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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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S 195

S*9.;t 1952

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Ich deliver- -- -,- ., -
a President -- .
Com- The Court of AdmInnieatitb ld"n Th an|u vhg
obey od sT th legality of an e Tv
adt slatlon.which ked Th ..
'v' e trhetbetween the
Atl ithe and Panama BB
Aob n Pe doi Elsenmann a Sa --
". Onc d.aret factor in Pasa. t".
"nl P' uhAenmana signed NEW YORK, Nov. 26 (U) Presidet-elect
Swiet rusemena, but the en t w inh power cpnfoundd DuJt-be schlue write
I tdea- later rejected by _tho ,rean trip by scVage ter g
nfor hi. inistest a t his headquarters lh" It y.
S techn Ldefic en While isenhowe ,*pi j to leave for Korea
theIn a se es one thing was cefi e wf not be there fo
[ eutablihi.o hart .f. giving Day with fr trp e .
renac.-" But'In ,, "', .
t"aBut menTbi-'ed, United bieap
cn con-l.e.o t P sloshed behind tite inumnist lines, probing fr

belong ki tWt Me preparetthe*br moss attacks timed to c ki
dI n. eventually e t d Eisenhower's a" A the war theotm.
-. oad .AtUN ptS r st throu' No'hM sl to'"a
Sno"rzart .o,mo, omB ihco ight- and erf toy, combing the Red. psitin .
onlae i o Pan- he gateway to Seoul on the westtrn front.
ey d s DrivesAcord thrAtohte PPamn WIeB.ian-,Ma "
m m, Is the o-_y -w hich I Ue ,mrak'S'em a
thyIa ~mifsAs ol hepzu

41t. srieal name

some 520 glPg*
1 probably
@rtown lugga o
ur liners were ua
I, Independence,
I rkers empe-p a
North River
between 4and
:S0 bosd by licKs
4ned ex nI h
S na;:, by 14 W stat
as lon .
reportedly aOd h
L44 o protset d~moS
a morning.
W'known i as s
l'* its memn 3g
SSity anti-crlit
S"hoodlums 'AdA *

SCpreme Co
vacate the
by the crime


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Owner should be
Z combinationn .,
Sf box containing
n U troues, soan and
W iaglf tond on Thatcher
I'Dick." y
abrimp rwn boxer *with
4 -the moeM wearing a hamef ^
ned by J. yesterday mornt ,
Sthe price a envelope con i 1
aral clutch action pictures o
e delivered man wearing
L A, 19G1. weretaken bv-
D. Collins e- It in Panas) I
whie harles a urge owners of any
s. an Beye's .~s to claim them.
n. A

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01 mc
-i nc.1
- I eat


6: A Firm

|e&n '
a- in Charles Erwin Wilson,
rcto r mogul from Detroit
Imtary of Defense who wlt
itrta and the generals the
n gvirything industrial and;
K that rolled or flew.
gh his wi-fe complains -she
ir ase him unless she trav-
with him."
inbs f1s around the coun-
* In one of GM's planes, us
Iy a DC-3, making buMAlss
cp about once a week n d
jtin In vacations at pile-:

II nI ue n

Vie section of V uebr I
M a Chairman Ps "
I bt aster general and -
nt of two promin- '
mt w to top federal ad- W IU
e selected a tre- V cam reported e*
S rthe United States Mft. GBak "W W yesterday were
Priest of Bountiful, at a on the srioasly M
St'ftember of the women's Ist .
f of the Republican Na-
'mCimmittee. Mrs. Priest will One & the patients la.a mwain
q re. Georgia Neese Clark. er of the Colon HqftmW stall
ent-elect named Mrs. and the other to the two-yeart-
Hobby. wartime com- old daughter of an American doo-
the Women's Army tor resldkW Ancon.
co-publisher of the Tt was there are un
Poit, as federal other polio nts at the hao-
trator. a position pital. The w ere admit*
rs wing. ted to Corgl t Week.

I on High Brass

"rHf's pla d
S '

MWLSON: In the tough Loek I-S.Tot"uusib"h?
io hbped arrange Wilson. He's advised n.many
ot minority inter- committees as he's a be-
fX Aviation and fore.
North American Wilson's two be-
boot out five fore the WClNhb
Sand, electric here wb." '. I wS th
tod nf Indiana. mercy of stcUst of a
he took over reporters me6 sens
Sacy when Will- of humer u an iRun hand-
C ame to Wash- ling of the pag.
ar-a-year m*n.
r .Amade 0 "He A .
str.s f meand bo- out ..a e.

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,, .* ;-. .. .,. ,,-^ .
-- *** *o- "'. ., ,..,

87 M STITr P P 0 Box 134 PANAMA O, P.
3411 M4.DION AUE NEW YORK. 1171 N V.



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The Blind Poet of Hadley, Masw.
(Written for United Press,
In opulence we meet this year;
Our Lord has blessed the land
And gathered round the board of cheer
With bow'd heads let us stand.
Amidst our blessings let us see
That there Is food for all
And gratitude in every way
Abide with us Thanksgiving Day.
We voice Thy praise and give Thee love
For all Thy blessings from above;
For life and home and native land
And all for which our people stand.
We thank Thee, Lord, that through the year
With all its hardships and Its fear,
You helped, 0 Lord. show us the way;
We thank Thee for Thanksgiving Day.
Our fathers' God and God of ours,
God of the grain, the fruit and flowers;
God of the summer and the spring
Who taught our hearts like birds to sing,.
We thank Thee, God, at this great feast
For care of man and bird and beast.
So we today with thoughts sublime
Give praise to Him, Thanksgiving time.


Gorsh! That shore was a big wind outen Bronx Heights.
When we uns get a breeze like that down in South Arkansas
whar I come trom we hit for the cyclone celler till It-blows
over. *
That man with the long name shore was dedicated two. I
shore like educated folks on account I stopped scholln. when I
was ten an didn't lam much up to thet time.
An I shore like to read big words like two and three sylabile
Swords which shows a man has got a lot of degrees and things.
S.An culture.
I go a lot fer culture. I think everybody should have some
and I'm in favor of folks going to the Bronx to get some iffen
its possible Folks what get bronx culture with all them col-
leges a thngs all together, hive a special kind of serious real
lintenseAu ure wb l nakes theli kind of sit4U 91j amopg the
"rest ofa cloo do thli .and wrle .'t- ere r once
in a w foII r .er imgh.
FolMItt pe Bront cWlture (bet he works for Gorgas,
Personne- or General Counsel) hardly ever see a joke
in hardly ayth gZ,'especially in there selves. But its nice to be
serious a.the time.
S. I r wheb I used to go to the Bronx Zoo. Got off
'at the 1Sth Street subway station, and walked down (it was an
-elevator there) and went to the Zoo and seen all them wonder-
ful animules from all over the world.
Bunch of college boys from one of those Bronx colleges
pbkin fun at the chimps and that Chimp was Awful seriOus. 9
those college boys was reel tunny and having a grand
And I like that. I always like to see folks having a good
Sort makes me' feel good two. '
But you know, after them college boys went a t
Chimp sat there sorta scratehin his head, look Ia WAI dMM
ous. Just cod'tcouldn't understand them college boys at all -
allt that fun just looking at a chimp. .-
Seems sorta funny to me now that the -oldep b oy- clt
look at as chumps without getting serious and givit us what -
list fer laughing.
OB 8Sam. E


Well! The Cristobal Piers has gone to the dog. Yes sirl
All you find there now, is reprimands, discbthJ s, suspenalaso,
land no work.
In days of yore, when two and three thousand men were
taken on daily, you could final boats ol all Ut e* tiolns at the
piers. There were days when each pier had tW and five mhbI
receiving and forwarding cargo, each ship Workfi five, afld Wlt
pangs each. with stevedores such as Walke, Dean, Tlomnpon,
etc., who not only knew their jobs, bpt knew hoe to handle tbq
men under their supervision. 1.
Tney were men who came with a knowledge of stevedorilg
and did not depend on the Local Rate forepiqn to teach them
their jobs. Days when we had mien like A. L. Prather In the'
driver's seat. /
Yes, those good old days, and good old.WV are gd e .bt
hot forgotten. Know why? Ill tell you.
a In those days of so much activity tbe ws't so
theck lifting, reprimands, work, dtohue wit0 W due elS:
Now, the piers look like ghost towis. Wh s lt little i ,S
and more stevedores.
Now these same men who learned
they know enough. turn against a g ito-
them, reprimand them. and seek their .r.
L They make life hard for the do al
have been dock employes for ten andto w.e
half-baked stevedores even heard of the
At the drop of a hat, they lift your
five and ten days suspension for you.
Then the terminal directors, forgettn
ed for them for 10 and 15 years, acce
from men wbo turn out less work and more
to bad stevedoring.
This doesn't mean there are no good tIved lOtd 1
course not. But like everything else, the good n ptg O
All night or day., according to the shift he Is -work i1
e one of them walking up and down the pilanIlk3e
I. er his owls loaded with a foul smelling s heff heo l
t." muttering to everyone "Hustle or I'l brn b y, -
, gonna.'burn va," "Yea. rI'm gonna burn ya." Boy, hes
S Anyway. as I said before, the old docks ain't what they 000

b An O-dtla .


Ike's Choices


New Action

Although some of General a.
senhower's top cabinet dommand
la yet to be chosen, the two moa
important posts have now be
f lled and i s fair to discuss the
caliber of the General's appoint-
John Poster Dulles as Secret-
ary of State wano surprise .t
anyone, since his name and Gov-
ernor Dewey's had lU along been
prominently mentioned.
Dulles is- a profla n cllst
In International afft He hs
served ably la the ted Na-
tions; k beou am d off a
Republican mLtoat to the
State Department, and s thor-
ousghly ta wth its in-
ternal wevalnm and its pro-
blems. f
His crownbmh glory was the
fashioning of the apanese peaci
treaty. .
That pact wpa u fique ln-twi
major respects.
It was the first treaty in mod.
ern world' history that Was no
vindictive, tHat did nat ib. pri
marly to penalize thvsLaqUsh.
ed nation.
The great goal was and im -
to draw Japan lnto the tamil
of free nations and build wtthui
its islands a healthy demoracy
Secondly, the pati was
shrewdly put tf# -byu b a.
careful series f orteq -lby-
country nobottlmts which
considered and; jdiqi-e of
one by one, all the -tImna
stumbiunbg bflek to. fl
succesul remit.
This diplomatic technique hba
never before an tired 'ucl
a scale, and t OCa I
mightily to he t e of
the treaty d
No one selatw nti
cipated the pe
Charles E._of
General Mo c Vof
Defense. But thi A
stoned no eyebrow r
Eisenhower- em
his campaign an nt t
the defense establish n the
strictest business bash.
Defense now takes upwards
of two-thirds of the total U.S.
budget. If any treat savings
are to be made either In
spending or taxes sisble sums
must be shliob frm the Petn-
tagon's maaul. outlays.
Wilson ti ntremely well e-
.uipped for. hard task.
For may. J 's he has cap-
most usan~l~lH|f tsal enter-
prises in .
He know aitms production
from the producing end, and It is
here any savings must be made.
He is an operating specialist,
not a mere corporation figure-
His- reputation and position
were built %In performance,
If the quality of the appont-
aents to come matches z ien-
bower's key selections for State
and Defense, then the General
,uems sure to build a corps of
adnmindstrators who will bring to
the government badly needed
fresh thinking and new, pur-
poseful atn.


BiAL tS -iO A -


Caii Evetis Ct rTheiS.hi odow5 fore
.. .. : ,,,... .- a"








Flying B8oxcar .

WAHINOTON-((NA) -The recent series-ot ast man men as it cart.cafty are put aboard.
0-116 "Flying Bocar'." crashes climaxes a. l :g .owwer,' on. every ocoagin when the w
series of troubles the Air Force has had with .e- men ecovered that their rldewas going to be
plane in Korea. in r lylng Boxcar ho1tf fh4em quclly.aal
The fall story hasn't come out In the -U. S. iUi- that ey would wait for 'the next plane, regard-
til now, mostly because of security restrictions less of the urgency of theitmilsslon.
tapped on the subject, in the Far East e te -
a new episode took pl&ae.. Ap it is with any new. typ of plane which tbe
-f in~s getting t1a first heavy Operational, .te
Air Force headaches with the Flying B9xcar Flying Boxcar. was found to need masy Ift,
ached ac & in a t Februal Most them were cnceerneldtUk-.
e plafoUnl i .P4j fotionao the plane stouter, and' tork
ciden s l those ve was one in -.
taen o ace'. Thome were severall cra F ,a me
lai rested from pro ast p
Heavy security restrictions were immediately Even after r"tige p ..p"e .pt ''d tbe
placed on the groundlPg flr obvious r top e ffor ge of
Release of th r J rm .w ld I a
enemy that a ot.aeC s i SWee
stLrking Lre was imo lOd. It would a He m ted at ke
the en tht the vital argo flying job to te 'raft Co. haca
front.n .44oops would ilously slowed, aenleerin jI- on said t
=- didn't deser ve, the re
Even' ~ the official wounding aot on- i, go a
been :trS an emerge 9 made parachuteater wht the ate pr
Wneuv to- be in Japan, ;' a 1 eeted and wi O flew
Illar plane again in anWitht
Sbut- g. The ezercime was only' r.-. s.
ly The mb. .. biftcer was.*
Lo fore thaththere was even moe-b ages which hiusa of the an
SSof technical dfficulties wr; nt being incor1o
at buildlfn up on the Air W ane W s coming (oft t H
the .' Cat some of them were ret.ghluh A lt f sure that
in ,- e, -er
Alueh b an attitude among men i5_ Ialw
babed ta of unfounded rumor. N"4 M i l'
th. as getting serious. .*
On aiwsl occasions in Korea last vi #,if. I t r., AIr had.
r "pFoethehmet.'s feii. of flying '1whiFdrorc .
The .6erations offices of. .ke
are- Jammed-with soldiers
on- ;a re dirty, tired 01.'M t ....
W- -homiome on emergency hea
a -just amen traveling around ith nli
The procedure Is to nut d9t
in the operations shack, with o d A I
When the next plane takes off r t.

