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* ~


1WAS tIB ag l
Piro hIiA A
w(W *kisT

owl jI-qli




"Let the people know the truth andi .' country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.

3ER 24, 1952.




4 .6 .- --. -

Governor to Make

Rent Statement

:., ....j .

".* '
n '^S."^.,
'*^ ^e
V't',I*<^-^ ^
L y+4~A^

Adlai, Ik. Trdkle Fast B/ow$

VEO Oct 24 son st Erie tt WT EISNHOWER, Oct. 24 opponent. Gov. Adlal Stevenson,
WITH STEVENSON, Oct. 24 son women had oo Gen. Eisenhower urged as having been taken over "body.
d Gfor. Adll tevork' 4 prison shopm and ho n an "the political boot and britches" by the Presal-
a .eI tor a ater accus hoped thoy wO oa 1 'W.rrant" of the Truman aent.
ibs olsrethower last prison voting' o oD aton t o d a y as he Elsenhower told whistle-stop
Sron votingdtoward Detroit to fire his crowds yesterday that if elected
Kui f .Old S wec --iiMAC blrasta agaipat United he would have men like Gov.
id-b st a thel pItelc In Korea. Thomas E. Dewey "in Washing-
em of the Un : rs pt hA4aff predicted. ton to lead us."
States. L _., ,Wdds i~- n uaU r n thH. Otiaitmbat ini u the it hawIRk

r WASHINGTON, Oct. 24 (UP)-
Howard Munro, legislative re-
gresentative.of the Canal Zone
emergencyy Legislation Comriit-
te announced today that the
secretary of the Army's decision
isgarding the proposed rent in-
creases will be revealed today by
the Canal Zone Governor's of-
However the Governor, when
4qitried today, said he "did not
riow" when the announcement
would be made from his office.
*jn a telephone conversation
Vith Assistant Secretary of the
A,r y, Francis Shackleford,
"Munro said they both agreed the
decision "whether good or bad,
.]Mould be announced by the
aOne Governor, Brig. Qen. John
k Seybold."
Earlier this week Munro de-
lIred a letter to Shackleford
f t Secretary of tho Army Frank

lThis Case-
the Lion Should

e for Assault
.SHINGTON. Oct. 24 (UP)-
ia man talks a small boy
pulling the tail of a -lion. all
of coamplicatIona oan re-
mhppe ed' .Mntle wawr
htu 1.,.laa. Ml Blnw

C. Pace, Jr. outlining the Ame-
rican Federation of Labor's ob-
jections to the rent increase.
The letter asked for a cancel-
lation or at least as six-months
postponement of the rent rise.
Munro and two AFL officials
saw Shackleford again yester-
day. Munro said he expected an
answer today.
The legislative representative
was accompanied by William
Hushing of the AFL Legislative
Committee and James Brownlow,
head of the Metal Trades De-
partment yesterday.

New Hurricane

Probably Hit

Cuba At Noon
MIAMI. Oct. 24 (UP)-Tbo
Weather Bureau announced thi
morning that a storm was ap-
parently located about 60 mile
from Cienfuegos. and probably
hit the Cuban mainland at mi&d
darnings were posted from
Vero Beach south to the Florida
' e11in I- Ha-vw B an an4.-



Red Battalions

3,000 Strong




O -
SEOUL, Oct. 24 (UP) More than 3,000 Chins"
Communists threw savage assaults at eight U.S., South
Korean and Ethiopian positions last night and today, but
the hard-fighting Allied soldiers tossed back all attacks
but one.
Battalions of about 800 Reds hit Triangle Hill, Finger
Ridge and Little Gibraltar Hill while reinforced'companie
of about 200 men attacked Iron Horse Mountain, Sni$
Ridge, Capitol Hill and Sandbag Castle.
The lone allied defeat came at Iron Horse Moug.
tain east of Chorwon, where a reinforced company toss
ROK infantrymen from the crest.
At last reports fierce fighting was continuing with
the Reds holding the northern slope and the ROKs the
southern slope.

* *

20 UN Nations

The two forces were only a-
bout 40 years apart and neither
the Reds nor the ROKS plt#
depend much on artillery due to
their nearness.
Both sides were reportedly
pinned down by heavy recoillesn
rifle and grenade fire. '
About 3.300 Chinese Reds .t..
Dart in the n1wht a m-atIan t

N.O accused
positlo pf .
of "imk i
ed at aowuu
and distrbut'
American pe

-, Wvela' d.. .as -

he repuadited the Graner
his pars the Al- that th
a.. of the
the t publican op- at omce
h o have

Sthe caf tate ed .
adple. 4 -i l

Ste ..& I..

*y, '*'- .. '*

that ap la
Dulle.Bg fapereof B
of ap O F 1
(Ste I' P ,, t

wa w
In .01
iga in.

Pa. hi
elft aw

Jae el I9

York to deqrm
8tMe number o A
r- party chama
ter -s a e to t
S es AttaineM

r a to ato
I subver ive crge.
or "g e 12

Sto ea vio


puL 9rtm.U


kt .

For days Eisenhower had been
wartalt up on the subject of
the Mfldnlstration'i resposi -
bilityv i the Korean conflict.
charging that the United States
teeame involved due to "the mis-
erable failure' of U.S. diplomacy
conducted from orders from the
An audience estimated by the
ollee at 15 000 went to-the Me-
morial Auditortiu at Buffalo.
N.Y.. last nihbt to hear AM n-
hower describe his Demuoratic

'SPla Paobr.s


kum Historic Portobelo wift, pe-
ntl jince something ew neat L.jh
N I when the 5.,0o-ton et, U g
. yht Stellt Polarir will op
anchor ln.bat beautfl:~-Mbo'
sot aq that her tourist
md ,av go ashore for atwh ,
A Itlod. -
the The Stella Polaris la ownIM -
'ted the Clipper Line. of Maln
th eden. represented 10- 1 by"
I or '. V. Fenton & ComnDan.
.This is the second tleM that
. a ton & Company have. pet,
aded their-jbusiness a e
to introduce omethM tie
when their tourist Fla iMt
Panama waters by m g a allc
olf -the beaten trayk.

aWodnmday bi
E^^B^H^E~. L^^

ll fo 'ftheormit
1O4ct.oP) Oc.
11 viua abstataed
(NnsWedateday b

Deft lo^ t today.

I'7a M

the, Manila
eniM Uft



Prior to the second World War,
Fenton persuaded the Swedish
Aterica Line to make a c"a at
th& San B1la Islanda wlih thefr
liner Kungsholmn.
That innovation create .tre-
mendous .appeal with the tu t-
Ong public in the U.S. and I
vertising campaign d
temped in the naelleid;
the Swedish America in
credited many of the r
quent booking to the Tact tht
their clients wanted to se. the
picturesque San Bi1 Indian
with their ringed noefs
beaded necklaces in athsr na.

S" rlve haunts.
Lubieuenay the owners of
pad U t aM scheduled the San L
fintalo in their Sltitne ..
d N.y I n

Britoin Saod n No
Shape For Another
Financial Crisis
EDINBURGH, Oat. 24 (UP) -
Chancellor of the Echequer A.
Butler warned today that Brit-
ain cannot stand another finan-
elca crisis and rust expand its
economy to prevent one.
Butler said "tho seller's market
Is at an end and we now face
something like full competition
In the world. We can only in-
crease our exports if we offer
goods of the kind that the world
wants at the time wh.n it wants
them and at prige" it is willing
to nay. Above all," continued
Rutler. "we must be able to sup-
oly mote capital goods."

bown has bee
assault. The prose
says it Is assault
and the defense
is assault on the
Then the Jud
Richard to take
younpter quoted
ing -* "don't be
Then, Richard
t gave the tall a l
! The case still h
i tied. The judge
it over,
7:,31 a. m.
8:17 p. m.

Manageress 01

Beaten Up
Mlass Faith Foster, well known
ahfigeress of Oina's Cockltil
Mdgs of the Louisiana Bar 'on
'C*nl Avenue was in Panamsa
tal today with her jaw
n In three places as a re-
alit Of a beating she suffered
fr ne of the bar patrons.
incident in the bar hap-
,peed at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday and
fW Poster was scheduled to un.
drgo a second operation on -her
jaW today.
-manageress claims sbe re-
-d the beating after an ar-
tata over the unplugging of
e.luke box. She said she was at-. to make a long dis-
tanee telephone call and had
MOM a noisy crowd of eight men
4 ila the bar to be quiet.
Whm they ignored her. she
sml, she pulled the plug of the
Ibp and accidentally broke
USe Conenction i doing s
It Was while she and a waiter
Swoe try-g $o fix the plug. she
dtbat ole of the mep walked M
rt her d pushed her a
14a4 m do't push me." a
Sif morning from he
bed. "and then I push

'aist hitime. she sal
to. wom she did no t
punched r.
ra se did not ktw he w

In J

as Pou f th 12a ad- t It was the first time In moMth*
v northet no b y that the Reds have struck the
Snheast and wll crossLas NATIONS, y. Y., Oct. Allied main line. All of the re.
charged with Villas Province during the day. 4 ome 20 countries cnt heavy assaults have been
eatin attorney It was expected to strike the joine the United States today directed at UN outpost ts.
on the boy... Southern coasts of Cuba between n sp" boring a U N. resolution At Sniper Ridge, a mile eat of
attorney says it the cities of Clenfuegos and calling upon Communist China Triangle Hill, South Koran
lion. Zaga del Medio shortly after and North Korea to agree to a troops beat back a series of tRed
kd Uttl mid-day if there was no varia- Korean truce providing for non- company attacks during the
ge aked little ion in the present course. forcible repatriation of prison- night then launched a counter-
the stand. The The advisory said the hur- ers. attack at 9 a.m. behind a de-
Brown as say- ricane was accompanied by gl- vasting air attack.
e afraid, climb gentle waves which might cause Britain. Canada and most of Allied- warplanes dropped 41.-.
great damage. the Allies In the Korean war a- 000-pound bombs as well as nap-
Cuba was battened down for lined themselves with the U.8 aim on Red positions. ROK sol-
adds "I just 125 mph winds as the severe The Ist was expected to grow diers, determined to wipe the
little tug." hurricane roared across the still further by th time Secret- la Communist troops from
as not been set- Spanish Main at crei ary of State Acheson goes before Sniper, attacked before the
wants to think speed endangering the Florida the General Assembly's main no- smoke had cleared.
straits and the Bahama Islands. litical committee at 3 p.m. to- After 50 minutes they were
The weather bureau forecast day to "open the whole book" trading hand grenades with, an
TIDES said there was continued move- on the Korean conflict. estimated two platoons of Chin-
ment at an accelerated nace ex- Aheeson is expected to de- ese. They reached the toi of
Oct. 25 pected for the next 12 hours. liver a review of the U.S. pro- Red-held positions an hour later
LOW and advised caution for all Cuba secutlon. of the war and peace and a fierce fight was in go-
1:41 a. m. and Florida straits and the Ba- and ts peace gress at last reports.
2:13 p. m. hamas.s at lat report.
Acheson's appearance before ** l
S* i the otlitlcal committee vester- jUSNH r
day was delayed by a procedural
OC t ail Dar argument Te mare stem Dies In Hosltal
North Korean authorities be In-V .
vited to participate in discussion VISALIA. Cal.. Oct. 24 (UP)-
I,[ the Korean commission's re- Movie actress Susan Peters. 31.
~lu e B o x R o w port the technical questIont who had bc.-en paralysedefrom
uunde B o R w r which the portentous warher waist down since a hunting
or-ogace debate was scheduled. accident on Jan. 1. 1945. died yes-
Thailand sought a .1milar in-iterday afternoon at the Munlcl-
-".* ,'S K. vitation for the South Korean oal Hospital here.
S. government. Susan-considered one of Hol-
m..' lywood's most promising young
W" A 'The U.S. resolution would actresses ever sine.' her perform-
have the U.N. General Assem- %nce In "Random Harvest." star-
bly give a blanket endorsement rir.. Ronald Colman-and her
Sn the Amertkan prosecution of husband-actor Arthur Quinn.
the oream war and efforts to were on a duck-hunting trip r.'ar
ne late a trace on behalf of San Diego. California when she
the N. laccildentallv discharged a 22-ca-
IntsloperativepartIbre rifle. The bull. t lodged In
In )ts operative part; it : I her spine. Doctors told her se
Calls upon the rentral pen- wojid spend the rest of her Ufe
ple's government of thP People's in a wheelchair.
R epubtlc of China and unon the Susan refused to abandon her
North Korean authorities to a- carr.,r. however, and toured the
vert further bloodshed bv having crountrv in plays and appeared in
their -negotiators agree to an ar- films in the roles of a crippled
S'mllUee which recognizes theelir She so appeared In a tele-
right. of all prisoners of war to vision series.
an unrestricted opportunity to; She divorced l.,'r husband la
be repatriated and avoids the 1948 The couvi, had adopted a
U se force in their iepatrla- son now six whose custody she

(Clombian Employed W. Germany's Lower

SOn BarroColorado House To Ralfly
Cherpd WIth Rape Trealy, Pact
'' A Colombian employed as a Ia- BONN. Oct. 24 -iUPI- The
I &' ~.4"* borep on Barro Colorado Island Lo'er House of West Germanys
'* was arrested yesterday after- Parliament plans to ratify he
noon on a charge of rape West German Peace Treaty and
European Pact during the last
a the hospital, victim of a ieeektall bar row. A IS-y.-ar-old Panamanian girl week of November. speaker Her-,
-. whu works as a domestic on the man Ehler told the Foreign
:h is slated to the Incident. He was released on 's1 all complained to the Oatun I Press association.
the t t Of ball the saum mnrnlng. Pollo. that Gregorio Cortez had Ehler said "we don't want tll
6 t08 Ml Foster. an American. Is a raDv her earlier this month at be the last to ratify. We dos
wMiM. wtne forl night club entertainer Y hnpse on the island. want the French to he able. W,
..Sf Ma, bnd f also well known for her refuse to ratify the treaty an
r 0 te fo the tattn HOo radio n r o ram, cqz is in the Cristobal Jail pact because the Germans hav
i; th,"had and axlhd onAs lawant trial. not adoaw ." .

A' S
* ...






*.^ -, *' .' %
- V:.;r ,:w ; -

^^.T~~~w *Wle a. A~^v' lii-


I-l'!FL %MqWWAASMVK IkP ""U. AVV4'"X'l




.1 -
- -r



97 R TitlE? PO Box 134 PIAMA R AOFnd
;11 MONTH IN ADVANCF -- ------------ -- *S I70 2 0 0
0: :IX MONTHS IN NO.VANCr.E ---------- 80 s300 My
ro. oN vAN R IN ADVANCE _e so o50 24 00n By Victor Riesel i n S
THIS IS YOUR FORUM THE READERS nWN COLUMN There are scars on several W
mentionable parts of my body
nio which justify the moral and
IH F M A IL non-partisarn indignation in
THE M A IIa P0 Q 1 this column. ,0
I was slugged by "wool hats"
o and Ku Kluxers in the rotunda
The Mail Box is an open forum tfor readers of The Panama Amer.- while covering my friend. Ellis
ison. Letters are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly conf Arnall. I fought anti-Semrites and
dbatial manner, anti-Catholics on New York and"
you contribute a letter don't be impatient if it doesn't appeoa the Detroit street corners not to
next day. Letters are published No the order received. mention Gerald L. K. Smith, with %O U L E
Please try to keep the letters limited to one pooge length. whom we slugged it out in the
Identity of letter writers as held in strictest confidence. block-long lobby of San Francis- ,
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as opinions co's Palace Hotol when he tried .
expressed in letters from readers to annoy United Nations dele- 1
o I know the psychos and the
ON FOREIGN SERVICE ch,.rlatans' in the bigot business.
Mail Box Etor And I know this there are no
TheMail Box Editorican, anti-Semites nor anti-Catholics .
The Panam a American among.the candidates on the na-
Panama. R. de F. tional Democratic and Republ-
MEMO TO LABOR GROUPS AND U.S EMPLOYES SERV- can tickets. The records Of Gov. NO
ING IN THE CANAL ZONE: Stevenson Sen. Sparkman, Gen. J
Your basic u. ument ag ains any and all actions detriment- Eisenhower and Sen. Nixon have
al to employee D eliare and morale should not be the equity or been minutely examined virtual- .. ..
effect of the individual action (rent increase, etc.) but should ly since tl=,.ir school days by Jew-
be that you are foreign service employes, and are accordinglye iis organizations. Not one of
entitled to benefits similar to those provided by private industry them ever uttered a bigoted
(and State Department) for their foreign service employes. ithought.In
You should roint out that recent Congression, Bureau ofhas moFur. Evermore the Jewishor-
the Budget, and t anama Canal policies nave failed to take this anizations have been dispatch-,
concept into consideration. in to their regional offices in!
You should make a comparison between your benefits, as the great cities detailed memos
foreign service employes, and those enjoyed by foreign service and form lettersaa into be used in re-
employes of private industry. Government working. ply to inquihower wies provoked by ru-
You might also point out that the U.S. Government has mor. Every one of those memor-
failed to establish any over-ail polcv ror its elployes failing ands states absolutely that the
into this cat answer thato ldtimer's currHeaven Too, and have beenrs tes-candidates' records are clean o
tablished by indask thidual departments, witiut any coordination, t by tJewish e Nssue anderth
and that the effect has been to create different standards for Therefore, itseemsticome ng tore-
groups that have in comonr liunle they port the saga into which Gen. k /
ate employes of the U.S. Governmcause youent working abroad. Eisenhower was launched by a
-RiThe U.S. oke was offeedng Da Bell. he prominent Jewish union leader-
----__- Ibv name of Sidney Hillman.
LOCAL RATERS FOUNt BETTER JOBS IN C.Z. wLahle in 1944 when our ncentrtion-s had IOSS
This Amers in answer to Oldtimer's Heaven Too, and the others travelled the blooa y fichambereds to
was bowrite n the same vein. a climate totally different Germany H e summon. Eisenhower was
thMay I ask these writers just what did the Jamaicns givehorrified by the Neally second in erthal a-"
lar to come to the Canal Zone? Did they give up good homes, tcommvisand of what Hitler had tried delegates to the United Nations have in their support of N ideals. I as ed
jobs, and a standlitical activird of living equivalent to the U.S. worker? Or to sell the worldfeor the coming tlfe
did they excarsoo junglthe for jungle? that thousand ear T Alroundin n New e trust they wll fnd These leaders believe we must the
native land, anon came here to better your standard of living one to talk with about labor and by the lagging UN war eort U N R responsibility
The U.S. was oflayered, a casGene incentive to come her the Jewish conoverhelmn No untpeacy, most ofcan e whollyen
S it had to be suticient to make IWhen t worth his while which h beer concept began. Though we Bso great
THThe Americ, A must go home every two years, because he E amH ed and gas chembered to
was born and bouh up in a climate totally different rom death. He summo., Sidney Hill- ed South Koreans may one day do most of UN-councils when the Korean war
pretis. The Jamaian was born and brought up in a climate sim- an. then virtually second in t s not m- 1950, the UN was able briefly to play the sort o
littler to this and therefore recuperative leave for him is nod es-command of the llmand its proper tho gest thate to the United Nations have of vigorous role envisioned by I foun errs.
e of t a nd he got to see his family he was itical activities, rown accustomed tatther littering w has heav ny useful functions n apits alsize fully on thife
I think the sooner the local rate understands b that thed '46. And it was there, on the ve- military co mete Malay at e F c solitary u y en ting to the hilt the
Unitdch ates usual tno owe him a living in the same sensed of the Hotel Chelea that lkHilan flew to Gerany. He rounding in NewYohu erust they ilcould These leaders inelieve we must nhat meann the
t. He wants assurance that his ly will lways be ith November afternoon, that H ime to look into some unfinished bun the hope that some time it will b able t, ean battlell it
and wants the samcitizens, the beonditions as civill beans. People are a man'slked with Eiehower by the lagging UN war effort in Korea. greatest rothat of preerin "thepeace
-Fatigued. huur. Gen. Clay. the Geneeal's American troops have borne the overwheselming No peace-agency can Ile wholly- Pla whe
siness to straighten out the canal employee in rewards to hiend, was a candidate for that. When part of the load since the war began. Though we so great a power as have comes bup with atin
tiement increases phone increases nd the generl increase Hilman returned, he spoke long may have high hopes that better trained an its aims. Yet, through the abenceett

