The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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are right-I ean eftIs-aheli
--- o gladly, etnertain you in t o Ho,-
Ta..I Miil e ax i n open fe uam fer rades. of TIr Penme Amer- night club.
In Lose. Laten o eee.ved hlfull Ne *"e Iadledd in a wlhvlly c11- In fact she and a bunch of the
Ifni"l maker w. dtbe *I s a r boys (and their Wives) painted
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o do--- be "t-" nt "- d a "n| math attntWgyed Wedna dayi afihtat




"-_cr-- -that. thl
SPANCANAL POLIC of honor near t ob i t-
AAlf When d tod RuIt In
:': 'May of 1951 aM reviewed the
may Day
SMy sermon for today will be on the subject of "policy" to
be specific, PaPCanal policy. te pindmelt
Now to me, policy tis a comforting thing, when adherent to this 11 :M Bo lety, 1
wi.h sincerity and proaunced in advance as a "way of life" which Edther e mt eat as i
an be depended upon. It is thie promise of onalstent conduct es e a, A
end able state3raft athea gm w1s0 Non,
Butd PanCanal policy i a treacherous commodity these days, tin at o Ie
and as such is more of a menace than a friend. I th a% t t
Why? f f ei m It has a nasty habit of reversing itself when SO y tjj

Lot us take a came in point.A rt wt
We have among us a small group of men known as "Ad- ltherI'f(b Let rw the paty wit
3Vtnet atrs" Who do things about shils. For them was establish- r or the delegate to the pro-Com-
ed a defnitoe "policy" It regard to qualifications. And nb one munlts Mine, hIU and melter the
W.o failed to meet certain standards co ld aspire to the job. All et wna to'uni ee p n ti on on
of which was admirably a nderstandab t. rwoee 1o0,000 m ers ate el
but also weave among us sanAdMih. d. "big sot" who1by let- who can sht n c Wi
*ence was a "chlef" (and an able one I've been Itold) in the Dred- dOwn our wh n s eves-
ing Division. the entire kHenI 'V mmu
defense m b, by cho off I
Now it came to. pa that one near Inr r to this man ou supplies of 6pr, brass, n e-
ded a ition measure U l as notqualithkel and avistloa gas whenever n ,
t t.'prove no mtunmn bld &.to h er as raut. they wish..
# edau PanCanal "policy lojt I li tlhe w ile But before jogging ip t tli a
S ost weekend.m for their big night with gs t.
ad th h bf s le wr other and her Soviet ete r Ii gn gd

Shl h (at A this mqat 5 "able" as counsel, by the way, Is Nat Witt, f. l. L dor D 1 t
.rrod" h ..Identified before Congrsonal
I fa fewermt. of n stand- hearings as a fellow Communist ntufl tfln Booku
awde Was ret.yhyPon- I ersIn an Party cell member of Alger Hiss
*effort to ucfotn 'anal Ow4"ottle their -did some very serious work.
Mforts to wage and working They deliberated over a report
I cnt u the eoneSe qUarters in Z bght.? It was what's known as the "united-V t w10
14so110"ahtJ fl4iliq#""cpsfor -tbhibshed houses front-from-below" tactic. This IsNEW YORK In dreadful tnguih, like into community property? regulations, on a bodk hl -emv
L.b PP to. a4 thyod be assigned a left wing maneuver to seduce passing the camel through 'the eedl1 I N wrote before she divorced him and martled Alis*
i am a smpoectorando-p political workers Into an in- spawned several books in .my ctitte 11 S h aw. Atti .Wasaa clarinet layer
Another changeI ave altered all this, fnornocent sounding organization, portat, writ by hande o epdal significtaneT, This sa What the trade it
Without a word of w ft6 a tws were swooped up lby I never mentioned oeT V b peddle it, Ar ie-4aws new which was

be attth eewo osedpwemoveem entorca exwept hep or her own aKuiMW7 dfcajed tob t _alu wltoomtoo l|I'l.B i,
N*pow thatbe.othey presume At the convention here the like some of my confres who lay in the plug. it fr n n e
d there Is no word yet concerningthe final disposition of these other day, the delegates were o a weekly hpal, quotg title, Win le and pub- could be no other anatian foe the book.

besWtvhappened? Iifbuntly thatoak a tftlis I User. I- S. I diWhSor'se ImdV hms ne d.J
Ib are many other eazmples. I mlgbt i, but the Mail d tvis: steusale "eo- But I -willtoa eabut-0n7, Iow one, dou eventogi fhte& noea

S nobe brief not. irf anyone would anowe the src- M ater anote to e t one
A..r e rf la' n a o ws, w the the. -,,. .-

oblig te. naJe nodrive to give the n b and fi re .
t etat upos t tt -lmenho slhl o h er i and net r.spplies, a eNa that to say wor-th saying. vowed o afl' tr t'ee
od r an g a Iunion chIef John Clark, ld: Nelthetroiu a e of5mwl ibro .the whc
Sa j ndeand "I a convhindee a. ...g The table Swrh books And Wo u t nhe unt *al s ti 0.
-ap. Ls ko the big est j..ob which can ae T :o a vh and par | man's mraeto, off we ao to t hr
ng dron- mdone s bCO MAlme-Millb sd tainwh sbprem h0Wysband. aorA ei on m Ton

aB.d sound m) hi wise commenting that .Btcb-i its meberIsa Mothe state beatd jus't -wok vefrWomT 'th.. Like I sa kdo the ay ow an o
Enstdee localrao levels. 1 e a dt se th rI mt wit Isa got as

lIn those states especially pl, G was an ex-,wwrites l r books, apt somethan somed p
4 M t a pet e he d ape outh e Man-y excepthor's re mate ever oon dca seed you to without

aN a t IN ANSWER? mebrsito, weoul c an a It al. t e do thatetnin If It akes fiy money *Iit .i be l *WI

i loonote is not. repeat. Is not in answer to the sarcas- '*In cit e after another. bo wres a eeal bad one firt called classifies hi literary ou put sI an
nmrsh rWithuinhef l. phrshd WOse one Sw, caly beats the that way. .
aomwdnde le tte tat ho maue htinl bgtoa and hse a r ney," ad e 'was so rtt, doll, d'ouere ave been written tar better
f odand then ack neering Int wlonae of pdw He I emMmeO that sh was killing statohve097 have bee nwrltteu ar bt
"Ma ilDsthe bsttehjos bw- her own t Pion. : Trfl' -ouo lly 1ose's g7atkn r even b'
lM ame dseca tthf -t e ahlooks like the on Nevada, Nw l back -plus, ke 2 o eiewe
a et hides oeo ne sc and And there are ott of tms. rAnd sow as the sun siks ov
Sit s "embesIstthe o dt And aeI_ be l man's irs ta, off we to get er. |l n.
ea e does more damage due to his overwhelming tm is concentrate In la to divorced husband wt the critics on the TV, press a ral
and sound advise and h4 wise commenting that a hy- egan, Washirnton, Montana, better 0's bath from b Like I sid, kids, the jpab of oatitoship as' .
0 -w he triseed ope o Califeoria, South Carolina ofs -dfd w rsaeeinnd.eth net n th process of pyrwul dt"a
I Georgla." was ex-'ot .ie
is an empcal fact that bnuanu stagnate nvm etito-ale ed r Ge uldreoed .a. b e d

