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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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*"" m
'"* -


low"% at1" etw a*-bw i, r tM **"u "'.* d.nA
h la an a e sp s. l otran In me n St It e Pe us m e A nu

St"MWP oseinEets g -te*ulb eoSn esdisi a whofly sow

mnisd .ile sltes from meders.


SI- allow Readers:
.' As an American and a reader of this paper I should like to
I'Spress a Lew upiiuous ana give a little advice to tm engaged
'b we tray between some sevlcemen and a groap ot civilians.
Anyone knows nm own troubles nest and ffets most strong-
about mnem. I sincerely coubt aiaL the avetageocivilian em-
e or serviceman here is advocating higher rentals for the
r group. 1 also doubt that the average serviceman feels
l the typical civilian is a lazy scoundrel living 6ft the fat of
e land.
I refuse to believe that the average civilian thinks that he
u iexotr to the serviceman, or that servicemen are louts wno
That the world owes nem a living and continuous expres-
SMae of approval. I am an enlisted man, and have extended
courtesyy to civilians, and in turn have been snown courtesy and
Most civilians and the majority of servicemen realize that
te American Oovernment needs the services of each group, and
L at we all best perform our duties through mutual respect. and
| operation. The average soldier can't and probably wouldn't
rdise the average civilian's rental and vice-versa. bo way all
the senseless innvective?
Most soldiers here know that .a great Many of the Canal
Zone workers are veterans. I think that most of the civilians
know that a great many ol the1 military here have served be-
I* tre. However, lest anyone .misinterpret I'm making no re-
miares against inductees or men who have enlHoted recently.
in closing: you servicemen and you civilian *bO feel com-
iUeda to continue slinging mud please stop directing your
*iades against a whole group because of the offenses of a few.
36 would seem that the world has enough troubles without our
hliting among ourselves.
Take a good long look at the Stars and Stripes now and
then and realize that we are all in the game boat.
With respect lor all,
Regular Army and Veteran.


* !ear Sir:
SA a Panamanian without any discriminatory Ideas, I am
"iced to answer a recent letter by "Gringo."
. To begin with I sincerely ope that Gringo is not the proto-
t B of the American way of thinking. Because If U hie,- the
il help us Panamanians.
1 better you sald that "eertala prtv give
I Induse e specialied workers needed to WO "
and that these privileges w tended te loo*,

r -Also let me tell you that most of the Ut-rate Wetters -
t e to Panama are the waste-batet tyope af thma .i sad
"W not I.n .U to get employment elsewhere.
i: &WHI" 16


; All afternoon huge billowing clouds of ugly, black aspllBt-
asmok have been during into the houses surroundt
bblo dumps.
Even as I write this, soot particles are falling on the P B
I t- I heah menace, this horribly depressing and
l, -atmg-yefore is allowed to remain I, for one, will lo-tMe
SI the new CZ.. administration.
Due to the housing situation I cannot move to a more s .
Uk location.


Fue allow me to explain te "rt" that was dealt to
M me of the COnal aesm on Monday, July 7, 1952.
That was Marine Division payday on the Pacific de.
4atsf were isued to the men from 8:i3 am., to mat pay-
ester at 7:30.
In Cristobal a couple of gangs went to get paid, diqtep the
kmed 4nus and then were to by the paymaster at be
Sai p seamenu until Teay, ghe 8th, at 1 aj. .n
mom mten deet like It th e lds g~o~o the a30 2mte
S Thi is the kind of treatment that breeds no good for any
Dear readers, can you tell me what he metnt by "local
Mte governor?"
Dam L .enuS.

o00cou m

__l ~ ~ S odmian ink they have trouble with Mthe
a B da te car (Mal Bax, July 26).
At R he shows he is on the Job and alert. Teat is mae
San can be said or the securmiy usiat o CoceN, wul* is SW-
-al to be the pllose force of this twn.
I believe that at ace time the oaB c sad aflt was a
Walk. Now the Navy has lowered In to c ne, 4 AM a
i kito9 algae which bavent dta one h
A W going -i, s the stemt a fer dur aIn a t of
MM Oae I haed to stop to ]t a go b*y tha d h )mad
The p M sign and was tVeSmag at e S s e .
"a. pt cp a as -it is called, we comian Rue l.
t 1st Ste d never befwSed about Us tSoe elo-
m i sm to ll Street is the see tlw at

o a 1. 1.
BE~ y~s" 1^L 604

*g^^MO to loomN^

flP 49AMM
t IM
il 11~ 3

Labor, News

clabb of le
One view (h 9lc
of Korea) is tha Interna iona
Communism is on the march and
can only be sopped by a dec-
sive defeat, suoI a would be
administered If the Red aggres-
sors were driven entirely out of
The ether vA (advocated
by eertaln key attsts In the
UN) Is that a eWeI mite in
Koreia mi easse sm m-
Ha to hesitate, res4amti the
world siuate ad setdedde to
settle down b d Its Iron
Carta"n withet takitn any
father risk a t mother ld
A proper stage ttng for this
drama is a backdrop curtain
showing a pCai leading from
Manchuriafhrough Ethiopia and
the Rhur to Municb, where
Chamberlain poses over a cap-
tion reading: "Peace In our
The lesson as I read it Is that
wekness Is not the way to stop
It doesn't work in the prison
camps; it doesn't work I -
macy. After the Repeble of -
rea was estab In 1948, ts
Interntional frlands refused to
permit as to build an army-for
evSa a detiaf forte maght
antIaonStme Reds.
Similarly, the failure to ex-
tend. the "Truma Doctrine"
(whkh wored 4AweU far Gfuee
and Tfkty) to ogsa ae the
Coaunatd Wuoeri6tb ttw
th odplk south K lUt




eL t.
e, at bMout ON
a Korea? What I
PW we tried to budU
during our brief pe
re ae of the miot i
iteso of ur timne is I
twed deaocracy
he tment.
*, muo nut in slmakI

