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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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NEW YORK. Nov. 11 (UP)-I
Sy 1960 the Air Force will tbr.
pending as much money 0on .-
guided missiles as on piloteS
a~inen Secretarv for Air ItO-


liti0"ons *;

I~f 10 ,,

as K. Finletter said today., *
In the current issue of Av- 0 -
tion Week. Finletter noted that
ocurement for guided mis t n AUGUSTA, Ga., Nov. 11 (UP) President-. 1. 7
Sup fro 000. for (ins u t D. Eisenhower is pleased by reports from

e hope to keep accelerate Xae I_1A Yo
the prog m at this rate."W roan divisions a six additional South X :
ecrer "We want it dded to the UN forces Nov. 8.
move forward -as fast as poe .
eAbe.4" OuigM the last week of his bitterly-fougit eec ."
to nletter reported aircraft camipgn Eisenhower repeatedly expressed his Ih*.
Sk 6 procurement noo. ws .sta~i theory that United' States casualties in
rp Wbstantly beow .ad be materially reduced by putting more South
Soff at $so,os,osoo :eW m the front lines.
Smid-1955. e is favorite campaign refrains was to
boa Tides bassador to the United States as sayin
;y, Nov. ~ect: .aus your guds and save your sons."
IL 5:49 am It wu arped in Tokyo that worse tradition than they
............ 603 P A. ', k quar- iln h been good,
-tera Tivate We new beneficial to the 8th
o. i. 0 it. the recent
ofhtao the- mwa arMea for
1'. the l ltrover- t f ct t." .sMt
^ .^:- 4 .,**>' yAV ~ ~ f .0" ^ ^...- /

U of hei
Sik after the
he air by the
losion during

a* AU inCf
B. tell wu
gtruck." V.
'other ee**
tl. 23. a
lb Brurti ^
[ are be
|1 Of DUH
gnt both- aaii
It flash buria

Sit s we r fiSt came over f ded.1 Kuwn iorce .W -
St, aa 4 iunicng the Meanwhile 1500 Oht0 aSp.
U, anilts, said tured Pinpoint Hill
g, 'ntiually to Ridge, storming the a
water or the n, but not immediately. 13th time the Chinese had -
d over crew- It wlbe .evel, npionths be- taken the vital central frotatlit6.
erator ad lockers. ore the n units.are ready for sition since Its capture by SUth
S carge was Amer- combat d Van Fleet said. Koreans Oct. 14.
Joyner. Most of M. addedthat pols for
i." who were not niope So S tlistons are Red artillery fired 4000 rounds
1d" were examined on under c rtion In Washing- into Allied positions during t e
Oe' by two doctors. ton. first two hours of the attack.
.*p the aecldent was re- South Korean troops fell back
by the Jredging Division The newly-activated South Ko- to basic defense positions on out-
boat .Trot, which was rean division are the 12th and lying spdrs of Sniper Ridge after
it nrb. The Trout ra- 15th. Van F'leet did not say fighting savagely to hold waves
U..Q BO a. and trans- whether the:: ak add tional regi- of horn-blowing whistle-tootlf.
the men to Paralso. ments'wouid be formed into di- Chinese.
rdinir to a police report, visions, or would be used to re-
ilIat was about 75 feet place South Ko-ean regiments The South Koreans were dY#.
te dmi4bt when the ex- badly huAt htre.wct fighting. going In again on the tinaess
ItMred. Extensive dam- Van FleIUSW-fthe.United Na- Sniper Ridge leading up to0 ft.
ut 4e to her running tons army iJ Erea is growing noint Hill. They have been aile
t Diviion officials stronger an fi't'.fw in better to hold these positions in t.e
losingg their in- shape than M haS been for a previous 12 Red drives whMh
n'.of the damages done long time. ': have carried the enemy to the
are "The C~aaant armies are In crest of Pinpoint Hill.



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o and H fesn't Know

16e building at- erful lift.. i here have built more than 500 hou-a&-
e will net, apprx- prayed er 1n someone six years. They have twow
0. Other donations told ... the Silent Bruce, 6. and Mike. -a*g-s
are in the bank. Unity, people who third son born May 24. .
use pr ving. Bich
still be around mornl I y for Ed- That's the story of
ise Is sold. The die. Ju people from Skaistis. You can drive by -he
hurrying. If he Isn't every a are ask- housg project any time
doesn't want any- lag 0 a B a break see Eddie going over a biue"~nt
orry for him or makes tter. with his constructionn foreman:
ney on flowers. He If he's not there, then he's pirov.L
honev should be Eddie's.o of strength ably at his desk. a
und to help some- is his w Eddie and thank-you letter to someone
g. Violet ar i.' R,-e is an en- who sent money for the fund.
* gineer and Interior de- That's Eddie-the guyv who is
given him a pow- corating they have a hero and doesn't even know it.

ignored hi
2, kept qo
led to was j
L. Medlein
ualon 'bel
Ih nut th

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kaido"s at To a. O mr ., twe
Aors say giveg hbi .qs S **4. ,lu.
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8.0 1.

The Mail Box is an open forum for readers ot The Panama Am
icon. Letters are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly co
dential manner.
If you contribute a letter don't be impatient if it doesn't appear
next day. Letters ere published m the order received.
Please try to keep the letters limited to one page lnigth.
Identity of letter writers as held in strictest confidence.
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as epin
expressed in letters from readers
Sir. -
Would you plea-e print this in the Mail Box. It was tak
from Reader's Digest., written by Joseph Newton.
"How to enjoy the happiest day of your life."
"We can do anything for one day. So, just for today, let
be unafraid of life, unafraid of death which Is the -shadow
life, unafraid to be happy, to enjoy the beautiful, to beUeve t
"Just for today. let us live one day only, forgetting yesti
day and tomorrow, and notr. trying to solve the whole problem
life at once.
"Lincoln said thai a man is just as happy as he makes
his mind to be. Suppose we make up our mind to be hap
j st for today, to adjust ourselves to what is our family, o
business, our luck. To try to make the world over to suit us
a large order.
I "If we cannot have what we like maybe we can like wh
wo have. So, just for today, let us be agreeable, response
cheerful, charitable: be our best. dress our best, walk soft
praise people for what they do, not criticize them for what th
cannot do, and if we find fault, let us forgive it and forget."
; Mr. Editor, are you surprised to receive such an entry
the Mail Box? I'm just an individual who seep a Idt of gc
left in the world even in the Canal Zone.
A Reader With Eyes.

Rodman, C. Z.
Maybe I can get something answered through-this letter.
Pan Canal had signalmen at the signal tower at the Paci
entrance to the Canal until the officer-in-charge had them d
charged so the Navy could do all of the signaling.
The Navy doesn't have sufficient signalmen in the Car
Zone to take care of the job. So what do they do? They t
Radarmen or any other rate to receive messages.
My question is who would get the Court Martial if a mi
sage was received Incorrectly?
The officer-in-charge or the poor radarman?
There is nothing in the rules and regulations that says
radarman is qualified to receive visual traffic.
Just Curious.

Dear Hawkeye:
I was deeply touched by your pitiful appeal in Thursda
edition of The Panama, American. As a tractor trailer opera
at the Motor Pool, you mention, at a salary of $92 to $96
week, you report for work dressed in a white or flowered sa
shirt, fancy dress slacks, two-toned sport shoes and a pre
straw hat.
Attired in this outfit, the officials have requested you
postpone the domino and other entertaining games played
the shade of the shed until you Inflated the tires and put wa
, In the battery of the tractor that you are b4ing overpaid to

They even stopped your sleeping on the job during di
hours. Very depressing Indeed. And so different from the p
two years.during which time you lived the good life and milli
of doUars worth o, government equipment deteriorated w
great rapidity due to your. high morale and total neglect
maintenance of said equipment.
Terror and dissensiozi caused by the supervisor and
hand-picked disciples that these conditions do exist amo
just a few drivers may be true, but your diagnosis for th
existence is wholly erroneous. The true cause of their terror
the fear and knowledge that the supervisors re going to ins
o4 the accomplishment of the vehicular first echelon prevent
duties outlined by Army technical manuals and In the presei
of: every driver during working hours.
Frankly, if the officials opened their eyes and discover
the very small number of hours you averaged working per d
the thought occurs to me that it would have been prefer
o)t you that their eyes had remained closed. This goes for t
0-2 also.
The nauseating thought comes to mind that the soon-to
new President might be so inconsiderate as to expect us govern
ment emnployes to do eight hours work for eight hours pay.
grim business, indeed.
Flash! Flash! To the few terrified drivers who have I
tleir "morale. in the midst of the Stygian darkness a bea(
light. shines forth. Keep up your courage mates, an Immedis
increase is to go into effect. More pay and less work.
near had it so good.
S... --- Oh. Mv Income Tax.
1 --'. g. Answer to Previous Puzz
Marylond Musings 1-0 oH|, v
1 9Ii=. 1_ IT Ir 19 A MOM

I I ONTAL 54 Tin-lead alloy
'IMaryland's Angry
state flower is VBTICAL
the black- I Individual
e*ed.- performances
""Fatti 2 Muse of
SMu~chill, astronomy
tfParole 3 Devils
a lne" is 4 Dined
M ynd s5 Promontory
6 Repast
!11 Makes 7 Table scrap
Speeches S Names
Continued 9 Claws
StonFu 10 Ersatz butter
N4?fwest (slang)
Gossip 12 Pace
S oTierra del 3 1 Frghten
Fugo Indian suddenly
* Divislon of 18 Dane step
the calyx 21 Fasten
Card game securely
Transgressions (eoll.)
Number (pi.) (il
S4 Vipers 3
2 nEmphasis
ick q
point ad 7
Rtrograde 0 -
Jewish month
89Far off
(comb. form)
40Land parcel
S41 Heavy blow

Kid palm
Elad of psh-

23 bipworm 37 Bloodleusne
25 Occasion 38 Feel
(Scot.) contrition
27 Genus of 39 Playing ca.
'rogs 41 Trial
29 Maryland is 43 Wash lightly
nicknamed 45 Lock of hai
the "- (Scot.)
State" 40 Tiburon
33 Entertain Indian
sumptuously 49 Light brown
34 Click beetle 51 River in
35 Fternity Switzerland

Labor News



00oo By Victor Riesel
Strangely enough, the Elsen-
hower landslide, whith finally
buried the myth of a deliver-
lible labor vote, has provoked a
move inside labor for the crea-
er. tion of a labor party.
nfi- After spending millions of
dollars to revive the DemocraU -
the machine, alter assigning teas
or thousands of their orgni
publicists, writers, ape aer
economists to thousadl of D-
lens mocratic club houses arOa te i
land, the national l]Abo chiet
are ready to tell wnat's. leit of
Democratic leadership:
"if we're going to be thb
ken bankers of the party, you cat
be the bosses."
us That's the. ultimatum. It
of means that the labor chiefs
the and the controversial Amer- \
pans for Democ ftle Actiln
er- (which most definitely rap
of and Braintrasted the Steven-
son campaign far more than
up was ever hnted even at the
)py most tense and bitter mq-.
Dur ments of the campaign) want
is the Democratic Party to, brak
with its conservative Southern
,at bloc and turn itself into a vir-
ve, tual labor party. Or else.
ley Or else-the labor leaders will
organize a series of state pollt-
to Ical leagues. These will either
od nominate their own Iodepen a
dent candidates or attempt to
seize the Democratle nomina-
tions In open primary fights.
That's basic. The labor chief.
whose na es 'today are house-
hold wor d the Petrillos,. the
John Lewiss8-cannot give 'up
fic their drives for political 'Dow.
1s- They well remember that -e- -
wey. in his greetings to the APL
nal convention in September, warn-
use ed that the Republicans could
win without them--and th$4
es- they ought to "keep their nose
clean" politically.
s a They know, of course, that na-
tionLI Republican strategists dis-
patched emissaries to the AFL NEW YORK -
leadership in the hours before own private Sdap oj
Eisenhower rsia to address the few wees and I 2
convention. h6wit's going to c
.I am capable of 3p
y's They know that these In- actors Who wril
tor termedlaries, inledlig Stas- sriat uqaeen au=
per. sen, virtually offe ed to per- The chain of e
art mit the traditionaly conser- mL's liver,. a. his
tty vative AFL leaders to work eventually beegeas
out that speech with the Gen- on strike. Th
to eral If they'd agree' not to en.- an antidote, a
in dorse Steyvepo .. a move., tim' Iated
ter which would make It afpeTr inoe oniC
up- that all .organlma working The ver and I
men wer oppod tohe GO? C h n tO
nominee. The go-betweens M ed me oln tdM
uty were brushed of. The labor which everyone
ast leaders refused even and mamc.os zi J
onm hower's Invitatioa r ak- TO W UNb;
ith fast with him bere t talk. tat
of Instead they Ihused with himna t to-oats.
him afterward so they d i Idiotically
his couldn't be asked to work erfectly good road
ing things out with him--or ad- trests o 0
eir vise him.
ilat Result of all this as the an- Igwt tsq
ive gry dispatch of a letter by na- rk. aI m t
nce tonal Republican chairman se at me. D0
Summerfield to a friend saying pu my foot on th
the Republicans wouldn't woo IMed. -.
red and didn't want the suptiort Of It traSWt so mucJ
ay, the labor leaders.., the the-flog a
ble This letter fell into the hand ment of her own /
the of Democratic labor chiefs and tir i&A hung at de
was photostated and widely dis- the Woomen walled.
-be tribute in an effort to proVe It wasfnt so maun
rn- that the OOP would crush she sprained her a
A unions if the General were elect-" Mthy for the mac
ed. And it infuriated eve. Re- e-do Into co
publican labor chiefs. ecto.of the h
lost They scorned the Repblicans. to use his bta '
con They fought them. Aud tr the. It' not so& "
ate first time in 12 years they all as the fact that
We united behind a Democratic down with the
presidential candidate. So. of vapors which A
course, the union chiefs are fully Of course, e
- aware that they no lonT will when If Rbe
lind the door to the White -
le House unlatched. It has been
1 open to them for 20 years. Wt
I In that time the unions grew
r'om some 3,000,000 members to
S .u,uu0,000. They were bankrupt
.vnen they started. Today In-
aividual union treasulre" a- '
s25,000,000 surprise no one Al THE *ROADWAtf
.his they accomplished because New "
thev had the Presidents of the ,pds
.nlired States behind them In A ( e[o
| every major strike since the

The unions grew flabby and i .
ss obese as well as opulent. Ther ie ,NJ
used political hastea Of in- _.,'-
dutrial power. If they aek-
'd knowledge politial defeat now, The A L ,
they lose their moSt strategic ing 5
y weapon.
SThey will need to fA the in-
dustrialists alone without a *
irsendly political partner Who Su nc
has the power to an ina- S m
strikes at ymia
-and of last winter's t i de to
-that his solution Woul h h l bae g u a to
Soriallng both sidM iOf a begl dr1" 1a j
S artlaly and i tt
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ..h .rmtim* *^M rt frem

We have been
ert-around he
am "t some lI
omi out. All
t" syqappathy
thatr 'withers
ace on the rad
Aent, rarted.
it necessltatep
dteadfl pen


Draw Pebrson Soy: Tr n .- d
t" e'world;t" inr ... '
.uo p,8d-.d n fu.6 peace-pr6oaq ds
replgments. in Kores.
WAO=GTR'NPreja~ezi Truman ihsal
td W he II

todbe e

b a I


'' 1' .re1l.

th h1 L ~ 1 ,+ .. o
nonand Mo.he

or S h -.s- .o ..

