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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Now... 6 Years Old


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Cuba Airliner Falls

uda Harbor, 37 Lost

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6 MPun-*-

(ItA Telephoto)
mlle centeri has no smiae
ank hi! at Western Pen/-
t covfcta. who e-capel
ur liter In a luhnhroom.

A'SA4ods, -

Aleman Denies US Beats Off

Warning To .

SFirns War s Heaviest

Free Zont that the "Panama
government would take the same
energetic action as against the 0 -
Point Four Mission with firms
that do not live up to their con- SEOUL, Dec. 6 (UP) United States fighter plamu .i
tracts with the government." .
tracts with the government." ntiarcraft guns drove off the biggest Red night qfr .
Aleman said that during the invasion of the Korean war last night as 11 Commun'et
luncheon when the representa- "f'
the of Parke Davis protestedthe rs flew sopth in what appeared to be an au -
tran fet of several customs In- to'ntercept President-elect Eisenhower's plane
p eredtrs from theitFree Zonere Fifth Air Force headquarters here issued a briof
dent's constitutional duty a statement which said UN planes had engaged and s-.
pent "something simtlr puma the largest enemy night air attack of the Kore"a
M easion, which has continued W4r
lending itaarvlces to the coUn- An Air Vforce spokesman said that fo? security re.-
S advisers could, not be revealed immediately how many Crn-
Aletan denied the staten dnt mapist plans were shot down.
ttlbuted to him in yesterdWss
Th Psanwa American in a Radar installations directing UN night fighters to-
na l Uniqae' issued at wards the Red invaders were bombed, but the Air Force
*- would not reveal whether any UN casualties were suf.

I ,. Th.Ir. Force said that be- not knowing Eisenhower was a-
tweenip.m. and 8 p.m. five Red bout to visit the island.
trainer sano.ed mn radar- selsower,. acem nied .'.

uf.l heading toiw ds Seaul. defense ar ...s.

vncr s. mraefrey, a-wen aaew
the crulaer before dawn. ..

fly t
froa m York
made.' foaoed I

A four-eginlne Tudor airlinesu
of British. South American hi
ways ,ow mer&4u witthdP
disappeared about 8
from its Bermuda dest on .
January IMW*Ith fl'b'ofrd$ ,-


Ne w.,
Itdrton te:U ori
t of M e 7

.y I; WtARS Is
wm(Ui) a- h alt

r '' aliiy'"*1^"^ *it1 *
t~~~ ette education Minister
Actor Urrbt.las ,se" to go into
BrIOAnt& t In. g 1 of the
school term in May 1953.,
a. The plan, Almed at savin the
eityeathrte-monty on the rental
an i or building used tbr clasafooms.
RduaA. "len. set of ahook In government
Other -are J% AMzth lildlhes from 7 a.m. until noon
Wd I e m d another set from 1:0 to
rk.: :30 p.m.
:- : ..,
"t reabtated l"od", wh president Remon has said that
Wjatpro y in defol ro the momny savm through the
trI -ymnent of.P C rruta plan will be used to
.. &f-thitne natl i l IaO lld playground.
t. rt lnncttontE Jan.

Ser six monts, thea od poi m Gof Cub
eletn- of OffeflfleCt S

Balboa Tides r
Panamia q0f -Cltab oeltlsa
S ., ndy, Dec. 7 r its new Bb rd of Officers o01
w held today untw 6 p.t..and
Ie....... a8 ow om 8 a to 4 pn..,
............. t the ub,



-' and hightail It fAt sag
mit IS, foiuwec by S. in
t; Service car per l
rt'(y auto that atlI re
i ua. of,
w- juatled aboard MATS
Sadon No. 8600. mli
WtUae, a duplicate
SAted and pyak 4
way v
hs car arrive .
tI' him. Off we
I 1Wil4 blue just

Uvand S
Bawalfl an
'B.r onke I 1d7

Rer6n said Stephens 'was dis-
tmsaed 't Insubordination"
Thursday on the rdcommenda-
tion of Police Commander Bol-
ivar Vallarino.
Tile:President said also that
Ramos *"probably" had been
to the police garri-
so. tn t a post of lesser
Importance than that of Colon.
Stephens denied first reports
that ie had pulled his gun on
Ramos. After he was fired, how-
ever, he sued a statement say-
pg, "An-p officer ... I find my-
st al.te to give the general
public thD true story behind the
Greatest hoax or trap' ever set
for a humann"
But b asked: "Can a subor-
din le ficer. go up to his boss
g hi 'mno, threaten to kill
Wm In the presence of seven
men, all the boss' friends, fail to
shoot, put back his gun In his
holster anM leave the premises
unhurt or without being arrest-

r Wih IEsenhower

e to Muenhower's plane tell-
of t. Received only this
*tfl|Dlh reply: "Message
elvcd" Col. Paul CarroDl, one
Elseanhwer's aides who ia
t 'With us, sent word a-
d to Wake to button up
radio channels and not rt-
otar arriv41, I thai be
0o gossip that M r'a
ne was making orce md-
nglne trouble wa sa ty
icto pump., Cr cwie 'te-
d in ls t tte .

r. i qu sIa-

of party ,ed dows.
ers." he sa0, "e to salo
and until every one of you
Uble p _." ..
I. -.leia vwho got
bd at 8:380 obt
Se, was up aB b ,n.
Sam. ta istag
led. rest of .and by 7

w~a I

d of General Motors, had
hint-to-heart talk with Jeep-
dmlr who said that Eisenhower
theft ridm min a two-door
Chevrolet could never make It
to top of the mountain in "tbat
e-r." Eisenhower shifted to a
Jeep at the base of the moun-
Jeep driver later asked, "Who
is that guy?"
*'Oe, my boy," explained Her-
bert Brownell, the new attorney
general, "is the head of Gene-
ral Motors."
"My gawd." exclaimed the
driver. "Now I am really in for
Then Eisenhower loafed and
his staff arranged details for
the next leg of the trip -
night flight Into an airport hear
Seoul. Started shifting Into
winter underwear.
Our Constellation landed ar t
Seoul about S0 minute ahe
of Elsenhower. Surprised c
find the brightly Iu
td ad m tar eert
'faces inning from e ea
parka hood
Utter cold night.. Particular-
ly bitter t -us witemt winter
gear which ip e for sur-
vival I this det leys wetw

adenoe,but said After breakfast in his cabl
t it t It was an attempt Elsenhower went to work esvt.
a .in trcetigg Eisenhower's usting the Information he had
l t "it was turned back very compiled In Korea.
p ptly."
However, Observers in Seoul Gen. Omar N. Urah.
panlteO out that it had been chairman of the joint e :
more than i yelr since ComA of staff, who was at 3lub.-
itunint planes ak made a bower's side throughout l0 "
natet raid so ftr oth as the Korean mission, left the Pe6.
Su area, and that Red sident-elect's party at GoaU
planes had mnde no atted-pt and flew on to Washingsto
to break though Seoul's de-
feases till Elsenhower's arriv- Elsenhower's voyage to fa.
aL wall was expected to take six
Eisenhower's plane left an air- days. He is scheduled to rest
field near Seoul at 8:b1 p.m., and briefly in the Hawaiian Islands
could easily hEve been intercept- before flying on in his Constl-
ed by ti. Rec raiders had it not nation to the mainland.
been for the UN night fighters The Hqlena ran into heavy
and antiaircraft batteries. seas shortly after it cleared
it was not disclosed immedi- Guam harbor. Eisenhower held
ately whether the Red planes mediate conferences witehl
were paopeller-driven craft br Wilson and other member sof
jet fighters. his staff.
There were several engage-his staff.
metts between UN and Commu-
nist plants, but they were all Meanwhile bak in
fought under adverse weather South Korea's President Syng -
condltlon and complete results tan ibhe. said he had t*ld
could not be-verified. aisenhower that the stale
The UN Light fighters made mate la Korea should be ema.
all their contacts with Prcd ed by a win-the-war ditve
Oha esin the clouded skies mist- Into North Korea.
ed thy ht snow. Rhee -revealed for the first
MeanhUIle from the USS Hel- time some of the points don-
ena in the Pacific between Guam tained in a letter he gave Bl-
and Hawaii came reports that senhower here. Eisenhower pro-
Elsenhower, tired and weary aft- mised to give the letter "care-
er his s*renuoua and historic ful study and consideration."
misoon t the Far East, retired Rhee listed these as being a-
to the. quiet of his cabin aboard among his recommendations:
the cruise to ponder the big 1) "The stalemate in the war
question of lires. and in the truce talks should
The Helena, one of the proud- be ended. The present situation
ust of the United States' fight- is preventing our army froth
Iu .aips, pulled away from the going forward."
Ni, harbor at the m!d-Pacific 21 "The defense forces of the
td of Guam shortly after Republic of Korea must be
d today and headed for strengthened. If they are it will
Hawaii. rbe possible to relieve foreign
ftsenhower remained closeted forces of frontline duty."
in the flag cabin of the Helenal 31 If the Republic of Korea
for -level conferences with forces are sufficiently prepared,
advisers, and started enlarged and given more equip-
h the mass of in- ment, we will not need the
e gathered on his United States Army."
fgd ht to the war- 41 "The economic situation in
Peninsula. ;South Korea is not good. We
ahowemfater three days, are doing our best, but we need
of atmng the front lines and help and assistance."
obletving the Korean war first: Rhee said Eisenhower agreed
ha'J, was flown from Seoul to that South Korea needs both
CiOam last night on the first economic and military astit.
le of his return trip to the ance. He appeared to expect
GUitse States. orompt action once Bisenhwter
Lo being bundled in a par- takes office as President.
-.d d his visit to Icy-cold,
.Vrhe doffed his winter Wom e Slo it
and changed to a tro-WOmen Slap, te,
weight single breastc'di *
irwa salt before he landed ray 5 rFines
110Vo ceremonies iFor'Husband' Row
i0o i4. Elsenhower
bhurr" q r Military Air Two Panamanian women
;itavfii"ce CUnstel- ticd S each -
"tSreSt!ed by A4m- noon in the Balboa tm's
.' m 1na ae, t oeU na Court for disturbitngx tlem
goS the US NavY'S .y..
and other of- b e v4 I~b ve- n HO-
and UaAL
The redent-elect got into ginav futard 7, started
a clod aer and was driven Tivo Coagidry aity condo erf
directly. to the Helena. ato ap- *rt- aia sinina.
--ran- on Guams apparently. B-h wame island an# bh.

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tow three
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DwIght oViTd ondatHe Gint

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SI I 1 ,-t t-"'-, r.honera,
Soi P ,liv ,they don't reed ,ny
f Ol tnftF : In-lp- sentiment into the
SI\st el-mtion. And ift enthfn.
the. hellive thot the new lederp
rt t" f'TO And itLt wIUl be e@*
I'"* 'l ll, touh p"r d'I mrfm vi.a In
Strvln tie ns.

JOHNNIE Tougrh All Oer-
W LKER KNOXIL.LE, Tenn. I, ) -
Lnhrlre Kemn ton ftA stAtD
WLfairy fanrmer In 1 w
in aorlriliturfl nlev0rw' 9,%
"siw n hom, stdrient of th
Fine Old Scotch Whisky ,","ver-t,'ofTn-pvqe.Ilh*
n"Itif-uic Tenn.. Piti mSio,
jo walmr & Son, L. Ml iy W ml, KilMaoc """* r "... 4 v fw
miles distant, called Defeated. ,

rouNcaD Vy NELeON ouNSEVIR. IN I *i ltIsV1I ho
57 H strit P 0 SBN 134. PANAMA. OP P

