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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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.- .-- I
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Abraham Lincoln.

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. ,' .




Rent Figures
r .

The Panama C,nal Company this week revealed it,
facts and figures arriving at the proposed rent increases
on U.S.-rate quarttrs.
Balboo Heights made the disclosure by distribuft-
through the mails special supplement of its .magazin..
The Panama Con0l Review, to all employes.-- '
The informativ... contains a financial statement detail-
ing all figures and t lists and explains the various factor
employed in establishing the higher rents. "
,The Cani a -i

.e asgry#ysI oan# u napq 1r. *Psuwwu.
at .o', .' .Mrs. iet, W 1
enatO4 te WpmVe l
ana-tshee t el A"is Ik
M*as? d'Vardiler' is not en

a may g e old t.ltm also

MOW wlUmwha.i,
M^'lN~~.0.' "=, ^^*^~k ~

"Because of the complexik
-ties involved in the adminis-
t operation, and main-
St r -e of some 4,400 far-
i may 'and bachelor units, it
, 'obviously be imprac.
Stick -' to answer in detail
I. aM ins. This, therefO,
S t d to cover some at
Se o aspects. An effort
Seen made to furnish
.'iinmfpcts in understwin
-.D htnguage so that y64'
letter informed "
S rntol Frevision hsMI

Account f-
r. falj i nUf '. '*"' i


A4gosl Fissel A-A
Rentl Yar No* 1 *.
Ba.h 1952 ,
Inqme Jn. 1, 1947 Prm
(7) Rentals (after allowing va- *
cancy factor .............. 1,481,000 $1.450,147 $2,083,4a
Other Revenues ............ 0 13,043 1i,5
Total ............ 1,481,000 1,463,190 2 *

Operating Expenses
S,(1) Mantenance (including re-
placements) ............
) f General Services ...........
4 <) Division Administration ....
(4) General Administration ....
.(5) Depreciation ...............
Salvage on Property Dispo-



Total Expenses .... 1,481,000 1,518,71 1,i

Neo erng ]
(Lr ........

........... (S )
Icmte^'i ori

A: it *.ew MAP
temporary d
A search
night when. t
. turn to Coed iht
A fl hng',
a ed by a4 -A
ron .SA- .Al
fli'st .10. M"o ,

"A alln riht,.
The Rdsc .,.
ter' dire e
Air Fance
Bce In the
bhelloeopter I
First to reah b
craft. '

._ .:-

SetB. -0 I
121 as P* -of '4.1 Maltena Incnludes carpentry. electrical and plumbing repairs. Intawr '
S a letr' a #that. d .? peend mean widw refa. Replanemeat i
U.. -ti.. empo wre. r.ter, t r eloea c. plumbing and elericalfl
roaOehf tod to rev *otlndellin. zb .m a. lu are of t ounds. water. ternite control, sa=
i' on.fe Iy m .. .,y oea g' -'.
le6 ywl out to tW emselves. Vn clues bureau and division management.
Nofjurther mejor .h-bes in
'Appl e spets le pq' p, e.. empigymenta. etc.. for the Company.

w Rw 1q;.. fontruck. o er- a..t_ ( .. e.t 1. pl de, amllocalT to *f hoth es ofdiret ostcul ]
nt testimony od Me In ette4 Since -aihen v- ()S t i, comuted on the construction costfrom of the house only
.4w Ad elts of a iOnor na- 357-cost oa sle prpWUaon or placement of utilllt.
e for new typeser hden h U yes ears or 4 per cent of the con.

S C Mo1nda. n .t or new rest forcate exist-ye en yMrly t 'hls amounts to slight redution in rental revenuL
tl is co iQnbe persons noe U; tseaew e period of 50 years or at 2tht ph tll-e
S. u 60. .on flat 2% -- --
rd occurred yePr iastiorntr The rent on U. th-rate quarters is computed to recover, in tl
S(7)of a egat, fuTh costa to operate an lonly to all houses of a partcua

.Ists. o, Oaxa.. .iagmisext s ts. rt'iv.ely .er tpe of houses on whdh the redts are oldenS' "
y .frIot nea.rZ8 ." pt p le f. h io n ra ecriesta an d r e wts nthe imef boe rent c. For e mple froi onex Il .
nt'te r ure oao w 0uenfve, and re- of cm Sn truction with two bedrooms have thesameb
on y asslv speed a~ eordlnt ta osents. AelocaStonfs r ths arrental. Thi amountsade to these base rents refl revenue.
ov. 13 () tu ad Rnera extra bathrooms, maikillingds room avaab. Theallowance
reamllnedS completed tnc plas % tp"- ed wnere not In acord- fa 20
accidt ccurd yets eaie for The lentoi U.S-rate quarters is computed to recover, .

m llneatmiesf* day t t i s wa e v of thecusaggregatefull- cosFaet to opers of water heaters, paved basenann
recognition badis cee width he mand ylmr variationbes are not considered in de-

mentkemanpes of houses on which the rets are d additional osts.
w nNothe I h t a freight[ head-on. steresh. were added in b. U n tempefcmpdut a e dmen of tr
ty OPrlu- euig a n b e ot of beas htpartmenttlofdSimilarconstruction having the same number
Ir r id e. Jobs e a s u an es o s e the some bam usesnt. For example, and 102' nuw i
dnoeate a. tueorpenws. and re.O- ofCre. ro 1otrufction with two bedrooms wihave the same blbe

Ir toS t' sn ee 0acis w ltnients.. A locationsareitL iAiMs are made to these base rents. tuoreflectt la
sNo% riros a wer reau and general V a extra bathrooms, maids' roomi, avaTlabltpDra

Nove.i()0| comd eltedto he i pb their ration Includt In crdi-otheenexltwo orthre e
liesthbat aen et t Vs trest The Comptroller stedral fcae ore-third of types wa ter heaters, paved baseet

Sbe cte ha recently rule that th a- total in rent i Court to review the c
throb lar thewiondof "lth o po h and similar variations ar e not considered in d-lsl
nt spokesman all costs al costs. Under iat f computation all elements. Mariscos de Panama and

epons and uit tor the Panama Canl company. colln and Com
Program will a reight ea-on. atst. were added nba r a- fuildingt arenapplied uniformly rog

f l tote ,. As previously indicated. e A ddttnal one-third of the the Panama R
ltconept. oaWut Ti the two per cent depreIatan allow- a.tea o required tof co nstruction of the individual I ht wa
Tnhe strateald he ri o K5 l...obsFr ance tIncluded in1 r the 1947 rental tene-famiy h se, Type 101 and 102. now
.l ," .rewere bUilt a period of about 20 years with considerable fft

I ar w itnse hawst hie tWint scale was too low even for the patiyoSAanwp on the Gov s. The houses in this group,&

wi llae '"-. rpMIAthe tor rehertes then In service. It haF U rn-entoavetment;n US-rt trln t Court o. Jan. '._... ,,
M ew uthe t ci coaaeEs ero a s te, are blanketed together dand such
ailft e erest rte fed annually by general services. admnistratis t

adlvi ntages ovr thp ... I h;rc^rcetl h the Seneerrey of the Treasury course of stewvet
c al lp. make each activity and has been led uniform yrin the ren bay e PfoR t
to be presented pret- t yea at 2.0 percent. 24,1950.
n r' A Ittee specifically Ines beN ed that rates paid t s d
.o.. ,...lseotarv of the d sad- water rent n add On frame 8 of stru
been ./ l immediatee steps w thoin- tl rea, wo ahperto cnThese h Cour t of I th

-applyigltC easeh.eee tairnci vske dO W h
ntlte reau of the Budget ruled.%tbrn.dntaa ar Ssubtan-ReOw Fr Mt

i a edfr h e e fort rates for Ue-ratedtlrtion
dsu raised to aIbeen paid petty

reneeneeintton of n h ito5es l

Isbe rne included ith14e 1h cin the con-ntodaI .
at,, g sclte o wastooloweven foref .PwlY t* pa on fthes edInr Tes uit,60 il68e damae .ul II
As.. te l'awe. This in-akedhe for .a-third-ft-


BsB Whe cousin
the lawosiUon 4
toing the Conm
tato the Ch
apte II "

S d ofte arima



., ,.

14s Amqp

g, : t *.hl

- I.

uA a

Income or

- .


"'i .n u

'** *, '


0 (20.453)


. nI a. s a U UIU


*&*' 4r

_, *,',' -.
i,' ; *.. A l **- ,


57 HN sTREE 0 0 OX5 134. PANAMA., OP p
34.1 MADISON Avg NIEW YORK. 417 N V.
op Si o ? v,. *N vANre __ a ose


The Mail Box is on open forum for readers of The Panama An
icon. Letters are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly co
dental manner.
Ift you contribute a letter don't be impatiently i it doesn't appear
next day. Letters are published m the order received.
Please try to keep the letters limited to one page lengmlh.
Identity of letter writers as held in strictest confidence.
This newspaper assumes no responsibility fot statements as opin
expressed in letters from readers

Dear Sir:
I want to write this letter to you to thank you for public
ing my letter in the Mall Box of the Panama American.
By your publishing my letter, quite a few people from t
Canal Zone have written to me and have sent some stamps
both Panama and the Canal Zone. Some even sent stamps fro
other countries, but what pleased me so much was that ev
people who are not stamp collectors, have sent stamps for r
collection and have offered to continue saving stamps for me
thought that It was pretty swell of all of them, and in the wint
months that are coming I will have lots to do in my spare tin
writing to people who I have met through your Mail Box.
I have mailed a copy of our 45th Div. Newspaper that cornm
out each week As soon as our next one come out next week
will send you a copy of it. It's only a 2-page paper, but we thin
its very Interesting.
Sir, If you know of anyone who would like to receive th
weekly paper I will be glad to mall them a copy each week. The
is no cost at all. our mailing is free and the newspaper is n(
limited; so if you will let me know if any one would like th
e Again sir, thank you very much for your kind help in helpir
me to get in touch with collectors of stamps in Panama and th
Canal Zone, and also for making it possible for me to find mar
a: ell persons to write to.
Respectfully. I remain.
M/Sgt. Andrew V. Bakasy, R0689344S.
45th M.P. Co.. 45th Inf. Div., APO No. 86.
c/o P.M., San Francisco, Calif.

- 0-


Open Letter To:
The Postmaster General.
Washington, D C.
Dear Sir:
Several States magazines to which I subscribe
rive most irregularly.

Balboa. C.Z

seem to ar

One weekly, for example, is published in.New oro and
other W- at0L. I have never seen Fnyan "
'Pa u i a; out of New York each weK l
a c magaplnes each week. '--
Evqt f6brth class mall, one might expect, should reach Ca
nal Zone Post Offices regularly and within reasonable time after
mlalling, allowing six days on shipboard.
But now it seems that some of these magazines,. especially]
those published in the middle-West, are not sent to New Yorl
for dispatch by the PanamA Line but make their way to the Por
of New Orleans. There they lie until some fruiter or freight
licensed to carry them happens to shove off for the Canal Zone
My, idea was that the PRR boats were built, among other
reasons, to give fast mail service to the Canal Zone.
So why should even 4th class mail be routed through Neo
Orleans which has no weekly ship for Zone ports? Was it Jus
the idea of splitting up the business?
Pleaae deliver our subscription magazines while they're timely
Very truly yours,
-Avid Reader.

- 0 -

Gatin. Canal Zone

It is with great pleasure that I *rsh to thanks the Doctor's
Xurse's and staff at the Gorgas Hospital for their kind treat-
ment towards me for the time I was in the hospital.
Hoping that .nothing will disturb their good work and effl-
cency in the future.
-Emanuel de Silva.

I .. -._ Answer to Previous Pusuj

1 rng nirop tar -

@tA-lONTAL 2 Satiric
3 Rounded
S4 Rocky crag

: s ppal nthusustic
c. ardor
ith 6 Chest rattles
U. 7 Drunkard
.4 ait fruit 8 Common swift
poin ranches
Imu 10 Makes into
aC lawe 31
M S51a5cts '

X" otshoit 29Chmber 41
IM b 30 Hseting 42
-- r .,_, d ,evie


I ,

2 Fm ale a t 44Phase
(suffix) 48 City in
O Mother or Oklahoma
father 48 "Emerald Isle"
7 Armed fleet 49 Deceased
I Harden Sl Drone bees
0 Newest 54 Registered
SEvades nurses (ab.)
I Capital of 58 Feminine
France appellUation


alist With Their Feet on;


Spnd gleAd.

