The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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a. -3,,' .tS Siy. s Lk. By VXCTOR lltESEL
SHis best Mends apparenli
n sw v A lwan'b tell him but Gov. Steven-
HEn M A vX IL B 0' 1\ sonb should of stood in Sprinfleld
over the Labor. Day week-end. Ot
-- o -- gone fishing. He'd have eight
The Mail Box is a.. nem forum fore deof The Peme Amw- more tro t than votes.
ken. L~eare received gratefully nd are handled in wholly onIi- The Jovial Governor was badly
I ws.. L r advised by his labor strategists.
ye ec a do't I be i Mtot *i*e deos ear Ik Or-and this I doubt-he dellb
or dy. Loele. published in the order. eeved. _. lately set out to kick the pow-
e *y L t kelep the lhe1dI the eide pag H. el AML and Ils 9.000 M A4M
hi o.eeeo fleoyt he mis..oMlinited t econfid eneh. -8ewbra right in their "ewa
Thisnow er e seumeS no1 ripenebillty for etatmenn as opinion ftmi by appesriin to tuake tb
w In etrf hm H. advice and follow the line only
-m o of 01CO while sneering at APL po-
,' lIcles.
SWHO'S AN ALLEN? Undoubtedly the Governor did
Snot Intend to boot the AFL In his
v I don't understand why all Americans on the Canal Zone ampaign-lanehinabor Day. Bauto tow
oL 0 address we Panemanians as "alens" in our own country popping on Labor Da. But beody
121m ... o, ...... dir annosed to call you Americahs aliensld,_ ___that's tht ing_.. today

at 10


w we rPanamn.iann a ren -pp allin nsome niP AL cries m
uause you are not in your own country, so please stop calling whh the political wells turn. *.
-Y ou must remember that your government only rents this First dratel error of the
10mlle strip of land from Panama, which ts one reason why we Stevenson m utp was to se
ab;uld have the same privileges as US citizens have in the canal h enate d CIO Ato
Z.ane. TTP'n chief Walter teuther, an
I, a Panamanian, working in the Canal Zors doing the same ntimat fVie of Arthat
Job at which a US citizen makes $2.75, make 49 cents an hour. gtnt l aarontly th
Is that fair at a time like this? 8hltuesh s -,al f u r einy theta
We Panamanians are not looking for the same money as Stionlgest dng figure in the
your government dishes out to all of you, but give us something hp'ritfieold headquarteSr. on
the morptlm of August M Rev-
If you make $2.5 an hour as a truck driver, give us $1.30 ther 5n4 Stevensen dlecussed
or-Si. 5 a hour. Ten you will find harmony between Pana- the tea al I abs u deot heiq of
mcn"as nd ,eraiians in the Canal Zone the .lnwdid see lt ch and the
And not'Only In the Canal Zone, but in-the whole Republic tudlencee he he ruld pect to
of Panama. find In the auto cities.
Herbert Young. However, 8tovenson has not
Seen any highly plpced AFL
Sir: leader except for his personal .
We would like the anal Board of Governors to know that friend. Joseph KrAnan.
what has been a puzzle to us for many years and wh L has now But Joe. though greatly re-.
become more of a pumle than ever, is, wy should we hav to Atfled In the AFL, lN not ite no-
build homes for alens in the Canial Zone. tlltlcl spokesman. In feet, his
Not only that. but why is it tat we have to build these nwn anroAntilatlon. the Construe-"- s
allnms commIssarles. clubhouses, swinming pools, fire stations, Lion Trree De rt-ent, ap- ,
piacle protection, schools, playgrounds, medical services, movie nears to be going for Elsenhow- .
halls and coitptless other expensive government functions. er.
None o4 ttis would be necessary if the silver towns all over It abould be rp orted here that,
the thmUa Weare discontilned and esapeelat to it a snort, sght- the AaPe as lonta o as la est ..sar "y det KU t
ed poly to bu new concrete PnamanaM cities in the Canal at Its Pn Franl o convention. 6By BOB R
ne. to delibeitel, voted not to cooper.- o
uld we have t d thi f who liv st ate nolitially with the 0. NEW YORK.-The American M al As a- their either has to ratio their listing time
aee o stiueet wh:n there are not ewot. decent qt r Lersafor A'out two week xago, that ,cn's ,Journal s all upset aboutla& effect Of very sorely,
a.y. tt sesli who are brought here froa thousdup of miles qt's Covernor Alfred Draat television s bleod-and-tnunder on the moral and I notice that televiolot is used today asa pur
aa us weone of the men in the earliest mental health of the nation's young po tin poseful discip iner b some In Ats.
n-ts e seem very telligent us ad we are very re convention ehower outthatthe TVIndustrywallows in.en death If Bereeaolute aan M uU til
3ct t at fPnama does not obnct o the estaish- bralntrust, had n riPl? telmrbonile and mayhem as a means of amusing tor. cat he is allowed to T IM
m nt of these silver town In t nal Zone which akes need- New Jr state AL leders This s undoubtedly true, but I ddh1Much be. bad and won't go to .
S business aw from Painama. saed t a Louis P. Marclante and Vince lievo that the subject matter has Sh to do Other- parents havo
We think all is a very serious mistake and we think that sMtoe bo v." with bending the brat's character O a the to avoid parental

t Ai eomes o e l nd tel tha A er e immtakes itea w ars to hild ohil ndwellin th o re r
lmply because the money has been spent to build a Span- pro s with Cmif t MOfrom a state of raw savg s te ? tu lese at me fu rie rea
g city In the Canal Zone Or Jamaican city.rotel Co other with hattof s adl ft tar Te m oden tte r fiad IW
Y-We ur d t e pIOA 6 other with st c at teks and dO td te es
ela kin foe are seppish vi ewp ornt ng on a pay-your- Thett wokd p r e lay te an w yerst .h p ch ree a
policy this means th the Americans are supporting l tAblets, t ilfer -d.i f rPymate -n- nw rutten on f

Abuo nn oL le aste *ulpvede l r' la w." ako he bee Ini on o y o e wonld .,
W eticd t haM ol a their own schools and pu relic buildrngsth "e- and i to MrnV Ab u v a t he littl a oA

i communitieUs are wo aways support ndt o eaxse I aI o. a gtel Otat n1ll roh al7 t eve 4 O
AL.Ad dIN should we have to pay for tha t when we are olhat- ta e. a"
'a enugh Payinge for our own Muppnt eof our ows ol- t athe wy .Its
r affand the ae o I t Irtdnel areas So ti am~ h t
And last but not least, we are Paying taxes also and they cer tain AL leaders A he i
tahoding noth in. whe n tra I heard ef Ict d t- n
We think all of this s stvey wrong and a great in'ou e n VSd ten to wineld. Aid tof 6;p t m Oh, v NR
t* e American orkeno a ,ere o the Canal Zone and also to t h Lax ee o mtor.e nfies d ot rt I ll r Iiy e W a OOel 1

