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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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'"Let thew

sofe" Abraham ULncola.



.. ,19, ..m"Si

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pa -..

Sia.-t' war.. dqi.fshed


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nweaa' we
ath FroMa

Pd* ,--.

iytR$A b- I paralysis of the country's at
fUIU airs, anid exhorting ou p
industry and commerce to
Etnt-k dBpel their workers to st- c 3 l
n-fW-" Itheir jubs. or "most .sev'
measures would -be take

Th .

For ate ithe .
6stuff5? froftm R

lwlhOe fined .n
the as
ei. -, and given a lil

tomrt to ans r' ,m ife
.a-bM ao'
I6AU 23 ~cl

tor vehl. e on0

Id. L
,la y. 3 -D-. .,
& ,Ri
I.. ... ... .

man told thd e that the -
WPA'Id.: 40 t had
1Point Vin gIcultural. n
SiW but.did riot elaborate
AleIan was quoted as Bi-
ing that the Panama gd .i-
waet would take the same
te. action Ias against ,M
. int Four mission) with *
4b3ns that don't live up to cW
dtiona, of their contracts wfi
he government.
He added, however, that te
mveftment would honor alal
, contracts already
approved with thfe frNi
~ine.ahed in the Colon Frqe


tS asor To Try

Fw'Miss Ocelot
tive entrants in the
'elot of 1953 contest, need
.e sponsored by a soldier,
to an announcement
.apt.- glas A. Armxtro
.officer of Heaq
gu'ttz Rattery. 45th AntDlUSt
t: ery roup, sponsor
may be secua
tIunn la4dia

Wut 9.7 Wav Un I i-vm
lo. entering the con
.i. known by t
kts"ations may aleb
.tegr to tthe Publi
.-OffIctee, 65th Ota
Bmtw closes on Dee.
judtes will annom
W of the title at a d
*16 be given at He
jttfey on Dec. 20.
the contirt wll
A the occasion.
l t f aru-t whoa h

Uir .
fe ce

y 'lat moomt
,II* of the

sow availableAt that office.
Site scrap wietal is listed in the
citation for bids as follows:
etvy melting a-teel, 1,01 tons:
.S. 1 cast Iron, 19 tons; No.
past iron, IS0 tons; cast iron
anchor weights lI tens; steel
ear and lookoiveCaxles, 15 tons;
oest Iron brake shoes. 22
tons-; ost atelS tons: seven
tons of m ganese: railroad-
tall, 208 tons: heavy shoveling
Teell. 61 tons, Sand 18 tonms of
$ieel car wheel.
SThe crap metal is avallhbe.
an by proppemtOtW.
SAe for Inxp,*-
n may be with the on1 of
Say tie a of alba onea.
1 any time duping off- kt e

i .tWv e w. -s. m.r -
9 -t of t aA
r' for eaOr.

In but it war p.ed fo
ope year, penn good behavior.
Castllo who has no Canal
Zome. record was fond guilty Of
stealing by a Panama court, and
in .7T..s sentenced to three
years-tad aix months for rob-
bery, In court he said he had
oer:0 gsnby the six months.
64r, the youngest of the
4df* *B, had no previous
COM e of his.youth. Judge
StW. r., Crowe gave him the
buoaded sentence, on condi-
inA h eoort every month to
ktion officer at the
told the defendants: "All
tbh~ of you are equally guilty."
Ol tct Attorney Rowland K.
f.awnr d recommended three
pjars -Tor Norgan and Castillo,
and one year for Cajar.

Atlantic Side
AFGE Members
Voting Tonight
A saeting to consider the re-
S4*a~ltdw of the American Fed-
o. t of Government Em-
-Ledge 88 will be held to-
B r 7:30 in the Margarita
question to be out before
sla whether to re-ac-
M it as Lodge. 88 or as the
an Branch of Lodge 14.
U members have been urged
to attend this important meet-

bas Uh1ired in the past three
ayi. "
-- Howpr. in a .brief speech to
coverfto his trip. he
said: t ar difficult in a war of
tbts ktad to work but a plan that
will brine positive. and definite
victoryrtthout p1asibly running
a Rrave risk of enlarging the
Eisenhower was accompanied
on his Rlrean trio by Gen. Omar
N. Bradley. chairman of the
jioh chiefs of staff and Charles
E. WIlsoe, secretary of defense-
Eisenhower said he would use
the trauellnR time on his way
home diResting the information
he had acquired, so that his new

Ar Fc. To CaH

Resen induces

WAS8WOTON. Dec. 5 (UP) -
The Air Porce announced today
that, effective May 1. all Air
Force Rqaerve Officer Training
Corps graduates will be called to
active service in four months af-
ter commissioning, unless they
are vgtepStas or have been defer-
red to continue their studies.
This policy will continue in ef-
fect untA.AprU 30 1954. It will
affect about 8,000 students.
The .F)oree said it does not
plan t all up ROTC graduates
who haysiad prior military ser-
vice. Toe ordered into service.
it said, may apply for flight
traintin and advanced technical

Rq.s Turning Out B-,36 Fleet

tg'Range Atom mbers
('P-.) -' Considerable progress in the Mig-15.Is that above 35,000 feet
b f be output of Jet aircraft in Ruau the 15 Is superior to the
was reported by Jane's, although I 1.b that the latter gains
information about most oft te an a tage below this level,"
4e newer craft was fragmentary. It Jane's .
0ll the a feared the Soviet rad evral Ano plane used by the Rus.-
la ne. that eould ater than lana -developed 19W7 and
ACw CCbeihasa o pular, It lllto in
Sl uedb f. h o- use. 70PO-2. a biplane
res, a tlm.WWI a pue of the smll af a trainer by the
:p perforars.,- force and as a civil-
... tan pi a In Cseehoflovsakl and
now A faitn eip tu mpIle of Poland.
--M W R 6 fR m abual It _L14 that in adItion to let


as la i111.


ll ItSOt t old- S
- '-," O i .. ..

i ta. incorporating the
of some British en-
I. Wlets are working on
i with a fuselage as
IUS. DC-4 four-en.
pprt has been ,inder
.. since 1"48, Jane's

He saw outh Korean tropi
in frontline duty and under
ammunition maneuvers in arw :
back of the front line. I
He ate with cold and wes(
United States infantryman ik
back from frontline sheaBng.
He talked at length with WA-
t-d Nations commanders.-incluBf.
ine his old friend Gen. Mark W.
Clark, UN commander In eb le
in the Far East and Gen. Ja*fe
A Van Fleet. 8th Army com-
mander. "
Elsenhower also ronferred at
tenth with South Korean Pres-
Ident Syngman Rhee. Rhee re-
ennmmended vast expansion of
Clnited States aid In training new
mouth Korean divisions to move
Into the front lines.
Elsenhower'n visit carried nut
his most controversial camulmnu
rromlse a promise to visit thJ
Korean battlefields personaly-
for a first-hand look at condi-
On of his re-ommaedatlne
durlnq the political mamp.zna
maw that more of the aRuoal
fiehtinr should be done. by
Soi:th Korpans.
His conclusions at the ent of
his trio were undiscloq-m but
several Umes in his battlefront
tour he complimented Snuth Ko-
rein troops heleblv on .bei* Asi.
velopmpnt of well-traine flrht.
In1, units. He was vprtlictirly
(Continuer on Psrie (en *E'
1n .Mn ,-OId Girlt

rwr,, f fPneum0oni;
Mt4 n Aen'irin Dose
A ten-month old Panamt
baby died yesterday in 0Gaw
of bronchial pneumonia, ac.Rd
Ing to a police report. A.n
Enida Albeo, who had %een
suffering from a cold the a
thr ee days was taken to thae
Gamboa medical cliUnic for treat-,
Following the doctor's pres-
cription for cough medicine and
aspirin, the mother crushed a
one-prain inlant-size aspire f
tablet and administered it to thit
Shortly thereafter the infant
had convulsions and died.
An autopsy ha. been requested,

Wine And Song
Advocate Dies;
His' Age? 101
TRENTO, Italy. Dec. 5 (UW)
-Albino Respecher. I died
last niiht. He attributed hbi
long HIe to wine sad w _,
Be drank a pint of wine se. e.
breakfast seah day. P V
after lunch and a p it fteS-
supper. Each plat of we wi
followed by the rendtiooe
"a good, lhty sews." U9p
eher worked until he was L

~1- .~


S .'s, '.4


10- rw -i-. W..
dam!"* JOV. ^

P _~


y Alt oerea war

RP Changed int 4 Joint Theft Favors More Aid

Setup In D.ise Of Attempt Lands

Sovereignty Rehm6n 2 In Gamboa TO Allies, NO
--b. -------
S An areqmnt whereby the U- q of the PanamA govern- Two Panamanians and an A-
1pfrey o~ trkansaa agricuitur- .) merican who were found guilty
operated and con- m6a ezxplaid that the of attempted grand larceny,
t,,..trece'ntly, the Agri- .mwt did the were sentenced this morning in.ra Cma -..
liM Iat wre- alal ta iH teb~ adms- the U. S. District Court at Ancon.
Snifut e aver i, .tt t.the _t ment Charles Robert Norgan, 24, 0 -
dign anama d 64 -i n ai. of and Honorlo Castillo, 26, were
eA 6 told a each sentenced to serve 18i- EN ROUTE WITH EISENHOWER, Dec. 5 (UP~ '
- morning, taWss^ i a ^^te. months in Gambo0 0e antiar
monS 01. Peu tm o- montwhle Rcardo Antonio ajar, President-elect Dwight Eisenhower finished a three
"- 1 tl& .gov- while Ricardo Antonio Cajar ,I,
Rem6n saai Iee would not go a e at aut taie tft c-was given an 18-month sentence l'ok at the stalemated Korean war today with the 1rw.
to the reasons the last adin ree one a T ended for a period of fiveUnited Stateaid South Kore
latattionhadforetaulin-sPuellan buwotidprohibit years.vtion that United States aid to South Korea
eeznent, which the Pres- esta lllment of "li t t 1 e The trial which lasted one day. improved and enlarged, but the war itself should '~
t went's. on tonal power; to s." @and produced 15 witnesses, de. e nd
make ap to vern- veloped after the three defend- p
ment were limited. Asked about the Henriquez ants were picked up when t hey: He also believes the war should not be allowed la
he a Qonell firm established In tried to steal a 1951 Chevrolet
Rem6n government' a te Zone" at Toomp. Re- station wagon worth $2,500 be- reod.
attue e aae d ao the i mopted an oan g to oseph S. Christopher i, Eisenhower arrived in Korea Tuesday under one a
e~ the t*sst cannot delq-Ii gl 'on the outside and on et. 21 at 9:40 P.M.
toe tq ap theo p r %on a31 e on the inside. He atd The vehi e was parked In tightest security curtains of the Korean war. He let
Sndoti;n e s y de- Snculd draw their oW front of the Balboa Baptist. home late today.
lied In the l.
d inThe Uwta nf Akansa OC the stand, the three admit. The #.My censorship which screened all his mover
S(The Un it f e n declared that the govern- ted they wanted to "borrow" the sents w lifted after his Air Force Constellation .edi
o Io. nquie e mc aneeled the firm's Ton- car to take some girls for a ride. bly clsred'the range of Communist fighter plote a ]m

wl d _oo. theEl l mpe d d Beforw snteeWaS ay to the United States.
.'' Jo B i th little zone corn- "t, w R sat ._lor W eoul KorqIs administrators would be -bett
S ." it the trial i dismal capital, deeply able "to pursue its policies of
inni tha close the soapprtin freedom in the
&cale ftold newofmeft4, e W an fl4itlg in .now-c .ered ana conducting American p
.. el ets a- one ..- ta ina s.J ness so it i. always ins m .
',, e left., with the ,fmise: give the sppor demanded
h't). .he Is.Day h ito done #Improve need by us"


. 1. .

