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" .- .


if safe" Abraham Lincoln.



"Let theI

ke truth d a
771 "

-.,, -I '.
o ,

mK 8, 1952

j-t4- .

U., +'..

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61- 6 E ; uhd

S*.... .-' .* nts
-, B it


^i~~tar 'i
W EaX-, 5bejL <*M

Nrov. 17

r. aast
sk'j-MCh~is ,

C&MMA& rw6t



HBo ,- iRe noi t

...... ...."..".. ,

RP Ship SuAk

In Rotterdam

Bottles Port .

LONDON, Nov. 8 (UP)--T he
biggest port in .weaterAi liarue
w"as cut off from the qOea yq-
terday when a violent iZ
san a Panaanian vesmel in lnt
Neuwe Waterweg~"-the o8t1
of the fihne River coiste,
Aotterdam harbor WI f
NOa.h Sea."
.The situationn in otter
Ias one of many created
one of Eurnope' worst ai
vales On record ripped t
the English Channel with w
up to 98 miles a hout, dril
hundreds of ships to shelter
~arsl acommunica on' -in
=911fnand on the Contiet.
Eleven Amneriepn alrmaen We
killed when tneir huge Air Forcd
-50 bomber crashed during the
Iae at Oreat Dunmow, England.
lgh winds fanned the blazing
wteesage for hours.
d* ~*terdam, the 'dl,37to q

IL the heavy. *W,014
im otithe=r

.,ip~p .... .. .Fw:'-. + o -=



ay Face Charge I

WASHINGTON, Nov. 8 (UP) A newspaper m
9gfg an "eyewitness" as saying the United States
hydrogen bomb at Eniwetok evoked neither co=
n" or denial from the Atomic Energy Commiusi'

An official said the AEC policy is to say nothing f A
tthtests at the Pacific proving ground "while oper=ao
owe* progress." .
,The fall test project, has been under way at E
to". or some time. An eyewitness account quotMe byf
Los_'ngeles Examiner appeared to confirm gqwv ig6 '
lierfere thdt the H-Bomb--presumably the wor l s
-lIs been detonated at Eniwetok. ,'
It has long been known that the hydrogen test.
pkwied for this autumn. The Examiner story was Wril
by tme newvoper's science editor, Chris Cleus..' ,
It auotedL. a letter from an more powerful thn- tso ]
"eyew@ness," who was not iden- bomb took n n1 t 'i
ttl.he writer described the atoll In the
t nl '1s2on-liko"j1P It did r
**"(Wy.'alF' _P'W ..* "la ^-^.tf ^i-

., .-. ?

lie .. o

F. *.- *-4 *
i. nmb *t & f tb

o t 6n fr a breach. J f ange b al matarialinkwt
ai un- lf~te nothing grew larger and lag.
., If the witness" was a Con- the letter said, "until it becae
il e n ea observer, chances Ave so bright It seemed there
S-as soon as the at rt'e wovid be done "no glasses there at all.
Qion of. the wrecked Faustua bou p Id If it was any- "Three mJin after the b
Idbedetrmed beey e, r, an investiga- glimpse of t explosiman".
i beawhiea.It along the Brit- tion e tkily. letter added, a nole Hke .
and emch Channel coasts. ThWe exma er front page "cannon shot" was heard. It
d we blOckel# with blown- story said the long rumored test followed by a series of "
trees, telephone lines were of the world's most horrendous rumblings,"
k ,o4)6mt.zue on Page 6. (oL 6) weapd-- potentially 1,000 times
ize storyhe atolldded it w"as mII
Arabs Will Break Ties "-""* "
Informed but unofficial sources
if m Iindicated that.the first H-bomb
rm ans ay Israel would be nowhere near IOO
times more powerful that evet,
0,the obsolete A-bombs of World
o War II. It mere likely was ame.
CAIRO, Nov. 8 (UP)-An offi- 000.000 reparation would almost where around 10 times as violent
1aK Arab League source today nullify the-Arab blockade of Is- at the Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Irmed that its political com- rael and glve a shot in the arm bombs, according to thee
.-.- b has sent a 48-hour ulti- to any I6efll military prepara- sources.
S tIum to Germany threatening tions against their Arab neigh- The AEC has been worklto
Mt i llEs, i to break off economic relations bors. perfect the H-bomb sce Pi-
... ... ais it cancels tUs agreement to The Arabs are ready to sacri- dent Truman autheoaid t in
depend ps reparations to Israel. fice relations With friendly Eu- January. 1950. U. 8. officials as-
'- e ultimatum advised the ropean states to avert this sume that Russia also is trying to
"' o Bonn Government that seven threat. develop the super bomb.
aild-astern' states will sever 4Y n Premier Naguib, who
economic relations if the restitu- freque d publicly paid tri- Belef her, hower, b that
lo agreement with Israel la not bute to- experts in the the U. S. Is ahead. If Ruda ha
dropped. Egyptilman ned forces. said the detonated the E-bomb, n
Geianm Ambassador Gunther breaking off of relations with country would knew It. y *eY
'Ietn immediately cabled the Germanl constituted a danger to same token. Russia knows, Wr
3 tum to Bonn and it is ex- the Arab world, but reparations soon will, wether the U. S.
the answer will to re- to IsrWtsl were even a bigger dan- set of.l a hydmen t blast.
t-Ved before the Political Com- ger. Scientists even now may b-
mltete reassembles tomorrow, studying air samples for teil.-taIle
h ekeis expected to deliver Mea-wile from Bonn came radiation clues. The nochar
th erman reply to Gen. Mo- word Mit the Arab League's reaction which makes the -If
hammed Naguib tomorrow morn- thrwe l have no influence bomb possible releases vast num-
in on t r to pay Israel bers o neutrons which in turn
west Germany and the Arab 57 asl restitution for 'trlkes the molecules in t air
.tItes are facing a major rup- Nad ml againstt Jews. and create radio-active Cirbon
a tre over Germany's agree- A p qiq for the Socialist 14 in the atmosphere.
iaent to pay reparations to Is- oppOit itwlse declared that Any abrupt jump in tile -
wael fer Nazi persecution of the hebeevd hl party would vote mount of Carbon-14 in the at.
Sratt an-Israell res- mosphere would give away the
Arab leaders shook their titutid- tawy when it comes be- fact that an H-bomb had .ane
a sadly over the reported l- fore l la ent despite the Arab off somewhere. fe
p atum senl o by thee Arab thred U Even If the U. S. perfected and
eagu e to Bonn threatening to A gWoermnent spokesman said successfully tested an H-b lom
break off economic relations un- that eontrarv to agency reports quantity production of the Msp-r
less reparations were cancelled in Irom the Arab League has weapon will not immediately
MB hours., not down an Ultimatum to follow.
Informed sources said the ultl- Wet tom scrap the rep- Thit will not be possble uP-
Ipatum was issued following last titUt* agent within 48 tLi the new $1,41,000,000 Gava-
zilght's meeting of the Arab ho-M w sld the ultimatum nah.River atomic work. goes In-
League's Political Committee ncceptable." t production. Its dual-
berl wer wa the Arah plant Is to be used for the poV-
Hundreds of German officers t wa phrased however. it duction ofboth A-bomb MB.
and soldiers who escaped from se to amat to a threat bomb elements.
prison camps in 3gypt fought In tqh le relations if the Is- Production of hydrogen-boib
1948 by the side of the Arabs In r"eU dtolta treaty was not materials is now o a Lvery mit-
their war with the fledglug state eAd scale. It is possible tbhm t'~
of Israel..'tn ll, 4In a tatp of when the Savannah WerV pf.n
SLater. Arab states such Z E- war Vth ORa_ complain that starts pVrodai4ng a *"b
t employed Gormahh officers coolereil to tUri under the end of ne; t yelr., t .Is O try--
to train their armies. At the treat wl e ti Jews to for reason to raw ms e eco-
same time, Arab countries with mate riltoral expan- nomy-won't ab.s-produe the
H plenty of war-time' profits. and on.. H- .
badly In ne tr a- W r on the other This is a a teeld-
tion. turned to Ma for ma- ban. a ttt none of the nt to ddecidt .l b~Pim t
S chiner and bld lknowledte. toodt e al iped n Israel are. whon defdes it r wI be' *t D.
'""r *' o. s b In left wOr lald offered to let Eisenhower.
V p othat they ape de'ermiN"e4 the, l8 1 Comn.ssion
.. to fight to the end against "'aIntis. to inahire
Gornn.MIS. Geru Mtt to israel. e vt fIi n no strategic ,Bb" TIun
l-tfl iRa .'-+ hi- fnSago Wji B IdlAbiai Lebanon and N. '
a Ye diBn -'l h I" l and- a.aOs nerreps aorted a Nov. I
lfn_7 timi to. ins the new aada a- todii, mmr that Israel let it fitb 1
-e t t..- wtd" oppose any1 :3a.m. .............
.. .. ; .. +. t rV,,, .- ........ .
.. .. --. .. '' ,, ..0.11

; ..

1.. "


* 1


r T "


S i .
). Prealde
n from Ind

** 1t

I. 4' -
- -.- A-. 4. .~ .,.--~,'A*' .A*s*'A'~Wk**
-'A..' *~~'.


*7 "ST'er1fr 9* 0 o0s 134 PANAM1A RS P
*I MONTH IN oDVANCL S 1.70 9 2
PO ON N DVANC e so 24

The Mail Be ais an open forum tfo readers of The Panama Ame
' --ln. Letters are recei-ed gratefully and are handled in a wholly coni
dential manner.
It you contribute a letter don't be impatient It it doesn't appeal, ?I
"'St day. Letters are published mi the order received.
Please try to keep the letters limited to ene page lungth.
Identity of letter writers a held in strictest confidence,
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as opinion
expressed In letters from readers
As we are going to have a Congressional investigation soo
I would like tuo ask why do men who handle million-dolli
equipment get such smaller salaries as compared to the pilo
yet they work hand in hand? "The Orphans," as they would
call themselves, are the tugboat captains and engineers.
Why does a pilot's wife hold a $5.000 salary in the Boar
of Health when her husband earns $10,000?
Why do women in the Board of Health, who have work
continuously for 10 years, when their husbands have also work
ed steadily for 10 years, continue drawing big salaries? Wh
can't younger mothers get a chance to work even for two years
Personally, I'm tired of having to serve rice one week out
two to my family. My maid dresses better than I can afford
to. and I'M be glad to prove it.
Just Wondering.

Will the authorities please g
edition which now exists in the 1
sales system has been institute
that size, having so many door
should remain open throughout
admit and egress purchasers, as
Is this a new regulation
under the cash sales system?
If this is new, well somethi
that that wrong is made right.
proper knowledge of operating
system; will some one please he
It is pretty bad, yes, bad. f
at 8:30 or 9:00 a.m.. and to rem
of heat from the closed doors up
These seeming unnoticeable
as health is concerned. Will thi
good of public health?



yive a glance on the strange con
rivoll Commissary since the cas
ed. A business organization o
s. is it right that one only doo
t the sales hours in the day, t
they go in and out?
in operating the Commissarie

ng Is wrong. Will some one se
If the manager is lacking th
the business under the present
Ilp him out? Or replace him.
or one to enter the Commissar
lain closed up under the presur
Sto 11 or 11:30.
things, give bad results as fa
Is matter be looked into: for th


By Calbrait

Born 1820-

still going

with a strong



Fine Old S&ot'ch Whisky
S W Sons Lid., Sac. ) Whasky m Dimes. KIibarnock.