eInfractions of the raee whhh tend to promote Inues, a ees dbe akesse By pSW t
example cpng unnecsary ro neas, pil rasing, e. th e uttered with John Lto
ardbe called cloheir favorite without doubt. The game Is rn deno schedTheodern trend of te
St e eed by a iLE od jud t nit- d States from a labor plt- no doubt. l concept tteh s
'form : "I don 'tmow t i m oherlthy ,b levathanT
aser to the problem probably isto mal, Canal Zoecthi in the Taft-Hrt'ev Act te l t hgnt andsaster. c e
:r Sir: CristoI d ntCanak itoseaits playing cow boys and and The u tter lack of reality in
roipr iab. don't think it is a each other with air rifles ad almws. entertainment kee-os the kid
S notice level headed officials who have pl B letters dealing with"ex a Fost year the AFL has Hse. Seveaea madee mos aedathese g l the hiesthe antennae fu ronr
hss ofsciatln hool ma names. me t overt $ 0$ 0 000 1 %nwspa- the radio, nal pped up least some iani to vonoe-O

who an cort rect then Im sure many of us we body-cntact footba he to ut across the elD. oone, but they Jrih u iB t If there ai any mst of the e tarn
lgm~Gll enough olnoeyoth t a e t the gm has "elme m amor" slogan. a In the huckster's lex a do dustry, It Is the het hocc of

---- coat the linor ovrIor the dn7 one asked: "Wasn1t thm where I
Will suffered ant soill! an ast. don't 'tt eve I rPN In Wesalnqton tn 1917 p taPult.a I time with cAntrived entertltifmt a nd
wGA continue to ld true nles the oiating o when the then e le-p ee- devotion pto the cateera of the varaous centrated escapism.
the gmc is given back to tIe players. dent, Jhn L. Lewis. first used a a conquerors and other unlikely. )zew0..of A kid needs no escane That is for adults ws
It is difficult to nner phten out a whistle-happy offa l, but the u e. Later that a i een at one potat e got what H w

wouldn't be .P Yet O oUL A cBOinferl t l betw een the1head andsrOnFracisco I heard AWLatad tl cantly, thL. was n .... .
ie schools, the coaster the builnd the head officials woultre bet n gooatun w ven bleaders decide had ce tar a tr for

St iof thos m c-ngtn to etofmle a sidewalk was made a Ion leads pa S ecwiaet l aheg ter tT hnew welas O f the I labss M X
sIng HMinh street with the of there elon evolved and we know the fr w hlots for Sn I oueat f t

thWe were vern ggrateful weheyth wis was done. It made I81t s t e t "s a s sao i a.r" o cl tl w
tory solution. -on W l8 one phrase Steveaen
f example clipping. unnecasary rougthneas, pilng, am., ais.. m w ot odelb and with Joe k L.
be called comoiv. without doubt. alongiame s rouwalk. So at or11i "IPts s hBmedp ard for two p an pa
5 hmn ately. N obod y wals th e nbal a ie s r, b e o n h e le o f B lln Kxtes t irSa B a- nd, M i.nn .- It Is probably a good *. through the M id w este r f a r m districts cin.
fever, calling uou e yfr-t-el to comiiee, right oif tnaLie isdoubt tat what he had to sam was what

at ver often tahe walk bs partly coverhsxm W r" tee adtt a1 mot e to Uor themquestionabefurts
,1 d other ands imao offense downftit ld and away a .ouo baat the veyin -m notsure w was the real news at5hem5 f farmers wanted to hear.
cArier, all houlI be tem hpered by a little good judgment on the tmat hte St mertlc eand a te 0 t a s ette pMroe o en to e
T kr t o f t h e of fi c i a l. w '- a e t t i my i se ef a g a i ns tg n "em n of's n o d o u b t, w ill c o uc e n t ra t e l ti e s o we e norseseto e o h-
The answer to the problem probbaly lies mail* in select.- hn lie. tue wat t e. isentowor a MIS r psnto oee. nd
g level headed officials who have plaYe the game. A part af ot b n amy Stevema de amot rm W the ElbM hower p am, i
the answer also lies in dcIsciplining officials who feel they must the AfW, ua hma Se oa s the falo s of Americ. mo t wlas noa t tme u tes- lme" rrkcd auu nrishaam o
ut into the act to prove they are earning their money. The G AMe so, as ,etleaneg a soe fwAre nricaNt fuWs &tMsAM-esm, -ut Dewey losta e farm in
]9tter Is llely the hardest thing to do, but if It isn't done the L5a yn t-w 3mt alinga: more n wae ehan oueup meoholn he was not "Me-too" in U"d
gamrmes will lose some of the fans 'The T l ot is a alive laW no it Wt d e n o v to i s fuel-n, 1ka ne aicnh eT for serl s gw tobl r
If you believe there is a Problem here, and If your paper law. It emtIpel INaem w ea plowing ia s at Kasto nd taha e pft ft, disasrous tal er
can do anything to bring the problem to the attention of those mag-Tt ...*tntddse yoaud 6 ot rrf
who can correct It. then I'm sure many of us Will be grateiaL out e T M- mayr e sea fgM was the ph rocIN farm, In MA- he made almost pre ialy tbs
cost the IllSDWAK oveo4 the one asked: "Wasn't h J
GATUN SIDEWALK gOOd part of 3,UOIM ML T I lars n a little 'ris that comu anded 10M Yet with his greater msa1*
This misstep 1s a Uiese arisanfeAO engot perhaps a shads
Inne p oblic n-apahtia '2oe -u =h e 010Wfair had am I set at one pott he got what nInm

Some time after the buildings at High Street In Gatun were MO.Yet on such bIneda. sWsws Here, .at tof hounds offame I rar really. bigxri L U
turned over to Local-Rate families a sidewalk was made SO-. n his ap n Sn as__., aver the ,V l 1 "n e yiuwaz m
nesting High Street with the other section of the Loalfhsat- for a law wai gmi- wivesU n m hmid caw In Coni, .sfNand rlie i

nuah easier shorter and softer for us and our childm t t So wblo l nsebaw g i3 tw lf lk ,sg A fl r- Mote &usIn 5Con ess; "nd
on e section to th e o th er du rin g th e d ay e m i.i- r, o M i ae. '""" too
l however. li hts were never put alongside the walk. go at ob n ips. AWL uils, "1th
11hts the sidewalk scarcely of any benefit to us. Tight roas oM"sdt abouterea l
'S t m ainly A 'over&' walk. Lovers like the dark, .t..,.. ,,,,B n t M V-R 1 p s .betMs
tThen again the rass along the sides is allowed to grow so tta dd -- "I gu t -- -m A .I dl" n e -anWm
verY often the walkIn Ispartly covered and s ,ame so fin ., h
w onder If we could be helped by having the "mt u zs-f'1 SedI!sfvoIs ird r .i ." B B: t l. o
1."4 1 1 a n t i l i g h t p u t a l o n g t h e w a l k -am a m o ., .M. -1 '-" .O,
via* 1;41 73-*o

'1~ -'

For Immediate Delivery
C.nal Zone Direct Sipme

|^^^^U~Manager for sldeslHome ^BJ~k*'

