The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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an En-lat (third from right
Mototov. with Marshal Ni1

0 kT

'eeiniing Naca

SIs Europe's

Most Ancient

Oriental Post

Macao, tiny but teeming port
on the South China coast
where fatal skirmishing be-
,w e e n Chinese Communist
troops and the Portuguese colo-
*l's small garrison has oc-
ourred, is the oldest European
outpost in the Far East. It
was the first haven in all
thle China seas for Western
mariners trading with the
liestile Orient.
SIn their golden era of glo-
ry as discoverers of exotic
atunds,, Portuguese navigators
extended the Cape of Good
Hope passage blazed to India
S* by Vasco da Gama, and came
upon Macao. a peninsula at
the mouth of the Canton Riv-
The place where they land-
ed is some 85 miles from the
more recent British colony of
Ste w Kong.

NA is seen as a result of recent talks in Moscow. WAr PreMiter top Om *eiat- 1 t the Soviet capit ttthe
t) reviews a guard of honor In Moscow. To his right is Vyhahed- Ohina dapt to at e U "fraternal delegates"
kolal Bulganin next, in the riding breeches. mainy-tm t Slredy congre Stalin decided to
Sllthe Communist Contrlam s
s supreme authority in R
g ae (thhavmng ke"PI- t m
O ,,d urh i n g 1 1 I `'M l
ical war and ofptwat the
The last Co mmuS ist
'eisngress was held early in ,
five years of Wood
S esand polltct strife W* ch
lidated Stalleets grip eo the
Story. It paved the for"
Stalin-Hitlerp a rtde the
ktreal of World War In. N
adftme European. stdenta ofe o
munism ee a tlWratenis
-lt el between the 198 con- kc
ds and the one to be held in o
tober. ..8o
.They believe that the recent W|
"eifet-Chinese negetations, ar
t he contiluoan Puges of top Cc
SINCE 1939 there have beei t a w changes fe 4 the CeommnM a turahy in m nals, but Wl cel onRes5 6 A m* be
some top-ranking oftfielals still active. Geo rgl Malenkov, who !"2 t ote this ar'Ts ~oa UPSeking, and VSe tent
gres, was seated (fifth fleo right on restrum) at the 18th COMSION tadt tal.e (Utieshuffle of BIastsi ambis- 8
right) seems Interested. .e s rs be signs that, S an
.der the disguise of p eae, the blc
Soviets are ma ma hosth ein
Others, particularly the Brit- vilk
1sh believe the Russians have Mo
realltleally decided to strenth- the
eftentheir dou etic90econ andpre
satellite alliances before aft
"any anretsive adventures.
The truth may be that pro-
and anti-war elements are asll
WASHINGTON, Sept. 20 (UP) one, the F-11, is an entirely A new model of the orthrop struggling for power in the So-
-The Air Force has ordered at new pme. The other. are ii- Scorpion Interceptor, been viet hierarchy. t,
least 11 new models of jtf proved models of aircraft ti. oderer the r. The No report on the Politburo's di
era and bombers into pr c ready in service. D oIel carries ro o e t in motives and secret moves 11 de
tion to replace present frt Threse are all-weather inter- "pods" at Its winatip.. foolproof. vew ordinary morals h
line planes, a United 'Presas kr- ceptoga with radar to track am The thtrd rocket-flri inter- have ever penetrated the lberet n,
vey disclosed today. enema bomber, guide the fight- cepjor on order sla the heed chambers under the o nton- si
These 11 models include oer l range, and fire 2.75-inh Starflre, a souped-up, -man shaped domes of the Kremlin. w
aircraft ordered into vol '4 Mouse" rockets au". ver.on thetin
production. The 11 do -ot,- m FB, r ar Jt ter, .EXPERT CONSENSUS ca
tc eperimenwtal or O 1 Is the s P-8D, a radar- The Mr oe also h called a
m oeedals r~ y e version of the Noflh for. uctiap at a -wigg But the osa .s di
sr 'tSidtw. -Sabre.i s b -c ane long ghnl. Ma
be" O. a .rn tr I-7.B

S aM.
t George
a. ]b hitherto
by asla and
not -e over-

* "1 -

There al In~ert t
het RSnai's nbri Capip
s'titing beth U. ped.
eatal easwidtes, MeM to-
ave cnelulded that tesm Is
ko longer we&ig theti
ade n the Seat Stnllte rle
rhe much-predclted "Amerl-
n economy crisiasgb h: n
set snu la ta

anr of fo h righterpectfleally deslged gters. I geea*
' Sg ed 1 e of h o escort bom bers to dista t tar- 1--- .... -,,..
waved, from Its heights gets. 4 ge and
since. to 00tei grewto >itfef
netimes the Portuguese The Air Force announced this I peMh
had to fight to hold week that McDonnell Aircraft AlCOhOliCS MoVe CaclSf ts-o t 2 f ef on-
rich China trading post, Corp., St. Louis, has received a tii tes, the
hen the Dutch five times contract to build an undisclosed seek to tighten
ked it in the seventeenth number of the big swept-wing ,UT NO mrli ffS grip e0 Russia and the
b century, but more of- craft. It usually takes from gyrua c S .. within their orbLit
they have peraervered 18 to 24 months from the time .M aching "reforms" will
gh strict neutrality., ue contract is place until o uaN deacN y be inauguateted at
planes roll off te assembly LONDON, ept. 20 -(UP)- he n is usuayr t on ngr
eOSTLY. rDC.Lneo o t e Nev1l Leyton report" hewakng, hits one side thei he word 'EOieftk,"
sent population of the avyweight o t h e e w never saw a confirmed alcoholic h ead mewhere roundi ee- wh .iso closely a oclated
nts something over planes Is the eight-jet straw- w uaffeng from migrLiwe head- brow Mdis"b orn" "--"ar statwilef er.mof
Ly Is something over 30- ortress swept-wing bomber. ache but don't rush off to acter. ske a red hot It So state, will be ellminao
people, the great major- It was ordered into produc- the tavern if your head hurts. is ac plnled by phSE obia ftke w title of the '"CoVn
them Chinese. tion by Boeing in February, 1951, Y mig ht not have nTipa-ne. -. dt.e.. for light wers the
ousands of picturesque aluiougna e r t Les" muei Dr i enLnIs possibly the ao- of speas balls of fire b o te e
s, many now equipped was not flown until last AprIl. ly mapt speciast Sinuroe ee i;on naSseeand fla"', "Amerisas
auxiliary engines, use the However, the lest were so sue- l and irs Britain's onl "head- e rid Vexhausti n TheP seMNrte ke a
or of this second largest cessful the Air Force shelved aow clinic." Over the eaOs he sympIo veary but some ora VWr ofthe U.S L eol-
ig port of China. 'In ad- plans to produce a rival craft, has treated nearly 90 patients, are gesy resent. ARtlA ms, clasi tSe-
a to fish, major exports the B-60, iwept-wing version ox minay them with some oo*- Dr._L g 9e beves a preds- Democratsalfe
firecrackers and Incense,the propeller driven B-36. ceas. e of his American pa- poitio e malady is i 'g 3 dielesi."
ed of the Chinese. The strato-fortress will take aves thousands o mile ted has ound that
the B-36's place as Anft cats for W treatments. an ,1n women find relief GESTURE
GOOD SAILORS atom bomt carrier and inter- la dtsew book "Megraoie and duringy-possibly due r
continental bomber. ,Perhee" Dr. Ltnto a the end neUonal epl
ood sailor, and as trus- The B-36 cruises at onlyt4 Dra.L t balanaee-.t chronic top s
so In 184 built the OGuaIn the jet age, though Its aped _IT
na on Macao, first to light can be boosted for short periods a rt, pedStates, Sca- from aof Lnt. a gesture in the
hibs Sea. by using four Jet engines. elsewhere. thIty h &ofjthei r directs those who want
3-36 production is being cause tMhe of millions of y come on at a in the party.
in while sending their tapered off to end in 1954. Pre-rma..eMs work ; annually' age a .these to m5Dr. e y -t'nr
Jesuit msionarles Into sumably by that time them at Ob t itis a i- has t ooDmye nom a oI
Crlmntthey gave haven Force will have enough Strato- -ad hasb e l2 lt0 m be nots a to, le
ie Protestant missionary fortresses to replace mnem. Ibe = onE as SDi choodkla, rS .and sto ntr-i t emrt a? ]to
rt Morrison who trans- The number of B-Sets nowhonjp e o rety ame r or ba morpartu-I
the New Testament in- hand is top secret, though the m at ags." e l or al habck. am t wh
h ne and whose six- Air Force disclosed last week NRoshw-fIf-uawvmg
00 Chinese-Englsh dlc- that 107 of them were damaged tre 'h d ow t fi painful ha e worerin even those enO id
ry unlocked the traes- In a tornado at Ft. Worth Tex., ta hedahe, pret noin at all
of Chinese Usterature Sept. b.omRte,, h1s% AN worret.
scholars. For medium bomber, s
Air Force is stillebettingron t&hie Dor.eyam -cmi ne ids nwh4a4tPtty.
SW hCANSn 5 m" N sifx-jet Boeing Stratojer, which e pai eyestri hopefulin aple t tr t recwrI
ON MACAO looknrs like a s aller Strao t
Fortress. of 6the70O caNm wh h9 ass o and will
theallowed the sh The Stratojet, first of the
P o a c e metaerys w ept-wings bo m ber s, ha s bo
iMa sn. In- production sineasDecem rbdr.F "
1950. It has been issued to squag-., rked M E0 Id 12 21. :
e Morrison lies 'buared. ron pbut has not been usu.
also Anerican clipper Korea.
rewnap tend British The Stratojet is designed
SOf oak" sea.aren who replace the World War
tnhe bard China trade. perfort and postwar -
other medium bomber has beg
uu have buit on ordered.
Scharng humnu of For a light bomber, the JAr
ue zeminlecent of Force has taken over the Er
fBsaMU arohttlWture. Ish twin-jet COuberra, ro.
.0 ft~m btildeff-, too, round trip trans-AttlnW*
in one day. The Amsrtea C
Rd iaes lnecbtric berra Was ordered-

