The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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b" Md an I n eea er" t med.n0 TUhe PeMses Ames.
h w emt received #pe*eld ed heM b ek ,whbMu e*s
GibS a wU eo t d el meNa lle M uoes epeN t
9i temp e m*go s hii m o e pe- a ,1pt
ifellm shena m held IOn s I sct e 0ei6em11e,
beosod i ies e ee m de s.
The discerning eye having paused upon the letter (Mail Box,
Aug. 13) reporting the expecltaus manner of routing a Boxer
dot .rest to his owner without the doubtful benefits of quaran
bliu, ed)s that the commander and his BDter are being given

The attentive eye finds both assumptions untrue.
very dog (almost that is) on this station, whether mongrel
or pealgreed, all breeds, and all sizes an asared the same
ite ind rank or rate of owner has no ,l action.
"I estimate would find about 50 deadles enjoying the
of COoco Solo, and that of this group, about 80 per
A .)afforded the same expeditious direct air routing with-
tmn nation of quarantine let us be air to all and not
I pomison all the credit, or a Boxer.
SDlseruling Eye.


The quarantine law of the Canal Zone It a very strange
thing. It look* like a nice racket. I only hope some economy-
mazed ongr snan gets wind bf it.
Where else 4n the world could, a olde veterinarian ride
around in a govewnrent car with a chaffettr, no less, in an
'leM onlf 40 miles long and ten miles wide?
Metiokle, set owners are charged $15 eadh month for a
1ho O9r or where their pets are confined to lie wet, miserable
d~ 'for 120 days.
r F r -do this to keep the Isthmaus free of rabies? They
-0. be imposlsible when the Republie of Panama has
a0 a e and animals are brought Into the Zone from
ainst daily
Set let's be fair to all, cut the quarantine to a reason-
at e 'lithen a 60-day house quarantle with fines for
tBIRS the animal out unless on a leash for the remain-
This would abo cut down the number of animals being
N u Ied nVia Panama.
Me For Sixty.

luw _
IS r" lin*

By Colbraith


ai *mply wid to pt bask Into tat good old wshel
qmmln ,vr~ ~a so b interbting with dNhraet



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fact that fc
Andy BtIemiUflet i
aud.nome for Pit
anti-Mcart i
keo Those w gj
IL speeeiw.
If thele iaes
Comeatlest -
pme R-feori
lab-r M ti

The ALt .0,
gffther ad- HM...

expert. Be- M w t.
he tookhe 2BM t dea.
A spee,1J Was at
up In MiermdlTe "ea UElw
town, ckto it Oi d tde,
wives of f it -alIgUs, 18Mr1-
er of the MKle< W eln V-
ers A"I othft" grXepI

eto d tws. The s e,,1ral
staff researchers Wean phekting
all the city dbrehsttea in the
state, ~te&nl1 t o0 per cent of
Connecticut'a-po. atioa.
Whenfrer as. -mn ivel in an
working eafe Sam, yr w"
'a a work.gmaa'i or teall",
& mlark W*, mtad -sfler 'i
oane. At the end there wae

Ltated too were t h
d.kic evebers and slM

t~ het reuenti. te
Beeh. t of oofr sp iaria
"TM* or ao," recording better
the Wftm b had reglamrd the
yPW bdeire.
"MMk, lerse, msae tbe pre-
fMebflecw and ost ambf-

NOW: .. f half of O eflA
was 40st."&now ow "mean i



8ifci Rop

A It
H~i t~ot t~rrud q-a wt*
israiww t~^Mkiand'i
to~~~~ fK-.n~t^ .-^.


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a all bhe .
q was to sew
dm tbmns 017
w to If &cn*t
,'and *M 0
on tbl ve"-f

hmttyp thec

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^I.- J WIR -nIm-w- wig qor'awwwAMMa

*~~~ Ofssaw^ spl-
be- .. ,- W RL, a m YO h

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be Stfte It Uqhsthie. IS0
m. e m miK ulitnSl : b

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"^A ""^' ~A b *^f'' ** '*' "w -""""!

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. ATI, 0 Av.. lt o (UP) e .
=- ohm I _*a.p


... had planed to' marry ha t omeimd
.ch..urc din fh E "tN O N 4..., .. U-n a ys
b. ft iSt tosa1s" '% was osm i* a-ho M4.*
t wife and four children ly at home tody Whenb ear.
eheady had.ouseXto

