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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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j of the most modprem hw
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St fighters.

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onions' ion To Canaof

on Fdoas And figures: Phooey
- mThl t the Eon'r tod m- item i., ti. pust three another feeble effort,to .explain
\)a Canal es seemed dfrunr, Te '- the outlandish steps they've tk-
tied, fled and dgtst4 tryingg to kick us en to impose their false charges
with y's aniouneis ae g away every to the employes. .
of the rental Inreas doat they just "The figures have no lound*-
e canal adrnlttra- and we can tlon ecaus the actual cot .
.. .O st white-collar interest on the majority f hofa-
Chur- al* 1i-n,,a of opinion was drv. 4 es have already been absolved b
oart opiti-n w : t# to.h inK division the rental paymebtd on all t
rn to Mfr s were e- bVploye revealed old-type houses." He added. "Net
ty Or- prntie. ot bhis screens, I can see whv there were so re,
plan R fo;pntar lite hv@e w' t up. re- Ibvtant to release the f rers.",
n a tT le old An Ancon housekeeperarb-
figte9 e,,. ert -,ed, "They keep Insisting o
tage y a plate. building wooden houses
...S Ino no. h,,. t#* M have eveYon, ktnowos In th
ereaons? vd hiho nM44A.. i- th Only good kind are ma
onl big o d refntsi" i -t hly -we aretbeinx pena o .
Seik eh arfltop gett.In Houses in Djablo built under
w we' now a "- ktn dhenHethe (Speeial Improvemltt
. radar boutItdhebSt heasrIrmo)them next Froject) coine under the3W
n61-q-1-U week cal lagain.sor real ondd t Rfl
and let KUWS "..i om%^l P Redid the
i war-h" yerrs a~nd 'o rn-a- houses there. "And how cap &
wy *r- 4f t er fclolre any cost at all on tB l..
gf. a S' r aSa pa. rench quarters?" he a. .
0at Awos te edttA M' -5 at- 4notbsr Canal emplore um-
-r r~~_*__ .Med- up his feelings wth: th
Switch Oall lot of beautiful doutjea
,hast4p Ai soonasu
it r fir few iragraphs, I threw ,.
Is m1m reozt awar.YS

.. _- .., ,
S W 71.


0 "

Party On Panel

Benjamin Kaplan, a Harvard professor of law,)
4fiinted "public member," Orrin A. Burrows, of 1j
hlrndtional Brotherhood of Electrical Workers ,
ped labor member, and Washington attorney F
PfToonan will represent the Canal Zone employes ott..
r.. hearing to begin Monday, it was learned today.'
Lrd of the appointment of te hearing Monday. a ret
.I...and Burrows came from source revealed. .-
Malonal headquarters of A table for press repreat
American Federation of lives has been requested ..
nmhent Empooyes in Wash- Information obtainable
f this morning. Zone Indicates that ZKap
Swho is on the lasth- 41 years o. and beca
announced his decision to Harvard professor in 194ge
atE the protesting em- ing the war, as a It.
t the hearing after a was active in the N
ce held yesterday with trials. He is a graduate
it epM 1ttee appointed to ask College of the City of New
the Awyer to take their case. and connected with the law
enablee naming Kaplan And of Greenbaum, Wolff a.d
Buewws. which wee- pqt to .rowa, .the labor ma
AI, national vice-pred nt, t panel; ie also lcgie s
R I Levelady. stated alab that PlUafative of B1S3
hor.-.2ia=ement mettr is Mtrvf
boney" ;th bun (o..SSst

. th a

rL <
.,o. d

,1 y WAR p 4iH rin ai

P1 :d tl K-. Nov ,14 (UP)-
Sdl ttnker and a Navy attack
Sle sofp0 .0t cllXded off Dipe I
Sthe early today and the Ilavky
S't -Sleat five personal
S ec n ad seven injured.
_AX M the coaltm are believed
b atebd t be 08 soldiers aboard the
leftders off Pit. t nUsport USS Rucham-
r the a o the Injured are report-
tacked.. S ~eelous condition.
___ -eOladsFo leet headquarters
la eaitTexs Oil Co. tanker
SAs W in. rammed the Ruch-
W ee the early morning
30 e to o mi les .east oft
.' C ^,B 8r1tearingp a 20 ft.
4ofthe side of the Na vv
k~S w d dareaging the bow

to i I- A School
Ti Repeat Dances
r' a Sunday Afternoon
The Gladys Heurtematte al-
let realtal will present a matinee
B sunday at 5 p. m. at the Na-
tiomal Theater.
STickets for box and orchestra
seats are $2. ampttwhatir. seats
A efare 31 ard the gallery seats are
50. cents.
Last night's second perfoan-
u dance of the ballet. was received
other by n enthusiastic crowd.
to eBenefit Gambling
10. Casino To Ai4
uJ .RP Hoop Tepw
yrean1 The taeneat bS3-
Bindse h ttaI. mua wil eMat i

no meg they
I nm staiilg me
15" A_ F'"! hm

DThe ikv ataAsefn mgy na A Panamanian cowboy who i.
asked by tiWe bhlef Executive gored by an angry bull was floe
Yestdaya to approve 1953 to Coln airport yesterday .atflu
budget pK $40.5,064 'tinder a noon from Nombre de Dios.
plan *Wteh wuald cinepl Pana-
S's *.aW,000 oustandlng debt .Caribbean Command h ea ,
itnd setv~ie both internal and quarters directed the Rescue 10-:
external obligations. Ordation Center to evacua'
Antonio G&adola for hospital a.
Current* expenses for the com- tidn at Col6n. The Flight B .
Ing ya are estimated at $35.- ARS helicopter landed in
313..46. .th national income town square at Nombre de
estimated at $36,511.564. How- and rushed the injured n 5
ever. the. following additional the Col6n airport where a
item., rafe it to the budget fig- po de Bomberos ambulance
ure of!i0.933.064.- waiting to carry the patli .t. to'
the hospital.
Liquk mtktn of government pro- -
perties n .the United States, eritace from esthe wSed ha
$1,250,0W, sate of governm.?nt- other r methods of evacuuthq
owned lot in Washington. D. C., proved impossible. A strongWta4.
$125,000Q revenues from revised ce.rtlon coupled with hf
Income tax (n administration turf prevented the use of Oitbe
income Um (,1n administration .eaplanes or small boats.
bill ls. b"in drafted) $2.000.000. rescue helicopter proved the o0ly"
revenue' -frte revised Inherit- quick tate method of getting a
ance and gift taxes. 5500.000, gored.,nan to a hospital.
rnvene frem proposed tax on Aboard the helicopter _ram
t.rv kf_... * ,t I Capt Alvin D. Allen. pilot; SIM0.
travel T25.000 Frank S. Ollash. engineer;
mated..o4a on hand on Decem-ICapt. William J. Hoopes, Ii AI -
ber 3, Wt *.1... Flight surgeon.
-- 'a'. -- -' I-- *F .

3grJCOPTEM as seen b
F yesterday sornlnu.
SCoco SoeA Wdasu ._
Srt Fre. aB4 the CWM
..- "". "".. ,e
rIta .M-~tf.

w of a IRescuI
atm of thre I
At catued ui
hltst an exOt

at i- &am
R^am 1."-y

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,; ,* .' -.,

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itAasf Ct

., lat Canal
B thes pow erto

BE naveSc'll
w atIeom
p wndd g



L.S ; -.



*I' eNrwANDc APUE c L CwIV ME P i4ANA WSHGA"N u"*" le
1 *Al PoeS A Ta0 s4e 'W.
mLp O' rA-I.'M NO 10 t4S LiNim "
oLoN O PICiE,. 2 179 CENTRE AVENUP rTTWEEN F12T. AND iS rrk eri
gaSq MAfni l f. AVl Nrw VORNR 'l1 N V
p4 ONII VAn. iN oVANC------ ,1 0





I The Mail Box as on open forum fo readers at The P~am Amer
lo. Letters are received gratefullh and are handled i a whe l c al
d*iel meaiund.
SIt you contribute a letter don't be vmpatlent ift oWN ee' e t
iN"t day. Letts are published in the order teelhd.
Plese try to keep the leItts limited to one pfge heIt
Ideally of 1 te* wrn a hld in stric st cemfidence.
This newspaper sutens o repma*bility for istaseamh as opind
eresed hin leers from models

A1iI Box:
In an editorial on the recent political campaign,. theMe
Vprk Times qwhlch supported Eisenhower) remarked that Adia
Sevenson was a good loser and a sincere good American. 1
went on to add:
"AdIal Stevenson brought something new, fresh and appeal-
ing to politics. His gift for the right word and the righ
thought, his candor, his honest diffidence as to his own c pa
cities, the integrity of his campaign, which rose.cons icuouB
above the level of some who tried to help him, his quiet
thoughtful humor, from which he turned with amazing rele
vance to serious and eloo.uent discussion of the nation's prob
leons-these made a candidate to be admired if not, under the
circumstances existing, to be voted for. They partly accoue
for the fervent devotion he inspired among his followers.
"As a campaigner he came up from nowhere, it might be
said, when one considers how little known he was to the elec
torate In contrast to the renown of his opponent. We did no
support Adlal Stevenson for the Presidency. But we are pleas
ed to pay tribute to hiMn as a man who emerges from the cam
paign and from his defeat with the respect of his fellow-Amer
icans. That Is no slight achievement, our campagns being
what they are. His future, whether in public office or not. I
made secure by the fine qualities of character that are evident
He is certain to be of great influence in his party, and amoni
the whole American people. In the years that lie ahead."
Dear Sir:
Was I surprised to learn from "Penny Pincher" that I am
entitled to send money home via the allotment route. (I hope
he's right).
My. what a convenience The time saved is more important
to me than the extra pennies I would realize.
.. What I can't figure out is why the powers that be haven't
resase"d a bulletin, circular, memo or something setting forth
ti howss" and "wherefores" of this nice service.
-. It is very short-sighted not to publicize all the features o
tl#0 allotment privilege.
.. You know. once people become allotment-minded they might
even go back to buying bonds agtin through the allotment sys
The Family Financier.

Ed)tor, Mail Box
Tne Panama Anerican
- Panama, R. de P.
S May I add my Ideas those of a Panamia Canal housewife
some of the disadvantages of being in the Canal Zone:
-The PanCanal uses 25 cycles current. Electric refrigerators
M have never been furnished, we have always had be uay
Si these, t a much higher cost .han the standArd 60 cycle
ones. One item does not sound like much, butadd to
electric clocks, fans. radios, washing machines, etc.-you
can see we do put out a good deal more than for appliances
in the U.S. This is not taking into consideration the items
,, we cannot buy for any price, because they are not manu-
factured in 25 cycle.
',-Rapid turnover of clothing, because of mildew, roaches, etc.
3 -Higher electricity consumption (disregarding heating) due
to necessity for heating elements in all closets to combat
:--humidity etc.
^-Lack dof home privacy because of need of ventilation.
*-Excess noise because of need of ventilation.
-Need for extra doctor care because of tropical fungus, Itch,
1:'-Strain on eyes because of tropic glare and from "flicker.
,. ing" 25 cycle current.
q-Extra repair for electrical appliances and others, because
of rust and short circuits from humidity and from extra
costs of 25 cycle parts.
--Spending your earnings every three years or so to return
S,' to the U.S. on recuperative leave and to see your family.
--Uuisances of ordinary reaches, ants, ground roaches and
6 sand fleas and mosquitoes.
11 -No house mail-delivery. We must rent post office boxes for
a nominal $1.00 per quarter, and must go to the post of-
Sflice. Rental of post office boxes is not necessary ip the
'--rU.S. We do not have COD service nor Special Delivery
11 -Use of air mail for normal correspondence to the U.S. Is
a necessity, due to length of time. except from port of New
., York
I 1[i-No public bus or other means of public transportation sys-
F tem for the U.S. rate towns on the Atlantic Side of the
1 Isthmus
14,.-The 25 per cent differential that is supposed to take care
of some many of the above items Is not sufficient.
if iJ.-To read the "Review"-the official house organ, we even
j even have to pay Sc.-or-for a real bargain, an annual
subscription 112 at 5c.-60fc. it will only cost you one buck.
This is a "piddling" item-but Is typical!
Thanks for listening.
--Counting It I'.

