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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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New Faeiless Mill

ngulfs 63 Farms,

)ifers 5000 3bs
MORRISVILLE, Pa., July 5 (NEA) Setween 4:30
5 very afternoon, a strange rpemde of med-coeted
eidmwds# turns the main teecntme of this smell
into a monstrous bottleneck. They come from a mile
i the road in a bend in the Delaware River, a place
townspeople call "the site."
It is here United States Steel is building its new
*i eWorks, which will be one of the world's great ,
L Heri UTOO men are fashioning an indestriel colos-
aon 3,842 acra that ud to be 63 truck foats. The me
&w crop will be steel, not spinach. t
We to rich farmland
Sat good plaoe to
t to the North.
crossed the Dela-
. awind serenely by
410ig20" to the sea. There

RSma. 'iw.".-* ^ ^B HHH

h ,k4.

S bli
,Ltke bi
'my Ufn
-f snow

~L~~&r ;'1


We Wm blast fnMcei
..& SfIM -k a -

olikety eas'

areN, an thew oo brok
e. .. 1
erie *U beSft t

fs a comflreable heause
& bhi pareh SM wte stem. GEl
e. let it .o 1b te as John A
butry t tf days ty, genie
d-.. ^ etother. snake to

*So xorrlva

be m olls to
o ", aBed aires Ml, W. ,
tus*Ahsy Mbve wiouu eUMM.., t.
other, Levittown, wil hMave l-
Most of the mAllk- atl
auMened drivers to Utay te

.nital a

f out
a h



en waith te -t
Na dcUton,

raise ae
a4!, S

sed do

*Bi 6it.-

"I.0 the e elp he'd _h wiel
_ _be qeM we0lthaved, in
am a dbe- =any oouefe nMuates mmgua
giP"nL 9 ro ads the,.
AnflW ad ho 00 of the to-
&iU, U tal payroilofSO will be taken
saJ [,_ hwe a ti from the area. He dispelled
I the their worries, one by one, group
lQuitting time comia *tbyo.
thr "maWoia rs. RD OrmauUly they f tuarI
3e out 1t0 e o A re1d proconoetved feari nwa ema
proeed o give Morri- to notice changes in thet hivs.
ne-steel inspired head- The men Steel brought down
turned out to be nice Iola V&.I
t faor the traffic stua- cant homes were snapped ap,
Sarea 1s happy about iM roved.
Btle nsivhbor Everything bmmief2 W op-
position which was never or-
HORROR va vWnWd.
t a," p Jack A- .
40" ea n
e h aatm sm
ane." Mys a Steel
ma "p wouM be The hoepins uta went
Sof ek emnae k B k to a bun mau Rt = 3r-
r 5rO eer in to build ts 'maSr t
ad rbeat- Works anfth

ody* em

ar, 1but

1nay r
It dovn
the ma
Thaie A

lar, bUt
ttons a
Pae is
Ir down I
about a1




SSS'.'-V mucur. -
It ei aelw
'ybIIP t *A

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- B em' 1o
lst. aelnd ofI
&!oft labatanta



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.... .. *,"-^ ,a ...
* ,., ,, .. ** y v ^ .
- S
* ITl

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*** ... las, ;t b h...

1 w2wz
* .*tA4 L '*:*i .*' *.- tic -! "

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I. ~4 ~tJI -

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..-r I J, 'J~*&4,.,4

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^,..,4- A';^
U H "' 'f511' ''.' *s.

J~hi YetFrieW- y^r4^*

4i~ tif
iriS tail .4

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*t. *-.A .-.: f ,
a.. ..* ... I af 9-i



A. SA M-


|J! Is Here


I.-, op

E,- COPAYI, -tM*11 -
IV p
ALAp102Pmw4. WffspW

IJ_ -

lo ., .,- 1
I- it -

I A.op s -tt -g-

* y -*. a-, -
' .. .
,:. -"
* r "*a?7 *

Drie. in ialft

In white and 75
BB^ Aow gal.

o, < *.
0** en

7-.T .- ..M
^"q .nr l3r*.' '^r:yI..
"A;M.- K'fc *-'^ *

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rtadt OF SRAP

ioait& Protocoi

a. .-' U -*e'tW~'~'7 A. ~.-


Pack nain-




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0." 1 .f
'*-T. ". '..-* *; -*' ,*'.
" I'" s' j 1
"fiR' J > ^-" o -, ,

NAA Staff Writer
NEW YORK, (NEA) -Beaulity
on the road is no problem for
Nadine Conner, famous Metro-
politan Opera star. Her concert
engagements all over the coun-
try have taught her many pack-
ig tricks -some of which will
be helpful to you in yourtravels
this summer.
"The most important tip I
can give to any vacationer,"
aebs Conner, "is to travel
lht. Don't take along a lot of
She's that you know you will
5.."ever wear."
SN) e ) 0 s AY, who made many friends on the In t at ammendsll olathe
during her band' tour of duty as Commander-in- use plastic clothes carriers for

