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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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* A, 'V




San Francisco
FRST CLASS $464.80
TOUlR lT 410.10 -

know the truth e the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.

Now. _6 Years Oldl



.riton s A.- 1m

Pulverized Frigate



THEY LOVE THOSU MASCOTS-The Republican and Demecrat4c presidential candidates,
seem to b fon 4 of animals-most especioUly their res.ettjvv party's mascots. At left, Gen.
Dwight PiWnhowsr hopes for a tr nkful of lu"k as 4e gives the OP elephant a fond pat,
fitt .before addressing a throng In Portland, Ore. At'rlght; Oov, Adlai Stevenson gives the
Democratic mascot of Ypsilanti, Mich., an eaiful of.his top-secret campaign plans during.
Sa visit to 'that- city..

Van- iet Argues ith Ike

-N 'U' P .... ..a
D-IMWSO Q91^M 4_ i. -

maUUyU Wnn u wi.5 h5 eAme.,
for a tour thrhupstate Nev
York, whlch end to ht t Buf
falo, w he re Ispwt* wl;
make a major at 9:30 p.m
Gyov. Adlai 7 e bn, thie De
mocratic preudeIal airari
headed his camp gn train teda
toward ClevYeanwhere. h als(

Ja .Bench .
S.- '- '\ .' *
Two b cas were Heard
.yestrdA termoon in .the Bal-
bo- Mg Nftte'a Conit,
A chief electrician oa the U.S.
xiaval tilm Mport, J. F\:Ttorson,
Wee Wf1M 'W in court tratrik-
iR jaw.r crew 0n4iMter in the
face. 40n Pearan. the 5-year-
old derican defendant hit
WilliAm L i.Wtash w an
Sariumnet. pt mNr i ^Jkoa.

ag business. The ch e wa
vUi^liap ;Mt-

t n kin aAfln i

Joa Gonviles, wasea did toM
*ftd-la O dado In. jail. wB|
ind D2 *po lce booth No. lIn
Men Rosd without legitan-
a business. The charge wag
r evddiver was fined M0 for

Driving when h
Dtorcyclist and
a ground. The d
NtIrao Bolivar
f Panamanian.
c'urtd on Ri

s ob's ra i mee ticW
Ju aa9 m a e r. sge ad the Deey Wi on tbr pl"StformI at
n speech would be one of t e most Tey, N.Y.. lastllghtk when El .
it important Of' the eampalgn. It entiewer kcused the Dmfratie
,- --1-. administratten of deliberately
d encouraging Inflation to g I v e
As; iiI U.S. citizens a feeling of false
n ;DSu tHUI prosperity.
np- : L...I EIsenhCwers address was de-
Y voted coDjplctlytoyfnlaton. but
W i ai IiV hll1 e deparghd M hiA te'xtto deny
r- Democratic c~larges that he is a
]I1 ilfl I _|V Wmouthplqce for a clique of Re-
N. p a publican.

1 A pettian to return certain
rroderty toDthe defendant in a
rape case was filed this morn-
row de Castro in the UUS. Dis-
t:riet Court at Ancon.
The e e against zequlel La-
biosa was scheduled to be tried
MOnday In court, w ren the petl-
u will also e answered.
TI Te petition filed t4dty al-
leges tMhat ao auto, a bllfold
and a piece of- green cloth were
illegally seized" and asks also
atth is evidence be suppressed
or excluded from the trial be-
cause it was "secured by un-
lwf l search and seizure."
Labioka will face a jury for
Lhg second time In court Moh-
dcv to answer charges of rap-
ing a 13-year-old Panamanian
girl on July 4. 1,51.
The 50-year-old Puert. Rican
was found guilty last Sept. 25
b. a Jury. but the U. 8. court
of Appeals at New Orleank re-
'etsed the conviction and or-
dered a new trial.
The petition for the return of
the property allege also that
the items of property were seiz-
ed from the resldenee of the pe-
tttioner by members of the po-
B76 force without authority and
without ft having obtained a
!arat from the proper au-

The petition asked that an
order be entered to direct the
lerb, of the court to return all
&O.iroo. ety, and I ant a and
AR f c w rty obtain-
A lleal b excluded
Imthei atril oft case.
Nine Arge.timoins
Involved 1I PuMic
Funds Swindle

ar- KA PM
the tuP)-t
ae former mIA

K rCwY

4. 23

Paraiso ROsWent
Jaled In (Z For

Scissors, Stabb ,
For stabbing a woman with
scissors blade, thristina Louls
Quammie was sentenced to serve
20 days in jil ;'esteray during
the afternoon seIdfln nthe Bal-
boa Magistrate'sCut .
The 26-year-old Panmanian
defendant was 'utnd gulty ol
battery. The charge against hot
was originally asWMault with -a
deadly weapon, but It Was haftl
ed to the lesser eAhai when the
wounds of the ,
Mrs. Louise Gela, we*re
found not to be 4rto.
The argument thtl ruite n
battery bean w &lUn '_Mllei
reportedly found. tar tiMIrgle
husband, Alfredt Jn
pany of the dedant is-
eluded spot in th k"'iA*
building Parao ,-:-
Mrs. Miler. whden l dng
any thre atening dvaf' to-
ward the other womiawa stab.
bed with four-inch latria.

WorsN Far Ws

5tnm Ir5 Yars

MANILA. Oct. as UP)-The
most violent far-esitn. storm
in five years swept t Ob
Sea yesterday leave" at le"t
155 dead and SPjW-S n pro
pertv damage.
The Red Cros sad that iII
victims of the two-day stom
kre buried tits le,
rabaco but did not aa wht
they were victin m of ro
or other causes.
It was the
em any -st
of the Pl,.,
Te Red Cam
d1 AD D"
IM nwanswri




0 -
Rufus Lovelady, ch afjif. of U.S. raters per room was $11.75
the Canal Zone Emergn e agis- whereas the Income from local
latire Committee tod~~ filed raters in that same but olde
he told visiting SenatW.. M. building was $12.80.
Gllette that U.S.-taters -ionc In response to this statement
"would share a part of he local- Lovelady claimed "Gaskin ap
rate housing deficit by btng pears to have conveniently failed
compelled to pay higher conims- to mention that one U.S.-rat
Wary prices.' man paid $11.75, while two local
In a statement made to the raters now pay $12.80, or $6.4
press today, Lovelady aoeused each."
Edward Gukin. president Of Lo- Lovelady also said the autho
cal 900. CBOC J-CIO of "lying in of these irresponsible statement
wait for soma reason, regardless "is the same man who several
of how lgtnfifcat, to deojowee months ago gave forth with i
the leaders $ it a group of -eteMa blistering blast against the Ca
with a ve equal tO tfat he nal Zone administration and th
used against their country .ass Government of the United State
than a .yer go"0 while he was traveling through
Gaskin blamed lovela dy or out the U.S. with funds derived
"displaying intellectual .b ik- from the tar payers of the U.S8
ruptcy and deso 4lngn to a MAw and made, available to him under
low 4n -' inepreenting .fax ts the Point Pour Program."
known to him." He added, "the memory of Ca
The ctn tversy betwe .Ie nal employee is riot so short that
two -tbr l-eders begastl$J they have forgotten those dero
after officers of the-I C E- gatory statesai ts"
aIued the rent raise.. urobli The text of sn'a statement
W ttW ator Gillette wh a follows: .
Menwhie Gask. in a.j t l y calll that th is not the first
Sto the prest cuse tme tMat thmes 'labor leaders
-of "camn t t 444 L16 a viciou, unsupportec
use ocal ? i~m* even at the elpen~a of

'e-ate boud itlet Z*'ould be
"W M lroul; of emi-
plUl." ps e since Oillette I
a tpeibaer of the Forelin Rela-
tlo1| COnMptAe., who indicated
1a get Ointesgt a In Panama's
mconbmic stablUtv. Lov.alady sug-
gested sonaldpration might be
given to compel all Panamanian
employes of the 0co 1-voy-
ernment to reside ni th Reub-
lie of Panama, do all their buy-
ing there, an# otherwise contrib-
ute to the economic welfare of
their country,
Lovelady aho added that his
orgauisation, the American Fed-
eration of Government Employeg,
would support any treaty revi-
siorsnacessary to effectuate this.
He went on to tell the Senator
that "If their (local raters) re-
siding In the Republic otFPanams
requires something to offset to offset te
loss Of frIne benefits, tMen con-
sideration should be given that
questlen too."
Other statements made at the
conference whichwere not pub-
lished In t b patpers included
several questions the Senator
easkied the group with regard to
unions here. -
Lovelady" s quick to defend
the local CLx group as beMI
completelyv loyil and a fine of
ganigatlon."- r
Oaskslf meanwhile d: "TgeJ
question of who t ss. id.
whma might well be ato
ler4ttbe embar %stn to
.hp" pose it," aidqUd -dM.B
a u7Mw. a u h
building in La Boea formerly
ctold by U. 8. raters when
Was ffts built,
Claskin said the inepme fro*

w o 00 rP, among tig se people
thW e people throlout La-
mnca. Little,. have they
coeerned wit# the moral
sitMure- of their gmrps as they
continue to exhibit such wide de-
viation from average and accept-
ed truth norms.,
"Nothing could'be farther from
the truth thn ftr anyone taml-
lar. with the fNats of the local
situ'tlon, 4muuif more Lovelady.
to sate that U.S. rate employes
awer being asked to subsidize
housipg ftr some 4000 local rate
emp loes who neow occupy Canal
arters and that originally the
$W,01,00 housing program was
Intended to house all of the 13.-
W POta rate workers in the
-"o0te that the former claim
as b en refuted by the present
,a,4nistration in a very lucid
"Anyone familiar with the
a tsI involved would y eadilyre.
that the original $80,000,000
designed for replacement of
S U.'S. rate and local rate
ig over a 10-year period.
was stated by the past ad-
lulhtratlon time and again and
appeared In both local and
V01i puabliations on the Isth-
In oiew of these pronounce-
and that fact that the Pa-
Canal has always housed
uaore 45% of its-local rate force.
could anyone even assume
this sum was designed or
tended" for housing 13,000 lo-
pRratg employes and their faml-
i? Where was th mon*y for
g.S. rate housing replacement
tu me from; and it is strange
it the replacement for this
(Coetinued on Pace 6. CIO. 2)

New Carib Huicane Follows

Storm That Took $43,000,000
MIAMI, Oct. 23 (UPI A discovered by a hurricane hunt-
smal sluggish hurricane, the th t plane yesterday.
ao the season, drifted slowly a- .Il struck Miami and Georgia
a northerly course about usingg an estimated $43,000,000
imes south of Miami today.. daage and killing four persons,
Another small but violent hur- The latest big blow sent S&
rleane boiled in the same area mph winds over a 100-mile area
where the present storm was aprolmatelv 350 miles south of
I [Eva a, Cuba. .

The weather bureau's early
MnnMiadvisory said the hur-
reaue Is moving at 5 mph and it
w. be "slow and erratic" the
Mtext 12 hours while follow.'j a
"geaeral northward course.'
Meanwhile, the coast guard
It d ta in tow the
n craft was Ibatterd w by
northeaster torm
W'h swept across orida- two
ia-g-o. _

Kenya Terror

Grows As Cops

Hunt Mau Maus




Heat, Tidal Wave
- Em

NAIBORI, Kenya Oct. 23 I
(UP-) -- Police reinforcements pt ^ ^ AJ nl
l forest reserve today after hun- l w l
r dreds of Mau Mau terrorists,
wielding long kinves, brutally
, hacked to death a venerated A-
-rI an chief and an African po- LONDON, Oct. 23 (UP) Britain's first atom bomb
e Two tribal policemen were was set off inside a warship at Monte Bello to test its
- missing after the one-sided effect on the harbor and caused a tidal wave and d 4bet
against the government's stern of nearly 1,000,000 degrees, Prime Minister Winston
r moves to restore law and order Churchill revealed today.
s in the colony. '"
l First policemen to arrive at The bomb, Britain's first, was set off inside the HMS
Sthe murder scene provisionally Plym, a frigate of 1,450 tons, Churchill told the House
' arrested 21 persons, principally f C o i m
elder tribesmen and women who of Commons in his first full official statement on the
allegedly had been at the Mau bomb.
Mat meeting. ,-,-, .
The first outbreak of Mau Ma "The weapon was exploded on the morning of Oct.
violence since the government 3, Churchill informed the packed and silent house.
Rushed in hundreds of extra Thousands of ton f
troops and police to the colony thousands of tons of water, mud and rock frm
- and arrested scores of African the sea bottom were thrown many thousand feet into the
t leaders tinder the nemergn air and a high tidal wave was caused.
Serrorist attacked followed the "The effect of the blast and .the radio-acti c.
chief's attempts to break up an ,_h b_.. rado-cte c
illegal tribal meeting. tamination extended over a wide area and the HMSPlym
Late yesterday afternoon tri- was vaporized except for some red hot fragment ith
Sbal chief Nder oldest chief of a some o s w
Sthe Kirnvu, learned of a gather- scattered over one of the Islandt and started fiete in the
l ag of 50 of his tribegsen in dry vegetation. "
1 trlir Ndert reserve. ,
Chief Nderl ilnmediaivy sewt Churchill said the bomb "be-tulated on tw'-suc es.f *.. "
f t.elsaB .. ed~~qu aved as be expected andin many outcome of this historic epi-
Setownhsome precise details. sode" .

etl i nearly I iee frmation.".,
te the police dtathint Churchill said he explosion eplyingto a questinoB M
was en route, the old chief went caused no casualties to person- whether knowledge h.a bee
to the scene of the *eeting him- nel. He revealed that no animals, gained which wouldbe useful for'
ael. accompanied by an African were used as guinea pigs. t industrial matters. Churchill
ber of the coldtial police "His Majesty's government- said he did notwsh taddto
2f ce and two. tribal policemen. wish to express their gratitude his statement wish to add to
All four were a'med. for all help received from Aus-'i, The Prime Minister referred
They fired shots into the air tralia," he said. to the weapon fatly as an -
and the meeting broke up. Then. "All those concerned in the bomb. Emmanue Shinwel, en x-
police said. "very bravely and production of the first atomic War Minister in the late Labor
ery foolishly." the chief and hisbomb are to be warmly congra- government as k e d whether
escort mingled with the tribes- -United States authoritiesrhod
men in an effort to calm them. I asked for information about the
Immediately the Kikuyu swarm-r results of the test and if the In
ed on the chief and the African f Atmation were to be gen
policeman and hacked them to O |U -ctIo would it be on the basis of re-
death with their pangas (long ciprocity
A police detachment found bsradee"Ocose, riaIt ath
the two horribly mutilated Subsides Along U.S.) were on the bis of
scene..The twA tribal oelice-|ty." Churchill said
.n ewh K nraen Ftrnt I '"These were superceded by

The murdered chief was his tion ourselves and I do not not
tribe's representative to the co- doubt that it will lead to a cos-
lonial government Under the SEOUL, Oct. 23 UP South et American interchange of in-
Kenva system Various district Korean infantrymen chopped formation on what has taken
of the colony Pre split up into their way to the crest of Iron Iplace in the last few years. but
locationsorpar lIes. EachparishHorse.ountain on the central! I nootw s^ h mak ystat-
is ruled by a native chief a p- front today, while U. N. fighter-Int ono w shtmect "y
pointed by and responsible to bombers unleashed a large-scale Churchill sa d : "Specimen
the colonial government, attack on Communist targets structures of importance to ci-
He is responsible for the main- deeo in North Korean territory vilians and to the armed fces
tenance of law and order in his Allied F-86 Sabrejets shot: were erected at various dis-
area and collects taxes. His title down one Communist MIG-151 aces.s men were t to
is not hereditary. Jet fighter and probably destroy- record the effect of contamina-
Earlier reports of the forest ed another. Red jets were trying ton, blast heat flash amm
murder, which lice subse- to stop F-4 Thunderjets fromra flash and other flash, gamo
quently corrected, said Nderi attacking Communist railways. rainerest and o"er
met his death by gunfire raith- mining areas .and troop concen- Churchill was vere careful a-
er than from the knives of thie tratlons. bout'giving any technical debli
lKikuyu, who form the hard' South Korean Ninth Division then, a bomb's perfo anc eai,
toe of the Mau Mau. 11nlhierq won romntete control ofo ,,he bomb's performance asid
core *I Mfrom his general descritpion.
Colonial authorities had ex- the hotly contested Iron Horse; .. ........ .
pected some Mau Mau reaction Mountain northwest of Chorwon!
to the operations against the In a hand-to-hand struggle with WeSI em
terrorists since the cleanup Chinese Communists fighting tl L!ZZ----a
started earlier this week, but did desperately from deep bunkers.
not believe they would go so far ROK commanders reported Orders Neo-M An
as to kill a senior chief and there- that the hill was "secured" at O U relrsN
by definitely outlaw themselves 1:20 p.m. although the victorious;P ,a ,2i i s
with all Europeans and loyal ROKs were still receiving Comrn-! V
Africans. munists artillery and mortar [ire *' U SmSVm
..-.--- -- an hour and 40 minutes Ipter
Meanwhile, U. N. planes car-1 KARLSRUHE. Germany, Oct.
Army Officers red the war to the communists 23 'UPi-West Germany's Con-
.with bombs, bullets and napalm ni;itutional Court declared the
SAa as ground action subsided all a- Neo-Nazi Socialist Reich Parti
Loyal To Farouk long the 155-mile front 'inconstitutional today,. and or-
United States F-84 Thunder- ,.ered it dissolved and banned.
Ma GeAS t DeatIh IJets flew north to blast vital The court's decision eam-
May lGetD eIar W Communist supply sailwav deep iliree months after the end of
l in northwest Korea Early re- '.he hearings here at which the
CAIRO. Oct. 22 (UP) The ports did not disclose ihe extent court ordered Lhe oartv to ceaser
first trial of the Egyptian Army of the damage to the railla% lIl its propaganda and campaign
officers who supported ex-king which runs southeast from :cti ties
Farouk during the July. Army Sunchon. near the west coast
coup which forced the ex-mon- D-86 Sabrejets. prot e ct in a The party had already an-
arch's abdication opened today fighter-bombers, tangled with a- nouncea its voluntary diaolu-
before a five-man military tri- bout 20 Communists MIG-15 let ',on on Sept 12. apparently ir
bunal. fighters in two morning air bat- anticipation of today's final rul-
ties and shot down one of the ir., bv the court-the highest in
The military prosecutor de- Russian-bullt fighters It West Germany.
mantled the death penalty for the first destruction claim since, Since the propaganda ban.
the two officers brought before Saturday. however. the party's leaders. in-
the court. They were Maj. Gen. The ground front last nieht cluding former Nazi General Ot-
Rnimep 8rry Amer. 41. former and early todas was the quietest, it Ernest Remer. had been spll:
commander of the Egyptian it has been since Oct 6 when by bitter internal dissensions.
ftroutr Corps and Col. Bayed attacking Chinese Reds set the,
Parah, former governor of the central sector aflame i The party organization ha('
wvetern des4: Fifty Chinese made a half- apparently fallen apart to P
Bothaffters were charged with hearted attempt to dent theinoint where it could no lone.
dleertion ditg field service and South Korean defenses on Snip- wage the klhd of a can paign
with inciting insubordination er Ridge early today while 20 that first brought it to poml-
o treps. At the taime of the Red troops made a futile eight- inence in May. 1951 when it we
A gotig Aar. aMtated by minute probe against U. S.-held 11 per cent of the total vote in
a I, aMp ito flee Libya. Tringle Hill one mile to the weest. L.e Saumay state elactis

ces replay
foreign .t




ace by

'. -V
i *.-

1Chest' Total
To Date: $2,06
7%o CM Zone Am unlt
st's third $100 etributi
brought the tol uO f



