The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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unced today by Dr. GiNtr. new aelentIft date, but to give tL of sirne Norse iDaUf en'm in ,a e ays of ".l-
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sMG Norweglan Arctic arch,- first en b
W'bT 8 e Cars, 42 Wesons ,--4 ""toIt
-f Q @%bi *Uhy National o het cbl
Meogriphic Soclety and Cam- br. f
bi.ddge UniversAy. institutions LONDON, uf. 2 (BI).- e mew enpl lht fru
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beUcott Polar Research Insti- barn fo ar otor Universal Prelghtr. llbgeat Sr
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headed a mountaineering Cars wlt enter through two large oS6 at eto ak B th
jpealtlon to Arctic Norway last. of the place to be pflde up the b1650t A* y a nSatL
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Communistt4wpired Koreans i


Iw oePICs a. 'thenag of K remeuaqM4 -
p have been smu Aa. the
Stree'-hour brawl of anm d w ee nam t a thlit
high mseholaIn ye .ry C.

ooke's (
YORV -(fNA)- New
d Winter are so bad that
-United States had been
from the Pacific Coast
n. ew England would
nao probably eat a
variety of things than
en cant get over
a wearing belts when
be wearing suspend-
S ngllshmen do.
entig a s on
an extraordinary ex-
0m named Alistair

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brown heir Is grayin ._.,^ li
, fe has tinri M*
deSand ne Ofig ALISTAIR Coo= v
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'O.Jr or- many of her Nogrmu4i.smtli a

and arenme whi pand
Through oganIed labor: Al
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_he ut a

trife Aplenty In
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wrving as ambtc At leu half of mOW t a
mnmtst drive t a.000 in ap ae
Mie police, a-lhe-Wl the
ty Forces, i*- tattl
Salons C ar o oard NiAOa
s the Repubae t mong thet, '
alke trouble ti pew oM favor North Se' m raf t
of Premier ehti t" L- as
arrested 9Ivrw
ult of the Oom. nmly "a 1 of Korea
* 6n May ftDay, taUt 6. OtWer Sout O
king for morte m estasmate ia
I the riot oR 0.S 8 e actively suppIptsg AA
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manese n= SftS of oread '.I. s
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NEA Food and MArkets E@ltor
Though the weather grows macaroni, % cup French dress-
Orm and the kitchen hot. one ing, % cup finely chopped pimen-
g-enerating kitchen activity to. 1/3 cup chopped celery, 1 cup
A an be cut down on Is dish- freshly cooked or canned peas, 3
STElihbe. To that ebd a Handy hardcooked eggs, chopped; 1 tea-
MN'vof paper plates on the soon salt, 1 teaspoon pepper,
4ty .ahelf is the answer. cup mayonnaise.
oper plates are no longer just Add .1 tablespoon salt to rapid-
plenic. They've had a face- ly boiling water. Gradually add
and havegone glamorous. macaronfai that water continues
tabo theft place at ta- to bol. Odof uncovered, stirring
is .npqufl Yellow. Avocado occasionally, until tender. Drain
,,Pai'adfre Blue and Petal in colander. Rinse with cold wa-
S ty printed patterns ter; drain gain.
4 l mthat correspond With In a large bowl. combine re-
china. manning l reents with cooled
s The pine-Inch size for macaro ni- n thoroughly but
slst the six-inch size for lightly. C several hours be-
aAnd butter nd the seven- fore rerving.
Sfor dessert and salad.
.n l t. have also gone Easy M allow Chocolate
e. are paper plates sacee
rr lmltaly treated (Makes about 1 cupe sauce)
io the rigors of hot
td' e use these a lot in our Two 1-ounce squares unsweet-
nii eaa=md eggs. for aa- tI-ed chocolate, I cup water, 1/4
ii~4hmons and often for a full cound marshmallows (about 16
het nter. marshmallows). cup sugar
S hen, there's the paper late dash salt, 1 teaspoon vanilla.
th smooth u*eoated Sface in a saucepan, combine choco-
tMt deuigan for 'tlObe quick late and water. Cook over Tr..-
tJuncheons. youngsters' dium heat until chocolate is|
M ee anmacks, picnics, thoroughly melted and mixture,
iesad nSOe-bour raids on has reached boiling point. Add
i.tobOdx. marshmallows, sugar and salt;
O your speially treated pa- stir constantly until marahmal-
uIg JM1, 3W these: lowa are dissolved. Remove from
e kt and add vanilla. Cool sirup
.1 f Vu ble galad Land pour lnt a clean jar. Cover
h ., l t ow wing) and place In refrigerator.
To make chocolate milk, mix 1
o bag apo.on 'salt, 3 quart or 2. tablespoon s chocolate sauce
a I. ous e eowthyeach glass of milk.

eumbra "FaasoGiebo

NWS MNOW: fleagh Mrs. Grahma is to leavit
S, ims ber hems ln Deaver, Colorado, sl
lea etIMM a -native Panamanian foo
[ bw to Irpare them. Shu plans to e
aUs ftor an mUsual vt l't,wnect m
s.S1 el C-lan".asd other attiles taiut Ps

'MOiMare take bsnanna
fa tter of course u-
States, or meet
Som 'tohe temperate
*zen the 25 cents per
fleerZthat I have

t i -. has been pu -

Swt serve-t. You wi
-ib et It sueaut of ebakh
Spb* nnmurfttl tes. (Wa
ap Apers- to aewe *
.Y'-yIfyu have-a little,
B abana mo to

SIN 2 Lant 'ups all-pur-
,or .i ed with .

