The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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oclc - 18709335
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Val* -;. .- -s P a. .
I if.4;

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lip 'P.
Ug^WI ti

Us. hen em ~su m her e d.. el The haume Am
fte ael"ed pue s tod sum hadiei h *n o
Ve abi Mkfl a Mls dalM be impeNal i m d eM Spp" M
0 do tearG pusbbihd i. 0h sudsW rOeI* Ie
elHIMH i lb s a neAghtl lmasd ye -e pege hapge*.
^ma As u= 0 im -i-o,.


Ssib h employed in a position where I tranatet quite a lot o

or1an1 m t t t that do bafties with the public when
th at the public transacet thdir business and then l5Avo
t s6 gt tin line cn ttriaset their business or if -here i
: A 110 I leats anyway so that we can do our work.
I dmIt that the public have very interesting personal prob
whit with Income tax, doctor bills, car repair lack oi
for vacations, illness in the family and the myriad othe
U M V WIb Smt we hear.
b eI would like to remind the public that we have ou
IN personal problems as well as our work to do so I would like
i uggest that the public stop bringing their personal problem
to a strictly business transaction.
Fast Service


Orinto (Mail Box, June 261 claims he has been a resident
Canal Zone and of the Republic of Panamt for some 35
Sm It appears that he must have come here recently and
Swtrgly informedd about the history of the Panao Canal
d ope. Or, if A. Orange wrote Such onbser of his own
tlenne (is the dope.
Iringo clbt a that the commissaries clubhouses, subalidi-
iM # care, housing, schools and so north were ien onl
san "in order to entice or persuade them to leave their
In the tates to work in a pesthole."
would ev A. O ringo to know that it was Americans and
dl tatn tdher publc twho finished the Canal job.
Sall act labor, and those facilities named were
bbth West Indians and Americans.
S Aericans did not find the West Indiana here. They
,-ttmacted by the US government to come here, as were the

Siplace was a pesthole, as A. Oringo called it, one was
bcome sick. Therefore the West Indian had to be
qubsldized medical care and other facilities.
were not many Panainanians working inth the construe-
the PanamA Canal at that time.
-Diasgued Paname ie.


I hear a lot about cost consciousness in the Army, and I
a am sorry to see so much preaching and so little practic-
B and reviews Ac. that everyone clamors so much
Sdrop in the bucket compared to daily waste
This waste seems contrived to seem an
run it Ig no .
wil ~ohtle myf to the rehabi -
g ed for Curundu housing.
gr pla d to tile the bathrooms and kitdhens. Period.
I ,the I t of the rehabilitation. And a more sily fare
. th6t of.
W inoleum on their bathroom and kitchen flAdkil
{ihe deeled to tile them now?
l know what kind of quarters we live in and how
l pafnt they are, but one thing they do not need, Iaw
of bathroom and kitchen floors.
Slot use that money for some better purpose. say palit-
ys at least, f9 they cannot afford anything else?
In. minammable match boxes designed to last two years,
kve lasted. len years, and which will continue ad iifin-
Rtthe future, are not going to look any better or be more
ibIe. llve in with tile on the kitchen and bathroom
need is some paint, and I don't mean maybe. Also
Ike all the Junk the people don't want In their
eut undir their houses. If you take a stroll around
I It's ike being In the middle of a rummage sale.
btt er6usly, the powers that be could certainly use
PRto better advantage. Why not give the poor sucker
lift N dto Curuftdu a chance to say what they wOuld
Me on, 'yeu fll. now is the time to speak up or forever
ur peace.
r fix our community up a bit. It might even be fun to
results we sold Ot. t


toi af lt With a serviceman, even a Disgusted
m, June 27),'but I believe this particular fellow has
L a few faef that should be realized.
% ) M with 'VhtaIre's idea about defending a per-
Saa an opiMfi n if he dM with every
Iiil e d with Diguted Vet. (DV).
llS" o fd "u i" to ilustrate Nb views was
I tha uta In the service who asght take Is-

. jhhoUYv~ and when M W the .w
n wtuoishd
&M &n ining of the Most mEfIIM6 sodtf
Ums vl viame) ever m..
''tf Iwt9 esalan todltfi~i~l.-W IM
we (siZau and PAgular) PlB.
Wk about MoUer not VVIPuis mo rem
to 'dogit. ;rey about
rttW~~~~ate Hgtffihd*fu ttoBt the

urnto I aatUft ft- by asvlbe it M=
-- lq aa ,kNMMAN| Am J64 te.ja --

m LmUz

eve in-

. ~.I? __________ _________
I -~~- ~
'F ~ .'JPL

Labot News



systm all th Wt a net-
work of ranch., a, book-
* stors, 'fur houeis, and eva
floor-scrapg 'r and re-
cords for oIdrn firms -
* which brinp it he iMllions of
dollars needed to p Its po-
litical apparatus IUng, espe-
cially through this IpeMdential
NM campaign.
Not too long ago feral ac-
counts examined Wifreds of
books of Communist Party
fronts and businesses and re-
ported back that the profes-
sional proletarians talked more
f money in one year than tl*
major political parties did li
f four years.
I In this fashion, by oerat
e nlg a business netwoe whieh
s at one time, lifib l ore.
mining and real te tope.
- eulatlon, the Party has been
f able to finance Itself without
r the danger of "Moifew gold"
being discovered aWits way
r into the U. S. |
e True, the Party tos down to,
s 165 front outfits and its valu-
able import and export busi-
ness has fallen off, but it still
raises millions annually through
its "capitalist" ventures.
Thus even a Party of 37,000
members, which J. XFgar Hoover
revealed in his latest report just
t the other day is the new Com-
munist membership, can have
several thousand political can-
vasserS, scores of campaign
I headquarters, millions of eloe-
tion propaganda leaflets and
thousands upon thousands of
ex ensive barnstorming miles
S In by its candidates and
their managers.
In Massachusetts alone, It is
learned from good sources the
Communists and there ollticalJ
allies have 380 canvasswe. They
report they've got almost 50.-
000 signatures for their peti-
tions and are raising over 10,- r
000 more a week. n
Squads are out In Illinois, R
California and New York. f
Thousands of dollars have W
been raised by the pro-Com-.
Smie for a political pilgrim- t
age to Chlcags July 3, where w
they will meet as though they r
were funnin a ultimate
national ial party, en
as the Republicans and De. o
mocrate oLi
All this Is known to our au- cc
thorities. Much of it I've gath- n
ered from documented conver-
i4M -with former members
bn Palmuntp a hlghave b