dle gIuts bat could o bed .
h' ve 1be strane turn or events

S--"were tue. he si1d whe ftIt ..
BY OWAL, A oet. anle w ald she wanted
to fody her husbad. She an- A o
jnotufod ht' she wtd sqe hdin' t t
fsor ry for divorce.
"' 102 Joat was saved from a bl-
14 874 S gamete marriage only by an
alert w tare case worker who
'ri spied ther nainmes among those*
UN W AST (D) who bad applied fur a marriage
5; 54 license. they tipped off the au-
V9 A I0& 8 6 thorltis who refused to issue
*10654 KJ83 the lleflet and'later Jailed En-
4110 4.* Q4 nie for sn-support. *
:WCIB "I 'loir that girl," Ennis de-
$ AAKJI'2 a clare today when they brought
Vx him othIn the police 11MW. "I
W E Ip want to btarry her." l
S6 A I R Muid4 he did not try to gm.g.- -..
Both sides vul. triJo. e said an attorney
S. told W that as there was no
?1 mu. B m red 4 the marriage at thPo mh to eat" an
P ? P2 couat e and the priest Who wed'tw ud to eat" t
S 2 Pus 3 perfi bs wedding cere- a wele dIsabllity pension.
Pa 4 6 PO P m he d not consider himself a The o three child, -
-Opli lead-4. 4 married ,,. adoionrIr Theomeih, it, Barbara Ann,.,
*~ married and Jfa rb,$, are Ir chaq I
The attorney who had dis- homes. Two are dead.
cussed the divorce with Ennis
B. Jay ecker was tIh, only saWd le vi knew he wash a "Joan doemxt know how
S I a good duplicate to mled halln even though there lucky lIsl," o~ ia.
W e a 0four0" spdes. The reason waSted to run around and have Bhed saihd at iusI M A t&mT,
Ot W l laJ he Ito l ys careful house. tried mtahb0 1 in K ffllfat,
o- here ltt players (evnK ex- But Joan and her parents, Mr. Ariz., ri. war anm
per we son.,tlmes careless. and Mrs. William Best., turned a her aIo.dMe fo
-4*at won the Nt. trlk with deut eaf l-A the pretty eIemo- to 46. f o
the king of diamonds and oon- whed eadthe back M wed- note m Aled? w l'mal'
*** lttewth be-w-'of-dlamends. B-InN-P et OShe had recetVed. termined, was inls' lal ic
e ma ias .ruffed Her father la a veteran pollee wi
W & to Mrs, mm. said that she was
tS at' u and through with her ,3-ymr-old.--- .
nglitlava sae for Romeo husband who "only
Vr. wanted to rpa around aad have
,second a good time."'
Srrect "'m going to get.a. eY.o
to lead t 'e I'hearts right away," she declared. Id
eat W S West's never live with him IaaIn."
eItSa is ekm d South She said Emis tolde aer it
I dvore., ang that be has d

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I -,
&LLflOS' u>i ~



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- ,.L. .
o .- .'*.. .-*



Queen of heart, 8ad rtia I Lzeamr.
heart. Dummy is re-entered by
Mlmist at thesr trump to thu
quMea and Soth ruffa a h sg
A IPib pInt dulOah lS vlder who* he tod
ea rt Is good for a trick f de- cuort t rtalg
i er can only get to It. If he to b ll. b '
h- ai ed the deuce of spades SMftidinnlt adn't WitM es
Up thiWe aseat,A he n bad ahldre since last MaTer a-A
#t to d u g. Al;. ea *t "didn't care aqytbips Sbout
soo ,ilan-. W him them"
to ore a "He would give me a few dol- f r.
i It to ha mmIeeady wed the ars here and there f I went Sa,o
deuce of he will be un- down to meet him at the gro-
able to to dummy-and the cery where he worked as -
g amie w be lost. ping clerk," she tid. a ,
St looks easy and obvious to the only way I could get it amt t
save that. -euce of spasdm, I him." I
doesn't It? Nevertheless, 12 out Mrs. lnnts said that she a=
i f 13 good.. players missed that their three-year-old dau ta.
Wy iand obvious play. Linda, "can get along alth

S IM. waLMIr. Mrmste .
*- -*. A-


a n o ...


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It ,~**'*V..* .. -"

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mnaIT efr "i -

485 WIY I

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1- k. : -.+ ,.

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Wi .'3,

to ske"aee

k. Aaine .t.-f

m ISdM Eas as d

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.: '* w.. ",
r -5' .. .'

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'F '-:4'- ~'V.

~ OU3~S1

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-UN *UE*
Md., NW
~ok dUtng

- I

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;-- *

r '- .;:--^ -.
* .- .. .,

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t." 'I ,--- ^---.T ^ --?

'h Sdl em... Wm You Tell 'n PA d

I eve your Ad with one of our Apma or out tf. i ths Nw. 57 *i b g I
No 12.l179 Crel Ave. m Cl

Lewis Serfce
I Tiw"ll Av.-Pbone 2-291. and

fourth of July Ave.--Ptonoe s- 41

Sea de aI-da AariM
n West Street

05 Lam imd. Misaim
Awdes 4b
J&* foer mabk- aboaaa e aUeI jft b

io. JSSS Me"t^ek
**m a,
AS t i T ,: mpg

- .- ~--


351 oAten. C. X.
Members and friends, call 25-2286
er write Box 543, Fort Amodor.
Telephone 2-2386 Conal Zone
Parking Site: Ancon Commissary.
Call "Union Taxi."
Registration open for Wee Ones. Wee
Ones may register for the Taver-
nillo Nursery School, which opens
Sept. 2nd, by calling Balboa 2-
mne way $85. round trip $135 (15
211.1nit), $160, (good one year);
40'L ANNIM, one way, $149.
15, round trip $252.35, 90 day-
4lmit) 'Panar Dispatch Service, op.
_lte Ancon bus stop. Tel. PoaamO


S SALE-22 Target rifle Remring-
* ton model 513-T. Inquire at 1508
g 3 Caloboeh, after 5 P. m.
-iR SALE:--One Spinet two uprIght
' pianos. U Street. House No. I
- room 15, Tel. 3-1270.
iFOR SALE: Police puppies five
weeks old. No. 56, 43rd Street,
Belle Visto. Telephone 3-0696.