*? -



; .. -- .. .. .
~~~ ~ p...;. .r
... _'~*Cr r '' ", '.
..- ..-._... .. -... -. .,: ;-\ .. / = ^ ,. .
.a.,:.. .

- -" :." 'j i -' -.y r. ,.'fc2-r*
S .- .., .- ,. .. .- .
- - - - - -- --"--"-.. .. .'-

4I,~ i'~I4U

Labor News y, WEsh! Sg n

owmnpra F1.EL1oN WOUNGEVULL 1@4 5111111
07 MN grTUI 0 mD O 134 PANAMAA R 0s P
ma,0 N a& NO 2 Asqo 2 0760 0'" %ONes
coL onecr a t e tmeA A f Ute FIC 9.iNA IJF f 1N TH *ANDI -o ir ...
PORSI l RIPARIUNA vr fA .IlIA 0 POWERS INS ____'I__,____- _-___ _."
STcfeqo4is MAriInN iAV NEW YORuK i Np Y I% "V".7 ''
.; ,__t -e tct, i n hn- w --k -' -. r' "
on a" oNe a I N a t nvNc aso 0 on uan's most eloquent- trouble .. t '
PoN q1te sa0a N .Ao ,ANC24 un on shooter flashed into town with .
86 plea for the CIO to Join the e OS
THIS OUR FORUM-ATMLREA DSn aW L ub united tfrot" against
T R E AD -ER-S .. b .. I." the Republican Party. He warn-Q n,. ; .
ed the bitterly feuding CIO
SAjlIe leaders that they can't count on
IEIErnIL E mhower' "benevolence" ,to.4o
SoBut even sas Bec. of Labor e
rwo nd Maurice Tobin spoke to the CIO -a eP--AeS l
The Mail Bax ,s an open forum tai ,caders of The Panama Amer* delegates, both the supporters ;
*. Lete rs ane arereceved greatuliv and ate res o handled In a wheil e c 1 of Walter Reuther and oft Allan d r
-d -. ,, mamam. .,, Haywood were quietlYo decidingS, ,w ha
ntavel oanges. e e tnay a tor ir series of secret sessions Af It e
It vayou contribute a aletffe don't be impatient it It doesn't appear the Iln th r series of secret a oessii e
that there would be a labor war .N ....,. fatl' y .* .-. '
* ext day. Letters oen published on the orde, received instead of labor peace between ar 441
Plase try to keep the letters limited to one palge ngthl the two giant union federations. aft.t h 6 Korea a tp t09se
Identity of letter writers a held in Istlatest confidence The war will reach from our .t t. a
This newspaper assumes no responsibility lor statements as opinions atomic hydrogen installations LfS" ati ent ai
expressed in letters tr I readers to public power plants. '
The polite applause which
0-, tegreeted Tobin's words to theP 4l
#BOQUETE BUGLE sharply split convention re-
B U EL vealed that the C IO knew that I7.
it was in trouble. For what had
SDear "Pop" Wright, ben overlooked in this struggle -s
) Dry season is coming back to Boquete and you might well .betw.n Reuther and Haywood fa
remember that this is the time of the year when something in ior the presidency is that the
4the air reminds one of spring in the States. At least, every year muted civil war 1o s ripped r
about this time I reminisce much about Iowa where I spent one flank of CIO which the .. .
my college years.ry much missed Phil
my college years. lMurray guarded above all else.. o
The coffee crop is coming in fine and fortunately there will b"-In the counting of noses on And
be no decline in coffee prices. I just saw in the papers that both sides, the CIO disclosed noft*,V ati
ithe Brazilian government was guaranteeing the price of the lornthefirst time i IS ts ter -
bean at 52 cents a pound at port of embarkation. The navel abulent -year history, the this
,t oranges are ripening fast also. They, as you know, compete Ia- the memberip of the anL. f d, th i e a i a n
vorably at this time of the year with frozen Juices. Luckily they Thi means that the AFL. un- (d ... tiinMe tWit y when it e
I make the best fruit salads. der the new and a aggressive lead- -M. ao Cte ]a f ra

T ha t wt small brick chimney when I saw sist I n their private conference At- that time, we d i not fo" t r
S And speaking of oranges and frozen juices, you could have e hion of ireorGIvteef in- At tt tuae, fe thdi Nav.r te rih el of -.f
Knocked me over with a small brick chimney when I saw with the President, with the r ., tr
Kiner's in David was selling imported orange juice. State Dept. and with the ma.y r i
Government a~endle which e rat howea btdo;
Next thing you know we'll be buying imported coffee right fgov ernm ent agencies which ri .ola aka .he a 'died ea m' L
here in Boquete and by gosh I may not be far wrong if an ade- tional and domestic policy, that h W-, 0 >W: Uld. 4a a
quate import duty isn't placed on these dehydrated coffee pro- the AFnL takes precedence over pea iayt t hd n aede ft.l L
ducts. Qu6 verguensal the CIO. *e s.precdn e o le a.pri,.led 1 8 a1 ..
: < pThe eIual ty of treatment ofl A M
We are starting an Operation Bootstrap de Boquete much both federation by president m ofsu p&t .
like Puerto Rico's successful campaign to improve the island's Truman has lo n rankled the
economy. Any suggeatig a you might have are wel otne.A AFLf eder. tt U to Mi
For instance, we are trying to find new products with which The Federfition's attitude was -- F t ii 1he .epga rmtuS ave him
we are at an advantage with the rest of the Republic like that it had the power, but that ru .
navel oranges. The latest attempt will be a type of alligator the CIO, becadke Of its public o d
tear which the Moniches have proven gives exceedingly well In pronouncements of militant ',whoe letitdroeIo, ll, a S n l -
; these altitudes programs. used the combined a J..b
Mrs. Monche has promised me seeds and these will be abor poere of its point com- By OS SEn th .
planted and the seedling distributed all over the region. I've al- fittence in the White House. I By hearS
ready spread some Macademlan nut seedlings around and there That was why the new AFL "a" -- i
are more in the offing, president, George Meany. per- i M AY SA '"
sonally urged that several of WASHINGTON-M(NEA) "It's just that a them and a government offiqlal oply gets $9 i
We wll try to regain Boquetes income from the sale of these or commutes be d- went disappears o fat at one of these cock- day for travel. W n
ter Lilies. solved. tall lounges or-at the.diingroom at.Lhe Shore- "I'll bet. you there aren't a half-
But in the past the AFL ham," says Robert Ramapeck, chairman of the dozen of them who won'rmot e Ind n the red. Yr
At one time thee lilies, which always have a market be- ~could only conJecture on the U. S. Civil Service Commission. And as you can see by our a m theyarteaf
.-ease of their beauty and hardiness, were exported by the thou- size of CIO. Today for the fint And that's what. worries hml aOu some the practically n in
sands. In fact. I know a )adv who paid for her children's edu- time it can say that the nose jobs which Preutdent-elest Tllpenhower ".aglAtg. .. '..Qyu in.
caton through sale ot ount in this itly revealed to have to fill. He says: prestigeIt aes ra r taiA proy
Slightly under 4,00.000 mem- "I think the General has made some excellent vide. But you can't keep a p an i *
Ever since the blight ruined this crop these flowers have bars, which the AFL will say choices for his cabinet who ar_ strong men. But los g job-whioh d s't have mtlh
en harder and harder to find until now it's so bad tht b it outiuhathers by 2 Lwto on.y Ie worrihg m filling aon- 'B Ranlapej k h
er day. we coujon't scare p a dozen of these to make u p tear's oint. assistsa ries r-sec tract trwly
4rt meant o i P. k as aea priest ou oll toe but alirYI
Thb point would be to bring different sto.k from all parts is erecognta L of t AFL's th .r town.. stayy I -
f the world and maybe we'll run into a blight resistant strain. greater str th, Bob h an rt Wa .staYin
n the other hand we mInight try it right here by natural selec- This cn aean only that the obs, too, a ld o ts S postal Bob th at the w m
on. At the present they are imported from Colombia and Cos- CIO under It own new leader- iConeaignal Nih, rep ntutve from e going to atr toptalen b a,
Ra ica. ship will launch a new series of ga, president of the Air 0rt Associatio below cabin to for
organizing drives, some remin- and new C8C Chairman. them.
SI hope you will forgive me for getting extensive in this let- scent of the hard-hitting cam- "These pooltions call for yo e menw wbe are oVe
but there are times when I get all "hepped" up and want to paign of 1937 during which the W his soft southern drawl ie a ept that getting clOse to .he tt9p In W hO ag
xthe'reglon all by myself. uto and steel industries were we Et prve i ..point *sub pe, *ewo tTare I otanot itwa or T. zoe'o l To
SFor instance I can't think of a better place for people from unionized on thestreet, atop the f m 10 pers4$ who co.i--yap u ta hina m here Ile cly
ecity to spe their vacation than in Boquete yet they hard The CIO will not now sit back along and ask them if thet can infe the in you paytm ttre.. -p l.
come here. I feel something has to be done about it. content to leave this glaring who was Asistant Secretary of Agridulture. "You just can't ask a man to Interrupt a pro- And u i "o aidk
ehe. eddifferenc in strength between On our way to the street he says: missing career for a tough. usually thanlle a job aun is stl o f- I abiet offleers
Danielito Camazon. who studied in Chile, was telling me the itself and the AFL. "Now bear in mind that the Assistant Sore- which puts hift in thq red." a P nM efuew a ant iV a country W
That was evident when oneam of tary f Agricultureh .a so 6drthanh
-ther night that one of the things about the common worker the CIO's most powerful vice- tary f Agricture ha -an impollrtt hanft in But tl are the jobs, he. as M .w 0 as .not govet -d l l"f iorm C a century.
nh Chile Is that he invariably goes on a vacation during the president il Rieve (textile irun ng a multi million ie dollar -orgnSatta 'ltH daaerence betw .n sa -
4ummer months and it is usually to the beaches. And I'm re- leader) told his hiRh command which vitally affects the lives a wlfon .b a lue en or a fallur '.. 1I OwURE ,in
minded of the Englishman and his vacation to the sea shore that they "ought tol command farmers. A comparable job sin usr3 ye r. sBob is a Democrat and thinks that ie wot
unity i wi t n baM tl His union u The law calls fr three civil service co Wailfful aid 20s6'-b
Well, the family that takes off for a vacation at least eveh Outinfront of the CIC bulldingn busy down. sloners. with only two of them representing Ite pt
her year ls the exception instead of the rule in Panama. An v r the A 's Textile Workers town "F" street he proves his point. Not only ari at ire political party. I a' n di.
d year the exceptio n l rnstead o d wtherule panama. o n e throughout the U. a.nand Cana. the first 10 persons who pass unable to,'n*" e Hag re with the estimate that there will g
:Mind you, the labor law grants 30 days with pay for each 1i dian weaving centers. i e i hy"
monthss of work, There is positively no doubt the incumbent In thpt pat,- o m, .r bOU 200.jobswhich Ike wll be a 1* t ill .
However, and It is an asumption on my part that not that the AL's ,powerful national they are unable to name..-th..mai. V-"WO.t abusing the spirit of the.
However, and Ii tIs an assumption on my part that not unions view George Mty's t S oYf the Navy. Servih. laws, Us
er's vacation comes around he has no choice but to stay home come on In and oin them as One way back to his oftflp : sul is Knox T. Hutohinson and the So aldsiiih l
id sit around the parlor because the slight added expense of just so many oipomatic man- Those second-level Jobs pay bten $ of Navy i Dan Kimball. And $llther *....
Vacation is not to be had. evers and $17,000. But they etAU a lot iat has ver been heard td complain otS
The giant AFL affiliates make ing and travel. There's no c naeponEsi nytilty Of their jobs. g bO' 't f
Anyhow, Operation Bootstrap includes creating, first, a de- their own policies-and war
a for vacationing and. secondly, for vacationing in the moun- plans. There was, for exampleA t l ll 1ith
'ins. After all, only the mountains can give our city dwellers considerable anger among some
complete change. For this we are preparing a handsome tra- CIO leaders here over an in-
ml folder which you shall soon see. sting attac on CO which
tiAs evern Meany. nn onCO 1%

Fernando"ec" Thich wll 'e article Chaites the ChO To tell us about the working f our Here and there an extremely pogiet
Drordaplteaetew itoswhihis ha t h government, we have government ares e ide.turns up. But too many aL ncel O II

,_______Th__eoarti"am deat the CIO Th thweh don t ar. enthe abor wa rel any consider thran eab to tra
rn oatiutacturin field." h oes on in Washingto."ov-a, toth uRe a cmtttil

statee tattrdly oae in b o that idea.'., hickrightly
thumbs i. note at 010 by as- vry -so grearl, we should fist eOBet4o l .O O an y. other wrrde. should .
Thiesen (lty workers formity in informpa irmn ofe. his t
can no tri d b Obviously the Stai e ., thepzi. t "som e the to. gEl,. 40
irresi le a n Triuy, tac- Dopartment and the At pm ,roodehfe orn.. .-" s
which character the oran- polices we might anticipate ') j th n
stangmefn oarda of and portnent. Vital secrets b hadly a 8to
"During tile re at laO t we 'e o hatlh,.e ._, -I
United steel W orkess a r f. American people er ....t ...

Happy landlords and etrical workers, the -ls entl i activtIes, o long 9h h. aan, s
WEWorkers, the Om tos security to release it. iOwer dm
tit l.nts ett together a Workers. the Natignl .4 of There isn't any comv idfet" thim"bauh. take a
,tauBroadcast onneers ang *e are getting that sort a 11 ewi
Sthrou_ our watads nicans and e a United a d f iers my. as they,
tho Wour Wnt-ads worked.",,
This reveals a rulnig Ba t- ,
Sevay i SSUe TUfi to e with the must Eers5ful
CIO ehiefts. Tr be
Me want-ads. Check defeated them.n aI
special point of tme F A Im

"At the present time the.. -
represents moms than for
as many workers In this ta-1
portAnt field as teoO W (s
Every month every week every day- mic and hydro gen a-,b
plantss)" .
T! PANAMA AMERICAN carries MORE WANT ADS rhere'll be no beheoth lab"-
coalition against tho Ap.Wbil*
-01 sher daily papers is Panant conibiatd I cans. or any one, t t yMr.
(Copyright1932' at-Im "'

.;:.- ''' T'1
* t .. -. t

r4 Pri;

." '. Y NEWSAP.

.* -- ,

;, 074 ,
* y ':--..
4 4- .

A 10. ,
:. ". ".t ri a vul.
P1 Pa4
o~p~a i, -
Pi P -" A "
opWOM AS *


.Ibw $a to 24 points). The
XOI1,013 Is to open with a suit bid
K Rd makp a jump rebid in no- 7
it'tnai'.mvery woor hanr
ut rekalips that South's biddlnz
hw# IL vsq s ogg nd. North
a* poin t iRi hal cards and
h h4gw a th a t ,& ou t % at J1ei t
2pel- ota' In l ard. Chance
*tOhn not to op on to
ta m- to.- .

South .ls *I a irat trick with
thd qu en of spade4 and counts
his values. He can be sure of on-
Ivonae mpJ ikd elath and three
heartIn trefuw4s needs four
diamOd trickslmIn order to maLe
his coItrLct... *
ThO dimonds must be devel-
oped In i d A woay inat
East out. At the second trick,
t aw me d AuAe .., leads a. low
aand .to dfmmy's king and re
turm a diUao,tetwakd. hiown
hand. When at follows suit
with a low diamond. South must
finese the nine..
The finesse happens to suc-

$ eO,,cks: Ben L the flnesse.h.jft

w, t1er&'i somethig at mail
' a % Mlow a Kore., hut
la is intensified s Christ-
AMdw ne Pte. WMilliam
e,.of Upw iddl bomro
44.,*.b *wnWith haiiwr 210
Wresatle bl firt Cst C tn cawd
friMn home, d Aurin A i ,th
Wt tar White Hors Mibtel. 1
hamined to lose (with the cards
dlff htly divided, of course)
pPth .woi still be sure of four
2molid trks and his eonrtract.
It i Important to note that
South would be defeated at hils
game contract If he played the
diamtnonds in the "normal" man-
ner. Suppose, for example, that
South wins the first spade. con,
tinues with the ace of diamonds
tid then tries to rAn the d'a-
East can win the fourth round
of diamonds with his Jack and
zetumn a spade. West then take,1
enough ,apade tricks to defeat
the contract.
*tWt YORK (UP) One of
-only a u, be d nk gf
9 War period of ysrs. Ulr-
Ilc waves wi mar e It powllble,
say tie N. Y Journal of CbMI
mer e. .,

'*.L, !D,. D' UMS.
BALB eater


. "n, "ca t e -.
.uhes May Buy
ack RKO Studis
iOLLYWOOD, Dec. 5 (UP)-
1Utconfirmecd reports said today
there, were sAgns that Howard
ughes,. airplane manufaturr .H
Light buy back the contro g
ettrest in RKO mtolon iwe
studios, which he sold In Sep-
tember. -
Trade Journals said member
of a syndicate thbgt blnyht
Hughes' interests were am
to sell it back to him and tb
fate of the'big studio might be.
decided within a few d V
Conference were epi un-
der nays beaeen -i ut, d"
repreaentatv of the a syoate
headed by Ralph tolrkin. nd
A. L. K0llsh of Chicsa. Re-
ports indicated the synlate
might even be- willinR to take
a loss...
Diabetic St'op .
Tqking Insulin
To Pray, Dies

BARRIE. Ont. Dec. 5 (UP)-
An inquest w.. ordered.-today
Into tIp deaft, of lO-$ rt-old
diabetz girl who a ddo .n in-
sulin treatments after :a Tsa,
Okla., peatheroteld her to "Pray
to 0od" to .pgproye.
Attractive Mary Taylor.. who'
had beeh taking the injections
up to Sundsy .Doctors said she
could havew ved 40 to 50 years
by taking the insulin.
tied" ijetm Sunday con-
duted by R. W. Holmes of
Tulsa, and had quit medical'
treatment to seek ot cure by
ailtk. They said Holmes had
a4yl t kill to "'.pray to
V and use her own judgment
a Bout discontinuing Insulin
Dr. F. Shannon, coroner at
Harrie. said a preliminary in-
vetlgation indicated lack of
Inulin was the cause of death.
Program Of Songs,
Movies Tonight
At Bethel Mission
A program consisting !f sones,
musical selections, a religious
movie and a gospel message will
bg presented tonight at the
Bethel Mission Church. Red
Tank. by the King's Gospel
Team of the First Baptist
Church. ,
SThe program will begin at 7:30
p. m.


u rn.tu







(V-(RFAPf~yp##&fl, FIGURINES,




'. I &"" 'I" 'y i 1--I- cf.


Jhnere S No gPlace Co op lie

We shall be closed all dap MONDAY, DECEMBER 8, Mother's Uhy&-I Panama.

U.;~?~~~eIIII YY '3..*,~LL -u..-------,

I P !.. .,- .- ... -; ..' ,.' .,,,. ,



I 7

=* -* .




ET A IEW EL 19 On all ORDERS placed for Decen*er and ORDER FOR
January delivery we GUARANTEEno DIRECT SHIP
SAt E PI/ As Increase in price over prices. Any TO CANAL Z
"*:A..... ;~ "- '. ": .,Increase we ASSORB. Any decrease ANAL

Si952 you receive, AND SAVE $
.' '*:* WE

"*' ... .. ,
S' 5 ".:,"""WE OFFER



., I --TIFL TING ONWWhEELS" IS MORE BEAUTIFUL FOR 1953 "The American Beauty"

.,^ ,.,* -... ,' ... ..$ SHOW IT TO YOU TODAY .
-.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~_" V A. .'-v-.-.:..... i' "T .. OA






.... ...-..'.- .

t og.


3. .4.. -
9J~. -. ..
~ ..


"*- z, ..... :,

SIP.-. -, :3.. *....~* ~.,." -

a.. -. ; w-
' ^ .. .. .. P

.. > 3.--- ."li.AM'.3
:. :, -- = :: ** 3 -.-
:- -' --' "',': -t -" "' .:-i -" ." *
