The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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M MAll 8 X --
W ea for t s ofT m IM An s0W of th* could en-
gB ^ c*h a eht eh d .v ora )-
# a gag *I ead OftH k MIt wh**o* as #a* t erigA t ncapabi-
orw alk
AS. ohel I" wd M *mot en hta nan two simply
,, et fit s t coar n t where
Mi Migns ilkh Ae tfo l and the
SMk". t M, only 17
a ee lbmputea y vehicle
BOA PARS Twenty-six hbie tb compul-
When I retd about the new boat rates, and the suggetlon L matter nh4 t dlvea
b the Army and aWVy should relmourO the Panami CanalI dal towns a one
I uy for baec fares, it made me ae red. 5 by
Z would like to ask: "What about a1 (the transports that .P9sh y
aal, rode dulin and since the war?" I made a
4= for thWe alaendous a ut W .l no tax el- Parli of su ech
fflsaI-kigl this trip I priced the bMerak Line rates deaoIQ dtus
SThey ere really high, and I, together with many other
e .Mal People, grateful to the armed services whoe te th 4 Y And the
we a ( now ring to out. .o of TI
n thing Mr. a dimer (MaSl 3 AA maybein our I to 1,800.-
us r t lt prices out on WWIIWY comma es 000
|foghoib ht these Army and Hwy people are the I
e. toet on a Panama Line ship. b klet
am et Pascant people are well settled in the lower F ot# l th*f
.1601rs then.stmle-aly then, can sete people get on. l' of the
ever ifta than a week, WA6isaly only a few0U.
4 annt to othe the ell
I- Mtrt in hope that Deb--2aM get the whole VOrW MW, ak many
l rather than one seltish peronl on how to have tMiSlat Mst tbhtr
I. a few nickels at the ebense of hundreds of dollars to ft flSw ear
who Ret considerably less vacation than PanCanal people g jt
dont .tinkthe Canal Company will gain anything falty f
Atrh M&A n and Navy people will just vel
I'll tell you where theZUnTa
MMiMP liesMOW r"ealy lAN. *as is when eople cancel trip staN sh t k
at elast, nute and the ship satls with way rooms empty. per cent e Int s le s evolved
he rush e laon these rooa u salty have been in fatal had ote r*
more oun"a n ,
it o companies .h* a dea.pot at eant when a About s Ma-- 4
fi abioedbt, at O pe Mple Om t oo cttd-e, to ca- a mta-t. wtosn M Mail
m nd agat. were blouwa .s Uor m4sb%-.
Dnaughter .aellh OdtMlasew. foots, and another txit -lt*e
4 r. -- outME lt afoetl, ..
I can sympathize with Your son (Mall me. Aug. 18) who
to his family m explaining that beceuase of te contemplat- g
h a ,,te ise of transportation on P a Line boats t
le tOld sn be seeing them t8&his 10njr.9tsgf A
-.4inu one of thoe haplmess who have had the yj Wat" Ant'
thrown at them I have been pondermg many things, with aoftlentadrMs
Soe any longer m maintain at we should not ay th- t in- o /for' 14
.Atljues P bwhen will we get relief from our double burde?
p o takes fitted to the Ut.. treasury witso
Netto ,e 10011io6ns cities, rightctua ncae
= a or =taxed, must we also defray the aWoe 'tanoe. In the iaiwty,
bidden taxes in the ummlaft. .olu- allure to keep to the ht J
itdo ad s Mehse? the cehuter. .
be lontsthe atemed board of director tarts thea u vu s m0& ..&
P i lip con id09O to fau so Ilts Me iA .
e m1 H nMfor rai togs (a lsWba of re tape .tnwt o0. -,tt, ih 10
is d you .-use.?) then by goly it's time somebody in orfred i f
a notice. A spealst I
Sam3coag ma, w-Ao )isftedAour double )jopardy te ._te cat

