The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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eae aen peeled er ory. estfift wth
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e sMv-ng rpe ] u 1*ow uM ishe a eV M IO
bmet- p th n dss. ---ests" Wor a sp esR h
. IoI Betlon on -thmo trP "

Is with some reluctance that I enter this etdaft rrsy,
ve not held office in Little League this year andMhave pl
be peace and Wglet very satistacory. Yet It ll o wl
to resolve the present problem adn ie gree, po
s avingLittle Leag ue o thte catm I W d to er
First thing I would-uggest h i for adl ocalIa e6 to en
f Immediately (and publicly) that their se f end
competitionn on the Zone is completed. Nos ta bide trip. m
b the boys and their parents who expected to p this ar, ne
SIw o may be looking ahead eto nt eal a
p baft Claus. But beat h i a Moent pol
a h o prior to the prebemtWrMbt the itesa- co
MlM hare before it began, go to n k. That would ,
been desirable, but there are, In my opinion, still more It
tent reasedna for not going to the Stateas.' u
t this point I can all Ju hear somebody rtMto g ".Why, CO
a toft the Idd to he otate btahiself INt yea What w
atr with him now?" ma
kat Is true, and I am solely responsible for the Invitation cop
extended to us last year. In retrospect. I af extremely 1
that I was so successful. wS
inrg the correspondence on the subject. Wommisaloner '
onttashly opposed the idea, but was evesale by his We
,of directors. I will quote his remarks later oB this. P
t 1961 All Star team was on exception ean. Of cr
be starters, three batted over .500 three than .400 ore
wo 365 or over. These averages wert Bht the
ig of Krehbmier, Hayden, Brahn mnd, jh j u
me three boys mentioned, plu infielder ahli a S a couple St
in all made the Pastich Teenage Leage's A r team n
Sfirst year of competition in that lemagi Watbach for
obfllty. n e
w were beaten in our first official game wkatees d 'd i
coat the community about $5.400 to ford us 1kb chance e
mut a week previous to that game. we took en the Little be
r from thge reNton U. sea m sa i aMMUft gne -
und up on bW short tha of a se18weSt d
my had plenty of big boys, In fact, thefirlit aseman '
WFl six feet, tall and weighed an estimated 220 14 He f
I share of his am's,fiveh omen y tapping the ba over ra
bee Without 'even taktl a stride. N
w pitcher who beats an the official game was 5' 9" ad
I heard one pas! Zdaer who was lb the ta tre
4W NHe% throwing aspin tablets at ,or balc wg
on. _t !
Svictof (same er) were beaten when tfo
#te raw rid m Vh
.- t heh otripettj for me
Fava she= J rid m&V*-"dW1 AltI-dAW,.WA

ian uedermS sr1aaor:
e ft4imie
That slogan cotabus no ele-
ent of hesitation -ne hint of
utrahty. It sound a call to
tlon. goos M lve
liteal action .:L wi way
carr out Ia ts

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I1"fe triC are facts, nob fsiioa t ee ja "
Me tre to aend a t aa hbee ad eaetW.p4
results from the comisttion.
vmflue to be borne la la t at the o*Attart
Little LeaD S Iaml the.-LeaguesS teo agt

iW-file percent of the eM a aeaual tI trAp se
igread of the entire lovent. would do waW o
*illfg fields, etc., a 4 aft : tM!li asmf
021lmioner total, who LittLe ID I to
1.4wo had sontau 5*wvi0509e
imou amount oad s e
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em -end 'ino their owgm Iu-u ao te lr s

It Sasced under a stVra.leso' g

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-r-D. yea wpt-magap, toolmaitn as wa It feta

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At lbm once by tFe who p ollan& L
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n & AiLm News

