The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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; I 0 T MelU l h en p& toemn f@ amedm of The Peie ~meo
teSIV e eeeed g efup' od headl n a w' fly awM
I e Uf--ate o w d" ? he mp llHHt In I ftm'- .pmw lo
i a gJ IWn. p- sed i the s|der smesoled.
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1*Ae iof We w* ge is WeM le sethleer.t r .

Labor Neivs


By VAutU U-l

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9, a

-T* T... ew a SUas n UIsty rN h mt -1 f l t it back as tough gave .
vjmog ^* in Aetn foem M4-ML.
0- it was the APL'a second-la. -
command, George MPany, wide
REM H ES of bem ha& M statute In 1W0
labor bircls, who sid in clip-

y chance several of us got to discussing the amount of history. This conventio.
i' tt for various Quarters. and the. amounts of Increase charged served notice that We w t
o each. tbe second cl.0 oetlens. we
don't want people to ten B US-to
Like everyone else we would like to see the Company pay keep our, nowes e l. We don't
ft wa y, and we wondered if every possible source of revenue want people to tell us not to
Swabeing taDDed. Sometimes the old collection basket has more stick our neoks out because u
soles than a sieve mlght be on the llo single.
What Me16y was my-
-It used to be that some of the boys got their rent free down ing to the nation, It seem to
here. In 'fact at one time everyone got thWr rent free. me, was that labor has come of
Does anyone. IncludinR the Governor, gpt their house for age that It has a rigt to be
" free now? right or wrong In poHitn .
What is the renta these houses locate the tops of hills i is to the 'cr" o t thi
around here? HoV much have they beeft inCreNsd? man Uvom AiMOas
aouldM know sbwr, 0ot he
What will the rent be on that long ranmdi le house, near s the a, actuleader oy the
: to the Administration building, be when It Is ?f AFL't fl loWo r olloue'
.that,o W ** teae -
We think everybody down here tMakes enough money to pay mocrat il power to
Wnt. crash the Repuilnsn t
A Fh Oolbi&evad, he
th r) e bai of
political democreao is t .,th
From the PC Board of Directors t press release, he Ais so A nL he d It. h r dt
i right) rents will go up moderately, Comemnarto"e will come oe ror
down moderately (cheers from the peMants), don't worry about he ,e th mok Ior"
7our job. no drastic changes (more cheer. RepublIcan sa rt 3?2w N ixon s
W I se my rent Is Rolin u p 100 percent. up sharper at eIdb af of p
SO what? T that excese? ,, ? s t tmeI Who direct the worMaj b Mot
1. the Board md t was mo4u e s sO eI get ai at ntat? e t h i m s
1Mgdn't theboard saythe C Prmwoy P wou ldppewerfd aoe po erullao r .s thedI
Sot ? would o I c eo da ar before O the fSult oO epbcan trate-
]a a orme. rte s as chancet doets VOBe Dick NIMxori MfkMto a
&l m oderate deaasltmiithe peothofAna AIt Pwas, ma lhed ftr*4 the world to seozeebrsugMt
'mql whwi dents-a aMboo" d bacon at s1 "an ailing pro- the USP t40e 1 INGa.idt o1 S Sd wae eb
1inD at 12 cent s.M h d P*e ofthse mik will be 1h at laethean e ere .
.IiyN nerabet 2ac ei? unn,. ... emeritus ag Boube. J RtBl O Th m ntpte Ain WW.
e of b oathqer toa toalht come down to 'hm we virtually nrthald the muoh o r bdown-- l
Me te theu MaIe" lie f oh Owe, eink hape, p I-, do'z tublcied AM samfUwnt of *te-spo t Wa* wa,
i the primat iHtm leauSeIt has been so 1lt5 aeSe winc we nson rgt aor tt W -
.t... ItB happened backtae. be- V t .
he nthen hind thofclosedn lobhidhe the comed oe S o oi ge b
at's take t gontleman at his word, until he prov btm- Afli high cancL m".m
alotherwise. Moderate Is as moderate doen. after Btevenaom wviS
delegates, Ue 00 =0- 4Ig

tfi wnale the solution for the Panamao Cnal m- Am L a o rudn a2m all t
S not to catch one of those tateide ships that it can now be repatod
S"Trulyw ere beginning to ga tc te oO. T he eat pactestsn 5toSO
0 0 equvalent of a totalitarian itate l. against te fa raw S lo tS my A
0o" bein chawrlfl st" rental odoAot take In- the peat tratoal
fw the workers' s e nor own aeae. In do- by backing Me it
all now that when the Panama thisviolates omny t ohe t

n A working andn withis kind of rent money would be ia- n h oeb A
m an'snumber two problem and have a fine home paid tdfor 0o 1 t@ SeeL
'he time when the retired Canal emplaye would be facing AMa' aa one his a**
unijetly there a nc e ate is tantaout t -o e- tht he d e
i heey .n e states pa heavy city t e u lde l cot a 6 nn
a abht h to petit l eAA at the bot with otom, a th mot oa us redont t ntolW- l i W of f
and fa e fear that his property wl not be rent-

.6 16 a breaking of good faith in which the employ., not being 0O
sAm In the States with a balance of power, having no w iyte VM Pa.. "liaefiorto b--rmuh be
40 i to Maern his working set u lbor union Not tie.a" 140 s VsNei us
t met force with force, is the victim. NOrY 4 vatt mn h bas u b Ify b
We all know that when the Panama Canal Company r" Wa van" Hb two an ase=
=4 authority and without heeitation In ordering a m 1 an .ed = 76 the = sun
Ao *empt to earn a dollar during his spare time and 13- nawrD S'iued to SSie amma oft
-yet unjustly there confidence is inspired by a so nwa )uie was im thatte Ciei00 a-1 t5amw,
IWWN which is always available here. the a m 1 i 0 *H W
meask every UA citizen this question: Would you like S ___-ts __ -- cc maVals iB SR
i thhidren to Ret In this at the bottom, as most of us do? bY U1 4s. AU A IE ofamKtfPxr.. uimI 5
1mM. 1 0i ortkt o f h aO needs We 11




