The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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4s .S^* Labor News -.

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OA 0THE LI.PIP 1oGE SIoop d.C10 p os I J

Swages, and quality d style. At
"Dear ir: the very BeOtX takes away tna .
ireedm of boe. nIt ptw out w e n --a l
udgint from recent letters In the Mall Bx. it sees there cbopett bon ainin '
ar: a few good people hereabouts ee b44that tMhe Prefadente o oihde tw o f otr o -Nat"on
Sthe Panic lttle Leae to blaefor the controversy be- ufiwodo Aans and

S ,twent his league and d thman Little Laue. w had ome r sla t whch fr i
bt" myself until I a nde meeting o ge iPeic Little ottS ep-
Ed. batgue ladt night, at whwch there was a conlmderable number of enoose-I .
S ts and friends of Littlee Baseball. For the skeptics he td e b a
Should indict Mr. Lvady here the part be playe n onlthe ibono Mlt tWe t e and oNI
TELaartlL eAoGUSinatIoa to molopaolc coa- ho prcesnan

(eabr n Mr. Lovelady had nothing to do with decwagoe to send MnDition. A isn In- *se
.e t iarnament team to the United States. That deon was made duvery least in rt tA navesa -
Studgnge parent and amaorit o the Managing PBoxitonnel at ahere made efforts to d. It pes out
eeng held on peJunle hereab 1952ut which was oreve than a moresdenth an to ecome e ompe-
Safter the post-season games were concluded. tive laotrovey be-uniquesf tea, U they are.
Ween his league andithe Inthmtlan Little Leae. I bad some Io.oftr- Wb been Am...j aI

obts myself ntil I attended that a meetingof between offi- It would hefp Iioue Ie-d 'wiofh-
ets of and fouriends of Little Leagues operating For t thl one wolepd their economic o by sti-
i oln d the Mr. Lted states, there the parte P I an t inanuy n, to trn,
tic Mr.te Loveague gave Mr. Lovelady fuw authdeorityon to represent iae eiloIent fLAro la I-

SW a ptorlament them and tohe Uited States. lat decision their name tha de Us le stsInre a andave
be binding upotets and majority of thle MaLeaging Peftonnel at a Made effort s to il mp-
3) Theld on Jutop of16, t19his athoritych was more the n a month er of tLt Ame t e
Ste e Baot-seball apponted Mroncluded. ed charm of a cot- they are.
12o mee with obecame evidentof the oat a meeting betwo eenon any I t monopo hl te o
lienecessary tha determine. Actag under this ar Mr.set the Canal uoreng I Condivdse to passti
in tacted at thePes thMaging ersoinl of the Pand ant inge.rust law to asSre ISturee-n

r ttleLeagues to participatve Mr.n ths meeting because had Loveady Yet today we arefull authority to rereriouen prouc
an speak for them and toumake dea lons In wheh thname tha- more ApoWeul muan any What d
League would not only the Pacific Little League. fconceivably could br Med by a.

(3) but then on top oanf this authnd Armed oritcesttle Comm guesoner the a business gr nel
pafff" were to be tr'ly repr- tat'lv'e. _d1.ugh thils al -- elf is being
m.u de Baseball appointed I r.te Loedchaima of a cor-

S a.e- washe a o e A hoe the Vople ag ainsi
te3to meet with officials of the other lea~un to recont any aeme monopollyl, pol-ss topa-

ci the sl that eisted. Acting undertt this authority. S h ot Mr. o th BaharLove-. f o
-contacted the Prodet of the mian Little I i and ~ t -a-a tatao restore te.eee-
ed e Pe~ Leetine. As I undersea won ithe did not ask the oth- t. amp ad t
osed to participate In this meeting because thrihad Yet today eA ate In serious -
wonovernhemeinrateoa tournament rlay;hAnd seorflyditdangral ofkLiL3I a. mopoly
too late toehold Mnewichtt u-a moepoweiiul balmany that

oLeag so they would. not jeo pardoe their chances next ye r. it lexecuaves sat down abnde ade a le cantra
e ) It to have thic and Armed Fre sUtteLegues If th ges they ai loo
off& I.were to be tru ly eattifr 0ot- r volathison of the a ing.ir_ .
weretob truly prdtt Nuoted y the rlgov-

.i 46ylng eto Mr. yrlaade t' write a leyCoM Wi Nl T" cocIitef f IMI

s wa re o t t When on man can ca
the wall, a go rel amdy = 1 to Ravea tb strike in the wkie basi c.aeel as th other half of the ElaeenhOtor

"re n wro the let not o ed t dwith mSmari iS
red ono b, one wen-nana llm -dafty nduaby wA nohr ca tea seem0 in m aIn ro r18tobeI

to the lote -rat.e owiity eked the cut onded the e' nation's coal sup po ls) event has come dM11

3 to wave th:r rights this year and to noty o ne ""., .-ro i
t e P eii LMt Lovelady wrote and delivwon thed this i es that i sI iopolsa teem .m So bn-
owa se .det that en a 'toth Wr oeston e rt th wan the. ap arlat the country'e a Ae
ri .Com s ter at they wat their .aver weights to t ndustr lsacaieetv y. Ile ii-
SAthe Pefflct on rLeague to gouwith the understandight t ust sui o M e that pay x i a H n in alta pnaor
Sdont tso they State not year and tat their chances nex .t exec s at doren i ~l 'mo l
See ats an Indicatlsn that the owe ble this altul thior i- atagreementa on Fas arH a a t i
1t) itn a duly tranchsed ttle a e. It was forth o a theyW ay mg

te hm1inofa tahe original of this veletter delivered to them lie mel iS to mu-st
tnspection, and that if It met with the approval of a cognatt e magtic w gagr iM i
to League for not inviting them for violion of the anti-uoen

wef d t Inited to It. f

r ) When r. Lvale nthe letter. He. note lby elo m U Wlt with o ve'aent
buet haiond that bn vnders.tod-. t he .oA watv m medthel-etetrito et xI
=ave completes in doae ds thend i a ngat Ms Iion at m ed taeyekine an a 'a. s.,

hae Pofwle es from Mr. weady, boeth of wh IIn Mvaxt, ,ttm a u thed i
zing of rthelplayingse w ionp tiyp o.a dMeladys p gp otnes, aea a

ws by him od s letter. thefi, and move to reague Ott MI to m aale ul-SW

Sto wAve thr rights f this year and to notifynend fOo i Me- Wm e s .o ieata -s
M44 to t Msio effect.h4tIp ronly n th o t government t la
( h) After Mr. Lovelady wrote and delivered this boe asrelst ad s i thewhi ch elT te AItV

