The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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I ~ K

I Lbdwr7News


i nas aS *St .4 a P.
res"pou a1e *
,, .,m. ~ hI, lie

"29' aJ "4 UmeIM AVI. NEW VOMI1 i7 N V. MI

ws"ap s RAuY C-.- *-
5 "oU- OtUM Tm MAsm OWfN catumN NNW I"M r the ts
ine there's a ftce-to-fatce
showdown btwetan enraged
THE MAIL BOX borderand the ugs
modern Mafia mobs -a tmob of
1% M I. h sgopee uwm t odm of nT ePseta Ama -mu-le men which terroriles
o' s reM'ake h l Gnemo. $1000,000 ta Ly out of the
Sr d i on's ladies elt manu-
!*vss gpp& ft ..,i iurers by -I 8an. .i-
.. t w es k e 'a am yn' m esa B n' w bLrary taxrs u o a & nickel
e m t m en m a j lMei ns m h e.. W Won each cloak a dc4" turned
S I* M ft t o k t" Nel Isd e "aH emiLe out for the weign of the na-
.s *(e-am mw ei igg s- ta o. Un
-i- i ? m la ls fo e Yet, f ut yar sfter Ke-
"- the g fauvear' travel ad despite
i? SOLDrtB LZTTEVR t herandsortad rtements of
In the August American Magaslhe, in the section called official aa agees
Ith rAcroi the Nditors' Dess," ,phe 5, is a letter Mpged across the la 1 MS labor
a Across3thetEditors'I
0.oyO Thomn 45th W.t Dlv., UU At.,3. that I'd like to leader, David D k, and
IQ.b tOth -, young and old,r t tilk t would isWZZoa S ile8-
"a .resoved fromS a GE "S- wb h.It R aW" wagcrime divlossed even the
to one written the editor last apng-.b% a discouraged much touted ep rckeW
-elwol senior in Oklahoma, who, *vidw .bting the type rn d fana
has been dol*f a little thinking without e ence to The union fightalmost lMon
d or cope, w prte4 dlsourgbd ahtBt themes t theug tha whicfF ourshh iaket
In aind he's not Oly hip 1g graduate to 5 npthe ice S yor. lde'!
tht way. If tact go do growing u older people ith lwith n st seial "W
oMd eem g tlilenow better. NMoo, Yr prters-: "" threano
Dear editor: Bxy good fortune, I geNObW of one of me nt thn e nmonl Lade
your magazines. Id Wot know what milth a the whole ment the .itiona Ldls
-' "at had readIto h I.u& leftwihen I Garment We' lUnion (AFL)
rVIStutI mug MO. I *an h 4 Z eues-d the letter hU flea Frank
that gaJn Oklahomn M taken out to L obrn o.SteTreaut y
; awoodshed.and given a e d-fasi _l3p d Blcking or nDepts aI) tef Uit ke.
wine all he could look forward to for tUe next two to downs and fton fees da.
four year Isa "stretch in the Arym on same foreign downs and p "t to" i e l
soll, mingling with ftrange tryftg to defend a way of flileS SlS'tRIn hit -n
life that Is alien to meet o teia.' .Maybe you could oSk bofout ho aNW
sort of pIa this on to him and he fe him. rork oft cE" tigiout Of
I iad thousands of other iyr or w serve min :
the ed forces of our country w We're roud dersi to 11 9e s a.
to -i only a man can Ghoae com Ivet. ,a e la
I, msel, entered the Amy wag1 18. Bght- h t- Va be eMvi .t
een-yar-olds died In the l4st war aid thi one. We tax evasion.
have suffered for our country. Is he better than we? But It can be atheuatle
And -ab~t the strangerss" stff. He's al wet. In reported thatank w'es l
uniform lr'ze ot strJnes. f an handleS a
We may "ot inow each other's names, that's true. of the oerats.
t we fl ad.ra e together, for we are weld- ~ti"r 3is a %3
ed together in single bond for one prmmoP. Is at w=l Inover onlyw
being strangers? I'd Uke to know what a lirend s. iomne $10,0L0
Where does he get this "trying" to defend cur way k ozt. T a wIs
of life? When did we ever fail? And never wlas planting
a we have men to shoulder our a. For those who t
have fallen and these who have end shall not have Tnr mean la only a ti
died and suffered in vain. AWa= f
Think It over, kids. Ether we fight for what we fal of the tew"erl cloak g
larve. or los. eveerythte love. Are we going to be and sit shmsd an f
real Americeni. or chfidrbn always, like this guy from *omt-alllui 411fSl N i PI
Oklahoma, whining because he has to take his turn? ptnt 000 = O w
Editor, I'm not much on writing, tgl, but K
bhad to say this. Seeing these pei down e It sU
hae, an6 ot t t of IM ma a guy thne
e n a eden a Ift

oe^ It make you feet a little ashamed?,R th .^
I pi ed FAnah e- arat ,
lTU NT h 0Y IOU Lee A les, l no es mell m
rt: 60e. 155.e wOtehn s
S It pierced my heart when I read in this column where a nWoWf"o d sW -
; ie ,t geu a lob M f0o. an hour, and complains. I. g
SPobby tM tdent and many others have their pare t
wbakIg aet em tha t $1.50 an hour. Fiure t af t out at
S t s, s see what the total a day.
MoW what about the local rate employes whbo t a iVl 4 ~E nSm
W departments at part time, 380. and 40. an how, of even fled_ do9 4trs 5 ish i
nhM JNb eospaeoe st warm
I tse for Insatance the Cammlssary Diviasion, whleh has em- a- Sh ses to stagy an. ,
1 Who ve been working there for eight or ten yea an d aA
a wt a tuy to support, yet still adeats are beiag t basky has taken tbM a
Ion ate. 86
"._ u1tudents should le glad to get a little pocket m d_-d to do this sne "
the have no such family rponsibilities as have =14 Ni os g-
Sthink that instead of employing students, tl Se
1000ud be given to the local rate part time emplayea. -.
Waal on the

