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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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"Let the people t rutM country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.
*~~~~ -Oat '' >


*W^^0 0

Vr, gNOWVMBE 5, 1952

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hi W, Destroy Value

0 Pu r-Canal --Ikefl'46
Is des- nhis galaW 194 visit Club who set the eynoLe of
intWas no stranger to the IsthqU the visit' by preentn a big
aving served an rmy tou.0 ouquet of floWer .Mamie.
4uy er a young MajoI bW Forth= Wtthee days,
asthilans great ,semail and
A, ccompanied by hs wife-Va- people f a
",a dnpd ive hibbunkiat '6 took the nh V!ers to their
Mae~ 4it e officers, enera w o. stand visewt, r
i *6thijdh Armies BisenhOWWt- w o ipti'ows and hitFprm, visits to
woi,, el* dpt the teArmy l. jungle batter
a landed at Albrootk D.bOlf Wenthu"t was Ike's re.
ra 1 G-54 on the aft n of A Ot4o i n 9that when his
re l ies12, the eta wam% P*1. took off
"trt- route noHrth )4frti ta.3a4. ~tafto1t4WA fa, Mexico Ci-
S-Ike was e no t the hefield-b ty ,ewsmen ht he poked
L1- ga. wk wa Oittez~e abut done in. t he -still had
ie~r; C94nndh eral of Ia n and "good. wisheq to the
C a .%De merz,. A,; -0 tamand the Ca-
-"Also a han I Mrs. k ... .. pi
nftsand ood.
t W newoma question, he
he IId of the Canal
... are has Ialways been
Is u uWe-prquent world
a. ,ateaindously im-
str'teWiArea. -It se-
it bedi a. te greatest
pe tq Psami-and the

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bower. -4
he Eisen

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, Maj. JohAn i

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ut Any Strong

majorities Out

-0 -
WASHINGTON, Nov. 5 (UP) Dwight D. Eisen,
r's sweep in the Presideatial race appeared todty *
lifting Republicans into slender control of theI
t representatives, but the Senate race is neck and...
SThe Republican presidential candidate gemesI
showed of his party's Congressional nominees. He led
hope of winning strong Republican majorities in Co.