THE L W SHow'- ne r

a ha dluuaIhnee with the Gal -.


- I



tended '.0. t ft ;' .Aj.
the bus

. "'

-. -- .




* 4-..
* ... .. I

41 .- .. -

t- '

.* -' ^S -ttifs .

Dog Tired Dave!

Uavld wai a bous fellow.
'hopping sever left bltse 1ltowl
n *o t WIl *f tif *lust otte
Vhe noe rMed osal WIm Aia Oie

- .4 ..'1"*'

Pt P



x; ....

--- g -A


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.41' 4
4 1

2 '~''S
j*~..* -'A'
..) 4',

-~ -.4 ~
* *.
- 'I



- .~*I 4 *
j *1

., THE ,. ,uw p .....

4e Beneficencia to
.. assist the n-
w AS ier Ta5 bil 'af-u- A"d xo the Fr-ch Hall
ligl1e f. W urdayt8 6 o'clock.

rn" d and a third
c oVern ot ed I ...-.. .n ... .. .. .. .t bv ette Ann
The *t Is not ted t-t affect selling NEW un.1 referredto t and Cecilia
rit t re t e (: t' Offic. of Price AL f i ?monm' in-td afd .otesa the-
Stabl the c me mhis 000 spnse und. te .
i ltli* Plans to Supend W McCoomme n idldates: Amela
one Lppollattt218ent of Dul'a a a), 1a o 1005 vptes;
celi nl a d ntS' clothing at this Johno Wl secretary of state,- d: sstrongt Orena-
i e lir i lose to ceili and t "Dl to the million- d)ii ma Thomas
ty r alre socalt owd who would (a ote, and Norma
in or"e it s dt -ceilhngf. e'jor- put European Interest before .100 votes.
Se0r American $nteresta, A polic to coronation and
M-an-e, the capital w su tostt, coats, dess.'s, bloa MoCo a speee be- which Eisenhower seepa to hare held at the Club
reports that ad underwear ore the ti.dl' o.n been attrabted Iy his command h ely Club Palmlrai,
Wooi res. as ac s orle',W 4lap fS at Yale na said "uer of the armies. .. 6.G
chlfif Ltte- 3ijq, may bgrmnents, tk*u ?omient of 0 lonal Thi a presages a Split between -
the ld e I e i in the ut bro 'I t Esenhower and a l
an sh executive _ln1 1 'Elf.nhor Preside nos aton fat th e Republca public. senate. T U
.i -'st n=raps should pads idetr.. o from here noboses, und ereh-ay
eM Mobteaer M e ceOlMI- a i Tht Re me "uthanion 1940, "hened Ex-ocates of Aate decorations
codo returned fo9 whenn, Thoma ewe a General MaArthur franklin Rooee- thisyea were em an
Weint. a.udn F.and rt10eow York binkew ck of a calmudafe, "r $.it.wtdance" will be held
He said he has not bee f lWendell L. Wills in vol wouldver ot a e here Sunday. at
n the there hve t bridet bout the Republica nate asible
Sth angered ws made po myrefresh- be sure t
e to the knr isat m' I oni, s he sunl hspportd "x-Prei coentvi mAt decorations
Clothing and uho Thomi Dewey was General chosen at Canal aturnish anl

". parties 't* corrective h hadr ?fiat oSoate hne o. a third party B all. t ht

ror .twowedek, .s h. o deilidt-elect Nisonnihie emed it wll hae to be.a G ar a iLa-
deig .Wre retained, on ithe flirs l depot te4levetn speech." ed before the conventions. t.
women's rb tere heatA tStioln MOrAry said. ------ After the. 1952 political con- ere o "Imprsons and
atn the ancturingal d l about oof eo rI nifons, McConnick called for son of h Westr A
AThe thpenaonordr appU6 derd ~'I ofoundn of a new political be iven beP Im-
11,tottd t to be caled the Ame- n Waalleriten the lstrated
lonthli f. a. te be chosen a.b ma Canal Naturale
U Cal cc t~r kfCcan citRenfeblp la a91n t e tidp
oT edhtll.Has ol -hi %hiiedit e willOa f h ela i '
wvere retained r onupf-i t hisdrecor ilon speech." ed before the conventions

1 r 'aincoats;taot ta s ey said. AfterThe 1952Polaltical eon-re on "prshapter ofs ons and
ATJu iWmnelon order $ appieS T16 ned if anow al 90G. o a n polite A be ivep y 5# Ie -

The movie "haOeng t he roado asn to be called the Am alle i ar loal rate worated
S be sn orroad. b o. toma rrow n te value of nit
Mo. .ttor'bHI. U Mce De- obalChapter of' ASR

The movle. "dballengIin UsIroado 6was F re a '04 local rate wor
uNi," which wasreleased tothedile to4 u- and do- era o i the Atlantic Side.
namsa canal Zone b the :,LN- ) a .n rakekteerin .The plane Include a radio
a tio un. c 0uct of thv itscoijt other k actitIes" addresss ster the CPR network
Per's pariah hall, La Boca. to- iON In Trrd Italy, and among the working classes, by m.Ia m
Slat7. was nM. u ., 19,, Mrs, lar Arthur, Colo&r e4u- TIH
S...tor .q~aworkeA.d
,4 4.. ,':'- : i
M _..,_ ,,_A.,,,f__!,:r ... mt.,.M E T:



36u'Lt~ wit/i

ie've a complete selec-
*oIt of newest fashion hair
" re sorie.....
^ nestone studded tiaras,
'I and combs.
Jrny trailers, clinchers,
d hair buckles are also


1953 Sw~i


featuring new fashion
silhouettes in
Sea Nymph famous
suits with the famous
"tapered dorso',
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Jeweler's settings. We
have necklaces.
bracelets, pins, ear-
rings, and rings -to
comb i n e dramatic-

the T

\~ ~'DIA~
~- 4
1'' 4' 4



and QPEN aNll day




S. '^-. ,.* .4


p4-',--. hq

- MeI96fs

... .:AWN

Discunt .

:'-.R- enords 25 -0 5

R N 6 S

4-I *. .. ... .. ..... I.

SREALLY,new ina rat ear T'-IW
06W take the whel and eeior We
.qeJw the naW gO sfw ip**.
d a whisper, ItND'ow+
p W .. .citet amdip d ig e,-A J:;..,
with yeo.r p .w. anJ-i -es W

s n, ew .
L ," ;onl I II I*.' Sii .




. I
You'll love these new
fashionable box bags
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LU.. AY~



i. a s 4 .iwel. -U .

.'~~- -y~t:

* '4

...- .. I tAi




_il__l_~_________~1_ _~_ ___~ _~______ ____ II____ __ __ ____ ~___~__^______~ __1_1__~_~ ~_ __I___

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Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arrivals and Departures

Shipping & AirLine News UNITED FRUIT COMPANY

.. ,. .t Great White Fleet

*S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ................................ Nov. 30
S.S. "AVENIR" ..................................Dec. 4
*S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ................................Dec. 4
S.S. "MARNA" .................................... De 14

* Handling Refrilerated Chfled ea General Caro


MORE THAN 24.227 pounds of plumbing fixtures were being
shipped 3esterda% by Clay Products of Panama via Pan
American World Airways to Salvador.

Two New United I ruit Co. Thus, the ever increasing ex-
I*hips start Central por'Ts of colee. rice, eptton.
america Run Soon lumoer and otner commodities
-, To ne.' a.. caSo ships. the will have a dep'naaaole. iegul ir
'lV Leon ana M\ Lemoa. will service that .ui increase tne
shorui' en I the local West economy oi Miadle America.
Last Cenr' il .mneriLan trade! imports of general mercnan-
operating ,a: nMe United Fruit dise irom abroad will also be
Lon-panv. The Leon is expected nanaied with transhipment at
to oe aispatcrfed nom Cristuoa i ristooal so that the two-way
10: ti, e WC'L Coast Range this taiflic which is so essential anin
,;eeK ano I. r sister snip, the oe taken care of by this West
LemiL. iu expected to 1ollo,011 .oast of Central America ser-
within 60 aais vice.
inese no.,. are 343 feet.1
long. witn a ocam of 45 teet. a PAA Lists Ail Travel
dep n oi 25 9' and displacing t.nanges in 25 teats
2ibo gras tons TheN have 160.- Ai' ciave'ers wno get a kick
ULU (a.' cuoc leet o01 cargo oui. of skimming along at 300
spa.e. 'itl tmin screw,, diesel mln iour mines uo Ahould have
U.Iven engines. capable of de- Iried ih,ing 2 years aso.
,eio',u j500 ho.:sepo'ver. that l popping irom tr.) United
can R.Filtain a sped of 142'z'SLa.-s to Europe overnight or
ro ots ; .ach ship has accom- o o n to Buenos Aires in less
moioaLions lor six passengers in L. ,in "4 hriors Is commonplace
tree rooms. .,acn itn oath. no but when Pan American
i'ne MV Leon is named after Worid Ai Iays began operations
the city of Leon on the western Let ieen Kev West. fllorida,,ana
cc.. o, Nicaragua, famous alik-e Halana, Cuba. on October 28,
ir. earv, Cotonial history and for Ib2i. even ihaL 90-mr ..; trip pro-
its present importance as a Me- vided thruis aplenty,
tio.o.ioan center ot a growing Tne first PAA planes could
an.. prosperous agricultural eco- accommodate only the passen-
3omy. gers--ininus their baggage,
f* mi'e MV Lempa is named for Ahich htia to follow them across
the Lempa River which flows the Florida Straits by boat.
through El Salvador and which T he pilots in those early days
Ut today strai-.glcallv important flew ., ov the rcats of their
4ue Lo its hydroelectric c.'velop- pants."
ment projects oeing worked out Lacking reliable navigation in-
unucr Point IV. struments. they watened the
Upon :he enLrance of the MV \waves on the sea to determine
i Von and MV Lempa into the wind direction apd -estimate
a.-SL Co .Ce .. L ertkcan drkt
1 ae. tl".?y *ll furi augment, Oten they f.,w as w as 200
S present servi '-' that -the feet to avoid being misled by a
t.uted Fruit Company has biee shift In wind direction. Naviga-
*1- .e.-mg. tional aids were limited to .a
Ports of call will include compa.s. a clock, an air speed
(imberico and San Jose. Gua- indicator and a radio that didn't
niala: Acajutla. La Libertad a,.va'.s work.
aid Cutuco. El Salvador; Ama- Once a PAA plane north-
SIla, Honduras: Corinto and C :and I om Cuit, ran into such
lan Juan del Sur. Nicaragua: Iad father at Key West that
Funtarenas. Quepos and Oolfito.' it t., I.n land and had to re-
Costa Rica and Pt.:rto Armue- ti n o Havana at sunset.
lies. Panama. T'crc \%ere no airfield lights
in addition to this service be- 'n l' -,.e days. so PAA's airport
-,.e:n these Central American nmanger rounded up as many
pount 'es. the vessels will also automobiles as possible anuriAt-
Wffeor a transhipment service at tinrnd them along the rupway.
Cristobal for exports and im- Their lights gul4ed' the Fokker
9ort.s from and to all t'-., coun- to a safe landing-ron its last
tries listeri and U. S Gulf At-.cuplul of gas,.
)ntic ports, Europe and other Yes. sir, flying has chanrcd,"
erican Republics. .savs Cppt. Baql. -.. Rowe. Pan

C..IM WELKIN, Planeteer It's Tol

or. 40 o0 DIDN'T TELL -- CA'ULLY TO

i'. -----

$1.74 A D
pt OF Pr;CE.

r- ;

1: t! '


S.S. "JAMAICA" ..................................Nov. 10
S.S. "CAPE COD" ............................. Nov. 30
S.S. "FRA BERLANGA" .........................Dec. 2
S.S. "TALAMANCA" ..............................Dec. 6
S.S. "CAPE CUMBERLAND" ......................Dee. 7
rfenhti frelhl lllan from Crtetls6bl t
wt Coast Central Amerlean per*
Passenger Ballings to
New Orleaqa via Tela, Honduras

S.S. "CHIRIQU" ..............................Dec.
S.S. "CHI IQUPI .................................Dec. 16
Weekly In eo.Twelve Passmenes 8hlp sto New ork MbUle.
C ren. Les Angel. Sato rnseo and atl
We wish to announce a new special round trip rate of ,
$270.00 for passage on our twelve passenger *hip m atl
weekly from Balboa to Los Angeles and/or 8aa Franciuso,
returning from Los Apxeles. tickets limited to 'tor'
months, effective September 15th to May a1th,

------------^------------- ----

eArsl VrySfSTu WRVICLc rETrwEN
(A Limited Number of Pamensr Berths) .