-. '; .." 9

Labor News


oo By Victor Riesel
It's not the "creeping social-
ism" here which will be preoc-
cupying the next President of
the U.S. It's the galloping Soci-
alism abroad w h i c h suddenly
looms as a powerful, although
r. virtually unreported, neut r a I
force with which we may have
to tangle.
he A quiet conference ended in
ancient Milan, Italy, the other
day while most of the U.S. was
dazed by the last minute televis-
"s Ion blitzes of the candidates.
That parley will some day be
scrounged out of history by po-
litical probers to discover when
it all started.
Ii was the Congress of the
Second International the So-
n clahst International at which
ar we generally grin because Its
ts champion in America is the ge-
ld nial. snow haired Norman
Thomas and its'presidential can-
rd didate was a man with the un-
likely name of Darlington
ed but Socialism abroad" is a
k- powerhouse outside the Soviet
ly Union are the nations iron-
s? curtained by Red bayonets. So-
of cialsm abroad is anti-capital-
rd ist and not at all certain It
loves the U.S.A.
Many of its leaders are impor-
tant policy-making government
officials in nations allied to us
and want to see Red China re-
cognized Immediately.
Were the the socialist Internation-
i- al abroad just in the tender im-
h age of the gentle Norman Thom-
f as it could bring a nostalgic
Dr smile to many a top labor lead-
to.0 er and American diplomat, for
so many of them were early So-
es clalists.
But this Socialist Internation-
al outside the Iron Curtain Is a
ie powerful force. Julius Braun-
ie thal, erudite secretary of the So-
it cialist world group, reported to
his comrades in Milan that they
y have a total of 9,870,00 mem-
re bets in 36 nations.
They had a voting strength of
62,600,00 in the recent elec-
.r tions throughout the free lands
e of the world. In addition 13 So-
cialist Parties in Exile are re-
cognized by many governments.r
In nine Western European na-
tions, the Socialist Parties are
the biggest political force, t he
largest party, equivalent to ei-
ther our Republican or Demo-
cratic Parties. This means they
rule or will soon rule nine pow-
erful governments.
In eight nations right now
the Socialists, who are frank-
ly Marxist, but anUtl-Commun-

Furthermore, in every elec-
tion since July 1951 the So-
cialists have gained votes ex-
cept in New Zealand where they
declined, but slightly.
In addition the Socialists con-
trol powerful union federations
in Italy, France, Germany, the
Lowlands, the Scandinavian
countries and especially Eng- i
The British Socialists are the
most powerful force In the In-
ternational and are being
needled into compromising bit
by bit with the revolutionary
Socialists led by Aneurin Bev-
Comrade Bevan, it is no secret
to report, believes that the
greatest threat to world peace
is from Ame.ica not Russia. He
opposes heavy armament. wants
a rapprochement with the Sovi-
ets, became ecstatic over the
British recognition of Red Chi-
na, permitted his followers even
to press for the supplying of vi-
tal machine tools and other war
equipment to the Sovietized Asi-
atic armies.
His printed attacks on the U.S.
so little seen here would
raise the hair on the statuary
in the Capitol rotunda. Not since
Mao Tse-tung's tirades against
the U.S. has any influential
statesman outside Russia blast-
* ed us so bitterly.
Charasterictic of the British
Commonwealth Socialast posi-
tion in this world crisis is that
of M. J. Coldwell a member of
the Canadian parliament and
leader of the Socialist movement
in the country north of the bor-
Recently at a Party congress
there, Coldweli said:
"I have also stated my be-
lief in the ufge (of Parlia-
ment) that if peaoe (In Ke re)
could be utevd between the
UN and China,. thn, and in
my opinion oly the, Canada
caMld support the admnsion of
the new (lna iato the UN
and at the smo time work
towards a sttlmet of the
I many ther r prob-
Coldwel is a hard anti-Cbm-

By BO0

NEW YORK.-I was sort of proud of my coun-
try. It looked more like what the founding fa-
thers had in mind when they took it away from
the Indians. You might say that drinking Is evil.
especially on a bad liver, but I hoisted a few
horns out of sheer Jubilation.
What made me jubilant was the elevator ope-
rator was sore as hell this morning. He was a
Stevenson man and this thing had gotten to im-
portant to him that he was mad because his
personal private vote didn't take.
He was mad at me, too. because I was an Eisen-
hower guy and he knew it and didn't like it.
I was proud of a friend of mine named Ver-
non who has go( more money hived up than any
20 men will ever need. due to some slight in-
volvement with the oil business. Econoically
they could elect Tommy Manyvlle and it w* Idn't
affect Vernon's caylar consgmptloh the 21st-
et. He was"in Ne i*-TIL.Ho adi- 1. t""tter.
meeting. on Wednesda. ,
His voting place Is Ban Antonio and at the
last minute he fouled up his ablmnce ballot plans.
5o he got 12 an airplane afd flew to San An-
tonio. He voted. Then he got in another airplane
and flew bask to New York.
That's a power of trouble to take for one lousy
vote-.except that one lousy vote magnified tomes
to mean the eventual life or death of a beloved
I know that you all must have been bored and
Irritated by the dreadful intensity that this elec-
tion has assumed.
Everybody was partisan. Everybody' argued.
Ordinary polite dinner parties wound up i may-
hem when the hostess (a Stevqnson girl)'seated
an Elsenhower man on her right,
I got two doctors, both fine men. Neither of
them is speaking tenderly to me today because
their beats Wow to Adlal: But one doctor's
nurse aM .I&ke a Cheshire cat, because
Mis O N was m t keful of Ike.
The u it Impor thing, it see3t to me.,
about ths election run in a neat straight, line:
we had. a-situation bfts that we.obviously didn't
We were sick at heart and mind weary of miall
men tumbling apd cheating and occasionally
stealing their way through big issues. We. hbd
seen an origintllyhumnble and rather untalenTed

Walter Winthe

When love was afraid, and small. I ttk _e ,.
aught bhnm the sweet Simpln lty eo Wu
Shielded him from the world's i mpmp w
Put In his hands the gifts hecold .
How cold I know that In his guilei 'rq .
All wisdom hid, until it was so
That Icould outstare truth, and
To anchor laughter like unfeeling item ?
HWo could I know that love can live sad thrin
Without a heart, but with a pulie t l .
tVmned against entreaty, and, ali,
Feign death until there iS no ,hM AN"
The breast bared to the Winter's M, M
Where once two faced the darkeI
together or.--',

Celebeauts About Town: Irene
ns mthe 57th Street shf.pain _
edaktreo. feemi hthe arO S
Duff ure... Paula atne I i
ftnM-A tslsot rhwitaIaMMa lia


little counter umper become swallen with vanity
and arrow t In .is Job as Prealeent to where
he and hlparty 1had come to snter the people
whom politicians are elected to serve.
The arrogance and the cynical disdain for
these people had become so tangble that. it pos-
sessed an actual odor of corruption and decay.
In the political sense nearly evon thingfwad
riding for the Democrats. They were estblshed.
They were organized to an unbelievable degree,
They had bought over the years through lavidh
waste of blic funds the vtng tet
they t ht-f the dissident 40 d RVio
union They It
and worthless mone d
by a flock of caetbsg arywhe ,

pr'm",ure With rle '
What they coAln1 buy. the btrowg What
they couldn't borrow, they stole.
They gave us a whole vtltt bd oni
cynicism and the fraudulent t the
individual by the state. / .
They cteamed. They propted. They smear-
ed. They lied. They made Jokes. They auulted
The Incumbent President of the to
carried gutter tactics against an-
who onoe had beed promised by
he could be President If he wore a'
party emblem. Never have I n f
vilification so freely used asn In
Even within the parties the w
and the tactlU low. Elsenhower i
and MacArthur before he' Rot a
at Adlal Stevenson. who in
by Truman's record and his
What you have seen is am
Under democratic sponsor
Tie. They liked him bette
than MacArthur. They liked
i ears of a giveaway state. They'
th- Harry Truman. They liked *8t
Ad i'r 'oler.
They went and did something aboU4it. r don't
see how even the losers can knock 44.e p geW by
which they lost.

iI In New

. 'ft l mu"w

45th B* t

VCte.lie* A head of NATO, wRand Oto? arnie for ud-
rope, while iv an O et and RIay w nted more
decision, and te t owa M- I toad -

1) a cam'Aima re a g) i 2e up
with the French aIind uroeans gea ty while t 1t
Korea-nalnde ct that enhower aM b etQ th.e
secret Korean lba en squmary that .ii o- ttrP -
ident'd desk every wkH nmew toeo ttrffl iW S'gf
bringing about at. ;. .-
These indiate at te C.tiie ar ke to stifl their-de-
mands when ,aeuow.ea.rrive in because theY will
knowb he has to go home wth. some Knd o result.
Hb altematlves will be o Yld on primoners -of twar and
abandon them in ConH .tmp; or ode, a naval-l .war
against the Ohines u.al0lt-. Ti ittw oulft o off a &en-
war, a It isn't ly that ho t p e,

of having Amerlean ba'. gt bogged down In t MIbftia morass
la-They .l drop when th expire'la June,
posfly before. Ti wl m e endof price, wape, rent, mate-
rial patrol. --
There will be two easoWu for their demee: 1) A conserva-
tive Congress will demand it; 3) Slackening doefe podution
will not make controls neeema. This will eliminate the con-
troverhal WAge .Sbllisa ton Board which both Industry and sl-
por have flouted.
Beom i n Outlook-lThe Wallf street Joural echoes the Views
of some buaes. lea4erN thak' h.Isdch will ndt b 40o much
Trorna U'fl adtop 4S
R owof for ,,idwiso downa_ ,
pruning th get h hi ar Wi have to om ~ -
wastn e t Armed ser 4. o: th m. m a rm p
the great preonderae of a l .ii .. ,-t

carriers owre to e i for th lpqwt
cbnhe5 kud a vr bat hdotlagaw e q n
1 .. 1 sem f.inrC ".
O. pt AA raw

changes wh. t'e tt.of-it ne
-. M

OVA ...

Into t.the tefce

...... .... rest. st I

1~'**' ~V~J~V4 ~ 'r I
'A' -


~.-'t ~'h,,



Ar .




q4E. 5TW

,,- .r ,-f .
f .* .- "- '. .,, ..- ...;....- .-..*... n~. ;,: ,
r :-_,':'i *:,,--- *-, ., -* ... ...

Why We Did It

I I dm iii

AK'w rpw


H. ., ....... ......E.5 ....... .........
-. ,. -' ,--
,". ...:
SC"' ". '. '* -" M a'... .D ,.,..' h .*
tH-B P.-AM A ~it Q nAS- Wmsm S t DA L in n

,. .r aIs


L. .- .- : ..& .

^ or of bSpai to We d

adoE. 01ta "q o Tuesday.

, -t .- eon meeting
I FI t i Nae D .labtet gMtare. of the Panama Women's Golf As-
Stun _the Imus soclation will take place at the
bY pli'N O l meroon Pnanma Golf Club on November
S l Amerla lwg and .wll Iooltude election ofI
W u tr oflcerI. .ot campaign speeches
- ti on otfTie re t 0 .are at Mipateod by campaign
t ...n ...,r managers of each of the major
Delaneypm. V .HeMS oe parties, Members have been urg-
st -Mrs. d* A. DOlAM o ea totslnG this meeting, it not
an btuiy dagiters t! kfr."trIv' for thdeitfire day at least to vote
H edanthetshmp wtetd~y from and havelunch:-
Nmlatl Committee Chair-
tia are Ft. m -l"Jones, presents JaneI
h h t r at taor o- President: Jerry
'Lt 'anci feW"y of RUOhetSor Veie-president. I
Dela VIsa until Monday when Club representative should
tlhev ri.MUH" to thefr home in call Eva Jones when they have
call, o S. received the long list of players
S from their own clubs. Pairings
W fz i O~and tee-off times will be pub-
u 1k ~ listed
Prior to the departure of Mrs. Pa iclpants are requested to
Suli are wellun- call club representatives by noOn
cheton 'wa rivenin. her honor byl on November 12. Representatives
Mrs. J i Jop st her home in are: Summit. Helen Minor (Bal-
Pedro u ,u irs. Ewing sailed boa 3022); Panama, Eva Jones
er a th B ans- (Balboa 1285): Fort Amaor,
Yor te to Alyce French (Balboa 1iWs)
C rg wet- .V"-na where Brazos Brook, Jane Huldquist
ship mloma e. (Criltobal 1725); FortDavis. Side
Mftr Sing w ,lKviit ohe son.- dv roHpsn (Fort Davis, 542).
1AW StEht*S Colonefntd Trophies for the Igthmian
Mrs 11elq '1nPAloekan-- Championship will be presented
ondde.Se continuing at this meeting.
on W nIvr
SSpecial Meeting November 17 ,
I ern Leaf Chapter will hold
L ..%5t*-t,"li 1 uS^ecsl n ,uMonday, No-.
AT, .i..t .,. ..ecent-. vember 17. at 7 0 p.m. The subs.
iyt, t& db a pj tIute officers and advanced of-t
Balboa forthr mo y lunch frs are to exeinplify the de-
eon a biness meetingg; HoIO ree,
tesaesm;t 'Mrs. th taus, i Renfreshments Wfll be served i
Mrs, Irene HseOmanan ad.Sr?. Aleowint themeting, r
Ella Lomblro.- A meeting for. Business and in-
A new member. Mrs. flla. P. Ittation will be hdld on Novemi-,
EdKe. was added to the roll. Via- ber 10 at 7:30 p.m. .
Itors Present, were Mrs Vivian ,3
Rodir, Wa teAgathWikran, iv w Bride Tournament Manday
rene Eseema nn and Master The regular weekly bridge
Johnny aatME. tonas tn ill be played on
POllowin. the meeting social 0and1rIan the Card Roop of the c
ok Ws .held -durin which. Mra note Tivoll at 7:00 All n-
Dorbthy MAien- was honored with ted in partlClpatifit are ina-
a handkerchietshoeer. Mrs. A,. vited.
len las,ao leave in. the near I, u.-.. .
ture-to'rliet her'home in the BIngo Tomorrow Night a
Unimtea' to8 ; -ingo willbe played tomorrow I
btmWbea~rflenat at the lunch-, i tht at the American Legion t
ore1 ..c lud~ed Mrs. Grace w.ub in the Fort Amador Area.

