The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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No. 1

by toa*m 4 d alas br moneta
s t h reform.
Gar- The dream of working-cloS
h m tet3 man Is to own a bmeyCa with a
tomstbh mug astwr. =a wife yarms for
.nmi a ahny st o ashlag macflah,
ofe th elean rlefriglr$Ns ad ve-
S r fmi cuum cleaners e as much be-
yofd thefr rewc new as MO
Sd 'Mrawagon the au*monoWe
b th B'lean HItler grab-tyer .
a. the river. fTu tb. "bpasu" the be-

b w detew- ohs pub -
lo an b erw 1tb~of oe
-M emjsw htm C .
r; M .S a ew
;T Slfa R h Af

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I A I k A. A I~ ~m~t1 I ~

west IVmsses A oeryrnfU

is missing a good bet here in the relentless propaganda

to proper use the services of thousands of Chinese intel-
lectuals who have fled from Communist China to thi5s
British crown colony, last tiny spot of freedom on the
Three factors NG ake theONG, sepit- civil, mechanical Weletrical, and
nation more serious than it chemical engineers
misst firstng a good appear: Rethere fugein the relenles are pagancked
war withe Chinese eds, operat- with the names of millions of
gIo from their headquraters in a rd of just the t s wanted O OT: u a lof tr e w ol d be Rong with D
Hong Kong's Bank of China At least 3000 o the ref- d Brita a e ain are fail a e ing to put e me at e an tr
buln to proper usre tmang a sro th es ands of Chinraduates of Amenl Chia b
lecbid for the hh- rfled fromcan ollemmes and university ths
techndial and literary refugees. A random sampling of thesporabe lha for eve ooe
Britis Half of the 10,000 to 50,000 list s t urn s up h of freedom on the
__o ain Touhe f t hemn a ddesiub ou some are these:nC twouddept e ty cnn.or I.^ gS I that I FO # TIC 0
committed suicide. grees from the Massachusetts O H gt l sra Th itf fhiSe Chet
uiChd on e hos s arin ese mai nland. 'ue ha n I s hs to d a "ld a to y
3Thre appear to be ways Institute of Technology ,and He ialad h e
u l duaon m ore ser ious tha n eIt ch em ica l engt n e ers.h t e I r t
miaht first appear: Refugee raest are packed
1) The Chinese Reds, operat- with the names of technic i- .......... ......... .......

Infu ee rom their headqu ters i a ln of jst o the Les wanted.- a o e d i .s
uilds Beter s prpagdist a d aH NOT d nB Oh eel to he ute tee new British hous- ualoTTheN wtl
HHngortng e' Ba d of China At least 30b00Thfthe refu-se a

i d of providing them with ameans But Chao can finwd no work in and mcakhy haue osl ud blyts t tt opftl en ernetf ,
3uilaing, are m a ing s CasLro -i geces t are g.aduates of Am e n It p e so C hin e a .... ... wdn ,11>IB >Mn sh 2tioe a isai it
bid for the h ghly-t rka nre d can colleges and universities. useChina.. ..P._

technicalood and of thera doinry refugees. A random sampling of the su-to a for The decided the best
S1 ofufreeom ad1ddofat e orareyr EtuCe purose_. are jammed up sever in a thing that could haptien to te

ar. and a nermoav..E-. dCho, 3n, has tU room. d st have no money and cause of traffic pssafety would bet
anta Claus, that talented toy skilled writers among the re- the Barrett Engineering Co. and help the unemployment a result, more than three

,sgnpr, is getting an it, Irfugees be put to work produc- visiting engineer of their Mary- prob say. For in school child have
iamtprmap ah d lgagasines, books, tsnas lannd b Ste oadslCommission, on. tegistere doe taken unprecedented Faterest
neld whi-h tell the story of free- C. K. Ho, 4n a graduai-te of oot haea-enducated profes- i a tr safety ad oth ei each

The result of all this scien- dom and expose th e terrors of Le-hig and Ohio tate Uni- Mors ea teach ant the over tCh
ViS work is a new kind of kite. Communism to million, of versities, has had more than dsofmhifg K OnBuwt1l 't soon forget.

ft's a completely new con- techans among the refugees once worked for the Arthur G. bme es.
on 'fathersept. NEAforwa e stern World now has Kong. to wowi k tinw n a y to ause, thereha eIt theI tr lSoth
entelon is that tales non-rigid, grams for itemproviamng the gen- the Barrefugee situat in eong tion from a priely humane ,4 be devoted.46 teaching

Io wind tunnel man's way of eral welfare of people in south- Kong, it as necessary p to know standpoint. safety lons.
r, Agettin g an athat ulat has no sticks. east Asia. soeduc- visithin eer of the e Mtraordin- The r efugees fled from tAhe. ru t .g up trhpe of
hs ar om pped aeIouy The- include America Point ary condtanonds there. Red because they preferred de, train ., he et frth to

WOSour rogram, th United Na- NormaSty a city of dsComm, monracy. But the advantages of _Tent ii5 in W110on .
anitions Tenical Assistance Ad- It has had dped on it democracy can be obscured by parts of ol" nr lnateo ave
vean go anelhs e r ministration a nd r tan's o- recent years a mlli jobless a starvation. It npreov e d so Naocesful his ai I
Sl bo Ph tell the stan f or o f freco- refugees from ed. Ora o ef rm e ci eo .b'm t afse f in al. ofe e
aThed sasit t hee of thes n -idor a nd expose the terrors of Le-hlgh and Ohio l b tatwe Unl- Howeer, s ncanea hp f- | ia.. a sobiif

fle work is a new kind of kite, Communism to mll ons of verse- the refugees lies In an orani- hlB ,veoo.r ntinue his work agd e t.
D oy-tigiher--satioa recently formed inl the the Trucking Asse
b u, ysouyd YE oras. There's a use. too, for the metal mining In Chna, and th I l .mt jobs in many ked toPre is backyard

Its a completely ne contechnicians among the refugees once worked for the Arthursaet o .$ A.his

pt in flyg wasepaerd and there ae hundreds, per- McKee Co. In the United S tatesl S ie ct o lmfe oW ecolome
S an..o n thare kte-fling han s thousands, of them. But he, hasnojob in Hong vantage of ut he t e refugees k ab. pld ..ghtI lep re- i ey
n .noer s o ,e Western World now has Kong. to work Ind poe hme t L e aple h eea deae for a ra-
I bWmainchea ure, ofo n a nuber the nIn apro- Before being too critical ofa hce Ad fra- a ae
Co m Is mth atOittee n rigid gramssrfo- ,m p roVing th e eean-Isno a lin ed foraa" h anc. 9 $d .b ja d evo ng4 n o tha t-

-T thte fefu cipe nt bank. he W l e e t n ro e udev oi t s hia
.. .. win n r dogsin do
o t hey include Americal Point art condtons there d.fe raln Tfroreia c pnevr fall obrdig

W eld w DillR bSTRd p beaue ot hey prferre thee lesn so t e.dyltthe
o vn-,,, ,, h. ourP rogras ,.m.Unite oN I Na t- .. .o*all a niy of ,.,mooracy. But the dvantageseio-e Ia w ,tto of.- --.". lL| .in.o thre odn. fIn lner h sosan t democracyc anobs aured byiay T paroe flnaton, ioe way'. '
Et .. btto uei ministrationtan d workita Co- in Co-ore ent M a P. o a start. aIt Provedsoas accessfulr .h
ornn esas wAo' whe" otd '" nomc d aev e rspment A ne edh son would be aBwelh en B- ethe.ref uagesain n h oa n- rc nleavertia t fe his work 8 te
MINa. TUn. NE it in a ,on V rarecenty ormn the the he ogadgn thrm iern i A-
a d hisb bot chief, oe a ayin d of a aeesah ba eo

h b te "co nr io e tionalCa eaRo. (A 6 oAlm nove- nAto. -m tll renme a-e

Somiteoybr S haknowd-lrt ofoubdsaonnagitngomno to coe e- I oe o etoere LaIN s 5 i *
s qutyto e IIrf mp f2ancy ma rl-40pw lh o foh ts a*roing.t
. ,itlMaey wind itno "eIt an Of og aphy toI down]wan t he bote Thme on t.u-e
Sg faulty piso lodels, weo daoatdof l tDrru. dethe.O gale Iteet c ro heer ol l
.i na ,ehup w teeca p t It's a et throms ourak Ko ia, oath. a O r e BtyitC ty n aWhor more. hv fe
ansoda BankerorHaumala Teachers ai pofelessor degofgee bind
X's174t;h0 soe on

ytihentunnelsma tA1h 4 tuNcia ct fR ro m-oh up a safety
Fied, an.t, when ado hse mlsost .e' nd5 .agographome
Ib wring on sh ame prob-f themledJovatcoos Lassre shoeipoe proper way
l0 ut l tre, and 'strain n so fr sh t rk rwho r a ee both ingHonae to croes the n with a baby
S L Boym IKn asvhtongr pother par of the carriage, for the go-
r-Clanes, md idegas. newinolh girrl sanc a aet othe t

the kTN NEL 'ewnlaaopethe earea sten mae ae oehi-
t dfhe kiteIntereste Is e o lo lm efteoverSa of ge pSra t w 1 e r E

Ofqte, its, hlm hreahig electlri frowe d- lpl weacaye outi monel-pw d ldee eiar hoc gaheofm-eeg
litt kle t .r, bu wiwsd,-itbi r grungs4WIesy si prtoa Bufl-
oenI b? hoae moaflw foonanlh,.MU ns.,cance.A b ipl ,e provides a
alleae of bre and In-tc aroba agn to