M S. Wuhlnstn .................................... December
S S.S. Dieppe ........................................ December 9
M. C ..........................................,, Decema l.ns '
: .- -- _
PAI i trlnm NEW Le Mitm a L
sN'K p '............. .,.*T' .... Decm im
rPAsaVNiKS rWVca from CAWTAGW A to UOgR:
S.s. De Gria ..................................... Decembedf
Cr~cssmai rFINCB H LIm P.O. ADi MIs TaL. a-U2s iSU
Panwm! LIPO T MADUIl. & A. Box 1n
Tel. Pauami IMag.- s-16

Anierican's No. 1 pilot, whose
32,500 hours In the air represent
more time aloft than has been
logged by any other person in
the world.
"In the old days. engines were
weak but hearts were stout. We
had to' fly by dead reckoning.
with maps that were inaccurate.
"I remember a man that
showed pome. Central American
mountains as 3,000 feet high.
Anyone ;lymg through there at

OOou0i U *oVLvDrI/ff
50 9 fMlOMjWf IN
R FT Y-V9 l 1

The Detour


113! GOP

Who Threw That?

4,000 feet would have plowed
into them less than lalfway up. L Uf.K
The 'flet' were really meters, 1.J-P .
and the mountains were actually .
about 10,00 feet high." C
Rowe recalls that the first
airfiel In 'Haiti also served as
a golf course In the afternoon.
with .fl ht oprationp confined
to mx Rowe was late one
day l 'was bawlel out by an
ofFt k. ~~terrutlng a golf
(Ce O n Page 8, Col. 1)


&. .-
U^,? .. "t
- .- *. -. :2 :... ".^


- -- '..
_- : ... '


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'r .-"

iK '.S r. sruum _j, -- 't. --- --- --- .- "--

! *

- J .- ~. '-'I

,-. .. ..


Ju Allen I. Qw n of
G mpg^o^ N C., turned down
S, (NEA Telephoto)l kP*cutiCon inoion. that the
NAM.EDTO B. Gov. Douglas McKay (left) of Orego Juy be eiyd re lde the
and O(riht) oi Detroit were named to pool- cou ,, become t "Widespread
tlon-la' .W*Oo s-cabinLet, MOKay, 56, was selected as Sec- ane(.t"..n the- Case.
*retaw of '.t.,Sta wile Wilson. 62-year-old president of the At, w ,Sr aboutSoM 30 -
Geneal Ii r.. will serve as -Secretary of Defense. AW nut Opintwa e ti on the point,
named y Bisenhowsr, was John Foster Dulles as Secretary bf a &'aehir of 125 per-_ e
State; leaving six cabinet posts remaining to be filled. to appear foer Jur5. duty to-
S. o morow when Mrs..Ricker's trial
RBAivbln DrAidn lt Fnvov t- i lftic mei eeted to begin.

NimOeN" Cabinet
LA PAZ Bo a, Nov.-26 (UP)
--The e d cabinet of
President- Vctor Paz Estenssoro,
solidifying his control of the
Toiernament. was sworn Into of-
'ic' today. '
The new cabinet brings into
jower men oonsldered personal-
,y loyal to the president, who
seized control of the government
asT April in a bloodv'revolution.
The outgoing cabinet had been
lamed by Vice President Her-
naS I f o, prior to the re-
u *rn. Po from exile in
tluenbs Aires.
In" the incoming cabinet the
office of press and propaganda
ras eliminated.
Holy Island, -off England's
Northumbrian coast, can be
meaehed by car, but only 'cross
a three-male. uapdbar awash In
"he North Bea's tides.

To Attend Mass

On Thanksgiving
WA HINGTON. Nov. 29 .
(USIS)-Ambassadors and other
diplomats from the Latin Amer-
ican Republics and Pan Ameri-
can Union officials will be gUets
of honor at the 43rd annual Pan
American Mass on Thanksgiving
Day at Washington's St. Pa-

The 3S-year-old woman is ac-I
used firing a pistol shot that!
struck Miss Lotraine Rector, 19-I
yearnWd queen of the 1948 Ashe-
vlB. Tobaltco- Festival, in the
motthb as she walked out of a
dtrstote here on a quiet Sun-
day 4fternoon last Oct. 12.
Mrs. lIcker's 38-year-old hus-
and, Albert, was wounded as he
sit In his car a short distance
awtytng -for Miss Rector to
return: tlta pint of ice crepm.
Sherrff H. Y. Ponder said Mrs.

trick's Catholic Church. father served in the US Foreign
High-ranking US Goverla ent Ft~ the 36th consecutive year,
offlcialasand-otherdiastiiq .ed Oadets from St. John's College
Americans also will be aiong High School will form a ward
the -guests at the traditI l -f hoor for guests attending
servifo, which Will be Dresildt e mas.,
over by the Most Rev. Amtleo Principat purpose of the Pan
C. "ooM ani, Apostolic DbIlgate A&soan Mass Is to thank God-
to the ted Btetes. fr tile beeaings he has bestow-
a ,op the *nations of Nooth,
The 6mase -will be celebrated CSural and South America and
by Washipgton Archbishop Pa! to ask him to further Inter-
trif A. O'Doyle. Another well- AmrlOan cooperation. under-
knwn American prelate, the taii lhg and good w)li. Since
MostRev. John F. O'Hara Arch- Its founding in 1909, the Pfri
bishop of Philadelphia, will give M4 icani Muass has become the
the, sermon. Archbishop O'Hara it Important event of its
spent much .Of his earl? youth, 01id annually attracts in-
In-South America where hi tnal attention,



.,., .~

' I"t.

?L ;,.


.. S

,* j t3-.. ^ '"*,-'
*- :- ^f- s v .: *,. -

\' .,. ,., -- ** *.-... ,: ...; 'i-
"1 .
-. t..

: '; : .s... iaJ,-

(NEA Telephoto
TRAIN BANS BUS--Pasengert n bystanders view the wreck-
age in Houston. Tex., where a druc uzta Fe train crashed into
a crowded passenger bus. Noft-s.a killed, 46 were injured,
Ricker fired three times at Rick- shootings, has been held in jail
er through the car window, and heve. without bond.
then walked half a. block 1to the Ponder said the Rickers had
drug store and fired at the not lived together for about two
shapely Miss Rector through the years.
screen door. He said Ricker and the. blue-
Mrs. Ricker, who surrendered eyed, smoky-blonde Miss Rector
to officers Immediately after th' bad been dating for about a year

S.m m






.1* '-






:I '



t4* "


'Too Much Water,'-Grumps Expert
With 76,000 Beers Still To Go
o -

LONDON, Nov. 26 (UP) ment of 60.000 samples of
Chairman F. J. Bearman wiped draught and 16.000 samples of ,
his lips of the froth from a bottled- beer.
stein of beer today and made They're testing it for quality,'
this comment: flavor, body and notency.
"Before the Kaiser's war While their verdict will not
World War I beer was too be -officially rendered for sev-
strong and too cheap. Today it's eral days. Bearman already has
too dear and too weak. Some-. reached one conclusion:
thing should be done about it." There's too much water In
Bearman is a man who ought beer these days." he said.
to know.
He Is the 80-year-old chair- PAPA SCORES
man of the Brewers and Allied F P H.
Traders' AsEociatior. and one of DeLAND, Fla. lUP1 Herb
a panel of 28 judges who are Werner skipped the expectant
slowly d r i n k I n g their way, father's habit of chain-smoK-
through an impressive assort- Ing and pacing in hospital cor-

We are selling below cost. and also below United States
prices, our complete stoek of fine house paints
manufactured by the
"SUN PROOF" for Exterior. ................ $4.85 gal.
"WALLHIDE" flat. for interior............. 2.85
"WALLHIDE" semi-gloss for interior ...... 2.85 "'
"WALLHIDE" Gloss, for Interior .......... 3.85.
Tel. 2-3335 e 16th St. East No. 4

riders. Werner, batfit
Stetson University, was t,
process of scoring four tol
downs against a rival fo
team while his 7 and One.M
pound daughter was IN


:mu .Jwour.m oIA@OUIM

I -I n mm nm m i m nI

Full round trip discounts allowed I


0 i

offer you a new


S-combination 'in a ir

i *' 'SRI
.' ^ *-< **' '
.. ^

.'\ i.z
.. ;

-.. '\ -- -
.-- .




. T*-.

, ... ., I-




- ---- -

You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classifieds!

Leaie %oui Adl with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panama
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

Lewis Service
No 4 Tivoli Ae -Phone 2-2291 and

Fourth of Julv AMe.-Phone 2-0441

Salon de Belieza Americano
No. 55 West 12th Street

Carlton Drug Store
10.050 Mel6ndes Ave.-Phone 255 ColOn

Propaganda, S.A.-
Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones '.H" street corner' studian.te at.
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-2214 and 2-2708

Miuimom o. ilU, wwd.
3c. eacb additimal word.

Colleges, Labor Unons-

s House Probers' Next

- D jp uzr'.laar

H,,u.h-hl*ll __ Aulnmothile*
FC* "LE -- 2.,.le GCE irir FORl SALE -1952 Chevrolet 4 door
gera a.lar.rg Ion .'5, De Luxe wrh power glide, like
road. '. household Phone new $1825.00 Telephone 5-125.
-.. m P'noa FOR SALE -941 Oldsmobile con-
FOR SALE P.,:. uDrcqhihy Grnd I ertble good tires. good motor,
MFOg., .,hl 'g -.. 60 Cc' .E200 Phone E alboa 2-4172.
Lcla,.pc.i retrge'a'or' cc l, ,n.s FOR SALE -1946 Ford 5 passeng-
,O, .t ri ,- R eA do er coupe. with radio, excellent con-
trolier Lby C l-b. pi,' er Tel. dlt,on, $700 00, phone 787 Coco
916 Colon Solo.2
FOR SALE -Art.iiuc Chr. ne furl'- FOR SALE 1952 Morris Minor
lure 1...-.groon drinngir1m and Convertible, new car condition, 2,-
odd D.c.'el Phc.r- e .--'I_ 050 miles. priced for quick sale.
FOR SAL --, may be seen at house 1524-C.
,C-. Olf.,e Underwood Govilan Area. Balboa or call Bal-
p ,e 00 H-ou.e 81i-D' boa 3269 or 3446
P.drc,. M.cLueI Canal ,oe_ FOR SALE -1949 Chevrolet Con-
OV.IN(_. .5u.1 ',ll 2. c,clc G E.I vertible De Luxe with radio. Ex-
c e,, ,r occ5. r-. Llrd&r Apr cellent condition. Cream; block
.- Cudu top. Must sell. Leaving Isthmt I
.-.-L- -n. Phone 2-6341. Bidge, 279 Arn.
FC' ,ALL cde *ir-,rd D-...'ct.- con.
-, ., ',e.-l mah..gc nv End nd
.t' b Tles' r,c,n '.Or. Melal FOR SALE -1942 Buick convertible.
B.j..-.-.m~.,,, -ih New, Motire-sI duty poaid. $325 00. Leaving Zone
Double Hollywo.:d Bed. I Hammer, telephone 2-2553. Mon- 45 00 Rebuilt &: day thru Soturday. 8:00 to 4 00
Cu.-.-.. Go. Sie-. 5 00, FOR SALE -1942 Chevrolet, 4-door.
a,-. -, C ot 9 U00 good condition. Apt. 831-0, Bol-
vv..,;:.:. ;2. :i,: New and U.e'-, boa Road. Balboa.
tai.:r.r furr..ui, ":ola-Beds 5130.
C.1 .AIf t,pc. Ot1 Furr,,lure. L E S S N S
Hcu~r....Ij Ex.:h.j,.e 41 Automob.le For dance instruction to meet ,our
Pow,. TAl. .-1 I i. Open Ail Do, neds and your budget. Telephone
Sotur' _Llono Sears. Panama 3-1565.
FOR SALE -- C J,,le 9 tt. Coldspt SA
eL. Balboo :- FOR SALE
142_ -Real Estate
FCI SALE. -' lf. cVVC.nghouse re- __al ate____
frgc'ai. r, :.7. cycle all porcelain. FOR SALE: -Two bedroom beach
Excellent cord.tion, S590 00 House coltoge with electric and water
5645 -D Dioblo supply. 3.409 mts. Write Mr. C.
B. Stephens. Box 344 Curundu, C.
WANTED Z or phone 2138.

