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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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WASHINGTON, Sept. 13 (NEA) U.S. daily newspaper editors te suprt
ih* ubican Dw.ght 0. Eisenho:er for the by a ratio of fewr te one. aut P
^suniately one e&Itor in six is supporting neither Eienhower nor Gov. Adill Steve
'W the Democratic nominee.
The same majority ofthe editors fbAelve that General Eisenhowert t*1l wl tyfe
election. An average of their predictilln g'ves the Repubilcmn noMIM e margin of
31 electoral votes-281 to 250. Two hundrW d and sixty-six of the 531 *jtoeral veto :
are necessary for victory.
SO the popular vote, editors believe the Republican ptsreIty wINl be a little over
3,50,00. The average of their. preltioui, is for a total Repulicm vo of 21,420,-
000 as against a Democratic vote of 25,42 ',000. | | |
,47his would mean a total vote et o in fo a Deme. presae.d.i .
'54e, 000. in -1952. -It ~ GOP .wae s te...... s ..ntalpe --
eV es es 8. u r cent W the pape~L for the ._ t LtgWson on a ea~apmh gn
It would be considerably below yublics, 17 per cent for the 66,s ae.
,o00A0 a a voe ope Deocr t '12 per cent support-heE W.
Neither a only 3per cent e rs cmended v
no havingdecided as ofiAUAnlle.hey. i ala toyremove ."
Thse r he hilights 15 whom t will support, f u e votein 4 o.tan to streak tM e s
S.the T3 V S. news- A a I v i a a tr tle to lfdge by. long.
a;.. -predicting the results of --e V ento .
a s the elect in both popular _(0.) rhe e N O a-These are the hlhl tsA
were aiked 15 questions on the and electoral college votes, the thisU., .h Deo e Wttic tlhis poll on what arl0y
trends and issues in editors' views varied vast y -Bu fat or a s feel thd t as Wey have in the last three the three most controvea l l a-
uM psinAb. About half the editors admitted there will be a considerabb or Tour national elections. dues facing the new Obagnas
.r 00 editors replied to the frankly that it was still too "starthome" movement. Southern editors expressed which convenes In Wabslngto
quationnaire. This 60 per cent early in the coaign to tell. Answers to hah a doen r his point of view two-to-one in January, 1953.
retain Is considered a good re- dies will detarMte the t over Northern editors. Only 16
suit .3$( tls kind of a mail sur- of the 1952 presidential eleot per cenat of the editors--none Sene
ve opinion. ,AN*Ut e campaign. hithe South-look for a swing n
came from every to the Republin e ticket. On the .litical make-.p of
a 'the union and were Of these who 4i make a this ne* A d Con
P g ced geographically. So guem, the ir e was fro a I n eVot edtorga that Rt het
t lives a good cros-sec- eud.otren f.a p .ae a These are the riddles, all of R'b a I l jorittee i t th
tl i torial opinion t w o maedea of 405 elBe0 i v os which have been put to the 76 Nine per cent of the editors houses. -M.the number... e- ,
ore the election, out of the _581mua* by W iS U. 8. newspaper editors recelv- thought the colored vote might tore proetang a Republiean
efl .t. or-Conbiele of ?At In in this column for a national be split more evenly this year. Senate If rih small lbthan
make possible an lne, K Ike's home w poll on political trends af14 Oply -6 per cent thought there tt W pr aa RabBdan
parlson of edi- ft.a bb eMo__ .tory might be a "stay-away" move- 1M ota sp-tatiles.
-in xn Isx main 8. S -75-158, p by t 0 e. S lt B "In tS wsll ment bdeuse of dtesatistfaMton ,
8 t te lthe 1eoib^ = land Midwetleditr f bhpath e-..
-ast of the Miulehppi leaned more towards a bigger W afta r ea nebeas 's In pIat a
-the ith. west of a Re ,blican v1 ory, whloh was port Blenhowet, or not .? lau were Demcrats t, .,
River the Midwest, on y to be expected. But an win the stissaues pwern s 2 Senaf
a te averaof southeastern editors' d thep 2 S!,tlme.
etth a the F4cky -tvictor b#susiof three eleanoratobft.t
wet o e M- predictions gave the nDemoorato w r te r o ftbe .
Ifths orWot eofUnl anced b tirmn aavi like 195 ler1
mn Cot ast tt -ot-s-267 to 4a. 0f n, .r ... ....
a, H., ._.h lbP .W,- _15 P% S onl- teo Korean war thrfe v at t
t wll. ae l -se.aes ng o the l 1 11At eap t e 9t Forei aid sa l pdn lic ty eS m rats witllr a
Bu.t ..t.-e Southeastern edi- w"

r e Swt But in blatory, the OP l carry otheran Mather 4 per oeM I the iJ o teen per cent-of
Ste S t per cent oe dtri l r states. These dtorsc wl ma t-t ento thought mitary end- athe were unwwlt s
h the theat, per cent ag of Midwestern editorial ly from the at the la a major le but only ma prediction
supportlag uaenhower and opinion gives the Republicans a Southwest and the border states seemed Wouied about o
on. victory by a plrality of over of the Midwest, aIe most fami- nea picy. a te .our er cent of th

ediltors ay they will support o o. t only 5 per cent list- punlihee will gain control
Ittthisbpredic will upo ,,tAoMe.eply % Unbalyced rcen ttl-ttwoI 64- percent Pu-- i
either a rida.te. Only a fe; papml, i-ke the Texas ed "the need for a change." ammas will gain con&ro.
This ,i aei the sentiment of Lead (S. D .) --i -teuville eta taet House of r
S per cent of the editors in (Ark.i Guar4d A.ta (M ...) Re- Wrty-four per cent of the CmrrutiSrn eu fhth theie were e.
B-the Southeast and 18 per cent view-Clater ane tM daston edfoa believe the OO t will Wersuen S a, 00 Repu ceaus
Sthe Midwest. (Pa.) Expge, thought that the take and the highest Re- Cor mn and the Trumnan & -ft- mce ie Vemt waaaou
B y contrast, the Republican total vote would get up yo the pr beian hope are on the Lone reohgz listed as most ia- leit *ets In teveahr
clct is supported by 78 r -million mark, with a ml- Str state. Twenty-two per cent or a es in every section~ spe control ef e
i Vi the papers A lbs lIonm GOP; e mlloh, a think Virgtlal will go Repub. of the ontry. Spreading bu- vote. tnt
Ble-t, 0 per cent In a e Prtaire oraft. an, 1 at cent pick lorida. reaucrathe trend to sootal-
6tes, 86 per cent in the far The general theory S par emt south Carolla, per ism, tloCds, the United Na- r cent of n th
ad a high of 93 per cent aeti peilctielns hs beem eit sa. Uoa rlsenhower's ti- $^ G tt
l t o northeast. u that She bigger the vte., the A in &d Mer cent think S nd opposition t n geh nfI e s
4prcn- 1S1 o t, me rt arolina, ioe- having a wltary 'man in the cent M t Democrats w il
t'aky, Tennessee or Alabama White b rgot o nly to it -t r majority oantcol ofl
might the Delocrats for hetneedyear. rTWelve pe
Ts t. NnmentiuL 8pe.)CU oenk 4W ithors wealo not
1 c o eI( )g edieSO Sentof wheeClrupihon r lothw e
emit theugct sale i Sa ai Gber m-e beml*eve hewegt w

(P. h ae adte highes. t Re Since A farm vote swing t6De0lower hebo '
mPresient an was heT a nmtWAell
=a iMithwn ss le go to tall toryfin S preae i ig ht- 2 .ed C
the t1 per ed far important 1 the

p6wer of5bimply

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ia qbMthisea,&

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kiM hud i
hiad o0
war." -
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father. l