2 fs m .4 minutes


a o

*- i
." egg-whites
To the mashed bananas add
the juice of two limes, the or-
ame juice and sweeten to your
t. Freae. When partially
1 "dd the beaten whites of
eggs ald finish freezing.
IBaed banarna are worth a
your guests dr family ap-
something different.
I banana Im n 1' s-I,
'M you woalt a blit
'A er h eat at an M M
PRf M to So t W 1hIMt yoa
oftlAhem to t aletr ev-
eryne t t split the
skis and add ttr chunks on
t7Ir tao. You a do the same
A %j Jut a fto 'mutes -in
mur eote. with eSthe
Me- Tbey 'o
I. a nta whaickh is a
eth lean e.I, aM
y: .
This is not a bread.
PeSl 8 firm. ripe bananas and I
oll in
2 tablespoons lemon juice and
hen in
Shredded coconut.

Place In a well-uread baking
Pon ahd bake at .175-400 degrees
5 to 30 minutes. or urtli tIle.oo.
onut browns a Ifttle and the ba-
Ltnas are tender. Serve wit hot
emon or other fruit muse..

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ruli bathes
the eye:
your alas

I new tl Fltts *pwts 1Il1
't much better tBir b .
. J. d se. .6-


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Exotic daarjag-actress Cd Chd taku ierhi
seriously. She itkes to set as ae at
year and complete all her btyeiw fI thn ; fkft-.

seriously weighing the edve
calao these of the opn-erm
.ftehion sesseary, In the opin
DuBn the summer months C
white pieces. They complete
EDITrwot NOTE: Dance
Cyd Charisse (starring now In
"p8mbrero") has worked out
her own clever sheme for ax-
IS a haefmplely-coordin-
ated wardrobe In the shwtest
time possible. In this exclusive
by-line story, she tells women
Just hew she 'ibs solved a ma-
Jor shopping problem add a4
ehleved, St the same theime, i
wardrobe that's unfailag If
Written for NEA Servieee
SHOPPING may be a chore for
ome womep-but not for' me.
throbghly enjoy choosing and
oordlnating my clothes. Perhaps
Me reason is that I have learn
ow to be a seasonal shoppet,
hMw 7vlng a great deal of time6
Except for small items ik
hkwkc"u and lingerie, I lind
ty wardrobe-:rarching exped*
ions. What I like to do Is set a-
ide two or three days at the be-
blming of summer and winate
or just the purpose of finding
he tigh) clOthes. And I1 *Iw
ry to, buy my.,4acceartle <9
aMe dtay21pick **pit wr & V'
ThaVt hnt as coftplae tM i
pounds, 'either. Once I.huve e-
lded on a dress, I wear h
own to the mllIUiry t
lent so that I ca "th
e et colc., shape and'szlat-- to
amplemnnt it. "..-
O. caM, there's always the
M ffof buying the dress sIn
atp. Whenever I do,
ipy take the drqgs a-
ig to =y favorite hat depart-
entMad make a selection then
Sw practically the same
n f..when I am buying
a't possible for ae
or Uake
e a tUi le swatch of
If my dress has a belt. I Often'
v to buy matdhing shoes. I have
so discovered that matching
ioes and .handbags don't de-
act from a costume. I always
ok for bags that are easy and
mfortable to carry.
Gloves are a favorite p t of
y wardrobe. and specalll$ this
ason. There are so may un-
ual and attractive Stl s ta
oose from.
am Kuided by the lenIth smi t
t of the sleeve with whb the
ve la worn. I iDOso-
mely. simple gloves -0fly*35
patterned or Hgl
ual In ine. a I a -
y tyro of glove f W SWrmer
To be "peret* wm d.1
ese WRfl womaSslauld agtve
g mt el of beimgwt f t
Sf w felry she 'll wi
h r mew claM o.
tIs ant to S s o a
aMM. -smart aeds .t
V1vy. ftewelry or to
m teed yal of coto
"Mi UiMM

shoeo. i
of the fat
'YS Cha r s IM
at sia St every <


Am T4

or every wowfe-

f Irobe. I think i ar
plans worth making-do__t you?


