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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Panama, R. de P.
Panama, R. de F. t

Al. E.inor
l I. U Box Column
Sh :
..;, the 17 Seotember. an estimated 70 children were turned
a,. orom local-rate schools on the Canal Zone.
feasa: The Army had refused to sponsor them due to exist-
iqK ftgbtton,.
STta was a blow both socially and educatioV ally. I will not
eaco fii the conception of the opinion htt, there was any
wllff intention to damage these children's morale, and deprive
t.e.n of an elementary education in their residential commu-
ni.y. But this action has sure injured them inwardly and out-
wiz-dly. Question: Can their parents pay the tuition fees de-
oe b. makes fifty cents an hour. Hts take home earnings
is 4.40- When be pays rent and light, he only takes home
$,4.60. He is the father of eight children. Six are being edu-
cated in the C. Z. Three attend high school, that's $30.00
monthly. Three Ro to the elementary, that's $15.00. Bus fare
for those In high school Is $15.00. Total: *$.,00 It he finances
these chfitren's schooling, he will be loft .1tt 4. It's quite
cl:ar then, that It's -impossible for these pot children to be
educated under auch conditions.
If they are to volunteer their services in Uneol 8am's armed
fore. t .,t many brothers of these very children that are unable
to atte Z C. Z. classes are doing now), they Wi1 be rejected on
th'gr oudos of illithtacy. Therefore, your attention is requeat-
ed on this very tender question which may sub-consciously
furnish Communists guns with ammunition, The tr g. ornm-
ament is the greatest representative of d.nmm tpe, lmd- ts loop
boles should be corked atomically,
Europe is enjoying much of these de frt k
Uncle Sam. Then, why can't the children rihe
tolled here in the Panpma C. Z. for nearly o Now
their brothers are enlisting In Uncle Sam's J Man't this
enough to give them a chance at a free eles location?
We are being paid wages in accordance with Pianfi stand-
asds. Why can't the tuition fees be the same s Panaa? Here
afe three reason for consideration.
1. Their parents or guardians are unable to pay these rate*
at their present rate of pay.
2. They are a hundred per cent Americans in habits and
3. They have merited this privilege through their fathers
Sand brothers. e'
S-- Mr. Petitlo er.

1U Box Editor:
Sta* two, three or possibly more years age there appeared
y" a wonderful mtd wiely read Mali Box an article or poem
I "A'Man JiMd by How.t. 'e Trats ile Follow Man."
I-ViQ 'o te U of that 5 em might We thi, and
o a in f you a unable to In.d your records.
Thank ,."
______________________dsm a ."

i, ,,A ,"werw to Pvsoae Pul
It's Grek e YoU Y e
____I I&I LM ~a^L~~

M AL 4'Produeer of
Pirst Greek dgg3
r, te5 Conjunction
W ?letter of 6 Obtained

III western (r.
's .10 -On the ocean
usa nsruler 3sal
669S0 It Pbrtlfcet IonsM of e body
li t is Anger 28 R hen o45Onmonamy
3 ipSDt 20 rental 29 Facility l p ot pea
th armWent MwioU30 WIN 41da
lh21 ure v dil 0Me *.
Ot istr A2lican fly 34 Loes IeCu
iieth SSOsee Is in 370 Oe. .Mis3ilhed
15MMn 24Sttd ag 41 Unvamltd Sbat


bI------ -

'Mr. P.A. Want Ad' itali-
a following
Of prospects mighty fieS
What's more he
them quiokt
On the dotted line!



Ldbrw PNew.


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S ~
L's ''p

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,- ...-
h. '.f.

to vroced.
Soon. adeordin to authorita-
tive information obtained by na-
tional AFL leaders at tir 7Ut
annual eonventlam here, W
same type of scuad hs unuda
strong, will be te t Co-
gresmen aheduled t pre the
Los Angeles armek, de of the
deadly and sefet supelsonle
missiles an Sept. 3.
The Communist Just dent
want their undereVft'r tas
In Los Angeles' a a stle
plants (production emer for the
NVW's T-T M .TMiuer, -alok*
nape of the ieat led0M flying
bomb) expMed Mn wet .
Woet hasneen t ashed to e-
lIteralt AIM ja, "N*Sel"
MaWgerty a*d Bfi -&% that
agelIti h hMlu t*

to drike theb-4muweM *l gas
etlogters at of the ofy In
mae day.
Bassett and ,fllkrty, who are
in the younger saoW echelon Of
the national AhfL eonan d, will
shortly dispatch tBletin to
their people. The li wl1 a-
lert them against the OmMiun1w
l'ts. who are bascolly hntereMted
first in learning the secrets or
the missiles, aircraft and other
armaments pouring out of Cali-
fornia factories, and then dis-
rupting the stockplitng of these
From unimpeachable sources It
Is learned that the Los Angeles
Communist Party has been or-
dered to unleash Its moat "vlgr',
ous and conoeutrtId program of
action sinee it awung a the
Progressive party back I l."
The sped& dfrhc*iW sobWh
ed al levels of the P"ar d 1e
1, 0 to d .4 00al
and energy 'ef sas"o Sa n
unions and th a progressive
movement In gerit"
Goal of this epeatlo is f
"put on such a aGidastrattfW
that they ill ride the Coigs-.
loanal CommWitee a l U-Anm-'.
can AUctivtes out of Lo.Anaglee
in one dovy.
The eli tI for tie mebnlUsatien
of 6,0010 Commwtdts, dawna
mostly out of 6e Ieft-wtiff
unions on Canfemia's water-I
fronts, to "storm aroas the
federal Buadl where the
hearings are teanatly aahed-