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- -


YORK (NKA)- For The upshot of this all wa that
Me now, the matter of' no one looked good on a 'rainy
A ,;4L, tme" t to the ~igh tfeaMho styling, and at-
Tf'0But at last the tention to sIhng, has come at
Mtt Minlk fl. last td' the plastic raincoat,,
women,' liking the plas- making it.really pretty to see.
for its lightness, qon- An Ernest Ragel design, this
e, efficiency and budget mnew coat (abloe) is cut with
were repelled by its ap- full back flareW ad deep rag-'
e. Fit was left entire- lan sleeves.
hamce and one size was Water-reeen cotton fab-
d to do something for ric in a c ,dI colors is used
ly. to trim standing collar,
uuily. it jqst couldn't front fil cket flais arm-
st that way. So. small holes lA pa-up cuffs. The
lU1d around in what coat t .elfIs tra cent and is
to be shower curtains in a heavier w eight than is cus-
al girls had to hunch toi .ry Tor thee .coats. There's
Sders to fit inside. a watching mbtella.

r "Troptel cooking" and ITanamt GvtWbefk.*
o -- .
October and Strr flour and lard'%t*st~ ,
aolb' is a rtlable in a saucepan. Clop. aL oa& o.
4 -t dby here. It and add. Add the disjolntle
originally, hut chicken and cook till the
lf at home n Chicken is nearly done, stitft
m Okra, a rela- owcaStonaRy. When well brown-
sorrell and the ed, add the chopped ham. red
flowers, has pepper and salt. Add a ,(art of
M tgea tban most peo- boiling watqr aad 4m0S woM
hours. Slice the okr/, put It in
uWdI, ripened. rpasted air other pan- sanod M r 15
S an accetable minutes. Add tomatoes and cook
t ltee in- uncovered another 15 minutes.
B. t _-,8 ectal- Skim the (cooled) flcke6'-mix.
i f t who can't take Lure, add the cooked oka and
tomatoes and heat thoroughly.
.'- ", Serve hot with dry boiled or
u3Ipery ulues of fresh steamed rice.
I0d or Iole okra are
t stomachs CRP SALAD
Ik -arej astand-
re tnie' Unless you' have et Into a
[--- T Y. ~crisp, sweet, tender pod of
baby okra, you haven't re-
I '..tzn W tM cognized it in de luxe chef
f *---,- salads. Try tt this way a Uttle
,M--M ?o g, tender at a time. It will add an at.
1 lemon S tractive filler to your chopped
l tabl MpOOs butter w reen Ingredients and blend
at to yaor ta nicely with any flavor. Here aI
-~ ~ 3 one combination we like.-
Vh okra webi ad trim
leavine enough on pods to I clove garlic
lthe j.uel in. Cover with 1 cup tender mustard greens
water and boil gently 1 mall head lettuce.
15 or q0 minutes. I cucumber, sliced or diced
MU a m add the sa 1 cup baby okra, sliced cross-
done. drain, pour Into a wise
df di add melted butter 4 tomatoes iced
!9f 2e 110Pf l2 taue cheese,
yUY tIwt to liP- crumbled .-(optonal)
am o f ti. Most rebels 2.hard boiled eg0 sliced a
it the JM time and ask 2 carrots, shredded
peeod bWeptMR the next. I cup chopped celery
cup bean sprouts
PU IB OKRA '(1) 8 green onions
French dressing
1I b. yunW, tender okra
MN Ip Mtoesa Cut garlic in half and rub'
or bowl with it. Wash all vetegat-
S 1 can tomato sau ables 'thoroughly. Tear the
1 anion, chopped leaves aaprt, add the remaining
3 tableapoans bacon fat or ingredients except eggs dress-
* Ma gazne Ing and onJIm. AV dxenin un-
and pepper to your taste tU veletabl are coaM CgOilir
*but not .aaked. Oarh Ith
the okra crosswise in 3/8 onons and eg3W ve fram -
pieces. Fry In skillet with salad bowl. Makm a ut j tlit
at the edes. Add the --
tomatoes and tupon i .
tmmer nty 0 toELPFUl 0ITS
(Uometines we add a -
of curry .powder It ---
i.) To prevent your W6801
houl os 4rso) dG o lorifr
f1 a wsolrom r or tape o sb
IIpend t. as t shouldered o h. e w'

Yothe clot beam. 1
p5. pressed clothes.-

Remove the c"oer ot-a mg r
kettle from the far side soo
Steam will oame out wam tra-


in stocking fd st rnMt s.r
She ha mae a uI .t
clothes for her
she has ee W to yw h p e
the fared icod sa f
to wear a laee> a
yet don't p seater).
EDITORSB NO er- For summer wear, she is par-
son former. s a, ticulary partial to white and
Sta girl" h o tb" quite slender, she likes rather
MelIveI" inLa "f ,U&A fragile pieces."
_vteri. .. %he When it comes to picking suits
tqbe T and dresses, Bess Myerson
t a STV ,t e usually chooses a full-bloused
flS aga effect. She also likes softly flar-
eiin eight a VtSi~tIe .ft ed sklrts and wide belts.
and Ase offqwn number a "If I can't find what I be-
faow Be a ~d~ttaeM, lieve is right for my figure.
Ides that s g4 lW ve -. "says Miss Myerson, "I won't
r mael Sel to anyeo .buy. I'd much rather wait."
.probhitn b oeght
&MI- T
'women a
W *ft 4h W 004

a try I
to Mu hats that do a6d6 to a
yor height, you ho Oe bt bave
some very deflMte ota on
the object.
'IA only w4y to roach st
the iuaation," ezplsain the one- t
time, Am erica, is to ap- I
ppe9 ,our ta1 It father
itthan toan tt
Betiersm certa* I_ toin a nai
[DOoton to give adAIoe. Not On- 1j
0 her frt hipelp er to -
win tMe world-famo. u.ty "
contest, but in addition It )IM oul
proved a t topasset i ier the
televisNiP work. wh
S"Zs inS it Isn't es t6 flnd she
Pat r *l hes," says Rms fas
UMpeow 4 after ye( of lzir
Atudt M hy figure ned. Igri:
/IV mm, my own key to sev
o iS rom the head and tre
working eLa. Bess Myerson
rekonm dl you ge a lot of it
thought e hs. tall mo
women, a ees, p e sta
styles Mthey think these tfI
hats wfl lebow or other give the
the IlmUI l.o in height. 10
"I don't l" Miss u yer-Co.
son states m tlcly. My 00
extremely ta woman I have of
ever seen lM a larb hat os clo0
much tally, never IwU -te

should folins *0 fenJ'comn- 'e
tour of your &W, a d create
interest, but ant At doibk of

bined a oaer amd tog lfe
rucoesiully. nevw' m- e
I the ImDatUiair. the
feed& tagNS iS5S saw
dh'leve a
look by l
[nount or jM er
costume. lei

-/r w.