tee is a example with grey-matter aefbwden Thens Crk I poke of the dii- Ttus 0'sA 0 's divorced ma. a ever pomessed you to wrt anhw 9
l owngdkat I at the mouth Cand e of war. ie was not the o. M M
aNtI 9wlth h oets the mono Tly on bra ins and mel po-l ) the M- v
t s #barK ctr that wrote "het In vn&n Pit, Com- ttn Poviet no fen t peace so f- A t (
', i sir m the stag. of etolutml and still. sie the cra mtir ande vc oun now to a' tW
rinohas twowe-srsSt on tM "f-not bleary, o. be.

l (0t Tor. in g othtshe iun theim Ma ari rta slnpn th e talkIt aBs ::dhe rRW ii 4, In hewbe--. Y or
jvsIios^ns:Ol c-chalohn.led u saenytoop and neFeBes m'h, V aousb, Itso
son&.gtbNevadaroMW-26 or Chi28.W Are vtos restaurant iseler
lfh.;t,,us ie t n *wiseeehbh thekkindut at'-pl s.Ieo,
a to -Ase h other O idneg byothae Grace of God. dW An e aeno tofxe byd p thes Gen s trying to ki
S-0"t hi uni sh t m i*",ot leash emin ars 'ff et
AWt AMrdIoCAp i SPEAKS OUT .a a wPosa aSo e Uis-po w the Deo fatese.ewteo th of mew 0
W1 Let's mawsn oewey stead 1z b r ems oe -e
:u erifore In the wotft tAm w m4ukh, hi...m I Ws oteAb-atalk.ItWit sa
re st of ad that i thetarte"tne Panam Canal nom-n die in peaceetno- L a S eisva at, a VI
Pt1wisth US.. pers' mofUy and with US.In"lthen brains And the union ow tose a eLS (aad )VLstfla. to
h 1308slits go to tho. accasta deflate j"
askWCom Ittee report of bine .c..aIn
Itt- at we ufnlt go through lfuptorand i hg up things t or. hv" .l-9laof an!restaurang-no
S*6misrs to enory. 'Gmme Ise ia litit to just what eountr **Poreh' pe' mro 1110 1iLEb vt)agft to
IMoeor. tEu* copper wh in as eA ha1
a *t- o __W m__t.ashs 4 -m i
1i September 1962 Us itsae pau booltts'turt

S oweft aof nd thayoIson this Idea you have sunt t aahen s dierin iutetmaeits i&f pa.att"
agwnuncod a br. moefr, *loomsesMan

fl. rahveute with m ImMre _
0fDNt 11.TM 3.kHftt ut vhr olrOEwSdL-VA.
-z a ....Afor&. WON oA -8 I"., ..':s -.!

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iru "nd KH-MAs ad Pamn- Arrivals e*

i -


Can-en M60 some eps ia n expectedd.
i, n 2% Ta oae resity when
'. T4 rty years ago. anyone who a"* t to one
ilade a Jouroey by air was gen- of lhet yo"60 ,itt that the
*ftly regard as a hero or a plane was over the
daredevil. Nowadays, however. Dutch froter, the little fellow i
#ven the longest flights are sim- at once replied: "That's not the
i*a taken for granted. This is 11- frontier. There Is no dotted llne.,
rated by the innovation of along it like in my atlas."
i urtit ar services across the
1lantic which has
trvel witwithin the w Paoe Closes
I Ui. entirely new catego-
f aft riniger-aft by the fact J i A -
yME in the W.,-st th-i0 0 u Accused
4Sn," while an ever-in- fl -
y l umber of babies and ifl s ea s /
I E children travel long dis-
Sy air (frequently unac- JASPER, Ala., Bept. 15 IUP)-;
nMM fred by their parents. A weary posse. led by panting
SI_ January 1, 1950. for ex- bloodhounds, closed in on a
F[ : XLM has carried 57.344 small patch of forest near here
under the age of twelve, today, hoping to capture a husky
17,080 babies. This is farmer, Who Is accused of kill-
'6% of the total number ing two deputy sheriffs.
of p1 Bftgers transported during After a night-long search of
that pePoed of 2>2 years., the hlRy thickets northeast of
EtM hr taken many special here, pollqe believed they had
measures to ensure that His Ma- Lrapped Norace Bradberry, 46,
uy Qf Baby will have a pleas- and cauti cnly, tightened the
,our quite apart from circle surrounding him.
tnltderble reduction in the Walker County jailer I. D.
i. very flying baby receives WIllam uid members of the
rS s-es one containing searching party found Brad-
1S iffeSand tthe other toilet belosin OtgIo n aridhhatrwhere raL*
tle such as baby soap, oil, baLtg l o bhe Bar ad wbere 3
.Itanent and powder. The serv-o be Br
to King Baby is carried toi ds Bradberr. ot
-h ,an e nt that each of' .me Dm radherry shot
,, aI,, bt bnomen oand hon MAe two deputies Sat- "That ptere It!I
m t guests is given a me- "urday they crla to hi
^ card decorated with spec., for II i"?Ir. Walker County
AtofghthIt babies th Cerlw Porter White said
o* still unable to t&lk, l e loe radberryshotDeute PraikB A
ad he parents can make a Harbiwon 30, in the head and
ice of baby food, Apple purde t, c wfg an argument
S, ye m.ean0 for 1 them liquor search. A
W V'"Woftff* e. Indiv4dus1 aI nTrece, 40,
; 05 sw- lsto taken into ec- tried to gmt isa berry's pistol, LOS A
ount; on one occasion in the accordg g coroner, the
l f water, a KLM em- farmer aot in the chest.
e spert hours cycling round Trece died on his way to the
countryside tin search of four hospital. M
I dts of goat milk. He arrived A pose wasU formed when *
k at the ahrfleld child to the Bradbsy tied to the woods, and
St saglfled in having ac- White got an ioouc t of the
hed ils task. shaodtlg from the missing
yar, to,, the airline buys man's 1-year-old son, who wit-
toys, plastic yo-yos, ducks, need the double-slaying.
]! bea9y. etc. And there awe-
picture books In. different tw.I C1B
*.aguages with toriles about HFn I i
"Adrian the Ape" and "Tom Poes FEt M
Ond the Caliph of Baghdad" eFCu-lj To Telep>
Planes playing a role ,
.'fhe equipment of the "Flying I
Dutchman" also includes corn-
frters, bottles, plas le pots and WITH TO 6TH nJ ,BT. Off
sa, annual total of over 7.000 dl- Yugoslavia, St. 15 (UP) -
Siwr. In dMition, thU large 4Lr- MarIhal Tito oLYug.alVa to-
* afh ingenious, travelling day boarded & U J aircraft
radles w can be *uspenided cajr Coral in inWaters of "
d a a'ntal frame on the 2O 1O today V saw "hUs name
l ll. led out T he sky by 'avy
Many of the ELM stewardesses planes.
Rd'gntund hostesses have taken Accompanied by high Yugo-
'ursesr of treating in the care of slavian Naval authorities, Tito
efldren, so that parents can went aboard the 45,000-ton ship
,.fely entrust thber children to in his first visit to a U. 8. air- .
IM. At Schiphol,the airport 9 oe ft.
.Amsterdam, KLM even has a Air crews in let fighters and
qieclal room fitted with play- Diston engine Corsairs strafed 4
,nas and everything else that is the bombed tow-target off the (every Room
Wually found in the nursery. stern as Tito stood on the bridge
'Older children who have to with Vice-Admiral John H. Cos-
Iied some time at the Amster- sidy. Commander of the SWxth D
Am airport can now get rid of Fleet. C L
e"r excess energy in the open- Jet planes then returned for
'tr playground which was re- a simulated attack on the Coral m WW'ON Ml
ntlyopened there. Sea. The show was climaxed CESBMAL
The questions and remarks of when squadrons spelled out "Ti- Tel Cif.--47I
ihese youthful air travelLers are to" across the sky.