Real me

SSALE: 3 erm Qu-et
ut pleel furnished, 53,000
00. Sebcliff Acre, Tel. Belboa
3022, after 6.*
Ut 5l.f-Pfter's cootaes, com. -
Py furnished. Half mile be-
end Santa Clerm. For infoma-
tion vt or phone Dgmor. Tivoli
SAveue No 6. 2-0170, Pnenmo.

O U SALE: Seuin. House No.
7044, $7,%O0. Houme No. 7044
%, $4,500. See them yourself. if
Interested we will cooperate. 4th.
street and Melendez No. 7044.
Mrs. Cares, Colon.

Sic a 30 the Colby Col-f
la apus bel of voice will
this week when the
D-eWrtlhotOree School of
aigueages ends its seven-week
ad er ermss. meon.
steo June So the Colby Col-
4L campus in the State of
Sstudy been host to 100
student s who are ivinoa lafrom

Stas, tude in gspe from 18aking
oennt1 ape n Iandh,
tMm and bisGerman. 9; men
adi women enrolledis the
IIne have completed a year
S to6e. The stuy in lets than

M ad achiened an
Wra othe cy I their Chown
la e that Is rarely obtain
i college courses.
students, who come from
-S states. range In age from 16
tq 6L The youngest, high-
dwahoo)student ismaflmwi
theseif for waeiege; the 6lost.
sWethred baseman plans to
*Tael InSouth America with
a arduous stdy schedule Is
dae y Sats with
e reading, amg a p-e
g tthe anguagpele,
tor. Ithur or flMe mhoo of
aratln an required for
-a weli as hab
o oral practice with tape re-
S edeoa and record players on

ven ege are devoted to the
Sfltutral bqeeground of the tea-
-11e with roup singlamg,
Bf and lecture.
* -But Pehape mot Import.t,
toiB the time the students sets
campus and identifies
with Others In his Ian-
6t t WAnS*
bdomory. all his
a question of concentra-
"John MeCoy, director
school, explaIns. "ot
day- t allU da.It
and we hold the line



Service Pwerson and Civil
Goverwnmownit Mp
Imnsist on
Gornrumenplt- ReFname
When you feance your n
AWeu 5 DtM-i5

FOR SALg: '48 Mercury
Sedan, 6 pa enoms Good8
tione, .950.00. Call 83-721
FOR SALE:-1950 Nash 2-do
dan, -radio, bed, $1,400.00
dancing available, Balboa 302
ter 6.
FOR SALE:-1952 Pontiac Cai
Durel Range Drive, Catalin
000 miles. With radio, good
ditlon. Phone 87-018 after
ing hours. Phone 87-749

FOR SALE:-Rambler Station Wa-
gon, with whit wall tires, under-
coat, radio duty paid. Cao't be
told from new. Phone 3-2730.



Responsible single peon desires to
rent small apartment or house,
fumished or unfumished. Tele-
phone Panoma 3-2100.

WANTED: Good home for three
healthy female cats, separately or
together, temporary or permanent.
Two nine monm* old; one Two
years olaid. Telephone Ponemo 2-
3067 after 6 p. mn.

WANTED: Secend hnd guitar.
Cheap. Phone Blboa 3693.
WANTED--One 25 cycle refrigeret-
or, good condition, telephone, Mr
Pasquon, Albrook, 86-2151 or
Baep 1662.

4,000 Gobs Visit
(CeMMe ftrefltg 1)
Business Adminlstratiom, Unrer-
Sty a Mnuamta; Dr. Lawreeoe
L. Smith, head of the depart-
mont of geoVerol

affairs, University Ofa Wisouln.
Informative tours Of Oawtn
Locks have been arranged or
the midshipmen an Tharad
and Priday mornings, while on
Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m. the
isadmp nCA have been invited
to attend a tea dance In their
honor at the Officers Club. Na-
val Station, Cooo Colo.
A dance for the analed aMima
of the talk group is sabedutE
for Saturday night at the Ows-'
tobal YMCA commencing at *
o'clock and the TYCA Junior
Nostesses fro both thee Gto-
bal and Balboa tt CA' wE be
on hand to entertain he vWL-
rIng sailors.
Other silhtseeInt toM OD in-
elude Port San Lrcur e
scheduled to be w Met
arrv al on of the ta lpm.
ThRuenwill be no l be W
lunh aboard the sim aof e Jt
IgOav. Rowe ve, -m4 a. e6% W
Atred Servtic e ISn u mnMa
be welcomedrt M. Be o rm-

