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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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'-S.,'.- .*
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*~-' -r~-~



<"iv c U safoe" Abraham Lincoln.

~ ~'~'

1 les, s5 Fm Nos


tiee Cathboic '

Taken AsP I

Dee. 1 (UP) The
ih Communist news
y announced the ar-
es" of five Roman
ofst. hIgh officials of
ou n c e ment came
after the elevation of
Strfan W y szynskl,

a of the curia and Fa-
Joaeph Lelito and w.
IlIk. '
priests were amonk the
of an espionage agency
ation in tae service of a
Intelligence group the
ncy. said. addl= that in
R the curia, poMee-found
ons, roirt5s mad Intel-
i .wa.ancy report conti-
he Orits madq use of
for esionsp e and
r pubve lo ialnat the
and In various

I '. ''

. five


Colon Pdhve

The Col0 ctrespondont add hi
the da U ..-ilan tag da:
morse ata nul% t" b
tween ~ n
Pastor rand
Alejndro ens durI'm
which the hi ed his
oil hims. I
oh hisee ch l
R BOweve)r. oontrnlictor
s, s


ave ad encounter one of
ys and he .didn't cane
.e came out of it alive."


Ike s Benefit?

I -o-- 4k

Seaman Drowns

As Gangway

Falls In Canal

One Canadian seaman saved
himself while another was be-
lieved to have drowned after the
gangway they were working on
aboard the freighter Cheticamp
broke while the ship was trans-
iting the Canal this morning.
Canal Zonepolice are conduct-
ing grappling operations today
between buoys 4 and 5 aproach-
ing the Gatun Locks for the body
of Roy Ian Hamilton. 24. who was
last seen by crew members about
50 feet back of the ship. He was
floundering in the water before
he disappeared from the surface.
Both Hamilton and another
seaman, Oscar Sorenson 28, were
astripping down the accomoda-
tLen ladder when it broke, throw-
ing both men into the water.
orenson managed to save him-
Oelf by grabbing onto a rope.
The accident occurred at 8:07
a.m. after the 7,160-ton freight-
er Cheticamp started its transit
through the Canal.
The Canadian ship was en
route to Vancouver. British Co-
Ulmbia m frm Havana.
aster of the 34-man crew is
WfeoiMc&a W are local a-
!A. .- '-,-a .

Reds Suspected

Of Holding Back

For Huge Drive

(United Press Staff Correspondent)
TOKYO, Dec. 1 (UP) Communist reluctance to
come out and fight in Korea lent weight today to mount.
l-ij AHied suspicions that the Reds might try a big puMk
4k Seoul if and when U.S. President-elect Eisenhower
"t s up there.
_' Red field guns and mortars hammered away at Sniper
aRge and other Allied positions, but infantry attacks did
NlO develop.
Allied officers voiced open concern that the enemy
we holding back for a try at embarrassing Eisenhower
and the vast security forces mobilized to insure his safety
in borea.
w hored cars patrolled the to New York banker WIM rA
t 1 SeouL and US. Ma- Aldrich, 67. while ecen aaa
r12 with fixed bayonets guard- I Lodge, Jr., 50,. retlringML
adl. y headquarters in the city from M-a cbusettA wh b _
ieMrparaUton for E enhower. s been -1uev3ing a _-
IliTI.*= 14an hr aiwith *
N~l OW.,~lm wds Hto Hw GGA own-<- ..-..S'k".

umpi.: LrEr7

* .- ~-. ,. -
r t

b m o.

Ramos adm bis .
oted .iThen s l alol: "Koi-

BriinB uhat ntve
ft, o .knan.
Sen d n.-uropeans
.. ..wr d as iTIeIk .,:4 e
'Waft4dwbn Erp

Sbeside herm e 'e r'
ra in a quet al E s -It b
lere today asall alveIn
it "bush country" try are aCm..
ed for her tre nt m e it was toe
ad peacefudly ah.noeme r are he
rY, aged 66. A4w ad Atain."
n from the UI
failed to diassolv4 a
In her brain. I'
s tf her fellow Qu T i
many weeping Ty,
wooomba's Me tIst
the sUnple laut rites. The dro Ck Counel
ka activity In this wIl be
00S halted aa Queen- hlM frg i8.aa. tor
d final, ailment trib- amA. -" ..
beloved nurse. Bkllot ,"bme will bI avaUa~in
ire throughout Aus- witts afjndan.teAe ca-.
ted expression* of t tot

Salat Mary
-P. O.' -

.ikwe are apm is
m. Js...ike the yoer In

of ab

Q tha

movd lnto WSes-
vy and bean the
at-of tranaforminr
pWid srtne into the
r Queen Xzabeth Ill
n June 2.
st normal service' till
coronation was held
i. the abbey, which
lag from 1050 to 1760,
sapletely closed to the

Uowlrle the
Sth nave of a
oaeti leaving
U th.e 1whol
sa~e stades will
U rds enc
wtre the Queer
propqeon to and
re0h the transe
S of the abbe:
f s will ri
il-hal the high
M stands will
t arntral cross
SAnd here as
10% builders Inu
WAt ceSAuy de
build a theater o
the actual cerem
reoauton. They w
to the level of
amW coVer it wit
In the center th
s t6A vr platform


An attack by H
Geemales on a I
'b who slew his
indicated th
a -vendetta betwe
refr families todi
.-BSlas Gonzalea
t ed and injure
Q toro Ramos,
Irtldes Ramos,
In- Los Corosales
4*on during a d
5 Iy in celebra
E: ftndependenc
Aristides Ramo
"to de Balas, G
er, during a fight
Chorrera police

ent Of


sumptuous set-
y began clear-
,ltar chairs and
only the tomb
e length of the
be built facing
close the aisle
n will walk in
d from the ce-
pts the two
y three tiers
e on each side
t of the abbey.
look down on
s the 13th cen-
ended their
descendants will
ir platform for
ony of the co-
vill build it up
the sanctuary,
th gold carpet.
ey will erect a

ries On

ID6ilton de Salsks

aris semeet service puts.
ty. mid to be staying al-
ithower's marival time was
too et. There was no official
word when he would arrive,
ad w ewaexpeted.
Snewsmen were camping
.out at various airports on Korea
In theihope of being on the spot
when Eisenhower arrived.
Sou*t Korean police mean-
while !continued the rigorous
scrutiny of civilians. Anyone
whose identification papers were
not in-order was jailed.
Meanwhile in New York Els-
enhowr scheduled more ap-
Dointijenta. today after a bwsy
week end IS which he nominated
an abasmador to Britain, a
chief f. t&e U.S. mission to the
United N as, and a commit-
tee to Study plans for streamlin-
ing tbq executive branch of the
gove nent. ,
The ambasadorial post went

Suspect Charged
In Ancon Burglary
The case-of a 34-year-old Pa-
narinian charged on two
counts of burglary this morning
In the Balboa Magistrate's Court
was continued until Wednesday
Jose U. Galves. the defendant.
is in the Balboa jail pending the
pcstlni of $400 ball.
He # charged with entering
Apt. A,'Buildif 5122 and Apt. B.
builditb 520. both in Ancon. The
complaint was brought by Her-
bert R. Knapp.

cabet en. Lucius D. Clay. for.
mer military governor of the Uj.S
zone in Gremany, and Harold ,
Stassen, who will head the Mu-
tual Security Agency.

One Zonun Hudt,

adul By Blades Of

Launch Propeller
A 25-year-old Panama Canal
telephone repairman was in Gor.
sa Hospital today suffering from
injuries received when he was
struck by propeller blades of a
private motor launch and washt
ed overboard yesterday after-
The Injured man Is Richard
Harris who was nart of a crew
of Canal Zone residents testing
P new Chrk'craft motorboat In
the Panam4 Canal about 50
ypels off TDilblo.
The l-fnt lonn* boat known
only Rs No. 287. hid been Iannp--
Ad at 1 nim woteprSay. She be-
longs to Jack Tippett.
Harris received a deep lacera-
tion of the right knee w h ic U
chipped the bone and a lacera-
tion of the right forearm. Both
injuries required eight stitches.
Harris and another passenger,
Jack Duval. who was seated on
top of the cabin were washed
overboard, but Du val was not
hurt. The accident occurred at
4:40 p.m. Also aboard. besides
the owner. Harris and Duval was
William Benny.

Gpl mPtite
brother of the
brother a year G mazons on Skids as Petite
e possibility of
een two GTor-
reportdly at-Gals Pack Top Sex Appeal
od with knife
a brother of '
during a dance HO,$YWOOD. Deo. 1 (UP) ble, Denise Darcel. Yvonne de
district of the Sex a al is ,coming In smaller Carlo, June Haver. Rita Gam,
ance held last bpant potent packages now- Susan Hayward. Elizabeth Tay-
Ition of Pn-- Holywood movie direc- lor-all are under average heght
e from Spain. tr a today without benefit of spike beels.
S killed Nor- o. a. statuesque beauties of he said.
onsale' broth the 20 years are definitely As a case in point. Wels men-
about a year on ( way out," said director tions his current directorial -W
Dow Is. signment, "Remains TO B
authorities are "Ds'lng the last five years. Seen June Allyson. the star, q
ehvamgirls- the perennial yard a netite five feet one. Chorun
stik*-.have been gradually get- girls for the new production ar
Time IUW orter In state. The gla- .-ll between five feet two and
m 0mUoI of the Zlegfleld era are four.
i ltA no more. Their replacements,
Ch t*Aouh more petite, are equally "The Clown" is another ezaIl
1 (UP) Pe- ourwy os. even more so." ole of the trend, he _ai"
whe was -ie- / M director points out that T/he .ediSheeMadptmIn H
fei ftm the when m1M made Ztegfield Po for girlk et er he fte m w
liemurtu nand lief 1944 the average girl's thebe tall.
t duIg 'IUn events were: height 5 He said th e n ,nly
eyr. = t. t Y .bust--34, walst-24, hips prove the rule. e s mN -
R Al s T O---3"- mou l e Jamne Russell and
ii sh a I, iTv s average Is: height-5 B thIerWM s are re to
te fbust--35, walst-23. helps "Mut I do think S is
euend's meet n lam Ame almost
i- t i.he t a



FJ::L *-*..* *~





', .- : ,



Se agr aurs V0.