r CwThe Canrra o

>fIM)- Coe1W pa ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^

the tallat a A
maugurate at th
sarces ba* the'.
It is no agent t S
to Mosco t theh
Chinese w -,t

figureaiff Otecftji n WI
cawt of too.-

fantry d1S9n*. Itay

orea unde bsi t.L:
The Chbn-e as nptnag
to pose fou amed g o
The tramenatstlm of
fih ht l ats t. .
army patttn S ls
Anay up Re.r ieSo

ver the dmor )e
under olsusio, i fa
Only m w w.. :a
Soviet-Chinese tS
et reached te

1) A tZe-
equipped DadMa
qvr thle utmoa 10
wilrshal eta
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*ASSES. asw"" e a*^f
, mi--U ml~M-A ^b .*^^a --
Age a ttr

S" .ANether 11

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27e"n -4.f4 27
9 ". .-r,.\ ^;,..* *...- ,'-,-

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IOJ.A xy

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;tt ia4 m aNDo INN hartess fresh ame.m S-c oM mian&
"asbt"S ot Ules maCsmrle eta and o aare maor seense smee.
WITLIAMBTOWN, M a s same plate, filled with fresh
in this beautiful college berries, fresh pineapple sticks,
I M where the Green Moun- cubed apples and celery. It's
f of Vermont and the Berk- beautiful to look at--p perfect
.' of Massachusetts meet, eating, too.-
f lW education In New England Clifford Ingham, the clief.
smasfu continues. Pan-fried na- and I sat on the flower-border-
IFr brook trout, chicken pie, ed lawn discussing the honest
fhb and creamy (with no veg- pleasure man can get from
cables, fortunately are part good food. I wanted his chicken
of the daily curriculum, pie recipe, and here it is:
.The Williams Inn, on the roll- Use a fat, five-pound fowl
1g, tren-shaded campus is and cook it tender. You'll have
:'-a wllUg, .relaxing, and hospi- enough meat for 4 or 5 Indivi-
e. It offers an outstanding c'ual servings. Use butter or
ot-graduate course in happy chicken fat. Melt the fat to be-
eting. But we have one ccm- gin the roux (white sauce). Thin
plaint although they served the sauce with very, very strOtg
r at all other meals, they chicken stock. Flavor with ooldn
didn't serve it for breakfast. (but strain the onion out later),
' Ht Yankee sweet rolls and salt and pepper and nothiAg
' e Yankees sure can bake else.
re the big breakfast news; Arrange large pieces of oafek-
griddle cakes wiht that en in Individual baking dishes,
.' beatable Vermont maple sy- cover with the sauce and top
yo. with good old-fashioned Noew
Here's an idea for Sunday England pie crust. It's as qhiple
,Vapper or hot-night dinner we as all that nothing fancy,
leJfted at the Williams Inn- no potatoes, no carrots or peas,
..Co breast of duck served with no tricks ut Yankee chick-
P-a large lettuce basket on the er pie to perfection.

A -=

Sts s do not know hoWr e

JR. aI these lost souls who C
INMSwfe -of the b Ineffable
-and martyrdom of Jove1
t W=. ... how" doable or \
I they san be.. Men ate vio-
The beauty of their mulsc
on the mastery of&the

bomany times, have we
men for actibf in this
that manner when we are'
s 1 who. aometmes are
Sra onduce for their COR those who care enough t,
I am doing the wrong thing look their best I have a Mar-
aralhaing, of course, be- velous surprised FELIX just re-
S -ME. I i everything there are oelved Luxurious Eveninj Dress-
oatksUroees In pure silk taffeta with ap-
W lIe women, are prone plaque of Venice lace, embroidery
the opposite sex ac- ed with rhinestones, simulateS
Sto their own feelings. pearls and irridescent pallletes.
t i s the most common
d lamentable of all mistakes.
WI fut arew no two persons alike.
To the women I say never for
Moment think that a man i
eaplble of loving In the same
as women do. A man can t
npVe as much or even more than
~ man, but in a different
example, when a woman
shlalIn love (and I mean the i
Mid of love that comes front
e bottom of the hearts her OR that Sweet little girl 9'
hblife changes, from that I Fvours.. MOTTA'S brings
way moment her life revolves yours.. MOTTAS brlags
t Mmthe object of her affec- rect from Madeira lovely e
who n fourn becomes the Ibrodered pure linen and C1
reason forher existence. ton Dressy Togs. Sun Dr
,r he i the one who reins Aprons. Play Suits, Skirts- al
ANi. our ..actions and our Bouses ,
ma' take which most of'
Swomenf make is to think that (
we.a loves us in the same
W This I the cause of more
one of our sentimental
A man loves as deeply as a 1
a, but when he Is work-
t a baseball game or at
noe bak he i snot think- I
qolusvely of the woman
Si*e has very few varia-
I nfl vein and thils Is OKMAL Season ahead..i
t1= uet and.h our- F There's a "PDM Row',
I to ,e ed whomtd mo hat Marcela's with a marvelous c
e te twho maractersmold election of Formal Dresses,
g tp othlveI with the .ou haven't been there now p
of Job...did I say the time to do It!
I thin* we soul coin
wrd to really explain

oft wo t a Az'to re-
hu an being. .p

^ft^m ABMvzw SA at
*Wt Super rMMket in Cfton.
J~ ml

Fork perfect teaN
clew Chi ae Mb
wfn-'lw yeYu to
spott, SteMs sugg
in ft back Into ae
loAing neat (left).
way it grows (te
hS even te alg
ant shaped, sO SA


If you are a busy teen-Me
is if there's any other i
you cqrtaily don't wtt to i

O r "

This ofteh Is no easy
what with ftaring tmn
and high hmldlty, wit '
quent swims and
winds. Frizy hsr ebcoM
ler and straft hair S-
thbt drbwned pqppy-dog
T7e aOwer to you
Ues in a clever eut, and '
atl, a good basgic0
., o .hatr ther
atwltalt, rt of natar waw"
gisag ^ _____ _.