Your C..C e -toln.
ad-nliPHl U9. unie. Calvit '

w t to pmbers 1ee
of eclubat theitbbme -
in l1a.g Tho.s attend-' m r-

Ster a NOV. --
*. 30thw. Rangers

.M s,-to~e M ,r. .... .iin ter ude .

In athe VINto
I A G .' -1.
re re4 .1611 f

WceWlvQ4 8ub and hi 0at the itl H(OAn
t Offi*dhts Club wvs orks from. France
rg (RD"l
IRAM 48 ", -Americ Folk MIt c

d.. % .de .


Ran-g On- ."e, _,

tibghbor Time
Studio Melodlues
Wempan V a
sinne -

--..~~ ~

puwdt table

q ira1 m [ I Inn

Wars- UTare. eXCUMOOMY
Have I adp th effort t
the hospitality Of y home with
share tla hospta of mi
hoae m it any to
towh, or toa my, i.
SNO e we.,na atiem
factory.. siali fao .ng un.
less ab .as wi to enter
tain as be b
othetn. ",". :

Sub Save.6.
- A window pane blew put- o
the cabin of a Navy j bl"mpT..
terday, ripped a hole the ht g
helium- filled airship and sent
it crashing Into the sea 5 mlles
east of here.:
A nearby submarite ei
the blimp's 11 crewmen frtm,,f
rafts two hours after ;tbe. crash.
The blimp, identifle s the
K-119 was based at the G o
Naval Air Station here ,
It was on a routine r
flight when the window
blew out, struck tUepz tll
and tore-into the .
airship, causing it totalS...
Thie submarine Bea DZXg WM
in the area, and p=ete U ,
crew while Coat Gur esml
and planes from SIp "MaMa @,,
Jacksonville, Fla., fanr- Obi.e
ton, a. C., sped to the1 i
Another' blimp aeoodmp~gvI
the crashed airsip on a
training flight hovered everleWa
until the crewmen were -nff*M
The Navy said the blimp protb
ably drifted slowly down tO
sea giving the crew a
time to prepare life itra
flecers a&d A attefnt wowud 'e
mtde to salvage -e fMftea
wreckage of the atrDhip.

macitt -


p .1
- j



and rushees Sunday afternoon
at the Sorority Clubhouse n Cu-
The regular meeting scheduled
for Tuesday. November 11. win
be held.on November 25, at whla
time -tha formal ritual ceremony
will'be held for ruahees. -
Amercan Guild of Orfanltg
Meeting Today
The November nmetnr of -the
Isthmiah Branch 1 of the Amer-
clan Guild of OrganistoSU' *l
held ths evening at 7:3
library of the Jewlph Wb fam
Board Center in Baloa.,
A paper, "The Eternal Tan-
gle" by Rev. Edward M. West.
D.D.. Canon of the Cathedral of
St. John the Divine in New York.
will be used as the basis oor dis-
Balboa Lon Club
Meets for Supper
The Balboa Lions Club met for
their Osecond meeting at supper
on Thursday evening* in the Fern
Room of teo Tivoll. Fifty

Student promote
Ca4et Bruce. T. iulth of Pan-
ama City was among the stu-
dentA recently proptd to the
rank of second lleutant the
Oak Ridue Military Institue, Oak
tidge, N.., -

Ruth Millet.

Have you been getting by with
neing often a guest but rarely a
tu*euaY Then maybe you had
letter giv little thought to a
letter .t this column.
pan'.rtyu wrtte something,"
i)rgader askf, "about the women
who always .say/I'd love to come.,
and leave Tith 'I hid a wonder,-
Iu! timie, but never do any-
thing In. return?
"It seems to be a wide-spread
thing, though worse in some
communities than others, that
nany women will accept all hos-
pitallty offered and yet feel no
responsibility for returning it.
'"Lone women are partlcular-
y negligent about this, it seems
o me. A womaz .will sary 'Call
me any time. I can nearly always
3et away.' And yet it, doesn't
Wdm to occur .to. her that she
might take the responsibility o-
ctalonally for doing the. call-
Ing, getting up the. party, and
ilan the hostafa"
The woman wh. is lorely.
rbse social life lut as ful asl
he wishes I might lbe, who feels
eft out of things should take
hat letter seriously.
For no woman however agree-
ible, anr trienly can get by
'or long w bein always
uest and a tess ora
al Age d epid-fA tor long on

rA"W- te t. S O

Advantage of opt
lor, tL asuAfti1 r o

-:, -"-=*
o David
4 Oewed.
I Ae
iltef .pB-Mmw..:

A u.
* Bbadu


HOL4YWOOD, (NEA) t Be- it U-I, is the same screenpjty
elected Short Subjects: Ann fher- that was expressly written tor
idan's long-time boy friend, pub- Piper and Tony Curtis before
licist Steve Hannagan, is, now they marched to the studio boss-
'.andllag her publicity but she's es and stated their dislike for
denying It means more than a each other.
business merger. Says Ann, who -
has offtn beed rumored about to HEAVY PENALTY
marry Iteve: The kiddies who watch his "Kit
Carson" telefilm, series don't
"We're status quo food know It, but they're costing Bilg
friends" ,Williams some of the best parts
fbhis career. Yep, it's because of
A proposed.ollywood economy, -t. small fry that Bill's turning
trick-- Umlna two movies simul- down plum roles a" a seml-hea-
Laneously for the price of one--vy. Says Bill:
is an eyebrow-liftpr. The film-. You can't confuse the kids.
making,team of Norman Panama they'dd never forgive me."
atd Melvin Frank is working on BlPs answer to the "Why no
the idea. The plWi calls for one horse like Trigger, Topper and
east leaping between sets for ae Champion" question:
comedy an a drama. "We went Iato the Carson pie-
S --tutes with the Idea of selling. at-
tors not horses. I don't want to
Louis ,alhern has joined the "t bldup.a horse."
elclub stj-1r L
^ **AI^hg% -ite e be 11fW-ore th
she 'eemt fth contact, EZ8a Zqa Cu.iers. beore the
makes 0qaguest., he convers cameras-one of them Is about a
that 'O_,; my. It's poslble' fl lady Crusqq-MGM will go ahead
Isg-.that mea4s so mnuh to a with plans to at(atewart Gran-
man.." ea in. the classic.. Shooting date
is-March, 199.
.Bie Burke's zippy wordage -
They're seeing only tall actors bout. lm impersonatilbs o her
aid, actresses over at Warners for late husband, Flo tetfold:
"The Xddle Cantor Story." So "I've never really been happy
that Kee e Brasselle, who's taller about anrof them. William Pow-
than.] dels, will seem shorter on ell eaei closer to it than any-
the screen. body in 'The eat-Ulegtelt'-BDt
so mue want told. in that pie-
MSOKE ON, ANNE t ue They made Anna Held his
greit lew and that wasn't the
Palaulgtthought: Odd how the wap'itwas at all."
fry people who decry the demise .
oft ip-sn@rtin' glamor in Holly-
wood have-pounced on Anne Ba&r
ter for -pgfling at a few ladylik
pliars gIe to her by Are >
hcqt.L-G on smoking those
Iteglen1 AimupLIt's better than be-
Ink the'girl next door.

Hush-hush plot of "Circle of
Fire." the picture that Mary
Piekferd changed her mind a-
bout, tells of a congressman who
-as his election campaign on
tie charge that a local library
contains subversive literature.

Nimble-tooted Ray Bolger is
listtin Hollywood as his perma-
nent address and spur n ( n
Brmadway show offers. In fact,
e mays never do another main-
tea. show.
'r.s 'Charley's Aunt' and
'AJII-- Paris' behind me, I feel
ihat^.na U1 in the motion plc-
ElC tr-," 'Ray said. "I really.
wa"j \'before-except for 'The

G olden Blade." slated for
.r.nger and Piper Laurie

CA Beauty



Don't worry, about that
fist gray strand! Let it be a
ableoing in disguise" a
signal to you to take action
and do something about ob-
taining lovelier, nat u'ral .-
looking new haircolor! So
relae mnd let Roux take
over! For lou, Oil Sham-
poo Tint tresments conceal
every visible strand of dull
or gray hair, gfve sparklinS
h sIght Ausre, 'dd
.bate, C m -Ifoonu color
that chagmp your worry to

at i



IJ C:3 L
F, %,11 --1 rA 1210"11
i-! C, P, j F J'A

PV, 11! F
t, L I r-, U U V U
r-qi:,l 4,',Iwd#jLIM MiLA
Nul A

of the City of New York

Total resources over $5,375,000,000.00

General Banking




We Specialse in Financing Imports
a -

A word to the wise

i about tires:

#t rpeoh a e neddoe

I/K0 on cmny of/wi mnakeT

and Exports

Doesn't it stand to reason that
the tire that gives the greatest
satisfaction to the most people is
the beat tire for you to buy?
Next time you need tires, see your
GOODYEAR dealer!


(Just below "l Bancho") Telephone 2-1221

(Crner of Ane6n Ave. & "* St.) Tels. 3.-174H -2M .'I.


I --m i --- ,
Grrs and GM;j

* ,

"oina W,.rPr o a Puto..

lGirBW mao


to toVerl

33 Trluid

(c p.orm)
SSoe nhore
SBmitt veftch

49 Appear

54 MSedulous


--- r

I- ,

^. Vt`

MAIN a | uJ .


Balboa Heights, C. Z.
9:30 a.m.-Bible School (Classes for all ages).
Junior Choir ......Senior Choir enter 1:1-21
CHILDREN'S CHAPEL (ages 5s-12)
6:30 p.m.-Baptist Training Union.
Revelation 6
Pastor W. B. Beeby-Spoaking Radio Outlet--HOXO-760

The Chase National Bank


Cuthbert Gamble
Funeral Service
Set For Tomorrow
The funeral service for the
'late Cuthbert Gamble has been
set for Sunday.
The cortege will leave St. John
Baptist de la Salle's Church of
Rio Abajo at 1:45 tomorrow af-
ternoon for interment at the
Pueblo Nuevo cemetery.
Thief Light-minded
HOUSTON, Tex. (UP) -Steal-
ing accessories from automobiles
took a new twist here. Naval
Lt. M. L. Mooney reported to
police someone broke into his,
car and stole the dome 'light.

Completely Redesigned


2 A,,N... i',, tDI, ,
Y53- PANA- A IA -1 A....FI MRAN"-N I




""*t*I 1 Y\VOOL,. INEA' Ex- cross the Edgar Bergen rehearsal
Y, Gtrab the kid-'tage at CBS radio, Charlie Mr-
U ti ni0 tin'~" neatest shel- Carthy quipped: "It takes two to
"l- o -.,>etI. pieparing tango."
F I ontiei -a science- ---
itrT thi illit about a seven-foot The Producers Association it
e'' rlat ..inn out of the beat:ne the "movie-stars-are-
oaro Ri', r ania ri-htens the normal-people" publicity drums.
.;nrs nt o rl the vorld The 'hich I claimed is a lot of bunk.
,l-stopn .- nmod'.led b\ 1 ere s added prcof that'I'm riehl.
l-ID "I l-,I Bumi Westliore. l.i a note from the 'Thunder
hr ;tIj of a irv and the 7Pa troupe in Morgan City. La :
bodt of a Lcx BaiKet An under- -71hi? swampland glrN donn
I vater Frankienk ein monster i ere go for Jimmy Stewart big.
F i Tout %when Gilbert Roland walks
The Barbara Stanitck-Ralph .-uwi the main drag they go wild
Meeker romance finally fizzled Roland makes a business of look-
out Before Frank Sinatra left lig like a movie star and plays it
for !.as Vega, and points east tne hilt."
(anti that includes a confab with Robert Paige is back in grease-
his Nev lork attorneys) he had .aint after giving up his film-
P tearful reunion with his kid- miaklin chores as Glenn McCar-
dies and Nanc% %hat'* more. no- '11''. partner. "I'm glad to be
hod% I heilc permitted Ito peak "iac acting." he said. "and I'm
Ava (,ardner' n,iwme in his pre- ,Irr' I ever left it." His first role
n, ,. hr des.crbes it: "The kissing,'
,rt in Abbott and Costello Go
i .n,.gu \ 1' V,,,-,ici th nli eu o .M ar.5s ."
corni'r h le' il'.- lihe tail-end ti-
tle roil in Tar.-an and tli. She- Chlorophyll conscious Ken To-
Devil, ano hubby Kurt Pfenni- Ie sa~s he's writing a movie, ti-
ger, vice president of Muzak fled. "How Green Was My Sally."
haSp dated the stork for April on of the Sea" Is the title
Irene Dunne says she %%a< mis- ior the Gracie Fields film biogra-
quoted at that Hollywood Eisen- onm. to be made In England..
rhow.'r rally. She writes from Ne'.. GClld Gray's Denver lawyers are
York: ( ue in Hollywood any day to hud-
d'le -.vith the shimmy qu.en o0:
S"I did not say. 'Everyone in her lawsuit against Columbia for.
1 IIrood whom you respect is ,he Rita Hayworth hit. "Gilda."
for fisenhower.' I did say. 'Many Walter O'Keefe's description,
S people whom vou know and re- Cf Marilyn Monroe: "Theinspira- -
* aspect are for Eisenhower' I rea- ,on for the pressure cooker." .
lize that when a gal sticks her
neck out she is asking for it. but
I do not wish to be offenMsve"