lJ outline veritale Red I
kof Coum1alut controlled St
busi-e -- -We count at ru
least 87 diffet h pes of bust- se
activity wi the Party's st
lal aeotio0 dpMated. sl
._qlte the unpopularity of s1
00w ty in the ell-to-do dil- let
letatle Aliroles which once fol-
lowed It as a fad, many of so
these business are still oper- th
eating undr a man called wil- a
AIctC Uis Ii a section of
the Party Wtich is autonomous
and whoae books have never
been lMen by most of the Par- An
try's leaders. Its orders come of
directly from the Soviet chief HI
agent In this country, known
in radical circles as the Com-
intern "rep." m
Wether himself is sort of a c"
refuAge from a jail sentence. *
He ws convicted for giving
fai testimony on a passport, ma
bUt iIu doctors pleaded success-
full that he had a heart al- tw
Which would kill him it i
Our good nature capitalist hi
court Alifted the sentence until
such time as he was physically t"
akle *to serve. That was 0 it
ye*' n o. He0' still free. li
Aj a he shows his gratitude
by dceting the Party's big t
businsee machinery which pro- th
vtdSt hmd for propaganda at- th
taste Us. our nation. Mice fella. ml
liag hose he rana was a
lef .lhi firm which shipped
M o Ee taly. There is was
OWpjIeGe Stel and ma d
m mlms ""murehants.
mV 55% of l@rt and

isB word wa bw in senteal- str
m lt; out Isash antures m
fto" _ii tm- !! nr

SS- hut amy any Ia
t~a n" t the lea
wta. Wek saM dell Go



so i"Io
5] fl 'im' l f1noted B '" ",||
-- :. ...A ,,

i INN"

Three- ilo

By J wk and
WASGINGTON. Does W. Ave el Harri-
nan have a serious chance for the Democratic
It is tiMe to ask this questlop, d4_0 Harri-
nan's remarkable victory over sen. sMtes Ke-
Auver in the Democratic prinary here in
For all hit great ability, it has been hard to
ike Harriman, a shy and very wealthy man
V has nel run for political office before,
ally serious y as a Prelddential candidate.
But a maR Who can beat the formidable. Ke-
auver by feaur to one, even tn a relatively
obscure primary contest, eonnot be laughed oft.
arriman 1as beei displaying an Impressive
ambinatif of courage hd sftewdness in his
ew poltMl role.
An h VleOa W
Ila.In are
Th im n .btAs'. a a sort of
ild three-horse parlUy.
The first asfumption 'k that Gov. Adial
evenon of Illinos wil be eight out of the
inning by convention tfne. Nhrrlman him-
lf asserts itbt he sla in the race to the end,
evensofi or no -Stevenson. But his warmest
ipporters privU agree that Harriman will
and very little dMnce indeed, if Stevensor
ts It be knowndthat -he will run.
Intimates who have recently talked to Steven-
n at length have o ue away penvinced that
e odds are slightly th Savor of his becoming
candidate, especially if eam. Robert A. Taf
nominated by the Repblicans.
Yet Stevensoa Dos hth ,trong personal aMad
her reasons for not wa&Mng the nomination.
id Stevenson has prontttd his old friend W-..
nan that, If he does take himself riht out
the race, he will do whatever he can to help
With Stevenson out of the running, Bad-
an packers dlatin, Harriman will g to the
mvenfon with a fMat ballot strength oMr
D votes.
The second a ptl on which the Mapl-
n strategy bviosly based is that thert.
ll b crucial struggle at the Convenvm t f -.
eetm e NonLhem and Southern wing of the
eqwtc a*mry on the civil rights lasse:
an himself is passionately sinoete In
sI atoeacy of all-out civil rights glalfti
It M. J riman'e own victory in the W washing
m iry utrtltagly showed, the cri rights
ue l[~lo a matter of enormous practical pe
lo Ig Irtance.
It It a burning Issue among the minorities in
S _.ites, and the Democratic leadersI t
ge industrial areas must have thiS
n oMatote in order to win.
A 1&*Mn bloc, led by Senators.- Stbet-

Wdter Win ce

euypg toa New Ysrk: eRo LayAec set
r owe fiMadow, .2. Mao" -A the raur m ,s.
olag VA Avenue a=t 4aes s t hr *r1
1 pomp G wee...Jea swn I a i=
at beo"a. rvas, of the l At MUa e
Sm de-. A steady 4aft n.ilhu

Mp. The eny, he s i I. t wh .

O mb" the vamonsy)
egDoisa g e ana 1*

oart a eA u ,, t.,e who
? Who .-_,Wr




rse Prla f

Humphrey, of Minnesota, 'and Herbert Leh "di
of New -orak, has already been organlsaeto the M
write the strongest possible civil rights plk af
into the Democratic. f attorM. c ,'wbtt, toft t
This bloc probably aa the t tr m
over other leaders who favor compromise 'Wft
the Oath. ,
Sueh a triumph, it is reasoned, wl be a vie-
tory for Harriman, And a .bad setback for thet Plftl
front-running itetautver, w*bhoe tand on Clvi W
right has been eqivoal. the
or e, pn. Humphrey, (who will con*.
ftol a 'cIal forty or so uncommlt voitted
from his area) could nrt comfortway lead
bitter fight en cyi rights, and hba s
the I rt Kefauver atW h
Other Jeades te raetal
v N.A Min v"S over to

"tA_ tffthe We heta I
not a ayt

m now WISWS

o 1'-.
L ~. ..

