The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Loa. sse- seolnn d eflid elel ha" bamM~ b I tNly a" m-i. of ts
ye emtute a IsrM d e' Me sbUu e It the dete-
mat day Lat s an re- pu w shes a isb ae afed At c ttin m ot w
PmeaMt l teo keep w m tems laeri oOng haWe PWao
,t th ely wauers a n hbld Iane 4~is- I Ntg est Tical

As page speadt thee saevl wcheare A. thawo d a l. ndej
Cz flYING 5AUG 3
SrS ir: t; imun-
Mv husband. daughter and I have followed with dee iter-hg in
eat all the news items appearing In The Panama American Creating e doubts as to
about the Flying Saucers and are especially Interested in the their merits and value of political
back page spread on the subject which appeared Aug. 1 for the democracy.
f following pertinpnt reason:
, One evening a short time ago, at 7:30, w0 LLt fh t ke 9
S husband and I were sitting ouat on rb mtnlar Eof our t. s po-
quarters on Tavernflla Street, w fglch f ~t City. MNhn
It was a clear, cool night. The y ietl einth f ars lre cm re
of the usual sort. cono-
As we sat there several planes chewSd r t w ay through t 0 po-
the atmosphere over our heads. My hbusidlmt g andzM"
awoke him to ask what time It waS. up thit it was te Vt
9:30..- 54.
At hat instant our attention was att it't a glowig ob- .
ject about the size of a large star which' we served tldingildamePro
through the sky ov*r Quarry Heights. WA DAM saw the objectt u
through the branches of a huge tree that. growk to the left of A it l- --
our lawn. y tp Bre -
First we decided it was a plane, and within If the re-
seconds we knew it was neither, for it o"M em at from behind fu l- a to lots
the branches Into a clear patch of sky directly In front of us in a Corn red cam-
us and stopped. pafn of vio1aSM rioting
It had a deep yellow color, hung motionless for a moment Its camped f Ittlttion, dl-
and then proceeded to take off straight up into the sky at a reacted first a. Gi t general
terrific speed. Ridgway asd the against the
We watched it until it dwindled to a pin-point of light and arrest of Jaques ; eclos, hat
then disappeared. culminated in a failure of flta _n _. ,
The whole proceedings took about ten minutes. We debated proportldiot t
whether to call your paper to ascertain whether or not this The fito wVn etrenchmln -
phenomena had been observed by anyone else. We decided not who vote for the Communist
to make tools of ourselves. Party, and e million and a
However, about three weeks ago asnwe came out of the Die- half worked beonging to the en f e...
ble movies, our daughter observed an unusual object in the sky CUT in their e rwhelaing ma-.
over osM tU11 oand called our attention to it. It made no noise, jority are t so in protest b IaU
glded, hovered, stopped In the sky and suddenly disappeared. against their eomlt lot ,"V RU
This object was followed by five others each appearing ThoTsappoer the Coay n '
separately. The fifth object circled noiselbaly sand approached rt the C
In the sky over the Diablo Club House. fit Party and the COT in it OVeteranS Amstlstration with a l
The object gave forth no motor sounds, was rocket-like in order to win better housing, (f&Am.a hthat he eIe (
shale and of an Wntehbs dslvery color. Tfen as we watched higher woage etc., not to e- d sag .t
pU-1bnud .it disappeared. further o30th li4per loa wi h e arveat41t and unfit 0't
There was still No. 6, and we kept that in view all the way They have demonstrated that to sIanL e aa iarrs, b o.- '..tem
Sou driv home to Balboa. It was on our right, over the Ca- they o lm l f ot be duped ito Vision lauw for the ottr0n of d, 'TP IS ta ri n
na. We turned down a BOca Road and as we rounded the in- Comnform masesueria-wh envtete-ni with danlerom bat* in their viokeme ear N=
dse to Thatcher Ferry, the object glided out over the e ntranct not wrapped up in econoftes b I .Nbeena by
to the, Canal and suddenly and silently disappeared. fAgain we slopa. W t Peakes was diagonallny ing at the timen n to
iht we did not want to mention It to anyone.eOf his d.and eldp l eof0Ip WA
Uhttptin of his observation of one of these objects so aptly Fuascit is o the vay eet .It O AN r.,J=la
ad accurately fits the object we have been privileged to see in Met yet blot on the baledy, m h s ho lenn thathleven* at,
a th aferementloned two occauions, but it I back in the streets. mn
Th even objects we observed, Including the one we first The Italian Social tle to tcans d Mo wtte
NW' f.tbe back aw hM-d 1M e common haracteristtes of a movement eK te h t is ed in the 5 of his can '1e tLIsf
1o1ns1 a es114u KMbtl e Intemse lit, to 0 a" o a vM6 emUt agaust Age- postwar p WMAn
a toeh .w d-dtai ng It atmw i. at tiale,sa ean Valley la injury a teegal
oality of disappearance Instantly, like turning off aAnM 4 weresowno belo