mspe (ins "the ca mlsary customer") pick up
IiN.e too, 1we ooptemplate with deep sorrow the fo
Jg Ot muisetW y tOe family as more and more w
ikg.rtl it ts neuoMary to go to work, leaving their a]
-1 = 1 potential delinquents.
Iole out also to or good neighbors n Pi
wf ine me little thees day. We appredate their ft
Ms to neouage our trade by amein ofale af Ai
L ti an't gM blood out of
u ,or bis may appear It _umO ly bawlin, but .e a
th the erstwhile well-oft Zfaban is f e ,i
By Inflation (no Rrtpe there; but also ofN (1
lent of take home wpay) and company "bumniess
what avall are alrreof $300 and $400 if we have w
a WSerMge $50 or 60, and in adoditsb. Oten t ve to .1
*h bMides tams) at lo al government
I to It alwe w habfve to pay for a I
4Ag" who have Carved out a career or-1'
h. And Is It tr that their living allowame io 3i
Md on I Panamal Instead of $9 per cda Tbet
'o Emplore amg bees.

ulle nst

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L W 36-RUaY ewi^

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^ .. .. ,,l~ ^ ...

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b'Ajt~ New31

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tor Pndtt-

6 i dstonl Oil

1,4 0-ton freihtet arrived
ei odn with a crew of 81.
is owned by Knobr and Bur-
1 lt.amburW, Germany.
*t"dnld ( oapuy m ioal

IS -
brimstone a Id st pr eachert
SW e stood .tr ial tO Ctobal

s l h and fOr k k-tn Ge man fah-
tng b of a heart atta Crk.tob

Norris had come to Fwlorda on-
TACKSaONVILL. Vla. Aug. 21
STuesd'- ay Frank Norris, a firea
h campone Baptist preacystoner
Stood~ trial southern burning
|k h.rch and for .kiU a man
Who resented his pulpit barbs,
iveday of a heart attack.,
The one-time stormy pastrel of
hi Southern Baptist conventionrch

Norris had come to Florida on-'
*S. 4Tueday for a two-week stay|
)ft a youth camp near Keystone I
Ueights. 40 miles southwest of

~ t ~ hi u'higned the pestorate
hi sr hiultge Whrat Baptist Church '
last ydq because of falling
ildth. ke was a native of Dade-
a e of the most colorful and t
al M f &r- In the s
.S Su thwrn BaptWt troup some
.ars ao because of what he
ealld Its "modernism." c
lnee then, he had been an c
trlent fundamental Baptist. He
qfrked with Dr. Robtwt tD. Ingle, d
Manor of the Berea Baptist
Cbrmh. hlre. who was with him
when te died. a
'Norris. who believed that a f
raeher has Jest his busefuleimui
"it he is not stirring up the de-
vil," was for many years a fami- I
tar *foae pae figure in and out1
S1't1e church.
In 1986, he was acquitted of thq m
uWnder of D. 3. Chlpps. a prom-
4 nt Ft. Worth lumberman, ft
wn h:e pleaded self-defense.
Chips had-gone to the pau- U
r'ls offirm to protest his pulpitI
aousade agatit citv officials.
in 1911 during the heat of a A
Itwas prohibition election cam- h
atim Norris' ehlrch was burned, k
Re was accused of writing him- w
threatening letters and put-
S the torch to the church him- t:
f,,Pip W ears ed. w
1b*V wa a fst nd ot the late
h BgM-townor, fugene Tal- ft
ss_"efl4 UMeld to deliver flery t;
Mhs u lmadge's Legila- d
r it

recently towing the 58-ton Get-
man fishing boat Niedersachser
which broke down while 50 mleei
at sea.
Both boats were coming from
Wtamibf and are owned bay er-
dlnlndmI remer of dermany.
The Ugbe transited the Cbsal
yesterday en route tq Its deetn-
r&% h Th
national araiso, Chile. The Mte-
doral remained In Crldtobal
for minor repairs. .oth bopts
have crews of eight. Adrews and
Company are the leel agents.