Thi, e., I:I' aL Xkl.'ru

O ee .~ine a- ., .,.e

Awe's wh otaT.
V0 o

,'. "" '., the

Nr% Pat9= -GA 14 re qm

)Oap .pera

By 10B RUARK,.

oie t our he collapsed, too, and b ts hla head. This
re for. the past causes some confusalOn in the domestic depart- laW
On tL tell YOUnment.
I knd*. is that You would think that this ite'uMu latlxt 0tof c" caI
for tfb char- Ills would lead a man to booze-and ideadei. net. ..
iaily with a cept the liver will -not t- ,ThtblgOw-e". tm '
I came home. indutrfousobeand full of 8 .re .-
,with the old high purpose .. on ,a cqruit that stave caught fe ani ar ".,
and tothekitgiin.
4tfto pay in me ineasue O I:x
ve .Th1+.IbrUn ^ thewulaneIS

- the andk leais thewaa
thm, rn7mtai o a
as avalfo a -.
Umad on I

ar I
h the Wan W e tam

fa r, ,, ao "u l ".

hs the she-dog'svw01at b
Gout 9

^8 and so no*,t


Book editoranstart cla L9_ntefifim o r editors a
Mt you a 7dyu have to stO
iAMe a d, to tell everybody
catastrophe came to pass.
A touch of sufis ads to the happy
amd the dogs are now waiting aUan
e lady.o the house, who ".
he strain of constant crisis and :
which struck her down in hev .
I do belive that the telt v %M.
link again and that several
*ruitecd It looks like snow at
But what I want to ka
lU this really turn out?
he use of his hand and Uler
:abcraetoing his scrofut"I,1
Sale to eat the mst
'* in aain tomorrow ad
the atom bomb has struck
d always remember,
Drompied are guaranteed.'
She-hnore that threw th f

IMldr mean,
it Virus mats
ep B

> b<

* a


A in o '

i W W.N -...

P, r ,mI
Pm h.Awhibtn


'U O

': : .. t. -
N ,-o,.::- .I- !cU i t...'Cairo Road"
Ib.iF- .',, routine-adventureowll
,i .. ~ ~ or camels.

riOSRK^***''~ ~ i6 &^6"
Swin: as: rJESI
Mi$ld latervbiewu ,

M e. a

i.l i Oergeon a
e~rt play. j

-lL U.s."


;ht In

5 W V"WWP Wie lner up& s'fl. wri O -
S AnI with tu & ttetr
--' ,.. ', '' -._ .-_ ,.- -- L a L

* 'I.

- r.

- This moves labor r Pta t AL d laT
oack to the don bfe W.,u, *(or
- RA, which gave the o0is 16J
right to inspect te la ,.S .~
o- oks. The labor Is
worked with the =5SaStel e e-
Smuch too long to yd
Influence without aSfit. e
That means in the
years they will try to
labor-pollteal m.'MaeGel
own, even if they hav tot "
over the Democratic irty to
do It. 2
l (Copwright 1i63. Poet-I"a1
Syndicate., neJ
Family Lives L ng
ORANGE, Mass. (UP) -
- Holston, whose fther
,andfather were cmnten m
a sI Just celebrated bhis

Cal Who Learmed of the Two-Party system

"gy ; : / "? -- .. -** '* m

I I.

I -

arss. -res i ,tfi
Lm I I ULA" EAA- 1 *

ME311M O 0 kl l y
rim, itsA a
r M O
"Maj Ens agauu


--' 11 u I I I I

-at 02

'.. .

V' WT.T.rF'.F" ,F 7 R *," "._ _*' 2 W
vifi~ t.._ .-._' .: -.-__ ,: ,* w ym .BH C _. ....iiB a________________r Q
.- ,.-..
"N~r !!=. E

o Times-Picayune waa bruaRht q

oe School ActiviStie *me cot Declares South '
a' 'H art..'l teed News New Lour Hte oene
*UnI Iot`.if vertising. space separately fot r .
-- ,.1 E *d wa:s restraint of trade, and
.^iw'mtes cH & Hews J Cn Crow Cars Unconstitutional bsi r'a
0bu fro. the stateNewmmerce, andthehig
i WAIIOTON, Nov. 11 (UP)- at the 'ate but equal fa- state commerce, and the high Item, an afternoon competitor .
*'' ai. B d.^ ao Hart The Court struck down cliMtles" dtrine which holds court agreed.
-.0 WMona." w 7Panama'sa i | b' In tradition yes- thatin Itelf Is not Michigan's Communist con
v. .rBecause o t, wonderful 21 to 0 score over the pend a D and so.....t.m Cw lr to. In an earlier action, the court requires Communists.
re a and go..... mrlti
o Amerioan .Education otl i ue Golden Anchor until the next clash l Which separate Ne- The railroad case, appealed by [iad refused to grant a new hear- muntrt organisatio and
o extol t C Coache aumbo o w passengers are tpe Atlantic Coat Line Railroad, r.g for the Rosenbergs. who munlst fronts to regter with
l l ducain offs to t t ad ll Dawson were the captats resp e theirtea was started b William C. Chance, were convicted In 1951 of espion- state government The sam
ln it would aJ e b.'i '. i extia points were kicked, .(and bea-i to ann handed down with- was started by William c age for taking part in a spy ring vCseon the federallevel ig
l aR men 4 o4, s t ) ti Morr. T best part, f cours h opinion, presuma- Chance, Negro school principal whidh stole U S. atomic ,crets n the iernal s
t improve education We've already thanked ,Alah, now ,we eyW Theyto bs transportation of Parmele. .C.. who was ar- for Russia. w sponsor by n. Pa
it of e communityt% ~ wha oleth damn team and especially Bruce 0 Oeor Bennett,et V n rested for refusing to change Carran (D-Nv.)
t Ibakers. amateurs an e s B"Quarterback Sneak" NikUter for to a. o, Chin, t. a lower court decl- from a white to a Negro coach in Costello. 61, was convicted for
pr es n in the a o a T '. eo Constantine. s1klroad no longer may 194 refusing to answer questions be-
ene,. literature and Uu*. TWen A lot of B118 kida were out there Friday rooting for 'i, rTony Dyer Jim Everett rbi o0e to travel in the Chance sued the railroad for fore the Senate Crime Commit-
'we come to those be tat team at t W game, aB d I think that the speech gave by Mr. nny Favorite, Tom Hu with white passengers. $25,000 damages after the con- tee last year. The court refused
the educational iaattloa'tifer arold Zerten at the Pep Rally bad something to,do with it. H McGau hey, Bob I passengers segrega- doctor put him off the train. His o overturn the sentence which
.lce andon rtan was Pupported rsvvc the Na Las put the tlno gabe
to the community. Cdmmol -r Dick Dimanm, the captain of Junior Colleg's .team gave a talk ce, Ralp Reci practice case. was supported bv the Na-has put the Italan-born gambler m hau rr
., spouse s,'Yest Otur eal J~~a abot aef Golden Anchor, and our own captains t old us how eedi Lease Riehare. Bill Rob- exept, aboard tonal Association for the Ad. n the federal penitentlarv at At- row di p
Conollege O6fferx s, e W Sa ty nt about the-game. e 11a, John Robinson. Bob. 8 t- th "through" trains. vancement of Colored People. lanta. e s en.ada b. abort
women as wJhll niof t r. tace landers, Dick BaasS. oo m le-Wsryua rlng, Cotsello also faces possible loss ,ap- am soi ,Mlt
r age level chan e "- lo* The hitghlht of the Pep ially was ~t npounce- tanleV Smith Charles Thomp- NeO leUes Wlve It will Lower courts held that segre- of his U.S. citizenship and de- uer fron, th a.
,r02nle -mlth, Charles 90ye 1 yearsand MAWy gtlon In travel placed an un- Durtation. ame e, om them -..
thbir edutcatoop."U aelt eat oa the Winners of the AIall of rae 195 e son and Carl Tuttle. take ral yars and many ion in travel placed an an- portatlon. S wh
story? By al e 1. J' i e moan. Here are the VIn's (Very Imp- o fa r11 ~ w Managers who are oing on the court e lerbe "Jim Crow" constitutional burden on inter- The civil action against the s~aw f .
t ? anetr Of Managers who are going an the :.:-
Do you realse thJtr fe ~ nr Class of 195t. (Sonds ood, doest t, e- tD are: Jlamy Doyle and Bob coaebA* pe remeed complete-
Cohee ehasp ayed;te role ottbe- Mnoe?) Grace *h tO Ji *e
UNea iZzL Qrace. ly.
4ng a form Of tfor3natia,0tl '- Congratulations to Nira Reyes and Ray Niceksher, the. most Isaac Peltynovich is going a They Us sevgregation In buses
ter? It is interestfni to obte that athletic couple in BHS. Their runners-up. were Violet "1otty" part of the 1bam for the basket- has cauew even more disturban-
annually hundreds of -q ns Scott and -Dick Lomedico. Donald Tribe -and Nortne Dillman aWest than_ llroad r ues.
are asked by'pep I 0n om- were. elected most intellectual, and next were Judy May a 1d Bil ame against Ke~ Wt t he IeO1 l se creation case.
murnlty. These people niawl odsa r t. Ayco will travel with the AreliCtt agreed to re- S-
called the otffe to get n hawer Sees we think Julie Page and Pat Hutchings are the moat te our o tas o cheer t e an nt sepr- TH m
cr they aotpally vi~ t .Thjunior likely to nucceed.,wlth Jennye Btephens and Jorge Chung very 7ore ol. The are Hlenaes at a ". and white stu-
College apnconfer t DMean 'ci e behind. Joanie Forbes and Chuck Walsh wil make beaul B ing, share l n d tpslp t of Columbia DUTY
or some nmn who ul music together as most talented, and don't forget Mary Alice Mlatt ao Mercedes Pat The ct also: Y ADQUAR .
clan twe~rl r qome Hicand _cl Boyd, who were Eext In line. The rooter? are:GeorgeF0% The coat alo: PROM 'JEWOLRY HBADQUARTEA R
of the qUefionsered; -e---- ooooktror otoonlon the sec-
however.' ch Muo- Most popular are Jacqule Me00o. and Joe "73" Oliver, and e he Ogg. Rr. and Mra. i onod o t l STn E PANAMA
.U st"ict~m; Hughes. X'. _nd Mrs.'.:.-, 1 ] nd 6tao dof ]the| wM Julius T RP A.
late the i atellecto profes- they're closely followed by Nancy Ladd and Jlr Jones. Ta ll, Orvi Mrs. n ~ Mrs. iRoaoero6 invicted atomic S O R
sor and intterioator. dark n' handsome Miles Pace was chosen beat :looking with Ran, 8heila McNamee. Ant spies awris execution in Sing
The Junior O Ue also spon- blonde and beautiful Ann Gorman for his partner, lone Bob Nbboa Mrs Palumbo i Shine Prson
gors athle tifU ons which are Morris and lovely Sonya Montavanie are the runmers-up. Paterson, Mrs. Herbert etersaM 2) Rejected the appeal of New ,
pen to the publ$ Le. football, Ready with samile for all are Ted Norris and Kay Cross, Carl P o, Jack Rand York ambler Frank Costello,'
setbaul, ea. Durdnt the war Flrendlest( and l ee Meyers and Mr Dillon, who are second. Stl att Mr.a Jame~ ter w ho -has tarted ervtn an 18- .
years, the College sponsored pub- Want laugh? Lok at Elk Alan and Bruce True, who month sentence for contempt of
a members of the were chosen wittiest. Faye Tucker and Carl Widell, the runner- The team wpl travel on ConArmsse4 .- examine a civil.
Many e embe of the ps, are guaranteed for some chuckle too. veme ad will ra om N 3) ARe4. "to examine a civil .
f acult plateiin elube of Judy McCy, and Frankle 81ith are congratulated for being vembel S. We kno* that anti-tus jtdgmnt spinst the
the cis n e mention a elected as the best dancers, but don't forget Margie Walsh and -will ,ej11' oy. thelf trip ew rleans Times Pleayune
few theatios: her partner, John Ryan, who were next. For *the most an that y. tr gOlng OUt tol.. ti.... .frli* adver o a
Ca co ,o b Canal around couple. in BUS, meet Charlie Smith and Arline Schmidt, 47.s. ig .Wtfe a toapoerl on a
Zone A at League, Tht i lub, with their runners-up, Joyce Gardner and Bill Dawson. All day "rida., Juniors an i "nt obination rate.? .. .

the Ui. 'hlnd CI n cils," every one of them.5 y t/,m yel- "
aUrisr fle a Wet trey have s the Im And we certa ly ar e proud of iwere in rt s e tutlona t Mician's i
Joun i Ertelen students u tleerds ploeS tou- m ist control law which hIs WW-
act as tell VIE; various Tot-. A3:tet adon, t arnts: Thursday ileg w be Visitors Day on An mpro sed girl's drefmtg lar to the so-called MaCarran in-
Ing booths On hmus d-r the l e t the selpool. B has always been rooma e o eet up in the Jo g te rnal security raw of 1930. Ma-
g the f officers in prod ou to the partss of its students and we themselves In beautiful photfte- A mt o- h re "lasrt
the Civle c11., This year the hope a lo of Moms and Dads do come aqd see Just how blc fashion. It sure did look dd Argments on the Dsrkea t of
Slbato tHll lhe norl ntsact- th eir your 'ans spend their days. to see girls glamorously draped c eard w
volunteers cunttedand ted Other'bg events: This week are two All-Star games. Yes- from the t up and ba w similar easesa In Virglpis. South
dthe votes of th. ronse o ea fswterds the a."A" League All Stars battled the Working Girls, eaI I ne rola n as net
rob4i gllber 5grer the ahrey will crossthe Isthmus to try for those gold Upon eain g the scleo.s ot These CIse r Tled
reset dramas over local on rda .ill begin at 3:30, and both "A" and "B" League will Prof. Maedl's attention was call- ought game for both sides, but
st ation nIt T Rams just couldwt meltpr + ..,, Be. ." .o:
'Re onbe n there _iting. ed to the b &a of his alligator the ust ul t mater
Tde' %1b: fighting spirit ofthe Tigers.

er hhpe- ca es these orr"BS Buldogs Is. gonna' have their work tion and had a hole In it tm were--Roberon's aand ry- N
at'sbilliantou chd o sp r int
Mea ee o t 1amse fine ut out for. t the practice drills this week because of which the alligatormade ant's brilliant touchdown sprints:
*muasi to th genera public and their Friday niht hamplmonhip tussle with the Cristobal Tig- his escape. A group of a the latter going for 0 yards. Al-
." eSe I Illust a adding ...hope to see .just, loads of Bull-- gathered at the scene of th th h they w n the ball game.
t& 6o. Backers there to pe 're as set as they arel lident and some of theboys w an B lost in the o ruD. bylos-i
1_ __ __ __L__r_ into the yar tocat a the irp Ig Les Riwhf wh o again t|n..
,head t. ,t... hi out for the season. exl. VU


zone. Gra.ndma'srunOkFThertday a"Gfirnoon rheosto

se- ele .,nEP Rh plalned Raio Free Eurore and
Ong t .efji.e rLI,_w ex- oe da"the oice, of America and the .