S..bea warmat
entth AwonU,
mbb WA u

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W a r :Major of u I-

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en d fml :mi
om Im S tts O ed yesterdayato& s'.he *-t
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and sreig and Planes- Arrivals a

y& Airline News EAST ASIATIC ON

An* wor shlp, was southbound In the Cs-
,. nal yesterday en route to Eamer- Motor-Ven l
T obias Martinez, a Salva- Ialda, Ecuador, to load bananas.
my worker, arrived here The MS-106 arrived here from SAILING SWEPTES, it t
tday on the Swedish ship IMiami with a British crew of ten.
bAndrews and Company are local Accepting pm# ft
was accompanied by his agents. Los Angeles, ST ftm k P
e and two children who will
de with him at La Boca. They S.S. Ancon Sallts i
arlve here from Los Angeles From NY With Full Load,
Another capacity load of pas-
ship is en route to Stock- sengers sailed yesterday from A P
via Curacao. Local agents New York for the southbound a
are Panama Agencies, trip of the Panama Line's Sr C. Bl Fent I
-- Ancon
jh Ship MS-I0 Of the 201 passengers shown Fenton Building
Sfor Esmeralda on the advance list received at Crist6bal
e MS-106. a 258-ton British Balboa Heights, 74 are children. Telephones: 0risrj ttl 1,- .
,* _The youngest paftnger is only
seven weeks old.
The southbound passengers in-
clude Bernard I. Everson. Super-' y h ve two
W A M U/ intendent of the Motor Transpor- .Whavet wo,
Station Division. with Mrs. Ever- bout wohuld
W M son and their two children, and bo u t hands
Edward E. Edir. head of the depends
Housewares Section of the Com- JACOY ON RIN mean to am
missarv Division, with Mrs Eder be bridge ex r
The complete advance passen- me ACOB for wh he
ger list follows: BY OSWALD JACOBY forWhich he
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H Ad- Written for NEA Service For some res
cock: Mr. and Mrs Arthur A. ame 1ts1
Albright and son: Mr. and Mrs The same
John Atkinson, Jr.: Captain and *dos not feel
Mrs. Harry L. Bach: Mr. and SOo s iu at gameIn
Mrs. Lawrence Barca, Jr.: Mel- NORTH 5 tlutelylaydown
vin Becker; Mrs HeLn M. AJ7 He takes refum
Bland: Mrs. Georgiana Boyds- 99g that thf slam
ton: Mrs. Helen M Brothers and A 5 Thplayefirst -c
three children: Mrs. Elizabeth T (D philoophy ab
Brown and three children: 3ohn 1"T (D) RANs
T. Barns; Mrs. Gloria L. Burns 6942 10815 3 wlli to bid
and son.'YAKQ865 V1042 tain amount o:
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Car- 0Q04 39872 don wb.hen hi
peter: Charles E Chase and J 610 partnership ha
son: Mrs. Ruth B. ChIrry: Luis SOUTH safe trump sul
fChial: Mrs. Helen J Clancy and AKOr Qber of playing
THRIFTY 2 children: Adam B. Cobb: Mr.T 2 JThe kindof
and Mrs. Joseph S Corriesn aRnd KJ on favorable dim
TOURIST dren; Mr. and Mrs. William K 7643 hap. a favorat
T. Craig and son: Charles K. Neithr wde vul. difficult to ea
FLI HTSI Cross: Raymond A. Davidson: Wea N osh t W S methods.Te
Eugene DeHaven: Mrs Ann W. 1I9 Double Pass knows e mus
SDe La Mater; Mr. and Mrs Cy- PMa 54 Pas Pa to the sla
ril D. DeLapp and 4 children: Pass to
Non-stop in Norman E. J. Demers: Daniel 3J.! Opening lead-VK n tbe at .
Dunning: Edward E Eder: Mr. Tn. hea________ th ij
4 1/2 hours. and Mrs. Nick M. Elic and South andshould
Children: Mr. and Mrs. Pernard .Please tell us how to bid the North Imy put
The luxury of Mary M. Golet and MissRu In the accompanying hand," that s
Mri M.Grequests a Rochester Correspon- hearts.
super-fast DC.6's. Richard Hammer: Mrs. Eliza- cen. "'As you can see, South IfgoSi.
beth M. Havdenm nd 3 children: Icould throw this hand against score with a sm
Mrs. Lubelle H Hayes: Miss the wall and still produce 12 to bid a slam
immediate connections EleanorHealy; Jullan S. Hearne: tricks. For the lift of us, how- of hand the ve:
mediate connection lHs 5y llnH an ever, we don't ee I-lhe eani bid the chance ist
Mr and Mrs. W. H. Hele and 3mae manc
for New York. children; Mrs. Margaret H.-rsey; make many mo
man and stepdaughter: MissH 1netn..R ed ofl l dosle oth osne
TouTrist Frs Anna Halfinger; Mr. and Mrs. dren; Mr,. 'Wl doamofonet]
Charles S. Howe and 3 children: Rb 11a 11 No- quentv jump r
$83 one way and Mr d Mrs. George F. Husted Dmea has a singleton
ida n: Mr. apd Mrs. Henry 3, $LII. ._ possible hands
S$150.80 round trip. d 2 children; Mr. an an sib ea
I L 1 8. Keeney and 2 chil.- to jsi t
t en; l'o Kobrin: Mrs. Armilline t t hepley tre-uarters
Ser yawr Trwl Agent or Konop and 2 children; Mrs lFo- ;Arthur to nout.
S or M. Lee; Mrs. Beatrice H. 8 Lout South imee
a MXtite; Miss Alice Macher: N.Syer td duter; Mr d cottage" teref
-N. SayMr rlr dude coM r aMr. and the slam in thi
SI.Mr. and Mrs. Roy Malcolm; Miss Mrs. .tring Seo r and 4 ch t- e s t
S Mae L. Malcolm: Miss Mary dren; Mr. and .i. iochard H.
Mallan; John W. Manush. Jr.; StevEnft'ad 8 clfldren; Dr. Car-
Arthur May; Mrs. Arthur A. los Manuel Tang; Mrs. Effie
May; Mrs. Loretta J. Metivier; Thomipso; Thomas T. Tyler;
S MIand Joseph E. Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Vache
*Ralph J Neville; Mr. and Mrs and 3 children; Mr. ind Mrs.
Of S tlfiwfrs Paul L Parker and 3 children; Juan Veve; Mrs. Jane Vinton;
Punem L Skeet No. 5 Mrs Jane L. Payne and dauRh- Mrs. Anna Welts; Mr. and Mrs.
Ii *1-0670 ter.: Mrs. Kate Perkins: Miss Ha- Raymond L. Whitney and son:
z el Perkins: Bernard F. Pohren; Mr. and Mrs. George A. Wills
Cols: Sale Bids., Tel. 1097 Pfc William A. Rafferty: Mr. and and son; John F. Wood; Mrs. Ro-
xE-swi Mrs. Jack E. Rathr.'ber and 2 sella A. Wood. and Mrs. Eliza-
children: Mr. and Mrs. H. D. beth Ztrkman and two childr.n.