Ut. I. v
the o
kn. em



Gnat Squashing


iw t IC. I mtthe ettlue week end tics. In a way we anre' ,trtbutati to
tago a s~upst Vr Dilet Nixon's sidel xtr a securay, hil heavy expenses.
iat. Imn.wlleli a6f to btI'18 grand worth Ltst Saturday niaht I maw his daug
Wf aid asistasne fom e MtWepts to keep television with Jimay DuaMnto, and I
bny m tahpM and stia for dough. As a tge, t ,e o eoal
TIM O e the Wt tain she couldn't ty her into jol
Mbberi, mW all sor aMled did is she was trading on tl
wlit L ts boy. do. Ite own fact all thls nOaM anbot mlek Nix i

Songreiman cnot m him Ms tce?- mu

tethea m n e o ; fIni fu n. bi r._ a t
6 t t dt ~es'o iBataitM JEoeu ; Ro eIt u99 !ftfi off^'.
ntu }w-c;p .... odd bue tIDI .e-wib ,an rert

gay maneweage illlni a T
lany coatatorb aW .

i o var went lto oftt w pay-
to the people w ttwho ihiWi him In
l-ip, imudoubtedly MsaeeIt hapof at the
U smea on Dick M oed more

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a TV

-to teal Ma if he wants to. .7a
they gousee Nta a using to.

el of Niuon gets very bittertrm
uinMlt I l of is fles a .pri alu
e to O .eopt Bie IesontreofM theA
iUs to taie money trot friends tW
o loths, so's he codd be an Am-
P. aW4 efMhy who alde
. much ouvr nsf grand,I
31gr birds ar flying a un-
*ter quaih the gnat wit ut-


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w MItioi

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wmm. a th

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-os .hs 'm

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to sw -, or-- ntaw
or, tboufh the
=ntwb ucM ofthe Mixaffi

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Vor claMifid wiN aUS
Stract parade sfWd p- e
sct l because rervmwi b

he b m iP.A' mtara*
mg" f'ay Tq WMP.
.... .... lb remitts wlg s rpi

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, q '(. PI ,. ,S I ..' ,j< 7
'l. ":"+' '
,.,*K. ++ '.^ +T .'' *'
+. *,r: i i.... ..- '. ++.* .-' .." i
i"l, ", ;"


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.. .' .J., II ;.
S. ,, if'
9'', ,. .',d

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,+ ;.. t* ""
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',".\" A" '**<* w" '% *- ++' .*y j sh
PL': ws rr.. "t\ 0 ,. n "ei" J
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.1 .. .... .+., -iEi 4<
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a few a ws i tenh '
1.o m; Mr. add
-- am e an; Mr. and
will join his wife haIdren; Mr. and Mrs
n ama earlier-tr* J1. Mora; Miss:bertha Mo-
ereg MeamMo; W91-
I. f-- e .; Mr. Lois Garcla
A t de Paredes; Mrs. leader Parker;
Dr. and Mrs. 3erbert L. Phillips;
4a nSia- e a "for MrW. ad t. s. Phillipt and

Sorbusiness trip. Mirysm Ramirez; Miss Luz Res-
Nooan will study the possibil- trepo; Mr. and Mrs. Albert N.
.. w l f arran lang lrgb South Ruoff; and Mrs Mary E. Rup-
aerla tou cr through his pe.
S U-ac t oMrs. Florenc.-' B. Salisbury;
Julius E. Schriftslesser; Mr. and
Shrimpers Mrs Luis Scigliane and four
in Balboa chidren; Mr. and Mrs. George
shrimpers, the Seminole, y Scott and som Mrs. Eleanori
qui, Harry D. Parker, B-1, L. Scott; Colone?4tiehardson Se-
and -3 arrived yesterday lee; Dr. and Mrm. Jack I. Smith:
the West Coast for fishing Mr. John P. ifith: Mrs. Reva
waterA. R. C., Woreley Is Starke; Mrs. ltEweeney; Mrs.
local agent. Elena dn SBatamarlk; C 8.
S" Townshmed and Mrs. Sofia de
Line's Santa Barbara Velez.
bassa4sasg Wife Mrs. Lea de Villegas; Miss Al-
l of the Argentine Am- vina Walters; Mrs. Musa M.
Sto Panama. Mrs. Mar- Welsh and so ; Mrs. Lynn Elsiree
tA lopes Mufloz, arrived in Cris- White; Mrs. JKathleen Wilber;
...Sjht yesterday aboard the 8.S. Walter B. WVbberg: Sgt. and
iata Barbara. Mrs. Mufloz Mrs. John J. Wolfe and two chll-
boarded the ship at Valparaiso. dren.
36. C6 asl Due to Leave Arie
w York Wednesday New4y Arrived
Col. Richardson Selee. Director s
ofthe Civil Affair Bureau. was Res Welcom
o theW passengers scheduled
erom New York yesterdayAtAltwok AFB
-.- _Puthbound trip of the
S. -The advance pas- All new arrjvala in the Canal
received at Balboa zone w k Maembers of the
Shows 131 passengers. Unite A Mtr Force Reservet
ST-t includes the names of in either, r or a
Si'* nSmitl Jr., Chief of status h ed t
ion oralhitatica and there is c Rese
Rev. Reginald H. Good- section at Air o
*b, who are returning from the Base, JutI main g
Weheral Convention of the Pro- o the the fhe Afl
etr:n 4 episcopall Church In Bos- men's Club.
Reserve Sectiqu hours ate
complete advance passen- from daily. Durt pthe
Ar Hlist for tl',. Cristobal follows: director of. ormeas the
"--^-Capt. and Mrs. Elmer G. Ab- available to- advlc on e-
tiss Teresa Acevedo; serve affai, bring records up
-- sbeml Briceflo de Alfaro, Mrs. to date p onrajly render
7 "ll' y K. Altman. Miss Ines! A- counsel a -l on all
y; Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. phases Of n ts Air
it and four children. Mr. Force R if t.
'n. anslt'. Ulai,Pfo. and The ge of the
Henry Blck. Mr. and Mrs. Albrook reserve -satlon. Is Lies-
D l _oles; Mrs. Mercedes de tenant L. V. S14lt. snd he MAy
Mr. R. Frank Brak.n- be reached b7yphone at 86-2230.
and Mrs. Joseph -
r e nevn ie But. Burns t mI tl
-, .'Itil two abgdt,- d .:: .' .S I .W te (PM Turk, a
.and Ufa. Cbludet I. CumP- t ble picked up a