"Let the people








*7 I, -



ouooeLabor Nev. Histe
7 SHTRE 0. Box 134 PANAMA.,Ft. OP Pn
PER MONTH. IN ADVANCES -1 70 a 2.s50
..... ..... DV DreBy Victor Riegel Drw Pearson Says: R ublicon, Idd* r
... to stay with Eisenhower; l m lied
g i\A I L B Overlooked by the nation Isea s.."th fired for shielding Demn 111ti ,
TH E "aBYsoft-voiced but meaningful reply fired for' p.Congp io
L a t e o to a "Meet Th ee Press" question in, WA HINOeN.-Repblican leaders put ml
T r; IF" Mak 4A Ih via 8 a New York TV studio the other ioth mother II ra
'- night a reply by Gov. Tom De- o P .nator Wayn oe o e go n tor e h
w,3y which explains in part, it g. t'WSteveInson. Shortly before Morse. iu b ig
seemselesrdicuousche u f m ran ia ted o r the Republican ticket, SeBe
The Mail Box is on open forum tor readers of The Panama Amer- sms to me, an infuriated order lican et
icon Letters are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly confi- en. EPsenhower that somebo- NsW York, inviting him to travel n lthe nlag
dentist manner. dy high in Republican ranksmgetboowho har A nd i to oh etravelt.B .
If you contribute a letter don't be Impatient if it doesn't appear the out and get a labor vote for the rdecl, ned.w
d huith ind e pla ra k sote fnorr more than a month prior, to this liowver,
next day. Letters ore published mi the order received. ticket. thanlarsm ontp Mo
Please try to keep the letters limited to one page lungth. Of 'RePUblican leaders, includ"lnt e x-Goyemor 0tgoen
Identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence. One of the press panel asked ie o Mosejmet after e nhwer ha
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as opinions Dewey.s whether the. Gen era 1 Tdrop Indilaor .
expressed in letters from readers would carry New York. Asked him general didn't want to make that endowment
Sotwice in fact. Twice the Govern- plaed. "ATte e saw Jenner he ease bick to hotel and said
0 or --.alac or refused to say he would. There ito .8wfifgAteherawa fvfer h aeu. tl o
REBUTTAL FROM A "GRIPER" were undoubtedly many reasons'd muchade a he lP .
r M ail Box Editor. for D ew ey's refusal to predict an Tohed. mOr& hiM less -a a+ e m t e"n se,
PanamA American election. Including 1948, he said fThat Sbo= irI UpMlres. thurd stle.
Panama, R.P. with a grin. But It's safe to pre-Pls i UP ata
Dear evemen: sume that one good reason was *ut oe hi
Far be it for me to start another service-civilian squabble his feeling that the state's huge Geio Sten o
a, the'Mail Box, but since some of you have been fit to take a labor vote had been ignored. $onvenator, cTafte d t a t
few cracks at the Zoners I think a little rebuttal is in order. ,nlTh s amean wodyso attia
o 61ay be me my hide is thick --- but PULEEZE, before you make earlier to the man now generally ohoWe t wa't glv. the
yourselves ridiculous, check your facts. regarded as the leader of tl si- erence where Tatt0 ai
One of you apparently thinks most of us are GS-11's; an- lent Republican labor bloc, Mau- renc eswhrea ft',4aM et #E
iether puts us in the six figure class would that it were so. rice Hutcheson. chief of the na- Theeh mpr g irg d that MtiOWas merely tto
The fact of the matter is, that most of us, after spending many tionl's powerful Carpen ters' bring unity tnthe m '"Lrp l ueta't A41.e
,,years in the service are probably GS-5's or GS-6's remember, Union. Maurice came east to see old guard mnd bringaui ano e o -
we had to start at the bottom too. Gen. Eisenhower. but talked first h"oui1 be A for eC.ya1.
Actually, the average salary of the Zone empobye would run wil th the ove Whacnt theH wnionltit cafternpie gr w *le,
between $5-6,000.00 a year, but after all deduct ons, retirement official later had to say to the "On theft c tary,. o "it o re t .Itt
(fo which we have to pay, you know), income tax, and the like, General olted, startled and en- h r yth+T
his take-home pay would amount to less than $250 a month, raved th, Republican candidate. agreed not to 'dised iate a s
which is no more, and in most cases less, than the actual take- what that means. That omt t ie. tat w be
home pay for the same position back in the early '30's, when a "Young" Hutch (Old Bill's son) the party. B A MMn I
dollar was a dollar, and not a "Truman" 30c. said bluntly he and many other m I happen to hav been the iW Re ublican to come or+
I'm not familiar with Army or Navy rates of pay for enlist- labox Republicans had sat on I senhowaet,n Morse' h otnued. "mBot these aIh e'U Or
ed men, but I'll be willing to make a little bet that most'Ser- their hands to date because he W 'a 0 ean't be fOr n thi denhower ReEch o ver. axd.pinh the
giants in the top grades up to Master Sergeant or chiefs which had seen a' letter from a high v cash r ter: 'nO sale.'" f a t e the -
positions would be equivalent to the majority of ours, can top GOP strategist actually Saying N sEice First eLffort# "t t6uIw ol ft 00id to
that, considering a family of wife and two kids on the average, that the labor leaders weren't Labor. ay, whena rtis enh rand t thOr
foreign pay, allowances, etc. wanted and wouldn't be wooed by tooswg the Ameritan af o. it of .that 'over to n0 ,ti
And don't forget that you pay income taxes only on your the Eisenhower headquarters. or at -least keep then fro enlkorslvenoa To th
base pay, not on allowances, etc. It makes quite a difference, you 'he General hit the ceiling but or,, a dt -least 'keep them.,rot end,.
know. But, we don't think you should be paying income tax any hard. th e h.AFL ioenow wrt eo d-tI y
more than we think we should, when on foreign service. hours with Molrse. However, ha n-Ude he w .
As to griping about rent increases, seems to me I, read a good He had takan for granted in UhCW flO' O "Th man Oopromssee he l
many such letters in the Mail Box not too long ago when the the intricate maze of the numer- ator. "He bas deserted the-l -e -e
Canal raised the rents on servicemen occupying Zone quarters. Ous committees and campaign By in order to gt elected. A4 tath 'd
Not that we think it was justified, either. But, anyway, why on headquarters that had been By o RUARK Sotase passe over .tis re ..e _8the tct' et
earth do you think the Canal should have to furnish you with thrown up around this newcomer once leader of OP liberals. He id that Ore come t
quarters the services broftht you down here. not the Canal. to national politics that there o York and sit on the platltorz withe ho-e when h -
And, Mister, you are NOT here to defend the Civilians had been a drive for labor sup- ed the AFL. But More:sa1d .%
you are here to "defend" the Canal which WE operate. When port. He had not dreamed that, NEW YORK. The chances are awful good ster-owned dro for the hop business. It got Lu "That wouldustahow thxt.i bleuinklto shoe.
the bombs start falling, you'll be looking out for your own neck even at the ery moment when that a Hollywood producer named Bill Tucker cano sent ba to Ithya ain, with Cuban-cop I di't .agrq ee with" he re ie I late for .to
th bo mbs a art H olly od ptrodu er wmed Bill -Tucker ciano sent bate t&lh ano th Cuban-ct; dtoa rewith-,,
-..- and to hell with the civilians And outside of the anti-air- he sat kibitzing with Dave Du- won't get very far with a projected film on the inspired bruises, on a* Turz 'ship. And it com- advise you on the Gene a se anyw Just.
craft, air.force and anti-sub units, just what are you "defend- Itinsky, Jimmi Petrilo and other life and hard time of Mr. Charles Lucky umeta- letely wrecked Charlie's campaign to deodorize d bY Bill ree to' answer it.
ing" the Cansl against a few subversives armed with "Molo- AFL national chiefs at a friendly no. Not if it follows the producer's aim, which is iniself...
tov Cocktails"? luncheon in the Hotel Commo- to "seek to u show that Lsoety was' to blame fotr But he's never quit trying, He is available to .N M' IAND M
Maybe some day you will wind up in a "combat area" and dore's Club Suite S one of the men Ltleiano's activities." any interviewe in the parts of Italy where hie' At this Stasen nearlyM' Jined outef t char. Arter he re-
when that day comes you can claim all the "glory" you want, who could speak as a high Re- It will get less far if it seeks to show that Lu- allowed to roam. He once hired a real spurious turned to ew York, however, soother how emssary me
and more power to you, but just so long as you are stationed on publican had desperately insulted ciano I"attempted .to leave the underworld," 'And type named, Jim Edmonds, late public, relations to Washington to ue orse not tlo d0 er with I- ho t.Et
the Isthmus, none of you are any better or worse than the rest Republican laborites. it will retrograde even mote markedly if the "last 'chief for Generag ,ohn C. i Lee to rtun a prs 'the AFL lh he who. make thee llo a day.
Sof us. part concerns itself wfth Luciano!s alleged ser- effort to make him smell pretty in the public Th Is thp.bardest job I eve hd to do said the emr .
SBest regards, e It can be safely assumed that Vice to the United States Navy during, World War' nostl. This Was as fine an example otle "I'll make'l easy for you,"' tep ie Morse, n 4
-One of Those Gripers. the General assured Mr. Hutche-nn Io" Thre wasn't' any service. ing like as.h ever been record d.-Nathi he u t4m.that. 1' o ga .M othto a.
I -'_ s on that he wanted labor "P- Tu-ker-'q s uppCOed haI ve-.isfist,. t t--*t lea.t, ,neith A* 490m' spee.hd Ch"5ulve-ret 9 o N Y
EARLY AMERICAN IS SATISFIED inffot WoUld be made to o a ni r *rAt lare much .ouh.r trlen__w.r lM w. ,
-~' An con, l normal aneffoit would be made t ofos ourser ng lalel sover. th Sinn1 d o b the Re
S. Ancon, C. Z. the Democrats among the rank in the narcotic traffic. He was eof dent; ut of a tor. r's deAm t bolt the Re l Prt
S* ad Sir: and file even this late in the murder I doubt he ever killed any pesn- a lump. You got to as Ludlano heeuhas c ade a. W.nfowv ltate tleW Jrey:.
I have read with a t a o a number of con- ampaigmn ally. H-ue picked u the ph an other way. a hget to b BWhen a read .thoe h in New. te "Mors e elaa.
S tributlona from some of my fellow Americans who have coveredod .yered tpikde.M te' u was'e: E 0 New-r, .oawge a ded um. mth e tt dn't
SPanama to animal husbandry. assignment. Walter Reuther's Luciano has spent the years since he got out Lulano. wttWifn thet a
buted by someone who signed themselves "Proud of My Ameri- ty people wre. covering the na- public relations people invented a .fa saga dop b and nto the g siness. ftadHe tr* ." o
han Heritage" that felt an rges to rise up from mthy rocking t on with a Sunday night replica which had him down or a bsig ader ah d assster Ol h aw man., and abbigaderadag "It's political eroe, eded Morse, but l e
chair and contribute a few words to your very worthy column of "Meet the Press".- with eu- of the Uited States government dating the war. but the best thin youca call him i ot to e with myelf matter elected "
Dear old "Proud of Mv American Heritpge" must be a wild- their answering all questions with There was even a time when he was supposed to killr and dope. h ler. That's what h
eyed, raging idit, to come up with the bright idea of work bitter assaults on the Republi- be decorated for servicesrendered, t 's what-he is. Hs best .buddy, sprAng oi. CHICAGO

recall correctly. these things are not tolerated from Uncle Sam's Dave Dubinsky's AFL Ladies portation at the commuting' of -a jail sentence. GrottoofPigons in e. a lp was J e hg S e t 1 .
boysandgirls. nd rightly th sore Garment Workers, wre blanket- It was a plan, which the narcotic pD will Luciano st1 gets credit for the big doe trt- ee. two hours after It was discovered he had left Arvey na
s an gIlsd b d ri sho PancfIng the. land on Wednesday tell you about,, to keep him' in Cuiba r n the' fi outt of tay. He's so hot in the land ot tl outo r e k t J "eport
S I can see some of those wonderful ancestors that "Proud of nights with five coast-to-coast traffic in drugs. To run it from re if he birth that he Isn't allowed to visit Romne.-A a a 'ulver hid been-_ed to in th & e t-
My American Heritage" blubbers about, turning tail in the face broadcasts featuring President couldn't squeeze back into the States. deported exile, he is exiled even In his -native ment's handling of the Pab Br.
of some issue at the time they were supposed to be fighting Truman, Gov. Stevenson, Sen. The only trouble was that Lucky got unlucky. country., compn was L i trouble ,fer zi s grain
because they had no representation. Pooy, they were no doubt Sparkman and Labor Secretary I stumbled into the operationqin Cub. and lous- If this T-cker fellow figures to clean him up Wions state ad t had tl to
hiding behind some tree while someone else did all the real Tobin. And Mr. Truman was per- ed up the deal. At the time I didn know he will have some reasonably rough o What out with the Justl 1e epartmelt.
fighting. onally--albeit quietly-whippUig what.I was loin up. I bird-d e I do, not need today id a full-length ie ot But Culver negl to mention Aey's name in. his rort
the labor leaders into a unified ana, and the resulting noise tow spelety t- responsible for Ch .Lucky. After the omision as-broi t to.thetee'
Why don't we face facts. The honeymoon is over and it is campaign which is outdoing any- It set the dope business ck abtI th arlieucky s a bum on his own 't*, Put Culver was fired il co tte. a to te
time to put our shoulders to the wheel and d6 some real work thing they put on for Franklin fouled the edule. It ht.i t mve nd he still remains a there so as 'ot a the nho, had re-
for a change. Let's stop whining and raving about something Roosevelt. f thconien"ed llvr- essa .li. of Nee Yor
SWorldhas gone sky high. Taxes are being levied to pay the On his campaign train rolling 'ider GOP NaR il n rine I
tremendous cost of operating our government which supports into New York the other day, for I eyes, then grinnebr ul an of the ol WaS
and has on its payroll such featherbedders as "Proud of My instance. the President called on I t ington needled him at Republiean

If the whole kit and kaboodle of lazy beers who have h a ala o Chai rman Mit- stroll o g Democrats. The h el iumd here i oli
suddenly awakened to the fact that all good things must come laburmen right down to regional "I'll bet one or two drinks would your mids, count
to an end would get on A boat or plane and trot on back to a 1eprerntatives. For an hour he ered S u eriel d.
the U.S.A. and they can be replaced with decent thinking regaled them with earthy pSoliti ":e ho t
we will all be much better off. The tycal ripes which appear the White House lid to them for TON-( ).- Future in it. So Texas has netted only about r e
in the Mail Box are from the alleged "old-timers" who spend a while of.U. oto-shore oil deio sits may no so f. cide was *h rl
most of their time gabbing about how badly they are treated hundreds of mllitons--ssaybe up to 1 ih Oil Co., of F hndlay, 0te Le iOre i EL GLANS'i
this gravy train a score of states has bcen labor's aretoeaent is a.ot between the f aoerer Oil Co .yotOl.
ah am an American and n my four years in Panasti, I am taking the tab for a huge chunk ment apdt wrnncipll.yCthe sta.tesaoi th

in PanamA and nay rent comparable to that which I would pay ng manpower, l literature ano ra- doil th-. s.ated Arthur, there is said to be .ra sad1 and4rom.r. -i .,,e.
if I lived back bome. I shop in Panama stores and shops and dio and TV timet- just about re- 'Much egetrated information .loal, b -Art.a determining the bo i-e
I don't find them as bad as they have been painted by some placing the Democratic National sdmreab around," how r, as to the ._,-m ni deinng he b ol ,
of my fellow Americans. Committee. This .to the point i elolsr ent of thisO -eho-re oil. The arginal sea oil rights,
won't be hurt, 'ti] then!t where Mitchell calls labor leaders fled truth is that While the title is noJ ,elf.s41ettle ZXoulsiiua, however, with an .luj .
-Earl American. wherever he finds his praty sag companies are reluctant to do mu9h l In Irregular coast line, offers an e 9 t .-lt -
Now Gen. Eisenhower has or- Irrespective of the merits of the, 1adUG .l'eral government, through th Depart-
dered a counter offensive on the edera 0lims to ultimate ownership of this ment of tenror, has issued mapn Wha -: 3
'm MONEY labor f hee n etto weal, the total amount of acrued- shore uxeas It considers under fed ." | 1 *
T EeRc'S MONEYooeks. He'll go into Detroit for a mll estimate athi r government is willing to shit/
trmnourTRANGESa Pnizi ndlobf because there has been no accurate a0 tg l bay oenngs 10 mie 'or le dsy a
IN H SA Workers of Walter Reuther. The biggest share of this, around $0 allion, Pre, the federal government eo des '
is now held in escrow by Secretary of h Tr L "1 ol rights under Barton a h
Republican researchers have ury John Snyder, under an aireemen' between d b bonds, the 20-to-30-mile f O wat-
eaore. into Gov. Stevenson's labor the federal government and te state O. Gail- e' bwwen the east coast of Iqu maan-

statistics on gruesome mine fa- 1947. Present royalty payments are about $13 ciii rIWIs. But beyond thes co reJ The
Grandma's trunk taltles win othe West. Frankfort. million a year. f oiUe. rnlmet cl title. ,

Svas tull ot lunk coal ers since 1928 have been This money comes from the one big develop- M i1aS OU Co. has wells as far B .
entombed. Thi the Reublicans meant by the Signal Oil Co. and the way out on the d b
and cluttered uv the attic will use to counteract John Le- location Co., of the Huntinton some 40 feet of l-
PA elasaMfled ad sold the Ij wis' campaigning. exas.whioch has perhaps en thi.I omerr-Moehavetto..
most seriously as a federal infringe .eS
o 0 happy antique addict! At the same time "Labor For sovereign rights, actually has onlyOn g
Ike Committees" are telnR or- well producing. ..O Co., a i ms
ganized on a local basis Just --S
as Harold Stasen did in Minne- Ita A m Oil Co. well br ught, io0"t,
tion at Caplan, near Galveston. The t- tI boatae
sota when he ran for uovermor mentally drifted some 750 feet ofif-tlalo Stv" "I-...
very month every week every day with most labor leaders against wentdown so it actually t appin, jr.
him. The bid is for the second ea oil rights. ...' t
echelon labor officials and the make one big off
rNE PANAMA AMPRILAN carries MORE CLASSIFIEID members they contact daily in ddsacre on the basis9 ofo I ,Ina .
thershops.0XL e I heb73 0*
' 02 than all other dailv papers in Panama combined I ht s a tough front for the G aeen- a s it. n e a
.eral to crack-but the order brs omnles. feeln that's Se was.
zone out to try. aeG a t *

I / _r

- ., _.s ,..-., .. .. ... .-- '- .. : --- 7 -... -. r .