everything else except salaries in proportion. General was discussed In print Their ambulance-a-year conce04 of aid is little Hard-iht by World War II-there are 3X9,000
I am sure these characters do not realize what the average as a ossf e to preCIO leader equipped SouthKorean set maybese day do most of Uar couwidowls hen the Korean war-the en re re-td In
pretty easy. He gets his ointhes for service abroad and does veryct.Phili Murray. The words linger- the fighting for their wasrs.d, itis not Im- 1950, the UN wmarry able briefly to play the sort of
little to 1. Carn tZone employ. The Armed Forces of yesterday and today d on. even after Hillmans death proper toughest that in te o make the ap some o vigorous role envisioned by its founders.
were as different as night and day. A soldier then had a rougr buyGn. Eisenhouhtr was invited t our U allied relieve us world knofw weur burden. It now seems entirely fair to urge that its free-
the of it and he got to see his family he was considered address the CIO'sconvention n Everyone knows that should be cooperaar e hin act dm-lhe arvinge dente capotwar-hlie fully on this
y indeed. They can't modern soldier after house has been drafted '46. And it was there, on the military cory. Nor can usal prevent other heary recommend .tng t o the wome hilt th

sipn. They have to accept the battleship grey. UN nations from stepping up their contributions, ali and the satellite loubtries. If the laeh be.h
4. Tich is uuall the case) de s or 2'x4' aboutimb verythines and rat wda of the Hotel Chelsea that Prs. wise in Inocrizing resolution have already oul d deion take in could only puTht tmean re

i5. Do they know of the 25-cent bottle of medicine they can and evilly smeared as ant-SeI- individual countries as they see tit. wouldn't bi o lta e so much muscle-flexing froj
gt it. He wants assurance that his ily will always be ith Noember an utternoon, that Hile No majely or lreexamin thi s c country are wavering e thing: more troops on the ea battle
little sick of they c constant twhiningere's no change of clima tongue. No oubliist. Dik Rohan, field. "- "
Lately several of these would-be heroes have made it their himself of Jewish faith, said here Yet the real onus falls not u these two WOMEN HAVEVI -ANTM.*kAC P
business to straighten out the canal employee in regards to his was a i didate for the presi- powers, but upon other countries subscribe Japaiese girls have come up with a uniIue
ol4ections to income tax, rent hikes, electricity increases, re- dency of the U.S.h e upport- anti-wa eaa W a nd reportsarett
everything else except salaries in proportion. General was discussed in print Their ambulance-a-year-concept of aid is little Ha rd-,ht by World- War I-there amre 3 1,8
I am sure these characters do not realize what the average as a possibl- presidential nom- short of ridiculous when set beside the UN's aspi- war widos s in Tokyo alonte-the women are re-
emDooye has beDenpromised 'ere he set sail for the dear old inee. The CIa paid him great re- rations for a unified world force to deal with-ag- fusing to befriend orrdters and openly pledging
Canal Zone. Do they know the follVacatowing, for instance? aspect. Then, in 1948, manyooch fromlib- gressors never to marry the. Officials say the move
1. Canal Zone employs can't have house guests without ersuckerls ncludinross the Ladies ar- editore UN forum isWech the place to make the ap- pears to be hutingthe recruiting of a newap
written permission erson n the taes has never seen a meant Workers' leader David Duto- peals for more help. Russia ctemennot keewasp us frmodelm nese army.
2. They cant rent out any p art n of their quarters-, as t or buy hinky, thought Eisenhower was talking, from letting the world know we believe This isn't much oflan Idea for our aJlls. for
tandem or proper etc. andtie man for the moratic nom- this "Joint effort" should be cooperative In fact they are definitely not- nwar-hugy. BUt. We
3. They can't Paint any part of their house without permis-t duinaton as well as theory. Nor can Russia prevent other heartily recommend it-toathe womenfolk.patu.
slpn. They have to accept the battleship grey. UN nations from stepping up their contributions ata and the satellite duwatries. If the lasse be.
The pecanople hide the rafters or 2'x4' timber that lines the t was at that time that Pres. since the authorizing resolutions have already hnd the Irn Curtain could only put'e s-
s oldies haveir beautiful $63.50 a month homes. Truman himself was unf fairly been adopted and need only to be carried out by sure on their Ivans and I ors. m e there
5. Do they know of the 25-cent bottle of medicine they can and evilly smeared as anti-So the- individual s, the Posntres as they seepropagfit wouldn't be ten somuch mhoe-flei t ng fro
g Dont for $1.00 at te soldispensaries that about 73 per cent of Canal t by an utterly irresponsible No major leaders in this country are wavering that quarter of the globe.

employes are ex-servicemen, including this writer so we know Jewlah and Catholic minorities In whitewash Wechsler and vilify Win helll. A his country." That l, a falsehood. (
-P6. They can't vote and there's no change of climate. No journalist and nothing could
My wife and child can't be claimed as dependents as they Ther are crackpotsember of TAC on bothxcutiv commit. Th truth
are not Americans. My income tax per month aer approximately the right and the left. They make

The d2 ed who have revived the dollar ex-Red-Fronters) aTlo belong to this Orasiana- Weahtler (Whose Caauocmt ntWhIwInew
.00t Retirement $24.00. Telephone $5.00, Rent $63.50, Stove big money out of anti-Semitism
02.10 leaving a balance of $197 50 from my $400.00 salary. I make en through to live spothelivesht on "Comunt.-ontroed Nevehe
G4ve my wife $175.00 a month for Commissary supplies and that country squires or big city nou- MEMOS TO THE FBI (PART VI) paign speeches? Has the New York PC# i4h-
leaves me $22.90 for the following: eau riche. They 1.ech them- TE York Pot has described T Arev m from being a P ta a
Doctor bills. Dentist, Xmas. Entertainment. as Cigarettes selves owanto a pular national The American Committee for Cultural Free- ed his record? Don't be so.oo

da s pulin do fumbled to the defense all of New York PostB a
Theaters, Birthday Parties Vacations Misc. And a small beer, personal and mooch rom hv always been very Amercan, ltural or st

e idde- c ron he atshseerse t whech he loathes and to George 8p C aonts, has been on the Boa f e roup would have you believe Win ats r b"
maybe?? the m rertainly s hlas dem- Directors of an outfit caller, the "forThe Amerean- an outspoken anti-CommunCot" munist"
The middle clas person In the States has never seen Amemberac well how the tr hoe d to oan Inititutefit's statement waos a modte he The laYoung Co mmunit for Cut..r
home like we live in except in their back yards, as tool houses it with Wendell Wilkie In 1940 pomous declarations. pious drivel and deliberate lont has mighty fine words Ine ital

and chicken coops, etc. and they have the option of ownin and how th ,t some of them have norance of simple facts... Dr. George COu r n etrlected to mention belies Its name. i
their own hoine and oroperty.--.what's the use. There ust during a tl in New Yofuhorank's old C olumbia University professor, the poen anti-Red (Wecl e dtathelwea

isn'tT any ompriosfths oup.Coutsialtsons as tohe B'nat B'rLth'saAn- a- rt' the persongt and wdethtle he irle
The' pepl hrwo udrbb lin uorri will Hrove l. The sou e Activities Inda Not so strangely, the"n, R-u rampalnt concerning te natu e tW3J
to save a cent? advice on threatens howto rosl on into the words, thtte Post serves as a propaganda Relations Wimo th- e became Red Party ledhs hotl to t W
Don't forget, soldier, that about 73 pe c ent of Canal Zone campaign Who suffers? The piece for Counts and Counts use his outf to 'st reglncted for advocatommn t wi
our conditions Do you know ons???? areas wh ere they are minorities simple c In traitorous activities under the f ur ov't. (Hmf .

ol',ctons of the bigots by sud- tion. nd of acoincidenue. lW lrvle whonsel ,ounfees s .t .

~~- tur~n the Jews into a nolitieal =,,.. -.

// / o sothl to he kicked around ir The same group was cited (in 1938) by the Auparently. the New York Post's i g- .
/-his fight with the more conserv- Masasehusetla House Committee nn Un-AmOriea, '0Mg is coartnrloIm. It has 1.1n T i
6-CYLINDEI HURRICANE ENGINE "tive wings of hismparty. Activities s.4 "a Communist organization spport- arifan Committee for Cultasi iMi s
ed by 'intellectuals.'" ,eeluy che.e us wih lp t
The enator from Oreoon need The outfit is also included in the liit of sub- ." et pd remutatton UP ar-room
More power for its size than any-Defamtion verve organizations issued hv the House C end.In
ri/ .I-ae-iie (AM) for a RCO of its mIttee on Un-AmericPn Activitlps. -
Other Six ... And p to 35 miles ate bulletin. whleh ays rtuch Americanismi Such culture "s renoetei Weekls 'M
S/ol in the residential election. lBack In 195 Dr. Geore 8. cCnts alned a Tnusnl Communist lasgu e,
t 0 lWe belleve the country fortunate opnoping United Stete 'dmit t ot a$.d to eadn t I
; ge allon, with overdrive. / having the opportunItv to Nationalist China and demanded the Unitd Isthe
-hoose betw..en such men as Gov. States cease helpinr the Chinese who wr fht-
S IT TO DAY otevenson nd Gen. enhower. Ing Mao's Communist a nrmi...Oth,r #wo
Because of the oaiiPlity of the the statement included Communist IM
C S"-en the ADL retains the hope and Commulist EarlBade. '.
Iihat nro-ress will vet th made on That li the record of O a Counst *-
CS9 *I the bi'- seue in the camO nIn men of The Ameri l ittee ." (
CILLC S RNOS with whirh our arenev IR vitally Freedom-now runs for Sonat te*
WILLYS Distributors -anlre-ned the civil rights pro1 rabid support OfAthbe 1. 7
PANAMA m. *o-cMled intellectuals to iot very
SCounts-have a dunc ep- s tng
Let's leave It at that. Has Counts mentioned this record In sas- edi


Drew Peqrson Says: Justik Fronkf sppled p ied
buyboily banker; GOP purs sze ouW a etoee
Private Taft memo explains ,1, of nomination.

WASHIGT .-Some Republican we lame'B n
Lodge for putting Robert Cutler, the butbody fthneBaft
aboard General Eisenhower's train -ug is the w eldlr
writer Who demanded that other Eisenhower lte
up at 4 anm. to write another speech wheth iit
berths only after midnight.. -.
However. Senator Lodge is in no way to blamef TW S

--- am. w&IM% IUWB Deen me man pr. .. .*, f -W
Never happy Unless he has his fingert In poliotlcti6 hisg
Position on the Supreme Court--Felix has been an expet In put-
tin his men in key positions In government. And following this
pattern, he put his man on the Elsenho*t trtftn.
Frankfttuter's flirting with Eisenhower came about la rely
through the fact that two of hise trends Kenneth Roall
f10'mer cretary of War; and JWTak i.oy former conommtasi
to Oerma yae now-workIng for E s or. .
X 8"6- RePublep n 'fear tht hankfurte' dabblog
in the I eafiower canl ign will boolTerant. They recall that he
iato W ngto in the first
Vice Presidentalers arken't whe onl ones iwho have be a ew stor
on General Eisenhower,.Senator Taft. Ois rUnnigthe

Red to pbliante upfor the Republns. d the mwest gently
"A young lady," according to the VN% "was fishing for cat-
that it pulled her Into the river.
"A coloredman camebyRandwatehtn thiyoung12dyNbat-
tle to bring her catfish into ser, he exclamed: Is that gir a
'cattin''I or is that fish a' girlie t'.

Ford auto dealers aren't the only ones who have been oeder-
Sed to ante upfor the Republicans, And the midwest, as recently
revealed in this column, wasn't the only plaoe where the squeese
is being put on.
Delte what happened 'n ilan In 1W where 18 auto
dealers were convicted for violates of the Corrupt Practices Act,
word now has been paaed by both Ford and General Mo-
tors to Micl dealer g ll ot for ongressmn Charleot
Potter, the o candidate against Sen. Blair Moody.
Thb itotw collections foow the ame pattern as
that pui nasc. t drWier yme by Arthr ummeeld,n
chairman of the Republican National Committee. This time, how-
ever, the political collections are not based on the number of
aptos sold, but on cash quotas. Bigger dealers are told they must
contribute around $1,000.. Smaller dealers are given quotas near-
er $200. And it is made clear that the number of cars they re-
ceive In the future will depend on the gifts they give to the OOP
now. ,,--I
Details of the money 'raising are left to branch managers.
i However, John Bugas, right-hand man to Henry .Fqd II, has
been contact man for the branch managers 'While Harr Ander-
son, vice president of General Motors, has been 0doin.t isme
for %.M.
Harfowe Curtice, executive vice president of General Motors,
and the man expected to take over the G.M. preeldency, is close
to Arthur Summerfield, Who -in addition to being Natlo al Chair-
man is the biggest Chevrolet dealer in the world,: Buzmertleld
is sometimes described atnog Mhigan politicians artioe'
messeioger boy, and it wIg Og Il Motors that ,switched hia
from TAft to Ike just before the C oago cohento. *
Po tlolmns are luietfed as to KB enator

#nemouwas Von Mi a lw vuwUc iAui, u anbsums:
"Firsst, wa uie power of the New tort financial interests'
apd a larse number of businedgen subject to New York In
'ft1sdeB, Whioad t elected GenetalieOwr as their cdirda&
at least year ago.
F1our-fflta of' the influential news e in the country
were opposed to me continuously and vociieItsly," Taft declared,
"and many turned themselves into propaganda sheets for my
"Th control of the press enabled tbhel ie er people tf
do many this which othdrwioe could not Rtle en dqfT,
contlawed ytwrW.
"The making of a moral issue out of the Tas oasewas
possible becals e everY internationalist paPer sent special writer
to blw up-a contest which ordinarily would have been settled
fairly b the National Committee and the credentials committee.
Taft ad4ed that the Elsenhower strategy was to reverse the
convention rules and garner enough votes "to steal all the con-
tested delegate." He claimed that he would have been "glad (t
withdraw) in favor of some other candidate holding my own sen-
eral Views," but that he could not bow out in favor of en. Dou-
gIls MacArthur before the first ballot, beMuse th would have
been- "a surrender of prinelphr &Aid a betrayal of thousands of
nMVan' adIA ithl'ho Suhn Led a&&,,

of Repub.

I .;

liii qu.

I~ II. ~
- *

- \o,

S .
e .




t J


p,.t~U4V~II~iP-I ~ -AgL' ~ ~~5P
.1 -'~~ -



fluiqux LASUEWI -

R, .'- .

Rabbi Nathan Witkin. Direc-
tor of the USO.JWB Center,-
will oficiate. assisted by Private
Albert Barouch oq the United
States Army Hospital, Fort
Clayton. Services will begin at
7:30 p. m.

CORONATION INfLUENCE shapes theasw kiby Paris degliner
Send. Deqpp. red velvet bandeat (lelt) has a central die of
nine large raoud diamonds meulted n em baguette, diand
spoke -With two snafler olto to match, udor re, veelet toaue
(right) han an armrett .plum" attached by a clil formed of
twin diamond leaveen with about $4 marquis diamonds.

PARIS, Oct. 23 (NEA) The
:oronatlon-injEngland next Sumh
,ner is exerting a definite tnflu-
once over Paris designers In ev-
erything from hats -to jewelry
and accessories.
Already, leading Parisian jew-
elers are shoWing modern adap-
tatioris o.-the diamond tiaras to
be worn by the Deeresses going to
Westminster Abbey for the coron-
ation. Van Cleef and Arpels have
created diamond clips, a brooch,
bracelet and earrings which can
be worn as separate pieces or
mounted on a frame to form ce-
Prom millinery de*stner Pvend
come headpieces that he calls his
"Coronation hats" because thpv
are really settings for jewels.
They are meant, of course, for
late-day and evening wear.
Velvet is the natural-medium
for t)iese tiny hats, in black and
deeo reds. He shows a royal her-
ald'" toque in Tudor rose with
aigrette and diamond clip motif

Canned Hams
are offered by

Phone 1000 Coldo

that Is both becoming and topi-
es im London has it that
tara setting Is definely old hat
ana that fashionmidded yun
British peeresse are Investing
more -practical and modern de-
Many of the dowager peeresses
are having their "White 'Queen",
tiaras revamped wherever pisai-
tle. Evidently It's still possible to
buy an oldstyle -tiara on thU se-,
cond-hand diamond market in
England, so It's. likely that there
will be a mingling of the old and
the ngw in Westminfrer Abbey.

Texas Veer5w1a

OffeDr YearOld

o To FisM Bidder
FORT WORTH. Tex., Oct 24
(U/P) -- Dr. J. W. Heaton, who
runs the suburban Halton City
annual hospital, was trying toi
give away a year-old lion to-
day without much luck.
Anyone'wanting a good hs-
ky g of the Jungle eghlg
arolnd100 pounds oan have q0o-
ger merely for the .aski.n. All
Heaton wants is to find him a
hope and get rid of him"
Booger was, left witA, Reaton
last spring by a construction
worker. At the time, 3te con-
istructioi worker regarded him
as a pet.
Heaton says he is now any-
thing but that. He pegs his con-
clu.. i-on the way Booger can
snarl and bare his teet h now,
comp ard with hlis once rMend-

and A ca t t's r Iwi ibe-
comngp too mall, Heaton -wii-
ing to- givbhim. to anyone Who
can provide board and toom.

Siebert To Speak
On United Nations

At JWB Tonight
lvn Siebert, First Secretary
of the tyUnited States Embasy,
wll, be the guest speaker at
;sprvces to be held this evening
at the-USO-4WB Armed Forces
Service Center, La Boca ,oad.
Siebert will speak on the s6i-
nificance of United Nation'a
Day, which is being celebrated


We are unpacking

Coaster and ash combinationn .. 0.40
Sets of 8 glasses and coasters .. 2.60
Plastic shatter proof glasses .. 0.25
Glass cocktail sets 17-pcs. ...... 95
Metal liqueur automatic pourers,4.10

4-pc. tin cannister sets ........ 1.35
4-pc. plastic cannister sets ...... 3.50
Refrigerator meat trays ........ 1.95
Moull rotary, graters for
cheese, etc. ..... : ........... 1.45
Aluminum foil roll .......... 0.95

Waste paper baskets ..........
Nylon toilet brushes .............
Bath room scales .............
Plastic medicine chess ........
Bath room shower curtains ....



I- r .


4.. -.. .*

Stronger Slashes
Throot Of Chicago
Housewife, Flees





95I.00 Pauami to
$*45.65 N.Y.. to N.Y.
Eaw tmhe ummatie e a*
tab of uMope and keep
within your budget And on
a two week vacation, tool
Spend foarteen whole days
In Europe senac and doing.
all those thlayo you've
dreamed about. You will
rece a romd-trip ticketoa
a taiseus alaine, hotol so.
Ing, historic spot., pluh many
other traO. See a today
for falldetafi.


Witera -
-NwS 1



- TeL 2-m0 I
2-MS I

w d. own

tonp ee= ad, ctie
Uwi' "*t" ^ ~ 1
goA i me*#, de: s
= &30=Sr 3m. ww, =

', .. -. .*.

- *jjjjw -.-




fic committee and W. R. Price

fic committee and W. R. Price
of the Atlantic.
The Pacific district has 156
Boy Scouts and 38 Explorers in
9 Boy Scout Troops; 39 Explor-
ers in 4 Explorer Units; and,
346 Cub Scouts in 10 Cub Scout
In the Atlantic district there
are 123 Cub Scouts in 6 Packs;
88 Boy Scouts and 13 Explorers
in 5 Troops; and 23 Explorers
in 2 Explorer Units.
By the end of the year it is
hoped to organize Cub Scout
Packs in Ancon and Fort Clay-
ton. Boy Scout Troops are plan-

Townsend, who didn't let the
fact that his great-great-grand-
father was stung to death pre-
vent him from becoming a
major bee farmer in a 45-year
career, describes his apiary bus-
iness as "the only legitimate

ned at Ancon, Fort Amador,
Balboa and Fort Sherman. Ten---
tative plans have been made tw.
organize Evplorer Units in Bal--
boa, West Bank and Gatun.