1 en Lvry-lOth every week .fi day -- Sateurd n t Athe Tigers de-
ham, l THE P4NAiMA AMEICAN carries MORE CLAS score o l t It was thed-
CouRiF. reu r a, e
ot afe tt h ttli ADS tl aIahl steer dally papers In PanauoA comlni nit
must hli a aoat ls 0
ourteeei .) pu r. ,,P..s.
Iuring-wevchsweeGffe gt Everytdme1

will have a Dre' A-bor- air 'P
ra0d praPl4aet nght the Titew'lO-be....
Announced tater Cubt
soeo .-.I taaIN MERCHANDISE-
ham ella ICwED 1 O* CI $CAc IS READY STAN
*he a imamt" t he

sDurn SECOND s2t THIRD s
will__ have, aME HAD: -.IN ERHANIS PRMZE



9" Start Collecting Your Tickets Today!
For every $5.00 cash or paMd credit purchase you will receive a
.us. u s numbered ticket. Prize winning tickets will be those in accordance
--- ,S .rMt.. B with the National Lottery Drawing of SUNDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1952
,e .m. | a e s tki k .,i


SLAVE. .' TO S" 6 TI
+.,,, !.:1, v. m ~ ,


-. '
-..., N. -"
















1;7;7~T~ -- 1 ~'


- ~_i -- -- ..

IN HOLLYWOOD The Pacc Seam HaviaplhtCo mp

I HLLYWOOD, iNEA) Ex- Pac was escorted to parties by Royal Mail Lines Ldi
ly Yours: Wipe the fog of lte e in Errols absence.... The.
y horn-rimmed glasses, men- leud t.?tween Fredric March and FAST FREIOHT AND PASSEB IER SERVICES
iaiJyWood designer Jean Louis Adoolphe Menjou during filming
hliarnoe up with a few inches of of The Man On the Tightrope" BETWEEN EUROPE AND WEST COAST
uld wear that a movie queenI ir Germany is the talk of cast OF SOUTH AMRICA
Without getting slapped members back in Hollywood.... -
the censors Trhe manuscript of Lillian Roth's
e Teddcen' a feminine life story. "I'll Cry Tomorrow," TO ECUADOR, PERU AND CHILE
ltonable that raised '.rlitten bv Mike Connolly. is in S.S. "FLAMENCO" ..............................Nov. 15th
AT as blooa pressure back in the hands of a N.Y. publisher.... M.V. "SALAVERRYt" .......s....................Dee. 4th
old da s J.?an has now David Brian and Adrian Booth
, ht it up to date as a short- are scoffing at rumor No. 1394 TO UNITED KINGDOM VIA CARTAGENA, KINGSTON,
lr, strapless, one-piece garment" that they've decided to call it H
ltr ,Jane Wyman to cavort adults on the marriage pact. HAVANA, NASSAU, BERMUDA, CORUNA
tro n as the str of Love movie producer told band- SANTANDER and LA PALLICE
.iory leader r Lester Lanin that since M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,W I ans) ...Nov. 82nd
'Thees ees panties and ze bra;he's been married he wakes up TO UNITED KINGDOM DIRECT
all tgrener and 'ugging ze body."irverv morning with a headache- M.V. TSAMANCO W l. N o .Dth
Jean said. **For so long, we can 1,is wife. S.S. "TALCA" Dec. 1
not show glamorous underwear S..S. TALCA" ...... ...... ...................D e. it
S materially and ze censors U-i has taken "Song of Nor- TO NORTH PACIFIC PORTS
ela not touch themes ,way' off the for-sale list and is M.S. "DURANGO" .............................Nov. 11th
.dusting it off for Ann Blyth and M.V. "DONGEDYK" ............................Nov. 13th
A coi bh.ttle is looming be- .Met tenor Brian Sullivan .. Lu-
4w,een Joan Fontaine and her ex- -ille Ball checks off TV Nov 14 TO UK/CONTINENT
husband Witham Dozirr. over the i' keen her stork dat.. and re- S.S. "LOCH GARTH" ........................Nov. 17th
-dustodv of their dauht.'L .Joan. tuinr, early in mid-March I, M.V. "DALERDYK" .N...........................Nov. Snd
about to ed C(ollier Young. nill:r.ov Lucy" will roll merrily a-I
teek to cancel a lemporarv out- l'n", thanks to reissues and new All Sallings Subject to Change Without Notice.
of-court acfreempnt mad be-.shows already on film. PACIFIC STEAM NAVIGATION CO rtobal TelC 16M/
, -tween Dozier and herself tat:h-- PACIFIC STEAM NAVIGATION CO. Cristobal Tel. 1654/
or a hIm ri hP aLTeawpins of Oscar FORD Co. INC. J PANAMA-Ave. Peru #55. Tel. 3-1257/8
u. '0 TDozier custody rihl .. "The a d pains or Oscar FORDCO. INC. BALBOA-Term. Bldg. Tel. 2-1905
* Eddie Fisher is croonine love '" I'm a Sick'Man") Levant have
songs to Wanda Hendrix Three given him permanent possession
dates-in four da lof Hollywooa's title of "Mr. Hy-
Spochondrlac.' Other day Camer- uown. claims Alan Wilson. after black and white. Not even a
Here's why Fred Astaire is aman George Folsey liddded Os- some of the wolves that frequent chartreusee ashtray.
dtuckini television He told me- c'r on the "Band Wagon" set: the night spot.
"I don't feel I hav' to be in "You know, VIm afraid to say hel- Stanley Kramer is plottInf I
every medium that happens to 10 to you In the mor-neng for fear sequel to "My Six Cnd'V'-
drop out of the sky Besides. TV you'll break ybltiram answering Shades of his famous papa: 1'rom material that Donald WH1
bleeds the actor to death I'm me." John Barrymore. Jr.'s new apart- son didn't include in his'book,.a
shocked at what Is happening tol -- ment will be decorated all in bout a prison psychologist.
some favorites of minor. on tele- Sterling Hayden's co n t r a c t
vislon ." U-I savs that his star billing
in "Vermrnillion O'Toole" must
SOMETHING EXTRA r'oaal Ann Sheridan's in type )
eize ..All that's left to suggest
.Michael Wilding has it written In Margaret Truman's daddy in the
black and white in his MGM con- 'ilm version of "Call Me Madam" f,, I Ph li
trat .that he has the right to I. a shot of a pair of hands play- F IUIT Iiffi p rPIh li p!
pass on all still photos-posed or ing "The Missouri Waltz" .
candid. Even wife Liz Taylor Stars with European accents are/
(doesn't have that privilege. eroaning-Producer Frank Ross Phitp's life b filled with bruises.
_/___ has instructed FDX's casting de- .,
Johnnie Ray is groaning over tartment to cold-shoulder heavyw- ell-worn steps ad rgs he uses
the singling-acting screen test he accented thespians for roles in Relpairs would IS bis home like new-.
.-at-de for Fox. "I didn't like it," "The Robe."
-tBhe Weeper told me. "I guess I'm P. A. Clasu flieds t the right clae
*'too critical of myself." Johnnile Joan Blondell's new hearth'at
.admits to a hankering to star in :s Nickv Darvas of the Darvas
j remakes of some of Henry Fon- .rnd Julia dance team.... A lion[
,.a's old flickers, roamed around loose at Ciro's as
-0 Sr-"-e ochra a publicity ag but it was a let- _______ Cochran I. oininlg Pat "
"Wvmore and Errol Flynn in Ja-
'malca. So a snao of the finger to
'hose who raised eyebrows when SAV E TIME

'. 'I




I ,4wST I. 1 LM 900 %OU ST ta| I 4ANd ~0,@* LU.ME
I A m w fso AS oo! "It .%P. I A"* o O4C%1 W L %M
w wtm %ust.Lum WR. IRUOC+LBS'. %ItS oMLI S00fM LM,
'I t RUWEM GLW Nt. i uee |We oi& 6

NORVg r- .

2. 00 spotless oremns-
Semnslo rotes Indude radle
mmy rooms with Television

at Bothst. NEW YORI
re'ms *|. *11q6 |i og *lasaugmil



SDaly Flights Between

*PANA'MA and- D A"V' '
COPA announces three weekly flights, effective NJlovr.ber 5th, on
MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAY, bst'# hi* cities of:

Panama David Armuelles Changuinola. Bocas del Toro and Col6n

The safest and oldest aviation Company on the Isthmus.

Offices in David. Armuelles. Changuinola. Bocas del Toro

PANAMA: Peri Avenue No. 2S
Tel. Panama 3-O0M'


Just One of Ris Talents

All Depends

I -

COLON: A. A. A. Offlee
el. Colan 1097



- 5 |AL i fSMK


- "i' ~

High Speed

5~ LUPL~UU~~

Everything Cet

* w ti
te beeut~

I Ol nUR W AW,
r *.*. M* IT

4' o+



gAA k

., .

:' *. :, -. ";.A.
'** -b' '* --' .. ; -..
l*B, ^ f '~1* ':.*'- *-*-..:'.y. t -* ... ._ ';*. '




~..w ~





L----- LIDA
*,,6 LI

i '


Lu( 1 UNN



' -" .

.1 Vt


a a

af WD htmS. JUAN E. MAR'fI
tIdwiwnt their marriage In Dll
-- .Martin is .the fQrm
' -- o

gWord hbt .at e ed on
o Ofranert
atub resign

Martin and his bride ar
misc. frUowmnx their marriage
thedral in Dallas.

parents of the couple are
Mrs. Gertiude Ditto, 527 Pros-
pect, and Mr. and Mrs. A. A.
Martin,-Santurce, Puerto Rico.
Henry G. Sanderson presented
music at the wedding. Given in
mM 'a & her brother, Paul
e bride,wore a floor
k- 7", ed with a fitf-
ack ftha Peter Pang
eleevge s. The

SB.. -
wE. registp4

a Cobb and MIS Mare MI-
veth ke .Ad Mrs.
H. Dodd prest d at the
...And Mrs. Martin

61iot they

from the.
a. ed the'
Un dWi a7 no, where
he tbel tS cigma Beta
raiernity. I medical' frater-
nity is Chml.'
-. uadoieaa AmbaWador
The Ambiiatuador of Ecuador
.to Panasma, Mr. 8zito .Duran
Baueen, was host to a group of
Ilrtrwends at a luncheon 5hren
* reantly at Hotl El Panama.-
.. Boat s o


are Mrs. That-
Sbfat Ancon and
. Fleming of Co-

reIato tn
4 ,-

So'g-Awallied Rain
S* iATLANTA, Nov. 11 (UP) .
Scores of forest fires that have
inflicted millions of dollars worth
of damage to southern woodlands
uzaled yesterday as the first
neral rain in weeks drenched
s a, fire and drought-stricken
Five states lifted hunting bans
a that were imposed as a precau-
XN #e pictured at. the reception ton against further blazes. Ten-
ia&Texas, on October 31, Mrs.. nessee, Alabama, M iss ilssippl.
er-Cordelia Ditto. North Carolina and Georgia all
opened their forests to hunters a-
- gRain as the fire hazard was
XA Geodrgia's state forestry direc-
tor. Gayton DeLoach, said "the
S.te Isthnmus of. tie marriage emergency is over" and disband-
y of the GorgAs' Hospital, and ed tire-figtirng crews. An esti-
Ad her position da the Nufting mated 50,000 to 75.000 acres of
ptenmber before her departure timber went up in flames in
Georgia In the past two weeks.
re on a wedding trip to Puerto Many .sections of Mississippi
Oct. 31, at St. Matthew's Ca- got their flt ?atrffall In 60 days
and the weather bureau in Jack-
Panama, was hostess to t he sun said it was enough to end
A mary M tbersofthe drouth and the threat to the
Auxiliary Members of the Pa- state's timberlands.
nama Red Cross at a tea given Firefighters got their first rest
at 4:00 p.m. yesterday ati thesince Oct. 1 and officials estima-
Embas in the Expostion te fires of the past six weeks
Grounds. have consumed $2,500,000 worth
o- timber.
Two Neiow MomI Accepted Weathermen in Tennessee said
By "Stork4 Milan At rnogeneral rains have at least tem-
S. Mr.a arnoMMc -AhGreene ofa urarily eased the danger of
l boq annotee tihe birth of a woods fires in that hard-hit
del bth^ e state, where Army troops, Na-
7 A.gem tlonal: Guardsme n and volunteers
SAr- hv bat ed flames fr weeks.
I- Nft, 'arolina's state wildlife
e i re C lde 8. Patton. ordered
,season reopened at

.WIT safe over.a
aNg, staime .onservation
of A w tow announce ir Earl M. McGowin re-
he birth of a o, Paul F' Ren, opened the hunting season at
the birth of a so Pa F. Ben, noon. He said rainfall totaled as
X .. much as two inches in some
Maternal "ta are carts of the stat. a nd sharply re-
14 and Mrt. of New duced the forest fire threat.
York o I .randar-" .
enta are ul. Mexican Reds L ud
Renrz, uttltelt *onaf Osmboa. L d..

'Sty O O On Soviet HoKlay
9S tudyu MEXICO Cm t MoW11 fuP)
nsoeu e- (ii a' 0ne Mexican Commtunla.
ebslan diplomats
RInge0 01 hsted United States and"1e
SorgStudy Stalin here yestA w-they
OQoup w l the Liorary celebrated the -I5trey
the Je ;Tmirae Board of the Soviet' revO '
enter on f y' at $30 amn. Hundreds at
Suggestion t for Stdy topics Spanish leftists,
will be weledared and discussed. of the Spanish civil .uefl
e r e-out Sunday to hear Rtbian Am-
Regular Meeting Of bassador Alexander Kapushkin
Balboa Woman's Club quote a long series of flitres on
The regular meeting of the USSR production.
Balboa Woman's Club will be Taking a poke lat the UTItte&
bold on Wednedety at 10:00 a. States and its fth et g _fat
WI. at the Jewish Welfare Board the KCorean war' was ,'vW to
Center. Following the meeting Lombardo Toledano: later haa-
a ao-host luncheon will be serv- er and Latin Astevl4's ms(
ed at the Summit Golf Club. voluble adeherent to the Cok-
Those wishPig to lmy bridge munist party line. -;
or canlsta s ted-to bring
their ow4- -----1 .
Board MOasrrIEw Nowl ThrIlliMq 0 w '
The d traters
the B. ta "iidren's COMLme t


.and South won with the king.
SDPeclarer drew two rounds of
trumps, cashed the ace of clubs.
and ruffed his remaining clubs
in dummy. He then laid dowh
S* -. the ace and king of hearts and
O N' R gave up the third round of
JAt OP --- hearts hopefully.