Mi.aellannrota FOR SALE:-Pete's bar eM nd ee-
_______ ___ rant situated on "J" shet Ne. 16.
WANTED -Used 25 cycle vash-ng, at a low price.
machmre in ood conditl.:n. Ft
Sherman 877-4 ad o ro ra
WANTED -U1.d ,:ari late rr.dels, 4 d 10rogr m s
Sc:.or. Cleon. For Export. Cash
-1 42-. Panomo. Your Community Station
SWArTtD -E.noloyment with Nr'th
Ameicon fom.l,. leasing for Unt- H
d Stores Enquire No. 2, Jose de -
S Obaldao .street, downstairs. Wiloma H O

Help Wanted
WANTED--Cook and
musl sleep in. excellent solarV
Engel Apartment J, 44th. Street.
No. 37 Edificio Sousa. Apply af-
ternoonr or evenings only
WANTED -Good reliable cook. WillI
* net hae to sleep in Bring refeir-
ences 'o Agencoi Doel, 14 Ce a a
k-4.. Avenue

Wanted Position
teacher issires to teach Engilh
reading and phonics in home or
school. Either Atlantic or Pachic
side. Write Abrosia C Lopez.
Correo de Colon, R. P or Box 948
Crisiobal P. O. Canal Zone.
enced. guaranteed work Immedia-
tely available at ,- :081

riish Soldier, 18,

Held For Treason
LONDON, Nov. 26 i UP)-The
British War Office said today
that an 18-year-old corps troop-
er has been arrested and charg-
ed with trying to pass restritt-
ed information to unauthor-
Ized persons.
The brief announcement said
the soldier was Pvt. T. E. Dewick
of the Bovington' army cen-
ter's driving and mainten-
ance School in Do. % England.
F The War Office, fixing De-
Sick's court martial date for
DeC. 2, said he was charged
with "being in possession of In-
.formation which might be use-
ill to an enemy," and further
z.-tth "Improperly negotiating
I ith some person or persons un-
Rwor wlth a view to offering
information to the organ-
ii to which he belonged,
Organization not being au-
a to receive same"
Offials refused further de-

p blic Relations
HMeads Of Unifruco
pfPy Panama Visit
H Three United Fruit Company
relations officials from
I Un md States spent several
t n Paiama in connection
AOi. A1)pany's public re-

a~l~ McClintock, assistant
Sail Walaee of
dl division, and Rich-
]i2 lhesU tropical dlvl-
i w I tis week be-
their 9upI of "Bill"


Whem 100.000 People Ma

Today, Wednesday, Nov. 26
3.15-The Little Show
3:3U-Music tor Wednesday *
4 UU-Music Without Words
4:15-Sepia Parade
4:3U-Wnat's Your Favorite.
SAgencia Steer)
5:20-What's Your Favorite
5.35-What's Your Favorite
6:30-Ricky's Record Shop
6:45-Lowell Thoma
7:00-Ovet to You (BBCI
7: ".5-French in the Air iRDF>
8 00--Bvmplg Salon
8:4-U.P. COmmentary
9:00-The Small House at Al-
ltngton (BBC)I
9:30-The Haunting Hour
1l:00-The Owl's Nest
Mdn1ght-Sign Off

Tomorrow, Thursday, Nov. 27
6:00-Sign on The Alarm
Clock Club
7:30-Mornlna Salon
8:15-Morning Varieties
8:30-Music Makers
8:45--Jerry Sears Presents
9:15-Sacred Heart Program
9:30-As I See It
10:05-Off the Record
11:05--Off the Record (Contd)
11:30-Meet the Band
12:05--Luncheon Music
12:30-Popular Music
1:.l5-PerBonaUlty Parade
1:45-Lum and Abner
2:00-Call fror Lee Paul
2:15-Date for DancinR
2:30-Afternoon Melodies
2:45-Battle of the Bands
3:00-American Debut
3:15-The Little Show
3:30-Music for Thursday
4-00--Great Artists
4:15-Bob Eberly
4:30-What's four Favorite
5:35-What's Your Favorite
6 30-Ricky's Record Shop
6:45-Lowell Thomas
7:00--The Master of Ballantrae
Petronia Tailor Shop
8:00-Short Story Theater
8:30-Gay Nineties.
8'45- UP Commentary
9:G0-Paul Temple (BBC)
9:3X-Donald Voorhege (V0"A)


Do eUe have a drimklh pMlem
Write Ale-obele AWnw em0... s
203i Ancee. C. Z.
one way $85. round trip $135 115
day-limitl. $160, good one year?;
to LOS ANGELES, one way. S149.
15. round trip $252.35. 90 day-
limit). Panama Dispatch Service op-
posite Ancon bus stop. Tel. Panama
GRAND XMAS SALE:. All at bar-
gain prices. Fresh stocks Philippine
Rattan end mahogany furniture.
Large as otmeit Chinese novel-
ties etc. W. T. LUM. 61. 4th of
July Ave. Tel. 2-2446.

DR WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic
E'rudiante Street No. 140. Between
K and "J" Street. Phone 2-
34179 Panama.
Sponsored by Hotel EL PANAMA
3 full days. Leave Friday Decimber
5, 7:30 a.m. Return late Sunday af-
ternoon December 7. Fishing through
the Pearl Islands, visiting with the
primitive Chaco Indians, spearing
crocodiles, lack light hunting, cruis-
ing up the Sombu river, aboard El
Ponama's Pescodora.
Bring old clothes, comfortable shoes,
3 glorious days, $45.00 each per-
son. For reservation phone Jungle
Panama 3-1660

See ',our Travel Agent
PRTS. Normans Reich at Gerald Jef-
ries at Fort Kobbe please call Pon-
ama 2-2395 or 3-3882.-
PHONE Panama 2-1326. We will call
for, repair, and deliver your radio,
phonograph, tape or 'wire record-
ers, etc. Expert American Tech-

Miscella nein
FOR SALE: Great Done puppy.
Fawn with black mask. AKC re-
gistered. Phone Bolboa 2-1606.
FOR SALE:-Piano, cheap. Tel. 2-
3840. 5 p. m. to 8 p. m.
FOR SALE: Dark green overcoat.
woman's, size 10. Boy's brown,
wool coot, size 3 yrs. Heavy-yellow
cozy carriage suit, size 6 Mo. to F
year. These are new, never used.
lease call 2-3115 or 5464-8.
Endicott St. Diablo.
FOOR-SALE: One 22-cal=bre rifle.
Perfect condition. Telephone 2-
1358; house 0860-A, Oleander St.
FOR SALE:--One 12 gauge Shotgun,
Remington Pump. Wiriomaster,
,with case. $60.00. Call 83-6167,
after 5:00 p. m.
FOR SALE:-Beouty Parlor in good
location. B Avenue No. II. A.
FOR SALE:-Portable Singer sewing
machine. 609 Ancon r lvd. ,-
FOR SALE: Radio, model NC46
High Frequency Receiver. House
615-B. Cocoll. C. Z. -
-t^ C^T- HO5
FOR SALE-G-nuine Dochshund Pup-
pies, 4 weeks old. Call telephone
3-2191, from. 12:00 m to 8:00
P. m.

Ike Plan
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ferted recently with the Elsen-
power saff sne the President.
elect returned last week from a
vacation in Georgia.
Elsenhower aid In a statement
Issued through press sem rta*
rv James C. H.agry, that Mrs.
Hobby would be requested to sit
in on cabinet mestapn because
of her "vitall tt -
tion" as a of f
security. "'
Mr Bobby will d a t the Re-
we are progsa. s
federal l -
tfrement polloles
curity and other l
Mrs. Priest said t
ment meanttat tl
voice in0 .e
mir of tUe
She wam
be slected for
within the
Ezra 8
direCto w

trUt. ]nJ oun
City and MO.
FAmtiful is
from there. ..


IHave Thanksgiving dinner at Casino
Santa Clara. Dance music by Ca-
smino Aces. No reservations neces-
sary. Saturday and Sunday.
Gramllch Santo Clara beach-
cottages. Electric ice boxes, gast
stoves, moderate rates. Telephone
6-441 Gambo. 4.567 Pedro Mi-
Furnished houses On Beach at Santa
Clara. Phone Shrapnel, Balboa
1389, or see Caretaker there.
PHILL.IPS Oceanside Cottages. The
only court in Santa Clara with an
Oceanview from all cottages. Steps
to beach. Rock Gas, refrigeration.
barbecue and shuffle board. Pan-
ama 3-1877. Margarita 3-1673.
Box No. 435 Iblboo.
Visit Hotel Ponamericano in beauti-
ful El Valle for a cool inexpensive
Williams' Santa Clara Beach cot-
tages. 2 bedrooms, refrigeration.
Rockgas rangers. Balboa 2-3050.


FOR RENT:-Furnished house, three
bedrooms, air-conditioned, hot
water. Telephone 3.3444 or 3-


rwo and five room furnbhed and
unfurnished apartments;' private en-
closed gardens. 8061. lOQh Street.
New Cristobol. Telephone Colon
FOR RENT: Beautiful new three
bedroom apartment, El Cangrejo,
unfurnished. $170 per month.
Phone room 164. Hotel Tivoli.

FOR RENT:-2 bedroom furnished'
aportmetn. No. II Second Street.
Telephone 3-0533, 8:00 to 12:006
m. and 2:00 to 5:00 p. -m. After

MMtc1 e'& och time
tnt&" matt
eft atlon"
RATS are = ,Radi
IF YOU RALLY WA racinghuO)
UB Wlm epell,
Br 1.419t with
M A R F R 1i f mr rwin
R4t & Mousi Killer Weakene
(contains WAft-iM d factions,
pd with the
GEO F. NOGV( C, thent and
other form
WA A federal
1 Central Ave.. TA-. York today
....of t e iUn,
and Machil
MODERN FURNITtif other inde
-al omsWW-o being actil
"OT 01 W.4 Party.
".. m n The grain
"HMOER" meant reco]
National L
itn Wse w revoke its
__&J 40. i. uniold, It
'* Communist
." "*1 -- 1 ,,, much wor

Shipping, mnovlni. ton of Red inf
We pack and orate or move for scrutiny
anything. 'Phone 2-241,. level."
2-2562. PanaL Velde ala
2.2 mittee wll
hearings t

0 I

Sa Penru A.- Wts-l

1i ift aZ c

In d
tion of

--- -- ---- I--- V. ... .- -
5:00. Tel. 3-2694, Panama. Aff ItNi Walt. bFo- tainm uspe
FOR R Ttrot. Jitterbug, at some ol
FOR RENT Rhamba. m ai --s
T T Mambo..

OR large coo
dAWle'rWf,~ritrdlty located. HAEN I3 DUNi -
two gentl only. Phony e-2542 BALBTJA Y. M, C. L .
.-3-1081. -- -

Salvation Army
To Stage Mammoth
Concert Tomorrow
The Salvation Arnly in Pana-
ma and the Canal Zone will ob-
serve t'= al Thinksgiving
Day Rm with a mammoth
musical n*ert, featuring a
brass b and a choral group.
made u W singers of all ages.
Ab out- delegates muleians
and s will leave from the
Section, Headquarters in Bal-
boa t 8, a, m.. journey to Co-
lon for IOrnan and afternoon.
hmusRW t0ong festival. The
iargl f aggregation ever
to the streets Of Colon
will of Salvationist
Youth ade will tae place

%The6, PItl Invited to festival
at Tbuta=oI Army 14th St.
Ohaplel. c s building at 6:30
p. m.

US Accountant
Gives Address
For CZ Personnel
Uric L. Kohler, consulting ac-
countant from Chicago now
serving In an advisory capacity
in the Canal organization, spoke
to a group of CaRal and General
Aesoawftt a4 peaonel last
night (a -aiiotRintg and the
Panama.0 anl,'.
The IA. Governor,
momad acting finance
dir o the an a Canal Co.
-d A L J"' aU X s -

lik "'f^ .8^'^ _
i. ^^ ^^S*

Jet ice Jabara

Sels His Wl h

-Back U-'rea

"OTON, Nov. 26 (UP)
trold L Velde said to-
use Un-American Ao
mmittee will coen t
ommuntlat inflltratilon vF mr .
s and labor u"ow
rand tone down Its O e V patl ly y t Cr
nols Republican who
ed to take over as UNITED NATONS,. MU o. 2S, HA )
of the group in Janu- (UP)) The t Wations Raout m
the committee "al- overrode TAsia'a vferou ob- of the
spent a little too Jections todaf and voed to give n in
Son Hollywood. Mat priority to the debate on -In- Ia an o
d be subordinated to dia's compromise Korean peace hi. best
irtant matters." plan. Lw oma
these "more Impor- By a vote ot 49 to -, with I .pefti
ers he listed an In- one abstention, the General As- an daW
of the United Elec- aembly's political omunittee put uma olo= I
o and Machine Work- the Indian plan ahead of all meri als rtSl
erica and the United other proposals on the list for join the N d al
This the committee shelved- thoroughly re M y
Cited Electrical group with the consent of the spon- used In patro asd og n do
[ed from. the CIO in rsr--a 21-power American-de- raids.
several other unionsigned r lut and over' l
tg too close to the vigorous objections a RussIan fla=esr un
Party line, proposal heavily loaded for the Ikst'~ .gtt
ed by membership Communists. min 1
it subsequently merg- Soviet foreign miniter Andrl tant .ld
e United Farm Equip- Vishinsky tried hard to throw The Ve -
Metal workers, an-the committee into a parlUa- leved to be .ia final
ner CIO union. mentary brawl on the priority attack w_ Ulas to
l grand Jury in New Issue, but Western delegates re-f th and
accused the officers fused to bandy words with him. could w Vi MV.'4,la tMhe
ited Electrical, Radio If India accepts certain a- IndoehlnaW.
ne Workers and three amendments, today's 49 to 5 vote, pittl. t. .was*
dependent unions of would be indicative of the evep- obs re4h, hils
ve in the Communist tual final ballot for passae of saurrou nd
the Indian compromise propo- were .whiZ
sal, observers here believed. Fre aii -
nd jury, In a present- eentro out f at ry
amended that the nc6ed
labor Relatlonj Board J U h ofialp t : l dald
certification of the .. .dt la nh t onU y a fI e
said the officers' non- r frbutaldioat S (avs=-
affidavits are so rr' i':"' k
thless paper. Aa mt.
proposed investigation UM.'rm
fluenees in education. .
d the greatest "need" IAJIR9I,)W. 2 to.)--acat- ta B -
y is "at the college tered Ma l Wa tetit activI- hil..
ties conatlued throughout Ken- I.
o predicted the corn- ya colon today ar troops and Mea mill Vietn ith
1 permit some of Its ponce e sOtt d to carry out fV.t 'ned ih. held
o be televised, punitive iilares. lbt" In ARd tl
Sam Rayburn ban- The bqdy o0 a tribal chief's as.- 1e' as -. .RJdlld, with
dio coverage of hear- altnt, br tally. hackedby na- i v ey l the
session, but House tive p s nive) Was. fo Reds.
er Joseph W. Martin near t. vi further In- ..
announced he will re- dicatmon t M aus
ruling, still rsiSting the government's
n coverage would cleanup, .
the public on Con- In th. i-"ra w .
nd enhance the com- Kuyu
reatlge, Velde said. Sunday by'
rising the investiga- brpw up an lI.e
gher education, Velde S341A s a
committee would be iue
particularly in cer-~partle-
ct youth movementIa
the big universities,, frim caS I... V, n

ros Read.. .u

!.oy niaho

was Nov. *.-the an.
f the d iathwt Paai

i a iedh de n

So e bobero chpse Nov.3
9o eelebrae on that
PanamIa gained herJie .
denoe oas a separate aton
19W8, "