(P)-e =. Homer son r
Michigan, a member olt',+ c.00
"tr suad. became at
dinner last out of the c
first said he
:f e -a mild heart a
:bCtater concluded it was ..
indigestion. -"1
however, heart a oal1
were ca ined In for further tet
ad a hospital spokesman M
the senator probably t
have to remain until Sund W -

GOICAGO, Oct. 24 (UP)-A
hicago housewife said today
she opened her door to answer
a knock and a stranger slit her
Mrs. PatrIcal Farrell told po-
lice that a ran knocked on her
door and mumbled something.
She said she couldn't hear what
e sAid and she opened the
The man- then pulled out a
knife or razor, she said.- and
slashed her across the throat.
Then he disappeared.



A ceremony planned by mem-
bers of Troop 13, Camp Coiner,
for the purpose of dedicating
two flagpoles installed recently
in front of their Scout Shack,
and which was scheduled for
October 12, will take place this
Sunday afternoon at 3.
At a meeting of the local
council of the International Boy
Scouts of the Canal Zone held
last Sunday, final plans were
concluded for the following ac-
1) Dedication of several na-
tional flags,o take place at the
Mount Hope Ball Park on Sun-
day, Nov. 30.
2) Council's Annual Cam-
poree to be held at Rainbow
City, Jan. 23-25, 1953.
Also at this meeting commit-
tees were appointed for the an-
nual meeting of the council
scheduled for Jan. 18, 1953, and
which will be held on the Atlan-
tic side.
The Canal Zone Council, Boy
Scouts of America. has the lar-
gest enrollment of boys in its
history, it was announced today
by G. C. Lockbridge, council
There are 826 boys currently
registered in 36 Scout units, he
said. Of these, 469 or 65 per cent
are Cub Scouts in 16 Cub Scout
Packs. There are 244 (30 per
cent) Boy Scout and 51 (6 per
cent) Explorers In 14 Boy Scout
Troops; and 62. (8 per cent) ex-
plorers in 6 Explorer Units.
Credit for this large mem-
bership is due the district or-
ganization and extension com-
mittees which have been busy
organizing new units all year
long, Lockridge added. E. W.
Zelnick is chairman of the Pact-







NEw Arrivals for the Holidays


Lovely Styles!



Cuban and High Heels!

102 Central Avenue

I Ta/a a/tlich


dL i mi .Id w


Remember it's a "must" at

No. 18 "J" Street





MB ,PAgM aA MMiMma .. 'XS Sm WDW A DT mY WAM



TEL2. -21

-----------AG--------E--------------------- --------------A--A-A--AM---ICAN__- AN"LJ_ |__ INEEDN DAL NEWSPAPE m* --^-'* ha

Cargo. and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals and Departures

Shipping & AirLine News
o o -
The merchant fleet of the ships, or 64% of the total; are on
world is headed for its greatest crder or building, according to
size in history. The order books the analysis. Freighter construc-
of world shipyards are bulging tion Is next in size with 7,349,0001
with more than 22.000,000 dead- dwt. or 33.2% of the total, and!
weight tons of oceangoing mer- passenger-carrying types of ships!
chant ships. National Federation last with 616,000 dwvt. or 2.8% ofi
of American Shipping has re-'the total.
ported, adding that almost all of, A comparison of today's plan-
-4he new construction is taking ned construction of merchant
" lace in shipyards of other na- ships with that of a year ago
lotions and not in the United shows an increasing concentra-
-!tates. tion in tank ship building, a re-
'lativelv stable program for
S,. In a special analysis of the freighters, and a considerable
merchantnt fleets of the world, the drop in the planned building of
Federation's Research Depart- passenger-carrying ships.
ment stated that upon comple- The world's tanker fleet
tion of present ship construction shows the most dramatic
the world's merchant fleet will change of all type of merchant
be 24% larger than it is now and s hips By July. 1952, this fleet
40% greater than just prior to totalled nearly 30,000,000 dwt.
World War II. or 75' larger in size than in
SOr, of thr most significant fa-' 1939. Upon completion of cur-
cets of the special analysis shows rent orders and building the
the percentage share of world world tanker fleet will be more
construction for nations, corn- than 212 times its size at the
"pared with the percentage size outbreak of World War 11.
of that nation's merchant fleet In the freighter type. tlU ana-
to the aggregate size of the lysis showed that upon comple-
vorld's fleet, as follows: tion of current proZrams. the
United Kingdom, 30.2% of world's fleet of freighters will be!
the world's construction with 1.9.1% larger than at the begin-
her present fleet representing ing of World War II. While this,
23.9% of the world fleet in-ex- construction is intend.,d for
istence; Norway, 17.8% and 9.- ;some 30 nations, none is for pri-
3%, Panama, 6.4% and 6.1%; vate ownership under the Amer-
Germany. 5% and 1.8"-: Japan ican flag despite the fact that U.
2.3% and 3.9%; France, 4.8% iS. steamship companies own a-
and 4.5,'. bout 15'% of the world's freighter,
Tarrkers represent bv far the fleet.
greatest proportion of the world's World .leaders in orders and
22.000,000 dwt. of merchant ship building of freighters are the;
orders and construction. More United Kingdom, 37% of all such
than 14,000,000 dwt. of tank construction: Germany, 12.6%:


Great White Fleet



*S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ............................ Nov.2
S.S. "AVENIR" .. ................................ Nov. 5
S.S. "LEON ...................................... Nov. 10
*S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ............................ .. Nov. 16
Handling Refrrgerated Chilled and General Cargo



S.S. "TALAMANCA" ............................. Oct. 25
S.S. "CAPE AVINOF" ............................Oct. 26
S.S. "METAPAN" ................................ Oct. 28
S.S. "CAPE COD" .......... .. ............... Nov. 2
1 recent freight sailings from Crist6bal ,I
West Coast Central American ports
Passenger Sailings to Sails from
New Orleans via Tela, Honduras Cristobal
S.S. "CHIRIQUI" .............................Nov. 4
S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ......... ..................Nov. 18
Weekly Sailings on r'selve Pamsenge Ships to New York, MobUe.
Charleston Lo As4ele San Francisco and Seattle
We wish to announce a new special round trip rate of
$270.00 for passage on ow twelve passenger ships sailing
weekly from Balboa to Los Angeles or San Francisco.
returning from Las Angeles. tickets limited to four
months. effective September 15th to May 15th.

6IIS I WEKIN Plantoes

ITME CAbO) 7... I
1/ TART 'r A
4OV1 N61 )

Norway. 10.8% and Japan. 6.1%. annual carrying capacity Is not
The analysis makes note of the Increasing proportionately since
fact that not only is the size of merchant ships generally spend
the freight ship fleet increasing far more time in port today than
substantially, but the sr.ied of thl v did in 1939.
the ships has increased by some The world may never again
20 to 30% overall. However, the I (Continued on Page 6)

for rent

P. 0. Box 532 Panama, R. P.
Telephone PanamA 2-2218


To Buenaventura,, Guayaquil, Callao, Mollendo,
Arica, Antofagasta and Valparaiso.

C. B. Fenton & Co., Inc. C. B. Fenton & Co., Inc.
Fenton Building. Pacific Terminal Bldg.,
Cristobal. Balboa
Tel. Cris. 1781 TeL Balboa 105.


by the

(Every room with private connecting bathroom) d
Fare... $120.00
C. B. Fenton & Co., Inc. C. B. Fenton & Co., Inc.
Fenton Building, Pacific Termaft Ift.,
CristobaL Balboa
Tel. Cris. 1781 TeL Balboa 165.
I L I I ._ -. J

Alfred Holt & Company announce t#e
sailing of their

M.V, "AJAX" ve







iLLE.y jOP


It Goes Double



0o ,. NwY Pomr -s % s xTwv' awV
THa lissT N uTt k% WS v IS
r ^-. te.(OO\*%wX-j
I~ ~~Dt Lao^ll"i-l.- Jf

Fair Enough

06 A MAT Oww.IA'm WrOT
m TACT j 0 l W 4A0N WOA
Wf. o \Wi H &\- -
%wO*M. COO~ *iI- %-n^
s r -oft M INLS
3L 0AL

Confided '

For Charleston, S. C.
Fare... $120.00

. C. B. Fenton & Co., Inc.
Fenton Building,.
TeL Cr. 1781

Into the Blue

C. B. Fenton & Co., Inc.
Paeifte Termaald Jdf..
Bal fbea
TeL dalbona 15.



Spo tThertn Stayf

The Sacrifice

J-~. .,..

52 oB3 Ub




A,40t L li.

Mi L tUt r l




*oAm I O'S3 .... .wi

. .. .

wimiola' smCAY ,
'04 AMO&6 CAM-
rT PORawT O weI.



'~-~ '~

on On *irA

Mo mmIl





pi, 9.

, ., ,~..* U ; .
PWLY. O(CTOI M, l198.



Anteonlo Repi, wife of ,His IxeleaRey the
the Republic of Panama, was hsteSat a tea
ay at the Prteldencla n honor. of tN Ladiles
bers of the I.plematlc C Tps aeCredited to ta-

Mrs. Sleds,". l Mrs. A. R. Grier and Mr
DiatJnner .. RLN. Trower at the Driscoll r
Oomman Otli W'a.orrIson plans to lea'
FPifteenth Naval Distrtt and the Isthmus nxt month for t
Mrs. BlSedspe entertained ori United Sttes to make her horn
Thursday evening at Quarters A. ohe was presented two Roy
Naval 8eagiartersaReservation, Doulton figurines from the a
with .Adifnf gin ithoM. r of sembled group.
ReadmmIxl Austifn ." Doye.'
Co Andiknt of te Tfenth Naval Colomba Ambassador Returbi
DriBtdt, nd Commander of the Dr. Jse ignaclo Gomez, tf
Wt raoSe iontler. AmbMassador of Colombia to Paz
4,,w "- --W nama, returned recently by plar
Lun.e he to onr. from a short visit in Colombia.
- .aow MroN bMrs. Yost to Open School Monde
Th(AAsao AMor of Argentina Mrs. Stanley Yst's "Pet
to pa andMrc JulioA. Lo- Pan" school will start on Monda




Mpe R whO plan to le65e In su&i ,i.
Arati,'Willbe the u Y .. ..Women.Artists.Notice
h-or,, at.-wf wiurlbea- U Artist members of -the Canal
h to qavnb tTZone pen Women who. havl e
rl -oIt0l "iventbo*n, Daintin now hanging in the
yd lrSU3fto Little Gallery of the Hotel Tivoli,
Mayol at the reldence. please remove them by October
Newe of ome Resident Panama Golf Club
Rear A= Albert M. Bled Dinne Dance N. 1 ov.
soe. IU.1,X Comm ndant of Fif- The Panama Golf Club will
teeth' $ ;l plstrlet; received hold, their first dinner-dance of
do the form of a tale- the yOj at the club on Saturday.
Kgrai ). yesterday morning, NoveMr. 1, at which time piz-
whlL0e0lded that hs daugnh- es t *- be awarded for two re-
ter.,Janet, g birth to, baby cently played .tournaments; the
girl NancV Jean,.at Los Atgeles, Esao Tournament and the Seyen-
aliornila on Wednesday, Octo- U Tournament.
ber 22. MUsic will be furnished by
Janet is the wife of Cantain B. Louis Azcarr&ga's orchestra.
L. Palkins, U.S. M0a* Corp$s, -
wbo K veterans of Kbtea fight- Tower Club I. Well Attended
inX. The recently. held monthly
S .- dinner meeting of the Tower lub
DUer and M. Aria of the Cathedral of 8t. Luke' In
Entertain at Dinner Bishop Morris hall was attended
Dr. and Mrs. Gilberto Arias many members and their
we' hoats to a group 0 uher jests. The program was in
friends at a dinner gRven recpt- qrarge pf the VeryRev. Raymond
ly at their home on Go Hdtlt T. Ferris, Da.n of the Cathedtal,
in farewell to Mrs. J. J. Valla- wholed the.discussion on the to-
rifo, Jr., knd Mr. and Mrs. Jorge lic of "Marriage." A buinesu
Porptk. wh6 plan to leave In the meeting was held following the
neami re. ein Oation trips to program and several committees
bW.sp- the united States were appoInted.
Present with the Dean-andt Mrs.
'b Honored Ferris were: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Luncheon McClain, Mr. and Mrs. J. Palm-
,f P. MorrlsOh was the er Smith, Mr. and Mrs. George
*Wst Qf honor at a luncheon glv- D. Makibboi, Mr. andbMrs. Fred
en rece Ul2jor a large group of Sill, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Me-
flriendS by Mrs. M. 3. D dinger, Mrs. EdtUt. Turner, Sgt.
r-r ;'"- :!'* -* "' .

For the coming days. .
.New and Luxuribus
Ballerinas too!

No. S 30th St. -

Vista del Mar


r Pp1aA~

*/t6 on

- ~m

cd ,,o#i C .KA L C9oCy atonce Drinks-
D' e hemahve bd aed ..
S .. & 352i bMy Fre am. Amar.B- Bilion llons
-- ar,_Sntrygho0 -Of Wine In Year
and John aais.chak, Dr. ers and otheo b ness .
and Ma Horace W. Shreck Mr. I-n.i.a ,Oct. 24 (UP)-French-
and Mra r D eese, Mr. and Th3 neral pb 1 lsd to me.W- Women-drank .only
-. ._ o ., .r attein d and catribu ttto- .A -e- 1.. A000000 oallon onf wine in

Mts Cecil nM, daan, Mr. and
am. Ernie L. Payne, Mr and
Mrs; David A. Yerke. Mi
Cire BI. 4g0dta, Mra. and D.
W. C. Fritz.l a. Brbara MBach
Mrs. Pat LerinevIle, Mr. and
Mrs. Calvin JQbxatOn.V*Ptolf
and Mrs. CM. c, ;' .. .
Plhlgren, Lt. s ad Mrs. ohn 0..
Olsen. Mr. and Mrs. Osc0r H.
Wenborne, Mr. and Mrs. C. B.
Heitman, Mr. and Mrs. John D.
Mayles, Lt. Col. and Mrs. Amos
VandeFgrlft. Mr. and Mrs. Will-
lam N,. Taylotr, Rev. John S. Md-
Duffle, Mr. and Mr C. C W
Chase, Jr., Mr. andMrs. Oliver
Cull). Mr. and Mrs. NormanA.
Smith. Jr., M. and Mrs. Tho-
mas Cuinlffe, Mr. and Mrs. C.
W. Dnacbmbe, Mr. and M. T.
0. Coleman, Mrs. C. L. .ohns-
ton,.Lt. C0onel and Mrs. A.
van.w ne.Mr. and Mrs. T.
S. M) onU. Mr, and & Mrs.
C ha i't-8beraathy, Mr. Bd-
wa4RI ZJ ii Mr. and Mrs.
3ak ,-4 y, it. Colonel and
Mrs.e. A. oarth. Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Rummell.

international Night Party
This Evening
Canal Zone Chapter of Bets
Sigma Phi Will hold an Interna-
tional Night Party for members
and rushee guests this evening at
6:30 at the Curundu Chapter
I.A.W.C. to Plenic Tomorrow
The members of the Inter-
American Women's Club will
meet tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. at
Club %. Hesaquarters to attend a
picnlo at-the home of Mrs. Ma-
tilda de .I (uardia at El Caney,
Arraljan. Picnic lunches and
swimming suits are the order of
the day. For further Information
telephone club headquarters.

Gamboa Bapaar Tonight
-The annualbasnar of the Gam-
boa Union Church will be held
this evening at the Gamboa Civic
Center and will begin with a
"Johnny Mosetti" supper at 5:00.
Tickets are $1.00 for adults and
50 cents for children.
Attractions will Include. an
Apron and Fancywork Booth; a
Country Store; Fishpond; Parcel
Post Booth; Sweet Shop; Plant
Booth and White Elephant Booth.
ales.will begin at 6:15 p.m. The
Public is cord -i-nvlted to at-
Day of Recollection
To Be Held TolmTrrow
Catholic Daughters of America,
Court Saneta Maria No. 447. will
hold a "Day of Recollection" to-
thorrow at $t. Mary's Mission Pa-
rochial Sc)ool on Balboa- Ra

All P ,
t6 attend ad may make reser-
yations and receive information
by telephoning Mrs. Helen Bar-
rett 3-3617; Mrs. Marian Dodson
2-2670; or Mrs. Dorothy Rose 3-
Past Matrons Meet Tomeorrow
,The Past Matrohs Asspclation
of the Canal Zone will meet in
the Scottish Rite emle It Bal-
-boa tomorrow m= Wat 8:45
when breakfast whtie served.
ReservatiOns may le ,made by
calling Mrs. Loretta Tewhard 5-
472: Miss Grace WillIama 3-1916:
or Mrs. Columbia Reman 2-1603.
Benefit M~vie on Thursday Night
The Asllo de Nuetra Seora
Committee of the InttarAmerican
Women!s Club Is ponsoring a
benefit movie at the DOte-In
Theater on Thursday, October 30.
Tickets are $1.00 per person and
may be obtained at the club's

When you

2- how* --M
!.e. I -'Adm&
themes i 'P'
'" (ue~w

is preoded

elSJ A-t9de.. ti e i-e 12 Months ended Sept. 30,
or& is aMb for ,he government tax office an-
.nouneed today. This gave each
_- Bea .i.. person 268% gallons.
Firemae' Banli e *' The consumption compared
Reservatons are btie .Ne t- with l,320,000,000 gallons in
od 0 the Selol 2~h l the .ta office noted, but
mpe' all^ which is to l^A4.n represented a comforting in-
Wrrday, Noe)ihber.'> at: l elre M over last year's 1,108,-
XIMPaI.'L For resen'uSkpi i- 006 000.
iffphone Balboa 23e2.
ter of Beta Sigma Phi will be held
Alpha Chapter to Meet on Tuesday evening. The Execu-
Tueday Evening five Committee meeting ached-
TIM. regular business meeting uled for this date has been post-
of tihe Canal Zone Alpha caip- poned.
1 I ^ ^.,,i.-.^

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't gla BlimmA rief from tho-