V The latest incomplete returns give the followiV, g'.-

HOUSE ability for the cabinet pos~
ulicans: 175 elected. 50 heightened by the fact that rt
in their corltests. was defeated yesterday for
in located the GOP could election to the Senate.
a House strength of 225. Another Repulmbilean 1 t-h
seen more than a bare -the list of possible cbis..
fileers Is Gov. Shemaoan
rats: 178 elected. 31 of New HamphIre. A ..
leading. Indicated total: hower's ch iof "a Ud k
closest4ad tile e
, a a e 4s eiibp 6Wve with hi.,fa k / SENATE pain. Adam. can Jost abft.i
.at Clu ..v..W... ty. From ...., Ps.i republicansns: 16 elected and select any t he wats. ,
~ Mn.laJ~b
4 Barr s -Anna: and MrW. llenowe other leading. Although developed
i ing Ind orea. ng Obese to 25 Republican rel ions and o
_wer__..__ __l_._uy in Korea. ._ nators not uo for election this rublilcan ran _
the Republicans appear during hiheb m .pag g ,
ly to hold 48 Senate seats. er mayeate about
tof)Ia bare mality, tho
~~~~~i St ts Eur W p elected. four vw 1056oth. e d
AM for

Hg ro

Crittenbrer ger
Q-artors ce
H%' 310 guests in-,
D. I half minute.
(Contnuedan e


603 Elsephower
S1 atevenson- .
N9W -'ESS .f.

- : '


,- W- 'hope "he I
ue the *ffrts o
i States tOlStach
a of the dAstriuf

B *A| f~t he seMeitsY! f the Wesern I treaty."

rO ^wi Called Hf-B4t None Believ
caplt! tNW :YO K, o,. "8 (PI-,. plicated mathematical
t g l tb barrased technicians i- in. a matter of aeands.
a om the reiw respect forthe 'Me a- As oqn as a few s
Sal-Bra that preded carry returns had been receive
Sotfielal britt night th, a seft.few day states. tec
? ylme Ministir would wiri the presidency In a fed figure into the in
le was expect- adslde. red machine.
wer aperso There was a whir
coMgratulatio W or a wbMie. however, the amels and a blinking
dth offielal *setaff at the Columbia Brou i before the "Brain" advise
watch with con.- casting systemss studio though hat the odds In favor c
her's promisedd trl the eleetWonic "brain" had -te Jwer were 100 to 1.
/,' hat was at 9:30 p. n
litain, like all O The "Brain" had been her -It was so overwhelm
holds Eisenhoweld s he great nu=ec a *ifW n workinst the elect
regard aiid they ier" that could solve om-t1 tught it was mistake

i ondlide --

1,32 79'i Elaenhower 3 l,5, [itsenhower
S99,301 t tevAn 3,U.68f70t Stevenson
74 ,5 Stavenson 601,'4 Eaenhower
.,61,70 .1ebbowaer 13,848 Stevenson



AV "

~5~r :~t ~'-,

*.; "5" -

Sge e Sizitia had40." a s i y *-
ur c u cah and one Inde" erg t p-en e
will Paen Pa Beffman. Mutul
of t o o. thon Dewey of New Burit Amastrator. as
a coi Yk ad n, Henry Cabob V, o aammeo re or
n pea r.Logse Jr. o Masc!1WtSe are rtary of tate aw rD ,
rend ed as the le&do g ontend- Sta sn. President of the Oidsver
Srst.r pists In iEsehowuer's cab- sityr of fennfylvanh S.Usecret.
.iet lsr.v ofLabor.
ed 'Both played key roles Ibelp-
ed in Menhower win the oP n Elsenhower's campaign man ',
problemss miUon and in the campal eer Arthur B. Summerfleld. Wh
Bot. have had long experience alo is Republcan Nta
scattered in pUblB affal$s. Chairman, appears to be a i "'d
'ed from DSw. twice defeated Republ- het for the Job of Pos
hnicians can candidate for President, was oG eral.
tricately reported to'be in line for ap- G. E arl Warre of Calnle a
polntmgnt as Sec tary of State ala has been mentioned a a
rin of or Deerise. He might be offered pWsle choice for Mt
of Fights the defense job because of his Genesal and Gov. Dan The- -.
ed them administrative experience. but teo of C~ab do as Seeretmy
f Eisen- Informed quarters believe he the Iateirk.
would prefer a diplomatic as-
n. signment. Sen. Prank Carlson of Kansag,
ing that If Dewey becomes Secretary of a close adviser to rnsenhower
action all State. Lodge is a good bet for the 'hroughout the campaign, is
n. Defense Department. His availa- 'osslble choice as Secretary of
But Rep. Clifford R. Hope of
Kan-as. a senior Republican a
By States ihe
the House Agriculture conunm
tee. also is a proerect forthh
I For the lower echelons of hi
adindmistretUve hierarchy. the
A OKLAHOMA next President probably will call
72,175 Eisenhower 438,632 on new and youna faces in the
31,923 Stevenson 381,795 Republican Party. In his travel
OREGON cross the country during the
1.502381 Eisenhower 126.868 campaign. Eisenhower Ism eprt
1,148.795 Stev n 67.519 to have kept a list of yo m e-
NN LVANIA ublcanworkers who favral
SEiseuhower 2,380,864 Impressed him as likely DPgm
stevenso 2,084,237 for his future adminbt ve
RHODE ISLAND Last might Elsenhower ui
SEisenhower 200,551 on all R eublicans and
Steeaon 193,152 crats to forget the Im
SOUTH CAROLINA political past and work r l te' "a
Stevenson 163,196 better future."
ELarnhower 161,470 He made his plea for natlnal
BSOUTH DAKOTA unity in accepting his election M
Slssenhower 155.902 tte 34th President of the UnI
Stevenson 69,658 States. With his beaming wi teir
his side, he made the vicrttl
TENNESSEE statement to more thanio
Steveson 358,744 screaming supporters wha e -
g. 3 Elsenbower 339,849 med the trand ballroom el %dh
TEXAS Hotel Commodore to ree him 6ip
MAO. 9 E1senhower 829.379 pear for the first time in h"LBiv
Etevenson 732,129 role.
UTAH Elsenhower did not ro to ne '
Elsmnbhoer 172.365 intll after 3 a.m. He said fopd*
Stevena M 119,851 night to a crowd of well wlshar:
who had gathered In front aoft
VERMONT resdlc..nce In the Columbia tl .
Elenhower 118.194 verslty campus and slowly eaMn
Stevelion 49,385 the aoor.
VIRGINIA Even though he was tire*, 0.
Eleabower 333,958 enhower arose early this mWr.
SteveMat3 255,658 in n to pack his b for d-
WASHINGTON Jay vacation at Axu Oa)
Euahewr5 233.555 where he will plavy k and
,atemen 200.334 The man who WM a
Presdet ea Jan. MN
WnT VIRGINIA humbly his Sew Mp
atevea 260.e9 and whV a e BrSeeMi'
FIsabower 241.438 hi l001 06 Htle |. .9
WISCONSIN GO. Adhd IL K Stenee of
Ilm1lgarer 914.752 hte .lia M: .'
Steavens 571,185 "I am not certa lTa frIMyWW
WYOMING whether or lot you h bay* t
S ubeevh r 59,238,1eard t le ram Mr. she
I StVef|am 34.921 (1 M Po" a s1 0 so


4. I,,






IL, *&
*; ,-


--- ----

4 i ^ *

"j..' .

--'''~- PAG TWOI'- THE' PAAM AMERICAN --- Ate INDN1END3N S~~il!. NtW.P*DSI~L- 7

froUNnlO *o NELSON ROUNGZVrLL IN s 0s L r Ne
87!HAMODIO AIA1. IDiTOR A Po AD Art at Lost
87 st :*m o Box 1s4 P-N*M- K o P d Ure 0 i/
r'CLrpunqp PANAMA NO 2 0740 *5 LINE.i Al Eue a
:61LON OFF.CE '2 17Q CEliFta IATvep 12.N 12rM AND I3TH STRF^Il.
0 MNT- m : OP _ova_"'ca_ 70 S 2 .
_ORIII, U_-_IN______P__sa eo 13 001
fo. oP 0-0 A .- o0VANr -- 'i no 24 o0 By Victor RIesel
S- O ,EARS N UMN "Gov. Dewey had money rid-
irng on the election. Recently he
i ft A Al A II I V found himself on the same plat- '
form with labor leader Dave
SE MDubinsky, whose every breathJw
The Mail Bei as an open aorum to orecders of The Penuem Amer- a nerg r hee av mote n ths c a
Icon. Letters are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly confi for Dubnsky twitte d De wey nsons am-
dential manner. pagn. Dubinsky twitteoo bad Deweyour mn
; fI you contribute a letter don't be impatient it it sn' appe the senhower won't win." Dewey your ma
neat day Lette.s are published mN the oide, received. case back with, *1 bet a ol- Iwey
Please tryv to keep the letters limited to one ogae hoingtb. car .e back er w as onwith 'll bet a dol-
Identity of lelfs writers s held in atrictesi confident g odds
This newspopet assumes no responsibility for statements as opinions That's just one of the $6.000,-
expressed in letters herom readers 000 Amcrican labor leaders had
S-- o ridingm on Stevenson to win. Six ,
A WAY OUT million is a conservative estim-
Pedro Miguel. C. Z ate If the money spent to elect -" ---
STo the Govcrnor of the Panama Canal Company, .' nhe ocratic nominee by some 21. F
His Assistants. and their assistants: 0.o00 local u nions and ho.sand .
In an effort to comply with the latest edict proclaimed -;'ended union business for the
from your Sanctum-sanctorum. to wit: the presentation of Au- campaign was tpllied, It could
thoritv tc Purchase Cards, by each person desiring to make a in to $10.000,000.
purchase from the Canal Clubhouses. gain admission to the But labor had more than *-
various Canal Screening Rooms. et cetera, ad finitum, adnau- that on the nose. The election
seum. I find myself confronted with a problem comparable in results could make or break Is-
scope to that which has stymied he Conference Teams of he Conference Teams of br's political activity. A victory .
Panmunjong Truce negotiations: fo Stevenson and hi co .
MV wife and I have gone to some pain, and not unnegli- leagrues would have been a vie-
gible expense, in te expense. in the rearing of our five children. We love I tory for labor. '
them. We try to indulge them in some of their youthful long-' It supplied the machinery. It
ings for tricks and treats. So far. we've managed to keep their elt the Democratic Conr sa-.
Slittle bodies, if not their affections, under the bat-ridden dome ilonl campaign kitty filld It
I; of the Manse provided us bv the Big White Chief of the HQUS- IwaId for the largest TV campaign
. ing Division. .nrolects in history. It got hall
Suddenly. our problem becomes critical. We possesn but two for Mr. TrPuman mad Iteve son in
1: "Authoritv Cards" Last night two oT the younger children c' titc where the LM moeratic or-
journeyed loyouslv to Yon Clubhouse. their objective being a -nizatlon had disinterated and
cool cone of ice cream Moments later they returned with a Iouldn't be deterred.
t chorus of "Nyetsl Daddy. we must have your Card to buy a It even polled Omaha milkmen
cone the girl says we can buy a candy bar without a card, tco counteract the Republican -
If, we have a nickel, but not a cone, if we have a nickel, bu. charge that St.venson was too .
no card. highbrow and,. talked over the a -S
I scream! and. dream of that glorious day when I shall reldsolaboriahgimen. t UA
possess a Guillotine of my very own, an aam surrounded by a. The Labor Committee for Stev- -
crowd of gay comrades. each holding fast to an innane, inert. jen on and Sparkman said recent-
n mass of stupidity. hystericalTv shrieking enmasse, "I didn't want It' 1I had heard that "The Milk- d ,yh e-
to do it; he (My Bossi mrde me!" in an in Omaha was a symbol of
l Earthbound once more. I endeavored to pacify the regular Ioh' Q. ubli.o The OOP charge o_____ __rQubi._____ TheO P____ h_____dooeb
Friday nite movie request of the children. Vick wanted to see I,'A that the public couldn't un -.. ,
the Miguel feature she did Pat. preferred the Balboa at- t"tond Stevenson. '
traction (reports aren't in yet,. Dan just happened to like So the committee had Irvilng in
Sthe offering at Diablo, whilst Sandy muttered, "Ta hell with all Shmdt, secretaryoftheOma T he in ner
of them! I'm going to the Central." So, to be obliging I aim- ha Tea mte Council. p Lo
ply tore my card in four equal parts, attaching a note thereto,' cn 54, General Drier Union, no RUA R o
reading: "this portion of My Authority Card when connected lre. F He reached I 9 o thedr aV
with the other three quarters will make a reasonable facsimile I oilkalhn h ember. .. A d
o of the origint I card granted me by the all seeing Crimp-halds dt w0 m ikf an rted iberc .-. -
of this Carlb.ean Clambake." Signed: Slave No. 0008-Ball-&toeh M .wiirrted bck
Chains I included. ato ee M. Hirrin, cm- My dough was riin n n hower a As opposed to Ike, we had Mr. SteVenson, of
r chains included,, rltte iHM chief. that. "Kerry ane a nr became a 1 a lotge 4 nUfd dun t wtn ,W3-f 14 ,'.V b rd prior to his
Undaunted, my good wife took her card arnd person to the 1 sai.d t chat- caw ot the camah On d 1 HIo toh -
Cocoll Bingo Game, where she had the rare good fortune to lle understanding s5teon." Iteve might pass w tk '. .
split a double. stcEi ways, with four Pansmaniarns, two Hindus, The labor ress spread the sto- There wa uh tovotedRae-
one Albino, and Mexicali Rose. who had just dropped in from& T'h For pr the to vote Repub-nn r p a
ESValley. ir rom that operation to the and armwoa d, .
. I took my demented carcass off to a side room, and. quiet- e ehing of millions laborD ped awtm qa Wtes.- H _
*' ly, shot myseli (Silencer! stoo-pid'.) millinn A mot hiab plted wa t His'fo0 -A t4IIfIn11 r wasigood.
I don't ncod an Authority Card in my present abode: I'm 1-oo 0 sokesman estimated by that 8at bO l 5 .at' His a c lr. t. Aiger
the No. 1 Sto:er. Boiler No. 535, fired strictly with low carbon ,i, AFI al wnd C aO tima s ket adaled debyAy A ed ff en
content Assistants to the Assistants from Balboa Bughouse. ioc Thl nolWtial .omm t6l 5 f t t At t tt 6 CS lw3 .em
Boyl am I happy-and, no Income tax, nor, signs of any o brin then t u' ,to did oIn 1 rteto t a Is et Wt ta me nor
Moderate Rent lcreasel build brn thee su to P lLq u et l" ll.nIs I: -.t .
S"Harry the Horse." 55.0o,000 for the two grots Jof .. .... -o. tWt,. e s m a
Considerable taddil t aj
wet@ spread by
unions antd the umixlcudde
CHILDREN LOVE THEM, not Plug forTruma that
mavothe least. Here's how sh OfA-e td ar n
GROWNUPS TOO.. the moew
b100,000e money y was e snent. t h.
3 The Railway Laboro ean d r
TAHITI HAS THE ONE FOR YOU! -,aoe gavet aor tr J
onressonl ampve Dbnky' the pub eye nd confidence for m-
,uarters $100000. Tothi.add111
come $z0.O00 donated o the r rnt na what i allied an honet-lacen He also had oe good loan tht thar

SOOODCAga unions. This lpded the TV dame named Mamie, an ipressive l ..ocrats col not use: Time For A CWLI. I i
.nerho ws o nf Rilwav and common Uqiwkln d the t that Tom Dewe