I ant of ap of c ite. WAet m s h stN, Sept. unTl-ntriall never fall to bring
Gross ntiohMua of geography tonadown the *.sThe conclu-
,i et maly wind tunnelydAywv to the Americane of T sae t poranise.inds

SlooksUke bank branch at a now S& Kitimat, Britis eNt atinaloeor f oGeography,'
onle Is-qee,.eof only it8 earnde of -B Jhis MON f goo- imoney oa .
utaemy 6-mhs i~ ia1 ovenmnt'h "Itr y can b esm UrU nlver-y 'thea
t a the edpes of the cl, odfromdl sl want to at-
Materalarchroud eORONTOSept.a(NSA) erbcba th mo uble c and piate schools, col- fororerMse a h6m.
ltyod Into the one main a Banker's hours" has long beeno11eia. and t aeer To maaepid mer the safety
linenon. y m p on for a t i ni t lattfault, &Cf(at lnioDr.oaohn,lhgonea eUidW ]ateos aft.irohe
CARIE.k dat.e i aaort h kgWho en48ebeensnlWophongtonwat-orl=scleftia h pwlaaley and the
SSMALL BOY Inu6bawa, bankers have oth-egdiengwbothese o gventeentho In- truckbhe

skie, and a stick to hold p te. i*Sahara.groupahe heads. r.t',
w witn line. u An accountant Ina Vancouverk'IV@,Vobth-o, e age of TOo t-5pber,pchi]-e
the full eqipmentbankhe wa50s@ uprootdu. t 3.- Woe I -W sn lapy drth. "Is it~me answer




*. .B



ba ;4t. S t --Wdglk n at the oa* l lgmwarest
on hankers look lofancOal bulsnes for
ru ~ tp !ron as 1 athe e wjth the Ufw Can
I" Ue a= new .am iprum in obb S-
Wm as o USiito open MUp. Ong- Ae abir ..
sI1 his Skuur two of them made uitgie Wiof
i&SpinL g -at Udme5tona, S alama aktas-
*=n Wonbe"ses wih the ba wd to be, Autlt eigagm
A the bt north.b we e te Or. Mhn
thep we. Isrdst tihe Cna.- bwSaav l~mgbeBaker aJ'4S*tfbthte psw.^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^
--- -Wg *ir .& B isi a -- ____ I- m^^^ ^^m^b



, *

"* ", .,-


^ *


- a


VIE MM F P" '5:: i~ em, Ns




w aueceearul eyen
or ha shot hi
otherwise dead
Sbqit way to ft
dl w *fto *pray
A sWU9 fonada*



'. 4--
,~ .,,-~. &

* Om".

* Ce*~va -

* CUmt ff.t Sf,

2.50 and 3.0

MAtDU i1
SaL mww P". !
1M 6MratS* ;

Airitner lw Military Use
.1 ,. '. ., w a ;.

Afl oo..m

S. o .


orae on morA of

v ibea, o~" thisamred
~o ap r the
4ionaptbed on many

m lt n Hngrave robll
cSo sif staoeal"
r.. t a. sm lan an1

i. vWAWA .. ....



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Dit List

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The WrJd Mo. Seauewhuu Ele C


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'A F.

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Phoe 2460

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/ Y

Po ...


'A ~~** ~

better Breakfst Habit

I vF

IMbttrm or maiga'ule, ai

tela. is one of a series of
I~lee prepared by the NEA
he iterest of promoting bet-
er breakfast habits for work-
1g Nmm, women and children.
i 'Vloed and Markets Editor
A' nationwide study reveals.
over 90 per cent of break-
A are eaten at home-more
uW any other meal. But other
lWole surveys tell the unhap-
'jtiry of too many of us eat-
an insufficient breakfast,
in many cases, none at all.
ipetites perk up when the
saleats. breakfast together.
01'school and work schedules
lt, gather around the
Sst table together. Then
"of, setting the pace for
b tekfast eating Is up to
majority of poor oreak-
it>hablts of adolescents and
t'can be traced directly to
'Trmed in early child-
S. Many nutritionists say
it f6rming the habit of eat-
s a gli br-efa& during the
y yr is mVO i mi nportant
'Mi4 th 'png the
h 0, brush-
ta tying his
laces ,

'tH r, "CflIane Cooking

P mam And

- rt-



i' ;. .

VIWomen 's tWfId?
*i. .. o

?1M+ t' .


Ca~ in.!



NA ASpecial Correspondent
MADIs6N, Mlss.- (NEA)--On
the first Tuesday evening of
ST Is made up of fruit Juice, cereal, Feach month seven women troop
nd milk for basically ood eating. into the high school cafeteria,
doff their coats and get down to
the business of goveirift this
Good breakfast habits are small but growing southern
really good living habits that village. u
pay off in health and stability.
The conscientious homemak- Three of the women are young
er's responsibility is not only to mothers. One is a busy church
serve an .attractive and good- worker; another a "retired"
to-eat breakfast seven days a world traveller. But eadh is a
week, but also as, the hostess at municipal official, and together
table, to maintain a pleasant they compose seven-eights of
atmosphere. Madison's official strength. The
Breakfast is not only the time eighth part is Town Marshal
for refueling the body, but also Stewart E. Hoy, husband of
a time for an emotional refuel- Town Clerk Mabel Hoy.
ing when the whole family
gathers together. On Jan. 1, 1951, these women
Here are some main-diph took over the reins of govern- *" .
ideas for breakfast that will ap- ment in Madison, a central
peal to the whole family. Mississippi hamlet 12 miles MADON'MS "CITY MOWBERS" fatherr in May or Dorothy Crawford's a i
Oatmeal Casserole: Place 2 north of Jackan', the state co ren. Left to right (or ae Mrs. R. Rb Mrs. T. M. I.or
cups rolled oats, uncooked, and capital. tandft, Mra. Shed Weeks. Mrs.,. s. Cox, Jr., Mrs. Mabel o. id d BHiai..
1 teaspoon salt in a 1,/-quart ..s .
baking dish. Pour 2 cups milk Madison's wo men, their iron and carbon dioxide in the gained a badly needed parking brisks fter tft he liteue
and 2 cups water over oats. dander up because the com- water. lot. The town mothers persuaded pif te d eve
Cover and bake in a moderate munity's water sppy dle- But a $1,000 municipal th owner to let their raise an Cle And led the
oven (350 degrees F.) 20 to 25 colored laundry and rbine ond lbd e, designed to fl sandoned building. te veln-n
minutes. Top with Vz cup brown iced tea, determined to elect nanee efiTruetion of a f- Displaying typical feminine lage's pa
sugar and 1/2 cup coconut; place officials who would do some- tratten system, was beaten. Ingenulty, the ladies announced About th on clvli mautteg
in broiler a few minutes to thing about It. They may try another Bond that anyone volunteering to aid that ha t be d M at
toast. This will serve 4 to 6. election. in the dismantling of the build- the crafria segOs 'I the
Apple Treat: After 4 servings Their choice for mayor was ieS could keep all the bricks he caMpaig'for re-elti e
of hot cereal, either oatmeal, Dorothy Crawford, wife of Madi- Thanks to Police Commission- could -carry. "Wect4ta time Is too a away,
farina, or whole wheat cereal, son's first chief executive. Real- er Edith Branigan and her fel- Withti 48 hours, the eyesore and wre ben too to
have thickened, add 1V cups lzing that she could accomplish low officials, Madisonites have elted way, and al t every think aeut It," y
chopped peeled apples and a little by herself. Mrs. Crawford lost a hazardous eyesore and Madison family had enamgI Crawfdrd.
dash of nutmeg, Cover and turn asked that, with the' exception .
heat down very-low. Cook about of Town Marshal Hdy, she be
20 minutes, stirring occasion- reinforced with an all-feminine I f
ally. Serve with milk and sugar. slate of candidates. T wnsfolk 1l/ !10 i
promptly obliged and the Craw- aY o Or IF"
ford ticket triumphed by an .._
overwhelming majority.
"At first," concedes Mi or
Crawford, a pleasant-faced O-
R. GRAIAM lumbla ,University graduated
hails originally -from Oklahoma,,
r wd "Panama Guldebook.* "people considered us more or
less a curiosity. But now we are
4* accepted .at face value ad
*, With tjle b0ed everyone is co-operating."
'and With the stance of an out-
ima e a es pefo-an ur,. of-tow engineer, the ladies
quikly dlao oed their water
AmO C~ON POLIO No. 2 problem as the result of excess

ovass osde ua one of
her 1 4-lb. chicken
make 3 tablespoons fat
as cAn Salt an dVpper to yeor taste
13 olives
true 1 tablespoon papers '
'find 1 onion, sliced
as a 1 sweet red pepper, cut in
1"-.-, 2 medium tomatoes, chopped
So. 1 2 cups washed rice
SI1 can .peas, heated
Disjoint the chicken and rub
the pieces with salt and pepper.
S Putll Ingredient s except th
.4, rio e-. peas and. pepper in a
r tast saucepan with the chicken and
cook slowly till the meat is
!ip tO t ut In" .104d. Ad .th Ice and three
'noittf ling sjtsd water; cover
,can peas eqek tihe rice Is; almost
l tablespoons fat di'y Heap I'o a platter and
IP the chicken and stew garnish with the hot peas and
at e, oastenr, 'pep the pepper.
d) salt. per and
... M ttoVe ARROZ CON POLLO No. a
tbe kettle to cool a bit.
meat from bones. I 1 chicken, 3 to 4 lb.
': cup bacon, diced
cooking ft in a large t cup salt pork. diced
. dutch aen Aprefetred) N cup tomato sauce
the washed riee. Pry 1 large onion
tu til the rice is 1 bay leaf
re'bow~Ing. Add two cups 2 cups rice
in tha chicken to one Capers (1/3 cup)
.ook arefuy till Small cooking olives (% cup)
Turn ozin plat- Sweet red peppers
2 cloves garlic
Sin Disjoint the chicken and
Training brown it in the fat from the
M/j crisp-fried bacon and salt pork.
ty MUSt Add the rice and when It is
golden, add three the sauce,
you ever wondered how onion and bay leaf then cups
ound to each other? water. Cook slowly to preserve
tone of voli,' or in- the aroma. When the rice is
Y" y1 r cooked *tlv 'Mbut not broken
up. add salt to your taste, blend
th a eswoman in the capers and oMves, garnish
el Do the words with red pepper rings and serve
a sweetly, or hot.
li t they e a lit- ih
rsceeches around
He t 'husband and
.l to turn Into a when she an- Keep dust from marring your'
heue.. camera lenses by wiping It oc-b

e ftines; however,
die. ny eo
duet smma *

E've almo baen
6wto fte eow-
=rIo friends
Agata .~h at

caslonally with a smaa, sudsy
cloth. Be careful not to aBow
moisture to seep Into the cre-
vices. A clean, lint-free cloth
*111 dry and polish the lent so
stot It will operate efficiency.