by anyone else in this particular corner of C
4.& a ....-

v 0 s 4m men. wisth

^4.*-:.^i^Ht_ 'lM.lloem lt be" allow that l4oer caytlon iti sort .
tr the heaIy morning tr 6:30 a. Amerioan trade aionists last war had a
T: a. AB everybody and his brother trying tO get have r pported, in ie brad Ei erammed I
iM-wk a' thN and nobody will ge the other fellow le official et n apo-a .daedi w
M eanowlently you Jgst have to risk your life darting oit abut We hav never o pnrce
# that ftM oncoming traffic in high hopes that you won't mi dut our reApbfibtOty i as h
And It and when there is an accident, no one wim be at Wgetat, P nhrials h Rm?,
apt caue the blinker caution light means to most drivers a to te eonsequenaotes o
S ,yatu-bew-whs.) --4peed up. the it's with yenl Aaeto failBure to use the ou.
-.te the majority of drive Wod much prefer to know e leovery Pogra more
have a.limite t hat they have to wait wle the to destroy the tab laln to.
dAmrel, realizing that they wi oonm has ht grip oan Buropean worker.
can safely cross the street tga 1.Wlb jsitte.
Is really dangerous and permits thi tflt way To give fe labor pi e
the others are just ote to work, thh'as coheelm In the reials i a
Sof Us and watlg limit ted amomut t l bat of ftade and I the
to Sbq your life trying to croas traffic with that. ftht3in the losst e b
e ,,racking 5 oi gve one ileSrW tah kteaMM tna S age
** k the et thb would be to ha a# 1449ad tUriBf. te 1 vatopft
traf c lights at all times but please in b ST ,then toWB4 Wk

7"-= tro--"r=

eame ASer e 5q t HS
.b.i ______________bed ba a WhoBal adeaM .
g a ainesIaa M.l,- .- l of ..

E ., m oa=.. 4AS 48. -.i* US .
*mm r1 00". to. 41Wa 0 91

d naee11 Rrad 22Ro m n lko

W a sumst

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-ta come Wa gsby
33 V*ha va s
m ladoet 50aMs .
crFeuRM S 6
cxeant Sifti

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Sa qet clatimtof
S death of iam I
one inneo
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. '