., ,.


Genie Let inh.etl' y
) 4'

Peopet. e m w hen thy sty two
live as Whit


accepting passengers for
by the Norwegian .4

Maiig September 18i.


AM~ a ui3sVin~

'Ihal. ~ .

mton & Company, Inc.
Ses: Crlsti al. 17 1 SF la i .

4'... 'I T

I .1

by th"..

ifug So 322
with Prilevatin& Bgathros )
Apo i y.
ENTOt& COm, M-



Ammala Is Tbtig

/r WWAW.LZE. OWi wE -4u
AMZA,5fr ACTi .L
MinToMEr 7 fsr.PT' L P -L.t..

F o


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F4 4 .
I ~



PeruH of Fatherhood

* -

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'earn' ~',
I J~.

:g T~V

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I ~r4 :~a

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' .',a.



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cor .-a ,:

,; } l si..t ,-

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ye th 14
I t~ in- **,/



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as bwsMA 4. .
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,., .-p IH. n R '* ,. '
.N N, W.- ." ,,
;n a, .',_. \ *


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W4 -0

- j.-',,q

11.1--------*.. "


I *

IYo Sd ... o Te thu P.A. l

SI ve roar Ad with oal of AAgetm or our lffles. i No. 57 "e SteMt a I
N. 13179 Cetral A. -- Colon

Lewis Service
"*4 f1TD AM.--Phone 2-M. and

M of rris sy A
feuruh of lMly Ave.-Pnone 2-0441

SLe Bnem Arica
#a I2th tteet

Certa wM- ter
0.RO a A*kmh0"
10.m Mftldbi A*--PnMe

Ap Isaterecadoal d Polkadee Pm b I
a Lottery ia 1h 2--MU zi*t:IS rIVwt
Pm Wess r- IW'IP'q 50