No of an
Algal an

t he'


..' .
V^', '-" ." "


Sen. Nixon
By "Pete E" s.
,/* ~ Oa

In the tepwatean
tasute to be the -01
M. mmn of ORntlft -*aI

chote. mad Me

tuveAlg Setttr Nixon 1


surprise to voted to
* con- tbs*' tnMViq*h
Richard Uaiy
tI can- tatlk, ,a,..v.
peqM"al aS


tim, his pC
his calculat
I eleaod-_s,
cht am eai

quiLmlitcattomas ; 4
'a new ,ruda Mi
Mteg ataMrsM

to turopo. h

ar 'he voted Uw
Itual wrriftw -kd


* u. S aqu
* a
1 .R' ^W^^W



!l aM11i
. ,.m,.,mmwm.

tNi Y4

' 29W X

'1 ~-. Jr

S nyu --
the may

-lii l aI

-myn ts

to^ meagahk a^^ BwA.
^* d^*.1sE- *W

t, .

*i. 3

- -t. -.

I n

0 t *oe.& .
Mn. S C diu





- rv6r, "

--- ---* I ^ lm_

* ;



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; l



# .. ..-
* S' -'4';-


t- -v--i-'-


--5. ,~*

.Y.>. ,

tA --- -.
'- r

Iv 14 1t,~.

tW. '*- 2*- 3'^y*

9' :^i- "
"- ...-.
'- ,** .-:1


~ JA.. f
4* I-i --

~.. -: .. .4.--. .-: g.

, ..- ..*
S- ,:'y .. :,, **

*.- '
. ... ... .1. -- .. ,* :< .ii :*

; n :,' ,'^ '*--.:.. g -*^
.. -* ..".- 1iif. ES ... :,. ..* ').'
--......:. ;t &
'i.--d $,4!- MC-r ai% "'- .:..


z ") ._

it S,

'-4 .r4t.


t.7;h 'c

5.. 9,


;. "I. l- ...
*p: :. i/" i?. '" '. '. .f r
- ..'-' ; *, *'.," .. ,*^ ^ /' 'J. "-**" .^

I^,,, 'o '*'-- *', *.,-, *- ;" ',, *.;". ; "i gy(?:

~' r
~'- -

9. 9


V -,,

,. *r~

:, .o-r .
.. -*;.*.-:-...

-'. ,?*-.-i^- "'
a WX-

L ;iO


4 1'

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-. N

v;^~ ~.3--- *. :"i|

" I. :-.

-a ...

'. .-- 1.' -.-.1


'r' -
~ u'~


, ,' w. .

- .

i -, 4,;..


t 7....

-4.. ^ .
.^'." "S .

'*- A':- U1 ..'t-
i n* i '-

- .





r;*-^ -?


^L-- ***c\''
J" J".

. -

*;--. r

: *, .. .

~-F4~~j 42J-W747T4..~.
4 ...- :4~~*.

,-. "..'...



PAN ?EWUmfl invica afte
A* sbgM an vme or dm ge mft
nAwgas" rmieam mN fat*rown

... ................ ...... ...' A u u t 1

me C .ow.. ... ,DA.9PD a C r:.

Su a,, COAST U ,. "l-.,
-_ M -


b ivnhad ..... s
*n k ................w, .
*s~a ,.- ............ .tak
Hs tta8kgt~aamte

Si .... ... .. .
.. .. ......... .
!a ..............
,, .... .....

,,. ....,
. to 1,. -.. .... 7 I* .................*-'-" "


.+ ma ............... 1.... ;V, i
SA M .: A ir............b.
.8.................. ;t

Airb News w rwen

Iclagues lii
ry avitiro
aw -Oraort

rison of Vlgieua. a member
the Howe Way. Sin Met
phwoae Committee, i among the
i-Rt and IOngf mebShled to sall!
tece. Is New York Friday on the U

MAFabMPAA in 1940. 8
Two rO e at ohe entered the Wither_
U. 8.. Arm Ar Force, smervin ou o
treyear. / true
'O-eturlng to Pan American in Colonel
INS, be servedW as *f port *mBa
Pase ager supervisorAt hl iMrs. W
Ir sent to New Orleans in the b(b
as airport traffic manger. by plaft
A 1M3 graduate of the UnV- Callforni
Vwatt of 3Miam. Middleton et O aeD

W ean


NORWEGIAN fkL V. T41 Afl"w

c.Fwe aC
"..siaw.: .
ppI ca.&tea &bJ
Tel. Orktebt if UfotSS
T. non4.

conmblata ad

-n the volme
O Bardes by B.
ftfly M. 92.444
Ae AmF antille &e
A- ifo terease owi
CO per cent.