.Anwer to Previou Pua e
*B i I 1 mEI.a ftz- /J I ^^ Ishow Business iiFonner US Minister 1
Ifl fIInoculaton Results L.o'""k Claims Hiss Helped

aht ielD t t lt beverage 7Love 5og Department in his face when 23- .
Si teen St1ates 3 S A.a snLocharged today Alger Hiss helped
Sbhel b cotoday ed in one int of It n-hloodre x S 15 MuFalev Levels 25 Son of Jacob 45 'totage pit he offered a natural revolu
It M t en may be controlled R ultsshoted PiO w thi" five a eiMusc 9 Perilous end Leah 46Gma tionary plot against Japan. i
tgh its effect nowero s aterthentritcted -0611w0 within five lbs1 7 0 Toward the 28 Entertain- vice-admiral Cromwell said that soon after
thearle ot a. wseks after the indculattPios wereE O17d11 e y, sheltered side ments 47 Cereals Pearl Harbor his personal
The latrt report Ig,amalMano- ade. t e on n 1Evergreen 28 Slow (music) 48 Put on shoes friend, Dr. Syngman Rhee of '
olatUios Of Ra ema globuUn, a Of that number, Hammore 18 Post used I trees 30 Island (poet.) 50 French bank South Korea, proposed a revol-
Ehmlatebld traction thw elatia64 wenr. the re ic a c-t 1 Vegetables 31 Bristle 51 Peruvian utionary movement in Korea .
~that t0 materal"ba ritai th lti*Ther ea hl-; 1 S p o 30 ".The briny 33 Mistake Indian "to kindle a fire in Japan's own :|
ealply.oVidto bi'eflect Ve"lIndiren-were the.. who received WAriat Oct.i UP)- catd 'votes nthre Iig states 21 Sgypt --"Tei 33MStke 62 Aian "to bkinda fred apa's own2
btblnt -the diease the gamma globUli uJt o... mny voterlve tot re--M, Calfol and Ihlinois 2 Played a lute 40 Dresons 52 Arabianul' backHe said the plan called forrd."
the 4 Ksh ~o .4As es-hre- and22 Played atlute40eDresosundrergroundba id.gthe planzcalled-for,
"Marke protection" against Hammon called the figures minded from tume to time, but could have switched te outcome 24 Soviet sea 43 Milton -- nickname three underground organiza-
on t atve weeks., the "highly significant. He pointedpolitians rforet, p In those states and elted Tho- h 24 Sovet sea 43 Miltonnickname three underground at the dispo-
report uad, rwas achieved in the out that many of the globul dets actually e elete. an mas Dwy tead of Harry sa iofns to be placed at the dspo- .
three iltlb where the blood frae- injected children probably had pgstuon e t e L eatl Trya. n "My friend, Gen. Bill Dono-
tion -vwsWed-on -approximately been exposed to poiobefore re. al van, head of the Office of Stra-
55.000 children. ceivin e treatment. i n press T why, in ta iertegic Services, called our lan
Dr`. "Wla MeD.. Hammon, A breakdown of case figure deAil nolaee Jay ott their polft.ia;l -sentiment_ i pretty 3 a natural,' one that couldn't
orofesjgr of e1pde lology at the disclosed that 12 of the gamma ami q t one loel divided, both llan next go go wrong,'" Cromwell toid a ,
Unleraity of Pittsburgh, disclos- globulin children caught polio in ye on M A dv other on and Democrats this yi are ut- S omen for Es ower o
ed result of the tests .ade the the first week. compared with 16e 14aate l tjA electoral tIngon the pressure to get t group here isenhower-
at two ears btebre the 80th of the "control" cases. The secT vote: t's ectoral vote that every polble vote. l group here.
annual ,ue tlig-of the- American Lnol week, Hammon said, only ount rs l rt I When he tried to carry the
Public Health Association here. three of the 27 reported case ec- e9ause of populate P 1 plan to then Secretary of State
,Coltinor. : presidentt of had the blood fraction. Similar t Here's the w It works: recorded in the, .950 ,.We 2 I Cordell Hull, Cromwell said, 'I'
the National Polio Foundation, rtiosa prevailed through the ra Ilch ,tatel a vote equal .to electoral vote this y n ,found at the portal of this bu- .
Anoncmad immed I* te ly his of the five-week test. -he i nmber of ithoum and sen- inc. meeedinseven asa -t p 4t d e reau a vigilant guardian-very
trop would start use of the lO- Atteating to the effect of reduce auit members. Tbe least popula- creasedIn nine. Ca nlfo b i rc ulha 2 3 I I bright and influential man. Andvery
bUl nekt year. He wa led that ing severity of the disease. Ham- s3t0 r Delaware, Nevada, had abig boost In 40Itai n n is name was Alger Hiss."
suo problems nes ti Iay mon r.dported that half the firstie bt ad Wyoming hav scored the biggest Inc territory in
wolld festrict Its Ute:.. hi btt d W*ek gammaglobulln cases.wera fI. hr electoral votes each electoral strength, from Africa II instead of Mr. Hull signing
the foundation. would ot the recovered completely within .30 york has the most with 45. 25 to 32 votes. .Equality. on the dotted line as Donovani POSTURE PERFECT
the. d teI eWN lme todhayrs,, None of the 6l 4contre aoiotIa. .. 4 4w t dottedIline as Donovne
first tmetake a diseat d to davttNone of the f controle tthe electoral vote 531. It Florlda gained two -q and a ---- T VI had assured him Hull would, I would take hmore than a papsieat the dlseae A oatent-shad fully recovered. t _es 'votes to elect a presl"- I[,MEch ,Tea- Vir- G n I .l had to engage in a sharp and ron Men. n which Mar
well-ait seast thee lredy f- said. t ginria and Washin ton one eacl S n acrimonious corresp o id e n c e stars, to deny her e ttle
flicted. "Gamma globulin Is not tle Normally except when an P a c I r : with him," Cromwell said.e- ^Ai
"A* good as the results are," long-rangen answer to polio pre- e-ottto U as one did in Ten- Pennsylvania lost tr M--otes 57 Girl'n s name I t hospof Better Porture W
O'Co nSr warned, "we haven't vention and control," Hammon neaten states en- eahoa "I sought aid of congressmen perfect posture will i
reede the fin htal. Buat wend warned. We bele thtor otes east for the lost byArkansas, IlHn e 5,)orsm and senators all to no avail. woman a figure like
are laeh encouraged by the when completed. will show a noain e .-who gets the biggest tuCl t I('t lppi andr ^ Siel a 0P State Department doors wer e
remlf of the test" the injections will not establish populvsrte I'n the state. 1 Gan-, -- S te rmed n tm. 1 Gy face. Alger Hss
HiglIighta of the long-awaited permanent immunity to polio- uapatin managers recall that -hlammed' inmy face.veAlger thatiss
report were that gamma globu- myelitis." In few thousand extra or WAHINGTON, Oct..25 (UP)- attitude." I L T
li" e cut par--tic polio sharP- Here Is a table of electoral vote-. s G b' Cromwell is making a series of'
ly, a in: cases where polio wa L r He s '-l. m by states, four years ago an to- S ovt Pro Ing xtorton speeches in East Tennessee tin
contracted m spite of the inoc- BA L .UOr is bU UJODO PntOmerO day: behalf of the Republican presi-
ulatide. severity of the disease 14 -I 1-4. 195 F m 19tcket.
.wal ,ef d to an almost harm- uit In Protest Clu Hears Talk Alabama O f PO W F m il By R d dent ke Co
leist Vont. .Arizona 4 4. am l es e Cop i
BUENOB AIRES. Oct. 23 (UP On Color At N ht Arkansas 9 8By
GOamm globulin is. present in -The government sponsored .r California 25 32 o BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (UP)--
the bled OZ almost all adults. It Geu.'ral Federation of Labor's Through the courtesy of Harry Colorado 8 86 Night beat policemen here are I
count antibodies produced by (CGT) Federal Council will con Bolannecf te ticab ut 8 8 WASHINGTON, Oct. 23 (UP) department mobilized but not motorized.
thfle to fl fht di ueae The an- sider the res at of re- lub the mbers and guests ofDelaware 3 3. The U.S. government is investi- The Treasury is investigating Fourteen young officers, assign-
tieit tr htvAlea when 14- tary General Jose G. Enpeo and rhe Atlan CmeranClub Florld. 8 10 gating a Chinese-Communist at- to find out whether it can block ed to patrol between midnight
Jtcted Into chllftrel, however, ine other mneabes of athe eda lecture on "Color Phoenjor- Geora 12 12 tempt to extort money from any U.S. dollars flowing to Hong and dawn, ride bicycles up Public tronsportation is aomI
and-have been used millions of "iln Executive Cormittee today. phatneFhtwith xisto lo Idaho 4 4 American war prisoners' families; Kong, and the Commerce.Depart- alleys and close to .curbs. Police thing that often.stonds still iw
tima aucceS emully to a r e t Nine other member reslyed polandts glhdei demx stated Illinois 28 27 As officials here understand it, iment was said to be concerned by officials say the bike brigade is you stond up. ',
Ni'ne 1oteme. -s ined Bolandrs slides demonstrated Indiafia "
tmea su]asuot night fote wine the id.fd various angles, of unusual tech- India 13 13 the Communists have been mall- the foreign exchange aspects of efficient, being able to patrol
report was based spejo. who resigned M6ndavy b~- niques covering suc subjects a wa 10 10 ing anti.Amerioan publications the case. wider areas with more care.
Chek of re cause he charged that rank and Interiors of h6mes, Panam Lin Karims 8 to families oft war prisoners, with
wotests on chi ie rof th orania tion vestl and churhes, at rnea n Kent cky 11 10 the suggestion that they- sub-,
ldt, Pv Utah, in the had reoudisted his lea4ershi Of scenes, Christm-s decorations 5 Loula a 10 10 scribe a t o3 a request is ,o
summit o 19 iand in Houston, the 6,000,000-member ofederation. fireworks, etc. His commentary Maine5o 5 The subscription request iss o
Te, and Sie City, I., this Three of those who resigned a most ntereing and very n- Maryland 8 9 worded, it was said as to convey
e o lasot iht and Espei o wer mm- trctive Massachusetts 16 16 the implicatio that- a famil I'
.ithre citiesthe ocula bers of the 5-man secretariat MIchigan 19 20 refusal to subscribe might not be i,/ ru t
Sede alf tee. Their resignations alab re ompett "oes of Tranpo r ota 1 onerconce ld
e lw mma'1 a toured to "Events of Oct. 17." station" i the Canal zone andO M rt 5 8 Adr eei t
Wirfi n received aT IJwosne e onr in i wi Cn wend MontanA 4 3e atonth- 4 ichadhe 4m n
In The E' ejq was one of Bra. Peron's Panama" tWere selected edd D Nebo. 1.a 6 6 could bC mailed were given, as .R..1 11 y u k
rl. awas Ir a most faithful and powerful sup- made by Robert Hann, DickNeada 3 3 Wog at the P.p.Dinstru
ab l o o.orters priorto her death last Parrke, JrAenen en- Nw H ampshirae 4 e, Iong ong and
to'opA enst s ;d
andl 0 ida North N o lina 14 -4 A, -Post -dffe Deparitment
Ar glish ufcturing Nt monthl-the subyjecot 3 3of the North Dakota 4 4 spokesman said postal Inspectors
AldgEngl ian eturinxt ththe subject of thieo. 25 25 are Investigating to see if any
chdaMist I Iookin for oa' pro- lod Ie lla b,'fb Oklahoma 10 8 postal laws are a being violated He
egres.ive a and distributor in -Otsre ,L Oegon 6 4a6 d all persons receiving the
PanamA to handle an entirely Is e to a llan d t Pelnsylvania 35 3 su beription "requests'.' from Ch-
atd. new product for the treatment Canal7ne. The compete n will Rhode Island 4 4 n should et in touch with the
of Rheulatism. This treatment be held on Nov. 17. B South Carolina 8 8 I
hasoalready met with outstand- South Dakota 4 4 Nothing In A Name
ambitious ing success in Great Britain and T.oesee...N.tThig.nA 12 11N
export markets. There's .a big H owe'e an e Texas 23 24 CLVEWLAND, O. (UP) The
Opportunity avaltno! the right -.At ,-,h
Uh 4 fire department here has k chief
para ceti n. with exceptional phrapeth Sunday At JW$ n ".4
r the future. For fullVpart- it X nn ld mer Cain and the police
culars, write to tanning Ptys. HALLOWERN Dante Ins TI Washington118 12 deparen has a sergeant
Ltd.. 11 Waterloo Place, LOndon, A Hallow'n cotume dance V 8 8 ny The t
S. W. 1. will be held at the*USO-JWB 0 rahe m tb t en
Armed Forces Service Center Wisconin 12 12 Safety Council banquet and
Balboa, Sunday at 7 m. Wyomng 3 3 nothing happened
Aoproprihte *IsotitlOri. re- ,
Sfreshmenti and Juilor- ho stesabs'
will add to the fun.
is u Membrs of the military and
FiRd xrol us 'Complexion their families are invited. InvIta-
S tions have been extended -to the
USO-JWJl hostesses.
treatment for hands and body..3

Noisbefind hth sn
loge.wr natth-Nw or
rlewe to' shedo to

Shears regarding salary. He h r e iera aea
.. ..been working at the New Tork t "
Jewelry 8a1re ;or 17 year coa-
ecutively but at present ew n Ge Our new superb collection of cocktail
X 40or it.G ive and formal Dresses reflects the new
oneg s-3-s or (cw. m ea o ert fashionn highlights...
..o aPor w" aoe e the pleated sheath, the draped bodice,
_-_ __"_ "_ _~_Or_ 's "tr -the slim look. the shelf hips. .
eI i lmagine...a huge sele lion Jrost ,:. ') up to 221
-oShowon abh e: a captii ating ,frm. .,,ti ,reparae
shotA Bolero n acket. Lwumnui trim med vt/
reembrodered galloon lac/c tdded vi th pearls

s s4nted with, 6 *,^_J USE OUR IY-AWAY TERMS

r-I I'r'-t tl I No. 21 CENTRAL AVE. No. 6 TIVOLI AVE.


- x-,----- -'

Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals and Departures

Shipping & AirLine News
Generator Flown Here tended a national convention of
r By PAA For Stranded Ship traffic judges held in Chicago
An emergency flight by a spe- during his visit to the States.
clal Pan American World Air- The advance passenger list of
Sways Clipper landed at Tocuien the S.S. Ancon, which is sched-j
airport recently to unload a 3,-,ul. d to arrive in Cristobal Mon-
",440-pound generator needed to day morning, follows:
get a stranded ship under way. I
The ship Sandhamm, arrived, Edward M. Altman; Mr. and
here last week and was unable Mrs James E. Atchley and
to proceed on i.2r trip before her daughter; Pfc. Joseph B. Bates;
-generator was replaced. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Braid,
The Clipper flew the genera- John K. Brayton: Thomas J.
ar from Beaumont, Texas to the Breheney; Mrs. Gloria Browne;
; wedish ship here. Dante J. Cicchelli; Mr. and Mrs.
Wilford McKay ar., the local Floyd L. Corn: Mr. and Mrs.
Stagents. Emerson W. Cottrell; Mrs. Maude
es. __W. Cowen; Carlton R. Croft;
Sand Mr. and Mrs. Homer V.
'hnter-American Aviation News Crooks.
The greatest summer tourist
eason in Caribbean history was Thomas J. De,; Mrs. Natalie
ed in August when Pan Engel and son; Mr. and Mrs. Ed-
can World Airways, which gar H. Freeman; William Gold-
$the entire area, set an all- frein; Mrs. Aurelia D. Hadarits;
lwngle-month travel record Mrs. Georgia R. Johnson; Mr.
itghits Miami gateway. A to- and Mrs. Henry K. Johnstone,
36,675 persons traveled in Mr. and Mrs. Gayl 0. Kellar;
at of Miami by Clipper dur- Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Kopep-
his month, topping the pre- ski and daughter Mrs. Alice C.
Record month-March 1951 Lengle; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Le-
Inearly 4,00 pas..ngers. wis: Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Mc-
___. Coy; Mr. and Mrs. Harold W.
rmbia's Ministry of Public M.yer; and Mr. and Mrs. James
M H recently purchased three Montagu.e; and Mr. and Mrs.
peters for use in survey John A. Morales and 4 children.
and transporting ground
W les in connection with a Mr. and Mrs. Burton J. Nel-
`lrailroad being built in the.Fon: Mr .and Mrs. Lindsley No-
Magdalena Valley. ble; Donald C. Parker; Franklin
...._ F. Pierce; Mrs. Lavina C. Pierce;
A new airport terminal is in Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Rich-
W B ,at Alexander Hamilton Field ards Jr. and 3 children: Mrs.
ft~ t.Croix, Virgin Islands. Thvrze Russon; Mr. and Mrs.
Robert F. Scott; Mr. and Mrs.
4-hmoving picture, "New Hori- Jose A. Sosa; Robert G. Stern:
E reviewing the 25-year his- Mrs. Vivian S. Stutaman; Albert
of Pan American World Air- G. Torwilliger; Mr. and Mrs.
is being shown to PAA per- William E. Thompson; Miss Hip-
and members of the ;olide Valere: and Mr. and Mrs.
company's various Latin Leonard Wolford.
~bRejcan stations. Later the --
will be available for public I
.Ings throughout the area. Mother-In-LOa

kltassengers Aboard Ancon Murder Suspect
l Here Next Monday Wants
!Llndsl.oy H. Noble. Comptroller Wants Male Jury
@a*the Panama Canal Comnanv.y,

ML, Mrs. Noble and Judge Ed- LONDON, Oct. 23 (UP)-When
W M. Altman. Balboa Magis- John I(enneth Livesey faced the
e. are among the 77 passen- court in Old Bailey today he
etrs who were to sail from New insisted that he be tried before
YZtk Wednesday afternoon on an all-male jury because of the
1ia Panama Liner Ancon. nature of the charge against
.*Noble is returning from a trip him.
tWM=ashington to attend the Ca- The court agreed.
budget hearings with Gover- Livesey is accused of murder-
ar Seybold. Judge Altman at- ing his mother-in-law.

- Eli.


To Buenaventura, Guayaquil, Callao, Mollendo,
Arica, Antofagasta and Valparaiso.


C. B. Fenton & Co., Inc.
Fenton Building,
Tel. Cris. 1781

C. B. Fenton & Co., Inc.
Pacific Terminal Bldg.,
Tel. Balboa 1065.

Out With


by the
(Every room with private .opqectIpg bathroom)
Fare... $120.00 '

C. B. Fenton & Co., Inc.
Fenton Building,
Tel. Cris. 1781

C. B. Fenten & Co., JIc.
Pacific Tqrnlpal Bldg.,
Tel. Bplboa 1065.

by the

(Every room with private connecting bathroom)
Fare... $150.00

C. B. Fenton & Co., Inc.
Fenton Building,
Tel. Cri. 1181

C. B. Fenton & Co., Inc.
Pacific Terminal Bldg.,
Tel. Balboa 1065.

Alfred Holt & Company announce the
sailing of their


For Charleston, S. C.
Fare... $120.00

C. B. Fenton & Co., Inc.
Fenton Building.
Tel. Cris. 1781

C. B, Renton & ,o., Inc.
PaeifteTe.rmial "Mdg.,
TeL Balboa 1W,'

Samuel Smug! (

jSamuel Smug ts smart. 'tis true.
I youe were be. vou would be tool
dam con wjways find good bea'.
His secret Is to advertise!


0L "? 0 C b

r~ps I.!

Tw vYWIw

mcges AN9 ra PsOnRO


4Med ?*ew3

Hello, Rover!

fGi \OA
|i^ NIiltupI E


606-A lM Ht, 4S94ANA
TH GA bh7V
OU .
j WNooaots ie \o


no I";*

OBiM Talk


_______________ tA.Yt~

Up In the World

H OUGHT 't oe
-^^' MMS.1UT,



O *B e.a m 'o | .m .. -.. ',. .' o____ n.w -

E ,LI6 tfi4
cAMPA04V C3 ,
AN l -WCE %i-8, *

H C411AC #


as -ma mq





Y 100
p A^












: 'IT^

.7 -.' .-y



19 17B7, 4

whe ~o'llaCblt the Caribben Command
tsM teral Horae rL. MeBride was het at a luns-
S_4thee Qufr.r Heights Officers Club given In honor
S C who el yestWeday iro o ico by
*it(*r visit to the Isthmus.
,' -

WManiter and Mrs. Ribeiro
AreHosts At R t Pa-i
"h tMl er I BraiL ,to Pa-
nama as SO R1 -

vegtohlonin tela eVipta in
tV i n
ho10 of Vice A dmirl enato
de An&elda Ouillobel, Minister
of Matine of Braall, who is a
-ili t.,^ .. t hm us.,
M6 a Me Soon
-The Ambassador of Argentina
to asia .and Mrs. -Jullo A.
LoIliMtHit plan to sail early
in november for Valparaiso en
route to Buenos Aires, Argen-
tina. M
General AMin' McIride
ntertAln AtDIne_
The Commander-in-Chlef of
the Caribbean Command, Lieu-
tenant General Horace L. Mec
,Xd Mrs MrideL enter-
tainedy o-1 honr OTef
day e

IsIt *e Isthmua en route
te _Un~ited States to Rio
de Jane0o.
Covers were laid f9r thirty
Sets For Dinner
0. ,ars, James' Wick of
Pedro Miguel entertained 'a
grp of: their friends at din-
M 11r91t4y' at their home.
Ai!cluded Mr. and Mrs.
c tdson of Pittsfield,
i hta se, "who 'are visit-
Ig Lther son-in-law and daugh-
terl hr. and Mrs. George Mit-
chell, who were also guests.
I. e Wrlut'and Daughter
Ate 7tor Here
SfMr -oy C. Wright And her
bat daughter, Cindy Lee, ar-
ried on the Isthmus recently
b 0',lwfrom their home in
Ult*a, Oi, for a visit of sev-
eral months with her husband's
,Jithb- mad mlster-in-law, Mas-
ter.oetgnt and Mrs. Dewey
g of ort Kobbe.
Oftfy Family Moves To Balboa
Mr. 1 nd Mrs. W. Coffy and
i1thM .datghter, Virginia have
tlb moned from Pedro-Mi-
Sff ,to 2489 MortW 'Avenue in

a from New York follow-
a vacation of several weeks
spent In.the United States.