h S. C.l es Lm
SPAR ORO. S. C.. Aug. 21
(UP) A Negro farmhand ad-
mitted today he murdered an
Insurance agent and raped his
woman compalon in a r..!cluded
lovers lane after he "got possess-
ed." .
Raym ,d Fuller, 27. told offi-
cers he L. B. Moorman 27,
in the E with a .22 caliber ri-
fle, thW'. Miaulted the woman
who WaM car with Moor-
man tb ,fit of Aug. 13.
FulthTe*Bashen to the state
penitentisy t. Columbia shortly
after his arrest this morning.
Sheriff B. B. Brockman and dtate
officers rushed him to the prisoA
For safekeeping after his confes-
The Negro said that on the
night of the crime, he was "all
alone at home, my wife was gone,
and I gus I just got possessed."
Rp sali he got In his platup
tuck and drove to a lonely lov-
ers lane near the Spartanburg
Memorial histft. He said after
scouting the area, he left the
ruck along with his shfrt and
hoes. and traveled afoot with a
I22 calHbrsie : -
The tall. thin Negro said be
itw eat tarhdulghlt g 'out and
rept up to the spot where Moor-
nan and hisa 2-year-old female
ompanlon sat in an iatomobile.
Fuller saiddhe approached the
ar and commanded Moorman to
stick 'em up."
When Moorman attempted to
brt the car, Fuller said -he
mashed the window with his ri-
le butt and tore out the remain-
Iw glass witbI*J1tOppA..6
He told pohte'he ihottormin
In the left temple and asked to
pan if she had ayl money.
Hea ded him ar
man's billfbld.
The Negro then took the keys
rom the car and went to the
her side of the car where be
he opened the door and pll-
d the woman out by het arm.
He said he took hei about 15
teps from the car and raped
er, then he handed her the ear
eys and watched her driye away
with the dying Moorman.
Fuller said be went back to his
ruck and drove to his farm. I
here officers said they found
he two billfolds.
Brockman said the plaster-cat
ootprints taken pt the scene of
he artme matched Puller's as
Id the fingerprints taken fagm
he broke car window. T

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."o' ., ,- : "'.. ., -. ,
- .'' -': .-''-. '. ,.

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'i $.. ...... .+

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.; ,+' +.' ..
,. .. ? '^ '-... ." .- .. '..^
*7i' y '***;. **, -1

S -r .. .. 3 .-.3.. ..
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.~ ~ # '. : .. .. ,, ^ ^ *
*] .-. !-.' +-'
-. ... .*,*-p,,*.- ; *+,
'i ,, "
i -r ." '.' -.. ",.
S ,: +.r-ll ,1* .'.- -^
S '-. '. ;*'-" 'f

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:,i .*t- ..

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.o I .

"bh3 No..4.;WAen 'You tetl fl PA ll "

, 3nve year Ad with sone of our Agent& or our WffteS *AIt b nla
No. 12,179 Centrdal A. aft

Lewis Service
'4 TlvoN Ave.-Phone 2-2201 and

Fourth of 'July Ave.-Plone 2-0441

Sal6n de Belles Americase
#55 West ith Street

Agencia bIternacdmSAl ~ t. r"
#8 Lottery Pla m. ..

i ote h- Ive *e Idhinu problem? Automon ils
." Write Ale lis Aeytmou. le Service Pursonnel and Civillan
-200 *, ce C. Goverr.ment Emprovesy
Members and friends, call 25-2286 Government Employes Financt C'o
or write Box 543, Fort Amodor. When you finance your new
fDR. WENDEHAKE medical clinic. u Ns car.
Estudaionte Street No. 140. Be- A.46 ANO LINGER
tween 'J' and "K" Street. Phone No. 43 A.t9umbile Rew
2-3479. Phone 3.4934 3-4915
PROM PANAMA TO MEXICO Sedan, 6 passengers. Good condi-
one way $85. round trip $135 dlS tion, 8.950.00. Call 83-7279.
day-limti). $160, (good one year ; FOR SALE -1950 Nash 2-door se-
fto LOS ANGELES. one way. $149. dan. roan, bed, $1.40000. Fin-
,15. round trip $252.35, 90 day- dancing teNiable. Balboa 3022 of-
S limllI Pbnsma Bispotch Service, op- ter 6..,
pOslWe Ancon bus stop. Tel. Panama FOR SA&:-g952 Pontrac Cotalina.
-1655. ____ Durel Range Drive, Catalina 9,-
S. "000 miles. With radio, good con-
FORD ALE edition. Phone 87-018 after work-
ring ho4. Phone 87-749 IFort
S Miscellane-sna ShermannOt '
tSALE: "Safety Server." The FOR SALE:-Rombler Station Wa-
l sll able fao babies. Off the 0on. withi white wall tires, under-
fla delIy at U. S. price Only coot. radio duty paid Can't be
few left. C be een at WIL- told from new. Phone 3-2730.
COX Co.. Colon. FOR SALE:-Big reductions on tires
OR SALE: -'Peruvian coffee table for all senall cars: Ford, Consul,
end tobies, nest tables, baby word- Hillman, Morris, Vauxholl, Fiat,
robe pair, hassock. Curundu. 3rd Opel, Singer. l15th St. East No. 72.
St.. No. 2042-A. Tel. 83-6254 Tele 2-1444 oppose Villanueva y
FOR SALE:-9 inch metal cutting F SAi--1950 Buick Sedonette
South Bend Lathe, original owner F iOALdio, plastic upholstery,
factory bought, like new, quick .w mletradge. House 2013-B ory
change gear, Taper Att 48" phone Curundu 6159.
bed, milling Att. 1/2" H.P motor. Phone Curundu 6159.
steady rest, etc, tools, stock metal. FOR SALE:-1937 Hudson Sedan 4
$500. Complete wood working set doors, 6 cylinders, $135.00. 1937
Delta 14" bond sow, Delta 6" Plymouth Coupe,$75.00. 19 4 2
jfo0ler, fable Sander, 10" CraftS- Plymouth Coupe $275.00; good
man sow. Motors 25 cycles, Scott transportation: Agencia Panama-
modle caBinet 25. Balboa 4457. stores "Q" St., No. 27, Panamah.
house 5865. Diablo. Tel. 2-4666. Also one Trailer