-*-* ~1~~*


%sgfbl ofpe eiter moofrtnlfa kk%

n ~ ~ ~ ~ f- 0-0-t!ttt ewle
'Lbht ftrtn f tt Demecrats has b
ptl(ay to W to esamea ansh
eoa, tfeNmew Harry Ttjttian, ft ouinae

lOct -tn

r hurt. Noty rh g to t a
Ind and. atM*w ISww
&a haus, bethgotw I %wb


-er a father, -
jithurv icee 1l
elis en- a

6"i- b t te bed I Ma Box, smIned Ow nof s
W h mlon s because of lack of th- to
u< ti. Male rim a feeling of futility. M (ame AL 4kun l) em
Swa"nse a ew of our protestations, at least those of wives pheise idt tfl.ta
O pU = a certain ahip: aBlosMof. a 'AM=Iseh
I a eat great to great a husband at the of day, nt n
bitter and d ll ned In his wort, T Is due -u poM d wl 1
mgWi and attitude of the men In comstm skm-
inmingn~mnt and bliternew breeds low morit, which the h is*tm Su
will Improve with a two-day sea tripat Mo asft a eme Ss 4w
Smiaf ra few drinks, and morn hangovers, d two mar SOr eoes I0r
Sea retur~ng, all at the expense of our talmoney. to n
p 1 Indeed be a pleasure dise, but for W aI, the malen X
a the ship, or the officers In command? mmb a
wald 1sy. that liberty from pFIeNure hbo 2j thso
S be to more avail, and easier on' l soo
Owar a cruise to he ben of tei 931
SsamTe must be spent sou1t the b a

ionals hipwe s .u.e.m Ld i ;eadew eM
SAhsito alo ne, but w ho ,a
*ameus of gld on he but
-ed prneiples, and Owe m m d an 3
is but one ral hIs.r.tosewiarniw r
and be s9"D up -a A
a gilm

-. as ..w sinst

w ,dMit

^tlevSw Nm'i

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I. mme...Be wamed mI

Ent g 2a amf
en hu

ad ad
., so,
tv* vm

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u.h .- ..ply .. .C aw
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,I. ^ .. -. f,

,w Iworm *- o ..
,q ^ .^t "^ BF K

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v -.-"f.


o and Freight-Shipsand Pianes-Arrivals .ad,


4- .r~

U .-~'
.."x ~,-.-

NEA Staff Correspondent
HOLLYWOOD (NEA)-The "That last gasp was great,
Laugh Parade. A movie writer Tony," said Budd. "How did you
who had been plagued for years ever get it ao perfect on the
-bf movie cycles is the pet hero first take?"
11O Will Gould, Who just sold a I Quinn, who for a year played
prI z e f igh t yarn, "Counter- the roughneck Kowalsk In "A'
p.iach," tb Producer Harry Sher- Streetcar Named Desire," grin-
man. All his life', it seemed, the ned and said:
writer had been hearing pro- "That's how Kowalski went to
duoera scream about "too many sleep every nt1ht when he'd
mystery films," "too many psy- had too much bw."
chological films," and "too
many" others. Note from Anne Baxter, who's
Fco-starring with Montgomery:
SFinally this writer came up Clift in "I Confess" In Quebec:
With a talking-dog story. .The Canadian soldiers here I
"This fido," the writer told a are having a field day. They're
producers, "makes a horse's neck playing the boys coming home
]uta Lassie on acoomusta he can to sweethearts, parting irom
oekrerse in 10 diftilrent an- sweethearts and bussing the I
gwages, pitch left-handed and devil out of sweethearts. Direc- I
s're like Eio Pinza." tor Alfred Hitchcock calls 'cut'
great said the producer. and the soldier boys go right on
"We'll make millions. This dog kibsing the girls, who love the!
sounds sensational. What kind ,hole Idea."
Of a hound Is he?"
"A boxer," said the writer. Broderick Crawford on his'
"No good," quoth the pro-, warbling chores In "Stop. You're
ducer, derisively. "We've too Killing Me."
many FIGHT pictures." .. ml ht qaliy as aver-
Ae age der-th.-shower songbird.
A young just-in-the-blue- But Waswr Oft. are train d|
chips actor was writing so many me Ike ma-4o make sure AI
checks to "cash" that he was stay wltbia ftt notes of the
caUetr on tne carpet by has tme.."
busiUess manager. .
"IdoK," salo his financial Fred Allen, ascribing a big
guaruani, I'mn supposed to neip Hollywodparty:
you fave money. But you're It wa t ifieal Hollywood
writing checn so fas I c1'it affair. Everiyly there was
keep track of them. JusB what dancin wth iff.r Rogers."

are you spending your money
Well," said the young actor,
"I spend some ot It on g r s,
some of it on liquor and some L
just waste."

Two Hollywood glamor girl
were discussing the "cat inesa'
S1 a tmra dou.
aidntn know she was such
a cat," said one.
*-nhh'g, here have you
been?" sake the other. "Why,
the best TV offer she's had to
4dte aes bees from 'Zoo War-

A movie star's tot turned
down an invitation to spend the
nighcat' another chlacs house
"i have to stay home and see
an old movie on television.
Sthrd husband Is in it."
W M; t' oducer George Pal
Slhid 'Master Mentalist Dun-
E. k ras technical adviser for
* .le, "Houdini," tne 11-
'anpments werTe
.; IYw York by a Para-
tive. Russell Hol-

,.: i iSna made an "offer to
wa's agents, who con-
tse mentallat and then
'tn, ad dollars. Holman
to the sum and thek
ed Dunninger and said:
jpov dog you read my
salary you asked for
.w a the exact figure we had
would be tops. We
'en't going to pay you a cent
mapS. But you hit It right on

tbr udd Boettlcher was
o ebimtulating Tony Quinn on
a. 4 th scene in "Seminole."