BY OSWALD JACOBY As it happened. West had
Written for NEA Service given uo the aueen of hearts on
the second round of that suit.
so that East won the third
heart with the jack. East then
f ORTH 7 returned a low diamond, and it
SJ 10 7 64 was up to South to guess whether
VIC053 this was led from the king or
4 A 10 from the lack or diamonds.
WEST BAST The guess wasn't n difficult
6 9 3 i 5 2 one. West had obviously thrown
VQ84 VJ102 away the queen of hearts to
SK762 J 8$3 avoid being forced to lead a dia-
410988 4QJ92 Pond; and West would have had
SOUTM (D) ho reason to do so unless he
S 4 TAKQ8 held the king 6f diamonds.
9A Q8
SB Q4 South therefore played a low
*,AK3 diamond, and West had to ph!y
Both sides vul the kind of diamonds to force
Si BOth aides v. out dummy's ace. The rest was,
South West North ast of course, very easy.
3 A Pass 5 PaNg____
6 Pass Pass Pang
Opening lead-46 10

The bidding of twdhe, had
shown today is almost as inter-
esting as the play. North's res-
ponse of three clubs was sL ar-
tificial bid, asking South to
snow a four-card major suit'If
She happened to hold one. t
South obediently showed t#ie
spades. and North extehdd4."a
slam invitation br raising tAo Ave
spades. South probably o lo
have passed, since he could nos t
haVe opened with two no-trump Choose shining hielimne solid siver,
with a hair less than he actually INTERNATIONAL STERLING
held. In other words, he hr
already bid his full strength
and could not afford to accept
any invitations. A
lam, hoping that a kindly Dpro -AI I
evidence would come to his help.
It did, but perhaps largely. beh THE JEWELRY STORE
cause South took the trouble to
help himself. .137 Central Ave. 137
West opened the ten of clubs,

BAT'WINGED BOM R-Britain's Avro 698 resembles a huge
bat as it streaks throe~gh the air high over England. Performance
dtstaltlt tb delta-wlted heavy bomber have not been revealed.
1ts xee tuitoget engines are said to drive the long-'
?.ge&U-soic'rspeeds, and to enable it to fly at ex- I
S'--: trmely high altitudes.
--l.-J I : fc 7. --.-- ---------- -- -- _


apeilalI arrangements

Frot Wed. 12cho.

until Sat. 15th
.of Nov, i


It shom. cmridoo" otf -y
arh aad if tilhey nar tsd -
caUe of ytmr fo(t al p lq, *
pains; shows ilth itonijag.
urarq, aqt only your usact,
.o Ai.d wdt,. lst *'-
roper shape *aao you boa.4 J
wear for alday footse. a j
If rehav Mfe- OOiAm.J
Vasto^. =oha a~lB cW

Culture Thrown In
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (UP).:
Cheater -Radosky singl 4
opera for customers In his
taurant, here. He knows at
=-----w W

qf meat dishes
with ..

Canned Hems
are offered by. ,.

Phone 1000 Colin




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beautiful "Thank-rou" to the companion
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a fine diamond.


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i "'




You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classifieds!

Leave your Ad %ith one of our Agents or our offices in .No. 57 "H" Street Panama
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

L*wis Service
tR. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Salon de Belleza Americano
No. 55 West 12th Street

Carlton Drug Store
10.059 Melkndez Ave.-Phone 255 Coln

Propaganda, S.A.
Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones "H" Street corner Estudlante st.
No. 3 Lotlery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2.2214 and 2-2798

Minimum for 12 words.
3c. each additional word..

t- -,

Automnohipe 0e y ouhave a drinking prbleml Casino Santa Clara. Dance mus.c by
Wit eAkhellles Aenvmoimoe. ea Casino Aces. No reservations ne-
FREE! FREE! FREE! 2031 Ancn C. Z. caossary. Saturday and Sunday.
For AllI
STUDEBAKER OWNERS DR WENDEHAKE. Medical clinic Gramlich Santo Clara beach-
Fr,.m N, 1 .1 thru No~. 2nd. E-.udianle Street No. 140. Be- cottages. Electric ice boxes, Oga
'iur Studebaker w.1 Be Greased and teen K" and "J" street. Phone t mod t rs. Tel eone
C.mpl~eti, i npecLed free of charge 4 Pedro Mi
Vi.i our shop and Display room. FOR SALE gue.
AGENCIAS PAN AMERICANAS, Phillip. Oceanside cottages. Santo
S. A. I MiBceUltaeutn Clara. Box 435. Balboo. Phone
iBelow El Rancho) l *rrt Panama J. 1877, Cristobal 3-1673.
Tel. 2-0825 Box 428 IFOR SALE:-Pair registered Gret P a 3. 1 C l
FOR l. :--- L X cl Hr Done dogs. champion stock for Horses ON BEACH at Santa Clara.
FOR SALE:-1952 Lincoln Hard Top breading. Telephone Balboa 1606. lso in COOL Cerro Campono
CODpr Coupe, like new, only three coat mountains modern conveniences.
months old Will accept trade-in. FOR SALE: Silver RacootA. coat mountains m
oancins old Wala ccept tode-aze 14. Tel. 4-588. House 297 Call SHRAPNEL. Balboa 2820 or
Panama 2-4721 ask for Mr. Hen- Pedro Miguel. Call 5 to 7. p. m. see caretaker here
rquez. or Auto-Row No. 29 for a FOR ALE-Zenith Trans-Ocenic William' Santa Clara Beach cot-
oemonstrOtion. Radio. 31M., 25M, 19M. 16M 2- tages. 2 bedrooms. refrileratiot.
--u n 4-MC 4-8 MC and BC Bands. Rockgas ranges. aelboa 2-3050.
FOR SALE--1950 Hudson Com- 00. Call 2-1906 or Qtrs .
....-_ 3 B5. Cocall 2-190i or Qtrs

rUK'" D'-"' .... V- -. -,- I- modore. 8C luo .oupe. ww. ra- "-" V1P -
set. Double bed springs, o. n $10000 387 -B, Cocol.oupe.
tresses. Dresser matching rrC.r C. new seat covers, $150 00
trchesst, drawesser matching ,ro Call .4473. -FOR SALE:- 0,000 recordss going at
ight stand, bench. B 0 30d DISCOUNT 30 $1 00 a dozen! Grand clearance
Ford. Phone Balboa 3406. On All of new and used records at both
FO :SALE-25 Cycle Bene.x m a'.- Or $40o000.00 in Stock Central Ave. and No. 4 Monteserin
gle ironer. Call 82-5108. TFIE ONLY COMPLETELY EQUIPPED (between Trott The Cleaner and
WAN I To Service Your Car FOR SALE:-3 axles, 1 water pump
| eon AGENCIAS PAN AMERICANAS, complete, new. 2 front springs and
Miscelaneosl 'S. A. other parts for 1929 31 Chevro-
American couple desires 3 or 4 room (Below El Rancho) let, telephone 6-291. House 175-
furn-, hed oportmen, ,n Bella .'a TFel. 2-0825 Box 428 A. Gamboa.
or San Francisco. Call Mrs. Allen FOR SALE Highest bidder. Re- FOR SALE;-48 Ford Sedan. Two
Wkklund Panama. 3.198 po.c.ed 1949 Hudson Convertible single beds, one Quartermaster
,LNTTED h,-:.m. fo' child and 1949 Mercury 6 pass. Coupe, metal dresser. Refrigerator. West-
et dog R3B Tel. 2- Must be 'old. Make an offer inghouse 9 cu ft. All in good con-
4 og Antooc" 15th. & Melendez, Co da..on. 0788-H Williamson Place,
S_ Ion. 2-4133 after 4:30 evening.
W ANTED Onet -edroc'rn ar1o 'tment
i nPanama o r C.m, a,.--u, t^,eFOR SALE -1950 Buick 4 Door R,- (JUND
tired Ancan ..le 4 era. Dnaflow. radio. Price $ .- ,'L I |I&U D
$0.Tel Bb I 67500. 0779-J, Williamson
$50. Tel BalboaPlace. Balboa. Phone 2-1503. LOST:-Large block brief case con-
WANTED: Man to act as Santa training records of Cristobol Lodge
Slaus; 2 hrs daily, must speak FOR SALE: 1950 Pontiac 4 door No. 2, I.O.O.F. Finder return to
( and Call Pan- sedan. Radio. Good tires, $I ,60U.- Margarita Florist, Cristobal. C. Z
dma 2-2688 00 Call 2-4473 No questions ask. Reward $25 00
WANTED _Ame,,:nr. couple reed" FOR SALE 1949 Chevrolet Con- LOST Female Dalmatian dog, dis-
manoll turn. hed oaorlment. Pf'- erible De Luxe, with radio. Ex- appeared Tuesday from Calle Uru-
firred .n belier sect.on. Please clleit cOndir.on. all Balboa 2- iuay No. 18. Medium size, while
call 3-1984. 63 I* w ih permanent black marking.
has green color. Call John Lerom
Position Offttered Help Wonted 3-1114. Panama.__
-TD'- Er, hh and ansh WANTED--Expert cooking, .3 LOST Fort Amador causeway.
W TEP- '- Engih and Spanish 00 to begn. Small famly. Brown camera bog ,ith 2 lenses
11 .,GU-.g rcn, ,,ih c Byd Avenue Nao. Fer and light meter. Call Dale, C. Z.
s o4. eucar.0n for parts de- 87-6185, or 82-5202, reward.
p rtrnt. otf ell known American WANTED. -- EXPERIENCED cook- 8
concern. WrreP F 0. Box- 1C71 cleaner RECENT recomonen- PERSONALS
Pap ma, giving information rela- dotion. Concrete house across Mi. PERSONAL S
.t 1 t t post experience and enclos- Hope R. R. Sotaion. Armando Powell
: pasIrrr size picture _WANTED A competent cook; and
must talk Spanish. Apply house Raimonde Powell
24, 501h Sr. From 3:00 to 6"00 Anyone knowing the wherebouts of
Sredom Crusade m the above names mentioned, please
_' >- contact this address. Mnr. Cmille
continuedd on Page 6. Col. 8) Fr at".., 91 Macon St. *rokelyn,
SPd will lovely Maritza de Nw Y 16. U.S.A._
Ob the Hotel's 1952 Carnival
ti own o foreign over Vanish In Australia Fr. King Named
h e festivities
SWi "h the qu.- en will be PERTH Nov 11 DUpi Au 'Director Of CYO
b eaAtiuli roi'orltas. each repre-it.ho.itip ,sa id er rnLod erthat es Dring thencast w eek r.i

the Latin American coun-
-t Eidentally. seven other
Latin American countries be-
sidqp Panama have officially
enirsed this iear's Crusade
for freedom.
Tkets have been on sale at
hmaq* business offices in Pana-
inaa id Colon and at Clubhous-

group headquarters in the
Eight. ticket, will be avail-
t the door
$1 admission charge for
all entities the holder of
;ket to a chance at the door
a beautiful 400-day clock.
ec.?ds from the ball will go
he Freeiom Fund
elo Jaspe's Orchestra will
rte with the 776th Air
:Band to sunplv music for
OR at the ball.
cr highlights of the month-
'reedom program ar.':
lrdav Nov. 16--12:30 Cru-
or Freedom Day at Juan
p Race Track. Committee:
* eStrevelt (VFWl Waldo
(ALc Alberto de Obarrlo,
A. Martin.
'ember 25 3 p.m Atlantic
presentation at the Caribe
ier in Colon. Committee:
Julleta Emillani. Walter
feutt. and the Little Thea-
rember 29 9 a.m. Pacific
parade. Committee-. Myron
Harry Westervelt. Waldo
Brack Hattler. Scollay


ruW KI.i I
Two and five room furnished and
unfurnished apartments; private en-
closed gardens. 8061. 10th Street.
New Cristobal Telephone Colon
FOR RENT:-In Bella Vista a two
bed-room furnished apartmqt
with refrigerator and stove. Q1
mornings at 2-2395, afternoon,

FOR RENT:-Daily, weekly, monthly,
large hall formerly for dances,
meeting, banquet, etc. Club Ala-
mo, Ancon Avenue y Calle B. Ap-
ply on Tel. 2-0485.

Real Estuate
FOR SALE: Two bedroom beach
cottage with electric and water
supply. 3.409 mis. Write Mr.
Sievenson. Box 344 Curundu, C.
Z or phone 2138.

Unremorseful Youth

Shot Both Parents

As They Slept
MIAMI, Nov. 11 -(UPl-Fuz.
y-cheeked Claus Eischen calm-
ly agreed today to return to
New Jersey where "I took the
gun, loaded It and shot my mo-
ther and father" as they lay
sleeping In their beds.

The 16-year-old boy, showing
little If any remorse, re-told
his story as he was turned over
ito Kearny, N, J., detectives for
...~ ....-I--a t". h-1 U-A LUnii neen ae

strong box believed to contain Konen. C.M.. superior of the first degree murder charges In
illmost $30,000 in gold bars dis- American Vincentlan Fathers the death last month of Mr and
appeared trom the check room on the Isthmus. announced the Mrs. Hans Eischen
o01 Kalgoorlle's railway station, appointment of pr. King. C. M.. "I would like to have a hear
The box was one of three con- his assistant. as youth director ing in New Jersey" he told U.
taming a total oi 2.57o ounces of the mission. ICommlsoner RogerDavis ashe
of goia bulhion on the way to As youth director, the ap- waived extradition.
Peiil. Kalgoorie is about 37a pointed will be coordinator of
miles east of Perth. activities between the various Davis set a $10000 bond on
spiritual directors of the par- the federal charge of fleeing to
The gold had beey brouRht ishes, and will also direct and avoid prosecution, but this
to Kalgoorile oy railav irrom supervise the activities of the considered a legal technlality
an ouAy11nK gold l elu. ,It %as governing board which s con- since he was turned over to New
iput i tne athlon cne iuoom Lo prltbd of a representative body Jersey officers to be tried on
Iwait shipment to Peim. of the leadership group from the state charge of murde
The loss was alscovered only the' different rnarlhes. "I'm sorry I killed my moth-
90 minutes altersthe ooxea were Fr. King is very much inter- er," he told reporters, "but I'm
pur in a room hen railway eWtd in young people and pro- 'ot too much sorry for my fa-
iworkers went to nan' over the mines to gie all possible atn-ter."
gola to a special bank escort. tion and support to the aim of
developing an energetic Catholic He sat rubbing his h.a nd ,.