- ~nuoW~7*w~ .'.'* ~Z~'

-' ?

e- n .. a t
ear anBow. What

. Lr

I eed It a



" : '.

MIA Ind dN

., i.i~jp~ *

~ :
-. A

" 1 4 .,

m.- A.
-- **,. '!,*- .* .
,, .,.*. .: -;.


1. 1 *..'
f '




s33e. -

leAt Ows
m- d

i'*~.b4h. Y.rm-.u

S,' tI

M t .. .
**t -&.

m. if)MAt.

*vp mtt^

-, 4

- '
4 4.F

kl.-. .

: "w -L- .6 ."4

LA M f A 1
o e A-n -o P_'

HSl aHMt ^

lawn ad tas UfdlM
Bti eommtti *Id ml
talod 1 the.

Hinted At Rrihw a
I a

FI okt dc~anwfi~t f th* jawat I eye
g th f ft hep

Wi. "b ad l the#
_. mon wo.tar d, yS -.,--

t .

* J*

I ) ''. *

At tractive Specialities at




104 ./nnt vufart


. .

For the 4th of. July
fake. 4 ur drmWei m tnre. ..

fla Evmeing

* 1t* '1

ir -t
V! A,





*, -.

,i&a'ftqmn @ur

* S f




'.. 71

A I. -
4 4- .L ,

.- *i
LOWs hi igo

* 4. .
e*:*' '?

..o*w we'v

N ut carry osty .


-15, L. M t
t o
top **ntrrAyenu,
,.. \ L. 1 I BL .
: lmA *-."Ot

. ....-.-- .


- .ls tn. ad li
**.''a t ca. iMb l ed t

* 6/



9 5 ';" .. ...









N4 Iiqi hand embroidered t loths and ~i n sizes..

TWp .ure.if,' h s i m ~abroh t -u st .,

-I-w hh embvoidaed eri .6ts Ny tann Qest towt .
* *'- -. .. '" ^,'," .,- ^.#. *' ,I ." .

Ssi rtV"nt of the knowts dre. ; -
-7 CB mwd ceton-ss for14A4s-
.'-~~am SOW"'' -" ;- :- "" ,. 7 '.: : ..,


C- 'j^d

L -A--


$4 .


- r .'a 4..
~ ~n
-a ~ -S

* -.. -- ..

.. nwwa

EVE L**$;# ,TtN


-. 3 W




" A.-

itaft mf
n =W

L-to AuI

ft 0

. 1'

'a'. i

* .{' *'I

* .* .


~. -' rca?

So ionsJ i "

.,. .

a B F.IW ".
L. 111poSll!^


I \ *

M ng as usa

. r;



". .'y ,* ". .. ." _* .\ "

t .J

,.... .... *,',. W K P NWAMAi
C ~ _______


t fght-*Sh and Planes-Arrivals and t
.--.-.-.-..- .,dr


Accepting passe"aen for


sailng July 2nd.
.411 rooms with connecting bathrooms.

C. B. Fenton & Company, Inc.
Teos. Crist6bal 1781 Balboa 1065

& AirLine News
l ettM Boarn Chairman paid uniformly for all new I
tn Bet-3.Chd Liners ships.
W|nH eBW Y 3trane 30 (UP) I He listed these present pas-
S,-' le di-. E. L. Cochrane, senger vessel needs:
4 rrttn o6F the Federal Mari-t At least two for Moore-Mc-
laie board, said today the Cormack lines to replace the
tfted States should have at Uruguay, Brasil and Argentina.
Deat a down new high-speed To for Grace Lines, running
imenger ships for its world- between New York and. the
W- e trade routes. north coast of Sooth America.
SBut he saw little hope of get- Seven for American President
4ing them built until the long- Lines for round-the-world ser-,
standing dculte over ship con- vice. One for Oceanic Steam-:
ruction subsidies is settled, ship Co., for service to Aua-s
;1'. Eventually, he said in an in- tralia where there now is noj
b trview, t sister ship should American carrier. Later, when
be built for tse mighty S.It is "economically feasible,"
A -ttalted States which sails from another United States class su-
W York this week on her perliner should be built, the'
:-SUiden voyage under the colors' Admiral said. but "not yet."
t"Vb United Siates Lines. He predicted America will re-
capture prestige and business
I e said the new passenger from England and France
h-ip' should be fast enough, through operation of the S. 8.
,o outrun submarines and avoid United States. *
g need to travell e convoy I
Wartime trop carriers. He w tm
p d that a a s a cinch for
fe a-8. r. Uitd States and I w