and Oermany. Betweesa Ws al --. ...---
19 he was in the Masen I0 fCUADOR, PERU Al
Line on the New Yorkdeatb Tat...Y" ...........
eI. ..... ............ .
He came to the PAnama Line
aI. 196 and has served n all TO UNITED KINGDOM VIA CART
three of the new vessels and on HAVANA., NASSAU, BERMU
the old AMeon. S TADs seN Rwa
broken duf.g World War 1 SANTANDER and LA'0
when he weit onto active duty M.V. "R NA DE PACI'ICO" (18.&
with $he Navy, as a commander,
visgr with shia in botha*t 1t0 UNITED KINGDOM
Atlantic and Asiatic war thea- M.V. "ALAMANCA" .............
ters. M.v. ...........
He returned to the Pananm ROII MIi INE B TD./iILLA
Line after the war and was on tO AIL LINES LTD./HOLLA
the present Aeon when she re- TO NORTH PACIFIC I
turned to civYilla sence. He has M. ......
been her fAt officer for a num- 8.8 ............. ..
her of years and has relieved his TO UK C .NTIN
former akippet on several occa- TO UK. CONTINE
tona. yM.V. '*D J" .................
; ARRY J. EINERMAN, Traf- When Captln Steffens is not 8j8. "D .i ..................
tic Manager of the United at sea, he adlus his home on I
Fruit Company, with head- tong tlahM AU itg Sunbect to Chanet 1
quarters in New York, is due 'I THE -PAOII tAM NAVIGA-ONI
in Cristobal today on the .S. Derease of W Seamen
Metapan. He will be accom- Reported If S Merchant Fleet O JPANAMA-Ave. h!
panned by Mrs. Einerman and Merchant marine officers an BALBOA-TetU.
their young grandson, Jona- seamen atlMi employed in the
than, linerman is on a com- privately-e4*W and operated .
bined vacation and business US.. ocaagobd merchant fleet
* trip and expects to remain decreased by 1,000 men in the NtIT
on the Isthmus for several last six months. National Feder- FRUIT C
days, after which he will re- ation of American Shipping re-
** turn to New York. Mrs. Einer- ported today.
. man and their grandson will In a emil-annual study of em- Great W FUO fl
proceed to California. ployment abbad privately-own-
Both Mr. and Mrs. Einer- ed and opeSted American mer- NEW ORLICANS SERVICE
man are well known here. He chant ships. the Federation's Re- *s.....
was formerly connected with search Department said the S.S. 5 ot. ..
the Cristobal office of the number employed had dropped *S.S. ........... .
United Fruit Company. from i0,0n last Jan. 1 to 91,000 *S.S. ChMal .......................
1i7 children Abard on July 1. I Seaain RefrlWermIted ChMll qwd I
I7CitldrenAboaMrd The decrease In employment
.i...".......EBb .so" 'resulted primarily from the re-
There were 1 7 children amonR turn of many goernment-owned NEW YO E SERVICE
S 58 mm igra mennt passengersdry cargo ships to the reserve S.8. Metapan .....................
bound for re-settement in Wel f1-t. These ships had been op- .S. CapeAnn.....................
Ilington,- New Zealand, aboard the
British ship Captain, obson that rated by private U.S. steamship S.S. Veaga ...........................
let alo todan companies under charter and a- S.S. Esparta .................
e W tI chartered agency agreements. carrying mill- .S. Jamalea ...................
k The 900-ton ship chartered tary and foreign aid cargoes. .S. Cape Avinof ..................
by the Afaw-Saville and Albion Other Ighiights of the study rnet e iht lp from
LMe arrived Sunday In Cristobal showed that: ." ct cI*o A nel
from England. The Captain Hob- "he current employment of
S am Is being handled locally by ,0 e on prvately-owed TO NEW YOR VIA CAA NA,
A*dbews and Company. and operated American. mer- SANTA MARTA
n S chant Iships is 15,000 higher than .S. Vwafl ........................
^, ^""BK'sta way Found on JTan. 1, 1961. 8. tamde ........................
:---.W ^^S5?iBK5m a W- The presently employed 91,0" &SB. Tltainm a ...................,s
officers and seamen are earning
ttsa n te rate of onV? hO0t0h a TO NEW ORLEANS VIA TLA. HON
w a tthent0nip...... ON....4
S1.5 active shps. are era- S. ........................
day5 and turned over to Cans., ye iored in the Dee, 36% in hi ..n
'Sle police authorities. E-n inhe lan acn kd irglor w""..I
'ite aSN-ton a h. ltonri wrS t"o. w, e
im rried s r uert o- vessels s hows the efooowing dl a e ta,
unaS nda lO t ad y.lji,-aid
lo ot tiounf -ie &WON""'"t
and Pasmen- Co- J.t -1 nd ifr
LOW gs "hips ...nk"f..... ;' "" '
et fl ip................ '.
L-Of teoe currently employed,
B aS f *' .... 78% or 70.843 are in the unllesa-.... .. "
Sfcategory and 22% o 20.2a? lmuel :.u':
A&me c a sn w ni are In the licensed or office
IVed orn~ reinnsg is '.

%Wer SOWa r Is Captain
1Wfha J. Mtefemi. a veteran or' so a ft mift N w ba.
a lere than a quarter ot te f.trm
WeYalrvce with the P Mbt tou- -oe uIi
t.rW MWarn. HeN eeeds
VMi*agvid awtlseon who T-e-
..T9l .


....,,..... Aa. i I

...........A .uW.l
............Alma A

..........Aug. 13th
.. ........Aug. 1st

Wthbeat Notiee.
CO. Cdatt6bal 154/S
I 56 Tel. 3-1I35/8
Tel. 2-19H
=me .-old"


........... A f
.... ..... Aug. 24

Cristoba l
............Aug. 5
........... Aug. 16
...........Aim. 9
...........Aug. 16
..... .Aug. i
............Aug. i
. ... .. ..A. g. I

LtyT 00oo



thetwet .. -,
.. :' ,

*~i4 .~
* .. V


S a



n nev%"wn "lg al"

. &Wk&!a*

.' -. *,.".. +'. ^ -% '.^ .., : .^ ,. ';
.- --* .. ^ *''* : .
': .rf ." -It.l:" M I-'B -B

X' i. -.

N t a a!< "*



1*3 Isfl a

S4Cmnes Amah
U^^ *^^**^^^w w .,^^b~~ifiliu^^^ukj^

;JsAIwu #0

Barlg Teng m am


MT.Whe} g

- -e. .. -

.7. I

- 4,.- -
7. .