e, llia-v.ned
"tt ee], of i have fled



- i.. ..... -

* ~ -
4. -~--;-..r-..L
.Ii 1'
.'4;S*:" ~ -

97 H TSa91 P 0 BO5 134 PANAMA R OF P
Sd24 MAmIn N AVE NEW YORK 1171 N Vom m en
Pan MONTH IN ADVANCE S 70 1 3.50 f
.... -SYU -O-----RA S WASHINGTON-Deep in the ;
THIS IS YOUR FORUM THE READERS WWN COLUMN sanctum of hka New York head- ..
quarters last Friday morning, : '
Llnhower talked to the moa / .".
Faced. And Ik got some out-
THE MAIL BOX :sas esha h af on
spoken answers a, the Prod-
o dent-eleet of the S. faced the
The Moil Box is en open torum ton readers of The Paeme. Amer- president-elect of the American I/
Is. Letters are resolved gratefully and are handled in a wholly confi. federation of Labor, the husky
dehtual ingee. 58-year old realist, George
1i vyou contribute a letter don't be impatient IfIt dt oes't apper the Meany.
Met day. Letters ar published ki thel r eceved. Elsenhower has not ypt. de-
Plase try to keep the letters limited to a p hIllbth. cided on a secretary of Labor.
Identity of Iets writers i hild bo stricter t cm s. He asked Meany for ailggUtonS.
This newspaper asm u responsibility for statements as opinions You get a measure of the new
ezptessed Is Wite from redersAFL chief from his reply:
-d "0-General, appoint some one
0 ,from labor's sanks if you can"
WHAT PRICE, PRE-SCHOOL KIDS? Meany said, "but if you cant
then don't appoint a college
For "Restrained Parent" professor or a professional po-
Madam: iltician."
Your outburst against the Cocoli Theater because they won't The General laughed. Tiley
admit pre-school children unaccompanied must have a strange parted friends. Meany entra in
Back where I come from, no responsible parent would con- days later he became the fourth
asider sending kids of nursery school age to a public theater by president of the AFL.
themselves. Or even taking them there and leaving them, with A few hours after he took of-
the idea of coming back later. fice h Invited the CIO to come
Whether the clubhouse ban Is put on because pre-school kids on in and be part of one plant
find it hard to understand when it's OK to make a noise, and labor federation of 18.000,00
when to keep quiet, I wouldn't know, members.
I But-it could be for the protection of the kids themselves, But m a k e no mistake,
just in case they have parents who don't realize they're ducking George Mesay, like .Winsto
Sresponsibility if they let pre-schoolers get far out of the sight Churchill, hasn't become pres-
of some older person maid, parent, brother or sister. dent of the AFL "to dissolve
It's amazing that more of those cute toddlers we see run- the empire." Anyone be it
* nifg all over Canal Zone towns don't fall out of trees, into John Lewis or the CIO-willU
* ditches, or run into cars. have to join the AFLnot ask
It's a fine thing to teach a kid to be resourceful, but what it to merge and crea a new
price, kids, if mamma expects you learn It too young? outfit.
-I Like Youngsters. Meany Is n the tradition of
old am Gompers, a human
fellow who likes his muuc'
dancing, and sports but who
will make the country jump
with organizing drives to build
the AM'L Into an all powerful
Have you heard about the K of C fede ran.n t compromise with
SHe wll not compromise with .... .
hrfitas fl hany 00 CIO ai to create an or-
,, _distmas epCh arity Dance at thewganization which prt mInts theo s" u p a e
V ATLA GARDEN inPam ? Pthe AF. Offshore Airplanes
It's being held this Friday night He wil not bow to John L.
ind it's only 50 cents per per- hate. DOUGLAS LARSER
ean weo e reme son that By DOUG S Lo RSEN
'on. Yes, and it's in formaIl, lMeadytll remember that
;ports shirts if you like. Yes and co delegation in all humility to
it' from 8 till 2 and they arohn L e wfic as thee. WA INTON, (NA).-The offshore procure- cheaper If purchased In urope, the Artumest
it's from 8 till 2 and they are John then was the tdrch- meant pabe of Amerkia's foreign aid program is Roes.
goin to have a horn of plenty. bearing president ofthe n now lconldered the most vulnerable po of the
adyoue hhve tota kewand embattled CO, The omn- mutualecurity program with the i coming Re- ,U. labor leaden don't like toMeae tOe
Oh yes, and you have to take mitteor dawn up p u p g dras budget outs. prison. They should be ag.a eoxpl
f r tg tltion of labor and, practally, ete cam see the
only one can or pac k age of for a combined assault on This s unfortunate too, mutual security of- whole thn as ter o and total
food to help fill the horn Yesewis the written props. claim claim. They point out that the buying of wages for the own memb
Lewis said not a word. There military goods from the Europ an countries of- One thbR isn sure, acor to mtl seeu.
SYou going? was one of these overbearin fer the GOP the best long-range opportunity ity offitals. If there b
Oh good. Lewislan si olences as John a for permanent cuts Ina U. B. aid abroi at all any time soon, ~,f
O strode ever to the come under niatant an ttAc
SM oo n. One of the goals of offshore buying is to help That would have 11
(__ Me, too. 2 Buropean members of the No Atlantic. Treaty won the eleotVea, they
See you there. m Organization to become eco i cal ad6pel- .' '"
strode t his u ak to denLt. Of&1E "ha "-
Bye now. without glaneing at the tat d trade s a t as
Sent, ripped it to By next June ift si nesmated thast more than nhxb fewor at loeut
That ended a "nlty" for a $2 billion worth of U. 8. orders for mil itary Privat ca o henar
while. Lewis went back Into the piOt will be placed nu aope. it from buyng manu
AFL-alone. And ten years a- Biggest single Item involved is aircraft. There's fact that have
most to M day after the sce e in mid ey already appropr ated for thawe orders. E r0ean fo.
his office, Lewis stalked to the t le llng of new orders could be dratic- to Prance, Ital, Boland,
San Francisco convention p ste- ay cut bI the-anew director of mutual eourity, They are fdr at fighters a
form of the AF. H arold atrsen, s soon as he takes over eraser to e the hugs bombers or carg
The rest of the AFt leaders Jat. eounlae. .
': "r P were headless men, Lewis shout-
.d. They -had just "necks with Severaj factors are cinte as making offshore In additidd to the future competito m
hair grown over." And the con- buyi particularly s bl to utting. fore p mkers, the U. 1 f1 iate i n.
ventlon was quiet-except for First, It would be so painles at home to saw ed abot protection of paten t
Lewis' cheering men packing the funds for that purpose. Ju about under th
giallerie. Ike tries to slash the ud
Suddenly a husky figure he d squawks from somew r the.. Such rigt include m re
Answer to Previous Puats jumped to the platform. It was icond. American buines and especially- vices or dn More
Musical Moods ..eorge Meany. The words ex- m of the aircraft makers MItthig eb- tents on thods and.
A11 ......te eu.
SCr shelter lace, Meany roared. It was Lewis utdon' fbret that we re so bup there should be any dr spaq
Jety--- 3 Young anim's .ho had let the Coanmunists In- future completion," says one. And' you a er world tension in the net few 7_V
4"Indlan 4 Toil po the labor movement, Meany thet statement with. inct"asins 4reqenc ndu9try migh feel ufamg
g ---Sweet chamber .ade of comrades," Meany said. opposing offshore purdhasing.
hu n tLewis quitered. I know. I was | Te N market for plat Wb
S --knitat the table nearest the floor One of the selling points on the of.ehas tUimted to commercial ty it
2 tatbe e 8 Wrkni mike Lewip lunged for. To steady been the claim that labor costs dlthe ilEurope lan
S8 Harness parts himself he reached for my about a third what they are i t. h ated with U.S. kno*-owU s
14 Cn016'sviis 9 Greek coin shoulder for support. labor t the biggest oh labo costs, could p
Iggsr akets the and p ou biggest thunk .oM pr _t I' fgS!g- l
L O 0 o 7 o iture dlreet There was no Shakespearlan coasts, makes the end pr oat at that market.
r S11ll citrus 11 otherWie writer (coiL) mellifliousness In Lewis' retort ... ...
tren17 TOpunh S tt 41 Goo. gU. that day, He was defeated that
s ISdividualls byamne -btltute 42Stain time. The next day John L. was
2S SWeaiao3 godvs Rellnquish weights 44 Submissive strength. N n-Pitie lr
a8 Fetde 2e 4 Sa gacIous ,1 Wigwam 46 Heraldic band It bint that Mean now L

5? Distresignals Concise 40o Entertalnment 50 Inmmess Ial A With eve* S ,
Lght amembl sad vast treasur i .es,.
gatats. He's a mal who hates oon after General Elsenhower ta ,o 'I.Lut th re t o "a 'a
croMosnoprks Rad M C ales." He's Mn January, the terms of the members oet i.1ta -* d goal O a s niIter
-3! wood dHyname w Gas ot. yet a no. Chiefs ef Staff will expire. tra ..olitie and e i
Him lIf h e the ArL. He T of e J lst
gB.oaU the em the theof earai will ocs a u, i. oftot ti
l8gS.hese = et when u AP e of this most Intatortant group. makes It nmmcis le t
Fr~eh river casM the a with hi dm- door of the present d at "ash to r n

Arade Unions. that under the the her un- l..

W .e hewntoEre ta udethui

-uS III 1-4--im" I I pome of the foreign UBiHU woo T
withhead canJ
II worlhad hoiInd eribroog ~this Ptomflon. teIen'
O 1 1 eW orld feders Mon. R e N &UM M a uhse i; .As, ...---.
; Wnc~~l. r I Fi l l I" I "Iffandwarned @Anlabor lefidft ^ad *"1^--..:...L,*(~ .SiB' '^
GdOrat cro I the worldS thel AFL I h. e -_"
fight slowei lmi ,ltb e ~ l to l meow tta&* I '. ,.'_:---
T r-ere'd be noisftes

I AhoAVC ct with neAIu In Ut e
Ole f I I'agloaltmL iam-m y, -,--

1950 Ford Custom "8" 2 door' Sedam, seat ,
il, NHeater & Defroster, fo hts, color aMht py.
Perfect condition. Guaranteed. a y ras. At *

Ave. Je Fco. de la Osu No 14
Tel. 2-0870 Panamal.


Iq- tEoo oW mwWtqf
ieyhe -n -atei

mvf alf,

like tot

6 b. i b. ,. -

ctthe a ene ltupreni
Io A- o


ggae that the edit.
0 k. -


..Z .* .' *' *p*' ^ '
-' *,* H ,|. *'-"
*- .-. : -
': -'I,-"' .. .'. i..

~~ ~ -* ;" ,- ., ., l ..**^

*,, .. Ri -

S I.

.~. N -


-- -" t

_'__. *l


M "" 4I -, .








SSth t o e U titre

te W.t he United State"
5 der Wiley (R-Wls.)I

-,8f H g 8 3 0ri *. ," 'b"' ---iS,".,,,.m t mti m .i '. ..
ea r of the U. 8. delega-
1 .a UN, sald the report
a s d he W sw to Americans
h .l thlanise want member of wu w wnt th the United
.io he5e.,ran who are or have
the e Unita d States,"
8.ija ccwll o a hl oh o n r n epder Wdiley (R-Wis.).

A od him tmo erve as his l o b it e de
AdAn trwhoe -refusel t Id aa thee pero eptoeed aO avit e
I a r rtheau tr of verit o thehe lh ,'r p b.-o

ow l ,ol x of 1ht b i Cbe Cto thae Communist party itz n a jurstsadvised Lie to ar- '
TthW e e 13 Uon21a ThN seore at b r eants for secretariat

tteondl take part in the discus- (D-Nev.), and a fedqral Mra, ea.. (UP) A .*
371 at+. at Lie- th, eby three international jurist J arm

ayrruto n t 1 ic l an ame dfe h afd the mie ar ats hai AU e thtd t hate o f f
hexadqua9e CrD be oer ue a r- giso whneUTYa
Th-&a--a" public N o u r u a ett e I as been-
tymsTt hgo, :.. Pa ai T age ts o r eipp oedas theh s f
dinanerTo t a^tl lmo vedetebed o rn oI u tAHE. W lT R o
In l .b.eIn81 daughter aosi e f :inve reg a o n s of lyth s the I!-sube ve tvi-
A.headed by Sen. Pat Moa rm; AL/I M ,

AiW, Ba .fOl. i=iIforW I c lhecon jy the 4.00 persons emplod ie d
"" -of ---a x McCarron demanded thatt wthea Ifire-alr l h th wentaca c- .,.
Tee^Btoo big~ ad Tlaeou erdwe" p1-2c P N headquarters be ordered out arette I **n** *nIt has been

*t: l -rtes I k-m-II -. sb thed n s c erbert, of wGret Brit

[amua in and Prol Paul Veldekens of 7-bmn Wive '......m ed A Sl'eed C oiutU na.