oot "Mariner" class cargo ves-1
s& of which 35 are beun built. is ..JL AUwaaaa
I In bis first press a tmen
SM e reappointment by Presi-
l ent Truman on Thursday tol LONDON. June 30 (UP) A,
a a four-year term as board scissored-tall marine bird the
chairmann and maritime admin- size of an ordinary ulgeon flew
2i mtor, Cochrane called for 3,000 miles across the Atlantic!
44W leglelation governing con. In almost 18 days, which is be-1
N. .ruto n subaldies. lived to be a record.
b e indicated belief that the The sclsors-tall wRs carried In'
tntroversy surrounding stib3i- i plane from South Wales toi
11 f theS S. United States Boston by Rosarlo M1 qen per-
aige lAmerican Export tin-!sornel director nf thr Boston
itlldr-"'.-. 'd.fll Q tl..ym!1n1'hn Orchestra, who is an
% 000 ventdi cther orrthologst. 4. ,
Mtl Boston the bird wA rele"-
ooHet "-.Ua ed-and 12 and three-oUainers
Lines "obligate a, dah later it arrived in W es.
I pt of thei net arrival was verfMd by Dr.
hem they order new 0. V. Matthews of the 0oololcal
dt haehve to departmentt of Cambridge Unl-
af rt on prospecti versity.
fgrnh opr s The bird flew an average of
Cocramne said. He 250 miles a day at a speed Of
d they cannot afford bout 20 mi per hour.
of having a cotrate fiat Ias left British ornmlt
u. later on. a referenase aglata perplexed b the bird's en-
nd of U. S. Comptrol- durane.
ral Lindsay WMarrn
.. lines be made to pyI
SMerethan the planned ,28,-
A for the United States. 19i Bulek Super 4-deer
h rane lsted that no upw SaDm. with dynaflow, a.
V *MiRr ship has been laid dl, te't cowmrs. eed ire
iw n this country in more excelle dhae. hr
litn three years. He has urged drivels. aPer sale et
a law that will "permit a pre-.M v 1 eut .A. mib Af.-
tmlnstionln trom time to Central Ave. Tel. Colm 8M.
thws of the subsidy rate" to be[

iJMI WLKIN. PFinteer

'1.EII l 4 WE M
DN CO AL Ll 64?OD I .
I -::2*1

Loy"t-vitcyo j

vyiW gWw Ilve
*to Potde i2 ft ...
1I Me hls a 3 Copuchin
style at me key
eOM d 4 A flm mntM
ereaturs i sdeo o 18 EfW reth
14 Scottish plaid siee make l I
oDanee ae M with s1a*trios
17 Watm usae ttle er _5n l.U (*t
St LRa oin 7 0wel*tive of 26 Eml polite
Gul1's scale~ aMihr 20 His wife,
30 olar disk 8 lowers all, MOw
22 Make a g u int with hieAl

2 ss4 Classifes or1 Ai
SLight | |o
27 Male cat
2s Coin of
29 Poenmmlve
SO nEmploy
31 Diminutive of
Stephen "
34 righteners
38 Polynesian
forest god
3S Roof finial -
40 Deer track
41 Arrival (ab.) -
43 !1tble
compartmient M 1 -
44 Hawaan
48 Island in New
York bay
49 Assembly
50 Compound
ether -
11 Trouble ispot
for mariners i _

Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service Crist6bal
-- -
S.S. Levees Bend .............................. July 6
.S. utriwgua .......... ...... ..............Inly r
.S.S. Chiriqu .. ........ ..............sJuly 12
*Mhndlinx rks rlierled Chilled mad Guenal Cage.
S*York Servict Crist't[e

.. C. .........................
Wfki9 ~tig rew 1o,, M1UIg&l. .At, V t. L Aagel.,
OMWl l lfil ghiib, kmt, Cri'lobel 19 Wst CUM
Cegladb-k'Amerkmf Io.
isthMal to New Orleans via S301frm

8.g. Chirqui .......... ...................... l 1
.S. Oiri ................................y. A
5.8. Clhar ,i ................ ..... ......l y S
(PasMengr service ly)


Landing on Callste

cow. mBe,4 an" pm

- nANlUA -.M4

- l~OI*lI3S

*trnea ~

. .. 2.o*.-i .:

ki -, i ...
: 11 '** m lk' .- '" L


(WY!s ANP T l8 R1h0IWft
attvt4 *W tw hi
Rtf tW m tW"fl-
VRGRS %14 u N
t4 fi M A


A Atl
fnWX ~ Wfl
IW WaNT~lI& m am""

'.4 tO tlhwsu.thsIwW

--. Ii h*


* -. '. ma m .

* ~'.4'~ g~.

* ..." ae*-',

my AL VwuI I


AMPS ag, o

IA Momid


t AD t

~ L
, ,


J %,+'," ..' ,..

J\. -*I* **

31 E3OIAW~

. -






:* ^*W c FLOT
AWt I a!
I kb' 7,i 1-

V,10 .


A 1.

-I ..,- .m. .

- -


* F'*P
'-. fe-

S *

.- .

- ."


I.'fl T. -'
~ $j-~

~ i~v.





A d, ..* Si k

; 4* -.

. ..:. -."-. ir ^ a

.. ... : .-L"
t 7v


'1* ~,.

5~~;, ~

* I.'


i, ..4 Apt
e Z.
k., ,-.. -. -


' .7. .


,.,l." A. M,
."'.- '*" *

.M ,; .

r ^


"" A
'. -^ 1


. .

Yto Sell em..When You Tel 'ee thn PA.

I eave your Ad with one of our Agents or our Offices ie No. 57 "IH" Street iM.
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Cofui -

Le"ts Servie
" flTvoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Salon de Belleza Americuse
#55 West 12th Street

Agencia Intermacional de Pbmicaciones
#3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-31M

Carldtd iag Store W
10.056 MeWades Ave-i7ftbm Clt

Propaganda, S.A. J.mMn for 12 wer "
"H" Street diorner letunO St.
Phones 2-3214 and R ,1V& dB a ldinlI word.

-- II

FOR SALE:-The famous Sixtomal
light meter, rust and shock proof.
reduced to $24.50. Porras, Plaza
5 de Mayo. Panama.
FOR SALE: Dressers, modernized
quartermaster furniture. Phone 2-
3708. House 0954 Amador Rd.
FOR SALE-1950 Hotpoint 60 cycle
fully automatic washing machine.
two 9 x 7 ft. porch awnings alu-
minum outdoor, dryer. Phone 82-
FOR SALE:-25 cycle washer. We
have Thor automatic and conven-
tional washing machines for 25
cycle operation. Easy credit terms
to Canal Zone employes, Case
Sparton, Central NQ 223.
FOR SALE -Hammond organ, $1,-
200.00, terms. Kodak miniature
enlarger. other photo equipment,
glassware. House 568-A. Curundu
Heights. Tel. 2236.
LEAVING FRIDAY: Steel dresser
with mirror, $8 00, single mattress.
baby scale, 48" shades cheap.
2-1549. 5865-B. Dioablo.
" FjR SALE:--One Westinghouse au-
tomatic washer, $125; 1 Easy
Spindrier, 125; I Solsbury Scooter.
$150; 1 famous buttonholer, fits
most machines. Call Albrook 5134

Help Wanted

WANTED:-Maid for laundry and
housework. N9 7 Apt. 3. Gerardo
Ortega street. Tel. 3-2739.

