The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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..;F ,..i P ..- I w.

tW oa BOx

S Sitm s- ltaob" e *"el TWe Pem As wm
- ufts@o gwefte"al ha w eadii b bayo
L 0. 0& e be"' & ei "Iem* ft MtM p a Adowm ppe IM
a o if'g AMe l es bad r men ami


I July 1 at 4:80 p.m., I had the opportunity of witnessing
aWene at the garbage demp entOl near the entrance
StlWrn had a rifle and was shooting down vultures from
ees. This surprised me very much because I
WIf d antong civilized people. But not withstandIng
act by a trigger happy civilian, he was
Jwm ce in a white jeep.
RayM or country, these two offenders would have been
y punished but not here, of course not.
E presence of these animals indicate the existence of
ft and filth. They are commonly called scavenger, as
e of Id crrion. All-the countries Ia Wn e WorMl pro-
that helps in the samntation of ante that au-

t mse that the Canal Zone RHeltR Depathent
keen competition, or Is it thut their presence in that area
IM them of flagrant violation of saiiiiation rules?
l i are using methoas that are acMept-be" in
Do they believe that their system 1t-th4 best
the garbage dump area of these creatures? Men
mlh a narrow mind should not be allowed near a Health
It"aet Office. They should be shot instead at the vultures
Mrtt a garbage disposal unit rignt at the entrance of a
L h bke uunrndu.
that Is the sense of foggang the town evr evening with
W th Panama Canal Company seems o& ate In breed-
nuits&oes and flies Beslaea there is a mre re-
SanMd revolting than the ste bh of puti Warage. Don't
Iwe do not want to go near it, we are forca.
don't they move tnis dump to a more appropriate place,
MunLe, BTar the Administration Building, fil Prado o4Jet's
me.$t Devernor's Masilon

Sick o It.

mnd rowel the. Republicans
Oreen Is here with his col-
leagues sa qt this writing
many an aide of the C o bad-
em is flying in with special
suggestions for the OOP 19O
'There's more than the mIyt
of neutrality. in their mitlson
These men, not gives to wWat-
ing time want to actually ~eW
they believe in the two-party
They are phttcal poltic-
amns He befaonl labot
hiem S obe thesn e. *"W-
VawMof ,re-Joma QaCh'

er t res ete. So th are
Ahrn -ej out 1 9*
poom .oemistte to y-
Snttffti C and the '

Iftfr tand cOarey ba ee-
v9Ied V. lfbereating teeb'tilue
in tbetr. ftor repeal t. the
nftitla la w. Theyt ask
fread fore the labem m ub-
sad then haeM the
Iaw aft being a vIolat% a of




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-aamm mm



living Ives.

By l mph a.d Stewart 40u

,ter X. fft's big publican would dei
ls o st ontm also sure t
n loz-thme t- vote1 (1 ras
ifM .oe started woua join
AM Me did not want to In these f

'.win-'. *

'* w .. *-. -
: ^.^ '*~" *.

atlon 113 p. 1 of 1M7 PanCanal Navigation Regula-
i(s: ".very dog or eat brought into the Canal oune
tS Isthams saall be held In quarantine, under veter-
pection. or a period ot net a I than tour monthss"
'hb a quarantine to pronbit the entry of rabies lnto the
me. *a Republic of ,ankma has no such reglatlnm
'e Is no provision to keep animals in Panama from
Mg ano the Zone.
me ikalth Department powers kindly. e fain why the
r mfrals a el V' e- anot B n t Ss w ft'a
plons to this regulation are made and have been made.
eiq M to a
igteht eaMfl be a earlier. .
S", the nmalts lt b tkept .in 1arantine, we
L6 and bumane shoulae- .4
Is cerinly e to i t cev that
a ncurr.ent.l hi anny tf ti t W !'
i. itmaUl alg. t-tef. noT
woawns ae pi m arms and appeal forW.ibethhg to gle
t eter situation.
Sa aves on either newt woo.
ma 'to bort are kept -sth9te "
eed animals. .
Am spinsby asaiva. At &ZtwaB are jed
npply of a disel t gK aroana
la fnO awumeat q(0., I mM.
A raj M ode trnose .to iUat od
has tdbieut facitleti esipff W .g

Sanmm als wmilala e air
S Ito' oar tf -rom :.; .
'se Oba, ine;o iint a*
tceues haoulda l e
of .r o. the m.....m t ..... .
: this keeos up J ;
r all Is the samme caing f
animals will eat the I & i^
are a stinking, malfy, NttOered aeae|
V IP "Inspection."
at f coro=4 and t III Iner, thbe o

-f the face of known 'a"pU gam
they should at least dleam op the
losing conditions for tbese aftaftls,

jj" *~m~a'MUE-^ -' -- !


AlU' Wd "ebra
d so the wim ,

4 Now
Mbi .lk



This sl what they'll say;
"Atflerfo doesMt stand
1ff. N. N pottel prty an
aWniwse L AnAs= woit
SBfad.. Si or one- bocr-
pr. $ e rge S Jte lpuMb~ai

ESag *Kn te im

a* -m pavi tequ

gb ic e i k=
WyyerOw *her. .x;tl .