[ !uMaengr Florence McCabe; Miss Isabella
On "Aotn" McCabe; and James McKeown.
I's Baling Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Marsh
nugh the height of the and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. New SHrv
Iboed vacation rush has James A. Mw M -s Eleanor L.
Canal Zoniana are still Merkel; -s.i Else Miteger snd
for New York and two chiliten; Mrs. MaMlaret b
t$ west, north and south in Morales atd four children; br.
ble numbers. The 8 and Mrs. Thnothy F. O'Dea and
if the Panama Line, son; Miss Cyntha OrrM
Yd isengers aboard Martha Oea Bat. and Mirs
She u a Friday from Cris- Sylvester Rats, Pfc Harold Res-
an her northbound run. nick; Mrs. Edith C. Ross; Miss
the sailing on the An- Murtel Roes; Miss Ruth Z. Ru- N w aS in e
Ia Roger C. Hackett, Dean bell; Mr. and Mrs. Albert N.
the Canal Zone Junior Col- Ruoff.
e. Hwe plans to spend about a Miss Dorothy Samar; Mrs. ..
onthin Washirngton and North Janice 0. Sott and three chll- -is. -.a
Wrolina, joining Mrs. Hackett dren; Miss Raf Rita Simmons; 8. ....
,. and their daughter who preced- Mr. and Mrt. Lteten A. Skeels; 8.8. .....
4d him to the United States. Mrs. Marion 0. Springthorpe;
will return together. Mrs. Reva Stake; Mr. and Mrs. b i
The complete advance pas- Louis 8Stern; Mrs. Mildren M. CI
.ger Bat for the Ancon fol- Stone and daughter; and Mrs. t eftm. iw .
lows: Theresa M. Thompson and son.
Mrs. Louise C. Acker; Mr. and Miss Susan Thurgood; Nigel
Mrs. Joseph Amato and son; Thurgood; Min Linda Thur- Crist|M w ()
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Aumedian; good; Mr. and Mrs. William P.
Mrs. Ida Bachmayer; Miss Ruth Uber; Mr. and Mrs. John F. Tela, Ilswrs
nachmayer; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Valentine; Mrs. Ruth C. Van --
J. Bartlett and four children; Steenberg and two children; .. t ......
Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Bel- Judge Donald M. Waeache; Miss S.. ......
jand; Mrs. Myrette B. Boyers; Beatrice E. Walker; Mrs. Helen
rs. Dorothy L. Blackstock and G. Wallace; and Mrs. Dorothy WPsas
son; A/2c Robert J. Boyd, Jr.; S. Wynshiw and daughter.
Mrs. 5. D. H. Brodle.
Mrs. J. D. Brodlead SHIPPING and CIB'Ir t im -L
Mrs. Sarah Catrnie; Mrs. Fre- James T. Sehelt Named
derica 0. Chase and daughter; Panara g Reg al ms enage
Mrs. GOrtrude Cohan; Mrs. Ce- The appointment of James
aeste B. Colenian and daughter; T. Scholts as Regional Manager r
Mims Ann E. Cuneo: Miss Be- of Panara has been for South a sv tew i4t1
very Davies; Alcides Davila America announced. Scholt?=
Mr. and Mrs. Cyril D. Delapp succeeds Capt. James W. Wal
our children; Mr. andMra. ker. Jr., wh has resigned to
Wbur B. Fall and two children: accept a pos tlon with Pan "L' "a
Is/8ft. James R. Flohr; Miss American World Airways.
Marguerite Foley; Mr. and Mrs. Scholta entered the airline -
Mier F. Forbes. Jr.; and Miss industry as a Meteorologist in wi 16
Annette Friedman. 1937 and was active in Panama, William stch
Mrs. Gertrude H. Gibson and and the Oanal.Zone until he errespondle W
daughter; Mr. and Mrs. George joined Panagra In 1939 as Chief wrote counties letters for
Race; Roger C. Mackett; Mr. Meteorologist. Under his di- dents Roosevelt sa Truml
ad Mrs. Burt W. Hsal; Daniel reaction an extensive network "s ed today.
R. Warned; Mr. and tbs. Mar- of airways radio weather re- r. Truaman ccepd t
tin J. Hayes ana two children; potft stations was set up by aton and told. a t
Weaey etr; Mr.l and Mrm.IL ean, along its thousands of ..."No one 0 t he don
land Newitt; ROaSEB B. ie- miles of alrilnes routes. As a I" better and I Aseal fee
ma r. sf4.X; a thi sa e phave lost my rigt a
a m aZ4 tio -;' U' falMqW pioneered in the am W vaa Jben Jackssdied."
N eta o et nd tnard B. plcatiof of weather forecast- -.. forme
fmuoni. tog to its operations in South r, ES
flask k&tb* Mr. and America.a
eTheodot'. a :e;U M. In 1946 Scholtz was appointed Husre. i =S
A. Wl'tt4 1 a ; MWlls 1utrintendent of Operations House in 1W r l h
Hne Klm; Mr. afid Mam. and as such played an impor- easit-ke.t. e *
V 1hidttt V. t tafit part in the postwar trhn- hisaofficefIe rl sevralI
M in S N e .t rie; sfon of the ahr'ne from theb tng som o th U
Nagaret ecMurfay; Ais oporaton of DC-3s to DC-41 hol, nNorthiM l fth ,
__ asact s Irvnd to a slmnH


g Passengers for
Los Angela, Sen Francisco and Vancouver
By The Modern Cargo Liner
64% l tTo tAB AMNUma
Splendid Actemnodation.
Unexcelled Cuisine.

Tpl.- C..9fUITON l.h e
Tel.:'rdbA 1781 BuuIa 166;

lLKIn. Pwma *-


Aur a

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ai 11 "1^ .

-.., .-,

- 3
.... .........

lold CU mII

w *,. .'

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............ ........

eneer Orvt1 q '



Letter writer r

Offi deA jg.:
(U) P le 1 AN Wte
holar l "
Presi- c omb nation
an, re- M lR" -4 =
he re- t*e A" "ft, .
t: 3t 1-8
.me the a _, +

S u I e. ,

r.t, spoke ab. referred t
rpolt Mt. tIflu r dw -

* "No one could hi
i ob tter and It
k a*tLt^stL5




*00 tb..

Im4 &

1tM take oU eCU wahemH .
The ftrst fu-g-- t tt inBf A w,
sie vue wes mde ltat usNis 1. The 1d Man hl,

1 agm o f a' u t re '.

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* b. Mi
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.. biep.rt ''

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*..... ; !.-f^ W^^O d o ''/*

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,. ,t : .S- I

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I s
$** .,- S

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s .,;. -, AM .7,.,' "
*~~ ~ ~ *,4'd% s-f WS '^ yf~~W ^'
.. .. .-*. j,...;. -,,

, !f :: ---- -
S tr"' r r .,.'-. ...' '........
,S,- k .-4, .. ..7 -1p.- -.1


:.'iI, l-B''
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L os k tg M,
^ ": T^Tj.-^-* **"
':. ;. '.J| r ,.f r .'
-.5. -....
*... ,! --,-,p- w,
.% :?t ;- ."4.'