~, &
.f'.~ ~2-


. -


p 1
~ 'r.M.Uq.U.S.Pet.OEL

, A 'l
..c, 4'I..


"This piano Is dumb! If you'd put the money Into a grind
organ and monkey I cduld set up t'iue little business"I

as much to children as to their
RUT'U MILLeYY Cays parents.
!RUTH ILLb SaoyC.... That the greatest mistake the
modern wife makes about mair-
riage is in being too serious abodUt l
These things Iour daughter its problems. After all, men andi
should known.wt e she marries: women marry because they think
That even the V most con- living together will be fun. -
sideradte husbands have 'Bome And as 1Mg as it is fun, they,
blind aptot when it comes to un- have.a happy marriage.
derstanding women, o sat as even en a -acovered
the best wives cannot always un-. t he hir ona a--eson's vered
lheta evdmosen t mari at head does not get as mudh restI G solutions ond bobes
last a lifetime and a ge oon-tha v- eyebrow and other body 'r crying iWn lnirch shouldbe a rried
last a lifetime and ae cohr-ir andy tha t is mo^re subject to' -"t ,'-u--cri
ed by both outsiders and mar- radltat it is more subject toon .
riage partners as betl happy
and successful, have w their
periods of rough sailing dif-
ference between such marriages
Succ .ssful marriages one or both
partners have enough courage to
weather the storais.
That the kind 6f help a man
needs from his. Wife in tbhe first
five years of marriage mal not
be at all what he needs la n. -
thtir clrcumsta e
wile must find now w t e w wNU an"
ing a helpmate. So bet a good N uORuim s usmm Pass
wire is never a Ststi(A tioulNumberof Palmngerfr)
That it is nev tie
safe for woman w that a
mran owes her anllfl. All that To sto h
she can count on bshlutely is ,s As V nehm ........................................O ctoerI 1
what he wants togive be--4nd
so she must continue through the ro .I M area, O-M. .C ........... Octobe
years to earn-his love, his re- aS. p.y .x ...... ................................ ober I
spect, his compailonausip, his to caUAt amca a w coase l .A.,
support. .s. Wn hln ..................................... October 17
That it is more important for \. NOO 4 8*WC'Dm NEW TOliK to PLYMOUTH A LE HAME:
her marriage, that she be a happy M.s. Ile De o n. m ..................................... October 10
woman rather than a smart or -- _
unselfish or a hard-working pastl N.M. iRismoa mms -raYoMA WatlOM:
woman, or even a beautiful worn- Colemb ..... ................................ September.
That the most beautiful music ctSE,. 6 JHl tL. ULa. P.o Sex el ft. a-_n7s a -
in any home is the sound of fPtW1, 6130 UADUO u a. -- Aes
sharedd laumrhter. And It means. ___, Tl 9wm %-l

*I WELEKIM. ianteer

o r sr.r

^T .a~am PUP -

News for the Dock



Lien on His Lurebi


40" 5m TW" ^
41ttc2 GURW TIFY
l.ijyo CRMwNE .

~ "L
IA ~uubhg'Wm~~
-- *"~H

-. .
,.,. .. .,-1
.... .. '. '."" : .

1i ^. m *.w. 4 ..



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- A"' 1

uor *

- r, ,

, He IaSt. Be

S. s I.






--- ,



WIxONO,Cei l. AMA iZA T7
L I BP'TrA-.BI,60X Z A 6 9
p^^-RAD TH*^1
y~i~ee^ NAiii 77LffB



S.d -


*i,_ -"' "- i. i ,,H
a,- *. f

H |^ .-,4 '

Fi .n~are a
ham UtS

0.l4 'Wom tnf dumteI
4 4alia

rast (to

S ,4,A .lil, -bud I'd lIke to kMOA wat'i

*~ __




w-ne eq

.gum ofASb wr

g lmeani TrtipRMMUI
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a SoqIe


., q, : '

,_- ..<* p-i-- .. i -.-. +** > >
IwI ^ *9 **
|il l'l jllr44A i 1 1 1111

mat Ineli^3
W of a

from the

Wl. at,

UTv1 ,
- from1R
- fund"
y tous
P. Th

M- M-3

w g



up,4" ,




N- 14

N1 PAtt MA,"
f l t r* I I I 'I-* *

Sell em...Wh Yo Tdl tbru P.A.

leave your Ad with one of ir Aets mor our OffYim i No. 57 "'H" Stre4 -- P.asM
No. 1,179 CemttI Ave. Col ,

iewis Service
*4 Tlvdi Ave.--Phone 1-291. and

Mou of Julr- oneo'-0
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441


Salk de Beiens America0 Cariteo Dn SS '.
o# W st 12 taemt 10 Mel .-pB

A eout ltbrflacioal e PfMEicites Propagagd tA, $A
S Lottery eSA Phone 85* WW itr7et fij3 a

-I o.

i, fLE:-Gas Stove "Prosperity"
%feor burners, oven. storage draw-

INIflt-Westitnhofl refriger-
6iv. i Ch Good working Order. $40.00

- *' Wmtitet shew. mos 591-
I;tE, f le lbea 2331 after 4:30
SALE ;-Thor washing machine,
f .lidafre, 7 cu. ft.; Wetsinghahuse
9 cu. ft., all 25 cycle; Simmons
matoon dovenport-bed; 29 x 12
wool pile rugs; maroon, 2 smaller
wpod rugs; mople platform rocker;
Innermring mattress and coil
spring, double bed size; Twin bed.
-ift nplte; 2 single mattresses tnd
sprlsg; Dinette with 4 chairsn.
rirtorf 36" venetian blinds:
WtVdrobe trunk; Electric clocks;
Electric mixer; choirs; chests,
.What-nots; lamps; Dishes; Fiesta;
'IUs. articles. Leaving. 721-A,
Prado. Balboa. 2-1695
FOR SALE:-Frigidaire Refrigerator.
60 cycle. 9 piece diningroom set.
New Cristobol. 7th St. House 13.