Wa ) oti sold- that o eist alb meeting of theat he i 'pmmethe VP
l td ne tihtsd tondapetemfor the right A eMop pay. tigx lb

th een th'r two earha. They are seted to aweno tUeU If t nt op R- r44 atru 1 -a ntc
ai effon t Paoce e s dul nrfranch UedMtle etue. It was tortha et n g met"a M .th. I
pded tndat th he original of this letter be Cdeliveredo to bthng f ouf. cu BWt- S m 4t e- O
ftu Tutesideanndt t aretf e Paith tte ovaleat a willftfte okc Sww bie forwarded to Mr. Stot ns ndthst hea would be abseW dPaste w Wat"puasWO N m is
buape tlon sand that ftt with the aw l I aoin iat6 S l i. S"less AiOs a -imei
bS cable of their waiver. Mr. Lovelady wrote the le tter a es his
4 It se to therom the a mnextorning. mond1e a nainght a 1me ,S" A is
7) AccordmIng to the newspapersMr. Lavlas decided ovup p eIibs th gr m n' s f Me.S. .h amscltp
vSrenevi ng the letter to refer theme question to the parents at Ameet- IsfepCsbf l Sen my e S
Which he called for that evening. think ktpu s l ac absnm sust mao ba" aso l tIc medf
thaIened at that meeting. Thetdecisin to waite s pol-ad it r*htuy iss tIs t he le a v f my aB

p tw te two leagues. They are se o Baw hbe a lnnt tm am w to
V ersed.This was done despite the fact that Mr. Lavalste whas nit u e gent tsa w lea
elon of two letters from Mr. Luovelady, both uof whi al- iaoiq aso to guard t hwee snd in the @5twrd peIlotA
100m011 commitments which they had demanded as a-oo at 1aepmeu abtle Practices

Waivftg their rights for this y earo i. Io di w tH n
41a) When Mr. Lavalas notified d. arena by an te-oha e a s1
1,t their decision had beenreversed.W urree oy extlay a teo u rd to m s tt at aa
*$ iave told him that In view of their abrogationboe letw oesban, eto .1 *raB
(4a tL the Pacific Little IsBague was no lungr Wed. e tNe, temit f|la nota W a fterW I'
Sand that he could assure him ft e as 1=mg sfepalm. W therajEofthe*
was President of the Pacic tatle an dofes po 1ovocatte,

*aii a5 raer i year to play an e aII I
ONh t' tIAMLttl Leand turn thewr Ceeds as
a? Puasastate-aidetMy.This wa an'emu
mi a: the btmn ittle e. butasI
wbecauseLittle League
nd not pii at-t"I should WA
S Ph ltt le Laegue erred In not Infome -g
SLagON eC r Mason for not c th t..
A Iamd dUsatin Is that the Isthmais
IwI _lWhss" ttoZ te one Little eo
fmst.aN OW

*wbutftS but I comdmt e
,.-,-Of- I.


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r. .I UARK

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ad byInflatton,tsW mthefU
brut of a noew wwe and addie I
he atdak.
& **;
Ilti po mt
was pette t t


ord tl
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s*'i&j^ !flal 01A-i

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id aft



eotndary 0
al work or m

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"ln IewY4

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U.... I^ mthtaks hbe's M
."-te.. h W incheR I
S that if enough of
a.. ing th~~at you

Iotera aosewa wa
Keiothe man theyb"
_.iHI -.; Soieral kept age
IM .,B55m. ,many cards -S

.. --Tha-t- was in.

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WJSua Wk

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^**^^^M~.-L -,.,.-iiia.


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V~ g Power th Ever

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r '"I
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E -

i .

o and Freight-Ships and PlNwls


Accepting Passengers for
Los Angeles, Son FrMacisco and Vencevr
By The Modem Cargo Liner
Splendid Accommodation.
Unexcelled Cuisine.

Apply: C. B. FENTON & Co, Inc.
Tel.: Crisr6bal 1781 Balboa 106M

Shipping & AirLine News
lames T. Beholts Named Under the new program in
Panagra Reginoal Manager Argentina, visitors will no longer
"The appointment of James T. need a police information land-
Boholtz as Regional Manager ing card, and numerous items
fpr South America of Panagra of information concerning their
was announced today. Beholtz Identification and baggage have
succeeds Capt James W. Walk- been eliminated from the forms
ar, Jr., who has resigned to ac- which they are required to fill
eept a position with Pan Ameri- in.
can World Airways, the an- The ICAO forms adopted by
nounceitent added. Argentina cover entry of air-
Scholts entered the airline craft, crew, passengers, bag-
[ndustry as a Meteorologist in gage and cargo on four simpli-
1937 and was active in Panama ned documents identical with
and the Canal Zone until he those which are rapdily becom-
oined Panagra en 1939 as Chief Ing standard throughout Latin
Meteorologist. America.
Under his direction an ex- Adoption of these forms his
Mnslve network of airways ra- long been % pushed in Latin
ito weather reporting stations America by Pan American World
was set up by Panagra along its Airways, 0nd considerable pro-
housands of miles of airlines gress in this direction has been
outes in South America. As a made. Argentine is the 29th
part of this same program country to adopt the simplified
Panagra. pioneered in the ap- pausenger list.
location of weather forecasting The ICAO cargo manifest is
a its operations in South Ame- now used in 31 countries; the
cla. pilot'a declaration form, cov-
In 1946 Scholtz was appointed ering plane and crew), in 21
aiperintendent of Operations countries, and the baggage form,
ld as such played an im- in six countries.
ortant part in the peatwar
,.antiou of the airit Mo r Townshend
he operatioh of DC-3s to DC-ds a Io sh
Finally to the now fam To Camere Club
)C-6 service "El Inter Amrreca- I Club
in IM the scope of his res- Guest Next Monday
onsibtltes was further ex- .
handed when he became Assist- ao jor C. StuArt wnS,,d..
'Ri 'na I ng rfr suth Vson Of Capt. C., T(umSh d I'
nt Regiosal Manager for South New Cristobal, will be a special
merica. guest speaker at the Atlantic
aorn in Yonkers, New York, Camer a Club meeting on Mon-
mi 1913, he married Cyntha 4,
e in In astiAgo In 1942 and 1'ajor Tw eM will sae&
s twb daughter. color slides of Japan agam Pak-
kufts**- te1h5tRawfm =e.b tI

