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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Congressmen uDie

Split On Ike sh Nun Des

Trip To Kora After Stoning;

Congresalotal sources split
det'tsWf:aeJi Others Killed
today on whether Dwlirht D. s-
senhower should go to ifole"
but a spokesman for the Pred-
dent-elect said flatly "he w l
,-'IBpr- James C. Hagerty, Elsenbew- -
S er' press secretary tod CAPETOWN, South Africa, Nov. 10 (UP) S- t
Ir r indication Elsenhow.ern lc -'m otive workers, protesting racial segregation R, .
change his plans for ane i Port Elizabeth today, while the sister toe i
jou first-o th reporEt on cha s London and Kimberley remained fesse efter
a first-hand report on chaz*0 _
o- 'r"he aent orean war. .. riots in which at least 22 were killed Md 108 i.
"The Amerlan public he wi-ll go- f" This afternoon, police described the .itaOtjot in
Uo- ea, and he will go," Ha ge is towns as quiet.
goiern- On Capitol Hill, reaction d Some 10,000 of Port Elizabeth's 15,000 native work-
d db at plea ibytwo ma.i failed to report for work today in a one-day gen*l
od atll uow. luUcal ldoures and e against the city council's imposition of a curfew,
ey fnGl e OV. e a II Landon ando
stlla owa arryu a IdoOrr a: a I11 month-long ban on public gotlima.
e W- 1 enhove trip. ca Officioa estimates of casuatfies in weekend ot
l ier i E. Mundt. R- ta n aa t 13 natives killed amd 78 iniut4eil 'in
-Iu.bloan ccita's *s m4mining town of Kimberley, an4 niie pirs au,
I a %ooer rfi thro Europeans, kWied n 30 s ij inw W
d, furthermore

1flhtf l.r t. d.


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af an East i
a overtuEnn

e., sfttithx
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Du-t iuh he
ngo his. g d
S reached
x may astrea
Sfor ano ter


10v. 10
ma hram

Snot contain m
gi? use.
have charged 1b
In restituton sf
wo to pj^ '
seeution etf
materlalbr m
have oalted i
that tina
i at War W
M the DablHtb

ek nMra m a lRi Elsenho 4

lawn ers" would be
4Hu' Russell (D-Ol)
stR d. Ad (-N.H. eH .
baStf R.ort (R-) o
MtarI V4Mu (D-Oa.)
t settled whether
|QaIolitali will take
of the Senate
IM iti tt reoor anuiBlm
con ol.

.Oit Everest
SILM India, Nov, 10
UPi of Swiss moun-
tai' r was reported to.
$r a final as ialt
of 4 ered peak of 1,-
ont Everest.
teaching here said
team had eatab-
p at the 22,0(01foot
S'he mountain between
md Tibet.

Army's New

ftobe triaIs break up an lIllegal
metmg Afrcan In Bant

w in lerley polee
fired W IrUles d ub- il-
etne Linte a toting, moe
eof tho of African' dia-
maod who ran among
after i arong Kaffr

It w outbreak of
viole South
Africa when 100 were
killed ida Injured at

',.Mtmfll er the dia-
mt u barked-on a
Ssand stoning.
trn e larted at a beer
helt tM workers were
r ..tKafflr beer. It
qIW ltheK Kimberly
pal -pcamp for African
e -lprts said some of
unkiap lv s set upon
*e wbeer hall and
. th tiU- to rob it.
lU l a'truSturned them
a 4a1nd 'oIplce.
u I45i diamond mine
a- T,..., Ited fom the


as "vmn waR owveujmg ,
U camp post ofplee ae c
sad t9Be bowetv
be ed en guns. ritIA rVt
volvers and fired at point bi t
r-nge into the howling mob
The crowd brote and scaiM -
d, leaving their dead and
wounded behind. The post ofaf
and camp office burned to-tIe
ground. At intervals smaller fume
broke out in the camp buildlrl.
Ambulaneaf set up a shuttle
setre b hween the wrecked and'
ing camp and the city hos-
A paKee Communique sad 'the
stuatlet was "under control"
but relyPot trom the camu at
that time hdlcted tempers re
still hgh and sporadic gfrin
The Africatns, recruited hi
their tr1bl vlagesa tow iXt
the giazetle Opez-eut dlia3aa
mine, live. n the uisnlcip-l
administered village nearby.
South Aia bhs bed) tornb
for maaths by the isue et
white supremay and Premier
Daniel F. Malan'seolme of-sw
gregata of non-whilte
Three non-whites were IUllil
and four injured last Modiay
In Johalmesburg after rldtft
broke out in .a native men's
hostel-eortncreased rents, Rt..
ers stoned polie can.
Vltlens. ae booke out In
Kimbere earlier last week when
mtmi pe- oftlers wree stoned

(Coatnlaucd o I


Page 6. Col. 8)


-The Army, now building hee'
tanks for the first tme
will have eaouh rttA
fr Ild tests by neat N
it was learned rE.bmli
The Army now =a o k
About a das w u
manterq, eabh mtta t 1i
mm. un. The tate.l I
ready for firing Nalndl9 |. "M
test within a ea t
atia rn l. .tt
fleid wlrtw<-ts"ta"b
*rt i famth&kmw hlik

Ir *
A .1

p8 Now Ready.

Ifte tbe
bli the
artr lium
Wdh m.6f

Hcy,' balt by
M~a's counter-
ijoseph Stalin
hemoth mount-
un. It will com-
Sof taaks" re-
Wa. Llwton
det of staff but
t uly pri-
4trttum M-48
'i~*e claimed
lt the am-
f abe. can
wn tank, In-
ea crew

the 44-0- a
betstdi to I

The new T-41 "Walker Bul-
dog" light tank is listed as hav
Ing a speed of 40 mlu It
mounts what the Army cal" aM
"Improved ty e" 78-Ms. Mun
and weighs abut 25 ta. The
size of its crew was not given
but presumably Is four.
The new leht tank will be
issued t troops in the near
future. The next otf e. tank
family to go toll be
the worand, D.*
ally. th be .-7 .
_ 4 6 h ia to a % & p m b

low a

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.. .. A w A E. -- L



0 lsM- Labor News
7 14 o"1e? *i f 0 soe t1a4. PANAMAI R A "P. "
ra.TpmeNeP lANAMA No .-0140 ar Ldti, Ae "d
345 MAiSONA AVI NEWP oI 61N .t tNV. S m eu
'.. ,.- c.l U S 0
k LOCAt 0 MA6 L V AI
011 "MONTH. IN ADVANCE 1 't 0 "
m ON#* VVFARIN ADVANC L-logo.2A to so B4 o By VietOe Mdesel
IS YQUR FORM. -.. THE RlA R llEI WN COLUMN The election is over. The mins- ,
Ing counties have been located-
and the whistle stoppages have
I Oa turned into work stoppas. he
The ba)lot lines are doW, the
0 The Mail leox s an open foem to, recdens of The Pesmh Amer- picket lines ,are up. And as the
*on. Letters ate r aetived geotef ullanod ors handled i wholly eno d. awn came before the official
_-t0 you contribute. lett dnt be impallet f i doesn't appeal teturbed by naws that its favorite
o 'u day. Leftets ore published sthe oidetheolwd p hM-47 tank was not coming off
e sday 1v4es ytoEre published they l mi 1ea l b nv d. the lines in Schenectady where
liden tty to f lip teie e eltid n O let oetl ima lk I the American Locomotive Co.
Tisr newnsl t I e es ais o el p ewelblli tor t Adire g a* opinions had been shut tighter than your
hsuer eed i l better t ao resale ballot box by a trike.
0i i The Atomic Energy Commis-
W -- T TtheO fo re s c tioon experts were harassed by
t HOW TO WRITE THOSE IETT EkIt ews that their new atomic base
To the Editor: at Lockland had been closed by
I was going to sit down and write you a letter toa ask you battle between two unions. The lm
to tell me what this Ring da Bell was taking about. When you Air Force was worried by a row
publish letters like that you should attach a Rhodes scholar to which ended work on A et motor
1e11 us Government clerks what they mean by ill them there .1ant. The Chicago police were
eitg words. But I tun into a chap works for the Army and is searching for dynamiters who !
naturally smarter than slave labor generally. blasted the homes of non-strik-
S I get the Idear now that' this Ring da Bell wants us to er at International Harvester.
gang up in lthe foreign service to get this- atnkee dollar cut to And the Wage iBta]lfatoion
our pattern. Which is a right good dear except that we ought Baard was in a state of nervo
to gang up apart, somewhat. I mean we got a lot of people up Immo iliztion, a symptom lead-.
in Congress that we should ding dong a little more than some- Ing to collapse from an Indutrial.
what. These clerks that run the unions says we should write disease known as John Lewie-ltis.
them letters. Which is alright except when nine hundred or The Preasident-elect was ot a-
so of us all write the same letter, and say nothing, what've you ware of hil this or that -he would 7
Me, I don't care if I've got a vote or not. When the Demo- -romises made by Harry Tru.
Srats are in'I pick me a Congressman from theleS South and man.
say I'm his cnstoitutioncy. And now, wit. Bc n ain, I'll Toese promise were m, de, lA
trade in the one l write to now for a nice fTre sh de from up in one fashion or .nothr, to Ame- .
Maine and tell him how I'm his No. 1 boy dow" here. lca's labor hiof -S and e1i1t_ h
I don't go for this letter writing like the unions say to do of at least 2,100,000 A--L and
it. I been listening to political speeches. What .1 do is just workers are set to try t olleot
sream like I was an old maid caught in a Turklih bath. That's vithin the nept few weeks.
the right way...The wheel that squeaks the loudest Is the wheel went t ind the
that gets the grease. d n t I n the th | .. A "
Now since its tease we want I think the first thing we need hours of the es pa i to all
to do is to starttalking Congressman talk to Oo e oen. regional headqumarterg gt
Blow V Whistli. set for a drive for n ewad
______ higher wage rate mora holi-
PAGING TEEN-AGE LETTER WRnIS days, higher optf living in-
]Dear Sirs: Icreases, a greater ,ha of In-
Please send me the' addresses of some of the bos and girls es5ed MOa ron ad gim-
In your country, around the age of 13, 14, 15. n return will mik notyet fronom.
write to them. Thank you very much for you attention. Word went out to hit industry
Yours truly, uld t a ord wentout toht ndustrth Lad ies A n d Politics
1568 --62 Street unions restrained themselves in e A oi ic
Brooklyn, New York order to aVdid embarrassing r their
:emocrateic allieg the political R
; ront. But now M king is overBy40 RU
PLEASE LOOK INTO THESE ASPECTS and sights are lifted to the In-
"Mgil) A BalbopS eights, CZ lustrial front. '
itor "MAil ox" NEW YORK. I Wish tdoff a hat day to wanted for their. mahout to Jotust with the
The majority of Canal employes would like to know that the Let im astea to SF that this le ladles for a rather noble effort in making jackass. I #euw it because most of ny tendefeat
personal study" which Senator Gillette said he would give to is not to report that.a new era he nation aware of-its poMBtcal resapon* years ha been spent -listening 1o women I
the "entire organizational setup" of the Canal activity will in- of violence a sop ur. the Amer- Since I have been rhi l= tle proess of belhboring, a e-a,
clude enquiring into, and result in appropriate action on, these lIcan Lee e strike ls led by horse I have never bored you overmu with For the rnt six mne of 1952 at m 1
&: the United Steel Workers of recitations of personal. triumph. But I a= go- time in corners -ducking heiavy- p -
0(a) A waste of $200,000 of public fundsiat Summit townsite. America. ,hey waited 16 Ing t6 claim a plege. of rpicutt ".ating bVk ltical opinion of gir)s. The n et pM th
(b) Whether thp Shipping interests have impoperly in- mnoSths before strig. tank tvo last spring when I w end- u was a eat In teng. o.. let
fluenced the Canal's board of Directors relative to the production.l Texas and riz up to re r at Ite me that from cake mou thtt
question of raising tolls, this was leig g bes o Der election s ,ar one) counl not bly 1lose.I et, e ome
(c) Personnel turnover of approximately 25 percent an- The AFL strikers at the OE if only beo rawtilad made politics that my entire. b .de9Mta4.4ll
nually. Midwest atomic 4J tallas-chic. a u''"Yese sweetie, oure.
(4) Nepotism. tions are inexcust'a r grub- You Yehe.iw aewe y--'oe-aesorght
(e) Demotion of-employes for no re'sot other than to g boors Who 8 out be- and but pte them
vide ds to promote theirs ihpelbor. the jib al W re of the de- Y
S~ F.. N thU et Intney are un- her
_. oOt eo
ld onVlctlan er snow nor t1 e
FABLE OF -ROOTS AND TOPS Mach a of orth e reet. nor mefte prevent, a not ly er A
Manl Box, -- APL "o w"o"rkigi In other r r of tiodn on v ,0
Many a vast sorry has soim*o m the grass roots of our A of the plant. te o ae me vor
eople, of thej Canal Zon. Tphe-o look lush and often sparkle. ,It Chicao, voleU its tho t l, been a lor-
In their brilliance, but they derive their sustenance from the sut of a str O I 'le and sometimes fe u a
oota. When the roots are corrupted, they die and the tops muflist United Elr Woreae li.nd
wither away. Union and is be expected. Onei t' liTes last sprng notice that tie hea
This not idle philosophy this is history. man already has been killed on cuties at the cocktgal e ts; were wh
S1- A ot. that- ticket line. the relative merit Of Mr. Joh e e and
.. e. But all threat instanIa ae ty- Nor were they overly ob5-med with. e eit l
S pical of what Ian reportIng here child-rearing the hkory rog e
SAnw p PrvloW. Punko --.- mass wrve of unye drives, The =te r nr very -Dt. y
paySm.._m!_AV__0_ Itrcst PA Yw mW .. Aae 14
'.d grea controlof and gedy of, at0bUiO t ofm ey t
arm an, .. t.prove that no plnt-c oper- of siM IThis s on than a t o
SU Dlte in tlifake of a plekt I4 atably a h a 1 protestab *'it)
Sta," --- vS 2CAL To a l e bades of labor, tI 1 Tpa e ncoa,uot polsbl Hod It of the l
Ample 1Senae sB h make or break ea t What whO r politic, ,irked yet .can't arg ue a
4 "Buckeye Pen nameiet 04 carries in, so aoe oiws. I knew tively that evebdy s fact, l thi s: N
S t" Chare m ~ o one era.This 1J1 the u i.e- to theI t ret ytehemt e xmt. M ama, either -
an State" 3" adr a gid moment.i Not e thU ong timp c w. who ththI
(a.) rear of tWored Wai So
12 4 Aquatic e0 been 11111111111