Employer desires job for her capable
honest 36 year old maid with zone
-. family. Employed 7 years, won't
live in. 2-1549, 5865-B. Diablo.
WANTED:-To buy one show-case.
approximately 2 ft. x 6 ft. with
two rows of shelves slide doors.
preferred. Call phone 3-2201. 8
to 12 a. m.
*ANTED:-To place reliable, effi-
cient maid worked for me 6 years.
Phone 2-2843.
af. __' __________"1

- 4 Cip

!t les to

Iu. S. A.!

-n. Ln




,, Go'

s m
i" t

Y via Los Angeles
imi. Houston or
w Orleans. Only
AA gives you a
ice of so many
item, with deluxe
vice all the way,

whbedever you
ih... Only PAA
rs daily
mxes, with luxuri-
4 eginedClippers
speed you there.
yo.r Tiwsl Auenf or
E 7-**W -

Service Personnel and ,Civilian
Goverr.ment Employos
Insist on
Government Employes Finance Co.
When you finance your new
or used car.
No. 43 Automobile Row
Phone 1-4984 3-4985
FOR SALE: 1949 Pontiac Club
Coupe, Radio, white side wall
tires. Con be financed. $14.00.
Call Curundu 6246.
FOR SALE: 1951 Lincoln Fordor.
black, Hydra-matic, radio, heater
undercooted, seatcovers, spotlights
windshield washers, back up lifht
7,800 miles.. Dodge and DeSoto
dealer Tivoli Crossing, Panama,
Tel. 2-4631.
FOR SALE: 1939 Pontiac Sedan
(six). Duty paid. 12 new tres &
battery, excellent transportation,.
$125 00. Call Panama 2-2778.
FOR SALE-1947 Dodge Convertible
Coupe, radio, new top. Priced for
quick tole. Colon Motor Inc.
Dodge and DeSoto; 10th street.
Colon. Tel. 492-J.

FOR SALE:-1949 Plymouth Special
De Luxe. 4 door sedan, radio, new
seat covers ,low mileage. A real
used car bargain. Colon Motor
Inc Dodge and DeSoto, 10th St.
Colon. Tel. 492-J.

FOR SALE.-1950 Plymouth Special
De Luxe Club Coupe, new seat
covers, radio, heater, excellent
condition. Must be seen to be ap-
preciated. Colon Motors Inc. Dodge
and DeSoto, 10th St. Colon. Tel.
FOR SALE:-1950 De Soto Custom
Fordor. In excellent condition. Co-
lon Motors Inc Dodge and De-
Soto, 10th Street, Colon. Tel. 492
BENNETT'S Modern Piano Classes
enables you to start playing right
away. No talent needed. Member
International Piano Teachers As-
sociation, Penn. Tel. 2-1282.

Atlantic Socdety...
(Continued From Pkf e FIVR)

Lusky, Mrs. T. H. Zuldena, Mrs.
F. L. Wiscavage, Mi. W. W.
Patton. Mrs. J. fwussey, nrs.
0. Mitchell, Mrs. A. N. Ruoff,
Mrs. B. R. Goodhead and Mrs.
Stanley M. Hamilton:
N.C.O. Wives to Meet
Tuesday Evening
The N.C.O. Wives Club of Fort
Gulick will meet In the olubroom
of the N.C.O. Club on Tesday
eevning at 780. All members
and guests are invited t attend
the regular monthly meeting of
this group.
Civic Council Meeting
Tomorrow Evening
The Oatun Civic Council will
meet for the regular monthly
meeting at thr Clubhouse to-
morrow evening at 7:811. Tinil
plans will be announced for f
forthcoming celebrating of &i
of July and all residents are ur-
ged to attend.
Lloyd Alberga's leeseMag
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Alberga
of New Cristobal announce the
birth of a daughter at the Amna-
dor Guerrero Hospital in Colon
on Thursday, June 86. The Infant
has been named Sanda.

Marion Delaney
Has 10th Birthday
Marion Delaney wU 'the ueW t
of honor at a birthday parIAr-
rangde to compliunment bher ot wie
anniversary of her 10th brthday
at the home of her parents, W1.
and Mrs. Charlis F. DelanemWOt
Margarita. The party was git
on Wednesday afternoon.
Small china birds were given
to the young guests, for favors
and Beverly Ball and Irene Ms-
han were given minlatume
cups and saueers as n r as a
Those present with the guit
of honor were Colleen S0iter. Be-
verly Hall. Ilrem% Meeh=. Uroly
Hearn and Marion's 4l, sit&-

D Y** wv drnkinlg u #blel I
Write Aledhelis Afeaymeus. S
2051 Anus, C. Z.
A one day Crulse aboard the Cruiser
"Virginia" to Taboga and trolling
from Taboga to Otoque Island. Com-
plete fishing tackle for all types of
fish in these waters. Swim at tobo-
go, Fish over an area of 30 square
miles. Box lunches all Day Package
tour. Leave Bolboa Pier 17 (Tabobago
launch landin) each day 8 A. M.
Return Balboa 6 P. M. on July 4th,
July 5th, and July 6th. $10.00 each
Passenger. Minimum 8 passengers.
Maximum 10 passengers. P h o n e
Jungle Jim, Panama 3-1660 or see
your Travel Agent.
This is your chance to see the PAN-
AMA CANAL. Leave Balboa Pier 17
6 A. M. July 4th aboard Cruiser
Pescodora. Arrive Colon Stranger's
Club about 2:30 P. M. or leave Co-
lon Stranger's 6 A. M. July 7th, ar-
rive Balboa bout 2:30 P. M.
Lunch catered by El Panama's Chef
.Counnell $10.00 each passenger. For
reservations phone Jungle Jiri, Hotel
El PanamA 3-1O60 or see your travel
agent ISorry all passage sold out for
San Bias Cruise July 4, 5, 6.) Watch
for next tour.