Ancon. C Z.
.: BdN-or. Mail Box
Ths is not a gripe and is offered as information to John
S1Po`10 and his friends who vacation at Santa Clara.
This weekend some ladies with their children had the unl-
ge 1o out on their car at or near San Carlos. Thev yhonedi
s luno for help, and the management notified Westermler
SMechanlico. who has a shop across the road opposite the
S(note the'vgn Mechanioo).
''Wety, as' he is known and called by the Santa Claresltes.
itsdlately went to San Carlos and towed them in and took
to their rented cottage. Fortunately he had a spare for
model car and by 10 a.m the next day he had comleteda
repairs and delivered the car to the owner in Al1 condition.
itthey returned home safely. waty could do this because he's
years of aviation Navy and garage experience. And his
was reasonable.
re ^---A Weekender.
ip.. Let's hear from the ladles who were towed in.
b ( a

__ __




Labor News,



o By Vieter Rlegal
That debonair dipldmlat, An-
thony Eden, the model for all
men of distinction, has flown
to the U. S. with a plan for
extinction of GenerliMtlmo
Chlang Kai-shek, -and the Ko-
reans to boot.
r. Eden, old boy, is here to make
. contact with Gen. Eisenhower
or his aides. The British For-
e eign Minister has- la his pocket
a plan to elnd tor Koren
and reve the Oplre .
Here a what the fonrln ex-
perts of Amerlan labor have
a learned from- their friends In.
side British labor who feel that
appeasement of Soviet China
will bring us the same kind, of
debacle which followed ap-
peasement of a felow called
w Iden is prepared to te
LI Eisenhower or the men who
it wll soon take over te
State Department that
. Prime AUster Wintm
t ChurchW i a wry old and
rapl adeteriorating ma.
y The British giant has grown
t v r firascible and phypsicallu
incapable of running the
- empire for another year.
e Therefore, the Chutchlli gov-
d ernment is shaky, Eden will
warn. Without the old states-
e man to lead the Conservative
- Party it will hardly be In con-
t dition to take on the British
- Labor Party, especially the pro-
SSoviet fire-eater, Aneurn Be-
- van, It will be said.
S A general election must be
s avoided. Otherwise the left-
t. wing Socialists will run the
g British Ehmpire.
To avoid this, Eden will say,
the Conservatives must appease
the extreme lelt-wing pro-bo-
viet sentiment inaloe the British
n isles. How? By ending the Ko-
rean War. By giving angland a
restful era of quiet traae.
t This will mean an immediate
cease lire. The prisoner of war N
t deaclocic will tnen be decled ane
In private conferences. Eaen Is rea
reauy to assure lisenhower that B
I the eovleilzed Chinese will yield Adi
on that issue in return for po- str
t htical and trade concessions. "no
What concessions, old boy? gra
Open trade with .tne Peiping me;
government of Mao-Tse-tung. F
Recognition of Red China, of hoo
course, and admission to the rou
Uinted Nations. Then peace and A
quiet. oth
Sounds tempting. But Eden is sica
trying to be more smooth than W
he's debonair. Strange as It who
seems, there is a quiet working str,
agreement between the rutish set
Conservative Party anthem left,-
w fg Socialista led by a. It li
so unusual for extremes to for
War through Intermedlarie In
critical periods. pol
Both the British Conserve bln
atives and the Bevan So-
dcalists want to work with g
Russia right now. The Marx- wh,
iats of Bevan hate Am4rina, hin
and want a Socialied Brf- wh
tain to link up with a Sov- gr
ietized Ruassian empire. g
They nearly had apoplexy th
when news of ienhower's elec- self
Lion flashed through London's Wh
Intellectual circles. Bevan's pub- he
lcation, the anti-US. byri
bune." sneered that Ike's vic- m
tory "marks a tragic setback to mai
the cause of human decency hol
and political sanity all over the ide
"Every' economic measure W
taken by Eisenhower Is likely
to help the rich and cut the
standards of the poor," the pub-
Iliation said in evan's name.
'Thatintust mean a drift toward
recession and slump. And this
Jhe biggest inge threat to
t4 world at large arising from
the bisenhower victory." I
I uthis on the record here MI.
so ti^ttho8se American labor
leaders In urope who work ol
th Bevan can't say they don'tld
kno where e stands. Just re- we
cmtly Abthony Eden took a we
sillar. If somewhat more po- e
lged and British attitude. A ,
few weeks ago, Oct. 17 to be t
exact, Eden get up at a lunch- tra
eon of the Rotary Club in Lea. mo
nngton (3ngland) to talk of ofw
Anflo-Amerloan relations, wrl
Our Ambassador, Walter Gf- h.
ford (whom 11Ze wll Probably vic
keep on), was there. Eden look- vi
ed at our diplomat and 8aid it Of
ws w o. ep ient for on
fear of ka feelings
it vewp nowa. cha
He then" saM mtl that for
an alliance bes force ir,
l anwd onw ,o b o



could .
for hM
*&rim d

oua n

old-f m
in the
coma. '
York, slid
sevelt s"

was so mu

le John oud.
count f 0re cofB
,ly '
hats a
trdiL .Thanu


wer mu
ment ,t'


ws op amsu ,

ise .
fper .

* 1,-

~W't* be i~iersee.
~. .8 -



of State-4eone opposite from Dean
And didn't wO, vQteJ. a, change?
The man I w0 ld. nOt like to sce as 01
er-Irritant ia the toted Natlons would
L. Lewis, who hae CogWMunist wi
Imnft Ofat gIIOUemeaco than be.
cap a lWhPaie t eight by hs I
SLewis for carn
saonall of approach. te
dipl rot hat love about
Is the poetiqal belligerec of eyeqI
the arrogant cock- of h I-a uste
These attributesrun to uns
ed oantoWe hi f -
sounds profae even.
sevelto, we have sa

pr to t
comma of e
man s bet c .
match We eon eths

_a, noe
'y in Omal
We.t i
ink^ l.^l*

a nuk u n vL
a curtain. They w



'The United -States Marine Corp is I 1.u
.... The nation's textbooks proudly vCid
had a Marine Corps nearly a year De,.
re a nation. And the military record Of a
emies prove that we are likely tq rea
only as long as we maintain the
emper Fidelis" means "always faithtlW
slated by the Marine Corps (in ter Of
tto) it means life for toe nation at -
death to themselves. ..And the C 3j
*tten a thousand different chapft
ndred battlefields.
Traditionally the stepson of the
es, the U. S. Marine Corps never.A
ht harder for Its life than in time
lv heroic measures saed it from
ved only four years ag.-4n te
the Services...But however m
orators may demand their, .
nge their tune to "the
I the shoctoRstarts. onei
S Maries Wa )
in stands at H o .gSa
.side for the scruto
Then (as they hAve l W
Marines are first over
0 he the l t o
4 o atthe d o01e
fss ir tg

V"WIH our broadcast of Feb.
ask"- Ur. an d Mrs.
Ad me which Americ
't 4lident of the Unlted
ws Try great. I
W complete first tally no
because it sn't a 1
Wor=te down tha:
Stenng. Dewew
canm tBewy i n aLa,

S:.M. In sea
he 2nd week of .
eb clearly treve
Mtr readers f
r-erlaceru told (
ait *M1t


4amue/l smgqj-

l amug s sm art i e .
M web he weT weul .
m iwIAvn fled en -
miii st 18 edsaverfblas

-I- -


Dewey Lewis


If *-*

--- -- ---- -- ` -----''--~ '-- "yl" ;` "'

NEW YORK-I do hot wish to overtax te
W President with advice, figurlu that he -
dy has too many people helping him now.
hut I would like to sg faintly that the
ministration and the natn could use good
ng "no"'guy in its basic cabinet strutfA
"-guy Is a fellow of 4trong chaocater ll0
ndpop. who used. 16 say: "Whn I say O,.
an no, an@ mostly when I say yes-I meap n M
'or most, of the years pf mny temliseent 'ma
ad. it seems to me that we have been sur-
nded by yes-men.
A yes-guy tos such a fellow as fears to hurt the
ter fellow's feefigs. This Is because he is ba-
ally polite.
We said yes so many times to so many .people
o had. their hand and their schemes out-
etched toward us that Uncle Sam developed a
of chronic roud heels. :
.opo sed t e 's yes-men wb')h&A
d the ti ufva of gr ndpa, who s l
Yet" when actual they would av -settled
"da." As one of the trong boes of future
icy, a fine firm "nyet"-bloke would bera handy
t of carpenter to have on call when the ca-
et oreaks from overamlabillty.
n the last couple of years I have gained a
at deal of fresh-4In4 respect for Tom Dewey.
one election % nee r did .nt W
n for the last oi aIe Prdn tt
as Sterb mind-labd :alg es of prpo0ha
wu him additlomal ltusclei W l reet years.
cle Tom has come out of the cain as n ret-
hard-bolled Joe who does not eal al l)Wim
Sto te swayed from determine n. .
We have suffered from a suf ftc31,0a rof
Ida who could be veered trom bbom intnt
a few pretty words, a teardrop a
ewey made his reputation as pr m-e-
n. In recent years he has deve led'utt
to match the flintiness of
)e we find a way to employ hl intiwPM '
ntial house. If only to keep the inmetua:
rPlirm from swiplni the communatl Mlive. .,"
Which would make him.a natural as *'.
_______________- .

A -

- 4,;' --

Ii, .
TON.-I-t' n talc It

*t5 b a^ r^f'-'^


~~ i'


I, I.4 --




' T ", -



,M? YYI1M.

fssmuasac DULY M aEsisn Anr NwWApgaM

P1OL wasI

|- L I





-I l

/, ,

b. <


"- 'm 'w ,
"^^.,., ,;

Starts Tomorrow Saturday

'At 9 a.m.



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finest brand s'

D.M.C. Sewing .Thread ............ or .
D.M.e. Embroldad Thread ........ .2 for Ic.
D.KC. Crochet Thread .......-.... 0.0... .25ce. sa.
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Talon Zippers -7".... .................20.
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Tse Sets
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Fire Enginhe

* Games (for all agep group)
* Stuffed animals
* Tricycles '
* Holster Sets
* Cap Pistols

* Doll Baths .
* Doll Carriaes
* Electric Trains
* Infants Toys

. 9,,. ___ ___ ______*_________ _



Panties ....... 50c.
Half Slips, from 95c.
< ; r 9 944*

Slips, from ...... 1.95

Pajamas, from .'


100% NYLON

Panties, from .... 1.25
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Most are perfect, some slightly

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More than



S ,
e', I
... + +*
.. .+. :,

-; .'.-










7 -'in mrhande
`'.( 81 APPROXIMATIONS qF 5.00
..ek for every 5.00 oC'ash g~t M- purchase. Prize winning numbers bio. in accordance




$ 100.oo
in merchandise

the National Lottery Dra~ing of SUNDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1952.

, ,
''-..'.* .^'

- A -- -

- ~ 9~*~-t-- *v

... ..-


~ 'I

6 Tivoli Ave.



S..v" .*;
'-. :]


"* A





- ___ ------ --- ----3-

- -----:------- -;-- ---------;--- --------;- .I


- -I ---- -- -- -- -;- --.~----~.-r: ~ --- -- 1.- ---;- -- -- ----------i-;- -- ----- : -- 1~


r ` '


.. 1. .- 'f t .