Joan Crawford's ex-huhbv Phl
Terry. is ut for the starring rol"
In "A Snorting Chancer." a tole-
Sfilm series to be made h- Reid
I?av Telefilms Inc
Jack Palance. who clicked in
'Atidden Fear." was listening to
a producer outline a movie plot. I
"It's about an unscrupulous.
politician," the producer said.
"tao defeats his opponent by:
msf.Yfading slander about him "
"I 'et it." eirinnei Jack. "and
A Ut will title it 'Sudden Smear'."
-Anrn Sheridan and ex-hubbv
Edward Morris met in the U-Io
studio cafe. How does a movie
clten greet an ex-husband?
Ann's greeting was: "So good to
See xou, Eddie."
',Warners is preparing End of
tbe& Rainbow" for Gordon Mac-
Rae.... Director Mike Curlti. the
l.-iage juggler. ord e r e d a
ma ~-up man on the "Alma Ma-
ter" set to "wipe the sweatspira-
tion" from John Wityne's face.
Jf Chandler's Decca bosses at
1I-I don't want him to sing on
moeeerds, but RCA Victor made
him a solid offer to wax four,
a side, after hearing his dueft with I
Pegqe L.e. Now battling Jeff is,
on the warpath for the right to'
make records.
Paramount's talking ab ou t
Rosemary Clooney as co-star for
Bob-Hope and Bing Crosby In
"White Christmas." but Bob and
Bing want-and they can dream
can't they?-Rita Hayworth.
Fernando Lamas is now saying
that. he was unhappy with hi-'
role in "Latin Lovers" all along
* and is much relieved to be out
; cf the cast. More relieved: Lana
. Turner
As Marilyn Monroe swayed a- WELKIN Planteelr

$2.000,000 BABY Candyce
King is wearing the most pre-
cous swimsuit ensemble you're
e'er likely to see. The jewels
are from the Harry Winston col-
lection. on display at the Last
Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas,
Nev., and are worth $2,000,000.
Centerpiece for tle bra is
"Spellbound." and the large
jew el at right side of shorts as
the 88-carat "Spirit of Hope,"
each worth $350,000.


M .---

By Clbraith rrt-
. I) I11 OWNii

T. I. ua. L p. On.
O IM I WA t50uo. kh
"If you expect to get her to bed when she's supposed to
go, I'd suggest you make the bedtime hour a little later!"


Institulion Guaranteed by the State

Pays 2% Interest Anuaally on Savings Accounts


We make loans with guarantess on first mortgages
or other securities.


25c. -50c. -$1 and $5.00

'deposits are accepted thru o period
of 48 weeks.

Individual safety deposit boxes, for jewelry and
documents, In 4 different sizes.

1N Ceatrl Ave. at
Oaem er of StreeL


ohwt So. it ,iw.-- *.
et 7tbh St

Sub-Manage .. -"

FProm A:@S a.ui to I t: s
SATURDATS: from O:0 m unto :12: p.m

,veryAoy ,Vd. ela e

h10 515 ~uawms

i I

*.'~-/9-;7 f


AND im BeUumDI

an MET

'w .' 'e -~ ~


Amiza Is Cured




. Danger Signal

c ro




... .',


U -tM.ftR ..


ips.b~hlag 15

Could Be



'I ~,ji ~i

-. -
*'* -*i -.


- t


-Fr '



~3 41tBI B


a- -, .. .
'-*llW '.'I U.i.-,a 3". o "

-;,* ,.

- S.

.... ...
MLa~4,,~~ 7

W. -.- errett, of Co-
ion, "Atly from a
They spent some
relatives --In
. ..

Stuart, of GP-
edto her former
oki Va.; camer. M of
..w am .man a~~hr. Mrs.,

bol, Iri,, of 1I
i n I
8rlom eside]

f^ SVJS*.-* 11 ,
Li !d0
L!~ ~!~e,

dent, t follwin
new memW4 a. Arthur F.
Bailey, Mrs. Wiam R. Kin-
pheretf, Mrs. Drexel 0. Mills,
Mo. Trxwn_,qL. Weslln, Mrs.
es A eltand Mrs.
Sle 0. Frpck, Jr. One ,vis-
ioar Mrs. I. L. Origgs *as also
by her sister-in-law,
It MdoErprize of a mahogany
Swe' on by Mrs. Charles 8.
8 f6lOwinW committee for
g of new officers
wdppo : Mrs. 0. L. Wes-
s. Walter D. Bailey, and
ws amVoyage Party
me SWEm Brown
Miss Do Brown, who failed
Friday to -rede In Vitg~,was
honored with a surre party
given at the Margarita Gym by
Miss June Rowley and Totm Ca-
The young people enjyed an
evening of games, and d4dlag,
after which refreshments were
The guests were: ; Don-
na eyer, Carline Taber at Rod-
ndy, Sheila McNamee, Lis e Ed-
mohdson =y and Toddy Dig-
Kam, Alice Chambers, Diane De-'
laney, Mar Lou Allen, Babara
tickes, Midred Maeqrd, E-
laine tieve, Marie Frr Syl-
ViA DinkU9t", Marcy -.Udge,
Lorna Sto6 and Meuas: Don
Pdtzder, Ol ileThompson, Dick
r(imn~nwlRjui. Len Stone. LavI

HBaeMt Robert Hodges
chaperones woer
WMarquard and Mrs.

idT Awn Ua

.3SJ1j&. j f,

. .
Washington 'ottBe anoe i'
The regular dance ot ta
Washington Cottilion Club- A
be held tonight in the ballroom
of the Hotel Washington.
Woman's Club.M05
The Or Mtobal Woman's Club
held the4tr month, meqilag
Wednueday at the- led Oros
bunliag with MrS..J. M. Meehan

.Zone -
m Councils

ta ccomish-
Ss o o songs. These
AX11" by Poldl-

S"O ; "AHRombeun;
t"nba y b, bc G Brahms
Ms b p by rieg. CMr-
a new membe r, baritone,
ccrs .W.d by rkise Rta Fisher

committee were Iroup of songs. These
beinutluded: 'll appBlinted tea. An
by Crangerke; "Ho paintebDel daisRies
go. "One Al=ne" y Romberg;
9fhadrach" b Mac Glmsey..
Mrs. R. I. ullivan and Mrb
Primus a9tinett iere welcomed

committee were in charge of the
beauttfally appointed tea. An ar-
ran ent of painted daisies I
a. W pval [0owl flanked by.
fvry. candles m silver holders
farmed the centerpiece for the
tobld, at which Mrs. August
Ocipbeil and Mrs. Harry Eno



s re-


Woeat.,..._urf. .
a t at^. T h.,r a.. ..

I j .the

n" M aot 'attended
S* tr Te ning,
Prank M Itsh, Mrs. David

'I ~'':~~
'I'd. **'~'
a~ -'. --.

a. ...




.i .- ,

ixlao or

tor date n,
luau Rome'1

S. ____

New assignments for two veteran Pan American World
Airways' officials In MIAtIn America have been announced by
Juan T. Trippe, rm t of Ike tef ,, international air-
line. Humnphrey W. T Yiy (left), heo oas been manager of
the company's Iattlaerican Diviep, has been elected a
company vlee preeide.and will make b headsqarters in
Rio de Janeiro. Brail. He is being sMeeeeded as Latin Ameri-
can Division accountant. As disvi zm noanager, Dreocher will
make his headquarters It Miami, Fla.

Timoshenko Blasts Russia's

-O -

MOSCOW, Nov. 8 (UP)--Rus- an estimated 2,000,000 civilians
sla today preaentW a ab- marched through the huge
breviated display of mill- square.-
tary might in the onal Marshal Timoshenko, mount-
Red Square observe -f the ed on a bronze charger, galloped
35th anniversary of t.OQtober across the huge square in front
ut Marshal Semyo Tino- the military parade to greet the
ahenklo, the hero of Sht.grad, massed troops. Then he ascend-
seved notice to "warY rs... ed Lenin's mausoleam
stepping up their it onrs There, in the presence of Sta-
for war" that Rusl $'trong lln, V. M. Molot6v, Oeorsi Ma-
ezough."to counter thp lJw of lenkov and other top leaders of
the aggressor with a ihing .the Communist party and the
counter-blov." armed forces. he exported the
FWr4gn .observers, yatobing Soviet army to be vigilant and
the parade of crack Re ; rmy ready to defend the nation.
troop' from the Mscw.~-g r- "The warmonger must know
rison and the military :wiae- that our state is stronger than
miles, and the display of ary ever and can counter the blow
eqipm t, said the Soviet tIs of the aggressor with a crushing
year wVtlheld from M:. t ie counter-blow" he told the
parade their newest maehl as troops. "...The warmongers are
of war.aiuipmientln the para e, dreaming, of renewing l
they said, Included old momel war; are stepping up their Bi-
tanks and rocket guns. parations for war; are waglng
"The colteorful parade, watched war for the third year in Korea
by. Premier.Joset Stalin BMd e- and are. trying to incite pther
viewed by Marshal Tniashepo, states against the Soviet UnIot
lasted le& thah an!l* He assured his vast.audience
..hee were no pla e that "the galUat armed Iores
Red Square, a ha ion of the Sovict Union poess
been the case. It I1a hd everything needed to answer the
that the ceiling Was f aggressors cruwhingly, Withthe
uAl display of .1r army and nav-radv to fu
ffi ng the thee '-t-y' Interests."
'S'ist ....: VS?^t3j___ -

Lower Wider Longer






.1 -3.-

.00-MATIC 98S..

m-.-1w. .m e .....-.".'

Moawauee9he65gal .,

Rt he S* &.o lea


~A-. Aw *

- I--. -*-~I ----~.-~ T~-~:

& Airline News

The 12,0;ton tanker Aurls,
ftitr merhaft ship In the world
tobe propelled by a gas turbine, -
has no*w completed Its first year's
sucoestal service.
Te t.urbine. which operates in
Dandid hitbiee diesel en-
ifies, has continuously borne
more than Its full share in the
propulsion of the ship duilt* 0
year of hard work, when a total
of 110,000 tons of cargo was car-
ried for a distance of 53,8 nau-
deal olles.
In spite of the fact tdat the
nominal power pt the' Urbf. Is
only a little more tha Auter
o that of the whole mace
staatlo IJthas' i 6d6veM
3,00 milon units of A t
or near 40 of the total. wer
delivered to ae propeller m
In March, powered by-th,,la.
turbIne alone, the se
westward crossing o 7eAl i.
Burning an ordinary beo fuel,
the average speed for t -trip
was 7.35 knots. So marked was
the absence of vibration tJUt It
wad impossible, even by Ig
the hand on the engine c4ng,
to be certain that the Ras t one
was running.
The tiurline has proved airt*-
ordinarily reliable. There Is vt .
tually no need of mainteau1ei
work at sea, and In port works -
limited to such easily performed
operations as washing the sm-
pressor bladirn and heat ea-
changer surfaces.
During the first four monl
service the turbine 'casing
listed three times for routine a1.
spection of the blading, but none
of the main units has been
opened since last March. Nq, p-1
cialists are now carried on bof*d.
nor has the complement f eA 4
gineers had to be Increase. d
The consumption of lubrlcafi
oil. totalling only 105 gallons., m
*raged less than half a gal e
24 hours operation, whilst
consumption wis about the
p( that of a steam turble i
equal power output. '
The Aurls Is now out of atrV
Ice for a routine overhaul of te
diesel engines and hull. No rb-
pairs are necessary to the. tur-
bine. apart from calibration of
Had the" ship therefore been
powered by gas turbine alone
her overhaul would have been
completed in only three dai; as
it Is three weeks will be nec .
rv for the diesel engine overhi
The gas turbine is a pion'Er
unit and much still remains to
be learned from it; among the
questions to which answr must
be found are the ultimate life of
the turbine blading and the ef-
fect of still heavier fuels on the
tate at which deposits on blades
r are built up.
Lno far, however, the perfo
ane of the set gives every md

maintenance 1 on wills be metal
A Ago turbine of this type.
When turbines Of greater ~oet 0-
are built they will have t
further advantages of lightnl
end compactness combined wit
improved economy in the amount
of fuel consumed.
The basic design of a new-
type 18,000-ton tanker for Shell
ohe of the world's largest mari-
time operators. Is now being pre-
This ship, which will be revo-
lutionary in many respects, will
be propelled by twin gas turbines
developing 8,300 b.h.p., part of
the A.C. electrical power gener-
ted being .used In port fbr the
discharge of cargo and all auxil-
Iary services.