Real Estate
ThR SALE: 3 bedroom Quonsei
Hut completely furnished. $3,000.
00. Seacliff Acres. Tel. Balboa
3022, after 6.
JOR SALE: Bargain. House No.
7044, $7.500. House No. 7044
V2, $4,500. See them youelfH, it
Interested we 'yaL cqprfa. 4h.-
street ohd Ab -146. 7044.;
Mrs. COrnes,

l OSOW, Aug. 21 (UP)-
W tl. received Chinese Com-
st Preioer und 7'brpeIn
Ohmn Go ltntlast Alght
ope sorvet-cblse
Sand productio problems.
S ou w~ a-rmpalnied by
ptiuty Premier C"- Yung and
"t. er lfkning mem':ers of the
4 lan Red Chinese delegation
Cn arrived in Moscow Bun-

estions which the t wao
would discuss Include
wn war. agai l.n U e

heavy luG swy,
iste .and trade fe-
,- he thue l wamd Clta.a
more mtan a rou i11t 1i
London, mn1le1m
UMe that the AM-un
ffil~l*i a tha Commfnk

Ho&M -
FOR SALE:-M dm steel dresses.
In two tone colors, Phone 2-3708.
House 0954 AMe r Rtd.
FOR SALE:-S W hetnd Easy Spin-
drier. 25 60 cycles. Price from
B 50.00 up. baf ils, Lux Build-
ing, 34 Street, photo 3-0919.
FOR SALE:-N-ew Phflco, 2 door 10
ft. Refrigerator, 0 cycle. Phone
FOR SALE:.--Prlgal1lfe refrigerator
25 cycle. '426-A, Portobello St.,
FOR SALE: b. E. table radio, e7
lubes, 5 bondA, 25 cycles; large
mahogany desk with file drawer,
two beoksh esv, plate gloss top
end cheir; bAh scales. Latimer,
Hotel Tivoll.

FOR SALI: %aebhold, give away
price, one ertb Vid 2 youth bedt.
48th No. 29, ello a. Vie.
Position Offered

WANTeQO.-wfto 6?r ftnaole wp-
rienced' yery who con flk
Spanish nd igtlsh dictation. No
need toa pprly AIskl person has
had at ,th.! yeo Mp-p
rience.. sAon 'tPAf tOES,
WANTED: Competent English-
Spanish seretlvy for airline ,
to comrfr4 f y d&w- E11
list Nove ftlp. PWiyf d0
Sessential,, and ability to handle
and answer routine eorrnpdmlnIV
in writing Lim
The n=oip P. 0. ift WI.
2068, Anton, &,. rnot latr hwm
-27thA A .
,.- *. _

iLnChevroiet wneels' 30u.uu00; 3 A I-U mmI.
very good tires 600 x 16 with n w W
tubes, $35 00. -