S:.. .,





dtrgo and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals and Departures '

ShijpDIw & AirLine-News IIM ITg lFDIIIT r(MDAMV I .

Delta and Southern Air Lines ,o Olallorenzl: and Rep. and
Merger Recommended by CAB Mrs Thomas S Gordon.
WASHINGTON. Nov 14 fUP Mrs. Anna Himme: Mr. and
A proposed merger of Delta Air 1Mrs John Hollen and'son: Will-1
Lines and Chicago and Southern .-.m T. Howe; Rep. and Mrs
Air Lines was recommended to- Charles R. Howell; Mr. and Mrs.
dkav by a Civil Aeronautics Board Kenneth I Humble and son; Mr.
examiner, and a decision bv the and, Mrs. Jt. L. Haskins; Mrs.
board is expected within three Anna Jones: Miss Juliet S
. owths. IKn&app; Andrew; Mr. and Mrs.
Under the proposed merger, John D. Logsdon; Mrs. Edna R.
eta which serves 32 Southern McCoy; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J.
eliis and Chicago would take MacDermott; Thomas R. Mac-
over CAS by giving C&S stock- Vittle; Mr. and Mrs. Edmund R.
older $lO,00.000 Oin securities. MacVittie; Mr. and Mrs. Os-
ehe new airline would operate mold L.. Maduro;' and Rep,. and
der the name of "Delta-C&S Mrs Albert P. Morano; and Mr.
Lines. and Mrs. George .F. Novey and
The son.
The C&S system serves 22 c- Mrs. Agnes K. O'Donnell;
in the United States. includ- Charles H. Oler; John F. Oster;
etroit. .Chicago and Mem- Mrs. Ruth Page; Mr. arid Mrs.
) From Memphis, the line George.-D QuInn; ,Rep. and Mrs.
routes to Kansas City, Hous- Frazier lReams; Mrs. 'Xfbel M
MdNew Orleans. Reed; Mr. a-d Mrs. .Paul T.
re'New Orleans and Hous- Roth: Mrs. Mildred R.' iheperd
GSA also has flights to Ca- and" son Rep. Edwar ittr
Iesn island points and Vene- and wife and 2 chi n: Mr
a *I o t and Mrs. Luqlen A. k els, and
e two: systems overlap at a MIs Roseanna Stutz6ial
scattered points. o I
sfer, of ownership of C&S Mrs. A. Miriam Thoenon; Mr.
san routes would require and Mrs. John M. Th sn and
a val by the President. 2 hildren; Rep. and Mrs. Will-
S. lam K. Van Pelt; .Miss Flora Va-
CAB examiner William F. Cu- ron; Mr. and M.. Louis Vetri;
sick recommended the board is- MLs Helen B. -War Rep. and
ste two separate orders for the r Charles A. Worl- tq; Rep.
merger, one on domestic routes and Mrs. Clemett J.vtelocki:p.
and the second on the C&S In- Mr. and. Mrs. Leonard Zimmet
ternatlonal system. and Kenneth i. Zipperer.
The CAB will hear arguments
before issuing its decision. CANDLE POWER
II US, Representatives EUGENE, Ore.. (NBA) Dean
DuelHere Monday Van Leulen, Oregon's sophomore
SS.S. Aneen fullback, has' won two' academic
Eleven United States Represen- scholarships majorIng in physics.
tatives and membersof their fa- I
lilies will arrive on'the Isthmus _' __ __
AMondav on the Panama liner ...
SAncon. according to the advance
bassenger list received yesterday
from New York. A total of 114
hale booked passage on the An-
con which was scheduled to sail
from New York Wednesday af-

"'The 11 Congressmen sailing on
, the PaP~ma. liner and their
- tome states are: E. Ross Adair,
,ujdlnP: J. Glenn Beal, Mary-
land: Parl B. Dague. Pennsylva-
Tl : Thomas S. Gordon, Illinois;
t ,harles R. Howell New Jersey;
Gilbert P. Morano. Connecticut;
S-.4rier Reams. Ohio:; Edward L,.
.Bittler. Jr., Pennsylvania; Will-
'tam K. Van Pelt, Wisconsin;
Chailes A. Wolverton, New Jer-
sey: and Clement J. Zablocki,
eaihe complete advance passed
ms" ist of the S.S. Ancoa fol-
U el Ahoca; Rep. and Mrs. E
Rosa Adair and two children; Mr
and Mrs Walter H.. Alves and
Mtree children; Miss Adela Aran-
j..; Mr. and Mrs. Phra A. Ashb.
and four n: nd Mr
J Glrnn FeJll: Mr and Mrs
Harrv S Byrne. Mr and Mrs
Edu'dn Castafno and Miss Hen-
rietta Cone.
Rep. and Mrs Paul B Dapue
Alexis Drifonka. Mrs Mary A
Dunn: Mrs Helen F Evans ar,
dc,u'--r: Mr pnd Mrs John /A
Evcr" -1 rnd child: Dr and Mr:
Lin -Ilrr and 3 rh'llren ;
nnr TsAa C. Fidpnonie; :
and vr1- Stephen L. French.
Paul H. Friedman: Capt Gaeta-

CH"i'< WEI.KIN Pianteer

.. aT l

Why feel upset, tire icky
because of late hours, acid g
or temporary sluggishness? Take
sparkling Eno ai idiime and y6ull
promptly help neutralize excei
stomach acid. When you wde, tae
Eno as a speedy, gentle laxative.
Caution: use only as directed. Buy at
druggists today-see how good iit is!
sour stomach gas and
heartburn promptly.
2. LAXATIVE-quick.
S1 rehenes temporary
2r -hnesr Take
Sore breakfast.


Great White Fleet



*S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ................................. Nov. 18
S.S. "LEON" .....................................Nov. 20
S.S. "MARNA" ..................'................ Nov. So
*S.S. "CRIRIQUI" ................................. Nov. 30
andli ItelflrertedsM Chilled and O emal Carlo



S.S. "TALAMANCA" ..............................Nov. 15
S.S. "CAPE ANN" ............................... Nov. 16
S.S. "COMATAGUA" .............................Nov. 1B
S.S. "CAPE AVINOF" ............................ Nov. 22
S.S. "HEREDIA" ................................ Nov. 45

UBOn rethl mim aet sa Creal bi -
WeM Coa Centrhl Amea ports
Passenger Sailina to
New Orleans via ela, Bonduras

Sails from

S.S. "CHIRIQUI" .................................Nov. 18
S.S. "CHIRIQU .................................Dec. 2
Weekly sellin s o twelve Famam Shib to New loth M*ble.
Charlestep.L Lee 45lsrP. i On Phaulece and J.eItle

We wish to naoante a no speewal round trip rate of
X?00W for pi OB oar twefe passenger ships sailing
We lry fo, to Los Angeles or San Francisco.
returning r fto Lo ,Angeles. tickets limited to four
.montbS efftefve Semitember 15th to ,May 15th


a, m rlkmiclTT:lt EKmVICk UiTWEKN
(A Lintiled RumbWe of Pamsenr Bertha)

M.S. Washington ...........,........................ Deember T
ro **"* teHlA KCUADOR. PcERU & CHILE:
S.S. Cherbourg ...................................... November iS
M.S. Wyoming ..................................... November. '

SS.. Ijberte .......................................... Novmbwer 1
S.S De Grame ................................. oytes
CrLtot r C j P. "is t B- '-26 5 11
To, ftnf 5-Us. mi1,

- !A

tLLE! 0 Us




,. -tlt.=- rol 1 W \ ,SY l50 fOO t4 .W.

W"sttD Ov OT. DOWN


You'em Gal d aI '




. 1

. .11 About April

SAPRI.ZpAsf om CIWOKJ1< 4 I1 I



Listen. Inapeesdr

I ,'C O "

togag$ FWE LIWi-T
:= MhgV'IW

oss '

(~R IA? -

'.1 BIN



........... ......-.]'



- -. ..- .---_

Vs AI~*5LZ3






S d .


a -, LI

lai;'01 'tL
La ;" a
LIRI nmq

r -i. : .'- ,,



- ~

*imbk 19, 1133

T "" l ~g,' r, A. CI A




at -
Craiwfo ord Agencie.

'^WA5HIGTON.'l4 UP) PC te Prieel Ddele0r 11 rBookStmapS 46Coiblder e
.haenS Ra powSdoe
':<9 Nativ' of ? "

."pra h he a ':colony 3ab.) 47 Bude

sWWa ide o ldy. once sinc. bha 'laObo.it_2 ab CAWITOWN. So.thA riw-.. C f" help 25 Chest rattle a bill 51 Smile broadly
S"" 5t l faffitiel slid Secretary of State Ko b hower leaves or.4. (U) A.h. l ~ od 26 Accounts of 40Deep disIke 52 Verb suffix
Dean Ac ak special trip to the capital Korea shol rS wi nin ca ?IMBn odd incidents 43 Intervening 5 Worm
from the- Usi N$tian meting in New York to present Mr. Thw or 10 and 13 and the drive. puS5 |
a 10 4t 0. reign affairs. w re a aff e
S iwskldiforMr.'Truman's "team" include De- m af. t,,eT e e.iss u'ie elear e. __ I
tense Set 'Kbert A. Lovett and Secretary of Trea- ;r,-da prta ren wre .eg r"ntd ts hede one B. ,the
sury JoH'n W, d` r. wat ad where t o ei tlersZ. .s orr.) i
Eisenhowers ,adoirs .presumably will include SNn. buy ieav weather clothing lg fort lot m i
HenryCubot Lodge (-Mass,) and Detroit banker Joseph the idtteta ea -winter. In Washington sd the cr- ,r-I
M.D that W h Wama,here ter those held for t t
S' s r uUl then fly di- man after his 1948.uDslotp y a-yB
htLodge 2Hh a spokesman for Esnhower toon Otfor his talk
to serve l~..~~i- last night denied a t with M~. He had orn- When queried here. s uch a 1 --- ii- -
..pon" r de- port t he Presyide~ oi tna- to break up his reception would b.e ag eUble an i;% Cl. s to.o.. Mos w dt- p daY. Eisenhower l tsposto o o l Sel A stmm d ed[1l I.
ea SItai face to f a te f McGarrr tat 1 prst-
n c. Q net ear's he vi its Korea. Mrs. A eower is 56 years dent-elect "would l bitoe no I
T .ue.. .* se.a to The" M0 --ow story c- f nt old, teday apd the President- objection." 8 et vote
freo tepbicat the new urowe s_ atoer en ct pla- 1 a small family r
OO cotf t~. eo~e.fe.nsiad rowewitr af.Tir s. wey' at tbe r settage ofor the fth.' wlth key Repukloan ,aders In--6.,,
prel or ueo the ojNew a rotor. t aremfeat r a d i e ua National cluding Sen. Alsder Wley(Rg. lS.c. ly-