en yovu dry your clothes in i
= e= dryer, it Is Una-
Portant that you time tbhe M
OmIaAt. -wu wiD know they gop
S overdrid If they come
B dand .rough to the I
*t~nh -

jt Pb~lnam assi bladia
aP a man we *' < e l .

Women I,

NEW YORK, Aug. 29 (UP).-
Turn a woman loose with am
assortment of paint and she's
apt to do something startling.
Bronx Zoo officials discover-
ed that when they hired a womrn-
an to be their color con-
It Oegan about 18 months ago
when the zoo decided its more
than 50 buildings and 252 acres!
could have a lot more eye ap-
peal Officials got in touch with
an attractive New England
woman who had built quite a
reputation for her color know- BY G UGMAS
how. NSA M t Edistonr
Since then, blue-eyed Teresa NEW YOFaM-(NEA)-Every
Kilham has been directing a woman has t ,l sat one "dres-
paint-brush brigade among the sy" dress In tir Wardrobe.
old buildings. Wow. about 26 If she live la a small town
per cent of the animal houses, or even *' mellua-ized one.
once a alsm ftff and blue, It will serve Wlfferent purpose
glisten with decorators' colors than it w-in in a ig city.
ranging from briUlant red to She will Iw t or bridge, for
cheery yellows. and all sorts tea, for s a haga, for any
of bluef and iatr Informal .uIa requiring a
The children I ealon of the somewhat l turnout.
zoo looks -e from a
and lemon, aiume and pink.
The eagles hold M l court in MflN M LL
huge cages toppled1a a brefant
red crest and banded th light -- o
blue, yellow and loght Fen
iron-work, around a blue Judging from my mall these
screens. an some of the most common
The black their Is hMow little faults that make a man
off against a p of Miit Afficult to live with.
blue. Be rarely comments on all
"We're just trying to mmfe the that his wife does to make him
zoo more attractive," oa a i comfortable. but Is quick to
explained. "We're not meh- S*bhow disgust If one small things
menting with the effects Io aol- Is neglected.
or on animals or anything lBe Be has no reel respect for
that." women as people. Be doen ts
Miss Kilham, a native of Bos- know or doesn't -care that cam-
ton. said decorating a zoo has ments: "Just like a woman" or
been the most exciting job she's e a bunch of women"
had. and certainly the most e ng words to his wite.
a Me sloppy, either about his
now rve en working aprance the wa
lnBewi and such." e s r a where f
l 4 Included libraries at Ti2 -H M th Iow his clothes
lti ke". the M- -no-ee i- leaven the bathroom I
im oitae of Technolog. -#* L eMI
ieatc tr Iasu to In-srv who


booked eMmais aus

V-m -en. ..m
bm a ymo.- A m

S-yor 1

In Ih same gm r Id an organ
type drBas SM matinees, to Oenle drapery re
te- a, to smaH bosom and she
and wA and even, gracefully with I
at tMeif, t6 heater In the
e- hing. Equally headsen
*At ama ftt or big city, treme % t)
It's a|af must have shining raeyon a
If sbe Ia fairly ac- soft drapery. M
the W neckline and
-uggested In tha.
A Uiq lress for city er effect aci
lie (Mlef) i feminine de- .ull skirt. W
sian. sonfthr and folded, and neat.

fsa w

Women g ta k and hav-
INg to Avge a tent man is
W,* aiw rprn=--
&U. UlMe-. The
o9atme bitter if
te ah atll ms the cha-
'g ~~ust wife to
g. Ai u t his
SIs, in mhome.
4601 M g. '
fgg a quent
asl OMMi'Slrm es more
-. --ue f othe rest.

S wd. oe

6hU 00to %b haue to be Per-
afet-bfmftln of Uso om

Sedud Ust

To Iasure fbOW
and wel
with a crib g at it
firm, rqea.m
non-aflergt fat,

When b at.M

bogiW a4t
ab r
ear- _y '
Ip Bpr .' t *
,* <"iM^~Kli~

aW YORl-(NrA)- -
Mw f ,wm, bewmg
control In attractive d

a ailkd .I in..

b looks k

' .-

L .
"" 7 't .5

% !,.J




4 .,

, -

I I I r i

, I.. "*, ;.




AR, mr

1h ,,

19-' i L


prQ*ir w~. ~

I.. -

n .. .

'-AAtm- .td e 1D lM o Wt B


-Eit trli r l n- (Tif e on p ores under ar. h sa iS
ial Or o e a O tabrMrs.Ie tt S e. 8ao rB d I iS n
bI- I *

gb! To Meetet toD I eB, an 'S -
t on togh b I D, S. S M the wed11.

-O --f hte B es r Im esortt *t

ArtV. ml Om:Taed'm telfi n te rm M Mrs A u
S, IM. Pr A U wi thanSe

U of.n- Dandb Ba liib | o'r H Mth. epowpi o, ers. tir oaMLaD en
an In hush re- foat Pen omen CO l T
private 6fag at e Genra n eac u.lthe, JartP aw lt a t
pl u acmds nt ee orted f15 de t

ArrtOsittnaCOWS t"eanwiTow vi t hillM p e rts" !Ilb

M.OI t toP laThcard l.Gy a. re aE"
now;u s arein d acolorend fTe e a al a ets to h.r pots hen 1 itflr
ahnf Ar wri a ne mctirtt~. muter Is- om?. ag otfuhl fluter, RunkrEaf
.t Metnr=IFih p OeAnouaiwmfearedorded:outon x, Mf how.
lh ms ee d o1 M s recipe Man
O o f S a lvb, ,pg gea re Inofd i Mo t C ov ot aA
haewY63e o ,t on &, rt

frim tit
r wee ly bdo
i will be pl ay. t
Ip the OsI
& .i. l& ab:I'
.,.'s+*" T 1 -" ..' '

N& .

wt o

L .
Sm, a man'as ime s hfa w

.' THE.

-19 OF YOUR IE.. *'

...AND (dl
ONLY $45.- I
A Jungle Jim Jaust
S ru s.e

Last two lorons the yesa
Sept. 1924-11 Oct. 44
SpoMwd by Metod

f- "py-EAnatA" le t Ppr I7) fMay 4 a.m.
Arrivs CoW n ( LaCm s Coik p'm .m. f0t
Pasonsge te, upgaggageeaten* al5B toon.
.taem .tragq kais. t* a a .m.
SerouNh a-l to U ., S,,, Wl i ., te k ,...... 45.00
"r-em .Sa 'L.t t.Ma.*H .r .ql!e .......... 4S0
T'hag @w.... fS. mq.ssgphy. ....... ThsU


r mawned to Ka
sea Ms. Mactomme
1s, many friends of Mr.
L L MacKente are
a a farewell party to be |

k eir honor. Mr. M hU SIs
a p- Commodore of t aIShO
Ciub. Ho has reoeutl etSw
am the Polie D-zmImmu and
Ifty an salrn an thr 1 oo&Al
Swl" for fTMd n eumitwL.
All friends who dMin to at-
tend the dinner paMty =f
ain tickets at the Yct
Dugaste smrgo '.
Sam slimmwa"
The wMeW duplcate rd
gams wl be p d tomormw
night. at the t tb-



ELOc mc


fe l-gtse asy.

*I 2"




'3; \~


wi le- In our
1 Wg 9ft %mvp ow~t*W~
-e* -*- ^ m_.^{

C" in City Mmuay pj
ma bism. m m ^
Allft iblea Dol Ml li
-Waft SAM.---
Mew V'*. Parie as 1"


- .*




at i.


-T F T .* i **. *i;* *'. -

*- *'* f
*. s
*' *


I ~

- I w .
f~t~fl 4 fl

'' m.' .

* .,

tewis Service
'"#4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291 and

S'Fottrth of July Ave.-Pnone 2-0441

ko heve e drinking problem?
i AlCehelles Anonymous. Bo0
l -- Ancon C. Z.
WENDEHAKE medical clinic
Esltdionic street No. 140 between
1,'" and "K" street phone 2-
_eway $85, round trip $135 115
by-limit), $160, 'good one vear);
LOS ANGELES, one way,. $149.
round trip $252.35, 90 day-
't) Panama Dispatch Service.
ite Ancon bus stop. Tel. Pon-
o 2.-1655. ____
:SERVICE one way TO MIAMI...
I 7.00.. NEW YORK. .$110.00
$86.00. Via AREA.. ."The
:-Route of the Good Neighbor" -
-OEING 4-engine planes-ROUND
TRIP TO..MIAMI.. $120.60
..NEW YORK. .$202.30.. GUA-
YAQUIL $135.00. .QUITO ....
S.$154.80. For more details see -
Opposite Ancon Busstop.. Tele-
phcne.. 2-1655.
'your choice clinic or office, well
ventilated. w,ndcws facing street.
'No. 15"'Centrol Avenue, Panama.
'Telephone 2-2412 office hours or


|R SALE.-We have a few Thor
S5eyll, sutortaite washers at re-
lised prices. Muebleria Casa Spar-
'tij. Cenitroa 223. Tel. 2-4591.