.,iIiA P POWERS W INC Keynote
h4 M*PH>"N Ave Nrw VOUK 'Tit N V i
It" MON IN= AoANC 0 Lab or's F nghi
o sixMONTHS. IN anVAN to s I S 0O
1 OR 01441 YEAR IN ADVANC_ _...| .2... .. A -
T M A ll 'next spring the new admirnl
S9into its first rash of labor trou
The Mail Box s an open ftoum tol breeders of The Panaom Amer- blues.
icon. Letters ale received gratefullv and are handled in wholly confi Contract negotiations ~1ll be
dentiol manner. in for electrical, rubber, textile
It you contribute a letter. don't be impatient it it doesn't appear the meeat-packing, -shipbuilding. pa
next day. Letter are published in the order received owr, utility and machinery work
Please tnr to keep the letters limited to oee oe1 lnunoth ers, to name a few.
Identity of ltte.f waters as held n strictest confidence. For several reasons the class
This newspaper assumes he resporiibllity fo statements nr pinlons between labor and managnmeo
expired n letters from this bargaining is ex t
-e e especially sharp. There'I I
GI's AND PRIVILEGE CARDS Soodl chance that one or mor
Sir: iajor strikes may result.
During my period of service in the Canal Zone es a member Accbrding to the strategists fo
of the Armed Forces I have noted prejudice and resentment in toth sides, they want to find on
employes of the Panama Canal Company towards the GI. a' soon as possible Just how th
Not 0o long ago a drive was set forth by that organization new leaders in Washington a
checking on privilege cards of people that were not in uniform. uoing to stand on labor general
Rec I visited the Ancon Commissary and made a' small pur- ly.
chase and upon paying for it I was asked to present my privilege Will Ike be as pro-manage
card I was in uniform. I inquired as to why military person- ment as the New and Fair Deal
nel in uniform were required to show identification they did not have been pro-labor? Are labor'
have to show in the past. fear of retaliation groundless
We of the Armed Forces are proud of this uniform and what W!11 Ike adopt a strictly middle
it represents; we are proud to be a member of the Armed Forces, of-the-road policy on labor?
either voluntarily or by induction.
We respect it, a guy by the name of Hitler was forced to re- Those are the questions both
aspect it, and a "slant-eye" by the name of Tojo had to toe the labor and management want
mark. answered. And the central Is.
We are not here because we want to be in this command, sue in these exploratory fights
We are here for the sole protection of this Canal and the in- is going to be union seefrity,,
habitants of this country. We are lucky to be here instead of or more specifically the union
Korea: however, General Ike may adjust our nice assignments in ?hop. With the general buIl-
the near future. ness outlook tea for at least
It is obvious that this special group of Panama Canal Corn- another year, wager are not
pany employes resents even our presence here. Possibly they expected to be a major issue
don't like this uniform or the men wearing it: possibly they don't Union security refers gencrall'
like what it represents, but they have only one choice that is to such things as the aheck-c'f
to to along with it. 'I clues by the company, ane
If they don't respect it then there is a fast plane to Moscow maintenance of membership.
or a slow boat to China for which they can readily book lirst- The union shop is the most Im.
class passage. Upon their arrival they can talk to someone who "ortant aspect of union security:
will probably devise a uniform or a system they would be more nnd refers to forcing a worker tc
satisfied with than this one. \ be a member of the union in or-
The reason given me by the commissary manager for asking 'ofr to hold his job. There are va'
for privilege cards of men in uniform was that his personnel ri'tions of this compulsion.
could not distinguish men of the American Armed FoLces from The outlook of the unions Is
ren wearing a foreign uniform, who are here because'of our La- something like this:
tin American Good Neighbor Policy The result of last summer'.
It seems to me that a more humane solution to this humlliat- 'hmc. bitter steel strike was a net
ing affair would be for the managers of these wonderful commis- loss for them on the union .*lio
series of the Canal Zone to have their personnel familiarize them- '-'sue. What resulted is chsritabin
salves with the American uniform and what it represents inas- called a revolving-door shop. a
much as they are drawing American dollars, paid them by the .-nrt of a compromise. But 1I
American taxpayer. and give the uniform lust a little bit of re- z;ves workers the chance to aull
spect. Remember. you are not respecting the man wearing the hbr union st frequent Intervals.
uniform. you respect the uniform itself and the background that Tn the disputes with General
invented It Elertric and the Douglas ann
We mav be in Germany next year ind we may suffer the lriKheed aircraft companies the
blunt of an attack that would make Bastogne look like child's r'rlons lost more decisively or
play.. -hue union shop. Ge fronted foi
If you want to come along, go to Building No. 1, Fort Amador industry on the Issue so Vigor,
-they will arrange it II vou can meet the qualifications. ou;iv and successfully lI
G.I. Joseph strengthened the backbone of
many other large firms on the
The Mail Box
ljiama American Thus, with these setbacks.
.. of Panama. and the knowledge that at best
What has happened to the high health standards the Zone their voices and influence in
"*ed to have"? Washlngtie wll be dulled fbi
S We have always had heat, bad housing and cockroaches, but the next four years, the qunieo
could always defend the health standards because you just have everything to gain by
couldn't find a fly, few mosquitoes and the garbage cans could making a major, aggrewive
always take care of your garbage adequately. Whot happen????? land next spring in hopes of
We now have flies galore, the kids are always'bttten up with winning at least a good hold-
mosquitoes, ants or fleas. I haven't been able to pin it on any one. Ing position.
We are unable to sit in our yards because the garbage cans smell
so bad and if someone happened to have shrimp or fish the day Ii: the meantime, the unions
before, we can hardly stend to be in the kitchen. .,'.ve a chance to improve their
Requests for additional cans have not been complied with and '*trfrgth for the main sorlinu of-
If the cans are over.the top. one must keep his garbage inside for rensive. and plan to exploit it.
the cockroaches to feed on-or put it by the can and have the dogs Great pressure will be put on
spread it around the vard for the kids to walk through, and to trPi!roads in the west and south-
dtaw more flies. I oast this winter to agree to union
S To get the spray going, one must call the board of health and hops. So far the unions have
complain and be told that if they get enough complaints they will ",n stoned by them.
spray. Then, they spray and forget about it until you call again. But if the unions could go In-
To put it bluntly, I am getting disgusted with the flies and to the spring negotiations with
the bites and would enjoy sitting In my back yard again when it .-pv- union shown eareements from
is too hot in the house In the afternoon, this lmnortpnt block of employ-
Does anyone else in the flats area feel as I do, or am I being -rs it is believed that the pkv-
obnoxious??? cho'ntrical loss in the steel strike
I Hate Flies, would be overcome.
The so-called non operating
ORCHIDS TO BALBOA HIGH SCHOOL unions representing the clerks,
Coming away from the Balboa-Lake Worth football game last r~,arhinists. electrltians knri car
Friday evening I had a very proud feeling for our young people. men are involved in the ralrolad
I think all who shared any part of the evenings exhibition ri.Antes. If they struck, they
should be highly praised. "o~ld oaralyze the roads Involv..
The Team, Pep Squad. Cheerleaders, R.O.T.C. Drill Team, The ed It could out the new admin-
Coaches, and Mr Herr. the High School Orchestra Teacher, who ist.-ti on no against a crisis be-
Introduced our Marching Band in their snappy uniforms each f ,ro It had a chance to get Its
did a wonderful lob that showed the results of their consistent 'etl o nthe ground.
Vlpctlcing. M' pip'eernaont'R thinking runs
SThe States schools have nothing on us and the students de- womethlne like this:
srve the praise of the whole community. Tnd"strv's labor expert feel
SA Loyal Rooter. that the union, have Gushed as
-- .s ,_ qr as thyv can through the sort
re; on the inion hoo. 'W ev
SePel tf't the wone for the
'irlins from now on will bt
j / \toroh. ann they hone Imposslhle
This opinion Is based on the
nrol-abl'. c'rrect smanmntlon thst
Born 1820- ".~.e net effect of the el"-,l.n is
Sa to their advantage. The Re'reta-
S. of T.ahor ha' widow dlqerotion
I -} 'n ir'trn"etln" Inw tw o r a-
lnet lo or And the Preilrdent
ha" nower tn anlolnt memhbrs
to the netal board wrhilh -nke
-*rr1A rr"n be weflhtpd one way
Wor pnth1er eEorlding to the
1 With th ir/"-,* ,, or thi melw r nentdon
of i. is n'ev*rr4 to stead 1ring
.s aeH.ainst the pni-n els* or fir.
wit ". "te'""on f nnl" n set"rl.
w ii a ty. Ind",tr ley**r* hfle tbe
holh the new P'ejdent sand
ne"w n-n* re will basek them
t _U n in this stand.
S.F ^n |wM"pr anokepmen for kt
.Ildi.trie< arp not overoonfldent



Dollars At


NEW YORK.-I km real glad Ike has turned a
lot of the money handling over to the .women,
such as Mrs. OvetaR Hobby as the head of the
Federal Security agency, and Mrs. Ivy Priest of
Bountiful, Utah, as Treasurer of the United
States. As a Mnatter of fact, I wish he had given
all the big-money jbbs to dames.
It is a grosa libel on the sex in general to de-
scribe them as spendthriftp..r gddy. All the wo-
men I ever knew regarded.a dollar that they per-
sonally stewarded as their very own, .to be spent
sparsely and with great reluctance. That is why
they hunt the bargains. That s Why m t ge-
tlemen turn over the pay checks m1il-_ .
A guy will over aad throw dough
buying drthkafo strangers, and bbt big toncover
his talk, but.lf you think heck you ever -taw
many dt~ns easing it in big at a race track.
You find then-.betting to show at the two-buck
A guywill lend money and be painfully loathe
to ask it back, but if a woman casts a dime upon
the waters she wants a buck backhand on the day
As for tipping: talk to the next cabbie you
meet, or the next waiter. The answer is rlvati-
able. A frail and her money are seldom parted.
This built-in thrift Is not a fault, but a haor-
headed realization over the centuries that the
mamas make the house go, and generally op a
shaor budget. All the guy performs is prescribed
IaFW* for his pay. He rarely take into account
how many small items can nickel, dime, and dol-
lar. a d9me to death.
The Other thing is that the lady is generally
more hardheaded in her attitude toward people.
She does not care whether she buys flattery frpmn
the butcher and cab driver and the waiter, be-.
cause her vanity Is pretty secure and based on
her sex. She is not Insecure in the presence of

m n e us r .,.I; .. ..,
-- -"" It should have been no surprise, however, that the Red Army
woqld "rush" K a For o80 years, oseow has cast a gr
at the nl coated its iMnM shore line, has ieo
its s tra I
ii tohe andltange to the Nougt,
bustling, poten y owerfMul empire of ..
InAct, it &&it aath&t the army that controls HOrea aCll.
domiiate .much., ..nobern-As.
Twent.y yearns ; Itold
'I .iM ,tj^ a 1etUN' X mjxci aiirn;.
S boat In a o0 r noura ho a .rinMe ir-.o:.
minutes. .
Thisour strain. 1le bh tene ak fthe A M qfll'. .
which guards n *h e a* 1 off' the sa-
row W atOnwO_.w M .h .to

She d l ort and handle and tiopes ethe_ 5
bottle e rn d
thend Demy ono r eel
ARny alegirl awllmosc hhbl i ,ia tto
She will drive a bar aln 'until 1tY back breaks, ed, its hills are4ed, its p Oi i4, g
and she has none of a masculine fear of mak-
She Willesortandhadleand shop. she t,, ,ad d Qa *d Ja M alke
then will knock its true worth'to fetch ,the pr el i,_
down. '
Any salesirl will tell you that*he sight Of
pers. The man will buy it whither .ori- he, A
wants 1 just to keep that male egO si in on
the salelady's big brow_ n .ye; ,(-. wa' a

a lon time, .
We have bought favor Just to
aH plumped up like a Christmas
We have cringed at the.sco
and relatives, ahd have toamed 1
scratch to make ouroelveslook l
qutring as xo Whether it would
em. Our spending at home ad
scandalous in a most nonhoust
I think perhaps the time hi
around a bit and drive a few bar
ly abroad. Maybe we ought tqo
about what sort of deals we I
where the taoney goes. Maybe
male flint In the national blew
hel .them, and us.
* Howaomever, Mrs. Hobby, as
the Federal security agency..wl
billions of dollars entrusted to:
ae and other insurance prop
administration of the money I
and apt to set an example for Qi
Ovetas wearvpretty hats and 1
but you can bet she never buys
salesgirl shows her.

II' r~
Fog *1~~

frm that ,stand. ,

ik bean ousMt the Pen-
NMI allnow Chirfc

I1t thies. e had.i only a aUd
4D At their use has been "Ut
MUL, -.;

' m U

NOTES -O. A NEWSPAPBZMAN is 'only exercising that right claimed so deeper.
DeptL of MslIfeoratlon: From The N. Y.-Post -ately by "ex-commy" editors.
(The Liar's Den): "winchell told the Genera) he
had It on the highest authority that If he ran From Robert Bendiner's column In the n t.
for the President Gen.. George Marshall would Poat .hy does Dulles want to be. ol$rea
take the stump against him throughout the land. the FBI when he's already been OK' by -fo
This sapme Ike-arshall story is the highlight of McCarthy?"
the Winhell piece In' la e Annual (WW note: Talk about planted reor l it
At all book stores).. The fact is. Marshall never Ingi This Uendlner ,I'whU, o= W
stood in Ike's way-and will be his guest of honor "former Communist" Wechsler wai card'
at the inaugural." ryhng member of the c.mmuntt Pat* yl .
The Hisa-Acheson school of thought also ad- .
vances the novel idea that Gen. Marshall was "Deary Walter." writes a 80
not opposed to Eisenhower running in '48...Our "When you tioped Olvmpil View l(O the E l1
sources were 2 eye-and-ear witnesses (both De- we knew that when it rn in the lheafv ,
mocratic U. S. Senators) who were at the stag woid' be the sinme thin, Po when it--am .
party and heard Marshall boom his threat with Inc m" last week St Bowle we all w .'1
wordage that Included: "I could have run. But I you very very munch You are ar Very,
am not one of those soldiers who tries to cash Olymvole View, What a readerful n m a.
in on my heroles, etc." cn look down on .thaw $1 betters
-- self erousin1 the streets. don't e "
teO rf "our vitamin, everv da',
The facts are that the highest Democratic Ma- V q.: Also don't stop spttb*t In 'il tho
tional Commltteemen, plus Mayor ODwyer. Tngrates' eyes.,
James Roosevelt, Yake Arveo and the AA.D.As .
best crackpots wanted to force Truman to qit WP'lem' run,. Powell denounced -
in favor of Ike...Marshall told intimates (' 4 ieW P aker p. a lls"i who ha don'tt it
that he would stand by the President the Ty. 8 a welln the eSu Bnof
the stump, if necessary, td keep any mlUtary feedom." Be m added she bause owt
man from assuming the position of Commander- fltht agp'nst bigotrv In fte k eipugl
in-Chief, etc. where..,Tht s't new. Ift
It was widely oubliclU t Marshall tl oell mention the ftts
the UJ. Army had. bta r a great 1re IU ftjlot Pe'r were .tt3nlM r
wI th the AmerA ican p1 W s taInu o t "d I.fter? WSo d bemNo serve asa
Atka... His mind MaSy Jevban a.f = M D. -_- were lMlStt e aleM H9l
after watching the distlMtw neat&ef of* sA he codan Weeber. 9fhif aB
lana (and mTrumn u) anadgmc tran or tft fetittlr (1,2 %i ,e .vt
the shape of Vam aGatb. Otthls'ed FoueP Js m
At anv rate. I relayed lae story ove* l o What is tha t rag wMt ng
tor Mid4MofU-ft
6tp d f cant aeo fe It Ar 4 andf P8 =n a u

Thus "4m

q' cmi ~ziuy


I .

- E.g





*Dr4w Peeason Soy.: ,nw f
S K ea or withdra*tt M tf I
dimonded aggr"Wive act.
m.wipm, nqt withdruowal; i
offensive next spring, '
-* .
(In ta foeowlng column in Die
wt nwe fses lai the
re of a 41vlde1
e. .l-l.g-In th e pUmI*O e
,. ,j 0
1fafa F *Mif^ "

mllam. ads his remaining spade. o spite of the fact that three ter all. how often do you
*aia~In w estu long suit then defeats the no-trump can be defeated, an counter the killing opentai
M Untract. expert would want to bid It. Af-iand the best possible defend



+ Wi r %- -a,, -w. -. _: oI

11 L" il. &3%1caII 21 i

Episcopal S "7
: -a;:h oneb De'L .. .A O ~k waui. .T ab" 5i Sa. 0A
...... ,, *teft" No4. "vi 10 7 6 4

I5itht s sid v0ul.
Ie o9 shaphpanR uIhw.T MAL
,I1 ? 108:

S" ....... We ............ 7e M

I :M o tlanL 100 10 u Xha bit: sugMaa Qa as SOuth opened toda1 ^y's bidding
W nada ase Iaumamw with two no-trump. This bid

ie Virs SundS a M muoth balanced distribution, and a sure
Mean abe Un i proceed.
......... togame if has 4 points or

,w. 8*. M 5. BS e D.D ll 5bS, more. I_ this cag. NoIrth has ex-
..,,,..... :,- dewon a ............... a etly 4 points and therefore rala-'
8, ..A _i%.... ...

sb SiRa muiten d......da o a. to three wno-trump.
.11 ...;4.. ImIdap usa p. T shows a count of 22 to u4 points,

win)e a .al slaalace d dalstbi, an d aesuren
..... -...a s Let's cee ow t u go.

Spada tric a must go after thel
1.......... ad h e a c n of tahe odefunsets
On to game winsle o a- 4 mp win ths
--ore In caseo,-. oerth. hout
s" "..a .s.. IlMbs a dw.e. s a lan t hi le i onermtlt

aI .M_" .s 1se an to wi n atr.ik l du s u n

-... t .. lubeo, cses uthe se "o spee sko
4g'" fa ts c O ........ .... a.. IThis contract. t t de b
... ..L..-d :. ..... Christ o S ised nse

S' S 5. hm ca. tetl Went hae the ace of
'*- n. J: K M Aurt. 3" th_ from. holdinte up hs kne of
Southry S a rld inth third
... .. .: aid at LI mur st o ater the
f t e Mg gi a1 4 to h e a y a n y ,o r h is
SK as clubs, cases the ace of spad
kB^^^4^ i rfi "iK S i55. CSidrT3Ba ea u i cau. ...- 9:

r ib -. ar ca. .I ,
24*MWAL Ow arami i-. ,i i n '_i__i and. I e $ a
.... ...W"~.~slimCa n*

.. a'w I.i i

at GA ME" ....... .... ....- Jewish
.,' .., .U S C a y. d SL tic-s Posts ases
Sao :".....h A.ndZ.U7ATa d p...aSWeelion a o

4.'-a' -amea m1.E w s o 3:" a.