SCOTT FIEBS. Ill., Nov. 25 Frld. is stIl a naStional holl
iUP) Mal. Jages Jabara, the day i naa, wheg
world's first lt -ace, got bla ment o banm
wish to return. to combat in shops
Korea today. ear morning m Q
0 t oUo'wed'bythe
The Air B. 44r Traniln Wt B- a.. at the
Command, a upon Jabara'. School dies for e s
request, or to reports havt the. beft fire drils.
to Cam t Clif., The parade of all .ia&
Jan. 6 or ss t with th fire wl stat
Far East Air, Pera n l:
Expodo at 0
Jabara, with anult making g 34th
MIGs to h idai he'll to Central nue and
"blast m o'et sky If I through town to the Panama
get th the lla wt* thedrt. e F
He sad beidid he did
"very itUeI.tterdmisalon Again the blomberos will.
In 1 cdmplete in full diingg soenl of the
the zm9tour of W100 Ing on Panama's white ft
masWsiitns. tuPa w.
S" the blen
"Our "tp do the smen W thtM
. Shooting .dWoottg'suId th dr
Ir La"' P- w-M-

like I oM
Theo ;
of three,
sal s
py about
bat duty
things ui
He plain
to WishE
days whi
man. wt
town and
rent a 'u
and chOld
how loag
his KorW
bat du W

a few
i. t the

is wife this ca
r rela- lowship

S't kaow"
Sto reach
ior even

'1I leave tomorrow Credit
.nine an
SI rope in
Ala# -


ile of

ih *-.1

tltos bi
mon. th
wUil ma
to dis
At t
other fl
GOait Cl
A cW
14!' W




.2 ~
r K

-,- ms

- 1




.- -_ -.~~~~~~ -- --- --- -- t



* *



81~~ .

,- V 'V F..'"' -

0.' .' .' .. .


will be celebrated Thursday, November 27


* .4

from 12:30 p.m. In the Balboa Room
(Asqdrraga at the Organ)

S S ea'the e s a of Price Stabillza-
d wholesale price
have little or no di-
on prices housewives
buteher sho.
a ...1 "l beel agencyaso lifted
SOn the establishment
tar houses because
-T sa" wml -"ofis have improved
e The Sisterhood of Kol Sheawrlitt at prevention
Ifsael .ill meet tomorrow at 4: n arket operations.
.in. at the Community Hall. tTigh e E.Woo
MnM..J thd |ekaSvng resC t e whether to or-
Sr krt i iiabo o Se rvce U. Si. DEAL FOR. AC S-- W -l k in beef retail prie:
Sw vicee of Thankgivi lM %blMres Above Newgaap abows loeationu r .decisions Is expect-
*Cs "E, be bI5d in on ,i of three s whleh were
hurchto.morrowp ares d upon the U. s. and off elals said the bee
Sr e hor si0M. 0 rt o r Spain. The bases which should mn .ttiapproved. wouh
9:3q a.m. for the hoft eate W et- sure the security of the .tle ieonrt oofft he4 or 5 cent,
m. eple who have oth for at ntiStMShop on Mon- Wet against Soviet ageaelon a cheaper cuts. The
.rt. Mr. later in the day, ftrnon or duting the day will cost the U. 8. about $123 m c toome areas al-
7Hlert' Mheis ChtiW o Ai urhn ma y bebri by tele- rtairlleont i nduced their ce,
n hnr e srp Reaks. lymonh announea H"o b meat industry
', Co m ."pKn ate publi c Iscordially nv dfio Co rs. Cdlu Roe-
Mrsmtt.fthat tor l ifreshmenta will be served. Hog- ad
r. a. oM. i e d. ad Women' Annual teuses Ma. Biurd Eaer, Mrs. that prices, on the av-
rn. Mr. otice tR .aope aenowite, Mrs. Sergio Be-; downward.
.#R. j. 0"othee to All Wen eme aTe Cuel Arnch of the court. Mrs. Conant Chas di wholesale
.'. Mr.IB. vet member the L ieatof American f W. H. Davis. Mrs. Lawrence -st e ay
N = brasc fl :tatefway
Zonere o Aranc' P Omen sill hold their Mrs. Hans ater. Mrs. them later If
WillhbetA 5 *4:00.tu LU dge, Mrs. ohLew, Mrs. 8 zamsue shacr would
arBB tB. Chem. ore fft tooi pm. e and onSaturday. De- W. R. Lindsa. MrCLs.Leis tho e wfore-
U to l 7 nr the Littlel eryof the Raoy tok te ham, Mrs. Glaen Trefw uer n
Iug, t. doui flerO-fthHtel T11U Hotel Vio L finger,. Mrs. Morton ia. .hnj, Ma.yPuts are chea
tt 3.e Ch hforeMwill 'bm i smiA. nintngs.. i general hand- Mrs. Subvert Turb and g hy were just beforetLh
John before a onsld articles and "A PanaMa George Wright. o, ofI tie IKorean war
MAIL Mr. U3IO. .LtSthe ,a.t tory"whicht.a twoyears ago.
.3. russ, badly -ftd story of how two Panama- boek clings, which
n ad a Mr. lan children celebrated Chlisat- Natural History Societ U Meetia q withwholesale prices,.
W s, ill be featured. The Panama Nat. Price of-
STha e i stoy Society will meet I t them in
t-beHBeatv to elalg Meetng of evening at 8:00 in the Gor mark-
Coll0ge Club Monday Memorial Laboratory in Pancn
Inty's Minis- A general meeting of the Ca'- City to hear a lecture on "11*
i give nl Zone College Clubr will e a nd Descriptions perenge
a-- h Iin honor M. W. L. lfr held on Monday, December t $t French West AfricT" by Pfc. IT p
oaf nC.N.A. MW go.7T;35 p in the Jewish Welfare' manuel Wallerstein. Col ore
aoftthe.PaOl h 0oard Center in Balboa. HqWs aides will be used to illus
tc, company: of ad. .WASbaLE iof College Club meab6i l lecture.
CO n .and guests are welcome.
b. ea who is t La- Mr. Tom Ot and Mr. ue program will be In charge Members may Invite adau
countries, arrived .1 of the Mucie Appreciaton prospective members and visitor
evening. the chairs Uof t as their guests.
1 M. ,Wo. n j .. _re ._ OfiM WJves 0i.aZ.lks and ably
V[ Wt." l Secretary ofr -- i her.committee. Miolval Dance Classes
Stgrld em RonfDoloresbl a Itof
dMa= te .hrStmas muss will be present-m postponed until next
...... .Deat 7:30 o .m. at the 1 -0
Command L. Obwl the ,program beed Forces Service Caenter, -
lam C oCoamand.Mrst, m.iwle' w od' l't

4n- %wm Md MU- w .T: at73U.WII tqIK U__O____

e"nun e 11.... I

: .... ...., iI

Tropical Fruit Cocktail In Coconut
Panami Shrimp Cocktail. Lamaze or Cocktail Sauce
Italian Antipasto Chopped Chicken Livers
Apple Juice-Crisp Celery, Olives-Mixed Nuts-Fruit
Chicken Gumbo Soup Chilled Creme Vichyssolse
Double Consomme. Dubarry-Jellied Tomato Madrllene
Tiled of Pacific Corvina. Visa del Mar ........ 3.50
eaout Young Tom Turkey. Chestnut Dressing,
Cranberry Compote ........................ 450
Charoel Broiled. FUet Mignon, Cafe de Paris 5.25
aRost Prime U.S. Ribs of Beef au Creason ...... 575
Iaketd Beachnut Sugar Cured Ham. Santa Clara 4.00
Pbt Neuf Potatoes Rice Rissoto
Cauliflower, Mornay Fried Plantain
Candied Sweet Poaties Brussel Sprouts au Marron
French Cut String Beans
Waldorf Salad
Pumpkin Pie or Hot Minced Meat Pie
Vapoleon Slice Fruit Cake
Plum Pudding with Brandy Sauce
Ire Cream Cake Parfalt a la Trianon
After Dinner Mints

Children's Portion: Half ice.

I -. "7 .-.
Bring the family-jofn your friends for -a memorable get-
together that will truly reflect your thankfulness
for the material and spiritual wealth of your American heritage

A Kirkey el

^ryWtOYlo VaJ2i



Eset (o
. ..
~sc ..-
,tan'.: ..+-

Y-e ..

W 4-.1A ..1 ,-, "',6A, )'-L.

. -. .. STAR


TUESPDAY,.. 9- 8:30 P.M.
.| ... TIR E
|| ,,t the

'Ickets .......... 4
.......... .--

[AwW-ltl% Tel. 2-2000
.n.aunse, r 41. m.- .


. 11

lA sow.,



. .

- uae,

" pgluq -
-tv bm

17 Me
Bgb Daeime-



" ,

The ONLY Watch with
the Heart that never
Breaks...lM* euae Gaed






Bghr Delu



DE VENTAS, 8; A. um
Phot Phom 411

Cld s. -he,,.iaibied mia



from 6:30 p.m. in the Bella Vista Roof
(with Angelo Jaspe's orchestra)

TMker y carved at tables of six or more.

. '-

17 Reav

Y-~- --mmumomps"

I -


.1.. .-.----~ ..------- -L

all Makh dl'Htl
or Remrvationals


z i


: .. .. ^ A ~ r ; .4..