g u 8 ODog disease 6460boxo6 42Ptes
S*" t ~-dA r \o 43Hlindu deltyi Not since tehe finl -hotur of, MAN PLATING TYPEWI ITR Se pt. 23:, 1g i

O .. 1 ."Old --,, 01 Maoes 47 Ireland Oser 718,000 men rds wom OR' K IfllMe ,Nqt it -- is w onv i-.-
_oo- ., n .ka2me of 2 st .ke 48De preasin ' making ar ra t -- And t.e ng sS. ''"B.
n New Jersey 21 Dgo dl. ediltac0 Girl's work force here s tar from bm*. a' or eO.
e -.through 1983. Only seven os ., foroa Is .
SI I. I000 I I 0 factory workters.are In ,It I .s pinted a
Wm i t hiing obe the t i ay or losinA I Ting that
1 Navy hei1rhe6 "-. I
is" lpntme #0 4Mnrlth wrh a s thes be t h: : tetifies th N. ., P I-v;I
11 itle-s. I2II11a lgl I[- I greatest profbigtII9Z all. So thle ,.a. ..tiM.itLy abuil aim
a I che!s l It unhoncefs heir re- we'.e ,, To name two: i;

da ". .. tioin 5o-,..,s. This is $11m to strike-is a m a

4IIl I What do the lB. ou O e
sllgt sions and sna 1 y -. ouo.

o of inc.,ased I, ".

".St. I and increa,, -g gng ftlhl u
_IIs[. II Watch this "pr_ -*-
ue It will burnt 1." '

"e ip hna r,- .._ .
Waler Reuther,

altering Ph ns
^Lrs te waw ,fh. FrdI
Otg~.m step.00,0000,000

tinwe moo K"tef t930! fron oth
conos to ak i


Drew Peagon sayi: Vamn "fit''..h

Eittr;w iTrman cid SthevletNr toI e.
all dtrinsf cani; TrOumir
Adti'i akof attithda. "" "' "
O"AWMINGTON. Here la the al
Van eet let on tod =ing of
it red to be in the eeo G
an Van et ead son_ 'a q -
with It spy the .tter be
OrlanS ia for pahng
Xor 0 .
Edwa .T.. ,"to Colonwr ,M
tiorped at Wet Point. T.
M.-Connell In turn, showed it to M.. jo
mdaugh athe general, and after selg
from Ms.3a6n lePet, Mrs. Bhower, Jr.. got-In to lM,

father- h
At I I. 6, two 0.. _., 1~ 1i 'O'a I" ;

u i *W .-tulm:
the ret
said, "reMtirj

S tor-elect
ed the w aI
Senate,. i a P
who kao title about OwitA l i
dolfter is halfW A on
Phoeix vpolt elubs as the hee a
ed by i elub funOtloBO1_ .Wi- -W. wa ior
Ooldwa could not play. -
"Ca:st6play just nine hM 61 ofW Qolwa k
ed. "After. aly that -

It was kept a Wite nd
terms em hh ben *
be suges'r Adlal teveats:


to aoo

cr Yitc

- 1 hi.WY





i*-... 'a

4"'. .A

- -'~-

. A... ,

- ---- -- -UI- -L- I -- --~L--- -- ----I -- ---CYi --L--- -II--- --- --I- --- --------



.. ," .-


p.p .

bonm -am

0 QTd ad won
no through a
r1 ,as ",delo

1 J a a bor 0'y
He died'wh1. 1here on,,
iUslnesm ofL eight U*4 0A
ithe CIO's manual e tn
IvaW to begin l, Lo At
.chat conventionU 46
elect a success
commanded the C and th
Steelworkers U. on ti t
period of their.
andthro h1k t
serious cr se7 1. Is. .
Murra appeared to4e
and the
step u^e +;
early ayear r.
d ed e reu in
al unpreced t -, Suprem-
Court rulndg tath Presidet
could not eie the steel Indus-
ry in peace time.
, No 19b ,. 4.1 Mu-

yearMau r hl
bwith.s ]"As M
coml re r. e
He recovered to spearheahis
fight tea to te$
greas fmreowm d it. e alsam
sought gUar.ted aAnuI
wage and p hted'ta womfuld
The seli-etd 'laxw lead-
,er. one-tUi Ieaudi t;o the
fiery John L. Le ., 4 n '-hte
room at the cluive 4Mak
Cisco's- Nob .. ,
He was Ire.,ol .e.
regonal ontecence of ha 0 mer

K-t pe k to the- Wgro

'I ~" "'Wa e,' re ". .,
< K^* MHP*B?**_S -^' y

it:to F
w' 43m

e orow and wmw

ter for rh 7

leaders. Last -A bptA tW
t-EWa. exea. e boAr
r W'
no salry as I0 d
lnrray, a dy
CathoUce, An later .W be-
came as well I h
fight atos I athe
for his batUlq -A:SN the.
5,0.0o me*Wwh B"' CIO.
He drove uW. Out .
and rep them with n
labor 11gapMl.a. ,_ _
Born in Meir 3
Glasgow, qotln. l r '
188. Murray e t
grandson of
unon leader. He. s8thatt
taste of 1 h0

' I iwon e

1 tah^ ^w~fKo^mi..

dent D. BooseveG
who a elose riend
M3rray went alo t~ $ I

8 wur-g

Wos -Ai op., a maljoc
btlry of trhe U j a
t'* the, 01 0beme a
iu rry was named .snl -reis-
idenn Then he haPd w" sput
over p OlUcs. Murray: p.ot-.
AWmlaswe thl-late Wen-
de1U WUe, ,and tie :resiged
from.n ,n 1942 to pro-
test Rooi0Ilt's re-election.

S6t6Ry, C. (UP)-Jmmy
Cat og a 'nighthawk on
S tit a h lie ahaa practlc-
tai a rod and reel on tlh
of Lake ey. The
S a bath but ws unn-

play "45" discs
the Meq ith
aVI ".45" spiM

Slips rishr ar m"l
V.M Spidie --

O. n"al i50
92^ dBsaud

uX~na -

Ves' Ha obeed their mintaf
S *Korea but that a tue
fsgIuina blocked by Cozmmunii
ftabbornest over the prisoner of
war Issue
Xenian received the tt r
gned by the "Soviet PeopW
astgust., Bnt bcauWo. 4
bsulrecilied from MOMWc-
the face Of a Russian ruling t
he w prsonalli dlspleasln,. ht
reply wat rld the Vo f

i. t
"beina condOeted for dd t M of
seizure of foreign terrotWitry
for the enrichpmnt- 0944jn
roupot capital th of t
state&. BJtasad M an
other state."

U.S Kad Frme sanceOd

major nawhch

of the U oe In

foren carried rouh apl
heavy odd -theb p spreaee p.
are whodll to you.

"You must rl e .that such
deAiencels J knowlge a

the dssi of bitem

,,td 'f^. .. .... '
*;, / .**''** **. '** to

i.c.r .rPar ty Leaders

hnt Adl/ai To Lead Them

-,0-- .

hEW YORK, Nov. 10 (UP) Most of the "profes-
>s" of the Democratic party state, organization
iefp-- look to Gov. Adlai E. Steveasoe r leader-
torbuild the party and return itito power, a cross-
Isuf pling of opinion showed-ypsterdiy
'enat chairmen's comments show that .pany
gained stature even in losing to Dwiht
oiA nd tht Eisenhower's election was not a
l the voters of the Democratic' party.
-1isenhower's landslide victory in the elec-
.*lu in great part to -his high personal
l that he could end the unpopular Ko-
"fbr a change" slogan and the fact
Svotrs were too young to remember the
A t lS't Stev- won on the basis of his ou-
1i O el of larity rather thane on the P,-
publican prorainanmthat Uie
SR T h Democrats therefore mut hot
.the d l td bak on their ideas of the
TM'8 A few proposed a reorganlza-
u a t tion "right down the grass rootia
Sadvo- and state Sen. George Miller Jr.
ingR California chairman, suggested
of the party be organized on.a dues-
i l $f party paying basis. -
The party "must regroup and
th B start a dues-paving party in or-
Q der to build a vital and more lib-
I' t eral party," Miller said.
"Dues is one medium we missed
*although at the tall end of the
,, .-M ,capaign we took In an excess
SsS f $25.000 in contributions odf $5
me. ,.+ l ea."

A *

chahIman and B.
a ch maid
vnson Isthe man reato
nTruman Saturday
d ledgft that Stevensmon a
te "ead'of our ;ja -j i mwk-
to revoltt the ofgan-
na d he *oald make
SAO ton hbis lafs U lead-
e h.s em

a nablenali chair"

.. ,,a~ mk, vmL....