IS.. a aUo. .821 fsp ad an M Ihs.
.i..a8s. M.u rl eisham

a e B Posts., cBasm ees, ei
9 I"am. H b auf .i ngi o
W~euii m* ^a a pI '"bm. "a) M = Civil.:.c:::::::.::: 2

M erv^"^ ;* I= 6806 1 7:20820 1%clumsto have any ch e f r h

Uat, M oc..... ....* ****

me n nJewlllll

.56 d

-Qnt day


" \-"O

SFor the gift you'll
y give with pride, let
/ be your guide.


modestly priced
with young

The best from the finest
store for less money.

For your shopping convenience we shall be open every night until 9 p.m.

DUTY Ca/a Fa/Ahich


ree Prizes every
Free j-w9 ~

listening to



to 6.00 P. M.

U D E: CHAMPALE, from Agendas Sasso; HI-SPOT, from

Cervecerla Naclonal; PALL MALL cigarettes, from

North American Tobacco Co.; and many other



-Your Community Station

.. .........***
.. ..
I S :a-Lim

IN ->o^fil
,,.- ,< i +, -,-^

-" it

840 on your dial

Tel. 2-3066


*'5 .5". .5* -. t


S._logo **.

Bi~UZ1 ~j;~L~g


- t"






. *

^ ;- --
" -A. **-

FAG! FOF' TEE-.;u PAAM AMEICA -.. AN.. St1W~N! ii 3W*

Newly Unearthed Mexican Tomb

Similar To Egyptian Burials
MEXICO CITY. Dec 6 MUSIS' discovered. A beautifully-carved
- Burial customs paralleling five-ton slab of stone, which scd-
those of ancient Egypt have been entists first believed was an al-
revealed by the recent discovery tar. was found to be the upper
of a Mayan tomb at Palenque. a covering of a double-topped sar-
ruined city in the neart of Mex- :cophagus
Ico's southern Jungle, the Nc x A second oval lid was pierced
York "Times" reports with holes and beneath this were
Archaeologists say the Mexican t..; well-preserved bones of a
tomb has been deserted for at mrn who apparently was a
least 1,000 years prince or some other notable fi-
Doctor Alberto Rutz of the sure of the times
Mexican Institute of Archaeol- The bones appeared to be
ogy, who led the Palenque expe- those o a tall and broad-
dition, said he considered the pa- shouldered man. The Mayans
rallel evidence that man. wher- whose descendants live in
evpr he lived, developed his cul- southeastern Mexico and Gua-
ture along- similar lines rather temala today are short.
than as a sign that Egyptian in- The sarcophagus contained 10
fluence ever reached the west- Jade rings, a Jade diadem hold-
erA hemisphere in pre-Colum- ing a pearl one and one-half
blan times. inches long a jade pectoral, a
curious jade nose covering and
The tomb, which was opened the entrance well concealed.
this week, is at the base of a Archaeologists believe the
pyramid which is surmounted structure was built In the sev-
by the beautiful "temple of in- enth or eighth century
In the past, Mexican pyramids I
had. been thought of as solid pe-l Women's Auxiliary
destals for the temples above C .
The discovery may shed some Take Communion
light on the development of the r ,
Mayan empire. At St. Peter s
Earlier this year the chamber
In the Palenque pyramid was
The Woman's Auxiliary of St.
Peter's church. La Boca. wi;l
Bethlehem Church rmakE their monthly corporate
communion at the Holy Euchar-
Holds Memorial it, 7 am.. tomorrow morning
and meet in the parish hall af-
Service Tomorrow terevensong at 7:30 pnm.
Archdeacon Lemuel B .ShIr!lfy
A memorial service will be p Ill officiate at the Holv Eu-
held at the Bethlehem Church r.Lhrist. assisted by Rev. John S.
of God on Central Avenue to- Mlvruffle, the preacher at ,',en-,
morrow for the late Elvirk Ste- ",,ne
wart, who was a co-organizer of Church school pupils are 'ire-:
the church and an elder for Cd to attend the session follon-
miany years., iry morning Draver at 10 to- re-
The service' will begin at 2-45 cpive instructions on a ne- pro-
p. m. Ministers of several lect.
churches and their conerera- The church committee Midl,
tio"- have been Invited to the "-'1-l their monthly meeting !t 5


"Oh, I'm going on a diet. too. but not till George has had
a chance to see how I've outgrown my old coat!"

tRIS WELKIN. Planeteer

Valman's Package

MOUNTAIN51PE. ^?^^ \ ;



* IW -"- -- y *-^ "






AWRD HAmS JS4t.rieAoUD swAT r F SUB-
10 8tp

Distilled, Blended

and Bottled

in Scotland


at -- MRH. -

Stuck With Her


Distributors: AGENCIAS W. H. DOEL, S.A.
No. 14 Central Ave. TeL 2-2768

rhis tire is made I n"
0ihway type for top
mileage.phlus extra trac-
tion... ON- the-road
type, principally for rough
wrrain. resin cutting and
-hipping. Both are built to
me the best. on or of the road
**y O nigfarw -e-d Tube-frte 4gft t Joh...

Il Ulsmriiuuitu rAAAU AAtlOt &. A.
Panama Colon
Smoot & Pardees J moot & Buunient Aristides Romero
PanamA Colf4 David



.1 -.


Nice Listening

-, I.,.

s Chin Befhas -

.EI E. /,

'01,F Tap*

IM t.**as-
I Ianf~f

Wvp s ..



News for Lady Saydra

'-I L &.

'-S .1.

p !spoa
tq lit' -.'.'s on

Just Trying to Help





PCEiAG .e *,-TIA1
w A CMa-r TO
A --*qu.

M OR 0 .. .. .


Dry Humor

* 'i -

- '?'~ l'~

".:._ ?


'= '

J r_




** -

; :-" r ,.; ,; ,_' ;: *;' ". -* .A" / ',
4 _1I.." 1'
-r y..O. 00..A ".

- ..

I- ~

-' 3. '+,- .., ;.."

!47 77I.... Ei
I-- **' 't A- :^
,~~rnU ~te* 4(liz l ~.


h honotest nEh the 00-

am, STAn knu. -

rr ,iii. as-i
Mrs. arp em, l t ee aeres, Mrs. Mary Mor-
padDMrs.yIda e tte.

M Rlty jMrk Cenac; and Carol Law-
estrday aboard Mrs. Blerbaum was assisted
SJ@lNi*at al for' New .York rs AbM LLndell, Mrs. T.
~' we v4eral merberq of thre Biok, Mrb. H. Overall, Mrs. H.
gra party av We nsler, Mrs. J. Doyle, Mrs.
M on Shirley, Mrs. A. Shore, and
f Ior the evtrul days.. hose Mrs T. Genac.
atie. cludd i norable
WWrd d a tiai d M. Vesper Circle Christmas Party
amhe ale The Vesper Circle of the
S ant OGamboi Union Church w11 eb-
Honorable ,* ., tertain with a Christmas party
',ownso and Mr for its members and triezais on
,- their tem .e; w 0Wednesday, at 7:30 p.m. Th'e
Saved in 'Ia party wiL be held at the
100 group, I b Church with Mrs. Gordon
*OU. J i-a Buf aranaon and Mrs. aobert jjun-
.l .. can in charge of arrangeients.
.l I lLM Charity Festival And
For Washington upper Dance
Cle Oovernor'of the CanalT 'e Ladies of the Diploma-
Zione, rilgaier (Aeneral John tic Corps will sponsor their an-
SeyWlcO, left the Ist tus by nual Charity Festival and sup-
yesrday tor Wash-, per dance nexr satktrday at ue
Ut,4U. Where he wbul Union Club.
S rief. official visit. Among prominent guest at
--- the affair will be His Bxcellen-
ty tcy, the President. of the rgpub-
pn lc of Panama and Mrs. Jose
j eurte- Antonio Remon, who will be
ty plane accompanied by Members of
,. C. tle Cabinet and ther 1 adles',
S-vter a I and high Govern!ent Officiall
re with reislte.. of Panama and te Canal Zone,
Entertainment will *Include a
~vnor variety show; door prizes don.
iaunningham ated by. merchants in Panama:
vldaunninghamwas alnd dancing to the mus of
by a small on of ABcatrkga's Orcheatta. Bridge Tournament Monday
eayat the The regular. bridge toutna-
home b pagnts, Mr. and ment will be played on Mon-
Mrs. William 3: Cunmngham of day evening in the Card Room
,*aleoa. of the Hotel Tivoli at 7:80 p.
T'L e present with the hon- m. All interested bridge play-
re her sister,. Miss, Mary era are welcome.
a, gnAM- Mea D-
Z ,,M Anita Schneider 'he regular tl-o ni i
Wft as Joan Sartain. meeting of the Canal Zone
arpha- Chapter of Beta Sigma l
Td a ou ge n ,y eve- .
1, at, 7:30 .eva-

i'man ,
n e.*y, US- .he next meetxigof the b i-
Xua wftesds~u 734 m

current flower classes whlh
have been meeting week n-
deo the dibrepat oat o Mek .
Charles Mow.. o Me ndjy 1,
evening at .I YMWA- IO.
Turkey And "Piin's"ft : GV H
December 14
The Pedro Mel Womwait
Club Is rp nsu!iFg.a rarlf (
the henef.f Ch4 i,o
held on u y, Dpmber
Tickets are, OO each-ana
winner will receive ve'lasket
provial6ns for a complete
Christmas- Tirkey: Dinner. _TIclt
eta mtay ibe'. ought from -MK,
Tgman qenke l7) a
. C ummer. 410); or .a.
Thomaws ,.Ebdt, Jr: (4-53M).

Elks W4f1HoMld
Memoid Service

Tomorrow At 5 P.M.
Elks' MUm al' tay services
will be he atteroeon
at 'S the 14 home- o
lk's e held an-
nully, o unda n
Decem i t~, -respects to
brothers -.W." died during
the ear, "
Judge .Oithrle. c. Crow.3 will
be the gutt speaker this year.
Services arr 'oren to the public.
Light refreqxfents will be serv-

Big: Croed' Awaited
At VPW Carnival
For Free om Drive
A'ecord crowd li expected to
Isfgeh final night of the
t t "w-r,' Cr sde for Freedom
CgflMval ,sponsored by the Vet-
erans of Foreign Wars and the
Military Order bf Codtles at the
home of VFW Post '380 In Cu-
rtndu. tonight.
Mnles taken behind tb. iron
Cmur$a* is one of the features
oithel arnlval, whidh Includes
games of all. kinds, dancing and
All funds collected at 'the
carnival are for the local drive
of the. Crusade for Freedom.,
LINCOI.N, Neb. (U.PA--)u-
ring the peak of Nebriwgas
pheasant season, G. J. KCntra*
came upon a Arngneck standing
n a down-town shore stpre ad-
miring Itself li a nsirrer.

Commendaton A Hero


A *
from thwrsIAhius lat yiur when a colleague with whom he
resettoafia aln an fZog probable drowning receyed, ari award
for merioious achlevoient, received the same award recently
from Ced. Ben E. Cordell, commanding officer of the.65th Anti-
aircraft Artiller'y Group. 1st Lt. Bili E.1 Ragsdale sLands beside
Sat. Daidtaon. With the aid of another soldier, Davidson risk-
ed his 1t0 In thle fast moving waters of Gatun spillway to M1ll
out an airman who had been thrown into-the river and injured
in .an automobile accident, on the spillway bridge;

, A

nations c
c I .j wiUl also

Prof. r a

bride aU maid4o o ia p1
Qu~h~.o wil

.oi0 e t
1Eft .

s will Include Dr. m
at a Ara) ftr .anm
doro Arias; Mr. ]a
. H. LIovd. Mr.

'Open Day" Changes Far
| Oanbe. Thrift Sb?
e 'hrift Sbo sponsored
; bW h. Ohmboa.Union Church
*Wno longer be open on
dbut o be- open,
.d aN ].s

p p Va-- .. T. esobers pi

eo *f.the Fort
Wives Club


mber tollbw-
were appoiied in
arrangemstts lor the
r. r.". iFW. t. iMrs.

, Mrs. M. H At1hl-

and Miss

M HiM irtldak

. ,

signal .q0 a r ^ trin
and do something t
mining lovelier., na t' ra I
looking new hairroTor! So
relax and let Roun t abe
over' For Roux Oil Shm...
poo Tint ridunv1ctS iMe
every visible sitraxnd t di
or gray Wair.t Ie iSo mirlti
hiihlishrs and Iusti-, adds
subtle. natura-lookino cOW.
that changes your roorry to!
delight' '

, cteol s:i kt

SNavrIg0op Compu

OpE AND B^ ^

N.V. '.SAAvlARi- ....' .......... .:]ue r"h
. 5.s. UJ~ PTA" .....,.,.... ............. '.. 1. ha',
M.V. "RBINA DEL ApIFICOO" (18,00 Teas) ....Feb. 18th
S.S. "TAI CA" ..................... ..I. ...........Dec. o th
S.S "FLAMENCO" ...........................Dee. 20th
M.V. "ALAM .ANCA" .............................Dec. 24th
M.V. IUNA .............................. Dec. 10th
S.S. 'M RYAN!' ................... .........Dec. 30th
MV. "DONGEDYK" ............................Dee. 20th
M.S. "DURANGO" .............................Dec. 24th
S.S. "POTARO" e. ... ........... ......... bee. 34th

AU Sailings Subjet to Change Witheot'Notice.
oRDnCfo. m J PANAMA-A ve. Per *5. $-i 57/8

Caution: use only as directed '
on label .o

Telepho. iiO .ra "
O wJ14

- .j~ *~*
1. ,, ~



O- '..
fv t, -^ .- '<:* .-*, J ".';'
:1 ~ ,, p

The volume set a new world
record for outbound interna- air cargo.
During last month. a total of
2,580,459 pounds of revenue car-
eu was airlifted southward a-
bIuard PAA planes destined for all
parts of Latin America. This ex-
ceeded by 152,288 pounds the pre-
vious record set in October of
this year.
A new record week was also
chalked up in the sev'n-dav pe-
I iud ending Nov. 29 when PAA
moved 668,686 pounds of cargo|
southward breaking by 13,063
pounds the previous one-weca
record established a year ago.
Cargo to Latin America during
NTovember maintained the usual
10-1 ratio over inbound ship-
ments and further strengthened
Miami's position as the world's
tou airport In cargo volume.

Tues., Dee.'9,
''Cbntral Theatre .

S3 & 4.
,o f*-Iono snie in Canal Zone

.ia Baa-Road.

Sew Beautyi
starting today!

Make a
pretty you

by our
b killed Operators
Balboa 3677
Armed Services

YNC Bkauly Salon
(YMQA .Bfdg. BaJboa


a I

Toilet Water (4 a.)
(also available In Old Spice)

3 cokes of Toilet Soop

app wor
non-leak ltop



Toilet Water with y1
Stomizer in gift box
also available without atomizer

0i1 AMEgr



Shaving Mug


Balboa Beights, C. 2.
9:30 a.m.-Bible School (Classes for all ages).

Junior Cher...... Senior Choir
6:30 p.m.-Baptist Training Union.
7:30 p.m.-"GOD'S TWO WITNESSES."