. *

: ._ A -

rw leek" ot the pot-war years
long since dead bat Its emt-
Ilagers on.
AI the people who keep
atistlcs on the numbers of
min who sew at home.
Che number of home seam-
moles la at an all-time high,
e experts say, and they blame
1 what a Parisian designer
Christian Dior did in
Womea found their clothing
t of A" overnight," reported=
e WtD- Bureau, an out fit
Ich promotes the use of the.
eep-roteed fiber. "The i
iop%,4 elous ones wath i
ilted W igets turned with h
m do ,mlnation to their
ring '*Kines... their onlYl
ye of besping up with tihe
But when the new look faded,
was covered that another,
re peftm ent trend badI
rted. ioas of womOn
,,lj the ad sew.., 0d t
Y "e on doi It."i

women a jkNe a Ias* e
their Mor their ftls T1
Lhlhg. A survey hoW n
lcal mMem o is a. ym POg We
tron Ih a husband who the
ns f t5,00 a tsr
r. .. ..
menu o lfeme-nd nm .-ua"l- 1
about of W athich a b ae NEA
h asMi a a Oi .
e and r liA nat 3E *-i lid
ry flTtReSgWsi wrm y poor
nat i S 1,O wRMAn A
dc bl. 'by
a ^ Manalt to the group
days, i-e trmtan aw5 th
Ah lks Met had ua3
-m y tha a
Ibt imy Uael u -' m
bowK W*WW JMf *.^*

Te well-known beauty re-
commends throat interest to
camouflage a toQ.bony struc-
ture. She ok that a tall,
slender woman's main a Is toW
add roundness to. her figure.
Belts, scarves and hip pockets
saa be a great hel9p
Sh*Ne MOWs lsrWU has a top-
to-tfte bu^igOplin. she readfly
recognizes the annoyn prob-
lem shoes always present to the
tall gIrl. he either hU to be
satlfebd with completely, un-
ltah" feeA 118 s1,'X hMat M_
even mildly *fashlionab.
Miss Myerson suggests the
basib puhp as the answer, uint

afdui "Don't expect ute itles.
1fg ,wen't find them A lhc
she Mke the ptimp eata be
dressed up or down with a but-
ton or bow, and It never over-
emphaslots year foot."
. A bttn-and-bred ew worker.

rd Workers N

to Is


Edbrafs ato
mts.h asterwnk m.

M rkes iHa
tooU ten

Ipa abos tha? t

ryjih the NB

.' 9 .Aethe I b.
breakfast a!&

t eastern
*rrf^>g ttaWork^
IMF~w^*' ^ ^^~
Nouaw ( 1eafftB

tuae I


,. eqt. 4

bw ..

* i .*@.

Coats Go High fashion
+, ., .


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% .'I.


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i .,. i

a I

% wom- I WTV-


Af. ..,.

e7 J
a~ .'


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r Uo o ,u ..
lrerri a

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re m ..
.. .. f ,1 J

,;..5 ; /,.

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ir! -tv.- /
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ata a aS 11
at~ ~ ~ as ,lmnesn'*

.. : v .? -

'-' .T .

. < J, ,.;

* S t Sp
.. '* if

16 tt

- A.


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C 5.

* ;6 .

14 .," -

*OL g-.


-~ sa

P 9r Rf;o p ; ,t in .ma ,
,AO' M NO i.. In
v v a.... H .A. .


AS *K.$ V
r, snfif
-C. --~4-~



.4i$y 4

L- B


.. 4 ,

* t -- 4
r'v 11

K i '"^^

o. -,v I

i ..''?t'v N



P~ 419UJ5W -, WE
p '4


ll.iln it-, .

,. -.-" '

-, .- ,.- ^ .^

; -. '- '* ..* *. i:^
.f- a*
9 ^ -w.^1.. *

, Iudg q ,s m '--.. *.- *

I ,'. ; '.. .. '.,* ".. .


--*r RA

*f.')k_ ',, '- t io.-. w c

.. ,-lM ,i-tt. .dft- *^''r

^ p : ,. *.,

*... .. .'
*^ t; v ^^

,. ; mn ;9c '; 1
I^ S

Li u-

~-. N

Ida, Wfl

Vt I
a. ntarn

S.' *t~

* i.e. ~VS]

Land hi

2 M~
'I *t
~ .#Jb
in i~S


wers of
IM the



14- "*

P .


y ,


At-.T,. i ". ,. i -

".....:. T

7ou SeH 'em.. Whe YquTell 'em thru PA C

. -

Seae your Ad with one of ur Agents or out O fficea ia No. 5
... N6 12,4179 Cntral Ave. --CldW
i...(:, ..'*


Lewis Service
94 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291 and

Fourth of July Ave.-Pnone 2-0441

Salon de Beileza Amcricano
A56 West !2th Street
Agencia Internacional de Publicacike m
93 Lottery Pla=a Phone -3419

Carlt. Dug Store k -i i 3-.
1.06 olena ATe.-lhoae I- '"

Prmpaf &A. M imalem. l.U :
* tgall ^ gg*-; :f. atM



ill ..