Commanded t N al D.
Pohl, USN, the Tg
the flag of aathe Navk lns-

Commaon, Fort Amdor* 0. L.
Russell. U hl have
duty with the L C t UI
commander of dmtuer Diviton
After calling on top military,
U. S. government and blegtoM
of Panama officials Thulatey
Ruasell and party will be tUe
luncheon guests of Rear Ad-
Siral Albert M. Bledsoe Com-
mandant 15th Naval Dtsiict at
Quarters A on the Naval Reser-
vation. Fort Amador.
Bledsoe, Rusell and Pohl have
jointly lvsued Invitations to a
reception and dance to be held
aboard the Pittsburgh on Fri-
day from 5 to 7 uam. in honor of
His Excellency, the President of
Panama and Mrs. Alciblades A-

aS M
n ^^ ow mml n ^a. !
g.^ .'s0

mal Zee $
ca0m aA9


ien FOR SALE:--Modrn steel dressers.
In two tone colon. Phone 2-3708.
House 0954 Amnedr Rd.
* C4' FOR SALE:-SeMeOa Nand Easy Spin-
mw drier, 25 00 cycles. Price from
B.50.00 up. Econoes, Lux Build-
Ing. 34 Stree, phone 3-0919.
g15 FOR SALE: Apartment fumitur.
--- Leaving Isthmus. No, 23 Peru Ave.
Coupe Apt. 30. Telephone 3-3674.
79. FOR SALE: Mahogany Record
Player. Automatic change. Excel-
or se- lent condition, $30. Phone Balboa
. Fin- 3693.
FOR SALE:-I cot inner spring mat-
tress B.20.00, kitchen table B. 7.-
talina, 00, I Nore electric wehing me-
a 9,- chine 25 cycles, used.six months,
I con- B.165.00, porh portion, flots
work- house $9.00 144.-D. Holder St.
(Frt Balboa. Phone 2.4445. Between
4:30 to 8:30.

FOR SALE: Wooden chiffonier,
$10.00. Steal uffet $10.00, 2
chairs. 107*4,1 Pedro Miguel,
phone 4-506.

FOR SALE:-New Philco, 2 door 10
ft. Refrigerator, 60 cycle. Phone4
FOR SALE: Sewing machine.
WHITE, portable, like new. nttoch-,
ments and carrying Woe $95.00.
Evenings. 1528-A, Almond St..
ll ll

FOR SALE: Sin console sawing
machine, $75. Chinese carved
chest, $30.00. Cushman motor
scooter, $45.00. 2171-8, Curun-
FOR SALE a- O= Sinmons Studio
couch. 2 bmboo chairs, W. Hos-
socks. 2 floor lempe. 4 venetian
blinds. 4 beiboo blinds. 25 cycle
clock, electric fan. 25 cycle Wast-
Inghouse efriglsor, Easy wash-
ing mach 'Cyl. G, E. 3 spead
record player, 9/0 reel and rod.
New 4 H.P. Wiseonsin gas engine
7" DiK Sander, Coca Solo. 5865,
; Diablo, 2-4457.-,

Position Offered

STEAMSHIP Agency. Balboo, requires
competent mole stenographer with
office experine. Reqet Ier.
view rbtli eer r.a. m.
ally queIflicartos. .0. Ben
12007, Balboa, C. Z.

WAN .-i-Offlee c lrk with amre
kIbknwldge of grlcfture to work
In the nerior. C I telephone 2-

WA lTED:-Male or Pemale expe-
rienced secretary who ecan take
Spanish and English 4dictation. Nc
nfed to apply unleM person hm
had at least three years expe-
rience.. SMOOT Y PARADES, S. A.

Mrs Anita Moss
To Ie Buried Today
At Jardin De Paz
A eal for the late Mrs
A Vitora Mase, who diet
tj, of a Suands after-
nft lae The Sate To-
SeaI amJ more ait 4 pa.
a/ Mt m ~for t. Paul'f
flne funeral fe

4t1?ao I Tsrda de P wa Coe-

hda ahher .* wfl

IfSe gra

Tl. ime -

aof the
NO W As*

Te erom furnished dA
unfinisheld apartments; private in-
ckMN te 8061. 10th Street.
Crtobkl. Telephone Colon
FORENT:-Bachelor Qurers, tur-
nirhed Domingo Diaz Avenueb
(Ingenlo Entrance) No. 34, IEl
Ii Copitin.

Rf REN:-.For delivery September
st. nicely furnished apartment IA
best residential section, two besS
room, two bathrooms, dningroam,
fivingrowm, big porch, kLitfh,
mlsroom, garage, telephone, very
reasonable price, 44th St. 'Na 37,.
Tel. 3-3489.


FOR RENT: Fumished room with
breakfast in Bele Vista to o
two gentlemen. Forelgimn' ewseftr
red. CoH I to 6 p, m. Avendo Ju--
to Aroseena 5e S Tel. 3-249.
FOR RENT:-Spacious room suftlae
for office or storehouse. PAlncla
Suso. 8 Avenue No,' 99. Tee-
phone 2-2298.