FOR SALE:-William Knpke piano,
$225.00. First street Perejil N9 1.
FOR SALE: Used gravity Siphon
filler with five I gallon' spouts,
monel metal strainer. Used Jug.
water "miller hydro," 200 gallons
bottles hour. Used "Sparkler" fil-
ter, bronze, splash-proof motor,
turbene type bronze pump, sanita-
ry nickel alloy piping, tygon hose
Tel. 337 Colon.

FOR SALE:-Used inter-office Com-
munication system, complete with
one master station and 5 sub-
station, Tel. 337, Colon.
FOR SALE: Special offer. The
best slicing machines, Globe re-,
conditionpd. from $12500 up. See
them 'at FPbrico Naciohel de. Sol-
chichos, 102 "B'^ Ave.
FOR SALE:-120 boss piano accor-
dion. Phone Corozal 4236 or Cu-
rundu 5285.

d .iSunies


IiwBroklyu Area

NEW YORK, June 80 (UP)-A
1,000000 fire raced through 11
tenement factory buildings in
the crowded Greenpoint section
of Brooklyn today.
More than 500 persons were
driven from their homes.
A watchman in the abandoned
tram barn where the fire start.
ed was missing.
Police evacuated bulklngs
a three block radius of the -
which was brought' under enm
trol after three hours.
As the flames leaped a stUe
with waves of black smoke,
neon sign continued to sbn
amid the Durning building. "Ja
sus saves us,'" It read. -
A young mother, with a 6hi
in her arms and another ci
ing to her nightgown, looked
at it as she hurried to safety. "
hope so," she murmured., .
City and Coast Guard firebo"
added their water power to some
55_pleces of IMd equipment. -
The small nOn-denominational
"Gospel Bowers' Mission" under
the neon sign was undamaged
by the fire. Only the outer wall
of the apartment 'over It was

The Rev. 8. C. Napurano said:
"It was a miracle. The fire burn-
ed all around, but there was only
water damage in the churho."-

Mrs. Counle's
Memoni Services
At 4:30 Tomorrow

orNt fi IIecsSU Randy Coate IsPt MemoEIheWeee will be held
rRandy Coatel M at St4:0/P.M. m. w at lam'
mumN at Gorgas Hpitallbo He lots arw at Oth
S RandyA CosgM ,e- r
Cristobal, edteftd Grgu4^ h sl- ga-S bfM
AMIIAlaI 41 nff tal on Monday and Ia N biB -
Pa.m e L Seet No. 5, for obrervatiom under a M W. COWurville who had' de
*TelI g70 service. bMher hoIe S waiME lWa
Cohn Saw i., t.. 1097 KEY IG b enel au f' 'lmor U
LOIm aMEMPHIS, TAnn. (UP, w tTm Mwse fr
S* Richard Kitse And Paul A a aiJ l'ot
are pilot.

. ta !
**6S- ov
Wwo !"*


S- -- if

Foster's furhM' s t* hW fm il9l
beyond Saft ifoi. Gas rtfrfger-
ators, ranges. Special ra't wesik
ly or monthly, private rood
beach. For Informelaonr visit Daf-
mar. TIvoU Al enMu No. i 1
phone Pamilrme -.0170.

Gramlich's Santa Clarg"'belch.
cottages. Elpstric Ice boxes, g e Oi
stoves, moderate T .elTpn
6-441 Go aNfbo. nf

PHILLIPS OcedhMde Cdttagul. "N|
only court In Santa Caa w th
Oceenview from oaN cottages. S
to beach, Rock Gas, refrlgerciloM.
barbecue and shuffle boardc. 12
ama 3-1877, Morgarita 1-167
Box No. 435 IBlboo.


Modern furnished-unfurniWwd apeAit
ments. Maid service optionll. Coh-
tact office 8061, 10fh Street," Nb*
Cristobal, telephone 1386 Colon.

FOR RENT: Clean room NO 12.
Apto. I, Juan B. Sosa street. Pan

FOR RENT:-Fumished cool reos
Just inspected. Ne. 2, 4th of J$fl
Avenue Apt. 3, opposite R6

,gjiOWV- V W
".4ACOW mj

Written for NtA
--- .. r ---- --
% 1 ,

420.87854. AX
*1087TB43 4*AKQ .
SR 5( CD)

4 Not "
oth tesl vul.
leulk Wet Narth Iast
S6 Pas ? 2 9 Pan
#4 Paen 46 Double
Rtedbl Pass? Pass Pssn
Opening lRad-4 10

"Here's an extremely i:
lag hand which came
duplclate at Henderson's
Studio the other night,'
John D. McOervey, of Piti
"South, my partner, u
ton (Mickey) Steiner. &
redoubled, East turned
and said, 'Kid, If you mi
ne IT buy you a suit of
"After be got these cl
partner proceeded to pi
Gor al the outstanding
td made five. One pers
rented that he should g
or thie extra trick.
"O 'course, East's Jaw i
-foot when the openina
vd was ruffed. Mickey t
earts and olerr ffed E
*e third round.
"He put East in with
another diamond, az
ed the dlacmon return n
Y, afteR which 'he co
.&Ms a tp of pushing
wUes. t's only oth
4aem diamond bad
'Of courl, tM itbsrt
best spot r lo. SOM-ou
pWay there is' ,itly Int
teoo. If East opens a spa
chlu, West makes one
trick, period.
"Xt 'ast gets fancy and
dikand, he wil soon r
wbha North runs his trim
puts 'him In a three-suit
oar even.
,7hs dlsousson Is pi
po ttcal, iwe niboi
permitted to pla In tha
I-c all tbU amwr X
pae.s made searMlce
"laus 1's double a
loted the udt or d
but it pMIeaslW 8
ner Out of I good mcriti
nMlit draw-a =uW UmE1
boit the Wisdom ontcdodW
cnu t antwOr wUn ,s
'Zncld ssaly. Ictrey
P lawOwsadmepa 3