The chairmen were asked:
What was the bigrest reason for
Elsenhower's election? Is Steven-
o the man to lead the party?
If not who Is?
Their comments Included:
Smith Hester of Oklahoma said
Elsenhower's "ptomlse to make
early disposition of the Korean
situation didn't hurt him any,"
he said Stevenson is "my person-
al choice" to head the party.
W. P. Daniels of Missouri said a
belief that Eisenhower might
have a solution to the Korean
war was the big factor in the
election. Stevenson, he said, is
"one of the greatest minds ever
to represent the Democratic par-
Williai T. Bowen. secretary of
the .Arklaes Democratic com-
mittee, "Wtf the party must de-
velop leadership to replace
Sad "absolutely, de-
S(o med on Page SIX)

A: -~
.,, ~4ftY~

I. ., .1'

....... .... I

hs -k s ectuw-Ti

.' FiM aa"e K ",w rgj,


*W- .jV~n W'RilWI



.. *'''^ l
*, '? ., .'** *(~ "*'
" ,< -ir~ "*^. *r.
e ',

4 .. .. :1.'
;. .* a

1' t :i + .... "*


>Tlidi *~-u.



*'4 *1<
-'.. "

)TT* I
.* .>**


I .

*i 1*-

yfu LF

i I~f.: jf ATrTA N,.

.4*, RU8 9, ORA


IrwF A-" DW WW WW*~UV -, fr -* "' l'.

I At
}. -:. -

I' '

S! ,
- -+. ..- y,'^

a d DARt N SHEETS TE L 2-2


Wi-i' l t
ri .' '. z ,,' -., .

. ',]-, -."/- .
o ,:.: 'L ; .'-:
:.;.:,i~i ~ t. ..

L .. .

-J ~&.a




_ .. .. I



=J inm






. r %/

-*. ,

I -; .,

I *endoma ic
.1 shows time
and date


\ od *>*

'| ___

f tUE"tEofd

s te
t a t' ey

.T.3**. *** H*-afa>U

' Cablithl,

I5. .- .
.. 'I u *

.. t* ^ .


S HOLLYWOOD, (NEA) Be- things that happen to as th
hi nd the Sereen: Paul Henreid, are funnier than anything
who once ran Charles Boyer a writer caq make up; We want
race as a romantic continental, be ourselves-not anybody elie
has his fingers all primed to grab Jan. 1 is the date that. Pat
't the first love story that's of- Maxene and Laverne will g
fered him. down to brass' tacks on TV ar
It's been Jean pickings In the perhaps even another full-lengl
romantic field for Paul and he movie If, as Maxppe tells 1
wonders "why Hollywood isn't "they will let us blossom out In
making the great love stories any something more than- a trio. E'
longer? I don't understand it. erybody knows we sing."
Whoever does a big romantic -
again will clean up at the "I feel like a fighter who hi
EE ifee." won a lot of matches, but wh
a l. hasn't yet connected with a goc
;.08i as ne Is on boy-meets-girl right."
Sluloid. Paul's next indepen- That's Anthony Quinn talking
W, t, '"The Stubborn Wood." will about his new spurt of luck as
teern an alcoholic. It will be Hollywood star seven flicker
4 fourth flicker that he's pro- after a two-year absence trot
-d. movie alley.
ll.A ttie McDanlel's will leaves a 'But now. at least, rm bein
lal trust fund set up for her allowed to be myself," the rugge
brother. Sam McDanlel. Tony said. "I started in pietdr
L. Little else. Her savings were at the age of 19, full of ideas a
ted by the tremendous costs bout acting and how to approael
dical care during the past realism. They plucked my eye
Short" before she died, brows, they made me part m
e.a victim of cancer, asked hair a certain way, and they ever
h devoted secretary. Ruby told me to be a lot more bubble
win. to finish the life story off the screen. They redid me s
her illness had interrupted. that I didn'tknow, myself. I los
royalties, at Hattie's re- my inner awareness. It took I
,.will be divided between the couple of years on Broadway te
"' an Picture Actors' Fund. a convince HoIywbod I could bt
-relatives and a Hattle Me- myself."
|jaIm1el acting scholarship to aid
young Negro actress each year. Post Office Job
Post Office Job
Amovie cutie lust voted her- Re-App fO.ons
S titleand it's an ey Being Restricted
Janice Rule is th4 young lady
confessin' her career sins now WASHINOTbO. Nov. 10 (UP-
t"at MGM's dropped her after a The Civil Service Commissior
yeqr's contract. tightened its restrictions toda]
"And Idon't blame the studio," on permitting re-applications foi
*he said, "It's brought me to my postmaster and rural mail car.
sgns.: I. was all mixed up. I ler vacancies.
driiWd like a moron and never Until today persons who passed
eombedIv hair, saving to my- civil service testa.and then turn.
se; don't have to dress. I have .d down appointments have beer
ta nt.' I disagreed with the stu- allowed to re-apply for the same
die about everything. I got up vacancy if they wished. Hereaftel
easl every morning to be unco- the applicant must show good
operative. I reported for work. reason for turning down the
but I wasn't really there. I 'ost before he can re-apply.
S thrlrght New York was the place The commission said many ap.
for me. olicnts have refused appoint-
'."I'm a dancer, but I never got ments "apparently because of
A a chance to dance. I guess that's nolltical considerations" and
*hy I was so disagreeable. I then asked for a second chance
Silaved two romantic b ads-real at the job. This, the commission
,dull girls in love with somebody- said. has required costly repeatt"
-and I hated It. But now I see tests.
*"Where I was wrong.
S"I'm going back to thetudi Sm ll Firms Urged
-And tell Benny Thau. who hired Small Urged
inme. 'I want to thank you for fir-"To Bi r D
6ilna me. It was just the kind of I 0 DI FOr Defense
alap In the face that I deserved abconr r-
and needed."' I Subcontract Work
S ... Ray Milland's groaning about WASHINGTON, Nov. 10 (UP)-
'tne two songs he has to sing as The government urged .small
SJane Wyman's songwriter hus- business firms today to condhser
;cand in "Love Song" the first subcontracting as a meai of
t' ime he has sung in his 20 years getting a share of defense l-
SHollywoo. ness.
S"I tho they .re going to -
,i-.i somebody to dub my voice," The Small Defense Pjant d
"Rav shivered. "But the studio in- ministration announced issuaLe
listed that I do my own singing, of a specela booklet deslgnedt
SI'ie been through Hades doing it heJ the little businessman gie
'* -sheer Hades. Never in my sub-contracts I he waits tiem.
.*whole life have I sung a note. I A subcontract is at agreement
.wa so awful. It's embarrassing." to mase parts for a larger flr
that has a contract with the gov-
SThe Andrews Sisters. unhappy The booklet noted subcontracts
_wiih the telefilm sample they would make it easier for the little
4e a year or so ago, have ash- tirm to get materials if they are
caed the costly celluloid effort -carce, to cure financial help
S Jpnd will try for a series built a- from the government and to stay
Srourt themselves as real-life in business if civilian production
cihg cters. is low.
r problem now is to find a It cautioned, however, that
wrir who can capture the three sub-contracting poses many pro-
f us as we really are and do a lems, Including a possible loss of
s1sjleil series with a family normal markets between sub-
tach," Patti told me. "There are contract.

"CHISI WELEN. Planteo A Terra-Sl


Q L;

I to. *& wmo

"Both myIde. k. A91 oage-l~ war't W '"m
to .gt it *"o"n humnum rutN'e. my job!"

I -


Great White Fleet


*S.s. "CBIIuQUI ..........................
5S.. "LEON" ..............................
S.S. "MARNA" ........... .......... ,,
S.. "C QU ...........................

S.5.. tAm NCA" .............1....5......W.: 1
B.S. ......... .... ..... Iso
S.A "CAPS AINOA ................... .....N 1

Pawner 8 to .S.a..Jtajkl
New O11laps ia HondurM sbaj
8.S. "HEREDA" ........ ........ .... ....... .... Nw. 5

S.8. H iQ ............ ......... 2
We, .lyM toi.. s U. -

.0 IV A Or'


- PNAA .o-28 ,-

rt *~ly r

#4 03wJA


Strife With Father

'iPUS .. .' i U




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-, -./ ".

T1 ?7


-_ -

Not Intere A.,

-. '

Up $ HEB Bit


* S'*"',.


'Ltt ~ '~ *'"Jsrr L"WF'

ClOLO~t 36t





Ideal mlunilatien

. I .-


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F:~e~ -~

I I r r'T


m ob 'n .
,- <-

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cL r

i :~F"
~k ,.


"^ --. I

'.. rfl' -

'.. ..,* -
,. -.. '

1 i~ C3 '

- '. -, '

Ar "s' "i '


j PraisPer


-Up ... three male tlancers, In
ghlo I mention should be
all of the amazing graceful.
t ool Carlos Ochous, a young
awho has only been study-
a.... wee.. ... His snake-like

w i !N=A nhnr osW the 13-minute corn
San bt-tkte ng. "The he
memere The. Tte _.o r I at theaon thate remark.
b".he to, w*o= r, Ohoa should go far
t, a alM ,, .Ac. heieeairoundce of theat
mer I par thono ur hig Oad prohe nute loem-

civ black a and ac- to. peae In the eFounder withla-
.. matte "The Eternal
or e f par: his s" strayed the e. orts

t e uof --: ,'ha.- lvater redub o ospart l b
Gob8~ manb us -arl oto combat the fores

d AleAA The pw a= of '.. o i eptatiebon that arend
C 1c Tu-reeeh s :spent In btollan'ithe show Wu b ei.ilm thologal wecde of
1WittooL-Iadig fights to waSrdunaf
iptrWeriRedry Rmazks D r .ucre, w I.k look m w In profane love.
S'Ms.tI3b e a d h 10,Utr Lo d o ru bcla e tano hob n the end with
ll t &4 sacred love.
ral. low, of Srpd O e wak ful n was partie.
al ev MsH ;. t _hei IR

.,d lz he~epmO Tu-r, ,, wr k. d .'Lr

,. 1*h ,o Mr. 1 0 fined
,t u y A l ( N ti t ie l gr i m .u'I w.

4 ao n In ur% liwP O al ro u p .
Mro s!, ac o L.B t2. .. RII7 z tlho w

euk o y, Scheoo aot i, *rot uq anon L.a 4 w l t B.1.s oa rec tal at

to the pOf n~ght~ a a 1 3 on s unday
on T a m er ler& ibz os m u S o pt WM r .e
Ch x. Gacmant of OB t!g vert w Chau hIhI A service e of

Ale heldr em's "r. ,. X ,"' et ,wiMIehai Jim_ _Inram wh

5." ~us 'pu t-ukm. r
@1 IR r etWh4 f, al Moio

h a'.. ... 6*'.,- 1,,. ,0 fr w

,; .4 ... ,

\I^/ For 1953

t AMERICAN EaVrybocl0 1nJ asseId L
____- T _____________ U; wuI-

1537 e n e r a c v 1S7

Be Practical With Your


Give Your Family Lasting, Useful Gifts:

tht! b

& 5'


- -

. ,

i i

-' ^ "Ai" '1 6 "

- I

18 rt ~


r rl~t;

Mas o.

In taij '


(Save space for' '.
large families .* ^
wift smui:'';1
rooms) ,:.

L M** ',;., e


(0t ywifaarantee)
,OF q n


1 I*P'

.F: glr-

tk Rubb1*r W ,.,,

.- r of p.t.*T .. ,
..., .,;.:.i


.;:~ n-~-
k ;`25'~-~

i. r;
.I ~

''d; X ';

~-~ i ~


'7 11* A
?T TiA3 umj

i 6:~
C.e I

.- TEL

^...- .-,.


Meal Beds



I mme
.at and all
Wira In a Allamd

hable, odorl -, i ...
_l f uirnis a'. o "o.


(For subhr, u Mober 1
14~~ C b 4


'~~~~ '. i '
..~l~r ,.._ .,
I i '


.~ .ill!


SYou Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classifieds!