.1 ~ 5~
Midas 'vie w~

-- kMeaee Aitemehties m e Ism .a iiias "oen -. ,.o PROFP AL
~i-iT SALE-AlI porcelain refrig Service Persnel and Civ.lis 0a,1 eaM. c. z. Pmaim l-187,Ci C
aor' 9 ft. Westinghouse. 25 cycle EIvermnit iEmployes SPECIAL IO
nit 2 Y'. old. Best offer. 5623- DIs anSPECIAL EXCURSIONSe
k I d nu.c.. Dof yau2 finance your iw one way $85. round trip $135 It5 ra. r inriormtion Id
t ALE:-ne Frigidire Refriger- .,, cSor day-limit,, $160, 'good one year; D Tivol Aven. W
tpr, 7 cu. ft. 25 cycle. Good AfM BDIf 1 UR to LOS ANGELIS, one way, $149. 0170. Pnmo REMOVABI A
condition. One pair corner China lw I5. round trip $252.35, 90 day- GMh -- Snta C 't RE.. .. U
Cineft, maple inish. Real good Phase 4 M-4985 limi t' Panama Dispatch Service, ~ Electri ce lcSCREEN IRAM
buy. Phone Balboa 1305 anytime. opposite Ancon bus stop. Tel. Pan- staves, moderate ratis.
Lor r Fger commercial at Agencios Cosmos., T2E IPOF YOUR LIFE G o h.
itor, 7 Acu. Ft. Excellent condition. on Auto "le RawNo.29, _tele'-THETR O URLF_ "I" ." ._ 5
3238. House 713-C, Prodo Oal- phone Panama 2-4721. A JAngle Jim Jount thru the PAN- rvK KCENfl nv othea r wlS
boo FOR SALEt--Chrysler Windsor 1949 AMA CANAL, to COLON, SAN V. Clin be W l e
.,- _.-- .-.--- _model four door Sedan. House BLAS, and PUERTO KELLOI HOUMB placed In a" lIe 1 G1.0
WR SALE:-Quartermaster dining- 8022-D, Margarta. Lost, two tours of the year -- 8. 3 ori 4 potda2i 1 ti t '
room sute. $5Q.00; 9 x 9, ,2 h-i--------- 1-- -4- Ri n f 69 REN *-- w chalet 4 pr'n~n, ft 'R
talcum like new $5.00. Call' BARGAIN! Owner going to the Sept 19-20-21.H Oct' E 3-4-5 FRRIgENT-New chalet 4 cleaning a
li..... *oom .-'", gard A.. ke-pi' g t
2-4330 or see at 1441-D. Owen Stats. Chrysler Ne yorker 1949. Sponsored by Hote l E Panama) No6 San Francis5,Sco a4. F'name never Oalts. ts
Street ,Balboa. A- 1 eqidiflon. leather upholstery. Poscadord- leaves Pier 17, Balboa. i Frame l t eM
Radio low mileage. Any reason- Friday 6 a. m. O R RENT ,needs antlt.
able of fr, Auto Omphroy Arrives Colon Strangers Clubi 2:30 .RK INTScreene r ed t
FOR SALE FOR SALE:-.-193 8 Packard Coupe Leaves Colon 9:30 p m. for Sn s
5 & M- tors $125.00. House 33. 5th. St,-Newa Bjos and ".' SlAMuRA a111t.lIAdmits more&Wg lIght.
Boat & MOterB Cristaobd. Phone 3-2596. Puerto Bello. returning Colon Sun- Two end. five r or full 1f6 GEO. F. NOVEIY N a
fl SALE:-5 HP Mercury out- iFOR SALE:-1950 Ponrtiac 4-door day afternoon. utihmihed oportwifnts:; rv .
board motor, very few hours Also Sedan, Silver Streak 8, Hydrama- Leaves Strangers Club. Colon Mon- doed gA dens. 806.. 10th l. 3793 Crest a 1
one '1, H.P. 25 cycle motor. To- tic drive, new tires, .erv little mi- day 6 a. m. New Cristobol. T ephoni Ca.t Tl. 1*tt 71
lephone Navy 3145. league. Car perfect condition. Saie Through Canal to olboa. 1386. -
for $r,600.00 finance av.lable. Balboa to San Bias, return to Col
Cell Cristabel 3-1571 between I 1 $45.00. LE SS N 0 MODER
FOR S ,ALE a. m..P 2 p. m. From Colon to San Blasand rLtu N ll- os '
a.. q_ 2p.m. $40.00. Ann Latin announces a new clam n C U \
R FOR SALE.- 1950 Chevroler Club Thru Canal only (either wy)l $10.- beginner's top dancing. Te *e "\
Rea Coui. o kWt i ew $S1,195.00: 1947 00. Meals catered by Hotel El Pono 3 p. m Diable .. ... ahous,, t l
Kaise r Sedan, like new. good con- anma. slacks, shorts, bathing Door." visitog w*lte. Pna, a-eg
FOR SALE:--..Uhttottage,. 2 bed- ditlon, $559.00;, 1949 Packard suit flippers and spews fdi under- 4415. aumi
room, 3.409 mters beautiful sea Sedan, perfect mechanical condi- water fishing I, light jacket or sweat- ----
view, close to city "Playa Grande. tion. 95.00. er, nd DON'T FORGET YOUR CA- PoSition V
Electricity & water. Stephens 2047 EISENMAN USED CARS MERA AND ROLLS OF COLOR WNTEDn .
8 Third St. Curundu, C Z. I Peru Ave. to. 8,. Tel. 2-4516. FILM WANToD;-mnlsnt.p ee la' r r
a- a~ U/ IPlease make reservations early Bautor, monlowit. An d olyfl" W"Wg tw *M .
t WANTED s to hg .y_ u v Aat y iet O
l le B 66o fing. We pat atd crt or av .
tuelaL xWANTED:-Amercon ;oupid. No. EleO ChI snvvw Awn 2e4LZ40. J
e'r-l'] " SI October 10th, Box 666 Fort Cloy. Mkcf i.o -

l p Ar.erlcan family wishes to rent three FOR SALE:-We have a few Thor
fNTARIO, Sept. 15 (UPi-The bedroom house in residential sec- 25 cycle automatic washers at re-
aftplcan Church today approv- ton. preference Bella Vista. Tel duced prices. Muebleria Case Spr-
4d the suggestion that four Of 2-2798. ton. Central 223. Tel. 2-4591.
the ton Commandments be re- VOR SA
S aten oan11th added, but American Repreentative is interest- fOR SALE---o no pay more than
aiof lll 4P cu ed in office space. Who is inter- 5 nt, for RC-r
,tetffice and ex-lrec
I woauldnge'-i .... Zr jrJ atelm at Casa
Branch at Ni. $t, S Avenue, Pan-
So NTaait at


Teday, lUiRf, Set. el r

---am -tto. Jleur FOR SALE.-2 Lionel Trains, 25 Cy pa
ie Wped tM I.- -bU heda I A rI Ilil 1 Transformwr, 60 Cyl. 2 train trons- ,_j Muil for lOD
Throughout Angli c i n..formers, 4 switches, automatic coal 400-' A B irIAN LA N
flih ..armr,4stceatmtccl itr0.-tA -AN car, ramp, and milk car. 16 mm 4. W w.
a.Fovie camera bnd projteor. Phone ".
im end of its convention. CFOR SALE. 12 nah Craftsmen Lan- Pafde
C..l.ibtm. .. Ala.,.Sept. Band sow wih itand and 1-4 H.P., 36-4:1rr r E n (WRUL)
Ssuggesteid addition to the 15 (UP)--Biahop Homer A. To n- 25 cycle motor, $d -4 (WRUL)T a
...... .......... .... ttiS ... ... ..... c .. $75.00. T. X. .*fi -- U 1 Tholm"
rth alllnillbit whicb sn anM his running-mate Merti. Tal. 4-4 6. House 221 ':00-Tikei t From tIrS ( 3C)
wald then be used only in Holy Ibeat a word Into a plowshare Pe. MMIg- I. 744'-itU r R13i34SEPORTS
l&. mmunion services reads: yesterday to ynlboflze the peace .
they hope to bits if 'they are
ea't also what our Lord elected president ald NVice-prels- 74-fer Talkn vnitar-
Jesus Christ salth: a new com-lident. WNllo NJ
nlandment I give unto you that Im Ii- : 5U BalmCo I
ye-love one another; as I have They also turned a spear Into M :-." PCommentw "
you that ye also love one! Pruning hooks. p Wi 9 Twist (
aIther." |Tomanson and Bishop Willie .9:30l-f $ Imusic
I. Bass set up a forge qpmpte 10: World At ws WNa-s
':- --with fire bokx ana beiow n d-, lj (NBC)
front of the concrete-block ll;:0--WOwl'0 Net
Church of Ood building. T i mA Sept. s15 (P)_- Midat Off. R
V (T Tomlinson pounded an a five- Bwli toflteerq and a Iate
foot word and seven-foot spear t *one back Tmsom, neseday, Sept. 14 t
4.n'umSTATU CF AMRICA which he made earlier with the b tqtfiepae t ody b .e A- WL
CANAL ZONE10104...v- to
UNrrED WFATKS DISTRICT COURT help of a New Yok blacksmith*n. lIM a Russ"a cm- Ae f
OR THE DISTRICT OF THE IE "nmlinson, the Oturoh of t dA'. On e11O, Alarm Clock p
C ANA.. L zoN God's candidate for the presi- S-:0- Salo
~ is- a.lm *w. dency, conceived. the ceremony ?.ls ,a -ers 7:l3 Salon
Plaitifr. from a verse in the second of MWmg arIln 8:* Efeties