2 T

Labor News The Re


r 1AIl
a so
3 00
S400 By Victor Rlerel

SHe jested until he died. He
mocked his physician at Mercy
Hospital and called him "Weep-
ing Willie" when Dr. Mullins
warned him his heart would
But Phil Murray knew he had
to die as he did because he knew
mti- that with him would be burled
e- an era of peace inside the rest-
less coalition he welded from the
the turbulence of besieged factories,
police battles and encamped
So he worked itUil the end to
ie keep the peace inside CIO-and
out among the giant industries
which pump lifeblood Into our
nation-although he told me last
year he would quit If the men
about him could agree on a lead.
We were then in Wahngton.
h- The CIO chiefs had Justgiven a
testimonial to the gentle Louis
Stark of the New York Tlmes.
he Phil said, as we paused near
Jackson Place: "That's how I'd
of like to quit, after breaking bread
m with a few friends, and then to
en read and write what I please."
my Now where to find a leader
I who will hold CIO together-who
er will keep the nation from Indus-
me trial war?
This Is written amidst crk-
S ling calls yhlch brin the nig
es that the CIO convenon wll
I postponed.
nk To insiders th means C
Is deadlocked in the battle f
the giants. Phil Murry
Is this so meb that he pre.
re red ra cing hia earth
ot time rather than ee his e.
he workers asnd Walter Beuthe s
Auto Uniop lash Inside the
ig For there are those inside CIO,
e led by the steelworkerss, who
y would keep'the red-head, the
man of tie machine-gun ton-
gue. the mat with the arm para-
lyzed by m a sassin's gunfire,
Irom the ntle of Phil Murray.
They areIm these enemies .
of Walter ulWithr. They are the
conservatiWM,,men made uneasy
by the flamhL of fire out of De
troit, men whe are now charging WASHINGTON. (NE
Wafte RWr with socialism, heated Democratic Par
with endleW plans for the spec- election night marked
Z. t icular, with substituting oratory A couple thousand
for organlation, been Invited to what"
They a*x the men bf steel, the celebration at the )I
companies of Phil an his end- room. But the e
leas triiL, TTSy -eel uneasy over headquarters in New
Walter's effor to battle the dead capital.
r- basic elements of thti society of
ours. Democratic National
Walter, too, pays the penalty Steve Mitchel appears
,of the man who doesn't mix, night to say that he
't drnk doesn't smoke The faithful c l
i quietly with his own hearts ijg .S *
blueprints for the A dlM
room sio many m=fA
Sot lb CIO he is the an- the radio,ad the
t 0i So he finds the return After a while I
5 teo te he Telephone bother to mark
Ework tt, thousands of local bad.
y Industrial U11!00 the
k Workers, ana other who pSfer
t not to be named now, oppose r e -
r him.
D. But early this week ce- whonowanYI
their's friends knew bhanei Steno. Kefauver
r the presidency of IO. That is And al somebody conm
definite. And oen e or later ning for 129U already."
he win win. Even If his rival,
v Allan Haywood, takes ever fr Chairman itcheln a
t a while, Reuther nonetheless tee headquarters staff
will sway CIO. The other lead- their suite of offices up
era have too many problems fully guarded by secret
that wil keep them Off the the press of the crowd
national seen& too great. Nobody loves
So the new era brings us a
new John L. Lewis brilliant, Dazed Democrats, trl
daring, powerful and, at 44, an hit them, could only ca
International nae and symbol, thing. Korea, Alger HEa
But of what That's the ques- too long a hold on otfl
i ton people ask everywhere, money, too much Elsen
Reuther is the symbol of the "Look at Oklahoma,-,
new militant unionism. With from that Do
Phil Murray dead, with Bill from that dyl ,Den M
Green critleally if not mortally ets who came hd
III, with Lewis ailing Reuther war they weren't owe
within the decade will become
Mr. Labor. The U.S. Ambasdor
What can the public expect? formerly an aistanto
While not the radical the pub- home to campaign in th
li c believe him to be, he's the South oaroIna and he
man who spoke out loudly a- government service uni
ir gain tali and Standiard Oil"is. gove
m one breath In European govenor.
g speeches.
He hates Franco and General-
lssimso Chiang alike.
He is the dynamo, the intense
brain of the Americans for De-
mocratic Aoion, the man bait-
ing the creaking Democratic ma-
ehine, demanding it yield to Its
labor alUel en tactics and tic-
kets. Only for that did he aban. UnmIstakably the Am
don the dream of an indepen. sympathywit, the ,,-
dent national labor party. war. Polls show they f
He is the jman John Lewis nSo practicable, pull
hates most, now. For he Is the sni*.
raw youngsteryho Uarched 400 There can be no ques

War Dept. can se you." wereU the befu the a

pissTAe4IS SxU0:fe*

I the

o-.. *.. l ". ", 1s- w-. .

Dazed tDemocr ts

By PIdson

A) The wak e ofhadtrouble 4g tha
ty here in washlngtom r a
the epd"ot a 20-year said. "To mo 3,out a was
of the party faithful running against Trun "
wa to have been a vlew ,
flower Hotel grand ba There was a lack of fight all through
Lat ts Democratic Party headquarters had thr M
York Washington was aTennqsee campaign over to the
2". ornzton -o08f ofal 1Dmp in
ttee Cha irm.


partsr. w there.7 n i
of Tennessee was there il
mented. Ue'i started run-

Sstand pre much ta mll" B

ao=eer. A few fi
ring to figure what had ed thM'
elJude tant it was every- aa -
i. corruption. Trunai.m, bedau
ee, too much Republia ., n .,
said Sen. Mike
anocratie state. "Or
e t to oaren allt Wai l
oplaned they wasere
d to win. That did it."
to Oreee. John PW '
secretary of state .p
re Soust He Is a. amof
lmer Jmmy yr, now

euian people r

Unpoo K -

LM atthe

^^^^ WE1



-evea the
No word
t well
t to de.
Is no

It was 20
I to burn
toff over



I-O oa. f- ,
m .'v .,- m wk .N.
,.r m i. lr tl -,aa
rti.L ds,0001

RaiL kilba

m Is

T4 ua

-.0- '


If 7 -1
-3mu "Oulou"r I
o"Ll U00L.]
E El .1 r] 0 M F3 n,' 0 ri L-4 -J; R
I iLd Li 0 ki ri
a] M F3 11 U a]

0 CJU 1"riv,6LJOE-11 PA
OVOOM ulzif I
Fit-Imilr]RUL3 rJLAh74(

/ .;1. --.; :- ...'. : ';1
-< *


it's a lot tot
t a .WAs&agri
wj9 iirhi




powad 9m



. .: tK aMT'

S. .


.. .... .,' ....- i,, H S
am*. ........... *
i s '



'4 ~.


rAqM *






pe ^ ".'

. $~7~{:~ ~




For Festive Evenings Ahead!
We have just received a gorgeous
collection of Lovely Materials.

Avenida Central y CaUe "J" No. 3
Las iltimas creaclones en Patrones

r.p. '

V *

*, ir..

;'\ c

AZsA for information on

our fantastic



No delays No expense
You can't lose!


- *~, 42
-4 -
1. .. ..., -


'"Haberdasher and Tillor for Men of Good Taste"'
15 & 71 Centrl Ave., Front Street
m "Panami" Hotel


immt m---

.. q. Vic.)

" -:-'-.V7
* /v^ ^'"

.IWATCH OUT for this Shoppers Guide


4.;: "

O aMeuL
a~tO rftefte;


* -. 4.34 ~ -
S~ -~~: -.-1
**~~4~j ~a.*




.' ~

I :

* .A ,'

The Bes Gift
of LL...




, d '


IAX I .... .i ,- ...00 W ..ooJ

. ." ..


I ..

.rc J,

Jr. I-

*; *Lt rk


.' '. ~t

. .': *PRE...



l t he

v-Im -

G F,, ...N...AER IC A ,pw A A N A .__h DAY, NOVEMBER I, 9


Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals and Departures

--- L> *- C l 71 (l l

fHOLLYWOOD, (NEA) Ex-. Deanna Durbin finally arrived
clusively Yours: "I'm doing a ve- ina the U.S. from her Paris home
rv daring thing in this picture. with the announcement that she
I'm dancing on the floor." has no intentions of going back
Fred Astaire discounting re- into movies. But .that isn't what
ports of upside down or sideways Hollywood hears. If the script is
camera trickery for his dance right. Deanna will be slapping
numbers in "The Band Wagon." make-up on her face again. .I
But'there's no blackout of the heart she's also eager to do TV.
Astaire zip and perpetual motion. Pass the smelling salts: In Ed
There are 21 big musical produc- Alperson's "Invaders From Mars"
tlns in the film and he's in 18 the Martians are eight-feet tall,
J't them. have bug faces and tentacles, and
of them. are ruled by a monster whose
Fred's looking forward to co- head is bigger than his body.
starring with Bing Crosby again
S "nWhite Christmas," slated for TOSSES TITLE ROLE PITCH
March filming, because "it willI Br........ ...
probably be the last time I'll work Lex Barker is pitching for the
.I don't know how many title role in 'Prince Valiant" and
Bing. I don't know a if he doesn't land the' part he
m ore film s I'll d o an yw a y .
"But this time if I retire I'm has a Viking script of his own,
nBt going to announce it." ,"The Sword of the Viking."
Fred quit the screen for two Playing the loin-cloth hero for
ye -e before, returning to doithe fifth and possibly last time in
"Easter Para de'" and says. "Tatzan and the She Devil," he
v sir an honest retirement. Then told me. I'm out for a straight
c aan honesirece e ~ hnw

I aot mixed up with race horses- -1.. .. .
and my dancing schools and I Lex jumped out of his tree
Very nervous wreck I..came huse. donned clothes and prov-
to pictures to get a little peace ed he could act in "The Battles
I utA Chief Pontiac" and "Come On,
ara q uiet." fexas."
Ann Sheridan is saying that
be just has to play the Biblica Don't be surprised if Gloria de
beauty in Fox's upcoming "King Haven weds Martin Kimmel, the
SoImon and the Queen of She- New York business man, before
ba It 's the first time in her 'e ear is out. They flew to New
career that she's gone hook line Yrk together after her Mocam-
and sinker after a movie role- bo engagement.... A feature-
ev, to the point of having stills length movie on narcotic addic-
made of herself in a black wig tion is bemg filmed at UCLA by
aa a few wispy feathers. Panr Price, husband of Anne
rancis. It's a taboo subject in
F.'!FE, UNTRUE, UNFOUNDED !loll%'wood and the why of it is a
Obaffler Hollywood, I believe.
Anne Baxter's hot wordage on coul-i accomplish a great deal ot
c ntinued rumors that she andco cd among teen-agers by hon-
John Hodiak are calling off their 'etl1 tackling the dope theme.
marriage: -It' untrue and in-
.f rioting I don't understand It ,John Barrymore. Jr.. tells it on
It happens elerv time John a:nd lJ'mself. When Dean Martin and
, I Pre separated by our work Be- Jferry Lewis were appearing at
Hete me. we're happllv married." tie' New York Paramount. young
S.. ___ Barrvmore 'telephoned them
You'll see no more photographs backstage to say that he and
of Gale Storm with her three Sammv Davis. Jr.. the youne Ne-I
sons for obvious reasons-her 1ro star. wanted to catch one of
-g' 21-year-old role In TV's "My tneir shows. He was told that
little Margie." Oh. no! Marl- ti'rkets would be left at the box-
Monroe will sine a tune titled office in his name.
,"1o-n. Boyl in '-entlemen Same day, Barrymore and Da-
,'fr Blondes" Doris Davy vis stopped at the box-office andI
ad. her Martv Me.cher.",akerf ror the Barrymore tickets.
a-e telling It all over mo",,ie alley "rarrymore?" questioned the'
t'- t Doris is leaving the Warner gum-chewlg cashier. "Whichl
fold when her contract expires oue of 3youguys is Barrymore?".
next vear NOT TV for Dorig. as
ri',mred, but free-lance freedom.
Charles Lauehton's medics '
-'Of!f at the talk that he's se-,
r-.n.l" ailing. A case of over-
v--rk thw$a.iI

r -hi t 4 S *nrt W. wffd,.

"Yes, sir, it's true I'm le rniig a lot here-but my wife
keeps saying the money Is better than the experience!",

I wL y-.

71 SNW 4,b e4N'T WuLL




h~wibJ UO~dAIL&4

A c

vi~P -u1 FmID

JUST m se .1 LIKE

La 7l1e I*

And Away They Go

- E~I4L ~
J .

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AYVS Wilm 4 VIOO kD0
MM^ Cyr VIA ,P\ ^tj' ^JlH

Ierrn is me
Ibe i-

2000 .ottess
Sensible rats Ipeiude mdoe
Many ooms *rif TlevislIn

7th AVE. --
at 50th St NEW YORK
allred l..i, u, I l I9 i hu IIII..g.

ChlirlS WELKIN. Plantee


shown by Newsmap above. strong man governments are becoming
the vogue in South America where it is generally considered, good
politics to run on a "Throw the Yankees out!" platform. Poverty
and other internal disorders have been blamed on the United States.
qnd the Communists join with the ultra-nationalists in screaming
"Yanqui Imperiallsm." Colombia, the only South America* nation
.with troops in Korea, is on the verge of a political civil war.


Si 1 f L w.
What GoOd E ugh fi.Fatfkr-


I 10PE-.)O a mWJAiEof



I 'F PLAN E 0.0w
h MW f.- -WLL 'WX _t r I
H|^... mumvf 0NNA PU-M %An

A Close One

A Gun and a Flashlight

s+. ,c.'.

PgOV,Epie LACel60" ia]
hL MBN7ia

E, I'mI
411J 1. 'A

:?Il jclji


IYh -


k GW- .p A

Sheated Weapons

IcE, Sr





*tiObtK BUN

-4r .


----- '- ------



. .



I .: Favor

# 1

" l w th ,.