.-,- l,- "-~l *- ** ,.**,s_- :;'.. .1 '' _",- .- *;=: -3< ,

---.----r--.--T --.-~ -- T-iT~iI


Ii 9/ -mu


4 .' ,
F~"" '
F ~...



- 'r,

- .3*.

:I ; ~. a

~~-. --.--.-------c-;I~'

t --- __

.. ....



*_ J





.PAO3FOUR,,- PANAMA.MMICAN -- "A"NI.....AILY.... ...

IN HOLLYWOOD ---,.,, -"

l ROLLYWOOD, INEAl Ex-' or a film debut at U-I in a Don- ,,Tl L
zlusively Yours: It's definite .1id O'Connor film. AD...
the "Belvedere" comedies have. --
gone the way of Blondle, An'r.' Movietowner.q returning from I ..-
Hardy, Malste and others in the Pariz are all agow about a law- ''
Hollywood series cycle. qult that a wealthy 50-year-old
And Clifton Webb. gleeful oyer, wluow Is about to hurl at Jac- -
the rigor mortis, is saying that queis Bergerac Ginger Ro era'
'It's much nicer for the old boy new flame. Barbara Payton'8 s
to retire while the public has six-year-old Johnny Is a polio
happy memories of him Instead victim. but it's a light form of -
uf going on and on with people the disease....Shelley Winters s
groaning, 'Oh. no. not again."' on a raw meat diet to correct
Clifton's gnome dramatic inm .et anemic condition. Shucks. I
"Nearer My God to Thee" at Fox thut.aht Shelley ate raw meat all
and answerin'z the "Will-vou-1along ... A Chicago scribe's an-
dance-on-the-screen?" question;iouucement of the birth of Jo CLS AD BS kA
with: 13tafford's baby has the song- El*NCKML AND HISI V lI)SD Tsak Abot Wi
"I learned early in life not to stress all a-blush. He announced
sav that I'll never do this or that. thnt the papa was Mike Nidorf. --
T once told Moss Hart I would t'who's Jo's manager not l'r I U- BY
'oik in Hollywood if they paid husband. Paul Weston Is the guy N-' IN-D -TA-BLY AiC
me n million dollars. Now looK at endingng out the cigars. SA BLLME
No% it can be told that an un SIN S DOWN-
krnown Marilyn Monroe was In- '"Spear in the Sand," Swith Ru- STAIRS
fer'iewed by Ken Murray thTee n rt Stack plavinq the role of a
v' rs aen to reolace Marie Wil- mai, who sees his life from vout.h ,
sor In "Blackouts" when the lo old age flash before him. will
show moved to New York. Ken'.-e Arch Oboler's follow-up to his T
eyed Marilyn In a sweater and N.iural VLion Three-TlImens!on '
toI her: n-ation. "Bwana Devil"
Oboler expects every studio in
"So'~rr kid. you're not bjig town to be deep in "deothies" by
enough." I'hrt time, however, and revels 1.1
ahht "the process was offered to I-IPOV. ,s AO t
SA screenwriter at U-I has beel.nnnd turned d(,wn by every major cwr. lUnmab, A. me.
assigned to change the olot of studioo before I made 'Devil.' On-
the often nostponed "Thunder Iv exhihitors seemed to believe "I'm glad you seem to be maturing, Hubert! You'll be
On the Hill." so that it won't ig it. They're much farther r- settling down and thinking about a wife and family while
stood rylse t eo Lbby Holf n 'i av i ion their teshikln of whan these other boys are still playing football after school!" ALLE 00P There heo
In the varn hei,, tobacco ml!- -rdclrers. MPvbe it's because _____
lionaires. they will now be coal the! live awvay from the circle ,H,-SHOOTNG, .'
kings. rfert of Hollywood an& theNIBOR CA MY
9anta Monica mountains." ,tO-LA,ALLTHI
Jacki Lauhey. who iNust mar- TU T
.,Ted Briskin's nlvinc, the ne;- r'ed singer fny Mitcthell will be
.-1,-entleman role "nd nuttin. VIireinia Pield's handmclden in
the blame on hirrnelffor th e nd U. Ts "Prince Of Bagdad."
cf his marri-" to Joan Divec
Stold me. "i'here r--n be no re- Robert Rvan'" 4ti11 blunhifit.iu- 8
fl tons on .Tnan She's a ,vnn- ,e ran into Talillib Bankhead BAYPA PLAN
d4eTfu'l airl" rTpd's eqrmera bhsal- in New Ynrlt and wes greeted
) .~* iQ hooming, an" he's. ahont with! "D',bllnr, .'Va look so ro- -
to infrnddie a new sto0reo e'm.nor'~ mntie. Let' ret Into the ring
In wht..h he r-rsonallv spent 211 with qowm f18-ouneegIloves-im-
vers' research. mediately!"

Sftrothv Shav introduced sPv-
' ff new n'rmbers. inpludine two
Ui G ored hw herself. ft her it--
tc R ononinc at the Stotlerr Ho-
SE.YTnrotv ovnned "I'm Me. I
' Wk." hd "Prelude to F .ud-
SIn' p" d lato- rem,'lked:
I think,n rl ropt*nue ninner
fu9 because I like to write
sonrent seems I'm the only one'
around" who will sine my sones."
Coml .Buddy ackeitet told it
ph-mut a Chinese restaurants "For
$8. six nenole can est like thev'r-?
going to the chair." Buddy's due


S fc

Phone 2-1258

C' S WELKIN. Planeteer

.1vebrow-rislnu, line from the
"-"riot of "Gentlemen Prefer
Blondes" comes when a man
v,'tchlbni Jane Russell and Mo-
rl"'n Monrne board a host savw:
"P,'nethiner about them tells
-~ that .they cant aink."
I ollywood ca.s i directors are
-lon'in donlfle-takee a thev read
1 th-huntin- Iptter- from one
Pa'ai mantlatalka 8oaalenmula
Oe Tpmaltl. He was Gary Cooir-
Pr's stand-in In .Samoa durintr
filming of "Return to Paradise."


IER 7th

E .......... $170.00
.. .... ..... $225.00

CRISTOBAL r o j ( 5 4
Phone 3-2161


The Modern Touch

S6cer IsiCKP
55TAI2 n AWa!(Bp.r 4 J t i nwim

^----*^^ To^


- J ~

With 'Em

^ u

C. 1 *


* .




I-i ~*




. -.......-
,, : .. ..... ,-

"7'"';---~-~-r---~-I- ---_ 7*r!~a~i:alr,;, rTl~idlA~


MHWr.'^f ~->*-*-


a ~

,. ^ ..--: .. '. a *-. ... ._ O--
. l+. .m^ ...\^hj... > .. -. -..... .., -. w --5m .A... m a- ."' D J .. -

n Pronse

n+~iIII incomings BW

-'*'" I -? ': y ahea ",must be'auhordinghe st robl
S ted utter to the dispat*h of 0 t heiart. rb
TO .-public unesa, eW d ";mb.was nbt wiaint
Se Stevenson said he gaed the spen *n money M a
.,. Democratic eampa' d-c le speeches until-

- _. II

Fq.#'AO -j ai" s pleased as
Make good.
.atj.16 rj*' :e he ap ent the

tory diculforn .und h

M ent a e conalders .2akin to Truman in the Presadent's etudy
etl the new ad- n'fledn' tat hy hot. e
a''h wh aph that*.wtha- *
Sselectlio wap ret- ce' yesterday

union eadsr.- and a room-mostly Jollifl6tion."
W11OM .u.hoq3h-Jera-c oiceor -,Stevenson resibrted ihe-, had
"Labor; The .Presi- L'ent about an hour With i.
dent, nM be..oonsiders tlrkin to Truman In .the Preident's study
v A *:-a Wl t Th ;ed ;-si4 l tkthat

Mrs TrI

.l aw.


for er....for .1m



large shipment just arrived!
Beautiful pastel colors; also in Navy Blue,
Gray, Black and Wine I

46' n oweIe- pars mntera In the *critical
.lsendowet B*A -Ben. ', me
"4, T*lf- ^o ,who ,". .I BIRTATS 4
"A'.rday ,Tennr (UP)-Larry
t de- ,afa lo r', v 1-"h 1p-
r D OltW h1 p .tav t y

"k, fet 'W' i]+tlfte report ".. *, .,-, .. + 5
ir e Wgta edaeon re-' r
Ins. t heratuc atio ai PNM a- .^^A% A %s^%AA%
U -100 th elections." ..... l
air whnld o for H er
strAlo, when It does not
t VI Dtmocratie party
leiTn not yet received the
flori of Archibald Cox, t
:ab f 'the Wage stabiliza- i"
'"*,gramteo tb' ){i- LA MODA AMERIKANA
we lhike negor6tioted by
eie a lamorou% assortment of gay gifts to make eyes sparked
on Christmas Morn.

B .- D,. Bouses Sh o es

hey eltuo.s uifts. for every taste.

a.".. &Al L aiL ."dy Marlene"- R A -
.then latest styles ..also for the bride.

sl that be and 102 Cetral Avenua
will co-oper- .
Iq p300wer admln- .

a w
Aii ct readentl.-an . ar and '-. .-,-. .
s ilne 0gu ro o ,A -wth,,-
iqocraUt In Cobitreis who
B ~~. P-; '; ANAMA
.. .I

,. __. A ,4, .
I'. .'' '>
[. K.
.-I ^ tA l .. ,..--" .ip .*!
... -. .. ., .-
++;i -

. ;:

* 4' -, ?' a~gI~ff

aVa~sa,- .

ur"bur^ vufwwon wi -wI-mi Awning
,Win.dow- oa oAfroumin
sefques. Large glas a sftifM9,on lines and
wjwair mellon. b&Nd ltvA;, 1Y1W orchitocfurc.
,.. *.RO *.

'' -.- *J ir---B% "-U.; -: :SR.'
', UST ^mIN 4 N.. vm.. STAS
:.;_ av [ '

New Gift...l

Items For







i I



'~, 4



- I








16 Tivoli Avenue

Fo- you'll ge wh p e, lt C- Fasch be yo g .
For ihe-gift you'll give with pride, let Casa Fastlich be your guide.

One of the
finest cameras


for your shopping convenience we shall be open every night

tehan. & t

1* -*

- ..-*

lat o- -"a

'.. -.

. % .' ". -'-a '" .. ... :.

a-.a~'a.a- a-a-'
~ la. ~ a






^ *' '.1


Diamond- Riigs
the best (*o
as low as


until 9 p.m.

H ylch

.P.. W Y ,iAARTm

/ ':I

S o-

_ -I-;-- I .~I- _~ ---L--l --- --- -- ------ -- ------ ct -~ ---~---I----- --i


'~- r._--..-~~ -n- ..~?~.~6i"4~9~a7~1. .'


I 3"' -- 1-

II I l .. I I II I I I






&ai~4 r :;


. ; .



You Sell 'em...When You Tell em thru P.A. Classifieds!

ease 0our Ad with oue of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panami
No. 12,179 Central Ave. ColBn

wis Serice
. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and

Salon de Belieza Americano
No. 55 West 12th Street

"ariton Drug Store
10.059 Mel6nder Ave.-Phone 255 ColOn


..* .-.- -. t: -- .-. .. .. .,-. 7. 2w ;- -
...'r r'v .. .. .... 1. .
:. '. "... .. .:. i 4. .. .. .- .. ..
". .i-.... L .. .
S;-. F.,AY, D CKI ... ..
I. *" "" .

3 E.g 3 Day
-(buawie oiem p ag,1) :



Minimum for 12 words, new% VML .-Awk--
S orrison's Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones "" street corner astudllate St. fo words
Fourth of Julv Ave.-Phone 2-0441 No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-319 Phones 2-2214 and 2-2798 C. eac additional word. on the he
weft those-ad the fltaf_ 0

.OR... Ei en ho w e r w a ea v ., :
'... louseholi Autono)ile.p I go yao have e d rialih pebleml Casino Santoa Clara. Dance music by PROFESSIONAL dthrou ever moment of
...... ._ _y Wlts. Alehol1 sAe'lieou. Bed Casino Aces. No reservations ne- stay at Seoul In Va leet's r--.
FR SAL F. Norge refrgerftoOImpoed Ue ires, Tub r at Bar- 2 1A s C. ,. cessary. Saturday and Sunday. dence.
25 I ol: asi o rtpd hc u'ehold fur- gan. Prices., at Agencin. Cosmos-.
C l Ca Blb o63. gar u-Pct No.a 29g Tel Panama GRAND XMAS SALE: All t bar- Granlich Santo Clara beach. RATS are etwen Im and any t lb
o-C,hg a Bbo '. in prices. Frteh ostcks Philippme cottage. Electric ice boxes, gas ATS are Betweni l f sil
.....oe '00 "- ... .. an ten and mhlogany furniture., stoves, moderate rates. Telephone XPNSIVE GUESTS. hne se aume
*. FOR SALE -1948 Plymeul De Lux Large asms Cen eel- h6-441 Gamboa. 4-567 Pedro Mi- IF YOU REALLY WANT hy agents the United S t
iroor "b'a. bureau, bd. aid Phone Coco Solo 381 Jul Tel. 2-244 ue TO GET RID OF THS 4 Secret Service,
toblre bcokC'c .rdr.cb. oe Phne Cocd Solo 381 July Ave. Tel. 2-2 46. Phillips. Oceanside cottages. Santo When he made o e t
.d eter corndhon Reasonably FOR SALE: 1950 Nash. ha bed, Clara. Box 435. Baolboa. Phone USE In aall.two-seater planes nor- ....
t. priced N. 7t s radio, o.verdrse., D. W. Kells. Cu- Dr. WENDEHAKE Medical Clinic. Paonma 3. 1877, Crst. 3 7. ma usefor artil ottl
stairs Co n be seen 3.00 ro .00 rundu Fire Station Telephone 83- Estudiante Street No 140. Between FtRI8N Ws rotected Oveead and t
T. 2-5 2212 K and J sre Phone 2- Furnished houses On Beach at Santa M Kille ot of aht bY wheeling fr-
1. -407 HIPa nam wash- 21."K and J street. ~Phone Clara. Phone Shrapnel, 'Balboa Ra u Mtof sihKw helnift je formit-t.ieu it"iM
SFR SALE -4 HP 60 cc'e 8Oas- FOR SALE.-1951 Oldsmobile Hy- 3479. Panama.139, or se Caretaker there. containn ous trln.o ftet fighter
ing rrachrre motor. Phone 8r- ddramatic, 4 door, radio, duty paid, We change your old refrigerator torFARIN
20S like new. Easy payments. Continy
FOR SALE Mahany d,,g ;et. Panma s t T We also offer you second FOK RENT GEO F. NOVEY,. INC. 's a3 ulat 'he did h ta.
table, 6 chairs B 50.0047. hand refrigerators. This is another s eU duringist
table, 6 cha,,s B 50.00. u-de ro h orAgggag 27g Central Ave Tel 3-0140 The shell-pocked town whli-i
-i.. 1)52. phone 6-246. Gamboa FOR SALE -1949 Buick Sedan, 2 opportunity. See them at lectre- 279 Central Ave Tel 30140s haned handsell-p oked townur tih
SALE -Hollyod [led. S gle door, excellent mechanical cordi- eas S. A., opposite "La Merced" dr t c r t
'" SALEH 5 00 ouble $od S ge doo e t on church Telephone Panama 2-0016 ALHAMBRA APARTMENTS h during the current war wid
4 n Double 6-1mot 0 PorSeds S A.e or 2-0018. Fwo and five room furnished and MODERN FURNITURE marked At almost every blork
," 30 Guante 4 Bunoo & Paredes S A. or 20unfurnished oportments; pritote en- ever. by large Eglish-etter-
S* Gqs Sto-es $5500 ard S65 00 Buick & Chevroler JUNGLE JIM JAUNT to Darmen closed gardens. 8061. 10th Street. lsrr OUR now-nOMed banners welcomlnR ElsenhoW-
1" "B'rarnd new 4 piece Rattan FOR SALE:-1949 Chevrolet Con- Sponsored by Hotel EL PANAMA. New Cristobol. Telephone Colon Sllpeover- er ld asking him tO "drive the
m room Sus.e 13 Sirandi $295.00 vertible De Luxe. Rod.o. cream. 3 full days. Leave Friday Decem- 1386." apbolatery Chinese Reds out of North KO-
End Tabes from 1900. Other, Must sell immediately. Phone 2- Sunday afternoon, December 14. FOR RENT:-Aprtment, private en- "HERES
4" "-'tables from $7.00. Choars orm 53 6341 Bldg. 278, Ancon. Fishing through the Pearl Islands, trance to married couple only. A near asE.senhower came to
-,t "to. China Closets from 29 00 --viiting with -the primitive Choco Telephone -3707, Panama. tel awe a Dublic appearance was shortly
-,.- Wardrinbe froam r 25 00. ,FOR SALE:-One 1951 Chevrolet Indians, spearing crocodiles, lack FOR RENT. Well ventilated two before his highsl-aecret depart-l
Wel Air with Power Glide. T. T. dtwo trai s5 e He ithebre "wart
.iu. ... CASH OR CREDIT Bel Air with Power Gde. T.T. light hunting, cruising up the bedroom apartment, two baths. ~ ure.'Hemretr inthe barn-like "wars-
'* usehold Exchange, 41 Automeble Grey. 13.000 Mils. Con be Inan- Sambu river aboard El Pnama's servants quartersgarage Bella roo" n an Feet' hear
Rew. Tel. 3-4911. Open all day ced. Dabs call Balboa 1322. After Pescadora. arng old clothes, cam- Vista, 44th St. No. 32. Tel. 3- N pf e Saei & terS eompound ith more ttWan
Saturday 8 30 to 6 00 Sx P. M 3540. forteble shoes, and PON'T FOR- 0815 100 pewsmen a"photographera..
SR SALE Househo fune FOR SALE:-1941 Packard Sedan, GET YOUR CAMERA. 3 gloriousping, moving torag. He r to
S S-Hus No. 3014. Ls Cumbres duty paid. leaving Canal Zene, doys, 45.00 each person. Special W k and crate or movtins drfusdtods
S Ypus No. 3014. Lad esks, Ivng ad Phone Ted, during day. at Bal- rate to club groups wishing to R tlntk 'Phond 2-2451 tch political issues us the re-
dnYouh bs and dk ri boa 2-3564 end evenings at Di,- charter bot for Darien Pearl Is- anying. 'on 2-24 cent attack af Sen. Robert A.
dnngroom, shn mchne, el blo 2-3177. lands trip For reservations phoneRo__2-2562. PanamL Taft on his ppontment of Mar-
-trgerator. d freeze, venen Jungle Jim Hotel EL PANAMA, FOR RENT:-Lrge cool room cen- in Dk as aretary of labor .
,,. linds, lawn mower, metal barteres FOR SALE:-1950 Buick Sedan 4 3-1660 or See your Travel Agent tarlly located, ll Vsta Ie- Eisenhower said it was remark-
-r Jor chickens M. G. Sportser 2.000 door. dynaflow .$1,850, excellent -ad1-V- ble that SoUth Korean qodlders, TEi dA i w: nrmaru
les Phone Panama 2-1 326. C mechaoncal condition. Are you looking for Rttn eel to endnt entrance, one or two men. (HIROPRA(TORS a d r
___H. _John-ric_ Smoot & Paredes S A. re r your furniture? Gel tt t Call 3-1081 L JInUw from a land swept bly t. m ran t4on-;nVGwom
.... "611ear.33. ,just around the corner OTeBrOlN .- eor
,,.uFR SALE.-uu cvcIe Eo&v FOh R g Buick & Chevrolet A.;'rek" on Central Avenue No FOR bedrooms, pri- Dve.A..ndt.OHtAC .hfrit and elan. ArmI. underwit. .re-salo
machine Spndrer. excellent con- iFOR SALE:-1946 Buick Super Se- "1J" Streetn.. -a 0^ 'l 12VisThetr Afte flIecWon
don, $140. Call 2-2875 or 1402 danette. Excellent condition. House -- N. 54. 43ord. Street. 3-4127. 6 oOU afinection ofthe spi and elae h Army records-Biy
B Carr St. Balboa. No. 760-C Banaby St., Balboo. FOR RENT. -.,n Bell Vista furnish- Sturday: 12 n
We repair and dress dolls. We also ed room, with or. without meals. S Par Avenue Tel. -I id.
SFOR SALE-Household furniture ,n- FOR SALE-1942 Oldsmobile Sedan. have beautiful assortment of doll I or 2 gentlemen. Tel. 3-2949 block from L The rHe aa n e
clud.g console G. E. radio. West- radio. New battery. $225.00. 713- *,s. Na. 2H; 44th st rt. T en- 8:00 to 2 noonee
inghouse reirgerator. House 1481 D Cocol. phone Panor. 3-0957. 44th s t. Te- 8:00 to 12 noon. eader.
C. Balb.oi Tel 2-430_. FOR SALE--1950 Pontiac 8. 4 door. PERSONALS FOR TOUR REQU IREMNTS lie addi" thale buh Kn. .
S FOR SALE Cheao. 5.35 uoholS- plastic seat covers. W-S excellent FOEI I \ reanW ,. 'p
i-ed couch and choir 62B. N.-i condition, leaovng Isthmus. Blboo FOR SALE GEORGE D. BARB, JR., uman E- NATIVE LUMBER r
SCoo 4-10. 3564 or Balboa 1446 after 6:00 gineering. Corrective justmer. C L .
Of Spinal Cole.Swredish' iq
FOR SALE --- Dining table., early p. m M g eell gn e g g of the Body Structu r ,po tur'.'
s9 eeings e ar und, 14-B. FOR SALE -196 u SALE Pure bred Dalnmaien No. II SeventaSt' .. Teleh -4i
spi ,e arCoupe. Radio, undercoaoted, Sv t- ,elep .ii ." 3 4962
sFOR SALE-ogany cutom made Also rubber. Sa.ctri, 1.15- efie 3 months Coldsp One m3 le 2-3833. Monday thru ty' Avl 3 '
E. fogeraor. ng25 cycle. rs Smu.o c & $oI.- lvgroo Bfo, female. 365-A. New Crist- a. m nvit i 8 p. m. By p ent t'o
hcnee tBboo 42, be n and 4 bab. Phone 3-1786. Os. i N Q (

Sboo, 5 months old Vocumcle- y a n OR SALE:-'erib. mde by Cowes Con ,ou m. 0. Satrdy? L .o .. Wer oraule th.trr"
O cc c -Ready r immdit delivery in St. AMERCAH fluen Spe
er wh'te rug 6' x 9'. 2 bookca-es Leaie, Cheveolet Pal Air, $2.072.FOR SALE -Puppies cocker span- perience Lati America, excel ne n t ay
cl dxcel erw condkitOn cheap o~ie moet Oea' rPed-. Iel moth er. Phone 6-213 104X contacts and referencls, n i i r .e
evenings and Sunday, 4.FOR SALE -1946 Pckard Sedn, 4 At C Jadmn Ave. mboa.
reb rg bboed S ood O, !FOR SA LE 7 -19t_ n CANAL COMP career position with'tellable ira n of I beVeve tha o .th r" "'
S ApoB.oa Phcone 628. 00 undo excellent mechanical con. 47,000 OFFES MISCELLANIOUS Write V., Box 134,trnatinalo eration of cular corr -t wr

FOR SALE -Al porcelain 9 acu it efF E a Free Trade Unions said, I

Ehoe. Refrigerator. 25 ccle. S Smoot & Paredes. ea or opening in public interview here Wednesday, teen two ideology edom e 1,toov
SAl ho 6C4 aporen Bbc untl 1030 A. M., Mu attending the week hound tf
A Re nboa C,. .OR SALE-1941 OldChevrole con- December 16, 1952, for Rules, Sfews, o n meeting Ofthe executive Ao lleat taln-t..a laeS t
S0mb74r-I illiams.on Place. Phone Wrenches, etc., located t the Bo- The Amevenaing ion Auxl the wM .WorkClub "'eEl s c 'e u ey t
cn cdT. r et 4-doo baby crib. Phone 916. Colon, r ar l looking forward to a new ICFTU Tr opened b Comml could not-tllege for