summo pes shares, and their spears lito the ya .---i a
m ua pruning hooks. Nation a shall tars win avel 9:15 r PrI
not lift up words against na- 0=passes B .se -i
*1 I. 10nias. Nelther shall they leam h e10. r
%: Ye. am wt. a pr ,r SRIy more." -em 10 Sord
111111. m vI. do". net e;I,: .RId
I: 1 ek111se Tomlinson put an a bemy TUns the 11:i0-O th Record
In a il WF w_ ho f-ti .o nargry g ptron ever y .miuddy blue St .r a. "" 11:30 ---Tt Sad .'
veI Wilu dly110SlSSaSotr. r.eouser & pa porte _n _for the a12. ic

m i t e beh 11. a had a dirt floor d w Potdam alst m -.-ml _1._e i
Se c. T ,fac.em .r. Corated with Amya .g. ,mad'i trI l:615--r llityrade
B1fase cfptobsa o k4n 1 K oh t o n-BN, '2ic
an b e. had a dirt floorAa was dPo- sd ,.:am last me. it. a
4 C." ,T Ceem Jr. rated with UEIs The US.mgt:iu bate bd Paade :i
( AL) -ln _wetof nyl surrounded the l. ailsoli. -Ipal- ta Id Reaon ti
LA lI1. ..h.. Ther bwag -q b tie H 2:00-A 0 From LsPa Pa
P... ..',Cer iU-ardQt! Sati 2:15-Date 1W Dancing ba
-t",OR"- .. '- lXMe 2 --r--2:3-l4- the Viking

"ii" .w- -Ba T a d
D.S5 ive tVaau law i 2- -dN :00~FAM.I BHIIONm
e toIm nd 4ot N:-Wa a jeawtert feW

--* ^_^ta*ay^^~i. f -- Bi^null--Jf~~r B~ ^^IV-* ai swide Mo^-^qH hog tf WORTS to. ^R f ~ '
K ~ ~~~ ~ ~ Pan^83. W4B5~iSi p l'mmt .'^i* -23 SE

-t *- H .nw. .-*
4...'.:,".. : -. .-

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4 ~.

ks)iwak: t117, at
i., turday. a ..t m.
-" n., ilunda^ at P

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P6 Autalobile ROgW
Te 83-4911




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..- *,.., -....,-',-" *.:,,, -.Hi
-- i .A,; vi

.. : -t ,, J -' i,
.'. -* l" .,^ -, .a ,i..,
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,m;be_^^y b-olu d.yiE. ^^

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,I '.. .


, vl



dians Lave Only

. ,. -

...' -. 0.- ... .....