y 3OSETTE HARGROVEfl 6 aviltg m-
NRA Staff Correspondent r tmd amCon iner w for-p
t a-i-- ptsall her e-up In
LA COQUETTE, tagon, nd after that in0 than-l p c c con-
(N- A) Dark-hair- At S3, thdWe Vet' Pr shy Ctill as 3m and borle de-
black-eyed Mary (Penny Iable to disregard protocol th i out.
y, wife of Gen. Matthew a simplicity her friends find In a small p to e, no
gwa successor to Gen- endearing. bigger than a k,1 i car-
senhower as European rle s a miniature a il
chief is too busy or- Soon after they arrived in flet e miery boar n d a wik,
her new home at France, Penny teetered ddwn a- pencil andodpo
headquarters to allow Normandy lanes on high heels ce you never wn
t aine for social activity in the po g rain while her an M ene mending fob May Tra
tnow. husband p lcl his tteps as m sl follow her advice (I I h
the time being except Allied lnvdan. Later, a Fretch. Idt0 size of a match book.
Senerai's spection illustratet weekly featured a hola variety of thread colors clothes the bath
C- shes taying close to =1re of: e ftreme Comn- as well as a couple of needles, door.W m 5nt
Ommne com- her's 44 g an auto- Yoy can find moatofthese lit es ES of all the
'st* Mantwhile he tle items in the dime store. Na urai, the idal a a.
-But like any otherover8n* The compeed wv h cloth s brick are pylon, dacron e ande r- .
In Prnce, P enny has Ing k at te. another wonder ffid for the ion. Thiey llalme all ll roning
f plh Mere traveler. About as asb a nit- grobleaa ""
killt, It is chemic treated to An IdeaNoas
XM lbding Foward to the Thel a= Mea at....s- n *". R
bey hen I can visit all the Ric er, wa cloth hen It os wa m to use .
,fshea sanyd"s OesstIll ew a G m el ltri ate t r b .
Swear my low-heeledin e. M Conner learned the itecb-ea
.eow they arrivedmpaeo
e says.e Gu ress ."t stores andte
She'd like to attend classes rs s h anriesd es mm pl a t-ace t
of the famous Parisian I -. '-se -clif.' raartuends thlat a ws -a" c
Is too. Penny hasd l r ak things t, work- "toe
"Interested in painting,S& a I .t items arbnd4.e -
abe never had mucfr e- evdeerthing VO. d
h to study it until recently.c Ulon dre a n
Irbends say sher hs real oh e e. s and t eo M
for landscapes and still her own hesair, owned l opot
y says she "adores" mankcurist, and i nDs doina Unlg n `1
.My press onism.. much as she can to t t R9emeSbes ye cas k e
aSle to master the art the house at Marnes-sla you are ekihg, that there f detail
French cooking. quette into her own idea ot a plenty or room inside our .
A, om lome fred eto etrheeta5 sbtn andt their shoes, hndbags and even gloves It's no wonde oadihe o tener
And, -come Vall. dlIke to ree-viar- so Matt, Jr. for such items as ankles, belts looks well DO attars
.hopping for some real Par- =a ehowmuch
Slothes. On one of her Former guest, rooms hea e I aget wrt kled Miss have to do.
visits to Paris so far, she been changed in a nurry0ner t on lte hot steps, and o're
Aapeek lInsidegone "mason wand ro riten Matts rt- ane aeur with m hr step, n you a In or.y.yure bB o "
a in de one "matson and room for ite a t Ftte water shower et in her ho- our destination un or-
n b a oth r n tel and hanps her crumpled er.
NJ n her husband was Another room will become. a --
Commander In the study. The general has ordered KUMIf ,AW T "inart as
there will n o changes in M u e S )U 4 tm 9EAT 4 MIIn
dnqp s. and ,nti..s. Ruth M i"- S y IF I" "
Tokyo was not Penny Ridg- 6m- peut 0he the fl ?-EI-
first taste of Army high Th6inclues w b
b pro 8ol. Se rwas aTA e, ~D e o uwayI jst a specta- have fun. Get in there wit bh~el hlp rn r is
atoe rar a secret th e is Pmy. at tr to your children's furl if yoe them and have some of the fun ment. Y and
e mntert Defenq Peay ware W t to eno them. Join yourself. Even If yudn t.. Ya t "ay h rgood
W-ashind when -she woman ntt maid to do a an e with them, how to swim-you l Baby." any drug sta
the pgner In 1MB. the Sewing and talk rean lartag us they learn, playing When one of your Wilrft
tt come back from with her and young Matt as they play, exploring as they gets interested in a hobby, share
rnean to be senior explore, his fun by learn sft Oething '
on the board. Penny is a good badminton fathers seem to know this se- bout It yoursen'. s t-'
whose first two player, and plays a game or two cret for enhowrt children tet n s lt 0a
sded in divorce, In the even ng with the gener- o y interesting, c n et let go
,Anthoni rLong al when I o .backgfrom than-omth ers, re let you &eIf' In-
ce then she has headquarters. ashi But Itwcks fr e oo rested. t9
midst of military friends remember she was very This summer don't take you tr When your childred--orIn-0
ts, firdt in the Car- nt m s aIn 4 ce s ng, W children to the swimming pool When yor hndil e iern- P -
the generalwas Der be'itZh. lne txfthat at the pool, the way so many mothers on a seti by two W Ceann
of 81 aff at the. Pen- moment. do, watching your child r en them nget the u -,a the Me M
wat Indeed ccW=Awatthen Museum ,eOfath
with vague answers. flull be 110"Mr
411aloerqh saasmulch .so NM are, k.e.-
l/on & faraf m a.: $I g u lbsta
In sh t, iftym ay ntotMatla.Armit
enjoy your vliiedren el d"own d"s -e
off toy onlur o dL and eej
join them. Don't be A
sgooip a motel. Ni R E treatI
I& cempanThat's 4e 4lAr to-hip