DrEs up flowerpots bi Cop-
INg -tem with the same *h-
ma fol you use in the lt
to wap food.
Flo most efficient
wt .w l oeaner
"f ls* f .sure all
S 1 U* n"Thi

is an

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Sims a&a "Y sl eft zR
n tinpasp uMe4 a. w Sty h* e Is. eat 1*5
S"lt e thiem that tileng M i

o ans s mno enoo th, slat co

ba se r~y.e ogn lout 155ld suI* be is beait
to We* (to pf yuu h It asilA r
are to .for because iL
aft 119it.Fl-- oi

to & '.... e ke ....." allcawle.

S5im4- n t
i ,- *' "
^p ir^"t y w jr ar '" .^ I f
.iMEcJfa^Cuotc A~un

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morthx i

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mas MM
ad 34"4

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aft. Johnm PUi

Phetnt and X6

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fr t~tIcs;

L&~ ,4kef
race the

Ethem utg
Merely rep
their way to
to per cent
&mb. &war&nl

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nior ibearur II*|
7 at 8tyftl
*liewgi Ulnv II

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a frtou
it Chao
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- ^-,: .. ,, -. ,z:h ._

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f 1,



You Sell em... W You Tell 'em thru PA. ClassifW

SI leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our Offices ia No. 57 "H" Street PPawms
k No. 12,179 Central Ave.'- Colon

Lewis Service S da6 e MBetie AAmericaflo Carton Drag Strew
S. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291 and 65kewet 18t tRt 10.059 Ave.-Phone S itO

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0(41

A4 l cis nternacional de Pubilaclod Propaganda, S.A.
$Lottery Plan Phone 1*410 Street curer stulantJe ft
Phones 2-214 and I-M

Miilume for 1 at W
39. each -idlIhelI Ifl

I -- -

Household Automobilesl
'$9 SALE -Housqeold gooos. rugs. Service PerSie and Civilian
6. E. washing machine. tolding:s GErnplt aE
S beds msc. Items. House 216-A. tIlt an
Darien Place iFishbowll Ancon. Govemmsint VEpo, Firance Ceo
When y bance ~ you new
S4R SALE:--Leoving Isthmus. I re- *e.d. C cr.
lrigerator. Westinghouse. porce- AjNC? ENLIMRE
loin $75.00; I refrigerator, Kel- 43 Aetomebile Rew
vinator $75 00, 1 Rodio-Phono- p" -.49B4 3.4985
graph. Capehart-Panamuse $100 F -"
00, 40 albums of records $2 00 FOR tE:-Used tire, passenger
o., 3 Wooden bed frames. $11 & commercial t Agencias Cosmos.
00 ea, 2 malttrefes 39" $1000 Automorrbile Row No 29. tele-
ea., 2 springs bd. eo $5 00. I hone Panma 24721.
.iook dresser $12 00. I typewriter.' R SALE-CaodlIiac Fleetwood 1947,
Royal $20 00; I table. maple '2,/ duty paid and in perfect mecha-
round 26 $1000. I rod and reel -. nical conditlor~. Call Panama 3-
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items. Telephone Balboa 2-2742. 2 CO to 5 V2 p. m.
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won in raffle in original crater
Cost $374 00. seil for $270 00 FOR SALE:--Lke new 1950 Buick
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Shotgun repeote'. Phone 678-L. than 15.000 miles Perfect wi th
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S.FOR SALE.--Refrigerator all porce- B. Coco Solito.
lain Westinghouse 9 cu. ft. or R'r-
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All 25 yclendexceent condi- Bowen. phone Cristobal 1540
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S'00. House 219-D.Paraiso. C. Z 0996 or 3-4955.
099 or -455


WANTED .-Americon couple. No.
children Need vocation quarters
Octp r 10th, Box 666 Fort Cloy-

PARTNER WANTED $11.000. ne-
icessay. Have option for boot,
4 ,ober and cabrillo fillets from Go-
S qd. Islands. Big returns pos-
.* ", Write P. W. Box. 134, Pan-
S WANTED TO BUY. -' Collapsible
oby stroller. House 1406-B Carr
.treet. Balboo. Telephone 2-4298.

hqraphic BriefM
iA8RINMGTON, Sept. 20. -
I Commercial fishermen catching
r r cnhadet along the Atlantic
-eost can tell the "mostest" if
',t the biggest fish story, says
I National Geographic Socle-
*ty. Drawing a 1,200-foot-long
purse seine around a school of
.menhaden, they often catch
10W,090 fish at one time, and
catchess of half a million men-
haden have frequently been
mUAe.A "set" of.six to seven
million is on record, but the net
4sthoke and all were lost. Men-
haden average three-fourths of
a pound in weight and one foot
In length. They are not used as
'ood, but provide commercial

Help Wanted
WANTED:-Maid to cook and clion;
must sleep in. Apply No. 5, 50th
street, Apt.. 5.

Attention pupils and Students. Ivy
Hornett will resume fallroomn dihc-
ing Instructions, first week in
November. Hoarnett & Dunn.

SchF4r Deaf
A'gleaming refrigerator stock-
ed with food wil greet the clili-
dren of the Deaf.Mute School
next week. Th is the second
ftlft to be presented to this new
institution this month, and the
formal ceremony of presentation
will be held at 11 a.m. on Mon-
The Honorable Rubdn D. Car-
les, Minister of Education, wilt
receive the gift. and the school
physician. Dr. Arango. will ex-
plain the work of teaching deaT
children, with a demonstration
by Miss Odio. the school director.
The demonstration will include
work with the new niano. which
was presented jointly a fortnihbt

ago by the Ladles of the Diplo.,
In most world areas goats are matic Corps and the Navy Offl-
-ralsed for milk and meat, but cers Wives Club.
Sin certain sections of the Hi-
imalaya Mountains, large, sturdy The school refrigerator is the
atdmals are specially raised to. rift or the Fort Kobbe Officers
serve as pack animals. These, Wives Club, and of a number of
pack goats can carry 24-pound, individual subscribers. Food,
loads. stuffs are being sent by Armour
-- & Company. Fanahela. La Nifia,
The polar bear is virtually an' and Mrs. Margaret Collins.
animal of the sea, the National
r.tGeographlc oclety observes. It' Other donors include: home,on Arctic Ice floes.!
PU- iood it depends upon seals1 Loretta Korch, Cyrlle Fried-
).~d fish, with an occasional bird man. Continental Shipping Inc.,
;. r carcass of a whale. Peggy Janson. Joseflna Weibe,
S-- Ilse Pick. Katherine Larsen,
:.1Bull racing is a big sport on Hugh Fenton. Kate Payvne. Eve-
dura. IWland off the northeast Ivn Johansson. Anna Henriaues,
t of Java. says the National Rhoda's, Svlvio Lazzarin. Shirley
graphic Society Drivers Simms. Bazar InternacionL
quently are hurt in falls Jimmy Smith, Adalbert Muller,
m the sledges on which they Evelvn Moore. Maria Isabel de
o between two c h a r gi n g Uribe. Anne Noble, Berta Quinm,
Bulls. Peggy Young. Isabel Pfizer. Iren
r ne Donovan Marjorte Danilell
Dutch Guiana tlere is a Nedelca. Stevenson. Hblalaterit
7d "made of aluminum and Panama, 8A.. Mariweos de Panas
mahogany, notes the Na- ma. S.A.. Inga Collins, Virginkl
Geographic BSocety. The Boyd Elsie Oglesby. Marearet
is based on a corduroy of Canwell Mary Doolan. Ether
y logs. common in 'the: Browne and Dorothy Briscoe.
S- and surfaced with baax-I Mrs Lewis B. Moore and Mrs.
',''* the ore from which alumi- Alfred M. Collins form the com"a
1 extracted, mittee which arranged the gift.