Visitors At Hotel l Panama.
Mr. and Mrs. rasn de la Oa-
sa of New York and thr tw
sons arrived recently on the
Isthmus and during their stay
here are guests at the Hotel El
Mrs. towalehik Leaves for Peru
Mrs. Paul Kowalchik left the
Isthmus recently for Lima, Pe-
ru to Join her husband. Mr. and
Mrs: Kowakchik plan to make
their home in Lima.
Mrs. Yudlne Entertains
With Luncheon
Mrs. Solomon Yudine was hos-
tess to a group of her friends
at luncheon given yesterday at
her home in Ancon.
Those attending included Mrs
Charles Hollander, Mrs. M. Mir-
rop, Mrs. Charles Lester, Mrs.
W. Friedman, Mrs. A. Ettinger,
Mr. 8. Winshaw,.Mrs. A. F. Roc-
chi0, Mrs. William Allen, Mrs.
V Vy.n Veldt, and Mrs. M. E.
New Resident At Fort Kobbe
M|Sgt. and Mrs. Dewey F.
Wright of Fort Kobbe announce
the birth of a son, Grant Frank-
lin Wright, on Thursday, Octo-
ber 1it, in the Fort Clayton Ar-
my Hospital.
-Mrs. Wright is the former
Margaret Burkholder, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Burk-
holder of Lima, Ohio.
The pa.r nal grandparents
are Mr. ant1 Mrs. Harty C.
Wright also of Lima, Ohio.
International Night Pary
to Be Fridky
Canal zobe Chapter of Beta
Sigma Phi will hold an Inter-
national Night Party for mem-
bers and rushee guests on Fri-
day evening at 6:30 p.m. at the
Curundu Chapter- lotUe.
The regular business meet-
ing for members only will be
held on Tuesday evening, Oo-
tober 28.
The Executive Committee
Meeting and program originally
scheduled for this meeting have
been postponed until a later
D#ue rTomorrwo Night
SA.three piece ensemble will
play tomorrow night for danc-
S, erican Legion
Club at, FbrtA ador from 8:30

S'* DS'EYE. .

vAA 7 -4

4 (maditslised, quikcfkmA C manmdatly after
Sthe catch. Thsere't abIon h o wArNal Every
-ume is supw yo'l lovw eBmDs
fE la Bak tii or bowl-i-any ofites
V- a wndeful oprdisht
Fe.e eed laI yetr mery m *

lem ~an

'U -
I -~-


, r
* ,?\-.-

CM C Jl ., ocha ,
tom ,.aBo, l3521

MOPOf -SO fI~ifiN
1IEASY i AM t-tAU1

U5{f5$ ."'MOM(ti $
so 1AMUWj* "Of
Ioffts AMT iuts is
11 WA*1'I
or ft "amok ok "'r wa~ e !


S Broed Geppefrul
Sluy Aunt Jemime
f Pancakes*
SButer and Syrup
Cabbage Slaw Coan*

1f ; f(.t -1- rtflH
'. Oseamey'r~edwwk

- aa-p .iocte ty

work at this time, and are a
vised that each may hang six
pieces with no more than four
In one class.
Work may be entered on'Oc-
tober 29, 30, W Al from 4:30 tod
7:30 p.m. a;i ro:Hotel TivolU.,
Attention All Pedro Miguel
A roller-sktfng costume parN
ty, sponsored4 y the Pedro Ml1
guel Recreation Asociation, wli
be held on Saturday night at
the Pqdro Mipel Oymnasum.
Participant nd spectators
will be iUted only It cos-
tumed. M aksp0 be furnished
at the doorfThe pi49s 1 f edmis-
Ion for a. evening's entertain-
ment is ten cents.
The following schedule will
be followed on Saturday eve-
ning: skating for all children
under thirteen years of age from
6:00 to 7:00 refreshments and
exhibition skating front 7:00 to
8:00 p.m.; skating for children
over thirteen years of age from
8:00 to 9:00 p.m.
For further information tele-
phone Mrs. Ted Marti at 4-428.

Executive Board
To Meet Wednesday
The Executive Board of the
Balboa Woman's Club will hold
their regular meeting on
Wednesday, October 29, at 9:00
a.m. at the Jewish Welfare
Board Center in Balboa.

Girl Scout Sunday
Sunday, October 26, is Girl
Scout Sunday and all Gi r l
Scouts and Girl Scout adults in
the Canal Zone are asked to
Join their sister scouts in the
United States by wearing their
uniforms when they attend
church next Sunday.

IA.W.C. Picnic Saturday
On Saturday the members of
the Inter-American W o m e n's
Club will hold a picnic at the
home of Mrs. Matilda. de la
Guardia at El Caney, Arralan.
Those planning to attend are
asked to bring their lunch and
swimming suits and meet at
Club Headquarters at 9:30 a.m.
For further Ilformation call
Club Headquarters.

"Glamour Boy" To Be Presented
Tuesday and Wednesday
The Balboa Little Theatre
production "Glamour Boy" will
be presented at the Diablo Club-
house on Tuesday and Wednes-
day of next week at 7:30 p.m.
Rotary Luncheon Cancelled
The regular weekly lunch-
eon of the Panama Rotary Club
has been cancelled for today
and Instead the rotarians will
Join with the Lions Club and

To complement your Russel Wright Dinnerware

l..mrieA modern STEMWARE


Win. CtkaNl

n yc~fd

(including Pilseners) $480 doz.-

Opei. stock In four beautiful 5-pe. place
I colors:
Seafoam, Chartreuse, coral, gray setting.... -only $ .35

mNxreai Central Theet ,
N* .

Jailed Ku Klux Klan

Leader Resigns Job

As imperal Wizard
RALEIGH, N.C. Oct. 23 (UP)
Ku Klux Klan leader Thomas
L. amilton announced f r o m
his prison cell today that he has
resigned as imperVl wisard of
the Carolinas Ku Klux Klans-
at least until he finishes serv-
ing a four-year sentence.
Halln said no successor
Pas b~even chosen.
The 44-year-old dklan leader,
who has complained of illness,
said ,he did not know when a
successor would be named, or
what procedure would be fol-
lowed in naming a new leader.
He indicated that he has resign-
ed because he cannot carry on
klan business while in prison.
The pudgy former LeesvIlle,
S. Ci., grocer beggn serving a
sentence Oct. I for conspiracy
to kidnap a Negro woman who
was flogged by robed and hooded
klanamen near Chadbourni N.C.
He was transferred to Central
Prison liere after several days at
a prison camp at Castle Hayne,
N. C.
Prison officials said a decision
will be reached later on wheth-
.er Hamilton will be sent to a
road camp or remain confined
a-The coronatiol of Queen Eliza-here.
3, presents a clothing problem to
SEnglish economytraditional YMCA Hallowe'en
bes at hundreds of pounds apiece.
Companies-Which specialize Dance Saturday
c tng a bumper buinm. At left Hallowe'en, or 'Witches' Night'
r by a ViscounteU, and at right .19 the theme for the orchestra
At may hid for the oeremo., dance for servicemen at the Bal-
boa Y. M. C. A., Saturday even-
AUTO MATHEMATICS Special decorations and tradi-
tional games will enliven the
BOSTON (UP)--The Massa- evening.
chusetts Safety Council reports Music will be furnished by the
that the aar-end collision is 71st. Army Band, dancing will
the No. 1 motor vehicle acci- be from 8 to 11 p-m.
dent in the state. It suggests Servicemen's wives are wel-
that a motorist allow a space come to these dances, but are
asked to call In advance for a
of one car for every 10 miles guest pass at the program of-
an hour he Is driving. rice.

Roamer's accuracy and styling out-distances time
See these thrilling watches at Casa Fastlich! Wear
this watch whose name h4s for many years been a
symbol of precision-timing!

DUTYCa/a Paui

NEW green toothpaste w

V mircle chlorophyll!

not for minutes...but ALL DAY LONG!

NOW-a toothpaste made with chlorophyll!
It's the green substance in all plants which con-
verts lifeless chemicals and sunlight into life-
giving nourishment. In new Chlorodent Tooth-
paste, it performs a miracle in your mouth!
Chlorodeat don't just cover up mouth odor
but deswtwy it instantly... makes possible com4
plete all day p.teotion. By using this gre tooth-
pete rdgularly-preferably after meals-you can
have a lean fresh mouth all day lonl
At the sane time, Chiorodeat fights tooth de-
cay, relieves common gum diord. It puts lon
lati n *pirkle in your mile because it promotes
comphfe mouth care. Children love its minty favor.
Get Chlorodent at any drug counter. Ask your
dentist or m ar yourself wAy vit's winning frands
faser than ysag tAr jawAp A el

m~m dpeo.. .Diap

A --nll r.ll V.7
abamer hd _pl besi. Yea h Jmi
*d im n tmen d a.* h 4...r, a
e*.4,ty weiam ft hadbib.S


' 1. "

TV~, '~

. _-. .

I .


Wilg .

"But she had to t., restrained.
The whole apartment was an in-
ferno," Cole said.
The fire was said to have orig-
inated in Mrs. Dwight's apart-
ment. Police said Mrs. Dwight
told them a reading light, elec-
tric clock, electric fan. electric
heater and closet light were all
attached to a single wall socket.

50 Left Homeless MEETINGS
The regular Stewards&
A ftr meeting of the Cristobal
After EarlyMorning m'
Ane caliy Io 1g ter will convene on
Allanhe Local's a Holocaust Ofce i
starting at 7:30 1.m. *
Atllanta in locu I The educational and r "cr e
tional committee will ap h0
ATLANTA. Oct. 22 (UP) An lecture on "Spakfi
early-morning fire left morey b Wilmoth r .
than 50 persons homeless here Wlmoth Morri
today as flames swept through i
the top floor of a downtown On Saturday, commencing a
three-story apartment building. 7:30 p. m., the Scottish Mecha
One fireman suffered a broken nic Lodges, (Royal KinagSolO
arm and an attractive ex-model mon, Edward and C 4
was carried from the building which are under the jur=sdWoW
"by force" after she wanted to of the Grand Lodge of AmeriC.
return to get some of her cloth- Inc. will hold a special
in.convention meeting at
ing. Morning Star Lodge Hall h*er
Fire Chief C. C. Styron saidI Along with the preparkaOl
three companies first answered for a "first annual conveflaU .
the alarm, which was turned in other matters of important
at 3:35 a.m. He said three more i will be discussed.
companies were called out to theI ,
28-unit building when it seemed
the flames migbt spread to ad-
loninlng buildings.
Asst. Chlf Henry G. Pierce was Ke / t
treated for a fractured left arm Keeps alive the
received when he became entan- magnificent lustre
gled in the hose covering the, ofyour silver,
streets. I safety ndearily
Patrolman J. H. Cole said he
carried Mrs. Betty Dwight, 30.
from her apartment "by force."
He said "she wanted to return to
the apartment and get some of
her clothing."

i beth II. scheduled for June; 1953
England's royalty Under auste
velvet-and-ermine coropation rot
are almost out of tV question.
renting royal costumne are expe
is seen a robe suitable for wea
What the well-dressed Viscowu

Mothers Solve Baby

Switch; Wealthy One

Uets Both Chidren
RINTELN, Germany, Oct. 23
(UP) Two mothers worked
out their own solution 'to the
switch .of their three-year-old
sons. One woman got both chil-
The case came to light earlier
this year when an impoverished
widow, Erfride Fledler-Weiss, 46
mother of eight other children,
charged that a local man was
the father of her three-year-old
son, Wolfgang.
Blood tests showed that nei-
ther the man nor the widow
could possibly have been the pa-
Further Investigation showed
that Wolfgang had accidentally
been switched at the 1Rinateln
hospital with another b a by.
Both were born Jan. 6, 1949
The widow, who barely ekes
oub a lying n her small farm,
turned Woigahg over to his
rightful mother, Frau Friede
Dreler, wife of a prsperous mIa-

A large, new shipment just arrived!



; IN'

* .^


-- IK ... ..A.A...ERICAN ~ AN ffD3 ENDEN'DAILY iEWWiF,

You Sell 'em...When You T ell 'em thru P.A. Classified!
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panami
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n


Lewis %erviic aIUti uc uon uza ..Auu oiu. e. .mrcanorLo o ug e
No. 4 Tivoli Ave.- Phone 2-2291. and No. 55 West 12th Street 10,059 Mel6ndes Ave.-Phone 265 Col6n
Propaganda, SA., Minimud1 for 12 wordL Zwod
dorrison's Agencia international de Publicaciones "H" Street corner ,studiante st. aUll dds1 to wo rd. 64
P'ourth of Juiv Ave.--Phone 2-0441 No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-2214 and 2-2798 3C. Cl additionwtW 4i4
.. 4KQ1097

48548 64
HouliotlOd 0o* yo*e ve a drinking pr*le AUt<*"11'1 10"'- Gromllch S ont Car. PO EIO A I aOUT
Writo Aleokelies Anos-ymous. Bao- cottages. Electric Ice boxes, gas PRSIoK 0 7
FOR SALE:-Dining set, mahogany, 2031 Ance. C. Z. FOR SALE:-Used tires passeger tos moderate rates. Telephone K102
M. $45.00. Two electrKi motois commercial at Agencais Cosmos. 6-441 Gomboa. 4-567 Pedro Mi- 10 7 2
25 cycle H.P. $15.00 CheBt of Dr. WENDEHAKE. Medical clinic, on Automobile Row 'No. 29, tele- gul.
drawers $C.00. 8026 8, 2nd. St. Estudiante street No. 140. Between phone Panama 2-4721. 4Aa6
rawers .00. 6 "K" and "J" Stret. Phone 2-3479 -- Houses on BEACH at Santa Clara. RATSar Both sides vul.
S- -I Panama. FOR SALE:-Nash '50'2-door sedan, Phone SHRAPNEL Balboa 2820. East South West North
FOR SALE:--12 mine glosses, ~6.- Po raoio, bed. $1,250.00. Telephone .EXPENSIVE UESTS.zs 0h As 4
00. Radio $60.00. Electric clockPANAMA COLON AQUARIS Balboa 3022 after 4 p. m. 5647-Casino Sant Clara. Dance music by YOU ALY WANT 1 Pass 44
$4.50. Sunbeam Coffee Maker, -New asosortment tropical fishes, L, Diablo Casino Aces. No reservations he- TO GET RID OFI THEMP e P-Pass
$18.00. 9 fti. Westinghouse ref- 30 types. Panama: Acuorio Tropi- -- rd 4 Dr cessry Saturday and Sunday. THEM O- 2
gerotor, $60.00. Venetian blinds, col, II Via Espoi~a, opposite Juan FOR SALE: -- 1950 Packard 4 Dr. eOpesSingalead-dS2
4 smalltor, 2 large, $360.0 0. 8 glass Fnco Stables Phone 3-4132, Co- automatic. W/W, radio, leather. ATTENTION: All rents reduced USE
windows, $5.00 House 52-B, on. 8066 A, 9 Street, phone 2-$1650.00 571-B, Dimile beyond Snt Cla, private AR R I N Is there any way for South to
Bboa road, Babo SAroad to beach. (Bring own linens). Mat & Mouse Killer make four spades in the accom-
FOR SALE-Folding 4 panels, screen, Senled bids in duplicate will be re- FOR SALE: -- Willys Sedan 1940. For information call at Dogmor's Rat &nMoue Kdl"ersmseafoarden
mahogany. Coffee table, mohoga- eved in the office of the Restau- Good condition. $150.00. Balboa, No. 6. Tivoli Avenue or phone (contains WAR-FARIN) corre a y dent. "When we played
r ny. Ook dresser. Zenith radio. Oak rant Officer until 1:30 p.m. on 2-3406. Williamson Place 0772- Panama 2-1070. thrIieh nSouth wentwd ownye-
0rocker, bridge lamp. Small maho- Noember 20 th, 1952, and then F 5RPHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. The GEO F. NOVEY. INC. auS'of Eat's fine defense.
geny table. 16 inch electric fan opened, for the operation of the FOR SALE: -- 1949 Chevrolet 1 V2 only court in Santa Clato with on e.. anE0aste de
25 cycle. Porch screens. Louvers. Curundu Restaurant Dining Room ton Panel. Inquire North Arner- Oceanview ro oil ttges. te 279 Central Ae. Tel. 30140 Wet opened the deuce of dia-
Saw horses" Miscellaneous dishes and Soda Fountain, on a conces- icon Tobacco Products, Inc. No. to beach, Rock Gos. refrigeration. mond, and East won With the
and vases. Carpenter's work bench mson basis. Bid forms and details 21 Juan B. Soso Street.becue and shuffle board. Pon deuce of clubs and to his singleton w
S with steel swivel vise wilh 4-in. may be obtained from the Man- n suf ar.a deuce Of clubs and the game was
joas. House 8223-A Margarita. oger. Cuiundu Post Restaurant, FOR SALE:-'48 Hudson Sedan, all aa 3-1877. Margarita 3-1673. MODERN FURNITURE up. Declare wop and knocked
.........r d-iZO.out-thd se of trumps, but ast
FOR SALE-Venetian blinds, miscel- d- -, .- ---.. _ro o. VISIT OUR SHOW.ROOM underled his ace of diamonds to'
laneous sizes. Westinghouse ref,- FOR SALE FOR SALE--Used tires oat bargain F D DRENT pee let. West win thesecond diamonds
gerator. Frigidaire. 42 x 42 dining prices. Tires for small buses, for I Npl,"elove. trlck.e West then returned a club,
table, metal. Sideboard. Storage Mifiiellanetous trucks and cars. El Tombor, 15th "HERES" and East's ruff defeated the con-
cabinet. House 356, Apt. 19, Anr- u:[ost Street, opposite Villanueva y HOI H ES" t.
con. Tel. 2-1340 to Friday. FOR SALE:-Two used 35MM Mo- Tejeira. Tel. 2-1444. in Ato ow "Can South make his contract
O tion Picture Projectors (De Vries) FOR RENT: Furnished chletin-4t by eer Row "Can South make his contracty
i FOR SAL-Bnd ut tic d wit sound 25 ycle. Criobal FOR SALE: 1949 Dod Station Bella Vista, 3 bedrooms. Modern a defense was hhly
i hin, 0 ce, o oe Armed Services YMCA 3-2164. Wagon. Low rhileage, Call Hotel conveniences. Telephone 3-0734, that st defense was highly
dition, best offer takes t. Phone FOSTivoli, room 318. Panomi. xi?"
it 5.29_. FOR SALE: RCA Ironer $35.00. .. n t-t .-d s--
FOR ALE: Crib with innerspring Single bed new inner-spring mot- FOR SALE:--1951 Ford V-8 Custom TfransporteS Bxlte, A. East defense was magnifl-
FOmattress in perfect nnerspditng tress $30.00. High Standard 22 Exceptional condition. Good Rub- FOR RENT cent, but South didn't rise to the
u. mattress in perfect condition, automatic, new, $40. Man's over- ber, Radio. Call 2-3539. Cocoli- Shipping, moving, storage. heights. He should have made his
House 1487-D, Balboa. Tel. 2- cot 42, 25.0. Phone 37-88- Naval. Security unit. $1,695. Apartment W pack and crate or- mov ei .mishhave madee
1653. ot--- -.Phone 37_-88- a S48. $1 tato nApartments WM pack and crate or move contract, and In an all-expert
OR SAL:. t. ..... 2 h-F n i d ORSALE:D W I Ts 18 Station ALHAMBRA APARTMENTS anything. 'Phone 2-2451, tra trick.
FOR SALE: Mtag washer, 2 SALE: --Wagon. Duty Paid. Taller Rigby, t rwo aned five room furnished and 2-2562, Panamut
cycle. Excellent condition. V ene- FO R SA LE: -- 2 inch C raftsm anA LH A M BRANo 28 gby' w a d v ro m Eurn shan yth in g.2 'P hna m5I
u, ccBand saw with stand and 1-4 H.P. 1st St. No. 28. uSotandfivearaomfurnished aptnt
tian bonds 52" x 60". Cll B[- ..unfurnished oportments, private n- South should natually see the
bo 47 25 cycle motor. $75.00. Deep FOR SALE: 1948 DeSoto i-door closed gardens. 8061. 10th Streel, -lot when East returns a club at
boo '.7. .f- freeze, 7 1-2 cu, ft. White porce- Custom Sedan with outomatic New Cristobol. Telephone Colon the second trick. South should
K "SALE: Blinds for 12-familyi lain enamrl inside. 115 Volts 60 transmission & radio. House 0763 1386. therefore plan to cash the top
Apartment. House 0763-J, Wifliam- Cycle, like new, used two months, J, Williamson Place, Balboa. Af- -- heart aTrnd then lead the ten of
ton Place, Balboa. After 4:30. $300, T. A. Marti. Tel. 4-426. ter 4:30 FOR RENT-On:e modern, 2 bedrooni lK K hearts from then leadouth hand, dofs-
F--*R- ... ...... Hou'e 221, Pedro Miguel aI-t ----------4:0_ _-.- apartment with living oand dining ert frm t e an di-
OR SALE:-Wesiinghouse refriger- o __ .... .. FOR SALE:- 1950 Buick Super 4 combine, bathtub. Foto Bennett, on. ead a. ORMLC carding dummy's remaining dia-
ator, 25 cycles; excellent condi- FOR SALE:--Complete 42" Exhaust door sedan, Dynaflow, Radio, seat Central Avenue 181. (Parner Graduates mond.
tion, $85.00; undersink cabinet Fan, $40.00. Without motor. 766- covers, new retread tires, $1,700. 8 OFI H- sZn If East is t elld to win this
for Flats House, right hand side, D. Balboa. Phone 2-4387. .00 -- $570.00 down, $61.00 per saWA v tt .. s mp tots y t itd
archery equipment, ironing board; FOR SALE: Large refrigerator. 0FOR 12
stool. 50 lbs. plaster of Paris; o nsm all A b 2 boo. _a R eal E sta te 0 c llu whs ar nr o r d
terho table;_ u pt rs ni m. POakSt Ailo- n AO ered oGo2 eoul uian,- F -., SLcE at's. -'e o ar the nste
frWANTED floor s -rte Clubsosanes AEr:don to P l,.SW et'S SO0 A ot fromotdh: d el n the riefo