* W*amu. phuse

01 ~ Ms 3L=IMAGS~~hf
: bd and i wmbur; 1",
M s j artlettrando-W
h .4,Wlgl. and Uma
lBathMann; Mr. a
nyuz'- mane i.' two A.dth b
lie-. at:d ver
emble man, sfd two children; Mr.
f re- Mrs. Donald J. Bowes; Mr.
O'A.C. Mrs. lister T. Brelmanm.
vice. Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Oht
lram of 'andtstuhter;Mr..j I

mosrt 4. GCicb N
SOwen, j.
Cotter; NIII
Demers, Mo. !u
+, .. ..? -
Bar- Min Prances ,. 1

Dr. and Mrs gam
ad two chsld; ;
rnma Mr W.and

I. ms

ac. 63
ra. GeOard N.
I" .ri.P A

ilntl 0., GWHWFi q~-."

4 e
ae fibs; b
P. and WU. m,. t
* Jeanne Weiss;
Withers and t9o
Jaml. AYt



.tt1 A.


A cano elfnlfuam -.


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-- t.A


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I-, A


J ;' 2. t,

ON.., ,-,)~

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~ ~

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L1.~ Li 4I't~t~ A?J ~'W4

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&~ .~

I--, -
x-. ~~'-4



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^^^^^^ KK->*.. -.-.,., y tit....^. .. A .v ..--'"*.-. i'-"
,. .5-4 .- .. ,.

1.1 :........ 1.
^ .'l l ,' ---, ;. 7 -'*
^^^...,, ,.-* ... '?*' T^ 'S.*^ lepss" :'.
!..^-'- ^.-- :J- i ^ *^ n^ ^8 he f ^ '. -..

" "9'- '.: J '" ^ ^B J-i ,, gi^ ^ A ^

.... -.E:', .,.. ,B~~li~B B H .<~l?


. .A-1 '


17. a -.

im itM

Mal, .-
auq bS

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~ .4. 44

- -'4~1. 4


7 Mr

,- A,' ..

- V 4.
'-4.. -4 -


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1 ,, "

" : "-

S- .;* .

*- l. -

a. -


t.g r

:-- ... ....,. daft

You eiWa...Wht You Tell S.PA
., .

I eave Tor Ad with one of e Apuete or o" Offle Ia Nw P + "l"
No. 12,179 Central Ave. W an

cARftM Ph

Agen tattnc is Ptetda.O
03 LOTPts la Po1- 041


... th of uly Ave.-Pbdne 2-0441




W SALE:-Below coat. Ilenderizing
'-Ibment by MacLevy. Telephone
2-0860. ask for Mario.
mLE :-aComplete asortnetvt of
parts; harps, three way sock-
f s., steel pipe. EUREKA. S.
. 1 3 Central Ave. Just around
omer "J" St. Open until 9 p. m.
:-Al-* VlMeti.'8026-
.. St. Morgorita. C. Z.
V"U--Cenplete Amateur Ro-
SStation consisting of Collins
SS National 183, Select-a-
)cWt. Mike & accessories. Also
tttructo graph. Everything works
,n 25 or 60 cycles. KZ5TT. Coco
S SLE:--Dental office, X-Roy
Laboratory equipment, Dr. Yates
nba. PhrNe 296. *
S.ALE:-Thoroughbred Dochs-
I 5d puppies. Phone 2-4416.
fIoua 5723-., Dioblo.


TED: American couple need'
Smafl fumishqd or unfurnished
eOartmnnt in residential district 3-.
1697 or 3-1660 I yrm 732.
rMTEC-Apartment, one bedroom,
baths, and kitchen. Furnished or
Lufurnished, in city, Befa Vista or
Francisco de la Calets. by
aibuple with no children. Phone Co-
ign 1077-J..
WANTED: Vacation Quarters onI
hecific Side to be occupied on or'
*tefre August 10I. Calf 85-3211
qt:ew*een 5 and 7 p. m.
TED:-2 or $ furrtshed room
"* 'apartment In fldenkil .lction.
4 C. McLean. k 14. Panrmo.
WANTEC:-Used barrels and excS1-
aIle.r. Transportes BaXter, Tel. 2*
T Lec telephoto, wide
' aw1 lenses or Lelca corner.
.,:Ww Colon 1103-8.
WANTEDi-- Thtftw6y
of the American Embosyl
lien to rent on long term basis
unfumished, or partially fur-
m'.Aished, home in a deimbh section
-.e the city or its iubube. MInl-
-Aum three large bedrooms, two
t-lhs. Servants quarters oad.-eth
elrfd. andt some ordesn M0ace.
eltphone Mltlefy. Attaihe during
4Nifce hours Panome 3-0010.
lfTtD TO BUY:-'Used piano at
...inrole price. Call Cristobal 3-

''TO: Vocation quarters for
'lWkrlton couple around Sept. 15th,
fl-lephone 9-4315, 125 Pedro Mi-j

MTED:-Furnished apartment, 2
dirovm from August 25 to Oc-
br 25. Phone 3-0255.