d through
and two chkl- kajBey an eye-dropper, de.
Tia- de scobar; Mr. manda food four or five times a
tlA h tfld son; Mr. dayv but Will have nothing to do
'llseA. Aristides lIanantn, W rgerfls. He etCwhot
daughterr; Mis Tony Plores: a ap" hamburgers.
Anita de Flois; Mr. and
Qepiga and two
P. French I-dflb St-I-KIN
,,1No. 4h St. -g1u
I rhJn2d Mrs. ranclsco Gavl- has 26 5 60 cycle
r"on Glavet; .Rt. Rev. Re- fully tropleaUlied
M. Gooden: kis. Allee P. .
IM MLOS S e. Back; Pie HSI U.
r ukins; Mr. and Mrs.

Ism s i s "at- Vane L. af

iUailBLitM... TApWrtr *FNT Y A.,.MI xcamWT PM
WWW A.0KIN6 *i6] tCE- TRA INo N To
ANN ."-

penguje at the LnSou Zoo, 0ova one 4let V
pr.oer penamn. o vfor,. ,, by M .WNWf )s,
ming Il ba Ml f tte, b ,t tt V I Oi = % W.. -tAbN .
SoPnlits"r ta* ti t
I' lrs fe- *.wi


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Ar iffwAMt

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I* dhamus tirn
r c m y to g ~ A .g Af tlm'f M I*A A RM^u ^

I' ^SS~ fP~ St^- wr ^^;^M1

^i g, ros

Sm ouoar

b. tbat wobel
to wnmse n h
gain mad al


for a
for wo

e. S--1i a rN- .. -nW B

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Ijm (0^*'^1
S-^5 iUf''; -i ~

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5,... "1
Ltd La..
the IWVI

w/re o, daP
i, WuIfti

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b WM
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a ad J1655
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,' -1 ., ;. -. ^
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".' ".*.,,B.*' 7, ^- sy ."^ ^

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|V^ ... ....DA~ ii^ ^
.K: .I.ft.tfl CAC Itll

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^B ^,4a *t *icej 'r7 '
*-^^f v'-Cl~M~ **;
..S .. A' sie $.IOS

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Li& .- L
t- 1 t' I? -"

.... ;: PC *a, c.^^ ^ ^j^

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mt na mm, a -m---wwn .I

. *6 ...oufle

m..aa~. ~.

Of. a.

. I-. i
.. r-

Niaenafy advertteod at $7tO in MIn i .

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cj m
.Too 4r-^


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.. .m .w .s.

*B^^^\ ^'^flH*'B^B^^ -4- .
,- '. .
At -..
R 'i^ ^R 't "' B ~n i .- *, .

'~~* :1

- i**,*>,

rn'-unr -.J~ -55---'.'
Jar -

& -.4'-.^

' e ,e

W* ;"

IL.. 4
-t I..*4q~
4- 3
2. .t


0XW( A

li **

-"B~~~r ~eau thEP "^"^icB 'ink-

It hugi~ u -.

Int, wm anoy
lplow dea Ns d f
-nral do"'t.


* l ;, *
_I^I^ f^^t^^

........ .. ....

Sdl 'em... When You Te 'em tiru P.A.

S v~ i your Ad with oune of our Agenmt or our Offlemi Lu No. 57 "H" Strhe -- u,..'a
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Ce .
vice Sala de Beileza Alaericame Carltoe D Stre .
vw.-Phone 2-21. amG #56 Wet 1uth 8t-et 1.0M e adWm A>*J.Ab iti .
's Agenda nteroaciof de dol a ga PrpMait, SA. "fIt t | .iO
July Ave-Pnone 3-M1 *3 LotMry Pla s Phoal X-tIM 5" O.t Bt 1






Dusehold Automehilet oe r, kw b 0ahdrnk pmtet WJO(t COL t ES
wrieS Alashel.n Ameymews. aIN Campoe".
0- C. Z. Phone
chn s l u couch. Governmment Employee
bi. Cl Colon I v am t o Dr. WENDEHAKE medical clinic, Gramich ra