A major victory in the cam-
'agn to facilitate international
ravel in the Western Hemts-
plire has been scored with the
ecepta~ce by Argentina of a
d simplified form of air

tI by virtually 50 pet
t, elimin atlpg much oA the
tSie involving vsaltors to the
try and -*reafly reducing
amount of paper work re-

^ WRIS WALeINv laget w t
;AtgM for entry of aircraft andI
.-,:ats BKI.pftp

these countries,
The monthly color e
will cover "Types of
in the Republic and C
In addition to the
the slitoe, which were

aentaries made bi --a FS
fudges. -"
We's iue Hwe's
JACB "ifMYS Fla. A
plambe whbo failed to a tet
to become a master pi er said'
his laweyrs would casiWt the
matter In court.


In (comb.

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s H H^'
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l R d ************..**l~~ f M


......... e.. ............. .. .a m a
...... .. ma.... a Lbu ml i.
ftmd tWM@W t 4MM8i-. 4M IM
va #moor 14M mm4.
11 -- 1 A ~i a. sm -Isi -i"Apm~ w -- -,I

et me wimrnusm&y~

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h today ISt
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W, the

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,a Uir

"t oan oub

Thfle .'..
4871 of- t Rf o
bu will ho a maj

The new coommlttee for the fl
cal year e-192 M wla B Ustllm
Plank for the ColutMbus D
pall in October also -ill be $
cuased. .


"- : t. tesj j bot. a ,

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at ;Be nt 1Ss S .h o T

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At Ml~itf .1^ oatthoud



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tin cane no#
of perishas
I "may be It,

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SoY t'l1 le9d hu-pa a.

J ARQ08T '
ti L '~For Po

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il -/ -"

* U.
* a,

kslts, a s.uim of the 1-
nlnland ally nine di
)rre, wa lieM 4 to Ru alM
rVefa In the a muttle-
,i the 1940 usio-rimlsh



hftot Miami, New York, Oa.
msrnla a6r the leaders on
. eclothee and o are the
.pipiers of, La 'ltlia Ameri.
a0lt In PanamA.
,.w DRESSESS Wt arrived
. .. ttion, *Ilk, ,rayon and
nYtIon from famous names

Dressed you're sure to love
bt' anA wear moat through
year -round at *xottlngly low

_wo A L s. o oal" h4


W b wIcw
BIS2L- 2A.
i kwp die
Dip gam
.. lu iaf'
Vf elAoMs

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behyn fl*npWhnbw

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r sa pf N@3 Is Oat
";: '- u. wvelt POu INO$ i w.4q "
I .. n u!.B i d Wfa "n -.,
4-a. sad lascion( r -:
I ^.;- /.




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^ -i'' -: ^
Y*f '.,- s

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,"_ ,ON a' .;

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100 Gettral Aqttua



Ma flu PItt


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way .ffrer man1 iwarceni

Spa~. |sa
e m '
*H^J --l
bsg msap* N. b

sao S r aly
I inat Miar wc
b ise, basM
aa Shi.




TO OUR PvaieN SvoM


V A -.
5 INS f"- ";ll-'ee "
".7 w, I. Crv ..uf


" "" "/Jt& U -." "
-,' d I"

TO o- nAIr


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-. .1 -4
.7. .1
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fOKYO~t~ -uM AND VOWUR WpMD&. A*f *

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Jhe. Jlr 17 (UP)-A

.,* :.- .-: ... .,

ee|it~if|k hthlery


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row -

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IS ~r in;

Set 11W

&r ma au, m -m 1 conuIIut


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. "