Wet Ibeukl p hop wterr
AesamSoac. tee weei
W^dnot fto *HM Ev

if'trenrnor the 9eBtote
fesecond. alace. tess wea d




otes most e
hri of the C


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Sme tws of amw
a- -m nnahine Hi

b ko
I exes

us.1lu mu1II
ie and op
Dr att Is
e flenator
r Taftca"
an he wS
ma troes
Ues urBs
faIrly wm





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w0e w
4 A taft
SI todai

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Wa1VSibMd. taken ft
mat tol. point team
mawat's at him b
MeaItNati the other it
MW iW* bfafrd thti I
S t#F e tAfdefendlia


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d edewu
aW the
dt deuce


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-r_ !t o wmm

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M S "the red
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med the
it, imr.

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S .01WO

My) af0tM d. "The story la what's
: The to count in y .eriet. we
''wn_ ou 5n Sins mt."o l tw won be hem-
m aMen wne the med in by any set cast or for-
*,a~ ~Iatx t" shim mat."
I t 0 a n 00 d motee
t o to t irM pop- Oowboy star Ix Allen will de-
Smrt the addle long enough to
N'a the prIwletion of Lon star in "The Life of James Whit-
j. Ir., who hI #tardOm as comb iley" for Republic In the
p manin t *e Dreul, fall.
s mft ma WeUm is It's not an attempt to switch
to dude roles, though, and Rex Is

nre timeascin s Gary uug.
Iku r 1 l ife,' "Even If I Med,. I would
S- d want to W etout of western
t-ayt-homes rushing was born a ewboy, "e lived I
b b it aft@ and add:I s-Man I want to
aft V"e sono"In sewbey. It's my life. Anyhow, I'
rimtt now. An te su- not an actor."
B"BEtm' U-1. are b-n- "
K ro ll Nw York's highest-paid a!
honor Picture cycle that q is syir
Sted. lie was a sym- phooOy to talk that a lot of v
thooEr nean and then deo Bernhardts just aren't in
horror man aL d themr terested in old-fashioned, dyli
1% y a reNon f* R*. Nollywood
producerss started to put too gourgrapes," howled Nil
ih horro' Into movies. Theoh who's back n town to phi
s and religious groups pro- a Mexican charmer In MO
and .piucers stopped xican charmer in MGM'
tnd p.os we're goinpp Sombrero." Anybody in 1.1ev
id *S--t we'me with sion who gets a movie offer is go
a amp timen with ing to be interested. We're In th
a a" ascelpnie." acting business. Wherever it
igC "j"eaTn sim- more advantageous to me ax
M'-S itchum Get A easier to act, that's where I go
Sie walls at RKO. Jean --
but crew
,how Bob
40 d yward htged dur- The beautiful home they bul
Sctton of "The Lusty for themselves and their chi
dren two-years ago Is being o0
n Bobb about it and got feared as a bargain for a quk
this: sale.
Saybe Susan didn't like me, R.nason: divorce.
"t I like4dher." Outsiders rarely know tl
L l whole story behind the break-u
Sfrootales by Theodore Dreiser, in this case, either.
S. Scott Fitzgerald and Henry But event outsiders can gue
Ja4es being offered to Alan why the home they built wit
Ladd, but he's turning them such care to include all tlh
'dow with a "No, thanks.' things thby had long wanted I
It seems that the boys who a house failed to make this fair
pesed t at Alan was out tolfly happy.
o whe ws in he Lawrencel They started out with too-bh
i lrsols when he left Para- ideas. The house itself was really
iBOnt were wrong, beyond th,.ir means.
r. ox Office Isn't giving up Then when the man of tl
UeNLaM tNO, house put his foot down an
t -d t tuat to convnee any- sald: "Well have to take thin
tey that I'm the world's great- easy for a few years; make thl
gsi lttor," Alabn dngged furniture we have do and ca
* 1e T ron Mistress" set. "It's too down living expenses every we
fte for that, anyhow. I left Pa- we can," his wife overruled hit
-kM lMe t because I wanted Im- time after time.
g1 AkNojt stories. I just want to The house had to be perfee
1- rakian .people.'' she thought. Such a nice plat
s-e goes to London for "Red had to be a show place at once
"_ t" 'when he completes "De- So she called in an interior de
art Leaon" for U-I, then re- corator and went all out for jut
W to ollywood for two more the right draperies, carpeting
at Paramount, five for etc.
re ad one additional U- FrorWt at time on the how
bdame S It meant t
contract between o d* oi'was a hbe
and RepubUlc Is the h IM hm down.
ood 'ttory. to give a to the chUdn
Rf ight to'devote tt they could
Sttie to TV and make movie J for fear
she's free. bon.
's in the fine print of her It was a t nice show place
and may cut down her but it never was a home.
"lmakig to one a year af- Maybe the house isn't to bland
ne om te "The Ht etr for the divorce. Outsiders new
In London this summer. know.
this and her cuxent film, But at least the house di
From Walls-Wallas." Judy nothing to hold the family tk
Slight on the cowgirl gther. Houses that are though
concentrating Instead on of as show places never do. 80o
d comedy that has that extent at least the house
to do with her hill-billy gity.
Is up for sale now at a bar
avoidbeing a Sagebrush gain. A bargain someone will gi
ber 1NBC teleffls, too. t the expense of another broke
aWny westerns on TV," J en marriage.






"After graduation she's going to mlfW Mt ht wshesit 6.2
swewthrt Just think, four years ofShg. wastedt"

... m a

ImtitDttoi Guaranteed bi b State FB
Pays 2% Iterst Aillly oo Sg Accoonsa I


We make loans with guarantees on fit mortges
or other securities


2&c 9k $110 and $

deposits are accepted thrn a period 1
of 48 e w ret.