,,a. /'r.. 4 Ccerr Pm No. 26, Pan IV. may be obtained year of widely ,varied activities A rala" Mtingae said. sdt th2 t o
7 p. m-- -oin excel en condition. o A very good FO SALE:- -Crib o de bes Cn yo IbmyOa m t Saturday? e LvTeI phte ab
FOR ALE.-Ore cucht cover bu. Curun Quaers 2013- new mattress. Wcke, bselephonee Heen.d latrotgei endeavor Mrs to train worker ovin the teth oqu .tsIR ter 1
chest of drawers, kitchen table, all or phone 83-6159. with wheels. Telephone 3-15 39, r e lborm ovement hi Asa Dhya le i frd on p
S pal.ow brar table ood. On -FO SALE-1 Buick Super Se- Panama. laborffon. President of the ods of union orAsia, Dhan ve in fre .
S tr'e 6 chairs. Bed stand gh04 cho dan radio/. 0.00 ----res completely ANL Panama, Canal Zone unit, stated Wh er I went n my trave hat the c
Apt. B. Ancon 8'00 to I1 00 a m ne oa 4 0 OIC EAN ELCOUSP AND.. -uili E oRegional|Organization of the "1 believe that on lthis p e1rA I'-' '.

SFOpad SAE H-R e at-rB Wear- t ndr i ake w e M 7 ub Wisn iamso n b aptpeoFdayO R Soundhstoebethe etoenterta
hue-A pel a E .. c Sa o ned Wa mso 4 ,0 O R'Se MISCELLANiOUSn i HAn D L International Confederation of cular corner this" eartlec ranl4ar h
is FOR E--Rag~rallOr We,,g- rrlleace-ust be seen to banoppre- TOOLS FOR-SALE Free Trade Unions sid, in an rphase of this great struggle ll im- urP, a1
a10rrl B a u6 S2eled ds. r pen rn onipterview here Wednesday. t ween two deologises, fr domis

o. A-i-- 6042- i 1.11 eO r SALE-liGenuine Dachshund Pup n 1 commune, the Auxgat IS attending the week hound tobe.m ed
. POSITION OFFERED Steamship Smoot & des PIe 6 weeks old. Call telph l will be able to give service .- .
A Rgenc Balto Cte. hoSALEn- Bu94 COldhevrobilet 3-191 Decembe, from 12.00 for Rules, Saws, 0 long meetvalueng of the executive "All It ttt re
ALE. -erble Good condcn. $150.00: Sledgesng Sockets. Tpes, Taps. e board of the InFXuhere.rodedcation toing the coz'nB fl4
--C.ebrfo .:.i ,odebcard. ex. '4- I WllTomSon Place. Phone'WreCnches. etc, located at the Bao- The Anezican Legion Auxhi- Te' oW eth Ifos called. athe edl a

"h ei'csel tellnwa oue, Ts ^e te P^-S .S.W^ -e t -
cetleni cr..J-t.:rn ;c lr C.- Bolboc 2-41-2 between 4 and'71boa St6rehouse. Excess Sale Circular 9ry Is looking forward to a new ICFl'T Trade Union College for displayedt'et w4e-a
,,r,. Cc., __ L -e __C L_.. No. 26, Part IV. may be obtained year of widelyvaried activities Asia," Mmngat Said. wardwith that iddig
FOR onlO 8.00o ie tram the office of Superintendent of Iun it broad program of service "The- purpose of the school It w6 on 'that.

p ReO rS tre-hue.s Falb So alteephoe2-findnd rrnn atindengeas loe to e e pi- g lpas"W... -,,'i-A
d andtfuotipcrtenudeavoms.cMrs. Is to train workers In the meth- CID 1m%
pHi cL.i.e W o Fn p ALE -- ForE 1949 Bur Lse-12 obned fromthe Contract nd e Orion President ofLh thed of union goraninatlon, on ehue, eba -
girl's bi e be high ch or eco Diviion, Room 336, make the commune whch .00
.ad Ge H e I ,,d D .a, : e l3 Pe- d..nistration BuPdind. Balboa ats Canal Zone unit, stated Wherever I went in my travels that the con -
Sace Phone tcd1503 dncan I elh 2 li39htSpedlacs in whAch to i w,.l b found this to be thlarge to enter
gr r a PRoadmoe, h dore r d.o1.0 c ISue oa deposit of. $30.00 Withn April expected membership c one bisdemand. In estolhln..-
O t FC'ALE-19Ia. entn. Americen u J St. stren gth i f one llion women thi olee, we are meeting a There wer
redwi th._oen. a d w Units active p w

TLE ONE!:g FOR SALE I. S', "^ W ^. behe e'd
gc.. excellent Be c o,- O A--GenuneDachshund Pup- in 14A00 communities, the At- aux. .._____r_
POSITION OERED ---Steamship' Slm oot &Fa edes s SA. pies. 6 weeks aid. Call talept.11 11,S7u will be able to give service
bugenc. Bazooar ,e shre. or hana- B u.c -D EvProlet n b3-191, from 1d2.00 noon to tO ".0 Increased value to the veter-
1 2. experience a: nar dlng :,ne p "luo-OuCnciZoI. M "filann and the nation during the
comn-erci,,. &,:o sant e Auta-O ,e ic ming year, Mrs. riffon preat-.
cler; stenographer. Aprj:v n %%r.n pov CASH' for ;our car, ari.d leoled bite in triplicate. will be ted- We
'ieg r .ntero-rie,.I : .ngri selI n-or. TERMS' ar Agericia 'Cos- ceived ;n the office of Engineering A liar calendar of a-
en :nphb$W On eorts phases of *t he 3,ePre,
Wr acunlTED.-Mat Junoro ,,hcaa b, aa 19.3. and then opened in public., o& fheyear. ,.al.U
Boxh7, e 1n ,r i radio 9 00'0 miles. Dodge equipment, materials exceptt cet. be on study ofbis introduced ....
Ver 0j Cm"C,8 nr-graph "., Dealers, Tvoli ~:in.", lg Telephonerloin lsted materials to be furnish- in Congress &fffet3in thndu-e]- 4
ViteBoxi, PanV-,ii oan-r'a 2-170 *ed free by the Government, labor fare of veterans ..-, .' -
ACC-Sr 62 CADiI a services and for performing lies, and dealing with d n"ationl San -rraiacc, rR.a .
7-- lons to existing building, for Pa- phra ity 'i. "

most new, plastic covedt ***-.
PloY-pen. folding table, 'F t p
leaving Isthmus. Balboa 31
0774-1. Williamson Place.
Dr. E. A. PEREZ FORSi EIok a t
h) cllent blood -
"A t W e l tr oin ed -T el,
V- -. .r ained,
._-. .. .........

It D how

iaor 00-m miarU. _,-- h. .
oi ypara..

- -, t" .'-
XT christine JorspnuBr 3
UW of Oqorge W. o t)
wto seryfdtwoy C.

'beep i


, .-., -. -.i' -- ,: '-.'./ *

. .." .

.. .


. i,-. .'r -

. I




a A


4 I;.

- ~. iL


.,' .,,A., ct w 5.

i .:" I:-- "1'/r "

-'h". i I.. fi~a"

Fel' adiy, Vice-
,.-e )t Chmse, Nation-
...'Cuba, ant.. Mrs&
lotw Havana, follow-
i here.
I-4'Ain jr., Senior.
of the.. ity of
charge; of the
on; ndt T0 o ttoa
-Preil 'h-o0f. the
r a .i o6f the
Mr. iain and Mr. euser at-
tended the inaugtration of the
'fe'n.a new Chase Bankl offices in Pa-
'Zrs'iv.^ ll-amsa. They were guests at Ho-
S tel El Panan. ., o i
Chrlitmas Party For
h, eAll Star Circle
3t67 her .of The All Star Circle of Balboa
the tLs.Agill hold their Anin u Christ-
.'Cur. OlWm s PArty a 130 .. on
uSf l esday, at th TvO0l Quest
house Lunrcheoi will served
'd an exchange of gits in the.
n Mre. $..00 bracket will be trade.-Fol-
Har-le the luncheon caidl will
G rer, i Mrs;'~ A *ye"who have not made
,,;; em may do by tele-
.n Over, Ing Mrs. Edith $pley at
Mrs. Olivc .

aod, Mrs.- s-

in. Mrs. Lawrefnee
Ijane. Teirlll, Mrs.'
hoff, Mrs. Howard
Mrs. Wtulam Hea-
Icholas uhlick, Mrs.
n, Mr Olyde Bain,
OGad er, Mrs.
fedeau,' Mrs. J. M.
ir. L. W; Petersopo,
9hannon, and Mrs.

TiIB tTsRdverend R. Heber
A eno.imop of the Eplwo-
Milsona. Distrkct, of.Pa-
gave' L.nterpustn and
s addahe whehurch ap-
the Ca -fSt.
Luke. The meeting was presided
over by Mr. Edward J. Luca ,
su erintendent of the church
school. These meetings are in
the form of a disousslon work-
shop for the betterment of the
varo classes.
Mrs. Nancy Sidebotham, lead-
er of Religious Drama, was
present and announced plans
O the Christmas lay, the
Ute; of WlNcl will Be-'6 Come
Ye To Bethlehem." It 'is -the
stqry. of the. Christ Child in
words. tpl by a .arrasor and
eneoted In pantomime By chll,
alWan An tAho e.'u la tinl He..i

I- teachadl iresnt at this
in .e ,g_ woee" Pat .. F. rwn,
im A .beth A. Vand r Ruth
6NoB oe Ann 8- Peterson-
INatelle .OospjW,] M).*e i p-
ln"- Andrews, .habc rht ---
M. Wal Bh Jreck. mes a.
5*omt^larenS*L bueuj

f aIBda; IB 1XnGw60o n e I
Ameskisla a do I Ru th j" urn,
AIMU, .A, ~No MAOrke. Cun-
,8tr a and Mrs. M beth Zirk.. lip, I C. Keone `Leah W.
n. Greene, Edward J. Lucas and
Catherine U Nancy 8ldeboyptbp&
SRecent ArtCaole t
M W" and'Ms. ge at of oCaity ifle
u hAeui ibf .of Theitarot i na ored
ter, gn ih9 rdan h-b by Court aucta. a-aia No. 447,
D -Sc..... ofo1" ot rica,
L I hld A. with
a the- a.otter d od

t OL aANe .oftbet 14 hen
h Wa. ooGt gfaui e o C ta rat
JIM Lad-MO t of etty. b ta4.S efr
.. : .___ 'ee **. .,_ rmakei; Th rid i
To Vacation in U.- S. ma Is
W MiAW Mm lOWit B. Moore All outstaxd1a toe must
. at. -- o sail-. ,.ae;e, .t...qun d .an.
* wWOk.vsfow 6- U1-, Akp A stadboa,
S %flf.TIt w I. nest i teleifione 2-2616- on Or before
YR fli fWsahMngtog, D. the lottery drawing on Shiday
i4 .... ^ to -. to- beta'"eu the
a ot of the raMfndrmril*
Mrs.t Oarxmrimi~hnT VIce-Preaflbbean Stamp club

o ^ 't oM r

Carae*s for a
in x relativpa before
lrbhome in San
guests .at Hotel El

If yaen kniw kr A0nt

yChin,t cou
...and oers of t

ndor etd odour Ip el is qte4 .
* Odo-.44o 9; oae
--ever gwgit i. t., o .
* No't imodqraN :. eomis ipSih*
ieu to _. b .Od. R -.. .
S No ntcm ai.f W
to evo mn. da, e s ,
eayt mIe." "

*cniAM -

.p *
fIil'; .. i~hi

ITk e'siLaL SecretoryWants


L. i..A At


l 1.


Sp.a Enggement



TUESDAY, DEC. 9 8:30 P.M.
at the
with the
Tickets: Froft rows, reserved ......... 4.-
Back rows, reserved ........... 3-
Balcony, unreserved ..........
On sale at: PANAMA TOURS
Ave. TivolU 18 Tel. -2300M
JWB USO at .Balboa
Manarnest CetlurtM Cuffl.5q.

.- ..... I

at 7:30 p.m. in the Lbrry of
the Jewish Welfare Board Cen-
ter in Balboa.
The Club Is particular -l-
terested In having ouki Pa h-
manian Aehboro, who- have
any phlateli interests, joic
the group.

Organists Meet Tonight
The Isthmlan Branch OGuld
of Organists wll4 meet this evdye-
ning .at 7:30 at the Jewsh .W -
fare Board Center la .olb a.
A paper, "Guild Exmlintnauao
Practical Projects for the
Churl Musan". y P. Sel-
men, A. 0.0, ( 6el'o* Amer-
ican Guild of Organists) will be

Rebekah Club -MeeSting
The Rebekah Club will hold
Its' regular meeting tis eve-
ning at 7:30 in the Wirz Mem-
orial. Mrs. e'V "Bopek has in-
vited all aebmbe a to attend
and bring a .guest, Plani for
the Christinmk Party to be. held
December 16 ll be discussed.
Following the meeting a social
hour of games _an refresh-
ments wtilt b hel .

College 'lay Tonight
The Balbca Theater Manage-
ment will present the Canal
Zone C Players in the
Howard .Red mystery pla y,
"The Death Drums," for one
"late. t3 7" performance it
10:00 tijoavering. There will
be no reer*ed seats, tickets will
be sold at.the 4Qor and regular
moving picture prices of admis-
sion will prevail.
The mystery thriller presents
thirteen players, most of them
with speaking roles, and a se-
ries of theatrical effects pre-
pared and executed by a large
btaff of stage workers. The
girst stage play ever to be giv-
en at the new Balboa Theatre,
"The Death Drpms" promises
to be a most unusual, novel,
and different experience fo r
theatre-goers of the Isthmus.

Small Fry
first grade teacher here recently
(graded one of her pupils low on
citizenshp but said on his report
card, "I ind Jimmie very inter-
esting." The boy's parents then
asked the teacher: "Is there
anything. we can do to make
Jmmunie less interesting?"

Atop the Hotel El Panamia
for details Inquire of Maltre d'h1d
Tel. 3-16l, ask for Mr. Fred.

(HoteI New Year'a ictlvvti will be
heM a uual in the Patio)
S* n




or n

jTVA To Keep Expandi

SBillion More By 1957

Sf, & P& a.,

A spokesman for the ministry
Of Justice said the "Solbrls guys"
would be imprisoned to serve
zheir sentences when and if they
return but it could be expected
that their case wod be re-ex-
The so-called "Solbris guys"
escaped from the prison camp of
Espeland, near Bergen, on July 3,
1947. Though police in most parts
of the country were alerted, the
refugees succeeded in getting a-
board the tiny yacht Solbris. The
12-ft. cutter had been bought for
$8000 through an intermediary.


Though it was not equipped He also cited the "g0wwa
for a seagoing trip the refugees commerce" as a result of n
had no other choice, and finally gation locks in the dams i
reached Argentina after running stable streams.
short of fuel twice and after be- "The industrial developiAg
ing chased by a Norwegian de- of this valley has only -aal
stroyer to the Bay of Biscay. a beginning," Clapp sad.W4

- with -



CluadI 6e Oasi

(for ladies and gentlemen of good taste)

Popular Prices!







-Pltter FinC' : .,e Ow

-- .

1 11


SMOM is what kids yell anad
,. scrape kne. MOMR i what tacieaa8.
Sat-the-top.o-his-hmpg when be r ulies m
from scho MOM a what PO he
he can't find A pipe. MO .d ery.
fth. She ktowm meV. wie
ame w e id-i^ a~~ *why
we're nla faverWr-i ellebtaagi h DAY

0 ~
L -et's .a., a_ .. i-..
^ .* : -^ ***


(F. S. Rudeseirem)


There is still plenty of time to move before

Christmas. Baxter will carefully crate and pack

your most precious crystal, china and furniture.

Move and place everything just where you want

it. And guaravte. every article will reach its

destination ov



To e ed Ta-Ha tfy Act
,e, 4e' Cabinet angered Sen. Ro- "I believe the senator is fa-
M Tat, said one of is vorable to some amendments,"
taatp W today' fiWf efforts would be to change he added.
....'s .la peed a the Taft-Hartley law.
SverAiin.' e predicted that Elspn- He said Taft's statement on
Diurk.n w e. appo t boer's relations with organ- bhs appointment "was no per- To
to President elect = e ISed4 labor ^will be very fine.-' saonal attack upon me," and IO
"Labot wants to see him that w hil e never has talked
RJT ,U"'= --- matoe he, and wl ve him. the Ohioan who will be o
RUTH MILLETT Says. tanc he said. tHe OOP leader in CongreS 'I'll weu
Bln aid he would try' to be glad to get In touch with day
absTft-and union represent&- him." -
In spite of pridig ourselves ea to agree on amendments la
on keeping up with the timW *tle. aTArt-Hatle loaw nd He said that after ap
most of us cling to a lot old'. hdid. not think Taft's ped conference with ftand Nor
fashioned notions, to his appointment union leaders management re- A
printance, we still show suir- any obstacle" to preeritatlves aght b brought the
prs-look when we find out that a on changes in the into the talks. wit
gol-looking, gay, smartly dress. controverial measure. .* gui
edtyoun Woman happens to be guy.
thetmot er of four. Ok five chil- Asked'if he thought federal T r1" e
drln. laior laws generally needed Tonight Ber
Modern as we think we are, we "bale overhaul," Durkin re- I I I
still picture the mother of a plied: "Oh I do--yes." "DEATH DRUM de
larger-than-average family as But. he added that the sub- ""EATH DNUM
Sa, wlspy-haired drudge, ject required study. t. oAUndA -- I.
Wi ohl, B_ AT U1At-,

wis cuuruenu tugging at her
skirts. I
The same thing goes for
grandparents. "Can you believe
she's a grandmother?" we ask
with awe about a keen-eyed, a-
lert, thoroughly competent bus-
iness woman. Grandma left her
rocker by the hearth a long, long
time ago, And yet the wprd
"grandmother," in the back of
our minds, still means a sweet-
faced, gray-haired woman whose
most exciting interests ought to
be knitting and spoiling her
In the same way, even though
we. know that the best-looking
girls often have more than a fair
share of brains, we #tllW are a-
maned at individual eases where
beauty and brains go hand in
hand. Its a throw-ck to the
time when -only the girls who
were unattractive to meni were
Interested In doing anything
with thair minds.
Also, we often hear people
Toltce surprise that the children
ofa workIng woman are well-be-
haved. Even though we know the
Impressive statistics on working
mothers, we still cling to the
old-fashion d notion that the
only way tO bring up children Is
for the mother to devote her full
time to them.
And evei-thqugh a great many
men tddal-eblp with the house-
work there are still plenty, of
womeh who express pity for any
man whose wife expects him to
lift a hand around the house.
Actually though we think; we
are up-to-date--*e haven't yet
caught up with the times.

He said be hoped labor-
nmanagezhnt relations would
improve under the new ad-
ministration and that he would
try to cof er with Maurice To-
bin, reting labor secretary,
next week tq be brief on
problems pf, te department.
At a nesif conference at El-
senhower's Hotel Commodore
head4nuarte, DurtU said he
had no 'I4da ~iow he, a Demo-
crat he ha supp d Gov.
AdlaI E. Stevenson for Presi-
dent, came to be named to the
Elsenhower Cabinet.
Tat ed D kn' appoint-
uent "In' edible n ad said
Durkin, former director of la-
bor in the state of Illinois and
general president of the AIL
and Steamfiters union, had
advocated outright repeal of the
Taft-Hartley law.
Durkin flew here from Chi-
cago for a "get acquainted"
meeting with Gov. Sperm an
Adams of New HamsIdre, who
be Elsenhowerasss t in
the White House,, and Arthur
I. Vandenberg Jr., Elsenhower's
"As secretary of labor," Dur-
kin said, "I will try as soon ,as
I can to bring labor represen-
tatives and Senator Taft to-
gether to see if there can be
a. meeting dt the minds as to
what amendments to the Taft-
Hartley Act could be agreed
upon." -
He said he believed "S o me
understanding could be reach-

ii Collaborators

South American

Return To Norway
6LO, Dec. 5 (UPj-The Nor-
than Foreign Ministry said to-
tat many collaborators and
Is who fled to South America
lediately after the war have
ed for permission to return to
Lmnistry spokesman made
statement in connection
h reports that the "Solbris
"' wAo flew to Argentina in
7 had decided to return to
tne spokesman said: "A con-
rable number of Norwegian
Is have asked for passports
n the Norwegian consular
horitles in South America.
In most cases the passports
e been granted on condition
1 the returning refugees re-
to the police immediately
n their return to Norway.
Refugees cannot ask to have
r sentences pardoned, but on
other hand It Is eight years
more since they collaborated
the German occupation au-
Ities on Norway."
reports from Bergen said the
bris guys" expected to have
r punishment reduced when
y return.

IOvA Theater
1--10 P.M.
j -- --- .

Pu 'SwU
shower 1
-Rtalph- '
her fnan


a'chip or scratch.


____ ___ 11

-~ ---- I ii I-



tUP) uoruon ,. 1 (
cnarman 01 me buara o
Tennessee Vauey Auih
-au touay, Lute ie W.a0,g^
ine T'VA wi require an
mLacnit of i,uuu,IuuuI Ua
propriawcons over Lme nexi .
speaking before the
CJuo here, Ulapp said m twe
wash QoUDUi a. La- w .
ties to mee,, vlaucey"
quLrements, ,nciu&uuujng
ed operauous an OIak AIM
a new piauc oeAJu14 i
western aencucky o# the tot
ic b.nergy Lomanimsut.
Ile said that within th
,earsa o1 is exiateuc. tl,. i
naa neipea change tie 'iM
see Vaney into Lae "' aw
growing region in the
ana had proved to oe a
of toresignt for our natld
The present power system
the TVA Is a bout 4,000,006
owatts, he saia, and M y
the generating plants.- tM6
built will increase that
to about 9,500,000 kLw.
"This steady addition of t
capacity eacn year wil.
for about $200,0u0,000 a:
Investments in the TVA!
each year. That means
000,000 in the next flve .
Clapp said that the
construction of the
claimed by some critics. to