Here's a wife with a real pro-
t eW vee years ago she marted
a young man from a different
tothW e country and went to
I e In his home town.
e works in his father's busi-
7ess and father and son get A--
long fine.
But the husband's mother as-
omed from the beginning that
she had the right to run rt
Edaghter-in-law's life.
Says the daughter-in-law:
"She criticizes my clothes a8m
makes such remarks as:- 'I w th
you would take me along aft
time you go to buy a dress."
"She wants to know how mmdh
evey i -costs syees
teel m because my uxb .rfte
wsa~ or his father we shedd
ndt mke'any financial decisalms
wIto talking the matter ovr
with them.
"Her vyltations are cotmand
perfommwes.I he'll call me up
to *grae is giving a party a*m
adds tWSt. of course, se Js. e-
pesting us to be there. And cob-
venient or not. we go.
"She doesn't even heitate to
tell me what couples abe linkb
we ought to see moarea f M
which onas she cant undeastau
what we see in.
"Maybe all ths doesnc t ead
too important. But I feelM ke Zta
betng motheredd"
atnd you are. st youe anm pro.
ably straigbten thina outt wsi
JflerWmkiation and tact
Tou'll need the determlnithmn I
to stand up for your own idea
ad pMlanw ad to *put a tfp z
to tbis pushed wund. '
,.Tpl nse tact to et are
ytoM 4a tat ye -s

aU& Isme San aWl

2 L"~
t 4
* ..A~'
4-- "

that heaAt can Ted
whe t fa ce to face with
t l crudeness of
life, Vban It sinks beneath the
aeooleetons, when
is Vt ti- nd life is lull of
ss the faithful
y Mus, or the one we
t owdelan ahn... how

UMmggem... For those persons
tp ratwig ft ) above lines
eel, the following ar-
ubim h is troubles.
flttw'u. yz be the best
5tip.W t a nd belpe. a-

al kw aiMbe u-
CIS^-bftm, aith and ocn-

3a loit to flght
i~s~~iJ' Hftis~m cse-

Ytu. I
Y= wt

Indov e I

. '.l i .
.' = .' ,
= -= ..

. and

9I ae fmea

-nk tdm

-- r -., ~ -

. -- < ..





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.*"/*- ,-***
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R^W ~ tt'., ..M. .M| .< ^ ,1 ** W f .. "Hl ,^ '
.4- i ..," .4 ii -: -..4 i -,,

..'- w: .- .... --

1. :r: -a..
;"4' 4 ... -,- A': ; ,:

^ ^,^. ...,.-. ... ;..... .. ...... ,.3A .... ....
-. ..-. ,.,

.4 ., -
4,! .. .:, ; $. : *
: "' ;" i '" : .,iL- ..,.i'l

.i 'A


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-.:- .. .. A ,J ,.I
-', -.. ,
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t.f -. -
at '

' :. ** .-
x-,* : *"G'--i. -* -'i,,. -..;. ,-; .:..." -. .'...

S. .-Te. A. C.. ,

eave your Ad with one of our Agetsf or our qIffic to b tk **-- "T'" St
No, 12,17'9 COnwr r A (

wSo ?lvoucPoe 2l. n Br Aeickif ul.t Drug
oTivOll Ave.-Phone 2- 1sI. MndOOt Srg Ml

'Pfoorth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Apgca tinaecfac l af topsanda,
# Lottey Plas Pli .-

S Miacefllnetmuu Ao Nmo.