--1-hl,_ ____~___ __ .___,

. :.. r...- r- -

:, k si
:*. d* .



upTi i;da' y 'it disclosed

T nhlai tment of the date and hour of the meet-
ing was made by the White House in Washington.
Eisenaer's vacation headquarters revealed mean-
while tho ThomaoE. DeWey will visit the President-elect
fhere Bfiday of thiwek.. -
S The outgingavd hi:oifiing executives had agreed
,earlet oni tle week of Nov. 17 to-discuss the "orderly"
irvtMfr 9pf th geove Ia lt. Tuesey will be the 18th.
SThe -.. x Pwey's scheduled visit immediately
v qCupttiy', t~~ie New York'governor is in line

t t oln Wley R-Ms.), t the
lr thu eub- .U. delegation hAited
lore bowf did so, Nations General Assembly, for
wli off en rout to a Flo- discussion of foreign policytha
fida vacation at Eisenhqwv's In-. may lead to a re-afft$1ntlon of
vitation, it was announced. U. 6. policies before the U. N.
The subject .of their wnfer- Wiley's office understood that
ence will be the President-elect's the conference would be held
forthcoming trip to Korea and Nov. 25 after %isenhower m-
"the policy niatters." What the turns from Korea.
other matters are Eisenhower's
spk gm. did not say. Hagerty said be could rot state
who played a key whether' la Or ,'pImp'- to
the oeieation confer wltli' '-cona es al
nhower at the Repub- leaders before tleaves j r the
national convention has Far East. '
tatlon onthenewe ca His sched* be ''iva"
h& gaWkeip.; He tried to with callers p an e return
self out of it last week New York wtlie w Ml ta
Iuai ha Inteadd to serve either at the odre l
two reSui years as or at h bho Morn deo
ork governor. Heights. .
r C have predicted
Deo ed be named secretary Te b till eat.her i his
of, secretary of defense. fVlorl o .t .gthe qaly-
n foreign policy and rutW I5 itrpd5,Aer
r 5 Josely paralleled g over hs m be -
th t P at-elect bot s,,OVA hurri oth. y,
be ad' 4i& th# recent .gol'-course for a ha
cam t. -formidable opponent -
Jams ..Hagerty, Elsenhower's alron Nelson one" of the game's
prie'a secretary, also disclosed at all-time greats.
today's conference with report -
'at Elsenhower will ede Ben. I
rt A Taft (R-0.) before-he
Kto orea, if Taft '4deeres
a meeting. But hOd-ite has
the t- elet's
Lousy Ty

,,: ide-

So e, tanryman i the
So discuss or- a of the Confederacy.
di terof administra- s death leaves six survivors
4)tions. York dur- of the War Between the States.
4) Sees-Taft i New,ork dr-The blue flag -of the Confede-
thE-w k. racy flew awain in. Atlant today,
) sjoes f T security li ao al ma Thp flag
shields P" the .Predent- as floata n at Five n n
elect's b jr the trip to the downtown Alanta n a ,
Far at. ot oas to mod e iconteCf te boldirs
transport" and tmle-tiable At the a of 1ov.
' Gonfers with .exnder
-, aptoLwast
beca the f Bush.
VdCiOnCy 0Fo0 7 9 The governor h's death
A.w "ouncedavy "istnc to GeorcU.",
Ahniouni'ed o CCVY General Bush, all Confederate
vetfns are honorary generals,
For Architect e Jb wi11 be buri.eoid at3:30
.. gi.ft," pm, at the First BealM church
e District hereA formal o t has
ble jaiarraent A ,,
-csn'pe C )'. at the jw cIud,
Public Works fice, 15th Naval said he never saw a uni fprn in
Distriot otAmaor* the war in which he bought.
ppl s fr the- position in that- war," said,
must eomplted a full tour- "e etere 'lucky to keep our bot-
Jeading to ta, iton conved- up."
lo I~1%t major s t-faw yoarsai a movle corn.
40datwo alld I a tit with satin
.. ibe I. -r e p u c a
80 l Lee

Di r v els.

f nco.a exf.e., or d-ecoration
.'. '1 .8 *'r '





WN WAS WIl -OTHER Yf WU think wishig'ih
*qmily dishe q times a d p co1, consider tbeb o
cs W. Piatb, shove, at the- afi c Researc #bra
.-t4 at cahvpectady, W. Y. *or f1'irh.i'.,:adch working day, hi
wsta s flaks, beakers, test tubl." {atricate sisuwari
wsed by laboratory, chemists. k worse,onar
soap and water wourt suffice. To b r l sed l r h
Salo hu to use alcohol and n Dotash.

Negro Sharecroppers 'Leer'

Earns Suspended Sentence

YANCEYVIL-E, N.C., Y'113 Ingram was thinking. abo
(UP)-Negro aharecropper.1ac what he was goint to 4do-'t i
[rgram was iyen a a mnth' beautiful little girl. IAMe -
pteance on the roads, iispended her iz the'woods he w
a~. ve yea ~good behavior yed- tried for simple assault,
t for assault by "leerth-d"at tried for his fe."
a. white .teen-agf 0o But defense. attorney M *l
that he frightita h A. Martin .NegroNACP Ia
a r k from R- V. said.

eme, at he

vo years o 0 Mrs. Webster testified that c
raWn's original trial in recorder's Jung 4, 1951, as aUe wa~lie ale
court. a country road Ingrain dame*
The first trial oh appeal to.iSu- in his car, .driving "about li
Devil-,burt'ended I a mistrial miles hour: '
a i.go. Iept watchlh re. le hi
National Asoiltion -16r his head 'out the window." S]
S-Advancement o Colodfl taid ho was staring so that
People, defending ingra, .p40 vwas driving on. the-wrong side
ia w appeal bohd a .9, the road.
appearance bond a The rl. then 17-year-old Wi
ccndltion of the suspended, lie Jean Bwew% said she start
tence. .. yunnpng. "R it as I cdil
Judge Frank 4M. A ""roig when she heardthe car stop. ma
passed sentence atr an s" w In ram walking at a "rath
vhite male Jury' convict 1 @- of NO ee' and she thought
;ramt of simple asault Tuesday train to cut me off
lpht.. led.hrougha wooda.auid

The jury deliberated slt '
minutes after a day'A,2 .
trial in whith the a ea
case on testimony .b
cutting witness, Mar. yl
Websa ter, shapely W-it
Mrs. Webster admitted othaf-
grani did not core cl6ser tkan-'v0
feet to her, but "Ieered" at her
"so it frightened me." ,
"Assault does not 'hayi tobe
case of physical onwh t,t'
strong said in his
j-iry. "If by loolunIK &
n a leering mannler, or.,
and then follow g. p u S.
another, toe
and run theft-
SRUlt." ..
Prosecutor it, B. pt
tended in h m*aatto
w- -



* 1 f' t :
, **, .. ... .. ** 1 '
-i"4-l _

* More GAR pe ir
when youea .
* More MI
.. .. ; .

In- Face Of Niahtriders

i~e" 2V





* Frozen Tenderloin (native) .95 Lb.

Ready to ir ,.


. Veal Sausage N Vurt e Pli- s*le


.. lt .. -II i ,-..

-. 4


mended for his post here, his ment program in which city and
employers said, and had a back- country residents cooperate for
ground of successful work with civic betterment. It is a farming
boys. and dairying region.
As head of the circulation de- Around the clock police pro-
partment, Anderson had auth.r- tection was immediately provid-
Ity over the newspaper carried ed Anderson and his wife and
boys and bis abductors told him Chief Crockett would
they didn't want the boys told be continued for 30 days.
what to do by a "Yankee," An- The chief also gave the young
derson said. newspaper official a pistol but
This progressive town of 15,- Anderson returned it, saying he
000, lying in northeast Mississi- couldn't handle a gun.
ppi 100 miles souteast of Mem- "We got to thinking what
phis, Tenn., found the reports of would happen after those 30
terrorism against Afldeuon hard days of protection and decided
to believe. to leave," he told Crockett.
Tupelo had wdn citations for Anderson and his wife came
Its rural bommuilty develop- here only a month ago.

Big N. J. Bookies
To Be Sentenced
UP i-Wealthy Frank Eriche)w.
will be sentenced tomorrow tr
running a two-state bookmak--
ing empire from New Jershb
headquarters. Deputy Atty. Oe n.,
Nelson F. Stamler announced
Erickson wll appear before
Superior Judge J. Wallace Lev'
den n in Backensack. The ne .
York gambler faces up to three
years In state prison.
The 55-yea.r-old Irickeon
pleaded no defense Sept. to
operating a telephone bofkmak-
ing rilng that handled $100000-
000 in horse race beta between
1947 and 1950 in Bergen County,
N. J. and New York. Ericka-
served 16 months In a New York
prison for the same offense. Ne
is free on $10.000 ball at present ;

r TUPELO, MIss., Nov. 13 (UP)-
A young hewspaperman who said
She. was terrorized by "Yankee"
hate$f in this town nationally
knews for Its civic works packed
to reun to North Dakota today
lthou bitterness.
Befe leaving with his pregn-
ant We, Newell Anderson, 27.
talJed several hours with police
chief V. B. Crociett and the
chet agid later: "He was de-
finitdly. taken for a ride."
Aaieon himself "has done
nothn wrong,!' Crockett added,
an nobodyy can say one harsh
ord ut him. He Is one of the
pict 'ttle fellows I have ever
STher. were rumors that An-
d 9' onjmade talks to colored
t* ome chief said, but "I can
r statements from the
4 I people of Tupelo that
0thee os are false."
persons ann o u n c e d
Wtait-nfttntlon to return to
"GQp s, N. D., after the
buti *.eI eulation manager
for if.Tupelo Dally Journal, re-
d he was carried off by
ghrIder Monday night.
Two maked men took him for
a ride; cptihim with'a razor and
warned n to leave town be-
cause "w4don't want Yankees in
Mbissluili," he said.,
The llegeabdutlon climax-
-ed 10 days of threats and van-
dalism agAlnathis property, An-
derson Md;
Packing at her home, Mrs. An-
'derson said her Pm mediate
neighbors J d been. friendly and
sympathetlsialce the asack was
reported .
reMost op16 Ithe South are
just wonderful -mot Of them,"
t. the young expectant wIfe sAd.
f "Whoever is respovlbld for this
- trouble is certainly not typical
e of the town folk." -
t She said they. weitt'stay In
yr Grand Forks u h husband
t finds something si to do.
He had bea hi ly recom-
cross a cornft
There defense dil not call In-
gram to the stand and offered no
The defense had ,moved that
,the'entire paneA of Jurors be dis-
Squalified on ground that Negroee
were excluded. to move the trial
to another county Ao bring In an
outside jury, and to quash the
original Superior Court Indict-
mt ment for assault with intent to
at commit rape. All three were de-
,t nied.
be AUSTIN, Tex. (UP),- Members
' of the wome 's auxiliary of the
in American Len in as were
'er assured that cn be put
out.-even =if ~M irthe Le-
Edo el'that
its "grawg wilow" coOl remain
members as long. as paid
* their due4 .

he Many m s b % eaW
he moan to the draw.with oint
a- baronk ount.ama

Delicate patterns
on fine




Choice of many styles
and sizes.



i\4NAlS r''C@Lq*

I t



-adtflflu t re fT r -ift.- mfelf
iime rr g

young Yankee Quits Tupelo, Miss.,



- 1 -I. --

- ==I


4w /- .


.. I

' ,T "

4 ~


a; ~W~sft~, i

You Sell 'em...When You T ell 'em thru P.A. Classifieds!
Leave ou, Ad "ith ouc of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panama
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

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Fourth of July Ale.-Phone 2-0441

.Carlton 'Drug Store
10.059 Mel6ndez Ave.-Phone 255 Col6n

Propaganda, S.A.
Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones .'H" Stret corner Estudiante St.
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-2214 and 2-27908

Minimum for 12 words.
3c. each additional word.

Poh 4 I.qrt
13 The Unite States told
United Nations Tuesday t a.
thouirh th
tu eontrbute
bleO' to the VN
I a W orL .Mn
the Moonomnle
Poland and Cuobhle bha
been forced balk t a
*. bonlnR. d an <.m4 rt.i
b i. a- l* tll.4j. ti-_

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"T",t er spotlight. Anyone known Plymouthe ereboutmo FOR SALE-Used g day of President Philip Murray in- iri lnlian.
______ PositionStorehouse. Excess Sole Crcular No. Rancho. Phone 2-1222 ended all preparations. ."-iaif t o"skd ol tsi bile'Parts located at theoBlalboaGoodyear de Panarrih, near El S9anFrancisco temporarily acbetedOwn Fish Pond
eonablg engineer, e expEasy payrience25, Part I. may be obtained from The reply to the conference tead of the date previously an- nble record h 'VERO EAC.
nAfrica derqurer emploeren any c ontac-the office of Superntendet ofStore held FOR SALE-Blond Dark Spinet Pa E Vassal teet bot cvi dein and ill ( ) Tregheet
paciy caretaker. adminitrtor houses, 91Balboa, telephon St. kl of 2-277 the. no, used three months. U. S. prif
.n sUe$870.00o will fo dis.e0. I Julnta Femttenina thet--i, t iton
Refere-ces available Writa WRW FOR SALE:-OR trade- 1940 Chev M be sell for $750.00. toane ethe dtin ctin ofe e
Bx 1262. Ancon, C Z rolet on Pick-up Excellent Phone 6-484 fer 4 p.m. Chapman aed the Industry training here
coton. Phone F. D. Harrs5Caribbean for ccoplMI Z tremendOus
FOR SALE FOR SALE: Rollerflex with Tass n es xpanea G_ of a O OnreoeWehv
Lens and accessories, latest model, iss Ereni Vassal (St Lueia rgeof basbthe basd all plant
'LT low priced. Call mornings 2-1693 maintained the lead In theerso at V
I __ _& FOU5ND -Caribbean Queen Contest being annual -metln, o til e Amercad t1 day to
FORSLE New German Marine'OST at Rio Mar ast Sunday t Army -e n sponsored by the Junta Feme- et "q"OM. =President Wldto f er
D'estl. 30 Ar. P. M W M. Benz. noon. clip light ton female, CockerAcountnina de Beneof votes. He thanked the'o uflnor their dirt we n6A .,WO
lo' Porrof, Celle Rmomn Voldes Np Spaniel, age twelve. name Ginger.Other contestants tin order lpi in solving the government just outsideltb*e
|o.Porlic o .d SNorfolk. Virginiatdogatag, onicol- E ofoyes Invited present sopsytlon, are' Bette oil a rblemsl S d said he badeep
__"T_-___..... Io__ br. Reward. Coronel R. H Doug.- Ann Davis jamaa, Ceclia wAuive ier,
rude Sport Four" ectra pamt, To CIO Meeting Connell (Barbados'. ^mef meart i n. d
100.-00. Phone ..-3- .195 Cristobol. Seales 'Panama). Vilma Tho- stWtance to is -0pa5i- "
1 PERSONALS d-,non-U. S. citizens employ- mas (Cuba). Jeanette Arm: 1 O ,ha : 1
PERSONALS ad by the U1 S. .Army Caribbean strong (Granada), and Norma :lib fol .
are Invited to a special meeting Ju haynoucdTrinidad). oIn #. i11
.19 SALE:--Bargain. 1948 AAmande Powell to be held by c 900. CIO It The Junta has announced CU*P inJ2e 6FOR
Raser, 4 door. perfect con- and Club Tropical tomorrow at 6:30 thtt the Caribbean CorQnation tary A free
new tires, Reimende Powell and dance will be held Satur- world l;A. { be and
oat covers. spotlihs. Anyone knowing the whereabout of day. Dec. 8 at Club Tanta In- tIl fOc .az1I11i111maa 10
Reasonable price. Easy pay- the above names mentioned, pll1ep The replY to the conference stead of the date previously an- needs* ,iI tilblth
ent. ]P'rque ll.efere. Tel. contact this address M-S. Cemie held on 'ept. 4 between officials nounced. 1i ... Lbbb resit=tmnind m,.
Tratmen, 91 Macen St. Irekle&, of the Ar'!y ld Mpresentatives All proceeds will zo towards of warflZIx e 4.s r
New York 16, U.S.A. of the union will be discussed. a Christmas treat for the needy. other war. ......

friental DBante la

Ru a 4er <
a1 peetponedfrfjr
>aer jhPema C
4'~f at -hto

KB 5U5. er-
Valls Bar the be
At 0O p.m.
, '. ,u ,c',




Clearing the Decks for t* 1
C' a in











II ---- -- -. --- _


,I S
^ ^. % *'

. ,.
'5' S~a





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WL ~


-,.rr. : -. I "', A ._. .