waste, proved to be a "shafk
foresight for our natoWl 4.
"The men who built ZDet
las and Fontana Dams -a
cord-breaking schedules
ply power for Oak idgr
to end World War I,"
Clapp said that the
had brought rivers in
under control and that
threats had been redgpd
manageable proportions.



The entire facilities
on the


; ".-


..". OLT:,.
.. m **lp* :. ; .. '... .
11^f.- t- -r~-, *".* ~..:.',j. -' =- ...'-l;t -
S. .;. -.. .. .. .. '- 5

- .4

.- "


- z :


- .
.+ 4/antic

',: i,'S.l
. ,* I: -

, ,-

-" -. 2


Social **S

, The Fort Da'is Women's Club met at the Officers Club
,.elnesdav for morning coffee and their monthly business
meeting, with Mr-. Roy %. LEmburv officiating.
- Mrs. W. C. rlhmidtl. Mrs. Robert W. ( o'art and Mrs
i.,mes BHtmnni. hostesses. used l hri-tmas theme for their
I tle deoration%. A mnmature, decorated tree formed the
rntra l arraneenient Irom which extended angel hail and

I1 -iht ornannfilts.
p ,-'J. Ll t ',H UI n
i a :...-. u ,, -..^ iL U Lu l i-.0

hirin" g C iii U-, .j ,,tiie t' it? t. -gj
al, I l .A i w ..i -utiu

tLO ., p ... L id en t t ,i I 'It
' fj L i. .!. 0. "*-- rr'titL n-. --
.p- No. ,l. t.,n t' pi i f, itr.. -n -

lugii5, kier-iatavt LuniM n tef
j- Mtrs. Jan.e:. Qunt. ., Mrs .rc'rda%
S eKS. -.
, yJiner" amiil shuuer Honui
. 4nianeed Coupit
ris' s 'ulvia t L.0 t a 1d M '
i Rihard Kiesge., AhosE entfinig
Swil take place Satutiay eve-
n ung, wefrhe nonnea % I'th .1 I'-
c ..laneoui sliri ,er and clinnm r
? party given b% Mr a, n Mrs
SManuel Mo0'en. at theli Foit

A 195, m M o. Ja.. uh 37
BI f195, ( i/.s .2/aphosa, 6tuin 378

Christmas Practice At Gatun
Practice for the annual
Christmas play will be held at
'4.40 p.m Saturday at the
church for all of the Sunday
School children Parents are re-
ouested to see that their chil-
ttren attend

3atun Residents Attend
lheiiLe r. trachl piece Those par- Army-Navy Game
iiciI)patiII i L Lte O.aiiiatia ;Liol Mrs. Dorothy Hannigan and
' re- N1,i Joit Purvis. Mrs. &.Il.s M.ary Ann H.ann i g an.
William biou.-. ..i' ranninganl daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Jo-
tn Mr.s I. h. Wcertz. arph Hannigan of Gatun, wer:
Mrs B1etll net. anpg "S e e t among the IsthmIan residents
Little Jesus Boy by McGinsy. w-ho were fortunate enough to
%Mis, kifu-a Flinniken was ine attend the recent Army-Navv
ir-,oinpaniA, rot the afternoon game in Philadelphia.
A itOluiiul Irtea wat Servea
lulVo. .iikt infr meeting. M1 rNs
N- 1 ". 1a" ei commi- Toy Colleilon'
tee 'xerf 1i. churgz.. Red anc Ti Co
ci iel ciotli.- cuOVeieqL the 1idl-ia-
ioau i tabie-i and the outfet uperalon iftrts
bit- a. .- *.eiwtereai ith cedar.
ijIegil 't ,.tnas oalls and ioea 5lI god Kfob
Lalpt-- "ir. HRoy Fort, M-rs. Roy 0I ruI K1obbD
r mtr- Mr-ehan poured. I Christmas t.Ime in the Canal
New members introduced at Zone this year n.ll again find
It!P nret'ig wPere' Mr. Iod, .soldiers of the United States.
Robi.son, MNis. Penr Fran-'ey, Arnm Caripbean helping to
MIs Arthui Logan. Mrs. C. S make the holiday season a moic
MciCoi minK a .id Mrs. Clinton enjoyable one for those less
-.i,-e. fortunate than themselves.

-olick residence e te ne-Man Art Show At Representative of these ef- '
-The othel guests eie i Hotel Washington Ifoili is the 'Operation TO, Col-
apd Mrs. H B. Hart Sergeant The o P-man art show. by election" under the dlirecLon of
d Mrs. Clarece Vine, Lieu- Mrs. Frances Greening, of Ga- the 504th Field Artillery Bat-
iwant and Mis. Bulgmn, Mlses t. whichh was a recent exhl- talion, Fort Kobbe.
Yalanda Gaitan. Thelma Rios oit at the Hotel Tivoli, for theort Kobbe
IMry'Kutn Ine7 Echleverpri.. Lf- past ten days. will hang at the The toys and other presents
tlca Gonzalez and Marian Fen- HotelWashington for one week el Ibe distributed to Panama-
tot. Me'sri" All.n Moor,. Bill starting tomorrow and extend- children on Christmas
Nurdy. Mathet O'Brien a ding through Saturday, Decem- Day.
Aaenor Corr., re,"- 14 "
a r- Exhibited will be modern oil' Since early in November guld-i
Mir. d Mrs. Grimes Return ,nd pastel paintings with sub-edS by Master Sergeant Nicolas
Wth Infant Daughter jects including' landscapes of G Davila, Battalions Sergean
'Yir and Mrs W illia m C Ial interest, still life, flowers Major, men of the battalion
Grimes. of Gatun. were among stills and portraits. hae canvassed Fort Kobbe
the returning passengers Mon- The public is cordially invI- homes, collecting used and
cd' on the Cristobal. Accompa- ted to attend this showing. toys, od clothing, and
reing them was their in fa n --oken toys o coing, and
4hgliter Mary Ann. who was Mrs. McLaughlin To Spend canned toodstufls.
born ih Evansville, I nd ian a. Holidays With Sons The toys are being repaired,
September 23 Mrs. William McLaughlin and reltnished by volunteers
J, of Gatun, sailed today to iromr within the battalion. NCO'
Dr. and Mrs. Eno spend the holiday season with wives are also lending a hand,
Leave For Miami her family in Bernardsville, New'cl
Dr and Mrs Harry Eno, o Jersey. She will be joined by eed of repair.cted cloth
Colon, left yesterday by plane her sons, William, who Is a need of epir
to spend the Christmas holi- student at M. I. T. and Donald.J FSi'v Christmas morning.
days at their home In Miami. who is a freshman at Renssae 3 trucks ded with present
Florl"a c ler Tech, for Christmas. u rt, irom Fort Kobbe
,iji the Panamaidan to'.ns of
Mr. And Mrs. Seagraves Elks To Hold Memorial Service! aa tron. Arraijan. and theo
Residg In MGatitn The B POE. Cristobal Lodge outskirts of Chorrera. and some
Mr.-nd Mrs. Earl Seagraves. No. 1542, will hold a Memorial eagerly expectant children. ,
whose, recent wedding was of Service Sunday at 7:00 p.m. at
1inter#St to a large circle of the Elks' Club. The service is Other unis of the U. S. Army
friends on both sides of t. he open to the public, all friends inthe Canal Zone are planning'
Uthmuts, have returned from ar-e invited to attend. in the tanal zone are planning
eir wedding trip to Costa Rl- v oA Cookson the Yuletide eason!
, ddi t to ta tReverend M lton A. Cookson for orphanages in Panamal
at. and are residing in Gaturn ill be the speaker for the eve-with presents and parties. Gifts I
Christmas Caols Portrayed by na nd there will be a mu- are being bought, and hinds
,Wyoman's Club ialy program by the Fisher a-solicited.
.The members of the Cristo- t-olly.
l Woman's Club enjoyed a Major posts on the Isthmus
Christmas tea and program 2 Adventist Choirs are planning their own chil-!
lich was presented at their AYCd is t11oirs dren's parties with Santa to vi-
regular meeting Wednesday at D sit the kids b various means-
the Red Cross Bulding. To Render Excerpts helIcopter, tire truck, and jeep.
'tirs. J. F. Meehan, president -'
1reslded at the business meet- From 'Messiah'
Ilg. Mrs. Pilmus Bennett was FUN (I? IN GRAVEYARD
in charge of the pro gia m. Twc choirs of the Seventh Day
Which had been planned by tjiventist churches in Cabo Ver- DETROTT i UPi Police said ,
i-rs Georae Engelke and Mrs de. aie slated to render excerpts l iuvenile delinquency has taken a
S. McClelland. Mrs. Milton r' H1-andels Messiah on Wednes-I new taist here tipping; tomb-
kokson sang "Cantique Noel" day stones They arrested two teen-
,hid the members of the Club A few Nears ago the choirs of Iagr Oovs and a girl lor' kicking
ieng "Hark the Herald Angels t'-,i two chur-hes rendered the. over grave markers.
i ng." It Came Upon a Mid- (-ntie oratorto in the Encantol
ght Clear." "While Shepherds Thti.ter
Watched Their Flocks.' "0 Wednesday's program 'ill beI -- Tonight -
*Little Town of Bethlehem' and teold in the Pacific Clubhouse.
*"Silent Night" coinmencmg at 3 p m Tickets "DEAT H Dia"
-- During the singing of the are now on sale and %ill be a- U t
songs tableaux portrayed the at the door. .-.-.

IBALBOA I heater
Wi fAfe % AAAr% i '-10 P. M. ---

U-T R E C EIY E D 'Hot Flashes" Stopped
G W E D DW Oor strikingly relieved
In 63%* of cases in doctors' tests
*If you're miserable from the "hot
.WE D G W O O D flashes." and ateompanying irritable,
.... .. restless feeling. of "change of life"-
you may be suffering unnecessarily!
(Josiah Wedgwood & Sons) Pinkham Co.pound broiig teliel
from such fun.tionally-caused suffer-
Sii (MW A bMMD WAE '?< ag to 63', of"rte women tested!
GL N DW medicine thoroughly modern in ac-
ST ron has shown you where to look
for rellei from those distressing nerv-
IN OPEN STOCK ut of sor' feelings of ud-life
"I 'hange"!I
START YOUR SET 4 Get Lydia E Pkham's Veeetable
START YOUR SET ctional pains of menistral periods

FOR CHRISTMAS ihi.s.. ..f n.,: m"...

$5.00 or OfER! ,\ 1
S You Ma1 Win, On December 28, 1952: > 'K '

1) Ann 86 pee. Minions" Englih Bone
China Dinner Set (for 12).
2) A 48 pee. "Orrefors" (Crystal Set
(for 12). I re
3) A Hand-Painted "Leni'" Center. I
Piece! \ /
SEE THEM NOW ON DISPL.: check perspiration
odors safely...
ST FRENCH BAZAffectively with Yodora, th
pure, gentle face cream base
deodorant that prevents irri.
lE JAN PE NICH BAs j station never rots your
UAN PALOIER. clothing I Try Yodora today
S, it's designed to give lax -
COLON inr lion.
--*A ft or ^
'4-. -A

. '. .. ....

Sass.. says she is the 'ealingest girl in the world." Ohly ye
six Inches tall, and weighing 125 pounds, the 2h1year-ltfdlhn'-
recently put away the equivalent of seven full meals in le.t Uta
two hours, to prove her Doint Among other Items Included4n the
gargantuan feast were: two filet mignons, four *irlola- in. aks a
tuikcey dinner, and mounds of vegetables, all topped. off wilh
assorted desserts, three cups of coffee and 26 rolls, FoLd.winI ;-
childhooness Carolyn sad Illness Carolyn said that she decided to t il
back to health, and never feels any Ill effects from her obcrlba.C'
huge meals. ..

f l,-L-a


7 .-' W i-.
Nothing bapg out rho hfior i-
a cup of cog"e fit .Pi. A
pure, delicious tabi creai iat 14
rich in nourishmedg. Adds good
sess and zest to your 6ut and
cereals too! Avoset is sterilited
and safe.. needs. carefrige-
tion before openjim, t"4i...
for months ... a6tw esiw a
and convenics. -

; ., ., 5 .*

BorTLED CRAi ft KUSf oh I

Sergeant Measleysa a.v r d
c:umes tz hil-!qurth year oft aerv-
ice on his .puent tour of.duty
jthe Unit -States ArmCa 1ib-
Meaaley aetved in Blik, Raw
Guinea and in the. PhUlippines the ittb h Air Fore from
Fehruary, .1421. to September .of
1945. His pr tent hitch as been
spent in Patima. '
Malave. tTadlo operator with
Battery "A".,:is a native of Jinm-
co. -Puerto R1o, and has. spent
17 months setvite In Panama.
A total of 820 .credits won the
Best Batry of the Month a-
ward for,Bttey "O". This best-
ed by 24- points the totil scored
bv tke runner-up.
Winners are selected for the a-
140o ihur People -

COIMiA. -Portugal, JUP? -
Fifty persons were iltured near
heie when a floor collapsed dur-
hiv an atiction. The' crowd hiad
been doubled by people shelter-
'n trow*ti'suddn Stin.
S _, .- .. .

ward according to thbitr -Ns An i
)on rank in such fields a
duct and inspection 6
transportation ImpeI :*M%:

, -

H 0 I tI 'r

0 I 0. V I II

S .- ,
.+ .+ .



;' r

-" i. "'
T- '
t.,;,. :- .-. .

, .



.".'. ...

Give your ibay extra minor als

... give him delicious "ream

To grow and stay healthy, children must have mhia r
and vitamins in their diet. That's why millions -of mozen
serve "Cream of Wheat It's so delicious, so ri*cin f .'
value, so easy to digit that it is generally used a.bp s ,
first solid food S5 Minute."Cream of Wheat" hus' VWlhfe
with extra food Iron, calcium, and phosphonwrus., .! ;.
of Wheat" today... you'll be surprised how c N tf
S -

..--- I --+-MM- rf W M


I -
- ---i !.~4q


*-S.'t.4.Zk*. 51c'



Doctors have long rcogifedd the advsateggi4IMIS
milk in infant fSee. Because it is pue Nd us Mt*a
it fiurnis .be important fodd ssemdds mim ;
.' 4 h -, 'U ... o -. .''.IQ A I I d tM .- ..".

&a dits very process of asafcamcbmkw inb rii*
digs Ask ayout doic aMbou lM foat b, .

S'TKU1kw w it 4.i*

IL; -Allw1 -

.4...."'u g L4 -

r.~.i.. .. -







.,il .m m ,'
_~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ,.airil^T ^ ^^? a:."- ^?"? ^^~

L~CI~r~t~~rr ._r *cr.r-~J-r~ ~LC *


--------~-. ----

L Af i H lT lilMAIJ
a-^*i* -1wiyf^




.. I

.. .

-- 4 I~F t,--
.. .

Lovely lingerie... hittingg mnatchutee fo your; p
dreseal Deep bust sections are profmesy tumveud
with nylon lace... luxrioue rules p'perpiai t
pleats along the hen are nylon, to .

' y' .i
,<0. i*^ .;; "; .. .

* ,u.c-*-..*...


Farm work, trading and hawking,
wIS Home rgoitsh Gypsies and remain illiterate and large-
neer a 40 year lyo in Britain h g rant of the laws of the
a a.C ,n sdIs less maaathe Centuries showed.
bi. utin ess omeT C entries country, the report said.

i eth ter t-ld the'wi & s ett i Lbeor"'e pnst the m. cn Eadsyr r

TH PMAN AND TH BEA lole Cor drW through the air clean- Gypsies still earn theT living ypsesm n extremely iuh e iere. i
DO^ub^heu ioyt tbLONDON (UP) More thia and are sensitive to prejudice oa-w
*engineeers say 40 years of life in Britain hasnt them
Fotnr cleaners will re-Dchanpd this country's Gypsy k t
Thom area. chltin. o'ple body oficle as small as those enst erCounty authorities showed.
80WEASBTWTENOFme EDwre d IaS on: aette dustl in the home The report said the psesa backache,

JohnSteiAbck. Hea MoIwn fllio *gy. heace 5and0 leziam hsu
SiAertwa a nd- routhe Wi a still retain their own language, due o i
THE CA" MUTINY e P&tvrjel :j4oued Jry aWstlp o ly minutes a week continue a nomadic life In ca-o@ my good kidney fud t
Henrman Wouk. laud? y4 U jie ee.eded to remove dust ravans and settle down only in imp rnt tooeod healt pp mb-
bGI ANT "bo enters thr o h crevices and the winter.r, c= a o th oditonsu he l -

EdnaW Om P i. S Eh E 8th ll orJt X.e t a o d hIcEw eS this ls P o I rnt
n be.e Cater told the dAit n4 s nettles before it can m n y- .osahmdbe maufui
THO WMAN A T AI n on Goingre .d l -throught the air clean- Gypsies still earn their llivinghS a er V. M
Ere tnwset l hi years of study er by fortune telling, part-time A H erIrrtaton due to ld er
DON dQariAhD hve onvI nft him that twos HEADAC HE may- ca."getting up \esi w
l c onA hnesDon't neglet yr
lo t buare Sthe alde ban of lnd .m sueSted by y conditions r
TE H OUS I' BETWErEN some, were on jolted b 1 i a belt UM m iiosto ov u me,
Hqna rj Spring. of earth. Hi aa1 the strip pro- hoW it am farCover's yeam I
ordhopay igroesr
e TAI R brMh wan a tesilately below and fromthese
B Conrad. noe the wir'l surface during 4 0 70G rlest of kidney tubes dats
(HEI W NO ,O f"Y ^the course f logic history. ide iuhoa tm

AF ell Tunbull. Dr. Calfs ""i te rhi s:bN.AT :e sh r
AMAI Win "i- ing m, lulyI- ont tOun.a din g" aito-.a a
lulah S a
i t~ oe n~Pr e n nth r nmed enia r lifeB

Th e sto I The Diary of a Yo ng Girel. Prie st e Iounces (i te c n t p
........ q .t we.o t .w ." .i ..O T EBingo G am e Ban
onaelo VanderbUt alsan. LImCOLN,,eb. ) Sudden stabs--
1WnulrL.Catsrn. __olmed go, h _t_.t or crippling stiffness
..tle sum (aoran',. 'e the Nedll0 dsta te fair ond OiK" t'ow
a ther Yalu hea. W"hatta0hee ter 18,00,00 U.onored thea" l lie ows.o plewC
op-you begin
r i. A. Overtreet. For the, me," wrote *iPC L F Fint and muscle pains are oue
Mi MiurleeH "llmann In the '3C ,ol-theom They omay mean that your
l tlern ND Calihc Reg m- re failing to do their ropeob
r W later, "Ic hOW thw -mi- whicho!LA SCOTLAND bi is filter armful impuritis away
Sn Attwine h. b he acting new seW OLD WHISKIES
rI i Ln. .mo apien Fro ch er We ll- Frenchmen .-
in i I mB1 00 WtWI Pilsarespeaeypreparedto
ine+ a1 g mace lro kidneyto e annual
l'"U IThydon't drp" wine today as pthey at thSVfh T PILA church socialsFI
I s.a :5ettriaa Bc a theor oae.d
(UP) They d wine todyhyet o-ueub edneWi Ples
W ro. Lee aD-o klor. Ta l concerned, 'SCIA CA
It bi6urplle 1'I a good thing 1a motion Liquor tax statistics showed ThE. anest'. .olump was head- aps grow las m- l
qrin' he J picture, musical cop oan't. be the nrtEo downed only 45,000- ed --.. ,uderne OX.".'d- LUMBAGO
.. act At ora s e," 0s0 heat Uters (1,168,000,000 U. 0 d world wtten by fatefull people who BACKACHE
8.tgal "ofter all," he asked, 'what glionsi) this year compared baoe turned to Do Witt's I, tound
tb-. 1 64 a censor do to a musical to 500000,000. hectoUters (1,320,- a eIN1aPAINa
posib ile to say 000,000 gallons) in 1938. 1 OLDt RHEUY them to.AouC NHEUII
Bshinot be permitted to write. that it's still a lot more than .
9 n f e I a universal language. jut after the liberation and a OUs oUtmasti'
new for Pe-fr ,ad tyon'e Understands it emo- omforting increase overa
1_*d jInm til't- years 42,000,000 heetollters (1,- uv Two
-"y warbling Oetoin movie audiences 0to '00,000gallons).
elftr to'The "1052 average Frenchman
an's Q music they n! 07 lIters (28.25 gallons).
an aeW a g quite.wel .t 1.*i, oig nd down when totT .97 "moot'riid""
e 't11t Ao~d~e4n% \ +tw .e win Idylae' is bad, the tax people dadl ma r
Sr otime M 7 This yen 's crop, which will go OtGI.AkiS725)
d Oe amusic s iavfrfibnto next year's statistics, is par- *AV* 8..WITH TIS SPECIAL OFFERING

ei ,,,h,- ,,,me
f"k" !toT "IeI

IMea'eaces't utltic
W-."- fon u m a


I ene r to aW a tigrklR ticket
, "QutVa aV s a -AF
tahi on What hp hu.- Caesr," "Ivanhoq
.pet1od.t"' Arthur and the Roundt
lW, work- "Young Bena." He did
leal rmi career recent work for "Plym
dia" through Ju- venture."

lot cBelieve t..


L!*tooler than any m q tp

proveroe it toyordf
'-**-..i. .~ ; .** & ?tf^ *'-S'-i.

, .. '..w ,

'* '.3.
''** .' l '
-*.* ^' '


K / ..: ; +" ^. ."
: ..-^ .: A ',


NEW Carve-Ioldlai Ride--Nw
-- "Stabilizer" uspensieo ca idsway,
m-- tame curve, In both he Coronet V.
Eight Series and the Meadowbrook
S "Si" Serd.




NEW surgg Power-Baneath Its
rakish hood throbs the mighty 140-h.p.
Red Ram V-Eight engine .. most effi-
cient engine design in any American car.

P, Ise visit our showrooms


Panaan and Col6n

7 *-tevnoe nrI Ws

EW sleek, Trim Action Styi.-
Gives more hip-room, head-room and
elbow-room than ever. New Cargo Carrier
rear deck provides up to 11 cubic feet
more space.

Action-Tilemd to Year Briviag NHds


!" -





ft 1

* 2*~* *].&~


irple an
eplete v


'4' --'
4* ~.- .~i

~-' -' I






i "*'
.* ..sw,

Im11 z.... pin aw ow e
,Oiy ''t 3 Ital- hila his .h"Q
Sfr ^eryhth I. db"frote "Quo

*fAs to te shin
&-iL N
o lw." l '" '4' '


. "-- .


-t ',.. f-: ',i. ', .. .. .. .' :". '"
" "" w .; ns :.L ; i
. ." .:.,5 2 ;
*. :. V *,

r.i0 oPrograms American Negro Coronallon Dance 'Lncon And Hi nera A