And another $75,000 for Frank Ed- material to have beenf. oere the tical ammunition of that
une in acns. There'sr s APL vl commenrtu atll or ruman n f Ike wou de .
er of a million doll broadcasts were the to be a Deocrat. finance al to gong for him ib withthe mO
roltlonral Congresionl ahrow n eronalnd rulecord the Ar and cons population

D1cut on a olishnted ki of nda- a ad nau" e* Jtie 'ed 6 er J I
It doesn't begin to include the palgn.d o n wte

Reuer answered questns ovever .
money spent directly.such as the he bare blginnin reveals that %n- e h- for him tefact
S u100,000 spent by the New York shower wasE onaideW to be a Boq a l liad nocretha got us Intno two r areh tmR
li f CAR State CIO or the on00000 dliteraturs- a compete nt leader na very serious" tton
ed by the sophisticated and vet-wo tourtan Timene:es. Hey Dar been -id Tt eat pree t o tounioinW

Sr thew their entirco s of Dave Dubinsky'to the public eye and ayI was eneally ence for ,..
an iza tiopent and o rter armef at p al fo what i Called an honest-face, all He also had one good slogan that t
unions. This inclded the TV dame naed Mamie, an impressive AUll Ot .cratscould hot use: Time For A
WOO network shows on which Tall n lah thaendl the a... John nfolkalne'a -ad the fact that Tom Dew e, a.

h*rop at etltted at 575,000 port In the.Da;ly Na; efad t -a- 0 --ewey,
Bnk.. 137 adr the introduced Stevenson .lorleal p n llty, almost wh
Deal Cuckoo Clocks himself. He wu sRood enough a chunlk of r3 lM..time after an apathet c race
AcidBut the $750.000 for Frank Ed- material to have been f-"of re e the Pyd 8.tis: Dcal ammun tion of
Made in Black Forest, wards (AFL daily commentator, ruman himself if ife would e. .corupcau
ukoos Every 30 ose broadcasts were theavil -npir to be a D appy t. financial forhim t
MinuosEnoletler lfor months. Throw in rereonal record In the Army ando ati c cUspopulation
Minutes $55.000 just for TV and radro less.
tinie spent bv Walter Reuther'
__1 CIO United Auto Worker". which 'we

SE1 95 UPE'S MONEY Soiternoon "MeSt the Pre=',U.
r b'rt onl dcast. 'ress" ter W

tElmer Danis was moderator a' i Pe ice
N t e Reutver answered Questions over

*; hprd nollea"nl'.1eHe e, wk ne nal, her
hroet oft PPttabuh ts cat M,0a") w h out
Weat-'n Ppte Aon-w o ovite -n ot rerie o "'l &t5 t tt wes

Orandra's trunk flam itrifk en1or j0vtIMas.
was full of lunk dittins of their *.wO*. to- In the lw0r: Hattie
Ind clutteredo un the attm krd n. Pntnt is tH it qi' taking
4 PA CIaMifPn ad mold the w win for tever 1,m "there r movi beak.
t4f:vat".lSoY fo lb ,, lar ly won an
ha D atiIur addietl P0d up politically. n. with the
m.elot too Ao hyelh
punas town neaw.4W
FI.ery month every week every day Ms claimed a t2 e0a1 -
v .arv of the h"t tt l IreeJaIpy r ) It
&l'verv In f' Th Wcsol-zinda C-rist 'a*u.
ilF PA1NAMA 4MF.iILNN carries MORF CLASSle of FIFi y 0. .roted barsib han 'pty
IFVFCLA-glFIF t~e event: "Al'ity-two e mr*rs 040 60M,
of rurpt malt we-e *-i. know wb
") than all other dall papers in Palaulma cOmlbimed' I. ..... "', fe"" /N &NI

h history .of th m nation.' 1... "' e A.

a. e
Drew Ptoram says:-Pt
around Adial; MOcArthurf
tg Kareo".promise; NixonfI
d _p C tic psisport litted.
The mor t
fa t baserimg.ana b vkmbing,
son before election da

a t^.prdtesof ula Ya4n.
she nt'


ala E pWecharde
W t, wl oekl by- ly T,
-aa S Sasistants at to steve j a
l And Clyto. "'l j
getting t fact, the ul. A became so iated
tat W f the ition ofM name.
,Agotgp at f oGowAn kept h detailp of Stevent.
Bari *a Ltr er the governor, guise Mc~owa was
I' a gthat kI d t ad I tri. h
NY adV olanu"led. and thouh uBteveni haid
agreed .tt*h tied-to awing through thf East, McGowan
stubbotauy. t oh the train schedules WHicl Mlthell mne t for
Steveon' As a result, the whole train trip was IgJos*
upset. .
it WOW*Iif U 7Mc bwu as trying to set himself up as
other atI' 2? .alf0-Appointedhead of a Palace -uard, o
o besaliS t frd*1A Way ifleaa ecePt his own, had Steve .

OenezaEisenhower a"n wil to Zorwa statement unqu*.
tionably won V60 for the OO,tthI igah it did Just the o0PIiLS
with acertain top-mn aa iso 3 1. spent some tnS
Korea himself -amio rnaktt
hene dowr promise. he gruai
-bleON 'd g "S' .!he s me? I can telI him all ab0
Korea Without taking a tr over there.,"
MaA.Ur's reaction. didn't h thd.e.ffort made by H -.
bert HOW and other mutual m ads of the two generals o
bring them together.

Jusater lD]
by deporUt
Saie ft
ing for Swe
to work fti
off a week

bone M

delgded to ,4 noA
NOt that he did i
e -lady.
Ulmifte -hat Mm

at tha

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",7bnOt-Mb ha ffiricl
th e a t ...-
,. .

of --O
Vgg ^ waa



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* B. Jua n LB.Barratin


H.C. Nicolas (Toni) Guanti

!3 IV All.
.3 .* 31 1. C' i
, I
*, )3 '.

-H.C. Daniel Delgado D.

Mayer of the: City of .Colidn


t'9 an nor to



of ke

a a. t

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* I -- *~
j :.





O/ tA4

Co 0/6o

. aunlation



H.C. Marcos A. Morales


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C .
-'* .'.. ._.i. .

PRosPIa w

to at ,


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H.C. Ramon Mendes

?.r iama 0 a im eU

IBC. Clarease T. McAlster

H.C. IEtabMa A. JIm6-ai

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i^ ? ** "

S". ." .,,


Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arrivals and Departures ..... s
--. --- 11 ^ 1 i' l~y ^^tAUAHf r' iw -owf~foxu.K~u~r^^yw B K .,6.jiWjTPrg{0T

SiShipping & AirLine News, The Pacific eam I
.r, -- O -- i
S. Cristobal Sails alid 0. Parker; Miss Ella L. Roa ra B-
"Today From New York Pease; Claire Quinn; Mr. and ROal MI l
Brig. Gen. Don Longfellow, Mrs. Paul F. Renz; Mr. and Mrs.
Health Director, is among the John E. Ridge. Sr.; Mr. and FAST FREIGHT AND
86 passengers scheduled to sail Mrs. George W. Saunqers. Jr.; BETWEEN EUROPE
lXfor the Isthmus today from New Col. Craig Smyser; and Mrs. BETWEEN EUROPE
'York on the Panama liner Cris- Elizabeth M. Taylor. OF, SOUTI
,tobal, according to the advance
passenger list Longfellow is re- TO._- n F_
turning friomn a brief trip o the A TO ECUADOR, F
,'JUnited States on official busi- M.V. "SARMIENTO"......
(ness. The complete advance S.S. "FLAMENCO" .........
;passenger list of the S. S. Cris- L \'
itobal as announced today fol- TO UNITED KINGDOM VIA
Miguel Acoca. Mr. and Mrs. JACOY ON BRID I HAVANA, NASSAU,
Eduarclo de Alba: Mr. and Mrs. --- SANTANDER a
Gerard E. Audv: Mr. and Mrs.
Woodford M. Babbitt: Mrs. Cla- NORTH 1 M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFIC
ra A. Barber; Miss Clara Bar-' TO UNITED K
ber; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rid- Q 1097 TO UNITD KI
strup; Mrs Ruth W. Blitch: Mr. VQ83 M.V. "SAMANCO" .........
and Mrs. David Btesh: Mrs. Alice 10984ROYAL MAIL LINES LTD.
M. Clark; and J. Richard Clprk *K4 ROYAL MAIL LINES LTD.
Manuel J. Diez, Mrs. Ethel W. K52 86 M.V. "DONGEDYK" ......
Dodson; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas' VK9 VJ764 M.S. "DURANGO" ........
F. Egan: Thomas N. Etchber- *J762 *A3
ger; Mrs. Doris C. Ttchberger;. 410 853 AQ972 TO UK/CI
Miss Mary G. Eyles; Mrs. Mar- SOUTH (D) S.S. "LOCH GARTH".
aguerite Flyn, Miss Jean Fyle; nAJ43 M.V. "DALERDYK" .......
r. El. A. Uciss; Mr. and VA052 All Sallins Subject t
*iMrs. HarrTy eller; Mr. and Mrs K 5 All Sailing Subject to
jouis Uooaman; ,v iliam i 4 J 6 PACIFIC STEAM. NAVIGATI
ioouwin; Mrs. Patricia B. Gott Neither side vul. FORD CO. INC PANAMA-
,Una son; Mrs. Ida Haiett; Mr.' South West North East BALBOA
;anu Mrs. Robert B. Harrison; 14 Pass Z4 Pass
,Miss yoilla K. Hecnt; and Sg. Pass Pass
anu Mr-N orunllan K H l-,ma',ead K jonLIsonU. MIr Aa uN. Opening lead-T K that West was a bit desperate
Mlz. naroara Lil.l. ig Uoen wt.h a bad hand. so that East
Loi, LongLenoiv... Mliss Vivian' probably had most of the high
Mcdriae; Mrs. Margaret Mac- Whin a horn blows \hlnle cards.
,Murray. Mr. and Mrs. Neison W. you'je crossing the street, you Having seen the I danger,
1Magner. Mr. and StIs Jaines A usually make a wild dash for the South should have gone right
M4a chuck ana dauignei. Her- iiearest sidewalk. This may not after the trumps by laying down
bei, Ncwhouse Mi. ana Mrs. be dignified, and you mavy lve the ace and'continuing with a
CiGerce F Notey and grand-,the horn a dirty look, but it's a'low trump. The contract would
.damiriitri. Mr and iurA h'ichaid good w.ay to arow old. nr safe If East had the ace or
S.... -w .c ." c onalo N. r-ugui. The same sort of thinR hap-' lack of diamonds, or if the op-
'MI anc Mr.. Uaiicl B Hamoo,. pen. in ,ridge. When a loud ponents falle&,to take two club
,1%i ia a ,a.-pjacioli. Mis, danic, siinal goes off in vour tricks.
GUe. .uae r. Ra.ikV, cn: Mr .Nii car. that's the time to lump. But South didn't want to be
.rA_...h. M hicaru-.. ,.I-a LiAna Today's sad story is about a rushed, so he didn't .umn for
l Rier; anu tu.L ?t Rosene. player who lorgot to jump. safety. He won the first trick
tLerara K. Scnear; treaerick West didn't see how he could with the ace of hearts and tried
L. bchneider. viiss Violet Sciui- beat two spades without some to get to dummy with the king
zmsky, Mrs. George Y. Scott sort of luck and Ingenuity, so of clubs in order to try a trump
ana son; Mrs. c-vangenne he opened the king of hearts. finesse. East took the ace of
Smaiey; Miss Irma Snyder. Mrs. This sort of opening lead shriek- clubs and returned the three of
WLnaoeih uooiun. jonn j led out loud that West had only diamonds.
Suiali. Fancis j. S week: one more heart and was trying South won with the king of
Cn. ries i aLcur jr ana to pet a ruff It also indicated diamonds and persisted in the
Miss (laire Tneinia, bt anua
Mr, Sanitorao Thompson. Leo A
Mi and Mrs. George S. Young. SAVE TIME

Col. Craig Smyser
To Sail l'ridav
Colonel Liai~ Smysel. En-
gin imn. a.ld Conoiliuction Di-
rec or. ill. -all l'iiday on the
Pai.aoi.i liier Paflamia ior a
frief oLilcial business trip to the
United States. He will visit Ini
both Washington and New York"
before returning to the Isthmus.
Col. Smyser is one ot 34 pas-
sengers booked to sail on the
S. S. Panama. This is the
smallest list of passengers on
any of the Panama line vessels
nortlioound in many months.
The complete list of passen-
gers follows:
William 0 Adams; Mr. and
Mrs. Jerome Barras: Mr. and
Mrs. Edward C. Brown and three
children; Miss Norma-Marie
Clappa; Miss Marion Clappa.
Edgar Davis; Mrs. Eula J.
Ewing: Gene Frankel: Paul W.
Gladfeller: Bartholomelw D
Hennessey; and Mrs. Mary G I
Mr. and Mrs. William H.
Keller. Teddy A. Marti. Elna G
Montanye: Mr and Mr.. James
B. Munden: Mr and Mrs Ger-

CHIlb WELKIA Planteer



I F "--' .. --,
lavigatloa Company

I Lines Ltd.

......... .. ........ Nov. 6th
......................Nov. 14th
0" (18,000 Tons) ...Nov. 22nd
................... .Nov, 19th
.... ................ Nov. 7th
S. .................... Nov. 8th-
.....................Nov. 17th
.....................Nov. 18th
Change Without Notice.
ON CO., Cristobal Tel. 1654/l
Ave. Per6 #55. Tel. 3-1257/8
Term. Bldg. TeL 2-1905

attempt to reach dummy by
leading a low heart to dummy's
queen. This brilliant maneuver
permitted him to take a losing
trump finesse to west's king.
West no longer expected to
beat the contract, but his part-
ner had led diamonds so be
obediently returned the suit.
East took the ace of diamonds
and carefully cashed the Queen
of clubs. Then, deliberately
omitting to cahh the lack of
hearts, East led the seven of
West was obliged to ruff,
which gave him the lead. Since
there was no other chance, West
returned another diamond, and
was delighted to find that East
could ruff. This was the sixth
defensive trick, so South had
found a way to gd down one

-,- ^ *;. ,

Daily Flights Between

COPA announces three weekly flights, effective November 5th;, 'l
MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS, between the cities of:
Panama David Armuelles Changuinola Bocas del Toro and Col6b

The safest and oldest aviation Comppqy on the Isthmus.

COPAOffices in Daid

Offices in David. A-muelles. Changuinola. Bocas del Toro

PANAMA: Perul Avenue No. 25
Tel. Panama 3-0097

Point After Touchdown

COLON: P. A. A. Offices
Tel. Col6n 1097

lUECKLES AND H13 mniuammu



Don't Be Fooled

All Out

NI4 Visitor


I* A f Ei.k.I N W 6OIN& TO CATCH
4 C 1o li
OP 0.. -

Pi8i. ,LLA'F POP


C r-N
p5% ,

Iidt T is


IM4 U7T.Mk.%An

What Every Parent Knows

siH. ItIioNNI

ll Wiadt


y '9


S ~

L a g. .

at! UBMA**

:5,4 ~

p mc~~~o'maua~

with .



MA. S ..^ .



.4. ... ..

P. acZL-o t s,

fSotf ci^ety

TIVWhal Oib.Iel at Redman was the ce..Et

came to -. t. over ner nanos
and w~d mened at the wrist
with tiny yItfft buttons and a
floor lenti bouffant skirt. Her
fin ertia vefi of illusion was of
matching Chantilly lace, escal-
loped to follow the flower in
the cloth, and joined with a
f 0 effect to a tiara of orange
Soma Her only ornament
i.. double strand pearl
lopXing to Mrs, Harold Fier,
vhbo mrd as the bride's mo-
h&er- by-po for the occasion.
tars. or d worn the eari
#l. at ther own wding
Sears ago. The bride
Ssower bouquet of
b. utdtied with satin

g over roai gatin Her
gls r-to twlft of the
b th 'metheart
n" ,.5 bod-

thar, w6re a gown of blue nylon
lAtovyer matching satin with
WMtS a:*esaores and an orchid
S an at the
o 5 f rJi,.flff .V t34 e


' a& P. loa 352
B 17, b,, PheBL. boL.3.5.211


Book Review Club
Meeting Tomorrow
The Book Review Group of
the Canal Zone College Club
will meet tomorrow at 4'00 p.
m. at the home of Mf. Walter"
Oliver, 41-B, Enterprie. Place,
Balboa. Mrs. Oliver d'- Mrs.
Walter Dryja are to be co-hos-