Hl.enp^lfl(l PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. TheM I m PROP
_____ only court In Santa Clata with an Writ Ale Abst 1 flttmua. S
FOR SALE -All porcelain .efrge"- Oceanview trom all cottages. Steps 2085 iLaus. ,. Emip *C
oaor 9 ft. Wes.ngh:,use. csclE to beach. Rock Gas, refrigeration. Are you han at uble with your. r t .a .
nit 2 Yrs. ala. Best offer. 5623-D barbecue and shuffle board. Pan- geretor, .wha hinlg h t
D. Hecker Place. Diablc 2.4281. ama 3-1877. Margarito 3-1673. refr ger ato w shing RCEhin i if N y -. ald i
FOR SALE -One Fr.gdaire Rctrg-r. Box No. 435 Blboo. No 2, 28th St., COlidonbi o, T. ad Car. .
otor. 7 cu ft 25 cycle. Good .'amlich Santo Clara beach- N2-4547. 2t _. lo :T LIe 0EMOVABLE AM
condition One pa.r corner cottllages. Electric Ice boxes, gascSpa-e ovl- ab three persons t SCREEN Mt
cabints, maple finish Real good sroves. moderate rates. Telephone' Dgo boJU motSrvesCEl. Shr N ,O
buy Phore Balboa 305 anytime. 6-441 Gomboa. 4-567 Pedro M,- expenses $5000 ve.Fa tk' g
S- F.OR SALE.-Thor washing machine call Tivoll Travl ABgrey. Ph, n a t nr
semi, uromat.c, S95 00. Recently .-c,ter's cottages, completely turnish- 2-0465. z nd ind 1. 10% to 40% ,ttfpe th e
., overhauled. Moa be seer, at Qrr5 ed. Halt a rr.!:e beyond Santo CIOa-'NEW LOW .,. nN mSon. lly any othet atft '
573E Cu.undu Megnhts. Telephone ,a For information visit or phone SERVICE one way TO M IAMI..;. mea *' le Can be et '
Curundu '41 i 8 Domar. Tivoli Avenue No. 6 2- $ 7.00.. NEW IORK. $110.00 flW Mar Perd Dealtr placed in I a.s.. eti
-4 SALE Bend,- automatic w Oh- 0170, Panama. GUAYAQUIL.. $75.00.. QUITO e Ma s I. 1. 3 or 4 P0id 4lIt od
.11, ig m achin,. e nw. 60 cyci r K KENT .$86.00. v a AREA...."The Ate e e
Sacr~ce Phone ~a'v 2.~3493.KENT Route of the'Good Neighbor" L T*. b-O 21011 keepingelob.
So c E a' Phon Ae etW BOEING 4-engme planes-ROUND FOR cl.0 -Us d tn1 2 .' Ce ag b
.-.'FOR SALE -LWestinghou-e retr'ger. Ap BOTIP FOR -TOM I 26-Used tires, pas ,.frame never rotaor
atar. 7 cu. Ft. Excellent condition -RIPnme te nrsMus ts.rots0
$130 00. l5 cc phone 2- ALAMRA APARTMENTS NEW YORK..5202.30.. GUA- o& omltobitllSRow No. 29,CI 1. .Adreen eantly.:
.3238. Hou.e 713-C, Prado Ba'- Ioa and five room furnished and YAQUIL $135.00..QUITO .... phof Panamea 2.4721. fraction of
S.-- nlurnished apartments; privote en- $154.80..For more details sea
"'" 7- d closedd gardens. 8061 oth Street PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE.. FOR SALt:-Chrysler Wndsor 1940 Admits more a4 'IIflt,
SFOR SALE -Norge elr.gertor, 9 New Cristabol. Telephone Colon Opposite Ancon Busstop.. Tele- moel pur door Sedan.. F. N
cu. ft. 25 cycle. porclai ,.-,dI ,1386. rhooe..-2-1655. 8022.0, Margarita.F.
and out. perfect condition. IC.-, THE TRIP OF YOUR LIFE FOR SALEt--1950 Chevrolet Tude v. 279 eW`lst 'K |S
CO House No 5287-B. DablAN. D ALt A ONLY $45! faS paitt1. 1ee 1ra. n r. (d |
S FCR SALE Furniture. new Be Ed- A .ingle Jim Jaunt thru the PAN- mufle. T e
room nd livingroom ,sets Atio -1' Real Estate AMA CANAL, to COLON. S A N fb uiedittee only $4 fA1o -t ON,
I- burner gots stove oy Nurse, FOR SALE:Cottage in Santa CIo- BLAS, and PUERTO FiLLO! it td dv u er.DEN
7035. 8th, street apartment 17.'. ra. Furnished, Rock Gas stove. Last, two tors of the year lmr Friend Fo d DeaM E
S Colon.Sept. 19-20-21. Oct. 3-4-5 Calpn #A~ Inc.
Celonfloors. Call 4-288 I_ onsored by Hotel El Panamal On Autmutb e Rwev wpllwe
SLESSO N S F'Pescadoro" leaves Pier 17, Balboa, Tel. 2-4le .2-106 W.- SO e
Friday 6 a. m. FOR SALE: Packard conve rt6..,
nnLtn anounces a newcloFsin AL. Arrives Colon tStrangers Clubl 2-30 Excellent condition. Cheop. l
beginners' tap daring Tuesda. I Autmobiles p. m. 6443 days -- 2-6326 .nAIght@ .La ils'Z a nd tb
3 p. m. Dioblo Clubhouse. rF, ede --_ uplC Leaves Colon 9:30 p. m. for San F O 'SALt .19 F6 l
Dnocr visitors welcome. Phone 2- FOR SALE: Ford Custom 51 six! Bloa and lTi l
4415. Cyl. Duty free. Call 3-3424, Pan- Puerto Bello. returning Colon Sun- Fra e. lit-.?c ,.ble, gmwe iied W i6t o ;
S ------ rama. -. I day afternoon. ealint. ceondlraaste,3vedl $48 SS .A m.
1 i. FOR S --e Ch Leaves Strangers Club. Colon Man- .ae dtr .e o f appeciateya*. 0 47S. JN I
Scientists Can't ,oRSAII.-IIflhel, kr Chemon- day6 a m dwnen dIe t d my. S pphdrv ooO.. urig Sumet%
pineniss l point like new. Through Canal to Bolbooa. Your Fprienly or de We pack' ad orate or mow M 00m
Foo- BotwormS o,,.,. bosul'll plastic eat, Balboa to Son Bias, return to Colon Co I. Meter Is..V ltl
fool Bolworms I0.o. an ,iythinge.- fla 2,6I 'Phao. t'245 a1r
cyes. od e $45.00. Tel. 2-1031 2-1016 2-2b62, PanamA. switch
S CORPOS CHRISTI, Te ., Sept. its Yb dly d ale From Colon to San Bils and return ____ -- .
ISi ,UPs-Ain i expert ent by te.eiL, l en '$40.00. FOR SALE -Ford '42 new point job. r
U. S. Department A lewture On A' le Thru Canal only (either wayl $10.- good condition. Foh. large re- ak.
in coastal e fTexas &eTel. xs" 2-10S6 00. Meals catered by Hotel El Pon- volving. Refrigerator. West'ng- fli '
theory that "saitlMal emer- ---- -- ama. Bring slacks, shorts, bathing house porcelain. Movie camera, ea-s
ence" may be a way W~l ntrol suit. (flippers and spears for under- Revere. Misc. articles. House 5251
pink bollouss8. i water fishing). light jacket or sweat. C, Diablo. Phone Balboa 424D A Wd I
Before the experimeditmie Cr, and DON'T.FORGET YOUR CA- Evenings. W
lrmters argued tiat it .cotton MERA AND ROLLS OF COLOR Ell MIe Cn,| a~bwFiu. a s B
plan Ig pnwere k ,yed in I t.FL 1 4 aai' ",..e OW
Would the f hSrnat~aa WArD awn Iurnn pin e r early makWje r vts;IMP
S wouldyemtioefd rom c aill rna IY -*thlroulh your Travel Aert, r o er e?, .me ttees,^ re ..,
olye to ryndn0eathn. pd phon- e Jungle Jim at Panama 37. C ue s is7 -
The epfllent. In whitlh be* b" .
cages of moths and worms rwe L All Radios Recorred Iregordles of Your Friendly FWd Deeler
studied In nine cmntmleds dti- cone ltenl $3.50. Extra ports Coelp MesMe in" .
proved that. h a '. reasonable Ff needed. All work On Autem u .jUg EXgN
Dr. D. M. McEalmTls said the NEW Y eo t 13 -UP)- guaranteed. See lutler, 15 Street Tel. 2.1013 1i Bs
ec ape at know. the yleos in female uletritude East. Building 17, R.20. STATION WAGON 1950 Chevrolet, 0 II iSemaf r .
sects appeaL r to_ know the op have changed through the cen- very good conditten, -mw 6-ply il.
pm ue time to emerge and can turles. like everythg ee tires, new battery. Cn be finn --
pte- t ries, like er h r FOR SALE -,d Trq.-n acp,, d Cuba ,,m-
ts r .s avaabl"e -the fairest women Were "as A u SA, c od. Trde-tn acpd 58 Cub' a t
I cotton available to feed white as snow and as red, a Miscella ea Avenue, opartrerit 5 br 8.
T P _________,_ 'blood," according to "The Eliza- -mw SLE: .. I. O
S bethan Women," a book by Car- FOR SA.E--We hove a few Thor mew lfe,, eI *,tly $1'0. 1"
OfHi roll Camden iElsevier Pre ss, .25 cycle automatic woshis at re- g* ds$
Houston 1. 40 down .... and It *om-'
Houston t duced prices. Mueiblerla Cas Spar- vo eari dly Feutd elarfi
Camden, professor of English ton. Central 223. Tel. 2.4591. M 4 .&
literature at Rice Institute In FOR SALE:-Do not pay n rre than ft Atemeblft- AN
,Houston, did research among 844.55 net, for your new RC-80 Tel. 2-1031 2-T
"I i t-.11, I the cr rna'lo they th110 i Garm -3-ised automatic record-
S. l. A, O r ere i p r. oughly from t 40 to changer. 25 or 60 cycles. at Ca TRAM ai "A" 1911 Adeer a- iii
0outy, W. Va.. Is the son-tn- 1640 (Shakespeare. Jonson, Ba- Spartan, Central 223, or at our a. 'egg medal A iape lax 4004 -
i w of -We own son-4n-lat. con. etc., In his study of the branch oat No. 56. B Avenue., Pn- 1 s d A sep.-o 49- "3 iI-e
Hall was married hen to Rox- ase when women made thatls am. M-B. 2
Si tley Rutherfora. 83. Bristol, first effort toward emancipa- FOR 5A1E--1941 Buick, good con- .'
Al Matter the ceremony he Lion. FOR SALE:-Baby crib kiddiee koopl dliion. Call 85-2242.
a.l.ned Lhat RoxiIe is th step- with plastic mattress almost new. .
rashtre of h's dawhter. An- He fund the Elizabethan lil.'480-L, Colon. FOR SAIRIO-,10 Pe11 ntim enveet-
a !;h. who miried Roxie's father. >lcal of femminine beauty to be! Sa lblee yall. emellent ear-
ohn W. Bailey. That's bad something hI: :Is: '"The face FOR SALE:-Volen and case, $50. dis, ther as .
'-louab but It's just the belsn-, Itself should be roundede and House No. 1536-B. phone 2-1767. cai h ie, only $550.00 dem .
'I g. ruddle.' with a smooth. high, FOR SALE Hillman 4-door sedan and .I
I Hall is a mn-ln-law of his and white forehead, largeg e, 1950-51, duty free undercooked YTeN bd, Fe d Dea9 e
b ,i1 daughter and also a Aon- square, well extended' Under with new reops, 1.%Wmiles. $900 "ee Meonr le Is.U
; law of his son-ig-law. Hall is marked as with a pencil, the Norton motorcycle300 5 cc S le. O-Aeam b Nle Row
lu o Halley's lfather- on-l, The ,mmall, gracefull ye b ow aver 100 mph. Excellent condi- TA&-:2t 2-10"
'tw Mrs Hal! is noin mother- 'lamp-like, gray eyes are allur-jtion 3.000 miles. $700 Curundu BARGA" Owner going to the. WATSON
-law to heri own IaLhe4 and ingly full and set wide apart .. 6262 or 2100-A. West 5th. St. StBA .t er tN to49
'r at Mrs.4ail are the cheekss mot only show the Curundu. s t Newekr 1949.
s eacl WaiViepinalter. asoe and -li- tIn combat., but 'A-I c M. leaIther upohtolstery,
HsIl tad Stiley ag Wtep Sons ShOl be mpl il as well, as' FOR SALE:. Purebred Doberman radio, Ie mileage. Any reaoin-
to c le Alanoher rind the two should be the chin. Of course Pinscher pupihes for sale. Call able offte, Aito Omphroy. '
.' vc; are stepdaughters to each the lips will be coral, or 'lyk Cristobol 3-12R4. FOR S -: T-"1 Nau ip Re'e' -
1 cherryes charming men to byte.', FOR SAa: 19@1 Na-lo elar
-r herrycs charming men to byte.' FOR SALE:-2 Lionel Trains, 25 Cyl convae-ih mupe Igh t ga,, adf
4 "- !j "The neck muit be sno w v Transformer, 60 Cyl. 2 train trans- overdllw, liate ldewdl us, Mlow
ii lo ll Dethfl- R te- white. M.tralght. round and well Iformers. 4 switches, automatic coal mUilWeg ar 1is a lmeai im-'
compact. The space between the car, ramp, ano milk cor. 16 mm gain, 5500.00 dinip at .
V ries With Days shoulders should be, wide. The movie camera and projector. Phone drive .
S. iW ith Days breasts must be hat., fair, and 'Navy 2302. You 1 Fd eaorle
rr T e 'round., resembln budings U-I FOR SALE:- 1-2 inch CC SS ft n
R' .TI W ..-. C Klies nr young fruit Ih May, ani R SALE: 2 ich rfmon S R. .-
5,' shouldld be soread with small Band saw with stand and 1-4 H.P. T. '"l- n 2- R-w
r'P-TCAGO ItTPI Fetier blue veinr. The bpnds are to Ib 25 cycle mdtor. $75.00. T. A -.
re y Pr t,:m'le. or Iniurei In small and white* with lone and Mart.. Tel. 4-426. lH.ouOe 221
0f91 accidents oop FIrldfv the stralrht finr "r, the nails of Pedro Miguel. FOR SALE:-9930 Packord 'Caup
fI $ h rhEn on P*turdav the 1 thh. rvhlc e rred. Increa your tfwi sc .125 00 i us Crstl. p a 3 St. +
t- rthise simple renn tlihat c u ft snesSs r ibol. %-A6
lth-re ih l?, trrff'r on 1ririnv. "ThR body nf thin nonparefil reduced price on. 'Brunswick tlri-
SAcco-dina to the National will be small, dainty, and color mineralote bowing ball. lodler TOE SALE:- 1947 I .k1g, ,. -. h
ff -h's;-' r'nurc' "1 p',r cent nIlstraa;ht. with slenderwailmt and and men, '$27.50 ench 80% pf P .4., ma peb.i g o d Iek'l .es,,-
thb 2 100 fit-1 motor vehicle rather large htp: she wIl haiw all grips oBilabler. Mwne, ~er si ete lam, u 15-l & -1
Sweridents last year oce nared on atstftt 1l'l apt a fine, little measuing oppomtent. Si ri al Mu '0 .l a 4- M b wp., iI- ,.a
1 r turdhn-,. foot. wlft a cTean' .0tgih?) l- Export Corp Panama 2-Bg 1' Tut i )edley. Feed |oter A
runday was swo iin highest step. Of course .the htir wi Ion 362, 2-0835. ...- Me.M ss IM.
"-w.",'- 19 per cent of the fatal then too, a wufla'e s k l7, -n -" Auu
S-gsedrnts. Thee came Frida3 a prime roainutbe fowr iegi(g. -.--- -' Tl 2ot. M A-HM -
14I p e r en t' 's d y l .' at :l s .... r r ; n? 3"Re h ew dai rgI: ae : S E : t l O Iic 4 -d e I r *:

... Tu p.rebn -aycl as :i.... .. .MFTheir S.tGrowth*.e .. p nih I....o. u...- '

._)NO TUR. Cdl Cristabal 8-1571 Is e .l i.

panut 4
:9. Paum I
ria K Double Pus
I1 ? ;

choice wth
ilntoday'i d,
through. Or
more accur-
Sdid too much
]idmi eton club

ta *

w rest of the trick tre
th.v Baet -af trk, to be
but hb ebuMat himit
proper dfefi would have
* two tricks, for a pens ty
points Instead of only 00
Instead of leading -
Mle, West should have
Bt to the kn of diamonds.
ia obvious to WAt thS tde-
Sd a MtiUp ties* to
.-A fI&d His u In n1ge

In the dw

Receive I
Control E
Tbuty-Slx W

bf tht lc~e a


4 as.
Id moi

E G IN *tS,,. ,..; :: .



* I

The Ameran. Basaar
.._,- '. f i -. .... q 9,** ..- I.


." -. ,


:,. Eltl L -.
di way it wow. ^ve?,#


ybtu wEl &hiom another #-

^.^; .*-10. i .
-at -


-$ANLFV lAiIM is no Jtn-ger ec-!onyd by
4 'Ct* r- -r. Ikc. (Ftod Dealeri. tWe will
't be rr,,--i--e fa- anv bus;n:n trangac-
I as ti ted JmI nor thru him for "C.par -

- .34--ta..

-* ,'j.. :
S ': *'
* -. '".S^ .


a plant I
son. are
= wIhM n

Ia nm I
Sfl. tl
r^w~ t~

- : ... -

. ,,. :
,. .; ..

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"- *, *

**'- ** *- *
**>. "^ ;

1u1w~' aNSI

O~ *mbt 1L~Wha~

4N 4 W,0i *


I 'I

* UB,
a Wi

*Odaw, -.