:~~~ ~ ji' '' ;''~


**" ~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~ **r. *' *ri ll I 1HI. .II il U~r l WJlllll i1'll

SHIPPING... No Secret For Grav Success Clifford T. Hood
,>.,,,,onin..en ifi- P,!r4) |0 or r w uce d
game ac. t 0 .t.:ig I. l,, g. g o To Garnish Tomorrow's Turkey Of S Steel orp.
e of his aviation -..-- -
. llfng lne.. Co":!. 1.: Ie., n..I o0- NEW YORK, Nov. 26-(UP)-
.'pTssurized in',i ne \,'irn BY (.AYNOR MADDOX flit,. and blend with the fat. Set Cliffolid T. Hood, 58-year-old
I :'.t e at nerpool w n ullI NI.A Food and Markets Editor roasting pan over very low heat.Istcel expcutide, today was elect-
a i' nmo an ,a i.t11 1 ,I,' Cook until frothy. stirring con- ed president of United States
Ibo~deca ifln on t.1f pilou .. 1, Ti.fre'.; really no secret to gra- tantly. Add the measured l-'Steel Corp., the world's large.
... ,ace-s 11 a tested recipe Is quid, cool or lukewarm, not hot.'steel company. Hood, a former .,,,..- aind vil a 'eiv followed. Iall at once Increase heat andIllinoti farm boy, will succeed
straight oeac -in- elL ,l'0 n LU'e extra or left-over oravy in ,ook. stirring constantly until BenlAntin F. Falrless as presi.
arain Cokek in tot, tIL, 01 Ill- ,..ide dishes later. Allow 1-3 unilormly thickened. While stir. Ja. 1.
h.ot. to ILt, inA.i I n i Il 1.t u1 I11avy per person. For each.ri'n. scrape and blend the brown I Fairless, who is 62, became
ticn 192.t .n Ainetano Li i. e(- oul iravy. use 1 tablespoons ,.esidue Into the gravy. Simmer president of the corporation In
tic.,et imt L.uns.ieau o ui -i.*,I of fat and flour and I cuplabout 5 minutes. 193B .and on May 6 of this
in i~ev,'e A c,,TA :i ,t" -D a (I i d. For 4 cups of gravy use Season well to taste. Serve ve- year was elected chairman, suc-
be z. e. a e aU i -K1 _: ;I s i. Lblespoonr orilppint from rvy .ot. For giblet gravy, add dle- ceeding Irving 8.'Olds, who re-
aei.%e, a a i ar ,w I t, l.Iitltng pan 6 tablespoon.- flour.'ed rrground cooked giblets. Since'tired to resume active law
veIIe aV a tatL.n -oL -' .1i c rm liquid-elblet broth. milkiravv tends to thicken and form practkte. Fairless will continue
move hton iai a ,, .. ere aler. *,kin" over the top as it cools. a chairman and as chief ex.-
traiiito as som tkni ,L n, ,, Piur th diippings lthefat and; ,rve only enough at one time to bcuUve officer of the corpora-I
good. Enmployes n, ... .it i., u-1117t in the roasting panic 'rake care of first servings. tion. ,
on the sidewalk Ie gl t- I".. a bou I leaving all the brawn I It is usually best to limit the Hood has been executive vice
aeenng tours, anli H .n, e cou- in the pan. Let the fat a nish to parsley, watercress or, president in charge of opera-
PAA urallic nmanitk old drup is'- to thp top Skim off all the ether salad greens. Holiday or tons or U.S. Steel Co., a sub-
Into bars to persua etip tou -u ta then measure amount need- spec al-occasion dinner excep- sldia'y of the corporation. On
ists to l y.- d ior eravv back into the roast- tions are glazed apple or orange Jan. 1, 1950, he was made presi-
.iying Lhen vAs .0 ne., and Ine pa3n The meat juice under ellcs: spiced, apples, pears or dent of the former Carnegie-
adventurous that ,%u 1 d to u .,he fat may be used as part of rPeahes: orange. (rauefruit or Illinola Steel Corp., and a year
drunk or crazy to riiN accoicin- h. liquid for the gravy. Add leron baskets filled with apple- later, when that company be-
to popular belief No touiist sauce: cranberry jelly, mashed came a part of U. S. Steel Co.,
would take the I'LsK-OrIy, tr. j and seasoned squash or sweet. po- he WAS made executive vice
daredevils, a few intrepid OuM 4fll8 10mbIneda tatries; plain or frosted grapem. president f6r operations.
ness travelers or pti.ons ,, ui -, an I cranberry molds or cut-o'jts
gent missions. o- Held provide a plate to which the Giant manta rays of the
Luggage was aiLn l.d t fVI3C Bi 'r P.Rnilsh can be transferred before ocean are not aggressive uy na-
tnLuggaoBige was nite t 33 ervIng Is begun. To accomrno- ture, but because of their size
pounds. Biggest on een.e A ure- Sr .ate garnish and turkey, the and power may be highly dan-
as then then aend no.., m..ever Al Our Saviour S letter should be large so thp.t gerous to small boats from
tway is heme el nt Pana ma al th carver is not pleed at a dls- which they are sometimes har-
hours nonstop from NMrmna Once An annual combined service advantage. Pooned.
upon a time it as a devious, on Thanksgiving Day is plan- If the partially carved hird is
three-day Clipper trip via Ha-;ned this year at the Episcopal -etirned to the. oven to be klUpt
vana, Yucatan, and do,.kn the Church of Our Saviour, New hot. replace It In the roasting
Central American coast. 'Cristobal. at 10 a.m. nan Do not place the pltter ndU X
S Buenos Aires was nine days The pastor and congregation;'the carving utensills in the oven. X
away instead of 21 houIs. anaoof the Cristobal Union Church! _____
tl:.hre were eight overnight stops will worship at this s e r vice t i t AIR-COND0ITIONED
-in Port-au-Prince, Haiti: St with the visitors of other
Johns, Antigua: Georgetown. churches. NOW PLAYING!
British Guiana, and Belem. For-i Rev. Philip H. Havener will,
lilleza, Bahia, Rio de Janeno use as his sermon subject CAN FILL YOUR n iS
and Porto Alegre. Brazil. "Thankful For Religious Free-
Despite these vicisitudes. air dom." The senior and J junior ,r
travel began picking uo in the choirs of the Church of Our
'30's. .Saviour will lead the congrega- -.
Leading th.e way 'Aeie Latin tion in sacred music. -
Americans. Because of trackless, The processional hymn; "We .
Jungles and towering moun- Gather Together to Ask the .
thins, travel in Latin America Lord's BlessingS the sermon r m
had been difficult. To get trom 'hymn "Now Thank We All our m
arlnacas, Venezuela, to Rio de God.' the offertory anthem:
Janeiro, a traveler had to go by ,-Praise the Lord" by the Senior
boat via New York. hoir. "America The Beautiful",
While the first flights between by the junior choir; and the
the United States and Rio took recessional hymn; "Praise to
seven days, the boat trip was God, Immortal Praise;" will be
13 days. As a result, the Brazil sung r .. IAN^,w33oPS
flights were always booked to A special Litany and Cantl- AMD
capacity, cle of Thanksgiving will be rPANAMA A
Gradually, larger and faster used at this service lead by the
aircraft whittled away travel Rev. M. A. Cookson, pastor.
times. Airports were built and The special offering at this
land planes replaced flying service is to be used by the __
boats and amphibians. Weather. Atlantic Religious Work e r's
communication and navigation Council to furnish Christmas
facilities were established and dinners for the needy and de-
,'ide all-weather flying pos- serving families in the City of Shows: 7:00 9:15 p.m.
Flying will never be prosaic. Through the efforts of the
but today travelers get, most of Council last year $1200 was D V-|

PAA flights---such extras" as THEATR
breakfast In your berth, drinks On Transisthmlan Road. be -
In the cocktail lounge in the! SCOUT NEWS hind "Artes Oflelos" Schol b T Opens FRIDAY
lower deck. seven-course meals XCITI'nd
and orchids and perfume for
feminine passengers. National flags oseveralcoun- T AV POPULAR
The actual flight is taken for tries, which have been donated NIGHT! Hearried A cet That .
granted. to troops of the International NIGHT! Cul Blow Up Half .
Boy Scouts of the Canal Zonee ft.! .
on the Atlantic sid.?. will be de-
dicated on Sunday afternoon. $1.10 per car
I The dedication ceremonies will
take place 8 p. m. at Mount
^^koKo Hope ball park. A number of top GARY COOPER
officials from both Panama and
the Cinal Zone have accepted
invitations to participate. MADELEINE CARROL
Musical se'.'etions will be #on-
Striouted by the Rainbow City .-- --
V Community Band. under the di- i
reaction of Reginald Prescott. *
will travel over and assemble at I heGeneral
0 the stadium with the Atlanftic
One sure woy to getehind the ,e troops for the c.remony. Died At"
i eight boll is to pick up thewrong iMembers of the local counc
C .. ..-- t ~ll be present also.i


tUs righ W a6,o p m te the a
of the Unilversal artio ot W S Rights.
Ammblty of .the Uait4d Ntion.-- The desi w
Woyty-Wimmer, of London. afid The temp will n -is
..... cent and bve-cvit de omnaition&.


Shop Earlyl..

Be Wise See
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For Better Ruys.

Casa Sport, S. A.
Distribuldora Electrica, S.A.,
and Elga
The American Bazaar
Omphroy's Auto Supply, S. A.
Almaeenes de Calzado Peeir
Panama Radio Corporation
Panama 25 Cent Store .

i ., ,s.viftim. TONI i i .


,CwOzI &f$eate,7s

B AL B. A ,, Jean 1 9'1" 3
AiecuIb YWYit.'fIoSun SIne .NWtli"

.po !tr h.tI ea%.4 l r .o the.giut scree.. .the
pr4.pi sWusos. that'swept the decks of

I -VAtjthv
h~l ~
~'O KJ~Q~


,- .



-1t *

* TODAY!- The latestt

,-'. 'j ,,- ..A

-,,.,MAW N i.,

*- ..,. w.
l. ,- S


/ El alma de Espefn hecho denze y conci6n.

V su Clo. de Arte Folkibricosa gtol

of the famous Spanish Musis Ri

Maria Ai

The famous dancing and S i4'

presenting the spectacular

in two

4, .-

ii-. tsp)a


1 .'

-t~ ''~1ir~



Tiwatre .- .'* *

.J 04*

.. :
-*I' ,r

-. :



V- M -

V -I I-U HE,;'",
sc 's



= .-



I_ _

4-k.. -'

, N .'.... .
w -**r t ~ & S .. .. ..t- s ..

Tsho Qa.0tis Dbut

qOld Tu~s tKobbe

.R.t.. .r a... 4 min. +A i.
. .. '5'' ...^ S .. .
',i .a l oolal meet
7 .b at e 8 ii Ohub we r we, (a
h elcoied M .ia aitt who Thle B4e i0 even
recently returned frot a3 hort ado1or M 5 .*Mrs.

at Swb lS e ain MIZI XV. Tay. aS .n B
n t .r.A

%a j~u a ToeJtt stAsudeceme t- 1 w. atys. -

1 th t. Chur" I this l.weend here in
AOfesC uhe 1Pnubhin Zh,' a ,correpond_-
arel: Mrs A. U Ivu& r gd honor a.e a gd
I- ttoe and Mrs 3. T. DSDensOn These were' ura ."
l th. Maet Other emberss pres .t rr etBinham, .Mrs!
e Mw. L cta Crone. Mrs. 8 .t Su -rse y 4
m vl8 Chad" tau-S4r. hS l
tHZPdfir, Wr Har ]r 8* ,ue who were introduced
Ie igfts. OR MS targ ,Maxine Logan,. Mrs. -an declares we
Med, s R I2e, S1t? .4tt" taggomery and Mrs. Eve- i dm w t
ta. a 'In 'aVn, 11'

ThB kula 2- Th i o declare with n
ne Te .adies In charge o n dummy h
w"'rn -tiO if or the refreWIrWlI t playd dum. a d.

1 t r ment were: nM e p the n
l and Miss Mable dets tohen Me
Mrs.; A. G,1t rniretyrs.'_. :Of f e -a

l. Se^t r vice t.t.
1 s.,; meii __ -tdwoniw
Servi c~e~.~dn z o e t0 rron and returned a c ubI
.. jemstoad1' ) & va. a J. .e held at the s w e out dummy's aceWt
%kr ck In HoSan. DiM 1utch'M a "Church at 10:00 a.m t Ypbsl d "raW wi""
1 M ^ rom .o. + S t unn Day. All famlFl kig and uth thennSun :
i dra -X Otqo attend and participate rodu t had to use his last
IiA V M" vt AN. int titowr30 ce. -Mr p 1^1-a"ummy's suit tSrU 1
Itu Mrs. KI" I orA cOmmnit ar p coand Mfg. E rve U I fey i declare wth bre
,*ta5nerPetions .. tth C dispose- i of dummy's i

do. Aulita retltt3" @^ 3 ^ie at the 'churrh rickdefeat.
,dflma .,a,.
'The. ladie ln ca e _. The auevarul decsd dummy.
entertainmet. w ere:l ayedwl ."
Mg. re and- Th a ad Mse king p f hlea f dts
to"ie. :I hI l t met oaasdy f difl ,, ,a, WeIt didn'tdd *t really mater w't w

nnr should hav
m; ,otd ..

'.. p

nOuth. to h h -five .diar.a b1eli
0 by theik g-queen-jlae ..-
,.In the actual hand, S -otc,
* to decide whether to
B"_ guuanee. Against a .4-1 ru
break or against a 44 da11 t
break. The bad break ln.
monde was much more
halt the bad break in heartp
declarer could not affod t1A9-'
ury of a "safety play" in trunk
tquipped only with an
ImUg, a new breathing deRV
French diver descended.
in 1947. After writing
SXa* on a slate held on a ra]
at that depth, he lost eo1
Sftt s and drowned., hI
deeper than any mi
am before without cao
with the surface.

- o

-~ gp~m

Pimama Ubrami

ExdmncShob TaA
Wlki Kbbe Workers
SFORT KOBBB--Five Republic
of Panama librarians visited the
Fort Kobbe library last Satur-
day, to view facilities in the Pa-
a Area's Ilargest Army
The library was featuring the
UBARCARIB Special Service's
"prW winning display during
October-"Panama-Today a n d
The guests. headed by Mrs.
Cprmen de Herrera, director of
the University of Panama lib-
y, discussed library problems
t Mrs. Bernice Tanner. Kob-
librarian, and Private First
Edwin Rioa-Maldonado,
ant Fort Kobbe librarian
Sthe pst year. who leaves
Isthmus fr discharge this
SAlbas 'mong. the visitors were
Mrs. Olivia de Tieno, MlisjNuria
,. merguon, iss Beita A. Lasso.
1l of the University library, and
W JaLua 3-.SBazar of the
l~"~tf it l bAnfntmatlon ser-

Honey," "Ken-
"0, Joe." 1BERLIN, Nov. 26 (UP)-T-reej '
upglealres" quar- 'U. S. soldiers who had beeh held 300 yard stt' East Germany on
S r. John Alex- by the Russians for two. das a hunting trip.
and Mac Mac- were released today, and s .d A 22-yeYje d OGerman girl
ioer. They will be fol- the Russians had put out feeera who was rested with them
tlp Pan Can Alley to get them to desert. was released at the same time.
m stalIall, Chet The three soldiers strayed a-
.-ayJor and Herb The soldiers were arrested at croua the border between the
gunpoint by East German Oon^ U.. 8. sector of Berlin and the
S tiMe will feature munist People's Police Sunda Sovlet-controlled zone of Ger-
SnginR ad pen when they accidentally a many in light fog. __i. __ _

. m. .
g.,, -

."TOMORROW fVEN!I i1. NOV. 271h


-.ONLY... $1.75


...,4 4(.
:-; : .w,-., *+

You'll be


once you see the


- .

Chyrsler Plymouth

"It's the talk of the town"

It's terrific!

. -display all day tomorrow






4. ~4 ~-.

.4' 'I


19 j~nobiIS Iw w-1Puuan"A
. 7. i,. 1 ..

1 W S A.
I""-- .4- -'


* ~'~4


*4 ~

~ 4

dea Al
Jr. I2
3. Cam
Chrl I
tac. :






II *1 .

R- k'

. :- ^+
"" .' :
.. :
.44 ,~ r. .