Teb~assadiof, rntina
to, a MA. -uo A.
gailg 1t 5 1 will leave
so fdr uenos were imte
Oes f hot recently at a
nner given In farewell by MUr.
and Mrs.P A. DDim at their
home in Bella Vista.

Surnrift BMe


Tteidr ,:' November 1, at ]
in. In the Little Oallery of
Hotel Tiyoll.
A .discussion of Jivenile i
short-short stories will be h
Members are requested to bi
manuscripts if possible.
Any other Pen Women ini
ested in- attending is cordial
invited. For jzerv tG@U.pIM
telephone M -ss
at 83-5*0: MI.

... to.ot.
lqg by a

mu R ,

Ferute, it
Mr. Ar t
on m

GufesW At KN
Th Military


tt.w. a...-j .

--- n, .j -., -
.d in1 r .
If Ehn J.snn1 Znnm

,ie Et oit Sit
. ,.





stn'si Club To Sponsor
G6he bOa Woman's blab
Saonaor a Card Party on
hurday at 7:00 the
nlboa Civic Center. Tickets
V be purchased from mem-
n of the Club.
.to Tontct
6 wMbe played tonight
the American Legion Clab.
wUAo Of ome 'u
r P. W.. G. L.
the Panama Women's olf I
loolation will hold an elee-
a of officers at,the monthly
icheon meeting to be held on
daity at the Patatna. Golf

d- W aH TONN'N v. 13 (UP)-
ll Ed -lit It- M remain as
dhrqtor of the Federal Bureau of
Investigation If P reident-elect
Dwight fD. saenhwtf and the
qew attorney general desire. gov-
ernment ouree amsld today.
It was nbbdered a foregone
conclusion that the 57-year-old
FBI bhlef is one top-4rawer
Washlngton official whom Eisen-
hower will retain. Hoover, direc-
tor of the bureau sinee 1024, has
served under Republican as well
as Democratic president.
While Hoover would not discuss
his future plans, others said he
hasno intention of retiring and
will stay on the Job If asked to do
. Unlike many other high gov-
Ilnment officials. Hoover does
not hold his post by presidential
artpointment and Senate confir-
f'He Isnamed by the attorney
eral and Is responsible only to
at official.
.Elisenhower has not yet sald
a he will name as head of the
stice Department or any other
vernment agency.
% Among these who have figured
speculation as attorney gen-
treOOva. Thomas E. Dewey
M York and-Earl Warren of
oover't highly respected by
pulcap as. wfi. as Demo-

S t ew .Admnistration,
Su hea o tthe FBI and hU
th year of ontuous public
service. His, care has been
nique In the annals of govern-
cuet employes. -

Sflew y o ....

Enjoy a versate hair-do
created expressly faor ou
by our expert stylist.
TODAll .
Our Skilled Operator

Edith Ebeling >



Bear Hunt Ends Up

Ij -Feder i Court

AS VL, f..C., Nov. 13. to inject "circumstances"
(UP) -A -court ury of bear hunt into the trial.
day aqt mountain ctr leader, who did not take
tleman accused by the overn, -tand, had claimed he saw
meat of "taking the law into hi 3 er leaving a freshly killed
owa7 hands" and killlf a bear steer n his herd.
in the sanctuary of the Great "What the bear had done can
Smoky Mountains National Park. have no bearing In building this
Jury deliberated an hour defense," he continued. "There
and 45 minutes in deciding that are arovhions other than taking
the .government failed to prove the law Into your own hands."
that Tom Alexander, a Haywood Prosecution attorney James V.
County, N. c., rancher, had kill CraMen, t., in his summation to
ed a bear on government prq. the' Jury accused Alexander of
eryt. "enjoying ths case."
The ury came out once to ask "Why, he's n the bear busi-
a question ant reported another ness," Graven said. "He's gotten
time it was hung and wanted to $100,000 wt o publicity out of
quit. It and 1rsibmit that's the reason
for this- suit."
* Coming as a-climax to a lon'- Craven told the Jury that Al-
standing feud between the ca- exander, the operator of a dude
tlemen whose pastures border ranch near Maglte, N. C., "can't
the scenic park and the bears, be hurt much by your verdict
protected at all times inside the and he's getting plenty of publi-
park boundaries, the one-day city."
trial haddrawn wide attention. Defense attorney Roy Francis
- There were cheers and smiles said Alexaider had a legal right
when jury foreman John Rich- to ask his neighbors to help him
burg of Asheville reported "we kill thq bear, but Warlick dis-
find the defendant not guilty. agreed.
Defense witnesses had testified "Although one may have the
they did not ee Alexander enter right to kll an intruder m his
the ark the day the bear was home under omse circumstan-
killed. ces," the Judge said, that doesn'
But FBI agent Stanley Settles give him the right to track that
said Alexander told him he "or- intruder down outside his home
the hunt" "and "direct and kill him.'
the killing of the bear."
Alexander pleaded innocent to Not To Be Fooled
charges of entering the paic MILWAUKEE, (UP) lrunk-
with firearm last May 25 ad en drivers who crew hor
killing the bear. chewing nt' -to kll c
Laughter broke out repeatedly breath may foololie l
and Judge Wilson Warlick bang, some cities but not here. Police
ed his gavel for order as a par- Chief John Polcyn said "we have
ade of mountaineers trooped to 2ft other tests besides the 'nose
the stand in Alexander's defense. test' and the drivers have to' pass
WarHlk twipe halted defeasethem alL"


VQ 1083
683 6 4
WAS9 8 542
*KQJ9 *875432
*J7542 4Q10
6AKQJ 10374'
North-South vul.
Se a We t Neorth l
2 6 Pass 3 Pam
34 Pass 4 Pass
6 Pass Pass Pas
Opening lead-* K
i _,,
"I made a very stupid mistake
in the accompanying hand," a
Dallas correspondent admits. "I
got myself caught in a swindle,
but I'll bet that many players
would have made the same mia-
"I opened the king of diamonds
fPon, the West hand, and dummy
won with the ace. Declarer took
the ace of clubs, ruffed a dia-
mond in dummy, discarded the
king of hearts on the king of
clubs and then ran all of his
"When South led -his last
trump Out. I had to hold one
card.Which should I save-the
queen of diamonds or the ace of
"I would have landed on my
feet If I had watched my part-
ner's discards carefully, but the
truth is that I didn't. I simply
had to Fuess, and I guessed
wrong. I discarded the ace of
h.arts. whereupon declarer pro-
duced e Jack of heart to win
an extra ttrick.
This happened in a duplicate
gane, wiere the extra trick had
el rtance. I realize that
S ea0yer must count all the
0lt0ard*. but isn't there some
other W~ to make the current
R S.. In a situation of this

LUXURY DOLLS IN SANTA'S PACK-With hair that "grows."
ndL wearing mink coats, these dolls are among the more expensive
Itewm to be found in Santa's pack this year First displayed at a
e-_boliday show of toys in New York, the dolls' hair is made tog
ruw" by means of a wmdining device concealed in each doll's ed.
ILda Lupini. S, seems delighted with the expensive playthinA
hlch_cost about 300 at Saqta's North Pole workshop.


* Miz Robinson's 'Patent' Baley tea
smooth paste in cold water. ,
2 Stir pute into hot water and bail Hr mi
minute only. Sweeten and flavour to ante.
3 Strain and serve hot or cold.




Iuigeats. If you get tired of It's just as simple as that. And remember that aldw h youIet Zo
ItIng however, you can often a ,. tha you ut 9
k'_o iW iawt el- SIM frm #a -74. ti you need mly mahe as, mck w
ftfi aeMt wus obvibn that Mt e momah .
1% leat card had to be a dfa-
lor&aheart. TequeU.onlis ""
IOuh u with two hearts C LUCoBRA &MOE. INC. CuiO
to diamonds or with one sc nos. e
t and three diamoAnd?"
south had started with three 4 ,

First luxurious complexion

treatment for hands aWn body.




S m aoos blend of balms centn with
...... p-. .. h S

.. ...


WIAU9U Ir1 i


a. 1wIMu V, 1ooi
lMN A poun OF xOUN
cofl I. ANV THfIltt i
W pt isasm ik Aa w w eow!

say it with TAHITI

Aeo7 !iiiXreis/er

SMatched necklace I
and earrings.

Exquisitely Styled
Models Now at






a p,% .;,,;,.^.. ,. : ', h .- ,?I -- ', -' ..

., .*-., .***
-. "