Twins Rule Class
MARTIN. Tenn. (UPl -Fresh-
*Ien students at the University
of Tennessee branch here have
a td gh time identifying their
Ila officers. Bill and Bob Kirk.
Menltcal twins, were elected

are offered by


Phone 1000 Col6n


wasT rSuIGrU rrT v IYIcI mU1 -
(A Untald Numbw PalegI amtl ,,,*

S S. Bernier ..................................... November 11

S S. Popt Leveque .................................. November 1
M.S. Wy ming ...................................... November

S.S De Grasse ..................................... November 1
C .UseBm. wraR~l LND, IP.O. Iea 516 r. 5.r1 a 110I
Pummwi: LImDO MADUO, a' A. V w t1Im
Tel. PamirS s-im b .as.

The Pacific Steam Navigation Compaq:

Royal Mall Lines Lid.

S.S. "FLAMENCO" ..............................N. Nov.
M.V. "SALAVERRY" ..............................D.

V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tons) ...Nov. 2Ma

M.V. "SAMANCO" .......... .....................Nov..-1 _
M.S. "DURANGO" ............................Nov. No 1 :
M.V. "DONGEDYK" ................. .......... NO v.
"LOCH GARTH" .......... ................yN 150
a. "DALERDY ". ..............................Nov. JIk
All ailing Subjeet to Change Without Note. "
J =" '. ___v s.Ve *n.nTeL3"-35 .
it,; ..


Great White Fleet a?"

Arrive. a


S.& "LEON .....................................Nov. T
*.S. "CHIRIQUr ............... ................. Nov. IS

* Eandtl as RUmbme ChUle and 0emOr Care



. "CAPE CUMBERLAND" .....................Now.
I "t EPARTA" ................................ ov. U
Irum tOt fedsa= minPb=a m o'teaI o
CamI Camr Ainmma -e

ia l .np Htnduo
lea, via Tela, Honduras

. "C- IRQUI"r ............. ...........Nov. 1

WaUy edlUafno Twelve Psnm hMlpa to flo w Te Eralfe
Chaaiustou. Lea Angeem.Ow. remuees -md Sttl

We widh to announce a new spedal round trip rate el
sow an our twelve pauence s0a5iir
so u uftm SOa to Los Angeles es atnaiaeii
t from Los Angeles. tickets lited to -a.
*T&U effective Septemberw th to May 15th.

|1z1 ~ a~a -Sl0


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Ia w




rAUi6 NA ChSSg K!

You Sell 'em...When You T ell 'em thru P.A. Classifiedsl U S o en p
Leave %ou. Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street PanamA Of Change I Ko
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6nu I. Trrts NAIM: t 11 ...
Lewis Service Salon de BellezatAmericano Carlton Drug Store man indicated oda, br-
108.05 Melindes Ave-Phone 2 Colnnring major new- .dovel pacts. n
No 4 Tivol Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and No. 55 West 12th Street 10,05 Mel6ndes Ave.-SPhone 255 Col6n i i n Sa r
change In America Po1101j o
Koare in liUkely. amthe rumlt of
Propaganda, S.A. Mi i Dwigrht D. Eiseribwefar'e landlde
lirrison' Agencia Interacionial de Publicaciones .H"Street corner Idtudlnte St. 3echi do1 word. election to the proleency
Fir-lI iNt Julov Ae.-Phiore 2-0441 No. 3 Lcttery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-2214 and 3-fliM each aKdion w .oreAan policy haid' H
worked out on a bl-partilan ba
a8:s, Indicating that foreign noun-
Stries need have no ofea ,'6 radi-
Household I A romlOile D eo yoube "hae i dri ble obllel Gramlich Sant. Clara bea- PROFESShe Demo ra out.y
T-, W A.WI.. orir Ai^.ivasts No PROFESSIONAL elll
W re lla Am bA Ccottages. Electric ice oxes, gastended to allay ears express
FC-SLE -EE, e. .n FREE FREE! FREE' 20 -. A n C, Z. stoves, moderate raoes. Telephone I ded to lla ears ex
.. u ..e.le(l Fer All 6-441 Gombaoa. 4-567 Pedro Mi- ed bv foreign diplomats that this
n t4 b .,1 .r STUDEBAKER OWNERS Ic, 1,ze your hairdo th Color 441 Gmbo 4-567 Pedro M American election might turn th
T, ber,, Pe ud e :oer Fro. No, Ist. thrua Nov. 2r2nd.: Irvl A shimnnmerng silver streak RATS are U.N. General Assembly into a

FOR SALE alii aw S A. .- barbecue and shuffle board. Pan- ttlly fhad dq urs do t
table an In eceler Belo El Rancho) aC -aENDE-HAKE Medicalclinc1 7m 3-1877, Margarita 3-1673. 1,' a64dButners.l diplomats
condc- i I or C Tel -0825 Box 428 E .oe Street No. 140 rl Box No. 435 Ialboa. MA RN We d n erta whether
ntbea.-TTo 1.-. j.O. -" ,- te-ow-El* Rac ol 1 i-AK Ee Mdc clin Bo NI A H F R I N fud r QW do Uother te should l bepn taken
-FOR SALE -1950 DeSoto Hor dop 'en K' ona J' steer. Phone FOR RENT Ra & Mouse Killer S a rs eower t a
our". -4~B Albr --. .. ,I
FOR SALE --- -'.hcde. i alanc, |I ('CO original miles. Fluid Dr-e i -en. td SW
"ords Red L.groomn. aining-1 Ra,. etc Can finance. Soii m-, FOR SALE Housse. (contain WARF) feare American repre-
,.:.. r:,ern 4 .r.., I oe nog.onv bar 3 upholstered stocih wnt Me would be unable to ax-
b 'A V .,ereir, bI'""., ig' Electric trains. 2 engines. 20 ass' MiRcellunetlup FOR RENT:-3 bedroom furnished "GEO F. NOVEY, INC. press themselves on the question
girr -- '' ied Cart Lot: of track. 3 60 Cycle house, $15000 monthly. For in- withit knoielvesnw t the question
C4 .::j -- ..'P:e tran-iformers, ,or sale cheap. I >tL FOP SALE 120 Bass Accord.on formation telephone Panama Ame-, Cental T. 3-014 admkntotrtion had in mind a-
bridge lonp. t. 'ade, 55 0,. A. Calabash St. Balboa. "'h coia two treble. One bass rcan office, Panama. tUt Korea. hd In
Rer.,rgron, .crtutile o eFirer, re- D Oregsrers Phone Balboa 2746., Menw e, te U.N main
curi o..erhouli 0L..IO se. rOnu A:,ll rFOK RENT MODERN FURNITURE 141011 committee continued ts
cur,,, ,, ,' l r ,: r r r CHF S LER C- PLYMOUTH PARTS FO SALE --Pair registered Great VI SW01 Uiebate or the sotean war, with
bonedogs.champio stockfoTwincult WdbtK aw
pc,,e,, r ter Se- Oer $40.000.00 in Stock i doecgs, champion s rck for Apartments 'Stu o orow.o t are fIls t beint-offered
ba r e.'C ;er c THE ONLY COMPLETELY EQUIPPEC, breading Telephone Balboa 1606. ALAMRA APARTMNT T.. od tethr on the
,: Huue I -A, Pedro Mgue SHOP IN PANre A FOR SALE' -1 Siver Racoon, coat Two and five room furnished and HERES" prisoner otwar Issue that atale-
r Ta Serv Your Car ,ze 14 Tel 4-588. House 297, unfurnished apartments; prvete en- mted t munJom truce THINKS
F --AGENCIAS PAN AMERICANAS, Pedro Miguel. Call 5 to 7 p. m. closed grdens. 8061 10th Stret, spa i d a
LE et, -gerarcr. gooC Sd.I5 A. *-1lh--'lt err'I
pe all BeloElRanc FOR SALE: 25 cycle refrigerator New Crisobl. Telephone Coln Tel.
of ter rr Hla e 96-A Tel. 2-C525 Box 428 Westinghouse, capacity 9 cubic 1386, -- [ i M. Wagta *, skn Rokbert. Rs whe belg
For l.:.. t White porceon finish in, "'" l Mg 1 Fance]riia arvi;ed laV te o t
-- ,.. FOR SALE.--1947 Ch.vrolet Fleet-' and out. Like new Distriburdora FOR RENT TraMspOrts. StA. j. ntd ty tetkep.nIn swink.wmll
FOR SALE Large IX. Ionsh ne Tudor. radio, heater, white Electrica. S. A. Electric Distri- thi ea dielass la d Brl- answrs te his mime, I
oe et .P46-A. MCongo Tvcls. excellent condition $850 butors, Inc.) Corner of Ancon Rooms Shipping, mnvlng torag t lWere leeretary Atho- .te of trick. So far. hi
f r Arn.drr .d 9 I 00 Call 88-408. Ft. Gulickl. Aenue at H Street, Panama, R FOR RENT-r-Furnished rom with or We pack and orate or mrv
FOR SALE -. :,l cQ f Cold- FOR SALE.-1952 Lincoln Ha d Top of P. FO RENT-hFurnishea d room with or We Packny and c'Phonre mov2-241 lF d
:per ouacrlee ai..CI 93. Ex- Cop i Coupe. hlke new, only three FOR SALE:-Draftin table 3 ft. x gentlemora. No 150 Ehstdl t 2-241 delayed their U.N. ap-
:ell.-T -.d..or Ca' Balto months old WI accept trade-ir, 6 ft. $10.00 four drawer steel first floor apartment "1" to the 2-2562. PInarL canes until after the-presi- w.-...-. .;
Sfrnancing also available. Telephone' le cop size. 10.00. At 570-B. rear.
FOR aALE-Phl,-ae orror .:ouch Pnama 2-4721 ask for Mr. Hen- Curundu 4:30 to 6.00 p. m. "Te o nltN fao FOR RENT -Furnishedromtoal7Otiradone
-S c ,,r ,, -C ru e,1 or Auto-Rcw No. 29 for FOR SALE-Re ---gisT-Fufedshed Groomrea to.t Dn dictate they'll a-
bl. e r .chelor,. $40.00. Advance rent. Te- O 1 iandon their demlnd ifo forcl-
blo. e dA.enonrn puppies, fawn with black mask. lephone 3-3103. Ponoma. "NUPR L bl repatriation of Red wral.
FOR 5.LE Pe,.igeror Frg,- FOR SALE-Ford convertible 1952 Telephone Balboo 1606. b Oet PatrAR Minis-
dao ele:r,: to.e. Drce Sraight Or with Hi-compress.on ma-. a Dot c s r "A Y. Wlr' -
la Cue. c furnure Leon ends 3-4 race cam etc. House FOR SALE
Annua l-. _I FOporR SALE Annual Union LA.Church A1- 1 n ao]ore1 i rwl of
lsthn-us. Tel. ?- ipenarro. I 0-B Coci Lewis. .
FOR SALE -- t.,r:hen table to FOR SALE -1949 Ford 4 Door V8, Motorcycles i I o." 'tmM Sprom l I desllmed to
cha, nae iron:i bo Radro, overdrive. Seat Cove. FOR SALE:--ushmon S.ter. Tel r(s T- o break h e dea- ..-
rVen t'an blt ftr ,onng. dft. Verl clean. Call 2-443. Balboa. B.
wide, Bird cage dining set; couch FOR SALE:-1941 Plymouth sedonv 7f jTet' o P
lavn -chairs 6 dnmr ng chaors $400 00. Perfect condition, plastic 0 wr1.AVE FUN AND FRIEND
Spinet piani. metal chilfonier:P2uPnilstery, radio, good tires. Call HAVE FUN AND FRIENDS' I roup
reF ing chairs, double bed, 26 4 I 12 I or hou e 321 -D, Ancon. Plans have been made for the
girls b le. Set mericon Edua- opposte Pot Ofce. ua United Church cDro For Fo rth N: Wa Few.
for House 2489-.ABalboa 42Drop orou n in the six parish units of the t'et, titer b 4
ar Hou 2489-A Balboa 242 FOR SALE -1952 Plymouth t W k Union Churchofthe canal ZonWillum
lenr condtrcn Price $2,00. Straight Week In announcing the canvas, the
Help Wanted caI. See it oa Arena Elmar-oa'cq Rev. Henry. .ell, chairman,
HaTel. 3-0706. WASHINGTON, Nov. 8 (UP) stated that each of the churches
WANTED.-Good cook to lve in -The bureau of Labor statistic will conduct simultaneous eman- H & D TIC i pS .
must be good with children. re- FOR SALE :- dsmoble Staton Wa- aid today that average whole- paigns for financial underwrit. HARNETT & DUNN tp .
ferences required. 2321-A, Con- gon Roche. 1950. 8 Cyl., radio. ~le Drices dropped ftar the ingof the 1953 budgets. BABO M. C. A.
-fernceors rea, Curundu Coll 2-0610 fourth straight week in the They will begil on unlday, r p
.-actrs Area. Curundu Call 2-0610 weekly ended Nov. 4. November 169. RS.
WANTED -Young woman English- FOR SALE: 1942 Buick Sedan. The bureau said prices of all (C; .di-u PBe' 1)
.*Spanish spoken, to do clean.inq Excellent condition, new fires. wholesale items fel two-tenths The Union Churches, located Feinla -J nowitz
,and help ,n slovper .hop. 4h of rodo 760-C. Balboa, phone 2- qf one per cent to 110.1 per Cent Cristobal Margarita, Gatun. Feinin -Jonowit napped, trab Wee Wi#t
Julv A.enue No 19 2984 of 1947-49 prices,. Gambos. Pedro Miguel. and Bal-T0 W ll Pl ihayilaliMh Vgn et.
FOR SALE 1950 Pontiac 4 door Wholesale meat prices declin. boa. have each prepared a bu- I Trio Will Ply. Many jm
sEdanA. Radio. Good tires, $1.600.- ed ].7 per cent to a point 11 per get for the next calendar year. A 13M as
WANT U 00 Coiall 2-4473 cent below prices In September, Those budgets total $70,000. Eaeh At C Mp Bierd e wI
W. 1n --the bureau said. church will conduct its own ap- W- the gable t'*
-1,-.tep|i r^'.',- FOR SALE -1950 Hudson -Co- The survey showed a two- peal for next year's funds and a COLON Nov. F follow ng t a eir
.----r-- modJre. 8 Club Coupe WIw. ro- tenths of one per cent decline common time-table will be tol- .nA"YsuC ul presentations pe hoir n4
i C d do. new seat covers, $1.500 00. In farmi products due mainly toIlowed. the Falfc Bie, music lovers
Aerco couple desres 3 r Can 2-4473. lowerrices or fresh fruit nd Nov. 16 has been designated as the lim lde will be give r verbal hun
or Son Francisco Call tA- Allen FOR SALE -1951 Oldsmobile De Vegetal el. loyalty Sunday. at which time an op hearn a' fled to hter.ta i
Wclund Panama 3.193 Luke '98 4 door sedan, 14000 Higher prices were rerted -constituents of the churches will It ioted tFeinland-J3a the lie sores a
S m.I. prcica ne Hdrama- or edible fats and out and be urged to attend their services wt.g rig Ratio.nal coa- the English, Frene
WANTED Aparment r hl. c ad radio. 2 300 Can be flou. r.d make financiaJ pledges for"tov a a. tnon cOasts. -
ithn sove ar d reirigerotr ir. r- dancedd House 768 Ap. A,. Bal ---- '!953 Those unable to do so on Noveber rn the river sector Telege 2 C that date will be given oppor- i 9,atwes anc mlo
50"4 .D y-Long Program it'uhaity to ,t s their pledge cards tu.-nyIts tanowit.t hw"rp leo
WANTED--Deer freeze. 60 cce FOR SALE (Continued Irom Page 1) ember 23. V N-ion sa ,
Net mens golf cl., Phone-ama students who have won the The experience of many ygst t e ft wil-be gin before i
AM President Truman. President- I pledges are made on Loyalty der ,- I iii t Christ h ""
DESIRE to cn r,.i.: American am, PANAMA CANAL COMPANY elect Eisenhower and defeated Sunday. j. from whom ilhter gia
who is going on vacation during' OFFERS STRUCTURES FOR SALI Candidate Stevenson have tc ffW. [Iof
December and Januar,.. and who Sealed bids will be received untr. joined in all-out support,to the The Union Churches have
have maid who want' empio.menr | 10:30 A MX. November 20. 1952, Crusade for Freedom. been active en the Istbumus der Br *w.,
for month or :,- \Wre Box i 81 1n the office cr the Superintendent General ElrAnhower paid hi s *lanc the early construction .. All febo t
Diablo. C Z cf Srorehoseb. Balboa. tor one lot tribute to Gen Lucius Clay. who' days, when chaplains were pro- channel
*.....- .- -- of 16 Quarters and 2 Garage Build- founded the Crusade Jar Free- vided by the United States s ort ve ssros in
WANTED B, Aner,.can fo,,li., .'rgs located on Empire Street. Bal- iom,. which carries on its drives' Government. p service -act -. ._ ,
: one or two bedroom aprmentoboa. Foraw of proposal with full par- this year under the national paralyzed. "-';
. chaletr furn.hed or uniurmenhd 'culars ma. be secured i.r the thices chairmnanshin of Henry Ford II. AMter the Panama Canal was .
Telephone 3-'13,nj2 ,as,. -J 9j.4 of Superintendernt of Storehouses, Elsenhower said: opened, the first Union Chuches h captain. a i.
e*en.ngs. Ibeil------- -and the Housing Manager at Balboa 'In this battle. for truth. you were organized on a permanent LOdn b
e---- ---t- Heights tand I have a definite part to basis They were in Cristobal land the to o
WANTED. As soon as pos.blE lay." Balboa.
Furni"hedERSONtALSn Otwo bed Governor Stevenson said: I t soon became apparent th t, ue
Frnimshed aparerreontt's bEd- PE i"The unique spirit of the Cru- people liked the interdenomina. They
rCouple srn ren ch o Call Pan- sade for Freedom Is Its private tonal approach in their church-
ama --4775 HUMAN ENGINEERING Corrective and volunteer character. What- ea. for the churches grew rapidly do
, Ad-u tment of rhe Bod. rruc-ure eve? it may cOst us to bring hope tnd consistently In 1941 the
.,WANTED--C,--e or wo ,,rfrgertors, GEORGE D BARB JR N,. II. ile In inspiration to the spirits of Union Church of the Canal Zone
k.erosene. 7 or fPet Irrq.rr Paor,. h St., Tel". 2-383" l point-1 enslaved peoples everywhere, no became an incorporated body. It-s
nla A-rrer.on. men, t. price is too great and no sacrifice Act of Incorporation inh ai .
____________________________________in aln, because the liberty we paoed by the United Wtos,-: .. a..
'are helping preserve is our own _'reb. on December i of that
r AIt is reat work. I invite you to ".,ear.
loin in it."
from the White House at The National Souncil of the
..ashington President Trumare C'hurehe of Christ Inthe u'.ts.c
i- sued this cal] for ue an n hj d trustee rea to*4p. -
rest-. the plans of the Crusade I arng the tel G .M A
lor Freedom to build more radle nd Mat'll At; ...s
If this can be done and I believe U'ndl.s. .-
it will be done. the free world can -W,.UthP i
more effectively get tAe truth be- fu;-Q
hind the Iron curtain.". cAtionI