i -ll Ip k'" washing machines etcu ELECTROt Attention pupils ond.Studerts. Ivy Panama merchandise ads to the North would aso understand Sout l
I.Aeroe', o rd. tf Mo'ced Thurch ,ernett w|l lesufte ir-oawde LOOK! READ! Wilkeboro Jo-r0al-t atripte plot. Eaa t would therefore beg
teleph6 months bable;y. 2 weekpictures, starting L l --- Pckard yoursei good property in PAn- baby dresses, cents eah lae rould continue e by dropping the
bot 3 or 4th of Nov. References, W td mahetst place to invest down at ourer, radio,foamrubberfoWht you are going back for thist t the second
aot in Baboo, Ph one 2-3260 -; S 0 on e B alboa 4 g se a s, undercoat ed, excellent cn- e is next t sevce It a Buy cheap o t r d f tha t lt.
21"r bFprom 7:00 to 9:00 P. ditioNvy Can1befinancter. Officealot or hose right now 1,000 proper,. g$A mujl club for his partner to ruff.
Onr'Thursday and Friday only. Position Offered l h:WhnRal, EstzateI

-- -- WANTED:-Domestic servant to do ThomC s Reof Estate Agencies forAae. s.008tofVng"rniy t i
ED: y Amercan o cooking nd housekeepin Mus CentrolAve. No. 259, Calidonia to be tomorrow wfi Price last would hope that his pat-
WAiE DNthout chldren Sey tushed iverin. pone 5296 Phone 3-1069, P. O. Box 3404 today bwlte The E. W to 4e d omes n or had the ten do hearts, ad
rtment n articlBellaes. Refrigerators, stves, Vist Pnama. eter a k over thces Nort would theefoe beable to
del Morfor a period of more or ANTED-Maid with reerences. Attention this m t the third round f ha lt. If

less two months, commencing Nov o do light housework and take m ecadJ aln area. So South's pDot wo uld e tal.
ember Eighth, telephone GAS in front of LMeed church Harnett will resu ballroom dc LOOK! READ Wlkebo oatrtlot. East would therefore be
WANfrom 8 to 12 anBed from wi2 to 5. he English From 2 to 4 p. m. ing struction fianl on authorities ris your a buets, 50 n theo nbock r tunately for our ex erack
ANTEDVges, eviction quarters onit ofNovemberr 5 p. m Mrs L S TALLAHASEE, rent? Well here's thesolution. Buy each; di tolel. 1 tens each; of he t on f hdumm. t
months baby. 2 weeks, starting u-. a yourself ac 060Ppoper dn ttou for eatc
Nbout 32t D nuth of Noveabp e in Pan- baby d-esses. bo cen s each; late A oul4 continue by ping the
and wife. Reference Call 2-1569 ive in, apartmented the sfest place ood nehbor" tour o ht to invest doooan to come to th cas

aloa.uonished ba2 2 r toRm a w.infdo ou r for $ hearts o othe s
in alboa Phne 3 WAcOrelvdy, nt tio d e r W aeI ,South at your service -t rt- th rqmotn round of that u lt.

A- mE 0minca u P.WANTED:a-Domestic servant to dto nativhoms Reof Estate Agencies for o ta aw niht. he o
WRANTED: -M arrived c oupl e l desire cook iig and housekeeping Must VenezuCentrl Ave. No. 259, Calidopia to be d tolroow wtqa Pric e at would hope that:his p rt-

one or two bedroom apartment in Guatemala, Mexico and uba Toas o al o wds osn ten f Ro tnS
without children, fully furnished live in, Phone 5-296 JCA .U S unesPhone 3-1069, P.,O. Box 3404 W`-00 Co mes he d
aparesirtment in Belo d Vista or Vist3-. -'75 --- ih overnight stops mn Port-au- atng overf womes with oud theetefore be. able to
del Mar,. for a period of more or WA D: Mald with reftaerences. a n nure of this moltain the third round of couldha sui. fle
less two months, commencing Nov To do light was itewor and Havaa. al clini o the hospital ye a so, alouth's ot ould
ember Eighth, telephone 2-2644, Isnore of 3-year old chid, st of Caribbean, Central nd ) s him as a mechan ed eetor of ce st today, ts flood and elbe-
from 8 to 12 and from 2 to 5. speak English. Call at house I If -' h soe teure f rm

-call sound that in view of the South American countries to va5 but he is known to own a well- r ion on yter haadn tor i meet trhcal failures thattaledo traelxp
Sequippe, nany extras in- ho planned that it wold not to sTALLAHASSEErest in theFla ro- eea. employes of the Tocumen anyone f many teams at East, the ten o f hearts n the

clung two deep ea reel. 5 H P. be adequate y. nouh to provide osed trade market ra said he had been selling a at aented the high The torental rains ta-
Rel Marine e20th ine inboard $100. ho n for 13000 local rate e to b governor Fulleted at Miami. Warren them es rom e chickens he ost sab aton the collapsing o sev es
wild-parties or pets.block Ser povn WANTED:-M an d for Americ announced hs trp will make a r based on the arm or the past There were noeports o atll

Spahiel female AKC registered manon of the meeting of the Inter- two years. d tics but dozens of pero$4 were
wonderful pet for children .369-8, "The few merchants o. hate A merican Center of Authority Among his papers wa s a pie treated foa bdist's caused u e
3rd Pn. 39- New Cri dienion and trife have fo here today which was created to of paper wit the notation, "A- i d bis from d

tool. ears misrepresented and distort o bu the market. dris Alida Samuel. Born 2 aTm. n buildings.
e dcussion tour after Mrs. whales ma diamond Thet '. i
ANT to transfer furnished bache- oweektour beginnin a nda A.e cZnngho conducts a wo- cinch to knock out the sce
United Sta s Of Ame c. Invetatdy asin was announced today. oe body of 59-year-old Johnen's e radio, rote ads and win the r of tle

UNITo STApatent RICT COURT LoV b oca Id mow aP anouce d IS today bJ Soa r 5hrsmab a e e ski bill sL bow U D eI__Te of
information phc. e P ni-a 3-4931 Warren will, visit Haiti,I, the Joseph Smuelt, prehemaly a him t i N ood billshwere tricks,
CDomAnican Republ "T auestioPuerto native of who t. Jhn subsi he Brtsh keep BF--awake n uighsh.he At
ANTED: --arrled couple desires n, PWestndi was in the aop tal s the aif Wods wanted the boy

i.;N, (. rassin ud to those who paose 1)t: for WASHINO ezuela, Colombia. P MaI der rown, was .
one or to bedroomapartment. in local raters have been the vett said today the political "at- osprdal orgek to the zoo and

ACTCN FOR DIVORnE w" charncd them for every and ceptin, assignment to a r prenil la, Tvt a ITra CT On T- charged a a le g al technic AcTre FOn DIvoRncs
pea.foPhy te fbnn Bsdin tarinc, manpowe Juan. Barran elcould s. ihaDa a Nsapesw
vor 3-070. Mctr. Aiador. utro e from the fiUSd tarted Guatemala Citv, MexicoCity and Samuels died in the Radiolo- col e- D a age N p les
tr th r pulmunities.nion. 70 n oTht theU.e ate B IN W TO, D. m eorava a. atcof the hospital yes- 'rou e.t veryales-

I ut your Hur to r 0hnson (D-Tex) that ea rtr he ecATe. t. ney W told oe judge
FOR SALEaand distinct appropriation? ly afternoon cer. man,"Wods ,I Ms.Zllk. NAPLES, Oct.23 (UP)M-A IO-
F OR SALE ,a Inst.rnecte strif a n n The gottven only nor will invite citt- H enta. on'papers ce- "Ant o hve.oe very pu lent rainstorm hit N es early
callv sound that In view of the South American countries to va- but he is known to own a well- tion dn your handft for meet- trial failures thAtsta]ld trgus
R 5ALE: o h o sum involved and the t.pes of cation In Florida. He will also try cultivated farm In the, TooMen With housewives or in stations and cut electric buts
fully equipped, rniny extias in- houses Tlanned that it would not to stimulate interest In the pro- area. a employes of the Toumen whom you feel and trolley lines.
ng two ceepd Sea Drl. t P. te ade ble enoh to l eaders be sel osed $40,000,000.00 trade market area said he had been selling uld be e tedn the high The torrential ras
el Marine ene nbd $00. hoi for 13,000 ocl rate e- to be erected at Miami. Warren them eggs from the chickens he ost o tf lsi l stbItion. h the collapsing of several* e
h old block Cocker ves and theiramliennounced his tr atthe con raised on the farm for the pas There were noreports of fta-
Spaiel female AKC registered on of the meeting of the nter- two years. :. .- t fo bus cus wa
wederful pet for children. 369-8, "The few merchants of hate, American Center of Authority Among his papers wat a piece treated for bruises caused
3rd. St. Phne 3 9-11 New Cris-dissension and strife have for here today, which was created to of paper with the notation, "A-I "i t falling from "w ed
tobadL P y...rears misrepresented and distort- build the market dris Altda Samuel. BOrn M2 a.m. buildings.
Ito the ultimate embarrassment of o tigmuel." I

?b. e of s rau *us I% served wor d n l e .
of Am Numals Gut h,-,. *rie F. trying to AM. the Wde;52d, I
Ce, Judge. United States District investigation. w* 1i
for th. District of the Camal m
a oct. 22. 1sM.a s M nteredf For Sale 1946 Chevrolet Lovett replied tod us t day*
wiis actlo in the eace JohnsonI's accuse ain
ieds fu the Divis.. o ... 4 deer. 5 white sidewall supported nacts" and list "- 3-
Se alw. tires. Easy payments. ty to the i J se rvies .
C. T MrCermkk. Jr.M Leiere Park scek men I ne -v,,r I tk.
VOIDZ N. age. Phi..M 4"uponunin


1941 S.da, 4 fr

... ~

0*4 &s.S g'5 ~~IOS

1950 SOd dr.

SO I .*


"-. Si-.='," ;r-
-' '**" ., ."-*'

,. r o, -... r
* L w .a-' *-%gf ^lf~fh*Ht1

' .* .in. *

S i.^.-


tlaC Dr Stor




l d B ll A i

You H








1950 Sedan 4 door

1947 Sedan 4 rw..

1949 Sedan 4 door..

1951 Riviera Coupe

1947 Sedan 2 door

1949 Cov. Coupe....

90 SSdan 4 door .


1949 Sedainl ..

195 SO f dloor.

1949 1dan 2 door..

1945 Sedan 4 door..


19 Sedan 4 dw- -..


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* $ f9, r

..... 15 N

..... .1,IWS

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. .. ....
.. .. A, ... .""IL:. .. .

intlc" Sociedty'''

te l Coast was well represented at the Black Christ
stival a Portoelo, Thursday evening. This was the mest
eventft that many IUe old-timp d edeS made*
Bese mn tfuiL -w. A i wi-A m y a )t wt agroem t 't.werehbfte"
M. N. PMarer, and enjoys the exeltement were
-M$. and Mrs. F. L. Wscavage, Mrs. Julio Domingues Mrs.
Ir~. A. Turner, Mrs. Coleman Sasso, Mrs. Lloyd Al-
r. W .* Mr. an *.Mrs. W, berpgaMrs. rique Jaramillo,
Il- Mrs. Mrs P o Fernande, Mrs.
N uas LUS Lan- Mrs. Naomi Pinto, Mrs. Hya-
r's. W.Gray Mss orcnt Patterson, and Mrs. Errol
Kaufer, Miss Br bara Pinto.
6nr, Mr. F. A. Newhard, Miss -- '
Newhard, Mr. Arthur Al- Lieutenant and Mrs. Brooks
M"Mr AM. seee Birth of Sen
Mr. Lieutenant and Mirs E. J.
and Mmr M-s. H. Brooks announce the birth of a
0. SerT, Miss Ari, Miss Ell- son on October 20; at the Coco
beth' Marsh, Mrs. Bety Button, Solo Naval Hospital The baby
Mrs. Rayburn Brlans, and MI.- has been named James David.
chael Brians, Mr. an4 Mrs. Nol- Lieutenant Brooks is the ad-
ly, and Mr. and Mrs. Delgado. ministrative officer at the Hos-
The Fort Siema estdnts -
who made the ;trip nlcluddA! Card Party At .gargarlta
Colonel and Mrs. sen iser, Mrs. Gilbert Furey, Mrs. War-
Mrs. Cora Moroney, Captain and ren Schultz and Mrs. Cyrus
Mrs.: Primus Bennett, Captain Fields were hostesses for a card
and, Mrs. Paul O'Bryan, Lieu- party given in the Parish Room
tenant and MrS. Robert Chour- of the Holy Family Church In
rett, MIs. HR Wolfeld, Margarita, Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Russell M-1 y, IRI Wil- The door prize of a beautiful
liam Ntealy, L wenait Robert ly decorated dake, donated by
McMullen, Sergeant and Mrs. Mrs. Alexaitls, and made
Edw a r ,clk,-.and .Sergeant by MM George Engelke wal won
and Mz1U. .oW BciOLn. y ticket N 40. The holder or
7 4. which was not present.
Mrs. ok0so"n Hestess oer Colorful, tropical fIlo w e rs
Star Club were used in the decoramug of
The Oatun Star Club met the large room by the hostesses.
Tuesday evening at the home Those playing were: Mrs. Ir-
of Mrs. 1 I4tJ, ooheon in New win Ramsey, Mrs. Wallace eain,
Crlstoba1 pw ,l .s. 0. K. Wor- Mrs. John Ridge, Mrs Charles
ley and Mrs. LeRol Leeser as Reilly, Mrs. Earl Dyer, Mrs. Dan-
co-hostesaes. el, Zltmnan, Mrs. Jack Dignam,
Mrs. Kerdis Meeks, who re- Mrs. Jack Wright, Mrs. Colin
cently returned from the States, Lawsbn, Mrs. William Adams,
presided at the business meet- Mrs. Alvin Heyd, Mrs. Michael
Ing. Brsednsd, 1Mrs. James Oaamp-
Cards' woerb. played and the bell, Mrs. Howard Will Mrs. Ray
prizes for caasta were won by Will, Mrs. Charles Will, Mrs. J.
Starford Churchill, Mrs. L. Long, Mr. and Mrs. R. N.
Whitman Garrett, Mrs. Joseph Stewart, Mrs. Joe Hickey, Mrs.
Irv"M, Mrs. J L. Graham, William Allen,, Mrs. W. H, al-
Mrs. Beiahit Brundage, a n d dron, Mrs. Jeannette Cain, Mrs.
Mrs; Met1s, F. L.-Alexaltis, Mrs. L. A. Kaufer,
The bridge prizes went to Mrs. Mrs. Michael Schommer, Miss
HoWard Harris and Mrs. Gilbert Parmen Calonge, Mrs. Ivanhoe
Oen The door pries was won Seixas, Miss Mable Lyew and
by 9se ~, vng. Messrs. Henry Lyew and Paul
T re "rrs present Sholtis.
I ten ".M d Newhard, Father 'William Finn, C M.,
S Uthr Albright, Mrs. Rich- was also a guest during the eve-
i nlngton, Mrs. Eugene ning.
A. Tailor,
Mrs. Peter Lodge Meeting- at Margarita
uel Rowley, There will be a month ly
o.- .George. meeting of Lodge 974, A.F.G.E.,
at Margarita Clubhouse tomor-
-i. At W fivF9rty row at .:30 p.m. -
'ard party of The membership Is requested
n t of. the Inter- to make every effort to attend.
home's Club was -
W1tb Club. The Teen-A Club Meeting
Iere won by ~nAge C will 014 2
r t Ms. Julid at t eMar ta Knights of
a s. Carlos Morales, Columbus -ri -a 7:0;0 p.0m.
Sa es playing The Catholic wi asssAt
erre Mrs In the rgizing of the Club.
SMrs- e Al Atlal Sld Sidepnp
Legula, Mrs. are Invlted. -
Sidney 'errel,
Alberga, Mrs. ui- Recent Arrivabl
la a, Mrs. Henry Town- Mrs. Sallie Foote Allen, who
,Mrs. Lonldas Sanches, formerly resided in Gatun with
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ j f ,.^ "


.mav Qu~6kr Oa
r ................ r i

1 ~;2.' M iH w l i W f -- t i l i ( i il )

NoB.-IN you *Mki house," if
floan tne *rAi*O**Zen
easy to avoid this proabb-wbm Jeahuam's
. Slbm Wa givem smasia win ii tre

ai asdpea aE

195, gala. iu 378

Gatun Sodality Announenme
The Sodality of the Imma
late Conception Church
Gatun will hold a rumma
sale at St. Thomas Church
Silver City, Wednesday, Octob
29. Anyone wishing to conte
bute clothing or household ai
tidcles can call Mrs. B.
Slaughter at Gatun S-543. Co
tributlons will be collected
Saturday morning.