irs policemen. observes the Keep Clm and A I
S arme,"as is Motorists Advised
believed, but "agents de otr V e
The rural conaraoula.,
e "aidamaerle." OMAHA, Neb. IUP) Dr. Ralph.
--- More summed uo the results at
mines on earth a three-year- study of Nebraskal
-15 the South'traffic accidents and advise
'tl v aal, where menImntorist.s to keep calm "If
SmLW F'.4t140 feet beneath' "'ant to cet where you're gotf
,in one piece." '
fof Mex- "Keep a firm rip on you
.i higher' temper v hle you're driving."
S M0or. 40 said. "-And don't iet
t even if someone cuts you
jrp as' _iB on the wrong side."
-o ore said that "emo
instalHt'" has caused a
0Accidents and that
-0r tantrum by the


Do m hae a0 d uMftipM Meumf
Wrtfe AlMsthll AMwnymea. BSev
2Oll Aiss. C. Z.
Muriel Hotting of the Gatun Club-
house Beauty Shop is still offering
you our $10 00d'Cold wove for $7.
50 Phone for appointment Gatun
4 11. Ullo Hart-Prop
All Rod.os Repaired Iregardles of
condition $3.50. Extra parts
reasonable if needed. All work
guaranteed See Butter, 25 Street
East. Building 17, R-2Q.
one way $85, round trip $135. 115
day-lihitl, $160. 'cood one year;
to LOS ANGELES. one way. $149
15. round trip $252 35,. 90 Iday-
limitj Panama Dispatch Service.
opposite Ancon tus stop. Tel. P'n-
ama 2-1655.
S 7.00. NEW YORK..$1 10000
.586.00. Via AREA...."The
Route of the Good Neighbor" -
BOEING 4-engine planes-ROUND
TRIP TO. .MIAMI., $120.60
-NEW YORK. .$202.30.. GUA-
YAQUIL $13500. .QUITO ....
$154 80. For more details see -
Opposite Ancon Busstop.. Tele-
phone.. 2-1655.
NOW AVAILABLE:-In exclusive re-
sidential area, sea view duplex
apartment. 3 bedroom, dining-sit-
ingroom, kitchen, boh tub with
.ewer, hot-cold water connections.
garage, maid service, laundry tubs.
oil convenience. Call 750 or 964.
house' 10104, 10th St. Colon.


FOR SALE I electric train, extra
track, car, signals, switches. One
25 cycle transformer. I No. 8!12
erector set. One 26" boy's bi-
cycle. One 26" girl's bicycle. One
usea 25 cyc;e washing machine.
One small steel lathe and motor.
2-3241, Balaboa.
FOR SALE: Fine breed puppies
very dieaL Six vntiag bftIr.
41 ,, s 50. $3.00 bach. 9th t.
finot; Penama American SMtle-
men Vollarino family, Parque Le-
fevre, .
FOR SALE:--1937 Ford Seieanuty
Paid, $J5D!.OMne Si nrn il,
Couch. .$20. .j4use R. 17 L.0tou-

Real Estate

lFOR SAL:--Cottage In Sant Clara,
Rock-Ga. stove, tile fI lokimi-
ture. Teephorr 4-288.
FOR' SALE:-Bargain! Horne. Tel.
3-4629. Ponoma.


PHmiHqp 'dnmide cotta ^ T*Me
Clara. Box 435. Balboa. .
Panama 3-1877. Crisnbojlj*
Gramlich Santa Clara M
Lottges. Eltc rice bo t
stoves, moderate rates. ThtbS
6-441 Gomboa. 4-567 Pedre


FOR RENT: Reldy for occuftiM*
October Ist. furnished reskd&et:
3 air conditioned bedwroms, t ,
livir"eIr, dintngroom, pora.
teriof "itlo," hot water, m f
room, large garden, $275.00.
lephaoi 8-3444 or 3-1477, Pvar

Aparti mint

Two and five room furnished i
unfurnished apartmelil g; private
closed gardens. 8061. 10th t S
New Cristobal. Te hone Cdke
OPTION to apartment, must buy
niture. For inrforr lon teleph
Pbnama 3-4004.

Ann Lattin announces .o new c
in beginner's top doing. Tues
3 p. m. Diablo ".(house,
MDor. Vlsjtors wekhlk phonu


Sept. S2 (UP)- ln.
wa held In jail here tWay
Chates that he mur red
young satmu Il wqrter t* pu
Sbhim Itato U_0cular ftw b
lUKtg Mm 4btq ft O w
cut td death h
JeSS4n edWasg





I 4

7u2s t. Miller wald
ee .to the mill that
"4. Rm -oe lubber
mU M VMlwer litmey
tfat D04As fonmrly
at his aose amd he
Sniff =joted Bro=tto as
Wi want mos* for
Sfor .to ndry Which
ta ad d fort avis.
tiff sa Ml there Was an
A nd DoIls stract the
!m. He said tw'wi-
it him Yohn thee grab-
. tIy the thrgt and
t a two-fest cir -
F rWti was rmtning.
U said the witnesses
JSU him there util

Och. (W)-Enos
Jong lead in the
contest ftor the
Centennial &air.
Sse.1ft 03. He
bbver. It got so
'before the coan-


Protect yyetr hmt im
e danger of moqtttem
and flies with
Note these monee and work
saving advanmtake-
1. 30% to 40% ebeaper than
anv other esrein
Can be removed or re-
placed in a few sec6ndb.
8. 3 or 4 pound weight makes
cleaning a Iglht bouse-
keeping lob.
4. Frame never rusts. rots or
needs painting.
Screen easily replaced at
,fraction of usual cost.
.. Admits more air and I1b0t.
279 Central Ave
Tel. 3-9140

O wrom n
levsao 3sbeIk1Mp ,

St Al llf i tep
-2- .- <*ej.

Tra orts Sitd S. A
Shipping, moving, storage
We pack and orate hr mrv
anything. 'Phone 2-2451,
2.2562, Panamt.

knd Orad s
aos Knd HOUS:

l )ay

, oWni, OY TOR Of
Slinboth ow tnad
Itioned Pnrem
41 Automobile
Tel. 3-4911

.. ,

teLA. PE

it- Tel.I-tl3




I n

I, --

- A
s hit

- Al
t of



WAMHZNGtON, Sept. 20 (OPf
ThapetFChfor a re 16th Mn-
tur nMusical Insttlnentb has re-
sultAin a budlg violin aslp
and organiAtit of an unuasul
muslwn socity,
When Edgar M. Moovd began
to look for an Italian ibia d'*A
More in music "torbs Ad an-
tique i0oto t .M 1o

time violin mater .'wh-
interested In the -roDJec
two drew u) puflot th
from old, docIeSf and
and got m0as relt. frta|
museum piece in Libraf of
Hoover made a viola hl
first- after about r month
and is now learning t mapmt
it., Gault Is already construct.
nlug his second viola d'anore adM
pospvctB look good ftr a s5a0
cessful violln-vIola shop in thfl

The revival of Interest in this
ancient musical instrument also
has resulted In the organiza-
tion by about a dozen musicians
here of a Society of Ancient
Musical Instruments, one of on-
ly several in this country. The
first society was founded In
France about 50 years ago.
The instrument Itself is a 14-
string forerunner to the mode
volIn with a four-octave
-the violin has three. The
d'amWMe is larger than a
and has seven strings on
with seven sy pathetic
dletly underneath that
tned Iii unison to give ofg :
deeper and richer tone. It
edlike the violn but
ow and finger movements

It has been described us
which has a "lgulhl
te r note." r
produces a "distinctive
tone with-a reedy edae." a

; oa a .th

R '

. .. ,-dr',

Iad and
- tha I

.. o

tohi' Se
am ane sma
alair l- a
ti, aiA i

'." I** --. i- *

.. -t- .-

.- .-
*;; -' tint-
,..f ":"eqa
,**.l- I;- -
"- '.'.-'- *...