Pastor W. H. Beeby-Speaking

Revelation 11

Radio Outlet--OXO-7-


N. oeker w.o paue ammulatoed
or resulai, has beeo povd betMr
thm DAndi

- i

, -P ,'


4..-~----.. -" -. -

Shipping & Airline News a.
Autetn Air LiAes Strike Cargo officials at PAA's LatJn upheld Bibb County BN
Reaqures Ui Of American Division headquarters Court's refusal to grant a
Supervtary Crews in Miami attributed the records fr.l IP the case a r
NEW YORK, Dec. 6 (UP) -Su- to the annual rush of Christm.s lost the damage suit.
pervisory c members of East- merchandise and to a steadily The court said Millwron
ern Air IA4s manned' three increasing flow of home applian- walking away from the
flights of 6Costellatlon. planes ces to Latin America. lane at the time of the
yesterday sa'a'strike by 16 flight nd that the aJrline was
engineers awq ito its fifth day. New Trial Refused For longer responsible for hisa ,
Twi fllgth_ qf ie four-tngined Ah-plane Passenger
craft left IeN York for Miami Who Claimed Damages
and one left Miami for New ATLANTA. Dec. 6 (UP) The
York. the company Aminoced -Georgia Court of Appeals touay forsi
Supervisory pesonnql of thi refused to order a new trial fr.r
oarline took over operation ef 8. W. Millerson who brought a b r ,,&A,
the Constellations the only damage suit against Delta A'r-
company planesfequirinf a flight lines for injuries ne claimed were
engineer when the eglineers sustained at Macon airport
refused to retur to work on an Milleron said he was injqrud ,
ultimatumm frdm the company he stumbled on a 10-.nch
Eastern usually operates 66 dai- hluh wall at the airport parking
ly Constellation flights and an- lot after leaving an incoming
nounced it lo.ts $150,000 each 24 Delta plane.
hours the strike continues.
TheAFPL flilhteniglneers st-Ike He alleged the airline was ,it
was termed "filegal" by the corn- fault in not properly lighting ihel
oanv and the engineers were cut area. v I
off the payroAl when they refvs- The Appeals Court, however.
cri to return by Wednesday at 3 ,
p.m. as the company demanded
The union is asking higher pay
for the engineers.
New World Record
Set By PAA Carg Gift Magic.
It's golng to be a real Merry
Christmas in Latin America If G f.t M Jgic e ,
Southern Hemisphere shopkeep-
ers use all the merchandise that \71
.assed through Pan American
World Airways' Miami cargo ^
warehouse during November. 6 m


.. ".4


_ _I o _

_ )_ = J d I = l. ,

I` '

a ;----~- -- -. TI




1" -





I -

~, *Larr~P~;

u Ip.wl


*r *,. LU'*

'5 'I


You Sell 'em ..When You Teli 'em thru P.A. Classifieds!

Leave 1ou, Ad with one ol o"'I or .ur office, in u. ,57 -- H" Street Panami

No. 12,179 central 4Ave. Col6n

Lewis Service
No 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291 ana

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Salon de Belieza Americano
No. 55 West 12th Street

Agencia Internacional de Puhliticiones
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199

.1 *"',," ,,,,,..., I .*, '-B ,,",e i delkivn $, ebem,
n IEIti--' r 'o ,'," --, Bar- 'Write AIle 4sle Amei.ems. See
FOR SALE: Househ0old fCurrr Imported Used rires & Tubes at Bar- 2031 A C. C
H-ouse No. 3014 Las Cumbres. gain Prices, at Agencios Cosmos,
Youths beds and d :ks. living one Auto-Row No. 29, Tel. Panamo GRAND XMAS SALE: -- AN t
y Tningroom, washing machine re 2-4721. gIn prices. Fmh stfekhs Philipple
frigearaor, deep freeze, Ratten end aeegany furnitre.
nd,lawn mower, metal botteriesFOR SALE: 1950NaLsh as bd, rge essertment Chinese novel-
f chickens. M. G, porter 2,000 ,radio, overdrive. D. W. Kells, Cu- t w. T. LUM. *. 41th
es Phone Panam 2-1326. C rundu Fire Station. Telephone 3- July Ave. Te. 2-2446.
Sons. Dr. WEIDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
SFOR-SALE:-Household furniture in- FOR SALE:-]1949 Buick Sedan, 2 Estudiante Street No. 140. Between
eluding console G. E. radio. West- door, excellent mechanical condi- "K" and. "J" street. Phone 2-.
irtlhouse refrigerator. House 1481 tion. 3479, Panama.
Balboa. Tel. 2-4301. Smoot & ParedesS. A. Pnm
Bui k & Chevrolet JUNGE JIM iJAUNT to Darien
-FO.. SALE: Dining table, early, T Sponsored by Hotel EL PANAMA.
Aerican buffet, bed frome' for FOR SALE:-1949 Chevrolet Con- 3 full days. Leave Friday Decem-
si jgf size air foam mattress; All vertiboe De Luxe. Radio, cream, her 12, 7:30 A. M. Return late
slid mahoganyy custom mde. Also block top, excellent condition Sunday afternoon, December 14.
"' 2bambco chairs, spring cu hions, Must sell immediately. Phone 2- Fishing through the Pearl Islands,
coffee table, mahogany and bom-! 6341. Bldg. 278, Ancon. visiting with the primitive Choco
b 5whit months old6' x 9', 2 bcum cles.FOR SALE:--One 1951 Chevrolet Indians, spearing crocOdles,. jack
e white rug 6' x 9', 2 bookcases. Bel Air with Power Glide. T. T. light hunting, cruising up the
'Aexceilent condition, cheap. 6 Grey. 13,000 Miles. Can be finan- Sambu river aboard El Panama's
9'evenings and Sunday, 164-B, ced. Days call Balboa 1322. After Pescadoro. Bring old clothes, com-
aboa Phone 6-428. Six P. M. 3540. portable hoes, and' DON'T FOR.
F "OAlPhonet6-428. 41- GET YOUR -CAMERA,. 3 gloic6us
'FOR SALE;-AII porcelain 9 cu.t. FOR SALE:-1950. Buick Sedon 4 days, $45.00 each person. Special
G" Br Refrigerator, 25 cycle, $60 door, dynaflow ,$1,850, excellent rate to club groups wishing to
0 0774-1 Williamson Place4 mechanical condition. ch.ater boat for Darien Pearl is-
Phone Balboa 41.72, between 4 and Smoo t Paredes S. A. lands trip. For reservations phone
7.p. m. .Buick & Chevrolet Jungle Jim. Hotel EL PANAMA,
FOR. SALE: Bed, cot,. chiffonier, FOR SALE:-1950 Pontiac 8, 4 door. 3-1660 or See your Travel Agent,
dest of drawers, kitchen table, all plastic seat covers, W-S excellent: Are you looking for Rattan Pooeel to
metal. Library table, wood. 2 mat8 condition, leaving Isthmus. Balboa repair your furniture? Get -It at
t sses. 6 chairs. Bed stand. 0428 3564 or Balboa 1446 after 6:00 "Eureka" on Central Avenue No.
SB Ancon 8:00 to 11:0 m. m. 1_ 33, just around the corner of
OORSLSALE: RCA Victor Radio- FOR SALE: 950 Studebaker "J," Street._
C nbination and sideboard, ex- Coupe. Radio, ndercooted, good NOTICE TO CONTR.ACTRS
cegent condition. No. 8105 Cen- rubber. Sacrifice, $1,150. Phone CALL FOR BIDS FOR CHURCH
trfl, Apt. 4. Colon. Balboa 1471. HOUSE
,FOR',SALE: Refrigerator, $60.00. Reedy for immediate delivery in St. Sealed bids for opening in public
SBlboo 3254, Trifzger, 1574-J, Louis, Chevrolet 1I Ir, $2,072. will be received until 10:00 A. M.
(ovilan Area). Leaving for the $meet & fa4ae. December 27, 1952 for furnishing
rfilan ~------_-__ --_ oil material and labor and construc-
*Ste -. P FOR SALE:-1946 Packard Sedan, 4 tion of a combined church house, of-
FOR SALE:-Dining set at $150.00. door, .excellent mechanical con- fices and parsonage to'be located on.
pdft $450.00 for it, beds and edition. site of old Building No. 627 qdjo-I
m;tress, $15.00 eth, livingroorm Smoot & Predes t. A. cent' to First Baptist Church, Balboa
set$60.00. House' 309 Herrick Rd. Buick' & ChevrOt Heights, Canal Zone.
to'eing Ancon Court.,
FOR SALE:- 1948 Buick vper Se- Plans and specifications may be.
e .honge your old refrigerator for dFOn,.radio w/w ties completely obtained at the .church offices in
a sew one. This is your opportu- undercoated, new point job, 47,600 Building 627 upon deposit of $15.00,
nh 'We also offer you second miles. Must be seen to be appre- which sum will be refunded to Un-
hotd'refrigerothrs. Thiisis another cited, 0775-A, Williamson Ploac, aCcessful bidders upon return' of See them at Electro- Balboa. lildans in good condition within ten
Set S. A.. opposite "La 'Merced Bidys oftir opening of bids.
Schr T.'elephone Panomo 2-0016 FOR SALE-1941 Oldsmobleon- after open.iin Committee of ebids.
,. ....r -- .... ..- 0774- L.'W .IIomson Place. -Phone ny or all hds.
FW SALE.-Ratlan. .vingroom sure. Balboa 2-4172, between 4 qnd 7 Building Committee
rn-ogony, double bed, spring, p. m.B Firit aptst Church

SMahogany Chna o FOR SALE -1950 Nash Staton w- Cost Rica. Information ot your
SmttrApex washngss machine. Phone excel mechanical cndi Tr A s.
j 2 O 60 Cy. Baby wardrobe largvnue FOR SALE: 950 Buick Super s e- a lae tsa

FO Small r25o, tableetc. Attenton n al Zone Auto-$52ners0.00 80. Telephone 32-1 71. Branch2-3
to 00 3 oak d We ay CASH r your car, and East 24th a Central Avenue. Te-
n. chars $.00 each. I mahogany sell on TERMS h Stat Agncis Cos- lhoane 2-146. Pan at yourma.
ocer $.00 831-T Balbo Rd.. mo S. A. on Auo-Ro No. 29. Tel. ravel Agents.
exoshngMCAchne. Phone 2urdayPanama 2-4721. Open all day on SPCIAL XCURSIONS!
Balboa. Smoot Saturdays. Pa e S.A. mate FROM PANAMA TO M pXICOa
FOR SALE-T refrigerator, M FOR SALE: 1952 Buick Specia l ant, via Espound ipSb 35ar No.
FOR SALE.-Tw o Refrigerators, weith rado 90 rmils.T Dodg to LOS ANGLES, one -way,0 $
ta cord pyer. All 25 cycle. $, four Dartentioon Canal Zone Auto-Owne rs 830. Telephone -0 $252 35. Branchy-

S icker chairs. Rattan two seat on "TERMS" at Agncs Cos- Panma Dispatch Servna e opa.
couch ,twin stroller, large ploy pen. FOR SALE:-Series 62 CADILLAC POitse Ancon bus stop. Tel. Panama
Call B .00 831bo -T Balboa Rd.806. Sedan, only 8Au,00 miles. like new. 2-655.
FOR SALE.-Chifforobe. davenport, Call 4-339. From 5 till 7 P. M.
choir. 2 bookcases, desk. Apply FOR SALE: Ford 1949 Business UNIVERSITY OF PANAMA,
Mranxt o ArosemenC No. 52, altos. Coupe black, ne pant daymotorn SPANISH COURSES FOR AERICANS
.-- ,overhauled, $825. House 173 Pe- Beginning Saturday, December 13,
and Sunday. Saturday. FROMupsars.nd ery Saturday thereafter for
POSITION OFFEREDf Steamship FOR SALE: 1950 Buick Black, ayma$ so 5rg roudrsis n e -
| Agency Balboo. requires shorthand- Roadmaster, 4 door, radio, tires in ners. .n5ermodlete and qdvancedy
typist experienced at handling good condition. Call J. B. Borrera. Spanish for Americans. Hours: be-
commercial dcrs. Rattan also assistant Panama 2-1704. nners, 8:30 to 10 Inter-
Souejrch stenographer. Apply in w.t- FOR SALE:-1950 Morers Oxford.I AC medte: 8.30 to 10 a. mn. Ad-
Calg for intervBew Manger Box 10,000 miles like new. Also 1946 anced: 10 to S1 ;30 a. m. Stud-
2007.FOR Balbo. Caffonal Zone Hudson Club couo nric l I ents fulfili.a university admisinn
Position Offered dro Minue4. upstairs and evem Saturday thereafter for

v." TED- Salesgirl with exoerence.
r iut speak English-Spanish Colon
: J ..'y, 10 St. between Balboa

Help Wonted
Aid. pGenerol house work Two chil-
SI',. n. Sleep in. House 313-A, Fort
Real Estate
CA+ LE OWNERS:-For sale at bar-
gein price, Old CRUCES ranch on
the coast of Cermerno, district of
CPiro. 2,400 hectares Carlos Su-
eve C.
F*'OIR SALE: Going away, sale of
Miness. Bazaar Washington No.
S122, Central Avenue. near Chose
FO SA.LE:-8 acres. two fronts on
ronsisthmian Highway. 20 min-
utes from Panama 15 Cis. par me-
'tr. 630 square meters ,n Vista
Hermosa. on Transisthmtan High-
wiy, $7 per meter. C W Meissner
)hie 582-B, San Juan Place, An-
FOR SALE ---One house lot in Bueno
Vista. For ,nformoation see Frank
F~ticis, 2nd St. 2006, Jusro Aro-
s. mena, Colon.
FOR SALE:-Or trade for property inr
Pgnema place, in Boquete 5 3-4
Shectres, modern house, best view
i' ,W the valley, also "Blenet 41"
T iCWtor. In Boquete see Tommy Mo-
| JM. J. W. Price, housing office.
house phone Curundu


Phone 3-4249. Panama I requirements will receive credit for
FOR SALE 1951 Ford Vctori. course Registro'tion fee: $10.00.
Duty paid, A-1 condition, one niew At Sud reistered AC Cocker Span-
tires. Owner leaving for U. S. A. iel. Blue Ribb6n winner. Phone
See car at Auto Omphroy, Panama Balboa 3567.
Phone 2-0810 F--

FOR SALE:-1949 Nash Ambassador
Tudor Custom. Radio, overdrive
bed, extras. 5995 00. 163 Pedro
Miguel, 4-371.
FOR SALE:-1951 Chevrolet 4-door,
Sedan Power Glide, low mileage.
WII accept cheap car for trans-
portation and difference. Phone
Cristobal 3-141 1 after 5:30 p. m.
FOR SALE-1942 Buick Convertible
duty paid. Leaving Zone, musl
dispose. $250.00. Call Hammer.
Balboa 2-2553. Sunday 10:00 a
m. to 2 p m. Weekdays B-00 a
m. to 4 00 p. mr
FOR SALE: 1950 Super De Luxe
Pontiac Catalina. Hydramatic, ro-
dio, heater, air conditioning w-s-w
Very good condition. Tel. 2-1245.
545 Corozal Hospital Road.

AMERICAN. fluent Spanish, wide ex-
perience Latin America, excellent
contacts and references, desires
career position with reliable firm.
Write D. V., Box 134, Panama, R.