a inusla mts M t el at outruth U
The "mama" sttinWg lde theft ta at r a m
While her chil trer s ,is r&OA5llp
.Ig. duty, beiga. T mother s .tee _
who Is right In there swimming, who to
too,Iis aICompanion am

tafl .At 11 5Jw-!


7 K:


l, a ...-
,.,,... ;'..-" .- W .

'-L.,; .=. .-

in wa as
i la ae

done o

.. .. .. .-



y time, It' *& Weita
8001 OR- flA Sikftc dM.

A -



I ~'
-' -~~~2
'a' JjhMsr '~W

-. # ,. Ji,'

--a=s T.. r

r5~. ~~'*

WOO '"


1 ~

- A!. .

""" """ "- ". -'" im g

(s ,"

I. ,

*- -,*"*

put SUM*

Brown *ter bo1ed
t t, P a -f

'. =

i=iZ- Hl ug

i~ q

* M -
I..,1 Yf-

* *-~ Y~j~.- '.
-;k;~~ ~:

j- ., .

.* ,- L ,
.... .1 -~ 7. ,

:.'", .'",m ,.. -. .74

.' IL

* .'7
. .',
.' .. "

" r ,

* *~*~7 ~ 4,*7.21

I.. ~ -

,~,**;. ~ I
rA '~ '~

- .~


.:-?; -. ... o ,
Vill r" ^^ ~
4.^M H~f A f'A

m:n. to
*44tl f,


~ ~'A~41

* *. -

. *o..- ...^*.

,. ^-:.


w ar, th Ad t o it* "A Stire
No, al Cink*a f X ea- CAM

tovHn Ave.--bone 3-2.1, i.

thb of July Ave.-Phon M "

,^|^8^2! M- m. Ls.I1*-0

.... ., '" ... *. ... ... .,a< (l..
-...'..... ,.

E:--G. E. washing machine
cycles, used one month. Norge
e 25 cycles. 'Phone 63-
2153-D, 7th St. Curundu.
LE: 11 -piece mahogany
kvgAInsroom set mode by Cowes,
fistinghouse Table Top Automo-
Hot Water Heater. Mahogany
ee Table, Misc. items Call
3-1850 all day Friday.
rday afternoon, all day Sun-
SALE; Electric Stove, Ken-
"3 burners, I Deep Fryer,
'0.00. Singer sewing machine.
etyle, blond color. Desk style
40. Dark mahogany bed-
et, twin beds, dresser.
la Jble spring and mattress.
MG Q. Zenith radio comblno-
,ilthi records, table model,
'O. Royal desk typewriter,
60. Washing machine Ken-
$50,00. Sunbeam mixmaster
P Liquidizer blendor. Kenmore
'00. Waffle iron. $17.00. Pots
.Poans etc. Call Panama 3-
W .from 8 p. m. to II p. m.
71hoyal lday.
:-Baby crib and mattress,
UAW5* Phone 2-3115 or 546.)-
.Endidott St. Dioblo.
l^AkLE: 1951 Hotpoint auto-
Jlat tasher. S250 00. Qtrs. 46-
I.lbrook. Phone 3230.
.SALE:-Monday and Tuesday
"IO0 to 6:00. Fischer Spinet Piano,
4,i$mons bed davenport and choir,
MKlsc. tobies and chairs. China clo-
*t,' buffet, chests of drawers,
ij pq mirror, lamps, Zenith radio
'4sW'phonograph with records, bed
ftt1'se sar. Electrolux vacuum
er., yard furniture, garden
s, Hose and sprinklers, plants
'si stands. baby furniture, etc.
Undberg, 897 Union Place, Bal-
.-I1, telephone 2-4348.
t ALE: -Simmons Youth Bed.
wfth mattress; steel chest of draw-,
f4 .steel side board; tables:
iMes; cheap. Hcgue, 5438-6,
iblo, Tel 2-4230.
iSALE: Maple Dining Suite,.