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-- S.a .m.. *

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losing h*frt.
d the expert do a-
if this kind?"
on whether -you
tent experts or tub-
perts. TM. tootMa-
hates to bid a s em
has no play at al.
ion or other, he
expert,. '
diagraced %
and finds
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Amaddo Boa's arid M
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You Sd em...WIn You Tell 'em thru P.A. ,csifst1

I euve vuei' Ad wlth one of umr Agets or our( Iffiess lu No. 57 ""
1%N. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

stre --

Lewli Sewv e
4 TivoB Ave.-Psone -mil. sad

fourth of July Ave.-Ptone 1-0441

SaMs de Bedea Amricano
M West a th Smeet

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10.0z asseM Au.-Vlhase a No6

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6 a n eeim~ ***M *., H o u seh o ld A u toClamil s a. are I-
;.eliA Amlwome. FOR SALE:--.4romning machine, alMost Service PersemeWl and CIvilian ltapmm t roem.
lo ASe. C. Z. new. Apply West 16th Straet No. Government Empl 6-441 u1.1ma, 4-567" Pt tor So'
LhWLO W FAE....CHEDUL 43. From 2:30 6:30 p. m. Iaiest aeh "Omas.
SERVICE one way TO MIAMI-... "' "IV R Mw.w&
SERV 700.. NEW YORK..1 10. FOR SALE:--Westinghouse Refriger- WCarina i .t Dance
GUAY AQUIL $ $75.00.. QUITO Otor. 25 cycle 9 cu. ft. Porcelain Cdhl i o No. 29 C-"lal d an lol reervotCel. <. 0"" .o ,40 n -
Route of the Good Neighbor oubleb.CriHou5465-B, condition. 6 tir 5 w whit N ed th ar I Mood
BOEING 4-engine planes--ROUND and four chair. Quartermaster

BOEINGDiablo Heght. wall. ll -ccor $850. Phon Houss on ACH at San a. 8. 3 or 4 pound Phaset 64M 111111 t ga.y
S r. WENDEHAKKE MI120.60 metal desk. Call 4-494 after 4 P i 4-576. Phone. WRAPNL BOlbo leaning
NEW YORK. .To 202 0.. GUA- P.m. Oarnme No. 299, Cimito St. FOR SALt. -ie tires, passenger PRo t 3Ie
YAQUIL 51,00..QUITO .... 2 Pedro MigueI, Canal Zone. & come RcIal at Agencies Cosmos. Faser' COtEL s completely fu nA. t. syi
1 4.80. .For more details see FOR SALE: Nor refrigerator 9 pon Automobill Row N. 29, il. e. ei. aie mile bteond Satno r0.o to 40 who :al
PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE.. cu. ft. 25 -"0e. porcelain, perfectN phone Pangama 2%4721. ra. For rnfern5tlon visit or h ain other m i .oreS A
Opposite Ancon Busstop.. Tele- condition. ohairtony wardrobe. FOR SALE:-1949 Frazer. Excellent Daogr. Tivoli Avenue No. a ; Can be rem epmLi.
phone. 2-1655. D double bed&. Crib. House 5465-8, condition, 6 tire,.5 .ow white 01o PoSr eo. P Lefeed In Ia e" Ob l, Odlff,% it ood
2oDrio. DA d ac. 1 oubloe e ld. H 545e, wall oil acceuorse, $850. n Haus RE.ACH at USanta COlam. .3,C3 o 4 pound e 11W 1J t
Estudlonte Street No. 140 between FOR SALE:-hbd-oom s et, twin bedsker Miguel 4-576. Phone I5NRAPNEL Balboa 26U. ceaing Pr__|_ |I ?t Recor (__.__".
"J" and "K"Street. Phone 2- "Foam Rbber" mattress. Dineltte, FOR SALE:- 1942, new paintlonb, HOTEL PANAMERICANO in el kene. -

3479LO. USFISooN IN And Staionel Fndage.- I tFrame-nevermo wLg p at. rt Cta t A 8 tellte
3479. br table and 4 chairs, plastic tops, good condition Fn, large re- bautiful il Voile. Native El V me e
rel yOu having trouble with your livingroom set, desk, bookcases. volving. Refrigerator, Westing- Music Saturday night. IfWSUDl .K bet, 11 ts
refrigerator, washing machine modern, good condition. Tel. Pan- house porcelain. Movie ca mera id ate who
Sara r Lhe amade 3 a Revere. Misc.a rtk les. Hou seo m21
No. 2 28th St., Co,t i Tel. FOR SALE:Frigdire ndtlo- eAlO le rig ckDiadIr a blo Phone BalbOrhou a4240, o R 4T al. Cr bea loa -w1.t left, nd
2-4547. ing unit 1-2 ton. Less than year 7rFOR RENT Fp N'roVg. wc |ith,
ABULOUS.FISHING IN PANAMA used. Bedroom ponrable model. FOR SALE:-Pick Up International. ,PF. N M
SAY. Know the thrill of catching Samuel Friedman. Tel. Panama 3-4 tons. almost new. Large pl t-- 27 Cet 9 i r iirM : t. .. Secord'(CoMM_
bam tf w rsh oareli e ps F ALe: 1 6 At2-2942. form. Central Ave. atd 21 St. tNo. R E Boo m ---usli o 3mri nPa- 2 94 far m.Ce nrlAead21S.N...

For informal's nation and rates telefisher- dFOR SALE: 25.00. cI Ourtakina rods FOR SALE: 1951 Hleman four- Avenue No. 6. San Francisco i

phone Panama 3-1660 and ask shades. Misc. items. 771-D, San door sedan. Only 5,000 miles. $I,- FOR RENT:-Houso 5.000 meters a"
for Jungle Jim. Pablo St.. Balboa. Tel. 2-2193. 150. Call Albrobk 4230. Mf isic:-Soue c5,c00 mete m .e LI: Muste
Rata .,,oA ,,v om. se,, i o Help WantedCoupl., $2.00.s

FO R SALE Ch-mpion a red AKC Fn lf on new unPht.Blb Ane 2- 55 nma, so c nd gsalhou.RP O... soaae. f
____ u2_s good condfLion. Sterling silver Flat- WANTFO--~lE e E eur o.-

FOR SALE: by aopt fe d: cThor Opst wshinew fo re1 PersoIns w inek s.orresmoNde. c, 3 ot a c Apply 45i de t
25 cycle automatic washesn a qe- Tivoli Avenue No. 16, Apt. 7. St. FOR RENT Ship*ig, movi. .nnrage.83: eAnpSans!8., .
ton. Control 223. Tel. 2-4591. dlare, porcelain inside & out. keeper, bring preferences. Tivoli e .- .:.a b'? ..
IR SALE:-Do not pay more than $275 00 Three Venetian blinds Avenue No. 8, Apt. 14. ALNAMUA 248