Sa6p de Beileza Americano
'56 West 12th Street

*f -.,




I'' '

tt "'.."'.

MIitdeMt for 12 *di
(*g qgch ifliomU Nf


P et ywor hd h .i
the danger of m al
and flies .thi
Nete thee money had wiwAk
Mvitnr advaubnts-
1. 30% to 40% cheaper thal
any other screen
2. pan be removed or r-
plated In a few secohis.
8. 3 or 4 pound weight makes
cleaning a light houmao
kneplnw lob.
4k Prame never rusts. rots of
neells Dainting.
8. 80reen easily replaced at
fraction of usual coat.
G. Admits more air and IhSt.
271 Central Ave
Tel. 3-0140

ntM El Panami
SELLING: PanamA Forestal
wIet&M rPanamA ig-0 -
aiee Co. and paer T
(eommen and pro.
8T. -4719 3-101

M -so
vlwten Re phMelM
.am -m .u" '

kfSfI ft
TZM^,r^ ^

TMpori hxtu, 5. A
ShIpping, moving, uler ..
We pack and orate et move
anything. 'Phone 2-461,
2.26, PnamA.

THM 0oersu m oron
we deal l aa t ftGo a nad

Just Arved
25 Cyels aetemn-and
Deep-fm'esu5 IMvsrulene
Gerrmlu. St. A, Avenida
J006 Fruii do M is On&
Ne. a.

(ir. L A.fE liEZ

(with KUlaaof Engslish)

Nrman Wek.

MToo. n CA
01u DOOM Tsft
Di~me GB MenDBK


LTM 301 IN 3?

I:n- B ro-Musical Inter-
from congress*

Phiillp. Oceoansid cottages. Santa
Clara. SBox 135.' olboo. Phone
Panama 3.-1877, C'rAtobol 3-1673.
Foster's cottages, compftely furnish-
ed. Half a mile bleyondSanto Cla-
ra. For infermoflon visit or phone
Dagmar. Tivoll Avenue No. 6. 2-
0170. Panama.
Gromllch Santa Clara beach-
cottages. Electric lce boxes, gas
stoves, moderate rotis. Telephone
6-441 Gamboe. 4-567 Pedro Mi-

A psrtmeitmu
Two and five room furnished and
unfurnished apartments; private en-
closed gardens. 8061. 10th Street.
New Cristobol. Telephone Colon
FOR RENT:-Small furnished apart-
ment. For information call Pan-
ama 3-1118.

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE: Sport Fishing Boat
"Skip Jack" 26' x 8 1-2' x 1 1-2'.
A-1 condition. Completely outfit-
ted. Read. to go. See "Eddy" at
Balboa Yacht lub. or call Forge-
soh. Hafire Balboo 2954, office
Balboa 2867.

.Hunter Classifies
Elephant As Most
Dangerous Beast

6:00-LINDA'S FIMi' tVE -
(01a. AllaroM B,)
8: -Teni $8ai6'
7: -Tkeit Ptrom Hee (Bi!)
7:45--Alan Dampman, Unitar-
lan Society
8r00-News, Sports and com-
mentary (VO&)
8:15-Metropoltan Obe1a, Audi-
tions of the Air (VOA)
5:4-Coommentatora Dlgest
9:00-Oliver Twist (W)
.3.s0-Play-ioua of FVy .t .
10:00-The World At lot'WI-
dow (IBM) -'. I
11:06-The Owl's Nest
4idnlght-S41n Off.
Tuesday, Sept.

6:00-SIgn O- Alarm aoc
7:30-Mornim Salon
8: 1-New VOAJ
8:30.-tar uilt
8:46-ma ua Harmonlta
:15S-Sacred Heart PrograM
:0--AsI aSee It
10:05-Off the Record
11: 00-News
11:05-Off the Reoord (ContdM)
'11:30-Meet the Band
12:05-LunchMen Made
12:30-Popular M#de
1:0-Nm "
1:46-Iurftiut 8 a "MAo.
2:0--ACO m LAM l
l:I5-Dt fatfor M la
2:0-Spuft at am
a:45-"t&t% of ,i lzlw j
X:.O-s. ma3r.0s -,



41' A -


- S


C .. I

lO:0-Oft the naj tu
ll:06-0-Ne IJ I
S11.30--meet a'l Iu=
12[ --Newe
12:05-Luncheon Mtle b

12:30-Popular Mufo t,
1:15-PerMnmall PitFrId
1:45-Jack smth =0a (M
2:00-Ametlcah JouftnU (
2:15-It's Time to D iee
2:30-Aftemoon Mlodims
2:45-Notes on Jam
:00-AUi Star Concert Bul
: 15-The Little Show ,
3:80-Music for Wedft ea
4:30-What's Your FvoLrite
-CIa. Alfaro, B.A.
6:15-Evenming aiun
7:00-Over to You (BBC)
7:4.-Fren In the Air (RDF
8:00-New mfd OommentaWy
8:15-Jam iSwdon (VOA)
8:30-Tbe Amrican Book Bhel
8:4&-co.tamedatorn Digest
0:00-Love From Leighton Buu-
zard ( Mw)
9:30-The Haunting iour'
11:00-The Owl's Neat
12:00-S-10 Off

1:o^dift MUSI
12:30l-4PW iMoUc

1:4 In Science
sa 00a L Paul
2:15-bate fot Dancing
4:S*tZWaMooo Melodie
,N4t-8 elbthe Bands
Min0 A-A'- Debut
'M: MtloShow
8:(-.dlt t Thurtday
4 6u--ii 0br lavunts
OClaAitaro, S.A.


. .. ... .i
.*.-- .' *' y''


Huobehold Automnhile
FOR SALE:-Rottoan I.ingroom set. Service Personnel and Civilian
Wedgewood gas range. Kenmore Goverr.ment Employe
>,a6her. Telephone ranama Insist an -
.426i. __ Government Emniployes Finance Co.
FO, SALE -Owner leaving. 2 cribs. Whe O finance yu
ike new, perfect condition. :ji351 ri usdcar.
und C' street No. 5 'El AGENCY DINHLINR
Cangreo.' .Iel. 3-3335. Panama. Phona 4 wto ebl b W
FOr, ALE -0 cycle Hoponi auto-949 LncolnCosmop n Fordor
maoic wshe,. Perfect condition 1949 Lincoln Cosmopoitan Fordor,
12- Tel. Albrook 3130. perfect condition, lust like new.
new paint job. new plastic seat
FOK 3ALE ---Refrigerator, 8 cu. iI ,:osers. new tires, radio, overdrive.
L SC.I(IPI Porcelain inside and out only $660 00 down. This is our
U I CL'" )' S'ngle bed or couch be't buy.
itom' and spring $7 Q0' Tvwo' YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER
k.ichen char s, while. $2 50 each. COLPAN MOTORS INC.
ICurie 176'-A, Gamboa. ON AUTOMOBILE ROW
FCG SALE --Coldspor refrigerator, 8 TEL 2-1033 2-1036
i.u f. i,-.rcelan insidee and oul-f
s'de b In.00:. Currier 167-A FOR SALE:-Used tires, passenger
Gamboa & commercial at Agencies Cosmos.
_________ .. -- -- on Automobile Row No. 29, tele-
FOR SALE -Household effects in- on Automobile Row No. 29, tele-
cluding fence 12 family house, hoePnm 2---
5765-L. trelehone Balboa 2-4320 FOR SALE: 1950 Ford Custom
FO SALE---Porcelan refgao Fordor Eight, black, good tires, ex-
FOP SALE-Porcelain refrigerator. cellent condition, guaranteed, must
2', cycle. 8 cu. ft. Frg,dare be driven to appreciate, only $475.
Storage shek.e 3nd cabinets Slep! 00 dollars down and drive it away
ladder 5472 Diablo. 2-3123. YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER
FOR SALE. Metal Quartermaster COLPAN MOTORS INC.
buffet and dining table, afternoon ON AUTOMOBILE ROW
1419-D; ,Carr St. Balboa. TEL 2-1033 2-1036
FOR SALE:-Radio-phonograph com-
bination table model with Cobra FOR SALE.-1949 Frazer. Excellent
arm. Baby crib with screened sides condition. 6 tires. 5 -ew white
and odiu-tabie springs, also plos- wall. all accessories. $850. Phone
Stic mattress Upholstered chair Pedro Miguel 4-576.
vqry con-forroble Call 2-2969 for FOR SALE.-, 1949 Mercury coupe
crib and chair. Call 2-2935 for ,,ght gray, overdrive, radio, good
radio. tires. this ar it a steal. only
rea 5$465 00 down and drive it away.



At l-1J;.
B. "..OM.-:;:

;? ,*'.

,-. A

,- A.. -

S -



: : ..JS.

