The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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wistry Orders


S1gLicense Fees .
So emoes who protest from one empl -
Cg$Omhu.l be charged ing in New Crftol and otbhe4r
t.. a b$ther Colon Colon areas through the Cristo- ... -E
R- f t a-t .b telegram bal Civic Pouncil. -
t thse Mayor. When asked by the Panam
SMUtry tersely American. Bazin, who had ln
g th e ..s Ion of tended to increase the lia t
t via Mes exist- lee for Zone employes froi $Q
S Panama to $26. Including plates, usat I Y'
Sof Ameri- had not received the. teleigram
From the Foreign Office. b
il- order appar- that as soon as be reoived iet ,-
'am a reaslt of talk he would comply with the in- ,
8. M officials structions it contained. WASHINGTON, Dec. 9 (UP) The Pame 49
,amal.oM-ten~flce. Previously. BDazn said he had -
Lt. "a o.c. pax- been notified by the Foreign otf- ._pany's Board of Directors agreed today to redA
e matte 4 been fice that no agreement plted$ sd rent increases in line with precommendohe
e. antes "for ap- which exonerated Zone em- Z m rnce w
tttlo" ployes fiom paying the same ent panel announced last week.
web follow it wave of rates as other Panama reuidenti. ; The new rates, the Board said, would be' an
e..jBn early date, as:soon as the Company is able
.... k ^ DM Dof ", Pute the tents.,
Sr Pound Reds The Board added that the revised rents would psA
C o n. I ect early next year.
i lkI t f lCie announcement that the recommendations prepared
EEL S Conv yW wbuld consider the panel's -ne renfL panel and auomnicu.
S. .endations in computing t(.'.oeriur a eyota.
.-- 0 rt Zone rent increases was "1lr. aud.iuu, Lne Board j
S in Washington today. -4Io caeuy reviewed too wN
). nit baRdsof Chinese in white parkas ver they gave no ndica- ovtr1u tent, problem, L xang
SC swooping down the roller-coast- as to the size of the in- acLunt noL only ine mat
S yIY EtDons B-owlrpea h s.Drougnis to its aitenson o9r.
.2Ssa- ""t- were antt hOe following statement was p&ane, bId aiso ceraun ownenl
4 ol a4 Mt rap pci LhL BeC,5 SUD nn -as
is Board of Directors of the eLattuo peeias tlor varau
f hwia Canal Co' hae care. of tfiLrucusue, and thep
gar, whatever *ate onadMeed the.findlias and Lv o01 uriner wra e-ons ic O t
.....neti o lunuthe.
A "Ine aIetpaoe at the mest
-S sYesterday a opi e L 4
T,-- r. M..te.. -oe a .s I



twd* atatigna f a: a
Scaneelled ae

lin East

tad Medie la%
;.Of' Pebwe. a


vie hlrt
1ng thO:
W iwi

1-:, "- '

.... :o,-.ry eIs beTOUT, o 6e"
7 D'sP cel- '3an distribution *t
eolo% i vaacns the vaancy Iacb.X even
mheent ^out aui tne, noug
as the. iyot aS nsgnia for {. ypeof housing."
Sthe 65th uroup. Howard E. Munro who
S-ar 4It has btn traditional to have to Washington to represent
.- .. a live oe000t at tle organization Canal Zone Emergency
SA th day actltyles. The ocelot ac- tie and Finance
SU. company -the lady who the outset of the rent fight,
S.=.- 'has bn mte elected as MI Ocelot In Washingtop: "I think tp
_._H__l_ W _._-. _,in the tfQtoroup's-anhual con- buard's actions was good as
n 'cif l was a test have been expected from
LSr on three epe This Miss Ocelot of 19iS panel hearing ." taw
ps thismorning at 6 contest, Mais presently.under He said quite a lot of w
I ainn PE11-20uatration Bu way, Is qs~pored by Headquar- mains to .be done, howe
to hOw housing work t@W- ters Battery, 65th Antiaircraft convince the new Congre
.... i d. .Ot ,Bmpire Street and In Artillery Ouiup, Fort Clayton. Bureau of the Budget.
Any un harrlid young lady general Accountlng Office
so p aum bid which tn- who has paased her 18th birth- the action of the board w
axbua, 'st" "" _B& 0 ) r the work. MACCW day and;who resides In the Can- He said the tent question
...-- clut, ,Tsubmitted an esth at al Zone. t-the Republic of Pan- annual problem connected
6 au ama ay nter. trance appli- supplementrvaorora d
two towrn Into separate pro- catios.yhe be obtltfed at the annd s' te oka
here Ar truction company 65th AA rupI Public In or- namftafth

b a. a MISS letreign over the t-e
Eo.tfor site prepare imation -by cllng 97-3294, njsat. what tl aw.
Sstructonof 126 or appnlti may ma be md by mdgT r re earna a
tio n o f o n e c o rn T h e.-. ..-ten

-,;\,5 pr Ua U glmnatenapar WfW. 5T hewwo.wisar
Before award onea l ed sentence on a prevos
at BalbHh trI n ove r Theleor.rIl

hch .o I co was jammed withapectat
Petition, uffet dir an terdaying to Canal

e couldn't see them." said ce, the defendant i 4
Bl~alj jgifth ,AWaINOP, "because they were d.,s Otole two new toilets
od Ura other aher aI' that have not charges ofburglarym th e new. h
yeet tbeeti nounced. The which were nearing cople
prurew remote when r a Deteclwhe s who tracked
anam wiex- Pour also presi ounde larceny charge. fiure
I*ro1 A ctiumdtp e re o ttn athpe Bal- hd sentence Ond o
Sme l Rogers." boa lties of loiter- Abajo, said they
.to g.. e was ang and al. Ing ael o held for. trial i the'e

la n never asked One Cart, t26-year-old He was sitting t the bar.t -
m 'ush after hearing"'the on both charges after
J ,- gunhI nt e. t he dar"t ok- cause was found.
i nt bck and plae onproba i Accordint to Cahe al Zve S -a,
c wouldn't re them,"y had prp leice, the defendant a be" R
r,"because they wereItle two new touet semsta

Sg.otun d or *ead foung inL La BocLtanks from therican, Dea
l fewhich were nearing camp1 ,-
too l ,^ t^he'"!?. :_.-in Ancon.
Itoe b andl t the hmen's ....
remote when t1 Detectivs who tracked do"
of the lieutenant. Alex- Four ,.-e found the plumbing tturew
ida-end It up, "He re- gu n the Bal- hde to a bar tw n
..Medme of Wll Rogerb." boaurt of loiter- Abajo, said they a p
Sepi g kea d itpIa. the defeadant I- ttheanme tn w '
I, ne dem t S-year-old He was sitting st the bar.
men Ca wtot he wouldn't lWUIaSm ji.$M Davis. who H e r n and ea was a ,
-M&has a r"" rd and was found guilty of grnd Irl
ened to severe yeu sentence uspeade for
t p e ey had py'He wsaudS N. was ate

"":. '" 'Ile taletue ,

.ttU4ples I"pl paws when i MW rh

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ow.. OnOt i


PAGJ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- TWO TE'AAt M-EA NE


57 H A I y1 '514 *IANAtU. i 0o P
.dt4 MAigimN AVEf NEW VYOR 1il N V

Labor News


Let's Be Sure W Coer i Race


r .MONTH. IN ADVANCE Ys ,0 oa50I -L
o sIx MONTH,. ,IN AOVANCI gO Io 00
fOP ONI YeAR. IN eOVANe ll r e i o as oo 00 re
THIS IS YOUR FORUM THE READERS WN COLUMN lReuther they selected more than .
the leader of the loyal opposition
SMA In e to President-elect Eisenhower as
Teche If the choosing of the CIO
president means anything to the
The Mail Box is on open forum too readers of The Panama maer- nation, it means that this labor
ken. Letters are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly confi- coalition has handed th6 head -
dnteial manner of the Democratic Party a team *'
If you contribute a lett don't be impatient if it doesn't app the mate for the running assault aon
asOt day. Letters are published min the order received an administration which CIO ex-
S Please try to keep the letters limited to one page length. pects to be tough despite the
Identity of letter writers s held in strictest confidence. appointment of a union man as
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as opinions Secretary of Labor.
expressed in letters from readers
With Reuther at the labor
0 o end and Adlal Stevenson at
NUMBERS the political end, these dez-
trous broken field runners will ti
disi score again and again. They
rI would like to know if there are no other numbers in the lot- are nimble men with rapier
tory basket besides 92. For the past weeks only 2 has been play- phisticates who don't for a so-
ing, and, worst of all,
Please give somebody else a break. What has happened to 7, minute believot y e an election
3 and 5? And for nearly 20 years 25 has not played. general is uncertain. ho U

BANK-CHECK PAYMENTS TO LOCAL-RATERS Reuther listened carefully to
to Like's headquarters recent. '
Mail Box Editor: He recalls that in the prepara- ".., .H d.
tion of a statement to be issued t a tosw
'Please help us local rate emploves of the Pf n Canal Company b the C general noted that s they labor t ,
by printing this letter. Hope the proper authorities see it and men planneC to say that he was
trEo help remedy the situation. This letter s an open letter to takin ific ee "atsa moment he of
whoever is the proper authority. l r i o fice nat a et o
The local rate employes welcomed the news of the bank to chage this to "a momend t ofhem
our burdens. But it is no help with the pay day coming two days The general admitted he had answers for this dra m a-
Thanks to the administration for advancing it last holiday. drenched moment in history.
But please, Mr. Governor, what do you think the commy will look The politico labor combine' of
like'Dec. 24, if we do receive our pay on that day. Reuther and Stevenson will have ,.. ,.
'Out at Gamboa the stiuation is almost worse. many answers.
The checks are received long before pay day, but not until a They will off ers the many plans
few hours of paying time do the employes receive them. If it they would have made had Reu-
was not for the efficient handling of the local rate office staff. there and his union colleagues .. e u
many of the employes wouldn't be able to reach the commy in been as successful in the presi- -" "
time. dental campaign as they were. dral
One pay day the paymaster was waiting with nobody to pay. In CIO this past week. e
The me work different hours. Imagine the group that works at For Walter Reuther feels as E slt
night and comes off the following morning and have to be pun- intensely now about working in- e aI r
Wished all day until paying time. side what's left of the Democra- UnA
The pay receipt used to be issued during both day and night. tic Party as he did last fall when 0bi RUARK Cd
Now the bank checks comes only a few hours before pay time, his union reportedly spent some .By a B W'1 to
not to mention the crowd itcauses at the field office, the housing $2,000,000 in the campaign. As -attu
division and the commy. that time Reuther had his 500 porta
There may be some way to leave our pay days as they origin- national staffm'en report direct- NEW YORK.-I don't know how you feel about riot, admire her or not. And it seems tb. me that
ally were. For the later our pay days are the hungrier we are. ly to his desk on their daily poll- Mrs. Roosevelt, but I never admired her prose these times are tickIolh enougkbh warrants the wit
I hope the proper authorities read this and remedy this situa- tidcal activity, much and some of her activities less. full exploitation of eve .. ~ Of"ts
tion. for it is real urgent and needy. I was never a doer*of-good, myself, being more clally in the practice o .
Reuther i. distinctly disin- of a yeller and a kicker-downer. And I always around the gldbe
-Local Rate Employe. terested in an independent thought that some of her slntamenta were don. The Ie* b oom aI'wep a '* as f
political party these days. But right silly, if not merely dull. phrase, but It is aom res fp i to aGp.dQ
WHY VACATION AT HOME? he is just as distinctly of the However, despite all this, I were Dwight D. a house merely because s e new eare
belief that labor without pal- Eisenhower, I should certainly keep the g0Dd moving .Ito it and can't alfnl .the, nIory
For "Doc" Tapia: titles is as archaic as the flint- lady around and actiVe in the next fou-years, the old'tetat.
io2 in this hydrogen age. merely as a matter .o good business. 8oething E leanor- RdOsevelt has finally got
Congratulations on your plans for 'Opration Bootstrap de The significance ofthebe- with the United Naton---anything that could than p y ties -
* E, uete." bhind-the-scenes horsetradel of spread er around the world a bit and keep her mind, bee e she, l8alis
votes in the feud between o the ftahinthe foreign mind: .. rte......... t re eo c
SYour suggestion that workers in the terminal cities use their forces of Allan Haywood and Eleanor Roosevelt -is still called the First Lsdy But the- mlliow wi-d
v t go to the mountains is the soundest kind of health Walter Reuther therefore liesanot of the World b.vt -a "tillforrpeole-er 17'td-"-i0n
the world round that the man from sea-level in any resulting combination of a4d 4.oad, and. understanding is that her cale I.
lily from a brief l me at high altitude. unions for or against either can- mu W abroad lm, ene..
D 14 peps up his whole system, gives him more hard- didate. It lies i n fact -that PIZ frie`nl-u, too, th`atj
h e same count a change from the high altitude of p o Haywood, thne coormatorl was rd-boiled gal id. many L, ;
S. Colombia, is beneficial, even if the individual goes down to rejected for Reuther, the origin- I- ows a lot of lUB-and-1tll 0 whaft il a
t "hot .country" only for a week end. ator. in their U.N. activities. colors" whether.
,' y u l r i en a t monhIn this there was assuredly But mostly I would keep Eleanor active the- hal always beli ady a
Againyou are right, when you say that the month-ong ac- notion personal against Hay- cause she Is the relict of Franklin D. Roosevelt. the Virinia deb
ti employers are required by law to give'their employes loses wood. He will, in fact, get mnre Y never boub hlm vy late earste. lth. ever been the el e
of its benefit if papa just sits around the parlor, plays power-a larger staff of some 200 er, but a ew htindred peoee still see be done." 'r
Swith his usual friends, sees his usual sports events, and organizers and will run the I memory a symbol America. The- nothi
s a into his fa vorite bars. Right again, when you say that if fiscal and organizing appartus of really cott6ned on to his successor. h value beide the.
stantyclosed hotelrooms.s s igvalue e.he--
h planned and saved a little ahead he'd be able to take the whole CIO, If he accepts what is being Mister Big all over the lobe.. .., ends'ls so long .gos
f i ly on a two-week trip to the Interior. offered him up in those con- I know that when El I e t we will ha
lit stantly closed hotel rooms. t,,
se Isbigger news the o la ofle
S At that point. Doc Tapla you come face to face with the fact It was of vital importance r ow d ler4 top. ail
t planning and saving for a better future or even a happier CIO to select a leader who caA crowds throng her. An sheaa be sis a', tieis a fl
cized much at home, a tia t *? lo" a dtf t6
S-- is something that has yet to become a local custom. swing into a public debate with
a o Taft at moments such as this is Atafticallt faultle V one Would not
Letters like yours may help. when the Ohioan is blasting the common people, and comJou !iopls -'. e Wanorld ha. ndg4
appointment of Martin Durkin Purely fomwe a wooti s o to e Impact of
lo Meanwhile. I hope Boquete finds that tough strain of easter as Secretary of Labor. Purelyb from a busonhr ast dpo to _o Impact of Re
i, so that her hillsides can bloosom again. Flowers are "big The principle to be foughtvaluable to this country t ts time you with the p
eas" in Medellin, and they might bring lots of money to Bo- for here is the right of a labor
q e. Leader to sit In the Preident's
cabinet. For national battling,
l did take a vacation in your lovely "Valley of the Moon" and the CIO believes it needs the
yed it no end. man with the flare for pub-
licity more than the hard- f
"keep the "Bugle" blowing. driving organizing talents of
the old line unionists such as
-Happy Visitor. Haywood, who is the last of
t o s -Happy Visitor. tttlnevothe importantW ex coaldigger BROADWAY iO t brain trying to hold a il,
That's why none of the 564 AMI eOwnsi dIn. '.
S i p. Mud Answer to Previous Puzzle delegates to the CIC's saddened Wth you. old $I h 4 Ca t'r ova toys with the ,word
ISSISSpps Mud14th annua- -convention piid The 81ptUlgII 1 ho" .: "Bamovar best i
heed to anything else. In fact, Remembe- wllte" "Ioffth ers 'Wl
TAL VEaTC.L .this was hai dly a convention in Their .the query: WS
L VE0ll.the ordinary sense. The indus- Who'd ever,, n te.. .f-la atesai ht.:.
al o1 1 Squeezes trial labor leaders were here. But The rave they urotoAn
s ma awthey paid so little attention to i Ti., r.l.. ft. mebbe they'll..
I~l~ Ippi is macaws rolilcies being formulated that e n
as the 3 Surrender he CIO's high command met in We've seen how bat10e0 I Tem: "Elsenh
is 4 Korean wei' seclusion and complained to The.. evaahs t T. Tuman next
-.--" i 5 Floss slk each other that something must We've slpi. the WryU- .
nter tices 6 Hops' kins be done to interest their people And til.of t -. rerts ,
4 command 7 Bird's home in listening to whqt'a going on.
S it 8 Acidifies The resolutions committee, for We've paste* our lhi'.If'to seei fired a ptol in st
I4 plo)ers 9 Transposes 27 Algerian 44 Moha.rmedan example, met for two hours and So let them .uesus a, ne e, dushed uplfo
T7 uth (ab.) seaport priest polished off about 100 resolu-" .I.0 A, d is plying
et (ab.) 10 Arabian gulf 29 Term of 45 Venetian ions on every conceivable sub-
187 e I Gull-like bird magstrt ect from prices to the new Bo- Noel Coward, d h wij, t-keB I," yuaohr"
-1 averages (ab.)lB Assisted 31 Genus of ines48 God of love tion, which had been' meeting enne;once starred in 'li'-
23 votee 21 Reluctan' 33 W winged 49 Greek portico sporadically for a few hours each the initial audtsain g .11mlatd Mo. wil
Wpart 23 Sinew 40 Capital of 50 Can\as -,helter decapassed 22 of these solemn hostile silence, d. of i "
natural declarations in little over an part outrageously. .. ..". .
aver in 25 lrortioian 42 Make amends be5na of 27i' printed pages containing .het wereyo tb-
leid bearing26 Exclamation noisily in -leep35 On.ger To each proposal the unheed- the stage "ke thlgt?"giad th, "t -"..' a eateroth yeao
lade (comb. I 2 s S I I B I 12' ally shouted approval, although Target in.,
rev ricator l these statements wgi be quoted Jackie Gleason nt"s the te h
odium V. ly-arrived-at policies. "h.s,.- r his.
lwer I The feeling was that without "Truman At ATrmy ';" I.-ou g
lrt /9 20 dramatic presentation the :- The only football
.upartant Ices would mean little. So y the stands.
!ood vessel_3 --icked the most dramatic of all ....
vssel o lead them-Walter P. Reutber.