MODERN 2 or 3 bedroom r cheta
wanted in desirable resldektlwd:
orea hear Panama City.. $3S 00.4
down. WrI to Sox l iablN


LOST: -. brown pla1tc W" wi
Important documents of bavid
ChrMit. 'Comisariato Pheiftgo.",
ll1h St. It'front M~lt.'wKord.

fle Wante
WANt .%-%aid reliable 14-deeX-
peWleaeSAd for housework. Leu"dry
pla" cooking. Mrs Suisiman 742-A.
P -Street 8albqoa. ..

-fA No. 117 Costill ad

INMMM, ernar1o eIt (UP

Mgwlt an-im i -h
Tean of Paine

lig r Isean
to a e ll S
daen yeah ega oM

fl SUbo
lj--iij *"*i~ iu3Bs
IW^b .ilnxMtJfl'w9Phi

myjt S eltci*t

ir toeal
Sie whit&
fta aedq



eb e s ...


T'L 84119 6 Is IA
esso F.Novi,WNC

CALLS, whieh 515*
SLionsAnd their
rte to co0tept 01eth

EDoe IC attre ofA
ls Della lotta,
IM~reede Moreno i

*# Panama

albTNw To Mt -w
c-, v ifk ~. A.-. ,. .- hi


NM OWN .xithgi

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"ftd r at rte aL- ... .
-;Imw lo -w, L. h .... *m "--
IS B,^ g .. iw- w .',rim

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.im baiiffam CTOTAO

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-:, --
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sussi n(M

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su W. -- -' "
, .; f\ "1 ~*.- *.*, / ;; .-,:.- o
', o [

MBnery has the
JUCe DeOpament eb CMr-
fttaz Maa WO pmrMOd tiO N 10
mittee he lM doea al cteW*Sp

The committee, headed Watep
Frank L. Cheilt (D-7y'a, Is
studying mhte a 10"W WORv
ot$ Vs 1DW ta eaW
former offte Itsm Casflb"1-
Ing impner on their OWgo
ment s= after they otdWb
private U.
CheU" ontefOBflt
Oe' new ahetw

Lptheeamoctat e ary~ ago,

meathata lot

ag the m ae
sele sala~fnt teara (wl
utee Ovatericme:

-owlveCO. 1w
.x4m, fsoy n"wyw~
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Ayqs om ber, sof..
41M Moull oit si aa



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Sd Ia 0e22

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BAU TYses.4TsYno 6
.-., ,. :, ..** i' ,-,.' .*,* ; : ,- '.- gf' .T

.-*Hr ,im .^-'H.;U.--W .... H- wr Bwsy
do your w~tkbifW 4M htlW- "AMA^ <

Ai"t 'Pfl
.. .. .. ff ll: ... ... .. ....M -ttlH ^^..,.K"..

:,. .* *
%ca -0.4m W "'' ".i,. i ;

.*--... 77 :77-- ;-,o=-17
.;. "T. -. ..,.- t / *.-. -, ..r' :;' -,

M?. -..,.
". .- "- ..- ,^,^' .A.^ -i :.-g:* S

nv ..n-t. --:--iC :-;,,

,. ; .*-t.. .& ...
lift ,,:S_ ,,I|
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...*. ;. ". .* .*' '* .
Wsp-wsFi~f~sr'B," Me^ '. t- '*" c^^^ f'
; .- *: : :;,* ; e ^ -. -. : *"*
: ... .;j, .'I


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-hrf* ,,\^! ^- --Fir

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F rz
m St.



Room ctM
6 am

a q II D

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s--**. **" #***.*-M .L

qffli 9.* a *.9'e 4 *t *Rt#44.P
,- Jt,^j^^*^Mfkc

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-0- -

mnks Score 3rd In Row

Over Boston; Cubs Win $

xiEW YORK, Aug. 19.-(UP)-The Yankees
eve the Red Sox' pennant hopes another setback
i Vic Rasehi scored a five-hit 4-2 decision at Bos-
i* for his 14th victory of the season against just
iee defeats.

N~m~ League


%I~eu host I
'' *.