red a few ago that ne of our great "
I undmsnd he b On Ml way tO south AmetmBa, at W A.
*ftitation to our Latin friends Mthere.
I wonder if you couldn't get in touch with ilt 41
iWound the O shae Oe or a whMle, do a Its
I am aust he w l f nd thl ngm gon he
IraM oe that he won't possibly the m u le n i
I Iua ra Where I tine oma of the il aloes meMe
wMals Curun ansd Gulale ghts. a
S We continually rnd about One great need & ft l
%as fom al arms. That I assure you is one a* ~
Sa as I have sea s .or myself. w
-A short me ago friends Inmted ay we and 46
SI In Oltak Belglts and the mouit S ag
q ground f to the top aartment was very ad te
The apartment, UI It may be called such, was In a begins
gUeTlon. The eiling was a dirty grey-white, the wa== Wer
elC of practIcally all paint, the hallway I wenrt ge. w j
m a except it was much worse then anything y U ee
w or Caudonla. .
i entering the bathroom In the morng h1 e I to 4eld
.ue so I am able to my Meth. IT O.AS& AN5
ing of the drain the wash bowL
bur it beating up anm when It does you ltaw ns
gpampletely, an tI Is no exa rat
Upon making several complaintats to those prnp r
Vu told I weaold get used to all this afterI nee teW67a
fWKn for a .
SIbe wouU ASt used to a& this if I were wr ower
I amn amot. but several things which gf$lAMt
taon, I san"t swallow with the pride a as -
Hwas wel teadiut up.
I cam tlt o Ba of them mnoidentssass the om
.0to Ma h9a I sadder when I think d Wt
cameather)- ofat 2Iwl W aSatMion is w suiw
| i j i S a t s eorge to be

nMW. 4a0arlma ON 4

we oea m


:,- .., '-...
':; -.-. *. ". ..
i- ^. '* *' ,; "*''' "'

.. .t f. .-- -.'
''% t. "@ ^ J' ..

- "** ^* ~' i B ''
.... v ..

5 V






wy sa-"._r' r -' '-Ir -r-,-

.MW R "pip- a m. ...-:j ,!',- .-- ,. ,

Bourbon Man
.y 808RUARK

bo W-e SSn m a ]pg old-fashionedd hen I suidt
la and never ia 4a good
gs leW"ttsw-stieo- fjbacf
at m ahittd abtU how he supplied Mr. 51331tW h* tiig

800e a his boats weM not so capable at first,
4 $. Ukeir bottom$ ANed off.Re improved
a ww qasntinued. "a A Andrew J. always
M tlt, even it mai e ewrsemid-ftne-
ttevethh u$,
lablokiOW Andrew L wTM. se
Koepu iW times, and us*o
th ebraesttoft. b t
to. sm the n eatad tM-ttls e9r04W 4 v

when tSen

arand. He wanted to ed
and said so out alksd a .
clobbered over the hea. ,
."How the dng-dong aren
Iness with piiiie that ht
"We spend all this alalso h m -a
rienda with these ont
w ao our best to ma 'n q
IMs paying foreign VO
f na my misspent youth w
. p tnt tippling on qulte a hu itI l
es saw a man with quit the 6 ,-
drew J. -
While I was nibbling at t o MadM ugt
Ancient Soenethlng, Adw d"La ,
remnants of the quat.
He drank it neat, wtgi .ek-Wti d
a single smooth-dpin M IN u
It didn't see to ae g. l
red when he started. "
I don't know .whether b
wor t. But he Wasu 4
man and there ar tt
I hope there's bouSbS W
boats or metht SIw
Heavy hands to be"

lIn New

Si- Y' u awh ** *.

m nM b he.,t %..A sy
r"ft P, .au wIWI

m w iama" oaema.,
imn" -.-
sh-S^BS m ^"o-


.. -.* -,
"C.. '

a -




U -

nauinw aasafl
$ S




a n

*'. -i -T -f
-X: -fc^

"'~~~' -
A :V-. :

!, ,,,..,,~T~>

. W t' .. i, .*...jg
; .*rne*

i J .- _- (


. w

--,". "-,'

or 0fr IW

tam aim
V h&ff 3-Mi

MP) .11.
st mm

w" fl W5 w5MR s
ra tsllI ae.
rery -tfeted In
know' tMh Prtlee
Sor Idt fhabulanida

', c.>

, '*.-* -' ;*
. V ,, ., ,
2"4.. 4S:. .,

*hed ule4 a
eM nmeeunpi

a for o"prosmra

isn, a i

e may do so t M
I u where her tt
t be plyi g d.

SM7 Wither.

1ck Taxr

related the
w inun.-

rslm wu awm pro l

low Ora ofw
*tt i*d.t i~ il

, .M.s

L tus of AmmeWri
3-eaFIN, Jr., actedd
*oan rr wtar

IS vt the

ib4 .eN S"?e

t, divetor of the
sau. !usm.'. of-
Id the paMat re-
ms thr tere .
Sbyr mWe fm-

*31,M s.

'mase s. .umis.
*sy @, i Mus* a..


NOV00 #tf MIN j
ac an wr,-
'Its d .13 wW i 4 l
ad fa PWO fts.
n4Ht UI M*
*- I4..-

* iur, a1. .--
w -wa a"


. '* -'. M .1

a 4

il -- -." ... .- 0- ,-


esr national ticket

7 S.

-w~-- 4%A -

I, .


1.. --A
"l t,- -_

Owe..^ a a a
BtAr ........ .4 a
nime wi- -
.v* **. '... ".-Z1.96'

LEni t S,.-


Er 4^^^^^
- p'^^^

AT5 elA- e iwS W.

Trr **. .v

<*- -It

a," '* 3

- I-


/-; .

* e4.,ay that w ,, .. .
thAMOsWisi vointhWbo 'A

o .mS h to i

pw? to kw w.ea~.M r o w S

" i' "

. ." :':..

$L4t 'I

-- -. --'.~It-,--.

3- *::-
~ ~ *...A
;!-,.i. I

m caneaso.fdts ba sry ofla real
ano= daalea Mmi sek
nero of Dynew 'w.I-thle extra
tronMs ad Smdat WM ,l dt have

Sif you SMNt e..t A B*Ak- tere'-

o "-- -f lc.I4 .vtr

-New YTo& $ $.*7 wrk, o.J.

in ... .o, ..--.
ikZ! .. ..v4rz,-
i *^ :, ", -^ **-' -""-t
^&_ K^ ^^^rf "***.- .'*All^

EqmeS, awurnefr, shn Mad W"ud* resIJ
- (Hasa *h9 *soat *Ssfwd a Ktadn
.9ismdi a a.cue- C ebit Sriss.


~'f 4!
- -
* era

1- *



. W ,- .O..








-. ,*- .

* .,., -17 ./.. ;. -/ '.-n
-,." ** r" 0

,.^**-***v ;

A &

t .

I **

Q '

* I., -

ma Put.


S .4Ads*e-.