tesses. "Bradford of Pymouth"
by Bradford mth will be re-
viewed by Mrs. enry tarrett.
Hamadan Grotto
Meets Thursday
Hamadan Grotto will hold Isist
regular monthly business meet-
ing on Thursday at 7:30 pm.
at the Wirz Memorial Building.
808 Balboa Road, Balboa. This
will be "Nomination of Officers"
Night and all members are re-
quested to attend.
All candidates and members
rushing make e Mami-
Hmad Grotto Ceremonial at
t Scotish Rite Temple in
a, Florida a r rged to
nake their reservaitom .bflo-
vnber 15. which is msa
on which resertio .may be
made. Planes will leave Panama
.on Thursday, Novembor 27. the
Ceremonial will be. held on No.
vember w, and the group wil
return on December L
Revereni War |.

bears of
urch wl
i RSnda

ith a
t~w o

to Santa I
wore a d
up. me- D

First. luXUous complexion

tre.afienior hands and body...



College Club To Hold
Annual Fall Luncheon
The Canal Zone College Club
will meet for their annual fall
luncheon on Saturday, Novem-
ber 8, at 12:30 p.m.'-at the 8?-
tel Tivoll In Ancon.
Quest speaker at the lunch..
eon will be Mrs. Otillia, Teje"i
of .the Universalty of Panama. ,
Members are asked to m a k
their reservation by telephan,
Ing Mrs. Harold ZMeros'&t 1 al,
boa-3031; br Mrs.. War
Ja at .Balboa-2802. All members
are urged to attend.
Tryouts Tonigat. and Tomorrow
Prospective Thespla are re-
minded that tie casting try-
outs for the next production of
the Theatre Guild, "The 'voice
of the Turtle" will be held this
evening and tomorrow evening
at 7:30 in the Guild Workshop
In Diablo.
The Guild has issued an In-
vitation to all interested thes-
plans to tryout for one of the
Bingo Tomorrow Night
Bingo will be played tomor-
row night at.the American Le-
gion Club in the Fort Amador
Area. Members and their guests
are invited.
Gamboa Women's Club
Sponsors. Card Party
The Gamboa Women's Club is
sponxoring a Card Party to be
held on SattUrday, November 15,
at 7:00 p.m. at the Gamboa Ci-
vic Center. Tickets may be pur-
chased from members of t he
Farewell Dinner Honors
Miss Ort$s De Zevalles
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Akin
were hosts recently to a group
.f their friends at a dinner giv-
et in farewell to Miss Maria
del ARsarto Ortlz de Zevallos,
d4.gshtar,. of the former Ambas-
d dor Peru .o Panama and
m. Almillo Ortlz de Zevallos.
Miss Ortli de Zevallos plans
ii leave the Isthmus in the near
-- ____ -S




regular SALE
1.-"FAZE" New scrubbable washable, odorless, flat
enamel for concrete, woodwork, furniture, etc. .. $6.00 $4.80

2.-"VELVACOTE" New Plastic Rubber Washa b le
paint ............. ... .. . .. 5.50 $4 00

3.-With each purchase of any one gallon of paint two
thirtyseconds of enamel absolutely free.

*di4te for the rlstian.Mino-
cratc Party, will remain h the
Isthmus for three days before
continuing on a tour of Bouth
A reception, to whith all local
preachers are invited will be
eld in his honor at the Jamai-
can 8oclety hall Fridq .night.
beginning at 7:30.
Tomlinson recently complet-
ed a tour of Europeaq cities.
future for Lima, Peru where
she will rejoin her parents.
Mr. Pacheco Leaves
for Venezuela
Mr. Gaspar Pacheco left Pa-
nama recently for Caracas, Ve-
zuela whete he plans to make
his new home.
Auxiliary Honors
First President
The Ladies Auxiliary of the
Pedro Miguel Union Uhurcn
honored Mrs. Bula J. Ewing,
first President of the original
Auxiliary of that Churth, at a
luncheon meeting held di.Tues-
day. :,
Following the meeiotga cov.
ered dish luncheon wi.-erved
to all attending mem and
Mrs. Ewing plans o leave
the Isthmus this mont 'tq make
her home In the Unit Btates.
Basaar To Feature Aftractions
And Refreshments
, The League of LuthIeran
Women wil hold thAeirl nual
basar on Wednesday, Iaember
19, at.3.:0 p.m. at the taioeran
Seviee Cnter on Balbi Road.
Attractions will include a
fancywbrk table, w hit ele-
phant table, plant tabbL baked
goods table, parcel pan table,
and a fish pond for the chil-
dren. Refreshments c oBst3ing
of hot ham andwichae, home
made pie and iced tea or cof-
fee will "bevallable atuder-
ate prices The public is cor-
dially invited.

fwjoJy Rlaad Classie

- -

* J.-

-.r= -IL


.t~ ~4

.. ... .; .n,.-...-
iAtELg.. ^^^j ^~"j






* I.

I '-'


-- -- -----

I I __._


I r ___



17th. & H Sis. Panama, R.P.
Tel. 2-1891 and 2-1895


Avenida Herrera 7084
Tel. 626 COLON


i'._ -

.. *'/
.-* -e

---~ i

N t


- I".




You Sell 'em...When You T ell 'em thru P.A. Classifieds!
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panamaii


Chest Drive
o **-- ~*.. .- .. ,. ,'

No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n LIKely I 0 K 8eac
Lewis Service Salon de Belleza Americano Carlton Drug Store -
No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and No. 55 West 12th Street 10,059 Mel6ndez Ave.-Phone 255 Col6n While final returns in this
year's Community Chest drive
PropagandaS.A 12 are far from complete, it now ap-
.,lorrison's Agenca Internacional de Pubhlicaciones "H" Street corner Estudiante St. e at a d l r atsh go ea f
Fourth of Julv Ave.-Phone 2-0441 No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-2214 and 2-2798 3c. each additional word. wll reach Its goal of $4,865 or
come close to it, Leonard M.
Brockman, chairman of the
Chest Board of Directors said
.S '" i : i i.ii 111 .11..... .. ... .. ..ii n i .ir T- 11: ag es ii 1 "1 yesterday after .oon. _" .I Iaf e n o
__ __ [ E !AL the military seTvices have yet re-
LouuttdI4** &Ut ,,I O Do you have a drinking problem? Furnished houses ON BEACH at, P ROF ESS I AL ported,hmost of th large Canal
____-_- --- -- Write Alcohelics Aoenymous. og s anta Clara. Furnished houses ONLts ave nottuein f n aI
FOR SALE-Baby crib (Kadde Koop) FREE! FREE! FREE! 2031 Ancon. C. Z. IN COOL Cerro Compana, MO- tived n local rate contributionsre
carriage, catrOctiv5e play pen, etc. For Al 2 -- DERN CONVENIENCES. Phone 'Iexcep from are ast ered units
Call Pcnoma 3-2517. STUDEBAKER OWNERS i OR SA SHRAPNEL Balboa 2820. RAT e a exceptfromaewscep r
FOR SALE-Refrigeratr, good price. From Nov. ]st., thru Nov. 22nd. Tilliams' .ant."Claare-and progress trepo r t -. i
FOR60 cycle. Call 8E-Refrigerator223, aftegood prIce .Your Studebaker will Be Greased and *ill Williams Santo Clara Beach cot. EXPENSIVE GUSrTS. Tabu nations dito dath comparing
60 cycle. Call 8-223, ter 1: completely inspected free of change ce ll ages. 2 bedrooms, refrigerationt .J /his year's drive to the progress
00 p. m. HOU5e 96-A, Fort Cloy- completely p draes.2 boomsrfrgeaIoYOU RNA.L'WANT 6f previous Chest campaigns as
O p. m. House 96-A, Fort Cly- Visit our shop and Displ dy room. FOR SALE -- Latest model, new Rockgas ranges. ETlboa 2-3050. TO GET- OI WANM pevous Chest campaigns asir e v
ton. AGENCIAS PAN AMERICANAS, Scandalli (Itoalian), 80 bass Ac- Visit Hotel Panamericano in beauti- .O Tr M M a similar date. however, i nd ae t
FOR SALE:--Bed, coiI spring, inner- S. A. cordon, telephone 3-3124, be- ful El Valle for a cool inexpensive E that success s likely forti
spring mottre-: $2000 C eeTel' (Below El Rancho) teen 12 3 pm. weekend. I ar ampain. al-
ce aw oF eld 1.-o FrOR SALE: Three tires 710-1. Pillp. Oceanside cottages, Snto Y on Saturday. the Gold-Coast, will be given in the
table, to g0 ho 3- FOR, SALE 1949 Dodge Station Gas stove, good condition. $55. Clara. Box. 435. Balboo. Phone Rat & Mouse Killer Solicitation will continue a- Washington, at 2:00 p.m. Saturday, Novi
ss topS170 A, Margrito I. Wagon. Low rtileage, room 318,: 00. Tel. 3-1241. Panama 3. 1877, Cristobol, 3-1673. (contains WA R- i l mong the local rate employes and Violet Deakins and Mrs, Jean Judge,
1898. House 8170A,Margarita Tivoli. EQUIPMENT PLUMBING FXTURES Gramlich Snto Clara bha -FARIN) in those units where it has not posters for the show, the proceeds fo
OR SALE-Househod tes rea- FOR SALE: '49Oldsmobile con- PANAMA CANAL COMPANY cottages, Electric ice boxes. gas GEO F N VEY IN been completed as well as in St. Vincent's Orphana
sonbe prices a house 61 An- vertible with 98 Rocket motor, OFFERS YORK REFRIGERATION stoves, moderate rates. Telephone namaCt andsa He expected that t would
con olevard. Idiningroo table may be seen at parking lot below d FITTINGS, ETC., FOR AL 6-441 Gamboa 4-567 Pedro M- 29 Central Av. Tel. 3 0 at e r
and buffet (,Ivory ,I 6 dining Gorgas Hospital, also 51 Nash Sealed bids, for opening in public,1 guel.!79 I-st two weeksormore
chairs; I porcelain top kitchen Rambler convertible. Call Corozal will be received until 10:30 A M.F before final figures are known.
table; 2 small dressing tables 4189. November 14, 1952, for York Re- A highly encouraging report
with stools 1 7 x 9 Sh rugr geration Equipment Plumbing .FOR RENT MODERN FURNITURE came in over the weekend from
t s t0oonls istel 7nxA9 Shg rug.3OLO Fixtures and Fittings, etc., located at [VIT OUR SHOW-ROOM to Sd h ere boe ntre
diningroorn-hoving room. 1 steel On All r,, .UO--uu laced for children's contribu-
kitchen cabinet, long; 3 steel ,e- I CHRYSLER & PLYMOUTH PARTS -the Balboa Storehouse, Excess SaleL .- .. .. II ,,Slip
tional cupboards, pin upo lamps, Over $40 ,000.00 in o o 2 Po 1, my be FOR RENT:-Resdence, 3bediooms. e ls in the U.S. -rate schools
o'1 paintings by Pete Johnson THE ONLY COMPLETELY EQUIPPED; obtained from the office of Superin-1 Telephone 3-3407, Panama. .HR lone cntriue 7.0. or-$229
F. R. Johnson Nov. 3rd to Novem SHOP IN PANAMA tendent of Storehouses, Balboa, te -OHERS aloneontrebth e d u91.r$2
ber 5th. Tel. Balboa 3484. Hours To Service Your Car ep'on. I I t Ate ow ear's campaltie dui'gl'as
4:30 to 8:30 p. m. AGENCIAS PAN AMERICANAS, FOR SALE: Male blond Cocker, ea... Tel" Localrate schoolboxes are now ampan:
: -ALE Be-- nd A-- ic S. A. Spaniel, R.K.C. Registered, 6 weeks be_______ai ___ing countedd. The campaign a-
Washer, 25 cycle $x25,; tuoec- Te tBelow El Rancho) old. House 462-C, Cocoli. Tel 4- ALHAMBRA APARTMENTS .,,,, mon, the school. children was
trick fans, 25 cycle. $10, $15, ,----el. 2 -- ox 428 225. __ Two and five room furnish and' Isports Baxter, S. A. headed bv Mrs. E. A. Doolan. .
Windsor kneehole desk, leather FOR SALE: 1951 Chevrolet four For Your Xmas Every Day Comfort unfurnished apartments; privOfe tre i' ., m u Meanwhile from William A.
top, $40; white dinette steel table door De Luxe Sedan. Telephone Ro.on Mhog ny Furniture, new closed gardens. 8061. 10th Street. 'pping, moving. etorago. aume. chairman of Communitv
two chairs, S18 set, oak dresser, oalboa 2-1020, after 5 p. m. designs, just arrived from Philip- New Cristobol. Telephone Colori We pack ad orate or move aChet eoplectons amonr ta
mirror, S7, sohd mahogany study Pines, and large assortment Chi- 1380. '- *ate employes. came wordat
desk, 2 chairs, $18 set. 892 Mor- WANfTED Nov*li e*s, FORRT 2 1 aythlng.,- Phone 2-2451, the Community Che t camtaigr
descai, B 18bUTMFOR RENT:2bedroom apartments 2-2562, Param. s in full swing at the Atlantic
gao, Balboa. I W. T.LUM completely furnished, lots of Branch of the LoCks Division: LO-
neous 61, rh July Ave. Tel. 2-244 household utensils. Above chle raters in the various shops
OR SALWANTED-Vaction on or No. 3 East 30th street Panma. and gangs in this division are
WaNbout 20th of November. No r. tcooperating 100 per cent by con-
Boats ,&Motors aot2kth of Novmber No k May ea Condat ll locaROPRAlORS raterSsintha.e

a h or wd-paries or pets, Service mn th servant and uarian of I block froI Lu Theatre)I to the Chest fund.
O LEc3tr4itop coatt 42 short. phone -. a dawn of hope is my.l earnest t--e. all local raters in the
electric motor. Peretaofto er5 p "..M'... .e a d/sDrs A. OR .LLAC Tim e Office. Paint Shop. _Store-
Call Balboa a3230'5.WANT 1572 rayentr. Best reads: 'The people Washington Office of the -nave lr eady contributed tCaee -Shop

WritleU U5 a sri D si enson.'-" Panma Cana Comany hs sme 2arpeer. Sho
IWrte 576, Dio e W nted Esenhower said he In turn had Ibeei moved fr fim I Tenth at_ a r l tors are aowiccoaad oU
pF ric Wie ondition and m l. -, irspatulate you. That y de- maStreet to 101 Ind1 2a. Avenue T'I" Iortrlmte Drop ecash otll r
c imust be moood wih childrenle321'ankn him for his congratula- rooms on the seven floor. The oma ttempt to ch. .

QUWEC CITY, ov. 5 (UP) A.. Contractors Area, Curundu. : tions and asking that "the men transfer was made during the cetk ao possible a
anaan marine authoritiel buy or rent man'sveae and make a day wl of both past weVnkend. rlll a, foll sr App roxmps. el 8to per centn O"
day r ested Laurence r topcot,42 short. Telephone B dawn of hope is my earnestrife l the mployes. l gtn are: D
pilots and skippers to exercise N Emplray Best wishes. Adlat Stev- The Washington Office of thear A. Rowlandy contributed, E. C.

l**extremue caution" aftoli er ourttenson. l "oPana o b r C a n a I Comd nanv.b hsh Besot ander. iE-.
mishaps as Went r.ced to .i Elsenhower saidhe In turn had brave movedfrom4havinbeenabol- And from the Bron, New

Th 3.1-tnt tale ringthe stno wsho ul" n ofe He SboctifFBadehatorW. are2n10hl CoD Ui.fdIe
r shi V-Aille patched a tbr legram to his de- Street to 1 ndi Avenue ,n t he Drop Se oard- i O.

i of m i n W ANTEDoThe new employes reiedDmcruited an did not mentic oppon the trip to whefire itwio of te on "U," Donori were Mr. and Mr .Ben- i.
headed t must be d with chr positions and'Koreai him fp r his copgratula-ke iooms on the seventh floor. Theatly al- Barouch, the paren
QUECd and ITY, one wNo 5 t A. Contviactors Aron of Parsaa Crn. E- h and Elsen that "the men o transfer wa made during te possible l.