. -omer .dliU"

,-, ** S



-., \.
LqW.'f 1.

aU buw, l

A me di
9 pht
Awm baf


,* A ,'



,** .:- .
Ftff' *

Id Timers' Niuht'

Black Bill, Pedro Tesis

4Cih I' Feature Battle
ight will be "Old Timers' Night" at the
boxing program of'four bouts will
ryat 7:30 and certificates of merit will
to about 60 former stars of the ring
gta bout on the card will usual.program will be between
be -rounder between featherweights (116 poundemr).
St contenders Pedro It is an ahlmat certaity that
lack Bill. Beth boys the next fteatherweiht eham-
an a and are in the plon of the ftR= t of Pu-
a streaks. ma will come ft this groep
and the other of boxers.
*iw1 weigh in at the Getting back to the old-timers,
at 11 a.m. Then it has been announced that some
i t itl fight time. of the old-timers will box two-
A 'i ry for either minute exhibitions in addition to
dfintely establish 24 rounds of ,boiKn scheduled
r time. for the present flters.
.h tting Tesis Is a Capt. Ale tevens. whosm.
l 1te to win but there brother Rend6 lU omoting this
Slbn of backers for fight program, wIl donate the
e rngag Bill. The ex- certificates of merit to the "old
a knockout victory timers" before the. main event.
ra decision in favor Special buses wfil be provided
for the Psnoma veterans and
& al will be between following the. rd they will be
a Coast sensation, ec- feted by the .promoter.
s e Martinue, and Admissln prices for this big
Wo tm Martines is evening et entertainment are $2
v vtiy to add another preferred rUklgide. $1.50 general
t to his string In this ringside, $1 general admission
bout. will be a six-rounder, and 25 cents for children and
A. theu rights on this an- boxers.

.... .. g a s

atioa League
_iJUA Won lest Pet,
NUmflbn .. .. 63 52 .621
wYwork .... .. 8 55 .!0
i ... .. S o .574
s _ge h ait .. .. 76 65 .580
Rt u ........ 71: 73 A9
l a: e .-.- .. .. s 6 .
lp J **s ..-.. n W
2 TO 20A1S of-MS 1
r adDRtice .
10010 0*W4U 4 1
i. Loa axt New York*.
S tt re at Boston (w.
Ptttsbarth at Phiadlphis (2).
020 201 00-6 11 4

a) and Caimpanella..
i 200000 000-2 4 1
Sttz f) and td .
Ily, Kennetly (V2 (3-4),
S.7) and yvars, Westrum

aurgh 7
l 10 1
V 'e(0-' a (1>), W. BeU
and Ftigerald, Garaglola
a (14-18) and Burris.
Chiago at Philadelphia (Post-
4, rain).

American League
TOAft Lo u Pet.
N fl k ...... .B 5 .i9
Cwen.. ....4 I J87
eag e ........ 74 68 .521
Soite ............72 s .513
Wagtn ..... 73 7 e .510o
Phelph .... 78 7 .51
m. ts ... ... 53 88 All
Detrett ... .....s 2 .

BosteM at Chitago (2).
l-Tlk gCuetelaai.
S W at St. Les ().
Wfltsfttxie irteerot

New 'Fork 11 *B0*t S 1
Chicago 30 119-5 10 2
Raschi <6-5), Sat I (), Rey-
noldB (i amAd fer.
OrlsaM <4U, Stobbs (9) and
Johnson, Logar

Boston 011 001 000 1-4 9 1
Cleveland 000 000 300 0-3 7 0
Kinder. McDermott (8) (9-9)
and White.
Lemon (10-11) and Tipton, Be-
gan (8).
Philadelphis 500 000060-11 13 2
Blshop, Newsor (3-4), Byrd
(8) and Astroth.
Black, Hoeft (2-7). Madison
(8), White (0) and Ginsberg.
Only games scheduled.


4 Btrnke Tro -
3 Mufleco 4

ond Ra= e yte
7 IA Mucura .TSatimsl

pree: me
1 lida P. V. l
2 Winsaba A. Eft
3 Petite B. IL
4 Portal A. VM

1 El Mono Bae
2 Galcm .
3 e a C.
4 La uete w.*iI
5 [saLinda ft
S6 on A Ult
7 Rosa 1. Bi

raMv 116

4th Race "O-2" Native 4% FPr
Purse: $15.01 Pool etoes: 3:.-
1 Buenas Thrdes 0. Bravo 114
2 Resorte C. Iglesiae 120
3 Colirip A. Vergara l1x
4 Moon O'ee A. Corfuado 10ux
5 Villarreal" V. Ostdi o 130
6 Campesnao B. Puido 118
7 TIn TUt 0. Cstlo 115
8 El Mafio R. Guf1a 1k
9 Peggy R. homez s10
10 Birena A. Vasques 120
5th Race "S & C" Imported
Purse: $750.8 Poel edees: 3:2
1 Chablis V. Casi o 135.
2 Phlox ) J. bravo 1"
3 Flambaro) B. rfo 10oI
4 Welsh Loch B. P Tl0 l114'
5 Avenue Road J. Phillip 107
6 Newminster A. Ubldia 108

6th Race "'-1" Importded % PL
Pa w hoM Peletam; ss: I
rim baee toft a enubtss
I Golden Mine V. Catllo 90
2 DoAsa lelda Vauez c
3 xPit. sura .
4 Ca i R. t
9 Paques B. 10x
7 Kechizo 0. to1
L- -f

7th Race M

Sesei aeO abe

4 PWetit Poa i. Brae: 413

1 Carmela A. Vm(s 107x
2 Cocale G 0 Grase 112
3 Carte ro) A. Valdivia 130
4 Berberocks) V. Castillo 12
6 Propo eamhte B. Pulldo 132
6 Coraggo J. Brave 116
7 Nurleano K. Flores 116
8 tr o R. Ooreas 114
9 Choice Brand B. Moreno 119
10 The Dauber A. Ubidia 104

9th Em 4W InTored 81 Fg.
Pus N S PoFeel class: 5:A
1 M A. VasqOs 116
2 B. Moreno 10
3 In Tite O. Bravo lf
4 Samo B. Pulido 11
5 Betun J. Bravo 111
6 Rose Ip J. Phillips 115
10th Race '4" taported Mn i
Pa1r: ~$4MAOS4 m lMes: 5:4
1 Visir Julian no
2 Bedlam ..Brave 114
3 Porter'a istW ftemes IO
4 Mr. Poiet f S 'm Lilreno 120
5 Hartley L ) C.Iglesias 130
11th Raw I'4' brum 7 fen.
Pure: 54M P te 1" : ..
1m Bt echo .iO ,all
2 Astocf B. Pmi 114
3 OCbou C. Mbee aM
4 ovelera J. Brave 1m

Jm Fmaml'

--GCdess (e

s--cmet iia tE


e...4 T...ormt

... U i e "
.a W W W W 4
J~t n-' A t.-




lha hf thle end of the lnt.
could do with Shp
S more healthful e
eMS-say, gymnasts, or
thlt S get the younger pe
out o the stands and on u
DOEatas F. Roby sees ar id
danger itgnal.

Tulyar Scores

in St. Leger

DOIICA4TtR, Sept. 11 (UP)
IMO nwnde to seven od I
wtantac the l 6th rene we 6I
the ft, lager Stakes.
Tuya:t defeated Mrs. t..W.
mlth's 3hngPfold -by three
le hs: Marcel BotasM AletnuSf
fnbhed our lehgUth tsrthr
bak' in tM rd at'the hd of the
one mile six furlongs and 132
yar race.
Tuwar Was a ten to eleven -
vore.. ztoild wai s -tqs-
onoe asot Awitco startedat
100 tWe. A adeld t 1I eon2 i
the fniet at the asultat
a t-is thra __
Tatrar is tUe greatest MWW

at, e. apm s anild amited
iK3 ----W '--'W^ "

mgh fo torher entry 0Gk
last. ga*Mmile sad fifnlted
al rauns.

h ..L

qw .ti- m iMeIf thae dve-
nnfor S Ctevetfllad o
h or he r Cevla we-

aft, in the Mipa me S'
aoa to B
ba t od I n F S

yH' Sports **tietcs
-dgk Wao.- BMW

,reaW .