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.. C/O ChieeSays PPWou
You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classifieds! lo SaysQP-Woe
Leve our Ad ith one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panama A Slow Capitalism To ree
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n CIO President.Phillp Murray Republican Party of Hoover to "'While 4 million men an4
has warned today of the danger also the Party of Taft, and Ger. woom looked In vain for jobs
Leis Srvie Sal de Belleza Americano Carlton Drug Store of period of "creeping capit- eral senhower "proclaims that the Republican' cure' for
Lewis 4Tervice Alon e eeza m a l f the Republicans win he agrees completely on all do- employment was to try to d
No. 4 Tivoli Ave-Phone 2-2291, and No. 55 West 12th Street 10,059 Melindez Ave.-Phone 255 Colon control of Congress and the meati affairs with Senatotor or the t n In ll'th
White House. Taft." publican poltIam 'rehu
Propaganda, S.A. M: In a radio speech over CIO ra- "Iooverlsm, Taftism General- running ay fro
Morrson's Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones Mimum Street corner t or 12 words. dio nd television networks Mur- Ism they are all he same, ne yment a t h
H" Street corner Estudiante S t.3c.each addition word. ray cl armed: and there is no decent choiceRep an Party hd o
S Fourth of July Ave -Phone 2-0441 No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-2214 and 2-2798 "aat we in labor want, what among therm for te peope f o ram lr Ameri. theP di
every citizen wants, Is a free en- America," the CIO head declar- It had no undertading o-o. r
terprise system that truly serves ed. country and its problems. It
the RESO-S M needs of the people. The Murray charged that when no understandng of the.
& General (Eisenhower) and the Republicans ela= the sue now.
SALE MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE RESORTS UMMERCIAL men who tell him about civilian of the e -
FR" Gr.m"SchL Eanta C elara beah- !e' A l life talk about 'creeping social- ilm and eorruptiop, and lsahn Poiting to the Reptblican re-
Household Do you have a drink problem? Auto G Snt Cl be. PROFESSIONAL Ism.' But their policies, their the Go "ha a on o ly aon I cord in Congress, rd rl th
____ Write Alcoholic Aonmous. FR ALE Used tires, ssenger cottas Electrc ce boxes program, their r platform would tpoh al Idtue in Ametca, th r80th Co gres ad a te .
F in e$ FOR SALE:-Usedtr A engerCoses moderate rates. Telephone l-.1ead directly back to "creep- rec Wid oles not bear them Murlay aecued the O ofw
O. Rad 60 00 Electric clock--- WENDEH--AKE Medical clni ommer n Automo Agil e Row Nnci omos. 6-441 Gmboa 4-567 Pedro Mi- ng capitalism,' with low Incomes out. Ing consltenty with peelal n-
4.50. Sunbeam Coffee Maker. Dr WENDEHAKE Medical c on Automobile Row No. 29. e. guel RATS are and mass unemployment. Recalling that the omms- terests ait the needs of
$18,00 a ft Westinghouse refr- astudtate s t w t4B phone Panmo 2.4721. Phil s tt we-need what the sonerof LStatistics was woke, fa e, cosumr,
.00. 9 t. Vestinghouse relied, K" and nt strec Phone 2-3479 Ana- a 2 sd Oceansidecotta Ph ges. Soanto EXPENSIVE uST S. Democratic platform and can- fired by the Republicans in 19.2 wmatbie o, and theb r
ersato 2 large. 3S60 0.00. 8 glss Panama. FOR SALEdo, be-Nshd. $1250.0-dor sedn, Clara. Box 435, Balboa. Phone IF YOU REALLY WANT didates will help us achieve, i "because he refused to tamper nder the
windowss 500 House 752-. PANAMA COLON AUARISTS: Balboa 3022 after 4 p. m. 564P7- a .. I TO GET RID OF THEM a 'galloping capitalism' of a- with the statistles on unemploy P dr dld't want to lk--
alboa road.Babc. -New assortment tropical fishes.L, Diablo. PERSONALS b dance, buttressed by wise ment, Murray added: he said.
30 types. Panama: Acuorio Tropi- USE and time-tested government ... ..
FOR SALE-Venete an bhlnds, m-rer- cl I, V-a Espaia, opposite JuanI FOR SALE: 1949 Chevrolet 1.2 2
-n din ig Franco Stables. Phone 3-4132, Co. ton Panel. Inquire North Amer- HUMAN ENGINEERING. Corrective 1*A R- F'R I N people. -
gerator. Frigire. 42 x 42 dng on. 8066 A. 91,2 Street, phone can Tobacco Products, Inc. No. Adjustment of the ody Structure. Rat & Mouse Killer Uring the election of Adlal
table, metal. Sideboard. Storage 21 Juan B. Sosa Street. George D. Barb, Jr., No. 11, s7th. Roustioerf. Steevenson, Murray said the
cabinet. House 356, Apt. 19, An- 1251-B FR SALE:-St., Tel. 2-3833. By appointment (contains WAR-FARN) Illinois governor "akes sense,
con. Tel. 2-1340 to Friday. Travel via "AREA," "the Route of FOR SALE:-'48 Hudson Sedan, all. and wins respect, because he
the Good Neighbor" NO INCREASE extras perfect condition. o330 E, P- r and wine r esc bae h ea
FOR SALE.-Bendix automatic wash IN PIe S.. Fe E M EASA dro Miguel. Help Wanted GEO F. NOVEY, INC. talks about the America of 1952
ing machine, 60 cycle, good con-ad IN PRICES!.. FREE MEALS AND r i. aCd the challenge of the years
dithon, best oer takes it. Phone COCKTAILS! One-way to MIAMI. FOR SALE:-Used tires at bargain WANTED:-Domestic servant to do 279 Central Ave. Tel. 3-0140 ahead" and because "as a can-
onbest$67.00...NEW YORK, $111.00 prices. Tires for small buses, for cooking and housekeeping. Must didate for President, Adlai E.
5-296. GUAYAQUIL, $75.00.. ..QUITO trucks and cars. El Tombor, 15th live in. Phone 5-296. Stevenson has pledged his honor
FOR SALE: Crib wth innerspring $86.00 Round trip MIAMI, $120. East Street, opposite Villanueva toWNTED-Mad with references MODERN FURNITURE translate from word to deed
mattress, in perfect condition. 60.. .NEW YORK $208.60 .. Tejeiro. Tel. 2-1444. WANTED :-Maid with references. MODERN FURtake NITURE the literal, forwar-loong plat-
House 1487-D, Balboa. Tel. 2- GUAYAQUIL, $135.00.... QUI- To do light housework qnd tke VISITOURSOW-ROOM ormof theDemocrast party."
1653. TO. $154.80. BOEING 4-engine FOR SALE: 1949 Dodge Station care of 3-year old child, must plalom, Murray de-
FOR SALE: ytag washer 25 planes. For more details ee PAN- Wagon. Low mileage. Call Hotel speak English. Call at house I I- ipeoveThat platform," M er
FOR SALE: Mtag washer, 2ne- AMA DISPATCH SERVICE, oppo- Tivoli, room 318. Rousseau, after 5 p. m. Mrs. L. S. eupbstery lare, illt Insure of ortheAmeco-
cycln blnds 52" x 60". Coaln Ba site Ancon Busstop. Telephone 2- FOR SALE :-1951 Ford V-8 Custom Presley. "HERES" no e and the socta welfare le-
boa 4478. 1655. Exceptional condition. Good Rub- 77AFOR RENT Atorw gislation,wlhch have made our
bFO SALE Furniture for 2-fmly SPECIAL EXCURSIONS! ber, Radio. Call 2-3539. Cocoli- FOR RENT nation, duringL the past 20 years,
FOR SALE: B nds for 12-family SO E CTO MEXICO Naval. Security unit. $1,695. a model for the entire world."
apartment. House 0763-J, W inllam- FROM PANAMA TO MEXICOng Housest unit. Zon5 OUd H Murray Cedthat neither
son Plae, B.3boa. After 4:30. one way $85, round trip $135 (15 FOR SALE: Willys 1948 Station O Ire a h n
Sday-limit), $160. .good one year); Wagon. Duty Paid. Taller Rpgby, FOR RENT:-Chalet 3 bedroom, fur* a.1 i gs er, S. A tht"party which once he led"
FO SALE:-Beds complete with to LOS ANGELES, one way. $149. I St. No.28. nished or unfurnished. No. 5, 7th ideas in 0 years
ew mattress, 30.00 Dressers 15 round trip $252.35. 90 day 1948 DSoto 4door Street, Sn Francisco, near Via Shipping, moving storage. Citing a statement from Hoov-
with mirror $15.00, Oak Buffets, limit Pnnoma ispatch erce. FOR SALE: 1948 DeSoto 4-door Porras. Telephone 3-3833. We pack and Crate or move o "an rsons
$10 00; Gas Stie guaranteed opposite Ancon bus stop. el. Custom Sedan with auto tic W pak and crateor move er's memoir anypersons
155.00 a n d 565.00. Electric oma 2-1655. transmission & radio. House 0763 left their jobs for the more pro-
Stoves, guaranteed $30.00. Eiona J, Williamson Place, Balboa. Af- FOR RENT anything. Phone. 22451 tale one of selling apples.
new Rattan coffee and end tables FOR SAL tr 430. FOR RENT 2-252. PanamA. M urray declared
rs $19,50f. Coil Springs, Mat e SALE :-950 Buick Sup er 4 A artmens "Never again do we want a
from oS n FOR SALE:-1950 Ba ick Super 4 Aps ..g time when wages are so low that
tersses from $15.00. Bed Frames Misiellaneo ns door sedan, Dynaflow, Radio, seat selling apple on wind-swept
3.00. covers, new retread tires, $1,700. ALHAMBRA APARTMENTS re e owners on is, in the words ofwept
0 CASH OR CREDIT FOR SALE:-Complete 42" Exhaust 00 $570.00 down, $61.00 per Two and five room furnshed ond ooer, more profitable.n the words ofe-
HoUisehold Exchange, 41 Automobile Fan, $40.00. Without motor. 766- month. House 0779-G, William- unfurnished apartments; private en- R A H oover, more profitable-than de-
Row, Tel: 3-4911. D, Balboa. Phone 2-4387. son Place, Balboa, Kenealy. Phone closed gardens. 8061. 10th Street. DOmA. lnd ORILLAC eBu Murray suggested, the
FO SALE:- i 948 Westinghouse Re- FOR SALE: Large refrigerator. 2-1503. New oristool. Telephone Colon (Paclmer G' du- l s.t e ,.. -
6 A 1386.-OFII[ I ROUu : -. .... ....
Figerator, 9 ft, R$125.00 (25 Bargain at $50. Also tub cover. FOR SALE: Packard 49 Sedan, 1386. --" "t- 2a ro pra. s iO ELTON Dr, Pan Amedia Airways
cles.Phone: Panama 3-3579. 16-A, Jadwn, Ave. Gamboa WSW, heater, radio, foam rubber 5 Per e ti in Pheads theomm hets amp
Larrioda Vista Hermosa No. 807. FOR SALE-Set Golf Clubs, 4 woods, seats, undercoated, excellent con- FO!IlR RENT k from Lu --tre, mittee in th e. pta d wouldn't he been mach fu for*
(On Transisthmian Highway) 8 irons and putter, nylon bog, $75. dition. Can be financed. Office I to give pAA aon t iMtlon .hm so etnSbm iti ls
Qown entrance street. 00. Phone Balboa 4329. Navy 3431 Quarters 3764. ROOn Your Community tion Mrs. Gloria Duprd. who works at 4eArmed Bervlcest
FOR SALE: Furniture for bachelor FOR SALE-Upright piano, S 5P.00. FOR SALE:-Pontiac "8", 1948 Hy-' sour CocmuInityott, Bal boawhic,4 tcCcohe e
apartment. Wish to sell all for Cabinet type sewing machine $65. dramatic, radio, 18' Sailboat "Kay" Extraordinary large cool room, qn -: OG The FAA p tru ~ 'was t r Pjram. AsOf
$325. To person who rents apart 00. 2115-E, Curundu. Phone 83- derigged. Phone Balboa 1471. entrance, completely o'ivate, ta- day fternbn with no larb San it heard from and t
an 7265. ing street. convenient to Zone and collections not.t-: fd in -the yA -e e o
--ll V Telephone 3- LE O TADE: -1952 M- Panama transportation midtlow, '2the Cn.e tot aI l
FO- SALE o washold eFOR SALE:-Piano Wurlitzer, very ris Mintor Convertible. 8029-C, Bella Vista. Furnished, Untlo .en e B
F nO 60 cScAE good condhirg ,good condition, practically new, Margarita, 3-2947. only. 3-1it81. u e g '"itre Whey. 80,000 Ieeple *M"
o4r | a oco ( 10o, c o1e ht. 24ev lANTED tonaloa .. .e llo* ew t t on-sys
0.00. Coll 2-2026, after 6op. n. upsta irs. Colon. FORTSA Lar 8. .A.
1, Darien St. Apt. 5. "upstairs,_Colon. uANTEDPrese S L
FO SALE:-Bargain! Large, beauti- FOR SALE: Double door Freezer F Rseellneo FOR SALE ses Relef
type Frigidaire refrigerator 8.5 cu. '_--_"____ToGin__d
ewlly cared, reunedr aEle tic, ft. 60 cycle. $300.00. All porce- WANTED:-Vacation quarters on orH OU Today, Friday, .Oct.2 40 A a nt
ew 7 tubed, General.n _BElectrico, 25- clen Frigidaire automatic washer, about 20th of November. No FOR TSALEi: 6 Boy ti to.eB R. e C-co ... 'a -A d O
0 cycdlepradio.r713-8, Cocoli, So- 60 cycle $275.00.Mothite new wild-parties or pets. Service man bedros, 2 bath s pn ,, : INST. u r Pra Oet
Street, anytime. House 8025-D, Margarita, phone and wife. References. Coall 2-1569 30roTs,2a t; idor40-Music thFort Wrda ., -e owe 0. Ot5 34 )
FOR SALE:-One steel library table, 3-2889. after 5 pe. msm.C grounds te race- front and se. 4:00-Music Without Words 'uact r
15.00: 1 chest of drawers $6.00; must be assured of Caja de Se- FOR YOUR REQUIREMENTS 4.15-40m Loma Tim BY 08WA JAn s d re
5.,One 7 foo hest of drawers $6100.00; FOR SALE:-Indian motorbike $125. WANTED:-Married couple desires, guro. Tel. 2-2542. 40-Whats Your Favoriteiage
ne foot FrCsas. Phodare, 2-370. 00. G. E. refrigerator, all porce- one or two bedroom apartment in NATIVE LUMBER 5:13-MOMNIH sN Tr AIRe WM J Co tou, yod rra
scaas. Phone 2-30. lain box, needs unit $7.50. Elec- residential district. Phone 3-0475 a eeAVE LUMBER r Wrat is the or no rect N~n Aaken d the Preent
m trick motor 25 cycle, 1-4 H.P. $5.- or 3-0170, Mr. Amado. FOR SALE Aenda Steer)t What Is the correct pwlay in A e ad the Presiten
FO SALE:- Large 9 pc. diningroom 00. Exhaust pipe, oil filter refRlls W5:20- atSYour) avo r itethissituationdn" as 1A "o n- eAr-w e ti "ut efas e te
9t, 9 ft. all porcelain refrigerator, upper front grille bar for 1950 WANTED:-To buy, small refriger-FRTson Co3t.--ber cors pn dea o "ae t h wst 19lecrn" o reeas era
Aide rule, Deep Sea rod and reel. Chevrolet. House 0821 Plank St., ator either electric or gas, kerb- Real Estate T ho*10ne: -4h 5:30-News first deal of a game, so both I do sic
546-A, MangoSt., Govilan Area. Balboa. Phone 2-1385. sene. Good condition. Write Box FOR SALE: Large house: lying- A Nae onsl 43 5 *-What's Your Favorite Sides need orly 50 points forgency reie fu to
SALE122, Ancon. diningroom, 4 bed-rooms, near new R(SAtE) 'the initit meld. i Tm e dealer am ares devastated by
diningroom, 4 bed-rooms, near new C:00-To Be Announced 'turned up a red three,. freezing las sprinS "instead of making
FOk SALE:--One Bendix Economat FOR SALE WANTED: Monicurist for Gotun "Rio" theatre. Fruit trees, bear-, -6:30-PhilT o RendeAous the pack. Thu next up-card wa the money avacable insedota -
60 cycle automatic washer, can Clubhouse Beauty Shop. Apply in ing, lot 900 sq. meters, $6.000.- lV saHolds 3P--Lowell Thomas a five. n p as the sm av astel whed te
be used as manual., in excellent Boats & Motor person or phone Gatun 411. 00, terms. Tel. 2-3518, Panama. 7:00-Come Into The P.'1tt,1 indexive.bV afte he de e t
condition. $150.00.o 437-D,Owe- On.".rw Nfrom the stocks could
t.wen FOR SALE:-14 ft. boat with top FOR SALE:-2 choice lots No. 498- E l7:30--U(BBC)dR-BON nh stock p oiledvetbe. e
St. _______________fully equipped, many extras in- eta Si 99 Ls Cumbres, reasonably Rv7: K-K-K 7-7-7 6" 5-4 2-2.. eRBBOusing e pbi c
Scluding two deep sea reels. 5 H.P. e g priced. Make an offer. Telephone Ieide at my hand was "He ngthese public ftd
FO SALE:-Misc. household effects, Regal Marine engine inboard $100.' Balbo 3436.The Pacific Civic Council will 7:45-Here Comes Louis Jordan "I decided t n o ga greatest po-
dhild's toys, some clothes, under 00. II month old block Cocker S Costu e hold its annual election Tuesday, 8:00-Requept Salon well-suited to playi or a fa r tcal vantae," Aken a.
house 1546-A Mango St. Govilan Spaniel female AKC registered SHIPPING. November 4. 8:45--U.P. Commentary a long struggle for the pack
Area, Saturday 9 5. wonderful pet for children. 369-B, Party Tonighti' Tables for voting will be set up 9:00-Short Story Theatr 9 tence I melded the three pac
3rd. St. Phone 3-1941 New Cris:- continuedd "am Par e 4) at Balboa. Diablo and Ancon (VOA) aid one deuce, and discarded
S .r Stb. meoseo-AlphaNeha ter i-have the'sise of piusenger-ear- Coonisssnies, it has been an- 9:30-London tu(do ~concerts the five. ud ed
FOI SALE:- 9 ft. Refrigerator, 60 tobal. Members oi Alpha Chapter of fleet It ont possessed in nounced bynT. F. HotzNomIna- (BBC)
cycle or trade for 25 cycle. Pedro eta Sigma Phi will entertain eo S e in Comm e a .Po 1000- facade d America "The next carded a
-u, FOR-_______w SA L E 21 rushees at an International low the tonnage of 1939. and will be all dy during com- aVOAa fix, a"Tene p 1* d rew r
FOR SALE :-Croley Ref. igerator, 3 oorcve sorOrity house at Curundu ths buldng willstM be only 9e% The balloting will be in charge 10:30--Adventu r -es of P.C. 9 gthe d d
;oak diningrom set; bed- FOR SALE: 1951 motorcycle evening. (BBC)W kings toof-Ildrndtalsa e.r
springs with mattresses;- folding Triumph Speed twin. Excellent con- The party, an annual affair Te-lwd ta, wi no a 11:0 Nest w thtensa
cots; floor lamp; bar. Panama 3- dition. Must sell. Can be seen at among the sorority's member- oi passenger-carrying ship rectioa on A. tphei. 1:00-.-w aebl akohnt it diCar
4248. 4 8 p.m. 2658. Members will wear costumes of vate ownership, is bIblndl1 oth- If 4 n large num- Tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 25 "The next layer I~de a sat

kitchen tables desk, kitchen, rock- I a buffet dinnerefoJlowed by an Whi1 a nermas tes, hen it re. 7:30-Jasa Salon 7-7-7 $4
ing and porch chairs, chest of 40-Passenger 'opner evening of entertainment. e*'ewrs. e an a th onited senton"2' ft Ite pr- a:0s--Stct Sont. t-Wht "
drawers, Chinese tables, pearl in- Beta Sigma Phi, an interna- tre ointherelationshipottedr nor other choe or 8:30-BUC Featur't a The l d o

House 2136, 6th St., Curundu. t areed o te Ishmu in nr building now l and tThe hardinglb 9:30--As I See It s th fl
FOR SALE:-Household effects, set shs to tend tep The analyst show that upon ted s of: T. F. 1otz, 10:06-Off the Recag4 Your first meld a onnceI
of Rattan (8 strand 2 chairs. WASHINGTON, Oct. 24 'UPt day night. completion of the 19 passenger- chairman; P. Matthews; 11:00-News that you wanted to p fo a
Ottoman. Coffee table, lamp. RCA -Aircraft designer Igor I. Sikor- carrying' ships build d i n g for Marn 8. drogham; Arur w Don.a- 11:05-Oet the Reco3a l'-%- fast out rather tan complteiors
F~dio. Candle lamps, table and sky said today that helicopters France, she will have restored dsoteand rJoon W. Towers, ad- 1:30--Meet Th e Ba Ope :faz; ack. Your partner
bed, 1 glass radiant Beaded tripod capable of carrying as many as her position to 88% of prewar by viser. 12400-News epthe r sown aepted the in-
sereen. Potted plants. Antherim 40 persons "will undoubtedly be- L notCe deadweight tonnage: the United P.M. citation by melIngl eight cards
'iolets. L'egonias etc. 1559-B, Ca- come available within the next Kingdom. building 16 such ships. 12:05--New Tune "rlW from his haud. The chief ques- W ,re s .
labash Street, Bolboo. Gavilan two years." UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT will be back at 80%: Netherlands. T. AT'S GRATITUDE 12:30-The Footbe n Pneplh ,ton is whether or not to use ...,
Area, Telephone 3436. Sikorsky made the statement FOR THE DISTRICT OF THE building 4. will achieve 66% of 1:00--News your own deuqe to complete the
in accepting the 1951 award of CANAL ZpNi Drewar size. With the completion iL D c)al1 --Porsll esnata.
RSALE: -- Mahogny diningroom the National Defense Transpor- Ballee Divislen of current passenger-carrying Mrs. B. J. vmmuzrsu a a soft 1:45---PTheDavid b. a
FO, mAde by Cowes. Make an of- station Association. ship construction. Russia. Swe- spot .l for .ad d 2:0--VOA d"If you hold the deuce, you will

afor 25 Cyl. $135.00; Mavtag he "s rt ith pioneering Arthur JoGeph Vi..s as d Oreece are nw' orwsortly ,will 8 ar hw toaall po 2:3--Afteno lx, a king, or another wild card; ,u
Venetian blinds 36 ah "wil never replace the arpan No. 4 Prte war sze in vesl of this tye the nt d w the dog 2:4-Ra Of as soon a ymr partner oi
ine mate or the automobile." NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OFNa In sharp contrast the United bard 3:3-M e the deine to co s
cil rin 0 o0' mattress, Air Secretary Thomas K. Fin- ACCOUNT AND REPONT tates will have only 47% of its ]et her tr c s 3:45 usI, cea will .be o.