Kota; Gen, Mork
tol artl .

N.-EveA ib j
Mark Clairf
for ending the i
wrk and :hisa btmner

.i .- .
Oft& -are:

S i4

-m .

^^*^^^'' ^? 1^^ '~' ^''"

'vv" 5044 uwiwsr iwahItE R l~~~~iiin'-
~!51~Zoreai jtA.A, pte

ci~ttiok o~u~c-
gardleag. OftSt4Qeo2 hUfl3B**~'be

'- If
s-g BE
i!.' I,

" '" -' "

& -, .^ *^ 'ir

1(1w liefuS'. '1

-, l*

lt -.



ad wat a Clear. mot
deoaplealla agailn. ae
OiiITl me"diatd Caiture
Sbep mud Olnimeat afery
day. wears' ee. By
at drn a..

fatb Trueunam
i' '







'? ." .

ea tevenlag from 5:0 to1 pjn lwith aghtk
a$isattos One, Q Hel te, ..

4A 1 0iru. Chen fedtia .ca qald bow
. nAt untheb 'ot ladies f Lt
Min ter of China to unseaa wabes8 in r4d bear 14.
.ka Mrs. Chen,, who ure.
ron t lthm .U i. 0tfleer, w :re elected:
Veat r .honor at A SU. *,wAs .u t*W &.0W I
S" bthe Ld, AOd Mo. uth Clark,
ador of Span to an- new Assistant Team Leader.
Rd,-tbt .CountesB d abat n In c1cluded
the Beasy. rs. bbie albinmle, M r s.
_ ATAt QretawTkn, MsDorothy
S l ant-Mrst. Rh Clark, Mrs.
nlb mttm" .oof Af MP 'g 'nu, Mrs. Mary An-
Cloeatic crpS ihsl. MVola Johnson,
muatic Corit ty Feti M W Macoubram, Mrs.
nt .o BE Fob. OtM ery., Mrs. Pearl
uparc aia.-s. Nica Seabert and

o s ood wife of
th6l -0 ted tate COsul
3BaRifqUiWan Colombia I.rIO
/on the Isthmis by10m. .oR
S. wnute to 4 .
tV during her sta here Is
a guest at the Hotel Tvoll.

Betnmt For VWSt
Mts. dohn P. Doldge, former
resi4en.t' oft' Cmmaal Zone, is
a ree-t arrtat on the Isthmus
for the CHitmas Holidaays
which epl-laaf to spend with
.herobrot.. t law a~Pd sster,
Mr. and Mst. Dal Thornton of
Coco~"'M ad br er and
st iW BMrs. Lar-
Ty J. k C Coooll.
Colonl'- and Mrs. Doldge
make their- home In Den ve ar,
SMichael Bushm
b Seven Yearts Old
I chel -Basham, son of Mr,
anl bMrs. William r. Basham of
Balboa, celebrated the occasion
of tne anniversary of his sev-
ent birthday last evening with
a -party for relatives and
those attending were
Mlsax flSe sistersat, rii,
'NTany, and u8aaa) Mar. ,and .
Davis and their two daughter
Caroline' an1.Ploroe. o 1
T. A. Mlbkee Janf atiia,
C. Itocher-aAdd.hirm oni.apon
daughter, Mike and Patricia.
*iaS ...i'S : :f=. -

Coatillo MtMetlig Tonight
There olarn meeting of the
th- COAon will be held this
nfid. A t.7:00 p.m. In the
owa.a Kon Salon of Hotel El
PanamL- The class is informal.
Pfjon. will be Mr. and Mrs.
Walter R. Lindsay; Mr. and
Mr.. E. F. Kleasner, and Mr.
and "rs. William Black.
Hosts will be Judy Lindsay,
Jeanene Kleasner and Bill
Black, Jr.
DA.B. Chrlstmas Luncheon
The Panama Canal Chapter,
Daughters of the American
Revolution will meet for the
traditional Christmas luncheon
Saturday at 12:30 9.m. in the
Fern Room of the Hotel Tivoli.
Those planning to attend
are asked to telephone their
reservations to the regent, Mrs.
R. W. Rubelli (3-1518) or Mrs.
W. H. Cowen (24-W2).
All laddies ellble for D.A.R&
membership .are invited.
Bazaar Saturday At
Piablo Gym
T* Bhlboa Order of Rain-
bow Guild, Asipmbly qo. i, W
sponsor a .bazaar to be held
Saturday from 5:00 to 0:00 p.
m, in the Diablo 9ymnasiumn
Board Te Meet
The B0.d'of Adminlstratiors
of the Bell^ Vista Children's
Home will meet tomorrow at
:30 p.m. a& the Home, number
1, East 46th Street.
Meolung Toniht Of
E ve veng lng Guild t
Th Evening Ould of thej

T^r~fWO r''^

aI. of. Coao announce tbe -,-outh Dakota' a lt.rg
a-M iW n Paul Alan Zber d his fell a aeys al
a on De. .a* te P a today to' ,,,
M, Srenz Is the forme*ar vlatons by=
elei-reh,. daughter of Mr. lentnt instead of c -
ndI "dt, 06iad Schuler At 'eeuton.
Sall Streanm Long Island,. Raph-DDtnham, South kota
WW York. attoaey a w t
louMay Tto. atte a
Mr. and Mrs. George J, P-la ments were ced Iwot l 0o
"r of -Ml*pqkee, Wieebnta ar- mAr to iod te of c-
ve4 i*je stqamus raeony rupon and nigs In Waang-
end ve the Chism H .ton." ".w
ys, with- their oi-in-la and topr ol to the Na-
ughter, Dr. and" Mrs. rt tlos of Attorneys
ath en. eral- the two dep
-.----- eld be l7iquired to t -
ner reeldeate,- Mr. a d fl of a; rderal,
A.Se. Mathety of iSt. ,e- iWt mone settlements la
r W i r oria are salo dn r- a
SItmufor the. Christmas Sunh s niennts aso 'w ld
oidays and to evit with their become pubc record open to di-
S d ters-in-law, Uanr. t
nd M. satheny "d I Ma '*ef
r. and Mrs. bert Mathedny. hould tostotbe -
.rpte -arweD Party depart uta o ataFt-
onorifm = R hT. W ?0's
-At metig of the money. wlet
Iblt Ad. 6,f ibd- "49k"
an he re t the home people
C n .n." at- esta -of-Mu n
I r ilthir haTq a -to jdeow tWyt
efir, Mrs. Car- are settled"t he sad.
ingn tumi Leader. "As It Is now. you can met
us With a Swedish Informaax 'nt
S.-U Mrsa. whigah I c
(V wA-At 1*-, -.. .I,
l I II ~ ~~~~~Ia"IIlI tII ... I I i' iii



PLw &lL 3521

tidal' of St. Luk., A .Con
'id its reular*4
?.A P-%. sat teu abil





Sold in Automobile
Agpnoes, Casotev -
Statlao and Shlt '

for only $ 2.50

I-;. .*
.?, *.'* .^

Labor Party Candidate

-. .,

Israel Presidency

Dec. 9 (UP)- ture that. symbolize the h
Y.. "_historian, el ..
go o1r 404, short on aggi
FWW lft-Zvi had not
e-hih in the political
as pfetsdent of the young state.
Y. He Ies.known as the "Good i
Smarltan of the Samaritar
p' op ament and is one of the world's b
Sitlrd bal informed authorities on t
V b* ancient seet.
e rowas born Isaac Shims'
nddat, Poltava, the Ukral
ruenba ". aM active in the-
rty eiat&s -tnt. In 1907
y a majority. o etine and he a
or Labo_1 ar 4 _became f

Carddnas River IFdes I01
The regular nAthl s.p.
meeting of the deaiZ a L
Garden Club. W-'beb 1l at
6:00 p.m. At Ifte ohMr
and Mrs. Charles P. Morgan at

Visitor To Officiate Thursday
Mr. Garland P. Bottom, Pi
Grand Monarch, M.GV.P.MRW,
of Richmond Virginia; andt Mrb
George B. loffta, Or n d
Master 'of Ceravniles, of Cleve.
land, Ohio, tbf of whom are
visitors to thew.t hmus, will of
folate Thursday at the annual
Election and Installation of Of-
ficers of Haadan Gr tto tobe
held 'at 7:30 p.m. at the Wr
Memorial Building,
Cbri as KMetlag Of hildredl
Of Aimelcan 3irdi%. -
The Christmap meeting of
th William Crawlemd' Orgas
Soe te, Children of the Amer-
ieon -evolution will be held on
Friday, at 4:30 p.m. at the home
of the Senior President, Mrs.
William N. Taylor, 5862 Walker
Avenue, Diablo Heights.

Catholie DO aat m ,
Baffle Aa nenement
Court Sancta Maria, No. 447,
Catholic Daughters of America
has announced the winners of
the Charity Raffle held in ac-
cordance vith the numbers of
the three prizes of the Nation-
al- Lottery Drawing of Panama
on Sunday, December 7.
The first prize of 12 fiv e-
piece' place settings of Rosen-
thaI gold band china was won
by Lieutenant Colonel C. A.
tanflel of Fort Amador; sec-
ond prize of an eight cup au-
tomatic coffeemaker was won
by Leila Arosemena. of Panama
City; and the third prize, an
electric "Fry-Rite" was won
by Mrs. Carmen Aleman of Bal-

Woman's Club Party Thursday
A Christmas Party of the
chIdren of-the members of the
Bal*'a Woman's Club will be
given- by the Club on Thursday
from 4;00 to 6:00 p.m. at the
Jewish Welfare Board Center
in Balboa.
Dorose Watte' "S school of
Dance" will present a Variety
Show which will include -num-
bers tl- both tap and ballet.
Mte will-alo be own, and
Claus be oI ha d to
.4* ORA
ffF^ SI... !^* *a*,

Is.'. '

la the first aid second bal-!
lots, wIth 61 votes needed for
election,. Ben-Zvl received 48,
Oruenbaum 17 Nurock 15, and
Perets Bernstein general Zion-
ist candidate, 18, with 12 P
Only a Asiple maRJorty W
required for election
third ballot.
The election, of Ben-zl to
days after his 68thI. bi "y
anniversary was attriboutedto
a division in Griuenbai 's
United Workers.
After the death of Weizmann
Dr. Albert Einstein, world fa-
mous physicist who now Is an
American citizen, refused a
suggestion by Premier David.
Ben Ourion that he bedouhe a
candidate for the presidency.
Ben-Zvl lives In. a three-
room apartment and his fur-
niture is on the dilapidated
side. His. dsk is the same small
rickety table he has used for
more than two, decades.
Some say he forgets to tie
the laces of the high shoes he
wears, that his clothes look
Others say he is a Jerusa-
lemite, representing the. nobil-
Ity, the steadfastness, the cul-

Play To Be Staged
At Colon Church
The young people.of the Colon
Church of God will present a
drama entitled "The Hand of
God" on Thursday at 7:30 p.m.
on church premises.
In addition to the play there
will be songs and elocutionary
items by the youths of the
church and theti guests.

---t agj..... 11

,fom .