rs Hit A ys


"The United t
Salajor events I anl
Otea, but in y W
y weak and 4t 0
eted throu a g
etroit mtn Nn tL
Spreasident ofj
tic Union. '-
will be te
tin athrti maM 3f*
by urges all athlete qaa*
ons to round out h t p
i with special Mar 0
e stics wrestl*an L ot,
lled minor sport beesawt
j1i just as Important te M
T lose events a la track and

la's domraination of the
Ubbrnki gymnastic peto t t
clear-cut. Oene watftom
the Soviets utWied ami-
strength to eMSeAlt A
tage as they xwot the .non
a, women's 8ent. Pis ns O -
ollUa State College's Wetteton.,
wbe coached Amer&%al. \W
team and a judge th trip, add
thitt their compulr 7wort we
tin bck to bowling the
ar36, men's Mawes gooas.
savved to the A tftn BoWJ
unaflilate The WqmeWAt B"
ternatlom md ing Omagr Ma
has 13,0 lea "s tand 9112
nuMber roMl o thiro. elhr
ly everybody s o wled. ThmOre i
are all.n of leagues.-iaajor, !
ans whstbt.* iaifebae Is 6 u



to establish a i f
L The 38-year-,.
at a new two-ybar
m Noord with f IL**s
". He won men
My this yjar
thUn any man 4m
i bowling h utte,

ftg the _U*tros-

do"W, -0 M'

I. l lmi~i *1

....jL I A f- -

". "^e /:.
* .**l .. ... .. ^ h a

4% SS2t~

^ .- ... t h ..
' *piatOWNa

- ~




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.. ........
t "---4 ll

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'I -
imaIs%~~ 4'

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P4 'A
~j3tg;, 0.


*-~.4*-- i'r-'..


4. .5V

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4. 's'

.,, ee
,ot lI--^IIf

* ~ui~mi




S-"W7' ,7
_ -, ,,. ,*.*.y ^ .

a" Wa

. l. ft .
.,.L,, .- -. '
;dgs :i

I.-.. .,
_ .".:,..-, --.'

is *~ q


-.. .--- *-,.^

*..-- y'..- -
e .- .. -x .


: ~L

.'- *', r.'--. -. ..- .
f. _* .. .** *







"*feL tkr people know rth truth am! the country is We" Abrahbuit UlniA.

0-VWimnt TEAu PAnnAl ., SUNDAY, EPTEMB. i. 1, .

evenson Says Ike Begi/

El throTin f musicp isw

tapping orhbox -49114
jty with this ntW T
the brim:t .
'Please reL1Stnt W'
ftBn dispatch 0 1"
S t any air
rstt touriPng h ti
,oe, crossing t
,gtling 8outh Am
ned up at$IVJ
Svador, trO f."
l..eerican Work

per brougn'rLh A Ut .
NIX, Ari'., Sept. 13 (UP' J.'nner-and this I still doubt-j "the Net of IMItha ously 1 teIncidentally, the 1P a W I
AdlaStevenson accused or the Republican team is not federal emplieyB...U patfit- te youl II ll ade in the U..A..
Eie. slenhower. his Re- going to win many games this cly edle.ant Ater some stra
eppet, today of beg- next few weeks. And this is the Stevenson was met on h* ar- Wl a the efarts bAfter some toa
from Ben: 6trt A. firat time I have ever heard a rival here by Arktasas two U.B.. pyg .turn ad been doa 0tr
party go into battle under the senators, Ernlt Mol rlan oa it r ca p adgear, ni
o charged Eisenhower slogan: 'Throw the Rascals In."' Carl f tayden. T-he tic f? t A i. mps theand hst aAWS
i.nt tnander the slo- StenBsen iso played up Ms group flew h ere- frm Lo Ange t Isl tchtAge' .,- far visited, ohatBefte
aL scals Ia.' favorite theae of Repubtln lea where Stertaon made oevy- sfkedvElsenh ei af viited Ilt r
b. t Western tour disuntty tng that there eral appearance and a majo y hep.sin ,, t Eltzabhthe Kpeeat-
the e presi- are "two parties." address. w erhene Blo.mfont. Kha.e
a tn between Nlsenhow- hiele he tld er by soft soap 'Te goterno said he had faill- plank. -. D.... imberl. rbsntaomeC,
mr. theman he defeated for and hanger Igovrnment jobs. ed'In his efforts this far to rate charged the Repu P1rla A sterdain L;bon, Lo- be
the blican nomination, with front st t drivers and back a debate between the two parties elflig t& -,. Gand A erd a wtobdland;
"idwwe have the spectacle of seat drivers' contradicting each on some of the solemnn ques- ilt. autuiton, l t ueosn Aires 8ntwtoundcan t
Mte eked who won the nom- other in a bedlam of voles tions of our.natlonal life." uft vote w beo aonos Aires; Satiago, Arice
0seem kin out his defeated shouting at the driver to 'Go "So far as I can see," he said, t bm bidder. .. d Antofag ta,Chile.., At." a w
Vtl gng for a kind Right' and 'Go Left' at the shme "it Is like trying to hold a "thbe ubiea s Callao,
"sidIenson. "I a be- time. verte with a two-hWOWC RguleBttt a Cruz,
t'o w der who won at _le!t .- .-. .pt the"
anyw wwhandWho my "I don't en.t driver 4d I One head agrees with i3 VeY-, *Naa
it rey i. Maybe the don't taink M an people thing I say and the ot hed .. .
now have a six-star will watt to Hls bus." fumes and cures at everything : the nominee's program Miami d1
r ado* He also ah found It par- say. The best debate of all, of in dtleo a stop at Tuc.o.P *. AA officials In Mi..a 0'.
S omGerdfor Sen. Wil ed te hads. e W

aPmmick:Able Use Of Eop1i44hr
T the o RnlabHuIoa ansen- ty" df t. Their whole of pagscfh tt Le bfio nd reftt .r e
om Inda, home de- tic r reminds e o a p ,. rien

stgef r etiteatse ad 'Ntgity---nt. i
-X-Th Adg -Resusatetes Rcently-ForgottenpM
s eeavtt Ssa. i eaonder had -

e oyconclusion Itcan Pertadent e sen under the weasw e i0p tt Ith
herefore, neither rVolimteers far v enaft: .puty.Il, ..,
g Sral -gr'os wh Senator in Denver us H gm,. S o -
S". .'ts eltetin year can set worl... m
the state for great ideas avd "N4 ,Yavnt" M years .1 b x a-t otat 1
great events. TaIs a year hbe., tem..f are
,--" "'" -- I which opens out on challenges, Thatfee, as Ieet i g ft de a sltio 8 'P
f. t. gn rtaties and decisions a isena nea t*' M tat afg, .i NToIs2 one, t WA M haral
Sn.i as big or ary itself. fteb Sakes atsg t0
"F...eel this. I must as- mawN on* -s ......?t
sume that oa. nt, wbmn M1"POW D8.6 ft 11 t11

UoZr, felst to nAm, I can IN- aflit taStflbUSt", S IUNoU
"w than to oblll thae stigs ,-
thle.,. ici'ni.'the lmpmtant thifhar
Vseeto.o-8 s saM
110we 1110 9ilian-:nu are, butt hi
will qenseed only in ra t of W ItWar ." .
show of ourselfls. In a contest .W
for the greatest offltce and at a ~ th ell s that the e (Republican lead-
time tar greatness. I think we ersa corruption it
owe it to the people to talk Loi t' g snorln
e dt .and d"n f lgo. aif d many tiue
"I don't think many people I er jnto- option.
are beguiled by denunciations or therefom I tan to
mmitt a pun), I may be wrong, It asWrethe ta.t- # Athat I can
friends, but I must persist uu t Moderation s th en- at will be
In thatconvict.on--at least un- e it to live hastily ever nasiie