OSpartan. Central 22,a ort our FOR SALE:Westnghoue refri
r No.Avenue, Pan- isar, e.5 ceele. 9 En.esh.,-poanis-n hWit to.. uSoTSodwl *w :' the buns it'.i !'llf
ems. lton inside and out, 3t.eR0 x. 1: yrs. gurm. -: c woand"fOv -:neo.. .w,...LW i r.t1, M

bor 4a3 fch r 400 p. m. Hs BALTMORE, S2cl. 9 Cu. f. UPo- senrmnel Wriea Hrto t?0 Aponadq fo 0formhSe uin'ms^
179. ,,"______A grand jury elertdont l at W3 il ii a w l a- ION e -
FOR SALEL -- Champion sired AKC antec left on new unit. Balboa 2- 6onramo, sendtin9ge small 4ph- iEef LIU, 1 1 o.n.o We e

K SALe:;- rzr sednx mute yeOfrda after 4i S renstaer.d AlBoxer pupps, eight 425, after 4:4nine w .tnel od 5 hm rencA. osIfp. T
we eks.n Mrs.t rDal n Consructo FORs F A LE :- nt c 'lose ir douWble D: tbR RENT.-Ame riican. Company a"S A ..
Area, Chrnnduat, A2324 Curudu Drn bed Baout Ret mtrdc ese kitchn WIfirid Naieanothe -aTely _700were
phAne 83-2110, between 2 & o table two choirs g 2 upholstered building = AUtomobale uRo hL pA
C'" ORemion- bycettd, chairs Optel e whin.g chlaneoruiaeni; corrneOnemllnce, vote eFOtranc T Apply de a
FR hiLount and Fotachina closet. State attor ney Ansel s og ofll, OW inrh tatih. g thg ier- 1 I

Se9.50. MBhogxny side bord daro d the 5-year-old New pi around. -

- mee.5t. Tel 3-I216n Pfnoma. tork businessman will tr er-. ial 'l.C S IVISION One a 1.3 iT
%. W; :- a 1& 1. d g I
ns No. 24, Naval Station, Rod- Pedro Miguel. u .....m an- Hi
wOR SALE:.-WOnea d oble bcorr s 12OR SAtLEehl inaclostdouble a6BIA

man bT.pone- 333,. .o. nm s lillum eBsp.s1P sep ., 'W- -
Abrook 86-gun with324 leather lookD. en dBieaRetre sViIk E t' tale ed Swth Dg S^ BAtat
SRemngton .22 Rifle wth Although odaro room with 09 meters agal nd to aur-
loscopic siLht, one 48 bem Ac- ttW'u ashiag tda mlUnlhd Idel ounry eahtr 'at Ne4 "5Bl glhb O t- Rw Poi

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C nordit.n F VOUrBNEElS i formation s coi ft .! Wflr lo ro tedt 3is i kmerI
Poracelai nenod,, 'i" Lewi-S'- as

*. OI SALE B:-..ieo Emerr son upright IdMisI 0a11 11 L 15n4, te lateti tra supply and water. Call Mr. Sta- (O m-' )
at. NayExhot otherwise d ie, wb palheSns, Carnial 30 cl d work- .". 'i Adv gr S'
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y qasinance" ofGr a fter *ad n s la te Group; SALE* 3ggmem *$ do
ii,,AL: 7uP ba rrroule ne wtnesse ad "ep iU&- the OuSt -GopWl. dr..- th a
pouesotd s withpe. Also ref i te.. l 0 abw.uaeso

n Remington. Rand, 13.00. hI was retleaed on 0 l DIbON: Oe m thm. 5 tors and his ha S t

$on icm ga as a material witne. I nited ta Workr Union ABled4ee relyeeoaew m
0,oahoaony side board da urdo convsatdi. the BIg-year-ol e *Nw W" au n
,"50Tl"6"Pnaa Yk sns willbea-rO O
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b lu dgeon ang hi .eart 1.4
o l 3ent rondti on, wood. 752-C, B wife, Dorothy Ma, to duth t ama bu "Ut .1 my I

baSRd.M fore sendig her body u N: One c .ale Pkre '

juhr heard oig nin e before s e- b...ege-to s gaus
215, Apt. 10, Gatu. turning the d iatmuent. B"buea s crkin, at euhe ....+-... ..i.
LL- NeeDS Monday with the r fecr", a. ofFReA-t .a .ftana

NW Rodiro said Mifs Matthews, 0 oIUOLGN:'wi OPand",--0."..
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a quaintance" of Grammer aln pwilll o s: -El tpd n MIso- mo be ts- the..." said
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D Pod irs Bop Cubs




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e as impsint'i Al
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tinag his wo6rkett
Praor sh at flr
Important bout tha