ReaI E.rtte
RENT OR SALE: Beautiful
nilshed two bedroom house on
C acres of land, with several
ha of fruit trees, on the main
hway, at forty miles from Pan-
*e. Inquie: Pable Arosemrena
venue N 6, or uhoie No. 2-


4 ,. driver!

t.beiamhll .. .hbea

.Mair a..
bww serI


Service Ppreei andl civilian

Government Ig Finaniea Co.
When you i our ne.w

No. 43 Aumkdb Stw,
Phoem 3-4996 -493W
FOR SALE:-1949 iOth, 4 door
sedan, plastic eat covers, new
tires. A very cldan car. Low mile-
age. Special price today $1.295.-
00. Better hurty.
four doors, perfect mechanical
condfltion, good upholstery, clean,
like new. $695.00. Eisenman's
Used Cars, Peru' Ave. No. 8.
FOR SALE:-1948-tick 4 Door Su-
per. New tires, have always
wanted to drhv MBuick so here
is yoir nce for 995.00.

OR t cotvertible.
ExcftE M r. accept
be6t "f7R- 134.
Quarter -E. Cuunrdu.

FOR Sit: POaVie 1949. out
19"W; ftrect w ,ditwr,,-'hdra-
matic; ifew tires. 1.,t450.00. Tel.
2-3078 office hours.
FOR SAL-'50 Ford 8. DeLuxe, 4
Dr. Sedan. This car is a real bar-
gon for $1,295.00.

SMo cycle*
FOR cAL:- Cshwon-Scdoter, lot
modal. Good corditlon. Cell 6-
2236 Albrook, 8 a.. m. to 5.p. m.
FOR -r I M motorcycle.
74 Chief, good condition. Bargain.
Phone Gpl. Vest, from 7:00 o. m.
until 4:30 p. m. Ft. Arnador 5206
or 421.6 after 4:30. C9t1tl 2302.


fo 4rs f w
lephone 3-0544, P. 0. 4.

----------, NO---
1 Mi PsVfl

DENVER, July 30 (TP) Sen.
Hugh Butler of Nebraska today
became the first of Dwirht D.
ltselower's pre-conventon ap-
poneant to visit the OOP pCi -
dental uminee here and pledge
enthumtic support in the cam-
paign a bad.
Butler, who supported" Sen.
Robert.A. Taft of Ohio eor the
RqpubUW nomination, had
hnch wt Elmenhower. The aen-
wbtvam d be Afure the sw d
can state which he will eoary

re the.

the Aft
: Toli

.__ -- _

Do. y __-* WM-k
Dl e l*- "nw -.iMq e so

You have time t a beauti-
ful ch tef for -nly 5 ot your
ticket from SindSM Periodisto
iNewspopeomen's tilm) for Raffle
of the beautiful che t on Via Espa-
aie. Call Marina fre o .fi t 42 I
to 4 at 2-0740 ro meter 2


FOR SALE: --, Frildofre 26 cycle.
porcelain' Exteilent condition.
Phone 2967. Bolboa.
FOR SALE: Household furniture.
sitfingroom, bedrfom, refrigerator,
stove, radio. Central Avenue 47
apartment 53, telephone 2-3392.
Cn also rent oertment.
FOR SALE: Now nmahogony twin
beds, no spring or mattress. 5611
A, Diablo. 2-211I.

-FO SALE: ~t0Anmster Steel
~Buffe $15, .lht condition.
1410-D Car St. Pkhboa.

FOR SALE :--Reod-changer, there
spaces, automatic, at B.59.50
each, for 25 cycle operation.
Muebleria Coana Spartan, 223 Cen-
tral. (next to Encanto Theater).
Tel. 2-1081.

Fb R SALE:-We have Just a few
25 cycle Thor. clothes washer con-
%1ntidnal and spindrier types. Mue-
bleria Case Sparton, 223 Central:
(next to Enconto Theater), Tel.
FOR SALE:-Steel chiffonier, 2 din-
inqrOm chairs, two door book-
came. Afl good condition. 107-B,
Pedro M el. Phone 4-506.
FOR SALE: 2 wicker rockers. 1
widker lounge chir. 1 baby crib.
Telepo e 2-3334.

Boatl & Mane

making t .wt ey eufit $20.00,.
Engllsh.hbicycle, like new $30.00.
See at 14th St. Sanitary Office,

FOR SALE: Outboard motor
baai JohnQA Sea Hore, 22 I
almost new' at nasoi tle, pr
See oft end of street before'red
ing Parque Lefevre. House I
KOt SALE:-25 cycle Maytog ma
$15.00. 358-B, Ft. Clayton.

'Frock The

advised thait he majr ptoee
heir. Th tMte ha et hi

o 3L
y^SslJties '^




Witt Aw,a -tf!N gs "b
FOWe RENT% mL.-mm-
*4wl~n p-fT~Ir OAfl~
two mI~t8
HIN aika3,

w 14i4"10.1
e mguJi-^ iq^,a '
rm1 o nXJI!*- BTW


Sthe tI1

ear n I atci
"ant boob .* .
f *'te In .;

t Ave.

-~~~ U ....

I tweib-

FO&ENT:- M.Ah -en
4hrbsefAo P
i ai 2


r$# RENtT?-Screened aon Ito

7 p. m

$O R f*-- Two-ewd
for $100.00 to permen
1MAWOm. Extealnt vaf
city al the sea. Urugauy
2. A. 8. Tel. 3-0805.

