The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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^ J an io of Panama:
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S Ska the pittals therein. I find it to r
4inrtuBan of the Intant to the mwiNch d wnt Wh
S the colorful streets of Ciudd Panafts the iUinntt
at tle e Wae are not totlly wtre o tafteo ot-
. sme t thotr way of f.
Neltra do 1 find it desirable that a pi spolof' for
th'e biam trait of weamdes, which te isd e reu. of
I it CB. It Mo oble indeed to abow for tha n-
Sitnatuof me;howev., there are thm aM -M n..r

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.AL aews

SI th* Alantic I had aver-
S Wtere aged 106 mites a day.
S teabt sfh- "Onsome days, whole schools
BuJ*van.tue na. am or rpi the PW a,
VA@bdby of d (tAn porpoises) f&%
g t for IpWed the hip. but I did not
o leact much flying fslah on
a lahper permit, board. A few days out of Oatla-
te le yesterday pages I sailed Into a auall. The
of 14 and its Cap- wind was strong ansl one of
10shiai staysail ,afls orake ta to three
tto the boat's agent pieces. With some art I A a-r
Sullivan, the fine aged to repair the damage.
owa Paid before the "The last few days before m
left for Balboa. The arrival iere I ran a high foed
l ibout four times the cost and was quite sick. My welcome
Sftabing permit, which on. Hiv e O was fantastle aid
on the tonnage of, the I recovered fast. After Iol
days I left for Nuku ive, whel
un Pacific is operating I am now anchored in the TaK
California Marine Cur- Hae Bay, I hope to leave it
S Packing ComBpany of and to reach Tahiti via the
'lego. She left Balboa MoLU Islands."

..'.....L r BTom" Pr Tonight Via Braniff Russell L. lMotz Chief of the
Horaclo Later, Finance Housing Division, and Dr. Joh
r of Brazil, Is expected M. Wilkerson, of the Colon .Hog-
Atut, eat Tocupien Airport pital staff, aup among the is$
ight en route to the United passengers we ae asallin to
Svia Braniff International morrow from Cristobal for New
SYork on the northbound trip oor
SLhe 88 Aneoof.
Dr. Later will be accompanied Mr. Klotz, ho will return to
Mrs. Later, Miss Later, their the Canal bMb September 22,
and Dr. Herculano M. will send hft tie in New Jer- I
Fonreca. sey. Dr. W~figA will remain
to preside as chairman in New TrLt, Vtatrn to the
the lnt Meeting of the Canal Zope U about a month, 1
d Bank and the Interna- but his son, Joh will remain 1
togm Monetary Fund which in the Uoitr Wates to enter |
1be held soon In the United the Unvttsa ift Colorado.
fttea. Also a"". the Ancon wi. -
be a large l Mser of young Zo-
1ufl gang Aloae nions noratbngd for school.
t'fs AMt Nae.s Among tahSt fte: -William Alt-
1Or Bthhan, Dirk To- man,o Edward S 8. Browder, Ray-
ho p ed through the mond A. D1UsMk, Jr., PFil A. *
thCxtalW last March n Engelbe, J D. Forbes,
O k.tch O er- hael W am W.
ft a l the Panaoft. and
'.-I tds a a 50-dqay t jkt
I' r sent the Inormato h flbnte advance passen-
A CwearriVal to an Albrook idr- ger Iat fiPifs;
A/l enno Reckendotf, wM. Ir7L K. Altman and
BAe't Tober in Panama in son,; arold W. Babcock; Mrs.
h. WaS -0. BanrJurto ui. Be-
Theletter which was written Bs oat ldink toder;
e one; and fr n D tch, sai d .(MIS D.."r d s.n;