Apagrn mts
rwo and five rMoM furnished and
unfurnished apOrtmentl private on-
closed gardens. 8061. 10th Street
New Cristobol. Telephone Colon

FOR RENT:--Large cool room
taorlly located, Bella Vista.
Dendent entrance, ene or twi
Call 3-1081.
FOR RENT. L.ving-bedroon
nished or room, private in
dence I or 2 persons OnlI
14. 45th St., Bella Vista.
FOR RENT:-To a couple, ni
board $3.00, one i metal i
and service room. Private do
cooking .allowed. Inform:
Pharmacy. 4th of July Ave.

James D. Forbes
Tapped For Alpha
Zeta At WSC
_lu" D. -ores of Ulbh*

Carlton Drag Store
10,063 Mel6ntiea Ave.-Phone 256 Col6n

Prioaanda, S.A.
"H" Street comer satudiatnte St.
Phones 2-2214 and 2-2798

Gramlich Santa Clara beach-
cottages. Eletric ice boxes. g a
stoves. medirate rates. Telephone
6-441 Gombe 4-567 Pedro Mi-

Furnished houses On Beach at Santa
Clara.. Phone Shrapnel, Balboa
1389. Or see Caretaker there.
PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. The
only courtt in Santo Clara with an
Oceanoiew from all cottages. Steps
to be ch. Rock Gas, refrigeration.,
barbecue and shuffle board. Pan-
ama 3-18J7. Margarita 3-1673.
SBOx 'No. 435 Balboa.
Casino Santo Clara. Dance music by
Casino Aces. No reservations ne-
cessary. Saturday and Sunday.

Sealed bids, for opening in public,
will be received until 10:30-A. M.,
December 16, 1952, for Rules, Saws,
Sledges, Sockets, Tapes, Taps,
Wrenches, etc., located at the Bal-
boa Storehouse. Excess Sale Circulor
No. 26, Part IV, may be Obtained
from the office of Superintendent of
Storehouses, Balboa, telephone 2-
FOR SALE-Genuine Dochshund Pup-
pies, 6 weeks old. Call telephone
3-2191, from 12:00 noon to 8:00
p; m.

Sealed bids in triplicate, will be re
caived in the office of Engineeriri
and Construction Director, Ponami
Canal Company, Balboa Heights
until 10:00 a. m. January 20
1953, and then opened 'h public
for furnishing all plant, tools
equipment,' materials (except cer
tqin. listed materials .to be furnish'
e4 free by the Go'ernment, lobe
arid services and for 'performlil
oel work for construction of build
ings and' appurtenances ond altera
tions to existing building, for. Pao
raiso School, Canal Zone. Bid sche
diles, fortlsof, Ioroposals, specify
cations, and full particulars maj
be obtained from the Contract aon
Inspection Division, Room- 334
Administration Building, Balbo
Heights Itelephone 2-37391. S"e
cifications and drawings will bI
issued on a deposit of $30.00
set. Deposit will be forfeited i
specifications and drawings are nc
returned within 40 days after open
Ing of bids.
FOR SALE:-Boby furniture, Crib, al
most new, plastic covered mattress
ploy-pen, ceding table, chairs
leoying Isthmus. Balboa 31169
0774-1. Williamson Place. Phon

Smoll Auto Parts bus-ness. Ideally
located. VWrite: Owner, Box 3569,
Ancon, C. Z.

FOR SALE:-Bird-Cage. 28" x 44'
x 30". Peaked top, $25.00.
5457, Diablo Heights.
FOR SALE:-Boy's Stelber bicycle.
24 inch wheel, brand new, still
boxed. $43.001 Phone 6-149.
House 128 Gamboa.
FOR- SALE. New steel frame 10
inch circular sow, without metr,
cost $130. Price $105. New, 1_
inch electric fan, 60 cycle. Cdal
$36. Price $26. New 4 1-2 inch
heavy machinist's vise cost $25,
Price $17. Singer sewing machine,
$55. K and E engineer's level, $15.
5 steel spring animal traps, $4,
C. W. Meissner, house "h2-.8,
San Juan Place, Ancon.

FOR SALE; Huge Myer Pocket
Finder. Western 11i light meter with
Special Attachment. Two section
strong tripod. Kodascope 16 M.M.
Projector With Still Picture Level.
Radiant Projector Screen (37 k 50).
Flip-Flop copying and titler equip-
ment. Franklin Movie Film Pre-
served and Cleaning. Tan .,th
Splicer and two Reel Winders. Mit-
ten Titler Copying Leftering Set.
16 M M. Cin'largef for making
enlargments from 16 m.m. 10 Nee
tion pocket tripod when closed
10". 8 x 10 Leather Utilit-, Ca
mera Bag. Banjo Mandolin, 0Oex
H. 16 M M. movie cormne- WU
3 lens turret. 5716 Dioblo Hog.
Opposite Camera Club. 2-401,1
Apt. D.

, con- FOR 4ALE:-Cocker Spaniel block
mnde- female, one year old. AKC reghlt-
Smem.terid, well trained. Reasonable. Cell
- Cristobal 3-2460.
, .fur-
. ri- FOR SALE: 25 cycle Auto1tgle
'. No. Record Player, 78 R P.M. lf p
ch- 10 or 12 inch record, GBoo0a 4
Schil'- edition. Tel. 2787, Bolboa _
puxxto.l ---:V-.,----- L

FOR SALE:-New Bremen 1
piano. Bleached mahogany
bench. Tel. 2-1245, 545
Hospital Rood.
FOR 5ALE:-Slightly used
gale, one football suit $21
Erector sets $5.00. one*
gloves $2.00, one elect
board $3.00. one m tNj
$1.50. Prone Balo.
FIOR SALE ;-'Tropical fis
Mollies, Blua GouM*.wiAM
varieties. 751-A kn
boa. Phone, 2-3_ 5 l -.
FPOe SALE 104li

Minimum for 12 wordS.
3c. each additional word.


RATS are

Rat & Mouse Killer,
(contains WAR-PARN)
279 Central Ave..- Tel. St0140


j t S. A .u

l Asportes Baxter..L

Shipping, moving.
We pack and rate
anything. 'Phone
2-2562, Panama.

store age.
or move

OIs. A. d a. oa1MLAC
l l<,i Graduates)
8 I and i S pjm
Saturday: I '- 12 noon.
5 r7't w Avele Tel. S.1a3
S 1 b1 e romt Lux rhestreI

LEAN: Waltk Fox-
trot, t atr b U, g.
Tanto. Na tr .
Free Trist Leosn ft



Household Exchange
41 Autqpoblle Row
71. 1-411

S .. : .. .

*~~ ~ ~~ 'r .^ .'



W~d~6e -t or ill-
.hath' & it's like being
ld.,,fmr 00, $1000
or more BmOp. Medical
expenses mount, regular bills
Imep-pM* in and income
may p s yo' Have acci-
dent ih urance!
riukd' oi*.. .; cents a
; dai b hundreds,
thouaaOl oe At a
Sit most.

Po0lad Quits U,

$500f B ehind 3

__ _1 ~_______ _I I __

GgOenh Ph lm Fiows

For Panama Artstsr

- .. -

PARIS, Dec. 6 (UP)--Com,.
ialnunmt land today announced
its decision to wltidraw from.
the 68-nation United Nato
Educational, 'Scientific and Cul-
tural Organization (UNESCO);
further widening 'the gap, be-
tween East and West.
UNESCO's. general committee
immediately went into-sesion on
tlv new crisis to plague the
global cultural agency, still
echoing with the furores which
followed the resignation of. 0 1-
rector-general Jaime Torres
Bodet and the admission of
Franco Spain over the opposi-
tion of many intellectual liber-
Poland's decision was com-
munlytted to UNESCO's acting
cecretary-general, John W. Tay-a
lor of the United States, in a
letter from the Polish ambas-l
sador In Paris.
The general committee Im-
mediately began preparing a
reply which is certain to accept
the withdrawal.
Polnd boycotted the seventh
UNMScO conference, now meet-
ing here, and furthermore is
some $00,000 behind in its dues.
UNSCO officials said there
wds a4tOgtossibillty hatthat the
other Odm3punlt satelllt mem-
bers, OCecailovakia anl Hun-
gary, )Inht do likewise.
Rut has never oined sine';.
UNESCO was established -in
Poland followed Russ( out of
another United Nations special
agency, the World Health Or-
ganisation. I 1948.
Meanwhile In Oslo, Norway,
three, leading members of the
Norwegian natlondll committee
for UORESCO resigned as a pro-'
test against Spain's member-
ship In the organization.
Ellen Gledltsch, professor in
chemlistrv at the University of
Oslo, Einar Skavlan, editor in
chief of the liberal afternoon
newspaper Dagbladet, and Hans
Helberg, theater chief in Nor-
way's state-run broadcasting
corporation and chairman of
the Norwegian Authors' Associa-
tipon, wrote the Norwegian tor-
ein mini-jtry haf they were no
longer abe to continue as mem-
bers of Norway's UNESCO con-
mittee because Norway abstain-
ed In the Vote oIL SPatPOjI*s
Their letr A Wote I o the

"'it ; "the
atltention- ws 'l result of -M-
attuctilon. frimn the Norwegian
government t h e government
mnut take full responsiblity for
w at had ped and et
h Sd of Va 4 NV O
committee which ares with
the government's pA cy io this
matter." '
The letter alko said the three
committee members think it was
deplorable that Spain was &d-*
mittod to UNESCO, and they
maintain the Norwegian delep-
ion In Paris should have ac
cepted this view.

YPSL To Attend
Services Tomorrow
At St.Pau.'s
The Young P~lple's Sette
League of St. kPul's Churcl wIl
attend the celebration, of the
Uulv Eucharist In a body to' r
row at 9 a.m.
During the service theae
circled officers of'this p
organization will be formally
rt ailed Into office and'the t
bprship will je In a corM*
'ojnmunhon. -
All young people are esoec
invited to attend this service.
%r;.hdeacon Shirler will be "
officiant and preacher.
Also in attendance ate:tRl
service w .be the membE 'a
the Gourmet ClOub oll.
their mothers.
. their services throub
day will be: 6 aJm.., -olt.,
"unlon. celebrant, Rev.
IIaves: 10:30 a.m,. nimornib
er.andr church ebool: 11
Holy Baotism.lAd t "
and setemnn, reacher Rev:..
MacDonald. '

harvestt Pronrram
At Church OCH
An anusa hPt:
'll be heto~blz "
at the Chureh olfa6S
nel The nr0et B
ed by a cake andafl^:
~ ~ ~ --~ "" f I-.' ;. -'-*






M are*,

/ Ia

we U

ott qs

g'a on a w"-eles
/ '>- a ip
-sat on a new
_ "*,r.

. '4. "-'


SI '.

I,, ,,-* :; ,

;K i -,- .--A:

r. -'.. ,
,* .- *_-
"*' .. +.'I UE .i.



' :' .


_ __~ _~ _____~___ ~___

hustled down the ramp abd bux'looked t ird. it bla"
into a waiting c'ar. Wo pictures. dd t-. .
Drove for,,nearly an hour t qt
the walled' compound w lwe -.aS 'M
Gen. James Van Fleet, the tth ,ripithu ,
LrIny commander, has h r I 'home"M t yuai .PiV, '
SP's stationed Just hisidel A7D&y to'I
door, house seemed well-6rdered ;i0ht.
and calm. .Ve.S. o- eM t
Eisenhower sat over 'poa and
turkey sandwiches" With Vaf at 4 a
Fleet, Cen. Mar Clark, the' to t wAy, ly because
U.N. command, Wilson and wpat. en Oy rad or
Bradley, getting first hand fiU- the irt4 for a; faffOt t
In. ,t .
Dee. 3, Seoul and poilat aerthil wo. p man
Eisenhower got his t real W .
look at the war today. Went
to, thefront lines to. vst-tfe -d. me
yist Marine Division. He also Mgt in "WA 4t
dropped In, v two p pte Lnel e-- l a a
artillery nsise l e, at a e 'lutt aa
airport for a. lengthy. inspec hrs.
tion of the 4th Fshter- r- ioennawe t O
ceptor Wi eath1 ia.,t
term of the P \from
Eges 8 .
One of the big moments, how. lsenhower were m eill'.m
ever, was asedif his son, Maj.l uowntweed looking
Jani Eisenhower who ks ta ied -i
tio ed In Korea as an asishtavtyt k" a" 1foins-
oations officer with the uu ifrb afs

at] a.Cr'
d 2for m "
Lt of eftasting the xore n

eate: I

o n .
t E on thre. pairs of I.'.

sweater shirts ,
ras and emerged ht5tN-.


_L_ _.,rr_ I_


"_ ip.pjgI- W.'. ,.





-~_ .- I__ __~ -_

_08 0s.noT1M I. -

3 ~ii WtoAnC r f GA a turned ~from vacatlpn, and to
,,Aa AGAVE "'C",G, l r, faewel t Mr. J aanes
,Ms. ,lupieu
Mr. Thomas has been 0ervily7
A, W. ,.,. a manager of thie. CttVo. b
ht rit ng Branch while Mr. Dorow was
b-rh th a ar ed on vacation. Mr. Thomas la
ri. leaving for a short visit in
S Wahington, D. 0., before re-
The i .sIBdpke, B. W. Adler, turning to the Panama City
with Armyand N Mr; P. Anderson, Mrs. T. L. Qffice.
And et 1 h J ,Mrserlow, Fifty business men from Cris-
terpece Mrd. '. A. obal and Colon attended the
a3 grlt D a B ?- 0 10 Mrs. party.
low, and w a rs... Cider, -
da Mrs Cur- Christmas Lumhe
J .. IDNY, Mrs. H. The Womens Auxiliary of the
Mrs Mrs. L. R. Clark;. atun Union Church had tteir
Xmra" pi J^n ,V Bb, Mrs. PB. Ftoh annual oP.ta arty. d a
'6.nes, Mrs. J. Gable, covered dish luncheon at tha
-and M W. Gibbs, Mrs. R. K. gharh Thursday, with M ra.
S 7 e R. I. Gornick, Mrs. Floyd McDonald Mrs. Johar
.ta .M ...Mr. .. ... fln, Mrs. E. A. 11l, KW and Mrs. mer Stern as
and M 9 *. Hall. Mrs. D vias a.
hosts for. lokil t ei Mrs. J. D. Hereford, A red and silver theme was
to Hendrickson, Mrs. used on the nIm tables and on
gee, a .'t^.,eittSr. I Hitchwock, Mrs. J. J. the buffet table. TaUll red ta-
ca.l e e Mr. R. 8. Hunt Mrs. penr centered -the buffet table
Sg, Mrs. D. Ale, and .anta Claus handles and
Jd*m. iJa& MM f 0. Lucas, Mrs. A. L. other Christmas appointments
s. wj a^ a4-.-'5 lCubbln, Mrs. 0. McKy, wa~r used on. the long table.
A c R- L. Mills, Mrs.. 0. R. A sidrI and walse tree, made
wap 9 1 ; d,. Mrs. H. B. Parks, Mra. drom the blossom of the palm
fliers, L J. Patterson, Mrs. T. X. Pete tree was decorated with orna-
Mrs, rred 1e-ry, Mrs. C. B. Reid, 'Mrs. i. E. ments and the gifts encircled
Ing ..V2,1 #noahln" Mrsa W, D. Ronayne. IL,
to weAl(. Mr t. M. Rowell MBs: .O.' Guests for the lurnche.on
who r "'-. h e Sabin, Mrs.' E. Bchnlldt, Mts. were: Mrs. Jessie Finlason of
Naval The I. A. Snead, Mrs. R.-L. Smith, Oartago. Costa Rica, and Mrs.
we 1m Jr,,'Mrs. E. M. Stein,. Mrs. R, Q HallUe V. .Allen and Mrs. Law-
nm Stiles, Mrs. H. R. Thomas, Mrs. -i0e Ohamberd of Balboa.
The We ter- ompsa n, Mrs., M.. E.
aed-, e .T' n, Mrs. R. F. Tucker. The other ladles present were:
wlit Is, edlMrs. L. N. Utter, Mrs. G. L. *,s. Leon golf, Mrs. 8Sue
y le. Wallace, Mrs. R. L. Ware, M Mrs abetdegg, Mra. Tracy White,
ME J; i y rneed R. A. WItlhg, Mrs. O. A. Wi.- Mrs. Senjamine Brundage, Jr.,
theAhi& $ B son,-WA, J, R. Wolfersberger, S Benjadi Brundage, 8r.,
W. CM-larfc' F ;BO..L Wid e Min.S Oeetre Phole Sr., M r s.
served "i.t Lee, Mrs. Alice Clement,
The applntmient National City Bank Mrs Joan Miller, Mrs. J u lie
were cf out In the deeor- Mt.Offno els fqrrtan Mrs. Freda Boyditon,
aloDns 6 t 4eftc four, In the M.aul Slidebothhm of the Mr.'Art;hur Albrlght, Mrs. W.
Sbons W 'the ro 'e Pananra Branch, and Mr. Bruce C. 8 ith," Mrs. John Greening,
sanlwlch '"0n1 the triangle C0rpenter, of the Balboa Mrs. Fred Newhard, Mrs. Lee
sanuwiches Wich formed ni n-Branch, served as hosts at an Nash, Mrs. Emerson Cottrell,
lature- trees. a the fndlvidual informal cocktail party given Mrs. Anna M. Butcher, Mrs.
tables. at the Cristobal Branch of tb 4hmas Fel, Mrs. Ross Al-
The ladies ho calle 4i r- National City Bank to welcomed ,r1ri Mrs. Oeorge Zimmerman,
Ing the- afterdo n were, Mra. Mr. J. B. Dqrow, who recently Mrs. Curtis George, Mrs. Bon-
S- arris, Mrs. Willam A, Van
-yan, Mrs. Walter Watts, Mrs.
TODAY LAST SHOWS of arle Webster, Mrs. Richard
DA ''LAST S WSPennington and Reverend and
Mrs. J. W. L. Graham.