,. '


- -- -...u .,,




I **, *- '




," -I .. '

~; 4

I ~W~"

p jllI abig ^

* me .^
I *

ilbe ^mi_*|
amjs one

S "

* -:

" n '* '

M, .
.." .',W I ^ W

., i .:| B-..' '. -. M f .

iiK f


hi "

me- .


t.o -.-
p ,uk

. . :. -* -" _T'

You Sell 'em...Whe You T" Al C PA.

a. vsur Ad with one of ou A he et oi.ts & 'W St.' "..
i. tS o 1 0 r,,.,._la LA. -

Lewis Service
*4 Tvoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291 and

orrit of Ju's 2-0441
' Fourth of July Ave.-Pnone 2-0441

FOR SALE:-Complete assortment of
lamp ports; harps, three way sock-
ets, finals, steel pipe. EUREKA. S
A. 133 Central Ave. Just around
& corner "J" St. Open until 9 P. m
FOR SALE: Leaving Isthmus: -
diningroom furniture, bedroom.
S rodio. etc Tel. 2-3392
FOR SALE.-Mahogany China closet.
... 9 feet. 25 cycle. Westinghouse
. refrigerator, porcelain inside' and
r out, upholstered chair, lamps, ve-
Snettan blinds. kitchen dihes. Misc
"'. items. encyclopedia. 719-B, Prado,
-. Balboa I
fOR SALE:-Twc L. C Smith, one
Underwood, one Royal typewriters,.
.' need repair. Apply British Legation.
FOR SALE: Tropical Aquarium
Fishes. recently arrived from Mia-
mi. White cloud mountain. Play
voriotus. Terra Rosoceus, Velvet
Swordtoils. and Red wags, reason-
able prices See them cr your
favorite Store "Casa Mike," Co-
FOR SALE: Imported pedigreed
Beagle dog. Phone Panama 3-0301
from 8 0. m. to 12 noon.
FOR SALE -26 Ft. Mine Yawl. No
pl 182 Con be seen at Bolboa
Yacht Club Call 85-3162.
FOR RENT:-Two deposits, one for
$15.00, the other $20.00, located
Ancon Ave. Deposits in yprd there-
fore easy to load and unload.
) % Phone Panama 2-0027"or 3-0763.

Van Fleet May Be
(Con ued from r Page 1)
I Two of the 78 towns named
M' ave already been hit.
b inchon and Yonan, In the
Slacu peninsula area, were at-
...t ed after leaflet and radio
i. .lhgs.
.ary 58 Invrder light bomb-
l uumped their loads on Yo-,
-a la nlSL. but darlnGls
toan medt evltua-
of the damage.
IS dto Wa attacked Wed-
mland SndiuS nights.
S ammist oen t r a trI o n

t af simpendinour

bluff wh m id. ean.
it L I1rf". Et p UN
B d&ad a m the Bede
mr M.isewr j In Napf

.^w Ml o l ilt .Be-

s4 the treatmep 1t, proa-
72 of thk tau timmtU
i that prtsonen sat war
Slowed to eele -by
cmref OX i 0%i.edti'tHee

No t2 A "ra I kr A

Seta BSteXs As A Carlton Drug Sl. .
A6 West 1b smtret 1.o meate a Cut

Ageteia letemcinsS ftbcdits Prepagaid, SA.
#3 LottYr Pla, ta. 1*4* '8 -"tWnsI a


Service Personnel and Civilian
Goverr.ment Emplvye
Insist n
Government Employs Finoar Co.
When you finance yow new
or uad cm.
Ne. 43 Asie Oell Raw
Phone 3-4M4 1-4985
FOR SALE:-1940 Oldsmobile Con.
vertible with radio. Livingroom &
bedroom set. Baby c-ib, stroller.
high choir, and dresser. Phone
Panama 3-2416.
FOR SALE:-1950 Oldsmobile Holi-
day Coupe, 24,000 miles Hydra-
mat;c. Drive, Radio with dual
speaker. Excellent condition, $1,-
77000. Duty Paid. Phone Office
FOR SALE: 1952 Mercury Mon-
terrey hard top with merco-matte.
radio, etc. Will take trade in. No.
2155. 7th Si. Curundu, phone No.
FOR SALE:-1949 Chevrolet Sration
Wagon. Motor in perfect condition.
Will sell highest bidder. Panama
Agencies Company. Lesseps Park.
Panama. Telephone 2-0556.
FOR SALE:-1949 Hudson convert-
ible, good condition, radio and
heater, price reasonable. Coll Al-
brook A.F.B. 4172, 5 p. m. to 7:-
30 p. m.