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heard in tI

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*f~M-~fr. ?
* I *** -




Househ.old AUto bhila Do yeS3hae 2ad ri roblem, Clra Ba k Bo PhoneSSIO I?
f SALE .-New used refrigerators Service Personnel and Civilon 2081 Amess. C. Ponama A-4 Cristbl a-.7,. ....
-it onvient pr.,e-.and terms Gover nment E mploye WE Y air-cooln ompror rlich Clara beach
,- aCo.p -c F- e" Io LaVoz del Pueblo, 3-0471, Apar-I cotton onl. ice .
.... overnment Employe Finance.C. I 1.ram.tesohle~onisoif
,.-household effects. Tel. 2-4306. or used car. P -A C I ----..-'^FJ. A n *v
ofR SALE -Steel chiffoner in good A3NCY < .. ^ FOR SALE CERRO : C ..-j PRtIA IN N f
:-ondition. $15.00. 107-B Pedro No. 41 Asim o__w I MweeUa.- I r 7-279.. [! .
. Miguel,.ph one 4-506d_ Ph one -484"-4985 M ien 7-et--olll ,.*a-2,f,,,-o- ., ,,Ws. No M J
W SALE:-General Electric Refri -FOR SALE;-1950 platform Truck FOR SALE:--Convw.rfr 25 to 60 Cosine !u S .anc, co al "t" r.oTallet Ei
+ ertor, 6 cu. ft, 25 cycle. in with winch, perfect condition, good cycle or heavy duty 60 cycle gen- C'ino r s ..oto ne panlt bomb .
S good condition, $50.00. Rug 9' x tres. "Acgencis Globales," No erator, KW output 1477-A dss"ary. IMI di- 1nd | |ny. ,l er "" ,
1. 10 12'. Floor lamp, Bldg. 831 121 Via Espa, Panomb. I Holden, Balboo 2-6315. E ', l I.Snm '*
.-Apt. P. Balboa Road. phone Bal- FOR SALE-1952 M. G. less than FOR SALE:-Beautiful blond Spinet :2e: L1-
ba's 4471 or 83-7277 Curundu. 4,000 miles $1,450.00. Call 256, Piono. Phone 6-484, after 4 p. m. ,. : i NOVEY, IN"
t SALE -Two blind:-- Coco Solo. FOR SALE: Pedigreed dachshund Ave. Tel. 341
6x 6', good conditon. House 184 FOR SALE:--Or trade, for cheaper p s. Coll. C No. 53. Apt. 1, El FOR R O F. ise
earner 6th and Portobelo Sts. New car. 1952 Mercury, blue, 4 Door. Cangrejo. cool B1 Vt. I lahbtr *.
Crist bal. radio and heater. Call 273 Sealed bids, ih triplicte, will be re- 3-34._.
O LE ,,i. k, c 3296 at duty; 273-4112, quar- ceived in the office of EngineeringJ 1 .. i i 1 -
;fOR SALE -1 chair., kitchen, aPint- __tars. and Construction D, qctorEPNn- T[11^ I "- LU X .i
*d1 2 chairs, lawn, pointed. 3I
"' 2 cai s n--nig tables m BARAINI 194 Huden Su r Six om Canal Company. Balboa VENETIAN
ha. lnys, rom table, k. then. en mel P rder Sedan, r other up- Heights. until 10:00 e. m., Augusi
,~ ~~ ~ t. o ,, ,. o op. : ._ h hliliy / ,a xelo t trn 1. 1 5, and then ... ..opened in," ItP
P ."-ne -'- .-ch .a i2IN onwly $165.- public for furnishings ol plant, A.o0dwmA """ -- n !1
."mirror I fn en, 12 h e e BLINNbeo, ~i ao nn oA AA
:I r mirror, framed. stan.g orn n" .G. dri it. wy. equipment, tools, materials, lex- menWi. L 4ricM otptiondl. Impo se-;kill.M I
I. rerigerbord Westing. I a d. 'COLPAN MGMT INC. cept as furnished by the Govern- tact office 41. 10th r. = 3St 'i
r ,-innf .oardo.. *ai n.. .g Ywer Frie,,"rd Deelter mentI, labor and services; for per- Cristabt 1386 n. H .n
s lnge with mattress, 2 2 ad I Yp --r,2 2 6 f o min relrn .. .). T.
am On AstenobItlle Row foXrmi n certain work for the re- _i ., =1* 1 'rI. B T L386 |J- d
-t" floor lamp. I toastmaster. In a"' ITl
vauu cleaner. I mxmatr. I Tel. 2-10o3 2-1016 habliatin fefrgato and0..^ I~ ttO etl t,^ *22B ^I L
dry storage faclities in Gorgas
aet dishes. I dresser, metal, 5 FOR SALE:-Ford 1952 Converible. Hospital at, An con, Canal Zone SALESMAN rv-n exper-W'
drawer. I dresser, metal, 3 draw- Apply No. 45, Via Belr nrio Porros. Forms of proposals, specfications, m hine sales. Ube r une- l
or with mirror. House 1 0Fomsofprpoal, peifcaios. dug acintsle. ibra rrmne
. d s fH 70 Dv duty freeaft e r6pm.|and full partculars may be ob- ration and commissions plonne P ANAMA BROKERS NC. ..i
V" G. E. -FOR SALE -1939 Mercury convert- tained from the office of the Con- Confidential handling hofapplica-
SALE:-Radio, G. E. 25 cyce, ible coupe. Sabons, 2050 Apt. tract and Inspection Division, Room tons by people employed at pr- n
Stable model, good condrtion. 8-6 2. Above the Panaderia Vista Her- 33 6, Administration Building sent. NECCHI, enn g largest Poducts ralam mi' n
r izosw Hefghts. Tel. 3-2518. mosa. Duty paid. < Telephone 2-3739 or 2-26981. progressive world sales today. Cen- la 1.- ;
Orsz" Heghs ...... 3h o.- Du'_. pai." .." I Specifications with drawings %V1,1 tral Avenue 18. hales C _o6 _=A.d..=er _.." II ;l
FOR SALE.-1951 Pontiac 8.Hydra- peosons wihdaw in$is w0l tral Avenue 18. L (common and pre. K
.' /PI IK t. "--I~l, Pont : 5, nyara-= be Issued an a deposirt. ...of $20.00 I a u m ,. l'[
irtF'Jc 4-door sedan. 9,500 miles. pe st.Dpontwllbefofte I1
LESSO NS -,erodDe9os0 ie .. ....e.. sr FOR SALE .-. .,-.-
/ :. '. -, .. -if specifcations. and damwinds areI .
Private swimming lessons. children FOR 5ALE:-Model A Ford Coupe. not returned within 30 days after RealI Estate |
or adults. Coll Jim Forbes, 2.1393 $100.00 cash. House 157, Pedro opening of bids. FB -- J .. ...... -i
5:30" 7 ."iMi.uel .E:- utiOul Sscluded es* i
0 to -P hevMiuel. FOR SALE-Chrolet 1940. Piano tate, private beach. Take $15-R R NITURI
FOR SALE:-1949 Nash 4 Doer Se- $125 aid household furniture at 000. bring your check book. Tel. Co0 bomMtI
WANTED don, leather upholstery, $1.250. 2174-A. Curundu. Phone 6119- 6-483 or Roy Hall, Santa Claro. iRato V fllbloM I
WA TD $415 down. House 157, Pedro FOR SALE--One almost new cerinet FOR SALE:-Contina & RestaurVnt o S"0
SMiseeDlanee i" "ood, M w .t;h ebony $75.00. One new Sa*n Miguel. Call M N. 4, Pon- .. ". d."'is_
*.'T..,-V o .. quarter -I BARGAINI 1948 PiMkird 8th Forder Sunbeom eltctrfi c razor, $12.50. ama. R. of P. El ,o ,
*WANTED--V tic side, about August 10, phone ,'.nditin, only $&.00 down so wOR SALE: House, uairs and"---
Cristobal 3-2150. -on 'eFWtLE; ay, downsairs; 3 bodre"ms w-,h ser- nl
'..- mTo;, Automobile salesman W ,,W 1111..... -.0-- '- f-- --- .... -'- 'Vj -- "
WiP^ulars, Box 177 C-olonO T wesobil NowM.2- FOR SE:~Norton International Son Prancisco area. th.'Street ftin mtf. b .
i l r srld C ac employee w onts to .Tel. O1 500 cc. ingle. 1.800 miles. R -at 'a'i '" i l