"MA IA A Irewll Party For
EA Alsnnnand Mr's. Nieves
ACaptain and Mrs. Jose M. Nie-
S'. es, who are leaving the Isth-
at ma this month, were honored
"- with a supper and card party
S.. .. ven' by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
S1. Bourgoels at their Fort Oulick
.j '' ,residence,
The other guests were Mr.
Sand Mr. Arnold A. Hannberg.

4 Ivea Club at


~&m iS>
~4.Jswt .~x


eg at the sher t business n Me-
j.'he sroP too thisopor.
tuny to hono Carl Hess,
.wo0, Is eavi A eth Isthmus.
She wa& presented a linen ta-
ble cloth.
The members present were:
Mrs. William Bell, Mrs. Russ
Mann, Mrs. Adolf TruJjQ, MM.
Mario Marrero, Mrs. Fran I
Melsh, Mrs. Arthur Crand
Mrs. eore Mar, Mrs. Albe
Bresch, M. Louis Lee, Mrs.
Lloyd Gregg, Mrs. Joseph Coto.
Mrs. John Byrd, Mrs. Joh i
Franks, Mrs. Cooney Poole,
Franklin Altlaan, Mrs. J
Yarbrough,'Mrs. Wiliam
dell, Mrs. Nell Mcot ti%,ft.
Merle Mounts, Mrs. Robrt Jaoc
ques, Mrs. Ule3t i 'f
Charles Meek, Mrs. Junes Oli]
ver, Mrs. John Ballentine,
James Pryor, Mrs. Claren e
Harvey, Mrs. Shirley Cruml
and Mrs,. Harry m C0 are,
Christmas Party Planned by4
Cristobal. Auszilar .
The Women's Auxiliary of
Cristobal Union C h c

House 200 at 7:30p., Deen

well as members of the aux,
liary arereQu.-te to attes4
And brn a teo exc

Fish Fry At 0
not to exeed a .actar.

The Lock a Au Msool having a h7.b fry at @%.
Block House Ino Gatun for
mdmber and their families. t
morrow, starting at 1: p.m.
All member ae ordiy In
Vited to Join f the fun.

bth th. hdad i*A u
e&nand i party at

piu repeating the

g sswere; Lyn4

= s d Heie
rf 'R i 0. 1s'- Z 0
udn Q1. Sfi
ithm A 1 4fttt

I &i-71 -
On he Ed io

1 II ant-:. I;kewrm- -"
pa- t a e o-i
ral *'. n o B9n".y
Ife* these 3 all
hav een Pl "r
1 I Rubbed out & es
13 Evening party les
14 Heard from an 7 Rivulet (var.'
emcee on 8 Trr.tatos
.radio 9 Profoundly
I$ Speaker 10 Radio is ne
-lInterest (8b.) means of
11 Flies aloft broadcasting
It Roof finial the World
20 Egplres --s
22 Golf teacher 12 Let fall
23 Shield bearing13 Saunters
24 Operatic solo 1 Circle part
26 Superior 21 Taciturn
28 Part of the
30 Lady Literate I
in Arts (ab.)
31 City in The
32 Droop
33 Mascirline ,
36 Bird's home -
39 Allowance for
waste Is
40 Pull along
42 Kind
44 Upper limb
.45 Danger
47 New Guinea
port I
48 Flier
50 Keep
52 Attempters -
53 Makes into
54 Domestic
35 Fat v ,

tWio Prev

3 Slouan India
25 Military
27 Wolfhound
29 Annoys
33 Mistakes
35 Rugged peak
37 Comfort .
38 Character-

ans39 Savor
41 Programs
travel through
the air
45 Personal (ab.)
46 Cotton fabric
49 Scottish
51 Small flap

L I -H

-- .T


S di



This is to remind you that, as per written
notice already sent, the Extraordinary General
Assembly of Stockholders rafted by the Board of
Directors for the purpose of considering the pro-
posed amendment to the By-Laws as well as con.
sidering the construction of a new, modern plant
and adopting the measures necessary to proceed
with that work, particularly those pertaining to
the financing of the savge, will be held in the
main offices of th ~ wer.y, North Avenue No.
77- on Tuesday, DeCeubr 9th, 1952 at 7:00 p.m.
;. ;* ,'. .. % '' .
Dee to the importance of the matter to be
dicussed -at thia meeting, your punctual attend.
ance is requested. If unable to attend, please co-
operate& by seadiig us your proxy immediately.







SAll at Very Attractive Prices


$5.0 Or!

You may win, on Dec. 28, 1952:
1) An 86 Pc. "Mittons" English Bone
laha DinhiUP (for 12)
2) A 48 Pc. "Orrefors" Crystal Set
(for 12)
8.)A :I)and-Ph~-i "Lenci" Center.

14.- C aon ODiSp

X : il ,:: ,S

.. -. .. .
-,._w M *..**.:.*. :* .

Judge Dismisses
3 Or 19 Counts .
Against Gruenwald
WvASHINGTON. Dec. 6 (UP) -:
Federal Judge Edward A. Tamm
today dismissed three counts of
an indictment containing 22
counts which charged Henry W.
"The Dutchman" Gruenwald
with-contempt of Congress.
The counts dismissed charged
Gruenwald with falling to pro-
(ldce records for a House Ways
ana Means subcommittee inves-
tiating tax scandals in the In-
ternal Revenue Bureau. Attor-
neys said, the counts were dis-
missed on legal technicalities
that the Lndictment failed to pa'
tpy were pertinent to the In-
SOTuenald, a so-called capital
"mystery man"Jink d with nfhw-
enoe peddlers nd others, "tae
little more Information to the
House subcommittee than his
alle and name.
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (U.P.) -Mrs.
Don York thinks it's about time
she learned to awim. Twice she's
been dunked Into lake waters
when her husband's, motorboat

a*#Wisus: Statistical Abstract and; A Grandma for Ch
of the U.S.. 1952; Natipnal Buy- -Seymour.
erasGuide of the U.S.. 1952 and CHILDREN'S NON-FIC ,
sodth American Handbook-U.S. Wonder Tales of Horses and
Bur. of the Census. roes-Carpenter; Mother 00
Handicraft-Jordp n; What tor
CHILDREN'S FICTION: What Now-Lee: This Singing Wor!
Every Young Rabbit Should Untermeyer.
Know-Denison: The Boy Who
Wanted to be a Fish-Hender- CHILDREN'S BOOKS NO :
son: An Angel In the Woods- EDITIONS: A Wonder Book -a
Lathrop; McWhinneys'. Jaunt- Taglewood Tales Hawtholra
Lawson; Cowboy Small-Lenski; TIhe Five Little Peppers
Red Treaspre-Martin; The Cats Up; and The Five Little PaePP
Who Stayed f* Dinner-Row- in the Little Brown House.

i -.v

_ 1 I

ir~_~*_____~ __I



' WuMr than you WelTu nl&rt1wul
wdth msed Karibt l
-Also- -
Women Ripped by Fans and Claw]
S with DeimJs O'Keeg BMarge

Tony Curtih Piper
Laurie, in
In Technicolor!
Abbott and Costello, in

Robert Mitchum. in
Wfldar Bendix, in

Air. Teal

Ift Mo~oftime TONIGHT! 0wramaa Ci

SALBOA \ 4:it.'S0- o 30

.mAwW I !
..i.1.stMlh l

S % ---"
Jst-l-- l ik II- J I

Ronald Reagan, In
Also- -
Forrest Tucker, In



Spanish Double Programl
Antonro Vllar. In
Joaquin Pardavi. en

i _.1J-- jk8 r in



E. *
-I '*;,a~


anal &Aeaters -

DIABLO HTS. 8:15 8:15
Betty BU'lTTON
Technicolor I
Bun. "Anee Manit's Pobem"

COCOLI. 6:15 8:11

Bettlle DAV7S
"Another Man's Poison"

e Millard MITCHELL
Groucho MARX
"A Girl In Every Port"
Sunday I
"Model & The Marrliagw whm

e Anne rRANCIB
Technicolor I
n... "OMiEtl LoSY ves


New, ooks

Peter Hunt's book on hopy to
sform-old and dcarded fur-
ire lato new an seu pces
Sam. ks added
Sthe a 'Library
shelves d.urg* te past week.
The aut lor the famous cre-
ftor uf tha &0 auft mot to 'the
Lecoraton of furniture. Hunt's
How-To-Do-It" book describes
he technique andtjethod In the
ransformation df furniture
rom the preparatlwirt the sur-
kce to the ffnlsingM tou
he book contains sevel un,
red practical a ue for
ecortlPon-UnA #IwrnWe the
house and.eurropnd
The-compl6tell 1ty Boo
laced in clrbulatfea.
ast week foUlowsBi h'
RBLI( ON:' h Ifturch
eadhingr, TherWbd FIra
tlon of ResldesilWl teaL zsta
CHEMISTRY: Analytial C
laryof the Manhattan Pree
-odden. : .
roubles Psychesomatic?-Wln-
FINE ARTS: Hunt's How-To-
o-It Book-Peter Haht.
DRY: The Amazing Anazon-
rice; Arr9w in the Blue-Doest-
r; Tlhe Future of American
FICTIO4N: The Hunted Wom-
n-Albrand; Cradle of the Sun
-Clagett: A Flight of Palecos--.
auchonne; Day of Reckoning--
etcher: Rampole Place--Holt;
orty-four Gravel Street-Mad-
ow; The Far Country-Norway;
Vhich I Never-Strong.
NEW EDITIONS: London. and
s Environs-Baedker: Mlunchr
id Its Environs-Baedker.
Added to 'the ERENCE
OLLECTION: Publishers' Trade
lst Annual, 1952-U. S. Bur..of



1:0 2:3S 44 6Z50 8:56 p.m.
A delightful musical comedy In TechnJcolor!

C E N T R A L Benefit of "MARIA ANTINEA"
SI- Presenting: -
General Entrance ................. 51.00 and 0.50


'Coritne CalvEt Dan Dailley

Stanley Clements, In

Leo Gorcey and the
Bowery Boys In






. I


I -


t. .


J Prgent

. 3


Rolinson Arthurs Mound Duel A Stadn IM
... .*. :, ". ; :;..'" ,*' .....*' ~ ? t < *'
s ;"- A' I, -rA.
I ~ .t ..