; p

0S24 Plk



, c







*Servvine f lqa*

Whn you

vth WInch, petcrfet c Mt
ores. "'Mncims Gl=bs.I"',t.
1,1 o aapt-to.'Paam!.- .-
FOR S0tLe:-Leavietg Panrmo, 1951
M. G. and 1951 Austin, duty paid.
Low mileage, cheap. Must sell.
Phone Panama 3-2809.
FOR SALE:-1947 Dodge 4 Door
Sedan. $775, con be seen at house
2035-D, Curundu, Tel. 83-4164.
FOR SALE:-Leavlng; PACKARD 51,
4 doors, leather upholstery, radio.
ultramatic s y s t e m, reasonable
price, easy payments. Sr. Sotillo.
No. 1, Central Avenue, Panama
3 6 p. m.
FOR SALE:-1950 Mercury, 2-door.
black, $1,600. Can be financed.
826-D Empire St., Bolboo. Phone
FOR SALE:-1947 Pontiac 4 Door
Sedan 6 Cyl. In excellent condi-
tion. See it at Vista Hermosa. co-
lie Ia and Francisco F16s, No. 2.
Apt, 1.
FOR SALE--1950 Ford Station Wa-
gon. 1574-G, Gavilan Road, phone
FOR SALE:--Radios for your 1952
Dodge or Plymouth cars. Colon Mo-
tors. Inc., Panamar and Colon.
FOR: SALE: 1940 Dodge Sedan
Remarkable condition. Good rub-
ber, leaving Zne., Price I includ-
ing Insurancel. $300.00. Cell
Ranson Navy 2290 or 2347 after



WqI. the ld gentellion who lent
*S ,W dollars at Ca" M -ou Co-
' ;on at 9:30 o. m, n. noi please
.rop me a n6tl so I cj MaiI him
my thek MM. Box Colon.
HSA L -ML of GNMll .AistCoco-
I geerfty Shop, hoi )r. J6rturned
from the States. SNe-bfitgl new,
exiting heir-dos f 'her many
clints. Tel. 4-557. .
Do bine *Msklfl *u'me
20 11 ALeeh, C.Q

Mise f tlrit
FOR SALE:--Diamond earrings, din*
ner ring aS asohlitare. Reasonable.
Phone Btlboo 2-4225.
FOR SALE:-] male Doschund dog
Tel. 3-4850. Panama.
FOR SALE.; All kinds of building
materials, including reinforcing
steel bars, galvanized corrugated
roofing, nails of all kinds, hard-
TRUCCION, S. A. Telephone 626
FOR SALE: Special offer. The
best slicing machines, Glebe re-
conditionld, from $125.00 up. See
them at Fibrica Nacional de Sal-
chichms, 102 "B" Ave.
FOR SALE:-8 mm Revere Movie
Camera, leather case, like new,
$50.00. G. E. table model radio.
$25.00. 3 venetian blinds, 52
Inches wide, $5.00 each. 60 feet
wire clothesline on braces, $3.50Y
Typewriter, Corona Portable, $35.
00. Horses for single and double
bed, $2.00 a pair. House 5607-0
Hodges Place, Diablo.,Tel. 2-4240
Sunday afternoon and evening,
Monday ofter 4:15.

WANTOD Stekkn. w ,. itte
quoJlicatlOfn ant epErience, wVio,
expected solory for forty hour
week, WrBi Box No. 2003, Ft.


only court )W q Clato with )
Oceanview gi cottage. St
to beach, R*A. as, refrigeroti
barbecue aird le board. P
ama 3-187I 6a-l3rlt 7 3-167
Box No 4. klBee.
Gramlics Clara be
cottages. El ice boxes, goa
stoves, rodwe o fates. Telep
6.441 Go
taf MdENT

Modern furnli rirsldhe ope
ments. Maid i"ae optional. Caon
tact office 8 r 10oth Street, .NO
Cristobol. f 1 86 Colle.


FOR RENT.'-Iftnished room, p1,
vote. enTrean ..nd bathroom. N6
105 Estd* street Apt. A.

Mif .ektmmons

FOR RENT: "-aet office speIn
or deposit ijer 'Ily located,
site Pana 2ft rithous. Pnft,
Panama 2-3R" inform infm s.


WANTED:-Toe ive away 'wo cots
together or seoaratfely to soqene
who. will give thm a goad hame..
Both have been altered. Phone
Quarry Heights 3244.
Help Wonted
WANTED: Maid wtth .W.ffn rea
comendatlan ded. S!ep In.
Good salary. 49th St, Ng. 17.

Wiley, wife19

* rL:

tr Jfl.

tel. 8-1l71
rJiE tb
r'' r -a "*J

", ,"
.f :



'^ bay, tIt oue -J.S)

iy!,& l t ii ..a- .


OuSAEi wittL II
Rot. & Waves. m vfl sl.I
FOR SALE:-Sallbooat, 10 feet,
reaed, cabin sleea two. x* AEe t i