Toilet Water (4 o.)
(also available in Old Spice)

3 cakes of 'Toilt Soap

,l-U hi" Eh
-I best
labltMgl without atomism






, *t'*. -



res- clusively Yours: Dick Powell left
ris- the musical beat for the dark
life alley beat as a tough private
eye in "Murder, My Sweet." But
Sa- now Hollywood can roll out the
ns,g tunes instead of the murder
pest mysteries. Dick's ready to warble
this again with that, singing voice
that packed theaters in the late
he- '30's.
ne "Sure, I'd like to do a mus-
Z. Iclal," he told me. "But I guess
he Hollywood's forgotten I can sing.
ad I even bad one big studio exe-
cutive say to me, 'I didn't know
ast you could sing, Dick.' Then I
reminded him of all those War-
ner musicals and he looked
* sheepish and said, 'Of course,
I'd forgotten.'"
Dick just made his directorial
bow on an RKO suspense
thriller, "Split Second," and is
crowing over his luck in draw-
ing the assignment without
having to double ,as an actor.
"I was lucky,k' he said. I re-
membered what Bob Montgo-
mery and Orson Welles did. They
directed themselves. It can't be
done. You can't be in 'em, too."
Barbara Payton hopes that
Hollywood will forget the Tom
Neal-Franchot Tone tug-of-war
for her heart and let her con-
tinue with her acting career.
But she's prep-ired to take up
permanent residence in England
ff the wind blows cold along
flicker alley. The blonde head-
lin.? queen made two films in
London and she's counting on
their U. S. release to bring her
Hollywood offers.
"I hope it will make a differ-
ence," Barbara told me. "If it
doesn't, I won't stay in Holly-
wood, I think it's kind of unfair,
but that's another story."
Greer Garson's mother is on
the payroll at MGM at a salary
that even the better-known
starlets on the lot aren't com-
manding .... Every top studio is
after Vanessa Brown following
her Broadway click in "Seven-
Year Itch." But her hubby, plas-
tic surgeon Dr. Robert Alan


r e -Bewitching

NEA Staff Correspondent
Franklyn, says that she can't do party with Lance
a movie until the fall of '53 un- separated from sts
der the terms of her run-of-the- sing. The dolls
play contract. .Ethel Merman's face and there wa
due for a second film at Fox as ment. But the
a followup to "Call Me Madam." smiles and a
It may be Irving Berlin's chat.
"There's no Business Like Show U *
Business." The rumbles a
Power and Linda
Columbia's beating Fox to won't unrumble.
home plate with Marilyn Men- diet a divorce.
roe's singing voice by re-Issuing *
"Ladles of the Chorus." a small- Carole Matthev
budget picture made In 1949, comer who so-stE
and she's in the mood to picket Dalley In U-I's "IV
any theater that plays it. Fair." is trying to
Snapped the screen's No. 1 er to go on with
blonde doll: marry a Chicago c
"I think it's terribly unfair. Bole.?r and Warn
It was the first tir.? I was ever huddle about are-i
in anything. The picture was ny," with Doris E
shot in nine days. Why don't star... Ben Hec
they be fair and add a line to graphy is complete
the opening credits: "This girl hands of his pub
was dropped flat by this studio cation date is set
just after she made this pic- '53.
ture.'" .
Producer Pam Blumenthal has fi
asked Lisa Ferraday to be the
next Mrs. B... Bing Crosby's *f
Hollywood Colony Game is a .
new rage. A real test of nerves... W21
Hearts and flowers note: Mickey
Rooney has penned a new ditty.
"Elaine." in honor of his bride.
Elaine Mahnken She'll do a gag
walk-otf in Mickey's new MGM
film, "A Slight Case of Larceny."
but she doesn't want to be a
movie emoter
Writer Alan Wilson to his
agent. Bullets Duraom-
"But t',? script can't stink.
I'm using chlorophyll on the
Oh, no! John Wayne not only
dyed his hair flaming red for
his role in "Sword Before the
Mast," but also tinted the forest
on his manly chest the same
hue!...If Ginger Rogers can 'atOno
have a Frenchman who has
movie ambitions, so can Lana Ar
Turner. George Sorel. descen-
dant of a famous French acting
family, is Lana's new flame...
Pat Knight vent to -a Hollywood



Fuller, wholb
arlet Joy Lan&,
came face to
Ls a tense mt ,
ice turned

bout Tyrone
Christian Just
Insiders preo

ws. the nap.
ars with Dae
leet Me at t.
decide wheth-
her career or
doctor.... Ray
ners are in,
make of "Bu8-g
lav as his co-
ht's autobio-
ed and in the
blishers. Publi-
for the fall ai.


II ?f

Last word in fashion



STEL. 2-3418

II -

For your shopping convenience we snaI remain open
every evealig until 9. p.m.



* Nylon with Metalic Thread

* Brocadedatme

* Nylon Net
72" wide -- all colors... .95

* Nvylon Net
54" wide. ........... 1.25



.-- .f ".. .


*~~ ~ ~~ "^ -'.- ^^^^^^^^iii

..-- :. L^,. .-'.,. ,. *.... *:.| .i.:. .
-.. ... : ;'-; ,... a* ... ..^ ,*

.. .:: = ,- '' : .^ ,. : *

__I __ ___I____~_





, .-


youngsters are seven months
ahead of time, but if they' keep
their seats, they'll have a fine
spot from which to view the
coronation procession of Queen
Elizabeth II, In June. Stretch-
Ing into the distance as far as
the eye can see, these -huge
bleachers are being erected along
London's MaIL


#A- -.

SCdrg and Freight-Ships and

%3iippirng & AirLine News
Z" southern Airways Certificate -btrt Hart: Rep. and Mrs. Brooks
Renewed 5 Years By CAB '--\>. Mrs. Gladys B. Humphre:
WASHINGTON. Dec. 9 iUP, -' ri iwo children; Mr. and M-r
A Civil Aeronautics Bo.,rd Alfred Hval. Rep. and Mrs. Ed
examiner recommencied today v.aro H Jentson: Dr. Josepn A
thai Southern Airways' op.r:.t- Jnhenpen; and Mrs. Gracelyn H
ing certificate oe renewed tnr'johi.ston
five years. but vith a few route' .Mrs and Mrs. Everrett 7. Kin:-.
Schanges. *m. Francis W. Lvle: 'oseph V
hPter holding hearing ~ onl irh-Ke. John R. McLavy; Josep.i-
So-thern's application for ren.- u: Managan. Theodore Motir-
i wa'. examiner Ferdinand D Mc- I jjr Janies L Nelligan: Mr. and
f ran recommended acceptance on:1Mr- Paul L. Parker and thrce
rrcunds of publicc convenience children. Miss Alice M. Paxscn:
and necessity." :Pavinond J Poskaitis; and
CAB ruling on the reconi-|James L Riley.
S redatin is expected in a lew and Mrs Edward Scott and
ISonthes. e-ght Soutn-c'at~ hter. Mr. and Mrs John Hi.
Southern steat es nct.. N .Eoners Mr and Mrs Harry T
S eastern states and connects New Ellwood Stirling r.
Orleans, Jacksonville. Charl,=S iS H ham Ellwood Stirling: Mr.
S rn Charlotte Atlanta BirmnLe- .n.dc Mrs Fred H. Studt and 3
ham. Mobile and Memphi Hied- chii'.ren. William R. Todd: M.:
Quarters are in Birminphanm ntl Mrs Emil A. Trefzger and
Moran recommended t II tinrnrt daughter: Earl S. War-
sts at Gulfport i fMi ." n- Ollie B. Welch: Mr and Mrs
S Monroe, La be addei ;o J"(Al M Wheaton and daughter:
a '" -...hhyM bend Mrsd William B Wldnall
Southern's route and that f1 n1i ron- M Florences. William B Wdna
* to Macon and August. G .'rtn s s Na-iFlorence WilliamsF
Orangeburg, Charleston ana ..';d Mss Nancy E Williams.
Rock Hill, S. C.. and Hattiesbur c
Miss., be eliminated Expert On Cops
He also recommended the AExpert Cops
cease its investigation ddRates NY's Finest
whether Southern should ;ervelatesN s Fnest
live cities now served bv thieel
other airlines. in Sixth Place
Four onressmen To Sail NEW YORK, Dec. 9 i UP -An
On S. S. Ancon Friday exnert on cops today rated "New,
Four Congressmen and mem-:YorK s finest" no better than'
bers of their families who arelthan sixth place, behind Mil-1
presently visiting on the Isthm';s v aukee. Detroit. St. Louis, Cin-I
are scheduled to return Frida icinnati and Los Angeles, in that
en the S. S. Ancon. according to crodr.
the advance pascsenaer S
.There are103 passengers boo: Bruce Smith. actin rector of
to s"lI on the Ancon. LIP Institute of Public Affairs.
Tho complete advance list an, ')ared at a hearinR of a re-
u. ..gers announced today vfol-' or he recently made on the
''New York police department.
So M. Aubert. Miss E Aked whether he felt the city's
o MissAClaire Bean. .ros could still be termed" the
vi| A Becker- Mr and Mrs Rn-~ irest." he replied, "They used to:
sel' T. Billion snd two son- be.
Joh. M. Bradford. Le;'-- i
Br(e'ks: Rep. and Mrs Charles R
SBr-wvson and three children.' Vote Vet
{ M/Pyt. Sherwood F Carl 1,.,
an, nMr,. William J Carson: r WATERBURY, Conn iUPi -
*su Mrs. W. C. Charleton. M. John T Mullin is an old hand
n1 Mrs. Charge D Cheeck a at this election business The re-
thr?- children: Vernon L Clontz;cent election was the 51st con-
a h- l Mr. and Mrs. Worden H Co secutive time he has served as
Sa vot ing official. Mullin first
pr' served a- a checker in 1901.
Joseph DiGioraio: Miss Dur-
i on: Mr and Mrs Jasper L ,-"
Edre Mr and Mrs. Michael Gj-
S g... Rep and Mrs H. R. Gro.: 3
and son: Mr and Mrs James H
IH-dan: Mr and Mrs William H *I-W1f
I ~ ,iht: Richard Hammer. J M s3f m UH
S Lloyd Harnish: Mr. and Mrs. ilu-

Capt. Brown Is |alntjuo
Acting Cristobal Lu dIUI
Port Captain 2000 sp Srooms-
SCapt. Samuel L. Brown has nsble retes include rdle
-..e.een named to act as Port Cao- "S W cud H
tifn In Cristobal during thel My rooms with Telvhmo
absence on leave of Cap. William roms with Tlevisle
S. Parsons. according to a notice
tlssId yesterday. OTEL
PerTons left Friday night after I
recPiving notice of the death of
his father In Biloxi. Miss.
"""During Parsons' absence Capt T NF
40loi.tio A. Lincoln. Balboa Poil 7 thAV-NEW YORK
Ca,,t in. will act as chief of nt- at SthSt
victntion and chairman of the0 ON TIMES SQUARE Al RADIO CITY
bor'd of Local Inspectors in ad- m,,... ,,* 11 muin
dition to his duties as Port Cap-



- --r ~ -.-- ---- T E AUT-II

Planes- Arrivals and Departure.


*I *.



Great White Fleet



S.S. "CHIRIQUI' .................................Dec.
*S.S. "MUSA" ....................................Dec.
S.S. "MARNA" ................................. Dec.
SS.S. "TOLTEC" ................................. Dec.
S.S. "CHIRIQUII" ...............................Dec.


Handling Refrliermled Chilled and General Cargo
S.S. "CAPE ANN" .................................Dec. 13
S.S. "PARISMINA" ...............................Dec. 15
S.S. "JAMAICA" ...............................Dec. 20
S.S. "CAPE AVINOF" ............................Dec. 21
Irrrne:1 frelhlt ma tlis am Cristo6bl t
We roes Coentrl Anmele"s part
Passenger Sallings to
New Orleans via Tela. Honduras
S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ................................. Dec. 16
S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ...............................Dec. 30
Weekitolllmgn an twelve wifw amei Ship to New m o k MbDUL
Cherlealon Los Angelm gian Prometer md tie
We wish to announce a new special round trip rate of
$270.00 for passage on our twelve passenger ships sailing
weekly from Balboa to Los Angeles and/or San Francisco,
returning from Los Angele.. tickets lialted to four
months. effective September 15th to May 15th.

T /10



*rn if




The Pacific Steam Navigation Company

Royal Mall Lines Ltd.

S.S. "KENITTA" ............ ......... ......... Dec. 16th
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,0 Tons) ....Feb. 18th
S.S. "TALCA" .................................De. 9th
S.S. "FLAMENCO" ............................Dec. 2th
M.V. "SALAMANCA" ............................ Dec. 24th
M.V. "DRINA" .... ..................... -
S.S. 'LOCH RYAN" ........... .......... ...D ..
M.V. "DONGEDYK" ..............................Dec. 26th
M.S. "DURANGO" .......... .... ..........Dee. 24th
SS.S. "POTARO" ................................. Dee. 24th
All Sallings Subject to Chance Without Notlee.
FORD CO. iNC. PANAMA-Ave. Peru #55. Tel. 3-1251/5

diev*bo4y Ro5 4


Trouble Comning p.

* -l ,.'

Right You Are

3~ V. T.SWW


^^>- -Ir"-ii 11ff


* kot

31 K14~3A~L O~MAUZI


A Capital Deduction



..T*' i~-

,y .
< <


- *.: .

* C




I ;4*.."*





- d .. ....

___I_____ __~______C___ _____



-- --, 4. -.. f.. .... "...... 9. .. 4.., .. .4 .'. ,- ." .
T MF.Ua. .," 4 ." .. ', -.. *
.Ci ee 9 '.. ,.v. '. ._TE PANAMA AMEkW6N AN INhW*NSUNT DAILY


." ^ .f... ... .,. e.

^fe-^~~I"so-^ ?f>


SritC &,,it tld.Critabal aws,

r entijea Bell pertfrmeq the ceremppy.aly akO lau

Ahet If octh oft Port Clulicli q ounce the
dr of birh, of a sqfa-at, the Colon
Frid elnber 5.
_ed r en 2iame4 Dean
.ato ,ui telli The in at Is the grandson of
otf. n = .=',M Mr: ad Mrs. Noel E. Gibson,
Mrs. -. M. Wwn attended 8r., of Margaita, and Mr. and
e e. hf e wMas dresed in Mrs. C, E..Miller, formerly of
eL aftr h f the Cristobal, now of Miami, -Flor-
PA Seofhware Ida. Mrs. Miller is at present
fe of Or^r w I.srsitba her daughter and son-
Sown wad test man and tIn-law.
"ns f- or the M.
rsing S House .are Mr. and Mrs. Bartley
eldting at House .. ~ Vlsltipg in Gatun
toI'he mploAe Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bartley, of
hydrogra Decatur, Illinois, arrived by
sW PaU t d he r plane 0Saturday for a visit with
m t 0eFulOic rtley's brother and fa-
SV. .;,,, _rjy,. r. and Mrs. Joseph Ir-
is of-' Gatun.
t t il 'in B 'ie Scott Celebrates
Sts ar dance in 0g Birthday
o. the Hot e 1 o* Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Scott,
f eHo l o-Coldn, entertained with a
a traevel ing party at their home, Saturday,
dw a hvery pot sle r event, to honor their young daughter
&d f f ae pulsar ev Dale 9n her third birthday an-
of members attending.erary.
*for the-evening were Celebrating the occasion with
i ["S'i rs. Fmii aft, Lie the honoree were: V e r o
and Ma.E.0 Cala Li Blennerhlassett, Stanley Mn Ai
and Wei 3. 0. Cofe Pancho Motta, Maribe l an4
d Mrs. R~y Bartley, of Chencho ,Galindo, Jane Hunanl-
-Wlliotse, and Mr. John cutt, Charles and Stephanl"
Maher, Sarah and Judy Palumn-
enored Oqn be Jo Carol Pretto, M a r u J
ano, of Co- 'id
Ma canasta agi uib., ecide
t t iu. appoint- tg p^a s 1- U
hotel Waph- .gypt.usf tM.
Swere. pre-. NeW Stu U

.. at the miar *, Ml ised Nagulb,
tea and coffee services were: has decided Egypt must have a
Ax. yRaymmn Tpledano and new constitution, a governmentsx
lars. Charles Whitaker. spokesman said today.
git Walker LIatta For Miami He said a new constitution wi-l
Mie. George A..Walker. of Co- be drafted "suitable" to the new
014,; knd children, Miltey, Fred- regime, under-which Nagulb as-
die, Jannie, and Carole were Rumed power after oustinK King
the overnight guests of Mr. and Parouk from. the throne.
Mrs. 8. D. Humphrey, of New
Ial before their, d rture
before e ~~eir. te Dorcas Society
$ad N a.o Put. Qn Progam
It^).1 .Soiety

W.;: ker-as- beeq visiting The Dora of
relatives on t t venth Day. AD=Yt C
I' a,$, jonn .. ih-t .orri..Vllo1 r -

-t ghat Proceed of the program will
aal dter, :No. 2- Order be distrb(ted among -the poor
amS wvi slect and needy during

..m)nThe T
;an d wi l. b b y's e l -e. .

t' death 7 e,

t ; .., to -- -

r :- ; ;."y^ ''.
F ._* 7 ... .;

.. *lft a

" -. f :. *,. ., d
i --e

M bs ieMs.v

.y1 i' w ^^Hf
"' if.^j| ^^^ ^8Ej^ ge-ti ^ ^ B



6J3 8 4 3

L-- w ..4- 4

LS Ognn, Jimmy: 'ord, Romo-
Lto afd Isabel Afmlllani Rosa-
rio Butler, Consuelo tinares,
Kevin and -Martin Harringtori
and Allen Hunnlcutt.
Dale's graigmother, M r s.
Frank L. Scott' assisted the hos-
Bainbow Aaes blyy, to Rold
Marjordt Ceramony
All Master Masons, Eastern
Stars and Rainbow Girls. are
Jnvited to the foinal meeting
and Initiation to be held by
Cristobal Assembly No. 2, Or-
der of the Raimbow for Girls
on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at the
Cristobal Masonic Temple.
A high light of the'evening
will be the Majority Ceremony,
for members who have reached
the age of twenty years or have
been married.
Art Exhibit at Hotel Washlnton
A one-man show of original
paintings by Mrs. Johb Breen-
Ing, of Gatun, is now being ex-
hibited in the Lounge of the
Hotel Wpshington. The general
public is cordially invited' to
view the work which was pre-
viously hung i" the gallery of
the Hotel Tivolt .'