Chaplin Returning
To London Stage
After'30 Years
LONDON, Oct. 23 (UP)

tame in' moaye,, wil return
th A
traerith w-ore k dViao ae z I
the London Stage next M d,
fori the first time In 40 ears.
Chaplin woll m agttIblpte In
flAi perfouinaac. O. American andl Briti
stAhwe eren invlteW to ta e
In the show, Including BSi La
rence Ollvier and his wife, 1
vien Leigh, dancer Gee I-ld
Yvonn ed Carlo, baBlnw* 1
mara Toumanoya, DuIas

musical Because Youe Youre Mi
starring Mario Lssa.

N. Y. Daily New
Pressman Gamblle
Xmas Fund Money
NEW YORK. Oct. 3I (-P).









her daughter and son-ln4a
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cha
bears, returned by plane Me
day from an extended viiat wi
relatives in Alabama, MJislsip
and other southern States.
rsa. Alice Clement, of Gate
returned Sunday night
plane from a vis t with hi
daughter and sodi-ln-law,
Cleveland, Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. Owen
Leaving Isthus
Mr. and Mrs. Glbeet Ow
of Margarlt a leaving it
Isthmus on Octber 31 to,
their home in JaoIkovl*1I, I
Mr. Owen has wnt mst of
life on the Imus, adl t
family has bee nent
church, civic an socal actl
ties during the many year th
they have resided In Gatun a
other I thmlan towns
Cabs Initiate YTr's PWPgranm
Oub Pack I. of Oatu, stai
ed the year ot with a meet
at the Oatun Union Chutr
Monday evening, with a hu
dred percent attendance of p
ents of the. Cub.
Bight boys were Inducted
wee: N.whard, Raymo
seph Terry laut
Gary Laing, Davd a
Jimmie Jaksokn.
Buddy laughter and Rozi
Roger were reinstated In t
r. eorge Poole, Sr., gave
interesting talk to the group
cubbing and esouting.
The meeting was under t]
direction of the cubmaste
Wayne Hatting assisted by t
Deu mothers, Mrs. Walla
Thrift and Mrs. Joseph Irvi
who served refreshments.
The weekly meetings will
held at the home of the d
mothers. Any .boys interested
joining the troop may conti
these ladies.

" 7:W9:1:A I:NF.M.I

P1E IN Thtre

DeiMda?? O die Shol



Scottish Lord Ogilvy Weds

US Heiress Virginia Ryan

LONDON, Oct. 23 -(UP)-
Handsome Lord Ogilvy, con-
sidered tne most eligible bache-
lor in Scotland, marries a pretty
American hearess to millions
today in the presence of two
The bride-to-be is Virginia
Fortune Ryan, 19, daughter of
Mr, and Mrs. John Barry Ryan
of New York City and Newport,
Lt. I. She is the granddaugnter
of banker Otto Kann and great-
grand-daughter of financier
T.homas rlortune Ryan who
founded one of America's great-
est fortunes.
The wedding will be a meld-
ing of American wealth and
British nobility comparable to
the union in the reign of Queen
Victoria of American Consuelo
Vanderoilt and the 9th Duke of
The marriage would be in
the great tradition of the
linking of American money
and British titles except
that the Ogilvys are also rich.
The earldom of Airlie, to
which Lord Ogilvy is heir, has
three castles, 69,000 acres and
an estate which includes an in-
terest in a prosperous bank.
Today the tail, dark-haired
lord rehearsed the ceremony
with his fiancees at St. Mar-
garet's the parish church of the
House of Commons.
Miss Ryan wore a mink cape
and a here at the rehearsal
which drew a curious throng
to the medieval church in the
shadow of Westminister Ab-
bey where Ogilvy was once
thought certain to be married
as the favorite beau .of
Princess Margaret.
The princess, who attends the
weddings of all her former boy

Balboa, Diablo 'Y'
To Sell Tickets
For 'Glamor Boy'
Special ticket sale booths will
be arranged for Sunday after-
noon and evening in the Bajboa
and Diablo Clubhouse lobbies
for ticket arrangements to Gla-
mour Boy.
This comedy will open the
theater season for the Balboa
High School, with presentations
at.Diablo Clubhouse on Tues-
day, October 28 and Wednesday,
October 29 at :30 p. m.
From 2 o'clock until 8 o'clock
oi Sunday special ticket sale
tables will be open In the lob-
bies of Balboa and Diablo Club-
lauses for theatre-goers who
have not already secured their
tiCkets and seat reservations. -
The production will open at
7:30 with an overture by the
Balboa High Achool orchestra,
and the comedy will present
thirty players.


FRIDAY 10:30 P. M.

Si -- -0-
i The .third nation-wide 'siei must (1) intend to request de-
he of Selective Service College ferment as a student; (2) be
e qualification tests has been an- satstacthrly pIursuing a full-
an nounced by Maj. en. Ls time cou of instruction; and
SHershey, be given on T=n- (3) must not previusly have
on day, Dec. 4,1952, and on Thrs- taken the Selective Service Col-
he day, April 23, 1953, at a sprti-. lege Qualification Test.
r, imately 1,900 centers. Applicants lor the test will
ct r o cal boards use tha test ma, application blanks jor the
ae cores, or clao standing t -tu- ec. 4, and April 28, adminls-
c e dents, to determine elIde iry tratons to educational ,testing
g, for coniidetition for de femet, service in self-addressed en-
Hershey emphasized tha In- velopes, which will be given to
be creasing omanper demands registrants by, local boards.
en mkae it Important that each These cards are now available
in draft-eligible student who has at local boards.
act not taken the test do so as soon Applications for the Dec. 4,
as possible. test must be postmarked not
Students whose academic tear later than Nov. 1. Applications
ent will end in January 1953 have postmarked after midnight of
been urged to take the Dec. 4, that date cannot be accepted
XC' test so they wAJ have a test fot the December test. e
Score in their cover sheets be- The present criteria for de-
*fore the end of their academic ferment as an undergraduate
inyer, at which time their boards student ire either a satisfactory
r lreopenand reconsider their score (70) on the. Selective Ser-
" cases to. determine whether they vice College Qualification Test
ir- should be freed as student or specified rank In class (up-
'. TO be dlbe to, ipply foruee pI e half of the male freshman
M'- college deferment test a student la, upper two thirds of the
on male sophomore class, or upper
three fourths of th e -male -
F anb.cddan.fdteo- acasso le
FranConlS students accepted for admis-
W a i .m or a tending a graduate
c ho Mprior to July 1, 1951
H wa i siy the criteria if th eir work
oI ta Wse,= tsfactory. Graduate stu, .
lod w dtoth 4 nt admitted or atnding f-
ter July I must have been In
... ^ ^. iil upper halt df their ass
HANOI, air Senior year' or t
-(P)- ere- l de Fntha a score of 75 o be r
g io forcq9W thse AiteIshfboc Wnin t
lY 0w"Iyt Of a t loca9'boatds to follow the crite-
sy 1-.three Vietminh rebel divi- ria.
Sal n after blody hand-t"- educational Testing Service
handfi g Riogni, oUn Is t natlbn-wide, nonprofit edu-
Srt t enchcational organization with main
Squarti l offices In PrincetQ, N. J. Among
~ A n laaq ewnmo uc Its many programs are tests for
Said taaeset P the Naval Reserve Officers
and loyal Mnative ountainees Training Corps, entrance ex-
were ^ r-*nr pfor t new aminations of the college board;
ty nd tthe to ai MOMuntains admiTsion tests for law, medical,
e ondthe Red Rier Delta. and gduate schools; and other
Their withdrawal from a testing programs for govern-
40-mile trying of abandoned mental agencies and educational
e posts nearer Hanoi, the retreat- groups
", Ing columns inflicted heavy
easualtes on fanatical" enemy
pmers.offioiab s aw
There w o cation of the 3rd Of November
size of, the French forces in-
VS valved in the savage fighting PIcnic Planned
except that they were only "a
S o ths enemy's By Covetl Group
iRebel oenerallsso Vo Ngu-
ran Glap's black-clad forces this The Edith Cavell Friendly
marnm awied fortified Van Soie Isponsored a picnic to
e abot 40 miles uth0 os al,= Panama's Indepen-
s Wgl which fell Saturday, dnce Day, Nov. 3.
m oia evacuated by the e a be .ad from an
French Monday. member of the society, and Pio'*
I Besides these garrisons ene- nc busses wll leave from e
s rees wre reported to have corner of 3td of Nov. Street at
,, ile over "half a dozen" more 8:30 a. m.
S otpost.uaKting mountainous The Sola Harmonizers or-
Ping of the Red River Delta. h ibe on hand to furn-
f'With only fragmentary de- sh l.
Stalls released by the French, it :
V w difficult to obtain a full
Sof the situation.
kf uMime idea of the savagery U L i
e of the fighting was given by
is qe evacuated soldier who broke
o- through waey lines to safety.
He to how more than 20 ene-
r ybodiesof "human waV *-: STARTS Si
l takers dangled from .arWed -
C wire before his machlzm gun,
of 4Ld withdmw frto ItS posi-W NI U 'l SE .V -




*--you 4

dSba t

SThe warm wonder-
ful story of the pris-
on psycholegst who
went msde"to test
tho moit astonishing
ever met-n or out
of any Jall

friends, will be present tomor- phy "The Glitter and the Gold"
row with Queen Mother Eliza- how she married on her Mo-
beth. Dowager Queen Mar y their's order a man whom bshe
wants to attend, but the final did not love and how she sat
decision will be made by her in tears on the morning of her
physicians, marriage in New York.
The Duke and Duchess of She told of her duty of pro-
Gloucester and Princess Alice viding heirs for the dukedom,
and the Earl of Athlone will be how she and her husband
other members of the royal separated and then were di-
family present. Only an im- vorced. She later found happi-
portant public engagement of ness as the wife of Col. Jacques
long standing will keep Queen Balsan, a French aviation p on-
Elizabeth and the Duke of Edin- eer4
burgh from the ceremony. Outside St. Margaret's will be
Like Consuelo Vanderbilt and 12 pipers from the 2nd Battalion
other American girls who have of Scots Guards to serenade the
married into British nobility, newlyweds with ballads of the
tomorrow's bride will step into Highlands.
a life of pomp and pageantry, David-Lord Ogilvy-will not
of protocol and ceremony. wear the kilt at his wedding.
But the circumstances of the He will be in morning dress.
wedding are different. The for- "A Scotsman never wears the
mer Duchess of Marlborough kilt south of Edinburgh," he
told In her recent autobiogra- said today.

It's Movietime TONIGHT!

I anama Canal &Jheaters


DIABLO HTS. Motior Pictures Cancelled!
The Theatre Guild presents
"NIGHT MUST FALL" curtain 8:00 p.m.
:15: 1 715 "THE LADY SAYS NO"
G A M O 0 dA William POWELL 0 Julia ADAMS
| *(Technicolor) Fri. "David And Batdheba"
S:15s 7:50 "PIN UP GIRL"
(Technicolor) Fri. "Tretsur of Leti Canyon"
I A. Ptl A Ronnald REAGAN Rhonda FLEMING

6:15 a 8:0S

"HONG KONG" (Technicolor)



Shows: 1:1S. 3:11, 5:07,
7:03 and 8:59 pn. .

3M 4:4 S-M 9:05 p.m.
Italy's Wonderful Answer to A Great French Film. .
Hollywood...I "LE DEUX VERITE"
MADa (Both Sides of Truth)
MONACO -with-

BRIGIDA Michel Auclair ".
in Anna Ferrero .
Spokn in Italan with Prohibited for






The story of DIZZY DEAN
with Dan Daley Jeanne Dnru
Also: Romancel Beautiful Songs!
vith William Lundingan Jane Greet

At 9:00 p.m. WAHOO!
R4 Skelton, In
Also: -
"Shadow in The Sky"

Good and Valuable Prizest
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. q.&


Bank Night! -W Cash!
At 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.
Johnny Welsmuller, In
"Jungle Manhunt"
Also: -

v I c Ti R I A
Dane Clark, in
Maria ntes, in



4*W 40M
""''.,^\ yi x-Vi *. '-?.- .Ma

-. .. V

11I 1 1 1 I I -I.] I" 0 0

At OSCWT V AtLY-"Croker," who was sup-
posed to be the maewqoie on the Om at the Ross Allen Reptile
Institute, n Silver Springs, ia, tur th tables on the snake
population, and polishsa d a baby eastern diamond-backed
rattler. The reptiles m e soliciting suggestloms for a reliable
____-Mbat rMg3L- *.- .

Three US Selective Service

Qualification Tests Readied







Za -7'
fT .- "-*



~~hav avi*a


American Hoop Loop Holds Decisive Meeting-Tod.

Wallace-iTransito Kid Battle Admittance Of 'Scandal' Grid Straight T' Formation

P d ~t; :. 9 il b Plaviers Ts Main 'Issue 2LM API.1 3 1'

ir UStpUItcu .

got a faceful of ball as Bernhard Termath,
into him with considerable force between
at Paris' Colombes Stadium. The Home G
between the nations since 1935, 3-1,

Center, Guards Throw I
In Sooners' Fullback C(
Another of a series by famous
coaches diagramed and written -
for NEA Service I
Oklahoma Coach
NORMAN, Okla.. Oct. 23- On
Oklahoma's fullback counter
down the line of scrimmage,
fakes a hand-off to the right
half going in straight, a lateral
to the left half going wide, and
then slips the ball to our full-
back who runs over center. -
Key blocks are thrown by
Center Tom Catlin and Guards
Dick Bowman and Bob Gaut.
Catlin and Bowman double-
team one defensive guard, Gaut
takes out the other.
Catlin is a standout on plays 'c
of this nature. Our 195-pound CO U N
co-captain goes both ways, Is fakes t'
an excellent blocker. Hle often back, s l
takes the defensive middle -
guard himself, releasing the
teammate next to him for down-
field blocking.


so 4;
x r,,m




'Mr. P.
a fol
Of pros
On the
Your cl
tract a I
pects b
Zone re
... the r
,ou I

sAbooutturi Aouorse
The Sylvester Wallace-Tran- (BY UNITED PRESS) ,
sito Kid ten-r found bout The Ameriean iaketalml League will gather in New York BY 8 M D W R
scheduled for Sunday night at today for a ti that a the eage. United Presssprts Writer
the Panama Gym has been hJaek ODrlea. w1e ll prae, alre~d a. rqaned over NEWYOK .- Oct. $ (UP) -
postponed until Nov, 2 at the the question of P 0221 players hOInvold in the bribery The om attait T-torma~im
same site. This fight program scandal in the Iaeaguegdd among the layes are Sherm wh d as footb aull's a n of
will launch the Panama Inde- White of Long- fnelty, A Gl,BaI Beard and the a ince 1940 s football's ra outf
pendence sports activities. In- Bill Spivey ofe elie ky. Splue was to ly for Elmira, New rufit course. ou
dependence Day in Nov. 3. York-the other three. with Jetrse y O ity. Wit serve a jail rght of the t.p 40te6Mlit-W,
The main bout of the excel- sentence lfor gSame-fixing. Grea s and Beard drew -.spena ed by the United os l&r4- o
lent program prepared by pro- sentences for the same re ase. Spivey hasfl keen convicted of coaches have junked the
mother Jose Luis.Torres had to bribery, but h has been idleted for p T developed by eorge a sh Load In Classic C
be called off because a tooth O'Brien says: "If the elub Owners wan to break down the and Clark bh ftge Kegllyn eaiguelo lrN19hn 1795546
extraction by Wallace needed barriers, that' their bulnesf W* nevtr wM allow an'y player using the split-, h d-T7 g i e Norris 211154183
dental surgery yesterday, with a stigma In 1is oIn before, and they shouldn't "ow." wingr84 18
Boxing Commission Physi- I w o an Perry Pilotti of the Bridge-gle wng or co The Nh Willy bowling-team l4 54
tenBre- nation of. the whow iwka -sof, the Classic1 )owilA' Les, 1"9-"-'i--'-2,-2'
an, Dr. Alberto tBisstt, re- r onnecticut, tea It's an Issue of. O'Brien re- exenpfed by terror of th increased itg lead 951 3 7 2
commended that the fight be signing lAnd leotlnjg the ot9er ball playft play, I'm backing year Mlc n tok hre ?tb -o --n .
Spostooned after examining O'Brien 116 per cent." 'o aii riht"1from When it took three poilt ApetoS A-1-
Wallace. The extraction has lob Maloney of ScaUd says: "'m definitely against he. NO. ter a land, omthe n Se our At o te nt e m AO
forced Wallace to call off hisMsigning scandaloneplyies. Easterr oeo lo 5T rr- whne Seas was tak1g Jo n :ts s1 7
nia, No. 3,. u fttte sttaght T points frdm the PAA bowling Bo.. 173'u9. 4
workouts for a new days. The'National Baskethbdl Association already has gone fn N3featukpng ft Vlk W6.bu intIt. P oo 158
Tuneup sessions will be record as reftuib to size canlal ]players. No.4,- OklahomAIx A'spilt-T Ze 48
stamed ,Monday. The a d d e d Nine elties .wil be, repgrasted at today's meeting. Memr Noutfit a hd X0 .45Gorgia Tech Bill (600) Malebaain]t.ed
week will also enable all the hers. are Jersey City, 3Amh',. Wilkes-Barro, Sera ten, Bridge- employs S *p1-T.a up to his average and knocked Nash-IFa1
fighters on the program to port, Saratoga ad Maneostar, Connecticut. Two Pennsylvania Next i n line t' Southern Cal- out a smooth 6 Wit ames Marabella 8521
whip themselves into the best citles's-asletoniand Carbo lu-are potential members. Ifornia, which Uses the s:8M e 187, 24 and 204 t' ead hi anaylon ft
A co-feature on Ihe card is wing, then- ptTDuke, group, followed by on with Jener "
the ten-round battle between wing U-TLA Wileon- 70 and Jenner and Best, both Beat '.
featherweight contenders Ce- msin aind No, 1. ii Olho iState, of Whom had 55g. Ftr the loers, Malees2426.
sar Leal and Vicente WorrelL .i i4ng strain h at pll-T. Lulu Zebroek followed Mlee -
Leal, former bantamweight TeamsTh he s with a ghtly less 6 15,-th
champion of the Isthmus, is were scheduled to catch up with .Jamison coming ndxt iwith 5 7,.. 2834
making a comeback in the Itmsisthe old Ti-ut lmagin ,t4ve Bates with- 53, and'Bot30 th
making an c c n the eams; icke Against os t born g i tt e [ n LIcert p
heavier division.coaches refused to stand
A six-round semifinal be- o and introduced or -erfected gim-
tween Battling Escudero and mit ks that mae toitchddwns as The Sears outfit, bowling the v v
Byron Cumberbatch and a four- NEW YORK, Oct. 23 (UP).- over Purdue, MiMourl 13 over chelp as ever- highest series pf the season th s
round "special" between un- The men who set football odds Iowa StAte d-Mlamfrof Ohio 20 t a the offensive poten- e ar knocked the PAA taete -
beaten Toto Ibarra of Chiriqul have a lot of respect .for teams over Oilo U en ;y. tial is ust bemi to be de es tot four piot *1Fitnl
and Billinger Diaz will round with unbeaten records. In the Soutwest... Kansas yelOkd'o adnit Bhaughhessy Meanson beating out a 14i, ol ash
out the program. The 'official Minneapolis line,' aid SouthpMethodist are rated wh V h D dian ro dwed Billy Coffey wit7 614.a
Sr----- ----- released In New York today, even, HNotiatois six. ov Arwizona e B years and aler th 574, fr total
Hrt picks against only one of the un- State Of Teni, oi back with the r-dcovered T. ainall of 20N, The PAA tam *
o laomeanodt bowled itfs lowescore of th
szareGianessiof France IStanford-Michigan bnel Omakes 01ct-beaten arid-M In otroitntontklahomanrode lid e ts lonwth score y Bill EtUm5i
German forward, backed Wisconsin a seven-point choice Missidppi seven over Ark th pb to Me andr thein saso 1th o l Mor on
en the Frenchgoal posts t] n e over visiting UCLA which un- and ArlSona 13 over Hardin-Sim a e undoubtedly I fened with 526, and Te Wilber with
before 60,000.. (NEA) In other major games, chn voters lto sing aw from the 516. having over 500.
res nef dirame Ahe anoce beal oten mnajoragptutterinh am gt o Ma.- Team standings: ,W YORK, nOct.l 233 (UP)
H By T I or odds-makers stick close-dto ornm In he West... Washington splothIM.itniansofMRrl lNative DancerCame -"
__ _urt tlev imoTaofbPin Nati Dancer. yaeterdan cameo
tHurt By Television dihbe of unbeaten-Untied Stae Isix over Oregon S at, t Team WioLo Ave. from id dl i
teams, California Is a six point Colorado A- M 13 over Uta he ome s adethe In- Nah 1i 6 945t. oe-
- L/'11 STANFORD, California, v favorite over Southern Cal and StateTe olOrado a4 overnNebr sk a Olumiaduri g wrogninga. 8ea p" 1at 09 Red taliTn .. I
S1 s th anlford iersity gina d ifaVored by s vr Vi Ore n 20 over Montan ea. Na 018.the lew
says televisioSn of the Oct. 3 Unbeaten, untied Michigan "" 'a'k deefo r the atssouriwI.-
StaUer foay d-e Mi an foot he ,Staes oa 21point favorite toentor. The.Nsh team bowling alf the on
a -Mc a $ 8rla ot a Olt chn has developed a stigat a 945 aCUP- ldti a Von- t
geie ndorm State its 1f 3 ovdefeat. Spoerts raies rb ( hI
S game hurit the ate. He esti- And Marla d, anotherteam to iplt-T magicl at quar fistentl h team aege Of
Masters says the crowd would .with a perfect record, also Is a 0 back. Mryland's master hand of haIi-bowled over 1e as a
hae totaledrs about $65,000 with n21-oint pick over Louliaha ". the moment is Jack Scarbath eam 'for'-te first asix Weks aof '_V S o'n
South telev n. That large a Sta t e. By UN PRSb and at Oklahom it's raftYd- play. The eyrr teai how
ey BI wouM have paid alout Georgia pTech. Isa 20ploint B BALL die Crowder. Eaci can run and ever, leads In the high. game do-: eWa b a e rfe lm
SAs a o ehoce to stay unbeaten against os, vital to the system' ue- rtment with 1020, compared e 5 .te n