SI.eaie lou, Ad milh one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panami
M 2 5

No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

. Le'is SerniLe
SNo 4 Tivoli A -e -Phone 2-2291 ana

M" orriuin'
" Fourth of .Jul A,.r Pnonie 2-0441


Salon de Belleza Americano
No 55 West 12th Street

Carlton Drug Store
10.059 Melendez Ave.-Phone 255 Col6n

.Propaganda, S.A.
Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones aan street corner Edtudante St.
No 3 Lot.erv Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-2214 and 2-2798

";. H ,, i ,h ol l _,I \ ,,n m ,. 0
FOR SALE--Lae Porc 1s d: TE FREE! FREE!
Fro~c r .E g c i : C' cl. Ir Fo, All
sroucer r K Dabl c STUDEBAKER OWNERS DP.
Fiom No.v 1~. thru Nov. 22nd. E
F- SALE .-Thr.e D.ece Rarran lur- ur Studebaker .,ll Be Greased and t
lure .)'ble ard :hc'r Q`,i. completely ir.nxected free of charge
13.-B T- : : I u'unaou. Vistf our ..hop and Display room.
a 42 in; .:, i.ahogan table 24 S. A.
24 ,'-no .e: ectr.r alarm cl,, I Below El Ranchol
.5 c,cle Pr,ce: rea-oabli 0CiJ-0 Tel 2-0825 Box 428 F
A. Herrcl r.:ad. Anon Phone FOR SALE.-1952 Lincoln Hard Top C
..342 Capri Coupe. like new, only three b
FdR SALE -RPu. Aleuioder Smrt- months old. Will accept trade-in.
9 x1 1. new c,.t 'I:1'. ii) v..II iell financing also available. Telephone FOF
or $'75.C00. Beige Panama 2-4721 ask for Mr. Hen- S
floral desigr House 131 C.rcle rauezr or Auto-aow No. .9 for a P
.ew Cristobol Phone 3-2801. oemonstraton. FOFI
FOR SALE -BerdK Laundromat. 25 30% DISCOUNT 30% P
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Se1, HooEr Vacuum with aitoch- To Service Your Car P
lpentr. fiber rug set. Swedish wa- AGENCIAS PAN AMERICANAS, FO
ter and vwne glasses 2 bra'is S. A.
bridge lamps, call Albror-k 82. IBelow El Rancho)
1 1 -1 11 er5

WANTED FOP SALE -1951 Oldsmobile De
Mifpre. ----m- nmle: proclically new. Hvdroma-
American coup'e de',re: 3 cr 4 iC..:,~ t and radio. $2.300. Can be
fUrni.hed apoatrrent ,n Rella \ to1 Iranced House .768 Apt. A, Bal-
os Sano Froicis.o Call Allen boca. C. Z.
',/icklund. Pa,.inr. 13-198 FOR SALE 1949 Ford Custom.
WJTED.-Dee tree:e. 60 cle. 1 26.000 miles, $1.000. Finance
eet men's gall club Phone 3- available Phone after 4 p.m. Cu-
ln~n r-1., Af4

you have a dritklg peeblenf
Write Alcaheliem Aeniimus. so
203' Aneon C. Z
SWENDEHAKE. Medical clinic.
studiante Street No. 140. Be-
ween "K" and "J" street. Phone

R SALE:-Pair registered Great
lane dogs. champion stock for
reading. Telephone Balboa 1606.
I SALE. Silver Racoon, coal
ize 14. Tel. 4-588. House 297.
edro Miguel. Call 5 to 7 p. m.
SALE:-Registered Great Dane
puppies, fawn with black mask
telephonee Balboa 1606.

SSALE- 3 piece livingroom
uiie. Good condition. $65. House
1759 apartment "B" Williamson
lace. Balboa. Call after 5 p. m.
SALE:-6 chairs (Club Stylel
15.00 each. 2 sofas $4000
ach. 2172-B. Curundu.


LOST -Large black brief case con-
rarlng records of Cristobol Lodge
No 2. I.O.O.F. Finder return to
Margoarita Florist, Cristobal. C Z.
No quest-ons ask. Reward $25 00.

Iuz Iunu o i4.
ucn iuauOu iLOST Female Dalmatian dog, dis-
WANTED-One or two refrigerators. FOR SALE: Highest bidder. Re- appeared Tuesday from Calle Uru-
kerosene. 7 or 8 feet Inquire Pan- posessed 1949 Hudson Convertible iuay No. 18. Medium size, white
ama American. and 1949 Mercury 6 pass Coupe. with permanent black marking.
Must be sold. Make an offer. has green color. Call John Lerom.
"Antoac" 15th. & Melendez. Co- 3-1 I 14. Panama
Democratic -
( 'ed rom Pae THREE) FOR SALE:-1950 Buick 4 Door R.-
(tCl ued from Page THREE) vera. Dynaflow, radio. Price $1,-
tltely yes"--Stevenson should 675 00 0779-J, Williamson
he the new lead r Place. Balboa. Phone 2-1503.
J. Howard Myers. Democratic FOR SALE:-1932 De Soto Coupe 5,
chairman in West Virginia. said new tires Good transportation.
A.l power won because of his I Roaom No 259. Hotel Tivoli.
i' QDIor a--u eal larse turnout
certIn fr lin- for a change in E ON
*=cIr n ituat:oii He called FE _,_ONA LS
A son the "best candidate IHUMAN ENGINEERING. Corrective
1 Jbegan to vote in 1922. and Adlustment of the Body Struc trew
PPV to follow Stevenson." GEORGE D. BARB. JR., No. I F
inla n E -B. Donnell ofrFlo- 7th. Sr.. Tel. 2-3833. By Appoint.
5tMaltd the way for the Demo- ment.
to regain power is to
"tch and se? GOP mistakes."
nv,'7 believe Stevenson is the
=rI N"to lead the party. al etk Youlh Week
ob Arvey of Illinois. a
' atob Stevenson supporter l or M 233
enower won because of For
rsonal Dopularitv. hero
ip. I don't believe the The Catholic Youth Organiza-
ocretle nartv has lost any tion has proclitded Nov. 23
eth. The people still be- thru 30 as Catholic Youth week.
In the party but wanted to Plans for the week's schedule
rt the nation's affair to of activities have been approved
shower. If Ike and his fol- by Fr. Joseph Konen. C. M.
es don't continue tho r De- superior of the American Vin-
ratic policies they'll be centlan Fathers In Panama and
tamd out." the Canal Zone.
'rle. i 86Mklln of Inlina During this week there will be
stamnorted Stevenson for the special activities such as field
lelership and said many news- Mass. radio programs. children's
vaqers nut out "rotten propaean- movies, retreats. religious and
de for Stevenson In rebuilding other social events for the be-
t i'rarty he suggest.-d Democrats nefit of the Catholic vouth Each
usmtelevisinn to "get the facts to parish will arrange its oro.rani
ft!eoplc.,, under the direction of their
spiritual director.
All the young people will de-
vote their spiritual intention for W O'S HOLDIN O
R SALE: 1949 Chevrolet the conversion of Russia and Aarpemouth bass prevw it
edoor tlBtIne DeLuxe. peace throughout the world. es- a problem.for Ittle Susan s -
Ion plastic seat covers. 5 specially in Korea. mons Oneto. Of course, it wasn't
es almost new. radio. It is expected that all civic Susan who hooked the hefty
ly one owner. Easy pay- and military leaders and the catch, one of many taken from
t. Phone Paraue Le- general public will Rive all their N. C.e resh Ponds by Ng Head
e 3-4664. cooperation in making this week N Oceanrd by t A
a successful one. Oce (Al


Williams' Santa Clara Beach cot-
tages. 2 bedrooms, refrigeration.
Rockgos ranges. Dolboo 2-3050.
PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. The
only court in Santa Clara with an
Oceanvlew from all cottages. Steps
to beach, Rock Gas, refrigeration.
barbecue and shuffle board. Pan-
ama 3-1877, Margarita 3-1673,
Box No. 435 Blalboa.
Casino Santa Clara. Dance music by
Casino Aces. No reservations ne-
cassary, Saturday and Sunday.
Gramlich Santa Clara beach-
cottages. Electric Ice boxes, gas
stoves, moderate rates. Telephone
6.-441 Gamboa. 4-567 Pedro Ml-
two and five room furnished and
unfurnished apartments; private en-
closed gardens. 8061. 10th Street.
New Crlstobol. Telephone Colon:
Real Etatr e

Sealed bids will'be received u11il
10:30 A. M., November 20. 192.
in the office of the Superintendoynt
of Storehouses. Balboa. for one.lot
of 16 Quarters and 2 Garage Build-
ings located on Empire Street, Bal-
boa. Form of proposal with full par-
ticulars may be secured in the offices
of Superintendent of i Storrehasrs.
and the Housing Manager at Balboa
FOR SALE: Two bedroom beach
cottage with electric and water
supply. 3,409 mts. Write Mr.
Stevenson, Box 344 Curundu, C
Z or phone 2138.

Vels Armistice Ball

Setl For tonight

At Legion feu.
Calling all Veterans and 8er-
vicemen! Tonight is that night
you cannot afford to miss. It is
the United Veteran's Armistice
Day Ball. sponSored by the vet-
erans organizations on the Isth-
mus and it's is being held at
the. former Sa~ash .Ciub. Home
of Post No. 1 Ameican Legion.
The "Who's Who" of the Vet-
erana of Foreign Wars. United
Spanish War Veterans and the
American Legion will be there.
Tuwk that dollar back in votu
pocket, buddy; Admdinln' is bY
uniform. membbeship card or
proof of aservide only. You ma'
bring guests at no charge. If
you attend In civvies, please
wear a coat. The dress of your
lady Is opltonak
For those desiring dinner. a
"Vet's SpeciaP' diner of elsht
courses will be served, featuring
roast beef au Jus. at the very
reasonable price of .75. begin-
ning at 5:80 p. m. until 8:30.
At this time the. dulcet
rhytma of Phil Arcurl's band
will take over until the wee
hours of the morning.
Armistice Day service will be
held at the Balboa Stadium at
10:30 a. m. tomorrow. In at-
tendenee willbe. Lt. General
McBride and other dignitaries.

Minimum tor 1t words.
3c. each ad~ltH l word.


RATS are
Pat & .Mouse Killer
(contaUni ARP'ARIN)
M11 Central Av. Tel. 3-i40

.rr o-ti at* o ,OOM

77 Agte aw

Tranportts Bxtc. S. A.
Shipping, ilng. tot age.
VWe psok, rimd rate or move
anythln' I*haone 2.2451,
2-2562. PML atrL

" -'DtM3O*'T. MI tL- '

feIturlne the mbCa. :,
de roe .
Prayers will bE g'en by
Veren Gray, of 0Ct1o, R.
verend naldo, .
and Rabbi Witkem- ; -
'Little ils Forz s ..WIse ki
lead the 4alutet tothe fa and
the 14t Army hal ,will useo
ride thd e islc. >
All -vehtens are urn, a t6,
gather at the Juni6r SBho ,to
uniform at 10 a. tn. to fIon a
parade to the stadium. Thk Air,
Force Band will fartilah 't
marching music.
S "1 1 i

., ,,N .l f k, .* : .. .

Radio Pograms
Your Commonity otmot

Wbken. JOO."AO 4iW4 MMe t
y ~Presen~ts '

Today, Monday, NoT. 1U
P M. '.
3:30-Musi for Mad
4:00--Musc Without Woros
4:15--ngers on Parae
4:30.What'sTour Fav.r ite
(Agendea Stear)
5:20-What's Your Favorite
'5:35-What's Your Favorite
6:3BI-Peptone Hour
:45-Lowell ThomAs
7:00-Take It From Here (BBC)
7:45-Here Comes Louis Jordan
8:00--vening Salon
:45-U.P. Commentary
9:0--Japk Smith Show (VOA)
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,i30--Playhouse Favorites
:0r.f-The World at Your Win-
-dow (BBC)
tlliO ,The Owl's Nest
IaWlrifght-Sigs Off.