-.o3o.s Earg* of sKIE F
S E-Went shape. 10 vene- When you finance your nw "J" nd"K street. Phone 2- stoves. mode rate
xelent shape. 10 vene, tu or d car. 3479. 6-441 Gambol, 4-567 Pedro feW.Sr PR"
ilonous furnfiture and ote, A IGENCY DINIL.INI THE TRIP OF YOUR LIFE collectci t o
No.i4 AND ONLY I451 Phuia. Oogwnldg caatte ABLE ALUMINUM dire r of t esool
t 3on a B a2831. after 430 FOR SALE:-.Ud tires, pssanger Canal, to Calon, a igs,enid Ponar Tg l .TREEN iAM S untl t.
9, & commercial at Agencies Cosmos. L Puef Salle IMHouses on 40 at sainta Cleme0W,-es,,allery a6fArt In WealOR
Retrerator cu. ft. on Automobile Row No. 29. tele.- Last Tour Of The Year P.B b u a dt r
e5 I Norge, very good cond.- phone Panama 2-4721. (Spons ted bythe El Panama Hotel) 40% o4 tP o n m1
Ian The first $5000 takes it FOR SALE:-1950 Hudson. Comma- "*Pescadora" leaves Pier 17, Balboa. R REther NT ,O otlrmL
8, Diablo. After 4:15 p. m dare 8. Club Coupe, radio, 2 Friday 6 a. m. = RN" nOMU W l r
S E: Frogidaire, 25 cycle, speakers, white walls, new seat Arrives Colon IStrangers Club) 2 30 I_____________n a few secdaft
2-4447. 1418-Carr St. covers. Call 2-4473 ofter 4-00 p. p. m. FOR RENT:--Iou. two bedroomm, l POd wlt BamAt A BF Unit- 11 Yirs 0M Tl*.i
_l_. ml. Leaves Colon 9:30 p. m. for San livinFroR m, RInngroom, unfurnll t a "I-o | .'.. _
oLE-Bamboo diningroorn set. FOR SALE:-$740 equity in 1950 Bias nd ad. Bella Vista collar 50 Eft No. o lulob. u rW
v10PeaveBColon9:30rP.ron dCnlnoroomo unfundah- l4. S e Leovi erMw l- ----U
able chars with cush Ford convertible. Balance con be Puerto Belle a returning Colon Sunday 49, Tel. V o0. heyQuge n t bra. rot. rnche
Like new, $275 00. 120 financed if U. S. Government emr- afternoon. in One o the yt brnch
Rod, alboa Heights. ploy. Call Mr.,~DlsBalboa 1868 Leaves Strangers Club, Colon, Mon- FOR RENT .1,,,iy of the United States Ar,
Ror Balboa 29 1, orn 7 00 a. m. day 6 a. m. off Military Pollce o i ps t will e-r.
furniture cns f during office hbur at Bldg. 5142 Balboa to San Bias, return to Colon A- t In teA ro w.E th e vn.ytead 65eWArm, t hl s 1.l
chairs, a settee and table. Diablo. $45.00. M 11APARTMI F. NTOVEY I t ,buffet Iotto states, o "Sv1 to theP
a ps the last opportunity t FOR SALE -Lk n 1950 Buick uo Sn Blas and return Two and flt room furalihd-andU F1Mas CoRnd." the
req such furniture at any price. Riviera. bou aht January 1951. Thru Canal only (either way) $10.00 closed ie, 8 1. 10t Tel.St th s
mLds thany1 extrasm ale cdaw B ringbyHotelE anama Now l.Tlpo Colon "be replacedlsor and a t1I.6 1
many extras small down Bring slacks, shorts, bathing suit. .. (4i1. 1aa)l ar herT i
E--Frig dare refrigeralor payment. Price $1,875, consider fppers and spears fr under- FOR RENT--Now al inex ERN FURi lowp A. r P o
$1 752 0 Quartermate FOR, SALr 54 4r (. oG lde rsw ate and mearsa f r nde rPOq e ra lthar
1 225" cycle, 1-2 year guar- trade. 82-B. Coco Solito water fishing) light jockt or FOR RENT- e Now ovil able r x t o I-. 'tFR MPt l a

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an ,

ter-Battalion Box


Mj .

ut Smoker To Get M g

nderway At 7:30 P.M. 5e
cI o xo w-d-
Fort Clayton gymnasium will be the scene of Na League
inter-bottalIon boxing smoker of the year to- Na League u 'Jl lo
evening. The first bout is scheduled to get under. T U reet
Set 7:30 p.m. Thirty fighters have indicated their NookBsn .n 3 A Ud Be e reiTe
gness to enter the ring and give fans a preview of New York .. .. .. 90 .6 Atid b Moves Ints g.' e result s lthe l J rT
Sa b e LwSt. Louis ... .... 6 6 4 .873 arst r e h 1 t ei t -
to come on the Isthmian boxing program for 1952. fltalphi .. .. 5 1 .6s Leas Swoo p:l have en ied
g tare mostly newcomers to be fought under the National Bsten .. ......43 87 .4n last Club bei ngk te ist e
w erop will stand up in corn- The scheduled bouts are: gh a e ta pth o
ieon with the men returning Flyweight TODAY'S GAMES ingt alleys, W i w the
rom last year's teams Extra Valencia, 504th vs. Carmena. Cincinnati at St. Louis (N). pions, the N.J. Hao tea ftr 0 il .. .. Bc-0 idt$1| rgj .i

WhilLal .e most of the bouts sche- ni 33d. YESTERDAY'S RESULTS The epenin s scoring was e g
duled are between newcomers, a Featherweight First Game ,usually low t newr 1a 13 1
few veterans of last ears box- Whitt 45th vs. Quis. Albrook. Boston 300 0- Baker being hi h f er Atlasb iton 19 14 rsne rein
ng wars will be oand ap to dis- Melnde.504ths.Aguine.33d New Yok 005 112 0 xTh 17 1 with 581, and Ma el r's 214 17pp 1516 no dntd o thBokess or. P
lay their abilities and give the Alvares. 504th vs. lGuzman 33d. Johnser ( am), Jones, Cole, tied ,Gfor hith even ino m.* 1 r
pen a better meand this o compari- Lihtweiht urkont and Coop. las Cla ok wle a respectabit .- 171 1i to
n before the teams get down to Lndsey, Albrook vs. Sheffield. Mage. Kennedy,. Connelly 2778 to Homa's 257, with File- the

the serious business of fihtin 33d. Wilhelm (14-3 and Katt. bheark evening's high orin Hoa with Totals .. .. 877 89 0 thore
Sthe Armed Forces title in Light Welterweight 552.Game usually low r all teams, w .