Tour Community Station Direct World Of Juna Femenina Les Nex Week
Health Service Read For Tomorrow -~, .
SHealth e Ready For Tomorrow The author of "Lincoln d Dr. Wll s no cut-and
His Generals" Book-of-the-dried professor' who specitaies
GENEVA, Dec. 5. (USSIS Arrangements have beetn com- Month Club selection for Iftat in long hard words And ultra--
The World Health Organization pleted for the coronation and March la due on the Canal espteric lectures. He is known
Whar 100.000 People Mae I 'HOi has named Dr. Jerome dance, which will take place to- Zone next Wednesda y for _a throughout _utslana State Uni-
Presents Peterson as Director of its pubhe morrow evening at the Club Ta- week-long lecture tour. Dr. T. versity as one df the most inter-
esents health services, nia (formerly Club Palmira), Harry Willams is a professor of eating' speakers on the faculty,
sponsored by the ladies of the history at Louisiana State Uni- and alsb as olie of. the biggest
Dr. Peterbon. an American Ne- Junta Femenina de Beneficlen- versity. "showmen" in the caching busl-
Today. Friday. Dec. 5 4ro. is now In Beirut, Lebanon, cla, to r a is e funds to b rin B ot h military personnel and ness.
where he has been chief medical Christmas cheer to the needy of the general public will have an
P.M. officer of the United Nations Re- the community. opportunity to hear a lecture byh In fact,.he often uses the soap
S3:30-Music For Friday Jlef and Works Agency for Pal- Bette Ann Davis, who won the this tdp flight American his- opera technfrue to close his leo-
4:00-Music Without Words rrtine refugees since 1949. honor of presiding at the festi- torlan. He has specialized in turps with a bang and awaken
4.15-Casa Loma Time He will take up his new post cities in a keenly-contested race studies of Lincoln and the -Lin- Interestin ta ie. ext one.
4:30-What's Your Favorite in (eneva December 8. He suc- among the candidates, will be coin era. *
5:15-ENGLISH ON THE AIR-i- ceds Dr. Victor Stutter, who wac crowned Queen Bette I, her court Dr. Willi am a specializes in
SAgencia Steer', recently appoitned Assistant Se- being formed by the young mis- The 43-year-old professor United $tateA military history of
S 5:20-Whats Your Favor I te(retar General of WHO. ses who took part in the contea first in a series of visiting lee- the'Civit War and in one of the
iContdi Dr. Peterson, 49, has also work- F ollo w In g the coronation tures the Louisiana State Univer- natloq's leading authorities on
a:30-News -d in the public health service which will take place at 9:30 sity Caribbean Program plans to Abraham Lincoin. In 1941 he
535-What's Your Favorite of Puerto Rico. p.m. dancing will be the prin- bring down each semester is wrote "Lincoln and The Radl-
icontd cipal feature of the evening, the scheduled to Apeak at the Canal cars," followed in 1943 by "Se-
e00-FADS AND FASHIONS D 13 ID D t services of the orchestra "Melo- Zone Junior College next.Thurs- elected Writings and Speeches of
6.30-RickvsRecord Shopec Is ae dias del Pacitico" having been day. at 8:00 p.m. Abraham Lncon.
....Lowel1-- yThomas~ord of D Ssecured to dispense the music. His topic will be "Abrahamr '
:45-Lowell BThom stand Of Rummage Sale Lincoln and The American.Herit-' His final work. "Lincoln and
AtSt. oseph' IQ Petersondage." His GeneralsN" released lost Feb-
7:30-BLUE RIBBON SPRTS A S. Josephs ev. PetersonThis talk will be sponsored rua9y, ls"one of the outstanding
BREVIEWAN ST eh It by the Canal Zone Junior Col- works of history ot the yer. p
7:45-Here ComeLouis Jordan A rummage sale to be held by. richess Serieslege and the eneraipublic Iwors the e .
8 45-U.P. Commentary :he Holy Family parish of Mr- A Sermons ivited to attend. The author-hlstorian-apeaker T'
8 45--U.St .m VOA .taarita. has been definitely sched- Advent Sermons The slender scholarlyooking loans" to sDeWr here on three Side
9 00-Story U.St onerts 'ule for next week Saturday vankee from Louisiana he was lain subjectat the command sys- have
30--London Stud on morning at St. Joseph's Church A series of sermons for the born in Illinois. has lived in the tern in the North during the Ci- comn
10 I0-C a v a c a d e of AmericaI'n Colon. IAdvent Season are being preach- South for ten years will alsolvll War, fraterft inig and chlval- nal
VOA Proceeds of the sale will b':rd at Christ Church By-the-sea speak at military posts on the iv d 10:30-Adventu res of P C 49; used for charity. i-n Sundays at 9 a.m. and 7:30 Tsthmus for personnel of the Abraham Lincoln'and the Amer.
BBC, o n.m. and on Wednesday even- hree services, lean heritage.
1100-The OBl's Nest inps at 7:30 by the Rev. Malnert -- --
00 am. -The Ols Nest Nine Lives Saved J Peterson. rector of the church
i:00 a.m. -Signoff The Sunday morning sermons .
WESTBROOK. Me 'UP1-A are on the theme "Renewal o'
Tomorrow. Saturday, De. 6 cat called Snookle got himself the Church." and in the even-
:00-Alarm Clock Club. Imprisioned in the ceiling of a 'l.e, on "The Prophets Speak A- I
-:00-.Alarm lock Clubnewly-built house and only his a" His Wednesday evening TN IN 10 M,
ns-tzntar onfaint "meows" attracted res-lalks arp on "Teaching in the TNI T CURT N 10 P.M.
8:15-Strictly Instrumental ruers after a wek's captivity. arables.
8.30-Names that Made History Buraera wTesc vity parables.
S 900--News .
9 15M-You and The Land (VOA ..
S 9: 30-As I See It iii'ii pres*ra3
e 10'05-Off the Record IN -7 T
* 11 00-News
11-00-ff the Record (contd) Great White Fleet a
12:30-NTheaws Arrive TE sDEATH "DRUMS"
.12"05-New Tune Time For Shrieks and Laughter Don't Miss This
1'. 30-The Football Prophet
S 1 00-News S.S. "AVENIR. ..................................Dec. 7
115-Personality Parade S.S. "LEMPA" .................................Dec. 9 'Extraordinary MYSTERY COMEDY!
1 45--The David Rose Show *S.S. "CHIRIQUl" .l................................ Dec. 14 PVT
2*00-The VOA Stamp Club S.S. MARNA" ................................Dec. 19Ad s 50 Th
2-15-A Daterfor Dancing2 t AdrBI88ion 0 Th
2:30--Afterapot-Meldles tdlI~ef Relrlerated Chilled and general Carise grOu
2 ttle Of'The Bands dent
eRhyftin Rangers .; ,.'- Arrives h've
Band of Anrerica.(VOA) NEW:X XI-SfERVICE Cristobal Into
:45--Musical Interlude _'.-._"'_..Unite
4:00-Music For Saturday tive
4:30-What's Your Favorite '.S. "TALAMANCA" .............................Dee. 6 It's MvietI
5:30-News .L "CAPE CUMBERLAND" ................. Dec. 7s o-
5-35--What's Your Favorite LS. "METAPAN" ................................Dec. 9
(contd) S.. "CAPE ANN' ................................Dec. 13 .
6 00- On Stage America fnan a ^anW'. va s t
6 30--The Railroad Hour rTre uenl treibt utlinps rom Crlst6bli ll
7:00-Parls Star Time (RDF) t. -. w ai t Cant lraln Arrl~e a t
j 7:30-BLUL. RIBBON SPORTS -aiv SalUng@ to BA :L BOA wanit f.~
REVIEW New Orleans via Tela, Honduras wow
7:45-Jam Session (VOA) a ser a
8 Of-Masterworks From France S.S. "CHIRIQUI4:" 0. .:.-1.. Dee. 16. 4
oRDFI I................... DIABLO HTS *
830-A merican Folk Music S.S. "CHIRIQUI" .......... ................Dec. 30 :IsA s:sOS
"30A a Fol..... ...... 4:1....... "3"CROS
(VOA) Weekly Sallslp on Twelve Pussenger Ships to New York, MobUi.
8 45-U.P. Commentary Chuleaton. Le Anrelm Sant, Franclco and Seattle '
0:00-HOG Hit Parade C 0 COLI "
9'30-VOA Hit Parade SPECIAL NOTICE | :15 f 8:s, m'
10:00--Dance Music P1
10:30-Sy mph on.v Hall. USA We wish to announce a new special round trip rate of p Van J
IVOA, 5270.00 for passage on our twelve passenger ships sailing EDRO MIGUELT' "i
11:00-The Owl's Nest weekly from Balboa to Los Angeles and/or San Francisco, :V ht-.
Sign Off at 1:00 a.m. retuning from Los Angeles, tickets limited to four "'
1 00 a.m.--Sgn Off monlha. bffeetive September 15th to May 15th. G MB
Explanation Of Symbols 1: O "M

S aris Is Out CRISTOBAL 2121 PANAMA 2-2804 COLON 2 G A U N

As Warime MARGAReTA Thro. .
,, css # A GIRL T

Statesdefense Wlanners havy.
counted Paris out as a corn-
munications and supply center an
in the event of a war. Gab
ancemay declare Paris an LAST DAYS
'open city" in the event o fa A of Mr
...As a result, the 400-mile-long -P
U.S. supply line from the ,
SFrench west coast to "front line" ,
troops and air bases in Germany / .. I
swing south of saris. I
S This is a marked contrast to M. ,, "
SWorld War II when Allied corn- 2i
I munications lines centered in .1.
It was a dif cult decision to A BE '
make. All tailways in France I [r.isii\V \ gt -l l
converge on Paris. So do most '-' s 1w U I G
a telephone, teletype and tele- '
graph lines. .:* *"
a --'. = -- "

Mal. Gen. Samuel D. Sturpis
Jr.. now chief of American army
engineers, who built the U. S.
European communication and
Supply zone system, explained iti
this wav:
"We had to assume Paris
might be declared open, and,
where would that leave us if we
had set UD here and that hap-

Concert At Caribe
Theater Tuesday
To Aid Pilon Home
The Comite Pro-Accion Social
a group of community workers.
will stage a concert next Tues-i
day at the Caribe Theater to aid
the Old Peoples Home at Puerto
Ray Cox, Gus Trym and his
Pockewll Glee Club, the Four
Notes, Miss Blanche Savage.
Miss Adella Richards and Llon-I I
Boyce have given their assurance
to appear on the program.
Tickets are on sale at various
places In Colon.
Tlhe Comite Pro-Acclon Soerali
Is headed by Alfonso Giscombe
sad has as honorary member!,
Se Gov,. Jose Maria Gnnzales of
i4M e V chlazaen aior
W5.Pat~or anms. chief off.


4 Masterptiece

of the

Ditiller's Art


. wmi.4,
Ddicated to Tbo UI

..-.-.* .-i ..,-,. -: *<.T ,,- ,: ,! o.,,., ,. .,. ... ...,:,,.,-** T .- E" *-
.. .. : -. -.-* .. ril '. / -.,^ 1ri>
: -",; ,'"T ",
'."Ii~ y ... 2,% -4

,** ^ ^ ^ ^ -

11n| *flj^!11^^ ^fff"" I1*11?^-
e' .h '" .' tia r t ^, y.- ,


I t'



iree soldiers froI PaO
1 o c a'l .rate ..-niidal
e recently completed bh
bat training| at the US
Corps Replacement fri
Center, Camp Gordon,.

.- .

e trio belong to a Sizeablt i
pof non-"TS citizens tesl-
on the Canal Zone .who .
sought voluntary induton J
the armed service of the
'd States undor the sle&e.
Service AWaw. .. ..
S ^

. .

"~T "'5E' t0~

ft. A..L

17 ~

r'. i"

I. f .



V^ :.-*. .-.
." -

.. ., n
1 5' /- ,' tM






e '*


d: a

'. I
a a



III---T. -I .. II. II l lq



I i.

'* i -
"t ,

'p, W,,"1'
r%~ 1*03 ~

- ,
-.-, **.. .
; .- -- *

bAlT NWWAS3 R ..... -

-_ -------- a

.,*Vf. .

:>'" -:. r w "... / ."' ^ -". .f
::.:,flut:,,: o st"-:!;' -.

t iad .iI

n. -

SRiMOt Trial
Pe P Set,
lflW 4 |||0*f *-*<

N. Ndel-
..g \11 U the
I .R eton,
It econo*
ofed of paing
i to a Commun.
La Convicted In
S vlnfi Ulied to
ji X he denied
4.a member ot
party. lie was
years In prison

overdoes.*of sleeping pil. He
was burled Yestertn.

Cal pso Contest
At Encanto Movie
House Dec. 19
tA oaw l b din ng contet b
tween Lord d hi
qaypnaoa and I k and
2o BDing of the m F and
w be heldatanto
Thiatet on Dee. bW the Pa-
nama Revue Vauoevle Oroup.
Moeho Bunt b achedadued
be muter t imiones M t
co JuMrd wmbe elearf
from a ience by tie con-
testan tem4v0e.R
calIeete 1.7 *efs

States court of CHrCOPE., Maus.. (P)--One
vft, revered the of the nation'J largest collectleP
Mhe groInd that of belke owned by ph iaeumO-
S ed to clearly, ger, 2S He has I, a beU. valueur
Ju, what could at 83,000. The collecton In-
e mei- chudes 200 bells he brought home
9c1 unst party, from Korea.

. .

,,- *hR had her ears pierced?.....
Pefor diamond earrings, nafurally!I

. .. e t-.a- .- -
i .-f"* ^ Be ^ f **h 1- ''i

S .

S ,U -. a.. S p.m
S ..
ilili 'fi i .l- *-. -i

_- ", t T- -- .-
r'n-ii~iM *iiT< ri i 11 1 f* 1



Wid Lifer. Weds After

Friendless Jail Years
O.' ....

Dec. 5 (1
lulat, the
S- ms ^D


Persuaded the
OlMtUte. h8 lim f
Wed 43 years ago
a Mused of shoot-
RM in a scuffle.

.w s sa bought twon
wam p Int6 of marrying
She wM ot paroled unt
csrt 7 tOte Sar ad *en then

barred any
t week.
walt, but it's
he new Mrs.

tw bride an uin-
migrant boy ot 5j tfow Sweden
I 1he wa et d ton the
S- adln. 1.., fl3t"e.

r an a l o t
ott" p who dt
Ws. J9= gn, who ow a
ttm at ihd a 04iolsk, N., wve
he -article and wrote to _;m.
Thlir rainaoe, and her Iht to
Win him a paro followed.
"We're not -going on a honey-
thoon," Lindquit said.
bh is enough for one- day.
Maybe well look around down-
tofh for awhile at the Christ-
man decorations."

Tonight .i.
BALBOA Theater
S- 10 P.M.: M.

I'- ----


W HO?-

will rate ym lop man
for hodlnrht e es
Christmas Ifttv in one

m,, fiao. decora.
tons. music, wonderful crowd
Remember to make your reserva-
tions early this year.

te l -mftering lady
M. .. __ .ora
wll appreci your ouhfulness.
And y etIt happy you thought
9Ot Pnaum answer to home
and offlee etertainnent.
bdy wl enjoy it... specially

Call "Fred" for
;r It"oau

I A Kirkeby Hotel

1948 Oldsmobile Seduette
1948 Studebaker Champion
4 door Sedan

...........S 85sit

1940 Willys Pick-up .................
4 wheel drive
1948 Studebaker Champion ...........
4 door Sedan


4 door Nash Ambassador ........
Pontiac Sedanette ..............
Plymouth Convertible ...........
Chevrolet Convertible ...........
4 door Nash .................
Hillman Station Wagon ..........
International Pick-up ...........
2 door Mercury Sedan ..........

1951 Willys Station Wagon ...........
4 wheel drive








Tivoli Crossing.


SWe are unpacking

Portable bars .................................. 0.50
Glaa pitcher & glass sets ...................... 395
Liquor puma sets ................................... 6.50
Champagne glasses ea. ......................... .
Cocktail glasses ea. ......................... 0.


Towel & shoe combination rack 5.19
Wall shoe racks for 3 pr. shoe 1.38
Wall shoes racks for 9 pr. shoes 3.30
Chromed robe hooks ............ 0.75
Metal ironing boards .........11.50

Plastic shoe bags ..............
Plastic ovemite bas .............
Plastic garment protectors ......
48 to 83 Inch traverse rods ......
Beautiful bedspreads for
boy'& room ............. from



2.50 m


I Ideal Laboratories Give You Security!

Now! You can insiare the future of your loved ones without an extra cent in cost.
When you or your i amily are ill, insure their health and future happiness with Ideal

Save the wrappers for tidcet numbers for the raffle of a farm in Capira with fur-
-m ed hU ar ectricity, cows, chickes, garden and 30 acres of fruit trees.
n yeer:t Ideal Products sold at yoUr favorite drug store in Panama and









*. -... 1 -

- -w
.. -4,; k~ ~iab4* *~..trd~tBj~

r ;
Sk' .

, ,, X .^ '...
==Xji .."-.


- --- -- ---- --- ---- ---- -----




I -w------

---- ------- -------- ------ --- ----

------- -- ---- --------- --- ---- --

" '" '" '



* : '. ^

'~.'1 -

. L, ".


Lucky Strike Sponsors -Retir, O

Open King De Vicenzo Races 'NY Comm*7ission N I
To Tackle Strong Field Tomorrow For Basebl
-o st Race "F-2" Natives-4l Fgl. -
Purse: s75.00-Pool Closes 12:45 PHOENIX, Dec. 5 (UP)- The o
Roberto de Vicenzo, the slugging gaucho, will Re' tso.0O-rooaose IZ^s _,* Y PHonKec-5n-o +n 0i| ma ""
o icenzo, e slugging gaucho, wi First Race of the Double 4-m p 4l of basef rt
be back again to defend his Panama Open golf cham. 1-Comandante T. Medrano 115 ir e '5
pionship. 3-Cosa Linda R. Guerra ~2x atiges i he or e~
Confirmation was received today that De Vi- .4-La Negra E. Ortega 112x .
5-Don Joaquin V. Rodgz. 112x N.V YORK, Dec. 5,(1P)-The -t nk Lane. told thle lirst
cenzo will return next month to keep the title he ---Tap orl i E. 8ilvera 115 New York State aftic CoMrn- ult a onf. f tb *er
copped last January with a record-breaking 282 7-Don ario B. Puldo issions vacated r Raya tmetinst 10
Robinsonas world twetewelht at lop, ,rtnal
total 2nd Race "F-2" Natlves-4! Fg. title early tod&A- nG t heels lea $6 d $gh gea ite
De Vicenzo's trip here is being sponsored by Purse: $275.o00 Pool Closes 1:15 Immediately were motion ..
Second Race of the Double to determine a q~u ne the Oi x Cl
Lucky Strike, the cigaret people, who have already 1-Kon Tiki A. Mena 116t Robinson's title wsB oielaIl,, perll 0rsa le
guaranteed the champion that it will be well worth 2-EacaerUlla A .Rodriguez 115 acted at J1:0 O a.!n.' 1T) be-' OcI L.eltfet so
3--SUenclo C. Morrell 112x cause he failed .to doefd the u t mak4twa.m. shown tht a
his while no matter where he finishes in the $5,000 4-Piropo E. Campbell 113x cruwn within six mf tS-o f hi Butw size Of a o atbt
scramble. 5--eaflaveral B. Pulldo 115 last defense by ann ant &d~inee- .we d- Barlier aterds l
3rd Race "F-2" Natives--4i Fgs. mission Chairman Robert Chris-
I'he tourney iskset for Jan. 15 won that tournament so many Purse: $275.00 Pool Closes 1:45 tenber ry.a
through Jan 18. and the tourna- times they say he's going to sell One-Two Christenberry's actft held on- d -1
nfldlt committee has already as- shares In it. I -Orgullosa 0. Oraell 115 ely on New Y rk wh'lh. I not a I l
sured that Mr. De Vicenzo will He first invaded the U.S. when 2-Embustero J. Cadogen 115 member of the Natio r
ave his hands full I he expect he was 22 and is considered by 3-Colrlo 0. SinAlce 115 Assocaton but A e-
to in this one aan many of the "big boys" as one of 4-Golden Fan A. Mena 115 sooner "of t h .i t n o
Seven the opflight threass onals the potentialgreats of golf. 5--CoBuen Valor Fde. Raodgs 1152x onAbe d 1peton wree cod

from the have alrSead toest I -Fligrana B. Puldo 120 h oathe wor uld fro t N afternoon at? lat n4it.
ountracted to participate and can tell you a few things about 4th Race "D-2" Natives-64. Fgs. Btermine the course of a-eto rae' '" .
more are being dickered with. the gaucho with the long and Purse: $275.0-- Pool Close 2:2The0 b ody would take. a -gt. tames
,fnd in addition to this array loud wallop. Quinielad 1oduil d, takre. walkednft '

thFrance and Holland and last os BoR K Flres 116 i spokesmanwsaidleWe can't lsalServicesOffice.
ear cored thewo b tourna- PANAMA PROFESSIOl-M eo A. maVergara 117x tended to meannounce hi ti ergeant Bale In outd ed
rment vicsuoronding Lat swing a- couLEAGE -Raymond 0 Cartell o 112 la h 77 rivalta for t-divthoaw ba-
rouiesamongd the U.S. prorm circut. 3-Fln Rodrguez 3:35 o the NBA to ent sthe chaleng- ore by taking filrtodl a6 r
tlehoder RJust Posse Ruth bec4- esame (The Standing)no V. Castllo11er fr Rob n'o title."- of th fve matches ean I Wa,
opuDe Vlcenzo shattered Johnny s o D TEAM- Wonk-Rio Mar E. Slvera 116T) Mss. othe 8 Soutenberry or th e NBAby noonla toer-up
ceno has ained a fourow Bombers (Ch .. -M. oddess B. Aguirre 110 eton Ha F (Bn) La wrd s received here the U Carin Coounsehnan if I