.. 1 M95, 7l -. P, e ABrinks Guards RadioProra
antic ocie Bo 1as ,4 g,,378 Scare Off Gunmen .
_....... ..---'-Empty-Ha, O ded Your Community Station '
Empty Handed
S ,CORAL CHAPTER O.E.S. the supper, there will be a 0
I ETLKTAINS ROYAL eALM CHAPTER I u -n Sing and a Dramatic WINISOR, Ont., Nov. 13 (UP)
SKit, entitled '"My Church," pre- -TWO Erinks guards today H O G -
Royal Palm Chapter No. 2, Order of the Eastern Star, of sented by Mr. and Mrs. John scared off empty-lhanded two
Cristobal, were the guests of Coral Chapter No. 3, for dinner M. Purvis, Jr., Charles F. Dela- bank, robbers who were holding Whaf I~ .000 Peple MMee
.ad a meeting, Tuesday evening. ney, Bruce G. Sanders, jJr, Mr. prisoner 22 employee and cus-
Ars. 'orter McHau was chairman for the dinner which John W. Muller, Mr. Claude B. tomers in the'. Walkerville Pf
S was served at long tables decorated with a Thanksgiving mo- Strobridge and Mr. Waldo B. branch of the Canadian Bank resents
S til. Turkey place-cards marked the places of the honored Gilley. of Commerce.
guests, and cut-outs of the Thanksgiving fowl were used
among the vari-colored foliage which centered the tables. Banquet Climaxes Games Of The gunmen broke into the Today, Thursday, Nov. 13
Mixed Bowling League. bank during ejirly morning
Mrs. Lynn Badders, Worthy len Lloyd; Publicity- Mrs. L. The regular banquet, which hours. They captured at gun- P.M.
I Maron, of Loral unapier open- W. Croft. scheduled at the completion ot and handcuffed employes
eQ mhe meeting and introduced A number of interesting door is scheduled at, the completion point and handcuffed employee
he meetingof a series of games, was' held and patrons as they entered the 3:30-Music for Thursday
the oicers o01 Royal Palm who prizes of a "Handbook on Or- by the Coco Solo Mixed Bowling bank, police said. They escaped 4:00-Great Artists
olciated at the ceremony of chids," an orchid corsage kit, League at the Officerms Club through a back window when 4:15-Bob Eberly
inflation ie visitg oaiicers and orchid plants of the fol- Saturday evening with Leuten- two Brinks money-truck guards 4:30-What's Your Favorite
were: Mrs. Aurelia nadarits- lowing varieties Stanhop ant Paul B. Fitch officiating. arrived. They fled in a stolen 5:30-News,
Worthy Matron, Ernest Slocum Wardi, Lockhardia bidenata and The following officers were automobile. 5:35-What's Your Favorite
worthy raLron, MIviss Mildred Maxalaria were donated by Ser- elected: president- Lieutenant -(COrtd)
Neciy- associate Matron, Earl geant and Mrs. Lloyd, Mr. and Commander H. E S chmidt, vic- 6:00-FADSAND FASIIONS
Onr- Associate Patron, Mrs. Mrs. Thomas Fels and Mrs. Ross president- Comna~nder R W SWIS Avalanches 6:30-Ricky's record Shop
Clara Cnamoers- Conductress Aldrich. The winners were: Mrs. Clark, and treasurer- Leuten- 6:45-Lowell homas
Mrs. Minnie Rudgc- Associate H. S. White, Miss Frances Moo- ant John Boyer. Kill Worker 7:00--The Master of Ballantrae
Conductress; Mrs. Ida Mae Cot- maw, Mrs. Edward Cox, Mr. and Some of the members are ( )
ton- Secretary Mrs. Mat.hilda Mrs. L. Croft, Mr. W. J. Wil- leaving for the States, and'som T 7:30---BLUE RIBON SPORTS
Nieely-' Treasurer Mrs. Peggy kinson, Mr. R. T. Ray, Mr. of them are drop-ing from the TWO Missing REVAW .
Smith- Adah; Mrs. Marilyn Thomas Fels, Mr. L. T. Schu- league, so fareweue were, said 7:45-PETRONIO PRESENTS-
Marsh- Ruth; Mrs. Gladys berg. to Captain and .Mrs. H. E. Ro- LUCERNE, Switzerland, Nov. 4Petronio Record Shop)
Conley- Esther'; Mrs. Lore y Mr. and Mrs. Fels were the bins, Commander and Mrs. Da- 13 (UP)-One worker was dead 8:00--Short Story T heaa t or
Wray- Martha; Mrs. Florence hosts for, the evening and serv- vis Henderson, Lieutenaht anid and two others missing under (VOA
Denson- Electa; Mrs. Mary En- ed refreshments to the preced- Mrs. M. L. Leahy, -Lieutenant tons of snow in the season's first 8:30-Music of the Gay 90's
geiKe- Chaplain; Mrs. Cather- ling and following members: Mr. Commander Jame r.- Todd, and avalanches touched off by 8:45-UP. Commentary
ine Joudrey- Marshall; Mrs. and Mrs. Schuberg, Major and Lieutenant Eddie Walther. above-freezing temperatures. 9:00-Paul Temple (BBC)'
Dorothy Barsosky- Warde r; Mrs. J. T. Davis, Sergeant and A group of new members were 9-3C-Donald Voorhees (VOA)
Wdlliam Hadarits- Sentinel; Mrs. D. C. Harshaw, Mr. and welcomed into' the groqp. They Heavy snows for the past two 10:00-Pance Music
Organist-Mrs. Ruth Perkins. Mrs. L. W. Croft, Captain Dud- were: LieUteit Commander -weeks above the 3,000-foot level 10:15-Musical Interlude
-alms and ferns were used in ley Shine, Martin Sawyer, and and Mrs.-R. K OGiffin, L euten- reached 11-foot depths on the 10:30-Moonlight Mood 8PLAOM LAMlIXGmPmvfu p
decorating the, large hall. Over E. E Orvis. ant and Mrs 'G. L. Hendrkson Sugspitze in Germany. Moun-ll11:00-The Owl's Nest seattuned hrS p.oti.
30 visitors we've present with The next meeting will be re- Lieutenanit an. Mrs, E. Cof- tain guides said it was one of 12:00,-Sign Off sco, ,* hbr.j
the members of Coral Chapter. placed by a six o'clock dinner fy, Lieutei Frank bghill the earliest continuous snow- .. ...
S\ at the Elks Club on Monday and Mrs' R. : PttrsoL falls they could remember. Tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 14 i I-
Friends Bid Farewell To evening, November 24. Awards were pre-ented tp the ... t,
Lieutenant and Mrs. Leahy winning team, composed of A 1 A.M. -. Al 8 0Cer.I- 1 7
Lieutenant and Mrs. M. L Informal Morning Coffee Lieuteniant 1S.- L. Leahy, Lieu- Pedro M iguel's 3S 15--he l Sie 8h;w3
Leahy, of the Coco Solo Naval For Sewing Group tenant Robert Paterson, CWO. 6:00-Sign On and Alarm Clock S3:30- ForF Faye
Station, left during the week- Mrs. Wallace Thrift, of Ga- Henry Parkh and Mrs. R. C i C lub '4:00-o si aB Witfut Words
Send for New York. They will tun, was hostess for an infor- Stiles and Mrs. Ray Clark. Citi. 11unci 7:30-Requdst Salon 4:45-Ca ima Tioe AJ
drive to Dallas, Texas, Dr. Lea-,mal morning coffee given at High average -awards wesit to c a. r *. :15-Morn hiteVarieties '#-AW"batt's.Y.u -Isvorte 9:
,hy's home, and visit relatives her home, Tuesday, for t h e Lt. John C. Soymr and Mrs, Ma- R10 lIC et ee. 8:30-Musihal Reveille Bt6--GLIH'DN onMEAMR--
in nearby cities for the coming members of her sewing group. rie Parks; High series to L t. M 9:00-NeW. (Agenda Steer). l:
holidayy seasons before deciding The ladies who attended L.. Leahy and Mt.-R. G. Stiles- The Civic Council Elections 9:15-Come and Get It 520- What's Your Fa v or ite.
where they will reside. were: Mrs. Z. Z. Zizz, Mrs. W. W. High'score to foMrr'.'"e. A ple for Pedro Mfguel will. be' held 9:30-As I See It (forntd) 10!
Sanders, Mrs. John Clayton, Jr., quistwand Lt. Commander J. F. on December 2. 10:00-N-ews 5:30- ws
Before their departure a num- Mrs. Fred Willoughby, Mrs. Carl Todd., .- Ballot boxes will, ie set up at 10;05-Off the Record 5 : hat's" Your -Favorite l
ber of informal affairs were Nix, Mrs. Thomas Fels, Mrs. R. Mrs. PaiB.I Fitch was in the Commissary and Post Of- 11:00-Nws (ontd) 1
given by their friends. Lieuten- E. Cox, Mrs. Lee Nash, Mrs. charge of-k arrangements for fice.__ 11:05-Off the Record (Contd)
ant and Mrs. J. F.' Barlow and Wayne Hatting and Mrs. L. E. the b' nq "--* 12:00--4ewsa 6:00-FADS AND 4ASIONS
.W. O. and Mrs.' R. F. Tucker Stevens. : : 0-hl c R: edezvous
-gave a small dinner part y. '6 (Ia.rJ'ife P.M. 6;45-L1,owell T~idi C,
,Lieutenant and Mrs. W. L. Hall Monday Musicale Meets 7oy reieS o12:05-Luncheon Music 7:80-DEC Padtand
entertained the doctors from With Mrs. Geis I V 2:30-Popular Music 7:30-IBLUIN RIXBON SPORTS
the Coco Solo Naval Hospital The monthly meeting of the In NeW orK 1:"ws REVIEW i3
and their ladies, 'with a few Monday Musicale met with Mrs. l:l l- alltv Parade
close friends, for cocktails in C. J. Genis at her Margarita RBoy Green, one of P pamg's 1: u umand Abneri* "___ _,,_.. .__'
honor of the Leahys. Lieuten- residence. Mrs. John Purvis pre- first disc jockeys, died 'in New 2:00"Th e Old Chishom- Trall -
ant and Mrs. E. G. McKay were sided arnd welcomed two new York on Nov. 4 and was buried, :1 54aongsefFrance 4 F)
hosts for an informal dinner in members, Mrs. William Hanni- there 'last Saturday. it was r-r 2:30--Afternoon Melod ,
their honor, gan, Jr., and Miss Rita Fisher. ported today. .. : attle of the'
--, Mrs. Genis gave a talk on the '- ...._-,,_',',
Orchid. Society Elects Officers sonata and the fugue and this
The Gold Coast Orchid Socie- was followed by examples of l U
ty. held their regular meeting this 'type of music. Mrs. Harry rs Bhlw -! f
at the Trefoil. House in Gatun Egoli played the "First Move- "
Monday evening. At this time ment from the G Major Sona- j.
' the retiring president, .Mr. H. P. ta" by Mozart, and Mrs. Rich-. M
Butcher officiated at the elkc- ard Edmondson, played t wo
A" tion of officers for the new Bach 'Tugues." r
,,,e.r. Heading the organization The group listed to' rord- .
.be: president- Mr. W. J wings of the "Concerto'in Mi- pe- sS r
SWilkinson; vice-oresident- Mr. nor" by Moz.At anm "Sonata i n.
L. W. Croft; Secretary-Trea- F Minor" by Beethoven. -U S
surer- Mrs. Allen Lloyd; Pro- Refreshments were, served at
grqm Chairman- Sergeant :Al- the close of the meeting by
Mrs. George Engelke, and Mrs.
S A. P. Anderson. !- mo ok o s like
SThe, other ladies present were something let over from Hal-
YOUR SILVER Mrs. Milton Cookson, Mr.: Main- loween wearing a new pla ic
Eert Peterson,. Mrs. Bert Watson, mask. It p-oteitsMissouri uar-
NEEDS THE GENTLE Mrs. H. M. Durham, Mrs. Victo- terbaqk's broken nose. (NEA) T rt
ria Hourigan, Mrs. J. F. Meehan,
CAE, OF Mrs. John Purvis, Mrs. WilliamA
T. Clute, Mrs. Anna Fisher, Mrs.
0. E Jorstad, Mrs. A. A. Rankin,
"" Mrs. J. M. Kenway and Mrs. _i ..:
William Brooks. t

Family Covered-Dish Dinner
At Margarita Church
' Loyalty Family co vered
dish supper, sponsored by the
Board of 'Deaconesses, of t he
Margarita Union Church, under
the co-chairmanship of Mrs. Jo-
seph L. Gwinn and Mrs. Frede-
rick P. Maloney, will be held
Friday at 6 00 p.m. In the
Church Parlors.
This supper is planned for
all the church members a n d
friends. Immediately following


f Th
n e, M



Regular brushing with
Pepsodent Tooth Paste
after eating radmcesa cid
formation-helps stop
decay before it starts. No
other tooth paste can
duplicate Pepsodent's
flm-removing formula...
no other contains Irium*'.
Lse Pepsodent... keep
away tooth decay sad
keep a lovely smdle-the
Pepsodent Smile *,


reipmred Tra&d-Ma;
f r ari,6d albl mlffa.

IMe SfM the makes your
t9eth loek dull is Adcd-
ame spdee resa y
~e eremewa hI

*' I: t


SKeep your tile, oleum or' wood floors
bright and sleming with Johnsan' Gio-
Cost. It' Io eam. to usel Just apply-it
dries i." n*y minutes to a beautiful
durable lag
^B repellAnd ntw is porltively water-
\ 0W \ repellent zvn.Whif you spill things,
\ ,#ey wipe avWy without marringthe shine
Save monay- larger sies. Get won-
S deful wtu mt G01-Coat today

J@H S.NOrS ,. .C.OAT

ws.'&I.~eD44M~ ~L5.ds~



" '. fr

, A..

p. ~.


ye., .r.g b .iW -. far -. t.ton. oa.,
thpt stands out u.coetdy F i
Nash Gold, ... .
It's cAmpletly n.w in beauty 4pda aii

it'sf iravansidl d. h.fru-ocringwd. .id
est eating, gite* vr .
Matic Drieaid.thtpWe>Stup>r.*ibD
Cocie aina -1

, "lU */ -. B- ; ,,,. .'. .

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.' -'


F .'

? '- -

,-."y *-
*i ;:., *-

Aunt Jmma Penmke*
SyruP Buffer
Frozem Frul Salad
Cooking Coffee
*lady-Mixd, Yu Jaf add m*cw.
Jafd right mot of OfO Soi
ML :


C -..7


(^ \


4 ,

S 'R ; -' .


FAS IO FORV lMAI Dele Cole's fashions are all vwet.
but the po vepfv etidtkours love hdr submarine mnodeliig at a
W 'VagS, Nev, baom. Spectatris view the underwater show
aroub heavy glaw ports in the swimming pool, from an under-
ground "fashion salon."


S fl
| fl't i' a f "wlAth double aclfln

p rlkal-eltg T

m ... i ...s .*by
people rely on Alka-Seltser to fight bONh o i. l /II.
I. rdlsotforts at roqqMJMM s diqi r- -.
atthefl da rts w
3' ,-" '

; l ie^ repeat gala
Speuorance of
repeaLtgE Ta

TONIGHT at $a30 pan-

Tickets on sale from, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at
h tb Nat"iNal Theatre Box office.
". .

5V:cionylB I I3 $3t

-r riMg:" I.


iNxl Week
aifls for the' second
tlson- of Louisiana
it w ty's fall &Wester
*uawKadny, Decembe 1, re-
U& a have bea set
n Ursday, No, mber
V .Wednesday, Novem-
for the .current
Dd. uMday. NOy.mber
Btudntbs ao rrently enrolled
Why reiter torI hew courses' dur-
l the eotage of their'tesent
ci e.sFw arllees a4 stu-
a not aurren enroe:Umay;
In s-ahdtl to thi-Ulow-
adh .-d .Mvember 20, from
00".m., at ite Ar-
my % Eter ForIt Kob-
Trudar. Pfqb br 21. (rom 9:00
R4O toS 9. tthe ArmyA d-
ueatio Cort FCdayfon.
MW i N e r 2 4 from
Om., at the Ar-
ou .ter. Fort Gu-
Tuesday," MNbentber 25. from
9;00 a". t t0 6:0 p.m. at the Air-
iter'a Clulb ABroop Air Force
Wedheiday, November 26. from
0:00 to 12:00 noon at the Quarry
leights- Theater and from 1:00
befe. to 5 :00 D.m. at the Gymnas-
Hum. Fort Amador.
The new eight-week session
continues through February 5,
195, and there will be Christ-
mas vacation from Friday. De-
cember 19. through Sunday, Jan-
uarv 4.
All classes meet two nights a
week. from 7 to 10 p.m. The
schedule of classes for the next
session is the following:
History 55 (American History).
English 10 (English Composi-
Son) and Government 51 (Amer-
an Government) will meet at
Fort Clayton Mondays and Wed-
Sranish 51A (Interme d i ate
Spanish) meets at the same post
Twhesdays and Thursdays.
English 1B (English Composi-
tion) meets at Fort Kobbe Tues-
days and Thursdays.
Spanish 52 (Interm e d i a t e
Snanlsh) and. Economics 130
(Com parative Economic Sys-
tem s) both meet at Albrook AFB
Tuesdays .0ld Thursdays.
History 56 (secnd semester of
AmrnAp, h1OWi) will meet at
Fort Guliek Tuesdays and Thurs-

Night Of Fun
The United Lodge will sponsor
a night of fun at Paraiso's Lodge
alhi t1{ea .jrov. 15, com-
. .