R N. -
wrK..r' .- .r"-. t .
** ..V. ...e i

CArgo and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arrivals ant

Shipping & AirLine News
aC Sales Manager for BOAC L.?ft Panama yesterday
h Attend NY Conference by air en route to New York
Wing Commander Donald A where he will attend a Joint con-
Careron, regional sales manager ference of senior executives of
BOAC and British West Indies
.Airlines on Caribbean affairs.
Cameron is expected to return
Ito Panama Aug. 16.
Jap Commercial Airlines
to Fly Between US and Orient
TOKYO. Aug. 11 (UP' Jap-
w aSE anese commercial airliners will
be allowed to fly between the
BY OSWALD JACOBY Orient and the Unite.?d States
Written for NEA Service 'under an agreement signed be-
.. tween the United States and Ja-
SNOR 11 pan.
6 KQe4 United States Ambassador Ro-
SQ 10 96 ert D. Murphy and the Japan-
j K Q ese For.-ign Minister Katsuo Oka-'
SK 6 3 zakl signed the agreement here,
WEST IAST Saturday.
a t0o aj T1

It was previously approved by
)oth governments. Japanese air-
lines plan to schedule flights to
Hawaii, the West Coast and Alas -
Two U.S. airlines already op-
Int ..n..z M.. Y..

reC luu route w upan.


Opening lemd- 2 4. About this time of year the de-
l coating magazines are filled
4uu,fn a decision to bid six with articles an what they usual-
spa0.s in today's hand was some- ly refer to as "outdoor living."
what questionable, but it worked For all their seductive phras-
out pretty well for him. He knew ing and beguiling pictures. "out-
that his partner was very con- door living" Isnt the simple way
servative and therefore suspected of life they paint.
that the dummy would be better
than the bidding theoretically They ignore so many things in
Indicated, their entrancing articles.
k eat opened the deuce of clubs, One-The neighbors' children.
and South won in his own hand An outdoor party, in the average
wltt the ace. The Muestion now neighborhood, attracts kids like
Was whether to set up the South a display of fireworks. There goes
hai d or the North hand. that wonderful privacy that ac-
The "automatic" play is to cording to the articles is so easily
draw two rounds of trumps, gulp- achieved in outdoor living.
ftn slightly when West shows out Two-Uninvited guests from the
fa the second round. The 4-2 insect world. In the tempting ar-
break in diamonds then produc- tiles about outdoor living, there
es a big gulp and a minus score, is never any mention of files.
8outh didn't play the hand so mosquitos, chiggers and the like1
wvAdenly. After winning the first
trick with the ace of clubs he Three-The little chore of get-
laid down the ace of hearts and ting food outdoors and all the
ewnft1 dummy twice with dia- equipment back in. This more
ft to ruff low hearts. If the than makes up for the easy in-
&f hearts had dropped, the formality of serving outdoors.
lract would have been very Four-The hosts' and hostesses'
i ;. iown children. There seems to be
.:*".1 the king of hearts hadn't sonethng about fuit We' :"lly dropped, South made taftg that brings omL the %Tr-
1fl next try by leading out the Izan In even the best behaved
Oe f diamonds to discard a low children.
elfb from the dummy. If the dia-
tWlltllft'bd oken 8-3, the con- And it Is more than a lttTe
*M1t would now be virtually Iee disconcerting to try to carry on a
'.-I, conversation with Junior swft-'
LAi It happened. East ruffed the' Ing from the limb of a tree and
IM of diamonds and returned a yelling: "Watch, I'm going to
'gmp, but South still had an- jump."
SMer play for his contract. He
'Wn the trump return with the Five-The weather. Plan a par-
See. entered dummy with the ty too big for your living room
tUoe of clubs, and ruffed dtum- in the fond hope that you'R bi
ys 1last heart. Since both op- able to have it In the yard. and
e followed on the fourth you've done your utmost to
d o6f .hearts, South got away break a drought.
thui-uff. And if there is ever a more
Vow'Vmlith could raff a club In harrf.d hostess than the planner
Iftly and draw the last trumps of a would-be lawn patry, trying
lhthe king and the que.n. The to have an indoor picnic for a
,Mn -was thus made even though hungry hoard, you should nom-
Strumos were 4-1 and the dia- Inate her for Harried-Hostess-of.
-La i 4-2. the-Month.

Great White Fleet

.S. Fitedor Knot .......... ........ ....... A, -
*8.S. Qalripa .......... .........................
*8.8. Chiriqul ........................ ..... .... lA
B.S. Mataur ................ .................... Aug
HtadUla Refrigerated Chilled and QWaMd Carg

S.S. Jamaica ....................... .... .
S.8. Cape Avinof ............................A. I
S.S Comayagua .....................,......... ..IP
S.S. Cape COd .................................Atg. 21
S.S. Tal naan ......... .......... ..... .... A 23
FrewtfI frehtl sailinngs from C1a7t0 p,
w C Coast Central Amneean pee w
Passenger Saflingi to Sails from
New Orleans via Tela, Honduras____ Crlstob
.S. Chirqui ...... ............. ..... A .
s.s. r.... ... ..... ..
B.S. Chri ............................. .. Aug.2
Weekly atlnprs an Twelve PuaFmer t V t yw Mobie.
Corlatm, Loas Angele, Sma BfMUN Ma ma ;
We wLih to announce a new spetel rontd tet e rt 0of .00 for pa.-
sae on our twelve passenger sh ips W~mr omlboa to Les
Anft moaor efMt Orvnco. re itie Ml LW A tifkebh limited
to four mouths, effective Soptembe fMl o nap lefth.




gt. "k
I, I

Samuel Smug!

Samuel nmul is smart. 'ts true.
U you were be. oo would be tool
iam can always find good buys.
His secret ts to advertisel


iII ews/l w
*"'... ~"

WRUCLfB Afl" B M.l .
2'.n -, .

Aitt n00

A M3

' 4

P* E... F*
SO 10
m HE





1llM WELNH. PaAer

IP Lf .


LAW' rur

Redy to Go

CAit cm witrf, Ir M
.E __ 71T 11ia ll v It"rs a t

lorry! Wrong Number




MAL ymm

an ui siew .l

Otomwas -

Easy Way


9xK742 V;J I853
*J1074 *83
6Q3 2 4J05 .5
S 80UTM (D)
SA 104
North-South vul.
8o6b Wes Moth PMa
1 Par 19 Pan
14 Po 3 6 PamN
6 Po Pan Pam


T Lmse a Round

,- .. a" ,.
.." *.*... ;*. v., .S,

sq4 Dutwf L




: .l'^^.,-L*A''.i,^^^k;



-~ -. .- .Z~q~j -;

l~a~iflafIttrl stif-

.;~ '1


'I. --


17 by
L. alas

rl. ~i

ir tarl

1~ 01 t"

mnB 4

. -- : ;


.~'5~fW 'V
.-a~ ~
'~Yt 7*tLOUOS
X4~ ~Ot*AAnk\
3 1.

r UF~X

Death In US Is Cut

45 P peif In Hall Century
*- 0 -"
wt Aio a,1 P)- -clans iai ,ome fields. The most
A 'stri health advance was a-
T it M liei u nder five earl.m

HAIt ddseaM and cancer still
rank ii he most common killers
priwm y tf ll 6E of the na-
ton'sa Tlij a level whiOh ivea
the m mltihl tmer to get hn their
deadly lnka.
O. 0 a national bals, tbe aurvy
wmhd 9htthe fSouthern and

feweldsthml 14lities And me-

__ f ___ __e' i a

.-.- ._ -- i t i

Mid to
i&ra. 0
"lwi! & 11:

- I

- -~ .