- ,' __-A W ro"_Cc nts_ to" Noo. .1 9 nuieVi t. N W ac ndIII m v
Sient "Mold's Quarters" f,r six FOR SALE:-1950 Nas i 2 dor so- ing accessores, $750. AAclivame, 2034. Ttl. 3-2856. W pck an ort ov
months in Balboa. Box 233. Bal- don, radio. bed. Baoolo 3022. Balboa, 2-518. a -nyn. 'Phone 2.2451,
boaCZ.--House5647i L. Diablo f n, te5' 222 ,e = ^ ^ ^l
p. rm. LOST f& FOUND Peal HMbWrVdt *
WANTED American working FOR SALE:-1951 Dodge Kingsway, *frBP Zi--:-I^-- *.-^ -- -- -
Astucl desire turmllhed or partly 2 door almost now, very reoin- REWARD:n--Ie* police dog. block, Nft Si .* T w
*fuirishod amw bedroom apartment able, will finance will trade for withto feet.^. one year old, leiWWJC fl fl- ^ ^"fS
tat Auaust. Pedro Miguel 4-301. cheaper car. Phone Albrook 4239. near Preskdente Theater ModyDW S M
_.S" co- Gd ne -- Advise Tel. 3-1279 or 2-0238,. iPPERS
Low u.- 0 polime. Apply oLa Ihe d A, |lMis 1 I T
C.chille" C.rl eMendoz EStrew.t_ _M I 1'fGarr Js ns A-ear-old oloneal ut ,l aKLO U %SS_ RTS
( Come.. Fl )yed a brilliant -.rt in M Sale P

ag "he0Gald s For ees fte hlpienho0KM 1c
um. KI ,.M clearly Illeala ct of sei the o! h-s a tt acked inUt Is so-
st deel indUs ory Possible Trouble S new c In '" f ft
', 1elmid R H waBn Disagreements between rteel __ fItAmador's Special 'Me *KTE-,.
workers and owners could-hve 722" AN. July 17 (UP)- Col. Lyle J Fitzpatrilck mo .
". nto a n w held this beensttle or norot -r It-ranian -Army soue s aid to- Into his = ob from the 04 La Nmwm d a
a- *t the San jdI Church on a loclrplaont or co -/My da the general staff %i ein, BCARIX, where bee ll
he late Roland Hunt, who bs i .. ae t lle nar-ona in Iran to IS S Officer. He tt- wer A.. Col
IK three years ago today, by The decision to strike would be err the alert or any polite ta. Mk'er Pa'ul Peterson. who e' o I1
l ee Mtan Vera McKenaie have been In the hands of ]o- trouble left for the United States last mi Wl
bair reattveas. cal union members, where it be- Saturday.
lg -. and not in the hands of Me-awhI.e the Ma"i, the laIw h
-H one man who has thet tor how e of Priament, a Bea e commanding Special "" .-.
dlmfpt the whole nat=oi n Jurn In a sect session I Troops, Colonel FitzpaLrick ful- tct A.ainst Fire!
Sy 1956 C evo 1duastry. yester ay afternoon to del fills three other jobs, Deputy ,i
Del use 4-dow Se- on the selection of & new Pfe. Post Ctoglander of Fort Ama- PCte et household ef-
wmGM". 5 gaod The so-called international mier. dor t Sma earry Heights, artg ft% vf- ii and furniture
-.1 VI w.m&/phelir I "unions have vital jobs to per- BeadBatirs1 Commandant, > '. f
^gE?"*os' f*^-- orm, such as research.lois 211oa-em% 40l D"eiste in tin PfttetrtIt entered the Army / -tlagrsneit bi the Cs-
at m ...,M*m S ow,, I c 5lle rvict se pub l ic= -wtt-_MM .w 1,.1 e r .e d a11n W inte% went to the Philippi nes ,Se urca -ed
BS~wS CMa nB fd similar functions, hre Noe um~t In Am wt th gi I Wed U a Optlln in 1941 And win ef -?-l"o
4m 9L Bil nlt A I benefit of the local u ntam a OT L ^o 'aap to the 63rd Inftatry ja od quarnters or for
WI~-VWL SOL9 __ tasirt members Mewsou 2Ht-1,* "a bt ave Wftfl Rothe"~ of the Philnpptoo's 5 LSfaB aon
NHI Hs ft a sprty to t =alo^-1aSzd avo& OU e ofnNb ec Se oonb camoen r o.
practice of Industry-wide bar- e*afia"Ytal ni1 Mehammal inWa Denmander of this unit,
---_,^ ,-- eaptno. *M*ee with On rank of lieutenant col- Ag.iBKimg 1Wrlnce Co.

the ppaa yzi ne toft Zon Ciris Going Whm the Jap struckIn B De- mat
gluatry-lowd strike is to estw.5elh n the Valiant delens
law indu try-wde rS- To. ,' Nation of the --adstrted, the Srd
ing a nd apply the anti-trut fought on for three weeks after *
Ss to unions a8well tas "O the urrder of C .
b Wirtits not to dtr1 aomiped entirely O C R.
n them, but to strengthen th -The American Legion Am s with the exce. ptionof
abi lity to ,-, -- her s ....,_ia.y Departnt.W of.-, ...t.e .tS --a -"ti, OndfvLohrAmr
fbera ON( thmerka. 4e n Zone win ind Jes skan ofdi t o it was t lat
4- ,aterine coillt4, n it -to-be --ocked .
should there be CCeC89ag CrlGMirs C 0tate d out In se Phil lie invasion.
Eartly la, tha prei~bsw" need in September. 1945,
workable means of reachim o. Mqbewe"ght "tet, two twaa returned to the United 7
T Itly father yofm with lations. It must not be artbttr- gabstate and the0* Panama Ca- g~*_______ ~ -M
am a4edw e salitto(*w-. rily br-passed merely beaug Es!1n0 wUil be alttiena at the 0 H i!<
etablemTAtastmean- government officials do not Iau r sa "nnll Girls' Nation to Mg aladu otedaUer departments U PI|-,- |
i, we Bn to se It last they incur poe .. -. -rin-ton, Au-. to whn tcy -e.a see the U-it.ed .... I-
R ^ss^ies tpriosla by IAbor leaders. 7 nL a le sponso"111rhpof tetaltess Goveamet i ctua aIs Thea1tre"
'There the same reason for "- "e. ent.tive wnil -"
Stos collective the -i.'- '..". -.bee etea" d ..r -s..t as= on- .. .lfl'---""

shesev^ see^ ^m 3' ^ .Mx ora Vsh esa ursds
-r~~ dIndualr coua evel agg ep -- eawe atiih- th *m>TpaetBa -'


",' .*. *.. .*- -"', im. ^ Z


-. : i. .._ ..
: /7"- :': : i

Str k, wo hivl b MOdAK*l, or kcm 4ir Awe" INrf luwo inftB winto^ *^'
at tt aixty da^ 00.t~c yawi rt

Lekis Service
*4 Tlvol Ave.-Phone 2-2291 and
Fourth of Julv Ave.-Phone 2-0441



. :..

oCB.M.I .,.