The President added: "It is .
sential that people everywhere
-know that we are working
veace freedom and prosperu
.lfor all mankind."

i t home or away Jai Tee Dry For Hi
the eaH lI for An

iUw.e d and Botad in Scotand
'&A. t *LAUS9!W, AND
... ._. DOEL, S.A.
~.. r a~.

-, ~-i -j

r-,.. ,

Y W -: y.- -.

. -.; ...-

.tf~ ~-P;-~n~-~ -
- i --I

.. P .. .; ..-II '
, -. '-


7 A' .~7. S

irk ~

-.; *- .- ,... .'. / ." ". ". : .. .'.- : ..-' .- .. .
"" "' I '. : -,. ; : .

v- 4. .. -


,'a .. ,, a ..... .., ,


A- epp ~-wqn -i stek ,saed stimes. snd ts eloi-Pm
b'rn .. -p is .-., s. sitivl ss r a and lead n
..* Wt ta. 4fteIll) 4100, W .e .tof- ,,, T_.h draw ii & O.F to Wri-ten for NEAfo Sere
offfak,.f*-". I f -, i 11!
,TheF Peamme Amseriem lists below, by s %isnw rnday. :i m,
CM-* 3Mis* sit Worship ned otherr r ctivB* FS adIP. Ed sdL16 NORlTH 4

'ad shaplemas ares aked to KfMG 3
? : *As helatesto sa ang es Posts, ses AST
SAnd Stations o*Q
recatoil,. 6? 54 10 5 4 2
S:::::::: OUT (D)

ane sale U, Beus sidet vu. .
Sst~~ t 9 4M p ............. 1

A.... an .. .... ....... ..... x s ometimesI ag

'11 -S *******onrc*t I t hate y s Phavs
anitS?11'qq trnIAXQ5nnamNT
l e s. "'".a:: :::::::::. s' Opet nin le d-6 ei
.. A l i fli I ii
0 a m*ii Oit's............... hsdi itht '
Wm 1S0and ..ut .~ ,2rSt 0 I st .e........ IS

..M u,.a s m a emo S .... ......... s example, was displayed at both
3 & a" -i ': .. .. -n VT" ....................-..: ter tears about it. The greatest
470 ,4"1Bok." expertsinthe wor&dsoetme

-. de ss a .*.a ,.... ..' .. tables in the final of the na-
a-a;. ... da .. series at ..... U .a. A gO l......i tlonal team championships a ~ few
Ui._Gavi.01n "nSly ajvrc .tme ....t........,.. is IamronCS"" n both rooms South played
swu fe? :s.......S3 .... ,LR .OK S AR FOC ? the hand at four hearts against
i B '"a -- 2 su. '"Fo'"':* m the opening lead of a low spade.
U.s. NAVAL STATION. RODMAN Both declares won the first trick
aw SCOal Sndy ** .s............- ** with the ace of spades, and
uawe". p i'Army.. et. Rev 3. .T.. JO'LA. promptly drew three rounds of

aye-i WVa ewv. am 5n T. rsriw A'251 si0 trumps was a mistake, but not
Mi *sl x necessarily fatal.
-a taib. tMoVahU a ums j -,., 1:4 5 ma rum 'm Li.II Friday ........ *......... 1 In both rooms South then cdn-
I ..u .. .. .. rl5 x, 8 HUh.ric" a tinued by finessing a diamond
'PAi_ .aID a" w: M d s O..n RT DAB East boldly returned a low spade.
I i J t sum .' ... .... .. rot n Wohip se.v:es .... .. s and South made the fatal error
..t% "4.. sh ould e
"Suadm .o.f.......... s:5 caruteaing. West put up the ace
.. 1:3 m. ausamy.. ............. -, declared's last trump.

B mma.** 1.0.0c Swere anw blocked. South could
.-- o Su n t -hoa .. .........5:0 lead to dumm 's kind of dia-
.... "a ...... i ma xmonds, and oould get b ack to hi
e .u-a.,i Qave_ "d' hasa. with the ace of clubs toi
0.l0 ia ,a Da ass. ................ .7:.. lea another diamond to West's
o.W-i e lwsl ........,..... 10. oa, but then South could never
hiSS, ra ai.yaw.. 11.t:oo0 ge ln again tocash th e last dia
"s"w s u m'............... 3:11 inaS. Down one.

tu1S usfu m o u s -a,.. c si .... lo........ This declare should have dis- .
Naval .t ........................ :is carded (instead of ruling) when
Rob I)SUPn 11114 ,oo.. ...... :. East led a low spade. Since East
.. Nav ~Id talS .................10:15 led away from theakng of
,orfllpr om the rest would have been
:&in ftnet.Tut even I West bad turn-
Ora.. N.."wi.........- ru r ethe king oQf spade
811=6114.. '" "$"trap t would have .epud,.
Fla on .a au*esA. guess in
..1.111.Poel kmr, dm-rsonds later on. In a*ort,
nd a outh would have had two an-
-0ua. tee for his contract,
Get ~ MW IF ORiProtestantIn toe other rom., East was
-:--;. .. aoe_ 's not bole enough to return a
",3ru "............spade when he got in with the
Parole.... l.ib. Clam 0A to. nas qlueedn of diamonds. He returned
an-e.: o5 moaa ;club, awhih declarer should
A..c p Pr ,ne aso U hve won In the dummy. Instead.
Zs" 0 e ste w ASTA oN m South made the mistake of wi
Bevwu .: am CUIUUt! iUL1 Iub. put tup the ace.

an.a lSnt o 5t ama._ once more at the door, for South
.4.......... ... ..w.e n could sntll make slh contract bd
.i at a.tun. .dropping dummy's king of dia.,
Pioem GatAL r outTIO m monds on this trick. But declared

I mlm a ,,. a J. "pu ,Wlon spade return obliged declarer to
10 ma- s art I Ii ... .u backed diamonds were a fatal
9l id." C.......... contract. cannot We mibtedrf

w "~ _," iSS pail, fusmy: m. o.-7. .sunday' at tu,.' m drumps ithe beginning of th
a mn usie ay Omplp -" .n rhur'dar heaito ul then leadsxz0
q:pu+h ,,&SIuA L ..uncuon ,.mun. am to'dummy's king, not caring wo
tuhoO reth .unga9 oStig ch monES a has the- ace, The defenders can-
-- S t oe M take two or three diamond tricks
S*~ d _o5 *m ara depending on their luck, but noas
u.0 l l A. aL s nL mats.not bolo Ben toe tr a

asp ......... ewr j j endheug
-4111o.1RU ea; lubmwhichdeto larelh shourn
a"... ..ia ma olpconthe.d y.nstea-


'CMaarouth1p p te c0
,...%in.....Sa -.......... ....... .Swmo ed 5:,2f p.