November and December Todd, 45th vs. Gassart. 33d- Second Gb22 Meanwhile, Snowerop Frozen r Is not les tactis IP
Fifteen bouts are on the o- WhiCoett, 45th vs. Hickman. 33dAbrook. Boston 000 000 11 Foods took one game and pinfallS wep Frosen o -i ed
ginal schedule. However, all Light Middleweight New York 000 122 wax-s 10 0 hginst the Fuerza y LuzB while nson 181 18m 1o0 5na .ss te a haicaS
fig ers must present medical Gray. 4504th vs. uineCobb. 33d. SoNewy 11, Jones and Bur- withe 51, and Mat Wheel r's 4 per m 182 1 teourntmet so 'itee don at
vertificates at nd b e present for Reyes. 504th vs. PaGuzman, 33dbrook. ris n e t fotr h evenm t. h e ae o 15 11 a o ton r hse tinl t .
the weigh-in ctter emons o compariday Light Heavyweight Surkontlo- ,and Coop att. an as Club bowed a respe citasih 177 1a8 a8 h o- ig
orning if the t eams get d allowed to ndsey, Albroo st vs. SheffWoodring, snn wa t oo as ha ith toer wth rbon 19 3 5 a'18 s o le len o eg
compete. With the original card 33d. Philadelphia 3010 Norris wh tue oronB63Tis ad uect a nd a II 14.
of fifteenbouts, at least ten will Mohn, 7'mpst vs. Flullen. Al- Brooklyn 012 0019 St0-7.' 11 2 he split, the powermen move Totals .. .. 8b 841 36B 3620 at I frees .the tees m an Inni oIf b ita
be held and Fossiebl all fifteen Light Welterweight Wilhelm brook Roberts 27-7) and rges. into a for third place withn tals In 7 8 r2 ll
The rClayton Special Ser- Heavyweight Lain 8-4) N y, King lea hlgue sSnd s. tr* la eltedzn..B.a e .fg..
vice Office chamber annound December Tod that Barth vs. ar. Al. At ranca Moore Mandh norL I Fr en Il s ot .aPU
d jrsad F"ir ankoSS; C"d will brook. prtadora Selecta scored the first Stephens itS 187 161 526 an e ho .- at Tentr T
Falternate about th are on third man in McLeero, 65th vs. Mariano. oNight Game t ge under the new ABC rul- Twas 1F 15 516 1.00 a c t ba a be

the rOn. Judges will be Lt Col. 45th. Cincinnati 002 110 020- fa 8 1 ea a t ot
in. Cox and Capt However. eall Light ton Middleweight St LouIs 001 e 0 6 2 ag00e ceah y L-u l p nteao p f 18 vw9 147 446 5 by n riani
glher s rea m i at kry. t he andnext frame. ke 18 t 16t0 42 All ofmch s .es will be pl- 2 ns at l- .
ie othe first game, and eighteen holes with three- mr-
nbisell t8-8), Clark, e laddix and 11 the spliteond, with Local 505 move talks .. .. 8 0 20 ter (ta e te) of the diff to over
DThe han pDd Rice. sco-bo abthe last woam d pinfall, s an81 M1 hedeen bh e eir O O Sia A
rhe Forel a Onn to an p e i ali e n, r oRoberts 27-7 and e plo intl lo wh I te. rlo t u iemnt aa r ctic n rntal i nalleb-ma s to d ,
rly games scheduled to elects 1. weiga wast Lab high ne. 8-4). N y, King, league standings es3 m scr- .-fooblt d st
vice Office has announced thatwith 5h51 for Sele and aEady ilebark 1-2 Fe 8552el T ra 'gtIitt ucton 20 at 9 ag e .. at th
fd Majnd orae Local 595 strhed thet78. re 1 1 1 5e ai templates t he awardin of pot football e i. 1t -f1-
alternate nth ethrd man MLeer 65th vsan League a 0 t mena ud e r th e n ev tru. resr 15 1p8 50e pri if or as, the entry fees p" signed for tbll r todty sety
ninga the 12 A m Cypert 178 159 10 407 mit being coached. t th
NEW YJ. F. Cox and CaRK. Septth. 25 o he scale behS. af t st Beat 127 183 212 522 Fir ronPd matchens a bet t -l n '
..Yn Mae Ce tn topteBe4aa took the firttDt ame, and r Yreighteenor...2* pm withtthree-qsrmhar-e
ke Ale os Toa y o or fiinh ae lla.8-Slarkn 1 and tied the second, with Local l95 Totals .. .. 834 848 88725 Sep. 2a7n1te aI fr atu a o cticAl

the moundtodayagainysttheRe d inningswhile theRedsmbatthe Chicago..... 9 7ee ge andpin a o thereebre
D. Rice.h -tak Ia7 ithe latit witd *USpinfall,as Cu uin-combinedlh'andiaP(1) S feal y ,on
hat g ttiN YoeYrrKn fspointselowed.rKRe rritoer7t*r idparacticelteeau.Weer 18-11245

W games scheduledht.o Adtoleeaw1 was high aRalloma 1 I o t b .
Pinnd ant knehis llefeorhreloe veaforlandnadylebarkd12m10et 3220with Aacr B 102 18 213 ata.. atte
Pen a msu In adte n at oeroitn....frLocale 59was 2igh1for1the Harley1 templatestBe the awards. 19of80 1 football field. -n S.e IdM
bo.. r .o k the final mituo of the eve- Griffiths 171iG158.09 prizes It or a0, the entrylfees per-2sig5isnter tbis00i tytn

S e f L agu e d Cubspo i rt ad nl ead tea as t p w m champions, Cypert 178 159 1604 97 ui () t.vs 1 dsa t