anksAgain Win 'Big One' Pana

SgarinSt Threatening Tribe
NEW YORK. Sept. 15.-(UP)-The magnifi-
rent Yankees, who seldom have failed to win the g W utVn..tnea
"big one," smacked down the Indians 7-1 yesterday kroe9a...
lAt a game that both clubs conceded was the most ftAt r a MLo y .
iportant of the season. idelphia .. .. 78 65 5At a UPW
The victory in the last meeting The "White Box had to go 17 CI nat .. .. .. 64 79 .. .. 3
of the season between the teams innings before downing the Red MBoen .. .. .. .. 3 41 rd ll MM i .
at Cleveland put the Yankees Sox 4-3, punching across four Pittsburgh ..1..... 4 107 .7 and a g3 1
two-and-one-half games In front straight singles to give Luis Alo- a Wtr .ek. In1
With only eleven more to play jma the victory in relief. It was TODAf'S AE r t a 1 W as. Gu R
The Indians had only ten more his eleventh straight without a Cincinnati at ik. i t the .... 2 .
to play, giving them only an out- defeat since 1950. With two out, St. Louis at Ne or ""o_.. ta a rIa %bea 4 *e
S We chance of catching up. Sam Mele. Minnie Mifloso, Sam No other games scheduled. s .
Mike Garcia, pitching with Dente and Rock Krosnich singled TW aa on L .
Only two days rest, shot for his in succession to bring in the de- IFESTERDAlf'S RESULTS ft A;" .. S 4 0
fourth consecutive shutout for ciding tally. Cincinnati 004 000 000-4 12 0 e to e
Cleveland but the Yankees start-i Brooklyn 000 000-0 6 1'' ** *.
ed Eddle Lopat, who generally! In the National League, the Wehmeter (8-11) and -Land- A t. ..... 1 s
boat Cleveland without any Dodgers and Giants looked as rinth. ,, ... 3 S
tro ble and had been rested six ithe would have been better off Rutherford (60-), Negray, .. .. 0 4
ays, and that meant the differ- If they had spent the day in bed. Hughes, Moore and Walker, Cam-
"d. h mThe bodgers were blanked 4-0 panella. 09 weg i "m a (After- r
Lpat himself came through by the Reds but retained their --- a_ eS00m u1 rlla 9
i wl the first Yankee run In theI three-game lead when the Cardi- St. Louis 000 3110 000-14 17 0 and .mhb tsmtrh ew *. i salvadr Li >
third inning, bringing an end toJ nals put op an eleven-run spree New York 200 1 00 010--4 4 0 awl nil E Salvador
Garcla's striking 30 scoreless in-; in the fifth inning and breezed Haddix (2-1) and Rice. .St0 rawAlaSln to ra Celi ) (Oftie *spended a A l
nings. He touched off what be-, to a 14-4 victory over the Giants. Koslo (9-7), Connelly, Lanier -i a a d i 1o a.
came a four-run inning when he i Herman Wehmeler, w h os e and Yvars. i- in ol a.
doubled.,Phil Rlzzuto singled. Joe main luck has been against first First Game -r
Collins singled home Lopat. Yogi division clubs, pitched six-hit Chicago 000 000 000-0 3 0 e pub6lt *" 'A.A- tio o^
Berra singled to score two more ball to beat the Dodgers and Boston 000 000 001-1 3 0 wA
una anLd Hank Bauer's infield' rookie Jim- Greengrass provided Kll ptein (0-13) and Atwell. .. T -- g. r
out brought n the fourth, all the runs with a grand slam Su ont (12-12) and Burris. 7 h S T (E
Ate w ynolds finished upr homer in the third inning. -C 00 0100. 3 0 S hy iII r eca
giving on one bit in three- The Cardinals sent 14 men to Second Game n iUa S onbiir-iwin l ?f Thqbc
and-two-thlrds Innings to pro- the plate in their blackjacking Chicago 000 001 0002-3 B O 12J te 0 W
tect Lopat's ninth triumph, of the Giants, Stan Musial get- Boston 000 000 0101-2 9 1 --aj,. Ia -- VerSn
Miokey Mantle hit a Yankee ting a homer and a double In Schultz (6-3) and Chitl. ... iOIj4U andC81
honer, the outburst. The main victim Wilson (12-12) and Burris. BTANDfGS OLe of the tie, o o
At Detroit, the Senators de- of the uprising was lefty Dave Statmn,
ateted the Tigers 3-2 on the Koslo, who had beaten the First Game fte et g L p
ftet-hit pitching by Connie Mar- Cardinals 13 straight times Pittsburgh 100000001-2 0 3 2..... 0 1 ptb e pre
ro who scored his eleventh vic- since 1950. Philadelphit -00'0 02x--15 0 vl Station .. .. I 0 1. Wi l a a th
47. Enos Slaughter also homered Horgue (1-7), Necdal and Me- .. .. ..1 0 t r ta4 pla
South s Bobby Shantz and or the Cardinals while Al Dark Cullough. V.- .....t .. 1 0 : a flightVi h r IA
Alex Kelnehr turned in a pair of aTd Bobby Hofman homered for Simmons (12-8) *1d Burgess. Bpelil Troops .... 1 0 will have the '
triumphs for the Athletics at St. the Giants. --- e .. 0 1 they wl havt. b
Louis 10-5 and 2-1 in six Innings The Phillies topped the Pirates Second Game A .. .. .. 1 esday antd j, t. cl
-te second game being called 5-2 and 2-1 as first Curt Sim- Pittsburgh 00010ob -- 1 e .. 00 1 .t
eause of darkness. In the mons and then Russ Meyer each Philadelphia OO0000 f-2 4 0 ibrai* .. ,.. 'k 1 altr f ia
'r-Shantz finally gained his won his 12th game. Waugh (14-.), Dickat aid G06- rW .. .. .. .. 0 1 h t' the the
-M'victory. The Braves topped the Cubs ragiola. 4th AA .. ... 0 1 .0w
1-0 as Max Surkont pitched Meyer (12-13) and Lopata. w W o 1 thtet plSeats g5S'
I three-hit ball and rookie Ed Ma- do nwib allM pS^
thpws hit a homer for the only a t o
.. tally in the second game as the AIBAO I iHHi" mf p
.1 Cubs rebounded to win 3-2 in te nn show amd fhSi m %
J innings. TEAM Won el.6 PAt. 0. 92Itch 0 11d1
,__ _New York ...... 57 .601 -- and treg Litwack have plenty 6t sl go
r Cleveland .. .... 4 60 .583 points to score to keep up with
Ploygroupd Sports Chicago........ 75 .8 24. Tonight's Game (Mon day) thewlwos wi
Philadelphia .... 75 70 .S19 Naval Stationvas. V.P. 45. -with..-.
SBoston ........ .73. 9 .13 Madureo vib. SOth ES. .The box scores:
Swim Classes Scheduled Washington .....74 74 4 .
for Balboa Pool St. Louis ....... 58 85 .406 Madaum G F -a *-- ''L,.
Swimming classes for pre- Detro .. .. .... 48 94 .338 ek .. .. .. ..1 4
school, kindergarten and elemen- e .. ... 0 o2 i ...4 '4 'i'.' 3
tary school children will start TODAIY GAMES .... .. ..11
Wi berA, 12, Washinton at Detrot.l .. l
blanks t.5epiBtratlin Bostoat Chicag Euar o, y
bla nks Infrmation pheets No othr r e o ..h... 1 "
have be t to all chfi- ., O .. .... 3 4
dren rIn ecati.,salboa, and TESTERDAT'S RESULTS--
Diablo e tllar hdoleoN. New York 004 01 002-7 9 0 A TOttib ...... ..18 1i- D
Classes ae scheduled A fol- Cleveland 000 010 006-1 0 2 .
Slows: Lopat (9-5), Reynolds and
Prb-Scehool Berra., k AW A AtoF S
Mon. and Wed.-1:30 to 2:15 Garcia (20-10), Brissle, Gro- Pedro Tests, 127, lost a $50 Wolatsn ...... .. 1 3 12
p.m. re1mek, Wynn and Tebbetts, Hegan. weight forfeit but went on to al= t .. 4 10
Tues. and Thurs. 10:00 to outlaw tp Wse$m l, t ..... ..
10:45 a.m. Washington 003 010 01-- 1 3 8to elar a unannlous dedislon in Applebt .. .. .. 2 A h AA I
Tues. and Thurs.-2:1& to 3:00 Detroit 000 001 001-2 9 1 the featured elght-renado ot on Ha v ...... .. 5 1 11 F
p.m. Marrero 11-7) and Grasso. the "Old Timers Night" program .. ...... 0 1 1
Kindergarten Gray (12-151, White and Batts. at the Colon Arena last alght. .. .. .. 0
JMon. and Wed.--40:00 to 1 a0:45 ..... 1 1
a.m. First Game o ftok one round, two were 01 0 e
Mon. and Wed. 2:15 to 3:00 Philadelphia 300200-140-10 13 0 evT and Teals copped the last "
*'^ ^ ^ ^ R .K p.-m. St. Louts 300110000-5 10 2 foua T OltT to gain Al Vlictory. otatls .... .. ..23 U *y A-i of
Tues and Thurs.-9:00 to 9:45 Shants (23-7) and Astroth. Bill WaM llleding from the nose, '
a.m. Bearden (7-7) and Courtney. mo th a had a slIght'_ut over ;--.
Tues. apd Thurs.-1:30 to 2:15 his at the e m of theIdosV P f
p.m. SecoBd Game cota, ... ... .. .. 1
S-Beginners Philadelphia 00000;-2 4 1 0e.-,. .
1 Mon. and Wed. 81'5 to 4:00 St. Lotis 000 001-1 2 1 A seant wd attended the .. ..
P. Kellner (12-12' and Murrty. pr oghich ccertiitates of i.a.. ..
ues. and Thurs.-3:15 to 4:00 LIttlefield (1-5) and Moss. mert awarded to foraner e, r... .... 4 A '
p.m. (Called at the end of sixth in- ring t Capt. Alejandro m b ,s .. .. .. 0 .4
Intermediate ~ing oan account of darkness Step .)or of Promoter M Purh ,, ,, ,. .. 0 9 -
Mon. and Wed.- 4:03 to 4:45 B ROna
-- f.m Swimmers 1 o U- 0 000 00--15s 1 .1Isldnm. 123, added as- If you bloi
IPMENT MAN- reg Tues. and Thurs--4:00 to 4:45 Chloagt other to his list by beat- Powel P1 F tjob Ome to w
i., 5, wouldn't trade his jo p.m. io00Oo0 o000 0-- -4 1 in Robinson, i.a nlt.h ,... .. .. 2 4
or anybody's. The little fellow Registration forms for those Trout, Whbe, Nixon.' ,reesa, Rob i alo k more l a oRrIenl .. a, .. .. Wl tolUy
m; Miles Rocky Marciano's equip- who have not received them may Delock (d4 and Wilber, WNte. clown In In the ring .. .. 2 "
i5W to the ring a Grosinger, be secured at the Balboa Pool. Rogov"t aoma (3-0) and a boxer. Aitrti; look .. .. 3 4 .
3Y. The Brockton Block Bus- There is no charge for instruc- Joh Mon, throu tlV evading mlo m ok .. .. 2 4
trilhts Jensy Joe Walcott for tion nor for admission to the than hal pe inches thrown 1iy monem .,.... e
hb w eard euvyweight cham- pool for class Instruction. uoston at ago: (Postn.- 'idro. 0 1
a i Pl.t pelphia's Mun- Additional information may be ea. Darkne.g.. 0. 0
t! ttaiunLM, Sept 23. (NBA) secured bv either cauliag ie f r- Gmcalin after foqr. nings Rodels .Budia Wcored a"' "'. .. & 14
son or telephoning the boa with White ox leading to 0. technical over. T ,, ....18 14 f
col 12-14031. .* -___- G6ngero t ci main p '
A aBattlig*i the thitrtsed .lekh* o, Bnd
'of their four-.uA L ;