Tuesday, Nov. 11
,:0.-S-Wgna On Alarm Cloe
7:3o-MornmU n Salon a
8; f-Mpnxnn Varieties
8:0-MusIc Makers
S:456fHawallan Harmonies
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ip; I-Off the Record
Il -- Qff the R.cord (Contd)
et the Band
wa -
. uncheon Music

10-30-varietvy iesdbn (BBC)
t11:ln-T'pe.Ow rl'as et -eIs
it:00-Sign Off. ;

, ps 9nibt:
VOA--blteeo Af Aai .
BBC-Br itsh Br &d 01i IS ltI
Corr. ', .
.RDF-Radlodiffuson JreaM lI

role fenoval contest ;I
V'OGTON (W ) .l
fkaond Tit
. id it
^i~ :r afc^

2-. s:

"LOS u
ma thOu
with Jid
the P

nd eunuru
and Be~a

Israel Sorrows Over i a i

Of President ChainmWeia i

REHOVOTH, Israe, Nov.0.1. here rather than st Saftui
-- UP)--The young attoh o dm 'mm l Mount Hial,-m'
Israel sorrowed yesterday over ?Toddr f- loU .
the death of Dr. Co h W- a .. "
mann, the scentt-attms Qr tb- .i:
who became president f B ud; t
first Jewish homeland aPlts ho ,"'
Biblical days. .. W l2l
Welzmann died at h borne hfibo
at 5:55 .- m. yesterday of ar. b .i
gina paetorlt. The prealtlent, p l
who w Ud have been. 7_NoV, .imf *
27, l2a suffered aUW WJtatm- O lW. aNdI
matloa :o t he reaphator .I. .,
tract far more than. -'. arI Prea itt 1r. .
and had been bed-ridden M s.ateal k B;-1ir
maqy months. u t Par i MiUL
Loudipeakers cut .aross 4w i Rttitjr e
bustling crowds that atreSm-
ed out to lunc oh ti~ rea.
normal 'WOrklt Sundayr' and
gave ti neiae of the pre~ -3 OlR -' *
dent's th, !I .
S bjckeAjAI~b..=",tr
eaA. "E 07Rmn IM

(ceatiDIa Cf~ijjsRa~bfEl

ga .

e body the ]
'i state Jast a

tkds o ofr 1mourte

fla h as
"1 '**. .. "
:.L.b "^:."^~~qb

INN mmw .


1s, 2nd 6th, 7th RACES

.Ird and 9th RACES

5th Race

Purse: $600.00

"D" Importeds


T' ; ',". .
.*__ f',i ,n J i.,

'*'^ ^ .. ,' '.t? .+.

-' ..' I..1. .
.,.." ... .. ..-*- ,.:,

i -.,i.


6i/ Fgs. | 6th Race "1-I, i

Pool Coses: 2:55 p.m.

1. GRISU ............... .. I'. Ortega

CARMELA II .............. Rodrigues

ANGLIA .................. K. Flores




4. NEWMINSTER .............. J. Bravo 112

5. PIROPO II ................ B. Agirre 120

.. : ...-




MIN ...* ,i .
THE DIA9ig .i.S % i

- ,.r 6~

"F" +


*- .
B,.f : E-*"
Tr-.' i1 .!. ^ ,', .+. ,; -:
r ,* -.* +( ..




For the convenience of
our patrons we are now
operating both at the


r :.
~~ r
.~ds~icrft~ ~L~ ~" "~"
B.i~ -
iil~ ';dB1-gnd-g~..


U d1T1~i'

.*/ 'V
n 3r

f...P sr

-- I ~P.---.-~ .;'--..~~.-- --- r



-- --

,," .i ^ .**.'

r~i m- Ano I


I ec

: .- .
. o n

-., C a ,


t",-. l -_ ,';.-a


01.6-- &A-WF Anf

."MT .DAILT N j-

awr the arrival aq theirs j
U 0 0 1 b in W RI. F i.E I' _&7 .

S tb*alf. ,. .nt Ec% n El i an. b brother piranhas are andqhot three persona to death.
"erI Dee cW h ever have ~ b
ba hendonh he pa huntk ter In captivity for Dr udel a Cl)FPE
at of llu a naum s. h, tried the same Wall, 5. a tie -wr veteran
Sand th el with O w eit r O rs who waswo Italy,

C 'OB a o- .h h A the sh bout tW" and eided tfo reur.
1. eLme o t "I' 4W.Icame downt the opr d, or to -bthe folks back home; a' limited
S hne.see e i found one and The te id l
.. Ma ei h mes Jene a e The vietimsb ae of them
g.. -S. a ,;B. isn o. s wi mmLia aren't k~ id Ins wa MA Itantl, r quantity of
5 ,i f tht s e ta PamI 52, r e

trFr pt ege "ritl vin W sLuick, 55. AU the victm s C
sue I still had all my ." e. fo ea i Kraemer quoted Walls assay-
ney livet but Wwul k e .-o njy about oev- about his trousers.
sn f t fito sink their re.shoarp _th In an statement mad
t a m b long eanid Krae- mer, Walls sad heco JUAN PA
who a t is" wS ith brid 8 darig d t.tli.mch llned earlier to Prca l about

t ad b tidonatn w rexa w^tener in t aaa tats., For 1g coo TW s |U N
a- thtt ao p op e a;h V t t oe h weusrs
)abui S' ay' u s Cs ina. lb Freque 'art trousers, but got no sati- (.
r aw FrequentlythatsdoInreatrainlight-faction.FROM
.e.ell a, o oork out r ral'nDo tihellt n ad-. i" ghto- He said he- to thinn
mi tWioft world p eate hnes o t a4 hash with bout it" and doeid reuir.

S" r"'t '61Mc Iy Movietit Teeeth.
tiToav i ah u, Go toahe lm pa elde "I intended to kill those
In s'ads.: ss- Inower-mofl-n ge lt t :e II I did not get satlasfa n,'
S Preldent man Irey has lt a 0 Wa lN, Utd emerUALITY,

*a -t downade aeldlone hnht IO,0t0,000 piranha| ". e .. r-

94'HWOf rb drought has exende* ,nto or S S Is tmme
i lunch- ntthv Aus ted qf a foot and a The detective said Wlls apy -
S:30- .m. t sometm held ovr a I o op "Hee a sep- atrently "went berserk."
of Usual #0 mph, of boilng *lth thy fish ft d, Ra vpsitM D Walls said be MADE -IN GERMANY

tl a BArkansaTa d BIG |vISU | during World PRIZES and RELEASE! $300 IN CASH! .
a T bI~ TMm: Arthur *9 o Th threarteulnedr with a ANft OTHER P11ZES!
p. hsla vigo InorCa o[ tfrd deteastene wthnq. a II. Originally rom" RAPTURE"
day. i tf.-Mri'n. an l an sah. That for of third O de eiu I'n f -^ ^ ^ ^ ^
k toIed to bring tonin usally produce if i. Ala., Walls said he had.
;am t o itl O deidled aaed t-las to' *4po* sbl 0,.i AU dem~ .e a BELLA VIasTA TRtheouPICAL
SIJte.. wrred reslt. s etai Ms.t"L hTeold tm wehey sine the war and moved toFr
0o I.t 7weret ouht"pr she sliced waukee In SeptembeLt!
BD. -. E a... a orme kope.r before theT en- mixed white and ndkro neigh-
S4Oeefl10 ~i ful to the Canal Zone Post Office!
at.h is an fco at
:a dg. Clu wito~_ DRIVE-INI
tI ?,-a s C o mm wI
a I r t he ao4o i co addh~w f h tshreat.ened to- ..C U E
BenteeoofCthe VAOWbTedesOne
tioca te I o Cormre r day"t aqta. dt st dutbowlin Redesined JUAN PALOMERAS
to The .OhsBor'a azationanl dD VE THAT .
to.un u rai sid n .'I hurt and THU Nl
tend andw~~ o Ioto'will o. mir a t d grmnt l 1t th states. A
at rtop fLAIpGFETtiEo+
It -towease Me rs.e gC*ftzent has
Red r% .s.ond ons. M
Itt' itS frafeei. is6 Movintimn availablT!
mthe fafr o3bUUDsn-"tI, C111to 1.11e O 1g'W MISQa'
M or di t40 with
novelty Hawaiian Program i300tO1 r01d585 *3 i haeittonra',wo

n %dalw. rws a, u. t thruhnBoutthe...
F-j rought n 4Xo ou s color I NAmusI

-T t. .hl U No w .H a Less President Ttrmanm ready baa &NE _, '__'
Al rnao ..b 1ava.l e a C 1000

ar' d b ds i PEDRO MIGUEL 41t. kEL
Spring Ad. "THE, REPEL SOW"
6to.-129.1'%, o The drought1has extendfl into YES ES1fl9UL lC, IJ. A" wit h AD. E ROT n C DiSON FRMANK
MIA, a.2othe falll ard- fi er no 19ngr GATL
b~h am prIouts Out Br'a pd look hopefnt'r id the es.LIl V44A= Pum. BUCHM BEWME
to .1 1, ftso. imn a cmat-t e.
th, ems CS E N T RAL LoUOCK

Ubd L 0 P1. Arkansas, IG PRIZES end RELEASE! -$300 IN CASH!.
eb__lt_ "O from AcIa OTHERS Pnm1sC
I.ewThe Agriculture Department
ta9 t,',.~- wh hiad became seriously~ ~romup Om s a Plus the Release! RPTURE
5rs UU%015 W thd $ ment's staff "'h YOUND!
1103 e m: w es, and ta e r ifl w ork in trying g 'W -V v e W ftb a
It"t 1tMtd -t-o ~' 'f possible new dust bUowL ; BELLA VISTA ,, .
Az, early as June the 4prt-g
--.j Ehotr UOU hentt warned ,thAt t h From the L n h-Loaded John
..-. +wsa thexiot s"pmdnM! +lsk of ,a BST SELLER! LUD
tLocLte i9' S Meets th late l W's. Fm.
.4 UMaSao warned then aboqt t he
IWeek ]ro s Tosbrrow -Wand every effort In the
'.L.. -" months ws -mafe to' -
Ordto a=+.o i& ..,n
Bstoather 4 ; BKADZ

.""'R F U B A R B" Also: "NAGANA"
w-tt4J gya% ,. C $-'- fi.n t.e. dlate ..
a a result of the driest

4 i

* More

o More
S- m n

Slasting scent
I t ecthoes the fragrance
f Aquamarine Lotion)
...captured in an
le-smooth, jewel-blue

.. e s to-'t he-
IintIhi'...8 f"agr'" 'a" ne 'i e
.like s: ,a br.,fl_; ,- wi our t Va
fagrUcS lftger .ad
,lingu~ hlur .lr ......
., -. .. -, ,- ,
.. :. ., t ,, .,. :.... .*

S- and.-
June HAVER William

and -
"F.B. I. GIRL"