0oby their InIns but he rws t ..
it"Iof o ete l e cited throw .
c a c .e t d ot b

co. "..B i ~ JM ldeClubmomudiaueStpeion sidering oob ny PRICED UNDERa$ .5.
eda ,t expected to comment on their

.B un t onin t e United a Statel s.o o
eet the adcan e

rrlea .o p' re a i tose husband I

Car^ ^ 4^e M t f. S Me r s-. B. Par nell wil spea 'he w h s B re tfomKore araed m IS

8101IIrd to be-of febJu ts
,..uelis- .'. cannot BRONZE*d

8L fne"toSa' d mdn 'n ome eo arns to e o perfea W t
Trydity.,fwo ^*i AIef11.Mchlo tee BZiEte Swat, .
e h b t dwI.n'Qyt Bre of rt a ry b hard to Be a

g.aui cc. at IE iififrou r a -avor Its Iti fe. o 'tw ry o
nhamse mayain a r ias taekenR o
+ .a- .h.B~oem- p ,erfe wife A oa mar.oes
S ld t e And fdoosti fall for bt he weRs
It. t e xp ed -Clumesitn t

t.e ,e I t ..i.^.een a nWe o that to be sa good

C 4; vfeer 6-Lowhe. 0 fe you hae r tor b e ompoetely -nfrom |
.byVIM I Iin herself of wheat B,

aim oot of lfe, about'fosever

MMad 4a:ldrcn frt Is ore lke- .
to. aeda nrn ap'peoiated ITALY *. RANCE GRMANY MEXICO.
,.,. ZnH .to a wperfet wife,"
gothotadothdo e CRYmSTdAloth"e
Btu ,*-- L ttleBRONZE

SW...-'Renet t.., our P or it er over Wtur t oa nd eWt.
(, ". "o man m m y us an 'se ad..or
... ....-..I ...(JJwb.y t h mi rmfiding.-t h eroas

3A. 00o too.,,f, ben wise. e
7.4a; anele I'hptr betes at hao ern, man dr
0at Q.-ool e rheb catlo I cohel Uite a

aUs Talnhelfs doUo NER

=sow&:RUT H,- a w oo-e as.

th.clb i, ,,UrdA6oTivoeiAvunu
&T1!W4 y hwsands hindto

tob" ag pirer, oreRYST

at a.. ndworryAto

:ro ra Ier u p
o a arisa np,.o

i + I
- Tor Av e


-,, f .. 4" -., ,- o.', ..
'':+++I':+I ":'I :AI J" N "$T*>(' T -- TEL- 2 -1181
....l; ; I, II II i' "i i"q i ... .


>^.,,c ~ ~ ~ -'^ ^ y -~ ^'^^-
**; "w ", : 1 t 'J

.., .a
AR ,. ., .

Treasure hunters Seek SIDEGLANCES By Calbraith

Fabulous Spa ish Gold g
I Fi.I I

other expedition winose members storm, the Conception, which '
hope to rescue $100,000,000 worth had sailed from Vera Cruz, I "
of Spanish gold from the bottom crashed on the coral reefs of the S
of the sea is making plans to sail Banco de la Plata. The log had -
Shortly from Franice for Central been kept by one of the crew I
Am- rica. who was rescued and brought it
S'In expedition will be led by to Spain. /
the same man who failed earlier The Banco de la Plata is a
thi: year to carry out the scheme huge coral bank, 35 miles long,
on which he had been working 20 miles wide, and in some parts
for a long time. He visited Spain 1000 feet under water, which fol- i
to -,ather documentation on his- lows roughly the northern cost
tori-al and geographical aspects of Haiti. Along Tortoise Isla d,
of the treasure for many years in the. 17th cen- F RECkLES AND IS F 9IEND
He is a 28-year-old French, tury a favorite pirates' tien.
Sman of Russian origin named Korganoff's first expedition!
Alexander Korganoff. who serv- met almost the same tragic fate i
ed as mate in the French mer- as the galleon. He had obtained 4 V AAtOWYA S 77P T 7 M-
chant navy but has been eager- financial support of prominent 0OB5 AM V MEN MII
ly studying Spanish discoveries people. HB S N7 /AJ
overseas. He has made a special A 70-ton steam-trawler equip-ca se -
study of Spanish galleons, many ped with modern diving ap-: TAE CKiE.E AEM-
of which loaded with gold, silver paratus left La'Rochelle, France, To T' OWM MS
and precious stones, were sunk at the end of January, 1952. It BTTHiLT
In.the West Indies on their way sailed via the Canary Islands TAI,. MTH,
back home. and reached Puerto Plata. in the ALONe As
Before his first expedition, Dominican Republic, early in: EV l
Korganoff had searched patien- March. A /
tly in Seville through thousands
of old manuscripts stacked in The expedition began explor-
the "Archivo de las Indias." ing the coral bank and through
He was lucky to find thrilling the clear water, located parts of *'
a -nd hithe;to unpublished ac- galleons, anchors, etc. .
S ounts about what happened The electric lead broke: their
S three centuries ago to some of French diver sqon gave up be- u. -
the Spanish treasure ships. They cause of sharks: dynamite pro,- capr.n 1M s.b .S.. i. i
i "were either sunk in storms off ed ineffective; the ship radio ,
the Hispaniola (Santo Domingoi failed and two anchors remalned "If you know so much about these new-fangled viruses
poast, one of the first American stuck, in the reefs. Altnouhli and miracle drugs, why do you bother to call a doctor?" ALLEY OOP
Islands Columbus discovered, or Korganoff wanted to stick to the
were captured and pillaged be- work, it was decided to postponu. Leaders Discuss
fore being sunk by the famous the exploration, leaving bmo s ITBALL VERY FlE1TO I O
pirates known as "Los Hermanos where the wrecks had been luc- A A A r KEEP THISLABSON ALLEY. S
de las Costas." ated. IVRAA C L Ga erS isCUss |Ac eRIcTrwn LY
The most interesting docu- Then the trawler hit a rock | C TIFITC LEVEL,
ments Korganoff went through and sank in a storm: The crew i s Ei s e e AND
referred to the Spanish jal- were brought France. R CZ Bia!5 W i EiseF nhower DBv Ij E Dj
leon flagship Nuestra Senora This time KorRanoff will use -Uam W IOUTPUNpE'
de la Concepcion, which went two .sips, he said, Including one o
down in 167' with more than mall vessel which will navigate -
150.000 pounds of gold from easily between the treacherousj NEW YORK. Dec. 1 (UP) had indicated he might appoint
Mexico. The crew totaled more reefs. He wll also take along A group representing the Natio- a Negro in his administration,
than 500 men. of whom 350 special hammer grabs to go 'nal Association for the Advance- and he said the general had told
were drowned. tl1ouah the coral mass for the nment of Colored People spent the group he would "give re.
The pfper, included the ship's buried treasures. The expedition nearly an hour with President- cognition" to their race.
log nd,I how on July '.ill lst about six months. elect Eisenhower Saturday. "We asked for no commitments
It included Arthur Spingarn. from General Eisenhower,"
T l r o the organization's president, White said. I IW -
Ie rifei For O ne o Walter White, executive secre- The NAACP, while not going
tary; and Theodore Spaulding on record officially for either
Ss A and Channing H. Tobias, bothicandidate in the presidential
I o-nsei r fe III z ~i o~ members of the board, campaign, did express approvalF
TIrIns H s Ife Il AuIthOI m, White, acting as spokesman, of the civil rights program ad- BOOTS AND HER BUDDI S
said Eisenhower had "spoken; vocated by Gov. Adlal E. Ste- "
-- o feelingly about the necessity of venson, the unsuccessful Demo- "t14 OtA T al GOO.W 'tVLM
NEW YORK. Dec 1 IUP' me the things that happened in having no second-class citizen- cratic nominee. 60 iW DIWfD
Those bedtime store.- would d turn his ov.n stories." ry In America." 8 1 1
Mom or Pop into an author Mrs. Wilson, a Smith College "He said that our racial short- C A i CM00
A tale invented for her eight- English ma or, sent the manu- comings involved the security of ..i,..
year-old nephew put Mrs script to Jimmv. who was in our whole nation," White said. I .1A
Jeanne Wilson. blonde wife of a school in Saratoga, Calif. He "He understands how it is used l
young surgeon, into the authors' took it to class with him after in propaganda by Russia."
tanks this fall. Christmas and the teacher read White revealed the President- ,-,
**It started as sometffin, 1.!8s it aloud, elect had told the group he '*"
othc.- could read to him teo' e The third grade critics gave it would "do everything in his of-
went to sleep." said th' sur- .razc" notices The teacher told flelal post to eliminate racial
frised author. "I dop't think I Jimmy's mother, who told the segregation, discrimination and
ever would have started If I had author. injustice."
known It was going to be a "We talked specifically about .
book." "It worked out fine," said Mrs. Senate cloture rule," W white
That was two- years agb. Now Wilson. -"They told me to get it said, "and we found him very
the bedtime story is a western nublished and I did. But what'll well Informed on it. He told us A,
uvc..ile novel. 'Hal Pint." just I do now" that there is some question as
published by thi Westminstera Jimmv's at school in New York. to how far the executive canL -
Pre s of Philadelphia. How about another western, or go in persuading Congress to I AI .
"I decided to v.rire it down Is maybe a boy's adventures in the change its rules. However, he:
a C .rlstmrs present for Jimnm'.'." ble citv pledged us he would use his'
Mrs Wilson recalled 'A month **Not now." said the author. utmost Influence to see that fl-' -',.'. ...-i.--
befr-2 Christmas I channed my-I" Maybe in 10 years. Jlmmy'll be libustering is eliminated." CLL
Self Jo mvi. typewriter and ,-rown up then and maybe I'll Asked if Eisenhower had ex- O-Ik* S lP '
thoneiht I'd neaer make my .rite him another story for pressed himself on segregation -' '
dearillne Christmas-the great American in Washington, D. C., White said
novel. He's my inspiration." he had not expressed himself (NEA Telephoto) '
"Of course. I didn't think I1: On the other hand. Mrs WIl- specifically on segregation in BROWNELL'S AIDE-William
It exactly as a deadline. No one, son has a 6-month-old daughter the nation's capital, but had P. Rogers, New York and
was going to publish it I still of her own now. It won't be long "told us that he would make Washington attorney, tak es .
can't believe it's on sale." I before Nicole wants stories and his feelings known to the Se- over duties as Deputy At-
S S:ie said the story definitely maybe some more juveniles will nate on that and other questions torney General, assisting re-
was Jimmy's. "with his favorite be wr'.ten before Jimmy's novel Including civil rights." cently-appointed Her bert
words and expressions He told starts rolling off the press White was asked if Eisenhower Brownell
^ "" ^ '~~' ~" """ ~ "" "-* --- ---^--- -- -. --- *^^^_ .^^- --E ^^^ S~lrHH'yS

---- -. -- 'r il ..


a. Ai1

-. ;.*-'*'\ iw- -- .:.'

.I' um

Think NotT

,*.4; I



' i 1
, 5.

.O / ,

S". :". '
* ~ ~ n ....r .- -^' ',- +,^? r -S-



Atoms Working









Open Secret





.. ~

, r .

4. "6..


~ ~9;f-~:




, aGFPUL-YOuiT WAC1N w >
.WTH E l Nt.OTO ,,.