Opening lead-- Q


Just In case u'ro .sot J
liar with the poInt-cOqRtier it
is: coudpt 4 i afor 41
your hard; 3-fprea2chji; or
each qftena' &tfr.1
There are 10 p ech
suit, and 40 points the enre
deck. You and your partner iu-
ally need 26 points to ma a
game; 33 points for :a an;
slam' 37 fnr a Oranri slam.

Heard a woman complaining In today's ld South opas"
the othpr day that the Amerl- the bidding properly ..eough
., Ia4]e was becoming so in- with a bid of one ht. ,
formal and relaxed that he was counts 13 points in hicards
ge-ing down-right sloppy int and 1 point for distritloi. It
-both manners and dress. doesn'tnmatter too mu mwheth-
Said she: "After I've spent er this. I point for difit tion la
two days polishing silver and added.bbC.seaOUI- lia.long
leaning. shrimp f or dinner hen rA t nhca hehas a-
guesti, It seems to me it is doqblUi*,-Elther way, the value
downright rude for the. men to of Jis had. remains 14 points.:
come in art0shirts. Especially North'oes to three- hearts,
when all Of their wives arrive showing .itte -16 points. N6tth
looktawe like they wire going to has 12 points'in high card's nd'
a dinner .party instead of a counts 1 pbint for the double-
Mnlghborhood dri" htn. ton. -
S d while-I'am Iau avor of
guste..- being. cqJ tAtle, it 86ut.J naturally -goes on to
t seeem to -pb e t mn game, but dpp not even.consider
bye' t$ relax' tor- the'olint tf I slat. ' North's raise,
tactically sitting on t h e i Sr-outh is. entitled to add 1 point
necks. to the value of his hand for his
"Nor do I think they are so fifth heart. His count is now 15
worn out from the day's work points, and he knows that North
and so in need of rest that they has a maximum of 16 points for
don't need to sJand up when a the double, raise to three hearts.
woman- enters the room. If they The partnership total cannot be
pre that worn out they ought to more than 21 points, which Is
$tay home. not enough for a slam.
!"'If all these men I'm talking .South makes hls"-contract by
about hadn't been brought up careful play. West'" 0oe. the
to know what a gentleman owes queen of spades and- tinues1
iWaostess and the other women tne suft until South ruffs the
Q:prAen I wouldn't mind a bit. eithrd ro#unA er draws
they do know bt ter. e r cashes
They've just taken the trend the top .and ruff$ a
t*ard informality to mean that diamond e then re-
g goes. That any hostess turns to,. puffing a
1 to be delighted to have spadeasith on-
lappear at a arty w a rly r
o 'ha lwewttn a and-out .i'

down:- onto theA nine East Is' able
hecks a' d behave trickwith the ten of
t49ugh they were in their own clubs but must then return a
bac] yards resting up after a club up to- dummy's ace-queln.
bout with the lawn mower." Note that South would lose hse
Well, A V,'men.' You're game'if he flunessed the queen of
cdteh critical o' the women so clubs Inmsad of the nine. hast
you ought to bei1 1lB4taoten would wli with the king of clubs
when the wonim tecldv ou, too, ad return the suit whereupon
can stand A ttie lmp ement the defenders wouldd get a sec-
-or .- and club trick.
-:.': -. ..- ..... .f i f



/ S
*SHINGTON. Dec. 9 (UP)-
The State r.2partment said
'yesterday that a high depart-
imsft dlicial arrested on drunk
$ while carrying secret
.a violated security regula-
tOnS' and that "action" may be
taken against him.
. .pokesmin Michael J. Mc-
Dermott said the diplomat. Foy
,tld' Kohler, violated a depart-
ment rile that secret documents
must not be taken from the de-
-. _aid anyone who remov-
M edvich papers is responsible
"ar to the hilt."
McDermott said the document
concerned research papers on
the critical Tunisian and Mo-
roccan Issuds now pending be-
fore the United Niations General
Ass8ehibly in New York.
. They were stamped secret, he
aid, to protect "certain sources
of: information."
*Ihler took the papers from
the department for" "weekend
reading" when he left the of-
fice Friday to attend a privat.-
party with his wife, Phyllis. in
suburban Arlington, Va.

140-AKon Garage

To Use bidividual

IndivIdual dial telephones will
be 'nsed at the Rotor Transpor-
tation Dvision garage Ip Ancon
AzNt awteh ay telephones
be-IiniR today.
With-the change, the present
telephone listing in the 1952 tele-
phone for the garagen Cristobal.
Gatun, Gamboa, and Pedro Mi-
The present telephone number.
2-2175, for the Motor Transpor-
tation Div. will continue to be
used for the dispatcher of official
vebleles. It will also be ,used for
the repair shop outside of regular
office .hours..
The new telephone numbers,
which may be balled direct over
the dial system are: superinten-
dent's office, 2-1302: repair shop.
during office hours 2-1820 or
23819&: light -and heavy equip-
ment supervisors and timekeeper,
2r3052; cashier 'and accounting.
?,1300;.itroreroomn. 2-3375; and
.e repairs and recapping, 2-4249,

.DA Choirs
To Sing Handel's
eikioh Sunday
The singlig of excerpts *from
HandeV's "Messiah" by the
thoirs of the Seventh Day Ad-
ventist Church here, will be on
Sunday at 3 p.m. In the Pacific
Clubhouse, instead of Wednes-
day as announced.
The program- is an annual af-
fair of the 8DA church in Cabo

sL.a. h. .. his s 1. em so


1613 -O 1kh Eighte

Every day of the ?, vt wiU be recalled
wit-haplr m ma. of oBab when you give
Estebrook-lthe puer Wi instrument.
Ean* pupt r than beauty
adlastidbu ftiB.gXa2 p wamdsiWa stMindiv
of gisft*ah g EM bmyou choose wactly
S. ti t fpoig .lpat cwkittf-ing from 33

a*vW c a.Chr G ist.mMAL


We same
or flew


PI'` 3



Wile Dru
While Drul

His action came to light when |
their automobile careened off
the street and sheared off a
telephone pole,

r 4A987
as 4*Q85
4 K 107
8OUtB (D)
Both sides vul.
Wet North East
Pass 3 W. Pa
PaPassass Pam


IN .

Special Engagement



Kohler forfeited $8.75 on a
drunk charge. His wife was
charged with drunken driv-
ing and released in $500 bond.
Her case was postponed today
for 10 days.
When they were taken to the
police station, Kohler immed-
lately called the State Depart-
ment and three agents later
picked up his brief case con-
taining the secret documents.
McDermott said "this con-
stitutes a violation of security
regulations in that Mr. Kohler
was not protecting the material
in a manrer commensurate with
its classification."
He said action is being con-
sidered against Kohler but that
no procedure had been agreed
McDermott said the diplomat,
who previously had an "excel-
lent performance and security
record," was at work today and
that he had talked with him.
He said no unauthorized
persons had seen the doeu-
mepts while they were out at
the department.
Asked how he could be sure-
since Kohler was at a party,
McDermott said Kohler had the
appears "locked in the trunk of
is car that was in a locked
He said Kohler informed him
he took the initiative in re-
questing State Department a-
gents to Dick up the. papers af-
ter his arrest.
Kohler was described as on.
expert on North African affairs
bn the important policy plan-
ning staff which charts world-
wide U. S. diplomatic strategy.
Other sources aid Kohler had-
falled to abide bv department
regulations setting up a strict
security system for removing
documents from the depart-
ment for use in official busl-
ness. Offtials may not remove
papers at all for personal use.

Balboa Chapter
Women's Auxiliary
To Sponsor Show
The Women's Auxiliiary of Bal-
boa Chapter, Local 900. GCEOC-
CIO. will sponsor the showing o[
a film and a stage show at"the
La Boca Theater on Friday to
raise funds tg.fet9.a fumb41yf
former residents of La Boca-,
The film will be "Lullaby On-
Broadway," starring Doris Day
and Gene Nelson. Between
showings the Camp Fire Seren-
aders. under the direction of
Robert Bushell, will put on a
variety act.
The proceeds will be used it
a Christmas package presenta-
tion party for retired employes
who formerly lived in La Beca.



TUESDAY, DEC. 16 8:30 P.M.

at the


Tickets: Front rows, reserved ..... $ 4.
Back rows, reserved ....... 3.-'

Balcony, unreserved .......

On sale at: PANAMA TOURS

Ave. Tivoli 18
. ?-

* Tel. 2-2006
B .



Management Conciertos TrapneU-Simon.

everybody Rsads Classifledt

The MO you've "loked Around"... The MO you'll Appreciate

Til 4J WELRY T 0 t
23 1c e Cotr e- V 6 JS. 7S1



as'sa v Im r L:r '. 1ng 1a .

* I4 m%* fw w L r -H x m __ -'

. .
- *-, stn.-e

r .rt .

Srried Secret Papers

.t1e t recalls Christmas evry day
Al IL -y*'.? k y"


n n

- s

= T

with the

> .*____t-


. I T -- -





9 ----

I -~~~ ~-~---


S. ,-,-. 4 .-. .^ ...- _
.,, .-~ .-i *. .."-.- .


ou Sell em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classifieds!

L*ea e our Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in uo. 57 "H" Street Panamai
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

Le%%is Sernice
No 4 Ti\ocll Ae.-Phone 2-2291. and

lrrion'- oe 2-0441
Foiitt of ,JIun/ Ave-Plhone 2-0441

Salon de Belieza Americano
No. 55 West 12th Street

Carlton Drug Store
10.059 Melender Ave.-Phone 255 Colon

Propaganda, S.A.
Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones "H" Street corner Estudiarte St.
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-2214 and 2-2798

Minimum for 12 words.
3c. each additional word.

||,.1. .l,,,I Automnl,;
FL m-" E ,.1 i ,,, mole n .- h worriedd U.ed Tres & Tubes at Bar
L. : ga.r, Pr.ce' at Agencias Co mos
pl 'Auhi-R:., No. 29, Tel Ponamoa
S ":... -47
S i :"4- I FOR SALE--B..,ck. duty pa.d. --door
S' r le r..-' black ,edon, 1947. good ccndi-
"r '" .nr. new baiierv. Phone 4-377.
S. AC C, ALE -1950 Morri Oxtc'rd
F.F LE. 10'.000 m rr-,le: hIke new. Alho 1946
S1, '4-' H- Hud,.&C Clu, coupe, r.ce .550.
C AI,-, g..'. r^* ": r *-, -", 4-4249. Panama
-EALE 'Be Ia I- FOR SALE -- [-41 Che~rcier in good
FOR nd *- 1 -', ..1 c-'" I ur,....,g cor.d.i.on go ad ires., new
Bn o r, I- ,. borirre. A.enrdo Cuba Z,8 apart-
5$t c r-nert I "

FOR- -- LE rE,,, .- .. i.c L. -IFOR SALE 1946 Sedanette
-,r : -.. .d i E x.:ellr.,t cord.Ilcn. Radio. Tel.
36 % l. i. 1.4.-tme, 2.: 6 0J76 William Place
No ? FOP .ALE-'41I Packard Sedan, duty
F-R SLE E '. -. h:. r, p-d, '-c d mcior and traonsporta-
FOR edrL ..-h bl I t a. lea.,ng Isthmus. Phone Ted
43 rd .r N ., -. Tel .4c,- I durr d a^, at Balboa 2-3564 and
F -- gd e _I- aor Diablo 2-3177.
FCr AL -L ,FiiG.doire '9146 m-.del
c, lect r.I krc.hen ,lOCk C:3 FOR SALE--1942 Buick Convertible.
(c" both -: .: ,ce 1. ,n I': .lle, dutN paid Leam ing Zone, must
', :,. b:t .: l.Iper 120 d.ipo.E '250 00 Call Hammer
00 C'u r',, Dre: er l 00 Balboo 2-2553. Sunday 10.00 a
bo .-tr -'. '.'.a,n a rnB d m. ,, 2 p m. Weekdays 8 00 a
lore ..c ..l f-r o rr. C..tln e able In t. 4 -l_ p. m
.3..'' r.l uc.:I ,r Acrc Bl'.d FR SALE 1951 Pontiac four door
FOR -A LE E-F a, Retr.geatCr M\idrimatic, seat covers. radio
9 cu i E tr l .r .'ll r.d.r .c. i.lo .100 an be inoanced one third down
00 2-i r,-d T,pe Fan '25 C' Curun.du house 2139-B.
Fih,,r,..: F..:.1 r.,d r:eet 1 : 17 C.I' FOp SALE Plymouth Station Wo-
Pair r.e-' lo-rp! IC :' bamboc- g lon 'I947, duly paid. excellent
cho,r. h .e- cord.ii.c.n Coil Panama 3-2333.
Sdar, c Call C.:.:cI 4.52h FOR SALE -1949 Chevrolet Cc'n-
Ap I ,e 'ertoble De Lu3xe w.ith radio n$980