IG e Ings and prinilpes ot its faith "All Iknmow isthat I had
Bearing Likeness byv Its relgiotus. culture social nightmare I woke up and tk
and recreational vi es, the gun and loaded It and shot
Of Queen Approved The a-Organ- them, my moth f shot
lzatlon we cpnm ge announce I shot
meant of Its new Sptuldirec-,think my father made a noise
HIGH WYOMBE. Enig.. Nov. 11 tor. before I shot him. I shot only
(UP -Queen Elizabeth II said _fore I shot hot
todiv that she lkes. verv much.
the first stamps bearing her e said he returned to hi
likeness, which Mxill go on sale -.. He ar d he returned to ho
next month. UNIT1 IrA ."FAMER-iICA room. dressed and went down-
Snext moth.ST stairs, adding: "It's all blank
Tfeque sPth trapo. theNITED TTtWI h-1-

The queen saw thI l tamps.
still classified -"secret." as they
were rolling off the dresses at a
rate of 2.500.000 an hour.
"I like them very much,"' she

Egypt Ups Wages

D~ember 7 2 D.m 1alboa .
Imrn softball doubleheader To 50 Cents Daily
jtven the Panama Police and
"Police Panama Bor-n Cuts Hours To 8
vs. the C Z. Firemen. No
igi Ion charge to the general CAIRO. Egypt. Nov. 11 iUP,
bl Committee: Major George -The government today ordered
eo n. Lt. Col. S. Flores. Corn- wages of Egypt's peasants and
can r Raul Arango, Capt. A. agricultural workers doubled to
FTiup. a maximum of 50 cents a dav
December 8-8 a.m. Crusade It also reduced their working
or Freedom Family Day. All day to eight hours from the for-
ht ?s and faiths will observe mer stretch of sunrise to sun-
his~ y with prayer and services, set.
W d~ ual organizations in the
Zone and Panama are re-
i te hold special functions for Freedom Concert at Balboa
Ma ay stressin the presence stadium. Professor Alfredo St.
t t family uroup. Malo and Professor Walter My-
ber 15 8 ay.m. Crusade era are in complete charge of this
function. No admission charge to
the general Dublic. Presentation
of the winners of the Student Es-
tB SALE:-Bargain. 1948 say contest both in Panama and
r, 4 door., rfet mea- the Canal Zone will be made.
-, 5 new tire., i fMfer Thfa program will close the 1933
Srave ra, am Cr nade for Freedom campaign
ble primp Mthmus.
I iegeJ.G ii auvin Is abann
.1 *J *:-'. ^ -- American Division
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ C = Irmo w^'^^Ji^SS~^

Divisiep of BIea
I Zula Lee Smith.

Casu No. N
Civil Docket 18
To the above-fmod doelrinmdl
You ar. en brto Wet
and answer he c h .
above-entitled ae*tdioM in m_
after the datea o iM ,
In case of y@or fal-to
and answer, Juaot wig -,
aainat yu by oiuk It .
demanded in the eemmt. _*
WITNESS the Jiau Is. Gardii V.
Crewe, Judge. uAl eS etae ale0m iet
C.urt for the DieT seI Ido CMW
Zone, thil Octlber ,. 1 Lt
C. T. Me ,uml .
By Leis E. Heirri .m
To HaroldM Eulm Smithl
The flareon p ammeaai -ae -Mrm
you by puMlatma r mmut e -lw
of the Homerable lothdiL L. IF. mN J
United Stae Daleltrt
District of t Caa .
tabor 22, 1M an em -_
In thi ta te a in the eiem
of ld United Selma Be
tke Divsion of ade~a, eMiEq t
111g 'l
C. T.S

w. tnex nn CeigtL hours... iVD
don't remember driving off." irect
Asked about two hunters who 'mpag
were found slain near Tuxedo the N
Park, N.Y., Elschen replied: 6, P
"I don't know what happened wit
during that period I was blacked A to
out." A th
He said he "came to" about
2 p.m. that day, turned around were
and drove home. He said he is.
went back in the bedroom and oI
: t some money out of his mo- cin
other's wallet. o: Ch
"I 'lept In our house that ra tan
,dht... and left the next day." tal a
A roeMemn patrolman
spotted haonen'a car here fat- 444
rdaX. e had come to a Zi ne
Get. 2 byw ay of Newark, l in
iub Pa.. New Orleans, ntM
otton, Tn. ., and Jacksonville, Sant
T..he l aiy-looking young., .tws.
t ak'M-d meekly, mak.
W"Xn -t for the ro e, tiI

W t rek-iies o f, e


RATS are
Hal & Mouse Killer
(contains WAR-FARIN)
270 Central Ave. Tel. 3-0140

5 ,rr oL OW.BOOM
n7 Aute Row
TeL 3-4.M.

Trunsportes sxte,. S. A.
shipping, moving. storage.
We pack and orate or move
anything. 'Phone 2-2451,
2-2662, PanamA.
.I I I ~

(Palmer Graduat-)
8 13 and U a p.m.
*saturday: I 1 noon.
55 Peri Avewe TeL .11328
II block from Lux rhbetrel



*Tele.heaT ,41163
Avenlda Naeloal 43

Negro Legislator

Woul atr Baker

'I Sho. Said i1

NEW YQRK, Nov. 11 (UP) -
Rep. Adadi Clayton Powell Jr.,
.4D-N.Y.) said today that Jose-
hne BDak, Negro night club
enterine, l.hlld be barred
from rW- igtUq2 this country if
she act F e statements at-
SThe'Neigb member, of Con-
gress said. that hee and his wife,
Hazel Seott oted pianist, had
long be., _flMIy with the sing-

He said they have trled re-
peated t the accur-
acy of' orts in ue-
no A quoting baher
as say mD, iRomen and
child like ani-
a" States. -
mo.4 attempted
and ateo with
an f that if he
Sleanu M.DremarKs, he

ban h re" entering he


last -i
;I I Au

S S "SWEET" IDEA ALL WOT- etor 4nveni
ed-e o help promoters of Nationsa Hone Wek -ettr" t
coated with three gallons of honey. left. leaAior Sught shid
tethers at her. but found the idea was .".alle at right, when

who is a
nkest By a
te tickled to'
i tried tp wauh

Your Community Station


Wherm 190.000 People Mud

Today, Tuesday. Nov. 11
3:14--The Little Show
8:30-Music for Tuesday
4:00-Sunny Days
4:15-South-of the Border
4.30-What's Your Fdvorite
5:35-What's Your Favorite
6:30--Hwaiw Calla
6:45-LoWell Thomas
7:15--Musical Interlude
7:45-Jam S eIon
8;0u-Perry Com" Show (VOAl
8:15-Fred Waring and his
PennsylvanIeas .
8:30-F1rnkIlme ats .Ntw -
, ,:45-U. (kant nta .
9-00----RhytIln Rangers
9:30--Piano Playhouse (VOA)
10:00-Dance Music
10: 15-Musical Interlude
10:30-Variety Bancdbox (BEQ)
11:00-The Owl's Nast ,
Midnight--ign Off

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 12S
6:00-Sign On
6:00-Alarm Clock Club
7:30-Morning Salon
8:16-Morning Varieties
8:30-Musical Reveille
9: 15-Come And Get It
9:30-As I See It
10:05-Off the Record
11:056--Oft the Record Contd)
11:30-Meet the Batd
12:05-Luncheon Music
12:30-Popular Music
1:15-Personality Paradt,
,14:45-Excursios In SOiene
2.00-Three Quarte Time
2:15-It's Time tO DtMe.'
2:30-Afternoon' lodlI
2:45-Notes en Jai m
3:00-All Star Concert Hall
3:15--The Lttlelhow
3'30-Mustic.. s,.
4:00-Mude *W W=rda
4:1--Bep t.Plr4e -...
4;30-What's oXifi"-f sw
5:15-ENWs AMn -
(ARmUela NOe ,
5:30-News .
eF r '

"*. 7.:W-W
Nis RE
by 7:45--p
Lre 8:00-"
S 8:45-U.1
Lv- O.'
Pt 10 -'Ti
b :11*


..- w


WHITE HOUSE9EWLCT This la the cottage at 1 2ta'Gta..e
where Presl.nt-lon ct Dwight lMRenhower ,d hs family .are
spending theft odt-electAik ctlon.. The 'e Prpuidet i
dividing h1i twae betweeT fl and flahipg in lake naued
M 4".

- .

AFTER CRUBU$[- Pre0sld
W'ivl chat with Rev. Mauey ]i
Presbyterlan Church in: A

I -



~1ilt ~


FOR SALE:-Three piece Ration I,-
niture, table and chair. Qlri.
2138-B, Tel. 2138, Curur.du
FOR SALE:-Mirror with frame 32
x 42 inches, mahogany tcble 24
x 24 inches, electric aloar clocs
25 cycle. Prices reasonable 0208-
Herrick Road, Ancon. Phor.e -

FT SALE:-Bendix Laundroma, .
ycle, used six months, pertect
condition. Call Mr. Van Dam Cr.-.
fobol 3-1218 during office h,.urS
FOR SALE:-3 Pc. Livingoo'n, ci
iningroom set, playpen,. bobv
rib, stroller, youths bed P,ar .o
Phone 916, Colon.
TF'OD iAI F.-7 piece maple bEdrim

.. ...... .. ...,.

I r

,.-% *;..r .,,,- "








'a.... a ,sw -



r-"' "' _' "* I O tY 'FRANCE

To fla lean five O
it-ven e 2 4 17,740,1 114,710000 10,720,000
tOe The o' Ladoi es s A are y of nlyle o
.VAR ,Fleet Reserve Assoolation
iPtlMte have a Thanksgiving Din np.
ldane at the C. P.O. 01b, Sat.-

MrB.-100, S 1^ M---- -- : t LoiLLION ,
S. fruit cake Brwill be givenTOS1O7710 43.00000 715.00.000o

Si a o etn m ay be obtained from Mrs. EUROPEAN PRODUCTI SWEEPs a r
Sar Of et Lovelace, C above shows the relative loons o it a

dar eaM. Or ducers of steel, coal and ellrianity. Alt rea i

M^ss ] ^j4 e *hornibf erVide.'i region roaring again. 1s tabBding full-tilt towards European su-

phaage The ric- lat Tuesday n W tter C-

"Te w be gM pro- atn iia T Have *, fornl has ee elbedn the
wrth esetoe d .lrS.hed oonaph will be health for the past two years. Electronic rersS tn
0l1Brings H-Beb Plant To Ha

, Mr. B -'eturninWk .to. Isthms All members requested to
' Theo 5 er manager qf the attend and bring a covered d, the late Oscar Brownell, --- O
u..nwelOnfa, oM' dh emplofed'by the Isthmian AUGUSTA, Go., Nov. 11 (U ) turned back at the picket line
BasswnchrEarlyt*he above shows the relative pelting ofope s major pro-

S..a vber 13 eil ard In Noember 1905. of ducers of steel, ectronics worallanit jobss" the A tC aild.
t sitto tovreturn d ',Y plane lce was with the Building DI- off a chain-reaction wal at A represeat e or the In-
to in.bpane wito say- trd ':'1SIed Feather Sa b~ ake, ,or a lt with r foreman Durin theast five plant today and cut opeIn leclrial Workers (EFL) a sd,

sse n 'r D municipal Engineering Dnlvi- The rst major labor dispute |
Tnopacyina these bsicn product siftprevt production rates areth
bein to -I" FncUCarolina across the river inrom steel production.

to l1a t : ohe newsident of Mrs. Brownell's here 'adevrloped as Preldet- N AT O NA
Vhalton 'I lat was received n aWhi letter C Dwih E-senhower t-
hMre will bd Jna lef oy HWanke, whose husband is a re- the Augusta National Golf lub.
m a Wilb htn, fo eTo tired Chmnal u on. She police Captad been in. The workers are member
at, ow It d Rph wi the Ameran Federationbeeth for the past two years.'

For the at week hei has :eena 9 Technical E gineers SAFt.) hk ,
eJackE. Rivenbak the gpestion lmerting of the Women's Mrs. Brownell bad lived in the

loi..ev Cptain and At Balboo Theater pronnel u report for day annOunces
.Church, toOne showing o' Howarod Abetts.9anabpeotTonHa
of u f"The Death Drums" ia bookedoure cpoanaolllo trof thomanks,mmeos-ttof.B
eI' hrbnmajr t attend and bring a er in J anuary 1931. Her hus-
Dutch.-eOfficeMr. M. Jw dish. endW he l ate Osa .. Brownell, -

m n5G in chienin,-h',-" re rtal oth waeierlle" Elntred'" B rmA L
racsowlf iaire'to r- pr esntoed b nhe i st min AUGUSTAeI asy a. ve turned back at the pickt line
oar Wm5e o 105.e ub tofue Divs- d !bee eompon ded.
bW iuay, r ovember12. MMlsar -wwthte ui fa e nw A CtotreI

It InW wih th.?,s inten onto-return
_t a plane withi sea- rSer'iSSt Fether v as carpenter and carpen- the Savannah River ;- P-Vternatlonal BrotherhoSd of E-

n ae or t in.last five planbout today and per cnt of the total
e Mrs.kASA sthechrenherWillMcs. ..V.vearo f his service e ni was also .r ne abut t sits adEC
Will be.t- javelin b btheDutchTate aI Marg .her eplo yedInothLocks. Marine b a LO
'm Balboa Theater has chose to first major labor dispute

o flsponsor this b aas th. very irsat the sprawling plantions irrth

stage play given i the new 'air- A-o ThLeA" F0tioul STh
n of the local college theater olina across the rive
rheusba is a te ar e- he taaisnona l
Wi lfomher daughter, Mrs. Car Mller ElectriP. o Co., a sub-con-
ne, Sunday ght, for Key tired Cna Zone, Police Captain. The wractorkers of th are memberDuPont C of, which
Ws atuihsfayat the Amtrioan Federation-

Catnatm, dore oerAEs sid the NLRB M
For th put week he ba bwill be no reserved seaeen Technic allygineers (AL.) onthe pet
the on house guest of Clow" aen and walkeon nd ou"nt without notice, of- le
Mrs. W. 8 Acheson MarAi- o th r finals of the Atomic Energy

arriving on the Isthmus, Satbe given, at 10 m. on Friday this morning what called the --'
C sid bout 90 per cent of the other
One showing ofpHowardsets.

CZReed's melodramatic Pay thriller, About 39, pers fu ons In alti
a for' the Balboa Treater on Fi- usoe of ic o tanks, Tlow-
e, na ight at 10 d. m. rThe lers and chimneys woher ate
evle9n. e tr tehea 'tIbe 3aw13 for the world's'
Pr eote S oi n wdtureridr een bolib'ny hkve allrerRa-
B oloo aihicf her rClbtioume v dy' been compounded.

..!n 410 lloa wiAh h l inDrpa- onr.cnofthe'aN
Jo t. Ctnloe P T R OJunior u9Tpr .fteotal
ag tht y under work on the day shifts, tes AEC

f te -tuh br etobal rHigh So... n saidtgh, so mhiVt a 12500 may NE T E N Y
sihatdbeen'affected- halk- TO 10

-" r e rrBalboa Theater has chose r to -seot O-r 7t ameot we
,,n, t "T'"t pvery fistatstandstill" said us Roin-
osae play given 1 Zthe newIair- the ABC's7 P : 1a T
c"nw ditioned theater. The reputa-" donl..tedya e
Vton of the local college theater The Strk2n omAngInotl* wIlOn
inhtue fieldof dramaCrcently kt.d1X
ersesm eaet"to Lt o
ell aknown.t u and rnes- t adter, bor Relatier Board toorderen
It public can look forward bargaining el kewqtI anong R
Tickets to "The Death Drums" tractor of the DuPont Co.. which

'one "late show tion and "neither Miller Electric

picket line action."