Sfracuse Gainer Is An Off-T O
)hsh Froui Unbalanced WIm*E T

d of a aeries by famous I-
he diagramed and written lL
.for NA Service R e. ,+

Ut.. (NA.- An
s a n ot- e w e -. ,n--

ack le alash

T borine- t. '' .

thoe uiap fbsekk m m aUdl tie .- IusI 4 :1. ;...

ir a ha. enjoyed adequate succesV
o w h this play the past two 5e .
S4 ,wl contrnke to Saek an at
: Frank Let at Si' :i,..-

P t -. .
p,..+ el~o p 'L,


, ,- .
"" ,

;.-P j .. -.



* A .

r mu

g tli.. j '' : t1 "."/;.. A
. I..-.... w..

*^ :

.u. ~

ta~tId& U



, Thi.




4L. V1I$TA

any pge p- game-ik.-

* '.

9 .4

. P




;~ 3



'~ '44
a ~

a :1s p.m.

T.. l .-

.".' -. .~. a. ie aEM i m
. :" .r." u"

vim WIPb

T#age DW, L



P, t
v, *f5, 8 E.

.. 9 -
: znm

,.=0-.=I@* "Aw

r. '



E/mm Iumm"




pr ... I

. M.N. vim

. g :w

* '~51~-~.* ~:

S107 B-36s

fAa-, Nept. 15 (UP)
gtrurticafly puah-

mof twBS A-bomb -
While Investigator *k s i I
t igetmy SubsS, k NS
Doado dmft ged N10 ,".', t '"i '
WIr thedisasterng

e"o1n String To Nroiwe
^"S*%of -tie" ^"< I^ ~j

Radio, T
kIINOTON, Wpt. ft
hise commerce ub

i MRI WTj* R IQN 4 I N- craft were active, with Danish, cmt bound for th al
%iz, .wh 3R, A *5~'t, (1P)-_ Norwegian and British light forc-. Ww fea" ort ofr
tiiiP .HM w A." uz'e n *tarne es operating in Danish coastal TiAtlan ticNPat N
'' S I. it I nlaahL T seak at ek with waters. ftd .itt et warned f Ing
n.-_. hew. a..ilged bombs aHd .torped0oe yesterday U.S. Adm. Rufus Rose's ampht- i ers in the B t
e it5earbyi ConoHuea-. against Aft powerful Ald.fleet blous force, whose landing of 1,.- l bas fortified e
ai derift laut. which prt- stealing high speed toward 000 Martna en. Torup Strand i, pWtelake. ,
4 .uamfbw e" aues. beleaguered Norway.- *'' Denmark w ilkolax the opert The anish royal ifa ot0
4hirty-;.see of the B-36's- It was tle first clash bf dper- tlon, left the Firth of Forth well on the sidelines to ebI. a
I edh nctstte the Air Force's ation Malanrace, the greatest behind the first striking force. -, a a units of the BrlI
erom-the-world striking peacettme o al maneuver in Report.from Norway told O t Norwegian f d I
r-4ave been put tMbk' intO which te NATO fleet is speed- frieply "Bue" forces battlift the homeguard of t__
atold *by rush repairs. The ing towai" Ilorway in ap effort the Invading "Orange" forces In A s 'aBornholm Island Mt
0o the Aitr Frte aid, will be to wreB-tpm an Invading "Or- a desperate. delaying aetton. defiant nt.MeuveWB. uor
bkl service by Oct. 1. m ae"x e _eat has seite the '.I Baltic operation. wift' T
S'e Nenate subcommlte i1s a ttne"vinees. At dawn today the NATO tap" phar of OpernAhit Mainb1* .d
gso -to determine "whether TheM was sinPalsHdy force was reported only 120 miUM li 1 Star, aDft ne W
popeVrprpcmatlons were takenA asess of smkewhicbh from the Norwegian coast. f to.e HI Rs Army,s o w
avW whether the loands were un-L r3 arW emada was uder The task force was keeping tS way gttts4y te s .D.
atpidaible" when the tornado Nifiab gdb aek. appareattly lookout for an enemy ratert twway and atMarksthat and,
auck: .l i la ta meet power- cruiser based on Narvik. Narvikt 1ttleB Maml ate wa H a
Twle graps wants to nsw toal .. ft. aS- was the World War 1 IWr of te re4 a a heM1lW *st,
hethr fIte Ar Force had an a1t. 41wru fast Geri'Qn battle crulstt Wigtern aa o Rel. e a
aftqwagawe Her waetanl .ui.g sys- I .ih. which took heavy tol of AlJfi Other Communist newspap-- tic.
-mf fer hBmsing Pe ,et-mI a* tAiH carrier ='W
Ipn ams 1i een of an rtro We 4 American
iForce reported the eanem "%s were lam iihe mu
tonado.dayeloped In a matter of 'The ft ato .4.blof eight s IIiM n IMln %IIhI tO
bonds. Winds up to 125 miles North Atlantie na s was only A I
p"r hour swept the ramps on lix hout out Of Be ttah ports..
ich the bombers were parked. when the attack op. The al-May Tum Up For A- xp in
TB0 report -id tornadoes ap- lien were ready.
pft and disappear so unexpect- RAF anti subiltarl ,pnei o --
i*l a b to "be "impredictable" had escorted It 90 t ha a
d tabt reathrer foreCr gA ca under a o imn wk eRAFh PERTH, Australia, Sept. 15 missed an-thlnh WeCting IT -he
p-olet'onlly that tbeyY may occur oot the =40ji tR* b (cu-)-pettei5re I reports citcu- eduld help it, and would wit- W.
C amo~ point is a wide area. Air Force te On 'v.* ti* t m t F! ?PrimeU131* W ne thtet of Briften's firat AtoA
,i-...h forecast was made In m.t.r.. r Vw a t a-I ba t Win -d on iUfmwI O Be ibe atomC devtee. IVigOc
tt iNANStS" the Air Force moved out ahead of the hand when *9t0ttn's fMot *to- tion
am(8. ward off Ar jFc Sch 40 Ueit. k9 B* tsWt take place oft the They awwd that. Churnills ato
Te lAt Worse report gave a efereso e maset barren Monte ao lands &oI prerlent 76"U In 'hilk tlOf D
Refir ro e p ve Rezeres of the maneuver t i A jsriWj a mi w .a y -.86 rr4. Of t
1-ffo ffelillv It the ftirt not, immediately anine Atra any tm now. raf masdd o troipeAu In
*. of at TW .a the tukimmin their the ttken Atomonalous West Autra- .po*tr a 3u0 a Al- Au
*00o f 014a'Iem- ee rhdtWj' tr At tia- Aa 'ottbastsWen Autatin- traf t '*%h*"i W*s
Wm ek of -3T the /etla eed,. o m r ae .'"M lians wafted nervously for the -cityi uet eo far e a bested t_
6e"allflW7absaORt- ab a at we PIh r lw-r
K es e 1 of the .OWL'Two moe.reInm-lde tor tciye
,d .5 ule..e ..t I. o.f t .h. ..W ereTWO IAD) s ,g wen that the ,r- f I-,& tes i --
ffWmea ,-,.h.-- / l. e Woth .., pPtlonsor the event e t f ie th .n wll
, tItV. 0 100 0/.Arios s t their final u tons t.i b. .t thin. In