T? Quterback ;onthrdbasewith oneout.The nhe A rorprloltobsetnyunbeattna1ainst Sear hemovd th.0La
l$216,000. As Ibatter h a fy ball to the od erbilt; and u atEn HOr turt eranl dl to n nhatrdsonaand0ght Rason 10 2 00 10 he frti

lrn te r P la y o right fielder. The runner tags si et o n 0 over Cor-De. h te "hrCla rk C Bfy 183 2.5 20 6 M T e sj epr u med W.l to show..

over center. (NEA)_ ..... up The third ba eman places nsesix overgh c0 over WesrIt hot' g The Ui ted States Lana Ten- e a-
That number paia.~ a-gate of lla a, another unbeati a pit1.D peIIN0_.bably did M. e t Ore- The 10 leading bowlers if the 1; I, th e
hmsel5,00. That, adiredt line of vision team w en e vailt nd 'ei o e ms Associaon announced la e

and before the catch Is made ov iajnd the -rtelth n w eBritish n. ht that those die w' mom- a
mondeliberately total his body tse$185,000 .h way in a Tndaygames. i -L t thea e fs-- idWTF a-s A
S Masters say as estimates dt e Xavier, Ol. v e l do 8t- r d t lych
nrut takeInto consideration the lpn abar]n h Owie of a ipan lione title. Il t 8 U, "
should t he umpire take?-r nivrsties ettie e and Lee over Vlr- t rou claint ine-and It's

E NM T T O k D .Law rence = M idw e.t C incinna ti iL d w chn w ill m0s I hMear*16 ru .-
.ESTS t* n e gh to "= .... "*- stari Dec .. 29x. senr Jt .
This aot is seldom pulled, but -- 1 Iennis a ss say a tou E S iy 1 .
the telecast inobstead of seeing the run- day ded It the A l a t.- t
frocal da el. He should challenge round. i s .
of FloridalIs*sid. e rJerq teWsGOLFnn d()n1 2 Victo *a onitt I' -to
_ordhams six oveQ. Has any team In the Na- Phaadph aThiss m ( allowed
A. The Giantege and Santa Cla* t Ist'1over edlI'on8o rank ApMarabella U(Nash) 184-17 N l Dane tbMe
'aND BOTTLED tob "ial m lei- RPsdabe %d'A nd n lobi rews (P ): 184-. .1 ,0 b
SIn, other major Saturday or w hr Dyy The scores of-'Friday niglht'swBhBl t

JA D A cl h s ti NP AsT Yict orie moThibitio m. y
ames...taord 13 eer uthet lw Ri a d venlefilly weal&l h sevnS
JWashington, Mi chiga 14 over ththe wen52 Wer T D t us tA
Dt 11___e w Minnesota, I Notre let20 over WTt11iae r's. seven
North Carolina, OW* State 20 1$. Mis alslis aten '5 e T-I84 1"82 Th othaerthe

Mi. Miht f inne!1 in14 The Otme (a h: s W ere the
over Iowa, Penn seven over A1&- uly Lee Hatrding.. 3-and;2 J WVaihern 191. 161 164 51 .h the 'Sr-

By BEquickly start NShe ReneArsDON i Texas 10 over Rice aylor t deefted Morton 201 the i1{ the rad'M iuon
24dotted line! Yeh l arg ov Tes o neage Ta s A-and-M tbe L STbnd,, R Andrew. S189 181 1s58
aOther Cdds, D n teinns trophy aeO the 869 n0 8b00 ae .c ar an overwbelm-
Other odds: BritishBoxin te ts thi g choice of the 9,1 s, -e
Quarterback. with one out. The, In the. East... Army. si over pron uf A iSOlOiSOMlg Ilan- been banded to V4 A lRE n -' Sears tu b $240. *L1.I ad;3.10. Laf-
left er e n l third as eae oat The Columb Rut ge rs over n m rn i middle- Ilton. RichMa 191 2 0 iswhe
lips ball to fullback go- rght fielder. The runner tgs own, ton 20 oyer Cor- we fht twee Crmarfey* 18 225 206 614 T ..10
aer cegnter. fieA) r. uTheehrd unnerman asce
(NEA) uphmselthinrdretasline O placeson Virginia Boston University .d40 lnd i.arie Hndie of Dis Association announced lasit
and before the catch is madeoover LE fh and thle' n. won .the British niht That those t, wi" C0i-
from side to -side, thus in / "u. nt-r o ayd hw ithether
should the umpire take?-Frank Washington and Lee 13 over Vir-11 fight cou lal wins-and It's l
D. Lawrence, e ginia Tech. ie'If and when pre- chance-it will m.-
AENT TO In the Midwqst... Cincinnati I s"Ray Robinson. Ing champs ftom'
Answer: The umpire awards six over Kentucky, Illinois six matches at do 'A
UESTS the runner the right to score. starting Dec. 2a Asofv"
This act Is seldom pulled, but tennis association, OR La o 'uiT
now and then occurs. The third E member of t". ua4 spy .be -
baseman is obstructing the run- A.I:. ded If the Am gab
n lr from dranli ng. He should ,A GR U T11 challenge round.' ."
be penalized.D Seixas, a tennis' an frn
tional League held on to first DI E Rjnumber one Am= Aaim I F0 TI
UmRouge, Louisiana and rank.
A. The Giants of 1923 were' and R ninth nationallug.eCis, rank- Apartaub 6343
the only club in league history ed 11th natlmtnlly.Ria home Is
MND BOTTLED to hold first place from the.l'HPasadena, Caiifor

AD Q. Which National League PAorNYa lndxFii dat o
DA club has won the 'most pennants oplaymoving on ato itelia.
since the turn of the century?-....YRichardle U

ly. Try them now the ymngster ega play the H I
results will surprise eda Cl an la aee -
and will report to leveland's T H
mier cIn the 5 l





- ~.,. -L

M PA*t fj AMKnAW A AMfm t uLiM biKr ftd.' ,wlpv

U'~- P -pM- -a- -- MAN

&iii Gri Weekn Starts
.. \

With So.

Carolina-Clemson Battle

Militia Ready Hustling Officials Enable ]

OE ILLIAMS For Today' .. Football Teams To Get I
me am waAnnualsMt Adent
Annualf.. Clu..?.N oAnNEW YORK, Oct. 2-They
RLYG.u itmMratw ma6y not play the bedt football
EARLY GR mstin he a Coast Conference,
the By Mbut they most certainly play the
Dust bTheres great bustling and ex-
Prm eu so a i gl em the way --te-met n South CAM igTur filbtsys with Soter &
And ore winaa .1 all bsawwda1a Duke Waab d. o tha s I. the B betteis to1do, diesc quaeredbthat ^It to
thl '* i. .t a a e ato rsro .
Syacse ta .t umea et of a beas' eamap. itate's biggest football game of coast lams sverason 0
readlthe'laton t= ontwoo[aaa a o other college Or Drofes-
Ss t e* teams Clemson ando0th, stonal league could make that
OThe V Vli II t the hasIIN t b M i~t Ua *7q Wft ge11 RS ty s thel statement.
No. ^My a has lepan 1 m Carolina get the toopes. cT al Coast gives tans more
?to the rt 9 ttutruaa e we~ektrd off to an early staet t action because our officials
thw~ rlIii a taif on I battle, hustle," asserts Frank McCor-
,,etweenha artw mick, supervisor of POO offi-
mancar-02aahe by, ready for action. lono doas. t peaOs ge t only 25 aet r-
n t b tii23 =runs seo high in this long s on ds toput the ball In lay, or
1 Ce r tl ta e e today Is the 50thhe are charged with a -y ard
hou see i fe r t bit tIe t f b harge A onto bthe field"Aoe "ay. tip-off on when you
t to i ae to charge can legally substitute is this:
ma oraan e drawn. figherte have e en when an official is searmthe ba tp
g pot e f imen he t s ads b to R a substitute can be sent in;
tr ing poleemev have tie r aswhen the referee moves away
Lifee ae smis ver pt a It all traditiIonal part from the ball, it's too late,
twea 0 a ethe s ao d day known In South Carolma as You have got to practi slely
1b th?3fth" a! b fmeia rwwj$ t the Ty-abo Pan ig knursown Ia in ga w ing Sou thqen t o th w ite-o l set
hebot f tant d trest nehaws t ti Thurs day to get into the PCC's officials'
e t -that to i e on state holiday, tw te union.
Pdel e In a We Aol his ngThis vogfooto le b o t hte ady Among whiatle-tooters are a
pec*e a whia the old peian ta4 gt o nave tee berek o hoblw off st e. offlea ls college president, six tnsuranoe
t atomrs Pf Ll e eas Igroat .a. l S outer C ofereneexecutives, an architect, two
modent almost fotrce tey am'*
sboo be k aIs the o*wl pblieatou Or ha thte to s lecting talent dto be- called o IL ou 9 heTOWd naval and dsh yard pi ,personnel
said t y"eret S. n* ^ *tkins is a six-foot bCarSl ifna legslsatuker came tlf the b In ZOO a e ir e id eca n a
dfo velright rescue, and game will be o played f f. aotaudit bureau chief and an as-
by aren- because it'sreuired by law. tuy w an srtmnt of principals, coaches
A football still takes funny bounces and not st gle is a fve-foow Ave 10pound Ct U t s butathiionh aa ual and teachers.ot a ha -
sto ni teams bow uIexpentedletooweakuants. tl th elfo alwako the A umof th l About everything but a re-
sam g thes Wby terol p oe -A who h a O wn. the wIa. .Conference for one year becauseSt. ub at e m Tatnt r um says ek
Mrlt nd Red LwI tmnIt had violated iaruling Jim Tatum says Jack Bar-
Syr ciusi e ea m do i n ot hetoe eoe t e Jt haven. r bath sa the finest quarterback
w as sioeBlg t s Re d mo at N a w sone HIAt G. oul d- h vea b eo n eam s k,-MHi in fo otball. shekl to read to a-aiJalisyr r aathe. h teat.s Ti qeuarterbacking is flaw- ekead th dli
aem1 11 oltI ae t hat alrlnray S, ma beok kt gbe ti m. e a to play'South Carolina to* n Pec less th e waand m entor D Y tJae th dl-
U; t tP.h Coach Of Week a e the ts Briefs a a a e the reb a
stlrito ende-emphase the tem -sporti i officialseleft -e unless the sgme a pltay Jack defeated Mias atae (ves the T a a
marks and classroom requirements. N0~ot By ST4N0POTOWSK was are by law. South C touchdown passes, beat Auburn
S* Unted res Sports Writer roina legasatrs promptly PS- NEW YORK A team that the next week the same way. Harry Agganis, Boston quarter-
S-YOR, Oct. 23 -Lowell sad a law reqring that the has lost both starts. till leads A ainat CGlmson, he figured in back, run, ass, kick and fake
A" ti sbert aSlm W.Lth Ut., M. 1ttan et O w "I Daion, a little guy who game be pye the country In passing. al four scores the opp on di, then re
r debate mihtete, ith wb job in rebuilding And It w be. T spi "Scarbath seldom makes a t turned to Marquette to make
Stie e, f btre v rsity of Pittsburgh's ulaters w l h ,e a feldda Latest NCA figures show mistake." out his report.
t ithatnes Wednesday since 's tn automatle 35e P ordham has averaged 293 yards
Wa11ew u na y nite Fw cc out o thernldieswhetlast eee o D
e was n d ni Pre Coac sellout. Other lales wh r game while to Hol entucky, despite some superb "He can run pass, punt and
th oo l Of The Week, don't knew a football from a and the Qantio Mrino ta has never conquered a pla defense," Erakine said.
feIwst ito Was Although eIsin his first year go wille In the stands, T* Rams have -ompleted 44 Tennessee squad coached b "He must be able to do every-
atU n0Ca* at Pitt and still feeling his way he latest fashion ea- asout o 96.Texas Brf G. Bob Neyland. thing hh? inquired Coach
t ft e Oee Dawson alrad has a-tons. ds in tu down passing witcovers more than 20 years. The Lisle Blackbourn.
h-tt 2=l^d ," I i the farofugPnrd therClg vemson asi oglewowingn am- o w.m ore hth.in2.ears.b P I
Swre. o Pe B fP t de a l n rf on0"Naw," oe l n replied, Erskine, "he
thai -ts at a "b re t far-flung a t Clemsn, aI sg wam1 Wftdaese, corning on like hintl "Naw eed, E e "
gout st onts. not far 00 1 abitwith succee "v upset coached by owar at
o me. and six, pointhholoeWn But odds Michigan State's top rankiper, think tis can t boot extra points."
.nee ntt.e ntfachelas fsor .e hi vieres over, 1 ~ r he year, battle the Veo l
SArm mean little In ths grdge ballet the pace e oIn towo. 22._
t "P. toe, boys provided their, wn littertaverageOfnth~dA e.ttouh the e B oib dhe
*I*..lut *meo %Mc- UesMDwoon C IO oeventyt tb tea 11b thought the same Bala'e Poe olTorBe
Lo was, tC:Uhrs.r via" "wet into th ae" cIiltooa jiarushtge a few seasons ago, .b Tut B
phy alt for Perfect Little Gentle m tW Own 'ft' thei Inese 3 f r ab rr d 5eeoltateo e
""sR oMNo 0 eme o thit ago .ULYdaoh a 2 "rennesee came from behind to Creo d Tomorrow
tlR orftenger arie nirio se l untied an. a b4l h. A3,andeight-tenth win.
ftl oe of1I aiiureh watt, haetat But, 96601 flkayraverage,, "Well beat you guys next
W ft 'ts ckew tatmge nnfd thera m a V A ei# ya criedononesWllht player. Balboa swimming pool will be
an ItoIsn' tndt htcount s. Rd sl t tknow that eUe1n ntomorrow hoh
e-- Ihiase his'*upt hsis ag anounced t-
ll oha L" M at ?AUali ae oman medc tt
F I ratsswords dran hed bI, t enr cby le the o0 Physical Educationn
lfun b fim twin, on 4oin'thpya&r." about;it," hesaid. and Recreation Branch.
o" nb... thueat ac l we wre.ioo"That's what your daddy used ork
,, b PAVISd CoY -TheAworkwiv be doe by thed

e i s a "r.ftabo bu Ii N W YO "wv t os poths o uat thaandtIt ishexpected that it will
M s ffofdthe Chicago ha. "otshw'G o* in New York Mondayt
Rled Oordertl e entire coach b crino6bda splayerbmanlalar schedule the following
S. as In d eaa e stafr Out oodm e and traie a 4 years downs In the upet, but irs ame a i rdan O day.
Pe loopIb.ladltteam ooJoeHewillreeninmWASICeommandmostoftTe.1h
eld res S dt talptothe the his new post with hsBI
o rroformeraients at Villa-
hMetr of New York has signed
for __ nova as Loyola of ight Heavyweight Jake La-
1% w0 E this .... n a truman weuis,~ : ~rp;99I~JIU~d..-.._ he replied. "At Yale, the boys fmx a 10-round bout with Danny
are students first, then football Nardito of Tampa, Florida. The
*etaBattr SoflightWill be staged on Nov.14 at

Is two cents a day. He never It so* .Worse _n iThe Dodesvlce-preidont gives We worl4 Champions the.
could h=p toether. idatsst tmoientawould beasud- ft ot' tie U atitla averageofRobinson, Cam-
den o t O peace. leven-if "D 'do" 9 arry Marillyo.i a
Monroe. Stfeeprobably still k lke Male, n center.aspnnIa n1t,'
field., Th dope. t, --'nmt'ther w t-
,- -" 4 .sp ,rI r, -hndi.. i

Pacific Coast

i More Plays

Women's Recreation
Class At Margarita
The Women of the Atlantie A-
rea, Civilian, Arny, Navy and
Air Force are reminded thav.they
are cordially invited to attend
the "Women's Recreation Class"
which Is being held every Mon-
day, Wednesday and Fray
morning from 10:15 am. to.k
a.m. at the Margarita Oymna-
Calisthenics and Badminton
are being offered with lnstruc-
tions for the novice. If you are
interested in other at es
other than those listed. pa ea'
contact the Gymnasium iretor
or the Recreation Asdtau at
the Margtarita Gym, -lephone
number 3-2300,
There is no charge for these
activities. This program Is kmtde
possible by the Physical 3diea.
ton and Recreation Branch.
Adult Activities at tMe
MwarIts Gym-ual
SAll adults of the Atlantic Avea,
Civilian, Army, Navy, and JAir
Force are cordially Invited toat-
tend the following activities be-
ing held In the evenings t the
Margarita Gymnasium.
Monday 7:00 to 10:00 p Vi
Badminton, mixed gr*op,
(Major Activity), Hobby Qp,
Table Tennis, Use of
Tuesday 7:00 to 10:00 p n.
Open for Suggestions.
Wednesday 7:00 to 10:00 pjn.
Men's Volleyball Leaguo, (56p-
tember to December), Hobib
Shop, Table Tennis, Use of Exter-
Thursday 7:00 to 10:00
Square Dancing, (conducted by
Jack Tabor, pres. and Roes Cun-
ningham, Caller.)