M* n n RSON, Oenrmay, Aug. .*--
Mi____ llatpnel (T_) -Kurts ohumacher 61-
year-old one-amel, me-mNA
WANTD--One 25 cycle refrigerat- West o erman ftalist I
or, go d condtan, telephone, Mr Who Wa considered Germany'a
psqucn,, brobk, 86-2151 or greatest enemy of
*olbqo 1662. died at l hote last
WANTE.:- chase, child's 2 SchUfs
l Bale ~~Ba 2321 W
1e i SWedS o coronTary -t
4 0 2-4247, Veausberg near n .
Pi 4 p. if. '"','.- "2

WANTQ*:-*jkr Tt stoke truck,
any model f'mn t948 up. Call 2-
4544 from 7 a. fi. to 11:00 p. m
WANTED TO BUY good 4 door car
cash. Information Ulda Sa'guera.
Central Avenue 259, phone 3-

FOR RENT:-Office space approx:-
mately 1,200 square fet In cool
buirdlig on Automebile Row, pri-
vate entrance. Apply "Agenidas
Cosmos S. A. Feo. de Ila Oss No.
29. telephone 2-1721.
FOR RENT--Shop in good location
with equipment. Reasonable prie.
I 1 th St. Parque ifeva, Rio Abo-
io, house 17., .

That Was A Daug
t a"w




" ., 2 ." "


i: '* -'* ,. '

. .I S 9..
W .. '.

-I.' '

-. ". : ...'" a i

i I II Im I[ m niio". .... .- r4,

Re Worked all day yesterday
on his opposition -t p t
form for the 109W vl
German eleetions. $1
secretary, Lesa A pf.
isMt l he he
Sdhumtaber wa a
He ha4 lost an a oft
War I and a leg I
In 4M6
Lat Sunday te oUM out aft
arwf leg and 7
he suffered a strife lajt fw-
Mente. Death was Un B
This week he had started
Intensive work schedule relIr-
In a speech he planned to aU-
S at the annual congress f
the Social Democratic party
opening In Dortmund on 1ept.


Spend daor dy We -1
SHotel arernaer* in ieltllW
ful El Vale.. ,

bw 1- 187-.-m

Sa lt, 435 .b I

ahesk tu45esa now

6-441 Goatoee 456

ct dft Ac dNa' W


- -

-ww= .._ r; J,
'New Crlstab. lba e
.:.1 *,-t f f.. .v.


1*r office or, uei i m

atENT: --itorImiiths
room, porch In ctltet, #ftm
m 4, Vie f9d. ToeIp
FOR M"NT"-PurnfiWa ...

L f




Available M
beaufti qM
tbo. F. NOY, t
Central A veai o
IA!:, 1 1 ,, a

=m Ce. Man.wo^ y
a (e"mn WS al t.
te8-4710 -
.' t eJ)> e

O NJim

:. JIUp S *u uiy l ign
r. ** .
IIt^ u^ Ij M4SM


T e -1
q-St.~ m4M


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"#A "l

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,-;i'.* -.*

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""'; '. ..' -

sitaph .No

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Sgt. Olympic Titlist, lb

Silhouette Top Man

The numbers of the nfantr oday r red to w-
J me Olpmpie Pistol Shooti Champion Buefet 'Joe" Bennet %t11N-
*n fr the Uni lStates and Europe where he put WI N
I WLa s ,o to arrive at Tocumen 8:S ta af ternoon TUAM
a Pan-Amertean Airways CUlpper. Now Y .ik .. .t
Ker Is a waster sergeant 'stationed with the 33rd Inf. Clevland .. .....
A Company at Fort Kobbe. He has been one of the beotn
Wist shots In the world for the past 15 years. sdS/E _.
"Je" started this year activities 1 winnk the WorM ld.a .
.hotte Championd"ip at Odo two weeft before the Olympics. *-e :
wo~ud up third In the overall comnwetiton for the world ht ia* o. N
baonsplonship at Oslo. Detrolt .. .. .... r 80
l enner then captured the Olympic pistol crown with a ree-
ord shattering performance. Sunday, Je wound up his trophy TODAN
a noting expedition aboard by winding up second In the National Chicago t
SPItol Championshlpi at Jacksonville. St. l lat (t-N)
Benner Is the first person ever to win an Olympic rold me- Clevelaud .
I,. while residing on the Isthmus. Only