IA A L June Allyson, In "THE GIL MEN WuWn
SJane Powell, in "NANCT GOES TO 10"



i. !'
A.* *


J .a-



* : 4 i

a -,as~


;~ ~~. l ;. -I~"i "' '''" a~.
i'm*shmn mdIn

6 1 ":. .. "
-- -4 -

"t **m*Wu nuua .prDAL AA

BHS-CHS Bare Eds I

Football Results Conne

SOUTH Kirksville 52 Rolls Mines 19
Ga. Tech 45 Army 618. W. Mo. St. 7 Cape Gir'deao 0
Navty 46 Duke 6 Kent State 34 Akron 14'
Tennessee 22 L. S. U. 3 Omaha 60 Mo. Central 6
Miss. State 49 Auburn 34 McPh'son 72 Bethany lKant 13
Kentucky 27 Tulane 6 Ottawa 26 Col. Emporia 20
'Allbams 42 Chattanooga 201Mo. Valley 27 W.m. Jewell 13
o8. Carolina 35 .Citadel 0 E. Cen. Okla. 22 N W. Okla. 9
Virginia 34 North Carolina 7 W. Il. 38 So. Ill. 7 Noted navigator Choppy Wh
l as. Sotuhern 50 F.S.U. 21 N. E. Okla. 25 Central Okla. 7 who lately guided a yacht act
... t. & Mary 35 V.P.I. 15 Peru 13 Kearney 7 the ocean seas to Tahit,.mm
West Virginia 39 V.M.I. 21 Tarklo 46 York 0 landfall again Satuiday nigh'
Stetson 19 Car. St. 19 Conc'dla iNeb) 39 Sterlin 24 He ran aground in about
,,,,Memphis St. 29 Louisville 25 St. Olaf 25 Ripon 6 most spectacular spill yet se
',N. ,C. State 25 Wash & Lee 14 Hamline 21 Carleton 7 on a Panama speedway, i
.,Jiebward 7 Southwestern U. 6 No. Mich. 27 Cedarville 19 stove-in his shoulder to the i
* Miss Co. 32 Hendrlx 14 Wayne 34 Great Lakes 19 tent of a broken collarbone. I
Sewanee 48 Centre 14 Sethanv 32 Marietta 0 he remounted, in pain, and fi
..,Fort Eustis 33 Fort Lee O Kansas Wes. 27 Bethel lQ shed the race.
. Davldson.38 Richmond 19 Ia. St. Tchrs. 47 So. Dak. St. 34 Also beached by the sal
.. ory & Henry 33 W. Car 0 N E. Mo. 52 Mo. Mines 19 wreck was Ray Magan, who a
l~a nd.-Macon 26 Hamp-Syd. 26 Ft L'nard Wood 7 Co. At'by 6 roaring into the bend'hub by h
fMuiray St. 20 Middle Tenn. 13 Ohio Northern 35 Flndlav 14 with White when he fell.
Quttico 42 Fort Jackson 21 Knox 21 Cornell (Ia.) 20 Left well afloat was sligl
W. Ky 48 E. Ky 6 Beloit 27 Milwaukee 0 voung Bob Conneely, who ci
Camp LeJeune 62 Cherry Pt. 14 Kalamaoo 27 Hillsdale 20 elected the night's top honors
'leart AFB 35 Donaldson 0 Alblon 49 Adrian 0 his first racing outing qn a t
*-BrLgewater 13 Newport N. 0 Olivet 6 Grand Racids JC 6 machine
Cen. St. Cal. 27 Ky. State 6 No. Dak. St. 33 So. Dak. U. 7 Only It igs that tumbled fas
Furman 27 Presbyterian 6 Ill. Wes. 13 Augustana 7 er than t.nite and Magan we
Mami V's 13 Apex. AF 0 St. Procoplus 7 Eureka 7 Panamanian 400-meter tra
ion 20 Nsewberry 14 Elmhurst 19 No. Central 12 speedway records. There w
n. Tch 21 E Tberrynn 13 Principia 19 Ill. Col. 13 not one of the left at the e1
Ss Tech 7 8. 7. La Rose Poly 35 Aurora 7 of the night.
A Inst. 18 La. Col 7 Hanovre 20 Taylor 0 Conneelv joined the Isthmus
SManchester 14 Ind. Cen. 13 small galaxy of speedway sta
EAST Franklin 7 Anderson 6 with a meteoric whoosh. Ti
Pyracuse 25 Penn State 7 Earlham 27 Wilmington 13 surprise form he had.shown
Georgia 34 Penn 27 Ark. St. 26 Pittsburgh (Kan1 7 practice Thursday night in
Bosten U. 14 Temple 14 Hiram 34 Kenyon 7 no fluke. Even smaller a'
4. Dartmouth 38 Columbia 14 Dayton 31 Marshall 14 slighter than last year's char
*,.Holy Cross 13 Colgate 7 Wartburg 27 $impson 14 pion Eddie Armistead,. Connee
Princeton 41 Harvard 21 Mich. Nor. 14 111. St. Nor. 14 took his Indian racing moui
- F0rdham 12 Clemsop 12 Xavler (0.) 13 John Carroll 7 round the track with vast s
New Haven 19 Adlephi 7 Ba'd-Wallace 34 Mt. Union 7 plomb. No one could bustle hi
W.,Maryland 6 Drexel 0 Cen. Mich. 41 Ch'st'n Tchrs. 0 into making a-mistake.
Rochester 33 Hamilton 6 La Crosse 26 St. Cloud 14 Fastest machine on the track
Norwich 20 Wesleyan 6 Wyoming 20 Kansas State 7 was White's Triumph.
elaware 43 Penn. M. C. 20 Towa State 55 Drake 7 Riding with better form tha
.. tirmont 7 Cal. (Pa' 0 C. Mich. 41 E. Ill. 0 he has previeuly shown on
:.3lkes 15 Moravian 6 Friends 1 Baker U. 7 400 et trac, White ha
,WMash. & Jeff. 41 Upsala 21 No. Dakota 20 Morningside 6 pocketed about all the record
.tM Michael's 53 Champlain 7 Washburn 41 Southwestern available, to hi before he fe
:4Juilata 7 Grove City 0 Monmouth 28 Grinnel early n the final event.
-West Chester 55 Millersville 6 Austin Peay 26 Troy St. 7 He remounted, and was con
Gettysburg 35 Dickinson 7 Ala. St. 28 Ark. St. 6 stently lapping faster tha
Westminster 26 Allegheny 20 Bluffton 19 Defiance 7 shtently p Conneely o
1nd. (Pa.) 21 St. Francis 20 Maryv' (Tenn) 21 Crs.Newm' 7 second place Magan before hi
'MOrrisvlle 38 N. Y. Aggles 6 Tenn Weslewvn 34 Hiwassee 13 second place m t pectacula
< ringfield 14 Cortland 14 SOUTRHWST s cra ,
Waner 32 Susquehanna 26 Texas 35 Baylor33 h r h h
Silbight 21 Lebanon Valley 10 S.M.U. 21 Texas A.M. 13 White rides with the mill t
T 'enton 21 Montqlair 19 T..U. 27 Wake Forest win and he ha to watch thi d
T'rlilty 7 Amherst 0 Rice 35 Ark4nsas 38 ndt ill to atchthis de
Nat. Aggies 44 Gallaudet 24 Midwestern 21 W. Teas St. 13 te p ac
SLMhigh 6 Muhlenberg 13 E. Te. At. 54 Step. F. AUStin 7 M &e Rl
Rutgers 21 Lafayette 6 Trinity (Tex) 40 Sul-Ross 227 ble rMa -t b S 'aldg eln Pa
Coast Guard 49 R. P. 1. 12 No. TNx. St. 34 Texas Tech 19 able, aM *-intc odecpgi A.
ketown 21 Connecticut 13 Idaho Col. 55 Nat. U.N. Mex. 20 nada. P'st first tdel A
?owdoin 33 I aine 14 Southern Et: 27 S.E. O1s. 14T ri e on W.f t W rs ti
Rates 17 Colby 0 McMurray 27 N. Mex. A&M 14 In panama, did-iaote pear te
ofatts 44 Kings Point 20a Prairie V'w 44 Texas Col. 12have the gin ktp ote either
Skode Island 55 Brooklyn 7 Ole Miss. 6 HuRdton o White r-Connedy mnce. either of
dlebury 19 Vermont 12 Tulsa 42 Villanova 6 these riders ad open up
"'25 New RHamp. 13 Texas A.&J 14 How.: yne 7 lad.
20 Hobart 20 Abillne Chr. 38 AuistliC.C Q. f lUnet rider aore probab
W n 25 Haveford 7 FAR WEST. .-MWdel shlared White'
Johns.Hopkins 33 Swarthmore 9 New Mexico 15 De 'Wr 0 lnce on shared white'
Lock Haven 32 Mansfield 7 Utah 4 Colo.. triu n. on he. Jan-rn
Frak. A Marshall 68 Ursinus 19 So. Cal. 54 Stalford 7 trast lt season r.luck
Aan..Int. 42 Brandeis 19 Washington 22 Calitornla Wlth oin Conn betr.oluc
Clrlon 12 Slippery Rock 0 Wash. State 19 Oregop 6 could s el t int
B/ualo 12 St. Lawrence 6 Idaho 27 Montana o nerdIi o the title est
ti boro 19 Geneva 0 San Diego Mar. 21 Parria Is. 12 of T tebcew season.'
nlippensburg 46 Cheyney 6 Colo. Col, 49 Ft. Hays 0 Only hitch-. n' tae-.Panani
Ca4 May C, G. 31 Pha. Port 0 Colo. State 35 Western St. 0 Motoryelinl O 1a I o n '.s
nb'ge 53 Patuxent Navy 6 U.C.LA. 57 Oregon State B smooth sfii, the
eorWicb 29 Worcester 12 N. Mex. West. 14 Arizona St. 7 evening's reolng war pa f
West Libertv 14 Potomac St. 12 N. Mex. H'l'ds 21 Cp. Carson s pede. of assorted. o
Scranton 26- Kings 21 San D'go NTC 56 Cp. Pend'n 14 si*cttors to the, W
Monas- Kings 21 San Mmgo Nlsa56rC,
MIDWEST Pan H'dle AI&M 7 Sw aol. 0ClI Staytdn feA
Notre -Dame 27 Oklahoma 21 Whitman 7 Cen. Wash. 0 race. Staytoatn,
Mich. State 41 Indiana 14 Pac. Luth'n 20 E. Wash. 19 11nore than his fta te of r
Michigat 49 Cornell 7 E. Arizona 14 Mesa. JC 13 l time on the gr& r)
Wieconsin 24 Northwesteren 20 Colo. Mines 34 AdamS St. 28 An. accident is affair 'of
P ttsburgh 21 Ohio State 14 Compton 31 Stockton 6 the official medSll! .em .-
lpuduqI Minnesota 14 San Jose St. 44 Brig. Young 27 whichw'As quickly'oonIt'e scene
ob 31 Iowa 13 Santa Barbara 2T Pepperdine 6 in BtaUyon's core. .
Nebraska 14 Kansas 13 Boise JC 57. Ricks 0 -trnuders-rMuni.h e
Missouri 27 Colorado 7 Fit. Amp. 33 Barstow Cal. 0 only menaced tlteats and -
Dubuoue 16 Upper Iowa 6 Carroll tMont) 34 Wesm'ter '6 more important, otherl"pers.
idelberg 28 Case 7 Willliamette 35 Linfield 14 New PanamarWan 4f0-meter
Swl'g Green 56 Youngstown 0 Fresno St. 59 Nevada 32 track records established Satur-
enson 21 Oberlin 6 Pomona 28 Whittler 1;4 day night, together j#th pre-
W. Reserve 18 W. Mich. 13 W. Wash. 51 U. of Brit. Col. 0 vious record holders; are:
Lke Forest 54. Depauw 0 Whittier 28 Claremont 14 One lap: Choppy White, 22.9
Dodge City 38 Ind. J. C. 6 Arizona 18 Tempe 20 secs. (Bill Hidalg, 2123:ses.I
oe 12 Lawrence 6 NEGRO Four lap: Chopp White, 1
Tntler 33 Wash. (Mo1 20 Fla A.&M. 19 N. C. A.&T. 12 min. 32.2 sees. (Ray Magan, 1:-
7pledo 20 Bradley 14 Xavier 22 Clark 1 39.8.)
Dital 20 Otterbein 19 N. C. ol. 14 J. C. Smith 0
linclnnati 41 Ohio U. 7 Allen 20 Benedict 0Morehouse
,Ohb Wes. 36 Musklngum 14 Claflln 12 Paine Morhouse 7 Savanah St. 27
Onmouth 28 Grinnell 13 Hamptson Inst. 34 Howard. Lincoln (Pa) 7'.8 Ps h ol.
Oer 41 Ashland 0 So. Car. St. 26 Tuskegee 7 Lincoln (Mo)1 Ja.
Wit ~btrfe 26 J. Milllkin 20 Ellz. City 12 FayettevllUe 6 Alcorn :3M Ar A.M 13
birk 26 J. MillikinState 23 W. V 1a 3 t.
Wheton 19' Valparaiso 6 Southern U. 105 Bishop 0 Va tate 22 W. Va St.
blash 39 Ball State 19 Livingstone 14 Voorhees 7 Rust )3 KnT6iloo 12
a ia St. 13 St. Benedict's 0 Ala. A.&M. 38 Ala. State 12 Alramt t. Knoxvll 0
t. 2St Kan. St. Tchrs. 7 St. Augustine 12 Win. Salem Mogan '34. Leland 0
eddla 48Te Duluth (Minn) 7 ly 18 Langston l un 20

. *


with matching SLACKS

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FOR MEN all sizs.