~~~because he belts a lona ball. Off Bluebirds (CN) .. 1 0 1.000 era 120 61 Bethel Tenn) 4, Mllsas 3 wl "study the tnton with ist place and one t

f the game, proving this here Yankees rff theapersistentnthreatstof the Duela8-Buenas Tardes V. Rodgz. 112x0 Uwnaion said'it was Caoarps. 'i 1:le

east Januarmmy wheSnead to estate sh -FinglishMaryna B. Puldo 120 St. Wlson (DC) Richmond Pro. Committee of Boxin hampon- honor went to Pt Oi
oranma oot asthe sixth foreign TONIG GAME Connectict 73, Aword from the Ne Yo76 ps. rk the 33d n tr
country which the Argentng-ar (Pana Stadium th Race "" mported-4 Fgs.St.Anse (N)72, rrimack lladea.(Ala.)77Stman with 1.Boxing befre
uls as golfing champion day golf. BluebPurseirds: $600.00 Pool Closes 2:55 The champ...(Ala.Luckes" bring him back taking action n that body's The team for th
S Vicenzoa formidablsoe opponent he Yankee n an Bedlam J. Bravo Jr 112 Muenbrgoiding of Ray's mdeweFrannMar St. Joehght under way this mornbe
IS2Rps Hip c r. Ssnhez 114 title. tournament is un t h eI.hd
France and Holland and lwisth thriller at the Pdi National. do 10 .) 80, Evansvthe 79 the

he putter-sometimes almost Stadm while a KekFg to take i Castlo res114 Lafayette ina 45 Dayton 84 svus Adolphus 70 NATIONAL AS OCIATION ha le tee
ar scored two bi tourna- PANAMA PROFESSIONAL ---r o. c A Spokesman aid, eean't cl Servies Office. -

or the bird." Place. Heho B Ag e 117 Forha 80 Adelphi 57 Depaw 82, Illino Normal 75 stemenat this time Sergeant Bal U th
*ment victories onf t his swing a- Lto the perts, 6th Rae "H" lmpqrted-i Fr because it up to Nw York and is 7 New ork. 7 rivals for Individti -

eround the U.S. pro ircuitmeday be Beer 's Courtney "Cool-Ipoes the NBA to present the clCornell apson AF 50 .)eng- ors by takinfirsti la inms
nowJust as Babe Ruth became (The Standings) Bill Purse: $0.00 Pool Closes 3:35 --Ithano,7ie okeV a.) 78 John Carroll lufn ** ** ** *S
op via the home n so Do TEAM- Wo n Lost P Quela Nagara 95 Toronto 54 WeMiss. Southerner Robe 73, Fenn B iS n's ** t.". f lV es at"
Sicenzo" has gained a followin Bombers (Ch)r h I 0 1.000 -Dofia Elelda K. Flares 120 (WEDNESDAY NIGT M ortoutheasterr He said that asee s oficir a nr-up spot iah omrnsD EWnatbFi ceoh
because he belts a long ball. Off Bluebirds (C) .. 1 0 1.000 2-Batt. Cloud B. Aguirre 110 Seton Hall 77, St. Francis (Bkn) La. 4 -word is received hee the' DUCounsean
he tee, he I one of the longest Brownles (SC) .. .000 3--Numbers E. Slveras 120 61 Bethel (Tenn.) 54, Milltseaps 36 will "study the situation' with on st place and one l a
n the game, proving this here Yankees (CV). 1 .000 4-Mr. Foot C. iglesla 116 Lasalle 83, Millersville 33 Mt. St: ',Warys 64, Shlppensburg the New. York State Comnmission pls t n collectin hing 4hpi 1 'fP mWYiC
ast January wheno he drove oot 5--Hurlecano J. Bravo 120 VPllanova 92, Fort Dix 57 (Pa.) 58 and the NBA add the World 83'0t of the 7Wble .. .d" '
Started or foot with Chick Hrbert TONIGHT'tS GAME 6--Engh Mary Pulido 120St. Josephs (Pa.) Montclair 45 Wilsoni(DC). Richmond Pro. Committee of Boxing Champion- placeOns went toP .t
gOenerally considered as the long- (Pan adium) ntiu 73, Anrcan Intl 55 Est. 76 sips.
general ninpreds then y g-. Bluebrds vs. Yankees. t7th Race "-" Imported--6, Fgs. St. Anseims (H) 72, 'MIerrimack Talladega .(Ala.) -77, Stilmanwth81.
esf hitter In present day golf. Bl i r v. Yan ees 5, (Ala.) 74
Purse: $400.00 Pool Closes 4:05 5G 1 la.) 70 C -.
Crisp, frm iron shots, combin- The Bluebrds tonight take on Race of the Double Brokport (NY) 64, Rochester Notr e Dame 80, rel 59 Pro ndn invidual

d1-Cradle Sowith his lng ame, o Omake De The1te 95B Mowi ref e tHnihte 481._ ThB;w' "g 0 *e f2,' H']--
icenzo a formidable oppon ent the Yankees n an expected 1- y V. Cstll 114 8 i e i 1 a
tee to He's bold with thriller t the atiol 2-Jeppern J. Jr. 112 Muleberg 81, Franklin-Mar- St. Joseph(Ind.) 8, F kn 67
Almost Stadium whlle eekn to take 3 C a Mimo A. Mena 120 shal 77 MurraPhlly (K.) 102, Keansvlle 79 Thse
hoo much so. as he always "goes undisputed possession of first 4-oak toei 0. Castle 114 Lafayette 03, Upssala 45 Daton 94ustavus Adolphus 7 NATIONAL A CIATION
-or the bird." place. 5---Scoth Chum, Slvera 114 Bates 08 P Bowdoin 58 St, (.loud Augsburg .72 .Eastern DvisLion t"".tl. .I

The pubii i hrby adid th i on K5LPurse: $75.0- P ool Closesa 4:40 i a T ,Moha t L A". t'

race, track both mutual and combined, will b82, Tim R.Kellmn 118 s. wah. stiU Haw-n Unly. Cox J. N orml 7
Because of this tendency, De Acording to the experts, the 6-Hechizo B. Aguirre 117 Fodha 0, hi 57 aw no Normal 7n o
R oCENT 20g h --.Beer's r "Cooie" p Springfiel 28, brown S61o Valley City.r (ND) 4 .

-Cu"ortl5n.) 61 -,8 soea-e-------W94.9
11,h.Rae S'Rae1 Im lported-7J Fr. a
known as the "Gambling Gau- Stemple and the Yankees, Bill'-1 PooCesd:40 gs.Cornel n WaFR 70 Johnun) 61 ,. 8 4

h. 'Loekenbry will hook up In Pursea : $37. o lss :
Theon pr efwn: gd1-Pinel A. Mena 114 Potsdam (NY)7, Oswego 71 Northern (SD) 72, BIaire-k J1Phd'- --.
game is his jittery, approach to In the ilrst low score game of 1-.Corista .. Silver 120 Wagncr 75. Roaoke 61
shDOUBLort putts, a weakness which the seaso d g.",a'iio.- R
tnced. season with S avaonnah oft --S-un Cleer A. Rodrguez 120 -. ppegeeho.1 Bc6
De Vicenzo is 30 years old, Saoy League. Hockenbury, who 5-Curaca 0. Castle 114ow
weighs 185 and stands six feet. will be making his first local 6-Fanglo V. Ortega 120 Providence 97, GordhabA (Me.) 69 ParOs 66, Central (MsY 49 'diW .' -
e started golfing at the age of start, Is a member of the Ottawa 7-Cocaleca B. Aguirre 118 Lycoming 71. Lock Haven 73 Ianiato50ue t Mll4a ,
n. played in the Argentine club of the Triple "A"ntea. y A. eara7x
Apen when he was 15 and has tonal League. syesLAty50ie 67 RRACE. t l. ( ti W. '"A"-W
9th Race "1-2" Imoprted-7.Frgs. Rutgers88, Haverford51 EnporiaState 8,Northeasten F Se a
Purse: $375.a0- Pool Closes :15 Glanvili (W.Va.) 88,. airmont Okl. 57F
n-Two6 Carnegie Teh E05, SteubenvieAV 5.
I-Cradle Song o. Castillo 118 Potomac State 95, Mt. State Deflance, 611fin Soft '"
2-Pic6n V. RQ l (W.W.)10 Ohio Wu, kn 93., Kenyon 71
3-Beach Sun N.ACA 107x Hofstra 84, Rlllyer 50MlinotsVh 84, North Ceonp A _pe. 'fnt
4-Alto Alegre V. 114 Newark Rutgers 71, Pace 58 N C(ica.)o s. 62, e w bale te thOpls
HIPO DROM O -ACIONAL 5-Bien Hecho Rt. Guerra 107x Waynesburg 53, West bebertyr56 ofhtu .ah63, Glenview ;hebll.t P;lf's $ so
8-Mon Etoile P. Ord6cfes 114 North Carolina 67, Wash-Lee 48 vai AI..' held;
-7-Nehoinco J. Bravo 114 Gem. Washington 90, Win. & Peoria TiS '74, Hamuine 57 LaBoeahl!.""--. .
N0T.IC 8-La Chats A. Mena 110 Mary 79 Phillips (Wi"102, Kelly-Iyan Theos sated
Kish Point 34, Virginia Tech 75 (Neb.) it4are J. 4t... .
o 1th Race 1-1';mported-6111 IgS. Wake Forest 79,'Camp IA eune Oklahoma 4&M 55, New Mexico Lashley, 1"J6. L A' tf. -
The public is hereby advised that effective on Purse: 1315.0 -0-Pool Closes 5:40 68 A&M .o -W. BaypiDIST|l. 0.
Moet No. 102, Dec. 6th, 1952 all'bets at the --Supersticiasa J..Ba'2a Jr. 120 Navy 126, Western Maryland 44 Southeast Okla. 57, Arkansas Reid, C,,a0404. 6 46 ..... .
2-Black Sambo J. Bravo 120 Louisville 89, Kentucky Wesley- State s5" n6n, R. lo, "; k& y 7"-
race, track both mutuels and combined, will be 3-In Time RKelima 118 an Wash. Staitl#.61 RawaUl Univ. Cox, 1. and ".
subjected to a discount (take) of TWENTY 4-Delhla B. Pulido 118 Mlaissllege p7, Southl`iiviern Motors 57 .',. ... ,..
P5-Pia A. Vergara 115x ( Tenn:) 56 Atzona S tats(Tompe) 5, Camp .. ...
PER CENT (20%). 6-Carteado F. Ramos 120 9.LpmmgTech 62, Southwestern Pendletoi Mgnies 45 ..
Portland 111 53, 1 la k IC 52 hu..... '
ALBERTO DE OBARRIO, Purse: $375.00-D0.,.
Manager. 2-Wil4 Wire .. Baeza, Jr. 112 ",;-],
3rpMosquetoV. Cweelrt'.