-itv ....... a .......... S l ,eter, who presented the award ING PETITION FOR D- -ISTIt-BUION 19 9s.ener-Carrying t. 4:00--MalB gas e-r1 tngew a six or .: .r*-
te tabesse and stool $35.00.di on behalf of the association. NOTICE ti .eery alw. tbh M A. The United Rtates, with private 4:0-What's wildcard. .amil n
tbes, 25or 60 Cyl. $45. Mrao, lauded "the vital new role" of Stutnam..."' ad'..s.reL at'e building confined, entirely to S:30-N
es, 2rdr 0 C. Maho the helicopter in Korea. of tud z nd iod stthr or t tanke b hips. now in 535 Toti e' v ori t In other words. utu
ny wardrobe 30.00. Mirrors and Finletter said that use of Attlement, ad sd id t only 3.4% o the world's mer- t ( ) deuce h s y e et
r n Place. Tel. Bolboa 2-4169. ed has cut the battle death rate ad mnistribtl with pettl em Iir u Tbtely-owned I Srhant Marin 0 -O
ld any time also Saturday and from 45 to 25 for each 1,000 D sce.mbr eae e. a e *oem a ,. Is almost 17 % of the word's ,- T wab t
men wounded. in the courtroa nd is. d awsCeu m tal. There is not a sh le :
Melvin L. Craig. president of u f the United Se Dties C*rt Mer er pass er-rartwhjir otie of '
the association, said that 10,000 th 19 the oaf h gm, bh a ereh t 5p o ba p! 91m a
lives already have been saved t fri uottlme"t OI a S r r tbelng built la the United 3
t as the direct result of hellcop- eld all earsers aif ro m45 ttatf today for chdprw w M de. u
te' rescue work in the armed ,Dr. 74ti a s she mi Zig t1e .aWf" in. .
s1aid smhount shr ld ho in-4om .ie-l "';".
For Sale 1946 Chevidet .othereto tiedt i stri nCfe rNM... ...
4door. S whitr e suteadewat DWl Aem, gmo .
e trres. Easy Inteanrm. -ws6 .


C. T..
s kw Go Cour

I :..





I L. -*=. -"1

* b t, OCfrnR M. 15L. -


PAm 8m

195,-at x e54poxe, stn 378
.i ADM RAim VISITOR AT COCs00 detblerwith a cake appropriately
The seC mandlng Offlier of the Coco Scie Naval Station, Mrs. Fred Newhard, the group
SL. Koepke, a4 Mrs. M pke, *atertained with a leader, conducted the devotion-
at their quarter the .Bl, Wednesday, to ale and presided at the business
athe Minister of the rI ef *, A4rl Ren- meeting.
-te %e Almeda Gulilobel and e m be of his staff. Mrs. Tracey White was a vi-
pan Woere seated vat a ra Beight, waS the dinner asitor for the meeting and
gtau esntwered the da ar He it oedMr. and M rs. WEhina brought clever bean bags to be
b tapliacn tered with a nSe4 gdues OM for adi es W ii completed for the B a a a r
A. the guet f Mddl emas for dinner Wedne- which Is to be held November
ut with the guest of hon iday etoenng. While she W 6O The ladies worked on these
Swere. Rear-Admiral A. M.caway, a roup oI friends ah- uring t hela meeting. Ie
re w-Admiral and Mrs. ered at ee home Ao. surprie The next meeting will be held
h F. WhitehVd, Rear-Ad- her with a party in honor of at the home of Mrs. Lee Nqsh
~ hdundo J. A. do Valle,her wedding anniversary. with Mrs. Benjamin Brundage
Rear-Admiral Milton E. Miles, The group played bridge andas co-hoste s. The November
Captain Jo Luis Belart, Lieu- canast after.which they served as co-hostess. The November
n$Lie, bleenant Commander An- Those participating in the latose resent at the lunch-
oRunde Plho ldten- party were: Mrs. Anthny Ray- eon-meetin~ g were: Mrs. Curtis
ant Fran*t Robert Amora Levrer, mond, Mrs. Eugene bider, Mrs.eorgeMr. W. C. Smith, Mrs.
aide to Admiral Giillebel, Lieu- Michael Brzebinski, Mrs. Ceci Benjamin Brundage, Mrs. Tra-
tenant Geqrge W. Beck, aide to Alberga, Mrs. David Basso, Mrs. ey White, Mrs. Gilbert Lee, Mrs.
Admiral Miles, Wleutenant' Wil- Colin Lawson, Mrs. amrel e William A rs. Van Siclen, Jr., Mts.
11am T. Reilly, aide to Admiral Puller, Mrs. Harold W b ite' George Zimmerman, Mrs. J. A.
Bledsoe, and Mrs. V. W. Adler. Mrs. Herbert Lewis, Mrs. Alvin Cunil angh an, Mrs. Leslne Croft,
Heyd, Mrs. Ray Letourneau, Mrs. Mrs. John Greening Mrs. Wal-
Rear-Admif, Doyle John Kernick, Mrs. Charles Will ter Watts, Mrs. Caleb Clement,
Arrives from Puerto Ri0 9 and Mrs. Ml4iddlemas. Mrs. George Poole, Sr., Mrs.
Rear- lAr t h u r K. Freda Boydaton, and Mrs. Lee
Doyle, u 4o ner of the Ca- I llewe'en Dane At Nash.
ribbean. ps. Frp t er, arrived a. P. 0. Club
by plane v h lile aide, Lieu- The C.P.O. Club on the Coco G'roup Atteads
tenant Miller and other mem- Solo Naval Station is, sponsor- Black Christ Celebration
bers of a li Wedneeda, ing a gala Hallowe'eh Ball to Captain and Mrs. L. L. Koepke
from a .tripto ltlJuan, P. be given at the Club tomorrow invited group of friends to
They d the Bramilian Del- evening, starting at 8:00 p.m. attend the Black Christ Festival
Sued with them A turkey will- be given as a Porto Bell, Tuesday eve- MRS. EN N LEINST pls her daughter Wnke Brownie
by plane athe Pacific Side. door praSS, for the lanies. h o nge h pin on during the first meeting of the newly formed Brownie
A colorful honor guard wel- has been donated by the Com- The members of the party Troop54 at ort Shrman.
comedy and bade farewell to the missary Store. Prizes for the included: Mr. Levy Sal ed o,
two Dart best costumes will be awarIded.Chief of Protocol, who repre- Beach, until his wedding tomor-
e Roy Nirse's Orchestra will sented President .Remon, Colo- row evening to their daughter 16 Craft Jobs
M. rLe rnlsh music for dancing, and nel and Mrs. Franklin Bernal, Miss Shirley Ellen Thomas.
Honoreem with Shower there will be a floosiaow Colonel Almedo Fabrega, Gov- ----
Mrs. 'Rector rant w hos- Anyone entitled to rileges ernor and Mrs. Jose Maria on-
teas for a tea and stork shower of the Club and their eBs a sale, Mr. and Mrs. Arosemena, Playground and Recreation Open With 'C nal
given t t ier residence Wednes- cordially invited to a tend the Major Pastor Ramos, Mr. Julio Program Inauguratedt
ay Ato compliment party. ihers is no admission Salas, Mr. and Mrs. Anibal Ga- A group of Coco Solito ladies Sixteen craft posiotls and
Mrs Mpz MacLean. fee. lindo, Mr. and Mrs. Wa It e r met at the home of Mrs. R. V. five positions in the classified
T* friepe s were presnt e Unnicutt, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maxon to make plans for the group are nowopen in the Cana
andwiemn served by Mrs. I#$- Luncheon at theReo of Day, Commander and Mrs. V. summer recreation program and organisation, according to the
who presided a he Mrs. Ward of te JoyW. Adler, Lieutenant Com- to improve playground facill- Aest tranor-vacaerson nel-
tea Mrs.WillamLewis, The members of the mand and Mrs. I. M. Rowell, ties in the town. ouceme of he Personnel
at t coffee' service, .and Mrs Grouep of the atun Union Jr., Lieutenant Commander and Bureau.
Arthur Logan at the pun c h Church Auxiliary met Wednes- Mrs. J. A. Pease, Lieutenant Mrs. Maxon was voted chair- The list of Jobs open in the
bqwl. day at the home of Mrs. R. B. Commander and Mrs. J. F. Culp, man of the summer Recreation craft group include Six for look
-- Ward for a cover al Aish lunch- Li eeutenant and Mrs. W. N. Program in Coco Solito and will operators (WireaMe) and three
a. *do"Wdpklat of eon, with Mrs. Norman McLaren French, Lieutenant and Mrs. E. be assisted by Mrs. Madeline lOc operators (machinists).
Y. as- co-hostess. .A A allowe'en G. McKay, Lieutenant and Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Maria.Carlson, InOludepositions 1ted ic tas
L. Adam4 of theme wast mused On the buffet W. E. Sands, and Captain and Mrs. Lucy Zebraski, Mrs. F. M. steam engineers, two towboa
00__ Mrs. J. M. Cummings, Jr. Ellsey. masters, an inside m achinist, a
l..Masked Ball at Coco Solo Mrs. Lucy Zebraski and Mrs. wileman, and a powerhouse
-Officers Club Betty Higgenbotham were ap- opTh ve Jobs In the classified
-r- AMatq rade Ball is being pointed in charge of advertiad related group tre: Proba-
planned at the Coco Solo of-ing and finding.a meeting place deao re clr-
Wives' Club bfor Saturday eve- nized to promote better play-file clerk, and policeman.
11 '111 ning. ground facilities.
-GThere will be door and cos- Refreshmeits were served by ,,
in body-building f-tume prizes and an orchestra the hostess at the conclusion of
"tg'will furnish music for dancing, the meeting.
wbrishment The dance 'is open to all offi-
cers 'f the Armed Forces, their The other ladies p r es e n t
families and guests. Price of ad- were: Mrs. Wilbur Masterson,
M. P. ManeckedeAId neI
mis Fors W2.. Stewa rth 1e t A M
Mr. Graham. Jerry Walj M Marcele
Mr. Lee Ferguson Graham Mrs. LindadM AA V Mrss
arrived by plane yesterday Betty H1lg95 no Lee
from his home at RehOboth Truel, and Mrs. clla Delga-
Beach, Deleware, and will be do.
the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Mau-
rice, B. Thompson, of Colon Gatun Girl Scout
,, _______AnnOuncement
All Gatun parents of Girls
between the ages of ten a n d keep your engine oil free from
Healthy boble. an the re- fourteen, whb are interested in
sult of hedlhagfvin having an Intermediaten d I rlarmfu abrasives with a..
od Scout Troop for their daughters,
A nourishlingr, y to digest, are urgently requested to meet
ffo(MisaFATLKN at the Gatun Trefoil House at Or Mercury
tancm Buy Cre of Wheat. 7:
IMeittandwktaerme. At Hotel l1 Panama
"" t In amgum Mr. and MrS. Ernest d( la Os- Cartridge who arrived Monday for a
_,,__ _visit with relatives on the Isth-
mus, are at present guests at only
Hotel El Panama.
THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS LAVENDER Wednesday evening Mrs. Elisa s5$
Heurtematte entertained with 2
a buffet supper at her home for
her cousin and his wife. Installed

altrpman Motors Inc.
ri... 34 Automobile Row

+ -,


- .

We again request the consumers of electric energy in the City of
Col6n to continue economizing electric current frqm 6:30 p.m. to 8:30
p.m. until further notice, in order to avoid us the necessity of discon-
necting one or several circuits in the City due to the lack of electric
This request is made in the most sincere manner to our consumers
In the city of Col6n.


Has been, Is and will always be a great factor in the
development and progress of the Republic of Panami.


* A. FLY to near-by COSTA RICA-$35. ou.,n s25. .

* B. TO MIAMI Via Coste Ria& Cuba Only $83. ..,. $150.80.,-.
Enjoy all day time flying and see more for your'travel dollars!

* C. TO MEXICO $85. .ne ,- $135, a r $160, P. a

* D. TO LOS ANGELES $149.15 ..,., $252.35 "-'--


DAILY FLIGHTS 7 a.m. to Costa Rica

Apply to:


TeL Pan. a-IS oW n Aanem &aMo p










oq~m -;



Tels.: 2-2451 2-2502








For Rearvw Cdal


We offer Fine
Food, Good So

and Accommo







IN HOLLYWOOD... US Job Openings
NEA Staff Correspondent
S HIIOLLYWOOD, iNEA) Be- fro:n sweeping. W'en I wear cently wed Jack Carson, is spll ivil Service examinations
* hitd ti'h Scren: If Johnnie Ray dress very low in back, people ing the b.?ans about her reason nave been bounced for mole
t h: his way. he won't su:e. in his say, 'Ooh, Denise, you have beau- for leaving Hollywood. Now Lo- than 100 different kinds of os
first Hollywood movie sc.i(duled till- back.' Ecs true. To me, I la's back, with roles in "Arctic Lions in the Federal- service,A
AtOr next April when he returns ave ze nicest back I ever saw. So Flight" and "Silver Whip," and 1mein in t he jcrebst iseon-
from a European tour. I ask een 'Ollywood that zey pho- saying: "Federal Examination An-
4:. in his second, third or tograph my back. Zey say, 'No, "I thought I was on the way to nouncements" which have beeh
fourth flickers for that matter, we must 'av.? your front.'" something after 'Champion,' but posted on public bulletin boards
The nation's crying-does-pay I couldn't get a job for six in the Canal Zone.
sen.;ation told me betx.ween shows Mannie Schwartz did it the months. I felt J had to learn
at Ciro.: hard way. Schwartz has been a something about acting in the Most of the positions for
-sf don t particularly care to tailor-and a good one-for 30' quickest way possible, so I did 24 'vhich examinations are to be
sin" in pictures and the studios yea:s. For the past couple of TV shows in New York. held in the near future are
.a- l are interested in me know it. yacnis, since leaving New York, he ."Nobody in Hollywood saw,'looated in Washington or vicin-
My background is actin--I did has tiled to latch onto a job in thcr When I came back to Ho+ ity, although'some are for ser-
so much summer stock -and it the lilm business. No luck. iood the anI to.ko0l vlce in the, Canal Zone and other
makes me more valuable as a The other day h,- hit Joe Cap- ha ha end to e stations outside the continental
straight actor than a singer to ian of Paramounts wardrobe de- d app e u me. United States.
Hol!ywood." parlment for a job. Joe knew of
It turns out that Johnny was an opening at the Western Cos- The viar ious tedincld hi
spurred to fame as a sing."r be- tlumne Co. and Mannie goes to, u Urges positions are listed include agr-i
cause a hit part he played in "A w(rk there next week." As Man-C culture, business and economics,
Place in the Sun" landed on the 1,, loft the office, thanking Joe o engineering, science, medicine,
cutting-roo floor j asked if he'd ever met his son-egroes To n Beer ocial, education, and clerical.
"Hollywood plain told inme to Joe explained he hadn't and A number of jobs also are listed
get lost." Johnnie wailed. "They oniiired his name.- Aoiely in. the various trades and in
didn't like me because I wore a "He's on the lot right now,"i' JI Us In SoCIiy miscellaneous types of govern-
hearing aid. I was told to regain Mannie explained. He's making, ment work.
my hearing or forget about a a movie, 'Houdini.' Hc's Bernie CHICAGO, Oct. 24 (UP)-Clare
movie career. The public would t Schwartz. but out here they call Boothe Luce, former Republi- Full information concerning
accept a physically handicapped him Tony Curtis." can congresswoman from Con- any of the examinations for
kid, they said. At his dad's express wish, To- necticut, today urged Negroes these positions can be obtained
"I told 'em to go to hades. I ny refused to intervene to get "to use all available democratic from the Board of Civil Service
proved that the public would ac- him work. machinery of government and
cept me." It may not happen this year or: education ... to better their Examiners at Balboa Heights.'
Heavens to Betsy, if Denis? next but Ray Bolger's all primed status in society."
Darcel isn't giving 1 up those to Azi- in the first Hollywood co-
plunging necklines. midnight lor music! to be mad, in the Speaking before a group of
revelry in the glitter spots and three-dimensional process. Negro clergymen in suppo rt se DA L
the ooh-la-la antics! Headlining the show at aLas said the Negro question is "pri-
It's a new Denise-down from Vegas night spot, Ray looked a- marily a spiritual problem, sec-
the 155 pounds she weighl-d in cross the vast room (as big as a only economic, and thirdly, po- LATE SHOW
"Battleground" to a trim 120 Hollywood sound stage) and ad-. lit.ica ..".. P
pounds for her role of a French mitted that he's been talking to TONIGHT 10:30 P. M.
channel swimmer in MGM's several producers about the Calling racial preudice Amer-
"Dangerous When Wet" and ."opthies." ica's greatest error, Mrs. Luce WaljtrWinchll Sys:
she's out to be as ladylike as "Cinerama can be used for a added that "a certain amount i |TTEMPO IS TERRIFICI"
Irene Dunne. full musical and will be." Ray of prejudice is common to all
...."Now I 'ave more experience," predicted. "The audience will be classes in white America. But I
Miss D, D. confided. "I'm no more dancing with the dancers. The believe it is possible to sayt hat,
'VWeollete. I Iohve make sexee eve will move through space with North or South, among rich or
peectures, but not wiz my gown the dancers, and when the girl poor, evidences of strong an-
open in front. Now I am wear leaps into your arms, everybody ti-Negro preudice are invaria-
'igh turtle necks. Eees more mod- in the audience will want to put bly signs of a real spiritual, eco-
est. up his arms to catch her. It nomic, or intellectual insecurity
"Any'ow. I'ave better back than would be sensational." in those who exhibit them....
front. Wonderful shouldaires It is primarily based on the most
It's Don Porter's line about the subtle and evil of sins-pride."
S50 two ghosts talking about a third
Bandits Gegt $50 host who once lived in Holly-
wood: "He's the black shc.?t of World Club Meeting
In Western-Style the family."
In Western Thee wil-be-a meting. o

.. -- There will be a meeting of
Hbidup in Chicago "A year in television helped me the World Club tomorrow at the
get the cement out of my acting." Balboa YMCA to discuss plans
CHICAGO, Oct. 24 (UP) -Five Blonde Lola Albright, who re- for the coming year.
bandits clad in long, flowing
robes and stocking cap masks
swooped down on a branch post
office today and fired into the
ceiling in Western style, but got TT
only $5. L
The gunmen fired five shots
Into the ceilings as they strode' AJR-CONDITIONED
into the Elmwood Park branch
of the Chicago post office. NOW PLAYING I
While one bandit held about Shows: 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 9:00
50 employes at bay with a sub-
machine gun, the others vault-
ed the center to grab cash.
But postal inspectors said u "
cash at the office was picked
up last night, leaving the branch i
with limited funds. I U


,..~. N.1



W DAVWI njm Nllf


Lt 11 p.m.--Special Show!

The greatest From the
producers, of "QUO VADIS"
Man of a thousand
-- with-
Stewart GRANGER, Eleanor
and a cast thousands!