(~F U PMu~wsth~&t4II~,
:~* ~
-. t a


-- jis,. ,

e .- .- ,-'- ,.' ;
.^' .. .. .

^h_ -.* .@ **-* ** .
w e' '. .- "
%.:..:. '.. "" ., -.

Plu IY t4-ime
Ano On the lOen:

"rp lso said terte Is evidence
r t.e extent of dg addiction li
droppinlg after a pot World War
tt rile in several big cities that
Ura. alarmed many ulMlrta and be-
. W ml tlm the s peclal 8en-

A ,000 p bu at It dropping as.
aI 1 in ay Federal
Sthe et ntral estimates
O the e re-
*b i x lo addiction
ial~ I in every
Abu It drops an
mais 1 in 0 30 persons
In the wust UN r.antral states.
oa- ."With 16 4 of. afew
F.and. *a'M Wlfb Is

topman of the
i society
urts and "'om-
* of Amer ilca

! ~~an Vorum (MBC)
10! world At Your Win-I
lI Mus

lwls Nest

i i-Ww, Tuesdlay, Aug. It
On Alarm Clock
t ing SBalat
:t"i I (VOA)
I8: i llan Harmonies
9:. d Heart Program

10. PRand
1 M the Bud
lS:6f-aclH~fl Music
i:-FopuU MttUai
1: 1-Pereonality Parade
1:46-Rhythmi and ReMOn
2:00-A Call Prom Loe Paul
2:15-tte for Dtancing
2: 3 pit of the VlkIngs
2 tle of the Ban
:00 lar Concert Mall
3:1 a Little Show

MO-O"j "

1O:1" 5-.. ; ...-

1O:0--VMlety ~at (Bs'C)
11:0O-Thc Owl' e ea
12:00-"ga Off

VOA-VckA Of AM ica
BSC-Britib Xgadcmuting Cor-

modem, 9'pWr cent 0
thoue stritt.wi vl recover corn
pletly. 2 sp ti will sahow on
ly jtligf ect, 17 p
cent wirl be etlO"y crpl
the- litB an"d cbcwulow
were nlded In ."Heath Re-
eoureMCs rf ed States," I
dfbook wosi tnmtrtutisi
ataff with CM ipt more thai


r lr ohi tfeS it* < l
...iwo of IsMeriylk6-
nototioui Hgttrzl


. .


(gIIla lpa i i).
Letlona aj tbut* wuth thor.-
tune-Iioaded wIt Luck...i

- w .. -
6 ..,,!i6.M -"...

Wan6mn Fl .i






AMM: Vabsb.r ag... wim.



DzSTBUCTnWM To SU MB Im uM w luid Ail

* .l -aP
-wo,, Goodr1s" .; *

1: "
-, ,'' : : -

EIC-A t .-W

otamb JM.


a. t*

f'b: .

: .- ; : ty a-.i,-. *,

L, *' -

'" *' :-:o

'"s 1" "

.I- s
' -. "




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e You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A.,

I eave v our Ad with on. of our Agents or our Office leo No. 57 *4'8 S etr, P1namA. i#11 t
No 12.179 (rntral Ave. Coluo
Lewis Service Salon de Be'leza Am.ricaae Carlton Drug St,
*4 Tivoll Ave -Phone 2.2291 and *56 West 12th Stieet 10.059 Mel ndel Av.-honse 6 Co. "p
Morrison's Ae.ccia International de Publicaciones Propaganll, SA. S Minimum or ItWi
Fourth of July Ave -Pnone 2-0441 *3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2--3199 ""ne1Streett ora lc. each addition t. i,LRk t. Aug 11 (t r -
ts h$ ashoot-to-kill ord-
KISCELLANEOUSE-OSaOR SAta Clamcam pe rseod bellerdti,
Syou hove a dinkin problem? 4 ulntle Household Gromic t PROFESS-- Sta Cla har
W rite A alcoholic APooflm ous a ServEStice b o d r t a e p s Ot l l ir l-yea r-old d augh ter.
SWrite Alcoholic. Anymo Bo service Personel and Cisilon FOR SALE -Bendix automatic wash- sttWle moderate rates. Telephone a. h Drum nond-- a l t-
.: 2031 -- Ancop. C. Z __ Goverrmcnt Erp!oyes ing machine, De Luxe model. in 6-441 Go.mbno. e" h a
We he decdcd to run one or ,.C, Insist on excellent condition. $125.00. Call PH PS Oceide Co Th FOF the 11 ot earal isehower's Cl
more tours through the Government Emploayes Finance Co. Army 87-2183. oy urt in Sona Clra t on Household Pahladt ,g.a ar kblatter part of
Panama Canal to San Blas Islands When you finance your new FOR. SALE: Bedroom, Ihvngroom. Ocnview from all cottages. Steps
"afnd Por'obelo .or used car O furn.lure, bamboo, Hoillcrafter to beech. Rock Gos. refrigl onen S P -R A WT Ba, .long with that of
o.:rd AGENCY DEHLINGER radio Lester piano, Misc. crib and barbecue and shuffle board, Pan-. l N Ts l ei and daughter, was ov
Twin ScrD.elCruiser Pescadora No. 4P Automobile Row hgh chair, rugs. House 0301-X aea 3.1877, Mqrgarlto 3-1673, No Mess No f eund In the wild Alpine foot- leoplte,
Tour sponsored by Hotel EL PANAMA Phone -.4984 3-4985 Cable Heights. phone 2-2659. Box No. 435 Balboo. No Brushes NO i hA near Lurs where the fa- a IL
$*40.00. Onl Through Canal $100 FO'< SALE--1951 Chevrolt 4 door FOR SALE:--Llke new 1951 G. E RENT Each n bth camping
Now is the ,me to load uon C- two tone green. Powerglde under refrigerator, 60 cycle. 10 cubic tW RENTEcainta b oeembd i s seihtar o'the two ear-
Now is the me to r o, ou coated. 6.000 miles. telephone Al- feet. 75-pound freezing comport- '* d after t wa re nt
ifor fir shoot.the prcte sugar brock 5232. ment. Electric mixer $12. Re- Aartmients Available In many that two men tried t
life, spear a fish. see cr r e shaver$9.Yard------4beautiful Colorn. UPaI L tourist hotel near
Portobelo Seungle old orts Cahdrconu RFECTr Sx Club Coue. radio tables, mirrors, small household T ALHAM3RA APARTMI NT Wthe' murders occurred. iT s I

Treasury House, bctaue of Black u or ble .0 ofix E OFF FLOOR livtngroom suite, cheap need -lp- O RENT-Furniwhed 3 room furtn ish e and 4 -.