Individual afety deposit bWa ,f ry and j
doeuments, In 4 different sine. .


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s t ga

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,~~,4.jjpjg~.A':~. ~z 'Mt~.~ : -.

BonTq AND WRUrR nimItM

HnWtf 3wa^ MKf IsvtW I
Gra' t6 UNflhaim r..

^y-r ,wer -


teat u agg.

30 83.
We SfI e.m. to U pan.
SATURDArS: from 5:00 am to I:00 p.m.

ams Uast

sseege .


WTAuw. rkifter

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sW am, Lmsm

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if?,.:l.U .. "I 'r5-.. ,..-. .
/-y,. .," -* ^ '^. ,
SB~fr .'-1.1. ie ..* *^ a ~ ~ -i 'At *'^' **-


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S..,,L,;. L .4-.
,.. .-.-- ,. .. ..- .",- *: ."'-'S I -BE.- tBS 11- l-', *: :"
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to a^ deffn

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'-- "st _<._ j a~~^i_ _' ^.,r /. 'j g
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, ..' .. --u ...- -, i !
S-" .; -,-: :- ... Me.le= '*

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. to af
- in me

reed tl
Sdo it.
y lead
p felt |
ot excl


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'45 T'' .i
1 L^**"'1' *


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*,-,. <"

:'.%i.;;;.'9.." 7
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* -----.--------- .- lemmas

Vt W 'm...WhS. You T 'em dw P.A. Cli

I ue vour Ad with oae of our Agents or our Otffle la No. S?3 "H" StreWe
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Coom

ibI Serve
3 Tlevoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and

turat July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Sal 6 de Bei5 e Asufelce
*56 West 1thb Street

CarIten Drg Stor
10.0m Molandes Ave.

Agenda lteruaciooal de Pekcicade Prepaganld, .A.
#i Lotte, Pla Phoe"1 H-" Pmes rl-woawES,
PhortM tVi4Ug 106

Minimum for 12 I oI
it Sc. each additional wi

Il H uMbhold AntownIlole wl the kind .gentleman who In P I ',. P OFESSION
E 25 cycle washer. We Servce Personnelnd Civilian PanamaF
OrtES ot-25 cyl. n nnv nti ion at 9:-30 a. m. Wriday p -- Please For the 101 Sm SI
havThr drop me a note so I can mall him Casino Santr mlm u sichold Paintin
*ronag washing machines f,-r 25 Insist on my check M.M. Box 93, Colon. Casino A rgrvton -Painting
cycle opeaton. Easy credit terms' Government Emploes Finance Co. M C s ru .
trail N9 223. or used car.l SP RA INT ,
sr Mentral N9 223.- ASNCY WHINUI cottflOages. ice bf f al No Mesa No Mixt n
-S.LE:--G. E. washing machine AN3 m1 IIl stoves. i rates. Toph NO Borushes N W.
25 I s, used one month. Norge Ne, 3.4934 -49 A -lluee s. 441 Eacth ano Is a coneno WgI=
e 2153-0. th St. Curundu. FOR SALE:-1950 platform Truck POT CNGT pat bomb
a E: -- Mhoay. with winch, perfect condition, good SPOT REDUCIiNGs D ai n bm
W4E: Mahogany chiffonier tires. "Agencias Globales," No Takes inches off hips, waist or legsAvailable in many
20; rM6 pece dining 121 a Espa Pana quickly andsafelty without diet or Albeautiful colors. -
troak chairs $15; exercise. Cal 83-5245 for appoint-
S hen table our chairs. FOR SALE:-1950 Chevrolet 2-Door meant for ,re trial. treatment. MALon C i. Fl.O i
S$30;1 a l divan and chair $60; sedan, Styleline, color, mist green. Nt IN of Genell (l:sa Cco- ments. Ma *tionbl. Cono: 1dCentral Ave. Tel.
RCA readavic end table $50. Tank Excellent mechanical condition. Beouty Shfp, ha just returned t Mac office ret. Nw
yacu -cleaner $35; cub scout very cleon 13,000 actual miles. i Beauty Sh p has just retur new Ctacl office t Cor '
nita m$5; Cedar chest $5. House Price $1,395.00. Hague. telephone from fl& tes. She brings na, Cristobal,1340M AM BRKER.
ifo $5; Cedar chest $5 House r-4 1,3950. Hou, exciting hair-dos for her many NAMA BROKERS. i.
8045 E. Margotip. 3-1876. 2-230. ou 543 Dbl cnts. Tel. 4-557. H T tl El hPaamA
iR S E:-Meta' bed. couch, each FOR SALE.:-1939 Mercury convert- ---- F J : "anamA i
with sprin nd mattress. Misc. ible coup. Duty pad. n good con- ALodte. Panama l
tableh4 and floor lamps. 83-6288 edition, $300.00, Sobanas 2050. Oe Col. and Fuer i
Apt. _2. Above Panaderia VistaMseamaa FOR M rt mRENT:-.ic Lut (common and 4 'k .
Hermosa. furnished O, kitchen privilege.l e (' ona).
aft e- 1-pce mahoga0.ny FOR SALE-Rceiverw National HRO- Mexico A 69, near 43rd. St. .
dni m set made by Cowes., FOR SALE:-Plymouth Sedan 1941. 50T, complete with 5 coils. Cost Phone 3 ner .
West house Table Top Automa- radio, heater, two new tires. Good new ever $400.00, will sell for FCR RENT I l a frnt
Stick I WaterHeater, Mahogany condition. $990.00. Call Coco So- $30.00. Call Fort Gulick 8-252. room wis blon OtN N U
WaCoff Toble, Misc. items. Cali. la 760. CetrRl MroomCRN .tbii on CeN NITUkt.'
Coff Toble, Misc. items. Call FOR SALE:-Boxer Pups, A. K. C. Avenue. NO;-l18. 3rd. floor. Data CU01Ut011h il. SMY
4 Pefna 3-1850 all day FOR SALE:-Leaving Panama, 1951 FOR Lred. Cloer Pun 3215. Shoe StoA n Nr., 1. 3 prd. floor, btut
Saturday afternoon, all day Sun- G G nd 1951Austin duty paid Rer o e t
S Low mileage, cheap. Must sell FOR SA.LE:Diarnond tbrrings, din- o Aw-nD