Last Nig's Rained Out BHS Oridders Ne Unanimous Minor League Vote Mdor-

(;otest Sial To.oow Opponenpts New Bonus Regulalhn C ti
Balboa High'; football teado.0.W 11 j
selected their All-Opponent uf U s .. .. '- ...
team- yesterday. All the boys on __ '
year. Cristobal,' Junior College PHOENIX Arts., Dec. (UP )-
Teams Won Lost Pet. Athletc Club. and Lake Worth R Thelminor leagues have votd koh
Pwere considered. After muchnd onadopt c the new bonus rule votedO tW
Bor0001's (Ch.) 1 0 1.C3" I cussion and balloting the follow' up for baseball by the executive
Bluebirds (CN) 1 0 ENDS: To.H he. Recognition iAs ham p of the glne,
Yankees (CV) II 1 .C0 and Ralph Dupee (Lake L a m nxr-mino et
Brownies (SC) 1 ,000 TACKLES: Carl Melssner he inor leagues vot i r
-_- (JC) and Roy Kimberley (Lake NEW YORK, Dec. 6 UP) the International Boxin Club's rule will become a part of base-
Tn\i.HT' E Worth). 'The &'s a chance that Sugar" throne r6o of unc a4dison ball law if the Majoc s
TONIG(HT'S (,. E GUARDS: Dick Dilman (JC J- RayRoblnson may not be strip- Square OVwUe. Lhe IBO aso has adopt it at their jot i
Panama Stadium (7:30 p. m. : and Dick Reed (CHS). ped Mt his middleweight crown reemen -With most cham- Phoenix tomorrow, and 4Wa ex- o 0r0
Bomber (Robt s- .. e ( ." ". hi. \ CENTER: Vernon Bryant in New York after all. ons or codtahders and general- pected that the majors will go ,
Bombers (Robertson) ts. Brownies (Arthurs). (CHS). ..rly yesterday morning, .ls coAflted for any big along with It.
I QB: Al Richie (Lake Worth).. Chari~ kftC Bob Christenberry of match.
Tonight at 7:30 (weather DI Ithrir s,:ond victory and sole lB: B b Grace (CHS) and thit n w York Athleti Commis--r Geor Barto,. president of As drawn up, the new rule pro f 1
emitting) the Brownies .- r re. posssicrn of first place in the Jan Jenniches (Lake Worth). slon declared Itobrison's title va- the ieNalal Boring Assiatioo, vides that a player Is utjeet to. .... h.
Bomtiers are scheduled to cla I lcasue race The Smokers smoti- FB: Bill Roberson (CHS). cAnt The reason-Ray hadn't says his e utive comnmltte.*wfl certain restrict ons i f club "to n."
for the first time this season ian< rrfd the Yankees 16-7 in the Al Richle, the versatile and 'defended It within the required meet Wl* two weeks to can- owner pa him more than $5000
have nominAted two your lun-i lei"iie s opener clever Lake Worth quarterback sit'months. aider the Robinson matter. for signing major league con-
ers-Humberto Robinson of th- The Broniles on the other was the closest to a unanimous Christenberry has promised to tract; or more than $4 for
Bombers and Stai.ley Arthur of -hand lost their first g: to choice of the entire team. There Shortly after noon, there was discuss the Robinson cas e p W minor league contract. Ifa mlr.
the Brownies-to vie ,2.1,n; ;he Blueoirds and will be trying was no other quarterback that a Illght change ip Christenber- the NBA. Also the British Board er signs over the igreo-
each other on the mound to move out of the cellar came close to him in the minds ~ys attitude. .e New York of Boxing ontr and the or leae b must r.-
Both Robinson and A thur, r..leanwhilk. it has been an- of the Bulldogs Commisdilou chairman hinted he ,ean Boxing Union. The ew ma on te team roster for two.
have demonstrated v a sI t- nounced that the Blueblrd-Yan- Ends and guard spots were the migit .reinstate Robinson, now York Commission wants their lull seasons and be counted in
provement during their prarte kees e that was rained out two most closely contested posi- apearngIn a son-ad-danceopinions on whether Rashould, the team's pler limit. he
sessions. They pitched this 'ear last nicht mi be rescheduled for tons. Hughes and Dupee just ac in a Boston night club. be given back the title, a some doesn't pan ou, the lub can
in organized baseball in the U S tomorrow at the Panama Na- baralv did win out over Bob 8al- Christenberry told newsmen agreement on contenders and not.aend him down to the mln-
The Bombers will be .'eekinn ,tonal Stadium. ter of Cristobal and Ronnie An- who covered an houa-long comn- hw to get them into an elimt- ora. The only way to get rid of
eermuller o the AthletcClub. miss hearing that he had nation tourney.m b woid be to give him an un- G
---At the guards it wascloseallth en under the Impresalon Rob- RIht now, urpin. the English conditional release.
way with Dilman beinR the out- inson meant to retre. Christeri- middleweight; Charles Humez of
standing choice of the BS play- bey said Ray told him that, in rance; Carl "Bobo" Olson of If a bonus player is signed to 14
tier with Art Cherry and Dlorn- front of several witnesses, the Hawaii and Ernie Durando of a nlner league contract for more -tunied
DISCRIMINATINGofthe A. C. andJimother night at a charity affair. Bayonne, New Jersey. are rated ta$400, he s subject to the tThe bo bal hil., br
DICIINTN Thomas o e Ab(. her Jis the top contenders wudb s eekt 15 xd.i MOI'
HOSTS Mco of Lke orth ut Ray's manager-George Rob.insonsays he's willing to us player would be see the

Ver, cnt ery Gude o Re ta lenders. But Robinson went a rabelong to f th e omm mission e theo D i

Worth were almost a toss-un C- to Christenerry yesterday. And New York Athletic Commission ,l y e onee i B
od tthe wba Biop Robinson's man ager says there's took the title way frma fight-Over Jorge Sanchez v1 ..
loo ke dr at thme fu l c p ositi on a deal in h. .w o s .i for R ay to er. T h at w as in 1946.. and R ay oetl sou'sifog uch.a
.EDITOR -NOTE:The.."All- t...eI citiesetom satt -such-a
DISTILLEDdANDhBOTTLEDheacosrorynation festivwties ary e s w weighti 6(UP)-Former ektherweight ThO tloi'leagues bounced e

CANADA Sports Shorties a match would draw 0,n h00fansa bison. erou s te4 N .tl" i
SBy UNT n PRESS) f eatu last night Lek eShowed a
AKRVIE CANADA .. .....oJerry d Iaynaelo on t NeRI SnTOBL Th poplafdge tyv n the UBritish Isles.
AhTH G a. date is understoodtSrto

WALKRVILLE CANADA two t a players ton newsmen that the New York The judges gave. Pep all but
ESTABLISHED 1 58 they faced this season. action pertained only in that The annual Memorial Shoot theater
DTh B t 2o with Brat ko skia state. So far as the other 47 for the Col. .,B. B, i Rahy l. te
missingg for 269 yards-with e Bratotki states are concerned. Robbie w1- bi'hevtWamrwl i-SO t 6, 0 0I .
oane ameo tta f paaS S hea-st- still is the champ. T t's true. as .. on -h Cteltobal Gun Club gain the diecI i
ne-game total ofe a Soutyear. but New York Is a pivotal state Trap A StkeLt Range. Concur-
Iern Conference passer this y in the boxing picture because of ri this, there wi be a ,
caught four passes for 147 yards, of 0 Yan.kees and Rebels wil- ,
THERE'SnMAGIC INBRgaINGrowlHRaAl.,-agGinhsoundooff wthaotitorl
BIR A K N GA A a-reoge0thelaiwinner uld be THE .AVM G .^
CANA IDA Morris-Georgia Tech linebacker S ar Bw ig dotiati onS rode ao1,tNodn6 B snrd .,8,anNd O e ."
Birmingham Monday Morning Almost Settled wi be awadd the high-gun of InstitutiaGupurmnteed Iy the Statj
TA LCU M -Outstanding Lineman of the N RWORLEANS. Dec. 6 (UP)- will be g utothe low man on
SYear." ohntlations for the nation-wide the loiak team. PayS p2% o itertSt nlt paH.y on Savi A.t-
MPNothingelse like it! Its Morris will receivV the trophy = and television rights to the The tmutiprice of abootlh
BNothing else like it! It as outstanding SEC lineman at 1953 Sugar Bowl football game will prevatil,plus $1.0&whlch
finer, softer, smoother-ab- a. banquet ion are under way at New Qrleans. gointo.tB Each teamwill I
Ssorbs and deodorizes per Dec. 20. The negotiations are expected to hare n the loot, with INITIAL
spiration-keeps you fresh, h h be completed by the week end. the three guns on each
attractive. Soothing after annual charity football tame at negotiations for rights to the given a calv rn which to rite. i
sunburn and shaving. Pre- Miami Christmas night with the game, scheduled at New Orleansh b e mo oce of' teos.
vents chafing. Buy today, addition of two Purdue stars. on New Year's Day, would be 1'ZWrin a sealed box
Halfback Earl Heninger andi completed sometime today. I over.
maker's latest contri butions tIrwin Poche, r.- resident f that the ha t a e moa e
the Norths team. Heninger was the ponson er eV a r
a_'his,4ute performer i nB the "considerable faregasee other sfat, heIn certain.a.5068
named Purdue's most valuable port Assocaon the rap pea.
Purdueai forward Sth wall. s year's $50,000 and ldi .ate the he will have the
Meanwhile. the Southasadd- boostwod be reflected n the trp on some of "Cars
W ANT ADSt ed Wake Forest's all-around Joe amount each team woul dtake'o nt aet .
Kock. The 5-pound Kok play- frao m the moey po on ltthose uetai ne Rocks. h depositst'a 'rtedthr
aeaar He also runs. kicks, passes, Last year, the uaiveraiteseof si states chicken,' W k
and plays linebacker. Tennessee and Maryland -lt tendrlia when
Officials of the American Au- Suar Bowl officials sy they wg IndividualWbox*,hfeco s lnl
tomobile Association's contest wil not attempt to guess how accepted by; shooters. The r
board have reinstated Bill Hol- much Georgia Tech and the U- ladies an elys welcome to
land. 1949 winner of the Indian- university of Mississippi will l're "ke whilee their OFFIC. III P. -COl
aRN T speedway race. Holland ceive from the 1953- t g -amyes tr rla Sa At..
%ears because of unsanctioned tropoyeeaegionalle u rt o the Thw r i* rieot eamo sern.r of
sprton ep y e (hMpions. i F a.T Nouth u e troial.ete oyr theem weas

tenants .get together | eTwn American girls-Maureen uled for this fall. 'riat 0 and"our
S Connoll ant Julie Sampson- "lesd Tut
hat ad tai. Soothi g ater annuaere to have et two Australlana KICKER Rt h wich ome o 1i.
thrunu and..havin. d. P- irls in the wten's nd of that This Is another of thes i fns "o 'e -. -
everyisenun t sar. compete dition o e snatch tents- how the mighty have i oret r date T!'P.
: very m t r..lts. evr eco t b o ... e r Paye re o tw tively has been set for Monday. yarns."or o
z T H E BtfAr New t h e bRs ko n s r e n e d a O .- -- I m d
Prthe want-ads. Check \ Th new ftotre Dame footb dall s boe, fo thedsettl h
Meanwaptain is Don Penza. an end s-ty was a court power, t ear
them now K from ac5ne, wisconsin.d o ca- erm year. m
taloni a Boston University
wuard who broke his leg l s, the Today, the ure/Chee o
captain the Terriers next sea- for its women's vasiar lay th
aver4wmnrthve to. evipyw re"k- .. evwleterHow about the menC Theeb N '
y m Nth eay-l peedw y ra Holl nd eve r m the 9 g me.A former Kentucy b ketbaid playing intra'murel ball. ..'.t

than all other daily papers in Panama combine dismiss a perjury case agist SOUTH BEND, d (U .)-- p m -
him. Spiveyo s attorney ptind- g'.
Te n same te h be:
Hapylndodsan amlnsi t ~ oun. ud, 4at1-3 am" e.mi "'l"d '

4 W I.11..In .
co.ueld he'd i
i~1 ei ,mefe In ft
1950 CHEVROLET CONVERTIBLE Coupe with radio, plastic seat covers, W/S/W .
Tires, yellow color, black op. xcelent condition. Guaranteed. Long term. -
Come and see it at
Your CADILLAC & PONI~' C Dealer
Ave. Jos6 Fco. de la Ouss No. 4 -- Tel. 2-0870 PanamA.

t -^ I. .',

_ ___IL_ _*1___1


..... V21 2_

--- n-

S' Ipercan Chmpon O 95

"" .S.hooting Editor
N T One of my best friends is keep-H e

THkrtWWing@ the local osteopath out o

.,.DCNBW TCIK, ec. (NA),
th. house because he got
toQ ambitious a few years ago.
tall a mile or so In from the tote
S- r. in the middle of a
.t to get- it out himself.

*d*ti!! -- tail *i mleh or Io or ing fr omthe t o
**._ -4, Ihase in the middle or a
Result, one skewgeed sac ro-
IN" that ever since ia perpetu-
-1a pplag out of place. This
.1 b foolishness, because
there were two other members
Shis party within either hail-
o ~siglnalling distance, and
S"mree of 'em would have
of the buck an easy haul.
Whmybe a back-sprung hero?
The primarily rule. in getting
-'ka TkW-ne*'0lbsK lef* of Msisissips w0t n i N, ,derut of the woods i ts i
an nte;t it *ll-tPrqU~ 'i" Georg] in.theNewsOrleans eua evero osi. Dbi. A two-man
io center, will o both ways f Flori when the Gato meet Tulsa n the aeksonville 't so tough with three ece of green sapling for
he h nOle Mis. (NEA) ot four it's comparatively a crosatrees, so that the rear h~ul
ati*04*_ __________"_________-- M _-__- ci__ neh._ That means you've got to er lift the head and shouldg
D has ben sent sta In some kind of contact o the ground.
to b Vandi g lt farm to rest wi the other members of your
Until ____________ awy the eaasis actem ga m fo
"the 8 season at Santa Cro ss, Tiny Texan With 10-Gallon Heart er members o youre
,-BW r Most smart whitetail operators getting in your meait. On

^., A &2^E^M ,,. always the easiest sche.e "*f1 -S"?'* *nco ur- J r n Ihe state tamifi e | .-; -
O Ug i rA ssburn, p s d travel In p irs or three anyway, gioun and in country thM
,u Keeps "S e O a c s n en s that they can work out the all up you hl have to
K eeps C fand ridg bes in a planned the buck. Thils Isr a i a spec,
Exp rtaiion each b rd-dogging for unwise stunt lh the hard-hba
Sll "n .By M RA OLD MN te other, and that usually sections, where they may-
R Q 2Medal N aff CoD dent means staying within reach of a some trigger-hap
..OTOfD.'C.. Decem- NEW YORK, Dec.5 (lA)- h with also set up some sort up with a slug In your own
her Tb hlpert Rifleman Anyone Ithha the shcao of "ill" signal, perhaps two very tomy. And uesa yo' n
Medal, esend hh award In Cardinals wod be promp aet shots at least a minute aft- ly good shape, don't to
," "a It son of lie Veeck finally bad gotten nto that brought down the buck. very far take him pt
leur, the football a U's a toss-up, as far as drag- make wo tri. Th saves a
5W- Davis Street, Diablote sing ease Is concerned, how you of doctor's bu
Ctan, -al ZoneS thoe ton How else explain the midget- ah -d attach your drag line. A (D istribued by NF. -ervui
like c c rg a- l ength of that nylon cord they
bare rotInd In th backfeld? -use in making parachutes Is
(Thurfat Night) 4 lauiee m, 0Catbo i 3luy Cro, th Texas Panhan- Idea* just wrap It around your
:*In one year of shooting, youn die allback, th the 10-gallon bwa before starting out. Some n o
O ari has rsen 1 lse Leuue ph bind t to the base of the buck's
or kings to achieve the nomenon. At pounds ("And antlers, and let the forelegs ha
114 K i Cl epertll nringW ll hs e me mlues .free, some lash the front fee (Thursday Night)
0 ~ 33 expert tfle n rating. With one a
be IAsfld he's ts mallest main up over the antlers.
.!.." re awad, h will be si 4go=MOOi ,
1 a det d. I on by 1i pounds.
1loni wh oer top juniLor.ihoot. q e's elos to a-lea ue el- For a one-or-two-man haul of
"ltn, g o msin er. of the nation. I in ua-t l So kida relax fior the Im a. t dumped six-feet-one or seven freshly killed deer that's still Toronto 2, Montreal 1
7TW, esrao Theteaio flnt # rd. Violet id- That way I don't get urt. neesa above his height, Imber, I Just let the forelegs Detroit 5, New York 1
(Maa isianw Mis .iell Woe ow'n o h meo f dangle. If you have to leave the Boston 5, Chig 1.
i. I s ophomol, at Blo H lCards, saw li ve- foot-five thae. le is on, le has a fine, burst of speed.o buck so long he has stiffened or
Sr e Texan stroll foot taller asa bk or 50yards he can keep u with roe, then by all means take AMEICAN LEAUE
un Club. His instrutr is E. end in the 11 training camp, n awll," ba ttas atc ne In football inc ding your belt or some heavy twine
Gun ,lDillmn. she asked salousl, ose ion b .te i ganti l inter Ollie Matson, a and laqh the forefeet up over St. Louis 4, ilo II
"sItheat?" 'J _Y Groom, a Mate and erst- teammate, the malh beasi of each antler
The first time he ran agn e Dame All-America. t hel plain trithey cihtenin out the hind lei WESTERN LEAGUE
-rivthe fi 3 teh ran aai ntrst a terrific blocker and I why they an't he'll t e t" that
"Crs Cross clariid is reui .chase him out of the lieup. e et-up rig is al the gasatoon 6. Tacml;a 1.
,Ws teammat..vod adto e dra.cholesee tod. .tp "-- Al an Il. ---
.the '5 VteaMelma'ir aof .ft. .-iii a ou o use t o ESATERN ...AGUE
Nm ... .u k ighb.T coach A o Anin -dAbd oe r linbU one rigged long for a pair
a b OM* I N-119 7 Coacht-er and mios All-America Johany of pul)ers up fronz, one very Tro (N.Y.) New Wavei4
f Ya' MCI e s y. "They don'the. b tht helped get me fair ihoa, of co urse with a stout Sp field

me nee all the e a enour h he aate etun mue
qua Le P-1 How .can a an buck Christian taM mI I was too
40 "Th. I irB thing you ler" the all frys, halfback (he
G Law says I llyI to. take care of was born in vry. 1e6.) became
Zlk h. J04 On I''m q kn altte Amri es at West Tex-
Is.o Awn .0. O Ws T didn't have a track. e thtaking.