la, s 8k z=_~32 A Y m.._fJMt e elt Aaild ---. today aorthestate. ""-

1o as cur-*mar&r tisMqui.m_1MAeh nm hear-e or the -stl
lom etmtedh it slowed, eomet-nesm D, and Dr. S, M. B
-mmumm"" h* beWis Perth, Rumors were

Sadi An&aeer LulJ i B. e hs AP s plare hot.

I /U te .heb ai d sedh entrn,. 'and the cityas
V pid mte.DSH"dIi5

L4 .,r V ,o wilr ol an hor. 1. 3
TI A-b diNmine e i st,,,ed eSet. Ast (dedu own-
"322pV. day na, Pssenpa were/appea conto&dtayt the Woome-
T&RIuily7Sed. 15g w s f. he ae 0oth, of Ade-
The electric train from Ceres m S

-------to /Tom---d ho mo ough the
Lanto -Valley today with none DM. W. 0. Penney, chief
assl 1of customary trasquiljty.* cWAtM In charge of the test
S sometime It lowed, semetim- Ce "edm, and Dr. 0. M. So.
It Jerked. Finally it came Ato a ta*1,4&anaian expert on ato-'
i l,- .ldead Itop- W _" I p missiles. .arrived at 1
pEngineer Lulgi Bo'ca left his RAiW aqhpet plane.
0 H with a grunt and.rked *
Se amteMab resu ed its ran. Ten %oW o Lau. rlS
Vmilaom later the motor died Strike a
sakik ap Luigi worked 0 It e9 To S 0 trike llv"

*w.. .w.owlagf It agagi cmae to grop rs ladlords wbo of 1
*ac gtor. Passeagts were cpp control add tofay Atm
d. Laligi was thew take 10SgApi A
close 1/lb of the G oy's AWR

rdt b-ats Cs wa cmth The -Ia:

uf 4060 volta- charm i said the gp Is

AtSure.. 4 AprilWU I

a :a um M9 Mo.

4, .*."

!, ...ira ....i l. -:..

-, t .. *."

'-- .; .,,,.,.. .


tawt f1ia I riE
- -fL

vision arU
when It
am ae s '
halted Its i1
er, the syibo
lot of timhne
crimne shboW,
conlor Inkfi


I -.

S "censor" allI'.
ithe industry. takt
to clean them up it-
of tie NARTB are
t kl. Wqk off the tiew
a and preum-
the industry's
no w thp assocl-
ai t Rt, attributed most
*Ml nem to "minority

S-e duty PnIn-
je oetioenable t S f.en-
without v .
W led byto.d
A *eL~ent.t and the lI duhSt
"o.Apologies of any kidt
to womtlithe memn tokik
ftp e witth Fellow". *
.1-*-M C-f -M ^J--

been tr
Sbw onA hti X leb
I? o k-* A

iWO9 JWUpn F.
MR. d Uf
tnakt. Ikiie bprov
bMEL* taMhD *MIN

.34 bedrit
Lw -
has. Wis~' ~ vi

a W the nea eatm wt
lutahsat governor ot OCb
e 'D. Nye, received a phioe
ia(g tl~d to pelt up tome
oittUms o that area..
"v.- Nye lives at
e,. just six miles from WaY-
where the atomic enirgy
t s tk be located.
Sriot know that the Ipj t
to be located there u tUhe
.- the call from ea
of olumbus, wh d he
received the infauiaston
Ls Ronald C. Seekey, a n-
I with offices in the Riag
Bng, Washington. -
Mquently. Nye, t to
y, hoitold h SI a wass w
pr certain the bMnb
Sbei constructew ne. wa-
r ad asked Nye to tD up
i itAmns on adjacent -lnd.
ai ad that gaversmant
Should un doubtedly u
lI that area, d. i the
p vke -obtained that dW.
- a would kT i
ii stnext 34 or U8bOcL,.
bbUat urged by iSal" W
si-m Nye refused, B Ib
L: Waverly 1or the Ut
iN. and owns I of .h#
1. a purchta* ts -ft
-E the leak h -
%a transfers .m
Ino Pikeouanty.
prior to the
7l t to know, hw-

get out. t"M It In
ilHi even more im-
M i ht gt-tote-

She was "
l 9Mt c'n dano

.- .. .

' WF
trIt I
.the o

sept. 2 3

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S. -


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-'.4 .:".


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S.. ^ *, .-
,_A, --y,-. -

Sth-** All .Y'I'


V ~..-~!*V*
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W BQIlly-^
, *, 6 3a




.' i

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