T Ii-most
-* beouI Car


Exefting Double feature*


FDR Critized Polish

Demand For Kafyn Probe

-- O -
WASHINGTON, Nov. 13 (UP) Foeoer Undersecretary of
-The late President Roosevelt StatSumner Wehles told the
Inforloed Josef Stalin in 194 qbuniett President Roosevelt
that he felt Polish officials made "' Wed" and "regretted"
a "mistake" iV asking for an ..Ge n. Ladislaw Sikorsky,
impartial investigation of the Wt Sit head of the Polish
massacre of 15,000 Poles In Ka- Ofhament in exile, had not
tyn Forest, a House committee .anitedu with him and with
disclosed today. Ohulihril before asking the
The committee said Mr. IV0tilatlon.
eoosevelt told the Soviet' pre- He said he thought the Prest-
mier hn a "private and con- dent would have been "sym-
fidenth note" he hoped the pathetic" to Sikorsky's request
P o I s h government-in-exile had he been consulted in ad-
,, would display "more common vance.
sense in the future." Welles also said "I am sure"
Rep. Timothy P. Sheehan i korsky'was assassinated.
(R-i.) a member of the select Sikorsky was killed when his
committee which since has ac- plane crashed while taking off
used Russin of the crime, called from Olbraltar, July 4. 1943.
the note "international diplo- Welleatidl he "always thought
macy by crony." the plane crash was sabotage.'
Germany and Russia accused He did rpt ay who he suspect-
each other of the atrocity which ed of the 'sabotage but said it
occurred near Smolenaw in was "conceivable" that Soviet
1940. The Poles askedhe asked the Inter- Rustia *ltted Sikprsky out of
national Red Cross to try to find. the way because of secret corn-
out the truth. mitments which Russia might
The Roosevelt note was hive made to him.
prompted by Stalin's break in The committee disclosed the
diplomatic relations with the Roosevelt note li questioning
Polish exile government because retired Adm. William H. Stand-
of the request for the Investiga- ley, ambassador to Russia at
tion. tile tine.
Nazi Germany had just un- The committee is. investigat-
covered the Katyn mass graves Ing to determine "why detailUs
and accused Russia of corn- of the masacre were withheld
mitting the atrocity while the from the American people and
Soviets were in possession of the whether there was any.collusion
forest which shifted hands dur- by Americafl authorities to
ing World War II. cleanse the Soviets of guilt."
President Roosevelt proposed
in his ndte that Stalin announce Steal By The Half-Domen
a "suspension of conversations" LELAN iWcb. (UP) State
with Poland rther than a diplo- police were asked to hunt for
matle break, tnilevas who did their Stealing
He said he was confident that "by the ndnmbers" at tWe Sugar
British Prime Minister Wins- Loaf Mountain ski club. Officers
ton Churchill,. third member of reported they stole sit of every-
the Allied big three, would ask thing-six pair. of skis. six pairs
the Poles to "act with more of ski poles and six pairs of ski
sense." boots.






September Recpts

On Wagering Stamps
Total $51,486
-The Internal Revenue Bureau
reported todey that 1,706 wag-
ering tax stamps were issued to
f amolers in September, boosting
he total for the fiscal year to
The bureau said It collected
$51,480 in September through
sale of the $50 stamps to bookies.
numbers operators, and other
gamblers who are required to
pay the tax under the new wag-
eting tax law.
The bureau also said it collect-
ed in September 8880.4
through the 10 per cent excise
tax on bets handled by gamb-
lers. Total excise tax collections
for the first three months of
the 1953 fiscal year amounted
to $2,492,982.
States Issuing wagering stamps I

n September included: Alaba- I-
ma 7; Arkansas 11, Florida 88,
eorgia 14. Kentuckvy 15. Louis- BELLA VI
anil 75, Mississippi 26, South I V S ON T*- STAGE
arolina 6, Tennessee 10 and T 0 DA Y I-S T
Virginia 6. 0 -- AT 5 AND 9 P. M'
Spain, with all its gay, brilliant and colorful
music, in the voicerof
Shows: 7:00 9:15 p.m.

On Transisthmlan Road. be-
hind "Artes y Ofielos" School
love of a I *

- Jundgl

l p.C"

ON THE SCREEN: A Delightful Romantic Comedyl

Admission Prices: ............. $1.00-- $0.50.'.


* Lack of Cr be

~ em MAgo
te.SNACK W~t **



'fl A*




'10% J5:00, 7:00. 9:00


Geaor Coulouris Allen Jenkins

PN.ud by


Fithl pride and pleasure 1 presents

V'. -

- cwt

6eekid wit
MR uf.he

Ike dh devil

S *

A -

bes -

,, 1..:

iI As I

imu Rmll p am


He Looked Like The KING... And Fought Like
The Devil Hlm ell.,...
with -
Anthony Jody 0 Anthony


"C A R.R.I E"

1:10, 2:47, 4:24, 6:1, 1: 3, 1 :;M
At 5.00 and 9:00 p.. 'L
On the Stafe: A Bri-ant and The D Ar And

n On the' 'ien': -
AAma NRg- Mchael

mThe wampi

Leslie CARON




.- -EC ILIA -
See the' Roof of the World Cave In'
with 1Was ea-on Diana Douglas
S- Also -
thawnees in history's Fiercest Raid I
v with Jo Hai l CthrlsLine Larson

Abet: .i in

'- -. 5.,
-'* <





RAFFLE! S200.00
10000 at 6:00M ..
o10000 at 9:00 3..
John Derek, in
Larry Parks, in

iS2 J e. in (Chapts. 24) 84)n syne, to

Y E A i ,.. -sA 1
*a a j _- mAm'Rw flflna&M -"


:a ,

month-old son of Mr. and Mm. Kenneth Parmenter, of Jacka-o.
ville, Fla., must give up smoking. Juvenile Court Judge Walter:*
Criswell ruled that cigars were bad for the child's health, and'
that Jimmy, who has been smoking since he was 13 months old.
set a bad example for other children. From now on, Jimmy win.
<.-__ ask in vain for a light from his mother, left, above.

*^---e^ -- ^W-IT







-0 -



SSta Onl Unanimous Pick; Rifle-Armed Moloy Comes Off Bench

Schoendienst Over Robbie
--0- O0
United Press Sports Writer

NEW YORK.-It was "Musial as usual" along
with "nine other guys," six from the champion
Brooklyn Dodgers. on the annual United Press Na-
tional Lea.ue All-Star team announced Wednesday.

Stan The Man, ne perennial 30, and of course Roberts was i
terror of the St. Louis Cardi- head and shoulders above all I
nals was the only unanimous others in pitching victories. I
selection for the team which' It was for the most part a'
was selected by 24 veteran base- "new look" team since' only
ball writers, three from each three players, Musial, Hodges,
league city. land Campanella were repeaters
The Dodger All-Stars were from the 1951 squad.
rookie pitching star Joe Black, Such stars as outfielder Kiner
catcher Roy Campanella, short- and Richie Ashburn of Phila-
stop Peewee Reese, third base- dephia, second baseman Jackie
man Billy Cox, first baseman Robinson and pitcher Preacher
Oil Hodges, and outfielder Duke Roe of Brooklyn, and shortstop
Snider. lAlvin Dark, third baseman Bob-1
The third place Cardinals by Thomson, and pitcher Sal,
placed Musial and second Maglie of New York, failed to:
baseman Red Schoendienst on Imake the team this year.
the team while pitcher Robin I Sauer, who had a solid .270
Roberts of the Phillies and average to go with his power,
outfielder Hank Sauer of the |won the second outfield berth
Cubs completed the honor easily, while Snider, a .303 hit-
list. :ter who got 21 homers and
Roberts, who won 28 games drove in 92 runs, gained the
for the highest victory total third post by a comfortable
since Dizzy Dean racked up that margin over old war-horse, Enos
same total for the 1935 Cardi- Slaughter of the Cardinals.
nals, was named on all but one! At first base, Hodges, with
ballot while Cox and Campa- a .256 average and a big runs
nella each missed on only two.' batted in total of 102 which
,,Sparked by Musial, naturally was tops for the Dodgers,
the .All-Star crew took most of' won out only after a close
the individual honors in the1 battle with Whitey Lockman
league with Manly Stanley on! of the Giants and Ted Klus-
top in batting at .336, in hits zewski of the Reds.
with 194, runs scored with 105,! Schoendienst, who batted .302
and doubles with 42. and was the best defensive key-
uSauer, who suddenly develop- stone man in the league, was
ed, into one of the most potent a solid choice at second while
long distance hitters in recent Reese outdistanced Roy Mc-
years, led in runs batted in Millan of the Reds and Dark
with 121 and shared the home df the Giants at short.
rtn crown with Ralph Kiner of Black, who "saved" the pen-
Pittsburgh, each getting 37. nant for the Dodgers with his
"Reese, still nimble despite tremendous relief pitching, won
the fact that he is "dean of the other hurling berth over
the Dodgers" in points of ser- lefty Warren Spahn of the
Vice, led in stolen bases with Braves, who placed third,

On The AHeys...

sThe Max R. Stempel & Son
k glers knocked over the 7461st
Signal unit team at the Dia-
b Heights Clubhouse bowling
lles Tuesday night 3 to 1 to
S S .y points In the lead for
fte league championship, while
S tie La Imporadora select team
d pdied 1 point to Local 595,
;rhe Stempeleers took the first
two games and pinfall, dropping
' the final game by 3 pins. An-
Sclorman Andrews was .high for
Stempel with 588, followed by
Hermann with 579, while Andy
Hudak was high for the Army
team with 570.
In the Select a-Local 595
match, "Pepe Damian was high
for Selecta with 595, with Fron-
Sheiser and Muto both scoring
558. For Local 595, Frangloni was
High with 538, with Bill t600,
S Malee following with 537.
The powerhousers from Fuer -
2a y Luz put another crimp in
the Snowcrop Frozen Foods ef-
forts toward first place in the
league by taking two games and
S infall. The Fuerza y Luz boys
took the first two games and
pinfail, dropping the final game
by 24 pins. Stephens was high
for Fuerza y Luz with 587. fol-
Slowed by Thomas with 566. Tho-
mas scored second high game of
the evening with a 236 in the
second game. For Snowcrop. Ted
Melarison piled a 574, followed
by Bill Mofton with 550.
In te final match of the even-
I bng, 'Colonel' Hector Donne's At-
Slas Club team set up a new sea-
son high record of 3,040, which
may be the highest score rolled
in the Major League since its
Inception. A check of the records
is now being made. In rolling
the high score, Billy Coffey set
up the highest individual 3-game
pries' of the season thus far,
Sbwling 201, 246 ind 227 for a
J splendid 674. Bud Balcer was
right 'on his tail with 203, 233
and 228 for 664, while Harry Col-
bert, who is replacing Kelly Ma-
a strong 582, with Bates and
Wheeler coming in with 576 and
5 834, respectively. ,
The standings of the teams af-
Ster the play:..

M. R. Stempel
& Son
La Imp. Sel.
Atlas Club
Fuerza y Luz

27 13
23 1/2W/2
23 17
23 17


F. Foods 19 21 905
Local 595, NFFE 181/2 211/ 880
7461st AU Signal 15 25 877
H. I. Homa Co. 10 30 873
In the individual average race,
Bud Balcer retained, his leki by
upping his average from 195 to
197. Harry Colbert, bowling his
It three games, stepped into1
lace with a 194 average, with
iMorton dropping to 3d spot.
phenomenal Major League
oaore, Billy Coffey. after
np. from 3d to 9th spot last
jumped from 9th to 4th
week with his sensational
"am*cow sports a 189-19 aver-
"d'Melanson jumped from
'lt Hermann from 8th
M Ted Wilber. by the
S average point,
to place.
B il t~el to 8th.
bto+M, and

0 -
Borup slipped from 7th to 10th
The standings of the 1st ten
bowlers after the play:
Name & Team Ave.
Balcre. Atlas 197-19
Colbert, Atlas 194- 0
Morton, Snowcrop 191- 5
Coffey, Atlas 189-19
Melanson, Snowcrop 187-18
Hermann, Stempel 187- 2
Wilbert, Stem.pel 187- 0
Malee, NFFE 186-20
Andrews, Stempel 185- 0
Borup, La Imp. Sel. 185-29

The scores of Tu4sday night's

Max R.
Van Wie

Stempel & Son
156 191 184 531
152 138 130 420
203 180 160 543
182 205 192 579
172 211 205 588
865 925 871 2661

7461st AU Signal
Saylon 154 177 192 523
Htdak 180 199 191 570
Squires 180 182 192 554
Lawless 185 134 150 469
Cooley 148 186 149 483
847 878 874 2599
La Importadora Selecta
Damian, A. 161 164 178 503
Fronheiser 165 208 185 558
Damian, J. 170 191 234 595
Muto 169 201 188 558
Borup 190 138 202 530
855 902 987 2744
Local 595, NFFE
Malee 163 170 204 537
Frangloni 160 190 178 538
Billmeyer 166 202 150 518
Gleichman 164 162 179 505
Eady 164 194 153 511
817 918 864 2609
Snowcron Frozen Foods



Cy pert


Dn 210 190 174 574
n 150 145 162 457
180 181 163 524
175 143 189 507
134 225 191 550
849 884 879 2612
Fuerza y Luz
ns 201 226 160 587
180 236 150 566
158 186 212 556
190 179 172 541
132 155 161 448
861 982 855 2698
H. I. Homa Co.
182 175 194 551
175 157 186 518
187 175 169 531
151 1183 155 489
126 202 187 565
871 892 891 2654
Atlas Club
170 189 23 582
172 211 151 534
217 173 196 576
201 246 227 874
202 223 228 664
963 !052 1025 3040

Halfback Harry Waios gained
more yardage his first two years
at Miami than all Hurricane re-
serve backs gained in their en-
tinre c que qanyt

To Put Football Back In Yale Bowl

NEA Staff Correspondent
Nov 13 Ed Molloy was an ob-
Sc(ure nobod.\ picking up splinters
on the Yale bench a year ago.
Finally, flushed up from the
idnior varsity, his big moment
c tme.
Harvard was leading the Ells,
21-14, with time running out.
"Molloy,' barked Herman Hick-
man, beckoning the recruit quar-
terback to his side. "Get in there,

Kd Molloy
"Yes, sir," said the young man,
and he galloped onto the field.
With the poise of a professional
and the coolness of a surgeon,
Molloy set about blowing the en-
emy's brains out with a dazzling
display of cannoneering. He com-
pleted seven in a row, the last
one for the touchdown that gave
the Bulldog a breath-taking 21-
21 tie.
Today Molloy, who had' never
before been a football regular, is
being heralded as one of the hot-
test. brightest bolts of kinetic en-
erg, to flash across the Yale

Don Heinrich

Of Washington.