August 15,. ArrI.,rg Colont arrange,. FOR SALE -1950 Ford Wa- FOR SAEe-Selling cou ol8- FOR ItENT:-Apartment, completely shBNer hower ta exedted to te orinted
,. palm landss with sands, beaches. Vi Bel.t differ B3-!Z32. Curundu items Evenings except Sunday. unha fieu rtments; p ate CEO. IOUVe

'eClub 2 30 pr m. Leoom Strange gon, sood condtron best olte o furnished, Mexico Avenue & 43rd Pia Hl1 a low advance poslton on farm problems ti
Club 9 30p m. en lan d or $.200 00. Tphon 88- Telephone 3-4091. unrnihter apartments; private frnt, a drter n shoud no tenant ar

S ight. ReTurn Sunday., August 7 22 iort Guck. TO SELL: Solid mahogany carved Pnma 3- attack. The Marine s had taken expected to ake a o
e l El Pbonam Wll n ho llow log. TROPC TOPCS w noma oone hae fall close k fro Virdens. 061, 10th Stre ntral Ave th t. leev and tho. wht. time oP natuMid ; fo

or 10g': A---cshr Company, Letps Park. FOR SALE:-Refrigerator G. E. 7 cu. 0471. t fthl h" n gd hands ho two aummwrhod annown So
Portobeo See o ld forts Cathedral ght up T elephonct dleres ofOR SALE Modernzed quarter- Nw Cristobl.Telephone Colon, en before nd after th o to t
TPlere help t.h tae .h oo THE PERFECT r J e C. PLITTLE CAR and master chest, dresser, overstuffed1386.BROKERSNC. A m om the

Treasu HCouns sota t cey 674 FooKbbe or phone 8a-5117 als, 53000. 0534-8, Gua. 08OT BELIN: PnaAUlpetl OflOoial WA for h
UARISTS: Newl C oupe, 61 modelr OFF FLOOR lind bedroom suits, cheaply coffee un rnished or pT-F urnishe d 3 room rtUNhiv edo. t
And of course 5 miles Phone Albrook 6293Sing table, couch ith pillows, floor mein desirable neighbor for American couple, modern My ion In the treated te Mt
amCnl f- e end to heot her c from Chase. ank. improvement. In Arraijan 8 MODEfleFURNITURE n o reda -n ct t-
one Canal fromI WANTEDe d C Mo ORS 768, Barnebey. Second house VENIthrFitche Bpo wr or different to say. anne

L Teloag-S. 2-di n g Froi Phos M S ro thaerrce and a bi aerd.Rfriat Vl( OU W 01 Frontln Pun Came repot ) Within the next w l.
August 15. Arr.,rg Ceolon.r Srrinatur FOR SALE -1950 Ford StLOST: W FOR SALE --Selling cut ol house- A 6cNT:-Apartment, completely bower is expected to be orbited
Club 2 30 o. m. Leo Strang'e-I gon. good condition best er hold effects. Call Tel. 28-B, Co- furnished, Mexico AvelnuT.e & 43rd B L8 IaHU il low advance pwition on farm problems.

Zone.nExcursionsry.cTou ele Norh A n gentleman of Dannie, have you seen him? trance bys Me. A.enea Pu4r d IRi- that ait ow and over the iUerrolt- is ith o.fare J S
Sa t responsible position desires PlesecallVrginChstnBl- School house No 3 Carr infter f oth i t a
SPECIALght. Return Sunday. August 17 262 FortGulick'.rme w TO SELL: Soliresd mahogany carved Panama 3-0140. attack. The Marn had tken expected tO ke a 1.
;oe ane O H o- FOR SALE --1949 Chevrolet Station library table,. Spewnish antird. e, FOR RENT:--Large urnished Ort 't 3l 1 made suaftccessful hint a oun ta nL bidtin *0t l*
S Phone "mii. 60good one Wagon.Motor n perfect conditioCall. Cowes made. Balboa 2-3067. 918- mant. 2 bedrooms. Carrasquilla, Ii pre lenttcl a the i a
tel ElEPSonae.-wgy, wal9 sell p. anm.a X B CrotonS street. hetaeriA~
oebofor Wioll sell highest bidder. Panama Be one block from Via Espoa n. 3-ttaCk Mard the ft time g P nation
p See your Trav el Agent Agencies Company, Lescn s Park. FOR SALE:-Refrigerator G. E. 7 cu. 0471. othe hill changed hands In two eummerfleld alro
2-65.-o Panamn. Telephone 2-0556 ft. Can be seen at Quarters 350 ,y theslcinofthtr cb. ret motr : ,
Please help those ho cannot help lent C. Pedro Miguel or caJl 94-497. FOR RENT PANAMA BROKERS. INC. manAtomtente -t gi tiwn ofte
themselves. Donations or home- F:OR SALE --Miliary Jeep. excelFnsR RENl At Panmunjom the Vlolt.dhNg-reto oorrhithe idil lirkvotew
less dogs and c atns are needed ccndtion May be seen at Quartcrs FOR SALE--Double bed innerspring Houst ELLING: Pana Pu L
l esrsdos ando caan a re phonn 446 or phone 84-50 7 C 7 mattress, $30E00. 0534-B, Gua- A Efror Auo t 2 to Aam UAd Coni the U tim e claeadvR0 n Re lth
C ristobaI-Colon Humane SocietyMSgtRosa Street.HOUSEWATProducts-Itnamas week and promply hreeScnntt f arleti nV t
Box 2675. Cristobal. C Z. Kotabe. M Sgt Rosh0 ngcan Street.iAncon. O.s
r.I rol FOR SALE-- 1949 Cadillac Club FOR SALE: -Mahgany diningroom American Embassy, desires t6 rent ....dTe Ito taanother week's res oer with EIsnh at
-WANTED House or l apartment, l e e- day afternoon, Aug. 2. l la of the Truan an
pical fshes Acuario Trcal. C hed or unfurnihed, ineage and bedroom et, le coffee unfurnishe Order or partially fuArrow haed fe ). e h I ste at on.
Panama 11 ALE er dsrics, by responsible te Phone Abrook 6293 table, couch with pillows, floor home in desirable neighboroy od. Am W3-4 19 1 s1 net ia tions. 'ra 1 iSbmim e