tg ond n, $6500 e l Phoe Paa 3-2809 "RSick Su- Phone Balboa 2-4225,.1aMR,
i5n0 onAtionc $6500. HouseIALE OR TRADE:-1951. lluick Su- PhoiBetPoa i.4a2 I |
,599#D. Anccn. per Rviera, black, 4-door sedan, FOR SALE:-Wurlitzer Spinet WANT I' o
2SALE.-25 cycle washing me-I low mileage. fully equipped, un- excellent condition, chest of draw- WANTED:-oMre on r of Penaman,
',IhnEl Sears Water Witch: good I dercoaot ed. ismller car. Prefers- 614-A Cocohi, Tel. 4.106. n family to ooWrpt Grman r.
diidon; 50.00. 0918 Amadori abb, Pord. Can be financed. Call FOR SALE:-1 male Doschund dog. Balboa.
R Balboa. Tel. 2-;395. i Corozal 85-2144, Qtrs. 121-A. Tel. 3-4850, Panama. WANTED:-To aw to c p and rt oov
S E c Stove, Ken- FOR SALE:-1947 Dodge 4 Door FOR SALE: All kinds of building together or separate tero .rne' eM
ne i burners, 1 Deep Fryr, Sedan. $775, on be seen at house materials, inclulling rinforclr who wll give then a 'good home.
-$250.A0. Singer sewing machine. 2035-D, Curundu, Tel. 83-4164. steel bar%, galvenied m3o d lath have been altered. Ph2f 4 f a6nS, Pa ie. -
f hnsWtye. blond color. Desk style _203- .roofing, il. 9f Tel. 834164. k d Quarry lhts 244.
$250.00. Dark mahogany bed- FOR SALE: 1947 Willys Station ware, etc,MATEInALESOE'OECNS- .
rae'm set, twin beds. dressed, Wagon, 5 new tires. radio, origin. TRUCCION S. A. Telho 626 WANED: Comfortably furnished
n.ght; table spring and mattress.. ol owner. Quarters 152-A Ft. Gu- ColoD. _. s aLrtment. Phone Pono m
Si15100. Zenith radio combina- lick Phone 88-624. r 32242, ___
tion ith. reords, table model. FOR SALE:-Leaving; PAKA S5 A Off m d H. lp .. -.
$250.2 RoyWaln maci e 4 does. leather upholstery, radio. "o oen .... "." i wiToh
$0.o. SA asBoin mixhnd Kten ultramatic sy ste m, reasonable Position open for Spai EnlishW Mi wt en t-
4)0 PhoWan~ng apnine 2-11, 4 S 4 D oor eb -ol d i Wft h W ANTED: M eld w a written to
IF wta uie bt.l. KDibeno m serice, easy payments. Sr. Stillarpin effrce *l w cnon emft s $ In.
-"5..t Wal -'.e.0io $;7.00. 46t s o. 1 .enti ej Avenue, anama, Ga SI ae ro B a r e --
15. W a 00. Ap -,t I ..___ ,- & inE.,l t 2 o
e. tc. C.l Panama 3- -,, isyrls M-.
Tro~, 8 p- m -W Injkfp- and