eLE fnols steel pipe. EU PhonREKA S ANC an R
A, A 133 Central Ave. Just around Govnriwmut E plr On Flnonw Co.,,@R P0N1Co
;rner "-j" St. Open untl 9 P. m Whien you fiun eylat r new drawitW$B v n135 1a'15 q
R.'SALE' -UPr iht piano. Phone AGENCY ar, dNay ylt I $. / 1year;$149.
S 2-1040 IBalboa No. 48 AleMitbih oRw 15. round, trip 2 3 90 day-
SALE.-Boxer. fremote, beauti- Phone 5.494 i-4 lirnit Panalw ltl e ap-
'-' ul town with flashy wh-te .mark-l F0t ppost An on'bw ML tPnam a
ful fawn with flashy whie ma FOR SALE: Pontiac ,1949, out 2-1655.
ings. Young, breed once produced 1950; perfect condition; hydra-
14 pupp.eq Would make an ex motie; new fires. .1,450.00. Tel .. .
cellent breeder or pe, raised with 2-3078 office hours., .0 T
"40. 43-B o FOR SALE:-Mercury 1951 Sedan, 4 DI
L L Icoor. WSW. Seat covers- Ever-F FO( ..-r *1,e
1,,;0 nrl o furnitur u erom glades green). $2,000. Kaiser '48 .59.5,0
'*dlntngroom furniture, bedroom Sedan 4 Door, overdrive, radio., .9.50
18do, etc Tel 2-3392 seat covers. Telephone 6-264. ,
.itR SALE. -- Piano ond furniture $800
i.A rhird Avenue No 50, San Frn- FOR SALE:-1942 Chevrolet Truck .' '
c.-co. i _____ 12 ton. Cab over engine. Stake P SAM E We h"
FOR SALE A registered cock- platform. S,x new tires. Duty paid. 25 Thhh i fh, f washer co n-
eW,. e spanel pup, live weets old Te'ephone No. 2-0825-3-2427. ven25inl ype. Mue- a-,de d
t. 2181-A. L. -.d'. C. Z. FOR SALE.-Nash Statesman 1950, bleria Cq.M- U1 Central
S5ALE-Tropical Aauaritr fish- perfect condition, 3.1,500.00. Tel. Inert to Eni thCeater), TeL A
es, recently arrived from Miami. 3-2078. 2-1081. oni i aort
white cloud mountain, play vara- FOR SALE -'50 St debaker ,Cham- OR SALE:-RCA rddio table model d 4i. 'Ctact fi
.n, crater rosaseus. velvet and pion 4 Dr. Sedan with radio and Q22. 5 band ~ 6 tubes. I Caiafol
ogs., reasonable price, see plastic sat covers, 9..00 miles. 3004, 5th ftlivor, room 5. ..
-m at your sole store. Caso Mike $1,300.00 of B '3064 or Col6n. .
-r.J- see at 0588.-, M~irdl St, AconR. FOR SALE:--Co.l c p0s range, 4
WAN TED lFOR SALE--1940 01c obile Con- burner. su le For batted gas.
W E I ,, vertble with radio. Lvingreaom & Phone Pedro Mlguel 4-320, Qtrs. '-
,"" ,1 p J Ibedroom set. Baby c-!b, stroller. 128. Five mrronths old, used only .
.. ...r ......... "'"high chaotl and dremser. Phone. 3 months. Very cheap. R. N -F rm, -i 4 kl iL j .
TeTO BUY:-Used piano at Pnama 3-2416. FO RSALE:LvIngom set, refri-
irlosonoble prIce. Call Crixtobal 3- garaa I Ve .
.916. FOR SALE: 1941 Chevrolet be.ds Phor".-44381, 8 to 12 a. m. FOR ftEN
Small s ze baby crib ton Station Wagon. Steel express .,- -- ---- ,r
,nd child's chest of drawers. Call body, adjustable side-seat, excel-FI .SA'Ae x 2 eilre,2ny. mie.
$tkt..ndu 515. lent motor, good condition, $350. tunrile action, $110. Caloil 6-350.
?fW__--5152 -- 00. Ncw portable record, player. FOR SALE:-Lorge Magic Chef Stove
r for Icdy partner to sh:re an pick-up and power-unit, 60 $40. Hoover wething machine
jupencent room wrt, rri ate cycle, a buy. $55.00 House 601- $50. Sirnmoqo divan Idouble bed) NIew
.1 Lady professor preferred. Also A, Ancon 13.vd., at Balhio Place. $50. Alljpnfect condition. Cali-
na Tel. 3-4220. FOR SALE-1950 Nos Ambinsador, famornb A ts. No. 5. 40th St. Tel. urnsnwr 3
fully equipped, In godd condlop, 3-0833 Panama.rm.Sub o
t S S1.350. Phone Radmoah 366b. pOR SALE:-ft er Economot wath- chlrs.Ae enr
AtiC SOCetV. FOR.SALE.-1951 Buick cdpvrtible. Ing'" ldh ne, 0 ole fully aMut. pltma upt wbe A le
iend From Pawe Pl*V* I Phone Albrook 4112. E. Z term. tic, d fi onths, $185.00. 67. Te41. 3I-*0.
wMr. and Mrs. Gedrue Sar- FOR SALE:-1950 Oldsemobblle Moll-
d their daughter Julia Gall day Coupe, 24.000 miles Hydra-
Weil. Wisconsin. Mr. Bar- rnmtic Crive. Radio with dual
a former resident here, I speaker. Excellent condition. $1.,-
EBWitkthe Merrill Music 770.00. Duty Paid. Phot e Office a FOR SAL 4
1 M't. She will also visit 83-6103. 1wna
toWn. Pa., with relattvesa In L e I
s S tewar
a Jrt. To, .o -.
heoftf s t-tl 'Tex
..a.of vF illP SALE -Lot of ind 1,008 me- A. 3-yw-o1ld "egro .
1 pfvl ye the tes a Los Cumbres, corner of Via man, Vho bbught -she was toIa -' |peraror dr f 1-4
Wn". Wi, 4. .. tas CbOWs nd 7th Stre*. Tel. 3- her death be ft 1h but 1 HP 9 ycip motor $.; 5
K wing Cay o the. UBn. 28 14 redetrow Has t Na otfla I. 'D le 3 PH motor. 00,
Ct11 1'O11 "j- FOR SALE:--Chalet, enodrn, ?com- wlb h e thehb.""*
*' "it .aj lh9tird portable and diesgant, a oner -. *m H tIsWk aidboo 2-3690. L
facing Golf Club (Via BeaIf SO 0* ItiOt1M money OSALE:-WMnt phester
-Mtrip 'Prrol. f mrHellent .lg elohhurhme l. C, eI* rdtba wsllit'tSlsm LObM
ew e- ad cket ple gro uds.,0 sq. t a t e
bedrooms. 2 baths. porch, dlAp j ,net t he L :t sells uussy,
% Lots of space. $15,500, has $6.- 11kg i tbdy mightto."2
000. nwrt ps-, with Bunco Naco- mothballs Rh the greys-= -,t
Eb,_ M r Ildon ndl 'far t100g "Vim pasyment. Call Wild casket and It giis.
a Fred Bbdon of o was when sher
hton g i r, v" ,i aN .^ .,:. i t Now, she
i. Ancon tomonrrq f. Me worth three llAL -