PanMama l-latah WANTED. Prssener C for week i ror ex 623-A, Coco- 3-4719 3-1dO bW bW wee Ilownt ml thaSate
O SALE:Jun Frono Stbple telessortmne FOR SALE-Dodge Command Ca, lamps, mrror, Pyrex, utensils Need three large bedrooms, two
3-4132 Coan: 8066A, 9'a St I 'ccl tar hurteart. fishermen Good glassware, iron. ironing board, crib baths, servants quarters, g ardn.
Tel 1151-6 r mr 2 highchair. 36-578, 325-A, Coco Telephone Panama 3-00c10. new rhO team 1 a ste d I fot hee stllt-m, g moves 1-
e -.r u.Io9p.l. .FOR RENT--Furnshed house, din. MODERN FURNITURE fent at today's 35-minute session eO tLAheR SUNotileb h
n. gr seonm tChine. Phone NSevy P o. F Rnh he *cRa that the reds had nothing newEs ead h
TAXI CA.TRAL l Indroo dancingro, ahre de- ut cluiAST
Tel.R r m A GoesDT DL F Ot-ND rooms, bath Tro oom,"kitchengarage AIuper lelaplllo or different tto say.fSateo DI Co (W )-Re-
At Vour serv,oe from today. So urd terrace and a big yard. defrigerat- a-- e dOOnF-tP unr Accartio, hP er to A rt to- t t am'~ talv*.
r el; Currier, 167-A, Gmboo. NEW YORK, i UP) ammym LOST: Short-hare mtablack, brown or, electric table stove,, Palr Oraduate throne Jake (Greaa i lllin to
Phone 6-459. _Kaye.ndledrhand white doeg, anweren to name silverware and kitchen utensils, En- "a a. !lM, di.ate "tnd over tnthcet gornr Oltlls nw at

Zone. ExcursALE-New KING "Superv ointed chairman of National i cue are scheduled or saturday O e h boo bookman : e ha decided not to
Alo and nghtcrone Silver Plated Dog WSingle Norh American gentleman of Danne, hve you seen him trance by S. A. 30S. near Puerto RI- i l .i.f (Oolt Pt ) Hunt who t any o to-ma a w
with responsible position desires Please call Virginia Christian, Bal- sco School. house No. 6 s3, Carels- en ve"f will1 roa troegI Lthie secin.
SPECIAL EXCURSIONS! small urn-253.shed apartment wth bo 1496 untriesidencel Balboa quilo Tel. 3-2808. o m h otteee ohil -tl
ROM PANAMA TO MEXICO modern conveniences in good res- 1663 tofficel conference R. Montmery of novlle and
Aun way $85. round Saturip$135dy 7 dentr00 l ditrct, about te propreferabl Belt iosed bases and Jack Hoel. Chief of the hostR r w md a gfter d f
dFare y-lm35.$10. Call Agood one year V:ta. Call -056 from -00 a eao turn of wlet and teaterMal o h ALRoeeIsleai at fr

omeLcanos de Pnma. phone 3- tons are unfounded, secretary. 14 rV e w e WiMM
to LOS ANGELES07. mMa Gen Au.s V. iereo Other spea p.t lla s aITenclude rl tires d 2-6443 or 2-ba l

pn15,of the U o Adr Force conterrpd Robert L. BdyWATD-talll"ngton, regional l-e wl t .roorneitrE 13 fr. -0k llbldr ea^.e WIw
liOR SPanama Dispatch Services, p- for svral with scout executiv- of Reinan 4. n*aSM. era o noeth-
newly overhaul Joan Vigh. chief of th Span- comprising Ohio e y and W SELL art a to
pote Ancn bus stop Tel. Pnama Vale for two pe sh eeral stff. Afterward West Vre ntsT: Was honor Klu per lif t Mhoo a h "frc map
2-1655. swtrmear'ouw0 ibmssing since July 31st. Pleos frlin 2n5 ctistis ocftt boy the1'Po .pllil the uts Au. free llhea
D olof water power. At least acre. ptl Albrook 6293. 37rth anniversary meewl of the niet
Save withdquality articles whichwe preferablyfive. concreteconstrucc- f-fteofhrohe Thmindl tio n OrPo
offer you at their cost price for tion. bordering on surfaced road. Fa SAE Oru derin of th Arowa, s s ald, o- tIha t LI si-
definiti ve liquidation. Ba ne Chin Cash deal. Write or called. F RSLor, a-iam t, -- A
figurines. Bohemian glassware, phon2 446 or Box 507. Color,. Real t Oxford, 0., from Aug. 2ttouAug. s'l' tratltuonlor
lighters. S;lverwre and ,gift or- WANTEDTOdRENT:-Resideniceof Rieal3ate.31.e .nthhSchDo veys weoudoagnorn
pianos U Stare sellingtll H ourse No. ir O f H- unA o war t sa foer naton tor of ai
re etc, at belowcosbedroomsuurned. t FOR SLE: B very cheap, enLewis. Hershey. nation- the adie of the United Natdeclined to label h
riCome frst to "Chez Ms rgot," Galt Hgts., Paitilla, or Coco del good house In country, nemr the a] director of Selective Service. fltary thorlselte a ,cone Ol
No. 4f 37th treet. Tel.z -0181. Mar Coil 3-2100 street. I. F. James. General De- will address the conclave 0on Fri- milita- a ..mltit onsc tI
WANTED House or apartment. -livr LE:--s o ndawl th b.ldi.s, day afternoon, Aug. 2 r. M Ao of the Truman B
furnished or unfurnished. in bet SlE th ili s TheOrder of the Arrowa
FOR SALE terdistricts, byWresponsible North- sameaccessories, Los Gulais. Inter-45,000members. In425 LoalsBoy
ICH l nL e c American couple. Phone 3-381I. -ested parties call Navy 2488, of- ScOUt Councils. Its memberl arennm ,,
WANTED. -Passengars k frice hours or house 623-A, Coco- selected by fellow campers as -
Mieanen WANT. Passengers for week Iafter 4 p. m. those who best exemplify the BAUwolsm??o ar4- w.
fO end in Medellin Aug. 16-17, love wSc out r mieande mla i thei __i efair ieI
lamp parts; harps, three way sock- Saturday Sot. 16, morning, 7 a.t"imfrom the
ets. finals, steel pile. EUREKA. S m., between 6 30 Sunday. Fore hdalyliesm11aooroI s" ,-
corA.er13 St. Open untra l A 9.JM.tPlh tqulpuieut 3-c056 or 3-1057.aconferences of fellowship,Ilnaplr fDr.,A.r ORILLAC JR. totima hstnn 14h"a.m- h -" -
"iOR SLE:--Fence for duplex type WANTE: -Umdronandlearningawill .e] o sent Aout- i ORILLAC JR. nunelatin in them adhlra4iresf