I thednnr two e r oemainingI games mS Grid b. **coJced, Woanshte.
NE ethey e 2onl catc u tempe & Son, took 4 Beatel l m mAo tchesmust bem* 8,01 5 T .RONtr 6 t83 19 3 (0gf
STthn dsehed Browns e came from o behindr- Gm Won Let Pe. tati s..from7 31t vonWd
-sYankee Manager Casev Stengel a to top the Tigers 7-4 at Detroit. Ne EoMrk9te1l AU gal a, T3 .l.eetdbyP .S n =Ti
nicked Asllie Renolds to h beo on scoring five runs I wen the last three ALe n 1 1-
the mound todarie gs aogns the Red Gnn ings while the Reds beat the Chicago ....... 2 1 g esn ,ae th ereyAtiig:T by s b
eox at Boston to win the game Cardin als 8- at St. Lou ws behind Phi lawt delphian .. 7 .51t
that will give the New Yorkersi Ken Raffensberger's six-hitter.ionsfo anrthirddBlareeintheoeag.:.. Whee uLawless 171.56 214.532 on-Btt(10) vs. w @- ad tind

batting lefdhandeh ehe thripledin pointh toharea l action-filied ft- ane (
the winningun a.he hd hail gwe.a MarabeTh gla al ha 124 18 1 50W.IS-
their fourth con aseutive Am kr e pceAthletics-Senatorsand Boston0 00. 2 0 orm anN wh Tt84 83 33 4o y (30).
brl e d death knell for n ftoevelanFid nh.t. 749lok S:SeLawlenw shighf or the 74e1stBatesC193ISO17a 10)ft team1..
-- 1withlsdob and willb admitted with cards2row 4J4).... 1-2 S 1.e. a. i.

tr If the r onee-ru o he o -th lo l fooesttb all picture 1 eScarborous gaa n .f mt
s .d. ,edthswe -k, Ebb1tF ld Th Ao wl4lndt.aTotals....93 88 82*218 t n).ta t S. 0W -

o .'ino trimer phat theatta of the PlimdNor s "T." a aibl rinsd. nei( o 5 1
S t indirtwremaininglgames, blank-Nie here hS tac e be t thanEvl DiA 't 1w =.I
edDteWiteSBoxrd-y and Sun- schoolnowbropeb ay ma...91i -).

guo Bhob Lhamone rw wn hisNSi, s'eramyrigaleed.lf hs al-
dythme .Indians cean t go wer Charl IhoeAtl. OClub.AuteM axR.o aetep Sn(hm24)MIpfo

S :The ans have four mork m0t 001ese boks mig-t b1eread f T o ..35: 3 S MdNo
hand bl- ne Boston and three D d e s F dA nI hto flv n. ra1d ol

tr. (avns 1 at ind 8 2.. the Ebbets F ield T e BullognAm1 1h1s starting lme will countla ed bes atms
icdluhIe ahnd Thepayedrern o7mt A ruJginal... of ranc9is od44tSur
two fullg game s Ina ront .ini Ni ist t her akil. fO toa
the Indians yesterday W ith aela mt and White. I@e 1hsleadlingrscorers of the Totalsp..a6 871 879 oer (19): ( 1, 4oUM( TO

Ir of vicor hios overth wedBo inx SSend Game legonarenwTod hano (p;lran-shilp. m,
Mickey Mantcle's bg bat was the Athletic Club t gridders Strai. Boston 000.003e 9a 65
S measure of differenc n e In Ing at the bit teiougrh o tr aheBaSatrrlP A l ..a. (Ia ine -eouto.1

throunds.nAlvin)Darkapundedgoutudp. ItOis6eectedhoweverthattame wdlo for pyed 4:30pm.,
e bothtriumphs. In the opener, kickoff tomorrow, allBIndications Bain andyBerm .15 8.- y0 184' A1 (30) *n.eWuyand' "

Ibctling left handed, he tripled In point to a real a ation-filled foot- Parnell-(12-12),NIXON andew'.o hita, onr
the winning run after he had hall r ame. This opening salvo wil CWte.ha n0?l ...11
fdubledIn another one earlier i the local footballpictfirelwin..U frot." Opti"a Sassvs.winnerofsac-
I g the second game, batting take place at Balboa Stadium, Csdicago ord:half-seam9a1n5-2-.Tote, 30.1fromt7
righthanded, he drove in four Friday nTo h ht. 7 o'aloa. u StudentseClevelanl.gA0geaLam be or S
runs with a homer, double and will bce Iadmtted with S.lA. oaedsfl.c.9i0ngchmpotsn d.r

YOid lobbLonofttraUveST backs.n r l ar Ug*r7
eaoTom G scrman won the secondLoed as

nornichamo( as hr honorsa l.
tme with relief help while Balboa has had a couple of.
JohnnyBain pitched two. score-b.yssid0e-inedt'--isweekbobe "ldtomorow
Op"OnIinMatriumph. a attacknofitheABugSdd "1T." P(7-14-,*..
ed i eWhiteSx 6-0 at Cleve- schoolU being laidU "

by Avila supplied homers. Ro- this the ih holes sIe-game seres
was a tree-run l strength and I pennant. tTh ,t

re-rsa t in the Ebbets Field S
vs. Aw ien M..(If rminedMout.-"" "'

e9 c ta.wd.. o- -._.-. _. p -

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..r''^fc- .a, lU o .
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for 1952

cans &mtwirly &i*ed for modems BIuin

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SWaid with.b oo i .Hkahfamic Dcti AMS,..
wAEs n ew ye of i-Joint Iot om 5
Wc gwpnd wins which d doiLm

count o.-Liatln pus mperb khandtsr -i'
riht uMginD M y mie.