Boa & Motors
FOR SALE:--sat 26 ft. Mine Yawl
Marine. Gray motor, completely
overhauled, excellent condition,
sleeps four, Inside toilet. Good buy.
$1.400. Call Balboa 1214.


WANTOi- orD ide *>dquOm fur-
Sn d or ufrnrFi, bachelor
or i Ion with
America Call 3-4885,
from 7:0 L ;00. .
WANTED: American couple de-
sires vocation quarters. Sept. I or
sOne. D~lao2-4qg. .


CHICAGO (UP)-If his garb-
age Isnt picked up, a taxpayer In
Pittsburgh doesn't call the garb-
age collector but the clty service
center. Tie center was opened to
handle all compl ntx against
the city. It operaMte on a t-lhomur
a day bats, The grip are ref-
erred to the proper department
for action.

CLEVELAND, 0. (UP)-West-
ern Reserve Unversity ha solv-
ed the problem of whee to file
college these. The aduate
school tomes, which mrer rob-
jecta of all s orts, have gthered
dust In library shelves many
years, only occasionally to be pe-
rused. Now. Reserve has 4icr&o-
flmed many of the paers and
hopes to file the more an 30
works in a fraction of the space.

nmamnians Complete

. Red Cross Course

of 34 ladies and one itself." She also thanked Howard
i wen paduated last Ross, Field Director of the Canal
faternooat the Pana* Zone Red Cres chapter--who
harters hre was present at he ceremonles--
ag balr 20- for his cooperation.
al u AMd course Capt. Fred L Hauff, isat-fr
ate Is a part of the Control Officer at Port Kobbe,
the Panama Civil De- then received from Mims Margas
*uiens. an honorary diploma for the c-
g seoal such alat e operation- lent by Ib bcgwtm-
a Psaua, the first Uoa in the course jst onaplted.
congI ed e gUme Capt. Huff, und&r tu dbhldnn
ndfr m2m5o Vales, at Col. Robert N. Douglas, wam.
peesor ae Puer- manding officer., Srd InfsarR
QZter of the Red Resimenat, was u*lam@e ff
conrdmiUstig the gifls" 0 an-
IL a in forum aemrse in with M_
e tp *te ~ immP a AmerlWan Red alsoe sahe e-
-s .M. ]W& a, of the commaded '8gL a as an -
Ea of After the deris hands
c or t ont. Lvii Carts Btit, dalresrt
igup. The other two of Panama's CIJvi Detase, sphW
bitt wuman, were briefly to the dae.
,.-a teas sad *M bought oet eb ehalt SM
qip.4i f aid slebons teestr ti
ss. anster-r m dlMmm, u b an

nn S .a Si
I Tr r a gtins-e -

.2* 1


by es gn h "

one way $85, round trip $135 (15
day-limit), 4160 .Igood one year;
to LOS ANSILU aft. way, $149.
15, round trip $S2.35. 90 day-
limit) Paonw Dispoti Service, op-
posite Ancon bus Mtep Tel. Panama


FOR SALE:--Re tWdchonger, three
spaces, ot~atemtlc, at B.59.50
each, for 2 le operation.
Mueblerie Case Srton, 223 Cen-
tral. I next to fnto Theater).
Tel. 2-1081.
FOR SALE:-We hew just a few
25 cycle Ther, clothes washer con-
ventional and spindrler tyes. Mue-
bleria Casea Sptan, 223 Central
I next to Encento Theater), Tel.
FOR SALE: LLvingroom su:te;
double bd; tefrltgerator Misc.
items. 0775-M, Williamson Place,

FOR SALE:-Brrtboo livingrom set
dinette breakfast set and oiher ar-
ticles. Bargain prices, leaving
country. House 1552-A, Gavilen
FOR SALE:-Mohogany bedroom set,
twin beds, night b l end chif-
foaner $175.00. Rause 31,h St.
New Cristobal. Phen 3-1S78.

FOR SALE: 10 Venetian Blinds,
aluminum, excellent condition, fit
types 215-217-218 and similar
quarters. 0828 Plank St., Bdlboa.
FOR SALE :---Rfrigewetor eylvinator
60 cycles 4Dp Freeze), bicycle
girls, Singer meahine hand crank-
edt, Simmern bed, baby hih'g
chair, crib, stroler. Phere 916,

OR SALE: 2 -Vanty
Dressers, one Celdppat Refrflerot-
or 25 cycle, ewe *duble bed. HoLe
629-D DeLnees Arem. Phaw )
1W& I ..'.- .'