Canae houran marine authorities to- a. R ard McLaran X- *ea omen of goohe d will of bothopast weekend. Ie Y- NlO YMbal u3. SOM i
day ruhoonested.St. Laurence river technan. Ft. Lad levaesorget the Geolitical strifel ar"1 .ad M Mrh. and Mrs. Barouch wrote
pietsan cauin ppersatouexer el New EmpLoVes f the past and devote themselves W. M.WhitmanS cretr y0.'d.
exComtreme cMatan llte at F Walter H Stroud elec o the single purpd he of a better the Company, will be charge- at the son and like to Zpre i
endhips collided intwn separa to Jur. Indu l Buen M. to tofthe office, the position of"our sincere aprecatn for the

Ba~sin In Quebec hOibot- Durin oCh.Oa.n Albert L. Wilder ur early December to fulfill the fPrforftotIehtrangf"o b h leffl attention and compBaronX le MISSw
s onaps as [hseuraesv ht nd.lass and dward W. DEenhower then masitude a tion with rve wefOfe n havng re ard have iveour son admire
port before the d minter am- ,lpeiter. Industrial B eau. e vromirew t the to thenation' ote shed last month with the reti re-n LL ,Albert du n ork. cam e ta y In Pa con eed Ch
ge. York, N Y. Donwiee is a ae whownorabe t end or at least to. Hement of B. F. Burdick, who had A l u ,rtrib letion to the ha e nthe Oee ,Cot

The collins wee te ecn the permer Canal ent rolls of the rCa- duce the size o e Iof en in charge of the Was .es h gt he boththe Zne and n. are tre
Thd 3.18i-L n St. Laune. Nce al during the past two week3t aid he would never "giveish ite ton Office for the past 14 years. ." t l uhes., This gift, hchckaa
ScThe felhter Valiev s. alter noves v ofhom were hired on the kofhis t responsibilities in hitman will have a staff of r6r1o w. 5 (UP)- as sent to the Ch est
Inspeo n lloed n. hmn wee Clver all. edition rather than a da of nno the al c Chinee a.Nort Korean sol- tribute a small sum through you

cargo ship Vey sils ans she ca in Tard punch eoere Finance But I m Indeed as humbled Thef c idtions of the WashIngst- .r
uin East and ofs tBurahe inner hror d e andew epoes recruited In dd not mention the tripsion iton Offce le wasen m e .a a- n h LoIDonorso were Mr. and' tn
head into the drdon channel'the States, theirpositions and Korea he promised to make ie urn g theOirecent m oan The r elamnie arouchr the areno l I o
last nightaces of birth ollo udopnected. I tc dMembers a o n isso f his st [leere.durmg recent montsT. i'' lt Albert Bnarouh ofm the aeul- I
NefWhor Lshipw ives Where 'Mans stevedore foreman .Ter- aid however thee Is no likeli- ipurenas.e of supplies Isnow AT N lrt Chaoe n,
aged and no onews hurt las Dvson. Parsana. Es- hood Eisenhower would egooKo-'handled through toef tew Ypron -ra-e. loif 8h rd C I '
One hour earlier the he' trAla .R. ard S McLaran X-' .,ea tore he co mpletesbhis shortreOtfe awl ms o fthe pe'rs n It-a Wo oll 4

1 The lion's a They live i waus -run on and houting of his Jubilant -------n breas of *t rh. John Kennedy- at the Hotel by t '
schooners LeP MNechiii; and LL .3..t technician. Ft. Lauder'ale. action at Augusta, Georgia11 ad o l /. Mr. and Mrs. Barou
Comte de Matane collinedls at Walter Stroud, electric suto hv indicated or unhe i- would It was the d along n on of the nA D
end "Only a betird 2Rev to r er.n alBue ar East in late November offices in the Canal oL h' OEOC-Cr e to

Bu a tddrDeil e a Piro r to, steower, wearino vember1- of th*a- "Sie ourhdl sincere asaprecsation for the in Quebec h ib'r [-uti iiotigh. Ga.; Albert L. Wilder .ealv December to fulfill Preio to t. h r,.eo f ,h.-.adc,.tln odgr tttentioni and heom W11 Zo1 Art n'"
The crews were .okwn up by OL-in-training. Dorh_ tulehenmad ,at Detroit fice. the files of the Wash;ngtoar r.._ a en ercuon a e eelreon

SThe1 rS ,,w s w ees tA nile rl t ex w iowinselsZneAoeL an e lte t b.n b e3 Cm r o, e
Son* wai senouv hrt nd: s' and Edward W. Donohie. ain the Korean situation withO f.ce w e tre o nsolidated "han o i anifl fure Board have glveh 'our aon dirUe .a nlhtS tilT
both boats a ccped major m d3n- ,lpefitter. Industries Bu lea. "Leview to bringing the war to many of eold id,,'eords*ere 1 ra lbert durIneg hi stay a ans- entered ao C adi;
age. Jr-c York, N Y. DoGnuoie ie s a "h hm honorable end" or at least to est yd or transferred to the .. It AlmosteverletterIheawi?~ 'P on a at hnse 'r
The collkiqsiwetre the .eei,:,id i,'rmr Canal elnpIo.e reduce the size or the U.S. force national archives. The recordsofr NmabrinAslurther news of his enjy otphathZ e and Gaersta
nd third e, St Larence aGd e ...-s in the fron' airod ay T ottoher rint1 .nfeurter eq oehser yoru-both.t he'oa are
last Fridao The three ne)e I "IoIIId i" III t-IIl- He ate aid Itwoiuld be trite" to ,first ,Isthmia Canal Commission .ne o.fAs leisur uen oderhar ,,i -which -there oRd -a
epot thin 28 Bran p e43Sn over debate A h to m a ntedated the beN. ,ab .' n- Ma
The frel.her Vle.. alter blaockbsrd hCol ed men t 1 .m. at hhr hotel aCeP Gtaerd.k of his victory as a ". dayor y '*a,.e n t Koreanv CoV-Ct e a m t c l and ayo a N
inspect on v s allowed ti n. LSnis wee ocl ha duarer n erra n-ield, 11T. rcen a theoe"ocu- than a day oe r ran an would like to con- I

22 btins *T Rag' MonocCo o ld .! By that hour the Republican tm usoIeft Co ?hinonar'Kren t CHiutea Nov. s sthrtionugh? You
Uinue up ih' to Montreal TAI iock guard: Jove T Claike. triumph." n i.d n h .. ie cra wledaoher eavesto the canal Zone Come ut lta
or,"eu an. t I kmIndeed as humbled' rThemconsolidatinleo othe .waa hian -var suffer-IChesti .........., OA Vt* W eek I.5
n East and Aas. anheored nto'Bureaurand puc BRB,%.. 6 oist--isee I am vroud by the deeou lntn Office files was maoe un mIng heavy _-y loasm in two futile o the-Can ne Comnt a ob.
into h.e do toa c hat the American people have dile of the Administ rative Ha rak Other gifts previously una ta-
Made. I recognize clearly the ..and Sniper ridges. _tnowledged are: LFromthe facul-
.. .... weight of response ties Brneh who was assigned to Only t l.e steadV booming of IV of the Canal 7one schools, i
7... m eAnswrto PreviouPuzzle o bilt YOu month of temporary duty in Allied rtillervb lasting the ,4 Ec a Ds fro Th A a -g .o-r ..
Ws wnerq t ovreWhrew7 P l uu I shall never in my servicasi.u eW _shinvton. .. Chinese o Triangle Hill on ethe employes -$300; Chase ank ""'ia'I
I P: I u I Washallg .nvers i n my serve The Washington Office had oc-/central I front disturbed theW,.'f.; -Payne andWindlyMahndAnival Amm
r It was here, abive the clamor eet for about 4ye. tlefront--a lull before new out- ana C. W. Roma,.$40; Mr. artlatst.was opened
SThel ion's They live and shouts of his Jubilaut -- breaks of fIghting. M. John Kennedy at eol I
kenne ,, U i pporlers, he pleaded for uni i was the qu .day along mian Consl-s of the Can *1n0it
gle 4Fasten _r4 mN m ,rothes was wear, from 52.000 (Continued from Page 1) around r'Adistm o u nkers and Mercurio ust a rted lebrianmhAneif"to.P'

-lo z the poUllters had been too con- quarters to admit he wa d ae, 'Wll -6 1
40M ix c.,l, Z wrrative In tabbing it a close heated. dr inr
41 Chemical salt ;- ; race. As he bowed out of the oa- St15 when
42 Plidamental Stevenson lost his home state even contest. Steveai sad p InB
45 rating d nt, of Elsenhower carried '"Tha which united.uaAer- @iA iha
49 Bged a ste tte' Ptate that President icl citizens sa far retar than
51 lf-esteem Trumdn had won In1948--Col. that which divide& as a-aoout
2 Drve e nsil ,, ra. Iowa. Massachusetts, Min- poll.nal party. We vote-i ma ,
oblrquely5 a su 1 s l nesoa, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhodd .MWe S ay Us o ."
-53 n I rIsland, Utah. Wisconsin. ,qtink an eatf.. i.t
34 Piatlit i The ReOmblican ticket swept ap Lincoln. e 2.4
S T liveo vin to viltoryt in crucial New York 11'0' boy who had .
.. sa hills with fat bloc of 46 elpetoral t- too old. to r.
Ssmallhills ofBvje S. ta 3t1Mdb. It.
J*Wuu lug& R .


st '~4/er


~, I

hn v

~'-- ~-~- II ---

I .


4 5#


4tic Sodety* 9, m

Ca=ta and-. mrs J. Munden, who are sailfg Friday
to reMam 4 e Stater, wen the ,recent dinner cpnt of 'Cap-
tain amd Mrs. C. W. Cettd. Also prent was Mr. Sophia
i Mundeut'. rerinin from p ploeI aent with the
Pa i ~~atl, as. lt, er visiting n New York Cap-
tain lIIMrsI Muadien will return to his former hometown,
oklobut Sttj Ngprt Carolina, for a visit, before deciding
.t .
Retaiwr V oneg enjoy sound movies and a fish,
Mr, ,anL Mr, Fre& Bolwartz, pon There will also be am in-
of OatUK jIVd Monday from teresting Jamaicn Booth fea-
i visit wh'felativ i ise* during articles from that Island,
Fork aW PeDinylvanta. Upon an a .Trift Shop.
their rq um they were the There is no admission charge
lunchymm .MUtof Mr. iAtd Mrs. to the Bazaar. -

C. T. agot .. Also present
were M UP Richard
SwearInl'I. -
Mr. a jr i .'W. Millepaugh
enterta a.the .fRhwartz fami-
ly for diadP.up~~toltheir arrival.
Their other u_ wee 'Mr. and
Mrs. Allen R. Mini-
Mr. and-Mrs. Hunter Dare, ot
Gatun, with Michael returned
from a visit with their families
In Calfrrnia.
Mrs, Loilse Oiffon returned
from attending the Convention
of the prlidents of the Ameri-
can Legi9.nAuxiliaries in India-
napolt,, _
Mrs. A J. 'Metzgar and chil-
dren, A. J and Noreen returned
frqm a vacation spent In New
York State. They were the
luncheon guests of Mr. and Mrs.
George- and dinner
guests ofMr. and Mrs. George
J. Ron arrival.

Mrs. Rathiryn Stapf spent a
two. moths' .vcation with her
daughter and sen-in-law, Mr.
and M. Robert Mauer in Sun-
land, California, and with her
other daugb r and son-in-law,
Dr. S -Mt5_ L. DUlon at
Fort Brag,,'North Carolina. En
route to h east. coast s he
stopped .. for a visit in Den-

B6. Hear
*a' Melendel t he
the Panamanian
W be the guest of
4pCon Rotary

an Infantry
iur*day at the

Radio Programs
Your Community Station

Where 100.000 Pople MeA

Today, Wednesday, Nov. 5
P.M. _.
3:15-The Little Show
3:30-a usle tor Wednesday -
4:00-Music Without Words
4:15-Sepia Parade
4:30-What's Your Pavorite
(Agenda Stqeri
5:20-What's Your F a v orite
5:35-What's Your Favorite
6:00-To Be Announced
6:30-Rilcky'a Record 8 hO p
6:45-Lowell Thomas
7:00-Over to You (BBC)
7:45--Prench In the Air (R111)
8 00-Evening Salon
8:45-U.P. Commentary
9:00-The Small House at Hal-
lington (BBC)
9:30-The Haunting Hour ".
11:0(-The Owl's Nest
Midnigbt-.ign Off.
Tomorrow, Thursday, Nov. I
02-S4n on The Ali&*o
". ok Club .
30- aloneties
8:1= Varieties


Aopresent were: Mr.. Robin
C C er ,nd Mrs. Wlhalthmna
aowly and son Joseph and
Mr Jusep W., Gray of. the. Pa-
cifi Side.
Mr. and Mis. Gat have, visit-
ed at Hot Springs, Arkansas,
New Orleans, and Enterprise,

W- .

4:30- Your favorite
.5:1l0-UM OTHMAIR-
5:20-= -Your a vorlti
5:35--What's Your Favoritt
4;00-TO Be hAnnpunced
86:3B-REekyi Re0ord Shoi
6:4 -Ipwel Thomas
7:O0-the Master of Ballantrat
8,00-.alle of Ivy (VOA)
8:30-Gay Nineties
8'465-U.P. Commentary,
000--Paul temple (BBC)
9:30-Musica Britannkia -(BUa
10:00-Dance Muste

WI s p"- : .

rdl H dnut Fifth Avq wue SI o to
Sqome manageshJe. It ceyp ewga

i.f".61. INN HOLLYWOOD Ruth Millett.
a- p ,-s, ~ .au 378 B EY ERSKINE JOHNSON
I. -
S'-.- Here is a brief quote from the
Depa rtures HOLLYWOOD,. (NEA) S- nd only two from Hollywood- letter of a woman, who, if she
Mrs. Samuel Puller and sonhind the rn: The state of the frAnk Capra and Kenneth McEl- ever has In-law trouble, probably
Sam, of Brazos Heights, left on She W itra-Vitrorio,. Oi, o*wney. who produced "The Riv- won't be the cause of it.
the "Heredia," Monday for mafianliayu adtl' W th gls r.." She. writ..- ".For the life oft
short trip to New York 'and tl~W liDke itobA.... tF mRshBe wIm c't understand why so
Baltimore. LAmoU hhn hetr h t o RHEDB A TEAR FOR B.O. me I cant unde "tandwhy
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ray- port that Judy Garland wmany women are critical of
nond. also of Brazos 1elpht.riattr in "The Helen Morgan 8to f Shed a nostalgic tear for the their daughters-in-law and ac-
Heights sailed on the "Heredia" rv." Dorothy has been plugging ollywoqd chorus girl, once given tl lly downright jer.lous of
for a visit with relatives in iew tor the role for years.... Ed high celluloid priority as B.O.them.
York and Washington. Wynn gave a comedian permis- and SA.-box-office and sex ap-
sion to imitate him on a TV show peal. I have two almost-grown
Mrs. Charles Will, of Brazos and said: "Any similarity ill sons. And after years of cater-
Heights, left by boat Tuesday greatly appreciated." There's a She didn't get old-she just'ing to three men and trying to
for California, where she wil bushe load of Army red tape tied faded away because, "Hooting keep them all happy I'll wel-
yiit her relatives in Redwood to Columbia's film version of W* 't meananything an more. come the day when the boys
City, Cal. *'From Here to Eternity." Afjjt the Ideas and talent that marry and their happiness be-
r Life as described in the novel wt count now. Id rather have one comes some other woman's con-
Informal Dinner Party not be pictured on the screen. Virga Mao In frontof a black cern.
Mr. and Mrs. William Caddell, l velvet curtain than 40 beautiful
of Fort O0 ulic k, entertained John Ireland's young brother, chorus girls on a gorgeous set." Don't misunderstand me. I
with an' normal dinner party Mickey, a comic, n teamit O Vetera.n musal .. iretor-pro- love my sons. But I've devoted a
at their quarters. -f g .eern uical -.e .md many yearsao totem, and
qua er a,^i wirth a male singer for oIe
at their quarter with a male singer for oe ducer LeRoy Prinz viewing the I lod many yetoo gladrs to them, andome
those Martin-and-Lewis -rtner newstyles in film musica ando ,eromnltoa oe
Their guests were: Lieutenant ps E anter's, new comparing yesterday Ia. woman ake over.