door sedan Wednesday thru Slar- CALL FOR BIDS FOR CHURCH
Pulll Elstle day, see J. H. Joyner Motr Sealed b HOUSE F
Trar.,portation Divi.ion Corral Sealed bids for opening In public
FOR SALE --Or rade3 tor property in wAll be received until 10 00 A. M
Par.3a- ,0 p, r .n Boauete 5 3-4 FOR SALE -2 tires 7 60 x 15 and December 27, 1952 for furnishing
bclare; r-roitc m hou:e be'r View I tube $10.00, no junk. Call Bal- all material and labor and construc-
( the .ci, a.,' Polarne 41' boa 2-3355. heon of a combined church house, of- F
titncro- Ir. E.creie :ee Tommr Mo I fice and parsonage to be located an
S J ,,/. P.ce. ofl.ce PERSONALS ste of old Building No. 627 4djo-
Iurundu houE phone Curundul cent to First Baptist Church, Dalboo
4t -AMERICAN. tluent Spanish. wide ex- Heights, Canal Zone F
perence Latin America. excellent Plans and specifications may be
: ANTED contact'. and referer.c,S desires obtained at the church offices in
career position with reliablc lirm. Building 627 upon deposit of $15.00.
S ':;.rellnnuPOl Write D. V, Box 134. Panama, R. which sum will be refunded to un- F
f' P successful bidders upon return of
WANTED Man heao, woolen GEORGE D. BARB, JR Human En- plans in good condition within ten
iercoar and woolen suit 36-i8. gineering. Correctsve Adus.tment daiis after opening of bir',..
_______________ of the Body ructure. Posture- The Building Committee of the F
oft he Body Structue. h ostu Church reserves the right to reject
WANTED -P.nq Pcria Table i, good Sp.rnal Care Swedish Techn'que urch ves the right to reec
: Lrd&- Phone 3-259'9 No. 11, Seventh St. Telephone any or all bids.
-- 2-3833 Monday Thru Saturday 8 Building Committee
ESSO N S a. m. to 8 p. m By Appointment First Boptirf Church F
ESOnlS. 0 SBalboa Heights. C Z.
%NivERSIlTY OF PANAMA. Tel 2-.727 or 2-3040
Be' inning Saturday, December 13 FROM PANAMA TO MEXICO
Ed every Saturday thereafter for MieCellanetns One way $85, round trip $135 i15
1 weeks the University of Panr,- da-limri. $165, good one yearo,
;Sa is courses in begin- FOR SALE: Child's crib. Thayer to LOS ANGELES, one way, $149
ir, ,termediate and advanced stroller, car seat. Cristobal j-2574 15 round tr;p $252 35. 90 doy-
irneh tar Americans H.urs- be- house 8175-A. Margarita Imni,,. Panama Dispatch Ser%,ce op-
,. ners. 8-30 to 10 a. rr. Inter- FOR SALE----One new Royal type- posile Ancon bus stop. Tel Panama
*ned.ote 8.30 to 10 a m. Ad- writer, condition, excellent Col 2-1655.
'flhced 10 to II 30 a. m Stud- 2-1375 after 4 p m. or call at
it0s fulfilling university adm.ssiori house 570, San Juan Area, An-
'tui.rements will receive credit for con. after 4 p. m. President Asks
arse Registration fee- $10 00. FRA---- p p T C
FOR SALE-General flectr-c Console P o0 l To Stud
-Heip W anted Radio-Phonograph. Blonde maho-
,-Help Wanted gany. Excellent cond.t.on $200. Human Di
ANTED -Experienced cook. Apply Telephone Panama 3-1909 even-n igt
:1'ter 5 p. n Otfice Ny- ingS. A A proclamation designating
,.nol de Sacic)chas Aenida B y FOR SALE-A. K. C. Registered pair. tomorrow as United Nations
e Great Done Dogs and one Puppy Human Rights Dayv in observ-
W TED Cook. general house. hone Balboa 1606 ance of the fourth annlver.s'irv
rk leep in. 61 I -A Ancon Bi.d of the adaption of the Universal
ork sleep n. 6-- ---- con MiSCellneoUS Declaration of Human Rights by
Sthe Ge.neral Assemblv of the
-OR RENT.-Vacumm :nrcleoners. 25 United Nations has been issued
Cis. per hour, rmiimum 10 hours. by President Truman
including transportar-on. Phcre 3- The President's proclamation
0553. asked the people of the United
States to observe the day 'by
Panama Student udyng th Universal Declam-
Stion of Human Rights and the
Constitution of the United
States, and the constitution of
I4Afends Youth FOrum our States and territories, ando
by giving thanks for the price-
NY Newspaper in these great documents
The United Nations is for the
youth of the world. Carlos P.
R6mulo, Philippine Ambassador
to the U. S. told the 10th annual
New York '"Daily Mirror" forum
Meeting here Saturday.
Over 750 school children re-
p resenting metropolitan schools
stened to an impressive list of
speakers, including civic offi- -
cials and educational leaders. as
well as a host of entertainers .
and athletes.
Foreign students. representing
11 countries, were guests of
honor at the youth forum.
A visitor from Mexico, Domin-
'WHAT'S SO FUNNY?-Some- go Curcio Flores, said. Na It is the
oate han just told d joke. and aesire of the Mexican t:ople to
this crowned Hawk eagle at look into the future and view a
ILondon's zoo doesn't gel the world living without %ar. where
pdint Being cged has spilled democracy and freedom are the
any sense of humol the fierce- rule for all civilization."
lopking bird might have had. Other visitors at the meet-
J ing from other countries in-
cluded Dimitria Ivan Sucre,
age, 17, of Panama and Fer-
nL ".hnando Faria Coelho de Souza,
11fh N Ile h S "The United Nations is really
ai'tcouah andcous;,sran eaga an organization oi and lor the
mlcihoke o bad tt ou can hardly youth." declared R6mulo. "'It is
lb or stleep-dOn't suffer another u _____________
tDe Broachitls or Asthma without recognized that it was organized
UlMandaco. This great internall not so much for today as for
at4al recently developed byi tomorrow." FAN OF
the blood, thus rese i your The Philippine diplomat said: William C. T. Ga~ner coYl
andbroueba tetube Tmar uirtha e "Every great idea in this world peeks from beldafd a fortune in
Wk. Helps nature t -"y rW of ours did not develop over- efs, Tat the third annual Fan
hic Aia e ma a essl Pro. night Every great idea must go BaD in New York. More than
foreueay reesi oI i, A c6le through defeat and sometimes half u million dollars' worth of
tea uownhinl, wh~eaLn ac- through defeat and somtelmes iam gsmda decoralle th creation.
4is,, aadace from ye or a frustration before It can be Pee a t w~
Sso mething that is really worth- btoC
wh.- e.. -M

Do you have a drinking problems
Write Alcoheliss AeonymouS. BoN
2031 Ancon C. Z
GRAND XMAS SALE: All at bar-
gain prices. Fresh stocks Philippine
Rattan and mahogany furniture.
Large assortment Chinese novel-
ties etc. W. T. LUM. 61. 4th of
July Ave. Tel. 2-2446.
Dr. WENDEHAKE. Medical CI.nic.
Estudianle Street No. 140 Between
K and "J" street. Phone 2-
3479. Ponoma.
Sponsored by Hotel EL PANAMA.
3 full days. Leave Friday Decem-
ber 12, 7:30 A. M Return late
Sunday afternoon, December 14.
Fishing through the Pearl Islands. wrth the primitive Choco
Indians, spearing crocodiles. lack
light hunting, cruising up the
Sambu river aboard El Panama's
Pescadora Bring old clothes, com-
fortable shoes, and DON'T FOR-
GET YOUR CAMERA. 3 glorious
days, $45 00 each person. Special
rate to club groups wishing to
charter boat for Darien Pearl Is-
lands trip. For reservations phone
Jungle Jim Hotel EL PANAMA.
3-1660 or See your Travel Agent.
Are you looking for Rattan Peel to
repair your furniture Get it at
"Eureka" on Central Avenue No
133, just around the corner of
"J" Street.
We dye dresses, suits, all kinds of
materials. "Lavanderia Tropical"
plant, ,ia Espana Sobanasi No
830. Telephone 3-0871. Branch.'
East 24th and Central Avenue. Te-
lephone 2-1346, Pan6ma.

Furnished houses On Beach at Santa
Clara. Phone Shrapnel, Balboa
1389, or see Caretaker there.
Gromlich Santa Clara beach-
cottages. Electric ice boxes, g a s
stoves, moderate rates. Telephone
6-441 Gomboa. 4-567 Pedro Mi-
Philhps. Oceanside cottages. Santo.
Clara. Box 435. Balboa. Phone
Panama j. 1877. Cristobol 3-1673.
Williams' Santa Clara Beach cotrages.
2 bedrooms, refrigeration. Rock-
gas rangers. Balboa 2-3050.


FOR RENT -Three bedroom chalet
No 14 in Lefevre Ave. i Principal
Street of Parque Lefevrel. Apply
Tel 2-0410 or 3-2604. For
inspection, 4 p. m.

Fwo and five room furnished and
unfurnished apartments; private en-
closed gardens. 8061. 10th Street.
New Cristobol. Telephone Colon
FOR RENT:-Furnished apartments,
modern with refrigerator, for
coupe Other apartments occupied
b, North American Army famfilix,.
Via Espaao. Corrosquilla, second
St. Tel. 3-0471, PanamA.


OR RENT:-Large cool room, cen-
taolly located. Bella Vista. Inde-
pendntentrance, one or two men
Call 3-1081.
OR RENT:-Nicely furnished room
in El Cangrejo for decent gentle-
man. Meals available. Call -78969
or mornings 2-1693.
OR RENT:-Large sleeping room,'
twin beds. 54 43rd Street, Bello'
Vista. Call 3-4127.
FOR RENT:-Furnished room with'
meals to gentleman Justo Arose-
mena Avenue No 57.
FOR RENT: Furnished room, for
gentleman or married couple with-
out children. 45th St. No. 46, up-
stairs Bella Vista.
OR RENT.-To a couple, no chil-1
dren, furnished room with porch
and service room Private door. No
cooking allowed. Inform C. Z
Pharmacy, 4th of July Avenue No.

Radio Programs

Your Community Stytioa

Wbire 100.000 Peple M I-


Today, Tuesday, Dec. 9.
3:15-The Little Show
3:30-Music for Tuesday
4:00---unny Days
4:15-4-outh of the Border
4.30-What's Your Favorite
5:35-What's Your Fay o r it e
6:00-To be announced
6'30-Hawaii Calls
'6-645-Lowell Thomas
7:00-Ray's A. Laugh (BBC)
7:45-Jam Session
8.00-Perry Como Show (VOA1
8:15--Fred Waring and Iis
8:30-Frankle Masters EDater
taina ,I
8:45-U.P. Commentary
9-00--Rhythm Rangers
9:30-Music of Howard B9rlow
10'00-Dance Music
10:15-Musical Interlude
10:30-Variety Bandbox (BBC)
11:00-The Owl's Nest
Midnight-Sign Off

Tomorran, Wednesday, Dec. 10
6:00-To be announced :
6:00-Alarm Clock Club
7:30-Morning Salon -
8:15-Morning Varieties .
8:30-Musical Reveille ^
9:00-News .,
9:15-Come And Get It .-"
9:30-As I See It W .
10:05--Off the Record -
11:05-Off the Record 4i W -
11:30-Meet the Band "
12:00-News 6-
12:05-Luncheon Muds '
12:;30-Popular Mua -
1:00-Nm -
1: 15-Peraon
1:46-Lum an ..


RATS are
Rat & Mouse Killer
(contains WAR-FARIN)
279 Central Ave. Tel 3-na14

17 Aunt Row
Tel 3-48M

Transportes Baxtei. S. A.
Shipping, moving, storage.
We pack and crate or move
anything. 'Phone 2-2451,
2-2562, Panama.

on. A. mAd ., ORILLAC
IPalmer Graduates)
8 12 and 2 8 p.m.
Saturday: 1 12 noon.
55 PerO Avenue Tel. 3-1IN
S1 block from Lit theatre)

Household Exchange
S 41 Automobiletow
t'TO; 34911-t


Telephone: 3-4963
Avenida Naclonal 43

Asian Shopkeeper
Killed By African
Gang In Nairobi
NAIROBI, Kenya. Dec. 9 (UP)
- An Asian shopkeeper was
murdered by a gang of Africans.
last night, and planes assisted
the police in the search for
the Mau Mau terrorist killers.
The murder occurred in the
Thika district of the Fort Hall
reserve of the Kikuyu tribe.
scene last month of a clash be-
tween European-led police and
natives In which 20 Africans
were killed by rifle fire.
A combined force of troops
and police killed one native
yesterday in a dawn raid on
suspected Mau Ma. I
Four native suspects holed'
up in their hut quarters on a
European's farm at Ollgll, re-r
fusing to leave.
While the door was being
battered down one escaped
through a hole at the back of
the hut and was shot dead
when he refused to halt. The
other three were captured.

3:00-All Star .Concert Hall
3:15--The Little Show
3:30-Music for Wednesday
4:00-Mutic Without Words
4:15--Sepia Parade
4:30-What's Your Favorite
(Agenca Steer)
5-35-What's- Your A v or it
6-30-Ricky's R eOrd Shop
6:45-Lowell TbOInM '
7 00--OvU fta Iw (SBC I
7:30-BLUE U3fffO S PORTS

8: 00-BYvetbl
8:45-U.P. C0
9:00-Hals of
V:30-The *Es
10i00-T BHA
11:00-The kw

TRAIL BLAZING FLIGHT-Above newsmap show shortcut ro te t-cen by Sca hin B ,..M,
that will bring Europe many hours closer to California. Actual tim for the Los Angeles t COpen.
hagen flight will be about 24 hours. For the first time, airmail .ram this country, uppiled by L1s
Angeles postoffice, will be flown over the polar region from the U. S. to Europe.

7ELt-7 E33- T cb...

Gluepof 1' i1

'Affer.2.4-0 r SpIri

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I ol ne School A


ef.Ligbht. Chanu-
'*caleaitedl b thole
V y. Deco; latA

WOW. wmi4, be conW

,Lecember iotk at 8:3o p. iA.

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.,, -- ^- ,..:. .. .*f-*.9 ..:
.%._:,- ... ... ... .Del ,-.

.- ,N s C. -. COLLEGE
.- ". .,. By -Russell Pierson
ono4 few m-are before / m- .l e. The tnin esas ldn l event for this coming week, for both
Wk..t W;1 M flMow Adia pub, will be the lecture by Dr. T. Harry Wil-
sAle at_ ,. H,,-l lianma, .lr of. story in Louisiana State University. The
O peceber "u le3tatre w tl taK plin the Balboa High School library on
l'l.t -Let's -al l out .and Thurdy at p.m
have som fu At OLeoO"a- The ta te excerpts from the Canal Zone Junior College
stOatte tnd Ann Tho 1 and S potlight emapablse the dynamic manner In which Dr. Williams
5*b-'alter for reserved tables. presents bhie letures:
.. -- ...Professor Williams frequently uses the fiction suspense
Students are. u m around method. After building up to a fiery and exciting point in the
school with worriEd l eOK on battle, timed for the end of the class, he abruptly says:
th&., fatcesa. $f y, Because re- -Did Meade win the Battle of Gettysburg? Did the southern
port cards e i coming-I up this forces manage to recoup their losses? Come back Wednesday and
w0a9. -ame, 5;, arked the hear the outcome of this event."
en of the second six weeks "... Some of his histron e have Included these:
.peiod. When discussing Washinlgton and the trip across the
--- Delaitre, he has been known to raw his way across the plat-
uial There is he- form as heo talks! In drauatilng Andrew Jacksom's duel In
I .feaS aan aueetlAtg which he killed the tradueer of Ja, wifes' virtue, D. Wlianamu
s4a,,w bj 40Mlam COl- dramatleally enacts the shootit. Rsene sometimes tiring
le... I. a o get i the victorious bullet, sometimes acting out the victim, to
t,-,". "" .. benf impartial!
S"...Speaking of General Shafter, In the Cuban campaign of
M era ere ee 1898, who was too fat to ride horseback and had to be carried by
hua d and soldiers on a door, Dr. Williams is likely to lie down on a handy
atol ; t'ter table and discuss the matter from the General's reclining posl-
pr t f, r 1 th F fbooa l
of em *re' n with I The lecture will be presented under the auspices of the Col-
faces While others abamed lege and through the courtesy of the Louisiana State University
over. Caribbean Program. If title "The Origin of the American Com-
The hist mand System."
coming up. soon. It will be giv The C.Z.J.C. football team received notice last week that
en -on Dec. ..22, 1082, at the three members of the College team had been elected to the AU-
CA3. auditorium. -. Isthmian Football Team, The players chosen are Jerry Fox, Carl
8nlotrs a bing e4en In Melssner and Captain Dick DllIman.
Pr4. Coos room ordering Selection was made by a board comprised of eleven coaches
theli a.nmceuiWU.. and their and officials.
car% .rad 'ton. Oinnete The play, "Drums of Death," was well done. However,
Wa el --and Margaret Joudry many peronsr who wished to see the play found the hour of
are ueen hunttin some of the presentation, which was 10 p.m.. Impossible .! fit in to their
absentvmlinded students who Fridayevening schedule.
will not get busy and order. Next Sunday, the Spanish Club will hold,a beach picnic at
-- San Carlos, Panama. This particular club has been quite active
Mote football honjra were during this year and all of its past activities have been met with
bestowed on ftir 03.S. boys success.

n slao Road, be.
la .JMie y Oficlos" School

. And Sinners"

-O A A0W..