*; hu:",P ,./ lls_



sir -~I..C~4 -
~ e -
I..- e 'P
:-sq ;*s~'
a lit- -~
*~ ''A-k

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S...'-; ., .' .* .. -
"!* '" "" '; ,. o,.'* ,' '*. :"
--, .. -,:,,.,. .*** t .

,,.^-- ,- i;. ,, ''"* i.: ':-


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.5 .4 .%,. 9
.'-&. sc c '.
v-: T 4i


flu I
I. I
---I- I nai


-Tiri'r :2 S*.
iv^ -'
.7ys '



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-I t' '


. t, *,>o .'-(

S, ,T

. ,. ,: ,. 3

5:. '.

. a,

SYou Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em Stur PA. tuAa.

I eave your Ad with oun of our Aments or our offices iu No. 57 "HI" Sii
No 12.17Q Central Ave. Colon

Lewis Service Sake d Bea A mericans Css gSmn-.H."
*4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2231 and *M West tb Street 10.859 M elindft- mbSI

fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Agenda aternacioal de Publicaciewes Prepaganda, S.A.
*3 Ka Plm Plhome -8- *g tst corneer lSw 8it
Phones 2-2214 aUd -"Uj

H .use. lda A tom il lDoye you hev a ling pIriblem? Casino)SantaO Dd once music- bi
OUS0 __ ___- Write Allese$lla See Casingp Aces. No reservations n
.....h .d A.e rviecessry. S aCy'v and unli.
Wk SALE.-Washng machine G. E Servce Perso l end Cil 20 Am cesry. S rdynd Sun .
cycle. Or trade for sep'ng ma- GveInmsnit aA week end trip to remember the PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. The
chine. Ancon 0582 Apnt. mpl neo. rest of your life! Through th Pon-- only court i" Santa Claoe with oan
tR SALE: Guaranteed used gas enYO fEiiees you~ new C ma Canal to Soan Bias Islands and Oceanview from oil cottages. Steps
stoves. apartment size, low p,,ced or Co Porto Bello! A Jungle Jim Jaunt to beach. Rock Gas, refrigeration.
Silen Service Shop. 28th Si. Calh- AGENCY, IN=ER package tour on the cruiser barbecue and shuffle board. Pan-
dopia. Tel. 2-4547.... No. 43 Aeem"ie R "Pescadora," sponsored by the ama 3-1877, Margarita 3-1673.
'FORS--ALE--'....u .. ..- .o34 `g 3-4985 Hotel El Panami. Leave Balboa Box No. 435 Balboa.
FOR SALEn b-G eed us usein 25 & 60re S E.-1950 platform Truck Friday July 18th. 6 e. m. from Phillip. Oceanside cottages, Santo
erator. Can be used in 2S & FOR SALE.-1950 platform ruck Pier 17 Balboa, arrive Glon about Clara. Box 435, Balboa. Phone
Cyl 8 cu fw. Sien Service Shop t h winch, perfect condition., ood 2.30 p. m. at Strainlts Club Panama 3.1877, CritobaI 3-167.-
28th Str. Colidonia Tel. 2-4~ tires. "Agencias Globales," No leave Cristobal 9.30 p, m., arrive
FOR SALE -New used refrigerators 121 Via Espai-a. Panami. San Bias Islands 6 a. m. Satur- CERRO CAMPANA: Complete,
at convenient price and terms BARGAIN! 1950 Se e4kker Chea- day July 19. visiting the homes modern facilities, sleeps nine ape.
Compa.ia Alfaro. S. A. pion pardr Si.le, mereen, feur of the Cuna Indiana, soilboaohng In cil rates. 'Curundu 7279.
* FOR SALE: Singer .etvrngftoot' few time, me tew madi e pI lastic dugouts (Cayucosi swimming in a-na aa -r a
machine. Coldpot refrigerator et c ea ms bsee" crystal lclear water. Return Sundav VR KCNU -
nmew, ,in crate, 60 cycle. SI e-i--ppreit. -Emnto Only via Porto Bello. Arrive Colon in
mans double couch. Frden cacu-' $40 dow end ive it away. time to catch 4:30 froain to Bol- A|_r__Hn_
lator. gas stove, baby crib. Strol- COLPAN MOTOR INC. bo. Don't forget to bring your AHAM A APARTMENTS
ler Phone 916 Color Year Fr dly Deal er swm suit and camera. or n- Modern ful .unfurnished aport
O n A.tee.ble Row tire tour. $40 fr om Colon, S o I C' "u s a r
FOR SALE .-International Harves- Tel. 2-103 2-103 fr Canal trip. Per reservations^ sl oi c th. eSton.
tr refrigerator, $200. Excellent ---phone Jungle Jim Panama 3-166C Cfact off ct0 1. 0thStreet.Nei"
condition. "Pye" raodo, 7 bands. FOR SALE.-1952 M. G. less than or your travel ntCristobol. telephone 1386 Colo.m
S'75. 2167-B, Curundu, C. Z. 4.000 m.les 51,450.00. Call 256. FOR RENT-Small apartment grun
R SALE* Complee and Mc. Co Solo. SALE floor cottage. Cool, independent
household effect, Tel. 2-4306. FOR SALE-Or trade. for cheaper M i .Suit ble sid. e section C rdt
; car- 1952 Mercury, blue, 4 cor.. __ A_ mit__ Suitabole fo -Coon p.
FOR SALE -Steel cffoner n good radio and heater. Call 273 SALE 9079 8 t. on.le. Fawn
Condition. 15.00.107-8 Pedro 3296 at duty; 273-4112, quar- wiRthwhiLE m na,. er...xclent fo FOR RENT:'-Aportment, with li-
Migul ..Phone 4.-506.. b.tersbreeding. Paops and pedigree vote service. 13th St. House 20.
SLESSO N S BARSAINI 1943 OC .ler Perder Also mole pupp. Fawn 3 months San Franomco. Call 2-1464, An-
,. -- -- _WiNd ,da Wd derk ey fild drive, thls old with papers. Qtrs. 383-B, Cla- on.
)rivote swimming lessons, children is e *m.e mO, g agjrMed, emly t__n. FOR RENT: Furnished Apartment,
or adult; Call Jim Forbes, 2-1393 $ d330.00 d "ew ad &lve it way. rFOR SALE:--ConVerter 25 to 60 2 bedrooms. Call 37 East, No. 26
5.30 to 7 p. m COLPAN MOTORS INC. cycle or hea y 60 cycle gen- upstairs.
OWANTED TeA. 2.- 3 -2- 1. Holden.- olba"lt -6315. ment for s;on family, wftRlt phone.
WANTED e. -0 do r- FOR SAE: S further reduced all furnished two bIdroom,. liy-