FOR SALE:-36 Piece Boda Crystal
set, never used, $60.00, 4 Piece!
Tea set, Vegetable Dish, Bread
Troy, all Silver Plated $30 00. Ap-
ply: Rio Abojo, 8th Street No. 285
Room 9.
SSALE:---Girl's bicycle $1500;
rg ',dior chair, needs upholstering,
$.00 each; Chest of drawers $7.
50 each; GalHon ice cream freezer,
$10.00; Couch cushions. $200
each; Cotton mattress. $5.00;
Hassock, $2 00; Child's record
player, $10.00, Guotemala Sofa,
$15.00: Chinese carved chest,
$30,00; Mahogany end tables,
$7.50 each. 2171, Curundu.

FOR SALE: Rattan chqir, tables
Desk $25: Iimboo chairs $12.50
each; G. E washing machine. $10;
Bicycle 20 inch $25; Rugs; Kuch-
/ en cabinet; Table; Misc. Items.
216-A, Darien Place, Fishbowl,
.tF SALE:--Refrigerator. 9 ft. Fri-
idoalre, 25 cycle, 1 1-2 yr. left
on gorntee, $150.00. 4 kitchen
chal'hs, $d3k, $3.00 each, 2 sets
o u w* 32" x 35", $2.00 each.
S 1560. Apt. A, Calobash St.
".,' W n Area, Balboa. Phone Bal-

., PJ.: -" Eleven pecs of 2
n Ph Pilipftne Rattan, almost
<$ -,400.00, or will sell sepo-
Cal. l 2-3312 after 4:00 p.
or. e Cpl. Brosius. Anmdr

IRM ON, Seopt. ip (UP)-
ivl t. Niles, 2., a pioneer
*S tler 14 former admin-
M atistnMt to Prealdents
; jwnikhln D. Roosevelt and Har-
"r y Truman, died at a hospital
v r today of an abdominal all-
s quiet, Boston-born son of
S"Junlan immigrant, parents, who
to from modest beginnings to
Sbeome one of the most n-
;* Jmnttal figures in the nation,
* Uueeumbed at 7:45 a. m.
" 'j He was admitted to the hoe-
*i ptal Sept, 13 for treatment of
.-te eonaltion for which he had
4i.y'dergone an operation last
Uly. His strength waned,
"--t-Ugbh he rallied briefly last

Iaes entered government ser-
S- il8 1 0W as assistant to tne
e Aarry Hopsisa In she
W"s a*rosress Aminmistration
Sfl .Cmlbmrce Department.
ptvibly had helu post. in
SMamcnuwstta division o0
kIsosel Recovery Admin-
flMii 9,,mtnorlty prob-
,4nif .Mibeand s Presi-
Ca "a twer of
'I'.o the." He resia.ed as
tiin's assuuant in May
as ulnew. He was one
went's last hesaovers
g xR velt "dMunstra-
went to the White
n.ii,18,. bnd soon
knaewn s one o0
gaviMors who bad
I "r ,'atolm'ity."
fMilit was "part
m kIsp my mouth
ee Ahir apn, his
r S *x a Boston
M a I f kaf La tinh
-Severbads no

Aa adalt
at Mlws.-
it doing
PW 1%te he
tlo la"ndg


Service Pe mnWl dnd villon
G.weTftr S ppya
Goyemment Emplo Flpanme Co.
Whe y" fnaMem your nw
or und r.
N. 43 AullAtemblhbs .
Phsne 8.491 1-4985
FOR SALE:-Used tire, passenger
& commercial at Age:loas Cosmos.
on Automoble Row No. 29. tele-
phone Panama 2-4721.
FOR SALE :-4evrolet 4-door Sedan
1951 Do Luxe Power Glide. 5600
miles. Call Panarnma 3-2515.
FOR SALE:-1938 I4 ton Chevrolet
canopy, new tires, very good con-
dition. Excellent f o farm or hunt-
ing. Phone Crlt6bal 3-1571.
FOR SALE:-Plymouth 1934 4 door.
good condition. Pueblo Nuevo, 2nd
street. House No. 4417.
FOR SALE:-1947 Chevrolet 4-door
sedan. Good general condition. New
battery, new brakes. Call Balboa
FOR SALE:-1938 Nash Ambassa-
dor. Will exchange for 25 cycle
refrigerator. Call 6-451.

Position Offered
WANTED: Aechant el personnel
with aircraft experience. Those
without experience need not ap-
ply. Contact G. A. Carr, Pan Amer-
ican World Airways. TOCUMEN
AIRPORT. from 2:00 p. m. to
4-00 p. m. dolly.

W11 Shoots tu

Fbhduim Wafis

. ELMONT, N. Y., et. 2 (WUP)
-A pregnant housewife shot her
policeman hualan4d to death with
his service revolver as he slept
early today beale 'ahe Wanted
to "'relive It ot hit fiandial
worries," poliut.s
"I ust-emptid 'at a-
trolman Sauk," aidt. Mary-
linm Hatk, aS i l tuKg
through dark, deqfleUfgtlts't
a Long adand atW. foe
booth to report hat "ie 'had
rs. Hauk, whdae second
hild was due lat Monday., aid
the shooting ocu0n0 afterr she
and her 33-ye-d ,Mband,
Bertram, had *rr the
loss of their $2, 00life sai in
an unsuccessful home-bulldg
She said she w*u afraid er
husband would till 3 bullGir.
The small, aftIradhe woOan
was booked on a chuae oft first
degrre murderY bNa aNuGoun
police. Ver husband haadbean an
the Nassau force since 1dB.