Giles Threatens Penalties "o8

For Belligerent Managers ai
--0-- CheC o h20-1214i
N EW YORK, Aug. 21 (UPI But Roberitlasmply Is In a class NeWS1e Ow 20 01--
ae president of the National by himleH" f. Lollar.
SMICgue Warren Giles has Rober,. the first Phiadel- a -r '
aNlred his managers to take up phia hrr laee Grover Oleve- ar
exlng or wrestling If they want land Alexander to win 20 games Bok.
wfht. assap a three yeawsin a row. Roberta
-3 who has slapped a five- won 20 100 an1 d 21 In 1951.
l, suspension on Giant Man- Am dontrol Is one reason '. 0 Mi
l Leo Durocher for squaring for Oif "less. In 243 in- rzxaa-0 4 1j
W t an umpire, says he's crack- nings so ftr,the young right- W1t son and
4A~down on managers who can't hbander li 2 walied only 32 at- ahb, o nd At
ehtrpol their tempers. ter. e% k out 108 over the Nonmp.
same .
sap any form of body Only two 0ther National League 6 h : ;
llct w result in an Ime- Sal lMaglle of the PO
tuspehuiibn. Gestures wh tgh S taley of the boned (We round).
a willingness to fign> to have a
es, alao will bring a Bu- chn a seasons. And .
I vnulon. their mhalmJn't too good. f
';*ft --r~ *.* e Both have woai I4 games.
to him b ythe levland Atleast at o American Leae e .
ran .l ,^ tPemgnager ... concede me i
I. isfuSe t era. New Yo*k YT another pen- NLow 3
a 2rI1elder Iob eer ar t. 'Louis .. .. -
Sernt to P buth In the Pauil Rm ar, the Chicago ** a 68
t sent R mtehr Ted witegoAgar .as man one O ChMa .... .. .. -
Ot the Indians. Apebrding of ftle chlul- o euld beat on the .... ** *
Serardlno doesn't re- 0 A
t "ofpingfom wow713012d11 e. .

abltrh club. be lria bcludes h
Se owners a e arebd BOB- TM Tit

:- shtw to 6o 1 tt w r lil o


w |
-S, s .

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* ...Fa .
IFr i rw

inody wa!
e memb
e, so to
Jily hit
he FortJ



o 1*1

...... 5 5
,. .. .. 1 5

.. 30
.- S t

| 2 S 3
*'... 0 8

iosah de tUI.

m. May

0I 1 up,.
Mabone 4I

Rouse defetetlU

4. Boyce dfSe .
i'net defeated 0
A ept. a I
Wu'A ,, 0.1







remni .. --.. *
oUrfee .. .. ..

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* wNa Mw
., -- ,.,i ,

CAN .**
a os.e

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00 e ts

i47 ik_





kI Oil_

RIF T; 4k


*1 L 01. Yr.
.'pr I _- 1, 1 1 k : -1 fo
Pr 'IF
'a k
J;.j L,
lw Y.
_11AMMW 6aill
4- 41
X. Is
... ..... .

ob" _4, An
lu -

III makow z

k AM %-1 .1


lWJUGTON, Aug. 21 (UP) 6 %Mthe nfp e61. 4
flf S tab~ler lae AntIall
e lon'showewives rm tV-mVaNT a i t WPUNAlt 3LP.?
ris taing prices by

of Labor s ic yr eroper-
eport late in the day which Is
atnoher record high last month. .