W ANTED- Vacation quarters Aten- Cl 4a- 3 5:, 30 -l7.30ep bu
FOR SALE:--1940 oo 4 door se- the Sixtomrat Li0ht Metem, rust ing and diningrooml, porch, maid
adn .hg.nd proofdad rftk proof '$21.50 L om, rfara lla Vts a, r br i
*WANTD-Vacot,on quarters Atlan- .9P:ndble trnsportaton, $250.00o RC.RAS, PJlaz i de Msye, pan,- stp."-Cai offia hours. 2- 2310.
tic side. about August 10, phone 4-339 5:30 7 m -
1.2- 1U m. __ =AE 2U5 P0 I L

BA* 1 1949 Much AL
WANTED -.. Aulomoble salesman o ..AA 1949 Nash 00 S, p pIUgg 'AflT
for CarcI Zone. Write giving full Pd- Sedem light .gre, goe LUMI t...
panric. l-r. Box 177 Coltn. te ot severs. e "ellet a ndi- Panama Canal Conm 4h1vites pro-
te, 0 e"ted. 001 $295.00. posals for furnisirt i ,500 BMFT
,O Ai 'drive t ewey.It White OAk Lwnh Wrsea ,led bid,
FOR E -c' N MOTO" INC. opening" 10:3 A. Juy21, 1952,
SFOR-SAL tM a ly Fr InvitationNo. 14 Is available ea
... f ,.t,- Auil obileSAWi office of Superintendent of Store-.

P metor. 55. nc- Jg- s r Just arie -ornM frr
Saw, '1 HP motor S30.00. 6 indh ha lIc.I r' n- J arrived rom MlmiC. Florod
SJoiner-Planer "a HP motor $0- C- Angel Ashes," reasonable prIce
"'00. Craftsman equipment, 25 Cyl. oibm, l' Area.M Come rn a t h 'm at 'ur ft-
S1inol Hou- se 294, Culebra Road. m' .. nVorn it. "Ca, M..,." Ct -,-
SAn:cn at M Too %aft ll t MISC
cM- nd_ ...6-1 0-11 01 3,,,,, U-R SALE E:-esf-e; M bl" SInS*,
= 'XRa, ei eele m- Piano. Phone -84,a 4 p.&
'U R NEWS %,. .tiSi"I0 FOR SALE:- -
(Continued from Pa F2) o a adr e ay F SaLlse C No, 53, Apt. 1,
< eFOR SALE".'-Ford 1952 converted.. ..Cale. .,pt. El
ty arebacked by demonstrat- Apply No 45, Via elisarlo PrrsCa.
h of industry had vis, duty free.
r regard and no respect for FOR SALE:-1939 Mercury .cpnwe t-
arguments, aims or Interests bible coupe. Sobanos. 2050 Apt.
workers when workers were 2. Above the Ponaderls Vsit l er-.=
ftenomically weak. unorganized moso. Duty paid. POR Al Cu1ed $,.
wi_ disunited. The captains of l-A t--94.B-. tAt,, ipr iv bat. Tak. $15,,
Sica will have little regard for A I 44 4mlek lekper tyr 000 brif yurp heck book. Tel
l arguments. Interest and lae6,. M. l mW m in1 6:44i-its wt tl, Santa Clara
A ot working men and wo- e e. 01 ny $130.451 G ..... $3--.. .6
so long as thev are politic- e away. doe AI,,tew*e. .ran
weak, unorganized and dii COLPAN MOTORS IN. San 41.tCpl i 24, Pan.-
Your prindly FwJ oin tNW
On Autimbile ft *
i't this crucial election year.! Tel. 2-1Ui3 2--i_ _S____ _1 ..
-mJembers of the American .FORS...t.-19--5.. I f 4r >f.*..
on of Labor must give FOR SALE: -1951 Ponftd e. 4p eM
and unremitting support to mati. 4-door sedan. 9., mites.
'& league for Political Edu- 2- 597. weekdays.
Sedge 4* "Mb1t44 hu rt i.fL
-As we have built un strong and bimMllTnE -$- J-. .** tS e1!
9tive trade unions as the drlve I tway. 4 5ueStyat
ru ent for the attainment COLPAN MOTOW W aft'
our ecnomic aims. so must aY, u? e P eli ^.i n ,.
bud our League into an ef- On e .S *t a-
S political instrumentality'. _-1 a *ifjt. *3-Se in ?4:P
t~. -ela, ,-: 11-00 low

as the former has de-
id thar we work together,
together. pnd strike to-
. sn does the latter now
id tmat we eo to the polls
fr abd vote together.