Mrs. Hauk, who cian f M
in 1947 and has a two-yaW
son. told Dist. AttY. Fr a
lotta that the family's Oti
beran last August when
builder to whom her husband
wiven $2,000 was unable to -b
them a home.
This caused family tensOn,
said. and she and her hust
fought constantly about mor
Haukl was on du 1 a',
man in thisAong IMd
nitv until about 4 pA..,I
and wovt tralgt hfe atB
got off, she said.

Upon his arrival, they binm
squabbling about tUe lost i
and she said he threatened
kill the builder.
Mrs. Hauk said hs
had a few drinks Ster
and went to bed th.ut
She ndfded down- e b the
room couch In their'
apartment In a twcltly 1s*
and began to tl abod tib
their troubles.
She seid qhe dienEd to "p-
lieve" her huubnd of fak 4
ies,. and went to 9ll4 e k
took out his .3A CaeWlI-Ii
8be went into the "*
and fired all sia bullets. d
Three 'bit him, the he etr
The woman then W ALH
ml.' to the police boot i
Patrolman Jahn JTone wo t w 4
had done. -'
She was taken to the
ward at Meadowbrook flWn S
await the birth of hWr ,
Her son was at her
home In BroklylM.

MDuluMAil. tW* I -
Mr. and Ump. aMgm iB.



Wi.. A ebmsf
20#1 A... .

AND ONLY $45!.
A Jungle Jim Jaunt thru thbV
Canal, to Caehm, e Mlie.,
iphet Idlel.
Lost Tour Of The Year
Oct. 3-4-5
(Sponsored by the El Panama I
"Pescadora" leaves Pier 17, B
Friday 6 a. m.
Arrives Colon (Strangers Club I
p. m.
Leaves Colon 9:30 p. m.' fo
Bias and
Puerto Bello. returning Colon S
Leaves Strangers Club, Colon,
day 6 a. m.
through Canal to Balboa.
Balboa to San Bias, return to
From Colon to San Bias and
$4000. .
Thru Canal only (either wayl $
Meals catered by Hotel El Par
Bring slacks, shorts, bathing
flippers and spears for u
water fishing), light jack
/sweater, and don't forget yes
mera and rols of ceefr ilm.
Please make reservations
through your Travel Agent, or
Jungle Jim at Panama 3-166
(This is the lost San Bias 'qur
next year. Anyone deslring
charter "Pescadora" for San
tour Guided by Jungle Jim
do so after Oct. 6th.

COTILLIONS 16th season: An
op aen invitation to all 'Teen-agers
wh wbnt to learn to dance be-
fore Christmas Join the ball-
room dancing class at "El .Pon-
artma" and learn Swing. Lindy.
Charleston and Waltz. For Infor-
motion. please tele-hone Llono
Sears, Panama 3-1565.

FOR SALE:-2 Frequency Changers,
A.I condition, 1410 and 1280
HP, 3 phase, 25 cycle, 2300 volt
to 1250 KW &r 937.5 KW, 3
phase, 60 cyclp, 490 volt, 100
RPM, Westnlhose Units with
Starting Equipment and Gdneratlng
Panels. Also I'1000 vlit, 25 cycle
transfomrrs to 2300 volt for use
with above units. Far immediate
delivery call Eflectrical EuM wt
Co., Inc., Davenport, lowa U.S.A.
3-8059, for Infectpn nd pfte.

Fish Food, Air pump., FIlrs, Ac'
cessories, junt, arrived. Perfom :
Acuaorlo Tropical 11 Vi1 Espalia,
opposite Juan Franco Stales.
Phone 3-4132. Colon: 8b66\ 9
V2 St. Phone 1251-B.

FOR SALE--.fke new complete dark
room equipment. 16 MM. Belex
Movie Carenters with B lemes Pro-
lector. Screen. Titter. Professional
8 string Ijo Mandellin Case,
$30.00. 5711 Shounft Street.
Apt. D. Dldblo. MaIlots Road is
opposite Di'blo Comera Club.
Phone 2-4330.
FO SA :'-Md rnWond conm-
Plot*e randitlord combtnriotlou
chest ar'dtadI btMo tt the thing
faOt a *MOW. Telephone 83-
62M, betm.en 8:30 a. 'm. nd

FOR SLSrL.App", axrs' breed,
begin flWp, P"ose 523-J Cotnla

--JSyowk wiwt -the ItSo-;
ado am lpeftwo w4I
jnp~e~ti of Joi -tordh

TS ;

G arvrth -

e- iGrA

6441 OGmbia.

alboo. am
2:30 FO RRENT:-House of three ,b
rooms, tMo brthrooms, porch, .il
r San rQom, also garden with p nr=t ,
oid hot water connections. -
unday able responsible Arerican fHy.
VFor informnion, Tivoli Ave. HoMau
Mon- 14, Apt. 13.
FOR RENT:-Now available in x-
clusiv6 rendntial area, sea viyw,
Colon duplex apartments, 3 bedro"nts,
dining sifting room, kitchen,
return tub both with shower., hot-
water connections, garage, m ld
10.00 service, laundry tubs, oil conve-
nama. niences. Coill 750 or 964, h6use
suit. 10,104 Tenth Street, Colon.
edrlyA tig
until Two and five room fumhhed and
to unfurnmihed apartments; privaeft e
Blas closed gardens. 8061. 101h Sorret.
may New Cristobol. Telephone Colon

FOR RENT:-Smoll furnished aport-
meints with complete hotel-service,
hot and cold water, private bth,
t1leph6ne service. I err 2 rooM.
and balcony at reasonable monthly
rates. Hotel Roosevelt. Tel. 2-


Single *NW h Amricak gem
with iee osilble portion desire
small furnished apartment In good
residatiafl dlistrlc Call 2-0556,
from 8 .o.m. to 5 *. m,

I '
WANTtib--To buy 25 ':yc morb ,
aS indrelaror dwo '60 cydl

WANT -h -ptonymnt for mold.
We6 reommende MDReference.
lhrire 'G6. W. Adonk., M. D. 2-

WANTEb: foudHlfeper. must
.spek .English. Prefqrbly Jemil-.
can. Take full charftfr North-
American couple. ay If 4 all.
fled; Tldphcsi 3,.3oo.
WANTEa ootk, al-o- undress
t Iron one @ week, Apply at.
No. 5 Central Avenue, nest to
Naotinol City Bank, Taesdfy and
_Wedndgy. _

MundCdt icigs

To Westem Euspe
WA8NZSIM flhp t.S (*P)
_-e.r Earl a oa ut

ney" b MliuOer C. Cal-

iNrs"D w...0d.JIM e

-Po MT

- William
aO m.e.
' lTJhdm /,.