, *, .

I ...
I -

| J

. 1

I ..

You Sell 'em..'.When You Tell.'em thru P.A. Cla sl

I eave your Ad with une of our Agents or our Offiee i6 No. 57 "H" Streed t p.m*
No 12,17Q Central Ave. Colun ;

Carltlon Drug Store -
10.056 Melendes A&. 10. M Ba Cl a

Sal6a de Belleza Americano
*5 Wat 12@th street

I Vditafor 12W* fc.

Agendcia kternacioul de PnbBicacioe Propaganda, S.A. .
*3 Lottery P -sM Phone -31 Street corner t
Phoses 2-2214 ads"I-M 7

P ithw~o i "m*inta ude
J :si'gntvott Coking," and
i. b PA Mrs, oGI-
^.-.O~ltttt fn ZnI. me n Aug.
, taf Up rWiftltde in Den-

fancer or
AA~rupwas givent
ohtrbuUo, to the Oa
wr. Ran M. Or'nam
aMmts of fm thfldren,
during their Chtal
ourn Rort 10, R6
.ichard, Ruth, 4, and


$pgWh pw-t coup*
ty)*Rn% t)uxo TWv-door Smlm. Power Midi"
tykft Detuxe P tw-ewr Senon a fowr tO*
4 M 1, 1. 1 t t .. .. .-
station Wfon -orf6ld
Stati on Wfon 8mtdard Wift
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W MAE A,-.MAM _-.

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7:00 a. + l V a tal-
MAN I T-rk 7 -* P.a ... .bm J ied live -9



i CiY$TAL?,i N. Im S S. .
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, .a -. I ...

.-. ._ /

od .ers Beat Reds 51


Siants Keep Pace With

ixra-liIuing 8-7 Success

NEW YORK. July 17.-(UP)-The Dodgers
.:Iaintained their 'i' -;-: me National League lead
.4 they built up a 5-0 Ic, d in the first three innings
*'al made it last, alti-ou"h winner Ben Wade need-
ait relief help from Joe H'ack in the ninth.

Brundage Elected

President Of 10C

HELSINKI July 17 (UP) -
Avery runMage, chairman
the United States Olympic CoMi
mittee, yesterday was elect.;
president of the Internations
Olympie Committee succeedingI
Sigfried 'Katrow of Swedet
dBrniB A receivedd a total Of M

*-TCatcher Pndy Seminick of their Yankee aces Allie Reynolds andvotes against 17 for Lord Burgh
'l"ft nnati Reds set a modern le Iaschl. who almost pitched ley .of England the only other
B*#attonal League record w en h:, a no-hitter in his last assign- candidate. Two members of th
StMrmiitted three errors in onc meant. IOC abstained.
naling, the first. The New York Americans surg- Brundage's election was for an
S Ti Giants blew a 7-2 lead as ed irom behind to tie up the "undetermlhed" num.:r of years
.I01 Cards scored five runs in opener 7-7 on Yogi Berra's 20th In the past those elected to th
i heinth inning. But the New h ome r which increased his highest IOC offlee served eight
-ivey Williams' single and Al department. Then they won it in -Tt,, fact that no tenure wa
Wark's double. The G'ants the tenth when Hank Bauer, hit- set for Brundape's reign revive
F irk Thompson and the Card- less until then, orolonged his ele- the report that Brundage said h
Is' Del Rice and Hal Rice ven-game consecutive hitting made a deal with Lord Burghle
te ted homers. ; eak with a game wipning sin- to be elected to thb post anm
Connie Ryan banged a homer le. w wn afr ea
Wid three singles as the Phillirs In the second game, the would tep down after one yea
'nt the Pirates down to their Yank-es earned victory off Bob and let the British nobleman
,fth straight defeat. Robin Rob- Feller with a four-ran rally in succeed him.
s. though yielding 13 hits in- the seventh that was high- According to the report. the
Idlng homers by GLus Bell, li-hied by Gil McDougads Latd ur.hl.. v forces oined t.
lph Kiner and George Metko- three-nim circuit blast. Lr -dm',"od-fo of iatl
titch, won hi 13th game before Rookie Tom Morgan struck out keep a bloc composed of Lath
einrg kno-ked from the mound; two Indians in a neat relief stint Amer-n co,,L wt t-
b te ninth for rookie Bill Miller in a two- backing of RUMia t get oomi
Cub Manager Phi Cavarretta's rin seventh inning and gained other candidate in office.
rwinninx single scored Tom- is first big league win. Larry The choice of the Lati Amer-
h Brown from s:rond in the, Doby slammed a second game lan and Russian bec was saic
h and gave reliever Dutch' Indtan homer and Bob Lemon to have -,en Andre Masard 01o
aonrd his second victory. Th got one in the first. France, .a member of the execu-
v-:G' Warren Spahn struck out! The Boston Red Soxi held third five committee who was elected
ht batters in nine and one- place, five games out of the lead. vice-president, also for an inde-
rd innlnrs to run his league hv topping the Chicago White finite term.
S rng tosal to 109. Sox again 7-3 at Boston and the
SThe New York Yankees drub- Detroit Tigers walloped the
the Cleveland Indians 8-7 in Senators In a Washington arc-
innings and 7-4 at the Stad- light game on the four-hit hurl-
to once agsin take full corn- ing of lefty BBi Wight. The St.
d in the. Am'rican League Louis Browns-Athletics double-
SnL chRase bv four and one- header was rained 'out at Phila-
I! games. delphia.
Tie Indians, their hopes high' Hoot Evers poled oat a two-rur
t- heir stirring opening tri- homer and lefty Mel Parnell _
IUeh In their crucial five-game pitched a nine-hftter in the Red
: a, now can get no closer than Sox' victory over the Chisox. It
Sand one-half games even if was Parnell's seventh win and
Et sweep tonight's final don- hi saecond straight since return- A m kan Lenue
Uc'ieader when they lace the ilog after being out with a shoul-
Sder talent. continuing TEAM VWon Lest Pet.
Walt Drop, continuing his New Y51 .614
brilliant hitting, got two hits in New York.....51 3 .014
four times up to bring his total Cleveland...... 4 37 .560
to 15 in his last 18 trps to the i ........ 4 37 .54
late for the Benla. For the ........
44gets, Wight registoredbhis fifth WAShli t1OR......44 9 .5
victory and third shutout. The MR;ladetbi 3. 6 46 .474
e 4 St. Louis ...... 34 51i .4l
Tigers got 14 hits. Detroit........27 56 .3