Leads Scorers
NEW YORK, Nov. 13 (UPi -
Quarterback Don Heinrich of
Washington is putting on a one-
man- show in his comeback year.
Heinrich, who set a pass com-
pletion record in 1950, then sat
out the 1951 season with a
shoulder separation, may set an-
other mark this year. Latest fi-
gures show he has completed 128
out of 236 passes. They've gain-
ed 1,488 yards and 13 touch-
downs. Heinrich also has gained
four yards'rushing, making him
the top man in tdtal offense.
Gene Rossi of (incinnati is
second in total offense with
1.277 yards. Hie's followed by
Tommy O'Connell of Illinois
with 1;276. `
The rushing leader is Rod Wil-
liams of Har in-Slmons with
826' yards gained. Billy vessels of
Oklahoma is second with $12
yards and Gene Filipski of Villa-
nca ranks third with 792.
The all-timne record for pass
completions is 150 set by Don
Klosterman of Loyola of Los An-
geles last season. Heinrich has
two games to play *v. needs 32
completion for-a record.

Bob Con ely Set
12 SpeMed, ks
New speed t ob- Con-
neely was dew I ".or his. full
meed of honor pimb. page's re-'
port of last: S atwhy night's
motorcycle raclft. the Nation-
al Stadium.
Besides copping'th -big. event
and setting a newf Panamaan-
15-lap record i. the process,
Conneely got '" a half-
share of the a an one
lap record by Choppy
White's time otI e .

8 Bowl Comms
Get Blessing-
(BY Unittde-
The NCAA.u gMiven its bMl-
8i1 seto = Dow b
e which ve
been. f~od to meet sepost e
regulations are the RoMe. Oqt
Sugar, Orange, 'arn' TanS..
In, Sun andlulad Wl~ uffi
athletic dl ofrf the.fff

so Ii

scene since the days of Larry
Molloy's craftsmanship is
downright belying, fools the op-
position as well as the fans. He
Icn't exactly a picture-book ball-
handler, but his 77 completions
in the first seven games, a new
&rhool mark, testifies he is better
than somewhat.
One cannot analyze intuition.
Molloy smells a receiver as a cat
sniffs a rat. Ed Woodsum is gen-
erally the terminal' point of his
deadly pitches.
After the Molloy Woodsum'
t -e-two punch had crushed
Dartmo 41.,21-7, an irate Indian
rooter declared:
i "All Molloy can do is pass."
"Y6s!" tartly replied a Yale'
man, "and all Ezio Pinza can do'
Is sing!'"
Off the field, the Fairfield,
Conn., junior is reticent, yet
companionable. When the' whis-
tle blows, the Dr. Jekyll in' his
nature is metamorphoslzed into
the Mr. Hyde of combat. It Is as
MW, Hyde that his unhappy rivals
know him. N ''
While Molloy is far from being
Doetry In motion, his improve-
ment has been astonishing.

"He's come farther and faster
than any back I've seen in
years," says Backfield Coach
Jerry Neri, who ,developed Los
Angeles ,oyoia's Don Kloster-
man, the nation's leading passer
last season.
With M0ollo on the heaving
end, Woodsum tied Larry Kelley's
16-year-old career record of 14
touchdown pass receptions. This
with still the Princeton and Har-
vard games to go.
Molloy is 21, stands 5-10, and
weighs 175.A member of the Na-
vy Reserve program, he's major-'
I g in American Studies. His un-
cle. Frank 'Oallager, killed In
World War II, was a Yale line-
man In the 1930s.
There's a certain quality of
mental toughness about this
boy. He's as durable as he Is re-
liable. On the second play against
Dartmouth he broke his nose,
signaled for time and strode
over to the sideline.
"Fix 'er up, doc," he said.
Moments later, cqmpletelv un-
ruffled and wearing a mask. the
rifle-armed Yale signal caller
was back on the firing line. His
score for the day was 13 comple-'
ticns out of 23 attempts.

Gun Club Notes

A Coco Solo division of the the watchful eye of Chief John
Cristobal Jr. rifle club has been P. Lepley, who is member of the
formed for the boys and giri of National Rifle Association.
Coco Solo who might be i4t*- Helping to coach are also Lt.
ested in the correct ues of rifles Scott, meMber of the Canal Zone
and, the basic principals of Polioe pistol team, Chief Machin-
marksmanship. ist Reid, Mike Delgado, A. E. 0l-
The rifle club Is nOW in full sen, Chipf Danny Lowe. R. K.
swing and its 52 youngsters Rice, Mike Asafalo, and Willard
varying from 7 to 16 yearw.:age Harris.
necessitates a schedule of firing
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and
Saturday afternoonS at the st- Pro Cage Scores
tion armory rifle range. ro ge cores
This has been made pop'BIe by Tuesday's NBA Results
Capt. L. L. Koepke, Comn dng Minneapolis 101, Boston 92.
officer of Coco Iolo.and Lti. Indianapolis 78; Fort Wayne 63.
milton, station ordnance officer, Rochester 104, New York 94.
Noel E. Gibson Br, CoQmh Ins-
tructor of the Cristobal Jr. rifle TA N DI N. G 8
club supplies the necessary ri- National Association
les, targets and ammu4 tlon for Eastern Division
the use of the boys and giWs. A *
small fee is charged for the tar. W. L Pet.
gets and ammunition Which 4I New York 2 1 .667
paid fqr by the young "shar rsaton u 2- 2 .500
shooters." SYracuse 2 2 .500
At present the youngster are Philadelphia -1 2 .339
learning the basic principals of Baltimore 0 3 .001)
safe handling of firearms and Western Division
shooting for their .first qualli- Milwaukee 2 0 1.000
cation medal that of "Pro- Rochester 5 1 .833
Marksman." Minneapolis 5 1 .833
The Coco Solo division of the Fort Wayne 1 4 .200
Cristobal Jr. rifle club is under Indianapolis, 1 5 .167







'Iiil 1,

A Ragh ws he choke of l
Sprint Campi fon the
proof of the widom of b
with such eg
deaged and b

P.4d, P -fl -T ...Aj.

HP 7B"Rne-ma.,



Major Grid

Teams Point

To Bowl Bids
(By United Press)

Bowl bids, conference titles
and individual records are the
goals as the major collegiate,
football teams warm up for an-
other week-end.
Holy Cross seems in line for an
invitation to the Orange Bowl if
It can handle the Quantico Ma-
rines, Temple and Boston .Col-
lege from here on in. The Cru-
saders have won six games out
of seven and are favored the
rest of the way.
Purdue faces touch Michigan
with both teams still in the run-
'ing for Big 10 honors. If Pur-
due gets by Michigan, it Is favor-
ed to beat weak Indiana and
head for the Rose Bowl. A .win
for Michigan would put the
Wolverines, Purdue, Wisconsin
and Minnesota all In the run-
iThe Texas Longhorns can all
but wrap up the Southwest Con-
ference title and automatic Cot-
ton Bowl bid with a win over
Tekas Chlistian. What worries
Texas Is the TCU coach Dutch
Meyer is noted for pulling the
unexpected. Only three year a-
go TCU came up with a nine
man line and defeated heavily
favored Texas, 14-13.
The Pacific Coast 'Conference
race has settled down to a race
between UCLA and Southern
California w it h Washington
waiting for either to falter. U-
CLA which is idle this week,
winds up.against Southern Cal-
ifornia the following Saturday.
The Uclans have five wins and
no losses in conference play.
Southern Cal, with four wins,
plays Washington this Saturday.
Washington, with a five and one
record, meets Sotubern Cal and
Washington State.
Coach Lynn Waldorf of Calif-
ornia thinks it will be either
Southern Cal or UCL4 in the
Rose Bowl come New Year's day.

Ztobotny Better fhiSirskrit;

Hoople Sees Cistt d1ft 3-12,
---, -,"= ... :. ... .

former Quoits Clhmal, Glasgow
EgadI Never have I been a
man to toot my opWn horn. but
my results this season havebfet
so astounding, and praise tram
my zillions of readers has billow.
ed in such tremendous volumT
I must caSt modesty 'to tV
winds. *
It was Hoople who gave his ar.
dent followers Navy over Duke,
Notre Dame to stop Oklahoma
Illinois to defeat Michigan UOLA
to cruch the vaunted hosts of
CalifotnIa, etc., ad infinitun.
The mal is reaching a record
volume. Just to pick out several
at random: *
"Never havr I seen a human
being, pr a wounded tiger-'for
that matter, with your stuptn-
dous nerve!".
Here is a glowing excerpt from
'There's only one like -you
thank goodness Those Zlobodiy
and other systems of yours are
pure Sanskritl"

Still another loyal follower
says he wishes I'd expand. Here's
the way he .puts it: "Why don'
you go and try to predict the
average nean rainfall in Abts-
In the listlof games this week
I have only a-few upsets for you,
folks. I am selecting Missssppi
over Maryland, Notre Damei to
defeat Maryland, Notre Dame to
defeat Michigan State and Army
to beat Penn.
Right here in our backyard
there is no question but what
Cristobal High School will aSt
prise Balboa High. The score will
be 13-12. Harrumph.
Now go on with the forecast:
Army 1i, Penn 7
Princeton 21, Yale 14
Syracase 20, Colgate 6
Columbia 26, Navy 14
Notre Dame 20, Mich. St. 14



S.. -

ds. rareuwa I'
zuan e118
cArkansas 7, So. Methodist t
No. Cal., WpL. 't l
,aMAer9f9lao, O%,e Sate
anSo. W ths1
Ca und Left.
McAu em cored nape .1 i
season aing, only 34,
then started 1952 with.a
touchdown run against

a U.... S .
" U ~~E "'' '" "
,. .,1
,' r. n :,': '-'. .]: ""

'L ':; L" "






I .



w ith your
|b l ,ou ,


4' 4


I ~g&' ~ I


4' *

:, 1

' 'I

* 4 n..1 /,, '. t




" V I '_7 % 11 -M 7Z 1:


.-, .. ,* ,, '
-1 ,. ,


.'~ ~-'~ -

a -,, .


... .. .. ,. ....... "..... l'. ".. ,
*f: jJ n l K ^ ll.,. ^ .II1'l



I an4bi A ed b'tlrces Boxing Tourne*

One Champ

A trewly Ii52



Ote. Armed'M ZR

Sirbal. W the inals ....
knock-bua FUN.*elipwon*s Getgrih, twi!

Unde eer t blil e guy. cham-t
Thm am OF iDO R
lenwide S F'DOORS
RaksP- Ishe bots will be on the
In a. a. st6 fii ghters start
etto t mpionshlp.
OW of top interest
ftu 1 QgiqtWem Gonzales
atb 0 a g i of the
t Ma d a d How dto Tell 'Hw.
"y"r yea d
Ahbe h.a n opportunity
mn W AI tB Ib]m wit this year's
m aha t --V ', "+oa fs t hi 'In th e
49 a stn inat division,
eof t the :twi oppose Ca-
c thure so e e, f MOM .Last Fell i ws parked on a
a.-e f.h 'enh i ;,. .nd ,bout'stump If te venndylV Ili
Y te ISM~ lntovn of the OAth a- morpe Ln .o
.Phi S i ; _iith of. A i ok Citron more s .gntP
OUT& notaht vet thib year but bucx my aa
~theftWina bXavl Iof the crowds IFPaIN t
forhe to b thbs a- rw th r. ot
inhB olY Keg~ as been the',e tent show4g r -brae
toppled O a, oN. 1 on.. ro d to appear on n through tho e a eased
.rr ~the f jla rd fthis year and r0.le ai I tht o o- She
.... ..... ....... ... .. .. .._ .tigntened M thu mb o,

T G t ban of the 65th and J-oner of M L e i
Mthe Sd will battle Wt out in the ra
ff aw= a fo aw a
WINO of rr 914 bggg
.s -a 4 ,P fights be led for.thids ,,color. o atan910 bu kI'abil; M
0:th in .A" bres. No

,M lere arethoe wllth.,
t Ot -yr, ot. o_ mya a1
0006"t Ow W my tbs W

ba -e. A

atorious equad slid l na he e
t~oing beeve at besho eas str
Tud,1 ,.-&, 1,n
*~to us"ud )*i'nl-.1K e` di beer tio

Siden te 'ae that aid barrel
Skind a resoon accident
Sthe voybal n sense by
Nacifc Biders drin- bomnth ends of there
Cu Isal asa ount of red-a

side ara l that have rea

into. the ken of
Joe. He may see
pants or Jacket.
of"eaorn bin-

wa know them. Red
.tIm the ndtt cheseo e

Into te who. ekato

St. oe ma S

a de -,

a ntinue to be tgamea

SEditor -

in attach

24 e In National
-Irittea for NBA Ser
BTION: With runners
ecs ana third bases. t
cta r pcks the runner off th
.an4' rundown play follows.
twee third and home. T
cato chases the runner ba
to ad base. Meantime. ,
mrnn. from second comes.
ad. lth runners are atd
be sp. How shoiI '
.exeeud and ,b
t umpire call It?
J* L ct

Ohio State Pick-'n-Draw Must Look

Like Pass Play Till Last Split Second
o -
Aio.her of a series by famous
oas bes diagramed and written
for NEA Service
Ohio State Coach A
a pick-'n-draw play Is more
effective when
the defense an-
ticipates a pass,
particularly on
a long-yardageAL i
Consequently, t s
It has to look to I L

ay identical to one M Osplit ate'

of our more- "ler pass pattra.
pass pattern assign-
ments of thline iDEIn-AL
left end and snap, moves back al
haand ulfbackrd and thea right into the pocket.

coe tase the defensive line in-
m to vicious pass rush, our left center snap, moves back sloe#
and guard and the right into the pocket.
'drop-step into The ball Is held high to a
a conventional pocket pass-pro- thedefensive pam rush.
p, tectlp Stance. The fullback receives the -N
-. center pulls to protect on under up-raised arms,
on the rimeter ately rips through the flrst 1
ohne Tot-back takes one jab step that opens between the taiW
th to ct on the right. It may be any one of thedot
S The quarterback, taking the courses shown in the accom
S-" e -" -- hying diagram.
s !q h Res |lt The best openJng Is unvfl
m n Results through the penetration maade
the any defensive man.


ulrd Atz
a. P.