|vetearanste at it effect
|. a **..y *s :: V: '- *DIA
m be f st W eed u n -a-...y.. .u ..
S re" Ifltio t i WARHMMGTON. Aug. 21 (UP), Under tft World War I
SllWhoha"pred Pr- Thte eataLtlonal sectl of a the govM i the shod
t r to e glnl a g pcialjnew G il of Rights for Korean direUtly f lMWQ IIbooki
I of Congress to o fmp I veterans t Mnt into effect yeater- other l = gave
on pibes. salIW he stil bes- day tint k nesal sanag may force dualI AlnR allowmeas ,
S ,consumers ore in for an- some m-_emomen to pay etrheir bath/ egli, VA was dlftedl
r o fd of Infla.tion. r ouwn ne at the start. by.lw Itopame monthly check k
rtna by my prediction that vete~rt Administration offl-aftoer th of school it
iM f things a reegoint ctas r ex-GIs return hoe rtta ted.
Stola reporters. "Just walt to the lamome not to e That no veteran cani m
1M4." .thp... ir goternxaent expense checks hsta be cheeks untUl
elm the only way to offset right aay. ha in school at least
Strand s for housewives to mth.
| rn.te and s h o o around Oue estimated the student t hermore, both the vetersh
I _look for bargains." veter n Probably will not get and the school must certi
V' _S"i amli t van unfortan l-ib0& sa ntil two months VA that he Wtually is attel
WIO VIM io net_"e "M.-' t h i er1Wresume their styles., sehoe, and that may consul
ft*Wtleta_" n "peOOPI That Means the veteran will more tie.
II. e larme sad111 4 gt have to foot the bill for his own -- .
ietle IlIhv'l nS sI splus tuition,
'00 11011f.f h*e books.ande er shool expenses i
ftO Wo10 c'" until the checks start arriving.
sam u1* s." Offlclal emphalssed, however. '
r. said only that that the government will make us
Ss Arlspronwal up the bobk payments.
oecall in th middeThe new law provides many of a .....
Of hats mini s b it- the same b eitsenjoyed by
.t._ mnq c. hl, eumpain. World War I veterans for men W U
SpUWleaNs flatly coumoe the who were in service anywhere
m'r'-- roS SALUr bmcras .n' In the 'W*iM t oe the start of A new p .. t ed ii,
I seatld 'would only bog the Korean fiag. Inag the inta burdeR qn
l 0I poal e. Mr. Trman I ; t pmf d that no money pocelttboi, w o a*M. 0 t
,bly will bt t fl 8 finalde- could bespent for classroom and with the- ext .afletMrof
ntamorrowt -and future nthe-Jib Iplning before Aug. lams AtMe rig a rf CArt-
l-'index flures are Another section providing atg ,
tgt L a two cents 9M mustert out pay for officers den. t
warn lrebs Sto and eift-ed men already Is in UgJSAX zwa 4ls 'wter-

l are th1elIa ma
So &on BolArdns N to
t tediu 0311dMSSaSi. e n

"a. mn VA a a been appl* I.
Low ,ifl .

i silt the BCEIeI I'wI catis for training under The tea- o I
atIr- n er law for about week. a i o r1

| ley at 1:1 .38. pA. a t t:00 -s etere who etl felve ^M IF r e tV0 w
Col~n, the tMBl will leave depen5a1t5. U5 If leay batei ii
A special trin 14%ua ldp to havm more tbmauuse fti. ype. 1
tn Mill leave tomorroW only dent. .
*t ):40 a.ft. Mnatwing fro* On TGa s must cover, their tuttlea 5 an
tt at 10 a t. here will e so and all fees. buy bO and su
ar 'to Eale nn Saturday. pites an.d pay their Wt s
-M' Zat1 :1'1 Ab M, o.i 6 041 : Veterans who envollreeive s law
.Mouncedt rsfy. tur3 $III mnta .out t. M--am
I$o. Col6n, te will vge SSve dependt $15 inm

W": .dber
,., 18


y ^Shl^^~l^ ^^i^^^^^^^^^^^/^"



.:.'*. .* ,* ^
.... *;,
, .**' .-.- .. '
A 4'u

;'S. *lt '".*


4~t# P'

Deliciot, tender Haddock, Cod, -md.-lemk
.Cleand, Not qeudkwk-hon amC aS m.
Sth tcL There's abolutey NO wA Mft 9my,
ounce iS uJp, ahWi ting ... yoWtB love agN
-I I R B'Ed, -aid or broiled-any ofg-ee
". jt m4 wanda -upper dish!
. ,tladhi ye.r onmiw ary

*" '* .... '" '.
- r..;s ,

flU% uS~

. .


'.4 ;J ,; :'-:

It .:_ '? ..


.. -.,:.
,v ..'



)y :.;* ..

; ".9' .




* i. .

-7..-- --`7
,'* '; t
W^ 0

, "..-... !,



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