T. M I rf Jo-m"eS.Iorty' res u- ~o oferb. W WLi.) after he realhtoslW 'York. *| .ug rIII.
but will tr~ effect eno teraSe the former ttLe sear enhethe1Fl
butrywi t effeteonome.e aghs Reportert and photographers Wle Is ex g o
Sosco rep owre ort prntS fter- wh travel wd w _it the Elsen. wi th Pe et-ib' a f- -, f c
:-CbtLodge l na., i s rti 'rsande bowinke throught 52,00tr min es Or nmhinat os aheU. 4. A leyi

t ..M a th la ir _ep or eaw ould cake anda rseret Ki pprte.,
M t. '. on to Moscow to see the oiet chatty and gay about Mrs. .
of State Da- marshal. lenhwera bt hday, there re .' *
v ; wd Lodge to. ".Ha there been an i gius isnhwer s rtay q her e.n idaAm.ricona
rtment at slon since tne .general as been a wo id ae Pteeldt-elect have a ." ...L* A i n
an said "we down here Jw Augsta owli o tio P ,-sonr.en"c? ha e verythln you for best
a P his disposal ing to Mospow? Hagery wa He has met with reporters d .. ., rirL
a Y a~ rrangemenis asked. for apulic question and an- .- ,. e
-M le ders w p "Not that I know of," he re- swer sea ace eari y In hisat e i
Stif tke insio q tcon- oodde&d.y rters, how tever- seu el con p gn..D S .
station wth RepubIcan of- Hagerty recalled? that drIhg.te howe would meet beautiful look detailaee let i' si t he
fictlmal should any emergencies campaign Elsenhower told a in ts relatively near future with nb uSILlE d OlN
arise 1f6re Elsenihower's Inau- meeting of ward workers hin ierers, but he did not know .ii SIL K '
gura oJanM20.. Chicago he would be wiHng to eo-rs' u e di n
Theyl" be q such liaison "go B ywhee anddo ayth tng Thi.s-," a w..rm,, Indian sum-"-
might dl Aaoounr e Ctm- In t to.rests pe. t a tsunn m r at the Au-
s w 'eo he; a t ota mis .nl 'nher afte, a morning ,
that Amnerlean reotlo "had ...e. r work, plae4 18 holes Wth in high heels": tles to flatter
S be delayed during the tnw coplerI .4ter udle profesIsional, atS every foot All colors.
tion F loda. about a .e of I he Mastera TI am -. a -
ed tav "a t4 4o1* e ,, a-f ....oni t ha a .. N A L .. .
'n al t ri d rrhe e bhag 'f th A N 1D A S

tar"rJo. For L .Gir
Sthe .. ar m i" or_". ama omfor-able$ in se t les:"

b y t h e ,* i-- Dso' n d r a d a r tof- I
but will- '"t-r o "- n e.a- s a l t atl e -aaK n aE i%.msJ.s
oth d t h l e w Y o m e q u -SOam .. y .

M"o smcw. r prt.e hteee vee et LA MODA AMERICANA
the s. no Plans for Els t w2,mi'sO high- f i mr K rea or an.
cythe arisd sie y w t *f on-thpe-p annot ek to gie thee wa r t UN

tanAmer ly heldeeor i ntheapoti o te war Central Avenue 102

-td.en be t. h eS ie nhow a U-

nmlteiur wiL
mel I10K
5.- UD

Genuine Z"izfl
In IlK told.
$20.- uP

'9,I *

i don't have the ring you
want, me'll make it! Our wide
selection of 10K and 14K gold
rings is offered at surprisingly
low prices!

aChi f hbi bd.
hal m In teolmd
ienw. IO gold

S .l9ve CIl
MUdl Iyeu

JL5 Ar it < < ~








N "We orei a

L .\,1I


*I, j. l

- .C.' .- ...... .... .... .0.45'
........... ......0lo
.I f ........ ....
seAar NoN .. Io
';.' 4.35 lil -_

x5,- v'







^g ^ ..-.... t








't ,. ..- -

WPlat Better Gift for Christmas Tut i'

. offers -
Beautiful Rattan Living Room Sets Brand
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~I1 4.

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I &






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SYou Sell em...When You T ell em thru P.A. Classifieds! Dt
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I e is Serdie Salon de Belleza Americano Carlton Drug Store aer 1 wh l tit he av
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electric relriger or-. 6j Cvcie. 2-3177 during the day, at Balboa Mileella emus meals in Bello Vita, to gentleman HA .. V4E.-U r :.S y
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o all FOR SALE -OR tde -1940 e $1.00 a dozen! Grand clearance Position LOARN Wa l l .
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EXCHANGE E, Sr.-dver 60-cycle condition Phone F. D. HI PANAMUSICA stores No. 127 Posilion o, i fr ab. Ms b. 4 '.^. s yS1.
motor for 25 cc e De Luxe model 352. le Central Ave. CbI and : -,ateser i a..... o, i..t
352. Central Ave. a IN W"esm
5468-B Dablo. FOR SALE -Chevrolet Wagon b50 Teween Trott The Crer and pnorEance dd some t ,'l sa
FOR SALE Q M Furniture excellent condition, new Tply background. Goad opportunity for s IAR ETT flI& UTI 74:3-'SIU mPo I TS Cain .
dresser, tables, chairs. single bed fires, must sacrifice $1,350. utv peron with proper quihfitaUts. for A -
and chiffoner Apt 831-0, Bal- Poad Cuba Avenue 58 apartment FOR SALE:..-48 Ford Se'd. Tso Write ancleding photograph, qila- ALBOA T. M. C. A. 7:45..- ( A t i
boa ______ 5 or 8. telephone 3-323. single beds one Quartermasr .folatCos and addr*s1 *1 Airline, ..... 8 FrO i ,_
96R SALE Aulomanic waosing FOR SALE -1941 Oldsmobile. Just retal dreMr. Refgertor. Wt Ap 113. P .
machine. Fr.gidaire. like n e, overhauled. duty paid. Good con- inghouse 9 cu. ft All in good con- WANTED:-You|g man for a icit f 1 .
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S glass lined. like r.ew, $1 15; Kel- Phone 6.324. 2-4133 after 4 30 evening. En_.. nM usta. .saf AMk (VOA)_ _' __ 8:30-_meM a-I

item .,1I be pocked or :h a- $600. daylight film winder for S:30- 8ym hony l Ad'
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WOrFOR SALE- Brind motorEin- fned Houseadgroud,,el FOR SALE.-Rolefe iha s ml fUni sheda patment, pfer t
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U00Ponable price. Easy pty- Adlustment of the Body S-ructure. m.kel coax cable. $1,200 2.a9ue 3. M-'. roer is rved ,ri"
"FOth SA. Tel 2-383 C et Appofni- complete. Quarters 12r-A, M.the Canel zone e well e fd other
$00 Grsbe$ 0 menit. Kobbe -- KZcWD. 8tates. h.-
r6.u SECrImiL gou. P
-oo,,erec en-t..2.o 6 cclcrret.322 r.n.s..owa brld hi

WES -Clearing the Decku.... 19531

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.. 'o'gg' =

* .* :


R Uisl :ra ,,mol-g e -n sesmain .. .ug RugWEWWAlDgIgtw

-saiL_1 --:3J* ct. .bS ~ I

PACI SueSf :t

* A; -- --' ... *.. t e SWa .. r-

urn puy. ...h. ..
.'e ,' "l-. Mt. her 0 8. o Pin. at-. C' .
,': %. ?+, l^ -m -;= -...,1 kw gI. lorval- ur- | ^ g" I I

' "X "M S t .-+-'-D t-...,.-- tforin th e Jo. nnbu o r .e Mrs.
Sone of the wrg, Mrs.oliai Barb
-,' _* L _d_ .. V^th green M .oo leigh Davis and Mrs k

oheen w r `rit r Hu hrea us adao-
Geo, Bre en, s i,
anaMrseenAerl. Shie Coavisa ndM .7
SRod r o a eo ~in L re n Po ;e e asCo et,
fer, S r a radg o mt.iia o,

=1 o 11nra U1 arm CSh
nof W as anmoun:;4 g on those *
lt. C rdel andylSa. Marlm divi i V

folow cen-,..^
hen Collow- van dferve unit, and **n1' *
-at a homh o. goiipar- .h ,whose duties lo.^
..m and "t where coffee and fors,- tigS3 I "-"l activities "
an ated catsmo were served. .re iIleforhritma "Cop0u alw bltrts out ,hV turthw. eld* \ It
Thes, gu stsinl,.e:,_M anSd LtE year. any barn whe he aid the baby looked Ilk., saher
*-A. tt.ff .le ... Acmr.Lu O t.w. com meanders i
P.-Mee- Ci.. MV I ta ei Army have *

oma i l tnat t certain d
= !^ r1 0 .f ....Tor0 "ar09,1.

-. trojn n d M ...rq ...'.on or strik ugly#4.ved .rn

A tras Ien ro.l 0 pra.. n Va, oftmademuatbe
ed&ome -a a party on to these ac- In 63%,ef semi. der' testal
h h eite o lye granted re you through ow what it taaae done

by n L .MI1,e :+ e, one, her tiring te a. Decem- "change of ,f or sAe .s

"Cr a" scheme was sed, and the re- pared without Impairing the w'eakne and o ha t 'e"i .. "
The rs. ta were. Mr. treatment tae .held lamrg aivtea oft he ofranrlat yon. of I t o S" V
and Mr. d Johnson, a white reen a od pink flower r' an y an e ear's tra of utt time? rrit
Misses Anna and Rita Fisher cake as a centerpee. Favors of are holidays or personnel' hope for bala t

;nd 1 r oxplal d t aoving gut. U.. I a. m's Vege abl e r.-
h ... Aoeo. t te i jbouw Theh i age explained c steat OSpMl or $ done
hest 0 ,'a rea" O n Jan tng peesomel wer. necessa- oua. .y n e Lfyo i PIneiam I
e.hee. ponia this year due to the large t ncati aeto. htroough
n -nnnen I.pu rm weT"bthr at L erafhau- w..... w n a .Uty.Oac Ico Jle s re I

Ah or in city. MenOes, Jfanatet and Ar Me-e over of personnel due to aw, 0 kniloltht trit pn ea r m o apfo im .
1 lA .. a a Ca. fact th a t as en aL Pnor 0 0i-
1 wp,^,gr r^. o; _. _. m *a, ... has Q e..s- ... i. ,ail. ,, ^.
.. ,. Alnaer, e o or the Korean The
was the ductees called during the ear. .
I t Q/ part of the J u re now o

Seret At sta c the release
And, awreeriaes ne00talways C .llDt eN '
the e Mrs .W. -. 'Mi .
S. r years i s depe upon Watch your children Vhi -
and.Mrs.... th t oseta

dn wi itry It todst
'._ e,. *'This urg _and a continuing
s,.need for th4 teolacfmelt4

D-- .r d e" ou vital -o Ko-

dalVev *ar of e n r astim e witht bior
M r ,. leI,.-.e.ebj.MJ M down," it I
eFArn cnbavget of wsith p y at her w i step in the
d Sl Pt Dv.. -- wh os term of service to
forr, opopl Green t E ve EnA .grEep.

.** .. -.. M.,d
es mwaussse Tde t-monthly dd ther Wil t B Co d

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Mef EOA MUrice
W fqu NSA Servie




W ?IT 53 AST
A None 4 872
VKJ1082 94653
*KQI 73 8si94
AKJI O 107
S K J 106543
Botur ss vuL
North Bt South Wedt
Pass Pass 1 6 2
3 Pass 6 Pala
PaS Pass /
Opening lead-- K

* You don't really have to be a
ROod mathemalecian to play
lrst-class bridge, but it. doesn't
hurt to know a few simple facts
aoout probability. For .example,
the chance fo winning a simple
finesse is about even (it's exactly
even unless the bidding indicates
that one opponent has more
strength than the other).
Here's another important fact:
The odds are about 7 to 1 that
five missing'cards in a suit will
be divided threein one hand and
t~u in the other.
I didn't select those two fig-
ures out o fa clear sky. They were
the important things to remem-
ber when South was planning the
play of the hand shown today.
When the hand was actually
played (in the Italian national
champlopships this year). South
won the first trick with dummy's
ace of diamonds, discarding the
queen of hearts from his hand.
He then drew two rounds of
trumps, cashed the ace of clubs,
entered dummy with a third
trump, and led a club towards
his queen.
This play really amounted to a
club finesse. Unfortunately for
d*clarer, the finesse failed. He
lost two club tricks and therefore
falle dto make his slam contract.

Mrs. Jy Colonna
Puts On Bue Bonnet
-She Loves F.N.E.!