DEADLY "LOUDSPEAKERS"-Latest thing in "
nla Koe la this quadruple rocP7t-launber, devised fy Q
Ba hobeside t. The hil
glai= as -pu ch to Ar ly enth

,STA.LISHID 145. 1 1, ,A i R A "

It's Movietime TONIGHTI


Canal 'igeatert -

B A L A0 Rihrd WIDMARK Comutnco SMITH
4:30 6:3 9 30 (Technicolor) Sat. "1ON Or PAEt.ACP,
I .Sa, Striay "JuaMINO JACKs

t (Technicolor) atbd. "TSn POWL.m"
G AT U N Citon wB e GAner OG
6:15 8:. 'TREASURE of L6ST CANYON"
(TEchnicolor) Saturday "-'VIVA gAPATAI"


Joel cCRA, Yvonne de. CAWo

~*4c~ceis et~si


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Italy's Wonderful Answer to The Cheaper By The
Hollywood... I Dozen Family


- in -
Spoken in Italian with

- with -
Jeanne CRAIN
Myrna LOY
Jeffrey Hunter
Debra Paget



in -

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I to-M- "R" I





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4:30 to 6:00 P. M
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PRIZES INCLUDE: Champale, from

North Aluecmn T


The story of DIZZY DEAN
with Dan Dailley Joanne Dru
Also: Romancel Beautiful Songsl
with Wfifliam Lundiga Jane Greci

At 8:30 p.m.
Also: -
Charles Boyer, in
"The Te Thirteenth Letter"
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Robert Taylor, in
"Westward The W"men"
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r ~

a ~wt4i~


v .+,, ;-i

840 on

,i I

"~4* ,".?'

a. L




., 0t"Olw.ANpi L

w""- 7



Ap i




'Hill Butt

aWd .t Beieve H
ow 0aO moved. I pew right then wha
wa4 going to happen."
FRONT, aorea, Oct, n Chnese, he saId,. poured
Tror 16 strisght hours .troops through nnmnet that
tiat on commander was emerd nar American pstl-
SL'would be klled. I tons.
d.t f believe I'd pt." Other Communists scaled sidq
aitdi"Istll don't know ho fof a ill "so steep you almost had
vYIym here. All my offib ers t tleyoutaelf On.
S...... ... I jas uat Jiea Civi Wai
AM now he was making hi battle," Spellmasaid. "We stood
tritto the front to says ioodin the[ trehese tring into them
e' to the meil who thoughtthey The rifles r ot so h t the men had
im 0h16 die 4 Triangle Bill. to. wr *o dth around, them to
after.that, it would be'hoine to hold them. Some jammed.
Wio w flanr two children for Lt. "One line of men would move
ljhrtIm Spelinlran. O0i#- fto tO shoot while another went
SJ *"'- down to reload and ,cool the guns
Me sat beside me as I guided '"I told the men to pick up a
the. Jeeo tbeoab heavy rain rifle from. the wounded or dead
i.;, along a Mlppery mountsia road. sad keep on firingK.
Our own bit uns boomed and "We learned the Chinere had
the cploen tiffened st the ex- orders to take the hill or die'. We
S rflImSanWs y shaelI'explod- held there 1l hours while they
Sed distantlv to our left. hit. The men were yelling them-
He wag still tense from the selves hoarse. 'Come on you-
night on Triangle when be stood --- .
side by side with his men, shoot- Spellman said his battalion op-
In tg with them and hurling gre- rations officer stepped out of a
nades at didi shapes In the dark- bunker and a grenade landed in
ness fropt of him.
In the colffsion of battle, his "It got him In the face. They
ati f thought he was killed, hat to lead him down. He could
We reaced battalion head- not talk or sep."
I auart t l a ed. dirty, sbldiss Spellman paused.
smiledd, ed h nme and gavle "It's like a shooting gallery u
Sexaetetedslate;- .-there," he said finally, "I can t
;"I'm so proud of thieeann.. :," figure out a way to -withstand
he began. the choked with emo- that terrific bombardment. They
tior, look right down on us and pound
We sat in a bunker sand4 he told hell out to us."

Op e Distaff. complete
n Oeroffo t Distaf" Completes

o Week 1st Aid Classes
I 9 1. a colorful ceremony last veia. For Mr. and Mrs. Derr it Is
I i i -th_ i Curundu Cemmuni- the tenth consecutive -group
l t ;Uty 2 rdMing, 63 ladles and which they arve taught nights
t .rsni men were graduated af- ovqr-a period of ten months. Mr.
ter completing the standard, Derr works in the Engineer Sec.
I America. Red Cross First Aid Uop, AVS ARIB .no Mrs. Den
I 6urt 'f ', sip)oyed Al eIj ARCARIB
I one .pt the largest| ivlan. Personne action. Ser-
S elaes to' receive first aid certi- geant Loehr. chief, baker at Co-
f tes e Zone. The ladies, 28 cosal. opnducted'- W morning
o e panis : apeakng, classes Whlle Bereant Rivera ol
A, i ft ctr^ civilian personnel P10tKoW ..taught- the Spanish
l" ~the isthmus. [speking group.
i elka t7 -h Curg _-!!, !4i#or,"tur Buckley, D isaster
du Zone,-l .e frst one con- Control Zone Commander At Our
' duettd under Operation Distaff. rundu, addresed the graduating
Class were held mor wings and class. He spoke onthe import-
:"S evei o,. or a -eriod of four ance .of Diaaster Control work
Swees and commended the group foI
Ta t ftudets .were broken ter support thi all-impor-
down into four groups.. One t=1t ac vity. L colonell Robert
group, which met fou -days, a Whitus, Officer in Charge. Cu-
S,-leek*, completed -the first i6d rudu resented the ladle with
coursese in two-and-a-half weeks, their diplomas.,
SInstructors for the course were In charge of all arrangements
U Mr. andM. B1uipne Derr, 8er- was Mrs. Charlotte Kennedy,
R eant Frst Class illiam F. President of the Curundu Zone
Loer a nd Br us Rl- DISttaff ncil. .
ad f: .ifiir -- i*. if .. .. ? .* r J -



~' I

halh schools,
hIW MIK with



oxrP 4 t.


t ----




WESTPORT, Conn. (U.P.) -
Oliver C. Johnson reached for a
sandwich as he drove along a
busy street. The hungry motorist
loste*Mutrolof the car and
_erashed-4ifront of axirstaurant.

AT WHEEL OF TRACTOR, Vogel adjusts combine to worierops in a raect for t tme
on rented land. He started out with 4 bicycle seven years ae. h w th own
land. ***
I REPUBLIC, 0. Oct. 24 (NEA)- rolled Into high gear. He bought With the Atmerican Star Farm-
i'he best advice for ambitious a ured tractor, machinery, an er award, worth $1000, Wayne is
voung farmers, from Wayne Vo- farmed wherever he could fiod hoping to fi.d oproerty adjacent
gel, who has just been named th land for tent. He expanded hu I to the farimhe how is tenting, so
best young farmer in the nation, poultry enterprise and raised: a he can handle both. ,
Is brief and to the point: few hogs. This Fall, the young American
4"Be sure to have your farm One of his 'plots of land was 0 Star Farmer who started with a
equipment all set to do a job and miles away, and he trucked his bicycle ow"ns 4% chickens, 28
then, when weather conditions tractor and implements to the oeep,Il W .two cows, twotrac-
* are right, get busy on a 24-hour place, working night and dayunion. a ix-pot,grain combine, a
daily work schedule until the job til the 'top was done, The 24-hour. truck, grain dcornp cker and
:' fdone." ordeal Is fairly natural to hinp many other IUmcente. His ac-
9 ~ ~ rda bI ouna ehnt dahaf
Following this simple rule over now. compllshment was summed up by
tb? past seven years *has brought Altpough his longest stint. was Warren 0. Weller, state .upervis-
tho 21-year-old Ohioan on to a three consecutive days and night. or of vocational agriculture for
capitalization Of $16,000 In farm with only a few minutes rest, hiOj
machinery and livestock, and the average day In the field du ae Is vl established
American Star Farmer award, the busy reason is only 18 hou -armng as ma men who
top honor bestowed by the Pu- But his friend and teach worked ft llletime."
ture Farmers of America at their Harold Moorhead of Sycgm
national convention in Kansas explains that the ogel b
City every Fall. season" extends well through e '
A Vogel had no eq4pmefit year. IIt isn't crops, it's .o f .
bu a'bicycle. Leaving Whistry.
U eon 'Pnh'aOmim t near
icoCtaenvIl, 0, h? he was Fo the last two years ae
a higo school freshman, he en- has rented 160 acres from W.
rqlled vqcationl~ agriculture Shumway, a retired banker of
hd~starf'3dt0 got Ideas. 'ITiffin, who, after several bad .
periences with other tena.
He rented small plots of land likes the work ,of young Vogel: so
nearby, rented the machinery to well that he-has invested $3000
cultivate it, rented some sheds in in improvements. -
which to raise chickens and
ducks, hired-out doing day-labor "Wayne Is the unusual type
for other farmers, mWed lawns of farmer who is out -there
and found himself with $1402 at pushing the -work rather than
the year's end. the work, pushing him," Sha -
i His crops were six acres of corn way said. He had intended
and oie-fourth acre of potatoes, sell the farm until Wayne took
while his poultry consisted of 85 over.
ducks, 400 ducklings and 370 Wayne was married last Spring.
chicks. to a former schoolmate. Kath-
During four years In high leen, who helps with the work in
school Wayne, eArned nearly the fields during the rush sea-
$3000 from farming, and more son. During the week she works -_
than $1200 from outide work. In
addition, he served 'one-year
terms as secretary and lter as
president of the local hipter of PROTECT YOUR INVESMENT
Future Farmers of America, re- PROTEC YOUR |NVESMENT
presented the chapter two years
in the state FFA public spe king
contest, served as president of
the county's Junior Fair Board, I a i
was secretary of bhis Sunday USTy MOISTURE, B
School, assistant steward of the
local Grange, went to a religious
camp in Michigan for two weeks CORROSION
every Summer, went to the state
iFFA camp every Suummer, and COn CUt OUr
acted as a livestock judge. c c y
The Ohio Future Farmers In .
1949 named-him their best- car l fe
Star State Farmbr-and. elect- I
ed hfn vice-president odf the half!
state FFA ortsal"01a0 in half
It was in his junior year at
high school that Wayne first


Mf oisl
N /qlt .

Now you can
check perspiration "
effcHvely wvh Yedorfa
pwl_r) M fow qMMf
"--, Ir. f mw bea
''11- th^Ust Whah ---g.
*ile d ... a* s m
[*Ahbl Try yeder tey
* fa U deelgnee to 4ue i
7k- *m. -


Protect Now "y

with 3M "UNDERSAL Rubberized Coting

Sa of year cor by m dsei i a r mIbb@Wid elk I
a Baow, mad, co re eo f te aho o o
mlOd -e----"----, ee --slM 0tk "de Set' sib
sI ._ et.o. .. er .. -. .
e t" Use u e ma dera dy me a1g uard sq Ise sitend r i s..
-me ia Vtalmosdd"Y"U"IA O

80 WHOat iAPPO whon cw-
's.- "ser *smt mid .. *--- r .



Commander r
-Aski. ., Seim0M

Get Out Alive To.II..c e
....WASHINGTON, Oct. 24 (UP)
SThe N-tfo&l Federaton of In-
deindent Business asked Gov.
D To $t000 Foday to balance
Sth e budget and then cut taxes

)hio Youth Just 7 Years Cent.~~boe
10 ou ustea f othegroup, sentidentical dles-
-" I s1ages, to the Democratic and
Republican presidential nomi-
nees..%e'sid thousands of the
federation's members have sent
their congressmen a "prescrip-
tion" for the government to
live "within its means."
|He sa.d Congress next year
mus prevent the government
from spending more than it col-
lect i taxes. Once this is done,
he said, business and personal
taxes should be limited to 25
per cent of total income.
/"SUch action is necessary if
we are to restore a sound econo-
my, one which will permit the
promoon of free, competitive
Independent enterprise," Hard-
er said.
Army-Navy AFGE
Lodge Meets
Army-Navy Lodge 974 of the
American Federation of Govern-
ment Umployes of Coco Solo will
meet tonight at 7:30 at the Mar-
garita Clubhouse.
National Vico-President of the
AFGE, Rutui Lovelady. will at-
tend the meeting to discuss spe-
cific lodge problems with the


Daily Flights Between
COPA announces threeweekly flights, effective November 5th, on
MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS, between the cities of:
Panama David Armuelles Changuinola Bocas del Toro and Cola

The safest and oldest aviation Company on the Isthmus.

Offices in David, Armuelles, cbanguinola, Boeas del Tore
PANAMA: Per. Avenue No. 25 COLON: P. A. A. Offite
Tel. PanamA 3-O7 Tel. Col6n 107

- -- --NMI




NOON ....... Special lunch served in the Air-conditioned
BALBOA ROOM, with gay music by
LUCHO AZCARRAGA & his Conjunto.
12-3 pJm.
COCKTAIL... Enjoy yourself on Nov. 3rd with soft, mellow
i 'OUR organ music played by Lucho Azoarraga In the '"'
air-conditioned BALBOA -BAR.


S 7 p.m.
Dine & dance in the BELLA VISTA ROOM, in
the highest part of the hotel, and with the
most beautiful surroundings too, to the tunes

7 p.m. Oa .

No cover
No minimum charge.
For reservations
phone 3-1600.




QUICK-10to minutes cekine thm
Always rich in chicken havoTr..
ViinOU i^ I cause it is made with real c
by Wyler's excusive process.
Buyan .dy th...e."GAM
Wy/r's Cad Ram SOp
Wy/' I C1141"W.tiu"


".'* ''*
-. % ~ '-a,. ~- -
b -. I'

: ---- I -. .

Easy Without
Nagging Backache
'In bae fck, lee of pep and
/,Wy Udadh- aBd dimluea may be
due lowdow of kidney unction Do-
toe say rood kMiny faupetlen Is very
Imptant t hlth. When om
tz e' u- thklmetutIn fuctionU to
sew doan, many fol suffer nagging
baccM-6oel mdofble. Minor blnd-
der ritatioM due t o cold or wfon diet I
may eam ge ttn sg up igfhtsA r frequent

wild diurotc. Used ueftudly by'
million for over s yoers. Is amsin1
how may times fster's give happy re-
litf from ,theMe dfmfort*--hlp he 1s
miles of Idley tubes and fiftrs, flush
3u% wae. FoR oter's Pub il todyl

laxerious and regal, matched
for riehue of detaiL
Is IU.S price per pe.
Sett ..........
Canal Zone delivery
price ..... ........21.9



:!iB mWoo I: ''l..

,'.. ,*

7. -







Cristobal High, BHS Resum

Rivalry At Mt. Hope Tonighl

The Balboa and Cristobal High anything, and the ankle never
School football squads will carry was painful, so the Balboa ele
on.,whfre they left off last year yen will find themselves with
-'n both schools finished the rugged customer on their hand
Intpr-scholastic season in a tie, when Jody is carrying the ball c
T:,i'eby sharing honors for the passing, both of which he doe
1P51 grid season. Each squad in excellent style. Along witl
seems equally determined to Jody only Vernon Bryan, Benn
erps. the tie and assume the Favorite and the two ends, Bob
football championship of the by Salter and Richy Sasso ar
Canal Zone Gridirion. when they sure of seeing action for fou
meet at Mt. Hope tonight. quarters. The rest will be alter
YAs was the case in '51. the vis- nated in an effort to extract
itii'- Balboa Bulldogs will go in- maximum of effectiveness from
to the game as favorites and will Palumbo's small squad.
ha(e an added incentive for re-
venge. During the Jamboree C. Game time for tonight's C. H
H.S. pounded away for one S.-B. H. S. encounter at Mt
quarter against B.HS and easi- Hope is 7 p.m. and the fans cai
I-r ropwnd that section of the be sure of seeing top football
Football season opening event when these two teams meet
1l3-0. Regardless of the fact that Coach Fawcett of Balboa High
Balboq tinallv won out in the while being interviewed regard
Jamboree on first downs, theinug his team, said that he could
lads from the Bulldog eleven feel volunteer any information about
that they have a personal loss the game except the final sconre
to vindicate in that 13-0 decision'or the winner, and no truer
which they dropped in the Jam- words were ever spoken.
boree. -------

Like Cristobal. the Bulldog'
coaches have had to overcome:
vital injuries to their team. The
permanent loss of Joe Oliver was,
a damaging blow. Then went!
Ted Norris became a hospital
victim. Balboa had to make ihur-
ried changes to patch up the
tee m.
With the possible exception of
Freddy Cotton, the first-string
Palboa center, whose infected
foot may make him unavailable
for full dutv. the rest of the Bal-
boa eleven is in top shape and
ready for most any kind of an
offensive that Cristobal may
bs throwing against them. For it
Ray Nickishr the Bulldogs have
the leading quarterback in the
inter-scholastic loop. Then there
are three outstanding perform-
ers sharing the job at half back.
led by Jim May, the star of Bal-
boa's 20-0 win over J.C, and ably
bolstered by Bob Morris and
Far'cis Boyd. each of whom will
bq taking turn at that spot.
The big question mark on the
B411ldog squad, of course, are
their ends and towards that
"etld," coach Fawcett has been
putting in plenty of overtime
work on Davidson, Huff and Or-
vit in hopes of coming up with
a pair of able pass-catchers.
bv uch has already been said of
the home team tonight. Cristo-
bal High School, but what can
bl added is that they too have
their own ideas about who will
wind up the 1952 season as
champions, and nothing w1a be
spared if it helps in accompnlish-
inr that end.
'Jody Roberson, the hard-hit-
ttig full back of C.H.S., gave the
Oristobal coaches cause for wor-
rf when he finished the A. C.
gime last Saturday with a swol-
len ankle. Fortunately the all-
nUnt never did develop into

a two-headed football player.
It's just a contrast in size be-
tween two University of Day-
ton, 0., stars. In front is Dick
Miyata, 230-pound Hawaiian
guard. Peeping over his shoul-
der is Bobby (Ramblin') Reck-
er, an extraordinary 153-pound
scatback from Toledo. (NFA)