PlMargaret, M r. Thomas Missller andithn abl project o e e fbr -rained dancing cuties to those If she keeps her word, that
Police, Mr. Thomas Miller and new autblography--to come of o today: noterila will e a real
Mr. John Caddell. the presses about the "ame time other-in-law will be a real y
CoHese Gro Meeting sWarner Bros. release "The dancers in films now Because heis entallyready
roupMeetin. iography. can't be called chorus girls.
The Know Panama and Canal -or ape can't be called chorus girls." to turn her sons loose when the
Zone GroUp of the Caribbean CAMERAMAN'S DELIGHT Prinz claims. "They are 95 per time comes and to do it glad-
College Club will meet at theD cent more intelligent, 100 per ly instead of dreading the
home of Mrs. 0. S. Townshend screen glamor babes who have ent more ambitious and half of Iday when some other woman
House 193, New Cristobal at reoutatons for being difficult to them are married. A fewyears a- will be first in her son's lives.
7:30 p.m., November 6. ohotograoh aren't in the Nsma So a pretty girl with nice legs
w- league with Marilyn Monroe. Could get byjustfakingarou- And that is about all any
Trefoil Committee etin buzzed Cameraman Milton as- tine. Toda a girl has to be an wife asks of a mother-in-law.
The first meeting of the Tre- ner who Dhotographed hr last expert at all types of dancing." t is the mothers who won't
foil House Committee, under the two film on his problems with let go that cause trouble. They
direction of the Gatun C civic her Ontsie of keeping thecez -I resent their daughters-in-i1a w.
Council, was 'held Monday eve- ors hanpy. Krasner conessed ,Surprise development: Hedy too much to ever really be their
ring. he has no problems: Lamarr's letters and telephone friends.
"It's alh. Yioa ust iet her calls, tinged with love, to her al-
aThe Committee members are: in hfems and start the most-ex. Teddy Stauffer, in Mex- Mothers who welcome their
Mrs. Leslie Croft- president: -c coito children's marriages make the
rs. Semon Theriot- Secretary Anthony Quinn has written a best mothers-in-law.
with Mrs. Thomas Fels, Mrs. 4crnplav "Personal i h
Emupett Argo, Mrs. Ralph Mal- Forward," and there's excr t And the next best are those
cori., Mr. Victor Young, Mr-.about it at MOM. It's abi th u who rh to a
Dorn Thomas, Mr. T r a c e y life of a male Hollywood star s ere WhS M t TU though they felt that way.
White, and Mr. Arnold Hudgns een through the eyes of to e
and Mrs. Sam Mauldin. tfans.... Walt Disney, undimay- SO O F T
ed by Allied Artists' completed
It was decided that the House -"Hiawatha," with Vince Edwards Imported
would be available for parties and Yvette Dugay. is going right
and meetings at a cost of fifty .head with his blueprints for a ougC UConned Hams
cents for the afternoons and a feature-length cartoon based on on't let a bad cough drain your
dollar for evenings., Members the Iddian letoend. ...The British italty make you feel weak,
of the commutty have been nres Is rapping busty Sylvana exhausted. Get. quick relief. try
urged to make use of this build- Mangano for er "bad manners" world-famous Buckley's Canadol DREWS
ing and make it a real Civic t interview sessions. Mixture ... so different from any-. !
Center. Reservations may be thing you ever tried before. Take KRAKUS &
made by calling Mrs. Croft or Bitter tea d pt.-Judith Ander- one a p of Buckley's. Hold it on th
Mrs. Theriot. son dtoesn'toernitt the name of Longueminute...swallow lowly. ATALANT4A BRAND
Luther Greene. her ex-hubby, to Tn feel the marvelous effect e are offered by
Memorial Services f mentioned on her presence... tubes. See how quickly it helps
aw e c s uive studios keeunpink their f oos up sickly, germ laden WeM .
Slrawsobid-- to buy SophimerTucker's life raw. nore.membraneal TMM.r ULOS
Tomorrow Morning story with BaettyHutton as the *"-avnmust
'tar and hubby Charles O'Curran ___d-Wer0 million botuShavS jMMOI SSARY
Fsr Pfc. Hes w the director._ focused. Aab yar dtggist fora Phone 1000 -Colo6n
Memorial services for Private Bve-opener: A Film Festival in nkSting, inexpensive Buckleys
First Class John V. Hess, Corn-m Bombay. India. brought out 200 canadiol Mzture-todayv
A. 3 SM Infantry hegi- credited G Iet r Ieptatives

to the dead mans hoI e In i'
tle Rock, Arkansas.
Hes' body was found last
Thursday night in the dIatm
locks, after he. had disappeared
from his guard pest there earlier
in the day.
Surviving Private Heas are
his wife, Mrs. Vera Hess of
Richmond. California, and his
mother. Mrs. .mma Barneg of
Little stock Ark.
10:15--Musical n terlude.
10:30-Moonlight Mood
11:00-The Owl's Nest
Midnight-Sign Off
Explanation o Symbola.
VOA-Voice of Amerloa
BBC-Britlsh B r o ad a atbW
RDF-Radiodiffuslon Francalwe

1. 0. 0. F.
Meets, Thursday. Novem er
8th 7:30 p.1.
Masonic Temple, CrIalal,
C. a.
Members & VisitorsW*1 r.

* a '

If you knewhir l s *
you. tee, could beIi i

... and .the ce of her bt i eMl"
is Odo-Ro-No. Don't lot oleaag

* Odo-aNo NdmsMly
rasm uad odour soLs

. No -

.sill ID VM


Last Day! I

On Transisthmian Road. be-
hind "Artes v Oflfal" School


- Uir .

..' ER IElii ABfIBH // ^
in......uamuss. im emm

It's Movietime TONIGHT!


Ikanama Cand

8 O Dale ROMSON e A". 73 CIl
i:- Tm ."LYDIA- a EY"

,as, .V LU I E BIDE"
*ills A US Thur l t I " -- --_.- _-- Thur" "NF "" 2Mi VV MJAM f
PRO MIGUEL Rowd lAG?..'.. aMI."umG
. < v ,"HONG,-Ol (T1h KcI.L '
T(coHr) E.i APi I.N em

4ATUN jam
tM' "D


lA5IPTA A C wilnl

I Thnq


- I. Il

lIIV e 1 Ia issE IASIA



Another Great Release!


FR ~ab t 9 p. M.

PesonaL A^e~ ce of the Gat PFant


______________ I

Exciting Double Feature!

c1xi H


II -~

A hurricane of thrills on the
Florida frorUler!
with -
Two New Release Pictures
Together for The First Time-i
At Popular Admission Prices 1]


- p

Faltering Philip!

lidp's life is killed with bruises
'eU-worn steps and rp bhe uses
ptairn would leT8 bhis home like new.
A. Classifieds utmt the right clue!

, hID~




The Mighty Novel of Love. Laughter.
Adventure. Even Mightier On
The Screen...

with Stewart GRANGER
Eleanor PARKER Janet LEIGH
Mel Ferrer '. Henry Wilcoxon
(In Glorious Technicolor)


1:3, 3:0)_ 6:;0, 9:90 p.m.



Also: -
Humphrey Bobart,. in
Gary Cooper. in



JaMe Stewart. In
"leWd of The River"
DM O0'Connor. In

f 0 L Il

%SIM a530 and 10 p m.
Mi~ii MuM-ui

Gen- Kelly, in
and -
David Brian, .I
"Intruder In The O st",


No e smle Ian
U n -
AMCg Ekrl



.... .I. I Spectacular Technl-
LUX & CECILIA color Triumph of
Love and Thrills!
"SCARAMOUCHE" (Man of a Thousand Adventures)
JANET LEIGH -- MEL FERRER and thousands!



"T R


_ _





* ". .* .






sit I

rAG5 MIt80%





.- "' .... -. ; ..
,*.'. .t. '. ,.^ 1
*" .' "' -- f' V, ;..' .."- f "- <** ... 1- t- .'-.t,,";
.wiB&-5uAr, NVHuql!Kt i.'M

Michigan State Still Ranks As Best ob


3rd In Unit

-NEW YORK, Nov. 5
gan State still ranks as t
team-but the Spartans
several oilers.
The latest voting by
35 coaches shows Michiga
place votes- and 311 poi
beaten and untied is
nine first place votes. L
Michigan State by 32 po
U-C-L-A another
moved from sixth place
untied Georgia Tech rani
fifth. Southern Californ
with a perfect record -
sixth this week. It was i
moved up from 10th to s
Notre Dame in eighth pl
the top 10 for the first tin
Purdue in ninth pla<
round out the top ten.

Cristobal Galler

The Cristobal Gallery League
got under way Oct. 24 with a ri-
lie match in which Ft. Gulick
took o3cL the R 0. T. C. Teamr
1024 to 912 and on the same
date, Crtstobal Pistol team won
horn won the Instructors 988 to
773 and the final match-for the
week fired Oct 29, was a rifle
match won ov the Instructors
over the Cristobal Seniors by a
score of 1084 to 1020. Team
scores as follows
Oct 24
R. L. Koenig 262
L. L. Bellona 270
W. D. Pennock 252
W. F. Gerar 240
Total 1024
R. O. T. C.
Dale Cockle 225
D. Kissamn 222
Stevens 220
Goodhead 245
Total 912
Oct. 29
N. E. Gibson Sr. 272
John Leplv 281
Bill Bingham 263
Mike Asafaylo 268
Total 1084
J. B. Byrd 261
R. W. Perkins 247
S J. D. Potter 256
J. D. Sheldon 256
Total 1020
Oct. 24
E. A. Eckoff 205
F. H. Smith 266
C. M. McIlvaine 228
C. S. Harrols 257
Total 956
P. J. McCarty 236
D. C. Gravette 226
J. M. Cummings 245
SK H. Henderson 232

Oct. 27
P. S. Stewart
C. M. Lewls
E. W. Scott
W. B. Huff



T.C.L.A. 2nd, PWGA Handicap Dallas Texans Pro Grid Team OUO OO S,

ed Press Poll Tourney Reaches Teeters On Brink Of Disaster
-(UP)-Unbeaten Michi- Second Round -". P.)' e :i
he nation's best football 7 Daas Texans of the "t
are being challenged blyi. The PWGA's Isthmian Handl- ...National Fooball Leagueare on '.
capt Tournament moves into its the brink of disaster ..
r second round this week with the I The Texans who already By WARREN P
the United Press board of following pairings In the Cham- have lost 5250,000 this year Shotlr Edt ,.
in State on top with 17 first Trim vs. Danley: Leigh vs w ere turned down biy tDallas' h e a lot ab e, _.
nts. Maryland also un- Sergei, Jones vs. Hipson: Car-1 -row $125,000 yesterday half range shooting; Rat ame Ini
S int ehin center vs. Burns; Humphries vs. the amount the club's trustees Rocky Mountain and.-r ,giis
only 20 points behind with Park. Elv vs. Garrett. Reynolds say need to finish the season. ItateS. Sole of the tale4 iMtt.e
,as week, Maryland trailed Is Sands and Minor-Bye. Shortly afterward, National even allowing for exa er -
In the consolation flight these League Commissioner Bert but whoever heard of .
ints. names appear. Johnson. Lacoix ell doused the hopes of some consistently killing wh i..
perfect record team has Riley,Kenna, Spagna. Grant of the Dallas officials by may- out at N00 to 700 yardsT
Gtaham,GdodePyin.hDay and Ap- Ing the league will not lend Usually the fellow whO" tal a,.
to third. Unbeaten andpleulst. Play-os n the conso-I any money and doesn't ivea- bout dropping a Virginia deer.
ks fourth and Oklahoma ,atii flleht will be two days of' way players. whether 1h? busts the buck in
ia- the last ap.Y withseven-elghtholes will "Ever team ip the league,;" Maine, Michigan, P. tAylvani;
ia he last major school naap. The first 18 holes will ays Bell, "is struggling for its or an of the their state here
lpped fromthirdp oat830 a m. on Nov.existence and trying to io-ke whitetalls abound In thi-seCond
slipped from third place to 22. andthe second round will tee T .Inner.T 'w rthilando I a
middle Saturday. Kansas has 0of at 830 a m. on Dec. 6. En- would not give away any pla- .ailrthim at wS0 .'aras- do-
tant in the consolation fleh would not give away any play- ialln im at 150 ard.-dol
seventh and is followed by ,t,,t in th es c hnotleo geot ere who might help them." h blng the actualyardage between
iku-s play these 36 holes of golf'One of the directors had his rifle and the deer .But some
ace. The Irish are back in to qua iv. voiced the hope that the top Eastern ultra-lorigorange stuff Is
PWGA members are reminded clubs might yield a good play- no kidding. -
ne since Sept. 19. that the next regular meeting ofl or each tobolster the Texans, The section of.Pennsylvania a.
ce and Tennessee in tenth e group will take place ata- who have lost six straight round Galdti is i t y steep-
aa Golf Club on r games. sided valleys. almos .qw .400 -. ,.
'All women wishing to participate gaessde_______________
must notify PWGA represent- tdo1000 yards airline fro ,ir rhi t -, .
latives by Nov. 12, so that pair- r'm. The illly sides ase ncre- Wien there's aw- ando me-
ings can be listed in the news- crosse bold rmgroa usde t0a when therIftu, thb ela-
papers. hlud lumbering roads, th poke tiviely Openl Seond ittOW4ftimber
Th League NeW is the month for election excellent observation and shooti.. n those vam:s eavel: btoving
of new officers. Members are in oplatfnorms Tor op "ittaln-len animal visible to ye,
o urged to attend if possible. uck- moving on -the opposite a dosing buck clear bin-
INSTRUCTORS MARGARITA BOWLING slope. oculars oIa spotti0 all.
N. E Gibson148 GUN CLUB LEAGUE tou,.. rit e rallr
it. Hssey "lf OT The Margarita Bowling League MAon The FairwayVS e out wit r of target
Li. Hussey 06 NOTESr 2(bo ..;2 s-
moved into the second round FORT AM NAOR LA0 DAY upweight (abupt* pesof fr dolled
o DickensonP N DU N T w th P in collegefootba last" week with the Gatun Elec- Ernie Wilton. .n-t 4. with t tt of rom

Tam n ncontinueesar 2 leO bedazzlee the ou a gsce tion.uarterbha e 10 to 20 power. Teheyn a use hl
Total Bocoaeo3CosuoG. -.-----.- Charlie. Multric keglers taking all four Sheila Shreck, net 51, were the dn nourpe aumsllk*the .300 Hol-
WtarJ 3 h ytoBUSY WEEK-END AHEAD makes Holi"Cross a constant eat via the skies. Tailback Za= points, or the second straight winners of last week's "'Throw-atw.
FWe are happy to state Or-odnk Gun o cksghand ar for Colorado,=yl anditanddE lec a rnd m oving he Od onepont.oeh o

FOR EnNhusUBsmE51BrunnUngngiupheirtguhsts ai iforabuMyigmpatim nves A nti- owl peouhenuurnaseeen.?pok.e tedson0sr o,7omr
League ishow composed of e..-r en FOt oU CLUB MEMBERS andeor oher Ot tramenta a. rht
Srelae Balboa n heouroc- For rilemen A Joye an- standing from seventh to fifth Tomnorrow there will be .au m.t m-

i o Iersoit *sehm an odun sivo ffringesusMon 1 Elem ent Verbal Going Over dw-t da^ "oi ahe of *the a tW lieitr
Teams making necessary. 2 if catches. As the b nd of the year place, leaving them only. ane "Point" tournament. Play ers- o, flag d theI _l. TheY lt
and pistol match each week approaches tme s growunday at the Ba point-ouof the first divisive on awarded three pointe o for a bidle st f
so as to compete the sch those shooters who have not United press Sports rer the eoatuno points th orea third game e celery