MhN ART Colonna puts oq _BLUS
limor, Nutrition, Economy! Lib
the noted comedian's wife you will
k the delicate, gunnyweet tate
BLtm BoM nE adds to any food!
You'll appreciate its nourishment,
to. No other spread for bread is

S than ae pound of high-priced
aedISo nmamber thi letter ...
rL..N.. ..AB.1-V. gtblM BLUE
i~tSm n gwiva "e thr.n'
7s;;rTr uteiuito I Eoenom-e-e'

Bflt should have made his turns a third diamond to 4
tract by playing for a 3-2 club my's ten and South discards
break instead of for a successful queen of clubs.
lub finesse. Do you see the right Now South takes the ace' of
ae of play? cubs, enters dummy with a *
Dummy wins the first trick rump to ruff a club. gets back
1ith the ace of diamonds, and with a second trump to ruff a
aouth discards a club. Lummy se-corrd club. and gets back wt
turns the jack of diamonds, dummy's third tramp to cash the
oAuth discards another club. and last club. The last club enable
Vest wins with the queen of dia- South to discard the queen of
aonds. West dares not return a hearts. after which South sa
lub or a heart (either would give claim the rest of the tricks Wlth
southh a free finesse), so he re- the ace of hearts and trunmpu

A'" niI .7
Ik ;.

.Aris locra I of the Air


Deft service by a trained staff of 4...
cocktails, 7-course dinner,
wine including champagne, and liqueum.
0! Bond Street Overnight Bag...
The Elizabeth Arden Beauty Kit for ladies.
Sleeper berths at only slight extra charge.
Also B.OAC. luxury service from
Jamaica to London via Nassau. Convenient
light connections from Panama to Jamaica
or New York by other carrier.

Ask your travel agent fr free mfrmaeon. or call.,
Aumida Tovdi 2o. Tel, s2-sa. PamMd.



Diamond Soijlrie


Styled in modern motif, st wsih, br .
liant diamenond,ithikievIy 141,yeew
gold engagement ring is on .excep
tional volue.'


i *


3-Diamond Ri4g


y^y^ >j,^eia



'1 rri~








,: octor A

SOf Car's
NEW YORk, Nov. 14 (UP) -
Dr. George S. Stevenson, med-
ical director ol the National As-
. sociation for Mental Health,
, gave straight talk today about
M. W v the nation treats its men-
flty ill citizens. They arc, he
said, "really sick sheep, not mad
in a statement accompanying
t thl annual report of the associa-
L tion, which holds its annual
iptsiing here next week. he said
the treatment was, by and large.
deplorable in its inadequacy.
Yet, he continued, the plithh:
ZTf the mentally ill "is a matte
for great public concern."
But only New York; andl
Massachusetts meet the feder-
' al standard of one mental
: hospital bed for every 200 po-
S pulation.
On the other hand. Georgi:',
. South Carolina, West Virginia.
i and Tennessee are at the lowest
, .>end, with rates from one in 400
to one in 600.
N The states with the worst
records on the average claim the
" lowest percentage of unaccept-
able beds. even none at all, in
* spite of obvious overcrowding,"
he said.
"This ostrich-like attitude is a
more vicious factor in their
S bckwardness than their claim-
S ed poverty.
"In two states, Wisconsin
and New Jersey, the antique
sysiemn of county care, asylums
and not hospitals, persists.
"it should be. said that an un-
acceptable hospital tends to be
dollar-centered rather than pa-
tien' -centcred.
Smay have.only one doctor
for as' many as 400 or 500 pa-
tient:. Tne beds may be so
cror. cdci that if there were a
aet for every patient, the pa-
tic.... ....ud be unable to reach
th-;r1- -:C .
-n-.- tients in condition to
be p ) o1 the grounds may n.;
be i outdoors for months a

* V -


assails Inadequacy

For Mentally I111
mnintally ill and how unstable and there will be an equal
are public psychiatric services anxiety about railroading pa-
A which are dependent on a high- tients into hospitals and iold-
or de?,rce of public understand- ing them unnecesarily.
ing," he said. "Until the public provides more
and better staff, more liberal ap-
"For the moment, as a result! propriations for'the care of pa- I
of homicides by several former tients, and eliminates over -
patients, the public tends to crowding it cannot expect the
place the blame for these ca- best protection for itself or the
.uvlties on the mental hospitals, best service for its patients
"It thereby evades the res- | "Actually, a very small portion
ponsibility for its own stingy of the mentally ill area menace.
provision, but we know tlat in The mentally Illare really sick
time its stand will he re ersed sheep, not mad dogs."

WILD 'N' WOOLLY REST-No beddih. down under the star.
for today's cowboy of the nursery After chasngall the Iidians
from behind the davenport. he.can catch 40 winks in this junior.
size contour chair. Four-year-old Peter Wubemhorst above, tries
out the rocking qualities ot the plastic-upholstered chair, which
made its first appearance at a pre-holiday showing. of toys' in
New York. .

er may b' well enough to
la ,-e hospital but their de- I -M
"pa ..e i is delayed because on
Stbh one hsnd, the staff is t U
w overworkedi to keep in touch wit.
Sthe patient., and one the other
Sh.ncd. a patient who is on the
way to recovery doesn't really F
show when he lhas reached nor-
.m1l adjustment when he is com
pulled to stay in an overcrowded
war filled with patients wh. CA R 1
Share still stick.
Ju- as the patients of many
hobepitals are permitted to live
in restraint strait jackets
so many hospitals them-
Tselve are held in a kind of
> rertrnt.
* T';:y are surrounded by an
StnvL-ic1I w'll of isolation, far
mor" re-s..ant thban their real
W3713 and fences.-
A-'" a result, the mental ill in
the co-imunity are not extended
the pWychiatric service they
should be receiving.
T'ose likely to be hospitalized
a. left untreated until they can
bhe hositalkted and by the same
taken who have left the hospital
arme m most states forced to Tfht
their own way through conval-
SE-en the patients within
these hospitals are denied the
adranLaZKes hat would come to
them if their physicians were
giren some servIes outside the
SInTvibar curtain and brought
Inlo closer touch witi favorable
and unfavorable forces in the
comnn.mites in which patients
break down and to wnich they
musi t return.
Somne of the patients are'
transferred to mental hospitals.
because the general hospitals In Don't forget that
Which their tranEient upweta be-
gin. as for example, a delirium
associal ed with penumonia, are A E I
P unprepared to deal with puch* A
upsets "GENCU
S The same is true of other A
agencies in the community 14 Cenir
the police, social, education.
* and welfare agencies. They fail
to recognize problems in their DAVID
beginnings, often at the most Abadia y
treatable stage." Cia. Lida.
For all this he blamed people
"Recent events have shown how
limited is the general under-
standing of the problems of th

Rh' h r': 7:00 9:15 p.m.


Oin Tr a ,.ial. he-
hind "**r'e% oririn' chann'
TODAY F.-7 '
J,1T DAY! 0




In Their Best Picture..
1: At 11:20 p.m
7 Burt Lancaster, in




we stoI1. a "'ii range of Lires for Enlish cars.


ral Avenue

. Telephone 2-2771



.Try this for relief!
It you gPt5 arp labe of pa in
S yur back when you stoop and,
/'j *at other times, there is a dull and
continuous ache, te cause cab very
often be traced to the kludneys Them
ital orgas should filter poison out of
the system bu mieUtml they get
shgugish aid conguied ntdthe backacbe
ye suffers s Nature's way of watuiag
Y o that yoor kidneys need asmaem
A trusted medicine. tw tlsm purpose
De Wtt's Pills. TheI 1 a cleanag
of 6dhs o e ted .'VM e a sm
080-*Mgf them town tbw p rfr dmai
PF-cm usttralIR Theoe s Iom record
e m beses l D Win s. Nswh bh have
- m i nsffuere i un q e ,f Ohl
M rindM MBJenn (Mr MjliU b

SHE GOT A GOOD STEER-Fiye ugge, '1-year-old, 4-H Club
girl from Claghorn, Ia., stands proily behind "Shanty," her.ently
in the Americat kloyp' Livestock Show at1 Knsas City, Mo. The
1025-pound Angus was declared Junior Charpiqon Steer of the show.


Gladys Heurtematte

announces a Matinee

performance of


SUNDAY, NOV. 16 at 5

Tickets on sal daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at
the Niionali Theatre Box office.



.t's Mev 1


.anal eaters --

' A A JohnL PAYA nonda .
ALr.cOdem. "CROSSWINDS" Technkolorl
4-P -. 5g 5:3 y"WABpf61T9r*Y

Abeit Bravo School
Plonis Benefit
CkLON, Nov. 4 4 fee-
tival. In h'nor of flency i
the Pregadent, of thfe' i ;t and
Mrs. An pnio lemon wille heId
at, the qarbe TheatAr lh Colon
iext Tuesday. udder,~e a laptces
of Abel 9rav6 College.
Cooperatin r tt th4 nttrHU
program are the .tghji.Oop-
servatory of 3eusic. tf atioal
Symphony Orchestra, wtle Na-
tional School of the" anoe0, and
the Abel Brava Glee Club
Benefits derived from h. pro-
aram will be donated t othde Cafe-
teria of the Abel Bravo BSchool,
which serves free lunches ,dally
to numbers of undernourished
Reserved-seat tickets are $2,
general admission $1.

IPr.,j I



The Fisk Tr
truck tire
mileage becaL
tough treed
to uptcooler
0 tance haulse.


gives more
swe its thick,
is designed
on long-diq-

'3.' .--. -
- ,.. '- 'v-..-~n~I-e ~ I -
4 F
uuuu'm.w umwin~

S1 I O.

S .. -%Pf 'a ,., -'.. -

. '* ** ^j -t ,
@0 I* :L .W.'m -
K^"' A '1'I1
R/ ahewineL

7 i.


2. .k~ (5. .'

$ 'A.
. $50 Panama 'city

in IB __ ^ u @1

B :, lit .I., .our

Don't lOetfur

Daurter t

I3:Is :a '
Latee s*w ot UI:.M "LA5 ON A TRAIN..

coco mk n of .
a- "- ttr M "". m M atuletim m
EDRO. MIC. iS -_.._tisn

SI $.' K: S p 'r TApI .
G AW 1 a ""Chw
r 1 r rA A-

" H" e" 0


". 1 4 tCol .)

::: ...* :- .. -*:

' : .* TEIt;
, .. .

**a :6 we I

t* '*E ^

*~t~ 4 "*^a

'-it S.

.I-a .

L : ; .- .* :'.
.Y ?.'.,1 )





Inti~IsO6 PhysicaJ
Your aatr

. '1'jc'

,. .