SALE:-Rrfle. nearly new, 22 h__RolmorForr JulI ndiadancing, dlq dlaydte- eluding five top boome .GINM _
calibre Winchester pump. Also aye Goes To Dogs M.AD]i, Aug. 11 (UP)--Hlh drofst Arrow e Or-

FORc SAL From New Yako neriy Sund y 1. Spaltsh soverety B ms dnTces Wilfl be t activ itiest 9" -
Sealed bds. for opening in public Junee 15 itrugh etlr n be raonected completely. u ni ay -
-will be receo,ed until 10:30 A nM. By modern motor bopsd. He-en' 2. One of the bases in tabe morning, e. 1.
S A2Iu.0 15. 1952, for tlectricol E- the vacation chance of your I2fe. or in war must be mutual. u O1 0f eagi w
q ufpment, Switches. Panr'boards. etc., rme. Spend a thrillins weak svisi. 3 Spanish armed torces-_o7aael- 7 LrTalT SItMts
S:located ct ahe Palboa Storehouse ing country rich n tradition and chiefly tho armsn and air force- m o t -rdi
I ." c c. Sle Crcular No. 19 may b: beuty. SeeNewport.socity'pl. must pet adequate .omel n
. +fl4bloainvi from the office of Super-i ground... Ca Cod... Plymouth eq111&lne.- 1101111 an we ll
intendent of Store housuen, y foboo Rack, landin ptaceoifthdP rme t1a tl, o 0 R weir c asaid
Faelerhphone 2-2777. C ..aA.LAon and Concord, brian consider their demands tt be- ne U
of lherty ...nBoston...oMainWe.., mer n enaaon wl g nenUl vXtn a L )
tiWniaenandGrenounMu siecreta..yeewe.ys GnI.JiL., aIll .g V. san
056or3-1057.nspeakerswillseco-llworldwar.Meoreir atinCbet
ORA:4Saoa enn ofm~m... o+.- th u.ioet hUal. ]tB. Mrore on d tr ae-m" Bteldlh f-
aD"ewlyyve ha uebidtwt- freorda hours Frftda wihsout m "rneutofR
PForccercoeWnc s.11te umaI Ne A #M chifofeh S-p o r Ot flDI SELL
Ore 15LOHPemai Redusctin n, iCh* gntera staff. fterard,."e Ws liina WsNSu-
HevyDuyirc" e "Noi" emAG tm4simsxum r i. Pran,...c.B.. an : .ine co- i.- sn.. activiteslof -Boy--.:..-3
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R'TV. INV' M ."" 7. .T
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, :1 *- .*''

I Medcine Man

Gets Federal

Rest Cure

S aSeems there was this Indian
S Montana who used a forg
check to pay for medicine foi
"'sick friend."
The druggist supplied the m
dicLue and the balance of t
S check in cash .The Indian r
turned a few hours later wl
S the medicine.
"My friend, him die," the I
dian said. "No need medicine
S wntomt money back."
The druggist returned the m
'aey, but the Indian was arrest
for forgery a few days later ai
now is serving a sentence in M
* Nell Island penitentiary.
This ieldehat was among
demn acounts the Secret Ser
vice ditslosed today In report
ing a highly successful year ii
erecking down on forgers and
counterfeters throeaout th
T nation.
Chief U. E. Baughman. report
Ing on the fiscal year which end
ed June 30. said that county
felting began falling off Ia
February when a gang of coun
terfetters were rounded up I
The widespread circulation 0
phony $10 and $20 bills w&
stopped. Four men were taker
WIllam Skally, Sam 8fera
Jam$ Sferas, and William Rus
so. They ar awaiting prosecu
An undercovf secret Servic
agent obtained $X10,00, in spurl
as bills throm b kally.
eweoer, during the fiscal
e amhe pa.e lost $379,861.99
r eaS bills and
c almtJ reot Service en-
tered .U In coneaterfelt
bl ba coeas before they
unt -eiseaniated.
Satefeover work led to the
-tarpturof two Cleveland couples
Prb nk Oddo, rrank Mazzo., Alic
Mae MacDowel iand BIen Max
well. An undercover agent gain
Od their coatidence ang arrange
ed Eor shipment of $1110,000 i
S phi*ny money to New York.
Actually $ ,OOO was *lvered.
Ma o got six yeam, Od.OIto.m
years, and each of theme women
three years.
The report was replete with
stories of forgers and counter
toen bringing aheet -ir owi
downfall, ad also wth the hel
citits5s to the
I ntraking don
time fl 5.

Theis Sert roe"
of vrowerIment
Ez"ttld to be a
PAtAS a yea racket. -
Wtagihman said that during
he ftlA year thi service receiv-
a forged checks ot Ion-
VWW M and co leted cases
ft $28,7540A. k gents ar-
Z l ued 144 person for hobeck
m service arrested a grand
t ota. of 87 persons. There were
1,a2 conviOtlons. The service got
| convictions In 9 per cent of aU
,es that went to trial.


- Siiritll



Sa iaAla muad by the
C#nMt thia ornng In the
.trte's Court a
-herge r agttnmpted burglary
was dinIused due to lack of
the 52-yea-old Panamanian
detbnatnt, Fermnh Pacheco, was
set free. He was originally ac-
cued of entertai the Board of
Wealth laboratory building in
Ancon to coamtt crime.
A charge of battery against
S Vincent Roland Mulling. ended
h a $10 fine.
2ib what was termed a "fall-
lto out among friends," Mul-
lins a 9-year-old Costa Rican
t -I ht'Mabel Maria Forbes in
the face with his fist. It hap-
Sin Pseo 90, apartment
And a youthful Paamanian,
who was found uailty of loiter-
ing was plad ean one year
. probation. He was found near
S th rear or Uf udlndaMs In An-
com I

r a

c- '








** "**Kk^E^Kk-_vkl

LAetth e Ople mOW tNTnrh a

"Let fht people know the truth atmd



'Ft. :

Il, i

I a-
Ahraham 11.1'


t, -.,
C.;W ;'

ermnesseeWiII I

Impressive victory in the Tennessee Democratic
seating 83-year-old Sen. Kenneth D. McKellar b
75,000 votes. Also an .pset winner wrs attorney F
rightt, who defeated incumbent Gov. Gordon