Tnohn Rut"rrfo-rd with r l,"' the "hillies retaliated against ,St.Louis; ... .. .u 5l..g 5
*hlo from Joe Flack, copped his Chicagop.. ...75 63 .540
sixth gpr'- a',iin-t i set -- bacl. Boston Cincinnati ...... 62 77 A4
in t'e first .-pmr. Carl Ers' n 6-5 in ten innings. aos 602 7
a s-rtteredi --rn hits for his 12 -w ed to. stay Bost ........ 60 78 .4
v'?tory rsin.-t six losses in the on 'r.. -,'e-d of the Indians turh.... .. 39 102 .277
Sn-hteap of the twi-night double- in the American League by de- TODAy'S .AMES
Vb1 featine the Browns 6-1 as Allie Chicag at Brooklyn.
F:nk Satier slueged his 3Gth'Reynolds fashioned a five-hitter Chicage at No lyo.
hrimer of the year in the first for his 18th success. Joe Collins Pittsburgh at New York. to poll Rutherford's shut- hornered for the Yankees. St. Louis at Phmadelphia (N).
o '. RT nom Jackson cloutrd an-, Cleveland kent pace with New No other game shedule.
other Cub homer in the second York. by again beating the tth- -
g- n t. 'sti!s 5-3. Bob Lemon. who won v.FR*Av RESULTS
7l'e GIants. however, staved In his 19th hme. had a shut.-u P w
tli running b", winning a 13-in- h mn unl the ninth innn uPilLs. 200 000 000 000 0-2 7 0
n'"n, eaame from Pittsbureh 3-? when he suddenly lost his stuff N. Y. 0.3 001 010 000 1-3 10 1
on a homer by Don Mueller. Hoyt and gave way to Ted Wilks who Dic:.son (14-201 and Garagiola,
W.Ihelm earned his 13th victory preserved the victory. Luke East- McCullough.
against three defeats In relief. er blasted his 29th four-bagger. Hearn, Lanier, Wlhelm (13-3)
Ralph Kiner's 33rd roundtripper Chicago took a firmer hold on and Yvars
hrd given the Pirates an earl t'..ird place, handing Washington
2-0 lead. PHt P"k.n' went the' Ls fifth sa.raight defeat 6-3. Tnilight Game (First)
di-tence for the losers. Detroit scored a 13-hit 6-2 vie- rf4n1 000-1 7 1 .TAX& TENNIS DOUBL8
In other ?'anoi,- I L:e gamrp tory over the Red Sox in th Brooklyn 000 000 40x-4 9 0 GaWpM (le fttorigh
S----- other American League game. .. .1, Leonard and At- Nltc1 be Tennis U ObO
well ed by the Balboa U.S.O.-.
m Rutherford (6-81, Black and loserts -ft Dick Swimni "M.
Walker. Campanella. 21-14 21-17, 21-18. Guest of
Splan i/gt. Joe Benner maid
Night Game (Second) tournament. Benner O
Chicnago 000 010 100-2 7 0 ---
Impressed By A.. o 2 CA Six Tear s
J Brooklvn 202 000 20x-6 7
Impresse By Kllppstein (9-12', Kelly, Leo-
"OmmOO ~nard. Manville, Lown and Chili.
BEANS Erskine (12-61 and Campanel- ai Te m s
Panama Hurler written 'for NEA Service Niht Game 6i. Amateur
Questions: 'A' A base run- Cincinnati 010 011 0012-8 15 1
ner is going from first to sec- Boston 000 000 1031-5 9 0 -
HAVANA, Sept. 11 (UP)-Al ond. The second baseman fields Hiller, Smith (11-9> and Land-
Campanis, a Brooklyn Dodgers the ball ahead of the runner,' rinth. AMATEti BASEBALI
scout, today said he is Inter- and in turning to throw to ilrsi WORLD SERIES
este in signing lefthanded loses his balance enough to; Wilson, Jones. Chipman, Bur- TH- STANIN'
ritch-r Alejandro Chivez, a con.acL the runner %itn his dette (6-10) and Cooper. Group "AI i
member of the team represent- shoulder. The result is a wid Group "A
lin- Panama St the Amateur hlirow. The base umpire 15 iee, Night Game Team. Won E.ost
B,^'Qnfl World Series in Cuba. away does not call interlerence,! T oiis 201 000000-3 7 0 Cubaet .e .. .... 1 0 .1:
Chavez was unusually Im- buL the umpire at the plate Philadelphia 000 100 05x-6 9 1 Picrt Ro ..... 1 C 1.
pressive last Monday when he 100 feet away does. Please ad- M,.ell I10-7>, Braule, Yuhas ic a .. .. .. 1 P 1.0
struck out ten batten in six vise regarding the play and and Rice. Honduras...... .. 1 .0
Innings during the game that the decision. Meyer, Ridzik (4-2). Konstanty Aruba ........ 0 2 .0
was won by Panama 9-4 over iB) If a bat leaves the bat- and Lopata. Arba..... .... 2 .0
Colombia. ter's hands while he is swing- El Salvador .... .. 0 .
ing at a pitched ball, must the Group "B"
PrnamA Manger Gil Garri- umpire call time immediately, nA r n I rag Venezuela .... .. .. 2 0 1.0
d6v was greatly pleaded when ston play until the bat Il re- Ai r ic an eague Dominican Rep... 2 0 1.0
11* learned that the Dodger ..if :.? j TEAM Wen I.ost 'ret PANAMA .. .. .. 1 0 1.D
rout liked the .player he Re- A. J. Roenke, Manager. New York 388 S .598 Costa Rica .... .. 0 1 0A
lectte to be a member of the Answers: (A) This Is strictly Cleveland ...... 58 .586 Gvatemala ...... 0 2 .0*
team. .... ine uase run- Chicago ...... 74 65 :522 Qolombi .... .. 0 2 .01
ner has to go around te Beson 72 as J HV
second baseman. it the latter = .t. 72 a6 AS 1-Jl )-
i s In the not of fielding the71 o4 .a.... 71 a.A a "t al.
ball. f the second baseman St. Lou. ... .. .. U .49 matr bal Wor
-'as the ball, the base run Detroft .. .. .. .. 7 41 1 o ,
3 ns* is within his rights runinlB Grop I" Ii. I 1* 1
allLeaight through him. The plate TODAYS GAMES .laI, s .Oro* "
umpire has no jurisdiction ut- Waasirton at Chicago. nest, Ie m f ejuW
i s -upealed to by the bale Ph ioaetka t dCleevland. ard 'Panama.
npire. ust. 11ratDetat. ,Sth is thgs for mar2d, par'
Second Half Standings (B) Not unless the bat Inter- No other fame scheduled, of the pr '. i a
TEAM Won Lost Pet. fetes with play. This happen out twice, ar
o oa ...... o tis a season. if time The Sonduls-NcarR a11111
OpAeca i. ......7 2 'Gwere called when the bat left VESTERDAY'S RESULTS r t Ai w e
Balboa.Mkdurltos.. 7 3 .7 -' the hfre's hands, batters NI gMt 'a.Mea
ecal ToopsW 6 6 .oswnuld throw bats to stop pick- New Yk. 010 -4O O)0-- 15 1
8pulr Co l........ 6 ".455 off plans and whatno. at. Lots 0160 000 "-1- 5 1
audlo Cedef"o ... 5 7 .417 Q. lYou frequently hear a- Revnolds (18-7) -and Stars.
1th Naval Distfrict 0 12 .000 bout the fact that Walter Pipette (10-12), Paje, .Stul "UR
Johnson won 414 games in 21 Mld CoUrtney. Iam
First half winner: Optica Sosa. seasons in the major lealu s. Rle
How many remes diE the MW 1gh le alme. e uf(
Remaining Games Wpshington rivht-hander lose Ph i"e a 000060 0-3 4 i -iwalks
Monday: Balboa Maduritos vs. over *0ht span? Clsiln 100100to r- 10 tan1 alk
Optics aosa. I A. Johnson lost 192. WI worst Ketner (11-12), BiShbp and I at
'Wednesday: Agencia Lam vs. Year was 1909, when, as still Astr'eth. hweupris
Brlboa Maduritcs. a very young man. he finished Lemon (19-10), Wks and Tip- herna
Thursday: Spur Cola vs Agen- with a 13-25 record. ton. s-1 gci
cla Lain. Q. How many home runs did --- the
the Gl-nts get off BroOklyn's Washington 200 000 1001-32 2 2
RP'h t'rsnao in 19517? Chica 200 3 10 00-4 11 0a
LEADING BATSMEN A. Eleven. Monte Ir ri got neez (1-1), Johnson, fhea
(-offfi), 'fire. Irvin, incivAe5tayt, was and Otasso o.
AB H Ave the only Gipnt to bag a Mrom- s f 14-11). Aloma m*.et E I5trhir
Alfred Farrell (CCP 75 31 .401 ter in ll f#ight National Leam.E last ohnson.
P"?'h s AL' .... 57 21 .36j parks last year.
P. Lane (Bi 4......81 17 .354 Boston 010 000 100 --2 .
t;.h;i;'.' ,.. ... 53 20 .345! Ntrlt 02 1 O-n Ub
P. Hale Bi ...... 69 23 .333 11 ul0 (12-9), Free an
0. Raveneau 'OS).. 6) 22 .319 (44) and BattL, "
L. Parrns CCi .. .. 63 21 .318 ..
R. Bak'r iST, .... 61 '0 .313 S a z
E. Pucscv wOs .... 5'1 8 .?5 U
.1it7peld iST, ... 53 16 ."02 : .
Hil.Jn orc 1B1 ... 6.r 19 .2-2
Roberts (SC' .. 63 17 .271,

Wt'pg CdbmnWba10-4 flellat 1 33 .aa
That Tincluded tour is Heor 3 *4
Mf three triples. ---
R. Astacio of the Doeni-
im was the Individual AMA UMI 1TO 1OS
striking out 15 Oaklm-
ters. E ast Lanuing, Mieh. (NMI
and Marte each baa Three former Mchtn
x Is five trips to .-the National C tlegla% MUetM
le Astacto aided his own sociation bo*ng chamroplu
th two doubles. Welterweights Chuck
nescore: Jed Black and IM gt
201 403 000-10 18 3 weight Chuck bplesr.-
SCO 010 000--4 8 2 fighting proteafloar U
icio and E. Marte.
16, 0. Figueroa (4), P. *
7), A. Llerena (9) and
q8. Ballestero (9).

l Will Pick BEAUTIM
vH Scores A

job come to oar

i l.
.,&' soot- .im~

Tf- ..:'
F -* r .