The new leader from the world leader-RCA Victor.
*... ha01taking I. the dynamic, vibrant qualityD r
Sutw 1 of iP d dr Coer-matchleences radio performance and its tone

,OObeauty... enjoy delightful listening pleasures as

r -. ..Tou've never before experienced in a Victrola

'he is rpm,

-'" -' Dual bland 12-inch and the amazing new

... ...~~~ ~~ -f ..t .', ;t m

__ -' "* ,Automatic volume control .,',, pay u- y..
T o auT lomalti phnonraphs pleasure. Hour upon hour
-three playing systems of recorded enjoyment
.*. Electronic lband spread o-without touching a ingle
Completely tropicalised record.
0 Wa. 1ap to reduce ae .
.Chlies of idabolany, or om p d of men tMR ffty
.Walmut wood eaiineM sleh of RCA odl eg*Iest, e"9ginm8
>' Record storage space si and raef lst mensip.


1-4'.7 .. .
9" .el -7110 Bolivr.
:- -.4 -: ,: .i :. -.. '. :. ., .






"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.


Steel-Helmeted Troops Guard

Strategic Points In Caracas


* ,-: i

a "



* A .j~ *-~..A,,,- f~

'V er

MIAMI, Fla. Dec. 6 iUP, rossiblv in fear of violence,, the basis of early returns of Sun-
Airline passengers arriving nere which failed to develop up to'dav's general election reported
from Venezuela today said th2 mid-morning yesterday. in morning newspapers.
Venezuelan armed forces appar- The general strip k e was When the news silence flnal'
entlyv have closed ranks behind scheduled to start at noon ly broke. Peres Jimenez had
the government of Col. Marcos Thursday in protest against assumed power Tuesday night
Perez Jimenez and the opposition the action of Peres Jimenez in after the authorities had pro-
general strike appears to have assuming all powers following claimed that the government's
failed completely. last Sunday's parliamentary Independent Electoral Front
Passengers from Caracas said election. Peres took over from I (FEI) had taken the lead in
the only reports of violence the previous three-man gov- the election.
came from San Francisco. ernment junta. URD president Luls Ignacio
where student disorders were A news blackout was imposed Arcaya. reportedly arrested in
reported and the 'police head- in Venezuela after the opposition his home early Tuesday, was de-
quarters assaulted. These inci- Republican Democratic Union talned for questioning many
dents were announced by the (URD) had claimed victory on hours, but finally released.
Interior Ministry.
The passengers said Caracas
itself has been extremely heavily I
Iliced since Perez Jimenez took n f mir n n

power. Steel nelmeited troops
carrying submachine guns were.
gutiiding strategic points in the
rai tal.
But, they said there was a no-
table lack of any display of pow-
er by the armed forces and rein-
forced police are bearing the
brunt of guard duties.
They said despite the opposi-
tion call for a 48-hour general
strike, oil executives reported
o stoppages or violence in the
1 Venezuelan oil fields.
Up to mid-morning yesterday
Industries. banks, public utilities
and hotels were operating nor-
rially. the passengers said.
Trkhsportation also was reported
to-rmal, except for somewhat
fewer taxis.
The onlv visible result of the
strike call was in Carkcas and
other big centers where three out
of every five shops were closed
Swiss Radio
Reports Failure
Of Everest Climb
ZURICH, Dec. 6 (UP)- An at-
tempt of a Swiss expedition to
S climb to the summit of 29,002-ft.
Mt. Everest blvq failed, the Swiss
radio said today.
The climb was abandoned be-
cause of weather conditions, the
broadcast said in quoting reports
from Nepal.
It was not known yet how high
the party reached on the gla-
cier-encrusted peak, or whether
they surpassed their previous
climb to 28,213 feet last spring.
The broadcast said the party
returned to their base camp on
Nov. 22 and were now preparing
to leave for home.

Help FIght Ti

thrbsms Seds

The last load of coal to be in service but since the end of
sold at the Cristobal coaling the war there has been little de-
plant was loaded yesterday to mand for coal.
stoke the boilers of the S.S. Ar- The Balboa coaling plant, also
ralz which is en route from Chl- built Just after the canal was
le to Santander. Spain, with a opened. was put on a standby
load of nitrate and copper. A to- basis in 1946 and was closed ner-
tal of 500 tons of coal was loaded ananently as a coaling station in
into the vessel. December 1947.
Announcement was made two At one time the two coaling
years ago that the coaling plan' pants had a normal storage ca-
wculd be closed at the end of uarity of 500,000 tons and for a
1951. Some parts o fthe plant time after the ganal was opened
nave already been sold and dis- rales of coal to ships amounted
mantled. .o as much as 45,000 tons a
The sale of bunker coal to month.
ships has been so sporadic that
it has required almost an extra ran || U
vear to sell the stock, remaining Gran J ury l ad
at the time the plant was sched-
uled to be closed. U
The Arraiz flies the Spanish Long overdue Probe
tlag and Is owned by the Cla. a- Of RF Loan To
viera Vascongado in Bilbao. f R o | &
Spsin. Payne and Wardlaw are O L T
local agents for the vessel which BY DREW PEARSON
is F coal-burning cargo ship of The Justice Department has
4,537 tons. finally called a federal grand ju-
The Cristobal coaling plant is rv to investigate the BAO. Rail-
zcheduled to be sold and bids are ,oad RFC loan scandal revealed
now being advertised for its sale bv this column on May 28. 1951.
to the highest bidder. At that time this column tol-d
Bids for the sale of the Coaling low the B.dO. Railroad had bor-
olant. the French Canal railroad rowed $87,000,000, one of the big-
bridge and miscellaneous ferrous ~est loans in government histo-
scrap are to be opened at 10:30 rv. from the RPC in 1939. and
c'cluck in the morning of Jan. 21. W.till had not paid it back, due In
Information concerning the part to the fact"that administra-
equipment to be sold is obtain- tors appointed to run the rail-
able from the superintendent of road by Jesse Jones wanted to
the Terminals Division In keerl their jobs.
Cristobal or from the superin- Following publication, a Sen-
tendent of storehouses in Balboa. ate report, previously secret, was
The coaling plant has .been DublIshed. and this week. a year
one of the landmarks of the Cris- nnc a half later. the Justlee DP-
tobal harbor for more than 35 oartment Is calling a grand jiury
vears. For many years after it to meet on Dec. 8 to investigate
was opened in March 1916 the charges of collusion between
bunkering of coal was an impor.. certain officials of the Railroad
tant phase of the canal's activi- officials of the RFC.
ties. One of the points the grand
The business has gradually de- jjrv will investigate Is the alle-
creased over the years as movie ektion that the Railroad hal
copl-burning ships were convert- ample funds on hand to repay
eA to oil-burners and as new die- the loan in 1944. but. instead. ar-
;el powered ships replaced older ranged with the RFC to r,o into
tvoes. receivership under the Mc-
There was a slight revival of Laughliri Act in order to avo(ld
the coal business during the past payment. Between 1939 when the
w*,ar when a number of old coal- loan was made, and 1944. the
burning ships were placed back B&O. cleared '$110.000,000 net
profit after taxes.
During this period also the
Rallroad paid off $31.000.000'
.rom its net profits to buy up
B.&O. bonds that didn't mature
,nitil between the years 1948 and
2000. Meanwhile, the government
loan matured in 1944.

be 14 Die As Panic
Hits Theater
e In Mexican Town
Press reports said 14 persons.
Most of them babies, were
Stnimpled to death-today In a
theater in the town of Salva-
tierra, a town northwest of here.
when a cigaret burning in a
ask for pile of Paper set off a panic.
Reports said most of the vic-
tims were killed when they were
Pushed from the balcony into a
screaming mass of persons be-
e lThe theater was filled with
smoke, which police said nime
from a little pile of burning pa-
ler In tbh balcony.




Is Buying

Jet Bombei

LONDON, Dec. 6 (UP) :
reliably learned here that
Venezuelan government is n
tiating with the English Ele
Company for the deliver
Canberra Jet bombers to
Venezuelan Air Force.
Pears in the British alrer
industry that the Canbe
light bomber would cease
have top priority In Brital
rearmament program, a
would no longer play aft Imp
tant role in the Royali
Force's front : Hu a tt a
strength, have proved grow

Aircraft Industry circles
firqt, interpreted Prime Mini
Winston Churchill's statement
the House of Commons Th
day on a new approach to rea
ament as an Indication, that
Canberra would be' scraPped
Britain's No. 1 light bomber.
However. supply minister D
can Sandys has made it clea
thE course of discussions with
presentatives of the aircraft
dusty that the Canberra
still continue to have top pri
The Canberra will cpntinu
be supplied to the RAP, bu
lesser numbers.
Britain will still supply t
fast and maneuverable. It
bomber to her NATO allies
Europe and to other countM
wishing to buy it.
Sandy made it clear in
talks with the aircraft ndu
leaders that while production
other types of British warpli
would be much reduced, the i
duction of seven priority typ
Swift and Hunter intercept
Javelin all weather fighters,
lInt and Vulcan jet bombers
Gannet fleet reconnalsa
planes and the Canberra
would be seeded up. *
The pilots and crews of
Canberras which returned
terday from their six-week.
0?0-mile tour of Latin Ame
highly praised the airfields
landing facilities in the Li
American republics they viMa
Tney stressed how imprei
they were with the general
nmindedness of the L4tin Am
can people.
The RAF pilots said th
were also impressed with t
ability of Latin American pil
who were allowed to opera
the Canberras.
They solaid that although ni
if the Latin American fliers b
never flown jet aircraft bef
the way they handled the sei
the controls of the highlv-m
ew-verable Canberras showed t
tre Latin Americans were
tursl let pilots.

Prices Of Meat,
Fruits, Veqetable
Decline Slirhtly

Average retail prices of meats,
fresh fruits. vegetables. andd eggi
declined slightly .from. Mov., lI
to Nov. 24. '
The drop was mainly res-
ponslble for a decline of six
tenths of one per cent in retail
food prices during thUW perWo
the Labor Department reported
The retail food price index oA
Nov. 24 stood at 231-1 or five-
tenths of one per cent below
month earlier.
The report showed a four
per .cent drop in esm pries; S
1.1 per cast declt for t rutl

a CAPITAL CAR CALLER Thoma*s ]eselt Cole abundayW aa-OGil
Omar Bradley takes over his jobi o help Mrs. Bradley grom tbe i
limousine at a fancy, white-tie gathering in Washington.
NEA- Staff Correspondent
WASHINGTON (NEA) Republicanm who want to bone up,
on who's who in Washington had better buttonhole Thomas.
r S Roosevelt Cole. This man's a one-man mine detector In a towV1n
S of protocol pitfall-. ,
As the aolital's No. 1 "Callqr".at very. important functions,
Cole helps cut down tiM aspirin Consumption of the city's society
reporters, party-giving diplomats and bras hats,.
It is a -
the The 50-year-old Negro, with a When an embassy Is besieged IBE
ego- hard to forget smile, probably by a couple of thousand guests, tt
ctric knows more important people y Cole must call car. from several to ki maer t
y of name than any single person in blocks away. So -he saves his
the Washington. hlus and rig*r up aplblic add- Plent to iii '
In the capital "social jungle" tres system. home,(ler
-where often you can't see the Re can'laugh ndw, but It was --
raft- guests for the Cadillac .Cole not so spine jlckling the night prWdl Bta
tra merely a limousine 11- rmer P re sident Alemin of leayOvpiIhN,
to cense and cAh tell what.Stlpreme Mexico tossed a .tremendous wbat
Ut's Court Justlee, cabinet offlebr. or shbidig inviting, everybody from One Che
%nd ambassador will step oat. Prtlident Ti an o, down. A ecue -the
r- storm drbwied -out the address I d ah a
Air Atalmstevery dlplomeatl. re systi 4 it t 4 OcAk the
k cep d e b u t or important next Jmornig when Cole tvice i
nd- Waasington social event, Cole .l seramibled the last of tEe lostIts
on hand to open the door a you chauffeurs. i's
allght from your car. e e- ,.
at a m onof tae mep whqboo .
water works fo him to k It Lon4 -
t to After your fill o horse md'oeuvteu leA
urs- and elbows around the Ubffet .en

as tax ba to the ohdoor.
Ozne night at l gal a air.tas-

a r- rival media an D baBob wag L all ; o' (VP)-- The
I f r- owing Cole's mealsphone, Lodon ". today the towo
i c tall e da To c alt t la e nf a a &t w o u ld b vS e an ans nt -. *" .- 1' ..
Wl to V Tus, -e a s-

S-the stI would' tt he never has to lis are"f bartoe b',
Lt In voice g-h e ..-TH AT voe., pAq e;V Y.. i V
retorted 06. ,0 wihat A tpuar% sppo. b;

In k a g ~IA for-his name. were "of s' _pa le_. t
S' f the Atlan world, It i
his anWShe. e5 .e t-nte e Vause the economy of ele
istry fore showL p; heiP, country onl ead a et.l. '
Sof him a number for his ear.o ier- disturbance ff the r~dtwt.oof
anes wise it's a sina for hfit to Veneauelai oHi t.i ntedt
pro- member what secretary of Sen The military junta.i W Ib
S- ator goes 'ith whidh wte- ed the ucouitry for the 'lao.
tors, walled tires. years, as omposed of "concs
eftitloua -men U S.ew
and the f a
ane Army Officer Gets s, S

the BronzeStar At tinuebd, "haV_ .D -
the temptuous O. .-g
s,- Amodor Cemmy constt
~rica .The junta's~
and The Bro Star, Medal was memberal ;Co I
atin prewnted l It Lt. Barold E. overthrew, ahe
,ted. Muliln, 8- Officr.e Special said, adult ,,
ssed Troops, Tort Amador, at a cere- accused by Tbe h
air- mony this-morning in the office ortio.le oi
eri- of Brig. Gin. Francis A. March, c elivq
Chief of"St U.S. Army Carib. TbeI s
bey bean,. and Deputy Comman4de o.utda t .
the Army Forces./ Panama. March tr
ots made the presentation of the a- M:d
ate ward.
Mullins earned the Bro
any Star for' "exemplary conduct 7ha '
had around combat against the. arV- .
ore. ed enemy while asied to
nal- 60th Infa Regiln oi r
an- abtut 23 b N


...*... r
.; ; ... Mka- :' ,;

-. -



,,.jjj** L~:~ -~



= .: .,:- ,, ='"' -'1..



* .. A..

v' .' *.
A 5.K'Z'f~ :.~>-~..--



S. -.. :.- :.*NA.

*' L 7

'* I ^ ,





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