^^ ^H ^^ ^yT.R, Cleveland at New eafk (T-N).

arday at the Fort Am*d"r Geol New Yoork( t0010 1st (is41
Sl FRl ONT NINE arcia and Hegan. Tipton; Sai,
A.M. Morgan, McDonald (2-3) and
9:15-J. Hughes, G. Dehlinger, E. Berra.
Kenna -
1 :22-A 8.rench, L. Grobs, W. Clev (Second Game) 1
Riley. Cleveland (NO 001 210-4 10) 1
S Ad-A t Wo4, E. Colman, g. New York 001 1i 40x-t- 1
tlANP-WorldMPistol I nor. ylw eoTW, rris, trs1e 1-0), R y
g Champion. Master n 8:16P. Hhen, Twehey, E. ter.o lndi Cys
Kgn(uet delet -Joe" Benner. MIdk. oifWBw" .
e3Inntrv Regiment's 8:438-0. Bns, E. Jones, L box- iA noA. -
to the United States Olym- well. i el M. 3 000
ttam "Joe warmed u for :5-l. Ladd,.D Porter, B. Ser- o0 4M getoIill
; eeeMnext week by capturingl BACK NINt Ke n Myan LOW
SWorld Championship in all- :1-P. Koevan, M. Cptan, D. 7-1) and Ma1t.
jatuette shooting, at Oslo, July Robin". .
11 The lort Kobbe morekman 3:22-S. Carpenter, B. atgo". (TWO Sf"bleBe a
ktabllihed a new world record ton, M. Taylor. ST. inS? YU t Wa
W -582, and led the U.S. :29-C. Drumm, M. Parka, 'S. i Postptned, it0?a weuai
*e ( to. the title over Finland, S hreek. a
-. 1 to 2272. Next In Sgt. Ben- 9:36-R. Morris, M. S-Cdek, .Sn caCnases)
er' a g h t s-the Olympic Daniels. Detroi
WOnt at Helsinki, of course. 8r:49--. Croix. I. DF. a ammey. WehmlohW 00 0 "
U .S. Annmy Photo.Rimn' 8:5-V. Lucas, Mi(. o1-4 gs id-
y.p G e s Gramao,

DIABLO HTS. Natiomalla
x.-F 'ni t week by apf g BAC N... Kennedy. .|dTRA.* W*r .t-..
OW lFRIDAY 10:30 P. M. S .. .

PICTURE EVER! pt ",: S g
01........ ...... -. .. "Ut
f 04s l i


It's Mowetime TONIGHT!'
....h AgAAg01-2 -6 4 1
M flf(ina L( C ina/c pealersL -- p 11Pte 14-4 .

"Darling, How Could Ye!" ol s00lW2122-4 13
*:Nc & .1i Frida.s "'OR SUSANNA"* 2W-7

0 1T.OETRE.D Ks-&toEi,
TJeAYn ARTHUR E ChaSe B .SoY jJ. )nrer 0 -a
I~l6 a 2.5 lmid ",KO5E OFA AIN TirE oW- --H^" -' ....- "'wow-

(Tahlicallnr, Frida.y "A FLC IN 133 ___." _--__.',_______:

s4 r u

Wd"Tui Or O s AnZLr"




d FIRM. .OTBfrAI_ .,je are the meimbie oth' ptIit.lsa-it
e first hilng.of ftball 14 th)R''fl
V cidin y afteB danne rup B ish
d club aree.t o right, (to p) .ilt spon sor: R. avei, coac, l t o
r Pmas. -, Brath h, W. Rave
n apr;, Deo& A uan Orifmh i mascot: Lashley, T or and W ,

PerAlta Ftvored To OutpuAwh

IHa wkminsn Colon Arena Bpt
rfa H gtt" Leonel Perat )a indicate that Peraltsa Aii Atke i
-a soitft5-q)4 choice to W4imIMt'e toI'e murderous of the two in ie Oftteli :
tBaby twia In their schedO .i of his Imposing record of
the 0666 A.. Sunday f0le low mar--2,SD for Wlered
a ti. .Wthe victa ~sO id'.a the "grudge" anle., ritl. L ;fO for l.a t
dlisputh dml in a attiots ille up and coming lt- ide, e for etera
bout. with ha at the ta.wl be doing teir st slon ahl 3 cents r ltehnldt,
ma tadum more t nto eb hl her in the diviton

a ye1at has been v Itly a
*.1vil' a -thance to 'e'-t
ralta k a rtIt with him R6. ih
Since then both boy* have w. .
scored Impressive victors but ft"
have also sartere stbaca. At th u
the time of their first clat they Ste8v
were semifinalits. he
The two fighters are sure to of- moat
for a thrilling contest because o6t, ol
they are tireless sluggers who in his
like to bang away with both behind
hands until their opponent bits ally f
the canvas. Th. om
Although both are devatating The-
punchers, the records would be ove

Ramey AFB Golfers t

Ih rease Margin In.

USAarib Tourney

'uesto yeLay orfng
United !tstem Air
bean Cterence Golf .
meant het at the fort
golf court
SThe 9ix"lsaders at thE 'Tla'y
mark of the 72-hole medal play
are: T-8 t. dwin Wood, Reiy,
-04; Maj* V.J. Voyles, Ratwy.
141T; U. ol .James T. C
,bf ,d-in A-IC ArOgTIQiW*
,k159; Can a.iw4
S162; MaJ.i
f V R o steaud MaJ. '
S tie for slxt-
"e le finalists of the
Vliwill continue
*i"orrw wll reJ
_apit eau narea in te

a. a- ter thi month.