Yaw fllr,

A mhe be. 'W"
to 40% ea r thanw
other sre
t be removed a
d in a few ad onar.
4 pound whtt ola'

e never rta. ro or
n really replaced at
on of usual eot.
ltso more air a 1d Otat.

., i2^ Tel. S-O1t.0

ERN Ft'ftTntlE
., n "- n r l-- "
Mo r a im

SWtppbu mo rving. ukui
Week pai and-&rate To move
anything.. Phone 2-2461,

.ka-S, lihnum

a bttmofle o0W 61:0W--

Ger l 3-4011

.m. .-k~f i- .- -* A

a folt
oM .,

do AfA cam
v*lam hen
a campaign I
LCbhrmas." T
up with a I
lunoa 5r1 tI

otoass l
a out toI

,Ithe .
bt osato

Ht of a

." --

aRTnX ffi ilUr^ml

inem sub-

notIL al'
Snginbre s
fLt. 0t h.
Mea, for &I- titlo 446


- 1-

-e Fr, Fma a )
far A* d WIN. -ii In,;

A o


yew CommwIty Stoifs I

HOG 840

Whm fl; twa .a

SfttPA, SOmtL
aD.t Ooaoep"rt manl

St Yor wit-

Sign On Alarm Clot

11:05-4rM.i,_wf, (
ra pt 1ard
be aIL.- 2:9--

Wm 12 om

ae u a.


or "M w N fin a

mea. I-
mi' n iA

M -'Ut

, n sepia


er "op

;*+ k. ;

:i .,.
':. -*

- -.. .- wmmmlww

I .



=- I

! I

- I-

r ,



- l"aimi




.".' .'... ,: *
i 'Ni^ ', ^" _, ^.. -,.-'^
rf'.- ; s .. *--wi^'^:~* ,A '



4,1 A e
Ja L*""d

r rwe 0.4
b1 4'& d


Y UN i
*a. d .. .


',-."i '. .... i1

S ., .. II.

* ,,* ,*' .,.*-S

. T m .
.." '

.. .-a.. ,..


* W'in~ IUI

* cpu .t
f *U15 I
#0 09teq
0 Iva.

,J i "
ftj&' _* Uii' m Mki ^^at. s

.;~E~"w" 't


9.5 .0





t0 11iS

~ut~I &I~.


Ir 9 vd
0.4 ":
r, S d

P fi.
Fh464 iWna
,...j| k.J > I

i ****


-m wffw -

. y TOu blar t the f M i" i "', ",y

* sme So r sT Ar e *
I .* ,-. *.. <

Ca m i 31M :.. H 1

-- W pit

' k 4. 4 --

B140h. r't

v.* d
33 *


.. 0.

: '. .. ,. -'.-.' J-. .' 4 ,

.&,lK-3SE^Rfki .i-:', ,dgRf~i


I ~
t--'~ iA
~ -*~

z, 2. 9

4 M~ -.4

i''.^ .J WAt
'fS'ai ,

I Lo.y,.*


* Az '4



Drive May Split

Egypt's Wafd

CAIRO, Sept 29 (UP) -Younf
members of the Wald Party anre
rated to have threatened re-
volt against the party leadership
L, unless the leaders give in to Pre-
i'ter Oen. Mohammbd Nagulb It
his demand for a cleanup.
A group of younger members
of the Wald parliamentary group
S aid they will form their own
party unless present Ward lead-
erf comply with Nagutb's demand
for reorganization of the party,
according to the influential news-
paper Al Ahram.
Other newspapers said the re-
elowant the party purged of all
Abase guilty of corruption.
I Nagalb said one of those who
abBeenm found corrpt Is Mus-
S tisa El Nahas, the party's vet-
nit s leader.
some reports say the youth
p has delivered the party
raebhip a four-day ultimatum
tietksn up or face a split.
Wftutib himself takes his show-
.own struggle with the Wafd to
be people today.
He I scheduled to begin a
three-day tour of the Nile Riv-
er eltaf area, in northern
tfl, to test the popularity of
20m attempt to force Nahas out
f puble life.
Nagulb's government last week
Wfused to -pprove the reorganl-
Ation of th' Wafri Party so long
VNahp remained, at its helm.
I. Wafd deflaptl retorted it
woul4 not ,corganize without

Minister of StaLe Fathy Ead-
wan has said the government
Intends to charge Nahas with
both adminlstrative and pollti-
eGl offenes.