Unity Lodge No. ,
). lks of W., wtun
mrday for a Joint
wrroy with the
ite. The ceremony
it the Paraiso Lei
mtnvm t a. -i --

a .

SN TRIF H ral! A
STHE MALese B Ran J Prs,I
Imm&a 11U jam" fHen'M*r'y Pr'o!.

SA 1 M


We MMS. Probate
WOTICE is hereby eo m
thiot for the probate of1
Jams Usnry Piets, aeotMes
thte umeae. mof letters of ealdti
Itd he will aenmed to thane S*.
mlaistrator of the Caml Ze Ew
I this Court on JubP 1g. 15
JULY 24, 19 52-t .9 osle. a. a ,S-p
Courtrooms of this Court at las'
d S ne, has been et oe* theip

wy seild petition shNw not be
,at er ,miAe., C,,O Zeust, m
C.T. m.c a
.. Clrk of Co-t

* j ..-.


r-- w^r'- ^
T -, ,- 1 ,

::__ --- __ i
SI-- ^.^_-^^ ;

MY aJ 21 OnO
Aellji nknd?^U~e A

.Wi'*wm nw f
OT ryan~ As ba
*thitJt at an|i

his etmhtewstt 11- c00
fli S- Mbxnhv alMffll tis


emutfl eB i M

2BCsatrai Ave. Tel. 34*l*


Tel H

SrLING: Pan r j"UM
amee Co. d tu*t A
talk (eemlh m ath
TB.. 3 1 a-1iq -



MObIRtN RvtNlttitt
s-y iQwuAff
TMIpV -f 1aribtsui
volt ^i a owest f

m' e.a

B"goummW ve *=noU lpy.- mi
hi *414umuw au M eM. .0
ke fdimtWI eofa titm MI
A rtuted hnu*M & a'.
1 tb stcat meetIqs hore.
re orted bsflg Up 1 the
m .n 6 p tum. -l
pba a va jNS' a1

. .

-jtWvJf.k4X .4'I.
\~* i'A~

a. tIa.-seh i

SFr.6 t. Y s.f1M, d e-lvta the
a tooM i ct at rn of talks 0t ac-i

, &aSarlgh.w te A.lary Kas- -

the Wspital vadi-
SClaytG A MPA ec0-

i Also V@4 lAown I
jagans wee put
o?*Smrtsis e- aS if B .


awt Mwc ia

i A.

mba. a

Ic Warves
M: 4lISrt upportn
I -
41 son onUV

44 Pteecuted
ate USethI son
CO~ia name
insee SUte


it- -: r -' '

"*1" ,. 1' ".,'-! .*.'.rf<-)..<;
'" = -* ".' ,. / ', .',- ..'. -.;- '; -
'. ;.. ., ':. "'*<.' "+' .t.f i

.. A .. .:. .. -.a "
.lw.. i M t v,'. ,, .rn
,W .. "*' T- -
V V .... ... .............-C+

OPMW" "Wil~
Aa-S B3*w


ii t
is 'r- f*
dh-" .TU .r
.. ;- ".' ,-S .
"' ".**PB ^ ,- :"* *f--W.*






I 4


ai .s4


., ,i". ft .
1I ,I,
*s .

'' ^^Thr.tA^L' d
1 ^ .,3 '; ..^ B', *
* ..; ..:d j v kt f m lk

4 4-A. ea.

>.- ..,,
.,.--- .. ,. w. -fr

, ..,''' rla e
^* pAl ,

El' .

4' -.

A It U6 yadie kav '4 sOP.

P an .t'. ,W

#an ,
,* ..,





R *p .'
.I ,,. 2 ,
sri*. *{*--'* '


+ ,. ,


-, 'C.
~ A

.' ,
-. I


r* a i


,the C

^M~ Itt. od

ji^ '- jfLd

d4 4nwl
Sr -' '' I ^

S i-


-~ S


~3s;4 ,., I

rt -i

, .~z- VA

m- a.
, 'I

/ .



*,. c',
a.: ,, ?
&. I.'ii'<-, ,

7,. -

. '
, '...'-f.>,.


n iAl f
*.K *~f


1 s'

- 14.

x '. ",' -.
Idr -, ,

. .


* r't~

p. j
*I ~A
.i~. .


rims C

I 'le


,kA Y ]

+ +. 4

, >. ir-l. f

.. .. 1 .
, -' '-Ji
- .."

; ,.,-''.

,' t


-.3. ~pJ.
.92 N


4, ,
fr* '


s. i'

F a.