In Techaleolorl

RAlmeKel Cts
"w^^F~ ~ ~ ^^ "f f -

h6weve, ti his union would
respect the picket lines. The
IBEW has about 2,700 members
on the project.
Severatl'hours later, it a opear-
ed that only the 6,000-lodd non-
union office and clerical work-
ers had reported for the day
At the present stage of opera-
tions, most of the work at the

plant la construction. 4 .
Many additional plant units
miles of railroad connect theM
various installations. '
Ab9ut 50 per cent"'f workers C U d A ioIl. |
due to report reached plant i
gates before they new about the
pickets, oand a smontrous traf- ..m H
fic jam developed when they .
turned back.
The streets of Aiken, S. C, a
popular winter resort, and Al-
gusta, home of thousands of the
Savannah River workers, were CICERO WANTS OUT-Ed Allen, of Cicero, DIl., looks over u,,.
clogged for hours., agged-up sign that may soon be replaced with a new name fero-
the town. Cicero voters who would like to wipe out the na ,.':
____________ symbolic of gunmen, bootleggers and gamblers will get their chbaao"m
at the November election. They will vote on a petition to caWi|
Fght the name made notorious by Al Capone and his friends and._t .e.

RHEUMATISM 0 0. 000 0
While You Slop U
If you suffer esharea tabbA ing ,i t I
Joints are sween It alabow O o A t aT IM A C CEia i c i
ma be poisoned through F k Christmas Is coming-
onaer Other ptoln m Arrangeof now to buy him
Strong. Clou dyU -rn0 et7- a JUVENIA Automatic! ^
Nlihtas" Backaches.,Lumbago ~l,e a JUVENIA Automatic .
Pains. Nervousneu. Disslness, hega.
aches, Colds. Puffy Ankles, Cirele un.
der Eyes, Lack of Energy. Appetite.
etc. Cystex fights these troubMyle yUSE *'
helping the Kidneys In a ways: L Helps O A AWA AN
elman out poisonous acids. 2. Combats OUR LAY-AWAY. FLAN
germs In the urinary system. 3. Soothes
and calms Irritated tissues. Get Cystes
from any druggitL Spe how quickly f
puts you on the road to enjoyLnW Iif ,

VYm I I A are sold exclusively
L repeat gala ANTI-MAGNETIC
N 17 JEWELSelto b C1tv
nance of

O l
r. 12 at 8:30 p.m.

!om 10 a.m. tQ.7 p.m. at
eatre Box office.

d balcony $ 3.00'


M of the FIRST 2 RACES!
ER8 of the THIRD RACE!

an Furniture Store, French
Store, Viw;. Angelini, Dun-
r" Soap Ca., Coro Jewelry,
to Corp., etc.)




---.,jX gI-L ATRE -
Also: The story of an amazing woman

1 6 Cl
i:1 3
Pages I


: !I 10.:., :W00 p.m.
( Laugh-Loaded
J 78ST SELLER! Two Great Pictures!
Yvonne de Carlo, in

Csar Romero, in

' i______ '-

7.-0 & 9:15 p.m. DRIVE- IN
Evelyn KEYES Dennis O'KEEFE, in

T ,-saSAtl e.,.
On Trasuisthmian BEad, behll ,#tey O.ilos" School
.. : -. st. i




with Penn:
and Est


Peter Lawford Maureen O*Hara
Also A Fine Comedy
with Jeanne (rain

S 100.00 at 6 and 9 p.m.
I DOLLAR George Murphy, in
y Edwards STRANGER"
eta Edvsdin- and -
eltsa in Errol Flynn, in
A ROSE" ".KIM OF na i


a n d "
. .aw".-,


. -p

---r-- -- ----- --- --r. I' ~-'~-~ -_ ..- -----

~a~i-l --------- -R~~m-~IL~-I^~"~"-"~-


1 "1 i"

.y r.

i i

.Mw_ p IF

'5 .' ._.




- i .i n n n ... .... ... .







N.'0-- I_ .
-""r "

Directors Facing Obstacles

In Matching Jan. 1 Foes

Officials of the major bowl games are scratching their heads
today. looking for teams to match on New Year's Day.
Conference rules against post-season games--and the round
of upsets last Saturday-are causing the most trouble.
The Sugar Bowl already has Georgia Tech as its host team,
but even the Mid-Winter Sports Association-which sponsors the
New Orleans classic-is having a touch time picking an oppo-
"We just don't know what we UCLA and Southern California
are going to do now." says one both unbeaten in conference
Sugar Bowl spokesman. "The play are the top choices for
situation is tough all over. But the host at Pasadena. Washing-
we still hope to come up with a ton, with one loss in the league,
match in keening with Sugar rites ,n outside chance.
Bowl tradition." The Big 10 race shows Purdue
The president of the associa- on the inside track to Pasadena,
tion Irwin Poche says a but the Boilermakers have to
meeting will be held later this face Michigan Saturday.
week to tke up the problem in! The game is the key to the
more detail. Big 10 picture. If Purdue wins,
The Sugar Bowl group would the Boilermakers are odds-on to
like to have Maryland or Okla- go to the Rose Bowl because
homa meet the Engineers. But they finish the season against
in both cases, the leagues in seventh place Indiana. But a
which those teams play have Michigan victory would leave it
banned post-season games. Ma- wide open for Pur'tue, Michigan,
ryland still is under suspension Wisconsin and .itlnesota.
for playing a bowl game last The pros art matching the
January and school officials say colleges when it comes to neck
they will not ask for a change and neck races.
in the rule this year. At Okla- Both sections of the National
homa. there has been no official League are in two-way ties. In
comment either way. the American division, Cleveland
-Terinessee, with only one loss and New York are setting the
this season, also is considered pace with five wins and two los-
good bowl material. But a Ten- ses. In the National Conference,
nessee-Georgia Tech Sugar Bowl it's San Francisco and Detroit
attraction would match two out front with the same marks.
southeastern Conference schools The New York Giants are res-
and Sugar Bowl officials want to ponsible for the National Con-
avoid that' if possible. It's the ference tie. Coach Steve Owen's
same story with once-beaten ros upsetSan Francisco23-14
Alabama. Villpnova was in the punsy au d *tian. players are
running untV last Saturday talking about a tItle
night when Tilsa took the shine The Giants turned In the up-
off the Villanova chances with set by stopptngthe pro league's
a 42-6 upset. highset scoring team and high
Tennessee also is mentioned in scoring rookie Htigh McElhenny.
connection with the Cotton Bowl "We didn't line itp any special
at Dallas. Right now, Texas looks defenses for McElhenny," says
like the hos' team from the Owen, "but we did play our line-
S o u t h w e t Conference. The backers in close to protect the
Lon.horns lead the league and inside and outside tackle plays."
,need onhl a win over Texas Owen says his "A" formation
Christian this weekend to nail a variation of the single wing
down the Cotton Bowl berth. turned the trick.
The Saturday upsets dropped Losing Coach Buck Shaw says
tanoher possible Cotton Bowl an injury to Hardy Brown hurt
candidate by the wayside when the 49-ers.
Syracuse up-ended Penn State. "The loss 9f Brown really hurt
The Nittany Lions had been us," says Shaw, "but our run-
mentioned for a trip to Dallas ning backs just didn't click. It
before they lost to Syracuse. wasn't any ohe player's fault.
SRosA Bowl officials don't They all have to help each other,
have' to worry about getting but they couldn't get started.,
twq teams fr' their attractions ---- N
ibuit they're waiting to see END OF LINE
who it will be.
The classic at Pasadena, Cal- STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (NEA)
'.Iforria pits <'ie Pacific Coast For the first time in seven
Conference winner against the years, Penn State track is with-
BIg 10' champion and both out an Ashenfelter, Horace, Don
races are close. _and Bill having graduated.

BOTTOM'S UP-.The Yomiuri Giants tossed their winning pitcher,
Fujimote, in the air .after he four-hit the Nankai Hawks in the
Japanese edition of the World Series. (NEA)





-4 ESTABLISIfID 1 35 6

C'j 14

Dkave rojandCr

first time in .34 years City Col-
.lege of New York has a new
basketball ooach. Dave Polan-
sky, above, replaces Nat Hol-
man, outingg Europe on sab-
batieal I we, (NEA)


The new. pistol team that
World Champ M/Sgt.Huelet 'Joe'
Benner is developibg over at the
33rd Infantry invaded the Bal-
boa Gun Club Sunday and
soundly shellacked the Balboa
Gun Club .45 team. The Rodman
Marines added insult to injury
by joining ii the festivities,
having Balboa safely in third
place in a three.. teoam match.
Benner's Boys, 1135; Marines,
1079; Balboa, 1069! It was a sad
story mates! :. I
When Benner fired 291 out of
300 to take first place individual,
it -surprised -no one, but his
teamriate 'and' pupil, Manchest-
er, pushed him pretty close with
a red hot, 289. Majpr Miller's 2T4
was high for the- Marings, while
Captain "Smilin' Jack" Kennedy
270 to lead. Balboa.

The scores:
33rd Infantry
Team Total
Team Total



Team Total

Ken Millard, luminary of-the
Millard Family Gun Club, got
sti Igy wblti bIs fours in the DCM
Quallicatlo, Match with the
big rifle Sunrday at Far Fan, and
put together a neat 190 out of
195 to take the first place award.
And due to the small entry list,
that's the only award there was.
Many of the usual competitors
were embroiled in a pistol match
down thq other side of the
range, and .didn't show up on
the hill.'
Hank Ross'and Sturdy Todd.
two men, in a rut, without a
doubt. .Mred their usual 189 and
188 for secondA and third place,
with Freddlp Wells also concoct-
ing a 188 ti-tle.. Todd The scores
for this one-weE,'as follows:
Competiton Slow Raid Total
K. Millard 6134 190
H. Ross 5 134 189
S. Todd 55 133, 188
F. Wells 54 134 188
B Jaffray .55 132 18
M. Millard 53 133 '186
J. Bailey 57 1-8 185
J. Kennedy 52 "132 1I
W. Lucas 51 11 '12
P. Anderson 92. 130 11
R. Masoo 52 127 199
E. Foster 51 122 It
B. Millard 47 114


Down eoougrh
and choke eS I
Sreathe or alei
by from Brona
b7ing MindiM
mclentilc AUin
throah the blo
iunm anS brm
Mseiac. work
war. L. ielpI
move thick ti
mot- free
Ie. Get MUnZ

Moante Is Striking Example Of i


i23 Club

Still Hold

Clean Slates
(By United Press

Most of the nation's perfect-
record teams had clear sailing
over a, football weekend inarked
by several major upsets.
Only five.clubs with unbeaten
and untled. records lost for the
first time, leaving 23 others.
The select circle among major
schools shows only five teams -
Michigan State, Maryland, G.ebr-
gia Tech, UCLA and Southern
Peru State of- Nebraska leads
all teams with nine stralgh
Wins. Peru has closed its officials
season, but will play a post-sea-
son game today against Augus-
tana, South 'Dakota,. at N6rth
Platte, Nebraska.
Georgie Tech and UCLA.~Lead
the list of tears with eight'wins.
Others in that group are'Ibrth-
east Oklahoma State and .Ten-
nessee Tech.
Three other major powers -
Michigan State, Maryland and
Southern Cal- have seren in
a row. Others-with seven include
Shippensburg Teachers of Penn-
sylvania an. Northern State of
South Dakota; botoh ol which
have finished their season.
Seven other schools have seven
in a row. iTey include east Tex-
as State, Miami of Ohio, Iowa
Wesleyan, Idaho State, Rochest-
er, Beloit, and .Clarion'Teachers
of' Pennsylvania.r
Those with six a row are
Franklin. andMarshall, .Virginia
State, 'Lenoi-Rhyne,. St. Nor-
btot's of Wisconsin, alrdiouit
State of West Virginia, and the
We s t Chester, Pennsylvania,
Teachers. Fairmount State and
St. Norbert's have finished the

Pacific Softball
Loop Meets. Again
Tomorrow Night
'Another meeting of officials
and managers of the Pacific
Sotball League will be held to-
morrow at 7:30 p.m. at the
Knights of Columbus Hall on
Balboa Road.

It is urged that each prospec-
tive team be represented at this
meeting. In the event a manager
cannot attend; a representative
of the team.should be deslgnat-
ed to attend with full authofhty
to vote for his team.
There remain many problems
for solution, some concerning
financial status of Individual
The first game of the 1952-53
serise will be played on Decem-
ber 29, 1952.
Anyone interested in accepting
Bob Coffey's old job of official
umpire is also urged to be pre-
The last two meetings have
been conducted without the pre-
sence of a representative of the
Elks or Police teams. His hoped
this situation will be remedied at
the meeting tomorrow, Wednes-
day evening.

SRiding HigR


Playing Baseball

| .'
wonder boy Mickey Mantle, re-
jected by the Army for the
third time, sitb at a,desk at
Baxter Spring, Kans., and
plugs away at his off-season,
job with a construction conm.
pany. (NEA)

Drinking At

Grid Contests

Upsets Big 10

The closeness of the Big 10C
race has prompted league 'com-
missioner Tug Wilson to look for
ways to stop what he calls "ten-
ions and incidents" on and off
the field.
"I am still receiving reports on
Saturday's games," says Wieson.
"This has been a remarkable
season of upsets and consequent

"I- plan to 'cmzaWnicat wi,'i
conference coaches, athletic o,-
rectors and officials this week
so 'each will do -his part... Ell-
mintate incidents both on and
off.the field."
Ohio State officials already
are working on plans .to control
Athletic director Richard Lar-
kins says he is particularly con-
cerned about drinking at games.
After last week's Ohib State
loss to Pitt, a free-for-all 'broke
out with considerable damage to
the stadium.

'"Mainmnee crews found
m6O: empty lquor bottles' after
the- PItt gme than during all
thp othf lour home games this
season,"- ayg Larkins. "We have
al&yB baWea-ptroud of the con-
dut at,o a.r football games and
we. cannot nd will not- per-
Init another Rtaan holiday such
as develop Saturday."
Larkins ays -- "We didn't
M" U* g40 posts being torn
d i... 't permit heavy
qI rowdiness.
.....of thing that
"sports 'a black
ey,... When thous-
ad.. t .men are ain the
,iy -2while college
tIeutu )t'h deferred."

'C '* _
'"^ "? ^p....^"'^ I
10 I

I NthI.g Ilk a brlk bridle.40 a
my Ading fans, to mak yw
I* better. And-nothia
peor Iaip feel fltter, haik
isnmda' brisk mMaage
Vituols and you M dt
A~.~ m 10 ami
*1 ; R.or,

NBA SUrts Editor
NEW YORK, Nov. 11 (WEA) -
Oateomyelitls in the left ankle
kept Mickey Mantle out of titl
Army for two years.
When the remarkable young
Yankee. was examined for the
fourth time, the medics found
dislocated semi-lunar cartlages,
or loose bodies, of the i$:ht knee.
Of all- the ftV Made about
Manitle being classes, I-F, you'd
suspect there was something en-
tirely new in connection with a
hospital case playing baseball
wel. They've been doing that
since the .days of Cap Anson and
Dummy Hoy.
Starting with Babe Ruth's bel-
ly aches, you could confine your-
self to the New York Americans
and write a book about men who
have helped win championships
in clusters while sorely handi-
Bill Dickey frequently had to
dress Lou Gehrig, so badly did
1ii auofer from lumbago or onV
ting r another during his re-
a 130 consecutive games. The
fatl Arerial sclerosis was creep-
ig up on the immortal Iron
Korse. throughout his last com-
plete Vason.
Ulcerous colitis brought Red
Rolfe's playing career to a close.
The introduction to the world
champions of Joe DIMagglo and
Mantle are strangely parallel in
more than ability. DIMag came
uo with a trick knee, developed
ulcers, spurs on his keels, cal.
cifications in his shoulders and
a bad arm. A trainer fried the
Clipper's foot under a- sun lamp.
He was in condition to start no
more than four of his 11 cam-
paigns with the Bombers.