Cdtkon Drug Store
10.056 Melehdes Ave.-Phbowe MW6 oM

Age-dia Internacional de Publicaclons Propaganda, S.A.
*8 Lottery Plass Phone -81-e -,, 8atreet corner dstu o4lnt Bt.
Phone& 2-2214 and 1-/17




.1 f )... l-lt.' -..r ['..
i .,


tA$ -

Sj-- not poa more thnn -- ----
s net. for your new RC-1 EnqgI i stenag-,pher with knowledge
ab 9-.eed utomotic rnew c6Rd- -of Spans.i O;lcrs serves for full
ab 2eed or 60 cyc'lotc re Cosa- cr o ,rt tme wo, rk. p 0 Box.
Pq. Centrll 223. or at oif No. 387, Ancon Z. *
at No. 56. B Avenue. Pan-,1 I' FOUND

TEL 2-1033 2-10S6

FOR SALE:-Lote 50 Buick. Riviera
Super, blue, dynoaflow, all aoces-
sories Phone Navy 367.

MIll be rece ed In the off & LOST-Unset Sior Sapphire between FOR SALE.-1951 Nosh Ramlter
Fe General Moanger. Comm's- Quarry Heights and Admnm.tra- convertible coupe light gray, radie
cry Division. Mr. Hope. C. Z i.on Building Reward. Call Bol- overdrive, white sidewall tires, low
Atil 3:00 o'clock p m., Tue'da v boa 4478. mileage this car is a real bar-
Bpte-rber 16. 1952, for the pur- W--ANT ._-_"__-- gain only $200.00 down and drive
Kme of all or part at 30 tons of WANTED it away.
p socks. Invitations for bids. Miseellaneols ON AUTOMOBILE ROW
S full particulars, may be ob- -o. 'ON AUTOMOBILE ROW
I the o of th ir rce .ff di fu ed3 TEL. 2-1033 2-1036
^ Hope, C. 2. ably in Billa Vista or El Congrelo
aMeas. Phone 86-4215 *or 86- FOR SALE:-1951 Ford convertible,
NL COMPANY 2138. Major Roth. 15,000 miles, radio, good' tires
CASTI FOR SALE m- e-/ and top. Phone 86-4159 or 2271
for opening in public, Servvnce man and wife desire 3' or Albrook -A.F.B. Can be financed.
f'&ceived until 10:30 A. M., 4 room furnied qpart.ervt in
12, 1952, for Castings, San Francisco or Bell .Md a Call FOR SALE:-1950 Chevrolet Tudor.
and Bronze, Iron ard S Sgt Alien Wicklund 4gtWbrok good point, good tires, new toil
RMld ot the Boboo Store- 86-4247,. pioe and muffler. This car is in
'ie tole Circufar No. 23 *- i r excellent condition, only $485 00,
ed from the office Presidentia Prm e and drive it away
t of Storehouses, Baol- Before 1956 Predicted YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER
SfndPppy, fe-lZnaa ascret of a.te, Wes- TEL. 2-1033 2-1036
i eek ofd. Telephone Bel-ley Bolin., offer hope to critics
f of nomination of presidential FOR SALE:-1950 two Door Super
Candidates by convention Buick, excellent condition. Tele-
C ash register, model. Bol. i recentiv selected presi- phone Balboa 1503.
..leCall 2-1837. dent of the National Assocla- FOR SALE:-1950 convert-
tnic Spnetpiao tn of Secretaries of State. pre- ble coupe, yellow excellent con-
en Geral Electric 25 dicted that presidential pri- ditiLcn, radio, other extras this
Vea- aoltachment, with mares would be substituted for caris, steal, only $550 00 down
-l 24n enationalnominating yconven- anr ts ous
2n-Vn 2a do St. Ancon. tionp before the next presldCn- YOUR FRIENLY FORD DEALER
R ... .tial election In 1956. COLPAN MOTORS INC.
-f- 'thnk we will beO able to N AUTOMOTILE ROW
1 In Gef ---- :et It rnized next vear and 901-Z EE0-Z 131
in .. ,rman. tave t ready for a vote of theOl- O
muc1u)d from Pare 1) |people in the next general elec-FOR SALE-1 Packard
tlo" he id FOR SALE:-1942 Packard. 4 Door
Son the outskirts of0.' .. Sedan. Good condition. $3500
new American housing (randaa's Kind Of Cake Poroiso. C. Z. 103, Apt. H, Tel
J .causing a great deal of Is BOnming Lot- Art 4-268 A
loamong the .. S Lostb A
ths ago theAmerican CINCINNATI. 0. (UP'- A FOR SALE-'46 Hudson, Fordor, new
on to Germany Unversity of Cnoinnat home pnt ob good tre this car we
i ^ts headquarters here economics expert believes the are giving away, only $170.00
kfurt Alone with the art of baking cakes the wav down and its yours.
'ttsh and Germns, ihe Gt andmother id is rapldlv be- YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER
had to build living coming a lost art. COLPAN MOTORS INC.
Mrs Elizabeth Carson Hall. ON AUTOMOBILE ROW
g U.S. official de-I' w'ho investigated the cooking TEL 2-1033 2-1036
decorations an fur- and baking skill of 200 "mod-
An -ut .rern' women, said 54 per cent FOR SALE. 1950 Buick 4 Door.
Ilre in good taste but of interviewers relied on pre- F Dvnoflow, easily financed. 522-B,
"Germano ant pared cake mixes. She found ru Heighs n4a- m,
n-s feel 'the slo- that an additional 14 per cent' runu e s 4- p. m.
Bhad it so kood" as used them occasiorallv. FOR SALE:--1948 Packard Fordor,
hlricand It govern- anew paint job. new seat covers,
In GeXnany still an -'ffort to "bring about a closer good tires, try and find a better
and mnr underatanding Ger- car for your money, only 5330 00
the $1400.000 pro- man relationhflp." down and its yours.
S apartments com- The nnlv place where you see COLPAN MOTFORD DEALER
A"fron egg- Germans in large numbers is in CO A MOT RIN
-baby rand piano." the canteen. ON AUTOMOBILE ROW
en,' hop at thel The German servant girl I TEL 2-1033 2-1036
.,where every- '; ttmIn one break, however i
tl auin German!American officials once ranked FOR SALE: 1949 Chevrolet, 7
up to as many as five servants- tires, low mileage. very good con-
free. Now an American woman edition. $1.000 lkyd Bros, Tivoli
Ia swimming pool, has to pay the standard wage, Avenue No. 16
l.'ter and other w- about $D0 a month. although
is are available many German girls will work for FOR SALE-195 Studebaker Cham-
sW 4.. U. ha. s because of the many erco- pilot Club Coupe, point like new.
.thnre s little evi-tators In foreign hois-holds. good tires, beautiful plastic sot
at the American Tomorrow: The dmracle of The covers, only $500.00 down and
made much QfldeutBehemark. its yours.
nrl-A NTr1" % Ti-r'rl-s 11 TEL. 2-1033 2-1036

BW'fASMIN Mo longer employed by
M~alMtM w A It BFiowr).. We will
empv ism fla y business transac.
?ty.*i atior thru K:m for Cilpma

S *

-.v Duiter
^A-c IiL P.

i^S1^ '11 Now

FiM sAS-t-l4T fe 4 4 am w-
Hm i4i- Kme iwfa doe
-com n"me- es- e-" .

Pr SALE: 1947 Poniac Eligt
Fp r, iw -nt job BOa ts.
hw -r tory dCam, nly $295.-
0 0 d owni md e it t m .


.. 4 M 5'.'

i1:1 l' t Heart Pro-

lF :WM-ttfth Mikio
linibke rab'em a I e

1:0 t 8t tiferd Show

: &ipHONY
4 :80- Fhavorite
l'.eM5o VA)

7:45-Lean BAek and Listen
8:00-New s 1 the Sportlight
i8tl6-how ,itk (VOAi
8:30-U. N' Review (VOA)
9:00-BBC Con r0t Hall
10:00-Dante Vtstle
10:30-Time tfo Music (BBC)
11:00-Bign Ott

Meotiay, Seot. 8
*:00-Alam Clock Club
7:.0-Momat 8g tt
8: &1-Newl.(VOA)
8:4Mt.-M tMake
i:15-Come and Get It
9:30-As I See It
10:05-Oft the Record
11:05-Off the Record (Contd)
11:30-Meet the band

sell Barnett Aitken, big game
hunter back frond an African
expedition, claslfsie elephants
as the m9st dangerous of the
wild beasts.
"The African eleiant'- not
to be cnftasd with th docile
Indian elp hath seen at.Ircuses
-is as dangerous. qa an$ other
two beastb4 Attke wa-lW.

,we ep ed at tht Lm.a

While on. the road he found
time to sell potlcards as a side.
The card buines blossomed
and Miller quit -hi other job to
devote his time to selling cards.
Soon he added leather goods
and Imported gl9s" and novel-
Miller now has 40 persons
working for him and expects to
gross almost $25006N this year.

Student Drting Curbed
CHICAGO (UP) At least
39 U. S. college m a universi-
ties prohibit their Mdents from
driving automobile d'ng the
school year. an ltlurance com-
pany survey show&




sa ,'
V -1 : .'t >., .,;".. : ,
* ,4. .. -"". '.; t.' f,

You Sell 'em... When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classifieds l

I eave your Ad with one of our Agents or our I offices iu No. 57 "H" Street Pa"aia
No 12.179 Central Ave. Colon



- 2, ... .. .. ... r -r-- nj6 *

Ont &

. .* ....f.. rf ^.. 1 ll '



. ;:.