WANTED: Mate or Pemale ex-
periencad setretery, who can take
Spanish and Englisl dictHkon. No
teed alppy unleA person has
hod t .t-Ma three years experi-

Fmedom Crusade
Nmes tenry Ford
Ntionol Chairman
NEW YORK, Aug. 5-4etry
TDrS L, president of the afd
Motr O Ye, we auSui
Adc or rrmo m one itCs ne

W It -a aep s on ,
. r, president o tie.
CDla, h as heded ahe
Crams" ptohm Its haceptiol
lifteRe"t past two-Yom

Sstal,. t Free A,

Claya ed iiWp added as he-
d-f l it plychfllill #
la VI* 'e. 1, 146fIN flJOir -
freedom to I3Bm le*
wltated t t he


-'-.- "

-ty** ** |lelas

. I H 1

only court 1lM Cla idt
Ocevwi "tmn e cotiaO*- ,
to bead MSGa. IPltMWIWi
barbede ahd afe boerld. Pen-
ame'Sn'dtf. M t ,i-ei67&,
ox No.. 4)5dbba..
Gramlich -' Santa OClin bedt:
cotate.. Elstric Ice boxes, oal
stoves, .-dmttI r tes. Telephoom
6-441 ,'bqe.


FOR* tnwt2
(m f n 0k% dbic rr *-
-. 4St. No.2. 22.
FOR REti:--Stmhi furnished *pet*'
met. fa- .tws pergr% wtit
.cmrm. From 8.:0 to :00 -t.
L Strwt No. 3 Apt. J, next t6
.aA ar i ee Airways .
fUNlfMlqgj A9AuM6IE1I
Two aWd fin room furTnishd ai5l
unlvftlthed apartments; private S-h
clow grolera 8061, 10th 5tflt.
N tw Cristobol. Telephone Colat
13 -86.

wFOR ENT.-Apartment, two beP-
tar^, living, dfnfngroom, eordr
48tM Street No. 27, Bela Vima.
______________________ *1"


Gfl RENT: -Chaet in Lee Cumbrem.
teA during effIb hoem. Tel. 3-


FOR RENT:-FumWd steom with
bash, for Orwes lble gentle rin ir
.lady. Tel. 2.53$. L


LOST trno iTineft ring between
Anton, laundry and ose 14tosphi
tel. Call M. Rio, 2S4338 Acwa,
LOST: In Vh2 Ab"

7044. c ated b
ln Ave.. Also 95 ..
folnd For further' en
g hone 1262-8, Cal6n.

. -,r..

--,- -


go Brgn




em ia 64

*^ :; -;-.
^;ii,% 'r-,."*. .
.* ;* *. .'t 7',i


I..' *K.
WHO$n) dj

1= vuL\

P.. Pm
62 Po, n
tsk Pms



-is--a~~ ~

Ibetl I Pasi"
U IU3: Pahiam
(nCo. aptd.M

as 1

M E -
tonti~i~l 'Ay~r I
^^^T^.^^w^ ,

"- har o1
Stk Sight a



w "

'y- s fl~im I


i S' T.

nOt tt

fl LtDY, English

SlarY. Leav dome Indorrm-
Siten a*- Aven No. 73, Tel. 2- .-

A*t SV TomIor

.kbtta, tramm bth*W. bat
4"" &bib AD ve id

lRle OfSya Uas tialle

tai a .r Miue wt
mandrt 7 p n-
a Mf My'e mthnatinrw0oflt ?t

T*-bo o At-
"S* WA'1111 1 0 *- r. n"
^--9^i^^^I^^^ h^I1-46ft

tgA. im Man -n


, 1.



cpeettnw another hut -
Strtamt or MaBTetpi
last mdt he expect. to f
i elubs.

maybe clHtred Info 8

contract oMtot bie .
Even if Wlt Is not pb
Into the wsng play. % aY
ive hims away with l-
holding M -W or q-.

Trusewm Proeclai

.. .. ...

Sun-UrnS'- '- .. 9'
U., -. -5,
tia;.KSe -c


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ma ss

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p~'w~4y 54

*t't '-f.AjU
2MI "1 ,l
44t. ,.i. i

teA-i ,i.-."'

.4 4 4 4 b .
B .I*^***!

.4tnm 11
**- .***
., V I o di. Do

:-:,. :. !
A-i ee<_eas
sw l A'-'di ea 1s

rd fji&B~a t.-d


~44~ UtI
4',. a 4

4 .q4 1*

44* *4*gI

4~4 4
.... b.
-~ws .1..
*4 4 O~~4
#1 6 b 4
**. I...