De Witt PiUs
W'. mrot magUi e

Ova 6U0ami(
Dbe Watr hase
&made sr rdy
a engagefB






-: 4 --

.4- I *

-k .--- -~'V ~ -

S. .?...:.. ,., ".. -f:I ,. .: ,- .,'A V -. "I W
tllt1 .M^.^1^ il*' fiifa~si'y '*No.ww.

~--~a-L-~-~rd -i*Y--;.r- .----r-:l_

N. at, the residence ofMrs. IRichard
0 ... -, MR.. .... 'e, Av .
Ber Ma eItdy's, Mbtstu gl Ar r o asWr. U, SCZA Balboa. oe,-
40 ."N M dinAaner .lI- !Mrs. E.B. Brown and Mrs.. O0
q O. Lee wwlbeinchargeofa pro-
,c+" To 0. ." upm based on the grroWo w
C (Dmi1 trk success, "The M l5IsaftPO V
b pu andgh t aBl ueg." by F. Hu h Herbert. o e
; iitt!. f1 traveling en the to Members of the Colsle Club
and heat are n d 1958i. ENTERTAINING
SCarn D an Classes a T r
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Th qBa a~l r I.*Bay a nu 10:3e Pa,, R In- i ina sought bv these churches Ap 5a o. Se am little i .
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-- ~'~ ~








Michigan State Given Edge Races

At Home Over Notre Dame Tomorrow

-o -
The odds-makers see clear sailing for the major unbeaten-
untied teams as another football week-end iq here.
One of the five-U-C-L-A-is idle. but the four others are
two touchdown favorites on Saturday. Michigan State, with 22
straight wins, is favored over Notre Dame despite the Fighting
Irish's upset over Oklahoma last week. Georgia Tech gets the
no4 over Alabama, Maryland over Mississippi and Southern Cal-

1st Race "D" Native 7 Fgs.
Purse: $300.00 Pool closes: 12:45
First Race of the Doubles
1 Yoslkito B. Aguirre 112
2 Annie N. J. Bravo 120
3 Hortensla V. Ortega 118
4 Manolgte K. Flores 112
5 Eloina M. Zeballos 11.U
' Proton J. Chuna 10,x

ifornia over Washington. 17 Lolto j adogen 110
M'ichigzn State will be out tol da\' games and will receive re-!
malke it three straight over No- polls on four others The scoutsi2nd Race "F-2" Native 68! Fgs.
tre Dame something done or.- will sit in on the Mississippi-IPurse: $275.00 Pool closes: 1:15
ly five times and last accom- Mal 'land. Tennessee-Floridal Second Race of the Doubles
polished in the early 1930's. Both and Duke-Wake Forest games 1 Mr. Espinosa R. Ycaza 112x.
teatis'are at almost top strength Reports will be received on the 2 Filon V. Castillo 115
but Michigan State has the edge. Pittlourah-North Carolina State.13 Embustero J. Cadogen 115
Playing at home the Spartans Alabama-Georgia Tech. Svrac-'4 Luck Ahead F. Rose 115
will be able to use every man use-Colgate and Oklahoma- 5 La Suerte M Hurley 115
on the squad whereas the Irish Kansas games Oddly enough 16 Bagalefio Jose Rodrl. 115
squad was cut for the road trip mot. of the teams will be mine-' -
Georgia Tech, with its 22-game ligible unless some conference'3rd Race "G" Native 2 Fgs.
unbeaten string, faces Alabama iules are changed. The Southern Purse: $250.00 Pool closes: 1:45
the,last team to beat the En- Conference is against bowl; ONE TWO
gineers. That was in 1950 and games and that covers Mary-, 1 Prince Wad A. Enrique 112
Alabama faces a tough job in land North Carolina State. Duke 2 La Nifia A. Mena 109
trying to snap Tech's string and Wake Forest. Oklahoma and 3 Villalba K. Flores 110
Georgia Tech has the Second Kansas are in the Big Seven 4 Electron E. Darlo 104
best defense in the country which frowns on bowl games 5 Stlencio H. Pitti 104x
one that hasn't allowed mor? And Georgia Tech has accepted 6 Marfil V. Rodriguez 107x
than two touchdowns in any a bid to the Sugar Bowl
game over the last two seasons In other top games of Satur-
All-America Halfback Candidate day. Texas is a one touchdown 4h Race "F-2" Native 6'2 Fgs.
Leon Hardeman is on the in- favorite to beat Texas Christian Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 2:20
jured list, but Georgia Tech still and win the Southwest Confer- QUINIELA
has such top flight runners as ence title Princeton Is a two 1 La Negra V. Rodrlguez 112x
Billy Teas and Glenn Turner. totichdown choice over Yale. 2 Tilln TiIn Jose Rodri. 115
Southern Cal, by beatinglPennsylvania is rated one touch- 3 Don Mario 0. Castillo 115
Washington, can move into a tie down over Army and Illinois Is a 4 Colirio J. Cadogen 115
with UCLA for the Pacific Coast: one touchdown favorite over 5 Strike Three J. Bravo 115
League. Eacn would have five Onio State 6 Peggy F. Rose 115
wins and they meet head on 7 Sirena E. Silvera 115
next Saturday. Washington must
win to stay in the race for the H k lt 5th Race "D" Imported I Fgs.
Rose Bowl.y in the race or the Hockey Results Purse: $600.00 Pool closes: 2:55
Maryland idle last Saturday 1 Carmela II H. Reyes 108x
- will have Quarterback Jack 2 Newmlnster J. Bravo 114
Scarbath brewing its "T-forma- Wednesday Night) 3 Orlsu V. Ortega 120
tion" as usual against Mississip- 4 Piropo II B. Aguirre 114
pL The battle for the Big 10 Con- NATIONAL LEAGUE
ference lead between Michigan N'ew York 5. Chicago 2. 6th Race m ed 6' Fgs
anid Purdue is rated a toss-up 61h Race "1-2" imported 6'os: 3.
Michigan must stop the passing .A'ERICAN LEAGUE Purse: $375.00 Pool closes- 3:35
of le Samuels who has thrown Providence 8.Buffalo 3. 1 Second Rae of the Doubles2x
nine 'touchdown tosses this sea- Syracuse 4, Cleveland 2. 2 Maquesi Hm J. Bravoeys 112x
son. Purdue's main worry is Ted 2 Mimol J. Bravo 118
Kress, t triple threat halfback WESTERN LEAGUE 3 Bien Hecho C. Lino 1 18
who leads Michigan in scoring. 4 Mon Etoile J. Phillips 116
rushing and passing. Tacoma 4. Seattle 3. 5 Pinta E. Silvera 118
Oklahoma is a three touch- asmkatoon 6. Edmonton 2. 6 Interlude K. Flores 114
down favorite to beat Missouri, Calgary 2. New Westminister 2. 7 La Chata A. Mena 112
and win the Big Seven- title -
but the Sooners can forget a- EASTERN LEAGUE 7th Race "A" Imported 6i Fgs.
ame. Faculty representatives of Springfield 9, Johnstown 2. Purs1 Bendegu 1.. R. Pool closes: 4:105
the Big Seven met last night in New.Haven 2, Troy (NYI 1. 2 1 Bendegu Fdo V. Castle 110
Kansas City and voted to keep 3 Vlalero J. Bravo 110
the ban on post-season games INTERNATIONAL LEAGU 4 Royal Alligator B. Aguirre 123
At the same time, officials of 4 Roy igF B A uiore 122
the Orange Bowl say they will Milwaukee 3. Cincinnati.1. 5 BoojiK Flores 122
have scouts at three of Satur- Toledo 5, Grand Rapids 3. 8th Race "H" Imported 7 Fgs.

Purse: $400.00 Fool closes:
1 Doria Eleida E. Corcho
2 Scotch Chum J. Cadogen
3 Pampero II E. Julian
4 Mr. Foot A. Ubidia
5 Sismo J. Phillips
Pincelazo H. Reyes
Rinty V. Castillo
8 Golden Mine F. Rose
9th Race "1-2" Imported g'
Purse: $375.00 Pool closes:
1 Corista J. Cadogen
2 Beach Sun V. Rodri.
3 Novelera E. Campbell
4 England A. Phillips
5 Pulgarcito M. Hurley
6 Sun Cheer K. Flores
7 Forzado F. Rose

1 12x

10th Raie "G" Native 611. Fgs.
Purse: $325.00 Pool closes: 5:40
1 Miranda H. Reyes 105x
2 Tuira Jose Rodri. 117
3 Golden Bound A Mena 110
4 Winsaba B. Aguirre 118

DAYTON, 0. (NEAi Dick
MKyata, 235-pound sophomore
defensive tackle, kicks points-
after-touchdown f or Dayton

C-- -- -~-L---- ---ilt~-----Le~Ii -


NEA Sports Editor

NEW YORK, Nov. 14 (NEA) Football followers, midwest
and far went, whp hoped all-conquering Michigan State would
be shipped to the Rose Bowl, will be disappointed when they
read this.
The Spattars still don't belong to the lodge, and will be
treated accordingly, despite the 22 straight victories they boast-
edk oing into the Notre Dame engagement.
The Tournament of Roses is going to be strictly
a Western Conference production, no matter how
The many who would like to see Michigan
't ate oppose the winner of the UCLA-Southern
.Californil scrap In Pasadena based their hope on
the belief that it was still possible for the Big. 10
'to. send an outsider if t did not have what it con-
sidered a genuine champion of its own.
That made sense, so the Western Confererte
.aculty athletic representatives wiped out the
clause two years 'ago, when the New Year's Day
pact with the Pacific Coast Conference was re-
MBiyWeb "AU our schools were so 'eager to go that'we
lWel felt it unfair to sidetrack a team that had own
the right to represent the conference," explains Commissioner-
Kenneth L. Wilson of the Big 10.
"Michigan State would be eligible for football competition in
the Western Conference In 1953, it was pointed out, and Jan. 1
just happens to be in that year.

There could be no better way for the Big 10 to start the New
Year than to transport its newest member, Michigan State, to
southern California. There is no percentage in refusing to play
your best card, and the Spairtans generally are regarded as the
nation's No. 1 varsity.
"But they haven't played a conference scheduled," counters
Tug Wilson.
It obviously makes no difference to the Western Conference
brass that Michigan State beat the three Big 10 teams at which
It got a whack Michigan. Purdue and Indiaria.
Also that the East Lansing squad is by far the most represen-
tative sideathe league could send against the coast champion.
Sentiment In favor of Michigan State largely steis from
those who are anxious to see the Western Conference continue
its domination of the golden slope. The count is 6-0 since the
first agreement was signed, three .decisions being of horrendous
The athletes who come out on top on the coast would also
like to tackle the slickest combination available, and the Tourna-
ment of Roses committee Va#tiy prefers Michigan State.
Four Western Conference outfits remain in the running for
the far western venture. They are Wisconsin. Purdue, Michigan
and Minnesota.
Wisconsin has been belted by Ohio State and UCLA, the lat-
ter with an excellent chance of i.eing in thle coast league's cor-
ner. Purdue has'been trimmed by Notre Dame and Michigan
State and tied by Penn State and Minnesota, Michigan has drop-
ped verdicts to Michigan State. Stanford and Illinois. Minnesota
ran second to Washington, was pasted by California and Michi-
gan and tied by Purdue.
Football at Southern California and UCLA definitely is on"
the upswing, so the Big 10 might.well need the services of Michi-
gan State.
The idea isn't money because all institutions are c"it In on
the prize money, the participating school gettingno mretha
squad expenses and an. extra share. It hAsn't nuinh left after
carting along the band, members of the faculty athletic com-
mittee, extra coaches and whatnot.
Even under the share-the-swag system, mighty Michigan
State would like to swing for the Western Conferince by way of
breaking' to it, but in order to do that Billy Wells and Com-
pany will avC to extend its winning thrbughopt a third conse-
cutive campaign.

'Mr. P.A. Want Ad' attracts
.'* a fbilowing '
Of prospects mighty finpl
'What's more .. he signs
.them quickly
On the dotted line!

Voor c0laified ad will at-
trad a pa de of good pros.
pegl e0 everyone id
Paw *L ad the Canal
Z. n readJ P.A. Want Ads
tetdIa'1TWy them mow
..,th retalts wil surprise

affliftW '-iit.w^


h at the
A and

the 'Atlatte, V7leyl~aBea
The Mfrst game of thenit
featured a crack Army'tedi,
Battery B 764th, taking the mea-
sure of the lead leading M- ega-
rita teom 2 to 1-lThe T smalr' t
aggressive players from he
764th were tob much at. the net
for the taller Jlargarita slt. Both
teams looked gd defend ely
and the difference prbved o be
the Army setting-up Iay. I
The second match lound Gi-
braltar sweeping though a weak
faculty team by the ahutout
score of 3 to 0. The Insurance
men had too much height, ex-
perience, and know-how, for
their weaker opp6neunts,
The other two ti a IMnvoled
Shore Battalion pI0king up three
games on a bye, and the CrIsto-
bal High School w8 1 higtl .ee
games by forfeit over GO.
Uck Team.
Margarita 13
Gibraltar Life 1i 3,
Battery B 1 4th 10
Cristobal H. 8. 6 '
Shore BattaliOn 6 *
Ft. Gulickty '
Faculty .
1 ^



Car., Nov. 14-(UP)-
Marine Captain Ted Wil-
liams, former Boston Red
Sax batting,star and one
of the outstanding Major
League baseball players
of all time, today received
his orders to report to.the
Pacific, Coast for over.
seas assignment appar-
ently Korea.
Williams, a jet pilot, is
attached to' the Second
Marine Air Wing.