,', /".

.'-'*MlmbIle in m S,
beautiful colors.




be in Crsa to
fly member .-
Camera Cl '*
Camai %Club


W e I cnow hear e-in he
fkh and. her niht "
S RSON CITY, Mo. tM object to me I0 a emSenwio
MioOurt has Junked it s a refuses a til, mountain
d Installed a naw, "tough" Aot a. photograph.
tes for peators of trucks gad oly going to gt Sd rntr g w
S"she dawn in itP *.. A I "m lin wt.
UhUete was a time when a ma "n ag
bank and buy a lictnee to opera. -- J ,J *' -..*
could a r into a store or ryl" -
of umb. aThah lw e '- solv
lte, that poeulbi b -" tli, e -

6.. an uapiPaGan rs4 awt be able
Bthe !!r4" "20 Ut ofs a 100 1An.,
Frhmes~d* ."1 is*l!q.4 adLt, drawhbode
I eompIetit iIn Ie li-nse e earns through
white' will held spee la tests conducted by fIe
WAghowever the sate highway patrol will be good
hamrades." All mem- for a year.
Reir guests art. wel-
-- Sltate licenses mat be astpetsd.
n a. sawyer .h Oa- ed-lor a a loI aaM a year for mna-
", of the I llb, loft by sr.Mo Iton.
- tndtewUl e a .
eks. the trt Gultek V.b. Wive"
d Oiub will be held in the Club
sailed Room on Tuesdty at 7 p.m.- A3
i- the members have been requested ti
Shilc od f & new t msurer and a4
_B8be-. member of the board el
he York- rawill br eletetd at thll]

j.. -Ii .,=

lasp, ..
But t .leap polyabe.
Di CE the bins
in waSe of Awlang
'And ta u.flr, extent altk
soil <'cedar,..
"Gol.gonllll, g th km-gj.

.40 4A 3~aT

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I a .- o M. r: i

S.ited'press se late~..

1Z Mv*4 yeback tWr
Gamthin 2aes Of 1l Pmrre.M OR pg Jh a7

erican League race to. ...1-6t .o..U. Me
Setter an the third e ....4b.tthe, ,Indob $2711.9 Pea 1
Box closedI a on the at Cler The Red Box cam
Ig-lae hoYate as nd the through by thumpn tu the 1-: 4