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& idents Chief.

oud Jets o S Tuesde

rWftBNG'TON, Sept. 25e UP "Lethepe ple kwthe truft od th gwgI i6 o A- b .
it as grounded some F-89 natives r
ion twin-jet all-weather rwENTV-EVENTn YEAR PANAMA, R. P., TRURSDA'' NWggg merlo
Lrptor planes while it inves-Untedt
S. recent series of accl- "
'.1le types or the Scorpion:I
I.r de ense missionshe Puerto i ns Von me a
ai types were not specified nouned
bUt at least four models of the U I time th-
Northrop aircraft have been pro-AComm
reeenepro-o Height Los e bo -
One Scorpon cameos he apart in S i
the air before a horrified crowd s ,n. l
at an air show in Detroit recent- eral of
ly. WITH 65TH PUERTO RICAN Ihood. Suicidal Chinese defenadse It was only recently t Il l not be forgotten. Nor wilt the will (e visiting f-
Another disintegrated at high REGIMENT, Korea. Sept. 25 (UP iRed commanders called artillery, United MIations anSd o- to rename RollY Hill "Los aed by te vari
altitude In Washington state, and -The Borinquefos today vowed In on their own troodeps) forced troops ended their "gentl S .' h the .Lt
a third did likewise this week atI to plant the "Lone Star of Puer-;the bleeding Borinquefios to re- agreinemet." g la Ate the airica l
Presque Isle. Me. to Rico" on "Kelly Hill] and to treat. Br America wol r
The Scorpion is one of therename the bloodstained height, Ambulances and helicopters The Commuelets stayed -FAlbrook, arriven
principal all-weather fighters .'Los Jbaros," in honor of their worked long hours in evacuating Kelly Hill during the night andc iefsoe h 8ill bearvn
used by interceptor pilots Of the Puerto- Rican countrymen the dead. dying and wounded thee UNolers manned H n l tltnr n a
Air Defense ComrWand. Col. Cesar Cord.5ro,Tcommand- Six days ago a Chinese battal-trenthes during the day. oft b fiot it. or wiwmrylhonors .
Tne scordrpion carries a ing officer of the 65th Infantry ion Infiltrated and virtually an- CUedro said it was aft t o o thr pena ry e "Aln Mw
and radar operanto r.s t has the regimen told his battered bat- nihilated the Puerto Rican force written gentlemen' are e to. A
e t h o o rie thain" weetlne talion "in our determination to defending the bloody outpost. with pe-gentlemen on onft A merl t e
...ilot to "lock" on a target planeoo. ,, o ou C mea ce
radar which iles the plane hold and take Kell is the pres- The valiant troops had been or- amide ofthe line.' Ai w i*
radarpies ohe olathe renae se tlodstadeem heig rembulancespane helicoptnerstdesommutrstapeedo1 hab ok, arv
utomaically within range and tige and glory of the 65th regi- ered "to hold te hill to the last Rains drenched Sept. 26 out A -
fires 'rockets at the proper mo- onent. urman.' d nboth e Bor ft and Directing Council o f othe n d *t Hil toay. And I thM UMftdAm Directing Council of the lga n Aitth*dee s -l
*:.i; Northrop is listed as in the "The 8th Army Is de6t'nding on Cordere said, "our men did not odanyAod sad tlf tsoa ed i Ameinon in it a third plenary Oran- wi .-le we Alerilu l e
addrudrofperthr.eonithe ntegmehitod dipes bayteremdmb- n at th etoripnore
W e-mlte-an-hour class with a the 65th to defeat the Reds. We retreat, becaur. we cannot label crimblng bunker, men of the i elected Panama, Br1azil, andi Oa1bba a Aroe* fltoW e
li of more than 4.000 feet. are n oKelly to stay on Kelly retreat the withdrawal of a 5 cleaned we as new mbeo the
Mav God almighty helo us and handful of valorousthe ddlers who sharpened their byonts and re- Bvec utive Committee replacing Air = lu witness if
guide us In what lwe believe Is made our lines only through su o- rieftred 3 Salvador. Per and the Unit- V aothe f r c
the just cause to r."deem the preme effort, 'despite their pain Ireaterday the regiment's ol States, whose terms expire dei43If5tbftWof, thfce tOt skiT
right offree mankind which we and loss of blood." second anniversary, n Korea thisOctober. MembershiLp a Sfo Benoi Wto tht Aiy rt
pass on to our sons Kina Obetter period of three years Th .the
world."uom T Directing Council of the P A.lo .
h l s The Puerto Ricans remember S J d. givese trepresentatitto'to "
Sept. 24. An assault unit carry ea- l .50 wl o aoll 21 American Republe csusI Carle: l 8 i
during the Puerto Rican flag was Ia mp 25 (P 0 h iwnhf the Eu 15tvergm d budget, a Sh lo
driven from Kelly Hill bv fPanati- w tee isv composed of represaent- oe a w
Scale Chinese Red defenders on the "v ee o ruh S l ven d ofthee onare- Fil: 0. ;rT
second anniversary of the regi- e me rese ir an oete ee n Sa Oenerail Aureltol Od t
ih went's arrival In Korea. lic me oa v DlvS mabasi .le; LtGeneraloA-hbla lbOa
"Nuestro regimiento" disem-d The i erecting Council also nd tuel000 11. ~lI 00
harked In Pusan Sept. 24, 1950, u. pSd a twomilliondo llal bn Carlo" do" la rl
during the'dark days of the o- WASHINGTON. Sept. 25 (UP) the contion of the a men program and budget, which
ren fighting when the Commnu- -Three of 12 men marooned an w"slA. qe __ roi modestt V D i v u.s
nsts surged on the Pusan per- the Greenland Ice cap when p s te en Ci Detr a r inTaq e n Wan e1* o Ohio A gi*
rrn ther lameter. s British plane crashed spt. 16 'ch WMde "td to' e8ua fe trcsdg. 4t' r