J .;CMrs .a ; Sta n T an
my departure R nh row, .; .5lnn
everything went par- J Era. MiChael U p and
IS weallI hadtiof cur twa l ren, harles ase
going my was slow d aw a '. Mr-M.
one; and r ten' days rW 0F n 4 e a san.d
E g Alatt G so MB a. Co ra mldMrs.
aed not ae ua and 2 chaadren: oe
ftotr V"st'am C. Cn os; Mrt *;

e.i"ouar* Henrquez; Mts t iai
leS e reth.r awaab h.
-Owc urere t.he On 1 the -

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of, the : .t B' ae Sew s

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tqrn... WhitYom T

Iave nw Ad weh one of our AetS bor ar

WqService sMs ft hBeHe- As
4 Tiv Av.-Phbote 3-mi. and *B6 Wet Ith Slat

r th oftuly Ave.-fBone 3-0441 ,

#2 Lott Pima -


A feheIA E O sA.N. ServicePr, Pe nn and C "SA,-&sn -PI
I WENDEHAKE, medical clinic, Ia on i
Eaudlente street No. 140 between Gement lmop Anewg Co
"J' nd"K" street, phOne 2- Wh.e e n f
B479. Year
$85 round trip $I15 (15. Phnf aI!- -em O.,W, a I-I, $1See
m.t $160, (goad one year; FOR SALE: M e Fd VictoarS ",ree0'..t 3-1216
Sw ANGEEIS. one y, $149. New condition radio, WSW. Phone Pm. .
$. round trip $252.35. 90 day- days 83-j110, POR SALE: -be WA h
fiqfti Panarm Dispatch Service. op- FOR SALE:-.-I Ford S edn, t *rtnp UA 11 MnIAW Pp e*'
SAncon bus sp, Tel. Pnap almost R, 21 g
5 76-"Elsenri Cres Usados" No. 8, FOR 5ALt- I 7 ft. 9 in.
.R SALE FOR SALt: Wys Jeep, perfect Z Y wock
I- fcetseone cndtid, 8r H rs, $645.00. 25 eycl.
4"'r"Eisenen ~Cf Usndos No. 8,
E; Wet N anave a fe r Thqr Prt oAvenue Poa at C ohf itb
ycle automatic washers at re- -
prices. Mueblerre Caosa Spar- BASGAINI Oedge Pick-upA 'A tt. 9A tabi baby
Central 223. Tel. 214591: irt 4' m new, duty peW, i frf lmt Curu
=4.00. -C W 1465
notE:-Woolen"Rpons" 8- L senmo ads, No. 8 a .....
%1 clarinet, excellent condition. Pu n
S nn Model 513T Torget n- t
rifle. 752-C Balboa. 4 p. m. FOR SALE,:-? I C di la ~ n a, r
*xai jeiWri f t Ion. Very teah. 'r. n wi t -i
LE*--.--Do not pay more then Res0ab i. 2173-ACurun-
'"4.55 nrt, for your new RC-80 do. E
'Garrab 3-speed automatic record- .c :r Mia;? Si MM .
changer, 25 or f60 clegs, at Casa FOR SALE: 1951 HAWIAh Minx 3-1566.
Sp4ern. Central 223, or at our convertible $850.00. House No. "OR E ..
branch at No. 56, B Avenue, Pan- 8049-B, Third Street Margo- ompe. 2 me bkea
den. rita. C. Z. between 4 and 5 p.m. V.
"R. SALE:-T best offer by Sept. FOR SA I =;.E-* 4 E Pna l. a ter. a F ata may
Tflh, $2,500.00 C. Z. Credit ton, per. n. $745.0(L .a P I. I i --
inlon Stock. Write P. 0. Box 1775 "Elsein mace No. 8. W in
iolboa. Peru Avertnu z. Everything In salient ee wln. T
SALE'-Complete Hobby Shop. FOR SALE :--1948 Kaiser Soen, per- p
'Pwer tools motors. Hand tools. fect condition, $645.00. FOR SAlU-Wk hImhK eh-
T Deep Sea Fishing Rods and "Elinrmen Curre UtIeI" No. 8 out 0. Cell r-1.,
teels. House 0266, Gamboo. Peru Avenue, Panem. .te bee.
SALE:-One smell upright pi.- FOR SAIE-I.l a0 Ile, bab- crieb 71
S. Telephone 2-2420, 1409-8, WAI. ron l. Tel
Sar St.a Pan 3 514, Pone S L. 414,: e te
WANTED w r d1
So SCient arr St.
i ;; = -- '--.- ",.* ^ ...m M Z.1 ... N T ,. _
: *lNTED American cdupie. iFOR SALE':- hgre" refrig
Aawidrmn. need furnml ad apartment 25 f In od e
voaatwbn urters around Sep- I
C__ ""' FORbloo
S.TED: tished 2 brroom rma i, t Mdio. wh
rtm 7nt. im r d 11 DOiabe. Phone ealbo 2675. b.. $1 -rollr
rnoon eot ar erefr ar ret .. h