SFore: Rada* r
;W a-lS free PIae 1)
"B 5 t: are not

provided by
to have a ,s-
--o iely ent
O f report
_- i r, uz

get ttavenm


r" to

itendMU tbSeerU em
the *ep~bc~n aih|

a- -
aI .


., ". 4. .

. b .


. S ce S & Bdtza AflMada
Lewi. snch t

#23 &.




i .16 1

-I -- ft -ML A- L- m MOA& a Am I



rl i'm A- -Pl -- ----


,-"-G- r ... OM

. ,z



... ** .$


, N. 27, ,- VhIv .



7 7 77 "T

* ~ *

.- 4 -' p
I ~*


,~. ~i.1 .

F ~.

,. .M ,a' l
S W ,

?E .-*

^ .... r I,: -.,. ...-. -.
' w i .**; .t; -*. **:*' \ '"
..... .. "". ": ".; "-'*. : '

J1 3v
.- .. 7 .. &. .. .. .. -i r
; ^ll. .'if <' *^''*'E
r o..*,*< iV v ,, -a,. .., S. ".*. -" : .. .. ....' '-
..'1,. .. ,M B .&i ^ ^ ^ ^.. -i -: t '..^-. -" ...'" -
*-,, r ..h. *^ *' X.J f K V f -.& HHfi a.

*"2~ .~


, -- .,"
; -y:






r .-- .

. .*I..




~ A-


.f'Al. *

*'g. ,-' .;

4 *ip''1* r*

. ...


- .J1lI~~. 1* ~-trrtir -

reThan 9000 aS

rListed Now 6 Active ef y
" Today marks the tenth an- ,a..ners in the bFce of the coveted 'tol ow ateu tat-.
tiversary of the WAVES. j.o.ous grd ItesL 'havy. p t.a i emoread
More than 9.0O WAVEB now kie .LaAQiljonaa ,avy bl t v.ea muan a2ons
on active duty In the con- proudly worn by these womeh, *thep-I a
ttiental United States, Japan,. s isied iron a nooie oDLa ..inh WA se4a. t the We-.
aho'way, Hawaii, 0 German y,, iac) a coior;ul rtaing outfit. pr- aIeni A e ttr B Int'gfty.
France, Alaska and England, oaing tme minepenoence ot tao Acm une i womet
will celebrate the occasion. America.and the lounaing of i i have aa4lnp aln part s.
In Washington, D. C., Captain sea service. h d t L tf av a a peri
Joy Bright rancock, USN, Di- Created by the famous dp- ltfaent ba
rector ot the WAVES, will fol- signer Malrnocher- the unlfovth Today I2 of- U tfavy3' een--
low Naval tradition by using a 1i sunctloSal 'yet rjeminlne, ad HU1e, ratings ft open .
sword to cut the tencandled s1 designed foe com lrt, set ff WAlT, Their t are limit-
r" ae at the U. S. Naval Receiv- and appealttee. He stresket ed ofly by tbty l ta against
Iig Station. importance of simple a1 Serving in arelkl en combAt
nich have suited the m4ity mtailons, in WtoiJ OLther than
The Secretary of the Navy, individuals who have worn tbe hospital ship or .porta. and
DAn A. Kimball, in paying trib- uniform. In billets csiaho as "hervy
ute to the WAVES. said. "Dur- The hat in traditional 't*, duty." -,
Iig a decade of service in both modeled after the 18th century During World,'chr II, more
the Naval Reserve and the Re-isailors hat with a brim. rolled than 79,000 WAV were. oa
gulqr Navy, they have proven at the sides and two "stream- duty in 900 ceiat.untal shore
themselves proficient and cap- ers" attached to the back of tMe based activities .ormin 48
able. Their devotion to duty band. The hat is worn oy both different kids jobs. ?qor*
has been consistent with the officers asd enliated women4dike, than 4,000 were had to duty
highest traditions of the Naval varying only in the metal- i=- In Hawaii, the bnlyv overseas as-
seflice. On behalf of the Navy signia of 1t fouled anchor -m- signiment open .to the women.
and for mvself. I offer sincere posed on a three-bladed sro- In commeSitfftIon the anni.-
coratulatlons and a hearty peller pinned on the froflt. versary, Capt 't incock sa, d
Sbon.e' "I am conl. "that eve
Since the Congres authorized The white, short-sleeved shirt WAVE. in wn ar part of tfh f
the enlistment and commission, !is caught at the neck by a tra- world she i.ry, and hi
ing of woten in the Women dltional black-seaman's tie. whatever cap W ul carr on Z
Appointed for Volunteer Emer- The laket has two breast with that teadlness at
geriev servicee as a.component pocket flaias which gives a ph- purpose; high ard o per
of the Naval Reserve, more than ticularly femtnie e touch arf o ane, a l to uti
11i,000 women have become carries the rank stripes or the Whleh is 'heritage."