He pitched one-hit, ball until tripled and Oavarretta unloaded Pidelphisa .. .. i $ --s
firth then eased up a Utfr. his roundtiipper. It was the first Ceoage. ... .. *S
Yankees took a 2-0 lead in four-bagger of the year for Ca- Bolpto .. .. .. .. Q
Olte first inning when Ehil Hit- varretta and Edwards' triple was Cincinnati .. .... 4 / A
.Nuto singled, stole second and also his first Pittsburgh .. .. .. 3 5 .
eent to third on a wild pitch. Bob Schultz, pitching two In- -- *- .
IOi Berra walked and Gene nings of relief, gained his third TOrDAY'S (2)
doodling sent both mren scurry- victory. Hank Sauer drove inl Brooklyn at V Ift tI (S)
Stg home with a triple, his 100th run with a fly for the I (T-N).
I i the third Hank Bauer drill- other Cub taHy. He leads both Boston at St. lh (N.
a two-run single to cinch the leagues in runs-batted-in. New York at (2).
talon. Rizzuto. who collected The final Western trip for Philadelphia at b (N).
hits, also singled to start the National League clubs and
S rally then rode to third on the final Eastern swing for the TESTWRDAyS *IS1lTS
key Mantle's double. American League begins today Pittsburgh 010 181 000-3 7 4
The Red Sox picked up one run and the pennant hangs In the Chicago 000 0M 013-4 7 3.
the fifth when Dick Gernert balance In both iercuits. Dickson (11-171 and Oaraglola.
led and Sammy White sin- The Giants seven-and-one-half Lown, Schults it-1) and At-
i* They got another pair of; games behind the Dodgers and well.
ubles by George Kell and Hoot showing no signs of cutting loose
r. with a new miracle open with a No other games scheduled.
the only other Major League doubleheader at Chicago. Man- -
e, the Cubs topped the Pi- ager Leo Durocher will be miss- *
-ts'4 3 at Chicago when pinch- ing, beginning his five-day sus- League
Phil Cavarretta. Chicago's pension for his rbw with Umpire -
ager, broke things up with a Augie DonateIlL %IEAM Won Lost Pet.
irun homer in the ninth.
p ry.Dickson had been nurs. Meanwhile, the Dodgers play New York .. 4S .593
a -1 lead going into the two at Cincinnati where they Cleveland .. .. 49 .578
h when Bill Serena walked, have not lost a game this year. Boston ...... .. 1 5t .540
eh hitter Bruce Edwards The Phils, who still have faint Washington .. .. 41 56 .521
--,- hopes though they are 14 games Chicago .......o 58 .508
back in fourth place, take on the Philadelphia .. .. W5 55 .5,
4V Ser last place Pirates and the third St. Louis .... .. .. 5 69 .420
place Cards, nine games behind, Detroit .. ... ..19 77 .336'
play the visiting Braves.
b The Yankees opep their long TOD A'S WES
home stand with the White Sox Chiaego at ew ork (N).
while the Indians, now two St. Louis at Wastabeton (N>.
Elx hM In games behind, play the Red Box Detroit at PHab4elphla ((t)
who fell six-and-one-half games (T-N).
off in yesterday's defeat. Cleveland at Boston.
PRA.NCIOO, Aug. 19 (UP1 The Tigers play a pair In Phi-
N an FranciSco 49'ers1ladelphia and the Browns have YESTEROAT'B RESUILTS
ed their National Footbal a single game with the Senators New York 202 000 000--4 10 0 s
mg' -. exhibition with a sho* Boston 000 OIQ 100-2 5 1 A
4ESr yesterday as'they crush- Raschi (14-3) a dBrra.
Washington Redakins 35-0 S iOrS GS Trout (-10). a ton and Ri
Ban Pranoleco. .9 fWhite.
A hbal-charging San Francis- (y ) P
line o ever allowed the Red- --- No other games scheduled, a
inside the 49'er 40-yard SArATOOA, New York, Aug. 19 -------- J
-and rippd gaping holes Mrs. C. 0. Iselln' "Bradley" Io -
,which Joe jerry bolted stufnbled at the star yesterday, c
touchdowns. but made up for it with a strong WL
g0ms was only six minutes run In the stretch to win the
1o00k pass. fr'm Sanford Stk e a Saratoga. T i
Aned.TP.tA UgYa rds 8 Jockey Jim Nichols -ave the "
abore Two pisye l late, a grandson of "Man 0' War" plen-
imolan Ic f erry -btecept- ty of time to recover from the
a a P bucked a- poor start as "Belfat-r" set the
fo the ,five. He early pace In the six nfurlong test M
r once more midway in the Irwo.year-ods.
Sriodpand in the third. r ls at h half-ibra-

a t ft Bradley covered h good r and Naval Sta the At-i
course in slow time of one sin- lant B lkcta ban Le .
y to te, 14 and three-fifth seconds peed by Quinones 1 points,
four ay seven-10, four-20 ad uera 7 Lu started ff the
'phs dollars, sHl0ed1eA twinbill with a close
third, 2 to So wed over O t Life
FOOTBALL Insrasee in a game 'ttat see-
touchdon. The Los Angele Ram lost an et bek and forth br-t on
,.ll-Ameriea Hineman to the Ar- d to the final Wh e. Noel
coue's Le Richter the llnemibak- ati Basketba L agu e
er who won fame at California, was hth point man for 'Gt al- Nth
Writer left Fresno, Calsfornia, tw d ihe ame wif h c
yesterday to report for duty at "Tte" Cello' occurtate e
Camp FOOTBALL Inrace. In a dameIg at see-A