* *


ely Cops eingHonors

SW gan S l

' ,: '


. ; "

ly speedway races at the tlont IStadium.-. JdaI o, one of thip. d'i favoriteri ik stasop,
nt four too mgny.nower and ter maiohlns 'on the track Saturd night ~o.his. havy iar-
a- ley-Davidson to repeat its earlier suceewe. -
Eight laps: Choppy White, 3:-
k 10.4 (EddleArmnistead, 3:13.
TEn laps: Cho p White :58,8
t (Ray M agan; ,4.:6.)
a Fifteen laps:. ob -Consedtly
d 5:52 tEddle Ailmste~tl, 6:0,)
as Riders and theilt machlbs raM-
11 ing Saturday night ere':, 0hop-
py White, Thumph 650.; .Ray
Mgan Artel 500 cc.; B CtCon-
n neely, Indian 450 cc.i Bob Blun-
r dell, Vincent; Le0 iShar-
is pehsteen, BSA 850 cc.; mingo
tr MhS ,, Nonlon 500. cc.; Bill HI-
d Harley-Davidson cc.;
o j Wilkinson BSA 500 cc.;
.e ti.taytpn, BSA 500 ,; Chas.
- r HarlPeayDa-idson.750 cc;
v e ttail: (pb. e cb-
.itfelMl: (..] dpe "om-
- pleted ohe lab p alft atmixt num

t sees. % qbbannl f2
a efdh 23.2, 2 eqa; delll.
r Sharpenstein and nds, eac
f 24 HfIdago M2 Wii so8, 4.

i .TROFH DASH .. ,.
S (f6tar la) .o'. -s o.. the
1-White; i;1ain. 3 3W2;2-i how -the
SS-rMagan, 1:33. folk- t
-- ely, l :38.5. .
First'Het (egi t laps); St. .
i ton, 1; Sharpenstein, 3:2 : ...
2; .Wl on, 4.30, 3. This wHa
the race Blundell appeared to
have in his pocket tflt its mqtor
uilt on the rern;: Oddly enough,
it w s -tyton fall that caused
the first :of the event
rii.Mr.r102 "f'L+ ~

lt i v LQA LtWUU'LA.
.1ecoAd. Heat. (eight lap)
g-an, S; lndi4 dalgo 5. .
BlunU.4:lH, Hinds, 4.,2;

.3:58.b lbf.magan, 2 'Conneez 3;

(IS laps)
1--onaeely, 5 rmins 52 sels. -

L2 dL

GIi- apt vtles will be the
mtdin spvrt attracton on Ar n-
tie ,wbAtltic nt nda-
emSthlews Womt op the
i b PIrk fior t


--. .*,' ,
., .
:A -" '" ," t

p ,

'tP ^ JS

of SIt ut I
or tn UB
right lil ipol
7Thi.. IIMt'i


it a esere;
get the Imp
0atll eL .

t -

s "; ", W ...J :.r
i,:" .' .... ,r *, ,- -.,,. -,* 1

"Oldsmobile's te t proves lit s l f od produ erif.d It R M I .ml Wk esp4.p-u.
rpc -
th the trend it started. '. .. -. ,4 '. .

j The ROC4ET EN'INE, lik -a""* r ,
pd car, the Oldsmobile, which te
W Jormance. Now, with a *m$l. M -t.atik- i'.
ng -It to keep pace with the- t rtT .
KY age with a performance punch., Id b- wit, ap I W f
.. .. ... NO .W .W F Z' ,. .

Throttle response of the S up -r.- ave an
S/throttle at any speed and there-I.s &n' Wge fo!*wrR. i
th itd reserve power. .-;- 'f .4. :, ... .. :

'Probably. no one thiqg Ifsmt kt'th
romance automobile
-,-.; ... .-

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- it' tt Zit JA
1w -9'

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Mrs. -Iay.
In oermI &i

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ww aw ua ... U a 4

tcMth FPooball Weeked
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As. ~


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AMYay tw isJpur urcou us
SEa th$tlat-t4 our future

'a. 4i6 .

ere's no -asurance Wi b
net year.
ae is urt now takig the
ir under advisemnt, Jor.
not certain he wants to be

aM&. I've got a Rs9usful

uAwnu o ubt'oOt m
-14 and her. '

S,.- HarMt S




~N~f~quaq s'pJOfl. .~a9~ ,aqgWa ~'i:
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S ,, *. "W '" .' '- 7;. ':- "

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'friers have never quteto"-
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he silky legence of mink-there's ttute for Braniff'
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Swhen you say "wer -lying ord tra velrs

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**.(?* A ^At


~I I

at ou l eep Prize California Backs RunWiW

Except When It Counts Most,
NEA Sports Editor
California men are still trying LACK IMAGINATION? -
,lOE"A figure it out. '.
*.TWr AINSl O if After seven games this Falr Berkeley graduated JLtfhk-
SIOOlAA, tla Golden Bears had the two er Lea Richter, the leM ofle
S-leding rushers of the ball in the has been felt. ,
Pacific Coast Conferente, high- q,1
-touted Johnny Olszewski and There is, however, no
il Powell, averaging 5.7 yards reason for the collap a
rattle. Remember when they offense, although it is
Si called Emil Sitko of one of the graduated Charley r
SNotre Dame varsites Six- splendid offensive enter. or
Bitko? The Bears had four Olze wa k I
Sinte first 10, Don Johnson shev-sk--s rep
avrigng astmuch as a flat 7 formidable coall
S. er. 52S carries, Paul Larson 7.5 the land and the- lang ,
er 42. Calif., Polish Pulvera u
plemented by young me a.
Silly Mais averaged almost 10 qua caliber.
Sa s per pass attempt, almost .a l
S per completion. Larson aver- The question nature
SeO.,8 l yards per punt return, Does the Caaliornia
tmu n 30.2 per kickoff return,. imagination?
fo. r a touchdown. It most certainly has a
Seorni a again was rated a- more important s
":. "e i,, aag the very top college teams The Bearswere shut ot A 4rf
f h e country at the outset this first time since Pappy
aAtumn, had its customary re- took over or in six
a table early foot running, Suthern California, wean
g h, around and over Col- to a single touchdown by
f of Pacific, Missouri, Min- this year and last.
"a a Oregon and Santa Clara.
** That -convinced practically all TROAP8 AND UCLAN 1
thoe alleged exerts that this SOMETHING To ATo Y
N ly was California's year, but
tt Waldorf's prime backs California was sunos hed
clb their toes and the de- practically invincible I t"
ens" yielded for the second and even more
.0 Q0t*aht year where It meant The Bears ran up 146
aoc again Southern Calif- their first four outings
U '.'l a and UMLA. blanked 8anta ClarL sat. .
"i4i" for flankers, both the end hwi
SaNi halfback splitting 10 yards The writer calls
orT more out. He has flanked New York from .-
boah halfback. early last season with
C '7y material at Yale Is not as writers of the San
4- oald .as I had at Villanova, but area. Billy had A than Loyola. a sprlative e t
." -- "rJ-M re's a football future han and passing
here. Now if f could just get my e
hasi on a back who can run,
Sa cn- THAN LO OA haven't a single inan who "Papp Waldorf ham them
far, "if I could et a good con- BET2 e THAN LOYOLA g .so all the way once we deep all the way sang
act." He was second in his class himloose." one set as good e
went. n to lead his clae scho. less. as Athletic Di- more where they ensI.
The b Ip cols who cli s at Villanova. There a tor Bob.Hall says, "Olivar has proclaimed the Pacrig ft.
lmaelf anri. wai.bornl ea fine tackle on UtPb us the finest coaching job authors. "This is toh t .te b am W lit m. Six years later he WO :. any campus this year.'" brutal." ,
J" 6 Jflbli Pghool took bac4it4 Villanova as head coach, Coach Art alemo of Villanova r.
m btm ha too smart. and A'ter producing a Bowl t says, "Jordan is the finest foot- It hasn't workedd out tMat m.
I wau lb1 l5 old wh in 1,M moved on to I Aball brain in the coutnry, bar against the good ones.
?as liver, '9 whfth dropped football tatnow.," southern California sadVI
ythat we 't permit- 1951. It's a -cinch Yale's not going to had something to say
pd to pa footbi ." Olivar Is a T disciple,. lfth let him drift away. that, you see. -



1 I



-,f .," -,





* W L
*hS t .II


.* .. ,.. -


Plane Contract

Under Fire


patNi D-iaDUPzc

eWASHINTON, Nov. 10 (UP)- "Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham LiUqCe
Sen. Styles Bridges (R-N.H.) to-
day demanded a full-scale inves-
tgation of the excessivee costs" TWENTY-EIGHTB YEAR. PANAMA, R. P., MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1952 : O E
of. an Air Force contract award-.
et the Kaiser-Frazer Corp. for
construction of C -119 cargo
Bridges, ranking Republican oniSen O W s I TTers In
both the Senate Armed Servicese* shower Names Siff.ers
and Appropriations committees,
said a preliminary inquiry show-
ed that Kaiser- Frazer has a I
$189,952,519 contract to build 1590 .m
o1's at a cost Ofk$1,200,000o I r f i nrJ)-II f Lf rA d miuin st lIi