eces and eight chairs; ing; start producing local frnits ClaytOn. 'mat. lig.u. h -" .g 'pl W 4-'
single bed, night table. and vegetables. Maft wde. WANTED Mole or female with 141 .
table and steol; pin up fttperlende not ussenmfof, tut,, r plerle. Knowledge .
lctures; floor lamp; dish ful. Ideal seup 12% le o ngi Engli*, Spanish, andSe
maple lamp toble, girl's acres within 30 minutes of Balboa bookkeeping absolu n S. e T W A O I
wo coil springs. 2-1436. ,an all weather roqd, with Uve"-. .*Whoe' ft W aflflj pLq
ank Street, Balboa usi, dperdllfig fru' 2 gar Potgra*p, advise a On Yourthful Tufu-
ector*,hi-pessute centers pum,,p, er' ,l S -
V 2" pipe lines, other equipment. 2 O 'U"' t1. (P) i- I
tic SOC T. M acres pineapple pay r a $wais 11 law oftaesn R the
ed From Pa IVE) expenses. Must sell. Leoing car that he sto e that
Best offer takes it. R. Graham 2- meant ia d of a1 W f
th eorsates ofrpink anc 36.79 ar itel.
wvers. A prize for the .uft, t MOY ------
yike" w.awardedth FOR.-SALE :-Betutiful lot IN 91 \ __ 71 ) a
arM Moore. af .600 meters at urbanlzacidn EL Mott" Oka
agree prer.nted gifts of ByRMEN IJu111 F1111111d By 11111 1,T11111 uh1
onep ernted gifts of h et. Price reasonable. Tel 2- B- 1 qa I
yellow organdy to h 2731, 3-1421. aOn A 4, A rL
ends. Pink, green and1 1 u, "
re used in the cp 5ecors- .va "l f
"dmat M methe hle
eke. Indidual blrth eriptlona of the "Scret An- tr *1 Bft. %Ag
holding one candct-nexe" are humorous, there's a 0Lm4.,u
mcd to the guests. Mrs. treuueb. lot in my diary that speaks 821 '.llo'b
asslsted by Mrs. W P. fuIUU1EiF but-whether I have real tal- a bAna 4&w the car ro~ring
Mrs. George Matthew1 1 remains tobe n." at fri e
mest list Included the Eq tane!e ajLess than one year I at e r, He ty- tractS -4V&S. to
me Sparks, Carol Ann S S Anne was dead, one of h e of timn mant tiergre the i
trbara Moore. Connie countless victims of the infa- hoadrSlic
SStnletary, Jan Cary, WASHINGTON, July 5 (UP)- m o us Belsen concentration betn n "& 'ir aan*
IB,. Judy and Rose The Food and Drug Adminlstra- camp. bels..
Slenda Granberry, An- LIop h ,em a nationwide Her .diry, iod I a pile of S S M ie m
NSi, Davonna Good. survey to- determine whether trash In the A rdam build- M "t t ONuH- th
Md Terry Foes, Debra the famed antibiotic drug ru Ing where he leaves no g
y Matthews and Ju- chloromycetin is unsafe, offi- doubt. about ;:'al talent" .Sa
calls disclosed today. Anne Frank: e Diary tf a i tmdrg.
f d o efl day; lais a
lahb of Cristobal Deputy Commissioner George w ith inalht t omt it A w t y ed
uesasy P. Larrick said that since the f ts athe more re- by L y pe= w s i t ever
iblem Club No. 52 o( major Inquiry began last week, abie of its au- trid to K&.0 -0e b- bigsnfess
met at the Elks Club 200 new cases of blood disorders t youth. he was thirteen and by ma C e t aeo have
s Road on Tuesda In persons who have been treat. yea 'old vwh e. fl5t her pa- not....
es. ielen Morriso, ed with chloromycetin had been re t1 S d a' t f at. taJ i" .a
Sent, presided a ,t t found, and "more reports" are n AnA'Ts msa e s let .
kagtesses for the even- coming in. wOerjoined heater JeWis
rs. Maria angog, The order w called pa- family and a den to
Mbry Watson. Bon voy lasted anemia and "some deathhe Dutch f riS hop Imh ),. I.. ...
were Wextnded twMrst plied with foal and such ps
Sag whonailled on the have occurred," Larrick said. ca ithin W
p FrIday. cl Is no definite e iproW yet. c wartime lNi mtih I c ie
h attended included however, that chloromyceun ac- ran out on Au us 4, 1944,
oattended I.nclude#tually Is cussing Injurious side they were discpoi and.
S.odl, Mrs. n". effectsY Snce marf'y d the to concentrationre cias1, C1i,..
rIs. Vera 'agerber, patients have been treated with the re "den of th ret A
hatei Cruo. a tide variety of sulfa and anti- nexe" only Anne's ftser, Ottl bbi mas 5 -
Camill bit -rurank, survived to return to trampledb
S. sab St i r' uytln is me Amnsterdam. Her diary wase itrS o a t r 1 a0 1 ...
St hlrifrycetin l made from pubished In Holland in IM
01y, ?4= Billie Gras], the fo'mentlon of a mold and Under the title, 129eA heir.tIs
lt" e jad M rs. F7&n- ynthsU eaJl W. .]T R lft hab the 24th
It hits shown success In: teat- was made by B. M. -Moayairt- u ) .
isng suvch diseases as typhoid. Double4ty, with an Intl odu-Slan
VNausw ee so wholing cough, undulant fewer tfh by Eleanor Roosevelt. dufte-
mand a Mountain a potted e.. ra g
Wive ever. Many services went toe most 'l
theirmonbusiness for themselves aw -J
Club o Tarrlek said hUi agency Is the war but few chowe 1 It was,, M& 1-
Trying to weigh known faIcs sual ard l ter'mtlng a tAleu -l a,.
1. DI w pro etidea- lT t many peo A Britain's Maj. Gavin E. W. w
g new sMobners weP ave byIe t vwVtd he thWe WL l .I5 Lanir n sj r
I, SUrs. Lloyd Gregg drag. t :a: am i sermah
loeis Lee. MrsaU "ap commeriaftberm&
ue and Mrs. Wilfr., D qfore we can determine f Or sea mictos. with
P" poaseSt as guestei.; what Is t:4t, we've got to get H MAaxwell's aywa was to b dyt.
I. p yUant was wpn m 1 the case histo ries dad lha nl fg Sa, a-VM. "as ar as f
B b"1Ja the Ibestgo lu ondt. e b.wft .1 hide In it elo
Pr =ent~in ~ ternal med-Sapoeta a nda ve guws em at, wh3r
UL domm Ed wilr, a the country," H N.amt medlue ru a '