The roncally, tfe Rams gast r a b Morri, and forthe ltaon

nearly an entire footb team to Leas ders kept the alate for
the Dallas Texans- to te Ar- t o ght clean wth a sweeplN
SRichter. And he never 77 to over the .poer- A.
easme for them. But hut of tABe MasketbaS LoWe p
knew R tr who won fame at CliforniAt. wanhh point man for lbal- Ni

when they made the esl. .e for the losers wih2. R.
'they signed him. He's been call- jl _1ml il
Richter, "I should be play the game
with the Rams by 19W4. PI
CmCok oBoING At dH p Pot
The last formality n th orri, and the to
nearl ht title fht wi be taken arge ololerkept to Oelat r._
care of tomorrow. t Mount Wthe n SunWith a s in
hia promoter, says WnalottV the th- oNw plover lp tIh e A
Champ, and Marcla. Bn, the ehal- S al ofhe Marga.
S. longer, will sign formal contracts JM aon w h-Wte
BY NOSE *Wre- tn Meyer oseph Clark's offlM e at l ve S.teen w ith-R
sists o thc sme when the y made the hI "liasors nt. *
I.cs *nd tricas in an ln the Army reserve Wat n15 Ri

Sgrabs Fernando Otes by would be staged in PHbiladelephin a the Divisn I
MOM, proteu violently as evthe night of SeptelMih" srad. yB- ci.C
referee admonishes him. lfore that- Boston and JerseAy Cty re Or
ghtwon on a foul whatever ghthad willb mentioned as pot C.le d to
Herman Taylor, the hn ethe modern version f b sites e SEr t
d tuatn l d4lo Wre- in May(Aor lark'shof atb beesnd uft ba ohm -n W e
'~antiquateddogadne. tV5CA h man1%#V 4005 _

Always Ask


Er^'l lhi


elntic aide MditNr 1Mw
ller lver o 1

ers are deteminntd to elu
reign of La oea C.C., .
that -u won the M tI

Thq Ancoom 'VIP- "
uacicll side db a-.m
homl siad thusa i a

so- Jtrrrt^^lB^i'"M-B tA
^erOw" S^l



wEftl btg0toler Pery Bat
rftnm~ag brief visit S&
t d tie, Is
SMcCall, n

-Philadelphla'sh 1
dedb a group .
atcoRacelra '.r
'b' his tran
Ot _____A.^

Indians, Pirates Pull Deom i

That Could Help Cleveland.

(By U.P.) tu
Cleveland has pulled off a 4al
itt, the Pittsburgh Pirates t ai
ouM help the ltdlans In t
stretch drive for the AmMitlitl
edtgue Pennant.
TMe Indians t& ck up vetwta
oeliet Pitcher a and bti-
Ildr (Oeotge trlcklatd. 'tte th
Rates, hobel ltly iii the Natl- S 2
1 League cellar, get InflaMl I
ohnny Berardtno and a bulea
f cash. Hank Oreerberg, *t* iep f
loevland gee eral m ager
WulM not say exactly how e
onaw he banded over to,
Pirates. Wt Greenberg say s tht
ts Indians have spent? m 1

a oca Seuio
A I .A..

m .. 5 .

r .. .... 5 i
r alM. i..s ..t i
S1r 3wAl District 0 -

S100,000 for Jlayer since
easot opened, all it the
h-0 overtaking the frolit-
ift New York Yanks.
ie key man in the Pitts-
k' OIv eland deal Is Wilks a
"M4, relief arttst. Wilks
(ffe and lost five at Pitta-
Sa showed a th eI -point

A et

WI, ~ ,.
~hA~ .~.a

ear h

. ... _

d1 tm his --
lhaan't been set.

Sa,..., a. ..u |
The um ore:

gty, m .. .. .. ..
, c-b .. .. .. .. 1
ubel, eT-r ......2 I
menro, M .. t
ai, Sb .. .. .. .
u .. .. 2 ..
R 1 4

roAtaB A
Wm-i-t ........ 4 2

AmI..pI...... 6 .

s *s ^*-.uv

AY r4As
. $.1gi% aD

-.4 -'-.i

. ~-~~~L&i

1 ~
~- l~'~



nd Sox natit

-"--- **-- '*

"WS. % %

A t chani-
gAl $a&-. \

I m a *A 1


I,.. ..


4 46 .o *

.. .. ,, 1 i ., i- 1 :
.., .. .. 2 4 4
S, 0 6

. 0 L



- -*--;,'



lAh~~~tA^A.. -,uj '-,^f-- bH ^ HH H H H
AU *I** i~- -^* fl Hi= -
r MCl
1 h*



. i k I

'2* ..

jhI~ ~

wtB to

gf. AM

d '

J. 1=f *
p **

".- "

:'. *9

.~ .