R~aRr ;tf L


g -^ W-:*vw ~ "~*-.e-'*:s'-;*.. 5 ^ ^" *- .rC^ *^ *;^ -
PV. ....
""; ^ ^ '> l-"--. ;; Y '" '. '* .--'\ '' ., '- 't ,. *
~ C-
.r ;- "i .L 'I "'-* l '' .. ,'* .. J '-
.,., .- ..-. .
:t .. ..... ...
iWy ~lI ^ ,'w -T-, ,- ,-;: -.0" -,-* 1. ... .. .,,
-.I "r L _


a a t -t -a

aS^? ].,an u r hpe adol ), "ftoI "IIS fln b

A.. to r
t Cat rcrty' -r-- e t r.ttr flo, f. .
r lu of -the Amer. mf ti Das

to M Walt tirdtpio year L6Ma lit and
Y,.Poon %Id -the a..quu 0 o the preoentt,
t12:ind ,' i..eve asi 'o were pre-
e1:Re arit M. Lll 0
craRJ. io notLi the elrsted
m a.' Rubelll telep o iaus er of
-or r W. H. Cowenamotme t atv
:~tt~* f' I+' i~diu. eligible" for D.

s lpareprols o rl ay M.b dur-

thn(UPtte. 1 t b0 cWu. ia t O o eatid

SCu ,In ., he Ie-Mr. r ank. H. Wolf, who haa ya ssd brill, of Bes-

north blonk. After disarming tence osed In 194 tor larg ,p Irvin T n
.the ghart td taen admitted toa. ha o ptil d Ofnthe oil-a

tvai FWen o oralp Mastermodi sunday, bThe mt wfT
wAIL nTh aer eight made nted to10 to0 year or e

*aAd -ag the roof Of thetbrglary tl w yaburgt rsin 19 4. .m. tomorrow evening.a
and Lescene .the Mr. Wolf tencti ed two er Mal. e 1 ta H
Z1 -uiiE his short

-- ; ".' r ree +ro aM
:+* .+ : ::++il o..: -, i 1 of
a aeZ ar tp business and
__ nec Astn i a evening at
-.-" .. "- "O :a ,,w, p.m. All- nh i m embers are
Gi,. l,,v., 1.(UP)- nMUt,, tu,.,the, t to attend.
tescrlbEd as prisodt In!'I. W. cap- -
"ly p 't overpoweredg-tned 11 o r ho rds. StahClasssm Start Tomorrow
six t of..f* pint And' NI6o6_ bu "C v e r a a t I o n a I Spanish
.Wesilem .' f oPent-.:q.r aml .10 4 Q aeponsor by th Iter-
to In-.the 14A. to-s 'rica -n,Woman's Club w I ll
bT prisois'5-bem' 1 edbi 'And a orrow at 3:30.p.m. at

Ua .ds at 7:55 am. and herded 11 o- or .o ln.d, bet
them tela e- I in the prison's a 12-and-a-half to So year sen.- wW Meeting Of
nartei .b k -, Afte,' disarming tene imp 14n .for lar* urn" Group
the guards And taking their Ouew sd .other 0ffeies.. _. Joseph Irving, of Gatun,
ksk%1 t convicts lqp.ewd them j,. a 9 ar g .10 O0W I. alig, a a eial meeting of
m.n ..... -,. years or amatlt arm ed ro of the W
I .Wo:O. be:k te4 wer Up.obbery.4 ,:4 Auxlry 0ae Gatun
twod before they. culd get over' RaIph Maxtermohicci6, 2,Unn church. 7%e meeting will
tbq. wajLT e pther'eiglitmade oentlced 10 to. A20. yeard for b. held at. the Church at 7:00
Iy- -0 the root Of ,Q4 burglary urgkin ig.. p.m. tomorrow evening.
1. And descenged the I ttenced fo two
vn.IL opr Pr 'b lisWTo. Melwner
___ a gV0rned'..toToBRom

* eWE
r, '

a'I te

_ 0. 2

Lovely Arlse Lincoln haa chosen to play the part of Sally In
the nw Theater GaIM production of "The Voied of the Turtle."

New Actress Arlene Lincoln

Cast In ,Voice of Turtle

A atar a have been fop d hand was quickly raised. It
In ,a ranks of the Canal ZoI e belonged fto Arline Lincoln.
The px Q'il4,. fay the direers She read for the part of Sally.
of the Guild's next production. and was the unanimous choice
'The Volce-6f the Turtle." 8h Is of the directorsn.
* A4r Linqqin. chosen by go- Sally in the play is a young
directors Bob Loggia and Paul naive and very pretty actress
E. Davis to play the part'-of "Other roles in the play hav
"Saly. in the- Jahn Van Druton been filled equally is well," sa
comedy. % Davis and Loggia, "Ann Mc
. The Voice of the Turtle," say Grath as the sophisticated ac
the directors,,,"i one of the most tress Olive Lashbrooke Is per
difficult of dantemporary Amer- feat, and Doug Maduro as Bi1
lean plays to cast, because It Page. an Army Sergeant o0
us only thee characters..., leave who tangles with the tw,
and they must all be tops." actresses ,should turn in hi
Casting was-held recently on usual top performance."
wo eonmecutive nights at the "We saw more talent at th
Theater Gul". Workshop in auditions for 'Voice of the Tur
Diablo Heights,'and continued tie' than we thought existed
far into the second night as the here," they said. "and the .bes
dtirbtora deliberated on the of it has been chosen for th
many actors and actresses who paIy"
ad adtined fcr the parts, "TTh Voice of the Turtle" wil
k was near completion be Pr Ilted on December 17tl
ewh D Myi asked the tradi "r 1 tf.
tional ~ittors question, "Would
aSy6ne e ke trpd for any full Hints
ptof oom a sa arS '
yo '_irn t los cinl

L -

TODAY Last Time!
No. 1 Target for 1000
Enemy Agentls!
Tyrone Patricia




-y.your fronlng looks crinkly
n yot have finished, you
I.-nuot been ironing each sec-
before going on to the

Help FI|gt TI

a(rfatM s~d

&&m#Pw-"0 .. Ipp r
Written for NEA service


S1072 A95
*Q9B52 4A14
KQJ 10814
Neither aide vul.
ut loMh WtW NeNth
IV 16 ra PM a*
2V 26 Pen a
Pass 46 Pan Paw
OpeninL lead-V 10

There is a right way to play
the kind of hand shown Iolay,
anj several wrong ways. But.
perhaps I should begin by ad-
mitting that South should be sa-
tisfied with a contract of three
frades and should not venture to
having arrived at his ambi-
tious game contract. South might
play the hand in one wrong
manner by simply not playing It
at all. In other words, he might
expose his hand and concede
that he must lose one trick in
each suit. This would save time,
but it would be sheer cowardice.
Another bad way to plain' the
hand, is to go at it in a very
straightforward style. This per-
mi.t the opponents to nmake a
mistake but does not actually
help them to do so. The chances
are that the opponents will take
their four tricks.
The right way to play the
hand is to win the first trick in
dummy with the ace of hesths
end return the jack of clubs
from the dummy. This is not
sure-fire, of course. but It gives
East an excellent chance to go
wrong. There's nothing like help-
ing the opponents ... to make a
East may verve well think-that
'leclarer plans a finesse, and he
r.'i'l therefore play a low club to
iet South make his guess. Acti-
ally. as it happens. South has no
guess, and he will win the trick
with the king of clubs. Having
stolen his club trick, South is
now on sure ground.
Declarer can now lead a dia-
mond towards dummy and East
should refuse that first diamond
trick. A heart Is next returned
fro-n dummy, and East muat take
his king.
East should lead a trump and
Wse. should let South win the
first round of that suit. South
must not lead a second tnunp
but simply ruffs his queen of
hearts in dummy with the nine
cf spades. Nothing can then pre-
vent him from making his game

Civil service forms here showed
an engineering department help-
er was suspended by' the depart-
ment for two weeks for "playing
on the job, putting a snake on a
fellow worker, and fighting on
the job."





'man With A Secret That Could Blow Up
Half The Worldl
with -
S Patrill Stephen



1"3. -:6. 4:6. :5M. :, :N p.m.
An unusual tale of primitive
emotions and ruud adven-

"lure of the Wilderness"



Has Science Conquered
The Universe.. 7
Marguerite Chapman
Cameron Mitchell


12:1S. 2:45. 5:45. 8:s5 D.m.




Out-of-This-World Serial Thrills As Mercury
Space Ships Zoom Into This World!

AT 9:00 P.M.
On the Stage:
'- On the : --'
pOris Day 2onM Reagan. In
Kirk Douglas, In

with Amelia Aguilar Also:
with Pedro Infante


Anthony Dexter, in
and -
Brodertek Crawford
'-hi -

Ntni Marrball. in
and -
Luis Agullar. in


wyboyWs Qass e1.1f*

4 e7f. t.;F.
..b -

-"i U'
tt, ,m. m ; .

V....' ,..
". ": .- *..

.1PrIUI-and a jackpot
'.,orf $150.00 mn CASH
4, *ad n Valuable Gifts!
++ ., .v ,.. G,,

jeprt.touching love drama!
, 'with Maureen O'Hara
John Payne
S.., Also: -
y Mighty Mouse
., ,~ek Little LUl.
vtp Bunny "





at the

Central Theatre

Today-9:00 P.M. Today '




The Haort and Soul of Sp

and her




ted by
1 -

onish dances and music

Troupe T


L ............a S LM $)

ED SEATS.. ...... 50

=Mi' Td AtSA, fieaS csput I..n

H- :a : .**i "r


---- ------- ------- i

" I

++. ,'*. .

b ,



.J ...,.-
PAG~E SIX 22M PANAMA AMECAN AN IDNI lf!"4 .' ~*e*"- aa
'" t ,Fir

,I You Sell 'em..,When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classifieds
Leave voui Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panama
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n -

Lewis Service Salon de Belieza Americano Carlton Drug Store
No 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. ana No 55 West 12th Street 10.059 Mel6ndes Ave.-Phone 25B Col6n ATL
Propaganda,S.A. Minimum r 2 words. bittel'
Morrison's Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones .H" Street corner, atudlante tS. i. each adl 12l words. oit.
Fourth of July Ave--Phone 2-0441 No 3 Letterv Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-2214 and 2-2798 3c. each addoional w omus

air 4lUiI
.. -.. "