e ~i~C I. i~R~ AY, Wis. (1P)-
S -'tea othe strt r Pf"r A k -of
o afeiet ne to help o e. -m- by 4

adgidP"tSofSa 411101110tb lr

Zisa idT te Ag

- .ar i Atuet w

iiii"-' Madu~t.
q ,i

liaAM -4-


IUP) -
eePt i*
tnent of

L= ii;
L- 1

, u


I .... F .

)I -



WB ....


^i'l-^g'l IMF-

la a

** UW FOf

IIWI 1"t



~tev W
~, ).~



1,$~* I ( 1#~ ~

1-.~. P*..
...: .j .

, .. .,. R o m
.a .a:..... Wh

-w I


I .; ^.
-" v p514
' -fr.,fl

I. .-


g. M 4_ J t. 4.,

*4-j.. : ,A *- .i. : -,

'a H

= 4^l^l^^^^y*1' ,


- -so_,
- .tirl ^
,. ** U W ** '

91 C*V'F$

'x -ne me

*** *' ormbaMeu mei r

A -y k a
; t, ..

-* :^4 -.r-

.'r .-* t* .%e-.I C- -.
~ .~T

-. U -.--.
- ^-,

- U.C: .;-.1,

/ 1,t Ad# .-,

. .A,


-V -~ ---r---

a geht gaUme.
od w re st don a dow-
er Valo and a slnfl
a Zernial. The Yanks k -
count on Mickey -
mndous homer with the
In the sixth.
aes clinched the
two runs In the ninth
e on balls to Mantle sn-
Oil MeDougald, two infield
error by Eddie Joost, a
SRaski and a single by
replace Giants drop-
e further behnd
g Dod Ss by ]a-
deolsion to the PniTies
Fo Grounds.
ox held the Giants to
*i s afettes while his
t eight off the com-
i*rts of Larry Jansen
i .Wilhmelm.
iM ts took a 2-1 lead in
inning on homers in
eond and third Innings by
eller and Wes Westrum.
aes had tied the score
i by Richie Ashburn,
itks and a grounder
P'iOny Hamner after Connie
faed in the second for
I l- tally.-
haomered in the win-
kth sevetnh mnhing.
he al other National
ameftrmnodm gmre. the 1eds
Sthe Cubs 7-1 to ialnk
h1irt-her Into fourth place.
Atinearth consecutive de-
fe Ghicagoan.
ONEawNki drove home
,lh .e Reds' runs with two

A $60.$240, $2.20.


Ua $i.40.

( uss a Lia-l M.

Om Mnd 9.W, $3.40.
Sono $.0. $ .
31 3 $4.80.

UM 4t; aCOgo-.
B aue l -

, $2.20.

UmUS 5.3u.
: (Alejandro-Apprise)
1 $3.40, 2.20, 20.
Loch $2.40, .$2
l Light $2.20
n: (Chablis Welsh
Uat. $8.60. $2.20

ome lt the N "iwea
dob ee aod a AhAM S
ama drove l tw t I
seared in the ift Wta qE
Te Cubs got their only rmut
by Hal Jeffcoat and C3
mabskl pnlus a long flyb
Ba Suer.K et Iffeo t !u
o ba-ged a total of OM
Cub pitcers.
Pacific Bask- d

Regular S hve s

The Pacific Basketball League
will continue Its schedule of
ames on Tuesday, Thursday and
sunday nights after the brief
layoff due to the Foui'th ot July
With the league still younr, it
Is seemingly going to turn to
a close fight for the top spot.
Carta Vieja Is leading; but only
by a single win over Maduro and
Junior College, who are tied for
Special Troops has dropped

tw or Colles e en be knock-
two games. but their intentions
are deidedly undto the opposite
coThe leue games In this categ-
ory quastetey field one of the
scrappiest ball clubs to date.
Tonight's gmes should be In-
t or oege can be knoc-
ed off If they underestimate Far
F#& or H I& School.
mie league leading Vtrta Vie-
ja quintet wasa deflated by the
Albrook Flyers In the Fourth of
July eliminations to'pVre it can
be done.

I CAS OFF Hank Th op-
Son, Gats"e center fielder, ran
right out from under his hat
moving swiftly to make a back.
handed shoestring stab of a low
liner at Polo Grounds. (NA)

Great Whike Fleet \

.. mii S i*vke' A... ..

i.- ..:.. .. ::...........::: ;:....; a I!
R:....... .............. ... ....July1

... .... .. ..................;ft9

.a see s .. .
^^B!IB~aj~JB^^'"3[3^"" wom iB


I Lea

Wtaw~t ... .. .. 30 4

N urgh. .. .. 91 M .W
t Games Net Incied.L

Pbfladepha at ew York (3)
3aI*_tI at Chicago.
ieet Gae at stMis.
PIttbuargh at St. Louis.