4. .4-i-

4 44~.
~ '.k




_.__ _______. _~__~~_

i. ~~~--- ,


. i- --

!A~ ~V

- r7- .!='t '3 fW- '- kl -P '- A -,I

I ''

Smbe doFniM mhIrdIelemil ,iq
Mim happy h kep hWi Mf
ardiny seedl" I Bray p-E60
poui, matedidfigradId sm~ade
Biacult. This uiquerblbem ions p
ied bealnced diet 4tha b wr
-oog bemdi M4 04gag



' t

V -

PAGE TEN _______




Hoople Won't Even Whisper

He Favors BHS-To Get Beat
Perpetual Upset Nonpareil
Eeatr' Thpre arv momen P n t
when mn' brilliance stun, I
even m7'A
Thv -o ron.l-'IO '-1" n 1i prompted
by m', amaini np'et record for
the zeasnn nat i .-lninem Who f^
else .mon.i thP nati'nl gri d e -
per pi ,niiostI.attd a defeat
ior Mlarland .at ne hands oi
M i _s > t pp .'
Nn., a o pr.opaie tn dra" / -')
the curtain on anotll ei lootbai,
season. with the plaudits rm .
ing in my ear Edltor' s Not' S
That probably high blood pre-
sure,. I hae vel a couple morf
juicy 'fo-rm reversals tl. slip you -)
One .-.f these will oicur n r
Turke\ Da'. when Texas A ard -
M. ri5es up inspired and bat 1
domn Texas The other will take
its plap in istorv Nov 29. whn The old boy hihneiL
No:re Dame noses oit Southern
Cail'frnia b% a touchdown. THANKSGIVING
have nothing whatever t Colgate 20, Brown 7
sa% about the Balboa High-t Penn 21. Cornell13
Lake Worth contest on the Tea. A. and M. 27, Tex. 21
grounds of self preservation. INOVEMBER 29
almost foresaw a Florida vie- NOVEMBER 29
torv. albeit bh the slimmest of Navy 21. Arm y 7
marginn, buth I shudder to Notre Dame 13, So. Calif.1'
think what the Balboa moth- Holy Cross 33, Boston Col. 13
ers would scream at me should Fordham 34, New York U. 7
I have the temerity to be so Alabama 20, Auburn 7
bold as to whisper same. Rice 14, Baylor 7
Georgia Tech 20, Georgia 14
And now I'm about to take Lou. St. 14. Tulane 7
fond farewell of mvy zillions ofl Miss. 14, Miss. State 7
readers, and with a wish that Tex. Chris. 26, So. Meth. 21
the Winter be a happy one with Tennessee20, Vanderbilt 13
Spring not far behind-a phrase Tulsa 14, Texas Tech 7
I helped one of the poets coin Virginia 34, Wi. and Mary 14
My last forecast will come to Wake Forest 14, So. Car. 7
you just before the Bowl games. Mrrquette 20, Col. Pacific 14
You may proceed now to per- Okla. 34, Okla. A. and M. 7
use the forecast for Thankagiv- Colo. 27, Colo. A. and U. 7
ing and Nov. 29: Wash. 20, Wash. St. IS3

"Maryland Prexy

Blasts Jim Tatum



MEMBERS OF THE 45TH Reconnaissance Batt allon football team whtI t .llI* .
fantry on Thanksgiving Day are pictured above e. They are.: First row, left td
Wentland, 41 Russell, Joe Healey, Glenn UUvi, Walt. Wienszek, Pau1l Kuidrat,
Gerald Hortbn. George Samae and Tom Sidebo ttom. Top row, Jack Pltt1irt
George Muller, Rdger Moore. Jack Appleby, Bob Stone, Charles F~1er, f FI ,, f I* az s
Kober Sands, Art Mosell, Torn Hehir and.Joe PI ngatore, coach. ..
________, .- W ib

Navy Lifts

Suspension On

Star Gridder

ANNAPOLIS, Md., Nov. 26.A-
I UP) The Naval Academy an.L
nounced today that a suspension
order has een lifted against
Midshipman Don Fullam, a first
string football tackle.
The ruling means Fullam, can
play with the Middles against
their old rivals, the U. B. Military
Academy, in this Saturday's
foot ball game.
The Academy had disclosed
earlier this week that Fullam
was suspended.for allegedly vio-
lating the Midshipman's "code of

DeSpirlto To

i. de At Bowle;
President H. C Byrd of Mary- tre Dame game, announced that
land started tongues wagging neither team had very much Has 354 Now
yesterday when he criticized talent he would be interested in.
Coach Jim Tatum for Maryland Tatum also attacked the Ivy
losing its last two games. Dr. League for what he called "havy- BOWIE, Md. (UP) Tony
SByrd, speaking in place of Ta- ing more football players DeSpirlto will continue bhisaest
t im at yesterday's meeting of through scholarships than Ma- to beat the World's record for
the Washington Club, was asked ryland." riding the most winners in one
what kind of a team Maryland at Bowie next week. officials of
would have in 1953. Dr. Byrd re- Dr. Byrd says he has been try- the local track announced today.
plied: Ing to "shut up" Tatum for three The 17-year-old apprentice
"If we the kind of coaching years. from Lawrence, Mass., now is
we did from September to No- riding at Lincoln Downs in
memberr this year, we'll be all The apparent rift has ledt to Rhode Island. He has 354 win-
i right. But it whe get the kind of speculations as to whether Ta- ners so far, picking up four more
coaching we did in November on. turn will return to Maryland yesterday after a shutout on
when the coach h es stopped next season. One Washington Monday.
, thinking. I wouldn't be able to sports columnist 'Bob Addle The record 388, jointly held
- answer" of the "Times-Herald" i sug. by Walter Miller, Joe Cahnmne
Maryland had an unbeaten qests that Tatum may move on and Willie Shoemaker.
string of 22 games before losing to North Carolina where Coach Bowle officials said that be-
.to Mississippi and Alabama Carl Snavely is under fire. Ta- Spirito will arrive here next
Byrd, a former Maryland foot- turn also has been mentioned for Monday. The Bowie meeting is
ball coach, also says Tatum talk-I the head job at Arkansas, where scheduled to close Dec. 12-.
ed too much this season. Tatum. Otis Douglas has resigned. DeSpirito then is expected to
after seeing the Oklahoma-No- -- go to Florida to finish his year's
... ..=----:.nrc !Bnrion Unimpresisve ridding.
a 0ca FSortdas l Cobb Tactics
'In Florida Victory

i Put Fear In
SL Pet I TAMPA. Fla, Nov. 26 (UP) --
iIHigh School 1 0 10000 Argentine heavyweight champion RookD I UHeats
OpticaSosa 0- 1 000Cesar Brion scored an untm- ooki rs
Al umni 0 .000 presive victory over Big Boy
Junior College 0 1 000 Wilson here last night in a list-
Veteranos 0 1 .000 ]ss ten-round bout before 1240 SACRAMENTO, Calif., Nov. 26
-oOo- -nectators. I- Ty Cobb was asked if It were
*Howard VanHorn's Optica So- true that he used to sit In the
P-sa spikers blasted through to a| A'though Brlon had little trou- Detroit dugout and sharpen hls
15-8. 15-13. 15-9 decision over' be with his comparatively un- spikes with a file before ball
Bob Pete's Veteranos in the vol- known opponent from Alken, games.
b allleague. S. C he failed to show much of Only partly," the tmed Geor,,I
icious spiking by Jukle Re- his former zest in gaining a gla Peach confided. 'It Ata
aice, Slim Jones. and VanHorn' *innlimous decision, as a gag against the Yahkees.
hurled the Veteranos on the de- There were no knockdowns al- We figured it might intimidate
fansive. J o e Brathwaite an d though Brion slipped to the can-Isome of the didn't otunger playthe vet.
Beckford..skyscrapers of the Vet- vas in the ninth round. Wilson t didn't both the veterans,
eranos. could not get settled to opened a deep cut over Brion's but I believe it may have put a
uncork their famous slams. rieht eye in the fifth round with little fear in thl.aearts of the
-oOo- a vicious left but Brion called on Fioki e,
The HI g h School hustlers his ring experience to tie up his
sprang a 6-15. 15-8, and 15-11 opponent and elude serious dam- Fight R ft '
iarprise victory over Erimn Con-iE.
-Mie's Junior College. The senior
'. okworms found rough goinme a- After a slow start. Brion used Nht)
at the fast, accurate play of left jabs to pile up points. Wil- (Monday Night)
lthe High School rookies. son'm face and body were crim- SYRACUSE, N. TIk
kl The schedule follows: con 'romn the steady attack when llams. 148, Trenton,N. .-X
:December 2. 5 p.m Alumni the bout ended. 148, Trenton, M.J.
-v. High School. Junior College. ed Pat Mandle,-145
4al. Optica Sosa. 'B% virtue of last night's vic- ford. Conn.. ua
December 3. 5 pm -Vetera-to Bron is expected to meet cian. 144.
S vs High School. Alumni vs 'arr-hitting Danny Nardico of BROOKLYN
.-College InTampa in a few weeks here. Nar- I son 176 Philae
'-A cember 5. 5 p m Optica diet, was defeated In his last ed Nino Vaid..d
vs. Alumni.bout. J10'
pa,. 135, New Or
e d Baby Vasqua
City (81.
Boston Willie
Boston. knocked
18934. New York. (T
137V2iBenton ar
pointed George Berry, I

SVInd. 8 _1. .
S V~rolleyllli
AAA Bn Joloin SSE

%hi. v I
- '-- J

In th quarter
tobal YMCA-U
Volleyball To1
Seating the 20t
Gulck 13-1, 6
nary round Fe
ed Fort fiMa
minary round 1
went on to cent
by downing VP

33d Infantry offezpre jpackfield runs t at Qbbe.
Jim Troutt (m left) Is qu t a'
tion. Others are:oW right, Toa-.i;',
Kemr Stemberget,'fallback, and h
(.S. + ; y Photo)

Yale Farrs Have Newit Hero

To Add To All-Time Greats

NEW HAVEN, Nov. 26 (UP) -
Yale football fans have a new
hero today... A litft fellow
destined to be mentioned In the
same breath with all-time greats
like Albte oth, Larry Kelley
and Cint F. *
The little guy ln't a great
football player... But he scored
Yale's final point lat Saturday
to earn a warm spot in the,
hearts of 38,000 spectators.
His name is Chuck Yeag R.
He:s flye feet five Inchel twa
and, when you pn him dQwn;
admits his weight s closer to M
than 140..

paiS at his kneecaps that gave
Yal ts .41st .point. .
Itwas the irt time in the 69-
year o .of theVWale-Barard
cla ansaager ha played.
Sal ye of. a36t elley
an d" Th-'Ull ehmkle
"- Remeihber Chuck
Yfr', little manager Who
0rSd our last point again
Harvard In 1952?"

p* '1m

'eam .enra e ror .i
YeagsrJAYale.s under diate o
team M and al0 M Lon otf
he's a ambitin t
into a iy .game. He ev .. ..
practloed Iy t hops Coach !i Wd
Jordad tr would umgela.
The MntIm pent came Bt- who^who b
drvard when.._wt who '.
lYaie 0.ft7-7 at tbe, .at- to thsrn
uni.. n the
nscou .tW al xteh t" oehl
came by calut:!frW. a

Ke leh


a man
ag those

Sbon his
*Wboy at
.o,1 .

[. "
,. -

.m A Know

I The Lake Worth Tro.
arrived at"Toeafta
moiniR at 5:40 id

tEk off at 10 in the samin
AA DC-4.
The "magic 'number"'
61, as that many 'T1o'
sa gridders and rooteir
Scoff the plane and a
ar crowd of Cr1toh.
balites later filled the
.same seats.

. The airport was crowded tith
fIotball enthusiasts both for the
greeting of the Trojqps. and the
sendoft fo te
One airpIort ajten^Ut, said he
had never fte Ad' y pretty
.young thinks at at one
time a fittkg for the
big games of t .
Oristobal takes on the Key
West Conchas Friday In Florida,
hoping to avenge last year's 2-0
defeatatt Mount. Hope. The Tig-
ers return here early Saturday.
Balboa plays host to Lake
Worth at a sold-out Balboa Sta-
dium Friday night In the -first
'of a series betrnen these schools.
The Trojans will leave Saturday
on the same plane that brings
Cristobal back.

Formerly the BBS Bulldogs
took on "Major League" compe-
tition Josing 27-12 and 33-6 to
Miami Jackson
The tRed and White hopes to
fare more evenly with Lake.
Worth since the schools are more
closely hnatchdd in size (1,
enrollment at Lake Worth, 750 a

Ros 30 Game

In 779 Series
TACOMA, Wash., Nov. .-
.NEA) Lou LagloMles not:eA
old hand at bowling. ED average
was an .n g 165.
Yet the I old los
buncl d 12 to
be-om the
er in Ta. -
oin ool led
off wi 266L followed 3IK
finished with his petct-eeeort
or 779. Witnees testified that
not oep of t-l hlts-waq doubt-

On The Alleys...

W. I 41 4-.held their as-
nal 'Ra gain this year
S. wre awarded, four
to ]mef w
JanBy oyste,
py -n Marle Dlon,
Mrs.: tfeped both set
Vd arlo *re

The "tke rolls" are
bl by the
iess p the ise
.n fa tU2iaa e to

."-ane Co.

- m ., ..-. -

:'.,T .-. ." '. ,

* *

Your B. .' .. .

Nanto: S la JOnes,

a-oe ie(pr7)
'exi : ,Iqmaaani~ber two ^l W &, ad'
ye -/;''. _xPei;,:,,one year letter.





Da h .' ., P

;' .X,, r.


I'. 5

u-t,; 'A

".- ** ***.. -... *.I *

-.. -,,.. -ke ..
i ." ., _.

't L '' -'* ..' -
:... ..-.' ** -, *^F. ... ...

'*. 6 Years Old

~r ~
4' 1



. .


,1.4.- ; --.. :"L ^,...I.,. -.

~ I





*. ..0J* 1

+% .