*Wy, Sept. 7

ML J&.- A, 1.^ A i

._ 1"

,, ,^ 'Z?4,:.,; *. -. .. ; .'. *
^^ i ,. ^;y. .*" ?.^ .<.* -^ f. **r-. <-^ ^ ^ i ^ .** ^S^ ^ ap

nta n

I "M
We a
I r

hi f.h k

mo -; ve'ia. -
laawl'; an;I I

$! i At l dy ".'. ha-oA

"a'J ]t e*, r. / ffe ltes r e ttest

lan n ffrolesf O e"
; ; e- et o bu W ... k4d

ahog well alnl e o g1iig. e.i"

;. ro nsi e r,-Deu,
As. am 'AV h- travels. & bet.

"l how ,Litte t h, o. f

.cut g e a b4a W a M to flh

-p p.../r: / -.e .. .
s :r. "", ,. o"d _llenI- r,

(6t / neatm I

S X mod
m..-. u ..mwL


A WAMw see *om Stanoley rEINSar
od,;m- a- =-
UoI r (12'a ^ Ju. i'~o i .a




c s e auscb 'l -rk
t N h adn(b)aF tem s
liaof Pr ee Of Egno. pFor nf s
Wt& "Y OU a R7b5 -
dW o f rolta. m itman"N ipatb. t to ,"'Io, a2e way I ptf it,"
ie mmaw.. o ph Stl--nt I- m M to h 'V Sat whothappen, after
tao Dr h N p I Toc OW l tan bet"ucem, Iu uait
Imted by Jean l 't finally hai t down uh od-
Snim to itjrmc ?WS~ f rd. f rdod all
1WOtw. she was go Of esre'B s OW 9 upx or seven years
Mt D o s B T"oday bab be down or at
of l a 071I, my way down by Iow.
SShe tents im to e who go to t tol
Sy Teche ianle RIs beoaue whartha
h oen way up ba mwq.

loil O1" .iun.44west..TV Croouw
f,,fi, f a, 'm W as, lt*'" h .AL--
,_ ag H -Bz,, k Upon A Sto
f 4 ad HOYWOOD, Sept. 0 (1*m
ft u I as h 3fod l aid and now aomm a neai
--ie wa. otd te- No Gadn .w wTa Onadooden who olpE bes
el ca 1-s aln hs heart-ot.
hee was Joe's the moe- taInd-thatU
ad iatd Cdatcy mooer who ge up j
dad for a job ao nspm amntto h1ibig
leagugL. .nB After an Re~wiood 1vCg, 8 nade@
aotat t -lan telcrian i ft the nat e an
s to bu Now getbuN movem otllsm fa
Is ei a new an Ills
nt bl hImmle n1904tool, handsome

fa n, :: n"m abutPMSmg*now to
tI c&, ra 4 a now aa Wak 1t a@ bsndt WW
-? .. -iM-< :how- aI, O a"d,- T


.. P 4.
' ~ i' ., *. ,il .
".; <* **r *

Wgg 71,d w

--~m i yr4IN --
b S imn met ...
ea* BfrE BaT.- iBUHA Ilt l
-Tia WilIfwlrI TEALM

-oI T


Bj. (MNo in 4 MIn-

Rooml sbhw .Arw

CrNtr AL -- TOI~i

a.LffAND""m .- oIrBi
'ioN-1mBL;o uHW.
i wR-i frwow *' 'i

If -,f: ~u.r.:,


A 016mn Uhma^m W. rinihim.
-*. -- ,'SS : .r '

1" *


W mm

4 I

* 'V* -
- ,

C .1

>. "-'[I r "n [m''m U [ m m [ ,
e ." .* '
i + ~ ~~~'--'.'- I P


an ts

Whip Dodgers


~ ,~
?~ ~ .


's Fih

W1-"W 'th is Issue, The Panama Amnedonri s starting a ne'
Sto deal exclusively with sport fthg in Republic of Pa
-Waters. Readers are Invited to send pictures of thel
t d weight, when and where caught, type of fishing
t used, and time It took to boat fish, and any other In
also are invited to send In queries on fishing whiel
B ideavor to answer.
In Panama is fabulously fine, and we hope tha
will help stimulate interest In this sport.
~ihinz tournament sponsored by the Panama Marlir
2 Aug. 10i was a huge success, proving once agali
*Mling grounds of the Republic of Panama are a para
e sports fisherman.
boats taking part in the tournament headquartered
-ly. about 135 miles ou tof Panama City There wai
$tI the supply department due to the planning anc
liob behind the tournament. Esso Standard Oil tool
-f the fueling arrangements. Food, drinking water, Ice
le and other miscellaneous articles that mean comfort were
yided, and this allowed the Darticipants to concentrate on
The results of this "concentration" were that 59
marlin were raised, 12 caught; 614 sailfish raised, and
270 caught. That's a lot of billfish:
Dolphin, so often the fisherman's delight, proved a nuisance
-since this was strictly a marlin and sailfish tournament. Be-
tween 600 and 700 dolphins were caught, weighing up to 50V2
lbs. The dolphin ruined many a carefully prepared marlin bait
and put up their usual keen fight.
* The largest, marlin caught in the tournament was one boat-
- by Lt. Col. Herbert Cooley it was a giant silver marlin
4poelghing 5621/2 lbs.
When "Luke" Gorham of Miami, Florida, caught a 127 lb
lialflsh on a three thread, 8 lb. test line, he broke a world's
teord. This record looked a little shaky the next day when
rt Harborn, also of Miami, boated a big sail. However, on
Sighing, It was found three pounds under Gorham's. Harborn,
identally, holds a world's record for an amberjack he caught
Years ago. Well, the same day that Harborn almost took
wham's sail record away, Gorham reciprocated by catching a
amberjack that almost, but did not quite, equal Harbornn's.
Elmer Orr of Balboa, broke a 22-year jinx with his black
rin catch. Although one of the hardest and finest fisher-
n on the Isthmus, Orr just couldn't boat a black marlin until
tPurnament when he landed one after a 55 minute fight
?ard the Hotel El Panama cruiser "Pescadora." Weight 420
Honors for the largest black marlin caught during the
urnakment go to Tommy Styles for his 460 lb. marlin.
The largest sailfish taken in the tournament was Lt. Earl
00d's 184% Pounder.
sm"Yn newcomers to Panama caught their first sailfish on
1 Josep6h R. Cunningham, Manager of El Panama was
these with his 106 lb. sail.
who visited Pifias Bay a rea for the first time were
Sixth the beautiful scenery, cool nights, and insect-
ages. During the tournament over 6,000 faish were
hinlUdl d salfth*z, black marlin, silver marlin, strip-
v ah, ted nauppr, dolphin, black snapper, mackerel,
a o,snook; Oouper, tuna, bonita and skip Jack.
tse orbait or food were returned to the sea While
at Other fishermen .In the future might enjoy these
fishing watrs.
n InOther toz 0Yowever. One on conservation of fish,
40W t ld In 't04U*e column.

\obby, Avilaf ,--
MA Rt.-.The Indians'
-U faulted defensively,
Wby Avtoa makes all the
tat aeond, bats .300.

Larry Deby
)IIDDLE MAN-Larry Doby is
among the American League's
home run leaders and match-
less in center for the Indians.