One year ago te Puerto t R- have been rescued by air and re- the thees wet w s
cans were bfttoelfr ightiln on turned to the Thule Air Base, day when aa la h.r ,out t mMT-
the western frbnt gains the 480 miles west of the crackup, Tabole Rock-rNeb.,lad n- '19'zb m' *c h
.^*^^H^^^^^^H ~hinese troops that had used the theAir Force announced today, .engjtm m'--i Orii- n_ &.., 'rA nelCA'e &]
Sxteon armistice lull to The rescued, all believed in- blan On the toe ca. t a t
atmgthen their defenses. Jured, Included the one American Riled n iy A1 r Cafild an
AY' yesterday Puerto Rica n troops aboard, Capt. Carles W. Stover, CRo a oah irctr r .
s-ahed todn the' crest of Kelly Portland.Mo. ,Hea suffered tiA e .wextioM tt et re or M
rnihtothente o Treee ro h en marooned on the i e. +, .aimn.Ve .
carryen their flag a symbol ansee raed e The oM ane toor, shl e. 5..m A r *asp 8.
Ssofneewlya achieved de -a n e men will be rescued from procTeedo taste e, t pelMr.' 4 ,lC
u hy achieved semi state degrees below ero old a In. the r e wf ,n p
e en we tn ao Tweather permits, wereth Oud Amnet pw.n .o.11.1W, c health. *A- .
.pti e n hoe wstemno yblthJa e DN56v The men rescued with mtover L ebedt fC.l a pa 3 .-t l S
.-t aan Ing Dhlese troops thet had ue were ident.fted as Plight Sdt. troop isa.c. States) I, th-i f
nti rnor sticel- fo"BurkMe of '.the oyal AIa Fores ,-te .Uriis eplatne, at iPAP iMp uuv Mp M og.-. I n .
er th e anr Topcllffe,E ngland, who haspon- Iastirg caT-craft, crash land- ro of lArAits cae1 %r l
in t d ss, bible head tnjuries. d nMBa. Do- ed on Mthi Set. 16 while dtisueam a :nd red. tin t their h e. .
l A rd nald S Bater Simpon, Old dropping aippHes to a aIx dman Incidence. i t -
Sarum, England, Royal Army British sciient1ficepedlttoh-
oweoner itl Terelmn rpoService Corps.. who has a broken camped an the ICn. The men | .| C t e e
Sseaman was found dead on the The Thule base surgeon said m l e thaeWred fu a elage. an 2= A1Wcta w.4B A- > wh.
einsiri a oter cause. a5ho-ever-old aaos'nan-an rse,e rey. pruned anks[le e tee- l took shlter wil._ on hUis b act tnee l l- UenU. ..,
floating crane U. S. Hercules W e r tr t G epar oe that made a
S,--- yesterday afternoon, apparently ,r la rd a so estro in-, .) c -. h .
A ATOMIC BLAST-R.- from natural causes. ow- In&a est s Ate I a pae a t
Sloveline s instead ofl o The dead man, Si xto Jaen. t n a sanlir ruined illet wa
liy atomic particles, Can- who Is employed by the Dredg- 7 o gand wo regular monthly meet- mcrtbed today at 6e th f =
,a King the. ctre appearing at Ing Division of the Canal, was d e into rt Army and aw clinical cong of the Aat f-
.Ao frontier 'Hotel I tLas Ve- found slumped over a Ile on O A't a sni ll Nl ee pCanCollegat tB urgeos "I.
the Hercules by the engineer, 1 ,IoJy er A tt i tol n rt MaergaritaC1 he -. and elt .YO tl um u,
Sin r nt Henri E. Moerhrke. who Im I be0 sl a at 7:30 p. i. t.r- thtime he Mo have
verss at Yucca Iat diately called for a doctor. e y- d s acCordA y to al _c.. -
Towed on her the title The preliminary report ate Tet e o-, a'h ved e le e -r nt ae, al L. a ie '
l Atomic Bast." finding butes the death to natural Secretary of the Army ftu. a ll re ando ed aMis a L Oveato be pipeO t andtt" g o.o w hi a
e-inspir, ih another causes. However an autopsy baa Pace, Jr., announced t-t l ktt ku npi-to intor terve -Ai 'his activiteseat M Ramteagment- B stetie,
wa. thel Big Bomb- been requested. that apOintmf ts fornae rte rer pam t inventnof th e C nred With akle n t Ue
di a Jasen lived In Panama City. temg w wlsoon be offeredsalt ... el Iruraton et l n e M
..'_ orKin, a __urt _ern.. procanYl der at Alont,, ea t eo
So, hae ________________________ erWoolve ff dsw as hId ovsb 4Wort yes Id recentlyD danCheI Ie. .
.is t oing ana80 ", b, e"5 'ad i ;rOcaiftormas. Chapter tan t ad ,e I
Tih eprqomam follows a : offe lo not o ative e1Vy v aoutlie t' m Na- X. Silth'wio e d0 Ile ,a
p u rootfSed recently dty iti .
ii tisi _. t inI Tt .serve efflcsm and warrant, abu- ob .g.tioa be dis oard .Al-job3. I special pai dSt- School Qi
owooa it h tf cers who are now on active dly. feted w..b tose who dd not onits. tion to Amy 4 rerte that .th -!.1i
SWi t homoDBoth actions were taken 'under articpte W I a service .valua- Navy 'e emplaves .Datum was 1 ears old am a .3
,the Armed oreuMem Rerve Act of tion p.i-r. M conducted between Tht- M open eetg, ad adiUt*ed to a hoMpital tM
Sl l .1952. Ar l, and Octdber 31, all ch ta tployea of the Aer- .. -
J Lr my reserve aiauntments wure 41 xteMM 9; eomal invitation to dalemoed a tialot mass In 4m s f
Sfor year t\EahThe ad 1 n- Involved will be attend, eror not. we ty Omh w.ll uphr b
-vided."hofW t a t- notifI proposed action 9u SteAFO All mem- BOfWOt tte9n tm 1.,tr arth ra M!

.. dwtabe-r enNa. 1ot.eo wo.-
That's all vou have Ments shqusld W0 tor lAIEtnlte beers 'wilt,1 amogr o'po- hr aw 'gtri to attend and the a
to sy ..a and young andy offered the .... of ucet- IPrOgr ba94, -1 t1et1h andW- -"
Id run for the ln a oing_-h._- t_ e t.-.. _1S

; I -

+ a+ +t l-- .. Sar e
GIT SOMEa bu "ess .
YQAVIcln Wea su aIi

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~A1~U~ 14.

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