OLNEY, Md., Aug. 190 UP) Let Mti pr '
A new school that resembles a
utnk heap opened here today and wNV t-Wjr.SkViNT TRAS
12 students started learning -
skills they hope they'll never use.
The government spent $200.000 '
constructing the tumbled-down
Officials will be highly pleased
If the whole thing turns out to be
a waste of money.
EvEry new Building on the
!ampua is in ruins.
If the place looks like it had
been hft by Pn atom-bomb. It
meano the h.fildersl have donnp

PmAN bA B.p.I

Unco vt-


us of

their job well. I
, LYNMOUTH, England, Aug. 19
The school i4 wart of the Cl- (UPj -Mudastainea rescue work-
vil Defense Administrations era cotURued their round-the- .
staff coUellege and its purpose is clock search in the water-logged
to teach Amepriven how to save debris of England's southwest 7 -
each otherr if their city ever resort coast today for 40 feared
i adergoesan atomic blast. dead in.the country's worst flood
dilaater In recent years.
Workmen have erected a blnrk Early today Devon county po-
of residential and busir.*se build- 11ce announced that 15 bodies
Ings on a hillside nePr here and have beea removed f r o m the
named it Resevp Street. wreckage of Lynmouth or pick-
The first clvil defense reRcue ed up floating offshore, and that
class hbeeno ut" it tndiv. Oth2r 25 persons are officially missing.
il olow a twoweOk Polce are also investigating
closer will follow at two-week the cases of 00 vacationists
tEvery common type of con- thought to have been in the area
Every common type of o at the time of the Lynmouth
structon and every probable flood who are not on the list of
conditioA to be found in a build- evacuees.
Ine after enemy bombinr is re- Some of the 150 residents of
presents d on Rescue Street. the village of Challacombe, near
Lynmouth, were returning home
The street and sidewalk today after fleeing last night fol-
are bespe*r with debris. "Vle- lo w n g a false alarm that a
time" are bidden n the seeret floodawollea rebervow In a valley
tuoaeh sand liMn U wrs built above village had burst.
fpetwf* ruinsl buildings. The A==p"ftft searched
tudesimtl most Ad thenm and L y n tu th i r for the
delvfse mean of releasing weeks tl'deitbo i ears an4
hemf, bus awe" away ttrk-
They will be taught fire-fight- Its baiks and to' tibths uik
lg and such rescue skills as rig- Oree .psai.
gini, shortng, b r a c i ng and Beartys Ml Wbhi hampered
breaching. rescue work yserday vi~pped
h" w1 learn to lift accident todolo e fis t1 t I- relr eliof
*fetMis from depths and lower r night
Ue* from heights. while four ,mare POee ,t'
Headmaster of the school Is are feared drowned farther dom
Mugene Pields, who is on leave the rits Channel,4 thecost
from the Omaha Thire 1epart- ofWales. Their 48 h t.-ebnt. ral. h e t
tents. reseun diision. t0is stlf er woa found broken to plees m
Includes rescue experts from the rocks.
Wew Tdrk, Boston and Caldwell. l rltoin's tMirsr t H=us.
N.J. Ha -M I t L .-o w A
ing te LuAontth awe toi6ay lamb flood t t the te-MI.
r If GOW enemy bearb nei- and wll report o CalSint ato- W tha it ade 20S IAMwB4"
-- r ahis 'a tls ate, l"e mOrrow. mt t. __ ,
Sta! being l augst lWl so AoblWWisu 1 eVle ar m,
SUm fl..ods endesrib- 9" 16oURE of
iv ow doneeksvk @a- and showi.
e!w 'beGo adeedan An estimated 40,000 tons' of7
Sameru Ht rocks ind boulders showered on y
Lynmouth by the flood will have
Student fildhigw the course tobe cleared before any repair" If
will become tsfers In their Police said it mlit be several
am comaa4. '.. weeks before final figures of .. .
'e oXemm nt is prepared o sultes and damage can be comfy W Ia OTON. -l. a E (P
Inatch stte a l funds if any plied. -A National Geo lic SocieW AR "
OWil defense group wants to Britain-wide appeals have been agtnist is on his Way to the
build Its own training Rround. made for aid to the LynmouthI Aglo-1gyptian Su8sa. to prove, i near i1gb
which would cost an estimated flooil victims, and $16,800 has it i can, that starIght ds .
,000. been collected so far. elopa kink when .it passe
ot,_oe by the sun, M iMW.ic S S
The MIlentist, Dr. GeoMe Vam. S Jr ut.

L~ #~~d




B eallbraeock, has left for 'Khabr
toum to complete a s*tud.start,.
ed in February usMai
0eor9phle uaspices, ofM
eclipse o the sun.
I lan Blesbroeck estbHlsahb
tba starlight actuaiy doe
bead when t Veas tft san's
grravItaiinal field, the ieelg.
sail today, he will supgy prac-
til proof of at lea S l a oft9
the theoretical -touua van
whidh rests much at b.der
physical science,
sai a giant tluisaga cas

At-iwe Int
bit bmt
t tars,


a r -. -. ,


"r-" a~ia4

V ~?i.

- .
" :o,* --^

. A. p, m
Lr-* ,. ,.". U' ,3~

th Hetine Scion
" "mi m _" Ann .i .

a ..
akf9f *?*

*tr-. -

"-' 1_ ; ,.


* ~**-,

A O tJukHeap

Hopes To Be

' Wasted Effort


w, ur

* -A
- ,
1. ,I. -

, =.

' k.1

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