J r


-)pan'I (ni

AIr- IItlmsnd
*:lI A 5:11
d-am a_

6:16 & 8t s and **ROSF OF THE TLVum
Thursdly "Hitory Ik Made At N WI
C 0 C 0 L I J.n ARTHUR Char ,BOYB o
*;, a .: "History Is Made At NWig
M ThumdyCGUEL, "hAN N Ll

4 T M


a- "til ow CM sT

- ft ti~ 'I-s.


Wynn s Five
*/ ,* :-4

Indians Also Pull Rare

Triple Steal On Kuzava

V : NEW YORK. July 16.-(UP)-The Indians
defeated the Yankees 7-3 in a Yankee Stadium National League
might game in the opening of a crucial five-game
ries on Early Wynn's to move within -roon t .4 t.11
two-and-one-half games of the American League New York .. I '
St. Louis........48 3S7 M
leading New Yorkers. Chicago .. ...... 4 40 .1S
PhiladeBphn. I. 42 .481
The Indians also staged a rare at Chicago. The Braves' assault Boton .... Philadelph 42
triple steal with Al Rosen scor- u.'s upon Cuo Ditchers Omar Cincinnati 48 422
ing in a two-run first innin anoa Lcv'n. rPllever V'illard Ramsdell Pittsburgh.. .. 3 68 .26?
arrv Simpson later banged an and finally Bob Kelly. ..
Inside-the-park homer. The In- --- -- TODAY'S tiAMES
dians' Luke Easter, recalled from PlaygrOund Sports Brooklyn at ClielinatI (N).
the minors, also got a four-bags- I M Boston at Chcake.
ger while Yogi Berra. Joe Collins --- New York at S. aouls (N).
pand Mickey Mantle homered for Philadelphia at Pittsburgh.
the Yanks. Pedro Miguel edged the Balboa
The Red Sox moved into *Dagmars' 43-42 in an exciting YESTERDAYS RESULTS
third place ahead of the White "B" League basketball thriller at Boston 010260 100-10 8 0
So% by bestine them 7-5 in a the Pedro Miguel Gym Friday. Chicago 110 000 100- 3 15 3
Boston are-lieht contest as Both teams played rough, de- Wilson 18-71 and Cooper; Lo ,n
rookie Dick Gernert homered termined ball from the opening (3-61, Ramsdell, Kelly, Manville
twice. Gernert now has clout- tipoff of the game-ending whis- and Atwell, Prapesa.
ed four homers, good for 12 tie. The boys from Pedro Miguel
runs in the last four games capitalized on the rough play by NIGHT 9AMES
Cuban Orestes Milloso smashed netting 1 3out of 18 charity toss- Philadelp'a 004 00 036--10 0 2
a three-run White Sox homer, es. while Dagmars could only Pittsburgh 00 20o 100- 3 8
Rookie Dick Brodowski. with re- sink six for 22. Simmons (8-3) and Lopata
lief help from Al Benton. wcnl Pedro Miguel took an earlv Pollet 3-10,^ LaPalne 181 and
his fourth came while giving up lead ending the first quarter 15-5 McCullough. R-Jones.
only four hits before he left in in their favor. Balboa came back uou. HR-oes.
th-s seventh. strong in the second quarter and Ne York.......... .6
The Athletics won two from when the boys walked off these -Louis .. ......
the Browns 7-6 and 11-3 at Phil- floor at halftime Pedro Miguel ...............
adelphla. rallying for six runs In nela only a slim 21-19 lead. BROOKLYN at CINCINNATII
the ninth inning of the opener. The second halt found the Postponed, Inclmnt W th
Kite Thomas starting it off with teams exchanging basket for Post
a homer after which Joe Astroth basket with Balboa finally tak- .
singled In a second run and Ed- ing the lead at the close of the Aim A _a i A a
die Joost broke it un with a third quarter. The score was tied AmelCFII _L UCe
rand slam homer off reliever 42-42 with only 40 seconds re-
ptchel Pal-e. maining in the game when Al TEAM- WeT lost rI
Veteran Pobo Newsom hurled Otero one-handed his gamewin- New York ...... 40 32 .6
the Athletics to a ten-hit victory ning free throw through the Cleveland .. .. .. 47 35 .5:
in the second ga'oe. The A's ral- hoop. Boston ........ 45 37 .5If
lied for six runs again in the Otero was high man for the Chtoo. ..: : 45 9 ..r
eighth inning. including Joost's winners with 22 points, whie Pe- Washinton ..... 1 38 .537
two-run homer. rantie topped the losers with 12. Phidetphia .. .. 3 40 .4'8 4
The Tigers dropped a dou- The box score: St. Leis. .. .. 8 51 .4M
bleheader to the Senators 8-2 Pedro Miguel- G F T PF TP Det .. ...... 317
and 9-8 in a Washington twi- A. Cox ...... 0 0 0 0 --tr i t-.317
night twinbill despite the fact B. Hatchett. .. 0 1 1 1 O GAMES
Walt Dropo got bi .18th con- E. Kirchmier .. 1 0 0 2 St.w mi IPIaeM phIa (N,
Seeutive hit during tWe evening. L. Howll .. 2 0 0 4 Detroit L tb ln (v),
Dropo started his streak Mon- A. Otero..... 7 8 3 221 fN a ew N. A
*dav by getting five hits against B. Black .. ...1 0 0 1 NCcwag t ioa T
'the Yankees. He added four more B. Rosan. ....1 3 2 5 euc t
singles in the first game against R. Million .... 0 0 0 0 YTSTUBA ESTLTS I
the Senators last night then tri- J. Hammond .. 2 5 8 a )
,pled, singled and doubled in his -. St. Loula WIIO40-4 12 01
irat three appearances in the Totals. .. .. IS 14 43 Philadelp1ia 0 -l2-' 0 14 3
-second game. The fourth time up, Pilette, Padrfj1) and Mos;
hle fouled out to spoil his chances l- Scheb, K l et, W ift t (1-0) ao .
Sot setting an all-time record for M"ee .. .. .. 2 Aaroh
'consecutive hitting. However, he Perante. .. .. 5 2 1 Astro
S Wintled his last time up. Sutherland. .. 4 0 .2 8
In the Natimtmal Lear,.lefty W l.0 .. .... .* 1 ptrlt
in Katde Cad- ** ** **4 ._ W ii 4( 4 I
ahs forth 120 s t ittae Scott. ......y
1a his career -3 sad also *t Cody. 1 0 0 0 2Iberg;I a bb Iri first blt qf the Wesse" at ** ... 0 0 '
"Dt. Louis last night. Brandon .. .. 0 0 0 ..a .
The Giants moved to within DesLondes.. .. 0 0 0 0 ? oW 'Afs' .
:five game. of the Dodgers who Durfee .. .... 0 0 0 L (Seat 'in e) d
ere rained out in Cincinnati. L6pe ...... .. 0 0 0 St. Louis 00000012-- 3 10 0
After Koslo doubled In the fifth -I 0 Philadelp' a flee x-11 1 0
iad went on to score a run, he Totals. .. .. ..18 10 lae (6- Bearden (1) wand
*livered two more runs in the ; hpa ~ (s
-*~iventh with a single. Gerry, Mrf r7
lttaley suffered his seventh de- .
seat against 12 wins. Hovt Wil-
Iloem pitched two-hit relief ball CAN FILL Vo K E
to the sixth Inning-on to pre- It
Koslo's sixth win. In
SRookie Mel Clark blasted P Jo,
bitand slap homer, his first cir- teman o) U
tult blow In the majors, and ade' Oaftilerg
Ut two singles in the Phlllles g (64*) (49, Oesnaegra'
10--3- victory over the Pirates in r et.', '
'Pittsburgh after dark clash. Cur -----
3immons breezed to an eight-h ieved' 200OU I" I
triumph. his eighth. Simmon-r New" [i (1 ld S
W'ruck out ten batters, Including A ) alB H
Gus Bell three times .')
S.The Braves scored six unearn- Oh M A
46 runs on two hits. five walks 9lhtU ." o
and two errors by Rov Smalley
la the fifth inning and eventu-
lly slaughtered the Cubs 10-3 t.