These charges are expected to
involve the use of state funds to
build a wharf on the Nile uppos-
SNahas' garden city residence
t ls wife's luxurious yacht.,
d to construct a state road to
estate a& 1 Marg, 12 miles
S northeast of Cairo.

ta sde' Essay
SCOests Planned
*ta Agullera Patflto, Pa-
lUniversithy professor, and
S ,awrM Jobmon, super-.
vi:or rof Jtral .O, schoo,.
Vwre appointed today to or-
VMSe@ the Ousade for Free-
dB e sgmar conteats, which will
I. hel in all Republc of
and Canal Zone

Alfred L. Gauvin, Latin A.
lterlclo director of the Crun
alde, aid cadh prine will be
red for the best essays and
11 all the essays entered In
W contest will 'be sent to the
OGZMde's headquar'rs in New
J EeW ,'





Let tht people tme the truth m! the ic bo f@" .
-^ .. _.. -. ^ *..._ ^ j I


1 MEXICO CITY, Sept. 29 (1
-A Mexican confidence m
suspected of planting a ti
bomb aboard an airliner to i
lkct $08,000 Insurance elu
one of the largest manhunts
history for the sixth consecul
day today.
But Federal agents arrested
girl fr'.%nd of Emillo Arelli
Schetellge, 48, and promised
ex-convict could not evade ca
ture "more than a few ho
Schetellge. who bought ins
ance and Identification tags
seven passengers aboard a M
lean DC-3 Wednesday. was s
pected of stowing a time bomb
the luggage. The blast ripp
open the fuselage and nes
caused the plane to crash w
20 parsons aboard.
Police throbghout Mexi
sought the miming "con" ma
Speelal agents were rush
to the borders to prevent
escape Into the UniteMd Stat
or Guatemala.
Large rewards were offer
for hi. capture.
Sara Gutlerrez Tenorlo. Ide
tifted by PBI agents as Schet

'Cristobal' To
Arrive Tomorrow
The B.S. CriLtobal of the Pa-
nama Line, which to one day
late, will arrive at Criatobal
breakwater at 7 a. m. tomorrow
according to a message from the
The ship was .delaed by the
hurricane and was Jowed down
to ten knots for a ame.
The present voyias to the Cris-
tobal's second this month in
whic* she has been -i.played by
weather. A hurricate. eaVfv in
September delayed ber arrival
bty one day, after .0fe had hove
to off Cape Hatter .

Malayan Pricess
Gives Up Ftvne;
Weds ENlirhmOn
LONDON, *Kpt. 9 LP)-A
beautiful Maltyan princess to-
day gave up her title and her
claim to one of the greatest for-
tunes in Malaya to marry a
Brit~th winterr she met while

S-etails and requirements for working as a uenoagrapner in a
stea4 the contest will be an- London office.
during the course of Princess Zabariah, l1-year-old
sek, Gauvin said. nieoe of the Sultan of ledab,
____ who rules over 54,000 Malayan
aLL s moslems, married 24-year-old
P U lerVO CesS Arthur Collins in defiance of
warnings from her family that
tomorrow Night she would be disowned.
The observances to honor the Sirk PSck RlankA
OWly Bible and Introduce the P mAW Bl aIIf
fw Revised Standard Version RfesAM B R La.
wfI be held tomorrow night on i SUWInr tI r o
both. sides of the Isthmus. The u 9. B
-public is cordially invited. lO t Dy yUCO=
At the Balboa Stadium where
Ofdt r Seghold and others Leopardo Castillo G., a 55-
1I W OM ve station copies year-old Panamanian resident of
r:i werw ion. the obser. Pfta Blanca. was admitted to
VaM'A _.begi& at 7:30. Coldn Hospital after he was
Atlajntle side service at brought into Gatfin suffering
.Al ,l Gold Coasters will be from a high fever.
blN wtthq presentation Bibles The trip wag made by cayuco.
fill 4 the Port Oulick Thea- Friends said Castillo -ad been
Hirlas will start at 7 p.m. unable to speak for several days.

NOW..A ruusOWt


ou' enjoy Seram's V.O.
hBnadian Whisky c-en more no
hat u is 6 yea oldId Honoured
*, mwd over, Sgrm's V.O.
'&" cllloaill am"

Mty ye"ion ever enjoyed.
.tw.? i
:"' wdSeilw
PUR^^^^ A.-Wv f i-^^.

PANAMA, R. P., MONDAY, M i 2. n ibs "

JP) ige's girl friend, was arrested De la Vega said Bchetelgo i employom" with ieittt-g
nan and held for questioning as a believed to have hade't: ags before they boarded te
ime possible accomplice. bomb in a valWs to huis ip. 4
col- Attorney General Francisco de Ramon Arellano, one of S '%. is obvious this man wa4t- h
ded la Veta said some of the heavy tended victims. Just before tt WV make certain the biWeeIN
in insurance policies taken out by takeoff. t were identified If there 'wAs
tive Schetellge listed Miss Gutlerrez Fifteen minutes later the bo t dentnt" de la Vega eo01-
as beneficiary, blasted a seven-foot hole n' tO t ted.
the -- plane's side, but the pitot made a -. o -'
no TWO Jap Whalers safe emergency landing at lea Has $
the military alrbase. Twoofthe. i len Has $t1
ap- TO Send Fleets Americans aboard were injured. t .w e.. Ike
urs ... nd Flee s Schetellge, a Mexican of W- Wager Ol I
T AntfnrrflCO man descentwho age. ntsB adBMAO, Chile, -ept. 20--
ur- Antarctica "erv time" for fraud, put thW i, )-Fernando Pino utl, a
for TOKYO, Sept. 29 (UP)-Jap- seven heavily-insured paSaeSw ian, advertised in the news
ex- an's two major whaling com- aboard the plane for Oaxaw a fOR today that he Would
us- panles announced today they the promise of high-paying Jfts. |r 100,000 Chlean peso
Din would send whaling expeditions e alsoboarded the plMt' .60)' with any American
rld to the Antarctic mbNovember. but canceled his tieket at t e en that OGen. Dight D.
th The Nihon uanCo. will 1 tMtnate, pleading 1me* hower will be elected Pree
ih The Ninon o uisan Co. whe l ded by Wh__.en the .f al t -
Sthe 19.320-ton mot fleet.her shipped Oaxa aboard a later p %a o Rulz offered tO give Obt.
L. Tonan M aru. and Taeto ish they discovered the promise. Adlai E Steenso t a 250ANl
ed series will dispatch the 16,77- Jeob were mythical vote handicap provide he
s ton mother ship Nishin Marul Sch telige's uncle said i tOid d$1 for each voth _usebhw-0
as at the head of a 24-boat fleet. nephew presented each of Tgs r polls over that figure.