-- .*.V

- --




.. ** 1 ;

". -


. e



t h
Mdo A."

,...;.. -,..


i ) ;

~,. ~.- -~- -


lace, Peraa To
4 ,

-o -

-fl-Hitting Darien Idol

Favorite To Triumph

.6,, Leading lightweight contenders Sylvester Whl-
and hardhitting Leonel Peralta are scheduled
slug tonight in the ten-round main bout at the
. mama Gym. The program is slated to get under-
at 8 p. m.
I Both Wallace and Peralta will fancy-boxing Byron Cumber-
1 shooting for an impressive batch and the improving young- -
Sin order to demand a shot ster Beau Jack. could turn out to
e lightweight title. The pre- be the program "stealer."
champion, Wilfredo Brown. Jack and Cumberbatch fought
-wnbeen inactive for a long time to a rousing, six-round draw in
.,* td has passed the time limit the Colon Arena Aug. 17 on the
r defense of his championship. Federico Plummer-Percy Bassett
Peralta, the idol of Darien, is card. That contest had the fans
solid 5-3 favorite to win to- on their feet almost throughout
t mostly because he has the battle.
n more active than Wallace. Two four-round preliminaries
in Peralta's favor Is the fact and a special amateur bout will
X tt this will be the first time complete tonight's five-bout pro- '
t Wallace will attempt to gram. Former amateur light-
e more than 132 pounds. weight champion Horaclo Otis
e boys signed to make a li- will make his pro debut against
of 137 pounds which should Young Thomas in a 185-pound
be to Peralta's advantage, four-rounder. :_..,
ver, reports from the Wal- .. .. .
camp Indicate that Sylves- The other prelim will be be- THE WOREM mOwS' P fM -AL M W t row ya .'
t. Is in the best shape of his tween Emilio C6rdoba and Victor Frazer, 'Tift" the maacot. o|rn as. (i left to rlr '
and Wallace has proven more Asprilla at a weight limit of 116 Jones, Edgar bt aipk Lo ~1 r row, t): Be" At,':
once that when he is right. pounds. A a big favorite nold Mann La er, Aner er, Dv Oscar Kou e. 4U
Scan hit with the best of the to whip O6rdOba. I stan ig beh d the tea. N6t I AlN t Ai errL m e.on Herr.;
i boys. The speolal amateur contest sta:"- ,
bout promises to be a real will be of four two minutes ..''
-fashioned knock 'em down rounds between Toto Ibarra, the. "i ti ,
b-'em-out affair. The experts idol of Chiriqui, and Ruben Diaz. 4f H | itil i. -il 'J I tllitft i
offering even money that the Ibarra and Diaz will make a 11- l J. y 9 A l., ) l1, J- ii .- n
t doean t go the limit. mit of 118 pounds.
,Ul The six-round semifinal, which Admission prices are $2, $1.50, BrO. li. 6.r 9 ti 'I '
,, return engagement between $1 and 50 cents. &,IJL" U"l
*-Prog mB
asthch Le e Preares 0 () aly wrapped up the Natn
FastRah l gue Prepares Re ,1 Native7 7p toadW kedtGU ague pennant.
W O.,, 1 1O C' Purse: $275.00 "elo ahem: 4:5 Mw-b-ar ht 1-0, t-.tnng, r The win pt Brooklyn. ten.--.
O1 S ltart S de'oknnd e on First Ra bce of the bs y pv09 te Brra ana s lB. aftd-onb-ha.f gm es ahea of ,- .f..
S k 1 Die de Mao O. Brave second place Giant. with n-
S,2 Domino G. Cruz 1 seve inmes to pliy. Their in- ..
-- 3 Duque C. Ruz 11 ,,e number is now four. *N 'New
anotherr fine ety has been H. Beeby, Mr. Hagler, F. A. 4 Frito A. PhlUips ViiPI ii combinton of four Doder. ..
M+tten into the record book of Mohl, P. W. Mohl, Rev. A. H. 5 Manolete R. Gomez 110 T Vel ua. v stories of Otant losses wil hl.
Panama Canal Zd5e sports with Shaw and E. C. Lombard. 6 Casablanca J.S ravo the p t or Brolyn. Ch .... .
tse near completion of the first The officers are John E. Win- 7 Gold..Babe V..Rodrigues 1 x .... A Jte l Rebl t '...
rear of organized teenage com- klosky. president, R. D. Parker 8 Miranda A.Vasquez 114 'dro f y C with Bnot .......
Sqtitlve basebbil. vice-president, Mrs. Edith W. .. U winat y te tenth b .....
Zn order to give the boys grad- Cotton, secretary-treasurer, T. H. 2nd "."-2" Nai % la. Jil3e had a total e NI Oif Ne
from Little League an Hotz, player-agent, C. F. M e, Purse 115.00 'Podd aem:.A its I1B eristtlo the plate.o -
ntpo ty to continue in their Business agent and Mrs. J a e See",tRae oa c e f a dablea. ad thm1ae..
hlorlte sport as well as those 0. Scopt, publiclty-agent and at- 1 Bnas. Tardes) R. ,elS zi. toA- C al e gave ap only ..TO. AY .
routbe who were too old for Lit- facial score-keeper. 2 e o a) H. sO. 1f Inw tn his1th &a e" ...
be League and too young for ahn BA tre-npd h l<,.,, l. T
Sgh chdLu phlay, a group of The umpires are P. T Co- 5 Huinho J.ravo 1I S (1 scac etj
H baseball fans threw toge- gan. E. H. Neville, C. W. Ham- 6 Dbubio M. Harley 114 h Teut-. t hita&
theft time and talents and mond, W. E Dobson, P. A. MIehl. a s the afly other Nllonl .
"league. A Panamamer- H. J. Mlerton and P. LusSl. 3rd Race "F-3' Natti 64. gow 5P Om Mo tt
t .PastBIoh threw The managing peormeWel p~e Pu.:W.4 Poe : 1% It t te C in
a Ahney to equip four teams M. de la Pena, A. T. Cotton, ON TWO- of Weqj r "
KPIt active Dibblo Heights M-ThOmpo. G.H Thom Ie a, 1 UEal ii t1'I .el ,
tan association the funds R. W. tOqfun2, f. 0. Parkert a2d -
0 ff~m,.... N O. MpEm T, .-. bdon,, 4W3 W_!"IW 3. 1
Wn. m.Bllsk, D. Dew', B. Clem- 4 EIMbotne 3." BeiaTr. 11 oE.
the year the um- mons, J. B. .jlilnke nd AX. A. 6 Mue, 7W m 1 H to s m .
managing person- Durham (manger of the asce- 6 Tap .a tr y fM le 3 K4I
kEp 61 eoUM"!" t" and lots has retUtned4to the atomes). 7 L&Burt &. Val1ilta 1. fl nt ie Ct Minl 5
and earned the goo0 will and seams T. rF. ota w a m'r rent a by(
tism of the pae. Invites all boys who were 13 ynars s: e -W .el M c, Aiadd--ed. 3-ge -ru
executive coa ttee tois old before August 1, 1953 and In h in-xm a eighth gti ecgIi C nmip1st -
oSdf Rabbi Nathan Wit- were not 18 years old before AuK, 1 l i 7 V. L to lrthe 'ga. ,
7. R. Million, C. D. Sandel, 1 and who go to U.S. Raa Il120only A l League
a. 1Marest, Dr. G. W. Ad- Schoo on the Pacific Side to 14hed OR the at New York tat P 1
Et-P.3'. 'rasham, Ft. L. B. nersonallR call at the Balboa 11 ,wt ot .AhKshie- .
C-BP- C. P. Mee -Rev. W. High School principal's officeS W A. E I"idA thertrta -
and secure from him the enroll- M.o 2-3B 11 ..
mSeenor papers. This includes every. Z. 120 andhg AmreaL
youth whether he played with g +Min s o.. 1
....... 9the league last year or not. Any" a'd
boy eligible to play must fill out -7 1 Viis Sam 1ft a a *&, -.won
la these papers. l ei Es bete r d saad k.. .... a
U C1 Hots believes there will be a ool Ae Rate up ffr B ....... W
L much greater registration than A. V hil l flve. T = ....... h7
-- the 185 youths who signed up t. M Taone In ..... a. g
Second Half Winner last year. Upon the completion lale ha ..... .
OPTICA 0A. the records over to the manag- 5Ft L1.- ........
Second Half Sta5dings Ing personnel. Tryout and prc- 4 a O ,sil
Won Lt Pot. ties will follow as soon as Bust-1 7 .7O T dooMasgo Ga A
~duritos 9 3 .750 neo-Algent C. F. Magee an. ,, ..,.
a s. .. ..8 3 .727 ounces tl'e playing fields are
Lam .....7 3 .700 available for use.
Tropop .6 B500 OnOct, 6 at the Jewlsh Wel-
Cola .. .. .. 5 .455 fare Board Room, La Boa road, 1-Pa-0 S,, ._
to Cedeflo ... '5 7 .417 a public meeting will be held for UI h SO.
Naval District 0 12 .000 the purpose of making awards to 2 -
members of the Conejes team V3 =m(amD's
SRemalam s G .aes chamDions of last season. and
y: Agencda Lam vs. Op- each member of the Pumas, the a
Bosa".. runner-up. Also a set of by-laws a l ,
esday: Agendca Lam vs. will be passed upon and there 7Wh 1- .. .
ar Cola1 .will be the annual election of of- -dgmgm: 2-T .- "
--M fleicers. .
4. a -om .7th inng of which was edged by Louis Walk- 2 h
Oh. er's heart-breaking 2-hit losing S -lan t-
... Roberto's four bagger to left 13 ) 01
ef Balboa Madu- field. ..ndjgl) ...1 i.Ysmo SRIE .2.
a 6-4 dec- The box score: S--Delhla ,
to in the re- galboa Maduritom AB H t h 3gme 1 i1 raImid P e W-i)a ."
.prsm.13d game from Jones lb.........3 0 1 ... .'
5 her Hozingerp .. ..... 2 0 1
oafte second Gns., rf-B .... .. 2 1 2 .' "
n .a..dule of the La Soyster, c-rf... ...2 0 0 3 ,Mr.O,