OldF .ioned' AI

As Cars Lat l

Cineinmat 101010-7 15 1


(Nligt Game)

American League

Nert .. a .. 44 I .M611 GROUNO

.. .. .455
eS. 7.W 12N*32 437AN A.
*Ngt mues Not Incided.

New York at 0000st01plaI

Astro at h. t

c e ." dled 4 s

boardkennL ouran
hd"Is ths tAN goang to b r- .ta fo1r o g.,
that he was the Arie sa
m&Area l ahevakaton yos dongtwral the .ia rh Iet

-o, ?0-1 victory overcr0. I ih te o l 4me, t the nete d B

Arnold In the j- desterv ots oarsk and it won't bewty .i
oning n t ot rdin orel a few tis" h do p Iso

courts.o `52 Arm"I:W .a eeA s
p 5ae Arn"ld Wrte hat's the trolbbl e, bam etyi theOw.Rut W is
md" vslksvh ghb ast be t 'be ht?" nfed. Wt off id av el
faorce errbrs 1ntd m"d1d on clean % tog ome in ber- e ape A
p m ent from r roughing itthe r
Roger ttle wleft vltle o kets e e w"n wrou.Yo n. ot
that he was thie 1 to d afraid to "te semea BlA
Forces tennis chataodfloa the atm t t," said' hot Tal w a and

For Littlef it was the tecond.tse tarid Thedgr-TOO
ama y Area as h e scored a-0 t t were yr
8-0,-1 ,victory ove Chard wo Bae, but the new ., at

VP% Na fler-but ther-Petvati
courts. e was a membe on. eeni tnge tosO I all: r Invaam
Little,. Pa g e summit. yes about It, but t amtwil take IIely.<
Stpresed Unsthe sta tf ttioirta tbly hat e dt Can orna-
an w4an 4 mn be as b le OMt be remedied and taere k- wiL have beel
forced errU'rs ald edr,.d on cleanou .dl e to use in botsedri iE t ame .
match. M sbded 17 straight Tob'

teSW ^ game sliW oes, f eh Im mo
from hit blB--corched duel with 'ftin.toMme dt am"t A 4*-asWM $11b
C arTyas ranam yesterday. JolseIS beSng every te ttole sn UN w es0"
Por Little, ft wa the second .at d .The degree SM at ar f be kpt
straight year in which he scored 4"r. a
an Inter-ervice victory. Last eS SDom
the Cbuate l Feld hewon ot and you canto wipat- BMa t V *4
tournament. Re was a member y are jr incdid I 6tWt aEM Bamtm
of the University of Zlinols team wt hi let ia a r
In I9, '49 ati ad 0 ftAr aeember, that caralok- w "paLM Sla l
tourna- ns ne o is zlusly oaued b Ab IIu"&66.

e e sIss the C W ride le a

he .,aI 1 n the
ie 1 soog .-=a I. n or

der eWnals -ta


l- -u '
.-: '., i1,


hbe -tiN
IT or%

":., .i ,,, .4 % :i


: :; ,: I -1 ,1 .." J .,
PA N ... "JL .... /'-"%

**i~i rw T I.. ^ a ~ ^ ;.,'*
ad t SI \i

,.* -->!^ ; -"

-: -. ] : ,


t-.'. y
sr-' '*
gut .

.l .-.-l-^Hl~f .

&m zi 4. 4vsi .

ftmS~ 8 12.
e r .' *:



** I -
-r ib,~A.


-IC? ~*
~4SIaA ;4?~~&4

, ..

r .,*-.,..

^tisReds TImwl e Sf

SN.n,-..m s i, .io

fIOSL M* t4J" xrrr .-

... ... .. ..... ...... ... *
: ~~. .......:::.3l

s-om ;A,* lo

:r "P6- T, 4W



, 'J.

4 N A .


.-.,,, -', .. ..
'Not,. '.
I.. .T_ -,1- J.

^--._'". -__^- i ,^" ^"^ ..!- Xx
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^JJ^^^^^J^J-jH^J^~a-^^^^^ke It^^^^^

B^^^^^^^^EB^^^^^BHi^^^il^^^^^B^^^Am 41 ^^^^^^^^^

^^^^^^^^^^4 Ilk^^

1^^^^~~~I *iffl.sJ^ H^^^^K^ .-- .- .

p. .A.. -.