each. v -- I 1!i 1 1.
He recalled that the Fair- AUGUSTA, Ga.. Nov. 10 (UP I- Eisenhower's press secret ta ry, New'York tity investment bank-
child Engine and Aircraft Co. President-elect Dwight D Elsen- James C. Hagerty sad simply er and clooe friend of Elsenhow-
is building the same planes for shower last night selected Sen. taht Millikin was invited as a er, met Lodge and Brownell at
the government for $260,000 Henry Cabot Lodge (R-Mass.) as fiscal authority" and that Clay Daniel Field, a little-used air
each. his chief envoy to the Truman vas here as "a personal friend of stulp, and drove together to t'
Bridges said the total cost of administration. the general." Augusta National Golf Ci b
the Kaiser-Frazer contract would Eisenhower also designated Jo- Also with the group visiting where Eisenhower awaited them.
be "nearly $150,000,000 more than -eph M. Dodge. Detroit banker, to Eisenhower was Herbert Brown- The actual conference Was a
if the same contract had been presentt him in conferences ell Jr., 1948 campaign manager secret from reporters who were
awarded to Fairchild. ' the Budget Bureau. lor Gov. Thomas E. Dewey and a barred from entering the club
The Senator said he has asked President Truman had asked behind-the-scene power in the Secret Service agents and uli-
the Senate preparedness subcom- the Republican president-elect recentt presidential campaign. formed Pinkerton guards.
mittee to investigate and is sure to name a series of personal Mlilikin arrived here Saturday., The only way newsmen got a
that the Appropriations Commit- representatives "immediately" night. Lodge and Brownell arriv- chance to talk-with Lodge and
tee will look into the case before to come to Washington and ed yesterday afternoon by pri- Brqwnell before they disap-
it approves next year's appro- confer 'with the State and De- vate plane. peared behind the security, at
priations for the Air Force. fense departments, and the Milllkin and Clifford Ro5erts. the golf club was to chase the
i Budget Bureau.
The Air Force said last month BEsenhower selected Lodge. re-
there was no way to make a -ently defeated bv Rep. John F.R. lt n of O o F m st
fair comparison of the two ,Kennedy(D-Mass.) for re-else-Rn
contracts at present. t that tion. to mastermind his liaison
time, it estimated the cost of ivork with most of the federal
the plane produced by Kaiser- .executive establishment. Dodge o
Frazer at about $900,000. w as 'elected as the specialist on
-The Air Force said the wide:the 1953-54 budget.
difference in price reflected costs' Eisenhower's announcement
of special retooling, plant 'rear- grew out of a late afternoon- -
rangemnts, engineering changes conference with Lodge. Dodge, WASHINGTON, Nov. 10 (UP)-- chamber of the US Congress,
and other modifications neces- Sen. Eugene Millikin (R-Cole.), For the first time In history a Senator MargaretChase Smith,
san production of a Lt.fen. Lucius D. Clay and mother and her son will sit toge- Republican, Maine, wA not a
e ed that late in Clford Roberts. New York in- their in the US Congress when t candidate in this election since
It was deemxplained necessthat late in 1950 vestment banker and longtime convenes here next January. her term does not expire until
it was deemed necessaing the ane golf-playing pal of Esenhower. Republican Frances P. Bolton 1955. She served as a member of
two sources producing the Diane. Esenhower's.decision was dis- of Ohio. who was reelected, will the House for 8 years before
Kaiser-Fontract zer as awarded toosed in a telegram to Mr. Tru- become the first mother to serve her elictlon to the Senate.
Its explanation came on the man after two days of telegra- in Congress beside her son, O. P. Republican women representa-
heels of demands in congress for hi pressure by the White House Bolton also a Republican. who lives re-elected include Edith N.
Review of demands in Congress for o hurry up the desgnatonof was also elected to the House by Rogers, Massachusetts; Kather-
Kaiser-Fraze er enterprises. Republicanpolcy makers who an adjacent district In their ine St. Gorge, New York; Ceell
should ease the transition of exe- home state. M. Harden, 'Indiana; Marguerite
tiBridgeve government from the De- Mrs. Bolton was elected first in Church and Ruth Thompson,
ofBridgesubiizin heany mpanyeed morats to the Republica 1940 to fill the unexpired term of 2ichigah. Mrs. Rogers, first elect-
hule estabisdhe panmpild- ny Eisenhower's message to the her late husband and has been ed to the House in 1925. has been
*hile established plane bildid .Pr.-sident said: reelected to all succeeding Con- re-elected to all sUcceedling.Coar-
ers have unused capacity." "With further reference o reflected to all succeeding Con- re-elected to all yocceMinR.Com-
!Ie disclosed that he asked i frter referee t dresses. She has served ;or nine dresses and sl noted for her worlt
SThomas K. Finletter. Air Force al messages am t years on the Foreign Affairs on the Veterans' ad Foreign A-
Secretary, on Oct. 6 to withhold ing Senator Henry Cabot Lodge Committee. fairs Committees
approval of the Kaiser- Frazer J., of Massacusetts to ere as Two newcomers will be among The thren re-elected Democra-
contract vending an investiga- my personal liaison with those the all-time record number of 12 tic women members of the House
tion by the preparedness sub- departments and agencies of women members in the new Con-are Mrs. Edha F. Kell*. New
committee. government other than the Bu- ress according to latest returns. Yorkt Mrs Maude Elizabeth ee,
Bridges said the "gist" of the .eau of the Budget, where such They are Mrs. Leonor A. Sulll- West Virginia and Mrs. Vera
Air Force reply appeared to be liaison may prove useful In fa- van of Missouri and Mrs. Gracie Buchanan, Pennsylvania. Re-
that "Kaiser-Frazer has'had no rllitating the transfer of public Post of Idaho. Both were Demo- oresentative Kelly served as a
experience in the aircraft indus- business from the old to the new cratic candidates for the US member of the House Foreign Af-
try and must necessarily undergo tdminlstratlon. House of Representatives, lower fairs Committee In the last Con-
large initial costs." "Senator Lodge will come to chamber of the US Congress. Mrs. res. Representatives- Kee atd
-_eek Washingtodn during the current Sullvan defeated her opponent Buchnan were members of.the
drveek and wii notify the exeau- vl a substantial margin while House Veterans' Affairs and
t, "ive office of his arrival. MJose rs. Post is m tainng her Merchant Marine and Pisherie
S"I am also designating Joseph lead in a close contest with the Committees. respectively. inthe
SRed Tank Baby e. of Detroit. to acts present incumbent rep8esenta- 82nd Congress.t
For Red Tank Baby v personal liaison, for similarive John T. Wood. a pubican.
purposes. with the director of Mrs. Sullivan served as an ad-
Who Die the Bureau of the Budget. ministrative assistant to her bus- e
edSudden "Dodge plans to come toWash- band John B. ullivan while
Ington on November 12. and will was a US Congressmanrom is
oon thereafter pet in touch with was a US Congressman from Mis-
Anabeen ordered .oon thereafter get in touch with scuri. She also served as his s Dnm
An autopsy has been order e director of the bureau in five pre Jud B
on a nine-month-old Panaman- signed Dwight D. Elsenhower."campaign manager vepBench
iaPZ baby boy who died suddenly Dodge is now president ofthe vious primary ard election cam- n
lat. Friday at his home in Red Detroit Bank, oldest banking pnigns. Before thattime, the new .
T10nk of unknown causes. Institution in Michigan. US .Congresswoman had nearly
Ahe baby, Dimus Alberto Ar- Throughout World War II and 20 vears business exneridnce with Three alleged cable thaesg
chibaldo. was aDparently in good subsequent ears he was an ex- sa large manufacturing mpany wad prll1innary Jearing t
hbIth earlier that dav. accord- pert. federally appointed, on Mrsthefdst was r.Loud on amor~ ln t Baboa Mai -
ing to his father, Fillmore Ar- foreign finance in Europe. f arm in Idahs V e Vale and br o t1 V~
clibaldo. Last August Dodge farm in Idaho's Voice Valley and b 0u oe-teIF p tlP te 1
Last August Dodge was woman .Di t... .uiVt Afcqn*
onted consultant to creta-y is an accomplished sportswoman Distt Ancn. -
cointed consultant to Secretary and leading clubwoman. Her ThE I,,nBaQn dbenr
Towards evening, the baby be- of State Dean Acheson on econ- and lea clubwoma n. Her The ancOiln detenolMA
gin to cry and seemed distress- omic and financial matters af- l'sband John Walter has accom- A Jij o tO 3. I ,
ed. The father called a doctor, iecting Japan. aned her on many campaigns 8. Jerem --
Bnt the child was announced He also is currently serving as for the Democratic party In that fias, .wer charged- wh
adad on arrival, a financial consultant to the Ar western state. A charter member steal 53 4 Seet of Army ag-
'The body has been transferred my. and offle.r of the Idaho Youbg d d worth 3 near te
tothe Gorgas Morgue for the au- Asked what roles Clav and Mil- Democratic State Organization. Ker rba 4 t CocQlL
'tspy, police report. likin played in the conference, she has served as a delegate to Bail was setAt $500,fo etr i
the Democratic National Con- defendant.
7,_ mentionn where she was chosen a A 21.year-old log-ieP of-
member of the Important plat- fenodr., Mihael Aexande
form and resolutions committee. -&erWs sentenced t -We tet
sTJl The other nine wdmen mem- IAt R iutpgrc .near
cers elected Tuesday to the US h volt' *
House of Represedtatlves were n le PAna man eften:
incumbents. The only woman llt a long reCed 6f
rrmmber of the US Senate. upper cenies and butt

COGNAC Bram-y a

NUR the perfect after-dinner
Liqueur, or r the always
refreshing "Brandy and Soda'
muaxe sure you specify Marteli
world fhlouL since





WASHINGTONr.-o. 10 (UP)-
The Justice bDepartment l Inves-
tigating outside a0vties of some
of its own former officials, it-was
learned tqday.
Department soure said the
investigators are tyi*n- to deter-
mine If the aeetivW.cofnttAM
a violation of the onfBe ot In-
terest" laws.
The laws mabk t illegal f& a
government -f: toi?
3ent a private befe
government- s y of in any
case in 'wh t federal gov-
ernmint may party. -
Violtors an to a S '
mum penaltr-t' 1.0009 t itd
two years t .
fr any -a

stice Dept (

activities !it
Hols tadridge an M
&evBeny BJ. 4R
f i* -

station wagon down a rea-l *
tlal side street at a vqr
70 mlles at hour until the ar
bearing the Repubilea a was
forced to stop at an intersee-
L.dge conceded that he wp
I.ere at Eisenhower's request, and
o did'BrotnelU.
Asked what business he expect-
ed to transact with the presi-
dent-elect. Lbdge said. "I'm here
and I don't know why."
When reporters inqu Ired
ivhether iage was here to
take one of the Eisenhower as-
signaIeht tp the State or De-
lense departments, the Massa-
chuseW senator said. "I hon-
estlWdon't kpow?'
MUlildn, Who had been waiting
around:ll day kt the Bon Air bq-
tel fo.i'a call from Eisenhower,
inslste he still didn't know why
he had been summoned to Au-
gusts. ; '
BEronell. a shrewd p olan.
may here to advise Eil.aoW.
or 0 the broader asp 6a f

what Eisenhower
te way of defense

MIkIlq professed'no later-
est tI beconmin secretary of
trdrsry, a post for which be
had n mentioned in view f
,. Ce ap rsnktIr t lo -
i be of the eMnate
air ai of MlUlkin. i eon-
rWHJ & ana nlte- convemton
iS 6eh.Robert A. Taft of

a L expdcad t
GOP post
y In the Ben
e elected.


-'> : .

o als'

S ped .
Ssecnured at
aminy offl.
i fteloddt

Wrun 1..

' I" 'I I

TIrMBER BLAZE -- Smoke clouds
lions of dollars worth of forest'ch
be9n destroyed by th. epidemic c
eastern parts of the nation.

S .y ..* .. "
.^ "' -^ r -- **n i

*,F. ,*

CU LCommittee
,ets Friday, ,
M ben ers. Sunday
.-wo mpletpis of the Central
.,Uksoa -,.on are. qiduled with-
,ext fiw dUys. .
.0e-lgi ad committee will .
n It rinigW at the Marga-
rtai Cubtrf e at7:30.
The euar 'meeting of the
CL~- wM' W be hed Sunday
~koilring at 8:30 in the same
A report from Howard Munr
wll be given at the g general
SinoQ-Reds Hpng
eJvristmos iffts

cmimlioI dy pptpaaa Cal
guests of-th W
o r-I

Tuesday. NoV: 11
10:43 a..m. 4:0 m
11:26 p. m. 5:0M p. m ,' *

!tw iir~rr~~fi ~ :
,. ~ .

p.. *.

, .- ,*

,". l~,

:*WrSBJTUns.; C

L CYRNOS, S. A. t'

r. "

I -

:of I VI F vfI




4- Wr i
-' --fS fvUi

~P I. tl ~;t~f~
'i" r ..

L :6; .P~'w;A:",:
~:' ... ,",...-.



;n (-. .-

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