-lof 1~1 Roberiffth, 2b .......2 1 1 1

*il nmj 'u s .G.Raveneau, lb .. 2 0
Puesey, rf ...... 3 0 1 Oat.IM
g .ieielest Brathwaite, cf .... 5 0 | 1 $ P',..-

erp.......I s' -. ...A -' h. ~, ~ -,
totals........- 1 4 ~-u-~. .:-~
Scsin~ I' "L--
4wlf bibos Maduritas iiri* 3 -~ ~- '-.

N-. (mW)-

Ibak a

., .'




SBB < *q i 'T -
&LI'& "^ II,^ ,:

ow A



, r

of *e

& ~s'~#i W2~

*rvi t s~

- .* ..

R,-* 15t.:.






A. .. *4/ 4

,. "i ; ,r
r ,.- *
-. -. -1 4. *


I .

..: "".- a ,..

a.....'. "II.e
aIpatn M- a

. as. "s* -
*s^!*m*Wtae1to^ .P
*t A. Hatk^ik^jk ^k B ^^^t^L l

* I;,.

' -*. -
r ;-r.' -- .

I I 4 a





ey Dehs

Mystery Deathis

Again Reported

In East Panama

. f Reports of more "mysterious" "Let the pe
hatths were brought out of Jaqu .
today by persons who travel be-I rWENTY-SEVENTH YEAR
tween t he Panama Colombia'
S border-town and PanamA City.
Latest reports said between 101 C
mnd 12 children have died re-! .ifl
gently from the strange malady
whichh attacks children betweenC "n a ul *11r
the ages of one and 12 months.
Symptoms of the malady are1
aid to be vomiting, stomach-
ache and diarrhea during the,
first phases; and constipation. lf
swelling of the abdomen and' a c ke
Reath in the final stages.



ct. -

people know ti h truth mand the am & BEsfe

Zone Democ


/' (


I. earabi.




- ''l -


.v -- .- -.......--- I __ __ __ __......_.....
Travelers said the adult pop-' Editor's Note: In response to pendent wives of federal employ- in fa0r IrrepT a3 republican, of kw-tt '. j a
1ilatlon of Jaque is alarmed overI a number of inquiries about es. or their parents or mothers- "t venttn were aes to visit Rattr'tlce t at
the situation. Many of them suf- political activity on the Canal in-law. Also outside the purview It as elded to conttl" 1T0 Tvoll Avenue, Pahama City nd are D
for stomch-aches from time to' Zone and what recognition its of th Act Zone are various so- stat study the summary is eleo to es Lther A.
time, but the disease probably is! population has as a political lcial workers, clergymen, conces- .`,ifetention of. Higg*i' db so no questions asked. A. .-
not fatal to adults. entity by tfe two major parties alonaires. PX personnel, business- _ItS Committee m as, (Tomorreo: The oldA-lIers J "..-F
They explained that the drink- in the United States, The Pan- men and employes of brts' b t ,4t wise ti*woa i end the 1M rmeph.) C S) '
Ing water used by the people oi an a Amet-ean looked into the shipping lines, cable and oi veo a ,thw a L group .atbi .L l ute :. ,
Jaqu# comes from a br ook past and present picture. This firms on the tone. as well as re- to the party's a f t ept. -
through pipes built by theU Is the first of three articles.) tired federal workers. SWiwhereas local M
rmy during the last war and The handful of Democratit W e too fat away ft -U A.D. 100 wrote down a new bread
that the water is frequently Olve Brooks faithful who have kept t pa.y m SGreek rd. So did the farmer w
muddy lout o By OliveBrooksf total hibernation here klV for gr And the me ttt dictaUf
The meat eaten by Jaquk re-Trouldfbetltiberdath"- a- nwy umuwwdv0 4.1r-, ment TAeir Greek *&a tit. differ nt
sidenta is mainly pork which ls Time was when registered wouldbe "tickled to.death"-a-V iretaSocraes i t ':
Sfi wih members of the Democratic Par- cording to one member to re- meft y the taA crates.
Other possible sources of In- ty on the. Canal Zone pack-d a ceilve som., newcomers into the OS .ban ItOsWN .b and tet& o writerss, 3r4 rffly the- S
fection are insects, the number minor punch at national conven- fold, particularly young voters, 4% t* aean when t. we coaerned I6h th
of domestic animals which roam tons In the United States or those who were affiliated with .tdov s ith a Oma M/Sgt. Andrew J. ledorls re- mer clae, toward th bfbha nba Sh
around the town. and the lack For 20 years local scions of the the party in the States. Residence t u -driuyaitedan to gt ceived the Oak Leaf Cluster to plae. o fts p hi.
of sanity facilities, party founded by Thomas Jeffer- in the" Zone Is not necessarily a d fort the cove- the Bronze StarMedal and 12
-son polled six votes in the con- qualification for registration. MW Lt. other members 46th Re- For hundrpda of yet -IWL| ahrthhse I ii t
Sventlon hall a 'number equal With only a corporal's guard nil panl Zd Der connalasance fat on and Its a B,.ble traslatort dtd Iuot- ne 00 a a
US ,Ean Reveas to those the Cele ations from prew.rnt, the last Democratic Par- llnd h tAel re 'reuWe Attached un!td4aMed 6 the the anhmtt ha te"or certWi& U
US vri ]|Rhode Island or Nevada could ty meeting on the Isthmus wa.s T' Ba of bronze Star M At StA- as61 et'ait OalkeAfty Th et
Then swing into line behind their held in the Canal Zone. last nad l resetton apply the c)llEl to affect
,w Dn" ..... .. iFort Cca. ORfte t attIdiom.
Few trappings and overtone'; s h f lit i th& Cavilr I of grfur w ord gent 't I ds S thie
Sof State and ward politics were t t un the of
en n i S skipped be the doughty band of ct wr .~ .-- aftheps "L,191 its abbi
- TEHERAN, Sept. 20 1UPW Democratic officials.e onstructionT sIth onft t o
with a staff of four left by Air rroup went up to the DemoeraticF r sa. 0erdl he 45th .Stthlln $h ivdenee tha # h5thagd tb'p evr .t i
.Prance-plane today for Paris Convention of 1916 and persnad- th e t aook. n e tsa rch thpm dif nf -
after inspecting and reporting ed it to recognize the Zone s anot h l CoMP y ap the? 1, k e tthh-h lng a tb
,h inspeca nd repo Vow xornonthe tuth--that the ma in PWA
to Premier Mohammed Mosa- overseas are entitled to a vidce '.. h n "
.eghd o hosen.the o' p t"s y de be and
Cegh on the state of Iran's pll aele;atd td chose, hL91e ed At toQaaaulso.
h Andt o-r nn.lived in Colon, attended theu ut2 R ent 'lao .e-er e he t"
Jones will spend two days in convention in San Frand o. mat tu .* y srlargelyokarcoT 0oth, as
adri.s end them return t the Miguel A. Otero. the US Mar hal th.1 M hatt .MalI t' *,l t, l h dargel o earc l