Tommy Henrich fractured his
toe In 1049, alid was out for no
more than four daya because Old
Reliable cut-t hole in his shoe
and painted the exposed part
of hisock black, so It wouldn't
stick out like' pn advertisement.

Fears with an irrpgfb1 k
that wound up In a rubber
The removal of a frayed disk to
his spine put Charley Keller Pa
a corset.
Phil IElsuto' has stitch marsi
the length of his right
remindftl that the horiatop.
extraordinary run came danger
ously close to never, getting un,
der way. There was talk Of amf
mutation when the leg becau*
badly infected during Little
Scooter's first year In the Iun
ors. He was a,. malaria vlethi
during World War II, last season
turned up with ulcers.
Vic Rascht's knee was operate
ed on in the Fall of 1951. Sput
Chandler was pulled up shorti-
enough bone chips In his _y
to start a craps game. Alle
nolds left his in and won 3A6
Red Ruffing lost his right-.toW
in a mine accident, which, for'
tunately for himself 'and tb
Yankees. confined his bamseb
playing to pitching.
Gene WoodBng finished. the
past season and playeAd In the
World Series despite a groin in-
A war wound left.Lou rIl01
with only the shreds of hirit
thigh, held together y bTrae.
Charlevy elbet came '- *,as
an infielder ialthough0 u rlr
injured In g htilNtIfi atmt
Gene Beardenri .ptem, f4O(hk
Fewster played 6
plates in t -r hibdsL 7ia11-
ly limped ..Was." S M ,
to a compafl cW O
kle, broken s-d58
perly set et te
baseman tfat les

thah hii *


I -

4 ~

nft of

.. 4p j
t1:K fint-^.



f 'V". -,. *': .
11 ."..


...i .:... : r,.

e .':'"W -V ..-7'7 ,7 ..



*A, -'.


in \
-'. Jr

ul2 v


.;~. A)
- -.

. -"


,,4 .m0. ffve

* ..-.

* .
* 'I
"A ~

.!'.dI.. m:4

'- i- ip ayFobtball Gam4



uite Saul Str
pear fore Iffa Re
Bea fef. A~iQ
Kentt -had adds
"Y5u hav beti
lege and your pUbli
in public sports, am
Previously Bea
(Cit in the. Americi

pr i ,M
"'j "' -

. '-. -, .' 1
Vtit ned two rby
,m, All-AetaistS tm,.te
Stia a Uowa mo *- a y
ayed honor, y 0our gaes
forfeilted yotnrlght to
aI bad aged to. Wit
al B4et League now
Paved, rotesb
at voat lb fh*1Oatim...


lupp Wpe in

4h y wte-R a

S6- '


List First

wemn r pat rst be in era-
T k local T it

o".% %-ued by ,e 4is.ane USAR-'
S8eage lU c dae I, 4
,rky Day i e as Fort Clay- e

is.will be the first inter- i
e*ne s "service"ADorat
0 3 WK years in

leafd ayte, hat d the USAR-n
tuueh foot-f
w d nade to start laN e Al C dbm oU lbtes no little to Southern Califo is o marchI
S P butali, the waordat e e Bdtow center, nd Purdue could well be the Trojans' B.

60 eager 'ootbWl candidates an-
S .... dls- t L ofbatek'd 'srU-away'runes r 1NA).
art nfansn tackle pll MleC

l be boing lo Lt. Jo-al y units Amateur n did better than mot won

will be assisted, by Lt. Harold AthitlCs of' the AmericaU:*- coat.
urn a oer AU s niversy of laual R gh foion for ea Girl thleteth,
l pe oine orch Pvt. Frank- The latteris a derthlete oof bhaermful to th health of a

k W7h professional experience, ton.G
ds at "dThe AAU demands equal rghtsr
o prepbackingare aor the stPoint. for Hein thetehae to lk like those Rssia
enge odin beract sessns nightly, Harold Athe four years a, but most rov eyes
S for er v rsity of clation for Heal d thI, t
h ItJes y wth ae rte at, atandtns adi shat -tahRere p n rcr
Mle lhts, and Sor atu l aftern representter ad epartaen aof hs recall a Bikini.healthof
... Sehipan from 0hiladelphia, a the National Education oa- maiden. Stella Walsh is goinL

to apn- aey are with four year sterity on eens thoffices n 95 like blazes at 41.
, an off-duty hoursnal. experience. ton. uren
days at The AAU dema nds equal rhts Girl athletes don't necessarily the

To prepare for the big Thank The U I loet e have to look a ke those Rusan
ur ie hg Day gametur, n mtch distaff dertent thbeais e a tters as wide victory and atheyare
e ngage holding practice sessions nightly, for ate four years tne, but most roving eyes re-
t Jersey lights, Lte y afternoons. red spresenter, hurler baM pewomenis Negro lolyeekin i.
11ia Con- 'T!eare worko$nt strictly on eventsutho ea1956Ol -"
IP; -fl Tet In e le e nd retain all ha tremr e e the girl ttheiyl -

to Inolrpratt tackle football in char. soferas o unltlu {or corn- W mi t h-ky
Gridiron entiaprograst of The women's ghyro cal d pettoe are concerned, lat Ienk
M Robbethop .foragreturnama Aret, teachers are members ofthe there in oreign c hands.
S withthe 5th at obbe.and- tonhatl Sectn en n- world record.
S ditinal.iai. s n thtakeno- e most U. &c champions IP

180 traoufisk Ltl,'i view o the rawknd fa-se flelntr
WOB WAhL5G general public. He .clo th6t, 30 yweas ago
i Tuct. Ala., ., (nA) Bud EXCEL IN SWIMMING Vshr ar,. a liwomen's and Florida
an'd fareg-AthleIaa o, Of-uot his State College or Women had PAN AM ni AMt
hala on the. bal lb once l u e- or a discus orthat only n lw women's track teams This AMhA IdaIL

l. a11 M-6 iyAit touBhdown run swimmtaing hal the U. S. mane paid off as late as 192. when
Sof an intrcepte. p fasm aged to excel mn women's events Amiercan iria dominated 'their ".
S---- numbers in the Olympic Games.
Ferris recollects that the first
h tonal. Secontonl team to represent country abroad i 12d, r-o was
composed etthrely of roleane and

a over the ym l ta tea u 18o 1 91 he the

trthe Diablo asi'on 141ll 1ie 233 2 He points to the tael and
W013=1aWAITIG general pub a He that'.,3 Soear

Al, Heights l bowg CypEt 205 220 171 Ver AuCalornia and Finland
d&t a RUbh ,ot ohis Stlte College for Women had A AA I

Sonce in The result inning that only n fire women'p 14 181 187 Is trabv he Sthckt nd
ofm n interp pae aged tn Zebock 170 209 1.womens events AmerHuntirl who woned their-

M he T Classic r Rowl k.-- Tota' 86 9W.5, 944 nkerakoen, the Dutch dtather .
M uu hed C yEass l B eow i u h6 jeaouq ked Tot-l- 876 br hurdles Mrs. Fanny -
out individual In Nash-Willy wor the Ol Oaknes. --
Snd 180 fo a fne r te Marab 15 186 244 lectsthatthefirst
tror Nash team to the t Salon 159 222 208 5ne eoal Mr to represent --
composed entirely of college and

i over the second iteR 18tes8 181 181 1ufgeIthe amv a o
did 105. BUill b d er 215 235 180 0 elaI didnAu t al p an invand,
hbe knocked okut a aE 186 225 193 604 i ,tthe prom. w ownt a ~1
Led by with IEarl 1911 three, is a looker, andh "
out individuals a of Nash-Willys world marks the 100. 200
5jer and 180 for a Itn6ro Marabella 165 18wt244h5aM9J0 hur bdlesaand e high

orathe eve. Nn 15Bears 222208tedam in 1ralso
th game,.hore= aoa 236 205 212 a of the Illinois Wo-
prahedid 1055. Bill 15 231 1680 iens Aletic Club. who opped
be knocked ries seout by 234 193 -' toI t h ame ow was "pro
previous week.' o 1 184 167

On athJa1eztt ale s' p
team, a ently e tow t,.1tis 953 1055 910 39M w k d th 936a
; gameetnsg, k'. -n19911 146a.
t Flyers h iS!beu-n11 14. B
and pinfall 1fi 17 170
g m les, the a a. ...s 19n 202 202 f ,;,l s

a le wi"the ItThe Fair aye
Swere unable to .n m ows
Andrevio os 10nthly meeting o -1ll
CA wot Slid 'P Wanen's Golf A ,
with ST0 and take place at the te new
nhe stand Club on Nov. IL

Team W L apeeches
team, appa Be Sure the.
S9Seymour Agences IS t od gigate'
tAAFlyers 13 not fr the te
,"r lech an j uThere is no whisky like
Mthan White Horn. It
'a-o1 992 or

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Navy Runs an Eisenhauer, T ';

Republican Sponsor, NoD
' 'i-0-
NEW YORK, Nov. 11 (EA)- Navy. Then a rib injury bench's
Stephen Swartz Elsenhauer is a ed Elsenhauer," ;elated the
sturdy and swift and resource- Irish coach. "'As sooDt
ftal operative who hits on-com-, realized he was out oc th4 aM=e,.
hag ball-carriers with the im- we changed strategy wobyg
act of r runaway vruck corn- using the inside stuff 4 _Be
Sout of blind alley been ineffective with- hla Is
In the Cornell game this Fall, there."
the Navy guard covered the. No doubt about it, it loot Mk'
field like a tarpaulin, blocking another round for the
a punt, recovering two fumbles hauers--any way you spell it.
and intercepting a pass. He
mpade so many crias, crunchy YALE'S OLTVAR BAISING ,:..
tackles that the sound waves HIS OWN TACKLE :.,
could be picked up in the next They rae 'e k
county. They rae 'em king t
S te ve Elsenhauer's name the Jordan Olivar fam ly.'w
boomed out over the public ad- is perhaps why the Yale
dreas system so often spectators clan won't have to look far a
suspected the announcements mammoth tackle in a coup t.
were being sponsored by the years if he stays in the -
.epumbllceans. ness.
Ol. lwr's 13-year-old sen' -
This is developing into a great ry, is six-three, weights W.
Bapaligning year of the Eisen- "Moreover." beams the s
bowers. First Gen. Ike. now mentor, "the boy's rmvri$ay
Midshipman Steve same pro- well coordinated. He
Cn elation, different spelling, in tennis, golfs in the hbl
th All-America time just is a good softball pitcher
around the corner, those trusted plays basketball.
With Navy's silver lining de- "Football? They won't aw
apartment are getting In their him to play because he's
votes early, young." .
"Don't overlook Steve Elsen- And too frail. perhaps.
hauer," they remind you. and
give a hlf-dozen ood reasons ice Guy W h
why the five-11. 200-pound lne- Nice Guy W isln t ,
man deserves serious considera- On Trout Strm.
tion. On Trout Streem,4
STOT STEVAE OLEM Take it from Ed Zern, f
BTOUT STE.VE LEFT finitely is not for the
Jim Tatum, Maryland's dean tured. even-tempereda i49
of mayhem, has so much respect pv-Ro-lucky guy.
fpr the hard-hitting Middle he "There's no one more
latalled an I-Like-Ike play. de- selfish, bitter, surly,
signed especially for Elsenhauer. sneaky and cantankerous ,
It called for the center and both the Rood flsherman,"'deolar
gards to triple-team stout veteran angler. Show
nuSu friendly, neighborly flaher -
hast the Sailors," he mut- and he'll show you a compte I
te "I knock him down and washout on the trout streoai.t e
he gets up. I knock him down real test of a good angler, I- S
and he gets up again. Then all Zern. Is if.he's equally unbM y
three of us knock him down and during the off-season.
4O gets up and makes the tackle. Zern tells of being co~larMtt
h guy's not human." a fishing companion. "'Do-
Cornell's Lefty James says know that a fishing liolM4
Elsenhauer is one of the slick- $35 in New Zealand?" the fMAd
eat defensive players he has ever screamed.
seen. Ditto George Munger of "I didn't know you were 3NOW
Pennsylvania. Frank Leahy puts to New Zealand," Zern said.
It another way. "I'm not," the friend
"Notre Dame's attack bogged 'but just suppose I did?.Do'
down early in the Koing against think I'm made of money? '"

Played With Varsity Before Froshi
0 .. '-..
WEST POINT. N. Y. Nov. 11 game last year due to
(NEA) The Pittsburgh fresh- that he was eligible under
men were not a little amazed to tsules, which permitted fre
find an old friend in the Army participation.
Plebe lineup when the squads "In December, Cadet O ik
met here,, failed one of his course ad
Howard -Glock, It seems, had turned back. At any o b
been a member of West Point's he would be eligible fl 'aty
varsity in the 1951 Navy game. competition again thirds Fal. At
Queried. a spokesman for the the Military Academy y6,mt
Mllitaiy AcAdemy explain d: repeat the entire year of ade-
'(iookia member of the plebe mics, however, if you a found
.Nas.,He yed" i a the Navy deficient in any subject.'


y are White Horse"

SScotch Whisky and no finer Scotch
isdistilled amidst the highlands of
.&A *" &A.&A ^vor uh

Its utUve =co=and; ged, untu=ue anad watched over wii
unacang csae by who have the inherited instinct of
genematias to guide them. At the club, at home, wherever
you my be, you show wisdom by ordering Scotch whisky
... and ptrov your ekped mmc by asking for White Horse
by GM '

WHITE HORSE Scotch Whisky

A. phwm tmsmHA -r- a joy to sam
.. *' .




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'Leer' Assault
.. ..U Jan. Engagment
n _IL N EWPP At 'El Panama!"'

Lase Lomes up

For Third Time' flu


Rudy VaUee, one-time top
Crooner and brhathbsli 1adef
has signed a lmiteit a ..ike-'.
ment to appear in. the Bela.
Vista salon of El Pajama aot
beginning Jan. 16., It, "as ant
nousced today.
Vallee, who has l
mnvJ lnIUC ham UMJ&C --L .