Man's or Lady's Watch
17 Jewels
(with metal hand attached)
Fully guarateedI-,-oly $19.75

A Ire wisty of models
O4tat White.
; .- 7,- ... o

-. c Al -lm
attractivelyey gift-wrem~td
9p a 9pa


.-s --

tivities SupremeCourt Decision Cripples

B dLV otes bHkIflflm UP Pure FoQd And Drug Act Enforcement
IL "*< V : JBSAN. ANTONIO. Tex., Dec R-
'by $*a)krt rUP)--Two girls and a man lur- WASHJ IGTON, Dec. 9 (UP) 2) Ruled. 7 to 2. that private first making request and o bW
S t--- a septic tank cleaner into a The Supreme Court ruled property owners do not have a training permission of the o
Out Th a I urlnto T T cabin today, made him yesterday, In a decision crip- constitutional right to payment er."
'the bastbalto ae .)H_-V undress, robbed him and strung piling government, enforcement for property selizd and destroy-1 Another section, referrevl] ,
b month. Tham: n b upob his feet .from the of the Pure, PFood and Drug ed by the government to keep back to this paragraph, provide
month. Ti when the albe nch oa tree. Act, that a manufacturer can it from falling into enemy a maximum penalty of a yea,.
son will op when the Blbobar federal focd and drug Ins- hands. in jail and or a fine of ,
Ildogs ~~te on J. C.'s Green But the septic tank cleaner,, pection from his plants. 000 for refusal to let the in
Devs on Wednesday, Decem. Tynce Joles 28, said they hadra The decision was made on a pectors in. *
Wihr 1 n at ah e a thlboa r hofheartom ust before, The court said in an 8 to 1 suit for $6.000,000 brought a- The court also handed dow4
With Bob Donahue as the him from the tree, headnopinion that the law is too against the government by Stan- other decisions in which It: **
ony returning veteran of last down. They let him put his pants vague to give inspectors au- dard-Vacuum Oil Co., Caltex, 21 Threw out a case intetd4"
year's vdrsiy, this team of Bs-, bck o. thority to enter plants over ob- ifrd., and the Shell Co Co the: ed to test the authority 6f4r
fuketll of work After hanin It'handn the tree about sections of the owner. It did not Philippine Islands. The oil pro- state court to enforce certain
ful of work. 20minAf tes Jolehangingsaid, he tree about say sobut seemed to be calling pertles were destroyed to keep provisions of the Taft-Hartle
Football again reared i head ed toet loose. He walked three for clarification of the statute. the Japanese from getting them labor law. a federal statute.
Foolast week, though, when the miles to a farmers home and William W. goodrlch, assist- when they entered Manila. csae was appealed from Ala-
announcement of whe. All-Zone teshtoned the sheriff, ant general counsel of the Fed- 3) Ruled. 7 to 2. that a tax- bama by the Montgomery Bulr
announcement of the. All-Zoneteponed the sheriff. eral Security Agency, said tthe payer whose funds have been ing and Construction TradW
players was made. BHS came Joles, who has a wife and four Food and Drug Administration embezzled over a period of years, Union.
out on top by placing six men o .Jol-s, who has a wife and four.
on this honorary team. children said he borrowed his a branch of the FSA will may claim an income tax de- 21 Ruled that a state mat
S boss' car last night to get a -few ask Congress to authorize Ins. auction for the entire amount require a license to operate
9ongrats Ray flckisher, of- beers" at a tavern. He met the pectors whether the manufac- te year the loss is discovered. a delivery service across state
fensave quarternaca, Tom David- two girls whom he ludged to be turer wants them or not. In the pure foci and drug:lines without placing a burp
son, offensive and defensive end. Pout 19 and 26, and the man He said the administration law provides for plant inspect -which s subject to federal
Jim May, olfenalve and defen- *bout 27. does not expect any difficulty tions by federal agents "after' gulation.
solve halt-bak, Ronnie McCon- with the majority of manufa-on by federal agents "atergulation
ell, defensive guard, Ed Benny, I After drinking together. the Lurers of drugs, cosmetics and
ohisive and defensive guard' ,irls and the maninvited JolesIfood products. But he said the
Ted Noriss, defensive quarter- tb the tourist court, where all re-I stronger law is needed for the
back, and Jil Fulton, offensive Ristered as "Mr. and Mrs. Jer- unscrupulos minority.
tackle. main and family," Another spokesman said "ma-
-- nufacturers who want to make
Jim Fulton was also chosen The moment they walked into a last buck" would be able un-
"The Hardest Working Player the tourist cabin, the.temper ,'J" der the court ruling to bar m PAa-
of the Year," and. as thehard- his companions changed. Jole pcose ,, PANAfMA CITY H
est working player, he will have said. The man pulled a gun and said this certainly will cut
his name put on a trophy 'for made Joles undress. down our efficiency very, very
all to see. Jim has been givenmuch"
a real honor, but he's a pigskin He and the girls took his much
.player that surely deserves it. oc book. with $35in it, tied The Frood and Drug Adminis-
V e up witaivenetiansolne ond t orcs tk ration said It discovers about.Pr .
Volleyball season t a And dumped, him onto the back 80 per cnt of its o. ers.
close last Friday when both "A at fh automobile. The e plant inspectors. Spot chewing
and Bulldogtt w -.dp I and the man drove him to manufactured articles it ad-
ed bythe Tges of C country road 14 miles northwest 2dm unsatisfactory. lt ad
Our "A" League was defeated an Antonio. The court made its far-reach- B ELLA VISTA From 1:30p.m.
45-11 while the little 'uns were younger girl followed In ng interpretation in ruling on
beat 34-N0 in two" games that t r an appeaby Yakima, W h., EMPLOYES' BENEFIT SHOW!
were mly fout and yed another car. When they stopped an appea EMPLOYES' BENEFIT SHOW!
were ieallty lught and- played d.n the country road, they allowed manufacturer who refused to
to the hilt by a h four teams the shivering Joles to put back let. fo-i and drug inspectors e Jane Powell, in "LUXURY LINER"
Christm Is In the air &I-' hwesn p Jane Pow in "LUXURY LINER"al-'
ready in BBS December. negt cm his eants. Then they tighten- how he was procesuina apples.
Friday, has been set as the d his bnds, gagged him and uste Harold H. Burton d- Gary Cooper, in "THE FOUNTAINHEAD"
date ot the Christmas Formal, trn him up. In other actions the high
our annual dance where the court:
Juniors play host to the school. 1) Refused to reconsider its L X THEATRE TROPICAL
Ann Magee anM Bruce Quinn NOV. 10 action rejecting the ap
are the co-chairmen of the ty peal of Frank Costello, Im- '"MOVIE SWEEPSTAKE" Vittorio
dance, and already something prtsoned New York underworld wrH s200.00 IN CASH! GASSMAN
new has. bee-added. For. tJe / czar, from his contempt of.Con- on the Screen. -
first time, the Juniors will elect rew conviction An Amazing Comedy
a Snow Queen, who could be AIR-CONDITIONED gre conviction. "h Moln d T
Bobby Jo Obl6aby, Gloria Mor- The Model and The Geraldine
ton, Connie Glsburn Ann Ma- TODAY At 9;25 p.m. idefl fled Woman Marriage BROOKS, in
gee, Fransisca Prieto, or Marl- A ti Wo PLAY Unl a Broke"
lyn Abreau, all queenly candi- Broker" Dreamed
natis. i Tortured, Raped, f Prdise"
ell, gulp, tomorrow Is ap- Jen CRAIN of ara
other day. No t any Scott BRADY (Prohibited For
but Report Card y. Frid y Thelma RITTER Minrs)
closed the second six week ad Win Prises with the First MIAMI, Fla., Dec. 9 (UP) -
period' and so- Wedneday the I Two Races and the An aMtrc6l cDneatnum-nalre4
good and zot-so-goo4 results Third Race! A r .n C E N T R A L -
will be delVatd h 1t* to be T Ra ________. AcTDA AKO F W_________ *CE
seun ands signed by the par- 'AND A JACKPOT OF Ldn l ain almeLto. scrus ota
en ant. *gned by ey ill Drive, was orutaly Michele MORGAN and Paul HENREID, in
ents. $200.00 IN CASH! oariwu, and raped, otlcers saM
Here are some dates for the And 11 Valuable Gifts Lodsay. JOAN 0F PA I S
calendArs of people who7enjiy ($300 WORTH) area in sor ade ountegr Dramatic and Epic...!
good music. December 17 the area In norui ILade County Lor
B8W will give its annual Christ On the Screen: ues io tne murderer and O
mts Program in front of the e waIman's identity. Only
Balboa HiPg School They wi l (STARTING at 3:00 P.M.) scraps ol her orassere anu ANOTHER GREAT DRI V E IN -
slag again at the Balboa Thea- She's.h. model rela were Jound. RELEASE!
ter on December 23, and even h''t o
now the songs sound mighty answer to a young The body of the 30 to 35- EDWARD G. ROBINSON, in
line. All1 the music Is newso aoot pounds and was il"ACTO
Victo A Herrolur so man's prayer. year o.u woman, who weigned ASINNERS"
Victor Herr, our s terrific and she has et5 inches tan, was ou"ACTORS AND SINNERS"
ielf andiretor his classes oth a urgel l oy 1-year old ianey Engm i s
*0nh csa yesterday while he was ge-
pan once again be proud of.r a C E C I L I A
ronen Her hands were debeCLIA d
And, you know, it seems not her back and her mouth was 'o I Target for 1.ooo000 Enemy Agents.. '
*b the Balboa High people Icrudely gagged .with strips ap- "DIPLOMATIC COURIER"
pay we are good l parently torn from her dress. with Tyrone Power Patricia Neal
tSi day, November Sg in the .ISheriff's deputies said appar- Also A Heat-Breaks Drama
ya nleue of the New York en tif she was strangled last Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie
a, was the score of the 1 Friday or Saturday. In- T MCeNTCOLORI
lan Bowl Game. The score, Peace Justice Edwin Lee M-
hread(and I quote) Sal- son said the woman apparent-
oa (Canal Zone) 13... Lake y1 was ravished and her body E N C A N 7 0 C A P I T OLIO
,orh (Florida) 6. was the onlt mutilated before her death. A A-ConditioIed
hool, game score In the Foot, Jagged, blood-stained stick was BANK DAY! $200."0
soore section of the pa- found near the body. At 9:00 p.m. WAHOO! $100.00 at 6:00 p.m.
nS.l O in Prizes, $100.00 at 9:00 pm.
el I ask you, are we good The scene was 150 feet off Abbott and Costello. In Joan BennettIn
gw .m we good? Htony Hill Drive one mile "aACK AND THE "THE HOUSE ACROS0
m, -here's something new S' south of the Dade-Broward B TALK" TilB g "
idi" to something old: Little county line. The nearest house ouglasin John Ireland, in A
sat In a corner, watching was 300 yards away. "THE BIG TREES "Returi Of =egje Jeae*W
go bye. He picked out A stalled automobile, which
Sand said, "Hiya Cu- had been stolen, was found near -
.nd that's how he got his the body. T I V 0 L I V I C'T OR I A ,
I .eadht' _owh_ gt LEE 31n B BR fOfficers -searched for finger- Robert Mitchum. in Robert Douglas. in
prints on the bloodstained "tor. "ONE MINUTE TO ZERO" "HOMICIDE"
-P1/ruiS" eD i.U D tuir" stick and on the automo- William Bendix, In Danny Kaye, in
li- rr o OPENS THURSDAY! "A Girl In Every port" "INSPECTOR GENERAL"*
hKve pan oun 4004 Technicolor Arabian if Dep es ano chne cto ons
^^J s Nights...! in this apparent sex murder IDEAL "HE BATMAN" (Chpters 6and 7)
s and the rape otf a 40-year old 1 "C CLONE miNGEB" B

:i- .- 9:15 p.. AA AA G-

M. -

1 -,,

r ;


, '

. .e;- .

4>' ii' Y7 L'j"$"'jj ':"

* A-)


Doublieh eader On1 Tap At Panama S.tacdii
j', ,, .. %" ^- -,

~-p~~ t*,~'* f'* tt

V on Lost
1 0



SParama Stadium: (First game starts at 6 p. m.).
Yankees (Patrick) vs, Brownies (Clark),
Bluebirds (Magallanes) -vs. Bombers (Osorio).
Local baseball fans will have I A Bomber victory .will solidify
their first opportunity to see all the;r hold on first place. A
Yodur Pananta Pro League teams Bomber loss and a Bluebird tri-
4In action on the same evening umph will place the league in a
tonightt when the Yankees tackle two-way tie between the Yank-
'the Brownies and the Bluebirds ecs and Bluebirds.
take on the Bombers. The Brownies received addi-
take on the Bomers.tional strength with the arrival
The first game, between the of Nathaniel Peeples and it has
Yankees anc Brownies, will f-ea- been reported that Pat Scantle-
ture the Rummies' Hisel Patrick bury will arrive tomorrow.
or Vincent Gohl against eccen- The Bluebirds also got added
trick le-ftv Vibert Clark. hemp with the arrival of lefty
The second contest is expected Pete Nicolis.
to be a duel between the league
leading Bombers' Alberto Osorio i an ac
and the Bluebirds' Jos6 Magalla- cin G
nes. The nightcap will ret under e
way 15 minutes after the first ews In Bou
game ends. W H WA I, ,Uf



(Sundry's NBA Results)
Syracuse 71, Milwaukee 67.
Fort Wayne 102, New York 91.
Rochester 94, Philadelphia 92.

St. Joseph's (Ind.) 70, St. Nor-
bert 66.
Quincyv 68. Loras 56.
Carrell (Mnnt.) 61, Wcvlern Mon.
- 57.