during the regular gallery sea- t turned n that Expmbert score. o -ich went all the way to point for each hole
d we have hopes to eventualweek-endoftargetshoo n i e a Inoien O e r t th e nianeresedthen ptlead alved understroe oofrita. eri lesari, i.

yar-ld theDireFor riflemenDAllo yC e Man- t inrAces nncreaedthe thirbleadaholthayed dr -o k fml ln a It n t them Ilc i
tv replace Balboa in the procrs ore rifemen peanne e n n first plaoe nto r3V2 games by the- winner i the eolferwit .te400 VddbA'"u-
ion ieof ap busters urin thmian ounces a resumption of those ,,nas2 h it while drr pping most point at the end of th e e a
sr h e o shootersrho r have n s o othe Unitedrrpieness eporoo W r vialdd a llnts sCa

lB states of the mile and Di selves reque t it. There will be straight-armed the anti-bowl thoeda with a retinue bcalue a tw e evenwni ith a 55c while a tch
t ew York feature. Thmatch indldual medals, athe end If the y ear contest. Lucky Strike we t an r the- r otwas Ga- prtm- y
jockey wated untl the last approaches teams present to shor- en a t By OSCAR FRALE tun El take th our
before letting those e shooters who have not United fllress Spo s a eWriter cts by bowling the high game
in clesearon when the n theam irdg of of the burly- coah o te IMfiha e,
sely to r ay ase o turned in that Expert r misor ble ste M arlading a ll cthe. to A went all a,-
nute and nese t i de fantr ally, word con to be hard Tatum tossed b5 big Jim "I had a pone cellblock aromt Learterbac a e d n
Sirangi thit Ts will on Tatumne vy Leagd Tuesd ay tndat Ya ndle they were realomad because a tie with the CooSolo N Ivy
over a fast track. a shoulder to shoulder match In labe right than be pres- they had lost a boy named Tara-t W .
NEW YORK, Nov. The be a leetle harder to make fromh

FOree-year-old filly "Dvilkn n ow fe atn 25 yasw with menth tisonated Okenheld El only as "one A an freehand o
cane oute of the fpack in t e o oethes fcola5r hoftheeoeome of Bents Y h ai of the thought I had hl i, Tatuml
stretch to winthe t $25,000 Come- those high feuil alhoerrs unbeaten Maryland e s foot b a I chuckled. "I told .'oI r w ste nthr pla b

Iv Handicap yesterday at Jardae down hre made it l ook too eas y. hi eam wound up n h inimitable but wh had.urt, Ittiied LONDONn Ncors. resn he t and.f t
cla nd he Firine a ineg in th is match will, prb- country boy style Moaand wn-w% with on- of the N.h meitecham hi of heasn~o t

Jockey Wiie Boland t urnedI n ably start soon after 8:30 a.m., n a classic display of converaan his sy- utbak sa the hospital after ctighte e
patient ride to bring Mrs. J. and names have been wup on the tonal broken field rte run the sal, note of a bout he lst_,or_ 4ybyeB _011
. Hnactves st and devote my time deru orderofarrial.Firinguestioned the er enrolled at YaeInfantry boys, as paant. Brtisnh Empire alywel i e
coaching. finished two lengths a- practieunt world The inferene was that the n a rathnd !nrrp on Jack Tut. spa o a w le. g -
head o "Enchanted Eve." "Thel- havennot take te pe course of moal candidates couldn't eam m ae the of Boston a rt o ex- Harold odell th rolled the first
ma Berger" ran the rd fire. Re-entries are note planned University' s arry Agganem is n Ttum had arrived at ryland" the match of the season ith e
Boland held Devilkin well back dounless theal turn out is small, and weelythel ad cmland t mo heon of: the NewG a e gh iwth a

Sthe field of 14 during the ea- rm ether Theo Balboa the Leanrou, Big Jim vhe nrkstotball W- ssor clsg bled throughout the r wst hotr ae __-_ ____ _i_ cn.
ly stages of the mile arnd selves request it. There will be a steraight-armedo the anti-bowl d a With a retinue- g.oe two h Te e en ian a we :-.i

sixteenth New York feature. T individual medals, and if there game element nd, for the of m he Introduced A -m Arthur Bar t was he g
jockey waited until the r last turn are ni thee i teams present to h coat hei n ito asd piaseg orag t -ret owuartd aryln d9 t.e-
before letting the fillv loose. De- pete, there will be a set of four of wealthy alumni members in Both are now suce boat-poun Pretsb rebowi ng the higg mena-

nute, e44 and three fifth seconds fantry team is going to be hard &ATatumtoehb lkt. -u ea-ah n
over a fastorc track, to get along with. Tis will be the Ivy League-- and at Yale _.'fuel on a Iow-
a shoulder to shoulder match. 30 in particular even though hew dobyhintin D at In.S
FOOTBAL shots slow fire at 25 yards, with mentioned Old Ell only as "one ng Agga te
the .45. Some of Benner's boys of the nig Three. "Wul with.,t.
Veteran Quarterback Sammy have been putting together some pl wAfter LosMo owll
Baugh of the Washington Red- v b t
skins says he may have to re- sharp scores late y, and when it "The Ivy League gives scholar-
is remembered that Balboa was ships fSor academics, but it is un- hurt, nobody NDONNov. 5 (UR)-.nJAI#L,
tire before hlis season ends un-sonly able to eke out aO0 point usal that sometimes theyM. togk i," Tatum said," md boxer Honore Pratesl brNeZ4flrtf" ,.
less the had he injured against win over them last time, It looks are men we are after and even- ihmntgurns to the-bench weight champion of VFr OOa
Pittsburgh three weeks ago tin-like their chances of revenge are tually they turn up playing foot- nobo t up to hilm. The sub- on the danger u listta LoDAOOi
proves. Baughsays--"If can't excellent. ball," Tatum asserted In his sy- s t1utep back says the hospital after 10011.e6140"
play I might as well go on the These matches have been won- rupy drawl. teap W*II o run the ball, not ofa bout hte olowei t .O
inactive list and devote my time derful for the Infantry boys, as BritiihtoEmnirebll
coaching." all the practice In the world The inference was that the plon JackTull.
cannot take the place of actual candidates couldn't make the Tttum as- a sort of ex- Halfway through1'Ou"u
New Orleans sports editor competition. But, they haven't grade for academic scholar- f ta, tht ryland fIght, the Freno aeufered.utd
(Hap Glaudi of the "Item") says done the Balboa shooters a bit ships at Maryland, but did in .ld g to a bowl game deep'gah In the forid W1t th
Georgia Tech football players of harm either. The Balboa .45 the Ivy League. And he insist- rin sponsor could bled throughout the reit of .- .tl-e
have voted a slight preference team was possibly the weakest ed by innuendo that unim- tedbaponsinSouthed c
for the Sugar Bowl over the up to the time they started fir- peachable Yale wasn't above a'e b tag frombuth math.The desan W d te
Orange Bowl. after receiving ing these shoulder to shoulder recruiting a good player right a *0 houl be highly en- crowd's support.
Informal Invitations to both. He matches with the Marines and off somebody else's campus. When Pratesi returned, tO his men an 1 11%be-&P '
says the players are leaving the the 33rd Infantry. and their im- dressing room, he A s have to r11 u the
final decision uo to Coach Bobby provement has been noticeable. taken in the cut but 5o0D after- Three-qua srI lIegth e
ward tct b ut&9o0eharcoai denim- re
Dodd. It looks like good shooting ward collar d new designI"at Ii 0
next Sunday, with a little some- the hospital 11W in .ism at.&
thing to please the tastes of WeLt.L
*.describeW shirt, haves a- geatu .


S* I


that way. It .is ust i
caught Fitz aft" b c
S Society's eve at t

car with Aut.Jt"e
mnriammt ogmwaa

*6 ="g'ww









0n __ 1

" -%^ .?' --" ^^ ^^ "x .''- "' ." ';'"
_*___________________________ MV__.______________' ___ P".__ UWS"

all PlayerTtact Chiago Prep Clearing House
/\ *W- ^

Entire Dope On

Prospect Costs

Client $20

NEA Sports Editor
NEW YORK, Nov. 5 College
coaches have received an as-
tounding letter from a Chicago
character who would found a
a clearing house for high school
- football players.
Want a line on a star from
Chicago and Its suburbs, Just
contact the Prep Athletic Bu-
The office offers three differ-
ent deals:
(1) Transcript of grades.
(2) Family and personal his-
(3) Direct evaluation. ATTACK
"In most instances the reports works or
will average from $8 to $10, with split T. Ml
the exception of te direct eva-
1-if oA" 0"

5S^-.n ia S a'pois slootha pfalg quarterback who rtunas the offensive
Cafornia. -a Bill oW ekamp, center, s now a fixture, at fullback in Missouri's
Itch Price, an extta a oy e omeer, ranks among Columbla's all-time passers. (NNA)

Missouri Uses Running Pitch-Out

Against Tight Or Smashing Ends
Last of a series by famous
coaches diagrammed and writ-
ten for NEA Service
Missouri Coach
COLUMBIA, Mo., Nov. 5 (NEA L
Typical of the split-T plays
"."-- use,' Missouri is the
running pitch-
It is used pri-
marily aga nst
tight or smash-
mng ends.
If the defen-
Ive end crashes
,,cross deep, the
quarterback may
teep the ball or
Aitch out.


rk=*W k

Ql.Wai t,



i .B

Until you see the full-length veis of the flght, remp kab
grapite and ife like It Isto 9TA:g resm fully the hani
eapseky Marelano overne to win the heavyweight cha
ns tho fo d 0Jersey Joe Walott
So of -these of cour, were of his own making, becau
ia is fot yet a pOIshed t ean hs uninhibited urge
rowunches m e him ulnerable a defense. Other natu
him. It is likely he has thert teach of an
chain l ofn o t* time. P ll time: (We
venture t heavily to
gill t Oxlto his alamb
bott.k w c c cllsh


A 'W1fl.L~R

Btui tiu.

SO m ha
You nI I ~e
water ton
are naaof the
letit then tc
.At-Ie thend
hma4,.Al~bwa t*h


u* OZ


S''-"U ,lb.I

luauon investigation, explains
one Harold R. Fankhauser, dl- I on the play
rector, of this central informa- shown in the
tlon plan. D dFaurot iagram ny i g
The direct evaluation probes e rI 1 s I e "--eft halfbac t OPTION.--ssoMUi'squase-.
thle king-sze package, comes at Wia T ene breaks to his right at the snap back keep the ball or
$20 .lus expenses a'F 'u u of the -ball to be in position to out to the left halfbas break.
to be mailed take the pitch-out. Iir wlde. MEL)A
OOJ, unless the coach desires A .a The fullback blocks the end. field to block. The line assign
other arrangements. i By BEANS REARDON The right halfback moves down- ments are shown.
SThe man at least has a good 24 Years in National League
pitch. By lUSON Written for NEA Service
"Everyone connected with col- United ts writer
leglate athletics knows that the QUESTION: Stan Musial and
problem of recruiting Is becom- Ferris Fain retained their ma-
g more anymore difficult each AT A,Nov (UP) expected Tech wo or-league batting champion-
yaer," he begins, bowl talk was getting so lotid l bowl bid by Wednmesay. Both ships this year. Is this repeat
The secrecy of the Prep Ath- the Southeastern conference to- the Sugar and Orange bowls performance without precedent?
letic Bureau's business seems to day that Georgia Tech, Tennes. are interested In the Engine- Answer: No. Honus Wagner
indicate It would be based on see and Alabama found it difti- ers. and Larry Laioe won in 1993
athletic departments circum- cult to. keep their sights set on Tennessee, loser only to Duke, and '0. Wagner and Ty Cobb
venting the recommendations of next Saturday's opposition, ground out an impressive victo- won together for three straight
catlon's Presidents' Committee Is slated for a real back-breaker, vealed a passing game to match Dasbert ani Cobb turned the
aC the rules of the National but Georgia Tech hardly can at- Its crushing ground attack tick In 1 and 14
olegate Athletic Association ford to let against Army an Tailback Jimmy Wade, alrea- Q. What college holds the
Sand various conferences. Tennesseew get more thal a proven runnr, demontrat. ftord s
ork out wt osiana State. ed his passing arm b heaving foot record for scoring in
m- NEWEIT TWIST IN AMATEUR Alabama, ho we ver r, has a two touchdown passes as the consecutive games?
se (1) FOOTBALL "breather" w th OCattaooga. I htbok to the ar. Another A.Catawba College of Sait s-
se Tech trom l w eten D alfback, Pat hires, also bury, N.C. From the last two
to "Operations of the Prep Ath- over the weeTad 28 to 7 to rf for a score. gaw es ln 1939, through the first
re letic bureau do not conflict with main as Dixie's No. I bowl choice Alabama's Bobby Marlow and to the 199 campaign -
ny the oode of the NCAA or any and Tennessee bopmed Its New Cotly Tharp combined to give Cataws did not play in 1941-
conferences," Insists Fankhauser. Year's stock with a 41 to 14 vti- the Tidp a powerful ground game the North Carolinians scored in l
"We provide impartial informa- tory over North Carolina. Ala- that out scored Georgia's pas- p straight games to top Yale's W ** Yasr
Ston,. iand in doing so, are not bama remained in the picture by sing. Tharp and Marlow ac-l mel r of 72. l I
- perft Ing any service that df .o i eorgl t. 19. e fed for 188 yards on the Which was the last ma

rat wInI m ne. The bLo*%
Should beltebeled treorutng." Ms uea ns w have t d and scored 'thavree toh- 11 pyr a i
, keener, 1, however,' w O l de to, awlkri Bts sensational quarter- (I) turkey, (2) sleeper
d 'The NCAA stressesIIts violent twte8 saL outsfe downs a Coach Red Drew's boys p at entire foo-b--l---me-

Sg oio to ex a treme expense Ion cferhance of ac i"a bowl the through Georgia's weak- A N ilroad amend wi-

Stime a nd m uone.iLtnedo th a.
f' spent on nolnthe r lcrgxl probs- rithta artow erMa MUaip ,e. outn( a biddtetnion ana(st ar- ^, *.
A ctle rep at and, o the week to w te h. ect g on 17 phrases for 238uchdowns more pins withrt sending
t o palplie ethe Two teains IR' have to d but Geor s tidnt have a JIM a repla elaen

Vrtolbious ad r de-emphaaso any t h Tlane Jan. nnThe attack trong enough toanding with int water d