E:-1 chest, I vanty. 826-D Empire St., Balboa. Phene Do not alplyun4ss y..ou quelify FOR SLE--1-8" Cir Saw with 1
be. I dining table and three 2-2833. moapply u 1U30 P a l FOR SALt 1-E".- Cir. Saw with I
s;e I double bed, I couch. P. 0. Box 1306, Pno HP Moto -12" xnd Saw ith
hapalli Street 19, house 31. FOR SALE: 199 Pti Sedan ANTED:Auto salesman for C- HP Moto'; 1-6" Joiner with
fipom 25. Isixl. Duty pai. 12 -new ires u Zone. P soe *inI full rwc u- P Mat; 1-18" Disk & 6"
battery, ncellent trartortgtist itbro, ox 293, Parom City. Drum Siander with :4 HP Mator,
SSALE:-Baby crib and mattress, $125.00. Call Panama 2-2778. I lench Drill Prens 12") with
14.00. Phone 2-3115 or 546-FO SALE:197 Pontic 4 oor WANTED: olkeeper, state 4 HP Motor. All aore Craftenan a
t aS.Diablo.FSa L. In xcellnticanDo-rqualifications and experience, also, tools ont0 movable metal tables.
.Sedans 6 Cyl. in excellent cndsaet- pelead tslary for forty hour Motors 2 5 cyctI ,110 'vot. iHOuse K OM -. i n
tSALE-a 1951 Hotpoint auto- tion. See it at Vista Hermosta, ca- ,cc- e Wrlt lf x No. 2003, Ft. 760-C. Sen Pablo Srees. Balboa.
*fr w. ,i $250.00 Qtrs. 46- ile a nd Francisco FIrs, Na. 2. Clt
WMbw, Phone 3230. l Apt. I. FOt 0gSALU:-Sailboat, 20 foot, galf-
I :i cycle ALE apart- FOR SALE:-1 950 Ford Station-We- tgged, cabin, sleeps two. Extra
S sip, electric stove, 3 yra. old gan. 1574-G, Gavilan Read, p"ne omt, boom. Phone Balboa 2-
girbi t i See at Qtrs. 114-A. 2-1387. Sn 1471.
Phone 86-6142
E SN-Thor washing machine io aN f a
tomatic, $150.00, Inter- -wESjOBa i ste
I luarvesftr retrigeratoes, M N O
with three mir- MODERN PIANO ISRCI
2167-B, Curundu. Studio. Tel. 2-1282, Juan B. Sam Deas IA. lghteng le aMni
l E:--Mondey and Tuesday; r SIa a M, w I two ftormmer fl l
it 6.00. FIscher Spinet Piano, MilM of Panama, City, were.mash

wilh records, bed Wa. GUistav A. Peter ]b[fahm laer lave IborMt and
Electrolux vacuum Ar ne iAlher, Mrs. Joel L. CIOa, f lhtengalis arving to p11 ersons.
yard furniture, garden Msi. Wight Mrs..o0 ea visit his tWieJ, na aceMA al w es t 1 o be e t are
San4 l sprinklers, plants EIWay, sa..Thop Ve. igh engsate,. ft& o Is retiring t eiR a chors a *S Su"e,-
elands, bdb W furniture, etc. kSR. lflJbn TOblin, = ft ma sat n 4utb-at St. Pflauasb, Mach of On11 k1 A Is-
897 Union Place, Bal- Richd 8. Evans and Mrs. :o- Anl*ahubl Ch r because p on ai mu- "

no 2-4348. "ph N MethodMoo bomr l being he yA a
Wemon Youth Bedr a w-u & WITomnorr Yow fuMa kfng6ie ob y tworecent re- Rum
B c f Whines t wh slttnd se sw & o h ad spe.t a total of
S board; tables; .elaine R ellums, the anor ofthe utntaheI
ofMa daghsr a and Mrs. Ken- Sbmeflaen a VW ist -m Intat
ib C Seofe'L tse ar- other so to beoO a e e AlAab stursdios
rNda a tunme tsr plane receive the hes h In w York they 'py- UtionI
PA so P-e y nf July 2, deuacn, who la t* att *6 ad Bat for mam- SI S IWO has
a mouth here. Murray, a Mwltm11 1o n1110 bers of 17he Tleron.t
it IIIlh t skitawaing makes his home -a New T a mp oaeakn n Rus-
eSgg r ia1oWiMethodist after leaving heh U S usfr ago, ala aR d ohookfl 4W mutnesti- The
a m--I DOaL Joseph, Missouri. pine to spend aft moth An M %
the Isthmus.s%6 3e
ft seen ag INes was organist ,46as ebt- or w0,0t mo1s than 4111
nho monthly meeting master at Ut. ao" M lave 4" t- Y AC ow
or ta s c zhap, .1.0., hat a 4..E mt aMet
WGbe' Md at the Ciltl aM- P anama ymphaw -ma al" from a "W
*a bcnla )fltoin agiviuag the Z1Amws. Labor aMp."" W V1is 1

111e111 p11 M.60A6"A as& of Wrner-Ca ma

a 'fly

. .... -IA--


6 uor
gd.s our

wh n.
rflh which

B- minatmton
*te and b1*
man nature
;IiL & detire fAr

re- facing t ft
w6r4 wide. scale.
'We are pRTcuily

'womby, ,ai I
Slerln wIeth i theist
of d a.
b have the jOin tus.

fae ~
truti t


-< .4 :
_- T '.. ',_,,

m v



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g o



mn *
or "d




r ITr


j- ., '
^^fp- -

.I. 44 e1 #
4tW:~**.@e e/
*4 ao- i da f -a
4ss R 6I 0 o a 0 if
^ ''SwIf w Tt /.t4 ~

S f i* -
S d d. .* ,* 44
.4 4A.i ,...q"iq l'a',4 fijI.

".f ..

. I. a a_.itlk' .

R -, & ." "
|"' ,. ;.-...W.11D.
^^^H~~~fa^ i ^ b f "-. *'' "- ': M ^U 91,9

pKtguoubWtt- Reiv. JI 6 WARI
LJ.'i ..- Y*.es VW I


I.. "-e
Sh a




r .. :.--


* ..' '-, -!,
-< ,,* -**-. **-j't''--:..\,
Met -^y.-R
-4~irt wim~f

rI '

* .4...

* *0

* 4*.**

. -.

ftV =


s ^
,.'4' y

" ...



> i:*^ -

- ; .- *:*,*.*; *-*,

1: At*I.