...Now, having stated the Now at the risk seemil a.a axe oni
d rules as for qs I nimvon- to sIslon and hmsr. utiMat V
about one u. the soest save R ,i0t t&ia
it of this eampal n, asi from mrore ufidelf.
s I -am concerned. (The bre 11 Ju I n Id be
have wholeh brt- take themselves w ton to an."
S on one profuend we tae of the co n l revL
; "W.Its tm oa '"No#d ds, I ow. n 'et"t. ;aipected that
"you aWi hear this buds.e 'horse I X. But I ?
sho-- aft at -si.4- C&d- A4WA& If It tq i
o0W .vectves. o

kn a a helo new m em
M-Id pl jyou no longer need be contait iA
Sa bra thi aeots right. For now Forn m
only wsp6 tas the ultimate step to
S fojtdn. UdSi rT degree qof separation,
n sali aadcup! ... Only LIFE BR AS by Fon
- "Friple .,W to (1) your bust size, (2.
ap jW13) ywmr separation-wide, medi mW'r
iua, 1,' *U a LIFE BRA means tar lfei
iM for emr saifort and freedom. Be "% 'r
SFtu d" bt rknw ln why more women ds
S, Ba Fo, l ly owr make.

- 4 4 C~ -

of a domeat
they are tae
"...I c ess nIt's al
perplexing. The 9Dem t
desaunced for not wv
absm ne d then they n
amoued for a subversw e
goniag to wonder .
pelican campaign reste S
ADW rvo onareB v
to keep things exactly *AA

"I believe thar mam.10
ctaanes still to e
'hesBes wrought in tu
S years .hve *iedftr
#& staDdm 4 of9 I^

ZdL%. ?J.

- ..
". "
.. '. .

SI ". ... ,
.' '., ..-
.. ..* ,

..* ." -;-

E -' *- '.. .. .: :.-"

'.-' J 1 "

It ;." ".. *
V '*. : : -d ..

r --
* m zcica..^

m -
so*t* .

C *~


- 101V

as, the i
n to the j
at to the a

toet Ot 1
?V New 30. A
Ekc. thirl


-ILl ~-i.



.aia2h '!J&nS

' --
-4 .r.
* .1"

u- 4 "

N-S,; -,.t.
--i t lt .

,., *. C

I ..: '.

Vgr '**
-. -.
i "?
;:, r "-



.: .. :*

L~vw. V

~.',.. -. ,

~:L'~ -,


M i

I *n' o 1

4 1 "p .
*o b w IN.' i-



V -to w. wt.. k M !t
&-r^ 1 1 *iii rr

m mai

. f


M 'Wi




'M u




---. *s.**

,.; f
', .'

. -" .

^klft- ..

t .

- .**.,


a. -
-^ .. -

* .'-,, .-: -


J',. ~1J.~

J *kI

" ~r ASSIST from short wave-radia. New York Gftms' 'er ... .
Ul lte, motion-picture andc TV star Leraine Day, talk with ex-out er llie Mays. taW-
Army private at Fort Eustis, Va. Durochers are broadcasting froer Ailisaaes Part. N J

S b..

.we St. biwt 3iholds i.dea 2oi .

ALL*.^. .

ore thaN

- -1- TY


*~ 5i


.'3 .
*. J..

al tWa= it aw the Isar t
cms n goa yu trf *

abs t agealas
&ayle aIt On d1
O* akl twit% to "WKA
ageh vetm miw

ni ed *d a in
gZ bng up a iA
pma coked". I



-.w-. ~Sm.

- k.~


m-, .,; l... .. -4 -.^


"a -l '7-

S. .




ar zs A...A s.k .
St. tn, *1sow 3r K
to lhe had doAne on the ai ielt. .1
Saved up a o ne," said 1e, ty no s in.
Or giving or fhag fMolishly 4ikdg. .
twas careful with mosey. No ieral wem
Rich foods bei4g cost, I teft haem imtat
I dressed as poor man; weit ys wiAimt aitk*
I'd only onet hobby-dle pleasure of saving*-
"Did you thiM all that money y4ou sav, At*d S
"Would make life ihI Heaven for you at bit sweiter ':
Did you hope here to spend it or proudly to O iuir t,
Write a check and epectm -ny bank here to 'CA it?
"Where is it gowi Did you bring mall, d i 4$
Cbuid you letme a dollar; a quarter, a peny

Yet pootoolSh bat Dot you wih you hde
or given some to others or now and then spent h

-ay Eiger A. Gwm.

* WOCHQ <*sG EK ri .*t
0 us gently, time!
Let' lide adowan thy sreasm
.giGo'* swe. somtinia .l.
Through a quiet dream.
M patte* voyagers are we,
I wife, and chidre three,
(One ist lost-an ange fled
TYe arenmre overaed).
Oy us gently, tdme! 1
o'9eos proud noto oiog wia .
oMc aesbioA, our cowmtt,
vies simple things. -
Hafeie voyagers we awre ,\
Tojis dimn, unsonmded sa
Seea y 2 ye Ctnu
Touh".iu'genttly,. gently, ail ., .f


'IHER& e those who sew beside
The waters denat in siMence glide,
TuMtisa no cho will' declare
Whose footsteps ever wandered there.
The 7 neisles ooesteps pas away,
The 9 flow on as yeraerdq
Nor c- iit for a time be cmen
A bet wtor there had bct>
YVet ot *t, the se4 .; -
Wh 4 t e ely pike h ,y &
It CJIV.C-Vc--tLe qpraf lAinuw t -
A4. its life all testify.
rThat silent .sm, at deser road,
N6 mkn.ovtw&amfl bka.\.
But jcatweed eowerh of gbeu s
1Shatag tibeau4y.roin4.the l6
- And4wso or ato a time wiH come
Whek. rsc that ow are

*Pom wtim the seeA dtere scattered 'l

4.,. 1..-

1~ 4
i}~ tc>~



. "* i8

-t.. "
** ""* "..---

* -^
:1' *:'%





-~t~ -4.

1 ;Pp





They Wor
But Thet
,. San ..*
b, y C9L A, tlea ba-S
Thei eetdlW..
tards g no f t I
. iyefS.flrWfB

corpss Unit, who thheelfs l
been dlt onb of ,th
cottflicates battes't the teok

people to be reaptpM IKA v t0
uar -the 0.. ,Armty-i *
plus nearly eery I
equipment proIded e
the cotMrua. f&.a a
must ktp a, oh
nel asiieda U io
in AnTmelti shifAA
plsicer b t twl


Up like
thing about eer=
everybody eurny atamte
Commanded hby- alor W..A.
McLeUlma, this eflcent w
brganilzatdn of Q -o

owuumwf I
. Is radloet
and some

atrae a@
-#oin~d 1Bil
O a v
fth stu!
tornome tap


married. (

be 4t ~I4 tt
Ietv&e vestS
n ~t a


p. _ram.- 3-, l ..v
.......... ..._..... .
M I. ^ .F -M

vow '

"I ... ......






~J!. *
'4 ~

" ,- -; ". .

r .

*. *.E-. I

S..-' ." i .i .' .. ..

w r -' ',
rp fi*
S :

.- '^;,

>1 i-.






j1.4 p


a 0.


,. f t ..
Z. _. '.'-' ,'.'" ; '* '& """ 9" ,._'It


* ..-~...
~ ~-

r b--* 7
*. -: l. X. & *: ; ^
? .' ; ; *- ; -* '-, <
''T ^S ***I -.1^ -_ ."- '^'- *'.^ ...*'* '-. *.-T' *^ AB ^


.n-. 3,


.^ ^*S- U

* *
C *

-. 1-4 .


' *< .






. .4g.

~. .~.

*c *

S ,

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