npt under li cmpetitionaIes eener,1, however, pd Mise the tp p por its sensatterional quarter tem own turn fkey, (ront2) deeper

d veal ta res dt; a tremendous conference a4 tp 2 ao the week. bac and (3) railroad mean? 1 .

or indiviul wh quests our Uburn mets sippl State to an easy win over the Ben-
amount of time and money la KentUcky bounced off the mat A. <1) Three strike in a rew;W
11 ce. spent on the r your prose- with a 20 to win over Miami, Mississippi Harold put L on a hidden pin fat-mov; and () two
pectlve prep asylvania., and the W rblcat wgl go a- cfelthe er to a tal touchdowns or more apl ns whieh remain
For obvious reasons, we will gana a tugh Tlane team. The and teammate Dick Westerman standing wT Mb lntemedlate pins

(7ovfo.e we ugainut at the half, 14-1a, but Tulane
not under asy alrctttan ee Green Wave d Misalssippltwlped fatm shatter Louisiana knocked down in front and be-
or individual who requests our Auburn metaties r ppl State edn b rol- work out easy win overthng a stu-
service. This is tOr ybur protec- in the only other conference bat- gals. Mtsalsssppi also put arug- tate 34 to 21 la fast-movin
9 ton." tie. while Georgia pbay Penn- 4 defend on the field that battle that featured nothing but
mThis In the a
mdeeated streak to 21 games. The Lee team 6"7 to 7. freshman e.T. .h

Sell proposition No. 1, ttan- Blue Devils for 21 points before terbaced the Commodores to a e o a e a on
script of rades tl J direato r says the game was r20 minutes old. quick 20-0 lead.. o utin h
e p- little onesided by nicking the nutes, but he passed and -uar-0 rt Verod le ovr Up
SSelli. proposition No. 1. ttan- Blue Devils for 21 points before terbacked the Commodores at aN 5769 t ). t or we". Vim
S normato e emey Leon Hardl an, Tech's sawed- Florida had to come up with Immdla wth ROGENA
"thi inforationr t sh tremo 4 s borfl heo he oh o s ueM2pe,
WlriWodr mnediio r .' make
i valuableto universtls Who off' candidate for All-America, 10' points in the final eriod to -rnlounlerstr r
have difficulty in securt"g pt- p.ieced Duke's, hulking line for break a 21-21 tie and beat a wltihnut nterrupt on. Q R u.xl&t
d pects because of entrance r- 108 yards and a touchdown, stubborn Auburn team 31 to 21.1 l^on g "urchlai*tt&da ,'
Squire /'ats." while team~jates Billy Teas and The underdog Tigers started off ta
Re proposal No. 2, famly d Olso Turner, surprisingly good to a 14-0 first period lead over O .. '
perbnalhistory, he te a back, e up the yardage the atos, buthalfback Rick .
S ount of support te oect with equal ease and each added Cares and halfback Buford I
needs whether the bey hWi 4 Abre. The fourth Tech touch-i Lug accounted for 23 pointsnbe
Definite decision, incho aWru tw M fa pass from Bill Brig- teen them to overpower the T-I
Scholarships the boS iso noall- .maD to Jef Knox. gerk.
SIng physical =ht and thr COah Bobby Dodd said he Tulane out scored Milsslsppi
perinent information." .
Direct heval uame old way. -
Iyoue package, means sc alt
reports made by qual II.eI
coaches during actual orolla'-
Then propietor of the iPte
Athletic Bureau takes it for. '..
- granted that a goodsa# ofJ.-
the colleges are rounding
Sup Inthe same oldway..m
"If you have any specl prob-
lems In connection wh r re- -' ; 1 ,
Scrultng, lease ydo ina te _____ _
tocontactme,' he
n the event you orout imeld
shall be happy to discuss "i
otherwise, thelrpthe ct e
phone or Write P. 0. BosX t 3,
-Chicago 9, 1li.'H IGH.,
Browns Were Hard
Hit In, Petween
ST.' L193, Nov. 6 I( 1 I ,
to sin, after some .I

sympathized with A beautiful pWano with a
dent Of the 111t.- and styled to fit any

e m d. today will Insure Christma
10.ewe pbaJ4. delivery of this. nampc'ar.
MOST sluitW .kit food..



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' B. Ji ,-.- : .." *j

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. in '52*aa





V m. .


I-T 1


America's New First Lady- -

Mamie Eisenhower's Had as Good Preparation For Job as Anyone Can Get

WASHINGTON, Nov. 5-What being the wife of the most im-
manner of woman is the na-plortant man In the world The 4 Witt" -Al "
tion's new First Lady e anser to that is yes, if w hat .Le the d people know thi truth apd
One thing is sure. Whatever you call fun happens to coincide .
Mrs. Dwight Eisenhower was. with the rigid aictates of the njob. .T 5A-M" ..
did liked or disliked before, it 'like it did for Mrs. Roosevelt,. .. AR. PANAMA,. 1, WENi
going tobe a lot different for for instance. T ni
her for the next four years at Fortunately for Mamie Elsen-
least. hower. and in spite of the above!
Mamie Eisenhower has probamentioned somewhat unpleasant y O Uc S
bly had as good a preparation adjustments she is going to have
for the job as any one woman 'to make in her new life, she has' ke n in ces
can get. But it happens that be- real talent for, and takes greaty'.
ing First Lady of the Land in-,pleasure in, much of the rout- r e y
evolves F combination of respon-me which will be hers at least
sibilities and duties for which until 1956 if she and Ike sur- "
there Is only one adequate trai- v ve th e train.-
ing course: the job itself., Basically, Mrs. Ike is a greg- Caz hg t ba an
Caesar's wife had it easy by various person. She loves beings
comparison. Cornelia's job de- surrounded by good friends. SheON, Nov. 5 (P)- namesake and grandson of hure d
scription didn't specify keeping enjoys meeting new people She President-elect Dw t D. Ellen- anoth r US Senator, was sound- ap M o O'Mahey
above suspicion in an age of tel- sparkles and enthuses In the shower's pre -convent camithful John Ken- putd p e, raOlU-h e n
vision, gossip columnists, wo- middle of a gay throng. Small lbowser s t 1 e-Sonventone ea t5 lybealten by you Ithful John .en-dun MIA rtI~ n
ofchi-chat exchangingmanager lost is lnate yes- nedy World War II hero knd son t wl i -r y vr,,
men's magazines, the League of chit-chate and exchanging the terday, while the Iemocratic naL. Eo Joseph P. Kennedy, f ormera f Oblia. k't e.
women Voters anti the New York latest gags with the girls can tonal convention's keynoter was Ambassador to Britain. 9 Hett.L. merln 1 n a net an neck Snate race
Dress Institute which takes it keep her enchanted for hours.' apparently unheated. r ennedy's plurality was about 10 .
upon itself to select the coun-.She loves long afternoons of, apparently unseated...ennedy"plurali
try's ten best dressed women A bridge and canasta. Sen. _Henry Cabt Lodge pr., 0.0. .t.1
can come urner suspicion if her: White House protocol will lim- -G r in
dress happens to be a half-inch it and take some of the gay'C Ga.s N
longer than yesterday's accept- edge off of those activities for
th Mamie. She admits complete fg a K h 'Be w
ed leng. n6rance of "heavy" subjects like' MAMIE ANDIKE: She's always claimed her principlliobbyh eD
Today's First Lady is expected economics or politics. And a taking care of her husband. Shell have lots of help now...O U 'cD D .jN-. 08 )
erhood and wifehood to all t he pany wll be personswho seeFrist Lady with the best of vence than do their se th
Camp Fire Girls, Girl S c o u t s. a more intellectual brand of them." She learn how to r ie t m 'or- el ll
Brownies and Job'i s Daughters conversation, occasion of a sudden visit-om ihext .
Yets about noon each day h P Also, a First Lady s so busy Like almost every American the commanding offers an reacted with mixedworried, mainly about lower ii
must also becom thee leading she has to devote less time to l wife with a husband overseas, family. She learns. that tw d emOth ih today to the outode waes. He couldn't understand -
hostess or most honored guest, real old friends than to visit- the war proved' to be a great idle gossip or one social slip jan of the rasildental elections aathapened to the highly
in a tow n which has the fastest Ing delegates from the Feder- physical and emotional strain in hold up her husband's promo- the United tates.. r e o and t l,4

oMvromo- I ;r- otese peSn ('a
pace in the country. action of Women's Clubs, for Mamie's life. Before the war she tion. On oel polnt both Republla$I armer voters. u e
party pc example. had developed a non-critical an Deiw rats agreed "T Sme predicted there would
It's not easy tobe your sweet But Mamie has proved onheart murmur, which only pro- Mamie knows how to get pe hn more wltch-h Ag n
s a m e s e l f u n d e r t h e s e c o n d i t i o n s m a n y A r m y p o s t s a s w e l l a s i n h l b i t e d s u c h t h i n g s a s r u n n in g a l on g w i t h ot h e r w o m e p reTaee snt t eWr e atPdta su s i d in d ocg dot h e de p u b l i cabsci n poae t 't .e

Take everything that's been Washington and Paris that she upstairs and Violent outdoor ac- gardless of their hbad those who wanted Ad badW confirmed DeMocratsi edtI
written about Mamie- and can take those adjustments in tivity. But this tended to con- rank or posion. She h prey- felt "numb," and "urpr wtha ilhrUg "W lost .k r .
there has been plenty and her social life In stride, still keep fine her to her apartment in ed many times to, be. up to al- that Ike won. th'.atfs a1.".Fr
you can start from there the affection and loyalty of her the Wardman Park Hotel in most any social m ar l ay. A ng-time Democratmad n the therside the fee
youb can ho hren-heshagtonrold-tieroanthe.Isthn said It t Repulcah.were may.
guessing as to what kind of a and continue to en- Washington where she put i n 1945 in Washiiton a he tIlarlypainfulInvi thall g. M y '
First Lady she will be. roy life, endless hours of mahjong. wasnsuddenly caUednupon to take e veason's brlilt t.- e o besthatran
For instance, Mrs. Eisenhow- .over all of the detail of a 00- p
er abho rs thepthoughtmn h of mak- ohr .nhver a eti lseolfa00-lrptt, .elawer
ing a public speech. When person e for tigtherp empre4. the t h be pcket
ion rto w aindg andeceo say ll-,when Ike and his staff wedI e Mo.e DenoIraa c IdatefiV1

uing wavingand sahin hello.f a suddenly called o-et of town. heal .h
she's the best. But the longest ac- h hnd t.eiep d whoe wr -
tual speech she has ever mar r o she handled the whole thing lls thes at -
contained 20s lwords. lmede beautifully,nJust0 a s she was pe lthe .a0
For better of for worse the hty-stui dded afor i Ind The earleb te
First Lady has to make eome while Ike was NATO chief TT
husband at her side. Mrs. Tru ~hos hoa a pmiani eit's liiS- Wa i slcti .'w'..
man probably abhorred the .tat on over ma liciou a or Idle gos-
Idea more than Mamie does now.L Tu o Pe Ball wdid es nhw
But Mrs. Truman with all her MDtmntlIe..i.-Pr9 SMlbo e..o r .
Missouri independence mand mdscwBynor n Ttsrrdan y d" N, Cr st at a
fopttastedeobteaEnrmn : d
taste for the public platform. lrwe653 p. y sand 1aive. ~nt e se. n fl.
quickly had to hire herself a to n rLs1ve-feet, threeInocWhes ..l t th dfna '..
public speaking teacheritt abntd weeoghinp 128 pounds, mi 0Le w I toe 1%4 ... hat d o
oear te rudim entary tricks o r of M m ea sm a 14-fdress. H er ankles are ,-ill ekr m -tthis1 _he_ ,, '
the trade. as trim asherfigure. Her faro= e.,rie, 8di..e'" ".
M rs. Ike has always claimed e aamt gas amfgre.o Hera s tm a edlie ,id ta l e aIt .'
t h a t h p- b r n n w p n a i T e y n d d h eo h i g h f o r e h e a d T h e y h a v e b e !. t ere.'
ing care of Ike to the extent ,o n rauhitrom edThe avraere 0 .W
it has been reported, of buying cHer apret t faer aex l. was Tickets Yet?
his clothes. That's something her-p- wic.H unfortunate.
Mrs. Truman said she didntoo whlyuthaebyoricTt f n t11'T 'w ts --for"r
Unfortunately, the President rdoes' pInblacky afthfirts, "'"get
of the United States is well In- u wwhhitept-lis probably .,Thetihrmnt ba-~lT .
slated against a devoted, nelp- Ti o lttni featue t 'ao td
Ing wife by Secret Service men, giTh me bhttlng is otprhdatPMamieacttlhe -. Pa
s.going to make a highly popular
tries, aides, assistants and a 'ke nrout l,
fantastic burden of work. MAMIE AND FAMILY: Half a dozen of the Eisenhower family am e
have a private "caucus" The grownups, left to right,_are Ma- Balbo-TidJ 1199'M W asthaytbe'fimre- at&
mie: Mrs. John Doud. her mother, and Mrs. Percy fmmpson, BTjxr *Itb' petty dzfboe ratioi, .Va
finds herself another main mother-in-law of the Elsenhowers' son. The youngsters are -Thursday, Nov., 6 'l'1 Con x thdig htf e dtealboa Reservat"o ..are .t ,""l...
hobby. Eisenhower grandchildren Susan. 10 months; David, 4, and H LOW wu lfbtlCo until tomorrow doeu 9ot6airely uT'* .' .....

reading mystery books, shopping The real key to the true per- Had she wated to tap the 6:53 p. m. 12:35 p. in., MtirMm. 01 en- In addition.: to An
around town for bargains and sonality of the new First Lady gay honors of Washlnn'go the of Va. tDoa, floor show there
redecorating. is the fact that she has been war-wild social life she could ol tas gave thedte=e mA ful d'o,-
The simple administrative the wife of a career Army offi-, have had the towu at her feet. h. on Jqne 1, .ndlthcuresyan 'il

Mortes. Tumans deied the Ladyrthates helasph

," styles. Isynt, wa ll- sh5 ",la~i~l|

~~~~~leaving watst' WUin-
duced two uaf t -
arid hats. [
That's;u st the way Amevi
of an Ay 1 O. leai to! -.
dress. Y get .a-ittla ... .
na athe'to1* gging ,
You port newW fmpo V -
-lowedtdoo t adupiAof

AND H~rnY Shooplns for barginsrhas ben anot
-"penny u ME "Ju,6

A, n-' ehouSlde

AM.. """ oDping forbargainsohis eenh 1
MN uennoweem houbbes. Here she looks at taInt i,
MW-'" store. but now her shopping will be cnrt .
her new job.

were: .-.-;'. .
A. Drden,
e, onroe I

y.^,.. f~is.aaMaa i~-


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