Hillbilly Fiddlei

Hay FroMidwi

ASMNTON, Aujg it (UP) effect" en owa fi
government got ita u or pricd es
6a ar drought The emergeney
m tolling tt. 11t 1 dules cover th
an announce t u t Legum a ,
4 a ton woula fe .ton. hiLs hay
a fair price t "B er, excluding ..
Tennessee as ea may not contact s ,rg
per cent tim "
ples of hay wfllt dwt- Mixed ha
tod the two Rtate the a mixture of
west and will begin 4tvig with timothy or- Ither r
*fth$n a few days. All c ots good feeding Va a0 t
VW 28 to $36 rage wil be contain at least W per et e
60. thnzoveree imes.
SUea i~t Ti mothy and ra.l
a ii gooed feedevalue, Oiftor i
The five Northern
%W w* 1 five Brannan estimate, W.
oft"$" frt o to 1,000W00 tons
Shbay Lbesm diversion in the
Winle, E ,t g $nessee and e
ols, from 5 .000 to 7500 t, e
The hay subsidy progfit wa Agricultural mobilAit 6-
utlneI frt for Ten i d mittees in each sMtte wtWs *
,, nteacky because to f mine hay needs for each
wern first to a flt e and forward- their ordt" c" '1
(left) won anaid in the aric tralM Cit "need priority" bals to toh
primary, '=- cy. Other dreught-stlet sties .Qction and marketing *dmtb.
.y more than will be given the same tail Otae tion cearing .house to hb -
rank Clement when they ask for it. tablithed In Chicago.
Browning. The program puts theg -
ment into the hay a
buyer, shipper and a-
gin with, it has a fund, a
allocated by Prsdt 2Lfn MN
Secretary of grlretereCtah -
les Brannan
serv al both the-(er ii
the drought-a led

-I ,< To -enat lend asIatanoe byWtsiti r f f
"Is O o Srna rates fs halt for the t.

r NASHVILlE, Tenn., Aug 11 th4n 1,00 0,talks, shaking hands '
n (UP) An expert hllbily fid- consistently and appearing on I fe .
dler from the mountains of Ten- weekly television and radio pro- Seilblad. .
Snessee has become a member of grams. The hay subota has &.tW lMat ef-
- the "world's inost exclusive club." Be argued that his 14 ears ipd s iteg It fiTndltB t an of 6s8-d
f The fiddler is black-haired, 44- ia Cn agrees ss M sea thia ring cattle vttea ad datry- m ameors or
year-old Albert OGore who last prome on, dwell ed le edi. of a charkie toW 1mppit e
week won a s-at in the staid U.S. lar's age at l m en the aging t legitimate pileek, a ol-riangi s. -
'Senate by ousting one of its ead- seteor w 'the ardfsi et of em na n tnatent. w 616 cenership was L-
eat and most powerful members. pulibe debtfl' a- haka f D maLn said it s old check 'taJll t.L
Sen. Kenneth D. McKellar, 83. te appropationes innt the m ovetmeitt tof
chairman of the appropriations Gore always Worked hard tol dWt to market and the de pse1W Aly Maher ordered the
committee and president pro- get promotions. His first Job as of dairy herds. Dy ke p- censorship regula-
tern. as a country school teach By meat and nmtik .eda ir won maintained
Oore began his fiddling as a the time he was 26, h was we hoped to avert futt ubtavorable dis-
young boy in the Cumberland superintendent. Then he deeMed increases in PrtId of. tha th former King
Mountains of Smith County, to become a lawyer and cipi- Inthe case of meit, howe MO he was deposed.
Tenn. His father gave him the muted three nights a week from Mg-scale marketing of Army d general
Instrument, but he was taught his mountain home to Nashi~w'attle now probably oui % Aom m -eneral
how to play it by mountaineer to attend MCA law schlol. l wt in lower prices, u a a mgnique
friends. lb Nashville, he Ml in love sid this would be offset s. 06 Army ws
The muele he tened was with, and married a waitress at tarand to later disadv.ntago t wit the gov-
that of te wounata ftbck the Andrew Jackson Rdtel coffee sc aty-and soaring ltcestohelgdmeral
woeoa, folk Oe tike "Cethe shop, Lafon Pauline Jackson, who tawan said the a 1itu '1 However,
eye Mfee' nd "MileWr's TJo" was attending Vanderilt US- C- already i gd aSy he a
rather than the modera bll- varsity and also became a lawyer. iral late1ett e l
blity ties asMileed with Tfey have two children. st and Northet without -
Wstern cowboy esoners. Sare was elected stale labor amo than 5W1,0 SMM.. gfex
The fiddle became an impor- eomirgsaonet in 1937tnd in 1938 gwtlMenft, however, th the119
tant part of Gore's campaign 'psa&e first term in Congress. r w anot have "say f ate M yIX,2
when he first ran for Congress
in 1938 He served seven terms
In the House of Representatives l n i I
before being promoted to the at i N o C
At erally,thecrowd likedea
couple of tun-s he played so r Ri inn Food Prirc8 0 h: iirsau
much they kept demanding en-
cores and delaying the candl-
date's speech. Gore finally told Wa lN*GTON, Aug. 11 (UTP) Arhall said earli that t hel a ti wlie
them: OW American Farm Bureau "InadeQuate" controXiAw llt t
"If yeou will al vote for me. Federattin accused Price Stabil- by- C~mrqs would ace it vir- .l a a
iM keep on playltg the fiddle bdr WI' Arnal. today of de- tally possible to kp con called to
and eut out the tIln." mani a special session of sumr pesI In check. la
Gore once appeared with hist CongeS to cover up the govern- We was critical pai.larly o ... to dv4 rt
fiddle on the "Grand Ole Opry" meant's allure to prevent Infla- ComNassonal cm. f I a awayfrom
radio program which originates UonM. trolnq fresh trail f g qn -tI t eon
in Nashville -and has a standing Rw r fleming. federation I4e-. -.Um" -ipe."
invitation to return whenever he cretrytreasrer. charged that Amal's assoclat mai d the -
wfhes. Two years ago, his fid- excI19 Federal spedn and price f already has submit- than admit the truth
dling won second prize when he lax credit -control s ae rosen- ted.his r t- n t eD of p*tiee nd
competed against other talented sible for cutmnt higher .pjts_. Truaa.e, 1. ve
congremen at a charity bene- e omdeBned A r S m I i
fit show. lIg to blame them rxfoth-Je_
Gore dr d his "political ew. drouth and thenew tro LI l .to d o r f t
fiddling" in favor of dignity when i ta
he ran against Mc"sllar. "
He probably wOuld't have had fo
time to practice anyway be iuse ,
his campaign against McKellar. n.wgIs
who has been i gseia sicefi
1911, Jasted three full years.
ier commmutadbetwem Wash- i"
-Int an T one fltdIa Oe sM
three-year pw*ode makib g a


tA. ~t.


won uim XR- wje S
to-t e lat6ital Sou.2k
litary AsaReffly

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.t -. --.

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