e C e' A Srgh!
l-Chitnese Reds'AirSren

TOKYO, Sept. 29 (CP)-Gen.
0 P, Weyland, commander oft
the Far East air fortes. said to-
day that Communist China has
Increased tts air force to a point
where he Reds now haive2500
planes based in China and
Of this number, Weyland said
1100 are jets. most of them pre-
sumably Mig-15's.
But Weyland told Irving I.
Levine of the Natonal B'eSu-
casting Company that it ap-
pears the buildup of the Chi-
nese Communist air force is
levelling off.
Weyland said the present jet
fftighter total represents a aiht
merease over previoUs esti-
mates. Air Force officials be-
lieved earlier-this year that the
Reds had 1800 planes of all
types based beyond the Talu
"Currently the enemy h as
about '2600 airplanes baed in
China and Manchuria," Wey-
land said. "The buildup, was
rather big six months ago, but
it seems they are now levelling
Re laid the peak of Red air
strength was reached three or
tour months ago.
The Reds are undoubtedly
constructing new airfields, es-
pecially in Manchuria, Weyland
"However, since our air ope-
rations are restricted under cur-
rent policy I am unable to coin-
ment specifloally on any new
airfield construction Inside
China or Manchuria.
"It is well known that nRus-
si ais mainlD ing modern
fighter bases on -akhalln Is-
land, within light of northern
Japan, and in the Kurile is-
"The number aM types of
aircraft deployed on Sahalkin
and in the urdles vary fromt
time to time. It Is s2fflcient to4
say that air capabty defiMtl |
exists there."
Weyland declined o' .securitir
Wr80m to Identify e m deviceI
noW being carried !Z hr =q
Kore. The -so
devices was recently wide dm I
Weyland said It was tbo gar*h
to state the degree or wMlue t
the improvement thee dn
added "t h d

,, -mA..._ .
Wt shot down two
Za Gutm

34 e m s gt

At 2,500 Plane
continues east of Capitol il. 'The plan wrappetwp-.Lt
where troops of the 2fd Repob- le (lund for vdintsa
lie of Koeta Divisten were sDuck f&tWllI 1* three,
by a series of Commientu a- I on. W*f
saults RBw UoitIud the.actw
alAll aIrmen bombed other chet W th 'thwe at
own troops off M g Wore m on O. the trc._
the West 1Koea. front 70yetr- L..MNam _eM
day just ufter lted fo. a t._'ar,
Intmntrymet hiad fapi *W^wM!54
and beaten off St cosB4tt-r rou'te aat .
tacks by a Cbn WCmOL rMtaw
sawintfl r fighbtf -boMb- Iswn 4f cU HI*
er pilots, a b fr tt b
a nearby ed-hld .hegt, "t l 0t wl.e.
Turned nkeklit vc'y o .o 1a to 9t m
bitter or WINf 0'L00..
Greek tr retea
Using beeta d Ft"aetM, Mt its r atta
they' had 4 il iaslN, fln or ".
from .l. H, a ao d.. W w,,, iS" s,'::-- ..'
change Sat ded only eight Btudy tsed
maf!ou ft (Ary So teer % Wntst'...reed O 1
'Alaos every man who got Weas e _eMoeduled their
to thq top Noerl was Wt," Lt. et at Panmurge foi
John L. e es d Mat an ad- *
vanch aid btatlon. At tbImaday ieeu,
The ret infantrymen were risn Ie. Common
moved Ina the Nor sector by prisoner change coti
ethe U. d D o m- handled in any one of
mand a tPerto oan troop fWA
lost thtS and neaty ey 1.) A4 prisoners would
Hm to batAlan-sized Commun- -t the deamti
lst attalca. 'some o ir the froCtiDW
They w ordered to take checked on prinmer w,
the MaSM .-hold it "te t'e last h- las WtMly eteha
man." Tmhe Iwoud be i
The Greeks attack Just be- "f ated"
fore 4awn Nt 5:23 a. a,. and n d
eight 3nutes later they were wheth wan to r
on top Of l hill. At 7 a.m. to the from which
the Chine- began couter- at Were who wa
tacjtnc 2.) who waat
AU s prARy, mortar aG&% back handed ov
tank fire. I a heay to o edtme ,* le those w
the CMInea, nd the Greeks they to stay
turned ack Meir thrusts hand- Captns be t
ily. .emt= s 'one a.d
Aloat it.n, tim.ned at 40 their loie
Stars ltpre of
bonobe, agnmd oerh", The Iu upea4.
Greeks teIe Seng in when wag
fog that ; envelqped the tu rn'a heated e
area beoo UJUS .m.t, other i*
The Wt PtaM esawanked dowrn Im I-_ .t-Ie
on tihm W 5 r r mm sane free Wagag
on the aquus O sFr "
five bdalb amidst tbum, thMr N. a
killing _r wWai a ud.iad- w Wld 'W. the idte *.
closed ofml m Jm M do- Ch .
ing in M-md IIfl,. bmd of the am
beegn,"' U touaag platin, I a
c'M I* 440d "d 4 do ja totes
you to, '
mcreen, oU6019101111t.




thee WUO
cord, h1t
of a i
0 whef
es and



K, .r ._' M

At 14orio iiw
DOAfHived -to
foe A tifiL
A toM. I

5t*^bn*n t n


le w rllmW '

flfl l.- ....




I '= -t -.'. "






,.,ht C
w'Jld ~,"#' -.

U. ,~,ti.
7' 2

a;.. ,..'.


as *AiwL i
: .*5

i ,'I Ai

hen it'
1-.," 1 ,*. ?" .* '

~L ~rr





1 W.

i. _o'

, .- rV



"1 '.,
* d

*\-W A
; .'"I.-- *


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