I.* ~*-

J> h '

.e. t_- a p
-l ed wives raWN'Tt tmIRm
W# New k to share an
rt. here sought divorobs
a "swooning" author
v oUan with a mort- A m .A.

i6p e mite t rw a &te country
AWJ A, I.. h UNDAT., J

W!. ~" Al

I. Ryler Watts and Mrs. I
I. Tockwood, sharing a rlt-
mI *VanAve. suite; yawed.
atin nd plannt to tes-
,.hcf orthe at triaL They
i left their hoebsbd in
u atscharged her .-
Woulds .A A billj
e whenever e -of MOM
aRve The US". E UM already
dl e Brfa doM tirementi
0 We*.cussed in
the, Caeses tltllUer
we ateT riends,'sad rdt
rt% an knew each v )kl
h*. stohm were laments 1thet
"InaS of a husband's a u- Re!Lrt1,
W^b .nd; B 'IBt, we
'.Wteal. straits." H I r
M[ t allow yta ft f kown Uas

:,a t TaOe u nervs Wngtn-
'sf lMt-I" e "the tn-e u -"t

M6 WeSood ain li tha blf lrs
thb~n~e "in tlantae 8
:as y to a 1te M

" after a k 7eB y Ma W
l to have I nervoM uvsI
. Lodkwood sold that navin est 'A.
lIPIht Mortooag rr Wih O
k. wek -r tbear Z=
p'bteme "in thft ost -
M wn1tsl d fitalet of ,

a tft an trae m ine '2

k. his1 selling one Isoht
Mge- blew moody, and de-
iWdXafterward. then bor-eon
Id money to iuy an even not hs -
I0spaldve tpbt, E. ,
t pey Edward StaTrr, ao .
ap'the petttlona. laid ami- I-nL
weakrM wants a ffano l M .4

T York, Roy L. Lookwoeo
man Place denied any
6f htm wife's ldivoWe
n saying, "I know
ibout it, sorry old boy."
,kad about h occupa-
Ihae yachts he laid: .
1d boy. I hve nothing
rtee matter.*



* lth Ol
wrly Vxw
the Oa

1k: 7pull

w wu Wdd b~ bI congrbi

As T n, U


A teel fln

the dphi ol e


w -h
Svbo AV

re Juomp. lads Prnoper

Sauce Trade (yi g Sacer?)
NIOTON, July 5 (UP) arts of t- -A caien eam pt B
the last days of the they f a k btr
trooper Fran off- nrxa n
M sdlaon. Wia., had to a "-ootpau'
wer Bavaria. S .fofa .
the libklest jump oT thf
terWnaouia'Itaw- tiw'

a eaptaitM In the 101st One. wdai
itantry. made a dis- her brdther
puewtitbh bete hiL rant In aR
It-Vethes to bxaslame an order S
a a miUlioa-dIlar-a- PFran an
pyked 4m
er was 'taken in by from a Ba
la family. At bla fWt The aI(
tasted a mouth-waLe- there sh
SSmade by the good and l tobL
uldn't ht te 0womun To a dr
s the suHrt fote, a Bob t
S'he jt hMa home a omo at -t


Aft a

July 4.
annual 4
I her-f
keers n

Isaid I


Lr1 :

..., .~''

~IIma oI-Wd

4', _*

"' ,,~

* r*

~Ki' ~


nc/ewooti fi 58 14M u hogpftal bed S TNO
rsbesu for 'doI VwuTtee to W by Dgvd.
ihe iprident t a0 toy company in HbHis, X. Y.

llo, -W..:,

,, ., .- t
^ ^' 7J' l ,'
S < ,*i 4"-





, ^ j ?'^7p146--

use twoeha wak
t o &, .. I,


4~,~-w nJ~W~A .J W e. .
S h
ji- '' ^gil i l ,,i-^ *

4 eled WAMw V.I."a. he *04 theW
_^^^M^w^easB^jte ^mte fls^e air ^^

pmeow amem wavoe s

"4Z = V= 00 -
'^K'^kriFw IL t

base. B ? ., I

age P ster 4fel^ 45@ pa- Mj

[r ^"" ^- ''''*^sSSEHW s^^TINuB^^s

i.-: Wi


,t '" i i
(t we wft hae lco ty .
We cannot eAMra o1 Mi, aee
'le bdainst kateat unsed e
Will thgaiate Mrt grow im. I
We carmes reich =he meantain -
fped .a

lsons taught by time.
.-3 Bbeft Reeves. N phrey..

No the., sh e A%%
,, ,. n, ... .. ,
tr, e '-O R R ,be

wa p nM b a, ...

I saw i ft .atsoms faT M
ve e Te 't

T'"mt p ,i e aIng l rom i Is,

oI' M "M fa ce lt ,f Oi w" h,, ..

strw J4. ta if j BhC d & i O ft A

,e ..'.,.- _"

When rSFtng s k- INM 's hartA. tha
pedowe JamIson dt
-3 ha 3m Adn i man -- -

sevatV i4

Alie Wnee"su or the |
And jols teava aie are I li t Is&
rsn et bei
7e 0 t e A @U tM rifant. -

AnIth w l Wo e;ed u telgs e.4 has

-t"R Adams
IX ..At*
W ^BHa eiMU 11^ as, S IWB e

Alnt Jo5oS ite I i i B ai
w..u '..i.H .mr.nt. '3 ?y *.

nerR fseaff putq'lmMMnf ^^ i' ^^~e ^^^ WB pM ^ '.

. *. .. ,, .

U -
Lid ~



7 ..: -.,.. .. '. .

**: '.


7,." -.

vr- ,. -

. W, te ... -

iA ,, i

, ,, ,U

.- -


.~ .~ ...








uI 2/66d



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