se l3ss


- pal. 3q4 Ass.
~.- 3. P.
* wruu
* ~u
Par bb~
4- ~

r .**;* ***

P o gr am NEW YORK, SepLt. .-4P)-The Glants Nl at
iT ac,","Brs. U d

Pr hcen of teDoubles in the National League by cutting the Dedgtters' ;: "
r 2 Con Vor II F. Ramos league lead to four games hr Vrtue of their double i .. 2
S osa a r ViCtory over Brooklyn 6-4 and 7-3 at the Polo 4eant a +
b5 La.Muura A. Vergsia Grounds today. Im ..... s
7 l Mono G. raell 5 The Gianta, aided by four e Ray Moore. Clem Lablne and" "
t1 8 Strike Three E. J Brooklyn errors, won the first Olyde King all saw duty for the *Ntoht ase uM Mlatl
9 Ecipse f. Allvera 11& game behind the combined Dodgers on the hill. ___a___
~ mound efforts of winer Bill.U In the second game, Jim Heam TUeA' A*i
1 2nd Race "F-2" Native Fg. Connelly, oyt ilhelm and Al ered the Dodgers with a Boston at
I Prse: 275.00 Pool ches: 1:15 Corwin. Card Erskine, who start. four-hit performance. Heamn Br-okla .t
SSecond Race of the Bubles ed for the Dodgers, was the los- helped his own cause with a Coin iat ..W t
1 Arranque n Bravoe 115 horner. Pittsburgh Ft St. a e.
2 CoFialon V. Castillo 114 re victories place the Gilt -
s 3 Opex 0. Castillo 118 5 ,L M;ov. MAe*ic Inbetter portion thanatthis ErERAS RULTS
S4 aTap Lady F. Rose 112 a [IDPS ItIXCOo the racelaer Cinnnati o 00 00-
S5 Avlvato B. Pulido 1 Cubd. appears that the Dure- Chicago 010 0o001o- 6
e 3rd Race "1-1" Imported 41 Fg. |H Aatair r though with another dramatic wippetell t (9) and At in
SPurse: $375.00 Pool elue: 1:45 | WIot, auri 8 wMtooebCmt finish. eaia ppse r (9 and At-
1 Cipayo E. Silterk 107 gm. bi League theeoeds edgtd theillb. ilns se ---- whertit
2Cobrador E. Coreho 107 en wnr 3 behind Bud Podbellan. dkn b00l 001 4
3 Ventre a Terre A. Ubldia 101 I he Braves-Phillies aid Pi- New York 010 102 01x-60 .122. S &
4 La Chata H. Reyes 109x rates-Cardinals were scheduled Ersk? (ll-), Moore (5), IA- tS
- 5 Cradle Song V. Rodriguez 10Bx --- to play tonight. bine (KIRg 8) 5 campt
6 Curaca R. rra 112x In the American League, the nella)a r ea i ge at3gio t
"7 Rose HI O. Caslo 117 IAlVANA, Set. 6 (, 8 ran Da C. Igleslas 120 1th Amters Baseball World two games, pending the outcome orwin () and Wttrm t
i1 ersle a toay amid of the Yankees-Senators game
4th Race "I-0" aftilW 11. gret e etitlte tonight aI Washington, by wal- ii n
PFure: $375.00 F 2:10 w tthe lSmI .2alol the Browns 8-3. thnthi 00C I 000-- 4 1
1 Lsmo LaldF 1C 0 f R B victor lgof the season, aLd by Ruther t ( Wade (7) and t tye2 ars to .wish
2 Caido II C. Llino 120 nd S the n two inrppers by Luke Nust- Calgker.At0-
3 Hedhizo V. Gastlflo 112 1Fs*e t Amoateur s- er and one by Larry Doby. f earn (1S-h) and We.trum. i lcsie so h I a
4 Wild Wire R. Gome2 112 bd*nBotttkd. The ibed Box kept there "mas- HE--ears 3rd) ankd Wettew.
5 Paques H. Reyes 117k ThtH team did not take t.piatlo" chances alive by Htoopl
6 Golden Mine F. Rose 120 partt a t arade because the wirna two from the Athletics Bomton at ehitls (Night a
7 Alejandro O. Oastflo 110 plane Wbi the team mem- 6-4 and 10-2. ). ( tt
8 Trafalgar C. RutS 118 bers t*avbd bhad engie trouble The White Box took a er firmer S'
9 Dofia Elelda V. Ordofiez 118 and dd et arrive mitil early on fourth place by edging Pittsburgh at l (Night tm but U a 1 n
tih.trgtT.oi( Ngt b utame) It zEufybe
5th Race "IS" Imported 'Pg. Paert tr led thparade, ... iamti It e l l
Purse: $60000 Pool eierrb: 4:nAr orlobieash.wl.
2 Careado) A. flaws 115 Cxsta-0beh Bud wwhw xamrkafl l 021-4 6 4
3 Vampiresa) A. V uques 110 1 re MrieC h1Ylea7,D lv@ i- ]w Yrk 00e12i0, 91 .. .
4 Montielto K. Plores 114 nl0an fltwC, 31 Sahiaeor, Vse- lhaue- t *aInI -5-) M o .,
SBeduino VB. dtgMoreno 11 C .
th Race "H" imported "7' F. Banin. a bHIKt three- I(,T S t:r
Purse: 840.00 Pool eC m:2- haltteretores $10e0. gltem a 2-1 ai- -..W. i S
First Race of the Dreube to2xInos .e0A 1ian L T eI the fl letin.N
42 aflonaso 8.CPlido 117 S0po ts.. GaOia, (i f) -Th,.w ,." nt.t.h 't ro cd ud .
3 lshClrouthe.Y Br 0o Aq kes dt$t garnell.C ) nuWie. e.lme o l
8 Bedlam D. BraVo 120 ; Qu3th mRqmaseba Wor.ldt 3--onsentdla t0eo.. nme h )ll oo A e
6 Delhia V. Castio 112 TPaBB Is rD t y r Doub (AVrm $0m.- ..0. (10th) phone wn)ts *o ,ma of Sr. w
7 Golden Time F. ROse 116 Ite flrst lame sw y lodea y-oS -md f, ,r st .to tDBa: domenbt-A Wt i

wGade mDiS Lo'na 1._n30 SS, $.2. N0 ...s..e Gat -- ,p e'n. hi." own.". -
7th Race.i '-1 Imported 74% FteTw:T-:nonerr iarateatWmashid b'. "od
Purse: $750.00 Pool W---e- : 4:1 01 2n W a t o m (thxaola-Ina)ugrall0. C 0i2t 1B oa 11. d aces. Althe ai oib',,e.
Second Ra1es of the DoubleS MAp0 rl k f sro, i---, ,18-6.Wd(,
1 Montmartre V. Ordoftes 11 2 pdt lh wteeInou Rthn o 0 ord l 1 e N mn r0 het t .r
2Petit Pos Bravo 114 Spts eh -.-Due (e4$_o,'0 rheib (tpes e(6),
3 Welsh Loch V. BrCastillo 112 3--Donqun $ 2 40. taraNo (8) and Ailtroth. I tm .ebj. .rd round trt r iuto. .
4 Pinard) A. RBaon I110 Seien e Bor Fa. rnerl (1-8) d White. (kur' td i d. me of 3 11 .veL AnMg.M
4 Cabli) A. Rose 112 o MC_ QuALIintiela r (m wlzse atek took all -the ie; when d ste.
6 Rocky Mle C. Lino 111 DEThOITIpra). (NEA) oherwWin Ad tc s osto n 0, te phe s Vi In t haen he
DE 7 Alej innds d rJnBao1105laeozltIS 4in 2. $I2.6a0. C0intrt2 he' athet
8 raf6aR Fu 'ean dt end, says .am--Beda Second Game gd he' on i own.

Purse: 375.09 Pooclos: 4:40 happens to himn i football ex- 3,0 Boston 402So130x-l0 11 1 dances. Allthte b 10r9
I ENl adcla V. Ordofiez 115 cet losn a iew teeth now l-aintysGe 0SM.aS. in (0-), Keuer () B
SRechupeto V. Castillo 11.5 ad then. 2-BlkbyArub$6.0.oBsho (2rr2), W)m the as wo
r3-- m .s. andl eua) yand Wiier. om e ma .
S Costina F. Rose 110 os a .11 4VENW RACE Ch-rnert (th) 'ehit at. .
4 Danescorte A.Vasquez. 115 ,-P1Ie -Ba 10. 4v.80. 0 8_Or -t (16). o v.R *1.0 *s 40
SLaconico H. AReyes 11242 MR. ALLAiNG -Pinelazo *.40 -r h). i a t ll t n th e h
6 incomparable B. Pulldo 115i PITTSBURGH. (NEA Joe Se ond 0le St. Loulis 003 Oh ~O-s 1 *) a blyiwait
SBenduo J. Bravo 115 BoAk was l fullback in high (Ry-y Ro) $49.40. Cleveland 014 00 10 1 g.5em wSn
7SB-re Pot A. g n Do.o (bu0grh). uIos (13th ), ete wart -
1th Race 'F" Imported % Fp. hC -su s#-tn a Rottr (R-hte 2hmnf .
Purse: $.00M Pool closes: 5:15 6 bi1tter.oboih Cu i.2. '
2 Pormao J. nravo 115t e t1 o sPeo,3 sOD, this W"oo
h Daur P A. b6alo 110 Chum) $12.60. (Eleven Innin)
in T bea 0. Brav 11 v ) ) 10 knd Di
4 PCarIt J a.R o se 115 2 r c. eat 2.4 3.2-0. $3. eely L (7), Johan1o (18: ).
PariB) v.odlia 1me 1 .cpretaddr ed Truci, White (0 (1.) ad i
6 Hurlecaflon A0. Vasue 116 '
.oBeot)erXH.R -- MiAouo (13th), Steamrtw-of

8 Sir eis V. Castle 110. 5i r. Foot) ol: -
9 P-- imet F. Rose 112 .thf'
9a d ] e A-i ]peCab P*P, s ..............0. ..New rYork t Washington J... ... ..
17th Race "%" Natte 67 Fte. 0 WOe m-Two

2 adchaSu V. 5r1odriesb 1127 a $
3 W inuaba-0. Bray0 116

.Pinard A. Bieas:12Q.F: CRiTBA,..-5R-Ev:30. .e 0 %t---" r -.

4. Anec( f. ll=.15

By C n II R- t f h
-...Sun's Moon [El Mhios-en
Pooljmacrmlose-4(ap h 3eM

B-et.. --e.t .,asait .

211 kete Cst lMar For an r ear., reirig imt-r. Co"."tef""u a,.

p eB. ee 1 PITT SEAmosib Fioesh e w .

.< ; ,* .' .. .

BB.,- ..,

... -

Ii mo. *^^ui1

-' -.

'4 % ,:* **
.X. l atht A. j hit .
S-' I 4

,.., .. ? .?..; .9 I .

-at s e. a. 1 e h
., .',f 41.^ $L .,...:
o. .,, Th, tbds ,".eSgld.
er aa, ."1-

,f,. .W.O .e "..wINAN flu-ss

a ". "I st p8 st4 sub -ah

o.o\. .

,1.1. 4' ---e .ei' 1"s J
-A.. .. tk a

lo 7

-. .-7 7

e" r. .1 t .-.',Jr E


4A to-w

WO, 4.-.."....

' -"f.


~'~Ga ..

rr r

*'.,' I

________^ ___ '\ *;.

.at~ '~

Draft's Grasp

POCONO, Pa.. 8ePt. 6
l ManpOwer Vrrc-
e. Pmming satd to-
rnment Is conald-
g fathers and more
students to keep at least
men under arms for
10 to 20 years.
the tat ement in
Review et defer-
affectien ga inea
Sto SM are bracket
tdd delegates to the na-
convention of AlpB 81R-
1paternity the manpow-
I" for military service Is
u at a rather rapid
5kW and must be. replenished.
mming, chairman of the
IKa.power Policy Committee of
tb fI.ce of Defense Mobiliza-
e.. said the Communist threat
bo AMmerican security will last
10 to 20 years.
The U.S.. he added, Will have
ep at least 3.700,000 under
for that time.
.A eIn t ine- deferment
rte for e students will
be made whe the manpower
pd fals below 5.,00 m=en,
Flomin said.
That point may be reached
btee Mhe start of the 1953
*sel"lI year and certainly be-
Sf the beginnen of the
gM-S5 year, he said.
*-eActve Service authorities
W ghtoeto have been asked
SO)ME to relew the polley of
Hlki.& an s tudAent s

ermnent y -marry -
f fa is on or
sald that if the U,S.
L`t ts armed forces
900 level, "all uanl-
tween tbe agese bf
ee for a perod oof at qerstel
whether the
l fathers
eutrihth 't
Lid, however.