StLast Munue Setthtt, ,= |f
A^^ S ".' -rtsAtwm num iun

MOtO (D) 1
6K6 4Q109432
qQJ10 9 .KIS42
*Q953 6N*
J N87 eI

Nor-South vul.
1" e slt ome WIV
1' PasI I* PaM
2KN.T. Pass 5 Pass
SIt PaM Pass Pass

When I 6as a boy in school I
.*was taught that the height of
"'wisdom was to know myself.
SWhen I began to take brldwe
,seriously, however, I discovered
that it was equally Important to
know the other fellow.
Others have made the same
4 discovery, of course, and today's
had shows how Morton Wild, a
prominent New York budiness--
l man, made use of his post-grad-
Sate wisdom In a bridge game.
The contract was reasonable
enough, and- Wild felt quite
nlnanued when he won the first

F utik with dummy's ace of hearts.
His next step, properly enough
was to cash dummy's ace and
Sking -of diamonds.
When East dropped the jack of
diamonds, Wild felt the first
C p~A gs of worry. The reason was
that this particular East happen-
pened to be a gent who would
father falsecard than eat.
If this East held the queen aV
Well as the Jack of diamonds, he
would surely drop the queen in-
SMead of the jack.
Since it was clear that the dia-
monde were breaking badly,
here'was only one course to fol-
Slw. beclarer ruffed a heart and
led a low diamond, ruffing with
- dummy's ten. The danger of an
o"W' O -ruff could not be prevent-
. 6,AbMt it was posble th hbut
ts.,out unless he had the Jack
-61. trumps.
As t happened, East could only
S a leard harmlessly. And now de-
Z*elrd could ruff a low apade
Sand tuff another low diamond
th dummy's remaining trump.
If At had been able to over-
T hrtff there would then be only
three trumps out, and Wild's top
S'umips would easily draw them.
When East was unable to over-
C ,uff, It was easy for declarer to
*: back to his hand to draw
f ee rounds of trumps and con-
l* one trick to West's Jack.
S Tak, Tak," Wild then reprov-
'. West. "Such poor defense.
-ou should have picked a better
71' :e1niag lead.',
Wet looked a long time before
1 found the only opening lead
at would have defeated the
tract. It was the last card
Ce'd have thought of lead-
Saut try to make the slam
aManst the opening
te teAk of clubs.


WASBINGOMW. July 30 (UP)- jo inequitleg and North-
The, Co. of AlMb Ora differentials.
a ~~t.eelwork*rs He also said the union plan
settled te. yesttrdy to send Mttices immediately
M4 Aft t of 14.00 its plant. tleds t cancel
ON*t fqr aidnlgt strike order Issued Sunday r(g
i. The Alcoa contract a-eeme
SettleaW.nt of the six-month brought to a nend the last m=&
wage dispute was announced by bor dispute in the aluminum ift-
Wage Stabilization Board Chair- dqptry.
man Nathah P. Prensinger after The AFL Aluminum .Wdrken
intense efforts to bling the two recently came to terms with A
parties to agreement. coa.
The Atrike would have saed All of the agreements wern
this coittry's ashlunia pr a l'to the t.el Industy "pact
tlbn by '5 per cent. a1'" agreement.
Air Force and Navy spokesmen The AMe_ plants are locate
said such a strike yopld have se- at New f dngton, Pa.; Alco,
riously "hrt" theftr supply of Tenn.: RAfith NC.; Detroit; ,0-
planes within 60 days. bibe, AM, ZW:',t. %"-, jig,
Bridgepor, Gona.; RiehmnoA,
The steelworkers teeived ap- Ind.; aite, Ar;.; .and. Drty ,
proval from Alcoa few a 21.4 veast Ark.
an hour pay raise for their mem- Te union. nmooted tohe *ate

Ibersin 10 of thf company'
plants 'across the Altin.
The company d the stql
workers the same. Wasp "paa
age" their fel.w fyon s Imtrr
received r fROa-49fomtv
le-l.T eents ilf .r-
cessions" in Jllb mI
coming to a .
The "pcagent a reed to
elude a 16 cent anitotn pay r
and the rest In."frltge"
The company had Pr'ot.VtB
concessions would cost
cents" Wabove the qtuelt h
settlement. 14
Feinsinger announced Aeim
and the steelworkers "p*
ty near agreement in win
form" to be submLtted to
board for action later tbodft
said they settled the t M u
Issues yesterday-qu~'t :

wiH f9GTfe

W. 1. -
that. rte,
wilnHcN ptid twI
Plants of-thbe
pttleterit pGidv
ardle)'060nd 0
iPR#W system
""* .



[ t '.^
'a .- 3 *

A 4__.._j

C-. -


4% 4

F :p.-. -
'1. ~
~. '.-


- :.'.*?'
'" 3

"'I "~


" ..-. ..

* -'s.c


*: -, .. .,

ough dmamiyjo
I*e fwl Weak, i
.k reUf. try
M*y's. CmaeptI


,* .., -'

" f


*. *wff9~.

m rWpfrUp4
* -,-.. ~:4 ,~4

.*** ff
A E* *

Bitter Ril Fght Out

Overtime 66-65 Finish

HELSINKI, July 30.-(UP)-Unguay, with
WO of it-abest players suspenmi for r seot- e
ed stun fti spoet over Argentina'. heavily favre-
eA4Sstbal team 06-45 In a bitterly fought er*f
tiK't.ame that ended in a wild display of Latih
SM[ and tears.
's players open- veral th players on the
ru and field brushed away tears as they
%ech other in a frenzy of missed 5a oW, especially DBnrq1e
as the bel gave them Balino of Kwho was in-
Iey desdrer above all coneolable lW e missed a tree
throw that woald have gives
police guarded- the Uruguay victory just as the bell