Chisox Officials

Back Frick On

Ri rah'Decision
ft United .ress)
General. Manager Frank. Lane
of the Chicago White Box is
backing the decision Commis-
sioner Ford'Frick made Wednes-
da on Jia Rivera.
Flek placed the outfielder on
"indefinite probation" and made
the White Sox/responsible for his
actions for one year. Rivera was
exonerated on a morals charge
last. month the second time
he was Involved in a criminal as-
sault case.
Lane says-"We're very pleas.
ed with the decision. It was a
very good decision and a Just
Lane says he spoke to Rivera
on Tuesday when the outfleldor
returned from Puerto Rico. Lane
also says" Rivera spoke to a
White SBox offtcihl a d said
Frick's decision was satisfactory
with him..

5i! ail fL



Twelve b
1952' Armet
as themi
the chhinm
weight dal
7:30 pB'1tt
rena, nHaDg
will .contcn
Saturday i
champ nsh
The corn
been drgwj

Nov. ,
als -niofto
SThe hew
ready beef
mon Roas1
pion, tit I
thus va

it shaWdis
Taking a
card, nine o
ed will be
In the 0o
Smitb ofth
first appears
tranty dropp
the year to
65th who fai
of the 504t]

era this yea
Two newd
cado Alvare
Mhen Davi I
will prevue s
'one vletory i
,cion, In hi
SGerardo C

then P6
victory over
al, Wll, fac
370th wbo
Mapa With


i ........ I

W .bq.
Ir" .... fU


complete ANrtimeat pr

it Tiell Ave.
'.5 ".^



VL 2-4
' 4 -W



,: 4Rnfd. i


"D" Importeds

Purse: $600.00

7 Fgs.

Pool (loses: 2:55 p.m.

1 CARMELAII ............... H.Reyes 1lx


I3 VRIS .........

4 POPO II ............

...... J. ravo 114

.V. Orlega 120

...B.Aguirre 114

5h Race

Pure: $550.00






*~ *:' "
(1) .p -

f M ., ; ..

(I) IR
.-Q) 10.i

. .-O.. .

:1 I
,.- -"4
' ; '* ,
.: *

* *" ,

10 -

. ....41.....,

Ie@S~e* .w.

':u :,~ji

*** !

l ., '


;..,. '..t


1st, 2nd -6th, 7th RACES

3rd and 9th RACES

For the convene
our patrons we
opera t i n g botl

5%h Race


- I

L'~I I

. / "* '., .


ny TouMc
out .will m on the 5M~a eto the to hl
d Foreps 'Oxihrao Iawbt
Its tomorrow ti

hhte ef
Wbein are etiht battle i
e our eI* t teosuion r e 3ots
Sis tewore n h. s haWallr a t ..Nboth
P e N aerao00. 6o
.II eta u Jbb, of the 65the
nP or 4coe G&W of Albtook in
d for light middlewtightbout
mt ry a Jonh ioat t loat
oo .te open idecl ion in ear fe bouts
r t t he: ,t this o har, -S
1.SI owmt e. mt r th.
6% de ndeng Tmd ofAlr a
i ai l on-t f the
nation otobrt S1^AC f
it hMQ e M 0In eviorius

Swll mKe Watten of Al.b r -o w
ance against Harol e l d of the 86th W10
ofok at. theopenin. Cap th- ppear ndte te n
fG the fthWft Imvolv, Wfit iu TOM, victories a0

ted har only gh f o h M te contest. War
Lulsa Goozalo of the m othored hiae la-
daeh L boutX.P te ',,L ju ye ar.-

wiA COaa insdhogiWof the dath whl
mh in the: otn n-ft de0i sWit de-
cla h. BErrim. .l the ve AM6 r 1n7eir first

t ela. ose or Df G o n two aS.
Iemeat of the 388 l -o UMt--ear.
antiago of .US5,t, Ai RtI"% r but b not
spirit Robert un- 0'u'k ye f ty*y r,
Wa] Who bi gained
ando ne J Uae Pmnoo TipS

"lsmemt of the 3--

d a dAet'ion to 6
ez the O65h OAd
Toy I)ladof sign-

e of M





%. Z ., I



k. I.- .

.. ,

-. -

.. .

-. =
4'2 .l"

:~mw "r7"~
I t
~ I

tdt^Ifsdra In n mtai

a _*- _

Local CurtaMin

At Balboa

' it

total eiv e w,

o. N Iilfoie in Minors k ,
Wle t'a B te nwr l e i SSth wi... .

mIf om-

I a oft of
th lWe ", ,
.*- -* aC t- "-
to a
A e.
"We ,i .l

et -of thlm are v.-e pO -to .
M isf.deOW they feel
...U -: "' dl
2=67-' The !,l~" L~!. -.."I l


'* I. .
, ... ,

,. -'-, :',
.... : .: **,.,. ".''* /
",..* "\ ", i -, ,


-A-s I
'Pa-. 4-I
5!.. 4

7. ..- ;~t:,.. ii ..i? 1

:- ,- _i.- -..

-'- .: .: ..
..W- "Q. 3

. i

or G rid Hond r

I -. J


%U dtaeI s of the senile
, ]WS W and won

tiht er on the rth-
B u .ed ofone thin.
mb.t will
STW ar'f worth.
*here the fans will
Deak,.for IjA ,b this type oa
iltiM the beat In
sid stfig-I .ineups:
wie. Pesldt Tigers
LE D B. Salter
LT S. Smith
o. LLO R.Reccta

( RT B. Favorite
R D. Sa uo
Maher QB T. ughes
LH G. Bennett
6t, B. Grace
>l FB 'B. Roberson

i 1im Towel
(By,United Pres)



ftw a

r N,.o '

"CharUoMs .Di"bg

es Gamb nang wo
* i=akn.wiwnn a*tt A&n

* awrrur


Yale Codch Rates I penton

Good As Any Clui& Seen
S0- 0
IEW RIAVN, Conn.. Noi. 14 Princt
(NZA)j4*an Olivar, the Tale .Ca.wel
coach, f~iter seen a PriW- br W th
ton tWeel ay football before ae-Yic l
and hl l & ood day faor. The IMIhtf did
first .. such a-,..unft
Pr 'a total offense yard- t ntl peaapn,
age, Harvard w= working etas {
one of the rzet ever acs- pitoou, .
ated. "Actuall we did' len too
Olivear was in the Palmer much In tifhsPr .V-. ard
Stadium pie box with hisga ie," he dl. .We went
seven Lt0ipseot. n Jusb'iqt 1Lta., noth-
"Whew, th was same qhow," sa spea u seeW nk ree-
he sa afterward. "Naturally I tion I would have.
Was. E. -
P~erin lS^. "rry I our chief
ed but tb3Bo la u ad s wla dtth
very up. eo he game,
are md;.-- ook nrto Jack Predpr

i te at .-a Saturdy
.ta.. a ee, al a llt
SThe/ Inh.. p will be as
Te H10eth Tee
8:310 .
t, A renh E... Ellen Ketna

*. .,. Beverly lDM

S.- ... M* -ae P -.6

* -.
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24 Years n. National League
Written for NEA Service,
QUESTION: A manager sen -
a pinch-hitter up to the plate
with two runners on base and
he triples. Neither the manager
nor the pinch-hitter announced
the substitution to the umpire.
What happens?-John Elmsford.
Answer: The play goes as
made. The manager who fa6ed
to matn the announcement to
the uedre would be fined .35
S' M o Md babaseb.
Q. What was Frank Hiler's
record with the Yankees?-An-
drew CQnghlin.
A. Eiller, who has been pur-
theed Giants from the
aa 0-2 record wil**
ftt ugk Aierleaa. in in
;-2 Ij 149. The higfl-

1 .0.,.ThOe nationall Collegiate

awe as a yards"i.k

Il S1M, crowd@
.M as eompeq
r the maune pered

'Jeff' Josephs
Named To Colon
!,xing Board

a to do his ut-
Intelest in box-
ntment is a re-
orts in the past
the sport local-


The Last Fish of November

Fishing Editor
Eastern bass fishing will wind
'up on the 3uth of this month
. s any states, but tnere are
hA a iew gooa days to be had
iWminer days disguised In
h quiet warman or some name-
AM season.
Few anglers are Rout, the lake
sir ih heavy wan the smell or
ais$* vegetation; the' shoal
e=s are barren of minnows,
MA a good fish is hard to come
There may be patches of snow
qdwered m the woocs, out fish-
lgMaa Loat oid Irremassaole pull
JtiAn these off moments. Gooc
40qn of pickerel, bass, and
pl_' ,iah are still possible.
tlsant remember many ex-
oiflMonl days In November, but
Mtlw I co remember-a string
al,. mouthsts from a cran-
bog (and a bag of cran-
), a creel of whl e perch
a cold wind-swept tidal
roi hard chisel-faced pick-
rld from a black-bottomed
'plod-these moments on In the
it of unearned dividends.
W and wall-eye fishing Is
Su attraction in the south-
per and Judgin from
limt experience It should be
t Tennessee way those
vml-eyes of Watts Bar and
tM r Dams will be looking
p-sinking plugs. Through
S ck-water" belt of the
E South, Winter bass and
Mat flahing offer a challenge
local talent.
Thee coffee-colored waters,
the Carolinas south to
and west through
Ulflna to Texas, vary in sea-
9 tam darn cold to comfort-
lwarm. This isn't the best
t of the year for southern
fishing from the stand-
of poundage, but most
t the insect pests and snakes
have holed up for the Winter.
and llnlMit is less of a chore.

tbbby Dodd
TACTICI Georgia Tech's
mcceptaWot a Sugar Bowl bid
brings tf the number of
limes Oo. obby Dodd,
abov i the Yellow
Jacket a eason bowl
ame. -.ielghth sea-
son as 1 ifhd man. (NEA)
^ -4

j? 6 need Roow

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Panama 2-4810


. Juto Aro i

I _

Farther north, anglers viu '
in Michigan can get the
and biggest lick In. The '
rainbows can atmll be ca
the Pere Marquette,
gon, and Manistee Riveo L,
November trout take over
eastern division every year WIr
fish of 15 pounds or better. H
of the "bows are caught eo: i
hardware and roe. as they uan
the world over, but fly fikher-
men often turn in an old metSs
It's rainbow month out wqt. t
and they're served up in tf
main courses-deep tro llu a
Lake Pend Oreille and fly ftz
ing or spoon shooting In t.F
western coastal rivers and laks
Of all the western rivers, te.&
tel in California should A
prime. The bis steelhead, h
salmon, and silvers are co
in from the sea. and if the "w
holds clear, fly fishing will,
tops. -
(Distributed by NBA Service. ..




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T.Ixl` r-Ai`



USAF Buildup

-Defense SecTi.tarv Robert A
lAvett stoutly' dciended the .10-
ministration stretched-out .
AJr Force builduo todav and t.ild



SS "


"Let the pvrople know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lipeai
,' ... .. ,r.