Yanks Maintain One-Game 71

S.ead Over Oncoming Tribe

NEW YORK, Sept. 11.-(UP)-The Dodgers N '
are penr-nt bound again after winning a double iwr t League
victory ovrr tJP Cn.b, 4-1 and 6-?, to'n their TEAM Won L.ost Pet.
kld ever the Giants to four-and-one-half r- "s. N."ew k .. .. .. 2m

i9tiilW hhks a rushllsug s ar
,.. eedy Blahk SE. t
I is eensetFaly 4
lo -will have a wir4t
k William Hall and George al his opponent in ll A
L'S their way to victory in the l et eenot pack aot tiof dl
nament which was sponsor- aaithlo d
t. ast night. The ohainpa took hal fci"_a
. tt Paul Hinkson in three aets e, I etrle nice.
'eqior. 1952 Olympic pistol cham- ma "il-b4
rl presentation of prizes for the t samFimta dy" a
a between the contestants. bte s bheen Mst. tY
IN when h U sitians. II -.
TI AtsIP1bwe

Still Unbeaten aa- g oxArnold
ftad Ktd E imn, Of Ctobal t kne;
I- star of
WorId Series bSre s n II
World I lby tht

baseman P. Richards bobbled a JL bIac: r 1
sacrifice bunt by E. Marques. J. "wi, Prwte -
Cisneros flied out to center" with hIttlt ld In the ttt bt
Gonzalez tagging up and sedori the e .ve Ar.
and Sandcval moving over to a uade
6. third. The pefgt ietsan der t .
0 The bases were again loaded 7:$9 pa. Getafl .da
30 when A. Oaribay walked.. Phil. price a te $1 (mne doiMr) u
DO lips, who had started for Aruba, rngtsidt teku will ge S1 .0
S00 Was replaced by R. Narms. J. snd S (two dl 4 1art. C
00 Ouerrero got aflothler. tree pass and bores 1 oeents.
00 to force In the tying run aPtd
DO P. H. Bueno beat out *a infield
hit for the winnin tally.
00 PhiI with fas Monthlya H Racest
00 ball a4 sweeping earw, bad
00 h6em the Mexicans hfItte and C aw tA A
00 seelea re the th4main1 I' C N
W although he set a afw reler
00 b aelowlag 13 bases on bans.
Thw linesore: MONTH OF SE PT .

-aHf Per ,
I. 1pj1K4 wn Z t i00
10O h-

Won La~t
p'-'n,. Tiulor OS i 11
H. LaFhler iO'i .. 3 1
Pt W ,Himn CI C.. 2
L. Hiltinger (Bi ...12 5

R1 Sw I
750 *nj


... *....: ** .*****.*.*...****-- i


Intramiml oys Basketba
League Staaings
Name Won Letat W
Toney's "5" .. .... 7 0 LOt
Ram .. ..'. .. 5 2 ;ll
Aldens .. .. .. .. 2 5 1M
Sears .... ... ..0 7 .6
The Intramural Mat
league resume play fter
wce.-s rest. The Ram troea
Sears 18-20.
Nigh. ponte lors .e
were: 8. Kin 11,. n
R. Blake abt a Pim..9W
losers, it WAs TA.
points. F
Loney'a "5" wIth te
their als-footer VbiO8 -
continued their wltalg
seventh wlain to Sr
feet pI.ercentWge.
Sears. The score
scored 15 estate., 0.
end 0. ThonmB 83
enrs. while X was L
i-bo. om ...- .A

W. p 9'70"
Iwe W

~.V~A#r ti~r~r~rrr~
- 4. --. -
A. -

* U

*,. *'"

S ". '
Ni fo* -~rtr~~-'.




?1P -A


"&*'* t

T"-;'\f- -**
**'[f-nrt.-A-T' ,... .. .

- -:.1

w OF




* ...1-

t .. ,

4IS~jP !7 *

; ;

,a. &

.- .- O.
.-.-.. -.



A-1.. ''
< X-IA


a 3 -mYe
wbb s^tpemalr inr

. .--*1**Jg^

. .M- .

.' '...t. .l. l




.* a

anumSp .

- '* a.

' I


.I ;" .-, .-,

<' r;"_'

.. '^

, *,.

'. I

IM I "I"'

*. :. .^ ,'

k W.!

" "A ',.. A


Chinese Cruelty

Kills American

Missionaries t

WASHINGTON. Sept. 11 (UP "Let thfa pHeo
-Secretary of State Dean Ache-
gon charged yesterday the Chin- rWENTY-SEVENTH YEAR
ose Commiists had caused the
death of at least four Americans
f a the brutall callousness" of
eir treatment of missionaries
ind bWinesmfen.
ia a i after statement ILsued
at hbi weekly eso conference,
.he soId "tbere may be more-
whose cases are unknown to

Americans in Red China, with
47 In prison or under house ar-
"We only know that these Shipping through the Panama
Communists crimes will b.% for- Canal will go over the 600 mark
ever condemned by those who for large commercial vessels this
believe in simple justice and fair month if the present trend con-
plav for human beings," he said. tinues, figures from the Manage-
We spee llcanly charged the nent Division indicate.
Chlnese Reds with causing the
death of Catholic Bishop Fran- For the first 10 days of Sep-
ek ,lrd of Brooklyn. Methodist timber 206 large commercial
mibmlenary Gertrude Con e. vessels those of 300 or more
ptUst missionary Dr. Willam tons transited the Canal to
Wallace. and American busi- make a dafly average of 20.6
nesman Philip Kline. ships. The daily average of large
The State Department previ- commercial vessels for August
ously has made similar charges, was 17.19 ships and that for the
He said Bishop Ford d'.'d last first eight months of the calen-
February after being subjected to dar year was 18.53 ships.
"maltreatment and humiliation Traffic has been so heavy, with
in the presence of the people he
had served for half a lifetime.." a large number of small craft
d d t aand government vessels added to
He V said the Reds did not alow the large commercial shipping.
ews of .his death to reach the that tbree northbound and one
outside world until more than six southbound shipp could not be
months later, handled yesterday. They were
Msn Come die the same sent through the Canal today.
m g refused her treat wety-fvelarge commercial
moot for cancer, a broken trip
and maliutriton. G sd
"Gertrude Cone had commit-. iaw Rce
ted no crime," the secretary said.
"$he win not accused of any M J ori"-W
crime. But her life was cut short
by the brutal callousness of
Communist officials." (miee(
Acbeson said Wallace was
"grilled and tortured by his
Communist jailers" and died In UPTON, Mass., Sept. 11 (UP)-
February, 1051, after he "had Actress Gertrude Lawrence was
spent much of his life helping buried yesterday in a quiet coun-
the Chinese people." try cemetery with a little bit of.
He said line died last No- soil from her native England.
member after dhis Red captors Clad in the dress she wore In
f ced him to live on "bread and her last Broadway triumph, "The
-Oter" and denied him insulin to X Ad i, the bs age o
keep him ilive. Internationally famous stage stari
ep hi ve, was placed in a plot alongside
eight generations of the family
of her husband, theatrical pro-
.Local 90 Seeks ducer Richard S. Aldrich.
W lMlt S f Pamela Gordon, 30. her daugh.
New Members On terby Ze 11
spetr by a previous marriage.,
i Po sprinkled on the mahogany cas-.
ket a handful of soil flown here
from England especially for the
Local 900 GCOC-CIO has services.a
completed plans for a second Prayers were read at the pve-
membership drive among the side by Rev. Norman L. RItbos"
NFR-COtlZn employes of the nastnr of the U ntmn Murt hU t.a