2-dewr am
tbhin. rm
lent r=
ale at y
in at I
nio p5.0



For the 101 SmH S
Household Pantig Jobs

No Mess No Mixing
No Brushes No Wate
Each eant s a eownvatent
patent bomb
Available in man

279 Central Ave

moinm" womn

NMI. .a

*W puk and erals oriM

s.-2S6 a P rm lUe -
Protec Yfou Pr pety!

Y eas mote Agfmr M
4nsuz'anee en your t -f3Nai a*
mwa w

u wa Dtmmu-msJ
n ian Mle Alem.
Amerim Isume Ce.

O com-
Pt a hat a& indso
Ln led Stikeili Price
East on & KU X 17C.
th e ace KOTtE c.
nd ruffl-


th. The
arestin Dr.A.ACJ
ide or
trump Dr. E. OL LLAC
leads a

'y was
ea--t c S-4 P.M
st-W bWil&--12 I
|f el-Bt| 6 rre .

tipK ax,

wll rea ft1
ter s!efg4
wl^0 ^



Passms Cftl 6. 14
rAn. "Who uoerbsa hard I
y=rs.. to abep AsvIe 4
thl...t rit
rFtarth. Is I i
grin oaeruu"Wiv co-
man KtRi09 ;a.
A. .
:30-Parafde. sM to
8:4S-NeWteo &l de.
&lhoaL. 'J

2nd PFria -W

a farly aMa
view E thON
of a floet dr
pMA of a
Thue Oekao
boud tea s
reaches 4f9 U
ran Into a"
houndT sajmMMi

(blo Lux tbosi
larer., tned a
part-' Ti
To. e. ,
Yuh 'i I
- w
ad a

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-;* :

D Two 71W.l-vM
i, m t and
let at Nlthatr

1 IE. ,

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i-i. ~;


lvvY, 1 -' .. F w ,rMR
Tcolors. 10.. .

STel. Atlantic S- P m

LUX ""
VENETIAN WhigDi-oor Gto
BLINDS caniv -auJ u ewish 1 -6,
M Che W the on Will Eb6 1 .

Tl a1-1.13 J. aB h
"m8.SAi 8L n..&MA td & nat. s

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'. I ,'a i .l -a ; -... ,,

of S

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awe 4`4
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a r el'
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+tad4 .. i. +

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U .* -* -.. > i 'I

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if WNW
p riC.a



b^*'"it?44 V&I^ i *'c

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t3 ?QW I .* ..* .I. -: d *E f '** E
M fa 'ie~^ '-. ""' "** ^^

M M TO : & e l -....... ... .. .
902e ,M! .
41I ~ O 1 |w Il4 'qe 11 I smOei .J

.** ^I < *.* <* '.
- ; ;l.. ..: .; : .... ,,,. .. .
." .+' ,. ". ',-'. ,

., 6,, .. ,3:
i o o r .lL I!-.

.. :-,~ r "; lt .
** ** e e I -
: + i '- = .* *.*'.*., ...*.+++

,t -r~ .~

t4% ',-*'
i.. 1:

P -*

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CbM&I :.

* r ad lS

.l Is


, .-


K.,, n

+. .i
p: ': ,_ ",

| "Let~ the Iheij lle t

|i cuts -

-.N, June 30 (UP)
A 4okial atomicsu-m lWfNT- MS T&IN
m" m aders'il today they
a d responsible If the .
t tes ever is plunged In-
without enough atomic ;
hat any halt in uranl-
W a. r would be a "most ,
uA. eat" to atomic produc-
and e a i immediate ex-
W of domestic apply