:w el s t iontistic.Buecae pa n
an-.,an. .an.,d,,l. Ames."a _ft_11"_HURCHdmmy'slw-diamod.NOT

A,440 v .. .- -W-lso
%.. -" .a. fl trn

1,, 3.'M V.... .-
-..a F .. '
Ak '4 f1o4 .1



THI AMASSA ON-TI moIn modern of America's
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.- -' .'.--" --- b-

;~ l.A -
1,4... -,


MraW l9prtw Diea. Se fl, AMkd., U. S. A.

~i~ ~;~L~4 .IJr..~ly j I i ~Lllllllll~i;jkllLII I


PAGE g 'MC '


Hno .
die :"= S.
* I



C -



Boxing Commission Investigate- :M..
investl* t ,. -Tr

International Boxing Guild Motorbike Speed Devil Set

A seirAtd Of Di.srimiP.nVao n

F. luor Thrilling Races Tonight
NEI ORK. Nov. 8 IUP -- lining up an opening card on F o r
The New York Boxing Com- Nov. 13 because he is unable
mission opened its investiga- to get fighters from the newly .
lion into a feud hetween fight formed International Boxing Isthmian speedway fans can ...4 ...
manager% iesterda, and then Guild. go along to Pahama's National
recessed until Nov. 20 after Stadium tonight with every hope
listening to 1II witnesses. Managing Director Harry of seeing the best and fastest,
Only one witness admitted Markson of the International racing ever in these parts.
havin- personal experience Boxing Club also testified. Eleven riders are presently
itlh the feud which Comis- Mfarkson said his boss IBC listed to go to the post. Just a-
sion Chairman Bob Christen- president Jim Norris has bout any one of them, on ma-
berr' is seeking to end. That given strict orders that there chines newly tuned to racing
itas George Sheppard. former should be no discrimination in tempo, is capable of lowering the
manager who recently became ohtaining fighters from eith- records put uo last season on
matchmaker for the Ridge- er the "new" boxing guild or the same track.
wood Club in Brooklyn. Shep- the "old" New York Managers' When ttley get to racing a-
pard savs he it having trouble Guild. a:nst each otner tonight, dust
-nd records will oe flying in all

Stengel Serves Warning Yanks
r orin favorites after Thurb-
tengeanday's practice session are Chop-
py White, riding a Triumph, Ray
,.,agan on an Ariel, and Bob
SConnely on an Indian.
To Make It 5 In Row In 1953 ut no one is discounting Wild
Bill Hidalgo, wao has about the
Sane style with a motorbike as
o Juimmy Durante has with a plu-
OA1LAND Calif Nov 8 tUP, stacked against us. But the team no.
....- Managc Case Stengel has had the finest teamwork I've Hidalgo, on the skme Harley-
srved warning on the rest of ever seen. If we can win with Daviuson with wiicb hie estao-
t: e American League his New those boys I'm sure we can win lishec the'present, Panama one-
York Yankee are going to make it again in 1953." lao record for a- .quarter-mile
it five straight in 1953. Chuck Dressen, manager of track, will make them hustle 11
Stengel, speaking at a banquet the Brooklyn Dodgers who lost tney want to pais him.
Thursday night in Oakland, Cal- the World Series to the Yankees, Tnheweigh; of hi2 big machme
ifornia, told his audience "We also was at the banquet. Dressen in his principal disadvantage in
won lpt year with all the odds praised Stengel by saying "It the broadsid4g scramble for to SPEEDWAY RIDERS get away to a roaring start at the Nationa Stadium. The scene will be
takes brains to handle starters are ur-Bob Blun- horepeated tonight at 8 o'clock, when the first meeting of the e speedway season opens with
rent Yankees teams, and Casey Other. starters are Bob Blun-
S||j rr m is doing a wonderful job." dell, riding .a Vincent; Cliff a rousing rus.
S One of Dressen's players bLaj.Lon, boaA; Domingo Hinds, comer now who could take up In other parts of the world -
llaJ first baseman Gil Hodges was No.onI; Leon bharpenstein, BSA; speedway racing with much there are many less able addicts
Sin a reminiscent mood yesterday Jack Wilkitasoi, BSA; Charles chance of winning first thme out of acceleration riding professlo.
S 1 Vioin Brooklyn. Hodges looked at Fuller, Indian; and Artie Sherry, against the proven stars. ally.
To 21-0 Victo the calendar and said "It was BiA. For riders who have taken up
l n w exactly one month ago, wasn't .iven a touch of luck, any of the sport for fun, the local boys The Isthmus has good reas
it? The series was over and I was these racing riders could edge have achieved a high standard to admire the accomplishmeaU
Ovr / r Ileft with my 'oh-oh-oh' batting out thd av6rites. of skill and speed. of lts speedsters
r Jr. Colle e average to think about." Most e be .absentee Is last --Tonight's seven-race program,
year'so schlm n, Eddie Arml- ll g
Hodges says he received nu- stead who elected to let the first e uled o giet under wa t
The favored Blboa High rous letters while, failing to fnce g of the season go by, He I K SSU spos fans
T heo B-ul fdv s o o" t ohit in 21 times at bat and still hopes be out an the track with 1b a eti as c a found
,'o t nB ,,tovei rn o nmabgerLs notes now aldm then. Only a new racing JUS in plenty o outde of he real blgti.
J. tnior leoer G'rin Dev i ne guy bawled me out, though," time for the scnd meeting. FRIDAY SCORES The riders will be hig up
SColleg Gen Devil e .says Gil. Practically al riders have fullFRIDAY SCORES The'iders will be tt itU
vcn 21-0 for their fifth copse- Asked about stories of his be-P racing kit by now crash hel-dow t h ea
Srmph of h sas ing on the trading block, Hodather trousers and ample e Wash. 21, ueell str t, to maintain the aver-
remain unbeaten and untied. sgson h" udn't say mth the r troer d mpe Vanderbilt 21,'lWaml (Florida) 0 ag0 ed needed to win.
The Bulldogs tallied in the says I wou n h c. m tmi (Ohio) Marette 21 8ould weather cause post-
... .second and fourth quar- stories bother me. Brooklyn is Sof hot is the competiton be- Kimi (Ohl l2 Marquette 2t Soould weather cause pt-
fitrst, second and fourth quar the only club I've playedwithcoming among.the top -iners on Bst n College 23. Detroit 2 ponement of tonlght'g ift ig-
ters. Ray Nickisher's 30-yard and I would like tostay wth the theisthmus that there may Colege of Idah*o 55, U. of Mexico Itill be held same time, same
Spass to Bruce Orvis accounted ..Dodgers. But, if they're going to shortly arise a need to offer (In Mexic) place tomorrow night
.fr the first touchdown. Bob trad t me, there's nothing I can speca l rates on trheprograms for Tl* Is bp^ Sseld
F LP'd alo conv,'rted the otl~er two pOrts wr the control of thqP'anama b-
.:; e::a points for Ealboa. perience t in the others. toro.ling Comml tr*i
.In tne econa. quartet Nickish- S.Br u i st need be'saidto
y,, r, *ent over from the two-yard
Ilifeo an quarterback sneak.- up to win. lby 4doe-ball.f length. 1 A O A-- twl
herenw as sorite snek -"oot All," moving u .orom fifth Jockey Tony Dedirito was held Athbe' d-le able
There was no scoring in the NEW YORK, Nov. 8 (UP) place in aastrreth drive, finished to one win today at Litncoln races, and tb- most psb
Third quarter amthe game Green Heavyweight Dan Bucceroni of a head -in front of fast closing Downs. Despirito now has 332 Mtrills during them."
SDes fought back desperatelyowPhiladelphia will replace Jake "Thymns." Admirals Prid ran wins for thq yar only 56 from .
'_'he final touchdown of the P e hi rd ran' o tyear oly 6gtf Hmtel
Sne the th -LaMotta in a NewYork bout Nov. out of gas and finished next to the record eld by three'jockeys. Shi o Hotl
gi ne came~ in the fourth quiar- 14 with Danny Nardico of Tam- last in the field of seven. raSh0n'" o
Steer when, auer College had re- pwitdr au a svT isi
tcverwenafterlleogf ehad[ pal oridSunshine Nell covered the five! BAINA.. .
a Bulldog fumbl Bucceront signed for the 10- and onehaf furlongs In one Riht-handerer o wim ndbol To Be
ardwwinge Bulldogsa got tothe80 rounder yesterday after LaMotta minute, five And four-fith sec; ithe Boston Red Box la nursng a A o ''
wo-yard line and FrancisBoydof a virus in bonds over a fast track. The filly,-slllrht cut he suffered Thaday Close nO .,ayo
two-yard line and Frandis Bromyd fiction. was sent off the favorite andinight during a party at Sara o-
NiC sher r Also signed in New York were nald $5.60, $3.10 and $2.40. ta. florida. Deputy Sheriff E. D. The swimming pool at the ICe s
The contest was repeatedly de- Ernie Durandoof Bayonne. New --- :weeting says Kinder wp a.e WlathMit Will iMtles- .The dlhht
. lay d while the undermanned' Jersey, and Joe Giardello of Greentree Stable's "Tom Pool" when he stumbled over a-piece or eilessint next M i ft le k could scere
Green Devil players were treated Philadelphia. They will meet in makes another bid for thr-e- furniture and fell on a drinking I l t on Tuesday. t iwiI into helpleSm. 2
to enable them to con- a New York 10-roUnder on Nov. year-old honors, 'today In the .lass. Sweetint says he wa4 f gb Tueday, Aml lki wore a
tinue. Despite their exhaustion 28. $50,000 Empire City Handicap at stabbed as first reported. -.. broken hose
and hopeless condition, the RACEOF TH AY maica, aNew York. Precedingsuce5> ,
r t. teollegen essu J NEW YORK.-The filly "un- ful spring season, has won the',r
right to the end.E, "s hf o- I e e
The regular CZ gridironsea- shine Nell" fought of two chal- Wilson Stakes and the Jerome-
son comes to a close next Friday lengers In the stretch o win the and Grey Lag Handicap since 4AhD T. E
son comes to a close next Fri Doublerab Handicap at Jamaica. August. He was nosed out by theE1
when the Bulldogs tackle in the Sunshine Nell. seeking her older '"Battlefield" in last Sat-RELEAS
Cristobal Tigers and attempt to fourth straight win, broke sec- urday's Westchester Handicap.
son. A setback for the Bulldogs ond to "Admirals Pride." Jockey Tom Fool is overnight favorite "=A=AE "
will push them into a tie with Hedley Woodhouse held Sun- to win the Empire City Han-
wltl push them Into a tme with shine Nell off the pace until the dicto. The one-eyed "Armaged- '
ristobal or the '52 championhead of the stretch when the don" is the chief threat in a field 9:15&
ship. M. J. Kaplan chestnut; opened of seven., : P
:00 P...


-,. ,| |

.: .I I

*iI I 4.

i ,' ,
6 i.i'63.

?- ;;;t .

I I,

.1"-" *

; ri




Af his uy
... -, t, :" i
INK Z+i l %. i


L* DLIE 5 I.VWr- I U,11 -".c"O.

I..,.. 'TNS AMtILdaofAlitRmg 1 eAP


AXTOUR LUIlNU.S... 01myi s 1 C OCKI
***mwi* A5'A 1 w


.'-1. .. :

prsa ,am

~ r;:I g~~r

t 2

as arn
.g th<
Sri d'

it th
Ubh _


ueTOne *V*t TQ, vk OW.jv sw se
ley. Har- te fl first n omethial
Thomp., ilkUe ite bal
4060h4ut sion. Five.
ly be thb Fea- r Y Ittl. bnefit trm
s of the


a,. -



A.' l- v v
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1 i ", -
, r. ,-; ,'"... n
,..aU i f.-, .*-,.