SCIO,'. ..
i fl^^Hrl

| .. .... U .. i T,;nty II unluu "t
notice they would batei l
R S L _- ,+ exeeutve Vl-.e-_e i
Household Altill hsti'el D you. ao dri-kiag problem Philip. OcRe e. cottage.. Santo PROFESSIONAL the top O p e .
ouu m -Write Alcoollics AnmyVmouV. 9s Claro. Bo 435. Bolboo. Pho"e the death of Ph l ,.
FOR SALE. Rer.gercr +FQR SALE -1951 Pontiac, De Luxe 2031 Ances. C. Panama 1877. Cristobol 3-1673. An pen conventle flg
F~eOR r-Ihrr-e.Good rind".:n Carolina, -Idr omtc. leather Up- yhiehUnion."w
S'.--4469S R 6 D hlter. radio19516 Fordav-8. GRAND XMAS SALE: -- All at bar- Williams' Santa Clara Beach cot tas. RATS are striving to prevent IWO
etVictori, radio 5616.B. Dablo. lain price. Fresh stocks Philippine 2 bedrooms, refrigeration. Rock-f irstrInthreeOt,-
RUFSeCo,.C. Z. Rotten and mahogany furniture, gas rangers, Balboa 2-3050. EXPENSIV OUE'STS. toe -y.
nqroom suI. d ltble, but FOR SALE -- 1941 Pontac Coupe oe- Large asset mentLU Chineseh of Gromlich Santa- Clara beach. IF YOU REALLY WANT The small un n W as
ng.oom so rnng b, c. Table 10 .00 July Ave. Tel. 2-2446. cottages. Electric ice boxes, gas TO GET RID OF TH'M interpreted as a stop
S. r l- r e t rera b l e 4 C h a r -. Le ht ,
4 ch> dreteable. -iChr .,r F, 550.00. Gu.tar. $2.00. Jl "e Tel stoves. moderate rates. Telephone te te bomlr e prowetlL
chen table dIshes kItc, Aptor Paro bench 15 00 0260.-C. Gan-- JUNGLE JIM JAUNT 6-441 Gomboa. 4-567 Pedro MI-, UpS o W, t ftl AU.
3-C.Ancc. Ter 2.246T boo, Tel. 6-219 DARIEN uel. M A R F R I N Se Reuthr.
PERSONALS I 1948. 2 door. gc.d cc.nd.- 3 full days. Leave Friday December iscellaneous Rat & Mouse Killer I0^ .".
PERSONALS1FOR SALE 1941 Chevdolet ndw SponordedsbyIHotel EL PANAMbAr MisC. 0 .0 Rat &Mouse Killer ause er in 2rter O im
H"UAN' EN. I.n. $400. Phone Br.tish Legoaon. 5. 7:30 am. Return late Sunday of- REWARD. $25.00 to person furnish- (contains WAR-*ARh f) votesie mean t ..O
HUMAN ENGINEERING. Crecl.e! Panama 2-0912. ternoorn December 7. Fishing through ing information leading to my rent- F. NOVEY. IN ci, on
Adustmentf the Body Sructethe Pearl Islands visiting with the ing of furnished apartment or ch-GE F. NOVEY. INC.
GEORGEDBARB,.IR No spearing N I4 oe FOR SALEa 1e. ., o c. e a it
DBprimitive Choco Indians, spearing let In residential section. Call Mrs. eu.
Seventh St.. Tel 2-3833. Monday only 1.500 miles land I don't crocodiles, jack light hunting, cruis- Myers, 7 a. m. to 4 p. m. 82-2188. 279 Central Ave. Tel. 3-140 c on ro d thoPl d la
Beyn a5.00n asl aIMyers, ,rotem.ed, Feat .6.0- m.82"88-0
Brapntment error prevusly indicated. Fact Panama's Pescadora. PANAMA CANAL COMPANY watted... .. V cI
BEyappoRnEme, R u- nE- is need smaller car and wll accept Bring old clothes, comfortable shoes. OFFERS MISCELLANEOUS HAND MODERN FURNITURE M v
gnee,.ng CorrecaIe Adlu'Iment Street. Diablo. Tel. Bal. 2567. 3 glorious days. $45.00 each per- Sealed bids for opening in public, VISIT OUR Row-.nodm bleeu tI fghtthat. m en
s.aI ,mo rted Ued Tres, phone Jungele lmrecoe M, arekupo ".e tS
,I the BCod iruc Te r,,e Imported Used ,res & Tubes at Bar- son. For reservation phone Jungle wl be received until 10:30 A.M., llpeIovr lead to p o .the .
n Searenth T g Prce.. at Agencas Cosmos Jam. December 12, 1952, for Reamers, eUi56lI" faIoL a new ad-
2-33 Mardoy thru St jrdo Auto-Row No. 29, Tel. Panama Hotel EL PANAMA. Hand, Machine, and Morse Taper, I- "HERES" m t o and one thws
2 6 _P!Ao n 2-4721. Panama 3-1660 cated at the Balboa Storehouse. Ex- had f _ESt= d tong def et tg
m. ,0 8 P. B por cess Sale Circular No. 26. Part Ill 77 Am n hard to defeat C
Oniv. FOR SALE--1947 Codallac Convert- See your Travel Agent may be obtained from the office o .. TeL a I.
Sble. Excellent condition, 5365 00 PARTMENT OF -THE Superintendent of Storehouses, Bl oveton also W due
S Position Offered don will handle. House 1420-B U. S. DEPART NTI OF boo, telephone 2.2777. t I PO it n Iawr to
ATE. Barboa OFFICE OF TERRITORIES "E po, rts Bxter. Z o S le AsM p, or comib- b,.
SpWANTED.- Experenced EnghFOR SALE-1949 Chevrolet Con- WASHINGTON 25. D. C. FOK RENT ain'. O and AFL, Into one m ibl.a,
Spanrsh Stenographer Cols Ab. ert'ble De Luxe; excellent cond,- NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Shipping, moving. storage. mammoth labor Uhion. e
Picture Eusebo A Morales Ae on radio, cream, black top November I1, 1952 Apalr2tInte Wepaokandcrateormov But all the npr-o nvnaon
El Cangreio, Ponom._i. _Mut sell Leaving Isthmus. Phone Sealed bids will be received by the t Us were spent In private
SM i 2-6341. Bldg 278, Ancon. IChief of the Public Works Division, ALHAMBRA APARTMINTS anything, 'Phone 2-2451, union caucaes ettin up posi-
WANTED FOR SALE -1950 Pontiac 8 De Luxe Ofe of Territories, Department of rwo and five room furnished and 2-2562, PianamL ti for thI t 1ton. to a
SlI ii9 with HPydramatnc, W/Stiires, radio the Interior, Room 2713, Intetior unfurnished apartment$; private en Te b igorlflen t so far
and seat covers. $1,750. DelverN Building, Washington 25, D. C. un- closed gardens, 8061. 10lt Street. hav e failed to givelof_ b. -
WNTED TO BUY: One 410 December 10th. Tel. Balboa 1446 ti 2:00 P. M., Eastern Standard New Cristobol. Telephone Colomi b i Pig toCu-(11P1111,A, r-
TND O U On D er h.l'. Baa 4 me, January 12, 1953 for the 1386. ^A oodt vorw,- ltlev
Gauge double or rea.ater shot gun after 6:00 p.m. t aollowmgianuary 12, 1953 for t 1386execuve rd memA
-F. A Bole.ox 0 M l HeD W nor-ted Group I St. Thoms.. Virgin Islands FOR RENT:-In "El Cangrejo" for (IIt, wOPaA8O 4veood t -te4
.14 be, wecOn 7 00 An- 3 3 HelD W3nted .e i...0.. 3 bedroom apartmet. Dins. Laedlnta
P. m ___________Section A Charlotte Amolie High maid's room, garage. Telephone toS nCaORS h deCed to
WANTED Maid. general hou'e. Shol lit 2-1456, Panama. I u *nd o -oup. RnBep e bah I oe to 0
--_School(IIa_-- l -and I-6 pin. eU e u o61
NohilrenRe-c B-, Altraio oo ii.-1 president. Jam F.a
U KENT and laundry No chp. R Se nB AteroaOns nd addi- FOR RENT :-Furnished one bedroom -u e e 1. d o. -ao cn "ee-t Jas e o WIe 5MUI
ule Mne da Dou not04 pplv lions to: apartment, livingroom, kitchen 41 block boa Ltux T b)ea 1 to continue..h "
James RENdinseoo Etlemu-ntarySchoolefforThe sa u Gh of -- .-
i Mnda. House 604-X Cas- JamesMadison ElementarySchool bath and telephone, center, eay- AIU
....i~m codas Road. Ancon. '5' ing the country, want to rent. Te-: textie W ra 4 Ura*of. al t x
FC RTEN-T --InBellsa Vro. beou,- .Robert Herrick Elementary School lephone 2-0282 n o ren T FOR TOUIB fia EQDt a, oalBe a D
lul room .,, h or wl-.hout meal (61 i fn a vote.dole.1 a' l'A& I
or or I--. pe or,. Telephone 3-Cooties TO Raise James Monroe Elementary School FOR RENT:-To couple, completely NATV LUMBER d to -le baply $-
1* n1 2F n 17) furnished apartment, modern, re- NATIVE LUMBER wald 1 s
FC RENT n ,l V e, bau Funds For Freedom Group II St. Croix, Virgin Islands frigerator. Other apart ents rented CALL TA o -
i v l'rrvclh:d be,,cor, kitchen *j Priect 5 -504 to Army families. Via EsporaA, sec- y WA. c
v.o- ~co A :n 9 IthTWO C minos action, A Christiansted Consolidat- and street Carrasquilla No. 48.
,ear 43rd St Phone 3-0553 Te i arof e ed School t1) ITelephone Panama 3-0471.l o
The Military Order of Cootle Section B Alterations and Additions A T M" lena co i
-W soin the Veterans of Foreign to LaVallee Elementary School FOR SALE -
,.I Wars will sponsor a Crusade for 14 At the time and place indicated AII I DReuInther
*Fredom fund raising casino At b the time and place indicatedn-IiI"A"1.ed ub
RAu rridav and Saturday nights inP above the bids will be publicly open- ed
S th VFW home of Post 3822 a.ted and read aloud. Bids received FOR SALE:-Norge refrigerator 60 pr seated .Ue
," e r eth, curundu entrance. otter the hour set for the bid open- cycle, girls bicycle, steel buHreau IW V vice preWstde cb,1
E- a t~CCrsdng will be returned unopened, with mirror. All in excellent Con- .aides the 1
CI usade for Freedom director Plans and Specifications and other edition. Telephone Albrook 2100. To C ,Uo,0;A unio]h
NDOTI Dec. I ,UPs --Prie lred Gauvin said there wl lube proposed contract documentshare FOR SALE:--Great Done Iul ppy, fewn IWon ch erL"
I INDON Dec.. IUPi -Prin -Inp~o and other Rames. fortune open for public inspection at the of- with black mask. AKC registered. WA]BHkTc, Dec 1a (UP) ot the.
1! i.'er Winton ChrchIl ob"- ?ll-rs. barbecues dancln and I.ce o the District Engineer, Virgin Phone Balbroa 160 e WAHI DOC. I CO ) -* 0.'theA.(Jack) Nt(oeg
.e'ved his 7Pth bi thdav anni- Othr entertainment on the two Isfujnds Distrct Branch, Public Works Rep. m. Coudert, i' 0t A. (Jack) 5h.
vwe a.rv yesterday planning what tits. D,.is.on, Thomas G. Mooney. Char- FOR SALE: "Filishmnn" electric said to will reintroduce workers ,and .Tam s
,pltnisd to be one of the '. list lotne Amalie. St. Thomas, U. S. Vir- train, brand new, with 'tunnels, tbnew ,Ih s CIO secretarr-treaagure 0 of his aw..avs bsv tile Al funds collected will :.o to- gn ilnds; M. A. Qyer Company, stations, switches and all accessor- t* president of e eectri
7e worked qtIetlv at the hoinc ,',,' the local Crusade for Free-' 24 "-nool Street, Boston 8, Masso- -es. No. 99 "B" Avenue. Agenci v the O elec
,e considers hi own- Na. 0 ,,oni drive. Ichusets; Lester M. Marx, Chief. Ssso. e nt.a s 'ofcrtnf e.
Do"ning Street, the office:! re- Public Works Division, Room 2713, I wood's attel
.irI'.nc' of the pire mini.tEr Inrcror Building. Washington. D. C.; The New York I, SMlgan's ieleve tlt. l
[..i' or thi i.i le Rummage To Be 4uld' abolish the himathe
Stnrn -Year-Old udDies idng, Miami, Florida; MBuildeage d Be fS n Of unit- ew
.v nd a few close frledn Exchange. 46 Ncrtheast 6th Street. He atufa n .e--wooser
rurchill broke his woka t Home Of Son iam,. Florida; U. S. Department of ;eSaturday 64' ' i"nor
ru line tohdrt, eout tohle:inr.t A.I Commerce, No. 2. Puerto-Ricon Re- At St me .'
owd eathred I th l.. tI An 83-ear-old Panamanian construction Administration Grounds, Joseph s Bd
nrt'~vetreewt t crce hinm eor. v munan cried Saturday morning -n N, San Juan. Puerto Rico; A rummage sale will be hela to" 'the S.of ae-
o6r--ccr he'ic ^ -cs ;P t' 6' t y a t.g.o a *MoP
's m e s in La Eo~a apparently from natur- F. W. Dodge Corp.. 119 West 40th aSturdl. mo- at-0:30 In St- te
of the '-- orlnfro I r"uses. SIreet. New York IS, N. Y. be phr a Chuch,.Colon, by the h
.1r of the 1 % r J P a chur -tor h e t h e Aus f ti'f,^oi i o
'r "dthhes d tr ao o C ri'ql, I' Cecilia Martinez. ho had procured from the office of M. A. Church In Marga'ta to .ra i e
10 'Edhe U-it o aote- to.see Pr s) suffering from heart truiu-'Der Company (Architects and En-t fund for chari .
e Un- ct S toser Pr 'blP and a tumor, was at tlae gncerst at 24 School Street, Boston, Toys and clo _g for the rio
enet-0 cntuan Eienhcfort to tut 1 B..t- ,hvme ot her son-in-law at the Moss. upon deposit of $75.00 by ruinmagee are b collted at pltwoat .
S,;u,er c.f f he United States, all of arita.V .' a l us two at.
S'therlast I er Churahtu opolt The bodv has been sent tat , will be refunded to bno fidenS I ean.o an-de.1
t't"C oldest urime minlsL'."I n GL'ieas Morgue and an autopsy' bidders upon the receipt of -the nie3A yo
oshstor s nro tha s been reqeted. s and specificationsin good cn- n Judd
He til cn call h trel r 1ocl 'dto, within thirty 130) calendar .Ruthme re
re ....ves of nerev when he must. da fromr the date of bid opening. A (Continued fro= Pg1)W-tlds of a -w
P-1ovqho ehert~hvscav ei he mu.bc--a fade bidder includes any per- fee topla"r,
on-l oh the physical xier onwho submits a bid for a general, 72 hours bdfore she was40 have 48 stet i
Cad the eord r CC-ntract but does not include a per- oeen e-Ie; ;,1I ., .I "f
w, -d n.INhl ron who submits a quotation to the Auth1tt a rt o Ie eta.,-.
cd n Chthill I, tere general contract bidders. Inrer' "1
t ithr eH011- ofTComr. oo peaonsdo who procur e plans and that she sad
.d inl the Hoitr+ of ComtlcF-- h a t.cifccahons upon payment of the help. Wilit g. en
IJ'" lphreind oitlre stated arqount, and who do been seaofrlegFn- -
1114 ;,nr, his hnlltr oootrt not submit a bid, $60.00 will be re- nie Ruthidr. oclo M lBatte ea-.,q"tvs--t '
At'"rn, Pev,-.n. thunder, P- funded upon the receipt thereof in .e010 t
cgd Condition within thirty 130t oh)sd hOdtn
'Y r:r enemh is not f m'!rn! i it c.'lender days trom the date of the M io, and t o bo ,' "'
a bd operng. No refund will be made and.hvu;to am
.tire knomI probably not .en1Ir return after that time. anv avenue
SatUrA -nIjb~. 4
(- hill when he will relic' Each bid must be accompanied by a false t he ws
me say It will be ne'x sum- 3 satisfactory bid security certifiedi U d -,'e "'
r" frter the coronation cf, check or bid bond) 'in an amount of There Wd o0l et I
,,ourThe '.uccessfur bidder will be re- wha t tra ol-le ,o t
med services ., rond and payment bond. each in the There
.1I+S vte ^I 'IAIG', o mcunt Ot 100 per cent of the con-'er hosth l k