5-. w.
"f, --..- S.

in Tour
mlan golfers. In t
tournament was comfain
However, this year

Still Batte

iic Ccage S

twice and eliminated:
land, Israel and Tark
oce-Romania. Lost
won once-Belgium, Or
.taly. Won once--BMli
S Philitppines. Hu
1*y t. Won twic--Ci
The second round Of
nations was highlight
first clash of the GOaRM
L Communist country
W -Remania's tgs
Caada. The Romanil
a first round bye
trtlvlY but collapsed Ia
Sd iatf when the Cana
on the speed.

The Swiss, tall and tat
down before supeior0
-la isteamwork. Israel foundoir.
*t. mnated by the narrow twb".
Ily afte reading 36 t6OXt
S4 pemarksmanship .
b ay e out the Turks in the nist
os ndli na taeular game Qf the day.
it tin' M tin continues tomorrow.

Naval Station, Studcbaker

A'hANSD Abacks kept right up with' t
LEA k .- Studebaker five, scorft am e
TA5- e to 46 win over tht WUapaick
TEAv Won Led*.at able Fsuron five.
!! fao.* .-t .. 6 1 7 % I, ftla ai j a s _

1*11I 'be|


letuns to aetiem.
mtteag a foemWaet_5
fve. This wil

:::i** li71

S ** ** *O 3 1
.rta ..A l-

at.dy ... .. 0

*ae-- O R6 *
Nestle ........ l 2

wLums ...... S 0

it 4 0
*~- .... *

Sbeen .. ... 1 0
tand aImoa.. 1 4 Z 1
Sg by anyone W f t. ... 3 0 5
a m many strokes. r .. 1 2
B drtiSted Lattin 4 ands 0 1
WI ainl g in B,, .. 4 1
S n two occasti .... 1 3 0
trouble. Mes' Ptt 1 1
I ot wrnn and was tb A ., 0
at n B his favor. '. 0 1
u Flight Scott -
hiped36 holes beft ... .. 1 17 5
i w reached. Scott -----
he Arakes from Dn Iers
,Domnlu cme three ttma
itM ol e of the ma 1
led ame-ap coming into W 41
Scott Wion to even .
..Uitr wagain-one-- -
0tetooa 27 and BMW
i i sill-even coming -l '
led ft me wn to defeT t lt rob

dem and stegek; Jr. play
z Mlu ft binG and atfl
IM f ran tgele
e -the-turn. Bo
Sftheir leq
but oung behou
bUs. to place tila his-
PM aM e a S P for a a -

I A'n L m i

a geekts

li an t
Age mat
htawm bt

S yes-
*r-t Am-
ps to two
ly Air Force
a. T-Sgt.
I or'V I,
95 for the
L. Wood, it
Id the An-

T thr=h
bw team to
I an the


- -

h .