I ____ ___




I~L~~Clw- i*


And .Oklah a

- -~-

k u .vw

''ORi W i,:., -'

- 1B.MS. .. ..iimw PQ

i i,- _. .:

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'I .g~ ~


r\ mi*

l IBOLAi 4:30-iI 30T- 8:35
&.#aMUCALINTcRTAIMMnRam fur mea


4 a Mis


"Where's Charley
Sunday ".I san

Joel NcMA T
6=day SW

MCjr~ifg f~ licfad WDMNAIm

,. *i T edai
.0 .,,
Aw iy MtwaAg0

* I IIIi 1

[i S lt

(Tiubnt.qkI) WA3LE?~

^. W-"_- l ii ., ;'

...Wi'',, .e


i .e -

. -

!I "Q
#a. v


U > 'i


_ ~



Imm mml


*-- _-^---

, I I


:'' C;




-S econd Iand .Sooners Gamboa Swim Pool,
-,tOf. .Sch To& Be. seo d For
-"gInest Cleaning Monday 1 -
6amboa swlmlnt oolwi CUBUNDU MEN'S OPEN Christmas edmes but aonse
S-.o all day Monday or a BOWLING LEAGUE year.
BR IR 'K 8 -r a T P x im .W8 B flnnounced tody Carta Vieja barely managed to Sam Tortan with a 50 ban-
| O.EW YORK ov. 8 o f t te young the Phynical Education L ay in the league lead last diap series won the Oa Col
L. Laneh-old m C y creation Branch. dneday nite at Baoa by prize of, one of assorted
tdeiricks O" o e ve The work will be done y Plttig the points with Colpan flavors of K
Se = m tenance1 Division ore .Sam Torlan and Dick Kel-
#1%d r o and It expected that it will were largely responsible for TOP TEN
r com leted i time to hae Rummen's two points with Lane sthman 10- 1
ol reopened on the r 213 and 206 In the first Hovan Colan Ford 167-13
t. grou schedule the following day d second games respectively. Relchart Wally's Bar 16-3I
S wtl ts. ell brden. The Rummen for the second Kes Carta Vis 1-1
......t hSne this season split with Hen- Cunn gham Balboa 16-16
S* ea Schoolo Boys, four of whom are from Lyons Acme paints 13. -1
V years champlctiship team. Hutchins V. F. W. 1l-
g ett)'ae S w. ig .mlgned Torian was high for the Torian Carts Vleja 1 0- 1
Te mk te line lpeom-ports Ite in league competition with Lavallee Putaturo 159-.2
othercal makt left endto t,213 game and 535 series, also Oliver Carta Vleja 156-24
te t any other ~ eL M p TO high for the season. Dick ,
rairdel. CIFIC SIDE FOOTBALL y gave Sam alot of coam-
thf.Mraa CIrI fSID gamsOde tion with his 206 second T eT .W L P I
J1 tt Capgt- CN(MAPIONSHIP e afd 524 series, both sec- Carts Vieja 19 18 a26
t'd A W et 1."i ld rt ante. w h 1 1e Catr. o18 n ;J i
llth ime pp av t rates a high in league play for the th. Cs. 8 9 25
!= d; least I manMaraldY, a ju- Th ambo "Tigers" won V. F. W. P. 3822 15 12 20 23W? 1
-do. -atnight.eSt a te -en T, a fo e n d to Pacific Side Elementar Sc l t by Hoa93
uun and a for wnn frolm end to Pacifi Bide Elementary lh teve Hovan took the kick out Wally's Bar 11 16 16 2285
at night. Sttele v*d A season a re- Fotball nament the Rummen n the last game Acme Paints Geo.
S of televised Utae g h t morningbtheGamboa he picked a 4-6 split off F. Novey 13141620313
nal has- alifor swsh was kept ot of by doing the Balboa lads side boards. Muscels was J. L. Putaturo ve
a ien In the ifoam iss- B ea te. batiole Baodine ft t h e M sy dowe boi tahr Balebo lads J. L. S. r
n the ork ni ebtfe n the debate, nursing a Balboa defeated the i hfor the Fordmen with con- Buick-Chevrolet 11 16 15 22779
h" lIYDb Heights entry s -0 thn an Q ene 25
woYcor-k ha betu a senlUuht n 4 i t e i r -0 'n a ht games of 169, 168, and 161 Col an Ford 12 15 14 2316
to c thr wheirlI t fr e and tlaw n t t first game o me g aa good 498 series. The first Bal a Beer 9 1812 224
cooler, a-tartethe p a A I itei kw tin tournament andW Colp Ford
SOkl ahoma o games were decided in the Colpan Ford
On e Ug. Sticks lAt and en viro s W t has ir amso won the chance to m frames with the Fordmen Bryan 179 138 145462
m antagonist's ed d inkNavy, c ve ad ud ghaor the ngers, in the second e .ming out of gas in the finalStuewe 136 156 154 4
ai.cugtIthe c Crdpe tle W Iighs This was another hard t asn tf t ioual9 t
A. an, AL a tur, O t. tate wB e s Price 139 123 169 0
Stour wnNotretm it tT e nde b9a th e d oth heahmn L. Putaturo Bulck-Chevro- Walker 157 151 16 474
b as% ol time Cappy ya is y iA three Sots Navyto Pl4t defense and po werfu went ahead of the Fordmen Hovan 169 168 161 4
Son the joba and sylvan to seven and Purdue down in the nt llm standings by successful- Handicap 93 93 3 S
.t.... ow what time I st a. t a 2 and North Carolina to u1. the second quarter on a 15 inri nedetonatlng ai a nd mine under
lle? anet ran streak on. Aa the lverential Frank Lea- the scon ter on a y L W. Post 3822 in the last Totals 873 39 3 II
o3 1 tl300 be fore tmiss- But m the initial paidrla bof o chy said t l e a from Petera to Cawfet. to garner three from the V. 8.
t l d 1 tre Dame and Oklahoma d "The Oahma game .lgured d t 0 o d f sy and roll the outstanding
..t ds te.-Oelah Iaen fi guredmand sprinted 30 yds. for a mut e7d
a games. He has their cch Fran to delo nto a coat tht pTh r the ext t tr ame ftor wthe nite. Their Cara VI S
-day off. er h a:d. the video will long be remembered by both fild ad that ended the thir ame to hich al n 21 1
I L ?..f eeB Ud ci e ofte vide JMe 'lsctutio s. aid and the teane the 11oe Bulckmen ably contribut- Zornes 128 12 17
r te -for a weehadk, lsseat.on d the gs Bo ve them two of the three Fealey 166 147 10 443
kn ISIw ,$L reTeree imit Kelsey 150 206 IM 4o
Explains. GOOD 0 L IN T m There' sA Lmthe "Tige" 10 yd. line tsevtel ukman Chuck Lavallee, who Oliver 15 128 118
dmy PAn I time drg the mebut been hibernating since the Handicap 5 5
-held themBsit What KoreanHandicap 7 75 75
they To What Korean tOUgh Tigerdefenseheld the t nite. finally awoke to thex-
e I em There should be little a b d with the Balibithis last season's form with Totals as9 341 S3 6M5
r, et of the way, 51u3 me ended ith the l- fine 513 series. Stan Casten 1. L. Putaturo Buick-ChewOlt
games. eorga Tech and Alabam, Nboa boys treating to score from nice 495 series to conr- ll 164 187 1 .. 1
S" about the 15; Southern California and UZ- .~ EOUL- (Nl )- r It's open the Tigers' 10 yd. line.tto the Bulckpen's win. Casten 149 12184
CA, Nov. 2; ad Army and NakSeon in time of war, but there I~thmlan Constructor's cele- Snyder 110 124
St to vyut N 9.- is nothing loose about Korean brated Christmas rather early Yarbro 96 122 1
at reit putting goo e game laws n eacetime. GROWING PAIN year by gaining two points Borgis 137 1481 I0
er f i t lr a pub en hun licenses state NMa.- ) the league leading Rummen. Handicap 106 106 IN5 318
which is wht om Gallery oi blUntly W. anta Claus in the guise of Acme
sto l~~ t b: You the National Udc sting Co. renting in |public str et, Chu Donaldsont startals 72
e strived to do the ou es and .temples Is not per- Vrgiia ceer was t the Contractors with the valu- V. S.
Sly b te Na- Frif at bul lns, ped- 118 pounds to play high sch able gift of four points free,
SA etic attl and stretcars fooall now hs gratis. The Painters unfortun- V. F. W. Past 362
da e -. ately did not have the required Moss 151 170 134
.' .eotWi ot r o Ed i three players to enable them to Billings 138 155 1358
t cc swas Notre D 4ame compete 'with the Contractors Hughes 149 118 121
= 0.6.and lt turned and were forced to forfeit all Common. 151 143 164 0
To the D ttrlo jerv.. four to them. Hutchins 168 134 152 4
St0 2 uli lz rolled An nice 515 Handicap 107 107 10' ? 1
., AlifY sh hh tthe year, al- "
beit without competition. After Totals 864 827S"1
blh" .& finishing early, the Contractors
S voted their attention to the Wally's Bar
tray ..MRV ,E last pme of the tussle between Helllwig 148 114 153 415
01 g11 C dthe mpo and the Fordmen. Kavalopsky 130 145 126 481
-n-' Blob Bace of the Contractors was Hare 110 1I1. 136 4t
ortl i when ovan picked up Betts 176 124 11.
Ssaid~ a e his 4-6 split to turn the tide Relh It 165151 SIt
in favor of Henre's Boys. Handcap 123 123 1 O
d OaWallA's Bar, as usual sparked
d lby JoIoelehart, took three from Totals 355 MWA
n O4f hrt touv Balboa Beer. The Bartenders V. 8.
Should have taken all four in a Balboa Ner
cleti aswipe of the bar If they Schafer 130 171 15 452
would have rung out the bar rag Studebaker 132 113 10
iii b A In the second game. Joe Relchart Balutls 114 131 11 6 4
t04hTOaY a ORROIfn series f ,19 to lead Trefflnger 105 12 14 40
:~M Uinidvidual bowling in this cnninham 199 149141 I .
contest. Will Cunningham was, Handi ap 123 123 1 I30
of course, again high man for
the Beermen with a 489 series. Tetalq 808 839 I n 75
m ,y The rBeermen had better clean
out the vat before they become Aeme Pa ate Gee F. Nevey
to Broo InBt.,I V. 8.
8* toBrookyen Bt., permanently mlrel in the dregs (FPOR EIT )
VtheB Vice Prezy oellogly of lath- I m C51stms trut rs
ent. ian Comtructors was present Murdock 154 147 188 4
T I' as 'to w tnU5 hev visit of old San- Hicks 130 139 11 3S1
r I've ever ty. He was served notice by meml- leass 114 172 i 515
Soacthe tEl bers of a certoln team that Nqv. Slco 135 q 151 38U
19th the next engagement b Lane MaS 173 121 400
S "Milovich .tween thiq team and the Con- Handicap 8a Ia 3a
a the o tracks, -w. axnot Thanksgimng
i Lane, "Add t e Day. He was also reminded that Totals 857 .16 82 M

W oudn't te n. i ,'It's Movietime TONIGHTI
'It made se feel
9)-anama Canal &/eaters -





.' .- .-*-.: .. ..-
.".- 4 ) ..4 *4 "' ':. -: ^
B[,!~ '4 "...'J


~ L J

g, / 7
iiii i.t

"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.


Full Senate Election Results

This is a complete list of in the Senate-contests in Tuesday's elections. With all races decided,
the parties will line up in the Senate as:
Republicans, 48; Democrats, 47; Independent, 1 (S en. Wayne Morse, of Oregon). -


Arizona Barry M. Goldwat* Q
California *Wlliam F. Knowl.ndt F !orida *Spessard L. Holland
Connecticut William A. P 1-Massachlusetts John F. Kennedy
Cunnecticut Prescott S. h auh
Delaware John J. Willitis Mississippi *John C. Stenfie -
Indiana *William E. Jener
Kentucky John o. CoW r Montana Mike Mansfield
Mrand e Fredrckn Nev Mexico *Dennis Chavez
Michigan "~harles E. i Itte.. Missouri W: Stuart Symington
Minnesota 'Edward J. TM. ,
Nebraska *Hugh Butler Rhode Idl td 'John 0. Pastore.;.
Nebraska *Dwight Gt.VokI
Nevada *George W.. .p.e-Tennessee Albert. Goe ,
New Jersey *H. Alexander i th ,rice Dani. .
N.?w York 'Irving M~4veTexas Price DaniW
Nq.?w York *Irving "s
North Dakota *William ger Virginia *Harry Flood -Byrd..
Ohio *John W. Blker
Pennsylvania '*dward Martin Washington *Henry M. Jaekgo4i
Vermont *Ralph E. F*drs West Viginala Harley M. Kllgore
Wisconsin "Josenh R. McQIrthy .
Wyoming Frank A. Brrtt
*Re-elected. .-

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A* *

Willam FPrtell

Sen. Edwad 3. Thye



Brry M. Goldwater


Sherman Cooper.


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Nevado W


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New Jersey


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