A~hr..,e.6.. I

E* 9444

.4.4 b~q*& *1





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z -t '

.- .* ..; ,-.. ---_..

4 IF"
s Vl ,

so "
e I $9 e "4



,~* *x~

mo Win-^

.. .. .

>~4-'./ ~k


- .440

f e Service Director Lew
y aid today It ult
aa'e may be necessary to ca
g-e fathers and others de
f Nd ior dependency to mec
Manpower goals.
said there are no present
Sfto or ending dep dency de
ent during the next feu
ton but that a review is o
"Utmout importance" becaul
; W sharply heavier draft call
ahrinK In October.
ti Selective Service shouw
ZeMle it is neessary to dip In-
t the ranks of others, It
Ild recommend south action
"i the President who would
Sthenal word.
Writin In the monthly publ
-' on Selective Service. Hershe
d the pool of draft-age mei
e0 rinkng constantly, con
Selective Service wito
"ever-increasing burden" o
omeg enough draftees for thi
t" Wfed services.
Ben 18 through 25 are sub-
&t to th* draft, but some
tC)000 registrants are deferred
hsluding 90,00 because of de.
ersIy sM this latter g nup
ewMd provide mree solers
than any other deferred elas-
He conceded this country al-
ways has accorded fatherhood
S the greatest weight in granting
draft deferments in previous
W 7 on grounds that the regt-
1St already had children when
hting started.
S erey said the Korean fight-
t g has imposed an entirely new
Wet of conditions however, since
eno frequently become fathers
after they have been put on no-
tce they face inducion some-
I t eto the future.
Siact always akI Ithe
S -l sun of th e on fa t er-
a e&tbd Of avoid
'!:t he draft chief Msi.
9.-"m jor deferred groups
.- I ddtion to the dependency
jjmi or Bl. farmers



. 'fl3 A

;' -- -,y. ...:..I ,

r l t. 2 ., .

Governrin e Is

To Souiths Sti

The government today summon-
n ed boutlhrn farm leaders to a
- meeting in Atlanta tomorrow to
h speed emergency loans to
f drouth stricken farmers anji
e prepared to add North Carolina
to the growing list of disaster
e The WSNWe dry spell al-
ready bas raised nla a $O,
M-oI, les e farers in the
86%6 aft 146w England and
may eeM 'e-easmen untold
millmEs mre by forcing up
pries t ofik fresh fruits and
saebwabe, the Inters t a t e
Commerce OpOm2lssion authoriz-
ed railroads to haul hay into the
heat-parheg areas at reduced
rates to bet In the feeding of
livestock ad minimize the im-
of the drbuth on the na-
lOn's economy. ,
The Department of Agi culture
first announed farmers Home
Admintratfo' a offIRals from 10
Dixie states tWet attend the
two-da coa etce alone with
state ocl=l. ,RA Chief Dil-
lard B. Las* er will be in over-
all charge.
Shortly afterward, North Car-
olina asked to be declared a dis-
aster area- and federal officials
said the F"A representative
trom that state also will attend
the Atlanta session. They said
formal action declaring Nort
Caroina a disaster area proba-
bly will eome later today.
^^Ac^JJ A^ -|k^(-J
W.^- C-.MUI **-- t5a

hiss --l UlN ass. usj sly
b S ft aA dmstelt lan fWlB-
M on had ben trtecve ti ME-
e chusetts and none in Manse.

1I U Cops Seek Vainly
StA .u For 86-Year-Old

y dr Fei pe P. Sobrino
od to down the New
insa smadsat o A two-month search by local
apolte authoritlesb has ased to
,i is onamnm" t isc oe the wheremboots o
' t" 1ivaid,. 86-year-d4 llVpe
-e 3st ev MIM S Pr6 Sobrino; who dlse-r-
AtOt ad Its= his home in biiw
to ame the se o me he
Af so owing : of
tatm. p (a. f n.le mi nro itD "
thoe day NW w Tirw & e done Onr. Bangie