L, i .,"f-. ,


1.r-* ,j
a**. .. .

rds Knoc kOf Cu


- a-

IYaks, White Sox, Indians

Also Sweep Doubleheaders
fe *

t. -a- o--
NEW YORK, July 5. The Cardinals ousted
t CuA from third place in the National by
*tUint them 13-7 on 16 hits and 4-1.
I. he Dodgers topped the second. : first twomajor league homers foa"
.ints 5-1 in an eight-in- the Cubs.
First game. Rain washed out In the second game, Gerald
e necondgame. Staley pitched six-hit ball to gain
Fittaburgh won its first twin- his eleventh victory against six
i-f the year 4-2 and 5-2 from defeats. A three-run Cardinal
nati and the Phillies were rally on a triple by Enos Slaugh-
iMotted twice by the Braves 2-1 ter. a walk to Peanuts Lowrey,
-at 3-2. Billy Johnson's double and Dick
X; hi the American League the Sisler's triple clinched the vic-
:?,lgkees stayed two and one-half tory. Gene Hermanski homered
t oes In front by topping the for Chicago.
Sm]tors 9-4 and 4-3. The run- Clem Labine pitched five hit
tr-up White Sox defeated the relief ball from the first Inning
owns 3-1 and 2-0 and the third to the finish and Peewee Reese
place Indians whipped the Tig- and George Shuba supplied hom-
ene twle, 11-0 and 10-1. era to give the Dodger their first
Hal Rice hit a grand slam victory of the year over Sal Ma-
er while Del Rice got three glle.
ingle ~ the Cardinals' first- The Pirates won their first
#ame rout. Toby Atwell hit his game from the Reds when Dick
S*- Groat bashed a two-run single
Sn the ninth. In the afterplece,
kA ...... 1. two runs in the fifth on a dou-
w rml fllOinn lly ble by Jack Merson to tie the
count at 2-2 and a run scoring
I. ,. *, fly by Ralph Kiner in the sixth
TJakes Wimlroa n in supplied the winning run.
S I U U u Rookle Ed Mathews hit his
14th homer of the year to give
Sthe Braves their eleven-inning
I nln first victory over the Phils. Sam
lnI| msij I h plJethroe scored from second on
"an error by shortstop Granny
Hamner to provide the winning
WItD liaON, July 5 (UP)- run in the seventh of the night-
0PeNl' Coamolly triiumpbed ca%
mt e ANl-Ealuand women's The Yankees pounded out 17
M championship at Wim- hits in the opener, including
mfte a N-mrnate duel three each by Gil McDougal,
SBrouh. Larry Berm and Mickey Mantle.
-.f 150 saw the an the second game, lefty Bob
er-fd&ttg match Kuzava went all the way while
I a wM re tensely played distributing eight hits to win his
il Ist -.ra than the fourth game.
1W -1. -edlte rdas, The Chicago scored all of its three
-t player. runs la the seventh Inning of
aSsAk. owl, the opener on a triple by Nellie
N p e hPer B h>t0 and Fox, doubles by Minnie MiOtso
M th As and Ed Stewart end a single by
UM _ahe .Ign-o H6ctor RodrigueL In the second
Me t B Mfooded game, Chicage alae scored every.
Izmn wlth her leW lobbing thing In one Ining, Mtifoso t ,
'W16 pilg i one run and Sam yele
S ......... .delivering Minnie with a Iol
... t.'M or" red the play fly ,
ba* a" B < hits In the oDer and

1 CWM d taet Iunb
-to k hanbag
wo mm fr almes.

KI".. r^IM,-L *.il ". pitt tlI si. tIn S aRK fWPIi '

St. econa s education d aeIng
i. Sm seeh of the WM mfrto Ifyew

SifbB t rweporded by the Mdee college Of adueatlon. ha
IM t e Lersm last Ilot bb tiatly te t at luamt
,New bmwunslek, N. the rboord of It. He regala
be broadcat at 5:30 vaguely that someone wantM to
h day ower station HOLY, read the story of the Diefenflar
SIM simeneed this morn- but wdsdern Why anyone would
r" want to keep the document.


l I

S t..


* whew vwhirwy

*Jamaica Rum

Q* c* &W and of Yomia= MraLh W4t
his) cm produce the iral ad g im
I mm a Rm.
a7US1N1YhIaIPSbSJ misSwJP.I is
4^ isPild' aaa tt ga e K ta
Wma b"y a bas oft JmPawtg-it is

:m* JtMk*vAMA




der LOAd

National.Lug. AS
TRAM- w-"e st 0

_CiL tn. ..a.. .. 4 w
as. ...... 40 sf

Cteleatl.. .. .. S2 t M~imtt. .. .... 30 44 Wee"k e
: :gh.. .. .. U .573 urn
TODAY'S GAMB allowan1
PhHafeliphia at 1'w York. r
COht sir at Chfteao. Ra.te ,
B&eotky" at Bostp (N). eft
Pittsburgh at St. teat (N).
(First Game) eased pa
Chicago 013 002 001- 7 11 3 the
St. Louis 024 12 20x-13 1r 0 ed
Kllppstein (5-6), Ramadell, stroke 1&
Hatten, Lown. Leonard and At- was too
well; Boyer (5-4). Werle and 1. trtmeOt
Rice. out on T
(See nd Game) Ruti t
Chicago 100 000 006-1 -thee
st. Louis 000o 01 00X-4 i "mat
(First Game) -J
rAI--U.- I Ift Aft fnn Aepx~eI