I White Box whipped the Senators 4 lats 0 o 110 Ton*
rbTlane Pillette, with relief help 7.n aBabe lns 1d g- : "a it'
,l / ^Bob Madison and Bob Cain, 8 tle Lul J. r. second game Cart wrtl i
tued back the Yankees. ki 9 dla 106x Ja ted the High SchOol g
Beta homered twice for the 10 arreal V. 118 .Pull
m________ _i Yak 1 k Gene Woodling of the winners For .H .
Yanks and Jim Dyok of the 2nd 'tace -'.' Nat-t%-4% Fg. layng his best game .
Broas also got round ppers. Pune 350.00 oM s: 1:15 Jr. C g I Ut tl,. IK. on, scored 20 points
Mm e Ia asaT c D0 Trout, With relief help Second Rg.e b sp1a tWi M biC team.
I* L Vr mere frobl Beantoh and Lou Brick- i LolItq jo 110 league leading M&du
; _-, ( uer, earned his eighth win to 2 Mandn 114 wil run into some ht
TEAM- Won Lost Pct even his season's record, Dom a3 Redgodu 113 ft Al M ts abton tonight when t
uoolyn ., .. .. o 30 .6m DiMagglo, Dick Gernert and 4 La Lodba 120 a fast coming
New York ,. ..... ." S."& Troul all clouted four-baggers --- .. .. M .. .. ..9 five. The fans w 1 see
SKS. Louis .. 42 for the wi unrs. C1fM Mapes got rlttace -|' N a- % Fpg. .as .." .. ..... 0 emsuch stars asaW l4ams,
S tdelp5k4 .... 1 47 a circuit smash fas the losers. :P : *l.9 : 1:45 Jr. wi, .. .. .. ., 7 i Sweeney, Bratloff, McAr-
K .... ... .. 48 .515 Homers by Gus Zernial, his OW a*n ....... 7 4 Downing, Gibson BlBpao i..
.. .. .. .41 57 .418 18th and Allle Clark offset an 1 ATrrant ) e 112 .. .. .... 2 a 'others. In the first gaiml o
.. .. .. 41 0 earlier home run smash by Larry 2 La G ..avo 114 par ,. .. ..... O twbill Jr. College p'as
7 ...28 76 5 Doby and Harry Byrd pitched 3 Coran .a 116 ame time: 7:80 p.m.
%Z. a ;g ame hot Included, the A's to victory over the In- 4 LI Nift O a 104 I. night's tnpa. --
Sdians Excelsior sdofez 108 tiPn G FT a G
'1 ",* dl"8 58 Placina Agulrre 110 Cr -' scored V~9,-ttl_ .w g .... .. .. 93 1 .
TODAY'S GAMES chuck tobbs' five-hitter stop- 7 Sinceridad M. Rafael 115 ov f and B o .. .. ... 1 0
ago at Brooklyn. Cud St iviaa ^r 5.r 8 Kalsan G. Prescott 115 Sot c edelively. The seor.. .. .. 1 1
ainntI at Bosat (). ed the ambition senators. Ed Consentdk 0. Cruz 109 were B to 28, and 58 to 46. 2 0 4 .
rgh at New York. Robinto, with s 19th run- Noti- : N Entry runs out of betting Bob Glbwn, nlaing h1s nrtit oe ...........0. 0 0 l N
S li. is, t Philadelphis. tripper. sparked-the White Sox. game '--"( aro wr own-p, .. .. .. .0 0 toWin
a--- P dh. lJackie Jensen homered for the 4th Race ;- flkte 4% Fps. nett, 13 ~ ts to lea his 0 .. .. ... 3 1 te'W 1
Senators. Panre: $275.00 Pool closes: 2:30 to y*Mty. Ed Capabloe, hur .. .. .. 1 2 6 gt ti
YESTERDAY'S RESULTS In the National League, Jimu Q INSELA tihal-Maduro player, played n .... .... 6 1 18 l*. o :lt
Called at end at.'six innings, ?hodes' saxth home tin the last 1 Tuira B. Pulido 118 last gaes of the season eort .. ... .. .. 1 1
*ia). eight games was hit seconds be- 2 Volador H. Reyes 106x seven* points. Far Fan's FreBo .
R E lfore a torrential downwour stop- 3 esorte B. Aguirre 116 andG Oilugher netted 12 and 9 Totals ......18 7 45i
tOQ-3S 5 0 ped the Glanta-Plras game. 4 Golden Bound J. Phillips 107 pant resjectivelly to be hih .-*D
002-4 7 6 Rhodes' two-rup clout supplied 5 Tin Tan V. Ordoftez 110 peters for the losers. FG FT T
kson (8-15 and McCul- the necessary margin for a 4-3 6 Casablapca J. Bravo 113 ...... 5 2 1
i Jisen, Wihelm (9-2 (1) win. 7 Bijagual 0. Graell 120 ... .. ......... 1 .
an i t f--Rhodes. 8th.
'. R-E | In the only other Nati on StbRace-?' -... e d M .
I t9 R E LOeagueg ame the Reds w dF*: $5t00*. PoeFl closes: 0 -"..... .........1 0 4a
g atcli 101 330300-4 13 2 craves 8-3.heago at k Miss tha O. a pl109..... 1 2 4
120 000 00o-.3 8 0 lyn was rained out in the fourth 2 Supersct _1o,) Y.tO0' 120 .. .. .... h 1 1 __ _. m
TPowaki (10-6) and Semi- with Chicago Wminn and The 8 Fampiresa) A.Vasques ezl1sxI._. ... .. 10 10 30"
,Real (1). Wilson (10-8), Cardinals abd PIIlies play 'tb- 4 Sinr Doss Agairre 112 11 aaa _._.__.01 S af
S... es ...... ...1 1Sa r.
ii g*0?' fi esc5 g ?s Im O. pV The Psnama Motorcycle Rae i r 8 C4