L.' W9pld have blasted a
"nim nt or a sound- even 1:
gir Mels led been equipped
sh luvar.
Dltrlbuted by NA -Service)

Way Night)
LES--Reuben Smith
ales, outsinted Bob-
, Los Angeles, 1.
ORIO-Lino Botello,
City and Kenny Da-
AnUnlo, drew, 10.

Ow- -


He Is aided In his course i .
a sustaining shoulder block -
plied by the offensive lInemiga
assigned to him. ",
The offensive tackles, Ab
taking their drop-step, releaseMt
the linebackers.
This play, if successful,
the fullback to free-wheel on
safety man behind the block j .
the left end.
. --', j

has clOsed .In eWk, .
mguea the con-
close hat un- BULL'S-ETEI
ure in the peri- SAN J08E, Calif. (NEWA)-Ly1
ilU Bernatein. Apla~alp, San Jose State qua
led games must terback, threw six touchdov
following Mon- passIn one of game for Wils
e High School of Los Angeles.

This, Body Beautiful is
'. *

KBuii for Keeps!

UL ..a. ../.J Fer's new Coachcraft


-i. a ....!


,/,, ,s A -
,, t. .,.! *,dd


are built to stay beautiful...
designed to stay young.
A glance *1 ten you that Ford's new
oachcraft Bodie are longer and lower.
A "I DWr will tell you that this
rord'is hlt for comfort, tool For you
get the aB-azund v ilon of Full-CLrecl
Vs"bliWt... the s nooth. way-free ride
of Autemafl Ride Control... and man*
other cWaetimae-feature like steering
up to i% eager. And remember-every
'2U MWl4 apeclaly designed ad en-
gineered to fit your own local driving

&v tn4 rk

-, 41 %.C".

-%f bp.j a

ki f .



- .S~t C

N ow< A


t er
E .-,',; i +,l ^ ^

- -d -

_ __

. .- -


- --

1, "O -





JOHANNESBURG. South Afrl-! In the historic ruling on the 1 The judge's ruling was handed of so-called separate representa- '
ca, Nov.13 (UPi Premier Dan- iiajor test case, five senior .Iudc- sown at Blomfontein amid na- tion of the Voter's Act. This The mighty veteran of the Korean fighting, the USS lower .4fL i |&j':
lel F. Malan's white supremacy e.s of the appellate division of the tionwide tension between the na- would have removed 70,000 col- early Saturday moving She is of the same lass a the Mispou i
policy suffered a malor legal de- South African supreme court al- Lives and whites. orea voters in Cape Province ery Saturday morning. She is of the ame ^ia.s 0 h
teat today when a Supreme !u blocked Malan's attempt to Since last Saturday, 22 persons from the common electoral rolls
Court rulinEr thwarted his at-|make the Parliament more pow- have been killed in clashes be- with whites and forced them on
tempt to force colored residents | i ful than the nation's court sys- tween the natives and police at a separate list. --- -
to vote separately from the *pm EaLst London and Kimberley. Uncle Sam's mighty 45,000- on board the famed battlewagon ahe 1p tre tof 1'tbsrim
whites. Malan was left with two cholc- Two churches were burned 1 ton battleship USS Iowa t 10 a. in. Saturday Tours of carry. linaal3t tt..Ttlea u I
e : To defy the court and act duwn at East London and natives A OnR LIfl8 (BB-61), which is returningthe Canal Zone and the Re- was a ,200to
unconstitutionally, or to accept staged a mass 24-hour protest INN from intensive combat fighting piibc of Panama have been set formeriyigheS U35
"Let the propl e rule of lawe truth arke whic h aralyzed Port Eliz- n Korea, s scheduled to arrveaham Lincoln.the officers an men of which t
TWENTY-EIGHTH YEA He was expeNAMcted to abide b abNOVEMBER 13,195 FI A VEa NW at Balboa early Saturday mo mous worship Ao n the naval terto
JOHANNESBURG. South Afrl-Inthe ruling and call a general Today's ruling was unqueston- g.called s aeparaa te repre reception fr the ndents
aNov. 13 UPi- Premi election next April or May in a a-ly a temporary blow at the Na.on of the Voter' Act. T The Iowag which has a cvteran as oithe Ko cers fioato be given at whe.-.i:ia 3h da "
Iel F. Malan's white supreme date for his program of racial gregation policies which were uld have removed 70,000 officers and men, will berth atman, on the day of arrival. Spme o th
li suffered a major legal de-Souh African suree court alLivndemned by a United Nations UNITED NATIONS New York, Balboa on arrival and transitThe Iowa la of the same class Cape Provnceth
,eat todauply L when a Supreme gaon.l blocked Malan's attempt t orN the common elector 1 talrolls ng the New Jersey Wisconsin i

Contracts for approximately Bittee vote Tuday. na warned today that the tetm- from the Zone the following day.-and the Missouri. She was com- in ahest -
$300000 worth of Panama beef hBut Ma was expected to porary transfer of war prison- While here, a high-ranking owned t the New York
to vomeet the sepCommissarately Dvfrom the m. con hi fiondon ht despite ths ers to neutral territory may officer of the Caribbean Cor- al Shipyard, where she was e th
ion's requirements for a live- o H-- l- legal setback. mean "only i delay in forced mand will make an official visit built on Feb. 22, 1943. vabt l e-n
month period beginning in Feb- The appellate division today repatriation" by the Commun- fo.r f inius 1?B
rary ll be awarded to three ulawstrikheld the ruling of the cape di- Iss.In Korea, scheduled to arrve or the officers and men of hfls

ocal dealers. it a announced 'ihso ofte Supreme ur C hinese Foreig e n 1borees Dispute Torytt
todaasatthe Supply andder-by c et Mat Balboa early Saturday morn-hfamouseC hrshsidc. Also arn the nrl e01e r

vice Bureau. Court of parliament Act uncons- the General Assembly was the t
Bids for the beef supply were ulititutional first reaction to Idia's plan to end s a reception for the d
opened yesterday in the office letonne pr or May It was the climax of an n- sen all war prisoner to an whih toa's officers to be given at of e
rector, with only three bids June, 151 Malan's ovracial sern- eent of pproxaset them e 000ree U.. Naval Statiatthpconclu-on, Rod- h of
entered ment secured passage in the Na- slon of the war .
daContractste for his program of racial rational icies which were oilers and men-domnll berth ated Parliament day oThe prisoner transfer would --f arrival. SP

100 head. Boh Motto Brothers political cm- Nov. 13 UP,- Natio onalist Chi- the Canal on Sunday: departing the New Jersey, Wisconsin I
and Antonio Anguizola are pre- ittee vote Tuesday. na warned transportat the tem- from ion and th eony heefollowing dy.and te. Sh ,s r i. e com- A11r
e000 worthsupply anamabeef to the to rt of war prison Whle here, a high- irank tg. etloned t the New York
(omueisfighetedrhiosGete us e pth onn he isand oino t '

to meet the Co missar Div is e a to neutral territory may officer of the Caribbean Ciam- val Shipyard, where she was i a
beeflwaseabouteone-halfcto E suesso TanplnotyedF mroveme hi At
ion's requirements for aive- legal senformn ill make an offca visit ilt on eb. 22 1943. .

tTh T bu e Ut Natioun ls e ln- cau se t he India n.E havehl re n lrlearu Mana Co Ueed
month period beginning in Feb- The appellate division today repatriation" by the Commun- r i r a

t local dealers., it was n edvea Asemlys supreme Court Chinese Foreign u- nistuhine ern
e o ing today at the Supply and Serwhich dTeclared Malan's H e sa heor de C. Yea tTe aaes declaration in z ine te i oha n

Te0a tio Gener ss tOGnealAsdse n ionst ea'r teae
S f P relram n Sta tse Fuarters cons to n pro- received ot the 1952 regal. In a similar attac

viceB ureau .insb unaccep condng ea.? ny -tone Apparently mis-' same d r ).
Bids for the beef suplwere bl titutional, m d formal selty t w ton ioa plan the -oloo. omi-
openedthe yesterdaSecurith c il was un- The old faml quarters to be he r require that
of the Supply and Service Di- tbnselyem cosina man a tIsland off central Korea and a u-..

able to aree on a candidate deolshed were moved to their reward be carried in I -
rectory n to succres e atn theend resent sites freom Canal con-lu l l times, except

s itst long antenna, a al efre te mntu-o- n frhis regular five-year term. sttuction towns soon after the Menheawhleed or the purpose X
S The West will counter with s Canal was opened in 195. Mot of p picatons or re- WASHINTO N, N -

Ssecrcandidates s knowing full well of the houses were buit about meo a (USI-Preident T
Contracts will be awarded as m rtionaglt-domwnated t d imeo t a prisonerhtransfer would eJ o i- e ta ..
o s of Rt be under the control of a neu- OD ONr, uo r hP 15 Tw on roe ware d:

sa Oe by one names will be ell moval "of the houses wil be re- te L ne are nowar as Assistant Betetary of.
edeehead: Anrtonento.anTeeib-frlyn uN.hecblmiuiorercor twoOmutiple gaNre elNthe(e UMae

head: ands that in thle end Russia wil Bn lboa. The Indian propos achedale i 't b Officaretin ers o e intheit re In tu Federal .ov
100 head. Both abstain from voting on th e re calls or the removal o'll wishing to go horre would a inent. Mle la rettminU. to

Russi a tTh is reasoning s based o The successful contrater will eemn iU ee late.s steadfast dotio to ttr
mKiEs belief that the Kremlin a- te p required to reatse ar a truo et ny orlctiort- o f Intger-Amp en .

Saain ne CHLOROHYLLIN might lead the retention of b Thecontract not e- to.14 brought to

E." B D a the Norwegian In offre, as hap-aunr he toe remoitdad decnredthey.he W, _ar_ _LOW ment have r_,t_
STh ended for three years in 1950. er seimeilar ntti 7:47 p. m. tryw foreign a. a
thesenSecurfite counTcEit asI uONS, N -y Thedon ItisoldifamedyIquartstbO i a rquir thatEdilbati .

et edin enow-feed your dog Ken-L-Ration, the dog -
able tagreeondy aintidte d enin w oli--1ed wr -oe t the or rno rde c arried iraeducon"

w .beto asu t ed a t thW ndose-ea nd s fo cl ae they-The to all ties, exoeptt
Twe p estr willrcounter with -L-.tanlae in 15. Mot o utnd'hi "apc ti ore A o c v -
fo.a a k g welniveoea t leoat he hhouse wer buui.hte p | lani wlta t (SI Ilre2ien tk.,yi.._
Russi wk tl kn.c msoth |0- ,e 1 7i
Tr down. natineoetfi GenEsecral ear- dw||i IIteofca1II3sn| urIiV"0f.

t ot hlageeenddte ,ibltpro- a i te offieTheol onr the
Tbe best aoft c amanat b expect hed atndalc tof toeh est bi 111. iial .neU vand t e at ade ]a zt-r,
tre ein h ro utin. that in the endcRssiaws h ba T chedul e duA-b m umlO eir to servie amn the FdrtI ."'.
a....-bstn frow ting on ther fhe rema of thehbu s'din lJbn dYSYl-W wl bo e ueminentmioue i n t o
itscommendntennasatio od th e r maaon the wdest sideoftl, ataet o 4 t O 24for p l cenasenprivate life.t."-" .' :.,
feedbhim considers the best bargain itrcan the encde of DecemeparatotoM aaly.hbl rpp1athorgh a TelPre sident :raised ::le-
Aecslangetfrom e Wethinst. onthte e uast siderbs con arutn ipo- i ree v ib appictions95 regi- foI iasiwia anttcd s 4Myau ".
t,"ltish Foreaonminmser b ased ondedre theThsccss otret wurill cths to dmate.' stoo eadfa duropean tfarme "a "t"" ., .

th iets N ord owegi in office, aswhehep e nureath e t bmo ltonip etga eLnt he a av rs cot ed
that I. & Med iter theae.Th whenLie'shterm was en-' fooTiser falyters adndth- be w. '1:.2a. is r eal P rised ty--l-

foodithtt gies h comopleteenouricesh nelie at ion.t'M e; e n tos t estmbid- re ue d l &- 1es ,d ex ep t t' ptm n thI Zuro" 9A
RussiaCop k P eee d Ot90tooffrasS onlsdit.;h -"

onEN L RATIONt moth.OG MF161D

,IDL-. Court HeCOMNOUrs H VN
Ken-L-Ration is the famous dog food packed with .Court He rs Him T Of Vivid Vi
lean red meat... choi ot of U. S. Government NLW YORK, Nov. 13 (UP) A et sedoational 1als of ~s o- a slim blonde "andhe t d
Inspected horse meat. It's the canned dog food that policeman testified today that a tet.y figures who 1 l. ', one." why
ends dog odors-fmt-nowthat Ken-L-Ration con. casual peek over a saxy blonde's figured in a high-pri e-l -t the floor about
end dogo -nhoulder led him to dlseover a r.cket. said, h.,s d
tains chlorophyllin. Aad-*h wi derful part of it al hard of spicy pictures and ita- It was while sr W i dbert
is that Ken-L-Ration brI~ you this tremendous in the apartment of dress na on Chapman on the ite.Th
extra benefit at NO KtRA COST. designer Cell Chapman's former charge. patrolman a ChaCh p was
a n husband. that he discovered i" l
If you've been feedkg j rw dog table scraps, now Patrolman James T. Brown was tvr flight, bags aa st
is the time to change to appegi nutritious Ken. the first witness at the trial of cohtatners craaney
L-Ration. It's the easy, a n way to give your wealthy Samuel Chapman. who~ irt. VU
Is still associated with his famous Among the ifsm*,b o
pet healthy nourihum t B av ehie same time rid wi fe In business. es atiuette n
him of doggy breath and body odins forever. Chapman ha" been hi"
Buy Ken-L-Ratioa with thlarophyllin today. uh as5 OpIgnoW quoted
Start your dog on it .and make him a hoim ealthaierr thu
better companion than evew-l W wayl ers o 48 ways to mk .

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