n..V c m".OF- 0.
dr A ansanaalan t 0oa i*
onrl Panss erefawarded-
uCall 2-35.. t"te Tiesr
States.. Pombaauy 'CesudayS tftetr. L m d 1
1111 at a ceremony wittsena by e e
P C u a4nnd Ut

a hsp e ggee t c cewe a' cn, r. ap VSI, ri

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rmell Shuts Out Tigers'

Bosox Cop 5th In Ro

NEW YORK, Aug. 28&-(UP)-The Yante
feir two-game lead over the ecesd phsm
when tey rippedthe Brwns 127 at th -
eskee Stadium while the Indian were minced
by the Athletisa 6-5.
The Yankees look e like reliever Harry Dorlt pitched ''
smps when they came from three-hitter from the firt In-* .. e
Iind on twb homers by Yogi nig to the eighth to in hi b.
to nullify a five-run =Mth o. T
owns rally in the second in- In e National 'S
n that oted Alle Reynolds. Giants cut the Dd ea
Snow has 27 homer which nine-and-one-half gogew a
t him in a tie with Arry Do- 8 victory over the Ptatea
o the Indiana for the league t Whie the Cbns we at
Stopping Dodger 10-8 at CM.
Indians went in front 4-0 eago and Sadi-g their ftwe-ga ..
blew the margin. Gus er- winning stek.
Il ct the margin bye on rO At Nt. UoS, the Cards lost to
a. round rad the Ar th P 14 while theB ,Ves-
it on with-ve more in the beat thu 12-7 In ten it- 41 10
when Mike Oarets was nings at ..
and tagged wfth BThree ra held the
Sed4421t eba l wins. ptrates Mta and edks Brd sandJb
1'id1121 outfielder Allie ta h
ftbhit three-tn double for od
b. blow of the wIning in- drove rua, one w B*-
harteo, s d ..b b r rtr.
the-MInans to f hits for
alte-a victa sort.t an11"eWa r Eftut
The o 80 moved to with in

-hu behind the Ykam1101i
a I-0 tlx-hit victoz for
WV ParEW. over the wahs A
as ttB aMrBtBs as -

*obset teo a".n : -eand .He / ,. ,
ame tht 6e --rs-le. su e *
bhartini- n **ra Wash- 8 LombrtUedie MI
&OEame. feW ah-eyithe 8 Pr T U r its -e UMFinal

hec Amub FFaiw

I -th rll *i 'to '4l .. *, ...
la s tatslWrCas-
!I-. t* ta we j-ot -,te&

O latWer C t t 11.

ase weJaetnfi
f l o f labo L .... -i


Ia.... 9 1

rum me-lpWt-

A W..





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/* *'
"* .


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t qM
St I .
-+ up.