oifltJird. rain)..... etic-.of m last week, daocidedt ai.,. .. a .
2ntv1k .To a:1 *r JL 1inPix-TapeAs...........0 0
!. ;. i^-i~lr' TTiioST RACE B1 Matty R'Pbra 115 Teams froa. otherr CentroalIW ,O 0 0
S--. 1-Ray mnd $ 60, $2 0, 2.20. 6 Arm0eno ts Teands PoMi, oAt... coan ..Vf
Wen1- LMsPct 2--Buehas Tardes $2.40, 2.20. 7 Atlos L. M as 'l'lI 112 will be tvited to e I is Vto er ,.. ,. .. .. B 0
ork .... .. S 45 57 8-."lrena $2.80 8 $each a *A. Vus 112Z first Jnternational motorcycle Arias ........ .. *1 0 o t.
5.. .. .. b S D R g fartolou *% lkte to racing$ evedt in ta .acey.. ... .. .. 0
l .._ .... 8 .5! lA-Portal (aecludetafrem bet- The' d 4'e 4. .
S.,..u* t b~ ... 7 th USlr- .-s..111. open the Tdoal sea : 1 *- i 2
2:.4: 5 :? i "t t $9 $8.60 *y i *th a speedway tnee *
"" ."55 '.53 41031 3-Diana $3.20. the Olymp adum '- *. .. .. os 2 ,c
L .. .... 43 *-184 First Double: Seoond xne .. a ible. s m. .. t0 :a
... .. .... 3 7 .380 (Raymgnd-W et) $24. Q 3ASIC AB eONTe. the Tot .. .. .. 7.21 7 46
iuii -RD-R to:r tbr 2
TODAr'S GAES 1-Si3n Finn $83,.60. 1 Royal Coup "T ravo 119 er
L gtna DatrltN- (2 2-La Buerte $3.40. 2 Booll Pultdo 114 VIS sreentrl ?1o de4 )HOrn.-
i .t CS1.Lls0 a (2). One-Two: 3 R. A iator V. Oronefes 108 .
(BSi. n) (si, .-L Suerte) 0.80.e' 4 Welsh Fox) F.Rose 108 a- F.lix
t Chicag (). FOURTH RACE 5 Cy.Malone) B. Agurre 18 A. R
S1-Espartano 14. $5, $3.40. 6 Notable A. Vasquez 106 w
nTERmDATS nESULTS 2-Danescourt $3.40..$2.60. 7 Rocky C. Lino 105 0 r Wong, Y.
R B 3-Bien Recho $2.40. P Able,
York 200 St 000-6 14 1 Quiniela: (Espartanowdanes- 9th Raew 'E'' Imported-I7 P. Smith wat a
ist 811 240 00x-11 13 0 court) $24.60. arse: $550.60 Pool closes: 4:40 ad -
i FI Tr RACE QUNIELA iser: R. st ; -i A the
,1 -Pinta $6.60 $3, $2.60. I) J. Baeza Jr..US 1pt -Able; ,tow
-C aflionab 132.80. 3o G wood E. Gugnot 120 B.P. alencia, P. Itadi-ge
S3 81XTH RACE 4 Plambaro B. Moreno 116 0pFa?, 3lB. Carr.ll .. i
:---- F 1-Petit Pols $5, $3, $2.40. 5 Alabards F. Rose 110 -'--------------
R H E 2-Welsb Loch $4.20, $2.60. 6 Coragglo A. Vasquez 105x Y Frn Ts -
o 410 000 032-10 11 1 3-Avenue Road $2.40. 7 choice Brand B. Puldo 112 J
1ot 100 002 020-5 10 2 SEVENTH RACE 8 Paragon H. Rey es lix. hlic 'a, .rey.
-rt t (8-8),Benton (6). Brick- 1-Jepperin $74.20 1.3.0, $4.60. 9 Hurlecano g. Alfaro 120 w- sl I'
1-. (8) and White. Newhouser 2-.Prags $.60, 3.20. 10 Ra9thln Light A. Ubidias 120 th
IJ Llttlefield (9) and Gin- 10 3-Forado .40.La 130 El
I'"R. R--DlMs to 4th out Second Double: (Petit Pols-th Rae- nImtrted-64 Pgp. -UO_ MaSagnb~ Uhm M.. w. mrrow
S, mapes 6tt, A Jepperin) $276.40. Pau : $40.00 ool closes: 5:15 SJS (4) A $ t)
--- EIGHTH RACE ONE TWO 1Ut Z fl fte 0i oAmWO 0e as anw can telI c tl
toan It9 E 1 -Alejandro $19, $6.20, $3. 1 GranI Dt O. Castillo 100 VaaiSapS i 1 *. a od-ter t4- -iS d
i ton 001 000 00-1 5 1 2S--CPretn $3.40, $2.80.F 2 Reval Baeza Jr. 115 (e) f t 1 f sunwere8 to a triA
5 030 06---8 10 0 3-Pincelaso $3. 3 Pincel L. Martinez 107x -KI-IBBC (e) DoqMrrt" 1 pa
ao 4u, iaenes (b) ui ela: (Alejandro-Corista) 4 P5 V. Castilo 113 CghlMl f l, i to, presMet, walt, 4144
and Lollar. fl-Robinson "rPf-f-NINTl R Bel M 5 Pt B. Pulrdo 115 MbsGn .1
,g ena 7th. l ttee $140 j.40.. 7 Paques A. Vasquez 11'x 11-G .asp .
ncHamlet 6Mis FarfxB.A u1171Ga s ?
33.. s BE Ones.Two: (Mr. hot ce)- lh -a d--I-8I' Imported-8% a -.. .
C0000'011-4 i 0 PrInce H at) $B82.60 Pu WS ol closes: I:S V. -it# \ :i .._' s,__;1"
(64) atab () a-d Winsaba 3.40, $52.20. 2 J.e Ro .s -x .. .""
( .9). Wynn (11- 2-Annie N. $3.20. 3 1. Bae'i Jr. O10
Serbtusl latS, COk 1-Opex $12, $7 5 WMaldk) V. Ordoflex 119
8 4--Avivato $5?. 6 l 3 dabs) H. Rees 107/x