e Races Former Heavyweight King

t Tomorrow To Shoot For Knockout
1st Race "F-2" Native 7 'Fgs. 0 -
'r Purse $275.00 Pool closes: 12:45 NEW YORK. Oct. 24 (UP)-Former Heavyweight Champion
'- First Race of the Doubles Ezzard Charles is a solid three-to-one favorite to defeat Ar-
a 1 Don Joaquin 0. Sanchez 106 gentina's Cesar Brl6n tonight at Mladison Square Garden.
Is 2 Golden Babe F. Rose 118 the ex-champ finished his training in New York Wednes-
Df 3 Raymond 0. Castillo 106 day by boxing two rounds with Al Smith and Herman Harris.
s 4 Duque J. Rodriguez 112 Charles concentrated on lefts to the body and rights to the
h 5 Little Lulu C. Chavez 117x head against the sparmates, then weighed In at 187 pounds.
y 6 Bijagual A. Vergara 109x Re expects to scale 188 for the fight.
)- 7 Filligrana J. Phillips 112 Bri6n-the Argentine veteran--also wound up his prepara-
e tions at Greenwood Lake, New York. Bri6n Worked three rounds
r 2nd Race "F-2" Native 7 Fgs. with Henry Hall and weighed 194%. He expects to weigh 196
- Purse S275.00 Pool closes: 1:15 today.
a Second Race of the Doubles Ch a r I e s says he'll continue his "knock-'em-out-or-get-
1 Pensador F. Rose 115 knocked-out" policy. That system earned him a second round
2 La Suerte E. Julian 115 knockout over Bernie Reynolds two weeks ago and the ex-
4 El Mafio 0. Castillo 115 champ says it's the only way he can hope to regain the heavy-
*. 5 Mufieco V. Castillo 115 weight title.
- 6 Tapsy J. Phillips 115 "I'm done trying to win decisions," says Charles. "I got the
n 6 Kaisan G. Sanchez 115 works in my fights with Rex Layne and Joe Walcott this year
1 8 Con Valor II A. Mena 115 because I thought I was winning on points. From now on, I belt
them out--or get belted myself."
3rd Race ."E" Native 4/ Fgs. That style of fighting is not new to Charles. He was a slug-
Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 1:45 ger when he first started fighting, but switched to a crouching
d ONE TWO defensive style.
t 1 Manolete V. Rodriguez 107x "I decided I needed polish to be a champion," says Charles,
e 2 Proton F. Rose 110 "But I began to doubt the value of that style when Walcott
r 3 Arqulmedes J. Cadogen 114 knocked me out at Pittsburgh In July,, 1951. Now I've discarded
5 Riomar' A. Vergara 117x it entirely. I go out there, throwing 'em from the upright and
5 Campesino V. Castillo 113 gambling I can drop the other guy before he drops me."
6 Casablanca J. Bravo 115 *-"
7 Domino I E. Silvera 114
8 Don Jaime) P. Ordofiez 108
4th Race "F-I" Native I Mile
Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 2:20
QUINIELA Boxers 6-3 At Coco Sol
SEscalerilla E. Verbel lx ox-3 OCO
2 Pregonero 0. raell 120
3 Diez de Mayo A. Mena 115 ..o -
4 Yosikito J. Bravo 117 The Army team defeated the gain a decided edge. The of-
5 Risita C. Iglesias 108 Navy Thursday night at the Co- ficials gave the verdict to Man-
6 La Negra E. Ortega 103x co Solo Boxing Smoker by tak- sell In a split decision which
7 Volador H. Reyes 112x ing six out of nine bouts for a brought several ,boos from the
8 Tin Tan E. Silvera 120 cislve margin. However, the Na- near capacity crowd.
9 Tap Girl F. Rose 112 vy received some consolation In Leo MiesdWitz started the Na-
the fact that its Gerard Hoover vy out in the. victory column by
5th Race "D" Imported 1 Mile copped the main bout of the taking a 'unanimous decision
Purse: $600.00 Pool closes;: 2:55 evening in the final event with over Harry Nichimura of Sign-I
1 Numbers P. Ordofiez 112 a TKO over Jack Davidson of al, but Ned Short of the 65th
2 Roadmaster H. Reyes 11Ox Signal In 2:25 of the first round, evened things up for the Army
3 Vamplresa B. Pulido 115 Hoover, who is ranked as one by scoring a TKO after 2:10 of
4 Viajero V. Ortega 114 of the top middleweights on the the third round over Robert Pas-
5 Grisu G. Sanchez 120 Isthmus, came out fast and scor- co. The Army went into the leadT
ed with two lefts and a right on a split decision in the next
6th Race "I-1" Imported 6! Fgs. which hurt Davidson. However, bout with Gus Zogaria of the
Purse: $315.00 Pool closes: 3:35 the Signal lad came back game- 65th gaining the nod over koe
First Race of the Doubles ly and got in several blows which Peter4.
1 Rinty A. Vasquez 115 hurt the Navy man before Hoov- Velasques and Mansell gave
2 Bien Hecho A. Mena 115 er opened a cu over Davidson's each team, a win before Frank
3 Picon F. Rose 109 right eye which bled profusely Tripodi of the 65th put the Ar- l
4 Golden Mine J. Bakes 104 and forced the ring' doctor to my ahea dto stay with a split
5 Scotch Chum V. Arauz 120 call a halt to the bout before decision, over John O'Connor ato.
6 Cipayo K. Flores 115 further damage could result ter which Angel Moran, also of
7 Callmedear V. RodrigueZ 109x which would keep Davldson out the 65th, was granted a upanilmu
8 Hechizo V. Castillo 116 of the ring for the forthcoming oul verdict over Charles Chesek
7h R E' Armed Forces Boxing Tourna- in a mniatch which was as'much
.7th Race "E" Imported 7 Fgs. In the two top bouts of the clinching as It was fighting but
Purse: $550.00 Pool closes: 4:05 evening in the line, of pure ex- Moran- proved more aggressive
Second Race of the Doubles citment and action, the Army for the nod.
1 Pavero K. Flores 120 and ;Navy split verdicts. Felix Jmes, Mcer; another 65th
2 Sir Boss H. Reyes 107x Velasquez of the 65th AAKOroIp ,lad, clinchO things foW heAr-.
3 Alabarda G. Graellll4 gained a TKO in the third round yas a wore *vld Razon
4 Rose Hip) J. Phillips 112 of his match against Arthur down inthe first two-rou d ahd
5 Avenue Road) F. Rose 114 Kelly of Navy and then Navy's th nescored a TKO in the third
6 Carmela II J. Bravo 117 Terry Mansell captured a when the Navy heavyweight
---- decision over the 1 s Bb0 y could no longer hold his tatrd
8th Race "I-1" Imported 6' Fgs. Johnson. Both bouts were frOe up to protect hinelf. Razon,
Purse: $375.00 Pool closes: 4:40 swinging affairs with all fightC weighing in at 231, had a 45
QUINIELA ers thinking little of defense an pound edge over his opponent
1 Levadura J. Bravo 114 trying for the knockout punch but couldn't stand the pace for
2 Full K. Flores 114 Kelly and Velasques were orn the full three rounds.
3 Prestigio R. L. Gil 112 even terms during the first two Bill Murphy of Signal and Isz
4 Curaca J. Reyes 114 round so they .traded Bt mael Toro Soto of the 65th
5 Mon Etoile P. Ordofiez 107 blows until, the final minute of fought an all-Army match which
6 Pampero II A. Vasquez 116 the second round when both 'ended with Soto collecting a split
7 Gran Dia G. Sanchez 118 lads show 'dthe strain of re- dealisfe .
8 Alto Alegre V. Castillo 112 ceiving too many punches. It was A feature attraction of the
---- experience that paid oft for Ve- evening was the matching of two
9th Race "I1-2" Imported 7 Fgs. lasquez in the third round ald pinwelmhts, a couple of Panama.
Purse: $375.00 Pool closes: 5:15 Kelly was forced to give in to nian youngsters about six year
ONE TWO pure fatigue. 1d, who put on a highly amus-
2 Black Sambo J. Bravo 120 The Mansell-Johnson fight
3 Nehuinco 0. Sanchez 112 followed much the same pattern J
4 Bartolo E. Silver 114 as both men threw punches con- _M.H ratCO lips
5 Interlude A. Vasquez 120 tinually and landed a good share F --
6 Astoria 0. Castillo 120 of them before their arms grew By CLOCKER
7 Goylto R. L. Gil 116 heavy and the final round took ,- 1- ue Don Joquin
____ its effect as their punches lost 2-1 Mlsao Muneco
10th Race "B" Native 4% Fgs. any semblance of power blows. .-CasablanMa Campesino
Purse: $350.00 Pool closes: 5:40 It was a close fight all of the 4-ile de Mayo Risita
1 Amazona J. Samanlego 120 way with neither man able to ...-V.ajeo Grisu
2 Marsellesa G. Sanchez 116 i---4ay Hechizo
3 Petite F. Rose' 10 1 Prince Wad A. Enrique 112 -7-Coa Ia U Rose Hip (e)
4 Valaria B. Pulido 110 2 Coran C. Ruiz 120 U Levadra
F 3 Biscay& J Bravo 117 bo Nehaineo
llth Race "G" Native 4% Fgs. 4 Dicky E. Silvers 106 l-VIlra Petite
Purse: $250.00 Pool closes: xxxx 5 Electron E. Julian 110, 1U-B eay& Coran

Mido Multifort Tournamen

Final Slated At Brazos Brook

The -semifinal matches of
the Mido Multifort Golf Tour-
nament, sponsored by Casullo's
of Colon have been completed
at the Brazo Brook Country
Club and the final- will be
played this coming weekend
between the team of Pacheco-
Wood and the U.@. Navy com-
bination of Commander Ap-
plequlst and Commander Ad-
Pacheco and Wood had no
difficulty In the semifinal
round as they overwhelmed
Plala-Serger by a 6 and 5S
The other match was a nip
and tuck affair and looked like
going into extra holes. Col. Bob
Alexander and Herb Toledano
were one-down to Applequist-
Addler going into No. 18 hole.
Alexander hit a third shot
to within two feet of the cup
and this looked good enough
to win the hole as the .Navy
boyk were id the deep rough
to the left of the fairway with
their second shot.' However,
Ted Applequilst played a mira-
cle stroke from a bad lie to
within 18 Inches of the hole
to quell, the last hope of the.


NEW YORK. -Eastern League
teams will play 14 more games
next season, beginning April 22
and closing September seventh.
League President Thomas Ri-
chardson says next year's 154
game schedule is the longest In
the loop's 31-year history.
Luminous Fish
Fish have developed fantastic
lighting effects in the dark, mys-
terious regions of the deep sea.
Some varieties have luminous
spots along theirsides, giving the
appearance of lighted portholes
in tiny ocean liners.
ng and very efficient' bout dur-
ing the Intermission. These two
lad, displayed plenty of ability
and the crowd remained In theft
seats, so as to M all of the ac-
tion as they bAttled it out for
three rounds




South Carolina

Upsets Clemson

In 6-0 Thriller
POLUMBIA, 8. C. Oct. 23 -
(up) South Carolina's Game-.
cocks tore into favored Clemson
yesterday for a touchdown In
neflst four minutes and then
sent in a big line to hold on for
a 6 to 0 Victory In this state's
annual State Fair football 'clas-
A bulging crowd of: 35,00
watched the Gamecocks turn a
fumbled punt by Clenson Int,6
the game's only sMore when
quarterback Johnny Qramb=
shot a 19-yard touchdown' ta
to halfback Gene Wilson.
After the Gamedocks 'received
the opening kickoff and lost a
yard bqn three rushes, RoddF
,obbins punted and the football
bounced off Clemson defensive
halfback Archie Baker. -Wilson
recovered for South Carolina on
the Clemson 32.
After an ineompl6te pam,
Gramling conneote with oad
Clyde Bennett at the 19, and
Wilson on the gl- line for the
score. Jim Jarrt's plcemnient
was wide.
The officials threw both teams,
sports writers and the crowd in-
to confusion in the second pe-
riod when Robbins' booming 69
yard punt went to the Clemson
goal and bounced back to- the
one, where Don King grabbed It
and wal immediately hit on a
jarring tackle by Ganecock end
and co-captain Walt Shea.
The ball squirted into-the.and
zene where Frank Gentry cover-
ed for Clemson, and the nearest
official rule -a safety-for South
Carolina. He was reversed, how.
ever, and it was ruled the ball
'had gone into the. end omt on
the kick before bouncing back.
Both lines played a bruising
game, with South Carolina hav-
Ing the edge. The only Cl on
first down in the second half
came on a penalty, ani the 2TI-
ers got only five altogether.
' he Gamecock bottledup
clemson's tatback Billy Hair.
The Toger 4i e wMpg. attack
tailed to coinqta on. eight at-
tempted papses and .galped oty
103 yards on the groad.
Hair was heldwe11 14 r41,
ina's gr -arttack
faculty bre kl19g with tfr
nan halfack Buddy Morre the
most consistent ground gainer
with a total of '71 yards.

fb0~ 9Yar

Complete AeIrtament

16 TIvofAve. Te. 2-U0S



5th Race

Purse: $600.00



6th RACE "rB' .nd C" Importeds
Pure: $750.00 I

1 (NOTABLE A...........A.Vwpwt 4
2 (CHALBIS ............ B.
3 (BENDEGUZ........ ...... .JW (
4 WELSH FOX ... .
5 RATHLIN LUGHT......... 0
6 DICTADOR ........... .V. (
7 PJROPO U ............. bI ,.Lf. '
8 eROCY .............. N
9 CORAGGIO .,...,. -

"D" Impordeds 1 Mile

Pool Closes: 2:55 p.m.

1 NUMBERS ............... P. Ordo6ez 112
2 ROADMASTER .... ...... H. Reyes 110x

3 VAMPIRESA ............. B.Plldo 115

4 VIAJERO ..........#...... V. Ortega 114
5 WOU ................. Sinchez 120


4th and 8h


1 Mile
3:35 p.m.


*j~A9 T


1) 114 1 .
(5) 113 alh
:6) 107 1 *
(2) 122 "
(3) 106

1 ) 1 a
,9- 112'

. ; '

* g.e.
-. ,4

~ +1


iM" ntl





Transe-IthmIan Highway

1st, 2nd 6th, 7th RACES

3rd and 9th RACES


For the convenience of
our patrons we are no%
opera ting both at the

= II I

. '(./' *-.


* -v



by itij' d Pre(s

S. h s f.

; O *sH vs. ' *4lsMtel vs. v: Ul at. -
0SeastB asr a *.
H *4lrh.M5 Sia!* MU5 laot a(

^B *-Vfrtallll lMU 11141 114 11a
*-*e@at Clee hssfea. oeVh& ,m -ro

S lATUMrAY, .OCM I at 16 ;
Adelb|l vs. Upedai
A* Ahrn vs. W Mae er
DPAlabuw AiM a". one *
AskAsma v- *Aft
^ *.AU-4 v Nodsn -
anumvs. M nrsp. S" W
*.oArelne vs. lete i .I see
*Arknas v.s. tpha
. Ark-s m .n NM etalpl ),
SAsland vs. *luHt -
Auburn vs. Tte 44) M
Barler 0. Te6U AOM
eBit e vs. W PMt W&
Niuofls ld tr W& W er* p*or
ran deAs vs. W*aee
Breck"St Stm9 vo. Crtlead-Stato
Breoklyn CWigI *Va, Waseor
rBoew vs. Ruitrs -
RucluUll vs. C*ICU
NButler ve. Illfma Setoa
*-Calieornla Tack v. Peppdtrdit
Ca01116 Tebak VS. C41- Tak
Central MUckhtta'v*. Mlcklgsjn.Norm
CincinnatU ye-. Kentucky '
The Cltedil *. IraftPlabs
*.Clark vs. Alma stat
SColy vs. bowdeit-
C4lrado vs. mbrakh -
Celumbia v.-: Arspy
Cornell vs. Prinets.
fln0tdzM= V9. tusroui
Dayfto vs. Cork'i.
Delaware is. Cnnecilcut
Delta Stata *. Murry Sta
DeaIsen Vr. "mlngues
DPauaw vs. 19* '
-rena TOO va. Uodlph.Ma..c
.*Duluth Mr*.s S1b.. U) vs. Gust
La-ter. IlUiatews, SoutheArS Illnos
KEat TanOs *aso vs. suthra InlUaM
ma. Cua T. Weble". 9qeb
FIlk vs. Katuchy State -
O-ArbuM (iP if _01-60i Vt Ne
u ... tig

Franklin. 2mshal vs. Albright
Georgi Tsk m* Vbadesto
Clttyshueg *,pMuhuko.rr
c Growv CII Q2,AWismI
lHarlvard vq is h ,
s Htatfrd.- -
IinetV w -E v. sI.)
^ 4lows A. koB Tons

Adak *HebN vS. SS 1 n6:MaN
^ J. C. teitk vs. lwrSd Calvert,
I Kenyn s. CpsItal

^H KXInnv vs. Mw.,oua
lawas vs. St..015t1
J. C- Clrfk 4s. WIllemette

Bargain o
inrperfct condi


Ms Real Mainliners Of All-Conquering Villanova

Schedule Ex-ArmyMan AT HDO "CLUB BowlsMay HaveTo Do WithoutL

4... .. Rns Toward i& i SS2** ALBRAAGE Nation's Three Leading Teamlj
*Ln mA* A Pappy "I'll Buy" Norton o
sea skeet shoot will be held tomor-
*.tLdlWm T u W ta i aiaS By MRRA IMAiN *1 row at the Balboa Skeet Range. By HARRY GRAYSON season games. Their excuse was
al-Ih '. Ponned () M OLDERMAN I I Shooting will tart promptly at NEA Sports Editor that the brass believed thog
u pai. 0". cB .' C-n eraet I WGua d *Ue H 23:00 o'clock, were merely denying a reque*.'
r. Se aDS ed. ema. r ef The program planned for the NEW YORK, Oct. 24. (UP) Anyway, the Terrapins int.
MytM uaS .v. Nhmg VUlanova Mainliers, s. caled afternoon will consist of a 50 It's highly impracticable, of back in. Affiliation with the
M a vs.** .. NerT. exa elanovua thIre .uOf o S theull ck I Tl ay bird shoot. A skeet jacket will course, but what high-pressure Southern Conference is very dan,
iem p state i. Mrea Tu. sta bee adu ty're quat on athewr be awarded for high gun- and college football needs moat is a sirable to College Park In every
i 1 4 ta ash. Pu ta aw travel back. tral sfor money will be divided on the matchmaker. way except for the fact its that,
SM t- have t Iravel back. trai for -- Lewis Class Bystem. Invitations It's really ytoo bat that the se- its 17-school membership makeh
's. r, (c..) football to. m t art Another of a series by l are extended to all "scatter cond half of schedules can't be it utterly impossible to estabah-
Mi-uld Cie vs.t e ,. Mil lleanovs too good. coaeh diaMramed and wrT"t shooters" interested in spending made after the first half has ever satisfactorily the football
iep, 6seeN au s. an~ Whenay Army o tofd for NBA Service a pleasant afternoon with the been played. chamon a year ago rejected
"@"Meow t yU 10641'You.O l eOee y y n othr4dBy that time the heavy artil- Oklahoma a year ago rejecd.,,.
* M1 t ^ syou vgaCt" rdBWestern oWASasked.By DBILL MURRAY hy not pgt together and give lery has been separated from Bowl Invitations by its ow
feanos tat v. Ce" n vl Wester Thatflght be around 1954. Duke Coach y a big-send-off and some the poguns, and superior forces choice..b.,I;)
S, oi ssos gA competition IDon't stay could paired, which is the Last December, the Missouri
resurre Stab.. t cre4 dtrwer e ll a fhfac DURHAM, N.C.-(NEA)--On away because you are not a way the would prefer it. Valley Intercolle Athlatla
Sa te. a a a Duke'sFullback Trap, the q- mber come on out, we will be Right now elimination contests Association, which long 9W
aMe Iowa Tembers to h two-plate anftd a r terback gives the b aqull to the glad to have you join us. would bring out Michig an State Big Seven, gave post-season
Nw garoait tJ. terbakgivets tohet toovhnse and Maryland and Oklahoma ties the back of Its neck, OW
r State vs. A kmrcI. gregation m, k thoany team A ft er the Even though the shooters at and California. makes up the Sooners' minds for-
No l0vs.nK lasit rhV re alo q a ber n number, everyone goodthe main event, no one could
4-New Make. Wester vs. ler ply. called, revnoo the two fakes to the time. Bill Cunnlngham brose a dispute the survivor's right to PERHAPS 'ITS JUST AS W]1 "".
y eatedand untied left halfback. 99x100 with his new sawed-off the national championship. FOR OTHER ..TEES
N lla Ce vs. Shaw th t. Main reason Hecompletes cannon, imitation of ml Michigan State, Maryland and Bowl games without Mich
North Caroina Sta vs. Fssd. -s1tatf M e F0mpekoi who zot his assignment Bill's shooting companions were Oklahoma clearly have esta- Bowl games without Michigan
Noeth Daaa Sevs. Not Datistale ..early sty, tra nlng a West by faking a Col. Shepfield, Paul Anderion, blished themselves as the coun- State, Maryland and Oklahoma
.mra ate4"sSt t (Lb.) 4re Augtsta l ft p lt pas. the Nortons', Tom McNeil, and try's top teams. With UCLA fol- would be on the anemic aide, but .
PS. D1~e n~pDvehlf*cIthTh fullanone other than the "fat man" lowing Southern California on perhaps it's just as well for theb.
(. NrthVa.a) V.cas(Wi.)lea osive halfback is the The fullback with the little gun, Ed Francil the alfornia card, Nov. 1, It Is other invitees
**NrthwetMra vs. C Idn (w) ler a btentit a good teamed takes the o bU Be sure to make it a date for up to the Golden Bears to make The Big Three leaves them
Northw b ll. Ma rona l y great and po-ga through h the M tomorrow afternoon! Be seeing it a fearsome foursome. Johnny shell-shocked.
eNwwra v. Ket "t.. towl-bOuf d f lvegam middle of tt CHARE lbk t youo Oluawski and Company had no Michigan State owns more
N*Ob U university vs. Mim i(0.) the fal t l ive game he line, where tne n w e one capable of running at it, as than 60 highly-geared opera-
O*-Io. unWersl vs. Cil O.e frke olo pfe at least once n each center and left aeshe S t e they. say at the track, halfway tives. Biggie Munn has the peg-
ohi* weslaM vie Ch.ri game for open field scampers of 'BIsu Mmrray guard cissors- I ar through the course. sant problem of not knowing
ok-iaon. AAM vs srst 40 yard r more, and each of block the defensive guard ITh New Year's Day Bowl which set to use, offensively or
Okishpa vs. Kasne State thee came at crucial times. + gauee may have to struggle a- defensively.
Ore. vs. Mosate ELECTRIIIING RUNNER The right halfback and left block the defensive line block- long without the three leaders
College of Paflq vs. JSa DIego Nar Filipki la not what you'd call halfback fake a wide play. ers.u ths.tlme. Like Michigan State,
P. Pn-sylvanib vs. Navy a cute as a runner. He's quick, The right end and right tackle We have plenty n i chgan State, obtaining Big land chews u the oppotion
d S v a and he hurtles h 183 pounds ----------------- -properly 10 recognition next Fall, is not sheer force or numbers as wqltx -
Pittsbursh vs. Woatt Vrsh through an open field on sheer tion properly. The 1951, offen-r 10 *ecojnlton next Fall, is no sheer force o numbers as wqs
Pittourh WtVirat through an open eld on sheer l onreturned with. 1 -only available. The Western Confer- speed, skill and deception.
R.easelaer v. Weoetr Confronted with a tackler, If the Io of End Blaine ron. fly BEANS REARDON ence representative in Pasadena Jim Tatum even has a plat o
ic.l vs. Txeas though, Fllipski is a squrhir g, i Quarterbacks Worth Lutz and Years In National League will have been beaten at least for points after touchdown..
sRI a vs. Carlt. swirling automaton. Th A" Jerry Barger run the works. Written for NEA Service once, perhaps more. Those run over by Oklahom a,
*-ts. Franci (Pa.) vS. way"sbare, America candidate and the __L DtAn t f are positive that three or fourN
St.YLAN eWANTSEINoutfit is three or four touheN -
sL Jobsa (M-an.)vs. St Thoms national ma Ines are already ueso : In i.. emi-profes-SOV'UERN CONFERENCE Idowns better than any other
h p r tn t A ri 14 Teams llii oing hole dnal ga rne o ird e wt yand and Clemson were college squad.
St L ,v. ) Now tion rnadeple onv the hdgesA WK 4 aTa- AsinoinvnadArunnerAon. tiin suited from partcilpatuon nin
*-Saa g' s Vam Eio Stato 0theirSo every time he H g _two out. -Aspin- Southern Conference football It's a shame to see much tsii..
Swas. vs. Wabash peed thro h the Boston Col- The Pacitlc Divisional Softball HO In AthletCS ning, poray n for i Or because on last .JSn.L ent go to waste against o
sutP Dbet vs.* hogeSt liew runne, much like electrifying Battles. siand RereCHAMPAIGN Ill Oct. 24un.-r rie tyl defed the organization's tion which doesn't belong tm
ss nd make nno mitakeB about BnAht the DivNis, of (NEA s eact. 24 a e down newly-adopted rule against post- same enclosure.
Southern. C kltlor* vs. CalifSralarAnddmikeUnole14akelabout Branohsof the DiviaIo n of (NZA)-If I;W year is any .irst-base line.
Meqken cta t vs. Ke"na the support Art Rafno has cor- Schools, has lured a record en- yardstick, Illinois threatens to When the ball
Su t u..* It'V. t rilea for him. The Wildcat de- rollment of fourteen teams com- establish domination over in- rolled to the
.thstLt u" ntiu vs.s. n has yielded no more thn posed f ploy the Pana- ollgater Ig h ri t Of the
V-tS.etC S6ie no more than moe e oyemter the Pgta...line, the plate er fan.O YOU Il Welome O lJ
i A vsSt. s ( admire record In p a score- Canal Oovernent and the Arm- The ulln were football chain- ump I r e yelled II
shnra vs. W h&. ed_ or(ses) ..iona of the Is 10, concluding foul. Then suod-
SsuYftt .. WsHao l (wCsh.) re are few quarterbacks The popular loop, which is an their run with a smashing vie denly it hit a '
Arsee vw H Cmpe) vs better mechanically than Bill actvty of the La Boca Play- y over Stanford in the Rose piece of hard
1 -W stat (Tes) vs. H.o raunau, passing Whip and bund i scheduled to swing la- L They were third in the dirt and bound-
STa0I ,v. Rev Yak ulr,.irk adept bal han r. Fullback to action on Jan. 11, 1953. aloelate Athlet As- d into fair ter-
*-... .. "*kvs. wt ra Ke*.- Bob Haner. a low.hitting 210- The wok men'a league will ta ll teurha- ritory,where et its
tuky StabtV pounded la the btie threat uu the have sra gt season, canam- tn tied with Michigan for h*od reuains..., Wa I i
T.- v.. W. f.f.r middle, and Isten to what plonshlip .ries and a sudden- th Wstern Conference base- n should the um- s c
***ea I vs. Sal As" state o' says about right half death consolation aori s for b championship. Their cap- re have done?-Oscar Under-

