil-
Derosler was Indloted on two.
counts of plaimips fa be-
fore a PoMt Office
loyalty board ca
membership in. the
vern. '
And the jury. e
and Udgreen ed to
when they denied
in the kten.

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Speedy action by several
spectators at the Hotel Wash-
ington pool yesterday afternoon
was responsible for saving the
life of a baby who was revived
after almost drowning.
The child, 22-month-old Tho-
mas J. Knox, was spotted floun-
dering around in the water bv
Sam Levy, a Panamanian clerk
of All America Cables.
He quickly pulled the drown-
ing boy, who had lost conscious-
ness, out of the pool.
An Air Force officer, Capt.
Jack B. Kennedy of Albrook
Field, imuadiately started ad-
ministering artificial respira-
tion, assisted by ErnestiMoreria,
a deck steward from 'the 8. .
Meanwhl, the CrIstobal fire
station and a radio- car which
were notified of the accident
arrived within a few minutes
and administered oxygep to the
little boy' who was revived. -
The chfld's:'.parents, Mr. gnd
Mrs. Williamn J. Knox, a Cris-
tobal cusatOa guard and rest-
dent of New Cristobal, were
both in the immediate vicinity
of the pool when the accident
Little Tkomas was take to
Colon HaoiOtpl where he was
treated for- hock.
Capt. Keedy was spending
his honeynop at the 1otel
Washingtao '

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