& 4r,

,'.. I- .V L .. .. -. .
: : : 2', -,. S ;" ,t 4
-- ,"'.'. .--
: / .'. 4M; f- S .- H


- S -


a. 4w


Pitie SWihne Wh-t
.w AS&S1 raflds t^tfritr
,: v Starishe- te. ma ...

* "-. .. .. -
'vi .5 ^ :^,' : 4 ....

.._".^ 4. ..




A to tmett- open

arance Distance M
history tht '
J OTOla Nov, 26 (N A

S O X t st.. an ..

Rm mt
e1 to the
sof''^ 130^ j;1^
SBBBTO ~YO NOV!.."? 26<"?

alt RetrTo Y

gzrnoier In FUlip pi

Ta ynd.oh r imdO."
. f- .'

Al floured If I iaSh t*'fl
sed, aands id Uf d
the groun Wheplied. p

the rerroacth, chief
Thonthow he though
e, ('but why didt

ujn would

longest rn oa f
waru perhaps at

exra paint.
"t figured In ta thes s
i enough he'd be back,
S replied.
Wikvtdhow he 'fence.

over the fence. '

24 Tears In Nationtld
Write? for NZA S.W
National Football Leafu
opepg ?-Jkek _La
ealt Is In Its 3ft
divided into two

-.OIhk '4 .. ,-..-
- tb olict is there more raw
1 aena^eii.b M ann

I n track .it imn agan a..
ill Gffih ue ener fn~e- ate- *B
: 3ttM jin*. rweaI *rtma- 'tes w l-

B.iiW uuo nFc

< e., *', .n-- *. ,
*i a-. .A :.*.. '* .. i.'

.S I d~


, K .r-

A -,' -


*-- 4 "

Ga'tr r

* *.*

- ^ .*

I0W ORK, Nov. 26 (NEAl- year the Blue was shaded., XT-S,
uer of Navy ls an In a thriller, oly because
in the eyes of his lack of steed In Its defeltV
OUalso. Secondary.
St uke debate, in Olivar was counting So bast*
f bktuer, defensive Ing Princeton, not- taaklau a
played his customary good shbwing. He shot for it aB
role in helping to up- and sure made his g found game
favored Blue Devils, go.
lT7n Correnti and Others who merit Coach-ut,
fisher approach- the-Year considerAtion M110
SNvy'8 athletic ray Warmath of mie
the lobby of their State. Army's Red B3lt. jdia4
hk t and said: Forrest Evasheyski. Minneofidl
f s .on the team Wes Fesler and Notse Damun
Jd to boost ke Frank Leahy.
Where do we
NEA Service
other leading All-America Warmath. the former Wpt
su d Point uusistant wasn't suo- d
P squad members would to win a southeastern i -,
to your consideration of ence Isame, bat developed a re-
ve guard Ike Elsenhauer cord-wrecking quarterback lan
g AUAmerica team. Entire Jackle Parker. and beat fau-
la thinks he deserves the tucky. Auburn and Loulsiana
Lot. He's a great team player. State and was barely shaded by
"a ou. (Signed) Midship- Tennessee.
Gurskl. captain Navy
o aas team." With only the remnants of a
h Baidle Erdelats started once great squad. Watk t
te drum immediately South Carolina ro and
W .ttrelegrim: Virgonta MWlt Dcaow, ad
Werely recommend that ad Penbsytvania, tied
,L defensivee guard Steve and was In. contention in
il r be given serious con- la qusA arter ast butwB .
oful when selecting your ltbla and Pittbuh.
L W -Smerlca. His perform- Io wa aus oe to t
_ Di ke was his finest where, lnt Bih vkl, O
.1- new Job, beat Ohio BRate and
like this have been Northwestern and laot to Pitts-
up by publicists. It is burgh and Indiana by very lit-
on for a coach to tie.
o, for one of his men. r di't hae m u
Is the first time ld- asler didn't have much
recall the kics -f" bm ota, yet went into 1 2
Sather to speak :for gm W anm with an outside crick
m*ate. at the Big Ten crown.
Hemade the tea. With asub-par Notre Dals e
Na _avy elected Its oWn _Ee ad.Te Master u
wil Lauerlected o rdue and Oklahoma, T
young Elsenhauer a a unlori Penn and gave Mlchigan
a will be back for more. a bad time.
You've got to give
WJIVAR SHOT FORIM-AUL coaches credit for mak% .
GAINST PRINC most of their talent, b
even better way to judge a -
Jordan Olivar should be the masters Ia n how far they
boach-of-the-Year. the material at hand.
To make this lsIble, all
members of the Amefitan Foot-
all coaches Association the TAGAROPULOS "
lectorate, have to ask them- .A".- -
'Which squad would I have
referred to coach the one at Phones
'ale or say Midan State?"
Olive tooKt the New Hav 1 .
oibat the ldt minWel. an 2 .100
Wa fsh deQ No. & >gJd A.
tO immediately by g b6 y! e.
bat he was pleased with the
uard's potentality. He then FRESH MILK
eedd to *k. the BOft jp FRESH BUTTER
Ifthe oor.A year ago, you I I R
oauld count the runningal a RIH ICE CREAM


they may...
like a faraway time
Inghanm wq*mul
legged -it
12 years' -. c
at thel garlads an
irs die aUtl W

the' tiUr tt Xmn
Jome dpy rusi tMB-
Is. I
f goes,' assertsCO
those 4:04A.
.A. -HAl

Thewf'lisune Wear in Siore br Ye

The Color and Fabric, ee

No matter yW -te, you'll
find the annr.'bhere in our-
espe lally stock of
' mixing ari4 Anm ehing sport
Saokets and elacks. Choose
from averj popular style,
Including the new soft.
shoukdered fjaket that's so
popular W* efatew.


$93O b. $2140


'$18.. to .i$2


$5.75 b $8U

A i will set the tep adultdi for

ye*- pick it up before Dee. 241a.


- a, ,


.. r. -



A.' 4;
A-i.. 7' -
~- 4' ,.~*
~4~t .-4.:~


'I.'. *'-.


Sqc ult
pit gie
.colda Mr


IC 't
,f-- .f
*^ 1



*:' -.^

*, ;*,

*; ,i,

m i J

* -.''*



1 '1

~~-< ~-.
.,~q, p




.. "..". .'" *: i
-^ -- .** *~* ;' ^:":" ;" '; .^.. .. i, .**.''K.''


Sanama Americtn.

"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abrahiam Lincoln.



I I I I il- *1

Coronation Preview:

Peeresses' Ermine Next June Will, Be Rabbit Fur
-0 -
NEA Staff Correspondent
LONDON, Nov. 26 iNEA). Already the 800 or so peeresses
who will be commanded to attend the coronation of Elizabeth 11
next June are planning the robes they will wear for the great
No definite directives as to ceremonial dress have as yet
been issued by coronation headquarters in Belgrave Square. But
it is pretty certain that so far as the peers and peeresses are
concerned, there will be no departure from the traditional crim-
ion velvet robes trimmed with "miniyer" (ermine) which were
worn for the coronation of King George VI and Elizabeth the
Queen Mother.

The only difference will be
;hat the old-time silk velvet
and ermine will be replaced by
artificial silk velvet and "mock
*rmine" shaved rabbit.
"How many peeresses today
:an afford to spend over 400

EDITOR'S NOTE: Here's the
second of four dispatches in
which NEA Staff Writer Ros-
ette Hargrove takes you to
England for an exciting ad-
vance look at how -the British

pounds around $1000 -for| are already "gettm cracKing"
an ermine trimmed silk vel- for a big event that's still more
vet outfit which will probably be than six months away the
worn once?" explained Peter coronation-of their first Queen
Russell, one of the 11 members since Victoria.
of the Incorporated Society of I
London Fashion Designers. front with gold braided tas-
"As it is, the robes of artifi- It is by the number of rows
clal velvet trimmed with mock of black fur "tails" that you,
ermine cost over $600. There recognize the rank of the wear-
are, of course, a certain num- er. A baroness ranks two, a vis-
ber of the nobility who have countess two-and-a-h al f, a
kept theirs from the last coro- countess three, a duchess four.
nation, and these are already Both the kirtle and train are
being taken out of storage and lined with white satin and trim-
orought to us to freshen up." rmed with a wide deeply scal-
loped band of fur on the kirtle
A peeress' coronation robes and a straight band on the 1
consist of a kirtlee," a sort of train.
coUarless redingote with short The drefA worn beneath it Is
sleeves, fastened at the waist usually the ageless, slender e
and widening out towards the sheath type, with a generous
hem revealing the front of the decollete,. fashioned either of
dress beneath It. rich whife brocade or satin,
.Over this goes a court train heavily embroidered. The Queen t
-.which starts from under a and the Royal Duchesses do nott
leep cape in white fur and is wear the kirtle, only the court
hastenedd at the shoulders In train. The latter has to trail


i g(

CORONATION ROBES for peeresses have a redingote-like "kir-
tie" and a court train in"Robe Red" velvet trimmed with
"mock ermine Both are lined in white satin Underneath is
worn traditional Pheath-type gown 'inset,, this one created by
Peter Russelr in rich, embroidered pearly white satin.

DELICATE ARTS go intp coronation uniforms. -year-old
Elsie Pickles, a gold embroiderer for 45. years, works her "dying
art" on the cuff of a Life Guards Field Officer uniform.

four yards on the ground, the
former two yards.
The British Color Council has
already decided what the "Cor-
onation Colors" shall be. But
to quote. Peter Russell, who has
Dressed the Duchess' of Glou-
cester the last 18 years, "every-
body is waiting for the London
and Paris Spring showings be-'
fore selecting the gowns for
he national and official func-
tions which will follow the coro-
There will be two state ban-
quets on June 3 and 4 at Buck-
ngham Palace as well as a
Court Ball, and the Queen will
attend a gala performance at
Covent Garden on June- 8 for
the first performance of Ben-
amin Britten's new opera,
'Glorlana,' on the romance of
Elizabeth I and Essex.
Besides these festirites, there
will be much formal diplomat-
c entertaining all of which will
call for sumptuous e evening

It is probable that next
Spring's fashions will find in-
spiration In the robust, virile
Elizabethan era In details rath-
er than actual line. Corselets,
stiffened lace collars, r u ffs
tiered and beaded sleeves as
worn by the Virgin Q ue n,
jerkins, beaded caps, flat velvet
XVlth Century pages' beret s,

Amed Forces Juggh

Qualification Tests
The armed forces have deylW.
ed new qualification tests 1or
volunteers and draftees. and wW-
put them to use in January.
The Defense Department sd&W:
today the new tests will be pretty
much like the old ones.
One reason for the phang I
to keep test contents from bei
coming common knowledge.
There will be no change. In
scoring methods or in the level
of mental ability required.for a.
listment or Induction. .
One Innovation will be a
of questions on mechanical
deslwmed to help spot men
qualified for Jobs requiring sut1
ability. -I
Original vocabulary, sritbaim.
tic and space-relation questbte
will be replaced by fresh Ict.
erial on the same sub .et ,

AFL Elects

George Meany

To Top Pos

WASHINGTON, Novemb w-6
(USIS8) George M%"yw
unanimously elooted dreet
of the American' Fet.fadr io
Labor (AFL)e yestertdf h,.
AFL executive councl .
MeanT has serve 4.ce-
tary-Tr.asurerI, Mc .
died Friday a seig -
president for a qugate, of A
century, .
The councils-o d10 inated
William F, -.f -ttswler. t, 4.c-
ceed Meany SacI{et.Tisaf-
kery and' Confoest War Woru-
era InternatioMa t.nik.l'
At a press- co teateI, Ieeany
said: .,'- ,. .
"The baslo w ,. t
Sof lifUe Ui

feather rimmed Henry VIII MMeanfy
hats will appear ila a modern- Rational..
Sized guise. Board and
These colors will bie impor- FI e114 g
tant in the linglish- picture next Of aio d1
year. i
"Queen's Purple," .the actual
color to bo used in, the v-elv
robe worn during the .crpna i
tion at Wetmlnster Abbey,
der than Royal Purple and M-wa' C
much redder than King's Pur-. In 1. 9, .-
ple. the "-AMAl
"Robe Red," actual color of fedbratok f 41
the robes of peers and peeress- He "* a
es who 1ill attend the ceremo- has tht-.a
ny, is a light Bordeaux Red& In. th.
"Coruatian Grey" sambo- .
es the silver metal :n heraldic U Lg"-
emblema and 1s a natural .comrn-
plenientary shade to -'R o b e
"OE" -from the French colof
used t old in their .beralry,
is. in combination with
pu "d also with
"NWd," from the .pWtous
stman -i.parsely used in British
'"TeU ," qne of l herawlic
colors -~a ays .-pits th
Britbi:, historical ocs=on .-
ten aas the.a
It is an orange evol in of lat.
or tawny .
"Peasoek ae" is iaei

.- .

SMARLND B. SNOW -4-0'oile,. Tan,.
4t4a causid eight deati t, l fale"
Si -. .. ""- ..
m ^.- .'~ : "-"-f;M

first -blisuard' of i
t. least 10 persona
SEd more are lik
lp the snoiw in
a. andt d the cor

Ba i1j~a~

~ 0n- I


" .-.; i




q? -

' ;" '' M- *'.

-a'' *.~'


._ e -ae"m o f p sl s Pmum P"---- .Ad,, S,

, .


. 1 .


I''.. :-.; .. -

',a '... '.
7r -c:." t
. y.,'W'--.,
: A_
.F" ?'.


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