Shence and if the United R b .n -
,''- mtes did 'not then possess as .. '
V"i y i c weapons relative to o
o r types of armament as itI
*kid Wive been dealrable" it I Iy that there atO two pdlitieal partles ft s ho -10yet what's hag-
dd, there could be no valid the Unf l et are 96 one on eh side in I
S ex nation of either the mill- of the whih merge Into two brod, national group |] 2I a.cL e--
tary or higher authority in terms every four years wben we elect a president. vse" Ma mr0 .aeuad r i? the benw-
of uranium shortages. To win on a national, scale and put its aspirant 'in the tralig. str poaltl
White House party has to cover as inclusive an arc as poblble. power. emait mby t e of
.e, military cannot escape It must, in effect, become a coalition, and otr quadrennial elee- s -
Ssibility for fixing weapons tons are in fact fought out between extremely loose temporary | MS ive-,to..-. Repub-
ements at- whatever level national coalitions. l .. ,N -- t [W e Repu-
e to defend the United The chief cleavage side the Rpue epican coalition fas for t frPtfi, i tet NIEA Se
effectively and cheaply." many years between left and right wi .g t~aie They fo-
Shiss many- woredsit We should not forget that the tain amount of government pa- 'til e e Demo-
eb U thia t it It s GMOP, for more than a genera- ternallem. hate t f, jg.
Sgiv the Defense De- tlon, contained some of the most -Similarly, but for different -
9H r the relative pri- aggressive l6ft wingers on do- reasons, many eastern Republic-
i Batomlc and eon. mestic issues that this country ana are prevalgly liberal -
&V. -' 1101spo. hs b ever produced agrarian consider such senators as Lodge,
Sw fthg wasissued by the reformers )lle Norris of Nebras- Saltonstall, and the estim ale
maseria subcommittee of ka. western radlo as like Bob La- Margaret Chlt Smith, who is ,
.' tiJoint Con esaslonal Atomic Follette, and hell raisers at sometlame mntioned as a po-
Commtee which nlves- largelike Johnson of California. able vice-presidential nominee.
Whether the atomic raw 1DR, n the early days of the
program las "going for- New Deal, snaffled off Repub- By and large, the eastern I t.
S 'tth sufficient vigor and lican left winger s ke Harold berals are Internailonai s it
.d. Iackes. Wendell Wilicle, who be- strict contrast to those of
c came Republican nominee in West, who h a v e tradltlOhl
a report, which was fre- 1M0. had actually been a De- been Implaeable lsolatle.
Stly censored to eliminatemoorat. Hence, eastern liberals waft
rfl bearing on national se- .- .---: ...lcandidate with a global view.
-urged the Atomic Ener One of the west poiltal ob-
Wal on to "rapidly and su servers I know said in Washing- Furthermore, Republicans taln
tally' ,ihicase production of ton last week. "The Republican eastern cities, like their DeM .
,uranium ad therium at home Par ht a never won a Preal- cratio colleagues, have found A
and to speedprocurement of the denl election since it lost Its progressive stance on many so'.
Sl materials frorm abroad. left wing." ca Ilssues almost indlspenaable
vt a matalsad This basic cleavge, still exists. to steady potical sucoess..
S. R though in modified form, and Is They compete vigorously for
T D lof massive importance. the votes of the minorities and
L e r Vll S ) JDewey and particularly War- the economically less fortunate. .,... .. -
ren, for Instance, are incontest- In New tein4 partleularty, In- -
ably more liberal tMatW tralition- dustry not what tt once was, 'm t'
il3 n j na sl o ant will be te to demand help. I _i mf .-^ a. 1 !
Setr Morse o Oregon is so --e-- ft left, a
_jPoernI9 B that r he hban been. called b0 ta another lIne of ttI
.. a tSew dealer men like clfanvag.8 antertn e -bo f I
S. t the 'Ctnal eVmW 'd s eh em .to Bians da, ime the a -or .. i
.ii' 'iw~eqm grung live 4a the Oand bh methods, and have sat li ii
a chbb u car money order One focUs oRf V W- healtated to say so. 1NlB 9 i
It was announei d today Wmi the er, An cleavage Is historlic-
.o Marshall, chief of the that of the gold that between Isolationists and
1, Customs and Immigrabveinternatitonallats. -t g e--r
Snew system, which ie the it ers fselt d The is uderoing change I howe a es ly a Ieal. to nat
"- i sthat wh~ has been ina h t* e Joe Marttm e Ma'- noly because nobody can af.frd hasbows _ld aweyaeti ia
In United taOftate s ........ to be an outright isolationist am At anyiWpre ibell]thann elec
'past y e ar subutitl tes Another .a that ot Sth -rty me. even Senator Taft dens TwIse not all.. -
for the Daper iom of mo. boases back ho t me now.Ms .. _i,., he la an "isolatt F a.nte most ber- le Med
S-- ^or congressmen or .au gon- though he hlmb one of the most r ppose f rift
Sor but the state .climtn or pleraingly isolationist lreeods Ai olatlon, which Taft is tiat .fl
alajor advantage for postal mtelonial comm mMihNt w a ever Imew to .man, f SLt erin
of the new eards is out local patroage m- The iue has become conoa- ..
wi these money orders nerfield in MichiganM ig the r ed. -For -Instance most Taftttes, egublcans deplore the Some, on the her illnk
be paid at any Canal Zone actlonary survivors of the Ore- who want to cut aid to 1ielU -QI e 5plit, because it has be- elyev t-
lted States post office, or sr machine in Tewas. and retreat under an utmbra woe e a o

Operates U aseal-domes t c sectional ot. her d, in regard 'to nii t
such p ua or Costa Sl- Republicans in the yat W A Eastern affairs. 'I el 1
per oa of cimoney or- tfountcali states, f alough Thry e18 tto imesr
deS could be paid only at the the can certaluy W IWY _- Communist peril Aa but "li lad, A
office to which they wereve on occasion, e It down in ropep. They are W l ts eay
n more dependent o sive on one front. and bri tliti toc
e n" than those In e the other, even though they .- i --
.r instance, Marshall said a 'They need T eamaUSon. 1tr'_ know that the world is stiBR ei W a-trof Forelgp .
Sa Ient o atr n o o n itawered p l eole I ae t. W oa ly. the most .a i e
ats miht puraehae veral enment can help .th ab on a cleavage of all in th ca .i i
'msy order aidreoInrtU de- broad enough, pena i t 'seakb is perswal that betwerenT f th
aidonfationsc and then cSlh hene they tn d to-5si o r a .*a .and enower. hahpetyals d t I
m t as needed tneetro n of- I

1 r ordr fCarte wilbMeg hifp e-pfin gj I eb fi rIaytla -ais

macat hIne r Uts her V.r I
gone o r her I ae rioupde .. ^ H ng le ro t at btw sothSvita

K ^lns, andthetc asd tsF

f o. r moI t h s.- pr e atet .i f

I order c & IOU bI'-2a 4 ow -l a V so naS
f ,er] nu" .'oM

-YP~,u. .'~ /


tf b-m .,,. IIs .wn


" .'i .
*.- '; 5,


C' N

..* .. .*,^:".

'4~ 4aL~a


I- i l*


y -

; 6