"Let ite people know the trult tOW e AS1 6



UNITED NATIONS. N Y.. Sept. President Truman's vocabulary other In the cruel eltectis peh to describe Republican
6 (UP The Soviet Union to describe Republican presiden- struggle," Malik said. ca paigners. but Malik applied
charged yesterday the United tial candidate Dwight D. Elsei '"People who, in the of it Ml both. candidates.
States would conclude and "ag- hower and Democratic nominee political struggle are false. Malks tirad e ame In the
gr.ssive. military alliance even Adlal E. Stevenson as "snollygas- er!tical, slanderous anti tia- councils debate on a Soviet ro-
with the devil himself" If only ters." crmlntiately use a.ny method and posal for the simultaneous and
this new partner would snarl loud "lypoer ey, falsehood, slan- make, any promises to a eire ibleslon of five Communist and
enough at Russia. der and llmaftk verbal dema- tei1r djetas, are known by thb hine W ?stern-baniked states to
Soviet delegate Jacob A. Ma- gogy are. seorttng to the ad- Jod, tfficult to translate Eng- tMe world organization.
lik, delivering one of his final misMol of an Amterlean politt- uh .ord '8nollygasters," the Western diplomats conte Und
anti-American diatribes before elan, the prietfpal weapons [tssugdeclared. tlat. according o the U.N.
the United Nations Security which the potMeal opponents tw-n was used TesdbyqArter, new members should bas
Council, theti borrowed from in MOe VJ.S. tse against each ~r. 1tu n i in a .*.t.i aitted individually and not as
SMalik accused the US. of fa-
bring admission of states who
b or are likely to become, Its
tisea "in the preparation of an
,on against the Soviet

w said.
be rhoi-
tbat men

E*LA4 D 'a"-rt of the record-brikn hi b dom in Koera t
aities f to hoItalization is due to such ingeni s:dev as lt MU platfoms
to1 he h6pital ship U.S.S. Haven. Hellcotsen, carrying wuned Sfto the battletb,
t0 these

ite said Washington op
*itk-y of countries hihw It
cilmd not count as- 'U5"eltM
"' inate national h' Way .iJ -
bellt ," and went Wo to Way
that U.S. "rulln eIft*Is Are
atilEa as true Akttn A -
1yg4kters" on tint *m-bbetioll
Mtwih of Malk's, wrath Wa
centered on Elsenhd*r. H *taid
the "eruel enmity" of the tftter
Nlve-ar general ma drnato t t
Romtisnlt-four ~t the KrdmelIl -
backed nddate fo6 the 1.;. -
because they cild not b e ab-
sorbed Ifto the iU.S. sphere e<

Near Eastern areement. Mk
said the United states would al-
ly itself with the devil-if it
could-against RUMsia.



RP, Zoe Police
SeFrch For Stolen'

Otntal Zone and Past
leO, ar ear thM s
b *s n tee 9 xor .
a, Star (rom fr
t6t4 qVatfs_ Army ,' ,a
at oue ..
eQl a Cam .

lermo trrmu gtro
e stolen'car h9ia GZ ciE

By FRANCES DUNLAP HS1taSing to comprehend the word for Whlt a hav.been made "behavior." What was "compre-
his own day. Ho ,id tth temmitt e arrM#i at head" Is tow "overcome." and t
NEW YORK, Sept. 6-(NEA)- On Sept. 30, the recently-corn- dectlM s O:lbranslati o? "mansion" Is "abiding place." re
The time Is 1000 B.C. Out on the pleted" Revised Standard. Ver- out a revision to the Th Wrd "suffer is now IV
hills .of Palestine shepherds ga- sion of the Holy tible" w111 be- B i new Idea, translate "let," thus easing th* a
there around their campfire. As come available in. the U.S, and TWo authorthed by the minds e people like the wf~n di
the stars shine down and God Canada-the result of long years Chband precedel te who w dureet why Jesus wished
seems close, one ,of the shep- of devoted labor by 32 ible K1: within 72 years. small boy and girls to suffer In
hMtas begins a story while the scholars. /it the Tollwl t3 41 the verse, 'Suffer the little chil- "
otl erls ltn raptly. It is a story The Standard Bible Commit- "yeast, tw0o authorized re- dren..."
of Abraham and Moses and the tee, headed by Dean-emeritus vision English Bible have The mex ers of the Standird -
greatness of God, told In the Luther A. Weigle of Yale Divin- been Bible Cotmetttee saw their teak
words the sheep herders know ity School, was appointed in 1930 The i 1885, followed as three-fold:
and love. by the International Council of by ou ,vafta.t In 1961;
The centuries pass. It Is A.D. Religious Education. now part of the seco the "RevMM tn- 1) 1T ever toe Bible at
1626. A devout English family, at the National Council of Church- dard V Of 1952." points whe mthe eebrew snd
risk of severe punishment. hides es of Christ in the U S A. On Both ve t5ts are revisions of Gek tet.tllowed by the Kiii
within their home a copy of the behalf of 40 Protestant denomt- the King',J 15. Why did It need Jame4,TIE B in iWeading beoubs
forbidden Tyndale New Testa- nations, it was authorized to to be revtat.t of the enhqW aeaningl oft Zng
ment, produced on that amazing produce a translation designed Ftrst, the ftg T James transla- lish words.
Invention-the printing press- for public and private worship, tors had- naly a dozen or to late ) WTo v the basic strac-
In English! making use of the best available medieval pifh ripts of the New ture of M.wdale Version and
A.D. 1611. Persecution is over. Biblical research. manuscript Testam4 '._. the s tll dignity, direct-
and the English-speaking world discoveries and srchaeologldal Today's- wolars can couft ness. be =t%' and power of King
halls the new King James ver- findings. more thn mistakes In the James. ...
slon of the Bible, "appointed to The first part of the task-the Greek teft; ,'he King James 1) Teo at mw accordingn to
be read In churches." New Testament appeared in kroup ha. aids for under- Dekn -) replace the lng.
Thap the Word of God through 1946. Now the completed Bible stand a the ebrew text of the James sL%' = a vero as
the ages manifested itself to his is read for IsSusace to coincide Old Tu such as Biblical aceuratpis Maktte"tiouns h
people. with Christian Education Week, scholarship epesses. ari pn the 1 st' g
Always the one who preserved Sept. 28 to Oct, L. Second,"he translators of 1611 of whas kn today. Ea
God's message wrote in whatever Simultaneous observances In and even ed the 1870's did not suboobtm ofB 'rds called or g
language his people would un- 3(.30 communities on Sept. 36 have the ptesint-day contribu- two-thbk vote af the commit-
derstand Hebrew, Ararlaic. will mark the biggest project In tions of W-baoogy to help tee.
Greek, English. From language book publishing history-a first them underin tind vocabulary, Chants that will meet the ele
to language, the word has spread printing of almost qne million idioms and' tra Mar of New at once & tiOe return to the
until today it appears in more volumes Testament Gheek. "Lard" of the Kin James ver-
than 1000 tongues. From the scholars' standooit.t Third, many English words sionreptcg Jehovah" of the
And now it is A.D. 19---the however, the most silnificanf, have changed n meaning since the Al pro-
newest milestone in man's long- record thp "Revised Standard days of the l iabethan langu- The P of thepro-
v Version" can achieve ts that of age in which te King James phet. ail many other rpotiS
becoming the people's Bible. as version is preserved. of the O et are printed
the King Jasles version did In To take a few examples: in thOr O poetic form, in-
Its day. "Conversation" in 1611 meant stead of be atoff as numer-
Why was a Tevislo le needed? -0lol vewrs.

Ease misery of heat, rash,
chaef with Mexsana. Sooth-
ing medication in special
Amylum* bass checks itch.atin.
| % You feel marvelous relief-
and feel it fast! Use it often. -

Canal Zone Observations

With appropriate services alid on'19th sides of
the Isthmus. the evening of Apt. M will mark
the first public appearance of tM Weyid SOad-
ard Version of the Holy Bible.
At Balboa Stadium and Port -& Theatre.
the public will be welcome to o in t he obser-
vance of this step forward In br the Bible
to more people in clear, mod@ i iL
From Sept. 28 to Oct. 5 Ima ben st aside as
Christian Education Week.-sad the Tmesdav ce-
lebration of the appearnnahe' Bowvlsed
Standard Version of the B at h bgloepot
of the week. .
Throughout the United t l da.
m tconmmunt will
Bf aw-vices. this 1W *d-{e
Word of Ood t those wbwit M l l In
a simpler. easier-to-understand Mthn
ever before.
' Moeause so many signficuat taefgltm bas
be- made in late years. the solarc weu mgr
an Revle.d Stanrd Veaion Ml aM

the original manuscript M tn any other group
of scholars In history.
- For this reason it may b4q- ,nd the "newest
version with the oldKtI amh e5."
With h Oirst edituta 5- 1 standard
Version o e mas 1000,000co-
pies, td to re-
sult Sdistribution
Theo- an



And ast rl'
he New t
eady know. "etI .n "_ .
Sha been
td "th neat whse
remintg Godtp1p0yer.I



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