igne with
Sits better

am to a
* game.
* rfv-

sounded maMing the end of reg-
ular time.
Three payers embraced Ball-
no, patted his cheeks and
smoothed h hair before he was
ready to reume the fray. The
.score was ten 461-61.
The overtime period started in
such a tense atmosphere that
neither team Was willing to risk
losing poaseslon of the ball aid
froze it whenever they got their
hands on It.
It was a brausing five minutes
with players Wing all over the
field Si e tnpae. One or another
of the ters went down in ev-
ery atk a the referee rode
uhkiN teas etantly.
ith Sae _te 1 of oertm e
let to meanwhile, Aosta -
hood Ian1 ead sto ettS
bc ite te f to the ba
ot ahUe a tank cleal*
UNtO tot net wile panmdenro-
as we among the
'l taa, meanwhi wa
MEMOEd ai a cour ok f b
players it t theo efr f a meteI
tft C4. CIee was

erm s W"lO awll Cu IS tf e.

tg e ts tet y were Argent
f reefte had a es nd
cs time officials of both ta
eere asel irs we as whe the '
bittre stations dd aftw an ar-
the by Arge ynO they ore
aiednl free ha tow instead

TowW WtW l lU '9WWW1r

H----- -
Lemg battle at ht at
Fort Clayton.
38 & ig 20-2B 4 a ar
ter, th t c ro
with a big per
Three played rs to
brehaing c IE th.
high scorers ,of Oa ns,
Burton of C2soe sad
Burton led a oet with 17
points, wle afly collected 1
and Matthew b tleh 13
the once-beaten d lues.
The box score:
33d Infantry- Sw FT PP TP
Cmorey....... 1 S 1
Stankewlch. 4 1 11
Reed.. .. .. .. 4 8
Bernard. 5 11
Hoime .. .. ..

Totals. .. .... 27 15 83

Thon..o.. 1 1
Burton...... 1 1 1
0lo1 ....... 2 1 9
Miller .... .. 0 0 2
Baker... .. .. 1 5 3 5
Cain .... .. .. 1 1 1

Totals. ...... 21 11 T
The 33d Infanty
and 504th eld ler
ion renew thet Sir
feud at 8:30 tonight
Kobbe Gym.

a %Ift'i


".W-'- We" l .

4p 4 .. I

ae net I ft j
gome ian wamm
Se the whew
The U.S. led 4,
rye .rawomiN
ipic Ioeer. Pt!
r awaeott,"
K M~h tetT

fh Strt

ionlnga4-2 d
ark battle

SShowed the
i e-@-I and-


Ih. ** I St.Louts
the Boston Br
,in a Boston

4 to qualiy for fil:W t

Atong The Foir ae

i Miles Is the new

.. o :. hip a t


Bigai a
whoy* plai


A wafte
iiug *


IM Gmes Vn
Holland w
United States
4C0:2., ttrIgr
hlders won am
bat b the heat in 4:82.5 a
s.<.a. Mie. ~. othe
l t4" MbJ. Shell an
bo senss w *-A IBIS. ,ontbw
latem ateI Paggant tatr si, Denmark, A
- bn sdahdsle

men a.



W'.. -

j" *'. A" '; "*

lMoAP I otom M...
O-W M44ia Ned F.

n at ury gI

,." a. r t ,

,,e.y .e _': '.'


17 x


.i o I --'
.*. ,.... **-
---. f* *

. .


i I

L 4
U ilU

LUX! *


;,*.; .

WKal" *<
"ty^flPffll^---I^I^ *^^^-


Ik ;'. ';" ,: "-:

V.. -
~ ~


-- itm.. .-'.'