, Navy and Air force. Church while a ciowd of some
....L ending the drive, will 120 townspeople and visitors
S li~ a meting of all these looked on.
VjPlegl .s scheduled to be held Only Aldrich, Miss Gordon and
t tUh Pcific Clubhouse on a few intimate friends of the
Tuesday at '.30 p.m. actress were members of the fu-
neral party.
The scene was In quiet contrast
BALBOA TIDES to funeral services Tuesday at
New York's Fifth Avenue Pres-
Friday ,Sept. 12 byterlan Church when more
aGi LOW than 1.800 friends, admirers and
8:42 a. m. 3:44 a. m. theatrical associates paid their
410:3 p. m. 4:25 p. m. last respects.



dm Tno& aMw hBs seep
siRIW .-M os8s 4aMi mim
as ...aemri^sf1mium
thmt eOlsse ia slm...aNS
edmae s- %. md bmeh

few -agihomes alodo h N
aim 'iE*.

sm...ile ..>.dbfamerwta




pie knmit Mrt ad em t
PANAMA, L. P., TNURSAZ g'gBtl 1l,



kti U 4

0 ,

4 -" -...
vessels transited yesterday and shLn, =t large c In the first eight meN I of
arrivals Indicated another large shi, Wa gt in ay. hI1 calendar year 4.5 1 rrge
day today. 'fesor the 'traffic -.. mercial craft hate ti' ted
The increase In traffic began pat u1kVeth were released Canal, compared to 8 for
on Sept 2. One of the heaviest by tke MAnagement Dividt";i. same period in th a first
days was last Friday, Sept. 5, Auggst a -total of 653 large e~g ftht months of the cndar
when there were 23 large corn- metM veMels trahsited 1951.
mercial vessels and sufficient nal," paying $2,288115 In 1 ls for these com real
othrr traffic to require 30 lock- This Is 43 more ships and $ I total $18,651,07. 96 the
ages at Pedro Miguel. 84Mt mre in tolls than for Akg p ht months of the preset cal-
Traffic through the Canal 1161. ar year. Tolls colIe for
has not falen below the WNO Tll past montl 73 large go. i'e commercial shipping In the
mark selae last September. erfnmet ships too tra" sW A eight months of the-calen-
In three of the months since thrmaal, bringatg the toWt W., Ear year 1951 amounted t6 $15,-
then-March. April and May- large ocean going veMei W,915.82.
traffic of large commercial ves- T of 'SU3,g.Nl were cre .t -.
sels has exceeded the O00 figure .t the large goveruft mm s
An all-time record for Canal ... .6 w B

Revenues Cheek On Charfge on 0ov

UN Staff Bootlegging Booze DN, Sept. 1(UP- -
o -* ped in quickly tods to try to
WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 (OP) eP*rl tax o0vrt am W & ng
-Revenuers are checking ua en af t Xv0i"du strith would teple
United Natos employee se bt. ___rms productens.
-.wEW.7 mhunp DZ ~fPf

legging duty-free and tax-free li-
quor obtained under diplomatic
privileges, it was disclosed to-

at the OldI Ut

a t endm central crhi al
port, sene of the naton's ema
fartimc British 1,r iast.

or ftrlkte

Muldowney had confessed to 4
the murder, committed toin a
inual London hot June 15. He
2al4 &e sabbed the coumtes to
dit^ fa% jealao Tae
'th e clerk of the court
asked hfi today: "Are you rual-
ty or not guilty?" he re
with an Irish brasue: "Gullty s o

The Judke asked Muldowaey:
"Do you Intend to adbhe to
that plea, because if yob do
there JI only one thing left for
m to do, and that Is to pamn
idMowmey, who stared about ftilterested in the pro,
cee0, i veplled: "Qu4it. I
WoftE' you to do mut as
&AMB wtl detembwed not
to be = 0td?" the Judms ak-
"'Qjdia?' I Adowney ampped.
"I havm augItug to say wi atso-
The om was then elac-
ed on Uml fPe e head, abd the
death menUMe pronounced.
Mrs. OazmrSeiwon the George
Medal ar le1r wartime secret
agent eptlts..


pollolaman t b

trstlot a w" e lo
RanbCo M1 ttC day.

l- o

*1 IMI LIquor elor
gauat the employee.
hte gtlai D"Nnr*
.00 s- far th1en ae


inly 1

Oil =
8. dip

The leaders of the 8 unions
which has decided on the ban
agreed to postpone tsit a
date for It to be gin be qt Sir
Robert Gould, chi ldtl
elmissIoner of the MtulWtr of
&Ib. sent them wAgeo tele*
grand ~kting them to meet
W h him Monday.
bo Ml sent the&n mei e to
-et' of a un Ol In the ah-

be a ,W0 I <
SAllee more tt4a S-
lM00 eaersh. t,
MIu eas would -be r uir-
d their output ,eaf"Wr
not -exceed those of
SVae dispute nuumt the
it LW Mdown betpomR ca-
rM 9ta or in Britat* since
bielinur Winstoa Cftar-
MMW M ent came to pow-
& *tl*' postwar year in
jtik .Abor Part WMA In
CiltpW unions held baok on

..t -

Donald D'ck t

Auto-Cine-rAd Y
Donald Duck escf4 .fl

sble t fhie
try as pidm ope
it habwa, fl3t)wt
atec. Cgn-Ait -

ast night y way
IL test hirh t fo i

itwiM .m.




- *1'

b B hno lao- a
Selaxt ae, a- poiI s defstitn d
tUIl- unfair quton ilt n h
!Pt tip=te yarW. mr

;i- *~-*t

;f '


The Emormou
9-afOt toon4.-Nw
an lb VaN

m I0


nDWii* s





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