I on e ass ei la 'ofth
add after estegbh'i to esmatad*
ftod aboat 4 p.mV.Zb W*WSB gfoSm*kind dlthrm."
,am would be i Carnl'wd the pe L, have
c heled theunr and Ina-I
me W. e. -Fe miintals for the mwith no
__ relate only cos .tlative of the
Ur ats top aleeind e an, who tU etM to ma
Uee9i009.SY rYSl a holadintgs in Caira is hts
Mo tad of to- o ife.
*M0 WOW I=S ledg2ed s to gP bive os notice
ungg lhBMore than 306 Aw hppy
ftr eoata that the pa would avert

mWiOMnnneSdMB IOS ld O"would trmd MM daw am-
*-*- a"en engn- m
[Staher rakes a *ta
Siaag strike w.2wt at the 8e 0 id abag of
NtiThs Ugesumoboftw" wog ilrr~ed ware

that the great rush t loan re-. "
quests would Oeme.atet. : a*
Detals ot the Uataa rh
were werttd Oat tMay
cdals of the i'a
ment, who i1t
retary Kno to
draw apW ._
Kutchitiha kneiea 8tdray
froni an ei n meeting
Ie ad Via it W ll
"support nmd "withifaybu
request for I emergernct / 11'i
funds to b eV l ee)W d to k1Wep R
livestock avebn bseared pab*
tures. % gt O b7
State goteero will hkve to
make the rzel-te through Preai- I41t:t i&
dtnt Truman, e aid. I M s.
Missouri, Araa.see Kat. ,. hett were losleg *xlht
ky, Tennet% lMlsilppl, Ala- dite lIrttono f eet
ba G0ei and 8th .Ca* .e wilt feed ozW .
ktela, w ohich oalty were e
cleared dtsMter ans wt be
represented, a Olua6 a Lip' RftIOR
and Texas. Th tter Mw be
oame eligibefartheaweroa* leans W
durinaga 1o2 dreth. Tike ZlsW y oerain",to-
Malne ad Masachusetts also
have beth 0 Sy disas- tail of the dPort tiend
ter areas, en rmWe to Laurenclto iaA R. m bio ,CeS
government'om s wo e a they are or
unable to get local rrt for pea lregnd to deiate
aeed and other a bbn exclsively to new
Scattered showers fel on duttes as head of the b te- I
parched areas of the South over ttens of fti ft the Iited
the Md dy Nlw Ent- irt c. san d ot "t -rt-
landtteo fget t ht ran Inate," the O ciMl IlS Co.f
tlght aid thmoutW. eoran h .te Owi"tted,
:ut Rutmxitson maid farmers W-XW In ^htrtti End Bots del
WM have to go through another Tr. e

Army Rations At

For Training operations

WASHMIGTON, Aug. 5 (MP) and t lery sheUt are
- The A y red "strict Iut a important to tl .-
ty ration of train 7"fa stry ,, rifle and
tMg amnttIB today to In- gun ammunition.
re that eomby = ps n "Thse Army will be cm el
Korna will haveal the shelts to exerce the utrctes.t f
thwey need. my mIn the expenditu"e l:.
uar ltton and to utllwas
vt.4a lAs oflat J b.tutes I n
expected heavy amanuftlon Bfletsan's statement
prevutloc caused by te re- "In order to ..
cent steel strike ts conser- mttlaum su ly 0 t I
yatively atteted" at 87 .per combat, and to nsure tt
ent. per training for replace
Be urged that the Army be cetjled for units In
ranated a top priority for Steel all oter requirements tot an-
to prevent any delay- in thE malt onfor crew-served e. -
telbg of replacemata for pn will be placed on a et i
"It wwld anthinkaMe to me "Only by assuring the
or to anyone else tn aoriy of a ..lp priority for seetu I
to set. am. men into ceabtt it be possible to recoup-the
tilM he bla s>ecome thorgth- critical asses suffered As ut*
SIF wt th 00 Of Manlttan -productoa,* hes
ta u" BdetMt ia dd. a
S a t wle the ie Beaft n said the eSto
S o ffet ma h tri will be w
d .t he i rp t tea AoA= the aauititlon mappl io oe
.I.e .t t of *baala t r =

"'. a


A Panamanian la teb
'aS trying to remaMt l .itp.
0e from the should of .i
flghway drop, tar ?:1
B ummit gol com o W M .,
"Y morning. .
STie dead man Was
aatillo, 42-year-old iMa -
ftplaisd earlier t
M not feella well.
. Ofterwart. he rlo
W v unconscious
WU workMg with ieM
*rm J. McCarrick on

to the Pedro

rew n with
S hay. ad a w o .

Witho ee. st;. '
heMA j

in front.
k School do
the Bal- 'to
m ia now
iftunced Hi

b",ha been m
need tor er
f 'Iate new

. RSW To ,-it,
a S uRn s a-. .aom..



S L i -

? 4+

Yew Cement Ni
4 .

-% C

IMay Be

Lfid .

- .

^':1: -1

ei ,.' -- -

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