"Amaesbe ae"

e, s PL. a* os ftma avy

g the local 135-poundeatB. .-
eMmlfinal on the prkgrni,
fa being promoted by Juan
pDand, will be between two
y hard sluggers. Theyi are
unbeaten Pedro Tests And
n Bennett.
Tesis-Bennett battle is al-
certain to end in a knock-
me way or the other. Tasls,
s last outing, came from
d and off the canvas to fin-
flatten the flashy Leale
Tests-Bennetticontest will *
er sit rounds (or less) at a
t limit of 126 pounds.
pr*ellwtes, a&o .be-

MatAL em while i -
ralk eftm whie to

SMTa Sti l ; -tl .

3 PH IN ,O-t


L 'KOT? T,

5.31 )~.
C'.. II.

~.r .M~.

, .. ".-
', .. .. .-' L'^ ,-}
'+'-- -'*

:,4. 1

... .. .1

1 A

080. .. .. ....
loe '
' .. .. .. .. .. .-
v n. .

.. 1... 2

.. ...** .. .. 0 *

.. <. :C i i .. .. .
ep .. .
S*ec a e s

O" F :i:
- *te, ",ui :,'"WlM tK.

~ .C.t 4


-'C J

C, i 'kis ;:-

'11 I-

wAk t ,ly *tk&- 4* A RA.
^Sfi1*- -

'~~w -jT rI A Pl.^"
Aft I lF.fa^.

W 5La
NWhi u,.

fp K-. r

.-si o+.'* -*. Kf^ 91'

= .,. .. : g .- ,. .. -

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s 10,000

Miles From Peru

To Peru--& Back

It's 10,000 miles from one
.pce to another and back again
S ,Pert, the way the Peruvian
sbip Ucayali was going about it
*hen she transited the Canal
The Ucayali Is bound for
tlilao, on Peru's Pacific coast.
after delivering supplies to the
garrison at Iquitos, a Peruvian
river port 1400 miles up the
Jhgle-ringed Iquitos Is almost
t almost entirely dependent on
pplies brought in from out-



td thek

~'*i~A .~TNIIRSE


For Labor's Cor

CHICAGO, July 17 (tJP) --eat.
Although quitos Is less than Richard B. Russell and his Prims-
-M miles direct overland from idential campaign strategists are
-m and Callso, the almost deserting the conservative south
taM table Andes deny in a bid for tte support of racial
smmmamleation and nMpply by groups and organged labor Ia
ma. The Peravian gover- next week's seamocratle national
ment has been tryhg for 6ome v10 conen .1 .
tame to baui a roea over the Riuaellihimelf. jolted DemoQ-
iMuntains to4quites, but ap- rates yesterday by calelng for re-
;'astly Btte .prores is be- peal of the. controversial TaftA,
r fade. Rartley labor sct, for which he1
a then necessitates oc- twie voted in 1947. The second
eamon1l expeditions by boat, in vote was to override President
der to bring the staples of life Truman's veto.
to the river garrison. The trips
al1 have a morale value in-
saer as they represent a con-
aetton with home.
.The round-trip from Callao
Iquttos represents a voyage
saome 10,000 miles. About 3.-
We mUlea of thli journey are
a6 the treacherous waters of the
The Ucayalt. a ship of 3212
.aS. tons, carrying a crew of
under Capt. JO de la Rosa,
e of the larger vessels to
mplete the voyage.
At the beginning of the five-
Week round-trip, the Iquitos-
bumd vessels must call at the
* lzian port of Belem to pick
at f river pit; Ibecamle the
.IJa of the Amazon are un-
MWOCe, and the river must be
= ted by aUtarxka, s-
Whe aly to the experienced

lake the river iney ,a
-hV i e stvhr &I st ta

: -nt ar'' the amss.

Tayal took on a load of Pa- tion nea,
Uamanian cement in Cristobal. Johtason holds eiA
"AX--~-t--__ coaterene o f the
BALBOA TIDES ager for n. Ra
se1" at h
V Friday, July 18 In
12:56 a.m. 6:57 a.m. It- f tor i

1:10 p

p m. 7:40 p. m.

dutial nedita

Russell's patfBtr strategists Am
meanwhile mered far a compro- to
mise oR the Civil Rights issue if8
which aroused a 00thern States sa
Rights ribellub M' tlh 1948 De- 01
mocrat clenteOto. tb
This move by Rn-lelia friends
was undertaken independently Al
of the senator, c
.eth m1 e embed with ml
r thatt b Ma4ty boss- "
e, 1i% ArArvey, I
1mai-b kU M" a tlShOeratle "I
Pamt coitiftmmiMti.were rea- "d
dy to stalt bkht with Rus- si
sell It hecba Ogawe himself
with the Atdldrn tom's left
o ak d ist%*ml.,
Informed i say Arvey
sent word to RuseA that "get-
ting rtght" tlfth ibb ,was even U
more Impoat itta the trou-
blesome Civil 'Rltg asue.
S atusell aba SIe. ates Kefau-
ver of Tennesee reached Chica-

ft idwfts stre s ab n to- Wk
Wirds the oveostion eity in Am
batches. ol
With four days t o before the CG
owation0 open ienday the *e
The I&WI, B..ation

,W;"iMOO3S S

~S ~U 41k

VI yyUM"

the A3Ah

ell a T-

el D. Neweek
t national Oral
ttorm drafters
of a fedl
BUon. The %1
-AdvitPe the Si4
re on measu"t
BUy "disparity"
atublie Affairs t
ton. .C., suli
batt humann affa

It d~Ued for national
rftbce.l .broadening of
and welfare
aped -federal -
on -educa
the gov
am and

1 .


Into the mahg of this tasty, m.*-
iehrf so.p goes a wide variety
fregh garden vegetables red-rip
tomatoes, weet golden cora, utd.r
peea, white and sweet potatabo -
many odther- 14 in aL B. kS. -
S tributes its own special gndeig,
blends mit own delimete .w
are mingled in rich, iavi -
Sbee stock, to maok CagAMp b
VegeableSsup "aHp mott a an#ip ;
** iitseur Serve thit as i. ^
vorite en/ .-

1,, 'd W' l

D. Blauq *
Chanis 0.H
= 1 Up th c
faftr fund ri
am"&eof We e

for the Presi-
Sthe newly-
Us the Re-
be would take
at Campaign.


"Le* tAr u.~h

I'w3l(T!-Su~'3Wra lIAR


* *

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., /^ -^

1 1


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