!n London Tonight

LONDON, Dec. 9 (UP)-The
fight between the W.S.'s Harry
Matthews and British Heavy-
weight Champion Johnny Wil-
liams ha been called off. Mat-
thews, who is suffering from a
back injury, was pronounced
unfit yesterday after a work-
out in'a downtown gymnasi-
His place in tonight's fight,
for which all the seats have
1-c'n sold, will be taken by
V'erner Weigand, heavyweight
champion o, Luxembourg and
- --e-'t winner over ex-Brit-
r-----ion Tommy Farr.

ra .ra

Oft he Year

NEW YOR1.., Dec. 9 iUP -
Donn Moomaw, UCLA's All-A-
e.ierlca center who relishes hiW
in ''nc-ckin job because "you're
In on every play," Sunday was
named Untied Press linematn-o
the year for the' 1952 college
football season.
Thie six-foot-four, 220-pound
Moomaw was votsd'the honor iri
a nationwide poll of 25 sports
writers. He received 67 voters
compared to 238 or his closet
rival. of f'nive-center Tbm .C4-
t'.n of Oklahoma. -
Moomaw. a rarity among'
modern college centers In that
he was used on offense,as well
as defense, played 250 minutes
In UCLA's nine-game schedule
-An 'average of nearly thrd-
qq4rters ofrevery gar a. "
After Catlin In the 'vOtDlg
came all-America tackle CDfc)
Modkelewski of Maryland .witt
23 votes.
Line-backer Dick Tarmburo'of
Michigan State and guarf Elmner
Willholte of Southern Callifbrnla
were tied for fourth with 18
votes each.
Next came guard Steve Eisen-
hauer bf Navy with V1.
Line-backer Qeoree Martis of
Georgia Tech drew seven votes,
rend Bernie Flower of Purdue
and handyman Stve Mrillnger
of Kehtutcky each had six.
Guards John Michels of Ten-
nessee, and Harley Sewell of
Texas and tackle Ed Meadows
Sof Duke each bad 'five,
Tackle.Doug Atklns of Tennes-
see received fotr..vTteCsand tac-
kle Charley LaPradd of Florida
attrhcted- thrm v*otes..


"Dear Editor:
I wish to express to you my appreciation for the nice publicity
you have been giving to my Tournament (President's Tourna-
menta, particularly while I was in the fighting Now that Dr.
"Mitten eliminated me I hope you will continue giving the results
fq the remaining two weeks.
When Herb Mitten told me on No. One Tee that I was receiv-
.bKr only 4 strokes Instead of 5. I almost missed completely my
ive and landed in one of the sand traps of the practice green 50
yards to the left of the tee. The pressure apparently was a little
O1)t too much because I went back to the high eighties.
w Earl Gerrans defeated Fire Chief Raul Arango under heavy
owers and Charles MacMurray beat Paul Baumgardner.
In the second flight two Panamanian brothers are emulating
She other famous brothers ithe MacMurrays' and they are none
er than Rafael and Agustin de Mena. Rafael beat Rogello
"reciado. also under heavy rains and Agustin eliminated Raul
.rango. Jr. after having Lied the first 18 holes. So it may happen
-that the De Menas may meet in the finals and that would be
tnething to watch.
-- Next or rather this, week's matches:
F Charles MacMurray vs Earl Gerrans
SHerb Mitten vs Hector Valdes, Jr.
Cesar Campagnani or W L. Bird. halved 18 holes will
play Wednesday vs Rafael de Mena.
Dave Leonard %s Agustin de Mena. ike MorenoBALL Wa y Ma-
-President. auley right, to the Bostrr C1l-
SPanama Golf Club. c.und the defense ra
-very., Hutchins, )w ukee'sr- nEt.
I tendon star. The. Hawks wo i-
the Naicilana Basketball Assel'-.
L ation game, 60-73. (NSA)'

Mutue 'Dividens-

S- Mutuel Dividens
.-- Juan Franco.

1-La Fl .ACE
.. A" ." 1l-La Negra $7.8:- $6.60, $4.40.
S--- 2-Don Marip $12, 4$.
3-Tap Girl- $4.60.
I-Eloinga $6.10.; $4.60.
2-Villarreal .3.20.
First Double': (La Ntmra-Eloi-
Sna) $29.
1-Piropo i$1, 17.60. $4-6. 6.
2-Escalerlli $8* 6 ,' "
3 -Rio Mar 4 ,-
One-Tw ve .1w kBFito alri)
S103.40. -
1--Camp 0slno StD. $.8 0..
2-White Fleet is *, 5. .-
3-Mufceco 2.60.
Quiniels: (Ct a vtp a e-N7jhIte
Fleet) 5207.
.. 1-Trafalgar $14.40, $6.60.
Add ho water. press 2-Pamper II -$4.
rob, o.Inso m ,. SIX l RACK '
am poontulor Ne ale .--Sc otch Chum" 0, ,8l 0, "
for .....m de-i. her, 2:-NTniber $'4.40,.--6. 4 10
nmo 3-Battlin Cloild P 1.
Foe delicius ed coffee. PI 1-Alto Alegre. 60,4*,
its thaspos0lu1s of NelNa 2-Pla e$.80.-S.t6
sia Letave spoon ,n. ad 3-In Time $2. .
Shitle ~e waei preferabi Second Douie: ( 3l 1I lk -
oisfii, .an mir Fill Sglm Alto Aegre) 565.29.
with Coad warer and ice 3ARTHRA
Easie coffee )ou ever tened' And io frest so rich in 2 sk, afaX $,60,1I AIL
flavor Nescale' gies you all the bracing goodness of QUhfl 8.2 ,M, 3leM
freshly-bresed coffee. Thriftr, roe' t-e lar i ser at least Fa .lt) $"""-
bto lb corwpared tih lordinury colfe!4
3--De $12. .$2. "
N a .....nced -.n ... re e t.Iu.. .. ege.C. d ,. de mark. o The Nude Cnmppe
min den,- Its olW he rafer p'edu,'t ha c s, arnpeusd of equal parts of pure 'olt.- k
'd add @swe cartihydriamud is. marntese and deseoei added tely m iis tr Ift.

Holinan Returns To Fight

Suspension Fron C,C.N.Y.
NEW YORK. Dec. 9 (UP) suspended by thMe ew York
Baseball coach Nat Holman re- Aoad l of Higher Education last
turned from Europe yesterday to month for "conduct unbecoming
fiaht his suspension at City Cor- a toaher and-negleet of dut-r.'
ler of New York. The suapena 0o followed an In-
Holman and two other C. C. N. vetilatTon of C. C. N. Y. athle-
Y faculty members were tid policies after thd- bribery
sr'andals., who was on sabbatical
A A lr. -eave in Spain when'the suspen-
slon came. says he does not want

The Sears team smashed their
way Into a tie for the leadership
of the Classic League Friday
night at the Diablo Heights
bowling alleys when they took- a
three-to-one decision from Elton
Todd's P.A.A. Flyers while the
Nash-Willys team split with t.e
oncoming Seymout Agencies out-
Billy Coffey-smashed his way
into the lead for his team with a
fine 638, his fifth in the twelve
weeks of play, followed by Bud
Balcer with a 624, Colbert and
Norris with 578 and 577 respec-
tively and Ted Melanson wind-
ing up the play with 551.
The Sears group was hotter
than a firecracker, running a
1028 first ameand nd a 992 in the
second, but dropped the third to
the Flyers. Pepe Damian was
high for P.A.A. with a 586, An-
drews next with 573, and Her-
mann had a 554.
The Nash-Willys team had a
rough time with Seymour Agen-
ciles. Bates led for the insurance-
men with a splendid 615 with
three fine games of 205. 215 and
195, while Nubern Stephens, who
debuted in the Classic League
two weeks ago with a big 650,
followed It up with-a very good
592 to place him temporarily in
the lead in the individual aver-
age race with 207.
Melton Eady knocked out a
strong 578. Fok Nash, Bill (001)
Malee .wdunl, up With three
strong games of 233, 205 and 216
for a, hardrock 654, which boost-
ed him over the 200 average a-
gain, while Best and Jenner fol-
owed with 587 and 501 respec-
tively. Nash took the first two
games, but Seymour took the
third and pinfall for the two-
point split.
As a result of the split, Nash
and' Sears are now tied for the
lead of the league, with Sears
leading' in total pinfall. The
standings of the teams are now:
TERAM- Won Lost Ave.
Sears ...... .. 31 1 944
Nash-Wlllys.. .. 31 1, 941
Seymour ...... 19 29 921
F.AA ....... 15 33 910
The standings in the individ-
ual average race are now: .
tephens (Seymour) .'... 20- 0
Mlalee (Nash) ........ 201- 0
Colert (Sears).....,.. 197. 0
Baeer (Sears).. .. .. ..' 196- 1
Coffey (Sears).. ... 195-34
Beat (Nash)...... .... 190-34
Melanson (Sears) .... .. 100- 3
Damian. J. (PAA. .... 188- 0
Bates (Seymour) .. .. .. 186-11
Marabella (Nash) ... .. 184-27
The scores of Friday night's
Stephens.. 180 194 20 392
Jamon 179 165 208 552
Eady. 223 206 '149 578
Borup 151 12 245 58
Bates. 205 215 195 615
Totals. .947 942 100 2895
Marabella 195 202 166 565
Salon 168 167 167. 502
Jenner 174 213 14 581
Beat .201 1 190 587
Malee. ... 233 205 216 54

Tos'..-- -- -m --"
Totals .. 971 98 3 9 29
Wilber1. 151 01" 10 4M8
Damian.. 188 14 M4 586
Adrews 154 18 4 lg
Hermann. 201 158 19 7 4
Morton l. I. 12018
Totals. 2 901 M 2744

Melanson. 18 158 2 51
Coffey. 211 s o '11 668
Colbert. .. 202 206 176 78
Norris. 193 20 577
Balcer .. 233 1 864
Towas 6 9 f HI

to discuss the matter until hr
has time to get more details.
However, in a statement t
newsmen, the 56-year old coac 1
raid "'The charges arq wolly
unjustified. I 'hve -asered "te
Col.cge of the City of New York
fur the past 34 years with honor
and distinction. I point with
ut!de, to a hard-earned reputi -
tion which Is as clean and re-
ditable as any mah In Intercol-
klriste athlecticp today. I havd'
returned home to defend that
re station, which took a lifetime
to build and to contest those who
seek to blemish or discredit It."

Cristobal High

Prepares For

Cage Season

The football spirit has hardly
had time to vanish from the air
but the Cristobal High. School
Tigers are hard'at work putting
together a basketball team on
which will rest their hopes of
successfully defending the Inter-
scholastle championship.
Paul Moser's charge-s are stln
riding the crest of. two- suedces
sive tttles-1950-51 and 19514,.2-
but the 1952-51 going wll be a
little rougher than4t has been ii
past year' .
Nd lo4 er can moc Mmae.
look hopefully to sc e stars
" Armid Mann1ng,% 19" ari
TalmadgeiSalte and r oy Wli.
These four startap were all &1t
to graduation, the largest exot
dus of players that CH.. h"s
ever suffered in any single year.
The loss of Skip. Andlerson,
now living in Calif rnia ad"'
making a name fOr blflelf
sports there, did Ir epaa
damage to the Blue 'and Gold
quintet. It hi therefore clear that
te old Coasters will ave to
do a complete teconstifction f
If they are to keep intact tlif
fine basketball record
The only returning lettennan'
to the Crlstobal fold Will beNVir-
non Bryant,' playing his- last
year, and around hin M Q. wil
have to construct a quitetthat
will live up to -the high stand
yards of previous years.
Moser hak two hopefuls in the
person of Bobby Salter anad
"Topper" Didler; andu if these'
two cagers comt around to At-
pectation they will give Crist-
bal the boost they will be badl
As C.XS trots conUnua, this
column will you. from tie
to time, thprogg of the bas-
ketball teas tat. will be flporee
in defense the Interschoiastic

La Bocq Sports




Cle ve I
oiNew Y

With the b as cring and Washingr
screaming, "! tig School
rookies a the Jr, (
College =. 0 15-12, 11-15,
s15-8. btrot
The BRolkworms defended Io A
themanslh eclantly 1i the n
opening samae then sudden-
ly hcrtai w. Rookies cCh
beganto MOMe swasbeet- DalS
f te *ai -d'O*
Wo nest Pet,

J ..1 *O 2 leej

De. vs. 5r. %
Dec .; :. 2 % C o.ig
u .tool. vs A- v.
I" -* '- "

'ro Grid


Moog -Sw
a 3.8rtt~

g g W
8. 4 I^

I r97. 7 f,"* F




Bombers (CH)
Yankees (CV)
Bluebirds (CN)
Brownies (SC)

United Prem Sports Writer

NE9W YORK, Dec. 9 -With all
najor returns in except from i
the yearend bowls. Notre Dame I
wins the football "upset of the 1
vear" title and it doesn't make
much difference which game you
Winning or losing and shift .1
or no shift Notre Dame was I
chockful of shockers from the |
eta&t, when it was held to a 7 i
to 7 tie at Pennsylvania, -to the i
bitter windup over Southern Ca- i
lfcirnia, 9 to 0.
The reason for the victories ]
Is fairly simple, aceoiding to I
Bily Vepselp of Oklahoma,
winner of the Heluman award I
as football's standout player
of the year.
"We met. better teams than
Notre Dame but none with bet- I
:er spirit" said Billy. "Spirit
winst.q the lbig ones."
And the reason for the upset 1
defeat by PittSburgh and the at
Pennsylvania, shift or ho shift,
zso. a m ple, according to Coach
Prnk Leaby.
174 .was the most rigorous I
sabuh in Notre Dame's histo-
pyy a the master.
"MLlr t the depth to play
to' tpona football all the I
,thgle ra simply couldn't
mtShe 5Ibe of Michigan I
State's jowerhuse and twie I
praed f*lerabli to pset.-
mId,4 foes.. eountinx the tie i
aw an p -t
But the. rest of the, upset his-
tort'is ll to Leahy's credit -
victories -wer Texas. Purdul.
Oklahoma and Southern Califor-
Pittsburgh's triumph over No-
tre Danme rated near the top In
upset of the yeas but Notre
Daime's oome-batek against South-
e't CalifOrnia, Coupled with its
other achievements swings the
balance to the Ilish in our book.,
Nobody, has explained quite
satisfactorlelv why the Irish
hunbled frof their lofty heights
In the firstplace, but it's ob-
viuur they're on the way bhek.
After yew*w of d qaiato h
Netre. DanMe udem foun
Iteft a seoond-rate w. r = n
lIt Its, -4-1. reqel that usa-
son wa9 thel abealte bst
under Leaky, t po t
s9n6e the. up

Leahy's. 1951 te"anm wasvi'
EDrlnkled: with freshmen an- d
onhomores. which meda ost
of the tip tapds again Mt b
n?oundtnext-season. hd ItC
are a cinch-Sto be hihly regard,-
e i when the 1952 season r6jis I
Puinclpql JoW are.
AleamndlrhsU Tflm
wMrd, ,b o'Nell at se. aud
linebacker Dav#I Floo .
Hot-shots fil C. AtaM
halfback Lattner, llbaekt1 iti
Worden. q,,ba rbac t
Ouglielmi Sd Tom at z .
back for at et .one m
In the backeld.
$o thle warnig Is hqIbpo =4t- I
ed: Look odt or the Irish :A
year. ..

in the
tary i
ma in

camon am.:

ybal for y
9ades0 of
T- -l SO


-i W


L~*. -


AM A .I. ; ,., '.

bR .,Jo flhB l : S>
ANNA. lUl(tRrWL J.flAz. ( P

, vidst-i nt

op the at.