I W,

'00 -W


.;x-, OVE A Xil.i


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A 44*~ .4

i r .t W;1 ^ ..*..* .,WWW ^

Yet To Unveil

Spwediest Jet a

LCWDON, Aug. 28 (UP) -
Britain has a new Canberra ,
Lt bomber which can fly cir-P -ENTT-SEV3NT MM -0. P...
ales around the ine that set i .I ..-- a'n '
a two-way TransAtlantic re-I
cord Tuesday, aviation. circles '
maid today. A011i1Li wJ f
The latest edition of the RO-' 'f
al Air Force's prize medium hi
omber will be unveiled next
week at the Farnboroubh Air ; :
Show. Britain's annual display ,
of aviation design.
The new Canberra will bejl il n1
equipped with Bristol OlymPs1.
pounds-plus of staU thrus t. If
opened uo beyond 70 per cent SOUL, Aug. (UI tr-PlanTO the. 115 st40bt area.
of their capacity they could front t itI cart'i f.e nMW:':i tl Moderate.
'"leave the plane behind, a"ia- through t"e thickest antlr- e vieotl- Ond action of the
tion sources said. craft fre Mt he Korean war to- day M i at of the Pukrha
The power plants In the Can- day to W t two Important f R W readers, m a.
berra which established the re- North KoNre power plants with f l re, killed I.
cord two-way crossing at an 2000 lb. bombs. Oti.: and a hajl
average speed of 518 miles an It wa soe of the warls ha n-lt ..
hour were Rolls Royce Avon viest air attacks on Vommqir T' lnrbing att i
jets, developing 6,500 pounds of .ist'powe supplies, and caught WOe) i st of Yonh
thrust. the ee fevetisMy try ig to re- ow the, -rdn.t, and sui
The Olympus Canberra, one palr damage caused to the E&k# eft ag on the cean
of 50 military. and civil air- plantM by previous UN attacks. tr t J. .I '
cMft to be dliplryed at Farn- Cogafrs~nSkyraiders and Pan- vwht* C communist Chihs
borough, will be test-flown. The thera frai the carriers attached repeAte -ti demand that ttW
chief object is to show the Cidaen No. 1 and No. 2 hydrO- United tus must give0 g
merits of the engines not eleetrie lA In northeast KKo- plants tle back prison
the plane which has been pro- rea, witreckets and W00 Ib. it witWNs a t-eue in KNor*
ed and is in production. bombs. wThe e re no meetings .t 0
An aviation spokesman said All the planes returned safe- the Patafltcm trwce ioaam t
the Canterra which streaked ly day, Ra the l*ee tallts i he
from SlaNd toNewfoundland e Navy msOd the flak was me thets iM straight wel
and bak againIn 7 hours 58 thldk and aprate, pilots were C -
minutes was an "ordinary ofrr eM -
Canberswad an therewas ar unable to rVk a clear picture OwAe id. l-d a nt, af. ug
doubt the latestcombinaton of what age they had in- f&l9M St aml toll .,..

The spokesmaubi desbhmd to en tIner p h
estimate the martin but he did b .MORgen er.l g
offer one estlt. He said attor buldi.f s L. t penastocks. At
Olyrm-nu eaftlfd Canberra least eme beb bit a corner of
p-bl cold climb 15.000 feet the plant, aIIabIg tXi a wall.
S alaute at an angle of Th1* o *en pas mt t
basses. and Prticeton teamed up 46
S; hit Chosen No. 2 power piat.
gsh SOtMar Da-mage then. was i
Mta to smoke and heavy Si
ThIe UnTrat Mola its' VBO L o-ae 3s sorties were fl
mais Stadiam -has *a greater from the three etiatoeu
preeiWt o *or gsts Pwhen the the day in attackleg
W*1 o ft e th ba ay fotr ft l.- l dnt blauta "
btam stadtem sq a oiM. Intlatn -rroa ifte tnotI5t
., r a w *J

I -, '
... ,- l.. ": ., :.-
'* ; \ -. -


to return
l. k ,o. do not
+./, f., 'm. ts. .

of anchulrt
Lqoted &
that planes
botath south of
m. boQ mbed A
Sat city j J.
. Yal a. person
Rotd l qun i athe1i

NMge b North
b the eU w
tag the Xbftlm warf

.- ."-

otrae tW

WareM im savwmm v wArmMm
16 per cent Itl

Junior t '

Fast- Paci

E 4 4 -14
Ita ly,"

S........wMM wuma f.- .
hen ,i mst rN Is aM own eve. 'm
4ie flf six app roW* 19 tkLan
dn Commatil.on Mea.l al
mOaldgi by Paul Vinoe, <
Msat abouin Queen Ett)bhb
o ie. ~bhe six are svadl
W my and not C1cikl ,omtHtm
ng afl, which will be tro**ar
tn o Ioytatk M.

one t.1

.The Inv ders set of t .
lMooda-ry expklosds andl
m tt than 25 fre burning
se target a, MnobeaA O
" i ,arwn. '
Twelve Cua"wa-b&ad Super
I 1te .UUmprite the euamiuna
* A the moth a Ftd onf

ditg~a* bou*.
i i** f-'iikfgitv1hB

ii a. ;.,til





h'4 .:-,
II j kf i-



- .. :

l l*

* ':- .' .,.

*IM t r.

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