rho 0: .'.. ^",-.
"r M -1 .B-. -



Irate O'Dwyer

Denies He May

Become Mexican

:.- I

." ,%


-"Let the people hnow tIh" ft h au ,th
- Published reports that Am- rWNTY-SVlNM VR PAN t.
basmdor William O'Dwyer________.
might become a Mexican eiti-
zea so he could practice law
here caused him to burst into .
an angry tirade today at a --. UO
news conference at his res.l I Ei r Ji
dence. WWen, GrowIISt'.
O'Dwyer summoned United
States correspondents after
publication of hints he had I
made to friends earlier that'
he might give up his Ameri- n I
Mexican when he leaves his
diplomatic post in January. sS-
When asked Monday night FORT MEADE. Md.. July 30 regulations against diary-keep- 9
about his friend' reports, IUP) MaJ. Gen. Robrt W. ing by overseas personal.
O'Dwyer mid his plas had Grow was found guilty yesterday Radio Moscow amid the diary
not crystallizedd" yV. of letting his "war now" diary "describes with shameless frank-
United Press staff Corres- fall into Oommunist hands and ness his spyltg and subversalve
pondent Robert Prescott, who was senteneed to a reprimand activities in t UBR."
had talked to the friends and and suspension from command Excerpts toted by a book
later to O'Dwyer, himself, was for s& months. publhed In unnst -e
the bait of the for merNew jlth. publised in E oGmunist coB*'
York City mayrW shouts at te8e08 Amey headquarte taird there y quotes
the nw" *conference. asefeed that a hush-hush
O'Dwyer hurled epithets at mIlfUy er t martial had "...Spent the entire after
Prescott and Punded a coffee fomal GeMw p itty of two of- ...exploring the south
tabld so hard the Ow"s rattled. tens" am pery recormif- part of the city Moscow a
my Amerl"m elM nship elussifd i tay information new streets. Dd not find ai
is dearer to we h00 aSy- in prnate records and falling anti-aircraft p6hitlons but gatl.
thin elb", shate WY- to r-mpety safeguard classified ered a few valuable data cmin
i. l aryIntformnation, corning the tefttin."
The other newsmen sat i- Dfoe around three hours
lent. Prescott ed to explain He was convicted on two counts d ddtbvelrd threm AhA n -
to O'Dwyer what information aesh o' the first and second of- tiaircraft piitdons,"
he had received a8d what he ffSW but was acquitted on.A Other ,to
bad used in his dls3tcthes. but third.of"o tah' Sfr 1% to~.
the ambassador would not lis- Armyf row's deus/ foe' "ate .
ted ad f oed h y Information officers said
ten and finally ordered him to the third charge was "more -
leave the m b ny. is a,"am at"ined classified A- F r A
Prescottkept record of his ion that could not ir Fo e Needs
toaversations with OVDwyer a b-...0 f...
ds and his talk with 0'- Od not say imme- Elec. Engineer
The 'mbu uttarget. nof / whether Grw' uspen- At Albrook AFB e
imercus, po llt attacks o would be with Or without r
doe" his o6oau wrrl appoint- p.ay. A.pplkatns for an eleetried maef
went in 1950, made his irst Grow was In Prankfurt. Ger- latla for an electric mi
comment oa his future plans many, on official buslmas wWhe, eePosi, CiioiTanN I
at a recent American Legin hi ghrsftA1 diary ale aely wa. L bey, are ow behih1
Weett. stolen from his hotel room. ot it 5 n
LegoormaRes said he told The thieves, evidently Commu- o .URes tatst 06l0S 1
tSt privately hiseams were BiSt wem. nade ..ptogrBphe A^RRok Ai rIBg L ue a
ebawebhm t nebulous" but he exerpis which ttl CQeamublstt t
m t "plenty of thought" Iter used to back their war- s e elek AealtM0 01 OM.t
t66 &d wether to re- mongering charges' ainst the
urn'Nto New Yowk and resume Umited States. he dtary was re- t
law ractlce or remain in turned to Orow ka. to
c.undptd" as a jtter tae a gal.-

was dtrue. "-
'Diwyer made some oft-the- 'q tjga J- aw. min
WE c t nd added: As fftiI

~W I lee' the OUN abovt
aB aI ut Nt haven't crystal-
I t .'1l bate something
my when I finally decide
.ai Eft' geon to do, and not
Wlen he was paked if It was
4i iViht to ouote his friends,
1* repgIed: "Suit yourself."
Thursday, July 31
AW a. m. 3:46 a. m.
pm. .4:30 p. m.

At the only curve thi t con
,et thingl Staight is a smile.

Nowhere At hACross Me!

TORONTO, Jly tS to open the way tar
Russan, Chinese, ead nteSL u.atue.
communist tseama .. ''imese comuJt i.
In renewed ipram t meMas a repIh. 10
that accused mh i a fereaee assertnig ~aat
tions of using to" CMAt sp-
in Korea and tWta II agaly and
of protecting war eh-bal. a i., The stream of their oft- 64 !
repeated abuse wa olaed t &m
the 18th intera5bkoal tea- Aaao il-
ference of the Red Cro-am, uats p ,u upr "
the Reds impressed hobOty fU, =.S p Kore"ua= Cro
te conference bt 90 mIh-5 tft tew
HIllnl~St. V,k :*T~Q' nT^7.

The Communists also sacemed
the Red Cross o fatig Mto
provide humanlltlaa uervcam e
in North Korea. but W ed CM O a
pokesnen said they & Ue nt c
allowed to operate be tad te
Iron Curtain. r
Whie the COaMlsaa s wet
,talki.g the Red Orms fa
. met for the flist tike .
North Korean tfficia&s ina


aj o o a

t*bh real eaa*

r~ 'i.-
e~, hgwkhu


Or WR t t .
: i U
-lklk- *

Atom-Test She

For Aircraft

Engine Planned

0 WUP) The Unt
atomic Energy Coama
May that acilUM"s
Yam p6wered
rto be bu at the
stlonal readtoe test

M5 OeM

1wil wa

S aM

W In-I

*erytown So

?dhoe' fr 4

-b -
>ESS, AMwle"
|... biT :


t- lter ftA



b operation of tl
H Air Force Reserit
a. at Hetdqaltmaw
k.-r Comma% Am
0-- Base. im *Or I
r 41ficers andt-a
. an th? -a
of Reserve
SDirecteor of Ut
Is available
i at 7 a. at. to
W9 advice 4



~ ~~mLimmmm.mui.a.~


h-lua vmati

SStt M 1 this supwb shampoo--& liud ,u
W 1in04e Richard Budnut Fifth Aue Salo. W
iir 4do, meM manageable. It camees ye
d". auores natural beat, usomawe
S hair sidglsfee, makes herme m-

Sl,-Dmn-drif Trsame

A ,,, *.

eary Elate

S'Tch, TchW


, I

.1 II

.... 5
-- '- -

' '
F .

, .; \ .


i r, **"

- T


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