I dreamed I was a Acreturn t fo three yean alZot nepund a rl ea1the aseercad th ie *itoar idg in the Paufti a6on of4II
.f-ont curbs on Solitical ctva T.Waf twle a 8 as Th6c Artila- r et Operations dartag. bthde .to U
fahonted States for the Canal hy.Zone and a fo Clam second f or wof the Panamt ad mi or ceive the Oa
Jones, who is president of Governor of to skeleton Trusel Company annty-ounced o rea f e created wereeived l are schttorak *

tatTrs. u. a StoCod anyd Ft Clanioan *at od cn- l et, Withdrawngt. Ray Ai. olo Unitd t
the Cties Service Company of the deaton, day l. d Pee Freen. t in
tiew York, told the United Press From then until 1936 when the; Considering that the Panama- oMsistriiotscerTe other 12 t_0receivea

when State anS overseas dele CSdedates must be high ,These
t the airport that "althoughpolitions became so boisterousnal hooln merchant marine Is one ofrWW witame Star dsfor meertrs-l
Ovmeric uran ships might nt that the Governor had to call outthe largest n the world, with ward for r
transport Iranian oil In the a riot Squad, Democratq of v- with the present need for well-A S (U The service h the fantryduig
$mmedlate future, they would n iouskidnmey -V=many-.o 8* t le la ".. 1)..
,,do so son. and Tamfflaflv t Obvflnty it
Commnting on reports that celebrated and chose din lego t e to ual fl tod bu de''Is -a -

reedios heard CE Chief Deleate of | Above l
two voted meet inmght have MHSi afti nC dete '- e n gg
the Anglo-Iranian Company r stated meetings and nh the o iie t akl to' Is
would attempt to prevent himisions. Bolters and revensonar usAI- that fiCant
from buying Iranian oil. Jones reled on many points, q ncludIo f One students will be sl Ht i Sd. 4

i e reached Ramarez and The Pana. Menrclhat M headed rliea 3a5& same ,**t, ,
I /d et them try Ib theycan re lionu as related to Poli tics and -W* a cure -of stuIfCdy 4ulatst- ,y n u.y Bt a.-

Sm nt t whebut so far P this n er can imar r terS disk-Ul.e t. MerchantA=tat l a e st L.
thnecessar to register. has never aectnd its Ae arle ts Irie a pt0eS e ba be- t ane.
pA resentrim the Cand from the o t New Yok.Te 'U 'ear e't hto
nor followed the 1936 distweb, ofn enstrune bea- V.% 1 'b-adlis tRoliC7. C" .0.tgE Oa
ance Enactment of the Hatch inFebflh 105S.'v m loss t ocnw bw 0Ia" toe-on '
I dreamed I Act three years l befotr put strip dey are t at k t

I H inahcame down froe r New $npoye Th o ne d Vlsemi t c ta e over t the ae.efi r opraion Sawl. miae ao
en 1935 curbs Assistant Distria act Ate Im, twelvemo nmmh s terday. 1_ "o O le j rations v l-to
fashion figure in bv federal employes. The Zoeriamn in uTJ.Mera van ye- e wt- the US t for which the awSh and mere fta

tortey, confesses himself pzzle *
Eroun wasted away to skeleto se]s. mand twenty-four a mothsa. s, of adences wee n ,reeted were gt. % 1- are Veh1T
19e, status. .a econd and First Clusaa dCi e nmtn- lis Vest, Sgt.Ray l.-KUnited l -.
eral conventihelocal Dere ocraticd emy at Kirl ot lnSmatwo in thl '

on wtoates t onley two votes dIsland. e IwYorka
when State and overseas dele. Candidates must be hgh as Tn .
r-tu nation'ss are polled at national C tte g graduates in the cple a.aoamo erS enSI IIaa ti.
SE* n Over-ture jo enventi nA. Those two are tJSrd of the i class. A'p Ia. a L l.hs e
safe for 1956. RkGWdeo of 2English. be lifh- Xr;
Izsthmians listening on their "w 17b^ut under1oa's0.e i .t H..
dios heard CZ Chief Dele0ate o aS ers en Tsnss sr wu us r ratura b-.e
SCharles E. Ramirez cast tdose T osi of study dr-aIF.a W
two votes which might have t=ateC ta ,. -0-
but didn't oiite cinch the ________ sliced
nomination for Stevenson. a ''MAIN, .tt
Sfrnresh rash of questions haVe s as masnd- ntsaw
reached Ramirezand The Pans- r amns" mn
I ma American. moem IM u *U'T-i0,0flf in ONW ie7
(Inquiries have also hcome %a-tatc ~ re;Me a
mbouta R.puhlican delecatioen .. Aig j ssm a quarters aftertwo -
sa 4 \ but so far Rs this l nner can learn C Eec ,h2l 1..i-s
the Republican Party hasenever der eere
given recogniton to delegates re-i at a Mt otl oe -
presenting the Canal )1 Pu sh..
Ramirez. who has been an a b-afltc1it irt0e 1aU.8lo -- Lit1
tivDe Democratsince before he es U k
came down from New York City and N 'nx.iftithge Iov thee
in 1935 as Assistant District -At Mrct v ae -l. terday. 21
torrey, confesses himself puzzled
bv thesudden upsurge oftheolden. A "a
oral conventions were announced
in local papers Rhead of time. bu40t flEai bs
caused no ripple of Interest. rFigit D W 40fu VIrtbsh..
This year. as usual, he paid his
own way (it cost plenty' as d .5 W--.-,
",. Keene. a for.-rr Zonian now lii. hi art cantru was w t 't any .tMRW md I* am 3 ". a.a a b h-
Sin, n New Orleans and the C in PsnUmmW ta r n i a1 11 ... b.. -....t.