'! :


TWENTY-EIGH'H YEAR. PANAMA, R. P., FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1952 .___ ___ --._i..._ _

Senate critics that all-out lane,
of obsolete c.lfenelessness -
Lovett made public a 25-page
memorandum he sent Chairman
L3naon B Joh-on D-Tex 1,Senators To Press UN
the Senate preparedness uo-
Johnson's committee secur- .
ting off attainment of a D despite O cs S
f43-wing Air Force until 1955. .' "" .
ovetts memorandum mcl t NEW YORK, Nov. 14 (UP)-, Roy M. Cohn, special assistant two weeks ago. "felt that there then mat* th :,
Joit Chiefs of St the Muni- The United States Senate In:er-,to the attorney general, reveal- were too many things to do conch with F:e r MAY SUCCEED IE From lft,-A l
Joint Chief s of Stecr.tares of nal Subcommittee today prom-led that he and Morris had and there wasn't time to, get with him and O p mif Arla P, Romulo: and tLbano'
the Navys and Al a Force. ised no letup in its nvestiga- questioned. Feller recently in everything done." doctors wold arrli nidates to uceed Tr
theNavrepand Ato rcenlus'tion of US employes in the connection with the subcommit- Friends said Feller had been Suddenly he leaped from the rm w extended in 190 because me n t
T10 repommeidatons sub- United Nations, despite protests tee's Inquiry into Red activity under great emotional stress couch and ran through the- r .
tted by the Senate grouo. over the suicide leap of the among American U.N. em- because his duties Included 0- Ing room into q rear i
et agreed wbith N v .e's top legal adviser. ployes. Ing legal advice to. Lie ani "1 ran after a to .
Secretary Dan A. Kimlbll that! Three members of the sub-I Morris said Feller was not other U.N. officials in connect him as he was opq nlg te
Secreof the committees committee said they fully in- under committee subpoena, He tion with the Senate probe t bedroom' window," e said. "e
conclusions and recommenda- tend to continue their invest-sa questioning o Feller large- had not been at his office stood on th-sill, ready to leap
tions were un-sund." gation of possible Communist ly dealt with U.N. personnel two days. out.'" *.,
tio were influence among the US em- other than Feller himself. i Mrs. Feller said this morning "I. was screaming all the.
He said longer production ploves of the UN. 1 Police said Feller fought off 'after their 17-year-okd daughter, while for. someone to come and
schedules will mean better Abraham H. Feller, 47. gene- his wife, Alice, 46, before mak- ;Caroline, left for school in M f elp me and I was trying to c -
planes because they will be 'ral counsel and acting assistant, ing his fatal leap. hattan, she realized her hvus ang on to him and keep- -zh'.:. -
new when they enter service. secretary-general for legal af-1 Choked with emotion, Mrs. band was "In ad shape." from going 'ou. But It was too ., ,
He a reed with the Navy that -fairs In the UN, leaped to death Feller sat in the living room "I would not let him out late. He ki e himself.
full aircraft production now yesterdayy from his 12th floor'of their apartment shortly af-Imy sight." she said. "He W V 'The- famlW doctor .waI td GTON, NoV.14 (UP)- t- wi exp 4 4
might plunge the country in- apartment in Manhattan. ,ter her husband's death andltalking suicide very much. He Into the apartment a minute ,-ospi W. Martin Jr. (R- ne
to a position where all its His friends and associates told how she spent the morn- just wanted to die. I was afraid later." ". -) p heated 3d ne Con
planes would be outmoded. in the UN blamed his death ing trying to persuade him not to call the neighbors or do any- Mrs. Feller said Lie's n- rl -leut taxes, po lbly be- t
on a nervous breakdown caus- to kill himself, thing that would alarm him." nouncement earlier this week fl cut taxes b:a- lit"-b't
Lovett also rejected the pro-: ed by the subcommittee's at- She said her husband, whole She said she called the fam- that he would resign was a f0t the federal budget is a--tedat
posal that the Air Force freeze tacks on the loyalty of United had a nervous breakdown about Hy doctor and a psychletrist, "contributing factor" In he -"
aircraft designs and call a halt| Nations personnel. husband's death. elated s k-
to"endless research and de- LU1 secretary-general Trygve "But there were a- lot T rteHouseJa.3d become
velopment." i Lie said Feller had been underbl- i 111 a AthLng a. that upset hi e cdnfeence .tler Is "a.l
Hoepsadthe idea is not to build $12,500,000 Tax Assessm ents. added. P ,-
He said the idea is not to prolonged and serious strain in'1 1 J-t,,UV UV I A MajtjMilCHlS added. ,
as many planes as possible but trying to uphold the due pro-: Fi cl a to ed.,, I m
a specific number of the lbst cesses of the law against "in-. to d*aS le from & ., ai p
possible craft. discriminate smears and ex- O is t .r-. d s n.A e M .

their effectiveness is reduced. Lie's remarks were denounc- WASHINGTON. Nov. 14 (UP) whether this was the reason for tok,.. g 2bs
He said most of the instru- ed as irresposlble by three The Internal Revenue Bureau's labeling the September report to
ments are worth their weight members of the Senate Internal special rackets squad cnackld "restricted." --- t-em e
and space because they increase security Subcommittee in a down on racketeers and crooks The drive on tax evaders .in
performance and safety. statement issued through the with additional income tax as- the criminal world was launch- u
In this connection there subcommittee's special counsel, sessments of about $12.500.000 ed in the wake of lasdlotres e, stune by
S have been reports that the Robert Morris. in September, it was disclosed by the old Senate Crime Com- er's dea, t
Defense Department is con- They said: "Though the in- today. mittee, headed by Sea. lstes W*8a ga -.
siaering a stripped-down ,et vestigation is barely under way The September drive brought Kefauver (D-Tern) ne tOo U01."
fighter which would cost con- we have seen a parade of Unit- to more than $160.000.000 ad- The bureau does not disclose cnll apsed
siderably less than present ed Nations officials refuse to ditional taxes and penalties the namqs of pers is whose tax t ,- .
Lovett also agud th th deny membership of the Corn- which the crime busters have returns are investglatei by the Sored by*' be.
Lovett also argued that themunist Party, and in some levied against underworld fig- racket sauad. "bHOTHibl.. 0Hol -Ls
tretch-out does not ly cases refuse to answer whether ures since they started ferreting 81tice the drive started, thewht ts .
Increase the cost of planes. they have been involved in es- them out in the spring of 1951. racket squads have rung T-cup e li L endr hi" ig o rg-
He said new models general pionage against this country. The bureau had placed a "re- additional assessments and ian- iaton. Pelle" T
cost more. but that all-out pro- tx- e
dcst more, but that cl-out pro- "We fully Intend to continue stricted" classification on the alties of more than $116.,00000. evolved. but be waser on .a d
duction would send costs hlhe our investigation, in the inter- September report, but a copy They also have made "Jeowoar- a of us ar- es he wlahed a
shibt of wolrers and overtime eats of the security of the Unit- accidentally fell into hands of dy as.ssments" of nearly $4.- Fell hs beeni it M ..
He eategorlcallv disputed the ed States." reporters. 000. is ic w .Wtfounlne t en''ofMCe.
ube eommateoric's statement tat Morris said the statement re- A jeopardy assessment. Isia So.hliort man wih a SMartinmaidd fnts
the stretch-out will slow u de- presented the views of Sens. Bureau officials at first re- made In income tax cases when shock of curly hair, he was a C
livery o pla- this country James Eastland. Homer Fergu- fused to make other copies the government has reasonsuto guat at the w or- S0ie. g
livery of p ars cou son and Willis Smith. available. But they later rele.s- believe the taxpayeror his m-- 7
Lvt noted the Air Force Sen. Pat McCarran, chairman ed the report and denied any ney might disappear before te cae ating u ant Taber aI At
as say that 96 per cent ofof o the subcommittee, sailed for attempt to suppress it. inouirv Is completed, secartas general for L iP1 ho ad -
the reduction schedule for Latin America after comment- Officials have been reluctant The September report showed fairs in the Unlttd Nations ..outlandish j
the first half of this year was Ing that "If Feller's conscience to discuss activities of the that the racket saoud rea- w w I 9A Kerno. Ci ch 85.00.
met. was clear he had no reason to rackets squad since publication mended 31 cases to the Ju.3ce wl tW against the Prague
He said the Air Porc.' wrote suffer from what he expected last month of a detailed report De.partment for criminal tro- n mMartin emph .
off old World War 11 B-17Ts of our committee." on the squad's operations, section. O ew ork C- .on Mar-cuttin e ph
B-47' and other aircraft be- McCarran added: "Anything ThUt report contained a Eleven racketeers were -- Dee. 13 ,. Feller attended drafted yetr
cause they have little combat I say is not meant to Imply he breakdown of the kind of cases dicted on tax evasion chytar e_ -. ty 'sa on b de ol
Value has done anything wrong." which the special agents have rind 16 others were con o. He lattt spending Aan1 -
New production since Korea The subcommittee yesterday been investigating. including during the month.*., ..t , "Of cou "Luriue
has greatly exceeded losses from recessed its Investigation till payoffs and *graft"-presum- t.. ..e must' e .
all causes. he said. January. ably to public officials. he a. id-
Lovett also disagreed within There Is no Indication Feller's It is known the bureau re- mihtoe '
the subcommittee's statement loyalty had ever been question- ceived protests that, in som. a chanotc8 0S
that the iolnt chiefs had set ed. but friends said he had cases, the "payoffs and graft" fereAc. -ro
1053 and 195 aas the "period of been personally disturbed by 'uere emphasized out of propor-Ok
S our greatest eril." the subcommittee's lnves'la- tion to the extent which they -tions."
He said 1954 will be "very tion and the suspicions of dis- acttyally existed. About.- .
dangerous" but that no one loyalty that have resulted from The agency did not say
knows Russia's intentions for the hearings and from the 7e di d nor Slaap h
that or any other year. committee's public statements. N W t..o To:p

To Get Koreanp ....
Front-Line Test
-The Army said today it wll
issue 3.000 sets of its revolution-,'lab
I 11 11..ary new plastic "coldbar" winter

Another 200 sets of the new,'.-"
.-Jackets and trousers have been'
loaned to what the Army called'
-. .ISTERINE Antiseptic answers so "another service" apparently
many needs in the home that ih could the Marines for mock amprl-
be justifiahly called "the Little Doctor"I this fall. ,= --.N-..
The Army had previously an-;
nounced it did not plan general
issue of the new uniform in Ko- ..
rea except for testing.
The "coldbar" uniform, devel- I
opfd in several years of research FIRST NIGHT--e Uy t OUSI 'oen
HPby. the Quartermaster Corps and fan out in the distn ;as New "N
MINOR CUTS, SUSI AND INsM SI P*iv field-tested In the United States, its 68th season w gv 1
IAl ...tmrrsums Anti. AND SIMPLE SKIN inflATIOgS ping warm air around the wear-
epuc iaainvlusladamu.nsing tl c ...Sooching, healing LISTrNon ERINEh- er'st body
spage and n....nsiddsL An ic is won rebel- It uses no cloth but Is made
a -f' / from a synthetic which 'esem- --
J'^, blues foam rubber except that it A AJ
repel.s water. ..
.4 Millions of tin air cells In the
'" f a uniform will float a soldier wear-
Int a full pack as well as keep
him warm whether his skin is
wet or dry.

i. eomb". pr.iing with usTaU -m A.. soldier wears only light cotton
hol-mik ., .mbeve .epuc samzua you of a trousers and Jacket to DroYide
"- laillu dun. colds. frsh brea...demros morua okets and prevent sang
odog of nom-qwamic on ,, the plastic.

--.. J .# .' =.v r ."

'_ -'-

- -. a


- i ,= k ,, ... m ,,"7

_L .. I~

."i _"

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