S C O Meetina M0 calendar ds aferuther
t a 1 her-*. atCheduld closing timser fr tthe ri :
Pn-cifirn templovesu t.m hro to ,ec, anf and ali bids and ton In L nFo

a" 7 -3 P l ".,e informalhthes with respect-
'4 o ot nferencp held i-tp.r- I The Gcvernment also reserves the
I g.. .t to award a contract for ary S- Q bir1

S e r e 4 e,-en. ':-mbnat.on of sections or by the 0
adoption of any or oil of the alter- eaRe1reP .i-* k
interests of the United States. iIOU .
Lester Mk Marx their td! ,
w Chit. Public Works Division 3m,
Office of T+r,.,i,... 31.. ,: I --

Breother Fills Gan u.

Aft~.r returning from the fuJneral -I
SCOTCH WHISKY of his brother, drowned whie i "-.
:et :jig with the Marine. Rbs rt A
I.I'WK 1 Cote found hi- Ind"-tio1rn
LIce U'. xt -.
a' 4 A ,5 j

-f' a' f.. %
.el.ff. %,


* i -

4 ui-t n~ iA-- '**. A.. .

0-0 -Aklml...


2~...- -


,.4i~jiri~re 4t'.t$t' -jIJ~i~~~~l~


b iea:gu S igs






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neupti .

P f k .. .. rs
Pe 01 .. ... ... lb


M"tte playbea-at-
-sy rb **. *'....*p*

ni*f *

oats) Gansdlq.A

("or tl=nlI PeVifI Co
Pablo BerflrDe (


1- Ill



Joan Freanc Mo'rendosTourney In Third

UpS 'Bite Round and Mike's Still i


wre Dame

4 The qt 1of a Utuml

wou ith


- Ane..I w added reve-
Bmerlan n.a~"rlongt to the g

.1 aof the track,
SAustn classic prse and fte the

tSk igotiatlon of ,J u a n
e l' Fue's proposed new
strip near Juan

Cage tScores

S.Sp U o Washngton & jet-
w (ja ao0. (paps ) a.
Sff008% MWB. I.cI.

64V, Arwold d.

OFT) IfamalrT.
webM ge Scre st7
153*! S 1t, Sh gt Ma-

...=-, ate
,nt (No ) 53YW

3, y
l2bm |L .AS Km '^lu pe'.Ii Is-

Qo^qSS (N >) IS Alumn H57

( ,a.)S n,

lat. b 13.01 ksNAi

Pre .a wkS, Chlie (Get)

lState J .

Gergiua T wof k e.a0

Wake, B C 4. *

-.. .
Spots .Briefs
(of UNITED Pi a)

ST. CoIB fre L.. s
Cardinal cpa Twry .oQ. sa r
scout If e can remain in i.
Louis where he operates a bowl.
ing alyMoo we ,sas h sbeen
negotIatIng two or three
clubs, including the Philadelphia
Phils, but hasn't signed with
anyone yet.
Joehey Tony DeSplrite is re-
eovering from a eoM andndil-
getion and Is expected t 6be
ready to ride a Bowie, Mary-
0d da DeSpinito was wohe-
a to nine races r Sat-
awday's program Ius
eI Dewas, bt eraceded his
Mounts when he became ilL De-
Noit has 363 winners, only'25
shot oftheseason record,
There's an extra portion of
oat in the feed box today for
horses who came through in
atrday's top stakes. Prince
re won th $0,000 Maryland
c gu Cp at Bowie. Torch of War
w te% '1gSoto Handicap at
_'t _pt. Pk, Stranglehold cap,
lrd the equoia Handicap at
taMIran, and Futuresque won
e Orexsent City at Fair

open today In Phoenix which
means a lively week of trade
talk, rules discussions and set-up
The meetings begin with the'
major legIue play draft and a
get-togethe of minor league
president The session end next
monday Wlth a jont meeting of
ie major league officials.
Minor league President George
Trauftan had something to say
yesterday as the baseball men
kept pouring Into Phoenix.
autman told his minor league
owners: "Quit howling -things
aren't nearly as bad asrey
might seem."
Trautman continues: "Much
fs been said about the minor
eague decline. While this s par-
tially true, it Is not as alarming
as some unofficial reports would
lead us to believe."
Trautman admits on I y 43
leagues completed last season as
against the 5 leagues in the
peak year of 1545. "But," Traut-
man explains, "remember that
more than 000 players are still
In military service. Then again
the nation's economic status is
cited as a reason for the decline
along with that old haunting
fgaboo-unlmited radio a

W1W B WN, mans. (UP)
-cabe ile claims to be
Wil aams College's No. 1 sports
san. He hasn't missed a home
football game In 46 years.

t -... .d -7


I l .
F" .

Money, Not Players Produce

kBseball's No. 1 headache'
By ft'x SIDR,
United PFresprtse Writer

lNEW ORK Dec. 1 (UP)-Dol- football season already for many
IIr, nt bi players, produce fans. -
basblrsa No. I headache the Shift of one or" more major
win e. league franchises to other clt-
There's an acute shortage of lei tlthe Iot Intriguing pos-
Ilaers from the military draft sibulty wth Milwaukee and,
Hddied minors on up to the big HouRes antlened as having
show but dwindling dollar may the fint iL RBoth the St.
be the chief toplc of conversa- Loals CarmnM and Boston
tion and legislation at the Win- Brates have been rumored
nix, Ariz. 'i"f Te.xls ret major league
er lags coming up at Phoe. greoets
SbasebIll the way It did pro foot.
And If there's much fire be- ball, little would be gained by
hind the smoke signals sent up moving to Houston Dllas ave
by delegate en route to FPhe- pro football brief twirl and got
baseball Is due for sme out before t season finished,
red l changes within the ut couple of Sundays too late
net few years. see the Texans win their first
So far thqre has 0en talk of football game of the yar.
two additional major leagues, a Hoever, Dallas football op-
death knell sounded for all two- erators bought a chronic loser
team cities in the major extpt with a record of failure in two
Chicao and New Torki a de- other cities and the baseball sit-
manLd or a one-year tel9simn uation wouldn't be the same if
blackota suggest tor nt the Cardinals were to move to
games only durng-the week, and Houston. The Cards have a
a .i fop the minors for the! splendid history in the National
atoa to qit. broadcasting by League and Eddie Stany's third
m o and television In minor place finishers were no disgrace
league teo last season.
It's possible the magnates may One big hitch is dollars. It
get armnd o talking .trade y:t costs money to travel to Hus-
an ffrto k the worldchsam- ton, but considerably less to
aon e and that's a sound reach Milwaukee.
de. ThfAses aren't like
to roll over and play dead just
because they've won four in a
row to tie their own record.
With pitehe t WhItey trd oute
vof the ,ny th Yan maybeI
eved fitt year. Whi
was phenom two sea- e s
sons back, a beady pitcher with, M D tin
a world of control rare in a left-
hander so young. He could be
another d tspat.
probably I n the distant future I n ix
and lets not worry aut a fourl.
team, round-roblIn World ers. ei
Th present setup, with the pos-,
sibility of pennant playoffs ever, PHOENIX, Dec. 1 (UP) The
present; bis too deeply4nto the major-minor baseball meetings

Daons Dilemma .d

Da's okets had am slew

Per m money he w- paiggi

hem a P. A Want Ad he
ft ". I
Get a lob .Mw be* delb'med


,,, = -

President Mike Moreno's tour-
nament at the PanamL Golf
Club has reached the third-
round stage and the outstanding
news of the play to date is the
continued presence of Proxy
Mike himself.
The popular club chief, known
and respected as a great guy in
the clubhouse, has been any-
thing but a dynamo on the
course in the past but this time
he seems determined tp win his
own trophy.
This past week end be knocked
off Frank Morrice 4 and 3 and
last week he upset Bill Schmitt.
Now he's gunning for Doc. Herb
Mitten and has sent up the
warning flag.
Those who know golfing best,
however, say Mike will need all
of his five stroke handicap-and
then some-to get by the long-
legged dentist.
In the remainder of the
matches of the second round
most of the favorites came
Pairings and results:
Charles MacMurray (defeated
G. Galindo) vs. Paul Baumgard-
ner (defeated Dr. A. Arango).
Earl Gerrans and Fire Chief.
Arango should play today and
the winner will meet Dr. Erasmo
de la Guardia who beat "Bulls-
Bulla" Rodriguez 1 up.
Herb Mitten (defeated Louis
Martin) vs. M. J. Moreno (de-
feated Frankle Morrice 4-3).
4Maurice Muller (defeated John
Wright) vs. winner of Valdis and
Dehlnger who also la today.
D. Leonard (dft. Pico Diaz) vs.
Lionel Moses (defeated John
Rati Arango (Gilchrist) vs. A-
gustin de Mena (dft. Brack Hat-
C6sar Campagnani (defeated
L. Monzo) vs. W. L. Bird (de-
feated L. Romagoza).
Rafael de Mena (defeated R.
Gasteazoro) vs. Rogello Preciado
(defeated Rbberto Torres).