ttbourgn u11000 002-4 11 0
Cincinnati 000 100 010-2 8 0
Friend (4-11) and MeCullough;
Perkowski (6-6) and Semintck.
(Second Game)
Pittsburgh 000021020- 8 0
tnati 10000000- 2
lasher (1-0), Wllks (7) and
Garalola; HUtler, NuxlaA (0-2)
(5), Smith (8) and Roml.
(Wiftt Game-Eleven tbming)
Phila. 000 01000000-1 7 1
Bostbon M00000m 01-2 5 3
Drew, (2-2) and prgss; ftr-
kont. B0rdette (4-3) and St.
(Second Game)
Philadelphia............ 2
Boston .. ........ ...... 3
First GaM s-Caled in eighth,
}fo120000a-" 8 0
New York 10OOOW-l a 1
Roe, Labine (8-2) and Campa-
nells; Mag', t 3), Iao,
Spender aMld Lvaa
(Seeod Game)
Postponed, Ralnstorm)

kwVUM L .. .. .N. 341


0i-0-11 14 0R
000-- 0 2 1
Hegan; Gray
Johnson and

(Seesoa Gasme)
'Cleveland .. ........ 10
Detroit................ 1
(-f--- Game
Boston oosac 001-10 11
?1Sejp'k 4Ulf 62- S 9 3
Prr ( d Wte; Hoo-
per (UM, Sas. Kucab and

BOA o o1eo200-3
Wamtn UdMd (6 and Wilber;
yrd and murUw.

New York 3Sl-3 17 2
Washlnngtol ORWObO-4 7 0
Miler, (in d Berra;
OGumpert, 17), Frrick
(8) and KS. I -o- (I).

New York 0-4 120
Ensava (4 -)d uSt r; Mar-
rero (7-3) and O i, Utats (7)

St. Louis I K I NElw-i 2 1
Ccha no uma6-S 11 1
ette 40-6),i-s, Feiasd Court*
ney. Kr3tlaKow infr 2-
Doarh and L4Wrl

St. LoWaS .
Cbkoago 00u6 -Za
Ovenntrie (0-2) NlooAe (S)
and Johnso r; AUui- 474-),
Ken=*ner ) and 1 .

"ss Hwmi
S &).... sum


4The Fairway
-0 -

I puyBur1st
. to shoot
k tlom-

A out on

Aders upset
he defeat-

after n ex-
Seft lubked

..te Ad during
F|HHHkl.4ito plao

of the in
the ral tt c nts
were unM e V with-
teen I required an ex-
tra nni lO omplet*m
the othean ed
eighteen causee of he un-
even ce.
Dicky t oh ad-
B te after beihteer
and rr i-ua on the
playoff; uZra putter
was to M or garrison; Pe-
rantle i ted ett; Lth-
on's loft.'.. _bna e ._ecd bn get
ed mkle I 'from ped Mr g
Schl* aa7%. L= 'n our
are eP)dtd test their skill
In their oscond round of eigh-
teen. holes. after finding e
first read-e eleven. Coataie' in-
S helped him past

Ir- .... .
l&aa ..... .4

OeOdlng..... 1
OMlez .. .. 2
Wathe .. .. .. I
Burns .. .. .. 2

mew u tewa &fl
Eao us bimsad
hip u iII--mmi i-


S,-' .-* -,

competition In th
Flight as he eased pa
Engelke, Jr. proved to be
qudder when he and
Played their match in a4
This week eqd Workm
his work cut out when
Banan four strokes; Ene
must play his best golf
Harley three strokes
Sanders draws a bye.
gives Jeff toodwn two
Roy is improving and ma
Jeff's string of victories.
gets three strokes from .tl
This should prove to be the
match of the tournament.
men are experienced in
play and with the strokes
will be tough to beat. Miles
a b y e .
The Consolation Flight b"
together rayton and Gr
w th Gra lich gettlni .t
strokes; Lathatb gves Daltn
strokes which may be too
for him to win; Scott drew a
Schuster gets strokes fro s
er Medinger or Youart.; o00
gives Hardie one stroke, a
should also be an outstanS
match; Engelke, Jr. drew a 9)

Playground Sports

fat games opened tia
Gamoa Basketball League ,aft
ga with oa to th"
T". Le teats from Aofth.
The League teams w
ot h t but better ba l
dlng and shooting s.wu. tt
game to Ancon from the
The box score:
Rex Dafy.e.. 1 1 4 3
Cho Martin.. 0 4 0
Lu Cubllo .. 0 0
Cherry Crawford 1
Richard Dllon 0 0 0 9
Pat Morrtison.. 0 0 0 0
Total-, S

IV' LTaern. AN


p Wi
8T 1 4 6 1
BW 4 1

im~e~30 1 4

&'n 9 1 3
3. 1 1 2
..* ., 3* 4 8

> nw*. 0. 0 0 *g
[.. ..., -I e U

F I p
t;.-..... ,U
-J: rt- IN-,.. _.M W .



jyd ongj

e Were-
5. Fourth CU
gra uw
ston and .
i .supervlslWog
unteer Comr
sonnel of
I ground.
* In the b
'ahin eame.

-~w a'W
?SP bhat

averge re
Q. 2ew
A. The

1to A.
Qla ,

A. Un

does "4att

a *

World I

r. '" 1. _,4

I .

". i l ,"-. ; ;

' :' ^-.-, 1
- a 'L .._ kS.

. :. .1. ',nu

,. --
-.:" s "- cM-
.. .. '-

,,, .* ,


S ClIp ala


'- -'F l. -* I

f- .