.admlnistrstive assistant to Bet-. a 'vbol c irs ame a gUmar sroot to S

Ramirez welcomes the Intermt
however and reports that sn at.......U a1aw1 e .tfl"
"is tnt! Here's dwe firm, flat- who have asked for inforanratla "
I h've gone so far an to sav the wt m to a
4pnnng Impport to give you a like to contribute money to 'U
eufiydaummeyfire...tonmake ernor Adlal Stevensn's c8aata .1 -
m.' llh btrnuly faghion- paIgnot me
Ramirez thinks this a fine id hat or
,,fl!et ieoover-Ovcrtureas lift,-11local Dems used to contrih
.todayl In pu'an.i ask., that clv.cks or" mo to
10110106 d, orders made oUt to the Nati

-- -s m them die to

.4' .-rl l"'f w b fiyf be .S ,I'

I. J. 1


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!'*.1''' >4

* 34


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2 ~

WN THINGS T HNOT on the Ido -att
Ad off with some ice cream in Oft N<

ocratic natiionalt ention, tabn l % 0 a'bsh
delegation. The sop of the e Pr

h -. "./.


lUNDO THE1 STANDS of the press area at, the C 9g9 am
'Ed Stein '(rig t): and INP newsman Syd Binde. kept on tk
It Wsroom, Which contains' wire and phoo. dlir6e

;y, Ut., to l
e &avih4
-fiA fir m

ibe A


N added link forged. to
the nation's network-of
(le fenses for 'WashiASgtmb
1D. C., 1i the new -$44 million
C'hesapedke Bay bridge" a
l o n g c f v e d s t r u c t. r e -,. ,
itretching for 7.7 ; ip p b
tWeen Sandy Point. Md., i'6
- ]tapeake island. ~Ihe brig*
,..iates motorists to
' congested are" as ,s i*',
4 kr, Wilminfton anw Pl
a~hia. Ultimately, 'the
M- i rill
Rd t"acity of 8,
--.e.Micles a year. A et
t4. inw bridge is th Itt
siab t picturesque 1aTy.
- tiated to cross th-e Cu a
e akee The bridge ,oSadw s
284et wide and a Ilse -o'

Sanc ia, sailing Ih th a

wgle 4 4-4k

r-m a KIre
r when the
*e prepnair



* ^i

A" .

/ .<*< .

^ >M. *

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rent a

- as u

ed. in a .fln ,4 .

A ftew6ar* ftaeg Lw4 ;aS. ^JkShft Aif
"'be stoose li

manab om Ie owr
ta s ater

s inoat NewAR
'tl to tig v d *istilumj ga' W Tty;^
'- 'th n e^^^ ^ lacl M. -ii



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- -



4 ."
taw-c 9

Ifesa^e J --

I : --,
* t

JUst Al4N oMNARS it -
Oh Im not a movie hero, nor do I wi* to te
Np flapper woudM give 20 ce tte 0 1r ge on naf .
M) physoM.Il lopttions wl never win me t me,.
"But artmI I get a klk from le---m happy Just the *,Mit.

I've never feacued maidekt air from the clAelhes tt a v .lt a,
Although If he were m nough I ht, p. be a
But this hef stuff a never qult so a It-a ; -
And that villaU mIght outw~ -a by tp toat 1 tI ks --' i :S

I never dived ktestthe de l, 0w feet or tt *'
Then sM, ,4*t A iUes and towe" M.t.e .tane deritu
I never drove aon 00 %A .Ioft through aerm ad tral,
With whilh 1 lted y, in tne, some dathael, i diLrefSt .

I never drove a motor er scroes a bring bridge,
Nor fougSt Oe Indpnm.s, on Sape wild monbtab tw;
A movie hero does them& ag; he dbee them hy OSto,.
But I eant p these stant at a, mreowve I fe want to.

The "prldq ap aed 1o vem astoam Wfl
Have 1v~ WAertaten 'me-.! haVent wet s oar;
And if I shb Nd acquire aa, would a Wl tIear
Like .A u tahee lfte bold,. I'd WeI R n t e rear.

The eyes f Fe hlminklty, .'ve never tried to charm,
*By pompo Iptry ad in a nifty uniform;
I'd never earn a itace or gain a bright lmbleko, .
By trying to .mpersimate old Ca4qar 4 ot tapolean.

T'e never ben a 'two-gun man"-that stuff is aB the bank,
I don't al hOhtcaIM and my mVdkflnhli IVt, k;
Bill Hart am* do my share of *at-tle lny ?st a o N
And a hP'oMbt wet sense won't go wlere al that dwo ti 48

My pugillstic process is as lame as aI e rest;
A man most .se diplomacy, wit.- a $b Inch chI
It goes agalbt y m coecaence to lats tt aw, .
And 4t makes me feel embarrassed to get walloped om the l*w

]But, let no aid romantic, hi her Iane foc deory
The 'short and sm ple annra" f te ordMary guy;
If all the men fwel lwes, thertd I M et tr er lf.
She'd have nobody to flirt wttM-~o it t whie to aiotL

No, PIm nqt a movie her, nor do I h to ; .
The plaudits of the movie fan d unSotlapppM to Me;
And in spite of my deficiencies, I get a ~kok tma IIe,
For I'm sat one womam's heMo-that woman Is my wife.


v.r* .,r.,.4
- .~,r -.




~ aver a
*e4G.b ~* bLab -I~- .&~a

Poor Lucy's dead Around her humble bier,
With saddened hearts we gaher while the tear,
Unbeddn trickle dowf, in shed.
Our fathbu Mw ad to g90a. tctr s. deads

No flowIng .VitKBh wl- ma the dt; -
No "stor ed am or asamatat m";
No gorgeous xmopepmt tw r sft mambnlt-
For silent, fatthfl sitt e does at W e&O .L

Such honet wot u wNime, 9 4tSl14atwe
Is helvidn light remembrance, ,m a aite;
Though st=il we waste o r gratitude and ea
On tinsel heroes of the swid ch l.

Fall many a pear she m-ened her p w;ty MO,
And faithfull to the last, in haftae el;
Of many a general the peer ea nWi
eLucy wasn e an f t -
* Lucy was an Army mtt

T' ,

:'.. ,fii. .g

f'- t^

VK VW .. l.
*, ...... 1 ,* .: ".
1m thH*e amyew lia~iT.0 ** *hfw ~
L'.N1 Y4

M^^ ^ww, ^^"W^R?*l^ V?^ w "* l -


I'~ Z7'

WI. 1
'1 -

.7 7,

F-' Sk,,,a

'*.. ?.

- %,


AI i"

.7 ''

L -.'^ *

2 -7 J7. ..^,, C


8EA0~ ~ i~~~mILJ A I

lfe M et
e following wor
icher DieM In
nW I it. vw

I souk"we, dArin
Itemeds was (Obnem
led sea Wnater; d
the halt o t vtad
oreat qfthattles of


-v" w vim
iLbovs an t

uped b
ri the
a h had
aibng aim



m :-!Kk

........ 0%P,
uO,'d I


ysI gW f.,



I II ...

n, r





2 -

- *-. % 4-4

-- ** e--'; ** ..***-,* ....,,.... ... ., -'--------------- -......
4 .1F
fr.o :

4 r

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4. -





"S 5.-f '~-.

'5' :.


... t -'-. -. -


* -

-~ t



J *. ...
* C. ~:

-4.~*.*~* ~
C. ** .~' -


* -,



Cr. ~r .4-
v-p" ~


* --*

r. _'^ .-^

VZ 14


a A

st v3








T -

- i

v 4 ?-.4,

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