TdS. ers -a *e a s ater than lllipkl and a on, Wach t oat seen, of course, but since
stl 4v. ta" % He's fater than an. fIn the amw ll, ht uaton,
TanitV r.t) Ltri T 'k p -fl)4 n=mner," team wilL me the other ne., .. the first baseman stopped trying
.T The T innnr wl. .receivetroph y .tT.itn. The Ph-l.rt. n ,bll the moment he hol"- % -
i w. Strait : ...and wilio e alead the atioal 'tr~io t decision on of that
U V Ilasea v.Sb c tat -a ng, the lerelng pitcher, tile have requested one made, must stand.
vb tr Ste s. si St.d R latind the hamentu king. AoBobare many stances wh en
ve "h "o v e"a The upper four teams n the another, but this do Fo as little as 00 or 200 Weey
Togive Theuppeofoue"iu-te her m canv over-re thede-
n. atsn team traghtMseao campaign wll S i aearon. toht ie i that category be-
LOS ANGELE The Li se toR had to w Into the eaCSOthe plate umpire was with-
Angeles Ranu ive signed t senior with eligiblity series in wleh each team wl In his province in making the ,ou can be the proud owner the latest "-ts.... .
former Leydia f Le s AWvS remaining and install him as meet the other tw le for tCialL o w.n. I ts, y pe of music voa snfow most
Star'-D~ El06111 rm&as a& a free frosh coach. l"%inificent mniplonshilp tro-
lt A lotinann W iho top ifroh cchaels or Bell Is awy each 1AIA Q. How many batters have hit -
ped aIIIltloo opas ss as w ee on r BoeRti 1ef1 0 e Ah ams.that do not qualify for -AU IT O aV, IE home runs with the bases full
Uffidl. ad weone so=uw 4g oln tents.. .. e..wmIn the World Seres? Julius
cbtwssu stit u Atosw on t c SAmh I (ynos (ymos 6wM uoSho
S ns a stw amae s sthe Wl t .have a Oden-M lono se r-th e Ia.. eri No. IJoe6 Pee de la Oi e No. 11 T Aive.lit
him. nobody handle the phone io In which a team drops out Corner of Aae6n Ave. Smith (1 ) and Tony Lae I (Tivol Cmosln) (Aeros from A eon Plabed)
fr'1fom a vantage point hglh in when defeated. The winner of a"" street vTI-I-Coss-g-Y(croskfro...esii Ise
the stadium, where the opposi- the consolation series will earn of the Yankees.
S.tion'sstrategy can be accurate- a trophy.
Fly9 diagnosed. s -.pleased I to a unce ''
f Ahe wee ;Vllanova, with nma l.e p-. The following teams have been to te hat he
Scitystadium, apl i -oIts registreed: Army uartermter clit ht the.. *
SDr '47 c rea o verbal my a We have in stock TODA Y!
abuse was directed at ipski ld PA., Coroal Sales toreNUMBERS
dO t _pad. because of his incl uso In the Kobbe Sales tore, Navy Ord-
West point cribbin.epoSde nane, NavallSuly, P.C. Trans-" "re
W350 When they yele.H, ta, Electrical Division, *
wh4re's the Army ibber Bureau, CommisSary, and
L A i t. di regard final meeting ot the league
fA Flllpskl. +'k haw Wof be hle on Dee.15, at 5 r fAI
ha etofiot ,f "h off e ofD, 'IW 2-, RIP SAW BLADES
.ATh y found out. Filiplk broke Aston Parchment, at La oca.
the game open with a i-yardL
s'Aoreleh nhbattle. u o _*. 14" -i16" 22" and 24"


poa a



*- :1'





UCTMlWi Assgul kills alloMs I of

::d sad ne se t r l l .*,
P. 0 Box 3348 Phese 3-46
N. SUl OVn A 1-Mn S ROO=, MLY uM

'I 4
I --

l.. '-


^ .-






French Red
Defies Party; el

is Punished Pama can
PARIS, Oct. 24 (UP) Andre
Mary, tough French cornun- "Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.
lit leader, was disgraced today
for his refusal to bow to the
new "soft party line and con- TWENTY-EIGHTH YEAR. PANAMA. R. P., FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1952. 'IVi CEgN"T
fess his "sins" before the Cen-
tral Committee. He has lost his
In a cohemmunique publishedLaughing Highwayman Rides In South,
ty organ "Humanite," the Polit-
buro claimed that Marty, who bs Abducts Moorists Wholesale
was demoted from the top sec-
retariat by the unanimous vote
Sept. for deviating from t he "
party line. has made no attempt SPARTA, Tenn., Oct. 24-(UP) away. He had his keys in his Tucker and their son, of Sparta, for "Collins" from a North
to clear himself. A fantastic band of highway- pockets but police said the gang as the three men drove off in Carolina hotel police said.
The Politburo said that on the men, led by a self-styled killer apparently later "Jumped" the the Tu.ker car, the third they'd First word of the kidnapping d ..
contrary, his reply to the Cen- and "maniac" who I a u g h e d ignition wires and made off stolen during the day. spree came early yesterday at- '
tral Committee after he had weirdly while he looted his vic- with the machine. Harold Hilbert, Hagerstown, ternoon when two of the vic-
been ordered to make a self tims, spread terror through the It was found abandoned a few Ind. another victim, described tims, honeymooning Mr. and '. '
criticism is nothing more than Cumberland bills today. blocks away. the leader as middle-aged, an-- Mrs. Ben Cookson, of Houltoh i ,.
an attempt to "justify his po- Police listed 14 victims of the The bandits, led by a man other bandit as between 25 and Me., forced open the door of
litical errors and f r ac tio n- band's ride-rob sorties in two between 40 and 50, were blam- 30 years old, and the third as the kidnap car and jumped out
al work." states. ed for the robbery and tern- appearing to be "in his late onto the .encrete pavement at
Despite road-blocks thrown porary abduction of 10 per- teens. a stop light in Sparta.
Marty, now 66 and acting up two and three deep across sons yesterday in Middle and The two other bandits, the Highway patrolmen quickly '
Communist Party Leader Jac- every outlet from this rugged East Tennessee. victims said, called their set up roadblocks and national ,, -
ques Duclos, are among the Middle Tennessee area, t h e But they apparently started leader "George" or "the old guard pilots flew low over the *
five Red deputies in the bandits eluded capture. their crime orgy on Tuesday man." mountain are in search of the ..
French National Assembly Five men tried to steal a 1950 near Valdesta, Ga., more than Police surmised he might be bandits.
whom the Paris Military Tri- Plymouth early this afternoon 40 miles to the southeast t. George Collins, as they found in They released all their hosta-
bunal has asked to be reliev- at Lebanon, 63 miles north of There, four tourists were set suitcases in one of the abandon- ges unhurt. The Tuckers escap- SCHOOL GYMNAS'
ed of Parliamentary immuni- here. Police said it apparently upon by three men who drove ed cars pieces of paper bearing ed when Tucker wrestled with ing a successful p
ty so that proceedings can be was a continuation of the gang's alongside their car, took them the names G. CollinS, James one of the gang and the ban- the Colon Arena So
taken against them for al- system of relay car thefts into a swamp, robbed them of Baker and Charlie Hop kins.dits let them 'out of the car, features eight diffi
leged subversive activities James E. Eskew, owner of the $100 and left. them bound with There was a registration slip firing one Shot.
against the state's .security. ar, said the bandits drove up tape and wire.
Marty made a name for him- in another car and pushed his Mr. and Mrs. Forest B. Lane of
self as the instigator of mutiny parked car down the highway Hastings, Mich.; Ethel Clark Fo
in French naval units in the while he was some dis t a n c e and Miss Clark's mother, of 0`W
Black Sea during 1919. Toronto, Canada, were the vic-
The Politburo ordered his sus- tims of the Georgia robbery.
pension pending a decision by Writer EuitAr They said the leader of the gang W S l
the Central Committee during WlivlE LUllVi was older than the others and
its next meeting. that he boasted he had escaped
Meanwhile, the Socialist ?ar- thea ratnde Ahth from the state p h ison and
ty took up the government's uspended Afterd t killed two people."s o aet
cause in an announcement by Sheriff J. L. Futch of Lowndes mad e to have n ac
its Central Committee. The wCounty, Ga., checked the look- Hade to have e C
Committee said that the French uotin Coiout notices on the Tennessee trains for football t
Rentblic had a right to defend robberies that came in this fans during the res
it~,f against subversion, re- PARIS, Oct. 24 (UP)-The morning, and said the s a m e the pterscholgstic J
gardless of its origin, semi-official French news agen- gang obviously carried out the cording to aa ang
The Committee also s a i d cy Agence Presse said that one Georgia holdup.s cil l he tani
that the "Directing Committee correspondent and an editor Theogang was reported varl- taon of the Ra
(Socialist) gives its entire con- had been suspended today fol- cusly to number three, four and 0idn.
fidence to the parliamentary lowing the publication of a five men, but the description of A aQu t t
group (appointed to study the statement by Premier Antoine the loud-talking and laughing a I
immunity question) to decide if Pinay which he later denied. leader tallied as the bandits of this week1t to0 a
the acts alleged by the court A government spokesman said ampaged through Tennessee. Pacf side' dent
against the Communist depu- that the government requested rampaged through Tennessee.
tie are serious enough to jus- action as well as an investiga- I'a'raf aboistoryb
t lifting their immunity." tion after Pinay personally de- "It's a fantastie story but
The Socialist announcement manded that those responsible it's very real and very true,"tr
wa-ned party members against for the incident be severely dis- Cumberland County Sheriff
the propostionof '\-commona gaint- ciplined. Charles Johnson said ate 3' r -
tion "which might, be offered It was learned that the in- Crossville, 30 miles east of Junio;
by the Communists." vestigation was centered on a "There. victim told to Nvr ekl
stenographicic record of a news- "The victims told of a man the di.-rllot gh e&
man's conversation with Pinay about 40 or 50 who w o u dfrmi Panama to Coal
HOLD THAT LINE at his home town of Saint Cha- laugh hysterically and beat his ber 28, on the night of
mond. Agence Presse now has hands against the car's s eat between Balboa an
EVERETT, Mass. (UP) Not the record. when he seemed amused," the Worth, Florida, high
many U. S. college football sheriff said. The special trains
teams will match Everett High T h e incident concerned a "They call me a three-g un t s0p.. on these
School in the weight depart- touchy French political wrangle maniac, and brother, they've got No final arran these
ment this season. Six linesmen over the ratification of the Eu- the picture straight," the head been completed for spa
weigh a total of 1,424 pounds: ropean Army Pact. Pinay said bandit was quoted by victims. trains during the int
Mario Valeri, 268 his brother, Sunday that he supported the The gang was estimated to tic basketball tason
Tino, 260; Joe Herlihy, 235; European Army, but the AFP have collected about $600 the Panama Ralroa,
Joe Barziane, 233; Or 1 an do then quoted him as adding that cash and amounts of Jewelry quested school- auth
Orange, 225, and Bob Marques, he was opposed to German par- and other valuables, restrict the request l
23. ticipation on its general staff. The Tennessee phase of the train service to one
robberies started early Wednes- eek. and that these b
day with the kidhaping of James MARINE PFC RICHARD C. RR i ht, son of iCa. Ass ly on Friday ights.
H. Barton, a Tennessee Valley Harris, of Balboa. is shown aove beWtig awarded the Bronze ,
Authority worker, near Chatta- Star Medal for ,utstandihg achlevapert ~ action against Chi-
m nooga and ended with a parting nese Communist forces in Korea. His regimental commander,
K AM m makes m e feel shot fired at Mr. and Mrs. John Col. Thomas C. Moore made thAsntaftiin at an informal Walter A.
m ceremony in the First Marine ivson area. Youhg Harris is
.l eil : Y hdnow recuperating in Naval HospitaL Oakland, Calif., from a Is Nme AeIi
a mn later wound in his shoulder. Unofficially both men were sup- Is INam ed I
like a m million Yoshida Scores pressing laughs when this picture was taken. As Col. Mo Tre
inserted the pin of the decoration, he remarked that he might
I' el _I .VI8tA '" catch it in Pfc Harris' undershirt. Quietly the Marine replied: T oMri WeDI
tesete d Pr WbIV 'pe "But I'm not wearing skivvies, sir." (DWirf st Dept. Photo.) WalterA.,.o

Reeleded Premier Walter A DryiA1
___ umaie~~~~~hn ~A .a.L I.Lmiim.gneinte oa
IUUEEWUEU ..~ ~cn.mfl..,

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erformance last Saturday at the National OGYmnislum here-will invade
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hUatAit to

Vr umer.uu JUmWlesman ou s uaw the Marine Dlre qa n w
TOKYO. Oct.24 (UP) Shige- th assume his new duro% 7 a.
ru Yoshida. who led Japan Bookea On har U For count The new Asata
thi-sugh most of the Allied occu-' a VoffIice space in the M
Dation, was reelected Premier by rector's office at the
the first "free" Japanese Parla- Of Afenpled Rape In Zone Towns traction Building: The
ment since the war. a new one In e ,
SYoshida won on the first bal- A 24-year-old American dairy A dog "census" is presently was established whle l
lot in the House of Representa- products salesman was artested being tdkea -li the various tion of Deputy.
tivea. polling 247 of the 453 votes, yesterday and booked on a civilian common nities of the Ca- ly vacated wheV
Former Foreign Minister Mamo- charge of assault with Intent to n4l Zone i the Police Division. ger was appointedd.
ru Shigemltsu was second with commit rape. The cut of noaes among the Terminals Director I '
88 votes. Alexander Homeril Michaud canine population is being made ed.
Imm."diatelv after the Lower allegedly called on a Coco So- to determine the advisability of Dryja Is a.nafi f l -U0'
A House voted, the House of Coun- lito housewife to solicit dairy instituting a licensing system land. Ohio, and. an
ti cillors followed by giving Yoshi- business, and Droviding a closer control employee in thel
House voting was routine since chaud made immoral advances. guards. It sto expected the census ments have include
the Lower House can override any towards her. Her screams fright- will require about ten days. tons and ad'work
decision of the House of Council- ened him out of the apartment When coeptleted the figures in the office of the Di-
lors and brought neighbors and po- will be fam 1b& .the- Health slon Superintendni
Observers said It was the great- lice to the scene. Bureau for further study and Dryja is a gradual ld
est victory of Yoshida's career. Michaud, if found guilty will recomztpe n trial engineering tUn-
The election was delayed r.'ven be required to @',rve three years w re we reauir- versity of Ohio. t .
hours by a clash between Liberal as a violation of a five-year pro- ed In the Zone during the war be served as'?
Part- factions supporting Yo- bation term imposed on July 17. early Can .ceast O tion period the Corps of
shida and Ichiro Hatoyama over 1951 when he was sentenced on but i ti e was abandoned of his service b.
the selection of a House Speaker a similar charge. The new viola- e a f aew' The question 1949 he wad
and reinstatement to the Liberal tLion carries with it a maximum has been under consideration pleted the Cl
Party of two Hatoy:una support- 14 year sentence In the peniten- on ver l ogTals during re- mission's Ad K
ers clary. cProgram.

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Pr full IBnmb. leI sea
Pamw,. Tel. 2-200 end ll
appmved reul aeendm

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