Juan Franco

Mutuel Dividens

1--M ue $9.8. V .4 2.60.
2-a-Muf ma .80, $L40.
S-Riomar $4.
1-Diez de Mayo $8.60, $3.80.
2-Pregonero $4.
First Double: (Duque-Dies de
Mayo) $1e.48.
1-Luck Ahead r$.60, $4.60, $3.60.
2-Escalerilla $28, 11.80.
3-Caflaveral $3.20.
One-Two: (Luck Ahead- eesa-
lerflla) $ 4ij0.
1-Vlllarreal $23.40, $6. 4.20.
2-Romintico $7.80. 4.20.
3-Golden Babe $3.80.
Quiniela: (Vfllarreal-RomAntl-
co) $114.
co) $114.FIFTH RACE
.-Mingo 5.60, $3.
*--Prestigio $2.80.
1-Sun Cheer $6.60, $3, $2.40.
2-Wild Wire $2.60, $2.20.

2-Jepperin $4, 12.80.
3-cade Song $4.20.
Second Double: (Sun Cheer-
1-Roario $3.40, $2.60, $2.20.
2-Astoria $4.60,.$3.
3-DOff& Eleida $2.60.
Qi .elsa: (Rosario Astoria)
-The iDauber $4.40, $2.40, $2.20.
--HMechlo $3.20, $2.20.
3--Novelera $2.20.
One-Two: (The Dauber-Hechi-
so) SL15..
1.--ReIdoli 467.20, $2.60.
2-valarta $2.4e.
1-Corlata $12.40, $3.80.
2-Mon tolie $2.89.

25. 60 cycles
V-M tw.mtk 972 W
FALL ASLEEP TO MUSIC! The V-M 972 ti.ori- Phoamamq
sham isulf of after the lam record plays and mssesf Ismp,
if mnd without interrupims your ahumberl
SEquipped with itsown iMe maplifying sysum, bthe VM 72 lvsi
lase na AC sudrle. H l fl m V.M trni fYi a Iail emssi
memtki me ix of I" ad 12" records of asm sped..,,..,.
Posiv Reco. d Pr Pcdea (Wsialm ed Spia e Dep) ..
Dme.,sdli reweds m ...el.

7110 BOLIVAR AVE. .IX W -4



?- .-

I 4~*~ a't' '*'

1W: -

.-i. '...., e ." fk a,.. at-bat
,, sA- L -

- -- --'

_ __ __ __

_ _


__ __




Five SEC Grid Teams SI

Sights On Jan. 1 Victory
United Press Spqrts Writer
0 -
ATLANTA. Dec. I i UPi-Geor-Iand two intercepted passe4a
la Tech Saturday stuffed away started six oi touchdodg
the Southeastern Con f e r e n c e drives.
championship and a perfect sea- Alabama unleashed a t -
son's record, but four other sat- ground game that puncture
Isfled loop teams Joined the En- Auburn's line for 367 yards
gineers In setting their sights to- the Crimson Tide added sS
ward a bowl victory Jan. 1. assurance for the renewal
The Engineers, completed a Coach Harold Red Drew's Oe
sweep of the deep Dixie gridiron tract.
honors Saturday by beating rival Halfback Bobby Luna af
Georgla 23 to 9 and stretch their Tommy Lewis teamed up to emeL
undefeated streak to 25 games, the three touchdowns but Alli
Tennessee, Alabama, Florida Southeastern Conference halt.
and Mississippi all wrote off back Bobby Marlow was the blC
the season as highly success- star as he rushed for 132 yadI
ful. to jam his season total to Si
Tennessee wound up things yards for a new school record. i
Saturday by slaughtering rival Mississippi scored two touehs
Vanderbilt 4C to 0, and the Vol- downs in the first half agaiat
unteera will carry a record of Mississippi State, but It took *
eight wins, one loss and one tie 77-yard scoring gallop by fufl
into the Dallas Cotton Bowl a- back Harol Lotton to give
against Texas. Rebels a victory after
Mississippi put the finishing quarterback Jack Parker, an
touches on an undefeated year, Southeastern performer, ran
Its first since 1893, by dropping two last half touchdowns
Mississippi State 20 to 14, and added two vital points-after. Ite
the twice-tied Rebels will meet 14 points gave Parker 120 for the
Georgia Tech in New Orleans' season as he broke his own conA
Sugar Bowl. ference record. -
Alabama, bound for Miami and Louisiana State took adva fr
the Orange Bowl, rang up its tage of two Tulane fumbles ant
ninth victory against two defeats an intercepted pass to score twO
by taking Auburn 21 to 0, and touchdowns and a field goal that
Florida, headed for the Gator whitewashed the favored Greet
Bowl lb Jacksonville, Fla., rested Wave 16 to 0. Halfback Jerry
up for this Saturday's finale a- Marchand was the big LSU weu
ganst Kentucky. The Gators so pon, rushing for 115 yards
far have won six and lost three. scoring on a beautiful 54-yal
Even Louisiana State, with a scoot.
record of three wins and seven
setbacks, made everything all
right by upsetting rival Tulane
16 to 0 in the only loop battle -T
that didn't feature a team head-
ed for one of the nation's bowl
g ames.-
In the two last games of the
regular season for SEC teams, "
Florida meets Kentucky Satur-
day and Georgia goes against
Geo*ga gave favored Tech a 24 Years in National Leagne
mighty battle before tossing all Written for NEA Service
the chips into Coach Bobby
dodd's lap The Bulldogs led the Question: What was Chuck
Engineers 7-3 at the half and Davey's record as -an amateur
trailed by only one point, 9-10, boxer? Bill Handler.
in the fourth period. Answer: The Detroit welte
Georgia used a recovered ftum- weight won 94 of 96 amatoet
ble on the Tech 20 in the first bouts, captured four Natlemu
period to take the lead and the Athletic Asseoiatlen titles wh
Bulldogs drove to the Engineer a student at Michigan StadB
two-yard line in the final frame,. won 51 and had two draws t8
Tech's offense never could professional fights.
get gong full speed, with Leon q. How many automobile spe4
Hardeman on the bench after records does Ab Jenlns sq
re-iajuraig his foot and illy hold? --arn Schm t. "
Teas operating with a bad A. JKl g.hblln-bwi'
shoulder. for IN, llOrWd lI5,ia
However, the Engineers pulled in 1940. Tb Salt Lake hrt
ahead in the third period on a building 7 ot-motufed $4U
razzle-dazle play that ended racer with an eye On e
with Chappell Rhino tossing a marks, held more speed reo
10-yard touchdown pass to Buck than any other man in the bI
Martin: Fullback Glenn Turner tory of sports.
made up for Tech's backfield Q. Who led the big leagues in
losses and plugged for 115 yards, most complete games pitched
mostly through the middle, and last season? Jack Josephs.
scored one of Tech's two insur- A. Robin Roberts of the PWHI
ance touchdowns in the fourth ulea topped the National Lea-o
period with a 14-yard gallop, with 30, Bob Lemon ef the i-
Tennessee used six Vanderbilt diana the American with X.
mistakes to hand the Commo- _____---
dores the worst defeat in the STUCK ON JOB
history of the 60-yeat-old rival-
ry. Tailback Pat Oleksiak ran for FORT WORTH, Tex. (UP)-fL
three touchdowns and passed for B. Stuck is president of a flrim:
two more. Four Vandy' fumbles that makes adhesives.

To ay .





* -'3 .


- -

Nixon, O'Dwyer

See Cortines'


Sirnima-- NEWicAPn


MEXICO CITY, Dec. 1 (UP)-- "Let the peopt
Ado]fo Ruiz Cortines was inau-1
curated as president of Mexico NT GH EAR
Nearly half a million people
lined the seven-mile route from
his home to the palace.
Ruiz Cortines promised to give
the Mexican government a
"scrupulously honest democra- D r f L
cy." He said he expected to car-
rv out retiring President Miguel
Aleman's public works and na-
tional development programs.
patrolled the streets as the tense r 1 9
capital awaited the inaugura-
tion. WASHINGTON. Dec. 1 iUPI-I
The 62-year-old successor of Sitte draft directors generally
Aleman took the oath of office agreed today they probably will
for a six-year term of office at have to start drafting 19-year-
the downtown Palace of Fine olds by March or shortly alt.-r-
Arts, surrounded by secret serv- Olward to meetarch o military
ice agents alert for a possiblewdemandsr
outbreak of violence! h They will report their findings
Security ofticers hoped their to Selective Service Chief Lewis
pre-inaugural roundup of "ai-1B Bershey this week at their
tators." still disgruntled over th, i, .-annual con ference toh
outcome of the national elections thi-annresh outa draft problems.
iast July. would avert any pro- A survey of state draft
test demonstration, but heavily boards on the eve of the con-
armed troops lined the inaugur- ference showed that many are
alt arade route through the city running out of men 20 and
The capital meanwhile. began over.
the rounds of traditional irau- Some reported they may not
duration fiestas to usher in the liat.e to take younger men for
new administration Special dl- sevei,il months, but others said
plomaticdeleeations from 53 na- they may have trouble meeting
tiorls were on hand for the their January quotas without
swcaring-in ceremony and "cle calling 19-year-olds.
rations to follow. tMost state officials emphasiz-
The occasion brought to'e- ed that :.any "variables" are
other two antagonistic political reinvolved in the manpower situa-
fiiures from the United States. tion.
Vice President-elect Richard They referred to such things
M. Nixon and Ambassadorassador the rate of volunteers, the
William O'Dwyer. number of Korean casualties,
Nixon, who arrived by air ves- and replacements for men mus-
terday avoided any social cnm- tered out of service.
tact with the former New Yo.-k The armed forces have been
.eayor, whom he attacked so ve- asking Selective Service for a-
heraently during the recent cam- ooul 48,000 draftees a month
palkn in the US. and are expected to continue
Nixon, representing President- seeking about the same number
elect Eisenhower at the inauiur- barring some big change in the
ation, said his relations with O'- defense picture.
Dwver would be limited to those Hershey issued an order last
S which "our Positions require." January barring the Induction
At an official diplomatic re- of anyone below 20. His edict
clptlon last night. Nixon ignorrd was intended to block some
the esence of the retiring a hm- boards from calling 19-year-
tbassador olds while others still had
r Czechoslovakia was the onl.;' plenty of older men.
Iron Curtain country to send Si, A majority of state directors
special delegation, replying to a United'Press survey
Poland and the Soviet Union of the manpower situation In-
J were represented by their re- dicated some change may have
gular ambassadors here. to be made in the regulation
More than 500.000 laborers. In tl,.3 early ,art of 1953.
S farmers and government em- Col. K. H. Leitch, California
ploves were scheduled to takedraft director, said it "looks as
part in the huge parade huge parade which though" his state will have to
will serve both as a welcome, to take some 19-year-olds barring
S the newPresident and farewell to a change in its January quota
S the popular Aleman. whose six-i of 2.727 ir.en.
year term saw Mexico reach a| On the other hand. Gen. VI-
inew height of prosperity. vlans Collins, Florida Selective
The threat of an inauguration Service chief., sid his state's
"incident" which led to the e!a- supply of 20-year-olds will last
S borate security measures to pro- until summe unless draft quotas
tect the new President. symLUi- are increased.
S lzed the grave political problem-, This was the longest any
S facing Ruiz Cortlnes. state director thought a 19-
The secret police last w,'pk year-old draft could be post-
S broke up a plot to seize the aov- poned.
r ernment during the inaugura- Here are erports on the man-
lion. Police said the ringleaders power situation In some other
S included many supporters o; states:
S Gen. Miguel Henriquez Guzman. Georgia: Col. James Skelton
= defeated candidate for presldcnt, deputy draft director., aild his
who claimed the election -Aas supply of older men will last
S fraudulent. "two to three months." He said