' 4 "%" t-

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d tw6 U

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v ot' .EstW Uli t


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Mr- tt '..*'
'jne L0W Ne*

It zx" ..
:r. & ,2

tr eeaiih

......................: .-- 3
^KfS' I S. -* 1$ ...* ......................Au. .
.. ** ............. ...." A N l
t..............g.... .
mud Gene Cargo

.............. Aug.
.... ............Aug.

... Al .

.. ............ ti,* -

AMg 5
.':i ...........

e-...... ....". ... l !


lIth B3a-f'A' maio-E PgS
Pare': sIT5HM Pool eloes: ...
1 Marselless B. Aguirre 121
2 Amazona J. Bravo 117
3 Golden T7p V. Ordofles 117
4 Rina s ol V. CasUtllo 110

,%7 -

- raw..'


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*i' 'EL
.W',-. *t.'-Ets

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ml he cdolk brtakftst for GOP .

i Drf eIooace fac
I._ ;:,-o ,, .- w ,|
.v '__ '^ ^
_~er ht.Dnorfi esKi

1W r
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of the y7
Iort on h'
- for the I
i alo6 ri
out the to
ab. bYOWg

Iakte 'rseRB a *5 -5
#e M beet 4 to CAVAf1

Mill Must ABW
''a-. -U L &
W. Amp"
~~ftha reu i
Mi tbreeteaia
% crease a
ewa for the

Ie wt.
'' iv Bm


govemrsttit im y oqeg- yve of wel used 15rW3
I stealw*iast la bn ad --ami
aues feagmra.s o "rit The new or trDI
UG UWnga"I* -A of the program to overce
L po grafm 1 of the costvl atrtke
Bomi~, antdeffectOct. steel production for
4 -the ialwm back0 o achelule by the
Sf aiiBr0e- t compa. i
rilUon Admoulds-itor eered c to clean up
. Fowler to make cer- ent military or4e. W
hsat each mill cnributes,
v to the urgent need of Powler's order alo .m
feme program or a larger olvillan demand for Stiel
4. tke steel supply. be showed aside liy ulti i pe
.alt.ary, under the new r when they
; vi,1 get roughlyt i er i!th 'defense ordeq.'.
f.I4e totaLtett ,
Sth.e cidppbUm IPA orficlals W&OWb;, Ao
0bout ISArdinra' ,# there tI so da er a V
went te se We, consumer *f
S' PA otff
y the ftum eOUn ,enstrue
alo witcil bavheye no t
mCsh i A" 1at v WaaAmve to be.wpbd
S loonblasia .flave been tlon
,; htidourter of the- will ~ef Ltd
u .. 'the t ti ,

ppe's .im m
lard thesdm
nativee "aemtsl
, real es
cabty de
- as a
b..fc .o.- -

~I Mdkrcf, 1* 2 i -^ i
tow, -
mupg'. D- ..C.,
mribk nBS'peat.!

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'L Tr^'

And w dgsa .nU ga S n
a uth aN nr S atn Ie hat> C ? .m
Doe Oa a t a I ake ft*
in B i~ gk.b: tbi

Th7t gelae en.n, e y bgh k W^ h
Iaed-.- "m 'h at ,,1

lea, tie pf ..ip... ..Ie_
ament re r_ ..s t. "
Mweigrt ais' s t.7 40 I ym

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Mem watching fat the AMit A n h iw ot n '
afta make on: 1 .
Acyouu fat faest ranges to1
By the eat atow* IS Avbsu I
And let th te woateh hfn Wh
ohe red eye.
It wasn't that to tit the told
so a .ch
Who left the md~tn wlhte i "
It could have bIkM sA twe to6 ..,..
fthe the X M IW AM
O4 fire. hh oe, 1. home-pot ft
a cage!
Men Mltit. __ t

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New I bendd I su
Walking a WLide; WVit h w*e A tew Uw1
Walkng with held let Pewp,
Andi my galretien w Ob"ft 06 .lBme
Tf s~e 1. we ren the aga M*e wa
'To aet"ith and brier mat sNP l-
tfee" w-
aft aft that enAtndSlhS SytdSill

The S*ia. arnV 3 t B.
V"e inr I Ignw iaee
4m&B G<^ttrw, in "gIo, i vi f igigato "W
*eor ** b re aing ;:Uos.tO ft., Wd.

dto~fatustwh sty baee1 waaH>Vfct nf^i wt




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.. fi e .w ..(*' "
g\^ ^rown *t_^







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^ ^ ,. -'a'*' .'*
*:- ^.,Kh


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