IN uA4

4$ ~

.0 eh~.t

y--y. i:- -.;,)





WIt --f'Im I



44 65' AF

vg 4, 7.;



Rail z

44. ..C.








S. ,. r
-" ,-


TONIuTON, taly 5 (UP
T r aDer Warren of flor
|toay he hops inlnois Go
5 atewenaon can "be pe
f tl accept the n.omlI,
S" Sen. Richard B. Russe
a is not chosen a th
ouratic PrealdetlaUl no

pvenson "is a very abl
I," Warren said In a tUle
@i t66 the United Press. *
, h&v% a very bigh regri
hMnti f Bafn i dd."I third
b' uWandin qualifea
It -TPrldent."
3m Waren emphawie
governor dispute
tledim- dispatch whid
hfl that he joined there
t -ern govrnors in warnni
wtmDon is not acceetabl
the Democratic nominee
re.n l*d-tf attitude toWari
WPaseo was "misrepresent

. an. ,Rumell should not be
inaR ,a 1 hope .oov. Steven
can Be muaded to aecepg
n," he said.
arreS's frthright state-
it C po sition came as
Mlft Trman told his newer
e the. Democratic Presl-
Wd Bomnfatlon even f It Is
tm. Re also releeted any
tftt He o igt try to exerr
%*fto" po r over the wr

ba 1Paldent also denied
I iMeUsMl of runnIng tar
attfto Missori:
br ma refused to Yen-
ra, gSf on whether' Ste-
W "aS&tlhW'" for the no-
g, ae .'ld he aill likes
butif, 1t went no further.
P. Byrnes also
mU to bole- the conves-
Sit*ia ate anot seated.
*a tn one of three
governors who en-
1 ev's stand on the
"Ut aAd the qw-

*fiaBB^^^dB'~~~~~*: fl fir l^& ^u




- A

-, ., -**;;
-.. -. -a.- L y',vy
.. ,:
," "*'. *' ._



ie Gets:
le .
SSpit Ofh
CHICAGO, July 5 (UP)-Final
d drafting began here today
the 195 RepuMblican platiom.
d Its main planks are at
h fairly well known, though
e will be made to keep te
g secret for several more :
e It expect he platfo:.0
Denounce the -0-year ams-
d tratlon of the bDemocrata tbth
- at home and abroad.
It will blame the DemoCat8
for inflation, war and the -
pansion of SOonmiuItm.
e It wM idmf lower ta,
fewer ea ntni

esteaway, after a heated ar-
gument, the national committee
sttled thb dl4ate between Sen.
SRobert A. Tkft h (t-Ohio) and
Gen. flwghtS, nbower over the
38-seat deeaon by seat-
Sg 23 Tafte. and 16 Eis-
enhower delegates. _
The rots ,of this agement,
acodlng to I recent UP mrvey,
sh Tatt cas now count on 60
deates and t 0enhboWr on 426.
I gcovenftU confirms the
cdmae ,..t dee-don the Teft
dletat li-ncrease tnoab.
A & aiUea of 604 deleaet a
$M to the nomniation.
It i ei that the a ** e -
RiteAn SI.Is oty wMi


Mi* S^ *--
Iatery tMa tS dw-ht -

j-. .

14 4.




for the

a onIUIoz um in
oone, la.,
ment departed
example of chican
But he said Ii
must conduct an
c nominatsng
M cago In ird3r
of the Amerlean i
]ir..nh l r fti

"too long In power.
He said the people O l
rd of "pollution at the ON
selecting a Republicaf S

SrinL Blienhowlr was PWW
t her hometown citfit
y (hat 'm AwfuN
to el It's been an w
|BAg t1a5e."

I the Georgia ena*
AIe that be does not wat
*-pfdlenei The -eahm
0 governor caught many
I pporters by i .s
Ba`h Carolina y',
4di he does not =
qptlern delegates prho
dged to support the
lie candidate will 1t
'from the Democratic
.'i they are barred, the
S secretary of State de-
bhe wil bolt the conven-

t kouthenm states Geor-
LouIMana. Mtutisstppi
'atsoliana and Texas-
e state Democratic con-
tuminvening after the
to delde whether to
the party nominee.
Mkd he did not be-
Otemocratic onven-
try to bar such dale-
fa their seat because
w 10thd.

withV -' ergreSa ,!
man stationed at.Al ek. 1
dMgup was drwta a car. Po*
bees, was on a motorcycle
In connection with e arge
ai;S the oA8 r ie t
owbr of m tMbo-
ettodniva ? sm cy .t A
also at sfiaan station at Al. I
FOr fa*ns to keep bis W.fy-
all to the right when ove
a oar on Fourth of July A
a 22-ye.r-old a

car W o too
And a" ter la U t
ShOI *"e Rosa '1
year- sainn .


set se .1mS Aide Gaufst
As Vice Puaddoe *mmAlm
asum oSanI",-. Then

Via in hMi. m

loft nlot
Arwur, wm
- r. *- <
i, Mei
oar hsA
wa b-pm


-i 4.-.
.1 iabf

- A


j .... .. -.- ..' .


', ,. -f .%. J .

5 'iIL B H
'. *' *'." R^ I :' ^

,. .... ,,*-. *s'.I^.
S:. '. .-'% -trf-^ --.* *'.:.' k -
. .. .... ; .',

a c,,'s ... a. er"a''. s;



N 2,

.' ,
:. ,. .**"

4 2~


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