's~P~ ~ ~~~~~~ --------------------

The Shine of
a wonderful
Shoe Polish


* In Black. Oxblood and five
shades of Brown. A Kiwi shine
lasts longer because the polish
is made only from the finest
wax.s and dyes.



Sages.. 'esnr. Jusepl Greams, S. A.
_35 Central Ave.- Panama P. .

Ie know the truth and the country is safe" -- Abraham Lincoln.


likely To Be Reaching

Year-Olds By March

his state then will have no acting draft director, said his
choice but to take younger men. state will have to start drafting
Pennsylvania-Col. Henry M. 19-year-olds in March and may
Gross, draft director, said his need some of them to round out
state has enough 20-year-olds to its February quota.
last a "few more months." due North Carolina: Col. Thomas
chiefly to the credit Pennsyl- H. Upton, draft director, de-
vania received against its draft lined to estimate how long his
quotas wlhn It sent the 28th supply of 20-year-olds will last
National Guard Division into because "there are too many
federal service. variables"
Louisiana: Lt. Col. L. W. Davis. Mississippi: State headquar-

Cardinal Stepinac To Ask

No Travel Favc

KRASIC, Yugoslavia, Dec. 1-
iUP Archbishop Aloyslus
not go to Rome to receive his
red hat as a newly-appointed
cardinal because he would ask
no favors of the Yugoslav Com-
munist regime.
"To go to Rome I would have
to ask permission," the Roman
Catholic primate of Yugoslavia
"This I will not do. because I
do not consider myself guilty
before the Communists.
"And if I should go to Rome,
then I could never come back.
Therefore I shall not go to Rome.
"My place is here. I will stay
here as long as necessary, even
if necessary until I die."
Stepinac was released f r aom
prison a year ago, but techni-
cally he still is serving a 16-
year term for war crimes. He
was accused of collaborating
with e puppet Croation gov-
ernment set up by the Nazis.
It isn't necessary for the
archbishop to go to Rome for
the Investiture. Catholic proto-
col permits a new cardinal to
receive his lasignia at his resi-
dence if prevented from travel-
ling to the Vatican.
If he does not make the trip
the papal nunclature in Bel-
grade will deliver the Insignia
Pope Pius announced Satur-
day the appointment of 24 new
cardinals, among them Stepi-
He learned of his appoint-
ment from newsmemr only yes-
terday 24 hours after the word
came from Rome. He said he
hacd a radio, but seldom listens
to it, and had not heard the
news at all Saturday.
The Yugoslav police increas-
ed their usual night patrol
around his house Saturday
night, he said, but he didn't
know the reason for it.
The government's view of
Stepinac's appointment was ex.
pressed by a high-ranking for-
eign ministry official as "an un-
friendly gesture" toward Yugo-
Another leading official com-
mented: "I am not surprised-
It is simply another move In
the Vatican's campaign against
It was a year ago this week,

Nashville Symphony

Invites Suburban

Siren Singer

CLARKSVILLE. Tenn e s s e e,
Dec. 1 (UP) A coloratura so-
prano here whose neighbors sald
.er singing sounded like a police
siren and went to court to try to
stop it has accepted an invi-
tat on to sing with the Nash-
ville Symphony Orchestra.
Mrs. Wentworth Morris, a col-
lege professor's wife with a de-
sire to be a Metropolitan Opeta
s'ar, was asked to perform wit.i
the Nashville orchestra on Dec.
11 after news stories about he.-
neighbor's court action focused
"Ottention on her ambitions.
A Nashville radio station play-
ed a recording of Mrs. Morris'
i.nging that brought favorable
comment, but not from her
neighbors on Monroe Street in
th.- normally quiet tobacco town.
They are awaiting a court
chancellor's decision on whether
the ambitious soprano shall be
nermanentlyv limited to t wo
hours of Dractice a day, and that
behind closed doors and win-
Chancellor Sam Marable is ex-
.iected to rule early this month
I on the unique case of the Mon-
roe Street singer.
A temporary injunction alrea-
dv Imposes curbs on Mrs. Morr'3V
singing and the same neighbors
vwho obtained it now want it
made permanent.

)rs From Tito
0 -
on Dec. 5, that Stepinac moved
out of Lepoglava prison and took
up residence in this village
where he spent his boyhood.
Since then he never has set
foot beyond the grounds of the
hilltop church of the parish
and the next door parish priest's
residence where he lives.
Asked if the situation of the
church had changed in the last
year, Stepinac shook his head
and sighed. He bald the situa-
tion still was very difficult, but
"the church knows how to
Except for the basic restric-
tUon of his movement which
holds him a prisoner in his na-
tive village, the authorities have
left him strictly alone, he said.
Stepinac commented tersely
on the recent purge trial In
"People in the Western coun-
tries do not yet really realize
what Communism means,'v he
said, adding with a wry smile
that "I know very well what a
Communist trial is like."

Rotary Governor
From Honduras
Visiting Panama
Manuel Bueso, Governor of the
110th Rotary District of Santa
Rosa de Copan. Republic of Hon-
duras. is due to arrive on the
I'thmus tonight on an official
visitation of the Panama, Colon
and David Rotary Clubs.
The Rotary leader will be
welcomed on arrival at Tocumen
Air Terminal by an official de-
l gtion of local Rotarians head-
ed by President Fred J. Ger-
Slight changes have been made
In the weekly meetings of the lo-
ca.clubs to facilitate the visiting
Governor who will preside at a
soeclal meeting of the Panama
Club tomorrow at 12:15.
The Rotary official will 'devote
Wednesday to the Cristobal-Co-
lon Club and on Thursday will
travel to David for a meeting
with the club of that city. He
It-aves the Isthmus on Friday for
San Jose where he will visit the
clubs of Costa Rica.

4-,: -

ters estimated Mississippi's re-
serve of 20-year-olds would last
through March.
Virginia: Draft Director Tho-
mas White declined to estimate
how long his supply of older
men would last.

High Winds Pile Up

12-F. Snowdrifts

On Soth Wales
LONDON. Dec. 1 (UP)-Hlgh
winds whipped across the moun-
tains of South Wales today to
pile 12-ft. snow drifts on roads
leading to the important market
town of Merthyr Tydfil, as mny
areas throughout the country
were reported icebound and
snow-covered after the coldest
November in Britain for 27
Martyr Tydfil, more that 500
feet above sea level and with a
population of 61,000. was-com-
pletely cut off.
Police patrols guided strag-
glers in from stranded vehicels.
Officials said, they would ask
for helicopters to ferry In sup-
plies unless condltiolnr Im-
A train with 24 passepners
was marooned for neartv 10
hours otl a mountain pas heer
Merthyr Tdyfll during the bliz-
zArd. which hit Wales late Sat-
urday. Rescuers hacked a way
through '30-ft. anowdlftfts to ge
to the passengers.
Weather reports from coun-
ties In tho north Midlands and
the east of Ingland sa1d num-
erous roads were icebound.
Snow fell late last night ii
those areas, which Include
Yorkshire, Shropshire, Glouces-
ter and -Esx. In central Somer-
set overflowing rivers flooded
200.000 acres of valuable farm-
Bad weather in the Atlantic
held up the 20,000-ton Uner
Franconia, due to arrive yester-
day from Canada, and dfeaved
by 12 hours the Dutch linr
Maasdam. The Franconla will
dock at Liverpool today. 24 hours
late. The Masadam will pull IO-
to Southamptoa today from New

.1 ,
3 V


3" 3'

~JL~YS~ 3'

77 .
TOP-LEVEL HUDDLE CIO union chiefs shake bands with.. Pri tI
ha*er In New York's Commodore Hotel., The union executIyes t !;t
offered no suggestion in the naming of a,.Seoetary of Lbor. Le t
vpa4ldtt Allan Haywood; UAW's Walter Mnutber; Gea. ower; D
United Steel Workers; and James P. Carey, Becretr1-t4 aurr of the (

e New Cabeinet
.son:. uiet V "i Fi'
BY fflu -service
(NeA)- Beneath his bl and
manner and soft voice, E z r a
Taft Benson is a &hardened ve-
teran of the lobbying world of
Washington, D. C.
The brd-houdere'. spec-
tadled new Secretay 91 Apti-
culture hea# for yearsbeen on
the executive be.:d Of t 4e
powerfulNSt4onal Council "Ot
Farmer CoopirativuS And has
quiet vce hs' bean Uaeat
firmly demanding that fa -
era be treatMed e m ,
era with a minimumn ofh

r= asd
t Steed, croll,

fromics. the g rmet:

of Amerfnec*W
Benson'se ascates, a -.sme

support for farmers In necessa-
ryv and he k It.
Although thas '
mosexpert of hsays &t re on'

and amond -ra.' bve
groups, who dI~fsw on pi m

chrch and. 4
The gea%
emon le.d n .

oneos fthe
of Amerien c oa m, 'n*
Benson's masqtates, .asid, ame'

e support for farme easa
SMbandrmhek It.
yAlth a0ough h6'
most of hi s n t

and aftermong r, '
served two' oh...," 1.'
church and Ae i.'

Forh yeap-A
We red

, .,

, ,. ., ., ,
L :/ ,, "

i ~~. .i~. "*'~ *:

,. ,3' ",'

, ... ', .- "


Ath Amusen of st ake
*City. HfIqily of itwo sois and
f da urt.e, ba followed
.mas ne coamte between
WaIInco3 and tohe.
Vy~~~~~e -WAS.*. ^

ben' years
when h

even louff7
"7 .... CHRI M A
-,:. BVHON "miITAS*'
afokt,-. i; .).


i,.H-^ *"

S I -'.
i, .., '.
S '_ S ; .

**.* *
3j ,~
3's,.. t .



national Boy Scout Troo#'
Consul in Colon due fl
Hope Stadium ye y.
Britain and Fran were
Atlante iUde

I..,. A -

ght. B .
that the"
CIO vi e-.
,Donald of

p'r ~g

* *.



V ':i~ ~



"^'.*''ikSop I .z -N*^

. ,.01

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