Driving Trotters
Can Be Dangerous
YONKERS, N. Y., Oct. 1 -
(NEA) Jimmy Bell,a a-
al.ter. at Yonkers RAceaoy dur
ng the trotting season, says he
hears the darnedest remarks by
Like the answer a horseman
gave a lady who ked him f
"It sure ," he said. I ame
starved to death twice last year."
Another time, Jimmy heard a
man try to persuade a friend to
take a seat at the finish ae.
"What's the use?" the tried
muttered. "The horses I bet ot
never get that far."

The Federal Government has
filed a $33,000 damage suit a-
ganst Syracuse of. the National
Basketball Association. It charqg
es the club over-charged on tick-
ets by $11,000 last season.


...Too .
.*7 S* -

IL i B jA- -^..
BT '


Iw 4al! ,

It was to be just s msga I plain d e employ
a lett-hander s r seven ight-hand batters, THRIFTY
especially in the ct is tb Field. TH n IF I
Yet so badly did t MatnaLLeagiers' attack fall apart that .TO I ft 1T
Casey Stenge- opened and osed the final game with a geuth- U g
paw and gt awl with t.
ddie pat started ad when Bob Kusav,. came in to make FL iHTSI
Archduke Snider pop up wth the bases full 1 the seventh, the
Yankees felt they wee IM. fo by i t time the left-hand hitting
center fielder was the o Guards' only threat At this stage,
Jaskle Roblson col en ht left-hander.: Non-top in
XKuZAA B UT M N GL PaGMoT On mLBr-aniDsD .n o in
Manager Stogel w m -ed.Ped a year ago for bringing 4 1/2s ho .
In Kusava in the ninth n fng Word Serdie finale to pitch
to the right-han d battNb, Mbnte Irvin and Bobby Thomson of *
the Giants, with te M U". MI hnur lOf
MKusava was t O It I ha at the moment, right of left- lxury of
handed," explained 01' u. ml. Oil Q.- 'p-'.
It Is presumed that four iuUve World Series victories
ake ~teay a l t1 mar ,as Joe McCarthy was *
labeled by Jmy DykN am- h Valo Irishman was racking C
'em up in the same role. tbg. Is for sure, it Stangel is a I ediat connections
pub-button pl he hEa pu d right buttons.
Stengel ca aft' the batting order In the sixth game W New York.
for the 102nd M1e In ahe yar. That was his way of beating the
gaes after having to -baodon tfu atoon plan with the depar-
tua of Jerry olemaanand Dr. Bo Bt.wn. Low Tourist Fares:
Ptewers are mput nM m i l the bell and pitching more 493M on, way and
ileae wbr l f I why it has become un- t9.00 round trip.
tP" oerJigVFmr example only one
IVas many "as 11 complete
MrF_ us continue to 1001

S .. and te
were ha S M .O ... -


A' S mart o R (Ride c/le

Immediate Canal Zone or New Jersey Delivi

Attractive Off- Floor Prices

Liberal Allowances For Your Used Car.



Ave. Jufst Aresmena y Call* 30
(hoar Olympic swimming Pool)
Pheus 3-40 Panama, R. P.

Ave. MalRdeA y

9. stor




Calle 16
hone 0S0
Wn. R. P.

LA ~ ~

'I'. -
- ~A4, -.




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'- .'.. ..i.~ :~





"__ __________ g a .

Gov. Arnall

Sees Dems

Matching '48


_anmaAieric An

Two Senate Races Mae Tiy

Connectiut Big Vote PriZe

"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.
GRINNELL, Ia.. Oct. 23 (UP)
Former Georgia Gov. Ellis Ar-
nail said here tonight that a: TWENTY-EIGHtH YEAR. PANAMA. R. P., THUR'`%Y, OCTOBER 23, 1952. FIVE CEN't
survey of the south, together
with his visits to California, New
York, Ohio and Michigan, have
convinced him that the Steven-
lon-tarwkasicetl 'Campaign Enters Final Fortnight
did in 1948."
Arnall, who recently resigned
as federal price administrator,
told an Iowa audience that the
date DwightD paEisenahowerndi Truman Warns Taft May Run Country, Ike Sees Democrats As 22 Caliber
"forfeited" all claim to being the,
leader of a crusade. i Drive U.S. Labor Back To Slavery Men Holding 45 Caliber Jobs
Arnall said Eisenhower waLo
"guilty" of personal disloyalty to -- o --
"the men who raised him to an!
eminence for which neither his, By DAYTON MOORE By MERRIMAN SMITH
abilities nor his stature as a-man i
qualify him."h
uWe have'to admit that the WITH TRUMAN, Oct. 23 (UP) ished his five-minute speech WITH EISENHOWER, Oct. 23 prosperity with "wire leadership."
Democrats have made some mise -President Truman said yes- and threatened not be bring his (UP) Dwight D. Eisenhower For the third day in succes-
takes Arnall said "Pres'dent terday that if DWight D. Eisen- daughter Margaret to the rear charged yesterday that the Dem- sion, Eisenhower said he had no
Roosevelt and President Truman hower is elected President Sen. platform unless they stopped ocratic administration "too long Intention of answering adminis-
were both very human men Robert A. Taft will run the booing. has allowed little .22 caliber men tration "slander" against him. He
He said "they made very few countiv and the Republicans At Wilkes-Barre, Mr. Truman to hold .45 caliber jobs." said his "good friends" Francis
mistakes in policy, but picked will drive labor back to sla- told a crowd estimated by local The Republican presidential Cardinal Spellman. Rabbi Hillel
several men not qualified by abi- very. Democratic officials at 17,000 candidate addressed a police-es- Silver and Bernard M. Baruch
lity loyalty or self-respect forI "fou want to go out and that there were two depressions timated crowd of 20,000 persons had "done it for me by jumping
th tsks to which they were as- vote for a thing like that, you under Republican administra- from the steps of the Springfield, in and saying 'This just isn't
signed -ought to have your head ex- tions, with 7,000,000 unemploy- Mass., City Hall. He accused the so "
"One of these has turned out minedd" Mr. Truman rtolded during one and 14,000,000 Democrats of piling up a record Eisenhowerm charged Democra-
to be 'the Republican nominee," whisle-stocroa s th css I t ther of "monetary thievery" which he tic "fear" m e r c h a n t s with
Arnall sided Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh "If you put them back in aid they tried to dismiss by spreading the idea that a Repub-
.f____________ or a speech tonight, you will have 28,000,000 Un- claiming the GOP was "merely lican victory would lead to a de-
Eisenhower's election, he mple to d t he said, trying to discredit us." pression "when actually what
E"isendmhowt election, h Hettold the Wilkes-Barre "November fourth will be mere- they fear is that they'll lose their
itsaid, might plunge the nation spectators, including delegations 1v getting a line of departure," #jobs."
VisitingWMedico into another depression, "and from coal steel and garment he said, calling for a Republican He said American productive
worse, the world into another unions to "el ect people who will victory on election day. "We will capacity could be turned toward
Dies Suddenly In Mr." Trua's otar statemet"
enly Mr Truman's tart statement ngo for abor on from there." "the radar and jets of peace in-
Sabout Taft came at Northum- Republican congressmen His democratic opponent spoke stead of the jets and guns of
l! PD nama Room berland, Pa., during an ex- with a few Democrats whom he from the same spot about a war." and charged that the ad-
change with a group of young preferred to call "Dixiocrats and month ago and drew a crowd of ministration had disappointed
hecklers In a crowd of 3,000. The Shivercrats" alwaysy voted for 7.500 persons though police said the nation and the world by fall-
The body of Dr. Philip Charles hecklers greeted the president's the Taft-Hartley law," he said. the size of the throng was limit- ing In the quest for race.
Jeans, one of the world's au- train with boos and a sign read- That law, he added, "holds the ed by a heavv rain. Eisenhower earlier told voters
thorities 'n pediatrics who died ing, "Welcome Mr. Truman, but laboring man down by injunc- Eisenhower said he was de- at Hartford, Conn.. they should
suddenly at El Panama Hotel we like Ike." tion which I wotildn't use as lighted to see sigris in the turn the Democrats out of office
last night, will be cremated and "I like him too." the Presi- you steelworker's know." crowd that the bearers were and permit the Republicans to
his remains sent back to Iowa. dent observed, "but I like him At Bloomsburg, Pa.. Mr. "Eisencrats." He said he wel- "stop the drain of money through
The 69-year-old professor of when he la courteous and not Truman told some 5,600 per- corned the support of "enlight- the hole in your pocket that is
pediatrics at the University of acting like that." sons that the Republican ened Democrats." inflation."
Iowa died last night of coronary If Eisenhower is elected. he presidential nominee "can't "This government too long has It was there that Eisenhower
thrombosis only two hours after added "Taft will run the gov- be pinned down on major is- allowed little .22 caliber men to hurled back at the Democrats the
he arrived in Panama to deliver ernment, not Ike." sues." Ihold .45 caliber jobs," the former charge that the GOP was the
lectures and visit local hospitals. Mr. Truman could not quiet general said at Springfield. He "stand pat" party. He, said that
Traveling with him were his the hecklers until he had fin- He told 1.800 persons at Wil- called for the election of "deter- the administration itself was
wife, Mrs. Grace Jeans, Dr.' liamsport, Pa., that the Repub- mined" public officials who "badly shopworn" and dedicated'
Stanford Farnsworth of the licans "nominated a general would pave the road to peace and to "stand-pattlsm."
World Health Organization and Ital ian Communist and tried to camouflage the real
Dr. Nevin Scrimshaw, director i issues" in the current campaign
of the Central American Pe- Brands Ne because they knew they could tr eer
diatrics Institute in Panama.ew not win on their record Cent
Dr. Jeans was met last nightA c
at the airport by a delegationAnti-Democratic At Scranton, addressing 15
of Panamanian doctors, who 000 persons, many of whom Service To Save A m y $38.000
eadd today he showed no signs ROME, Oct. 23 (UP).-Italian ould ot hearbecause of failure y
of illness. Communist leader Palmiro To- in the amplifying system, the
On his arrival at the hotel, gliatti labeled "antl-Constitu- president said Eisenhower took o -
Dr. Jeans expressed a desire to tional and anti-Democratic" to- extreme liberties with th e
remain in his room to rest. The day a proposed electoral law truth's when he said the Social A new centrally controlled mes- from Fort A m.a do r, and two
doctors who greeted him at the sponsored by Premier Alcide de Security Act was a bi-partisan senger service for the United weighing 25 and 50 lbs. from Fort
airport were still in the hotel Gasperi. of the Right-Wing law. States Army Caribbean, Panama Davis.
when they were summoned to Christian Democratic Party. .I Area, which is calculated to save The new services replaces all,
Dr. Jwhen they were summone and found to Chim Toristia's statemenocratic Parkedty. I am notsure, of course that at least $38,000 a year. went n- former Individual organization,
Dr. Jeans' room, and found him Togliatti's statement marked the candidate was deliberately to effect thisweek, providing unit or section messenger ser-
dead in brother of the deceased is salvone of the opening of Left-Wing trying be that he ust doesn't normal distribution b e t w e en vice of the posts affected, which
A brother of the deceased is salvos In the major Parliament. know the facts on his party's various posts and between major are no longer authorized. The
expected to arrive on the Isth- ary battle looming over the pro- record," he commented various posts and between major are no longer authorized. The
mus by air tomorrow night to posed bill which was introduced recorente offices on each post. service does not provide internal
complete funeral arrangements. In Parliament on Tuesday. Mr. Truman said Republicans An outstanding feature of the To this date, orm tactical eunessenger service
had v o t e d for "crippling" first centrally organized service has been undertaken mainly by
------------- ~amendments to the law or tried to operate in the Panama Area the individual organlz a t on ,
to send the legislation "brck is trans-Isthiian service bythrough organization vehicles.
Sto the committee and bury t train.Twice daily and once on Official runs of this nature were
r T A$7DT/A// / 1 there." 1Saturdays,.pouches are sent be calculated to cost 19 day h

...there's rich chicken goodness


Chicken Noodle Soup!
YEs, every bowlful of this taste-tempting,
taste-sarisfying soup is steeped through
and through with rich chicken goodness. Camp-
bell's chooses oniy plump, tender chickens ...
simmers them ever so gently to yield a gleaming
broth adds golden-yellow egg noodles and
plenty of tender pieces of chicken.
Serve Campbell's Chicken Noodle
Soup today!



HARTFORD, Conn., Oct. 23
(NEA).- Tiny Connecticut can
toss only eight electoral votes
into the. Nov. 4 presidential pot.
But General Eisenhower, Gov-
ernor Stevenson and President
Truman are treating it like one
of the biggest prizes in sight.
There's good reason. Con-
necticut has two Senate races
this year and they could be
crucial to party control of the
Senate. Apd) the general con-
sensus here is that whoever wins
tht state's presidential honors
will pull' two senators in on his
coattails. So the stakes are big.
Mr. Truman showed it when
he spent two days in the state
and uncorked some of his harsh-
est charges against Ike for
Connecticut voters. Eisenhower
followed him in, also lavishing
two days on an area smaller
than' many western counties.
Stevenson touched the state
early in the campaign and then
returned on Eisenhower's heels
for a final appeal.
A political expert who watch-
led the President perform here
"The crowd was big, tik'ugh'
not as large as he got when Ie
campaigned here for himsl
four years ago. And people
weren't terribly enthusiastic. I
was standing up close and -I
didn't hear much applause. His
audience seemed. 4me curloua
ad. attefitive Yet throughout
the state he outdrew Stevenso
two or three times and he may
have helped the Democratic
ticket considerably."

The effects of all this vocal
fury' aren't easy to measure In
a state with a record for swing-
ing from party to party in often
unpredictable fashion. Sald one
experienced statehouse observer:
"I think the general feeling
among political reporters and
the top politicians on both sides
Is that Eisenhower has the edge
right now. They agree, too, that
it Ike wins by 25,000 or more
votes, he'll take the state ticket
with him."
Today Connecticut's six-man

nween Fort Amador and -ort W n-et-od' cost se congressional delegation 18 even-
'Davis, through railroad stations at 0 daily which rrdvdedbntetween
Frat Balboa and Gatin. Special an ahua savings of $38,000. and R republicans. each
FrenchTranspmesseriger vehicles provide dell- Te actual savings figure, h o. or a U. i. senatrpub .'t Ue
very from the terminals. Theatual savings figure, how- ov Republa But un-
h The first day of the operation, thesnce the rhidd es tils a e rn rGovernor Dewey sitpp dBtun-
Crashes in Suburb nSo t r dhorw
organized by th" Signal Officenth n the hidden costs arc acrossthe line by 14,00 'in ,
a Corozal, was a good index of the ni r aentd in the $195 a day the state had gone 'Democratic
f ari 9 Dead move's success. Pouches weighing everypresidentialtilt since
100 and 136 lbs. wereUdispatched nder'the new set-up, unit in every presidential tlt since
100 and were dipatc headquarters and stafff ofices in 1932.
PARIS, Oct. 23 (UP). A!thePacific area are served four OP optimism is founded d
French military transport piane East German Reds i rough Ike's personal popularity in
crashed. today as it took off n iSaturday morn- Connecticut, plus heavy rnr-
from Le Bourget Field and car- Plann T Sei nt head n tff f istration figutires in the ties,
ried the crew and passengers Plannin o Seize t headquarte and staff of- small towns and farm areas. Re-
to flaming death. me R di Sets es in the Atlantic area are publican leaders think the g
A-ome Radio Sets served twice daily. M0o nday
A spokesman for the Air Min- through' riday, and once Satur-
Istry said 11 persons were book- BERLIN, Oct. 23 (UP)-East day mornings. rit D
ed aboard the old-fashioned German Communists are plan- The Adjutant General, USAR- Laborites Demand
four-en gained Languedoc. but ning to seize all privately own- CARIB, provides 'a major distrl-A
sources at the military airfield ed radio sets and to substitute button center, at : Fort Amador, Aneurin Beqi
at Le Bourget said only nine for them Communist-controlled and continues to maintain court-. ~ P --
were actually in the ill-fated loudspeaker systems, according er service and distribution with- Disband Party
plane. to the U. S. High Commission in, that post. I
I paner. Neue Zeitung. In the event that the schedule LONDON, Oct. 23. (T).-The
They said there were four The paper said that under ed message service is not avail- Labor Party today o t r-
crewmen and five passengers. the plan presently being stu- able In an edlergency. the or- dered left-winger i W'-1
Three blackened bodies were died by the Communist Party's eaPlzatlon commander or section van to "disband" 11 pirty
pulled from the burned and Central Committee. East Ger- chief may authorlne an Indivi- within a part.y.
twisted fuselage where the plane mans would lose their right to dual. one-time, emergency dell- r
fell next to tie town hall in own radio sets. All would be very. The Parliamenta L 40or
the suburban Paris village, lust seized by the state. The propoal for the new cen- Party overwhelm a
beyond the limits of the mil- Appartment houses and fac- ral service was submitted by resolution by ele
itary reservaUton. stories would be equipped with Colonel A. R. Morley. Signal Of- during immediate on
one radar set that would feed ficer, United States Army Carib- ment of all group the
No civilians were believed to Communist controlled pro- bean. The maihlnery was set up party other than th
be killed, but authorities said grams to a number of loud- mainly by Second Lieutenant recognized.
they would not be certain until speakers installed In private Earl M. Gatewood. Officer-in- The vote was M 't iU. sac-
a thorough search could be apartments and factory re- Charge, Messenger Service, Coro- cording to sources .pMnt at
made underneath the wreckage, creation rooms. zal. the closed meeting..
'""" ****. o


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registration spells protest against
the Administration.
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Said. one campaign aide:
"We'll do better than ever kI
the outlying areas, and wV6
cut normal Democratic major.
titles in Hartford, New Haves
and other cities."
Democratic spokesmen street
the Improved city reglstratift
and insist their margins in In
dustrial centers heavy wi
labor and Polish and' tallai
voters will be greater, than
The four senatorial candidate
whose fate probably will be .d
termined by' the Eisenhower,
Stevenson outcome are:
Sen. William Be1atm, Demo
crat, 52,former advertm sig man
college executive and tate De
apartment information specialist
running against Sen. WillUan
Purtell, 55, West Hartford n
dustrialist apd onetime head p6
the Connecticut Association. o
, Rep. A. A. R ibicoff, 42. Hart.
ford, veteran, of two congress.
slonal terms, members of the
House Foreign Affairs Commit,
tee, running against Pre8 t
Bush. 57 Republican, Wall St
investment banker and partner
of Averell Harriman.
Whatever Mr. Truman, the
presidential nominees and thi
nation may think about .Con-
necticut's Importance, the .citi-
sens of this state may remem-
ber the twO senatorial 'tuales a
the Great Interruption.
7 *0*
Faw meat of Ceanestlut J
captive to a aingst televiAlon
o and Benton. Purte
R ff and Bush ha be
flooding that lone channel w
politicS, The station, at New
Haven. Is virtually-a candidates
"At one time or another the;'vy
knekled about every good epoer-
tainmnit feature off the air ex.
cept, 'I Loe Lucy,' and nobody
dares touch that one," said one
Conn' |tieut. observer.
Benfon, for one. got so many
complagits he tapered off hi
TV efforts a ltlU But'they're
all going full force down the
stretch. -
With all' this publicity, it' still
doubtful that. every Connecticut


Miss Peggy Sage brings you dilsit.i
Paris Salon... a new, aWp, l
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Iter is clear yet on who is run-
ning agatnt whom,
9!s this y*
4 -erto ran aaing uh.
in .9i id whipped him
1190 votes for a two- year t.i
is gunning thi time fr t ful
aix-year term. but against Pur-.
. en Brien M, hon dIe
th summer. Gover0ow Lod
nked Purtell to his seat untl
0leItton time, But now he's n*l
trying for the seat he holds, j
Bush, who gave nton .
merry a chae last tlhd Is

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