1 Neiw -

. .-


* ~- ~

iThe mws t ees

(Make ft
~:. -

"* T; .

,- '4 -" .- : 6
) -.. 1-. -'
. t..r.-

I 4

=.- -t

ip 'f .6m th-,


All Four Teams Ir Loop Moo00aw Voted Notre Dame figures In Most

Scheduled To See Action U.P. Lireman Football Upsets This Season
-_ A --- .--




-__ I

_ t -

Phyr a-- Sports

The: .Jauita elety j
**li4,l .** M H ISl.M~ta


* I:


sa For MAn

- -- rFr~.

I .

C z~'
...5!Af.~... -

. m


(the season's finale,
of ex ectilw fro
'.te locker: om atnd
Sthia big offer."
pist knock WWoqain
tlweme Bow lfl 3ac

1 -1

.5 3

.'0f the


ar- y car ua
ngl9and asq a sj-

AVl amolm
t great al

S. .d:''

of ,a


"forw 8a
ab the


-itiher beeAig ptl
ake an ofne -ao f
1cub to
I that is th
faent stand. .1
I U$ with a ler s
It would serna
Itolck will be-
ERardy into the
'. know mo la

tr two flies. lm

las a fBly
hi hear much
mat blood-lft
epnles r,,m
i.' 1

--fl;^ '*

4"^ '

;: -P.,a
:".*'-, .::, '*


LEAGUE Grier .. 1.4 1 14 0 1"2
M. Brown. 142 10 117
The Crlstobaq Gun Club relin. E- ong 156 160 137
phed their second place in the R. Brown. 147 147 116
ue to the Elks team last Watson... 156 145 13
*daay night when they drop- Handicap. 32 32 33
Sall four points to the Aces, -
the Elks were taking a 3-1 Totals. .779 768 8 70
St from Cafe Creach.
W$0 since Sept. 18, have the -
enjoyed sole possession of NAVY
anveted number two spot. .
moved i nto a tie with the Blair 163 161 147
al Gun Club last week. Mytinger.. 156 155 147
.have moved from seventh CWilen.. 201 164 1l4
to their present position Stauffer 161 126 130
Just four weeks, which bears Braune. 160 209 20
Their determination to over- -
U the league leading Aces. Totals .'841 0815 *79
-Aces, however, appear to be
M Tropical Park. i.. determined not to lose
Itor Purse. The APM Stab.bO's d by having won 11 out of GATUN ELECTRIC
S diy's Reove s.howing. (NSA) "ilst 12 points. This Thurs-
.S I the regularly scheduled Malcolm 135 157 143 4
-.- I t between these two teams Irving 119 114 153
romises to be a closely Scheidegg 127 130 144
Sd contest. Snyder. 133 158 154
eeiDraws Attention 9h to o ta
ti.sp continued to close on Handicap. .52 52.,52
(rt t rmoer two spot 'by taking -- -
[~,g points from Gatun Elec- Totals 743 803 791 .l.
Line In If r them only one point
;:O that position. avy, too,
S' -. to be determined to move ELKS
DAwon 10 out of their
POts oLouisB.... 155 29
to" k Mot o Strike repeated treir til .. W2 181 1
B WB k eek performance In win- Nelson 173 156 1 3
Three while leos one to Stewart 159 180
a m "$W s t Office, which moved Kariger. .. 156 188 16
W rl o team for fifth place Totals .*805 *914i 8
-1y -- ": GRAYSON f"
lio -aWldual performances for
Si E'itorn' n was highlighted CAFE KRESCH
..-sy 602 series y.hlch
1R " was not only the students In a tie with Bart Bar- Gormley. .14312u SA
Sj- jubilation that I've ever se for the hon of series Johnson 141 142 137
Sthe who were proud. Dean H&rrld4 season. Th other h Gibson. 133 175 102
it said to me: ,h e A ""Glick .14a 9414
ROO 'it' a great satlsfa Cwent to Charles Louis, for Jense
p bb tO watch a game neoond consecutive time, Handicap. 91 11
fullback has ju 545. and Dick Cullen, also
el in .. e second consecutive time, Totals 781 780 !1851
do .. ,e games for Clas A, B and
t lutab a t ,W Mre rolled by Charles LOUISACI,
.'-Bu da2109, Ed Spinney with a
.-And Joe Gormley with a 225, 10anwe 10 0 .
u "pectIvely. Swplney. 215, 42 '
... 1 Anderson. 149 170 L a
Team St 14 Howard... 130 202 .172
blg--,,]. lind L .. .-130 22 Good ... 148

Electric .....23 29 "Totals .782 .
S tri....... 29
e tKreach.20% 27% o t
S Office .. .....AB. M e1

H.Bert135 (6 )...... 19-t 165 1

msans J. Dougmn (G).......... 168-17

-U ----..

At pa E ab., Dr. Mer
s Tand prea a
denf ooul.d&^t the season
a without ,tab of thanks
dcongr tafas'. to his
fload es. A ." "''.
. -"ver slne the -Washigto
Ihiverasty rWmt19'. McOra-
sy wrote Bea 'l U wte. 1
"I have wt l U you what I
and are Gotf 1I

"Whn v Aay I
's r
o -- the IM fr B;d '10. Aay^
r .+

Htwe eOBabight1)

ady Is right when
t., Sewanee Is really
, most out of the
football' in the' way
all of Its beneifta to
les healthful exer-
larger proportion of
student body than
le pointed out "Its
. on players and
Iuueq4ivocally good.
-It's downrght tfun.
ping that we'll have
F for a long tme."
.to show how pleas-
r. football can be
nphasis is on books

-I.*di. r


S .n,' .


rh E




0 that, as per written
ltrnoAinary General
jfed by the Board of
Sqammldeufg the pro-
""Irs as well M con-
r rnew, nodem plaat
aWMecesary to Piceed

wN, tilki A 8thmabe

* I? -uSt f pa.
r J be
W I eter ho be

Co .

i ther t Steles
ft. Bartram (CO)..........
E. Spinny (Aces)..........
D. Good (Ace) ........
Nifhest Games
R. RobisMn (Aces).........
w Robln a (Aces).........
R. Sanker (CGC)...........
Bensen 156 167 155
C. Wright. 136 166 130
Johnsto 135 130 148
Turner 147 178 162
Woodcock 168 159 147
Totals .*762 *800 *742 *!

i- -. ,' '



I few want to give the waebthat meets .@ she
s laurds of e watehmakimg, give 4B g ealokk
i*.MeBderBl bteaty and teted emai acty,
15hlteA U the woid' fibuest-"Tbe Aditseat


f ''aW
-. a


*5~g*~. 3


.70. O

. s w l -! ,
li- t i.

comaw a

Elizabeth OK's

Make checks payable to Cru-
-ee For Freedom, Chase Na.
Ussal Bank. Balboa Branch.

.,AL. Mall your CHRIST-
-,* Poet. Offlee
Box "N" Balboa.
Canal Zone.

'1 -



r* :r -, .,.
.. 5 .:" : ."-

iauf uiii

"Let the people know the truth and the count? W. ad" --


. l.



TV Coverage

Of Coronation

LONDON, Dec. 9 (UP' -
queen Elizabeth II yesterday
authorized the televising of all
but the most sacred moments
of her coronation next June.
-The ruling meant that for
tbe first time in nearly 1,000
ears of the British monar-
Iy certain parts of the cere-
mony, heretofore witnessed on-
ly by the highest church and
4te officials, win be seen by
the public.
.An original ruling against
televising inside Westminster
1Tbbey drew nationwide pro-
-tests. The coronation- com-
'mission re-examined t h e
..question in the light of the
The commission recommend-
Ad to the queen that she ex-
tend television to those parts
o -the service behind the roy-
al screen where the sovereign
actually Is anointed.
In addition, the queen au-
thorized the lengthening of the
route from Buckingham Pal-
ace to the coronation, mean-
ing that many thousands more
would see the procession The
return route remained un-
When the queen reaches
the palace, she will appear
on the central balcony and
watch a fly-past by the Roy-
al Air Force.
An estimated 20,000,000 Bri-
tons and France's television
audience will be able to see
the recognition, the crowning
3d the homage.
The recognition is a survival
from the past that preserves
the ancient form of ratifica-
tion by the people of the elec-
tion of the sovereign.
The Archbishop of Canter-
bury with the great officers
of state and garter knight-at-
arms will cry from each corn-
er of the theater, or, actual
coronation stage in front of
the abbey sanctuary:
"Queen Elizabeth, your un-
doubted queen, wherefore all
you who are come this day to
do, your homage and service.
are you willing to do the same?
The crowning follows t he
anointing. The archbishop
takes the five-pound St. Ed-
ward's crown from the altar
and places it on the queen's
The homage comes when the
queen is anointed, crowned
and enthroned.
The archbishop .swears he
w the other spiritual peers
be "faithful and true."

7 Biglime Gangland

(apone Heirs To Be

Held On Tax Charge
CHICAGO, Dec. 9 (UP)
The government will seek in-
come tax Indictments ainst
seven bigtime gangsters fthe
Capone gambling and vice syn-
dicate,. t was announced today.
U. 8. attorney Otto Kerjer
Jr. said a federal grand jury
would investigate the income of
the hoodlums from six policy
gambling wheels.
Those under investigation will
include the alleged gangland
heirs of Scarf ace Al Capone,
Jack Greas Thumb Guzlk and
Tony Joe matters Accardo. The
others are Peter Aremont, Sam
Pardy and three brothers, Pat,
Tom and Nick Manno.
Agents from the Treasury De-
partment's racket squad, or-
ganized specifically to delve
into the income tax returns ofl
underworld leaders, have made
an extensive investigation and
made a 1,000-page report to the
Justice Department.
Kerner said the press of other
tax cases has kept his office
from dealing with the report
but he plans to meet this week'
with his first assistant, Edward
J. Ryan, and with T-men to
ptudy the report which, he said.
takes up 2 112 feet of shelf
space. It has been kept under
lock and key since turned over1
to his office, he said.
Income tax trials have been
the downfall of some of the.
elity's most notorious gangsters.
Including Scarface Al himself!
and several of his brothers.


ha maestic Andean
slopes offer some of
the world's best
S lng resorts. Pertill
and la Picadoa or
oa meot popular.

(W 'A elephda*)
DIRECT HIT --our ar*toes athe lst r Dion DIVaK1I t
crouch before a bomb blad t#at make their j:ob eaer..
earlier US. places roared. over, droolhg.:this napalm bo..,o
enemy Installations. .. .. ."

6-Months-Old Technical Htltch

Upsets Traditional Clebration.

H--k tidns here and 200 i
Sed, Some -of the
not expect to 1
Another 300 wert:
.'," .. Troops with all
,"' .. orders and backed
mor and artionler
mined to stamp o0
Ih I~ tition of the violani
.tie quarter of thj

B*ut word circulate
55 Ader and nation

wa, qci


Ike Getting Gloaoy

From Dulles Aoard
WASHINGTON, Dec. 9 (UP'- call for more aid to Asia and, Ieev fot- home today, appear Al t thah@lU*a
United States of alas here to- mnor. vigorous psychological and IOly IUlnS the last hope that Itom tgoa
day said the mid ific strategy propaganda warfare against the t* U t session of the at apprt'i
talks between President-elect Communist world. Utions might achieve year, his depa
Eisenhower and b s- key ad- Meanwhile from the Uqlited peae. In Korea. W BPoulat.
visers are bound tol be based on Nations in New York it was The. Kremlin mouthpiece was h1p& chaio -
ominous evidence that the reported that Russian foreign due .to sail noon aboard the atructte' i.,
Kremlin is not interested In minister Andrel Vishinsky will |French liner Libertp. ituton at'"m
making peace in Korea. or in -.. ",The b '
easing tensions anywhere else r" "..... -6 r
A grim picture of the world I-lly
situation was placed before.M
secretary of state-designat.:'
John Foster Dulles when hE sen the 'Ob '
conferred here with high diplo- .hd l
matic and defense officials last' e
week before Iyn. to Wake Is-.."'ti calvedo o flt
land to join Kreohower aboard .to .omlansa .not
the cruiser USe l Mena.... -apiab
Dulles was told here that the In the R APIt
outlook for sany easing of East-
West tensions haq grown o)rse
since election daY.'
To many experts, Russia'q
actions seem to be aimed at to
blocking any chance that .
Eisenhow er might ake good
on his promise to work for J
world peace.C
It is bellpve here that the
talks aboard the Helena are
aimed at developint a Unitedree
States foreign policy based on flurI~u i Itrecent
a continuing defense buildup. U1000. cOvention
aid to the nop-Communist the Co
allies of the United States, and prklambloe
avoiding an Indefinite war in a. the
Korea. IMedtthI
The pattern is expected to ,-th.--

la regard as a-
o am erlc en a eer
slW and a naiunien
Ael t in the furtheri.g
men wollioth

wi n "O1

t these



'- Latni

Pd s30 Rh
I Onn'il

STOCKHOLM, Sweden. Dec. represents Lucia mus .i i a cand
9 (UP) Traditionally the virgin. Comml
Stockholm suburb of Solda, of the
holds the celebrationn of The second-place wbitinB. ture bu

Christian virgin of Syracuse e newspap M whoa )
who was burned at the stake tht. it was absurd t. t caal.
in' 304 A. D. the contest entrants C L Of 04
Today it appeared that the "a cdrtifiate of t ac hiQ
1952 celebration will be called degree
off. The Jud said: Canal
r, er y ar
A Jury in Solna disqualified "We're simply -tt4ed o. o ,toB
the beautiful blonde who had whole thing fl. ae t nd t
been designated to wear a fril-J detlate stirred -, str promq
ly white nightgown and serve cial ,,, an,., lthe -1 b"
coffee by candlelight in the will be no- p i'ju i e ".- aM
traditional ceremony, brati-tlirnt e.'.w .w n..
Monike Lettatroem, who won '
a contest to represent Lucia .
in the traditional celebra- .
tion, was discovered to be the Wednesday, De ch
unwed mother of a six-month- ISGH ..
old baby. 9:36 a. m. 4 .
The jury said the girl *who 1i:08 p m. f .
---. .--..--:.- A,
... .... .i A_.M

8 14st

a week

- 1


In Chile aboll kind: s of country are within Mif e
from mountain and snow to lakes and w*aaBr> -- l
Sports abound: beautiful golf courses, i4Md ;.'!
grounds, and deep sea .or fresh water filing. .
accommodations, Chilean hotels and lodges t w
famous. For vacations or business in
Coews ywr Tovel AeMpd r Without any e
he will help you plan your next trip ia
'. ..4

PANAGOA OFICEW Penema Agencies Co. Ce** "I", I To a TeL J 3 s e ram .L
-0-0 W -Wd

'lap!.-; .
Aign et-
Sr f tate.
,,tU bars
toe re-

was on in
fri the 80- -
on# pianist
Maaice lfor
i"'. *"I" t
P .- Sunday

to ta
eom 1oli "
6Arted this

.i la ,i. s
- white Vt

..1.' ,.
.- ..''
L;. *

-- "

t :.

S...- '

|' j4 -

- *. .3


:i; -- ~teL~A


~ '~''



S.. ."





.. .r- jr

*'.. .

soasion L a"Tb is I1
been rece melL

ngras A-id f r L

lIhd rAcout- ti.i p
labbr licwte a
irnd the P&- Oiali

I "

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