YANCEYVILLE. N.C., Nov. 11 "Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincolnk. 1ts been regarded." s- I a
(UP)- A superior court judge flight supper club art sped
refused yesterday to quash an v 1"
indictment against Negro share-I TWENTY-EIGH1H YEAR. PANAMA. R. P., TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1952 MVg CNT lzig notalgic sophisticated comedy
cropper Mark I n g r a m on a He Is scheduled to arrive I
charge that might send t h e Panama Jan. 14 with his wife
as wi i Truman To Seek Ike's Advice0 An r sted
Ingram. 45, is charged with
assault with intent to om-olicy Issues Copse h
mit rape in a case that at-
tracted attention because the
state admits the defendant o e gn. o cy ses As Cos Slash
had no actual physical con-
tact with the alleged victim. I a S A '
As hCountycourtroom open-In WASHINGTON. Nov 11 (UP--'US policy may be modified or "It was fought out on other and for constitutional legisla-
ed, fournattorneys retained for President Truman will seek Pres- changed. things where they had no parti- tion lt
ed,am our attornes reNational Asso- ident-elect Dwight D. Eisenhow- Next to Korea, the problem eilar advantage over the Depao- Maybank's appraisal followed I U I U
ration for the Advancement of her's advice on foreign oollcv dur- causing most concern in the cratic nominee, he said. the forecast of Sen. Harry F.
Colored People beganc a series Lu the next two months, but will State Department is the threat He explained that he meant Byrd (D-Va) that the Southern ---
of legal maneuvers aimed at not ask him to share the re- of a Communist coup In Iran. "communism, corruption and Democrats in Congress would NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov. 11 (UP)
carrying the case all the way| oonsibility for any decisions, ac- Also high on the list is the In- unity and other things that were support sound measures" through Police in the neighboring vast
to the U. S. Supreme Court if cording to administration ofGi- dochinese war. subjects of talk." the 83rd Congress and loin in a Tanganylka colony launched
necessary. ,upals here today. Officials said that in both Just about all of the seven coalition with the Republicans. their kickoff campaign against
In addition to rapid-fire mo- these cases the idea Is not to political leaders agreed that "I think Byrd is right," May- the secret Mau Mau terrorist so-
tions, defense attorneys plan-' The officials said Mr. Tru- get recommendations for im- the Republican victory was the bank said. c5 today, arresting 120 suse-
ned to submit a total disclaim- man would ask for Eisenhow- mediate action, but to get Eis- result of "time for a change" Asked whether he thought Els- ao ,adherents.
er of Communist activity on er' suggestions on how to han- enhower and his advisers sentiment, and the Korean war, erhower would name a Southern- 'tk.ty-one of the 120 jailed in
Ingram's behalf. die urgent problems in Korea. thinking about possible solu- They thought President Trwi er to the Cabinet in political re- li.woops on seven Kikuyu
NAACP attorneys said that be- Iran and Indochina when the tions. man "hurt" Stevenson with his cognition for the heavy support t cents on the slopes of -.. ..
cause of the Communist pres- two meet at the White House Meanwhile Sen. Robert A. Taft A campaign attacks on Elsenhower. the general drew from Dixie, Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount .
sure and propaganda, Ingram' next week. said today he would have won But Wyatt said he considered the 14aybank laughed. 7lt0"' were foubd to be on the .
cannot get a fair trial In this' Informed sources said the re- the presidency if the Republicans President a "plus contribution to "I lust wouldn't know," he potoe list Qf cnown Mau Mau
county. tiring Chief Executive realizes he had nominated him and that he the election," and "affirmative spid "Seems to me that about supporters. hie the clean-up DPSET: .Headingi for a tall, d
They charged that Commun- must accept full responsibility wculd have carried more GOP for the Democratic ticket." everybody In- creation has been continued, the governor's office -kicking i ithardby ,i.ii
st have made attacks on court for everything the government enatorial candidates with him Wyatt also said the issuee of mentioned for the Cabinet." field expulsion orders again ckingby an
officials, county commissioners dues between now and Elsenhow- tnan did Eisenhower. corruption" started opt as "some- the 31. the MIekof, Rossetti was downed o
and on white residents to stir er's inauguration Jan. 20. The senator also said the Dem- thing significant" but dwindled The president-elect probably An official statement said there
uo resentment. But they pictured Mr. Truman ncrats lost votes with their in importance after disclosure of will remain here until Sunday, are signs that the Mau Mau cult Clemsia'vwas held-to a 12-12 tie s5c
as feeling that current poliev de- .charges that Eisenhower "sur- Sen. Richard M. Nixon's private- then fly to New York before Ie- aabeen gaining ground among .
Testimony in two earlier cisions should as far as possible endere.d" to him at their Morn-iy-endowed expense fund. ing to Washington to see the the Immigrant Kkuyt in the homa. Duke, Penn St te and' di
trials indicated Ingram did reflect Eisenhower's ideas as well inside Heights meeting. Taft Dewey was asked %whether he President..That will give Eit.1 northern province. fumw .a!.
not touch the buxom, blonde a.4 his own. so they will carry the said It made his partisans cam- thought the people felt Etlen- enbowpr time to hear .from his The Mau Mau and other sub-
'teen age white girl who ac- full weight of a united country. aign harder. hower would bring an "imane- advance Sen and policy sen- yeraive organizations were out- .
ctsed him of "leering so it There have been reports that House Republican leader Jo- diate solution" to the Korean qultana eId by Sen. Henry Ca- lawed in Tanganyika. las early as
frightened me." But North Eisenhower may be unwilling to seph W. Martin Jr., 'o Massa- war. bet lo (R-Mass.) and Jo- last January, but there have .
Carolina law provides that as- n"ake any recommendations be- rhusetts Indirectly disputed "No," he replied. "and Gen. seph M. Dodge. been no prosecutions since lst
sault need not include such fore he actually takes over as Taft's victory claims. Martin Fisenhower was very careful to Lodge will reach Washington year.
contact. President and is fully briefed on said he is "inclined to think" point out that there were no Friday ,a d represent Eisenhow- Thq latest official estimate of
tne issues involved. Eisenhower "is the only main panaceas.". er in talks with the State and the number of Kikuyus in the ...-.-...
The girl. Willie Jean Boswell. In naming his representative we could have won with this Byrnes was questioned on the Defense departments, plus the northern pro v.ince among
then 17, testified a year a g o with government agencies year" although "you can't possibility of an emergence of a rest of the executive branch of whom the Manm a operate -
that 'Ingram "leered" at her as Monday, Eisenhower made it know." reasonably strong Republican government. b14et n aO11, 1. 4 10,IDAW
she walked along a country plain he is not accepting re- Taft and Martin were among party in the South. He said there Dodge will reach Washington .
toad. sponsibility for any govern- seven political leaders interview- is "no chance" for the GOP un- Wednesdty to represent him .at
She was wearing dungarees ment decisions.- But officials Cd byv the magazine U.S. News lesb it gets rww party leaders, at the Budget Bureau.
and said that Ingram was here said this should not rule and World report on the reasons least-In his state. During the morntng. Elaenhow-
watching her so Intently that out "recommendations." behind the Republican victory in Summerfield said Risenhowerir 1 Aelved;a t1legrsinf4om MTi
"he 'wasn't watching where he The agenda for the White last Tuesday's election., ran ahead of his arty in most Truman thanking him for
Was driving." House meeting still has not been The others were Gov. Thomas states because he "cut across pointing hisalaion men with '
As she cut, across a cornfield set. secretaryy of State Dean E. Dewey of New York; Wilson lines to a greater degree than any government so proptly,
toward her family, she said, In- Acheson and Defense Secretary WAatt. campaign manager for other candidate." calling. lsenhower'a choieed l
gram stopped the car and "walk- Robert A. Lovett are expected to Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson; Oov. Eisenhower yesterday spent a "eminently satisfactory," -" .
pd rapidly" after her. attend, but there has not yet James F. Byrnes of South Caro- dull, overcast and Intermittently When Elaenbow.r 'sees -Mr. Thaw .tb, Iw.a* 4
toen a final decision in the for- lina. Republican National Chair- rainy day pouring over job offers Truman depends in large meqs- ( We-1 6i n.t ~s
Ingra denied chasing the eign policy field. man Arthur E. Summerfleld and and advice on how to run the re on two b factors: first Pre ..
girL He said he thought she The key issue on which Elsen- Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge. defeat- government. 1) The president-elect wants to' in this lt le datrd tf. a
was a boy and wanted to ask hower's recommendations will be ed for re-election in Massachu- Elsenhower spent most of the be armed with Information from sirens shrilled across the
where he could borrow a .clkicted will be the United States setts. day in the living rom of his small his own on-the-a~ ne represent. bring silence e an hal
trailer. r.osition in the Korean debate in Taft was asked what he cottage on the edge of the Augus- tative before he talks with Mr. public transport. -
tne United Nations. thought the result would have ta National Golf Course. le tried Truman. More than 250,000 nersons
At a recorder's court hearing Sen. Alexander Wiley (R-Wis.) been if he had been the Repub- tc keep relatively abreast of the ed the catafalque where his b
Ihg1im Was convicted of simple who will be chairman of the Sen- Ican nominee, flood of mail and telegram 2) He is involved In planning lay in state before the tgunral l',T'-.' ."":.'
assault and sentenced to two ate Foreign Relations Committee "1 think I would have won." swamping his temporary head- nis forthcoming trin to Korea. began.
years. On appeal to Superior already has called on Eisenhower he replied. "I might not have quarters here. Thi malt and telegrams are Weizmanti, 77, died early Sun-
Court he was indicted on the to state his views on US policy in won by as large a majority, but During the early afternoon.,the eas edta* -nto headquarters day after long illineL. His*body
felony count, but the court or- te United Nations. Wiley is rerv- I think I'd have won Just a- weather lifted enough for him to here and Elsenhower's baie of had lain in state beneath a high
dered the charge reduced. Ine as a US delegate to the cur- bout as many states. I think summon his personal caddy,* In New York *c.q blue and white canopy before his
.A mistrial resulted a year rent UN meeting. we'd have carried more sena- "C.Gmetery" Perteet for a round tained areda of suggesthon residence In this citrus, ria ..
ago wen two Negro jurors held Eisenhower will also be asko-d trs, because I think we would of golf. bow he nest president shnoul growing community he loved- s
out for acquittal. for his ideas on dealing with the have fought the campaign As the Republican election reorianise the government'. well.- 1 -.
Yesterday's motion to quash hct Tunisian and Moroccan is- more on what I think is the victor vacationed in. Diade Thlre werhtndrreda of help Welzmann's wife d -- h
the indictment was on grounds s.ej in the United Nations, of fl- fundamental issues." there was mounting evidence "offers.' Dersuwilling toaccet jamin. who arrive ed
that Negroes were excluded from clals said that if he disagrees The Republicans won 23 of 35 that he could count on South- fevernthn from ablnet noatrto London, watched -tant .. .
the grand jury which drew up with administration thinking on seats at stake in the Senate for a ern Democratcl support for this diplomatic alfta ents, his pr~ of the house as agri pMe da of. "p'
the bilL either of these problems, current net Rain of one, counting the de- legislative program. secretary, James C, Hagerty, Arabs minglib vi WS -,%
f. actionn of Sen. Wayne Morse Sen. Burnat R. Maybank (D- aid. pased.
il-Qie.). The Democrats won 12 8.0 1 was in town for a housing Eiselnhower undcipal task .Is Then the ecffin wasmu9.4b..
..seats for a net loss of two. 'meeting. -He had no plans to see winnitnsotC fum thae thousands Israeli army of fitot the
Taft said the campaign was the general, but he told reporters ot lettinatti rs the on hearse and the :.d '"
fought on issues "that were not that he thought the Southbrn be ltersonally. Among the -
introd cing exactly related to the record of remocratLc bloc ii, the enate tribute to In PresidentJ
nn four defeated Op senators-- would b ick EiLsenhower on"all rdent who ime M ter. -t.
.odee. James P Kem. Mo.. Zales sound recommendations for the d'ed ,d a v. bgeting his ron, chiet ran% $of'
N. Ecton. Month. and Harry P. uood of the country, for ",Ure N.sirmbbehlf oftheuforeba
rCain"Washstrengthening its I.titutions, working women.. -

2oSFndRO Eden SpurnsRussia.Pr sal; AS
(LODYAINVE)P n ptp e

et Asks Trygve Lie ToRe sdue
.... newestC110
SUNITED NATIONS, Now eI--t with the disposal of .prisoners of At the the speec,.he drivers
pattern nJP, British Foreign Secret- war. sd h o a eLe
If Russia's latest Korean proposals Russia told the United Nations, thatalyln Ihnta e Q bneV1 prcle rsen aat ii h.
and declared that no war prs- yesterday t "wll not buge
owner may be either forcibly re- inch" from.its demand that all -h m 1 daLatet en* ,at
patri ated or forcibly detained. Korean prisoners b excaned Imed afer the cam- wial
Eden, making his first speech and warned that continued N.MN. megdjoue." atAm ne-S
in this session of the UN Gen- objections would "ifevitabl lad ]AmiteiH eAs .a sn-
-eral Assembly, also called upon to the collapse" of the Pamun-. eth .es W .5ow-.
Li N Cog, UN Secretary-general Trygve Lie join truce talks. .rce that
time" his decision to resign the us to m ke it'r t the O ns.
world organization's top post. Soviet Foreign Minister Andret munists n&t' ,o0.mttn e
Lie told the General Assembly Y. Vishinaky also-formally po- war t ti I
o yesterday that he had decided posed creation of an i-n s. ..
iht' *wp e .

s s\^ the tme tlo, sp asde commission to aurrvise re
'"to help the United Nations save *of all POWS. An Amr th,
peace, and serve better the cause spokesman promptly- ld -
of freedom and progress for all the prposal.was unacOeptl S. i
mankind." Vishlmakys speo:.- i firstt
Before Eden spoke India's Ma- since the election of Dw t D.
S-i dame Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit Elsenhower As U r. edt, e
____ told the General Assembly that showed. RUasa's .on
Korea was the biggest world .cr al pioer lareme t te"
problem at present, but that A- inflexibe than at any time io. 1-t
Neu, and right for you, Gorham "Ronlo" is a frican nationalist aspirations the four-week-old General As- at
modern expression of the best traditional design countriesposeother threats embly on
elements of sterling tableware. A rhythmic design peace. It spread gloom through
with three repeating movements like a musical Eden said he considered the the world organlsatiaor-
oo raamuicaorinciples which should govern cme observers had'
Rondo it'rises to a climax in a deep-cut scroll at UN conduct in the matter of re- mrsa of "gtvt"' th Ut
the handle tip. patriating prisoners of war are: vioDs speeches and
Rondo's cushioned panel casts many lights and th Everigy ri on. ter of a at might it an unusual feeling of richness. Start anarmistice, "
y New pattern with a six-piece plae wtting- 21 Every P MA
fork, teaspoon, salad fork, cream sop. spoon, tri ghted
baer spreader. 31 There is.-a_1 4* V
taing side to
I# A ASTLICH-Echusive representative in Panama. or su4 T re das -o-
Fr--F7 7'right to u.s

P ,
*dhain's Fred
!led Ole-aiph pi
in ie ad
ire on a weet)
"s o' that1-"i

416 M





* .. -
E~Tteleph t?)
Rossetti, tdit
ayer.'Rtn Ing
Lne. ..ved

d, .


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