-w -.---

a & ~

metdage sdt h aa winter

I oe asa .
abJ se se "

mw I=

HOLMCN 4 ftns arcoLg

*dW a, e l ow m LEsw Ses%




It's Movietime TONIGHTI1


Canald &J/eaters a
Joan FONTAINEE John Iu t
"Darling, How Could Y.Tr
Also Showing Thursdayl

: f lr r ,: ft.A

Louis HAYWARD e Patrila MSBIR
"The Lady and The kendit"
rhlm aws "LADY Frno M EXA"

4. ,




I'V %-


. mMimmil








J~ *.A.

."-. .^.. .. ,. ..-

"."r -" -" :'

.j ,. -.- y : ;..- .- 1
4* r *

A' : -,' ** -;"i

. ...
. -. ,


v ,, .. -,

1: 1

RsNse4t Goes

uvrio Hspital I II

| "o Cikup

SPro ident Truman was admit- t Y44 t 7yg4IU S
to Walter Reed hospital to-. .... .
f fhor a-checkup following fur
Suffering from what the
House described an a mild
S virus infection.
Mr. Truman has been con fined
to his personal quarters in the
White House since Monday.-
Press secretary Joseph Short
said the President might be in
hopital for two or three days.
Mr. Truman Watered the hos-
pital on the reoommendation of
White House physalcan Maj. Gen.
Wallace Graham. CHMCAOOuly I. (UP) t e-
noorat ae2aMrs have hope-
Short maid that this morning fully a short national
was the first fi.e in several conveastln lor next week, with
days that the President had no an oa3 doer for oragnized labor:
temperature. Graham said. how- but no .weteOe sign yet visible
ever, there was a posslbtlity some for c-tag nwvea.
slight fever might develop dur- rfalm Rayburn, of TO-
is the dat as, S.t leading outhemr-
Ort told reporters that the a lr ned a mar
Predent got up early this morn- I
ing shaved and dressed himself J permanent chahet.
and rode to the hospital wit Wman. p
Graiam. .
The 68-year-old Chief Ex cu- COYvet iS speakers we.r
tive appeared to White H o u a e chosen fref the East, West.
attaohe to be virtually over the Worth. Mrs. Xleanor Roove*t 1
effects of his virus attack this 4wI 4 a the hr of the viatti
morning, but Graham thought it orators.
advisable to,put him in hospital two plaeft the 21-member
for a checkup. prEaaitry batting committee
This Is the first time the Pre- whih will tap. out the 19652 Pe
S d e n t has been hospitalized moeratic m were salgaed
since he to6k office in 1945. .to the CQI.a ,AFL.
Asked whether the checkup etiupe t t raSl dn
and hospital stay would Interfere "-l benawere a '
with Mr. Truman's plans to Maittf r North *a-
the closing sessions of the De-
*mocratic convention In Chloagp, fI
Short said: "I woul not thbin
.-t O. a- -~the pa]/

U ein eiipla emm a i

flrd msch P. 1-n*
N' MOKe R ll ite y Mu 1 ,, ...-e. he ..,.

h- pt or hiam early on %lmg.
g tnhMt Ieaal oi Blidvera- S.

Sfor ftothr ftr Ogatse ft s
a_ "p d 22 "e ab U atith

"ftr 1 Uaun a r

Dre ay d C l. ,400voe 1 I. 3a*D
gbnallo tantamorulat tol 'rn- 10f a

innIN VirgiBia. -M pr a oi.J

-. '.4 *
V -t ..
ijwu:*: 4M



Thure Tlrt

1 1 P ,- -


-C ..-..
**: .,,

" -,, ,. ,1
iaA~~k ** '*



S tlk sh Sharply IRi
*.. trbthe South
Mtm elsewhere IN
Issue coin&&
ntion In two N'
makers must
wing up a civil Md
4..... the credentles.
S ttt meet It in Mtht
MW4Texas delegate Ut
S r edent Trum3
Ins taenttrequests
but simply won'
S or the Democratic
Slomination, friend
Lntlmates of theOtli
Usi. ssai he will inttV
IV* s top any draft IS!
Of is started at th
i P residential pr
r 'W ese s ahort,a ae'
..,l ... ea persistent rumotgi
.. ,- .; .. be -drafted, tal n.

', m s... ,,
n* W athe iMl

sunny quasun
asaa hat XI
MmaOr tod

P. NO'



.A. .
," *,t*a ,


aU T

. .

- pa~* -

b l'aw Lb 4tat
K ^ ^ ^M *are d

(i .. '- &.di d the cir-

etbi "Fair
bas been under
lABS i the past
..W 4a VPy time since
lia"' A oncenment
C b flattered, but
than ever to
9* vM'"!h1" sam
_hatE iPronal pre-
iS 1 mus alter.
alt Thom ,
rle Mai sum an to
Mibr taaay dictation of
a Mr. t ua. will back.

C4ACs EIt Sees Nixon

%nbho AwMAoss
ni. 'H- "



d Bottled -

.. Scotland j


Sto ter
kf the t1Se
t the "labor

a ~ is., @mgw, ufl

61%- 4;,W Alf.

Thursday, July 17 Ifs I B
MGM LOW, of e lh
5:51 a. m. o t' t avoid a tge
i. aI mn. 6:36 p. m. mthe bleat.

A: ,,,


-m I

w.uf i
.' .. ""


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