5th Race "D" Impords 6 FS 5h Race

Purse: $W60 Pool Closes 2:55 pa. P e: $1

1 BEDLAMJe. .. ........ ..Bra 112 .1 POOJIs

2 ROSE HIP ............ 6. 6. Si s. 2 0 ..

4 SIR B055 ............... .. K.FInes 116 4 t O



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,1>;--- .-w:,- -t. 5- i, .. '- "- ;(it. lr..p. -., .. -
i riANA3~ MIt c.. cay tIw.xv .. .



1- W C o i na




W'F' A'W XE UM. twomena w hve to large uc
t Hty daoart- Gmigratlm, sbort of drought
conditions In the breeding areas
n of Alberta and Saskate ean,
b out t since he gangs up in thunder-
.... ..-" ft-. cloud warms over the nesting
Any.,minor benefit from crow
MIMIra -activitiesa an Insect eater or
.. ."m."his bandr ey on other birds.
Ste j hockey hnG mrt het h e of a Thaa's the le reu on why t
ow.ewhat- n m s t VQi. ",ecess.orblack squawkers are fair preyito O
Ste r y er h i g .shotgun or rifle all ear round the o t
".1jldo'l~l~lflI I~llmsnxodOS r I But the crow does merit, on aut attracting more than
p rone point, cpnslderable repect, conr ry Interest from the black
He's smart. lie can count up to hsddfsl.-but show up with ybur
Bet. the Jockey and GS'rbke -,e two, some clever crows up Idfotshogun or rifle, and they're
"ah h sl w n three, arid i. often seems that or.-the high hills right now.
hecanre d',.caliber

Wtt hot heya waald el and b theW 'd r clump of shrubbery and begin g wis'. rattling underneath and
Sers t s t e 38th parallel and batc e a rft- -,L operating hise call from there the bunch of black blobs over n
'" Ar" t acni t onsha -up st the ic cons ered at dat not t p- the chances are he'll sound a the field, perhaps e a couple of
t, t tbe t thBerace Ad yIount the number ot? l oserd hefhad. Thar'c to heus warning and the wha h I adred yards out pay you no
hs n'ito ha had 1356 and he to win ra this yca and bralNA bc will take out for the ne ig ht t of n e ar aStop

,ht tor adoed him the Little Deperado had wreleto ofh ofsm oni n gmeenyloou.r anand t e
sth t e e 4 o Co a one k tfhe sesif t he gsl t of t un car on a country road to

ofp. m barriers whotoopteid a&uI. Mo* at Notre Daets nA'h t crown t will be bamboaned s Acow iat 150 yards, nin
o or a ounta 156 of themr Sn eatsa 7s al .p If tsree hunters disappear Into f or these cartrindges, wed
Stlng -and lon ha to be a the b te es a r conceae ant ed two reap pens, nut those at 250 would aty
t 'a Ato "ngo. available; bu stcan uarantionsi laaodexed .a m bt ttde .ne bopeatgy tho e average crow e, the bp nat h of black blobs over intap r-

Sw. perenand yean os observation you'd be i n out S -P C e Sares difcalty tellin the difference ilt contemptuous of suc a
'rte L tT TEP Ofot OAD pooket. When a jockey e you one w.ana against there ey aeten a cnn of two and one pe ardsoutpayyouber.. no
....f' "lor ,eaL e y tf production you brokk o thre Appear with a .220 rwifthor a
bhoabm Ce p- extauta at this fqit.thas had 1356 chntage to win races theaais E y n Oy candrse, in somIn 'e31- Most crw county he .240 cobra, hot
*oph e eOd No Jockey ontstalle364 than ht (WedneCan'd NBA -eM-ta) where h unlave been called up flat-shooting before you can
:lm frupIt lo 0 .. I and rarP indeed over .i seaaon'a ru3 at. TI eiVer win Mhadt-aadapbgooh ea Bc meoua e andcea dh Number t shot a ille a crow, more oftenor.
et .. t^ as many dA.30 percent o.hia racey Iolud B Burr New Tfr- I CPhale l 75 adly. don't need to -i e hatn d 250it does and again

teflw S6IVL with u .ilB.oet Went -hoemaker od Cy sme Baltimor S, Wores7 fc u thelliat teer clear of ata0Qgarla.and.they will et
S f o ,or ric hes.Onae Oa e couu nw a o ,ebet en c net w heo hean oes e lcali ber ar.., l eeoac-
o. 15 aSl tundhh IsrHallet fnsFo. are e Ar= goo d that he won't be rwidt a 2i0 Bifo

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S .r out of the n- a ot w aeountc.o conaldetatdo made or the snumefi-r BA ltmr A t Notre r cronwit stwee lea s
mm. BII iii.i iTtala j" !r '-and,.sIp to be a ire-A bue .tf lre **- -" o t ndtwo "reiS'btte l- atoe50oWould apSty

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S mm oe and yeare obnr iatioyou 'ds ad. ote ut er difficulty telling the differenceIC ca Seml t -
l 25 OTfPMtANP" t. When a 1 ockylgouie t oneb 6ockie who P d fg bene betw eenahonds gn US\
Swor four er'asted moe batUer oke'r apear with a .220 Swift, or

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Complete Asseortnt

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Te.L 2-3 q



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By W. U PG,.," E

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. . . . . . . "-* ,.* *






nmnaA ric an

"Let the people know the truth and thelcountry is safe" Abraham Lincoln.

Walter Reuther Heads CIO

SAfter Long Convention Fight

no woman woulId tesLIIY tuu..,.
The woman completed her te. ATLANTIC CITY. N.J, Dec. 5 CIO In the trying days ahead." demonstrated that that future the day or when they reach
timony In about 35 mlntues. i.up, Walter P. Reuther, "He can supply and stlmu- wasn't beyond Immediate at- retirement age. I
'chief of the big United Auto late within all of us the last tainment. Retuther's next big goal Is -a .- ." .. -7"-
Her name was not obtained ;Workers union, yesterday was measure of energy and enthu- The CIO chief, who has head- guaranteed annual wage so his "
since U.S. Atty. George F. Gar- elected president of the CIO, de- slasm that will be required In ed the auto workers since 1946, au.o workers will know how ROSS TE.S A JOKE Fiv.e U."
rity requested newsmen not to eating Allan S. Haywood in a te future," Knight said. negotiated the now famous much money they can depend (left) The humor, not.,trnlate
question witnesses as they en- roll-call vote. Until the last minute ob- "cost of living" contracts gear- on each year regardless of lay- dia's compromise Korean i ace t
terel or left the grand jury. Reuther, 45 won a substantial servers believed the floor fight ing pay scales to the nation's offs during slack periods.
Photographers were barred majority over Haywood, exec- might not come off and that cost-of-living index.
fr6m taking pictures, utive vice president of the CIO, Haywood would withdraw. But But Reuther Is not satisfied m hI A
to become the successor to the Haywood supporters said t h e with that. _m c Rpbi A sa
The woman was one of six wit- lht Philip Murray. Reuther "he doesn't have ev- He believes workers should l I
nesses to testify today. It was the first time In the voting was necessary to show be aHlowed to vote with man.- T lh i
Five men were hustled in and history of the 15-year-old union erything his own way." agement on economic mat terms mT o "
out Of the rand jury room, th-rthat convention delegates were and that the repepslmblllty of T
identities carefully shielded Tvcalled upon to choose between big business to Its employes
FBI'agents. iwo candidates for the presi- dew not end when they walk r
d out of the door at the end of
still to be heard b t The official tabulation gave NEW YORK Dec. 5 (SI- Tt
lurv were two men who have Reuther 3.019,111 votes to I 0 S ew York "Times" report- TUIS, Dec..5 (10P).-.Fehatl ftSn
beer behind bars in Pennsylva- Haywood's 2.6183.1 CIO S sorting ed today that the Dominican Etaelled. powerful T na- t a
ns since June. 1950 six mont Thne election elnaxed a week I Republic has decided to build tbonalist leader of the ral
aftet the band of Halloween-- ong fight at the CIO's 14th an- *P a 2,500.000 plant to produce Workers Union, wai aasinated b a'
masked bandits raided, the Bu.- nual convention during which PrS ilent-I lect S agaS.e p laer for printing and last night.
tnn counting room of Brink's behind scenes e Iforts to other uses. The French high command or- c Pv.kI
Inc. choose a president failed to Pointram According to the "Times," d an mmdiatecurfewo o
The secrecy which has sur- another will continue h s were mde in Ciudad Trujillo on lious Arabs to la anopen re- Tuaft
started herand jury sig evidence Noit v. 'leadership of the 1,400.000- ATLANTIC CITY N .. D November 27 on editions of two volt in revenge.
5 stated givhearise to sevidene Nov. member UAW, just as Murray ATLANTIC CITY A rs Nn p.r. ne .T pes and were consider- Hached. 47,, Was one of the ,le w
5 had iwn rise to several rn- ere resident of the Unl- Ig a 10-point n supprogra ad- ed ghly successful, main political leaders in the Neo u
or, among them that th skers while head- Destour .(Tew. I ePeppoanoe; pdleetl
woman friend of a Boston rac- ted teel Workers while head- anced by President-elect Elsen- The "Times" says tiat papers Party, which has weged an unre- of be
-never had made "startlinse ng e and o, hower during the presldentil were run off at rate of 600 co- hitting campaign, for more Tu- Ple:
revelations in the case and Rether victory. H a y wood campaign was approved by the pies a minute. nistan autonomy during the pIpt er bft0
at a convict "squealer" had e ad tried. to stipulate Cngress of Industrial Organ- Initial capacity of the pro- year a year marked by mr- To =
red to name eight of the rathe new president be a I izations (CIO) annual conven- p- pat, which in to be der and-viblence as the Atabs
Sif who engineered the te" one, bqt delegates te yesterday commits noted about ten miles from soulbt to win independence front p. I
eull time" one, bqt delegates The resolution commits the Cludad Trujillo. will be 8.500 F$ reflh rule. ._
grand Jury was racina-rejected unionhe presentedsome CIO 'to support the following tons year according to the Thebullet-riddled body of te
ahit time. Ordinarily its term semblance of unity despite the -To serve all the people Ti be ,b Q lto p
floor fight irrespective of their race, creed the c untry' ,ht re e i d n to tw a
ty adked an extension so that it Before the balloting started, or napectiveonal origins c pdcaer
ntodte eorvealior .he oor nationalrorin;Ner. Zateouan. ee, grrester30AnOa
could finish Its work before next Haywood told the convention he 2-To keep and extend the paer.h o.u. tr o .2 .C
Jan T17-the third anniversary of would "abide by its decision" CIO said that this meant socikald
the nation's largest cash haul. rid added that he would re- securTty.ePublicet hs n e bose
The three-year federal statute main in aed the union "for alldtheerr nthmnra twcheleuroIty, aubmlic o as stoo r erande hous ,
of. imitations would prevent time I have left." ing andi schl a hs.&. o
Itnro prosecution alter that As another unity move, Reu--- pltal& n reee Q to r.n g 'n
tefr3boe Hyo Rmo Steon h h r l el
dahiteunless Indictmentshad been tiver forhes bted a oW OSSo3Wal -To work for honest and r -i
retuYped. given another term as execu- NW no-sBOS r C=w0 oWal-
tte vice president unanimous- te Reuther pnses before aehuge competent government.
SHowever. the bandits may still ly with new and greater con- portraltorethe dlate P Mur-
bprosecuted in state courts un- stitutional powers. euue.uwde on,
til Jan. 17; 1956. James B. Carey was re-elect- r. epl. w5-To eliminate "waste R
p a fectivene and dupiaton inG
without opposition. Carey is vernment"
1!p ?SVAINAM president of the electrical work- The polling tef- I.aat.- al- gm_ NW yOgi, Dec. s (UP) -A. Kect haspeen arrested r ban r
I SALVATION ARM ers union. Most a full, tenae.lru-6t l- To supor farm grams. official -of the United atatW rubbery and asswult and. wA steibt
n R u h r w s n m n td b o er u on e or,.-Ii m epeA-e her w nomin ted b
l CHRISTMAS AP- Reuther was nominated by sn after union t be -To support and strengthen Lines tetfed yesterday that convicted. l New Jseay ot .as- relk, Co.
SMa your CHRIST- A. (Jack) Knight, presi- splitting their laws protecting Aeheri- with intent t. -. i
AS DONATION today. dent of the oH workers uni- the two candidate. a r work-icked guste m as itevedore Nevins a theta enIeOl
PTs newas a raement bov r erat. h atledandl rn
Post Offlce on, who described the fight- The new veprdint has era bose. ested and we aceeped" na4trd
Box "N" BalZoane. I ng auto workers' chleftan as years of ceasele union ac- 8-To makeequalityofoppor- His firm Was forced to hire of those tonbe h ir boSef ughetVe#i
Canal Zone. ully qualified In hea tivity to show his leadership tunity a reality for ewery Amer- them or do without dok hand, the pier and that- unon 1i
mind and body to lead the either on the picket f le or ican. he.ard. also picked the fim to bs R inse
Sacr Tes d t bargaining table. 9-To carry out a government "John NeVl t4rninalaper- the public loading bistne. a ou
___,,,______i__,"___ ,_ _,__,In the sitiown strikes of the loyalty program that "will nottnden line, t.
1930's, Reuther demonstrated he engage n wtch hunts or char- e o islon that The firm Is the Allied. t.WI
wasn't short when It came to acterSae-es-ationh' oees ofn d trin Co. It o oft ie d n. prp
FLY KLM IN THE te in negotiations that follow- 10-To cooperate among free Nevlf second day of and several otrs. allof p
ed.ue teabnations to arettain veace in thewstt famhionsobefore have police records. t
FL KL I THE- CdI~ f Reutheris detectors called ntons to attarld.n tn b o f tion Ae o uhep yourlf fored
botST him a "visionary wth hi; eye al.u_______ __e h dr__.hbft a thie World's "That's right."
too far in the future. But he o 1i0e .At i -an ;,2%%3,- ...
R10.000 1u. last yeal o .. ... -
Hd.oe -^ a s. i at fur olocn rahedion Army b,,,,y..,te. v ,of .telioA
1%t loroed' to hire
BOAR AAC KeAdmiles Locked Door- Ked tles To Bubble l Nonow .
BRITI7 GUIAN || verH|Admits Lo ckdDoo ri-Pewd w t rm oae slpaeand i thatne
Iahh T' sTet In (Ill er dock
CO M A Babies Had Colds -lt Time In CeodS an
INobws oS be6 rin e Sing
I nl The Salvation Army ketre -- bCoiutoe frevedo..-
i \T~ S f HOLLYWOOD. Dec. 5 (UP)- familiar to millions around the slo.,t ed dsteiedor*ng.
^ J lj ,| Mrs. Red Skelton admitted to- world will appear In the Ca- St of *1 ,
COT IACA T AdTy she had locked her bedroom nal Zone for the first tUima this art o b carv
CT U S door against her husband--but year to receive from the friend- .-01, In a sort of
*9.8 B-she insisted she did it "so she Iv public funds for the Cbrist.- dw" i e prc enter"
wouldn't wake up the kids." mas Cheer Fund. han ingar
It was an argument over that, '*handldntat gangsters
Georgia Skelton explained that Decision to bring pr theket- l. 4lim's ew Atan-
caused her husband to leave the ties tomorrow in the largerO Ca- r ahlder, the
house Tuesday night and take nal Zone communities n the er
*NCa room in l hotel. Pacific Side was announcedar that -
"I'm so in love It's pitiful."' day by Major Tobiz MaNpeL o.yer Ho- t
"But she doesn't want to be head of the SalvateWp Army .to- t se wth dre- '
Wherever you travel in the West Indies, KLM's trd- loved. All I ask Is to see and Panama and the CaI nal ZoneA ... L Inter-
ditionamUly fine service and accommodations add en- talk to'our kids and I don't want in.s AFo- .... ;-
joyment toyour trip. Now, KLM's Royal Routes join a wife behind a locked door." Major Martinez, who came
20 countries in the Caribbean area with the famous "That locked door is quite here from the 11~- .'Sn ie
b true." she said. was appointed from
bond of Dutch hospitality. t"eHe had an unhappy hab it his present peot. -...
of going through my room to ,.AeLtive vice
ARUBA1HAITI get to the adjacent ables' room. Thousands of children wI be L nlly. Her- -
S He'd come In at fOur o'clock in reached by the Sa -ation Aef th '-,:
BONAIRE JAMAICA the morning-he often worked and many families wiM eie rl -pe '"
BRITISH GUIANA NICARAGUA very late at night-and want "Christmas Cheer" c.e*. or a. and business,. ; '
RITISH GUIANAto play wih them. Then they'd baskets. wa. told that A-
-COLOMBIA PANAMA have terrible colds. h ulta n tveat .-- iS
rCOS TA RICA "I finally told him, 'Red. I'll The Christmas ke8 t but never -u lw"- 1.1
COSTA RICA ST. KITTS have to lock my door: I can't main on the trete of larbtfar.
CUBA allow my babies to get un at Side co uanltld.,n tt SS
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If Tnimijon Disorders
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dozen bullet, WUa& fqou
ihles from the Tun-
near Radoes on the
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F troops In t
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: ,:' .,'-- .'-^,
.-~~. +.." i

Mystery Woman

In $1,219,000

Holdup Probe

BOSTON. Dec 5 iUP' A
dark-haired m'.sterv woman
v sr, brought back before a feder-
al grand lurv today to tell for a
secOnd time rhat she knows a-
bout the Sl.219.000 Brinks hold-

About 45 and modi6hhv attired
in a grave suit. the unidentified
wuoan had appeared before the
sec"ecy-shrouded grand iurv on-
ly two days ago
Her reappearance was une:x-
oected. A government attorney
had told newsmen earlier that
_. A -.,I i.t, '

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____ __ ____


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-- W


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